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THE most important resolution that every Democratic Precinct Caucus must ratify in 2008

What each candidate inspires in me

McCain's Denials Start to Unravel (regarding lobbyist)

intimidation seems to be the name of the game hillary.

Here's a thought.

Here's a thought.

Edwards pushes debate moment in new ad

Serious Poll, Because I'm Curious About My Fellow DU'ers States Of Mind:

Hillary had a vicous robocall hit on Edwards before SC, now she accuses others of Rovian tactics


"This" is unhinged

Looks like the democratic party is going to be deeply divided in fall campaign against Mclame

For Hillary's sake, I hope she never plans to use this line again:

Anyone else excited to see who will portray Obama on SNL tonight?

Texas Boogie for Barack

Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Stephanie Miller and me.

The shrill He-man woman haters club...oh and the gays too.

Just got back from Obama's Headquarters

2 Questions about Ohio

They just played the angry Hillary segment on the local news, with Obama's response

A Week of Petty Though Typical Attacks on Obama Produced Nothing


AUGUST 26, 1920

"The week the Obama backlash started" - From the Guardian (UK)

NEW SURVEY USA POLLS show major Obama weakness in OHIO and MASSACHUSETTS against McCain

Read it and weep: "Hillary: unhinged on vouchers"

Just an observation - am curious about this question..

Clinton Gets Emotional Over Mailers: 'Shame On You, Barack Obama'


I just got a phone call from an Apolitical Freind... He's on his way to see Obama

"Enough about the speeches & the big rallies"- Hillary sounds jealous, desperate

Utah's Superdelegates Having Second Thoughts In Light Of Obama Victories

Has Hillary's comments today given the mods here a headache?

Hillary kicks it up a notch: compares Obama to Bush. (no kidding)

Unhinged - today's right-wing word

Hillary's little outburst hurts her on InTrade

What is up with all of this "shrill" business?

Latest People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas polls - Debate Watchers

Why Should Obama be allowed to Use State of the Art Swift-Boating Tactics on Hillary?

I'm going to be so pissed if Nader jumps in the race.

HRC and NAFTA - can't have it both ways

How do we know that Obama won't be like Colin Powell or Condi Rice?

Perhaps a logical reason for Clinton's "Shame on you" presser.

Hillary supporters, do you think we may be getting

I'm a cynic

FDR and JFK on political infighting:

Hillary's meltdown gave Obama a 3% bump on Intrade

Wow I'm amazed at the behavior of some people here.

CBS News....Flyers Have Been Out For Months...Clinton Outrage

Is McCain the new Miss Teen South Carolina?

ACORN Endorses Barack Obama

Obama Supporters! - Video Collection!

How do we know that Obama won't be like George Clinton or Flavor Flav?

Stop the Madness.

From our friends at Alternatives for "unhinged"

To all women voting Obama: Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.

Obama responds to Hillary's tirade - says it may be a tactical move (VIDEO)

Ethnic Cleansing DU style

for the last time, people

Longtime friends: "She rarely uses phrases like “when I’m president” anymore."

New poll has Obama up in both TX and OH (TX by 14%)

"Since when do Democrats attack one another on universal health care?'"

Can you rename this forum Hillary vs. Obama?????????????

Question: Why are "internal" polls considered so accurate compared to "regular" polls?

So Obama skipped State of the Black Union conference in NOLA

I'd like to ask a serious question, for once:

I think both Senators looked bad today

I can't wait until we're all Democrats again.

Obama and NAFTA

Which 'REAL' is it?

My Friends, I wanna tell.....welcome my Friends

Not fainting for Obama

I read this again, and it seemed insulting for no reason.

This has gotten ridiculous...

Has Mrs. Clinton released her tax documents or the library donor lists yet?

If you think the denizens GD Primaries are bad, check this out....

Stick a fork in me .........I'm done.

Hillary plagarized her universal health insurance scheme from Nixon.

I think that Obama might have agreed through the DNC not to send

Diff between O and Hillary - 69 delegates. Both need 700+ more to win. Why the hell should she quit?

In such a contentious primary, Petula Clark may be our best hope.

The pot is coming to a boil...

Paul Volker endorses Obama!

Obama supporters

Great SNL Opening - the Dem debate skit. Obamabots on parade!

A Challenge to all Obama Supporters

My Reasons for Supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton

y'know what? Fuck conciliation, fuck niceness. And if you're an Obamaniac?

Obama responds, and hits Clinton's experience

Fact Check: A direct-mail piece sent to voters by Clinton, twists Obama’s words and gives a false

Shame on You Barack Obama Music Video

By the way, the Clinton campaign is doing exactly what they have to do - there's no need to smear

I saved my last post of the day for the Hillary Supporters (I dare ya)



If Hillary is running such a bad campaign, why is it so close?

When are all the people hoping that Obama loses to McCain in the general election

A brief moment of silence, please

A brief moment of silence, please

2nd phase of Nevada caucus all mucked up.

2nd phase of Nevada caucus all mucked up.

"O" supporters here have shown what his Hallmark words really mean - nothing - they are empty...

Obama accuses McCain aides of running lobbying businesses on campaign bus

Obama: "I'd get different treatment if I lost as much...I'm the insurgent — she's, she's the champ"

Self-delete due to popular demand.

What are the final results for the NY Primary

"A Bridge Back to the 20th Century"

Obama could pick up another Delegate in Nevada

Obama supporters... a new avatar (feel free to use if you like)

No Longer in Race, Richardson Is a Man Pursued , NYTimes, interesting article about Clinton and Obam

The pledged delegate count, in percentages, isn't nearly as close as some would have you believe.

Clinton backers at odds with her on Fla., Mich.

Hillary pulled the "aid and comfort" schtick on Obama

Hillary is trying to ensure four more years of a Republican White House

Did Kerry's healthcare plan in 2004 include mandates?

So much for the "tested" I can take anything they throw at me candidate

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/24/08

Inflammatory Post....(caution)

Please direct your attacks to the center stage

Hillary believes in White Supremecy?

Hillary believes in White Supremecy?

Save us Al Gore ... John Edwards ....

Hillary fired a shot across the bow today to the entire party

Message from Obama Cult Member 967,894

Seriously, Hillary is bipolar! She doesn't have the temperament to be president

I hate this place

How many debates do you think there will be this year?

Clinton Supporters Check-in Thread

What I wish I had known before we held our caucus in Hawaii.

The verdict of the election markets is IN regarding Hillary's conniption....

I have never ONCE called anyone here a HillShill or ObamBot or anything similar

I have never ONCE called anyone here a HillShill or ObamBot or anything similar

New medium carries Obama's message

anyone watching Mark Penn on BookTV?

Tonight at Kroger, a tabloid by the checkout devoted its front page to Obama "sex scandal"

I'm Hillary Clinton. Do I drop out? If so, when?

How to go sharply negative without looking like you're going negative.

"This campaign has taken all of us into uncharted territory as a party, as a nation, as individuals"

Is the Hillary team manipulating women?

Do You Own a Flag Pin?

Rasmussen Poll -McCain 46% -Obama 43% /McCain 47% -Clinton 44%

Rasmussen Poll -McCain 46% -Obama 43% /McCain 47% -Clinton 44%

Congressman Jack Kingston is a Liar

I cracked up when Hillary told Obama to meet her in Ohio for a debate. . .

Should Hillary Run as a Republican?

Nice Pictures of Hillary

WEAPONS SCREENING stopped at Obama Rally. Anyone else see this?

Since Nader is now in

WP:Simple Question Defines Complex Health Debate

Trippi? "Nastiest, most deceptive paid media: the mailer with the Harry and Louise lookalikes"

Nader 2008

This is outrageous and should be in an Obama mailer.

SNL - Obama played by

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" .

Nader is running

To ANY candidate that ackowledges a problem but says NOTHING on how to change it, this is for you:

So I had about 20 Church ladies in my house today

Today, I converted a Republican

I love you all!!! This is how I picture most of you...

Speaking of misleading flyers.

Nader 08 part duex

Open Left: Romney numbers - Obama outspent Clinton in Wisconsin 5 to 1.

Pro's/Con's of Clinton's Economic Proposals?

Money, money, much will Obama waste fighting Hillary?

As a woman

As a woman

Obama's response to the notion of Nader running: Be more compelling so he is a non-factor!

Straw Poll II: Obama v. Clinton

B*tch is the new Black!

Is anyone else totally past Hillary but we just deal with it - to be nice?

In honor of Ralph Nader's announcement, I present (again): The Nader Movie

Just now on "This Week"

Conservatives attack Obama on patriotism

With Ralph in the race Obama will score more points

With Ralph in the race Obama will score more points

Has Hillary Thanked.........

Is it just me, or there is a "First Woman President" vs. "First Black President" fight out there?

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/24/08 - Obama up 2 (46), Clinton down 2 (41)

Hillary's just bitter cuz she can't get enough people together for a real rally

Obama in IL

Who is Charlie Johnson and why is his name displayed on my phone?

When Did The Wheels Fall Off the Clinton Machine?

When Did The Wheels Fall Off the Clinton Machine?

"I’m the insurgent -- she’s the champ...

On Ralph Nader

Ras Poll from WI: Obama 44, McCain 43 - McCain 50, Clinton 38

So, when Clinton loses the nomination, will we still see

Ok, let's make a PLEDGE... (from a "newbie")

So Nader wants to run? Let him.

Did you guys watch Meet the press today?

Help Complete Ralph Nader Contest. Win Prizes.

Does anyone know the methodology for Natl Polls (HRC vs BO)?

In such a contentious primary, Petula Clark may be our best hope.

FU*K YOU RALPH NADER. The Blood of Thousands are on Your Hands.

Nothing can stop Barack Obama...

F* you Nader

New Mexico: Obama and McCain Tied at 44% -- McCain 50% Clinton 38%

I was in Tyler, Texas today

MSNBC: "Hillary sounds unusually philosophical these days, rarely says "when I'm president" anymore"

Hillary Thinks Obama displayed Some of the Worst Kind Of Tactics..Rovian Perhaps. I Beg to Differ.

MSNBC: "Hillary sounds unusually philosophical these days, rarely says "when I'm president" anymore"

Tell me why........

Nader is irrelevant

Nader got 0.38% of the vote in 2004, I think people see his tired act

Info junkie's dream Texas analysis:

Why I support Obama: my own inner struggle

McDubya's got his Running Mate.

Ralph Nader, on MTP, just asked if Sen. Obama has the "moral courage to get things done"

Obama's Red-State Prospects Unclear Democrat's Support May Have Limits

Nader is a liberal. Clinton and Obama are not. Deal with it.

Polls in texas!

Why does Nader refuse to run for the Democratic nomination?

***official "what is a brokered convention" thread *****

Obama Q&A in Ohio - live on (12:30 pm est)

I have a question for all the die-hard people

Why is Hillary trying to raise $2.2 in 2 days if she's been raising $1 million a day anyway?

Why is Hillary trying to raise $2.2 in 2 days if she's been raising $1 million a day anyway?

In Texas, Something Stirrs Underneath The Water

Thank you mods!

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

If people are stupid enough to support Obama

The Nader Equation or “how the NEOCONS win the Whitehouse again”

Whimpy Mcasswipe could have gotten .38% in 2004.

Why Ralph Nader is Irrelevant to an Obama Candidacy

Letter to Editor Reports: Delaware Fifth Grade Class "taught" Barack Obama is Muslim

Youtube video of unofficial Obama campaign anthem ... "Yes We Can"

Small Vendors Feel Pinch of Clinton’s Money Troubles

With Ralph in the race Obama will score more points

Cleaver stands by Clinton, says there's something 'almost unearthly' about Obama phenomenon

Nat Goldhaber, Natural Law Party possible candidate, to possibly run in 2008

Obama, the presumptuous Dem Nominee's FP Adv., Brzezinski, heading US Policy Coup..

With Hillary upset about Obama's mailer the issue of NAFTA is the main topic

My GD:P pledge


I had a dream about Hillary last night

Did Hillary say "I think on balance NAFTA has been good for New York and America?"

If Hillary Clinton were to run as a third party candidate in 2008, would you vote for her?

MSNBC floats idea of Napolitano, Sebelius, Richardson, Strickland, Kaine & Manchin as possible VPs

Debate #20 on Thursday - What are the top 3 issues you would

At this point, what would a "win" be for Hillary on March 4?

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend asked Clinton Campaign to 'go out on a high note'

So, is it over yet?

Wisconsin: Obama 44% McCain 43% -- McCain 50% Clinton 38%

Jeezus, Ralph... Why?

Why didn't Clinton have a similar angry speech when the Senate passed that despicable FISA bill?

Obama merged "values-based" 60s Movement Organizers to execute 50-state ground game

ROFLMAO - Facebook Group = = Jeff Flake for President 2012

Huckleberry done good

The REALLY SAD thing about the role of Nader is that......

The REALLY SAD thing about the role of Nader is that......

Bitch is the new Black. Thank you Tina Fey. n/t

Hillary vs Obama on senior care & goals vs plans

Barack Obama will fine parents if their children don't have health care

I Woke Up This Morning, See GDP, And Have One Overwhelming Thought Pounding My Head.

In light of Nader's announcement: Is there any difference between Clinton and McCain?

With McCain positioning him as "soft" on security, Nader positioning him as supporting

If hillary looses in TX and OH and she drops out

The Overweening Narcissist is back

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/24/08 - Obama up 2 (46), Clinton down 2 (41)

Lalo Alcaraz on Obama and Hillary

Note to Nader: All your Green Party 2000 Gore spoiler voters are busy spoiling another race

Attention. Is this mic on? *Tap* *Tap* - Good Evening. Could all the racists check in for a moment?

Clinton Supporters; If She Loses To Obama, Would You Consider

Is Hillary Clinton overexposed?

Slate Video: Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

When will Hillary announce her 4th Party run?

With the morning news, and stats as they stand- does anyone see a Obama/Clinton

Nader needs to just crawl in a hole and die

Will Obama be the Democrat's "Teflon President"?

Cockie Roberts, on This Week, said that Barack Obama is a novelty item and that the young folks that

Clinton changes her mind on nafta?

What was that about McCain winning CA

Nader won't make a differece

Oh Noes Fred Thompson-Fail, Oh Noes Michael Bloomberg-Fail, Oh Noes Ralph Nader! Lol.

Compromise actually works

The Nader Factor


Clinton asked "why did you do this? ...

The Paris News endorses Hillary

I'm glad of the NAFTA flap, myself

Sorry to ask, but WHY is Nader running?

Confirmed - if Hillary gtets the nom, it's why Nader is running.

I know I'm gonna get my ass kicked, but this pic was just too crazy to pass up

Snopes on Obama (response to right-wing emails)

Can we discuss these Obama campaign flyers without throwing shit at each other?

Just Words? Obama Speeches "Discuss Policy As Much As Opponents"

As Nader has thrown his Hat into the Ring IS he an alternative IF Hillary doesn't get the Nom?

My (crappy) pics from last night's Austin Obama rally

Listen up, schmucks

"And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" SLJ for Obama

Which is more important to you: your issues or your candidate?

Conservatives attack Obama for his lack of patriotism

Well, this is where I stand right now.

Rick Casey, from The Houston Chronicle calls the primary for Obama... already...

The Audacity of Hopelessness

She's not unhinged--She tried a calculated, underhanded attack on Obama.

So, since "Bitch is the new Black", does that mean we have two black candidates running now?

Why is Nader getting media press for running when McKinney announced there was nothing

Do we have a chance to win Florida?

Freepers celebrate Nader's bid

Criticize Nader's Positions Here (or the Shortest Thread in GD:P)

So Ralph wants to go after the white supremacist voters --

DNC to file complaint about McCain's campaign to the FEC

Oh dear.

Obama responds on mailers, and hits Clinton's experience

For those of you who keep crying that Obama is outspending HRC

So, Howard Dean e-mailed me today...

"Bitch is the new black!"

HUMOR: Darth Nader

Wearing A Flag Pin Doesn't Make Up For Voting For Bush. It's Cheap Patriotism At Worst

Hillary Texas Backer: It's Obama's race to lose

OOO! Ooo! The NY Times has more dirt on McCain!!!


Obama mandates may come later (inconvenient truth retrieved from the wayback machine)

Attention Obama supporters: Ten Buck Blitz...

Hmm...Primaries AND Oscar season...For Best comedy...and the nominees are...

perfect Tina Fey - pro Hilary SNL piece

Clinton's labor loss

Saturday Night Live

Today Hillary said .....

Isn't it great (and surprising) that Obama met every single expectation the THs were looking for?

For what it's worth, Nader has fairly complimentary things to say about Obama...

Ralph was a good guy until he stopped investigating Pinto gas tanks

Let Us Thank Nader for His Half Century of Service...and Then Let's Move On!


Candidate Banners Updated

The Obama Enigma

The Obama Enigma

Daily Texan (U. Texas paper) endorses Clinton: "Logically, HRC should be next president of the U.S."

2/3 Wks Prior to Caucus, I Received 2 or More Fliers Per Week

2/3 Wks Prior to Caucus, I Received 2 or More Fliers Per Week

What about an Obama/Biden ticket?

Obama beats McCain by double digits in Iowa, Hillary LOSES

On the afternoon of February 24, 2008, in Providence, Rhode Island,

I like Senator Clinton's given middle name, "Diane."

Obama Girl

Ralph Nader is running. You know who I think you can thank for that?

Small, pathetic, uninspired, pitiful turnout at Toledo Obama Rally...

My response to Hillary's criticism of Obama's mailings...

Hillary is now almost as out-of-control as Britney Spears

Good for the Jews? Hillary Clinton's surrogates are questioning Obama's commitment to U.S.-Israel re

I heard both Obama and Hillary's responses to Nader's getting in

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

In their infinite wisdom the Superdelegates chose Walter Mondale in 1984 over Gary Hart

The Pro-Obama, Independents/Republicans Folly

I am

Central Organizing Principles

In 2004 wasn't he-who-must-not-be-named

The trolls are easy to recognize

Look for a lot of boos for Hillary at the upcoming debate

This isn't the time to be hounding Hillary fans to support the nominee

***The Spank Ralph Nader Thread: Say watcha got to say to Ralphie place here***

Shelton Whitehouse would be good choice for AG

Clinton or Obama ... I know where I've been!

Maureen Dowd: ¿Quién Es Less Macho?

10,000 folks in Toledo for Obama today!

A Message to Ralph Nader from Anonymous

Dirty Politics

Hey Ralph, where were you when Edwards was in the race?

You guys really need to get a grip...

The Obama media "bias", and the Manchurian candidate

When is Hillary.....

"You f*cking village idiots need to get over this Nader thing!"

Bitch is the new black...part two...Am I the only one who got what Tina meant?

URGENTLY WANTED: That great photo of GW Bush with hands not on heart

Ripping Off The Mask

I'll tell y'all what. The sky may not actually open and the light come down on January 20

Dang, been gone all weekend. WTF happened with Hillary?

Did Hillary Clinton Really Support NAFTA? I wonder.....Obama sure thinks so

It's just like Chris Rock said...

Y'all are being watched. This is strictly a copy and paste

Hillary's candidacy is in its "Last Throes"...

I made my choice and its Obama

Mrs. Obama, if I may be so bold...

Jeebus, Stop With The $1200. For Donuts Already

DesMoines Register Poll: Obama whips McCain; Hillary doesn't - (esp. indies and women)

Is It Legal To Pay A Candidate To Stop Running?

Is It Legal To Pay A Candidate To Stop Running?

NYT article is practically a Clinton Obit


BREAKING: Clinton eats babies and Obama heals leprosy

She Was A Bad Egg.

"Your Flag Pin Was Made In China"

Race baiting. Rezko. Handshake. Plagiarism. Mailers.

Hillary mocking Rhode Island?!?!?!

Educate me. Why was NAFTA so bad?

Could it be that Huckabee's staying in the race

An honest question about Hillary's Health Plan

Obama Campaign Earns The Right To Say "Si Se Puede": Organizing Grassroots Effectively Ala Wellstone

Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches Sleaze Attack on Barack Obama and Two Dedicated Child Advocates

Obama's rise --PAC and lobbyist money and claims he has "not taken a dime"


Is Hillary Clinton now ACTIVELY trying to harm the Democratic Party?

Regarding Hillary and the 12-year old rape victim, how about Hillary and the rat?

No wonder Obama's camp seemed a step ahead of HRC's in TX

Donahue Tackles Iraq in Body of War

Donahue Tackles Iraq in Body of War

Let's do a "shit thread" count. As of 6:15 pm, " Latest Discussion Threads - Page 1" shows...

Ralph Nader, the White Knight of Hillarism?


Relax fellow Obama supporters. Hill's screwing herself.

In concrete terms, exactly what does "reaching out to Republicans" entail?

Hilllary lies again.

Obama supporters only. HRC supporters don't have the guts to read this op-ed in its entirety

Two attack lines against Hillary Clinton 1. She's a bitch 2. She's being manipulated by others

Just figured out the movie this whole debacle reminds me of ...Soul Man

"Bitch is the new black"

Dear Hillary: If a mailer that is basically true "enrages" you, please avoid getting the nomination.

Obama supporters check in please.

Is the word PRESIDENTIAL inherently sexist?

Scum like Nader- A warning to Obama and Hillary's supporters

Remember Larry Sinclair? Well, today was Polygraph day, and GUESS WHAT?!


Has Hillary made a strategic blunder by going "negative"?

'WKYC Exclusive: McCain would lose Ohio to either Obama or Clinton'

As an Obama supporter who has never liked Hillary, I think DU today is excessive

Gravel Supporters Check In!!!

YOU ARE A SEXIST!! (You might be a sexist if......)

Obama just on CNN with quotes on Hillary supporting NAFTA.

An interview with Hillary Clinton, using only Yogi Berra quotes...

What adjectives come to mind when describing the Clinton campaign and supporters?

*** Tonight on 60 Minutes *** Don Siegelman *** plus a DU Cyber Birthday Card

Obama: "We'll see what the American people think is the true definition of patriotism."

Who is going to win the nomination for president?

I'm disappointed in you Hillary

OK, Nader is the equation. I would like to remind posters that

"Do not go quietly into that Goodnight," Hillary!

I think Nader is Obama's nemesis.

If you have to ask if it's ok to use "Bitch" to refer to women because Tina Fey did...

For HIllary supporters

Um---let's see---- Sex with my wife, or switch to Obama? This is a tough one.

How "tactical" was Hillary's rant?

Is Obama's race or Hillary's gender an issue in your part of the country?

I'll save you all some time and summarize GD-P in a few words.

Coincidence? McCain hits spending limit - Nader enters the race

Why is there so much anger directed towards Nader?

Bitch is the New Black

I'm voting for Obama in the Ohio primary because he has the ability to inspire

Dancing on the graves of 45% of democrats is not helpful or productive

Hillary's Campaign is Like the Blue Plate Special

Accusing a rape victim of secretly wanting to be raped isn't a ...

Obama says he's awakening sleeping Texas Democrats

Clinton Supporters: If she loses on March 4th, will you join me in supporting Senator Obama?

Is sexism the last form of bigotry that's acceptable? At DU??

Is sexism the last form of bigotry that's acceptable? At DU??

Shame on you, Hillary Clinton. It's time you ran a campaign that didn't insult another Democrat.

Compare the wall to wall media coverage of Nader's candidacy...

I think I have discovered a pattern.

Here comes the no flag pin attacks--- MSNBC is nothing more than a Brothel of whores.

The next flap: Clinton MOCKS Obama on the stump...

VIDEO: Hillary mocks Obama

To all of Hillary's female supporters

Finally. Something we can ALL agree on. Nader supporters have no business here.

I have responded at least 20 times to the Obama is empty rheotric, no one knows specifics, claims

A vote for Clinton is a vote for a convention battle which divides the party?

Sen. Obama: In light of the cold blooded murder of the 15 year old gay teen

Sen. Obama: In light of the cold blooded murder of the 15 year old gay teen

The Audacity of Hopelessness (Frank Rich)

Akron Beacon Journal Endorses Clinton

States with Democratic Secretaries of State will block Nader from state ballots

Obama can easily win the general election without Ohio or Florida just FYI

Why are some Hillary supporters so selectively idealistic?

Holy SHIT! Is that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sitting on the stage while HRC MOCKS Obama in her latest

Holy SHIT! Is that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sitting on the stage while HRC MOCKS Obama in her latest

(Aside) I'm 55, and this is one of the best Democratic primaries I have seen.

ANYBODY Here On DU, That Would Make An Opposition Vote

Low turnout at Cleveland Obama rally

If the Democrats adopted a Marxist platform, would that satisfy Nader?

I suspect we would have seen a lot of this if Obama had not run

It is time for a female president.

I stand with Mods and Admins on this issue

Des Moines Register poll: Obama beats McCain, McCain beats Clinton (Iowa)

Let's compare. Foreign Policy In Focus: Behind Obama and Clinton

Hillary mocking Obama on CNN now stumping

Bill Kristol to Hillary: "I Recommend The Politics Of Fear"

Bill Kristol to Hillary: "I Recommend The Politics Of Fear"

I'll Be Nice And Defend Hillary -- Because There's Something She Shouldn't Be Attacked On

What the terms "Universal Health Plan" and "covered" imply....

Question - If Obama wins the WH, how will he use the former President, Bill Clinton, in his admin?

Tim Russert busts Hillary Clinton for plagiarism on MTP

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend advised Hillary step down on a high note

As soon as Hillary starts to regain my respect

Researched the Obama Ohio mailer and found that

To the new Naderites about how the GOP helps him run.

Interesting item on Political Wire regarding Hillary

Video of Clinton Mocking Obama: "The sky will open, the light will come down"

If you feel the desire to post a thread with the "N" word, just don't.

Put Nader on ignore! Poll question: Should Nader threads even be allowed at this time?

Whoever gets the nomination, this will be staring them in the face.

If Obama can be Nader'd then Obama is not that hot

What Is Hillary Hiding?

Hillary has one hell of a nerve talking about Democrats attacking Democrats. Just ask John Kerry.

"Bitch is the new black" - Tina Fey

McCain would be no different than Bush as President

To those "democrats" swearing to vote for McCain if Obamas the nominee

This is exactly why I've been telling people to not be so cocky

The Hillary Who Isn't So Nice

Obama and Hillary Vs. McCain GE Maps.

Governors Oppose Bush's New Medicaid Rules

Why Would An American Lobbyist Represent A Canadian Telcom?

When I look at John McCain...

We have soliders fighting on Prozac and going insane. Sen. Warner investigate that.

Newsday: An early look at how Clinton deals with crisis

Blogswarm The Anniversary Of The Iraq War - March 19

Behind the John McCain Lobbying Scandal: A Look at How McCain Urged FCC ... (

Whiff of scandal envelops McCain's campaign, The GOP frontrunner faces fresh allegations over l

The Bush Presidency is far from amusing; it is terrifying (Great LTTE in the Independent UK)

Like my grandfather before me, I am a Democrat

Everyone, Can we please stop tearing each other apart! We should be fighting

5 Years Too Many - Anniversary Of War March 19 Mass Nonviolent Direct Action In D.C.

Court Upholds Dismissal Of Agent-Orange Suits

Is anyone else watching "A Glory From the God" on CBS? Helped purchase the freedom of 10K slaves !

'Forrest Gump" on ABC right now... est.

self deleted

Starbucks Slashes 600 Jobs

I am smarter than the President of the United States, and I post on DU!

I'm putting myself on "ignore"

Amazon tags for Jonah Goldberg's new book "Liberal Fascism" :-)

I will put on Ignore ANYONE advocating/defending or trying to rehabilitate Nader

Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in Iraq

Why do Repubs worship the biggest....

With the verbal beating she gave Obama, followed by the funny mocking, Hillary is just CRUISING!!!

Inculcate your children into the new Amerika

They call themselves Democrats...they should be ashamed!

World Water Day - March 22

Early Texas Voting Results start to point to heavy Obama influence

I am thinking back to Lyndon Johnson's election

Does anyone have a copy of the cover with Bobby and JFK together again in the clouds from 1968?

Awww.. Pervez is sulking..

I hope this isn't true about Al Franken

Finally saw clip of Clinton's display of outrage at Obama. Where was that fury after Abu Ghraib?

Weekend 'Toons-McCain edition

Civil, workers rights communities give Rev. Orange final tribute

Getting the Strait Story

Juicy gem from '06 ..accuses McCain of "dragging his feet" on lobbying reform

Microsoft warns on Vista update (BBC) {some programs *may not work*! really!}

First photo of McCain & Iseman together

Just saying

Coffee Klatch Roasting Anti-Starbucks Promotion Sparks Nationwide Free Indie Coffee Uprising

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution by Sara Robinson

In hindsight, the Supreme Court choosing Bush as President...?

Feds to hike fines for hiring illegal immigrants. Penalties increased by 25 percent, may include at

Does anyone know if a fund has been set up for the fallen Motor cycle officer? Thanks. n/t

Romania Base Suspected CIA Prisoner Site (AP)

Republicans are having kittens because they've lost their Mittens, now wherever will they go?

Would you attend a Clinton event if you were supporting Obama?

I'm shocked SHOCKED that Frank Rich and Bob Herbert have articles critical of HRC. Where's Dowd's?

yesterday it was an online adding machine today it is a parts diagram - help, please?

Guess Which Pres Candidate Will Be On SNL Tonight

“Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0%” Vista forever loop cure

Woman Is the Nigger of the World ...Yoko Ono 1969

Former Detroit TV anchor charged with embezzlement found dead

WTH: Anti-gay church pickets Denison service

The three trillion dollar war

To all of you that think funding the troops is a problem...

The handwriting is on the wall Obama supporters. The PTB are going to trash Obama in the media

Who are these Cops planting weed on some poor guy, i just saw a video on TV.

Alleged "moderate" McCain scores a 0 from the League of Conservation Voters


Interested in tantalizing discussion in a Germany Forum?

Gitmo defense lawyers: defending a man driven insane

This gets better every day

DU this L.A. Times poll on Presidential choice

10 year old raped by Mom's boyfriend; has baby

The only one who can give the President bad news is his Chief of Staf.

My favorite article

I wonder how this is going to play out, once McCain is the nominee.

LTTE: Talk-show moralists pervert the message

White House says phone wiretaps back on "for now"

Telegraph (UK): "Barack Obama criticised over 'cult-like' rallies"

Alabama Blogger Cancels Subscription Because Of The Siegelman/Rove Hit Piece

Gas costs forcing drivers to cut back

The idiot son of an asshole....

A question to any Britons- Why did Tony Blair allow himself and Britian to be used by GW Bush?

NY Times: Once Immune, Utah Is Feeling Economic Dip

McCain's Lobbying Scandal Defense Falls Apart a Little More

White House Criminals say, phone wiretaps back on "for now"

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us· Secret report warns of rioting and nuclear war

Chicago Sun-Times on life support?

Still can't have someone tell me why we need guns

MEET ME IN OHIO or Why Hillary Has Sealed Her Own Fate

Barack Obama and the Audacity of Deception: The Manufacture of Progressive Illusion

1987: Biblical Checklist includes Support for Muslim Radicals in Afghanistan

The Baracklash

An Interesting Take on the Kosovo Situation.

Hitler, Frankenstein fight it out in Indian state

The New Invasion of Iraq

The Annotated Rant

Great "The End of America" interview with Naomi Wolf last week......

The Bush Presidency is far from amusing; it is terrifying (Great LTTE in the Independent UK)

Zogby doing an Authoritarian survey today.

SMU in Dallas lands Bush library- Alright DU, Let's do this!

Surge is working wonders, my friends.

Quote from friday night's Bill Moyers.

Suicide attack kills 25 south of Baghdad

And For My 3rd Post... I Think DU's GD:P Has Just Hit 'Ludicrous Speed', LOL !!!

Norman Horowitz: I Continue to Wonder Why We Have Become the Leading Warrior Nation in the World

Hey Nader, EAT $hit

Strip Club Operator Jack Galardi Tied To Nevada Republicans and Christian Conservatives

SUVs race the Prius to Oscar green carpet

“Crimes” of Compassion in the Southern Oceans - Sea Shepherd

Question about the stimulus check

Iraq; So how is that surge going?

"Lethal Pinatas": Keeping Cluster Bombs from Kids

Olbermann Timeline: How The Bush Admin Exploited Terror Threats For Political Gain, 2002-2008

Did any talking head this morning talk about mccain and the lobbyists?

Another bunch of shits who have figured out how to make a buck on

Politics - It's A Funny Old Campaign

NY mall tries cash handouts to stave off recession

BASELESS RUMOR ?? McCain may keep Cheney as VP ?

"The Republican saviour is looking rattled" - John McCain’s denials start to unravel

Another? Ohio Corrupt Republican Congressman

Emergency Rally for 9/11 Health

So how will Ralphie save us? A serious question.

Nothing can stop Barack Obama.

NewsMax Republican VP poll

How Much Repub $$ Will Nader Accept This Time to Kill The DEM Nominee?

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

Rally round, DUers. Send Don Siegelman a birthday card.

VIDEO: Pat Robertson reveals that Heaven has "golden streets and walls filled with precious stones"

Ralph Nader will get more coverage from the MSM than John Edwards ever did?

Hi. I think David Brooks, MoDo, and the Washington Times all suck massive ass.

Randi Rhodes vs. Ralph Nader - March 31, 2004 (Air America Radio's first broadcast day)

Part I: In a given nation, there ought to be a greater separation of powers.

Is Cokie Roberts a more sophisticated Anne Coulter?

Does anyone like/listen to this Lionel person on Air America?

Sweden had hurricane weather - destruction and mess

Separated at birth?

Action Line: Con artists pretend they are working for the IRS

Disaster Control: Firefighters in Phoenix Train for UFO Encounters?

Elmo doll gets it's batteries changed and now it says "kill James".

Nader can make an impact if Ron Paul is on the Ticket.

After seeing Clinton speak, I am even more convinced that Obama made the right choice

Blind man with epilepsy goes missing, family reports it and police do NOTHING

oh jeez, the antarctic is melting faster every time they check it!

Motion to remove all Nader threads to GDP:

Oh, good Lord - Ralph Nader just declared his 2008 Presidential run on MtP

I had an Epiphany about our government and life/DU tonight....does it make any sense to you?

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of February 24th 2008 - Africa & Wildlife

McCain part of group that created Project for the New American Century

Party of Change???

The Up Side Of Nader's Run

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Where Do You Start If You're Elected?

GM exec stands by calling global warming a "crock"

Was Miss Vicki (Iseman) a "swallow"?

Chris Floyd: " Permanent Bases Rise While Public Gawks at Geeks"


Ohio Job Losses Worst Since Great Depression

"Breathing while being of Middle Eastern extraction"-Another Abusive Prosecution (Scott Horton)

Hershey: First to Mexico, Now Onward to India

U.S. soldier in Afghanistan: ‘We scrounge for everything.’

Thanks for the help, La Rouche!

Thanks for the help, La Rouche!

A song for the last 'war'. A song for this 'war'.

George Will, on This Week, said that nobody in America is suffering

Electricity outage again in Central California (Southern California Edison)

If anyone has an interest in reviving a DU book club please check in

The jury said Siegelman took the bribe

Anybody know how much Nader's campaign pays him?

Charlie Crist is lying on CSPAN this morning! What a crock!

I was just pondering the appropriateness of "Convervative Idiots".. think back to 2000.

What Is Pat Leahy Thinking?

Danziger on McCain Lobbyist scandal

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Mission Darn Near Accomplished!"

Whitewater Probe Involved First Lady

Ralph Nader: Tan, Rested, Ready to Spoil...

Ok this has to do with the knuckle draggers that keep saying the earth is only 6,000 years

McCAIN: "I did not have relations with that lobbyist" (Cartoon)

Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies

TPM: Republican Congressman Embraces Obama Hoax Email on Bill Maher

I am seriously thinking that many here are...

GOP lawmaker hops on the Right-Wing Smear Train

"I've always said that the one thing that I've not seen myself doing is running for elected office"

Well, get your check book out gang...we have an RTC in our future.

Nothing wrong with convincing Republican voters to leave their party

Obama just nails Ralph Nader in Ohio

Amusing Incident heard on cable news

Can someone explain why it appears as if the Obama supporters are

What happened to the anti-fox video? I can't bring it up. nt

DU this poll: Who gets a higher job performance rating from you: President Bush or Congress?

Rich Republicans doing their part for the economy - Toon

Nader Announces Plan to Wreck Election

(FT - William Cohan): Wall Street financial incentives must change

The DemoNader Underground

John McCain "was" once the darling of the media because...

Well, anyone surprised by this humble request?

"I know his wife, too. She'd kill him."

Motion to just remove all Nader threads, period

9 PAGES of foreclosures in our local paper today.

Microsoft pioneer Weiland's estate gives $65M for gay rights, HIV/AIDS groups

Nader's Base

Kristol: ‘I Recommend The Politics Of Fear’

Stop using the word "internets" (plural). Fool, you're playing into the hands of dark forces!

Hitler and Frankenstein fight it out in Indian state elections

A Thought About Why Our Jobs Left

Jack Abramoff: John McCain’s other Lobbyist problem...

Looks like those who said that NYT article on McCain would fizzle were right

In the tradition of SNL, and Gilda Radner (spoiler)

Local Oil Company Feels The Pain

Larry Craig receives standing o

Local Oil Company Feels The Pain

Ralph Nader Made An Important Announcement Today

Man Views Porn on Nun's Computer

My Anti-Republican feelings today

Valerie Plame "biopic"

Valerie Plame "biopic"

Wash Post did not mention that McCain list of "[o]bjective observers" was his private attorney

Small-scale farmer coffee co-operative in solidarity with landless farm workers

right wing glorification of the military & detention camps reminds me of Stalin's Soviet Union

Natl. Security Archive releases newly declassified Operation Condor documents

330 days until George W. Bush gets away with it - and one thing YOU can do

The real reason why the rich see America’s problems differently

Part II: America's popular culture is owned by the oligarchy in control.

NAFTA not the problem. Leave Britney Alone

Spending Growth to Stall, Home Sales Down: U.S. Economy Preview

In the long run, I think any attempt to regulate the Net will fail.


Republicans are scared-Op-ed in my paper today

Large, mysterious parcels!-Rendition: A much Bigger Story than you Think

Georgie - Playing President of (sotto voice) Africa

County by County results in previous general elections?

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Smear Job - Round Three - Alabama GOP Mass Meltdown...

I'm still looking forward to the launch of DU 3.0 this spring, anyone else....?

I've Such a High Regard for the people here. Please reassure me you don't actually

George W. Bush IS Stupid, and it's time to kill the meme that he is brilliant and we are all too

Iraqi Kurds blame US for Turkish raids - Reminds them of when Saddam was in power

Just saw Sicko. Uplifting and less awful than I feared.

Not sure who this guy is, but this is a priceless smackdown on Faux News, live on Faux News

On the Sci Fi channel right now "The day after"

That fucking Ralph is going to run.

C-Span NOW! Anyone listening to American Enterprise Institute Cabal to Run the New President ?

Who is Don Siegelman? And, why should we care? (60 Minutes Story Background)

So, why didn't Nader run in 2004? Or should I say Nader(R)?

Major General who rigged Pakistan 2002 polls, spills the beans

Bingo Busts Could Cost Taxpayers Millions

Sam Seder is subbing for Randi all week this week!

Siegelman, lala_rawraw supporters: I started a thread at

Where can I find voter registration by party by state?

DNC to file FEC complaint against John McCain

The phrase "The World's Industrialized Nations" ......

Is today the beginning of Karl Rove's demise?

Today in the Los Angeles Times: Sweden or Mississippi

US government wants to search for terrorists on World of Warcraft

Is DLCer Harold Ford trying to tank a fellow Dem's chances?

Coming Up On 60 Minutes Tonight : Don Siegelman

Bigots: How Shameful

"Pinhead'" Patriots: The New Conservative

I've been thinking about solar power.

Can you believe how crooked McCain is? How can one of the Keating 5 become president?

Yes, The NY Times Does Have More... On Senator mcCain and Ms Iseman

Give Kucinich his dues

Desperate AL GOP slams 60 Minutes and brings up Bush National Guard

Al Frankin had a great statement on Ring of Fire today..

"The Proper Criticism of Some Decent People" there any chance of a 'civility' forum...

Meat recalls mired in secrecy

Obama's new slogan: "HEALTH CARE FOR ALL". Sorry - but WTF???

surge update - Suicide Bomber Kills 40 in Iraq

What is Your favorite McName?

Fox TV Stations Fined for Indecency

Dismantling the arguments against impeachment

Broken Nation

Malloy/Ritter show tonite in Arizona, anybody go?

Breaking: Hillary viciously attacked a 12 Y/O rape victim in court.

Clinton takes a big stinkin' dump on Ohio _diary DKOS will shock you!

All the nader crap brings up yet again Al Gore's "loss" of the 2000 election.

I stand with the Mods and Admin

Stunning, just stunning

She Doesn't Want The Presidency Anymore - She Just Wants To Tarnish Obama And Exact Revenge

Economists are raving maniacs! Only teachers and drug addicts make sense.

Health care: 22 million reasons to support Hillary

IVAW! "Kick That Barrel! Hands Off Iraqi Oil!"

Mr. Castro, Senator Obama, and the Case of Don Siegelman

Don't blame the Boomers

When Does the Sun Set on Warrantless Surveillance?

Weekend TOON Roundup

Weekend TOON Roundup

Honesty.. that's the "real" issue.

It's the General Election, and your candidate didn't win the Primary.. who are YOU voting for?

Why our economy is supposed to fail

John Kerry exhorts Obama faithful in Del Rio to get to work

BIDEN On: *Iraq* *Pakistan* *Afghanistan* *Cuba* *Serbia* *Super Delegates*

1943 Guide To Hiring Women

***** Happy Birthday Gov. Don Siegelman ***** Official SHOUT OUT Support Thread *****

I have to admit watching another IWR voter go down in flames is very gratifying

How NAFTA destroyed Mexico's corn-growing families (increasing undocumented immigrants by 500k/yr)

Gm's Bob Lutz calls global warming "total crock of shit"; same co cutting entire US hourly workforce

Bank of Amerika wants a $739 billion Federal bailout

In the entire history of the world, has there ever been a political philosophy

Nice Pictures of Obama

Nice Pictures of Obama

Some comments about "political operatives" posting here at DU:

Florida House Speaker may consider bill to protect teachers who criticize evolution.

Nater said he will run! FU RALPH

Chevy Tahoe hybrid sips gas

THERE IS A GOD! America's toughest sherriff caught in scandal!

Anybody remember Liberals Like Christ?

It's that time of the month, and I have 2 questions:

We will live to regret the day we never impeached that son of a bitch.

OK, I gotta lighten up! I need a GOOD joke!

Another race thread.

Thinking about career change, anyone in the doula field?

Shrill, hysterical wifey fit, unhinged, bitch, witch......

I Miss Bill

A Call To Everyone Who Rarely Posts On DU

Excercise and the Immune System?

Is there anyone here on dial-up?

79 Years Of "Best Picture" winners in posters.

So, I finally plunged onto a cactus pear today... and I totally bought it

Okay, Hubby and I just reviewed the nominations at the Oscar site....

* * * * If I put a bunch of astrices here, does that make this thread official? * * * *

I redid the garden bed, and left it idle for about a month. The volunteers are urging me on.

So, I finally took the plunge - I bought a cactus pear today.

I need opinions and comments from guitar players, please

I miss Bill.. (the Cat, that is..)

Are there days when you've felt like this?

Parent Question

Why do people clap at the end of movies?

I just spent the day at NIU, so the campus minister could have the day off.

I miss Bill (reprise)

Ever had a night like this?

I rented a movie tonight called "Death at a Funeral"

'Forrest Gump" on ABC right now... est.

You're all I need...

time out !

OK! OK! Jesus Christ! Let go of me! No more bodily function threads, I promise!


A tad stoned, but this is cool

A very cool video from some guy named Serj

I bet the DU mods woke up to the news of the Hillary offense and thought....


New Democratic bumber stickers....

It's like Spring here today.

DU smilies promote drinking, and we should be ashamed of that...


I scare myself

ugh. My parents.

I touch myself

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.

How come nobody raves about Vaginal Davis any more?

First new episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE tonight since the writer's strike ended

Odd article about the homeless...labels some "professional transients"

They are putting crap in our water down here

Skeleton closets

I am the RB tonight, so I think, before I say something that I will regret

Department of Things You Didn't Know Until Now

Curvelinear crackers.

My hands are stained and calloused

The most amazing things happen right out of the blue....

Damn, early voting was busy today.

It's official! Saturday Night Live can blow me. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU, Lorne Michaels. YOU.

I just saw a guy on CNN that was trying to demonstrate truth on the state of the economy and

SNL parodying!

Tommy Emmanuel...... Initiation(amazing) & Those Who Wait(beautiful song)

Politics notwithstanding, the "I Drink Your Milkshake" sketch on SNL was the best of the night.

We saw "U2 - 3D" earlier!

Boning, or things that go bump in the night...


Help Me Detox From GD:P

I am babysitting my Aunt's little dog Pomeranian/Poodle mix



SNL thread

In 1938, Orson Welles made a film called "Too Much Johnson."

Bessie Smith Appreciation Thread!!

The Smurfs: Season One is coming out on Tuesday on DVD.

What do you give your mother on her 100th birthday?

I slipped and fell in to the wet concrete below

My head exploded today.

I think we need to have a madinmaryland vs. temeah pev off

Thanks for putting up with my rants today. I have a goodnight ditty for you..

You fucking village idiots need to get over the primary thingie because Lee Mercer

Hey everyone guess how fucking naive i am!

Is anyone else NOT excited about the Oscars this year?

Peggy tossed an "F" bomb in the Lounge tonight

A reminder from the Past...

Something for the early morning loungers... I REALLY gotta' go ta's one final one...

Saw Vantage Point Yesterday

Someone spoofed my name. "quantass" What should I do?

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives

It's the little things

Most unusual song you've found on a jukebox (at least for the establishment)

Your Sunday lolcats

Heard at a party - "Stupidity is Universal"

Cell phone?

Which carrier?

Walter Findlay was a Maytag dealer... Would he be retired today?

du for censorship

The Spongebob Squarepants Musical Thermometer - Oral, Underarm or Rectal Use

Caller ID

Married ( or coupled) DUers, How often do you call your SO?

You are smart, good looking and dynamite in bed!

Why did they have to redeem Darth_Kitten?

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of February 24th 2008 - Africa & Wildlife

The Awesome Pawsome on Animal Planet right now

I am a pitiful person that needs someone to tell me I'm ok.

G'night fellow pevs.

Being over in GD-P is like driving on a New Hampshire back road

Sure to go down in history as a classic.

I'm a self important village idiot obsessed with that Delaware toll booth thingie!

For my fellow DUers, my new caps lock monster

Thank you Mods, or thank you Rockers?

The Mountain Goats have a new album out

Is it racist to refer to someone as being of a certain "extraction?"

Al Lewis is still dead

You know what's really interesting to think about?

The nude pics failed to sway the jury: "Lohan thriller named worst at Razzies"

Fibromyalgia sufferers: Good news! but not really

Hysteria and it's cure - NOT political

Dupe -- please delete

dupe. sorry

I blame Ralph Nader for breaking DU today.

It's Saturday Night, what do you think Midlo is drinking?

So I finally get brave enough to post in GD: P

So I finally get brave enough to post in GD: P

Why did they have to redeem Ralph Nader?

Irish Soda Bread

What are your vacation plans this year?

We caught the elusive Mom Cat today - HUZZAH!

Is anyone else having trouble getting on youtube?

What the heck just happened?

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

I tried to watch "House" the other night, but no matter how hard I try to fight it

Thanks to GDP, I now have this earworm

Why do some of my concert audio DLs play out of sequence?

Hey Lounge: madinmaryland took up my dare in GDP

There's a 'MASH' marathon starting in eight minutes

Dog's Son Tucker (who sold "N-word rant tape" to the National Enquirer) Jailed for Parole Violations

Alright, so who's seen "Breaker Morant?"

OMG!!1!! Delaware has a racing team in NASCAR!!1!!

Is YouTube Site Down?

I just spent the past hour in GDP.....

Interesting Disney about to come out:: Destino (the Dali works) and Dr. Syn, AKA Scarecrow

I need an address for nfl commissioner Goodell

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Has Anyone Read The "Twilight" Series By Stephanie Miller?

Forgive me this question, for I am over 40 and not technical

19% .... Can We Say Bush Is In "FREEP FALL"?

I cannot believe I just posted this.

We just got off the phone with NSMA. Ask me anything.

Is the whole damn internet buggy today?!

Jeremy Scahill on Kosovo/Serbia: Empire is bipartisan...

Oliver North- American patriot, or lying, terrorist supporting scumbag?

Help with a Mac

Oh- so THAT'S GD:P.

the new oldnavy commericals are driving me insane

GD:P head explosion festival in 3,2,1...

Speaking of hot and cheesy, where's KG???

Nader is running

HEyHEY's new nephew!

Has anyone seen or heard from LaraMN?

OMG! Did you know Britney Spears is giving out the Sound Oscar tonight????

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: 5 Years Too Many

Instead of Nice Post "Hitler" How About Nice Post

Happy Birthday Abe Vigoda!

I'm drinking Merlot............

Donald Sutherland is such an amazing actor.

How do I report animal abuse on YouTube?

Oscars! Any DU film fans?

My Cat's Favorite Toy - Fresh Green Beans...

Why did they have to redeem Darth Vader?

We watched "Spirit of the Beehive" last night..

What's with Nader and the mushrooms?

FYI - no need for spoiler threads RE tonight's Oscars.

I just finished watching "V For Vendetta" for the first time ...

March Madness will be here soon!

May I ask a very personal and painful question? Regarding divorce and children.

My favorite DUer, Name removed, has been Tombstoned

I had this thought while I was taking a shower..

Cross-post from the Pets forum - Please help with animal abuse on YouTube!

Very Old Are the Woods.

Deleting my own account here at DU

say cheese!

OMG! Did you know Britney Spears is giving out the Sound Oscar tonight????

Oscar fashion retrospective

DU women; Do you see a man as a potential mate, or a project with possibility's.

Why do able-bodied people steal shopping carts.....

Bush is NOT Stupid: It is Time to Kill that Meme

I just want to say that I don't give a shit about the Oscars

Around the world, in Rock music.

*** Tonight on 60 Minutes *** Don Siegelman *** plus a DU Cyber Birthday Card

I recently lost 1500 photographs. Does anyone know how I can recover them?

Damn Lucy-fer, she is a difficult dog.

Do you live with your partner/spouse/mate/SO?

Has photobucket quit working for other people too?

I like that commercial where it looks like the people are crazy

Name a song that you like by a band or performer you normally DO NOT like.

GD:P is about to blow - Nader just announced he's running

voter registration - the youth vote

What do you do when someone is blatantly racist?

Sweet Italian Sausage with peppers and onions....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/24/2008)

Is there such a thing as abusing the Ignore feature?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/24/08

Where do your jeans wear out first?

Help, Lounge! Need YOUR opinion on this:

What's a relationship breaker for you?

Barbeau appreciation thread!!

I just took this picture of Erin...

ok. need some help here. What in the hell IS this?

I just love it when the husband makes dinner, instead of me, for a change

Salty chocolate crack guy is now dead

Give BlueIris advice. Any advice.

Should macaroni and cheese be served at holiday meals?

So I'm watching the Miri episode of Star-trek right now, and I must say that Kirk is giving off a...

It's Saturday night...what are you drinking?

Republican Strategists Working Toward a Win in November

65 years ago, Sophie Scholl was executed for resisting the Nazis.

Hey, We're Ordering Pizza! What Do You Want on Yours?

Help please - music rec's

Need some outside perspective. Having a hard time with this.

Hillary's desperate moment, with video

Hillary's desperate moment, with video

The tombstoned troll appreciation thread

What is the most idiotic thing you & your SO have ever fought about?

Boogedy, boogedy, boogedy!!! Nascar race to start in a few minutes!!

I will not be posting in the Lounge anymore. At least for now.

damn. i hate these threads, but i am gonna anyway. loosing a dog.

Siegelman - What I know and some questions regarding other media outlets

U.S., Allies Should 'Apologize' For Sanctions On Iran: Ahmadinejad

Head of Iraqi journalists' union shot, seriously wounded

2 held for running US visa racket (India)

Former Paxson Exec Denies McCain Meeting

Head of Iraq Journalist Union Wounded in Gun Attack

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Kucinich to Investigate 9/11 Insider Trading

White House says phone wiretaps back on "for now"

Suicide attack kills 25 south of Baghdad

Iraqi police say suicide bomber strikes pilgrims, killing at least 25 people

Strip-club mogul remains an enigma

Cuba set to get new leader

In Texas, Clinton has history and Obama has buzz

US has more trust in Obama than Clinton, McCain: Survey

Serbia: US 'Culprit' in Kosovo Violence

Justices Further Resist Finding Right to Sue

Ralph Nader enters presidential race

Obama may face grilling on patriotism

What That McCain Article Didn’t Say

Whitewater Probe Involved First Lady

Yemeni-American sought by FBI appears in Yemen for a court trial, walks free

Obama's Red-State Prospects Unclear

Kurd rebels say they shot down Turkish helicopter

'Shame on you': Clinton to Obama

Russia will never use force to solve Kosovo problem - envoy

Samsung Electronic says a laptop battery melts

German Conservatives Suffer Setback in Hamburg State Poll

Iraqi PM flies to London for heart check-up

Iran says work plan closed, U.S. intelligence fake(Passed test with IAEA)

Osama Bin Laden's brother plans Africa-Arabia bridge

Biofuel-powered jet makes test flight

Democrats Plan to Complain to FEC About McCain

'Vista Capable' lawsuit against Microsoft now a class action

(Communist) wins Cyprus Vote

Once Immune, Utah Is Feeling Economic Dip

Ron Paul Says He Won't Try To Run As An Independent

White House backtracks on claims of lost intelligence

Clinton backers at odds with her on Fla., Mich.

Wal-Mart partners with hospitals to rapidly expand in-store clinics

Breaking: Ralph Nader running for President

Raul Castro becomes Cuba's leader

Obama Hits Clinton on NAFTA Support

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean

Mexican leftists vow to blockade airports, highways if oil opened to private investment

Fannie and Freddie Losses

Pakistan blocks YouTube

Connery: Scots independence close

Fidel Castro retired last week (Tom Shields / Sunday Herald)

Egalité! Liberté! Sexualité!: Paris, May 1968

A Future to Wince At (Cubans)

The next slum?

I'm tough on Rookies; My Apologies.

NYT: "Battle Company Is Out There"

Was Romanian base a CIA prisoner site?

Hey Raul, Find Those Cuban Oil Reserves!

Turkish onslaught paves way for major assault on Iraq Kurds

The plan for what comes after Iraq

For the homeless, keys to a home

CIA head suggests Paul, Kucinich would be best on terror

Apology that flies in face of integrity (Ian Bell on extraordinary rendition)

When the Terrorists Were ‘Our Guys’ By Robert Parry

Wealthy Client Avoids $20 Million in Taxes

Italy Follows Trail of Secret South American Abductions

Keith Olberman's "Timeline on Terror"

Visiting the Torture Museum

Election Madness By Howard Zinn

"All in All Its Just Another Brick in the Wall"

A pivotal point for Democrats

Why Democrats should love the FairTax

Putin’s Iron Grip Suffocates His Opponents: "an unforgiving campaign to clamp down on democracy"

The Gray Side of the Mirror

Five Years Ago ‘Embeds’ Got Ready for War Duty in Iraq: How Did That Work Out?

Gov't Not Doing Enough To Protect Identities

The Audacity of Hopelessness

The Kosovo precedent

Frank Rich: Hillary's Campaign Parallels the Iraq Debacle

Ralph Nader, 'Unsafe at Any Age'

Refutations of "Christian Nation" in quotes from Founding Fathers

Right-Wing Supports Amnesty for 'Illegals,' as Long as They Spy on Americans

Experience: "Only in America could John McCain campaign for leadership as a symbol of the past."

For The New York Times, Self-Confidence on Journalism Poses Its Own Risk

Rocket assault on Green Zone raises questions

Dowd does it again

What Happened to Mental Health Care for Vets?

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution By Sara Robinson, Campaign for America's Future

Naomi Klein, Order 81 and You!

'Inspiration', 'Cult of Personality' A Crock? Tell It To St. Ronnie!

Your Papers Are Not In Order

The real reason why the rich see America’s problems differently

Wall Street Bank Run By David Ignatius

House Judiciary Hearing on Selective Prosecution: Richard Thornburgh Opening

5 Years Too Many

Congo Lisa Must See Video

G.O.P.s Latest FEAR FACTOR Games ~Olbermann

Charlie Rose - Samantha Power, Foreign Policy Advisor to Barack Obama

Obama on Washington experience

Edwards 04' speech (2 of 2, the "Two Americas" part)

beautiful deconstruction of Hillary's unhinging....

Judging Judicial Nominees

Hillary and Obama Exposed

Shame on You Barack Obama Hillary Attack MUSIC VIDEO

Do you think she considers it now?

SNL Tina Fey: Bitch is the new black

Clinton tells Obama: 'Shame on you'; Obama fires back

Creationism lecture at University of Florida by a Dr. Kent Hovind

Hillary Clinton Mock SNL Digital Short Parody

"There are going to be other wars"

MSNBC Countdown : Worst : GOP blames congress missing intel

How Much Hillary Clinton Spent On Her Consultants Vs How Much Obama Spent...

Saturday Night Live: Democratic Debate, Clinton vs Obama.

Eddie izzard On the US national anthem

Noam Chomsky - Should Corporations Have Rights?

Cops Plant Drugs, Beat Suspect

Mike Huckabee on Weekend Update gets owned

Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln

The Seeds of All Evil

Shame on Hillary!!!

George Lopez endorses Barack Obama

Obama Song Spanish Reggaeton

Hillary Mocks Obama

Since when does Hillary Clinton attack a fellow Democrat...

Edwards 04' speech (1 of 2)

John Kerry at UT Brownsville stumping for Barack Obama

Why do we vote on Tuesday?

Rant on Bill Maher Guest Jack Kingston

Anti-FOX Rant During Live FOX Broadcast - priceless

Huge investments coming up in photovoltaic wafers (India)

Worldwide shortage of rice shoots prices soaring

The Next Price to Watch for After $100 Oil

A Five-Point (Energy) Plan for Just About Any Home (WP)

UK lags behind on eco energy

Scotland to get its first carbon neutral eco-town

Acidification Sign Shows Up On Great Barrier Reef - Calcification Rate Down 21% In 16 Years

French Government Bans Consumption Of Fish From Entire Length Of Rhone River - Guardian

Hypoxic Events Off Oregon Coast Unprecedented In 50 Years - Poss. Linked To Changed Wind Patterns

Britain's year zero: UK to leap from 'laggard to leader' on carbon dioxide emissions

Biofuels 'need strict standards' - BBC

Eco-friendly French to ship their wine (to UK) under sail

Expense of storing nuclear waste soars

Amazon nuts help fuel first biofuel flight - Reuters

Traces of unapproved GMO trait found in U.S. corn - Reuters

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean (BBC) {MFTE}

Solar Energy and Polysilicon Shortages to End in 2008

Work on state's largest wind farm to begin this spring (Montana)

Making sure your home is not an energy sink

Solar cells power home sales (in Australia)

(San Jose) Mayor, activists plan to show how everyone can live green

More solar power for Victoria

Virgin Atlantic flies Boeing 747 powered by biofuel

UFOs and Global Warming

Natural Gas Market Heats Up

Energy storage nears its day in the sun

New additions of renewable energy systems in 2007 outstripped new nuclear additions (again)

The Male of the Species Is More Female Than the Female

How it happened: The catastrophic flood that cooled the Earth

The surge: one year later

SF presence may grow in combat areas

Green Zone attacked after cease-fire renewed

Army: Security merits Stryker unit in Hawaii

U.S. Marshals handling missing soldier case

Lavish benefits help Ore. Guard get recruits

Fort Campbell looking for child care workers

House panel looks at future of vets programs

No munitions on board B-2 that crashed

Marine sentenced for killing intruder

AFSOC slowly stands up units at N.M. base

PJs in Djibouti ready to jump 24-7

Corley wants master plan for ACC

Pals stay together from basic training to first assignment

Navy sink list includes Forrestal, destroyers

Providing detailed weather forecasts in Iraq isn’t as predictable as you may think

Soldiers talk of close calls outside wire

Marines: Story that said lack of MRAPs led to deaths ‘mischaracterized’ report

Army now requiring soldiers to undergo annual physicals

U.S. sharing technology with Africa

German cop thwarts possible breach of base

Stryker troops warm up for exercise in South Korea

U.S., Japanese officials consider joint security

Soldier’s lies unravel after he kills himself

Africa Command Visits APS

Big retention bonuses aimed at career NCOs

If you haven’t deployed yet, stand by

Ex-Marine's lapse brings 4-year prison term

AP: Legal Move Pushes GM Retiree Plan Ahead

Clinton's labor loss

American Airlines meets with union leaders to discusses potential merger

Family-owned firms butt heads with factories

Debate over Indiana's proposed illegal immigration bill ends in walkout

Directors defend Olympics films after Spielberg walkout

Elliott Co., unions reach deal

Weyerhaeuser eliminates 300 jobs in Saskatchewan: Steelworkers slam province for lack of action

2 more state superdelegates pledge support for Obama

Organising young workers: it can be done!

Starbucks settles suit over overtime pay with 350+ assistant managers

UFCW union lobbied on workers' rights

University of Minnesota will pay $1.5 million to non-union workers

UPS Freight Workers in N.Y., California Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

Captive Audience Bill: Unlawful Interference With Free Speech

Working family cartoon: bi-partisan

Today in labor history February 24

Bonus Working Family cartoon: WAGES

King’s Legacy: ‘We Get More Organized Together Than Apart’

Green, the Color of Good Jobs

With strike imminent, security officers appeal to building owners

Film, talk focus on black worker activism

Today in labor history Feb. 24 "Bread & Roses" strike women and children were beaten by police

Already facing 2 years in jail, NY sweatshop construction contractor arrested again.

This year, the AFL-CIO endorsement actually what should they ask for?

Minimum wage hearing in American Samoa

NYC: Yellow Rat Bastard's owner turns out to be a scumbag

Black Labor History

Clinton Attacks Obama for Pointing Out That She Supported NAFTA

Chinese made Elmo Doll Threatens to Kill Child! (video)

Congress Pushing Overhaul Of Union Organizing Law


XemaSab . . . . thread #2

Beausoir . . . . thread #2

Next-Gen Cuban Leaders to Emerge Sunday

Failure of Human Rights Watch in Venezuela and Haiti

Disaster Preparedness

FBI Will Not Go After Borrowers Who Lied on Mortgage Applications

Inflation Alarm Bells Ringing

Foreclose on the White House

Commercial property values in for steep drop, says loan liquidator

I put up a little rant about Mr. Castro and Don Siegelman in GD.

After subprime debacle, U.S. wrestles with question of bank bailouts

Juan Manuel Serrat, then and now

Jerusalem first (Gideon Levy)

ANALYSIS: Iran's delay tactics include denying, lying, refusing

IDF troops uncover five arms smuggling tunnels in south Gaza

For IDF brigade, 'Hebron is like Wild West and army is the law'

The 'Known Unknowns' of the Mugniyah Killing

Study: Palestinian suicide bombers 'not mentally unstable'

Meet New People & Help Raise $25,000 for SLDN

Parents talk about transgender child's transition

LDS Church disciplines musician for supporting gay marriage

Stop Petition to Amend CA Constitution to Exclude Same-Sex Couples From Marriage

Gay man bequeaths $65 million to LGBT groups

Heterosexual tests law on gay discrimination

Anti-gay violence defies laid-back image of Jamaica

Articles Of Faith: Ridiculing gay men is hateful way to preach

Israeli Americans vote Clinton, but Obama wins global primary

If anybody wants to record This Week with George Stephanopoulos tomorrow

You can watch the tape of Joe on GS's site!

Here - guys....

JOE idea:

Good write-up on HuffPo re Joe...

one of those disappointments

My Husband's Second Career as a Middle-Aged Crooner! (and other stories)

New 'life' beginning?

I found a short meditation/visualization from C. Myss for protection

"Surviving the Storm" - Karen Bishop - February 23, 2008

I think I have been cursed ...

Two rare psychic abilities - Pyrokinesis and Thoughtography

My favorite boxing writer/boxing fan is...

Tigers’ Justin Verlander has done what no one else has in baseball history

10-week interactive webinar with Eckhart Tolle & Oprah discussing "A New Earth" (starts Monday, 3/3)

I just watched the director's cut of 'The Natural'

Clemens’ lawyer told photo places pitcher at Canseco’s house

Computers 'spot Alzheimer's fast' (BBC)

Alcohol hand rubs not enough to curb hospital infections

WTF?? Would you take something for psoriasis that has THIS LIST

why isn't there a billion dollar diabetic meals industry?

The Whole Foods website has some great recipes!

Callebaut Chocolate.

What's for dinner tonight?

Wondering about tags/keyword for political campaigns/rallies

MSNBC's The Week in Pictures

Cemetery pics I put on My Space.

More "Water's Edge" pictures

Downtown Asheville

What makes a good schawarma?

Guess what?! Here are some water pictures

How Would Jesus Vote?

Rev. James Curry Had Faced A Separate Rape Allegation

Observance of Sabbath costs Yeshiva athlete shot at title

Grandma and Grandpa take the kids to Fur Rondy - Part I

Was it a good plan to make Messiah/Christ of the OT the name sake of

Rapture Index, record high 182 (Dubya, 24 Sept 01) -- record low 57 (Clinton, 12 Dec 93)

Dream Machine - New Machine Interprets Dreams

Guatemala: Spy Satellite Spots Lost Mayan Cities......Peru: Mysterious Pyramid Complex Discovered

TransPacific Contact? The MesoAmerican/China Connection (Archaeology)

German Treasure Hunters Claim to Have Found Famous Amber Room

Emergence: The Hole at the Wheel's Hub--- by Terrance Deacon

Top ten pictures of our universe as picked by astronauts. Youtube video.



The Second Amendment doesn't mention hunting

D.C. v. Heller BRIEF FOR THE INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE re 14th Amendment.

Karl Popper as the 'Ultimate Warrior'

Still can't have someone tell me why we need guns

American Civil Liberties Union didn't submit brief in D.C. v. Heller but American Civil Rights Union

Exploiting 9/11 to push for pointless war & the radical conservative agenda was the true conspiracy


Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks

Four More American Drug Planes Seized!

False Flag Prospects, 2008: Top 3 US Target Cities by Captain Eric H. May

CIA Drug Planes Probe Targets 911 Figure

Urban hawk

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 02/24/08

NEW HAMPSHIRE Vote Recount Report!! - Optical Scan Machines Violate Federal Law

Kerry-ing weight in ’08

So, anyone here from OH or TX? How's it looking there?

JK and Bill Clinton on CSPAN TONIGHT

Guys -- the Swiftboaters are Back.

My (crappy) pics from last night's Austin Obama rally

I have written an introduction to read to my precinct convention.

Precinct training Saturday, March 1

EXCELLENT rules clarification from TDP - MUST READ

Craddick's post hinges on contests

Freepology Today (Texas Edition): "I'd rather vote for Hitler"

A personal plea

What a time to be sick! :-(

Question re: unviable delegates at convention.

Clinton pushes debate moment in new ad

NYT frontpage: Somber Clinton Soldiers On as the Horizon Darkens

Texas Bar Poll Results - Congratulations to Democrats Molina, Yanez, Houston, Jordan & Strawn!

Momentum Makes a Comeback In Texas

MP3 QUESTION. What's a good program to rename and catalog .mp3 files...

Windows Vista "Forever Loop" Fix.

Clinton tells Obama: 'Shame on you'; Obama fires back

On Center Stage, a Candidate Letting His Confidence Show : "a touch of cockiness"

Sen. Kay Bailey Huthinson says we're expecting too much too soon in Iraq.

Clinton Offers Regrets for Spouse’s Remarks

The race online: Obama, rivals bring Internet campaigning to new level

Articles regarding Obama and Nafta/Global Trade

Si Se Puede Cambiar

Yeah, right...

BLM -- Jackson Stephens' name comes up.

Technology aids Obama's outreach drive

RI Column - starts about Hillary but I found the ending about Michelle and Barack most interesting.

thousands of students march to vote absentee for Obama...see video

Shifting To The Right

Gregor makes it official! He's running for mayor of Vancouver.

US now free to send troops into Canada

Hillary makes startling campaign move. Mocks Obama... video link here.

In an ideal education system, what would happen after a student failed?

Hillary Clinton Plagiarized Stephanie Miller and me.

Just got back from Obama rally downtown

My Dennis Kucinich Appreciation Thread

State GOP official may have violated visa law

I got overly enthusiastic with the ice chopper yesterday

The Fable Of Christ

What do you make of Michael Savage? Another right wing closet case? Just an act? Just another bigot?