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Hillary and September/October Mother Jones article

Two Gallup Polls out today: Clinton beats McCain by 6; McCain beats Clinton by 1

KO, please don't kiss Hillary's ass tonight

KO, please don't kiss Hillary's ass tonight

Hannity has issue with the "Million Man March"!


I denounce everything that's anti-anything

KO: By the way, you might try rubbing it on your ratings.

Since it looks like it may be close tomorrow...

Since it looks like it may be close tomorrow...

Waiting for Keith, heard slob Matthews say that Obama will get 28% because



Graph of today's PA polls with average of all of them


Greetings from the Keystone State: See you all after the primary tomorrow!

Pretty in pink

Hillary's Scare Tactic Video Ad presents "Obama in 30 Seconds": vote on your favorite ad

Obama In 30 Seconds: You Can Start Voting Now!

White guys in Pennsylvania are a probelm for Barack CSM reports

Who really out spent who?

Did Obama's 1 minute Lobbyist Ad get air time?

Clinton Needs Record Margins to Win Popular Vote

WHY is KO giving HRC a free primetime ad? and will he have OBAMA on right after her TONIGHT?

The Personality Factor: Another Reason For Clinton's Poor Performance

Obama Is Flush, Clinton In Debt - AP

Heads Up, KO on NOW. MSNBC

AP: Obama vows to boost Puerto Rico's economy


This needs to be adressed

I should change my career path and become a pollster

Al Giordano at The Field Predicts Clinton Wins PA 52-48, but Only +4 Delegates

Al Giordano at The Field Predicts Clinton Wins PA 52-48, but Only +4 Delegates

I just want this PA spin-cycle circus to be over.

I just want this PA spin-cycle circus to be over.

Gallup: Obama 49, Clinton 42

Gallup: Obama 49, Clinton 42

Yes, Hillary is evil, the worst kind of evil, the kind that pretends to be virtuous.


What percentage of voters in PA tomorrow will be 'bitter' ?

Hillary Clinton, like the neoconservatives, has vivid flashbacks to the Cold War.

Obama - KDKA-tv - - Pittsburgh

The closeness of the polling suggests that turnout is the key to winning PA.

***Obama Rally Live on PCN 10:15 p.m.***

Obama showed last fall how to handle the hypothetical question on Iran that sunk Hillary tonight

Good luck and best wishes to all the Pennsylvania voters tomorrow

Anybody Feel Like Singing 'Kumbaya' ???

Pennsylvania 6 5000

Hillary live from Philly now - Obama in Pittsburgh soon - C-SPAN nt

Jon Stewart tells Obama the real concern voters have - LOL

BREAKING: Why Obama will NOT win tomorrow!

Sen. Casey, Michelle Obama and Sen. Obama...

fun for both sides if you want some(hillary vrs obama vrs mccain on wwe raw)

If Obama Could Win Missouri, He Could Definitely Win Pennsylvania

1 month ago: Obama backer charged with 16 counts

Here are my questions

Here are my questions

I hope the people in charge of online PA registration....

The person who wrote this is not very smart

Post your StarWars quotes about the Primaries here

HA! Jon Stewart on finger-gate

Hillary Clinton runs Bush like Osama Bin Laden Scare Ad

Katz sticks to his prediction: Clinton 54%, Obama 46%!

Here's how Hillary can still win!

Don't worry, George Bush will be keeping an eye on things tomorrow.

"Obama refused to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance." -- Lyin' Tim Russert

Obama on Daily Show Now

They showed McCain on the news tonite being walked in.

After seeing HRC on KO, I changed my mind

*** Obama LIVE @ University of Pittsburgh Starting NOW - 10:15pm est [WATCH IT HERE]***

*** Obama LIVE @ University of Pittsburgh Starting NOW - 10:15pm est [WATCH IT HERE]***

If Iran nuked Israel, who would obliterate Iran?

Jon Stewart gives props to Primanti Brothers! Obama says he'll try it out......

"Can I just eat my waffles?"

I want an Obama victory tomorrow -

I just shut KO off

If you don't think it matters if your candidate does it


If Obama keeps it under 10 points it is a win, Under 5 and Hillary is done....

Post or Rate your favorite Obama pictures here!

Obama takes swipe at Stephanopoulos/Gibson (in good humor) on the Daily Show tonight.

Stumper at Newsweek: Clinton's Cash Woes Continue

Does Hillary really think that a SPEECH will lower gas prices?

The winner of 4/22 Primary:

Bill Clinton: Under GOP Primary System, Hillary Would Be Winning

Obama coming up on the Daily Show!

BARACKY fans YES WE CAN it only takes ONE VOICE to brush the DIRT OFF OF YOUR SHOULDERS. . .

Final Zogby tracking poll: Clinton up big in PA-51-41%

Obama ads running practically every commercial break here in pa

Hillary says about energy policy: We need a presidential speech.

Jon Stewart to Obama: "Our real concern, should you win presidency, will you pull a bait & switch"

Hillary needs to win by 100% tomorrow ...

Looks like Baracks's Rally at the Univ of Pit is on CSPAN

Hahaha. . .from TPM. .. "Another Obama Terrorist Relationship"

Electing The Electable

**HRC on LKL now***

The General Discussion: Primaries Score Card. Keep track of how you do!

Please PRAY for Obama tonight. PRAY that he wins tomorrow! Please!!!

Republican 527 Ad launched

What does it say about America that the two Democratic candidates

S.C. Church sign links Obama with Osama bin Laden, pastor "just wanted to make people think"

Key to Obama's victory in Pennsylvania

I know this is futile, but I must ask

Tomorrow will prove how weak one of our candidates is in the GE

Tomorrow will prove how weak one of our candidates is in the GE

There is no way in hell I'm voting for Hillary tomorrow

Some Clintonistas Think Obama Is The Anti-Christ

The other Clarkies ... Helen Clark and the View from Down Under Down Under

Hillary is expected to win PA by double digits.

The Official night before Pennsylvania POPCORN thread!! I'm buying!!!


Why does Clinton's campaign remind me of "Weekend at Bernie's"?

Well it has finally come, the moment

What is Hillary Clinton's plan to win black voters in the general election?

More Laughs - Post Your Favorite Political - Separated at Birth Photos

Hillary looked 70 years old on Olbermann.

Stay fired up PA Obama supporters.

Thank God the Polls are finally open in PA!. The long national nightmare has finally ended.

Stay Classy San Diego!

The MSNBC Pennsylvania Primary Drinking Game!

The one thing I won't put up with from Hillary supporters (OR OBAMA SUPPORTERS) ...

Main reason iran wants nukes is because pakistan has nukes, which got nukes....

The spin is BS, Hillary needs more than 20% in PA, and the superdelegates can't help her.

This just in: College kids drink Kool-aid says Governor Rendell

My 1st and last OP in GDP

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth:

I just shook hands with the next president and first lady.

I just shook hands with the next president and first lady.

Just a reminder....

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/21/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton unchanged (42)

Is anyone else hearing the same things we heard before the NH primary?

When Will Hillary Drop Out of the Race?

Question for Obama supporters: anyone else feel uncomfortable with the possibility...

Question for Obama supporters: anyone else feel uncomfortable with the possibility...

How Dare Clinton Supporters Say Barack Obama Can't Close the Deal

Awesome user-created Obama ads at Moveon

Why hasn't Obama been able to win the primary with Unity, Hope and Change?

Clinton supporters - how do you feel about her soliciting/embracing endorsements

PA prediction - How much does Hillary need to win by to call it a 'significant win'?

PA prediction - How much does Hillary need to win by to call it a 'significant win'?

So, when do we start getting the results rollin in?

Hillary and Barack settle their differences

You want an analogy - here you go.

You want an analogy - here you go.

Woke up this morning in South West PA...the sun is shining and

Clinton entered April with $9.3 million in cash, $10.3 million in debt

Clinton entered April with $9.3 million in cash, $10.3 million in debt

Question for you guys

Another dirty trick by Hillary ( robo-calls )

Hillary, you should be fighting for us not against us (today may be the day you need to step aside)

Please let this madness end today - PA, you can do it!

Why can't a woman be less like a man?!

The Clinton's are moving the GOAL POST again,

PA: If voter turnout is low: Clinton wins / If voter turnout is high: Obama wins

OK SDs here is the situation

OK SDs here is the situation

Hillary's "I'm a victim!" campaign is good news: It's Step 4 out of the 5 toward Acceptance

Out of curiosity, who here has an undergrad or graduate degree in political science?

Does anyone who doesn't reach a majority of delegates without SD's deserve the nomination?

Clinton on An Iran Attack: 'Obliterate Them'

Forget the shot and a beer - if Hillary had really wanted to impress Pennsylvanians,

Forget the shot and a beer - if Hillary had really wanted to impress Pennsylvanians,

Clinton advisor Ki KI on MSNBC just said "elitists" don't decide the vote.

The Liberal blogger Atrios (A Philly resident) will vote for Obama today.

Clinton and Obama will be at the NC Jefferson Jackson dinner May 3.

I think Obama supporters have been soft on Hillary.

I think Obama supporters have been soft on Hillary.

When was it their turn?

Clinton On Iran: We Will "totally obliterate them."

Clinton On Iran: We Will "totally obliterate them."

Zogby, Zogby, Zogby, WTF

It's 3AM. What if that phone call was answered with condescending chortles?

No questions for obama. so how are you to judge the man. well

CLINTON UNDER PRESSURE: Inappropriate laughter and bizarre comments.

Ron Paul's brilliant take on Iran

I voted!

Rendell in 11th-Hour Switch to Obama!

***********PA DUers check in here****************

Michael Moore on Clinton: "...Downright Disgusting." "...Stoking the Fire of Stupidity."

D-Day on the ground in PA -What to watch for today

Is This The End Of The Line For Z(o)mby?

Forget about using nukes on Iran - I say if we're going to go around

reports of a Landslide for Obama in Hill Country around St. College, PA

Will you be following the election tomorrow?

Have y'all heard of "The Serenity Prayer"? It's used in a lot of 12 step-type

Obama makes breakfast campaign stop in Strip District

Obama makes breakfast campaign stop in Strip District

Are there long,long lines in PA yet?

Poll: Rush Limbaugh's campaign is a bust ... link

My father in-law is an Obama convert!

Pledged delegate lead question?

Clinton to innocent Iranian sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers: We will obliterate you.

Small PA win + Big NC loss= No gain

Small PA win + Big NC loss= No gain

I Am Puzzled

PA Voters Consider This: Clinton is as Real as Wal-Mart's "Buy America" Program

Where is the outrage in response to KO's interview? Where is the protest and letter writing?

Where is the outrage in response to KO's interview? Where is the protest and letter writing?

Some Game

Interesting......"In Pennsylvania, vote totals aren't everything"

GOP Bait-and-Switch? Does anyone share my foreboding that McCain won't be the candidate?

The Cities and Suburbs Will Report First When Polls Close

Michael Moore endorses Obama, chides Clinton

BREAKING: Mysterious lights appear over Arizona, Florida - residents spooked!

Heavy advertising and "Closing the Deal"

PA Update

Does Hillary Clinton have a sleeping disorder?

If Iran were full of blond-haired blue-eyed white people

The shrill whining of the Anti Hillary Anti Obama crowd is pretty sad.

Obama (D-Il) OR Clinton (NeoCon-NY)

"I don't only want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that brought us into the war."

A Layman's View of What Is To Come

Is something big scheduled for today?

What Will Hillary's Excuse Be If She Loses PA?

3 popular vote losses in a row in 3 BIG states - 6 weeks apart

3 popular vote losses in a row in 3 BIG states - 6 weeks apart

Can one of you video gurus compile a Hillary '08 greatest hits video

What does Wes Clark think of Hillary's Iran statements

What does Wes Clark think of Hillary's Iran statements

President Obama will NOT retaliate against Iran should they attack Israel

President Obama will NOT retaliate against Iran should they attack Israel

"I don't think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?" - Bill Clinton

Hillary Spreads Rove's Lie that Obama & Moveon opposed Afghanistan Military Action

The MSNBC pundits are full of shit

Obama sucks. Go Hillary! Nominate my post for the greatest page!

Rasmussen 4/22 poll: Obama 49 (+2) Hillary 41(-1)

New "Yes We Can" video! (Funny)

Today is the day

Hillary sucks. Go Obama! Nominate my post for the greatest page!

Barack Obama on Daily Show (video)

Check out my Obama in 30 Seconds ads competing on MoveOn.Org

Election Day Newspaper in Pennsylvania

Obama in 30 seconds - favorites

Bill Clinton: Obama Played Race Card On Me

Deserving of our love...

Who would pre-emptively strike Iran based on faulty Intel/lies???

What makes a Democrat?

launching some missile strikes into Iran is not the optimal position for us to be in

Clinton Camp clarifies: US to have full nuclear response to Iran using a nuke on ANY ME country.


Win PA, Lose doesn't matter much

so Hillary will be responsible for Armageddon/ the Rapture?

the United States is not in a position to invade Iran, , but missile strikes...

How will hillary control Bill if she steals the whitehouse..

LK Live: Hillary is an incredibly competent Pol. She lies effortlessly without hesitation.

LK Live: Hillary is an incredibly competent Pol. She lies effortlessly without hesitation.

Bill Clinton: Obama Played Race Card On Me

My 85 year old Irish Catholic grandma is voting for OBAMA tomorrow!

My 85 year old Irish Catholic grandma is voting for OBAMA tomorrow!

All 25 of my Obama signs that I put out in the area were stolen...

Howard Wolfson: "...“We will be honoring our debts in the coming months.”..."

How do the Clinton defenders/supporters react to her latest Iran comments?

Pennsylvania DUers! CHECK IN and Tell us what's going on out there!!!

Obama is running away with it... RCP average Obama 50.0 HRC 40.0

MSNBC report: Voting machine problems in Pennsylvania

I keep hearing about this race card that Obama played to try and win NH...anybody?

I keep hearing about this race card that Obama played to try and win NH...anybody?

Hillary's plan to lower gas prices--would it work?

How Do DU Clinton Supporters Feel About the Broken Voting Machines PA?

Equal Pay Day: Calculate Your Wage Gap

WHY did I cast my vote for Barack Obama today in NC?

Obama Campaign Memo: The Bar for Clinton in Pennsylvania and Beyond

MSNBC: Clinton blames Obama for the negative turn the race has taken in recent days

The stupidest people are those who expect candidates to know everything.

Hillary Clinton: Entire World is Watching Pennsylvania

It's That Time Again Folks! Give it up for Keith Olbermann!

I'll be glad when this is OVER!

Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter- By Senator Gravel

Did anyone hear Claire McCaskill on MSNBC? Too funny

HRC: "if I'm the president we will attack Iran,"


What should our elections be about?

Media silent on Clinton under pressure: Inappropriate laughing and strange comments.

Did the erectilely-challenged, oxycontin-engorged Limpballs ask Pa. GOPers to vote for Clinton?

I have a silly little suggestion.

ZOGBY/Inisder Advatage showing late Obama shift in PA yesterday

Hillary DID NOT say she will attack and obliterate Iran

when do the polls close and what channel will be you watching tonight?

Today's Gallup Poll-50%-40%!

More shady HRC shennanegans in PA

Bill Clinton Throws the Reverse Race Card in Preparation for the Fallout Tonight

PA Voter Registration

Dan Rather Reports: On the Road with Obama in Pennsylvania (Watch it Here)

What's the "graceful" way to bow out two months late?

Clinton on Pennsylvania: 'I have to win'

The View.

The View.

Why is Clinton camp pretending Obama CAN'T win big states in Nov? Do they believe McCain wins NY?

Good Luck To Both Candidates And Their Followers!

Feminism benefits all of us.

My county by county predictions for tonight

Wonder how these kids feel about Hillary Clinton today?

A little Taylor Marsh comedy to waste my third post (nutpicked comments)

Hillary's Iran video.......

Hillary needs to stop acting tough

I bet the interesting stuff is going on behind the scenes.

PHOTO: "Obamish" Amish Obama buggy sticker

I love Obama and think he should win but Hillary supporters......

If you know of a voting problem today REPORT IT to the Obama Campaign

MSNBC: No Major Voting Irregularities (Update On Earlier Report About Broken Machines)

Wow.. 2 minutes

Reminder: Exactly, Precisely what Hillary Clinton is READY to do -- OR NOT!

In the first 100 days, what would you like to see President Barack Obama do?

Conflicting estimates in who is expected to lead in early PA returns

My beautiful 69 year-old mother, Barack Obama and and why I love her

Obama is right. You bet I'm bitter. Robyn Blumner's column in case you missed it.

Exit poll results flooding in! And OMG, I can't believe...

Did I hear right? HRC told KO McCain would be worse than Bush then told LKL McCain has


Blissful ignorance and some wishes

So who are the "many more" super delegates slated to endorse Obama tomorrow?

Daily News reports repubscists flipping their votes

Tin foil moment: If Hillary wins PA by more than 20%, it's the machines!!!!!

BHO fans hold a vigil and light candles for Obama AND do Robocalls & O. "Dems for the Day"

PA folks - anyone re-registering back to Republican or staying Dem after voting today?

Question for Hillary supporters: Why did she meet with Richard Mellon Scaife?

Iran will not nuke Israel and Clinton will not nuke Iran.

A Vote For Hillary Clinton

PHOTO: depth of Hillary's rural support

What excuses will we read in GDP when Clinton loses the nomination?

NYT: Heavy Voter Turnout in PA

What is wrong with her?

Obama: "I'm not interested in saber-rattling"

Hillary's Middle East umbrella is a nuclear umbrella?

Nixon’s Daughter Supporting Obama

Inquirer reporting high turnouts in Pennsylvania Primary


I have never really used the Ignore feature....

Who REALLY misses their Hide Thread function when

Obama has used his donations to come from 20 points behind to almost dead even...

Two Republican Votes in the Dem Primary

That was a cheap tactic Olbermann used

How the PA Political Machine Backs Clinton

Two faced Hillary and her before and after stance on nuking countries.

Obama Statement on Earth Day

Question for Obama supporters re Handsome Dick Manitoba is a Dictator...

The RCP avg has Clinton below 40%

sorry about that

If Obama got Hillary's supporters and Hillary got Obama's supporters...?

McClatchy: 29 N. Carolina legislators endorse Obama

Isn't it common knowledge that Israel has nukes?

Lil' bush.

Lil' bush.

Hillary needs to win 15 more Ohios to catch up to Obama

HRC in the Kitchen

Extended Family in Pennsylvania Change Their Voter Registrations to Vote for Hillary Today...

Extended Family in Pennsylvania Change Their Voter Registrations to Vote for Hillary Today...

Pride in the name of love: Bill Clinton spoke the truth even if the Obama camp can't handle it

Relevant inspiration

Hillary Supporters Hold A Vigil For Their Candidate

a 10 point win gets 17 delegates, a 20 point win gets 32 delegates

What really grinds my gears about Tehran-gate: Why did Clinton lie about Iran?

Sorry to waste a post on this but I must say it and depart.

Truly disgusting letter from a HRC supporter, aimed at Obama supporters in my county.

A Looney Toons Electoral Allegory

Hillary wants...

AL GORE on Oprah . NOW

Shameless warmongering liars threatening nuclear catastrophes while ridiculing democratic activists?

Now Bill Clinton denying he said Obama campaign played race card

The day before PA Clinton supporters don't show up - Is there Clinton fatigue in PA

Not so good news about Obama - Ed Schultz.

"Marginal difference for Clinton" according to Schneider. Translation: BLOWOUT!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I'm sitting at work and co-worker said Hillary was on Wrestling WWF (WWE, whatever it is)

Nixon's daughter gives to Obama

I bit the bullet for y'all and listened to Rush L. today.

GOTV for Obama


Donahue is on live right now with Cenk (& Body Of War Producer) at covering PA

What time does PA primary close?

*** Hillary Urgently Needs Early Projection Tonight ***

Now they LIKE Drudge. See below.


2 little weeks of watching the Hillary camp self-destruct and tear themselves to shreds.

Let this sink... HMNNF has the first thread

More fresh exit poll data (not from Drudge)...

Dumbest thing I think I've ever read: "I'll never vote for ___ if she/he is the nominee!"

Whatever the results tonight - I want to say Thank You to all the Unions

A Big Boost for Obama in North Carolina Today

Hillary Up 10 Now in PA

Why can't we be friends?

MARK PENN: HIllary's Karl Rove

Only 4 more months to Denver, and the real count will take place.

Is this for real???? (dial-up warning, large **PIC**)

This whole Iran attacking Israel hypothetical is PROPAGANDA

Exit polls: New Dems break for Obama, late deciders for Clinton

watching this clip tackling fox news

Hill: "A win's a win" The moving goalposts


Exit Polls have over 30% seniors and only 10% 18-29.

Maybe if we were standing in line at the polls, barefoot, starving,

~~~CNN Exit Polls~~~

BIG SURPRISE: Voting Machines Breaking Down in Philly in African American Districts

BIG SURPRISE: Voting Machines Breaking Down in Philly in African American Districts

Let's all be cool wether we win or we lose.

Let's all be cool wether we win or we lose.

Two Clinton robo calls since 5:00PM; both positive tone, not like her sliming on TV.

Dammit. My fingernails are gone.

Gov. Jon Corzine Sen. Clinton needs a big win in Pennsylvania or its over

PA Primary '04.. Kerry 74%

Voter Action asks to extend PA poll hours until 10 p.m. because of broken machines

Voter Action asks to extend PA poll hours until 10 p.m. because of broken machines

The Pledged Delegate Race Has Been Over For Weeks, Its Now a Contest To Get To 2024

Dear Hillary- Some images to drive a point home.

Won't Dean force super dellies to decide already!?

Wouldn't any US President attack Iran if Iran attacked Israel?

Listening to Tweety and Keith I get the feeling that things are closer than expected in PA

Does anyone know of a good place to watch streaming video?

Hil Threatens to "Obliterate" 71 MILLION people:

Lowering the Bar by the Minute!


One small thing about Iran...

My Voting Experience in SW PA today

I am from Pennsylvania and I voted for:

It Ain’t the Color of the Skin, It’s the Thickness . AND..some...PLAY the victim card.!

A reporter on kcbs radio here in the bay area has just said

2016: What the Dems need then are the quality candidates running then

OMG! Another state is almost done voting! Lets call it a race and go home!

Driving the stake (metaphorically). Clinton is broke. Time to donate to Obama.


McAuliffe on MSNBC saying Hillary won Michigan

I feel a bit like going conspiracy theorist tonight

I feel a bit like going conspiracy theorist tonight

PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle Obama at rally in Pittsburgh on eve of today's PA primary

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't trust ANY exit polls. I hope Obama keeps it close but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Democrats can beat McCain in Mississippi in the GE if they outspend McCain there

Democrats can beat McCain in Mississippi in the GE if they outspend McCain there

ed rendell on msnbc lowering the bar.

ed rendell on msnbc lowering the bar.

58% of the vote was women, 42 %men. If Clinton won women by 11% how does this work out?

58% of the vote was women, 42 %men. If Clinton won women by 11% how does this work out?

58% of the vote was women, 42 %men. If Clinton won women by 11% how does this work out?

58% of the vote was women, 42 %men. If Clinton won women by 11% how does this work out?

Exit Polls: HILLARY 52 ...... OBAMA 48

Gee. Do ya think MSNBC wants us to notice Nora O'Donnell's legs?

Who attacked unfairly...Clinton over 60% in every category..MSNBC

Awesome: Bush "Pioneer" converts -- to Obama

Changing my vote to Hillary:

MSNBC live Pennsylvania coverage.

Pittsburgh Voting Experience: A short adventure in disenfranchisement

"Hillary didn't mean she'd nuke Iran when she said we'd give them "a nuclear response""...

The sources behind the NRO claim that Obama won by 5%

Let's say Obama keeps it close and...............

Methadone, Marijuana and Hillary: An Unusual Canvassing Story

"Why can't Obama close the deal?"

"Why can't Obama close the deal?"

Hillary Clinton and her Drive By Posters

I'm going to a party!

What is your prediction for the PA pledged delegate split ?

What is your prediction for the PA pledged delegate split ?

now on KO: " Clinton being outspent...."

I see Rachel is on MSNBC, but not Joe...

I see Rachel is on MSNBC, but not Joe...

Well, Clinton certainly shot holes in her own conflation on the IWR and Kyl Lieberman votes today

Well, Clinton certainly shot holes in her own conflation on the IWR and Kyl Lieberman votes today

The BIG states Clinton keeps harping on - can someone explain Diebold & e-voting presence there?


It Ain’t the Color of the Skin, It’s the Thickness! AND..some PLAY the Victim...

MSNBC exit poll sneak peak


Anyone else feel like the last 30 minutes has lasted about 6 hours?


EXIT POLE!!!!!!!!!

I am so damn sick of the 'He can't close the deal' arguments

I am so damn sick of the 'He can't close the deal' arguments

I'm uncomfortable with the word "obliterate."

Please Lord, let Hillary lose PA

Fuck, my ignore has been disabled.

Encourage Republicans to write-in "Higgins The Cat" or "Goldwater / Miller" during the Primary

If Israel is nuked by Iran, the United States should NOT get involved

I Have A Dream... (a peace offering of sorts)

I Have A Dream... (a peace offering of sorts)

Have you donated to your candidate so far?

Early exit polls

On Wednesday, Obama needs to start BEING the presumptive nominee

War a republican thing? HAH

Bill Clinton responds to Obama's Swiftboating of the Clintons on race:

It's Official : She's LieberWoman!

He can't "close the deal" you dumb Fs because we are not republicans

Gee. Joe Scarborough doesn't have his marching orders or anything, does he?

MSNBC's Scarborough and Gregory are total Hillbots...

“It is time for you to decide,” said Hillary Clinton

I'm so angry I can hardly type this - Obama and Clinton supporters

Remember to Donate to Obama tonight!

Barack at Blue Bell and Pittsburgh U



Does Hillary propose killing every man, woman and child in Iran?

Does Hillary propose killing every man, woman and child in Iran?

How big is the Rendell Machine in PA? I'm scared shitless...

I'm tired of Hillary talking about how she has been outspent in PA


Gee. Do ya think MSNBC wants us to notice Nora O'Donnell's legs?

Gee. Do ya think MSNBC wants us to notice Nora O'Donnell's legs?

More Hillary insanity, now she threaten Pakistan!

Pennsylvania: “Trust us to count your vote, even though you can’t verify it” ( TIA )

160,000 Republicans might be voting in the Pennsylvania Dem Primary today.

Timmeh is a tool.

Obama needs 44% in every remaining contest plus 44% of the remaining superdelegates to hit 2025

OK Hillary supporters How big a Win does she need

McCain is going to pick Mittens for a running mate

McCain is going to pick Mittens for a running mate

EARLY EXITS: PA- Clinton 52 Obama48

New 4/22 USA Today/Gallup Poll

When Hillary crushes Obama tonight you will start to hear calls for Obama to exit....

Thank God for Joe Scarborough!

What excuses will we read in GDP when Obama loses PA?

My PA Prediction is the same as 3 weeks ago: Obama 50, Clinton 49

National Poll: Regardless of PA Outcome, Clinton Should Stay in Race (59% of Dems: stay, 39% say go

What's up with Hillary going around to all of these news shows saying she will destroy Iran?

NPR Coverage Election 2008 = LIVE CALL IN tonight = over an hour.

A school in Pennsylvania has suspended

This group wil be in Denver. They're good people, and we need to make sure they WON'T be hassled

Why Pennsylvania Won't Matter

Where is Karl Rove right now? If he is standing in a room with lots of computers and a cell phone

Let's Explore This - "He Cannot Win The Big States" Argument.......

STOP LYING!! NC Debate cancelled - the actual reasons

Obama leaves all options on the table as well.

Scary Quote From Sen. Clinton:

This post is in honor of my Mother who is volunteering at Obama's Evansville, IN rally tonight.

Ten Things to Remember on Tuesday Night

Just heard on Ed Schultz: SDs will ask Hillary to bow out gracefully before they flood to Obama.

Just heard on Ed Schultz: SDs will ask Hillary to bow out gracefully before they flood to Obama.

Race and the polls.

How embarrassing. Billl Clinton caught lying again.

I just voted in Pa. ... Or did I?


Well, Well..Obama gets the majority of the black vote and now the party is divided..

Richard Wolffe on AAR Saying

Clinton's Earth Day Message

Just got a Expose Obama email


OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA! and rasmussen shares: Obama 82, Clinton 15 .... same as weeks ago....

The freakin' flag pin...

The freakin' flag pin...

In the scheme of things Healthcare now pales compared to the prospect of obliterating countries

Mellencamp to join Obama on stage tomorrow in Evansville, IN.

Obama Signs In PA (large pics)

Unofficial PA Primary Gambling Thread !

Huffington Post: Clinton 52% Obama 48%

Hillary if you want a bloody war why don't you get your uniform on?

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Clinton Up 10 Points; Beats Margin of Error

It's about the DELEGATES, stupid. Here's how they're allocated in Pennsylvania.

Hillary SLAMS Move.On and the "activist base" of our party

Democratic Primary as American Revolution

NOT so GOOD news about HILLARY on Issue of TRUTHINESS


Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign: January 20, 2007 - April 22, 2008....."Wha'Happened"?!!

Lanny Davis sort of blames Dean for the NC debate stoppage...says he should resign.

My prediction: Clinton by 4.


NRO Exit Poll - Obama up 52-47

Prediction: Obama by 10 in PA today

For Obama, Chicago Days Honed Tactics

Obama is tied to lobbyists, records show

Obama is tied to lobbyists, records show

Roberts, Katz, and 100 Oregon Women for Obama

(My first GDP post) With all due respect, Some horse races are over at the 1/8 mile pole.

OBAMA in 30 Seconds Ads: Here They Are

Ok, DU pundits... Step right up and make your PA predictions!

Ok, DU pundits... Step right up and make your PA predictions!

I voted for Obama, yo.

Senator Obama is not an evil man

A Junior senator with no record...

Just Another Woman Who Doesn't Know Her Place


Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran Hillary-style

What excuses will we read in GDP when Clinton loses NC?

Which MSRNC "Pundit" Is the Worst in your Opinion?

Clinton voters are under 50K without college educations!!!!!!

"She Lies"

Fingernails on a chalkboard...

Just conjecture here, but if I were black...

We hear a lot about "CHANGE" from Obama - HOW is he going to CHANGE the way WASHINGTON works?

Just a small reminder that many Democrats out in the "real world" still like both candidates.

BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle : "Totally Obliterate" is No 1 Story

After both Hillary, Bill pandered to the black community, Bill goes back to race-baiting (updated)

Today is going to be a contentious day...and night...unless you

Dear Harold Ford: F*U*C*K Y*O*U n/t

When did so many DUers decide that Iran was an urgent threat?

Chris Matthews just said the Media is to Blame for manufacturing a democratic "race" when its over.

HRC on KO: Scaife = "deathbed confession" and "See! I'm a uniter -- w00t!!"

A Quick Note To The FL and MI Democratic Parties....

The Rude Pundit: To Hillary Clinton Supporters ...

Clinton: "If he doesn't win (PA), what does that say about his ability to win the big states?"

Hillary Clinton has stir up international outrage,

Obama chickens out of North Carolina debate.

Obama ahead in NC by 20 points - what are chances Hillary closes that gap?

PA Primary: Polling Place, E-Voting Problem Wire...

Hillary Supporters: Don't Let Super-Delegates Steal the Election!

Carville: There is No Political Gain in Winning a State You Are Expected to Win.

"No way in HELL I'm voting for a black Muslim."

General Tony McPeak says he can't imagine a better leader to answer the phone at 3 a.m. than Obama!


I didn't want to do this but you've left me with no choice . . .

As a Hillary supporter I agree she should drop out if she doesnt win PA by 7 or 8%

The Official Obama Supporters Thank You Post

Scorched Earth... So, who won?

Dumb question: Do either Hillary or Obama's healthcare plans cap insurance costs?

29 North Carolina Legislators Endorse Barack Obama

The Fabulous Life of John McCain: 8th richest Senator, has 9 houses worth over $13 million

Let's be clear: A nuclear attack is NEVER justified. EVER. Understood?

You don't need a crystal ball to know what the Superdelegates are gonna do.

Obama folks, I'm depressed

Bill Clinton In Bizarro World: Obama Camp Memos Reveal Plan To Play The Race Card On Me

So which repugnant Rovian tactic HASN'T she used...?

Hillary just OFFENDED the hell out of me on the TODAY SHOW re: discrimination against women

Obama being called a wimp for not going for the throat of his Dem Party Opponent???

Obama site hacked, redirects clicks to Clinton's site

Hillary supporters: Are you proud of the way that she has conducted her campaign?


Why I Distrust PA Election Results…

Something Clinton supporters need to understand-

I voted for Hillary this morning!

I Believe In Miracles - Yes? No?

Why the huge crowds and $40 million a month and Obama is still not way ahead....

Obamites threatening, harassing black Clinton supporters

Operation Helmet-since we still haven't managed to "Support the Troops"

Are there any good children's news websites?

Check out this idiotic poll

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition Released {on Thur 24 April}

Whites: 60-40 to Hillary, Blacks 92-8 to Obama

It must have been the rapture...

US back in the killing busniess. The Supremes deny appeals.

Clinton on Iran Attack: 'Obliterate Them'

PA Delegate Predictions - PA District by District

Economic Report: The Economy Is On The Minds Of Young PA Voters

MSNBC: Sagging economy producing more mouths for relief agencies to feed, drying up donations

Abrams will speak about the letters re Siegelman

check out the nytimes webpage / bu$h* pic with baghdad story to left

Curious: Why do Clinton Suppoers Think BO Can't Win PA in the General?

Hillary’s Green Economy---an Earth Day memo:

Can You Spend $3 Trillion Better than Bush?

The elephant in McBush's face

what is that GROWTH on Senator McCain's face

Wow check out this GREAT video

If Hillary is elected President she will become


Hedge Fund Managers Making $2 Billion Salaries from Oil Price Hedges! [CNN]

A truly HONEST question that deserves an honest answer.

Anyone out there been banned lately at Huffingtonpost?

US News Media's Latest Disgrace

Here are my questions

Will Carter's Hamas Foray Bear Fruit?

GAO Says Bush Administration Violated Law on SCHIP Program

CNN don't seem to understand how URLs work with their TShirt generator

CNN has almost completed it's metamorphosis into Faux News II with the addition of Tony Snow!

Prince (William) Lands Chopper In Girlfriend's Yard

CNN Profile: "America's Money: In their own words"- SUPPOSEDLY about 'economic hard times'

Even with the sound off, the media is biased

Malloy listeners: Link to NYT article about retired military brass on teevee

earthquakes in Obama Land is it a sign or Message

God DAMN you, John Stewart!!

$3.50 gas, no health care, economy's a fraud, torture, genocide in Iraq...

Violence at the border...DA!!

this is the high definition of an optimist....'McCain, in Alabama, Courts Black Voters'

A belated Happy Patriot's Day.

MSN: Average Joe still can't afford a home

StarTrib:"up to half of all houses ... (in) foreclosure during the past year are owned by investors"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

**OFFICIAL** Barack on The Daily Show Tailgate Party Thread **OFFICIAL**

Goodbye Charm School

Vinyl and the return of the Priest

Anyone remember this?

Listen to Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes on AM 1150 (terrestrial radio)

So, lets be realistic


Splat! That Ben Stein Movie rates lowly 12% on Tomato-Meter

What does it mean to have a "latest fan" on Digg?

Sarkozy is now almost as hated as Bush

1/6 of McSame's top fund raisers are lobbyists

School milk prices rising

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for ?

How do we know McCain refused to be released from the POW camp

SF Chronicle: "Rise in life expectancy not for all groups"

The Activist Corps

The problem in Afghanistan just became a lot worse

Identical Twins Who Differ in in Adult Class Position Have Different Health Outcomes

The U.S. Role in Haiti's Food Riots

Noonan suggests McCain runs for only one term

One of the strongest women in the world died early this morning .. my aunt Frances.

Food for America's famished

Caller to Stephanie's Show Said Some Ballots in Pa Don't Have Obama's Name

Congress complicates war funding with new demands

Happy Earthday DUers

O Brave New World, that has such puppies in't!

More forced to stay in Army-involuntary extensions to bolster troop levels

High Fructose Corn Syrup --- not natural

McCain - Sought now Glad, Admires and Respects Hagee w/ NO FLAG PIN!

Steve Douchebag FXNoise......$5.00 a Gallon...

We need a Senate with a progressive Democratic majority



About the Gitmo detainees and drugs

Pilgrim where is your Visa?

FLASHBACK: The Martial Law Act of 2006

Is your Senator on this list?

The Pentagon's Corrupt "Military Analysts" Media Scheme


MSNBC: Erin Burnett's interview w/billionaire investor, "1/3 of US Banks could go under"

Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women....

NYT: A Developer, His Deals and His Ties to McCain

Detainees Allege Being Drugged, Questioned

Hillary's favorability drops below 50% in NY; Obama opens 10 pt national lead

Obama Adviser David L. Boren--a 3- Part Series

El Paso Times: Cart below (Mexican Border) bridge moved migrants

Howard Dean or The Clintons? Who Should Chair the Democratic Party?

Does the US have the same cult of personality that Iraq under Saddam had?

Rice, death and the dollar

How much does it cost to fill the tank of your primary

WOW! The Candidates: How will they look in four years?

Wake Up America!!!!

Obama set to announce new superdelegates after PA primary

McCain Finance Chair Played MAJOR Role In Spitzer's Downfall

Florida Republicans starting to eat their own.

Gas guzzlers are a big hit in China

Looks Like Another GOOPer Bites The Dust...

One of the MOST IMPORTANT trials ever involving America's VETS-Landmark Case

What the hell is wrong with the weather?

Forecast of rising waters paints bleak future for S. Fla. coasts

Forecast of rising waters paints bleak future for S. Fla. coasts

The silence from Gore and from Edwards

Hey George: How's That Plan to Lower Gas Prices by Sucking Up to Oil Producers Working?

Earth Song for Earth Day - Please listen and forward!!

COMIC : How to Spend that $600 Rebate

NYT: "Worked Over and Overworked" - About the SCREWED-OVER American Working Person

Lieberman Web site probe ended AFTER '06 election

UPS, FedEx Shipping Decline Signals No Significant Rebound From Recession

RACHEL MADDOW NEWS: "Race" Takes Place During Maddow Hour

U.S. to Insist That Travel Industry Get Fingerprints

Anyone listening to Scott Ritter on Stephanie Miller right now???

Hot! mushrooms (for lovers of all things nuclear)

Was Jimmy Carter Punk'd?

Amnesty Int'l New Ad -SHOCKS & SHUDDERS- US Into Senses Re: Torture Tactics

A theory of FLUNKYdom: Cheenee, Rums, Tweety

Today's vote is CRITICAL. Who will YOU be siding with?

Rice: Officials Advised Carter Not to Meet With Hamas

Larry Craig -- Live On The Senate Floor ( currently with pants still on)

I was wondering when grocery stores would start wising up

Once he's out of office, what will Bush say about his Democratic successor's performance?

U.S. Hell-Bet on War with Iran - Today’s Headlines 4/22/08

Tate Nurkin thinks the world is a very dangerous place needing a US military

Since the Iranian Nuke NIE has been completely forgotten, here it is:

Mystery solved: Tony Snow is Max Headroom

U.S. soldier arrested in Mexico with several weapons in car

Surge update: Suicide car bomber kills 2 US Marines in Iraq, military says

The Bush administration is:

A horoscope thought for the day

The term Special Groups came into being because they knew we were on to their Al-Qaeda in Iraq/n BS

Maron had a couple of excellent rants today on Sammy Cam

GOP lawmakers blame Clinton administration for high prices at the pump - June 23, 2000

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-wacko) threatens to sue primary foe over Iraq ad

have you ever heard of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo - known as Pippa Bacca?

have you ever heard of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo - known as Pippa Bacca?


WOW - According to Sec of State Rice - Those not fighting in Iraq are cowards..oops...

NYT: The Wage That Meant Middle Class

Fundamental attribution error, a synonym for Republican thinking:

How much do you want to bet the PA voting areas will be undermanned and full of broken machines

hey! defcon one already!

Please help "Iraq Body Count"continue to document this war’s human losses.

Sanctimonious Monsters

Interesting art project - Syracuse, NY

Will Bush preemptively pardon himself and his adminstration before he leaves office?

ACLU Demands Immediate Release Of Inspector General Report On FBI's Role In Illegal Interrogations

Women in politics: Berlusconi lays into Spain's 'too pink' cabinet

Rep. Douglas Bruce (R-CO): "We don’t need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado"

Protect Sea Turtles This Earth Day


Talks Start Again on Surveillance Bill (FISA)

Teacher in my district. Husband leaving for second tour in Iraq

DOJ to monitor Pennsylvania primaries "to ensure compliance with federal voting rights laws.”

Can Grandmothers End Wars?

Did anyone watch the final show in the "John Adams" series?

Legally blind man able to corral east side burglar

Moonies Manipulating YouTube Ratings to Suppress Critical Video

Guilty pleasures... how guilty are you?

Kenneth L. Lay Chair in Economics? How ironic is this?

Idiot Oregon Republicans copycat each other in Voter Guide questionnaire

Shouldn't the top marginal income tax rates be raised significantly?

Uribe's cousin ordered arrested in Colombian death squad probe

Buckle In: It's Going to Be A Rough Summer for Flying

Cons are grasping at straws over persecution at school

What would John Adams say about regulating banks?

This is rich: The oil industry is working to get Muammar el-Qaddafi off the hook

Whirlpool plant suspends 39 workers for lying about smoking

Why are they meeting in New Orleans of all places???

jawbone of an ass

Albany, N.Y. mail carrier saves baby falling from window

Vets of Bush's Wars Sue the VA: 'More than Half of Wounded Troops Slipping Through the Cracks'

It seems to me that the cell phone issue in polling is A BIG BIG DEAL!

I need some parenting advice. What do to with racist MIL?

Does anyone recall it ever having been this bad before?

Kissinger is in DC today

The cost of war toon

1 billion people live on $1 a day or less

1 billion people live on $1 a day or less

Japan is out of butter

Does anyone here have a cafe press shop?

You have to visit: and watch the banners at the top. . .

White House Defends NAFTA as Bush Meets With Heads of Mexico, Canada

Do you support Peace? Or the destruction of Israel?

United Airlines Parent Loses $537 Million, Cuts 1,100 Jobs

need some of DUs famous vibes

CALIFORNIA MOTH SPRAYING is bad for your health

Tony Snow to CNN?

NYT book review: "MySpace, YouTube, and the Future of American Politics"

America's Second Harvest

"The world's misery index is rising." : Food Prices increasing Hunger

Newspapers: A thing of the past?

Bush knew exactly what to do, and he said so on the record. Note to the Commander in Thief:

**** 1,373,029 People have donated to Obama! Onward to the goal of 1,500,000 donors by May 6! ****

Team (8th graders) Collects, Tracks Harmful Beach Trash - Happy Earth Day!

Punk'd at the Pump: How much is gas in your 'hood today.

California homes entering foreclosure hit record

I am an evil person. I lied to my 2 yr-old granddaughter a while ago.

Former Olympian Slipped Date Rape Drug

Daily Diversion: The U.S. cities with the cleanest — and nastiest — smiles

Obama's Half-Eaten Breakfast Sold on Ebay

Amnesty Unveils Shock ‘Waterboarding’ Film

The CIA is at it again: Al-Qaeda No. 2 says attacks against West are coming

DAMN!!! They're poisoning us AGAIN!

U.S. Confirmed Deaths - Total = 4,041+ / Iraqi Body Count = 90,521+

Why Pentagon talking heads piece in New York Times had no legs

surge update - 2 U.S. Marines die in Iraqi checkpoint bombing

Is mcSame a sacrificial lamb?

Godfather-style horse's head left for politician

Why did Rumsfeld have to go? What do you think was the real reason?

Is Dr. Coburn Blocking Legislation Funding Breast Cancer Research?»

self delete

The Bush administration as a teen-ager

YES! Judge Dismisses FBI's Post-9/11 Hysteria Mail Fraud Case Against Bio-Artist Kurtz

Bush responds to news that he has the worst disapproval rating of any president in 70 years

Not one drop of American blood should be spilled if Iran attacks Israel

"Ukraine's Congressman" - Bob Schaffer (R-CO), DSCC ad:

"Ukraine's Congressman" - Bob Schaffer (R-CO), DSCC ad:

New vehicle fuel rules call for 31.6 mpg by 2015

Record Low Viewership For ‘CBS Evening News’

Damn, are groceries going up where you live?

Early Pennsylvania exit poll results (demographics only)

Voters Obama Can Do Without

Bush on CSPAN...defends "so-called" rich

Matthew Rothschild: School Superintendent Threatened over Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

Having read the NYT article about propagandists for the Pentagon, the Iran fearmongering is BS..

On 'Divorce Court,' televangelist calls her marriage 'done'

Redemption Indeed! Scaife funding group that hurts aid to Third world

Just saw a great DNC ad on MSNBC

OK, anyone else think Kevin Corke with MSNBC is hot?

What Bill Clinton said yesterday

Theory on why Congress is dragging its feet in holding the Bushies

Need info on Florida in 2000

Univeristy of Georgia to Clarence Thomas: stay away, you filthy pervert

'I infected 1500 girls with AIDS'

Muslim call to adopt Mecca time

New Spam Outbreak Says It Has Seen You Naked

Afghan ministry denies evidence of depleted uranium

News Corporation Near Deal to Buy Newsday-Another Paper Falls To Murdoch

Everyone should read this excerpt from Naomi Wolf's book

Muslim Organizations Call On McCain To Drop ‘Islamic’ Terrorist Label

Rice says Carter was warned against meeting with Hamas

Care to walk El Camino del Rey?

Murdoch on way to acquiring Newsday

Food Crisis, is there anything to it?

DNA tests offer deeper examination of accused

"The highest disapproval rating of any president in the 70-year history of the Gallup Poll"

Damnit, end the war and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!!!!

Prosecutor says S.C. student to face WMD charge

Gov. Siegelman To Be On Tavis Smiley Show Tuesday Night

Rationing Comes to Whole Foods

I owe DU an apology

Oh, goody: Gas guzzlers a hit in China, where car sales are booming

TEDTalk Tuesday: Where Does Creativity Hide?

I hereby dub this Congress:

I hereby dub this Congress:

Worst protest sign of the year so far:

Report: Worst Food Price Inflation in 17 Years

Clovis, NM: Children involved in stabbing

Legislature of the absurd (Oh yes, it's Florida.)

I guess this can count as my Earth day planting

Can Grandmothers End Wars?

Tony Snow cancels speech over illness

Will Bush Lose His Nazi Hideaway?

The depth of sexism on this forum makes me sick

What do you do when people tell racist jokes around you?

'More than 120 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq commit suicide every week'

Bush meeting with leaders of Canada and Mexico today!?

Threatening to "obliterate" a country is NOT diplomacy

Ashcroft Compares Waterboarding To Being ‘Interviewed By Jon Stewart’»

RFID chipping expert, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, live on 'The Jeff Farias Show' today at 6 PM est

Bumper sticker seen on a pickup truck in Tacoma: "Liberty > Equality".

Bush approval now down to 22% in ARG poll

I think I just found a NEW trick the credit card co's are playing.

The ABC debate debacle requires us to take action now.

McCain Tax Cuts Would Bloat Deficit Or Take Huge Spending Curbs

Cheney Falsely Claims The House ‘Allowed’ FISA To ‘Expire’ (Warning: Graphic!)»


Mikulski et al: Equal pay for women

Did the FLDS hire a PR firm?

Know your Gulf of Mexico DEAD ZONE

My Gawd, I love that DNC ad against McLame (Sen McCain are we better off than we were 8 years ago?)

Happy Earth Day.

McCain's Peak?

Til the end of time

Women are capable of great evil too.

Bush concerned about high fuel prices. Tells Congress to open ANWR for drilling. On Earth Day.

Do you support the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan

Bush's Paraguayan Fiasco

Gas prices are only part of the problem. Try living where it gets cold in the winter.

The poorest are dying even sooner than before, report shows

Darfur: 300, 000 dead in five years

Gas Cost in Your Area?

Has Everyone Noticed That Randi is Less Rude to Callers and Really Happy to Be Home In Fl

What is the thought about McCain's connection with the Forrestal fire?

What is the thought about McCain's connection with the Forrestal fire?

FBI Sat On "Lieberman Site Probe" For POLITICAL PURPOSES


LAT: Vilified 30 years ago, Carter 'has become a respectable statesman in eyes of Iranian media.'

Vote for the Worst Conservative Web Site EVAH!!

35-Cent-A-Gallon Gasoline

Has your income from your job actually increased?

MSNBC's Chuck Todd looks like a manager @ a Denny's

Carter: "The problem is not that I met with Hamas in Syria. The problem is..."

Canada's seal hunt extended another month: 100,000 more seals to kill

things you probably didn't know about CODEPINK

The IAEA Report on Iran -- Enough of this BS Iran propaganda on DU

"Poison In The Grass: The Hazards And Consequences Of Lawn Pesticides"


Saudi King Abdullah Drops Quiet Bombshell

$50 barrel oil predicted. Remember these predictions from just 2 years ago?

"President" George W. Bush was on "Deal or no Deal" last night

Glenn Greenwald: Media's refusal to address the NYT's "military analyst" story continues

ABC' World News Ratings Fall Drastically from Week to Week

Why does any criticism of McCain always have to be prefaced with "John McCain is a great American"?

The Judge in the FLDS polygamist case displays ignorance

Surprise: discrimination lawsuit against fat-cat Republican Bill McCormick's restaurant

Suicide? The strange death of Riad Hamad, a Palestinian activist

Anyone else struck by the parallels between Adam & Eve cast out of the garden and climate change?

The new DNC (Are you better off?") ad makes McCain look like a complete idiot

WHOA NELLIE! Norah O'Donnell just said

Earth Day Question- Which corporations are the worst polluters?

QUESTION: TVs in public places

Hey gun owners-- don't be scared, nobody's going to take your guns away

Is owning a home a right?

To Believe Bush Won the 2004 Election, You Must Also Believe:

Don't touch me there: NY jury rejects rectal exam lawsuit

The Best Thing that Didn't Happen During The Bush Administration, by Robert Reich

Food - The Ultimate Weapon of the Ruling Elite

Know your GIANT Oceanic GARBAGE PATCHes

Political Activism through music....

I'm having the worst week ever..... and it's only Monday

Reminder: Barack Obama on Daily Show w/Jon Stewart tonight.

Thinking of changing jobs.

Advice from physically attractive people needed.

How difficult can it really be to obtain a copy of one's marriage

I just fed Ava to my zombie

Advice wanted Even being a Tech and MCSE I have ZERO experience with...

Advice wanted Even being a Tech and MCSE I have ZERO experience with...

I just heard thunder, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Guess this is old news Brewers fans

yay! I found a solution to my coffee problem!

good vibes for my sis please

I'm bored. Are you? How about a smiley thread?

For Pro-Wrestling fans....Fitt Finley taps out to Sir William Regal!

Is your break room/lounge a FOX news brainwashing chamber?

Another tap-out to an Englishman!

Anyone else like ? Well George W. Bush needs your attention there regardless

Mmmmm! Dinner!

I zipped up my backpack to go to school today

Air Travel. Why do I dread it anymore?

Ya know what I hate about this $3.55 a gallon gas

On 'American Experience' right now: Roberto Clemente

Goodnight all

I'm supporting a Giant Douche for President

Nite DU!

Springtime in Alaska

The Hidden Battle to Control the World's Food Supply

You should watch WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

Because we Say so

It's like the gay Bat Symbol!

Can anyone suggest something to throw at the people downstairs?

New YouTube Video: Steppenwolf's Monster

I am listening to John Edwards on the rerun from Colbert last week, that was so funny! "The EDword"

Japanese Researchers Extract Vanilla From Cow Dung and win a Nobel Prize for their efforts!

Priest carried aloft by balloons missing

I've got blisters on my fingers!!!

Uff da! 'Father Kills Son in Hunting Accident After Mistaking Him for Turkey'

Going to see Newton Faulkner this Friday!

Good morning

Check out the hair of the dude on the left in this video's opening!

When will DU go into DefCon modes today??

Today's internet searching tip...

I've owned my new cell phone for less than 72 hours, and I'm already "customizing" it...

Don't do a google image search for "body modification"

Visions of Johanna (youtube)

Okay, movie buffs: PLANET TERROR or DEATH PROOF?

Aliens flew over my house last night and I missed it.

Yes, the flowering trees are just gorgeous

Video: The Silver Surfer's REALLY let himself GO ("You people SURF in this? It's fucking BARBARIC!")


LOL! Lisa Simpson played a marvelously spot-on Nancy Spungen.

I MISS....

Will someone tell me where lizzie is moving to so I can Google something for her?

Extratropical Cyclone, anyone?

Wish us luck tomorrow, my SIL will be donating her kidney to my brother, it is the second

I am FINALLY watching Being John Malkovich right now.

Wrote my husband and asked him to file, finally.

HELP! Suggest a mindless novel for me to read for my flight on Wednesday.

When *I* was 18, a **star** cost about 8 bucks.

How did YOU spend TWO of your three daily allotted posts at GD:P today?

I can't stop myself!!!1!!11

Priest Vanishes on Party Balloon Flight

I am having one of the worst days ever.

Meet Amish women online!

We are at DefCon Level 1

Looks like the big one is going to hit...

Etsy!! How come no one told me how cool this site is??

Is today the last day for primaries, or do we have some more left?

Strange yellow ball seen in sky over Richmond

Here you go...Pics from MN DU meet up....

For My Crimmie--A song for you

I just LOVE it when a poster sends me a nasty PM and then puts me on ignore so I can't reply.

Gun, Badge Stolen While Sheriff’s Deputy Investigates Hotel -with NON-police personnel ;-)

Got monkey butt?

Neighbor's outside titties - Don't Touch???


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your ignore buttons....

Yummy Vegan Cake - if I can make it! You can make it too

I'm a zombie!

Yes, I watch Dancing with the Stars

Thoughts on dogs

Which bearded bear lard is best?

I dare anyone to drop this "Barack Not on Ballot in Parts of PA" bomb in GD:P

When I was 18, I got tanked and gassed for about eight bucks

Question: which boar is best?

FOOD RATIONING has finally come to America. NY, New England, West Coast affected.

Droopy Tours

When I was 18, we were so poor that we made our own gas from the saliva of dung beetles.

Question: which lard is best?

Something to report to you all

CRAP!!! We are at level 1 already

It was easier to jog at 18-years-old and being a smoker

OMG, I am soooo glad I am not a Top Chef contestant this go around.

Any news on the TV show Jericho being picked up by someone else? nt

When I was 18, I had to walk to the gas station in 3 feet of snow with no shoes on.

Running out of time...

Running out of time...

How can you get a stray cat to approach you

Is there a free service to run a vehicle VIN number?

Question: which bear is best?


Not complaining, but I just find it ironic that a thread can be locked for telling someone to STFU

Warning: I may have been photographed dancing nekkid on a table last night.

Why did I buy a PS3?

You know the caveman in the Geico commercials?

Ten most annoying singers

John McCain = Stupid Bullshit according to GoogleAds

My heart is hurting for all the people who are hurting today.

Cunningham Bribery: Prosecutors Push for Expansive Secrecy in Tommy K Case

Were you the one that got caught naked?

I bought a "Speed Racer" cartoon collection DVD for my kids...

Too young

When I was 18, a tank of gas cost about eight bucks

Did you know that one of the smallest states is actually inside a huge liquor store?

My candidate rules. Your candidate sucks.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

A 1999 car worth $10,000 -- sufficient for a down payment on a hybrid?

Question: which bard is best?

India Tech Bubble Bursting? "India becoming too expensive for tech firms"

Queen's guitarist Brian May made university Chancellor

I can't spell because I'm from the Midwest and the short a, e, and i all sound the same to me! nt

Recipe gate

really scary spam I got today

Did you know the 2nd largest liquor store in the country is in Wilmington, DE

Happy Birthday to Jack Nicholson!

With the primaries, we've ignored the most important news of all: Miley Cyrus showing her bra.

Prom dress shopping tomorrow for me.

Five in a row!

Who else knew that the Bush Administration would be an unmitigated disaster in 2000?

Do You Have A Favorite Toothpaste?

Can you write an episode of House, M.D.?

Iran dangerous drivers to get 74 lashes!

Damn Squirrel!

Cellphone Flaw Kills Two People

At the Copa

Great Day! I found a patch of Morels!

Great day! Found a Pooch with Morals

Police Arrest 2 in India for Allegedly Stealing Sperm

Question: which beer is best?

Is Richard Wolffe sexy?

Do you LIKE to eat fish?

For Earth Day

I need a lawnmower

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)

Ooooh! Post #9000!

Time for the social nerd question of the day: am I a jerk or is my friend being too sensitive?

“Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' ass away from my girlfriend,”

So this conservative goes to the doctor

Question: which beard is best?

I'm taking bets now - what time will GD:P implode tonight

Neighbor's outside kitties - Don't Touch???

I just transcribed the per capita incomes of all 50 states for 1985...

Play an Earth Day song

I Am Going To 'Obliterate' Tonight

Okay, I don't want any dancing in the streets nor shouts of joy

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/22/2008)

Those Goddamn savages in GD-P are XemaSabbing my DU experience!

MY Top 10 Annoying Singers

Vinyl and the return of the Priest

someone please remove my bad "carma"

American literature mavens, help me out finding a book title, please.

It's my 49th birthday. What should I do to celebrate?

Anyone else missing the thread hits/counts?

You know how I broke my plunger yesterday - my day went downhill from there

What are you doing for Earth Day?

Got new glasses today

The violin student down the hall is playing "Garryowen"

I love it! Spelling Nazis in the radio booth!

I need some parenting advice. What do to with racist MIL?

Is phegm a forbidden topic? Then let me talk about the "wainscoting" peeling from my "walls".

When you're young, life is all Goblets of Fire

*Attention shoppers* Vagina fight outside. Vagina fight, outside...

Name a great complex individual in American history

Oh noes!! I have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow...

This song is stuck in my head today.

Okay who wants nekkid table dancing pictures?

Why do they make children's dance costumes with not enough fabric in the bodice?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/22/08

Oh, this is just so wrong....I almost feel bad for laughing so hard.

Hey Midlodemocrat! Did you know TM's Prom was actually crashed by another DUer?

Masturbation may prevent prostate cancer

Does anybody out there besides me have fruitcake crazy siblings?

Original post regarding my dad's death - thank you to all, and a little more

Herb, clean up on Aisle 6

Does this give you more or less confidence in "science" . . . ???

For Earth Day, a word to DU guitarists

Let the bears pay the Bear Tax.

Did You Go To Your Prom?

Internal Justice Dept. Investigation Includes Yoo Torture Memo

Check out this "kitteh"

Philadelphia area DUers - I'm going to the Frida Kahlo exhibit on May 10th

I think ....

Root canal tomorrow! Any advice?

Post your Earth Day related pictures (pic thread)

Best all natural Migraine cure?

Like everything else, all things must come to an end. Matcom, this is for you.

I bought peaches, got home and found "product of China" on the can

DU sailors, a couple cool pics...

The fact that I get paid almost $10/hour and spend over half of each shift doing things like this...

How Many DU'rs Have You Actually Met

Entertain us !

To celebrate Earth Day, here are few new avian pics


why oh why didn't I marry a musician?

any Battlestar Galactica fans here?

any Battlestar Galactica fans here?

Danica (sigh)

Fundies angry about Darwin fish and respond according to programming.

DU again missing the most important news story of all --- ----- -------- ---- >Jenna's Wedding!!!

APB - the boyfriend has joined DU - say HI!!!!!!!

John and Elizabeth Talk To The Daily Mirror... Finally a Little Wisdom!

Can you watch hockey live on the net?

From the funny inscrutable squiggles in My Buddy Journals...

Don't do right, do wrong, Dudley.

Dr Cullen pulls oldest trick in the book

Poll question: I Believe In Miracles - Yes? No?

Digital TV repair question (non-HD)

Brooklyn/NYC meet up?

"I Didn't Order Marijuana With My Fried Chicken"

What movie genre would best describe humanity?

There is DRILLING going on outside my house at 12 MIDNIGHT!

(US) Department of Labor sues Aggregate Industries ($1 million in back wages due 302 employees)

Talking Veterans Down From Despair

Today's Must Read - McCain, Public Land for Developer Friend, $$$$$$$

Hitachi picks a fight with Toshiba / Ties up with GE in bid to grab part of booming N-power market i

Defense Chief Advises Cadets on Disagreeing with Leaders

Suit claiming shoddy treatment of veterans goes to trial in S.F.

Will Bush Lose His Nazi Hideaway?

VA Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

Wall Street Journal managing editor stepping down

Allawi called to broker Sadr cease-fire

Afghan Ministry Bans the Broadcast of 5 Foreign Soap Operas

Fringe GOP candidate spends Hitler's birthday with neo-Nazis

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World (US)

Chief of Southern Command says US will not seek to replace air base in Ecuador

Double number of ex-cons join the US army

Gas guzzlers are a big hit in China

San Leandro cops recommend 7 felony charges against man mauled by tiger

Auditors: FDA has long way to go on foreign inspections

Close call for three teens on synchronized swim team

Zimbabwe church leaders urge action to avert 'genocide'

Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women (Result of Smoking and Obesity)

US military recruits more ex-cons

South Carolina Student's Bomb Plot Foiled

F.D.A. Identifies Tainted Heparin in 11 Countries

Hamas vows 'harsh' attacks on Israel, says previous assaults were 'practice'

Clinton’s Box: More Obama Supers on the Way

Clinton says U.S. could "totally obliterate" Iran

U.S. Existing Home Sales Fell in March; Prices Lower

Iraq PM rebukes neighbours for lack of support

Leaders warn on biofuels and food

Guantanamo Bay detainees: We were drugged

Zimbabwe arms ship headed for Angola: shipping agent

Bush ramps up Mideast peace push

Jordan's King to ask Bush to defer or cancel trip to Israel

Iraq frees detainees to help unburden prisons

Taser maker goes to court to clear name

Rice says Carter was warned against meeting with Hamas

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Clinton Up 10 Points; Beats Margin of Error

Her back to the wall, Hillary Clinton admits: ‘The last day is here’

Breaking: Voting machines breaking down in Philadelphia

Female suicide bomber kills six north of Baghdad

Lawmaker stuns Colo. House by calling farmworkers 'illiterate peasants'

Fed Auctions Another $50 Billion To Banks, Bringing Total To $360 Billion Since December

Report: News Corp. (Murdoch) Agrees to Buy 'Newsday'

Tony Snow : Democratic nomination comes down to personality

A Developer, His Deals and His Ties to McCain

Libya Seeks Exemption for Its Debt to Victims

Bush, Calderon, Harper Reject Renegotiating Nafta

Writers push for laws to maintain Internet freedom

Bush shows off his dance moves

VA Hid Suicide Risk, Internal E-Mails Show

Western forces 'in Basra raids'

Shiller: Housing slump may exceed Depression

Voter Turnout High For Pennsylvania Primary

Feds want to require visitors' fingerprints when leaving US

Three US marines killed in Iraq

Governors Daughter Did Not Earn Masters Degree According to Investigators

NY appeals court: Whitman not liable in Sept. 11 air case

Supply Worries Push Oil Over $118 A Barrel

Accenture to up headcount to 50,000

U.S. war costs could be under $170 bln - Pentagon

North Carolina Democratic debate canceled

PETA’s Latest Tactic: $1 Million for Fake Meat

FCC chief says no need for new regulation of the Internet

Letter carrier catches falling baby

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 22

Life expectancy on the decline in parts of U.S.

Bush: Now is not the time to renegotiate or cancel NAFTA(economy not in recession, in slowdown )

Colombia's Mario Uribe Asks for Asylum After Arrest Warrant (Cousin of Bush's Colombian ally)

Record-high crude nears $120 on supply concerns

Appeals court upholds search of laptop at LAX

McCain argues free trade is a solution, not the problem, in hard-hit industrial towns

US senator complains Pentagon grooming TV analysts

NATO undermining opium fight, Khalid says

Tony Snow cancels speeches at EWU (Taken to Hospital)

Levin seeks to expand hate crimes bill, end Iraq war

Oops! Texas officials now discover 21 more FLDS children than they thought they had

Former DOJ Official (John) Yoo Refuses to Testify

Economist: Housing Slump May Exceed Depression

FLDS mothers, kids being moved from shelters to new locations throughout Texas

Bush's disapproval rating worst of any president in 70 years

China defends weapons for Zimbabwe

American charged with giving secrets to Israel

Al-Qaida No. 2 says 9/11 theory propagated by Iran

Iraqi officials say US air strike kills 10 in Baghdad

Bolivia's president to speak at Brown University

N.C. (GOP) lawmaker threatens to sue primary foe over Iraq ad

Iraq military gives top Mahdi militia leaders in Basra 24 hours to surrender

Olbermann: Bushed! 4/21 - Rice Taunts The Enemy; Buying-The-News-Gate

Countdown: McCain Too Hot-Headed to Be President? Anti-Anything?

Corey Hart - Never Surrender


Johnny Cash - I won't back down!

Hillary Clinton on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann pt.2

'Deal or No Deal,' Mr. President?

Hillary Clinton has helped Osama bin Laden

New Steve Novick ad - 'Pull the Plug' (Oregon US Senate race)

Kids Playing Politician - Vote Obama

TYT: Hillary Must Reject & Denounce Rendell Immediately!

George Bush's Earth Day

Carter meets with Assad, Mashaal in Damascus 4.18.2008

TYT: Watch McCain Fumble, Bumble And Contradict Himself

KO and Rick Perlstein marvel over McCain's twisted tax return and economic plans

Clip from War, Inc. (you can see the influence of N. Klein's disaster capitalism thesis)

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Towering Babble

Dan Abrams Responds to Karl Rove regarding Siegelman coverge.

Olbermann asks HRC about Scaife

John Legend plays music and speaks at the University of Pa in support of Obama

Hillary Oakley sez: Barack's trying to steal "our" guns!

The Hillary Clinton Zombie Riddle

Barack Obama in Pittsburgh, PA

Big Dog whines: Obama played the race card on me, disrespected Jesse Jackson.

TYT: McCain And His Temper (& A Note On The PA Primary)

Rachel Maddow on Race to the Whitehouse 4/21/08

Hillary Clinton - 'Would Obliterate Iran'

Obama Burns Debate Moderators on Daily Show - 4/21

Norm Coleman, Lily Ledbetter, and the Supreme Court

Bruce (R-CO) Calls Mexicans 'Illiterate Peasants

Hillary Clinton on Larry King Live (CNN, 4/21/08)

The fabulous life of John McCain

Pointless WWE


Hillary flunkie Lanny Davis goes on FauxNews to bash Howard Dean and Obama

George Bush Dances in NO

Dan Abrams: Michael Moore Endorses Obama (w/ Rachel Maddow)

First 527 attack ad against Obama to be aired

Hillary Clinton on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann pt.1

Bill Clinton falsely denies claiming Obama played race-card

Who is Richard Mellon Scaife?

Senator Hillary Clinton on Nuking Iran

In Baghdad, Struggle Ties Security to Basic Services

Arab News Editorial: Quest for Coalition

John McCain's Health Plan - Don't Get Sick in America

Using DNA of Family to Make Arrests. Emerging Practice Turns Relatives Into Genetic Informants

Herbert: Clueless in America (Failing Education System)

A Developer, His Deals and His Ties to McCain

Feature: Iraq police under scrutiny

Teacher refuses to administer standardized test.

The Latest Proof that the Karl Rove Playbook Has Become the MSM's Bible

Eight Reasons Our Changing World Will Turn You Into an Environmentalist, Like It or Not

ACLU Demands Immediate Release Of Inspector General Report On FBI's Role In Illegal Interrogations

Polygamist dress a study in faith vs. fashion

The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem

Earth (day) to Clinton, Obama and McCain

Brilliant Article: Is there life after Bush? (February 2007)

Dave Lindorff: The US Economy and the Costs of War

More Felons OK'd to Enlist - How desperate the military is..

Plouffe Piece-The commander of Obama's nerd army.

Philly Inquirer: Chris Satullo: Obama is better-equipped to lead country through change it craves

For Barack Obama, It's Looking-Ahead Time

Bush Three Is Wrong -- Is Clinton Three Any Better?

The Clintons and Their Sordid Colombia Advocacy

U.S. Soldiers Say Administration Exaggerated Role Of Iraqi Troops In Basra Offensive»

They Are Still Murdering Labor Unionists in Colombia

Clueless in America

How Republicans Gamed the Pennsy Primary

Impeachment Now Or Apocalypse Later?

Obama After 20 years of Bush-Clinton, a breeze stirs

Running Out of Planet to Exploit By PAUL KRUGMAN

If the folks highlighted in this article aren't bitter and racist then

Pay No Attention to the Media Behind the Curtain

Dean Baker: The Homeownership Ideologues

The Economist: The Silent Tsunami

The Nation: Of Sludge and Syphilis

Eason Jordan on CNN's War Coverage from "War Made Easy"

New Mexico fights to protect the lynx (AP/CNN)

Captive tigers 'may save species' (BBC)

Th!nk (electric city car) launches U.S. business

General: More dwell time as growth goals met

82nd GI dies from wounds suffered in robbery

E-7 arraigned in Iraqi shooting death case

Gates puts pressure on call for more UAVs

Recruits sign up with their fingerprints

Roadside bomb kills 2 soldiers in Iraq

Ex-soldier in murder case faced charge before

AWOL soldier accused of 3 burglaries

Maupin death suspects to be executed

Report: Number of recruits with felonies jumps

Stufflebeem punished for lying, will retire

Book recommendation

Sailor found dead in Bahrain

CNO orders far-reaching base, force reviews

Ex-Navy corpsman convicted of killing wife

50 Ohio reservists called up for 8-month tour

Camp Lejeune Marines, sailors leave for Iraq

Lawsuit: VA has failed to prevent suicides

Nighthawk makes its final flight

Officials ID airman found dead after standoff

More irregularities found in Nellis contracts

UAV patrols, intel analysts wanted

Lab pursues lighter heavy airlifter

Groundbreaking on North America's Largest Photovoltaic Project (Canada)

Family collaborates with nature

Google-Backed Solar Startup Picks Up Steam - from Wired

The World According to Monsanto (documentary)

In pictures: White Nose Syndrome (BBC) {bat die-offs in NE USA}

Top UN Official - Climate Talks Going Nowhere Fast - Should Be Viewed As "Warning Sign" - AFP

Maldives President Makes Impassioned Plea For Action On Emission Cuts- AFP

55 Of 76 Thai Provinces Affected By Drought, Including Half Of Rice-Producing Areas - AFP

Angola Overtakes SA To Become China's Biggest Foreign Oil Supplier - Bloomberg

Statistics Canada Report - Total Emissions Rose 25% 1990 - 2005 - The Star

Flock browser: Eco Edition for Earth Day

Even IGCC Coal Stations Too Expensive For Alliant In Iowa, Let Alone CCS - Des Moines Register

NCAR Arctic Ice Study - "Single Unusually Clear Summer Can Now Have A Dramatic Impact" - IRDE

Sandstorms, Severe Cold Snap In China Hit Nearly 900K Hectares Of Cropland, Orchards - Reuters

BP Confirms - Grangemouth Strike Could Shut In 700,000 B/D From Forties Pipeline Network - CNN

Texas Railroad Commission Supports Statement By Saudi Oil Minister

Happy earth day

Ontario set to veto ban on clotheslines

Disaster in progress: North America's home heating transition (wood)

Gas guzzlers a hit in China, where car sales are booming

Anyone watching Nymex Crude today? $119.40...

wtmusic's electric car hits the road for Earth Day

USAFE facing multiple challenges

Two ships deemed ‘unfit’ for combat

D-M boneyard auctioning off old aircraft

Army aiming to double dwell time

New task force to focus on field resources

Prosecutor: Marine license plate offensive

GAO: No plan for securing Pakistani area

Friends, relatives speak out while honoring veterans of Vietnam War

Navy identifies petty officer found dead at her home in Bahrain

Experts say pause won’t affect security but will strengthen countries’ alliance

New Marine Corps ads go after female recruits

Darmstadt clinic cuts services for some

C-17 flyovers opposed by Hawaii residents

Commanders say violence a ‘zero-tolerance’ issue in Japan

General: Stop-Loss Needed Through '09

Lawyers play defense over Marine widow case

Two teens held in Okinawa shoplifting case

Casey: Afghanistan to be a 'long haul'

Gates Downplays Iran War Talk

Colt's Grip on Army Rifle Under Fire

Double number of ex-cons join the US army

B-2s Return to Flight

Up for promotion despite 2-grade discipline

Despite Climate Worry, Europe Turns to Coal

Fatih Birol (IEA) Interview - "We Have Warned Them" - Energy Bulletin

Now I'm free! Free falling!

Home Prices Drop Most in Areas with Long Commute

Michigan family takes green living to the extreme

¿Can "solar farms" be put on top of malls/superstores?


Workers Memorial Day Materials Include McCain’s Voting Record on Job Safety

I'll only have a few posts between now and Thursday afternoon

Tough times for American workers

Union leaders face off for Obama, Clinton in Pennsylvania

NYC Disabled Ironworker Pushes For Disaster Healthcare Legislation

W Post: Election E-Mails Can End Your Term in the Office (job)

AP: American Axle strike hits 2 more General Motors factories

Are you making At Least $20 An Hour?

Eric Lee: Dramatic struggle by Russian miners - appeal for help

Why so stubborn? (Right-to-work proponents risk more than they might gain)

Fed plan would shrink states' powers

Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Brauchli Resigns

Dark pools in battle with pricing predators

A scam to get your identity - right!!!

There is no gas shortage.

Vt. Commission Makes No Recommendation On Gay Marriage

Feisty Gay Bookstore That Fought Canada Customs Up For Sale

I have a question.

How do you know if you're gay?

Military Using Convicted Felons To Replace Drummed Out Gays


GLBT TV channel files complaint against cable network

The World Bank Tries to Re-Write Bolivian History

Chief of Southern Command says US will not seek to replace air base in Ecuador

Cuba travel bill clears Florida state Senate hurdle

CUBA: White House Press Corps Piles on State Dept. at Briefing

Paramilitary victims want "Macaco" to stand trial in Colombia

Uribe's cousin seeks asylum amid Colombia probe

Bolivia's president to speak at Brown University

PALAST: Jose Can You See? Bush's Trojan Taco - what's up with that meeting in New Orleans?

They Are Still Murdering Labor Unionists in Colombia

UN Soldiers Brutally Attack Haitian Street Vendors

MORALES at UN Forum: "Duty to put an end to the capitalist system"

INTERVIEW: Correa on the "Little Emperor" Uribe (and other things)

CUBA: Failed Counterrevolutionary Provocation in Havana

Clinton: If Iran attacks Israel, US could 'obliterate it'

Al-Qaida No. 2 slams Hamas for considering peace with Israel

Jordan's King to ask Bush to defer or cancel trip to Israel

Obama wary of Carter's report of breakthrough with Hamas

Shin Bet: Gazans pay doctors to declare them ill

Rice: U.S. explicitly warned Carter not to meet with Hamas

Was Jimmy Carter Punk'd?

Do you support Peace? Or the destruction of Israel?

American charged with giving secrets to Israel

American arrested for spying for Israel

Israeli think tank: Muslim anti-Semitism is strategic danger for Israel

UNIFIL finds Hezbollah arms; gunmen scatter peacekeepers

EI exclusive: a pro-Israel group's plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia

Israel to compensate family of British filmmaker killed by IDF

George St. Pierre win UFC welterweight belt.

Kobe must be a Republican with all of the lying he does.

Champions League

Dolphins reach terms with Jake Long as No. 1 pick

Ky Derby Trail: Questions and Quandaries

Yankees start series at Chicago tonight...

Police cars burned, stores looted in Montreal hockey riot

There's a new message from Matthew

Bionic eye 'blindness cure hope' (BBC)

Apple Cider Pork Roast

Survey: Support for national health insurance grows among physicians

Life Expectancy Drops for Some U.S. Women, Historic Reversal, in 1,000 Counties.....

Didn't Make It For the April Contest

Brain damage link to cancer drug (BBC) {5-FU, 5-fluorouracil}

Some random shots from a few days ago...

Waterfront Park (many pictures)

A New Measure in Fertility Testing

Inexact Copies: How Generics Differ From Brand Names

tuna salad to swoon for....

Some very nice bird pics for Earth Day, in the Lounge

Saliva test may speed heart attack diagnosis

The political rhetoric of "socialized medicine"

My Earth Day pic

Alicia : "I could not give up my job and lose our insurance"

New Guidelines Urge Heart Tests Before Kids Take ADHD Drugs

My picture for earth day



Signal boost for mobile phones (BBC)

Has anyone seen "I survived..." on A&E?

America's Shooting Gallery April 21, 2008

Non-CCW holders are unsafe for society

Few problems encountered with concealed carry

Homicide rates in homes, cities and regions with guns.

Is There a Wild Mushroom Expert In the House? *** includes two pics ***

How To Spot A Terrorist!

North American Union Secret Summit 4/22/08

Collapse due to steel weakend by fire?? Rubbish!

Teresa to receive Rachel Carson Award

Pictures from NYC TMOE book event

I need some help with research. Plus I found this old gem of an article:

A must read post by Andrew Sullivan on The Big Lie & McTruthyism

Pictures from last nights meet up...

MN's superdelegates - have they weighed in yet?

Pennsylvania: “Trust us to count your vote, even though you can’t verify it” ( x )

Texas passes NY on Fortune 500 list

Vote Story - report voting problems

Doggett breaks leg in biking accident

Big Trouble? - DOJ to monitor Pennsylvania primaries.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 04/22/08

Video Editing for Mac - OpenSource

The BIG states Clinton keeps harping on - can someone explain Diebold & e-voting presence there?

June State Convention Attendees & Friends - Esther's Follies 6/5


Voting Problems Already Reported in PA: Here We Go Again

Voted at 7:15am in upper Bucks County for Obama

Can someone start a Election Results ~ Obama Supporters

Please vote in my poll (PA delegate split from today)

CNN exit poll, Obama wins 92% of PA Black vote!

Which Obama Will They See?

WaPo: After today, it’s all Indiana, baby.

Another Liberal Values Obama Flood

Harper Index: Insults, discourtesy and disrespect mark Harper team's behaviour

Brenda Martin just found guilty by Mexican Court

Harper's plan to remake Canada in his image is working

California public schools seek private money just to cover the basics

No Child Left Behind faces changes

ATTO - All That Time Off you teachers have

Catching problems early, schools try to avoid special ed

San Leandro cops recommend 7 felony charges against man mauled by tiger

Don Sigelman will be on Travis Smiley tonight.

Potentially good news: Anti-gay ballot measure proponents are on the ropes!

"I wouldn't trust Boris to operate a mop, let alone a £10 bn Crossrail project"

KOEB 4-21-08 - Hillary's last stand edition

KOEB Meeting 4/22/08 Pennsylvania Primary Edition