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I think I know why Obama got a pass.....

"Straight talker" McCain says it doesn't matter if "Rep Renzi is Still Part of My Campaign"

In Democratic Primary, Expect a GOP Turnout

Another one....Maine superdelegate backs Barack Obama

I don't care if it's against the rules; I've got to call this bastard out!

Official: John Lewis has moved his endorsement to Obama

On KO, TX Sec. Of State said that 600,000 people have voted early.

Underestimation of John McCain is one of the worst things we as democrats can do

Texas Early Voting- Obama vs. Clinton and a NEW poll from yesterday only

its unfair to charge clinton with giving attack ideas to McCain

Bush aides: Clintons holding up records

Hillary has the Al Gore problem

Texas poll: Clinton 46% Obama 43%

A big reason why Clinton is losing - and why Obama should fight like hell

Obama Fires Back at McCain

Obama and Hillary have the same policy toward NAFTA

Obama has to really challenge McCain on why his party hasn't found Bin Laden

Interesting Numbers: Obama has Never trailed in Delegates

Hillary dropping out Friday??

Rasmussen Markets: Obama takes lead in Ohio

Ok my take on the Primaries

quick question re 3/4 primaries

IF Hillary doesn't get the nom, what would you like to see her do?

OMISSIONS From BOTH Candidates- These Things Bothered Me In Last Night's Debate

Mark Penn: "being human is overrated"

What's next for Grandpa MadDog? "Bomb, bomb, bomb bomb-bomb Obama."?

Why isn't more being said about Hillary playing the gender card?

What Will The Clintons Do After Hill Is Down For The Count?

It's Not Black And White Any Longer

Texas Primary: Four Trends, All to Obama's Advantage

Obama's communications director associated with 2004 bin Laden/Dean ad that criticized Dean's

UCC being investigated by the IRS

Happy Birthday Ralph Nader!

I think this is bad news for McCain (maybe)

Tennessee GOP issues press release claiming Obama is anti-Israel and supported by anti-Semites

AP: Bloomberg Not Running

Breaking: Bloomberg says he IS NOT running for President

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) for VP?

The repugs are going to attack Obama's patriotism, using the flag lapel

So: How do like that 5 point of attack/five fingers of death

Obama's Church May See IRS Investigation

For perspective: primaries in other worlds - Tom Tomorrow

Can anyone from TX give me an unbiased idea of what the polls really look like out there?

Prediction on Tuesday, Obama will win 188 delegates, Clinton 180.

Obama Is a Muslim Like McCain Was Brainwashed and Has Illegitimate Black Child


Here's how Hillary should have referenced SNL

Don't shoot the messenger. If this video is true, Obama is in deep trouble.

Who is your dream Veep?

"My friends..."

Obama outspending HRC in Texas and Ohio on advertising

Obama closes to within 6 points in Pennsylvania (Quinnipiac University Poll)

Last night I thought Hillary said she would release her tax returns pronto

A poem for Hillary

What will a Democrat in the White House mean for your community?

Dick Gregory apologizes to ex President clinton on behalf of the black community

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue

Kathleen Parker comes very close...

How DO you choose WHICH words to PUT in caps????!!!

Hillary - ready on "Day One", but complains about "Question One"

Judging by his face, McCain is the most left leaning of candidates (slight sag too)

BREAKING: BREAKING is CAPS doesn't mean shit.

Los Angeles County to count flawed 'double bubble' ballots

Let's be honest about both Clinton and Obama's health care plans.

FEC Problems for McCain

Looks like I can't win. If I vote for...

#1: Tim Russert is a Chauvinistic Jerk. #2: Hillary & Barack Are Both Qualified to be POTUS.

Wouldn't it be funny if McBush weren't eligible to be president...

2004 was much much much nastier than this primary. Yeah, really.

A message from an Obama supporter to all the Clinton supporters

Some Questions I Have:

"Clinton: Saw Texas shootout with Obama coming"

Toledo Blade Endorses Barack Obama

Biden People : Post Something Neutral about Dean


Barack Obama -- New Music Video Parody

Is Hillary Rejecting Hope?

1,200 in El Paso hear George Lopez back Obama

All you other SEXISTS and RACISTS, check in here!

I love all of you!

Do you think that Hillary knows she's trailing because she has alienated progressives?

BREAKING - Bloomberg not running


HRC Summed Up

Houston superdelegate switches support to Obama

Republicans for Obama is potentally bad news...

When Hillary wins OH & TX will Obama supporters still be asking her to exit the race

So Now The "MSM" Is Focusing On Veepstakes?

McCain's tactics for sliming Obama - here's how he'll do it

For those squawking about Senator Clinton's supporters not wanting to

Xpost Texas polling data

You can call it whatever you want but it's a fact.

RASMUSSEN: McCain now leads Obama 46% to 43% and Clinton 48% to 43% in the general

Hillary People: Post Something Positive About Barack Obama

How bitter are you?

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Superdelegate Senfronia Thompson has switched from Clinton to Obama

Super delegates are people too...with all the human weaknesses.

Interesting comment on O'Reilly. MSNBC came in 27th in ratings Foxnews 3rd

A Call to Rationality

Latest Delegate Counts

This is hopefully the end of the Clintons' monopoly on the Democratic Party

Does McCain Know the Name of Putin's Successor?

AP: Texas Early Voting suggest Obama surge.

Bloomberg: I'm Not Running for President

Why are we all trying to spin each other?

State (Tenn) GOP Uses Obama’s Middle Name Until Chastised

SNL Writer Surprised By Clinton Remark, Ordered To Write More

Now that Obama has revealed the same position as Hillary on NAFTA, will the haters vote for Nader?

Where is Obama's ...passion?

Is there some reason why the NY Times can't understand Obama's position on public financing?

Toledo Blade endorses Barack Obama!!

Insults, apologies fuel Obama's rise

Good News for Kucinich's Congress Seat-Sizable lead against challenger!

"We should continue to strike Al Qaeda targets" sounds warlike..

Did anyone see the News Hour interview with Hillary Clinton?

If HRC wins Texas and Ohio by a squeaker....

The GOP likes to play the phony patriotism game, but shouldn't we vote for someone born in the USA?

Under a Ron Paul government

Bill Clinton: The Bitter Half

Obama isn't afraid of the Republicans

No other rallies up on Obama's website except Ft. Worth this evening


Under Obama's healthcare plan, what happens when an uninsured person shows up

There Hasn't Been One Single Day, NOT ONE DAY, That Hillary Has Gotten More Delegates Than Obama

It's pretty sad that the "Man From Hope" has to try to debunk hope

A little perspective, please.

A little perspective, please.

A little perspective, please.

I'm reposting a post from housewolf, on an article by Juan Cole

Radio Caller called it on Farrakhan

Oh shit - is he still our President... I had forgotten!

Good News for Obama supporters!

Can we try to limit attacks to candidates, and not their supporters?

Clinton: Saw Texas shootout with Obama coming

Perhaps McCain needs to follow the news in Iraq a bit more closely...or else stop making sh*t up

Radio Caller called it on Farrakhan

Obama's excuse for neglecting to hold ANY hearings on NATO or Afghanistan in committee he chairs

It's all about the storyline

TX early voting stats: Dems: 511,809, Repukes: 172,858

Hillary striking a conciliatory tone again on the campaign trail in Ohio

Bill Clinton: "If You Elect Me..."

If he secures the nomination a prolonged primary helps Obama and Dems in the general election

Maybe Spin, Maybe Not, Axelrod lowers expectations, Clinton leading in internal TX and OH polls

Hillary can't even beat a 3rd year senator so what about...

Barack Hussein Obama - what's in a name?

Remember before BO when all Democrats did was lose and had no passion

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 49 (+2), Hillary 40 (-3)

New Hampshire

So, obama would talk to foreign enemies but not to corporate lobbyists

The truth about Florida's delegates. A friends LTTE.

The truth about Florida's delegates. A friends LTTE.

Is Obama Lying About His Position on NAFTA?

Obama and Lobbyist Money - Fact Check

Its all about how bad of shape our country is in . . .

Laura Flanders in for Thom Hartman on Air America Radio: Speaking Truth

Good riddance to anyone not supporting Obama in GE

Despite rhetoric, Obama and Clinton are not free trade foes and more evidence Hillary opposed NAFTA

Breaking: New Poll shows Senator Obama pulling away in Democratic national race

Is Whining about the order of questions presidential?

Obama advertising on right wing racist Radio WLW (Home of Bill Cunningham)

FOUND: Picture of Hillary Clinton in traditional Muslim dress.

what's stronger,racism or patriarchy?

Clinton Claims She's Been Thinking about Texas for a Year......Sure you were Hillary.

Question about Universal Health Care

CTV News: Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric

CTV News: Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric

Does emailing our Senators help?

Does emailing our Senators help?

New Obama slogan "Hope isn't enough" ?

RAS Poll: Obama up by four in TX but down by three in BELO TX poll

The rift will not be mended until Clinton and Obama make love.

Bush joins McCain/Clinton Obama tag-team act

Republicans worried about voter turnout in TEXAS...

The Democratic party can't allow this campaign to drag on ...

Can you tell which one gets more money from "the war machine"?

Website Of Dreams people Have About Hillary Or Obama

I guess if Obama is as bad as HRC supporters say he is

Obama would have voted "present" on Iraq....

The minority clinton shills are very loud and rude...but make no mistake.

Article on the pushing through of NAFTA

I'm an Obama supporter, but I have an issue...

We need to "own" the name Barack Hussein Obama

We Would Really Benefit From Seeing Hillary Clinton's Papers

Cunningham abandons McCain - says he may endorse Hillary - NPR

Clinton tells staff to 'start thinking ahead' , why didn't anyone listen to her?

David Gergen Confirms Hillary did NOT support NAFTA

Is "BO" an accepted way of saying Obama? (ed to add: Intent matters)

OBAMA is smart not to buck Buckley's "freedom to be left alone" : MANDATE WON'T FLY

How much confidence can your person give that Bush will be investigated and prosecuted if warranted?

I have a question on substance.......

Why, why, why must you rage on and on and on...?

Steely Resolve As Clinton Battles On

Bush: Obama wrong on talking with enemies

Your favorite candidate sucks.

Criticizing Obama

OBAMA'S REAL EXPERIENCE. Warning!!! Dick Morris commentary

Whats to fear about Mcclame...he was a bad pilot that got shot down...

Just 24% of Florida Dems want primary results to stand

WaPo: Clinton Faces Questions Over Supporter's Comments

Clinton Backlash = What have you done for me lately?

It's about judgement

Clinton Pulling an Edwards?

Obama in San Marco's Texas Last night 12,000 video

Clinton to unveil plan to end Child Poverty---today in OHIO

Clearly, GOP will be playing Good Cop, Bad Cop with Obama smears

Obama and the Canadian embassy deny report on trade.

There should be no doubt that Obama is the strongest person to run against McCain

ABC News: Security Corners Are Sometimes Cut to Get Large Crowds Into Obama Rallies on Time

If Clinton is the nominee, how would she effectively counter attack John McCain on the Iraq war

"DU buds, need your help with local poll... HELP !!!" - Message from larissa (1000+ posts)

Are you working on a campaign?

Hillary reported raising $35 million in Feb. Obama reported raising "considerably more."

NAFTA Rhetoric Against Obama From Canadian CTV: IT DIDN'T HAPPEN

Obama rally in Beaumont, Texas

If you open the website, this very large popup appears....

As Obama Security Rises, Lapses Remain

Obama reached one million donors yesterday

Since there is no law clarifying whether McCain can be President...

My **theory** : HRC's slide is the result of WJC's greatest success ......

Obama talks to Ellen about what he'll do on "Day One" (and other topics)

Where does the unused primary election money go?

Great Obama Q&A on now (4:15 pm est)

"We are the sweatervest we're waiting for"

Obama Townhall in Beaumont, TX - LIVE NOW on

Daily Houston Update

Obama victory will prolong US racial divide, says British equality chief (The Times, London)

The Big Dawg, talking about experience.....

Al Franken

Bush on the Defensive -- Gives Obama Foreign Policy Advice

Best response to "Barack Hussein Obama"

Hillary raised $35 Million in February...Obama campaign says They've Raised "Considerably More."

What IWR would have done if Gore was president.

Matt Taibbi's take on John McCain - love the caricature, too.

Which warrents the bigger apology McClurkin or IWR vote

What if Obama was a policy wonky technocrat?

Clinton Refuses To Renounce Or Reject Racist Supporter

A tale of two townhalls

Time out for a laugh.

John McCain: "I can't believe a guy that handsome wouldn't have some impact."

Funny Obama Headline Juxtaposition! :

"The Daily Show" Reports From "Anti-Hillary HQ" To Explain Press Bias

Dueling Bigots- McCain Endorsement From Texas Evangelical Angers Catholic League President

John McCain's middle name is ... Sidney

BREAKING: Negative Hillary posts outnumber positive Obama posts by 3x1

Polls show Clinton, Obama in tight race in Texas (Obama up by 3)

Hillary picks up a former Obama Supporter!

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Matt Gonzales just gave up any chance of ever being San Francisco mayor

Still Ohio

Seriously, do you actually think you can guilt people into supporting Hillary?

As an Obama supporter - I'm worried about Obamas response on Iraq to McCain

Uh, excuse me, Wolfie but a lot of people consider Bush a tyrant

Texas Latino favorability ratings: 76% Clinton, 66% Obama, 48% McCain, 34% Bush!

'A Message to LGBT Americans: “I Want to be Your President”

Straight Talk Distress

Here is the complete list of words that come up on the DU spell-checker for "Obama"--

voted today in the texas primary

My name is.... insert name here...., and I support Hillary Clinton...

HRC: Say TaTa to Your Jobs! (She Boasts About Bringing an Outsourcing Firm to Buffalo, NY)

John Lewis -- And Why He Switched To Obama

Who Would Yoda Endorse? Appeals in Yodaspeak only!

Any Comments on Jeremy Scahill's interview

I just realized why it seems I'm left out of the primary process this election

It's just you

Susan Rice Obama's foriegn policy adviser is pretty sharp

After Clinton/Obama, are we liberals finally, FINALLY going to stop being so PC-sensitive?

Obama Finance Chair Linked To Subprime Industry

What's your opinion of Mark Penn?

Col. Jack Jacobs-"Obama probably needs to get some briefings by people who know what's going on

CTV Stands By NAFTA Story

William COHEN, Clinton Defence Sec., says OBAMA/BLOOMBERG ticket would be a GO

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

What current injustices are women fighting against in America today?

Team Hillary finds itself faced with a "Clinton White House in exile" completely awash in Obamamania

For the first time, Obama now ahead of Clinton in Ohio election markets....

Obama and Me by Todd Spivak

Sen. Dorgan endorses Obama!!!

Someone hide the ashtrays! New PA Rasmussen: C 46 O 42

2 Newest Texas Polls say nobody knows wtf is happening

Neither Obama nor Hillary discussing "trade" with China

Imagine the joy in the African American community if Obama wins.

Georgia Congressman John Barrow endorses Obama

Only 15% of FL Dems blame state party for their votes being worthless.

Only 15% of FL Dems blame state party for their votes being worthless.

Uh, the Problem Here, John ...

"No more whining, no more finger pointing. Let's get to work."

Al Gore as Obama's VEEP? You can't make this stuff up.

Time for some more Primary TOONS....

Obama Got Financial Help From Overseas (British-Iraqi Billionaire)

In Obama’s Corner, Many of Pelosi’s Top Allies

Hillary has 9,233,040 and he Obama has 8,956,604 votes (without Fla, Mi)

Canadian Embassy- No Calls From Obama Campaign. CTV Story Based On "Unnamed Sources"

Clinton to Focus on Poverty (OHIO). [also plans unveiled to end childhood poverty]


WaPo: The Final Days? (Howard Kurtz)

Howard Dean: Republican field “looks like the 1950s and talks like the 1850s.”

Clinton 35 million in month of march!!!!

Will HRC stay in UNTILTuesday if the next polls show her support continuing to fall?

A Hat's Off to The Mods Here!

Thinking the unthinkable - An Obama loss to McCain

For the conservative talking heads who keep trying to make an issue of Obama's middle name

If all the debates were hosted by the same organization, Hillary

If all the debates were hosted by the same organization, Hillary

Would Obama be Just as Popular if He Raised Only Half The $$ of Clinton?? Vice Versa??

I've seen people point out that Obama stutters

"Project Hillary" — Tim Gunn is concerned...

BREAKING: obama surges to 4 point lead in texas

Peace in the Dem Party requires synergism....toward a common goal...defeating Delusional Leadership

Canadian Embassy DENIES report about Obama and Nafta

I'm with stupid

Is it me or has the Clintonista-Obamaniac war subsided on DU?

Female VP/Running Mate Poll #1

IA Poll: C:47 O 43 U:10 Clinton regains TX Momentum

The game isn't over for Hillary by a long shot! Here's some truth

Ickes: Blame Penn

Should those of us who wanted Kucinich or Edwards....

Why are people So Damn Intimidated By McCain?

Barack Could Outspend McCain 10:1 READ

Obama People: Post Something Positive about Hillary Clinton

70 MILLION reasons to be fired up and ready to go.

Obama is Jewish?!?

Al Qaeda in Iraq: small & unpopular except in Bush propaganda

Globe & Mail: Call it what is is-- blatant sexism: HRC & BO adjectives describe

Good news: Bloomberg will not run and may endorse and independent thinking candidate.

It's not BLACK vs WHITE anymore it has become MALE vs FEMALE and I'm SICK OF THE SEXISM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama to run 2 minute ads on Monday in all Ohio and Texas markets...

The Edwards Store comes I received

Why we are now approaching the Huckabee Syndrome - in detail

As an Ohio Activist, I believe Obama will win Ohio-here's why:

Why Barack Hussein Obama will beat John Sidney McCain on Election Day

Black backers steadfast for Clinton

Flashback: 2004 Democratic Presidential Race - 4 Years Ago

It's over. McCain is toast with a capital 'T'.

Kingston Mainstreaming the Obama Patriotism Smears

The RIGHT is attacking OBAMA now, in HOPES that TU-TU Dems will give them what they want instead!

Neocon War Lies: Hillary Bought 'Em, Obama Fought 'Em

Neocon War Lies: Hillary Bought 'Em, Obama Fought 'Em

Obama’s Sub-Prime Conflict....OOPS!

I just changed my middle name to 'Hussein'

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary

Electile Dysfunction and the State of the Universe

A Story From A "Free-Riding" "Health Care Queen"

Kennedys Campaign Across Texas

hiding again?

Bigotry. . . what is it good for. . .?

Obama Lies about Campaign Finances 90% are $25-50

Why is Bob Shrum considered a campaign expert?

This infighting is stupid. We have two good candidates!!!

The vast, VAST majority of America is neither racist nor sexist

Interesing LTTE in my (Canadian) newspaper today re: Obama

Complete meltdown in Obama's Texas campaign

Obama's Illinois kingmaker gets "steak" not "pork"

Obama and Lobbyist Money - Fact Check

Obama’s Mercenary Position ...Blackwater/DynCorp and Triple Canopy.

Florida GE POLL - McLame: 47, Obama: 37

Florida GE POLL - McLame: 47, Obama: 37

Will McCain denounce, reject, repudiate this...

My success story of the day -- changing one mind at a time

I vote "McCrazy."

***SUPERDELEGATE UPDATE - (Campaign Neutral)***2/28

Naomi Wolf: Why Barack Obama Got My Vote

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thurs February 28 2008

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Thurs February 28 2008

If my mom was a black man, I'd probably dislike listening to Obama too

Pew National Poll: Obama 49%; Clinton 40% - 70% of Dems think Obama will win

Hillary! PLEASE do NOT drop out... Even if you lose Ohio & Texas!

Hillary! PLEASE do NOT drop out... Even if you lose Ohio & Texas!

Impacting hard: NYT-John Mccain perhaps not eligible to run for president

Impacting hard: NYT-John Mccain perhaps not eligible to run for president

The most spied upon people.......

Clinton takes back lead from Obama in Texas after trailing by 1 before the debate, now leads by 4!!!

Chris Floyd: Fortunes of War: Death and Chaos No Problem for Profit-Seekers in Iraq

Wearing Orange at the Oscars

Three Events that changed the World

Scott Horton: The Alternate Reality of the ‘Birmingham News’

White House Email Users Could Have Erased Records

Congressman Kucinich needs our help to keep his seat

Military Doctors Withholding Treatment from Soldiers with Mental Health Problems

To Impeach or Not To Impeach

Just for fun: which MSM pundits will be McCain surrogates in the GE?

IRS Investigation Of United Church Of Christ Will Be Closely Watched, Says Americans United

Who's Primary IS THIS?

KO Countdown beat Billo & Debate 2nd only to American Idol

How Many Obama Supporters Have Stopped Posting and are Just Waiting...?

Iran loses Russian support

PBS NOW.!.".Dan Rather Tribute to Johnny Cash!".....8:00 est!

OH NO muslium killers missive nucular strike On the United States

Tweety's crying over Buckley's death.....

Quote of the Day

The Proxy War — SCHIP and the Government's Role in Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Have we Democrats overturned a Bush veto yet?

Customer backlash against bad service

How come nobody is making fun of Bill Cuntingham's off the rack Walmart suit the way Hillary's

McConnell: Karzai controls only 30 percent of Afghanistan

Somerby: If the RNC gets its way, Obama is going to get “Dukakised”

Republican Party Cries Foul For Oil Industry Treatment - Don't Hurt Those Good People!

Eweee Keith! He's curs'n tonight.

A call out to Trof...

These academy awards , what crap , my opinion

I respect your decision NOT to vote for Obama because of McClurkin

GOP Engages in 'Political Extortion', Draws Up Hit List of Dem Lawmakers

Senator Mc lame you're today's

Engaged: Monica Goodling

{UN} Agencies target female mutilation (BBC)

If torture can break a war hero like McCain what are confessions from people Bush tortured worth?

Don Siegelman's daughter is going to be on with Dan Abrams

1,000,000 people.

Does anyone here "get" Buckley or Limbaugh? I don't think so. (DU Rush fans, are you out there?)

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early (VIDEO)

My 5 year old is funny...

Election fraud this year?

BREAKING NEWS: N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he won't run for president

The closest I came to being a Hero....

Resignation doesn't end trouble for Houston's top prosecutor

WTF is this program on GEM$NBC about

Democratic Underground was just mentioned on Bill Oreilly/Fox

Here's what 19% looks like.

Jack Kingston (GA, Idiot) Coming up on Abrams

Jack Kingston (GA, Idiot) Coming up on Abrams

Does anyone have Gov. Siegleman's address?

As Rickey Ricardo would say, "Splain this to me."

Halliburton/ State Dept Rape Stories Get Worse

Stephanie Miller's New Middle Name Is "Hussein"

The Most Obvious Statement On the Economy Eva......

Ode to Bill O'Reilly

Customer backlash against bad service: Growing gap between promised and delivered experience

Hope for Hillary's Florida delegates? FL lawsuit against the DNC gets new life.

The Billion-Dollar Losers

Dana Siegelman coming up on Dan Abrams

rep kingston from ga criticized obama for not wearing lapel

Amy Goodman: Taxi to the Dark Side

Independent UK: The campaign that changed the eating habits of a nation

re: Upcoming Supreme Court session on legality of gun ownership....

'Virtual Fence' Along Border To Be Delayed

Fannie Mae Reports $3.6 Billion 4th Quarter Loss - ( uh oh....)


Bloomberg not running for president

There is a SWINE who calls himself a teacher of ROTC with direct knowledge of the mistreatment ...

MSNBC running long infomercial on McCain - like campaign material - but with logo

Bush's policies are protecting us from terrorism

The gay Obama ad

William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82

Is there a factory here in the US that manufactures flag lapel pins for folks like Jack Kingston?

Conservative radio hosts: Rush, Bill Cunningham?

Diebold accidentally releases results of 2008 elections

Re: Obama's letter to LGBT's. "Just as important...neither will I close my ears to the voices..."

New Study Says Immigrants Make Neighborhoods Safer

surge update - Iraqi Leaders Veto Law on Elections

New childhood vaccine combo linked to convulsions.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

RNC Threatens Tenn GOP

Let's all do the "Yay, Calimary!!!" Dance!

Stealing Democracy? Greg Palast on LinkTV on March 1st-

"It was a total boy's weekend"...Jenna Bush and Rove-riffic fiance Henry Hager enjoy "getaways"

Just cuz I cant help it........GOD I HATE

Letterman: "Imagine a big fat guy rolling around on you."

ABC: Feature on corruption involving Detroit Mayor

Bush's $3 trillion war

Make your own free Don Siegelman poster.

Letting the World Beat Us Down

On John Stewart, Lincoln's election was rigged, too?

One of my Favorite Political Moments: Watching James Carville leaving W.F. Buckley Speechless

Meet Larry Kilgore (R): Ass-Hat

Meet Larry Kilgore (R): Ass-Hat

Keith Olberman's on Charlie Rose tonight!

*sigh* I can't wait

I think Julie Banderas of Faux Just Admitted their Bias

What happens if a candidate drops out after nominated at the convention?

Congress needs a "time out"..

Leadership from the bottom up - Single payer Universal health

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton--Somali costume latest episode

anyone have coast to coast AM on?

Salem News (OR) Op-Ed: U.S. Attorney Firings Prove Bush's Political Retaliations

Open letter from Obama on equality for LGBT

United Church of Christ being investigated by the IRS

Texas DA who prosecuted gay couple for "sodomy" (Lawrence case) resigns in racism, adultery scandal

Gallup: Muslims don't hate our freedoms.

Elections System Switches Could Cost Taxpayers $40M (Cleveland)

After the War, a New Battle to Become Citizens

Bet oil prices will rise today, and continue to rise for a while to come

Would you be willing to not post anything negative about Hillary or Barack for the next 24 hours?

Weep for your soldier boys, weep for your country.

A Couple Of New Feathers In GWB's Cap To Be Proud Of.......

Bloomberg: I'm Not Running for President

Bet oil prices will drop today, and continue to drop for a while to come

Verizon cell phone scam....ALERT!

State GOP asks `60 Minutes' for evidence or retraction

On a scale of 1 to 10, how immoral is it to

Former Gitmo Prosecutor to Testify for Detainee

Iraq costing $18 BILLION a month

Anybody see the CNN ad slamming the House this morning from Clifford May's 'Defense of Democracies?'

Court-Martialed Expert Witness-Shares Disturbing New Photos From Abu Ghraib (Wired Magazine)

AlterNet: America Loves Peace? Odd, Since We're Always at War

Fisherman swims 10 hours to shore: Amazing

Elizabeth Holtzman: Crimes In High Places

(TOON) Steve Bell on the British government's Iraq minutes

President Carter: "The Bush administration has violated Americans' basic human rights"

Who would you rather have a beer with, Hillary, Obama or McCain?

Who would you rather have a beer with, Hillary, Obama or McCain?

Marine Corps unit deploys to Iraq for a record fifth tour

This has me so pissed off I cannot see straight...

THE IRAQI WAR-"Was A Central Cause Of The Sub-Prime Banking Crisis Threatening The World"

Since all the M$M hacks produce past comments from

Has America shot its wad?

Lets look at this a little

The Stiglitz podcast

Remember when Kerry called out Bush in the debates on the cost of the Iraq war?

Mark My Words - 18 Months From Today Regular Gas Will Sell For Less Than $2.50/Gallon

This pretty much sums up things in America today

January 21, 2009 "Wish List"

Warning Bush on the tube @ 10:00 AM

The Intensity of the Lieing Seems to be at an all time high

Shrub Doesnt know that Much about Medvedev Either...Isnt he the President????

Response to gallup: Evangelicals DO hate our freedoms.

Convolute describes bush with one word

Bumper-sticker spotted on silver Prius in Atlanta: "SAXBY CHAMBLISS".

Fill in: "B*sh without a TelePrompter is like _____________"

British Editorial Cartoon on Iraq from 1922

"Head butts."

George Bush please tell America

Disturbing New Photos From Abu Ghraib-NSFW

the turd in the punch bowl is on now on msnbc


Somebody: Pull the Asshole's Script!

How many of the people who are fondly remembering Buckley are gay or african american?

"We changed our strategy, sent in a surge, and things are better." Why never any talk...

Jeremy Scahill: Despite Anti-War Rhetoric

SecDef Gates Make My Brain Hurt

Is it just me or is the slurring of the Chimp worse than ever?

Bush " ah ah .... a country a place like ...... Mexico"

ADL leader says Obama has settled Farrakhan issue

SSSS plore ing for oil GWB 2/28/08

if the telecoms dont have immunity, they will be scared to help us...

President Dumbass Just spoke about Cuba

Janet Huckabee: "I am the vegetables, my husband is the meat, I'm going to take a nap"

DU Friends: Fighting Apathy. What is the Most Worthwhile Way you can think of to Devote your Lives:


McCain gets support from Apocalyptic Televangelist

What are some of the things Clinton did to cause Republicans so much fatigue?

How the hell did this THING ever become President?

TED 2008: How Good People Turn Evil, From Stanford to Abu Ghraib

Funny how Tweety and Joe Scum

Where the hell did all this snow come from?

How will Kieth Olbermann critique Bush's speech?

Is it my teevee or B*sh's face pink?

"Iraq" Falls Apart The Turkish Invasion

***** LIE Blog the Bush Press Conference 7 AM PST C-SPAN 3 *****

True War Heroes Do Not Support Torture.

Canada-U.S. pact allows cross-border military activity - deal done on 2/14

How Low Can You Go...?

NY SUN: "The Divide Between Manhattan, Other Boroughs"

Repubs Are Whining That Telecoms NOT Paying Them Enough For Gutting The Constitution!



Biden on HC and BO and JM foreign policy; whether he'd take VP or Sec of State

Does anyone know how long it took the US to pay off the indebtedness

neo cons try luring Czech Republic to leave EU

Bills to Allow ROTC to Carry Weapons on Campus (Alabama)

Russians to vote for a new president but keep the old one (Reuters)

There seems to be an interesting backlash on those of us pointing out sexism when we see it

Why don't the Dems have their own presser and debunk Bush's BS?

Oops wrong forum!

For anyone who has deep inside knowledge of the Hill on the Senate side .....

Right wing e-mail decrying tax codes...(should I hit 'reply all?')

Oh this is Just Plain Silly

Wouldn't you look forward to this smiling woman moving in next door to you and your family? Graphic!

Nancy responding to the Lunatic on CSpan 1 n/t

So when did it become okay for progressives to demonize people without health insurance?

So when did it become okay for progressives to demonize people without health insurance?

Today’s Headlines 2/28/08

MSNBC giving Nader and his "VP Choice" more airtime than Edwards ever got

Needed: LTTE in response to this 2/27 Birmingham News editorial! (Siegelman)

Why is there so little economic news??

Alan Greenspan tells Gulf States to abandon the US Dollar

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?

Steny Hoyer is on fire in the House

Gee, Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) who's questioning Bernanke right now

What Should Be The Tax Rate On War Profits?

Experts: Employees' snoop on customer data (AP/CNN)

Gosch kidnapping has direct ties to Vatican Cover up

Just got logged out again. Is it the TERRA-ISTS??

Republicans have the gall to say that John McCain is a war hero?

I. Just. Want. Him. Gone.

In our name new photos from Abu Ghraib ...... Warning Graphic slide show

How did Kitt Bond hurt his arm?

Aussie Paper: "Iraq war 'caused (economic) slowdown in the US'"

I have a problem hearing that John McCain is a "hero".

Air Force Blocks Access to Many Blogs

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Just Words???

Just Words???

McCain's Lobbyist flew the Saudis out the country after 911- Paxon Communication

Was/Is God some demented teenager screwing around with a chemistry set?

Newborn survives fall through train toilet

Bush: I’m ‘focused’ on gas prices but unware of $4 gas.

Joe Scarborough STFU

Xavier Becerra on telecom immunity

Will Mittens make a comeback?

Why are there so many multiple shootings this time of year?

Brattleboro, Vermont have a resolution to arrest Bush and Cheney.

Was he under the influence of alcohol?

NAFTA? What about China?

BBC America, Newsnight, starts Feb 29 10pm. Now we'll gets some real news.

How exactly will we pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How exactly will we pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

McCain plagiarizes Bush

White House policy for rewarding contracts spelled out: it's simpler than you imagined

How Maj. General Taguba was forced to retire for exposing Abu Ghraib

Anybody know of a book that deals with people smarts?

In case you missed the Lunatic

racist email sent by (the shame) my best friend

Please DU This Poll: Cost of War Worth It or Not?

Does Anyone Know Who We Have Running Against Darrell Issa?

Wired publishes new photographs of Abu Ghraib-Graphic Images Warning

What are the dangers of hot air ballooning?

God Bless Ralph Nader

Bay Buchanan: Conservatives have been abused for 12 years..

Kos Got This Hilarious Piece of Winger Mail

BUSH: We are not headed into a recession....

bombing a nesting site for migratory birds would benefit birdwatchers since they get more enjoyment

My teevee has an asshole

I have decided..........

Today Bush will once again push for warentless wiretapping- Here we go again!

CSPAN's phone lines going up in a minute re:Bush's speech

McCain is Planning on Surging to an Election Win. Let's not be Enablers.

New Bushism "I'm concerned for people who want to put money on the table."

Panel prepares to move bill to bolster False Claims Act (our dems in action)

Nader chooses Matt Gonzalez as his running mate

Students' abuse of black cleaners stuns South Africa

O'Reilly sees no difference between HuffPo and Nazis, KKK.

Is The Real Purpose Of The 22nd Amendment To Protect A President From Doing Too Good A Job?

CNN Poll-We're in a slowdown(per *),a recession,or OK

Here's A Nice Quote For Your Afternoon

Is anyone listening to this ignorant woman on Sam Seder? n/t

Bush Orders 'Amnesty' for Foreign-Born McCain

Miz t. is ON FIRE re Siegelman. She's writing letters.

Is the surge working?

Sam Seder Is Kicking a Freeper's Ass!

Conservatives block ethics reform bill

"Middle-name calling is way over the line"

Is anyone else reminded of

Is this his answer to EVERYTHING?

Is this his answer to EVERYTHING?

The SammYCam is in effect.

If You're Just "Surfin' da Web" This Evening Try This

remember what was the determining factor between gore/Bush

William Buckley vs Noam Chomksy tv debate (1969) on YouTube- A MUST see

CNN Poll: Can You Afford a Full Tank of Gas?

CNN Poll: Can You Afford a Full Tank of Gas?

** Senate Debate on Foreclosure Prevention Bill Now 4pm EST **

Is Jack Kingston insane or does he do what he does for the laughs he gets?

DU buds, need your help with local poll... HELP !!!

Air Force seeks $18B more, but Congress wary

Chuck Todd on MSNBC looks like death

USDA shuts down congressional audit

Saint John McCain

"Everyone detected with AIDS should be tattooed in the upper forearm"... William F. Buckley, Jr

GAZA.. There's a kid posting on another forum from within Gaza..

Baby Survives Fall Through Train Toilet Onto Track

President Truman proposes a national health insurance fund...

City Will Hold GOP Protesters To Single-File Route (RNC/St. Paul)

Seriously, where do the corporate media find these idiots?

Robocalls and Vote Caging Committee

Stiglitz: Iraq war 'caused slowdown in the US'

John McCain complains: Bush should get more credit!!11

McCain enthusiastically accepts endorsement of anti-Catholic bigot

8 Years Of Horror Forces Family From Home (foreclosed due to Stalker)

"HRC in cat-scratch mode?...Bill in blackface?"

FBI Arrests Head of Folsom Investment Fund (called Christians in Crisis)

So anyhow, William F. Buckley wanted to tattoo those with AIDS.

Pelosi Makes Criminal Referral for Contempt Citations of White House Officials

US Democratic fundraiser Hsu pleads not guilty to fraud

"We Havn't Had A Terra Attack Here In The US Since 9/11"

Has anyone heard of protests against marines in California?

1 in every 100 Americans Behind Bars, Highest in World.

Did anyone notice Bush was wearing his flag pin this morning?

Did anyone notice Bush was wearing his flag pin this morning?

Foreign Dental Work Put To Test

On Protect America Act that threatens YOUR freedoms, RUSS FEINGOLD says...

Council stubs out planned ban on smoking outside pubs

Bush would be in prison if ........

Carter chides Bush on secrecy in govt.

Comcast Packs Hearing on Net Neutrality with "Seat fillers," so public can't get in!

Shrub on gas prices possibly reaching $4.00 a gallon: "That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."

Rep. Holt Responds to President Bush on FISA

Senate Democratic leader pledges to continue trying to end the war

Sioux Manufacturing Busted For Under-Weaving Kevlar In Helmets

Born-again virgins claim to rewrite the past

NPR Podcast. Very good on this primary season. Highly recommend

Angels don't play this HAARP!

Bottled water is ammo in drought war...

"A wave of lawsuits could reveal how the United States conducts surveillance" - Bush

Is anyone else getting a Fatal Error message

Wikileaks now has 1.2 million leaked documents on line

Rebroadcast of Bill Moyer's "Buying the War"

I would love to see an Obama/Dodd ticket... I really like Chris Dodd...

Guy covering for Maddow, talking about Sunni Awakening Fighters

McCain ‘Very Honored’ By Support Of Pastor Preaching ‘End-Time Confrontation With Iran’

How Can We Nip Bush's so-called "Legacy" in the Bud?

Orwell Just Didn't Take It Far Enough I Guess.

Orwell Just Didn't Take It Far Enough I Guess.

The World's Human Population Has Doubled Since I Was Born

Gun that killed Lee Harvey Oswald to be auctioned off

ROBOCALLS and VOTECAGING subject of Senate hearing - C-SPAN today . . .

McCain/Hagee followup - who ELSE might might need to reject and denounce?

Terrorist Surveillance Bill is Democracy

Moderators, a Made in America thread?

did Bush get the phone companies spying on us before 9/11? if so please provide a link

Should America be able to strike anybody it wants in any country at any time

So maybe we should get to know

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Man catches fire trying to steal copper wiring (from an electric substation)

Why is there so much nationwide resistance to banning the use of cellphones

Did you hear me on Bill Press this morning? I'm the one that said

I know I'll be smited for this....

The repukes that are upset that our candidates don't wear a flag lapel pin...

Caption McCain

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out (NYT)

Customers react on hidden camera to muslim woman being denied service...

A little help and some ideas on how to respond to an email from a conservative.

AP - Bush Says US Not Headed For A Recession

Buckley's National Review: "“The central question… is whether the White community in the South is...

AP - Pelosi Wants Bush Aides Investigated

Kimmel is f*king Ben Affleck -- and gays everywhere.

"Too many people" is only part of the population problem.

Greater Yellowstone Wolves Delisted - Protest Now!

The new Vote Vets new ad is brilliant

Ackety! Just say'n!

UN Backs Push to End Female Circumcision

Bush: I’m ‘focused’ on gas prices but unware of $4 gas

Who Are The World's Worst Dictators For 2008? See The List, Listen To The TYT Interview & Decide

I control a Sovereign Wealth Fund, I want to go shopping in the USA,

Who Are The World's Worst Dictators For 2008? See The List, Listen To The TYT Interview & Decide

Should Nader be invited to the debates between McCain and Obama/Hillary?

Former Tom Feeney (R-FL) aide to head Florida elections office

I have really mixed feelings about this "John Ritter Wrongful Death" issue.

What are the positive virtues and values of Republican ideology?

Anyone Else Feel Mean Tonight??

BREAKING: CNN broadcasts worldwide that Prince

Ron Paul Urges Colleagues To Support Bills Aimed At Ending “Gun Free Zones”

My cat just opened the door.

Anyone Else Feel Me Tonight??

HAHAHA - Jenna's fiance gets turned away from exclusive hotel lounge

So Prince Harry has Been Serving on the Front Lines of Afghanistan. Guess who Blew his Cover??

all purpose Hussein rebuttal

On the Beach, 1959 movie about the aftermath of nuclear war,

How many vegans are on Earth right now?

Hey hippywife....

best photoshop ever-"George W. Bush-Will You Please Go Now!" thanks to DUer troubleinwinter/Dr Seuss

Non-Stop Radio Conference This Summer W/ Hartmann, Maddow, TYT, Schultz, Miller And Many More...

"Coffee's for closers only."

Obituary Pictures

Happy Birthday 'Goerge Jefferson'

PLEASE help DU this homophobic poll!

I hid my viner!! n/t

Boy Racers and the New Zealand Community

On the Beach, 1959 movie about the aftermath of nuclear war,

Don Siegelman's address: (and my Western Union problem)

ACLU calls out US over 'absurd bloating' of terror watch list, by Nick Juliano

DNC says RNC doing research to see how far attacks on women and African Americans can go.

Kos' Hilarious Winger Mail

Governor Siegelman, imprisoned,

Large explosion at Chicago area mall

Does anybody have an MP3 of The Jetsons' doorbell?

Damn! I just saw a group of pugs on MSNBC dancing to Thriller

I hate to beg,but will y'all DU my 129th LTTE?

House OKs new taxes on big oil companies

Flu shots urged for all children

Bring that Big Ass over here!

The candidates have failed to answer what to me is the most critical issue of our time:

You think you can top my kidney stone story? I doubt it...

Rolling stones: I felt like killing myself.

Caption Bush Picture Please

Harpers: The Pork Barrel World of Judge Fuller (GOV SIEGELMAN'S JUDGE)

It's bad news, good news time!

Artie Barnes has a youtube account.

My slut pussy is seeing the woman upstairs

Which Tv dad do you hate the most?

Official Lounge Internets Appreciation Thread.

You don't like PayPal? There *is* an alternative now!

Forget the Euro. The dollar is losing ground to the Peso

Will Clinton drop out if Mercer wins Texas?

Bob meets the Beatles

How about some Fleetwood Mac

Oh, to make that kind of difference


Meatout Mondays: Who's In?

Meatout Mondays: Who's In?

Sugar High!!!!!!

Molly Ivins Asks Texans NOT to vote for Senator Clinton From Beyond the Grave

Can anybody use a hug?

Darwin Head just won one million dollars!

Top 5 favorite sock groups?

"Project Runway" is on!

"I hate the gooks" - John McCain

The Movie "Once" and "Falling Slowly"

Time Bandits... It Will Happen To Us All...

Am I evil? I used Little Debbie Creme-Filled Strawberry Cupcakes

FBI Documents Contradict 9/11 Commission Report

Anyone feel like running away with me to the tropics?

* pics from news conference

I love my wife; she's a Republican, but not only does she know that Obama's a Christian,

so, i'm wondering what i have done...that i need to ask for


Is it just me, or has Southpawkicker not been around lately? nt

I posted in GD:P and so far

Advertisements [?]

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 4/27/85

Sam Seder deserves a show on MSNBC (along with Rachel Maddow)

Craving Sweets...

I can't believe it! You-Tube shuts down News Hounds.

Why can't I be a fashion model?

Anyone just watch Project Runway? Re the third finalist? **WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!**

Do you think Americans tend to "let themselves go", as in

Advice would be appreciated from Physicians on keeping up with New Info

Letterman: "Imagine a big fat guy rolling around on you."

hey lounge people, doing lounge things, in a lounge world, know what I think?

Do you have a passion for fashion?

Did I just see Southpawkicker on American Idol?

Play a song you played on a jukebox


I simply cannot get through a single episode of "Family Guy" without turning it off.

Why do we want health care for folks on Mars and Jupiter?

Got It! Here Is Who Is Sponsoring Those Pro-Immunity Ads

Lounge Lizards.. can you pls help me with local, yocal poll?

I watched the space station fly over my house this morning. You may be able as well.

I believe I hold a record in GD:P...

The Onion: "Bush Vows To Make It Up To Country Somehow"

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (02/28/08)

This sounds like the most amazing alternative comic book plot ever

Update on Paddyblueeyes

Ben Stone vs. Jack McCoy vs. Michael Cutter

Worst pro sports market in the country (regardless of the team's performance)

Threaten your boss, neighbor, brother-in-law...

Post Pics of DU GD:P Meetups in the past!

Forgot to set my alarm last night...

McCain tries to flip-flop on his 100 years in Iraq statement..




I just cleaned my keyboard

I fully suspect that ALL communications in the US have been routed overseas...

"I'll have a bowl of whatever that is."

What does this remind you of?

Campaign Music Videos

La Vie En Rose!

Why did you park in front of my carport? Why?

Amid threats, man goes on with 'Smoke In' (Spread the word)

* is on CNN and his lips are moving.

Jamie Lynn Spears passes GAS

Wow...television from 1950 really had poor production value!

Restaurant Names Made Fresh from Kitchen By-Products!

A young genius named Alex Bellinson made me a present...a new pic for my sig line!

Prisoner at Gitmo with AIDS recieves scant medical attention, placed in isolation

Jump in my kiln, you phony.

It's only 8:00 AM and it's already POPCORN TIME in GD...Yee haw.

John's Other Wife

Did you sign up for Truthout email bulletins?

So our candidates want to keep NAFTA but just make a few changes.

it's more difficult to fight reality than adapt to it

I'm tired of the house being cold

One Guy Sees My Photo on Internet. Decides I'm Hittable. Starts Calling Me Up for a Date.

Weekly Match Game story: "Glenda was so grotesque, even her ___ sickened forensic scientists."

Since it's Spring Training: favorite baseball player of all-time?

I bet matcom wants one of these. My new kitchen toy:

Is it just me, or is Southpawkicker, like, everywhere lately?

Has Henry Waxman COMPLETELY lost his fucking mind?

The New Forthcoming Downing Street Minutes

diebold leaks results of Texas primary

I'd change my last name

Van Morrison Live 7/29/74 in San Fran from Wolfie's Vault

the best thing for my empty stomach

Boyd Coddington dies at 63

Natalia Bush Showering...

Love Or Rage?

Well my TB scare was negative!!

Primal Scream Time

Mariah Carey

If you are going to criticize someone for not wearing a flag lapel pin...

Follow-up on my NJ question from the other day

Hello DU Folks And Gals

Am I the only one who is right most of the time?

I'm going blonde for the spring!

14 Piece Bucket $9.99

Hey GOPSuX! You want this for your birthday?

all people in Colorado ride horses all the time

Happy Early Birthday Leap Year Babies

Drunk JetBlue Passenger Gets 10Months Prison

Drunk JetBlue Passenger Gets 10Months Prison

I haven't been in GDP in almost 2 weeks, and then THIS.

And this one time... At Band camp...

Even in baseball, there's no getting away from the assbuckets

YAY! I'm going to Dark Lord Day (4/26) in Chi-Town! Anyone wanna join me?

hey folks-- I have a question about gals....

A great steampunk interview

How do you pronounce "bury?"

"I hope that was an empty bottle, George!"


OK OK I get the todays award for most boring DUer.

Happy Birthday Captain Stubing

Why doesn't anyone rave about Lee Mercer, Jr. anymore?

So now they are saying I might be allergic to bear..

Nisreen Swedberg

If you think back it was the media that did most of the Swiftboating of Kerry

So now they are saying I may be allergic to Golda Meir

Natalie Portman Showering...

Feb 29th 10PM History Channel

Bucky's spoofin' again. Over in GD-P


Baseball team photo. Some guys you might recognize.

Name someone that just needs to SHUT THE F*CK UP!

My Crazy Professor is On a Rant right now about How Being Sane and Sober is sooo Boring.

How do I get people to stop using the words "folks" and "gals"?

does anyone else like foods made from blood and offal?

Am I the only one who despises most of the things that datasuspect likes?

Am I the only one who despises most of the things that you like?

Who else has adenovirus?

This is the stupidest horoscope I've ever seen...

I am on vacation.

Dems still supporting secrecy of closed government, what type of historic record do you expect

I am the One Millionth Obama Campaign Donor.

Influenza is teh evil.

Garfield fans and especially Garfield haters......You got to see this!!

The Dean Legacy

Canseco: 'Hey Guys, Who Wants To Come To My Big Steroid Party This Weekend?'

Corporate-tool Chief Justice Roberts asks "question" so stupid entire courtroom laughs at him.

OK DU Make Me Laugh

I'm sick again

Here is the complete list of words that come up on the DU spell-checker for "Obama"--

My Dad's Plane Crash. I love having cosmic questions go unanswered.

Sorry to report - I see no way to beat John McCain

Anyone here have any influence on the weather?

I want more "Maude"!

Frig I am sick of sitting in front of this computer!!

Blaming corporations is demagoguery

So now they are saying I may be allergic to beer

Josh Holloway Showering

I want more Fraud!

Funny video: I Laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face

I want more Baud!

Civil Disobedience

what once sucked but now is cool?

I'm going to Disneyland this weekend. I'm so effing excited!

Being with someone who has a terminal disease or is dying

I had a WTF moment at the pharmacy today. (in a good way)

A VP who I work with (major fundie)

This winter has been terrible, just awful! I'm ranting insanely.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/28/2008)

AEIOU Sometimes Y - by Ebn/Ozn

Wow. I posted a snarky little post in GDP and it went viral. 84 Reccomendations already

I just made dinner for thirty from scratch. It took me three hours.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/28/08

Nobel Laureate Al Gore and CEO of Cisco Holding Virtual Forum on Climate Change and Technology

On NBC, 'Expertise' Means Getting Iraq Wrong (FAIR Action Alert)

Is there a female variant on the name Hussein? Anyone know?

If you don't like Dexy's Midnight Runners,

Did Booshe say anything worth repeating during his press conference??

No Words of Praise for William F. Buckley Jr.

It never fails. It NEVER, EVER FAILS!!!

Do you consider yourself a jerkoff or an asshole?

Whatever Happened To Rita Cosby

No roux for youx.

Is is just me or


Who watched "Americal Idol"? *spoiler warning*

Your opinion please? Pricing for services performed.

Because of you, I'm finally really learning!

Have any of you been banned on

Amazing AT&T Billboard hacks in California


You could not pay me enough to do that job....

Temeah showering

Employee's suit: Company used waterboarding to motivate workers

Time Travel: 100% Possible, or the Fevered Dream of a Madman?

What nick name would Sawyer call you???

Which TV ad do you hate most?

Thursday TOON Roundup-What Kind of American are you?

Cow running down street to get to TV Station!

My boss just told me he ate kangaroo last night

Hey! It's only 3 weeks 'til SPRING!!

Computer went all wonky today.

Underrated albums of the 70's?

Computer techs: what could make a cable fail in the middle of a job?

I just found out something about my kitty Barney

Do you consider yourself a boring or exciting person?

Hey, Neverland is for sale!

These are a few of my favorite things...

Right Wing site urges people to post on DU!

A pev poll

Too Hot to Fly? 18 year old women claim discrimination by SW Airlines because of their hotness!

I got spell checked in GD:P!!

The most biting, angry breakup song EVER!

LOUNGE PSA #1 - How To Properly Take Care Of A Baby

Call me a Whaaa-bulance, I had to get a jobbie-job

I'm just gonna hang in here from now on.

Anyone familiar with Kate Miller Heidke?

Anyone familiar with Kate Miller Heidke?

Spanking Raises Chances of Risky, Deviant Sexual Behavior

Is "Flight of the Conchords" the funniest show ever?

Good news for us Statler Brothers fans!

D.C. Federal Court Orders Saudi Holdings in U.S. Frozen in Civil Case

Pete Seeger biography now on PBS.

VIDEO Links: Pete Seeger TV retrospective

Flavors of Ice Cream

Help me to help a good Dem get elected

Petards of Mass Destruction

Kidney stones: I felt like killing myself.

Republicans in Congress Can't Take White House Criminality Anymore

An Open Letter To The Candidates On Single Payer Health Reform

what was once cool that now sucks?

Right wing went nuts over this video from Obama on defense priorities and wasteful defense spending

Despite the PSA, can we do a PHOTO Thread?

Has Anyone Else Received the American Community Survey?

Estimated cost of gun violence in America: $100 billion

One cold winter does NOT mean that global warming is dead

I think i have a better grasp on the subject that is being taught, than one of my professors.


Requesting vibes/prayers/positive energy/meditations/etc.

What is the primary purpose of feminism?

The Culture of Impunity

I'm going to the French Quarter tomorrow

7th grade student in my kid's school threatened to get gun and shoot everyone.

Will House Democrats Give Bush What He Wants

RIP: Buddy Miles!

What would happen to me if i got in my dryer and turned it on?

The Myth of the Surge, from the front lines of the new Iraq

Baseball fans! Who's your team that you hate?

Weird songs that are pretty.

More wheelchair dumping in Tampa jail. Also a woman who stole a sandwich near death.

I watched Colbert last night, at the end after "interviewing" Tony Snow,

Mind control

WOW! Google gives all SF homeless voicemail

I got a joke for ya

U.S. Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court

PNAC is Back: Re-Branded Think Tank of Snakes and Liars

Drug dealer, fairy tale, imaginary hip black friend, gang bang, cult, shuck-and-jive, Hispanics

Drug dealer, fairy tale, imaginary hip black friend, gang bang, cult, shuck-and-jive, Hispanics

Where did/do you go the college?

Oil would be on table if NAFTA reopened: Emerson hints

Mo. reports 37 mass layoffs in January

The World's Growing Food-Price Crisis

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue

Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run but Will Be Active

Rice Tells Olmert She Concerned About Gaza Civilians

Iran president to show off influence on Iraq visit

Body Parts Boss Can Plead Guilty in NYC

Evangelical leader helps McCain woo conservatives

Bangalore hub of techie-terror network

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Economic and Political Anger Sets Off Rioting in Cameroon

Divorced US Air Force computer expert kills his 2 young children, himself at base housing (Iraq vet)

Sunni forces losing patience with U.S.

Rice offers regret over alleged rape in Japan

State Dept. orders another review of troubled Baghdad embassy

Argentina 'dirty war' suspect dead

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary

Wikileaks Case Due Back in Court

USDA sued over 'downer' cow rules

Afghan police kill 25 Taliban, including commander

Gov't insists it controls Afghanistan (denied assertion from McConnell that it only controls 30%)

Turkey targets Iraq Kurds, not just rebels-Kurd PM

Congress questions use of steroids in horse racing

'Virtual Fence' Along Border To Be Delayed

Sen. McCain says Bush should get more credit

Bush: U.S. is not headed for recession

Ottawa plays oil card in NAFTA spat

Missile hits Pakistan's Waziristan

Prince Harry in Taleban fighting

Karzai only controls 1/3 of Afghanistan

Republicans betting debate on Iraq works in their favor

Maliki boasts of Iraq reconciliation 'success'

1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says

Fact Check: Obama denies report on trade

Vigilante Father Facing Murder Charge

Americans Plan to Save, Not Spend, Tax-Rebate Checks, Poll Says

As Obama Security Rises, Lapses Remain

House Could Take Up Surveillance Legislation Next Week

Hi-tech trade with India to grow: US

Door Could Open To Class Actions

Man catches fire trying to steal copper wiring (from an electric substation)

Bloomberg won’t run for president

FBI documents contradict 9/11 Commission report


McCain's birthplace in Panama Canal Zone raises eligibility questions

Air Force Blocks Access to Many Blogs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 28

Nortel Loses $844 Million, Plans More Job Cuts

HIV, hepatitis scare may affect 40,000 US clinic patients

Insurer AIG posts fourth-quarter ($3.2 Billion)loss on write-downs (of derivatives)

Bush to Hold 10am Press Conference

BREAKING: Explosion and fire at strip mall in Waukegan, IL

Economy slows to near crawl in fourth quarter

US labor market could grind to a halt - Conf Board

Bush sees no recession coming

Paulson Dismisses Mortgage Rescue Plans

Freed hostages bring sad news from Colombia

RNC denounces use of 'Hussein' in Obama's name

Iraqi leaders veto law Bush administration hailed as political breakthrough

Healthcare in India unsatisfactory

McCain: Obama Represents Politics of the Past

NAFTA Rhetoric? 'It Didn't Happen'

Japan whaling footage horrifying: Debus

(Georgia) House OKs seizing vehicles from illegal immigrants

Pelosi Makes Criminal Referral for Contempt Citations of White House Officials

High energy demands are compromising military operations, science board finds

Britain's Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan

Nerve tissue created in lab (US)

8 Wounded in Los Angeles Street Shooting

Kenya rivals sign power-sharing deal

Most Muslims 'desire democracy'

USDA Shuts Down Congressional Audit

The ethanol bust

U.S. Air Force Censors Blogs

U.S. sends warship off Lebanon coast

Dave Clark Five singer Smith dies

McCain Endorsement Angers Catholic League President

Reopening NAFTA would be a 'mistake': PM

Disturbing New Photos From Abu Ghraib

Obama staffer gave warning of NAFTA rhetoric

Record-High Ratio of Americans in Prison; More Than 1 in Every 100 Americans Now Behind Bars

Nader picks Gonzalez as running mate

Florida primary suit has new life

China may scrap one-child policy

TELECOM COVER-UP? Nacchio and Qwest: Another Political Prosecution?

Venezuela: the spectre of Big Oil

Legal outsourcing growing fast in India

For Sale: Passwords To Fortune 500's Servers

Kosovo envoy stands firm against partition

The Death of William F. Buckley was preceded by the Death of Neo-Conservitism

To Shore Up Jewish Vote, Obama Denounces (and Rejects) Ham Sandwiches

Bloviate This!: An Open Letter To Bill O'Reilly (Jason Miller)

Outsourcing Leaves Some Des Moines Register Employees Without Jobs

Immigrant soldiers merit fast citizenship

Clinton-Obama Debates Reminiscent of Lincoln-Douglas

Pakistani military 'misspent up to 70% of American aid' (Guardian)

Col. Morris D. Davis: from Gitmo's chief prosecutor to Chief Critic

Texas Republican District Attorney deletes thousands of e-mails

Sunni forces losing patience with U.S.

Iraq rewards trump risks for job seekers

Republicans eating their own in Virginia

From the "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" department.....

The Fading Jihadists - How Bush & McCain have overblown the threat

Elizabeth Holtzman: Crimes in High Places

America Loves Peace? Odd, Since We're Always at War

Matt Taibbi: John McCain's Bizarre 'Conservative Problem'

Cash-Rich, Publicity-Shy, Abu Dhabi Fund Draws Scrutiny

Who I'm Supporting for the Post of Leader of the Free World:

The Birth of NAFTA-It Took Clinton to Get It Ratified

Healing Postponed ("Obama may be helping to postpone the arrival of a post-racial America")!

talks turkey: Def Secretary Gates Tells Turkey To "Wrap Up"...

The Campaign That Changed The Eating Habits of A Nation

Arianna Huffington: Microtrends vs Macrotrends: Why Obama is Winning

Crusade of Surge and Siege: Part Two: Cages of Conquest (Manuel Valenzuela)

A Ship’s Smoke on the Horizon

Iraq War Costs Americans in Health Care Tradeoff

Barack Obama Speech, October 2002: Against Going to War With Iraq

Answer to "Can Muslims Be Good Americans?" E-Mail

New Jersey's Economic Warning - irresponsible borrowing and spending - now causing real pain

Why McCain and I Should be Allowed to be President

Dreams from Obama's (Kenyan) Grandmother

Conservatives IQ just went down 80%. (Buckley RIP)

1 percent of U.S. adults behind bars

Greg Palast: Exxon suxx. McCain duxx

McCain's birthplace in Panama Canal Zone raises eligibility questions

Bill Clinton: The Bitter Half

Doomsday Vault for World's Seeds Is Opened...

Conservatives Assail Homeowners: Administration Says "Let Homeowners Go Under"

Democrats Agree Not to Use ‘John Insane McCain’

"Leaderless State" The Katrina Anthem

What's Going On? by the MTV All Stars

Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)

John Lewis: Support Decision Was Tougher than Selma March

The amero is here

Barack Obama A Leader Named Barack Parody

Hip Hop For Obama - Can't Forget About Katrina

Debate Coverage - Maddow, Buchanan, and Robinson Commentary

Corporate 'swift-boating' targets Kucinich. Please help.

When Will Hillary Release Her Tax Returns?

Abrams Fact Checks the last debate: Clinton and Obama lies

Hillary Campaign Gets Criticized By Familiar Face (w/ R.J. Eskow On TYT)

Countdown: Bushed! Feb. 27, 2008

Turkey refuses to leave Iraq

Michael Parenti -- What Progressives want?

Obama and Hillary Caught Kissing

The NEW Renaissance

Barack Obama - Time Magazine - "How Much Does Experience Matter?"

The US Massacre in Abu Sifa - Iraq's Mi Lai

How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary

TPMtv's latest campaign roundup

CNN: Will military leaders let us end the Iraq war?

Video Reply to Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Defense of Democracies- Terrorist Surveillance Bill Ad


Clinton vs Obama Cleveland, Ohio debate part 1 (and on)

Obama on The Ellen Degeneres Show, February 2008 (part 1)

Cenk on McCain vs. Obama on Iraq

Lucky's Funeral

Barack Obama addresses 12,000 in San Marcos, TX

Barack Obama's Lapel Pin

A lesson in democracy (A great video on kids volunteering for Obama)

Another Republican gets pwnd lying about Obama's patriotism

Obama on The Ellen Degeneres Show, February 2008 (part 2)

MSNBC: George Bush Threatens Homeowners

Barack Obama - Pakistan Policy

President Bush Press Conference on FISA = 2008.02.28

** Abrams ** BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Siegelman = Simpson & Horton, 60 Minutes Blackout, Rove

** Abrams ** BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Siegelman = Part 2 = Horton, Dana Siegelman on Rove, Canary, Pryor

Dan Abrams: Dana Siegelman & Scott Horton Interviews - 2/27/08

Just words? Barack lies to Ohio about NAFTA

New US climate offer 'too little' (BBC)

Globally, Incidence Of Drug-Resistant TB Far Higher Than Expected - BBC

In Remote Parts Of Olympic & Mt. Rainier National Parks, Trout Unsafe To Eat (Hg)

Three Gorges - Echoing The Legendary Stupidity Of Sanmenxia Dam On The Yellow - FT


Exxon suxx. McCain duxx.

Environmental Justice For All - How to save our cities, revive the economy, and green the planet

The Guru of Doo-Doo

Tech group claims low-cost fix to radar, windfarm conflict

Scaling Up Solar in India

REN 21 Says Renewable Energy Still Rising

Is Obama Green Enough?

GE Energy Gets More Than $700 Million In Pacts From Renewable Energy

France to send engineers to help in South Africa power crisis (more coal)

Will U.S. become world's nuclear-waste dump?

Shipping bottlenecks may halt nuclear renaissance

Scientists advance 'drought crop' (BBC)

2/28 - 18:00 GMT - Six Of World's 11 Oil Benchmarks At Or Above $100 - Upstream Online

Cameroon's Capital City & Port Paralyzed By Food Rioting & Strikes - Reuters

Warmest Winter On Record In Finland (5C Over Historic Averages) May Boost Crop Yields - Reuters

Pollution turns Chinese river system red

Norway's State-Owned Petoro Reports 6.7% Fall In Oil Q407 Oil Output - Gas #s Up Sharply - Reuters

OPEC Announces No Increase In Production, Citing Weakening Global Economy

2/28/08 NYMEX - 3:03 EST: WTI - $102.95; Brent - $100.95; Gold - $973.50

PEMEX Posts $1.48 Billion Net Loss For 2007 - Reuters

(Philadelphia) SEPTA ridership up, despite fare increases

Average Temperatures In 2007 In Tibet Second-Highest Since 1971 - Xinhua

Global Warming Contrarians ( "confusionists" ) Exposed ... (article & video )

Opposition dumps nuclear power policy (Australia)

“Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions”

Reactors still down after massive Florida power outage: officials

Bangladesh "Scrambling" For Grain Supplies As Traders Sit On Stocks Waiting For Higher Prices

Wind energy to power UK by 2020, government says

Power grid narrowly averted rolling blackouts

Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says

As Many As 50 Ethanol Plants Shelved In Recent Months - Cargill Yanks $200M Facility Near Topeka

'Panic' wheat buying across the US

Wind turbines may threaten whooping cranes

After inauguration, one of Reagan's first acts of business

Second BSE Case In Two Months Detected In Canadian Dairy Herd - MSNBC

BP CEO - Company May Sell Part Or All Of "Green" Business Unit - LA Times

BP begins construction on phase one of Sherbino Wind Farm in West Texas

Coca-Cola Enterprises will purchase 120 new trucks powered by Eaton’s hybrid electric drive

CBOT Wheat Price Swings On Wednesday 2/27 Exceeded Price Per Bushel In 2000

Casey: Move to shorter tours ‘has to happen’

Two companies sue Army for $11 million

Senate rejects proposed hike in Tricare fees

Al-Qaida still No. 1 threat, officials say

2 Ark. guardsmen charged in drug bust

Marine to help House hire wounded vets

DoD endangers personnel funds, lawmakers say

Gates to Turks: Stop military ops in Iraq soon

Experts: VA disability system can be fixed

Verdict in electrocution of soldier upheld

U.S., China navies discuss joint drills

Navy looks to keep captains in uniform

Admiral: Info allegedly leaked was classified

Conway puts orders of new vest on hold

Corps wants $2-3K bonus for captains

Trial postponed for Hadithah staff sergeant

Miramar barracks death under investigation

JAG cleared of ethics violations in rape case

StratCom chief backs investing in new nukes

AF seeks $18B more, but Congress wary

$150,000 bonus offered for some Special Forces

USAREUR’s future still under construction

Okinawa restrictions frustrate dependents

Report: $40M paid to Iraqis for condolence

2 NATO soldiers killed in bombing

Sun could cause AFN outages for two weeks

Baumholder’s predicted close now uncertain

AAFES: Culligan’s bottled water is safe

Official: Focus on duty helps stop offenses

Despite slow start, Iraqis show progress building new army

Army copters may move to McConnell

Marine’s indictment sent back to prosecutors

Lockheed machinists union prepared to strike

Hoffa & Obama: The Labor-Latte Alliance

Hey, John McCain: Where’s the Plan to Save Our Homes?

Teamsters look to unionize UPS freight

Today in labor history February 28

Ohio Plant To Move Jobs To Japan

Corporations Will Ship 2.4 Million High-Tech and Professional Jobs Overseas by 2015

Congress told service wants drawdown cut short


No end in sight

wait a minute ... Bush cites the use of corn for ethanol for the rise of prices ...

Argentina 'dirty war' suspect dead

Bechtel's Ugly Ecuador Water Adventure


Freed hostages bring sad news from Colombia

African LGBT Groups Call For End To Anti-Gay Laws

New Attempt To Weaken Salt Lake City Domestic Partner Law

How Have the Log Cabin Republicans Helped Gay People?Is there a List Of Accomplishments

LA Urged To Cut Ties With Boy Scouts Affiliate

Cleveland Stonewall Democrats endorse Kucinich

what gay themed movie would you recommend for a high school gay straight alliance

More Time to Discuss, Transform Jerusalem

Gaza Violence: Some Lives Worth More Than Others

Dying for a degree

Grad rocket fired from Gaza scores direct hit on Ashkelon home

Ban backs Wiesenthal Center's call for UN session on terror

Female terror suspect detained; Jerusalem bombing averted

Ex-Israel president formally charged in sex case

Egypt plans to provide all of Gaza's electricity

Pro-Israel evangelical leader endorses McCain

Top AIPAC prosecutor quits

The breakthrough that did not happen (Amira Hass)

Gaza medical center damaged in Israeli air strike

GAZA! A kid is reporting from inside Gaza....

Why should we care about Israel so much?

IDF pounds Gaza; scores hurt

70-year-old woman wounded as rocket attacks continue

Israeli attacks kill baby in Gaza

LIVE (10:30 am Eastern) Senate Foreign Relations Committee on live

Two press releases from Biden - military equipment delays & Pakistan

You guys - check out

extra Couric interview on YouTube

Joe admired, in Kuwait.

Thread by Skinner, if you haven't seen it:

calendar for SFRC hearings


I manifested a massage

Swami Predicts Heart Times Ahead

Can you guys spare some good vibes for my Dad?

Just a neat dream

Dagnabbit, Metta...

So why don't I trust either Clinton or Obama?

What's your blood type?

My first post in this forum

Anyone heard anything about Rh negative people being a different species?

Some cool quotes from a book I'm reading.

anyone else on

This ruined my whole day >>

Gene Wojciechowski: Clemens has given feds plenty to work with

Santana goes deep!!!

Salisbury loses stake at ESPN

Bobby Murcer faces new brain cancer scare, will undergo biopsy

Where will Randy Moss play football next year?

UFC 82: Pride of a Champion

Acupuncture may be effective for menstrual pain

Cocaine's brain effect revealed (BBC)

Drug research done at our public universities

Diet change gives hyperactive kids new taste for life in Norway

Tired? Study Says Americans Need More Sleep

French judges probe firms over vaccinations - possible manslaughter charges.

What happens when you can't get your meds from the pharmacy?

MMR Kids Vaccine Linked to Fever-Related Convulsions

Nonprofit Diabetes Group Is Subject of Investigation (JDRF)

Reiki healing for children

Robot as good as real dog at easing lonely hours

Whole Wheat Pita - I did it! I turned the heat up to 375 from

I just had my first cherimoya.

Ice bowling, snowshoe softball and some dogs

Goose on Ice

Some gull shots from my local park. dial up warning

Respectful Insolence: David Kirby and the government "concession that vaccines cause autism"...

Too bad I didn't get these in time for "Water's Edge"...

Who are your favorite Chefs or Cooks?

Purslane, it's more than a weed. Purslane was brought over by

Heat, the book

The World's Air and Water Supply, Visualized

This is your brain. This is your brain on Jazz...

Do you have a legal right to own a gun?

The 2nd Amendment and following laws clearly draw the line as to what classes of arms are protected.

"FOID card fee eyed for hike" - more fun and games in Illinois

Shop Man Goes Free After Killing Mugger

Dems introduce microstamping ammo bills. Will Dem Party be accused of gun-grabbing?

Obama was a board member of the Joyce Foundation that funds VPC to ban handguns.

Angels don't play this HAARP!

Moussaoui appeals, calling plea invalid

The New Forthcoming Downing Street Minutes

Lawmakers Question Election Board Members

I'm so excited about Nader's running mate and before you throw tomatoes

OH Election Justice Campaign calling for Citizen Exit Pollsters:

Ohio: Election Integrity Estimate

FYI - SFRC meeting today

Kerry talks Rocket, Pats

Kerry on Imus this morning

French Onion Soup.

Texas polling data

Senfronia is now for Obama

Hillary Clinton in Waco, Friday, February 29

Harris county DA resigns...

So are republics in Texas crossing over to vote in the democratic primary?

ERISA question

Dallas county pollworkers -- I highly recommend you do the online election training

A shameless plea. *

I don't remember ever seeing primary commercials air in Texas.

is the media talking about the caucus in your area?

Run your precinct convention like a pro

TX exit poll: Clinton 41, Obama 38

Senate dismisses transportation chief Molnau

Coleman supporters defraud local papers with campaign

Congressman Tim Walz about TV ads flashing photos of him and UBL.

FBI documents contradict 9/11 Commission report

Google: Saintly benefactors or imps of Satan?

Obama looking for volunteers for Cleveland.

Guys, please kick and rec Obama's response to McCain's "news" that Al Qaeda is in Iraq video:

Obama Texas Mashup

hello cincy

Just posted a video done by friends...

OK, who has that fab picture of Obama and his family with confetti?

We need to "own" the name Barack Hussein Obama

FBI documents contradict 9/11 Commission report

You know how with Windows & MS Office, you can go to Start-Run


CTV via CFRA radio: PM Receives Troop Assurances from Bush

NAFTA vendetta a sign of electoral pandering

I love how it all works out RE: Budget, Cadman deal

CBC: Conservatives made million-dollar offer to MP Cadman: book

Ickes: Blame Penn

Obama's Fundraising Set To Overshadow Hillary's Yet Again

Another defection, this one to Clinton's camp

Obama buys 2-minute ads in Ohio, Texas for Monday

Using Ghost Stories in class

KOEB 2-27-08 - Switching Superdelegate Edition

Buddy Miles - RIP

The Home Office on DNA - completely clueless

I Hope My Little Rural School Makes It To State!

Police chase ends in crash and dope dealer dies in crash, here in Sheboygan.

Finally, the war between science and religion is over.