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Archives: February 6, 2008

Hillary up 38 among those who thought gender was "important" in NJ

I will not vote in the general election.

Obama wins my home state of Georgia!

Obama wins Georgia

MSNBC: Obama Wins Georgia!!!

obama wins georgia

rainy night in GEORGIA for Hillary - OBAMA wins. nt

CNN projects, Obama wins!!! GA

So when the economy collapses, what will you do?

Obama wins Georgia

The Big Picture

1 for 1

I just proudly cast my vote for BARACK OBAMA in the GREAT STATE OF NEW YORK!!

Want something different in primary coverage? BBC America

Georgia goes to Barack MSNBC

Getting alot of coverage on election articles on my Native Unity blog

43% of white voters went for Obama in Georgia

Clinton Gets Most Lobbyist Money, McCain Most Help

Obama 43% of white vote in GA....Eat that Buchanan

Gov Corzine "s voting machine shut down in Hoboken NJ and he had to wait over an hour to be fixed

Good Night, Folks. May the Best Candidate Win!

Obama gets Edwards white votes in Georgia, but still fails to get a majority in any category

California election results website link.

Very interesting exit polling. Shows you just how close it is

If Obama Got 43% of The White Vote and 87% of the Black Vote

This just in.......Lily-white suburban housewives voting for Hillary Clinton......shocking.


Obama odds soaring on

Obama will NOT win New Jersey.

This just in.......Blacks voting for Barack Obama......shocking.

Amazing. It's 2008, and an African American gets 43% of the white vote in Georgia.

FWIW, Sludge has exit poll numbers up--looks like an Obama tsunami


I see some Obama supporters getting pretty cocky

I know we are all tense - how are you dealing?

Is drama student Hillary in NYC tonight?

Don;t get giddy about a black getting white votes in Geogia-Andrew Young, Julian Bonds etc

In GA Edwards supporters went Obama in a big way

MSNBC just Reports: Obama may come out of Georgia +35 delegates

David Kuo: "Dobson whacks McCain"

Huge paper ballot in California! Very low tech!


CNN Live reports from Clinton/Obama Headquarters

GA Delegates: Obama 64% - 30% over Clinton

McCain, Romney, Huckabee--which makes a Dem victory easier?

Feels good to vote in a California Primary and finally it matters

How about ONE over-all thread and ONE PER STATE thread?

John Nichols: Looks Like A Good Night for Obama

In what will be a 12-24 part series, GA says "YES HE CAN!"

My Vote Was Historic This Evening


AGAIN - here's the Wolf Blitzer crap:

OBAMA win GA expect to be 64%...WHOA!!!!

Inside Story: The people who sell presidents

There are 1,500 Democrats waiting at one precinct in Rio Rancho, NM

Obama, predicted winner in Georgia.

GA Congressional districts compiled for delegate watch


Inside Story: The people who sell presidents

Totally useless info, just odd. On the God Tube poll, Obama 2nd, Hillary 3rd.


Hillary Clinton in huge dramatic plunge on Intrade

Tornado hits Clinton Arkansas

Your predictions for tonight!

"Clinton" Arkansas gets hit by tornado today

Clinton Supporter Sen. Bob Menendez is Definitely lowering Expectations In NJ

Image That.....Romney Is Winning..........

Is anybody else having audio problems with WAPost/Newsweek live stream?

For NEWBIES and all GOOD DUbies: Start a Journal, Today

Hey Georgia! YES. WE. CAN!!

Obama won 88% of the black vote in Georgia

Georgia voters if you voted for Edwards check in please.

My personal....

Menendez (SuperD): "I Will Vote My Conscience" , i.e., NOT the will of the Public


When do polls close in other states???

So are Obama voters Republicans?

Obama campaign still trying to get the vote out (any other Edwardian get a call from the Obama camp?

About the Health Care Plans

CNN Georgia exit poll: Obama wins women by 32%, men by 41%

Is the exit polling data raw or has it been weighted?

Check in if you voted your conscience and wrote in:

ah, the mighty clenis is to blame

As we head out of Super-Duper Tidal Wave.....


MSNBC calls IL, for Obama

Clinton gets on the board with Oklahoma win

early exit polls may tilt more toward obama...

NBC: Obama, Illinois -- Hillary, Oklahoma

CLINTON to carry OKLAHOMA according to CNN

Only 2% of the vote has been counted so far in Georgia

I LOVE that Huckabee is doing great. This means he probably gets VP and...

NJ looks pretty good for Hillary based on these exits

Time for retail politics...dammit.


Clinton wins Oklahoma

INTRADE is moving like mad. Obama now at 60% to win the nomination.

its 2 - 2 split out of 4 states.

the truth is that it's the GOP race where the hate really is.

CNN projection: Obama wins IL!!!

which states are winner take all? n/t

Georgia 3% precincts in Obama 51% Obama 43%

Wow...I just took a deep dive into Georgia Exits. complete blowout. bigger than South Carolina

I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid today

Media fucks up - confirmed: NBC recalls OK calling for Clinton

Obama supporters: I'm out of the loop. Need some help

LIVE: From the Kansas Caucus in Lawrence. (Boyda - Moore)


Hillary is up by 64% in Alabama -- GOMAMA

Isn't Huckabee more liberal, fiscally speaking? Esp. moreso than McCain? Yet why...

Hillary wins Tennessee

Called MSNBC CLinton TN

MSM, shut-up about the damn GOP race, who gives a crap?

CNN AL exit polls: Obama wins 57% male vote, 52% female


MSNBC Calls Tennessee For Hillary Clinton

Crunching numbers from CNN exit polls: MA and MO tied, Clinton slightly ahead in NJ

CNN: McCain wins CT, IL; Romney wins MA (nt)

Hispanic voters nationwide: Clinton 63% Obama 38%

NBC retracts projection of Clinton as winner in OK; race too early to call

Why was the MSM attention span able to encompass 3 or more candidates for Rs but only 2 for Ds?

so with the dem primaries are the delegates given by percentage won?

Obama wins among ages 18-29, 30-44, 45-59 in MO (loses only among 60+)

MSNBC not able to project NJ, MA or CT as yet

Is posting gag threads funny?


News on the ground in TENNESSEE - TOO CLOSE TO CALL

OBAMA now on 51% in GEORGIA

One of the most inane remarks I heard tonight....

Clinton up BIG in New Jersey

MSNBC: Hillary Projected Winner in Arkansas

CNN exit polls, New Jersey very very close, who knows who will win???

Exit poll suggests Hillary to win Missouri

CNN EXITS - TN looks good for Hillary

Put a fork in him


Hillary takes Tenneessee! Sorry perky.

Is there a real time delegate counter anywhere?

once again media makes itself MORE important than voters by "calling" states before

Congratulations Democrats!!!

Obama back up Big in Georgia: Obama 60, Clinton 37 18 % reporting

CNN Projects: Hillary wins TN

The Official: Wow, that's a surprise thread! Post upset victories for either candidate...

Tom Brokaw: Exit polls show Obama won in every age group 17-50, voters picked change 2-1

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/3/08 - Clinton up 1 (47), Obama unchanged (40)

It Is Truly Weird, When A Punditry Theory Becomes A Literal Anecdote...

CNN pie chart: JDNE


Ooooooooo Oklahoma ..... OK!!

Missouri link results


Who is using what sites to keep up to speed on all of the results...

Too close to call in TN? WTF? Hillary was up 22% yesterday?

How is "Hope and Change" doing?

wow... the Republican vote is the more interesting one tonight

And with my 1000th post...

It seems like Obama will win Alabama big.

Let's send blessings to both DEM candidates - LOVE them both! nt

Bill Clinton just called into Albuquerque local radio

How close is it in Cali?

What do you know so far? Obama's surge had been for real! Zogby was right, Obama will kick ass!!!

The Rasaflogsby USA poll and I have called it, There will be no Nominee named Romney!

Obama 50%, Clinton 48% in Connecticut w/ 14% reporting nt

Hillary wins Arkansas

She is up in just about all the States!!!

Santa Clara County, CA short of Dem ballots because of crossover voting

Remember, this is not a popular vote - it's all about the delegates

Massachusetts Hillary 54% Obama 43% 7% precincts in

Ok I must be going crazy.

The ladies in our household are going wobbly over Bill Richardson

LOL Drudge has taken down his raw exit data very quickly

Missouri, if Clinton is winning all night there, she may lose when St. Louis and Jackson Co come in

DE. Obama 50% Clinton 45% w/16% reporting


Against which Republican will either Democrat have the best chance of winning?

Obama - Everything to Everybody

Clinton supporters look in

Hillary up huge in NJ, early 62-34 5% reporting

Big cities not reporting yet (several states)

What are the overall vote totals (Dems vs. Repubs)? We still way outvoting them?

New Jersey Results

Early exit poll rumors from Matt Stoller at Open Left (some surprises, IF they're accurate)

Folks, I encourage everyone not to post early reporting numbers.


My "lily-white housewives for Hillary" thread was FACETIOUS

Someone help me with the drinking game rules

Was Bill Clinton on live with Ed Schultz today? I was shopping and had ..

Take THAT Teddy..Love, Kennedyguy

Cialis running an Ad with an Obama lookalike who has Erectile Disfunction

10% reporting in NJ Clinton 66% Obama 31%

Hillary wins NY

Clinton closing in Delaware! 29% reporting Clinton 46% Obama 48%

When the fuck will they call Alabama?

MSNBC - DE goes to Obama n/t

MSNBC: OBama wins DE

Yes! Obama take Delaware

Fellow Clinton supporters.....

Comic relief - SNL

Fox calls Deleware for Obama

Delaware for Obama! (ABC projection) n/t

Ya think the MSM isn't biased?

Tweety: Hillary Clinton beat Ted Kennedy and John Kerry tonight. She also beat the MSM

Kansas Caucus: early tallies, Obama up big

Obama wins Delaware!

I encountered bumbling poll workers in San Diego, but I think it will be OK

FOX just called NJ for Clinton.

a great map of the returns...

NJ called for Clinton.. on FOX



To the Obamas people who cracked jokes about Arkansas Tornado, People got hurt bad!

NJ - still for Clinton

New Jersey goes to Clinton!!!!!

LOL: Tucker Carlson just said that Huckabee has more delegates than Romney right now.

Clinton people , dont count your chickens until they hatch.

FoxNews Calls Super Tuesday For Bush....

This is the best most updated map I've seen thus far

Winner Take All

California already given to Kucinich.

Hillary wins NJ!!!!!

Unbelievable poll on importance of issues among voters

Why the hell aren't they projecting Alabama?

Wait, who won NJ?

Obama wins ALabama

ALABAMA goes to O B A M A !!

MSNBC: Alabama to Obama by a landslide.

Obama takes Alabama another blowout

This is all so exciting -- I feel faint

Massachusetts Hillary up 16% wth 10% precincts in

With 12% in Obama has slim lead CT bigger in DEL

New Jersey Hillary 62% Obama 34% 5% precincts in

The BIG suprise of the night..>Huckabee wins 5-6 states...

Foxnews projects MA for Hillary

Delegate by state update Latest Projection Obama 876 Clinton 812

This much is clear: the dem primary will not be decided today

Exit polls legit leak this time

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer & Eli Pariser of Up Next!...


Primary Results: MASSACHUSETTS - Clinton Projected Winner - 57% of votes of 12% Precincts Reporting

CT. Obama 51% Clinton 47%

MASS just got called for hillary!!!!!! Kennedy Who?

Headline (so far): Obama wins big states, Clinton wins little ones n/t

If McCain takes on Huck as running mate he can kiss his independent base goodbye

It's a good thing the mods posted those Official State Threads

I hope there is a clear winner tonight

Obama wins AL!!!

I think Clinton is going to have a bigger night

Tornadoes interrupt ST

The interwebs was made for political junkies

Obama 7 states Clinton 6

So much for Huckabee taking votes from Romney

Hillary 291, Obama 243

Obama is now over the 40% threshold in MO, NJ, and MA

I watched a Dem try to vote Repub today at my polling place...

Obama is outraising Hillary 3-1; a war of attrition favors Obama.

CT: (35% reporting) Obama 50% Clinton 47%

Did Obama have a big Delaware machine?

Obama is winning big in Colorado. Isn't there some big event there later this year?

Foxnews projects Obama will win Connecticut

Anyone watching ABC? Is Diane Sawyer hopped up on goof balls,

NYT shows Kansas 72% Obama 28 Clinton with 52% reporting

did you know that Brentwood, Tennessee is home to the richest for-profit healthcare corporations?

Well, Romney's Also Winning Here

Why isn't there an official map of results, here on DU?

Many primary voters vote for whoever the party establishment tells them to vote for

MSM has to agree, the Dem race is the one giving them something to excited about

I thought Obama has a chance in New Jersey , I thought Clinton was scared Obama would win Arkansas?

I love PR Spin, "Romney's not losing, McCain is under performing"

With Connecticut and Delaware--Obama did what he had to do in HRC's home region

One thing upon which we can all agree: this's been a fucking weird primary season (for both parties)

"20 Chicago voters told they could cast ballots in invisible ink"

Obama still up in CT - 50-47, with 64% in.

The Pope is Catholic--Romney Wins Utah


Mass: Obama polling at 22% and within two weeks w/Kennedy and Kerry's endorsement, he broke 40% n/t

Alabama: Obama 71% Clinton 28% with 6% reporting

Obama is narrowing the gap in NY, NJ, and MA....

The right wing nuts are going batshit crazy over McCain. Watching the end of conservatism.


Women will decide the vote in November

Check Out Intrade

Take a screenshot of this place right now...

Kansas called for Obama

Illinois: Obama 67% Clinton 31%

And NJ goes Hill!!

If America were to have a NUCLEAR confrontation with Russia, who would you want as President?

Obama easily winning a lot of White states

Who here is glad Zogby has been dead wrong so far?

Kansas to Obama

just shown on MSNBC Edwards carries 31% in Utah!! wooo hooo

No matter who wins


Obama wins Utah, North Dakota (MSNBC)

New york goes for hillary. oh and Keith olberman is officially a tool!

I keep getting BREAKING NEWS e-mails from NYT, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, saying

Is that Mrs. Huckabee or Mamie Eisenhower standing behind the Huck?


Edwards winning in Utah???

NYT shows Minn Obama 65 Clinnton 32 17% would be major upset

Obama wins North Dakota

Keith O's "soft bigotry of low expectations" on display on MSNBC. Calling Obama losses as wins

MSNBC criticizes McCain for winning "Blue" states, Ignores Obama's "Red" state sweep

Congratulations to Senator Obama in his Georgia win....

Has anyone talked about the Dem turnout being exceptionally high?

Watch MA and NJ's lead close.

Myth: the media prefers Hillary. Fact: Obama leads more than 3-to-1 in big newspaper endorsements

Thank you New York Latino's!

Huckabee preaching on CNN

Where Clinton wins she beats the opponent AND the MSM.


allright gloaters.. 6 - 6 state split

Obama ahead in 9 states to Hillary ahead in 7

CNN calls Puerto Rico for Kucinich!

OK, tell me how Mitt Romney got to be governor of Massachusetts. . .

I'm impressed with Obama's numbers so far, congrats to his supporters

THANK YOU, OBAMA! you'll prevail over the Clinton Inc. types

Clinton gets NEW JERSEY. nt

Obama builds primaries momentum

With 2% reporting Obama up big in Colorado

So far, we could say 16 states are decided, with Obama winning 9

Are the Obamashers going to vote for...

Keith Olberman is a tool.

Called States: 6 Obama, 6 Clinton

I'm dying to know what the democratic verses Gop turnout is.

Expected to go to Obama: Co, Idaho, NM, ND


Looks like no bragging rights tonight

Serious question: why does Ron Paul get listed in CNN stats, but no Mike Gravel?

Interesting note. Surveyusa has been spot on.......

Even the Rethug race is exciting. One caution here.

Congrats To Hillary on a STUNNING Win in MA!

Edwards winning in UT!

At the moment, with 32% of the Vote in Utah, John Edwards is in the lead....I'm series

Obama wins ND!!!

Anybody know what time Hillary's victory speech will be?

So Huckabee and Mittens are finished, and Gramps is going to represent the Reich wing

Obama wins North Dakota and Utah

HILLARY TAKES MASS!!---all the Kennedy hopula Whow--sorry folks but I am astounded

CNN 0% reported 0% for Romney--CALLS IT FOR ROMNEY

Obama wins Utah

Democratic caucuses in Kansas jammed

MSNBC picks North Dakota OBAMA!!! WIN

its kind of strange that people are saying Hillary is beating the MSM yet the msn has been saying

Clinton cleaning up with blue collar areas in MA, NJ

BBC America is covering election results live sans spontaneous Tweety eruptions and no Pat Buchanan.

NYT HEADLINE: McCain Gains Early Edge in G.O.P. Race; Clinton Takes Big Northeastern States

Firedoglake: The McCain-Huckabee lovefest continues McCain Screws Romney WV

Jesus, Tennessee...sing out if you're here!! (major storm damage)

The end of racisim?

NYT HEADLINE: McCain Gains Early Edge in G.O.P. Race; Clinton Takes Big Northeastern States

Has CNN called Alabama and Kansas for Obama yet....????

WHY is CNN taking SO LONG to call some of these states when other news sites have already called it?

Minnesota 64% Obama, 34% Clinton w/4%

How many more caucuses are left???

This thing is NUTS!

Hillary still up 18% in Missouri with 32% of precincts in

Ghosts of 1996

CNN: A win for Clinton in Mass gives her bragging rights

I thought McCain would be tough to beat...until I saw this video of him attempting to make jokes.


Let's make sure to nominate the candidate...

Anyone watching the WP streaming coverage?

Here "surge" surge surge? Here surge. Where are you?

Arkansas precincts run out of Dem ballots-whoops

This is like my political wet dream

Let me just point something out:: Unsurprisingly it's Clinton


Latest Delegate Projection Obama 228 Clinton 151; 5 called states = no delegates

MSNBC pundits are ashen colored after calling MA

in spite of Teddy and Caroline Kennedy and Kerry

MSNBC is driving me crazy

Is there a good site for Dem delegate totals?

Kansas called for BHO!

Russert just said Super Tuesday was supposed to determine the Dem candidate

Where's the HIDE THREAD link??

Obama wins Kansas!

Wow - KANSAS Obama 72% Clinton 28% with 52% reporting

The Obama supporters good winner pledge

Can someone explain the open caucuses to me?

Obama got only 52% of the Latino vote in Illinois


Obama solid to win at least 12 of the 22 states

Delaware goes to O B A M A !!!


You Realize... The Uglier This Gets, The Bigger The Chance Of Al Gore Getting In Is !!!

I wish there was a law...



Barbara Boxer on NOW - Brave New Films/Young Turks Link:

MSNBC: " Clinton has avoided losing in MA"




Prediction: Democratic Winner determined at Convention with Obama ahead and Hillary suing ...


Switched to CNN. When Tweety is the most objective of your pundits you hit bottom.


Fineman saying the Kennedy endorsements didn't help.


Media is now doing the expected "a tie is a win for Obama" call

Survey USA VERIFIED, they had Hillary up 17% in MA, up 10% in CA

CNN calls New Jersey for Clinton

Hillary winning big in Missouri Hillary 58% Obama 37% 20% precincts in


Obama Supporters: A week ago, the Clinton supporters said it would be over after tonight....

The MSM annointed Hillary and the people are picking Obama!

I'm still calling Dems to come to the caucus Saturday, response tonight ROCKS!!!!!

My prediction: No overwhelming win in delegate count tonight!

Time out for those only on GD: Primaries: Death and destruction in Tennessee.


Did John Kerry lose again?

Begala on CNN about Huckabee


Hillary WINS MASS! In a rout!!!

Dean rules

DNC Got a Better Camera Hooked-up This Time. Dean Looks Great

Minnesota - 66% Obama 32% Clinton with 11% reporting

Begalla just said Huckabee is the most conservative, doesn't believe in gravity/photosynthesis

Clinton Takes New Jersey! Per CNN!




Obama is winning 10 states right now, Clinton 7.

CBS shows Missouri in purple (Obama)

Missouri: 0% reporting from St. Louis City, 2% from St. Louis Co


Yes! Strong victory for Obama in ND!!

Mike Huckabee and his twin sister are on stage right now, did some bible code speaking

BRAD BLOG: Long Lines in GA as Photo ID Laws/Diebold's Crashing E-Pollbook System Slow Process

Freepturds exploding over "Huckabee and his dog hanging fat sons"

WTF? Is CNN now the Huckabee Revival Channel?

If you're watching Super Tuesday on TV, which network are you watching?

OBAMA is on FIRE! He's poised to take California, Arizona, Conn, Delaware!!

Conneticut for Obama by MSNBC

KS: 56% in and Obama leading with 72%

Does A Strong Obama Showing In The South Increase The Chances Of A Clinton / Obama Ticket?

So, who the HECK is winning tonight on our side?

Obama voter goes to polls in her pajamas.

BREAKING: Huckabee speaking in tongues NOW. n/t

CBS call CT and MN for Obama

CNN calls Masachusetts for Clinton

Ha Ha..Terry Mcauliffe said Matthews threw the house and Clinton

I think Obama will narrowly win the larger number of delegates. It appears that he is winning

Anything happening tonight?

Hillary supporters said that KO is shilling for Obama, not like Tweety is for HRC

obama donations are currently coming in at triple of hillarys

Did any of you look at this 5.23% skew in favor of HRC in every poll we've seen so far?


DAMN - Romney is getting a serious ass whippin'

With 8% reporting Obama has double the votes of Hillary in CO.

Was Kennedy/Kerry on the ballot?

I'm so proud of Obama....When he first announced I gave him no chance

Denver, CO caucus checking in

Obama took 72 percent in kansas, omfg

Please quit posting GAG polls

2008... Worse At DU Than 2004 ???

Obama wins Minnesota!


Clinton Not Doing Too Well in the Midwest

Terry Mac: Clinton proved she can win anywhere in the country SLAMMED MSNBC

Terry McAuliffe has no grip on reality...


Mitt: the US military is great long as my FIVE sons stay away from it nt

The Republican Party looks like Sybil tonight

A win in Conn. by Obama is bigger then a win by Hillary in Mass

NPR calls MN for Obama

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC


Is "traditional, blue collar, working class" a codeword for racists?


Obama way up in Minnesota: 65% to 34% 17% reporting.

I got a chance to meet the House Democratic Chief Deputy Majority Whip!

Clinton wins on "best commander in chief" question +11 points. Iraq helped her.

Aren't you glad Mitt (puke-face) Romney is hopefully gone?

Can someone explain why Obama seems to win all the caucus states

I'll say this for Romney: he's hiding his disappointment well.

NYT projects Minn for Obama

Obama Continues to Close the Gap in NJ, Now Down 8

Any *other* undecided voters here?

When you see the TOTAL votes for Clinton/Obama, they

Direct TV Newsmix: Channel 102(HD) DEFINITELY the way to watch this!


Utah. Massachusetts. That figures on the Republican side.

Will HIllary supporters finally shut up

What's up with NM? Why no results yet?

The Wart Hog Smelled His Own Fart: six more weeks of this crap.

oh crap, did hillary go to Florida so she can later sue

Lets look at some REAL Numbers...

Willard up on stage....sure sounds like he's staying in.

Wall to wall people!

get ready for the chuck norris express!!!!!

What the Hell is up with Missouri??

Romney: If the U.S. continues on the same path, we will be a second rate power.

My perception is that Obama is winning in conservative states and Clinton in Liberal states

Mitt's new campaing slogan: THEY HAVEN'T!!!

Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation is on Live Right Now at and...

Obama has won 11 states by great margins; Clinton has won 8, Obama does well in most of them!

Lieberman: if McCain wins the nomination, he'd likely attend the Republican convention

Arizona Clinton 50 Obama 39 with 19% reporting.

Georgia goes Huckabee. Willard is in deep trouble tonight.

Talk about media talking head idiots

So Hillary is winning in the Liberal AND educated states

Gramps is giving the freepers cramps

Let me save you all some time: it's going to end the night about even.


American Samoa votes on Super Tuesday?

Im feeling GREAT about how OBAMA is doing so far! n/t

Barbour is just the biggest lying hack I have ever seen

I don't know what it is but Romney irritates the fuck out of me

Wow, Haley Barbour looks just like William Shatner

McCauliffe shoots his mouth off, is then interrupted for the networks to call CT for Obama.


No Sleep 'Til They Call American Samoa!

Obama is going to own the mountain west. If Cali is about even in pop vote and delegates, Barack

Clinton about to speak

Have you ever witnessed a primary season as exciting as this one?

Clinton was a foregone conclusion. NOT ANYMORE!

BARF! Lieberman on MSNBC

Hillary Clinton Wins American Samoa!

According to CNN, Senator Clinton is leading in Utah

Hillary Clinton lost 2 votes tonight in So Cal because of ballot screw ups

Bloated good ole boy windbag Haley Barbour--is he on the short list for VP?

I voted tonight in MN

McAuliffe says that HRC has proven she "can win anywhere" except where has she won in Midwest...

Obama seems to have trouble winning in primaries held in liberal states

Keep in Mind EARLY and MAIL-IN VOTING when analyzing various Hillary vs. Obama contests!

Jeez: Tweety wants a Clinton/Bayh ticket vs. McCain/Haley Barbour!

Romney ALL fired up because he won UTAH and MASS

Berman: Obama leads in delegates 606 to 534

Why are so many voters turning out for this election?

I don't know what it is but Romney irritates the fuck out of me

Comparing Polls with Outcomes

How a "sweet, quiet, polite" Redneck becomes a Know-It-All $#@@%^$#

I am glad we don't do winner take all primaries

Clinton coming up to speak.


Eureka! i Know Why Obama Lost Massachusetts!

A week and a half ago, Clintonites said they'd win 20 out of 22...

Huckabee looks like a squirrel

It's about delegates...

Senator Clinton is leading in Arizona, with 19% reporting

This is how I called it at 6:00 last night

Remember When Clinton Had A Historic 30% Lead And Could Never, EVER Be Beaten?

With 60 % reporting, Obama closes the gap to 10 points in MO

Georgia 30% margin of victory for Obama

"All those who aren't in the headlines......." Oh snap

And now the fight to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates is on....

California Polls About To Close... In a Few Minutes !!!

Love you Teddy and love you John Kerry ... but

In the states that Obama has already won, he has demolished Clinton

It appears to me Obama has probably won more delegates at this point than Clinton tonight

IDAHO: Idaho Statesman: Obama Supporters Overwhelm Ada County Caucus

The Three Stooges

My god Peggy Noonan is irritating!

Chris Matthews: I see a victorious ticket: McCain-Barbour over Hillary-Bayh

I just caught Arizona

Obama coming on at 11:30.... going last, because he's the big winner tonight.....

MSNBC latest delegate breakdown Obama 228 Clinton 151

I want to know which US American this person voted for....

I don't understand how Hillary won the Northeast

ROFLMAO !!! - And Now For Something Completely Different...

I am listening to Sam Seder being blasted...

Is there a link to voter turnout: Dem vs Repub? n/t

LOL @ HUCKABEE. He just burned Romney big time

We'll I'm very happy with Obama's results so far....GOBAMA

Is MSNBC Biased Against Hillary Clinton?

Delegate Tracker

My Big Sister is For Hillary & I'm for Obama. We Are Both Having a Great Night.

New Jersey returns.....Democrats practically double Republican vote turnout...

I expect Clinton to win CA but

too close to call in cali

How Do You Define The "Winner" -- States or Delegates?

Obama wins Minnesota caucus

Idaho and MN called for Obama!

Idaho goes to Obama - MSNBC

Holy crap, that was a damn fine speech for Hillary

Katrina Vanden Heuvel is REALLY Praising Obama

CA - too close to call

ok one more time-Link for the California sec. of state election results--polls still open

NYT calls Minn for Obama

It's IMPERATIVE that Clinton and Obama team up on one ticket

Arizona Hillary 51% Obama 39% 32% precincts in

Well, I had an interesting evening...

My local News is calling Utah for Obama?

As a Obama supporter: Nice, gracious speech by HRC

Edwards at 8% in AZ

Say hello to a McCain Administration...

Hillary sounds great tonight! If she wins, she's got all my support!

I predict it's going to the Democratic Convention

Obama supporters: post your feelings tonight with how it's going

Does Edwards have a chance at more delegates?

Hillary's big hiccups

Can You Feel The Mittmentum?

I suggest watching PBS.

All of these "Victory" speeches just seem wierd...fake in fact...


Who will be more likely to work with Dean and his 50 state strategy? Obama or Clinton?

Colorado Updates

The CA winner will be tonight's winner

With 75 Percent Reporting, in Missouri Clinton 51, Obama 46. Now down 5!!!

57-33 for Clinton, 1% reporting in Cal

MSNBC Clinton wins AZ

California will wind up being: Hillary 55%, Obama 45%

ABC delegate count, as of 11:04pm EST

It's All About The O

If Clinton wins, will she grant "amnesty" to illegals like Reagan did?

Going will be amount the money!


Obama campaign claims early delegate lead

Hillary's wins in the northeast dampened by Obama

With 83% Reporting in Missouri, Obama now down only 3. 50-47


Post here if you heard about the presidential election

There's something going on in the Republican primary

MSNBC Obama 594 Clinton 546 Delegates

Jeez. My wife's bugging me all night about Clinton

Poor Soledad O'brien from CNN AM anchor to exit poll reporter.

Didnt the Networks LEARN about exit polling in 2004?

I have a sneaky feeling that Clinton is taking California

Clinton Wins ARIZONA!!!

Per Chuck Todd Obama getting 90-94 delegates out of NY

Just got home turned on tv did i miss anything BIG ?


Hillary only down 1% in UT. nt

Pray That Romney Does......

Obama wins Colorado

Hillary won the Asian vote by 48 in California

Fat Timmeh bloviating on MSNBC

Thanks for the lecture Hillary

Go Joe!

My parents' caucus experience: massive turnout for Dems in Republican area

LOL! Russert looks like he is going to come in his drawers that Obama didn't do as well as his camp

Missouri SEC OF STATE election results website

If the delegate count tomorrow is.......

Can go to bed happy! MISSOURI is the bellweather state!

Something I don't feel good about: EJ Dionne: "He's clobbering her

California is still out and Hillary's giving a Victory Speech now?

Ok is it me or is CA a tad slow getting out of the gate?

One more point: Remember 10 days ago when Obama only led in GA and IL?

I'm so proud to be a Democrat -- We're sending a POWERFUL message tonight!

Whatever else happens , the claim that Obama is the Black

This is New Hampshire writ large on the national stage after the "momentum" hype and polling

CALIFORNIA - 1.4% reporting. Clinton 48.4%...Obama 37.8%...Edwards 11.2%

The political talking heads said it would take one canidate leading by 100

Todd Beeton of MyDD, Reps from the Daily Voice and Joan McCarter of DailyKos Weigh In Next...!

Mitt Romney, according to ABC, has carried the MN Caucus


Edwards with 10% Of the vote in Cali

California - Clinton Early leads 57% vs Obama 33%

I thought the ability to win in the South was acknowledged by everyone as a necessity.

My congratulations to both of these wonderful candidates.

I just hope McCain.....

Please, oh please, oh please, please, please!

If Romney Loses In Calif. And Drops Out - How Well Will Huckabee Do....

Do they Count the Early Voting first in California?

Obama supporters, younger and more diverse than Clinton supporters?

Huge Democratic Numbers= The War is almost over

Clinton spins her Georgia loss.

10% of the vote in California. Clinton 55% Obama 33% Edwards 10%

Russert: the next 6 primaries/caucuses favor Obama

California 7% in Hillary 55% Obama 33%

I'm Proud of Clinton tonight

Clinton to break 1 million in NY / Obama to break 1 million in IL

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

Obama wins Colorado and Idaho!

CA election night statewide returns found here

My former fundie friend

Obama on C-span now

really - we worry about McCain?

KMBC in KC MO just called if for Hillary.

Just got done counting our NM caucus votes

Before we get into California: Clinton/Obama

Hillary great speech !!!!!!!!!n/t


Chuck Todd's Delegate Tally: Obama 594 to Hillary 546

Obama Speech about to begin, networks stuggle to cut away from McCain

Why is Obama starting his speech during McCain's?!

I Love it! Obama stepping in on McCain

LOL! Obama forces McCain off the screen :))

We're going to be facing a McInsane/Hucksterbee ticket

HAHA, MSNBC cut from McCain's speech to Obama's speech


Congrats to ALL of us tonight

Obama did VERY well tonight!

Their guy seems to be McCain....


Returns coming in from small Counties in Cali

Interesting: Ron Paul's numbers in the close states...

Edwards finishes with 10% in Oklahoma, his best showing.

Holy Shit, local Ca reporter said in a nutshell the California GOP is having a meltdown, no $$$

MSNBC: Obama wins Colorado!

MO now down to 49-48.... still 10% left to count!

Hillary was supposed to clean up on Feb. things change

Best site to watch CA results come in?

Claire McCaskill Predicted the Winner of The Popular Vote in Missouri will lose the Delegate Race

Colorado Called for Obama!

I noticed that both Obama and Clinton sent positive vibes to the victims of the storms

===== McCAIN =====

I really loved Olbermann until this primary season.

Obama will get whacked in California. Still, big night for him.

What's the matter with Kansas??

MSNBC Calls Arizona for HIllary!

Zomby needs to close shop

Obama within 0.9 percent in Missouri

OUR Time has Come. Our Movement is Real. And CHANGE Is coming to America!

Obama wins his 11th victory of night: MSNBC calls CO for Obama over 60%

Is there something living in Cindy McCain's hair?

Obama campaign: Delegate count 606 Obama - 534 Clinton

Quiet everyone! The worst public speaker is up: John McCain.

Is Missouri Winner-Take-All?

Good news in Missouri: Total Dem votes: 723,515, Total Rep votes: 548,341

Obama wins Alabama, you read it right-ALABAMA!

In Alaska: Obama 68, Clinton 32 with 20 % reporting

It's time for Zogby to close shop

If Huckabee's delegates go McCain's way ..

Here is why New Mexico hasn't posted any numbers yet

I love this man(Obama)...... we have 2 great candidates.... but this man moooves me!

Obama's Speech Thread!!!

Cali is 14% in. Clinton 55% Obama 32% Edwards 10%

Obama is rolling out his closing argument: Clinton supported Bush on Iraq/Iran; I didn't.


Calteacherguy's California thread (with link to cool statewide map!)

How close is it? The popular vote is a virtual tie

"I won't let ANYONE swiftboat this country"

Obama talking about biodiesel in a "we're still alive" speech?

Why are there NO numbers out of New Mexico?

Anyone have an updated delegate count?

Delegates tonight clinton 306 obama 235

Could we be headed Towards a Recount in Missouri?

MO too close to call: MSNBC

Huckabee wins Tennessee(CNN)

Who the hell called Missouri?


Amended outdated thread

MSNBC has Obama up by 4,000 votes in MO w/97% in...

and I love you back

Utah goes to Obama. Some dispute earlier, not any more.


11:05 CST - Clinton Lead In Missouri Down To 0.7% - 138 Precincts Left

Missouri is razor close

Obama takes lead in Missouri!!!!!


CA withstanding, tonight has been about as large of a Landslide for Obama as one could expect

Obama takes lead in Missouri with 97% reporting...

"WE are the ones we've been waiting for"

Clinton is looking great! Go Hillary!!!!

What states were a surprise? I expected Hillary to do better in Connecticut and Delaware, but I was

Had some trouble voting tonight in NJ

Is the South in play?

Why do you suppose the lunch pail voters go for HRC while the more educated go....

Quite a night. Bottom line: Hillary won't win without black support; Obama out without white women

Jefferson County, Colorado Caucus

This Is Obama's Best Speech Since Iowa

Edwards is quite the spoiler in MO tonight!

Hillary win CA!


Hillary wins CA

What a speech by Barack Obama!

BOOM Hillary took California!

Has anyone ever heard the wives of any of the Republican candidates

McCain was humiliated tonight: The MSM chose Obama

Why is it, that when it comes to speeches, everyone lets Obama go last?

BOOM Hillary took California!


Hillary wins Calif!..there ya go!! eom

clinton wins cali!!!!

MSNBC: Clinton wins California

A Tip Of The Hat To The Clinton Supporters Here...

Hillary wins CA

Obama was supposed to be the one with the huge momentum

Everyone realizes delegates are done proportionally right?


Congratulations to Hillary in California

Clinton takes Arizona! CNN

BOOM Hillary took California!

Clinton wins Arizona (12:15 AM EST)

McCain wins CA

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her supporters for her victories in CA and NY

clinton wins cali

Enormous turnout in Colorado

MSNBC: McCain Wins California


Hillary Took California FAST!

Missouri is Unsettled. CNN, MSNBC, what have you.

A chaotic caucus in a suburb of the Twin Cities

Clinton beats Oprah, Ted, Mrs. Republican Gov, and the rest of the rich and famous on stage

Obama must be winning, because the bitchy attacks are back tonight

MSNBC projects Clinton wins Cali

CNN FINALLY calls AZ for Clinton

MSNBC now the Obama channel?

The K E Y Numbers From Missouri


I think Zogby is gonna walk away from CA with a hell of a lot of Egg all over his face

Tweety has lost his mind. Obama will win a significant number of delgates in Mass!

GOP race still unsettled. McCain has won 9 states opponents 10

i'm watching local election coverage in California, i would hold off on predictions.

Aaaand Obama goes negative

New Mexico finally posting results

Obama now guaranteed to win more states tonight...

Obama now up by 5,000 in MO. 98% in

Obama wins 12 states, Hillary wins 8 states. We are basically tied.

Clinton Stops the Bleeding; Holds California

People, people, people - We will not know about CA until tomorrow morning

Obama is showing real power

Okay Kids. Yes. We. Can. Say it with me now: Yes we can.

California to Hillary

Congrats to Clinton on CA....But it has always been the delegate race

Remember, Obama is also expected to win Alaska

Obama to win Alaska (68% to 32% so far)

Congratulations Hillary and Barack

HA! Mittens is toast! He was hoping for Ca. and McCain won there!

Strange but true, horsie set wives of Republican governors don't deliver states to Democrats.

Nets called MO for Clinton, but Obama won: 49% to 48% n/t

Reminder people: Start paying attention to the record turnouts, get your figures, and blast it -

Current delegate count has it 58 Clinton, 56 Obama

If Obama wins MO he won more states which were considered toss ups

So... what is the delegate count right now?

Wooohooooo!!! Congrats to Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arizona, California, NY...went to Clinton..! yup


Yikes. Just heard on NPR: Exit polls show men going 2 to 1 for Obama in CA


Edwards running second in TN with 14%

Obama will win Missouri. All votes outstanding are StL and KC (except for Ray County

Hey Zogby, screw you and your crooked polls

note to the people using caps lock: i am ignoring your messages because of it.

I thought Sen. Obama's address this evening in Chicago was

Judge orders Alameda County (CA) polls to stay open as late as 10pm

Sludge calling MO for Obama

"It's Very Difficult For A Woman To Attract Male Hispanic Votes"

Missouri SOS Has Obama In Lead By 0.8% - 11:25 CST - 69 precincts remaining

I have to admit I get a kick out the way Tweety goes "ha" in background when KO says something funny

Delegates to date: Clinton - 466 / Obama - 411

NPR.ORG shows Hillary winning Missouri. n/t

Where the hell are New Mexico's results?

Props to Hillary

On this day of joy for both sides, a tip of the cap to to Obama supporters

Romney might pull out tomorrow

Romney's gonna drop out

BREAKING! Romney having "serious discussions" about future of campaign

Huge night for Obama by kos

California is "competitive"?

If the California win means Hillary gets the nod, does that mean 9 months of gloating, then a loss?

WHOEVER WINS: Let's try to be a little gracious, both sides!

Looks like early voting burned Obama in CA.

the more the media plays up obama the more i like HIllary i've never liked the

Know what's really cool? Not much smack talk tonight.

These donkeys wanna dance...It's a party !! BREAKING NEWS: Clinton wins California Democratic primary, NBC projects

Hillary won the Latino vote in California by FORTY

Obama can't resist bashing Hillary. Hillary's speech was much

Will John Edwards endorse before the next round of elections ?

Edwards' support went to Obama

The winners tonight: VA, MD, TX, OH, PA, etc....

This chart shows Obama leading Clinton in MISSOURI

OMG!!!! ABC declares CALIFORNIA for Hillary!!! That's Our Girl!

Romney contemplating withdrawl: MSNBC

MSNBC: Looks like Romney's out of the race tomorrow

Where is Obama headed to next? We vote next week

MSNBC: Romney to discuss dropping out tomorrow with campaign

Clinton and Obama supporters: We should be proud tonight. Our candidates did so well!

Obama is going to end the night with the most delegates,money, best schedule

Was Obama's "speech" laced with attacks because he knew he got trounced in California?

Clinton wins media battle by winning NY and CA

MSNBC: Romney campaign to have "frank discussions" Wednesday (dropping out!)

I'm leaving DU until we get a nominee

Where are the naysayers! Last week it was supposed to be a landslide

MSNBC and Politico have egg on their face...Obama wins MO afterall

Clinton did NOT win Missouri, yet


CNN now has Missouri 49 Obama, 48 Clinton...

The Democratic Party won Tonight. I'm not so sure about America.

AP on Yahoo reports incorrectly that Clinton won Missouri, but that was with only 88% counted.

Are we risking candidate fatigue by having the primarys last this long

FYI Hillary supporters, I liked hillary until YOU!

Claire McCaskill is so happy right now.

MSNBC is burying Romney

Foxnews projects Obama wins Missouri!!!

Obama wins Missouri

This chart shows Obama leading Clinton in MISSOURI

MSNBC: MO 'apparent' victory for Obama

Obama wins the Bellwether. Going to get big MO after tonight

Anybody else ecstatic that we essentially had a tie tonight?

Obama pulls a McCaskill in Missouri!

States not yet called (as of now)

Tweets calls MO for Obama!

No way in hell am I voting between Clinton and McCain. Any third party will do.

Ambinder, talking recount law in Missouri

Well...THAT'S Interesting!

So is Zogby still the best pollster and Survey USA sucks?


Ok, when I say that someone wins MO, than you can believe it

I'm sending a donation to Obama now, then going to bed.

Obama wins Alaska!!!

Something screwy is going on in California...

My Crude Hand-Painted Map Of How The Race Stands So Far

Look at the map: Obama wins MIDDLE AMERICA.

Obama is in the drivers seat now. Next six states all favor him.

CNN has Alaska as an Obama win now

What are they thinking?


Lunch pail Democrats for Hillary in CA, Obama wins the affluent

Let's stop with the "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" vibe for a moment...

Clinton looks past Obama and faults Bush

"the idea we are talking about Hillary Clinton winning CA and NY as news says a whole lot" clair mcc

Obama won six of the seven caucuses with New Mexico too close to call

How close in CA. does Obama need to call it a GOOD night?

Average turnout of black voters in CA?

Just returned from the Idaho caucus

Big Picture, People. Look at total number of voters!!!!!

YO Oprah--will you campaign in California soon?

Calif - Early voting plus Balloting problems in Alameda county - Obama did good!

Ha Ha Spin from Clinton camp on MSNBC...we always expected

Is It Just Me, Or Does It Seem To Be A Lot More Civil Here?

Obama is the BIG WINNER tonight. Clinton was supposed to SWEEP him.

Obama Wins Alaska!

MSNBC Calls Missouri for Obama


Who do you think Hillary will want as her VP if nominated?

Obama Takes Missouri!!

How many VOTES has each candidate recieved thus far?

AP declares Hillary winner in Missouri, did they fuck up?

Huckleberry Wins Al,AR,GA,WV... Does This Mean He Will Be the VP??

with only 17% reporting in how can clinton win?

I'm just back from the Alaska caucus

Obama wins 13 states to Hillary's 9.... Wins more delegates.... has most money....

Wouldn't it be awful to be a Guam voter and have the media call Guam before the polls open?

Does anyone know who won Alaska?

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but...

Delegate Counts Link - Most to be calculated.

99 percent reporting..holy.

How can anyone objectively look at tonight and conclude..........

BE HAPPY BARACK SUPPORTERS.tThe wind is behind Barack clearly.

Delegate Counts

1,612 Pledged Delegates Were Up Tonight.

Has anyone got a Super Tuesday delegate count?

When Huffpo thought Obama would win California.....

Delegate Counts

Based On What Limited Exit Polls Say, Obama Is Ahead In Overall Delegates 882-839

Arianna Huffington Just Left, Joan McCarter of DailyKOS Coming Up Now At BNF...

delete dupe

Whoo, did I hear from Todd that NM may very well go to Obama?

Obama doing better than Hillary in states with the highest proportion of conservative Democrats

The News Out of Tonight: One big messy tie. Dr. Dean's Operation Develops Complications.

Per Howard Fineman...Obama camp on pace to earn 32M for Feb

MSNBC: Delegate Count

Boxer Endorses CA Primary Winner

Is Hillary the nominal "winner" of Super Tuesday?

Can anyone fill me on what areas of CA are reporting and what that means?

KO: "Ho, boy!"

Clinton Wins Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!

0% in for San Francisco and Alameda counties

CA complicated delegate system means delegate split could be a lot closer than pop vote

Edwards To Endorse Obama Tomorrow

The contrast in speeches tonight is striking

What the Fuckabee? he's pulled even with McCain in Ga.

I want to give a huge hand to Edwards supporters tonight!

It's the delegates, people...brokered convention?

Just in case you have not noticed, history is being made tonight.

i'm drinking a beer for each state obama wins.

Obama wins more delegates! That's all that matters.

After tonight. It''s clear Obama has the Big Mo

Obama Wins!

hillaries advisors are right wing shills

Obama wins Delaware

So far here is where things stand tonight

And the winner of the BIGGEST prize tonignt is

Obama supporters - do you remember...

delegate gains: Obama 841, Clinton 837

It just got COLD in here

As of right now, including superdelegates, the gap has narrowed to

In next week there are 8 primaries and caucuses--most if not all favor Obama

So does this mean my home state of Wisconsin might actually mean something this time?

Tonight is even and Barack has huge momentum. Here we come.

Well Then... Guess I'm Makin A Donation To Obama Tomorrow !!!

Ok, Hillary supporters, and others...Can we drop the Kennedy/Kerry slams?

She beat him in some states...He stomped her in others by big margins

It's sad that Hillary's biggest win came because of an advantage with early voters

Chuck Todd: 841-837 For Obama

CBS News as of 1 am est: Clinton Leads In Delegates

Everyone Step Back and Breathe

Obama now has 13 victories! The big winner of the night

***** 3.2 million votes Clinton, 3.2 million votes Obama SO FAR *****

Obama Won Tonight

Obama vs. McCain or Clinton vs. McCain?

cali clinton 57 obama 32

Zogby polls suck

It's a DRAW ladies and gentlemen, so get over it

"Obama can only win in states with high black populations"

Per MSNBC Clintons win in California bigger than anticipated.

Tweety: "We have to use a stick to get some action (Obama) in here." Says he will

Hillary soars 10 points in intrade trading after California win, now has 63.8% chance of winning nom

55-33 was the margin in the Mail-in votes in CA, are these results that are being reported?

How many morons have YOU added to your ignore list tonight?

Odds of Mitt Romney bowing out of the race tomorrow???

If you look ahead to the rest of February, Obama looks strong

I was counting on tonight being the end of the vitrole around here on both sides

I think Obama will win Missouri based on extrapolated results from st louis

Clinton takes American Samoa. For real!

Question for California: Why 441 Democratic Delegates, but just 173 for the Republic Party?

Will Hillary win California, like she won Missouri????

OBAMA SUPPORTERS - Your Emotion Right Now Is?

Dear Supreme Being or Whatever: I've been a very good girl...

Obama strategy of focusing on smaller states paid off

Hispanic bigotry towards blacks is Hillary's greatest asset

Hillary's camp never expected it to go all the way to the convention

Obama Takes The Lead

if it looks like a brokered convention

MO SOS shows Obama ahead 49.1% to 48.1%

Better Spin Please

It is moving that a minority dominated in states like Idaho and Alaska

Any TOTAL vote count??

For those Clintonites referring to big state wins Obama got 1.2m in Il vs her 1.0 m in NY

My quick and dirty analysis of tonight's results

Should Zomby, Errrrr, Zogby, Resign From Polling?

Clinton and Obama Trading Victories; McCain Holds Edge Over G.O.P. Rivals

Truth and Justice

What the hell is going on with NM? Where are the results?

CNN has Hillary up 559 and 456 in the delegate count

Take a letter, Maria ......

Illinois Obama Nation: We get BONUS DELEGATES!

So who wins the National Popular vote tonight.???

If One Can Trust the State Exit Polls, Obama Should win New Mexico

Obama was Diebolded in New Jersey

Obama wins Alaska

Rachel the voice of reason

James Traficant

I have no doubt that we are headed to a brokered convention

Which of our current batch of warmongering presidential candidates would show the most

Winston Churchill on Obama tonight

Obama vs. McCain = united left/independents vs. fractured moderate conservatives

So if Obama wins more states and more delegates (by only 4), is he the marginal winner tonight?

Speech I'll TRY to give at tonigh's caucus. Think they'll let me?


Which presidential candidate will not be swept into war when the


MSNBC mistakenly calls Missouri for Clinton, gets egg on their face

CNN calls it for Obama in Missouri!!!

NOTHING was settled tonight And you're either spinning or

MSNBC Screws Up! Missouri NOW for Obama!

now comes the new battle: Seating Michigan and Florida

I can't believe I stayed up late for this

Could the next round of states send Obama to the nomination?

I think Obama early victories will turn tide in California

Current Numbers In California: Hillary 53, Obama 36

Willard Romney cancelled his scheduled appearances for next week ?

Is Arkansas the little state that could?

MSNBC: Under Clinton camp assumptions, 841 delegates for Obama, 837 for Clinton.

Obama wins Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas...

The convention wisdom two weeks ago was that Obama's campaign would be over tonight....

NM *FINALLY* starting to report

Progressive grass-roots dem Laesch beaten in squeaker by self-funded millionaire

Early voting and the calendar helped Hillary, so don't get too excited

Axelrod "we need parity", and defined as "a margin within 100 delegates"

msnbc - Obama won MO by less than 1%

Hillary winning NY by 17.... Obama winning Illinois by 34.....

California Love

McCain looks like a fish out of water

OC California Voter Question

Congrats to Clinton - she lives to fight another day - barely

Keith Hints At Missouri Recount

Attention Obama fans: it can't be either "HE WON" or "SHE CHEATED"

If I learned one thing Tonight, it was that Apparently 10+17=72!!!!

Do We Have A Frontrunner In This Race Yet?

The so-called "black candidate" won Kansas by a three to one margin.

478 more delegates up for grabs in next seven days from...

Two very large San Francisco Bay area counties have no precincts reporting yet

Congratulations to HRC supporters on the CA win. Let the battle continue.

I wish they would get rid of super delegates...

DU I am a white Canadian woman who should I vote for, wait it has nothing to do race or gender, nor

CNN: Hillary winning the national popular vote 49-48 with California still being counted

New Mexico is neck and neck..48-48 percent.

So let's hope Obama makes it to 40% or more in Cali and that he wins NM!

Edit: Nevermind. For now :)

Tonight's Letter From Barack: February 5th - This Time Must be Different

Is hillary paying Nora O' Donnel??

woot 50/50 split tonight

Hillary BEATS the Kennedys

-- Best Online Primary and Caucus Results Map (Dem) --

Tonight means that the mainstream media doesn't pick our candidate

Super Tuesday played right into Hillary's strengths... she won't ever see that again

Traffic jam to get to a Kansas Caucus location - backed up in all directions.

It looks like Hillblazer can overcome the old guard Democratic establishment!

I'm thrilled with Obama's wins tonight but am truly bummed about California.

CNN: Romney losing every county in California right now

We are finally going to have to talk about the elephant in the room (no pun intended).


CNN delegate projection: Clinton 1045, Obama 1017

Nora and Pat say it's a big deal that NY and CA went to HRC

NM 600 vote diff. talk about a squeaker!

Maybe I didn't see it right, but it looked like Santa Barbara flipped toward Obama

Who Is The Worst Pollster-American Research Group Or Zo(m) by

If Hillary won fewer delegates and fewer states...

CNN Exit Poll projects 14 point California win for Hillary 53% Obama 39%

If CA results are showing 10% for Edwards, it must mean that they are Absentee results

I'm calling it now, it will be Hillary v. McCain in November.

14% of people in California decided who to vote today right when they walked into the polls

I feel the Media let us all down

"We are the ones that we have been waiting for." It's the title of an Alice Walker book.


Tweety, "Black Faces"

Obama victory % 61-56-49-64-67-66- 74-74-51-80-53-56-67 Clinton % 54-55-57-50-69- 54-56-54-51

"There is no doubt ... we hope and pray every night to run against Hillary Clinton,"

The bottom line....

CNN calls CA. CLINTON! Obama only 37%

Let's review and laugh at how wrong Drudge's exit polls were

Ok, I am calling it, Obama WINS MO!

How is it possible for CNN to post a Hillary win with less than 17% of the votes in?

H-whora ODonnell spinning wildly for Clinton

Obama supporters, we had a damn good night but CA is worrying me

Hillary won the major states tonight - get over it and


With remaining schedule in his favor Obama might have won if only he could have raised some money

How many others gave up on Obama? I guess I was wrong.

Obama pulling ahead in NM with 38% reporting

Did NM election officials go to bed?

Obama won the important states

$100 to DU says that KO has a dartboard of Chris Matthews in his dressing room

Expect Louisana to go overwhelming to Obama

one never knows about delegates and superdelegates ... it wasn't that long ago that obama was going

With 51% of precints reported, Obama leads Clinton in NM by 107 votes.

CNN reports.... Clinton and Obama each got 5 million votes.... McCain 3 million!

Fox cut off McCain for Obama?

While we were busy tearing each other apart, fighting over petty shit, people died in AR, KY and TN

Pattern of Clinton's support tonight shows she is more electable than Obama.

If 25% of CA's votes remain uncounted, how can they call CA ?

Is this debate once a week thing going to happen?

States or Delegates

If you think this race is settled, THINK AGAIN!

Obama now leding by 900 votes with 85% reporting. New Mexico

Support Divided, Top Democrats Trade Victories

It looks like the voters fell for CryGate once again

Counting of ballots going extremely slow in California

More than 1.6 million votes were cast in Massachusetts - the most ever for a presidential primary.

Obama could win the next 8 primaries/caucuses: NE, LA, WA, ME, VA, MD, DC, WI

Why is New Mexico moving at such a snail's pace?

Clinton: "It's just a flesh wound!"

Obama surprised people tonight - Hillary did not. That is the BIG difference!

McCain hating Conservatives will vote for Hillary or Obama

Tip of the hat to BO supporters - you are amazing

Tucker: "Republicans Doomed. Obama likely to be nominee"

Hillary's anti-Muslim push-polling paid off for her

Where's Rodney King when we need him?

Just gave another $500 to the Obama campaign...... my second $500....

California has about 7 Million Democratic voters

It Will Be Interesting To See The Numbers Behind The Numbers On Wednesday........

It Would Really Be A Slap In The Face To The American Dems If.......

As close as the MO was for Obama will be his win of the Democratic Nomination.

Someone explain Hillary's Oklahoma landslide to me ...

For anybody still awake, OBAMA just pulled ahead in New Mexico!

Tell the Progressive Patriots to give some bux to Kucinich

Obama better be careful if he is going to plagiarize -

Alameda Country in California still has no precincts reporting.

Current Cali standings per NYT

It's amazing how inconsistent the point spreads among states

Do election officials go to bed and stop counting? CA and NM have not updated in a long time

Obama is running a hell of a campaign--Brilliant Strategy thus far!

Ok the race is getting a tad closer in Cali

In the General, the Big States will remain Democratic; Obama better in Red States; Will Clinton

**Jan 20 Clinton 48 Obama 28 *** Feb 5 Clinton 46 Obama 44**

Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama, would certainly win the Latino, Black, Young, Female vote!

Clinton/Obama? or Obama/Clinton? They will be the ticket. Get used to it.

Obama Supporters: How are you feeling? Are you ready?

NYT and WP, same headline: Clinton and Obama "Trade Victories"

California (49% reporting): Hillary 53%, Obama 39%

AP: McCain, Clinton take delegate race lead

Clinton edges Obama 50-48. In Brooklyn. is showing Clinton 689, Obama 582, while MSNBC shows

Obama won Suffolk co (Boston), important as far as delegates

How Hillary won California.

Latest Intrade market numbers..... Obama gains after Super Tuesday

Obama the Multi-Culti Candidate >>>

I stayed home today

Worst Result of Super Tuesday

Latinos made up 29% of voters in California according to the exit poll, amazing turnout by Hillary

Obama's double-speak about lobbyists

Survey USA had a good night except for Missouri.

Obama 13 states and 841, Hillary 9 states and 837 delegates.

Clinton wins California, most other big states; Delegate rules mean race to end up virtually tied

Let the debates begin!!!!

Hillary wins the states required to win the Presidency!

Uh Oh Bubble Number Six - Hold On To Yor Hats

CT: Hillary wins among Lieberman lovers

James Wolcott: "So spurn me, I voted for Hillary"

California, 48% of the votes counted, Obama goes up to 39%

New Mexico Results will not be Known until Late Wednesday Morning

Someone mentioned "generational shifts"...

People in Missouri and New Mexico just like to fight!

Interesting question for Obama . . .

Reality check for Hillary Haters (some BO supporters)

stop your foolish gloating Hill supporters: 5 states called for Clinton and 5 for Obama

How did you Edwards supporters vote on Tuesday?

Which surge was least effective?

Polls in Alameda County ended up staying open till 10:00 p.m.-

Hillary leading the ST popular vote by 160,000 nationally now

Obama now winning in Alameda Co (Oakland CA), there be delegates in there!

Huge increases in turnout over 2004.

Hillary wins whites in CA 45-42%, wins latinos 69%-29%, wins asians 75%-23%, wins gays 60%-25%

Just Like in Every Other State where Obama actually gets to Campaign, Ohio will get much closer

MSM can only talk about CA as if the rest of the country doesn't exist

Who I think won ST. Respond with comments/Your Choice

Hillary ahead in NM by 117 votes (98% counted)!

Two questions:

Clinton leading in total delegates

California Numbers

Political Wire: It's likely a draw! The race goes on.

Running strong in red states means: COATTAILS ....

Last week I posted a poll asking how would the MSM declare a "winner"

Delegate count: Clinton 625; Obama 564. 3:01 AM

Where was Hillary when Bill was selling out gays?

California Is The New Missouri

Missouri Picks Barack. Missouri doesn't make mistakes. Look it up!

A great night (even for a Hillary supporter) at caucus

I voted for Romney, because he's real cute - no lie, heard on CNN

Rasmussen Markets: Hillary 51, Obama 49

Obama Hits 40 Percent in Cali with 61% reporting. 53-40

Whoo hoo... Obama wins my (small) CA county!

I miss JE

Does a Vote for John Edwards = Political Capital for John Edwards?

Self delete

Obama: We Won Delaware / Clinton: Delaware not a "real" state

If you are waiting for New Mexico to be final. Go to bed

Mendicino County goes to Obama 47-43 with 100% reporting

Now is when Obama could really use those endorsements by Gore and Edwards

There may be some Alamo analogies in Hillary's future...

Minute by minute updates on the gap between Hill and Obama in Cally: currently 339,653

I'm giving $500 more to Obama!

Hmm... Subtract The Party Hacks, er... Super Delegates, And Obama's Still In The Lead !!!

Super Tuesday results state by state (and primary schedule)

Whoever Wins the Nomination, the Dem Candidate Will Run a Stronger Campaign than Kerry ran in '04

Is it just safe to come in here?

For Hillary supporters, start your day with this.

Hillary And Obama Should Have A Series Of Lincoln-Douglas Style Debates

Obama beats Hillary by 14% in Alabama yet Hillary gains 1 more delegate than Obama

California: Voters in the last three days

I Have A New Name For John Zo(m)by


Primary schedule for the rest of February looks good for Obama.

States Obama won with (so far) more than 60% of the vote

Choosing between the lesser of two Elvises....

Stop spinning, this is a TIE

"A lot of Republicans I've talked to are basically depressed about the race,"

The Electoral College algorithm - er, AlGoreRhythm - for weighting your camp's bragging rights

Bragging Rights - Did Obama or Clinton win Super Tuesday?


OK...I'd just like to say that I am incredibly proud of D's tonight...

Obama did very well. He and his supporters should feel proud

Obama narrows Clinton's lead in California to 10% bwahah


I just donated to Barack for February ! It never felt so good to let go of some money!

KO: Alaska 176 to 66. "It all counts"

Are Republican States trying to pick our nominee?

Naive, but serious question: Is my primary vote actually going to count this year?

The Republicans need a McCain/Huckabee/Romney supersize combo

Which candidate is the big winner of Super-Duper Tuesday?

Wishing I could vote for Gore, or Edwards, I voted for Obama

Every single member of my family voted Obama in CT

WE are the ones that we have been waiting for....

Obama wins 13/21 states after only leading in two ten days ago

a thought for Obama strength and his GE potential

I love the Kennedy's...

Some Post Fat Tuesday Analysis

Edwards disqualified in Alabama?

Hillary will win Ohio

To all delusional, corporate-loving, status quo Hillary supporters-

BREAKING: Clinton hints at exit from Presidential race.

What happened to the 17% lead in California for Obama?

TPM Wrapup

Will Obama win LA, NE, ME and WA this Saturday?

Who is on the Virginia primary ballot?

OBAMA wins more states and more delegates tonight. Spin that.

Is it just me, or is a Clinton-Obama ticket starting to look pretty good right now?

So what is your opinion of Zogby now?


Delegates from states being boycotted

A beautiful message from Hillary to the GLBT community

Gawd. Anyone watching Huckabee speak?

Just got back from caucusing in Denver.

Hillary would have won the nomination by now if

Now comes the race we can't see: The race for superdelegates

Total Pledged Delegates: Hillary 632, Obama 626 (Latest numbers from

TOON: Doonesbury......(Warning: Flame bait for the humor challenged)

Ben Nelson (D-Ne) backs Obama, Former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey Backs Clinton for caucus

Chesepeake state voters (Maryland, DC, and Virginia): who is ready for next Tuesday? Check in!

They should just rename this place the "Spin Room"

Gavin Newsom is a HERO to many gays and lesbians and their straight allies

If I were Romney, I'd quit and endorse Huckabee just to screw McCain.

Democratic primary result: An amazing tie - Only one winner, the Party

Can you please take your fucking head out of the sand!

If Laura Bush runs for President 8 or 9 years from now....

It's the African Americans, stupid

Clinton lead in CA now in single digits, Obama winning Alameda Co (Oakland)!

ladies and gentlemen, the winner last night was....

CNN: Barack takes Alaska

Anyone cast a vote with reservation and uncertainty?

Hillary Clinton (Interview) with America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn

I hate to admit it but I watched the returns more on Fox News and CNN yesterday than GENBC

Scary thought - Huckabee as Vice President?

Time's Halperin: Did the Clintons contribute millions of their own $ to her campaign in last weeks?

"Chesapeake states' -repeat it until it makes it starts making sense to you

A handy chart of who has what right now

I heard on one of the news outlets that Clinton hired an acting coach...

Missouri: pledged delegates -- Hillary 15 and Obama 6

Which one is vetted?

Things that make you go hmmm.

AP:: Penn won't discuss plans for remaining Feb Primaries, Points to March

Hold on there Hillary fans -February will be Obama's month

Let's unite and high-five during this nail-biting time...

I wonder what John Edwards and Al Gore are thinking this morning.

Does BO have a problem with the Latino vote or do Latino's just seem to favor HRC?

Who do you honestly think won Super Tuesday?

Is this true? Obama won Alabama but Clinton won more delegates?

POST HERE: How do the primaries play out from here?

Feb 5. was Hillary's best shot: the majority of the primaries/caucuses from here on out favor Obama

Today, I Am Proud To Be An American

Actual delegates awarded from VOTES cast. BO-626, HRC-632

I Don't Understand The Talk That Obama Needs To Show He Can Win A Big State.....

Zogby needs to be investigated by the Federal Elections Commission

Don't look now, but counties are starting to flip to Obama in California

The Bellweather, or What The Missouri Vote Means

Obama is killing Hillary among African-Americans

OK, Hillary Folks, We Really Need To Start Calling Out MSNBC

Meh, Obama has the momentum? Like "Joementum" maybe

Do you think McCain will ask Huckabee to be his running mate?

"We are The Ones we've been Waiting For," "We are the Change We Seek"

MSNBC: Obama ahead by 79 votes in NM with 80% reporting

Just got back from my caucus in Colorado.

The reason caucuses suk

kos: Huge night for Obama

Anybody have a definitive study showing that in"crossover" primary states

Okay, enough with the Wednesday morning fisticuffs

Nobody Should be Declaring Victory Yet.

Where does Obama get his advice on military matters? He has no experience in military affairs.

Is there any doubt that Dems in red states are scared to death about having Hilliary at the top of

Can't we have a delegate count & map always at the top of this page?

McCain got 1% in West Virginia..

March 4th: Who wins in VT, RI, OH and TX?


Want To Know Who These Superdelegates Are? Here's A List....

A snapshot from a first-time caucuser in CO

Is the predominance of female voters in the Dem primaries typical for primaries?

Which Aspect Of The Primary Process Do You Hate More -- Caucuses or Superdelegates?

Can we please stop starting freeper-esq threads about Clinton and Obama??..Pretty Please?

If you don't think HIllary is the big winner today, THINK AGAIN.

Any good analysis of the voting trends thus far - Dem vs dark side turnout?

Zogby Should really think about quitting. Absolutely horri......

Democrats shatter turnout primary season records

well, I went to my caucus in CO last night

How's That Kennedy/Kerry Endorsement Working Out?

Hey Super Delegates! You should vote based on the will of the people in your district!

Hey Bots of all stripes: This is a discussion board not pro wrestling

Ah, now the real counts start coming in. Obama up by 7 delegates so far and climbing

Obama is probably not getting the bulk of the young female vote.

The Democratic Party nomination will be...

Very real possibility that Hillary doesn't win another state for a month...

RESULTS so far 2/06/08

Prediction: Barack Obama if elected will be the young people's president

Why do people keep posting Obama has more delegates?

I'm Declaring Victory!!!

OHIO, TEXAS -- the next big contest. Do they have early voting?

Former Edwards supporter - finally decided and voted in NJ - Obama

Report from someone in Utah voting on Diebold: I voted. Saw the "3 strikes you're out" message

Despite NOW's despicable last-minute attacks, Obama wins CT

If the media is so anti-Clinton, why no mention of the EARLY voters in CA

Consider the plight of poor John Muckain...

Who will these young people vote for this time?

Does anyone here know how Al Franken did?

to the 18 yr old young lady at my caucus last night

Intrade: Hillary 51.2-48 Obama

Did The Tornadoes In Tennessee Effect The Voting In That State At All

Who expected the amazing turnaround in McCain's campaign?

One of the reasons why Hillary might not be popular with young people

Which States go next? When? Caucus or primaries? Open or

Obama got 40% of the white vote in GA ?

Red state voters, can Obama or Hillary win your state in the GE?

Do The Michigan and Florida Superdelegates Still Count

I just donated to Barack Obama!

Deleted by OP

Crucial: Turnout in the general will be ENORMOUS. We should be prepared.

Democrats just RULE!!

update on vote and delegate count


Such a strange, strange analysis from Kokie Roberts on NPR.

Have Coulter, Limbaugh, Santorum, Tom Delay, Dobson and Hannity lost their relevance?

I worked the polls last night. Totally upsetting!!

Where are the candidates going next?

New Mexico is still a nail biter

Obama's surge in Mass.

Who called Missouri early?

Hillary, even winning she will lose. The media will see to it today.

Can we all agree on this?

Hillary won - this is why - article on the expectations from yesterday follows

Obama and Hispanics

"Clinton leads in almost every Super Tuesday state poll" - a couple of weeks ago

He WON! She WON! Blah blah blabbedy blah

Will the Super Delegates override the will of the people


Hey everybody! Listen!! That sound you hear is the

Props to McCain

Survey USA Nails The Golden State-Zo(m)by Is Off By Nearly Twenty Five Points

Children know

Where can I find

Anyone have the Popular vote totals for HRC & BO ffom Super Tuesday?

No rest for Clinton, Obama; 7 more contests fast approach

Who won the "expectations" game?

So, Obama is going to lose California by 10 pts (52% to 42%)?

Who is Kucinich going to endorse?

Would You Like To See Obama And Hillary Have Weekly Lincoln-Douglas Type Debates ?

TPM: Watch for super-delegate endorsements today

Has anyone compiled a list of D vs R turnout by state?

I'm watching election returns with my 13 year old daughter tonight.

Obama or Clinton? Exit Polls say winning issues Economy #1, & Out of Iraq within 1 yr & healthcare

Texas and Ohio, prepare to have your asses kissed...

A loss for Kennedy (Boston Globe)

Total Delegates: Hillary 590, Obama 603 (Latest numbers from CNN not including superdelegates)

Hillary Clinton has NOT secured this nomination. She can still be defeated

I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed.

The "UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM" stalled over the weekend and reversed. Obama peaked.

HRC lost last night

Obama presser about to begin on FUX.

The best part of last night: The Republican Stepford Wives!

IF Fla and Mich delegates are seated, how will they be counted? Obama wasn't even on the ballot in

Was California winner take all?

HuffPo: Clinton And Obama Head Back For Senate Stimulus Package Vote

HuffPo: McCain Wins -- Without Conservatives

Lesson 2 from Last Night...Don't Underestimate the Opponent and their Support (and MY apology)

Huffington Post has all the speech highlights from last night

HuffPo: Super Tuesday Fallout: Where The Race Goes From Here

NBC recalling projection for Clinton in OK - Too Close to Call

Post-Super Tuesday DU poll: Obama or Clinton?

Extent of student support for Obama called atypical (OWH)

Congrats HRC supporters on California

f* those places man.. do them later. GET TO TEXAS N OHIO

some great news from california-Democratic turnout.

Mark Penn's Firm Paid $4.3 Mill By Clinton Campaign (Axelrod's More than $1 Mill)

Kudos to Clinton...Don't be Down Obama Fans...We did damn Good

I guess Rush and Hannity and RW cabal have reason to hate Guiliani

CA. DUer's - any idea what the early voters split was vs last night's Obama/Clinton split?

The curse of Terry McAuliffe strikes again

can someone please clarify "Super Delegates" and "Brokered Convention"? TIA nt

Hillary has the wind at her back. Keep it up Hill! I'm donating now.

When's The Last Time You Heard "USA, USA, USA" Chanted At A Democrat's Speech?

CNN Analysis: McCain clear leader; split decision may help Obama

CO turnout 15,000 in 2004; 118,000 last night.

TPM: NYT's headline changes

Republican delegate system of winner take all is better

Media hype and bias did not win it for Obama again last night! Hillary beat the hawks!

My rant (sort of) for the primary season

Guess what? Virginia will help decide the outcome this year. Guess what?

most of Obama's big wins tonight were in caucuses, Clinon's in primaries, only 3 caucuses left

Why an Obama / Clinton ticket is better than Clinton / Obama

Smart move, Axelrod!

Did the Clintons contribute their own money to her campaign?

If Clinton wins CA - get behind her now

LOL Chelsea personally called everyone on THE VIEW except Elizabeth. . .

As an Obama supporter this is what I would like Obama to do in the weeks ahead

Todd: How nasty will it get?

'With no losers, the fight goes on'

So how do you think the campaigns will change?

Hillary and Obama and the Democrats WON last night.

Obama’s opportunity and challenge:

Clinton only has 7 possible wins left....would she accept a vice-presidential spot?

Breakdown of states won

The candidates are taking the day off

Delegate Distribution Process

Here is a list of accomplishments for Hillary and Barack - Take a look.....

Wish they would STOP including the superdelegates... SPIN SPIN SPIN

In the results last night, I noticed American Samoa, and it got me thinking...

Why Does McCain Think Lieberman in the Background is a Good Thing for Him in Primaries?

Question for Obama Supporters

WaPo: Party Rules Help McCain, Roil Race for Democrats

My dare/plea to Obama supporters: read the Hunting of the President

Who's doing better in the red states?

Anyone else suspect that Obama will get a big endorsement...

OMG. KKKarl Rove doing a running commentary on FixedNoise...

Fellow Democrats listen to Glen Back and Rush Limbaugh today, tears will be flowing!

Did you expect, 6 months ago, for Obama and Clinton to be basically tied after Super Tuesday?

How about this compromise for Michigan and Florida:

Romney calls together advisers to "review the future of his campaign" as Huckabee gains momentum

"Obama 'made his mark'"

"Many new voters agree, 'time has come' for Obama"

"It is tough to saddle up this AM," said one top Romney adviser


HuffPo: Curious and Curiouser: McCain Popular Among Anti-War Voters

I want to stress, again, that Hillary's support represents a 'movement', just like Obama's

Who will take New Mexico?

I don't get the Hillary = substance thing

Some conclusions following Super Tuesday


How This Would Have Looked In A General Election (Red State Primaries Only)

Any chance I can see Senator Obama's presser online?

Obama news conference ON NOW!

Kudos to both Hillary and Barack

Intrade prediction market: Clinton 49.9% (-13.2) Obama 49.4% (+10.9)

No rest for Clinton, Obama; 7 more contests fast approach

I am seeing a confident Presidential-timber, Presidential-timbred, press conference

McCain Can't Even Crack 50 Percent in Arizona

Thank you Mark Penn for being Almost Incompetent.

Hillary's reoccurring nightmare

Hillary Si! Obama No! -- Que?

Hillary Supporters

"Time is on Barack Obama's side as his momentum grows"

Who Won on Super Tuesday?

The Edwards Effect?

Democrats' Votes Display a Racial Divide

Obama supporters shot themselves in the foot after Nevada


Interesting analysis of D health care plans on NPR

My letter to NBC News - re Clinton coverage

Tim Kaine most likely Obama VP - Leaves VA gov. in 2009

Does Clinton have a money problem? (Open Left - Tagaris)

"Obama Takes Connecticut, Helped by Lamont Voters"

If We Had A Winner-Take-All System In Place, Clinton Would Have Won The Nomination Last Night

How we'll beat John McCain - message from Howard Dean...

Could Karl Rove and the Independents be involved in Clinton's Numbers?

It is now obvious more than ever that we need a Hillary/Obama


If I was Obama, I would be on the phone right now,

We were all excited and joyful when Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to be Speaker of the House.

Obama won Boston by nearly 10,000 votes

Why are people claiming victory?

PSA...Just because an individual supporter of a candidate is acting like an ass

Putting Obama in a Press Conference setting was a brilliant move...

Do we have the New Mexico numbers online somewhere OTHER than the media?

OK so sensible folks agree we're tied. Should we be though?

The World is Watching....

How many more of the remaining states are caucus states?

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Obama won more delegates last night (and states)

Ok then Super Tuesday decided nothing, whats next?

My working class precinct caucus in Central Minnesota

Can't start counting superdelegates till they hatch !

For the Dems, a Dead Heat Gets Hotter

Fun with exit polls

will clinton and obama team up in the GE?

we are witnessing history....the demise of the repukes

Here's where I get confused re: Iraq

How many DUers are under 18?

Feb 5th: Hillary 36.7, Obama 17.3


Intrade and Rasmussen markets ticking even closer....

Obama's strategy going forward: Win most pledged delegates (superdelegates will then have to follow)

TPM: Latest Mark Penn spin: Obama is the "estabishment candidate"

Just a friendly reminder to Clinton Supporters, Obama Supporters and future contest

LATE NITE TOONS - Help yourself.

Project ... retract ... project ... retract ...

Barack Obama about to speak on MSNBC

The tie situation favors Obama. Here's why.

Feelin' good about the General election

Serious question to Clinton supporters: Are you pleased with Mark Penn?

The Five Lessons from Super Tuesday

Latest National Rasmussen Poll: Hillary 46%(-1), Obama 42%(+2)

Can Obama ride the wave for another month?

Red state primary win - not indicator of GE result

The Clinton Dynasty: A Political Obituary

Why not redo the Florida and Michigan primaries?

The Mississippi Primary will decide the Democratic Nominee

The #1 reason I voted for Hillary in my primary or caucus is...?

Am I jerk for thinking this? A question about the media

Pardon me....but WTF is a Super delegate??

I heard a pundit comment that the newer gen women may not have the same emotional identification

Gore is wildly popular. Why isn't he endorsing Obama?!!!

Clinton can pick up Arkansas, VA, TN in the GE, Obama will not win Utah, Alaska, Idaho or GA

Any update on Edwards? What's his plan?

Obama record on nuclear energy

The really good news for all Democrats today is this!

For those of you who missed Hillary's live town hall here is a link.

Talk about close, Obama has 838, Hillary 834 delegates

All Missouri is Counted, Obama wins "the bellweather state" by 1.2%

Edwards could have pulled a "Huckabee" if he had stayed in...

Just as a guess, and not because that's the way you think it should be

Who won NM?

Does Zogby work for the Clinton campaign?

I just donated to Barack Obama!!!

AOL Banner/Headline: Pic of Hillary and McCain, caption - Clinton/McCain Win Key States !

With all 25 Democratic Votes in, CNN is calling Alaska for Obama!

Feminist Leader Robin Morgan: Goodbye to All That (Great essay on HRC, sexism and politics)

After winning NY, CA, and NJ

NM numbers per the NM Democratic Party

Current Delegate Count Total: Obama: 908 Clinton 884

She'll be the nominee, but it's going to cost her- and us

Al Gore endorses!

***** Official California Results Thread *****


In the states where Obama won he walloped Hillary

The Democrats are as deeply divided as this country was in '04.

Goodbye To All That by Robin Morgan

Resistence is NOT futile. We will NOT be assimulated! Sorry Hill.

It is Spelled B-A-R-A-C-K, not B-A-R-A-K

Houston Texas calling on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Sanity check on California polls prior to the primary

Honest question for Obama supporters

"There's just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform" John Edwards

When asked what happened w/MA, Susan Rice, Obama adviser, only said Ted Kennedy was an asset. Yikes

It is looking like Edwards' Delegates & Endorsement Will Be Important...

Witnessing history.

Fighting for their right to vote

Bush won 30 states to Gore's 20. Guess it was a landslide.

Obama has more delegates, states, donations, money, and votes!!!

K&R, PLEASE: Obama did NOT get the most delegates - they're still counting. AON, HRC leads.

I Just Got The Most Hilarious E-Mail From My Friend

How do we know this is a tie? Check the election markets....

We need to be having a serious dialogue about which candidate

Politico is saying Obama wins delegates 847-830; Clinton may be self-financing campaign now

If it goes to convention (as seems likely) both candidates will wind up on ticket

For Those of Who Don't Live in a Big American City

When you get the Obama-Muslim emails, change the name to McCain...

Serious Question: Are caucus delegates required to vote for

OBONICS? More race-baiting/racism from Clinton supporters on DU...

Student leader apologizes for e-mail with Obama rumor

A compromise for the delegates from FL and MI

Democrats shatter turnout primary season records

Huffpo's Thomas Edsall: Excerpt from "Where the Race Goes From Here"

Potentially troubling numbers in the exit polls for Obama

Clinton/Obama and Obama/Clinton

I just made another donation on, and I never donated to Candidates before!

Howard Dean: Lets get started on beating John McCain

McCain whacks "critics on right" hornets nest with a stick, angry freeps respond with "piss off"

The truth about Missouri.

The battle of the homestates: Illinois vs. New York

Details on upcoming primaries (open, closed, etc)

Now that McCain is the presumed frontrunner, and ours is still a contest do you think. . .


If Mittens won six states last night (MA, UT, ND< MN, CO, ID) plus ME on Sun why is he dead?

NewMexico--98% reporting with H behind O by 71 votes !!

24 states VOTE + overseas: but all that matters is California


It's OK to get down and dirty and fight hard in the primaries

Pat Buchanan: "John McCain will make Cheney look like Ghandi"

Polito is Unreliable? Okay. MSNBC Latest Numbers Obama 838 Cltinon 834

Note to Obama and Clinton

The margin between Clinton and Obama in Calif is only 10% with 95% reporting

Special elections or conventions should be held in MI and FL to determine delegates

Dobson: I Will Never Support McCain

so can Edwards give his 26 delgates to Obama or Clinton? n/t

Edwards would have gotten well over 15% in California had he stayed in.

Cluster bombs, Obama and Clinton

"Independent" voter at workplace will not vote for Hillary in the General..

Hillary Clinton==Real Change and Daring Ideas

ATTENTION MIDDLE TENNESSEEANS; Tornado Warnings now in effect

Republican Media starting same thing on Hillary as Edwards...She doesn't have enough money to finish

Could Karl Rove and the Independents be involved in Obama's Numbers?

Who's the better strategist: David Axelrod or Mark Penn?

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton schedule visits to Washington state

This Was a FANTASTIC Night!

Delegate count (per MSNBC) 838-834 OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are the 2 candidates finances doing?

Two Michigan representatives endorse Clinton


Pics of Hillary from last night

Obama to Campaign in New Orleans Thursday at Tulane

Pledged Delegate Count from California so far - Clinton 42, Obama 23

Crystal ball gazing: Clinton-Biden, that's the ticket!

Help explain to me why a race down to the DNC is bad

Want to see what the beginning of a revolt against a messianic candidate looks like?

ABCnews: Huckabee Wins Big in South, Challenges for Conservative Vote

I'll bet the Democratic voters in FL and MI now wish their respective


'I'm a lesbian libertarian. I voted for Huckabee'

We're Going To Need Bill Richardson To Help With Dem Party Negotiations Before This Is Over!

Why are there so many Clinton supporters whining and complaining about recounts in MO?

I needed some laughter last night .

Total Popular Vote, Nationwide: Obama +136,732 Voters.



Considering Obama got the most delegates, I bet Hillary's camp now

Assuming Hillary and Barack are neck-and-neck in delegate counts at the convention,

Barack Obama to be in New Orleans tomorrow

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For

Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania

BREAKING: Clinton and Obama tied in national popular vote/Clinton ahead by 0.4$

List of committed super-delegates for Clinton and Obama

Why is my thread about voting for John Edwards archived already?

Back to the other days of the week...Bitter Wednesday...Vicious Thursday...

It is impossible for either candidate to win on elected delegates.

I know that you DO NOT want FL or MI Delegates Seated ... BUT ...

Look at this Freeper thread:

I have a question about Sen. Obama, for those in the know:

Can ANYONE HERE Honestly Say that one Dem candidate will be attacked more than another by GOP?

Face it, Clinton supporters. Your candidate is in trouble

I advocate a second round in Florida and Michigan, with only Obama and Clinton on the ballot.

Netizens of DU: What's your mood?

So does Obama have a prayer with the Hispanic vote in November against immigration reformer Mccain?

Let's try again - for the DNC rules - what would you like to see changed for 2012 and beyond?

He won more states and more delegates and HC is being held up the HUGH winner ? I am so confused

Are you against candidates financing their own campaign?

Obama supporters... there is one "DUer" you need to add to your ignore list

If anything at all, for 2012 and beyond, what *WOULD* you like to see changed for the DNC?

T'was Just A Matter Of Time: Mark Penn Says Clinton Is Now "Insurgent" and Obama is "Establishment"

Hillary-Obama Obama-Hillary why don't we rally together and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!!!

What sort of effect will the fact that the Dems in the senate and congress

Michigan and Florida looming large

Did anyone figure out who Cindy is?

Obama would lose the Latino vote in California in a general election and the state. A disaster.

Gotta admit -- I'm getting more and more comfortable with Obama

Should We Be Lobbying the Superdelegates?

Hey Obama fans, can you guys get Kerry on the air AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE?

Armbinder says that Romney is staying in

List of accomplishments for Hillary and Obama comparison - This is to set the record straight...

I knew that many (black?) posters were wrong a few weeks ago...

MoveOn: Obama Outperformed expectations and Hillary in Super Tuesday

***** Official EXIT POLLS Thread *****

Rush’s GOP ditto junkies are joining DU and posing as HillBots

Message addressed to my southern neighbors: You should all be celebrating.

The bottom line: Hillary needed a TKO and didn't get it...she's in trouble

Why, in particular, is Obama doing great in caucus states?

Obama trashes the Clintons for pushing for gays in the military and health reform

NM looks like it's still undecided

MSM's obsession with a horse race. McCain vs Clinton is tighter, thus they'll want Clinton now.

Edwards at 99% in Utah?

Has Anybody Commented On The Early Vote And How This Played Into .......

Should we be marginalizing Hillary as the "Latino Candidate" now?

The Clintons Massive 25% Lead in CA & MA disappeared. Obama had ONE WEEK.

CONTEST: Which Wierd Word for W did I overlook? Hint FISA Felon

There's some hypocrisy in Barak Obama's embrace of John Kerry

Obama did very well yesterday and Clinton took some big hits.

Why is it that Obama does exceedingly well in caucus states?

Hillary Clinton will be speaking soon about her wins yesterday. MSNBC

Take the Pledged delegate Pledge!

Canadian voters want to vote in U.S.

Uniter not Divider: Obama has supporters blaming Democrats for Clinton impeachment, turning against

Any who does not think Obama can win in the South in November is not looking at the numbers.

HILLARY CLINTON didn't just beat Barack Obama in MA, she whipped Kennedy and Kerry!

California with 89% reporting: Hillary 52%, Obama 42%

Hillary supporters touting Teddy-bashing op-ed by Joan Vennochi. That sets a dangerous precedent.

So Hillary's ready to be broke on Day 1 after Super Tuesday

In 2004, 200 showed up; 2008, 400-500 were expected. Last night over 2,000 showed up!

A unified Democratic electorate will be more powerful than primary voters

DLC - The beginning of the end?

I live in Texas and we vote on March 4th

Obama Won 4 More Delegates In Calif Than McCain.........

McCain is the enemy, not Clinton or Obama

*** Projected Final Totals Based On ST ***

The Clinton campaign playing games AGAIN they are not out of money no fucking way

What is it about New Mexico and razor thin election outcomes there?

Please contact HRC campaign and tell them NOT to accept an invitation to debate on Fox News!

Will Clinton self finance?

Prediction: The obession with FL and MI will continue here, rabidly, until the nomination.

Seriously, when is this going to end? I just don't see it happening happily.

Hillary was below 40% in 9 States, Obama only in 2. This is why he won Super Tuesday.

BREAKING: Most Recent Delegate Count from MSNBC: Obama 838 Clinton 834

NYC Duers: Did you have any of these problems yesterday?

An important congratulation to Senator Obama

What a GREAT night for Hillary after false exit polls!

Proof that Hillary Won Super Tuesday

Long live Democracy ... and ... DONATE NOW!


Small grassroots donations BEAT the big machine!

Nebraska Obamanation: Obama to appear at Rally at the Omaha Civic Auditorium

Obama goes up in prediction markets on news of Hillary's self-loan

David Axelrod: Victory is “Crystal Clear”

I expect my candidate to donate to her own campaign if they earned $$$ from my support in the past

What's wrong with New Mexico?

need help here, please. we all know the "obama is a muslim" email

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey endorses Barack Obama

any word from NM yet?

And now for something less breathless

The real narrative. What this graph tells us...

Let me get this straight:

Obama did it. Clinton couldn't.

To the stupid IDIOTS who think HRC wins in big states are telling! DEMs do not need help in MA/NY/CA

Hillary supporters Do not let the media suppress your donations! We are not maxed out!

McCain running mate?

Hillary's concrete ceiling she cannot break 48%

After years of any respect for repubs plummeting, I actually gained some today

A Fun Game For The Whole Democratic Party!

Massholes: anyone catch this bit on cnn:

Analysis: McCain clear leader; split decision may help Obama

If it's Super Delegates, on either side, that decides this thing, I'm done.

MSNBC just reported Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million!

Obama - take a lesson from Clinton! Wherever you are ahead

Oh. My. God. Did you hear Mitten's version of "yes we can"?

Clinton now leading in NM

Another $25 from me to Obama

Howard Dean may be in for a HUGE fight!

Is it true, that all the Democratic "Super Delegates" haven't been selected yet?

We decide


Ran some numbers on voter participation by party yesterday - VERY encouraging!

You have to give props to Survey USA, their last California poll released Monday night

23,000 + SEIU in Washington State Endorses Barack Obama

Hillary Wants to "Harvest Delegates" from more important states for "Better Return on Investment"..

I Have Now Had The Privilege to Vote For Obama in Two Elections and Hillary in One

"in all of our conventional and collective wisdom, we were wrong"

I have never seen such outright nastiness for fellow Democrats as what is being displayed here.

Barack Obama Crosses the 50 Yard Line

I have 2,025 reasons as an Obama supporter to support Clinton

Will Obama do better to choose a female VP?

Can The Unbanked Donate?

A Snapshot of GD: P

Make No Mistake: This Is Going to Get Messy

Hillary out of money and out of ideas, has already been rejected, face it folks!

Read...My...Lips: I Live in Apartment 7! You Got That?! SEVEN!!!

MSNBC is now reporting that the Clinton camp loaned themselves $5 million in January.

A Suggestion: If You Could Replace Your Preferred Candidate with "McCain" In Your Post

It's clear that it's the Clinton supporters here saying they won't vote for Obama

So has there been a Ted Kennedy sighting today,

Desperation is obviously Hillary's campaign spin:

Nomination is headed for CONVENTION -- Super Delegates will decide

Obama's New Theme Song: "Time Is On My Side"

Just for the record, the $5 Million loan was in January

Clinton Loans Campaign $5 Million Of Own Money

Will Hillary retreat to Ohio and Texas (3/4), or will she pay to play in WA, VA, MD, DC, NE, LA?

I really wouldn't mind voting for either Clinton OR Obama. Am I fucked or what?

Here's how much I hate Barack Obama

Texas Obama supporters

Here's MY Response to Super Tuesday: $1,000 to OBAMA!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/6/08 - Clinton down 1 (46), Obama up 2 (42)

raw story has obama leading in NM... anybody have a link to real time counts there? n/t

Political PTSD: Edwards, you've been served.

No Winner Yet in New Mexico; Obama leads by less than 100

No Matter Who Wins - Half of us will be ignoring the other half

Well, at least this is educational

is that Gallup correct?

BREAKING FROM MSNBC: Barack Obama receives support of SEIU International!

Dean should strip all of the superdelegate pledges and let the voters decide

wow. reading the subject lines here in GD:P, BOTH candidates are FINISHED

Why is it being called a "loan" to her campaign? Does she get the money back? nt

Obama, speaking to reporters at a press conference this morning, had a novel response to Hillary's r

In rural Oklahoma--Choctaw County--election results--Clinton and Huckabee won

Barack Obama's grandmother

As promised, here's my report on Hillary's town hall meeting.


"I was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution"

The Bubble Problem in California - Votes Missing?

"I won't let anyone swiftboat this country's future." - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Loaned Her Campaign $5 Million, Spokesperson Confirms

Rasmussen: 02/06/08 Clinton 46%.. Obama 42% ...Clinton +4

Obama proved tonight that he can win in red states.

Obama manager said it will have to be within 75 delegates to be considered still competitive

Stronger DNC stewardship for elections and party infrastructure: Dean's or McAuliffe's

Gallup -Clinton 52% Obama 39% /RCP Average Included

This race will be decided in the same state that decided the 2004 election

This is why I can't support Hillary for the nomination:

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama to Visit Maine

I am one of hundreds of thousands of Obama contributors

Most OVERUSED word on this board ...

Obama lead grows in prediction markets....

Donna Brazile, a superdelegate, says.....

Is Obama's positon of "NO" impeachment for Bush/Cheney a sign of things to come from Obama?

John McCain just Robo-Called me

The rending of garments! The gnashing of teeth! Are you really worried about the tone of our race?

Most People i've seen today say Hillary took Super Tuesday

Clinton / Obama ... there are 16 years of Democratic control at our finger tips ...

Hillary's campaign is cash strapped....So I just sent my 4th donation to Obama...

I am so proud to be an American and a Democrat today!!

MSNBC's latest delegate count: Hillary 834, Obama 838 (not counting superdelegates)

WIN: Is Clinton - Obama Vote Split More About Class Than Race Or Gender?

Delegate count MSNBC Obama leads 594 to Clinton 546

Consider this: What if Obama has peaked?

Obama supporters are being disingenuous when claiming Hillary is broke

Why can't we focus on our collective common goal of getting the Repugs out??!

Let's remember what we all have in common (a moment of levity...)

Look - I'd be perfectly happy if Hillary Clinton wins the primary.

Former candidate and Democrat Jim Esch: Barack Obama

Who would your ABSOLUTE DREAM Democratic Candidate be?

Why this campaign keeps surprising

Can we just show up at the Convention?

Does anybody know where Hillary will be in the next week or so?

Some insight on the DLC

If you are sick of it, sign in here.

Anyone have the inside scoop about NM, where the votes are outstanding?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Avoiding a Convention Train Wreck

Be careful Hillary what you wish for she wants to debate Obama until March

Super Tuesday (only) Pledged Delegates: Clinton 786, Obama 775 (so far)

Huge Partisan Split On Super Tuesday!!!


Isn't there something to be said IN FAVOR OF a deadlocked convention?

Another scripted Clinton caller on Rachel Maddow's show last night

Obama says GOP will have dirt on Clinton

As of May 2007, Hillary had a net worth of $10 to $50 Million

Should Hillary borrow some money from Mitt Romney?

In 1984 Mondale won AL, GA, TN, NC, and WV.....

Texas DU

Interested in what might happen in Nebraska this Sat? Inside scoop:

Will Hillary use the Guilani strategy?

why the media whores hate the Clintons : I really think the reason

CNN has shown that soundbite 10 times already

More on the DTS ballot problems in CA - Indy vote impacted:

If Obama is the Nominee, There will NOT be a Woman on the Ticket

Obama sounds ... defeated.

Undecided and on the fence voters only

Omaha Federation of Labor just backed Obama!

Can Super Delegates change their pledge?

Politico: Obama on pace to raise $30 mil in Feb

So is it going to be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama?

I have had it!

Who's got the big mo?

Do voters want to vote for "a winner" or an "Underdog"?

Obama as the Unselfish Candidate

It was 'my money,' Hillary Clinton says

No debates for Obama?

Anyone else got about 10 times as many Ron Paul signs as actual Ron Paul VOTERS in their town?

Omaha mayor endorses Obama

What a great election! We won!

Some Interesting Numbers... Obama Supporters Will Like This.

From Dole to Clinton: Why One Man Changed Sides (three-term Republican congressman)


Is anybody watching Lanny Davis on Tucker?

Where did Kerry get the money to fund his own campaign?

if i were obama i think i would be more interested in talking about me and my accomplishments

Andy Sullivan: The Texas "primary" is not really a primary

Nice letter I got from Tim Kaine today:

Everyone turn into CNN and catch all the crap they are talking

My predictions for Washington on Saturday

utah is still in play

You Call Us ObamaBabies

Hillary Staff Forgoing Being Paid, Ala Guliani

CAPTION COMPETITON - what are the candidates doing?!

Obama speaking now.

Pour a glass of wine or beverage of your choice....and let the games begin

Well......Looks like we're going to end up with the War Dem

Just saw Joe L. standing side by side with McCain telling Rush L and others to

Of the two candidates, Clinton is the least likely to f*ck over the entire Democratic Party to win

How do you lose Alabama 56%-42% and get more delegates?

Can we agree on one thing?

BREAKING >>>>>>>>>>>>Extremely important news:

Change? I Got Fifty On It!

On hand money

Superdelegate Endorsement List

The Truth about Obama's Accomplishments

Results of the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries and

Relax (a bit). Stop and smell the roses (for a moment).

Senior Hillary staffers working for free!!!!

Obama, Bill Clinton to campaign in Maine this week

MSNBC Breaking: Many Clinton staffers to work for free including Campaign Managers

"YES WE CAN" Obama music video is outstanding

Should Rep. John Lewis change his endorsement to Obama?

BREAKING: Bill himself calling for cash, contacted HMOs, Big Oil, Walmart, Big Pharma...etc.

NEW OBAMA VIDEO - Discusses Religion and other issues- Set to IMAGINE! move over Will.I.AM!

Clinton lends her campaign $5 Million

OBAMA: We are what we have been waiting for!

Obama loses Silicon Valley to Clinton: Is anyone surprised?

Here is your break down of cash on hand, money earned from PAC, etc with link

I gotta say....Obama is our best general election candidate

Is the Billary campaign using DU for vote suppression?

***Official Edwards Democrats Results Watching Thread***

Gallup has Hillary at 52% Obama at 39%: 2/6/08

There will not be a deadlocked convention


Main reason I will never vote for Obama, His own words.

Just made a contribution to Hillary Clinton!!

Bill Clinton is trying sooooo hard for his wife because:

This primary is getting troubling

Obama not only won the delegate count, he won 13 (maybe 14) states! Why is this not a big deal?

Gov. Richardson Needs Time To Doctor NM Vote

Anybody watch both Hillary and Barack speak last night?

Hillary campaign almost broke!!!!

No matter how the MSM spins Obama's win, Intrade now has him tied with Hillary to win the nomination

Donna Brazile threatening to quit the Democratic Party if superdelegates decide the nomination!

I like them both.. and, according to some polling on NBC,

Hillary has the big MO now---swooping up CA & Mass without help from the Kennedy’s/Oprah

Grim Reality sinks into Tired MSNBC....Hardball Group...Hillary/Obama..

Robert Reich on CNBC, "...not sure country is ready for first Woman / Black Man as team.."

I Have A Dream Coming True

To what degree is your candidate support based on the attitudes of anonymous messageboard posters?

A week ago, Hillary favored in 18 of 22.... she wins 8 of 22... her fans scream "Victory!"

I'm voting for the base!

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

Did Hillary Camp not open up earlier about self-financing to avoid questions of HOW

Sniffa's review of the Obama Boston rally

Whoever gets the Dem nomination WILL win the Big Blue States

the writing is on the wall, it'll be a clinton-obama unity ticket, the superdelegates will demand it

Dubya ran on change, Dubya ran on uniting the country. Hillary is promising Correction!

somehow the fact that the Bushes have been on 6 of last 7

Obama needs to settle Hillary's experience myth once and for all

Hillary raised 18.5 million in January, including the $5 million loan


Possible downtime tonight (Wednesday Feb 6th)

Okay - as an Obama supporter, WTF?

Florida and Michigan delegate solution

Dean: calls for "an arrangement"..."I don’t think we can afford to have a brokered convention"

Obama's speech writer is 26yo.

So how many OP's can someone bombard the forum with before it becomes unbearable spam?

I just donated to Clinton!!! SO there...

With the big states going for Clinton, will Obama drop out?

The Real Story: Dem Turnout 2:1 over GOP

Has Obama responded to Sen. Clinton's call for 4 debates between them?

Obama's fundraising collides with his rhetoric

To believe that Kerry and Kennedy's endorsements had little effect on Obama's campaign is to believe

Can Hillary win using the full-Rudy strategy?

David Frum (hate him or not) Makes A Good Observation:

With the country as FUCKED as it is, I want a clean slate with Obama, not Clinton baggage


About seating delegates: does anyone remember the fuss over the Mississippi

Breaking News: Clinton Camp Runs Out of Money; Only Have $2.50 Left.

Michelle Obama is trying sooooo hard for her husband because:

The Gallup poll showing Hillary up 13 is demonstrably false

The Obama supporters are not gracious at all today

Boxer endorses Clinton

The Atlantic: Clinton funds nearly tapped out, weighing personal loan to her campaign

Janet Huckabee announces White House china selection

This close race is the best we ALL could hope for

Page Exclusive: Some Clinton Senior Staff Working Without Pay/Obama raised $2.2 ml in last 24 hrs

So far, Clinton wins 50.4% of two-person vote in today's primaries

Hillary leads in pledged (625/624) and total Delegates(818/730) post 2/5 per CNN

Time's Marc Halperin: Why Would The Clintons Self-Fund All of a Sudden?

Obama's preachery speechifying is already starting to get STALE.

Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiit---is Obama gonna win MO???????

Clinton and Obama will split a small number of delegates in MO

Seattle Times: Washington SEIU Backs Obama (unanimous decision)

Last night I said there was a sense of DEFLATION in the Obama campaign and that he peaked. PROOF

The election is won the day after the Clinton/Obama ticket is announced. Will Obama do it?

Hillary won more votes last night and is surging in the national polling. Why?

MO 97% in and Obama is ahead by almost 4000 per msnbc.

Once again, Obama says Clinton supporters will back him; not sure his will back her

buchanan says mcpain makes cheney look like gandhi but hate radio scumbags say mcpain is a liberal!

I felt the air go out of the Obama campaign. They had the best momentum they'll get and it stalled.

1 Month Down, 1 Month To Go

General Election Poll State of Washington: Obama 55, McCain 38 -- Clinton 46, McCain 46

Wonderful Barack Obama Imagine Video

Don't you guys get it?...No one won.

Do people realize that Obama would be getting free air time with debates as well?

Obama campaign has raised $2.2 million in the past 24 hours


Ted Kennedy's office just hung up on me...

Lesson 1 from Last Night...Exit Polls and Polls

Very simple, Clinton out of money is devastating for two reasons:

HRC wants more debates, Obama does not, it really is that simple

I'm excited to see what Obama can do in the General Election.

Obama wins majority of males...

Fellow Obama supporters, please consider donating today!

Serious question: where has Hillary's money gone?

Wikipedia map, ancestries by state that IMO affect voting results.

Photo ------>>>

There are people claiming Obama can win Utah and Idaho and Georgia.

Missouri: Why winning a red state matters

Go ahead and bookmark this thread: Hillary Clinton will drop out on or before

Lame54 has entered the building

In her 35 years of "public service" how in the heck did Hillary make the kind of money....

How was it not dishonest for Hillary to hide her financial troubles

Dean Screams (Calmly) for an “Arrangement” to avoid brokered convention

Mark Penn's Firm Paid $4.3 Million By Clinton Campaign

Obama claims delegate lead

Is it a character lapse for Clinton to keep suggesting that the delegates

Is the NYT trying to derail Hillary's campaign with brutal honesty:

List The Democrats That The Hillary Clinton Supporters Now Hate

Don't think for a 2nd that if Clinton tries to seat the florida delegation w/o securing the nod

on no CNN is bashing clinton again.

Karma... Karma.... Karma.... Karma.... Karma.... Karma....!!!!!!


Five reasons Hillary should be worried

I wonder if Obama is aware that the "excesses of the Sixties"

Clinton said she won't let anyone Swift boat America - Key dig at Kerry

If the Democratic Party ends up with a split convention, and cannot

If Obama can't debate Hillary how can he beat McCain?

Report from Kansas caucus - this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Who Will Win The Battle On Who Is The Biggest Underdog In The...

Why TsunamiTues helps Obama overall; he is now odd-on candidate to beat

Please, not Hillary.

A debate a week...what, and give the Clinton's free air time?

Does the support of Hillary mean that many Democrats think attacking Iraq was right?

If you want Florida and Michigan to count...

MSNBC is saying Clinton should give up the fight if black people get mad


I would be all for one debate a week if they would have REAL debates

The Republican/Media machine excels at defining Democratic Candidates

Hey, Fellow Obama Supporters... Stay Audacious !!! - Road Ahead Tough For Clinton - RCP

Wow, Obama supporters are desperately trying to jam a nail in Hillary's non-existent coffin.

Either a Bush or a Clinton have been in the White House (either as Pres or Vice Pres) since I was 6.

So let me get this straight, BO can win the majority of the delegates from the states, and still

Are You Aware That There Are Still 411 Undeclared Super-Delegates ??? - Check Out This Site !!!

Obama just lied about never taking money from Lobbyists

Its after Feb 5, The Delegates for FL and MI should now count

Wanna have a chuckle?

--- Final Super Tuesday Results Maps - Dem and GOP --

HIllary - enough said here

2 Headed Clinton's GOLIATH Knee Capped by Obama's DAVID

Double Bubble Trouble: Courage Campaign gets involved in Los Angeles ballot issue.

Gore is wildly popular & respected on DU, WHY doesn't HE like HRC?

I think Hillary can win Washington State

Bill Clinton is an INCREDIBLY good campaigner. Clinton quietly working CA did it

Thanks Hillary Clinton

Americans are starting to realize that Obama is more style then substance.

Hillary's California win is important because of superdelegates

The Clintons are much bigger GOP sellouts than Obama.

Best line from Clinton tonight:

Washington POLL: Obama: 53, Clinton: 40

Thank you Boston!|

So, Florida and Michigan get no delegates?

MSNBC started the night saying he who wins CALIFORNIA wins the night. They thought Obama had it

Zogby explains his CA mistake

Seattle Times endorses Obama citing his opposition to the Iraq war

Sorry people, Obama has peaked

Clinton Lent Campaign $5 Million, Considers More

So nice to see Hunter losing to Paul and Thompson in CA...

NBC NEWS: OBAMA 840 DELEGATES, CLINTONS 830 in Super Tuesday Contests

With the country as FUCKED as it is, I want proven leaders like the Clintons, not experiments.

During her Senate re-election campaign, Hillary spent $41 million to beat an unknown candidate

You have to respect Hillary for what she is going up against

Please, don't tell my wife...

"Give us your tired, your hungry..." HRC is for the people of America

Hillary could win my support.

Randi Rhodes broken promise...

I'm worried about Hillary's Campaign.

I miss John Edwards

I am one of those little people who donated on the Internet to Obama, BUT: I am upgrading

BO continues to dismiss we Clinton supporters.

So what happened to New Mexico?

Watching Huckabee on Morning Joe (MSNBC): tired, quick-witted, good give-and-take...

Obama said it again; "I have no doubt I can get her voters in the general election." WRONG

MO - Clinton and Obama - Clinton wins red areas of this red state

Obama sending campaign staff into Texas

Just like Romney, Hillary is going to self-finance her campaign run

Hey, all you Edwards' supporters who spammed my DU mailbox with

Obama's the perfect candidate for a stupid electorate ....

Dennis Kucinich needs our Help.

Obama Surrogate: He Will Be "First Woman President"

Of speaking in tongues, snake handlers, and big tents: or, of mocking memes

Bill Clinton bullied Harry Reid who bullied the NV Dem Party to fork over $12,0000.

FReep at work talking about how they are "screwn"

The day after Super Duper Tuesday, feel good Obama folks, feel damn good! Yes We Can!

Who remembers the 1980 Democratic Convention and the fight over "delegates"?

WOW! Democrats Came out in DROVES here in Colorado!

Proxy Conservatives GO HOME!

Predictions: the Dem and Repiglicker tickets will be:

Serious Question, Hillary Supporters. How Does She Plan To Win Indies?

Hispanics were critical for Clinton tonight....Hispanics are not a factor in many upcoming tilts

For Hillary supporters only. T or F? The media has been a tougher opponent than Obama

Will "Super Delegates" be to 2008 what the Supreme Court was in 2000? Elites picking over people?

What a joke. Zogby's lame contortions about CA

If you're calling it a tie, answer me this question...

LOL Kerry just called Andrea Mitchell's pro-Hillary argument "lame"

Bill Nelson lost his lawsuit against Dean....on the same civil rights issue Hillary is using now.

I have to agree with dicksteele: the election is far from a "D" shoe-in.

Part 1. Walking a Little Taller: the Freedom House (Slave) Museum Opens Next Tuesday, Alexandria, VA

The controversy awaiting Michigan and Florida...

Obama Directly Attacks Bill's Presidency, Blames It For Massive Dem Losses

What is Sen. Clinton's Experience?


Obama is the clear winner of Super Tuesday

The "Double Bubble" Trouble in CA, where "decline to state" voters are 20% of the electorate!

Exit Polling in CA and NY: Gay Voters

I just gave 200 I don't have to Clinton campaign. Third time.

If McCain, Lieberman, and Little Lord Lindsey were a rap act, what would their stage names be?

Independent (UK): "The Chicago street where a dangerous secret from Barack Obama's past lurks"

Guardian (UK): "Obama-Rezko link may be scrutinised by Republicans"

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Obama Won

A Sincere Question To All The Die Hard Obama Fans:

Because I'm done with 50% + 1 as a governing philosophy

DNC Suggests Caucuses Be Held In Michigan and Florida

The Red States that voted in this primary season that we MAY be able to turn Blue

It's over people! Clinton collapses in new Gallup polling

Please. Please. Stop making this ridiculous argument.

Final Aggregate Vote Totals - Unbelievably Close !!! Turnout blew GOP away !

Is the state of Hillary's campaign a sign of things to come?

HuffPost: "Is Barack ready for a fistfight? Why I am voting for Hillary"

Obama wins 14 of 22 states, 8 over 65% (3 over 70%) comes within 10 pts. of Hillary in CA

LOOK HERE, Progressives, Young & Old, Sceptics, Haters & ALL------- THIS IS SO SAD! (a rant!)

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama supporters:

MSNBC MONSTER Super Tuesday Diary: The Very Scary State of American TV Journalism

Damn! Let's give it to Hillary Clinton!

Do you want more debates between Clinton and Obama?

OBAMA is afraid to Debate Hillary because:

Obama Supporters, Do You Want Obama to Win?

Do you know the inverse of 0.6? Or, the Value of My Vote.

I Suggest to a Limit As To How Many Threads One Single Poster Can Start in a Single Day.

DU - An Unauthorized Notabiography

Mark "Blackwater" Penn labels Obama the "establishment candidate"

Anyone else feel like we're heading for a Brokered Convention? (Lots of Numbers)

Hillary, "Tis But A Scratch. A Scratch!"

Who will hold the Bush regime accountable for its crimes - Clinton or Obama?

The 5 million announcement puts Clinton in the "underdog" position Obama was trying to land today

The Dilemma (Mary Lyon)

Is today, "Obama supporters for Ken Starr" day, or what?

But, gentle orthodoxist, if misandry doesn't exist, why did 1 in 4 women...

I will not vote for Obama in the general election.

Obama voter disenfranchisement in California!

I am 50 years old

HRC supporters She NEEDS your $$$$$$$$$

Michigan And Florida Should Just Revote

Obama's the BIG LOSER tonight...what happened to the SURGE???

Hillary should drop out, we need time to build our strength and party image

US Supreme Court TRASHES PRIMARY ELECTIONS in January 16, 2008 case Lopez-Torres v NY Bd Elections

The 25 reasons why I don't think I could ever support Hillary Clinton...

Bill Clinton 2007: "self-financing violates the spirit of campaign finance reform"

Now, you know why secret donor $$$'s matter: the "loan" "from" the Clintons to Clinton Campaign...

I just donated to Hillary Clinton!

Obama: This man refuses to suffer the fate of the uppity black man. He won't be defined.

Building a better Obama (or why Spielberg's movies aren't so good anymore)

That "Second Life Phenomenon" ....How many DU'ers Participate?

House Parties for Uncounted, the new film about electronic voting fraud.....

MSNBC Breaking News Pat Buchanan is a rude asshole

Super-Tuesday: a practice in democracy and a day for admitting to torture

New GOP slogan - "I Ain't Broke, But I'm Badly Bent"

Dear GW Bush, You wanted a legacy

Hehe....Funny how everyones abandon GD

Labor Hits Jackpot: Indian casino unionizes in Connecticut despite tribal claims of sovereignty

"Yogi to the stars" Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has died

Suggested campaign symbol for Barack Obama

McCain Wins (1%) in

A Worse President Than George W. Bush? It Could Happen!

Everyone in one piece? Check in...

And you think **I'm** an asshole with anger management issues?

Your candidate sucks more than mine!

Aaaargh! Wikipedia's front page article today is REAGAN!!!

Just curious. What's your super Tuesday channel? n/t

Change! It is time for Change!

We are going to look just like Iraq before this is all over with

WP: Growing the Workforce but Not the Payroll

This "resistance" to McCain by the GOP won't last. He just needs to wave

Son of a bitch! The Giants did it!

According to this guy, the Pharoahs could have ridden dinosaurs

Fighting Georgetown Cocktail Partyism and Conventional Wisdom

HEre is a great map that is easy to read

its gonna be funny watching the rush/hannity drools gush over McCain

McCain calls Democrats 'the enemy'

Why is msnbc listing Florida and Michigan as

Progress in "Downer" Abuse Case -- But More is Needed to Prevent Other Cases Like it

Let's keep in mind folks, the Pentagon wants $515 billion and we have a Congress to win!!!

Predictions: Hillary Clinton is nominee, Obama VP McCain or Romney with Huckabee as VP.

Working Poor In New Orleans Continue to Face Affordable Housing Catastrophe

The elephant in the room that the TV pundants aren't touching....

"Comeback of the Century." Reagan wins Republican primary!

Tornado hits Clinton Arkansas

Cialis running an Ad with an Obama lookalike who has Erectile Disfunction

Huckster and Old Man Cain are going to knife each other now.

My sincere aplogies to the Democratoic Primaries FlameWarroirs

Wow.....Richardson looks SUPER with a beard!

Mass grave found north of Baghdad: police - Whats Bush been doing with all the bodies?

Yaas, I'm watching Faux. I'm tired of Tweety & want to monitor KKKarl's debut

If your state hasn't voted yet, fret not. Your vote **will** matter.

Mitt huh?

LOL Tweety

Head eplosion warning: Be prepared for five days of five candidates declaring themselves winners.

Dear Karl Rove, Welcome to the dismemberment of the Republican Party.

It Was A Political Day Like No Other

Looks like Mittens is the biggest loser of the night in both parties.

Former Berkeley Prof. on the "Property Party"

Evolution In 5 Minutes

Vending machine pot? In America? It's true. It's real. It's now.

Andrea Mitchell is fuzzy

Conyers asks DOJ why TPMMuckraker has been removed from press release e-mail distribution list

Stewart to Chris Wallace regarding Kkkarl: "Can you guys hire a felon?"

Tornado watch now for Northern AL as well: Report

Indianapolis - just heard lightening strike... close - now there are emergency

Would you buy a used Gremlin from this guy?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I Hear The Change A'Comin'

My conversation with a right wing conservative tonight

Another very simple reason we can't allow McCain to win in the GE

Doesn't the photo MSNBC uses of Romney look like a mug shot of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel?

Romney makes me feel protective of children.

Joe Lieberman is on TV...AT THE McCAIN RALLY....

More Romney bullshit: "They (Reagan and Bush I) strengthened our military with more troops."

Karl Rove has joined Fox News

"It's Very Difficult For A Woman To Attract Male Hispanic Votes"

Ben & Jerry's Fights for Hormone-Free Labeling

What happened to the 17% lead in California for Obama?

On big news days, and the choice is DU vs TV news...

Who do you think Hillary will want as her VP if nominated?

Extreme weather in Texas today

Looking for new sources of protein? (From Reuters: Rat-a-chewie)

Zogby polls suck

Heheh The Republican debates from here on out are going to be hilarious!

Huckleberry makes my skin crawl

White House Writes Pre-Emptive Signing Statement on Exclusivity

Mitt's doing his "They Haven't" chant

NBC's John Yang reporting that Romney **may** drop out .......

Email I just got from a Repug: John Kerry was doing Jane Fonda!

New Gitmo Court can Silence Captives who tell secrets at a flick of a switch

Tomorrow is Rosa Snarks birthday.

Why I don't care about the elections right now.

Should LimpBalls declare himself irrelevant and slink off to his place in Hell?

CHANGE will be the only thing left in our pockets

New Mexico is neck and neck..48-48 percent.

McCain's robo-call machine won't stop calling California family

woot 50/50 split tonight

Asian Stocks Plunge as Service Report Points to U.S. Recession

If 25% of CA's votes remain uncounted, how can they call CA ?

The Huckster just won Tennessee!

Is anyone else noticing this... More replies than views on the tabulation side of the forum?

Meanwhile, in Denny Hastert's home district

Ideas cannot bleed.

Freeps are so clever..

Who Is Ron Burkle and Why Is He Paying Bill Clinton $20 Million?

Damn it DU kids do not make me pull over the car.

Notice how all five candidates, when when speaking about who they are fighting for or will be

McCain takes California, doesn't know what to do with it

Rumors of Bloomberg immenent entry into the big show

So what is the Democrats' reply to McCain's "They Want to Surrender!" talking point?

Interesting question for Obama . . .

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Shrub is a tyrannical. warmongering asshole!!

Obama: We Won Delaware / Clinton: Delaware not a "real" state

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bush Defense Budget.....Another bridge to nowhere.

Tornado in Madison county AL Right now....

Nygaard series on Venezuela

Randi Rhodes broken promise...

So M$M did manage to interrupt the election love fest

Extraordinary Rendition on Trial: ACLU tries to ground Boeing subsidiary that trafficked in torture

NY Post Tries to Blame Subprime Crisis on ACORN, other Anti-discrimination Groups.

Goldberg's Liberal Fascism filed under 'Parodies' at Amazon

'Shotgun Marriage' on the Internet

WARNING: This is a personal opinion about killing innocent people

Tornadoes: At least 44 fatalities. More expected.

Tornado watch for Atlanta Georgia

Happy Mardi Gras!

Obama is probably not getting the bulk of the young female vote.

Will Canada Put The US Back on Their 'Torture Watch List'? *information resource*

I have never heard of tornados , ever in all my 59 years at this

Jackson, TN, hit by huge tornado. 86 injured...

Warning: My personal opinion about killing innocent people

Jack Kemp

European markets shrug off Asia sell-off:‘Unbridled pessimism’ hits Tokyo, Hong Kong

Pat buchanan is a witty bastard

It's official. I live in a Stupid State.

Too much attention to Democrats today???? Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! terra terra terra

H.U.D. scandal (it's like deja vu all over again)

Rags to Riches to Rags: Foreclosures move into tony ZIP codes (Portland)

No coffee for troops

Any reports on how high voter turnout was in the primaries yesterday?

WAPO: The Boom Was a Bust for Ordinary People


Tennessee (Hey there Wiley50!), Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi DUers -

bush once again tries to cut funding for public broadcasting and

Pope backs surge of exorcism squads 'to fight the Devil head on'

Ted Haggard's Church: Ex-Gay Brainwashing Didn't Take

(Brattleboro) New Tone Set in E-Mails on Bush Warrant - AP

Peggy Noonan is a poopie headed harpie

Roman Nikolaichik, critic of Vladimir Putin, is sent to mental hospital

Story of another non-voter

At long last Congress to investigate the corruption that goes to the top.

Today’s Headlines

2fer: MURDOCH-Hillary split. And Craig FERGUSON comic at WH Correspondents Dinner

If we steal all their water who can blame them for coming here for a cool drink?

Mitt Rommey reminds me of a "Columbo" villain


Hey did you see the disturbing video of them Iraqi kids training to be soldiers on TV today?

What Nostradamus has said about the 2008 election

Time to ban healthy activities!

OMG - For the price of a butt-ugly 2 BR 1960s tract home in Silicon Valley...

The Repudiation of Rove

Restaurants as obesity cops don't sit well

The real winners? The Democratic party. We are gonna kick butt

Here is a list of accomplishments for Hillary and Barack - Take a look.....

Hey trof! Oh trof!!!

Lee Mercer finishes close second in Georgia.

Shirley Chrisholm

Blast from the Past: Phil Parlock, "Professional Victim of Mean Democrats"

Recession/NoRecession/Slight Recession/TeenyWeenyRecession

The new Radiohead album

WHICH COUNTRY? Death sentence for downloading women's rights article on the net.

Don't forget

Are You....

Altogether now: Internet Traffic Report is NOT accurate.

I'm sorry, but this post is completely unacceptable

making money off of the wind

how the press influences the vote

An update from GDP: Obama wins GA, not a surprise because we all know black people stick together.

The wall at Eagle Pass Texas - Feds sue town to put up wall

My first vote: they found me. It was exciting. Last time they couldnt find me.

Who the FUCK is Midol?

Why is the result of Heath Ledger's autopsy breaking news

Relax everyone! (pulls up britches, adjust straw in mouth)

New McCain motto - More of the ‘same’ with John McCain…

My realtor-friend is a busy busy guy..

It is now obvious more than ever that we need a Hillary/Obama

Well... if you have a better idea then CAPTION

I have to agree with dicksteele: the election is far from a "D" shoe-in.

It's nights like this that I really love my country.

I think I'm getting rid of my dreads.

Chives. Chives! CHIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of the 9/11 Commission book, a 9/11 poll

Question for Political Scientists and Economist types -all other welcome too!

Can you believe Ray Charles wrote this?

Announcement of arrival of ECONOMIC RECESSION today:

AL GORE LOCK BOX lives on...

When It’s Head Versus Heart, The Heart Wins

Anybody else remember 'Married With Children'?


Gung Hee Fat Choy!

Ahhh..The lounge!

Why is everyone on here sick?

So what's your Super Tuesday drink of choice?

If you missed Fresh Air today, stream this...

hey!!! should we post a BOUNCE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM

No caucus for me tonight. I've got PINK EYE

While driving today, I listened to three songs about Massachusetts. Guess which ones?

It's not the olive garden, but it's the most viewed breastfeeding argument EVAH!

Conway Arkansas

Netizens Investigate K Street

The Spectacle of Campaign 2008

That "Second Life Phenomenon" ....How many DU'ers Participate?

These are the Daves I know.

What A Wonderful World

Daily Press Briefling from the White House.

I just loaded five new podcasts!

thanks a LOT LynneSinn - Delaware goes for Romney

Prostitutes prefer Republican conventions (Rocky Mountain News)

I think everyone needs a little more love right now...

Does the US Need a Civilizing Mayan Invasion?

Sez the cop on teevee just now:

Must See GD-P

Pre-made Platform Resolutions for Caucuses! From

BREAKING: Lee Mercer picks up 10,000,000 delegates in Georgia

Dear "Values Voters" .... Get your hand out of your crotch and your head out of your ass

St. Augustine Woman Seat-belts her Beer, but not her Baby

yesterday's & today's weather created some more newly poor

I got it working!

Where the F*CK is Midler?

The Most Over-Looked Superbowl Story (Dial Up Warning)

Dems for McCain?

anyone want to adopt Echo?

It seems you can't have too many "Hillary wins in Massachusetts" threads.

I can't look...

Runners: A few random solicitations about you and your frame of mind while running...

My MaddowMeter...

Time for some crazy talkin kitties

Where's the Great Society?

Remember the "Look for the Union Label" advertisements? Ever thought about why we don't see them

Caption Secretary of Treasury Paulson

Paula Jones's Attorney Calls For Bush Impeachment

19-0 (oops) Gear being sent to the "needy"

NEW BLOG: Welcome to the new Election Integrity blog site


Calling All People

Michael "Skeletor" Chertoff to speak at Harvard tonight in Cambridge, Mass.

John Mellencamp deals righteously with the McCain camp over using his music..

DHS official moots Real ID rules for buying cold medicine

sooooo here it is 9pm est on Super Tuesday

I miss hide-a-thread

Do Delewarians Have To Pay Tolls On Their Way To The Polls?

A question about delegates..

I'm so glad that with a world of impeachable offenses and a war on, the Senate cares about football.

Someone needs to go into GD:P and post this....

Mac and cheese sales spike

Jeez, it is very tough to get the recommended

OMG! OMG! I posted a thread in GD-P

McCain & Rice?

What's with Rush Limbaugh's fixation on booties?

George w. Bush may have helped us in a way we had not considered

CNN: Zombies rise, caucus; Richard Nixon's Head takes Mass, Delaware

Hillary wins in Massachusetts!

Am too sick to go out and vote

More Iraqi refugees heading to Syria than returning: UN

"Independent" voter at workplace will not vote for Hillary in the General..

George Bush: Our very own sub prime mortgage (Tom Toles)

Invisible ink on ballots? WTF?

Some people think deeply, and the vast majority of people don't.

And re Obama's health plan . . .

Unions. Yes ? ...No ? ...Maybe ?

My Republican Senator says McCain "not suited for presidency"

Why is there not a nation wide Super Tuesday so everyone could vote in the primary.

On this awful day, 1911, the horror, the horror....

Are you scared of a 10 year old terrorist?

The Parade for the Giants.

WJ this morning

When you get the Obama-Muslim emails, change the name to McCain...

US: Al-Qaeda in Iraq training children

GOP Family Values Candidate Turns Out to Be a Deadbeat Dad

Tennessee getting whacked by tornados.

E-Mail from Howard Dean = Subject: How we'll beat John McCain = SEND $$$


I know that there is "super Tuesday' today but


Huckabee just said something about

Pile of rubbish in London park is a statue of Saddam's wife

Super T, Super Union Turnout (20-40% of vote)

OK...I've had a few and I'm ready to throw punches

OK...I've had a few and I'm ready to blow chunks.


Jon Stewart Playing Softball with Chris Wallace

Third Party Candidate(s)?

My eight-year-old is a much better commentator than Tweety

Man, 86, strikes girl with car after voting :-(

Someone (or thing) is all up in my house with disease (all three) and it's getting on my nerves

Is The SuperBowl Today Or Something?

Even in Lame Duck Days, Bush Attacks Health Care

Greetings to all my baddiwad Droogies

Help discuss the "Stupid Tuesday" primaries on "The Guy James Show" today

Whoops! There go the sig lines. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are AT DEFCON 1!

The primaries continue

Cialis running an Ad with an Obama lookalike who has Erectile Disfunction


Four arrested on suspicion of stealing ballot box

This just in - Huckabee enlists McCain and Robertson to smite Romney in West Virginia.

Balancing act

Proof that I spend too much time here...

LOL! I love how the BBC signify ignorant/chav/lowerclass people by having them chew gum

Conservatives don't want a President , they want a Political Pawn

McCane Part II: Older and Whiter


so I broke down and bought an iPod

Anything big going on today?

Woohoo - my daughter sold 88 boxes of Girl Scout cookies

Oh, I'd hack that.

Sean Astin appreciation thread.

Been in GD-P all night. Anyone have any liquid dilaudid...


Japanese study clears mobiles of brain cancer risk

Mid-South Residents

Am I the only one with a roaring headache?

Why can't I get a job like this?

I Just Spent 24 Hours In GD: P !!!

I am mad

GOPers Are Pulling The Ol' Surveillance Squeeze Again = the "Orwellians"

after 30 fucking years

Trolls on my ignore list keep coming back. Am I doing something wrong?

Tom Tomorrow's been hangin' out in GD:P

Who cares who won California, the Phoenix Suns traded

What should anyone feed a 13 month old "LUNCHABLES"?

The Location of Presidential Debates

Update on my kitty.

There's an opossum in my garage.

Get Ready to Pay Even MORE for Food. USA TODAY: Wheat goes above $10 a bushel

Oh, this has GOTTA be a typo. MSNBC just said the winner of the California Primary is CLAY AIKEN?

Why is Mississippi #1 in teen pregnancy, high school dropout, obesity and diabetes rates?

Why is the adm. playing the "Terror" card again? What

Um, excuse me...just got home (1:03 am here) and was without news...

Is there an entire occupation of people that wish YOU were extinct?

Thank you DU. I've seen the light!

Miami-Dade County, Florida passes "foreclosure freeze" Resolution

Since we apparently HAVE to have sports hearings in congress

WH Press Briefing: Water-boarding - 02-06-08

Page 5: The Disadvantages of Owning a Home

I just saw an ad on DU's footer for Bushism ringtones. If someone programmed my phone...

November Karma?

Why Do They Say We Are At War?

Is there a site that lists which senators are millionaires? thanks n/t

Credit Card collection tactics

Macy's Lowers Profit Forecast, Will Cut 2,300 Jobs

Dear DUers - please consider my thread:

Progressives: Iraq war bad, Afghan war good. Really?

16 year old daughter asked me if there were any decent republicans

Okay, I give... Why does Randi always say "substidize"?

LIMBOsevic wants fascism for fascists ONLY, not for everybody!1

Just another good reason to support Pakistan...

NPR's FRESH AIR, February 6: Fred Kaplan,Daydream Believers: How a Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American

Attend the tale of Sweeney Floyd

Oh Jesus. Bornagain Bob is whistling the theme to "Andy Griffith" again.

So, whatcha eating tonight?

Bumper sticker: I found Jesus!

Current issue of Rolling Stone - help out an Antipodean?


Larry King tonight: Michael Moore AND

Smartest Valentine's Day Card this year:

What happened to DU in the last 4 years?

Wal-Mart levity

Gang of 14: A Huge Win for the GOP

Hayden lied to Congress yesterday

tell me to go back to bed

Hello. I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye.

For a night of bitter battle: Tavernertavern serves Bells Two Hearted Ale

Robert Scheer: The Legacy of Bush II

If the current Administration won't put an end to torture, let's make sure the next one will.

Ok. I did search the help files....

Florida orders sex offenders from bridge

White House Says US Could Torture Again.

How To Bring Peace To Iraq Now

Kucinich in trouble with re-election campaign

CNN REPORTS:Severe weather, tornadoes kill 45 across South

I'm listening to Tom Coburn (Troglodyte-OK) on CSPAN2 right now....

Feb 6 - Is Bob Marley's birthday today - YA MON !!

Is Rove behind all the extreme right wingers "hating" McCain


U.S. Job-Market Weakening Is Led by Self-Employed, Data Shows

Did anyone else have just a mediocre Tuesday?

AR, TN, KY, AL and MS DUers please check in and let us know what going on with...

AP Confirms Secret Camp Inside Gitmo

Hey!! DU PSA!!

Code Pink at Senate Armed Services Committee hearing - pics

I feel like I'm living in an episode of "Curb your Enthusiasm"

I'm checking in to the hospital this afternoon

Did you ever notice?

Anyone want to adopt Pseudo Echo?

"Uncle Sam Wants You to Speak English"

why would anyone feed a 13 month old LUNCHABLES??

Frente covers Pebbles & Bam Bam, circa 1995

The Tenacity of American Militarism

Spring Break in Washington....Protesting the War!

"...the nation's overall health and well-being are sacrificed like dazed lambs to an ignorant god.."

I took a very strange call this morning

NBC is out of line

I didn't want to believe it, but

Call the Recruiters! I think some able bodied young men are now available.

As an Atheist, I just LOVE Lent!!

Why do they run ads saying "So&so's the most liberal . . ." and

White House: We "Definitely Want To Consider" Using Waterboarding Again

Bad Boys, Nasty Boys: Out of the GOP’s Closet

So... did Republicans just block more tax cuts?

Is this election causing you to have gas pains too?

Wanna know how much the Iraq Occupation is going to cost in 2009?

Torture. How Come?

That white schtuff!

It is Ash Wednesday

damn travelocity

My profuse apologies to anyone I offended with a recent deleted post.

CSPAN2--Jay Rockefeller Stabbing Us In The Back On Immunity

are 13 year old LUNCHABLES still edible?


Ack, I'm goin' in!

Police: Man With Buttocks in Stomach Found in Rick Astley

Dumbest damn editorial I've read in years:

The Tenacity of American Militarism

Why are the liberal radio hosts killing their own

So a woman, a black man, a Mormon and a really old guy walk into an election....

February 6, 1952

IN a Democractic administration, the R's and the media will rediscover their love of:

Breaking News.........GOP senators block alternative stimulus plan

"There Will Be Blood" -- new movie now in my all time top ten!

Giants win costs Nevada books $2.6M

Well isn't this just WONDERFUL, a blizzard

FOR THE RIGHT WING PRESS much bandwidth would an Iranian Oil Bourse need... (5 cables cut)...


Wedneday lunch anyone???

My bi-weekly visit to the nursing home

How did Lee Mercer do yesterday in the primaries?

This man will never be president:

What if Paul McCartney had been born in the Beach Boys' neighborhood?

Todays DU challenge. Take a thread title and turn it around to a new title.

Congress as seen on Icanhazcheezburger

“Let’s stop harvesting brains.”

What is a "Liberal Republican"

When CNN reinvents their resident Repig wingnut Lou Dobbs as "Mr. Independent" we are in trouble

What was your last really good laugh?

Things that you liked as a kid, which now seem cheesy, but you still enjoy nonetheless

I just read something more lurid in GD, than I have ever read in the lounge

I feel it is important to look a woman right in the eyes

A Message From The American Corporate Plutocracy

14 minute Britney based ballet entitled "Meltdown"

Possible downtime tonight (Wednesday Feb 6th)

Per Joe Wilson: Hillary got Substance/Experience /Heart...Obama got Hope, Wish, and Change

Last night Obama won 12 states + Delaware

What is with all the Feb 6th threads?

Fifth cable cut

Joe Scarborough and Corporate McPravda want you to forget Lori Klausutis

I'm going to hell for posting this

Holy shit .... I just saw a possum in my fence!

McCain sees the light for a--CAPTION:

Make money by selling adulterated food? Why not, it's only a misdemeanor!

Police: Buttocks Found in Man's Stomach


PHOTO: But...the Olympics! Hey! Doesn't anybody remember the Olympics?

How Does DU change the way time works?

I am so *sick* of looking at GD:P

Heath Ledger's dealth ruled accidental overdose...

RECOUNT (the movie!) (on edit: i'm not kidding--it's a movie)

Todays turn around: DU threads challenges for new title.

In The Dark

Police: Crack Found in Man's Buttocks

War by Accident? .... Cheney lives, and he wants more war.

Woo Hoo! There's a live one in GD-P

They're all Guilty.

Nuclear Industry Donations Favor Dems

The Ghost of Flight 401: do you believe it happened?

More Self-Dealing: Bush Admin Leaking Stock Market Data Before the Bell?

Let Us Spray Together

So.. What fate shall we decree upon the states that failed the intelligence test

There are plenty of nipples showing in this pic:

Perfect Strangers now available on DVD

OMG, Delawarans are now License Plate theives!!1!!

Oxycodone + Vicodin + Valium + Temazepam + Xanax + Doxylamine cocktail cause of Ledger's death

Whee! I just got called a racist in GD:P

Are There Democrats In Boize Idaho?

What song is this?

This one slipped by the "License Plate Censors" apparently.


Anyone else RAISED on the Metric System?

Iron Wine + Calexico = an awesome album

Kevin Federline scraps reality show about his role as a single dad...and a nation weeps.

Damnit, now I have to leave the Lounge and go make up my mind.

When we take back the White House in November, we should ask Skinner

Homeland Security Money Funneled to Moonie Group with Ties to N. Korea

Surfing cat??????

WCPO news report on killer wood burning fireplace smoke

Democratic Lawmaker Pushing Immunity Is Newly Flush With Telco Cash (Sen. Rockefeller)

Elizabeth- 56 years of funny hats

Has this photo of Ann Coulter been photoshopped?

snow do your places of work handle it? I fell on ice at work

MangoHustler7655 just told me that i RSVP to events but never show up

magnetboi just told me that I was technically correct, but completely lost regarding the Crimean War

EvilBoogerinSulphur just told me that I use too much toilet paper

A daytime edition Of The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/06/08)

I was watching Sen.and Mrs. McCain (disembark) take the stairs off an airplane...

ElRanchoGrande just called me a fake Tejano

Holy Shit!!! Don't look now.

I know how we could calm things down in GD:P.

19-0 Gear being sent to the "needy"

i need a nut log

Fellow Book Lovers

tonight's excellent adventure

Is there an entire occupation of people you wish were extinct?

Just so you know that whenever you hear the Rush song "Reb Barchetta".

We Must Pray For Parche. He is lost in Clinton!

When are all the old-time DUers who are acting like assholes

Should I post this over in GD:P

Let us prey....

Church is all in my Lounge with prayer.

Now I know why Apple calls it "Time Machine"

Jeez... it really does all fall apart after 40... doesn't it? (vibe request)

We must pray for LynneSin, she was called a Delawarist

Today's phrase is "Man's Buttocks." Modify any thread title to include "man's buttocks."

Whoa...3.5 hour nap!

How long will the tires last going at the Bugatti Veyron's top speed of 254 mph? About 15 minutes

Lee Mercer is polling over in GD:P

Is there an entire occupation of people that wish you were extinct?

My son would make a great spy

Okay, that was cool. Ice cream trucks rock!

What are they feeding this dog?

Snark Alert! Snark Alert!

A giggle from Mad Magazine in case you missed it...

Why did Ford's sales drop? Because of the AFA's protest of their pro-HomoSexual policies

There's not enough bitterness and hatred here. Can we have a UNC vs Dook thread?

Be careful everybody.... Britney's loose

I have finally broken down and tried the "ignore" feature.

Cartoonists to Protest Lack of Color in the Comic (neat!)

I just hid GDP threads on the Latest Page....

To de-code the plan for tonight's down time, authenticate victor zulu


Good News For Whales: in essence, Court Tells Bush To Fuck Off!

Let's give up good advice for Lent. The Really, Really Bad Advice Thread... GET SOME!!!

Is GD the "chicken little" forum? Does anybody there appreciate good news?

Britain is slithering down the road towards a police state

Everybody's all involved with the election, so I don't know...

How common are killer tornadoes in january like last night's in Tennessee?

What Would You Do If Your Election Was Too Long

I am still sick and may have to miss class today. Not happy.

Happy 97th Birthday, Ronald Reagan

Question from a 10 year old

I was right, as usual: Fundies will take Huckabee over Romney

question for you wordy people

What should I make for dinner? I'm thinking chicken with a white wine sauce

mono - life in mono

"It's going to be expensive. Do you still want to purchase it?"

It only cost taxpayers $25,000 to get Britney to the hospital. Even in a recession, that's a BARGAIN

Is there a way to search for user profiles on more than just name?

Movement Conservative Implosion

This is why I can't support Hillary for the nomination:

Possible downtime tonight (Wednesday Feb 6th)

LostinVA just told me that I hate women.

Ohio Players - Funky Worm

Until the CIA lets Malcolm X out of jail so he can fight aliens in Area 51, I ain't voting.

So I Am Working At FedEx And I Accidentally Drop This Package

Weird frickin soup.

Average White Band - Person to Person

So I Am At Work And One Of My Co-Workers Was Looking At Spam All Day

So when Oprah quits her talk show, will she do what Geraldo did when he quit his talk show?

So I Was Working At The Deli Here In Vermont Today

The schools and every damn thing else here were closed

what a day

I have questions!

Young Marines recruiting for Van Buren County

Some people are just, well, different

actual SPAM subject line received in my junk folder today

Uh-oh..the jig is up.. they are "on" to our evil plan

What would happen?

I feel GREAT

Guess The Song In Pictures

today is my 30th anniversary

Lettuce Spray If You Carrot All

Woman arrested: beer gets a seatbelt, baby doesn't.

Babatope Ogunmola, Srinivas Ayyagari

My cat's a brat

We must pray for XemaSab, she was called a power company shill

New McCain campaign poster

FBI probing figure linked to 2004 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth; Accused of forging campaign audit

i DID have a KILLER sammy for lunch today!

You think you've seen the most crackbrained theory EVER on DU? No, you haven't,

"My memory of John McCain, working off demerits at our house & giving 5 year old a cigarette"

For all the Lounge Lizards here . . .

GDP Outrageous Comment of the Day

What's the first though that comes to mind when you hear these four words

These tornadoes were not global warming!

I am NOT giving up DU for Lent.

We must pray for Turtlensue. She is still waiting for Dee Snider to tire

Bat gone wild!!

Please pray for me. Only 2 out of the 3 cases of Stimson made it here safely.

Ugh... heartbreaking scene on MSNBC

Dennett: West should be outraged over pending execution of Afghani student for *blasphemy*

* * * * * OFFICIAL Thread That Looks Very Important But Really Is Not * * * * *

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

Think about a "President Huckabee"

Somewhere in history a secret kitty code

Should this person be allowed to vote?

We Must Pray For LostinVA She Was Called A Racist

FISA ....Telecom Group Key Player in Immunity Battle

We must pray for Turtlensue. She is still waiting for Dan Snyder to hire

Kevin Federline = K-Fed. Bah, pish-tosh. What would YOUR "street" name be?

Fender versus Gibson guitars

Dennis is on Randi. Sounds bummed.

Ash Wednesday match game: "Petunia was so penitent, even her ____ prayed."

February 6, 2008 will go down in history

Gavin Newsom belongs in the Civil Rights hall of fame, but way in the back

Pray for Me! I'm snow bound in my house...

This is fucking nutz. Having to use the AC on Feb 5? And I'm not in the tropics.

Bob Marley would've been 63 yrs old today. Post your fave Marley songs here:

Jon Stewart called Karl Rove a LIAR right to Chris Wallace's face

"What did we Accomplish in the Sixties?"

Is This the Lounge or Is This Church? What's Up With All The Religion Today?

I just realized why I don't like McCain

Hey old people! Do you remember this day 43 years ago?

Just a thought...

You know, since LBJ our Presidents have been southerners or Californians

An open letter to George W. Bush

Impeachment and criminal prosecution of those who allow torture won unanimous support at my caucus

"PBS mind in a Fox News world"

Feb 6th, 1961.

Its Pick On LostinVA Day

Last night I heard a TV anchor say that this was turning into the American Nightmare

Why do y'all call Chris Matthews "Tweety?"

I am in so much pain and I am mad too...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/6/2008)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/6/08

Which State Has The Best Flag?

Is Midlo keeping "St. Wednesday" today?

WAIT! I thought We didn't torture! I guess our troops can be tortured too then?

My new excuse for everything: I swim

DuStrange's book club: Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Who is going to rush out and get the new 16gb iPhone?

Diebold keys copied from internet image.

Name your favourite 19th century President........and why they are.

Just a reminder during the election Horse Race: WATCH DUBYA!


How many books are on your "to be read" pile?

A word of warning to all Rethugs as we celebrate

There are no nipples showing in this pic:

10 million dollars. What would you do?

A question for Hillary re the MIC . . .

Here's a question on the Middle East/Israel vs Palestine . . .

Ready to go to GDP now

People "walking away" from "upside-down" mortgages - Immoral?

Tornado damage in Lawrence County, AL included finding several shotguns in surrounding fields...

Countering misconceptions about Canadian health care


"Sexy Sadie" Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dies

The assholes came out of the closet, when's my HIDE USER feature back again??

Google Earth, Australia ---

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary :)

February 6, 1978

Today's math problem

The Missing European Leftwing Immigration

BREAKING FBI investigating Republican Campaign Finance "Irregularities" ? fraud ?

What's up with FISA?

Why Bobbolink is Homeless

are you still sure you want to eat beef?

What does the W in George W Bush really mean?

Book: Sept 11 executive director had closer ties to White House than publicly disclosed

Indian guru Maharishi Yogi dies

Obama beats Hillary 86 to 13 percent in Georgia - Exit polls

CNN Projects: Obama Wins Illinois & Georgia; Clinton Wins Okla.

Ft. Bragg Soldier Dies in Iraq (IED)

Clinton, Huckabee Win in Arkansas, CNN Projects (Tenn. for Clinton Also)

McCain Reaches for Command of GOP Race (Wins in Illinois, NJ, Conn., Delaware)

Labor Hits Jackpot (states largest employer claimed sovereignty)

Sen. Clinton to Win New Jersey Democratic Primary, ABC News Projects

Low on hope, but they'll still vote (youth)

Obama builds primaries momentum

Japan's Nikkei down 4 pct on U.S. recession fears

Obama Wins Utah, North Dakota Democratic Contests, NBC Projects

El Salvador may pull 'almost all' troops from Iraq

Obama takes Delaware

Clinton Takes 3 Big Northeastern States

Clinton Takes 3 Big Northeastern States

ABC News Projects Sen. Hillary Clinton to Win Massachusetts and New York Democratic Primaries

Economy Fitful, Americans Start to Pay as They Go

California - Clinton Early leads 57% vs Obama 33%

MSNBC Projects: Obama Wins the Connecticut Democratic Primary

Canadian court hands rare Internet hate crime conviction (AFP)

Explosion at gas pumping station (Tenn)

Fitch mulls MBIA downgrade

Polls remain open in Alameda County (Calif.) until 10 p.m. (PST)

Repairs to Internet Cables Begin in Gulf

ABC News Projects Sen. Barack Obama will win Delaware Democratic Primary

Italian President to Dissolve Parliament

Natural Gas Plant Erupts In Flames (Nashville)

Feds want rendition lawsuit dismissed

CNN: Georgia Democrats Give Obama Win

Intelligence Chief Cites Qaeda Threat to U.S.

Man, 86, strikes girl with car after voting :-(

Risk of (Commercial) property defaults growing

Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dies

Defective Military Helmets Suit Settled

US (Super Tuesday) rivals fight on after key day

Unions (AFL-CIO) sue regulators (Labor Secretary Chao) over new rules

Plosser-Fed must remain vigilant on inflation

(NM) Democratic Party apologizes for caucus debacle

Republicans block Senate plan to boost economy

Georgia Loses Federal Case in a Dispute About Water

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 6

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dies

BREAKING Heath Ledger died of accidental overdose

General, 7 Others Killed in Pakistan Military Helicopter Crash

Obama Wins Alabama Democratic Primary, NBC Reports

Breaking CNN: Clinton will win California Primary

Deadly Twisters Mar Super Tuesday Voting (4 Deaths Confirmed; Others Trapped, Missing - AR, TN)

Tornadoes roar across South, killing 22

Clinton camp: Obama will outspend us (HRC only raised $13.5 and has loaned her campaign $5mil)

Gasoline could drop 50 cents/gallon by spring

U.S. Sees Russia, China and OPEC Financial Threat

3 Companies Indicted in Pet Food Case

RNC warns Obama: We punch harder than Clinton

Private prisons demand 5 percent rate increase

Campaigns head to Texas to give state a say

Amnesty International Calls for Criminal Investigation(waterboarding)

Deaths Halt Part of Large Diabetes Trial

Blackwater key to US-Iraq talks: ambassador

UN torture investigator blasts US White House defense of waterboarding

AP Confirms Secret Camp Inside Gitmo

Bush OK'd confirming waterboarding

U.S. recession could be worse than recent downturns

More Iraqis heading to Syria than returning home: UN

GOP Scared Over Fraud Investigation Of NRCC

Iranian faces execution for drinking alcohol

Dems show massive popular voting turnout

Top officer calls U.S. forces 'stressed'

GOP Senators Block $40B Add To Stimulus Bill

Mother and calf whale killed - first photo of the slaughter

"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

Haggard prematurely leaves rehab, New Life Church says

'Adultery' sisters to be stoned to death in Iran

Teamsters Launch Major Campaign to Fire U.S. Transportation Secretary

White House defends use of waterboarding

Berkeley’s anti-Marines declaration prompts bills to strip federal funds

Rice chastises ambassador (Khalilzad) over Iran talks

Last Century's Wisdom

A Message From The American Corporate Plutocracy--THANKS!!!

Housing Meltdown ...... Why home prices could drop 25% more

CNET: The newest Internet whodunnit? Who cut the cables?

Was PD Editorial Written with Straight Face?

The Greening of the U.S. Consumer

Conservative coalition unravels in bruising race (hysterical!)

Learning of Abdul Razzaq Hekmati's death on SuperDuper Tuesday

Navy Sonar damaging to marine mammals - Judge does not allow Bush admin to override

Swing states offer clues for November - AP

Obama/Clinton Splits The Kennedy Clan: Touch Football Games Give Way to 'Tackle'


Tomgram: "The Spectacle of Campaign 2008" ....A Great Read!

What Do the Pentagon's Budget Numbers Mean?

A Voters Guide to Indie Media Issues

Nine Billion Little Feet on the Highway of the Damned -- Are we there yet Pa? (Joe Bageant)

The Battle Over Iraq’s Archives

CEOs' money is for nothing

Banks getting much stricter on loans

Bush 'kills' Freedom of Information Act compliance...

President's Budget Cuts Vital Food Program, Puts Seniors at Risk


Mark Morford: (SF Gate) The machine gun of capitalism

Stocks: The Street's Fears Deepen

These Loans Were Made for Walking: The End of the Subprime Crisis

GreenPeace - Cashing in on the Great Whales - Paul Watson

Stamping out the Vintage

Why Blacks Should Consider McCain

Religious police in Saudi Arabia arrest (American) mother

Refusing talk to facilitate talk – the paradox of Islamist dialogue: ...

Mike Gravel Clarifies Globalization and World Governance

Mike Gravel interview with Randi Rhodes

MG in the situation room with wolf blitzer

Road to the Whitehouse


CBS: Connecticut Goes for Barack Obama

Colorado goes for Barack Obama

Obama And Hillary - Renegades Of Funk

CBS: Kansas Goes for Barack Obama

MSNBC coverage on Obama's coalition

Bush's Super Tuesday Speech

Bill Maher interview with Larry King, Part 1, Feb 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton talks to America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn

Julia Sweeney's run in with Mitt Romney's religion

Bush's Budget Plan is a Disaster!

MSNBC’s Decision 2008 Coverage 2/4/08

The Loneliest Lame Duck

Republican Traitors During a Time of War?

Georgia Voters Wait in 2+ Hour Lines To Vote on Super Tuesday

Prostitutes Love the GOP Convention

Uh Oh McCain! James "Dog Beater" Dobson also comes out against Saint John

Barack Obama Super Tuesday Victory Speech, pt. 1

Is the MSM prepping us for another stolen election?

Hillary Clinton's Super Tuesday Victory Speech

Guess How Much The Republicans Have Raised With Their New Site (Compared To The Dems With Act Blue)?

Brave New Films: 'What is this Iraq War Charge on my Bill?'

Barack Obama Super Tuesday Victory Speech, pt. 2

Imagine Barack Obama

Learning About PV: The Myths of Solar Electricity

Port's hurry to deliver 'black gold'

xpost: Tornadoes roar across South, killing 22

Letter from a Farmer: South Africa in the "Premature Long Emergency"

British eco-town

The EPA wants your opinion on endosulfan: tell them to ban this toxic pesticide.

U.S. Govt. Cares More For Alaskan Oil Than Polar Bears

NIRS Statement on Cancellation of Idaho Nuclear Reactor

Coal hits a wall named Wall Street

Puget Sound may rise six inches by 2050

U.S. budget boosts coal and nuclear power

Shades of Heisenberg: Antarctic Scientists Discover PBDE Pollution Is Caused By Arctic Scientists.

sure is a bushel-o-weather we're havin

Kuwait to start importing LNG by ship from Qatar next year

New technology will result in more efficient, less expensive solar energy

Gulf to become major fertiliser producer

The World's Dump: Ocean Garbage from Hawaii to Japan

SEAT announces plans to become one of the world’s largest solar power generators.

Al Franken (the candidate) on Global Warming

Which do you think is worse for the planet?

Pentagon seeks money for unmanned drones

Cody to retire, Odierno will be new vice chief

Increased UAV reliance evident in 2009 budget

Gates to press NATO allies on Afghanistan

Outlawed job conversions still in 2009 budget

Army coping with shortage of chaplains

Snow forces N.M. governor to call in Guard

New claims of civilian deaths in Iraq

Soldier killed in non-combat incident in Iraq

Berkeley officials look to make amends

Cost of LCS rises again

CG relieves CO amid relationship allegations

Rocket sled failed to set record

VA budget plan not enough, lawmakers say

Keating: Sonar restrictions hinder readiness

Chertoff revives bid for new CG HQ

Former astronaut Nowak still awaiting trial

Marine recalled as devoted friend at funeral

2 SEALs killed in Iraq by small-arms fire

F-15 pilot named, was rescued by Coast Guard

C-130s rescue Americans from violence in Chad

Editorial: Eye on the ball

Editorial: Retire this bad idea

Backtalk: Delaying new bomber would be a mistake

Pay raise, boost in BAH lower than ’08

Fallujah park created in girl’s memory

Iraq like a new country to some on their second, third or fourth tours

Dempsey nominated to take helm at USAREUR

Judges seek info on mental health of Naha rape suspect

Seeking a clearer vision on alcohol?

Air Force sets aside funds for senior NCOs, medical personnel

Trial delayed for Britons accused in oil spill

2nd Brigade getting new motor pool at Grafenwöhr

Big deployment questions answered in small groups

Edwards commander found dead in parking lot

Mullens Admits U.S. Forces 'Stressed'

A 'Super' McCain; Clinton, Obama Vie

Less Procurement in Bush Defense Budget

Seeking Special Compensation Claimants

Air Force Claims Center is Efficient

Going Foreign Again?

Hispanic Military Leaders Suggest Recruiting Undocumented Youth

Photo Story Monday - Wires, Skulls And Switches

Next Administration to Call on F-22s

Civic Casualties - Better military policy starts with educating civilians

One of the two remaining WWI US veterans died today.

Mine Workers Win Round at Massey Mine (NLRB)

Bush Budget Slap in the Face of Workers

Clinton, Obama carve out backing of local unions

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Defending the right to organize

Bill targets farm-labor ills

AA grapples with retirement-related flight cancellations

Back to basics, unions go door-to-door

Outlawed job conversions still in 2009 budget (xpost from Veterans)

Today in labor history February 06

The EPA wants your opinion on endosulfan: tell them to ban this toxic pesticide.

There once was a ruling that some judged snappy... (Decision reversing $2.35 million 4 FREE SPEECH!)

California Nurse Says She Was Fired For Union Organizing

Child-care providers can form unions Gov. Strickland signs executive order

Barrymores Ghost

Hamas fires 3 Kassams at Ashkelon, IAF hits back

Looking at process in the Arab-Israeli negotiations

2 kids lightly injured in Qassam attack on western Negev

Mother of suspected Dimona suicide bomber: 'I still expect him back'

Refusing talk to facilitate talk – the paradox of Islamist dialogue:

Mexican billionaire urges public works

Cubans mourn 'King of the Congas'

Russian icebreaker supplying Argentine Antarctic bases

Bush budget launches new Israel aid

2/6 9:00 Asian markets in trouble

Fragile Dollar Hegemony: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar

Recovery for SIVs unlikely

The arrogance of CEOs...

Yesterday a government report was leaked.

The Stench of '89

U.S. recession could be worse than recent downturns

Ultimate Fed Conspiracy Theory

Grandma and Grandpa are out

Dealing with bitterness

I want to apologize for going off on Newsom yesterday.

Queer as folk

Biden 6 votes in Georgia and counting :)

in other news... several recent press releases on Joe's senate site

Biden talking point --

Joe got almost 5,000 (so far) votes in CA - 1/2 of 1%. Oh well...

Something I think we can agree on

Hey -- where are all my peeps today?

I should have known better than to post at R/T

Question for the resident astrologers in re: Boss and Worker

My notes on today's Annular Solar Eclipse

I drew some cards last night about today's Democratic primaries.

Patriots defensive back charged with marijuana possession in Lowell

Sewickley Group Sends Super Bowl Losers' Misprinted 19-0 Gear To Needy

(Clemens) Report: McNamee gives vials, syringes, gauze pads to investigators

Shaq may be traded to the Suns

Clemens speaks under oath to Congress

SHOCKER! Strahan makes ass out of himself

Boxing: February 7-9

Single-Payer FAQ

Supplements 'reduce malaria toll'

Experimental Vaccine Halts Prostate Cancer

Diabetes study halted after safety review reveals risk

Heavy cannabis use 'damages gums'

Sean Penn to Help Raise Funds for Kucinich Campaign at IX Center Event

Mortadella recipe for Ecumenist

Yummy sweet bread-not the organ meat, baked goods.

I'm making Roast Beef hash tonight, any suggestions?

Favorite kitchen gadgets

Skating birds

Charlestowne Landing

Today is the Urs of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

The concept of an "invalid question" in the Objectivist religion.

Question for Christians. Where is the "religious left"?

Scientists hunt down potato origins - to Chile

NASA Beams Lennon's 'Across The Universe' Toward North Star

Miniature Spy Guns

Recommendations for an additional handgun for self-defense.

WeAreChangeLA reaches out to Simon Wiesenthal Center

"Why didn't Phil Zelikow make reviewing vital NSA documents a Commission priority?"

My former fundie friend

Other reported problems:

Again! - total registered voters at SOS differ from County

Do we have a place to post voting experiences today?

Voting advocates allege problems at Los Angeles polls

Personal Experience: Kathy Dopp describes a run-in with Diebold's 3-strikes rule.

Time to start over (Garrison Keillor)Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 2/6/08

California: Rueters/C-Span/Zogby: Obama +13; Official Count: Clinton +10

Willie Nelson Believes CD, What's That Guy Smoking? :>))) Link...

X-Post: Major US Supreme Court case trashes Primary Elections Opens floodgates of corruption

Looks like our primary vote will count for a change.

Clear the calendar: Prez race headed to Texas

I could find this answer somewhere, but I'm lazy and I know ya'll will know.

Noriega-McMurrey debate teed up

more TV interviews 2/6/08

Being a real statesman, I don't get it

Graffiti posts. Don't let them bother you.

Homophobes for Bachmann

Most interesting result in Minnesota last night?

Who has caucus results for downticket races like senate and congress?

My little white working class precinct caucus in Central Minnesota

Many turned away in Minnesota due to running out of time and ballots

What was your caucus result?

i found this new digital clock from the University of Poland... >>Link>>

I typed in google, Oklahoma results and this is what I get

Who are Texas' Super Delegates?

MSNBC has already called Georgia for Obama!! Woo hoo!!

is Zogby purposely raising Obama expectations ?

SC Primary Day

Obama hasn't wiped out in any state yet!

A few numbers to get the truth out - The truth is that Obama did great!

My support for Obama got bruised

John Kerry sent this email from VA Gov. Tim Kaine to his national list today

Post Super Tuesday RollCall: Did your state vote yesterday?

PM, Dion try to bridge gap

Keep Pearson out of it

Government knew nothing about Mulroney cash: Rock

Straight Goods: Polls don't tell the whole truth

Straight Goods: Isotope crisis was a hoax according to CMA; a missed opportunity for opposition

Harper prepared to draw the line on Afghanistan

Colleges could turn away 60,000, report says

KOEB 2/5/08 Super Duper Mega Humongous Big Fat Tuesday Edition Part 2

KOEB 2/5/08 Super Duper Mega Humongous Big Fat Tuesday Edition

Who can't wait for Scully and Mulder?

Voters back gambling measures

Californian's back casinos, not colleges.

Did anyone have or hear of voting problems yesterday?

Metronet costs taxpayers £1.7bn

A sign of things to come? SNP passes budget with Tory votes

Here come the campaigns! SUper Tuesday fails to annoint.

Dear Healthy WI DU'ers...Please don't forget your elderly neighbors

Wow! even the malls are closed!

An analysis from DailyKos: Why Wisconsin now very important

This is what my fuckin' Rep does...

Democrats show TV the money: Outspend Republicans 3-to-1 on TV ads

What do you think of the ASPCA "Canine-ality Test"?

Lorien.,,What ever became of Ashiki????

Did you know that the acronym ROY G BIV....

Time for some crazy talking cats

Cult leader "Maharishi" Mahesh Yogi died today.