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Bob Herbert: "Some Perspective on Bitter."

Hillary Clinton uses the OJ defense

Long lost essay from Obama's father surfaces.

It's the HillMac attack!

If the Polls Hold...

If the Polls Hold...

Just wondering, If the Great One should win the Presidency, who and what

PA and Indiana poll numbers

A question for the DU Admins..

To person who wanted to send the Charlie Rose Video to Obama....

Did Tweety Ask McLame Anything About the Economy?


Coming up next on Countdown - BIDEN!!! Going to talk about McCain & Iraq.

What Goes into a Hope Bong?

What Goes into a Hope Bong?

Hillary slams stay-at-home parents.

Clinton's no "elitist"...

If campaign contributions in PA are an indicator, data shows

At least 3389 Indiana mayors (99.6%) ignore calls to attack Obama

Kiki McLane... shameless.

Clinton "bitter" about her gender.

Kid who asked Question of McCain about Hillary "hitting the Sauce" Is the Son of Steve Douchey.

I find this very encouraging.

HEADS UP: Michelle Obama on with Colbert Tonight!

**screech, rrr, screech, rrr, screech** - THIS Is A Test Of The Emergency DU System !!!

So Bill was out there LYING again. Whats new?

I haven't been here much and have a burning question. Has

I haven't been here much and have a burning question. Has


Bad news for the Clinton Campaign. The DLC is hedging its bets.

Should the Capital Gains Tax be raised?

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/15/08 - Obama up 2 (50), Clinton down 3 (41)

"Some people call you the elites; I call you my base."

"People get smart when they are hurting"

I could see Michelle Obama's bra through her blouse on TV...

From KOS: Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Endorses Obama (letter)

I have one thing to say about our party and its members

Hillary and Obama - BITE ME!

Lapelpin-Gate is Coming !!! Man The Battle Stations, Obama supporters !!

Hillary Clinton - the poster girl of

How much spinning, re-framing, apologizing and excusing are KO

A shout out to Hillary supporters

Bill Clinton: Older Voters Too Savvy To Fall For Obama - BostonGlobe

Link to an excellent post in GD from Skinner

Hoosier State Mayors Decry Senator Obama's Comments on Small Town America in an Open Letter

Hillary Clinton

North Dakota GE Poll: McCain 44, Obama 38....McCain 53, Clinton 33

You might be an elitist if

Dear Hillary: Are the Florida voters "bitter"?

POP QUIZ!!! Which one of these people is running for President of the United States???

I just saw Joe Biden on Countdown...I'm glad he's on my side...

New Daily News poll shows Obama closing in on Clinton in PA 46-40


Hillary has not been vetted yet, because Obama isn't going there with her

McCain to troops.. FUCK YOU!

if you have HBO, Obama on Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel right now...n/t

Obama has to take the NAFTA/Columbia free trade gloves off

I miss my old Hillarite friends (wyld, Elizabeth, SaveElmer...)

Official Daily Show/Colbert Report---- Michelle Obama thread!!

Can we all agree on something

Obama Surges on Electability, Challenges Clinton on Leadership

New ABC/Washington POSTpoll

We just had a Barack Fundraiser

***VIDEO: Michelle Obama on the Colbert Report***

WaPO, Schoen: Hillary Needs to Completely Abandon Her Positive Campaign Against Obama

Michelle Obama on 'The Colbert Report' Tonight!--details from the taping

Hillary will make a great president

Post your favorite/funniest McCain nickname....I need some cheering up

***BREAKING*** 4% of PA Mayors endorse Clinton!

Hillary tries to put her foot in Obamas mouth

Did ANYBODY see Michelle on the Colbert Report.

Be Careful of Recent Pennsylvania Polls :The Affect of Phones

Obamite extremists threaten Fowler

Franklin & Marshall poll clinton 46 obama 40

NEW April 16th: ABC/Washington Post Bitter-gate BAD for OBAMA


How many times a day do you bang your head against the wall?

Checked out the PA State forums boards. Most talk there is of Obama.

Hillary's new song....One more for the road....

Bitter as hell in Pennsylvania - - Chimpy voter / Limpballs listener says..."It's fucking true"

Even if Obama loses PA, a close loss will be viewed as a victory for him

New PA Poll (Franklin & Marshall College poll) : Clinton's lead over Obama shrinks to 6 points

Obama will be limping into Denver. The question is will the DNC

New PA Poll (Franklin & Marshall College poll) : Clinton's lead over Obama shrinks to 6 points

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention

Obama Leads in North Carolina, Indiana as Clinton Hangs on in Pennsylvania

Making the case for not voting for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee

Bitter-gate is over, his numbers even went up in some polls. Get over it Clinton supporters

Bitter-gate is over, his numbers even went up in some polls. Get over it Clinton supporters

Obama Surges on Electability,Challenges Clinton on Leadership

A few suggestions for Barack Obama re the "elitist" slam

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Majority View Clinton as Dishonest

HRC releases: Shrillary, Billary, Concillary, FullofShi___llary

Why Democrats are forced to keep voting to fund the War: Bush is Dangerous


There are three versions of republicans running in this race

There are three versions of republicans running in this race

I trust Hillary to end the war in Iraq...

now that Springsteen has endorsed Barack....

WP:"Is Clinton the missing pony?"

Poll numbers confirm: public not buying MSM's bitter swill

To all those threatening to vote for McCain if their nominee doesn't win...

Hillary wins!

ATTN: Help stop Air America from hiring Taylor Marsh.

MSNBC won't air 'controversial' gun ad



The Debate Schedule for Wed. Night

What's the Delimeter Between Misspeaking and Lying?

Have Clintons been NeoCons in Dem's clothing all along, and we just didn't notice?

How does YOUR candidate stand up to these standards of electability?...

To Obama Supporters who will not support Hillary

Obama Support Among “Bitter” Voters Unchanged 4/16/08

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Obama

Obama outraises Clinton in small town PA!!!

What's the matter with Bill? (Maybe it's time for a little compassion)

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/16/08 - Obama down 2 (48), Clinton unchanged (41)


Damn it! What is wrong with Pennsylvania??

Indiana Rep. Carson endorses Obama

S.D., N.D. Democratic voters prefer Obama

Hillary, just think if only the big states counted in the general election...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Obama : "Democrats deserve a nominee for change"

4 Words that Insure Obama's Election, Only these 4 words make this possible

Can you feel it?

American Voters Agree: Obama or Mccain ok, But NOT Hillary. (she is unelectable)

Hill supporters please keep repeating the Sniper fire was not a lie

Hill supporters please keep repeating the Sniper fire was not a lie

That Does It-I'm deleting 26 1/2 hours Of Springsteen OFF My Computer

Poll Shows Erosion Of Trust in Clinton

Poll Shows Erosion Of Trust in Clinton

Keystone Survey: PA Clinton/Obama margin plummets from 16 to 6

Net Worth of the Candidates


A Quandary: How to paint Obama in the worst possible light (Tom Toles)

Should Obama Mention Bringing "Honor and Integrity Back To The White House"? It'd Kill 2 Birds

Predictions For Tonight's Debate On Clinton Attacks

Clinton UNDER 40% at 38% in new Reuters National Poll Obama 51%

The Village Voice's Top Ten Conservative Idiot Bloggers

'Bitter' flap regrettable Obama Tells Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board

'Bitter' flap regrettable Obama Tells Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board

Is this DU or the online Tiger Beat magazine forum?

Is this DU or the online Tiger Beat magazine forum?

This is a test. This is a test of whether we can overcome this assault by Hillary McCain

Man oh Man! Obama is up to 56% nationally 4/16/08 WOW!

Mayhill Fowler: Obama campaign is "classy"

Bruce Springsteen: Streets Of Philadelphia

Is there a Debate tonight? What Time is It?

Why are Pennsylvanians bitter? Pie chart

So you Obama haters want to throw us Rezko? Fine - let's stay with Rezko, but I throw this back....

Hillary: Voted for the IWR - Obama: Voted to continue funding the war - Explanation below.

Terrorism revisited.

A song for you kids mad at Bill Clinton

Ambinder: The Democrats: Pennsylvania Polling And National Polling

MEGALOMANIAC bigdog says young voters are stupid

New Poll..Obama competitive in Pennsylvania, up in Indiana

Salon: Bitter As Hell In Pennsylvania

Man in Clinton's "bitter" ad not registered to vote in PA

Obama should be hitting this "elitist" crap out of the park

Every picture tells a story don't it?

Hillary, just one of the guys.

ARG (PA) Poll: Clinton 57%...Obama 37% Clinton up +20

Obama's name in Rezko trial

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses...

"The Audacity of Hoops" over at Political Videos.

Hillary first; Obama third

List One Word That Best Describes Barack Hussein Obama?

Will you be voting a straight party Democratic ticket in the General Election?

Poll: By 2 To 1, Dems Not Offended By Obama's Comments

Gallup today Obama 50 (-1), Clinton 42 (+2)

Bosnia and Back Again BRILLIANT from the Jed Report

Obama's performance in tonight's debate very important.

Gallup: Obama still at 50% - 8 point lead over Clinton (4/16)

VIDEO LINK: Hillary is BOOED by small town PA Union workers re: bittergate.

(Superdelegates) Reps. Watt, Price are endorsing Obama

Obama: "My links to the Jewish community are not political"

Michelle Obama Charms Colbert (with video)

TPM: Hillary TV Ad Campaign Is Now 100% Negative in Most PA Markets

Incredible video -Bosnia and Back Again, starring Sen. Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama is

Price, Watt to endorse Obama

We are seeing the "politics of hope" in action, its not perfect but its real and WHAT WE NEED

Source: Hillary TV Ad Campaign Is Now 100% Negative In Most Pennsylvania Markets

Source: Hillary TV Ad Campaign Is Now 100% Negative In Most Pennsylvania Markets

Please vote on Fox website on Bittergate!!


Did they have a Torture Menu to choose from, say "One from Column A and two from Column B,"

About Snipers in Bosnia. Either Clinton Lied here, or She's Unfit for Office Due to Stupidity

Video of Obama talking (and playing) basketball on HBO Real Sports

Video of Obama talking (and playing) basketball on HBO Real Sports

Karen Heller: WIP's snickers at Clinton underscore gender gap

Negative views of Clinton on rise

So now I'm "dumb"...

How exactly is Obama "unelectable"?

Bill Clinton will be in town 20 miles away from my house today

Bill Clinton will be in town 20 miles away from my house today

Poll: Majority of Americans Bitter, Clingy (& HRC does more shots)

Poll: Majority of Americans Bitter, Clingy (& HRC does more shots)

Poll: Majority of Americans Bitter, Clingy (& HRC does more shots)

Does Mika drive anyone else crazy?

Obama's Flaws Multiply

Obama is a snob - a BIG snob!

Bosnia and Back Again, starring Sen. Hillary Clinton

McSameasBush and his "academic argument".....


Poll question: Obama takes 2AM phone call tweeking.

The Wabbit Hunter

Obama needs to release his tax returns NOW

When people write "Obama will NEVER win the general election"

Hillary takes 2AM phone call hung over.

Bruce Springsteen......elitist?

You Know what we need? A BIG MAN in The White House!!

Scarborough: "will HRC review Bush's crimes [like Obama promised to do]"? Wolfson: "I don't know"

Scarborough: "will HRC review Bush's crimes [like Obama promised to do]"? Wolfson: "I don't know"

Clinton criticized China on Steel dumping, etc & sez McCain diggin hole 2 China with debt

I have to admit now, I am now completely in Obama's camp

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses BARACK OBAMA

McClinton Campaign: The Talking Point Express

Babysteps -Part 2

**Urgent Appeal** from "Open Left" to Dem Strategists about McCain..

OK Hillary supporters. here's another $100. whose gonna match me?

Question for Hillary supporters: Why do YOU think Hillary hasn't won the nomiation by now?

DU and mental health

Hillary again playing the race card

Gates agrees with Rev. Wright: 911 was blowback. Come on Clintonites, where's the outrage??

Gates agrees with Rev. Wright: 911 was blowback. Come on Clintonites, where's the outrage??

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Not Watching the Candidates

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Not Watching the Candidates

Wednesday Primary TOONS-Part 1- For HRC fans/BHO foes

Like Clinton, like Clinton-supporter....

5 of largest papers in PA have endorsed Obama - latest is Harrisburg

Hillary Clinton loses traction over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, Indiana (LA Times/Bloomberg Poll)

Obama wants 7 day waiting period to obtain religion - avoid bitterness over-reaction

Bittertown, USA

A little history and background on the use of "San Francisco" as an anti-gay code word.

Two NC Superdelegates endorse Obama

Forget the polls Hillary will win Pa by 8-10% pts and......

Hillary's lead evaporating in Pennsylvania

Ok, so the Presidential Race has it all: ageism, racism, sexism. Now, let's change the subject.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses...

Tonight's Winning Debate Formula for Obama based on breakdowns from today's PPP poll.

Does anyone have polling data of McCain v. both Clinton and Obama state by state

But aren't we ALL elitists in some way?

Why is it wrong to call some PA rural people "bitter", but it's okay to trash San Francisco?

Latest Poll of PA: Obama up 45-42 over Hillary

Obama/O'Malley 08

What station is showing the debate tonite? I can't find it on my tivo lineup!

Can someone point me to the new PA Obama ad?



Day 2: Mashed Potatoes Day and Obama's Dimples

Obama, the single parent raised, earned an academic scholarship to college,

Obama, the single parent raised, earned an academic scholarship to college,

"I agree with the 97 percent of her positions that are identical with Obama’s..."

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama on The Colbert Report

Do you support these tactics?

I'm so pissed at ABC.

Am I on your ignore list? If so why?

Breaking: Obama To Announce Three New Super Delegates Today

Lieberman supporters, where are you now?

Senator Clinton: With all due respect please stop attacking the Chinese people

Obama tied to lobbyists, but boasts of not taking money

I have to agree that Senator Obama has lied in his campaign ... on TV for all to see,

Some thoughts on Bitterness, and the disbelief I've seen here.

Question for Obama supporters...

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday April 16, 2008

To counter-act the horrible ugliness of this forum, an offering to Clintonites and Obamaheads alike

The Bottom Line on Tonight's Debate - video clip link (ABC/George S.)

No access to ABC, what other options?

No access to ABC, what other options?

Hillary = D version of Dubya... Obama = D version of Reagan. Discuss. n/t


Poll: Majority of Americans Bitter, Clingy

Another poll indicating that Obama would make usually Republican North Dakota competitive

I have heard little on Mayhill Fowler / Junehill who bashed Obama with "bitter" comment...

Hey man, welcome to the 60's

Oh shit, I spilled my latte all over my Volvo. Start the cult meeting without me!

Even with the bickering

Obama: No earmarks for 2009

Great moments in campaigning history.

Four way general election poll

I hope most of you do realize that Marin County is NOT San Francisco

"People who keep shooting even though they have no jump shot"

Two legs good, four legs bad!

Tonight is make or break for Hillary - although I think she's going to break...

Tonight is make or break for Hillary - although I think she's going to break...

Mark Halperin: Bad Things That HAVEN’T Happened to Obama Since the “Cling” Controversy

BREAKING! OMG! Hil's next attack : "Obama has two black children!"

Some advice for Hillary supporters, from a Philly native


Is Hillary using GOP tactics?

The Bad Things That *HAVEN’T* Happened to Obama Since the “Bitter/Cling” Controversy Erupted

The Bad Things That *HAVEN’T* Happened to Obama Since the “Bitter/Cling” Controversy Erupted

Is there really an "I love Norah O'Donnell" thread circulating in GDP?

Is this HRC's Dukakis photo?

Wow, do a search for the word "hell" in GDP...

Wednesday Primary TOONS-Part 2- For BHO fans/HRC foes

Hillary thinks that under no circumstance can someone...

Hillary Clinton On Southern Working Class Whites In 1995: "Screw 'Em"

Hillary's "Dukakis in a Tank" Moment

The best ad for Obama in rural PA - just play this!

Party Schism - Unity - Victory in November - Conjecture and Questions

What time is tonights debate...

Call me naive, but I didn't think people actually SHOT Crown Royal.

Obama's 2007 tax return released

If you were debating Hillary tonight, how would you prepare?

Man In Clinton's 'Bitter' Ad Isn't Registered To Vote

O'Reilly was suggesting what Hillary could do in the debate tonight.

Clinton pressing Obama to disclose tax returns for all of public life, not just the Senate years.

Clinton pressing Obama to disclose tax returns for all of public life, not just the Senate years.

The Electability Issue. Part Two Of Why Clinton Loses. Badly.

my proud 600th post

Will Lincoln Survive "Gettysburg" Comments?

A Muslim radical Christian racist elitist

Just moved, and Only have XM Radio Right Now. is Debate on there?

Stephanopoulos Conspired with Hannity & Newsmax Pre-Debate

Can someone start a Debate Thread

PART THREE Of The Electability Issue And Why Clinton Loses. Badly.

Born in the USA v. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Rep. Watt: "What I'm hearing is a lot of disappointment at the negativity" of the Clinton campaign

Rep. Watt: "What I'm hearing is a lot of disappointment at the negativity" of the Clinton campaign

How many times do you think Hillary will use the word "bitter" tonight?

Hillary said "Screw 'Em" to Working Class, but Bill's view Closer to Obama's in '95

Hillary said "Screw 'Em" to Working Class, but Bill's view Closer to Obama's in '95

Unofficial Pre-debate Thread

I'm for Obama and I've admired a lot of the work Clinton has done in Congress.

Breaking: Clinton's "outraged PA voter" ad actually has an outraged voter from NJ!!!

Hillary Clinton, 100 Days, and a Different View


Man In Clinton's 'Bitter' Ad Isn't Registered To Vote

The Boss endorses Obama

The Boss endorses Obama

Building, Construction, Veterans, Flags and Obama

I notice today that there are a couple race-based threads

What are you Hillary supporters going to do If/When Gore endorses Obama?

MSM helped fan Bittergate, but it Backfired, now they need "Screw 'Em" as Cover. SORRY HILLARY!

"Bitter as hell in Pennsylvania"

I am going to make an effort to take it easy on Clinton

Out of the Mouth of Hillary:


RKBA recently resurfaced as a divisive, polarization issue for BO & HC. Both have a history of

RKBA recently resurfaced as a divisive, polarization issue for BO & HC. Both have a history of

Obama (LIED) tied to lobbyists, but boasts of not taking money!

Take the high road Obama!

As an Obama supporter, I don't Hillary saying "screw 'em" is that big a deal

John Kerry = Elitist who could not connect with voters.

If you can't vote for HRC because of her war vote, then you sure as fuck can't vote for Obama either

Bruce Springsteen endorses Obama!!!

How do you not consider this sexist?

***Can someone please help us WEST COAST folk find a link to DEBATE LIVE at (our) 5 PM? ***

Rookie Obama?

Heard BO pushed another Dem under the bus, after saying

4 Pics of Michelle Obama on The Colbert Report

What do you most like about Hillary?

...and MSNBC gets in on hillarys "Screw 'em"...

TYT: Every Four Years The Media Falls for the Same GOP Scam

Clinton leads by 7 in PA, has big lead among working folks, Nutter may deliver Philadelphia to Hill

John Kerry was a guy you'd like to have a beer with.

Payback's a bitch, Bitch



Want to know the biggest reason why I "cling" to my guns?

Nobody cares what you think....

Joe Biden is going to be on Hardball tonight...

Joe Biden is going to be on Hardball tonight...

ABC picking up hillarys "Screw 'em" comment...

Reuters Nat'l Poll Obama 51 Clinton 38

Urgent!! Help Me! How to watch tonight's debate???

Obama Surges on Electability - ABC/WaPo Poll Shows Obama now 62% - 31% 'more' electable

4-16: Hillary lies yet again - this time about reason for an endorsement


Bill insults young people, explains why tired, down-on-her-luck Hillary should be our next president

Michelle Obama - the poster girl of bitter

A very small idea about how we may begin to make baby steps towards reconciliation in GDP:

Hillary Clinton on working class Democrats: "Screw 'em."

This is how one of the two could get a commitment from me today (and a check)

Michelle Obama is breathtakingly beautiful!

SO I hear Republicans Think Lapel Pin Gate will fly STRONG REBUTTAL HERE

Elections in America: Millionaires Accusing Each Other of Elitism

Taylor Marsh running ad for book comparing Obama to Mussolini

Yahoo home page - Obama tied to 38 lobbyists

I think a better name for McCain is McFly.

As go the young, so go the futures of political parties.

Obama is a liar. Ya you heard me a liar.

Obama would ask his AG to "immediately review" potential of crimes in White House

When will we have the first openly Atheist presidential candidate

25 Of 35 South Dakota Democratic State Legislators Endorse Obama

Senator Obama defends Senator Clinton against charge that 'elitisim' = 'uppity'

^^^^^^^Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Debate Tonight 8-EST/7-CST^^^^^^^

If Obama was running his campaign the way Hillary is, he'd show the pictures of her doing shots

Clinton ignores flap; Obama raises it

I think it is now personal for Hillary and Bill

List One Word That Best Describes Hillary Rodham Clinton?

These are the regular people Obama was hangin' with in SF

Obama loses PA and OH but BEATS McCain. Hillary wins them and LOSES to McCain.

Obama supporters - will you vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee?

PA Columnist: Hillary voted for confiscating guns in a national emergency...Obama voted against.

NEW: ABC/Washington Post - Everything Poll - Huge - OBAMA - Surge

To the "I'm not bitter" avatar people:

I'd Like To See Michell Obama Debate Chelseas Mama

But I'm an Elitist

Hillary Supporter Barney Frank: Trailing Democrat Should Drop By June 3rd

Hillary Supporter Barney Frank: Trailing Democrat Should Drop By June 3rd

Why are dems bitter with Hillary? Let me tell you..

Chelsea's future father-in-law due to be released from prison this month

Guns and bitter

PLEASE read this 2000 article: Why many of us do NOT want Clintonism again

The realization of MLK's "Dream" was not to elect a black President.

What I am bitter about is Democrats choosing Obama and Clinton over Edwards.

When Will We Start Burning Books at Democratic Underground?

Thanks mods!

White Haired Women For Obama

Bruce Springsteen Endorses Barack Obama

PA Dem Primary-- Apr 16, Apr 9, Apr 2 trend: Shares by Region, Weightings, Undecideds, Defs (PPP)

Gore, Kerry Strategists Take Strong Exception to Clinton's 'Elitist' Remark

"Would Obama Hold Bush Accountable?"

San Francisco ~~ IMO, it's a Buzz Word

The man behind BO. How interesting.

Breaking News!North Carolina Congressmen Mel Watt and David Price endorse Obama

Breaking News!North Carolina Congressmen Mel Watt and David Price endorse Obama

List one word that best describes Barack Obama.

Nope... Clinton hasn't been facing sexism from the media

THE SHIFT IS ON: NEW 4-DAY TREND ACROSS PA POLLS shows 1) Clinton down 2) Undecideds up 3) Obama up

Clinton picks up union endorsement

I love Norah O'Donnell.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: If You're Not Angry and Bitter, You're Not Paying Attention" (Mary Lyon)

Bill Clinton: Young voters are stupid and gullible. Only elderly Hillarites can't be fooled.

OH NO He didn't

Bill Clinton: Has he lost his mind? A doctor speaks

I feel "bitter" when I go back to Ohio.

Look who's holding their own "kitchen sink" now...

Who won tonight's debate in Philadelphia?

If Obama wins the nomination, how much of a role will

"A price to be paid for candor"... I see it happening still.

Advice for Hillary Clinton: Stop Burning Your Bridges

Michelle Obama

BREAKING - Barack Obama Highest Paid US Senator

Clinton Supporters: Time to prove she can still win, lay out the math and path to victory!

Obama criticizes Carter on Hamas meeting, tries to reassure Jewish leaders

Bob Johnson: Obama would not be leading candidate if he were white

Fred Kagan claims Democrats want to ‘profit on this war.’

U.S. And Britain Shift The Blame For High Oil Prices

Eight Years Summed Up In One Picture

Did anyone just hear Keith? Said Bill-o was more responsible for the death

Biden coming up on KO n/t

Let’s Not Facilitate Corporate Crime - Hand Count the Paper Ballots

BWHaha I love KO Cindy McCain todays worst person in the world

John Nichols: Phil Donahue's War

The G(as) O(il) P(etroleum) party

Howard Dean: $120 Million and the FEC (Suit Against McCain)

Too much Rice is bad for your health: Condi goes off the deep end....

The Politics of Distraction in an Age of Gotcha Capitalism

The Unity Ticket: Obama Needs Hillary to be His Cheney

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 4,034

Foreclosures in Kentucky jump 45.2% in March

Jonathan Alter, stop saying we can't be bitter. Don't say we need to be careful what we say.

Guardian UK: (British) Retail sales fall for first time in two years despite heavy discounts

Why we must all push the term "Mole Hill Politics"

We thought we won but then we didn't


McSameasBush's recipe for the election

McSameasBush's recipe for the election

Tax Relief for the Republicans is no cure for the economic hardship coming

Dallas VA closes psychiatric wing after 4th patient kills himself

I really appreciate Frontline's "Health Care Around the World" special tonight....

Oil Prices Surge to a New High $114 per barrel / $28 when bu$h* took office

(FAVORITE) "Retailing Chains Caught in Wave of Bankruptcies, NYT

"Got Foodstamps?"

Taking the kids away from those Texas Polygamists is wrong.

Taking the kids away from those Texas Polygamists is wrong.

Democracy Interactive Radio - Paul Waldman

Anyone watching the Detainees/Deportees on PBS

1 out of 10 Americans predicted to be on food stamps next year, but maybe

So, our priorities are petty religious/moral/political shit rather than domestic/foreign policies,..

Why do I always get a sinking feeling in my gut when I file my taxes?

Here Comes the Next Mortgage Crisis

The Daily Show - it's torture time

JAMA: "Drastic action" needed to prevent drug companies from withholding data.

No one is a greater elitist than a neo-conservative

Pope lands in US, vows to fight clergy sex abuse

Saying Obama is "elitist" or "out of touch" is not merely a lie. It is a Big Lie.

Saying Obama is "elitist" or "out of touch" is not merely a lie. It is a Big Lie.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!!

Polygamy: A most telling comment from a mother in the Texas Cult

"Maoists" ahead in Nepal's election

N.J. High School Football Coach Has No Right To Encourage Student Prayers, Federal Appeals Court Say

List One Word that Best Describes John McCain

Opening: "Standard Operating Procedure. " Abu Ghraib torture Documentary

Did anybody see this article?

John McCain, Flip Flopper

Worker 'tricked into going to Iraq' (BBC)

Comcast wants 'bill of rights' for file-sharers and ISPs

Bill Banning Spanking Moves Forward - Bill Prohibits Spanking With Wooden Spoon, Switch

Sad funny story about my experience at the change machine today.

On FRONTLINE Tonight "Sick around the World" About how other countries have Universal Health Care

Chris Hedges on with Tavis tonight.

People for the Ethical Treatment of NOBODY....

Been a while since I posted an OP here.

Anybody else getting annoyed with the Meet Your Meat ad that

'We don't even know if Osama is still alive'

Must-View: New Errol Morris Doc On Abu Ghraib Photos - "Standard Operating Procedure" TRAILER

What does the raid on the polygamist compound in Texas do for Romney's chances

Cross-dresser, rejected for job at lingerie store, rams store 7 times with Geo Tracker.

Cross-dresser, rejected for job at lingerie store, rams store 7 times with Geo Tracker.

Dems Prepare to Block Bush Cuts for Children's Health Care

== Free Tibet? Hell, free America! = By Mark Morford

We owed the Irs this year, i mailed my check 3 days ago---they cashed it already.

Obama Plans Whistlestop Train Tour of PA: Wmspt, Erie, Phila, Lanc, Hburg, Main Line

Sammy Seder: Seder On Sunday contract ends on May 14th

Should I buy a $160 chest freezer to help with food costs?

NRCC and Freedom's Watch accused of illegally coordinating campaign activities

Did you know Bush had the Pope's name removed from a sexual abuse of minors lawsuit?

Dead Cat At Jail May Have Been Tasered

Interview with Texas Compound women

And who says our 'War on Drugs' is a failure? Police sniff out Pot in a box of chicken....

That plane crash in the Congo

Isn't it weird.

Tim Robbins-VIDEO

What happened to this one?

U.S.: Iranian threats to 'eliminate' Israel justify int'l sanctions

Wall Street Winners Get Billion-Dollar Paydays

Pickles and Jenna will host Today Show April 22nd...

From Amendment II Democrats: How should we honor the fallen at Virginia Tech?

Housing Starts in U.S. Drop Twice as Much as Forecast, hitting 17-year low Defying Israel, Carter meets with Hamas

"We Are Suckers"

i just had a thought

Obama would ask his AG to "immediately review" potential of crimes in Bush White House

A veterans newsletter debunks Vietnam myths with SOME "facts" that might be disputed here

Telling Repugs to "calm down"

Family's Sole Surviving Son Denied GI Benefits

We all know what 9/11/01 is. Does the date 4/19/95 ring a bell?

ACLU Challenges National Security Letters In Congress And Court

F-16's to "search for improvised explosive devices"?

Chinese gov't conflates Cafferty remark by applying it to the chinese people...


Five Years Later, Fallujah- The city remains sealed, residents refer to it as a big jail

'This Is Class War'- Auto Parts Workers Battle Demand to Cut Wages in Half

The Vatican apologizes for its silence during the Holocaust. Feb. 4, 1998

Don't be fooled by the "Foreclosure Prevention Act" - It's a Trojan Horse!

One Year After Virginia Tech

Ah the once mighty dollar

Expect lots of tax cut legislation between now and November...

Supreme Court upholds Kentucky's use of lethal injections

American Hunters and Shooters Association Backs Obama-He "gets it"

isnt There a PA Debate?????

Double-Talk Express - McCain on GI Bill

Bulldozers now the weapon of choice by LE??

Venezuela Approves $9 Billion Dollar Oil Windfall Profit Law!

Newark's Ex-Mayor (and His Ex-Mistress) Convicted of Corruption

MSNBC Reporting: Pope will get a "21 Gun Salute" at the White House...

Christians hijack Stars-and-Stripes, Statue of Liberty

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ending Slavery for Pennies

Why Isn't The Rise In Oil Prices Being Called A Bubble?

****Hillary On Southern Working Class Whites: "Screw 'Em."****

Self delete, dupe topic

Was that Gorgeous George handing der pope da speech?!1

Georgia Republican instructs House on proper Pledge of Allegiance technique

Proud Father Steve Doocy On Son’s ‘Hitting The Sauce’ Question: ‘It Was A Good One’»

HUFFPO: The Coming War with Iran: It's About the Oil, Stupid

Democrats Accuse GOP Campaign Arm Of Covertly Writing Ad

Never let it be said that the madness of King George wrought destruction upon: our country, its

Americans are housepoor, gasoline challenged,tuition gouged, insecurely employed, marginally insured

The Selling Of The Mainstream Media; A threat To American Democracy

Eliminationist Rhetoric Poisons Our Discourse

Has anyone checked to see what Bush and Co. are doing

McCain's GOP Critics In Arizona Continue To Press Their Case

Homeless amputee beaten to death with own crutch

Something just hit me about "sitting around, singing Kumbaya" ...

Curt Weldon transfers $70K to legal defense fund

Udall Beating Both GOPers Combined in Fundraising For Open NM Senate Seat

God endorsed Holocaust, says Bush pal

FBI Email Says Bush Signed Exec Order Authorizing Harsh Interrogation Methods

Stars & Stripes LTTE on Iraq: Sell!

Pope and devil share stage at the White House

Bush Library ‘Will Rely Chiefly’ On Design Firm Rather Than Historians To Showcase Policies

Chertoff Says Fingerprints Aren’t ‘Personal Data’»

did you know Canada takes and tests our toxic soil?

Buddhist monks are violent revolutionaries? Really? - Today’s Headlines 4/16/08

Hillary Clinton On Working Class Whites In 1995: "Screw 'Em"

Did Kucinich vote NO on Rush Holt's voting bill because it didn't "mandate" the states to comply?

So what was the damage this year

O.K. am I seeing this wrong...

Nugent's former drummer Clifford Davies found dead

Join The 3 Trillion Dollar Shopping Spree Here!

So the former (he claims) NAZI POPE meets the current NAZI pResident...

Senate Approves Castration Bill

why is jimmy carter doing condoleeza rices' job?

Can you believe this?

Pat Tillman's widow breaks silence

Bad taste or clever promotion?

AP photographer freed by US military after 2 years

Second Terror Mistrial Hurts Bush Administration, Critics Say

Fusing politics and Olympic basketball. Adolf ... who?

Loud Dobbs Audience is BITTER!

"forced to buy wheat" "addicted" to wheat

Politics affecting the US Commission on International Religious Freedom?

Oh My??? - CONFEDERATE FLAG In Pope/President Picture

Rep. McHenry (R-naturally) calls US soldier *IN* Iraq a "two-bit security guard" VIDEO

(Gay) Coalition urging D.A. to try (Lawrence King) shooting suspect as juvenile

From The WTF Is Wrong With This Picture Department....

Arlen Specter's cancer has returned.

FBI Search Abuses Could Number Thousands

Aquygen gas...... miracle for our energy starved world?

Another reason to impeach both....

Ok DUers here they go again, the poor don't pay taxes

We should apologize to the backers of the Iraq War, we were wrong

A bitter bounce in the polls.

What do these two people have in common?

Petition for Condi's ouster

The Pope is right on the money about the "Dictatorship of Relativism"

"The Dictatorship of Relativism" re:Pope, Bush. What the hell is it?

B.C. goes anti-oil!

Price of milk, bread skyrocketing

So the Gas Company is trying to ruin us

Marla Ruzicka: December 31, 1976 - April 16, 2005

Why doesn't this HiIlary clip play? All others seem to work.

Was the FLDS "ranch" located in the same Crawford, Texas as you know who lives in?

Ok God! - There's a feces flinging monkey on my TV right now!

Question on the Frontline report on international healthcare last night

New home construction at 17-year low

poster illustrating how our federal taxes are learned

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

One in 33 homeowners to face foreclosure in the next two years.»

The Darker Side of Tax Freedom Day

Reading The Pictures: Don't Leave Me, Daddy.

As a Woman Raised in the Mormon Church...

US military baffled as to why Shites in Iraqi Army won't kill Shites in militias..

UK drugmaker moves tax domicile to Ireland

Veteran recalls nightmarish conditions in Dallas VA Medical Center's psych ward

Carolyn Jessop: everybody ends up related to everybody

McClatchy: Compensation for 'bumped' airline passengers to double

About McCain: "The people who know him like him the least...."

Pope Simon Bar Sinister & His Sidekick Cad

The Emperor Has No Clothes or Brains or Compassion - pictures

OR-Sen Candidate Jeff Merkley Live Blogging Noon PDT / 3-4 EDT (4/16)

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention

I can't decide what was more painful

Rep. Blackburn (R-TN) Misreported Over $440,000 in Campaign Funds

AIPAC gets a challenge from moderate and progressive Jews

Basically the plan in Iraq is to keep killing Iraqis until they like and accept us

The Nation: The American Air War FOR Terror

Immigration agents raid Pilgrim's Pride plants

The Confederate Flag & The Pope in front of the white house?

Deadlocked jury forces 2nd mistrial in Miami terrorism case

Fascinating Fact: America Nearly Became A Dictatorship In 1783, Too

Newark ex-mayor Sharpe James is convicted of fraud

Newark ex-mayor Sharpe James is convicted of fraud

WSJ Parody on news stands drives Murdoch nutz. Topless Ann Coulter feature.

Call Girls at Nursing Home Fuel Debate in Denmark

Hey, it's the Pope-a-Loo!

A question about race.

$114.53 Another oil price record.

U.S Won't Win A Gold Medal For Human Rights At Olympics

Israel Test-Fires 'Iran' Missile; Simulating an Iranian Attack on Israel

Iranian vice chief 'caught in brothel'

High court ruling could clear way for California executions to resume

Yellow Stickers Used To Curb Car Theft

Sealers, animal rights group agree: Don't ban hakapiks

Hey, did Diebold just declare McCain president while I wasn't looking?

California may resume executions by year's end

Plans for the G.W.Bush Presidential Library

Toby Keith...

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the White House today

"It has happened here." - National Guard patrolled Wilmington for 9 months in 1968

Milk labeling measure debated. Got hormones?

I'd hate to curb this economic growth

2 accused in toddler’s dehydration death

Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson doing a Commercial together

Sex offender killed, house destroyed by explosions

Chertoff says fingerprints aren't personal data

McCain's Tax Plan offers a $1.7 trillion tax cut for corporations

Texas prison inmate cons way onto Idaho primary ballot

Any Du'ers had surgery in a foreign country because of medical costs?

McCain better than either Dem on the economy? What the hell is wrong with people?

Any idea how much oil used in the Iraq/Afghanistan...

You Can't Ban No-Fault Divorce

Have we really "Come a long way baby"?

Cruise Ship Passengers At Risk!

Has anyone else posted anything on McCain's plagiarized favorite family meals?

Colleges participate in anti-gun protests on 1 year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings-pics

5 Supreme Court justices on White House guest list

If my entire town began dressing up in Viking costumes do you think someone might ask us why?

If this doesn't deserve a caption, I don't know what does

The Healthcare Union War

'Sole survivor' takes fight with Army to Capitol Hill

Why is Ben Stein advertised here?

Bloggers Find Something Fishy In McCain Site's 'Family Recipes'

MSNBC confirms: Pope to be a no-show at the White House dinner in his honor

Did Anyone Else See Rep Vagina Foxx R-NC Blame Nancy Pelosi For HIgh Oil Prices?

LOL! Freepers Urge McCain to "Flee Log Cabin Republicans!"

Great new commercial calling on Condi Rice to resign over torture! (with petition)

Condi Must Go - Watch the Smoking Gun Video

1 in 33 Homeowners Projected to be in Foreclosure Within Next Two Years

Republicans trying to shoehorn FISA into another bill right now

Government announces increased spending on mass transit and bike lanes to combat rising oil prices

I just *knew* there had to be a catch.

Those Polygamous kids hauled in at Least $61,000 a month for their "Community"

Why are all the nooz channels showing

"certifiable, insane" Zubaydah, Bush and the Bureaucracy of Torture

Is age a laughting matter?

W's sleepover guest list

Marriageable age: With parental/guardian's permission, as young as 13 in some places in America.

Don Young's (R. Alaska) legal fees surpass $1 million

Woohoo, We're Number 5, We're Number 5.

God, that Meet your Meat ad is disgusting!

The Mounties always get their man! - if a concerned citizen gets him and turns him over first

Study: Beware of Vitamins

Scientist: Ben Stein's 'Expelled' should really be 'Flunked Out'

ACLU: Supreme Court Upholds "Cruel and Unusual" Lethal Injection in Kentucky

Nan doesn't deep throat?

Click & Sign for a very good cause

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer working for AP in Iraq freed from U.S. military after TWO YEARS!

Is anyone else here kind of relieved that this whole

More revisionist Iraq invasion history from Douglas Feith.....

What is causing the U.S. retirement crisis?

Pentagon Seeks Authority to Train and Equip Foreign Militaries

What is with you people???

House Votes to Expand Debt Relief to 25 More Poor Countries

MSM political commentary is overloaded with "prunedits" like George Will, Cokie, & ilk,

How BAD do you think this is going to get...?

Any other Philadelphians ready to puke after

No role for GMOs in solving poverty and hunger

Why can't we "resettle" the women in the polygamy compound the way we do political refugees?

I'm listening to Greg Palast w/Richard Belzer on AAR...........

These months old mass graves being "discovered" all over Iraq are really starting to creep me out

I'm doing ok back on the job


NBC showing rising foodprices

Economic Report: "Biege Report" sees slowing in nine out of twelve Fed Reserve districts

Report: Connecticut poor pay more of income on taxes, than rich

Our fucked up medical system stikes again ..... I'm asking for your thoughts on this .....

Email from XM about Randi Rhodes

surge update - Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite American’s Plea

Tonight Only in Philly: A 'Condi Must Go' Ad

Bush Library ‘Will Rely Chiefly’ On Design Firm Rather Than Historians To Showcase Policies»

David Sirota: Race and the White Snob Industry

Bush announces greenhouse gas strategy. Surprise It's bad.

Judge declares mistrial in 'Liberty City 7' terrorism case (miami 7)

Freedom's Watch Broke Law, Dems Tell FEC


The Calvin and Hobbes Guide to the Campaign.

Limbaugh: ‘Islamofascists’ are campaigning for Democrats

Experts Say Staying Put Is Safest Move After Nuclear Attack


Joe Trippi on Air America in a few minutes, if you're interested.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/15/08 (warning: graphic language)

Cindy's Recipe Gate - An intern gets the blame of course.

Wednesday hard-hitting TOON update- What do your Taxes support?

President Bush and his band of cronies hate America.

West Coast Cheated on Live Debate...

Wikipedia blacklists the freepers!

Never saw it coming

I hope the Pope will take this opportunity in visiting America to speak out against Torture

Jenna Bush dishes on her May 10 wedding

Whose Problem is Poverty?

Our rw newspaper published my long ltte...comment?

they have murdered women radio activists in Oaxaca, Mex.

What you need, is 2,000 calories a day and shelter from the

Tim Robbins Tells Assoc. of Broadcasters Where to Stick the Trash They Broadcast

From Inside a Cage at Guantanamo

From Inside a Cage at Guantanamo

Seriously who the hell is the pope

"Animal House meets Dr. Strangelove" - Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Oil how high can it go?

'Hunters & Shooters' Endorse Obama, Group Says He Supports Gun Rights

'Hunters & Shooters' Endorse Obama, Group Says He Supports Gun Rights

Why can't we, Liberals, turn this 'elitist' stuff back on the NeoCons?

Her eyes...

FBI Lied To Support Need For PATRIOT Act Expansion

The Calvin and Hobbes guide to the campaign.

For someone who took a Vow of Poverty this Pope sure likes his bling bling

If something happened to your SO, could you survive financially?

Saudi women jump through many hoops for basketball team

You don't understand, Hillary doesn't believe it's her fault she is losing

Three Years Gone

"Martha is $28,000 in debt due to cancer & hospital is threateng her with collection agency"

The Village Voice Guide to the Right-Wing Blogosphere, by Roy Edroso & Tom Tomorrow >

Does the FLDS have any non-white members?

I was the beneficiary of a random act of kindness this morning...

Condi Must Go!

PHOTO: confederate flag behind pope in all white

German schoolboy, 13, corrects NASA's asteroid figures: paper

I am concerned about the new 21-23 year olds entering the workforce

Latest Coalition Fatalities - TOTAL = 4,037 + 1 pending notification of kin

Latest Coalition Fatalities - TOTAL = 4,037 + 1 pending notification of kin

John McCain and the Myth of the “Activist Liberal Judge”

Has anyone here ever been to a Dem National Conv before?

Fresno Teen Killed After Hitting Officer With Bat

Dead Society Walking (but not bitterly) - Nothing to do with Barack. Just an essay.

I've tried very, VERY hard not to go here. But just wtf is up with

Anyone else weirded out by the Polygamy cult interviews?

1969 Republican cookbook. What sort of recipes do you think

Food Site of the Day

Looking for a bottom to the housing market? (and no, it's not in 2008 or 2009)

Hello from ..... my boudoir!

I think I just peed a little.

Lick Me.

DuStrange--I thought of some other titles for your emoticon movie

OMG Pat Robertson

Dumb joke list....

Leona Lewis, bleeding love

Anybody else watching the Asia concert webcast?

WTF? Freeze warning? Crazy weather

Blaaaaah, company coming over at 9:30 pm....

stupid tax question - I had over 10K withheld for SS and Medicare.

My son's first DU post:

19 recommendations. Non-inflammatory. Calm and reasonable. Sank like a stone.

Iron Man (movie preview pic)

Iron Man (movie preview pic)

I had along day, but It wasnt because I was working...

Question about the Mali Uromastyx we bought a while back


Hold me, Kitch! We've got a 3 run lead!!!

I have never deleted mail in my inbox....


Holy crap, look how fast this RC Car gets

A little bit of fire over in GD

Cardinals in 1st in NL central...hmmmm


Feel the Love!

Vatican introduces new bath products line with "Pope on a Rope"

My hand hurts.

So, I'm taking a playwriting class

I have to leave for a few minutes to phone in my vote

Ladies - I have a wedding etiquette question.

What's for dinner?

Well, I am still losing weight

Today I saw a little boy wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. He got away from his mom

Hey, DU, you awake?

zOMG! I am going to the gym tomorrow...

Live one

I'm installing Ubuntu on an old PIII machine

I want to vent about something not political....could be long.

Ah, back in the day -

Did you know that it costs more to make a penny than a penny is worth?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

I hit the love button

I'm having a giant chocolate chip cookie for dinner!

A disturbing interview with three of the mothers from the Texas Polygamist Compound

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/15/08 (warning: graphic language)

DAMMIT! I have an injure

So who is coming to my party on Saturday in Delaware - you are all invited

HELL'S KITCHEN fans: Do you think FOX is paying Chef Gordon Ramsay to turn up the heat on that show?

New Hulk movie coming out this summer - Ed Norton as Bruce Banner?

Just TRY to stop me. I'm burning BOOKS!

I'm in such a bastardy mood today.... help.

Does anyone else think of the Grinch


I found out my cat's been deceiving me!!

The price of Gas versus Printer Ink

Wondering how many threads there are in the sewing forum.

guys, have u ever had a girl want to leave u alone?

well this is a fine kettle of fish!!!

Stupid non-cleaning roommates...I HATE 'EM!

I encountered my first swarm of Britney-crazed paparazzi yesterday.

i just posted my monthly thread in GD:P

Tax Day has passed

A Thom Yorke compilation...

Shit!! Who knows the amount of torque needed to properly seat...

Does anyone know if the debate will be streamed online? I have satellite TV and

I'm in such a mustardy mood today.... help.

anyone in Chicago want some cats?

A couple clings to their faith

I'll admit when I'm wrong (an American Idol thread)

Is this madinmaryland?---Top Toll Violator Arrested

bad doggie

Update to my brazilian oil field thread yesterday...

Well apparently our neighbors don't think very highly of us...

Azerbaijanis upset with Camel's Toe

It's official...

OMFG. How Creepy Are These Texas Cult Women?

Mmmm chicken! What's for lunch?

Kidney stone question?

My minimum threshold has been reached, I'm switching

My minimum threshold has been reached, i need to switch lifestyle agendas

Talking with a German Engineer today - and he said something scary

new furnace, i has one

Obesity and are restaurants partly responsible for this?

Martha Stewart's dog dies

Who do I have to kill to find a 12" stainless steel blind flange?

My vet suggested an interesting idea to get my cats to lose some weight

Anyone ever drooled saliva (divignoreum)?

I'm in such a bitchy mood today.... help.

OMG! There is a bird outside my window singing SO LOUD that there's no way I can sleep.

Amy Winehouse given album ultimatum

I need a hug, and some good vibes

How Poopy are you?

Does it bother anyone else that a punctuation mark goes inside a quote at the end of the sentence

Just got another internship opportunity...jeez!

Hypno Biology Factoid 427: Pluckin' - how certain species cope with it.

sludgy bottom

Maryland Man Dodged Hundreds Of Tolls

I smashed my foot

California DU'rs Help

Update on my traffic ticket:

Favorite way (or person) to eat chocolate with?

So what is your "minimum" threshold as a straight person for "switching"?

This bears repeating

Once again, a classic threadlock from CallMeWesley!!

I Dont Care If Toby Keith Likes Clinton/Obama I Despise That Fukwad

Stupid dating site.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/16/2008)

Is there a way of ignoring every third word in a thread?

Name a famous person you're tired of hearing about.

I would rather watch 'Ax Men' that the pope.

I'm at work today, but I'm on my front porch.

WTF? LOL! 2.0

"The Duke Spirit" (band) *You* should check this out

things that bring you joy

Poor kitties

How Popey Are You

How did YOU spend one of your three daily allotted posts in GD:P today?

So, I may use my "economic stimulus" check to get a new laptop.

Where Do I Report For The Sexual Sensation?

Write an essay

I just bought a new brush for my kitteh

If I were not laughing right now... I can haz Lounge Vibes plz?


Where do I report for the Sexual Orientation?

Speaking of Bunnies

First Love found on facebook. Help? Friends?

Where do I report for sexual healing?

What 's my repute on sexual indulgence?

Where Do I Report For The Sexual Oscillation?

From the files of the late and great Miss Sophie Tucker.

"what the hell's wrong with you, that's an open hand slap"

Iraq: "rubbish from right wing think tanks where bird-brained war-mongers huddle together"

The crew teams are out in the Hudson River

Went and got the Digital TV converter box last week! Wow!

Whats The Biggest Reason You Find A Person Unattractive?

Where do I report for the intertextual healing?

Where do I report for the sexual feeling?

So if you wake up tomorrow as a loaf of bread

Where can I buy tubing in metric sizes?

Shrub and da Pope - Dinner Menu

I just watched The Boondock Saints

Everyone... Please say hello to DaydreaminHippie68

We can't get in to see the specialist until tomorrow!

I hab da flu.

Question for cat people: My kitteh has a place on her side where she's missing a patch of fur.

Where Do I Report For The Sexual Osculation?

Surprise! Toby Keith Likes Clinton and Obama!



Where can I buy lovely boobs in metric sizes?

Who is your favorite vocalist?

Neanderthal man speaks after 30,000 years.

Where does one buy an inversion table?

3 commercials I hate - and one I love

Yay, I'm going to see "Spam a Lot" tonight!

My towhees are back

I was searching some job listings on craigslist and this one depressed me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/16/08

Law and Order: SVU was intense tonight!

***Pittsburgh, PA DU'ers***

I would like to wish Lady Freedom a Happy Birthday today.

**An update on my dog Luna who fell down the stairs**

Will We Ever Have A Gay President??

list your favorite songs about satan or the undead

Greatest FAKE Rock & Roll Band of ALL TIME

I am smoke-free for 3 weeks today.

Hey Pittsburgh loungers

How many others of you out there MAILED your taxes on 4/15?

Why does TM sleep on a futon?

bush attempting to atone for his sins. Pope smiles at murderer.

Another one bites the dust .....thanks mods

**** 1,331,040 People have donated to Obama! Onward to the goal of 1,500,000 donors by May 6! ****

What is something you like to read about which you really can't understand?

Are You Easily Offended?

Anyone else getting Passover Coke this week?...

How to get back at bullies


Grammar: Doesn't anyone else want a sentence ending with "etc." to have 2 periods?

i am offended that none on the straight du ladies are "switching" for me

"Your boobs look lovely today"

Quick music quiz - first one to guess all 5 right wins

Could this fucking horrible day get ANY fucking worse?

Has anyone here had any experience with Trac phones or Net 10 service?


Now THIS is what I call "finger licking" good!!!

Infanticide, rape, physical abuse, child abandonment, incest, genetic deformities

Radio Lady: Another's a line in the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".

What the biggest reason that you find a person attractive?

German schoolboy says Asteroid Apophis has 1 in 450 chance of hitting Earth; NASA says he's right

It's well overdue

Opinion please, is this tacky?

Pic Thread

post your mood in one word

The Gay Agenda - it's time to start recruiting again!

Xenith Booksellers delivers

Wii users: have you modded your machine?

Radio Lady: Oregon Public Broadcasting pulled the plug on SAP radio.

Study: Boomers to Flood Medical System

Group Finds 6 Million Pounds of Trash on World's Beaches

Al-Sadr Tightens the Screws

Canada first to label bisphenol A as officially dangerous

State Department warns diplomats of compulsory Iraq duty

Afghan opposition says it's been talking to Taliban

Two face federal sabotage charges in Lake City case

Busy in Iraq, U.S. faces surging violence in Afghanistan

(Eric) Massa still leads Kuhl in money (NY-29)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Obama-Democrats Deserve a Nominee for Change

Iran says open for talks on nuclear and other issues

NYPD settles suit claiming abuses at 2003 anti-war protest

US forces release Baghdad mental hospital chief

Venezuelan Bonds Advance as Oil Prices Climb to Record High

U.S. Proposes Southeast Water-Sharing Plan

Judge denies request to subpoena Cheney in arrest lawsuit

US National Security Advisor In Israel For Talks On Iran

Iraq removes commanders in Basra after crackdown

Democratic challenger Kosmas overtakes Feeney in campaign fundraising

Supreme Court Restricts the Taxation of Income of Companies Based Out of State

Putin in Libya to close $2.5b arms deal

Reuters cameraman killed in Gaza

Bush administration issues veto threat on Medicaid bill

Subcommittee’s Bipartisan View: F.D.A. Underfinanced; Panel last year said lives in danger

Tax-Break Fight Stalls Farm Bill's Passage

UN: No substantial evidence of organ harvesting in Albania

Another Local Paper Uncovers Another U.S. Soldier Suicide in Iraq

Supreme Court Allows Lethal Injection for Execution

McCain reveals confusion over Petraeus role

American Airlines' parent company AMR reports $328-million loss

Terrorism case ends in second mistrial in Miami

Supreme Court Upholds Use of Lethal Injection

ABC Restricts Debate Clips to 30 Seconds; Cable Channels May Cite ‘Fair Use’ - tape delay for West

ABC Restricts Debate Clips to 30 Seconds; Cable Channels May Cite ‘Fair Use’ - tape delay for West

Bloggers Find Something Fishy In McCain Site's 'Family Recipes'

Russia to tighten links with Georgian rebel areas

Obama, Clinton to Debate as Pennsylvania Primary Looms Large

Defeat Of Al Qaeda Close, Iraqi PM Says

Has anyone else posted anything on McCain's plagiarized favorite family meals?

Members of both parties petition for end to Wecht case

Cheney Not Likely to Testify on 'Assault'

U.S. housing starts sag, core prices rise modestly

State senator wants ban on foreign-made flags (OH)

Cuba says reforms not an open door to U.S. subversion

Hillary Clinton on Southern Working Class Whites in 1995: "Screw 'Em'

U.S. Housing Starts Slide to Lowest Level in 17 Years

Interiors supplier strike curbs GM production

Iraqi unit flees post, despite American's plea

Afghan parliament committee drafts Taliban-style moral law

AP photographer freed by US military after 2 years

N.H. House Puts Impeachement Bill Aside

Wall Street winners get billion-dollar paydays

Bolivians sue ex-president in U.S. over deaths

Bush proposes new climate change strategy

Gordon Brown to meet Wall Street bankers

MIT Prof Edward Lorenz, Father Of Chaos Theory, Dies At 90

Murtha says McCain too old to be president

Man at center of Las Vegas ricin case arrested, charged

U.S. hopes Saudi Arabia, others to offer Iraq help

McCain even with Obama, leads Clinton: Reuters poll

NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

NY Times buyout offers to become layoffs

Dollar Falls to Record Against Euro as EU Inflation Quickens

ACLU suing all Hoosier counties; challenges law requiring sex offenders to allow computer searches

Documents reveal al-Qaeda plot to divide Iraq – U.S. commander

Crude tops $115 on surprise fall in U.S. inventories

US needs more war funds by June-Bush budget chief

Alleged NASA Cancer Problem May Have Existed For Years

CNN apologises to China over 'thugs and goons' comment by Jack Cafferty

1 in 33 Homeowners Projected to Be in Foreclosure Within the Next Two Years

Big Tax Breaks for Businesses in Housing Bill

Honorably discharged vet ordered back to Iraq despite disability

Brazil Lula defends biofuels from growing criticism

U.S Airlines Outsource Majority of Repairs...

Deadlocked jury forces 2nd mistrial in Miami terrorism case

Springsteen endorses Obama

Pelosi offers some hope for U.S.-Colombia trade deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 16

NYC's calories-on-menus law upheld

Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest

Gore, Kerry Strategists Take Strong Exception to Clinton's 'Elitist' Remark

Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention

Obama criticizes Carter on Hamas meeting

Top Court Rejects Challenge to Kentucky's Use of Lethal Injections

OBAMAFIED - Barack Obama Music Video

TYT: Clinton supporters may destroy country

CNN: Abu Ghraib Docu: 'Standard Operating Procedure' (Errol Morris)

MSNBC 4/15: Analysts Make Predictions

Gulf War Song - As good now as it was in 1992

Marla Ruzicka Remembered

TYT: Can You Be Proud of the Way Hillary Has Run This Campaign?

Ecological Limits to Economic Growth

Countdown: Bitterness 4/15 - Maddow: 1 in 10 Americans on Food Stamps

The Last Supper: He Was A Right Wing Asshole

The Audacity Of Desperation

Countdown: Sen. Biden Interview 'Dems Stronger on National Security' - 4/15

John McCain's Media: AP Reporters give him some nice donuts

It's Obama Time! (MC Hammer)

Keith Olbermann - Rachel Maddow on Day 5 Of Bittergate

Barack and Basketball - REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Obama Campaign Conference Call - April 16 2008 (with Reps. Watt and Price)

Hillary Attacks Herself! The New Pennsylvania Ad

Condi Must Go!

Rachel Maddow: McCain's critique of teh bitter is verbatim Clinton

"I want a well-educated person as president of the United States"

Barack Obama on HBO Real Sports

Barack Obama Nomination Acceptance Speech portrayed by Eddie Murphy

Tax Protest Puts "Me" Over "We"

Michelle Obama's defense of Barack's Bitter Comments

Who's The Elitist?

TYT: Barack Obama Is Not An Elitist

Carter meets with Hamas

Hillary Clinton -- Worth Fighting For

TYT: Blame The Media For The Latest Obama Controversy

Jimmy Kimmel: Hillary Clinton's 1000 Uncomfortable Laughs

TPMtv: Stupidest Guy on Earth Speaks Out (Doug Feith)

Michelle Obama on Colbert

Associated Press board chairman Dean Singleton mistakenly says

Obama takes money from Big Oil & voted for Cheney's energy bill

Bosnia and Back Again, starring Sen. Hillary Clinton - TRAILER

BraveNewFilms: Condi Must Go! (Commercial version)

Rachel Maddow takes on the whole panel on Carter visiting Hamas . . . and wins

McCain-Rice Match a Gift to Dems

Chris Matthews in the Senate? Now That’s Where We'll REALLY See Some Old-Time 'Hardball'

Cindy McCain DOES Have a Unique Chicken Recipe: Cook for 100 Years!

Al-Sadr Tightens the Screws

Domestic surveillance puts civil liberties at risk (Tampa Bay Times)

"If You're Not Angry and Bitter, You're Not Paying Attention" (Mary Lyon, aka: Calimary)

Kicking out a king (Guardian re: Nepal)

In Iraq, Patience is Not a Policy

Failed Iraq policy sapping strength of U.S. military

Bush passes on responsibility of the war with no end

Bush locked in the past on Iraq

Mr Brown goes to Washington

U.S. Will Soon Notify H-1B Visa Lottery Winners

How Blue Is Your Collar?

John Nichols: Trade's Not Just a Blue-Collar Issue

Don't Spend Your Tax Rebate!

How New Energy Order Will Dramatically Change our Daily Lives

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses Obama-Democrats Deserve a Nominee for Change

The US's secret plan to nuke Vietnam, Laos

McCain's Vietnam Lessons Unlearned?

The Myth of Ronald Reagan Lured the Working Class Into Economic Destruction

David Brook's spin on Obama's speech

Dave Lindorff: Notes from the "Bitter and Frustrated" Heartland

Putin To Visit Libya, A Move To Strengthen Russia's Influence In Middle East

"The Rubes and the Elites" (Bitter Small Town America) Salon..

Health Plan Payments to Lobbyists Soared in 2007, Could Grow More in 2008

Nielsen layoffs, tax breaks anger Oldsmar officials (TATA)

Dems Cancel Debate, in Favor of a Duel

Jimmy's World

Springsteen Endorses Obama: 'Barack Born to Run'

Bush's Third Climate-Change Fake-Out: Another wave of flim-flam

News Museum (Newseum) opens in D.C., dedicated to the press and journalistic freedoms

The Real Feminist Thing To Do is Acknowledge Hillary's Failures as a Candidate and Move On

Hedge fund bosses were billion-dollar men

Ben Stein's gas is EXPELLED! (peeeeeee--uuuuuu)

Oil futures jump to record over $115 on supply concerns

What's the Matter With Bitterness?

The FundamentaList .This week in the religious right:

Bush emission plan adds to environmental legacy

Media Shit Storms and Heartland Reality By Joe Bageant

"Tax Gifts for the Rich" add up to nearly same amount as US Debt Held by China!

Robert Scheer: The Man Who Would Be Bush

How to Kill An Army: A Scenario

Bangor Daily News: U.S. won't get a gold medal for human rights

Joe Bageant: Media shit storms and heartland reality

The Man Who Would Be Bush by Robert Scheer

Letter to Hillary: Remember When John McCain Slimed Your Daughter

Bitter as hell in Pennsylvania

The rise of the new energy world order

Gene Lyons believes Obama’s remarks feed class resentment

What we eat is who we are -- and how we vote?

Bush announces greenhouse gas strategy. Surprise It's bad.

Colombia: Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi and the US Congress

The Lords of Capital Decree Mass Death by Starvation

Bill would ensure benefits for sole survivors

Police: Couple’s deaths a murder-suicide

Pat Tillman’s widow increases public role

Army to keep Stryker brigade in Hawaii

4-year sentence for spc. in ex-boyfriend death

Vets plead not guilty in 2 Carson killings

Army set to destroy old chemical weapons

Lack of mental health workers worries senator

More coordination urged for terrorism fight

Editorial: VA overhaul overdue

Backtalk: New world, new strategy

Yard says problems will delay Makin Island

Palfrey convicted on charges of prostitution

No Internet voting for military this year

2 Marines killed, 1 wounded in Iraq bombing

Start of O-5’s Hadithah trial delayed

New Orleans battalion begins return from Iraq

Officials say current plans create fighter gap

Backtalk: Retirement-pay delay would discourage service

At least 40 killed in explosions in northern Iraq

Civilians still slow to enter combat zones

Report: Iraq will spend $350M to settle ‘hot spots’

Upgrades to better Internet services downrange

Gates: Improvements to VA care ‘uneven’

Seattle P-I: Climate Change: Last gasp for autos

Temporary quarters or additional space...prefab modules with off-grid options

Alarm Over Blue Crab Decline

Whoops! WPPSS "customers will continue paying for those uncompleted plants through 2021"

(Former Gov.) King pushes for offshore wind turbines (Maine)

SunPower Profit, Sales May Rise to a Record on Solar Demand

Cheaper Ethanol from Brazil Could Cripple U.S. Producers

Matsushita to sell home-use fuel cells in 2009

Ultracapacitors: the future of electric cars or the 'cold fusion' of autovation?

Report From European Geosciences Union Conference Puts Global Sea Level Rise @ 1.5 Meters By 2100

Norwegian Government Estimates At Least 100K Tons Cod Caught Illegally In Barents Sea In 2005 - ENN

USFK: No ‘formal’ plans to pull fighter squadron

Navy proposes giving sailors 3 years off

S. Korea culls more birds in suspected flu outbreak

Anbar Insurgents Down in the Dumps

Vet: VA Psych Ward 'Worse Than Hell'

Aerospace Group Sees Looming Budget Battle

Soldier, Vocal War Critic, Makes Staff

Study Shows Scrapie Transmissible From Ewe To Lamb Through Milk - New Scientist

Thank you, 1st Lt. Shaun Blue, for a life of integrity and service

Texas: V.A. Psychiatric Ward Closed

Humphreys GI gets jail in punching incident

Shellfish pose new danger for F-22s

Dallas VA closes psychiatric wing after 4th patient kills himself

Bush "Can't Support" Climate Bills Now Being Discussed In Congress - AFP

32 Years After 11 Died In Teton Dam Collapse, Talk Swirls Around Proposed Replacement - HCN

On solar trough technology from NREL

wind power plan endangers bat

Teen sons of 2 Marines suspected in shoplift

IPCC To Produce Renewable Energy Report

Ecologists Project SE Minnesota To Look Much More Like Eastern Kansas As Warming Continues

Electricity Riots In Multan, Pakistan, Target Company Offices, Vehicles

Wendell Barry On Faustian Economics - Hell Hath No Limits - Harper's

The Bush Climate Change Speech Drinking Game!! Play Today At 2:45 EDT!!!

16 April 2008 10:20 GMT - Tapis is $121.55

Central Florida Pipeline to carry first ethanol flow

BIG OIL'S STALL ON ETHANOL - Business Week magazine

Pilots claim airliners forced to fly with low fuel

ArcelorMittal Plans To Boost Steel Prices By $250/Ton, Citing Energy & Raw Materials Costs - B'Berg

Rapid Transition to Sustainable Urban Transport

Slams A'Plenty For Senator Pander's Proposed Gas Tax Holiday - CNN/Money

The End of the World as You Know It…....and the Rise of the New Energy World Order

Dick Cheney and Nuclear Energy

Oceans absorbing less CO2 may have 1,500 year impact - Reuters

The rise and fall of the Roman pottery industry

Will Wind Power Make the Grid Less Reliable?

Credit Suisse On That Maybe Not-So-Gigantic-After-All Brazilian Oil Field - Bloomberg

'Sonics'?/Reverse 'Sono-Luminescence'

world's first ethanol powered fuel cell vehicle achieves 6,491 mpg.


On Tax Day

Labor quote for the week f April 14, 2008

Steward tip for the week of April 14, 2008

W Post: On the Economy, 70% Disapprove of Bush

Today in labor history April 16

Labor department orders W.Va. company to pay $55,535

Labor unrest added to American's woes

In Labor Speech, Obama Revisits Bitterness

U.S. Labor Department unveils online video to help small employers select appropriate retirement

Clinton addresses the Building and Construction Trades Department

Jewish Light: Groups host 'Labor Seder'

UAW calls off American Axle rally

OSHA reviews Orleans probe

Two construction workers hurt in small explosion in downtown Oakland

Pipe plant fatality ruled to be accidental

Fall critically injures worker at rig off state Highway 1

U.S. Department of Labor files whistleblower suit against Freehold, N.J., construction company

Investigation closed

Bitter as hell in Pennsylvania (Republican happy to go for Obama in November)

RNC: AFL-CIO's Old School Attacks ($53 Million Effort To Oppose Sen. John McCain)

Valero Energy fined $101,750 for safety violations

Court Orders Service Union and its President Andy Stern: Stop Stalking and Harassing Registered Nur

Plasterers and Cement Masons Back Clinton

8,000 Ohio Child Care Workers Choose AFSCME

OSHA Takes Heat for Refinery Fire

Sweeney: "Our middle class way of life are going to hell in a hand basket

Ia Boswell Campaign: Congressman Leonard Boswell receives AFSCME endorsement (40,000 members)

Construction worker killed in Colorado Springs

Miami Herald: Banks auction homes at fire-sale prices

Next I bond inflation component will be 4.83% (Composite if purchased in April: 6.06%)

Factories Fading, Hospitals Step In

Consumer Power

Want to really cut into the oil companies profits?

Why Do Oil Prices Keep Rising?

'Great Depression' Solution/Climate

Gay Rights To Suffer With Berlusconi Victory

Basic Rights Oregon Voter Guide for Oregon Primary

Homophobic Attacks Lead Gay Couple To Split

Popular Christian TV host comes out

Actor Luke Macfarlane Comes Out

How gay do we have to be before the Myspace women will leave us alone

EU and MERCOSUR Trade Increases

Venezuela to Launch New Anti-Poverty Mission

Latin America: Food or Fuel - That is the Burning Question

Mexico Travel Alert issued by US State Department

Venezuela/Brazil Advance on South American Defense Council

Chavez Appoints Communist as New Labor Minister

HAITI Debt Cancellation: Rep. Waters Press Rel, JubileeUSA, Rep. Hastings Amend.

Many Haitians want exiled Aristide back

FIDEL: Making No Concessions to the Enemy's Ideology

Survey: Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world

Reuters cameraman and two other civilians killed in Gaza

Israel Test-Fires 'Iran' Missile; Simulating an Iranian Attack on Israel

Air strike 'kills 9 Palestinians'

Jewish Liberals Form Lobbying Group to Counter AIPAC

Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel

Three Israeli soldiers killed in clashes near Gaza border

Manifest Destiny and Israel

Question about J-Street Group

Reuters cameraman killed in Gaza

There were other threads IN ADDITION to Pirhana's about Joe on Olbermann --

I am on pins and needles waiting to hear what Biden says on Olbermann.

Wonderful post about Joe --

NAACP support for one of Biden's co-bills (2nd chance act)

In the interest of fairness, what you do folks know about this?

JIIOU posted the link to Olbermann/Biden if you need it -- here:

Joe on Hardball tonight --

If tonight's Yankees/Red Sox game is still close will you flip over to the debate?

I couldn't help myself

Just quickly...

So, what season of my life am I in, again?

We got a new kitten and I swear, this little thing is the epitome

Anyone have recipes for gelatin dishes?

About our purpose in life--spinoff from unemployment thread.

PBS had a health care program tonight.

Maker of Vioxx Is Accused of Deception

Natural Disasters: Why do we focus on the least important causes of cancer?

Texas punishes 800 for abusing disabled patients

2 dessert bites: Praline Brownies & Pecan Shortbread Juleps

Vacuum sealers

Dare we discuss the price of groceries lately?? Have you been cutting corners?

Yummy! Stuffed Cabbage soup

Frost again....and not the last time, I bet

I'm back

The Dietary Supplements Labels Database (great find) xposted.

Christians Promote Holy, Hot Sex In Marriage

Jason Beghe: Scientology Is Destructive And a Rip-off

To what degree is the Old Testament anti-semitic?

duplicate removed

NASA extends Saturn mission {for two more years!} (AP/CNN)

Cool book, "Forbidden Science" edited by Douglas Kenyon

Cross-reference GD-Primaries:

Good one here:

Goodbye Gunboards!

ATF Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report for 2006

Oh, for crying out loud, I wish somebody could snap their fingers and make these people go away!

This is a very wise piece on Swiftboating AKA "The Big Lie"

The Hill: Gore, Kerry strategists take strong exception to Clinton’s ‘elitist’ remark

Legislation filed by Sen. Kerry on Student Loans

The Hill: "Rep. Bachmann’s office has high turnover rate"

The Uptake video: Tax Protest Puts "Me" Over "We"

Paper ballots: Minnesota Congresspersons for and against

Oberstar could delay airline merger

House defeats bill funding paper ballots

Meet Keith Ellison's opponent for this November.

OPEN THREAD Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wednesday 04/16/08

I decided that I needed to lend Katherine Kersten a helping hand

Need link to report voting issues...

Are there any debate watch parties in Austin tonight?

Texas Democratic Senate District 15 Convention part 1

How do I get my htttp:://www back?

Recently, when I've tried to move from a website to Word 97, in order

I'm creating a handy dandy binder to refute smears against Obama for my local Obama office

Springsteen Endorses Obama

We need to start talking about The Big Lie

How Harper is Permanently Changing Canada

Call for extra liquidity to boost student loan market

Record Wait List Led by Amherst, Yale, MIT Brings High Anxiety

Did anyone else see the Docu-crap - 2 million minutes?

The Entrepreneurship Degree - Maybe It's Just Me, But WTF?

Legendary Disney animator dies at 95 (AP/CNN)

Speaking of classic punk....

`X-Files' movie title is out there: `I Want to Believe'

Dial 'D' for disaster: The fall of New Line Cinema

dupe it out

Just when everyone had given up hope, here comes Steph

KOEB Meeting: 04/15/08 -- Polka Dots and Stripes Edition

Don't forget, it's Bonus Keith tonight.

Are we doing a debate thread here in the clubhouse?

Bald teacher loses disabled claim

Tories accuse government of electioneering

Migrant crime wave a myth - police study

Blair or Brown - Who is worse?

Do we really have to talk about Ben Stein's movie?