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Over the next few months, let's see just how chickenshit we...

What time should we be expecting to hear Hawaii caucus results?

I'm kind of sorry of wasting one of my 3 threads to say this, but here I go

GE matchups in Iowa & Virigina

Adult question:

Winning in November??


Rumor: Clinton campaign expects race to be called at 9 PM EST

Here is a level-headed analysis (not by me):

newsflash Matthews

Watchin' "Spitball" and pukecannon is calling Michele Obama's statement

Hillary Supporters Who Continually Post Rezko Crap Are Fucked Up. Obama Supporters Don't Do Same

Hillary actually DID work in a fish processing factory - don't know which shift, though

hope we've seen the last of the "b" word tonight

Notes from WI: Election News Blogs and Links Thread

Insiders see huge Obama blowout

Let's talk exit polls and how reliable they've been this year

Once you've made your 3 GDP OPs for the day, here's a mental health exercise you can do...

God I hope Obama destroys Clinton in WI tonight

God I hope Obama destroys Clinton in WI tonight

Please stop claiming results are in before the polls close

Please stop claiming results are in before the polls close

"The power to label is the power to manipulate"

Hillary was up in WI by as much as 22% months ago...

Anyone else watching MSNBC tonight - and the progressive chopping down

Anyone else watching MSNBC tonight - and the progressive chopping down

I would be mad if I were a Clinton supporter too (XM Satellite Radio POTUS)

It's Not Fair, It's Not Fair, It's Not Fair !!!

So, I Was Listening...

Is Hillary really giving her speech any minute

Which states apportion delegates and which are all-or-nothing?

Obama's Letters for Rezko

Use up your three posts? Need me to proxy up a pro-Hillary or anti-Barack thread for you?


Do you think people here will ever learn to spell "plagiarism" or

Democratic Coattails

CNN goes out on a limb, projects McCain winner in WI

Link to Wisconsin Results .... real time feed

Wisconsin about to secede?

The ground game is on in Texas i just got a t..m. from a school board member

CNN Panel spinning that this is over if Obama wins big...

Mike Huckabee's solution for "boosting enthusiasm for the party?" MORE Mike Huckabee!

Total tally of Repuke crossover votes from all the states.

MSNBC: Obama leads in Wisconsin per exit polls.

McCain getting ready to speak.

NBS called WI for Obama

Right Wingers, enjoy your candidate and mind the huge enthusiasm gap!

Must I stay up all the way 'til 1 AM to see if Obama wins Hawaii?

McCain saying Obama provides "false hopes"...LOL...slow learner...

WI EXIT POLL Motherload.

Who cares about the RW scream machine, Michelle Obama spoke her mind, and her truth

Obama is called winner of Wisconsin

What a great story on sticking up for voting rights:

Man is that a gender gap. Obama wins men by 34 points. Hillary women by 3.

Wisconsin: First Numbers on the Board

MSNBC: Obama wins. Only 1000 votes in; they were just trying to keep us watching through

Did you notice the very weak response McCain got when...

Obama rally in Houston, TX coming up on

Die Hard Biden Supporters: Who have you moved towards supporting now?

Clinton won Female vote......May be closer.

It makes no sense for Edwards to endorse Clinton

KO talking about Hillary trying to poach delegates.

MSNBC: Obama projected winner by substantial margin

Okay... I just lost whatever little guilt I'd feel if this campaign kills the old man.

Tweety poll concerning tonight's events

MSNBC: Obama Wins!

Hey superdelegates: WHY should your vote count more than mine?

McCain is right about one thing, he is the most experience.

McCain proud crap, should tick all of us off.

So Hillary supporters: Why doesn't Wisconsin count?

MSNBC projects Obama winner in WI.

here comes mr my friends.. my friends... my friends.. my friends..

Despite our differences, I think we can all agree

MSNBC: Obama wins WI

Obama Wins Wisconsin!!!!

Why does McCain hate America?

Thanks Wisconsin for your Edwards votes

CNN predicts Obama wins WI.

Wow. McCain is bashing Obama hardcore. Not even mentioning Clinton.

Looks like Obama Won in WI

I think the primaries are now over. It will be Obama vs McCrazy in the Fall.

Mccain overuses "My Friends" in his speeches

Clinton caught lying about Obama attack!!!

Is it just me or does McCain look like a cranky old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn?

Exit polls: Obama holds onto his base, makes inroads in Clinton's

Hillary plagerizing Bush: Be Afraid be very afraid and more afraid

Preemptive strike by Lady Hindenburg: "Hawaii doesn't count, either!" :) n/t

Hillary sounds like sh*t...

Looks like the negative ads didn't hurt Obama! Will WI "count" or not?

Yes We Can in Ohio!!!

Hillary speaking in Youngstown, OH

Will Sen. Clinton make a concession statement tonight?

my friends

Obama being introduced at his Texas rally:

Wisconsin - You Officially Do Not Matter

Obama and Hillary's position on the IWR.... video

Yes We Can in Ohio!!!

Obama speaking now

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Onward Hillary,, The O Partee is ova!!!

MSNBC 56 v 43% Obama over Clinton in Wisconsin


So Hillary supporters: Why doesn't Wisconsin count?


Toyota Center vs A High School Gym. Question: Who's speaking where?

WAHHHHH!!!! Obama started his speech during the Queen's!!

She deserves to be interupted!

Is Hillary begging for money?

Live from the Toyota Center: "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!"

Should Hillary drop out of the race?

Life is but a dream.....

Is this a real picture?

It's time to pack it in, although I am *WILLING* to wait until 3/5 for Clinton

Who Books Hillary's Speaking Venues? .....

Hillary/Obama Speech

Cindy McCain: "The only person my husband can trust is me."

Guys, look at all the counties Obama is winning in:

...that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train comin your way...

Hillary's white base absolutely deteriorating

I donno, let's just rejoice that we have candidates that can inspire

I think Obama needs a new sound board operator

Why do the parties let people who know so little about politics become party ground runners?

Let's be good winners, Obama supporters

Making head and tails during the Obama virus outbreak

Hillary speech blasted Obama yet!

Did Hillary congratulate Obama?

I hope Barack doesn't reach "across the friggin' aisle" tonight in his speech.

Obama Up NOW (live from Houston, TX)

Congratulations on the Wisconsin win, Obama supporters.

I'm disappointed that Senator Obama is interrupting Senator Clinton

Hillary continues her "we need more than words" strategy in Ohio

McCain and Clinton both go after Obama in their speeches... Will Obama return the favor tonight?

I can't believe Obama didn't keep his 20,000 supporters waiting for Hillary to finish her speech!!


Obama telling republicans many things that I would have like to tell them

Congratulations to Barack Obama for getting his message across...

McCain uses Michelle's comments and says (implies) Obama is unpatriotic

Obama supporters give DU 150 Gobamas and winks!!!!

How Hillary can still win (Ben Smith of Politico)

John Bush McCain. Bush's John MCain.

He's knocking it out of the park! A Change is Gonna' Come!

Obama and Hillary should stay in through Pennsylvania...

Clinton is betting pretty heavily on Wisconsin, it seems.

I believe Hillary cut into Obama's margin tonight

CNN: They are going back to Hillary's speech soon..

Democratic turn-out so far this cycle is huge. Won't be enough McCain

Democratic turn-out so far this cycle is huge. Won't be enough McCain

I'm still on the fence but damn he sounds good tonight.

My one and only thread tonight, CONGRATS OBAMA!! Thank you CHEESEHEADS!

I have never been really proud of my country.

Obama Press Secretary Bill Burton gives a hint of Wisconsin results...

Obama... is making me cry...... He moves me.

"Uninstructed"? Shouldn't that be uncommitted?


Number of voters choosing dem candidates almost THREE TIMES the number

Sen. Obama seems to be the candidate du jour on MSNBC, non?

Obama has one chance... (your thoughts please)

Once again, Dem candidate votes coming in at 2:1 over Repub candidate votes (in WI)

I am an Obama supporter, and am glad he won, but what is it with all the meanness?

SO are they going negative again?

"Well now the fun part starts, ...

Hillary get a H.S. auditorium, Obama get an arena

MSNBC "Live Vote" - Should Hillary Call it Quits?

Congratulations to both candidates: this is the closest Democratic contest in over 48 years

Congratulations to both candidates: this is the closest Democratic contest in over 48 years

Obama is winning Brown County, home of Green Bay

OK this is serious more clinton bashing!

Who are the most likely running mates for Obama and Clinton?

Heard Hillary - thought - hey! tonight you're a real Democrat!

A question for Clinton supporters.

Looks like the plagiarism attack didn't work

Who's flying to Texas to help recruit voters??!! I'm STOKED!

Man I wanted to see a real contest by the time it came here to Denver.

I've always congratulated Obama and his supporters when he won

MSNBC asks: "Eugene, is it over", Eugene: "Well-" Pat says: "She's gonna need..."

MSNBC asks: "Eugene, is it over", Eugene: "Well-" Pat says: "She's gonna need..."

I'll bet anything that Feingold endorses Obama

It's over and I am kinda sad about it

Well... I Hope We Can All At Least Agree On This...

AP: "...his ninth straight triumph over a fading Hillary Rodham Clinton..."

Congratulations Obama! Well done. Let's go Hillary.

Thank You Hillary Clinton and her Supporters.

I've never teared up during a speech, but when Obama brought up Ryan, I did.

Tweety should ask about HRC's legislative accomplishments

Anyone know of a website where I can see the ENTIRE Obama speech?

I heard it again tonight about Obama is only a good speaker, what would he know about running the US

Has there ever been a candidate during the primary season who fills arenas?

Plagerizer! Michelle hates America! Obama suporters are a cult! Obama is a coward - wont debate!

Exit Polls Suggest Obama BLOWOUT in Wisconsin

Obama Just Choked Himself Up While Speaking About The Soldier Killed In Iraq

Do not waste one of your three posts a day insulting people with curse words.

53% think Hillary is unfair. 33% think Obama is ... Just on MSNBC

I first came to america during the civil rights movement of the 1960s

Why do Obama's surrogates not know his legislative accomplishments?

The Fat Lady Is Singing

Tweety trying to be hard on Obama...right now...

McCain just plagiarized Janet Napolitano in his speech!!!

Tweety is railing on TX state senator who is supporting Obama, demanding

Tweety is railing on TX state senator who is supporting Obama, demanding

Thank you CSPAN guy for correcting idiot caller re: Obama's religion.

One Of Hillary's Acomplishments.....

Wisconsin is yet another example of why MI and FL's elections should remain null and void

To Wisconsin folks, you at least deserve to be acknowledged

So what time are caucuses over in Hawaii?

Win or lose, this time, I'll always love Hillary Clinton.

Win or lose, this time, I'll always love Hillary Clinton.

Lets beat the rethugs to the punch of being down to ONE!

Sometimes being an Obama supporter is like rooting for the Red Sox...

Obama sweeping nearly all demographics in Wisconsin

Whether you're for Obama or for Hillary...remember this...

"Yes we can? Give me a break," .. I'm supposed to be civil about Hillary? Fuck it.

Look at THOSE totals for the DEMS in WI, 600K+, CONS 200K

So, was Wisconsin a PRIMARY or a CAUCUS?

Wisconsin is yet another example of why MI and FL's elections should remain null and void

Goddamnit who is this asshole they have on MSNBC for Obama?

Goddamnit who is this asshole they have on MSNBC for Obama?

Some cheap advice for Hillary: DO NOT QUIT, DO NOT GIVE UP!

What the heck is up with McCain's awkward smiling??

Looking Forward ...

Going to be a landslide in November ...........YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Looking forward to 2012, when the Dems will have

Some posters on both sides of the aisle need a little reminder

Obama not letting Hillary finish her speech

Unlike many who do NOT like Hillary Clinton, I like her, but I think this should be the swan song

Hillary the Party's Over

Why are so many people at Hillary's blog talking about preferring McCain to Obama?

The news outlets were right to cut to Obama when he started his speech.

This long campaign is exactly what Obama needed to prove himself

I have an entirely different theory about the crossover Republican vote.

No college degree - Obama 54, Hillary: 45

There are the FACTS about the Wisconsin results

That Obama supporter on MSNBC could have turned it around on Tweety

Hillary could pull out a "win" after all

Whoa... Is anyone watching Tweety demand answers about Obama's accomplishments

Sorry about the confusion, that is exactly what I meant,

WA Primaries?

What time will Hawaii 's votes begin to come in?

Just finished watching Obama's speech in Texas!

What is the general profile of DU Obama supporters? I'm curious about who would kick a

When are they going to discuss the Hawaii results? nt

Found on Free Republic

I'm sooooo glad Obama is refusing to be "Bidened"

CNN: Obama projected winner, 56-43, with 3% reporting

"I opposed this war in 2002..."

"We" versus "I"

"Eloquent but empty call for change"

Hillary plagerizing Bush: Be Afraid be very afraid and more afraid

Small Donations Add Up for Obama

Exit poll: Among Democrats it was 51-48 but Obama won rethugs 70-30

I don't think pasty old white man Buchanan understands anything

The Choice Has Never Been More Obvious to Me. I Know America Sees It, Too.

Hillary loses by less in Wisconsin, therefore the negative attacks worked.

Clinton will target Obama in speech tonight (??)

Clinton Fingerprints on Plagiarism Flap

The Last Two Debates, Will They Be Issue Oriented ?

Just voted in TX for the next President of the United States!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/19/08 - Obama down 1 (46), Clinton down 1 (42)

Obama campaign: Response to Clinton's negative attacks tonight

I have a feeling that the next 8 1/2 months will be very nasty.

I bet American Research Group is happy to flip-flop their poll the night before the election

Hillary giving speech--abc now--

MSNBC's Chuck Todd just painted a very grim picture for Hillary.

"War! What the hell's it good for?"

I thought this was interesting

FACT CHECK: Hillary timed her stump speech to pre-empt Obama

Hillary Clinton may be down, but she's not out...

McCain Rips 'Eloquent But Empty' Obama

Thank you Obama and Obama supporters. Congrats on the big win in WI!

Didn't Washington Already Vote?

AP: Clinton says Obama relies on 'words'

Repubs ain't exactly rallying around Johnny, are they?

Midnight in Wisconsin: Obama leads by 187,000: 58/41

Ed Schultz on Larry King just now said it's over for Hillary

Hawaii starts voting (12:00 AM EST)

Official Hawaii Prediction Thread

"Superdelegate Intervention Theory" is flawed

Hillary's only hope: Vicious mudslinging

Seriously, does Gravel still remember he's in the race?

You are really sick and you need to go to the doctor...

They cut Hillary's speech on CSPAN because Obama couldn't wait. What Fucks.

Obama supporter, slightly different take on the negative tactics

I need a little help with numbers...

Finally...Wisconsin labeled landslide

Just logged in. THANKS ADMINS for taking GDP off the Greatest page.

Turnout is High in Hawaii

New Ohio poll: Clinton 52-43

Hawaii--calling Hawaii...

Numbers. Are more people participating this primary than previously?

To all those olive branches being handed out tonight...

Obama Won the University of Wisconsin -Madison Campus 10 to 1.

OMG, she's staying in!?!

WI raw vote: Obama 58% - Clinton 41%, 85% reporting.

It Is Time For Obama Supporters To Act More Gracious

Open Letter to Barack Obama: PLEASE Do Not Even Think About Hiring Mark McKinnon

Is anyone in the media commenting on McCain's support for al Qaeda in his post-WI speech?

Heads up! Here comes Hawaii!

One good thing about the nomination process this year: It will still be over in March!

I find it interesting to note Washington state

Where's Hawaii???

THANK YOU, WISCONSIN! You have my respect

CNN: Obama ahead in Hawaii 77-23

the one most STRIKING FACT from tonight.

Chris Matthews is handing Clinton a present with a huge bow on it

Hillary reminds me of Tracy Flick.

I'm watching the repeat on CNN and they said generally the Clinton campaign

I'm watching the repeat on CNN and they said generally the Clinton campaign

Obama sent an email to his supporters asking them to go to Texas to help...

For anyone still up: 26% reporting in Hawaii, 74% Obama, 26% Clinton

CIA Operation Similar To Tactic Obama Advocated, Bush Criticized

So Many NEW Voices Weigh in, 2008 Dem Primaries/Caucuses

Top Ten Things I Like About Hillary

Hillary is going to have to try to do something dramatic in the next debates

Shit, maybe we are a cult. This man can control an audience like I haven't seen

HI: My district's votes!

MIchelle Obama said both "proud" and "really proud"

******** Check in if you like both Hillary and Barack*********

******** Check in if you like both Hillary and Barack*********

David Frum and Amy Holmes already starting the memes...

Wisconsin? Texas and Ohio Are Where All the Action Has Gone

What would happen if Obama wins by a landslide in Texas?

As we go on into this election, let us remember, the presidency is not a prize

As we go on into this election, let us remember, the presidency is not a prize

I'm hearing LOTS OF SPECIFICS in Obama's Victory Speech Tonight.

Oh No... he didnt! Not cool Obama.....not this primary season.

This song is over!!!

Why did Obama leave Wisconsin before the primary???

Hitting a home run =)

Wonderin' what Obamites think of this avatar....

Hillary Just Doesnt........Hate to Break it To You

Has the torch been passed? I am getting hopeful here..

Can any of them even run without the other one on the ticket now?


Boy.. the debate's gonna be interesting, no?

Another winner in WI - Jailed Milwaukee Alderman Wins 6th District Primary

He said Hooston, you bastard!

Hillary's a great person. I hope she finishes her run gracefully...

Why Can't Florida Hold a State Convention and Assign Delegates Based on the Primary Vote?

Huckabee on MSNBC

Wisconsin, I think, was a big blunder by the Clinton campaign.

CNN calls Hawaii for Obama.

The 7 1/2 year long campaign of Hillary Clinton

Hawaii results coming in! 77% Obama!

If nothing else, tonight gives me an even deeper appreciation for the admins.

Tweety is just not right. The man is not well.

Obama says he'd pursue agreement for publicly funded general election campaign with conditions

Obama picks up KEY Endorsement.

Rehabilitating Tweety's big mouth on "morning joe". You have to give them credit, they

CHECK IT OUT!! The number of Dem votes versus Republican is crazy!!

Take your negative shit and go home Hillary

The "Mo" Continues To Grow

No Traction - Richard Wolffe (Newsweek)

No Traction - Richard Wolffe (Newsweek)

Obama better win in Nov

Obama is sitting about 660 Delegates from Securing the Nomination

Its been along time since a dem has won anything.

Cindy McCain speaks to supporters - new photo.

Barack Obama's Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio *PICS*

I'm FOR Obama, but is some damage control now needed?

You know...she's still in the race.

Hillary should drop out and take the VP slot

We'll Soon Know If Obama Can Put This Behind Him For Good.... LINK

There will be a time soon when all our anger should point back to the MSM.

Screw you Tweety-in-the-morning

Obama clarifies wife's remarks: "proud of the *politics* of America"

Why we are having so many problems and the meaning of 'Politics'

Obama’s Next Superdelegate?

An endorsement for Hillary that really touched me - Berry Brazelton, pediatrician

Obama has a voting record going back to 1997, but McCain has a voting record going back to 1983

Some reading for those of you who prefer to be lazy citizens. 64 pages of it.

On C-Span 1 now - Obama and Clinton speeches.

In the 1980s, American College Students Helped Stop Apartheid

Memo to Clinton supporters...

MODS...I've asked privately twice now...

McCain's Media Mastermind Will Quit if Obama Is Nominated


Enjoy the laugh...

It is time

Hillary's attack ads "The voters seemed not to care"

So ya think EDWARDS will jump the Obama bandwagon now?

Obama's Delegate Lead

I predict that Clinton will be urged to drop out on February 23rd.

Edwards will Endorse Obama or No One Else

Rasmussen Tracking Obama 47, Clinton 40

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Obama 47, Clinton 40

If he's nominated, Obama is going to have to go over the heads of the msm to the American public.

Damn Hillary, she goaded Obama into putting more policy into his speeches & made them longer

Reuters/Zogby Poll: Obama Pulls Away in National Polling

We have heard a lot about the Texas and Ohio firewalls. But a firewall only works if the wind does

Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya

One year later, Hillary going down in flames, supporters still throwing polls in our faces.


Each democratic party frontrunner/nominee's wife in past 20 years savaged by the media

Barack Obama can fly

Teevee rots your brain. "Turn it OFF, Mom!"

Why would someone with "experience" choose "Take a Chance on Me" as a campaign song?

Question for Clinton supporters?

Win/Win for the Democrats Clinton or Obama

New Pro-Clinton 527 to Ding Obama in Ohio

Reuters/Zogby 20FEB : Obama opens up 14 pt lead over Hillary

When is Hillaris44's Iraq talking points going to be posted?

Looks like Kucinich isn't the only one fighting to retain his seat

Reuters: Clinton has one last chance to stop Obama

Goldwater / Johnson -- McCain / Obama

McCain beats Hillary by 12, Obama beats McCain by 7

DUers (all of us)

OBAMA BEATS MCCAIN (caps not mine)

obama - cruises - to - ten - straight - wins

Just Wondering How Soon After The Dem Nominee Is Chosen We'll......

Just Wondering How Soon After The Dem Nominee Is Chosen We'll......

Ohio Republicans can Vote for Clinton in the Primary

Ohio Republicans can Vote for Clinton in the Primary

Anyone else ready to start kicking some Republican ass?

Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough just made a very important point re: Hillary and the press

Hillary Campaign Forgot to Put 10% of their Delegates on PA Ballot

The "SodaHead" banner ads are already pitting Obama against McCain.

Hold up! Hold the f*#k up! Cindy McCain is going after Michelle Obama? Now that is f'ing comedy!

Sorry to gloat but

I am an Obama suppOrter -- these awful anti-Hill threads have gOt tO stOp!

Two buttons

What Democrats 2008 on the DU's front page should look like.

Obama's Legislative Record for Chris Matthews

Hillary Rove Clinton?

Kirk Watson on his grilling by Tweety

A Flawed System

If only the Democratic races were "winner-take-all".....

Hillary says it takes a lot of work

Some want to take away your Recommend button! (In Defense of GD-P)

It's all about the frame people, Hillary Clinton will not destroy the Democratic party

Two differing opinions on seating the FL/MI delegates

So, let's start counting the HillBot sour grapes threads starting now (9:45 EST).

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Obama 47%, Clinton 40%

NBC posts a blurb about delegate "hard count" = Obama:1,168 vs Clinton:1,018

"It's about picking a president who relies not just on words...,

Any Washington the state results?? nm

Mods, plse Delete.

Clinton is being Given the Benefit of the Doubt by the MSM

Just heard on MSNBC, Joe Klein saying that McCain made a big tactical mistake in his speech yesterda

McCain's Media Mastermind Will Quit if Obama Is Nominated

Clinton Comes to Parma (OH)

I'm Moving On.

Does Obama have only ONE speech?

One Major Difference Between Clinton and Obama? Their Records On Cuba

Obama takes Hawaii in a landslide 75.7% - Star Bulletin

Did you just hear the attack on Obama supporters (CNN)?!

How absolutely PATHETIC are some DUers as illustrated by this thread

So once we have a clear candidate selected

If Hillary loses bigtime tonight

"My mother was a teen mother; my father left when I was 2"

Three years ago, I was wrong about Barack Obama...

It'll take a lot more than Obama, the media, the Right Wing, & a small army to make Hillary quit

Obama's substantial record

I can't believe it: I am grateful to GWB* for this one thing: he made Obama's campaign a success

Statement from Barack Obama on Fidel Castro

Obama beats Hillary among registered Wisconsin Dems 51-48.

Teamsters Union endorsing Obama

Oh snap! Who needs a Rottweiler when you’ve got surrogates?

Latest Spam against Obama & Hill,came from Georgia and S.C: On WELfare

How come this map shows Washington voted yesterday?

Bush is helping the Democratic nominee in the fall!

As an Obama supporter I freely admit that there is an "experience deficit"

Rep. Ron Kind (Superdelegate from WI) Endorses Obama, Superdelegate Rep Steve Kagan likely to follow

GMA-white men will vote repub. /women dem.

OBAMA VERSES HILLARY - Their Legislative Record - Hillary's sad record

Vapor Speak- The Selling of a Candidate (or Candidates)

Hold Obama's feet to the fire

fyi - Obama still needs 731 delegates to secure the nom. Hillary needs 807.

I Hope Clinton Continues to Roll Out the Character Destruction Hate Machine

California PAC and 527 gears up for Obama

Teamsters To Endorse Obama!!!!

Over Half A Million People Donated To Obama Since January 1st

Bill Clinton Says TX Could Make-Or-Break Hillary

Hillary Clinton's 1993 Health Care Plan- Why didn't it pass?

Vote Hope—a 527 –for Obama—seems he has his own 527 surrogates.

What happens to the Democrats if Hillary completely refuses to drop out?

BREAKING MSNBC: Teamsters Union endorses Obama.

John McCain needs a new campaign song.

Have you noticed who the republicans are running against?

Ah, being a firm believer the devil we know is better than the devil

Hillary should do this for the Democrats if she stays in the race -- Be Positive

Videos of our caucus last night, WOW

The torch may have been passed

The man "behind the curtain" is Karl Rove

I took this from a fundraising plea I received by email from the Clinton campaign

Where are people finding general election polls by state?

Will the Republiclowns who are so incnsed that Home Fries is their nominee that they fail

If Clinton wants to attack Obama via a 527, I say...

I do have to say-

Another union endorsement for Obama

Had Obama lost 10 primaries in a row

Reality Check: If this primary fight goes to the DNC, what will happen?

Deja Vu from my Edwards supporting days: Calls for Hillary to step down, drop out.

Here is edited video of Michelle Obama

Early voting in Texas off to a very good start with major increases all over the state.

Why Hillary should run for Senate Majority Leader?

The Rude Pundit: Why Michelle Malkin Needs to Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu

Why do people target Michelle Obama?

Simple math. Bush approval nonexistant. McCain would bring 4 more year of Bush.

Hillary... Obama... Obama... Hillary

Draft Gore.

Hillary stop hurting america!

The more I think of it the more I think Jim Webb would be a good VP for Obama (if he's nominated)

Are we still angry at President Bush for saying these things?

Does anybody remember when our msm edited a picture of John Kerry into a picture of a group of

A modest prediction about a campaign on life support.

Gallup tracking. Obama back to a 5 point lead 47-42

where can I watch and hear Obama's speech from the

Preliminary Final Hawaii Result: 28,347 - 8,835 / 76% - 24%

Teamsters to Endorse Obama

I for one welcome John McCain and Mr 19% George Bush to

According to one DUer, I support I'm in the same boat as the Swift Boat Veterans.

Keith Olbermann ecstatic that Obama wins!

HILLARY's "Plagiarism" Problem

Cindy McCain: Proud of Abu Ghraib? Gitmo? Katrina response? Homeless vets?

It's all over. I'm calling it for Obama.

The Disaster of Hillary Clinton's Campaign: A Few Thoughts

Conservative: Obama's a Secret Commie Baby

Breaking on MSNBC: 3 Superdelegates to Obama, one a switch from Hillary....

O’Reilly: "I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence…"

Is it really over, or is this hubris?

deja-deja-vu: Hillary, drop out and take your husband home.

Barack Obama really sucks

Michigan and Florida

First Hillary 527 ad to run in Ohio

Michelle Obama Hates America!

UPDATE---from ABC Jack Tapper---on the Clinton 527 ads: First one was deliberate Hillary smear!

I notice Hillary's is up now

"He thinks he could have won in 1972 with a running mate called 'the most trusted man in America'

Michelle Obama on MESS NBC

Whoa - Obama just gave an amazing speech in Dallas Texas.

I would love to see a debate between Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain

Live feed of Dallas Obama rally

Advice for Hillary.

Let's have a sincere post mortem on why DLC strategies were miscalculated

Two more Superdelegates migrate from Clinton to Obama

If George Bush Gave the Equivalent of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

that's the last straw, i full out hate mccain now. hate!

Senator Clinton's new message: Don't get your hopes up and get real

Bush 19% so what are Republican voters hoping for?

WP: Divided Labor Loyalties

michelle obama on msnbc

Tonight, I hate everything and everybody.

Breaking: Teamsters Union Backing Obama

Senator Clinton is not my candidate, she is one hell of a Senator for our party

How much does momentum affect the race?

Hillary Supporters: Move Through This and Fight .

One single image sums up the entirety of GD-P

Who Edited "REALLY" out of Michelle's comment?

Just in time for our Ohio Primary! Please join me in thanking the Judge resposible for this!

I wonder what's going to happen post primaries ad DU

Michelle Obama's statement has been edited & changed

527 American Leadership Project Embraced By Hill Supporters?

States tell police to turn on the camera

to be armed, or not to be armed.

Our eventual nominee will at LEAST know how to find his/her heart

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/20/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton down 2 (40)


More polling proof Obama gives us much better chance of winning general.

Study on "immigration fence" between the U.S. and Mexico ... shows a flaw

From TPM: "OBAMA ADMITS.."I toured my Home with Tony"

Random and Impuslive, but Tonight I'm Missing Hunter S. Thompson...

Now look what Obama has created,


Thousands march in Prairie View for voting rights (7 miles to nearest voting booth)

Help me! I CONFESS! I think I'm guilty of coveting my neighbor's wife

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez, has been stumping for Hillary

Youngsters, pull up a chair, I've a story to tell you

How is Michelle Obama wrong about the last 25 years?

Obama and Clinton agree--

The death throes of the Clinton campaign

DO NOT discount John McCain

Who Agrees? Taylor Marsh v. Stephanie Miller

The Debates now are important for both Obama and Clinton

Why this ex-Republican is voting for Obama....

Wednesday Primary TOON Updates

Emmit Smith for Obama!

US Senate election hopes?


I found this interesting

Has Obama won a closed primary yet?

Latest People Calling People / Call Voyager Texas Polls

Students charged in murder-for-hire plot

REPOST: "Bill Clinton on Experience"

Obama's zero votes in some NYC districts: Mayor Bloomberg Claims Vote "Fraud"

Which of Obama's and/or Hillary's positions do you like LEAST?


They edited Michelle Obama's comments about being "really" proud

Clinton junkyard dog surrogate insults Obama, supporters, prior to Clinton's Ohio speech last night.

Why Chris Matthews Did Barack Obama A Favor

Obama voters, Just heard

Obama supporters and fans of Bob Dylan, you're going to love this:

So what the hell happened in Wisconsin?

Michelle Obama clarify her statement.

Michelle tells it like it is--It's not Chamber of Commerce.

"Obama chipping away at Clinton base." (CNN)

Will Obama Fight For The Democratic Party?

Question: It seems like Hillary does BETTER when she stays away from attack ads...

"It was only a matter of time." -- MSM gearing up to knee-cap Obama

Ohio, + Texas+ Pennsylvania= 577 delegates

Some Obama supporters on DU's response to rw smear about Michelle Obama...

If one of the candidates suffered a personal gas attack during a speech or an appearance,

Lemon wedges in/on drinks/glass....Bad...

An observation - DUers sound just like Freepers when it comes to the Clintons

Can there be any greater contrast between two candidates than Obama and Muckain?

How do people do it?

I am for Hillary...

Why, and when, Hillary drops out.

For the people who are telling Hillary to drop out...

bush, good on aids crisis in africa?.... i havent been following news, what is up with this

Every sentence Obama utters has a noun, a verb and the word "hope" or "change."

What's the difference between freepers and Obama supporters?

Obama's Record of Accomplishment in the US Senate 67 bills authored or co-authored

What's the difference between Tonya Harding & Hillary?

The official THANK YOU John McCain thread!!!!

I have decided that I have a small problem

Hillary is quickly becoming the Tonya Harding of Politics

Gallup tracking for 2/20: Obama 47-Hillary 42

My son and daughter want to vote for Hillary. My response? "You can't..."

Sucker Carlson now seeing a "chip" on Michelle O's shoulder.

FR poster defends murder of "feminine" boy

Haven't seen anyone mention this aspect of the Castro news.....

I'd like to post this video as an olive-branch to DU's Hillary supporters and a reminder of...

O'Reilly has finally gone too far (believe it or not). Doesn't want to "lynch" Michelle Obama

Thousands of Prairie View TX college students march 7.3 miles to vote.

Rudy takes another phone call

". . .Proud of my country. . ." yeah sure

The only man with any right to take pride in his race.

Hillary began losing this nomination when she began to run a

AP Photo: "Bush reacts while making a statement to reporters, Feb. 19, 2008"

Hello, neighbours, I'm from the country next door, and I've just been leafing through recent posts

Does the MSM want a brokered convention?

Question for the people in the "other" primaries of RI and VT

I really don't care what word Michelle Obama really used.

Sad, but a really neat story;

Here's an interesting what-if/ethical/legal question...

Can someone confirm? Last night (CNN) it was said that a *huge* number of Repubs voted for Obama

What has Obama accomplished??

When the Magic Fades Obama Goes POOF!...and you are left with O.C.S. ..

If Edwards remained in through Super Tuesday, our nominee would be decided right now

Do you think if the party splits will bring a third Republican Administration

If experience was THE most important thing, Bill Richardson would

Your Experience With War

Barack, stay away from the hats!

Dick Morris: Attacking Michell Obama isn't going to work

Three Reasons Obama is more likely to beat McCain

I'm home, I'm cranky and pissed off. People here are out of

Here are the direct quotes. Decide for yourself, rather than listening to Faux.

Big trouble in Little Baghdad - Sweden has generous policy welcoming refugee

The Press Knew Obama Would Win Big In Feb, But Still Treated it as HUGE NEWS - cjr

Obama may not want the nomination by the time he gets to Texas. Gas up .10 overnight,

Health Insurance Mandates

While Obama Wins - According To Jim Has A Larry Craig Bathroom......


Hillary Clinton's latest strategy


If she loses the nomination, will the HillaryHaters still vote in November?

Open Letter to Senator Clinton

Mike Gravel appreciation thread.

**Official Happy Victory Thread** Do Not Come In If You Cannot Handle It.

Since Super Tuesday Obama has won 10 contests by between 17 and 82 points


What Obama people and the DNC do NOT realize is that the democratic party ground runners are..

Obama did NOT flip-flop on taking matching funds in the GE like McCain and Hillary claim...

Clinton ties to Monsanto?

Flipping & Floppin' Old Man McCain Should Keep His Mouth Shut

GD:P Crescendo

Hey, care to guess who I am?

"Health care is a basic need of all societies"...

Well.. Now That We Know Wisconsin Doesn't Count...

I am two polls away from predicting that Hillary has already won her last '08 race


Obama's kicking a$$ re the constitution

Zogby: Obama leads Clinton by 14 points nationally.

Massive turnout expected for Obama rally in Dallas today...

The Heat's On Clinton Over Plagiarism Charge

Karl Rove is KO's worst person in the world today. Reason?

Hillary Clinton is a great woman, but she should step down

Obama the first Black president?

When/if Obama is the nominee I'm looking forward to watching John McCain...

Just finished watching Obama's speech in Texas!

Tonight's FRONTLINE covers the 2005 Haditha massacre by US Marines

Obama "Bigfooted" Hillary

POLL: After tonight, will Hillary or Obama be the democratic nominee?

A troubling story that I'm fucking sorry I ever posted you cynical, jaded bastards.

How much more convincing do Obama's victories have to be before Hillary calls it quits?

Obama supporters: I hope each & every one of you writes MSNBC to call for Chris Matthews firing

please....get john mccain off my fucking television

Thanx to all the Hillary People who have shown kindness tonight

Lugar-Obama Nonproliferation Legislation Signed into Law by the President

The embargo worked! Fidel caved under the pressure!

CNN projects McCain wins Washington Primary

Clinton campaign starts talking Puerto Rico

Two N.J. super delegates go to Obama; Norcross backs Obama; key Clinton supporters endorse Obama

Obama outspends Clinton in WI 4x1. I just contributed to Hillary..again!

Texan Democrat Wants to Eat Worms For You - Wicked Funny!

If Obama Gets The Nomination, Will His Supporters Want Or Appreciate Hillary's Endorsement?

I'd like to thank Many of the Hillary Supporters

Good Fugging grief Keith Olbermann

I want to tip my hat to Hillary Clinton

The "Obama Wants to Bomb Pakistan" Lie

Lurking conservatives..Want to REALLY piss off some DUers? VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN NOVEMBER!

Lanny Davis says Obama like Lamont, Hillary is like Lieberman.

just saw a CNN headline that Bush "pushes for intelligence law"

Can the Republicans get McCain some physical therapy or something?

Dave: "Castro to be succeeded by brother OR his IDIOT son Fidel DUBYA Castro!1"

Hillary's campaign has set itself up.

Will there ever be a Woman President

Bill Clinton:Vote Early, Vote Often; "only place in America where you can vote twice"

Texas Senator Kirk Watson: "MSNBC and Me"

Congrats to Senator McCain on his winning Wisconsin

Norah O'Donnell: Annoying Laugh, or Most Annoying Laugh?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 2008

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! WI & Hawaii Primary/Caucuses

The MSNBC Boys' Club struck again last night...

Has MO "clarified" her statement about not being proud of her country

VIDEO: As Obese Population Rises, More Candidates Courting The Fat Vote

I have some questions about John McCain......

Even if Obama's speeches are light on substance, it is a brilliant strategy.

Bloomberg: New York count 'fraud'


Another 'humane', 'less than lethal' weapon on its way to a cop and TSA agent near you

Steve Scully, C-Span moderator, corrects RW caller on Obama's religion

Need DU Help: Tax Email Attack

US & UK Housing Markets already in freefall, AUS & NZ Softening - Canada Next Bubble to Burst?

Economists may be skeptical, but rebate checks just might help out

Joe Louis' sister dies outside Southfield (Michigan) apartment complex

Anybody watching Frontline "Rules of Engagement"?

It's "hard work" to be President! (plagiarism, or just bad speech writing?)

The Hands of ???

NBC HRC must win 65% to stay in the race

Lloyd Doggett (superdelegate) endorses Obama

Nine LANDSLIDES: HRC 0 out of 9 in One on One Elections


Does anyone have Olbermann's email addy handy?


Vallejo Poised to be First CA City to Declare Bankruptcy


Two Men, Two Legs, and Too Much Suffering: America's Forgotten Vietnamese Victims

Hillary supporters, let me put it to you this way

CBC News views the Afghan War. Continuing Canadian participation is uncertain. -- Video

Would anyone care to join me in a humble request? ... No Gloating Threads please...


I forgive KO EVERYTHING for his takedown of Tweety just now

The KKK is NOT The Terrorist Wing of The Dem Party, nor have its sympathies been with us for DECADES

Judge to Hold Reporter in Contempt if She Won't Disclose Sources in Anthrax Case

Please help me proof my oped

This Edwards supporter was mesmerized.

Editor and Publisher's Editor Greg Mitchell Has New Book On Media & Iraq: "So Wrong For So Long"

Get 'em while they're hot.. marked down to $2.99

From a Hillary supporter: The verdict was clear tonight. The race is over.

About that satellite...

I'm new in town

To pacify Iraq:

The Society of the Owned

OWWW! Olbermann Just RIPPED Tweety A New One!

THe Independent frontpage: Adios, Castro

Agent Provocateur lingerie shop's Guantanamo Bay 'Fair Trial My Arse' promotion

Imagine 4 years of Howard Wolfson as press secretary

Yet again, Hillary will IGNORE the primaries she's LOST on the night...

Clear skies for tonight's lunar eclipse

Clinton needs to win +/- 65% of the remaining states delegates

What do you think about a positive outlook for a change,

what happened? hillary collapsed in wisconsin. obama blowout in hawaii

I am really sick of this shit from MSNBC that HRC campaign has been negative.

Put a fork in it, Hillary. You're done.

New York condoms, Texas dildos, By Mark Morford

Wasn't there a massive deployment of Ohio National Guard to Iraq this year?

Your thoughts on the "Steuer-Skandal" in Germany?

Andrea Mitchell reporting that Clinton campaign going to target Obama w/ Commander-in-Chief argument

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Prophets Predict: Tonight, Blood Red Moon Over America

Wishing Obama and his supporters the best of luck in the GE, if they get the nom ...

Mark Penn Memo Intercepted.

Lady Hindenburg crashed and burned tonight...

Jericho on CBS. . .!

Lockheed Rep on US Committee for UNDP, like UNICEF Germany, Raises Conflict Questions

If nothing else, I hope this puts an end to the Mark Penn era

Protestors target Alberto Gonazales during college visit


Clinton deserved better than Wolfson and Penn. And Bill.

Real 'Work'? Clinton Swipes at Chelsea's Profession

Musharraf Insists He Will Stay on Job After Defeat


Obama campaign's brilliant rope-a-dope.....

McCain & Clinton dilemna--They are running the same campaign against Obama. They will both lose

I'm no economist. Question: What happens if we freeze interest rates as HRC advocates?

Mark Penn, Droppin' Some Knowledge And TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

The IMF Gold sale explained

Video: Fired officer claims woman's fall gave her black eyes

What's up with Hillary's tax returns?

Juan Cole RIPS McCain To Shreds: "Will Any Old Military Dictator Do?"

AP: Hillary "Hanging By a Thread". Texas and Ohio Analysis.

Mark Penn; "Hillary is ready to put the pedal to the metal, the race is on."

Wisconsin: 1968-2008

Allright fine, lets continue to watch Hillary humiliate and discredit herself..

President Truman where did you go wrong ?

Would you WALK 7 miles to vote?

ABC News: Clinton supporters have set up a 527 to attack Obama

Restaurant sorry over F word bill

On The Question of Public Financing For The Upcomming Election

Question... Is the three thread rule relaxed during certain hours? n/t

Unleash Your Inner Wonk, It's Cabinet Time.

Leopold leaving TruthOut, Starting new site

Bush's & Clintons-The 2 Ruling Families Function With A Monarchical Air-By Robert Parry

Can someone please figure out how to use this on C-SPAN footage?

Now that Castro's gone, it's time to repeal the most absurd drug ban ever

A perfect example of the undemocratic and unrepresentative nature of the caucus system

Obama campaign nearing ONE MILLION donors

Texas Students March 7 Miles To Vote

Hillary in New York -- "This campaign goes on!"

My wife and I (each) just contributed to Hillary's campaign.

She voted for war, so show her the door

Latest anti-Clinton lie debunked: She did phone Obama to congratulate him on Wisconsin.

Crusade of Surge and Siege: Homeland Born and Bred

White nose syndrome: Bats are dying by the thousands all over New England

Evolution to Be Taught as Scientific 'Theory' in Florida Because of Right-Wing Campaign

Ostrich Caucus

Fuck you, Pat Buchanan, for your sexist attack on Michelle Obama

Gonzales paid $30K out of student fees for speech and pre-approved questions

3 kids and a wife home sick with the flu.

I think the MSM is discovering it just can't get no satis-traction

CNN reports that Al Qaeda has contacted Barack Obama to congratulate him on his victory!!!

Legitimate Wikileak link

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub and Fidel

Do you know a Terrorist®? An ordinary bad guy?

Some food for thought on Obama contributors

anybody here a member of

Help: Can't find Cyndi McCain addiction post

Can Hillary just scream at a rally and get this thing over with?

Nice wrap-up on the Duke Cunningham 5 - The Gang that couldn't stop taking

Wow, McCain's head looks like Quagmire's

A bigger problem than Clinton vs Obama. A 501c3 that needs some attention smear site = =

Deputy tasers high school student against direct orders

Let me see

For the good of the party, Hillary must drop out

I have an important question about Obama and HRC..

AlterNet: Gutted by Money Men, Chicago Newspapers Circle the Drain

Minority report and the Supreme Court. Casual question.

The Nation: 9/11 Gitmo Trials to be Rigged

Maybe Cuba/Castro are or were not perfect, but consider for a moment this:

Unintended irony from

Workers discover 7 WWII-era bombs at Dal Molin airfield (Vicenza, Italy)

Wow! What a bunch of Right Wing Tripe!

I **still** get a 'gee whiz' feeling when watching the shuttle take off or land.

Cindy McCain's eyes are spooky

Sibelgate: US officials visiting Turkey NOW

Is it possible that people are just TIRED of The Clintons?

C-SPIN: WJ...The Knives Are Out For Obama...

Crooks & Liars Video Clip: Chris Matthews Humiliates State Senator Kirk Watson On MSNBC

BBC Presents an Excellent Interactive Graphical Overview of the Subprime Crisis

This really makes me want to vomit (WARNING: graphic photo!)

An Ungrateful Nation Forgets

Civil Rights Activist Yuri Kochiyama- Internment In WW2 Detention Camp & Malcolm X Assassination

Montana wins right to sue Wyoming in water disagreement

List of legislation sponsored by Hillary/Obama, that passed

Tomgram: Making Iraq Disappear

Is a right wing 'news' source?

The Goldilocks Campaign: Kiki McLean has just given us Goldiclinton.

If John McCain would make a great President - why did the GOP

Today’s Headlines 2/20/08

Can we have a little "fun" with our tinfoil this morning?

Student Loan Stress Reshapes Industry

WINTER SOLDIER: Iraq & Afghanistan, March 13-16, 2008

Race For Udall’s New Mexico Seat Draws A Crowd

Welcome home Atlantis. You just broke my ear drums.

Fear, Hate and Hand Grenades: Extremists' Unrelenting Assault on Immigrants

Huckabee: is he now running in the 2012 primaries?

October 2005.

Bill Clinton: Hillary must win Ohio and Texas

me and Steven Colbert, picture

Vietnam War revisionism... and Iraq.

Geez I love the Democratic women - Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Edwards

Smithsonian embracing Colbert picture

Obama's Legislative Record in the IL Senate (NYT)

Never mind WWII ordnance, how about those Civil War "relics"?

2 hailstorms leave huge loss of food crops in Bangladesh

Juan Cole dispels McCain's lies about Obama


WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? To set the record straight.

Name a thing America should be proud of since 1982

Name a thing America should be proud of since 1982

New York Primary: Bloomberg Alleges Fraud in City Vote Count

so this topic of "evolution"...

Contrary to the Obama campaign's claims that the race is over,....

"I'm hoping that Nader enters the race".

ABC: Fired officer claims woman's 'fall' gave her black eyes, broken teeth

"This baby is black. . . . It's a dark, ugly thing"

Iraqi War Casualties Reality Check

FAA probes whether pilots fell asleep inflight, overshot airport

Holy Shit! - another one

Report: FEMA Spent Millions Fraudulently

Its the turnout, stupid!

100 bucks a brl. - one cause, the explosion in Tx. the other day

Is perfect storm brewing for there never to be a black President for a long time?

Al Queda calls Obama to congratulate him on his Wisconsin victory

Have We Forgot FISA Enought Yet For IMMUNITY to Sneak Back In?

Elizabeth Hasslenut needs to STFU!

surge update - Three U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad blast

Can somebody recommend a website where I can keep up with the latest news on

One large pile of Crock

Making head and tails during the Obama virus outbreak

do you think as Hillary loses it and she becomes desperate

E-Mail: Please look at my book

Three times in a row, Hillary Clinton failed to congratulate Obama on his victories

Hillary has accomplished 10x more in the Senate than Obama (debunking the latest smoke and mirrors) wonder she LOVES her country...

High court: Sex offender does not have to move

Will There Ever Be a Black President of the US?

Will There Ever Be a Black President of the US?

WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? Because America Needs It

Sharper Image to Close Half Its Stores

Results for Waukesha, the reddest county in Wisconsin:

WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? The spirit of Winter Soldiers

Two great candidates my ass.

MSNBC and Operation Brokered Democratic Convention: Or No, Michelle Did Not REALLY Say That, Tweety

what happens after 01/20/2009 ?

Stop Blair: ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition

Italian Warrants Have Been Issued For CIA Officer Who BUSHCO Wants To Appoint As CIA Chief In NYC

Global Warming? New Data Shows Ice Is Back

This is what we're up against folks: FW: PICTURES DON'T LIE

New link to Wikileak - Whistle Blower Site

High Court Rules Against G-Strings, Pasties

This place is beyond salvation. When people can...

Rounding up beggars, homeless and mentally disabled people from the streets of Baghdad


Collins’ (R-Maine) Anti-Terrorism Bill Sparks Protest

Costco wins prescription price war....

Tour of California cycle race Live online.

NJ Gov. Corzine to sign gay marriage bill after November election

Just how fucked ARE we?

Cynthia McKinney now brings up Sibel Edmonds, but talks only on AIPAC, not ATC...

China might not be able to feed itself

Bush's Surveillance Act

What a Wonderful Thing; Thank You (DU Heart)

Texas Early Voting.

Promoting segment on Obama, Hardball displayed a photo of bin Laden

UVa. announces Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal recipients

Is fairness a fundamental progressive/liberal value?

Thousands of Students March 7 Miles To Vote

George W. Bush: The Great Humanitarian (a pictorial essay)

As a First Family, could they get any more adorable?

American Exceptionalism

Caption *

Two Gift Retailers File for Bankruptcy - Sharper Image Corp. and Lillian Vernon Corp.

44 years later, I feel better now.

The internet's vulnerability

Taxation Explained in a way that you guys can understand......

In presidential campaign, life imitates TV (West Wing vs. reality)

Gerecht (AEI): let’s pretend to talk to Iran, then bomb

Senator Clinton is not my candidate, she is one hell of a Senator for our party

Gonzales ‘Repeatedly’ Compares Himself And Bush Administration To Lincoln Presidency

Romney explains it away - He had it all

Bush: "Outside forces tend to divide people up...and are unbelievably counterproductive"

DOD Press Secretary: "I majored in English and -- I majored in government and English."

What do you think of a possible Obama/Bloomberg ticket?

How will an endorsement from Edwards be seen at this point?

Bill O'Reilly's "lynching party against Michelle Obama" - he's holding off for now.

Zorro versus Mrs. Potatohead.

Perhaps the most deluded post from the most delusional, insane Freeper ever....

Look at what buying gas is paying for

"More Wars" McCain has called Sen. Obama "naive" before.

Sorry Cindy McCain, It's Time to Take the Gloves Off: DKOS diary by Mr. Populist

Officers say military weakened, not broken, by Iraq and Afghanistan


The Coburn-Obama Act -

The Role of Super Delegates

He doesn't appear to be pro-woman.

U.S. Navy Hopes to Hit Broad Side of a Barn

As an "aging boomer", I'd have to say there is one good thing about getting a little life experience

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) and Obama

Bird flu remains dangerous as it continues to mutate


Get out your hankies...Oregon GOP in big debt and in big IRS trouble

"Peanuts for Peasants"

A "plagiarism" question, and a challenge

grateful shout out to the DU admins....

Caption Bush and Condi

Colonel: Gitmo Trials Rigged

Tape Inquiry: Ex-Spymaster in the Middle

I'm gonna use some really bad language here...

I'm gonna use some really bad language here...

US: Bombers didn't have Down syndrome (DUer Shane from Kane Called it)

Smart person needed to counter this RW e-mail re:Taxes

Al Franken was just on Ed Schultz.

John McCain last week had a choice between his principles and propping up a failed president

I got a notice that someone sent me my first Valentine's Day heart today,

What Michelle Obama REALLY said (Entire Quote/Context)

My 17 year old son, and Obama.

My 17 year old son, and Obama.

Illinois DUers tired of fight over the primary? UNITE for Bill Foster and converge on the 14th CD

19% Approval Rating is no better time to... (graphic image warning)

I say this time its gloves off.

McCain: Bush Should Veto Anti-Torture Bill

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL: In the GE Barack's multicultural energetic movement vs. McCain

Obama is a sexist, racist, homophobic, flip flopping, drug addicted, plagarizing, DINO...

Freepology Today: Terrists attack the marines!!11!!1!! In Washington DC!!1! I"M SERIES!!!!1!!

The Dismantling of John McCain

Tonight on IFC "Bowling for Columbine"

Who is the breathless twit on CNN?

Joshua Frank: Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade with Turkey

Presidential poise

Poll: Franken has thin lead over Coleman

WTH? It might be too choppy for Navy to fire StarWars Missile tonight?

TPM - Wikileaks Vows to Fight Court Shutdown

Matthews switcheroo - politician unprepared

Can Someone Answer These Legal Questions

Here's what I don't understand. Michelle Obama is "remotely related" to the 2008 Primaries...

Can you believe there is going ot be a conference in NYC on GLOBAL COOLING??!!!

I want to see a video a video, an unedited video...

DUers with the need to "pounce," "insult," or "antagonize."

A massive landslide against McPain is the only thing that will prevent another theft

I just came fro GD:Primaries. Anyone got a sandblaster?

At what point in his presidency will George W. Bush no longer pretend that he gives a shit?

X-Rated Iraq: A Tortured Story

WINTER SOLDIER: Why testify? To confront the truth.

As a small reminder:

Iran: Four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking dog in streets

Spinal Tap's "none blacker" theory SHATTERED: "Scientists Create a Black That Erases All Light"

Can people PLEASE STOP posting duplicate threads?

Future Oil Wars Made Fun - Fuel of War Video Game

Men in Chadors

I think that I have been an idiot. (Just a Rant)

Conservative blogger outlines GOP attack plan for Obama

When will the GOP launch their Veiled Racist Attacks against Obama.

Just for sh!ts and giggles

Happy Sweet 16th Memmems!!

Al Sadr might just blow the lid off Bush's "surge"

How to handle right wing e-mails:

Bill Moyers Journal on Friday, 2/22: EARMARKS

FT: America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Years ago, I said to my wife

What a day of highs and lows!!!

The Great Global Power Shift: It's Already Here

Michael Pollan Debunks Food Myths- "In Defense Of Food: An Eater's Manifesto"

Stephanie Miller On Dan Abrams Tonight!

McCain is a hypocrite with his campaign finance reform scam .......

Are Americans Afraid of the Outdoors? Americans are spending less time with nature

Truck Drivers’ Ordeal Symbolic of Bush Administration’s Anti-Worker Policies

NYC condom giveaway causes Fundie heads to explode

I dedicate my 3000th post to Kysrsoze, Bobbolink and Balantz

The Nation: Rigged Trials at Gitmo

Another Inconsequential Post

They're not going down without a fight!


Two Questions:

The continuing Clinton campaign against Obama does not work to weaken him

Thirteen million households unprepared for DTV transition, Nielsen says

Wisconsin exit polls prove that McCain will be "Youthanized" in the GE

House Moves Up Start of August Recess

Driver Who Hit Race Crowd Was Unlicensed, Files Show

Anyone see this? I couldn't put it in the Primaries section

Acquitted of Murder, Neo-Nazi Killer Taunts Victim's Family

Russian Blogs Antidote to Neutered Media

Have you all visited

Larry King LIve 9pm-Jon Stewart

Martial Law Before G.E.?

O'reilly talks about lynching Michelle Obama

Workaholic Americans disdain time off

Labor Law Question - MA, vacation pay

CNN does United States Geography

Sing it with me - I'm a Hillbot and I'm OK

Would you please DU this Q101 global warming poll?

Big Retail Chains Dun Mere Suspects in Theft

Soon Hillary will be emperiling her chance to become Senate Majority Leader Next Year

Bank Accidentally Gives Man $5 Million then charge him with larceny

2fer: COULTERgeist's credit card rejected (buys FOOD) & snarky Cindy ADAMS' take on Dems

This is why they hate us. Really.

Ann Coulter's Credit Card Denied At Florida Supermarket

Please take a moment to visit the memorial site for this murdered child

Forbes says FL and MI strengthened their positions. Really?

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I suspect that there is a chance...

Need help on immigration jingo.

I won't make many friends with this rant of mine (yeah, another TSS GD Rant) :)

"It Is What It Is."

The Pressing Need for a Democratic-run Government

Do you ever get really frustrated with the logic and arguments that some people use?

I was in two different Doctor offices today

Thursday: You Are NOT A Lapdog Call-In Day

Apparently "Star Wars" doesn't work on rainy days

Impeachment Critical to Set Standards for Future Administrations

ONE bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car 1km

Bumper sticker: 'If you liked George W. Bush, then you'll love John McCain!'

We can't allow another stolen election.

US Imperialism. Turn a blind eye if you wish. Pretend it is just good business practice. Whatever.

Regarding men who cut brush with chainsaws.

The Obama Republicans

Democrat Scott Kleeb Running for Hagel's Seat

Clinton 14 points ahead in Ohio

O'Reilly: "I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there's evidence,

****OBAMA Supporters! Here's a list of Barack's Accomplishments while in the US Senate!***

Sometimes I just don't understand DU at all.

"This baby is black. It is a dark, ugly thing." Utah Sen. Chris Buttars

New Clinton sponsored website: Delegate Hub... She will try and tear the party apart

19% - Holy Crap - Bush's approval drops in to the teens (ARG)

OMG! CNN closed captioning: Al Quada called Barak to congratulate him!!

Obama knows he needs a V.P. with NATIONAL SECURITY Credentials.

The tinnitus is terrible, so maybe I didn't hear Andrea Mitchell correctly

Non-Primary TOONS: Castro is gone but he's not forgotten.....

Non-Primary TOONS: Castro is gone but he's not forgotten.....

Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Justice

19% Approve of Bush

Oh, my goodness, what happened on the greatest page?

Gitmo Trials Rigged From The Start For Political Reasons (The Nation)

What other "interrogation techniques" are they using?

One of the Forgotten Reasons We Went to Iraq

Discredited Bush loyalists don't disappear, they just move to other departments.

"The Obama campaign is trying to shut down the Democratic race before the rest of the country votes"


I got a note from Don Siegelman yesterday

I'm watching an Elvis impersonator edition of the Weakest Link

In honor of yesterday's "worst restaurant service" threads...

Hey dorks! I got your junior high picture, right here:

Now I only have only 19 posts to #999

Injured By A Medical Device? Supreme Court Says Tough Luck

John McCain, who has major issues, is running on the basis that he's as good as a 19% president.

I find it funny that Ted Stevens is smarter than you DU Dorks!!1!!


I get to hear and see the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars perform tonite!!


So, are we Lounge Lizards going to go wreak havoc

Bad news from Tucson - 150 Dogs Seized, 3 Arrested In Raid

Who is the biggest DU Dork?

"Carter," huh? Yeah. Good name for a kid.

"Carter," huh? Yeah. Good name for a kid.

O.M.G. Gold and Silver Prices: $941.70 and $17.82 per oz.

The Secret of Obama’s Success and Why He’ll Keep Winning — He Listens to George Lakoff

Gays. Is there anything they can't do?

Hell, the Texas Democrats came out in force today at early voting.

Is John McCain's cancer back?

Look! a Dork Fish!

Informal poll: Willie or Fidel?


According to Everyone's Favorite Pollster, ARG, Bush Approval Rating is 19%!!!!

American Imperialism until the end of time?

The Eagle Flies At Midnight

Bush's Life of Constitutional Crime

Stupid hominids!

What's the benefit of having snow tires on their own rims

What motivates you?

hey philboy! i found something for you

Anybody seen LaraMN?

Stupid homophones

Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning

OMD! I just saw the end of an ad for the Dish Network

Are you in the Angus 1/3# burger test market?

Lemon wedges in/on drinks/glass....Bad...

More on that boondoggle known as "The Wall" (a tad long)

Any William Gibson (cyberpunk) fans?

Somebody here got "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" lodged into my brain a few days ago....

I hate when Ignored gets out of the cornfield

Has anyone heard how Obama did in WI?

There are 634 earthquakes on this map

Whoa now. I need a drink.

Hey temeah: Pic thread.:hot tub ,me, and various nekkid pictures

I've gone fucking insane...I just posted in GD:P

School cancelled due to extreme cold. Minus 30 actual temp. Windchills minus 50.

Top 100 fundy quotes (SCARY/HILARIOUS)

A real-life Orgasmatron! (There goes my wife and $12,000)

I don't care what anyone says, I like Carrot Top.

Stem cells successfully treated diabetes in mice

One good thing about primary night television

Stupid homologs

Why are we at level 2???

NIU shooter's drugs: Prozac, Ambien, and Xanax

Soooo... I'm watching the BEST NBA team this season

For Some Reason Level 2 Has Given Me A New Avvie

Jason D

I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I offended any of my friends here.

*** Official Level 2 Appreciation Thread ***


I have 666 songs on my IPOD

Pssstttt.... Check this out!

I'm calling out VenusRising!

self delete

What is up with McCain's wife's eyes?

Like to drink? Like classic movies?

When you gotta get "taken to school" by someone, it's good if it's a friend who does it.

I've Hidden My Profile

2 questions

I think I will go on MSNBC and slap Matthews silly

stupid potato....

How do you let go of your past, or forgive yourself for your mistakes?

A very interesting talk with my physician today


Self Delete: Mods Grabbed Their Can Of "Troll B'Gone" :o)

Caption this

Very cool Nova tonight on ape intelligence

Why do I go to GDP when I KNOW

Hey, ya'll...

Woo, Mo-Fucking Hooo!!!

My husband is angry at me for keeping the kids up too late. I wanted to see the Obama speech with

I need your happy thoughts and good vibes por favor

An open letter to Monsanto

So, my daughter says, "I'm going shopping, what do you want?" I said wulfinite or galena.


"Paranoid"- Black Sabbath (Live In Paris, 1970)

I don't care what you all say... I love GD:P

Pregnant tigress's spectacular leap to freedom

I think Lunesta might be a sham.

I think Lunesta might be a sham.

What's your favorite color?

I need a word coined right now!

I got lost and wandered into the September 11 forum

Living on the west coast and being a night person is a bitch.


Wanna chip in and buy a music collection?

I am not proud

I'm new in town

McCain strategy

OOPs delete

sigh... 19 victims on my buddy list

Turnaround every now and then I get a little bit lonely

I've decided I'm gonna be happy.

Missile firing at the rogue satellite AND a lunar eclipse at the same time?

Update on my cousin Dustin. Good news.

Is anybody watching Jericho?


F'in snow...

Radiohead approve Amplive remix album. Download available now.

Scolding Fetish Gets Man In Hot Water

What happens when a company's stock price goes to zero?

Why can't I get along with bald-headed testosterone-pumped fucks in the bar?

What's the little flame icon on one of my posts?

Today's Music Question: Best Double Album - LIVE ONLY

Do you Tivo CNN?

Greatest Fictional Marriage of All Time (spoiler if you've mised pop culture for the last 200 years)

Great pants in Rock 'n' Roll history

monkeys dont live several million years

I HAZ A DOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

My hair dryer just blew up in my hand

What's the tv show Jericho all about?

The Corinthian Leather Awards

Military contractor rewarded for shortchanging troops

PBS Sprout-watching parents: Which one is more attractive? (Female Edition)

SoCal CADD folk. Job Opportunity

I just had french toast w/ strawberries

Okay, we did the myspace friends thing on here before...

Police choppers give a whole new meaning to, "when pigs fly!"

Who is the biggest DU Dork?

Who is the biggest DU Dork?

talk about an earworm.....

Stupid homophobes.

Obama surpassed Hillary by playing the commitment card (updated: Hillary delegates switch to Obama)

Who has a better record of success?

Steve Guttenburg to be on new Dancing With The Stars

Somebody on the Internet is WRONG!

Good lord, is this Doris Day in the Lounge, or what?

Attn Lounge: DU dork has invaded GDP!!!

I was wondering why the intelligence level of DU's greatest page improved dramatically

I have monovision

It's been 7 years today

the HGTV Dream Home contest is over and I won

AARGH!! Crappy customer service at a hotel!

The Family Den (a fragment of a story)

Remember These

2:47. Anybody awake? Even if it's onlyl 11:47 your time?

Joe Solmonese gets the Colbert Treatment ™

American Idol.... What guy was your fave?

Don Siegelman's birthday is on Sunday. Please send him a note.

I just saw the fat lady making her way to the microphone. And she has her sheet music with her.

Lunar eclipse tomorrow night!

I HAZ A POODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Does my dog sense I am pregnant?

Does my dog sense I am pregnant?

I am eating a Werther's Original and I am not sharing!

Fantasy European Vacation Destination (with babies) -- Opinions, Please!

someone posted a great journal entry earlier this week


I am eating a Werther's Original. Anybody want it?

3 kids and a wife home sick with the flu.

Redleg Romeo .. Ripper Bravo Two. Check your fire, check your fire!

My American Idol prediction...

Ok, this locking message made me laugh myself sick.

Is this blatant product placement or is it just me?

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Was (Not Was) is a kick-ass live band.

What is it?

My friend's eleven year old is very worried that if Obama wins

My Oma died

Netflix is processing my next 4 movies RIGHT NOW

Time for another GD P picture thread!

I need some help/advice for my brother

DU this Poll from Newsmax - fuck with the conservative nutjobs

My cat is a jewel thief.

Looking for established DUer who landscapes, builds fences. Central Florida area.

Oh lordy! They must be running out of original ideas - Board Games to be made into movies

My cell mate says I'm foaming when I'm hot.

Self employed/business owner/contractor RANT

"Obama "Open" to Privatizing Public Education"

A classic TV moment

Another stupid email joke


SOteric sent me a nekkid pic of DS1

My mommie died today.

Thanks to my friends here. You have meant a whole lot to me; more than

I'm the #1 Dad

I am under 200 lbs for the first time in fifteen years...

I did not win the MegaMillions - Did anyone?

Thank you to my anonymous donor for my star!!

Anyone here hear of the singer "Cat Power"?

Anyone here hear of the singer "Cat Power"?

Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Explain Her Behavior and Feelings

Any homeowners in here whom have ever applied for a variance?

First interesting thing Reznor has ever done in my opinion

I'm doing okay now but last week *whew* it was rough ROUGH I tell ya

Politician joke

I Want To Run Away With BarenakedLady

My cell phone says I'm roaming when I'm not.

Seriously - what the fuck was Rich Corinthian Leather? How does that differ from regular leather

Good Night, MissHoneychurch...

duplicate hobby profiles - yellow ribbons on SUVs

Adjusting color on a flatscreen TV

Best tombstoning this week

Why Do Some Stores Have Multiple Available Cash Registers But Only Staff 2 At A Time?

Why Do Some Stoners Have Multiple Available Bongs But Only Hit 2 At A Time?

Breat implants flop on man's leg-tattoo of semi-naked female


Latest update from GD:Primaries -->

I'd give anything to be back in Little League Baseball

WHY is this such a fucking amazing song?

Post's Mensa Invitational

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/20/08

Hey Orrex...Looks like someone caught you in action....

redqueen should be banished to Guantanamo for this Post

Men of DU: Would you take a birth control pill for men?


What's your favorite Julie Andrews Musical film?

New pictures!!!

I plan to hit the Powerball tonight

Is Dennis Kucinich getting help from the DNC,, PDA or the Progressive Majority? nm

it wasnt me!!!!

it wasnt me!!!!

Do you own an anvil?

New Freeperism -- "pauci commitatus"

What "unbreakable" baseball record will be broken?

Is There A God?

useless facts of pointless information

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/20/2008)

Was there a Jericho thread and I didn't see it ??

GD has gone "Scrounge"

This is my Brazillionth post.

Nuremberg, USA or Impeach Now So That It Will Happen Never Again

Does anyone have a good link for tonight's eclipse?

One of my best friends died this morning.......

really good Heath Ledger article

GD has gone "Lounge"

My wife left me. There better be a bar open

I'm listening to "Comfortably Numb" so fricking loud you can probably hear it in your mind

I HAZ A NOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

So this right-wing, ex-USAF Republican sends me an email today

How do you get fingernail polish off of finished wood?

Ricardo Montalbán and William Shatner, Now This Is Acting

Holy $h!t, this guy (Jake Shimabukuro) is amazing!

More movie heresy: Full Metal Jacket is only half great.

A&E putting racist piece of shit "Dog" Bounty Hunter back on the air

Tonight's Iron Chef experience in my kitchen

Favorite Moon?

12 Years for Contractor in Bribery Case (Wilkes)

z0MG... the locking messages just get better and better!

Andy Stepheson, Wikipedia, and me.

Wheelchair-Basketball Players Stunned By Thunderous Slam Dunk

I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in memphis,

I have over 10,000 posts now!!

Hey Los Angeles residents

Why isn't 60mph fast enough on a snow covered road?

Locking. This is not the image DU wishes to convey. OP warned.

My kitty.

So I am fostering a rescue dog. i come home from the gym, and find this.

The Matrix in 5 Seconds're Henry VIII, and you gotta choose between Scarlett Jo. and Natalie P....

Hey Everybody: Full Lunar Eclipse Tonight!!!!

So, my migraine headaches have started up again. A Rant.


John McCain blew up the USS Forrestal - doesn't anybody care?

My husband thinks he can win "the Bumper sticker War" against me.

Oh, shit! ROFL! You gotta hear this!

"Clinton Lies About Plagiarism Attack," and "plagiarizes" John Kerry

Show your desktop!

Tardigrade (awwwwwwww)

OPERATIONMINDCRIME and ThoughtCriminal: DU Lounge team-up thread

Looking for some Levon Helm-esque music

This is my 10,000th post.

Something beautiful has happened.

Who's the biggest asshole?

Has anyone else seen today's Yahoo photo of barbecued dog paws

GD: P Word Association Game

I want to run away.

Anybody else buried under snow this morning?

Please pretty please send me good karma vibes.

So, I'm looking for a roommate, again.

Who is that guy being carried in the commercial?

I think I may need to get a new Trophy Wife

Damn, I hate those Pedigree commercials about the homeless dogs

My son is NOT on the Autism Spectrum

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

Woohoo!! Finally caught my mouse!

When I was a kid, I wanted to save the world.

Man gets coffee without pants-"porky pigging"

WANTED: Photos of the 19% who think the POTUS works hard

LIVE Blogging at the Oral Surgeon's office... I need a hug and a laugh!

The miracle of melancholia

Children's animated films

Someone from Free Republic gets 5 years probation, and we only give it 2 recs? Come on, people!

I have only just learned a bit of Monty Python trivia

Deputy tasers high school student against direct orders

Random Album Cover game

Big Coal Tries To Bribe Kansas Legislature To Approve New Coal Plants

The Muse is a Stingy Mistress

Best (Live- Greatest Hits) Double Album ever issued ?

My Great Aunt and last surviving sibling of Joe Louis, Vunies Barrow High, passed away

Can it be my turn to start a pic thread now please?

The Cave of the Nymphs.

BREAKING: Jason Leopold No Longer Employed By Truthout

More people are tapping their 401(k) for cash

Forced Out of FEMA Trailers

McCain to win Wisconsin, CNN projects (Dem Race Too Early to Call; Exit Polls Show Obama Ahead)

FEMA misspent money from trailer sales

Administrator: Nifong too rich for bankruptcy

Obama wins Wis. for 9th straight triumph

It's time to leave Iraq: defence chief (Australia)

African AIDS Crisis Outlives $15 Billion Bush Initiative

City of Vallejo On Brink Of Bankruptcy

Ex-minister questioned on abductions

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Iraq market attack

Public Workers' Shield Against Reprisal for Bias Claims Pondered

Iraq electricity minister seeks more funds

Roadside bomb kills three U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

Cuts could halt courts, judges warn

Pro-Clinton 527 Prepares For Ohio, PA and Texas

McCain to win Wisconsin, CNN projects

Musharraf vows not to resign

US floats NATO troop plan for West Bank: Israeli report

America’s economy risks mother of all meltdowns

Human Rights Watch chief says denied Russian visa

Vt. delegation: U.S. should normalize relations with Cuba

Rights groups accuse US of 'persistent and systematic' racial discrimination

Ex-journalist loses appeal over secret U.S. deal in '71

Court says 401(k) participants can sue

Musharraf vows not to resign

Handwritten Ballots Mark Tight N.M. Vote

Judge Orders Wikileaks Web Site Shut

Richmond buses set aside a seat for Rosa Parks

MSNBC Projects Obama to win Wisconsin

Attack kills 15 US and Iraqi troops, 49 injured

Oil Jumps Above $100 on Refinery Outage

Oil Jumps Above $100 on Refinery Outage

Fed forecasts inflation, unemployment

Lloyd Doggett (superdelegate) endorses Obama

BREAKING NEWS: 7.6-magnitude earthquake shakes western Indonesia.

Shuttle safely home ahead of satellite shootdown

Stop Blair: ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition

Bush: Pakistan is "important ally"

McCain blasts Obama as 'naive'

Teamsters union to endorse Barack Obama

New Jersey college under lockdown after bomb threat

Raul Castro, Leader with a Freer Hand

TCS wins $120 mn deal from Chrysler (TATA)

Corrections Corp. Spends $2.5M to Lobby

Al-Sadr threatens to end 6-month cease-fire

Iraq war vet accused of baby rape

Curfew for US troops in Okinawa

CPI Up 0.4 Percent Last Month (up 4.3%, year-over-year)

Relaxed rules for U.S.-China tech dealings spark controversy

Americans feel better about future: Reuters poll

Taliban defeat will take years: US general

Corzine Concerned Civil Unions Don't Bring Equal Rights

Pakistan’s president refuses to step down

Baghdad International Airport rocketed

Boilermakers Endorse Obama for President

BREAKING NEWS: Pentagon says bad weather may delay bid to shoot down dead satellite

Bush: No new US bases in Africa

Breaking: Obama Campaign Urges Clinton to Concede

Democrats want to redefine McCain. It won't be pretty

Pentagon to challenge interview of 9/11 suspect

Sequoia E-Voting Machines Reporting Inaccurate Totals in NJ

Two F-15 fighter jets are reported missing in the Gulf of Mexico

US mil: women bombers underwent psychiatric treatment, no indication they had Down syndrome

Jailed Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee advances through primary

Huckabee hammers GOP

Stanford to eliminate tuition for families earning less than $100,000

NBC reprimands employee for using picture of bin Laden behind Obama story

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 20

1,000 Prairie View students march to courthouse for right to vote

FDA wants to loosen rules on drug marketing

Court limits suits over medical devices

Japan court OKs Mapplethorpe nude photos

Fox Becomes Most Popular Network

Israeli MP blames quakes on gays

More people tap 401(k) accounts for cash

Crude oil rallies to new record close of $100.74

Concerns over Economy Push George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval to New Low - 19%

Justices Will Hear Case on Evidence Suppression

Indonesia accuses US of bird flu plot

MIKE CLAIMS VOTE 'FRAUD' (Mayor Bloomberg regarding zero votes for Barack Obama)

Whistle-blower site taken offline

Stimulus Plan Not Based on Sound Economics

Bush’s Dirty Secret: Bribing Iraq Insurgents Not to Fight By Paul Craig Roberts

Large Potential Albanian Oil & Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo’s Importance by Stephen Lendman

It's the 'Exit Polls at Home' That Really Show Obama's Strength

Obama's Loan Issues

America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Tape Inquiry: Ex-Spymaster in the Middle

Feingold Sets Up Republicans to Win Two More Filibusters By David Swanson

Democratic Nomination Could Be Decided By the 'Souper-Delegate Nazi'

Center of CIA tapes inquiry protects his subordinates (Rodriguez)

Time to Retire America's Failed Cuba Policy by Sarah Stephens

Disinformation flies as US raises Iran bar

Scene and Heard: Seeing Green in Nyumburu

Red White and Blue, Flag-Waving, Patriotic Ignorance: Feeding the Mouth That Bites You

Drawn-Out Primary Fight Will Weaken Crucial DNC Fundraising Efforts

The Society of the Owned

Barack Obama: Both sides must agree (on spending limits)

Bush Accused of Plagiarizing Stalin

Barn Raising Day for Superdelegate Transparency

'Outsourcing not eating US jobs' (BS Alert)

Impact of History ( Sino-Japanese & WWII)

Breaking Scandal: John McCain Plagiarized Use of 'My Friends' From 'MySpace'

The Weasel Syndrome W. R. Marshall

Robert Parry: Clintons Plumb Absurd Depths

US declares 1400-mile Pacific sat-shoot exclusion zone

Thousands of Students March 7 Miles To Vote Early In Texas

Crusade of Surge & Siege: Homeland Born & Bred By Manuel Valenzuela

Microsoft yanks Vista SP1 update causing endless reboots

The Donkey and the Elephant (A Fable) FUNNY!!!!

Tourists need not apply

America’s economy risks mother of all meltdowns

Born Again And Democratic?

Conservative blogger outlines GOP attack plan for Obama

The Secret of Obama’s Success and Why He’ll Keep Winning — He Listens to George Lakoff

Rolling Down To the Coast of Antarctica - Sea Shepherd tracking Japanese Whalers

AP Should Start Reporting the *Real* Delegate Count (Lead of 145 Vs 70)

Obama's White Men: Do They Hear Something Blacks Don't? (BAR)

Vote for Gravel Today in Hawaii, Washington and Wisconsin

New Hillary Clinton Vermont Ad: 'Voices'

Soldiers Speak Out

via TPM: Obama's Victory Speech

Barack Obama on Iraq

Countdown: Bushed! Feb. 19, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech in Houston, Texas on Feb 19th

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 2/18/08 PART 1

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 2/18/08 PART 2

Ron Paul '08

Freedom to Fascism in 10 steps

Barack Obama: We Need You, Texas.

Explaining The Democratic Delegate Math

Falling Through Ohio ..Hillary Ad

The Match of the Century! Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama

Guess Who Agrees With Clinton?


Why Obama will Lose

Nancy Skinner sticks up for both Obamas on Hannity & Colmes

Unedited video of Michelle Obama's speech in Wisconsin

Because it's not who votes that counts...

We've been fleeced enough by politicians

Tweety goes nuts, gets smacked down by Keith

American Leadership Project Ad

TPMtv: A Tale of 3 Speeches

Bush Defeats Castro & Communism

Anti Bush protest

Was Hillary Planning On Going After Obama's *Pledged* Delegates?

"I love the Army, but I can't be quiet any more."

Amazing O'Reilly spin in the 'No Spin Zone.'

John McCain on NAFTA

Young Turks: Bush Appointed Judge Is A Cross Dresser

Think Progress Finds Very Telling Story About New Border Fence!

Barack Obama on Health Care

No More Victims - How to help kids hurt in Iraq war

Prarie View University Students March 7 miles to vote (TX)

the times they are a changin', aka happy president's day


Making solar cells sustainable

Solar motors powering crops in Nigeria

Market driving solar tech breakthroughs: researcher

Solar Energy Company Starts Construction On The Largest Affordable Housing Project In Orange, NJ

Siemens plans F.M. expansion: Company plans to more than double jobs at wind-turbine blade facility.

Sisters (nuns) are renewing community life from the ground up

Sisters (nuns) are renewing community life from the ground up

Australia 'on verge of being a solar nation'

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Brazilian police say Petrobras theft was corporate espionage

Deep Economy - Creating the new NEW normal.

Sen. Reid accuses coal industry of using “the old Hitler lie”

Climate Change Threatens Human Rights of Millions: UN

hydroelectric power w/o the damn dam

Grocer HEB kicks off wind energy study with Wind Energy Corp.

Big Foot — In measuring carbon emissions, it’s easy to confuse morality and science.

Deep freeze in western Greenland

Ecuador President Backs Wind-Energy Park

UAE gas supply is 2o% below peak demand

The Market Value and Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Production

China: Going Green, Going It Alone

Recycling question.

Risk of permafrost thaw a "wild card" in warming: U.N. - Reuters

Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell Marks Significant New Economic Progress in Westmoreland County

Earth First! Blockades Power Plant Construction Site, 27 Arrested

My cute new electric car? It's a little ray of sunshine

Energy shortfall could hit UAE economy by 2012

Australia To Build Solar Power Station In Coober Pedy

Solar Thermal Power Poised for Prime Time

UNEP sees emergence of green economy

GM and Coskata: Detroit’s Biofuel Bet

Casey: Shorter Iraq tours still likely

Survey: Senior officers gloomy about military

Petraeus backs slower drawdown from Iraq

1st trial opens in killing of unarmed Iraqi

3 killed by IED in Iraq; rockets wound 4

Guardsman jailed for smuggling immigrants

Navy could try satellite shootdown today

AfriCom HQ in Germany for forseeable future

Editorial: Smart thinking, not money, is real answer

Backtalk: An indefensible defense budget

Gonzalez, Nicholas depart for the Med

Major sent to jail for faking awards

GAO: Naval Academy has most sexual assaults

In towns with no war dead, Iraq truly distant

Unmanned ground vehicle tested at Fort Bliss

$500 loans available soon from Aid Society

149 more F-15s cleared for takeoff

Air Force rolls out new advertising campaign

GAO: Academy sex assaults may be underreported

Newer C-5s to get upgrades

Airmen lay groundwork for Bush visit to Africa

Deposition of Murtha sought for Hadithah case

Amid allegations, USFJ calls ‘period of reflection’

CG relieves cutter skipper in Persian Gulf

Army’s microgrants have mega impact

Health official gets dose of complaints

Backtalk: Government must stop treating Guard like active-duty force

Air Force plans SERE training for airmen

Defenses fortified around Kosovo

Workers discover 7 WWII-era bombs at Dal Molin airfield

COLA gets nominal raise for servicemembers in UK

Captured man called ‘Special Group’ leader

Pacific Brief: Yokosuka COLA drops; other bases unchanged

Okinawa police: Fewer SOFA personnel arrested

2 more Okinawa Marines arrested

Marines in Iraq brace for Japan restrictions

Troops, Families Hit by Okinawa Curfew

Court Rejects ACLU Domestic Spying Lawsuit

DoD Watchers Mull the Next President

OTS Begins New Close-Combat Course

New Howitzer Shooting Made Easier

Activists will Petition to Keep Guard Troops Home

Modifying M1-A2 Tanks to Improve Safety

Officials: Fighters, bombers at breaking point

High-tech cloth may help limit friendly fire

WP: Divided Labor Loyalties

Colombian President Uribe Confirms U.S. Unions' Fears

Today in labor history February 20

USW Powercast Episode 42

Tuesday Primary Voters Worry About Trade—But McCain Doesn’t Get It (& video)

Tropicana corrupted union vote, judge rules

Sweeney: Nation Needs to Literally Build a Better Future

'Outsourcing not eating US jobs' (BS Alert)

Ex-soldier to be tried in rape of 3-month-old

More Clothing Union Made in USA Closeouts


Spider Jerusalem

Commodities Surge to Record as Inflation Concern Sparks Demand

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/19/08

IMF Selling 400 Tonnes of Mexican and Brazilian Gold as its Own!

Great Latin American Thinkers

America's economy risks the mother of all meltdowns

Slouching towards Petroeurostan

Pittsburgh med center to call bonds rather than pay 'loan sharks'

Former Treasury secretary Summers argues for global cooperation in tax enforcement

Wealth destruction gathers pace

A major economic realignment is coming

Court says 401(k) participants can sue plan administrators

President Fidel Castro's actual resignation statement.

Ecuador President Backs Wind-Energy Park

Chávez accused of backing protests against Torrijos

Former hostage reports pact between rebels and Chávez

Cubans hope Raul Castro brings reform

US warns Bolivia that growing ties to Iran could put trade deal at risk

Argentine woman accuses adop parents of kidnapping in Dirty War adoption

Palestinians should follow Kosovo example: negotiator

Palestinians: Ailing woman dies after IDF denies her ambulance

If the land isn't private?

First openly gay black state legislator-Jason Bartlett from CT

Remembering Lawrence King

CT State Rep. Jason Bartlett announces publicly he's gay

House stalls on ban of domestic partnerships

"Will and Grace Creators write new Will and Grace ripoff"

I got a canned call today

Biden Pakistan and India bits

I'm more convinced than ever that Biden was really our only hope -- or our

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo - Wednesday, February 20th at 10:26 pm EST

The Carter Center

wickfordbard's eclipse newsletter

Crystal's full moon meditation..

Boundaries or lack thereof

Neptune and the Primary Season

I can't find Hope06's thread about her dental surgery that happened today.

Questions for numerologists

The Eclipse is conjunct my natal moon and ascendant.

Something's coming. A cautionary statement, not a prediction really.

WTF? Denver team upsets league leading team from Boston.

Champions League: Round of 16, day TWO (SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

Whole grains may curb belly fat, inflammation

Music speeds recovery from stroke

Strokes Among Middle-Aged Women Triple

Study suggests new germ 'hot spots'

Graveyard shift at hospital sometimes just that

The Toxic Myth

Fast thawing tip


Interesting gizmo

Can you do 'New England Style Pot Roast' without prepared horseradish?

~~~ Post Your MARCH Contest Theme Suggestions Here ~~~

For the Christians on this forum to know and remember

hey all you atheists and agnostics !!!

Another Mysterious Scientology-related Suicide: CoS Critic Shawn Lonsdale

Genetic Breakthrough Supercharges Immunity to Flu and Other Viruses

The Citizen Scientist

Self Portraits....ego? not me.... Let's see yours!

Religion Affects Americans’ Views of Nanotechnology

Researchers Decode Genetics of Rare Photosynthetic Bacterium (uses red light)

Penn and Teller on Gun Control

talk about politicizing a tragedy

“CLINTON WANTS A GUN SUMMIT” February 18, 2008

How many shootings at school will it take?

Gun control enforcement UK style

Thousands of Students March 7 Miles To Vote

Great Youtube Video

What It MEANS To Be A HACKER-Election Reform-Fraud & Related News-Wed 2/20/08

The weekly Don Siegelman thread is here:

ahem...a few recs for the daily ER news please...

Makeshift Office at Heart of Obama Fund-Raising

Comments Bring Wives Michelle and Cindy Into Fray in Wisconsin

Obama Extends Streak With Ninth Victory Over Clinton

Obama Opens Two-Front Fight: Battles both Clinton and McCain

WP, Eugene Robinson: McCain's Losing Message

Words So Nice They Should Be Spoken Twice: Lifting lines from Patrick, Edwards and Bob the Builder

Obama Chips Away at Clinton's Usual Hard Core of Supporters

Obama takes lead over Clinton in early returns from Hawaii caucus

Clinton Defiant After Wisconsin Loss

SurveyUSA: Hillary's Ohio Primary Lead Shrinks To Nine Points

Texas State Senator Kirk Watson v. Chris Matthews

Pro-Clinton 527 Set Up to Tarnish Obama in Ohio

Please delete -- reposted in GDP

Barack Obama: Target #1 engaged, two-front assaults

Zogby poll: Obama leads Clinton by 14% nationally

Clinton campaign starts talking Puerto Rico

Cimperman ad lies about Kucinich

Source: Obama On Track To Raise More Than $36 Million In February

Clinton camp looks to supporters for advice

Has anyone heard of an Obama stop in El Paso???? n/m

DFWers - is it totally a pipe dream to think I can head for Reunion Arena at 11am

Scott Ritter Austin appearances to benefit Fort Hood IVAW38

Problems with early voting in Houston

Obama and Clinton to show up to TDP watch party

I just unsubscribed from PDA's email list

Live video feed from Obama Rally in Dallas...

Record numbers vote early

I wanted to share this with those of you Kerrycrats who haven't seen it.

X-post from ER:Elections Administrator J.R. Perez Surprises Election Commission By Resigning

The Melancon-Van Os North Texas Tour Sat 2/23

Dudes. They're explaining the damn caucus on NPR.

Anyone here going to see Bill Clinton in Beaumont today?

Here at Obama rally ready to roll!

AP, Ron Fournier: "Democratic nomination is now Obama's to lose."

Barack Obama in Corpus Christi on Friday, February 22

Pictures! of Obama in Dallas!

Voted for Hillary today...

Wining and whoring with Norm in the Napa Valley--for $10,000

Bob Olson Will Beat Michele Bachmann At Her Own Game

Still image from a plane hitting a brick wall

U of M students just don't care

Battle for Texas Latino vote challenges conventional wisdom

Summary of Newspaper and Organization Endorsement for Sam Houston and Linda Yanez for Supreme Court

The Nation: Col. Morris Davis says Gitmo 9/11 Trials to be Rigged

Wisconsin: Beginning of the end for Clinton?

Convert Your HD DVDs to Blu-Ray.

Help needed with keyboard.

Must See TV: Bill Clinton on Experience and Change 1991

FYI - Pro-Clinton 527 Prepares For Ohio, PA and Texas

Pissed re: anti-Obama 527 group ALP? Send emails to [email protected]

Aloha !!!


Anyone know what island in HI might go heavy or light for Obama?

Rep: Time to tax Harvard

Dorm Rooms Are Revoked Over Grades

KOEB 2/19/08 Cheeseheads' Choice Edition

Link to Nancy's appearance on H&C last night

KOEB 2/19/08 - Cheesehead primary edition thread #2

I just checked the Faux News schedule

Pro-Denham editorial in the local shitbag

SF Chron: "S.F. Chinatown subway plan gets agency's nod" BULLSH*T!

Tory MP Stoned !

TheLondonPaper, Tuesday 19 February...

Diners receive sexually explicit bill

How Obama won Wisconsin

The win has been called for Senator Obama!

Green Bay votes 88% for Dems

This is the sickest thing I've ever seen.

An Unusual Life - "Atheist Jew" to speak at Religious College

Media bias? Hillary and Chucklenuts

Exposed: WP media critic Howard Kurtz's conflicts of interest and love affair with the Right

Is it too much to hope for that the media won't turn Michelle Obama's misstep into

Blatant Racism on Newspaper's Forum