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Help from my DU buddies...

Jim Cramer just endorsed Hillary on Ellen

McCain is "proud" to have the endorsement of anti-Catholic bigot John Hagee

Obama vs. McCain on al Qaeda in Iraq

Obama: 'Remember New Hampshire'

I'm looking for the Spanish "Cambio" Obama poster.

Tired of the Obama/Hillary squabbles, backbiting and slander??

The fact that Obama is not invulnerable doesn't mean that Hillary is

(TOON) Steve Bell weighs in on the Clinton/Obama fight

Howard Dean:Shameless GOP Plots Disgraceful Attacks


"basically threatened to bomb Pakistan"

Clinton Compares Obama to a Blank Screen

So, let me understand this.

So, let me understand this.

NAFTA story is a lie says Canadian embassy...

Another 'supporter' defection, this one to Clinton's camp

Maine lost 2 superdelegates due to residency question.

Poll Link: "1 out of 4 Clinton supporters will vote McCain if Hillary is not the nominee"

Why does the MEDIA always ask every black candidate for President about Farrakhan

Goodnight GD:P....Keep your eyes on the prize

I have TWO words for people NOT voting for the Dem. nominee...

Barack Talking in Ft. Worth Now, Link to WFAA

Hillary Clinton On David Letterman At 10:30 CST

I am sorry... I was wrong... I Just want to WIN!

New Site For Edwards Supporters!!

Obama ~ NAFTA & the Canadian Embassy ~ FALSE STORY

New Poll Shows Clinton's Rhode Island Lead Is Widening

Tanslation of Magic Rat's thread - Censored version for sensitive readers:

"10% of white Democratic voters say they would vote for McCain if Clinton is the Democratic nominee"

Of the next 4 primaries (O, RI, VT, TX), which are open and which are closed?

Most important wins for Obama and Clinton?


Anyone looking forward to the showdown between the Canadian Press and

I like how the MSM and Hillary are ignoring Wyoming and Mississippi

Could Barack Obama talk to a foreign ambassador without word getting back to a Clinton or Bush?

McCain And Clinton To Obama: No More Good Speeches

Recommended Timely DVD: Michael Moore's "The Big One"


Robert Parry: Hillary Clinton's "Celestial Choir"

Saw my first Obama bumpersticker today

Obama Meets With Jewish Leaders

Texas polls differ depending upon minority sampling ...

Heard something amazing on my commute this evening...Clinton gets more core Democratic support.

my amateur prediction on Texas and Ohio

Parenting Tips from Obama Please a Crowd

Obama And Me

Dallas Hispanic leader's comments on Obama lead to look at old ethnic tensions

TIME Mag: Early Voting May Favor Obama in Texas

I saw a bumper sticker for W04 today and it made my primary choice clear

Army changes wartime purchasing due to fraud

Imagine the U.S. if the Dems bring all these people the entire way to the voting booth.

Imagine the U.S. if the Dems bring all these people the entire way to the voting booth.

Obama to spend Tuesday's primary night ***in Texas***!

David Gergen Confirms Clinton Didn't Back NAFTA

Clinton: Playing Field for Her as Candidate Not Even Because of Her Gender

Headline at Drudge?

Media diagnose "Sybil" Clinton with "mood swings," depression, and "multiple personality disorder"

Sen. John McCain the true maverick of flip-flops (LTTE)

Do I have this right: Okay for Bushies to talk to Quadaffi... but...

The OFFICIAL "Describe Barack Obama using only Chuck Norris-isms" Thread

I got it! I got it! I got my very own Obama-kah!

BREAKING: CSpan/HoustonChronicle-Reuters Poll: 44-42 Clinton lead in Ohio/Obama 48-42 in TX

Get ready to man your battle stations.

KHOU TX tracking poll, early voting is Obama 63, Clinton 37 race is O 46, C 45

"They whisper to me"

Possible Clinton Lawsuit over Texas Caucuses?

Some reasons why we are better off if the race lasts longer

Donors close to Obama campaign say the campaig raised $50 million this month

The $50 million man? Obama may shatter donation record.

John McCain

Forty-one Vt. legislators endorse Obama

Candidates and the `Kishkes Factor` -- Obama struggles for the pro-Israel vote -- Israel News

If the pilgrims ate corn..why cant North Carolina vote earlier?

Texas Republicans cross over to vote for Obama

2nd McCain Official To Face Federal charges.....

Obama "busts a move" on the "Ellen" show.

Bill Clinton: TX harder for HRC because of young urban voters

If you want it to be the DEMOCRATIC nominee.

WTF?? Check this Reuters pic of Hillary

Obama says he is whatever people see in him. Explains so much.

Clinton To Attend Funeral Of Dallas Officer Killed In Motorcade

Kucinich on the Ohio Primary:

Tuesday. we unite with obama and win, or we continue to fight

Hillary's best-case scenario.

Either these folks are trolls or they cant use a dictionary or a calculator to figure %

With McCain's logic:

Ready to govern from day 1? Really? I am not that sure.

Democracy 101: Beyond the labels and lashings

Panama John?

Remember how the last issue of "Globe" had the stupid Larry Sinclair thing on the front page?

Obama campaign won't deny Canada NAFTA contact

On McCain's 'natural born' status:

Salon: Obama's Got Ground Game

if obama is the nominee we democrats better get used to the muslim question.


Are you better off then you were 7 years ago?

ABC News: Backstage at Barack Obama's Headquarters

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/28/08 - Obama up 2 (49), Clinton down 3 (40)

The Democratic Primaries

Michelle Obama: One's motivation to benefit either the U.S. society, the non-White races

I finally heard from a local Hillary Clinton volunteer.

Please. Al G, Dennis K, Russ F, Joe B!

Everthing You Need to Know About the Texas Primary Delegate System

Good Karma: Our nominee's acceptance speech in Denver will be on 45th anniversary of....

Breaking 11 News (Houston) Texas poll of early voters shows Obama leading Clinton 63-37.

Senior Obama official Austan Goolsbee made the NAFTA call?

In GD-P apparently calling Mrs. OBama a Racist= BAD; Calling Clinton a Racist is A-OK !

Who was the Hispanic Woman who said she Wouldn't Vote for Obama because he's Black?

Hillary Clinton, bush, mccain vs the great BARACK OBAMA

Any New News On The Clinton 527 Group

My Prediction: Richardson endorses Hillary before March 4th

I must admit that I don't understand what all the hullabaloo

How did Hillary Clinton fall so far? (Analysis)

Democrat Candidates backed by Nuclear Powerhouses, Native Americans affected.

Obama's Fate in Texas Hinges on Volunteers

Obama's Fate in Texas Hinges on Volunteers

Obama's Fate in Texas Hinges on Volunteers

IF Hillary wins TX and OH with at least 65% in both states, she IS back in the game.

For Obama supporters only.... pure IRONY

New Texas Poll - Obama 48, Hillary 42

If Hillary barely wins the popular vote in Texas but loses the delegate vote, will she be able to...

If Clinton had been a gracious loser and conceeded ANY of the past 11 states to Obama...

New photo of Obama wearing unconventional garb

How come Imus was fired for his statement but O'reilly wasn't?

Obama Campaign: Clinton Will "Fail Miserably"

Houston Chronicle 2/29/08: Obama leads statewide 48% to 41%

"her rival only wanted to provide health insurance to the women's children-not the women themselves"

Obama Campaign Hits Back Hard Against Hillary's "Security Mom" Ad

OMG I just read on weatherunderground!!!!

When will Sen. Hillary Clinton withdraw from the race?

Hey Texas Democrats, I'm glad to see you in the mix!

Hey Texas Democrats, I'm glad to see you in the mix!

We should not talk about the past - we should talk about where we are now

Heads Up: Obama Talks With Houston's Military Veterans Live now on CNN

The secret of Hillary's attraction


Has Hillary Clinton Spoken Out About The Halliburton Rapes?

11% of Democrats voted for Bush in 2004. It must be because of racism against Kerry!

Daily Harris County (Houston) Early Vote Recap -- Biggest Day Yet

Obama Hearts Rethugs

Whats better: Obama/Bloomberg or Obama/Clark

Texas voters: Did you fill out an exit poll?

Republican cross over voting

Another great Obama video with celebrities!

Clinton Camp: If Obama does not win all states on March 4; it means Dems are having second thoughts

You guys suck! We're awesome!

GE MAP McCain vs Obama

Texas: Clinton Ahead of Obama in the Insider Advantage Poll

Clinton Campaign: Obama must win all 4 states on Tuesday or else she stays in

Advocating For Our Party's Candidate To Reap Bad Numbers In National Polls

Four More Superdelegates for Obama

Bill Clinton in 2004: "You better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope."

How can you tell the DU'ers from the candidates paid bloggers?

NPR: Texas primary/caucus system in place since 1972!

Another 3 a.m. call

Samantha Power: Obama and Me

Rasmussen: Ohio --Clinton 47, Obama 45

Clinton Campaign May Challenge Texas Primary and Caucus Rules

Caroline Kennedy campaigns for Obama

guess with all the caterwauling we missed the end of McCain's speech, when he said, "Quoting


Gallup Daily: Tracking... Barack Obama maintains a significant lead, 49%(+1) to 42%,(-1)

Mark Halperin (Clinton fan) says in his pagecast today that one of the campaigns has been holding

Tired of the backlog for Obama gear...

The 1 time Hillary refused to answer a debate question, Obama answered it and botched it all to hell

And now for something completely different: a thread linking John McCain to his allies.

Clinton misstates Obama's stance on healthcare

Hillary clinging to false hope for ultimate Obama smear? she has officially reached Huckabee status

Funny how I hear TX GOP is voting for Obama...

Funny how I hear TX GOP is voting for Obama...

Has Obama been throughly vetted?

Obama builds lead in Texas- Ohio too close to call

God Bless Ralph Nader (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Clinton v Obama and IRS v Rezko - Which One Has Legs?

The oft-touted "salt of the earth" base spin deployed against Obama -- and its fallaciousness (TNR)

GOOD leaders are raised, GREAT leaders are born

Could U.S. Campaign Funds Feed Iraq's Starving Children?

"Shame on you" : Verdict from the polls

latest Polls from CNN

White House for Sale - Follow the Money

I'm an Obama supporter who has a problem with the way he has handled LGBT issues.

Another 3 a.m. Call (LOL!!)

Another 3 a.m. Call (LOL!!)

Has there been an ethnic minority head of state in the world outside of Peru? Ever?

Has there been an ethnic minority head of state in the world outside of Peru? Ever?

3 A.M. call obama's team response..very funny!

Obama has to explain..."I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." steph miller is

Obama Speech in Oct. 2002 -- "You want a fight, President Bush?"

Public Strategies tracking poll of TX offers good demographic/geography info...

Fox Poll: Clinton up 8 in OH/Obama up 3 in TX

Hilary's updated ad..."It's 2 a.m."

Tough slog ahead

I saw this on an MSNBC forum , and thought it brilliant.


NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton aides bash each other

NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton aides bash each other BOTH Clinton and Obama camps contact Canada re: Nafta

The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

The more I read and post here, the more I realize Hillary Clinton cannot win the White House.

What is in a middle name?

Passing Strange *with bonus AARG poll* (worth less than a cracker jack toy)

Texas Republicans cross over to vote for Obama....

Gay Clinton Backers Defect to Obama, Eroding Another Bastion Of Support

Breaking-Despicable Clinton Communications Director Wolfson throws yet more garbage

Great Leaders Unite

Has Clinton always referred to Hugo Chavez as a dictator...

Clinton campaign: If Obama does not win all 4 states Tuesday, Clinton wins.

Clinton campaign: If Obama does not win all 4 states Tuesday, Clinton wins.

I'm not particularly fond of Barack Obama, but that dude can campaign!

I'm not particularly fond of Barack Obama, but that dude can campaign!

John McCain's Hit single, "Bomb Iran"

Rasmussen Ohio: Clinton 47%, Obama 45%

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) Endorses Barack Obama

Why does MSNBC KEEP using Hillary Rosen as the Dem. to put up against the Repub.?

What is the most reliable Poll?

I thought Hillary Clinton would be the strongest in the GE

Sojourners Jim Wallis' response to Obama /Muslin references

I have to say, I'm really getting tired of the blatant sexism from team Hillary

Obama, if you get the nomination I say be prepared for the

I think we're missing the point with the "Red Phone" ad.

Why do terrists call at such unreasonable hours & why does Hillary Clinton wear clothes to bed?

"Stop thinking this is all there is..."

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/29/08 - Obama down 2 (47), Clinton up 2 (42)

Give me a break Team Hillary .... stop calling talk shows and whining

Dang.... Obama has the best comebacks! Now he body slams Hillary's slimey ad...

Cleaver on MSNBS (just now)

Recent Polling Data Shows Serious Concerns About Senator Obama's "Electability" Over Senator McCain

The "HIllary is gonna force me to give money to evil insurance companies" canard.

Questions for Obama and Hillary supporters

Hillary should know better than to think the "3AM" ad will work on Dems. We're used to RW scare

Hillary should know better than to think the "3AM" ad will work on Dems. We're used to RW scare

Where can I view the Clinton "red phone" ad?

Obama Gore '08

Hillary Clinton - Fire your campaign manager

Dems take McCain out of context on Iraq

Insulting the Enemy - two faces of stupidity

John McCain calls himself a conservative liberal Republican - -> clip

Vote for the more electable Hillary? A Reply to Lanny Davis

Harvard-NPR Poll: Obama's health care plan preferred to Clinton's, 65% - 59%

While we Democrats are viciously fighting one another

Obama responds to the red phone -- "what kind of judgment will you make when you answer?"

It's as simple as 1,627

Obama 2 minute ad?

Why is the Democratic Party so stupid?

This post is for both Hillary and Obama supporters:

If "Those" States Don't Count, We'll Take Em!

For all those who are SO sure Obama cannot win the general...

I no longer think Clinton is going to win Ohio.

Why are Kenyans ashamed of their traditional attire?

Split Decision: How the 'Times' almost didn't back Hillary

Tony Snow, hosting O'Reilly's show, expresses solidarity with Hillary's Iraq vote

Ohio delegate/primary analysis ... link

McCain blasts Obama's and Clinton's attacks on NAFTA

Most posters don't care enough to warrant our caring this much about their posts!

Obama is a LIAR! This isn't Flamebait either, watch the video and see it yourself!

Hillary Supporters

Obama Backs Law Helping McCain

Clinton faces Kenya cattle fine over Obama photo

Is Bill Press Anti-Obama?

If you liked the 'Yes we can' music video, here's another from Will.I.Am

If you liked the 'Yes we can' music video, here's another from Will.I.Am

If you liked the 'Yes we can' music video, here's another from Will.I.Am

The past?! My friends, isn't McCain's entire campaign/rationale for presidency based on the past?

McCain: "very proud to have Pastor John Hagee's support."

To all the Uninformed: CTV is owned by Reuters and is no different from CNN or Fox

Obama Sued to Win His First Election...why the feigned outrage?


Desperation "politics of fear" What's next? A picture in a flight suit?

Do you think positing negative stuff about Hillary or Barack will change anybodies mind?

That Obama.........he's such a Uniter.........

Clinton pledges federal benefits for same gender couples

That is such a fucked up thing to say

Hey! Those who like to geek out over polls! (Texas) Come here!

Wesley Clark introduces Sen. Clinton at campaign stop in Waco - pics

Hillary's shooting herself in the foot with these Texas threats.

Who else is hosting/attending a Move On "Yes We Can" party this Sunday?

Prediction: Hillary's "Call" ad in Texas will backfire.

When did merely winning Texas and/or Ohio become enough for Team Hillary?

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Hillaryphone!

Have a lot of supporters on either side ever thought about...

McCain should be HAMMERED on this Hagee business

I understand preferring Clinton. But to those of you who HATE Obama...

McCain now leads Obama 45% to 44% and Clinton 47% to 44% (obama within 1 point)

My MATT GONZALEZ article from COUNTERPUNCH is gone.

Does Hillary Clinton need to win both Ohio and Texas to stay in the race?

Clinton releases their TAX RETURN!?

After much hope, this has become the most Depressing primary I can remember

What's the rationale for splitting delegates in such a convoluted way?

Obama is winning because hes Negative,but then smiles nice

I don't know what I come here for...

I don't know what I come here for...

For the ones who have been calling on Hillary to quit

The more I read and post here, the more I realize Hillary Clinton cannot win the White House.

The more I read and post here, the more I realize Hillary Clinton cannot win the White House.

The more I read and post here, the more I realize Hillary Clinton cannot win the White House.

Do y'all eat Popeye's chicken for breakfast?

'Obama's life is in danger' says View co-host

If you're sure Obama cannot win the general,

The Fact That Hillary Is STILL Courting Women Voters, Should Tell You Everything You Need To Know

It's not just DU

Here's my review of the Hillary 3AM ad.

Why The HELL Doesn't Hillary Pick Up THE DAMNED PHONE??

New poll with reduced Obama candidate list! Who do YOU pick for VP?

A thought on the never-ending McClurkin debates: What do you think of Dick Morris?

A thought on the never-ending McClurkin debates: What do you think of Dick Morris?

Based on Clinton's new "phone" ad why shouldn't we all be voting for McCain?

Open Invitation to Senators Obama, Clinton, and McCain...

I've been wanting to mention this all day....

Int'l Incident: Offended Kenyans want apology from Clinton or they may fine her

Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Release Her Tax Returns?

PBS- This week on 'NOW' - 'Rewriting Campaign Rules' - tonight

Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Release Her Tax Returns?

Have I got this right? Obama must win 15 primaries in a row or

Stephanie Miller ~ anybody else listen today?

Hey OHIO obama's words on NAFTA may be just 'politickin'

Clinton Campaign copied Pro-McCain YouTube Clip to create her "Red Phone Moment" Ad

The real deal is that want to shut the door and exclude overflow crowds at Texas Caucuses

Starved for Attention

Vote for Obama and WE ALL DIE!!

Hillary is smarter than Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy,

Keeping hearing of Repugs voting Obama in Open Primaries because they

Andrew Sullivan Calls on Gay Voters to Support Obama

An example of soft sexism used daily against Senator Clinton

An example of soft sexism used daily against Senator Clinton

An example of soft sexism used daily against Senator Clinton

Hillary Clinton VP Candidates

Hillary Leads with Democrats

Time to get out the chainsaws & jackhammers. We're moving the goalposts. (H's lead down to 2% in OH)

Time to get out the chainsaws & jackhammers. We're moving the goalposts. (H's lead down to 2% in OH)

My Prediction: Richardson endorses Obama tomorrow.

My Prediction: Richardson endorses Obama tomorrow.

(GayWired OpEd) Hypocrite of the Week: Barack Obama

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday day Feb-29-08

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Friday day Feb-29-08

THE Biggest Reason Why YOU Should Support Obama

How this undecided former Edwards guy views the 3 AM ad

ARG: Obama up in Texas by 7; Clinton up in Ohio by five

Obama responds to Hillary's fearmongering

Senator Rockefeller Endorses Obama!

Today's Clinton Spin: Obama has to win all 4 on Tuesday or he's toast!!!

We've had more than 250 years of caucasian male ruler ship.

The Photo the right-wing doesn't want you to see

Clinton's black superdelegates being "targeted, harassed and threatened" by Obama camp

Obama Is Advertising On Rush Limbaugh In Texas Markets

To the Hill-bots...

I was right on Iraq too

Gosh, I hate to break in with reality, but you might want to listen to this:

Matthews: If something goes wrong with Obama in next 7-8 weeks

Matthews: If something goes wrong with Obama in next 7-8 weeks

Bill Clinton advocating on CNN - Live!

Of those reasons listed below, what's the main reason you support or oppose Obama?

Who's to blame for apparent problems in the Clinton campaign?

Who's to blame for apparent problems in the Clinton campaign?

In 2006 Hillary Charged To Her Campaign $1500 Per Haircut - $3000 For Makeup Consults

Thank you, Hillary, for your latest fear-mongering attack ad

Obama: "I’ll never see the threat of terrorism as a way to scare up votes"

Never vote for Fear - President Bill Clinton's Advice on dealing with Fear Mongering Advertisements

Obama snub still rankles Newsom-- (O didn't want to pose with him over gay issue)

Awesome youtube mashup of Clinton's ad and the politics of fear vs. hope

OH BOY!!! hear comes Zogby again

OH BOY!!! hear comes Zogby again

Re: The Red Phone Ad, I think Bill Clinton said it best...

Tony Rezko's Billionaire Buddy Is Iraqi Ex-Pat It reaches into IL governor's(and Obama's) involement

Obama's Climbing Negatives

The anti-Catholic bigotry displayed here by some Obama haters is beyond the pale.

Let me make it clear - Democratic Underground is NOT Obama Underground.

Will The Most Recent Endorsement Of McCain Hurt Him, Or Will No One Notice?

Hillary threatens to sue Texas Democratic Party

***Expletives NOT Deleted*** (Enter At Your Own Risk)

Are There Any Hillary Supporters Here?

"if one candidate’s appealing to your fears and the other one’s appealing to your hopes"

"Shame on you" : Verdict from the polls

Hillary won't apologize for the IWR 2002 - Here's why-

I'm getting the feeling that some of you may not like one of our candidates. n/t

The Two Faces Of Hillary

Obama's Response Ad: "Ringing" - "In a dangerous world, it’s judgment that matters."

The audacity of hoping we don't get attacked again

Breaking: Texas Dems warn of Clinton lawsuit that could shut down caucuses!!!

Here is a hug for any Clinton supporter who saw the "Red Phone" commercial today

Reality check: the popular vote stands at 50-46 (minus Florida and Michigan)

Obama entered public life "not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it."

Not an Onion article: Kenyan tribal elders call for Hillary to "clear her name" and pay cattle fine

I can't believe what I've read today

What really puts me off Obama and what surprises me about his base

THIS is what's happening in Texas! I am truly amazed and uplifted.

Obama's response ad to Hillary's red phone is brilliant plus QUICK!!

CTV stands by Obama story and names Obama aide who called re: NAFTA

PA preview: Demographic, polling, and geopolitical analysis

PA preview: Demographic, polling, and geopolitical analysis

Day of Reckoning-A visitor to Clinton HQ sees signs of serious trouble.

Remember when Ellen called Bush on the air?

Remember when Ellen called Bush on the air?

Hillary Clinton calls for ban on use of private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

Obama's Farrakhan Dilemma -- Hutchinson Political Report

Theory: HRC has decided to finish campaign on high note 3/5 with huge warchest

reminder: Hillary Clinton's floor speech 2002 supporting Iraq invasion

Terry McAuliffe Explains How People Come to Support Hillary Clinton: They Stop Taking Their Meds!

This makes me sad...another vocal Hillary supporter has decided to leave DU.

Can ANYONE here justify that Hillary/Telephone ad??? ANYONE!

Bruce Springsteen on Barack Obama

Obama: Texas and Ohio

Houston GLBT Caucus Endorses Obama

BO can't even come up with an original television ad. He has to plagiarize the Clinton ad

BO can't even come up with an original television ad. He has to plagiarize the Clinton ad

"Sacrosanct Israel"

Hillary Clinton 'touching, feeling, and learning' in the Appalachian foothills

You idiots whining about gas prices should have thought about that when you decided to rely on cars

Obama's Hearing Problem

The amount of money being raised by all candidates is OBSCENE

Is Hillary's campaign being run as a "shadow DNC" for her benefit?

Early Obama Promise on Money Becomes Target

This Damned Forum Needs A Lolcat Thread

Gay Clinton Backers Defect to Obama, Eroding her Base

A Tale Of Two Edwards Supporters

Gloria Steinem on gender and the primary race.

Today the mental software in the American people is being set to "Hillary."

The bickering over who is better, Clinton or Obama, has angered the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!

"The Haloed One"

"Saturday Night Live" writer pleased with Clinton-Obama skit reference

"Saturday Night Live" writer pleased with Clinton-Obama skit reference

"Saturday Night Live" writer pleased with Clinton-Obama skit reference

"Dear Mexican, why won't mexicans vote for a black man?"

Ann Richards Supports Hillary Clinton from the Grave

Ann Richards Supports Hillary Clinton from the Grave

"20% of white Democratic voters say they would vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic nominee"

"I won't vote for the nominee..."

"10 years in the House. 11 in the Senate. 4 years as US Ambassador. 4 as Secretary of State."

POLL: Will you vote for the Democratic nominee?

March 4th can't come fast enough for me.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Prez

Anybody else notice that DU is within 3,000 posts of 35 million?

I want Howard Dean as VP

The Bush Administration and the Politics of the Playground

GOP 'Discouraged' At Lack Of Telecom Donations To Reward Immunity Support

Separated at birth?

Bad News For Soldiers in Iraq

New pictures from Abu Ghraib posted at mentioned on Rachel Madow's show

Campaign Slogans for McCain - Democrats, unite

Glenn Greenwald: Some hateful, radical ministers -- white evangelicals -- are acceptable

" I Will Never Surrender To Al-Kida"

George Bush on the cost of gas

Finally some sanity on the "threat" of terrorism.....

McCain "will not surrender to al-Qaida." Oh beautiful, for spacious motherf**king skies.

Man found not guilty in car accident death of principal

Maj Gen Antonio Taguba Abu Ghraib investigator gives free lecture at USCB 3-6-08

Racists are alive and well in a local church

Speaker Pelosi, Frankenstein-Style: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD, Impeachement OFF TABLE, Miers, Bolten BAD.

Clinton Kids and Cars Safety Legislation Signed into Law

Countdown: Bush channels... Beavis!

Republican Family Values, NYC style

if the telecoms are doing nothing illegal, why in the world would they need immunity?

When did Minister Louis Farrakhan become a figure of the "far left"

Who is The Biggest A$$Hat In Congress

Did anyone notice we are about to break the 35,000,000 post mark?

Olbermann just said, 'coming up, the privatization of water boarding.'

About 200 posts to go to 35 million at DU since January 2001 at 9 p.m. EST. Congrats to Skinner.

Funny/Sad Screenshot from SF Chronicle Website RE Dumbya's Economic Denial...

Bush had a press conference on TV this morning, didn't he?

NOVA - now . the NY phil. Orchestra in N. korea

How 'bout a schism? A split between the rationalist & irrationalist wings...

Never have to guess which side the fuel tank is on while

Military Recruiters restricted in Minneapolis Schools !!!! Yippiee!

As a Hillary supporter, I can say this one nice thing about Obama

McCain: "I am a proud conservative, liberal Republica--- conservative Republican"

George W(ashington), George (H) W , George W...

Playing Games With National Security

Dan Abrams will continue to expose the Don Siegelman

Nobody asked, and I have to wonder why....

Ronald Reagan Was Not So Great

Caption cheney

Judge: Ag Undersecretary Avoids Jailtime

Trying to find the text of Don Siegelman's speech at the 2000 DNConvention

Daily Show: "Our President is the new "juicy"

Watching Keith showing Bush at today's presser. I am embarrassed. Just simply embarrassed

Florida Court just ruled that an HOA can rule what you do in your home.

Now that William F. Buckley is dead

can My heart take "Slingblade" Tonight?

Any information on the source of the BS story on CTV today re: Nafta and Obama and Clinton?

Long time no see...

Who Blinks First? The Crisis in Kosovo is Just Beginning

Gawd DAMMIT, Olbermann ........


Time: Geldof and Bush: Diary From the Road

USDA Shuts Down Congressional Audit

Looking for Homophobic Quotes by Republicans

Can anyone explain to me WHY the dollar is falling?

Record-High Ratio of Americans in Prison

Sorry. Dupe. Delete please. Thank you

Why I think a woman/black person needs to be president

Breaking! Buxh Considered for Rushmore.

More Endangered Whales Killed - Only 350 Left Before We Wipe Out Another Species

LA Times: "Report: More than 1 in every 100 Americans now behind bars"

Why are feet not toasting over healthcare?

Why are feet not toasting over healthcare?

Why are feet not toasting over healthcare?

quick help needed... web addy to find out whether an org.s funding leans right or left

Hix Nix Dix Trix

Chief Justice Roberts Defends ExxonMobil

George W Bush looking especially good tonight

Pastor John Hagee endorses McCain: . . uh Hey Russert!!!

Opposition MPs call for ethics committee investigations

Opposition MPs call for ethics committee investigations

Because EVERYONE Is Wearing Them I Must Wear Them Too

I just finished watching "The One Percent" on Cinemax.

The $3 Trillion War

The Today Show does not out Drudge, after Drudge outs Prince Harry.

Obama says Germany must do "dirty work" in Afghanistan

U.S. Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis

McCain's ilk used to say if we left Vietnam the Communists will come HERE and kill our families

Prince Harry being immediately withdrawn from Afghanistan

Dan Abrams is on fire again tonight. WTF happen to this guy?

Cheers And Jeers (Leap Year Edition)

Is this about the stupidest moron on the face of the.....

Report: Federal Inspector Generals Not Free to Do Jobs

'Fitness' to be prez

First McCain, then Rove now the RNC? What are they up to?

Sen. McCaskill Drafts Bill to Ensure McCain's Citizenship.

Join Online Rally for Paid Sick Leave TODAY!!!!

heating oil and gasoline prices -wheres the feds.

Just in case no one posed it - The Cons are in SERIOUS trouble in Canada

Know your enemy!!!!!!!!!!!

The Larry Craig Congressional Internship Ad

Republicans Block Consideration of Housing Relief Package in Senate

Maybe we should start a petition to remove the oval office from the whitehouse


The best comment re the Prince Harry news blackout

Tom Toles: Empty recycle bin? Yes, please do!

I can think of very damned little that would please me more than ripping the face off of .......

Chicagoans? Who are those guys at Wrigley?

Drudge exposes Romney boys lameness

The 9:51 C-Span Coincidence

Chairman, Joint Chiefs Mullen says military must prepare for next president

After Iraq Measures Stall, Reid Turns to Appropriations to Influence War

What has REPUBLICAN RULE delivered to this country? Let's make a list, shall we?

Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD 1) may endorse DEMOCRAT in November

Times UK: Quantum's Jim Rogers says US 'out of control'

I have a prediction. On tonight's O'Reilly Factor,

Florida bill calls for ultrasound scan before abortion (Republican smash and grab continues.)

Today’s Headlines 2/29/08

No health insurance - can they take the house?

McCain's Freudian Slip: 'I'm a proud ... liberal ...' -- Raw Story

Outspoken EPA scientist dismissed from panel - lobbyists claim bias

McCain References ‘Democrat Party’

GOP = Grouchy Old Papaws

McCain broke the FCC Rules in 1999 -- "Inadvertently"

Esch (D-Ne) changes mind, will seek House seat against Lee Terry

An interesting Oregon Senate candidate profiled. Watch the Video.

bwahah question of the day

Does Stephen Colbert Help Democratic Fundraising?

Body of top model Katoucha found

Have You Ever Benefited From An Earmark?

What didn't Vice President Cheney say when he encountered the heckler?

Wow. So I'm watching some PBS special on Russia...

Grand Jury investigation requested by.........Pelosi?

Voting strategically?

Anybody watching "Jericho"

When I look at repiglicons all I see are torturers. I wonder if it will ever go away?

I am an Ohio voter and still haven't made up my mind!

Terry (R-Ne) gives wrestling guru verbal body slam


No Justice: why I'm not ready to move on

"Save the ta-tas" bumpersticker

Bush slams Obama on Cuba policy

Finns ready to take economic action on climate change - warmest winter

Re Telecom Spying ... why the sham of routing calls out of the country?

Signs from Texas: Hillary campaign wasn't ready on day one

Signs from Texas: Hillary campaign wasn't ready on day one

Dan Abrams

LOL- John McCain SINGS! "Bomb Iran" download available!

what Star Jones said to O'Rielly about his remarks on Michelle

For want of $100, some stuck in city jail

CIA Director Hayden: CIA will follow waterboarding ban if passed

Any DUers watching the Rethug love fest

"Mommy, I thought John McCain said he wanted to keep us safe..."

KKKarl Rove: ‘I only work for Republicans — and Joe Lieberman'

Halliburton/State Department Rape Stories Get Worse and Worse

Any audio/video available of McCain's statement, "I hate gooks"?

More Americans Using Credit Cards To Stay Afloat

Now, this is loving your Senator!

PELOSI Asks For Grand Jury Investigation Against Former WH Staff

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The selling of McCain by the GOP & the Media as both "moderate/liberal" and "conservative" is genius

If the Peso gains and holds and the CN$ holds value against the US$

There's a new sheriff in town.

Gas Prices going up to $4.00 just in time for the oil companies to get our stimulus package checks

Did the Roman Empire ever end?

What kind of tax breaks does the U.S. give to oil companies and to corporations that send jobs overs

White House director of the Office of Public Liaison is a plagiarist

Another economic milestone for Chimpolini's economy.

Gas jumped again. Was 2.94 and jumped to 3.09. In KC - What is happening in your city?

I'm a member of the Weather Underground:

Debunking the myth that the strength of Obama's campaign isn't coming from Democrats

Larry Craig's perverted appeals have cost Minnesota taxpayers at least $28,000


The Rude Pundit: The Man in the Diaper Wants Indians to Have Babies

Weather Underground

Economic Stimulus Payment Information.

Motivational Coach Allegedly Waterboarded Employee

Cat-astrophic journalistic error

EPA dismisses scientist

Caption Ahnuhld

Ah-oh. It looks like the WH is scrubbing visitors lists again

Caption the Chimp

Asian Market report- Gold@ $971.30/Silver@$19.80 and the dollar .65/Euro

Is Pelosi growing a spine?

Abu Ghraib: "Who was watching the store? Nobody, and it was on purpose."

In Iraq: The Undeclared War On Children

Caption Darth Dick

Interview with Patrick Cockburn on Iraq /Thom Hartman begins soon

Haha, HUGE Canadian scandal erupting involving Bush lapdog Harper...

Boehner To GOP: "Get Off Of Your Dead Asses And Raise Some $$$"

Question regarding a Quote.....

Bush’s Censored Library May Have Secret Foreign Donors

We may buy groceries with WHEELBARROWS full of $ soon, but Paulson favors "a strong dollar"

Caption Pickles

(file under ironic) Bush joins the SEND THEM HOME crowd

Another caption

Oh, the poor oil companies.

the swiftboating of obama

Mistaken for a "drifter."

a disclaimer-I'm sick and I'm drinking-please ignore any stupid things I say

aw,hell-CNBC is talking about how to make a profit off of Prisons

AT&T To Repay Customers For Charges

Ohio Abortion Clinic Ordered To Close Will Remain Open

Times UK: Is George Soros right that economy is doomed?

White House aide is multiple plagiarist: Here is profile ...........

Is this legit?

it would appear the the bu$h* economic policies are a complete and utter failure


An open letter to Hillary and Bill.

In my backyard-foreclosures

Oh fuck! AHAHAHAHA! McCain called himself a proud liberal Republican!

Michael Moore promotes "Taxi to the dark side".


(4pm EST) John Amato of Crooks and Liars on TYT to discuss O'Reilly/Huffington & Nazis...

Rove: ‘I only work for Republicans — and Joe Lieberman.

NOFX, You're wrong lyrics. Ann Coulter reference, Profanity alert. Great song.

Can I send back our Rebate Check?

"Jesus needs a new pair of shoes... C'Mon!"

Something I noticed surfing an online matchmaking site.........

Help fight Global Warming....Senator Boxer needs your help

Conservative values: Trying to make others live according to your rules

The SammYCam is in effect!

Le'ts play "Guess who said this quote"

New Abu Ghraib Pictures Released

CBS picks up on Hagee's insane rantings with quotes.

Why do people vote Republican?

How well do you chew your food?

The Thugs have already started the Obama Hate Mongering.

Truth in Advertisement -- Names for Republican businesses or products

Thursday Night Fever

I rarely forget about appointments, so when I do, I just hate myself.

White House Aide Accused of Plagiarism (and a great response from a reader of SFGate)

What would happen to me if i got in my washing machine and turned it on?

I love evenings like this....

Does anybody know a good alternative to Photobucket for posting pictures?

Since the topic of colleges came up, are there any other USC grads here?

America Shifting Political Gears....From Stupid to LUCID..."Obama 60 Bush 40" Nov 08

Bush library: The design your own vision contest

We need one of these again (worth reading on a regular basis)

Remember the good old days, when Geraldo still looked sleazy?

I like Ralph Nader, but this is a funny, critical cartoon

McCain's Daughter Meghan ---pix--->>>

Only about 1,800 posts to 35 MILLION on DU....what's the prize for #35 mil going to be?

Corporations: I love these people who talk, talk, complain but

Should I have something healthy or unhealthy for dinner tonight?

I knew I was starting to feel like Jack Nicholson in The Shining for some odd reason. Heres Johnny!

update on my new bestest buddy -Jet (oops)

Rep. Waxman calls for hearings on botched Baghdad embassy

Randi Rhodes ship hits iceberg???

Happy birthday Daddy, it only happens every four years



Tonight at Tav- oh fuckitall...I'm getting drunk on solely IPA's

Fox. So fair. So balanced. HA HA HA HA HA! Now Oprah is "the most dangerous woman on the world"

For those of you that trashed Ellen when she called Bush on TV .....

Do you know someone who "is in debt up to their ears"?

A question for those of you who REALLY know this stuff (health care plans)

In honor of the 35 millionth DU post, I was naughty in GD.

Corruption in Utah National Guard?? Panama. What is this about?

I'm feeling froggy. Ask me anything

Smoke-In Planned at Wounded Rig Inc. (Video)

(Siegelman update) The Smear Job - Round Five - Right Wing Bloggers..

2 shooting stars just now - what's up?


HA HA! You envy me...

Bush to Geldof: "Didja know I got my own presidential M&M's?"

The (................s) are OUTRAGED... You MUST

Never have to guess which side the fuel tank is on while

Reformer: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies

I can't concentrate on anything.

anyone ever done a spouse sw..., er....

Latin America and the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Nikolas Kosloff on John McCain

Rachel Maddow: How Tall?


I just got Paid $3 to say what I think of the New Hillary Ad! LOL

We are stronger, politically, when we admit our weaknesses.

I'm slightly fucked....

Never mind- I am an idiot

Neil Bush in Paraguay with Moonies

Poll: the coming economic signs: Recession, Depression, Stagflation, Boom

Treasury secretary not a fan of the penny

that BoA and wachovia plan to round purchases up to the next dollar

I am watching police with drawn rifles escorting children with hands on heads from a school


UK Kids also left behind: Political interference damaging education

TV anchor announces (his) candidacy by leading with it on the news

What The Engineer, Sent By ASCE, Saw At Ground Zero...

Speaking Of Kidney Stones....

FAIR: On NBC, 'Expertise' Means Getting Iraq Wrong

bush not to blame for the economy???? then answer this question for me...

Large Disturbance Reported At Miami Edison School, Police In Riot Gear Are Seen Going InToThe School

Large Disturbance Reported At Miami Edison School, Police In Riot Gear Are Seen Going InToThe School

Bill Maher tonight?

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Fla.) offends, then dismisses, Puerto Ricans

White House Aide Accused of Plagiarism



Here's how we should elect congresspeoples:


This economy sucks!!!!! I am sooooo frikin MADDDDDDDDD

Self Deleted. Mods, please delete. NT

Moody Blues .... Lovely To See You .... Ride My Seesaw

Hillary Clinton is going to win the primary and the presidency.

Obama and his Secret Service protection.

"economic impact of the mortgage crisis and credit crunch will be huge, and it has barely begun"

Well looky looky -Northrop Grumman Corp wins the $40 billion contract

Jimi ......... All Along The Watchtower ......... Hey Joe

Ricin Found in Las Vegas Motel Room

Connonym's Thursday words of wisdom

Economy puts Republicans at risk

Hand of God?

Shrubby says no recession, Bernanke disagrees..

Anyone ever done a house swap?

The love of Desmond and Penny (from LOST)

Final goodbye for early web icon (BBC) {Netscape support ends tomorrow}

The Hell of Birds.

What do you call your parents when they are naughty?

I cant help about the shape I'm in...

Am drunk, have great lasagna=happiness :)

Caption this pic

Dinner thread!!!!

I am so raging mad I could puke...

Anyone catch Wanda Sykes on Leno tonight?

Blaming the Repukes for this Economy is like blaming your drug dealer for your addiction

Will "Taxi to the Dark Side" be available on DVD or on the net

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Harry Shearer, Shashi Tharoor, Christopher Hitchens...

My Senior Citizen best gal pal is voting this year for the first time in her life!!!!

Family Disputes Claims of JFK 'Love Child'

Flavors of pile

If you had your choice, which prison would you put Bush in?

Is there a limit to the number of OP's we can have in the Lounge?

CNN average price of a gallon of gasoline $3.16


CSPIN WJ: Ralph Nader...

Once elected president, what should our Dem president speak about?

Mike Smith of Dave Clark 5 dies at 64

I had to get out of bed to say this Ramsay Brit dude rox!

We seem to always have numerous FReeperisms, but

== How to hate Barack Obama = By Mark Morford

What's your favorite pet name your SO calls you?

Lights out means Start Your Engines! to my cats

Bryan Anderson’s legs keep falling off.

On being homeless

Just saying:

Congrats to all! DU passes 35,000,000 posts at 9:10 p.m. EST tonight!

This Gives New Meaning to "THE LAND OF THE FREE"- 1 in 100 U.S. Adults Are In Prison

"Herzog understood that true horror is based on recognizable human obsessions and flaws."

Larry the Cable Guy Of Arabia and other disasters

Jim Webb should lead us in the Senate, not Harry Reid

Bush:"make sure that our civil liberties of our citizens aren't- you know, are treated with respect"

Did you ever see a post so heinous on CL that had already been flagged

Happy Leap Day!

I knew that this was a scam, but I don't know why

I'm Watching Pete Seeger On PBS (American Masters)

Ralph Nader on Washington Journal at 8:00am

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: Analyzing Election Ads

Ag Official Charged With Starving Horses

The Right Wing's new Swift Boat Walks on Water.. huh?

Stock market down almost 300 points.

What Do You See As The Real Inflation Rate?

Hey! I work with graywarrior!

So, will "M" send James Bond after Matt Drudge for endangering

I'll be gone for a week

CAUGHT: Comcast paying to push public out of Internet debate

If GD:P had a family crest what would it be?

Commuter techs: what could make a cabbie fail in the middle of a job?

Fellow non-victims of the Great American Breast Fixation, check in here.

AHhhhhkkkkk!!!!!! I need to take a shower!

Sometimes I feel like I am in a fog.

Venus Mysteries Blamed On Colossal Collision

A Riddle

A drunk, a priest, and a pedophile walk into a bar...

Can we kill the person who thought up__________.? :o}

I need advice please!!! Or just support. I don't know what to do.

*****Unofficial Dixie Chick Appreciation Thread*****

hippywifes post got me to thinking.. how many of us are turning 50 this year???

I feel so special - I got a message from Tom on myspace

What are you doing with your "extra day"? Ever know a "leapling"?

distribution of groove in the human body

Vibes request for the Witch house.

Another Riddle

Death and the primaries

How many times is that giant machine going to scrape the pavement

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics....

happy leap-day

"did not appear to be related to terrorism"

Happy Leap Day!

How much do you tip your hairdresser? nt

Where is Fernando Poo?

computer question - someone is sending me pics with a .htm file extension

Really you all should be listening to this band!

What is this bullshit.

Blind Irishman sees with the aid of son's tooth in his eye

Oh, and the Dow's down 300 points

Bring me young Skywalker (Warning: Spoiler inside)

Great moments in movie reviews (spoiler warning for those who don't know their history)

The Godfather, Starring … Ernest Borgnine

Ode to Plurals

Where is your yardstick?

Hey, Negativland is for sale!

I admire the heck out of Prince Harry.


Good news....its not the beer/wheat/ gluten

Welcome to GD-P

My God, I just IGNORED 3 old friends.....

Will our FRiends hold Drudge responsible...

What would be good thematic food for leap day

Cultural Differences.

Please fill in the blank: "The value of the dollar is falling because ..."

VIDEO: Ellen Degeneres Speaks About the Tragic Murder of 15yo Gay Kid Larry King

Holy Crap turn it to ESPN right f*ing now

Rogue debt collectors -- how to fight them (CNN) {lots of info!!}

It doesn't sound dirty... but is...

It's stuck in my pooper.

Pictures!!! from the train .. pic heavy

Apparently, You Can Be Too Sexy


What do people do when they'll be laid-up after an operation but


It doesn't matter.

I just did a funny...

According to ABC news...Prince Harry has already been extracted

You know you really need to get a life when

Garth Brooks is a dem, right?

Campaign Finance Question About Hillary's Loan

What did Rush Limpballs say about Social Workers?

Milford man drinks gas, screams at cars, police say

Ow!! I'm awake!

Iraq vet wins $1M in scratch-off lottery

Do NOT take the online IQ test.

Americans paying of credit cards before mortgages!!! Surreal.

Albi the racist dragon

Maxine's living will

I just got a 22" widescreen LCD monitor!

who'zat DUer? white Toyota pickup truck on 495 S in MA

Our Radio Station Has Beatles A-Z all day today!!!!!

Why aren't there more bicycle racks at grocery stores and other businesses? Seriously.

Wish me luck! I'm about to drive 45 miles home in crazy snow

Maple Nut Ice Cream For redqueen

I use to think that no one could top Jack Nichelson as The Joker

I use to think that no one could top Jack Nichelson as The Joker

MSNBC Chief Calls for Release of Siegelman

I am taking a flight on Southwest Airlines - What should I wear?

From: Dung longmire

Way to go Drudge - putting Prince Harry & those who are serving with him in harms way

I just rickroll'd some toolbox in GD:P, and now I'm the one with the earworm!

It is Friday - we are not in the hospital - Bounce 'em if you got 'em

Food Network Cans "Impossible" Chef

I'm still here

Jack Nicholson


WSJ = DU THIS: Pelosi, Branded Panderer to Loony Liberals =WIT & RETORT Contest!

before I leave the internets for the weekend, I'd like to apologize

Rhode Island counts, Delaware does not count

DeRogatis on Sgt. Peppers

I just checked my posts on My DU and these are my last 3 subject lines.


turtlensue has stolen my thunder.

Just got back from the Ace Frehley show at the HOB

the RickRoll clip has 23161 comments on youtube, and has been viewed 6,267,548 times

So, should we draw an arrow, onto our bodies, showing the doctors...

There is something to be said for getting brand name meds when you can

You Think You Are Free?

Y'wanna know what I think?! This is what I think!!

Urgent: Karl Rove's attack dogs continue... (Siegelman via lala_rawraw

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/29/2008)

Someone pissed, KICKED ME IN THE ASS!!!!!!!!!1

Leap Year Cocktail

Jack Nicholson

Bwahaha! In my e-mail today:

whats the difference between everyone needin to wear a flag pin and nazi's wearin swastica armbands?

It's Friday!!!! You know what that means!!!

How to spot a bullshitter--any suggestions?

Temeah showing

I just received a PM from kitchenwitch!

What sport or old TV show will Will Farrell do a movie of next

Let us come together and settle this once and for all.


Thread about crab

Who else has fun nominating threads for the "greatest" page?

The cancer of unregulated capitalism

Kerry: Comcast packed FCC Net Neutrality meeting w/paid seatfillers to reduce public voices

Free to good home

Listening to Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" right now

Thread about carp

Not a RickRoll!

The art of the rediculous GDP thread that makes the Greatest Page

Oh! I hope I get to do the Independent Study that I want!

Thread about crap.

How much are BluRay players averaging now?

Thread about crabs...

I got my new digital camera!

It's snowing!!!111!!!! This is HUGH!!!11!

Mr T vs the Mafia

so...300 restaurants in Ft Worth closed...due to a squirrel

PHOTOS: February 28, 2008. San Mateo, California

WOOHOO - just 3 months until the "Sex and the CIty" movie

Say it on your bumper! Cool video...

It sounds dirty... but isn't...


I thought I had seen everything

I for one don't want a President who only works at 3:00 am

A criminal, a Republican and a pervert walk into a bar...

Please Not to shit on floor

First picture taken with my new digital camera...

I'm not working very hard today. Thinking about the weekend...

Today's DU service message from an irritated uppityperson

Today the mental software in the American people is being set to "Hillary."

Happy Sadie Hawkins day

It's a COLD OFF! Which DU'er is currently typing from the COLDEST locale?

Why I Called Fox News "Propaganda" While Live on Fox News

Woohoo!! Happy Dance!! Let the weekend begin...

I've got a bottle of Drambuie. Any drink recipe recommendations?

What the heck is this rickroll thing people keep talking about. Can someone explain this to me?

Bill Moyers tonight: Government Secrecy - Rick Karr takes stock on Sibel Edmonds

Taco blamed in bridge plummet

Update on my old kitty: vet visit today

Jim Kunstler: "We are a much poorer nation than we thought... the reality is just too hard to face"



I got a call from my cousin in Massachusetts just now. She saw something disturbing.

No justice: why I'm not ready to move on

Bizarre headache that won't respond to migraine medications

Netflix or Blockbuster?

Cop caught on camera planting drugs on suspect and attacking him with K9

So...What are you reading right now?

No threads on Prince Harry????

How the Christofacists are making us all poorer: the creation of a Permanent Under Class

Thread about carbs...

A little something special

Massive bribery scandal unfolding in Canada

The answer to economic problems -- and it's not more jobs.

Ralph Nader's top 10 campaign promises - from the Late Show

Someone please, KICK ME IN THE ASS!!!!!!!!!1

Can I ask you a fucking question?

The Money Diet

What if you couldn't post a reply until what is replied to has reached its semi-final version?

Over 1,000 clicked to see my nipples and big cigar??? Okay, here ya go, pevs: IN THE FLESH!!11!!

McCain campaign slogan contest ....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/29/08

WalMart security cams?

meet my new grocery store!!! ALDI foods

So yesterday , I was awakened by the bank calling about the

Oh this is just BEGGING for a caption - Caption Hillary!

Who Has Respect For Prince Harry...

You might be surprised...But I like culottes!

What is the relationship between E.M. Cioran and Marilyn Monroe?

Presenting bugroff - the antisocial networking site

McCain was Born in the Panama Canal Zone

Dolly Parton's new CD is called BACKWOODS BARBIE. The cover

I have a fith of voda here and 2L of ice cold tonic...

"To Protect and Serve"- Not in Seattle....(Police abuse, warning Graphic)

Condi Fails to Rein in Drunk Bush at Party?

I'm having a drink and cheering the gentleman I met today.

No, it's not a "gun problem", it's a "mental health" problem, and "an enforcement of laws" problem

I'm bored, point me to a cool, interesting, no brainer type of site.

I'm bored, point me to a cool, interesting, no brainer type of site.

Here is a horrible result of NCLB...its not my school, but we could be facing this

my 129th ltte printed today-please rate and post a comment


If someone knits you something... do you HAVE to wear it?

Howard Dean's "permanent campaign" and desire for smaller donors....will they be continued?

12,000 Posts: Ask me anything!

Taking my dog Ben to the vet this morning.

Why did christian broadcaster (Paxson Com. aka ION) charter plane to Saudi's after 9/11

"OIL" and/or who is responsible for recession?

I work with a racist, a convicted sex offender, and 2 felons

DemocracyNow EXCLUSIVE-The Three Trillion Dollar War: Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard Eco

Does Windows Vista suck as much as everyone says it does?

Mukasey refuses to refer contempt citations to grand jury

It just hit me this morning.

Alley Oop!

so, my wife is 44 tonight.....

What's the funniest name you've ever heard in real life?

What's the funniest name you've ever heard in real life?

Would you tell the Queen of England to take off her crown for a photo?

Anybody seen the "Beowulf" movie? Thought it was pretty good

LOST - MAY contain spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am on the greatest page. take that loungers!

The History of the Brazillian Joke

Beautiful Picture - An Aurora Borealis

Does anybody know a good alternative to Photobucket for posting pictures?

Some funny cleavage shots from my friends party

Saw "No end in sight" for the first time tonight.

Too busty to fly? Southwest tells young woman to cover up her DDs

I just got "Jaws" from the library dvd collection...

Best 80's dance song

TYT Rants On Horrifying New Pictures From Abu Ghraib, Torture & More (video not work-safe/kid-safe)

Quaker teacher fired for signing statement, inserting word 'nonviolently'

Why do they call it "Easy Listening" when it is so hard to listen to?

Is DuStrange a male?

Chemical Ali is going to die.....AGAIN

Tell me what book you think I should read and I'll tell you what I think you should read.

**whaaa** Leave Cooking and Baking alone, you loungies

Want to sign my pledge? I pledge right now not to enter GDP until we have a presumptive nom...

An Appreciation Thread for Tyler Durden

The value of the DOLLAR is falling ... Who is to blame?

What's John Edwards Up to These Days?

We the People Need Jubilee: Lion's Share of the National Debt Incurred under GOP Pretzeldents

What do you call your pets when they are naughty?

I watched Across The Universe for the first time last night.

Obama's General Synod speech prompts IRS to investigate UCC's tax_exempt status

U.S. Infrastructure Needs Billions Of Investment, Executives Warn

Iraq Approves Execution of 'Chemical Ali'

Doctors `Repeatedly or Deliberately' Break FDA Drug-Trial Rules

(City) Vallejo Strikes Deal to Avoid Bankruptcy

President Bush stomps Barack Obama for willingness to meet unfriendly states

1 in 100 U.S. adults behind bars, new study says

Iraq says Turkish military withdrawing

Arnold's best idea EVER (Schwarzenegger Brings a Tank to School)

Republicans Block Consideration of Housing Relief Package in Senate

Court gags ex-SAS man who made torture claims

Oil surpasses $103 for first time

Insurer AIG Posts $5.3B Loss in 4Q

Oil hits fresh high after Ecuador pipeline rupture

Study Finds Disparity in High School Civics Classes

Premature newborn lives after falling from train

Abu Ghraib prison turned soldiers evil by design: researcher

New charges expected against diplomat in sex case

Joint Chiefs Chair Warns Obama & Clinton on Iraq

For want of $100, some stuck in city jail

Bolivians to vote on constitution that would empower Indian majority

Gun-control case divides state AGs

'Phantom' police on payrolls in Iraq

Poll: FDR best modern president

Catholics chastise McCain for touting evangelical support

Gunmen kidnap Iraqi Chaldean Catholic archbishop

House of Representatives removes oil tax breaks

Rudd to sign anti-torture treaty

White House column was copied

Bush raps Obama pledge to meet hostile leaders

Lock down at Blair High School in Pasadena, CA

so...300 restaurants in Ft Worth closed...due to a squirrel

Bill Clinton presents case to union members (Ex-president acknowledges NAFTA flaws)

Breaking News: Boeing Loses Tanker Contract

Local police units stop work in key Iraqi province

Two UN Vehicles Blasted in Northern Kosovo

Spain to put Argentina "dirty war" suspect on trial, then extradite him

4.6 million Fords recalled for fire risk in engines

Released hostage tells Betancourt he has concrete hope in Chavez

Senators shield MRAP whistle-blower

GOP Uses Surveillance Bill to Bash Democrats

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 29

Feds appeal sentences of Padilla, 2 others

Consumer Sentiment Drops to 16-Year Low in February

Afghanistan mission close to failing - US

Clinton raises $35 million in February

Cuffed Students Led From Miami School (Police Respond in Riot Gear)

Quaker teacher fired for changing (California state) loyalty oath

India cancels small farmers' debt

Breaking on Cleveland News - Optical Scanners test fail

Primaries turnout prompts concerns for Nov.

California emissions waiver formally blocked

Britain: Harry's Afghan deployment over

Chavez Seeks to Prove Bolivar Was Murdered

Silicon Valley Hummer to close

No one has stepped up to claim abandoned baby girl

Blood Thinner Might Be Tied to More Deaths

Chevron happy in Venezuela, says it's there for the 'long term'

Former (Capitol Hill) officer admits setting fire (in Senate)

Ag official charged with starving horses (SC and GA)

U.S. president's brother visits Paraguay president as guest of Moon-founded group

Bush finds out about $4 gas forecasts

Serb Police in Kosovo Reject Albanian Command

Initial Tests: Ricin Found at Las Vegas Hotel

Man Critical After Ricin Find In Vegas

Court gags ex-SAS man who made torture claims

Rep. Brown-Waite(R-Fla.): Puerto Ricans should ''cool off''

Clinton lawsuit could muddy Texas caucuses

US must take urgent note of IT worker shortage: Wipro chief (Indian Co)

Kremlin planning to rig election

Reformer: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies

Prince (Harry)'s cover in Afghanistan blown by Drudge Report

USDA Rejects 'Downer' Cow Ban

Vitamin E linked to Lung Cancer

Northrop beats out Boeing, wins tanker deal (Airbus gets deal)

In America, millions make you middle-class

Qatar Launches Electric Bus, Taxi Plan To Cut Pollution

Digital Billboards To Display Ohio Primary Results

State GOP official may have violated visa law

Business group seeks more visas for high-tech workers

A species evolves only to the degree it transcends its institutional stupidities.

Immune to Reality: Why is telecom immunity so important to Bush?

U.S. Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis

Matthew Norman: The only tears for Hillary are her own (The Independent)

The mandates are the message - Healthcare debate - where both get it wrong

Holy Obamadan! Barack Turns Even 'Muslim Rumors' To His Advantage

Salon: Obama's got ground game

Canada's ferocious NAFTA growl

Concerns over Obama’s shift to left

Republican councilman accused of rape

The Lying Despicable Campaign To Turn Jews Against Obama

A (Democratic) Party Transformed

Welcome to Kosovo! The World's Newest Narco State

Gipper 2.0 by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Should Housing Prices Remain Un-affordable?

Crusade of Surge and Siege, Part Three: Inside the Fires of Imperialism (Manuel Valenzuela)

Carolyn Baker Reviews Dmitry Orlov's "Re-Inventing Collapse"

Obama Says Clinton Ad Plays on Fears

Japan's Young Won't Rally 'Round the Car

Virtual Border Fence Has 'Bitch Glitch': Keeps Mexicans Out, But Lets Chihuahuas In

The Regressive Antidote on the Hillary Factor

Calling For Obama

My choice for the Democratic primary is . . .

"Not My Brand Of Hope" - Marc Lamont Hill

Naomi Klein: Obama, Being Called a Muslim Is Not a Smear

McCain IRANMOBILE "Launches" This Saturday In Columbus!

Lobbying?? What's wrong with lobbying?

I Know! Let’s Rape Grandma!

Sen. Rockefeller endorses Obama

Europe's dirty little secret: Where dictators, crooks and British tax dodgers hide their billions

Vote right wing and you sow the wind....

GOP To Telecoms: Give Us Cash For Advocating Wiretaps

Hillary is the New Gore

Boogie with Barack

John McCain Has A Senior Moment

Susan Rice On Iraq & Negotiations In An Obama Administration

The Hillary Conundrum - Part 2 of 3

The Hillary Conundrum - Part 1 of 3

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Letterman regarding Castro's idiot son Fidel W. Castro..

McCain-too long on the trail?

How Clinton, Obama and McCain Treat The Press & Why It Matters

Countdown: World's Worst - Feb. 28, 2008

The Hillary Conundrum - Part 3 of 3

Our Constitution In Crisis

TO TELL THE TRUTH parody campaign ad

A Tour of the Obama Headquarters - - ABC's Charlie Gibson

Thank You Dennis 2

Lewis Black - Leave Mike Huckabee Alone

John McPains New Hit Single!

Obama: "Nobody clued me in"

Dan Abrams ** Bush League Justice ** Siegelman Case Coverage 2008.02.28

John McCain Not Born In America

John McCain "I'm a Proud Liberal"

Dana Perino White House Press Briefing ** 2008.02.28 ** Telecom Crimes

Change is Coming

Another Police Brutality Case in Florida 3rd one in 2 weeks!

McCain Could Easily Be Torn Down In The Media (& How Much We Spend Each SECOND In Iraq)

Obama Responds to Clinton Campaign Ad

BLF improves an AT&T billboard in SF

J Anthony Brown - Always Love Obama

Anti-Arab racist John Hagee endorses John McCain

Chris Dodd Defends Obama

New Republican Sexcapades With Cliff Schecter Of BraveNewFilms On TYT

The Communicators: Telecommunications & Surveillance

Billie Holiday sings Strange Fruit

Hillary Ad: "It's 3am and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?"

Hillary talks of "answering the phone at 3 AM"... with "bedtime story" voice in full effect

New Obama Ad - Judgment

Obama Responds To Hillary`s Ad - "Red Phone Moment" - Longer Version

PROSTHETIC HOOK BOTTLE OPENER: Best ''Would you have a beer with this candidate?'' ad EVER

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned speech to Anti-War Rally

The truth about Hillary Clinton's Iraq war vote

We Are The Ones

Keith Olbermann on Countdown = Bushed! Feb. 28, 2008 = Telecom Immunity

Barack Has Not

Just Words Just Speeches

CBS’ For the Record News Series OBAMA

Those Amazing Finns!

CanadaTV on Obama and NAFTA

New Obama Ad Responding To Clinton's "3:00 AM" Ad

Arnold's best idea EVER (Schwarzenegger Brings a Tank to School)

Canada loves Obama

Obama: The Courage to Face Fear - Part 1 of 2

Obama: The Courage to Face Fear - Part 2 of 2

An Empty Revolution: The Unfulfilled Promises of Hugo Chávez (FA, Mar/Apr)

Nuclear Power in a Warming World

Sign the petition to prevent oil tax dollars to energy corporations

Areva starts pointing fingers and blaming customers

Wegener Science Team Using Boulders To Track WAIS Behavior - Pine Island Thinning Up To 1.6M/Year

Austin startups race to power electric cars

Best basic resource on climate change and solutions - Union of Concerned Scientists

Kardashev scale

Kentucky Considers Easing Nuclear Plant Rules

Pemex Says Daily Output May Rise, as Cantarell Falls 18% (in 2008)

Exxon funded anti-climate groups?

With Blue Crab Numbers AT 1/3 1991 Level, Deep Cuts Planned For Chesapeake Harvest - WP

What’s Eating Big Coal?

TU Delft tests windmill for seawater desalination

Under Industry Pressure, EPA Removes Toxicologist From Risk Study Panel - LA Times

Coming Soon from VW: A 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid

Xcel Energy to store wind power with new battery

Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency.

Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles

At Crater Lake NP, Trees Rich In PCBs, DDT, Two Other Pesticides - OregonLive

I have a question I would like to read an answer for

The Two Faces Of Hillary

Stability ops on par with combat in new manual

Mullen: Hasty Iraq withdrawal a bad idea

Army creates new Contracting Command

Alleged fraud targeted some service members

Bills call for action on disability systems

VA undersecretary to leave post

GAO: Wounded care better, but more needed

Satellite debris concerns delay rocket launch

VA urged to give families mental health help

Army to buy XM 320 grenade launcher

Lockheed Displays JLTV utility variant

BAE, Oshkosh offer MRAP recovery vehicles

Fast off-road vehicles tested in Afghanistan

Recon helicopter to get Gatling gun

U.S. soldiers kill Iraqi civilian on patrol

15 troops slightly hurt in Kuwait accident

Ex-submariner gets jail time in underage sex

La Maddalena closing after 35 years

Hawkeye lands short of runway, no one hurt

Marine found dead in barracks identified

Col. Bills: Mosul should be under control by July

Chinooks take on more air assaults

Senators want investigation into combat gear delays

AAFES prepares to reflect high gas markups across the States

Parents fight to keep school’s doors open

Foster civilian pleads guilty to drug charge

Kunsan-based airman held in N.M. slaying

Retiree council presents requests to Yongsan colonel

Base expansion workers say contractor has not paid them

Former employee is charged with accepting bribes

Military Update: Lawmakers appear resigned to strains of war

Experts Warn of Robotic Terrorism

Good Fishin' in Saddam's Private Lakes

Congress eyes navy shipbuilding programs

Army's $265B Per Year Request Faces Doubts

Senate shelves Iraq U.S. troop withdrawal bill

Task Force Fighting 'Silent Epidemic'

Air Force Blocks Access to Blogs

Warships head to the eastern Mediterranean

Army's new manual puts a high priority on nation-building

McCain Says 100-Year Remark Distorted

Lawmakers press for submarine funding

Warner signs on to GI Bill improvement plan

Base expansion workers say contractor has not paid them (xpost from Veterans)

Nation’s Economic Woes Hit Black Workers Hardest

Turkey declines to pledge quick Iraq exit, US mounts pressure

Prince Harry serving on Afghanistan front lines

Cheney Welcomes 1st Cavalry Division

McCain ‘Isn’t Right for Working Families’

American Axle Workers Strike (UAW)

Tonight at midnight.....


Machinists Reach Historic Agreements at Lockheed Martin

First Transit Drivers in Atlanta Vote Unanimously to Join the Teamsters

Senate passes bill to reverse ruling on Second Injury Fund (to the families of disabled workers)

Bakers Pride workers back on the job

Labor Strife Hits Hospitals Amid Nursing Shortage

my 129th letter printed today-please rate and respond at site

School crossing guards still on the job (union goes to court)

Lakewood teachers union OKs new contract

Cal University, union still at odds

Actors Union Prepares for Contract Talks

Ohio’s Economy Shows Disastrous Impact of NAFTA


23 Retail Stores Closing Doors

Bonds Surge As Bernanke Warns Of Bank Failures

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/27/08

Refinancing FHA Mortgage...offers in mail...are they scams?

VENEZUELA: The Legacy of Caracazo - 19 Years On

Bolivians to vote on constitution that would empower Indian majority

Released hostage tells Betancourt he has concrete hope in Chavez

CUBA: Foreign Min. Perez Roque Statement Upon Signing Rights Covenants

HAITI: 4th Anniversary of US Kidnapping of Haiti's Democratically-Elected President

Ellen doing some of the work our candidates aren't.

Idea for "LGBTQ Health Matters" week

Obama Courts Gay Vote

So I went to counseling with my S/O...

How do Hillary's stands on GLBT issues differ from Obama

People are very ignorant about GLBT rights,

Hundreds attend funeral of student killed in Wednesday's Sderot rocket attack

Nader Kicks Off Israel Clash

Abbas needs a miracle

Inside a Failed Palestinian Police State

Sderot man lightly wounded in Qassam strike on Negev home

An explosive, dangerous balance

Killed While They Played Football, The Child Victims Of Israel's Revenge On Gaza

Israel threatens to unleash 'holocaust' in Gaza

Poll: Most Israelis back direct talks with Hamas on Shalit

Is it me, or do folk on DU (outside this forum) seem gleeful about misery?

the power of a word

Hogue Phrophecy - 2008 Predictions and report on the Economy

Rick DiClemente's March Starself Astrology Newsletter

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 29): Anand leads Linares

Bush's Manny Joke

NFL Free Agency Starts In 30 Minutes

Study: Spanking may lead to sexual problems later

A Shot of Fear - Flu Death Risk Often Exaggerated; So Is Benefit of Vaccine

Guantanamo Bay Biomedical Research Facility?

Vitamins no help in fighting lung cancer

Vitamin E linked to lung cancer (BBC) {supplements INCREASE risk}

The Cholesterol Con -- Where Were the Doctors?

Blind Irishman sees with the aid of son's tooth in his eye!

Per mtnester's request:: Which Chef or Cook on Food Network,...

Recipe in the current Food & Wine for meyer lemon gnochi.

Help! I'm supposed to make a decadent dessert for a fundraiser

Bread machine recommendations. I'd love to do it all by hand, but

They are talking about us in the Lounge

The COOLEST pepper mill:

Christians: Do you consider yourselves Secular Humanists?

I love this month's contest theme!

Wanted to say good-bye!

Thinking about getting back into religion

Near Arctic, Seed Vault Is a Fort Knox of Food

Friday Night Eye Candy: End of Feb edition (Usual Dialup warning)

Great website - Hayden Planetarium

NASA chief warns of possible job cuts

Fish can count to four - but no higher

Bar codes not just for groceries anymore

Is Science Daily a respected publication? I'm not familar with it

‘Castle Doctrine’ bill on its way to (West Virginia Governor) Manchin

What are some examples of DEMS casting off the gun control albatross? Let's make a list!

Should teachers be armed like pilots?

Armed and Dangerous--Teachers Can Pack Guns in Arizona

Neil Bush in Paraguay with Moonies

What The Engineer, Sent By ASCE, Saw At Ground Zero...

An Interesting Cosmic Coincidence

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) sees broader 9/11, OK City and WTC '93 plot and coverup

Suit Says Voter Was Blocked (VA)

Turnout prompts concerns for Nov.-Election officials ask for more machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 2/29/2008

Get Out Your Pencils: Paper Ballots Make a Return


Uncounted--the movie

OT: Banning Robocalls (one guy is trying to make it happen)!

Post from Senator Kerry at Huffington Post. They took our seats!

Wes Clark and Hillary in Texas this weekend - event listing

Obama's Fate in Texas Hinges on Volunteers

If I may bring my latest GD P thread to your attention....

Clinton lawsuit could muddy Texas caucuses

Obama: Clinton trying to 'scare up votes' with new ad

Travis County PCT captains - your delegate apportionment list

This will be the 1st caucus I've ever gone to and need to get some info from veterans here.

What's Being Covered Up? - Video Inside

I just spoke to a clueless Obama phone banker.

Sonia might be on CNN!

Military Recruiters are restricted on High school campus

Fake Democrat Pete Schulte caught lying (Sheriff's candidate)

Larry Craig's perverted appeals have cost the taxpayers $28,000

Last Day of Early Voting - Avalanche of Texas Supreme Court Endorsements from Texas Democrats!

House 61B - Jeff Hayden vs Amy Brockman

Check out what the DFL's keynote speaker for this year's Humphrey Day Dinner is up to now

Microsoft Word Print... Zoom, Scale to Paper Size --> How to get US Index Card 3x5?

"Secure Socket Layer" question

Could anyone please tell me how to post a video received in my

Everything you need to tell your neighbors about Obama

Problem with Obama-Gear

I have resigned myself to the fact that I can't help us win Texas :-(

All these pics of Cadman are starting to freak me out

Harper Index: Phony grassroots groups peddle Conservative propaganda

I must say, this is beautiful...

Liberals want RCMP probe of Cadman allegations

Longtime Clinton Aide Harold Ickes Returns to the Fray: "She is better than her campaign."

Clinton Counts on Women for Comeback

Hillary -Iraq War Resolution should not disqualify her

Election turnout prompts concerns for Nov.-Election officials ask for more machines

NYT, pg1: For Obama, a Taste of What a Long Battle Holds; GOP playbook for General Election

Let Me Ask

Clinton Plays the National Security Card on TV (Ominous ad previewed on GMA)

Obama and His Wonks

NYT: Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

Obama: The $50 million man

The Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffin interviews Norm Dodd

KOEB Meeting: 02/28/07 -- Slow News Day Edition

CC is the absolute best

Ok, This primary season is officially making me CRAZY

Mike Smith RIP - DU thread cross-post

Evil Tory Tosser Libels Angels of Mercy

Looking for the Freethinkers Cemetery!

Post your suggestions for keynote speaker at the June convention