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Archives: February 8, 2008

Moore offers more clues about the final Cylon

Phrases people use that you do not understand.

It's time to talk worse case scenarios...

Time's Marc Halperin: McCain's De facto Nomination=Indies to Obama?

Doesn't Anyone Else Find "GoMama" A Little Creepy?

Ha! Rachel Maddow is playing a clip of Romney's withdrawal speech with

States that didn't move up their dates are looking pretty smart right about now, aren't they?

While We Are Dissing Each Other Romney And McNasty Suggested Hillary And Barack R Surrender Mongers

Stephen Colbert on Obama and Clinton - funny!

Obama Girl didn't vote

The Money Spent On This Election is Obscene

I enjoy watching Obama and Clinton

It's really not ok to be mean.


The Obama Girl story is coming on MSNBC next

A couple advantages to not having a candidate immediately...?

Catholic vote goes for McCain, Clinton

More dumb questions for Hillary supporters-- I need SPECIFICS!

Obama's hollow claim regarding Hillary being "poll tested"

I'll tell you why I think Romney dropped out! He is now in a

Anyone know when Hillary is opening her Ohio campaign offices?

So "obamatrons" you can't have it both ways. EXpLAIN!

Superdelegate System = Tammany Hall?

How much did it cost Hillary for her 'Hallmark Moment'?

Anyone have the current pledged delegate counts?

Will Clinton and Obama Continue Bush's High-Priced Militarism?

Andrea Mitchel is so biased it's disgusting. She is a disgrace to journalism (eom)

Were there so many Pubs against Dole when he was their candidate?

Here's the solution to the Superdelegate problem **Obama supporters please read**

Cheney's dog, Dave, got a motorcade to take him for a checkup.

My Superdelegate thoughts and predictions.

The DLC explained (as per wiki)

You can donate to Obama through MoveOn.

So, what would you LIKE to be called?


Are you sick of polls?

Rush Limbaugh via Politico's Ben Smith: 'Keep her in it so we can win it!'

I don't have Obama fever.

Just got a call from Jesus.

Obama supported Israels brutal invasion of Lebanon...

Rasmussen has Dems. tied as Gallup says Hil is up by 11%. Why the big difference?

Some of the Obamaniacs celebrate every burp and fart eminating from Rush and Sludge



What the hell have you guys done

Tom Delay thinks climate change will take your freedoms away

There's going to be a tremendous amount of pressure on Superdelegates to switch to Obama

Obama calls Romney an "Ineffective Candidate"

Bill and Ted's face-off is a catfight for the Democratic soul

Six Seattle City Councilmembers Come Out for Obama

I can't believe so many people have so much spare time

I hacked into DU's server and found the updated Header for the next version of DU

Breaking news: cult has 10 different definitions

McCain-Huckster TKT is very strong, no? Big Mac wins NE, Huck wins the South? Big Mac has AZ+NM+CO

What is a caucus/primary hybrid?

Obama Agrees to Debate in Ohio and Texas

OMG! TOM DELAY REJECTS McCain as the GOP Candidate

NJDC releases fact sheet on the real McCain

What time does that anti-Hilalry movie at CPAC end?

Superdelegates must count. and Florida and Michigan shouldn't

Insider says: "HRC is out of it"

Anybody have links to the tax returns of the other candidates?

7 years of being pissed and far more cynical than i thought possible it feels good to have hope.

What should JEdwards demand at a brokered convention?

What is the big deal about giving your own campaign some of your own money?

Is Obama's "ceiling" 44 %?

What do you think will happen if.....

Bush won 29 states. Gore won 21

This 'CULT" label for Obama supporters is a Swiftboat-style tactic

Singer John Mellencamp is 'uncomfortable' with John McCain campaign's use of his songs

For the people who challenged Obama to give some of his money to charity...

Obama followers are not a cult...

If donating to Hillary goes to Clintons bank, Do Obama's donations go for Rezko defense?

Numbers of human DEMOCRATIC VOTERS will trump delegates in the end if it goes that far

I have a feeling one of them will drop out soon

The Rezko trial starts on Feb 25 and the Ohio primary is March 4?

Weirdest. Election.Ever.

How badly will the Rezko trial (starting at the end of Feb.) affect Obama's campaign?

Seriously, who the hell cares what Cher or Whoopi says?

Sen. Blanche Lincoln announced she is backing Hillary

Can we please CUT THE BULLSHIT about Hillary donations going to repay the loan

Obama is not breaking 44% in national polls. Clinton polls over 50% frequently

Ok the undecided here please speak up..

Fox Snooze does it again. They label John McCain D-AZ.

I wish we could push up the Dem convention a month so we have more time...

If I were "the decider"

Self-Delete Message

U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks Endorses Clinton

Am I Supposed To Feel Bad That I Really, Really Like Obama?

MDers!! Our Governer is organizing bunch of Hillary supporting stuff

Just for fun, proposed neutral alternatives:

Can anybody give me some info about Obama and his pastor using anti-white language?

Do you agree that the nominee will be whoever wins two out of the following three:

Ok I dont know which one I will vote for but both of these...

So Glen Beck wants a "guy" who can say I made a mistake but I learned form it.

First Obama sticker sighting...

HILLARY SUPPORTERS PLEASE DONATE: Hillary has raised 6.5 million+ in 24 hours as of 4:50pm eastern

POLL: Clinton More Beatable than Obama (Obama beats McCain 48-41, Hillary and McCain tied at 46)

Anyone now the results of N. Mexico yet?

Maureen Dowd's phrase ridiculing Obama deleted from NY Times website

NPR delegate count: Clinton - 1045, Obama - 960

I've had ENOUGH of this crap and I have only one thing to say! Please hear me out?

The "seemingly invincible" Democratic ticket

what if the GOP does a super delegate thing & completely end runs around McCain & gives it to Newt?

About this meme of the GOP having their shit together, while the Dems are fighting

Which polls were the most accurate on Tuesday? nt

Delete please

KO says Clinton took in 6 million plus in 24 hours. YEEEEAAAAHHHH!

Rasmussen: "McCain leads Clinton 46% to 44% while Obama leads McCain 46% to 43%"

How come no one ever apologized to me about Gore NOT running?

Obama Always Loses

Can I post my POV as a question?

Is the word "meme" over-used on DU?

Vote for Hillary! Vote for Obama! (a mini-rant here, folks)

I gave Hillary $300 yesterday, today I'm giving her another $200

My Folks are voting Clinton in WA on Saturday.

I'm on my way to make another donation to Obama.

Obama agrees to two more debates with Clinton (Reuters)

More on the Obama - Cialis tiff - supported by evidence

Watching KO is scaring me: McCain basically unopposed while Dems in bloody fight

Deans 50 state strategy and Obama running for President...

Just for fun. (Non-super) delegates or human DEMOCRATIC VOTERS

Obama Superdelegate vows to side with majority of pledged delegates!!!

Which Remaining Democratic Candidate For President Should Drop Out?

Photos: Thousands line up in the snow in Omaha, Nebraska, for today's Obama rally

Where Are The Polls?

WARNING: If you vote Democrat, God Will F**K You Up

How will the right wing attack machine smear both HRC and BHO?

New Time Poll Clinton 48 Obama 42

FACT CHECK: Obama has won largest share of pop votes (- FL and MI), and (potentially) more delegates

Dave Lindorff: I'm Going to Make a Prediction Here: Hillary's Toast

MSNBC Special On Clinton 9:00cst/on now

I think the polls are usually off because the women's vote is under

Ultra-Conservative George Will Loves Obama !!!!

You know the one thing that gets me is that the Democratic Party could turn this whole thing around!

Chris Matthews: Obama phenomenon is the New Testament (if he's not part of a cult, what is he?)

The right wing is playing games again.

A non-American has a question about your primaries:

BREAKING: Another shooting in America. Mayor shot in MO

SUSPENDED : Definition given by lawyer today after Mittens "SUSPENDED"

What Obama Brought to New Orleans


Does DU really support real change in Washington DC?

WOW!! What a DIRTY TRICK: "The Mind of Manson"

Hillary is a centrist. Obama is progressive and against the DLC!

McCain wrapping up the Repug nomination helps Obama.

It is time to stop being supporters of candidates and time to make candidates supporters of us.

listening to Blue Oyster (Obama?) Cult

What will this "maverick" opponent do in the general election?

Where the money went

James "Focus on the Phallus" Dobson to endorse the Huckster!

Obamamania Arrives in Omaha!

This site is a really inspiring example of true bipartisanship.

Charlie Cook Analysis (Non-Partisan Pollster)

MSNBC: Confidential Obama campaign memo leaked...Obama will have more delegates by June!

TIME Poll: Clinton More Beatable than Obama

In his speech what mitt 'the sh*t' said was correct but the reasons for the problem will be ignored

Lot of money lies coming out of Hillary's campaign, current

Career politician or inexperienced newbie?

A question for those that live in Feb. 9th states:

I Have Something To Declare And It Is Inarguable Fact. Please Vote.

Clinton As President Silver Lining

~ All Fired up for the Lady ~

CNN's Delegate Counts has several errors

If your candidate (Clinton or Obama) winds up as the VP candidate, how would you feel?

What does Obama Wear? What does John McCain Wear? What ties and shirts?

What's a Realignment Look Like?by booman tribune

A Fond Farewell To Mitt "The Sh*t" Romney

Mitter the Quitter

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/7/08 - Clinton down 2 (44), Obama up 2 (44)

More than 10,000 show up for Obama rally in Omaha, Nebraska

Now That We're Half-Way Done With The Primaries, What Has Been The Biggest Surprise To You?

Who would you vote for: Obama or McCain?

Obama agrees to debate Clinton in Texas

So do you think the Clintons are going to bring back

This Obamites, HIllHounds, and Cult Labels needs to stop. It is not only Flame-Bait, but it is....

U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is chair of the DLC's American Dream Initiative

Limbaugh Says He'll Fundraise For Hillary

This place is like celebrity gossip, playground squabbles, with an inflated sense of high and mighty

Hey Repubs., watch and learn!!! We tear each other apart because we like our chosen candidates. . .

Obama has won 16 states to the Clintons' 11.

Daily Nebraskan Endorses Obama

MSNBC: Michigan may hold primaries again, Florida likely won't

For Election Junkies: 2008 Democratic Convention Blog

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama

International Tribune Syndicate Republic Observer Bugle Enterprise Review Tribune endorses Obama

What Obama Brought to New Orleans

Crazy gamer-thinking: Romney bows out.

For those who claim Hillary got more delegates yesterday. WRONG! You just just DON'T KNOW!

I loved Whoppi Goldberg through hell and highwater until Michael Vick

Clinton is too old. I'm voting for Obama

Dissapointed once again

Clinton Donors?

Obama Donors

Turned in my absentee ballot today for the MD primary on Tues.

Obama was for caps on SS before he was not for caps on SS:

cult cult cult blah blah blah nt

Gore to Endorse Obama? (AOL news)

two Obama quotes that sum up why I am supporting him

I'm not voting for any candidate because I'd hate to think I'm part of a cult.

The Republicans want to lose....

Obama agrees to debates.

Hillary Clinton Recognizes National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Speaking of about the Cult of the St John the Maverick.....

Extra Extra "Clinton more beatable than Obama"

Gore/Edwards 2008 ... My dream ticket

Alan Colmes ripping apart McCain's speech

Shreveport Mayor Cedric B. Glover endorses Obama.

O-Bama People by Last Steam Train & Frank Zappa

NYT: Clinton’s Fund-Raising Success Is Outshined by Obama’s

If Obama is starting a cult, I hope it is a blue oyster cult.

Fellow Hillary supporters, Let's keep raising money for her

Fredericksburg, VA's The Free Lance-Star Endorses Barack Obama

TIME Poll: Clinton More Beatable than Obama

Deja Vu: What if Obama wins the delegate vote but lose the popular vote?

Is going to come to Puerto Rico?

If anyone wants to take a break from bickering...

Impulse Thought Before Bed: I Don't Want A Rock Star In The White House. I Want A President.

If Clinton partisans think they have the stronger candidate, they need to lay off the kool-aid.

Look what DU did to my college-aged friends...

Limbaugh Says He'll Fundraise For Hillary...

A Challenge to all Obama Supporters

HERE'S what is ticking me off about Mainstream media and Obama/Clinton

The Clintons are prepared to offer jobs, money, and anything else to superdelegates

What are the remaining candidates' positions regarding prosecution of Bush & Cheney?

blacks voted for a great many white candidates.

Senator Clinton won the popular vote on Tuesday

Where I Live, Hillary Represents The Middle Class

Why is Hillary leading among all of these demographic groups?

Another historical probability, A non state may settle this with 63 delegate on 6/7.

Now I know another reason Oprah campaigned for Obama.

Whoopi Switches From Obama To Hillary

Female Democrats Dominate Primary Voting

The reason Rush is supporting Hillary? It's not to stop McCain. immature and insulting can you get to use this word?

I'm an Obama supporter that hates cults and hates Starbucks with passion.

Obama supporters - if you want us to stop talking about cults, stop posting new threads about them.

Clinton Devised Both Pro-war and Anti-war Candidacy

On the accusations of Obama supporters being like cult followers.

If there's a conflict between the will of the elected delegates and FL/MI and the superdelegates

Hillary would make a good President... Obama would make a GREAT President....

New Mexico to recount all Dem votes!

Cornyn endorsed McCain who once said "fuck you" to him

I think people who don't support Obama should be grouped together and placed in camps. Am I wrong?

Now it's a test of Clinton clout vs. Obama cash

Which best describes you?

Obama-mania reminds me of this story by humorist James Thurber

Bill Clinton was a Cult Leader and our party still suffers for it.

Bush: Obama, Clinton Threaten "Prosperity And Peace"

Why is Tom DeLay on TV instead of in prison?

In my own words - what you should be hoping for:

Aggressive Obama TV Spending Prompted Clinton's Loan

John Kerry won every state Obama has won

A distinction between the camps in the conflict

Words for the week: Obama. Starbucks. Messianic. Cult.

Hillary in 1993

Why is it a bad idea to nominate a charismatic leader?

Reflect & contemplate for a moment: Who would your deceased family members vote for in the primaries

Tacoma & Seattle Hilliary fans--she will visit you:

Question for Dean 2004 Voters

Obama's jobs and poverty proposals are great

Will DUers Check their DAMN SOURCES first before posting Please!?!

Hillary Clinton biography on MSNBC NOW

The Hillary Coalition

RCP Avg for GE Matchups Jan 29-Feb 4. McCain 46.7 Clinton 45.3/ Obama 47.5 McCain 44.2

The Obama Cultists seem to have a lot in common with the followers of the "Reverend" Jim Jones...

Hillary Gomama Cult members check in here!

Hillary at Seattle rally:" There isn't anything we can't do."

I'm not going to let them.

You know what sucks?

Obama supporters: stop predicting a February sweep

Be careful of the endorsements you wish for.

Five Reasons Clinton Should Be Worried

Seattle PI: "Have Clintons worn out welcome?"

New Mexican Dems PRE-SCREWED by ES&S

Anybody out there?

Very well, so Obama sweeps virtually everything else, is dragged out onto the tiles...

Review: Politics takes center stage at Conor Oberst show (Obama)

Michelle Obama in Lincoln Friday Feb. 8

Sirota's Super-Delegate Solution - how we prevent the "smoky back room deal"

Obama out of control:

World-Herald Video: It's Nebraska's time (Obama rally video)

Obama folks: Whenever you start feeling down, just remember that Missouri is never wrong!

More on McCain v Obama / McCain v Clinton from NYT's Nicholas Kristof

Hillary now at 7.5+ million since Super Tuesday

The Entire Right Wing Noise Machine Has Known Only One Enemy Over It's Lifespan

A Superdelegate Speaks About Superdelegates

I don't give a rat's ass if someone thinks I'm in a "cult" supporting Obama

I don't think Obama supporters are cultish or part of a cult.

Please stop with the nasty comments and post! In the end we

73% more voters participated in Democratic primaries and caucuses

The CULT of HILLARY - We Love you Back with Tough Love!

Bush: Obama, Clinton Threaten "Prosperity And Peace"

Bill says his 'mistake' was "thinking he was like any other spouse in the race." What a crock!

There are ALWAYS a large number of people who support a candidate

Taylor Marsh: Keith Olbermann = Partisan Hack

What if we could "Ignore" based on key words in a title like "cult", "IWR", "Rezco", "liar", etc?

Along with Millions of Voters, Hillary has caught Obamamania!

I wish rezko trial would be over quickly

Ok, is this a joke? Hillary biography on MSNBC...

Clinton supporters: you can't have it both ways. Which one applies?

So what states are coming up this weekend and who is expected to win?


Dick Morris spreading the Clinton and amir in Dubai rumor on Foxnews....

has ANYONE found ANY reputable polls w/ HRC STRONGER against McCain than Obama?


David Schuster (MSNBC) Is A Bigger Person Than The Clintons......

Over 7.8 Million Democrats have Voted for Barack Obama So far.

Spread the word to every outlet the "cult" word is being used as brain washing

MSNBC Greatest Hits In The Past Twenty Fours Hours

Republican discontent.

Independents tilt toward McCain when matched against Clinton

Finally, what we have been waiting for....(President Insane tacitly endorses McInsane)

How do you think the state of Texas will go?

Does anybody here actually need inspiration?

Who would you vote for: Hillary or McCain?

Edwards Endorses Obama

I'm wondering if Clinton supporters can be honest about this

Why do Latinos and Asians overwhelmingly go for Clinton over Obama?

Chicago Sun-Times: "Gov insiders to testify at Rezko trial"

Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania

NY versus Illinois (exit polls re Clinton v. Obama)

So, how is the Hillary cult this morning?


David Schuster (MSNBC) Is A Bigger Person Than The Obamas......

Proof that Hillary is way more organized than Obama

Bowing out gracelessly

Where is Babylonsister?

the cult label stems from the revival tent atmosphere surrounding Obama, where gays are cured...

Obama On Romney: An "Ineffective Candidate"

Gore Rumor With LINK:

If Gore endorses Obama, Im buying an SUV!

The Cult Accusation: What's Next - The Blood Libel?

Does anyone have a link to a high quality download of the debate between Hillary and Obama?

I'm not voting for that asshole John McCain - and you can't make me

Chelsea Clinton Is Employed by a New York Hedge Fund

Let's thank Establishment Candidate Hillary for accomplishing...

Fox News: "Sen. John McCain (D-AZ)"

Regarding the post with the disgusting pictures. That was the equivalent of being "527'd"

I'm now supporting Obama

The guy is a douche bag

Every newspaper item that compares Obama to an evangelical "cult"...


What I Really Wanted to Say to Chris Matthews

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Iraq War Medical Advances by DOD/DARPA will benefit soldiers & civilians

Obama Raises $7.2M, Clinton Raises $6.4M Since Super Tuesday


Whatever happened to Hillary's bill to ban flag burning? Is that still a big issue for her?

So Obama will inject his personal morality, based on Christian beliefs, into public policy.

Based off of what we've seen so far, why should one believe Clinton could win in Nov?

Success breeds success. If Obama

Is the Democratic Party a CULT or DU? Check the techniques


Wash. Gov. Gregoire Endorses Obama

Polls show Obama beating McCain ( Hillary losing )

I don't know about you, but I'm growing tired of the primary season.

Together ,United ,We Can Never Be Defeated

To some of the Obama and Hillary Supporters...

MUST SEE- Hillary Clinton Supporter YouTube Video - SUPER WOMAN.

NEW Virginia Polls: SUSA: Obama up 18 pts over Clinton

Does all the anti-dynasty sentiment mean we dont have to worry about Jeb?

synchronize your Clinton campaign smear decoder ring: today its' "cult"

A Gore/Edwards/Kucinich tag-team endorsement could end this battle

Let's talk about policy details. Obama and bio-fuel

Attention Obama people!

A question about Primary turnout

Why is the Dem Party so AFRAID of John McCain that they TRASH Bill and Hillary?

RNCC in deep deep crap over falsified internal Audit Records

Time out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to your room

Here is a great Barack interview I found...

Fans see something special in Obama (Omaha)

Flip It Quick! Could Somebody Please Give Howard Dean A Coin?

OMG, Obama referred to Hillary as "HER"!

In California, the youth vote went for Hillary Clinton

Dobson to endorse Huckabee for president

Why I'm Pro-life and Pro-Obama by Frank Schaeffer

Make your predictions on this weekend and Tuesdays primary and caucuses

Is Hillary going to make her Tax refunds public?

Talk to me about Ohio...why do you think Clinton ahead there?

When will we get the result for New Mexico?

Big Sister, Little Brother

Enough bickering here... how about a nice big hug?

Hillary in Seattle—talked issues –including health care & energy reform:

Clinton Focuses on Matchup vs. McCain

Anybody seen the new New Yorker cover -- with both Hil & Barack as versions of Eustace Tilley?

Hillary's Women (interesting facts about fundraising)

Democrats Abroad in Costa Rica: Obama beats Hillary 30-18

At the car dealership I just left, they had Faux on. Headline: Iran building new reactors

"...I cannot claim infallibility in my support of abortion rights." - Barack Obama

Dear Mitt Romney, please speak out!


Breaking: Romney's 5 sons to enlist to help fight the War on Terror

Sixty-four pages. Sixty-four pages of clear, concrete-specific, detailed plans for the White House

Limbaugh wants to raise cash for Clinton after Romney withdrawal

wow, Clinton's goal now at 10 Million by the end of today

WaPo's Paul Kane: Superdelegates (Dem insiders) will decide who runs for prez

Hillary supporters

Obama Endorsement : Washington Governor Chris Gregoire

Weird spam I got about Obama

Oh Great, Now We Are Going To Be Subjected To

Limbaugh and other trying to turn voters off Hillary on to Obama

OK, i'm confused is Washington holding a caucus and primary on 2 different days

"You guys are freaks..."

Amazing OH-Bama Photos from NOLA.....

She managed HillaryCare into the ground -- Will she do the same for the nation?

Seems To Me That Obama Is The Only Presidential Candidate That Won't Have To Change.......

Bill Clinton reflects on South Carolina dustup

This might get me banned!


The New Test-Her-Mint: from Hannah to Harlot in the space of a penstroke.

Daily Rasmussen poll Clinton up 3 / Obama down 1

"Bill Clinton says he's learned his lesson"

Clinton Makes Light of Fashion Disasters

Upper Deck 'Presidential Predictor' baseball cards - pics

If you want 4 more years of George W Bush....?

A lot of this is just silly.

Top Ten Reasons I Am NOT Voting For....

The CONs in my office are So Sad...

Let's see: Clinton won the most votes and delegates on Tuesday


If we do not win and win with a strong majority in both Houses

Is McCain looking to be a 4 year president?

Anti-Obama Film On the Way

Clinton Suprises me

Should Chelsea Enlist to Support the Iraq War?

If anyone belongs to a cult it's the people who

Washington Governor Gregoire Endorses Obama

The Cult of Closed Government. Protecting secrecy and privilege of Bushes for decades.

Another poll says Obama is more electable.

Warning signs of an Onation...

Edwardians should remember Hillary never did these things to Edwards

Ghoulianni raised $50,000,000 and got 1 delegate.

A Great Video about Obama's Healthcare Plan

How should Obama and Clinton respond to being called terrorists

What's wrong with the candidates?

Let's put all the chips on the table.

Chelsea keeps it textbook in Lincoln stops for her mother

The Cult-of-Obama narrative

President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Clinton?

Clinton Supporters - News you'll like from the Psychic World.

Is anyone else here "undecided" between Clinton/Obama?

FYI: Taylor Marsh

Not That I Carry Weight - But I Urge All Obama People To Support Hillary If She's The Nominee

Why Barack Obama will probably beat out Hillary Clinton

Obama outshines Clinton fund-raising success

"What Is Barack Obama Really Like?"

Another Repub turns- CHARLES BARKLEY

Just in from MSNBC: Washington Governor Christine Gregoire endorses Barack Obama!

video of hillary from highschool

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire Endorses Obama

What I want to know

My last word on the "cult" bovine excrement... then I start using ignore.

*The Mind of Manson* --- What did you learn that you didn't know?

What a glorious day it is when Republicans are falling all over themselves.

CNN: Donna Brazile just wiped the floor with the republican strategist

Lee Atwater is the spiritual father of the "cult" attack currently

I've Joined the movement. GObama!

Democrats who try to smear with cries of cultism are just as bad as the Swifties

Where Did This Cult Meme Come From?

Everyone needs to vote for our candidate in November.

"Cult" =

Obama's talking about Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force

Kerry krishna .... Kerry krishna...

I do not think I have felt so down about politics since

IMO, Hillary in the GE would be the Mondale of '08

WA Governor Gregoire endorses Obama

Clinton v McCain; Obama v McCain (Graphic)

POLL: Obama 47 - McCain 42 vs. McCain 46 - Hillary 43. Independents like Obama, don't like Hillary

As of 1:55 PM EST: 16 cult threads (out of 80) on the first page

Anyone know if Jim McDermott of Washington State has endorsed a candidate? Thanks. nt

My Republican Father will vote for Obama.

Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth endorses Obama

Honk if you think inflamed Hillaroids are a blight on humanity n/t

More Dem 'debates'. Good idea? Or not?

So if it comes down to Puerto Rico. Will both Obama and Clinton be promising statehood?

I don't think Gore should endorse anyone during the Primaries but if he does

Obama beats McCain in the general election... that's all I need to know. GO OBAMA!

What about these tears?

"For years, I voted my guns... This year, I'm voting Obama"

Clinton Camp a 'Cult of Sour Grapes"?

(Tell YOUR story about your experience with Hillary and why you support her.)

Here is what spooked Hillary and why she continues to push the "cult" meme

who would Monica Lewinsky vote for?

OK, Hillary Supporters, we know how your candidate has so many years of experience, but can't run a

Who Disagrees With This Recent Quote By A Republican?

The Cult of Bushies, YES they were a CULT **DID WE FORGET**

Electability Folks: Rasmussen: Obama 47 McCain 42/McCain 46 Clinton 43

Hillary is My Candidate!

I Admit It - I'm Part of the Kool-Aid Drinking Obamaton Cult

What if this thing goes to Puerto Rico?

There Are Three Clintons

The Pennsylvania primary is perfect for Hillary except for one thing ...

Limpballs wants to fundraise for Clinton, says GOP is "doomed" if Obama is nominated

Will we come to the polls in sufficient numbers?

Put yourself in the shoes of a Repub that hates McCain and Hillary..

God I hate when its so busy the ignore filter falters and shows me idiots.

Monica Lewinsky

Hillary and Lieberman's Cult of Video Game Violence: Why Does it Matter?

Fellow Cultists, I need your help

To all those that are concerned about Michigan and Florida not having a say....

Monica Lewinsky VS The Cult

I sure would love to see the terms of the loan agreement made between Senator Clinton

Obama's campaign on Hillary's fund-raising

Breaking! Lyndon LaRouche endorses Hillary! ***

Big Sister, Little Brother

woot! here's a powerful endorsement: David Obey endorses Obama

Delegate count:

Monica? Monica? Is that the best you guys with the empty suit can do?

FACTS *no one* can deny.

Hillary and Obama need to get together with Howard Dean and work something out.

I notice something among some Obama supporters.

The "cult" stuff is making DU look bad.

Eric Clapton

Handmade Obama sign by the sheet metal workers ---pix--->>>

Skinner, can you ask posters to type in Warning! as the first word

My Candidate is a Better Democrat

More Primaries tomorrow - Who do you think is going to stock up on more delegates?

Holy-Moly - Look at these numbers!

Who do you think people like this will vote for?

Obama has built a better organization

Lothar of the Hill People

I love Wes Clark...He is the shit..I had to delete his fundraising email

Will Obama be joining Hillary in Maine town hall?

One Big Union!

"A candidate whose empty bombast could float a fleet of hot air balloons"

Look I am Hillary supporter, but I don't like the idea MSM plays up and down of one of our candidate

Call me a Cultist - I don't give a shit.

Wes Clark... disappointing... His support of Hillary is hypocritical

self delete

Media Frame: Repubs Coalesce, Dems in Disarray.


Do you have Republican family/friends? Who are they supporting?

Two big MSM pundits had to issue on air apologies to the Clinton campaign

Will the GOP nomination being settled help Obama?

New Gallup poll: Obama +2, Clinton -2 (now within 7).

GD-P is like the movie Groundhog Day ... same thing over and over.

Remember when we had a minimum of three sentences...?

I say put them both in a locked room and make them stay in there

Something happened in Nebraska....

Has anyone received anti-Hillary spam?

Thousands turned away at OBAMA rally today! 17,000 seats filled to capacity!

So, just what is a cult, anyway?

Will Obama take Hillary's invitation to join in the Maine Town Hall on Saturday?

Is the Republican tactic to get the Dems to spend all their money

Is there any live streaming coverage of Obama in Seattle? Thanks!! nt

Clinton won Pennsylvania by 9, Gore by 5, Kerry by 2. Obama would likely lose Pennsylvania

"Hi, I’m part of a nationwide youth movement called Hillary Speaks for Me..."

There are MILLIONS of working class voters who want to vote on the ECONOMY but won't vote for Obama

Ahh yess...America's new uniter spreads the unity.

Repubs chose McCain because he did the best in head-to-head polls against us.

Request to mods: Primary FAQ pinned to the top of this forum

Hillary "yes we can"

Hillary is the clear front-runner.

Is CNN giving Hillary Free Coverage?

Sen Obama on

Do you like the tone and posting in GD:P?

Is there any live streaming coverage of Obama in Seattle? Thanks!! nt

What Gets Around More Than A Joint At A Willie Nelson Concert?

Barack is going to be in my town on Monday !

Being called a cult hurts Obamatons feelings? How did you treat people that were offended by this:

Hillary Sells Own Tears on eBay

Analysis: Clinton could have upper hand in Virginia

Obama or Clinton: Will Party Elite or Voters Decide?

If Republicans 'Hate' McCain - why is he so competitive in the polls?

Why did Hill's 1993 health care plan really fail?

The Cult Tag is both a Bum-Rap and a serious observation

GD-P is like the movie Groundhog Day ... same thing over and over.


Interesting Obama vote for environment programs

Question: What the heck is a SuperDelegate

Texas Question on the primaries

So is it ok to say 'Chelsea's being Pimped out'?

Obama campaign in Seattle LIVE on (click right box on right of front page)

WI Rep. David Obey endorses Barack Obama

Do a Google Image search on "Obama" and then "Hillary". Look at the results. Consider what it means.

Why the hell do we even need Super Delegates? Let the people decide!

WTF? Is today's code word "cult"?

Political junkies check in...

It's the swing demographic in the swing states, stupid...

Obama Rally in Seattle being Streamed Live now on at this LINK

Obama Memo: I'm Electable, Baby

Robo-Call Alert: Washington State Caucus Goers

Says Msnbc has apologized for D. Schuster's "pimping out" of Chelsea

Lobbyist for Obama too

Is the nomination really about the Vice-Presidency?

Obama's lies about Lobbyist support

To the MD/DC/VA DUers: Obama will be at Cole Field House in College Park Monday Morning

The Last Weekend of the Edwards Staffers ...enjoy

An important message for Democratic Primay voters, superdelegates, and other interested parties...

“When I Heard Obama speak, I cried. He reminds me of FDR”

Look at these cultist lemming followers! Sickening and bizarre...

N.J. superdelegate for Clinton now undecided, due to Bill's "fairy tale" comment

Whatever your opinion, who has heard enough about cults?

Our Political Campaigns Are An Assault On Reason

The Hillary-Obama contest is pitching one dem group against another: blacks against Hispanics.

Ex-Republican Chafee considers voting for Obama in R.I. primary

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/8/08 - Clinton up 3 (47), Obama down 1 (43)

Will Obama get his ass up to the mic already?

As a Hillary supporter, I think all of this cult talk is silly

Here's a private message I recieved that illustrates the creepy immaturity that goes on in GD:P.

Cults: Bronner vs. Mercer

The backlash cometh

Chelsea Clinton is 29 and old enough to decide to take orders or not take orders in any campaign

Hey Obama doubters-he's talking about issues right now and taking questions:

Cantwell endorses Clinton

We are a three-party nation.

When the dust settles ...... will this place be a smoldering mess?

Obama Rally has Officially Got Under Way. Over 18,000 People there. LINK

Video of today's Obama Appearance in Seattle

Raise Your Hand If You've Been Offended At One Point Or Another During This Campaign Season

Breaking: Hillary Clinton goes to War with the Mainstream Media for Aiding Bush's Rush to War!

One thing DU has convinced me of today

Wisconsin on February 19 will tell whether Obama can win

If Michigan decides to hold a caucus with delegates at stake, Hillary will get smashed.

RCP Superdelegate count shows Hillary Clinton's margin down 7 overnight to +72. MoBama!

Jon Stewart's rebuttal to the Romney farewell speech.

What the fuck is with the cult of Ronald Regan?

IMO, Obama in the GE would be the McGovern of '08, he may pick up 1 or 2

Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria.

HEADS UP: Obama rally in Seattle. LIVE NOW.

Why does HIllary want Obama to appear with her tomorrow in Maine

Eggs, sausage, bacon, spam, and Cults

Character Assasins

From a Clinton Supporter: What I'd Like About an Obama Presidency

Clinton/McCain vs. Obama/McCain. My analysis: don't sweat it!

Obama rally in Virginia Beach

I have enormous respect for Wes Clark and for his opinion. Email from him below

in the 60s/70s it was called a MOVEMENT, now it's called a CULT. ridiculous.

Barack Obama in snippets: His Early Life

Nebraska superdelegate and chairman of the DNC's Native American Caucus endorses Obama

Could we lose California with Obama?

Clinton is PWNING the MSM. If the bash her she wins. If they lay off she wins.

Hillary,Civil Rights and Bob Novak

Well, you gotta admit, this election is pretty interesting. :)

TIME OUT!!!!!!!

Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey endorses Obama (originally supported Edwards).

Intrade now has Obama favored to win the GENERAL election! Very slightly over McCain, 10 over

The Truth behind all the "Cult" Talk....Plain ole Jealousy


My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Hillary chasing after Obama and begging for his approval is just plain weird.

What will tomorrow's word be? for the mods...

The MSM's continuing to report on "cult status" of Obama is proof of what I said.

Ed Schultz said that no one will be able to touch Obama because it will look like racism

Barack Obama in snippets (Part 2): State Legislature Experience

Opps. I was told the correct place to post this is GD

The same MSM idiots who lied about "racist" Clinton comments now defending their own CLEAR slurs

Doesn't Mark Penn get paid enough to make up new slogans for the Clintons?

The Unemotional Case For Obama

The Cult and Rush


Is there any such thing as "a different kind of politics not based on ideology"?

I'm watching MSNBC 24/7 now. No CNN for me!

Edwards supporters, did Obama saying in a Debate that he was as lobbyist free as Edwards offend you?

NAFTA vs Cult

An apology is enough. Don't turn these idiots into free speech martyrs.

Why are so many wing-nuts "supporting" Hillary? Easy.... 2010

Times (UK): Obama supporters "live by all those little quotes on the side of Starbucks cups"

As if money raised is meaningful . . . Clinton Campaign Says $10 Million Raised This Month

Anyone else just catch Obama being the first responder at his Seattle rally?

Ok... There Is NO WAY I Won't Get Shit For Asking This Question, From All Sides...

Obama “I want to be making the argument for the future, not for the past. I want to be going forward

Where is McCain getting the money to campaign?

Did someone mention "Cult"s?

I'll be out tomorrow. What is the Obama attack meme from Hillary HQ for the weekend?

MSNBC hates racists properly but apparently like many posters here loves SEXISM

Why are all these political pundits calling for the scrapping of superdelegates..

what a putz......Obama Blames Bill Clinton

Please pass this on to your Republican Family and Friends!


Irony defined

If Shuster is Suspended then HUFF PO Should do the Same for Lying Shill Taylor Marsh"

Is this what you all want?

I Love The Smell Of Hypocrisy In The Afternoon

If only Hillary can learn from MSNBC the next time her campaign makes a bullshit remark about Obama.

Discussion: So what do you think would happen...

Should there be a temporary Moratorium on banning freepers?? Hear me out..

My head is bloody

John Kerry and the DLC.

At this point I'd like to say zealous support is not always cultish.

Clinton got 75,000 new contributors yesterday

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the Clinton and Obama camps. Potomac Primary results in 5 days.

What I've learned...

Gregoire endorses Obama

Think MSNBC will quit the sexist stuff now? Attacking family members?

Al Franken wins 4 of 6 Delegates at Minnesota Caucus!

Obama's not a cult leader. He will give college students $4K every year in exchange for community

Obama is going to argue against seating FL delegates but argue super's should abide by delegates?

Wow! I didn't know that MSNBC suspended David Schuster.

If it was Michelle Obama that was "pimped out" would it be OK?

Some cold hard facts (re: Hillary's demise)

TIME Poll: Clinton More Beatable than Obama

Wes Clark on Hillary Clinton:

I Really Admire Du'ers Attempts At Using Rovian Tactics

About Pennsylvania, in contradiction to the repeated claims of a blowhard to remain unnamed.

Clinton appeals to voters for cash

Democrats Abroad in London: Obama beats Hillary 971-422

My Utmost and Loyal Pledge to Obama the Prophet...he is Christ REBORN!!!

New Mexico: Voting Machine Vendors Supplied Bad List to Democrats

New VIRGINIA SUSA poll: Obama leads with 59% to Hillary's 39%

I hate the DLC. Hate Carville and McAuliffe. And I support Hillary now, here's why.

/+\ Just you wait until your Skinner gets home! Look at this mess! /+\

How many total donors does Obama and Hillary have?

Unofficial poll: As of right now, do you like Keith Olbermann?

Country Needs Bold, Aggressive Leadership

On Shuster, Chelsea, DU, and the bush twins

Wes Clark is supporting Hillary For President, here's why.....

Which is more important for the nomination, delegates or popular vote?

A Challenge for Clinton Supporters...

Hillary's strongest supporter Matt Drudge has made MSNBC his top headline

Why do we spend so much time tearing each other apart when we could be building each other up?

If MSNBC wins the Primary I am still voting for it in the GE, we can't risk McCain!!!!!

The Ditto-Heads Were Unable To Hannitize Their Own Party

Obama supporters, we know how perfect you candidate is, how he wouldn't have voted for the war etc.

Hillary is Mondale Without the Locked-In Superdelegates

It is really ridiculous that shuster got suspended. Is anyone else concerned about HRC's media

As a mother, I have a very different standard for my daughter

Obama should stay far far away from HC

How many delegates will Obama get over hillary this weekend?

Ayone else notice how hard both

Lord, you can take me now. I have seen it all: OBAMA

Who do the "Reagan Democrats" currently support?

Which of the 2 remaining candidates is less likely to sacrifice candidacy for good of party/country?

Obama supporters tired of the "cult meme": 'Get over it and lighten up!'

Magic Rat is the Keeper of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!

McCain/Obama: 41 to 48%; McCain/Hillary: 46 to 46%

Just remember when you cast your vote--there are NO heroes

Schuster apology was complete and acceptable. Move on.

If CNN didn't exist, then I would watch Fox over MSNBC

UPDATE: Obama to Speak at The 18,000 seat Comcast Center at the University of Maryland on Monday

Are there two primaries and two caucuses tomorrow?

How many people have been suspended for referring to Obama as Osama?

The Future is Bright for Democrats....

We are in deep.....

Obama up by 20 in Virginia!

Gallup: Race tightening back up. Clinton 49 Obama 42

Poll: Utahns overwhelmingly prefer Obama to Hillary ...

So Patrick Leahy and Bill Bradley are members of the Obama cult

A Clinton Vice President will be overshadowed by Bill - does she even need a VP choice?

Due to overwhelming appeals by Anti-Queen Hillary posters, I name Obama QUEEN !

Schuster Deserved to be suspended

"If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party."

Obama thinks Bush did NOT do anything "Grave Enough" to Impeach!

Obama Says Superdelegates Should Back Candidate W/ Most Pledged Delegates. How does he enforce that?

Romney Suspension > If the Reps make it McCain / Romney, I Hope Obama picks a Strong VP:

My explanation for Obamamania and what I think his presidency will mean.

Bubba can't stay out of the press

Atrios: "No One Gives A Shit Who You Vote For"

Hey Clinton you praise McCain and attack Obama on the trail? Just say it: Clinton/McCain 2008 sheesh

The difference between Davis Shuster and Hillary Clinton? He apologized, she didn't!

OK You win....Obama thinks he's the Messiah and all who follow him are brainwashed

not a cult, a CURE.

New Hillary Ad Stars John Breaux, Who Has Lobbied For Wal-Mart

More hypocrisy on how the Shuster incident was handled:

I am an Obama supporter and I HATE Clinton

During our caucus, Obama volunteers came around to tell everyone in his section -

Is it me or does Hillary think she's the Queen?

Fuck Wolfson!

Clinton Supporters: This is something Hillary doesn't want you to see.

Can you guys stop fighting long enough to get a huge guffaw out of this?

Of course, Hil is whining about caucuses now

Why do people choose to become a corporate attorney?


Republicans Are Loving This!

This Clinton/Obama squabbling is so tedious

Schuster was just on MSNBC apologizing for his remark.

We need to continue to email MSNBC about Schusters sexist comments, He has to go like IMUS did!

Another Superdelegate, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) endorses Barack Obama

"Polarizing" Clintons. President Bill Clinton left office with an approval in the 70's. UNITY

Did Kerry Really Offer McCain The VP In 2004?

Would everyone please stop with the Age Discrimination

Fake ass outage: It also suggests that the Hillary camp sees the potential for political gain

If Rush Limbaugh had been suspended for saying exactly what Shuster said,

Pissypants is begging for support for McCain to avoid the final nail in his legacy of failure

Is the Clinton campaign exploiting Chelsea?

Did Obama just make a sexist statement against Hillary? "The claws come out."

Another challenge for Clinton supporters...

I'm staying home election day. That's right, I'm not voting.

When Obama lies people do not hear, they just listen.

Dillard crowd waits for Bill Clinton

ALERT! The 3 Co-Chairs of the DNC Delegate Credentials Comm All Served in Clinton Administration

Do some of you honestly not realize that they hate her? That they hate THEM?

Ok, so if cult is offensive what about

Hillary's high negatives versus Obama's low negatives

cnn: obama bests clinton against mccain

Surely the GOP are nervous that voters picked John McCain?


Anybody else see that? Obama Rally!

Aggressive Obama TV Spending Prompted Clinton's Loan

Unofficial poll: As of right now, do you like Keith Olbermann?

MSNBC agrees to apologize......For ignoring Kucinich, Edwards, Biden, etc.

Guess we know who would best control the media.

Obama's agriculture policies are great

Obama's suggestion that the Clintons should release their tax returns is going to backfire on him

Is Bill Clinton allowed to be a "Super Delegate" inspite of his connection to

DKos says Hillary is winning "conservative" working class whites in "dying mill towns"

Remember what Bill Maher said about the political intent of manufactured outrage?

Get your heads out of your @$$e$ people!

I wish we "knew" Obama better...

Barack Obama will almost assuredly be our next Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Did Hillary work with Repukes to ban flag burning?

Hillary asks for money at campaign rally

Hillary vs. Obama in Washington. OH my!

Schuster apologized. What more do you perfect people want ?

Edwards had the best healthcare plan. Would Obama or Clinton consider it if elected?

It's not a Cult, It's a Movement

Stealing a line

Well, the C word officially jumped the shark today..

Dear Obama supporter, I don't think Obama is a cult leader .. as a Hillary supporter

A certain candidate is on Postsecret's page this week.

Primary TOONS: Making fun of everyone!

My theory why Obama lost in Massachusetts

I wonder if the same people would apply the word "cult" if this guy had run.

At 12:15 p.m., the Score: Cult 4; Adult, 0 (or, on joining the Cult of the Adult)

Howard Dean must come up with a Plan to outfox them Pubs: McLame has one chance in Nov

Can we just put a stop to this 'cult' garbage?

The last Democratic Messianic "Cult" Candidate was Jimmy Carter in 1976....

TIME Poll: Clinton More Beatable than Obama


Obama: Wants to index the minimum wage to inflation. Doable?

Schuster should have been reprimanded - not suspended, and I am a Hillbot.

Obama, Clinton each get 36 Missouri delegates, party decides

The lesson Bill Clinton learned is to whine!

Hillary's campaign is upset with David Shuster, but the Clintons are best friends with McCain

What is the problem with seating all or a portion of FL delegates.

David Shuster, Keith Olbermann. The only two on TV who speak the truth - Being vilified on DU

What would have happened if Shuster had said "Obama is pimping out his wife, Michelle"

Shouldn't Maria Pappas have been fired for her "Psychological Gang Bang of Hillary" comment:

When was the last time we had a rift this big in the Dem electorate between two candidates?

Another CNN/ Cafferty hatchet job on the Clintons

A while ago, McCain beat both Obama and Clinton in match-up polls. What happened?

Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve the nomination because she is running a lousy campaign

Where's Wes Clark?

There was no immediate comment from Clinton's campaign.

Why are N. Mexico results taking so long? nt

If Coulter claims that Hillary is more conservtive than McCain -

Michigan Dems allocate delegates to Clinton, uncommitted

What does Obama hope to do in the WH that is so much better than Clinton?

David Obey Endorses Obama

Newsweek explains why Obama may sweep ALL Feb contests and have HUGE momentum!

I refuse to watch another Clinton debate until she apologies for her Iraq war vote.

...everyone... just STOP!!!!

By getting out the Black vote, do Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia etc come into play?

Edwards was a phony on poverty!

Everyone ignores hypothetical polls vs McCain because Obama hasn't been attacked. YET.

CALIF: "The scale of disenfranchisement is huge – 94,500 of 189,000 decline-to-state votes."

Margaret Cho is Bi-Candidate (HuffPo)

Neoliberalism and the election. --- Does anyone care?

What McCain's Up to In Choosing a V-P

This 'CULT" label for Obama supporters is a Swiftboat-style tactic

MSNBC's David Shuster has been temporarily suspended

Clinton and Obama supporters, I need your help in re: Health

I helped pay back Hillary's loan and I'm going to now Double my contribution!

Just now at the Obama rally in Seattle,

Do you want to see the Dream Ticket?

Ok hears my take on the David Shuster incident

"Pimped Out" Comment Could Jeopardize Dem Debate on MSNBC

"“Excuse me, but this sounds more like a cult than a political campaign."

Where is the evidence for the claim that Obama would lose CA to McCain, while

Carl Rove - Clinton will win the nominee

Hillary or Michelle?

Hillary Supporters Just Don't Get It!

From an Obamaista to the Clinton supporters... I'm proud of Sen. Clinton today

Should Superdelegates vote as their state does? Or as the nation does?

Is Shuster paying for Tweedy's sins?

Hillary to Seattle: I Can't Win Tomorrow Because it is a Caucus. It's Not a Primary Where You Can

Hey Obama supporters, over here!

CONTACT THE DNC! Re: FLA and MI delegates

Chelsea should cures PAPA McCain's ass out for calling her ugly when she was a child

Every picture tells a story

As someone who regularly called Dean supporters "kool aid drinkers" in 2004

Hillary Clinton Endorsment by Robin Morgan - Good Bye to all that.

My sis in Seattle says 18,000 are inside Obama rally & 3000 more outside

Which cult are you a member of?

Speaking of cults... Mu'ad Huckadib has become the Right Hand of God.

Obama folks -- this is why/when I first got creeped out by "the cult" faction

MSNBC's Shuster to Offer On-Air Apology to Clinton


SuperDelegates? Does this strike anyone else as arrogant?

Conspiracy Theory Folks - Chime In (Obama's Security Detail)

Hillary's base is the poor and working folks. Can she compete with the deep pockets of Obamites?

Skinner can I stay up past my bedtime tonight?

Current Delegate Totals: Clinton 832, Obama 821

O-mericans!! Represent for Obama!! Here's a name for us!

Is It Me, Or Does Obama Think He's the New Messiah?

I voted for Senator Obama in the Massachusetts primary on Tuesday.

David Shuster should apologize to Chelsea Clinton IN PERSON

Unvetted: Long, Long List of Shady Clinton Donors

Hillary is the DLC:

Clinton, Obama and Edwards wasted $266,363,577 on bullshit.

Bill knows

The cult war on DU yesterday was no accident.

Barack's faith explained truthfully, video link..

Barack and habeas corpus

Los Angeles Times: "Obamaphilia has gotten creepy"

Here is the answer put all the ''c" word threads on hidden. Then back peace and love. =)

Do we get it here? The Clintons run on outrage.

How should the Super-Delegates decide their votes at the convention?

Bill Press has said that Gore will endorse Obama next week.

Can Mrs. Clinton Lose? Wall Street Journal Article

My wife just told me that Chelsea Clinton is calling super delegates...

There are no "Cults" or "cultists" roaming over the pages of DU.

For Obama Supporters Only

Obamania is called a "cult" because there's nothing extraordinary about politician Barack Obama

Kudo's to Clinton the fundraising but have you noticed. . .

Democratic Catastrophe in Florida and Michigan – Follow-up and Better Solution

If you can handle an Opposition Article -- Peggy Noonan: "Can Mrs. Clinton Lose?"

Do you like hte way Barbara Boxer decided her superdelegate vote?

Hillary, cut the sh** already.

Thinking Ahead: What States Could Clinton, or Obama Carry that Kerry didn't?

Free David Shuster!

FUCK THE CLINTONS!!! I am done with them...

Joebama! Was Lieberman really Obama's mentor?

Polarizing Bill Clinton

Weekend Races in 5 States: Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska, Virgin Islands, Maine


Question: Say some guy had a big hand in shipping your job overseas...

Edwards supporters: Are we coming around to Obama yet?

Robert Deniro backs Barck

WARNING OBAMA Supporters: You are facing a SOPHISTICATED Opponent

AT LEAST 6 MAJOR NATIONAL POLLS: Barack Obama STRONGER against McCain than Hillary Clinton

Honk if you think Clinton supporters should STFU already with this 'cult' propaganda

Remember when McCain called Chelsea "ugly"?

Photos: Barack Obama holds a rally in Seattle, Washington--21,000 strong!

Obama With Big Lead In Virginia 52% to Clinton 37%

What I've learned from DU

What an outrageous slogan "A New Covenant." That sounds dangerous to me.

The word is that neither camp can win w/o SuperDelegates. We need to get active.

What did David Schuster do?

Where we are: Hillary's fans prefer Fox over MSNBC & her supporters include Rush, Coulter, and Beck

PHOTOS: Obama Rocks Seattle Event

How it began last Florida Democrats began their propaganda war

"Nobody gives a shit who you vote for."

"Volunteers told to share personal conversion stories with voters-not policy views." Obama Campaign

"Hillbots" - turn on msnbc NOW :)

15% turnout expected in tomorrow's Louisiana primary

Anybody know why Hillary's website leaves out several States?

I can't take another 8 years of the Clintons.

Obama gaining natiionally; Clinton losing support.

Obama repeatedly plagiarizes

Cognitive dissonance, or what?

Democratic nominee for president!

Honk (or at least K&R) if you're an Obama supporter and don't want to dehumanize the other side.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Transference: Why we are Hating Democratic Candidate X

Obama's cult brought down WTC7 in order for Israel to invade Lebanon!

Carville used the "cult" word against the DNC and Dean.

From Istanbul, a letter to Hillary Clinton's supporters.

DREAM TICKET Trumps Rove Trolls

Screw superdelegate count-give nomination to the one with most votes in total counting every contest

Have you noticed how eager the Republicans are to face Obama in the election?

Super delegates or no super delegates? You decide.

What is Hillary's greatest accomplishment?

Politics is a Duty, Not a Parlor Game—A Response to Bunnie’s Rant

Why do some people here HATE the fact that Obama inspires people?

Obama is the new Pokemon

Obama v McCain ======>

Barack Obama and "The Fierce Urgency Of Now"

Clinton Campaign Threatens to Boycott MSNBC Debates

This weekend's primaries/caucuses

Governor Christine Gregoire (WA) endorses OBAMA!!

Super Delegates will decide the nominee - The Math

The Queen Hath Spoken: Off with his head!

The Clinton Years: Banking Deregulation, Undoing The New Deal & Screwing Minorities

Is it just me, or does Fred Kaplan look like he's trying not to hurl?

A destructive message; one that I will not soon forget.

IF HRC is nominated, does she have any hope of holding the new voters Obama has brought in?

"LOST" Fans, This is the site for you!


Hillary's Pro Torture Position

What will you do if your candidate is *not* the Democratic nominee?

The Clinton campaign should totally sever communications with MSNBC

The usage of "cult" is incredibly offensive to those who have families torn apart by actual cults

As an anti-Hillary activist, I was nevertheless stunned by this article...

So they hate McCain: Limp and Coulter say will vote for Hillary

The most important story this month is right here

Arrest after mid-air stabbing, bomb threat

A Day of Insanity

Nope, insurance doesn't cover damage caused while committing a crime

Dave Fiore: Basic Budget Training (You'll laugh and be pissed off!)

Surprise! Helmets for Troops Substandard, So Bush Administration Orders More

DU death Sentences: smoking. 18 yo's with 16 yo's. not owning guns...

I heard many Republicans pissed at McCain for voting against the stimulus

About those cut cables and tinfoil...

Smarmy: adjective

anyone listening to Tucker on Rachel Maddow's show?

The Machine Gun of Capitalism

From a Republic to a Monty Python Parrot

Heres a little humor for your day.... (Not Political)...

Glenn Beck: Walking Proof There Is No God

The War in Iraq Costs -great website

A New Senate Majority Leader

Take a break from infighting ... Survivor premiers tonight. James, Ozzy, and

Cheney: To Loud Cheers-"Damn Right" Proud To Support Torture

Dave Lindorff: To Hell With the Chief!

Dear Congress Critters, Please take a minute from your not

Get your Bowl Buddy Today only $19.95

Bill to Put Super Bowl Parties Back into Churches

Evangelicals Promising Not to Vote, Great!

ACLU: Attorney General Mukasey Will Not Prosecute Criminal Acts by the CIA

"Someone has to start the revolution but no one wants to be first."

Do you have to be from the Middle East to be a terrorist?

I hope you're watching Abrams

Am I the only one who H-A-T-E-S it when people like Obama and Clinton

Pat Buchannan sparked a thought for me ......

Sex Workers Say They Get More Business From GOP Conventions

"This president has appointed 30% of the Judiciary"

There are some so called democrats I really dislike

Iraq Refugees: Bring Iraqis here

BIDEN Introduces Resolution to Restore Democracy in Pakistan - OBAMA is co-sponsor.

Faux News Puts McCain In the Democratic Party

Can you name any large Dem organization that EVER booed a Dem candidate?

i grew up thinking only the bad guys tortured people...i was right

In defense of poetry... er, make that violence.

A truly classic overheard conversation

Cheney: 'Damn right' I back Bush use of waterboarding

Schumer has officially jumped the shark

Lamar Smith: ‘99% of Americans’ support waterboarding.

pasta sauce, diapers, laundry detergent — rather than iPods and DVDs

Mark Pera lost his primary big time unfortunately


How can John McCain be tough on terror...

Bully victim is murdered and his dad is roughed up in court

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

So how come a war hero-KERRY can be swiftBOTTED but a-hole SCARBOROUGH *can't*?!1 n/t

Up to 100 People Injured in Refinery Explosion in GA

A Reminder, and a nice photo break.

A Liberal Undercover at CPAC (Chapter 1): An American God

My Green Party Friend says party membership is way up

I've been having a lot of trojanviruses recently.

Is it Peaceful Here?

So When And Why Did You Join DU?

So what are wingnuts, fundies, bigots and Hillary haters gonna' do?

Question on two words in's yes we can

Who knew there were Masonic Ringtones?

Super Tuesday Result: de-facto election of President Obama.

Marlon Brando, Dean, Easy Rider. Billy Jack... Democrats and pacifists...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Poll: Will * ever clear brush again?

What issue gives the Democrats the most leverage in the general election?

Will Mitt become a talking head now?

Honk (or at least K&R) if you think there *is* something "cultish" about the Obama campaign

Hope flavored Kool-Aid drinking Obama Babies, check in

U.S.-Backed Russian Institutes Help Iran Build Reactor

Romney has really gone insane...

Let's Go Waterboardin Now Everybody's Learning how

John Dingell slams Rice, wants to know what she is going to do for Iraqi refugees

Some good news from my little red corner of the world.....

I Googled a$$hole....

Curious. Who would you send to jail among your neighbors?

Immaculate conception in Kansas. What do we tell the children??????

Spain Accuses Vatican Of Meddling In Election

With less than 1 year left, what are the 3 moments...

HUGE FU&K YOU to Mitt Romney by Jon Stewart

Watching Mukasey at the Conyer's hearing . . .

Warren Buffett sees bleak future for the dollar.

Cheney: I hate this evil sonofabitch with every one of the trillions of cells in my body

WSJ: Credit-Card Pinch Leads Consumers To Rein In Spending

Bill O: "Those weren't veterans John Edwards, they were sex offenders,"

I Need a Site that has Facts to Support Iran's Quest for Nuclear Power

FYI: Romney's withdrawal speech transcript

Fugg you RyanAir

Euros accepted in NY? a question please

Hey George Bush Steven Bradbury will never be appointed

For post #1000, I want to say 'hello' to all the people who have put me on ignore.

Help think of these collective nouns for political types

Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches

I tried to apologize and I got kicked in the face...

There's really just one good answer to any Chris Matthews question: "F*ck you, Tweetie"

"After all the Terrorist Threat to America NEVER EXPIRES."

Breaking: U.K. police conclude Benazir Bhutto died from blast, not gunshots

with Romney outta the race --- what does that mean

OBAMA has arrived at a Dead End.. It is impossible for him to Beat McCain!

someone got a rope?

Apparently people here still believe the US military doesn't give illegal orders! (image alert)

K. Olbermann: "Mitt Out of Luck"

Gotta Zoo?

From The Lincoln Club Website. Swift boating Hillary.

Did more liberal dems win in your local elections?

Indiana cops canned for abuse of female prisoner.

God Bless America: God moves to the left

Wal-Mart: Shoppers redeeming holiday gift cards for basic grocery items rather than iPods, DVDs

WTF? Joey Scar is a guest on his own show.

Sports heroes on parade: Cy Young award winner Pedro Martinez at a cockfight

Gettin' What You Pay For: Condosleeza Rice

The Bush years set to music

Join John Stewart and I in saying "Fuck you Mitt Romney"

How Many DU'rs Have You Bet and Tanked With?

How come Uribe isn't considered to be a dictator?

nutjob heaven on C-SPIN

Did you EVER think you'd hear R's so disgusted that they're voting D?

Wake me up before you go go.

February the 8th

Murder Cover-Up: Scotland Yard was only allowed to work with what Pakistan's government gave them

Yesterday, I was in a mood to see THE GREAT WHITE HYPE, so I went looking for it

random grumblings-approval ratings. . .the economy & the war

Memories, Light the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored CAPTIONS of the way we were

Drop it like it's hot.

VIDEO- Mitt Romney, #&%@ YOU! Sincerely Jon Stewart (and me)

Bush's email HACKED!

Hey DS1!

VIDEO: Sen. Rockefeller Lets Slip the Spying Truth

Attention Redskin Fans: Introducing your new Head Coach

Meet my hot new stripper wife, by Mark Morford

If you still doubt their lunacy...

What Is The Best Stimulus Package You Have Ever Received?

More Dem 'debates'. Good idea? Or not?

E-bay test auctioneer case for selling online dropped

As Chimpy finishes the lastest stage of his war on the poor (photo)

Ask me what Arlen Specter is doing right now...go ahead ask me

So much for the post-SOTU bounce

C-Span - Report on Contested Election

You're ALL Fruitcakes, as far as I can see or care!

We Will Never See Action Taken On The Many Crimes Of The Bush Administration Unless ...

How Deep Will the Recession Go?

Obama v McCain ======>

Help, Need Inspiration For CaliforniaPeggy So She Can Write Me A Poem

MUGSHOT: Heidi Fleiss

I apologize TO ALL AT DU for being a shithead last week...

Bush: Democrats threaten Peace and Prosperity

Fiscal Responsibility of the Army (keep wounded vets from getting benefits)

Raise Your Hand If You Think BUSHCO. TORTURE STOPS W/ 'MERE' Waterboarding

Today’s Headlines 2/8/08

I have a question

Ever Hear of Liberadio?


So how is it that water boarding was considered to be torture and illegal in the past,

Tonight I am drinking Hazelnut Kahlua with ...

How much would it cost?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Iraq War Medical Advances by DOD/DARPA will benefit soldiers & civilians

Fire up that Winnebago boys and get headed to the enlistment office

bu$h* to Signal Support for McCain

Where's the Lost thread?

GWB: That unique combination of incompetence and arrogance

Scotland Yard stands by "blast killed Bhutto" bs

I can't fucking believe it. I am watching "Wheel of Fortune"

I can't think of a restaurant near me that isn't a chain.

Eric Alterman: 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal'

Anybody else here a "Cash Cab" addict?

One big happy family

China & Russia spend less than a tenth as much on military as the US--are they risking invasion?

WTF! Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) 99% of Americans Would Support Waterboarding

NRCC probe scares GOP - looks like Fraud, smells like fraud, walks like fraud....

CAPTIONs yummmm!!!

Take Back America Convention 2008 - the anti-CPAC!

This election will be the ugliest ever..

Hey! I just had a REALLY novel idea!!

The American public “can barely stand the thought of President Bush”

FOX News/Monsanto scandal re: Bovine Growth Hormone VIDEO


WIKI THIS: Nuremberg Defense

On my way home - saw this in a local strip bar advertising.. (Shotgun Willie's)

Ephemeral hell (finance, what else?)

Impede, impeach and imprison – (if you’ve got the guts, Conyers)

So who is this DU'er named ignored?

Dick Cheney Defends Waterboarding by Lying = "has saved thousands of lives."

Clint Eastwood: Ann Coulter, others, 'masochistic'

Air Force cadets snookered

BP talks explore potential of Iraqi oil assets

So how about other elections?

Political Farce-Don’t fall for it America. There is nothing liberal about John McCain, NOTHING.

Mukasey responds to Durbin's letter regarding waterboarding

Exxon interested in developing Iraqi oil

NEBRASKA: Supreme Court Rules "Electric Chair" Unconstitutional

Wisc. SC: Municipalities Can't Intervene to Fight ACLU Lawsuit 4 Domestic Partner Health Insurance

This is outrageous! Do NOT donate to these charities.

Goddammit, you wimps and wussies need to MAN UP!

Music cannot change the world,says Neil Young.

Add another name to the "NO TO" list

Flipper Is A vengeful militant dolphin."

An ethical dilemma in Alaska

"I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake..... "Those weren't veterans John Edwards, they were sex offenders"

EU seeks input on attitudes toward seal hunting. Please add your voice.

Here's the actual 'stimulus bill' passed by the House & Senate. HR 5140 ENR

The New Test-Her-Mint: from Hannah to Harlot in the space of a penstroke.

Maryland Players told to "Go back to the Ghetto" after beating UNC Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill

Bush lowest ever on AP Poll - so is Congress.

FOX News labels John McCain a Democrat

My sister ordered sesame crusted duck at the restaurant the other night. It was rare.

Kirsten Dunst goes into rehab

Finally Code Pink do something I can support

For Bill O'Reilly. Documented Proof of the Bridge.

Watch the trailer to this documentary....If you aren't outraged you're not alive.


I have something to fucking say

Call me a coward, but

Waterboarding and Inquistion

I heard someone defend the waterboarding of prisoners because

What is all this talk about Democrats and cults?

"Ifent warnten fer my friends, dunno what I'd ter do."

Definition of a Liberal - JFK

Warning: This is NOT from "The Onion"......

An Undercover Liberal at CPAC: Bush Calls Cheney "Best Vice President in History"

If you do nothing else tonight, you must watch these two you tube clips.

I like listening to Thom Hartman, but

Holy SHIT I don't think I can shovel anymore!!!

I don't approve of the new Bible translation

NRCC probe scares GOP

Self Delete. The premise of the OP was flat out wrong. n/t

"Rap is a medium with a message, usually one of protest"

Equal time for Morrissey Bug & Monty Sweetie

"Rethug divisions will hurt them in the election"

Ayone else notice how hard both

Proposal: Spend your "rebate" check locally.

Dow Under 12,200.... which way will it go?

surge update - Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Interest article about Credit Scores and subprime issue

My signature line -- the best description of the GOP we'll see all election season, or not?

I have been chatting with a cute guy in

Greetings from GD-Primaries

Former Guantánamo prisoner asks U.S. to review its founding ideals

Bush Declares That Cheney Is ‘The Best Vice President In History’

Hillary chasing after Obama and begging for his approval is just plain weird.

Cheney re: waterboarding: "program has uncovered a wealth of information that has foiled attacks"

What Gets Around More Than A Joint At A Willie Nelson Concert?

What kind of whore are you?

The mere mention of John McCain's name is no longer tolerated in hardcore Puke circles.

America vs. Japan

LOST (pre show and spoiler)

MAN! was that a good episode of LOST or what????? (spoilers)

That Georgia Sugar refinery explosion

Try not to be too sensitive

Bush: "My energy is up, my spirit is high, and I will finish strong"

Name a recent Republican who won a contested election on the up-and-up?

Lolita is on Turner Classic Movies tonight.

Warthogs and wild dogs on Africam!

Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria.

Any ideas on taking efficient killing methods out of the general population's hands?

Ron Wyden's Healthy Americans Act -

How Can You Spot A DyslexicThread in GDP?

So who is this Southpawkicker on ignore?

The Rev. Dobson endorses Hucky...

Wow! A whole slew of new freeperisms from an Ohio Newspaper Blog!

people die

I was a quiet, well-behaved student. But when my senior year English teacher in HS intoned...

What is Beaker doing in HypnoToad's picture?

Heaven help the poor little Chinese children who learn English from these:

AG to US: FU

Why is it that nobody's ever called a 'math Nazi' or 'science Nazi'?

Just remember when you cast your vote--there are NO heroes

No Country For Old Liberals - a Reagan-Era Parable

Anyone else get suckered into watching Hannah Montana movie?

I got this in email and checked it out. Raisons, grapes, onions are poison for dogs

So Romney Suspended His Campaign, Al Gore Is Running and...

Thank You, Mitt Romney

What rhymes with "cult" ?

Bush on teevee, looking all serious, with his hands folded

Let's play, "Ask a journalist." Here's your host, HEyHEY

Let's all look into our crystal balls. What will the US be like one year from now

2 Kirkland, MO Police Officers and Mayor shot by gunman earlier this evening.

Ray Charles: Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

Pentagon inadvertently releases document casting doubt on charges against 15 year old Gitmo detainee

OMG. According to CNBC, Rush and Ann are supporting Hil over McCain.

Bush Has Given The Next President Dictatorial Powers, Who Would Say No To That?

Diagnosed with PTSD and Depression...

Please, I Implore You, Enjoy:

I'm saving this priceless quote for Election Night 2008

Overweight man squashes wife to death

The Lounge needs a Special Ops squad

Another "Bush hugs, Bush cares" photo op as he tells tornado victims "You'll come back stronger"

Tragic, yes... but to some, maybe familiar?

A brief question, and sorry if this isn't the place to ask it:

GOP lawmaker apologizes for calling unwed teen parents 'sluts'

the lounge needs some of this tonight...

Friday TOON-A-RAMA- Non Primary edition


Post a smiley you've never used before

Kentucky Democrats. Check your registration ASAP. Today I went

Rhapsody in Blue. Duke Ellington did it better.

Dammit, Redstone...GROW a pair, wouldya?

Are we doing Valentine hearts this year?

Election Year is a perfect breeding ground

Thank you Senator Specter for acting so quickly on this church/Superbowl crisis..

Gotta Zoo?

Fuck you.

An Intolerable Fraud

LOLROTFLMAO- "Four More Years" chanted at W's CPAC speech

Alfie D'Amato keeping up with the Thompsons becomes a father at 70..

The Rude Pundit Nails It

pimped out Republicans

Denver Airport mural...this is just creepy

Shadows On High: Election Machine Drama; All Damm-ed Up And Nowhere to Go!

Radio Lady: Want to be part of a re-imagining of radio this year? Please read and reply! Thanks!

Good Morning Lounge!

Apology Schuster, Tweety

Three martinis later, you ask your doctor...

I'm a Carliberaltarianist. VIVA CARLIN!

economic stimulus & lower unemployment: give kids enough financial aid to go to school full time

Talk of the Nation today.

Val Kilmer steps in as voice of the new KITT in 'Knight Rider'

"Things are seldom what they seem,

Drunk threatens Australian city with TV remote

Hersh: Israel pressed me to agree Syrian site was nuclear


The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/07/08)

‘Server in the Sky’: FBI International Biometric Data Base Planned

Bush's email HACKED!

Can you love your fellow man?

Pittsburgh Evening News Actually Reports on Election Concerns

"Rebate" check question

Sadly No! meets the Archetypal Republican: Stupid, Greedy and Proud of it

Impeachment News: Attorney General Would Refuse to Enforce Contempt

Post 1000

Are there going to be DUZY's this week?

For post #1000, I want to say 'hello' to all the people who have put me on ignore.

board mechanics question. hiding a thread.

You're ALL Fruitcakes, as far as I can see or care!

American Jail

Man who died in prison 20 years ago now believed innocent...

beyond corn flakes-- shrimp chip fried chicken....

AP/Ipsos poll: Stuff your "stimulus" plan and GET US OUT OF IRAQ

White House Correspondents Dinner Craig Ferguson

TV station looks up teachers on myspace and facebook

Seperated at birth?

If every single piece of legislation the Senate passes is written just to get

Can anyone tell me what the point of Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew is?

How should I use my rebate check to prepare for the recession?

Oral Roberts University

FBI deputizes Corporate Goon Squads to "shoot-to-kill" under Martial Law ... "NOT IF, WHEN"

My ad campaign won an award!!!!

Lost literary spoiler -- POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD

Rebates - and Loan or not?

John McCain's 4.72 million dollar home...president hopefuls cribs

Hey, how do you deal with a primadonna biatch at work?

Vote For Landru!

Some of the craziness,

ABC News: Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Asked to 'Spy' on Cubans, Venezuelans

DHS is coming for our chemicals ...

Report From the Rat Race: The Rats Are Winning

Stay classy, GOP.

Free David Shuster!

Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million

I have absolutely had it!

This is 1976 all over again.

Bush is gonna go eat some worms

When "they" criticize the Deomocrats for not respecting John McCain--and they will, you know it!,

If you are not watching "My Buddy Bill" on Comedy Central, you should be! Catch the rerun!

MUGSHOT: Heidi Fleiss

How much would it cost?

Kristinn Taylor said, who added Froatz was not working for Free Republic during his protest

OMG! A New Freeperism: We are all LIBAL's here.

I think Hillary's motorcade just rolled past my office

Conyers Now Says He's "on Edge" of Starting Impeachment

2004 Honda Odyssey?

Am I the only one that thinks nothing will change regardless of who is elected November?

A bad mugshot for the record books

Genetic rice suit moving forward

I'm a proud libal.

4 down one to go

Ladies of the Lounge -- what does one wear when meeting one's very sexay senator?

If your skin is this bad, I don't think Dermitage is going to work.

G.O.P. Exodus in House Bodes Ill for Fall Success

I hate it when I get sick...hubby gets mad like its my fault

Speaking of lingerie, I want this:

Gino Vannelli: one unusual fella.

Is it my imagination, or is this country coming apart at the seams?..

It's Friday, and therefore (by Lounge Rules) it's pick on turtlensue day.

An lolcat for you math nerds!

Speaking of linguini,I want this;

"Storm"- Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Today is Laugh and Get Rich Day

Why we guys (and gals) Love Rachael Ray...

I am very concerned about our on going split and repugs united.

What's the difference with SSD (Social Security Disability), and SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?

You can tell everybody, this is your song.

Enough with the damn nightmares! ENOUGH!

Update, and thanks for the vibes

Interesting "Lost" tidbits from TWOP

Well, I'm on my way over to GD-P...wish me well!

Love Movies? Waaaay cool video

Can we have a ban on using "Joe Lieberman" and "Stripped" in the same sentence?

The Daily Earwig: My Favorite Things

What do you want on your Tombstone?

Oh my. She could lick her forehead....

There is such power posting an anti anything post within a GD-P thread

I just bought me a new fridge

Botfly in your back.


uh oh. the 'serious' ones found my GDP thread!

Woman traumatized after strip search (The victim by the police)

John Fogerty -Revival - Long Dark Night lyrics

Take any DU topic and replace the noun with 'Joe Lieberman' and the verb with 'stripped'

I don't know about you but I think MrCoffee is loosing his mind!!!

BREAKING ON CNN: Another school shooting.

Pizza's on the way.

A Public Service Announcement...With Guitar

oh shit

Oh my god. GD:P just had a genius moment: a solution to replace the electoral college!

There are still 200 people still unaccounted for from Tuesdays storms in Tennessee.

Two questions

That's IT! I figured out what GD:P needs to calm it down.

I am in techno hell.

Friday, to me means.....

Follow up on the "tip jar" question. Would you leave a tip if no one knew about it?

Grammar and Spelling: On the internet they are all you have.

A Westegg appreciation Thread!!1!!

Best. GD:P Rant. Ever.

A unicycle with a handbrake?

Is the Secret Service obligated to "protect" the President from

Shopping for clothes.

GD:P has evolved a bit this week.

"Party of Five" fans check-in

Dozens hurt as explosion rocks sugar refinery

I'm down to the final choices for my unitard name

I just RickRolled GD:P with Haddaway!

CDC blocked release of ‘alarming’ environmental report

Conyers Says He's on Edge of Starting Impeachment

update from GDP

I'm just watching a commercial for the "5th Anniversary 9/11 Proof" limited edition of coins.

This Pretty Much Sums It Up

Oh My Gawd...janesez didn't know about the pool on the roof of the Lounge.

Eh, fuck it, I just changed my avatar.

Have you ever spent quality time with yourself in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?

Has anyone heard from crim son since last night?

For those who thought the wanted posters at Chapel Hill were bad on Nov. 12 '05 in Alabama

Any Ford Escape owners here?

Pacifists! Kill them all!

Matthew Rothschild: Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business

Impeach Dick Cheney, if you will

Canada Added 46,400 Jobs in January; Unemployment Returns to 33-Year Low

The Great White Hype's Script posted on the internet

People who allow microwave popcorn to burn should be forced to watch Joe Lieberman Strip

Who'd miss Westegg if he went?...

Radio Lady: We are re-imagining radio and TV formats at OPB. Please read and reply! Thanks!

I don't care what you say: I like Sheryl Crow's music

"What would it be like to walk into Oprah Winfrey's consciousness?"

Entired yard covered in black birds this morning.

Meanwhile..From a 16 year old Iraqi blogger.

It's time to play: Find the Troll

A video cam and Astley telling the Brazillion joke

Perhaps John McCain has created a new party..

Do you leave tips in tip jars?

Soaring Credit Card Rates Hit Good Customers

Heavy cell phone use tied to poorer sperm quality

LOL- FUX captions McCain with a "D" not "R"

Vote here if you think NewJeffCT should call his unicorn 'Morning Trots'

Coleen Rowley:September 11th Advocates Comment on The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11

Ah! It's the sex, is it?

Tennesee Baby Miracle

What is your favorite sandwich?

Has anyone read _Angry Housewives Eating Bon-bons_?

Choose a Huckabee campaign slogan.

Computer says no...

Hollywood can screw up a book like no other!

I just recieved this letter from Congressman Wexler

If DU needs an enema, guess where they'll put the hose!

If there was a "Pounding, ceaseless utter torment, doom, and woe" pill, would you take it?

Bush Admin Breaks Law (Again): Opens Border To Unsafe Mexican Trucks

Fuck Bank of America

Pearls before swine!

If an NFL quarterback is in jail for dogfighting, how come a pretzeldent runs free for warmongering?

C'mere chidrens...Auntie D has a story for you

My 9 year old dog was just in a fight

Party At Matcoms House Tomorrow Night

Crap! The microwave just burned up my popcorn!

...timely warning prior to entering GD:P...

Life is unfair

$F Chronicle: "Top CEO$ $wing a Mean Golf Club"

If There Were A "Happy Pile", Would You Step on It?

Because it's Friday, and because it's the greatest song ever

He hit me in the face, twice.

If There Were A "Happy Pill", Would You Take It?

Who's up for yet another Sunflower kitteh pic?

Demagoguery for the New American Century: the Romney Blood Libel Against Democrats

I think I shout at people who don't speak English

Child porn peddler listed FL Gov Crist as reference when he applied for his current state job in 05

What 'Pisses' You Off The Most?

Somebody read this book on strategic and long-term planning,

An Intolerable Fraud...

Today is my son's eighteenth birthday.

Two games of bowling, I scored 84 and 143.

New Organization: Coalition of Secular Voters

Two fractals

Here Come the Brownshirts, Again

I've had about enough of Senator Rockefeller on FISA.

I Snuck Into GD

Who should run our country?

While Parche is waiting on his check come have a drink at my place

Guys I need some vibes.

The GDP forum is the rectum of DU

Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich Under Fire

Caption THIS pic:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/8/2008)

Magic Rat had a good day in GD:P today

Buckshot Lefonque - Breakfast @ Denny's (Uptown Version)

American Pie is on Comedy Central tonight

The Bar Is NOT Open Until I Get My Lottery Check From The State

Happy Weekend, Lounge!

Are we here in the Lounge a cult?

Which Movie Should I see this evening?

9/11 inquiry head 'tried to shield George Bush'

What's for dinner?

George W. Bush has admitted to the criminal act that is the basis of the impeachment.

Dammit, NewJeffCT is NOT a replicant!!!

Tomorrow, we'll be sipping colorful drinks on a beach in Mexico

Which use more water: showers or baths?

Helicopters are circling our area every thirty seconds.

Bush deserves prison in this life and the lake of fire in the next

A Public Service Announcement

CommonDreams: Corporations Given ‘Human Rights,’ Humans Are Denied Them

Screwed over again by the heterosexual mafia

Ever heard of InfraGard?

Question about the Rapture

*******Gaia Project********

The Unending Torture of 15-year old Omar Khadr

I be dang! We got soochee!

Ab Lounge XL - worth the dough?

What Is Your Best Bowling Score

This is scary, scary stuff

Prepare your emergency kit NOW

The only cooking show worth watching is America's Test Kitchen

This Is A BIG CAT!!!!!111 It's HUGH!!!!!111

Ever check out your kid's ipod or mp3 player?

It is simply amazing to me the number of morans who think that

A seriesly good good, in fact, they're HUGH!1!!!11

New Mexico meetup, March 16th (Sunday)

Tom Traubert's Blues

John McCain reminds me of this guy. The way he does his arms and his head.

Any Lizards with Web Services / .NET / API / SharpDevelop experience?

Katie Holmes has the weirdest head on the planet!

Should The US Legalize Pot?

Prayers and good thoughts for Lelapin and her friend?

I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)...won't do WHAT??

DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys! DUzys!

Because it's Friday, and because it's the greatest pop song ever

Has anyone else caught this detail on the tax rebate program?

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It

Check this out. This is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

Cat vs. Dog fight.

Talk Talk - Give it up

From LaLaRawRaw's Blog: Mark Crispin Miller Has A Request... Send Gov. Siegelman Birthday Cards

What is Neil Young's "Powderfinger" about?

Bat. Shit. CRAZY.

The 2009 Ford Climate Changer.

I've got a terrible problem here... Will all of you please help?

Soon it may be possible to have religious education tax deductible

Talk Talk - I believe in you

Obama's Concern about Pakistan Justified in New Report

Temeah is male

Why don't we have a law as tuff as this one?

DU does not tolerate non-support of Dems, or support of Indies over

Who Would You Want As The New Speaker Of The House

Anyone remember that John Kerry asked John McCain to be his VP --- ??? !!!!

Why do so many of us like cats when cats are everything...

Hire An Illegal Immigrant In Arizona And You Could Lose Your Business

Irish whiskey recommendations

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/8/08

Shameless Vanity Photo Thread - My new cut and color

If Bush Attacks Iran

After a lot of promises, finally a pic of my new kitteh, K'Ehleyr!!!!

Impeachment: I just received an email from Congressman Wexler

What's the difference with SSD (Social Security Disability), and SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?

Are this weeks DUzys out yet? nt

My partner lost her new job before she even started

A certain candidate is on Postsecret this week.

How Many DU'rs Have You Mated or Tampered With?

Rep. Wexler (Kos) Diary: Attorney General Says He Will NOT Enforce Contempt

I'm down to the final choices for my unicorn name

Do the republicans have super delagates?

Friday's Flick: Bush Noir

Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business-'They have permission to 'shoot to kill' in the event of

Florida teachers often fearful of teaching evolution...fear of backlash.

"Philosophy Now" containing a repro of my painting of Nietzsche

"Election theft 2008, the perfect crime: 300 million witnesses and nobody saw nuttin'"

Should your child be forced to learn Spanish in elementary school?

What New Battlestar Galactica character are you?

What is "RickRolling?"

Please DU this poll

Ponerology- or, why your vote doesn't mean crap.

Shameless Vanity Photo Thread - My official portrait

If GDP is the rectum of DU, what's the Lounge?

Bloomberg: Forget about Subprime, Option ARMS are the "Neutron Bomb" of Bad Loans to come

Rapture Sale! Now that KitchenWitch has unloosed the First Seal of the Book of Revelation...

Has anyone read _Angry Housewives Eating Bono's bone_?

Why is everybody shooting everybody lately?



221,000 and climbing - Let's IMPEACH his ass

Wanna know why your computer screen gets so freaking nasty looking?

CONFESS!!!!! What secret superpowers do your pets possess?

Valentine's Day

What's everyone reading these days? Need some book recommendations.

Happy anniversary.. Happy anniversary...Four years Baby!

Which is WORSE...being hoodwinked or being hornswoggled?

To the kitty that jumps into the fridge every time I open it

The Flaws Of The 9/11 Commission: NYT Reporter/Author Philip Shenon On His New Book

/+\ Come into this Tent Fort /+\ (No ScaredCrows Allowed!)

Do you take 'Navy' showers?

You can take guns away from law-abiding citizens, but not from these guys.

I messed up so badly. I'm shaking and my blood has run cold.

Seymour M. Hersh: A Strike in the Dark


WHEN will "progressives" stop dumping social change on the shoulders of poor folk????

FBI uncovers drug money-for-aircraft laundering scheme through Miami bank (McCain connection)


Hey men of DU: do you prefer stick-thin women or curvy women?

Okay about the DC DU meetup...

InfraGard: an FBI-sponsored, private, domestic militia, licensed to kill in the event of martial law

Gunman opens fire at Kirkwood, Mo., public meeting

Five shot to death at City Council meeting in Missouri

Obama mania arrives in Omaha

Obama Advisers Foresee a Delegate Draw With Clinton

Obama agrees to two more debates with Clinton

5 dead after Los Angeles gunbattle

Nato crisis grows over Afghan troops

Gunman Kills 5 People at City Council Meeting

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

Jobless after war: Veterans find tough going

Kidney racket kingpin arrested

Mob sweeps in NYC, Italy target Gambinos

Colombia President Uribe's Allies Gather Signatures For 3rd Term

Mellencamp Songs Off McCain's Playlist

Iraq Vets Charged with Murder of Fellow Soldier

UK police say blast killed Bhutto

Ex-Disney chief says Writers Guild strike is over

Won't torture prisoners, Afghans promise Canada

W.Va. woman pleads guilty to hate crime

Putin Warns Energy-Dependent Russia of New Arms Race

Bush Urges Conservatives to Rally Behind 2008 Nominee

Jena 6 defendant facing assault charge

EPA's relaxed emissions rule struck down

Task force votes to dismiss Jennings’s challenge

U.S. should not provoke Iraq militia: report

Bush Wants to Unload Some Real Estate

Dobson to endorse Huckabee for president

Bush Signals Support for McCain

House Democrats Offer Credit Card Rights Bill

General Motors to sell used cars on eBay

Obama suggests Clinton show tax returns

Police Say Dozens Hurt in Ga. Refinery Blast

Nebraska court bans the electric chair

U.S. loses prison camp records of bin Laden's driver

An Intolerable Fraud

Barkley mouths off about politics and baseball

Iraqi-Born US Citizen Acquitted

Italy takes Jewish teachers 'blacklist' off Net

Part of Pentagon evacuated due to heavy smoke

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Court: Neb. electric chair not legal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 8

Obama Calls Romney "An Ineffective Candidate"

House Passes Bill Aimed at College Costs

Gregoire (WA governor) endorses Obama for President

Blackwater's Blood Money; How Much for a Dead Son?

Obama: "Swift-Boating" Wouldn't Sink Me

January's retail sales weakest in nearly four decades

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Driver Dies After Being Stunned With Taser

Studies show clearing land for biofuels will speed up global warming

French far-right leader sentenced {Le Pen}

Injury From Blast Killed Bhutto, Report Says

AP Poll: To Fix Econonmy, Get Out of Iraq

Bill Clinton: ‘I learned a valuable lesson’

FDA: Children Treated With Botox Died

Court Strikes Down EPA's Emissions Rule

Miss. man confesses to killing two girls

U.S. Dollar Falls After OPEC Chief Talks of Pricing Oil in Euros

Landlord: Clinton staff stiffed me on rent

(Canadian) Unemployment rate hits 33-year low

Police: 3 shot dead on Louisiana Technical College

Hillary Campaign Goes To War With MSNBC Over Chelsea "Pimp" Comment

Gunman opens fire in City Council meeting

Bush, Congress, Hit New Lows in Poll

Recession to be longer than usual: UMich (It's now official - and it's bad)

Vice President Cheney Returning to S. Texas on Hunting Trip (Same Ranch as Accident)

Bush: Rely on God for 'freer world'

MSNBC Suspends Anchor Over Remark About Chelsea Clinton

Exclusive: Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Asked to 'Spy' on Cubans, Venezuelans

Exxon wins freeze on $12 billion of Venezuelan assets

WE need more debates

Toronto Sun: Pakistan, Cambodia .... it's all the same to U.S.

Deadbeat human enablers wear a straight jacket of political, religious, and governmental “rules”.

Party-Cide in 6 Easy Steps: Diligent Dems. Demonstrate Dumbness Daily

Microsoft delivering a dozen patches

A Silly Pretext (Israel Vulnerable to Arab Nuclear Attack)

Dave Lindorff: To Hell With the Chief!

Guardian UK: 10 yr after the Vagina Monologues, the V-word is still abhorrent to contempory culture

Users blast Microsoft over Vista SP1 schedule

Progressives Are Buying the Well-Circulated Nonsense

A Bush Quote To Ponder

Race plus charisma make Obama only choice for much of black america

Official named to cybersecurity post while still under federal investigation

Military contracts a mess

Republican video takes aim at Reid

A kids with guns primer

Ben & Jerry's in food-safety fight

Corporate Crime by Nickel and Dime: Hidden fees may cost you more than $4,000 each year

Beware the coming Democratic sea-change

Human rights abuse - China against activists/dissidents

A Sneak Peak at the Real CPAC Agenda

Iraq’s Tragic Future By Scott Ritter

Who will pay the mortgage when the homeowner walks? You

Is It Okay To *Hate* A Politician?

Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business

Leprosy outbreak causes concerns in Northwest Arkansas

The Neocons' Last Hurrah

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women (CNN)


Congressional Black Caucus Grades Plummet on War, “Terror” and Trade Bills

Europeans ponder the U.S. after Bush

New approach for US army manual (BBC)

Progressives Target Bush Spying Program with Telecomm

He's got Obamaphilia

The Bush Financial Bust of 2008: “It's All Downhill From Here, Folks”


Cisco in drive to train 360,000 Indian engineers

Waterboarding- The Richmond Times-Dispatch printed the DEFINITIVE article on it today

Mitt the Twit or Crack heads Are People Too!

Police Swabbing Mouths During Traffic Stops In Serial Killer...

Everything our young children are taught today about the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King,

Oprah Store (store opens) What's Oprah got in store?(CS-T)

FDIC has begun “death watch” on many banks-Its downhill from here

FRAUD on Voters by The Nation and Chris Hayes, Part 1

FRAUD on Voters by The Nation and Chris Hayes, Part 2 -Obama

Pat Buchanan: McCain Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi

Olbermann: Worst Persons 2/7/08 - Lamar Smith, Fox Noise, Lou Dobbs

Why conservatives won't capture the youth vote

Romney Just Can't Resist Fear-Mongering On His Way Out

Olbermann: 'Scared Mittless' 2/7/2008 - (McCain is Booed)

Republican video takes aim at Reid: Protect America Alert

TPMtv: Mittpocalypse Now

What is this 'Iraq war' charge on my bill? Part 2

Cult of Personality.

Mitt Romney Withdraws

Is The Clinton Campaign Really In Trouble?


David Letterman mocks Mitt Romney (February 7th, 2008)

Whoopi Goldberg switches from Obama to Hillary

Neo-Cons in John McCains Cabinet

Ron Paul Super Tuesday Results

David Shuster: Chelsea being "pimped out" by Clintons

Josh Marshall takes a misty-eyed retrospective look at the Mittster's campaign

We Have Fox News On The Ropes! (Naomi Wolf In Clip)

Bob Kerrey supports Hillary Clinton

Edwards Staff Tribute

Dan Abrams - Has Right-Wing Radio Lost Its Influence? w/ Rachel Maddow

Hillary steals another slogan: Yes We Can!

Ghosts of Rwanda (Warning: Graphic)

Europe’s wind farm crown slips

Recurrent Energy Hits Triple Play With Supplier Deals

The Nation: Will the Media Give McCain a Free Pass on Climate?

Uranium Exploration Near Grand Canyon

Three Necsa employees fired

Ancient trees give clues to climate change

Runs on fumes and goes 0-60 in under five seconds

New definition of "power walking".

The guy you don't want in charge of spraying pesticides around your home.

Costco makes the environment a priority

Oceanlinx to Provide Wave Energy for Maui

Medford (OR) nears deal on solar-powered (2 MW) sewage treatment

(Portugal's) Renewable energy generating capacity reached 7,397MW in November

Revolution Door - revolving door that harnesses human activity for energy use.

Sun Farmers of Canada

X-post from LBN: EPA's Relaxed Emissions Rule Struck Down - AP

Iran starts second atomic power plant: report - Reuters

Vulcan Power Unveils G3 Power Plan (2500 MW geothermal)

Bio Energy plans new wood plant (and NIMBYs object)

Quiz: What do Tennessee and Papa New Guinea have in common?

SolarWorld to build first production plant in Asia

Estimated Costs To China From Freak Winter Weather - $7.5 Billion

Dieoff Of Endangered Indian Crocodiles May Be Linked To Lead, Cadmium ( Damaged Immune Systems)

Chinese Government Reports 2007 Was Hottest Year On Record For Shanghai - AFP

North Sea Brent Shipments To Fall 15% By March - Bloomberg

El Financero Newspaper Claims Cantarell, Ku-Maloob-Zaap To Decline In Tandem By 2010 - OGJ

Lake Michigan Salmon In Big Trouble - Prey Fish Numbers Down To 1/3 Of 2005 Levels - Free Press

Recharge Your Cellphone By Walking - Knee Strap Gadget Generates Electricity - Nature

UK - Kew Gardens Curator - "There Is No Winter Anymore". .. Meanwhile, Edinburgh Hits 14C - Scotsman

NCAR Pushes Bush Administration On Funding For Satellites, Buoys, Other Monitoring Systems - D. Post

Bush’s Energy Budget: Proposals Not Consistent with Claims

UK drought hit area homes to be fitted with water meters

EPA's Relaxed Emissions Rule Struck Down

Wind energy leads EU power installations in 2007

NPR "Science Friday" is discussing biofuels

Natural Ocean "Thermostat" May Protect Some Coral Reefs

Lately there have been some complaints

March Wheat Hits $15.53 In Minneapolis; May US Stocks Will Be Lowest Since 1948 - Bloomberg

Polysilicon Plant Costs On the Rise

Inspace to put solar heating in 25% of new homes

China's Wind Power Generation Up 95% In 2007

Do You Ever Get The Impression

Scientists Find Resistance To Transgenic Crops In Cotton Bollworms - AFP

Studies Deem Biofuels a Greenhouse Threat

the Sun Also Sets

Cashmere goats in India face starvation

Prius Designer Says Industry Must Lose Oil Addiction (Update1)

Under NAFTA, Canada Obligated To Ship Same Proportion Of NatGas To US, Despite Looming Shortfall

Chris Dodd's National Thank You

Today in labor history February 08




22 Kassam rockets strike Negev as barrage continues

Edge Of Sports: An Egyptian soccer star shames U.S. sports millionaires.

Blair promises to aid Dichter with travel to UK

Open the Rafah crossing (Ha'aretz editorial)

Egypt boosts troop security on Gaza border amid Hamas abduction threat

Hamas seizes aid meant for Red Crescent

Israel Violating Laws Of War With Gaza Energy Cuts: HRW

Free trade with Colombia means more drugs

Exclusive: Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Asked to 'Spy' on Cubans, Venezuelans

Oops...posted in wrong forum

WSJ: Sovereign Wealth Fund interactive map

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

Creators of Credit Crisis Revel in Las Vegas

Concerning number accounts in Switzerland

The geography of recession

Regarding the "rebates"

The Story of Stuff - the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues

Final Tie To Haggard New Life Ends

Lutherans Prepare Sexuality Statement

Proposed ban on gay marriage draws debate (florida)

Senegal Releases 5 Men Arrested In Gay Sweep

I remember, will you all join me here and remember.

life partner

San Jose State Bans Red Cross Over FDA Gay Blood Donation Rule

Well, I've finally said it

Oz Civil Unions Hit Snag Over Ceremonies

Obama Snubbed Newsom

Oh man -

I had to put a Biden supporter on ignore

Wow, that was fast. (Cheney spews his first post-eclipse atrocity.)

I am requesting positive vibes for a smooth transition

Tibetan Book of the Dead

'Is there some weird alignment in the planets or something?'

Can we PLEASE lay off bashing candidates in here?

The acrimony on DU is getting to be too much

Year of the Rat Coincidence


I just don't think Obama can handle what is happening in the world

David Icke and the Illuminati

Troops suspected of abusing Palestinian teens

An Open Letter to Kyle Mills

Stoops apologizes for calling ASU a junior college

Hitler Did Not Take The Superbowl Results Well

Danny Boy to announce new Skins' head coach.


Film: Into Great Silence

Mini-vacuum aids heart attack victims' survival... better at clearing clot, restoring blood flow tha

MD Families May Need Proof of Kids Health Insurance to File Tax Forms

Inspectors Verify Abuse Of Cows in California

Obesity 'may be largely genetic'

Illegal immigrant dying of cancer falls through the cracks

Dental amalgam is largest source of mercury in most adults and Mom's source of infant mercury

Picture Threads

Former Priest Named in Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese Records Alleging Sexual Abuse

Baptist Pastor Arrested with Cocaine to run for County Commission seat in Florida

Lynchburg Police, U.S. Marshal’s Office Rescue Kidnapped 5 year old Girl from House of Prayer Couple

Wikipedia Islam Entry Is Criticized

Christians Wrong About Heaven, Says Bishop

How hummingbirds chirp: It's all in the tail

See-through fish is created to give a clearer idea of how cancer spreads

Convicted Child Molester / Theological Student / Church Janitor Kiled after Aiming Gun at Cops

Are people STILL talking about Edwards? A rant...

Isn't it only a matter of time before Al Qaeda gets their hands on an American, either soldier or

Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute

Chicken and the Egg

Majority of Hill Stands Against D.C. Gun Ban

Gorgeous new picture of galaxy NGC 4013

Ten Amicus briefs filed on behalf of Heller

9/11 "Truthers" a Pack of Liars

One of these Osamas is not like the others...


CA: Well well, Riverside...Glitches in system slowed vote count

Hey, ERD research fans... Shall we do some state by state analysis

E-mail from = Election Machine Drama; All Damm-ed Up And Nowhere to Go!

Blackwell's Letter to Conyers:

How they stole Ohio. A new book: "Witness to a Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election"

Bad Voter Lists May Have Botched New Mexico's Democratic Caucus



House Judiciary postpones Blackwell testimony

The PCR song! Biology geeks..this is an ad, but pretty damn funny....

94,000 "Decline-to-State" votes in Los Angeles County rejected

PRIMARY SCANDAL IN NEW MEXICO: Ballot Boxes Sleep Over In Party Boss' Home

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 2/08/2008

Veterans for America's Wounded Warrior Registry

McCain faces a tough task in Texas GOP

Barton kills green energy project.

A Presidential Debate in Texas

Congresswoman seeks federal investigation of e-mails (Chucky)

TX-32 Candidate Debate

True Crypt-New Version 5.0 out

Does anybody here build websites or customize templates?

Wow! I had to check for "snark tags" but it seems to be true. Edwards..

Italy wants Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Pledge to Restore Constitutional Liberties

Obama raises $7.2 million since Super Tuesday

Clinton’s Fund-Raising Success Is Outshined by Obama’s

SUSA-USA: Obama 59 - Clinton 37 - Virginia!!!!


Obama Calls On Clinton to Release Tax Returns

Nicholas Kristof on Obama's electability

Breaking: Gov. Gregoire of WA endorses Obama!!!

Action needed today: phonebanking to WA

GD-P is toxic

Fedup - Obama will be in

Did Jesus die twice?

Uproar as archbishop says sharia law inevitable in UK

National Bank to advise on possible sale of AECL

"I sent a PajamaGram to myself and pretended it was from Keith Olbermann."

KOEB 2/7/08 Mitt Quit Edition

I just learned the news! And it gave me a new perspective on what Keith said tonight!

KO Poll in GD:P (oops - dupe, nevermind)

David Shuster had been temporarily suspended

GDP continues its love/hate affair with Keith:

google California one care and click on the first link

Fresno: More people voted D than R

Milwaukee County Residents please vote for Lena Taylor


Good blog post of the day.

Wisconsin's 8th goes 5 points to the left

A person who was always nice to me told me this:

Miracles! Angels!

Second apology to Hillary Clinton by MSNBC journalist

Bush family tied to last year's tainted pet food

Anyone know of a good disnfectant that's pet safe?