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Archives: February 2, 2008

Heaven and Earth: You post at DU way too much!

I suggest posters stop grouping all supporters of one candidate and creating

LA Times: Romney supremely qualified to be president.....

Bush looked scared while Exxon makes 40 billion

McCain Hatred - What does it mean for Dems?

Flashback 2002: Obama's Iraq War speech...

In Pro-Obama Brooklyn, Clinton Supporter Predicts Victory

Reagan is the real fairy tale (Michael Kinsely)

Missouri in a statistical tie: 44% Obama, 48% Clinton, 4%MOE

McCain is using Hillary's "Day One" line in a new ad.

There are times my mouth gets in front of my passion..I will try to do better

General Election polls:

I no longer have any fear about Clintons electability.

I just called John Edwards' Headquarters ....

Are the swift boat veterans really up to it again?

Snoop Dogg is undecided...

Look at all these candidates for president

Giuliani spent $49 million for one delegate. tee hee

The coveted 2008 endorsement is undecided

Ludacris demurs

Anybody else get the feeling that Lou Dobbs is setting up to run

Whose supporters are the most divisive.....

I didn't know that Quincy Jones had endorsed Hillary.

2PAC and Biggie Smalls are undecided - as of now

The Denver Post Endorses Hillary for the Democratic Nomination

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Hillary 43 Obama 37

Why can't we all just get along?

:: 130,000 Youtube - former Chicago N.O.W. Prez switches to Obama ::

Wow, who cares Rachel Maddow thinks, just another talking head.

I'm sick of HUMANS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY! Must vote for Mitt!

Have You Ever Watched ANYTHING On The Hallmark Channel

I'm just sick of BUSHES AND CLINTONS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY! Can't vote for Hillary!

Hillary "National Town Hall Meetup" on Hallmark Channel...night before Super Tuesday!

I predict an obama win in california

New Hillary Video with Bobby Kennedy and Ceasar Chavez Great View!

Poll: NJ primary now in play; Clinton's lead falls to six points

Hillary's Hallmark TV buy cost $500,000, Hallmark 8th highest rated cable network in 2007

Why is it that when a organization comes out and supports Obama it becomes a problem on DU

Did Hillary Clinton vote in favor of the Iraq war?

Just because Bill Clinton is going to watch the Super Bowl

What an Obama supporter said to me today about Edwards

Did Lee Mercer vote for the IWR?

Your evening right wing radio update.

Six-figure TV ad comparing McCain to Hillary Clinton -- Look Who's Behind It

Rangel's wife endorsed Barack Obama?

Virginia's Constitution Prohibits Secret Vote Counting! John Edwards Can Be Of Assistance Here...

Video - Coulter on McCain - Wow

Ironic that MoveOn was formed to encourage congress to "Move on" from impeachment

Do you think if we could actually get Coultergeist to go into the booth...

I just saw a McCain ad on my teevee machine.

I think many Dems are becoming a "single issue" voter just as we maligned

Wow...What a day....

Hillary Clinton is stronger than Obama on terrorism

Obama skipped voting on the resolution condeming the MoveOn ad

For those of you who are voting only based on gender

ACLU wants me petition my senators to oppose the FISA law.

Obama has prettier hair than Hillary Clinton


I'm just sick of WOMEN RUNNING THIS COUNTRY! Can't vote... oh, wait...


When John McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton being tortured

Wow, someone stole an Obama 08 bumper sticker off my car today!

Clinton looking ahead to March 4 Texas and Ohio primaries

Arizona Tribe Endorses Obama

Surprise: As many people excited about primaries as they are about Super Bowl

Silent Protest at Clinton Rally

Do elected officials alienate their constituents when they endorse?

I'm so sick of Humans running this country!

On Keith Craig Crawford see's John Edwards as a possible Obama VP

Is This RACIST, Or What ???

Keith O and Richard Wolfe slamming Hillary on her Iraq War vote right now.

Al Jazeera: "Clinton To Ride Out Obama Surge"

Tuesday may not settle who the dem nom is, but it will settle a lot

Just heard Zogby on 1600 say Hillary is now losing to mitt and Mccain

The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION about Hillary and Barack ...

McCain is dangerous

In last night's debate

Digby Recently Decided To Shut Down Her Comments Section Because The Posts Had Grown So Toxic !!!

Can it be Tuesday already?

One good thing about Hillary running for President and possibly winning:

Hillary ate small babies and Obama had a blood ritual!

Well I got my CA absentee ballot and marked it for Obama. I have nothing against Hillary.

Are we still writing in Al Gore on the primary ballot?

Excellent Rezco article and an example of Mr. Good Judgement's being right on day one.

Obama Sweeps California!

Do you fit the Clinton/Obama stereotype?

Oprah back on the trail with Obama

My 999th post..... GOBAMA!!! GOBAMA!!! GOBAMA!!!

I'm With You

I'm voting for her because of her work with women and children.


Was Feingold right to vote against the Levin Amendment?

So when Obama voted to fund the war, and later realized he had made a mistake...

Hillary Camp Does not Respect the Foreign Press

It's fitting that MOVE On endorsed Obama

Nice photo from MoveOn's site

New IL Poll: Obama 55, Clinton 24

Michael Savage Threatens Barack Obama!

Ah super tuesday is coming

I dare say Soledad is Smitten with Michele Obama

Hillary Talks Up the 'Dream Ticket'....Strategically.


Question for the Veteran DUers......

Clinton in Trouble in Connecticut?

Gov. Granholm on CSPAN2 now.

MoveOn's move will alienate many of their supporters

Clinton Adviser Compares Obama Mailer to Nazi March

Super Bowl Sunday- Super Tuesday: The Show Goes On...

SurveyUSA - New Jersey: Hillary 51% - Obama - 39%

There's no difference between the Dem candidates

CLARITY ON IRAQ: Senator Paul Wellstone's speech on the Iraq War Resolution

Fantastic super tuesday breakdown and prediction...

Obama supporters and Clinton supporters!!

Clinton co-chair took checks from Rezko

Romney could end campaign on Wednesday

Denver Post: "Clinton is better prepared"

War Opponents Dispute Clinton's Account Of Levin Amendment

Why is Olbermann bringing race into the debate again. I hate General Electric

ok you want to take a break and have a laugh?

Question for all you Poll (T)humpers

You know what? Screw all this nastiness. What I saw at the Dem debate last night was UNITY.

Kathleen Hall Jamison on Bill MOyers...

This Edwards supporter

OMG, I just saw a John McCain commercial in CA.

Obama may tie or in fact beat Hillary by a few points in CA on election day but it DOESN'T MATTER

I'm just sick of MEN RUNNING THIS COUNTRY! Can't vote for Obama!

I am now convinced: Rush Limbaugh hates John McCain (and this is great news!)

50 Cent endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton

JOHN EDWARD SUPPORTERS: I'll tell what I want, what I really really want ...

Reminder..Oh nevermind...

Has anybody worked the online phone banks for Obama?

Did Barack Obama vote against the Iraq War?

Does anyone have the email contacts of the Move On Board and staff

So, where in the world are the female presidents? (or leaders)

In case you haven't seen it: The LA Times endorsement of Barack Obama

take a moment to appreciate what an exciting primary this is...

Bobby Kennedy Jr. makes a powerful case for Hillary Clinton in new ad

Shame on you DUers who are trying to pretend the IWR she voted on is now irrelevant!

Dennis Kucinich, the only real anti-war candidate on funding the war...

New Ohio poll: Clinton 44 Obama 28

Simple Question: Who Will Draw More Independents?

Bolanos Brothers endorse Clinton. Obama gets Lawrence Tribe

States Following Super Tuesday Are Likely Obama Wins 19 to 6 !

Harlem Asks: Are You Fired Up?

Are you in a Super Tuesday state?

I think the Republicans are doomed no matter who wins on the Dem side.

Extrapolated results if MoveOn's 3.2 million members had voted: Obama 2.25 million, Hillary 950,000

Hillary lied about the Levin Amendment last night when explaining why she voted against it..

Alright, be honest...

They're spinning us about McCain being hated by the right

Clinton's Iraq vote was cynical, Obama's brave

Wait until you see what that prick Dick Morris is saying NOW!

Today a long-time friend of mine (political friend, not buddy) bemoaned our Demo choices.

A Batch Of Polls For Super Tuesday States

Oprah campaigning Sunday with Michelle and Caroline Kennedy in CA.

RFK Jr. in New TV Ad for Hillary

Dems Defect from MoveOn.Org - OR - Democrats Cut Off Their Nose to Spite Their Face

Obama: "In the world's greatest deliberative body, no one is listening."

Calif. Service Union Backs Obama!!!

Reading GD:P, I have come to the conclusion that a ton of the Obama vote

Rep. Xavier Becerra and other Latino leaders for Obama

Roger Stone, GOP Strategist, with his latest: C.itizens U.nited N.ot T.imid

ABC's Jake Tapper under fire for lying about Bill Clinton

Native American Times Endorses Barack Obama

John Edwards Voice Remains IF... We Continue to Give Him Voice... Vote Your Principles Tuesday!

Illinois: Obama 60% Clinton 24%

Obama’s African Hubris

Grateful Dead Members to Reunite for Barack Obama

"Dignity": ROBERT KENNEDY JR and CESAR L. CHAVEZ on why they're supporting HILLARY

I love!

Will Edwards advance his ideals or be cautious, unwilling to choose, unwilling to lead?

Who will be the easier target for the Republican Noise Machine: Hillary or Obama?

I've made my decision: I will not vote for Barack Obama in the general election

What EXACTLY do you think Obama did wrong with Rezko?

For Hillary Supporters Only: Look Deep Into My Most Charming Eyes & Repeat The Following:

Obama’s campaign slogan in the GE, “I was against the war before I actually had to vote for it”

Which Sunday morning talk show will John Edwards visit?

Obama SLAMS McCain

I'm still voting for Edwards on Tuesday. Convince me why I should change it.

Would a GE Product Boycott Encourage MSNBC to Put a Sock in Tweety’s Mouth? 3 Big Lies He Told Today

Don't read this

I am voting Democratic in the 2008 election, because I would not be proud to be an idiut.

I finally got it to work

McClatchy: Wall Street donates millions to top presidential candidates

Am I correct that if you contribute under $250 to a candidate your name stays anonymous?

Bill Clinton weighs in on debate: "I thought he (Obama) did really well."

To Those Who Just Joined DU In The Last 60 Days, Who Are You Supporting?

When will the Press start to ask *Obama* tough questions?

McCain version of "You Bet Your Life" - WaPo

WP: Obama Endorsed by Anti-War Group

Move On endorsed Lamont

OT: Why does everyone spell the word "Huge" as "Hugh"?

Ted Kennedy: Why I support Barack Obama

I'm just sick of PEOPLE running this country! I'm voting for KUCINICH!

So, what happened to handshakegate?

What do the heath insurance industry and Barack Obama's campaign have in common?

I liked her endorsement from Nurses. She has done a lot for them. For me its all about


Ethnicity matters. That's why I am voting for the Irish Candidate.

Sheldon Whitehouse is supporting Hillary? I'm so happy!!!!

I'm working on a theory...

ARG Polls: Connecticut - Clinton UP 13 - Illinios Obama UP 11

why are you so fired up about a candidate who

Candidate Schedules - - - The run-up to Feb 5th

Have you ever read an Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity book?

One more time...explain to me, how in this vast country

Hillary Clinton Is The Underdog? She trumpets she's raised 32 million last quater, had a 20 pt lead

Dammit, I Need Hourly Polls

Twenty years of Clintush is enough.

I've Made My Decision: I wil vote FOR Senator Clinton in the General Election if she is the Nominee

Guess what! Since Edwards suspended, I got a fever. And the only prescription

Which is worse?

Super Tuesday clear as mud:

"I know the face of evil." - John McCain

WTF! BOTH candidates running Kennedy ads?

Obama voted to fund defense bill only after the following:

Horrible Mitt Romney Ad in California

Clinton Aide: I Only Talk To Americans (Toby Harnden - Telegraph)

I noticed something very strange on this site.

I support Obama and please make note of my username

'Oh, you do something nice for us and then your wife gets to have the presidency?'

Why is Obama surging nationally-He's making huge gains among women-Gallup

McCain is to Conservatives what Lieberman is to Liberals?

Try this quiz ....

Have you noticed Huckabee's 'poor me' comments?

Obama supporters with campaign connections: Tell your candidate to retract the statment.

Has Hillary Clinton EVER said how she would enforce the mandate?

When Did You Come To Your Decision About Which Candidate To Support?

Need help to understand - Obama vers.Hillary

Rethug race may be over next week if Romney underperforms on Super Tuesday

Obama's rightward slide continues with Harry and Louise style fake health care plan

Obama talking points (Feb. 1, 2008)

Democratland vs. Hillaryland

Every "I refuse to vote for Barack or Hillary in the GE" thread should be put on IGNORE!

La Opinion The Largest Spanish-Language Newspaper In California Endorses Obama

Reading into polls basic details - is support soft?

I'm nervous that McCain will take some indies away from Obama

Time for a Mea Culpa

Waxman on his IWR vote.

Los Angeles Times Endorses Barack Obama

James Madison got it right....

Native Times Endorses Obama

Why I'm Backing Obama by Susan Eisenhower

What is this election about?

Why we should support Bill Richardson for Vice President.

Best definition of the kind of leadership we need now...

New Alabama Poll: Obama 44.4(+4.4), Clinton 37 (+2)

Barack Obama has nice voice

Change, yes...but

I worked graveyard all night and am too exhausted to go see Obama this morning.......

If Gore were running:Who would you be voting for?

if you want to win in the fall, barack is the only option

Politics is just like religion

Insane McCain Now Gay Republican Candidate of Choice

Obama beats Hillary over head with Iraq

Republicans need not fear Hillary or Obama but one of their own...

Fox News on Obama

Obama Is Surging In New Tennessee Primary Poll

Obama Rally Featuring Michelle, Orprah, and Caroline to be held at Pauley Pavillion, UCLA

Obama endorsed by FOX News Billionaire's New York Post:

Major New Mexico newpaper endorses Obama

There is one poster in GDP who is very strange!

It's not just a question of "change" ....

Obama ad inaccurate, "Politics of Hope" just more dirty politics

Did move on endorse kerry before he had it in the bag in 2004?

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning yesterday in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Si se puede!

I will defintely vote Hillary if she is the nominee

Lie about Clinton spreads, truth struggles to keep up

New Rass. Alabama poll has Clinton 46% and Obama 41% and 7% will vote neither

New Saturday Illinois Poll: Obama leading Clinton by 31-pts in state

To LA DU'ers, Hillary has a massive rally today at Cal State Los Angeles

28 years later we are still debating over national health insurance

Hillary spending ANOTHER day in California?????????

Obama would be the perfect candidate for a high school presidential race

Candidates run on platform Edwards built

Vermonters don't support Clinton: In '07 she raised $47,000 here. Obama

The Bush/Cheney grasp for Executive Power: What do Hillary and Obama say about it?

Is anyone else tired of all the endorsements?

How important is a "pro-active" Congress?

Which is more preferable and good for our nation

Susan Eisenhower endorses/backs.......Obama

Why Did Huckabee Stay In The Race, But Edwards Dropped Out?

“It’s like when Tony Bennett suddenly became hip again after the kids discovered him,”

911 truther what do you think of this

Obama not gaining at all with the Latinos, in fact its too late

Song from Black Eyed Peas' Inspired by Obama Speech

Clinton’s Gradual Education on Issues of Race (NYT)

AL POLL: Hillary 46 (-3), Obama 41 (+13)

If Hillary is the nominee, what will be the main far far far right wing meme used against her?

LA Times: Obama advisor says Obama "doesn't go on television and have crying fits"

Chicago Tribune: "My button seems to be sticking" (Obama on why he voted present)

Factcheck: Sen. Obama falsely compares Hillary to George Bush on economic stimulus

La Opinión Endorses Obama - Big!

Obama Takes 4 point lead in Connecticut

Buffalo News: "Latinos in 'comfort zone' with Clinton"

I'm QUITTING the Democratic Party!!!111!!!1

New Rass Poll Missouri Clinton 47% Obama 38% 11% will vote neither

Susan Eisenhower: Why I'm Backing Obama

Baxter Bulletin: Hillary "poised, articulate, informed and forceful"

MO POLL: Hillary 47 (+4), Obama 39 (+15)

Former Rochester mayor B.Johnson and former Monroe County Executive T.Frey endorses Obama

Which "Super" competition are you more pumped up for this year?

This is a very good side to follow the race

Do you realize there is already a vietnam vets against McCain web site?

Here's a good interactive poll tracker...


Candidates Hang Hopes on Super Tuesday

Do You Think Over The Next 40 Years You'll Have More Chances To Vote For a Black Person, Or A Woman?

Barack Obama - Yes We Can - Si Se Puede

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/2/08 - Clinton up 2 (45), Obama unchanged (37)

Absolute difference in the ...Experience of Obama and Clinton

Well... At Least It's Not Just DU !!! - Democratic Race Splits Some Couples in 2

CALIFORNIA ELECTION INTEGRITY '08: what you will need to know if there are weird results

i can't make up my mind; my mind is made up Debunks the Debate

Quick straw poll

Political Calculus: Solve for X and Y (Generations); McCain Makes a Walk-in Tub for Dentured Dems

Anyone predicting that dems will lose the Congress this year

Anyone think it's less important who Dem nominee is than it is that Mitt is the Republican nominee

The Clintons' African Photo-Op Tour: a Flashback to a Distraction from "Troubled Times"

Historic Democratic Debate: All America’s Children Can Reach the Mountaintop

U.N. peace messenger George Clooney supports Obama, but won’t hit the trail

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Where Delauro Goes, So Goes Dodd? Delauro endorses Obama!


How to rig an election

meet the Dixiecrat.

I listen..I hear the heartbeat of America...Obama!

People get ready!!!

Come together, right now

Clinton adviser links Obama mailer to Nazi march; campaign disavows analogy

Republican 'Ike' Eisenhower's granddaugher endorses Obama

The Daily Polls - One thing is definite

Inside the divided Kennedy's

An inconvenient truth: You guys do realize you're voting between Joe Trippi, Axelrod, Penn, right?

Whoever wins the nomination can choose to seat the FL and MI delegates

Rudy spent $50 million on ONE delegate!

Bill Clinton to make black church tour in L.A. Sunday; some call it "mea culpa" tour

I Think It's Safe to say That Hillary's Stunt in Florida Didnt work

Albuquerque Tribune endorses Obama

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

My nephew served in Iraq.

Look at the polls and see: Barack Obama is more electable than Hillary Clinton.

My Problem with Obama (Although I'll Still Vote for Him in the GE)

Obama's Housing Plan

Candidates hang hopes on Super Tuesday

MSNBC endorsing HC and CNN endorsing Obama

Reminder for Hillary Supporters - Virtual Town Hall Meeting Monday

The LGBT channel, Logo, did an interview with Hillary Clinton on Friday.

If white people have no idea what makes blacks terribly angry

Let's give Robert Kennedy Jr. some attention in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Why does Hillary need an ad buy for Arkansas?

13,000 in Boise for Obama. They were expecting around 3,000

My Sister And I Support Different Candidates: Our Family Has Not Been Torn Apart

Why does Mark Penn stil have Hilary in CA??? Why is he buying ads in AR and NY?

Obama Receives Endorsements From And Edwards Supporters

BREAKING NEWS: I dropped it

Closing Income Gap Tops Obama’s Agenda for Economic Change; Clinton econ plan also in NYT article

prObama Ads Start Running in Virginia's Military Family Strongholds

John McCain Is An Old Seventy One

Barack Obama will be the Nominee for Our Party........One day.

How many of you who are attacking Ted Kennedy tutor or mentor inner-city kids?

The top two reasons I oppose Hillary in the primaries.

SurveyUSA: Obama now leads in Connecticut, 48% to 44%

Play this to the very end...can someone freeze frame a few of the very , uh intense pics...?

FL and MI, when seated, will net Clinton 114 delegates. It will not be that close.

SurveyUSA: Clinton's lead in MO narrows significantly, 48%-44%

3 Kennedys endorse Obama and 3 Kennedys endorse Clinton - A Tie

14,000+ people fill Boise arena for Obama (live video feed)

What with the Influx of Idealist-hating, DLC Dems on this Board?

Gop Governors "Shun" Romney, Gop Governors=Dwight Schrute?

Saying Obama is using race to get vote is like saying Cleland is using his wheelchair to get votes.

Rasmussen: In Tennessee, Clinton 49%, Obama 35%

If Oprah loves children so much how come she isn't backing the candidate who has actually

"The Great Days of Ronald Reagan"

Obama music video - Yes we can

I've noticed Hillary Clinton is starting to get some traction at DU

Hillary - Dean / Obama - Dean . . .

MI and FL delegates were not selected by primary voting


"Clinton’s lead over Barack Obama in Alabama has fallen ten points in a week."

Obama, Clinton, Huckabee and Paul -- in one "Presidential dialogue"?

Obama rarely expresses the outrage a lot of us feel, and that's why he seems unsubstantial.

Former deputy assistant to Bush: Why Republicans Like Obama

Last-minute voters flood office, Sacramento County, dems up by 9,000

MySpace, MTV hosting Candidates in 15min Spots Tonight at 6pm ET

4 Edwards Delegates Throw Support to Obama

Illinois Poll: Obama 55% +5, Clinton 24% -1 (MOE 4.4%)

MTV and MySpace Launch the Media Circus Debates

Obama is winning the youth vote. Wouldn't the polls be skewed due to cell phones?

Again and again and again I hear that it is "silly" for people to vote for Obama, that he is an

"I'm RFKJ, and I approved this self-serving message."

Why I'm Backing Obama - Susan Eisenhower

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/2/08 - Clinton up 2 (45), Obama unchanged (37)

Obama - Kennedy VS. McCain - Huckabee 2008. Let THAT one sink in for a minute.

Obama Hot On Hillary's Heels In California

Bill Clinton to Apologize at Black Churches in LA

Rockford Register Star: "Rezko is rapidly gaining national name recognition"

Obama talks like Jeff Goldblum sometimes.


As a local elected official, and a democrat, I was invited to

WP, pg1: Obama Is Racing Against the Clock; Short Calendar Favors Clinton

I Believe in Obama

My wife, a former Hillary supporter, now supports Obama.

George Clooney, Obama supporter, talks about why he won't stump for Obama

Ocean County NJ absentee voters may get another chance?

Did you vote for Kerry/Edwards in 04? Even though they both voted for the IWR?

Clinton, Obama crush GOP in funds race

Why the anti-Obama hate?

Obama Rally Sunday in Omaha by Labor, 6 days before the caucus

I will vote for a candidate who has "seen the light".

I just burned all my Maya Angelou books, broke all my Streisand records, threw away my plastic items

"Experience" is a code word for "Bring Back Bill".

For all the Clintons' self-touted Nixon-era experience: did they miss the War Powers Act debate?

Closing Income Gap Tops Obama's Agenda for Economic Change

Hmmm... New Jersey Early Voters May Retract Old Ballot, Vote Again

If Hillary gets the nomination...

A Tale Of Two Speeches

Which General Election Matchup Would Get You Most Excited To Vote?

Did Hillary vote for the IWR because:

A frivolous, but fun question. re: Hillary

NEED HELP: What day of the week next week is Super Tuesday on?

I just want to say I really resent those who are "belittling " the effort to get Edwards more

A giude to Feb States and what might happen

A Real Clear Politics poll which averages out several different polls

Politics got ugly at Clinton rally at Cal State Bakersfield Friday

Why are people criticizing Obama for doing what Dean said needed to be done?

Newsday: Connecticut Dems Endorse Obama

Is it Super Tuesday yet?

Drudge now has picture of Clinton in Hitler pose on his front page

Sabato's Crystal Ball -- good info/analysis

I Am Interrupting My Hiatus

Hillary's support for International Paper's toxic tire burn in NY: Defend this.

Will someone please explain how the state delegate system works?

The Rezko lot is sold, and the SS won't let the owner in...

Obama Picks Up Latino Support in Delaware

For Obama: "Yes We Can" by Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas - See video here!

A Call to Activism: Be Neither a DenethorDemocrat Nor a PalantirProgressive

can someone post the link to TK's speech about the war again?

"During the last few years of the Clinton presidency, we Democrats spent more time and energy

Probably a lame question, but that has never stopped me before

On The "Dream Team" Scenario... Would Either Clinton Or Obama Give Up A Senate Seat For VP ???

I wouldn't wait 10 minutes to see any politician. CNN reporting people waiting two hours for Clinton

Why is Edwards seen as more 'experienced' than Obama? Both one term senators

Robert Kennedy also found himself opposing a war (in his prez campaign) he had initially supported

Clinton: "Democrats Who Voted Against Iraq War Are Unpatriotic Or Stupid"

Obama holds rally in Idaho's largest arena, packs the house.

Both candidates stink when it comes to war record - I hope both would end it

One of my favorites, Ron Dellums sitting behind Hillary Clinton - Rally *Live Now* MSNBC

There in nothing more certain

LATimes:Clinton would be a competent executive, but...

Would you be satisfied with a Clinton v. McCain GE?

Had a nightmare that I was so involved with a DU thread, I forgot to vote on Super Tuesday!

Papantonio unhappy with two remaining choices.

Will Hillary's VP be anything more than a figurehead?

Do you know what would be genius?

I support THE SURGE

A MoveOn Call To Action

To those of you that still believe that the youth won't turn out for the primaries/general...

Oh, screw it. I see that a "call for unity" isn't something that should be posted here


Stratgically the Edwards should pull a Rangel. . .

Posting Fake Al Gore Endorsement threads aren't Funny, and it isnt Cool. It's Immature

Clinton is positioned perfectly to defeat McCain on Iraq

John McCain Frightens Me...

"Sen. Ted Kennedy brought a packed house to its feet Friday by urging support for Barack Obama"

Who should Obama pick as VP?

Has Obama Ever Had A Real Job?

Edwards unlikely to endorse before Super Tuesday

IMHO...Al Gore is going to endorse OBAMA!

Why does Obama do so well with Hollywood stars, college professors, news editors and college kids?

Maluch Kennedy, JFK's eighth cousin once removed, is endorsing Obama

So about these health plans...

What Senate Seats Are We Likely To Pick Up This Year?

Mr. Kennedy Is Endorsing Clinton

Obamas "Harry and Louise" double speak?

Jesus! Did the Clinton era suck or what? How did we manage through it?


Hillary coming up on CNN..a Hugh crowd


Watch Missouri Primary for an Indication of Democratic Nomination Winner....

MSNBC: Pat Buchanan notes suicide an option if it's McCain vs Hillary

It's A Tremendous Asset To Be So Many Things To So Many People

I always look at # posts, how long here before I react to a thread...

Breaking: Joe Lieberman has quit

A lot of people are fighting for Obama...

My conservative brother


Ok, I'll be First--Kennedy's vs. the Clintons

"The Edwards Effect"-Krugman NYT 2/1/08

Obama MTV/Myspace Form at 6:00 ET/3:00 PT

Ted Kennedy just another Bush Democrat!

Obama should play the "Yes we Can" video right before or right after the Superbowl

Does Obama's campaign offend you?

Something offensive to me, given the relatively recent enfranchisement of the negro.

Barrack Obama and VP Kerry?

Robert Kennedy, Jr. ad supporting Hillary


Why the pressue on Edwards to endorse (Obama) immediately?

Some desperate Obama fans on DU today - smelling defeat I guess

Obama drew 13,000 people in Idaho!!

Largest Spanish speaking newspaper endorses Obama

Bill Clinton is NOT running!!11!! SERIES!1

Rasmussen in TN, AL, MO (conducted Jan. 31st)

Who do you support (by parents' religion)?

With the Edwards campaign in suspension, this place has become superficial and boring.

Majority of Democrats in North Dakota legislature endorse Obama


Bill Clinton, the 'mea culpa tour' "Celebs come out for Hillary"

Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, other Connecticut Dems back Obama


Which of these three is the LEAST likely to win the Presidency in 2008?

"The largest Spanish-language newspaper in the U.S. endorsed Democrat Barack Obama"

I hope that we all realize that come Tuesday night, we'll all have to come together

Hillary Clinton and Iraq: Why This is Important

Dean says biased exit polling questions make it seem like "one party has a monopoly on religion"

Idiot Box TOON on Edwards dropping out says it all

Rassmussen- NY: HIllary 52 - Obama 34 - 6% Undecided

Hillary Clinton leading with: 5.04 MILLION/5.75 MILLION/7.056 MILLION /7.2 MILLION votes nationwide

Washington Post: "Pr. George's Executive Jack B. Johnson Endorses Clinton"

Sorry, My Bad

Advantage Obama, if he's within striking distance after Tuesday.

John Edwards Campaign President in WA state switches support to Obama

Obama to speak in front of Hugh crowd of 20,000 at the Target Center in Minnesota (Link)

Do assinine flame bait threads annoy you?

Donate to Hillary!

Democratic debate an award show: CNN showed Hollywood stars 19 times, elected officials 4 times

NYC Orthodox Jews 4 Hillary!

Since Andrew Sullivan has become flavor of the month with the Obama crowd...

Better stream for watching Obama's Target Center Speech live in Mpls

No matter what else happens, make Edwards AG

MTV PResidential Forum: You can send your questions at the link.

McCain is campaigning only on war and patriotism and terra. I saw a clip on CNN

Did newspapers endorse primary candidates before 2008?

I'm just a little concerned about the nostalgia connected with "Camelot"

John Kerry on Obama and McCain

RCP average now has Clinton with 9.8% lead nationally and gaining

Compare and contrast the mental faculties and foreign policy capabilities of the two candidates(vid)

There are too many polls. What positive contributions come from all of these polls?

The Oregonian endorses Obama

DUers to NASCAR Dads: We want to help them, we just don't want your votes.

Is my primary vote at all important?

Edwards Unlikely to Make Endorsement Soon

104 year old woman throws her support behind Obama.

McCain has been belittling Hillary & Obama, saying they want to surrender to Al-Qaeda

In the Dem primary: May the best man win!

DU Tracking Poll: 02/02/08- Clinton vs. Obama

Edwards forced out to allow "history to blaze its path"

Romney ahead as early Maine caucus returns counted

Majority of Democratic North Dakota legislators endorse Obama.

Obama, then Hillary is about to appear on the MTV Presidential Candidates Forum

Has anyone been following the republican candidates?

The Dead Kennedys endorse Barack Obama.

Please help this Edwards supporter decide whom to vote for, without slandering anyone.

Obama, cheney's energy bill, Rezmar (Rezko), Iraq nuclear power plant. Lend me your ear and brain.

If you missed the "Ring of Fire " broadcast on AAR today,

You do understand that Obama wants to get our troops out of Iraq and send them to Pakistan; Afghan-

The Arkansas Ad Buy: Cui Bono?

Reports from Iowa are that....

Does anyone else wonder if campaigns are paying DUers

Support for McCain sparks outrage

This will be my first primary voting.


Yes We Can!!!!!

Bill Clinton links Ted Kennedy and Bush based on 'No Child Left Behind' bill

"Maybe they've seen the light" famous last words of Deanies in 2004

FYI fellow Democrats...I just donated to!!!

Is something wrong with Elizabeth Edwards?

Ted Sorensen on JFK's killer Nixon snark.

"The loftiest poetry will not solve these issues."

Obama will bring us together ...

NY Daily News: "For Democrats, it has to be Hil"

A Plea: STOP the politics of MARGINALIZATION

Just heard the Ethel Kennedy endorsed Obama.

(1996)Obama supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns !!!

The endorsement -- why the controversy?

New Polls: MO: O-44, C-42 and DE: C-44, O-42

Politico: "two tracking polls seem to dampen the Obama national surge storyline"

Who would a NASCAR dad be more likely to vote for?

Why don't we see threads about Hillary drawing 15,000-20,000 each day?

CNN: Edwards unlikely to endorse before Super Tuesday - Me: But What Happens When He Does ???

Key Obama Adviser Mocks Clinton's Tears

When will AIPAC endorse Hillary?

Economy downturn? Thank the Clintons for their corrupt links to the outsourcing industry

Clinton Climbs back up in NY = 52% - 34% Rassmussen 8% will vote for neither

Why did Obama water down this nuclear power bill?

McCain on CNN: Clinton and Obama want to wave the white flag of surrender.

If Obama Can Keep Clinton Under 30% In Illinois, He'll Win Super Tuesday

Rasmussen Markets - latest odds

Ok, now I am confused.

Why are we looking at Hillary's 80s, but not Obama's?

What do all these endorsments mean to anyone

How Obama Could Create a Long-Term Democratic Majority - OpEdNews

Something to remember: Senators were lied to prior to the IWR vote

Bill Maher: black people have been waiting a long time for this (Obama) nomination....

When Republicans Endorse Obama (Richard Wolffe, Newsweek)

Now that we know why Edwards really quit the race....

Why is Obama not campaigning in California?

How would you feel if Obama appointed several Republicans to cabinet positions?

I assumed "Tony" Rezko was an Italian name?

NYT: Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate

Obama '04 vs Obama '08


Obama. Thanks for fixing upper case in spell check!

So I caught a bit of (former) Rep. JD Hayworth's radio show last night.

Great photos of Obama's rally in Minneapolis today.

How Republicans See Hillary and How They See Obama


Obama's autobiography - something bothers me about this

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/3/08

Unknown powers behind the scene?

Angry with move-on over endorsement thing? Send your donations to Hillary instead!

Watching Michelle Obama's Thursday speech on CSPAN now - WOW

No Way Any Republican Beats Hillary..

How much of your love of Edwards has/had to with........

Should people who won't vote for the Democratic Nominee be allowed in DU?

La Opinión, biggest Spanish language weekly newspaper in America, endorses OBAMA!

Ethel Kennedy endorses Obama - - 'Barack is so like Bobby'

TOON: Ted Rall - "Truth and Reconciliation" (I'm going to post this...)

Why don't we just replace the primaries with American Idol?

Kennedy Revels in Limelight as He Stumps for Obama

Ben & I Supported Edwards But We Are Going For Obama

Morning News: "Obama's Shady House Deal Is Serious"

IMO, there is only ONE Senator who's a potential VP

Why can't race or gender be considered as positive qualifications for the presidency?

John Kerry at the Obama canvassing kick off rally in SF. I'm pumped!

Majority of Democrats in North Dakota legislature endorse Obama

Quite a video for Obama

Click here to see "what movement looks like."

Obama rally in MN.... he just said that John will be fighting beside me.

Obama Thinking Big Tonight in St. Louis. He is going to speak at a 70,000 seat domed stadium

BREAKING NEWS:There is NO WAY OBAMA CAN LOSE the Presidential Election.

If Obama gets the nomination, expect massive defections to McCain from dems 65+

Obama "doesn't go on television and have crying fits; he isn't discovering his voice at age 60"

It's the War and what it has done to our Economy, stupid!

Hillary Clinton's final act of political desperation.

A Political Culture approach to Obama v Clinton

Th Nation and MoveOn endorse Obama, Clinton supporters will you...

Hillary Supporters weigh in: Did you also bag on MLK when he "had a dream"?

Pictures of Hillary's rally last night in San Jose

Rory Kennedy (RFK's youngest child) endorses Obama.

Specifics: Obama on the issues:

If John Edwards wanted you to vote for him on Feb 5th he would not have dropped out...

See Hillary Run (from Her Husband's Past on Iraq)

Going to See D.L. Hughley tonite! 3rd Row,Center!

Back to Edwards

Our Economy is in Free Fall and Obama Offers "NO" Solutions..

The worst possible time for Obama to be using the right's Harry & Louise imagery?

Confessions of former Clinton Supporters

Relationship that effected nation's security more negatively: Rezko or Jackson Stephens

"Yes we can" what? Seriously, wtf does that mean?

Signed OFF from MoveON and here's what I told them:

The February 12th Beltway Trimary: DC, MD, VA (Webb/Military Families Flashback)

A Stained Mind

Old McCain does no harm to: E-i-E-i-O!

Barack Obama GOTV Rally with John Kerry in San Francisco

This feels like 2004 all over again. Hillary = Kerry.


Yale vs Havard

It's very much about Iraq.

Please explain: Obama voted for Cheney's energy bill which gave money to oil companies

Breaking: Gallup tracking poll confirms huge Hillary surge post debate

Live stream sites for Obama at Target Center in MN at 1:30 CST

Is Obama "soft on crime?" a troubling look

LOL! I just heard my mom call into CSPAN re the Clinton rally

Breaking: Ethel Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton

We are One People, We are One Nation! What the world needs now is Positivity!

In contrast to Hillary, Obama favors significant tax rebates for lower- and

why Edwards dropped out of the race

Another amazing interview with the woman who should be our First Lady!

From John Edwards to Barack Obama

No DUzys this week! Poll: Is it Obama's fault, or Clinton's fault?

Clinton concedes ND to Obama (not huge, but every delegate counts)

Alma Rangel goes against husband; endorses Obama

I'm very sad and a tad angry

If you woke up one morning and turned on the TV and saw that the US had been attacked....

Here is our problem in a nutshell.

How many and which states will Obama win on Super Tuesday? I say 15 out of 24 contests go to OBAMA

Obama is the only candidate making race an issue.

Photos: Barack Obama speaking before a capacity crowd in Boise, Idaho, and enroute to Minneapolis


For Obama supporters in the Boston area - Big rally on 2/4

Obama Picks Up LGBT Supporters From Edwards

I admit I was wrong about Obama, so now what...

BELIEF leads to HOPE, HOPE leads to CHANGE

MSM Big Lie Number 5: "The Democratic War" or "It is all HILLARY'S FAULT"

MUST SEE: Musicians/Actors turn Obama's NH speech into a music video called "YES WE CAN"

Think ABOUT Those terrible horrible Clinton years!!!!!

A bit of non-Western wisdom for the primaries: the story of Emon Saburo

Important: Please read re: Super Tuesday

Is DU tolerating attacks on MoveOn now? What next? FDR? Robert Kennedy?

Ben Affleck explains why LA has moved toward Obama

The reason I am an angry Edwards Supporter.

Del mar a brillante mar: Edwards y Obama: Nuetro Sol Americano del Este al Oeste

Speaking of records- Bill Clinton signed into law DOMA- the "Defense of Marriage Act"

Possible severe weather outbreak on Super Tuesday over Southern US and Ohio River Valley

Hillary's Sincerity Problem --->

This IS... CORPORATIST NATION 2... Look for Obama to "Gently" Hand Over His Fans to Hillary Shortly

From kos: Why I can't vote for Hillary: My deeply personal Clinton story

It's a damn shame.....

GOP Recruits Millionaires to Defeat Democratic Rivals/ RE Kucinich

How's this for eco-friendly?

I think we need to cheer on this DUer...please

Who's left and what I think it means

this is outstanding political theater/never seen better

All Australian combat troops to leave Iraq in months - See ya mates

Remember KO's Special Comment Tonight...

Germany stays in northern Afghanistan despite pleas to join battle in south

Is Cindy Sheehan still planning to run against Pelosi?

Court: Gay marriage in Canada should be recognized in New York

Republican legislators in VA boo high school liberals group

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is a gem

Hilarious video

Military Suicides spike again.

Oregon's domestic partnership law can go ahead

Gawd I Miss You Guys... HELP !!!

Who is the blind designer that makes KO dress like a 40's pimp?

Does anyone have an idea who beats Alan Colmes

I Work With MAN-Ann.COULTERS Webmaster.

Opinon: Clinton/Edwards/Obama (edit)

Did you catch Keith's comment about o'really, regarding the

You know whichever Dem gets in, I don't think they will put Progressives in Cages when we Protest

Eva Mendes is in rehab - just read it on TMZ

Specter forces Goodell to revisit 'Spygate' - Good to see the GOP has its priorities right.

McCain vows to keep US troops in Iraq until victory is achieved

Calling Swamp Rat! I need your skills!

Boortz: "[P]rimary blame" for Katrina goes to "worthless parasites who lived in New Orleans"

Time to take back the term "Liberal"

Why am I picturing CIA strapping bombs

1/2 a Billion $$$ for Murder and a Million or More Killed- Where are the Voices of Resistance?

Montel Williams wins Algae Award

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! & Introducing Cats for

Kucinich last presidential update

Savage on possibility of Obama nomination: "Think John F. Kennedy Jr. ... and the airplane. Think th

Maybe Montel Williams could be Countdown's roving and investigative reporter?

If anyone is tempted to think McCain is really OK, and a maverick, here's a cold water reminder.

Florida: F.B.I. Backs USF Students on Explosives

Network is being shown on TCM - Turner, 12:15 ET

Frank Luntz wearing his casual roadkill is on Real Time with Bill Maher right now.

Alan Colmes is Important.

So Did FISA.....

WOW The Plot Set Up For BLADES OF GLORY just happened in REAL LIFE!

I don't like peas, and I don't like

Support man sentenced to death for blasphemy in Afghanistan.

Hacienda State Prison? for the Homeless fresno, ca

Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo (BBC)

Kenyan parties 'agree peace plan' (BBC)

Poland 'agrees' to host US {missle} shield (BBC)

U.S. settles immigrant drugging suit (CNN)

Can we have a DU "Moronic Asshats" forum?

Anyone see Bill Moyer's tonight ---??? Rep. Henry Waxman . . .

I want to post stuff about how the supporters of various candidates are moronic asshats

JeffR screwed us again

Santorum endorses Romney, Hates McCain

Military build-up on Guam

Just got polled about the election--interesting, to say the least. (Mods--this really about the MSM,

What can anyone tell me about Windows Vista?

Tom Cat - Unmasked

Germany prepares for world's first tourism flight for nudists

God , where are you ?

Tod und Verklärung

Straight edgers are so fucking lame.

Its getting harder to exploit 9-11 & the war.

This is what you asked for

What does it say about me that...

Wesley Snipes acquitted

I just watched Bill MOYER'S journal on pbs

Scammers already trying to take advantage of rebates

I'm as mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

I HATE socialsim and socialistic ideas

Should the government fund religious charities?

Verizon wants me to leave my email...

Home alone.

This is one of the best websites about my profession I have seen.

my girlfriend and i

The Perils of Obedience

I just want to celebrate

U.S. won't say who killed militant in Pakistan (Although US Predator Drone already reported)

Bushitler's continued destruction of the USA . Did you see the job figures today?

The Fear Factory

So when somebody makes that hits below the belt,


I don't think I have made a lot of GDP friends this time around

"Why is Britney Spears Always on TV?"

Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - Liam Gallagher is a fan of the show

California's flag - made me think a little bit

Should GD-P be renamed because of how everybody acts there? If so, renamed to what?

Why the system doesn't work sometimes

TOONS Over the Hedge featuring President Gore

Military contractors are hard to fire

Excited at the prospect of a non-white, or non-male president?

Interesting factoid: The "can't we get along with the Repigs crowd" William Cohen and Gary Hart...

Christian Right Gets Its Way: "In God We Trust" Will Have Prominence on New Coin

Today, Poland wonders why Russia will nuke them if they host Jerry Lewis and his telethon.

Wonderful Photos of John Edwards in NO

Package says "Microwave, HIGH, for 3 minutes." Does that mean I need to be high before I cook it?

Have you ever read an Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity book?

Welcome to America ... You're Under Arrest

mighty strange coincidence...

I am going to BARF!

"But I could be wrong"

McCain isn't running for president.

Just got some spam about how the Senate is trying to let illegal immigrants

Why Did the NYT refuse to print 9/11 Commission Scoop Re: Rove's Back-Channel Connection?

An honest question to smokers (not another one!!)

The Decider's now The Booster. Only a commie pinko could refrain from tears when viewing this photo.

Fargin' bedbugs won't give me a moment of rest!

Sea Shepherd activists keen to return to sea to stop Japanese Whalers

Bayer Spreading the AIDS Virus

does anyone else have trouble with youtube links here?

Former Blackwater employees get probation for possession of stolen weapons

bring your laptop

This is what an airport that flies rendition flights might look like

CPAC Convention Bans Ann Coulter.

eating utensils

Candidates hang hopes on Super Tuesday

Is Punxsutawney Phil (political affiliation)

ATTENTION all those going through DUzy WITHDRAWAL:

AWWWW- Baby polar bear video.

Has Obama Ever Had A Real Job?

Ok on Britney Speas and 51-50 holds

Reports urge West to make changes to advert water crisis

Congressional Quarterly: State Secret Abuses Come To A Boil (Sibel Edmonds Referenced)

pregnant women, listen up!

Virginia repukes show true colors, boo students

Pentagon says if we get nuked it IS ready to respond-just not quickly, efficiently or effectively

No Nukes!

Climate Change Threatens Food Supply in Many Regions

I've been hanging around here for a few years

Is John McCain Ross Perot's crazy uncle in the attic?

Two great things about Obama running for prez:

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Stone XI Anniversary Ale - The Black IPA

3 Kennedys endorse Obama and 3 Kennedys endorse Clinton - A Tie

Marco, Merrick, Terry-Lee, Gary Tibbs and Yours Truly

Put Your Hands Up, Dick! ---pix--->>>

Question: Is there an expiration date on impeachment?

Elton John is coming to Portland, ME, on 2/28.

The book "Dreams of My Father" by Barack Obama [autobiography]

Breaking News! Bush sees Shadow; Another Year of Lawbreaking Predicted

Both The Hospital and Network on TCM tonight

I'm looking for one word to describe Condi Rice

this time they used 'bribe'

do you ever just wish your spouse would go a way for a few days

So I lay low for a few weeks,

Anyone ever use PODS to move?

Are These Michael Jackson's Children?

What Housing Crisis? Why the mortgage mess hasn't hit the luxury market, yet

Delicious > Hemp milk and tea! >

Here instead of the Lounge only because DUers are the font of

FYI: Hillary vs. Obama vs. Ron vs. Huckabee! debate tonight!!!!

I wish we could have different avatars and sig lines for The Lounge.

Barrack Obama and VP Kerry?

Lot of Repigs retiring - Here is another


I'm incredibly ignorant about McCain. How evil is he?

Lou Dobbs and his American flag lapel pin

Someting to be proud of!

Dodged a dreaded computer bullet today.

Russert and Joe Kline are having their weekly

What does this new future look like to you ?

How has McCAIN lasted so long, given his temper & other freak-outs?!1

My cat is a pev

Indian outsourcing sector hit by Internet disruption

Interesting discussion going on over in GD:P.

For the record, I'm not either, but

Fellow (Few) Wrestling fans, an old video clip for you . .

You'd think the Rs would all be flocking to McCain.

Why job market is even worse than you think

To all my recovering homies: A day at a time is exactly that.

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone here use Ableton Live?

Congratulations, GoPsUx!!!!!!!! ***25,000 posts!!!***

A GOOD Bumper Sticker (for a change!)

Need a break from the primaries? Sarkozy and Bruni tied the knot

Marin Co., Calif. citizens VERY angry over huge hidden sewage spill

IBM Hands 700 ‘Fresher’ Indian Engineers Pink Slips

Has Ann Coulter actually told the truth?

Eva Mendes is in rehab - just read it on TMZ

Paula Deen made deep fried lasagna tonight

Sabato's crystal ball - info/analysis

New Book: Rice confidant Philip Zelikow blocked memos exposing pre-9/11 warnings by Richard Clarke

Anybody watching NOW on PBS?

He's BACK! Ralph Nader has an exploratoy committee

Amazing: Watch The invisible man do an incredible thing !

Yup. Too quiet in here. Needs more cowbell.

Do the "Financial Reporters" on TV EVER See A Good Time to BAIL?

My Blog is lonely and needs company

We're watching "To Catch A Predator"

don't forget the puppy superbowl tomorow on TV

WP,pg1: Acceptance Slow for Bush's Space Plan (Ya think???)


F.D.A. Finds Increase in Suicide Symptoms for Patients Using Seizure Medications

No-input pedals and single-pedal floops...

Happy Face Martian!

Non-voting: as powerful as guns; more from "Evolution of Evil" writer. JE/DK supporters please read!

The first person to get a "Robb is a Dingbat" tattoo gets $1

I'm breaking under the stress of this...


I'm going to an interview tomorrow (today) for my German Exchange Student Program

Forget Hillary.Forget Obama...This is OUR Candidate:

Sorry, but I'm speechless!

American Hatred. The Chronological Musical.

Every week I watch Project Runway with Ali and Mini-Ali

Justice Issues > Free Don Siegelman!

An Inconvenient Truth is getting a lot of coverage

You know the ping-pong exchanges with China? We could use more of 'em.

Bush** countdown to Jan 20 2009 by Bob Kerr, Providence Journal. Very inspiring.

Neal Boortz insults entire city New Orleans

I want to sell the blues door to door

N.E.R.D. is back!

Forum addresses economic issues

Earl Butz dies - former Secretary of Agriculture under Nixon & Ford...

Can't imagine why ANYONE would want to get rid of something as nice as that!

Find The Obvious Statement in This Breaking News...

Super bowl shmumper bowl... big deal!

Loungers: Recommend me some wine...

I've got your big truck right here.

Just realized there is a BIG GAME this Sunday!

RetroLounge Depreciation Thread :-)

I've had a shitty day and I'm cranky as fuck. Should I...

Please read before submitting to HPV vaccines!

If offered, would BC take the chance to run with Obama for VP over

The anti Serenity Prayer

Arrgghhhh!!! The party next door

I'm about to take two Mantovanis and hit the sack.

Below, the 20 top ranked shows for January, according to Nielsen Media Research:

Caught up on my tivo'd Intervention episodes... anything good on tv right now?

"This is all part of my plan." New GOD-MAN cartoon!

any economists out there have an idea as to what the actual unemployment figures are?

Coulter explains why she hates McCain. Cavuto's reaction is so telling.

Does anyone know how many people voted in the Dem primaries/caucuses so far?

Feeling a bit better

Who wants a free copy of "Sicko"?

I honestly don't have anything to say tonight, but I have a rant.

Italian sausage...

Hey, Bill Maher, if you inivte guests, let them talk

Damnit. n/t


Since Bush has Taken Office, How Many People Have Died

was wrong for endorsing a candidate

Now that we know why Edwards really quit the race....

A Constitutional Question About The Department of Justice

I have smelly mercury laden fish for sale. Make an offer

Giuliani's $50-million delegate

WOW! William Polk Speaking to the Progressive Caucus? (from 9/19/07)

It's 2 a.m. and I'm posting "It's 2 a.m." on DU

The Sherriff ain't Andy and you aren't Otis and this sure as shit ain't Mayberry.

Did anyone hear anything more about Symbolman?

Just read NYT article on caring for Michael Vick's dogs -- Him and his pals are total fucks. They

"Perfect Day- Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti

Happy Groundhog Day

Don't read this

Fear runs heavy and deep.

Always bet on black! Misdemeanor "whoops" charges only

Operation Torch: Officers with assault weapons and dogs will patrol subways

Hey freddie phelps...I want a god hates rush limbaugh website...if you believe what you write you sh

As more and more of us on DU are laid off, here is some (Hard earned) Advice

Don't click this link.

I pumped it vigorously up and down, but nothing came out.

My introduction to DU (please read)

McCain says he 'won't surrender' in this war. I say great!

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick

Spears' 12-officer police escort prompts call for paparazzi limits

80+ mpg and fun too! Does anyone here ride a scooter?

Has anyone ever had a dream that you KNOW is a dream

Happy Groundhog Day! So, did Tom Brady see his shadow?

What, exactly, is an asshat?

Lou Reed really is amazing

Lou Rawls is really amazing

Winter continues ...

Caption this pic:

I would suggest to you that representative democracy is a sham.

On a lighter note...Texas Mayor Resigns Amid Pet Dog Scandal

legal charges against congress

One hour phone call with my home sick college freshman

Who's awake?

An entire room made of chocolate? For real!

I have never understood the Ninth Amendment

YOU surrendered to al-Qaeda bastard. Your party's Iraq diversion gave bin-Laden a 7-year safe haven

I hate two faced people

Network on TCM right now.

Dinner or Supper

I bet they sell a lot of those AeroGarden thingies.

Huffington Post: Bush Cuts Will Cost Lives

Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights


Is our Sex drive killing off our planet? (nit a sex thread, a materialism thread)

Thanks, Montel. Here are their names --->>>

“You must concede that a few GIs killed every week is a small price to pay for the oil we need."

Can dialectic break bricks?

"They can stick the house up their f**king asses... No they can't... Who is my family?"

Mentally Ill Forced to Fight

Oh my goshness! What a cowtie!

Advice needed - I have to go to the market this weekend

Bicentennial man....

DU Housing Survey

Groundhog sees his shadow. Six more weeks of winter!

I just ordered a cheap little gas motor scooter online

After McCain wins the primary, what kind of costumed character should follow him around

"At least you didn't have two candles in your butt." Andy Richter. Post funniest TV quotes here.

Is the GD the new lounge?

Hey NorCal !!! - Here Comes The Rain Again...

Never was a mistake...

Mr. Writer and I are creating a new site:

Saw "The Devil Reads Pravda" last night

Ack! I pulled a muscle in my back and the IRS sent me a certified letter...

Some Loungers never venture to other forums ...

Why is the right-wing media attacking John McCain?

Would you be willing to impeach a Democratic President to validate the concept of impeachment?

Holy Crap I'm Famous!

Drinkers, something new to worry about

Why America Needs Coalition – Clean Elections and Freedom

Moronic Asshats Unite!! Show your pride!

Warporn? WARPORN?!

I'm listening to Pharaoh Sanders crank out an atonal "Black Unity" - to what are you listening?

Help! - Chicago Manual of Style Question

I must have missed something.. What is "an entry-level journeyman drafter"?

Anyone know about buying Tickets from Scalpers? Springsteen Tickets

"Most memorable Super Bowl Ads" - hosted by K-Fed on NFL Network

Driver drops bid to sue family of boy he killed

Well, he doesn't want to be my boyfriend... but he wants to be my FRIEND!

A Critique: Why do they still call it "Meet The Press"?

The Five Most Pwned Newscasters...

We're men, we're men in tights.

Gmail is trying to tell me something and it's freaking me the fuck out.

Gee Willikers

hypothetically speaking

Shout-out to DUers with loved ones deployed

Delicious > Hemp milk and tea! >

Somebody say something to cheer me up

I love the word "yikes".

George Bush saw his shadow today.

Liberal Republicans vs. Conservative Democrats

You can't care for others if you don't take care of yourself

Gah! There goes a quiet Saturday...

I met John Kerry yesterday! Shook his hand and said "Thank you".

Where are the DUzys?

Phelps protesters get screams, jeers at Marine's funeral.

don't forget the puppy superbowl tomorow on TV

Did Lee Mercer vote for the IWR?

The minutemen are here this weekend - pictures

Oh fuck, this is fucking awesome: Bush is trying to boost the economy

I now have a 1 in 6 chance of winning a $10,000 scholarship for a German Exchange program.

Ex-Deputy Charged With Stalking Former Girlfriend - "Member" of Blackwater USA

I just watched The Simpsons Movie !

"For the first time since data has been kept, manufacturing is less than 10 percent of employment."

Questions about kitties!

I need some DU female opinions here.

Back on track! Down 44.8 lbs as of today's weigh-in!

How do you get over being angry?

Peruvian surfing cat is making waves

What does it mean when a cute lady gives you a meat grinder?

There is a seagull, tern tern tern...

I just ate 20 cough drops. And I didn't need to cough before taking them. Ask me anything.

Apparently, I have a death wish against my eye.

Anyone hear about this, or is it true?

Noisy, smacky kisses or not?

Have you guys seen this crazy movie?

Why is there a Kitler in the Lobby again?

Pictures - how bush was greeted in KC yesterday

those who live in glass houses ...

Mother and child

Favorite Quotes Thread

what band is this....

Just an FYI for the Lounge, only 24 shopping days until my b-day.

The beagle has decided she doesn't like orange baby aspirin.

Once again, I write a thoughtful GDP thread...

Click this - you will immediately tilt to the left

My new tatoo is very intricate and cost $5,000

Thanks Starbucks Anarchist I have "Milkshake" stuck in my head.

The cake is a lie.

"Gosh, we're really sorry we had to peek at your panties and handle your brassiere"

Crappy way to end a crappy week.

So, what does it mean if my groundhogs didn't even come out today?

The Worst Hotel In The World

I Think DU Should Have a Sox Forum

first they came for the terrorist, then the smokers now the obese???

Book TV Schedule: February 2nd - 4th

What's with all the zombies today?

Poor Fred Phelps can't find Heath Ledger's funeral.

The hits keep coming.

I have a suggestion for companies who use a 'voice recognition' call tree to assist customers

Seed catalogs - can anyone recommend a good one?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/2/2008)

My language pet peeve of the week.

Brzezinski's War

Bond James Bond 007 poll

O’Reilly Hides from Homeless Veterans

Topless in New England, in February!

Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac

Last pic thread from Maui! ** dial up **

One of my customers is a fervent war supporter

TONIGHT Bill Moyers Journal: The Case of Lurita Doan and the GSA, Rep. Henry Waxman

It's Been Over A Year Since I Smoked Cigarettes

Why are some forms of bigotry/prejudice here at DU okay, while other froms are not?

In film you can show a man slide a (deleted) into a woman's (deleted) and go to jail.

I Think DU Should Have a Sex Forum

What's for dinner?

Hey, Loungers! My next post will be my 1,000th!

Guess what can kill you now?

I'm a woman whose friends have always been males...Am I alone?

Lisa is quite sick and has had cravings for milkshakes:

Federal judge rules United States botched(Indian) trust accounting

New Orleans

A flour rebellion: Local bakers sprout plan to grow own wheat

Attn: temeah and DuStrange...My personal review of Spinal Tap....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/2/08

Uh oh... I broke the cardinal rule of the lounge tonight.

I Think DU Should Have a Sex Farm

Another shopping mall shooting-four dead

The parrot has died.

OH's Blackwell to Face Congressional Subpoena?

Wanna see something REALLY scary?

Bush To Press: Nothing To See Here!

Vibes, candles, prayers, and thoughts to Barenakedlady and her Family this weekend.

If Ann Coulter campaigns for Hillary Clinton do I have to vote for John McCain?

!!!!I just made my 1st ignore list!!!!

I survived my 8-hour interview!

Donald Rumsfeld Can FLY!

from the iphone

Fun with shaving. This is what happens when you're bored on a Friday evening.

My Grandma or John Kerry

I looked at a new apartment today!!!

DU Dinner Party - You can Invite 4 DU'ers to Dinner!

Recommend some new music

Saw "The Devil Wears Prada" last night

How the hell do you get a pimple behind the

RIP: drummer Peter James Bond

"Snow Gives Cold A Purpose"

Will the Obama supporters PLEASE stop knocking on my door

Is "Nacho Libre" the worst movie ever?

Sig line mander-off

Kibitz to proObama's Pit Crew: NASCAR Ad (DAYTONA 2 Weeks from NOW!!!)

Travels with Wiley

If Democrats fail to hold Bush & Cheney accountable, how long until right rises from the dead?

Tattoo photo thread -- just got home from the tattoo parlor

Sarah Silverman's "big surprise" for Jimmy Kimmel (featuring Matt Damon)

Any commercial pilots in the Lounge? Am I paranoid?

Blackwell could be subpoenaed by Conyers/House Subcomm. = DU the COMMENTS

Germany prepares for world's first tourism flight for nudists

Big Numbers for Clinton, Obama Debate (8.3 million)

Hollywood writers sign interim deals with 2 more studios

Canadian Mill Towns Pay For U.S. Housing Collapse

Bush to seek $140.7 bln for Army in budget

Bush to seek $140.7 bln for Army in budget

Chad rebels fight gov't force in capital

Americans go to Mexico for a cheaper perfect smile

Romney aims for a split in California

US official (Zalmay Khalilzad): Iran's regional power strengthened by US in Iraq, Afghanistan

State, Federal Powers Collide

Chrysler supplier files for bankruptcy

U.S. nuclear power plants to get more Russia uranium

Bush to seek $515 billion for Pentagon

Rights eroded in Iraq in 2007 with civilians targeted: HRW

Four "awakening council" members killed in north Baghdad

Why I'm Backing Obama (Susan Eisenhower)

Acceptance Slow for Bush's Space Plan

Retrial Begins for Six Accused in Sears Tower Plot

Military contractors are hard to fire (outnumber military in Iraq/Afghanistan)

Hicks could be paid $1m for story (Guantamamo detainee)

Florida to vote on gay-marriage ban in November. Petition drive beats Friday deadline

Defense Dept.'s Weapons Programs Faulted - GAO Report Cites Cost Overruns, Years-Long Delays in Acqu

Update.. 5 shot dead at suburban Chicago store

Snow Strands Nearly 400 Train Passengers in California Mountains (Donner Pass)

NATO chief increases pressure on Germany over Afghan troop role

Dept. of Children spokesman charged with producing child porn

C.I.A. Tells of Changes for Its Internal Inquiries

Punxsutawney Phil's prediction: more winter

French President and Ex-Model Wed

Lynch: US 'surge' tipped scales in Iraq

Battle rages for Chadian capital

Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags

British Internet bank Egg says it is ending 160,000 customers' credit card agreements

Fears of ecological disaster for St Kilda

Irish cardinal attempts to block publication of child abuse files

HPV causing oral cancers in men; vaccine urged for boys

Deal to End Hollywood Writers’ Strike May Be Near

Craigslist pot draws an undercover ‘buyer’

I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Blair

US state weighing gun lessons for schoolchildren

Four killed at Chicago-area shopping center

Bush to give historic address to conservative group (CPAC)

Eve-teasing should be made non-bailable offence

Obama does Harry and Louise, again

Military unready for homeland attack, says study (AP/CNN)

Time for another wacky LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch!

Two kinds of politics: ideal & actual

Groundhog Watches GOP Debate, Elects To Commit Suicide

Why I'm Backing Obama (Susan Eisenhower)

Kerviel, SocGen and the French people.

Why Most Campaign Coverage Sucks (

Obama Endorsement – I, a former Edwards supporter, endorse Barack Obama for President

How Obama Could Create a Long-Term Democratic Majority

Lack of Cyber Security is Ailing Outsourcing Industry in India

NYT editorial: Secrets and Rights; Congress may push back on "phony claims of national security"

Double Bubble

Why I'm Backing Obama by Susan Eisenhower

California Debate: Right on Day One

Americans go to Mexico for a cheaper perfect smile

To the Dark Side

Vote - Its the LEAST you can do-

US Afghan stand-off puzzles Nato allies (BBC)

America's Youth Come Together for Obama

Kuicnich and!

Real Time w/ Bill Maher Pt. 3: President of NOW, Rethug Darrell Issa - 2/1/08

Olbermann: Veepstakes (w/ Craig Crawford) 2/1/08

The Difference Between Democratic and Republican Debates

Rep. Waxman calls for Lurita Doan to resign.

Real Time w/ Bill Maher Pt. 2: Pollster Frank Luntz & Debate Responses - 2/1/08

Bruce Braley Questions Lurita Doan

Greg Fischer begins fight against Mitch McConnell for Senate seat

Swiftkids endorse Rudy Giuliani

Real Time w/ Bill Maher Pt. 4: Matt Taibbi - 'What a Load of Horseshit' - 2/1/08

Hillary Clinton: Every Nation Must Be With Us Or Against Us

O'Reilly's Ridiculous Spin On Homeless Vets, Greenwald And NBC

Roy Carter (NC-5) campaign ad

RFK, Jr: Bobby

Barack Obama addresses Tribal leader in New Mexico

Sorry, but I'm speechless!

Hillary Reacts To Ann Coulter's Endorsement


Olbermann: Iraq & a Hard Place (Clinton Votes) - 2/1/08

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Opening Monologue on SOTU, Obama - 2/1/08

Real Time w/ Bill Maher Pt. 5: Debate - 'Humping Edwards's Voters' - 2/1/08

Olbermann: 9/11 Commission Omissions - 2/1/08

Hillary Clinton Voted for the War in Iraq - Let no one deny that truth

Barack Obama - Yes We Can - Si Se Puede

Totally outrageous strip search!

Power Magazine Cover Story: 2008 Industry Forecast

Swimmers warned at beaches after spill of 2.7 million gallons of Marin County sewage

'Last wave' for wild golden frog (BBC)

My Hero.

Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags

Question about leasing a hybrid

5 Myths About Earth-Friendly Energy

Europe likes biofuels, but some are 'worse than useless'

Qatar Eyes Solar Power to Meet Surging Demand: Report

Porous Pavements

Gary Snyder

Spinning Solar Streetlights

Sunny outlook for solar power

DoD: No ‘appalling’ readiness gap

UAVs to stream video to Apaches

Pentagon seeks $20B to grow Army, Corps

General weighs accompanied tours in Korea

Senators: Give tax rebates to disabled vets

GAO: Navy’s fleet plan needs more work

Ambassador: Plan on troops in Iraq into 2009

Kearsarge set to arrive in Norfolk today

Mourners fill church for Lauterbach, baby

Ex-airman gets 18 years in murder, burning of ex-wife

Pilots can get $25,000 extra a year to stay in

Female bombers kill at least 73

Panel seeks overhaul of trans-Atlantic alliances

Survey: Troops have lingering health concerns after return from combat

MEU headed to Afghanistan will be mobile

Strong yen prompts big COLA increase in Japan

COLA drops for troops across Europe

Major convicted of rape goes missing

AFN Franconia signs off with little fanfare after 28 years on air

Third death in a week shakes Sigonella

Stuttgart soldier guilty, awaits sentence

Hospital: Avoid Chinese company’s products

Europe brief: USS Fort McHenry arrives in Guinea

Military Update: Commission endorses ‘operational reserve’

Flight surgeon found guilty of raping civilian

Soldier gets 18 months, discharge in assault

Mirrors helping amputees fight phantom pain

Navy IDs SEAL killed in weapons training

Photographs of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report February 1, 2008

Union leader: Chrysler workers to fight white-collar reductions

Interstate Bakeries gets OK to proceed with reorganization plan

Supporters who gather outside cathedral and bishop’s residence urge diocese to accept union

Raise for In-home care workers OK'd

Colombian union leader calls for fairer labor practices

Workers At Disney Hotels Are Fed Up With Mickey Mouse Conditions

Union Members Seek Restraining Order Against Quaid's Wife

The Women Gather (CD)

American Workers Will Feel This Recession For Years To Come

Romney’s Firm Refuses to Protect Farm Workers from Sweatshop Conditions

Tough Economy? Join a Union

McCain Crosses Picket Line for Leno Appearance (4th Republican candidate to cross)

Time: The First Comedy Strike

The Anti-Scabs, or, if Jay Leno isn't management, who is?

600 Jobs Could Be Lost If Bridgestone Firestone Leaves Akron (OH)

Working Families Celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Dell to cut 1,200 jobs in US, Canada

Senate Republicans Opposed Extending Aid to Jobless in Stimulus Package

Transport Workers Endorse Obama

17,000 Jobs Cut in January—First Such Drop in Four Years

First day on the job, untrained worker sent to his death and no one gives a f--k!

AC dealers seeking 1st contracts

8,000 Ohio Child Care Providers Gain Representation Rights

Union rejects UCLA contract offer

Whirlpool Factory in Tenn. to Close (500 jobs)

Workers in Florida and Vermont Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight

Parche . . . . thread #2

Okay, with all the tragedy at least this is funny.

Orthodox Jews to Join Other Arab Organizations in Protest Against the AIPAC

Canadian probe blames IDF for UN observer deaths in Lebanon

Hamas told by Egypt it will close border Sunday; Hamas says it will cooperate

An army run like a jungle

Volodia Teitelboim: Politician exiled under Pinochet (Independent)

Law firm wins malpractice case over Cuba sales

COL/ECU: US Herbicides Exact High Toll on Indigenous Populations

Toward Unity and Independence Against the Empire. Reflections on Lula by F Castro

WEISBROT: LA News Coverage: Half the Story is Worse Than None

Fed helpless in its own crisis - saving the markets at the expense of the economy

$3 ATM Fees? Banks Increase the Price of Your Money

UDR Announces $1.7 Billion Portfolio Sale

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags

DNC Chief of Staff Opposes Marriage Equality, Transcript Shows

an introduction..

Court: Gay marriage in Canada should be recognized in New York

Florida gay marriage ban makes ballot

Federal Court OKs Oregon Partner Law

Federal Court OKs Oregon Partner Law

NY Appeals Court Rules State Should Recognize Gay Canadian Marriages

Asshole conservatives are at it again in CA

Florida Anti-Gay Amendment Heads To Ballot

Anti-gay marriage amendment will be on the ballot in Florida.

Kentucky Bill Would Ban Domestic Partner Benefits

Gay-Bashed at the Stonewall Inn -- yes!

The Denver Post Endorses Hillary for the Democratic Nomination

Why Biden (And Us) Should Endorse No One

What do you think about this??

Levin amendment Hil voted no as did feingold

2 New Ads with RFK, Jr

Imbolc and Candlemas

Thanks for all the good wishes, friends I am doing WELL!

"Searching Our Heart of Hearts" - Karen Bishop - February 1, 2008

Could this be the reason John Edwards dropped out?

Fishing for wisdom from this group on intuition,

An apology and some thoughts

"Dignity": ROBERT KENNEDY JR and CESAR L. CHAVEZ on why they're supporting HILLARY

Let's give Robert Kennedy Jr. some attention in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Memo To Chris Berman, Don't Piss Off The Technical People On Your Show

Report: N.E. taped Rams before XXXVI

Redskins' Monk, Green headline HOF class; Tagliabue shut out again


NFL Pulls Plug On Big-Screen Church Parties For Super Bowl

YES! FINALLY!!! Art Monk voted into Pro Football HOF!

Investigators closer to understanding slaughterhouse illness

FDA Issues Health Advisory On Pfizer's Chantix Tablets

Beef off menus in local school districts

Gout surge blamed on sweet drinks (BBC)

Please read before submitting to HPV vaccines!

Veterinary Studies doc. vaccines common cause of neurological,immune, A I conditions and cancer

Circumcision: back on the table

Want to give back - babyback ribs, actually

The bearfan house Super Bowl menu

Chicken/Sausage stew - basic, but good on a cool evening:

Some ideas for people undecided about what to cook for the Super Bowl

Sweet potato gnocchi

Sesame Ginger Soy Dressing

Baked chile rellenos

Wisconsin Nun who abused boys gets 1 year in jail, 10 years' probation

A "Yellowlegs" bird for Maestro

Yet another Black Vulture

NY Times: Baseball; Should a Clubhouse Be a Chapel? "Hey, Jewie!"

The Days Are Getting Longer

'Bizarre' new mammal discovered (BBC)

Death of the father: British scientists discover how to turn women's bone marrow into sperm

Chicago study calls Taser's safety claims into question (TASER INTERNATIONAL saving lives every day)

Do you really believe?

Republican NH Primary Candidate Demands Secretary of State Allow Unvoted Ballots to be Counted in On

An Idea to Stimulate interest in Fair Votte counting: Arrange a showing of "Uncounted"

Essential tools/analysis for monitoring the CA Primary election Feb 5

Why am I picturing CIA strapping bombs

Election Reform and Related News, Saturday, Feb. 2, '08

URGENT: Assistance Needed For Super Tuesday Download

more fakery on 911...

Percentage-Based versus Statistical-Power-Based Vote Tabulation Audits

Why America Needs Coalition – Clean Elections and Freedom (X)

Cinci Enq: Blackwell Could be Subpoenaed

Edwards events in Texas are still ON

Christmas Mountains tract could become part of Big Bend park

Going around the blogsphere

Sunday talk shows Feb 3

OR-Senate candidate Jeff Merkley

Startribune continuing to be shrunk

I'm posting this just in case someone may be interested in reducing the size of windows XP

Obama's Dramatic Sweep of California Newspapers (DKos diary)

Obama v. Cllinton on The War

Observations in one day of phone banking for Obama in my town

Obama raised 47% of his fourth-quarter contributions in small contributions

Little India endorses Obama (indian american newspaper)

Why I'm Backing Obama by Susan Eisenhower

Sorensen Endorsement Is Important!!

Another Fantastic Music Video: Fired up! Ready to go!

"MUST SEE: Musicians/Actors turn Obama's NH speech into a music video called "YES WE CAN""

I've RSVP'd to attend a big Obama rally in Boston Monday night

911 news footage of flight 93...

Business leaders: Boost teacher pay

Funniest. Rachel Maddow. Post. Ever.


KOEB 2/1/08 "No, No, YOUR Thread!" Edition

Anyone planning to see Juno soon? - Tip

Fresno, CA Homeless and the Hacienda State Prison?

California is actually in play in this national election

Is Boxer going to endorse before the primary

To All residents of California Congressional District 46

The Election is Near, Vote Yes on Proposition 93!

Anti-gay initiative drive back on

Two million 'wrongly get benefit'

I'm disapointed - Donner pass

Highlights From the New Peer-Reviewed Creation Science Journal

CBS ignores evidence from its own show

Oh noes, its teh evul Merck and teh evul new vaccine!

ARRGGGHHH. Now we're supposed to worship Montel Williams.

I mentioned health woos in a departmental training session yesterday