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Clinton leadership a study in missteps

Question regarding mandates and healthcare.

The Ideal Opponent (Obama gets his wish?)

Obama fans- Lets stop the arguing for a moment and look at where we are.

Hundreds of Clinton volunteers sign up at Greensboro campaign office opening


"John McCentury" Just heard it on KO LOL N/T

LOL Clinton today "I don't pay attention to polls."

Anybody Wanna Play, Where's... Waldo ???

IMO, Condi is being test marketed to sub for McCain at their convention or shortly after. It's looks


Postal Workers Back Obama (sixth union affiliated with the AFL-CIO to back Obama)

Missteps Mar Clinton's Competency Message

Hey Obama supporters! Now is not the time to get complacent.

Can Obama change the political map?

Calif. Delegate Lists Under Scrutiny

The millions of $100 donators...isn't mathematically possible?

Elton John


Obama plays follow the leader (joins Sen. Clinton in urging Bush to boycott Beijing)

We can still have the DK plan for healthcare..

Potential VEEP consideration?:

Jon Stewart Awards Obama "Dick Move of the Week"

Streaming LIVE: Obama from Indiana--10:26pm est: Intro starting now by Roemer.

Mark Halperin On The Narrowing Chances For Clinton To Win

Obama gaining on Clinton in Pennsylvania

Will the same young folks who are for Obama now, actually get out and vote in Nov??

Will the same young folks who are for Obama now, actually get out and vote in Nov??

Will the same young folks who are for Obama now, actually get out and vote in Nov??

SO: How many different kinds of DU GD:P troll are there??

In honor of the PA primary ... a look back at Carville's 1986 "guru ad" against Bill Scranton III!

A small reminder to Sir Elton John.

A small reminder to Sir Elton John.

New Hillary Campaign Theme: Dig Deep

HuffPo: The "Compassion Forum" college lacks compassion for LGBT students

Hillary supporter here - but I have to give kudos to Obama.

Why is Obama considered inexperienced?

Question for Obama or any of his peeps.

So when I go to an Obama rally I should not chant " I want an ice cream cone!"

In case you were wondering, this was John McCain's first job as a teenager

Omg- the Obama people are going after this guy -

Clinton Camp: It's A Miracle We're Not Behind In Pennsylvania

To set the record straight

Vote Different - Remember ... When It Began?

Where are ya Bill?

HRC supporters come gather forth.(Obama folk too)

I will not vote for Hillary because I hate women!

Stephanopolis: Hillary has to pull and upset in NC.


Who will win Pa and by what margin?

Wait, wait, wait. Hillary's supporters call her the "Goddess of Peace..."

PA registration numbers

Obama plays follow the leader (joins Sen. Clinton in urging Bush to boycott Beijing)

Simple Question

Initial thumbsdown for Obama regarding gay issues

A question for all those who still take issue with Rev. Wright's sermons:

Concerning women as "victims..." of their femininity (an alternative, and sort of funny argument)

Keats and the Obama phenomenon

I propose some new rules for GD-P.

Touching Story from an 18 year old on his way to Iraq

So, it ends up that Penn was "fired" over his involvement in the UC Davis bill.

Obama is going to beat HRC in the Philly suburbs

Obama is going to beat HRC in the Philly suburbs

Obama is going to beat HRC in the Philly suburbs

Should legalized gay marriages really be a priority this election?

Tennyson and the Obama phenomenon

And how many less delegates would Obama had won in those states?

Will the lack of a suitable Rival hurt Tiger Woods' legacy?

So Colin Powel basically came out against McCain...

Did Mark Penn sabotage Hillary?

Republican Game Plan For Obama

I loves me some Obama Girl

I think Obama and Hillary are both wrong on the Olympics boycott issue.

We are in deep doody. McCain leads Obama in PA (48%-41%)

Obama wins straw poll with over 1,250,000 voters... there's more..

Can we agree on this?

Love/hate this election so far

101,331 people from every state participating in straw poll. Hillary wins 56% to 44%

101,331 people from every state participating in straw poll. Hillary wins 56% to 44%

101,331 people from every state participating in straw poll. Hillary wins 56% to 44%

101,331 people from every state participating in straw poll. Hillary wins 56% to 44%

Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama: Use your Leadership to End the War in Iraq

Self Delete

The Risks and Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Mandates

Hillpocrisy: Supporters Decry Sexism and Misogyny Then Post Sexual Innuendo

Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word-A slight revision as sung by Hillary

Obama Supporters - Required Reading Here

The Peril of Obama

THE PENNSYLVANIA AFTERMATH -- You heard it here first !!!

Super Switch?

My vote, my choice: Your vote, your choice too.

Obama picks up two big endorsements in Oregon!

Between "Hillary for U and Me" and this video,

Between "Hillary for U and Me" and this video,

A BIG PICTURE question about Hillary and sexism

Obama should adopt "Don't Stop" as a campaign song. . .hell its more appropriate for him than HRC

Discussion Board members selling accounts

Oh well, Another Day and Another $101,600 that Clinton Gives to Mark Penn

There are just TWO days left before North Carolina's voter registration deadline ACTION >>>>>>>>>>

Puerto Rico Poll: Hillary 50, Obama 37

More on experience

Does anyone like the idea of rotating primaries?

Folks, tonight we are on the Eve of Great Change

Please keep in mind, if your post has "(dem candidate) SUPPORTERS (verb/noun/adj)

"To Hell With Them-Gate"

What kind of voting machines are in PA?

McCain on The View today!

Lookin' For A Leader

Looks like both Hillary and Barack add a superdelegate

We don't have to worry about Condi after this - sources affirm she authorized torture (ABC News)

Bill at EJ Fundraiser: "You did not come here in vain"

Go Hillary Go

Obama interview with The Advocate!

3 GREAT Clips:Sexism, Misogyny, Women's History & Hillary & Elephant self portrait.. kewl

Marist poll: Obama vs. McCain in NY

Does Obama qualify as a "cult of personality"?

How The Troops Will Vote..

Huge Superdelegate Controversy!!

Hillary debuts new campaign ad


Colin Powell praises Obama

I've heard somewhere that Rove is suppose to assist McCain

Reality Check: Rasmussen Favorable/Unfavorable Ratings for Presidential Candidates

Hmmm... Bay of Pigs, Vietnam Conflict, NAFTA, WTO, Gulf War I,

David Brock spearheading $40 million whack-McCain effort

2 More Endorsements for Obama!

Worried About The Republicans Switching Parties To Vote InThe PA Primary?

Obama YouTube Parody video.....

Obama quotes on gay rights

In The End, Superdelegates Will Vote Almost Unanimously For Obama

Hillary's Super Ice Cream Delegates are melting away

GD: Primaries Story Time. Let's write a short story together!

Clinton Campaign Owes UC Davis Money

Hillary Clinton: The Wal-Mart Videos

If Obama does not WIN in PA, it proves Hillary is more electable.

Obama OUT RIGHT RUDE to voter in PA!! Video..OMG! Brotha! :Obama

Has anyone else Tuned Out the Primary at this point?

Super Switch?(to Obama)--UPDATED

Frank Luntz vindicated! Rips Hannity over Obama's patriotism..

Obama NAILS the perfect response to 3AM phone call and IRAQ war vote in one fell swoop!

Obama's a big hit in TV ads

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday April 10-2008

The Obama campaign just called me for $150.00..Geez, I only gave

The Obama campaign just called me for $150.00..Geez, I only gave

Another Clinton Superdelegate has second thoughts. Clinton super lead down to 23.

Thom Hartmann straw poll .. Obama wins 42 to Hillary's 8

Results of Thom Hartmann straw poll 4-10-06

Touching Story from an 18 year old on his way to Iraq

Just in case GD:P hasn't heard

So Clinton Supporters have resorted to suing DU Members now?

Rasmussen: McCain 46, O 45 , McCain 48, Hillary 42. So much for Hillary’s electability.

Randi Rhodes is NOT With AAR anymore.

HillaryClintonForum threatens DU members with Lawsuit

HillaryClintonForum threatens DU members with Lawsuit

rattle those pots and pans


Her Campaign Is Deeply Weird

Wisconsin Poll: Obama-McCain 46-42; McCain-Clinton 46-42

Bill Richardson for VP - who's with me?

***Official thank god that FUCKING WHORE Randi Rhodes is jobless thread**

How man Clintonistas does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hillary's Parade of Horribles

Hillary picks up another superdelegate

Can we like fast forward to November, already? America at Breaking Point

Interview of Barack Obama by senior Philadelphia political reporter Larry Kane

McCain = Iraq Occupation As Obama = Global War on Terror

McCain = Iraq Occupation As Obama = Global War on Terror

Obama has ALREADY changed Washington! Raised 40million with 110 avg contribution = little person is

Beltway Journo: We wish we could cover John Yoo's torture memos instead of Obama's bowling

Colin Powell advocates Iraq drawdowns and has kind words for Obama !!

Perspective is a wonderful thing.

Contested Dem Race Helps McCain

how do Bill Clinton's extravagant speaking fees compare to other coveted speakers?

Hillary up by 13 in Puerto Rico

The story of Barack Obama's mother....

Dean and the Dem Bigwigs are waiting until after PA and NC...

Are Hillary supporters trying to squash freedom of speech?

Wow... I can't believe this has happened

Obama Poised To Turn Down Public Financing

Transcript of Dean interview from Tavis Smiley 4-9-08

John Cleese offers to write Obama's gags if he is the nominee

Utah Democratic Party Chair Wayne Holland Endorses Obama

So now National Review editorials are a source to use on DU??

Obama's wife calls him an "Accessory"

Who will not get us out of Iraq?

Barack Obama Has Run-In with RUDE & Persistant PHOTO SEEKER: Debunking Desperate Spin

"Tampa Democrat re-files DNC lawsuit in federal court". This will never end.

Deibold Accidentally Leaks Results of 2008 Election

OBAMA RUDE to PA voter on video..Obama: "Brutha!" omg....

Obama will lose to McCain: Codswallop. Baloney. Malarkey.

Deal Behind Sen. Klobuchar's Endorsement of Obama

Obama's Wikipedia Entry Sabatoged

Hill & Lobbyists: The more the merrier

How about this nugget from Todd Spivak:

"Your Song" from Elton John to Hillary

Somebody PLEASE explain purpose of SDs to B Boxer!

This Seems Particularly Appropriate For GD: P Today !!!

Obama discovers the words Bush, boycott, and Olympics

Analysis of Obama Interview in the ADVOCATE.

Questions on Trade Agreement Bring Back the Laugh

When you raise 40,000,000 in a month, have over a million donors and avg $92/donation....

So guess Matthews is sayinig if the Repukes start a war with Iran, it would be

Newsweek: The Pennsylvania Strategy: 'Inevitability 2.0'

Streaming LIVE NOW 6:11pm est--Obama in Lafayette, Indiana on

Breaking: Obama Camp Responds To Hillary's Negative Radio Ad

Almost overlooked, Barack Obama has redefined the U.S. mission in Iraq.

Obama worked at Baskin Robbins.

McCain erases Obama lead

Does Hillary Clinton support the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Clinton Firm's Deal Left Pennsylvania Churches In Shambles

In Superdelegate Count, Tough Math for Clinton

I spoke to a lady in Indiana who is a republican who said she would vote for Hillary

ELTON JOHN, hillary fundraiser calls us stupid mysoginists.

In your heart of heart, who do you hate more?

Slates Delegate Counter Makes for Great Fun for Obama Supporters!!!

McCain Girls: Raining McCain YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!! Views: 1,330,513

"If Hillary's the nominee, I'll walk down Main Street naked to

Obama gets 12 Philadelphia endorsements today

Surely, Ohio can never go red again?

GOTV - PA for OBAMA (but we can all play)

WOW! Obama makes Alaska competitive with McCain (new poll plus numbers out of NM and OH)

If you could predict from lawn signs who is going to win PA hacked?

The Real Sexism in this Campaign.

What Went Wrong With The Cinton Campaign (Real Clear Politics)

Holy crap! How did DU miss Fidgetgate??!!??

PHOTOS: Barack Obama campaigning in South Bend last night and today in Gary, Indiana

David Brock, Dems plan $40M hit on McCain

Bill Clinton in Puerto Rico

Lanny Davis was on TV today. Guess on which show he harped on Wright?

Clinton supporters: When you recall your first love, you always forget the bad times.

At Hillary fundraiser, Elton John criticizes misogyny of Americans - "I say to hell with them."

JUST FOR FUN: Is the U.S. too politically correct for this ad - Oui ou Non??

Face it. You people are IN LOVE with Obama. When you're in love, you embellish every positive

Another reason why Obama is going to beat McCain like a cheap pinata.

Charleston (WV) Gazette endorses Obama!

so hillary has gotten a reporter suspended, a radio host suspended and threatened superdelagates

You know Obama is gonna break your heart, don't ya?

You know Obama is gonna break your heart, don't ya?

You know Obama is gonna break your heart, don't ya?

You know Obama is gonna break your heart, don't ya?

You know Obama is gonna break your heart, don't ya?

What makes an effective female politician?

More unpaid Clinton campaign bills

More unpaid Clinton campaign bills

More unpaid Clinton campaign bills

This should rule out any talk of Condi Rice or Colin Powell on any ticket as VP

DK just gave an interview on CBC, said he supports the race going to the convention

Senator Casey: Clinton Arguments Against Obama Getting "Really Ridiculous"

Hillary preparing to drop bombshell?

Please note: Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson are different people.

Could Obama win in the Deep South....?

Randi Rhodes NOVAM RADIO Announce on Larry King tonight?


Why doesn't HIllary just pay off her bills

Obama's OLYMPIC BOYCOTT. Perhaps the BRILLIANT solution...

How Hillary lost my vote

Getting Mrs. Clinton

Study Shows Obama Would Have Won Primaries in Caucus States!!!

I am suppporting Barack Obama because of the BIGGER picture.

I am suppporting Barack Obama because of the BIGGER picture.

LOOK! Obama's 20 years of experience

Myth-Busting: Shining Light On The Myths The Clinton Camp Would Want You To Believe

Draft for a Preface

Breaking Gallup-- Obama maintains 8 point lead

Breaking: Obama has huge problem. This will end his campaign

Clinton, 'Math', & Obama

Presidential Height Math - Obama is 6'1.5 inches and McCain is 5'7 inches tall, etc.....

Bill Clinton raised $1.5 for Charity then pockets $450,000 of it

Politico: Obama Refuses To Pander To Gays, African-Americans, Latinos, or Unions

Obama Campaign Mischief In Indiana

Oh noes! Never mind his middle name, his mom's first name was *Stanley*!

Why Obama Is The Superior Candidate**

Joesph Wilson: Obama's Illusions on Foreign Policy


Do you have Clinton Fatigue? I do.


TIME PA Poll: Clinton 44, Obama 38

30 retired Generals and Admirals that endorse Clinton - Says she would be best CINC

Vets for Hillary are on a month-long, 37-city tour across PA:

UC Davis preparing to send delinquent Clinton campaign bills to collection agency

Why doesn't Obama call her on her '35 years of experience' bullshit?

Breaking! Indiana: Obama is Using Purdue Students to Break the Law

I am PROUD to be a Democrat in Utah!!! Another Super Delegate for Obama!

Call your local Progressive/Air America Affiliate and request they pick up Randi!!!!

TIME Mag. Cover Story: The Story of Barack Obama's Mother

BREAKING: Benjamin Franklin (PA) endorses Obama!

Gay press frustrated by Obama approach

Clinton may win 8 of the final 9 contests

Clinton Picks Up Three Superdelegates

"Any regrets about McClurkin, Sen. Obama?" "I tell you what . . . . "

Do you Hillary supporters do math at all?

Predict who the remaining superdelegates will go for-Complete list provided

Here, I did the math for all you Hillary fans...

Why do people assume that McClurkin is telling the truth about what he is?

When did Obama arrive at his current Iraq Troop Withdrawl position?

As a break from the Clinton/Obama wars, let's talk about Al Franken

Quit Calling For Hillary to Drop.

"Candle in the Wind" from Elton to Hillary

Breaking! PROTEST outside NBC this Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., West 48th Street and Rock

Hillary Clinton would end the war and rebuild our military while honoring our soldiers and veterans

To all HillaryClintonForum People

To all HillaryClintonForum People

To all HillaryClintonForum People

The Clinton-Colombian Connection: it goes a long way back

When is Team Hillary going to put out articles on the GOP's racist history?

Hillary folk, only please, can you feel it?

The Obama Feminists: Why Young Women Are Supporting Obama

Reality check: polling in Pennsylvania

Clinton leads PA 49-41, Obama getting only 30% white support, may bleed away 1/4 of Hill voters

50% of Americans must be idiots

Hillary's Healthcare Plan: Better Care for the Wealthy

Hillary's Healthcare Plan: Better Care for the Wealthy

Hillary's Healthcare Plan: Better Care for the Wealthy

Clinton Expresses Frustration with the Democratic Party

Hillary Supporters: How much did the Donnie McClurkin story affect your choice of candidate?

Womens Rights are Human Rights - Hillary Clinton

Hillary is the only one saying she'll BRING THEM HOME NOW

BREAKING from the Inquirer: Obama to Receive Philadelphia Endorsements Today

Are Charlie Kireker and Mark Green fucking whores?!

At Clinton fundraiser in NYC: Elton John on misogynistic Americans - "I say to hell with them."

Hillary Clinton: The Wal-Mart Videos

Barack Obama intends to bring the war to a close in 2009

CNN: Clinton's lead nearly gone, lead down to 4 pts.

Am I seeing this correctly?

Florida Dem says DNC is prejudiced toward caucasions in Florida....and sues them again.

Movie: "The Ruins" is about America.

How can you be "ready " when you don't pay your bills?

Script Pages From The Opening Scenes Of Oliver Stone's W Are Now Available Online

Al Qaeda in Iraq is a US run PSYOPS program to bullshit the American people?

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. VI

Abrams is nailing Kevin Madden re Bush's lies

Fred Kagan makes Jonah Goldberg seem smart......

Call To Action Obamans; Burn Your Elton John Vinyl, Tapes and Cd's!!!

Why Should Clinton Just Pack It In When Nothing Is Decided?

General "Betrayus"...."Everything His President Wants to Hear"...Robert Sheer

Is it China's Fault...or NOT...that they get these Prostests? What did they do to Deserve this?

ACLU: Military Commission Proceedings Put Credibility Of U.S. Justice System On The Line

After more than 50,000 dead Americans and millions of dead Vietnamese he thinks we could have won

Six Questions for Darius Rejali, Author of ‘Torture and Democracy’

Did the Torch Run have it's closing ceremony in it's secret undisclosed location?

Obama repeal of don't ask, don't tell is foolish!

Yet another reason to be glad Lieberman is no longer a Democrat

I asked and googled: John Yoo ties to Unification Church (Moonies)

WTF!!! Did Randi Rhodes REALLY Get Axed by Air America?

Life Below the Line: World Poverty

17 American soldiers killed since Sunday

Guy on the radio warns us about tornadoes, softball size hail, 80 MPH winds and then

Iraq Rats:a new name for mercenaries

Where is Karl Schneider?

I haven't seen this idea floated yet, but is it possible

Frist Seeks to Install Nuclear Reactor (in his house) too can have a HomeNuke9000!


Obama is our best choice if we want to win/pick-up states in the West (poll analysis)

Obama is our best choice if we want to win/pick-up states in the West (poll analysis)

Katie Couric Likely To Leave CBS, Says Report


Allegedly Political Prosecution Ends in Hung Jury

Iraqi: We got rid of one Saddam, but today we have 50 Saddams.”

Got a flash of insight @ McCain on the way to work this morning


My official Pro Jeremiah Wright Post (don't watch this video if you don't like Wright or his ideals)

Gene raises asthma risk, offers treatment

dupe - delete

NYTimes' John Burns and Dexter Filkins on with Charlie Rose tonight

John McCain Is No "Hero POW"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Marc Maron Subs for Mike

Couric and CBS

An estimated $9.2 million spent per Iraqi "terrorist" killed in this war

An estimated $9.2 million spent per Iraqi "terrorist" killed in this war

America the Free-- images from the Olympic torch run

Miso soup for the liberal's soul......

10:30 PM EST Comedy Central- Lewis Black - Who's more evil- Cheney vs. Paris Hilton

Lies ! Lies ! Lies !

People on radio come and go, you're better off not bothering to learn their names

Kansas firm airs candid Wal-Mart videos

The nicest kid I went to school with from 6th grade through high school wanted to join the Army

Top Bush Aides Approved 'Enhanced Interrogation' (Condi chaired the meetings)

Want an Obama Landslide?

Yahoo, AOL Close In on Tie-Up Deal

Food Riots Could Spread, UN Chief Warns

I want a reporter to ask McNasty a question and see McNasty get really angry and blow his top

Does anyone know what the $ cost of the war is per American?

sweet story-after 75 years.couple dies within 5 hours of each other

McCain Camp Misspells His Name In Web Ad

CSPIN 1: Reid and Pelosi talking about Colombia Fee Trade - then I saw it.

Great article on why we need to attack McCain NOW

Air America: Heading for 2nd bankruptcy?

Looking for anti-Uribe articles....

From Green960 KKGN: Randi Rhodes GONE from Air America

Something I have always wondered:

Guardian UK: We are in the worst financial crisis since Depression, says IMF

The Olympic Torch is a Nazi symbol

Oedipal Oval Office Frat Boy Meltdown? Junior "Cries Yesterday...Discusses Drinking Problem Today"

Texans, Okies, and Arkansans batton down the hatches tonight!

LOL! The US Air Force Called Ghost Hunters to check out an air force base in Ohio! Starting now, 9PM

The Daily Show just did probably the BEST commentary on the Iraq/Petraeus testimony from today!

You know--McCain doesn't know what he's talking about.

UhOh-British High Court rules against Blair re BAE

It is never too late to give up your prejudices

A suitable greeting for a Bush visit

Dana Perino does not speak well

Kerry Tells FCC: Don't 'Rubber Stamp' DOJ Decision On XM-Sirius

News Corp. May Join Yahoo Bid With Microsoft (This is not good for the Internet)

AlterNet: If Dems Talk About 'Winning' in Iraq, Everybody Loses

Apartheid still alive and well in the US

Did McCain Avoid Voting on a Key 9/11 Bill Because He's Afraid of the Neocons?

Patty Murray’s Senate Profile Rises as Byrd Recovers

The Mythology of Boomers Bankrupting Our Healthcare System

Dereaganization, or ending America's cult of personality

Give Mitch McConnell a piece of your mind.

AlterNet: Memo Shows Bush Administration Says to Hell with Fourth Amendment Rights

Penn demoted during Pennsylvania primary

China says it broke up plot to kidnap Olympic athletes

Well-being peaks during last year of Clinton, buckets during last week of Bush

I've come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is completely incapable

I just spent 30 min on DU and now I'm ready to crawl under my bed...

The Nation: Torturers

Iraqi detainees languish uncharged in crowded jails

What if?

Election commissioner to be suspended

Bob Marley's mother, Cedella Booker, dies at 81

China tells world of fantastic plot by Muslims to kidnap Olympic athletes, nobody believes it

What makes you mad, glad or sad?

Kansas firm airs candid Wal-Mart videos

Excuse me while I gloat over Rachel's success. Remember Pimple Butt Limbaugh

just caught blurb that student FAKED immigrant attack on her sign. anyone have more info?

Able Danger - the movie

A Comprehensive PBS Documentary on the Iraq War Becomes a Big Hit Online

C-SPAN3 Petraeus/Crocker Press conference at the Newseum

bu$h* to Cut Army Tours to 12 Months

Cool! Someone built a ready made compound/ holding area for W and his followers

Inside the Middle Class: Bad Times Hit the Good Life

AFL-CIO Urges Congress to ‘Stop the Colombia Free Trade Agreement’

Exiting Iraq (Tom Toles)

Has there been any major federal department or agency that hasn't gotten worse? Why blame Iran?

Would Olympic protests be as large if Toronto had been chosen?...

Alaska Senate: Ted Stevens (R) 46, Mark Begich (D) 45

A message from

war criminal feith on in an hour

Union Members Greet McCain in Washington

Opposing view: 'A climate of terror'

Boehner email to GOP activists-GOP giving up on FISA vote for now

Inflation Is Getting Worse

Bush: 140,000 Troops In Iraq Will Be Next President's Problem

C-SPAN: Bob Barr

C-SPAN: Bob Barr

LAT: Bed discovered in sect temple

American Airlines: Something Special in the Air....if you can find a plane that flies.

I have a question regarding the International Criminal Court.

I don’t want a President that I could have a beer with

Americans won't be denied access to health care

Michael Ware On Iraq Hearings: I Just See A Lot Of Oxygen Being Wasted Here

GOP Senate candidate Schaffer of CO praises Marianas Islands medieval immigration system

(continuing the McCain biography tour) TODAY in John McCain's history

'Gay Panic' Defense Invoked to Justify Murder Again

FUCK YOU Larry Johnson

I have a gut feeling about Air America and it ain't good.

A Slave In The Family

Fire, disbar, and try John Yoo as a war criminal. - Today’s Headlines - 4/10/08

Can you believe the Republicans are blaming the Energy Crisis on Democrats in Congress?

I am now officially a curmudgeon.

AAR to issue statement today re: Rhodes

What is wrong with the right wing?

Michele Bachmann Watch.....4/10/08

Scientists find Serpent described in Genesis, perversely claiming he's 92 million years old

General Wesley K. Clark and Jon Soltz: McCain must lead the charge

House Dems Poised To Defy History

Courts Chip Away at Web sites' decade-old legal shield

Going Soft on Corporate Crime (NYT Editorial)

Boehner to GOP: Forget About Spy Bill (FISA), Let's Focus on Taxes

Good Riddance Katie Couric: Reported in WSJ

Ok who else wants to take all of the republican enablers and send them all to

Bush regarding the strain on the troops and their families: "the biggest stress would be defeat."

April 9, 1976. Phil Ochs' life ended.

Howard! Howard Bannister!

Sheriff Joe got his ass kicked on Channel 12 re

Maybe it's because of his support of Mike Huckabee?

Cenk Uygur: The Two Central Myths of the Iraq War

The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation

Democrats really the party of freedom and freedom of speech?

Time's 1959 Article about the Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet...

Iran War Drums Are Sounding...My Prediction

The New York Times Mistakes Its Own Blindness for Presidential "Invisibility"

Look! McCain did NOT say "stay in Iraq for 100 years"

The Rude Pundit: The Body in the Closet Will One Day Be Found (Regarding Torture and Corpses)

China Moves Olympics to Undisclosed Location

A comment posted on _The Huffington Post_ is something that

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Racist arrested over threat to blow up Supreme Court

Let Bush go to China and make an ass out of himself, they deserve it..

My retirement plan lost 10% across the board this last quarter.

OMG! You HAVE to see this PIC! What the hell is Cheney doing!?

The Real McCain on Race and Immigration

What a field day for the heat! San Francisco pro- Tibet protest.

A Bump From the 'Colbert Report'

Karl Rove's Awkward Moment

Anyone on Bush's Torture Squad commented yet? (on ABC report)

Bush speech today on cspan3

Bush Speech Today: Next Prez Can Deal With Iraq

What Dept in next Administration do we want run by a Republican?

Tweety: "John Thune at the top of McCain's VP list"

Looking for an alternative to the big green coffee-house machine?

McClatchy: Congress to Petraeus: Show us a withdrawal plan

It's official: Rhodes quit AAR

ABC Report: Bush’s ‘Principal’ Advisers OK’d Torture

Sen. Harry Reid says pResident Bush really does have an Exit plan for Iraq

You Must Hear This: Challenger To Pelosi Calls Her Out As A Political Coward

Merle Haggard - The Ecooutlaw

Vice-president Boxer, anyone?


Maliki Disagrees With Petraeus’s ‘Pause,’ Says ‘U.S. Troops Should Be Pulled Out’

Will Bush, Cheney and Their Criminal Cronies Face Justice? Maybe

Infrastructural Guignol & Conservative Failure

Is It Torture? Or is It Merely Inhumane? Let me count the ways...

Paying the Bush War Bill, Defaulting on Our Future

Poll: More Using Tax Refunds for Bills

Guardian UK: We are in the worst financial crisis since Depression, says IMF

Dean feared Romney in general because he is articulate....(chuckle)

Space Exploration And the Incoming President

CNN's John Roberts to Dana Perino on McCain's "100 years" (LOL)

'Kill the bastards' South African police advised

Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen (BBC) {Brighten your day!}

Dean: GOP trying to 'weasel out' of McCain's 100 years comment

PS3 Thief Beaten Up By Girl

Big Business uniting to fight the ability of workers to unionize

Air America Radio IS NO MORE

Rachel Maddow: Progressive Media’s Next Mainstream Star

? about turnover in ambassadors

Possible "bad wiring" grounds 900 American planes?

Okay...I just got done playing through my whole Bob Marley library! RIP Bob's mom.

Nelson Mandela a Threat? Rep. Lee Aims to Get Famed Leader Off U.S. Terrorist Watch List

Oh barf. New Ben Stein "documentary" proves Big Science suppresses ID truth

Pew poll finding: Americans have never felt as pessimistic about their own future

I was very lucky, hit here around 4AM, everyone else in North Texas/Okla/Ark make it ok?

My heating oil bill.

The Battle For John McCain

DU men: Would you ever ask the loveliest tool in Chimpy's chest for a date?

Obama: Repeal of 'don't ask' possible

Randi Rhodes Quits Air America: "sam seder in for sam seder"

The 3:10 to Yuma and those god damned Flemish

Air America Statement re: Randi Rhodes

Mc* poses for photo with sign that says 'Vote for me Joe!!!!' - Caption

Despite McCain assertion, Petraeus ‘not aware’ of al Qaeda-Iran link.»

Judge Dismisses Core of Dan Rather Suit

GITMO tribunals: not one of the six detainees has even met their lawyer

KBR Contractor Raped and Threatened with being Disappeared

WSJ: 'Using tax dollars to buy & demolish foreclosed, unoccupied ... houses'

WSJ: 'Using tax dollars to buy & demolish foreclosed, unoccupied ... houses'

WSJ: 'Using tax dollars to buy & demolish foreclosed, unoccupied ... houses'

WSJ: 'Using tax dollars to buy & demolish foreclosed, unoccupied ... houses'

Bush & Cheney can be acquitted and still be sent to jail.

Bush & Cheney can be acquitted and still be sent to jail.

Another Video Beating - This Time a Teacher

First a tornado hits Greensburg, KS, now a year later, another disaster

Masterpiece theater, a history of Hillary's fictions and personae in emoticons....

Have you ever voted for a republican?

Jesus' General is having a fundraiser.

This just makes me want to punch myself in the face until I'm out cold...

China to Olympic boss: "Shut up about human rights." . . . .oh, this is going to end well.

You Tube link: "Face the Candidates" You Choose '08


Archbishop Tutu Speaks On Human Rights for Gay People

Canada Not Hopeful it can sway EU on seal pelt ban

Fundies to Marriott: Stop showing dirty movies in your rooms...........

Someone already snagged!

Jews can now play softball in Va. county

Nelson Mandela unable to travel to US because he is on US Terrorist Watch List.

You can all relax. We are perfectly safe and protected.

The Corporate Criminals' Immunity from Prosecution Act of 2008

Looking at Icasualties...are the incidence of "non-combat related" deaths to soldiers increasing?

Economical Breaking Point

When Sam says "Sam Seder in for Sam Seder" does that mean my dream has come true?

From TPM = Mukasey Refuses to Say Yoo Fouth Amendment Memo Withdrawn

What just happened on Sammycam?

Liberty U. to add roller coaster and year-round ski slope?

It's a fact! Alabama and Mississippi ARE the old Soviet Union!

3 Articles On China Everyone Should Read For A Little Balance

Feds Fine Chino Slaughterhouse $67M For Recall

Post your dream Progressive Radio Programming line up!

SFRC hearing on negotiated agreement with Iraq

Fuck Air America

Sam Seder has a Freeper on hold

Two Days And No Mention Of Death Threats As Balance?

TV researcher 'brought fatal flu to Amazon tribe'

Dude! It's time to testify before Congress! 22 yr old Efraim Diveroli's $300 mil defense deal

Lieberman, Bennett, And Kristol See Petraeus Hearing As ‘An Argument’ For ‘Going Into Iran’

Worker Trimming Trees Falls Into Wood Chipper, Dies



Gates is testifying in Senate hearing now. cspan3

Sons of Iraq

Please join Al Gore and


Who should be a super delegate? How should they be chosen?

NY Mag: Falling Out of Love With Bill

Urge Congress To Stop Drive Thru Mastectomies

US Army to spy on soldier and family blogs

US Army to spy on soldier and family blogs

Longshoremen to close ports on West Coast to protest war

White House Staff Welcomes End of Long Winter

Why do you believe most politicians today get into politics?

Mass deportations coming for jailed illegal immigrants

NM District Two (Pearce is GONE) has two Democratic candidates

Randi Rhodes "no longer an employee of Air America"

Guess who's going to be the keynote speaker for a NAACP dinner?

McCain and the AP poll

Roscoe Bartlett preachin' the Dharma on Peak Oil

Wow what a great email from a MO State senator

Randi Rhodes on Larry King tonite

Air America/DLC most likely will try to take legal action to silence Rhodes

Call-in interview with Dick Cheney and Sean Hannity (you gotta read this)

What Do you Call a Permanent Surge?

Tweety hosts G.E.Russert w/o shame a day after that article

As Petraeus Blames Iran, Gilchrest and Murtha Call for Diplomatic "Surge"

Your Tax $ At Work... Federal Workers - Millions in suspect purchases - Must Read!!!!

Lieberman, Bennett, And Kristol See Petraeus Hearing As ‘An Argument’ For ‘Going Into Iran’

John Nichols: Phil Donahue's War

Iraqi Court Kicks Loose AP Photog Held by U.S.; Right-Wing Heads Explode

Belzer voted for Obama over Clinton in the NY primaries.

Before We Lose Our Shirts

AAR 101 per Mike Malloy

Worker Trimming Trees Falls Into Wood Chipper, Dies

Richard Belzer to fill Randi Rhodes' spot next week

"Government is not God"

Coming soon! Pocket Lie Detectors --Pentagon issues them in Iraq .....

LA mayor asks Chertoff to reconsider immigration crackdowns

If there are any RRMB peeps reading right now

Randi on Larry King TONIGHT

Colonel killed in Green Zone (on treadmill in Embassy)

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site

Rep. Wexler Diary: My exchange with Petraeus

Welcome to your new home Randi Rhodes

Welcome to your new home Randi Rhodes

SUPER macho KICK-ASS Cowboy Bush: "I don't need the Olympics to express my position"...WOW!

Some days you just stop and ask yourself ...... "Why do I even care? Why do I bother?"

How many airlines and how many flights have been cancelled in the past months?

UP YOURS, 'MURCA: "Bush: More Sacrifices Will Be Demanded Of Americans "For Some Time To Come"

Stolen military equipment found on eBay

'and that brings the total deaths since sunday to eighteen' she said it with a big smile

Bookmark this thread

"It's the Kissinger plan. I thought it had been killed, but it's back." (Iraq war is about the oil)

BREAKING NEWS: Randi Rhodes will appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live”


Sounds like any solution for FL delegates is going nowhere fast.

WaPo: Bleaker Hopes for a Good Retirement

Quotes for today from Goethe and Zack

Five Years After Fall of Baghdad, All-Day Curfew Is Imposed

Hasn't the City of Greensburg suffered enough? Chucklenuts to deliver commencement speech in May

Student's slaying forces Madison, Wis., to ask: Is city being too nice to the homeless?


How Would You Turn Around America? Send Us a Video and You Could Win

Did the war criminal speak on Iraq yet? n/t

I want to Donate

10 Million square miles of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean

Sell-out "Bush Dog" Dems Roll Over, Play Dead

So, either John McCain is NOT a "straight-talker", or his wife really is a

Right-to-work closer to ballot

Gap Between America’s Rich and Poor Worsened in Past Two Decades

Hahahahah! ROFL!!! Students on Rate my Professor: "Torture memo" professor John Yoo

I call on DU to condemn Glen Beck and others for their nasty rhetoric...

Slaying sparks backlash against homeless

What's so Liberal about the Democratic Leadership Council?

Is anybody else having problems getting into I haven't been able to access it

Is anybody else having problems getting into I haven't been able to access it

John McCain bumper sticker and logo generator

Excellent LTTE: It's time to hold Bush, Cheney accountable

Iraq Call-In Day Thursday (from

Matthew Continetti ... why is this little boy given a voice on teevee?

ACLU: News Report Reveals White House Approved Torture Techniques

The Senate has been doing a lot of votes on amendments today

re:randi rhodes suspension/quitting

Afghans Hold Secret Trials for Men That U.S. Detained

Why do right wing hacks like Gregory

Dennis Kucinich *WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!!!!!*

Bwa-ha-mutha-effin'-HA: "Paid for by Johm McCain." Can't even spell his OWN DAMNED NAME.

Why Are You Supposed To Get Out Of Your Car During A Tornado?

Haitian president fails to restore order --

Poll: McCain surges, now in virtual tie with Democrats. Are Americans IDIOTS, or

Sign the True Majority petition: Condoleezza Rice Must Go

McCain defends his support of the controversial Rev. John Hagee

Sam to Randi: Maybe I'll be seeing you soon

Anybody on the SammyCam?

Important Randi News

Randi Rhodes will be on Green 960 starting monday.

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested After Asking Parents To Babysit Children

XM Listeners, the iron is hot, time to strike....

The secret of control

Too bad they didn't heed the tears of the young girls they raped

who will the new permanent host be

Ameircan Airlines "Copperizes" Planes...

Homeland Security official: Illegal migrants' employers will be prosecuted

Autistic children linked to same sperm donor

Florida sells unlimited water-pumping rights in drought-stricken State Park

Highest Bush Disapproval ever...68 percent.

Dept. of Corr. can order force-feeding of prisoners, WA Supreme Court rules

TYT: Should We Legalize Prostitution? Also, More With The Author Of The Real McCain

Sen. Kennedy on the "Principles Committee" (Bush's Torture Squad)

McCain’s bizarre reluctance on the new GI Bill

Biden's pathetically small nod to reality won't end the war

TYT: The Two Central Myths of the Iraq War

Muslim school in Minnesota

Some maple syrup makers worried about late start of season

Some maple syrup makers worried about late start of season


Rape isn't a joke.

Randi Rhodes Quits Air America Rather Than Apologize For Hillary Clinton "F*cking Whore" Remark; "Th

Rep. Jackie Speier becomes Congress' newest member, is booed by Republicans (they walk out)

Wow, did you guys know about this? Not publicized very much I guess.

Makes you wonder who is not being blackmailed in Washington ....

What is Middle Class?

Nova M Radio site: Randi Rhodes Joins Nova M Radio

Nova M Radio site: Randi Rhodes Joins Nova M Radio

Memo Signed By Bush, ALLOWING TORTURE, Surfaces

New Mexico Senate: Democrat Tom Udall has Wide lead over Both Republicans in Open Senate race.

Randi will be on Nova M - bank on it

Stonehenge revealed?????

The Increasing Global Food Crisis

Randi Rhodes Appreciation Thread

Clerics advise Sadr to keep Mahdi Army

Caption Mrs. *

Operative: Hillary Aims to KneeCap Obama Before PA Primary

This chart says it all...

8 Teens In Beating Case To Be Tried As ADULTS

ABC Reports: Condi/Rummy/Powell/Tenent Ashcroft Listened to **Detailed** Torture Briefings!

SCOTUS decision for Bush in Bush v Gore.... Conspiracy or not?

And your opinion would be...? (A Homeless Story)

When do we stop apologizing for slavery?

Rhodes QUIT. She was not FIRED. Let's set the record straight.

the FL youtube teen beating case is about 'power' and 'dissent' -- is this who we have become?

'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig

EXCLUSIVE one day early!!: **Official Obama gay interview**

W's shame at New Orleans (UPDATE)

School violence appalls officials, City teacher beaten by female student

3 Articles On Tibet Everyone Should Read For A Little Balance

Memo Signed By Bush, AUTHORIZING TORTURE, Surfaces

Islamic adviser wants opt-out for Muslim sex offenders

! ! Jesse Ventura with Hannity on FOX News ! !


Clinton Donors With Friends Like These ...

Hello Flathead

Wah. Need some vibes, please.

I'm getting a cellphone.

Oh, man. Jimi Hendrix 90-minute PBS special airing here in DC on WHUT. Hendrix lovers, check in.

not sure how to title this


It's so wrong - but I think Kevin Madden is SO GOOD LOOKING!

All generalizations are stupid

I'm bullish on book bags. They are going places.

I think for a fun evening out . . .

zOMG, another book bag flame war erupting.

Dadgumit! I could've won a phony!

My Honor Roll Student Beat up Your Dragon

Think good thoughts, I feel like going postal on someone

So I'm sitting here waiting till I can go to the gym...

Need help draining my dragon

Need help draining my flagon

This song is stuck in my head! (and I don't know it's name)

'Welcome to Florida, home of sun, sand, a delusional governor and a heartless Legislature.'

Embarassing Emissions


Never mind.. (delete)

My god, I've become such a narc as I've aged

For JasonC

TIVO needs a shuffle feature

Do you ever scold your TIVO?

Have a Happy Period

Coffee in our small town grocery store

Is there an iPod car adapter?

Ipod experts.....questions

Not a cool thing to say, but the latest Black Keys CD is what you want.

Woohoo! Avs takes Game 1!

I'm indulging in the hardcore music of my youth...

All you Monk fans.

Need help taming my dragon.

"Ghost Hunters" @ Wright-Patterson AFB

I'm going to bed. You have my permission to carry on while I am gone.

This Wheel's on Fire (youtube+lyrics)

Does anyone here REALLY believe that McCain WILL beat the democrat in November ?

If you were a carrot

Mmmmm....Economics Audiobooks on my iPod...

Mmmmm....Economics Audiobooks on my iPod...

Looking for some articles on nuclear techonology debate

I should never have given up coffee.

Had a bad scare tonight...

Chicken Dance creator has died...

So I went back on birth control pills to regulate my cycles and now I'm ravenous ALL the time

I just got back from the gym...

Marijuana ginger cookies for chemo nausea?

Sign in if you HATE the smell of freshly cut grass.

Bengal Tigers

Worst storm I've ever experienced

McCain Girls - McLame Girls - is this real?

Mock Orange

I'm going to be up all night working on my costume

Holy Moly! What's going on in Missouri and Arkansas? (8:30 EDT)

Speaking of Dragons.... Limozeen... LIVE.... .TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm listening to Taco Bell's cannon.

Ok, so let's say you see a job posting for a really cool job

HELP!!! Trying to find a DUer

So, the babe is in her own big girl bed tonight for the first time.

I never tire of this Biggie freestyle

Today's Politically Incorrect Website

'Squirrelman' to leave his tree for an RVStory

Dogs and Cats

Young Luke...

If Katie Couric leaves, will it be possible for the CBS Evening News to remain perky?

I never tire of this Biggie lifestyle

Need help taming my dragon.

The entire Godfather script in picture form

I don't WANT to go back to work

"Escanaba in da Moolight" is there a lamer comedy out there?

Limozeen live video!!!

A portrait of Audrey Analoak

BSG Season 4: ***SPOILER*** for the ones who haven't seen the new episode yet:

I haz novocaine...

Oh. My. God. Just came back from seeing Cloverfield. (SPOILERS Inside!!!)

I'm pretty sure there was a worm in that apple.

Anybody use the new Paypal Storefront Widget to sell stuff?

Anyone else here like "The Heavy"?

LOL... Westboro Baptist gets Rick Roll'd

Any SUV fans in the house?....

ThomCat - Where are you?

Some quiet and meditation music to sooth your nerves..

Hey - what spoof movies do you like?

Hey - what spoof movies do you like?

Okay. I get it. Now I see why ya'll were so angry that Jericho was cancelled.

My favorite Republican (a friend) died yesterday........

So I paid $3.93 for regular today

Just what are "Massive Humanitarian Casualties"??

I did this for you, DU Lounge...

At lunchtime I got me a whole bunch of plump, juicy........

Wear Orange Today

this may be the funniest thing I've seen in a while

WHOOHOO! It's Opening Day!

Can't believe matcom didn't find this before I did - World's most expensive coffee at £50 ($100)

o grr; s ;oyy;r pgg ypfsu////

Animal dung coffee at £50 a cup (BBC)

Heard of

It's all CaliforniaPeggy's fault!

The Proms Season 2008 has been announced.

I bought what I used to think was a useless appliance.....a rice cooker.

NorCal peeps: Sacto meetup is Saturday.

PSA to the lounge: If your meds say DON'T drink alcohol...

Cubs win! Cubs win!

Just saw First Blood for the first time

I got my top braces put on today

UK Duers

I just got fired!

I got to meet leftyclimber today! *bounce*

I Just Talked With My Nephew Coming Home From Afghanistan (Army)

My butt hurts

LOL! For those of you avoiding GDP..please read Skinner's guide to good DU primary citizenship..

Question about website revenues

Methinks the *Boy King* has been tippling again . . .

Lotsa storm damage in Greater Dallas

What a Story! Candidate Personally Receives Hundreds of Thousands From Foreign Sources, Private...

Best underrated Led Zeppelin songs?

It's my birthday today. Ask me anything.

Anyone follow the Masters?

Helen Clark the most Despicable Prime Minister in History

A Week Left, Who Is Going To LynneSin's Barbecue?

The just raised my hospitalization *again* at work. Is this a lot?

Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?

What sites to lounge lizzards go to to get more lounge type discussions?

zOMG!!!11!! Cabcere served in the Trade Federation under Lord Vader!!!!!

The Bar is OPEN......Butt

People who say the check is in the mail and even haven't come close to writing the actual check

Today I discovered the other mom who volunteers w/ me in class is a Republican

On the Map: Illustrating the Underlying Structure of On the Road

Has anyone seen RetroLounge today?

Posted in GD... A fun thread!!!!

RetroLounge.... you doin ok???

I've got it! It's all a plot!

Deleted post.

I think I just got a boyfriend but I'm not sure how.

I swear, ever since AT&T bought Cingular, my service has sucked!

Storms Out There Oklahoma and Arkansas

Jeez (a multi-purpose thread)

So, why doesn't hair grow on footballs?

Tainted Love: Great originals that got overshadowed by ok cover versions

Honorary "Dingbat of the Year": sudopod!

Instant Messaging on MSN to cost money?

GAH! I'm getting a new computer at work, but...

Matcom WANT!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/10/08

Active Hurricane Season Predicted

Credit Report advice requested

So from my particular point of view, get an ugly man to marry you!

Seasonal allergy sufferers, what do you take?

AutoCAD question

I OFFICIALLY became old today...

Tourette Syndrome?

Who ARE the 28%.

Post the U.S. states you've never set foot in

Post the U.S. states you've been in

How about a picture thread...In honor of my haircut?

My new favorite time-waster (outside of DU)

The storm was worse than we thought - how are the DFW DUers this morning?

When Professors go over the top in their praise:

I am in love- Panasonic 103" Plasma Screen

DU Scores 43% on the Blog Cuss-o-meter

New Top Chef in T-minus 7 minutes! *spoilers within*

I'm listening to Pachabel's Canon

Vibes Needed: I go in front of a Judge in the Morning...

I *NEVER thought I'd be able to do this.

Ukranian Army ad: Sign me up!


If You Won The Lottery...

Remember folks: Only 30 shopping days left

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/10/2008)

Click here if you like cats - otherwise, seek professional help

Post a Crush

I need help with phrasing an email

Cast your vote . . .

DS1 is wrong, dead wrong.

Post the US states you've gotten lucky in.

Any SRV fans in the house?....

Ava's mother is just so charming and delightful.

Hello. I need help with JavaScript

CONFESS!!!! What bizarre talent do you possess

CONFESS!!!! What bizarre DU'r do you think is possessed?

Latest sign of the apocalypse: the return of Schlitz

Damn. I've maxed out my painkillers today.

I just re-subscribed to The Nation and I'm glad I did...

Is the generation divide so broad that youngsters don't know ol' sayings like...

Do you have a relative on DU?

Boston Vrs Montreal - I love them old time hockey matches

Randi Rhodes Message Board..........Gone...

Anyone a paralegal?

900 More Flights Cancelled Today American Airlines

Anyone else feel like they can't go to sleep unless they load up on sugar?

I ordered my wedding dress today!!!

Most boring state

This summer I'm going to visit West Virginia

Shhhhh! The kitten is napping...

I have seen so many fantastic nicknames for Bush and company-do you mind posting here?

Has anyone else noticed that hit and run new subscribers tend to love the "plain text" post option?

Fat Lady Rising: Why Obama Should Win PA

Fat Lady Rising: Why Obama Should Win PA

I've looked so long that I finally quit looking for a job. - edited

This SPINAL CAPRICORN album has a Lounge game on it!!!ELEVEN!!

As Petraeus testifies, Baghdad teeters on edge of erupting

Charts Lie in General Petraeus's Report

Many Israelis 'uncomfortable' with pastor who supports McCain

Postal Workers Back Obama (sixth union affiliated with the AFL-CIO to back Obama)

Wal-Mart Exposed: Videos You Were Never Meant To See

School says girl lied about assault over immigration poster

Pentagon tells lawmaker not to air Green Zone video again (Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-NC)

US Official: Al-Qaida terrorist dead

House Committee Approves Bill to Address Deadly Dust Explosions

Gordon Brown appears on American Idol

Suicide blast in Afghanistan kills eight

Suicide blast in Afghanistan kills eight

Kellam (Va.) High School teacher tied to escort services resigns

U.N. Official Urged Commission to Study Neocon Role in 9/11

"Clinton supporter Elton John laments US misogyny"

Three die in Mosul car blasts

Bush to Cut Army Tours to 12 Months

Rights group: Afghan trials unfair

Rights group: Afghan trials unfair

US airstrikes in Iraq target militants (Maliki disagrees with Patraeus' delay in troop withdrawls)

No Congress approval for Iraq troop deal: official

Clerics advise Sadr to keep Mahdi Army

Bush warns Iran of 'choice' on Iraq (says US will defend its interests)

Athens girl found lying about being attacked for anti-illegal immigration sign for class.

Bush says U.S. strategy in Iraq needs more time

Katie Couric may exit CBS News before contract ends, WSJ reports

Iraqi detainees languish uncharged in crowded jails

American cancelling another 900 flights today

Senate OKs bill to boost housing market

Many mortgage suits to come, but tougher to win

Polygamist men cry during temple search

Polls: Clinton's lead down to 4 points in Pennsylvania

Iraqi Refugees Find Sweden's Doors Closing

AP poll: Bush public approval at new low

World Bank: rocketing food prices have put fight against poverty back 7 years.

Sen. Ted Stevens, Sheffield emails expose possible campaign violations

Powell: Troops in Iraq Must Be Reduced

Powell Praises Obama, Fears Afghanistan Growing 'More Difficult' Than Iraq

China 'Uncovers Olympic Terror Plot'

Indictment: Ohio man threatens to blow up Supreme Court building

Bob Greene, Pioneering Investigative Reporter, Dies

Dems now estimate convention will bring 50,000, up from 35,000

Dems now estimate convention will bring 50,000, up from 35,000

ALBA Opens Bank in Cuba

Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Iraq (18 plus 1 non-combat death=19 since Sunday)

McCain: No preemptive war pledge

Great Lakes Deal Announced

House votes to delay Colombia trade pact

McCain erases Obama 10-point national lead

Randi Rhodes signing off

McCain-Rice team would lead among New Yorkers, poll says

Sensitive Military Gear Hawked On eBay, Craigslist

Bush Embraces Pause in Troop Cutbacks

IOC chief: Olympics in 'crisis' over torch chaos

Clinton challenges McCain, Obama on war

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 10

Egypt sentences 5 men for homosexuality

Setback For Dan Rather Lawsuit Against CBS

Melting causes lake in Chile to empty (causes river "tsunami")

Nepal votes in historic election

Cheney, others OK'd harsh interrogations (AP confirms ABC's story)

Texan sect temple 'used for sex'

Symantec Cuts Jobs As Part Of Restructuring

Venezuela nationalises steel firm

SFO wrong to drop BAE inquiry, court rules

Man Claims CIA Tortured Him, Goes to International Court

Randi Rhodes joins NOVAM RADIO

Climate change could lead to global food crisis, scientists warn

John McCain/Johnny Blade karaoke parody (My first YouTube)

Voter Video on C-SPAN

the Patreaus Report dissected

Abbie Hoffman makes Gefilte Fish

The Daisy Ad... potential use in 2008?

ABC News: Bush advisers approved torture

UC Davis Ready to Send Deadbeat Clinton Campaign to Collections

TYT: Does McCain Have A Temper?

Obama Music Video - It's Our Time Now

Elizabeth Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olberman: 4.09.08!

Crazy People Are The Ones That Change The World

General Petraeus Report ~Olbermann

Wexler Questions Petraeus - 4/9/08 'Majority Emailed Questions Want Withdrawal'

George Bush or Chimp

Barack Obama at the Sunrise Cafe

Colin Powell Doesn't Endorse, But Praises Barack Obama

TYT: The Clinton Campaign Having Financial Troubles

Frank Luntz, GOP doublespeak wordsmith, has caught Obama fever

Sen. Barack Obama South Bend event part 1

Michelle Obama at North Carolina State University

If Hillary Steals the Nomination...

Barack Obama in Gary, IN

Mukasey Refuses to Say Yoo 4th Amendment Memo Withdrawn

Josh Marshall on the GOP's favorite model of capitalism, the Marianas islands

Caffert File: "W" The Movie

John McCain Drops The "C" Word

Obama Audience in South Bend 4/10: We Don't Want to Go Home

Barack Obama in South Bend, IN

IA-03: Campaigns of the Rich and Powerful

Shirley Golub is ON THE TABLE !!!!

Al Franken's stump speech: "I wasn't afraid...."

Walmart Managers Dress in Drag

TYT: Myths Of The Iraq War (Busted)

Sen Bob Menendez: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing (He was GREAT!)

Dennis Kucinich *WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!!!!!*

Randi Rhodes calls Hillary Clinton whore - Green960 responds

Al Gore's New Climate Change Slideshow (TED Conference Premiere)

Amy Goodman: The Real Anti-Torture President

Bill Clinton Addresses The 'Colombian Problem'

A significant Iraq casualty: Your standard of living –Robert Reich

Frida Kahlo in Philly; Something IS left Out

Madeleine Albright's International Migraine

Sources: Top B* Advisors (Cheney Rice Rumsfeld Powell Tenet Ashcr) Approved 'Enhanced Interrogation'

Cliff Schecter: Did McCain Avoid Voting on a Key 9/11 Bill Because He's Afraid of the Neocons?

McCain Must Lead the Charge

Bush failed to push peace process on Israel, Palestinians

In Utero Inc.

5 Ways the G.O.P. Can Keep Dems Out of the White House in 2009 By JC Garrett

General Petraeus Blames Writers' Strike for His 'Repeat Testimony'

The GOP, a casualty of war

Mark Crispin Miller: The War on Terror

The Nation: Torturers

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

Time cover feature: The Story of Barack Obama's Mother

DHS to offer backdoor increase to H-1B visas?

"'Power of the purse' best hope Dems have to change direction in Iraq" by Jason Leopold

'Frontline' "Bush's War" set records.

US Fed prepares to replenish war chest

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

A Headache for Workers

The Meltdown Lowdown


Colombian “Magnicidio” Remains a Mystery After 60 Years

Sisters for Hillary - Very Cute Kids

Continuity of Government & The "ENDGAME" Scenario

Bush Embraces Pause in Troop Cutbacks

Microsoft's own analyst warned about Vista, low-cost laptops

Truth's wreckage: The surge is killing us

Naomi Klein addresses Canada's first Independent Jewish Congress

What's Wrong With This Picture?

John Nichols: Phil Donahue's War

Petraeus Meets His Match

Tear Down the Ghetto: The Price is Wrong

The coming collapse of the middle class

The Booming Venezuelan Economy

The DU Presidential Primary Guide to Good Citizenship and Survival

Burson-Marsteller Floods Chile with Pro-Dam PR

OIL & GAS SUBSIDIES: $6 BILLION in new subsidies in 2005 energy bill alone

Bahrain WTC turns on its wind turbines

Any web sites for involvement on solar projects?

Plugged In: WWF's take on the V2G Hybrid

Pacific Ocean Plastic Mistaken for Plankton Threatens Wildlife

Yet another corporate land grab?

Quantity Of Plastic Litter Hitting UK Beaches Up 126% Since Survey Began In 1994 - Telegraph

Annual Average Rate Of Increase In Atmospheric CO2 2000 - 2006 - 3.1%

Maryland Legislature Passes Energy-Efficiency Bills

PSE&G to Provide Solar Loans ($105 M, New Jersey)

Tapis Hits 3.07 Yergins - WTI at 2.91- 4/10/08 - 13:40 GMT

US wind power market to grow more than US $5bn per year over next decade

March 2008; 3rd Warmest on Record

Has any noticed that

Refinery reopening uncertain (Marcus Hook, PA)

Venezuela assures assistance to India in attaining energy security

Pakistan: Fear reigns supreme as city hit with more mayhem

4/10/08 - May Brent Crude Hits New Record High Of $109.98 In Midmorning Trading

Petraeus: Another Iraq troop buildup unlikely

Bush to announce shorter Army tours today

Roadside bombs kill 3 soldiers, 2 others die

Army, Marine brass say readiness a concern

Colonel 9th of his rank to be killed in Iraq

Army offers Texas recruits chance to win Wii

Very active 2008 hurricane season forecast

Skelton: Falling readiness puts U.S. at risk

New helmet-mounted displays out this year

Photographer at Camp Cropper granted amnesty

Official: 2 U.S. carriers to stay near Taiwan

500 soldiers return to Riley today

Indonesia bans Navy medical research unit

Senate lawmakers caution Navy on shipbuilding

Karachi Paralyzed By Violence - Fire Dept. Demanding Armed Protection To Respond To Arsons

Waxman: Evidence of WH intervention in EPA's block of CA emissions law

FAO Director-General - Haitian Food Riots Only The Beginning - Unrest Possible Throughout 3rd World

Deutsche Bank analysts say electric cars viable

New York's Paterson Rejects Long Island Gas Terminal

Rule protects farmers from GE suits

UK Gov. Launches New Program To Save Honeybees, But No New Research Money After Budget Cuts

Chronic wasting disease found in 13 elk

The Hill - GOP Huddles On Climate - Not To Act, But To Come Up With Unified Message For Election

Report may doom offshore wind power initiative (Delaware)

Radioactive waste of 1966 nuclear accident found

World Bank Will Think About Considering Climate Breakdown As Basic Part Of Aid Policy Formulation

Oil price could hit $150 within five years, says Guinness (heh. ya think?)

Fear of rice riots as surge in demand hits nations across the Far East

International aviation officials approve Sasol's coal-based jet fuel

Icing On The Cake For Indonesian Mud Volcano Victims - Eruption Of Concentrated Methane - AFP

Green Gasoline Could Power Future Cars and Jets

Delta, Northwest could announce merger next week (fuel price pressures)

Study: New LED street light technology could save energy, money

'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources

Case dropped in robbery, beating of soldier

Pilot in S.F. oil spill had DUI conviction

Al-Qaida chief apparently dead from hepatitis

First Osprey squadron in Iraq to return home

Green Zone shelled 5 years after Baghdad fell

Police: SF airman admits role in taxi holdup

Air University to give Rice an honorary degree

USAFE may shift south to ease AfriCom mission

Predator crashes in Iraq

With al-Sadr’s march canceled, calm remains in Shiite stronghold of Shula

Depleted uranium burned at Hill

March sees record passenger, cargo transport

New rules for military on running for office

Soldiers facing assault charges

Airman pleads guilty to sexual misconduct in Osan dorm

Tours Rolling Back, But Not For All

Vets to McCain: Back New GI BIll

Another Woman Tells House of Iraq Rape

Mother and Son Serve Together

UAV Kills Two Criminals

Officials: Fighter gap could reach 800 planes

Army to Reinvestigate Soldier's Death

Unhappycamper,et al-a question

Blind action group want beepers on hybrid silent cars.

Mainer tackles a tricky (wind) turbine challenge on Galapagos

Focus on European Smart Grids

Governments Balk At "Clean-Coal" Costs While Companies Pimp "CCS-Ready" Coal Plants

Climate Outlook For Hunting In US Grim - Deer, Elk Potentially Gone From West, 2/3 Loss Of Ducks

Beekeepers call for pesticide ban

Westinghouse strikes deal to build US nuclear power plants

TED Talks: Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

Retired Marine Has Switched Her Helmet For A Hardhat

Labor Backs Pelosi As She Blocks Colombia Free Trade Deal

Urge Bush el TLC con Colombia

Pa. Unions Could Hold The Key For Obama Or Clinton

Ohio Prison Department To Cut 700 Jobs

NPR Series Looks at What Really Happens When Immigrant Workers Are Deported

Farmers Crossing The Border - To Mexico

Longshoremen to close ports on West Coast to protest war (UPDATED)

GM, Parma workers reach tentative contract

Today in labor history April 10

UAW gives economic proposal to American Axle as strike continues

Indian Workers Go To U.N. Claiming Enslavement In The U.S.

Anti-Worker Ballot Measure in Colorado Could Involve Fraud

Delta pilots get OK to picket at Northwest hubs

American Axle conducts testing of job applicants

Labor Notes kicks off in the Motor City

A New Economic Deal Starts with Workers’ Rights

Workers with Ground Zero-Related Illnesses Still Struggling for Support

Fair wage engenders basic human dignity

W Post Letters to the Editor: Don't Dismiss the Killings in Colombia

Congress looks at workers' safety Experts blame some injuries, deaths on inadequate funding

NYT: Brooklyn Sweep Shows Local Focus in Fight on Labor Violations

Special Report | The Cruelest Cuts

GEO (UAW Local 2322) reaches tentative agreement with UMass

Gold, money supply, inflation or deflation: VIDEO- Jay Taylor

Doctor Housing Bubble 04/10/08

Supreme Court Muni-Bond Delay Has Lawyers, Markets Puzzling

SEC Overhaul Bid by Bush Condemned by SEC Chairmen

Bank {of England} lowers interest rates to 5% (BBC)

Can't Get Ahead, Hard To Keep Up

Fed Up: Bernanke Joins G-7 to Stem Global Financial Meltdown

Study: Earners high, low think they belong to middle class

Is there a way to rate the safety of banks? How likely they are to fail, etc. ?

N.Y. Governor David Paterson addresses LGBT community

Two issues from the ADVOCATE "interview."

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Tax Time Hits Gay Couples Harder

Maine Measure Would Wipe Out LGBT Protections

Obama Talks All Things LGBT With The Advocate

WU Students chase off Fred Phelps clan video

There is an OP in gd:p that has some responses that I think some

O'Reilly segment on "mainstreaming homosexuality"

Huffington Post: The Clinton-Colombia Connection: It Goes Back a Long Way

"Vote for My Colombia Deal or I'll Brand You a Chavez Supporter!"

Latest FARC Communique Translated into English

Chronicling poverty in Cuba — before Castro

Cuba Lambastes Bush Envoy (Cuba Transition Coordinator) to Europe

2 Palestinians arrested for plot to poison Ramat Gan diners

Israeli think tank: Hamas has 20,000 armed men in Gaza Strip

PM: Israeli response to Negev attack will change the way Hamas operates

LA Times Today: Obama Not To Be Trusted, Doesn't Hate Arabs!!

Archive of the Petraeus-Crocker hearing on SFRC website is up

Hearings on negotiating a long term relationship with Iraq - on now

Anybody here like to garden?


*The Masters* scoreboard

North Dakota St. loses despite no-hitter

(Marion) Jones's team-mates lose medals

'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig

Face Reading of John McCain's Unpredictable Cheeks

How Obama has changed, a Face Reading

Power Packed Hillary's Face Reading

Comparing Auras of Obama and Clinton

When I started paying more attention to astrology

Got a flash of insight @ McCain on the way to work this morning

Gads! I'm a glutton for punishment.

Scientists take drugs to boost brain power: study

Positive experiences ease MS depression

I roasted up a chicken last night.

Diagnosis changes may affect autism rise

We just got blamed for keeping DU's Cuss-o-meter rating too low.

Hindu Senate invocation

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Charter for Compassion. A Religion for the Evolution of Humanity.

May Day is now the "National Day of Prayer"

Global Exposure: Lead found in Chinese made dental restorations in the US.

Wandering Continents

Lungless 'Jabba' frog offers evolution clue (AP/CNN)

Workshop for Scientists interested in running for office

Newly Discovered Fundamental State Of Matter, A Superinsulator, Has Been Created

IBM races to make hi-tech memory (BBC)

Just like penguins and other primates, people trade sex for resources

Nasa probe pictures Phobos moon (BBC)

Ancient serpent shows its leg (BBC)

America's Shooting Gallery 4-10-08

Have you ever changed an anti-gunners mind? (long)

it is time

Principles of misdirection, sleight of hand

New York Sun: U.N. Official Urged Commission To Study Neocon Role in 9/11

The Shell Game author Steve Alten on ABC 6

AL GORE, What is the Secret Govt Aerosol Spraying Program?

German Church admits aiding Nazis

Hey smart folks here - SFRC hearing today

HR5036, the "Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008" applies to 2008 election


WTF? The VA refuses to help disabled vets living in VA hospitals


Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. 04/10/08

Forwarded messages come as attachments I can't open

how can I clean my hard drive of all personal information? nm

Indiana voter registration breaking records

Able Danger - the movie

Anyone around? KOEB 4/9/08 Primaries, Onwards, Into the Fog, edition. :)

Anyone around for the 10 p.m. show?

SFO unlawful in ending BAE probe

Boy, is the Currant Bun having a lorra laughs with those Crizy Norf Cantry Chavs

Peer Reviewed Creationism!