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Archives: February 5, 2008

I just had another (24th) email read on CNN (about the primaries)

OK all My Pretty Partisans! Convince me. . .

Obama Web Site Seeks to Rally the Faithful...Edwards Flubbed Up..

Hillary opens 11% lead in Missouri - Hillary 54% Obama 43%

Connecticut Obama 48% Hillary 46%

Alabama Obama 49% Hillary 47%

What exactly does Bill Clinton like about Rove and Bush's "vision"

Caution: Obama supporters...remember New Hampshire...

Why I GoPsUx voting for Obama

Intrade bets on Obama winning CA! Very slightly, but still winning!

Welcome to the 2008 Poll-a-Palooza!

What, no attack threads about Hillary "garnishing" wages today?

Wait- did Clinton cry AGAIN?

To say survey USA sucks is to be ignorant

McClatchy Newspapers: A look at Super Tuesday, state by state

I don't trust any of these polls!

The loneliness of the One-Issue Voter

Things I wish Hillary would have cried about....

Seriously Tweety, STFU.

Enough ALREADY!!!!

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: "Obama leapfrogged over Clinton in Missouri"

Barack and Hillary are fighters. Good luck to both of these classy candidates, and may the best

Did anyone else see the Obama ad on the Super Bowl?

17,000 people and 0 empty seats greet Obama at XL Center in Connecticut

Hillary will probably get at least 1 million people watching her town hall tonight

Super Tuesday Online Straw Poll - Vote to See the Map & Results

Edwards was by a long shot the best Democratic candidate in the field

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama tied with Clinton in her back yard

3,000 people and 17,000 empty seats greet Obama at Meadowlands in Jersey

At this point, I'm not telling ANYBODY how I'm voting tomorrow!

Politico's Roger Simon: Obama "has won a lot of hearts in the press corps"

Nothing is going to be decided tomorrow! Nothing at all, get ready to keep at it..For another month!


Best and worst pollsters so far in the primaries

Prediction: Now the media will not put Hillary's tears in the front page

Clinton, McCain Likely to Face Off in November, UCSD Elections Expert Predicts

The polls are all over the map. Why? Because it's hard to pin down the voters.

Please vote

Okay, I'm confused. It was a coughing jag?

Here is Hillary Clinton's running mate:

When did Richardson drop out?

I just polled myself and Hillary won. (Rasaflogby USA)

Gallup Daily: Hillary increases lead in final poll before Super Tuesday

Heaven help the next fool that calls my house and attempts a push poll

See you tomorrow night, DU!

Dr King's Lawyer & Speechwriter Endorses Obama

Hillary Supporters....Why isn't Obama Qualified or.....

OK, so Obama smokes and Bill Clinton does not smoke cigars anymore.

Hillary raised only $13.5 million last month...$18.5 millions less than Obama.

George Clooney Backs Obama at the Oscars Luncheon, Moore Mum on Hillary

Wow. So many new posts to read, I just got home from work. Does anyone here work for a living?

Let's hear it for Uppity Women and Black Men!

McCain's ad

I live in NY and have only seen ads by Obama. Has anyone else in the area seen ads by anyone else?

Obama ran for U.S. Congress in 2000. Am I the last to know? n/t

Karl Rove joins FoxNews You Decide political team tommorow

the new McCain ad makes *no* sense

Is this a stupid question?

wow! Michelle Malkin slams McCain as a sellout of the righties ->

New Mexico Poll: Obama 48, Clinton 42

Clinton folks please don't forget to watch Clinton's "town hall" infomercial at 9pm tonight!!!

Zogby has Obama up by 5% in MO, Survey USA has him down by 11%, which is right?

self-delete, duplicate

17,000 Greet Obama in Hartford at the XL Center (WE CANT WAIT!)

Pre-Clinton White House, who would have the power to deliver a kingmaker endorsement?

I worry this campaign is taking its toll on Obama. No tears but he does look rather stressed.

Obama camps tries to turn issue of health care into a Character issue for Hillary!

It's silly I guess but I thought that Obama quit smoking last Feb

The Obama Opportunity (Govs Sebelius, Napolitano & Sen McCaskill)

As a mother of draft age sons and as a military vet, I am asking you to consider HRC's voting record

Michelle Obama: "The issues facing Black America are the same ones facing rural Idaho" What?!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/3/08 - Clinton down 3 (46), Obama up 2 (40)

"Obama erases Clinton's double-digit lead in national poll"

The Town Hall Meeting is on

Negative Romney Ad joins McCain with Hillary Clinton

Ever wonder who Monica Lewinsky might be voting for?


Should we have a DU poll on the eve of Super Tuesday?

More proof of Obama's consistent position on the war

Photos: Barack Obama today at a rally in Hartford, CT

Super Tuesday online Straw Poll - Vote to See the Map & Results

We have two inspiring candidates, but the media spin is that only Obama can inspire

Splain this to me...

I love Bill Richardson with the beard.

Why would anyone want this Job?

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) endorses Barack Obama

is Obama ready for this kind of swiftboating and I'm sure much worse to come?

If Obama wins, Hillary people will support him. If Obama loses, a hissy fit that

Obama must have learned to deliver speeches from Rev. Wright.

Aww, how cute!

George Clooney backs Obama; Moore coy on Clinton

I submitted two questions for Sen. Clinton's townhall tonight

Respect, Empower, Include.

Okay I'm gonna call it - gotta do it sometime - why not on ST Eve?

FYI: Maher on Larry King tonight



"You don't have to be straight, to shoot straight." Barry Goldwater

What time is Obama's rally in Massachusetts?

I got a $100 bill that says Hillary wins tomorrow

COUNTDOWN TO HILLARY'S TOWNHALL: prediction and information thread

Help me out would ya? Why Does RW Assbag Hannity hate McCain so much?

Who's going to watch Hillary's townhall on Hallmark Channel or at tonight?

MA: Obama on the Move in Bay State

More Than 15,000 Show up to See Obama in Hartford Today, With New and Updated Photos

Is the Clinton townhall not live nationwide on Hallmark?

Obama Itching for a Fight Against John McCain

CAROL SIMPSON is hosting Hillary Clinton's national town hall meeting!!!

First Lady Maria Shriver Explains Why She Must Follow Her Own Truth

My 12-YO daughter likes Hillary

A Rock Concert Atmosphere at the Civic Center for Obama - 17,000 Show up to Hear Obama Speak

self delete


Pulling in the Independent vote

Spouses never worked for a rival candidate...

Hillary says Bill's love never wavered despite Lewinsky affair

Clinton reunites with legal colleague

TPM: Obama camp lowering expectations for ST

Looks like it's going to be a long day tomorrow (Rasmussen Markets odds)...

President McCain. That's just so wrong. President Romney

Romney vs. Clinton: Clinton +5 spread. Romney vs. Obama: Obama +12 spread.

Hey Obama Supporters read here please

Anyone watching the phony Hillary event?

Why isn't Romney using the Keating Five against McCain?

BREAKING! McCain and Romney battle over who is a lunatic.

Liberace's piano tuner endorses Obama!!!

Bill Clinton just called me, Obama called yesterday.

Hillary Clinton sews socks that smell!

To those of you who get emotional on DU and go out and vote a certain way because of it

David Swanson / AfterDowningStreet.Org /Scoop: Your Vote Will Be Thoughtful, But Will It Be Counted?

WTF. What channel is the Obama Rally?

Hillary just said she was going to cut 500 private contractors from gov and end no bid contracts!

Hillary's Town-Hall is simply more canned questions but delivered by little girls

GOOD GOD. How many new "DUers" are here calling our candidates horrible names?

i'm voting for Obama who are voting for?

SWMO for Progress Founder: Obama is our best choice

Wouldn't it be amazingly cool, if . . .

Any Hillary supporters happen to watch Dan Abrams just now?

Barack Says: Make A Call!

Jack Nicholson: Clinton Is 'Masterful'

Vote for Obama tomorrow!

Take a nap. No, really. This works for Election Eves. Take a nap.

Obama rally live on CSPAN NOW!

My 100% guaranteed right prediction for tomorrow:

The endorsement that moved me: 92-yr-old Grace Lee Boggs - "I've never had this much hope"

there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

super sunday super for obama

Reminder: Sen. Clinton on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight.

Soldiers Backing Anti-war Candidates (Ron Paul, Obama)

Hillary live: FEMA back to independant and ALL new competent personnel! its good!

Why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

Has the "democratic" primary been the political version of "Survivor"?

Tune in to - the webcast is continuing with Q's from the Internet!

Splitsville for Rupert and Hillary -- but it was no real romance to begin with.

Hillary Townhall still going online.

Who would Gene Rayburn endorse? I really liked the Match Game. n/t

I was always dismissive of the "hope" thing. No more.

My townhall broadcast just cut off at the 1 hour mark

Interesting article about Obama from

I am voting for Obama in Battleground Missouri, convince me not to...

Just saw Michelle Obama in Tucson

Obama lied about the war.

High horses are for fools. Don't try to tell me that Hillary supporters haven't been flinging crap

I heard that Huckabee, if elected, wants to make Chuck Norris his Defense Secretary

I'm leaning towards Obama... is that wrong

Are waaaahmbulence votes pathetic?

Gov. Deval Patrick is introducing Obama

Ugh, no more polls, thank God!

This Special Is Not Going to Help Clinton

3 generations for Obama

NPR poll: McCain beats Clinton by 3%, Obama by 1%

No superstitiousness or wishful thinking--What's your gut feeling? Who will be happier Wed. morning?

I gotta vote a week after Super Tuesday and I can't choose ......

After tomorrow's vote is over, this is what's going to happen.

Hillary Clinton = presidential

Military Donors Back Ron Paul & Obama; Lobbyists back Hillary

can true believers please convince me? I was a Kucinich supporter.

*** Obama in Massachusetts THREAD*****

Tonight the DU has more freepers than the KKK has FBI infiltrators

You sure you Obama people will not need a Xanax salt lick if you lose?


Clinton's buy informed Democrats how she would perform in the presidential "town hall" debates

Is JFK image copyrighted?

WBZ Boston TV exposing one of Romney's top fund raisers as a tax evader

Kerry: Obama will not bring a transition but a transformation of American politics

Republicans have dominated the political landscape since the Civil Rights Bill

Clinton on Letterman at 11:30 EST

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, do you think she will try again in the future?

Which of these is the best November matchup for the Democrats?

Where is the Obama Massachusetts Rally Thread ? n/t


I found out today where the Obama office in Madison is going to be...

If you missed the Clinton town hall online live you can watch it now on the web!

Obama: "My faith in the American people has been vindicated'. Whu?

Dipping a toe where it shunt GO!1 If CLINTON wins it's MACHINE, if OBAMA it's charisma!1

A Super Tuesday Eve Baracku

*** Where are all the Obama Supporters? I Will Support Obama to the Very End. ***

Clinton, Obama & Permanent Bases in Iraq?

Harvard, Yale and presidential politics

How come Ted Kennedy never ran for president?

OK so who won the Town Hall?

Holy mother... Mike Huckabee and his wife... are they twins?? Tune into C-Span 1 now!

The Clintons' Shadiest Donors

Clinton Wins! She got the most lobbyist campaign money, nearly doubles second-place McCain

Um.. David Shuster saying that Obama does better in caucuses, there are different

Are women's rights subservient in the Civil Rights movement? T or F?

AP: "Clinton appears on Letterman on Super Tuesday eve"

Is hanging out with Kennedy and Kerry building a "bridge to the past"?

Which candidate is breaking a promise to complete a full term as Senator representing a state?

want to break into the Hill/ Obama brawl to say - I am loving the way

Hillary on Letterman: "In my White House, we will know who wears the pantsuits"

First partial Super Tuesday official results are in

Is Super Tuesday a bad idea ? Too Many States

I support Hillary 100%

Rove and Newt are on DU:primary just smilin, smilin, smilin'.....

Was Clinton's townhall scripted?

Kerry and Kennedy rocked the house, now

The perfect solution to the "Woman First or African American First?" argument:

Teddy Kennedy Having a Lot of Fun!

My Super Tuesday Guide

Getting butterflies yet?

One way I'd support Obama over Clinton

Is anyone able to get the Grateful Dead for Barack streaming?

Insomnia sufferers, turn on Cspan right now if you want to be cured & get a great night's sleep


Obama supporters:Tomorrow remember NH. He has not won this thing yet and

The okie doke

Mediaweek: Hallmark Channel reaches 84 million US households

From the grave: Molly Ivins on Hillary Clinton

Hillary. Obama. It's all good!

The Specter of a Hillary Adminstration: The more things change....

Hillary sending negative mailers in Massachusetts

Warning! California Gets Its Own Butterfly Ballot

If Obama loses to Hillary, he can be president in 2012. If McCain beats Clinton, that is

I don't like to see infighting between Democrats.

Obama joking self-effacingly about how terrible it was finding out Cheney was his cousin.

Happy Primary Eve.....from an Edwards Democrat

At this point, can anybody here really say a damn thing to change your vote?

LAT: To many Asians, the U.S. electoral system is a mystery

Do you know what I mean about the okey doke Ted?

Obama just noted the irony of having a nation of new prisons and old schools

I cant believe you're all falling for it

In case you missed it the Stevie Wonder endorsement...

Republican sponsored ads on radio and signs on streets against McCain in AZ.

*** FEB 4: McCain 47%, Clinton 39% ... McCain 44%, Obama 44%***

Is Huckabee about to get Edwarded?

Reminder! Hillary on Letterman now.

Obama with a large lead as polls open

What is Universal Health Care?

Why is it that women have to fight twice as hard, gain twice the experience before

Bay Times Election Endorsements: Barack Obama for President (SF Gay paper)



Affirmations: Listen to Barack Obama and feel good about yourself and America

For anyone who still thinks Lou Dobbs is on the side of the progressives...

If we had Universal Health Care what would you have fixed that you can't fix now?

What Obama knows about foreign relations would fit in a

A point of personal privilege: It's "I ***SHALL*** Not Be Moved"

Obama: "Yes, I'm reaching out to Republicans -because they want to switch teams!"

Why I Support Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you want the Bush mess cleaned up & HEALTH CARE Better Vote Hillary

Hillary is a genius.

Both my grandmas are supporting Obama!

In 24 hours the big headline will be McCain secures GOP and . .

An Obama Sweep?

California voters: what are your opinions on Props 91 through 97?

Hillary went to 2 MLK rallies as a teenager and shook his hand and was inspired

Why it was important to me to switch from Edwards to Obama

Edwards voter request to Hillbots

I am not going to vote tomorrow!

i just got a personal message from skinner - he has endorses...

HRC's Blackwater Connections

Hillary live: Notes we need to build a new electrical grid! first candidate to address that...

Who's with me?

EXCELLENT delegate breakdown of Super-Tuesday delegates...

Obama thinks Clinton is too mean to Republicans


Oh woe, oh woe! DUers are so mean to each other!

OMG take a hard look at the primary calendar...DU may implode (42 days in Purgatory with the bots)

Oh You Look So Beautiful Tonight

Will we know for SURE who the REPUBLICAN nominee is after tomorrow?

GenerationQ: Hillary Clinton "best choice for the LGBT community"

It makes me ANGRY that the youth vote will probably NOT show up to vote tomorrow no matter what!

Obama's record-breaking Jan. fund-raising ($32 million) more two times Hillary's ($13.5 million)

Handy Guide to Barak Obama's Foreign Policy Experience and Advisors

Ok. Stop with the "Obama rally = Cult" BS already.

The contrast between these two events could not be any more stark.

Will the Giants parade affect Obama?

Robert DeNiro - Hopemonger

Two more Edwards supporters for Obama

That's it! I am furious and hurt, and now I'm going with Mike Gravel!

Help me ou here. I have to vote tomorrow and I havent decided who to vote for.

****Obama Rally with the MASS ALL STARS - Kennedy/Kerry/Patrick Thread (C-SPAN 1) STARTING NOW*****

Real Clear Politics, Polls, Delegates, and Excel - makes math easy! MAJOR SCANDAL INSIDE

Hillary Clinton has raised more money from lobbyists

This one is for RummyIsFrosted

HA! Hallmark Channel just Cut Hillary off saying: We will Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled...

Please vote for Hillary tomorrow

Question for Hillary supporters

***************** I will express my opinion*********************

Hillary's town forum had all the substance of a Hallmark greeting card.

I find Huckabee hard to dislike

Clinton Gets Most Lobbyist Money, McCain Most Help

Can I get a shout-out for this UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA SPEECH!!!!

In your hearts, you know its bullshit - scripted bullshit.

Hillary still has trouble explaining her position on Iraq

Shriver shows up at Obama event after an equestrian event

Fellow Edwards Supporters: Please don't vote for him tomorrow.

I'm so SICK of the Gravelbots calling me a kool-aid drinkin' Obamaiteusthing!

Report: Obama Has More Female Donors Than Hillary

Deadheads for Obama webcast tonight!

Happy Voting, Democrats!

HRC Website has the hours of Illniois Primary wrong

Happy Super Tuesday, everyone!

Since all my preferred candidates keep dropping out, I'm offically endorsing Clinton

Polls: Obama gaining on Clinton in NY, NJ

Yale Daily News: "Kerry Kennedy cites Clinton know-how" (great story)

Don't ask why Chelsea hasn't joined up, ask why YOU or your kids have not!

An observation from SF Bay Area, California (Obama partisans will like this)

Fortunate Sons (and daughters)

Deadheads for Obama - If you missed it - REBROADCASTS!

What a True Statesman ! We should be proud

Quote of the day

Hey!! We finally have a Democratic secretary of state who

As you go to the polls, don't blame the candidates for how their supporters behaved

Question: Will we know how the delegates are apportioned TONIGHT?

Welcome to Soupy Tuesday!

Dave Matthews endorses Obama!

I Want Unbiased Super-Tuesday Coverage. What Station Should I Watch?

IT IS YOUR CHOICE! "tea and cake" or death?

Hillary: "In my Whitehouse, we will know who wears the pantsuits."

Obama's Fundraising Collides With his Rhetoric

Mrs. Clinton Has Support in Stronghold of Obama

What I've learned about the candidates in GD-P.

Vice and voter preference poll


NBC Nightly news interview: Brian Williams and Barack Obama

I just voted for Barack Obama, and I feel great!

Why hasn't Chelsea Clinton volunteered to serve in Iraq?

Bottom line: DU'rs rantings do not influence my vote--I think for myself

Conyers: Bill Clinton "Can't Control Himself" on Trail

"An all-American family?" - no Mary Matalin didn't just say that!

Hey, isn't February "Black History Month"?

I just shaved my butt, and I feel great!

On Super Tuesday morning, it looks like Barack Obama is the most electable (hard evidence).

VOTED FOR HILLARY? Check in here and describe the experience!

Git out there and vote, y'all!

The Albuquerque Tribune endorses Obama

Every year since the GOP took over GA my polling place has changed.

So, if your candidate doesn't win today will you support the winner?

Super Tuesday Voters: Who did/will you vote for today?

The most important exit polling data to watch throughout the day is

Clinton Won't Commit To Renew Constitution

John Conyers, the originator of HR 676, supports Barack Obama

Whom did the AFT endorse, please?

A Poll of the Pollsters - Read the Report card:


OH-Bama ! Wins First Super Tues - Voters Abroad Indonesia - 75% !!!!

Wasn't the voter they just interviewed on CNN on Monk?

Whatever happened to Lou Harris?


Hillary isn't the only one getting Rupert Murdoch's money.

VOTED TODAY. Check in here, if you did, too.

Massive turnout in Tennessee (Eastern)

Republicans might not vote for Clinton? It's not because of any of the bullshit that flies here

I just voted online from ABROAD!

The calm before the storm...

CORZINE CAN'T VOTE because of poll problems (!!!!!!)

Did I just hear McCaulliff say this is the Democrat Party on MSNBC? eom

I dreamed...

If you vote your conscience you can never go wrong.

Dave Matthews endorses Obama

Air America has uber-loser consultant Bob Shrum as commentator?

Dear Michelle Obama, why can't all just get along?

Damn I'm sick of overly-sensitive Hillary supporters...

Thank you to the Clinton supporters who stepped in to the

Happy Mardi Gras fellow DUers!

History Majors: That's OK, Hillary- The Turks at Aqaba Didn't See Lawrence coming from the Nefud.

If Healthcare is one of your main concerns:

Voter turnout is important in the primaries for furture Presidential primaries.

***Official Lines across America Check-in Thread***

Please post your observations about turnout in your precinct

TPM: The Audacity of My Commute

01:30 Clinton Campaign Promises- on Letterman (FUNNY!)

I'll sleep well tonight

Will We Have A CLEAR Nominee After Tonight????

Computer glitch on elections site fixed

Santorum: "I don't know anybody in Washington...who doesn't have a story to tell" about McCain

I voted with my heart today. I voted for John Edwards.

Hillary Clinton casts her vote -- Bill: "One of the proudest moments of my life"

People who vote based on messageboard content.

MSNBC live stream now, all day Super Tuesday coverage -

Soooo. Which candidate did YOU vote for?

Make Your Voice Heard On Super Tuesday

I thought NM was supposed to vote today, but I haven't heard a peep about it.

Your Super Tuesday Scorecard


Why are the moderators allowing the "radical muslim" stuff?

Photos: Barack in Boston

I voted for Al Gore today...

Key Clinton Supporter Predicts Loss In KS

When do the major states' polls close?

Good luck to all the Obama people...if you win, this Hillary person will be

Moderators, please do your goddamn job:

An question from a colleague: Are there any women in academe who are solid Hillary supporters?

Shame on the mods

There's absolutely going to be a third act and I believe Obama will be the hero. Will Smith

Christopher Cook, former city editor of the Bay Guardian, says Vote for Edwards....

You can sure tell a lot about people about how they behave in primary season.

Is there anyone here who would actually vote for McCain or Nader over the Democratic Nominee?

self delete

I'm off to vote for the Dem of my choice - good luck everybody! n/t

Statewide Popular Vote is somewhat meaningless

Clinton a "Liability"

Obama wins Indonesia (really)


STOP LYING about HEALTH CARE it is far too important to lie about!

OK, I voted this morning here in GA, where there is no paper trail.

Rush Limbaugh . . . debunks wingnut talking points against Clinton and Obama!

Poll Closings, Correct me if I am mistaken

Right-wing Radio has begun the swiftboating campaign.... against McCain!

Obama favored to build delagate lead with caucus wins in 5 heavily GOP states -AK/ID/ND/CO/KS

The Candidaters on the Ailing Economy

Wow Adrew Shue

Finally. Thank you.

I just voted for Barack Obama ....

Just heard John Conyers on Stephanie Miller Show endorse Obama

PLEASE READ: My bittersweet morning commute on super tuesday

maddezmom, you are the best.

Thank you, Maddezmom!

Cascada Endorses....

Barack, Barack, Barack and Barack

Who are the people who recommended the bigoted thread against Obama?

I'm going to vote for the next POTUS in the next 30 minutes....

Which Dystopian Future Does GD:P Most Resemble

Take this quiz that picks your candidate. Yikes - I should be voting Gravel

Tokyo Voting Center Results: Obama 83%, Clinton 13%

Any websites that give out live coverage of the primaries?

IF You're in a Super Tuesday State and Have Been on the Fence, Check in Here After you VOTE!

Just remember, everything gets better in here starting tomorrow.

Obama's health care plan is more progressive and realistic than Hillary's

The Madness of John McCain-A Militarist Suffering From Acute Narcissism & Armed with Bush Doctrine

Well here we are ..ready to vote, no phone calls, no candidates came, It's great.

What's the plural of "caucus"?

Ask yourself this: Who can put backbone into Reid and Pelosi? Who will twist the arms?

The tone being "it won't be decided today" the advantage goes to McCain

Obama rides a tricycle without a helmet!

I give the Ron Paul people a lot of credit in NY

Obama soars ahead in California by 13% overnight

The Obama forces don’t seem to understand that they’re sailing against the wind. (Bob Herbert)

obama V Hillary DU primaries (dont forget gravel)

Good luck to everyone today.

Just got my yes we can e-mail from Ted. I......

How whichever Dem wins the GE

A vote for any republican would be a vote for a third * term

Zogby or SurveyUSA

Did the RFK, Jr. ad for Hillary sway anyone to vote for her?

Best wishes to all Edwards supporters on getting through a "difficult day".

Pay It Forward: Every Person Who Posts In Here Must Give the Next Poster a Hug!

I just talked to someone from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Mitt Romney wanted to serve in VietNam, just ask him.

In Health Debate, Clinton Remains Vague on Penalties

Obama's Red State Strength May Answer Clinton Lead In Democratic Strongholds

Illinois GOP feels eclipsed by Obama....

Never Mind (selling a corporate Obama as a gift to the left)- long article -link+4 paragraphs below

My e-mail was read on the air this morning on a local morning radio show. The hosts agreed.

Rasmussen: Feb 5 Clinton: 47% Obama: 40

I Am Voting For Obama, He Plays U-2 At His Campaign Rallys

TNR: With Friends like these...Everything you wanted to know about Clinton's shadiest donors"

Got a call from Pastor Bob today, and hell, I don’t even go to church.

Info needed on Minnesota caucus?


Bill Clinton/Ted Kennedy Face off Is a Fight for the Democratic Party Soul

**Official DU Super Tuesday REPUBLICAN Primary Poll**

My daughter just called from Illinois and she and her husband just voted

This is the first time in 16 yrs my husband and I are voting for different nominees

I feel very very lucky

How is turn-out by you? (for those who have voted today)

I just voted for John Edwards, and it felt good

Obama the choice of Democrats in Indonesia

CT Rep. Rosa DeLauro defends Obama against latest NOW attack

Mike Gravel's supporters are not cultish so stop saying that!

Early results?

Obama & Puppies - Are we getting the real truth?


Zogby: A pollster of unparalleled excellence

So Hillary "works well across the aisle" but

CNN America Votes 2008 - On Now n/t

Ron Paul *SUPER TUESDAY* rally starts early

If Obama wins it proves to me anyone can become President...

For everyone who's cast the Democratic party in the role of soft mommy

Musician Dave Matthews Endorses Barack Obama

We need to agree on one thing.

Issues Recede in '08 Contest As Voters Focus on Character

Why Is Hillary's photo

If you had to pick a movie scene to represent GD:P, which one would it be?

NOW Again Attacks Obama's Illinois Voting Record on Abortion Bills

Self Delete - Duplicate

Anyone have any inside info on Deval Patrick?

Bill Richardson not endorsing Hillary is quite revealing...

ABC News: Could Super Tuesday Be Super Chaos?

In my extremely conservative district:

DUers, what is your greatest weakness? Be honest.

Obama's Boston Speech is Available on C-Span --->>>

Clinton chairman: Obama would be good running mate

Can you believe this....(Limpballs)

WHERE do you vote?

Q-Tip Endorses Barack Obama

vote tomorrow!

I'm so torn. All my family is for Clinton. All of my friends are for Obama.

I find tidbits like this, absolutely thrilling:

Obama Campaign Is Finding That Camelot Still Has a Magical Touch

Waiting... (whistles) just waiting on a CAPTION

Republican crack-up continues-Dobson won't support Mccain

Hillary Health Scare.....coughing fit cut short interviews

Obama's Celebrity Army (Scarlett Johnansson Going Door to Door in Minn.)

First Results are IN:

Non-partisan group finds huge media bias against Senator Clinton.

Stop everything. Don't bother to vote, don't caucus. Obama has been declared a winner

Temper, temper, John McCain!

I am a Hillary supporter but this gives me for favorable thought on Obama.

HUFFPO: Obama Likely to Defeat McCain. McCain Likely to Defeat Clinton >

WRITE HERE: Please post you voting day story here.

Yep the surge is working. The Democratic surge that is.

SATIRE: Get Your Obama Menace Dress-up Doll!

In the US, a Political Day Like No Other

Great letter re McCain in the Sacramento Bee

Well we just voted

And these children...

Pamela Leavey - Obama's Defense......

Have a Super Tuesday everyone!

What are DUers' most important issues? Iraq? The economy?

Hillbot on the Thom Hartmann show: "If Hillary doesn't win, I'm voting for Cynthia McKinney!"

Jack Nicholson's telephone call for Hillary

Do you guys think a Dem Prez will rectify problems like these?

Are Rush and Coulter trying to help McCain?

Grumpy Old McCain and the Mittster lock Horns On Election Day

Election results here - keep updated through the day

Hillary Coughing Fit Cuts Short Live Interview

On MSNBC, Howard Wolfson is Wearing The Sweater!!!

Has anyone asked any of the candidates about their thoughts on

Brian Williams is reporting on MSNBC today!

It's Got to be Obama by Cenk Uygur

Obama election return watch parties in California


Gallup -Clinton 47% Obama 42%

Which candidates are best on tech -- and which ducked the questions?

Why do you think the Troops support Barack Obama over Clinton?

Corporate presidential campaign giving surges (Dem/Repub $$ from banks and investment corps)

Happy Super Tuesday East Coast - any results from Dixville Notch?

John McCain has some questions for Obama

Democratic voter turnout


Clinton on Letterman

NYT, Stanley Fish: A column about "the agenda of Hillary Clinton-hating"

Hillary supporters: The best thing you can do tomorrow is get off DU and GOTV for Hillary

For Obama Supporters Who Admire Hillary Only Please:

Yeah -- I'm Pissed

I want change.

In Massachussets, Clinton leads by 17% (Survey USA, Feb. 2-Feb. 3)

Hillary tells Letterman that in her White House, "we'll know who wears the pant suits"

Bob Herbert playing the "underdog" card again for Obama

So, Limbaugh is officially campaigning for Romney, and against McCain...

Ok DU - we need to lighten up around here- time for a little laughter by Andy Borowitz

Fired Up, And Ready For Bed!!!

Oh man that McGovern ploy was uncalled for

Here's a protest poster I and a friend created for caucus goers

Anyone have a link to watch the Obama rally tonight?

Susan Rice is a great advocate for Obama

When to start watching, what to watch for, as polls close hour-by-hour tonight...

Neither campaign expects a difference of greater than 100 delegates.

Bizarre or funny Poll stories anyone?

Predictions: When all is said and done, This is how it will shake out tonight(with delegates)

Can't get enough? Three post super-duper Tuesday debates are being scheduled, first one this Sunday

Rethugs Scared to Death of Obama Candidacy in the General Election

Grateful Dead Reunite for Barack Obama Benefit Show

Nader's candidacy rightfully mocked

Obama Volunteers Get Out the West Village Vote

Help. Can't find exit polls for the primaries today.

Which channel will have the best coverage of super tuesday results?

Friends, Our 2008 Ticket Must Be Either Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama.

Do you go to threads about 'crying' to inform your vote or threads about government corruption?

A company (American Apparel ) endorses Obama, on drivers licenses

Good luck to Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton!

AZ robocall for Clinton (well against Obama by the Clinton campaign)

A former Bush voter going for Obama!

Obama/Kucinich thats O.K. in my book. :) n/t

Remember when Obama promised NOT to investigate previous administration?

MSNBC just reported that Virginia doesn't know they're a different state from West Virginia?

Don't Vote In The Primaries. Voting is A Charade To Make You Feel Good.

The one good thing about moving ....

just forget it


There is an average of a 5.23% polling bias against Obama in the Democratic Primaries thus far.

Remember when Obama said he would leave troops in Iraq and increase them in Afghan?

Mellencamp Asks McCain to Stop Using Tunes

I'll be conciliatory: No matter what happens today, Obama and Hillary are going forward.

Zogby: Clinton in Free Fall in California

Kerry in 2003: I chose to believe the President of the United States. That was a terrible mistake.

HAs it dawned on you that these 'overseas' votes are from REPUBLICAN state dept and other agencies?

Dave Matthews for Obama

Best name for Obama supporters?

Why do they keep saying Clinton wants to be the nominee today?

Obsessed DU'ers Obsession Rightfully Mocked

My Phone Call from Jack Nicholson Last Night (humor)

The ONLY reason you need to vote for Obama:

The Democratic party has too many babies

This is news to me, is there any merit to it?

Is Chimpy a distant memory or

GOP In Meltdown Mode, Dole Tries to Reign in Rush Loudmouth

Excellent article on "What's next" Primary streatgy-wise

Breaking: The Guy With The Purple Shirt Votes Obama

Which is more phony?

Whoa! The latest exit polls reveal....

A single report of a single voter who had trouble

Politico's Roger Simon is a GOP hack who attacks Hillary, Obama & Democrats

Who's voting for Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Dodd or Kucinich today?

9 million CA votes at serious risk today from "bad actor" county election officials

The board of elections failed to deliver voting equipment to polling places ALL OVER LOS ANGELES...

I am asking that the exit polls not be leaked until people are done voting in that state

Politico's Roger Simon is a GOP hack who attacks Hillary, Obama & Democrats

Delegate count! Excel spreadsheet!

Mark Penn Wants More Debates, One per week (Including one on Fixed News on Feb 11)

If you support the values of the DLC, Hillary Clinton in your candidate

Wow, I didn't know Obama won more Delegates in NH! Check it out:

This was not easy for me. But I voted, and it wasn't for who I went in supporting.

Breaking: 1st round results for Repuke WV caucus: Romney 41, Huckabee 37, McCain 16

If Hillary wins New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California today, does she gloat?

BREAKING: McCain and Huckabee team up to give Victory to Huck in WV and hand Mitt a defeat

Obama heading to Omaha, NE! Makes decision BEFORE Super Tuesday Results are in...

Huckabee just won the WV Caucus as declared by M$NBC.

Mike Huckabee the projected winner of W. Va. GOP caucus

Confessions of a Young Hillary Supporter

Is Hillary the real underdog?

Mike Huckabee Can Be The President Of West Virginia

Terry "Mr. Optimistic" McAuliffe: "We will have more delegates than we had going into today."

What happened to the thread where we could post our voting experience?

My vote today in this order (based on if they are on the ballot) will be

I am an Obama Supporter and If you vote for Clinton!!!!

CNN declares Obama winner in a landslide!

My Repblican wife and I just voted for Obama!!!!

The Case of Paul vs Clinton; "The Largest Fraud In Election Funding History"

I voted for Obama last week - CT primary absentee ballot

NYT Blog: More Obama ugliness on health care - Completely Misleading

Huckabee just won in WV it seems

I just voted Obama in Utah!

Clinton Campaign Pre-Spin - results tonight will be "inconclusive"

Reminder: Hillarys Townhall is available online if you missed it last night

Clinton wants to debate obama once a week.....

:) what I saw at my polling place ==>

Two New York votes for Obama have just been cast

Hillary Wants Debates Each Week When She Cant Even Get Through Super Tuesday?

Who did you vote for and where?

So many voting machines In L.A. are not dropped off. Who.....

2nd Choice?

9 NY votes just cast for Clinton...then we did our traditional Primary Day lunch

I just proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton

Republican crap being pulled in Utah.

As I was standing in line to vote.. This lady who was standing next to me and said..

Anti-War Candidates Are Top Recipients Of ‘08 Donations From U.S. Troops

Hillary accepts Fox News Debate, wants Obama to join

MSNBC: Your hour-by-hour guide to Super Tuesday

Karl Rove has had us again, selecting our Candidates or one at least

My advice to Hillary about going on FOX: Don't do it!!

Hillary Supporters Check In

Meanwhile the stock market is tanking. We are in deep doodoo. nt

DUers that do not watch TV: Who was your first choice candidate?

Desperate Team Hillary Calls for Fox News Debate

Fox in the henhouse: Zogby poll analyst is Obama delegate

Huckabee and McCain f***ed Romney

All Your Delegates Are Belong to Us

Musicians Rock For Barack On Super Tuesday

Hysterically funny quote from Clinton's Comm. Director:

The Internal Polls Within the Clinton Camp Must Be Terrible As They Now Talk Up the Next Contests.

"Disenfranchised in Beverly Hills"

Hill, will do better than Bill & Gore & they covered more children than ever before

Clinton as the MSM presumptive front runner is a double edge sword

Huckabee won West Virginia

Good omens

If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, let's just hope he thanks his hardest working supporters

Question, re: mass voting rules.

Zogby Analyst is Obama Superdelegate Well, Well, Well

MSNBC Streaming live all day, At this link:

Obama Wants Metro Atlanta Poll Kept Open Late

How is it all going to end?

A Slogan From The Past That Works For Both McCain And Obama.......

Potential Trouble For Obama In New York

It is a beautiful day here in California. I've never been more ready to cast a ballot.

Democrats Don't Let Democrats Do Fox: Why Did Hillary Clinton Accept Fox Debate?

My 83 year old mother just called me

Feeling torn...

Question about the division of delegates:

Help me remember!!!

Fred Siegel: Obama has "never demonstrated a capacity (rhetoric aside) either to lead or to govern"

My best friend is at this moment on a flight from Seattle to L.A. so he can vote

wow, whats happening.. record turnouts everywhere

Hey Hill, if you knew "then," what you know "now" about Fox ...

My grown daughters are coming over to watch the returns tonight

Presidential candidates stake out tech positions

I suggest we stop responding to malicious attacks on people who are seeking the Dem nomination.

Did Hillary's alliance with Murdoch play a role in her calling for debates?

CBS: "Is Obama Warming Up To Fox News?"

13% turnout in Long Beach, NY

Tell me your voting stories!

Which presidential candidates have run away from debates?

Since we are told that Bill Clinton will be running the whitehouse...

Are "internal polls" any more reliable than publically released polls?

Who did you vote for today?

So this is how Hillary intends to win; ROBOCALL! !

Just got back from voting. For Edwards. He was on the ballot, so...

Californians: How long do you have to drive to vote?

Need some good juju vibes on my write-in candidacy!

Did you cast a provisional ballot?

Great Picture ! Obama's Grandma waiting for the results.

Bad Weather on Super Tuesday could snarl vote...

Do you really think that Obama can handle,,,r

I just happily voted for Barack Obama. My fiancee, for Hillary Clinton.

On a lighter note...ain't it just too much fun watching the repubs eat their own for once?

Its pretty sweet to go onto the non-political boards I post on and tell the Repubs there...

Chelsea Clinton has added her comments to the viral Robin Morgan email...

Yay, BBC America will have election coverage all night!!!

Calling for "Once a week debates" is only done by those who know they are losing the election

"I have given all emails, phone, personal records to those whose job it is to report objectively"

mitt romney is a chach

Time for a Little Fun for both sides. Have you seen these Obama / Hillary Clips?

Good Luck, Hillary Supporters

Huckabee Wins All 18Delegates from WV

Could we hope for an end to GD:P?

Video: Hillary Dodges Answering "Garnishing" question 3 times

Clinton supporters, help me defend her, some local freep is saying she will raise taxes on the poor

Obama your fave Obama photo and why you like it

First the Super Bowl, then Super Tuesday?

It's FINALLY here! Happy Super-Duper Tuesday to all DUers!

Looking to Florida polls for a possible explanation for California.

Calypso dedicated to Barack Obama

Obama is NOT a corporate candidate!

Which sites will have live results tommorow?

Obama and His Lousy Healthcare Plan....the Point of Hidden Progressivism

I have a question for my friends from California

I don't want to see the party unite after the convention...

Oh god, all this audacity bs.

Watch out what you wish for...

Tomorrow, I Vote for Women

The Kennedy endorsement came via Daschle (and the many other ways that Tom is helping Barack)

My choice, and why

You all are worthless

Dont bash our candidate to your acquaintances please

Report from California.

Delete please

Bloomberg launches first ad, comparing Hillary Clinton to George Bush, link inside

Does it seem to you that Obama uses Martin Luther King's name

Edwards Did Not Mandate Health Insurance

New Zogby California Poll: Obama 49%, Clinton 36% (Wow!)

Undecided voters - Ask Your Obama Questions

Hillary vs. the Patriarchy/Obama vs. the Phobocracy

In California a candidate must receive at least 15% of the vote

ABC Nightline: "Obama is hoping to run the board" on Super Tuesday


Please click on the link (El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico's largest newspaper)


Universal health care....

Stop with the freaking polls now.

Next time one of your crazy conservative "friends" sends you an email saying that Obama is a muslim

Obama's commanding lead in Newspaper endorsements poblano at Daily Kos

I am grinnin' like a raccoon eatin' cactus.

It's VICTORY Day for Hillary! Hill Yes! GOMAMA!

Obama has no substance

great obama commerical with little girl . . .

Giants Parade in NY, How will it effect voter turnout?

Why this New Yorker will be voting for Obama on Tuesday, Feb. 5

Washington State poll: Obama 53%, Clinton 40%

west coast Hillary on Letterman right now!

Would Obama kill universal health care to get elected?


PLEASE VOTE HILLARY. Paul Krugman: Hillary Universal Health Care, Obama NOT

Obama wins Super Tuesday's first votes -- in Indonesia

Wow, what a photo!

Breaking: Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) arrested while voting in Minnesota

Could the Maria Shriver endorsement play a key role?

If Obama wins in California tomorrow, can we say that the Dem race is over?

Obama the progressive?

Before working on Bill's 92 campaign, Krugman worked for Reagan's Council of Advisers

Rasmussen NJ Poll: Clinton 49 (+0), Obama 43 (+6)

Low turnout here in my area, I was 26 at 1:00PM out of 800+ in this precinct.

Ruth Rosen: Why would a feminist vote for Obama?

Oprah's "endorsement" won't change one thing in this race, and here's why

Can we celebrate the fact that tomorrow we will say good bye to...

What do you predict will be the match-up in November?

Monday's Doonsbury.

Pleeeaase! Let there be no clear winner tomorrow!

A key element in why Hillary voted for War and what I need to know

Obama is a bed wetter !

I find Obama's whining about the Clintons' "attacks" to be pathetic

Chicago Suntimes editor resigns after being forced to rewrite Obama endorsement by outside influence

Final NEW Susa California Poll Clinton 52% Obama 42%

Hey mean ol Clinton supporters.

Texans too stupid to know when to vote. ROTFLMAO

Clinton's College Education Reform

Tomorrow morning after working my graveyard shift...

Clinton healthcare payroll deduction

As 24 States Vote, a Grab for Delegates, and an Edge

Where Obama Stands: On Poverty

Why Obama? Ted Kennedy's own words

Where Obama Stands: On Ethics

Where Obama Stands: On Foreign Policy

Just watched Clinton on CNN and then MSNBC

Does Obama wear pastel-colored ties too much?

DU reaction to Super Tuesday results

Final Zogby poll in CA: Obama up 13; Final SurveyUSA poll: Clinton up 12

Obama was just on Morning Joe. He was great, as usual!


7 am and the polls were doing a brisk, steady business.

Bobby Kennedy.


Why have Republicans won as mayor of New York 4 times in a row?

I know I'm crazy, but, elections really buzz me

This is the type of post we should see for both candidates

Don't forget to vote

IMO What Would be a Big Win for Obama

Obama supporters: The best thing you can do tomorrow is get off DU and GOTV for Obama

In the face of the MObama, I've finally decided on Hillary

Back on the fence and no time left

Who said it? "Iraq has given aid, comfort, sanctuary for terrorists, including members of Al Qaeda"

Clinton Camp Alert: Super Tuesday Primary Moved To Wednesday

Hillary on Morning Joe: We've had six contests...I've won four of them

Deadheads for Obama, What a night!

McCain could spoil fairytale's happy ending

I think Hillary will win big today

Ok Clintonians Pls Defend

Hillary: the paucity of no hope

For the 1st time since living in Chicago, I'm not voting for the Machine candidate

Primaries begin in Afghanistan

Ordinarily I would be quite skepical o Zogby CA polling results

NOW Attacks Obama's Record on Abortion

Obama is the first Democrat not related to her that Shriver has supported?

"A thick cloud of marijuana smoke wafted through the air" as Dead and Deadheads reunite for Obama

I am an unaffliated NJ voter

Senate Majority Leader Hillary Clinton. Who's with me?

When a Candidate drops out, What happens to their extra campaign money if they have?

What it means to children here and all over the world to vote OBAMA!

HEAVY HEAVY turnout in central New Mexico

Blitzer is reporting on Oxy Rush's opinions of McCain like Oxy is just another pundit

Just Now Wolf Blitzer said to expect the unexpected

Report From My University Polling Site

Radical Muslims for Obama

Wow! Bob Parry on Eisenhower & Kennedy endorsement of Obama - Ending a War Mindset

Is there a list anywhere that tells which states today are open or a Dem only primary? TIA.

Watching Hillary now... She is great. Very solid.

$644 per month... (health care premiums under an individual-mandate plan)

I'm undecided going to the polls in a few minutes

Michelle, Maria, Caroline, Oprah: "Four extraordinary women put on best campaign rally in 20 years"

Hubby is still registered Repub - can he write in Obama if there is

Clinton's Resume....

Breaking: Glenn Beck will vote Hillary over McCain

Does anybody have a list of # of delegates per state?

What does it mean that Richardson has grown a beard?

Does Lieberman not have a day job?

I got a Republican in Ma to switch his vote from Romney to McCain today!

I really envy people that get to vote today...

The Rude Pundit:Pre-Super Tuesday Results Palate Cleanser: How Would Jesus Vote?

Showing Two Different Trends: Analysis of Zogby and SUSA Polls

TOON: Democratic Hopefuls


Arizona woman talking about John McCain: "He's against torture. I'm pro-torture."

This is the most important thread today

They want people to think their vote won't count. Voter suppression.

I keep seeing the same thing all over town in Savannah Georgia.

You know what would be hilarious? A tie today.

Just heard Susan Eisenhower on TV endorsing Obama.

Which Hillary endorsement is more impressive?

John McCain: Unfit to Serve as Commander in Chief (US Veterans Dispatch)

Voting Begins in Grab for Delegates, and Edge: Beyond the Democratic family feud, what to watch for

Who Will End Electoral College? Who Will Have Meaningful Campaign Finance Reform?

Sen John Kerry (D-Lost to Bush) coming up on MSNBC!

Alicia Keys' video -- Go Hillary!

Vote your heart! Kucinich candidate and Obama delegates.

One the numbers i'm really looking forward to seeing, Democrats Vs. Republican turnout.

My Fundy Family is voting Obama today.

First time for me to caucus: Can someone give me a primer on what I will expect?

Does anyone know who Cindy is?

Obama Wins the Care2 Presidential Primary! Share Your Thoughts.

Hillary's false populism as seen on Letterman and a recent speech

Did You Ever Imagine You Would See "Billary" All Over DU?

Hot for Hillary

If You Want To Know Why Hillary Supported The War In Iraq

This is what I want my grandkids to see

Come on America! Let's see an Obama VICTORY tonight!

Romney accusing McCain of interfering with the wv caucus. Claiming McCain has a "Back room deal"

Latest Gallup poll shows Obama momentum stalled

I'm going to support either Hillary or Obama, but I do see one thing

Huckabee won the WV caucus!

Vote your heart disease odds of Hillary or Obama winning nomination currently 50/50.

A Healthy Reminder: Obama's Inspiring Energy Policies

"All the depressed young male Patriots fans will have nothing better to do than vote for Obama"

I'm off to the...

Delegate selection in NY

First exits - BREAKING

FReepers calling collusion and sad...

Clinton Proposes Reforming Child Support System to Help Dads

Edwards Supporters... Does It bother You That He Hasn't Endorsed?

For Young Americans, a progression:

Found this...Delegates Clinton 261 Obama 196 Edwards 26

There is not much in the system

Issue of Iraq War May Tip Mass Voters in Favor of Obama: Many Weighing Clinton Stance

Who got the most bang for their buck? Obama's Superbowl or Hillary's Hallmark?

My State by State Super Tuesday Picks:

they called Dean supporters a "cult" as well

Obama Sweeps Jakarta

Molly Ivins -regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton

If Obama Wins Big Tonight, Will people cry out about Election Fraud?

Breaking: Brazilian Democrats Abroad

MSNBC Streaming live all day at this link -

Offering Super Tuesday massages.

Wellstone Democrats...Who do you support?

MASSIVE turnout in western NY state: Only one voting machine, 20-plus people in line.

Why is this a story JESUS!!!!!!

Prediction: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will be McCain's running mate

Howard Dean on MSNBC!

Romney Is Being Outmaneuvered Every Step Of The Way .......

Without an insult - answer this: What is the difference between an Obama Dem and a Clinton Dem?

Hillary's smarmy spinmeister: MA is "tight as a tick", Obama should be disappointed if no win in CA

OBAMA WINS!! First Battle of SuperTuesday in Indonesia

More # crunching with the latest Zogby CA Poll

Non Partisan group finds huge media bias against Senator Clinton

Dear God, did M$NBC buy a new lense for democrats, worst pic of Dean evah.

A Message to Sen. Clinton -- Forcing People to Buy Insurance is Not Universal Healthcare

Hillary Clinton campaign talks about possible California defeat

IN LOCKSTEP part deux: the origins of the Hillary "health scare"

There's no doubt in my mind that Hillary supporters are the real cult followers

I, a disgusted Republican, am voting for Obama in the primary

My Post "Don't Vote In The Primaries. It's A Charade To Make.." Was Locked.

Don't fall for the Republican Trap and nominate Hillary

SUPER delegate endorsement breakdown & delegate tracker at THIS LINK:


(Insert candidate) is a(Insert slander) and the(Insert childish nick)

How much Hillary hate is caused by right-wing attacks?

There is no Z in Boise


Did Kennedy endorsements help? Rasmussen charts the answers.....

Super-Tuesday Field Reports - pretty cool link

"Obama readies Ohio machine"


Congratulations Ladies

Before it explodes in here

"Former Bush voters" are likely to have defective judgement skills

Who remembers Vote Pat Paulson and sending a message "none of the above"?


Dean is now on with Wolf

If you vote for the wrong candidate, it will be the biggest mistake of your life:

Is Howard Dean OK?


With 20 Some odd States voting Today, Will the exit polls represent them all, or individual states?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hillary in bed with the repubs now?

Barbara Boxer is on MSNBC right now! NOT endorsing a candidate yet. n/t

Hip Hop fans on DU? Talib Kweli endorses Obama!

An interesting phenomenon..."Yes we can" picked up by

Does anyone have that Obama speech that someone into a music..

Reliable source: Hillary ahead in California (even w/o early vote)

Dean and DNC will take another look at FL & MI if race remains unsettled

Sign up sheet for the great midnight Kum-by-a singalong tonight ... below.

Predictions from Bill Clinton

I just voted

Will Debate for Food!

anyone else feeling left out?

I want to give thanks to the GOP, sincere thanks


CNN Exits: Undecideds splitting evenly

I'm going to vote for Obama today in California

CNN - Exit polls after break - Then gave us a tease

Polls in West Virginia close at 5.

Here's to super Tuesday!

I have to admit. Obama took a hit with my after the Krugman Health Care article

Obama Red-State Strength May Answer Clinton Lead in Strongholds

If undecideds are splitting evenly, Hillary is going to have a good night tonight

I just voted

First Wife/then Daughter of the Govenator....

NEW Exit Poll Shows Massachusetts In A Dead Heat

Politico: Barack Obama Mocked John Edwards

I damn near turned around and walked back out of the voting booth today.

Paul Begala on CNN?

which pollster will have the best record tomorrow, which will be the worst?

I almost cried when I cast my vote today

Why Hillary is best positioned to help Dems in GE.

Final Zogby Poll: Obama up 13 in California!!!

Obama's background gives him a great resume to be President.

Does anybody have the list of closing times?

Republican Crossovers: Mods for Obama, Wingers for Clinton?

Edwards is on the ballot in Missouri.

How many times have you changed your mind*, switching from one candidate to another,

I voted for all three of them, no really.

I've got a bad feeling about NJ/NY for Obama


Early Exit Poll Highlights here!

It's Super Tuesday - stick it to the MSM and their brainless bobbleheads: VOTE EDWARDS!

Romney says McClain and Clinton are the same

Raw Video: Obama Speaks After Voting

EXIT POLL: Half of democratic voters made up minds over 1 month ago, 50% economy most important

Netroots Open Fire On Hillary For Agreeing To Debate On Fox

I cast my vote less then an hour ago for Obama in Missouri

No more polls...only votes count now...starting in 26 minutes

Don't wait up for California results

USE CAUTION but here are Dem exit polls from

I just got a robocall from Jack Nicholson telling me to vote for Clinton.

Gays cost us the 2004 election? Are you fucking kidding me?

Georgia polls close in 20 minutes... nt

TOON for TODAY >>>>>>>>>>>>

Just voted in Albuquerque NM

Poll on General Election

edwards as an independant

I just got back from voting for Dennis in the CA primary

I Dont think These Exit Polls Include the Caucus States, Which Obama does Well With.

If you are going to post that you voted for Clinton do it here instead of separate posts.

It's Only 3PM in California. I'm not sure how true Exit polls would be, if they included California

More exit poll data coming out from AP; Obama leads among white men, Hillary among white women

SAH/WAH Moms & Dads Report In

tweety discussing clintons penis

Which is truer?

Huckabee takes West Virginia.....

Does anyone have the true viewer numbers of the Town Hall last night? I cant find them

Something positive to look forward to

What is the civic value of all these polls?

Which Candidate Will Do More To Advance The Rights Of Our GLBT Brothers And Sisters?

Rush Limbaugh would rather have Clinton???

Remember the first wave of exit polls in NH had Hillary down by 5

If you are going to post that you voted for Obama do it here instead of separate posts

Does Vegas have Inside Information

Stock mark plunged 300 plus pts-Service sector delclines. Whoever is

An important trend to keep an eye out for tonight...

Netroots Open Fire On Hillary For Agreeing To Debate On Fox

McCain, Romney in dust-up over Dole

EXIT POLL: 53% of Democratic voters want change. Obama got 3/4 of them.

Remember the early wave of exit polls don't have absentee ballots factored in

Idiot Voter...

FYI:Dean is on Air America Right NOW


Tweety's liver spots are showing

OMG! A Nationwide trend ..... early reports now show that voters ......

Okay, these Virtual Exit Polls on MSNBC are fucking cool

10 things to watch on Super Tuesday 2008

Twice as many over-65 voters voted than under-30's

The exit polls tell us what we already knew

Exit polls do NOT include Caucus states per

Lots of republican exit polls

I just voted for Obama

Fox News Exit Poll Data - very indepth!

NEW CNN EXIT POLLS on voter motivation (candidate qualities)

Howard Dean: Barack Obama is a presidential candidate from the future!

What A Treat....KeithOTV All Night Long on MSNBC

People who are giddy right now over exit polls.

Ted Kennedy Is On Live Right Now At

I can't decide, so I just need to know ONE thing...

What would Clinton change?

It's Super Tuesday, bitchez!

buchanan sister and Tom ridge almost pulling out each others hair on MSNBC

WHY do we need polls at all????

The Baggage Hillary Bears

Red Meat

California Decline to State (DTS) unaffiliated, independent and non-partisan voters for Obama

National Review: Obama dominating south, doing well in states that weren't expected.

So what network are you watching the results?

M'kay: Here's something we may all be able to agree on...

I think the first polls close at 7PM Eastern time

"Tweety" is at again.....

Drudge results - consider the source

Change vs. Experience Exit Polls?

OK folks tonight you should stop campaigning and let the votes tell the story.

What a voting ordeal I had...

MODS - in advance.....

If Obama wins the nomination,,,

Exit Polls from MyDD

Repukes want candidate who "shares their values"...

I know Barack Obama did get two votes here tonight, my wife and I

No one can doubt I am an Obama fan...but I had to laugh last night when I heard Barack say

Any one else like to toast Democracy?

My whole family and I voted for Obama -- and we FEEL GOOD!

I cast my first Presidential vote today

TPM's got exit polls, but they're useless

A toast to the pollworkers!

Best site to follow results online anyone?

Susan EISENHOWER: calm, thoughtful and profound remarks on OBAMA -- What we need for GE

Does Gavin Newsome regularily injects himself into national elections for a reason?

EXIT POLL: Hillary led among women, although her advantage was smaller than seen in earlier states.

The polling places don't close for another 3 hours in Arizona and 4 hours on the Coast.

Most exit polls seem to support Clinton!!!!

Hear we go AGAIN with these unreliable stupid exit polls

I Didn't Vote for Obama Today.

If I hear Tweety or one more MSNBC "pundit" call McCain a "Maverick" I will puke!

MA strangeness at 2 polling locations....Hmmm

A pleasant surprise - Edwards still on the NY ballot!

The Fierce Urgency of Now - What it meant then


Electronic or Paper Ballots?

Holy cow was my polling place crowded!!!!

Die hard supporters of either candidate - please tell me...

OK People can we please quit with the (D - {insert snark here}) crap?

Tornado in Clinton, Arkansas

Bad News for Obama: CNN Exit

Follow the Election Returns here -

The truth about John Edwards

To those who are grieving because their candidate is not on the ballot.

10 minutes left - anybody got goosebumps!?

A certain candidate is on this week's Postsecret page:

Re: "Partial Exit Polls"

Huckabee making a hellacious pitch for Veep on CNN right now...

This is my 1000th Post!

Picture of The Day

Please join me in my primary hope for the dark side and TN's 3rd

Caution to Obama supporters: logic and history says Clinton will win big tomorrow

Uh, oh. Chelsea Clinton in a bit of trouble with CT polling place laws.

Latest status for WIN MY VOTE.

my prediction.

Where is Gravel? Only the 2 corporate candidates in the Democrats 2008 section now?

Bill Maher on Coulter enodorsement of Hillary: "That proves my point about Hillary."

Instant Karma

**Official DU Super Tuesday Democratic Party Primary Poll**

The guy Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to know about: Mark Penn

If you are going to post that you voted for Edwards do it here instead of separate posts.

Clinton is going to lose.

The danger to women and feminism in nominating Hillary



This former Freeper and Bush voter will proudly be casting his vote for Barack Obama

A Customer!

Kos Offers A Prudent Warning To My Fellow Obamans



I think that the finish in WV is very very suspicious

Clue, Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson work for the CIA.

It is not surprising that Huckabee is Romney's nightmare & McCain's dream...

How much influence will the early voters (absentee ballots) have?

Dedicated to Edwards Supporters

DUer NEEDs HELP !!!!!

Final Oprahization of this country

Homer'sIliad (In praise of hall monitors: a Tsunami Tuesday primary ode)

WP's Chris Cillizza: What to anticipate tonight, by the hour

Dem gay-lesbian vote is split

Obama supporters check in - how ya feeling on Super Tuesday?


Demonizing the uninsured

More Obama ugliness on health care

Best image of the night so far

Poll of CA Dems. Feb 3-4th: Obama 49%, Clinton 36%!

Links to Super Tuesday Official election results sites for each state

i filled in the bubbles, how about you, bubble, touch screen, punch card?

I voted for Hillary

Here's One Presidential Candidate Not Afraid To Take A Picture With Gavin Newsom

Deadheads for Obama streaming LIVE! at 7:30 PST (10:30 EST)

Thoughts after seeing Hillary's “staged” event and Obama's rally

Should the new Dem president do a special WH cleaning to get rid of the horrific STENCH....

HuffPo: Its Still Edwards


There have been reports of voter caging today.

VOTE EDWARDS TODAY-he's in all 24 races & Feb, Mar,Apr- and read this:

Swooning Obama supporters unable to name a single accomplishment

Twenty years of two-family rule is enough. My entire adult life governed by Clinton-Bush.

Our Own Dem Party Snookered Us Once Again-The Power Behind Obama

Should the AFL-CIO ask each party's remaining candidates to provide pay stubs (top hat plans)

Slate editor calls Obama speech style 'fascistic'

ABC News: Soldiers give to Obama, lobbyists to Clinton

Oprah said she supports Obama because he is brilliant

Obama Refuses Photo with Gavin Newsom

Part I: Why Media Forced Edwards Out of the Race (HuffPo)

Please K&R, so no one forgets what *else* this day means

So, let's say Karl Rove and Dick Morris had a baby who was a political strategist...

I liked Hillary until

Why I’m (Still) Voting for Edwards

Netroots Open Fire On Hillary For Agreeing To Debate On Fox

I can't decide which candidate to support

I'm an uppity woman who appreciates the uppity women who preceded me.

Hillary campaign says DNC delegates rules are not the rules of her campaign.

now THAT is why I'm a Boxerfan!! Bravo Barbara...GREAT SPEACH!!

HEALTH-ARGENTINA: Fighting Mental Illness with Companionship

America’s Health Care: Take Two Shots of Pepto Bismol and Hope You Don’t Die

My belated response to the State of the Union.

NYT: Mad Magazine Uses Pulitzer Winners to Tweak Bush

Watching CSpan2. No wonder our country is so screwed up!

Putting the E. coli back into E. coli conservatism

As anyone watching Lou Dobbs and Pres. of La Raza

Can't we love our country without killing our soldiers?

Is it just me or does John McCain

Ditto Limpballs....

Huckabee just did the biggest suck up job in History

Sorry someone beat me to posting this, remove replies

Some real good news - Judge: Bush can't exempt Navy in sonar

Driver's License photocopy, SSN, Address, Signature & Printed Name...

Challenging Torture (Scott Horton)

Could Virginia Deliver the Next President?

Good Lord! My mom mentioned a possible McCain/Huckabee

When we gain a greater majority in the Senate, one of the first things

*** A Few Monday TOONs ***

Beloved right wing

Gerald McEntee at Huffington Post: McCain Is Not a Moderate

Limbaugh said WHAT?? about Lindsay Graham??

Deadheads for Obama webcast tonight!

The criminals in charge can count on DUers to act like scattered cats,...

The endorsement that moved me: 92-yr-old Grace Lee Boggs - "I've never had this much hope"

Hate the sin, love the sinner

Richard Clarke: Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering

Bill Maher on CNN RIGHT NOW


there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...

Denying education to undocumented immigrants doesn't make sense

Amazingly it's not a joke, ABC is running a 90 minute special on a two year old murder

i think we are all watching a nasty divorce & an ugly custody battle


Savage thinks most Americans are bigots, like him.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

RIAA Moves to Lower Songwriter Royalties

I swatted 3 mosquitoes a few minutes that were trying to bite me!

A gun AND cops thread :)

Anyone else having trouble with the Toyota ads up top?

NOLA people!

Paging Jesus- Money changers in the Temple: Virtue Perfume (ROTFLMAO)

Indonesian tsunami detector 'was severed': official

Anybody else here catching the Dead show?

question about the "war" (occupation)

"Why Is The Cost Of The War Going Up, Jim, When We Should Be Withdrawing Troops?"

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are going to be on Late Night w/Conan O'Brien (on Now!)

Mellencamp Asks McCain to Stop Using Tunes

Another Weird Patent for Amazon: Error Pages

A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota

Tom Petty's Super Bowl performance "phallic"?

Lithium Batteries Restricted On Flights

Congress Job rating: Democrats 39%, Republicans 30%

This is why we HAVE to vote for the Democratic nominee, regardless of who s/he is

New legislation will ban novelty lighters

Anthony Bourdain in New Orleans on the Travel Channel.

Anyone watching Anthony Bopurdain in New Orleans?

If Clinton gets the nod, will I have to shut up or get tombstoned? (An Essay)

Proposed Nomination Process Reforms...Looking for input

*Public Service Announcement*

Oregon Domestic Partner Registry Open TODAY

OC Register: Belt-tightening among wealthy shoppers could choke other households

Chilling new details emerge in Chicago store killings

Freeps are doubly correct..

Because we all need a smile now and then..especially with our LONG day upon us

For folks who love bans.......Purses Banned

Get hit by tornado, then get hit up by cable company

One positive thing about the matter WHO wins..

I will donate $25 to DU in your name if you can positively identify R9u1d1y's $50M delegate

Irony Alert "We'll have the votes. We'll have the delegates. And then we'll have the plot ........

What`s The Deal With This?

women believe men with the name "Dave" are the most well-endowed....

Bill seeks to ban dog hair sold as fur

Sen. DeMint (r) wants to punish Berkeley CA because they refuse to build marine recruiters downtown

Congress passes on Bush's budget plan

If you were Mika, would you knock Scarborough out on the air?

The "success" of the Bush Years

Hillary, the archetypal "Witch," is enduring the fate of uppity women

Which entitlement program costs more: Welfare? Or "government subsidy"?

Clinton Won't Commit To Renew Constitution

Bush Disapproval at highest level ever... 67 per cent..

Video from Andrew Sullivan; I know, but it's really cute...

Stop-Loss Coming to Theaters and Congress

FBI expected to award $1 billion contract to help collect data on Americans

Oregon boy parks bike inside Goodwill store, which then sells it for $6.99


The Head of State bowl buddy and Impeachmints


Texas mayor resigns over Shih Tzu

Remember how I never met my oldest daughter till last Dec., here is her birthday present (corrected)

Berlusconi could become Italy's Prime Minister again

Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden: The Movie

Words I am tired of already..

FOX's Heart On For Bush

(humor) Nostalgic Bush Says FY2009 Budget "Last Chance to Shaft the Poor"

52% of Canadians cite the U.S. as most negative force in the world

The silent epidemic of male suicide

Watch Mika assert that McCain "stood by" his views on immigration

Oliver Stone backs the Writers

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Boom Was a Bust for Ordinary People

Songs that get you misty-eyed

Happy Mardi Gras fellow DUers!

McCain ranked 2nd HOTTEST TEMPER, 2nd BIGGEST SHOW HORSE in Senate

The Strong Arm of the Law: Violent force by police gets a pass

A little perspective.

Doomsday for the Greenback: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar

How will the next "moderate" President control the "radical" Congress??

Richard Clarke: Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering

Juan McCAIN-BLOOMBERG ticket (gossip)

My political fantasy: Supreme Court Justice Patrick Leahy and

Bar Stool Economics (received this AM in email)

$350 BILLION spent annually to collect medical debts

Ted Stevens Pal in the News w/ his GF, "Bambi" the 14 year-old Crackhead

Prince Andrew rebukes US on Iraq

France launches new high speed train (successor to TGV)

The U.N. Deception: What Exactly Colin Powell Knew Five Years Ago, and What He Told the World

How would you respond to this beauty? Talk about bullshit...sheesh...

Lies ! Lies ! Lies !

Powell’s shame.

vote for your candidate

US says no one too young for Guantanamo court

TEDTalk Tuesday: Kevin Kelly and the Evolution of Technology

Today’s Headlines 2/5/08

Just amazing...a thunderstorm in MI on February 5th.

What does Mitt Romney look like? David Letterman knows

Dan Rather, go fuck yourself

the 3 trillion dollar budget

Illinois shows how to have CLEAN elections

Last night...

Where is Gravel? Only the 2 corporate candidates in the Democrats 2008 section now?

FOX TV Network Calls for Bush Overthrow-- Censors Declaration of Independence

Bush Budget to cut Medicare & Medicade but to increase Defense Spending

People different from you: 'The rich are still in the market for luxury items'

Yesterday on the radio I passed by Rush Limbaugh talking about the "Republican stool"

You have medical bills, don't worry I have solved

Caption this pic of McCain

Christie's London Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale Monday, February 4, 2008

When You Dont Have Freedom Of The Press, You Dont Have Freedom

"I don't pray, I vote"

the 'scarf' issue takes a good turn

Today: Fifth Anniversary of Powell's Shame/Sham before the UN.

Abercrombie & Fitch obscenity charge dropped (Virginia Beach, VA)

I started a thread two hours ago...

Rachel Maddow expanding to 3 hours, starting March 10th

70 yr old Grandmother Arrested and Cuffed in Utah for Disorderly Lawn

Massive Multiplayer Online Political Game

How about this scenario?

Lou Dobbs is on with his little American flag lapel pin telling me all about my candidates

DNC boost for sex biz

What is wrong with Byrd today?? He is on the senate floor now

If A Democrat IS Elected

The surge is succeeding?

Joy Behar to Elizabeth Hasselbeck

The oil trading in Iran and other things that bring the US Dollar in line with world currencies

Pay it foward, A graphical look at the exploding problems Bush is passing on.

Weather report for DC today, 5 FEB...***71 degrees***

Michael Vick can keep $16.25M in bonuses from Falcons

Barbaro To Be Buried In Kentucky

TYT Interviews Bill Duke On The New PBS Documentary Prince Among Slaves (Winner Best Documentary...)

"Christian" voters urged to go for Alan Keyes, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul

Veto Threat for Proposed Spy Laws

An inspirational post to urge you to VOTE TODAY!!!!

Quick Question

Dow down over 300

does mary matalin look like one of those second-tier vampire chicks you

Barbara Boxer coming up on GEMSNBC

Quote of the day...

Will the media keep a lid until after the CA polls closed

Should we laugh?

I believe this to be true

How the White House Snookered the 9/11 Commission Through an Inside Mole, Philip Zelikow

Help me remember!!!

Cheney: Eavesdrop because terrorists don't fight by the rules of international law

Bush Breaks the Law Again, Gives Himself Line-Item Veto Power

How much damage has George W Bush done to the Republican Party?

Lotta dead cats bouncing.

My co-workers are getting tired of our union

Zelikow and Catastrophic Terrorism


I graduated from High School in 1981

Honestly, now, where is Rove?

Five years ago, today

Some Economist Explain Something To Me, Please

I didn't realize you people thought this was racist!!!

James "Dog Beater" Dobson "I will not support McCain since he often uses foul and obscene language."

Just heard on Radio Huckabee won West Virginia

Nebraska appeals court says drunken driving sentence too lenient

Why the HELL are these two goons smiling?


I rewrote this conservative e-mail joke from an earlier post

Natalie Holloway: Do you give a fuck?

Touchscreen problem in Arkansas

Okay, I'm piggybacking the Dobson thread. His hypocrisy is startling

West Point Cadet Charged With Rape, Continues With Regular Duties

“This President is out of touch with reality ..."

A question about cars:

Saudi woman jailed and strip searched for sitting in coffee shop with business colleague

Smoking, Gambling, Drinking, Sex and Guns....

$3,000,000,000,000 - three TRILLION dollars

"Conservatives Betrayed"! Wahh--wahhhh wahhh-!!! Where's our gop messiah?

Oklahoma's County Commissioner scandal prominent figure dies

GOP Congressmen Swimming Fast from the Sinking Ship

"Senator Mikulski's office..."

mc cain ad: 'Real Americans don't surrender, but 'they' will" (Democrats)

Dow Jones Down -355.48 / -2.81%

Good primary coverage on this link for those who cant watch

Good analysis of Natalie Holloway-type stories by DePauw prof.

Always remember that FAUX news argued and WON that they have the right to LIE to the public. n/t

Nuclear "events" in Canada & South Africa?? Nothing on the news??


Big turnout?

"Stimulus" and Fed Rate Cuts - Postponing the Crash Until After November?


Please join me in thanking a REPUBLICAN State Senator and her committee

Anti-War Candidates Receive Most Money from Troops

Boston Has A Football Team?

Obama's background gives him a great resume to be President.

Ah sonova... once again NU sent to 'consolation' game in Beanpot

I just figured out the neocon talking head stuff on McCain v. Hillary

Anyone else enjoying the vitriol between McCain and Mittens over WV?

Susan Eisenhower - Republicans for Obama

9/11 Commissioner...Minimized Scrutiny of Bush Admin Failure to Prevent al-Qaeda Attack

So We Have 'The Catch', 'The Immaculate Reception', 'The Drive', And Now We Forever Have 'The Play'.

I wish everyone would quit posting stuff.

I think I was RIGHT, then WRONG, then back to RIGHT: Huckabee as Veep Pairing on GOP Side

letter from kucinich

I just got back from GDP. It was a hoot!

One More Post FOR Smokers......

Harold Ford is a piece of work..

Dem leadership wants new FISA bill even more than Repugs do

Stocks in U.S. Tumble After Service Industries Report Points to Recession

Bobby Knight hangs up his chair and quits

Ugh. I am, like, coughing up a lung right now.

Mad Magazine Uses Pulitzer Winners to Tweak Bush

Damn!..I just had the strangest dream about McCain.

Courts must hold torturers responsible

Victor Newman Rocks

One of my dogs is either a Republican, or she needs an exorcist (dial up)

Poll worker asked my neighbor in front of me, What party ballot do you want? In a whisper Republican


Rachel Maddow should lay off bashing New York sports teams

The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Ever wish you could get a do-over in real life?

Frank Luntz (Republican pollster) on RW Radio this morning...

Call 911, I've locked myself in JVS's bedroom but he has an ax and is try...

Death-Toll in Kenya Surpasses 1,000; US Peace Corps Out.

Why is CBS covering up the Siegelman case? Let's Ask!

Wish I'd written it...

*sigh* My Israeli exchange students go home tomorrow.

I love my wife. She's very artistic, sophisticated, and mature

You shouldn't read this, as it is not about the primaries- and it is not a light read

danagsk8 Votes and Checks In

I drove behind a car with a DU bumper sticker today

Is graduate school in mathematics plausible for the cheerfully pedestrian student like me

A major endorsement for Lee Mercer, Jr. - SERIOUSLY!!

I know you're probably all tired of lol catz but this made me laugh

Karl Rove joins Fox News

I just saw Hypnotoad and Gopsux over in GDP

Big Dawg Predict on Hannity and Colmes

I've figured out why the market is tanking.

Shell Kepler who played "Amy Vining" on GH has died.

Against my better judgement, I just peeked into GD-Primaries......

Another Bush and a bald guy photo.

Whoever becomes the next POTUS has some mighty big shoes to fill

Research can be pretty

I've got the motherfucker's address.

Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA

I know Barack Obama did get two votes here tonight, the wife and I

I've been chained to my desk since I got to work

What the Dow went down 300+ points today? Yawn. Just a little correction is all. Its surging

Countrywide (Computers) Made Racist Sub-Prime Loans?

I wish I could just stay in bed under the covers all night ...

Erik Prince, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater is writing a book: "We Are Blackwater"

Were Republicans here first? If so, it would seem they


Woman Driver Puts Seatbelt Around Case Of Beer, Not Toddler (sounds like our govt)

Van der Sloot "didn't lose sleep" over dumping Holloway at sea "like an old rag"

Senate Select Cmte. on Intelligence Hearing on Annual Threat Assessment (February 5, 2008)

I am overwhelmed by a vague feeling of helplessness...

Why I didn't vote any answer in the Indian Gaming initiative

Mary sat at the window for hours.. wondering why no one visited

John C McGinley just had a baby girl

I'm smoking a peanut cigarette and eating a shellfish and bee sandwich.

LOL... I just got the funniest call

Break from politix and into religion according to Lego art

Oi! I found Rush Limbaugh's lost-at-birth brother!!

9/4/01-Clarke PLEADED With Rice & WH-'Imagine A Tragedy Where 100s Of Americans Lay Dead'

Movie Actors/Actresses vs. Theatre Actresses/Actors

People are gross.

Torrent link for the Dead for Obama

DOT Employees Falsified Dozens of Bridge Inspections

AngryAmish had a tot

E-mail from a Southern border friend, update on the passport, radioactivity, stress testing

I Am Suprised There Is No Continuing Thread For The FISA Debate

A Choice for Republicans: Party Loyalty or Help for the Jobless?

My pain meds aren't ready

It should not be in the seventies at the beginning of February.

For ZombyWoof, wherever he may roam:

good night all

Not Eating Until Impeachment

Howard Dean: "This is a great democracy, despite the right-wing's best efforts to undermine it."

"Honor is a luxury men like us can't afford."

Jello Jay Rockefeller Advocates Illegal Spying on Americans

For those feverishly seeking an alternative to the MSM - please check out The Real News Network

We need debate questions like these . . .

i am laughing so hard i'm actually crying.

I have a useful thread in GD!

my daughter is studying for a test on Japan, she's been at it for 2 1/2 hours

Overhaul of net addresses begins

My first bumper sticker for 2008

iPods now the new reward for homosexual recruitment. Toasters out of stock

I REALLY want nachos.

Nice Post Hitler

Equal Balance.

Help! I need a stain remover that can take blood off a paint wall.

You're allowed to completely destroy one inanimate object at work, home, or your place of study...

Can Your Town Keep the Military Away from Minors?


Go ahead and spoil the crap out "Cloverfield" for me

Good Vibes To All Of You!!!!

It's cold and snowing, so naturally I went for a 13.48 mile walk.

OMG!!!! Anyone watching Stewart / Colbert right now?

United to begin charging for a second checked bag

Sean Finnegan (of Void) Passes Away At 43

Some dumbass bid $109.95 on a Flowbee on eBay.

Yes, yes, yes...Bateman confirms talks for Arrested Development movie have started


Posted this in GDP

Virtual Cialis

Good night, everybody!

Does anyone just want to chat about... whatever? Here's an open conversation thread.

Heidi, Heidi, let down your hair!

Computer question for CaliforniaPeggy

Let's settle the election once and for all.

Can someone with a PC run a MAC OS on it?

Burger cooker on the road!

Good Morning Lounge?

Calypso dedicated to Barack Obama

Anyone watch the Terminator/Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Saudi Arabian woman looks for 16th husband

Saudis Arrest and Strip Search Woman For Having A Business Meeting With An Unrelated Man

I hate broccoli but I love cauliflower

Shell Kepler, Amy from General Hospital, passed away

women believe men who "post on the internet" are the most well-endowed....

I have a horrible rash

Those in the know in CT

Awright, who the HELL turned the gravity up today???

What is the diff. between a lawyer and a 7 day old catfish?

I hear (your favorite candidates') website is powered by whale oil.


Homage to the Smoking Ban Heroes (video)

Happy Paczki Day!

Fuck. Now I am sick.

something about dogs being banned in Iran?

Never be thirsty again!!

I like flan

I don't care if it's Hillary Clinton saying "Saddam Hussein threw out inspectors"

Somebody figured out a way to make Journey cool.

A riddle for DuStrange: What do yoga, dirty dancing and grapefruits have in common?

My daughter might do her junior year in Senegal. Should I be worried?

What Victoria Beckham wants...what she really, really to leave The Spice Girls

My plans this evening.

Post a picture of someone or something you love

You bastards! You killed him!

Is that Anus you're speaking?

28 years ago today I got my Driver's license

The Super Tuesday Anarcho-Socialist political smear special

More 50 Cent news: DeNiro's celebrity is so strong that I get a chance to feel like a normal person

Paris Hilton tries to upstage 50 Cent, gets cussed out, asked to get the f**k off the stage

I have been told that my disher-style ice cream scoop is "elitist."

Indiana Jones or Batman? Which summer movie are you looking forward to more?

I am sitting at work craving an old fashioned southern breakfast...

mmmmm yummy - TacoCat

A MILLION Troubles with the ex-wife

Back from Vegas! I doubled my money! (left with $20, returned with $40!)

Official Super Tuesday Lounge Thread

Lesse le bon ton rolle

Have you used the rolling eyes smiley today?

Success! Finally! Update to our horror story after house burned down

Medical procedure at 8am this morning... wish me luck

"I'd have to do a whole lot less laundry if I would just..."

Dammit! Lee Mercer's name was not on the GA ballot....

WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! I found a sale on my running shoes!!!

Dumbest credit card robocall ever.

11 Days 16 Hours

Breaking: Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) arrested while voting in Minnesota


Is photobucket down for anyone else? Thanks. n/t

What is the minimum number of letters

Superbowl bettor loses the bet,does a naked snowangel in -30 degrees on Youtube.

Does anyone here bank at WaMu?

Philip Giraldi: Sibel Edmonds Must Be Heard

A quote about blaming parents for your problems

self delete nt

Former CIA Agent: "Nuclear proliferation cannot be controlled now" (mentions Sibel Edmonds)

A joke for the day

This Pats fan is loving the NY Parade. You so deserve it after the last 7 years.

My mom just bought me these boots and I have a question

Super Tuesday Parade Celebrations

Complete this rhyme: Secant, Tangent, Cosine, Sine...

Anyone hear any more news about the possible end to the TV Writers Strike?

Screw Mardi Gras, Its the Primaries

Just did my taxes today.

My son just registered for a college class with same prof I had

For those who miss the “Greatest” page’s intended purpose (re: GD-P threads)

For all you mathematical types (and the wannabes too)...

People are gross when you're a grocer...

Screw Mardi Gras and the's Giants victory parade day!!!

I don't know about you - but I can't wait to see "Mamma Mia" in the theaters

Driver, 86, hits Randolph girl at polling place

Is The French Language Tne Most Annoying In The World?

Kirstie Alley shares her thoughts on Scientology's Super Power Expansion Project Florida summit

Pippin the Dog just tried to bite me.

An lolcat makeup ad.

I have a haunted photograph

I hate the magenta one

My mom just bought me these boobs and I have a question

Screw the's Mardi Gras!

Man, Trader Joe's calamari doe not reheat well!

O, Hosanna! It's the lesser of two evils.

Soap Opera's All Time Leading Actor?

We got a live one in GD:P

i want to thank whoever in a previous post

So this is the situation with the post office....

Enough is Enough!

Bush and Uncle Dick walking away from the Pay-Day Loan Store.

I just lobbed a feminist fireball into GD:P

How do you feel about thank-you notes?

Giants fans, you owe a debt to the Redskins.

Anyone heard the singer/group "Bat for Lashes"?

Tornado on ground near Memphis International Airport

I gave in and hid the GD:P posts on the Latest page ...

Credit Card Debt --Here's one I had never heard of...

Beef stew!

I still haven't got a goddamn clue just what the hell a cactus is

I still haven't got a goddamn clue just what the hell a Secaucus is

Who is your favorite 34-year-old gay Republican for Obama in Boston?

Judge: Navy must follow sonar rules

Heavy Set older men in Speedos

I want a valentine

Screw Kirstie's the Mardi Gras.

what is for lunch?

Obama is a missle launcher

United Airlines Allows Only 1 Checked Bag For Coach Passengers

Well, that was weird

Hey, everyone. My mother-in-law was sworn in as a US citizen yesterday!

Would You Attend mycritters2 Church?

I just got back from voting and sadly no Lee Mercer on the NJ ballot

I really wish I could cry...

Well i picked up new glasses, "progressive lenses" and i can see!

So... do you think my cat is tired of ...

How Many More Days Until That Party At The Matcom House?

Geometry problem for the mathletes (not a joke this time)

I still haven't got a goddamn clue just what the hell a caucus is

Voting Place GRRR

This is a post to say what you REALLY want to say to any mustard

Is anybody watching IN TREATMENT?

Finally! A candidate I can get behind!

Lets Makeup and talk

College coaching legend Knight resigns from Texas Tech

Hey DUers, how can one go about transfering to a new screen name...

So I was out driving my SUV in the rain today

I bumped into a guy's car wash in someone's car and and EVERYONE's suing ME!

I am suing this person who slammed into my vehicle at a car wash

I still haven't got a goddamn clue just what the hell a Baucus is

For all who feel superior because the Giants won, or feel lesser because Patriots lost...

Overheard in the office today: "Today is Super Fat Tuesday!"

I'm eating chili, drinking beer, and listening to Wagner's "Das Rheingold". Life is good.


Let's play Blackjack

delete - wrong place

Oiled light-saber fight, who wins?

Clint Eastwood pwns all

Passed 10,000 posts and considering a new forum ID.

Super Tuesday Kudos to Voters thread!

Know what? I'm sick and tired of the lack of

I bumped in to this guy and now EVERYONE IS WASHING MY CAR!

Oh thank goodness - this is great news to share with all of you!!!

Rice Was ‘Uninterested In Advising The President’ Before 9/11,

what a frickin' dilemma - vote my conscience and throw it away . . .

I just voted. I want to post something inflammatory and worthless in GDP.

I just got a brilliant idea for a great username

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/5/2008)

My coworker loves this song.

Monthly Barenakedlady Hug Day

I glanced at that picture of Kucinich on the main page...



Low on hope, but they'll still vote (youth)

12 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Cop

Who Wants To Be My Snoogums?

I still haven't got a goddamn clue what the hell a caucasian is.

What's all this talk about caulk kissing?

Corrupt Bastard Club UPDATE: Oil Exec Bill Allen is Focus of Reopened Sex Case = 14 yr old

Women: This guy's name is Dave. What do you think of him?

We can't afford this! OMG!!!

Washington State University gets big snowstorm...

WOW The Radio Station Is Playing 'Stairway To Heaven'

christ, Monday sucks this semester.

McCain in a nutshell: How he skirted McC/Feingold for Big Cable:

Mercernary Massholes!

So bush is riding his bike down a residential street

DUers, what is your greatest weakness? Be honest.

I grabbed the wrong novelty coke from the fridge this morning

Ok Who are those 2 people that voted YES?

Can we Impeach them yet?..CIA admits waterboarding inmates

I've just learned some terrible news about my local caucus.

OH! Is THIS who Lee Mercer is? The Head-ON guy?!? I agree with that platform, actually.

Lunch today.

Cat Got your Tongue?

M-m-m-m-m-m_Myyyy G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Generation......

Breaking: Lee Mercer Waterboarded Person To Get Them To Vote For Him

Sam Lutfi to Britney's mom: "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave"

My province invented a new holiday! It's called "Family Day"!

Mellencamp to McCain: Stop Playing My Music

Bush Spends 7+ Years Shredding Constitution - Congress Investigates Baseball

Nipple clamp led to electrocution

My boss just sent me a text that read:

My Daddy died about an hour ago.

All right, Lounge, it's time you picked a side and showed your colors!

Uh-oh. Ahnold is in VERY deep doo-doo.

My boss just sent me an email that read: "3 inches per hour, and perhaps up to 20 inches"

"Hope is an excuse for not trying"

Remember this cool lion pic?

This is HUGH!! I'm series!!!!! Read this post right frickin' now!

Abe Vigoda is......

Why Were The Tapes Destroyed? By Paul Craig Roberts

I'm thinking of buying a scooter - which one should I look at?

I am not voting today.

I'm starting a prayer circle in GD:P

Uh Oh!! Another AlQaida threat

So I tried it with one finger, but it hurt. So I used two and it way okay.

General Discussion: Secondaries

Policy makers got it wrong on teen pregnancy and poverty

New bill lets you take your gun to church- Freepers Respond

Possibly most tasteless 'tease' EVER on CNN.

Sometimes, snarkiness seems the appropriate response.

General Discussion: Primaries

Does Size Matter?

So if I wanted to throw a Mardi Gras party tonight what would I need?

Let us prey.

You do NOT want to be on my buddy list...

*sigh* My Israeli exchange students go home tomorrow.

The war will continue, no matter who is elected...

Does Ani Matter?

whoohoo! I scored some primo coke!

Wikipedia angers muslims.

Does Aim Matter?

I just threw some red meat in GD-P

CIA Director Hayden confirms names of torture/waterboarding victims

Where the FUCK is Midol?

Happy birthday Nigel

Farting Banned at school....."intentional farting" is now a detention."

Abe Vigoda is......

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Mardi Gras!!

Contribute to this Tourette's thread. You'll feel better.

As the polls start to close, the Lounge Bar is OPEN. Name your poison for these primaries.

Post your favorite mnemonics

Let's talk about makeup!

Asshole calling contest in GD-P.

This is me posting in GD:P.

too early for a dinner thread?

We have the first report of the night in GD : P !!!!

LynneSin called me a dumba$$

Does Anti Matter?

BREAKING: Jean Schmidt Got a New, "Less Severe" Hairdo

Mac and cheese sales spike

Wish me luck - I have a phone interview with a Montreal company

Bumpersticker Idiocy

Jane Goodall broke the fourth wall.

Hilarious gangsta video parodies

OK, what kind of hat should I get?

What Happens to "Terrorists" Can Happen to YOU and YOUR FAMILY - For No Reason But They Want To

Have you seen this debating tactic?

How hard is it not to step in your own shit?

What do you think will happen to DU tonight???

We all know that GD:P is going to be seven thousand shades of

Sibel Edmonds Toon

On reaching a middle ground

anything going on in GDP today?


My second day of chemo.

This is a post to say what you REALLY want to say to any basterd

Gotta love that Chicago weather! 18 miles home from work just took me 2 hours

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs?

Tell us about your milkshakes

Mythbusting Canadian Health Care -- Part I

Exercise Bike: Standard or Recumbent?

Raleigh only has 109 days of water left

Off for St. Croix in 18 hours!

Please post a pic of your current mood

Speaking of anniversaries, Hubby and I celebrated 14 years today

OK. I'm brewing a pot of strong coffee. I nearly gave myself a heart attack: WIKIPEDIA MISSING?!?

AARRGGHH!! Just got dissed at Ministerial Assoc!!

Please post a song that best describes your mood.

Gosling's Black Seal Rum is such a preh-teh colour.

I can't sleep, I just HURT TOO DAMN MUCH!

9/11 widows call for new investigation after revelations of White House, commission ties

Where the FUCK is Midlo?

Report from the frontlines: voting in california totally screwed up

BUSH "We Do Not Torture" KNEW+Personally Signed Off On Waterboarding & Other Enhanced Interrogation

My second day of chemo.

Please Dave. Dave, Please. Dave. Dave? Please.

Cross Country bike trip this summer!

I would cheerfully take a cordless drill to my sinuses right now

McConnell: No, I Did Not Say Waterboarding Was Torture (OR Up IS Down)

Do you Guys still listen to The Beatles???

Can A Jedi Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

Sorry, you’re too fat to eat here

There is no Z in Boise

So texas1928 is praying for me

Urgent: 60 Minutes Caves to Pressure from White House on Siegelman Story...

Big NEWS DUMP: Our government admitted today that they TORTURE.

I Will Only Call These Airports By Their Original Names

I bumped into a guy's car in the car wash and now he's SUING me!

My candidate vows to impale & drink the blood of Bush - I don't see Mercer stepping up to the plate!

Here's a picture of the new Power-chair!

Disappeared DU'ers

Tom Friedman's Folly: The Lies Behind 'Free Trade'

Katrina Housing Grant Looted

A Post FOR Smokers....

Let us pray....

Idiot Driver of a Giant SUV (rant)

Russia, Venezuela May Sign $1.4 Bln Contract For Three Kilo-Class Subs In April

women believe men with the name "Dave" are the most well-endowed....

Chávez threatens to nationalise food companies

ENVIRONMENT (read: global warming) #1 issue for Canadians. War is #2.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/5/08

Pay gap between men and women, Does it exist or is it

Me to John Mellencamp...Stop Playing Your Music

I wanna vote today! *stomps foot*

PEV's Unite

If McCain is so repulsive to conservatives, how the hell has he managed to win every state

Okay how is it that there never are any gun carriers WHERE and WHEN they are "needed"?

FISA Update: Retroactive Immunity Amendment Votes Likely = Maybe Tomorrow Morning

FISA Bill Held Up in Senate * * BUSH extorts VETO of any Bill w/o Telecom Immunity

Dow's down 256+ this morning. Has Bush been bragging about the robust economy again?

While us peons were distracted, our masters have brought back Debt Bondage

I'm giving up a word for Lent.

Elizabeth Holtzman: BUSH+CHENEY-Already-"Pardoned Themselves & Got Immunity From The War Crimes Act"

"Disgusted" army wife speaks out on Army's response to soldier suicide surge

Woman killed as suicide bomber strikes Dimona

Economic Aid Plan Passes Senate Test

Mortgage banker pleads guilty in Cunningham bribery case

Obama wins first US Democratic Party voting abroad on 'Super Tuesday'

Swap Market Is No Place for School Districts to Play

Prince Andrew says US should have listened to Britain over Iraq

CU Benson portrait defaced

Tobin phone-jamming retrial rescheduled by federal judge

At least 3 Iraqis killed in US raid (2nd time in as many day US involved with killing civilians)

McCain Receives Pataki's Endorsement

Limbaugh Defends Clinton and Obama on Iraq

U.S. May Not Meet Iraqi Refugee Pledge

NJ Gov Delayed Casting Vote as Touch-Screen Machines Inoperable in Hoboken

Ford may build Verve in Mexico - Sources identify plant, but firm won't say

Issues Start Rush to Citizenship by Hispanics

Embryos created with DNA from 3 people

Gates Declines to Estimate War Costs

The CIA operation that should have prevented the Iraq war

Colombians in huge Farc protest

Iraq faces severe wheat shortages in 2008

Khadr secret document released by accident

The White House Mole

Mass grave discovered in northern Iraq

Bush’s Final Budget Hints at Tough Choices Ahead

Bush administration, tech titans clash on patents

Service sector contracted sharply in January

Prosecutor Sought for White House Probe (missing e-mails)

Service sector surprisingly weak in January (ISM index plunges to 41.9% -- 2nd lowest on record)

Italy set for early election, Berlusconi ahead

Huckabee wins West Virginia Republican vote

Ballot bubble may baffle (Butte County, CA)

BP progresses with plans to invest in Iraq

Betancourt's mother criticizes Colombian government for not negotiating on hostages

White House Requests $515 Billion for the Pentagon

Suicide Biker Kills 6 in Pakistan

Suicide Biker Kills 6 in Pakistan

Former Executive Named to Lead Mormon Church

Senators Consider Drug Testing Candidates in South Carolina

Repairs to Cut Internet Cables Begin

Stocks Plunge on Service Sector Weakness

Prosecutors: Wilkes Faked Poverty to Get Gov-Funded Lawyers

9/11 Exposure Linked to Behavior Trouble in Kids

Judge: Navy Not Exempt From Sonar Ruling

Could Super Tuesday Be Super Chaos? (6 States Reported at 'High Risk' for Vote Machine Malfunctions)

Time Runs Out for an Afghan Held by the U.S.(Dies at Gitmo)

Clinton agrees to debate on Fox

Barack Obama is heading to Omaha (Ne. caucus Saturday is in play)

Intel officials worry Iraq's al Qaeda to spread

Bush budget would bring record deficits

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 5

Argentine Dirty War Trial Opens

(British) Govt considered quitting Antarctica

CIA says used waterboarding three times

Initiative would transform Alcatraz from prison to peace center

Climate set for 'sudden shifts'

Lawmaker Urges School Board To Call Evolution A 'Theory'

Reuters: Repairs start on undersea cable

France backs Deby, may intervene in Chad

Berkeley officials want to rescind anti-Marines declaration

Who fired those other bullets? Some unanswered questions from Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

US political establishment lines up behind Barack Obama/Patrick Martin

The Naked Campaign

Swap Market Is No Place for School Districts to Play

Columnist Accuses Hillary of Falsehoods in Her Fox News Appearance

Arab education 'falling behind' (BBC)

Take a deep breath. Here are a few snapshots of vampire elite reality.

Patriot Fans Blame Super Bowl Loss on the Ghost of Bill Buckner

Arlen Specter Seeks to Impeach Bill Belichick

Dole scolds Limbaugh

Stimulus plan may not lead to many new jobs (

Obama, Clinton and the War

Huckabee Pulls Out of Super Tuesday, Enters Fat Tuesday

OpEd: Bush's budget delusions

Dozens of U.S. banks will fail by 2010

Robin Morgan: Good-bye to All That, Part II

A Strike in the Dark. What did Israel bomb in Syria? by Seymour M. Hersh

9/11 widows call for new investigation after revelations of White House, commission ties

How risky are uninsured bank deposits?

Why It's Got To Be Obama

The White House Mole

"Shallow Throat" Sizes Up the Dem/GOP Candidates

Fragile Dollar Hegemony: Iran's Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar

WaPo's Richard Cohen: Today, I'm Casting My Vote -- Against Bill Clinton

Presidential Veto Threatened for Surveillance Bills...

Vote for Mike Gravel

Hillary Town Hall: Veteran's medical issues

Picking Stars Off People's Shoulders

Sen. Mike Gravel at the DNC Unity Summit

Ask yourself

Obama : Going the Distance

Consistent Since 1971

Hillary Clinton on Letterman - Feb. 4th (PART II)

Hillary Clinton on Letterman - Feb. 4th (PART I)

No More Freedom Of Information

Australian news interviews Sea Shepherd - crew members boarding Japanese Whaler

Mike Gravel - Impeachment Forum

TPMtv: Super Tuesday Status report

Sam Seder on Romney's change motif

Hillary talks to Arkansas

Mike Gravel - Take Back America - There is an alternative to Hillbama.

George Galloway talks to caller about War with Iran

Sam Seder on John McCain's Straight Talk Express

Jack Nicholson calls on behalf of Hillary Clinton

Christopher Hitchens points out the ridiculousness of how race is presented in primaries

Chelsea Clinton greets Connecticut voters

TPM TV: Super Tuesday is Upon Us! (Overview; Live Coverage at

Who Made Huckabee? Stewart & Colbert vs Conan, FINALE

Super Tuesday Coverage w/ TYT, BNF, MoveOn, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, DailyKos, Firedoglake & More..

Sanjay Gupta Compares Obama and Clinton Health Plans

Mike Gravel brings TRUTH to Democratic Debates!

THOUGHT CONTROL: Sell War Or Pay Consequences

Hillary Clinton's Appearance on Late Show w/ David Letterman

David Letterman: 'Top Ten Things Overheard at Dick Cheney's Birthday Party'

Susan Eisenhower on MSNBC: Obama is the Best Choice

Help Dennis Kucinich to keep his seat in Congress

What's Barack Done? (Warning: Sean Hannity appears in this video)

I'm An Obama Baby

Lessig on Obama vs. Clinton

Message To Ralph Nader

Climate set for 'sudden shifts' (BBC)

China's Wen says country can beat the snow

Two snow crises, one central challenge (China press spins)

Call for Climate Change Minister (UK)

Spring comes earlier

Climate protesters plan campaign of direct action against UK polluters

Give up carbon for lent

Wind Projects Lead in Europe

Big Oil has trouble finding new fields

Los Angeles breaks ground on wind farm to power 56,000 homes

Eco-Heat in Vermont Schools

Nine objects of the dire

Bike nomads

Survey - Greenland Ice Sheet, Arctic Sea, Amazon & Boreal Forests Areas Facing Biggest Climate Risk

Bishop Of London Issues Call For Sacrifice - Cut Down On Carbon For Lent - AFP

UK Government Looking At £1 Billion In Cuts For Environmental Agency - Guardian

2007 Maryland Blue Crab Harvest Second-Lowest On Record - WP

US judge reinstates sonar curbs (BBC) {FUGWB!}

New Large Monkey Species Discovered In Amazon Rainforest - AAP

A great collection of videos on just how screwed we really are


Court rejects Bush sonar waiver, defends whales

New Jersey Warns Spelunkers - Stay Out Of Caves Until We Know What's Killing The Bats

Tipping Point

After Years Of Budget Cuts & Cancellations, Bush Wants To Spend More On Earth-Monitoring Satellites

There's a parade in GD that needs raining on...

Do sun-powered homes sell faster in a slow market? (LA Times)

Wind farms create radar blind spot

Monterey Bay Research Head - Oceans Absorbing Acidifying CO2 At 1 Million Metric Tons Every Hour

Bush Budget Cuts Funding For Fire Preparedeness, Forest Service Brush-Clearing Programs

France unveils super-fast train

THE soaring cost of artificial fertiliser and a shortage of supplies

China Reports Coldest Winter In 100 Years In Hunan, Hubei Provinces - Reuters

UK Farmers Face Running Out Of Fertilizer - Prices Have Already Doubled Since 2007

Combat troops may still get stimulus checks

Lawyers: Army can’t try Hennis case

Mobile Gun System brings the heat in Iraq

DoD calls for 7.5% budget increase in ’09

Thefts not deterring general from flying flag

VA to boost spending on combat vets by 21%

Civilian deaths bring worry of Sunni backlash

Navy budget asks for 4 fewer ships than planned

Judge: Bush cannot exempt Navy on sonar limits

CG budget adds ships, personnel, upgrades

Cole families seek to reopen Sudan lawsuit

Last original Iwo Jima flag-raiser dies at 82

F-16 intercepts small plane near Super Bowl

Structural fault not suspected in F-15 crash

New barracks, no MRAPs in 2009 Corps budget

Turning one man’s trash into a community’s treasure trove

Hearing for soldier convicted of hazing delayed

Report: Document let GIs pursue enemy beyond Iraq

Reserve captain may run for Congress

U.S. says airstrike killed at least 9 civilians

AF mum on convicted major’s missing hours

32 U.S. soldiers now Americans

Soldier cleared of wrongdoing in Philippines

European soldiers follow U.S. lead through close quarters training

Iraq’s CID director: Stronger security a relief to residents

Report uncovers Parson Corp.’s failures in Iraq

New testimony may free officer convicted of ordering a beating

Commanders warn groups of infiltration

Turning away from extremism to local councils

Gates to Congress: Approve War Funds

Soldiers Denied Bond in Drug Scheme

UN Backs International Help for Chad

Air Force's Budget Request for '09

Marines Vote Leads to Threat on (Berkeley) City Funds

Judge reduces damages in funeral protest case

Vets often denied academic credits

Economic Report: More than 18 percent of unemployed for more than six months

Obama weighs in on Volvo strike

More than 300 Hotel Workers in Hawaii Join Longshore Workers & week in review

Actors unions break ranks

Thousands (and their union representatives) in Mexico Urge Government to Renegotiate NAFTA

UAW to spend 'a lot' to back a Dem nominee ('cannot live with John McCain.')

Hillary Clinton weighs in on Volvo strike

'Green collar' (environment) jobs seen as prosperous

OBITUARIES: Taylor got the word out for Labor Press

Today in labor history February 04 (Rosa Parks)

Today in labor history February 05


USW Powercast Episode 41 – February 5, 2008, the struggling economy & John Edwards

Please write 1 email that effects me personally

A Look at Injury and Death on the Job Tonight in ‘Dangerous Business’ on PBS

The coming energy gap - how much will wind be able to help?



Security sources believe Dimona terrorists came from West Bank

Livni backs Egyptian request to double its forces on Gaza border

Egypt: Hamas, Fatah should control Gaza border together

JNF to erect signs in parks, citing destroyed Palestinian villages

Beatles, don't let it be! Palestinian Dispossession and Israeli Apartheid

Hamas claims Dimona attack, says bombers came from Hebron

A Strike in the Dark (Seymour M. Hersh)

Israel is holding 365 Palestinian children captive

Total, Venezuela sign study agreement

largest march in Colombia's history

Former rebels in El Salvador hope to ride leftist wave to electoral victory

A path in the darkness - "non-fiction book, set in the aftermath of Guatemala's war..."

No photos from march on Prensa Latina website, the self-proclaimed Latin American news agency

G-7 Frets Central Banks Can't Avoid Peril Without Helping Hand

Doctor Housing Bubble 02/03/08

SEC forms office to pay back wronged investors

Setback for monoline rescue

Economy Fitful, Americans Start to Pay as They Go

Iran’s Oil Bourse could Topple the Dollar

Secret ... insider ... question about gold

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 02/01/2008

Parents To Ask Supreme Court To Take Gay Book Case

Judge Slashes Damages Phleps Clan Must Pay

The grandparents are out

California Could Be First State With Gay Holiday

Oregon Domestic Partner Registry Open TODAY

Civil union ruling puts federal judge in the spotlight

Attorney General Reverses Curbs On Gay Group at Justice Department

Greek Orthodox sanctions for same sex unions?

Chicago's new Episcopal bishop, national leader speak up for gay clergy

Anglican Anti-Gay Showdown Turns Violent In Zimbabwe


I'm in shock...

As a superdelegate, I wonder who Biden will vote for?

I just voted in the first ever Dems Abroad online primary


I voted this morning.

Okay, I just voted

Spiritual illness effecting the body, and vice versa

Randy Moss is ...

Brady and Moss out of Pro Bowl because of "injuries."

You're damn right I hoped the Pat's wouldn't go undefeated.

Patriots defensive back charged with marijuana possession in Lowell

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Tech men's basketball coach Bob Knight has resigned, school officials say

Fat people cheaper to treat, study says

Exercise Bikes: Standard or Recumbent?

Docs Oppose Aetna Plan on Colonoscopies

MMR links to autism dismissed by huge study (The Guardian)

Feel Like a Fraud? At Times, Maybe You Should

a daily does of beetroot juice can beat high blood pressure

Neurologica: Mercury Excretion in Infants

California Offers a Look Into Future of Politics

Cupcakes for Mardi Gras.

Your secrets for enhancing mixes.

A word to the wise...IMPORTANT!

Speaking of ducky fries (and duck)

~~~ Submissions for the February Contest will Open Feb 9 ~~~

THIS guy makes my life hell... absoulte hell

Christians and Wiccans and Darwinists are destroying America!

I suggest we stop responding to Boojatta's polls.

For Bible-literate feline aficionados...

Ways to fix Cod?

Democrats in dead heat going into Super Tuesday

A question about Kosher diets

Have a happy day on Mars

Scientists create three-parent embryos

Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells

Astronomers vie to make biggest telescope (AP/CNN)


“Stop and search saves lives” UK TimesOnLine


Bush White House had ignored repeated warnings about the threat posed by Osama bin Laden.


States Prepare for Tests of Voting- System Changes


Warning: California Gets Its Own Butterfly Ballot

Citizen Exit poll in FL goes off smoothly, awaits alleged results before revealing data.

Take a deep breath. Here are a few snapshots of vampire elite reality.

To restore democracy, do we need to get rid of some Super Delegates ?

"It was working properly except for Democrats." Montgomery Co OH BOE Online Application

Election Pollwatching Guide for California's CEO's (Citizen Election Observers)

Time to call in LHS-New Op Scans not working in CT

For those encountering election fraud today

Ballot bubble may baffle (Butte County, CA)

See: 9 million CA votes at serious risk today from "bad actor" county election officials

Different ballots at different locations, 2 vs 4 (MA)

Court Orders DREs Can Be Sold in NY

In honor of the 9/11 Commission book, a 9/11 poll

Super Fat Tuesday Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, 02/05/08

ABC: Report: Six States, Including NY and NJ at 'High Risk' for Vote Machine Malfunction

Letter From Tomorrow (Fat Super Tuesday) - Fasten your seatbelts here we go again......

The most sarcastic pro-VVPB LTTE I've ever read (that I didn't write)

Why were the 911 tapes destroyed?

Superdelegate endorsement and uncommitted lists

"Amazin' Randi" skims $175,000 from "non-profit" OCTer "skeptics" club!

Dallas Morning News Supreme Court Endorsements: Sam Houston and Linda Yanez

The Boston rally is on C-Span right now! n/t

Edit - Never mind - THANK YOU MODS!

Thought the Kerry peeps might enjoy this :)

Sen Kerry on MSNBC at 4:30 EST (2/5/08)

Incredible as time flies by. My baby just left to go to vote - First time.

Why can't people just leave JK alone??!!?? He's not even running in this primary.

I saw JK at Harvard Law School today : )

Running against Cornyn: Rick Noriega vs Ray McMurrey

Obama camps tries to turn issue of health care into a Character issue for Hillary!

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) endorses Barack Obama

The Differences Betweee Obama and Clinton

The Mass. Obama rally is on C-Span right now! n/t

Anyone see or swayed by Hillary's appearances?

Al Rodgers has done

John Kerry sent out this email from Barack Obama to his national list today

Great set of talking points here: "The Case for Barack Obama"

John Kerry sent this email from Rep. Rosa DeLauro to his CT mailing list on Sunday

"Because this is the way it's supposed to be"

Can't even stand GDP right now, how bad will it get tomorrow

Pix & quotes from last night's Boston rally on this BlueMassGroup thread

Hillary wants to debate on Fox News. This amounts to giving the netroots the finger.

I keep seeing the same thing here in Savannah, Georgia (volunteer experience)

I voted for Obama today, and I feel great!

Obama is coming to NEBRASKA!!!

The Lovely Teresa

Barack, Hillary, and the practice of transformational politics

Isotope fiasco laid at feet of MDS Nordion

Fight over No Child Left Behind cash continues

KOEB 2/4/2008 It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

California Commercial Drivers License

Election / Pollwatching Guide for California's CEOs (Citizen Election Observers)

Californians, check in here when you have voted

If you want a council house, find a job

Who's read Dawkins's "The God Delusion"?

Can someone reassure me that there are single, NICE liberal men in WI? - looks like a great resource.

Why do otherwise smart and rational people believe in psychics?

The Texas forum gets funnier every day!