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DU header screen capture ... how perfect is this?

Read this post if you think there was something substantive in Bush campaigns.

Obama beats Clinton in the White vote vs. McCain

Are there any primaries this weekend?

SurveyUSA: Obama opens up 19 point lead in Maryland.

OUTRAGE: Hillary is a Super Delegate and plans to vote for herself

Are there racists in the Democratic party?

NM still counting. 13-12 for Clinton- winner in popular count picks up the extra delegate.

MSNBC Official Delegate Count: Obama 861 - Clinton 855

Great photo of a Sonics basketball game...oh wait, this ain't the Sonics?

Obama, will he pick Sebelius for VP?

I'm going to caucus for Obama tomorrow. Question....

For my fellow Obama Cult Members - A song for us

Huckabee solicits funds from embattled televangelist

18,606,216 Democrats vs. 12,774,677 Republicans

Half the cultists wonder: Will MSNBC make Schuster apologize

Obama says stronger than McCain on climate change

Chew on this analogy between Clinton and Bush

Who will give in first? Your candidate or theirs?

McCain, the Conservative now? LOL!

rational mind + politics + anonymity = digital tourette's syndrome.

travel costs

Time to listen to Clinton, folks....

Barak: Cafferty likes him, Beck likes him, Coulter likes him, Powell likes him...does it make

I had three very civil conversation with fellow Dems today.

MD POLL: Obama 52, Hillary 33. Nearly tied among white voters but Obama wins African-Americans 4:1.

Yo! Obama Supporters: Become cynical and jaded and pessimistic ASAP!

I think it's so funny....

Local Wisconsin Mayors Endorse Obama, Including Milwaukee

My husband's two hardcore Republican coworkers are voting Democratic

Voinovich endorses McCain/says McCain lacks mgmt skills,experience

KO is going to do something on the Chelsea story soon. TUNE IN!

Are you part of a union and if so what candidate are they endorsing?

Superdelegates should weigh human vote totals of DEMOCRATIC voters more than anything else

I've been inundated with "Obama is a muslim" type emails today.

What if David Schuster said that Obama was pimpin out his wife.


How many of McCain's campaign staff are posting on this site?

"Only a Moron would bet that Obama will receive the Nomination..."

Colin Powell may support Democrat or Independent in ‘08

I don't know if I was here in Duland when this happened but maybe someone can help me...

How many online ad $$$ for DU is the Hillary/Obama war bringing in?

$500,000 in 2007 for parking? Seriously Clinton?

Super Tuesday update: Obama leads Clinton by two delegates, with 91 still to be awarded

David Schuster is on our side.

Why Obama does better than Clinton against McCain: it's the men, folks.

Ok, I have been working all day and part of the night, Chelsea incident? What happened?

Prediction - Republicans will rush to support McCain before November.

How many of Hillary's paid campaign staff are posting on this site?

Oh stop it.. no one is paid to post here... and these are the reasons why

I'd like to know how many Obama campaign staff are posting on DU.

I was upset by Shuster's choice of words.

Hillary supporters, stop pimping "the pimping" story

Obama is pimping Stevie Wonder

Schuster vs. Scarborough (VIDEO)

Are you an employee of a campaign?

California results reveal underlying demographic difficulties for Hillary, Obama

FUCK THE OBAMAS I am done with them!

Why has it gotten so ugly on DU?

Post your Feb 9-10th primary predictions here:

I saw Obama Kissing Santa Clause...

Obamamania will NOT pass!!!

How many of Obama's paid campaign staff are posting on this site?

Barack Obama voted for...

Obama: "There is room for disagreement on that initial decision to vote for the IWR"

Why MSNBC...why not Fox News?

HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!

McCain running with Condeleza(sp) Rice??

What is Obama's position on hedgehogs?

Hillary thanks you for your support

Hillary Clinton voted for the Bankruptcy Bill.

Undecided Super-delegate just gave an interview regarding WI primary, Feb, 19. He is a

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War Resolution.

Did Obama make a boo-boo re: Michigan?

Nothing new about Jonathan Alter, he has been swooning over Obama

Anyone have any idea about what might happen in Maine Sunday?

Clinton: $10 Million Raised This Month online, should be $12 million -$13 million after tonight

Hey Obama people - I just found out that Obama supporters are supposed to

Baltimore Sun: "Barack Obama is here to lead us to a better life", says congressman

Hillary Sells Own Tears on eBay

We need to raise the Voting age to 30 for democracy's sake

Clinton made a victory speech after the FL vote. Obama ran ads in FL for weeks before the vote.

Obama is a fucking disaster of a candidate in the south Loses to McCain by 30 points in Kentucky

Ad- 30 seconds

Clinton says 'not yet' to releasing tax returns

Obama takes lead in AP Super-Tuesday delegate count, by two with 91 still to be awarded

"Robin Morgan tells young feminist Obama supporters we're scaredy-cat bimbos"

Hillary Clinton voted for No child Left Behind

The republicans are so easy to tell you that they voted for Bush twice

DU members did engage in political adoration, but it's not Obama

Had David Schuster said "Pimping out" about Obamas daughter, y'all would be yelling RACISM.

SurveyUSA: Shows Obama, McCain with Big Leads in Virginia Polls

Can Barack Obama Lose?

MSNBC's KO on Schusters comment: "utterly inappropriate and indefensible statement"


Breaking: David Brooks used to tear down Obama on DU

Hillary Clinton voted for the Patriot Act

For the rest of February, get used to seeing Clinton concession speeches and Obama victory speeches

Bangor News Endorses Barack Obama

So when Clinton is President, Obama not in site, is Hillary going to still make bad decisions?

Obama will not release documents about the rezko land deal.

MSNBC was saying Romney wasn't questioned about the 35 million he donated to his campaign

Do You Believe!?(Video)

Progressives are not served by Shusters suspension.

This is David Schuster's Second time to Apologize for Comments...that's why he was Suspended.

Guardian UK: Clinton team braced for Obama to take the lead

I'm calling out the mods with a question...

Defend her vote, not point to what others have done, she is a leader right?

How many (or if any) Phone calls have you recieved from the Obama or Clinton campaigns?

So how is McCain going to pay for the US military in Iraq for 100 years?

Hillary trailing badly in Maryland. Latino, white voters split

Obama game me crabs!

Good Luck McCain.....He's going to have to campaign against TWO SUPERIOR CANDIDATES for months....

If Obama gets the most popular votes, but Clinton gets the nomination...

I just donated to Hillary.

Post-Super Tuesday election markets.....

Obama has no idea how to deal with McCain.

in the words of Rodney King: can't we all get along?

I love you...

Hillary Supporters

Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana... What's going to happen tomorrow?

The Monkeys Have Taken Over the Zoo. I am Out of Here.

What I really wanted to say to Chris Matthews, By Kate Michelman

I remember a couple of times early in the primaries, I asked

Joe Trippi Interviewed To Be Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Before He Hooked Up With Edwards "You've Got Mailers!"

Hillary Clinton won't release her tax return...

What time are the get togethers tomorrow in NE and WA?

Superdelegates To Clinton's Rescue? Will the politicians or The People choose our nominee?

Noted DINOs Ted Kennedy and Paul Wellstone voted for the Patriot Act andc No Child Left Behind!

It is a shameful and fascist when Dems want to disenfranchise voters in order to win an election.

Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland says Hillary’s the one

Upcoming Obama Rallies in Virginia Beach, College Park and Baltimore

Hillary voted for this and Obama voted for that

Check in here if your preference for either Obama or Clinton has been changed by a thread in GD:P.

Does anyone have any Texas or Ohio poll numbers?

Does Obama understand caucuses, or, at least, the different ones?

Why Bill Clinton should have resigned.

Follow the leader: Sen. Obama Follows Hillary's Lead On Gulf Coast Recovery Plan

Obama's people are CHILDREN!

I really wanted to post this in GD

I just saw the "Yes, We Can" video for the first time . . . Damn!

Hillary Supporters: Please Tell DU How You Feel About Seating Delegates from FL and MI

Here's an idea: If you don't like Hillary DON'T VOTE FOR HER. If you don't like Barack,


Who should I vote for?

The right will implode upon a Clinton nomination like they did during impeachment. Remember that?

Behind Obama and Clinton: Who's whispering in their ears says a lot

There is a far greater disenfranchsiment if Florida is seated

All this 'cult' talk ...

Was "Free Trade" and the Iraq War part of Clinton's learning curve?

When it's down to the wire McCain will slightly win males and badly lose females

Obama's Cabinet?

**** OFFICIAL REAL ISSUE THREAD #3: Creating a Filibuster proof majority******

The day we'll be able to say "Hillary is toast": February 12th, 2008

For the Obama supporters... a You Tube video

Has anyone ever read the DLC's platform?

It is not time to reach across the aisle to bring Americans together, it is time to fight.

Donate to Hillarys campaign tonight! Big night is needed!

How to recognize a Real **** OFFICIAL REAL ISSUE THREAD****...

PBS Tonight BILL MOYERS + Kathleen Hall Jamieson + Now On PBS + ELECTION TOPICS

So what should Superdelegates base their vote on? Popular or Delegate vote? State or national?


Will MSNBC's Obama pushing sexist attitude backfire?

America is not ready for a woman president - CNN polls

It was a mistake to rail only at Bush and Cheney ....

Delegate count depends on who's counting ...

Anyone know when polls close tomorrow or if Caucus results will come in sooner tomorrow?

One can "be ready" on day one but no one can "get it right the first time"

Donna Brazile: A Suddent Interest

I believe some of the RW talkers REALLY want Hillary to be Pres

Dick Morris is saying on Fixed that since McCain has won, republican white men will...

Highlights of Obama's first year on the campaign trail By The Associated Press

Is there an endorsement, celebrity or otherwise, who would change your vote?

Vote For MaMa, Not Obama

Who will win tomorrow and by how much?

possible dem primary irregularities

Honestly, would Al Gore have stood a better chance of winning the GE than Hillary or Obama?

Contact the DNC to say Florida and Michigan must count!

NH landlord: Clinton staff stiffed me on rent.

Hillary 08, a leader not a Preacher!

A strong woman

Here's some substance: Obama's plans for the US military

WSJ: "Clinton is Losing this Thing"

Maybe an ungrateful nation doesn't deserve another Clinton?

Bush Endorses McCain

The First Affirmative Action Candidate

Question: Do you think that is one cannot support the nominee that one ought to leave the Democratic

Its not 2025 delegates to win it's 1869

Limbaugh doesn't have to fundraise for Clinton

We need to obey (half) the rules in the primaries

Who will have a difficult time accepting a Clinton victory?

What the hell is going on? How can this be happening in THIS country? Super Delegates to Hillary?

Just to be clear: Obama = Jim Jones?

The Primary Cult

Heated email exchange between Shuster and Clinton aid

Please caption!

The Iraq War is the Moral Test of Our Time and Hillary Clinton FAILED

Say the name “Clinton,” and MSNBC transforms itself into Fox light.

If Hillary loses men by such a large margin, she cannot win the general election.

Ted Sorensen, JFK's Legendary Speechwriter, Lends Support, Eloquence to Obama Campaign

Clinton Camp To Obama: How did you pay for that house?

does barack obama suffer from states of depression?

It's definitely much better for the party to have a non-inspirational nominee

State of Washington: Obama 50%, Clinton 45%

Honest question- shows 1033-937 in delegates

Looking For Honest Answers To Simple Questions About Hillary

WSJ: The Wages of HillaryCare

Hillary supporter alert. Stay out of Starbucks. They hang out there.

Michigan Dems allocate delegates to Clinton, uncommitted

Praise Jesus! Donna Brazile is threatening to quit the democratic party

Clinton leads in Wisconsin by nearly double-digits!

Between online contributions and cash at the door, I fundraised $4,000 tonight for Obama

This 'progressive' thing is going to be our embarrassment of 2008

Hillary and Barack delegates

Barrack Obama...wait your turn, Senator.

superdelegates worry Obama?

Attacking The Supporters

Any other sites that show county level results other than CNN and NYT?

Shawshank Redemption

McCain 50% Clinton 47%. VERY well known candidates. When it gets down to issues, Clinton wins BIG.

"They're Coming To Get You, Hillary!"

Welcome To Bush's America........

Let me remind you..Donna Brazile LOST Gore the election and she is GOOD friends with Karl Rove..FACT

EVERY new job has a certain "learning curve" = WE CANT AFFORD THE TIME TO BREAK IN THE NEW GUY!

Please post latest polls for 2/9 and 2/10 primary/caucus

I love you

Time for HRC supporters to admit: your candidate ISN'T inherently superior to Obama.

Question: Do you think that is one cannot support the nominee that one ought to leave the Democratic


who should Hillary pick for her VP ?

Gallup :HRC still in lead; Obama narrows difference by 6 points in 3 days


Obama picks up endorsements throughout Wisconsin


So be honest...

I don't get it. Why are all the Hillary people getting all upset?

Should this be the last time we have superdelegates?

Condescending Reporter vs "clueless Obama supporter"? I don't think so...

How Does Someone Get A Democratic National Committee Membership?

There are some really uneducated people on here ranting about the way the nominee is selected.

Obama's Iraq War Speech from 2002

Obama campaign should try and get a handle on the cult discussion.

self delete but for crying out loud!

What If Both Parties Spit Into Two This Year?

Question: When will we get Washington caucus results?

Jesus/Dean vs. Xemu/McCain

Won't any health care plan Hillary tries to pass be dubbed "Hillarycare" and thus politically DOA?

Journalstar: "Obama rocks Omaha", Chelsea campaigns for HRC

For Clinton, Latino vote could swing the deal

Sen. Obama Speech in Seattle, WA, Contains Misleading Attacks on Hillary

When did Madonna endorse Hillary?

Just heard Bob Kincaid use the "c" he's off my listening list

Email Exchange Shuster(MSNBC) and Reines (HRC)

You say she's a fighter I say she gave up long ago

Flashback: DU 2004 - The Courage to Change One's Mind

How is "pimp-gate" going to affect the debate on 2/26?

Think about the reputation about the USA in the WHOLE world!

With all this cult talk, please, please, PLEASE just remember one thing:

Clinton, Obama tied in North Carolina. Edwards' NC supporters split evenly

Survey Shows Obama, McCain with Big Leads in Virginia Polls

Hug keeps dream ticket hopes alive

What's the name of website that show political contributions?

Raise you hand if you just contributed to Obama for America tonight.

What EXACTLY!! Will Obama "CHANGE!?"- What is his RECORD!!

Hillary team going after super delegates one by one with personalized appeals

Clinton concedes Louisiana to her rival

Is Obama a redeemer of white guilt?

On rights...I want to talk about two of my uncles for a moment.

The Next President and Vice President of the United States

Who has more delegates? Take your pick!

Alternet: Where Does Obama Come Down On Bush's ' War On Terror?'

self delete

Mike Gravel supporter here asking for thoughts, advice, and so on.

So if Ms Coulter has effectively endorsed Ms Clinton as being "our girl"...

Radio caller said it straight

Michael Duffy of Time on C-SPAN re: head-to-head polls

Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama Gaining

Who will win Maine???

Letter from DR. who worked with Sen. Clinton at Ground Zero day after attack:

SF Chronicle: McCain must court GOP right.

The New Progressive Party...

A possible solution to Florida.

Grass-roots organizing gives Obama an edge

So who's more honest?

US: The Democrats’ class war

Yes we Can! I posting it again! Tired of negativity, tired of division, tired of fear...

Obama's strategy is smart and Republicans are buying it

Whoever comes out on top, you will line up behind them and do your duty on election day.

Either Hillary or Obama will inherit a real mess...


It's primary or caucus day! Good luck to voters in LA, WA and NE!

Hillary is now up to 90,000 new donors since Super Tuesday

Wilder: Obama is "forceful voice on the American scene who will be our agent for meaningful change"

New Virginia & Maryland polls

McCain defends Iraq occupation while hitting Democrats for seeking withdrawal, but, polls show ...

Progressive media figures get canned, Rather, Donahue, Shuster

NYTimes (Herbert): Where’s the Big Idea?

N.M. Democrats Get Apologies, No Winner

Indies can't vote in the Louisiana primary.

Did ANYONE Here Listen To Democracy Now Today? If You Did Then You May Have Begun to...

In a few minutes I'll be on my way to a Baton Rouge polling place...

Obama: 350,000 donors SINCE January 1, 2008

i would like to thank hillary and barack for not voting...

Obama supporters only please

Shuster initially defended his comment.

All You Need Is Hate (Reprise)

Catholic Vote Is Harbinger of Success for Hillary Clinton

If the US were attacked again by terrorists what would happen to the Obama candidacy?

I truly believe that Hillary should bow out of any debates sponsored by MSNBC

A suggestion to the Obama supporters - lower your expectations

Latinos, Women Boost Clinton to Victory

Republican C-SPAN caller - OMG!

"Obama should do what Romney did and bow out." C-SPAN caller

WP: The Running-Mate Roundup

How I see the rest of the states playing out

Shakespeare: On DU, The Primaries, And The 2008 Election...

All these McCain matchups against Hillary and Obama are useless

How low can you go?

New Newsweek Poll...Obama +1 nationally.


You wanna see something really culty?

Clinton Fundraising Doesn't Even Live Up To Bush/Cheney's Standards. She Won't Disclose Bundlers.

A couple of things I did not know about McCain.

Obama voted to fund the Iraq war.

I have been extremely displeased with MSNBC political coverage.

When has our democratic nominee won the nomination without winning New York, California, Mass?

Skinner: How about an "Ignore Everyone But" Button?

IMO, the way this superdelegate issue will be decided will be ...


Walk a day in my shoes: Barack Obama/Pauline Beck

Chicago 1968 - Denver 2008

Matthews uses Hillary apology as a commmercial for his show?

Any HEAD TO HEAD national poll

Nebraska DU'ers check in here... caucus day is TOMORROW 2/9!

Rasmussen: Maryland: Obama 57% Clinton 31%

Jon Stewart, Daily Show: "Romney never recovered from being a douchebag"

Rasmussen: Virginia: Obama 55% Clinton 37%

Rasmussen: VIRGINIA. Obama 55, Clinton 37

Obama misleads voters

NYT: "Obama’s people are so taken with their messiah that soon they’ll be arranging mass weddings"

N.C.'s importance may shift races

It's time for me to go.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) or Ohio's Governor Strickland as VP for either HRC or Obama?

Bloomberg not likely to run according to this article

Led Zeppelin is making it hard for me to pick a candidate!

What's with using right-wing sources to attack the Dem candidates?

For those who say we shouldn't criticize Shuster or any other Dem pundit

Clinton fundraisers state "Primary Funds Only"

I will/won't supprt the nominee poll for both Obama and Clinton supporters

David Obey is with Obama now (former Edwards supporter)

ask national dfa to endorse barack obama

Here's what I wrote to MSNBC.

Super Delegates may steal election from Voters

Liberals, Intellectuals, And Sexism

My funny canvassing story or Bushes third term?!?

Super Tuesday will be super once again (March 4th)

I for one, put no stock in polls... I won't take them into consideration anymore

Fred Thompson woke up just long enough to endorse McCain.

I don't belong to an organized party - I'm a Democrat

AP-Super Tuesday results: Obama leads Hillary by 2 delegates, with 91 delegates remaining.

Is McCain the only candidate (still running) who has unequivocally

About future Supreme Court nominations.........

Obama stuns Missouri, more than doubles votes of Republican front-runner

SUSA Poll Maryland: Obama 52% Clinton 33%

I am ashamed of DUers. I am not for either Clinton or Obama yet, but I am apalled by

Former Edwards Supporter Ben Cohen Endorses Barack Obama

There are many things I dislike about Obama and

Obama Is Within 1% of Winning Nomination - INCLUDING Superdelegates!

Aside From VP, Do you See A Role For Either Candidate In The Other's Administrtion?

Does the Republican Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeves?

Damn... Democratic Cults... Who'd A Thunk THAT ???

Obama, Clinton trade ad buys in critical states

Is There Media Bias Against Hillary Clinton?

Cult Wars

Obama was too cool for drugs, contemporaries say

This is sad, voter turnout low per MSNBC in Louisiana

What Schuster Should Have Said "Are Clintons Sending Chelsea Out To Shuck 'n Jive"

Hillary: McCain 'legendary'

Who is predicted to take the Virgin Islands?

Obama's Weekend to Win

Huckabee is really likeable....and this scares the heck out of me.

Interestingly enough..Chelsea's a target but not much said about Chappaquidick Ted...

Is it a bad thing if a HUGE number of pukes vote for our candidate, & we gain seats in Congress?

CNN: Obama has advantage in head-to-head with McCain; HRC trails 57-39 among men

Why can't we get voting right in this country. Look at whats going on in Washington today

CNN: Obama attracts more men, Hillary attracts more women

From Super Tuesday states, what delegates haven't been allocated yet? Any good sources?

Stuck in the middle of Hillary-Obama

Cafferty: Why are young voters revved up? (Good to see)

Hillary Clinton would be a good President, but I still prefer Obama

RCP: Clinton down 9 in Delegate race today to +61 from +70 yesterday

Nebraska and Maine--What are the Polls saying??

OK everyone............

Newsweek National Poll: Obama 42%, Clinton 41%

Tim Russert on Fl/MI delegates, funny

What about Tim Ryan as the Keynote Speaker?

Washington Is the Contest du Jour

Any updates on this? "MI dems allocate delegates to Clinton, uncommitted"

The superdelegates can do whatever the hell they want to do

Is Obama really a Democrat?

NEWSFLASH to upcoming state primary organizers: There will be LOTS more...

Health - Hillary has resorted to flat out lies.

If the superdelegates defy the clear will of the people

A careful examination of both candidates 2007 tax filing shows that

Seattle goes crazy for Obama 21,000 attend: HRC draws 5,000

Why didn't Donna Brazile leave the party when the Superdelegate rules were made?


Former Edwards Supporter Ben Cohen Endorses Barack Obama

Obama and Hillary Supporters don't get angry with Dem

HRC has problems with the caucus system, but 40% of the nomination by SD isn't an issue?

Election Theft 2008, the perfect crime: 300 million witnesses....

Barack Obama: More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders?

Anybody Here Voting\Caucusing Today ???


Hillary to media: "Kiss my ass or I will destroy you."

Just my thoughts....

Help! My TV broke and I want to watch the coverage today :-C

It’s now or NEVER on TORTURE! --- Drive a wedge into the heart of McCain!

Where do your candidate stand on Sen.Rockefeller admission Dems will legalize UNIVERSAL wiretapping?

Sanctioned States Michigan and Florida Put Democrats in Quandary

WA State: Democrat's online "caucus finder" overwhelmed!

We still need a VICE PRESIDENT!

Clinton loses a Super Delegate.

Rasmussen Virginia Obama 55% Clinton 37%

I call "bullshit!" on any poster who threatens to NOT VOTE for Obama or Hillary and go puke instead!

Chairman Dean: "I don't think we can afford to have a brokered convention."

Consensus of major media outlets show Obama with a 20 pledged delegate lead (good responsible data)

Washington State is the contest du jour

There you have it: Hillary will use strongarm tactics to control the media and surpress dissent.

Louisiana turnout?

Serious question: Does Obama eat the poor?

CNN: Colin Powell may support Democrat or Independent in '08

ALERT: Any update on this MI delegate news out of the SoS's office??!!!!!

Has Clinton threats affected MSNBC coverage? Look at thier website!!

Will the Hillary Experience Card pushed in the primaries help Hillary against John McCain in the GE?

If we keep this up, the REPUGS WILL WIN

Did anyone else watch CNN's your $$$$$ show just ended?

Has Hillary won the majority of Independent support in any of primarys?

RASMUSSEN daily tracking: Clinton 48 (+1) Obama 42 (-1)

Anybody know if Cenk and Brave New Films will be covering today's primaries? Thanks.

Huckabee: "How about Chuck Norris for Secretary of Defense?"

Poll question: We're thinking of instituting a daily minimum number of threads anyone can post in GD

Fantastic BooMan post on the coming political realignment--will Dem

Anyone know when we will get the first results and from where?

Time Out! (Laugh) Attack (at) the OTHER Side--TOONS!

What Shuster Should Have Said--post suggestions here

Poll: Which candidate has a better chance to carry out Dean's 50-state strategy?

LOL-In Nebraska caucuses, huge line up to vote for Obama/no one lining up for Hillary

The Nebraska Caucus (Candidate Neutral)

Honk if you are glad that happier days are coming to General Discussion: Politics.

No one knows how strong Obama will be against McCain, because he hasn't been tested under their fire Hillary below 40%

Should David Schuster have asserted on national TV that Chelsea Clinton has sex with men for money,

Against the Moralists: Brickbats Are an Art.

Washington State Judges and the Caucuses

I don't see how Clinton can run without Obama on the ticket

NARAL Email: Vote Democratic!!

Anyone else that hasn't voted yet going to write-in a Democrat

Hiding your profile...why?

Here's why Obama's independent supporters will vote McCain ...

I am Sicilian and anyone who continues to eat at California Pizza Kitchen is racist.

I post on several board some with dem and rep. If you want me to I will start feeding some thing we

If Shuster had used this term, everyone would be pissed off

So I'm going to go caucus in about an hour...


It is mostly about Hillary hate AND male envy of Bill.

Woody Guthrie would have voted for Obama. Here's why...

New Newsweek Poll: Obama 42, Clinton 41.


22nd Amendment issues with HRC?

Obama Looking Strong In Primaries And Caucuses Through Next Week - OpEd News

Think about this:

Ha! I just got on C-SPAN call-in! (re: what to do about MI and FL delegates)

Hillary is getting good crowds in Maine. She should do well there . . .

Anyone know when results will start coming in for todays caucuses/primarys?

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen backing Obama

I'm against all delegates, super or not

How Liberal was Bill Clinton?

Thousands of ballots have already been thrown out in Washington

What Clinton is doing is what needed to be done by Kerry and Co.

Obama's success in November depends on one thing, IMO

Skinner is asking how many threads per day? I say Hillary's people get 1, they bitch all day

toles 1-24-7 - You'll come to accept it.

Coming off the Edwards fence

Am I the only one here who feels like Hillary won't get us out of Iraq?

Obama rally in Portland ME creates massive traffic jam

Young people go to rallies, old people don't

Washington State people -- when do you Caucus today?

Why super delegates will end up going for Obama

Why are Obama supporters trying to score points on the media's insult of Chelsea Clinton?

If Dean thinks there will be a "deal" - he's delusional, it's going to the convention

At one time, I thought that MSNBC might actually be the answer to FOX

NH Landlord: Sometimes Bill Clinton leaves the toilet seat up

Huckablow wins the Kansas caucuses

HEADS UP: Obama Rally in Bangor, ME. LIVE NOW, on

About the IWR Vote

Will Obama be on TV? Or just streaming on

Take the delegates away from MI and FL, along

First report from WA State Caucus

BREAKING: Obama drops out eggs, Clinton vows to include him as VP.

Why should anyone complain about the super delegates?

We need a viable third Party.

So, does CNN and MSNBC plan a special as at the results come in today? nt

Japanese Town of Obama Has New Hero (silly story about Japanese support for Obama and Clinton)

Update from Omaha - from thread

A united front is whats best for the party - Is that what we call a Lock Step?

Does Obama care about MI delegates?

35 years experience at: PLAYING VICTIM! and guess what?

When do the voting reports start coming in?

Is it possible for huckleberry to pull out an win?

Freeps react to Huckabee staying in race ("Show some class. Exit stage left, Huck")

Washington: Only 33% will attend caucuses. 85% will attend primaries

I have a confession to make - I like Hillary Clinton

Go Huckabee !!!

Quick guess: "They attack me - vote for me "- whose official strategy is it? Which candidate's?

While y'all are conveniently distracted by primaries, will Dems vote on Tues for universal wiretaps?

Hillary on why she expects to lose Washington

Self Destruction Here...How very sad...

Completely non -political but is Elizabeth Edwards still doing ok?

Obama fans! Did you know he won the state championship in basketball?

Bill Clinton supports warrantless wiretapping

Obama rally on CNN right now.

Hillary's Wal-Mart Rumor Problem Fully Resolved

Where's the original article where McAuliffe said they were going to use "emotion" to their...

To all Edwards supporters who are now on board with Hillary

Left shoe wars!

Obama on 60 Minutes Sunday

Clinton-Obama is inevitable.

Why is Hillary against holding Caucuses in MI and FL?

Huckabee easily wins Kansas caucus

Have you noticed that nobody ever has evidence against the Clintons?

Whether you support Obama or Hillary, lets agree to one thing: LAY OFF BILL CLINTON!!!

Clinton defends role of superdelegates

Why I support Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Your choice for the most deeply satisfying 2008 Democratic Presidential victory

HEADS UP: Washington Caucus Action LIVE on

Why does McCain get his ass kicked in these closed door caucuses?

Hillary voted for strangling puppies. Obama voted to drown stray kittens.

Obama got the message... he's all specifics today.

"Hillary calls her Campaign a Movement" ... awww, she wants her own 'Cult' now

NYT has WA results page up with county map

Wow - the live CNN feed of WA caucus....

First report on Nebraska (first ever) caucus (updated)

When are the Obama Drama people going to stop whining

Strong turnout in Nebraska

If we want Gore, a brokered convention is the only way

What is the TOP reason you support your candidate?

I'm so discouraged by the bad press...

"The Sierra Club or some environmental group"

How many threads to you post daily in GD: Primaries, in average?

Photos: Barack Obama in Seattle yesterday

Washington State University Caucus

Tweety *should* be fired, and not just for sexism

Decent website showing superdelegates who haven't endorsed

Huckabejesus "ran against the Clinton machine and won four times?"

Any exit polls from Louisiana?

Hillary to Shuster: "I am a mom first, candidate second" "incredibly offensive" "pattern at MSNBC"

Today should be the most boring primary day

Obama, Biden, Edwards, Richardson, and Kucinich dropped out of the MI primary for a reason!!!

WA 28th District. My caucus location

When will Nebraska's results be available?

Barack Obama Coming to Madison, WI and the KOhl Center, Tuesday Evening...WOOOHOOO!!!

I'm Offended That Obama Said Clinton Was Pimping Out Chelsea To Rezko For A $5 Million Loan

***OFFICAL*** "To the HIllHounds of DU... A Rant!" - *** THREAD #2 ***


Are You Experienced?

OFFICIAL REAL ISSUE THREAD # 2: Government/Campaign Finance Reform

Rush Limbaugh will soon become the fattest Flip-Flopper in history

US Election polltracker

Some bad news coming out of the Neb. caucuses: Some areas are getting too chaotic and overwhelmed

"The name of my cousin Dick Cheney won't be on the ballot"

Obama is rolling in Washington State caucuses.

I don't believe that SUPERDELEGATES will make a difference at the convention.

Hillary gets a half hour of free air time on ABC all over VA/DC/MD since Obama refused ABC debate

Nebraska Caucus Sarpy County notes: not everybody got to vote

Another reason to nominate Obama

Is Obama anti war

Anyone aware of any live on-online coverage on now? Thanks. nt

Repug Revolt in Kansas! Huckabee swamps McCain defying the Polls..

Here is how I would handle multiple post from a single user in a day

Checkout these latest CNN

I was just watching CNN's Bill Shcnieder breaking down

Obama loses 1 superdegelate, Clinton gains 1

I just got home from the Caucus in Seattle Washington

Per CNN exit polls - Louisiana: 49% black, 40% white

I keep thinking about the movie "Election"

CNN just reported a large anti-war crowd at one of the WA caucuses

Experience: Name the TOP American advisor to Tony Blair from 2001-2007.

No candidate is hurt by defending his/her family....

Any man who dismisses sexism out of hand, when a woman brings it to his attention

Clinton seizes on a media remark because it's all she has left

When will we start seeing results from today?

Obama 200, Hillary 39 on Bainbridge Island, Wa ... link

DU Obama and Hillary supporters spend time together in Colorado .... Picture

Hillary sure was happy to pile on the Mediawhores' lying clusterfuck when it was John Kerry

Was the Nevada Caucus an Outrage against Democracy?

Harold Ford for VP with Clinton?

What is Hilary Clinton's position on Kyle-Lieberman

Why is the advertisement on the top of the page HYPOCRISY.COM

How will the media react if Hillary is successful in getting Shuster fired?

Is the Clinton campaign just a bunch of whining and crying?

David Wade calls out Paul Krugman

WA Democratic Caucus

Obama leads Super Tuesday delegates race by 2

Hey Obama supporters, the good news is the cult posts are gone...

If you support Hillary, it's time to pack up your bags and just go home.

Obama takes Bayview, WA district 3-1-1

Survey: Republican women support Hillary Clinton but not Democratic men

Omaha metro area counties 77% and 75 % Obama

Would you vote for a social conservative in the Primary?

NEBRASKA RESULTS: Hillary 23%, Obama 77% (Douglas County)

Question about the Washington PRIMARY.

In WA caucus, Obama leads 67-33%; in primary, lead is 50-45% (SurveyUSA pre-caucus poll)

Stupid thread but I need to know: Could Clinton/Schuster swing the nomination to Hillary?

Is any TV station covering election results today?

Hillary attacking Obama's ability to give a great speech........

I'm all for unity, but the right kind, and not yet.

Clinton on Clinton

10,000 Strong in Bangor, Maine

What if the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries had been this week?

Does anyone know if any networks are covering the Jefferson-Jackson

Warmonger COLIN POWELL may support the Democrat or Indi in '08

To All Obama Supporters Very UERGENT

Who are the superdelegates?

Independent voters HATE partisanship...

Mccain Hearts Bush...Aww so cute

So how much drugs did Obama do when he was younger?

Hillary vs. Obama. A glimse at the Washington Caucuses, in pictures.

Hillary Camp Spins Tonight's Losses In Advance

Has Obama in the past urge Black voters to vote according to race?

Neocons vs Neoliberal - is there any difference at all?

Clinton=Steady/Competence : Obama=Healing/Change

Turn on MSNBC for a PREVIEW of News After Shuster ! No Preview here.. Just Look !

Hillary's issues are not related to Sexism or Gender Bias

My notes at WA's caucus: Obama picked 4 to 1 over Hillary

Democrat caucus participants outnumber GOP in Kansas

Re: PIMPGATE When McCain made his slur about Chelsea C

Hillary: McCain 'legendary'

Limbaugh, McCain, etc. have said far worse things about Chelsea. What will Hillary do about that?

Cleaning up Dean's big mess in FL - Tampa Bay Times Editorial

Clean up MSM's nasty pattern of behavior!

About "shunning" MSNBC...

X-zibit SUSPENDED from MTV for "you just been pimped" comment!!!

Hillary 8 PM... Obama 10 PM... Jefferson Jackson Dinner

How would you feel: Breaking Ex-President GWB arrested in Italy to be tried at the Hague

Clinton and Obama tied in my precinct.--WA state. 2 delegates each

I think I'm close to done here. Does anyone know of a forum to discuss the primaries where...

Clinton Team Braced For Obama To Take The Lead

ABC News: Bill Clinton has started lying about Obama...AGAIN!

When someone uses the word PIMP and your daughter's name in the same sentence

If Hillary is president, will she be more liberal than her husband?

Clinton win in Louisiana?

Hillary and Obama to speak at tonight's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in VA.

What is THE issue of the 2008 campaign, in your opinion?

Which cable news network actualy has liberal and fair-minded personalities?

Wow... Nebraska Caucus: Omayhem - HuffPo

Obama cultists don't drink Kool Aid.

I live in Michigan and didn't vote!?!

Why this Obama Supporter LIKES What Clinton Did with MSNBC

I do not think Shuster should be fired over the 'pimping out' comment .................

Why are some DUers only for DNC rules when they benefit Obama?

Public school teachers would be fired for Shuster's remarks

Hillary and Obama. A Comparison.

I am new. Please don't flame me. But I am very worried about Obama's lack of experience -please read

Chicago Tribune: "Blue-collar vote tough for Obama"

Rhode Island Attorney General Lynch endorses Obama

NE: Chaos at the caucus. And Obama doing well in one precinct.

Here's a list of the Crossfire transcripts from CNN

Hillary looks forward to Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry support

MSNBC Suspends Liberal Icon Schuster Instead of Matthews to Make Hillary Look Like a Villian

Hillary Clinton: "Enough with the talk."

It’s now or NEVER on TORTURE! --- Drive a wedge into the heart of McCain!

HRC leads Obama in delegates. Go Hillary!

It's about time people started talking about SEXISM. The media & HRC, liberal SILENCE

Wouldn't it be funny if Hillary wins Louisiana today?

Schuster created a lie about phoning delegates ("weird") so that he could say "pimped her out"

How do you reply to the Muslim-smear email?

Hillary's 35 years of impressive service and accomplishments

Should The Caucus Format Be Abandoned?

Obama must personally condemn any and ALL inappropriate anti-Hillary threads that appear on GD: P!!!

Census Demographics in Select Upcoming Primary/Caucus States

225,125 ** More Members of Congress Sign Letter to Conyers = support of Cheney Impeachment Hearings

Florida the disenfranchisment is huge, AN ENTIRE STATE!

Finally: a delegate count with some integrity.

Clinton's Pathetic Priorities For FCC & Telecom? TV Violence. Obama OWNS These Issues!

Hillary looks forward to the support of Kennedy and Kerry

Rasmussen Maryland Obama 57% Clinton 31%

Shuster Made a Mistake. Now a REAL issue: Why Won't Clintons RELEASE THEIR FINANCIALS?

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/9/08 - Clinton up 1 (48), Obama down 1 (42)

If you don't like the Media/cable reporting on our Elections.......

Nebraska Dem caucuses real time. Overwhelmed by turnout.

Hopefully we can all survive the Shuster comment about Chelsea by sometime next month

Clinton supporters might not go to Obama

Hillary and Obama on the latest mass shootings over the last 2 days?

Nebraska caucuses swamped

Donna Brazile has INTEGRITY!

Just bring back John Edwards...even for just a little while

Clinton's strategy of courting the rescuer vote, how it works and what it means

Is there anybody who STILL thinks the superdelegates are a good idea?

NOT A PRO-HILLARY THREAD: Obama Says "NO" To Impeachment- What Say You?

Lovely Letter from Dr. who worked with Sen. Clinton at Ground Zero day after attack:

Legal? Chelsea Clinton delivered coffee to polling place as voting started

I love both Hillary and Barack and don't play favorites, but . . .

The Nation: Obama For President

Swiftboating Obama?

McCain just said the Islamo-Fascists blowing up down-syndrome females...

Political Reality: whoever we nominate, we'll LOSE if we fudge on the war(s)

Chicago Tribune: "What... shattered hopes among Latinos... was Obama's pandering to anti-immigrants"

Local County Dem Party HQ under DDOS attack

Guess Who Robert Wexler's Supporting...

How would you react if David Schuster had said "George Bush is pimping out Jenna " ?

What issues do you wish the candidates were talking about?

Just got back from Caucus Day Nebraska '08! **PICS**

Photos: Barack Obama today in Bangor, Maine

Fact Check On Public Citizen's Claim That Obama Has Bundler Lobbyists

Wink(Rec) if you think Obama's Pity Strategy has got him where he's at today

IT HAS TO BE DONE!!! This morning Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle

All three candidates are crap

Obama Camp to Clinton: Show Us Your Taxes

Obama played the superdelegate issue perfectly

If Hillary gets swept today, is it time for her to step down

Sanity about the disenfranchisement of Michigan and Florida Voters!

If Chelsea Clinton Is Going to Be Out There....

My Personal Story: The N E B R A S K A Caucus = Cluster Fuck

Baltimore Sun: Obama mania, too, will pass

The Biggest Myth Of 2008

Michigan Should Have Stayed on February 9th

Wonk (or at least K&R) if you are tired of threads designed to bash Candidates

CNN doesn't have a clue as to where Kansas and Nebraska are.

One of the reasons why Republicans have been kicking our asses for years

No Politician Should Be Able To Get A Journalist Fired For Comments They Don't Like

Is There Any Source Too Right Wing for the Obama Crowd to Post It?

Clinton was not a great president.

Michigan delegates get "delegated" to canidates.

Boycott..... MiSogynyNBC... unless you want to settle for them picking our nominee...

Edwards supporters, some perspective please. Your take on the Chelsea incident.

Post #1000: Trolls and Creeps Galore, including on DU; What should authentic progressives do?

Are there any other new Huckabee supporters?

If the people choose Obama, and less than 1000 Superdelegates effectively veto that choice

Why did Hillary not speak out against renditions? Abu Ghraib? Gitmo? Torture?

Aside from the current controversy, here is a compendium of Shuster's attacks on the Clintons

I'm a cracker, and anybody that eats at Cracker Barrell is a racist

The Superdelegates should take into account ONLY DEMOCRATIC VOTER totals

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 2008

35 Years of Experience?

The clinton administration was no friend to the middle class

Obama people - Please read and SHARE!

Hillary To NBC: Fire David Shuster

If Hillary Beats Obama in's because of low Black turnout

Hillary's Curious Campaign Loan

DLC Ties to PNAC (Project for a New American Century ie the neocons)

Rasmussen Survey: Republican women support Hillary Clinton but not Democratic men

Coulter: Barack "wouldn't be running for president if he weren't half-black"

Clinton Hints at Edwards VP: "I intend to ask John Edwards to be a part of anything I do at the WH."

CNN about Washington Governor: "She's for Obama. That's the only problem"

We're thinking of instituting a daily maximum number of threads anyone can post in GD: Primaries.

"Open Letter to Hillary Clinton" Uncovers the Politics of GMOs

Who started Bush's War in Iraq?

Been here five minutes, heard about the Schuster thing, and already sick of it.

Well, Looks like Hillary wants Shuster to be Fired.

"it would be illegal for her to use assets belonging solely to her husband "

Rachel Maddow On Superdelegates & A Link To Whose Vote Is Worth 10,000 Of Our Votes

Remember when Hillary though caucuses were really great:

As the vote totals come in tonight you'll see why Hillary cannot win the nomination.

So if Hillary is pissed at MSNBC, how does she feel about FOX?

CNN bans Carville and Begala after Obama complaints

Who will McCain choose for his VP running mate? I don't think it will be the Huckster

Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Obama!!!!!!!!!!

Taibbi Gets It Halfway Right... Weak Democrats Sell Out Rather Than Fight To End War

Keeping power in check

"Can Obama Ride the Wave or will it Break short of Shore?"

Who are the GOP most afraid of in the general election?? Why it's Hillary!

In my Washington St. precinct, the delegates went like this.....

Does anyone actually believe that Shuster called Chelsea a whore, I mean seriously?

So Barack can win the general election. How?

"If you fund it -- you support it."

A serious reason why Obama COULD be the best against McCain IMO

DK: Missing NM ballot boxes found in Clinton supporters' homes?

I am almost sick posting this article on Obama (very long). Please refute with facts!

My friend Morderchai who lives in Israel called me today to say.....

Bookmark this: Senator Clinton will win most of the delegates and 4 out of the 8 contests

GLBT DUers: Barack Obama has just won the 2008 Presidential election

EMAIL exchange between Clinton Campaign and David Shuster!!! Have a read:

'You will experience an epiphany & you will say to yourself I have to vote for Barack.'

ACTION Tell Congress: Reject Bush's Cuts to Public Broadcasting Budget ..Bush Threatens PBS..

I don't want a "rebate", but I'd prefer a straight return

The new Yankee Stadium includes a martini bar

9 Trillion Dollar Debt

Bolton As McCain's Secretary Of State?

Just received this email: *Tap Into The Multi-Trillion Dollar, Foreclosure-Loss Mitigation Industry*

Obama AND Clinton Fans; What We REALLY Have To Focus On Is This...

"Four more years! Four more years!"

Rachel Maddow Speaking of Super Delegates

If your Comcast connection seems to be running slower than in

Has Bush had his hair tinted? I thought he was heavy on the gray...

Hmmm. The Culture War is getting interesting

Kucinich Provision to Reauthorize the Underground Railroad Educational and Cultural Program Passes H

Universal Health Care Proposed In Md. (AP/

This one is for 2004. We need more like this for fall of 2008

RawStory: How well did Florida Gov. know alleged child porn peddler?

David Shuster is finally going to get his own show!

Remember when the US gov't killed 252 Iranians in mid-air? They'd kill for a Capt. Rogers now...

Let's forget Chelsea for a moment, and consider the good news about Mitt Romney's sons.

Campaign ’08 not just for adults — kids love it

Everybody duck! Cheney's hunting again..

Independent UK: 'A new phase in the arms race is unfolding' says Putin

new survey from my Congressman

Bush: McCain will best carry out my agenda

Evangelical Christians falsely claiming to be former Muslim terrorists

Media Matters: MSNBC's pattern of sexist comments. A good summary.

The NEWS HOUR w/ Jim Lehrer has a Waterboarding roundup for the week.

Well, this is kinda fucked up...

"I know what I know."

What 50% of DU posts has become lately.

Do you consider the Republican Party a criminal enterprise?

How come RAYGUN could kill 200+ Marines and FERGIT?????1 n/t

Maligned aircraft finds redemption in Iraq, military says (CNN) {V-22 Osprey}

How Big Media Hides the Real Economic News

"...prosperity and peace are in the balance."

C-Pac goings on - from a Ron Paul's supporter perspective

how long till judy gives rudy the boot?

By the text of the US Constitution, the US government has no right to wiretap whatsoever.

PBS Tonight BILL MOYERS + Kathleen Hall Jamieson + Now On Pbs + ELECTION TOPICS

Olbermann nearly catches O'Reilly in the ratings!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Sam Seder subs for

I'm Going For An Intervention, In... Um... Another Forum...

Video of Bush going berserk after the Super Bowl.

I cannot stomach Jonah Goldberg

The grab is on to make TORTURE ok. Let’s stop them.

Say the name “Clinton,” and MSNBC transforms itself into Fox light.

From 1980-81 through today there have been two names in office.

YAF.ORG Just Sickening

Sugar Plant Explosion - In 2006 OSHA Refused Dust Regulations Adoption

Gunman's motive emerges as Missouri town mourns

War strains U.S. military in tackling new crises

Let's see here...Shuster "farts" once and all of sudden it's "hell"?

i'm swearing off anything made in japan, norway, iceland

Dick Cheney opposes D.C. handgun ban...counterproductive -->>

If you were locked in a room full of Iraq War and Bush supporters...

This election season can you see a point where Impeachment is put back on the table?

Penalty eyed for Berkeley stance on Marines (xpost from Veterans)

Why is KO wasting so much of his great program's time

My answer about KKKarl Rove was picked as a Yahoo! Best Answer

Join Us to Defend Free Speech Rights on the National Mall

War Demands Strain US Military Readiness

Let us talk to Sept 11 planner, US lawyers ask

RECESSION? DEPRESSION? What's the difference?

Randi Simmons, the LA S.W.A.T. officer murdered yesterday was a special guy...

Thankya Je-sus: GOP electoral scheme dies in California

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report February 8, 2008

*** Friday TOONs: Mitt ***

Who do you think John McCain will choose as his running mate?

Economic Stimulus Bill Leaves Millions Out in the Cold

So, who thought this one up? Anyone find this really dumb?

Bay Buchanan - her face lift is great, possibly the best I have ever seen

My dog needs your vote!

Men, Hilllary, & the sexism no one will talk about....

Here we go again.... Bash the opposition time

When was the last time the United States gave a number for the Iraq death toll?

Court rules police don't have to follow states' eavesdropping law

Bush and McCain's Iraq genocide has created 1 million widows and three million orphans

Funeral horses stampede, overturn hearse

Bush Radio: "Unfortunately, the Senate is not meeting its responsibility" (to confirm his nominees)

Primary fatigue

LOOK OUT!! Cheney is hunting today (returns to the scene)

Why don't the Dems call the Iraqis Bush is killing their real name?

Run Al! Oh Please?????????? Gore: ‘Heaping contempt’ on creation inconsistent with glorifying God

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

David Shuster's Second Apology within Six another Female..

This Land Was Made for You and Me

IRAQ: More Bombing Creates New Enemies

Proof the Republicans hate America and love the terrorists

Toledo OH mayor throws out Marines conducting urbain exercises

"Pimping out" - what a mess.

I can no longer access the London Sunday Times articles

GE Money relocating to London - running away from credit cards

A vote for a Bush Repubican is a vote for Bin Laden.

another govt. report kept hidden - concerning health (how's your infant doing?)

McCain: "We need a unified Western approach to a revanchist Russia ... "

All the Shuster hoopla about "misogyny".. two points of contention

Electrocution Is Banned in Last State to Rely on It

Two Iraq roadside bombings kill 5 U.S. soldiers

Another casualty of Bush's war? "Soldier killed by Fort Drum Police"

Court strikes down EPA's plan on mercury

So, I'm standing outside Friday's Catholic Church Fish Fry today collecting signatures...

Why don't the Democrats ever bring up that fact that 9/11 happened on Bush's watch?

Bush is handing over the keys, but not before dumping sugar in the tank and cutting the brake lines.

Bush Pushes Senate to OK 180 Nominees

Crooks & Liars video (from CNN): "Bush to Tornado Victims: “Life is Unfair. That’s what I think.”"

Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat

You are a piece of it all.

Help! My TV broke and I want to watch the coverage today :-C

5 US Soldiers Killed in 2 Bombings

Everybody take a minute and look @ this thread .... 5 more KIA in Iraq

Discovery decides not to air documentary on torture in Afghanistan


YAK ALERT!!!!!!!!11112121

Is it "Think Condi 08" or "Think, Condi 08"?

Can I make a suggestion for DU?

I Hear One Name Come up as McCaine's VP That Makes Me Nervous *Newt*

John Bolton Supports McCain Because He's More Hawkish Than Bush on Iraq and Iran

The Greatest Page Has Become:

The people I'm supposed to be planning a wedding with are 15 minutes late.

What Is Your Best Rowling Score

I'm excited!

Dems weak or purposfully negligent?

Should The US Legalize Port?

Cheney asserts independent power from Bush.

Keith Olbermann just apologized on behalf of all of MSNBC

You know what I hate about people like Wexler...

Reporter (David Shuster) initially defended Chelsea comment

Everything you need to know about John McCain

Facing Free Software, Microsoft Looks to Yahoo

Stupid Republican Lapdogs Demand Four More Years of Bush

I can hardly watch CNN today.

The Political Leanings Of America's Anchors -- interesting results...

Has anyone watched Stephen Baldwin on Celebrity Apprentice?

DU, you had me at roses.

U.S. military loses records describing the Guantanamo confinement for bin Laden's driver

When did saying "jumped the shark" jumped the shark, jump the shark?

Wink(Rec) if you have noticed that Clinton is always the victim

Do you guys know this Tempations song from the 1970s?

Writers Guild of America: "We Have A Tentative Deal"

Radio Lady: I am live blogging on radio this Saturday and you can reach me at 503-293-1902.

Huckabee wins Kansas Caucus

Confidential State Dept Memo- Blasts State Dept. Criminal Negligence in Iraq

Terrorism won when we invaded Iraq

U.S. prosecuted its own soldiers for war crimes during the Spanish-American for using waterboarding

Check in for 2/10!

Need help finding a video

Hillary and Obama on the latest mass shootings over the last 2 days?

The Political Leanings Of America's Anchors -- interesting results...

Chinese takeout for Chinese New Year??

Dammit, I wish this election was over.

War criminals visit the scene of the crime

The Carpenters

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

DUzy awards for uh... last week are up in GD

The Florida Contested Election Report hearings

Some talking head today used the phrase "So-called war on terror"

Could someone point me to the recent study

My Phone Woke Me Up And I Thought I Was Late For Work Or Something

Real vs. Contrived Issues

Stirred, not shaken ... Election Stew à la Républicain

Millions to pay a failure.

What's the over/under on this getting locked in GDP and returned to The Lounge? "Suck on THIS!"

Articles of Faith: Consumerism is a greedy society's religion (not about religion)

Latest Anti-Pot Quack Science: 'Marijuana Makes Your Teeth Fall Out'

New underground city planned for Amsterdam

MITTENS wins one last vote...

zOMG, Obama ate at the....

Senators Want To Let Residents Collect Rainwater

Cool video

Should The US Legalize Spot?

Indiana Interstate 94 is falling apart thanks to our republican Governor!

Inventions that I would pay good money for:

Does anyone know who sings the song on the new Nipple Nair commercial?.?.?

Border Crossings Start in the Boardroom

Gitmo: Right now the men in Camp 6 sit in steel boxes without windows for at least 22 hours a day

Why is Gen Hayden, CIA Chief, still in uniform?

Someone call the Waahmbulance for Bush

anybody have a link from early today.. "Senate Panel to Fault Iraq....," it didnt save properly or .

What kind of spike on visitors is DU enjoying right now, anyone know?

Does anyone know who sings the song on the new Apple Air commercial?.?.?

Hide Lounge on Latest Threads Page?

Attn: Fellow Stephanie Miller Show listeners..........

The road is long,with many a winding turn

Is there such a thing as a "transager"?

Brownback to Blame Self if McCain Loses Kansas

Aww shit, it's Friday and that means no meat.

Somebody buy me a bridge...

Must-read Rolling Stone piece on why the Dems won't end the war

Holy crapoli! Now what do I do? A drop of Super Glue dripped on the dog's nose...

Advantages of not drinking

Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeve? By Paul Craig Roberts

Alice Cooper will always be greater than Marilyn Manson

A comment on rickrolling (OP contains no rickrolling)

Top US Lawyer And UNICEF Data Reveal Afghan Genocide

G7 leaders say world economy vulnerable

Interesting observation from a tattoo artist

Hey .... MSNBC ......... Misogyny Should Never Be Condoned

Will the acceptance of fighting as part of the game ruin DU like it ruined hockey?

Jesse Jackson caught speechless on Lou Dobbs show

Would you pay $45 for this?

What do you think of my Band?

Plastic Bag Manufacture is a $Billion Dollar Industry...

President John McCain!

Oddly, however, Mukasey is on record saying waterboarding would be torture if applied to him

Electrocution Is Banned in Last State to Rely on It

Any other Moms not feeling well today?

the fall of a great nation by whathappened

I keep hearing Huck's stump speech about his door nailed shut

> _ <

Scott Ritter: The Truth Is... Iraq's Future Is Abysmal ("Iraq Is Dying; Soon Iraq Will Be Dead")

Video: Noam Chomsky on Interventions, from CSPAN BookTV

DWR - Driving Whilst Republican

Please, help me settle an argument?!??!!

Everytime I see this ad

I'm in this crazy new cult often mentioned on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, ask me anything!

Did you ever get 10 minutes into a movie and think to yourself

Worth peeking at the G*dDamned/Pit for, really, I swear it (about the media):

What the Fuck is wrong with you people?

Uh oh., GoPsUx is loose in GDP again.......

Wow.... DU lounge feels so quiet...

Man, I'm so sick of GD: P

FISA: Reid Files Bill to Extend Surveillance Law Again

Barack Obama has an opportunity to be very smart here....

The moment the original Star Trek - The Motion Picture is released on DVD,

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Well, I spent all day at the hospital with a friend who had day surgery.

Rush Limbaugh - "The Oracle"

My TV's "info" feature on the channel guide needs to show the categories for tonight's JEOPARDY!

I wake up in the morning thinking I'm still by your side....

Has anyone used the new (I think) MacBook Air?

So are there any lounge-type forums elsewhere that are fun to visit?

Southpawkicker.. this one's for you!

Whatever happened to hairspike...

No, Jonathan Alter, the baby boomers did more than

My ode to GD-P

Dammit, I just heard it again on the TV...someone using the word "simplistic"

Marry me, Starbucks Anarchist...

Down To The Waterline

The Chicken Doves - We will get NOWHERE with Reid & Pelosi


#a wake-up call#

GD-P critters... :snicker:

just because something has become "slang", does NOT make it acceptable.

Rickrolling would be a nice change

Obama has advantage in head-to-head with McCain

Saw There Will Be Blood

ENDANGERED SPECIES - the Bush approach

New York City photographers to protest against harassment this Sunday

Funny how so many punks describe themselves as "warriors." It's a rightwinger thing,

After World War II, Japanese soldiers were hanged for the war crime of waterboarding US soldiers

Hear that? That's the health "seminar" I'm listening to

Gotta go. I have step work to do. Enough procrastinating.

The Supremes

And now... Pizza flavored beer.

It's all about the beer ...

I promise this is NOT a Rickroll

My pipes burst and I tried getting the repair man to fix it right away by flashing my Obama card.

I decided I'm going to become a Fizzy Cyst.

I Just Got Accused Of Voting For Nader

'Bush Is Too Horrendous to Be Forgotten' (Philip Roth interview in Der Spiegel)

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

WiiWarrior checking in....

Someone is so full of piss that they be markin territory every fucking where

Celebrity siting in GDP!!!!

Obama game me crabs!

TPM Viewer & Obama Voter....cuts loose on why it matters MSNBC went after Chelsea..

Hypnotic fractals

What are the odds that the BFEE has the bomb?

Song parody time! Here's one I wrote many years ago:

Why, if our President Clinton was impeached, are Dems unwilling to impeach Bush?

Huckster-62%.. MCain-24% in Kansas? Boy.. they really DON'T like him

The internets are angry tonight, my friends...

Empire America's Bread and Circuses

Did any prominent GOP politicians visit Wichita, Kansas early last year?

Hey, Lounge, I've Got Somethin I Wanna Say:

Songs that make you tap your feet

Get teh popcorn!

I tried to sleep, but this guy and his friends...

Was P. J. O'Rourke loaded tonight on Bill Maher?


Put your make-up on and fix your hair pretty.

During the Vietnam War, the USA Supported Gen Nguyen Cao Ky who IDOLIZED Adolf Hitler.

I'm feeling kinda randy this morning. Who wants to

Vote for your favorite candidate, who would make the BEST candidate?



I decided that I'm going to become a physicist


I think we need, and this is not meant to be racist

You know that Star Trek episode? Where the crew had evil twins with goaties?

My older boy moved out tonight...

The Official "what Keith Olbermann is gonna say about David Shuster" Thread

Ohhh boy, the Kucinich cultists are going to be angry...

Corey Feldman as Michael Jackson (Video)

My apologies to bigwillq , YellowRubberDuckie, and...

please please please please send some lounge vibes down to bama

Lolita love affair scandalises Italy

(TOON) Steve Bell steps on to the canvas for the "If..." strip

Apparently everything is no longer the Clenis' fault - it is now all his wife's fault

Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and Joe Scarborough have said much worse things

"Terrence, this is stupid stuff!"

What a stupid headline on Yahoo's homepage

'Solution to the growing apo'strophe problem!

I'm confused. Why would you want to skip the meat in a rush to get to the puddin'?

If your fireplace 'smokes' it could kill...


I was called a "republican troll" and a "flaimbaiter" in GDP

GD:P has outdone itself. This OP purports to interpret Obama's nostrils.

So Does Anyone Else Want To Pop Valentine Balloons In The Grocery Store?

Guru Jazzmatazz - Loungin

Guru's Jazzmatazz ft. Common & Bob James - State of Clarity

Bob James "Nautilus" - MrScorpio's Theme

Remember when David SHUSTER strung us along about KKKarl's certain indictment?

What is going on here?

"There Will Be Blood": Just Saw It Today- Can there be a better metaphor for Republicanism

Vibes needed. My woman found another man.

i hit your honor student so hard it dropped his GPA.......

Woohoo! I'm getting a new(to me) car!

I couldn't help noticing the refreshing lack of David Shuster threads in The Lounge...

Had some fun last night!! Logged on as "Imagine in Texas"...

Anyone Ever See the Movie "C.S.A."?

Saturday 'what is that?' picture thread.

Do we actually know that the icasualties figures are accurate?

Amended tax return question.

"Greatest Show On Earth" - Torture chambers were sideshow for military brass

If you're sick of Valentine's Day, try Claude's day.

A reminder to my fellow Washingtonians to go vote in your local Caucus!

I was proud of never having put anyone on ignore. I said I would never do it.

Heath Ledger's funeral service

I dreamed last night that I got a DUzy.


Video hits for autism research

9:30 am on a Saturday is NOT the time to sell religion door-to-door.

Does anyone in Atlanta want to work???

I have to shower and dress and go out

End of Polaroid film: this sucks for so many artists I know:

Edited and deleted

How the hell is it that as soon as my hair is dirty enough to look good, it's also so gross it needs

I'm gonna go get my caucus on!

Would you REALLY move to another country, like Germany?

Salmon flavored pill wraps! What an amazing idea!

I love you people!

A Sniper's Promise

Raw Story: "Will we have to colonize other plants to escape extinction?"

Has anyone watched Stephen Baldwin on Celebrity Apprentice?

Has anybody here done e-harmony?

Having just watched "J-Men Forever", a thought occurs

It's a well-known fact that every time you look at Internet porn, God kills a big-eyed kitten.

Don't Panic------ Prepare

Organic Strawberry wine

I have learned well the simple lesson of copycatting Skinner's threads:

Best debut hip-hop album?

Monitors-How to reset pixels and where to donate an OLD one

2 men miss stop, jump from moving train - Both recovering well at the hospital

That's it. Until we have a nominee I'm excusively a Lounge Boy.

ok, how do I nominate a post for a DUzy?

Taibbi Gets It Halfway Right

Please help me, I want to save America too...

Phil Donahue On TYT: Discusses His New Movie Body Of War, The MSNBC Fallout & Olbermann

Preparing for the oncoming depression. ... What are you doing to prepare?

Not to ask a gross medical question, but ...

I think I try too hard.

We don't have Olive Gardens in the UK. I think I'm going to start a chain.

How does my teevee know I'm not watching?

I got rickrolled FOUR TIMES today

Our Saturday Movie: What should we see? poll

bump, buuuu ba bump, buuuu ba bump...

Is it troll week here or what?

thank GOD that (the ACT) is over!

Pillsbury Doughboy found dead.

How does my temeah know I'm not watching?

I nailed the MI LFs!

Anybody know how to use Microsoft Access

CNN Turkey has Sibel Edmonds article!

How's this for shallow? - The Celebrity Spouse who gives you the creeps thread.

4 days 23 hours or less when you read this insightful post

why is this happening to ME! computer question:

I am sick and tired of being sick. sick of it

If GDP is the ringtone of DU, what's the Lounge?

***CaliforniaPeggy BeatBox***

Apart from heavy treaded boots, how might you climb up a steep ice slope?

Most is right with the world now.

General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC-awarded two Medals of Honor, a DU thread

I just find this friggin hilarious. Post your funny gifs

I nailed the GD MFs!

Any coffee lovers use one of these?

Saudi preachers blame sinners for lack of rain - Has nothing to do with living in a desert

My Saturday has been ..

Mood Change Alert! (Or why I need a DUer from Denver as a friend: Breckenridge Brewery)

I went to San Diego and I ate at this great mexican place called Taco Bell

Yet another Leecheh pic thread - post yours!

Someone in GD-P said I was their last illusion, now dissolved...

Were the lyrics to "Under My Thumb" meant to be ironic...

Rolling Stone: The Chicken Doves aka Dems sell out anti war movement

Friday night picture of what you love most....

Setting max spending of child support $ for one child's monthly food, clothing, and transport...

Dogs are great.

We're thinking of instituting a daily maximum number of threads anyone can post in GD: Primaries.

Trivial Poll of the Day: Help Me Choose a Sigline

Having administered the gentle coup de grace to Temeah, Sir Gay'n'bad moves on to DUStrange

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/9/2008)

There are cats who look like Hitler

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -- Ben Franklin; Thorazine: God's way...

For your viewing enjoyment...

Keith Olbermann Apologizes For David Shuster

If I were a life coach, I'd make my clients clean their belly buttons as a first step. Why?

A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shadow Knows tomorrow, Feb. 10

Fly Me to the Moon

This is Sebastian Cabot's brain/This is Sebastian Cabot's brain on drugs

Tonight's Evil Monkey Report: TMZ still on the air, but first: Clay Aiken - our readers speak.

Yet another Kitteh pic thread...add your own!

Book TV Schedule: February 9th - 11th

Hillarious Jewish Rap Video: Crank That Kosha Boy

Buffy ponders whether her poisoning attempt will be successful.

After 9-11-01 there were 2 kinds of Americans

Just to be clear, let's review the rules

A poem I haven't posted before...

The Daily Earwig: a Medley of "Da Doo Ron Ron Ron" and "Do You Believe in Magic?"

OK DU computer geeks help a brother out

Things/phrases that did not exist 20 years ago....

How real is it, the "get out of debt now" mentality?

If you enjoyed Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, you'll like this:

A solid pickup line

I told someone to fuck off in LBN

Go here on Google earth.

How is TB spread? And how easily?

So, as I was walking around my neighborhood this morning, I saw this antique cement mixer... (pix)

'Frisky Business' Putting Local Nature Trail Out of Business

Temeah: you can run, but you can't hide. TEMEAH! I choose you. Gauntlet down.

I'm new here

Palm Springs!

Girls shouldn't go to college.

Anyone remember Trolley, Traction, Electric Trains?

Do you keep "your word"?

U.N. says waterboarding should be prosecuted as torture

I am stone cold TWEAKED on coffee right now. Ask me anything.

Band of Brothers marathon on History Channel

Why no war on poverty?

My dog needs your vote!

I took a stray cat in last night

Oh geez, the fundies are outside my grocery store spreading fear.


What's the most PERFECT song ever recorded?

Indigenous rights

Who else is watching Yo Gabba Gabba?

Trying to decide on a ringtone for Thomcat

ONE-derful One Hit Wonders. Pick or post your fave.

We're thinking of instituting a daily maximum number of threads anyone can post in GD: Primaries.

Sexiest Songs Ever!

Weekend word association thread

Favorite old school toy from your childhood

ARGH! If you're going to say wow and only wow just say wow. We don't need the ', just wow' qualifier

Ack, The Puppy "Rescued From The Pound" We've Been

Best engineered LP/CD in your collection:

They just took my Dad to the hospital.

"President of the United States Senate, Richard B. Cheney" Joins Congress In Opposing D.C. Gun Ban

Funeral horses stampede, overturn hearse

***DUzy Awards (Wayback Edition) for week ending February 1, 2008***

'There was no one left to kill', declared General Norman Schwartzkopf

Here's a FREE gift for DUers...

Total to get $834 mln Venezuela oil compensation

Woman traumatized after strip search (The victim by the police)

Putin warns new arms race is under way

Norway opposed to deploying US missile defense shield in Europe

Bomb at Pakistan rally kills 14

First report on Nebraska (first ever) caucus (updated)

Obama has advantage in head-to-head with McCain

Reporter (David Shuster) initially defended Chelsea comment

Debt Fears Heighten In US And Europe

Burma sets date for popular votes

Court Rejects Emission 'Trades': EPA Effort to Limit Mercury Output Is Said to Ignore Law

Huckabee's Link To TV Preacher Questioned

REVOLT IN PAKISTAN'S TRIBAL AREAS, Part 1 Ceasefire: A lull before the storm

Yahoo to reject Microsoft bid - source

Conference of world's top security officials focusing on Afghanistan, missile defense

Obama Leads Clinton by Only 2 Delegates

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq: military

No Funds in Bush Budget For Troop-Benefits Plan

FDA links anti-wrinkle drugs to deaths

New Stryker Faring Poorly in Field

Citizenship on hold for many immigrants

Huckabee Wins Kansas GOP Caucus

Local children/adults hospitalized during White House visit

G.I. Tells of Ordering Execution of Unarmed Iraqi

Job Growth Where Bush Didn't Want It (Gov't jobs up - private sector jobs down)

Mob tied to big NYC construction jobs

Old Friends Say Drugs Played Only Bit Part in Obama’s Young Life

Huge turnout as WA caucuses get underway

Venezuela says it won't be 'intimidated' by ExxonMobil

Paul Concedes Race, Sort Of

Memo Blasts State Dept. Iraq Effort-GOP Loyalist Says U.S. Brought 'Worst of America' to Iraq

Actor Danny Glover fined $100 for trespassing in Ontario

World bourses lost 5.2 trillion dlrs in January: credit rater

Car dealers prep for lousy year (2008)

World bourses (Stock Markets) lost 5.2 trillion dollars in January

Thousands of WA primary votes invalid because oath not signed

Military Prosecutors Set to Open Major 9/11 Case

Norway plans minke whale cull

Conyers Says He's on Edge of Starting Impeachment

Hillary: FL and MI should be heard

Obama “I want to be making the argument for the future, not for the past. I want to be going forward

OSHA Failed to Adopt Dust Rules in 2006 (AP)

UN violation McCain Sponsored the Forceable Removal Arizona Native Americans

Bloomberg-Hagel Ticket Fading Fast

Collins: The Revenge of Seamus (In doggie heaven an Irish Setter is Laughing)

Secret Evidence Bogs Down Gitmo Hearings (AP)

David Shuster’s Comment Helps Hillary Capture the 'Pimp Vote'

Scott Ritter: The Truth Is, Iraq's Future Is Abysmal

American Democracy vs. American Dictatorship

Screw this I think I will vote for...

The Chicken Doves

There’s nothing mainstream about the corporate media

Net Neutrality Is Necessary for Free Exchange of Ideas

Coulter: Obama's "first big accomplishment" was "being born half-black...

David Sirota - The Democrats' Class War

Hillary Clinton-- Victim of the War on the Feminine, Just like the 9/11 Victims

An American Hippie In Israel [1972] Trailer

Ohio's Democratic super delegates in key role; few commit


Mike Gravel talks about the competition

Here Come the Brownshirts, Again

Queer For Hillary!

Bush Admits Torture Feb 6 2008 - America Demand Impeachment

Hillary's Brand New Dance

Hillary: I was overwhelmed by the wave of new contributors

Rep. Steve Cohen Questions AG Mukasey = contempt citations against senior White House officials

Libero Della Piana: on MLK and his legacy

Rep. Adam Schiff Questions AG Mukasey = WATERBOARD TORTURE

Rep. Mike Delahunt Questions Mukasey = DoJ Torture Opinions

Barack Obama in Seattle Feb 8th, 2008

Why, Senator Clinton?

Animaniacs- The Presidents

FISA: Protecting America or executive power grab? Bruce Fein on FISA & Nancy Pelosi

John McCain & John Bolton

DCIA Michael Hayden: CIA Has Used "Waterboarding"

Rep. Linda Sanchez Questions AG Mukasey = $52 Million DoJ Contract with Ashcroft

DCIA Michael Hayden: Legality of Waterboarding Is in Doubt

Barack Obama Strongest in November versus McCain

Phill Donahue On TYT On His Movie 'Body Of War', MSNBC Fallout & Keith Olbermann

"Hopemongers" rally for Barack Obama in Seattle

In Venezuela, Faith in Chávez Starts to Wane

(Flashback) NBC's Shuster mocks woman who criticized Chris Matthews

Rep. Wexler questions AG Mukasey on Impeachment and Enforcing Contempt Citations

McCain while badmouthing Halliburton gets a phone call from Evil Dick

Independent UK: Nine Tipping Points Of Global Warming

Plan: 1,000 turbines by 2020 (Maine)

New Magnet Alloy Stays Strong – Even at 200 Degrees Celsius

Popular Mechanics: Inside Plug-in Car Tech's Race to Production (and Top 10 Rides)

Solar Heating Plan for Any Home

News from Mother: Why Solar Power is Our Best Solution

Montgomery Energy to develop (1 GW) N.D. wind project

Red-Tape is Stifling Growth in the Solar Power Sector

Tidal power farm plan off (UK)coast

Amazing - Maglev Wind Turbine

EPRI, INL Announce Release of R&D Plan Focused on Near-Term Increase in Nuclear Energy Production

I'm bored.

Solar Hot Water: A Good Deal that Keeps Getting Better

6 Degrees of Warming

Lawmakers want answers on VA claims news report

Drug deaths among wounded troops investigated

Soldier dies after being hit by stolen truck

West Point cadet charged in child porn case

3 soldiers die from IED wounds

Sgt. ordered soldier to kill Iraqi civilian

Coalition priority: Keep promised initiatives

Murder trial opens for Army sniper

Veteran sentenced for stealing military gear

Gates: Iraq discourages Europe in Afghanistan

Murtha: War funds in exchange for withdrawal

Troops kill 8 insurgents, capture 26

O-5, state senator questioned on uniform use

Pentagon starts new benefits push

First USO in Iraq opens

House votes for more family education benefits

Mullen, general split on Taliban resurgence

New mission for Corps relies on amphibs

Navy offers cash, perks for foreign languages

Ex-SEAL indicted on 5 weapons counts

Djibouti command gets a new admiral

Allen takes CG budget case to press

New sonar ruling backs global restrictions

Naval Station Newport to expand

New reserve forces commander to take over

Discharged Marine fighting to rejoin Corps

Former Lejeune gen. nominated for commandant

Penalty eyed for Berkeley stance on Marines

Nonlethal grenades stolen from Miramar

100 Marine reservists return this weekend

U.S.: NATO, Marines need help in Afghanistan

Editorial: Speed medal awards

Moseley unveils plans for the next 20 years

Academy denies cadet ban on downtown

Minot 91st Space Wing passes inspection

Last of Pease housing to be demolished

Hayden: Waterboarding legality in doubt

Fighter squadron returns from Iraq duty

Iraqi police gain leadership skills

Housing allowance skyrockets north of Seoul

Al-Sadr still holding to cease-fire order

Commander says 300 more trainers needed

Late tax filers must wait longer for rebates

Military Update: Tricare fees, GI Bill transfers eyed for ’09

GI gets 12 years for sex with 12-year-old, assault of fellow NCO

School sandbox off-limits since syringe scare

Kitty Hawk sailor jailed for pointing gun at boss

Report: DOD may award PR contract for America Supports You

Camp Humphreys soldier sentenced in debit-card theft

Meetings on Guam move set

Major crimes among military down in Japan

Private says soldier jailed in assault was framed

Army’s new operations manual turns attention to stabilizing nations

Pacific briefs: Marine Corps offering recruits bonus for OCS

AF officials: Confinement is uncommon during trials

2 England-based units aid in Chad evacuation

Teen testifies she had sex with soldier at age 12

Naples’ trash, RyanAir’s treasure

Gricignano getting emergency trash site

Baumholder soldiers, families prepare for reassignments, move

Deal clears way to finish KMCC

Report: Al-Qaida softens tactics in Mosul

Iraqi hostages rescued from buried container

Marine uniforms off-limits for civilians

U.S. troops on Pakistan border quiet about cease-fire

Marine team keeps Fallujah sheik honest

Gitmo's Makeover to Reduce Hostilities

War Demands Strain Military Readiness

McCain Refines Plan for Election

Soldiers Moved Heaven and Earth

Army Builds Child Development Centers

Chapels Remove Faith-Specific Symbols

VA secretary pledges to cut 5 weeks off wait

Study: Job market hard on recently discharged

Army Partners With KU for the Wounded

Sailors: Drunken Driving 101

Leaving Iraq Will Help Economy

Navy to Christen USNS Robert E. Peary

Fresh Twist on Training

Marine Division Welcomes Veterans

First Female Engine Mechanic Retires

CG Commandant Visits Boston

Two children die as Iraqi poison plot recalls Saddam's assassination method of choice

USS Augusta Inactivated After 23 Years

here's one way to meet recruiting goals-lower the goals

Sheppard colonel charged with rape, larceny

OSHA Failed to Adopt Dust Rules in 2006

Economic Report: U.S. Gives $5.5 Million To Combat Child Labor In Philippines

Wayne State University Part-Time Faculty Bargaining For First Contract

Hotel workers stage protest at Google Headquarters & video

Bush Wage and Hour Nominee Heads to Union-Busting Firm

Writers May Have Pact. Huckabee Crosses Picket Line—Again

On His Way Out the Door, Romney Attacks America’s Workers

Bush Administration Wants to Take Away Guest Workers’ Rights

Today in labor history February 09

UAW head pushes for national health plan

Dept of Labor announces intent to strip worker protections guestworker program...

21,000 Oregon School Workers Join AFT

William769 . . . . thread #2

Rocket hits Sderot home

Israeli man hurt in Molotov cocktail attack on car in West Bank

If the Catastrophe is Repeated…What Position Will Cairo Take?

Interview: Seymour Hersh on Israel's bombing of the Syrian facility last year

Israeli boy, brother injured by rockets

Census: 30% rise in Palestinian population over last decade

Undermining Bolivia

Is this usual for CD's at banks??

The Bush Financial and Economic Bust of 2008 - The Destruction of Capital

Today the stock market rewarded a couple of computer corporations for sending American jobs over

Don't even bother trying to sue Chinese companies

Is there a "down side" to paying off a mortgage early?

We won't have a Depression, but...

Wheat Surges to Record as US Supply May Drop to 60-Year Low

EBay's PayPal funds freeze plan draws fire

A Credit Card You Want to Toss

I had the second meeting of the gay straight alliance

What's the Point


BIDEN/LUGAR Resolution Calling on International Community to Support Peacekeepers in Darfur Passes

Shout out to Corona!

Gaiafield Project

Has anyone done a short video of the laughter of children across the world?

Tarot on the candidates - feedback wanted.

Has anyone ever attended a Shraddha before? It's an ancient Vedic ceremony.

Further thoughts about the Aquarius Eclipse as compared to the 11-09-03 Eclipse

Requesting peaceful vibes for my mother, please.

Has anyone ever had bad luck as the result of a broken mirror?

I Don't Know If Your Team Needs A Defensive Lineman In The Draft

Congratulations, Orioles fans.. you just got a hell of a center fielder.

Lipitor ad lands Pfizer in hot water

Lipitors cousin

U.S. expresses concern about vaccine as flu cases up

Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda

Jerky progress

Are parsnips safe?

It's "Chocolate Weekend" on the Food Network for Valentine's Day

Meat defrosting tip

Supper tonight is Bangers and Mash

New York City photographers to protest against harassment this Sunday

Attn: RagingInMiami - an interesting blurb on Florida Highway Patrol policy from a photojournalism

A quick poll

Water's Edge Poll

H2O edge poll

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the February Photo Contest. Theme: "Water's Edge"~~~

An Korean Stew-easy and spicey. GOOD STUFF!!

World Press Photo of the Year 2007

'Knowledge of religion shallow, commitment deep' in U.S.

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the February Photo Contest. Theme: "Water's Edge"~~~

No more Polaroid

Turtle takes record-setting voyage

Cookie tweak

Browser Wars: Firefox 2 and 3, Opera, Safari, Flock, Explorer

Candidates hit the road to prepare for weekend primaries, caucuses

Information to help generate testimony

SEAN PENN FUN RAISER FOR DENNIS KUCINICH! Feb. 17, 2008 - get your tickets Cleveland!!

Can anyone out there tell me when and where Obama is set up to speak in Ohio?

Like a Disease:Creationists Seek Foothold in Europe

What happened to all the gold?

9/11 Truth demo in California

Democrats want voting machines with printers (Jackson County)

Election Reform and Related News, Sat. Feb. 9, '08

More from the author of "The Shell Game"

The race for TX 06 against Joe Barton--a primary challenge.

Dallas: Invitation to Lupe Valdez campaign office open house

I've never voted in a Texas primary and need some help. Is it open or closed?

Houston Obama Campaign Office Grand Opening

Iraq stats websites needed, if you've got them.

LTE from David Wade on Kerry 2004 proposals



We had our first monthly meetup at the Spyhouse Coffee Shop

ak! What happened to firefox?

Should MS Office XP work on Vista?

Song, "Fired Up Ready To Go"

excellent WSJ piece on HRC and Obama

Voting for Obama?

Wow - My little blue town in a red, red state is already working for Obama...

Starbucks Liberals, Dunkin’ Donut Democrats, And Which Candidate Is Really Best For All

For Nebraskan supporters. (After you caucus you might want to know what happened in your state)

Doing great in Portland Maine

Large crowds not turning into big votes?

Louisiana may be in trouble

Houston Office Grand Opening....

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Obama

Caucusing For Barack in Nebraska

The Crime of Wrongfully Detaining People and Compulsory Education

KOEB 2/08/08 Friday Couldn't Come Soon Enough Edition

Progressives in San Francisco are running a Dem primary challenger to Pelosi

Fire destroys huge Camden Market site

Boogie Down for Barack Obama fundraiser in Madison Mon Feb 11 5:30~!


11 People Shot In 90 Minutes In Milwaukee

The howling freakin' arctic.

2 other DUers & I are going to see Valerie Plame speak in April

Am I crazy or...

MSNBC's Shuster Suspended For "Pimped Out" Comment about Chelsea; Dem Debate Jeopardized

MSNBC's David Shuster: Suspended! Two views...

The mess at MSNBC: "A history of objectionable comments to and about women"

In view of the MSNBC Shuster suspension flap, I'm relinking to this old thread