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Rachel Maddow and Jodi Foster PISS ME OFF (A Rant)

Poll: Obama or Hillary, and how STRONGLY are you in favor of that candidate?

This stimulus package is like taking water out of one side of the swimming pool

Eisenhower's granddaughter endorses Obama

The Rolla Daily News (MO) Endorses Barack Obama

How Many Super Tuesday States are Open Caucus/Primaries?

Observer (UK): "Barack's debt to Larry David"

Why do you all put so much faith in polls?

Need some advice from those who've been to one of the big rallys...

As the C & O people are tearing each other and their candidates apart in here

Republicans Trying to Ruin the Youth Vote

An Impeached President should not be the First Man in the White House

Mr. Obama....this is the story of "Two Cities" given 24 Years Ago! Listen and Weep

Want change? Vote Republican

Those criticizing Obama's war votes/policy

El Paso Times: "Reyes praises Clinton for her understanding of the border"

Michelle Obama - Extended Interview by Soledad O'Brien

Pollsters do not poll people with only cell phones right?

Just Curious, And Hoping For An Honest Answer Here... Who Believes It's Hillary's "Turn" ???

The End of Universal Healthcare As We Know It?

Hillary is surging after the debate because she was "nice"

Will Hillary give us the same Bob Shrum, blue state, coast to coast campaign in the Fall?

Before Edwards bowed out, who were your two favorite candidates of our top three?

Michelle Obama speech in Colorado (from June but it's so good)

Show this video to every conservative you know (McCain mocks voters asking abt. illegal immigration)

I just don't see how John McCain can win as the War candidate

E Pluribus Unum - or - I don't want a candidate that stands just for me.

This isn't a civil war

Obama volunteers check in here!!!

Color of Change poll results

Flawed Cindy McCain has a grudge list

Obama received money from Iraqi business man Auchi?

I wonder who Dakota Fanning will endorse?

ARG POLL had Obama 51-40 in Illinois, even I will admit that's bullshit

Obama holding rallies in NE tomorrow: Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut.

Being from Massachooooozits, Permit me to comment on Romney's recent woes!

Barack Obama speaks to voters at a rally in St. Louis, MO. on CSPAN 9:30

By the Numbers: New polls show Hillary ahead of Obama

Flashback: Obama on Drivers Licenses, Nov. 15 Debate

Obama speaks to his cult: "I've been going to the same church for 20 years, praising Jesus"

Rove in Newsweek: "Crackup? Calm down. The GOP's demise isn't as imminent as some would have it."

"Yes We Can" ringtone

It's Clear to Me that the Clinton Supporters Do NOT Want Change and are HOPELESS

8 years of a coke snorting guy who ran on unite the country campaign lines is enough TY

Question about Obama - why doesn't he have any records from when he was in the IL state senate?

Did you support the war in 2002, and who do you support now?

Is Obama the black Mitt Romney?

Photos: Obama Rally in Minneapolis, MN

So about those uncommitted superdelegates.

Obama Names Barney the Dinosaur for VP

Barack is late to St. Louis rally and CSPAN punishes us with Repugnants

3943 American Dead for Hillary's naive moment. How many funerals has she gone to

Hillary IS RESPONSIBLE for the death of millions in Iraq, an illegal war & occupation...We are the

Some Hillary fans are very, very nasty this evening.

Obama 04 vs Obama 08 ariticle. FLIP FLOPPER!!!!!!!!!!

Rasmussen New York: Clinton 52% Obama 34%

edit..Katz got it

Durbin (Senate's assistant majority leader) to stump for Obama in Lincoln, Omaha

Rasmussen Tennessee: Clinton 49% Obama 35%

...delte this one..

If Obama is such an anti-war candidate, why the same voting record as Hillary

CA Edwards Supporters Going Obama?

McCain had to get life insurance before bank agreed to credit line

AP: "Lt. Gov. Halter endorses Clinton for president"

Frank Rich: Ask Not What J.F.K. Can Do for Obama

What does Super Tuesday sound like when it goes electro pop?

IL Tribune/WGN poll: Obama-55, Clinton-24

CSPAN Joke? Obama: Saturday on C-SPAN at 9:30pm (ET) I seeing some asshat named Paul

Desperation in the air! Hillary Supporters throwing mud, hoping somethings sticks! LOL!

Last time I checked, NO-ONE got a job based on "Hope" and "Change"!

How many years until the Republicans take back the Senate and House if Hillary becomes president?

I still cannot believe Obama went negative in his own voice!

Sen. John Kerry's Sister Mugged In New York City

It's only 20K in St Louis. When is he going to get REAL crowds?

Obama in STL?

cspan, is back to obama

Veteran Journalist Carole Simpson To Serve As Moderator Of Hillary's Townhall on Hallmark Channel

Number of Delegates.

It's one thing to be against or for something when you have no skin in the game.

Another reason why Hillary is unelectable. Wes Clark

New York WNBC/Marist Clinton 54, Obama 38 Clinton +16

Obama supporters huddle up

This Election Is Causing The Greatest Dem\Liberal Introspection In Recent History !!!

Obama's progressive economics: An NY Times interview

CA Edwards Supporters Going Obama?

FrenchieCat! FrenchieCat! Does whatever a FrenchieCat does!

Rasmussen Missouri: Clinton 47% Obama 38%

Obama showing strength in rural areas of Minnesota too

Heads up - Obama's rally in St. Louis is now on C-SPAN, Over 20K strong. nt

George Clooney will not stump for Obama

Experience is overrated?

On The Hillary Sexism\Misogyny Scenario... Speaking For Myself...

Who do you think will win the nomination?

Ask Not What J.F.K. Can Do for Obama - Frank Rich

"There Will Be Blood," by Maureen Dowd

I counted the attacks on Hillary and Obama on the last two pages, results

Maybe a few more Junior Senators should've backed Byrd on IWR?

Why do most Clinton supporters here post anti-Obama posts rather than pro-Hillary posts?

CA Edwards Supporters Going Obama?

Former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus endorses Obama.

Don’t Screw Up, Democrats, Barack Obama Is Your Man - Andrew Sullivan

Leprechauns lead to Pixies and Pixies lead to Unicorns

IL Paper The Journal Standard Endorses Barack Obama

So, Hillary Supporters here. WHICH IS IT?

If you're "tired" of the bashing of any candidate in this forum, well, tough noogies. LOL

Misogynistic, brainwashed iPod owners only: Check in here!

Austin American Statesman Endorses Obama - "Time is right for his unifying vision: Yes, Obama can"

Alright Hillary supporters come on in and say something nice about Obama.

Sacramento Man Remembers "Barry Obama"

Malaysia Star: "Obama said he would as president send US forces to Pakistan"

Why are the only kind of churches the candidates are allowed to campain in black churches?

Obama Rocks Minneapolis Crowd of 20,000

8 years of a uniter that reaches across party lines was enough TY

canvasing in burbank all day for obama - most edwards people i talked to were leaning for Obama

Point of information, please?

Question for anyone who has been to an Obama rally

Great News From Maine!

Romney's Economic "Help" plan:

I am watching Mike Huckabee on C-Span right now.

Obama supporters: some serious coolness here.

AL POLL: Obama 44, Hillary 37

Politics of Inexperience and Dumbass excuses.

To those who consistently quote Dr. King "content of their character" line

"That 70's Show". Starring Mr. Obama.

Any info on tonight's Dead concert?

~Obama will be back in NJ on Monday~

Do they instruct candidates NOT to look at the camera when they speak?

In Cali, I'm still voting for Edwards because, ...


Adventures in Phone Banking

Clinton was my third choice because she was female which means special electability issues.

Obama takes the Lead in Missouri!

************ YES, WE CAN ************ ?

OK, prove to me that had Hillary voted "no" on the IWR that we would NOT

Obama said oops on 6 state Senate votes

The campaign of the future is nothing but a campaign built on the past.

MITTBAMA: Obama's THREE different death penalty positions within the last ten years

Obama Picks Up LGBT Supporters From Edwards

Bobby Kennedy's wife backs Barack,


MYDD Prediction: Clinton will win CA by only 25-30 delegates

Was a vote for Kerry/Edwards a pro-Iraq War vote?

Can Anyone Identify the Printer / Mailer From this data

Austin-American Statesman: Clinton has a self-centered style and discourages opposing views

20,000 Dem strong crowd at Obama rallies, and never a problem! Take that!

Exploding the Obama myth: The anti-war candidate? Beyond politicking?

The "I'm tired of the Obama bashing" thread. Just say "present" if you are tired

Clinton Crowds....


Are you FIRED UP? READY TO GO? I know you are, but come in and say Gobama...

Obama supporters, you're going to love this!

Where Are All The Young People??

Feminists for Hillary...a piece by Robin Morgan

It dawned on me that people like to just make shit up....

So, Bi-Baby and myself are going to the Obama rally in Boston on Monday

Harvardians for Obama, as he might say: Illegitimum non carborundum

Why Did Obama Vote For The 2005 Energy Policy Act?

PLEASE GO TO MYSPACE and MTV Repukes are flooding it

A vote for Hillary is a pro-Iraq War vote. Why don't Hillary's voters care?

We don't need hope, we need help!!! - Maxine Waters' comments on cspan

Why is Hilary overly ambitious yet Obama is driven...

Something I heard on NPR bothers me about Obama and the party in general

did you support the war in 2002, and who do you support now?

CA Edwards Supporters Going Obama? - SFGate

Fact Check: Sen. Obama and Guns

Must read. Frank Rich: Ask Not What J.F.K. Can Do for Obama

West Virginians and other Appalachians remember Ethel and Bobby with fondness. (AND THEY VOTE)

Saul Alinksi, Mike Kruglik, and Obama, the Master of Agitation....

Shut Your Festering Gob, You Tit. Your Type Makes Me Puke!

Hillary gets desperate, likens Obama to Bush

Who's been here long enough to know what Haitian Man-Tits refers to? LOL!

The reason why Hillary really voted for the war...

-= Official Obama St. Louis Rally on C-SPAN @ 10:12 EST Thread =-

Looking more and more like a Hillary & Edwards Team

Voting for Hillary: My last choice

Generally: DUers In GD Primaries, Tend To Read The OP's, Articles, And Beyond The Subject Lines

The "I'm tired of the Clinton bashing" thread. Just say "present" if you are tired

I support Obama and I will kiss the ground in happiness if Hillary is elected!

I'm an Edwards supporter, but I'm getting pretty sick and tired.....

Proof that Obama will say anything to get elected

I've been around a long fucking time, and I've never been so (positively) stunned to be living

Why is everyone looking the other way on the Clintons' dubious ties to Kazakhstan:

Guys! PROOF that souls CAN be saved! My republi-CON neighbors

"The gay community MUST get behind Hillary Clinton"

AP: "Obama Mentions God and Guns in Idaho"

That Certain Inspirational Quality: Obama has it, Clinton doesn't

DU Stage Moms From Hell


Alright, Obama supporters: Come in here and give Clinton a NICE compliment.

Alright, Clinton supporters: Come in here and give Obama a NICE compliment.

My wife, a trail lawyer, just told me if it's Hillary vs. McCain

Which of the two candidates will Congressional Candidates want as the nominee to campaign with them?

Fact Check on New York Times Story

May I say an interested onlooker from outside your country?

Do not forget to tune into Hallmark Channel or Monday at 9 PM.

Pass It On: Right on Day One

This is a boring thread. It will make you doze off. Go away. In fact, run away.

Hillary is the Democrat to Beat McCain by Mark Penn

I'm a plump, middle aged woman who doesn't own an ipod...

Super Bowl or Super Tuesday? Which are you more excited about?

Obama's most courageous vote?

Obama as Our Democratic Nominee: Yes or No?

Leashing Carville...

So, will we get our choice of garnishes? What goes well with wages?

OBAMA needs to include the YES, WE CAN chant in every speech!

Hillary wants to send our jobs overseas. Obama wants to keep them here

How the First Clinton "Cleaned up after Bush"

What states do you think Obama and Clinton will win on Super Tuesday?

Payback for pollsters and the rabid, slobbering media. By Berkeley Brethed

"So, he called me back and he said..."

Nader to be on Wolf in 2 minutes

McCain Billboard *needs caption*

Rassmussen - This is an economy election 80% say top issue

If Hillary had voted against IWR, would this still be a race?

If it is all about recapturing the WH, then why would we continue to support a divisive candidate???

This is the first election in my lifetime


Nader on Wolf saying he will run

McCain is too liberal

Someone please explain how a president alone can garnish wages. Edict? Exec order?

Any DU geeks who can trace Carville/Ohio link SCRUBBING in recent days?

Clinton suggests tapping wages

CA POLL: Obama 45, Hillary 44

16 Ways of Looking at a Female Voter

GA POLL: Obama 52, Hillary 37

most support for hillary, is purely because she's a woman (PROOF)

What time is the Oprah/Kennedy/Obama rally?

Why does Hillary even have a health care plan?

Nader In: Does He Matter Anymore?

Can We Stop Fighting About Health Care, Wake Up

Agree or Disagree: Health Insurance Companies are the Root of the Problem

Whoa Rass national Clinton 49% Obama 38%

How strong a showing does Obama need on Tsunami Tuesday?


Dowd: There Will Be Blood


Surge continues? Rasmussen Tracking has Hillary 49% (+4), Obama 38%(+1)

Is there any MP3 available of the "Yes we can" song

I missed Face the Nation

Pew National Poll Hillary 46% Obama 38%

I don't expect anything to change in 2009, except cowboy diplomacy

If I knew Hillary was going to pick Wes Clark as her VP I might vote for her

Three Layers of Change -- A Theory of Dermocratic Discord

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Clinton 45%, Obama 44% -- NATIONAL!!

Romney's ads in California

Obama: Clinton supporters will back me; Not sure my supporters will back her

Lets cut the crap. If Chicago had been hit instead of NY....

A tale of two law degrees: one went to a corporate law firm the other

Campaign means big drama, TV ratings

A vote for the IWR was a vote for war...anyone who disagrees

Video: Hillary on "going after people's wages"

"Clinton, McCain hold 9-point leads in California" has a bunch of new polls up for Super Tuesday states

Sunday poll shows Obama now with slight lead in California!!!

Has anyone but me noticed Obama's remarkable consistency?

Do you know how to use to conduct oppo research on McCain/Huckabee?

If McCain wins the Repug nomination, who do you think he'll pick as VP?

1681 delegates awarded on Tuesday, 2025 needed to win

Kills me to admit it, but Huckabee had a great line about Romney:

Philippine political writer inspired by the civility in our Democratic candidates' debate

WP, pg1: Bill Clinton's Legacy; How Former President Is Viewed Could Affect Vote

What Edwards Wants From Supporters

Latest Poll: At least 99% of Polls aren't worth a damn

Should citizens be made by the government to purchase their own health care?

You know what would kind of suck?

Hillary has 14 point lead over Barack in NJ:

a great read...UPDATED | Why I can't vote for Hillary: My deeply personal Clinton story (dailykos)

Obama helped change death penalty laws in Illinois contrary to some egregious spam posts!

Clinton lead in Oklahoma INCREASES from 34% to 41%

Barack Obama on TV on Sunday

Austin American-Statesman: Time is right for his unifying vision: Yes, Obama can

Connecticut Democrats endorse Obama


"For the times they are a changing."

WAPO / ABC national poll, Clinton 47 Obama 43 Jan 30- Feb 1

Why was Bill Clinton referred to as "the Black President"?

Hillary's campaign song is "Taking care of business"?

The delegate allocations per district in New York?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama

A cartoon Political junkies and TV fans alike may enjoy:

New Jersey Hillary 50% Obama 36%

I might have been able to get over Hillary's IWR vote

Obama, Clinton Are Even In Poll

Wasn't the "no experience" argument used against Bill Clinton?

My dad is voting for Obama, my mom for Clinton

The Year of the Youth Vote

The fact that neither rabid Obama or Clinton supporters will ever

Get this EmperorHasNoClothes, my mom's voting Obama, my dad Clinton.

NYT/Dowd: They don't like each other, they really don't like each other

Daily Mail (UK): "Does anyone know the real Barack Obama?"

Hillary is a hawk and a warmonger....

Obama: Fact Check on New York Times Story

BREAKING: Pro-Clinton Push Poll Eruprts in California.

What if Dennis had an extra-terrestrial MC an event?

New Rasmussen AZ poll-5 point race on dem side

Confession time: I am a PLANT!

The Revolution is being Televised! Barack on C=Span Now!

California poll shows huge gains by Obama, McCain

Obama: "I'm still the underdog" (but he's making 'em laugh!)

ABC/WaPo National Poll: Clinton 47 (+5), Obama 43 (+6)/ Obama leads McCain, Clinton loses to him

Ruh-Roh McCain, you know what happens when you "ASSume"

Q. Did Nader endorse Kucinich? - Or . . . . Himself? nt

Hillary ahead among Puerto Ricans in NY (On Obama and Hispanics)

I always thought California would be more suited to voter for Obama than Hillary

Did anyone notice that in the last debate, sponsored by "clean coal", NO question on energy policy?

Obama has been campaining with Chairman Dean's 50 state strategy in mind

Reliable polling

Breaking: Bill Clinton blames Ted Kennedy for the KKK, John Kerry for getting us into Vietnam

Get Ready California For The Closers, Obama's Dream Team.

BREAKING: How many of you would vote for this man?

New Zogby internal #'s show Obama has strong support with the very liberal, moderates & independents

Does California Polling Consider Early Voting?

Can we cut out all of the talk about the way candidates look?

ARG poll: Delaware and MO are toss ups

BREAKING NEWS-Obama ahead in California and tied in New Jersey and Missouri with link

Can a bald man be president?

CA State poll (not Zogby) shows huge gains by Obama, McCain

well what do you know? Mittens won the Maine caucuses today over McCain (who barely edged Paul)

Have any California newspapers endorsed Clinton?

POLL WARS!!! (Or, my poll beats your poll)

We can always go back to partisan mudslinging

My friend's late grandfather: "By the time you're 30, you have the face you deserve."

It's the Obama-Ka!

Barack Obama Champions Gay Rights on the Campaign Trail

Obama rally had 20,000 people watch him in St. Louis tonight

I think it's unfair that only goodlooking people can be president

Zogby Georgia Poll: Obama Maintains Big Lead - Obama 48, Clinton 28

Obama music video brings a Republican to tears..

People....keep in mind...we are in historic times...enjoy it!

Still undecided?

Another Clinton endorsement....

Obama blames liberals for demanding civil liberties but not deregulation?

New Rass Poll Arizona Clinton 46%, Obama 41% 12% will vote someone else

The Columbian, WA Endorses Barack Obama, McCain

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/3/08 - Clinton up 4 (49), Obama up 1 (38)

The article Hillary Clinton doesn't wany you to see:

Latest pole, could be up or down for either candidte

How much of your opinion of the candidates is influenced by their positions?

Kingston Daily Freeman, NY: Endorses Barack Obama

"Take a breather and keep your powder dry"

I Dont Want to Call Some White Southern Dems Racists, but its Obvious that race is a factor

Excuse my ignorance, but what happens to the votes that people have already made for Edwards?

Can I just say...

Lost in Translation: Polls Show Conflicting Results

The dynasty issue. A revolving Bush-Clinton door or the Obama clan dominating two countries?

Bobby Kennedy's daughter backs barack

Clinton: Obama would be Bush-like 'leap of faith'"

Some people here chided me for being upset with Edwards for leaving the race -- but

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Be Kind To Pollsters"

CA Field Poll: Hillary-36 Obama-34 Und-18

Edwards' base

I just thought of a great campaign chant for Hillary's campaign

Barack and Michelle Obama w/ Oprah in San Jose tonight???

U.S. New: Obama raised $32 mil in January. Clinton camp would only say they raised at least $10 mil.


McClatchy-MSNBC: CA Hillary +9, AZ Hillary +2, GA Obama +6, MO Hillary +6, NJ Hillary +7

Yes, We Can video: Clinton camp's hard hitting response

"Barack Obama supported gay rights during his Illinois Senate tenure."

I saw on Tucker, the day after the debate that Obama

People only care that Hillary voted for the IWR because she's not slick and they don't like her

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, Clinton 46 Obama 44

If a candidate can be pressured out of the race...

Apparently if you don't have health insurance you get FREE health care

Zogby: Obama leads in California 45-41!

Yes She Will trumps yes we can.

McCain/Rice: Is this tough ticket to beat or what?

The Boomers Had Their Day. Make Way for the Millennials.

Al Gore and John Edwards - This is not the time to stand on the sidelines

convince me Obama has the best health plan w/o dissing Hillary

Why does Krugman has focused on attacking Obama during this campaign season?

FDR garnished people's wages

GALLUP TRACKING POLL: Hillary 46 (-2), Obama 44 (+3)

Just Finished Watching HRC On 'This Week With GS'...

After Obama is done attacking Hillarys Healthcare Plan from the RIGHT

Latest Field poll from California is not reliable.

Compounded interest in conflicts of interest. Corporate lawyers on corporate boards.

Explain this - Obama 04 has a bone to pick with Obama 08

Obama "Yes we can" music video, its amazing! r/o for link

Connecticut Post Endorses Barack Obama

Who are the Democratic volunteers? An Interesting phenomena

Clinton, McCain hold 9-point leads in California

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton

Yes we can (For Obama supporters and those undecided)

Let me explain to you guys why the right wing is attacking McCain so hard: this is important

"Clinton health plan may mean tapping pay"

Ahem. Trolls start flame wars. Over silly stuff.

For Jewish Voters in New York, ‘Almost an Embarrassment of Riches’

Comparing Healthcare Plans and the Mandate Muddle

A history lesson

Zynx Poll: 91% of DUers cherrypick their polls.

Washington Post/ABC News National Poll: Clinton 47%, Obama 43%

Mom sent me a World Nut Daily article about Israel about Obama and his staff

What difference did the IWR vote make anyway? Really?

Hillary's is the best plan for Healthcare.

Among those rights are the right to speak freely—and to be heard

The darboy foolproof plan to end world hunger

Why I'm Endorsing Barack Obama - Kate Michelman

I just had a bizarre dream about the November election

John McCain, Barack Obama Gain In Newest Poll

WOW look at what is happening in KANSAS!!

McCain's Success Upsetting Bloomberg's Plans

Crazy Delegate math, in many districts, you can win with 62% of the vote and tie in delegates

Is it true that HRC campaign ripped off "Yes we can" and "Fired Up and ready to go"?

Are Republican donors

The personal is the political, Hillary fight is my fight.

Hulk Hogan (sort of) endorses Obama!

The IWR vote hypocrisy can be captured with one simple question.

Cults require a charismatic leader...

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll: Obama, Hillary "neck-and-neck' in CA (Obama slight lead), NJ, MO

Ask Not What J.F.K. Can Do for Obama-By FRANK RICH

Obama, Clinton and Iran: The vote that made the difference

Rasmussen: CA-Obama 45% Clinton 44%

If Obama comes within a few points of Clinton in NJ and CT

Russert: Bill Clinton called up Richardson to watch the Superbowl, BUT THERE WILL NOT BE AN . . .

My wife's take on why she will vote Obama - She absolutely loves Hillary

FYI: Obama will be on Face the Nation this morning. nt


Let's examine the presidents I have had in my lifetime

The thought of eight years under The Clintons depresses the hell out of me

Issues? wait a minute...

Is there life after Super Tuesday? Probably.

Giving Drivers licenses to Illegal Imm.

3 republican wives,1 republican couple,and my moderate republican boss

The Knoxville News Sentinel endorses Obama

More Young Hillary Photos....Really Interesting

A simple question

The shortsightedness of labeling hope "false"

Zogby: Obama ahead in California; tied in Missouri and New Jersey (also ahead in Utah)

If you are basing your vote on the 2002 IRW resolution and funding of it thereafter

Generational Change And Superdelegates: Back-Room Choices

Hillary Clinton didn't explicitly say Barack Obama was a Democrat-in-Bush-clothing, but . . .

There are a lot of conflicting polls out there right now, but...

Obama, Guns, and Jesus

Sunday Poll in NJ Shows Commanding Lead for Hillary Clinton

How will Obama enforce mandates on children?

Sun Tzu on knowing your enemy and yourself.

Obama - because we need a womans perspective

That was an incredible Obama rally last night!

REFUSING TO VOTE NOMINEE is essentially APPROVAL of the IRAQ STATUS QUO! Bomb bomb bomb!

What about appointing John Edwards to the Supreme Court?

Hillary will garnish wages? That's a low blow right from the Bush playbook

The Idea that Early Voting is Pro-Clinton in CA is a Myth

How Johnson Pushed Civil RIghts - with persuasion

If _________ is the Dem nominee, and McCain is the repub nominee then

I have heard plenty of "I will"'s, how about a few "and this is how"?

Old PAPA McCain is on face the nation

Some internal numbers from Zogby re: CA, NJ, and MO

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

Bottom line is this:

Breaking: Field Poll shows HUGE change in California race!

How about this for a post- Super Tuesday strategy:

BREAKING: Hillary conducting push-polls in California

You know the Repukes are preparing their arsenal for the GE. Do you think they have....

Why exactly does the MSM want Obama as the nominee?

NJ primary polls - need your research expertise

Interesting article I found regarding Obama's handler, David Axelrod. I'm impressed.

Kennedy fires up Oakland crowd in support of Obama

Was Reagan a malicious guy, or just very dim, naive, and easily handled?

Karl Rove: Lots of Surprises Lie Ahead

Revolutionize Healthcare with "20 Questions"

No Room For Huck: Big Dog tells Missouri rally "There are four people left running for president"

The issues are serious and need qualified people: like Health Care.Paul Krugman article

NJ Star-Ledger endorses Barack Obama

i have 250 front doors to knock on today in CA - see ya!!!

DRAMATIC MOVEMENT in California and in national polls

Clinton likens Obama to bush. When was the last time she looked in the mirror

Anybody know what Move-On is doing these last three days

The Black Kennedy: But does anyone know the real Barack Obama?

Realignment, triangulation, and moving "left" or "right"

Biden to Stay Neutral

Thousands Come out to See Obama in DE, Live with (Link). I'm hearing anywhere from 7,000-20,000

Kerry voted for IWR. Why don't the Obama supporters hate him as much?

Clinton presents her health plan as "Against Industry" when it is in essence "For Industry"

I don't need Obama to give me hope. Or Clinton for that matter.

What if Hillary had a KKK member MC an event?

Obama, Clinton & GOP Attack Machine-By Robert Parry

Sorry Zogby's California Poll is crap

Any change in the super delegates?

We're The Obama Dads - UK Guardian

Obama’s Tightrope Act

Two bumperstickers I saw yesterday

When asked to get out and push the campaign bus that will run over LGBT voters...

Mary Matalin "pegs" (Noonans?) Obama's message: voters look "past all the whole change hoo-ha"

Hillary supporters-- What California Newspaper endorsements has Hillary gotten?

Interesting number in Field Poll results: early voting not necessarily favoring Clinton in CA

What staes did Jesse Jackson carry in 84

Latest Rasmussen national poll

Examining the steaming entrails of the beast --

Another CA Newspaper: Pasadena Star-News Endorses Barack Obama

ATTENTION all Obama supporters

Hillary coming on strong on ABC This Week

Obama, the Hedge Funder's Candidate

How will the MSM declare a "winner" on Super Tuesday?

Clinton unveils 'sharpened' closing argument on health care, Iraq

My general impression is that Obama supporters refuse to look at the history of the candidates and

From a strategic sense which candidate is more likely to unite the Rs?

Does failed attempts to get health care passed count as experience?

Obama's campaign is great

Obama supporters, will you sit out the election if Hillary is our nominee?

X-post from Editorials: An Open Letter to Hillary from a Wellesley College Alumna

Attention Democrats, Independents and Unaffiliateds

HEADS UP: Obama rally in Wilmington, DE LIVE now.

A very simple argument to the effect that Obama, and not Clinton, will best beat McCain.

Living with 'Mandated' Universal Health Care is not the bogeyman

Polls, Polls, Polls Galore

I keep coming back to Obama and this issue of accountability

Overarching Message Eludes Clinton Campaign - Boston Globe

Today's RW throw away talking point,"garnishing wages"

If I get any calls today from Obama people during

Hey folks, we won't be voting for a dictator.

If you were to find out your next door neighbor was a Republican plant on DU.....

If its mandatory why is it better then single payer

Bill and Hill's Dangerous Game

There is a lot of disinformation about Hillarys American Choices Health Plan

In which I explain my problem with Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan.

Obama: "supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns."

A Lot Of Divergence In Nat'l Polls But Barely Within The MOE

You GO, Gro! (Or, "no, I won't wear the misogynist label; it's itchy")

Garrison Keillor Endorses Barack Obama for President

Clinton's health plan offers a choice between govt and private plans


Hillary is the past. She's even counting on the past to give her the win Tuesday-past voting.

Polls Show Obama Surge In Key Super Tuesday States

Obama Conga

Double post

I think we can all agree on this: Super Tuesday is going to be a wild ride

Don't take Obama's word for it on health care, read what the experts say

Rasmussen: CA: Obama 45% Clinton 44%, GA: Obama 52% Clinton 37%

Love'em, Hate'em - are you up to the CHALLENGE?

how long do you expect to stay up on Super Tuesday?

Dems oppose tax subsidized private retirement insurance, (SS) But like it for healthcare. Why?

Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday there is one certainty....

Is Obama really a democrat?

Clinton health plan may mean tapping pay - "workers' wages garnisheed" (AP)

Polling: internals and reliability...

Reading too much into this headline? Clinton goes on attack as Obama closes gap

Two Words: Child Support

Neither Obama or Hillary offer single-payer healthcare


Getting Past the '60s? It's Not Going to Happen.

I've Got the Obama Super Bowl Ad that will Run in 23 States and DC Tonight

Where Obama Stands: On the Economy

I honestly think I would really like Hillary Clinton if I knew her personally

Why race will always be a factor....

So essentially Hillary will unite Republicans while Obama will unite with Republicans?

Do people think that Healthcare is supposed to be Free?

New Jersey's Bergen Record Also Endorses Obama

To: All Steelworkers in the United States (Feb 5 Super Tuesday)

Hillary: To Enforce Health Mandate, I Will be "going after people's wages" - POLITICAL SUICIDE?

Super Tuesday TOON >>>>>>>>>

Why does Obama hate health care reform?

Poll: Obama wipes out Clinton's lead

Conciliatory Bill Clinton Courts Black Voters At Los Angeles Churches

If you believe anything the candidates promise NOW

Photo: Barack Obama takes the stage at a rally today in Wilmington, Delaware

A big shoutout to WillPitt: What's Boston like today?

Garrison Keillor endorses Obama

Edwards asks to stay on North Dakota Ballot /Kucinich also!

Delaware comes out for Obama!

Healthcare in Europe

Garrison Keillor Endorses Obama For President

LA Times: Pro-Clinton Push Poll Erupts In California

Damned if we do, damned if the other thing?

NEW California Poll: Clinton 45 Obama 36 PDF link with DEM & INDEP data

"Rise Up and Create a New Destiny" - Thousands Pack Rodney Square in Delaware

Clinton's Promised Withdrawal = A bait and switch?

I know Utah will be voting on DRE machines on Tuesday - what about the other Super Tuesday states?

**** The official snark,trash,and spin thread*******

Obama garnishes wages for Health Insurance on Children : Political Suicide?

May 07: Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan For Reducing Health Care Costs

Giving Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants = POLITICAL SUICIDE

Why are Hillary and Obama supporters working so hard

Obama - Stay away from NJ !

What's the Matter with Democrats? Tribalism!

What are you more excited for, the Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?

Truth-O-Meter: Obama's claims about Clinton "barely true"

Duplicate. Self-delete. n/t

New Haven Register Backs Obama

What do you say when McCain asks Obama why "Yes, we can!" doesn't apply to Iraq?

Questions Clinton and Obama weren't asked at the last debate

The Salt Lake Tribune endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

From MTP: For those that say the right wants to run against Obama.

What Does Clinton Say To McCain

Misanthropy and Misanthropes.

A question about CA polls: McClatchy only polls dems and

Clinton Gets PG Exec's Endorsement (Suprised many*)

How is it possible?

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Poll: Obama Wipes Out Clinton's Lead

In Less Than Two Weeks, Obama Has Risen 16 Points, Clinton Fell 2 Points

New NATIONAL Pew Poll: Clinton 46 Obama 38

Are you Fired up? Prediction time!

Poll: Obama wipes out Clinton's lead

Mason-Dixon DOES include indies!

How much did Mark Penn pay the NY Times to run an attack ad on Obama on the front page?

I hate Phil Jackson, but he's backing Obama, so I can kinda, sorta like him.

Dissing the Universal Health Care dream.

A question for those that know polling place rules.

Serious question about Hillary's health care plan

Support the Poll Control Act of 2008

How can Hillary possibly be in a position to judge "a low percentage of your income?"

Will there be coverage of today's Women's rally for Obama in California?

I have to ask and I will not reply personally


Goodbye DU until after Super Tuesday

It's Clinton that Is Running Out of Time and Money

Michelle Obama/Oprah/Caroline Kennedy rally at UCLA to air at 4:30 EST on C-Span

Holy Shit.

Ex-Wal-Mart executive avoids prison

I can't get this song out of my head, nor do I want to.

NO WE CAN'T: Obama rejects universal health care for 15 million out of the gate

Health Care Policy Class Is Now Open

Time to get ready for the Super Bowl

When all else fails bring out the old "Breaking: Ethel Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama "

HEADS UP: Huckleberry Rally in Macon, GA on LIVE NOW...

I'm undecided and I have to vote on Tuesday.

Any healthcare plan that depends

I just watched that Obama music video. Is it me or

Early indicators (EST) that Clinton could be headed for a good night

Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate

Isn't it ironic that Michelle Obama used to admire Hillary......

"Garnish wages garnish wages!"Obamaniacs are funny because they think that will work

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's leading newspaper, endorses Obama

Obama's fundraising collides with his rhetoric

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's leading newspaper, endorses Obama

RASMUSSEN CLINTON SURGE: Clinton 49 (+ 4) Obama 38 (+1)

You know who else had a cool catchy campaign song?

Obama mentions God and guns in Idaho

Obama makes Karl Rove proud

Keith Olbermann Blasts Hillary Clinton on Iraq War Vote.

California Sure Looks in Play for Tuesday (mydd)

Rassmussen National: 49 Clinton - 38 Obama - Clinton UP 11

My partner will be out of town on Virginia's primary day: an interesting discovery.

Obama's National Health Plan

Will Obama's flip flops cost him soon?

Overflow Crowds Welcome Hillary Across The Southwest

CONGRESS People! A President can't do it alone!

Gallup Daily Tracking: Hillary -2, Obama +3, STATISTICAL DEAD HEAT!

Clinton just lost the election, garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance

Bill Richardson is watching the Superbowl with Bill Clinton today

Anybody Know Who Fleetwood Mac Is Endorsing This Time Around ???

Conventional msm wisdom says, If HRC wins 20 out of the 22 states in play on Tuesday, even if the

Two days til Rezko's trial!

Just got a call from a CA Hillary Clinton volunteer...

Clinton, McCain lead in N.J.

Winning coalition: college kids, paper editors, actors OR over 55 voters, Latinos, working people

Poll: Hillary Holds Commanding Lead in Oklahoma

Have you ever met one of these splinterists in person?

Obamania storms UCLA!

Who is really to blame for Bush's Iraq War?

Obama refuses to give people a choice between govt and private insurance


I hear over and over that if you don't have health care

Anyone else think the faux outrage over Hillary health care is ......

Obama's Super Bowl Day ad to target younger voters airs today

"apply only to workers who can afford health coverage but refuse to buy it," Clinton's words.

The Psycho-In-Chief DID NOT have any LEGAL right to invade Iraq. He's a WAR CRIMINAL:

Thousands welcome Hillary to New Mexico,

If We're Going To Judge Presidents By Their Ability To Be Different From The The Archetype

Will the republiCONS who vote for Obama..

Clinton Asks Democrats to Choose Results, Not History

In the Lands of Mordor?

Futurama fans: Mom = Hillary ?

Do NOT vote for HRC, she'll garnish your wages to FORCE you to buy Health Insurance from her donors!


Clinton: "Barack Obama has already conceded the issue of universal health care"

New York Times guide to Primaries

Universal Healthcare means EVERYONE HAS TO BE COVERED

Candidates and Health Care

If the lead tomorrow is Hillary will garnish your wages.

For All You People Who Like To Plan Ahead !!!

The real reason Edwards pulled out

Obama LA rally on CSPAN now: Oprah, Michelle, Caroline

If war taxes are mandated why aren't health care taxes mandated?

"My suggestion is you not cast your primary vote for a candidate based upon their health care plan."

Who really was "against the Iraq War from the beginning"?

Kumba-Luau on the Potomac, 2008, anyone?

Quit lying: Obama will fine people; Clinton will garnish wages

Headlines the day after the Iraq Vote

Well...Fox news just lied

What to do with the GD: Primaries forum after the primaries?

Obama is planning on letting the Republicons...

Will the unity candidate be choosing a republiCON

Why I am voting for Hillary, my truly personal Clinton story


Sincere Questions About Health Insurance

On This Week, Clinton Again Refuses to Answer How She Will Enforce 'Mandate' WOULD BE ENFORCED

Say what about Hillary's Health Care Plan?......

If The Race Remains Close Through June Should FL And MI Get To Vote Again?

You're the boss. Hire the employee....

If you don't have health care insurance and you can afford it, you're part of the problem


Latest Rasmussen California Poll: Obama 45%, Hillary 44%

Hillary and California

Would McCain Pledging to Serve Just One Term Assuage Concerns About His Age?

Is trusting George Bush with the awesome responsibility of going to war in Iraq good judgment

I was pleasantly surprised with some young voters last evening> I had

Mandates for Health Care will NEVER be able to be pushed through


Does anyone remember at what point

An Edwards Supporter's Take on the Obama Campaign

Caroline Kennedy on CSPAN now at Obama event...

Oprah in California on C-SPAN. Direct quote:

Barack Obama is no Dennis Kucinich.

Quote of the Day

Who has the momentum?

For too long they have divided us

Can We Have A Round of Go Mama!?

Obamaniacs: Obama's failure on Universal Health Care isn't a positive.

OH SNAP! Oprah: I'm not a traitor (to women) I'm a free woman!

OOH! Oprah just commented on the women who called her a "traitor" for not voting for the woman in

Why I support Hillary Clinton

Would you rather "work together" with Republicans, or kick them out on their ass?

Stevie Wonder makes a surprise appearance in the Obama rally!

Stevie Wonder makes a surprise appearance at the Obama rally in LA.

I'm not too sure it was a good idea for Stevie Wonder to have escorted Michelle. . .

Check out what Tivo says about Meet the Press

Never seen anything like this before

Here's why Hillary's answer on garnishing wages for health care won't mattter in the campaign:

Please watch this video and get a clue!

Wow, Have You Ever Seen This Photo Of Hillary Before?

A win for McCain will be a blow against the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh, and Santorum...

As a parent, would you insure yourself, before you insured your children?

Hillary is going to bleed the middle class by garnishing wages to pay for healthcare

I am voting REPUBLICAN for the first time in my life..

Hill Yes! The new Battlecry for the Hillary Supporters

Newsday endorses Clinton in New York primary

If you want health insurance to be optional,

Fact Check, Nuclear Industry Opposed Obama Leak Bill

Poll: Once again, Obama does better against GOP than Hillary.

Hillary admits on 'This Week': She'll garnish wages to pay for health care

The Audacity of Barack Obama and the TRUTH about Health Care

A Kucinich-turned-Edwards Supporter's Painful Decision

New MSNBC/McClatchy/MasonDixon - California - Clinton 45 Obama 36

Zogby: Obama ahead in California; tied in Missouri and New Jersey Hotlist

Hillary needs to get out and explain the "garnishment" allegation.

Obama just lost the election: Fine those who refuse to pay.

Hillypoo better hope she locks up the nom on Tuesday

Hillary as Our Democratic Nominee: Yes or No?


Michelle Obama will make a fine first lady

Yahoo!'s shellgame with the health care story.

Recap: Health Care for All v. 15 Million OBAMA LEAVES Uninsured:

Hillary Clinton’s Gender Advantage Over Obama Narrows

Dan Lipinski campaign calls Mark Pera's supporters "left-wing extremist political groups"

Health Insurance: Why mandates are important to successful change

Indian techies could decide who wins California

AHAHAHAHhahahaha, United Farm Workers to Obama; "YES WE CAN"...endorse Hillary, that is, LOL

It's time we welcome 'Madame President'

STUNNING NEWS: The Obama surge has worked! HRC's surge in Iraq has failed...

If McCain is the nominee, here's the ad that should flood the airways:

Yikes! It just occurred to me...if JFK were running, some DU people

Can we please stop trying to talk each other

Utah Poll: Big Lead For Obama - Obama 53, Clinton 29

John Edwards was right

The popular mythology that there exists 'Republican plants' on DU

Caroline Kennedy now speaking on C-Span live at rally.

For those of you who are confused about Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan, read it

‘Latino Caravan’ for Clinton Drives Through Upper Manhattan

"We are suffering from a deficit of empathy"

Sorry, Sen. Clinton, but you don't get to reach into MY paycheck and give MY money to private

New Rasmussen California Poll: Obama 45%, Clinton 44%

Hillary Clinton would be a far more transformative President than Barack Obama

The Super Bowl

Today's Obama supporters' 'trash Hillary du jour': 'wage garnishment......'

James Carville should back off the "Camelot" stuff.

I May Have Found Someobdy who Inspires me MORE than Barack Obama

20,000 at Obama's Delaware rally - a Delaware record!

Clinton Campaign sharpens attack on Obama

Why shouldn' a person be required to pay for his ins...Some one has to pay

Hillary in Minnesota for the Superbowl - not in New Mexico

To those who don't mind HIllary's Health Plan- what about School Vouchers?


How will the DU vote?

Anyone got any good nicknames for McCain?

Polls Show Obama Closing in on Clinton

Bill McKibben, one of the country's most influential voices on the environment and climate change

Hillary: pro-IWR and pro-big brother healthcare; Obama: anti-IWR and anti-mandatories.

Just a thought

My first Obama rally, our caucus is Sat. the 9th

Obama leads Clinton in new N.M. poll

On a scale of 1 to 10, how "Inspirational" was Obama's Donnie Mclovefest?

First Lady of CA Maria Shriver endorses Obama!

Add Another Kennedy to ttThe Obama Team: Maria Shriver


Holy smokes, Mrs Governator is for Obama

Obama is really a politician folks, just like HRC....


James Carville & Paul Begala, regarding the IWR

What's the single main reason you support Obama?

If We Lose Congress, It Won't Matter Who We Nominate

You hearing all the republicans and independants calling in saying they are voting for Obama?

Hillary's Town Hall Meeting On TV Tomorrow Night

Obama raised seven times the cash as his nearest rival

500 hundred emails to Fox News

NY Times: "‘Latino Caravan’ for Clinton Drives Through Upper Manhattan"

Aside from physiology, I can't think of a single thing Obama 'shares' with Wellstone.

Maria Shriver endorses Obama .... HOOOT!!!!!

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!

My mother voted today by absentee ballot

Harold Varmus(Nobel Prize winner) Endorses Obama

There is NOTHING wrong with what Hillary said about

Bill Clinton's Kazakh connection

The Oppo Researchettes on Bush Admin and McCain/Huckabee

"The past versus the future"

LA Times - health care proposal summaries -Obama & Clinton.

Obama should do an ad of the Eisenhower and Shriver endorsement.

Romantic idealism vs know-how -to meet the serious challenges we have at home and abroad:

in the press already: Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver pitch Obama

Maybe Pickles and Babs will endorse Obama tomorrow!

Hillary has a huge number of endorsements

Shriver..I wasn't even supposed to be on schedule today

Rationing Healthcare

Michele Obama: "We're not doing this again."

Bye , Bye , American pie


Monday morning CA. news papers will headline SHRIVER endorses Obama

Time: More on the don't-wait-up for California thing

Thumbs up to the Hillary supporters out on Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge

Someone who sided with Bush vs. someone who had forsesight and opposed him.

A bit of advice for someone who has been around the political block more

La Maria .... a new found love.

To Edwards supporters: When Edwards endorses one of the candidates....

Will you be surprised when Richardson endorses Hillary Tomorrow?

What a weird place. The most ardent supporter of the Gropenator is making folks pee their pants

Hillary's Garnish Talk: Has She Finally Cooked Her Own Goose?

Shriver's endorsement is not just fluff.

Obama now leading in New Mexico poll for first time

Todays rally in Los Angeles with those phenominal women...

McCain: - Liberals waving the while flag of surrender

hillary is her own star power ...

I live in MA, I'm watching the Super Bowl- just got phone banked by Obama campaign

I didn't recognize this site for what it was.....I'm sorry...self delete

The Maria Shriver endorsement has made me seriously rethink my Clinton support

Good god! They've all gone crazy! Every last one of them!

I think Hillary’s health care plan is much more progressive.

Gallup National - Clinton 46% Obama 44%

Garrison Keillor: Obama 'a president who can speak with grace and power'

Obama still doesn't get it: He wants healthcare that costs more for EVERYONE.

When will we start getting the results on Tuesday?

Feelings on the Obama and Clinton sudden "romance".

Optional Health Care is not universal health care. 15M not covered.

Does anbody have confirmation that Governor Bill Richardson has just endorsed Hillary Clinton?

For Edwards supporters who now support Obama only: what would you say?

IWR: Read Section 3. How would you have voted?

CBS NEWS POLL NATIONAL HRC- 41% Obama 41% Super Tuesday States - HRC 49% Obama 31%



Obamamania - do you really want to smear Hillary Clinton so badly as to

HRC calls out Obama saying he "didn't face anyone who ran attack ads against him,"

Which is Obama?

Anyone touting or critisizing either Obama or Hillary over their health care plans is full of BS.

OOPSBAMA: OOPS I let Rezko buy me a house.OOPS I pushed the wrong button. OOPS ads in Florida OOPS..

Obamaniacs came out against the INCOME TAX (wage garnishment) today

I don't want Hillary Clinton deciding what I can afford

Michelle Obama is amazing!!!!

Obama has to win well on Tuesday or its over

A kick for the "Dead Heads For Obama" event @ the Warfield Theatre, S.F., Monday

The D.U. flip flop

US Citizen who supports Open Government or Continuing Closed Government?

Two nights ago, I had a bad dream about Obama...

I'm Voting Edwards on Super Tuesday!

How Obama Could Create a Long-Term Democratic Majority

Will the southern states of the U.S.A. vote for a black man for president?


Native Times endorses Obama for President

The "Obama Girl" Is flat out nasty.

Garrison Keillor: another gay-basher for Obama


Isn't this a great campaign!!!

Obama might fine people who refuse to buy health insurance

No matter who is the nominee here are five great reasons to vote Democratic

Garrison Keillor Endorses Obama

James Carville, a very close Hillary confidant, sounded defeated on MTP! Could NOT defend her IWR!

Why I think Clinton's health care program is better

On Leadership

Can you name one time Clinton 'MACHINE' took on BushRove the last 7 years

Do you remember these images? (Pic HEAVY)

Obama re-wrote nuke bill to please REPUGS!!!

To Obama Supporters: Hope Is The Thing With Feathers> There's A Reason Poets Are Exiled

Grateful Dead to reunite for Obama concert

There is no fucking way that Clinton is going to steal money from my hardearned

Something to remember when quoting JFK

How Hillary Clinton Betrayed My Upstate NY Community

Health care is not free.

"Obama.. deep knowledge of foreign relations" - what are LAT editors smoking?

The Obama, Oprah, Kennedy event during the Super Bowl is freaking brilliant

Can Obama's word be" TRUSTED"? Apparently NOT..Count the 180s..

*Mandatory Health Insurance is not Universal Healthcare*

Challenge to all DUers #1

DUer Challenge #2

After much thought, I have made my decision. (WARNING: LONG)

Which stupid picture will be the biggest cliche on Tuesday night?

Obama racks up gay papers' support

Clinton responds on Kazakh issue

Obama lied to voters... On the take from Nuclear Industry... (NY T imes)

"Uncommitted" movement gaining strength in Washington

Is It Sad that Sometimes when I think of some HRC Supporters, I think of Slytherin from Harry Potter

John McCain, NBC, GE, the Pentagon: The Corporate Media's Junta

Obama Lies to Constituents. Says he passed Legislation...but ended up helping Republicans

Did Henry Waxman endorse anybody?

Edwards Supporters: Why a vote for EDWARDS still counts

Giving credit where credit is due: "Clinton taps more women, minorities"

Those of you like me who are still planning to vote for Edwards, check in here...

Why is there a Kitler in the Lobby again?

How often do you come across party Gatekeepers? And on what Issues?

Thom Hartmann on Why Liberals Can't Be Disciplined

Immigration Battle Divides Arizona GOP

Democrats' gains shift campaign money tide

Problems with airport security? Tell the TSA on its new blog

Vt. Lawmakers Want Nat'l Guard Back Home

On the Silence of Police Supporters...

To Those Campaigning for Kucinich's Re-Election in OH-10

Documents detail church coverup (Milwaukee Catholic priest sex abuse)

Nomination of Bill Clinton in 1992..........Listen and Know...what has gone before!

On Factual Morons and Taser Deaths..,

What if all radio and TV advertising were illegal?

Thoughts on Stephane Dion?

Now appearing at the Improv... Laurrrrra Bussssssh

I'm having a Duzy Jones! Jeff! WTF?

When is the next protest in DC?

Wow... Stranded Amtrak Train Moving Again (Truckee, CA)

Looking at the Stark county virtual rape headlined on today's homepage.I see the worst website ever.

Never mind.

Ask Gov. Romney what he thinks about Choosing War? We already know what McCain

Yes, you can be a rebel.

Karl Rove - Crackup? Not So Fast.

The reknucklians are going to run against Washington.

McCain is an extremist MoFo when it comes to a womans right to choose

My Uncle, a heavy drinker just told me that if it's Hillary vs. McCain...

Sorry, I'm a Yellow Dawggie Democrat.

Is corporate bureaucracy just as bad as government bureaucracy?

TOON: Ted Rall - "Truth and Reconciliation" (I'm going to post this...)

My wife, a trail lawyer, just told me if it's Hillary vs. McCain


It seems kinda negative in some posts tonight.............

Obama said oops on 6 state Senate votes

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time...

Finally!. a Bush Background tells the truth

Dividing troops in Iraq

Japan's Economic Prospects Dim - no longer a "first-class" economy

On prejudice against police....

Pentagon Panel: U.S. Must Sell 'Good News'

The train is late

US Embassy in Chad evacuating staff -CNN

Three videos

Gee, why is Pat Robertson so silent?

Juan Cole: US Fights Three Wars in Iraq; McClatchy Says Military Digging Into Mosul

Freeper Begs For Prayer & Fasting To Stop McCain

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of February 3rd 2008 - China, Malaysia, Singapore.

[ACLU] Civil Rights Coalition Condemns Court Decision Upholding Missouri Employer Sanctions Law

After Super Tuesday dust settles, spotlight to shift here (Ne's 1st ever)

Australian minister warns Japan of whale action

Third undersea cable reportedly cut between Sri Lanka, Suez Iran Off The Map Completely

Is Rudy bucking for Mccain's VP slot? Attorney General? or is he the Carlyle

Al Gore Rhythm-Video

As a long time DUer, I just can't recall 2004 being as mean in the

Long Sting Was GOP Revenge Trick - another Siegelman?

DUer candidate challenge...

Won't get fooled again

Juan Cole: U.S. Fights Three Wars in Iraq

NY Times SHILLS for Hillary AGAIN

Corporate Crime by Nickel and Dime

Question: Jr's Afghanistan invasion

A or B ?

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Homeless Vets for Not Watching Fox News

Obama Supporters: This is All You Need to Remember in the Days to Come:

On Negroes and Nancy-boys

McClatchy Newspapers: Insurgencies spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan

I have a state Democratic Party oval sticker

This will be the first primary ever where I decided in the voting booth!

Timmy, always the same old, tired, irrelevant idiots offering opinions

I am glad that Primaries are only every four years.

Lincoln Chaffee wrote a book....looks like an interesting, topical read.

Was Reagan a malicious guy, or just very dim, naive, and easily handled?

So. Politics aside, are there any sports on tv today?

Pay a Teacher's Salary in Afghanistan

Vigilantes Move from the Border to the Neighborhood

February 3, 1959 - The Day the Music Died

Repuke reaction to Berkeley City Council telling the Marines to take a hike

Let's make a list - Things that Bush Senior did, but were blamed on Bill Clinton...

Obama - because we need a womans perspective

How to pay for health care:

Slap that fucker Janet!

WHY do both Dem candidates talk about all we could do with

Dean making multicultural choices for the 08 convention committees.

Help me -- I agree with FOX

Blackwater and Blood: Spilling it in Iraq, Donating it at Home

Questions Clinton and Obama weren't asked at the last debate

Question about an ad at the top of the Lobby page

Ever wonder what the real reason is why marijuana isn't legalized across this country?

"Thems fightin' words"

WP op-ed by Barbara Ehrenreich: The Boom Was a Bust For Ordinary People

Threat of Power Shortages Generating New Urgency

Anyone catch Bill Moyers last night with Waxman

Waiting For the Great Leap Forward

Here is an added side effect of that consarned

Any reason for me to waste time watching TiVo-ed talking head shows from this am?

" a protein found in semen makes HIV 100 000 times more virulent than it is alone "

Editorial Pages Report the News

McMansions Kill

Who was the last Presidential nominee from the state of Arizona ??

The GENERAL election! Predictions?

Great New Nat Geographic Show: Climate Change-6 Degrees

The arrogance of CEOs ....

McCain is the GOP's Kerry

Baby "Terrorist" - need background help

Back in 1968, we had a real presidential candidate.

what I am telling all my conservative idiot family members when they ask who I like in 08

Quick question: Are food and energy prices included in the CPI?

More proof that Republicans shouldn't run the economy

Is it possible to hide a forum from the Greatest page?

Re-Elect Kucinich Campaigners

Barometers of economy, pawn shops' volume up

Need good source of Red State/Blue State comparisons

Brutal police strip-search caught on video

Bush is NOT a Christian.

On the november theft... err election

Pics from the Intertubes

Wow check out this license plate I saw today

Denial in the Corpse (not a misspelling)

A liberalism that empathizes with corporate power: is this possible?

Lest we forget...

Ok, can somebody explain to me why this might happen (I mean,

Here's my health care proposal:

MTP Great Line by Bob Shrum

Something Had to Give: How Oil Burst the American Bubble

Now that they have banned smoking in restaurants, guess what's next?

Being Conservative is a mental illness

Federal Prosecutions for Illegal Voting 2002-2005

Army Still Lags On Mental Health Help For Soldiers

Does Riggins' "Loosen up Sandy baby, you're too tight" say something good or bad about the USA?

Egypt: Surveillance videos show no ships in areas where cables were cut

DU forums

Gee... Where are all these so-called homeless people?

There's nothing wrong with being rich

Super Bowl Party Menu!!! (edited for more pics)

lol - a great short bio of Candy Crowley

Does anyone here actually consider McCain to be a "Moderate"?

social security wage garnishment cannot compare to health care

Beware Of Closing Doors

The Iraq War and the Media

Thought experiment. What if the 2000 Election had been stolen

A Department of Children and Families employee accused of enlisting children to make pornography

They're reading the Declaration of Independence on Fox right now

Aren't Liberals the ones who are really 'politically incorrect'?

Why is McCain freaking out the Reaganites and Christian right?

What will it take to make you BELIEVE in the health insurance industry?

Q: Clinton and Obama > Are these Tactical Nuclear Weapons expectations for

Secretary of State Lieberman?

Every day, five U.S. soldiers try to kill themselves.

Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet now. (3pm)

please proofread my 124th ltte Re: children's health care in Texas

Today's Republican Joke: Law & Order: SVU

A legal question

Where were the war protests of the 70's, and where are they today?

Junipero Gin

"Isn't Iraq like a drug addict and we are the drug?"

So can a pro-occupation Repig beat our anti-occupation Dem on that issue?

SB Adverts so far...

Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up

Some Health Insurance advice.....

Interesting NY Times/Kristof piece - re: social entrepeneurs, 'The Age of Ambition'

If we really want change, remember we also have a Congress to elect!!!

It's Super bowl Sunday TM

Security Gains from 'Surge' Backsliding

NASA to Beam Beatles' 'Across the Universe' Into Space

A word to the rich who think that taxes are too high.

This is the thread where I out myself.

"When I come home from Iraq, I become homeless" THIS ONES FOR YOU BILLO

Yesterday night was wonderful

Moms are the greatest people in the whole world

Oooh, The Manchurian Candidate is on (Original)

DUers just imagine if every company willing to spend

Does McCain regret the US "waving the white flag" in Vietnam?

17 John McCain Flip-Flops

A fun song.

For my 25000th post..A midget,a taco,a flower,some butterflies,and me

Blue Dogs!

DU Computer Party - You can Invite Commodore 64 DU'ers to Dinner!

Anyone else watching the dog show on Discovery Channel?

Are we going to have to start flying the flag on Superbowl Sunday?

I haven't been around for awhile but can anybody tell me why ads for Republicans are

Baghdad bombers prompt debate


Attn: Susan Sarandon fans.

Aww... Kitty!!! pic from icanhascheezburger

Fall back, men, Afghanistan is a nasty war we can never win

I am really hurting here...


This is even better than corn flakes for your chicken breading!!!1!!!

First Person - Paul Karuri: 'A Kenyan mob attacked my bus'

I never used the Buddy List in all my time here

I think DU should have a Gaye forum.


The writers' strike is settled?

Night time in the Lounge!

I just got spammed in a Text msg!!

Must watch PBS Program!

I feel like hammered poo, that's been set on fire, then frozen.

I think DU should have a sects forum.

Take this test; what's your score?

Skinner called in some new mods, better watch your step (LOLcats inside)

29 years ago today

I think DU should have a socks forum

Quidditch lessons

Hair divas...Help! My roomie just got a haircut and it's kinda a nightmare...

Pedal-powered Buick displeases Canadian cops

"Super Bad"...TV level movie with lots of expletives. "oh spoilers"

Leprechauns lead to Pixies and Pixies lead to Unicorns

Will the Three's Company supporters PLEASE stop knocking on my door

Universal health care - a paradigm shift

Do Canadians really have to wait in long lines for health care?


I think DU should have a sux forum

The Saturday Night earworm!

Now that the lie du jour is that we have to vote for the next corporate candidate because of the

Snapple Nectarine White Tea

Update On Absurd FBI Post-9/11 Hysteria Case - Art Professor's Ill Co-Defendant to Be Sentenced

People who hate cats will come back as mice

Concern mounts over rising troop suicides (5 try every day)

I'm so bored I think my brain just flatlined. Only one thing to do now...

Picture thread

Who wanted a milkshake? Just made a Chocolate Mango...

made for each other

Tonight, I played Chess...

I don't think it goes that way

Will this new iPod work with my G3? Haaalp!

One word from you. One word from me.

DU Dinner Party - You can eat 4 DU'ers for Dinner!

What is RIGHT with people?!

FrenchieCat! FrenchieCat! Does whatever a FrenchieCat does!

I'm making a batch of Superbowl chili. Ask me anything.

Boz Scaggs Lido

I hate sex offenders ---but this is just wrong!

Afghanistan in Photos (Before US corps turned it into a slaughterhouse)


For at least 72 hrs, Dick Cheney will be the next POTUS(44). So that

Whadiya think of my new sig pic & set up ?

Dis Moi!

Davy, who's still in the Navy,

It seems kinda negative in some posts tonight.............

How do you feel about the mods and admins being able to identify our poll responses?

I'm tired of fighting about politics...

FYI: ESPN-2 is running Antique Football all night tonight!!1!!

Oh yummm...

I love you all.

I'm considering a classic Rock 'n' Roll trade.

Show Them To Me...

Well, I my youngest cat has now given me 3 dead little mice, in one day.

Hey, mods? I truly don't want to sound too harsh.



Ok where are the Celebrity Rehab watchers (spoilers)

Tell me why I should still care.

TX university's solution to their undergrad drunk driver problems

"There Will Be Blood" was a bit... odd. (spoilers inside)

I wish the Lounge a good night.

im drunk

Santorum calling, with a comment on McCain's 'temperament'. Too funny.

Public Service Announcement: Scotch

Oh Codeine with sedatives and caffeine pilll....

999th Post - Where should I use my 1000th.

Who Remember Kipling's Just So Stories?

Misandrists and Misandry.

I think I am going to cry...

First Nipples ever shown on American television? 1973???? Yup.

We should petition Skinner to change it to "Teh DU Lounge".

My desktop - my life

LOL! Check out what I found on Post Secret

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time...

Plastic Paint

What are our soldiers seeing in Iraq?

'International Connection' on air 830 est to 1030am

Do you honestly believe we'll get health coverage out of this election?

I Think DU Should Have a Sax Forum

I'm a new soul. I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take

Frank Black leads to Pixies and Pixies lead to Breeders

Illegal Immigration


Welcome to Karl Rove's Amerika- Where it is crime to be a Democrat

When do you usually file your taxes?

Did Uncle Sam get it on with Britannia?

ACT prep sucks.... really really really sucks

Speaking of carseats, yesterday I saw a woman driving

Sanjay Gupta- what a fugging hypocrite

Naomi Klein: Bush as the undertaker of the free market's false promises to ordinary Americans.

Must. Back. Away. From. DU. Slowly...

The Comic Strip of the Hubble Ultra Deep Space Field??

Good Morning Lounge!

My wife is folding laundry whilest I post on DU

How many 'very special episodes' must a man go watch,

I haven't had one as stiff in weeks.

Go Giants!!!!111

I need a stiff one

What is your drink for the game ?

On Fat Super Tuesday, what will you do?

GO Packers!!! GO Bears!!!

Is it bad that I hope my ex gets treated like shit by her next boyfriend...

DU Dinner Party - You can Invite 64 DU'ers to Dinner!

Chattin' bout the Superbowl. Tidbits of stuff.

How do you like my new haircut?

Dreading your commute tomorrow?

Nancy Skinner's statement on winning the first round of the DFA Grassroots All-Star contest

WBC/Phelps clan - counter-protest in Corpus Christi... a few signs (pics)

The political spectrum of the US, or the accepted political discourse

Quick, cheap dates for a quick, cheap guy

BREAKING: Lost Secret White House E-mails-Found

Saw Mamma Mia yesterday. What a fun, fun show!

I submit that Sunday morning driving is more dangerous that on Fri/Sat night

A question of morality and "schadenfreude".....

An oldie but a goodie - Don't mess with older women!

A Progressive Supper! That's it, a Progressive Supper!

Hey DUers I donated! Whee!!

I'm about to reinstall my one-year-old's car seat. Wish me luck

Profesional Name Consultant

Mini-Thief Packed in Luggage Robbing Swedish Buses

Why are the Olsen twins still talked about?

I would like to complain about the quality of the whine with my cheese at this SB party!

My daughter went to see Hillary here in Tucson. She brought this picture home.

Well of COURSE the vampires rule the zombies! Duh!

Bill Kristol: "White women are a problem"

GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!


I just deleted a friend.

Gonna go check out the rock and roll church again...

I will be eating pi during the second half of the Super Bowl

see ya on the flip side

Don't hate me for my Cape Honeysuckles' blooming in Winter!1

What is WRONG with people?!

You are all cordially invited

"The Day the Music died' - 49 years ago today

I'm not watching it even though I live in New York and grew up in New England

Old Joke - couldn't help it!

Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year to fly

I watched my daughter's cat die in her arms today...and it made me think of all the killing

You are all cordially invited

Carville and Matalin remind me of two repliles sitting on a rock

Writer's strike could be over next week!!!

Connection between State-Sponsored Terror, Corporate Greed and Economic “Shock Therapy”

Interesting image help. Please.

49 years ago today, February 3, 1959. The day the music died

I am starting a Saturday Picture Thread.

So I'm tossing around in my head

I'm just going to whine and complain about people whining and complaining

I was sipping a refreshing martini at a party last night, and

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/3/2008)

The GDP Word of the Week is "Mandate"...sounds to me like a playdate between grown men

Fred Phelps? The Tall man from Phantasm? You pick.

FOURTH Middle Eastern Internet Cable "breaks"

Hey, Lounge...the Kitteh Halftime Show is on Animal Planet right now.

What time does the super-bore start?

Greetings to the person with the DU bumpersticker in the parking lot

Go to this site and check out the home-school music video

The DU Lounge is a nasty little clique.

Who else WILL be watching the Super Bowl?

Ugh. Smoke (?) from the dishwasher. Airing out the house now.

Every team I root for loses

I'm sitting at the children's table at RetroLounge's dinner party. Who's with me?

The DU Lounge is a classy little niche.

The DU Lounge is a natsi little clique.

Dog training


Hosting a Super Bowl party for the teenagers in a few hours.

I just finished the "His Dark Materials" Trilogy by Philip Pullman

Dammit!!! I want Universal Health Care NOW!!!! In the first 100 days...

just took a two and a half hour nap

Is the Super-Bowl football or baseball?

Who else watches the Superbowl just for the ads?

How hard would it be to disrupt US access to the internet?

I always seem to miss Ugly Betty - should I add it to my TiVo Season Pass list?

Are any other states voting on stuff other than presidential candidates during this primary season?

When can I legitimately begin drinking today?

Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite day to go to the gym.

Nap? Or grading 150 exams that need done by tomorrow?

A brief course in oenology, anyone?

The Black Hole (1979)

Worst Super Bowl halftime show ever


What are your favorite smells?

Sunday Afternoons...

I just woke up. What time does the World Series start? n/t

Kick the damn ball already!

Is it Salisbury Steak day?

Play this game to donate rice.

All of a sudden, kitteh won't let us clip his nails...

FOX should not be allowed to broadcast anything, ever

K&R This thread

Is Sushi Fatty? Trying to loose some weight

What cats say

There is someone over in LBN claiming that soft core porno characters provide good rolemodels

DU Dinner Party - you can have 4 DUers: Who would you eat?

Flash flood warning for Kauai

Super Bowl pre-game and halftime festivities a la 'Semi-Tough'

PuppyBowl IV -- Countdown to Kickoff is at 10 minutes

Man, I was surrounded by assholes last night

Sang it Jordan Sparks!

Puppy Bowl!

Important Question about the SB

Did you know the first internets date back to Nero's time?

This is just beyond sick.

Help me add something "original" to my normal Williams chili mix


As a PHC fan, I was quite happy to enjoy Garrison Keillor's writing

out of the mouths of babes

Cat nap

February 3, 1959 - The Day the Music Died

This will probably get locked, but it's hilarious. Safe for work Porn.

Nanny and Rose.

Have you ever been fascinated by names?

I'm getting my hair cut...

Do you ever break out into song in your head when you see a certain DUer?

Who else is NOT watching the Super Bowl?

Quick, cheap recipes for a quick, cheap guy

I REALLY Wish My Parents Would Get A Computer!

We have our first fire going in the fireplace.

What you can do with $99/barrel oil profits

U. S. Department of Education Joining Forces with Department of Homeland Security

Most cynical song...

3rdUndersea Cable Cut - The only 2 countries that were unaffected were Israel and Iraq

Billo Hates the Vets

How many peoples do you have on your ignore list ?

Bush's billionaire friend sold £100m of shares just days before scandal broke

Boortz: "[P]rimary blame" for Katrina goes to "worthless parasites who lived in New Orleans

O'Reilly & Fox News' Big January Ratings Win

Who is the asian man, and why is he secret?

Worst competitor to the Puppy Bowl

In 51 posts I will hit 10K... lets plan a DU toast during the Super Bowl!!!!

If you could live anywhere in the U.S. where would it be?

What if we suffer another attack before election - worse than 9/11 ?


Fell on ice today

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator....16 different personalities...where are the top 4 candidates?

For those of you with CRF cats..question about IV fluids...

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"!

Oh, good grief. Tell me he wasn't the first to have Presidential Seal boots...

I am reposting my pictures of the signs welcoming Bush on Friday

Happy Super Week Lizards!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Break, 2/3/08

DU Dinner Party - You can Invite all but 4 DU'ers to Dinner! Which four would you exclude?

Superbowl Commercial Thread - up or down?

Hail to the Redskins - Darrell Green and Art Monk make it to Canton

Somebody shoot me. Ralph Nader's making sense on Wolfie...

Washington Will SOON Encounter Facts That COMMAND IMPEACHMENT! (Harpers)

Just a Message Board...

Ok, what's with the Declaration of Independence before the Super Bowl?

"Bush & The Chocolate Factory" Next Saturday Night, February 9 on ABC!

I think DU should have a Nexus Forum!!

Florida DCF official charged with production of child porn.

Oh no, not again

Rome had an African Emperor after the Ceasars and before the End of the Roman Empire.

You know what really frosts my ass?

"Why is it I can't get it on with a good guy?" Memorable movie lines. Post yours here.

What you DON’T know about Indian gaming.

What is there to do in Phoenix?

DU Key Party - You can Invite 4 DU'ers to

Passive Aggressive Thread: (cute)

My brother is finally home

There's no welfare queen like a WINGNUT welfare queen (from Lars LARSON circus)

A few thoughts about Internet life in the early 21st Century... and a lot of other things.

OMG!!! did you just hear Terry Bradshaw just say "That big fucking head"

Tyler Durden --

Does anyone else see the irony here?

*******The Official DU Lounge SuperBowl Thread ***********

OMGawd!! Like HeLLOOOOOOO!!!

I love to hate Tom Brady. Who's with me?

Don't usually post for vibes here, but...

The smoking ban is only the beginning

Am I being deceptive?

New subforum? Meta-threads! OP plus Customized Rules.

so, we will be in Mexico starting next weekend. I'm taking requests

Let's give Bush and friends another year to screw us over!

What was Bush Sr.'s long-term plan when selecting Dan Quayle in 1988?


Hey Sugar Smack - Avocado Soup!! What's everyone having for dinner?

I have a question about denim.

This will be the first Super Bowl that I've skipped watching in years


Favorite quotable cult classic movie

What are some of your favorite Black and White films?

Does anybody remember when the economy has ever been this bad

Hide and Seek With the Justice Department = "on Michael Mukasey’s debut"

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Is It Change Yet?"

TOON: "Richie Riche" A Young Dubya?

Furore over Christ's crucifixion

Probe into 'bugging' of Muslim MP

Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate

Romney wins Maine caucuses

Kerry Presses Bush to Repair Mass. Guard

Iraqi minister targeted in attack, driver killed

Candidates Feel the Lure of Celebrity Cash

Afghan insurgency not spreading, NATO claims

Threat of Power Shortages Generating New Urgency

Clinton, Obama in close Super Tuesday races

Teachers question diocese’s support of organized labor

Will More Jobless Benefits Aid Economy?

Chants of ‘Madame President’ in Union Square

Colombian official's brothers implicated in wrongdoing (ties to death squads)

Red Cross braces for huge cutbacks at headquarters

Concern mounts over rising troop suicides (5 try every day)

Underground smokehouses open amid crackdown on smoking, strip clubs

Security Gains from 'Surge' Backsliding

A flour rebellion: Local bakers sprout plan to grow own wheat

Lebanese man killed in gunfire from Israel: sources

Sen. John Kerry's Sister Mugged In New York City

New law allows Baathists to reclaim jobs

Congresswoman Falls Ill at Clinton Rally

Intel to invest over $ 1 bn in India

Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate

Earl L. Butz, Secretary Felled by Remark, Dies at 98

Mosul residents stock up ahead of 'decisive battle'

Top-secret Livermore anti-germ lab opens

Baghdad drowning in sewage: Iraqi official

McCain Tries To Assuage Conservatives

Storm-hit China calls for 'faith'

Death toll rises in African quakes

Breaking News: Maria Shriver backs Barack Obama

Fatal bomb blast hits Colombo

Egypt Closes Breached Border with Gaza

Toyota No. 1 car producer

Virginia Beach police seize photos from Abercrombie store

Ships did not cause Internet cable damage

Bush's Budget Would Rival The Record Deficit of 2004

Farc 'plans to free more hostages'

WGA Letter to Members: No deal *yet*, pickets to resume

Clinton health plan may mean tapping pay

50,000 Marriott Employees Get Online Health Alert System

Obama's economic plan: Closing the gap between rich and poor (NY Times)

The Americans have finally panicked

Super Bowl to be Played at University of Phoenix Online

Pentagon budget proposal won't have war estimate

St. Pete Times: I know Prisoner #345

An Informed Friend's Response to: "The Fear Factory"

We need to keep Dennis in our Congress, and we will

NYT editorial: F.D.A. in Crisis; Agency doesn't have enough money, skilled scientists to do its job

Hillary and the Feminine Gaze, Up Close and Personal

Breaking Super Bowl News: Patriots Not Only Spied On, But Tortured Opponents

In Iraq, Three Wars Engage U.S.

Class is back in the US as the ownership society crumbles

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from Another Wellesley College Alumna

Be Afraid of President McCain

Outsourcing Industry Plays Down Effects From Damaged Cable

Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering

Hillary Evil? Off Mic Disaster, after debate... Must See!

Kuicnich on Social Security...

Obama has Yes We Can, Romney has this...

Sally Anthony "So Long" Music Video

The 'Sons and Daughters' of Iraq - The Decemberists

Your Voice going to the WH with Hillary..

Crude Impact - The Oil Companies

5:50 of Ann Coulter (they back off as many times as possible)

Senator Kennedy in East Los Angeles, 02/01/08

video deleted, never mind

The Audacity of Barack Obama and the TRUTH about Health Care

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead - XTC

RNs and Obama Say NO to Forced Health INSURANCE!

Do the right John Edwards 2/5/2008!!

Wonder what Bobby would say?

FOX News Exposes Diebold Electronic Vote Flipping in Florida

You Are My Sunshine

Michelle Obama's interview with Soledad O'Brien

Kucinich for Congress!

Obama & Hillary volunteers go at it!!!

Mukasey On Waterboarding

The Republicans Had Their Shot

Bush our worst President ever: Mike Gravel

Sen. Mike Gravel on 'Real Time'

Senator Mike Gravel Visits My Dorm Room

Mike Gravel for President

Mike Gravel A Leader

Mike Gravel Rap: Power to the People. Give Peace a Chance.

Mike Gravel on the drug war

Mike Gravel rates Democratic Party opponents

Mike Gravel Exposes Clinton & Obama on Iran.

Health Care Forum: Mike Gravel (3 of 3)

Health Care Forum: Mike Gravel (2 of 3)

Health Care Forum: Mike Gravel (1 of 3)

Mike Gravel for President! Straightening out the Media

Gravel goes the distance.

Hillary votes on war with IRAN

Super Tueday meets the Justice League of America

Donald Duck - The Spirit of '43 (pro-tax propoganda cartoon)

Obama Girl has turned into SUPER Obama Girl

Ted Sorensen on Barack Obama...

Yes We Can Obama Song by Will.I.Am

The war between the human race and the vampire elites has been raging for over 6,000 years.

Portland, Oregon: Birds die after binge on fermented berries

Israeli reality TV series 'Survivor' causing ecological damage

An Epoch in the making

A solution paper involving the heretical idea of obtaining limitless

"If we could just drill more domestically..."

Al Gore Rhythm- Video

How Bush's feds stack the deck - in this case, 'energy meetings'

E-mail sparks investigation of Army civilians

Death of Iraq vet ruled accidental overdose

Bazooka round found in home near Fort Sill

1st responders trained to spot troubled vets

Personnel costs drive hike in Army ’09 budget

New Pacific CO faces old environmental issues

Liberty plan rule relaxed for Japan sailors

Gunfire hit SEAL through vest gap

Conway: 2-front war will overstretch Corps

Moseley releases his must read list

Pregnant Marine eulogized, laid to rest

NorthCom: Ready for satellite to fall from sky

Pilot OK after F-15 crash off Hawaii coast

Westa says perfection goal after nuke gaffe

First wave of paratroopers return to N.C.

Navy rocket sled sets record at Holloman AFB

Army Taking Action to Stem Rising Suicide Rates

Army Spouse Writes About Deployment Struggles

U.S. Troops to Be in Iraq Into '09

Chafee Departs for Western Pacific

Lynch: U.S. 'Surge' Tipped Scales

Aviator Continuation Pay Approved

PACOM Chief: China Remains Evasive On ASAT

Former lt. wants child porn conviction erased

MLG Prepares Reserve Marines for War

Marine Snipers Scope Out New Tactics

Army Privatizes Homes for Soldiers

Bendable Electronics

Mentally Disabled Used in Iraq Bombings

Contractors can no longer wear Marine cammies

Saving face

OSHA fines two construction contractors $324,000 following asbestos exposure inspection

Citgo pays $155,000 in fines over unsafe working conditions

Construction death could cost Gainesville company $54,950

OSHA seeks $192,000 in fines at Attleboro plant

Federal inspection turns up problems at VA hospital

OSHA fines concrete company for repeat and serious hazards ($76,500 wow)

Union condemns Lanxess action, says energy policy needed

G4S Workers Renew Strike Threat in Malawi Against Largest Employer on London Stock Exchange

Griffin Pipe employee lockout continues

Clinton, Obama wooing the USW

Producers File Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy Duty Petitions Against China Imports

Steelworkers petition for help

SEIU Healthcare Workers to Appeal During Super Bowl for Free and Fair Union Elections in Boston Hosp

Pembroke firm faces OSHA fine

Writers Talks Reach Possible Breakthrough

Minnesota meat packers vote 2-1 to keep union (Defeat company-backed decertification drive)

UNIONS: UFCW reaches deal at Kroger stores in mid-Michigan

Plans to Eliminate Line Rules Endangers Workers

Repeat: Manitoba farm workers gain Employment Standards protection

Benton loses appeal over union lawsuit from 2003

Sen. Clinton talks with the RWDSU about workers' rights

Today's working family cartoon: Inventory

Today in labor history February 02

Drive for César Chávez Holiday Gets Boost from Santana, Martin Sheen (H. Res. 76)

Today in labor history February 03

Liberian Rubber Workers Won’t Enjoy Super Bowl Show Their Work Paid For (take home $3.19 a day)

Free trade with Colombia

Unions Aren't the Problem

Devastating trickle-down effect to the writers strike

United mechanics to start voting on union

Obama's fundraising collides with his rhetoric-Union says senator did little to save jobs


Puerto Rico teachers put off strike, but say still could happen

Mediator calls for talks in Downingtown teachers strike

Polk Teacher Bonus Pay Plan Would Use Set of Performance Variables

South Kingstown board, teachers OK 3-year contract

Turner teachers OK contract, other schools continue talks

Teacher contracts are approved for warrant

The teachers union says recorded calls to voters wrongly imply that the group backs Measure D

Final toll for Salem schools is 33 layoffs

Wausau School Board, teachers OK contract

Statewide plan for teacher health benefits weighed

Hillary Clinton and Wal-Mart - Statement of Stuart Appelbaum, President, RWDSU (1/31/08)

Steelworkers Praise Edwards Role in Forging Progressive Agenda for Change

Labor unions get tough

Union says Foxwoods coerced witnesses in labor dispute

blm . . . . thread #2

Mufti condemns Israeli decision to demolish historic mosque near Jerusalem

Shin Bet: Militants slipped advanced arms into Gaza

Israel Says Hamas Got Hi-Tech Weapons In Border Breach - AFP

AP - Court upholds sentence for Sharon's son

IDF commander gets 15 months in prison for W. Bank rampage

Hebron: IDF soldiers expose themselves to Palestinians

Leaflet: IDF will fire at residents if they hurl stones

Hamas explodes a giant hole in Egypt's political cover

Peru's dirty war preceded Fujimori: trial witness

Venezuelans most positive about country in Latin America

HAITI: The Black Jacobins 70 Years Later

BOOK REVIEW: "Latin America at the Crossroads" by Roberto Regalado

Latin America News Coverage: Half the Story is Worse Than None

ALBA, an Economic Alternative for Latin America

Steel Worker’s Strike Shuts down Venezuela’s Largest Steel Plant

Cuba: Mass participation in elections, debates (plus more on Cuba's future)

Manipulation of US Employment Statistics - Revision Higher Next Month?

Will More Jobless Benefits Aid Economy?

How can the GOP run as party to stop spending given average annual debt increase of 500B each year ?

I just saw a blog that actually made me nauseous.

apparantly if you are gay on du and dont support obama you are a troll

Ahhh Hah!

wash post blog says no Biden endorsement

Richardsdon endorsed Clinton

Biden to Stay Neutral

Just reading the thread about super dark Tuesday and I have a

Reading auras of the candidates

The Stars This Week: "The Power of Dreams" - February 4 - February 10, 2008

The Mystery of Golgotha

Astrologers: What would happen if one of the planets were to change characteristics?

New Moon in Aquarius - Wednesday, February 6, 10:46 am EST

"There Will Be Blood" is *the* movie of this Jupiter in Capricorn year.

The Solar Eclipse of February 6-7, 2008, in Aquarius

Which sign would benefit the country more? Scorpio or Leo?

Patriots tape Rams walkthrough of red zone offense before Super Bowl.

Nine questions re: "Spygate II"...hmmm...

Screw Football!! I can't wait for NASCAR to start

GO BRADSHAW!!!!....err I mean

Which is worse? Spying or exceeding the salary cap?

I would like to reaffirm my prediction that the Pat's will annihilate the Giants.

Tiger Woods makes a stunning come from behind Victory at Dubai 08

billichick is a cancer on the game

1972 Dolphins still a bunch of douchebags

NFL, Patriots Dispute New "Spygate" Charge...NFL: "Rams Not Taped in 2002"

Phone banking for Hillary in Harlem

The health care 'mandate"--the necessity of:

"apply only to workers who can afford health coverage but refuse to buy it," Clinton's words.

CHF, Statins and Coenzyme Q10

OK - Where is Gore? Do you think he is waiting to hedge his bets on whoever wins???

Obama to advertise during Super Bowl - url

Pitt expert goes public to counter fallacy on autism

Suspended Not Ended!

Ajvar pasta


Purple Soup

I made the most amazing Mac and Cheese

Furore over Christ's crucifixion

soak thoroughly, shake off excess

My dog must be part god. She can almost walk on water.

Carrot soup that the picky 5-year-old will eat.

"Unseasonably Mild"

The Quest of the Historical Jesus (1906)


Anti-God book is danger to kids: German ministry

I've been taking "sheep shots" today, and I apologize.

Research sheds new light on asteroid disaster (AP/CNN)

Gun-control worth reading ”Wake-Up Call” DLC Blueprint Magazine May 31, 2005

Gun Control advocates, are their own worst enemy

Old advice, still good “Guns and Values” DLC Blueprint Magazine July 27, 2003

Gen. Discussion: "Obama mentions God and guns in Idaho"

UFO Hunters!

MONITOR: Susan Pynchon on NH's recount; Dave Zirin critiques sports

Dare I ask, or even think, this unspeakable question?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 02/03/08

The Democratic Party's Dangerous Experiment

Verified Voting/Common Cause's screwball report on election risks

Selective interviews with people clearly pushing OCT within an hour...

Are the cut internet cables a prelude to a false flag attack?

Dr. Grabbe challenges NIST...

Austin American Statesman endorses Obama

So.... I joined the Obama camp this weekend.

Hey Texas! How's the UFO invasion going?

Senator Kerry's sister was mugged.

Video: John Kerry Campaigning for Obama in San Francisco

Nice diary about Kerry in Calif. With pics!!


JK at Obama rally in Boston Monday Feb 3

Hillary Clinton is coming to town Sunday, Feb. 3

What is the purpose of sun java JRE

Suggest an anti virus that doesn't suck

My computer is messing up!

Monday - Vista SP1 is out.

Why when you do a disk clean-up using the windows clean up,

"Yes, We can" can be downloaded to ringer or mp3

Obama Rocks Minneapolis Crowd of 20,000

Real nice video of Senator Kerry's appearance in the Bay area today.

Fact Check, Nuclear Industry Opposed Obama Leak Bill

Tell me I did not hear this right

CSPAN at 9:30 pm ET tonight (Saturday): rally in St. Louis

CSPAN at 9:30 pm ET tonight (Saturday): rally in St. Louis

For StoryTeller (and other Christians for Obama)

The Times are a' changin'

State Polls Showing Momentum For Obama

John Kerry sent this email to his Connecticut list last night

Celebrities debut music video set to footage of Obama's New Hampshire speech

Video: John Kerry Campaigning for Obama in San Francisco

Anyone else notice this pattern?

Arent you glad that the HiIlary supporters are spewing venom online...

How to add a second computer?

Requiring students to write sentences to explain the meaning of other sentences.

U. S. Department of Education Joining Forces with Department of Homeland Security

Now was I too over the top in this post?

Can you guys go recommend this for me?

Looky what I found in the Wall Street Journal...

Am I too late into the Gilliam and Kubrick discussion?

Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits

The Chingford Strangler goes mad in the Sunday Express

St Vincent of Lombard and the origins of Superbowl Sunday

How can MSM say GOP party to stop spending given average annual debt increase of 500B each year ?

Pitt expert goes public to counter fallacy on autism

Too funny!