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Alaska poll: McCain beats Clinton by +25, beats Obama by only +5!


Rasmussen daily graph for 4/10/08 - Obama down 2 (48), Clinton unchanged (41)

Ok…..For today’s lesson we will discuss what to do if the big boys move in across the street…..

My suggestion to Clinton for her "Hail Mary" campaign strategy ......

The Force is with Barack Obama!

Why do Clinton supporters think she is more electable? 7 questions

Article reveals how Obama won the Petraeus primary

The Clintons lie like they're passing gas

Trashing Gore and Kerry in order to trash Hillary

The National Security argument that always will win for Dems is...

Isn't it IRONIC?

Hoffa: Obama’s drive appeals to Teamsters

Perfect 3am call ad for Obama to run on McCain!

The Photo the Clinton Campaign is trying to keep hidden. (taken on February 6/08)

Darth Cheney's shades: A 'Naked Lady?'

California Obama campaign purged progressive anti-war activists from delegate lists [not anymore]

OMG. I finally figured it out! Clintons scorched-earth campaign is being run by Colonel Saul Tigh!


My Number One Issue

Anybody else hear Rachel say she thinks McCain will win?

Dick Cheney "absolutely appalled" by Reverend Wright

Still in that "80s" Mood After Elton John, McAuliffe Went Out & Rode a Mechanical Bull --pix-->>

I wish I had something profound to say to you all.

No 'if's" about it .... "If Obama notches a few more victories, it could become a stampede."


Two Utah super delegates for Obama!

Bill Clinton's endorsement of McCain is working.

Bill Clinton's endorsement of McCain is working.

How dumb is Keith Olbermann? Check this out

For my 1000th Post ... Good advice for Senator Obama from an 8 year-old

Obama rally pics!!! (Eight-year-old photographer alert)

US Lawmakers Heavily Invest in Iraq & Afghanistan Wars.

our beloved fourth estate

Purgegate: Just stop it.

Pa. race may be a tale of two cities

Obama Friday Press Availability

Hillary's health care story

Obama Campaign listens & responds to California supporters

PA will go 56-44 Clinton

Obama the Great. Some FABULOUS video links I've gathered. ENJOY and SHARE YOURS!!

She'll be sorely missed...

Story time: Come post about seeing your candidate in person/rally

How does anyone think that the Super Delegates will vote against a guy raising $40 Million a month??

Latest InsiderAdvantage Poll Pennsylvania Primary: Clinton 48%, Obama 38%

What do you think about making a DU interest group for McClurkin news and discussion

Handy Guide to how trying to link Ayers to Obama could blow up the Clinton campaign

Where does the trend go now?

McCain was on "the View" yesterday...Hasslebeck wants the VP job!

Do you think we spend too much time looking at polls? (w/ poll)

I am better than your kids. For some reason I think this guy is a GDP regular. :)


pardon my ignorance

Randi Rhodes on Larry King NOW

*****Important Reminder: There is no such thing as VETTING a Democratic Presidential Nominee*****

McCain Coasts on Illusion We Want to Believe: Margaret Carlson

Another fire at a Clinton office in Indiana. People got out safe.

Grassroots number-checking paying dividends

Clinton's Indiana campaign building goes up in flames.

It's not about the money, the hype or his star power it's about his Policy

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

From Welfare Shift in ’96 a Reminder for Clinton

Poll: McCain even with Obama, Clinton

I know at least 20 people that can give 1000 dollars to a campaign, that makes me a bundler if I....

AP: Clinton, Obama mostly the same on policy

Bill Clinton annually costs U.S. taxpayers 45% more than H.W. Bush and 2X more than Carter

Hillary Clinton, the quintessential All-American girl

Hillary Clinton, the quintessential All-American girl

Hillary Clinton, the quintessential All-American girl

Hillary Clinton, the quintessential All-American girl

Tyranny won today

Bill Clinton lied many times tonight while trying to excuse Hillary's "sniper fire" lie.

New Poll: Both Obama and Hillary easily win PA against McCain

Trojan Donkey (re visited.)

"All aboard for the magical trip to Change Land!" Have your tickets.

NBC Protest conflicts with 10th Anniversary of Global Movement to Combat Violence Against Women

Obama bid built on billionaires and "bundlers".

Volunteer firefighter's quick action saved Clinton staff in Indiana

Poll: Many women agree with Ferraro on media's treatment of Obama & Clinton

Hillary Supporters

Marc Ambinder: A Modest Proposal For Those Who Haven't Read Obama's Books

Polls Mathematically

So the oil companies have had no influence with politicians the

Clinton's Colombia laugh is NOT her Dean scream moment!

shes gonna drop a bombshell?

FYI: New election data site to bookmark - Very Interesting

Many women agree with Ferraro on media's treatment of Obama & Clinton

Names From ’90s Scandal Among Clinton ‘Bundlers’

TOON: Better off

Thank you Senator Boxer

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/11/08 - Obama down 1 (47), Clinton up 3 (44)

Bill Clinton Appreciation Thread!

Bill Clinton Appreciation Thread!

Don't Be Fooled: Obama Is Actually Leading Hillary By 1-2 Million Votes

Bill brings up Bosnia again. Obama refuses to talk about it.

Bill brings up Bosnia again. Obama refuses to talk about it.

LA Times Steals Obama Hit Piece From Crazy Rightwing Blogger

LA Times Steals Obama Hit Piece From Crazy Rightwing Blogger

McCain, Obama & the Pollsters

obama to voter: you look like snoop dogg

Beijing cartoon: Spells out the hypocrisy of boycotting Olympics

Beijing cartoon: Spells out the hypocrisy of boycotting Olympics

Today's Gallup Poll-Obama 51%-Clinton 42%.

Perhaps Bill doesn't want HIll to become president? (armchair psychologists, step in)

McCain's 'Idol' Comments Should Focus Dems On Him

It pains me to see the news coverage of the Clinton...

New AP/Ipsos General Election matchups: Obama blows 10% lead over McCain (they are now tied)

USA Election Polls "All the infighting is helping John McCain"

HEY Guess What? I know how the Superdelegates are gonna vote!

Paul Begala on Mark Penn: "it became almost a Rumsfeldian thing. And he is not even fired."

WP: Power Lunch Alert! - Mark Penn lunches with Karen Hughes

Why are there no campaign speech videos for Hillary Clinton??

Rasmussen Pennsylvania: Obama: 47, McLame: 39 ; Clinton: 48, McInsane: 39

Your Misogynist (a lovely tune)

Obama Calls for Checks on Executive Pay

Clinton wins New York due to women and Dems, Obama loses. NY has 31 electoral votes, third most

How many angels can dance on the head of a Penn?

McCain erases Obama 10-point national lead

What questions would you like asked of delegates, politicians, media at the DNC - NEED HELP

Latest PA poll confirms the pundits' presumptions the gap is widening (if widening=staying close).

Barack Obama may lose support in Philadelphia over 'street money'

I work for Bechtel... I have donated $300 to Obama.. according to Clinton supporters, that means....

Pot and Pan day in NYC a catastrophic FAILURE - maybe 20 pseudo victims all posh and giggles.

It's 80 days until Howard Dean's Superdelegate Deadline..but look at the countdown...

A message to his supporters from Senator Obama

It pains me to see the news coverage of the Clinton...

Democratic Idols: The Mother and Child Reunion

What kind of bizarro world is this...

UNELECTABILITY according to national Gallup, AP, & Rasmussen Polls today.

I think Bill's version of the story was more believable than Hillary's

Hillary and Obama on taxes

Caravan to the Convention

Barack Obama on Bush's 'Stay the Course Iraq Strategy'

Clintonite Word of the Day: Magic/Magician/Magical

Obama the next Dubya?

Okay, let's talk about sexism in the campaign

Okay, let's talk about sexism in the campaign

"Obama, Yes We Can"

Bill Clinton: "one time late at night when she was exhausted, misstated and immediately apologized"

Obama Calls Public Finance System “Creaky”

this is what some of you sound like

Bill Clinton

Great website to learn how states have voted throughout history.

More pics of the "pots and pans" protesters this morning.

Going sharply negative in PA is a big mistake for Hillary, but is she

Gallup: Obama gets a little daylight on McCain.

Yahoo: Clinton misstates wife's Bosnia tale

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Try to use legitimate links when posting..

Just say'in...

Do we weigh in against Senators Hutchison and Dole because we're sexist or

Does Senator Hillary Clinton Suffer From Restless Legacy Syndrome ???

Hillary Clinton: 'I will do what this president has failed to do: recognize reality and end the war'

Why is it that when a large % of black voters vote for a candidate, it's "bloc voting"

I told you this would happen...

Will Hillary continue her campaign

You all STILL suck.

You all STILL suck.

Which campaign is best prepared/organized to continue on thru the GE?

Newsweek/YouTube: Hillary's reaction to Bill's Colombia ties

23% now believe Hillary Clinton will be the nominee

My, what interesting company she keeps...

Clinton misstates wife's Bosnia tale

Hillary to Bill: Knock it off Quit talking about Bosnia!

"I have nothing but contempt for Mr. Penn" (Begala)

Bosnia Hillary to Bill: SHUT UP!

Hillary: Bill Knock it Off!

USA Today: Independent groups push across Pa.


Krugman: Hillary's health care story was essentially right

Krugman: Hillary's health care story was essentially right

In every measure, Obama clobbers Clinton online

Clinton's national campaign for office goes up in flames

***Official Pots and Pans Thread ***

Wow! MSNBC is covering Clinton's Giustra windfall!

Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama

You are not DU Democrats IF...

Newsweek: It's the legacy, Stupid. Why Bill is Fighting So Hard Against Obama

It's raining McCain!

MSNBC-Obama Refusing To Pay Philly Dem Machine Payola!

I had sex with Obama!!

Need a laugh?


Clinton leads 47-41 (44-35 among likely voters) in PA in new Temple Uni. poll

Chris Matthews wins a "Dis-Honor" Award

Friday evening Primary TOONs: An Advisor gets noticed.....

Anyone see how Pot and Pan Fun Day went?

McCain vs. Clinton/Obama?

How can Dems shake the phony "moderate" image from McCain?

Bill Clinton's own Bosnia whoppers-"One time late at night when ....."

Hillary's problems are the Bill's in her life...betrayal by both WJC

Lots of talk about Freedom of Speech here today

Mark Penn Has Lunch With Bush Confidant, Karen Hughes.

Poll: Why will O'Reilly make a big deal of today's Hillary protest?

Hillary and McCain do not get it and never will and i'm not sure they care

Clinton gives Obama the opportunity to control the pennsylvania primary...

My dad's reaction: "Hillary Clinton is 60 years old? Wow, she's

Obama Explains Why Some Small Town Pennsylvanians Are "Bitter"

Obama Explains Why Some Small Town Pennsylvanians Are "Bitter"

Obama fires up crowds in Gary, Lafayette (Indiana)

Once again, Obama tells the truth. Clinton responds like the Republican that she is

When did Hillary Clinton lose any chance at your support?

Obama can't go to the toilet without the press taking everything he says out of context

Hillary Clinton Now Destroying Other People's Countries, Too

Hillary protestors: MSNBC or Bill O'Reilly?

Now, honestly, who do you think would run a better campaign against McCain?


PHOTOS: Barack Obama today at Columbus East H.S. in Columbus, Indiana.

Matthews - overcome by jealousy and now a dead horse flogger

In every measure, Obama clobbers Clinton online

Hillary supporters why don't you email Bill and tell him to remain silent

Next week when Scarborough is dissing Obama....

Next week when Scarborough is dissing Obama....

"How many angels dance on the head of a pin"? . + caption

Since this thing is back, will somebody explain what Hillary Clinton ever did for Bill Richardson?

Obama 'breaks away' in Indiana

The Rude Pundit - Bill Clinton: "My Wife Is Old and Forgets Major Events in Her Life"

HilFANS, quit the spinning and pipe dreams. She can't beat the delegate math.

Was The Obama Campaign Tipped Off That The HRC Campaign Was......

Was The Obama Campaign Tipped Off That The HRC Campaign Was......

"Funny" website found by Obama "supporter"

I think this so-called mis-step is great for Obama....

Other than Hillary, does anybody in the Hillary campaign oppose the Colombian free trade deal?

So now Clinton is suddenly the champion of the rural vote?

200 Local "National City" Jobs Head To India (OH) What Would HRC Do?

Obama: I value Colin Powell's advice. Powell admires Obama in return

***Breaking: Obama To Address Small Town Statement In Indiana Tonight***

It's baaaaack || Snipergate !!!

Clinton Library On Auction Block

A vote for Clinton at this point is nothing more than a protest vote. She is now Ron Paul

If you don't think think this election runs deep, then do NOT read beyond this topic.

Al Franken acknowledges his business failed to provide workers' comp insurance

PHOTOS; Barack Obama today at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana

Please explain to me why MSNBC and Olbermann are seen as sexist by some Hillary supporters.

Quote on

Whoever wins the primary, I gotta say I like our chances.

So according to Clinton supporters, Keith Olbermann is a disgusting sexist.

Watching the MSM it seems that Obama has 2 problems with these "comments"

For the Barack Obama supporters who condone or agree with what Randi Rhodes said

Someone asked me a few questions and why Hillary's "gates" dont bother me.

Hillary Clinton must believe that black people are stupid!!

Which do you support

I am making a personal prediction -Hillary will fight Obama and he will lose against Mccain -

I don't think Obama had any intension of suggesting the people of PA/IN are inferior.


*** Pots and Pans Brigade needs more Cowbell!!! ***

Ha! Hateful Clintonista Larry Johnson's blog suspended for . . . failure to pay bill!

Obama has my support if for no other reason, this... (any teachers in the house?)

Obama has my support if for no other reason, this... (any teachers in the house?)

A few people are trying to disarm calls against misogyny...

Lou Dobbs has a poll on about the "elitist" comment by Obama - yes or no

Unprecedented influence: Almost 10 percent of superdelegates are Jewish (Jewish News Weekly)

"Bitter"gate: Obama is GREEN. We all know what he meant, but he needlessly gave fodder to GOP/HRC

Time's Halperin: "Full Bipartisan Pile-On on Obama “Bitter” Remark"

Hahaha -- Matthews just said that his *concern* was that undecideds will break for Hillary.

Shuster just eviscerated the ClintonS BRAVO DAVID

Shuster just eviscerated the ClintonS BRAVO DAVID

Shuster just eviscerated the ClintonS BRAVO DAVID

Shuster just eviscerated the ClintonS BRAVO DAVID

Shuster just eviscerated the ClintonS BRAVO DAVID

We are so fortunate that we have Obama to explain things for us

cant trust em's opinion: "bittergate" doesn't have enough ammo to last through the weekend



Wal-Mart for President? Hillary's deep ties to Wal-Mart re-examined

My teenage son was confronted on a golf course yesterday over his Obama shirt

Big donors are among Obama's backers

The bottom line reason Hillary is losing

Tavis Smiley Quits Tom Joyner Radio Show Over Obama Hate

BOMBSHELL: Bill Revises History for Hillary (do they think no one is paying attention?)

Obama: I would have fired Mark Penn

The Bundling Obama. A must read

Clinton outlines $4 billion anti-crime plan-in Philadelphia

Clinton Offers a BOLD Vision for American Foreign Policy

Post your favorite Elton John song!

Obama the Magician the the hands

So how did the fire start?

New Zogby Poll PA: Clinton 47 Obama 43

New Zogby Poll PA: Clinton 47 Obama 43

Why aren't the Clintons funding their own campaign?

Obama on small-town PA: Clinging religion, guns, xenophobia

I applaud the Clinton Supporters for going out today for the protest....

Would you rather have a president who HIDES the truth like BUSH or Obama who speaks the truth??

Donna Brazile for Obama? Maybe - Read her email here

Richardson Says Pressure From Clinton Camp 'Really Ticked Me Off' - LATimes

While You Slept Your Congress Took Away Your Constitution

For my 30K post on DU

Hypothetical: say Obama makes it to the White House...THEN:

A WEEK Since Mark Penn Met With Colombia about the Trade deal. Another $711,200 paid by Clinton.

ACTUAL Transcript of What Obama Said about Small Towns in Pennsylvania.

McCain claims longevity in his genes - his mother is 95

This is the song I most think about when I think of Elton John

I don't consider George Bush a bad man...and I assume he and his administration are trying..

Richardson says pressure from Clinton camp 'really ticked me off'

CNN: Clinton laughs off $ 800,000 payment to Bill for Columbia free trade speech

Is is possible that Bill does not want Hillary to win the nomination?

Obama's Illusions on Foreign Policy

Obama's Illusions on Foreign Policy

Can we come to a consensus on opensecrets instead of the rampant hypocrisy now going on?

Senator Clinton YOU would be bitter if you lost your job and home

GET THE HOOK! Get the goddamned Hook!!!

Hillary: 'Pennsylvanians don't need a president who looks down on them'

Hillary and her husband are bitter over losing the Primary to Obama

Ed Schultz Prediction on Race for the WH: In One Week, Obama Will be Leading in the PA Polls.

I'm trying to stay optimistic here

Bill Clinton: "Next, We'll See Him Run an Ad Saying: Vote For Me, I Don't Steal Cars."

My husband bought me a bumper sticker; dare I 'smear' it on my car?

Hillary Clinton: Sad that Bush finds billions for Iraq, but cuts police funding here at home

Here are some folks who look like they could use a hot, frothy latte!!

Clinton supporters who ask why Obama people get pissed at Clinton...

Hillary releases records, what of Obama's State Records?

So I'm a mysogynist if I don't support Hillary

So now Bill Clinton is acting like Hillary "wears the pants" and "scolded" him?

So now Bill Clinton is acting like Hillary "wears the pants" and "scolded" him?

Are there any DEMOCRATS on this forum?

Schaffer, Abramoff, and Traditional Values Coalition

Very interesting poll in the Reno Gazzette Journal. DU it if you want

When fewer working families live in poverty, we all benefit (Danny Glover fight for the workers)

Why do "Progressive" talk radio only hire white hosts for their major shows?

Food shortage, campaign money and nuclear energy

From WesPac: Please sign petition demanding McCain support GI Bill.

'Nightly News' Joins Anti-Wal-Mart Groups in Airing Embarrassing Video

Drug experiment blocks radiation damage

New Canadian Film: "Wal-Mart World's Most Hated Company"

Vermont Air Guard pilot grounded after Fenway Park flyover

"It might even find itself one day in a trial of war criminals."

BO on small towns: "..they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them..."

HAWH!1 Ingraham sez she "prays" for David BROCK "& those guys" every day!1

Bush Administration's view of executive privilege most broad since Watergate

delete - it's working now

You have got to read this-Pa. GOP to fight thinning ranks

Who's McCain going to pick for Veep?

Marc Maron in for Mike Malloy on Nova M tonight! Check in!

McClatchy: Is that really a naked woman in Dick Cheney's sunglasses?

The three post rule... I don't know if that is per day, per week or

Regarding the movie "W"

bu$h* “Iran makes the wrong choice — America will be act to protect our interests......

KO was very good tonight - catch the replay if you can

Randi, Randi, Randi, American Idol jumped the shark tonight!

Israeli Occupiers stormed Palestinian farm land, kidnapping atleast five farmers

What About Congress? (article from The Scientist)

FYI: War Crimes Act of 1996 could make Bush and others eligible for the death penalty (torture)

Ben Stein's "Expelled" is a reminder of how persecuted we believers of Humourism are

Waiting for King to cover the randi situation

Hello. I need help with JavaScript

My answer to a really disgusting church sign

Expert says flawed e-voting systems need constant audits

Any Seattle DUers Going to the Green Festival

Commercial, sport salmon season banned for the year (California and most of Oregon)

Retailer accused of lead-contamination violations (vintage home fixtures)

Larry Wilkerson on KO, making the case for soldiers. Thank God someone

Update on the Boiling Oil Murderer


OMG. Video of Knox County deputy's bachelor party shows tasing, hazing

Delete, posting bug error

Strobel | McClatchy: All the talk is about Iraq, but concern about Iran is mounting

Grand Wizard Neal Boortz on his inability to use a floor buffer: ‘I would make a lousy Mexican.’

Bigot Monique Davis apologizes to Rob Sherman - one down, 3 million to go

Anyone know anything about Shirley Golub who is running against

Are there any nations that require an intelligence or civics test as a requirement for voting?

URGENT: All DUers Should Be NOVA-M Founders Club Subscribers - Go Randi!

Al Sharpton + Pat Robertson TOGETHER on commercial???

When driving on the DU's narrative highway always wear a seat belt...for its one heck of a ride.

Randi coming up on Larry King

McCain: American Idol

Look who surfaces - Warning, Cheney pics

A Few Bad Apples.

Bill Clinton - This ticks me off...

The Chinese Menu Of Torture

so that's why he was smiling- cheney got caught handling his rod...

Why the prosecution of the war criminals will never see the light of day....

I'm watching CNN pundits talk about Obama's statements my question is

Another Republican escort scandal (he videotaped himself with male prostitutes)

Four prisoners executed in Japan

DNA brings arrest in '91 rape, killing

Question concerning coerced political donations

The noose tightens: Waxman subpoenas EPA documents over dirty decision

yeah, maybe ya all need to shut the heck up now.... :)

Brock to lead $40 million media effort against McSame

Please Read This: "While My Guitar And I Both Gently Weep"

So Randi Rhodes and Artie Lange are off their shows in the same couple days?

Dems Fault Bush on Executive Privilege

Where does "This is HUGH, I'm SERIES" come from?

Zebra hit by vehicle on Georgia interstate saved by Auburn University & animal group.

Top 10 McCain Contradictory Statements

Dakota Oil: Persia on the Plains / (why drilling Alaska should be "off the table")


Paul vs. Clinton - website launched

AlterNet: The Torture Drawings the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to See

"God Sent the Baby Killer" Westboro Baptist Church

Should Rep. Patrick McHenry, (R) NC-10, be outed?

== The great pubic hair conundrum = By Mark Morford

Not a healthy society, not at all : Where 20% hold the other 80% hostage with the threat of violence

With economy tanking, GE (NBC parent) reports 16% increase in earnings. Hmmm.

US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

Slavery in Florida. Just sayin'...

Slavery in Florida. Just sayin'...

A Military Dictatorship Achieved NOT By Coup But By Moral Laziness. (Juan Cole)

10 Ways the Internet (As We Know It) Will Die.

Masseuses told to padlock pants

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11.

I almost wonder whether McCain shuld be the next president

Dry cleaner gives same-day service to thieves

Anyone else suspect the Retugs are circulating tapes of rape, torture and other depravities?

Heads up Cheney's glasses on NBC Today Show...

I owed Verizon $137.00 and they called me THREE times, in 2 days, about it!!

Free speech center makes annual "muzzle" awards

Panel may rule if sex practices protected

Dan Froomkin: White House Torture Advisers

Pay attention, kids--if you grow your own weed, don't install a burglar alarm...

Journalistic Ethics: You're A Reporter, And Catch A Golfer Cheating. Do You Report On It?

A counter to the "tax and spend" mantra

I am so embarresed......a friend I haven't seen for about 15 years

FINALLY! they can technically say they were right about something

A Labor and People's Landslide is Necessary and Possible (Warning this article puts you on the list)

Yoo's on First? - By Ray McGovern

Racism lives

Nano pesticide recall..

60% of Americans say they support gay relationships. 77% support abortion rights

Chinese "e-cigarette" helps you stub out the habit

Credit question

Barry Nolan pleads: Give Bill the boot!

Economic Reports: Middle Class Americans Feel Less Secure Than Five Years Ago

Was the dick involved in the decision making in Basra

Lusty Lady, San Francisco

like a proud mama, barbara starr from cnn just showed a clip of 6 men killed on teevee

Christy Paul you CNN gasping idiot bushitler!

Mrs. McSame 'denies' affair (but no word on Mr. using the 'c' word against her in public)

4 Bulgarians arrested in $2 million ATM thefts

The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here

Powell Has Been Shown Up For Who He Really Is

Lessons learned

Yet another "brilliant" Bush idea..,move foot and mouth disease research onto the mainland

Clintons Will Only the Release Names of Library Donors Who Contribute AFTER She's President GOT HACKED!!!

Beer Prices Rising Amid Crop Shortage

Where – and What – in the World Is Diego Garcia

Consumer Confidence falls to new low

The disruption has affected more than 300,000 passengers,CANCELING MORE FLIGHTS

Ira Plato on Science Friday NPR

Classical Musician chimes-in with Anti-Bush protest composition

Juan Cole: "He (Bush) is not Iraq's Brownie. He is Iraq's Katrina itself."

Regarding Sam Seder


Justice, my ass. . .!

Jewish group attacks Swiss-Iranian gas deal

Maybe old news already: Rep. Monique Davis apologized?

Protesting an O'Reilly Emmy

Emptywheel: Who leaked the 'Principals' meetings?

With AAR messing up... Here's a proposal to now lobby Sirius to update its progressive lineup!...

Venezuela's Chavez Grabs Steel Co.

Where are all the torture stories coming from?

Randi Rhodes Blames Air America's New Owners

Cheney, et al, ok torture and let a young woman from WV

I believe in America and I believe in the Democratic Underground

Chinese Anger And Terror Warnings Cloud Olympics

Should our Democratic candidate spend campaign money on Fox News channel

Can someone please explain how come Karl Rove

Solar Balloon To Power Remote Areas

Hillary Clinton: Trojan Donkey or Party Pariah? both?

Why do we think democracy is possible in Iraq?

melting glacier water drilled a 5 mi. tunnel thru glacier and then Blam!

see which Sen/Rep making money off of murders

I still think that Bush' pretzel incident was a Cheney left hook to his jaw.

McClatchy: Lawmakers blame FAA for mass flight cancellations

Country music for libs...

How the Bush Administration Changes a Light Bulb

Former Secret Service Agents Who Went Through Greenpeace's Trash

Petraeus: we have evidence that Iran is supporting the recent violence in Iraq

PA Rasmussen: Obama leading McCain 47% to 39% and Clinton with a 47% to 38%

So If The Surge Is Working, Why Is Bush Stopping All Troop Withdrawls From Iraq?

Remarks by Cheney on the 50th Anniversary of DARPA

Boston newsman protests Bill O’Reilly’s Emmy Award (invites Olbermann as date)»

Something from the Evil Chinese Bogeymen.

Rachel Maddow predicts McCain will win

Rachel Maddow predicts McCain will win

Laugh, Then Puke

Dean and DNC busy defining McCain to voters. Giving them truth they did not know...

Shared Propulsion Car, Made at Home

Travel Guru, Frommer, Visits Germany, Switzerland

Frank, the new CEO, had to answer to the board

Go Fox Yourself!!!

We can’t leave Iraq until we’ve gotten all the oil! - Today’s Headlines 4/11/08

It is beginning to look like the torture operation was managed and directed out of the White House

Crocker looks very nervous, and uncertain of what he says, obviously because

FEV to Show Mahindra & Mahindra Diesel-Electric Hybrid Scorpio at SAE World Congress;

"We do not torture." Except when we sign memos authorizing torture.

drum, Drum, DRUM

This Is Not Your Father's Diesel

GEM$NBC stop repeating lies

Not-so-quiet food riots

$ 4.00 gas now in some places, all places by May 1st.. $5.00 by Summer.

$ 4.00 gas now in some places, all places by May 1st.. $5.00 by Summer.

Bushvilles - A contest

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11

Putting the brakes on speedy motorway driving

When Airlines Fail, Fliers Have Few Protections

Bush Administration Counsels Carter Not to Meet With Hamas

Anyone listening to Ed Schultz today. Going on about a new oil discovery?

Burnside Ky Somerset Ky residents, Tornado on its way. Take Shelter now!!!

Burnside Ky Somerset Ky residents, Tornado on its way. Take Shelter now!!!

"Significant Progress" in Iraq

God Damn America - My version......(Rant warning)

Well that didn't take long. My local AAR station is syndicating Randi Rhodes starting Monday

Destroyin' the world can age ya

20,000 per week loosing their homes.

The Raped Whores of Iraq: No Voice, No Hope

Here's why you can't trust the media to correctly inform you about the market:

Arlington Cemetery earlier today (pic)

Marc Maron will try to get Randhi on the air

Hmmm, I've heard 2 explainations for grounding AA's fleet.

Sammy is on the Air

No wonder the GOP gets away with the things they get away with. look at what one of

Best comment yet on White House gang torture meetings from Huffington Post:

Secret US plan for an open-ended military presence in Iraq

My local station is picking up Randi Rhodes.

Why are Repukes so obsessed with war???

A Cohasset couple say poison came from a meth-lab fire

Arlen Spector "The President kind of stood next to me like it (cancer) was contagious"

DU mention in McClatchy article re: Cheney Sunglasses

Soldier's Iraq Rape and Murder Trial Delayed to Accommodate Quilt Show

Just talked to a piglicon and told it re the bushitler torture memo.

Crisis in the economy ain't over

Nepal Elections: Maoists spring a surprise, take initial lead

Where Your Tax Dollar Will and Will Not Go

Documents pertaining to "cyanide poisoning" found at Mormon Fundamentalist compound

It's Friday Ya Bastids!

Beer vs. Wine. What is your preference? Beer has always been mine, but

Cheney: "if al Qaeda were to take over big parts of Iraq...acquire control of a significant oil"

Sometimes we're not as liberal as we think we are

Vomit, Rinse, Repeat.... "I sing, dance and act for Jesus!"

Republican voting official attacks reporter

While You Slept Your Congress Took Your Constitution Away

The Bush Library

Higher state tax on beer? (CA)

Letter to Marriott: Purge porn from your rooms

Anyone else here a member of Americans United for Sep. of Church and State?

Holy Sh*T ! Al-Sadr's top aide was killed...

cnn reports that bu$h* senior and karl rove endorse romney for mccain veep

Remember the "Welfare Queen" during the Reagan era?

Anyone watching Young Turks????

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal -Hunger In America. And on Bill Maher...

Start bringing the troops home, George. I think that might work better than lying to them.

Hitler's Torch of Shame comtinues its shameful world tour:

pussywillows have popped... forsythia is abloom...

History Lessons - GREAT op-ed on Bush and McCain's wars

The Cost of War in Iraq

Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana and other powerful men appear likely to get a pass

CONYERS Invites Ashcroft, Tenet, Feith, Addington & Levin To Talk About Torture

ABC reports boosh signed torture orders and it's crickets. But Raul

House General Counsel Files Contempt Brief

Glenn Greenwald: More on Michael Mukasey's false 9/11 and FISA claims

Will The Next Congress Pursue Illegal Activity From The Bush Administration

MSNBC Breaking***"Three Iranian Speedboats Harrass US Ship in Perssian Gulf"

Law professors ask: Is trust still valid?

Obama to drop a bombshell?

Grocery store dropping its pants

Friday evening TOONs: Part 1: Iraq hearings fallout

Friday evening TOONs: Part 1: Iraq hearings fallout

To be published this Nov: "Traitor to His Class: The Life and Radical Presidency of FDR"

Chairman Conyers Deeply Troubled by FBI Juror Interviews in Cyril Wecht Mistrial

VENEZUELA: Barí People Left Without Land by Oil, Cattle, Coal

Mr. Bush has left the United States essentially defenseless.

Friday evening TOONs: Part 2: W the impaler

are the cable news networks informing the public that torture program came from white house?

I really dont want to scare everyone here but...

Cliff Schecter Joins TYT For This Week's Republican Sexcapades: A Special John McCain Edition!

McCain's "record" on campaign finance is going to be a criminal record

a philosopher for our times:

more then 1,100 murder/suicides in 2007

Women inch closer to parity in Congress

Schwarzenegger Shifts Gay Marriage Stand

Bush Hypes Threat from Iran in Surge “Success” Speech

Did anyone else just see DU highlighted on CNN?

Welcome to San Francisco, 4/9/2008: Olympic Torch Danger & Crisis (pic heavy)

Hey, PA, are you really outraged at Obama or

Family Medical Leave Turns 15, Under Attack by Bush Labor Department

Who wants out?

BUSH: "I Am Aware" Of Harsh Tactics & "I Approved" (ABC)

I Find it Interesting That Privatization in Foreign Countries is Not Posted

Bush wants to bring deadly livestock virus to heart of livestock country

WaPo: Cheney on the Warpath Again?

Police Impose Curfew in Najaf To Prevent Violence After Sadrist's Death

Randi's message board IS coming back, plus other info!

Remember when buying stuff from Australia was cheap?

Bush reports nearly a million bucks in income

Bush reports nearly a million bucks in income

"Dick Cheney had an adjusted gross income of $3.04 million," "SO?" to the 4K dead Americans

Who is the most obnoxious or plain flat evil Republican in your state?

Florida lawmakers to protect teachers from having to teach mandated evolution.

Denver Foreclosure google map

Sometimes a little history is useful- China/Tibet and Imperial Ambitions

Conyers Invites Ashcroft, Tenet, Feith, and Addington for Hearing on Use of Torture

I'm debating a wingnut on Gloabal Warming, and he says...

See this INSANITY on American IDOL

Bush approval falls to 28%

U.S. Fails to Move on Iraq Sexual Assault Complaints

Just Now On CNN : Iranians Taunt U.S. Warships In Persian Gulf..

Alva (Oklahoma) men accused of torturing disabled man

Memo Signed By Bush, ALLOWING TORTURE, Surfaces

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!! Marc Maron Subs for Mike

The Torture Drawings the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to See

Any DUers investing in Alternative Energy?

If you want Sam Seder on weekdays, email [email protected]

Sometimes I Wish I Just Didn't Know

Why are Dems on the Hill so silent now that we know the White House approved torture...

What stories would we never have heard of if it weren't for liberal blogs?

What stories would we never have heard of if it weren't for liberal blogs?

It's official: Laura Bush: She, president moving back to Dallas

Navy Officer Took Call Girl Job

Maybe it's good that we now have 3 progressive radio networks...

Why Iraqis leave their houses - by an Iraqi blogger

DUer quoted in the Miami Herald...about Cheney's fly fishing...guess Dick didn't find it funny...

Oh My...Is anybody Watching John Oliver completely Destroy Fox News?

Oh My...Is anybody Watching John Oliver completely Destroy Fox News?

Stephen Colbert

Bill Clinton, taxpayers, CEO pay and tall tales.

So it seems that just about every Obama supporter I have encountered is 18 and above

Myths That Must Die: Government is never as good as Private Enterprise

Crossing guard sacrifices her life

This is not just a smoking gun -- it's a MOAB

As participants in the discussions on this website, are we fomenting


what will THE LAW do about cheney/rice/rumsfeld/ashcroft TORTURE PROGRAM?

U.S. presidential election can be hacked (Network World)

The National Endowment for Democracy- "Supporting freedom around the world."

Britain dropped Saudi (BAE)bribery probe due to threats of “another 7/7”

TV without cable after Feb 17, 2009 .. Yes it will still work..

Just watched "Lions For Lambs" - Redford, Street, Cruise - I highly recommend it.

Awesome Luckovich 'toon ..

CBS May Eliminate "Evening News" Anchor If Couric Leaves: Report

Just now on CNN: Conversations with Black America, an point was made

Gas price check...

Gingrich: If Carter Meets with Hamas, Democrats Should “Disinvite Him from Their Convention”

Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, NRA hired 'black ops' company that targeted environmental groups

Bush has been successful...

Obama Declines To Criticize Carter On Hamas

Regardless of what you think of Randi,

Tell John Conyers that it's time to stand up for the country and the Constitution

Fight the assault on husbands!

AAR replacing Rhodes with fill-ins: Rosie O'Donnell, Fran Drescher and Phil Donahue (no joke)

what conditions would trigger food riots in the US?

While I'm not very fond of cops they will be providing a service to Oakland California residents

Food Riots escalate in Egypt and Haiti Mexico Africa Argetina

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11

FL teen beating commentary -- the NEOCON logic of "personal responsibility"

Time: Giving Investors a Say on CEO Pay (say on pay started by AFSCME!)

Child abuse, naive or "nurturing" parent?

"I lied to you,", he says

Mark Crispin Miller: Don Siegelman Names Names - And The Press Goes Deaf

Survey USA poll - Pennsylvania: Clinton: 56 - Obama: 38

Somebody attacked

Hell Entrance Freezes Over in Omaha

Sex work should be legal

Cringetastic Scientific American interview with "Expelled" producer Mark Mathis.

The Randi Rhodes - Air America Radio story, the short version

Rice To CIA Regarding Torture: "This is your baby. Go do it."

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 11, 2008.***

Can you raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

Why is the worst president in history getting the biggest, most expenisve presidential library?

Torture memos and impeachment

We're Mad as Hell Protest at MSNBO today - With Pics

would you want to know if mate was cheating on you

Pope Ratso won't attend dinner with bush in Der Popenfuhrer's honor, White House says

In Iraq, jailed women tell of abuse

LTTE in KS: Assertion that Christianity unfairly portrayed simply balderdash

How do you feel about aging or just plain getting old?

'Tis Testing Time, oh glorious season...fa la la la la

Another (lack of ) health care horror story

What's the difference between....

Ken Lee, tulibu dibu douchoo.

My best friend at work was fired

My best friend at work was fired

Thundersnow. Yup, thundersnow.

Sorry ass ebay excuse for bad service

How about a stricture thread...In honor of the wingnuts?

Oh , and Only today I discovered that the person in that "Leave Britney Alone"

I love this song

Cheese (an anti-lactose thread)

I'm only 11 (now 10) posts away from 30K

Biker Fox: The Movie


Do you ever just get sick of everything extraneous?

Lead-Tainted Marijuana Poisons Users

I'm going to be in Burlington VT for a week in June -- suggestions?

Who knew? Turns out Springfield is actually in Florida

Li'l Bush! Li'l Bush! Li'l Bush! Li'l Bush!

Dammit- no more cashews left in my Deluxe Mixed Nuts.


PWI alert !

McCain says we will be in Iraq for

Nim's Island is a very neat movie

Which Tropical Fruit Lifesaver flavor is the best?

Letter to Marriott: Purge porn from your rooms

Well, Good Evening.


Anyone ever use Valerian Root (not a medical advice thread)

If the robots win...

spoiler*****Idol send-off*****spoiler

Galactica Actual

Well fuck me with a crucifix.


Need a laugh?

Any James Lee Burke fans here? Villain in Tin Roof Blowdow...

I'm in a fight with two authoritarian personality narcissists.

Would the film "Serenity" have been better if the series "Firefly" had never existed?

Garfield minus Garfield

Adult Fiend Finder

Probably The weirdest song ever written/performed

It's nationwide: Piestewa Peak

When in the hell are they coming out with new "Ugly Betty" episodes?

Is there a contest for biggest asshole boss? Because I want to enter my boss in it

One reason I'm an oddball: I've seen a lot of really weird stuff.

Torchwood Season Finale (*Spoilers most likely*)

Post the US states you've been unlucky in.

Beware of the Ogri...

Number Three - You have the right to free speech

I was looking through my bookmarks and found this. It still breaks my heart...

Name something that is done as a favor for you but actually causes more problems for you?

Flying American Airlines MD80 today. Wish me luck!

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on their fleshy masters almost instantly

Vanilla Ice arrested for domestic battery

Frontier Airlines Files For Bankruptcy

What should I have for lunch?

Today's Brazilian Wax story care of the SF Chronicle

In Passing: Col. Stephen Scott, died Sunday during a mortar attack in the Green Zone

Do I even fit in here anymore?

No spoilers, but who just watched the webcast of tonight's BSG?

ZOMG!! I've been approved for a payday loan from the Christian Credit Providers!

Blizzard Day!!!

Jerry Yang

I shook hands with a baseball legend!

Dude! Is that a BONE?

If you see a pastor on here to whom you are attracted?

Weird thing this morning...

Stress is just brutal

Mugshot of the day!

Important Query. How does one drink Seagram's VO?

Natural Gas Leak Call Closes Taco Bell

aaand now, Theater for nightmares presents....

computer question......

This isn't hard....This is impossible.

Check out this bass solo!

I just ot tickets to see James McMurtry at the Beachland Ballroom...

Should a person with animal allergies become a veterinarian?

Dont Forget The Country Music CMT Awards Monday Night

Ryan not Bryan

OMG!! Teh DU lounge pevs have invaded the DU Sports Forum..

How come nobody raves about "Funky Drummer" any more?

Egads! WTF is wrong with Amy Winehouse's leg??

I demand to be DELIGHTED!

Has anyone been affected by American Airlines's cancellations?

Wesley Snipes

Charles Wesley (John's brother)

What? Normal people go out on Friday night?

Gary Owens

Wesley Walker

I need help identifying a song.

Is calling people you don't really know "dude" the new "kewl" thing?

Nice guy, personable, always posting pics of finally dawned on me who Parche really is

Wesley Owens

So I had to sign a loyalty oath to be a tutor

Should a animal with people allergies become a doctor?

Suggestions for this weekend?


The most important DU poll you will ever participate in. Ever. EVER.

Star Trek TNG questions!

How come nobody raves about The Rave-Ups anymore?

After showing my receipt, I was asked to buy a freezer

The Office just slayed me tonight

Steve Holt!

After eyeing a geezer, I was asked to go discrete.

Is calling people you don't really know "pubes" the new "kewl" thing?

California man busted for smuggling iguanas in his leg

The Girl from Ipanema arrested for using her leg to smuggle iguanas to Botswana

I've been wondering this for a while... maybe you folks can help me out.

I surpassed 30,000 posts.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Malibu. Sun. Beach. Tomorrow.

Parents Fight Over Which Gang Toddler Should Join

In 1 Month I Will Have Enough Points For A $100 Target Gift Card

Use only as directed

Worried about a friend.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/11/2008)

Love sick

Why in the hell are they coming out with new "Ugly Betty" episodes?

Its A Beautiful Day Here 70-75 Degrees

Groggy from Versed after 3rd lumbar injection...getting sleepier...bye for a while, Lounge

Anyone ever go to a Casino Night fund raiser??

I just cannot get motivated to do my classwork for the week

It's the 11th, time to TAP.

So I Am Working At The Dept Store And Ask This Person For Their Reciept And They Try To Kill Me

John Wesley Hardin

Which DU'r Do You Think Is Mad At You??

the loosing is lose in GD this morning

The Best Head In Town

so..... I am having a pity party

On tap at Tavernertavern: For the 11th, I'm drinking Stone Anniversary Ale XI

Wesley Crusher

8 of them together, right near me, never seen that many before.

12 hrs in NYC

Revolting Cocks

Jeff Buckley appreciation thread (sorry if it's already been done)

Wesley Willis

Just what I wanna hear as I try to relax in the evening- gunfire.

Wow , can someone be allergic to Coffee

I spent the day with Dr. Who

DU Catholics: What's the most beautiful cathedral (in the US) you've ever been in?

I do strongly believe now . . .

Evidently the water wasn't cold that day

Anyone noticed that Prince William is going Bald?

I strongly disagree Tweety . . .

If you were a robot, you'd tell me right?

Return of the big "Good morning from Norway"-thread

IFC: 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches

The wrath of Kahn

Question about psychological assesments


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/11/08

Straight Story and an ambulance....

Everyone, *please* join me in congratulating Sniffa!!! Yay!!

Will XM or Sirius pick up Randi Rhodes on Nova M?

Never-ending scratchpad for all-vinyl deal of playing records at a bar (h/t asthmaticeog)

Anyone familiar with USB turntables and converting vinyl to MP3?

Update for those who care...I'm back from my Mom's ALS appt.

Hooray!!!! My daughter's sister just passed the bar exam!!!

So I'm watching 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' with my niece and nephew last night...

Tube Steak

Rockabilly Thread !!!!

Professional Organizers......

After buying a freezer, I was asked to show my receipt

Spring in Minnesota:

CO Senate Race: Abramoff & Schaffer's '99 fact-finding trip = "palm-studded beach resort"

Yesterday Sucked. Today was amazing!

Holy shit. Oh my God. Please come celebrate with me

I just took a Vicodin a little while ago. Ask me anything.

Casual Friday at the office has taken a completely new direction.

Totally new "you might be a redneck" joke

We're Back from NYC

I've killed another thread today. My work here is done.

If you see a poster on here to whom you are attracted,

Has anyone seen the movie "Lars and the real girl" .. quite amazing

Ballparks where you've seen a game

Stockhausen: music...or noise?

I brought home a kitten today

Kittens are three weeks old

FDR, where are you now?

DTV hardware recommendations. I just got my DTV converter coupon.

Beware of imposters...

Silver Fillings -- The ongoing debate.


Poor Katie Couric - she's not happy with the 'hard-edge' that CBS wants to take the news

Summary of some of my bird photos from Photo Forum

I just found out a friend of mine died, and I don't know how...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Am I really the only one that actually reads college textbooks?

New Mexico Senate: Udall Widens Lead Over GOP’s = "now viewed favorably by 62%"

Speak to me, o ye Loungers: What do you know about the following institutions of higher learning?

My mom is on DU

John Wesley

Anyone Seen Rev Acts Lately?

Radio Lady: I was NOT chosen to be on Jury Duty in Hillsboro, Oregon on 4/11/2008.

Exclusive (Mother Jones): Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups

TGIF a pic!

Hillary is not losing because of sexism.


Gates: US Troops Won't Drop to 100,000

Drug to protect against radiation

US lawmakers warn against long-term Iraq deals

US lawmakers warn against long-term Iraq deals

World press prize goes to crusading Mexican

Dems fault Bush on executive privilege (broadest since Nixon)

Philippines Seeks Wheat Supplies After China Rebuff

Nostradamus Obama Prophecies Revealed

Drug companies to reveal grant practices

U.N. says markets are to blame for world food crisis

Obama Spending May Swamp McCain, End Republican Money Dominance

Briton suing (Va.) Beach man over Iraqi arrest warrant

Soros sounds the alarm again on world economy

Exit of College Lenders Sets Off Scramble To Fill Breach

Bush Signals No Further Reduction of Troops in Iraq

Iran cleric rejects Bush's accusations on Iraq

McCain plan to aid ‘deserving’ debtors

Israeli nuclear dissident seeks asylum in Norway

Local Paper Reveals: U.S. Colonel Died in Iraq in Green Zone -- Running on a Treadmill

Man wanted in Marine Lance Corporal's murder arrested in Mexico

American Axle rejects UAW offer

Marines immobile in Afghan red tape

Mukasey Distances Himself From a Memo on Searches

Mukasey Distances Himself From a Memo on Searches

Bush Gives Prisoners Second Chance to Better Life

Fire destroys Clinton campaign office

Iraqi returnees face chaos back home: migration group

US airstrikes kill 12 in Iraq

Same-store sales fall (15.4%) for Gottschalks

FBI arrests suspect in slaying of Marine

Gates, Petraeus at odds over withdrawal

Maliki criticizes external intervention

US envoy to Iraq says embassy ready

Consumer sentiment plunges to 26-year-low

UK wrong to halt Saudi arms probe (BAE)

Gingrich: If Carter Meets with Hamas, Democrats Should “Disinvite Him from Their Convention”

Exclusive: Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups

U.S. court rules against landowner on border fence

Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, NRA hired 'black ops' company that targeted environmental groups

Protests at Argentine torch rally (BBC)

Gates: Iran boosts support for militias

Obama links U.S. dollar's woes to Bush policies

Mukasey asked to explain terror call remarks

As U.S. heating aid drops, Venezuela chips in

New 'friendly fire' theory in Gitmo case

US navy turns away boats in Gulf, Iran denies confrontation

Friendly fire might have killed U.S. medic, not Khadr: lawyer

White supremacist's statue to stay put at S.C. House

Hall, Hinchey introduce bill to protect water resources from climate change

Top Aide to Al-Sadr Assassinated in Iraq

State judges sue governor, lawmakers over salary raises

Conyers Invites Top Officials To Testify At Torture Hearing

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday April 11, 2008

Jury hits stalemate in terrorism retrial

Gates Doubts Al-Sadr Would Be Arrested

Sheriff defends wait before raid on polygamous sect in Eldorado

Naval officer faces dismissal after testifying in madam trial

Obama calls for checks on executive pay

Gunmen kill Sadrist official in Iraq

Fire Destroys Clinton Campaign Office

New Iran incentives, sanctions unlikely now -Rice

200 Local National City Jobs Head To India (OH)

Exxon CEO pay up nearly 18 percent in 2007

Iran triggering Shiite "backlash" in Iraq, US ambassador claims

Husband of slain mother sues Fla. agency

Bush says no plans to attack Iran: interview

Frontier Airlines files for bankruptcy

Protests won't scrub Bush Olympics trip

(Somali) Pirates release French yacht crew

GE Says Profit Fell, Citing Finance; Forecast Reduced

G-7 Says Economic Outlook Has `Weakened,' Warns on `Sharp' Currency Swings

Anti-FTA meeting set to end in Cuba

Retailers Fined Over Labels for Analog TVs

Dangerous animal virus on US mainland?

Obama: Will 'Guarantee' He'll Offer Gore a Role in Administration

Missile hits landmark Baghdad hotel, kills three

Congress study: Housing aid wouldn't help economy

Bush backs away from opened-ended pause

Fly the flag for Tibet and you could be out, athletes warned (by IOC)

Strong euro/cheap USD behind cocaine flows

China Says Foreign Reserves Hit $1.68 Trillion by End March, Up 40 Percent

Bush: 'I Was Aware' of Harsh Tactics ("And I approved.")

Bushes pay taxes on $923,807 income

How Societies Regress to Become Pathocracies

Berkeley Dean Defends Law Professor (Yoo)

Jury deadlocked in Sears Tower terrorism case

OAS' Insulza: There is no evidence of Venezuelan support to terrorist

Pope a No-Show at White House Dinner

Speier becomes Congress' newest member, is booed by Republicans

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez seizes sugar plantations

Cheney Calls the Rev. Wright's Comments 'Appalling'

Never Turn Your Back On Barack Obama

BAE probe halt 'unlawful'

Countdown: Team Torture?

Ellen Vs Hillary Clinton in a Bowl-Off

Little Obama Girl

Democrat vs. Republican

A History Lesson for Insane McCain

Esoteric Agenda part 1

11-APR - Bill Clinton still justifying the Bosnia lies

justifying a war based on torture intelligence: KO

Dan Drinker Sees Barack Obama at Penn State

Red State Update: Oliver Stone's Bush Movie

Union Station Protest 2008

Barack on American Idol

IVAW Frozen moment at Union Station, D.C.

Obama interview by South Bend Tribune Part 1

Elton John Concert for Hillary

WAR CRIMINALS? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet, Ashcroft, Powell

Countdown: Response to Bush's Iraq speech

The Video Wal-Mart Doesn't Want You To See

KO: Worst persons 4/10: the bottomless hypocrisy of Pat Robertson

Wilkerson on Iraq Surge: Countdown

Barack Obama in Lafayette, IN

The Barackwurst

Obama Calls for action on CEO pay

Insur-Animals #1

Worst Person in the World: Rep. Monique Davis

Approving Torture

While You Slept Your Congress Took Your Constitution Away 2

Petraeus, Betrayal? Maybe. No Answers & a Bush Hack for Sure.

Randi Rhodes interview with Marc Maron Part 1

TYT: The Hosts Of The View Hand John McCain His Ass!

While You Slept Your Congress Took Away Your Constitution 1

Another Jedi for Obama!

2008.04.10 - Keith Olberman and Jonathan Turley = BUSH AUTHORIZED TORTURE

TYT: Who Is McCain's Mini-Me?

'Idol gives back' taped messages from Hillary, McCain, And Obama (01:43)

Rachel Maddow spells out the Wright/Parsley response for the slow Democrats

To Hell With....

Swearing-In for Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Lawmakers are killing elderly - they may as well make it legal

McCain Vows to Invade Vietnam

As U.S. heating aid drops, Venezuela chips in

Dissecting the Politics of Paraguay’s Next President

Chevron Slow to Announce Hire of Controversial Pentagon GC

Has McCain Flip-Flopped on Torture?

Enough is enough By Ed Martin

Seminar calls Iraq conflict America's first "credit card war"

The Surge Turns Into the Stall

US Storm Over Iran Gathers Pace

Colombia trade agreement as a precedent - the Ludlow massacre

Outsourcing 'makes businesses vulnerable'

From Welfare Shift in ’96, a Reminder for Clinton

NYT editorial: Fear and Flying

Neo-Cons luv Communist China

David Brooks is funny? Who knew?

Olympic Torch Bearer Breaks All Olympic Records

WP, pg1: Re-Created Library Speaks Volumes About Jefferson; "These are the books that made America."

Pakistan kite festival lost to violence

Robert Parry: The Very Annoying Washington Post

It’s a Crisis, and Ideas Are Scarce

Hillary Can't Answer Question on Columbia

Medved has lost it.

Are You Unhappy? Is It Because of Consumer Addiction?

OPEC: Gas Prices Will Stay High

Eugene Robinson: The Surge Turns Into the Stall

The Waking Up Syndrome

"Yoo's on First?" by Ray McGovern (4-10-2008 Consortium News)

Going Behind Closed Doors in Christian Right Households

Ban on travel to Cuba creates ‘enforcement and public relations dilemma’

Bill Clinton - "stealing cars" (re: Obama ad)


Independent UK: The new age of the train

AL GORE, What is the Secret Govt Aerosol Spraying Program?

Electric firms moving on high-power line (from wind farms, Maine)

School aims higher with (wind) turbine (Mass.)

A Perfect Storm For Copper?

We'll reap what we sow (Farm Bill, OpEd LAT)

Mass production

Farmers Attack Fertilizer Pricing (Oz)

Supply Chain Gang: Nuclear Industry Joins the Club (WSJ)

US Senate Votes For Solar, Wind Tax Credits; Faces Hurdles

Shortage of fertiliser hits farmers (postash, India)

Frontier Airlines files for bankruptcy

Average Price For Gasoline On Maui Hits $4/Gallon - MSNBC

Kazakhstan's Scary Uranium Ambitions (BusinessWeek)

How soaring fuel prices hurt kids

Migratory, Resident Shorebird Numbers Collapsing Down Under - Counts Fall 73%, 81% From 1983 - 2006

Daniel Sperling - Key CARB Member - Hip Deep For Decades In Auto, Oil Money Through Fundraising

DRP Lawmakers Take Over Both Houses Of Mexican Legislature To Protest Oil Reform Plan

Logging Boreal Forest Could Detonate Massive ‘Carbon Bomb,’ Says Report

Chinese Oil Imports Hit All-Time Monthly High In March; Q1 Imports Up 15% YOY

OPEC - Expect Gasoline Prices To Remain High - Time

At Least 80 Confirmed, 79 Suspected Deaths In Rio Dengue Outbreak - 75,000 Sickened - Reuters

Stolen military equipment found on Internet

Roadside bombs kill 4 soldiers, 2 others die

Isn't it nice that the "evil" EPA made sure that there was a crystal-clear stream for

U.S., After a Court Reversal, Issues New Rules for Forests

FBI: Fugitive Marine arrested in Mexico

Western Tribes Take On 'Feds' With Radioactive Waste

Peak weed-killer? (Roundup, Salon)

The century of drought

‘Black gold’ may revolutionise farming, curb global warming (mo' terra preta)

FP&L might be fined over nuclear plant security

Ex-major gets 6 years in attempted kidnap

Closing arguments in stabbing of pvt. by spc.

Gates hopes for bipartisan Iraq solution

Navy officer testifies in D.C. Madam case

Murder suspect caught on base a former Marine

$21.2M to aid Marines growth in Hawaii

ATA bankruptcy won’t strand troops

Aerial target drones wash up on Alabama beach

Petraeus sees more challenges in Iraq

1,000 needed for new B-52 squadron at Minot

Air Force names EOD airman killed in Iraq

Gates: US troops won't drop to 100,000

With no march, Baghdad relatively quiet

Hearing delayed for Iraq contractor accused of stabbing

AAFES gas prices hit record highs with no relief in sight

Bush to speak at Air Force Academy graduation

Families voice concerns about available housing at Grafenwöhr

Soldier in South Korea gets 5 months in debit card theft

Marines, sailors return from a 9-month Afghanistan tour

Marines tighten liberty card policy in Okinawa

Soldier takes on tough task in Iraq to bring history home

Military leaders: Forces ‘under stress’

Powell: Next president must reduce Iraq force

Report: Torture Talk at White House

Officials Shifting Focus to Iran

U.S. Colonel Killed in Iraq -- On a Treadmill in the Green Zone

Bragg paratroopers to return today

All services meet March recruiting goals

2-Kilometer Glacial Lake In Chilean Andes Disappears - Filled, Then Rapidly Drained By Warming

Despite Drought & Millions In Buybacks, Water Use "Unsustainably Out Of Control" For Murray-Darling

Heridas encubiertas

National City's $46 million man (company's profit was declining and its stock price had sunk by half

US Airways reaches tentative labor deal

Statement of U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao on House Vote to Block U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agr

Union Recognizes Tri-City Medical Center Workers

Hershey Med, nurses union extend contract to April 27

Union Leaders Challenge Aramark at Goldman Sachs' Meeting

Labor Strife That Could Dock U.S. Economy

NLRB rules against Foxwoods

Nurses at St. V's trying to unionize

OSHA Drawing Democratic Fire Over Regulations

OSHA releases new ‘It’s The Law’ poster in Spanish (pdf)

Construction worker injured in fall from roof; OSHA investigates

Bush's OSHA: No Laws? No Crimes

Union demands safety upgrade

OSHA releases new ‘It’s The Law’ poster

Work resumes near crane collapse in Fort Lauderdale (yes another crane collapse & video)

Trade with Columbia won't be "free"

Today in labor history April 11

Private security officers make historic gains in new union contract

Educators around the world are condemning the latest brutal assassinations of teacher trade unionist

As SAG-AFTRA Dispute Rages, AFL-CIO Unable to Broker Truce


Several good unite here stories!

W Post: Congressional Report Chides NFL and Union on Injuries

Writers guild says reality TV workers to file claims for back pay

Complaint alleges campaign finance abuses (right to work)

Iranian Labor Leader Freed on Bail After a Year in Prison

Sacramento Backs Blue Diamond Workers

Kansas Child Care Providers Lobby State Lawmakers

13,000 Houston Municipal Workers Win Historic Contract

Shareholder Say on Executive Pay

Right-to-work closer to ballot

Omaha had a union for BLONDES (1935)

U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao Comments on Veterans' Unemployment Report

U.N. says markets are to blame for world food crisis

Grounded flights may cripple the whole economy

Habit-Forming: Borrowers Keep Piling On Debt

Equality NC has made its endorsements

Hate crimes.

If you watch one video today PLEASE make it this one! Gay Bash By Mélange Lavonne

Lexington Superintendent Gets Threatened With Violence Over Diversity Program

Gay Foes Target Marriott Over Adult Movies

So, I finally watched Brokeback Mountain...

OAS' Insulza: There is no evidence of Venezuelan support to terrorist

Brazilian companies doubled profits under Pte. Lula da Silva

US gives Cubans fast track visas

Haitians desperate despite calm in streets

Castro's son explains the foundation of Cuba's biotech success

More Inconvenient Facts About US Airbase in Manta, Ecuador

Ban on travel to Cuba creates ‘enforcement and public relations dilemma’

Egypt sends troops to Gaza border

Barack Obama’s Hebrew blog

Genocide announced

Rice condemns Carter's Hamas plans


I'm sorry to post this here, but I am absolutely ASTOUNDED by this!

Israel in Colombia: Death Do We Impart (training paramilitaries by IDF people)

Yanks look to Slap Sox with Wang

What is it *like* to run a marathon?

A short message from Matthew

A friend of ours had a visit, I do believe.

The Great Airplane Conundrum

Blessing those who despise us.

Astrologer, Guy Spiro's Astro-Weather 2008

Wondering about "ghost hunting" TV shows

Have we seen enough damage from the Primary?

Bake sale decision. To freeze or not to freeze?

Shitaki mushroom recipes for someone who doesn't like mushrooms!

A note from Amsterdam, pardon the grammar, the message

Not dystopic enough

Winter loosens its icy grip.

I love confounding doctors.

New article on my website...

Pot Pies: How You Get Thick Gooey Sauce?

a photo never lies

Cardnial Newman Society & Heritiage Foundation team up for education forum

Pro-life Charity Sues Google Over Anti-abortion Advert

"Are drugs ads hazardous to your health?"

E-mentoring on MentorNet cosponsored by AWIS

Computer viruses hit one million

Science, evolution, and creation: Ali G vs Kent Hovind

"Expelled" Exposed -- What Ben Stein Isn't Telling You About Intelligent Design

I think I want a Kitchen-Aid

Applications for concealed weapons permits up sharply in Va.

New Drug Protects Against Radiation Damage

Brady bunch to crash Virginia Tech's April 16 memorial. How compassionate.

Sutter County deputy won't be charged in son's accidental death(3 YO-father's service gun)

Philly tries again

State high court shoots down S.F. handgun ban

Is the CIA behind the China-bashing Olympics protests?

Video: Jesse Ventura on 9-11 with Hannity FOX News !

A bit into the future, but great stuff is forming!

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11

Wonkette Bothers John Kerry, For The Kids!

Kerry wants answers on contractor awarded millions in contracts after delivering faulty ammo.

JK's office - a thread on Siegelman and election fraud for you to forward.

Beautiful day tomorrow for the Jason Loser-Dim Bulb Tax Evader's Rally!

Coleman has almost double campaign funds on hand over Franken

Who stole those votes in Alabama in 2002? Don Siegelman names names--but media doesn't want to know

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 4/11/2008

Okay, ER forum, help me put together a list of venues

Another reason Houston will always be better than Dallas

Is a server in Europe down?

Good questions for a data analyst interview?

Hello. I need help with JavaScript

Fonts to PDF -- I'm pulling my hair out!!!

I've volunteered to man the phones in Indiana and I need help

We made a video for Obama last night!

‘Duped' retail investors want Ottawa to step in

Conservatives trying to end drug ad ban w/ amendments to Food and Drugs Act

Testing Protocol

KOEB Meeting 4/10/08 Blood On His Hands Edition

Word to the wise Keith fan for tomorrow...

Boston man asks Keith out on a date. Will Keith accept?

Update on Mom and Sheridan-part deux

Dan Kohl running for 22nd Assembly District

Phelp's "church" shows up at UW-Stout

What are some of your favorite album covers?


Taking on The Pledge: Author Examines Press reaction to Newdow

KY: Atheist Father files suit to stop child from attending religious school

So, for those of you who ridicule "conspiracy theories,"