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Can I post a pic of an anus ?

How can Obama lose? If the youth vote continues to break his way

Michelle Obama expected to hold rally in Lincoln Friday!

Need Link To Senate Vote on Cheney's Energy Plan

Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) Endorses Barack Obama

Obama is creating a broad coalition + inspiring previous political nonparticipants to vote

"Hillary wins majority of whites"

In other news, California's Green Party voters reject Cynthia McKinney


They need to either seat the FL & MI delegates or not seat them-- period

"You're sexist!"...."You don't believe in HOPE!"....

Best. Primary Season. Ever.

John Dingell Endorses Hillary

I wanted Kucinich.

If Hillary was President would she self-fund the deficit, or just use China?

Do you think Hillary Clinton is ready to fight the GOP Smear Machine?

Interest high in Hawaii caucuses Feb. 19

Regarding the right wing and what they will do to the nominee.

All I'm Doing Is Using My Head. Care To Join Me For A Moment?

Obama going to Nebraska!

Hello all new posters! What do you think of this place?

I just sent my 4 year old over to the coffee table to grab my wallet

Washington state's largest labor union endorsed Obama today

Is there any hope of HRC changing her campaign theme song?

WHY the FUCK is this RW crap tolerated on DU??

OOPS: Obama Campaign Projects Deadlocked Race After Primaries Finish

It's a wonderful time to be an American and a Democrat.

Dean Favors 'Arrangement' Between Candidates Over Brokered Convention!!!!

Sorry haters, I am looking forward to voting for Obama or Hillary in November

Think I dislike Hillary?

Indiana's primary is May 6. Please, Barack, please come here for a rally. Please!!!

Really? Huckleberry is still talking abortion and gay rights??

Obama on pace to raise $30 million this month

Can pledged superdelegates change their vote?

Didn't Jesse Jackson Win Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, and So Forth?

A link to an Official Petition for a "Young DU" forum, originally posted in GD.

Do you think Barack Obama is ready to fight the GOP smear machine?

When the hell are they going to call New Mexico?

At my dinner table, I told my 3 kids what a great time it is for our country.

Heard on CNN...Donna Brazille is a "Super Delegate!"

Obama supporters:

Obama Campaign Site Overloaded w/ Supporters

I just watched The West Wing...

We're being invaded by Fundraisers

What ever happened to "One man, one vote?"

Anecdotal - 3 Republican, highly placed corporate executive women told me at a luncheon today -

Obama and Clinton has news conferences today. Curious if they were

Fact Check: Obama and Social Security

All this divisive fighting, nit-picking, and name-calling over two candidates

Enlighten me please: Super Duper deligates...

WTF? American Samoa has 3 delegates?

Analyze this: CA 50th (Duke Cunningham's former District) was almost an even split.

OK Hillary if you can't handle your campaign finances how are you going to handle the economy

Hillary supporters: Do you want her to compete in the remaining Feb. primarys/caucuses

Obama Supporters: What do you think of a DU ObamaBomb?

The bellwether state of Missouri shows Hillary won all the republican counties, Obama won STL, KC

E-Mail from Obama camp to donors: Let's match the $5 Million loan that Clintons gave themselves

Where Hillary Earned (her own) Money

The Voters Of Florida And Michigan Deserve A Do-Over Where Their Votes Count

Photos: Senator Obama returns to Washington

Obama is style AND substance, although I realize his style is hard for his opposition to cope with


Clintons' Coal-Gate? True or false? (from Investor's Business Daily)

About that $5 Million: It’s Already Spent!

Both Obama and Clinton trounce McCain in this AOL on line poll

Even if Hillary leads in delegate count, Obama will sweep Feb. 10 states

It's official...

Michael Moore coming up on Larry King about election -now

Page Exclusive: Some Clinton Senior Staff Working Without Pay

Why do CNN and MSNBC have different tallies for Clinton/Obama? (links posted)

Will HRC handle the Nation's Economy like she is handling her campaign's financing?

The reich wingers are spouting McCain presidency would be like or worse

I can't even make a decision based purely on pragmatism and electability

DNC Considering Caucuses For FL & MI

DUer makes rare appearance in editorial cartoon

Obama clearly is in better shape since Terry McAuliffe predicted it would be over by Super Tuesday

Are those who say Hispanics are racist but Asians are just "snubbed" racist?

Media Matters shows Russert and Chris Matthews' true colors.

See? Rasmusse is not God

CNN and MSNBC reporting two different winners for last night even today

See? Rasmussen is not God

Clinton Lent Campaign $5 Million, Considers More

Flashback: McCain runs out of money! Campaign To Take Out $3M Loan

Okay, the convention comes & it remains a tie, what should happen?

Obama has $4 Million since the polls closed yesterday...going to raise $5 million by tonight

Who has more money? Hillary or McCain?

Mag Cover: "The Struggle for the Soul of the Democrats"

4672967? What am I talk'n about? You know.

What's Hillary asking for now, a debate a day?

Craig Crawford: Media Wants Obama To Win

Do you remember Dean's bat? We always filled that bat!

Okay People, Prediction Time

On a scale of 1 to 9, how likely do you think it is that Clinton and Obama will share a ticket?

My hopes and dreams.....

My new favorite sport....troll-hunting!

I just spent most of this month's car payment on Obama!

How would like to wake up in the morning, go to work for a multimillionaire

I heard a rumor that Obama has some where like over 500,000 donors is this true ?

Clinton voted for the eating of infants and Obama did not.

my louisiana prediction

McCain's Problem on the Right

Bush won more states than Al Gore. Go Bush!

What's all this about Howard Dean and a dreadlocked convention?

I'm Going To Tell You Something I Bet You Didn't Know

Obama being smeared as anti-Asian?

Maverick McCain is a far stronger candidate than Chimpy Bush ever was.T or F?

Your candidate's a big, fat poopy-head and mine's not! HARUMPH!

Obama campaign: Bill and Hillary gave 5 million to Hillary's Campaign, Let's Match It

Let's face it

After attending a caucus, I like the "undecideds" discussion.

Obama has raised $4.25 million since the polls closed

Pew Rsrch: Do Blacks and Hispanics Get Along?

$4,252,184 (one small donor at a time)

when will the MSM stop treating Obama with kid gloves? Obama's funding still comes from lobbyists

Billo: If Clinton gets it with superdelegates Obama supporters will "tear that arena down"


Howard Dean: John McCain Puts His Campaign Ahead of Working Families

ARG Tennessee poll vs. Actual results

California Exit Poll - Obama ties Hillary in the white vote - bad news for Hillary?

McCain will be speaking to Cpac tomorrow, bet those folks are fun at parties.

Some Caucus States are not included in the current Popular Vote total. What does this mean?

After a day to think about it, people are betting on Obama


Here's a solution everyone: Make a pact to block all the flamers

Hillary Clinton: The Campaign of Hopelessness.

is there anyplace that lists the total number of votes each party pulled last night?

What about the Party?

The DU Complete Bullshit Prevention and Fact Reconciliation Act of 2008.

Obama to Hold Rally at the 17,000 + Seat Key Arena in Seattle, WA on Friday

Go ahead and post in this thread and call me a Cult Member, I dare you.

Any news from New Mexico?

What does Obama need to do to appeal to Hispanics in Texas?

Is the media favorable to Obama?

I went to a fight tonight and a DU "discussion" broke out.

For those who think there's no difference between the Democratic candidates and the Republican

Did I just hear Keith Olbermann say Obama raised 4 million dollars since yesterday??

Déjà vu: Obama to Clinton Exit Poll Shift ( TIA )

I-Phone or Blackberry? ---pix--->>>

ATTN: A must watch video. This is why Obama inspires.

Longstanding Democrats and Progressives of DU, please check in!

Journalists from left, right and center admit The media hate Clinton

Al Gore didn't run, but he could end this overnight with an endorsement

Massdemm is not leaving DU or GDP

Ok, it must be said, Hillary is an idiot for going broke! PUBLICLY!!!

Texas and Ohio polls

psssst - Hillary supporters -------->

Is there a Hebrew phrase in the "Yes We Can" Obama video?

Senate Republicans block Democrats' plan to boost economy

Does Hillary have an online donation total for the 3 Mil in 3 days challenge?

Prediction markets give Obama 60% chance of winning nomination....

What does it cost to have Barack speak at an event?

The message of Hope and Change.

People I Don't Trust #7,519

Obama's early ads

OK, I got my flame resistant suit on, BUT...

Ya Know... We Gotta Admit It... That We (From Both Sides) Can Spin The Truth With The Best Of 'Em

The ties Sen. Clinton has forged early in some of the states ahead will help her get out the vote

If Hillary wins, who will she pick for Vice President?

Two words: Bob Dole

the new video on Obama's fundraising site is incredible. Should be a national TV spot.!

Great video up on Obama's contribute page

Hillary's not so new voter supression strategy

I proudly defended Hillary Clinton today

Obama Supporters: Cease Fire

The message of Hope and Change.

I have hope for this nation because of the young coming out to vote for change.

Obama campaign launches TV and radio spots in Wisconsin

Race, gender, and the election.

RNCC May have screwed the pooch... financial irregularities rumors

CNN has interesting stats from Dem exit poll, Obama less than 50% white vote except in states:

Obama sends Iowa State Director Paul Tewes to head Ohio operation

Obama running low on cash?

Obama opening 10 field offices in Texas

So what is the FINAL and OFFICIAL Delegate Count?

ELAD - Please save us - DOWNTIME, already

A little CA primary voting anecdote...humorous (imo)

Obama has now raised $5.5 million in the last 24 hours.

Most of us have one thing in common: We want a Democrat in the White House!

Call it a hunch. Call it a gut feeling. I have almost nothing else to base this on, but...

The Should Lighten Things Up: Obama Pizza Slice Rap

Barackula: The Musical (

Top-10 Reasons I'm Voting For Obama

Hey everybody, I just found out I'm a woman hating, republican, cultist!

DLC: Should it be disbanded and Al From fired?

I tripled my donation to Masseuses without Borders

Excellent article from the Leftcoaster on Super Tuesday

Obama flip-flopped twice (New York Times investigation)

Obama's paid campaign staffers are career lobbyists. Will they work for free?

Email from Obama Campaign to Supporters

Intrade on General Election: McCain 36, Obama 35

ABC News: Clinton Senior Staff Goes Without Pay

The Math Doesn't Add Up

Cash Crunch: Clinton Loans Campaign $5 Million...Staffers Volunteer To Go Without Pay !!!

Post the SC debate, CNN repeatedly showed attacks against Obama

What were the total number of votes Obama and Clinton each got on Super Tuesday? NT

If Hillary can't manage her campaign finances, how can she manage the U.S. budget?

self delete (I've got to get out of GD:P)

Social Software: Obama's difference that makes the difference...

HELLO!!! Serious questions. about Delegates and Al Franken

This is why I voted for John

She's My Super Hero

Odds of winning Dem nomination on intrade: 41% Hillary, 60% Obama

So much hate here

Oh Boy...

Obama Is Making Inroads, but Fervor Fell Short at End

The Reason I will Continually Donate To Obama's Campaign, even though right now he doesnt need it.

If all the paid Clinton staffers in GD:P would agree to post pro bono for a few days....

NEW MEME - Feel very sorry for Hillary and donate so she can pay herself back and Penn his 2 Million

Clinton, Obama await NM caucus tally; Dem officials under fire

Mark Penn on Super Tuesday (A New Day)

If Obama leads in committed (non-SD) delegates in August, he better be the nominee

I don't know if they can all vote, but Northern VA is rich in Asian and Hispanic people

Craig Crawford, Pat Buchanan, Dan Abrams, admitting the bias of the media

Can I use a debit card to make a donation?

I'm Done With The Clinton Bashing, From Now Until The Nomination Is Decided

I Just Donated $1,000,000,000,000 to Obama.

Who has the best chance at beating McCain?

Viva Obama. That's all you gotta say- Come in and say it if you support Barack Obama!

Obama post 2/5 hits $ 6 million 8:58 pm PST

Clinton Campaign has SEVERELY Underestimated Obama's Strength

Does anyone remember "Bring out the Bat?"

Penn strategy: To portray Hillary as the victim.

Sen. Clinton should have let her supporters know that she was hurting

Check out the money.

In 2006 Hillary Clinton voted AGAINST a ban on cluster bombs in civilian areas.

GLENN BECK: I'm Voting for Hillary ! A Scary Look into the Demise of our Chance at Restoration

Okay. I know this is not a very important topic and is a bit old news

When did DU become a place for candidate fund drive infomercials?

Obama & Clinton Website Statistics... Obama Winning!

With all of our states being proportional... what is the value in the MSM "calling" a state ...

If Hillary is the savvy, experienced politician, the one who knows how

The generation gap: expanding on a "dot-com" thread point (warning: geek-heavy)

Hey i know, i'm starting a thread about--------$$$$$ that horse is almost dead

If Hillary Wants To Debate Obama Once A Week... What Should He Charge Her ???


Is it "the Independents stupid"?

Clinton's grassroots campaign is fighting for every vote against the Oprahbama machine

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in Seattle tommorow


My opinion? Hillary should have fired Penn today.

119 Recommends???

5 Million since Super Tuesday. Horaaay Barack!!!

Wow! New Mexico ends is a perfect tie! And to think I could have voted for Obama

Some Clinton staffers going without pay: Campaign faces cash crunch as Obama continues to raise $


Yo can we get some Zogby polls claiming that Hillary will lose every state by 20%?

Obama Supporters: Mission Y COMPLETE! Now Commencing Mission J! Be Prepared!

So has Zogby come out of hiding yet?

Ten Reasons I'm voting for "OUR" Democratic Nominee-In the GE

Drink this Koolaid - Hillary voted NO to ban cluster bombs in civilian areas

NYTimes Delegates Counts: Hillary 892 vs Obama 716

$4.8 million the amount Obama has raised in less than 24 hours!!!

Obama people are being played for fools by the media if they think Hillary is broke

Is it true that Romney has an arrest record?

Heard myths about Obama hating Israel and Jews.

An empty vessel into which all our vanquished dreams are poured...

Proof Obama supporters are crazy

Is the MSM or Obamedia angry today?

the primary cured me of my warcraft addiction.

NEW MEME - Being for Obama means you have joined a CULT. I Call bullshit!

Hey! Everybody! BOTH candidates

Fuck it, I'm starting an Obama cult

Best campaign slogan

By the numbers: 2 of the next 16 contests have Hispanic votes of 10% or larger

Obama has Saturday Contests Wired: Virgin Islands, LA, WA and NE

Clinton Dips Into Pocket to Keep Up With Obama; Loans $5 million to campaign

A thread where Hillary supporters can come clean about how uneducated they are

Tiptoe through the Tulips ...

Will Puerto Rico Determine the Democratic Nominee?

Which candidate is desperate?

How important is the Latino vote?

Obama Better not Fucking Drop Out in the Next Month or Two

Is it me missing something or are most of the regular Hillary suporters gone tonight?

If DU sponsored a debate, what question would you ask?

Jon Stewart is a riot tonight.

I dont think Taylor Marsh Believes in Democracy

Hillblazers: My Talking Points

Someone help me understand how Obama wins AL by 24% but gets 9 less delegates?!?!?

Obama should try to end this before Puerto Rico's caucus

Factcheck: "direct-mail piece sent to voters by the Clinton campaign twists Obama’s words..."

Which types of issues are more important to you

If you're a cultist, let's hear from ya'!

New Yes We Can Video

So here is the thing, if it is a cult then obviously Clinton will not get those votes.

Picture of Howard Dean hanging out with two Puerto Rican Superdelegates

Appearently, the death knell for the Democratic Party is a White Guy...

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN, superdelegate) endorses Barack Obama

DU DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEY - How old are you and who do you support?

NM Dem Chair: "I have deep regrets for folks that were not able to wait in line and vote."

Obama has now raised $6.3 million in about 28 hours.

What's going wrong with polls? Don't know, because pollsters refuse to disclose methods

Matthews on Obama phenomenon: This is bigger than Kennedy. This is the New Testament

Make Campaign Contributions with Paypal

How to win all the caucus states and show an illusion of winning the nomination

Hillary supporters rise up and fight the OBAMEDIA!

Well, how about Hillbama?

Michael Moore : John Edwards is closer to what I wanted.

I just donated to Obama!

Okay, here's my plan. Whenever I see a nasty, personal or unfair attack

fellow Obama Cultists, has the swiftboating alread begun?

I'm a pacifist and would have voted for this "war" resolution. Read it!

Colbert Report's "Gay Lobbyist" funniest. bit. ever?

Most widely read opinion columnist in USA (conservative George Will) says Obama best Dem. choice

On Election Day, Voters Break For Hillary

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

In 12 of 14 ST states, Hillary won a majority of voters who made up their minds on Election Day

What advantages does Hillary have by saying she needed to loan some of her own money?

Delegates Projected Winner in Cali

The rules! The rules!

Operation Desperate

Who would you like to see as Vice President?

Would say anything to get elected.

Clinton WAY ahead in Ohio: Obama's failure to win support from even one in five Ohio

I Hope One Day You Will Join Us

Could we see an Obama/Bloomberg IND ticket if Hillary gets the nomination or

Lost South Carolina Debate Video

a new good reason to vote obama.

A new "ignore" type of poster to add to the list: the "I won't vote

What should be our strategy for November? The "Swing State" strategy or the "50 State" strategy?

Morning Joe got it wrong - Obama raised over $6 Million yesterday.

Why do conservatives hate McCain so much - a partial list

For all the people donating to Obama or Clinton

Central Japanese city hops aboard the Obama bandwaggon

If you support Hillary do you vote for Obama if he wins the nomination and vice versa?

Just one of the many reasons I will vote for Hillary Clinton

I guess this was a "cult" too then, right?

Long-time Edwards supporter here. But I have decided that my vote

Where in the heck did this "cult" meme originate anyway?

there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers......

variation on a theme ...

Poll: My candidate won Super Tuesday because...

Only 4 % of Americans are non-Christians, and Obama says; "We Are No Longer A Christian Nation

A morning dose of inspiration

Washington State: Obama 55% - McCain 38%, Clinton 46% - McCain 46%

Heilemann on the Democrats: What’s Hidden in the Latest Numbers

"I have never heard any other speaker who was so able to penetrate into the soul of the individual"

DU---We get it. Clinton gave her campaign a loan. Now can we please get onto something else?

Photos: Barack Obama with reporters on the plane yesterday from D.C. to New Orleans

If Obama can't carry California he shouldn't be the nominee!

Can any Hillary supporter tell me why she voted AGAINST banning cluster bombs in civilian areas?

The GOP Value pack:

Can Obama win Pennsylvania in a general election?

Obama's Webpage, some thoughts

I'll bet that publicizing the money Hillary loaned her campaign has boosted her donations

O.K., I'll be honest. I'm in a state of despair at Obama's loss here in California.

If you've donated 250 dollars does it show on open secrets?

Remember Right After The 2004 Election

Will our beloved candidates waste all their money infighting

Which remaining Feb states will go to Obama and which to Clinton?

hillary clinton=nancy pelosi, the first woman....

Laura Flanders: Hillary's feminist rhetoric doesn't match her political actions.

Survey Asks Americans: Which Presidential Candidate Would You Bring on Vacation?

Something interesting in the SUSA WA poll


Today Is My Mom's Ninetieth Birthday! She Said To Donate To Hill Instead Of Buying Her A Present

I'm voting for Barak Obama because he is a man

What Obama's fund-raising could do:

Obama supporters and non-Obama people... can you all please come in.

Obama in Virginia- 6 days to go. The slime-ing begins

Markos Moulitsas: Obama's Comm. Dir. a "smear-meister best known for his work trashing other Dems"

According to MSNBC/First read the Clinton campaign sent a dispatch from Taylor Marsh about their

Were the Super Tuesday exit polls right?

Just found this very important comparison

We have a Candidate with a powerful message, money, attracts new voters, and yes, He's Black!

DNC urging MI and Florida to hold caucases.. per WXYZ Detroit

Is the Democratic Party a CULT?

I'm a Hillary supporter but I have to say her campaign is allowing Obama

If you were an Illinois state senator and your Education Funding bill had an amendment added...

A note to You and supporters of Your Candidate

The Market has spoken: Obama won

Clinton team made millions of cell phone calls in CA, contacted every identififed Clinton voter


Landmines on the Road to the Whitehouse

Falling on deaf ears! Hillary camp WOULD LIKE TO RAISE $3 mil, but won't make it...

Metrics of Obama donations...

Ha'aretz: Obama, Clinton pledge to blow up Iran to stop nuke proliferation

Obama rallies in Omaha and New Orleans today, Seattle tomorrow.

Isn't Wexler making it difficult for his candidate, Obama, with this impeachment

For the good of the country ( not to mention the Party)

More Hillary-bashing from Dick Morris in today's NY Post

I HATE Clinton and here supporters

Obama Supporters...stop Talking about Sweeping February!!

Writing Clinton off? I can't imagine anything sillier

Folks! This is exciting stuff. Obama WILL win the nomination

Uncounted Rio Arriba County Ballots Raise Eyebrows... (half of ballots!)

Would Obama and Clinton both commit now to urge SDs to back whoever has the most elected delegates

I highly doubt she's out of money.

Senate passes The Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007

HOLY CRAP!! Obama has raised 7.2 million

Where would we be without "Clinton Fatigue"?

Clinton now ahead in NM by over 1000 votes

Obama Backer: He'll Be "First Woman President"

For all you haters, blasting Obama's style of oratory, what do you think caused Dems to show up

Why, other than desperation, would Hillary want more debates:

The candidate favored by the upper middle class is raising boatloads of money

What has Mark Penn ever done to deserve his large paycheck?

Obama Nation, let's have a "50 Million February." Donate NOW.

Who do you HONESTLY think will actually win the Democratic Primary?

Obama = Hitler


Obama's cult??

Confused, please help

John Kerry Loans His Campaign Money in 2004 = Good; Hillary Loans Her Campaign Money in 2008 = Bad

Michelle Obama: I'll "Think About" Supporting Hillary. (from HuffPo)

Obama wants super delegates to support who their constituents supported.

Mark Penn on Msnbc right now...talking about

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) begins LIVE on at 10AM.

Rasmussen 08 First ***DEAD TIE at 44****


I hope Obama can overcome his weakness.

Brainwashed people vote Obama, Strong minds vote Hillary

Smart people voted Obama, not so smart people voted Clinton

2008 Pollster Report Card Through Super Tuesday,

Just Donated 25 bucks to Obama

Obama,Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama O bama, Obama

O’Reilly to Obama: ‘Dodge’ Fox News ‘at your peril.’

Watch Obama speak LIVE from Tulane University NOW on CNN.COM!

Obama lies about record on nuclear bill

Penn refuses to give up his funding. Over $4M - refuses to give it up while others work for free.

58,000 New NJ Democrats

Obama on pace to raise $30 mil in Feb

Obama very well could win 33 states + DC by the end of February.

Wow the vitriol here today has reached insane levels.

For those still deciding: A comparative analysis of the Clinton and Obama foreign policy teams:

Fact Check: Obama and Lobbyists

It's been 45 years since a Presidential Candidate brought me to tears.

Hearing Obama's Call--Hillary vs. Obama on Rhetoric

Just donated $50 to Obama.

Latest Rasmussen National Poll: Barack Obama 44% (+2), Hillary Clinton 44% (-2)


Democracy intervenes in the Democratic Primaries thanks to Howard Dean

Two reasons to vote for Hillary.

There seems to be a deep subconscious fear that Hillary will lose..

On my local news right now re: Florida Delegates

Obama speaking live now in New Orleans

Clinton supporters, what are you going to do if she doesn't win the nom? Let's Kick GOP butt!

Great interactive map on who raised the most in each state:

OMG - my freeper coworker whom I'm always complaining about

Obama's OH Action Group: Thx to Your Overwhelming Support Our Servers are Overwhelmed Right Now!

Obama camp thinks a draw is quite possible. Any solutions?

In the event of a draw between Clinton and Obama, what's the best solution?

Hillary now ahead in N. Mexico by about 1,000. Still counting.

Which Polls Should You Trust?

What is your outlook on life, and how has it effected your choice of a candidate?

Hillary Campaign Raised $4 Million Online Since Super Tuesday Polls Closed

Voting issues in LA County are the responsibility of LA County, not Clinton

Whoa. Intrade at 1:55 am EST has BHO at 59, HRC at 42.5

If Obama gets the nomination, who should he ask to be his VP?

Obama Cultist here



Who faces more prejudices ?

Clinton Campaign Denies Voting Problems in Los Angeles County

6 Mill just donated to Obama. Looking for 8. Here's how to make it more:

CPAC attendees directed not to "boo" McCain

When issues are buried, Personality replaces Politics

NUMBERS --0.003627716% Difference

Obama supporters, what are you going to do with yourselves if Obama doesn't win the nomination?

Howard Dean: Clinton & Obama should "make some kind of an arrangement" prior to Denver

What does everybody think of Michael Moore?

My interview at the Super Tuesday primary in Rome

The important Super Delegates negotiations, one BIG issue: ELECTIBILITY in the GE

BREAKING: Clinton and Obama tied for first time ever in Rasmussen national poll-44/44

I support Obama, but I won't mind superdelegates deciding the race

Will Obama's big endorsements help with superdelegates?

Obama lead reached to far corners of N.D.

Our last nominee had money troubles

Hillary's $118 Million War Chest

You call it a cult, we call it a whisper that is only getting louder!!!

Obama going to New Orleans. Edwards too. When will he oppose Clinton plan to eliminate Pub Housing?

So, exactly what is so wrong about being hopeful?

Last time i checked, DNC is the one that arranges the debates, not Clinton

Obama wins 155 delegates in CA winning Oakland, San francisco, and Sacramento

Scenario - pledged delegates and superdelegates

The level of discourse in this forum seems to sink to new depths every day.

GD Blog Thread ***** LIVE Webcast * HOUSE Oversight Hearing DoJ Mukasey ****** 11 AM

Obama considers 1 additional debate

The Page: Romney to Quit Race!

The thing about super delegates is that they can change their minds

Observations on the current primary run

Lichtman: We are witnessing the end of the conservative era

Beloved GOP uniter Lindsey Graham lays hands upon McCain's troubled campaign (Freeps hate his ass)

I was watching morning joe this morning...

An excellent philosophy for voting:

The more people get to see the Dems the better for the party

Why I think 1 or 2 debates would be good idea, do you agree?

‘Obama Girl’ Didn’t Vote

At this pace, Obama will DOUBLE his Jan. Fund raising. Yes. We. Can. Reach $60 million in Feb!

Clinton, Stretched for Cash, Pushes for Debates

Mitt's strapping his dog to the roof and going home! Suspends campaign.

A Question for Serious Politicos

Why do candidates need a majority of the delegates?

Run, Ralph, Run!

I Fembot (on those tears - since NY Post is ragging on again today on page one)

Hillary’s health plan covers everyone at half the cost of Obamas plan that leaves 22 million out

time to rebuild our divided party..

***FactCheck.Org : Clinton attack on Obama an "awful distortion"***

Intrade Prediction markets now showing Obama at 57.8% probability

Will Rush, Coulter, Ingram & Hannity Vote For President Huckabee?.........

Fellow DUers (especially Obama cultists), I would like to share a story with you

None Of Obama's $7 Million Came From MoveOn

Should there be 17 debates between the Democratic and Republican nominee?

Follow the Money....Straight to the Media

With Romney out of the race now...

Update on F.D.P. statement from a representative today 02/07/08

FLASHBACK: Hillary on debating anti-war Senate candidate - "We will see how the campaign develops"

Thank you CNN for not covering the standup show by Ingraham

When you see any republicon..

"Sen. Obama has always had a 100 percent prochoice rating."

Regardless of which candidate you support, I trust all DU women...

Time: 10 Things Mitt Romney Could Have Done Differently (dog on car roof is not on their list)

Breaking on MSNBC: ROMNEY OUT!

Mark Penn represents Blackwater? How is this possible.

What are Huckabee's stances on Iraq and Immigration?

Of Martyrs and Men... and Women

I finally get what Obama is talking about.... (warning: graphic photos within)

Do you believe the smack you're talking

Obama cannot win Tennessee

Which candidate do you think would attract the most independents ?

Gore Endorsement Rumor Kicking Around the Clinton Campaign

Zogby called my house last night..

Rush Limbaugh: After Romney - Continues attack on McCain - predicts "Debacle in November"

Nobody’s Hands Are Perfectly Clean in Politics- Rezko and Obama

Mittens steals the John Edwards strategy : "Suspending not ending"

Hillary's current fundraising going to repay her own loan.

BILL CLINTON: self-financed campaigns "violate the spirit of campaign finance reform."

Mittens to suspend campaign - BREAKING

Udeniable Evidence of Obama's Support Among Independants.

HOWARD DEAN-We May Have To Broker A Clinton-Obama Deal

Employers will provide most coverage under new health care reform

Mitt calls out Blacks and Hispanics and the CPAC crowd goes wild

Advantage: Obama?

Looks like my last voting election is going to be an historic one.

Obama has raised over 1 million dollars in the past three hours!

Which is the stupidest anti-Obama meme?

Rasmussen: Obama and Clinton tied nationally.

Mittens just guaranteed McCain will not only get boo-ed

Caption this pic

Should Democrats nominate someone who beats McCain or loses to him?

Is Mittens Crying Yet?

Obama and Hillary supporters, if your candidate doesn't get the nomination

Can someone explain to me if I'm wrong on Clinton's Healthcare Plan?


Why is the Iraq war vote more important than the cluster bomb vote?

Who would the Republican version of you vote for?

Can a Mormon be elected president?

Mitt's Segue To Suspending His Campaign.......

What I want to know is...who let Obama speak at the 2004 Convention?

Sharing a small laugh with you

What will be the Bloomberg reaction to McCain or the Huck? n/t

Mittens unveiling the Right Wing Talking Points against Hillary in the GE

John McCain supports amnesty for illegal immigrants

Weekend at Ronnie's

We need a voting record comparison of Clinton/McCain/Obama.

Oops...this was meant to go in GD running OBAMATHON

Senate Repugs say no to seniors, disabled vets, jobless and small business

The Nutjobs at CPAC---they don't know about Romney dropping out....yet.

I couldn't have ever voted for Romney.

Photos: Barack Obama speaking at Tulane University

Why does Hillary say she "loaned" her campain $5M? Can she get that money back?

LIEberman stripped of Super Delegate status

How are the freepers reacting?

HA. I love it. Obama supporters can dish it when Hillary get's bad press but when they get some

Washington State's largest labor union backs Obama

Rassmussen National Poll: Obama 44% - Clinton 44%

DUers in MI and FLA - are you hearing anything locally about a primary re-do or caucus?

Why have Clinton & Obama repeatedly refused any responses to the '08 Political Courage Test?

Slice it however you like, but it looks like Hillary is in deep Sh*t

Interesting Analysis Of Race & The Obama Campaign

Never ceases to amaze me how policians shovel shit and people happily eat it

Donations to Clinton Campaign since Super Tuesday rising -- up to $5M

Who WON Super Tuesday...24 Hours Later

How confident are you your candidate will eventually win this thing?

There is more to the story of Kennedy's betrayal of the Clinton's and it pissed off many in Mass

With the Republican race ending, there will be intense pressure to end the Democratic race.

John Edwards - Wings of Justice Award Winner

Romney - truly dropping out, or a calculated ploy to draw conservatives?

It is offensive to belittle $13 million dollars raised in 30 days

What should I wear to the cult meeting?

Media and Brainwashing (Who is next

If Gore endorses in the Primary Who do you think it will be?

Raising Kaine endorses Barack Obama for President


50 yr old college educated white military vet and I'm supporting Obama. Here's why

What a surprise. The corporate media sees a large number of people become politically active,

Now just what the hell is this?

Done deal: Obama or Clinton vs. McCain

I Am Going To Make My Second Contribution To Hillary Today

There Are Currently 862 Unpledged Superdelegates...They Would Be These Guys:

Since Obama is out raising Hillary - why doesn't he take some out that money and donate it to

Marc Ambinder reports McCain to bring George "Macaca" Allen with him to CPAC speech!

I'm going to say something VERY NICE about Clinton

Clinton puts Arizona in play, Obama not so much. AZ is on the brink of becoming blue.

i imagine tears are being shed at the freepfilth site....mccain is not well liked over there

Obama has a great haul on his own and will get even more from MoveOn's Obamathon.

ok people, it was Fla-Vor-aid, not Kool-aid.

Obama's Not the Only One Raising Quick Cash After Super Tuesday

Signs of Desperation in Clinton Campaign

Romney confirms it at CPAC - he's out

CNN international poll of US candidates. Check it out

Super-Delegates: Can they subvert the wishes of the majority of voting Democrats?

Who Finally Won the New Mexico Primary? Was it in the News?

Hillary's campaign tries to explain lower fund-raising by claiming MoveOn contributed to Obama's

Hillary's campaign running out of money has driven some people over the edge

Clinton voted against cluster bomb ban

Think we're bad? Be glad we're not Republicans right now

Here is a thought..

Has Romney Dropping Out Now Been The Plan All Along?.......

Obama puts Colorado in play, HRC not so much so. CO on brink of becoming blue

Can Hillary Win Independent Voters?

Take the pledge: "I will support WHOEVER our nominee is"

If Huckabee wins the "winner take all" states ?

A short trip down memory lane - another difference in the candidates

A McCain/Lieberman ticket...appealing to moderates?

Obama in New Orleans today, Bill Clinton visiting tomorrow

"The Obama campaign is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is"

Super Tuesday proved Hillary cannot win the General Election

According to all the polling data, are we not statistically improbable?

Clinton will win swing voters because she is better on defense than McCain. Obama would be destroyed

A message to the would-be peacemakers

Wow, For Clinton to be BROKE means she SPENT over $40 MILLION in JAN!!!!

It must be said. the election results reporting systems suck in this country

They can both defeat John McCain. Period.

How can Hillary attack Mcain on the war?

Isn't Al Gore a superdelegate and as such, doesn't he HAVE to endorse?

Obama showing strength in the Midwest

So will they attack Huckabee as unpatriotic?

Primary displays Latinos' influence Emerging bloc helps Clinton win in California and other states

AL GORE IS going to HAVE TO CHOOSE: Obama or Clinton

Every day Clinton was ahead, she went to the debates that were asked of her,Obama now nixing debates

Now that Mitt has dropped out, do you think McCain and the Huckster will cut a deal?

At Least 94,500 Ballots from Idependent Voters in LA County were Not Counted.

My Obama story. Let's hear yours...

The latest Hillary surrogates' meme: Obama accepts money from federal lobbyists

Did Obama say he only worked 5 hours for indicted Rezko in S.C. debate?

As an Obama supporter, I say if he loses FL, MI, CA, NY, NJ, PA, OH and TX, he should not win

Don't forget the House and the Senate!!!

The Republican Machine

I just kicked in $300 for Hillary

If McCain would drop out of the race, who would step in?

This stuff is some of what will be Obama's swiftboat: The Ottawa Herald

Help me understand: What is a "suspended" campaign

Hope springs eternal...

Where are all the Kucinch lovers, when he needs you the most????

Obama supporters, this is our chance. Don't get overconfident

The Freepers in my office. WOW!

I tripled my donation for today on

Is there any web resource with SERIOUS election analysis?

WTF is wrong with people pissing on candidate donation threads?

Ten Dollars says Obama wins all three contests on Saturday, and all on Tuesday

What's Barack's favorite Hamburger? (besides the Obamaburger)

Romney Out!!!!

LA County Registrar to Examine Independents' Ballots. Will count them if intent clear.

Sen Blanche Lincoln endorses Clinton

For each thread made begging people to donate for Hillary byher group, I will in turn donate $100

Hillary's myspace bulletin gives full credit to Obama for his $7M haul

So since Shitty Mittens dropped out is Hucklefuck still running for Vice President?

Why I decided to donate even though it sucked, sucks, is sucky.

Well, it's about damn TIME the DNC did something to rein Lieberman in...

Wow. The first Senator since Nixon will be the next President.

Which candidate will Roll Back Executive Power?

You folks need a dose of reality.

Obama's young voters and black voters are no match for Hillary's older, women voters

Lol - the Obama girl didn't even vote.

interesting (and controversial) post at Kos....

ATTTENTION...ATTENTION MUTHAFUCKAS...I've just finished my 2nd Margarita.

There's something seriously wrong with the New Mexico Democrats

In a nutshell, conservatives vote Clinton; Liberals vote Obama.

Yeah, whatever

How do you explain the Colorado caucus results?

Could Ron Paul benefit from Romney's withdrawal?

On to Virginia: Raising Kaine endorses Barack Obama

*****BREAKING*****Amway Endorses Obama

"McCain has been consistent on the war." The American people have turned against the occupation of

I see only Obama stickers here in Washington... We caucus in 2 days

Since you're talking about sending money to candidates, consider tossing some coin DU's way.

I will match every $1 donation to with $2. Who's with me?

Democrats the DNC and the Florida and Michigan Debacle that threatens everything

The "Anti-hipster Effect" of Obama's campaign

McCain just booed very loudly on his illegal immigration stance

Ok, so McCain is making his acceptance speach as the Repug

I can't remember who the media wants to win anymore...

I keep hearing HRC supporters saying she does so much better than Obama in primaries, but...

Will we get a recount in California?


Will Gore Endorse Obama? - - Rumor is spreading like wildfire

Conservatives Warned: Don't Boo McCain!

It's official. Supporters on both sides are going to self destruct

It's obvious Edwards is hot for the AG slot, so who will he endorse?

If Hillary had LED on Iraq and opposed Bush's war I would be out

Iowa Gov. Culver tells AP he will endorse Obama

McCain and R's seek to equate the occupation in Iraq with 'war on terror." Americans don't buy it!

An Open Letter to the honorable Senator - John Edwards

The reason why screeds like Coulter and Limbaugh are begging for a Clinton win

Gore Endorsement Rumor Kicking Around Clinton Campaign

Emily's List using Tweety as fund-raising tool for Hillary

What Yiddish word best represents Joe Lieberman?

***McCain speech coming up at Cpac in a minute or two****

Photos: Barack Obama having lunch at the famous 'Dooky Chase' restaurant in New Orleans

I don't have 5 million bucks, but I got 5.

Obama outspent Hillary on super Tuesday, Yet she got more votes? Romney?

The DNC should ask the people of Florida and Michigan if there vote should stand

What happens to Edwards' delegates?

Obama to lay out a detailed plan to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region today

Imagine for one moment that the race comes down to the superdelegates

Clinton and Obama campaigns - start your SPIN-gines

There is absolutely nothing on Hillary's site about raising $3 million in 24 hours.

Why doesn't Edwards take the same beating as Hillary? He voted for Iraq too.

Super Tuesday was a referendum on Obama's Swiftboating of the Clintons on race,

LOOK HERE, ALL Hillary&Obama HATERS, Progressives, Young & Old, Skeptics & All- IT'S SO SAD -rant!

Lieberman No Longer a Super Delegate

"None of the above" by a landslide!!! Bwahahahahaaaa!

Was Hillary's financial relevations her Oral Roberts

What is a brokered convention?

I would like to see Obama do a long town hall discussion format, like Hillary did.

McCain Burns Witch (humor)

*Sigh* A plea to unite: Day 2.

Reporter on CNN: "Hillary proposed one debate a week, and the entire nation

NO MORE TELEVISED DEBATES! I have a better idea!

Using Florida and Michigan as pawns is dirty pool

Which Candidate Has Been Booed?

Obama $7.9 million, including $320,000 from MoveOn

Kennedy Helps Clinton and Obama Break the Ice

I want to vote for Obama.

This is one of my favorite election years ever.

Only a fool would pass this up

Put Yourself In The Shoes Of A Republican For A Second

If you could treat someone in GD:P to an A&W root beer, who would it be?

I just heard Joe Scarborough say on MSNBC

BREAKING: John Edwards to endorse Hillary!

fox is about to show clinton / obama story and it says "deal being made"????

LET'S SETTLE THIS-Obama and Hillary supporters at ten paces

Question! Can a candidate "give away" his/her delegates if they drop out???

Is that a captive audience/school assembly Hillary is speaking to?

Who would Obama ask to be his VP running mate???? John Edwards?

If one year ago you told me that the top choices for the repuke party were McCain & Huckabee....

Who will be our strongest nominee vs. McCain--Obama or Clinton?

Iowa Gov. Culver Says he Will Endorse Obama

Who will be the more gracious loser should s/he lose the Democratic nomination?

GD: P --the video game

Clinton staffers will NOT be going without pay during the month of February

They came to the caucus in droves, will they come in November?

Clinton making a point to sound like Edwards at a rally in VA.

question about delegates and Florida and Michigan


I will vote for the Democratic nominee.

self delete


Do you believe "Clinton used symbols and code words to appeal to racists."

Is Obama Holding ANY Rallies Today? I Ask Because I've Heard He Is, But Not a Sign on MSM

Will the Rezko scandal Trial coming in March sink Obama?

Let's Play Fair with Hillary


Iowa Gov. Culver tells AP he will endorse Obama

Hillary coming up live, MSNBC

I donated to Hillary Clinton tonight because I think she's the better candidate

What my friend from Australia said about Barack Obama

An endless campaign may be good for Democrats

Gore will endorse Clinton

Va. Is Next Battleground In Democrats' Long Fight - - big J-J Dinner on Saturday

Chutzpah on steroids: HRC "we are borrowing too much money and need to return to fiscal resp."

Now that the Competitive Primary Season has been Extended; the Debates Should be Extended also

Why hasn't Edwards endorsed either one yet? Do you think he should?

Obama hits all-time high in latest Rasmussen national, ties Clinton

Obama agrees to debate in Ohio.... Hillary shills, you can stop now...

Is it a cult or Media brainwashing>

If there is a total of $5000 dollars donated to the Clinton campaign in this thread...

When is the next Republican debate?

Time for Hillary and Obama to drop out and endorse Lee Mercer!

Who floated the Hillary staffers will work without pay story?

I know several Clinton and Obama supporters in real life

Now that McCain is essentially the rethug nominee we need to ask who is more likely to beat him

I hear the ghost of Ronald Reagan will be at the Republican Convention.

MSNBC said something about a fight to the Supreme Court

PHOTO: what a head to head McCain-Huckleberry debate will look like

So they hate McCain: Limp and Coulter say will vote for Hillary

A FAIR Solution to the Florida/Michigan Problem

New Mexico to recount ALL Democratic ballots

Pulling out had to be hard for Romney....

Clintons have already proven in SC they will do anything to try and get back in the White House...

Can the Democratic Party chairs (?) in FL and MI stage phone-in caucuses at the last moment?

Hillary's 4 million pity donations

What Effect Will The GOP Race Being Settled Have on the Remaining Open Democratic Primaries?

Have we talked about the fact that Obama and Hillary are tied nationally?

LOL- Mega Wingnut Meltdown!!! Bay Buchanan crying!! Shock n Awe!!!

McCain's "surrender to terror" platform. Voters know that is not true about one of the Democrats

Whoops! Chuck Todd's brain has fallen out

John McCain WANTS To Run Against Clinton

Contribute now to Hillary Clinton!

"A Noun, a Verb, and 'Hope'"

Ignore the Joe Klein "cult" crap. TIME Magazine has an established history of Bias

Hillary money not a problems, she has made up as much as Obama in the same amount of time

Clinton rasies 6.4 million since Super Tuesday

Harkin suggests Clinton campaign may be "running on fumes" (AUDIO)

Are these Hillary donation thread crashers paid Obama people?


Can we please, for the love of fucking god, stop with the supporter namecalling bullshit.

You're so boring, boring, boring!

If I were an Obama supporter, I would worry about my candidate and his campaign.

About Mitt: they may all appear "united" and shit, maybe even act in accordance, but...

Obama staffers are lobbyists - Walmart, BP, Lockheed Martin

Grassroots in the Bellwether State

Bill and Hill's DLC is on the way out!

Obama agrees to one debate in Ohio.

Hillary was looking for free air time when she suggested weekly debates

Your campaign staff is looking a little haggard. The GDsPa is open. Shave and a haircut, two bits!

The Conservatives here are talking about voting for Hillary

I finally found a way to make GDP a much more civil discussion forum

so ann coulter saying she'll vote for clinton mean clinton is more consevative than obama?

Are you people insane throwing all of your hard earned

Hillary is gaining momentum people, Donate volunteer and post positive things!

WI primary is less than two weeks away--I wonder if Feingold will endorse?

Obama made gains among women and whites on Super Tuesday

Wall Street Journal: Many Superdelegates May Switch

Obama versus the DLC

Does Michelle Obama really find it difficult to decide between Hillary Clinton and John McCain?

Obama Endorses Daley For Another Term

This forum is sure busy. How should it be split?

Unsolicited Obama Campaign Song Goes Viral

It's striking how much McCain in 2008 is like Bob Dole in 1996.

Your guy raised $7.5M the last couple of days, what is with the insecurity over Hillary's take?

Tactics: How many threads have you ever seen discouraging people from donating to their candidate?

90% of the 32 million Obama raised in January came from sub-$100 donations

Those of you who think Hillary is just another repuke and Obama is a cult leader..

The Differences Between Running Against McCain vs. Against Romney or Huckabee

Mc Cain will...

You guys are right I am a Hillary Cultist!

"Edwards Endorses Obama..." (Washington Post)

2 Ideas for Hillary, should Obama refuse debates

Isn't it Ironic that while Hillary claims Obama will have trouble beating McCain,

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham Must Be Soooo Depressed Right About Now

Why haven't Edwards and Gore endorsed Obama?

Hillary Invites Obama to Town Hall Meeting in Maine

MEME#1: The MSM says Hillary is broke, hahaha! MEME#2: The MSM was wrong and blames Hillary

Will Clinton's Financing Stunt Backfire?

What's Cueball Carville doing back on CNN, Wolf? And begging for Obama to debate Hillary, no less!

Want 4 More Years Of Terra Vote For John McInsane

Back when we still had eight candidates, Maureen Dowd said:

Did Ohio and Texas just Get a Hell of a Lot Closer with Romney dropping out?

Ok now that this has gotten nasty do you still think the Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket..

Democrats loves debates, lets get started Hill & Obama

Hilll should give thanks that her voters are to strong minded to be BRAINWASHED by Right wing Media

Is the fix in for McCain? This stinks like the green shoes on election night 2004

The MSM said Hillary loaned her campaign money, not that she's broke

States Clinton won that have a chance in 2008-AR, AZ, CA, MA, NY, NJ, OK, TN, NH, NV, NM, MO, FL, MI

Fox News superstar Karl Rove flubs on Romney, turns attention to finding his own ass with a funnel

Media Hate Hits All Time High - David Shuster- "Clintons ' Pimping Out Chelsea"

A notice from HRC campaign re fundraising

Clearing out GD-P

Time: Romney dropping out helps Obama b/c McCain's DeFacto Nomination = Independents to Obama

Why does Hillary say Obama raised money "with combined fundraising power"

Obama Agrees To Debate Clinton Somewhere In Ohio

MEME#1: The MSM says Hillary is broke, hahaha! MEME#2: The MSM was wrong and blames Hillary

Hillary Clinton is royally mindfucking the MSM

So, the Hillary supporters are having trouble dealing with a scandal

Romney's one last highly publicised comment as a candidate

$77 Million spent in one year! $11 Million in one month!

How does Obama win w/o Texas and Ohio?

A gentle warning as "Hillary Cultist" countermeme emerges

Bob Franken on Clinton: "When You Need Debates You Need HOPE...


How Would You Compare Your Enthusiasm For Obama/Hillary To Your Enthusiasm For Previous Candidates?

Please don't tell HRC supporters about Hillary Clinton

Thousands line up for Obama appearance in Omaha, NE

The media is beginning to smell a rat,Clinton Campaign Staffers Not Going Without Pay

Who Cares about Patti Solis Doyle's Paycheck...I donated before and will continue to


If I were a Clinton supporter, I would be disappointed with her campaign right now

Mittens new quandry...

Those simple-minded folk calling Obama voters 'cult' are just brainwashed by corpmedia

Obama Rally in Omaha, Live on with LINK

IMO, McCain will propose a draft, are we prepared to respond? Will this give him

Romney drops out because "I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror"

will john mccain use democratic underground...

So if GBLT folks are voting 2 to 1 for Clinton over Obama

Will using super delegates split the party for years?

Pathetic to see folks bragging about the ability to influence the campaign with money

Obama supporters need to pick up the pace

lmao. Romney quit because he didn't want to aid a Party (Dems) that wants to surrender to terrorists

How did Hillary run out of money to the point of having to loan her campaign millions?

Was Hillary running out of money just a stunt? Check out ABC news

Yesterday Obamaniacs were complaining Clinton didn't "come clean" early enough about $5 million

Obama is NOT the second coming of JFK,


Note To Sane People. Don't Try To Tell Insane People They are Insane.

Yes we can!

Absolutely unbelievable post 2/5 bomb refuses to stop $ 6.5 million

Will HRC be able to win male voters in November?

Question: Are Republicans As Interested In "America Coming Together" As Obamafans Are?

Hillary may lose her edge among superdelegates

Now that Hillary has Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck supporting her, can she bounce back?

CPAC will air "Hillary the Movie" tonight.

Hillary voted FOR the Iraq war

Joe Lieberman STRIPPED of Superdelegate status

McCain equals Draft -- our road to victory in November

I Know I'll Catch Flak For This, But I Feel Bad For Mitt Romney

Robert Reich : Krugman Still Has it Wrong on Obama's Health Plan


So Clinton won Super Tuesday...

I'm annoyed Clintons are using their personal fortune in their attempt to win.

Former Hillary classmate now not voting for her. RE: Monsanto/Bill connection

My prediction: HRC will drop out BEFORE March 4th!!!

Henceforth, Let's Recognize Hillary Supporters As "The Zombies".

Filling in the Ovals on LA County's Super Tuesday 'Double Bubble' Debacle

Michael Moore "morally prohibited" from voting Clinton

Excuse me 10 minutes while i go donate to Obama...

dirty repukes want hillary so they can defeat her

MSNBC has a very bizarre dynamic going on

Gallup Daily Poll Clinton 51 Obama 40.

Switfboating on the Firedoglake

Tell the difference between Clinton foreign policy and Bush foreign policy...

Hillary's campaign is desperate, money troubles are real and they're going for the fake out

The majority of Americans supported the Iraq war once upon a time

OBOMMY: The Obama movement was chronicled in a rock opera in the 70's

Do we have a definitive nickname for John McCain?

Obama is the best candidate to beat McCain

Obama on 60 Minutes: "Swift-Boating" Wouldn't Sink Me

Clinton thrashed Obama in Silicon Valley

to Hillary supporters - why "Obama supporters won't vote for Hillary"

Lee Mercer is NOT endorsing Hillary or Obama (all three)!

Tweety giving Terry "It's her turn" McAuliffe airtime to sell Hillary while waiting for McCain

I'm going to the Hillary Clinton event in Seattle tonight and I have a question...

TOP DEM: Clintons' violate spirit of campaign finance reform!!!!

For those of you who actually think Obama could ever beat McCain, please explain one thing to me


Judge him by his laws.

Gen. Anthony Zinni (Ret.) or former-Sen. Sam Nunn for Obama VP?

WA poll: Obama + 17 vs McCain Hillary and McCain TIED.

Obama's manufactured image campaign - why he won't debate

The Speech McCain Should Give


It's great that Obama is bringing in new faces to the democratic party...

Clinton or Obama: No universal health care from either

BREAKING FROM WP: No democratic candidate can win nomination now without help of superdelegates

Will Hillary ever follow Edwards' lead,

For those complaining about the superdelegates: those are the rules Clinton and Obama both agreed to

Limbaugh: Donate to Clinton. Keep her in it so we can win it?

Toon - 'Obama Girl'

I'm Going To Donate Hillary For A Third Time Today

This thing could actually be your President

I read a post and am posting it, If true Obama is unelectable!

Just sent my max contribution to Hillary. Come on Hillary women

About the "odd" claim that Hillary has raised $3 million

It's not at the rate of Obama's campaign, but Hillary has raised $3 million in less than 24 hrs.

I put this here because that is the rule....

OBAMA HITS $6,000,000 in 1 DAY!!

Obama nixed plans for Ohio debate

Clinton won more votes than Obama on Super Tuesday.

Does anyone have one goddamn shred of proof that Clinton's money trouble was staged?

Obama: The Shock of the Red

The Right hates McCain. They can stop him by hiring a new Vice President.

David Schuster asks if the Clinton's are "pimping out" Chelsea

Pelosi on CNN...Party SuperDelegates Must Decide the Candidate

Obama Supporters: Help push Obama over the top tonight! $6M in one day!

Oh, fuck me. Now we have two MORE childish name-calling terms: "HillHounds" and "Obommy."

Obama raises $7.2M; Clinton $6.4M since Super Tuesday

Gallup: Hillary 52%, Obama 39%

RAS Poll: Obama: 46% McCain: 43%; McCain: 46% Clinton: 44%

Who is worse: Michael Moore for voting Nader, or Hillary Clinton for voting for the war?

Democratic Insurgency

Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?

Clinton campaign: Childish game-playing goats on acid...

Here's to All of Us Here at DU...

Face Facts, Folks. It's Almost Guaranteed that BOTH Clinton & Obama...

OK Hillary folks—time for action:

Do You Want Primaries to Continue to the Dem Convention in Denver

Kentucky: McCain 61%, Obama 32%

Guardian (UK): "Perhaps I should join the cult"

ABC: "Can Obama worshippers try to give up their Helter-Skelter cult-ish qualities for a few weeks?"

Obama's Rezko-Gate: it still needs a real answer

With all the Hillary bad stories are you Obama people trying to Brainwash the Hillary votes

NY Times: Obama "fervor fell short", "Clinton Democratic voters... more likely to vote"


Spiked Magazine: "When Obama finally appeared... there seemed almost a desire to touch his hem"

I am going to see Chelsea Clinton AND Barack Obama today.

Show of hands: How many here knew Hillary won New Mexico?

Did Zogby try to influence the Super Tuesday election with erroneous polling?

Hillary campaign making big mistake not putting boots on the ground in

Fellow DU'ers: Should the Clintons Release Their Tax Returns?

First wave of Obama staff hitting TX an amazing 60!!!!

Florida And Michigan (Redux)

Clinton senior campaign staff going without pay.

Question, why are people sending Obama so much money he doesn't need when we have so many

Have you seen the "Yes We Can" music video?

Clinton campaign officials said on Thursday that she would release her tax returns if she won ???

If Senator Clinton is elected President, she will dismantle Dean's 50-state strategy

Clinton supporters: You are now donating directly to Bill and Hillary's bank account

Hillary supporters, you're sounding REALLY desperate.

Newsweek: Only 3% of Obama's donors have "maxed out", compared to 70% for Hillary

About the seating of delegates from Florida.

The Jewish Week News: "Obama frightens me. I can’t put my finger on it. He’s a demagogue."

Why Obama Will Win and May Have Already

As Hillary Clinton is fond of saying, Obama's spouse ISN'T running for President "Something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism"

Hillary's $5 million may have come from an amir in Dubai?

Hillary has little to no apparent presence in the next few states

NE and WA caucus on Saturday; when will Hillary plan her strategic cry: tonight or tomorrow?

Obama Cult Meeting in One Hour...

Is it wrong that I find Obama attractive?

Time for Hillary to drop out for the good of the country.

DU candidate support by gender

obama, the underhanded sly one.

Sen. Obama Follows Hillary's Lead On Gulf Coast Recovery Plan

Washington Post: Hillary sees a chance in Virginia

Emails from Clinton campaign. Raise 3 million in 3 days goal!

How I came to my pick between Hilary & Obama (pretty long)

Obama VP will have strong military creds: Webb, Kerry, Zinni

What should I wear to the cult meeting?

Have the Clintons ever released the library donor list?

The Chicago Machine and Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Say it ain't so Mittens! Romeny is suspending his run!

Remember this woman?


Gore hopes "she" wins?

Rebuilding Trust with New Orleans: Remarks of Senator Barack Obama

Obama to Clinton: About That $5 Million Loan...

NY Times: Obama's campaign "seems to teeter on becoming a cult of personality"

The meme is that Hillary is being defeated by a "cult"?

Does anyone else have a problem with the cost of these elections

Could anyone here list any specific accomplishments Obama has made?

Anyone notice that Obama won mostly in states we won't get in Nov?

This poor indian....

How anyone here can attack Clinton or Obama after Romney's speech...

(Taylor Marsh) Obama: Campaign, Cult, or Mirage?

TPM: "Obama's Biggest Weakness" - upscale supporters mock Edwards, Hillary

Donation Bundlers for Obama Registered as Federal Lobbyists:

How Clinton Won California

Time for Obama to drop out for the good of the country.

UPDATED: Hillary Campaign bragging about tricking donors.

More and more it's looking like either Clinton or Obama is going to have to yield.

ABC News: Clinton's Cash Story a Stunt?

COME TO OBAMA! "Obama volunteers... share personal conversion stories"

Romney's exit helps Obama in open primary states

The question is: What are Hillary and Bill hiding???

Hillary & Obama haters - GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! (MAJOR rant)

a challenge to DUers during the primaries: stop trashing the other candidate! just stop it!

Edwardsing Hillary?

Obama Camp: Clinton A 'Second Tier Candidate'

Brzezinski on Obama A Manifesto For the Next President?

B-A-R-A-C-K. Not "Barak." Not "Barrack." It's "Barack."

I think we can all agree that D. Schuster asking if Clinton’s are “pimping out” Chelsea is WRONG!

Cher: "because of (CARTER's) inexperience they cut him off at the knees"



Obama a coward? - ran from old folks AARP debate - now afraid of one on one in Ohio

Why does the midwest dislike Hillary Clinton?

To all who will not vote Democrat in the GE if their candidate doesn't get the nom:

DU-TV Takes on the MSM!

Which prospective First Spouse has a better grasp of childcare issues?

Which debate would you rather see?

This is an honest question, so answer accordingly

I am going to pull stuff out of the air, post it , and hope it sticks. No more facts.

The cluster bomb thread doesn't appear to be a very popular one for the Hillary supporters

Inside Bay Area: "Pardon me, Obama, but your slips are showing"

I just got a call from the Obama campaign.

I don't care if a woman is president, as long as she doesn't censor my video games.

Who should deliver the Keynote Address for the 2008 DNC Convention?

Join The Movement or Has the Obamamania Gotten Out of Hand

Tell the Truth

Are you a donating member of the Hillary Gomama Cult yet?

Clinton Campaign Staffers Not Going Without Pay

As long as it has a "D" behind its name, I don't care if it's an inanimate carbon rod

Obama, "We Are No Longer A Christian Nation,"

All of us must now support the candidate we feel has the best odds of beating McCain.

7 reasons I will not cast my vote for Hillary (from a Texas voter)

How Obama defied Reid and got real ethics reform passed

More %$#*&% begging from the Hillary campaign to seat FL delegates.

The College Kids don't want to be forced to pay for Health Insurance

LOL !!! - GD: Primaries... 3% Substance, 97% Neener, Neener !!!

To the HIllHounds of DU... I hope you are pleased with yourselves. A Rant!

God, this place was so much better when Edwards was tops here.

Malicious attacks against people who are seeking the Dem nomination: How to prevent them!

Hillary haters (ie. Obamanics) you've been pwned by the rethugs and MSM

Brown tells MPs waiting for Iraq Dossier to be released that decision is coming "very soon"

Michael Savage & the die hard republicans

Super Tuesday’s Biggest Loser: Hate Radio

Democratic Talking points in GOP Senate races....

The Fear Factory : Rolling Stone

Kos going to discuss

Republican Crime Family Values: Son of state lawmaker pleads guilty to fraud, laundering charges

McCain Snubs Giuliani While Thanking Top Supporters

What’s good for Wal-Mart is good for America?

OK, I got my flame resistant suit on, BUT...

They make police cadets get tased and pepper-sprayed, right?

No conspiracy, just kind of sad.

John Edwards is at the Duke-Carolina hoops game now, in Carolina blue.

Michael Moore coming up on Larry King CNN

Obama disses the DLC.... (this one is funny)

For those who think there's no difference between the Democratic candidates and the Republican

Where's My Check?... by all the top cartoonists!

Are campaign contribution limits effective?

Why was TruthisAll banned from DU?

Tell me that Huckabee is not the alter ego of an old nemesis.

My Mom's Wild Theory on the GOP & McCaine

One thing I have to give Huckabee credit for

Larry King having Michael Moore with opinion on election -now

Ellis Weiner: Kristol Bawls

Aaaw.. Gates is mad at NATO


Here's My Plan for a Democratic Victory in 2008

Everybody is talking about this and that and

Barry Morse, Who Played the Dogged Detective in "The Fugitive," Is Dead at 89

Los Angeles Air America Drops Schultz

What is all this nonsense about us electing a “commander in chief”?

Jai Guru Deva, Om

US Ambassador Crocker:" Middle East do not fall into neat chapters, with beginnings and ends"

Headline for Spears leaves L.A. hospital after week stay

I did a screen save (Page .. Save as ...) that I want to post.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

About those tornadoes .. again.

Afghan, a former anti-Soviet, and anti-Taliban, hero dies in Quantanamo (NYT)


An empty vessel into which all our vanquished dreams are poured...

How about an annual DU "Excellence" Award? And how about

Pat Buchanan: McCain “will make Cheney look like Gandhi”

so are we gonna get a check or not? HOw much and when?

What's your issue with Nader?

Some fun tags for Bill O'Reilly on amazon

What if you take your Photo ID to the polls and the judge says

What about a new DU feature showing how many people Ignore you?

Anybody on the Hillary side up to defend this?

Corporations can be usefull in regards to implementing single payer

God is a terrible designer

Which city has the best flag?

TV Newser's Super Tuesday coverage quote of the night --

They wanna have a war to stop INDUSTRIAL DISEASE

Money, It's A Hit: How Cash Perpetuates American Ignorance

What's it mean to you when your best friend says "You were right"?

Ex-Khmer Rouge leader seeks bail

Question... Why is nobody wanting to know about this?

108-year-old, one of last surviving WWI vets, dies

I found something I have in common with Hillary Clinton!

Next 48 hours will be slow for posts from me

How To Make 156 Million People Happy

Mental illness of our troops

TOON: The McCain Hilton

Warren Buffett: Bank woes are "poetic justice"

Wal-Mart Sales Increase Less than Forecast; Limited, Macy's post sales declines

I will not change my mind ... I will continue to respect humanity

Ha'aretz: Obama, Clinton Edwards pledge to blow up Iran to stop nuke proliferation

Obamation TV?

Amnesty International Calls for Criminal Investigation

WSJ: Credit Crunch Pounds U.K. Economy

Let's discuss something important - Duke vs. UNC.

Iraqi insurgents attack during NBC interview

3,948 G.I.'s dead, 29,092 wounded, 1 million Iraqis dead. Fuck you neo cons.

I flipped on Anderson Cooper's show for the first time ever tonight....

I'm paying ATT/BellSouth for 3+ MBPS DSL.

More economics than political... But I live the Etrade advertisement with the baby who barfs...

OMG Terra Terra, Al Qaeda trains it's "next" generation..

Drug Ads Raise Questions for Heart Pioneer

Morning Joe without Joe

In My State Tuesday, they ran out of Ballots for Dems.What if Nov?

Harold Meyerson: The Repudiation of Rove, excellent editorial..

Pandering John McCain Skips Out on Economic Stimulus Vote

Good citizens this is not a dupe. Can you help me? Will you help me?

This is your GOP. This is your GOP on drugs.

Gossip 3fer: Army trial. Endorsements for cabinet gigs? MoDo trolling Michelle?

NY shops now accepting payment in Euros

I needed a laugh-the Urban Dictionary's def of "Bush"-all 231 versions-enjoy

"Will falling gas prices doom the economy?"

Jim Hightower: Immigrants Come Here Because Globalization Took Their Jobs Back There

Victor Ashe, ambassador to me out: former Bush lover?

The Geniuses at WSJ Figured it Out: Speculators May Have Accelerated Housing Downturn

This is all you need

Interesting Google search: "so tired of republicans"

White House Defends CIA's Use Of Waterboarding in Interrogations

'mc cain is just too liberal for me'. Really? When did he switch over?

All You Need Is Love

a message from the global community

I am NOT giving up DU for Lint!

Pray for me. I'm hungraaay!!!!!!

John McCain press spokesman fired after alleged assault on girlfriend

I just cruised thru GDP and came out whole and laughing

Cigna 4Q Profit Up (13%!) on Medicare D Growth -- Revenue climbed to $4.46 billion

The real price of Gold

Wow! I just got a phone call with "Hillary Clinton" on my caller ID!!

Durbin to AG Mukasey: I will block your successor on the bench until you answer my quesitons

On Jeopardy right now we have Babatope, Srinivas, and...

Senate Republicans block extension of unemployment benefits

I just got a robocall from the Hillary Clinton campaign. I hung up. I hate robocalls.

You're welcome, Delaware.

Freedom's Watch May Spend Up To $250 Million In 2008 Election

Today’s Headlines

Warning: Matcom Has Spam In His Junk...

Apologies for dropping this in GD... Milwaukee and Waukesha are suspending transit services

Meanwhile, while our caped crusaders plot for justice , in the lair of the CAPTION.....

Almost gone. - Caption this * pic

there is a secret camp inside of Gitmo

State of Delaware giving up tollbooths for Lent

Lieberman Has “Superdelegate” Status Stripped Because of McCain Endorsement

My latest, "newest favorite band" - The Dynamics

A link to an Official Petition for a "Young DU" forum, originally posted in GD.

Man granted clemency by Huckabee arrested on second DWI charge

Has Parche been in my neighborhood?


Call for the Immediate Release of Afghan Journalist Parwiz Kambakhsh

Physically describe a DUer you've never seen

Do Not Worry About Those Iraqi Civilian Deaths. The US Uses "MARTHA STEWART Bombs"!

If people are giving up ME for lent should I be upset or honored?

NRCC probe scares GOP

I have 40 people on ignore. Is that too many?

it's tough to be a girl

Police Officer got what he deserved, right...

I don't usually say things like this, but isn't it time for a Mod Squad Appreciation Thread?

I hate government mandated wealth re-distribution!

DAMN!!! Now I KNOW the Dems will win in November!

I did cancel worship.

The Rude Pundit: Bush Prays, Jesus Pukes

tin foil hat time in regards to campaign money

Per crawl on CNN, 3 GOP sources say that Romney will suspend campaign

Wow. Tech stocks took off when Mit bowed out. n/t


c-span2 - laura ingraham at cpac introducing mitt romney

CIA official admits targeting blogs, MySpace

Today's Mitt Romney Question:

I am no longer supporting Walken...

Nancy Skinner WINS DFA Grassroots All-Star contest!

I'm going to watch a rerun of the Super Bowl on the NFL Network.

Huckabee has some delegates from Ga, Al, WV and Ark, I've heard they are working on their


For the next week, I'm the Acting Vice President at the University that employs me. Ask me...

Is anybody else getting phony billing on their At&t bills?

Now accepting nominations for "Asshole of the Year"

You do realize that the acrimony erupting on this board is fueled

Cher: "because of (CARTER's) inexperience they cut him off at the knees"

Thank the Gods I did not run into the Double Bubble

Romney will suspend campaign so that he does not 'aid a surrender to terror'

Why does the Bush admin hate America?

How does McCain know that the evangelicals are wrong about evolution?

Dumbass of the Year (to date)

A little morality conundrum: We ALL support the War in Iraq.

Should "I will not vote for the Democratic nominee" posts earn a tombstone?

Mcain: profile in courage - Skipping the vote on cloture for the stimulus package.

So, after the Democratic President surrenders to the Islamofacists,what's for supper?

"One Toke Over The Line" by........

GOPhers - take your fucking morality and "family values" elsewhere

limbag in love with the sound of his voice...hehe

N. Gulf of Mex. fish have toxins causing illness in humans

This is a continuation of a locked thread.

Did I get lost and wander into church? - all this praying here today....


Did I Miss Something? Prayer? DU Church? Lent? (I know it's Ash Wednesday, but the rapture index

We have multiple problems in this country, Mukasey and the

MSNBC on Romney

A Catch-22 for Values Voters

Guess what I gave up for Lent?

Romney's out. Suspends campaign. (AP)

Fight Club Politics

Anyone Listening to Thom Hartmann? Talking to CPAC people

m wth knsdm: n mr fckn vwls

Sea Shepherd Getting Ready to Return to the Whale Wars

Thankyou! Thanks to all

A foot tonight, a foot tomorrow.... Are you f'ing kidding me?

LA Times: Why the right loves a disaster

Gss wht _ gv p fr Lnt?

Jai Guru Deva, Om

Ugh.. now we know where Brian Williams is coming from- he quoted Laura Ingraham's book.

News Alert: Sputnic reaches heavens. No guy with long beard found.

My Critters....

Pray for me, I fell on stairs this evening and hurt my foot.

My LTTE in the local paper

I don't usually say things like this, but isn't it time for a Mood Ring Appreciation Thread?

Expelled. Voided. First Rudy was doody, then Mitt was...etc.

Red-State Real Estate Blues: 7000 Homes Auctioned Tuesday in Fulton County, Georgia

What is the reasoning behind Jello shots?

Dueling Billboards video to counteract the "God" billboards

Worst of the Worst: Most repulsive member of BushCo, past or present:

Is it time yet to don the freepazoid costume?

Please, God. Make Duke lose.

How can people actually *believe* stuff like this....

I heard a blurb on the radio this A.M. about D.C. traffic being held up

I am giving up Lent for DU

Gd nght vrybdy. _'m trd.

Do you think it should be allowed, on DU, to...

I thought I would enjoy hearing Romney bow out

Jai Guru Deva, Om

i hope this doesn't offend many but "evangelicals" have to be the dumbest population to

I don't usually say things like this, but isn't it time for a Mod Appreciation Thread?

We must pray for Parche

Best movie ever!

Yam or Yams?

Shuttle Atlantis set for launch in exactly 1 hour

Chai, Ubu Devo Moe

Romney just brought this up again.. "If you don't have faith you typically still believe in

WOW! DU still has a Genial -- I mean General Discussion Forum???

Shuttle Atlantis go for launch T minus 5 minutes counting ETL 1445 EST

Dave didn't hang out here too long, did he?

New Majorities reason for the future

Sorry for the blurring, but I caught a little of GDP on video.

I am not giving up Lent for DU. I don't want to so I won't.

Bill Nelson speaks for Florida Democrats..."Absolutely not" to caucus.

Fritos Scoops + Clemson Blue Cheese Dressing

You'd a thought GD-P would be better today.

Well excuse me then!

Romney Dropping Out of the Presidential Race N/T

Britain trains Taliban?????

Can we vote on reality?

Macy's cutting 2,300 regional managers to focus on local needs

Compared to other countries, do Americans pay more or less for:

The Top 16 Mensa Pick-Up Lines

If You Fell Down For The Last Time Tomorrow

Piffle. Everybody hates disco because nobody got to live and be HAPPY during that era.

McCain booed on illegal immigration, then they applauded him?

The US, midget submariner terrorists, or vengeful militant dolphins?

all we are saying is

Limbaugh wants to raise cash for Clinton after Romney withdrawal

To those of us who believe... (or a really condemning Xtian thread)

Well the conservatives are sure accepting

Watching a rerun of Hey Paula - best reality show EVER!

I Have A Date For Saturday Night!

What kind of county builds a new library but does not provide money for BOOKS?

* * * * PORN THREAD * * * * *

Mike Malloy back on the air in Los Angeles!

Fla. Man Arrested For 101st Time

It's profit. Not belief that keeps a population in slavery today.

Man makes fans miss end of Super Bowl

Bush Administration Destroyed Tapes as Judge Sought Interrogation Data

Isn't anyone watching the Mukasey fiasco? Where are all the threads?

heard on Thom Hartman that they were pleading with people to not boo Mccain all day long...n/t

How come we don't have any pictures of President Insane....

OMG, I'll never complain about the weather again.

Mukasey refuses to say if he was told not to enforce subpoenas

Send in the US Marshals for these criminals. Do it now.

Are we being softened up for war with Iran here at DU.....

Eye-catching indeed!

Which states have Democratic Secretaries of State

Romney gets out to ensure our kids will stay in harm's way

Budgeting for Conservative Credibility

I gave up my virginity for Lent!


Buffett: Bank woes are "poetic justice"

Redstateupdate commentary on Super Tuesday

Studies Show Some Doctors Have Bias Against Obese

Bush Urges Senate to Confirm 200 Naz.., err, Nominees, stop treating them as 'pawns'

Dick Cheney in CNN supporting water boarding

Introducing - the Tiddy Bear!

One Question For Obama and Clinton

The Ekirh is sick :(

I gave up my virginiy for lint?

"I can give you more SANDWICH ideas."

Democracy Now: The 9/11 Commission and Torture

Conservative Republican's reaction to Romney's announcement...

Did Romney miss any targets in his final campaign speech?

Oh, Christ, now Apple is saying you should buy an iPhone just so you can

I gave up my gray hair for lent.

Attention, fellow Walkenites: "The Prophecy" airs in 50 minutes, complete & uncut!

Awwww, poor Sean Hannity, he's being "Leaned on to embrace McCain" he doesn't want to.

That's what she said.

Space Shuttle launch is good!

Where are renditioned threads being held?

Fred Ziffel was Tea Leoni's great-uncle

Anyone have a pay-as-you-go boyfriend?


Urgent Hardware Question

So how come when a repug is not longer in the running ...

Raise your hand if you hate Christian Zionists

My niece had a 10 lb baby today

So McCain's "the man"..BFD we all knew he would be...weeks ago

US Soldier: "I've been in the army for 31 years.This is the first time I thought I was in the mafia"

Orange Juice the band.....

We Waterboarded Only Three People—Then Based One-Fourth of Our Intelligence on What They Said

Have mitts sons enlisted yet?

What leak is Dick Durbin talking about

There seems to be quite a few here feeling a lot of pain tonight.

My weird Christian moment.

Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights

As a juror would you find someone guilty of a crime where the "evidence" is a coerced confession?

This Osama Lutfi guy..."Sam," Britney's "manager"...hid her dog and then "found" it, "savior-style"

Al Qaeda video shows armed boys in training

Mittens Quits Means Repugs Will Now Unite.

Watched African American Lives 2 last night and found out something I did not know...

Vote for economic stimulus package--CSPAN2--heads up, starting now

I have a 9 hour job interview on Friday

Happy 91st birthday, Zsa Zsa!

Why on earth did I go in GD-P?

Gah! Pray for me...I don't Feel Good ...

This rant brought to you courtesy of PAIN

sorry, dupe

The Liturgical Season doesn't mean shit to me

I don't expect this thread to get any traction....

The Definition of a Liberal - by JFK . . . Inspirational Reading!!

Puke Alert - Tom Delay on Tweety discussing

I'm in ur neigborhuds...Appraisin ur housez...

Wow. I reached 10,000 posts yesteday and didnt even notice

romney begins his campaign for 2012, joining Newt as an early entrant

Oh, lookit these Bffs, like a Precious Moment figurine.

I'm getting ready to send a present to someone in Australia

GW Bush Monument Committee?

AGGH! Another "vote Democrat and you're aiding and abetting terrorism" slur. Bite me Romney!

Yeehaw! When does the "Sorry America You're Screwed Get Over It" Express..

Ruth Stafford Peale (Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale), 1906-2008


Tell me: Do people really look at the election advertising signs before voting?

Holtzman on the impeachment of George W. Bush

(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River


Romney spent roughly $10 of his own money for every vote he received

Valentine's Day is one week away

How can I block any threads that contain the words "Ann Coulter"?

I have had just about enough of fucking idiots fucking up my fucking life.

Speed Racer. Clean-cut energetic youth or all hopped up on goofballs?

This is what flies for "persecution of Christians" inside the United States?

healthcare and voting against your needs.

I heard Donna Brazile on CNN say she may leave the Democratic party a little while ago

Bad sign: Shoppers use gift cards for groceries

Smoking could kill 1bn in century, WHO warns

Fox News labels McCain as a Democrat

Hey Mitt .......

Romney - out!!!

BABY found ALIVE in Tennessee after tornados

Mellencamp wants McCain to STOP USING HIS MUSIC!

See Me, Feel Me, Touch me, Heal Me

Attorney general rejects waterboarding probe,,, IMPEACH!

Can we now assume that Romney's 5 sons will rush down to the recruiters office?

A pharmaceutical consulting company has contacted me....

Lost is on tonight and I have a very short question...

Question: Why are we spending 300 billion on developing a new fighter jet program?

Anyone have a pay-as-you-go cellphone?

Does anyone interview for jobs just for fun?

LOL. I was emptying my spam folder and gmail helpfully linked to a recipe for Spam Swiss Pie

I forgot to stop drinking and pass out. Ask me something

Stanislaus County Golf Community Suffering

Beatle fans - Happy Anniversary! Tony Kornheiser just said he was at JFK/Idlewild Airport...

had a small quake but only big enough for the lounge

AFL-CIO: 18,000 People A Year Die From Lack Of Health Care Coverage

This is why I can't get anything done.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains

Fuck me, why do I keep reading GDP?

A math question for today

men believe women named "Dave" are the most well endowed

Old Leftists Never Die (They just lie there and whimper)

Practice here for the GD-P

Over $1,300 bucks a year for coffee??

Mythbusting Canadian Health Care

Don't let me Down

The End of the Internet???

Painting Chipmunk With Meme Tar

The real cult in this country is the republican party

Who Is DUStrange's Spouse

Third Day of being Sick and stuck at home

Describe your job by selecting one of the following:

Does anyone apply for jobs just for the fun?

Lanternwaste Appreciation Thread

It took me seven years, but I finally reached 10,000 posts!

Would You Date An HIV+ Person?

Hey Missouri DUers, I have a question:

I wanna snuggle

And now a very special message to DU progressives from Air America's Randi Rhodes:

I posted a comment about anger in the GD. about the tone there.

Do you have the new smart card?

George Carlin - Owners of This Country

The Beta Male’s Charms - "We Need Girlfriends"

I've Been Up all Night. Ask me Anything

Rhymes with Rum: I could *so* put Captain Jack Swallows under the table.

"There are no dirty words,just dirty minds." Leonard Cohen.

more Freeper stupidity

Have you ever watched "Xanadu"? If so, please post your responses here!

Settle a dispute for me?

Funny youtube comment about Peter Gabriel and the Pixies

Any fans of the group "The Weepies"?

I win

Whoops, got that one wrong

Pick one of these recent definitions of me, as handed out by GD:Primaries

What is your greatest (irrational) fear?

Oh no. Dave's in the house

The writer's strike is over.


Having sex with coworkers improves individuals' performance in the workplace

"stupid anti-gun Democrats."


I'm a Girl with a Need for

In case you haven't heard: Romney's "suspended [his] bid" for the presidency.

Happy Chinese New Year! Let the 15 day celebration begin.

After 12 years my friend got her first child support check from her ex.

Need a good name for a unicorn


Bad news Michigan, Utah, and Massachussetts DU'ers

Gung Hay Fat Choy!! Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat.

So it's 48+ hours since Super Tuesday and a Black Hole did NOT engulf GD:P

I Woke Up a Woman

There is nothing worse

Should I Cash A $90 Check I Received 2 Weeks Ago For A Bead Class?

"Stairway To Heaven"- The Beatnix

Today's Dating Question!

I am going to have to stay off DU for a while

Have I mentioned that I'm an idiot?

Gung Hay Fat Choy to the Lounge!

'Oh my God, there goes $70,000'-Army tells severely disabled soldiers to shut up, quit complaining

Is there a more annoying sound than a snowblower?

I'm Grumpy. Just try and ask me something

Well, I just broke Lent


"Familiarity breeds contempt"

The Best Part of a TV Dinner

Have you ever lost it by not using it?

Utter, complete, fucking total aggs right here.

Spam spam spam spam spam

Dave was a programming error

How would you like a "Hawaii Chair" at your workplace?

Pet Peeve: People who don't cash right away the checks you write them

Political colours

This day in "vengeful militant dolphins" history

OMFG, this is HUGH (and HAIRY): "Tom Jones Insures Chest Hair for Seven Million Dollars"

I absolutely, without a doubt, hate my family


Lieberman's Sucking Up To Mepublicans Costs Him His Delegate Status. Question:

Is madinmaryland an obnoxious Cowboy fan?


I'm Special.

Why does CNN describe the space shuttle launch as "Breaking News"?

My time in a jail in Afghanistan

Selling Used foot detox pads

OMG - another bombshell was just dropped in GD about Edwards endorsing Clinton

Lee Mercer is in GD:P

I found $11,000 for my sister in law!

Anybody using MagicJack?

How far will you live to pet an elderly extension?

You are a bunch of freaks and maniacs

Free Speech For All

"The retreat came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sided with Republicans..."

Most obscure joke/reference you've ever seen in children's TV programming?

I just told my psychotic and mean sister not to ever call my number again

Brazillions Die in GD Firefight

We've got a PUI in GDP!

13-foot python captured outside Wal-Mart

I'm going to a wine and cheese tasting tonight.

Shelob wanted to debate the issues further.

Smoke on the Yangtze

RIP: My Thread.

If the Bornagain Xtians believe in the Rapture.....

Looks like a whitewash in Florida. Machines said not at fault in Sarasota County.

The First Ambi President? Garfield could write both ways. Same time. Two languages.

Did anybody else see Cher on GMA? Yikes!

Soylent Green IS People...


Confessions of a Sinner

LOL Bears . . . . . . I'm cutting back slowly

Bow to me! I killed a thread about topless French flight attendants by posting the link to pics!


Anyone use those iPads? I tried one - it was interesting

The Ouija board told my kids that it's gonna be Obama vs. McCain.

Feeling lower than low: I killed an appreciation thread

Soldiers say officers commanded them to ‘kill all military age males’ in Iraq

My first post in the Lounge: LMAO at this Wal-Mart Tidbit

Male models looking like 12 yr. olds -- let the young men be anorexic too.

Surfers, wildlife win battle to keep out toll road

Since Lisa isnt home, will you guys hear me whine?

Zelikow Secretly Allowed Karl Rove & White House to Influence 9/11 Probe

OK Cheer Me Up F-IN Taxes

Forget what I said a little while ago.

Right Handed People Check In Here...Are We Douchebags?

WOW! I made the Greatest Page for a post in GD:P!!1!!

I misplaced my Sammich

Is there a more disgusting hard drink than Spiced Rum?

Is this funny?

John McCain And His Wife Had Their Third Child Recently

Who is MrCoffee's spouse?

Practice here for the GD-P

ATTTENTION...ATTENTION MUTHAFUCKAS...I've just finished my 2nd Margarita.

San Francisco is so cool! (do this on Valentines day!)

Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse - take a poll

Ya know... I didn't think I could feel worse than when I ...

13-foot python captured outside Wal-Mart

Just Like the Last Old Fool, There Will Be a Bush in the Backseat Driving

****SPK Appreciation Thread****

Does Your State Have Tollbooths?

Police: Man Shot Dead Over Height Of Grass

Oh god, the credit crisis has ruined me.

Hey peeps!

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Huffington Post: The Tesseract Archipelago ("I AM ANGRY")

Exxon Wins Freeze on $12 Billion in Venezuela Assets

Ben & Jerry's vs. Monsanto

French Flight Attendent Goes Topless For Pilots


Are We Sure that Mukasey Isn’t Gonzo in a Funny White Guy Mask?

Meet my two odd cats (yes, more pics)

Does the Constitution of the State of Tennessee contradict itself?

My new baby boy (Pic Heavy)

We get to pick up our new kitteh friends on Sunday!

New season fo Survivor starts tonight!

The White House's Perverse Argument - "the ends justify the means"

How many American Pie movies are there?

New Top Chef Season, March 12th!

The Secret Lives of Pollsters

UNITED NATIONS blasts White House on waterboarding

Band Of Brothers On History Channel This Weekend

Is there a better drunken idiot uberchesty TV chef who doesn't actually cook than Sandra Lee?


Is LynneSin A D**cheB*g?

Istanbul was Constantinople.

Do you ever wish you had a centrifuge?

WTF has happened to DU? ......Rant.

Call to Action: INDICT FOR WAR CRIMES!!!

Madonna and child

Right Handed People Check In Here...Are We Sensual?

For all you spermologers out there, some facts...and two QUESTIONS!


A "Dave" also wrote the Twenty-Third Palm, as you may have red.

The law of unintended consequences and handedness. My sinister hand meets my right nipple.

I've heard back channel that Gov. Siegelman is having a rough February.

The Daily Earwig: Hard Day's Night

If you would be so kind....Do NOT look at my face!

Right-wing M E L T D O W N !

Hairdo's of the Republican wife

So why would I want to buy it?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/7/2008)

I found a new website to abuse~

People who harm or torture animals should be punished

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Bush Likely to Attack Iran, Impeachment a Must

How come nobody raves about Ya Kid K any more?

My Kittie Babies are getting spayed today, Please send them GOOD VIBES.... Pics Included

Thank you Angelina Jolie

LSK called me a douchebag and the thread was locked before I could reply back

GD-P in smilies:

Darlene Hooley Not Running For Re Election D-OR

I hate 99% of T.V. shows, yet I love the U.S. version of "The Office"

This is an Official Petition for a "Young DU" Forum. Please K&R so Skinner sees it!

Can I find common ground with Democrats?

What's the FISA activity taking place on the Senate floor right now? Thanks.

FISA Action in the Senate NOW = Votes Down 2nd Surveillance Amendment

I hope everyone understands that I could be tortured into fingering any one of you as a terrorist

Have you ever spent quality time with yourself in your office at work?

How do you explain America's amazing tolerance for bullshit?

Rolling Stone on Britney Spears, 2008 edition: "F**k you, f**k people, f**k, f**k, f**k..."

How far will you go to extend an elderly pet's life?

Kucinich Needs Our Help To Keep His House Seat

Is there a better TV chef than Martin Yan?

Is there a more disgusting soft drink than Diet Dr Pepper?

I have a new kitteh!!!!!!!!!!11eleven

So is the idea to elect only a rat shit crazy repub president?

Left-handed people check in here! Are we sinister?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/7/08

Wednesday Night Post-Shovelling Photo Thread!!!

Anyone use those foot detox pads? I tried one - it was interesting

So, they caught my ex two days ago...

Do you enjoy talking to (your) kids about politics?

Racism rears its ugly head at a basketball game in Chapel Hill

Tim Gunn is either...




Can't DU combat the trolls??

HELP! I need a site with TASTEFUL nudes for illustration reference

***** View LIVE Webcast ***** HOUSE Oversight Hearing DoJ Mukasey ******

I betcha don't have THIS in your home office...

What is the weirdest thing you have ordered on your pizza???

Ancient history? Jobs that used to support single income families

Bite my shiny metal ass!

Challengers set to unseat both Mario and Lincoln Diaz-Balart in Miami

CIA Boss: Waterboarding May Be Illegal- 1 hour ago ..... all 1,109 news articles »

If you could go back to any age - knowing then what you know now - what age would you pick, and why?

Interesting site on a variety of topics...

Get Yer Ooga Chakaz Out! cal04, helderheid, NormaR, Stellanoir and OMC

The Lounge needs a Lite-Brite night light.

How Many DU'rs Have You Met Or Talked With?

What Is A Donk Yore?

A Confession to the lounge. I'm sorry for cheating on you...

Republicans think; Democrats feel" : Writing Prompt for my son's AP Government Class

Ecuador volcano spurts molten rock, hundreds flee

(Association of American) Publishers Support Valerie Plame in CIA Lawsuit

Republicans Join To Block Stimulus Bill

US admiral confirms secret camp at Gitmo

Area Company To Slash 800 Jobs (Diebold-OH)

Lawyers Say McNamee Has Evidence

Obama claims lead in delegate count

2 suspects nabbed over Bhutto killing

Injured U.S. soldier 'shocked' Khadr wasn't alone

Supreme Ct. rules for Barbour, special election set for Nov. 4

Mahdi Army told to maintain truce

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

Trial Opens in Growth Hormone Deaths

Sex Assault Suit Vs. Halliburton Killed

GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

NZ, Australia to team up for whaling 'big hit' (Japan whaling "not sustainable")

GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches, Travelers' Devices Seized At Border

Former ABC News Correspondent Killed In Skiing Accident

GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

Sharia law in Britain seen unavoidable

Gazprom says it will stop selling Russian gas to Ukraine on Monday unless debts paid

Ship’s anchor cut Gulf Internet cable

Romney OUT!!

Planned troop withdrawals won't bring much relief to U.S. military

TIME: Some Senior Clinton Staff Working Without Pay

Romney suspends presidential campaign

Controversial Halloween party photos released

Sen. Levin: Troop buildup failed because no political reconciliation

Romney suspends presidential campaign

Romney suspends presidential campaign

U.S. money for Russia is linked to Iran nuclear plant

CIA boss: Waterboarding may be illegal

In Seized Video, Boys Train to Fight in Iraq, U.S. Says

French lawmakers say yes to EU treaty after voters' 2005 no

Iraq's Sadr tells militia to keep observing freeze

Abu Hamza to be extradited to US

Quarter of U.S. Women Suffer Domestic Violence: CDC

Army probes spate of accidental drug overdoses

Moussaoui prosecutor knew of CIA tapes

30-Year Treasuries Fall Most Since '04 as Demand Fades at Sale

Doll? No, it's a baby found alive after tornado (11 mos. old) WOW

Tyson Kansas plant to end cattle slaughter Feb. 13

1000 Cars Stranded (Madison WI)

FDA Fines Red Cross Another $4.6 Million

Shoppers shy away

Data suggest economy stagnating

Attorney general: No waterboarding investigation

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 7

One Internet cut explained, but four others still a mystery

2 shot outside Reliant Stadium after U.S.-Mexico match

Rice: Afghanistan Has Come Long Way

BREAKING NEWS: WSAZ TV reporting shooting at elementary school in Portsmouth, Ohio

Saudi Cops Grab U.S. Woman In Starbucks (For Sitting With Man In Coffee Shop)

Tobacco could kill 1 billion by 2100

(GOP) Legislator: Sorry for calling unmarried teen parents 'sluts'

Mass Honeybee Deaths Are Detected Again in U.S. Hives, Government Reports

Democrats compromise on economic stimulus bill

Dozens sought in mob raids in US, Italy

Nation’s retailers post weak January results (Weakest in Jan. in 4 DECADES)

Dick Cheney: 'Damn right' we'd do it all again

Obama considers skipping pre-primary debate in Ohio

Bridge inspector confesses to faking paperwork

Bush Urges U.S. Senate to Confirm Nominees to Federal Posts

Lieberman’s superdelegate status stripped.

Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute

Sharia Law in UK is 'Unavoidable'

Kurds say to leave (Iraqi) government if demands not met

Georgia Lawmakers Want Border Redrawn for Some Tennessee Water

GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign

AP Confirms Secret Camp Inside Gitmo


What Duck offers

You being appalled doesn’t stop them from appalling: W R Marshall

Mitt Romney’s New 'Contrarian' Ad Campaign

Moody Tuesday - why the protracted battle for the Dem nomination is a good for America

The Repudiation of Rove: Bush pushed conservatism past where the American people were willing to go

War that can bring neither peace nor freedom

The ever-changing faces of terror

self-delete- wrong place.

Obama is not Jesus (TPM)

The Inside Story Behind Hillary's Cash Problems

Yes! A genuinely insightful column by Jonah Goldberg.

Romney Quits GOP Race to Seek Democratic Nomination

U.S. should modify displacement behavior (on Chavez)

You know what would be cool if Obama won the nomination?


The Politics of Dopes - Ted Rall

A rundown on lobbyists donations

Big Media & The NWO - The Murdoch Empire by Stephen Lendman

New court can silence captives who tell secrets By Carol Rosenberg

Speech Found In Mailbox Of Supreme Underdog On Super Tuesday

The Economic Disaster That Is Military Keynesianism

‘Why Talk When You Can Shock,’ says Taser Opponent

Ted Kennedy and the Gap

The Repudiation of Rove

The world's rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan

10 Myths About Canadian Health Care, Busted

Huckabee Claims He’s Ready to be President From 'Day Six,' LITERALLY!

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

And Obama Wept (ABC News on the Obama cult)

On Torture: civilization vs. the lynch mob


Jolie in Iraq: 2M refugees need help

Obama - The Day After

Double Bubble Trouble

Pizza Slice Obama Rap ft Obama Girl

Olbermann: Bushed! 2/6/08 - Blank Check-Gate, Waterboarding-Gate

Olbermann: Divvying Up Delegates - 2/6/08

Olbermann: The Right Torn (w/ E.J. Dionne)

Elena Mora: Super Tuesday Feb 5th Analysis

Gravel on the Colbert Report

Hilarious 2008 Primaries via The Movies

Obama's Super Tuesday Victory Speech

They Only Have Eyes For Two

Deadheads For Obama

Obama Victory Dance

Man In The Mirror

Barack Obama Rainbow Karma

Super tuesday I voted for Mike Gravel

A Change Is Gonna Come

Phil Hartman is "Bill Clinton at McDonald's" December 5th, 1992

NBC’s Today Show 2/6/08

MSNBC Super Tuesday Coverage 2/5/08: Romney's Chances

MSNBC Super Tuesday Coverage 2/5/08: Tie Between Clinton and Obama

What Victory In South Carolina Looked Like

John Edwards visits Winnsboro, SC

Countdown: About Last Night - 2/6/2008 (w/ Dana Milbank)

Rep. Courtney Questions Gates on Signing Statements and Iraq

Morgan Spurlock talks about Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden

Ted Kennedy Barak Obama Bin Laden

The Conservative Plan For November Is To...Vote For A Dem?!

Battle for America

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? Great Trailer from Morgan Spurlock

John Edwards visits Newberry, SC

Josh Marshall discusses Democratic super delegates

Looking Past The Sesame Seeds: illdoc on Party Antagonism

(MUST WATCH)Carmelo Rodriguez III let down by the government

Barack Obama in New Orleans, LA

US AG Mukasey: No, I Will Not Investigate BUSH Illegal Warrantless Wiretapping

Interviewer tries to railroad the wrong Obama supporter

US AG Mukasey: No, I Will Not Investigate Waterboarding Torture

Hillary Clinton Coughs Up A Hairball

FOX News Whistleblowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Huckabee Girl!

Le Sheppard's Yes We Can

A Chorus Of Millions

Broccoli Obama vs. Celery Clinton

Nancy Pelosi On Bush's War Crimes

Barack Obama For President '08 Tribute "Wake Up Everybody"

Michael Moore: Morality Prohibits Vote for Sen. Clinton

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

LTTE from an 8yo in Maine

E Day

Google to help green technologies amass scale

Lawmakers push for 'green-collar' jobs as climate change looms

Car Free Solar City In Gulf

50% polled say globalization is occurring too fast

Naples trash crisis prompts talks of relocation (xpost from Veterans)

ASPO Newsletter February 2007

How To Get Men To Hear The Message On Peak Oil

Global warming skeptics claim Patriots win Superbowl

I talked to a rocket scientist tonight

The Great Lakes May Soon be Home to Offshore Wind

Wood pellets spell opportunity for investors (MN)

World's most efficient CHP station uses biomass (and replaces coal - Denmark)

Commuters body heat to heat office

Wind farm proposed along N.C. coast

Wind farms need techs to keep running

Who is the Greenest Presidential candidate

Norway authorizes killing of 1,052 whales in 2008

Senate Votes Down Stimulus Package Including (renewable energy) PTC Extentsion (sic)

Challenging silicon's grip on solar

(Press Release) Kyocera Unveils Next Generation Solar Products

Nature - USGS Study Notes Potential Climate Disruption Of Even Deep Ocean Life

Total SA Closes Elgin-Franklin Gas Field In N. Sea After Failing To Hit Production Targets - BBerg

Shell Nigeria Declares Force Majeure At Bonny Terminal Through End Of March - Reuters

Interesting Article On Waterflooding & The Ain Dar Gas Cap

Pressure mounts to drop dollar peg

Food-based biofuels can spur climate change: study - Reuters

This Time Around, Bush Recommends 40 Percent Cutback In Amtrak Budget

Pakistani Business Leaders Say Energy Crisis Has Industry "On The Brink Of Collapse"

US Spring Wheat Futures Approaching $15 - US Stockpiles At 60-Year Low - ABC Rural

Tajikistan, Paralyzed By Bitter Winter Weather, Requests Emergency Food, Medical Aid

U.S. nuclear plant safety checks system under fire (CSM)

Chrysler Responds To Gas Prices, Unveils V8 425-Horse Challenger At Chicago Auto Show

South Africa - Chevron Suspends LPG And Bunker Fuel Shipments As Power Shortage Continues

Total SA Withdraws From Saudi Gas Project In Rub-al-Khali After 3 Dry Wells - Bloomberg

Simmons, Gilbert, Udall, Laherrere Challenge CERA With $100K Bet On Global Oil Production - AFP

Here's the most remarkably astute rant I've read in a couple of years

Area schools begin running hybrid buses (Iowa)

Serious question re - sustainability: Is anyone optimistic?

Fears for future of Lithuania's nuclear town

Mullen: Army must return to 12-month tours

Helo pilot accused of selling stolen relics

Senators press Gates on improving GI Bill

Retired O-5 sentenced for embezzling from frat

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Afghanistan

N. Korea: U.S. planning permanent presence

Gen. challenges view of Afghan insurgency

As budget time returns, CG details ship woes

Britain stops goat testing on submarines

Guantanamo has secret jail for key detainees

Editorial: The case to keep LCS

Safety studies ordered where pilot sparked fire

Cadets believe downtown Colorado Springs off limits

U.S. military has new name for neighborhood militia groups

Survival at FOB Melting Pot

Training pays off, Iraqi police set to lead

Editorial: Give Petraeus time, room

Naples trash crisis prompts talks of relocation

Witness now tells Army he had no knowledge of setup

Italian troops to remove garbage near U.S. base

Mildenhall airman gets six months for drug charges

Court-martial begins for soldier accused of assault on girl

MP training emphasizes war zone strategy to help improve Iraqi, Afghan

Iwakuni security officers get new basic training

Naples’ best place to find bargains is the street market

Army’s budget proposal jumps to $140.7 billion

Camp Casey soldier gets 6 months for stealing cash

DoD Seeks Money for Unmanned Drones

Cyber Sabotage

Planned troop withdrawals won't bring much relief to U.S. military

Hayden Admits Use of Waterboarding

Vet jailed over lie to get POW license plate

Backtalk: A suffering system

The Harder Line in Training

Navy plans to cut back on Littoral Combat Ships

Unhappycamper,et al-has the Army learned no lessons since 2005?

Bush Budget Shafts Coal Mine Safety

The Political Economy of International Migration

State's largest labor union backs Obama

U.S. Department of Labor Proposes Rules to Modernize H-2A Program

AFL-CIO: Bush budget neglects nation's transportation needs

UNITE-HERE Steps Up Organizing Effort At Company Where Two Workers Died

Republicans Blocking Senate Dems' Effort To Extend Unemployment Benefits


Water Authority: Israel is rapidly losing its water sources

Olmert and Lebanon War (Avnery)

Nasrallah 'thanks Winograd for his honesty' in first comment since report

Israel launches deadly Gaza raid

Police official: Gap in W. Bank barrier is calling out to bombers

Israelis seek to erase 'mark of disgrace' left by poverty

Egypt: Gazans used counterfeit bills

Israel urged to target Hamas chiefs

US Representative Garrett Proposes Resolution Condemning Kassam Attacks

Rockets land near western Negev school

You may have read rumors about this prior to the Venezuelan referendum:

Gaza teacher killed in Israel raid

MK Elon: Int'l body must resettle Palestinians

Cable damage hits 1.7m Internet users in UAE

Buffett: Bank woes are "poetic justice"

"Confessions of a Mortgage Broker"

Countrywide, JPMorgan, WU, Wells Fargo freeze equity lines

Iranian Oil Bourse - Why it won't work

Campfield: Quixotic attempt to mandate curricular limitations shows anti-gay bias

Anyone Get 'HERE' on their Cable?

O'Reilly: Federal judges are 'pinheads' in gay children's book case

For The Bible Tells Me So - Anyone ever Hear of This Movie?

I'm serious! Joe needs to be getting residuals!

"Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga" alert- in GD

Question for astrologers......

Just have to post: Flower Essence Services' Nicotiana essence is greeeaaat.

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Positive healing vibes request for my furbaby

UFO witness claims harassment

Maharishi Dies -- Why I'm Grateful to Sexy Sadie

"Completing the Transition...We Are Finally at the Turning Point" - Karen Bishop - Feb. 6, 2008

EU envoy warns Gaza could become the next Somalia

bizarre recruiting story just got stranger

Raiders-Cowboys December 2003

Goodell to offer Walsh legal help in Spygate investigation

Steve Spagnuolo will remain with the New York Giants

uh oh fellow Red Sox fans

Joe Ferguson battling Cancer

Stupid, stoopid Red Sox

ESPN has deemed the Miami Hurricanes the No. 1 signing class in the nation

Tainted Pills Hit U.S. Mainland

Merck Settles Sales, Marketing Probes

Heavy cell phone use tied to poor sperm quality

Lasagna question

Hot sauce question


damn I should have entered this on in scenes of winter instead

Dancing in the Snow

What kitchen gadget did you buy as a "must have" and then find you never use?

So, if the destruction of New Orleans was God's punishment

Sharia Law Will Be Recognised In UK Predicts Archbishop

Obama Is Making Inroads, but Fervor Fell Short at End

Inventor Doesn't Dare Say 'Perpetual Motion Machine'

Looking for a couple of resources about science...

Heard one of the dumbest arguments against Hillary on way home from work ...

Hillary received more bundling money then Barack has - Get the Facts at!!!!

Does the Constituion make rebellion against tyranny impossible?

PressTV (Iran) Zogby poll: 42% of Americans believe Washington knew

CA: There is a serious problem with the voter registration database

GAO: Fla. undervote not due to machines

even p b's can go wrong- chicago voters/ invisible ink.

Hillary Clinton's campaign says: "False reports about voting problems in LA are being drudged

New Mexico's Invisible 10% Primary Undervote

Déjà vu: Obama to Clinton Exit Poll Shift ( TIA )

If Conyers calls Blackwell to testify re2004, why not Woodward, Carville and Matalin?

Brief commentary of a former Air Force fighter pilot who had actually...

I Have a Bad Feeling About November

Come November, which group will be most loyal to the party? Predictions please...

Optiscan Paper Ballots in 2008

Looks like Joe Barton has an opponent.

7 reasons I will not cast my vote for Hillary (from a Texas voter)

Just sent to my email list

Dukes turns down Craddick-linked cash

Tamez sues Chertoff (border fence - Brownsville)

Election reform thread you may find interesting

DKos diary could use some recommends

LTE in Kansas defending Kerry

OT: GA governor now allowing pools filled, outdoor restriction eased. This is betrayal!

If anyone wants to stand up and be counted for JK in this tiny section of Kos comments...

Romney to suspend campaign - I can only say one thing - Yeah!!!!!!!

Al Giordano's site: The Field in trouble

How many people voted in the DFL presidential caucus...

Seems like we have a lot of DU'ers going on to caucus for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer at SD conventions

So, what kind of resolutions came up at your precinct caucus?

180 degrees turn by the strib editorial

Tim Walz doesn't seem to like the Super Delegate system.

Regarding cookies, logins for certain websites

Question from a Tech.

Obama claims Super Tuesday delegate lead

DailyKos diary on Sen Obama's role in ethics reform

Who are the brilliant people working for Obama?

Some analysis which shows which future states look good and which could be more difficult.

DailyKos diary to rec & comment now (re: Obama & ethics reform)

Obama on 60 Minutes: "Swift-Boating" Wouldn't Sink Me

A diary de-bunking FDL on their Obama/Rezko...

Debunking the Obama Cult

John Kerry's Online Communications Director posted this to Kerry's blog today

Delegate count to win

I'm at the Obama rally in Omaha

Privacy czars want condition on new IDs

KOEB 2/6/08 Wednesday Hangover Edition

Nancy won, Nancy won!!!!!!

Guardian UK: Time to take a bow (Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince turn 50)

It's been a BAD 20 hours in my neighborhood......

"Manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation"

Minister 'pretty confident' US govt won't get your 2011 census data

The Reason Project.

1000 cars are stranded on I-90 between Janesville and Madison since this am

State looking for poll workers

Anyone impressed by Obama saying US not a Christian nation

2008 Nat'l Conference for Media Reform

We won't be getting Ginger after all.

Saw a Hovawart dog today.

I think we need a 'Gratuitous Quantum Award'