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Hillary will now be in Wisconsin all day Monday, 6:30-10:00 PM event planned in Madison

Silicon Valley Executive Sticks Up for His Hillary Video

the importance of words and inspiration - BILL CLINTON

One of two things will happen in Wisconsin

Keep clicking and clicking...

I have a fair and balanced solution for this primary site

Professor Obama

Watch out Hillary, Barack's comin' to TX this week!

The January 29th Florida PPP should NOT count!

There are good reasons for health insurance mandates. Clinton should argue instead of misleading

Thank you DU. I have decided to take your well-informed advice!

What must happen so there WON'T be an UPROAR?

Shouldn't the winner of the popular vote be our nominee? Shouldn't the superdelegates back them?

The Bradley Effect

The Bradley Effect

The Bradley Effect

The Bradley Effect

I love Barack Obama because...

A song for the other side.....

Bellweather States and Counties

Ha! I haven't posted here for 45 hours and 26 minutes!

Clinton's pursuit of union label is a battle for survival

Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker Endorses Barack Obama

I realize Mark Halperin (the Page) is a Clinton shill but listen to his take on why Edwards is

Well, after a brief respite, GDP is now once again completely...

How Can Obama Win the Electoral College?

Reasons why my friend says I should vote for Hillary

Defining "post-partisanship" for the skeptics of Obama

Murdoch rag: "Obama a JFK for out times". This follows his US flagship paper endorsing Obama

So much screaming about the Michigan and Florida primaries and so little discussion.

If Hillary wins Texas by 14% and loses in the delegates to Obama, there will be an uproar

Clinton campaign opens up shop in South Austin

After Obama gets elected president, he should grow a huge afro

Hillary drives another nail into her Texas coffin

Michelle Obama on Larry King now

So, once a nominee is picked, do the attacks stop around here?

Latest Thing That Doesn't Count to Hillary & Co: ACTUAL VOTES. We Will Now Use Exit Polls to Decide

After considering it all, I predict Obama will win the Democratc nomination and go on to beat McCain

Obama Adding Detail to His Oratory

Fox interviewer twists Obama's words in interview ... video

Obama visits Edwards

Obama is sooooo cool

Obama took a liberal position in the primary, but lied about it.

Afro or Dreads for Barack? (AFTER he's elected, of course)

Obama & Hillary supporters - if you are challenged in DU - do NOT change the subjects..

Obama's sister touts Hawaii ties on Maui

Do-or-die Hillary turns bully as Obama starts to pull away

David Brooks: Clinton Sitting Shiva for Amerca

Houston, TX, 13 Eyewitness News tonight: Long lines of Obama supporters just

Obama's plagiarism at it's finest!!!!

Judging by her mismanagement of her campaign... is Mrs. Inevitable ready for day one?

These are not the same Clintons that came to Washington in 1992...

We sold our nation

The "Yawn" crowd

Welcoming Bush...But Waiting For Obama


1000+ Volunteers Sign in at Clinton HQ!! Yet the uproar is for Clinton not Obama

Let the people decide the nominee? Hillary is up 678,000 Democratic votes in the popular vote total.

Keeping this short and sweet, America wants HOPE not slime and fear like in 2000 and 2004

The best reasons to support Obama, Straight from his supporters' mouths.

On The Economic Crisis

Goodbye DU. I'm leaving to work on the campaign

Dedicate a song to your favorite Candidate even if the candidate is out of the race.

Obama should make disavowing all 527 ads a condition of agreeing to a publicly financed campaign

What song/video would you RATHER endure instead of Hillary4U&Me?

Where is your heart, politically speaking?

Kool aid meme - Obama Started It!

Could it be that Obama sounds so good because out side of Bill,

7 Reasons Why I've Turned Away from Hillary!

The great woman behind the great man.

Barack's Texas endorsements

‘Present’ Perfect

Texas System Worries Clinton Backers

Bill Clinton INSULTS Democratic voters, AGAIN.

Obama Wax Figure at Lady Tussaud's in D.C.

HillaryLand Has Turned Into Alice In Wonderland

Something from Sen. Obama's website that concerns me

Hillary Couldn't Pass Universal Healthcare with a Democratic Congress and cost Dems the Congres

Wanna Rebut Rightwing Talking Points on the Economy this Year?!!

Yes, there is also "substance"

Obama calls for 'change' ie: no more "Clintons" ie: old guard...but gladly accepts the Kennedy Crown

Raising Obama; great article on Barack in Vanity Fair

For McCain, a Choice on a Role for Bush

For McCain, a Choice on a Role for Bush


what if Hillary picks a woman for VP ?

Memo to Hillary campaign: Please keep making the news cycles about Bill...

If it's all about experience, why aren't we all behind Lieberman?

Her latest attack won't peel off anymore votes.

"The revolution will not be televised...'

Superdelegate Samuels switches from Clinton to Obama

Do-or-die Hillary turns bully as Obama starts to pull away

Do-or-die Hillary turns bully as Obama starts to pull away

Edwards Said to Be Leaning Toward Clinton

Hillary Steals John Edwards, "Solutions for America" Slogan

What are you, java-wise?

Gov. Deval Patrick: "Why America Needs Obama"

Who will win Wisconsin?

Howard Dean On Super-Delegates: "Their role is ..."

Some musings on "hope"

FL Hillary Supporter: We Need Someone Who Will Break the Rules

What makes you happier? Positive stories abour your candidate or negative ones about the other?

What John McCain said about Chelsea Clinton was FAR worse then what David Shuster said

Obama supporters, help us understand this public financing furor?

What about congressional and senate races?

Hillary supporter Rangle: "The people's will is what's going to prevail at the convention..."

Hillary supporter Rangle: "The people's will is what's going to prevail at the convention..."

In case people have not noticed, the repugs and their mouthpieces in the media

Barak Obama & Deval Patrick, 2 Candidates Who Take The High Road.

An Obama presidency will thrust the Democratic party into a 40 year period of political dominance

One video the Clinton campaign need not worry that the Obama campaign will "copy"

John, you do what you think is right. I trust you.

I'm not clairvoyant, but if Clinton or her surrogates are responsible for the new plagiarism meme

Obama takes lines from Deval Patrick Speech

Plagiarism = The of making a large geographical feature out of rodent dirt?

Obama cannot save the world - We Can

Clinton's CA delegate edge is now less than what Obama earned in Idaho

CNN reporting Obama spent the day with John and Elizabeth Edwards.

So...ah...errr...Hillary writes her own speeches?

Election Markets update.....

Rezko begat "I love Reagan!", "I love Reagan!" begat "the black candidate", "the black candidate" be

Hillary Clinton has a message for workers across the US who are struggling financially: She cares.

Ohio Republicans pulling for Clinton to win

"Hillary Turns to Mondale's Playbook to Win the Nomination"

Political Bumper Stickers for 2008

Changing views on Florida delegates from the Hillary campaign.

That Funky Smell (of Fear and Desperation)

"Yes We Can" is not entirely original either

its not just GDP that's arguing sexist/racists re: Hill/Obama

Who has plagiarized more?

Is It Working?

Can we rename GD: P to GD: Mock Outrage Central?

There are two types of leaders.

I think if the level of discourse in this forum gets any lower...

Predict tomorrow's fake outrage by Obama supporters. . . .

John Sasso is working for Hillary

Since Obama supporters love ARG's Texas poll showing Obama leading, check out their Wisconsin poll

Our nominee will be stronger because of this primary season

Predict tomorrow's fake outrage by Clinton supporters.....

Barack Obama -- what a guy!


Clinton communications director: No big deal if discovered that Clinton "lifted" such language

Clinton communications director: No big deal if discovered that Clinton "lifted" such language

Plagerism story= Gore invented the internet story

somebody slap Huckabee's mouth hard

STOP! Blaming partisanship in Washington on the Clintons!

Serious request to Admins: Can we have a GD:P Smacktalk Forum?

Hillary Leading In Poll (2-18-08)

Obama, a LIMO, SEX and CRACK COCAINE..... and a man willing to take a lie detector test....

OMG, there's no there there

Ed Schultz fans: Obama interview coming up.

Rasmussen national poll: Obama 47, Hillary 43

Lt. Governor Lawton (Wi.) Supports Hillary Clinton& Her Health Care Plan

Something is not right

Accepting Public Financing Favors McCain, Because CBS, NBC and FOX, Tribune Co, WaPo Favor him

Why all the angst is actually a *good* sign...

Early results are in from Wisconsin...

With all the talk of plagiarism going on,

Obama seeks to turn the tables in Ohio and Texas

You could knock me over with a feather right now


“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Today's "Mock Outrage" topic - Obama stole his speeches!!!

McCain 3, Obama 1, Hillary 0 = This morning's robocalls.

Who are the paid Obama staff people that post on DU?

You all know that Washington state is holding its Dem primary today, dont you?

Obama did indeed plagiarize the speech

GOP Root For Hillary Win (2/18)

Bill Maher says Americans are dumb...Is he right.....? A WP reporter may agree.....

IF Obama gets the nomination, who do you think will win the general election?

I dug up some 2004 Wisconsin threads...

Obama has Hillary on the run ! STOP !!! ... THIEF !!

What would DUers say if Hillary had an affair in the whitehouse?

Senator Obama's campaign may soon be plunged into crisis: Calls for withdrawal soon?

A question about posting in the future.

Molly Ivins, in advance of her death, makes campaign endorsement

Obama's views on religion and politics

Which candidate will usher in a "Great Liberal Age?"

CONFESSION: I had gay sex with Mike Gravel. We did crack, and now I want a lie detector test.

Rhetoric that Hillary Clinton borrowed...

A one fifth minority is disrupting the entire forum

Oops! Obama did it again!

No convention duel, Clinton supporters say

I am very proud of Sen. Barack Obama

For the geeks, nerds, and other IT/Techie folks...

An Obama running mate?

There are Two Kinds of People..Givers and Takers!.. Obama is a TAKER!

"Speeches don't put food on the table. Speeches don't fill your prescriptions."

Do the Clinton's really think this "plagiarism" story is going to HELP them?

Obama "plagiarism" story.

The People Here, Most Pissed-Off About The FL & MI Delegate Mess, Are...

The "paid by the campaign" meme is an effort to delegitamize others' views.

The "paid by the campaign" meme is an effort to delegitamize others' views.


[VIDEO] What are the TRUTHS and FACTS?: Obama vs Clinton

Is this how Hillary wants to win it? By accusing her opponent of plagiarism & tearing the party up?

Honoring the 4 state pledge required Obama to remove his name from the Michigan ballot

Early voting begins in Texas tomorrow.

Obama Wins!

Why hasn't Michelle Obama run for office on her own?

The John Edwards Endorsement: A Last Chance To Prove He's No Phony

Vote for the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee of your choice

In conference call, Clinton-backing Rep. McGovern compares Obama to an “American Idol” contestant

New Vermont Obama Backer to be Unveiled in “Vehicle for Change”

Is Hillary going to decry Texas primary rules now as well?

The Contrasting Foreign Policy Teams of Clinton and Obama.

The Contrasting Foreign Policy Teams of Clinton and Obama.


The Obama "all words, no substance" meme

Isn't Hillary *Borrowing* All of Bill's Successes As President?

DNC: Walter Reed Anniversary Exposes More McCain Double Talk

Guess what? I don't love Obama OR Clinton. But that doesn't mean I should be attacked

If you think Omama is "plagiarizing" then you know NOTHING about politics

What happens when a Presidential candidate dies?

Kennedy is a plagiarist.

If it turned out John Edwards was copying Patrick's speeches word for word in his own,

Bill Clinton took on 2 different hecklers & Scarborough is irate about it

Will either candidate anounce their VP choice during the primary?

Who should be the Democrat's presidential candidate

Link: State by State Comparison how well Hillary and Obama do vs. McCain

Are there any odds in Vegas on Hillary crying today?

Hillary has Obama on the RUN.. ..STOP!!!... THIEF!

Old Media Again Lets Clinton Take Credit for 1990s Economy

Wouldn't It Be Better If The Candidates Just Fought It Out Like We Do Here?

My 7 reasons for turning away from Obama! :)

Clinton Plagiarizes Obama before Iowa Caucuses

Obama stole material from my lecture!!! I have proof!

I'm listening to Hillary in WI, she is talking about what she'll do, facts, details!!!

CNN: Some of Obama's stump speech adapted material

I just got a robot call from Bill Clinton. :)

Obama's political operative Axelrod's "Yes, we can" got Patrick elected, but aspirations too high?


The fight for Florida needs to be resolved NOW

Obama GOTV Meeting in my town in Ohio was filled with Independents & Newbies!

Obama stole the idea of wearing shoes from me.

Obama plagiarized me!

How Plagiarism helped take us to war in Iraq.

President's Day will now require an asterisk

President's Day will now require an asterisk

Some words, some songs, some phrases are in the public domain...

If Hillary won the primary election by disenfranchising states that voted for Obama,

Attack Your Opponent's Strength - Karl Rove Playbook. I see that Hillary picked up a copy.

Clinton campaign would not guarantee they had footnoted language.

Deval Patrick, "Take a chance on hope" (another Axelrod campaign): A Cautionary Tale

OMG Obama Plagiarizes (this time it's for real folks!!!)

So Obama says everybody needs to work together for this future.

new proof - Obama AND Clinton both plagarize

Obama spent $1.3M, plus change, in Florida

"It's the Giuliani strategy all over again...except that the Giuliani strategy made sense in theory"

Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech was "borrowed" - it was drawn from a standard stock speech

Hillary has stolen words AND policy

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Clinton campaign plagiarizes from a "Fool's Garden" song!

Who believes in free trade?

Rep Edwards (D-TX) Endorses Obama/Obama Watch Party tuesday at The Great Dane in Madison with Doyle

Could we save our vitriol for McCain?

Hey Hill-Shills, I've made up my mind and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!

Plagiarism - the unauthorized use...

God this is Hilarious

The Three Remaining Candidates....If They Were Superheros

Clinton leading in Wisconsin’s Democratic primary: poll

There is more Political Knowledge in ONE Lounge Kitten Thread Than On The Entire 1st GDP Page

Does this sum up both candidates?

Obama Sweeps Endorsements of 5 Biggest Texas Newspapers

Hillary sorry, You are the FAKE one

That's entertainment! Which team had made the best attacks today?

Who has the "dirtiest" campaign machine?

Hillary micromanaged every aspect of the book's development--Feinman flopped!

It's much worse than you thought, Patrick "plagiarized" his speech too

SYMPATHY POST: Barack Obama is a smart, savvy, articulate statesman, "Yes, I Can!"

Why can't the DU grown-ups stay out of the playpen?

MN: Obama kills McPain while Hillary trails; FL: both dems trail, Obama by larger margin

MN: Obama kills McPain while Hillary trails; FL: both dems trail, Obama by larger margin

I finally figured out the 'Obama Change' thing....

Hillary's new campaign ad!

Caucus me! Please! (with ground rules)

We all plagiaize.

If we were to fast-forward to October, this forum would sound just like some

Joe Biden's plagiarizism; Mike Dukakis' tank picture, John Kerry's swiftboat/windsurfing...

"I don't want to choose a man that will use the Koran to be sworn in as President."

Does Mrs Clinton credit the speech writers that write her speech.

Right slams Obama as 'shady Chicago socialist'

Hillary Clinton: Yes we will!

"AS MY FRIEND GUV PATRICK ALSO DID, I will defend myself with the following similar rhetoric ......"

After reading a lot of these threads on GDP, I really think a lot of the people are

**Breaking**: Clinton declares "Texas doesn't count"

YOU: Destroying the Democratic Party

Catherine Fenton: When Hillary Lost Me and Why I'm So Angry About It

Senator Jack Reed for Vice President?

New Wisconsin Poll: McCain beats Hillary/ Obama beats McCain

McCain's new campaign slogan

Capital Times (Wisconsin) 2/18/08 - why Republicans should vote for Obama

The 50 megaton device of the 08 campaign.

Do HRC supporters here want Obama to win the GE?

Judge for yourself. Watch Obama's "Don't Tell Me Words Don't Matter!" speech

Judge for yourself. Watch Obama's "Don't Tell Me Words Don't Matter!" speech

Of the next round of primaries does anyone know. . .

this plagiarism thing is the new handshake snub.

And Lo! The Obama cult member was rescued

John McCain caught PLAGIARIZING campaign speech! LINKS!

Anybody who is pushing this false Obama story should be banned forever.

Clinton bought Bush's war talk, Obama didn't - Capital Times

Obama & Edwards meet (finally) on the sly at Edwards' home yesterday

Teh Howard Dean popularity poll

McCain's VP choice will affect which states we can carry. List inside.

What Specific Part of McCain's Platform Do You Most Object to?

You're Not a Campaign Master Mind by Excelling In Chicago Machine Politics and Beating Alan Keyes

The EXPERIENCE Mythbuster: Let's Set The Record Straight. Clinton has LESS Experience than Obama

Plagiarism: Both sides, or neither?

Is the Obama camp using the Clinton negative machine against themselves?

A Devastating New Video from Hillary

Why Students Get "Failed" or Even Expelled for Plagiarism

Wisconsin Labor Temple crowd reflects Democratic base (turn out for Sen. Clinton)

DEFINITION: GHOST WRITER:professional writer who writes for another person w/out acknowledgement

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/17/08 - Clinton down 1 (43), Obama unchanged (47)

BREAKING: Huge New Disclosure in Obama/Rezko Land Swap

If it turned out a month ago that John Edwards was using Patrick's words in his speeches,

New Poll Reveals a Very Close Race Now in Texas Between Clinton & Obama.

Uhmmm....I guess Obama stole the "Fired Up And Ready To Go" chant...

FACT: No matter WHO the nominee is, the MSM is going to tear them limb from limb.

The Color Purple - Obama Unites Red and Blue States

a buzzflash reader contribution you might want to read.

Obama can't even come up with an original way to blow the election

New Poll in WI +13 Obama

On Polling ...What is the most important issue for you? Come On, Give me a Break, WHAT ISN'T?

Please post a link that shows...

Whatever happened to "Yes We Can".....

Huffington Post: "Obama Sneaks Off To Secret Edwards Meeting"

Barack Obama opens up double digit 13 point lead in Wisconsin-53%-40%%

New CNN Texas poll Clinton 50 Obama 48

give me a battler in the white house who will,

give me a battler in the white house who will,

What the HELL is going on in here!? Some of you people

Clintons crusade against words, and speeches escalates to a frenzy.

I need to run Obama's campaign

Neither Clinton nor Obama is destroying the Democratic party or anything else

I have noticed that when Hillary is playing nice she gets a bump in the polls

GD-P. If this were grade school, who would be grounded, and for what?


SUSA Wisconsin Matchup Poll: Obama 52%, McCain 42%; Clinton 42%, McCain 49%

Dallas voters could decide Democratic presidential nominee

Plagairism story: Rebound for or beginning of the end of the Clinton campaign?

Be Still My Heart, Hillary...she's giving a bang up Enviro Speech /C-Span...

Be Still My Heart, Hillary...she's giving a bang up Enviro Speech /C-Span...

Sen. and Mrs. Leahy Speak for Obama in Vermont Ad (AUDIO)

An Obama Win will Gerrymander USA into 2 rightwing blocs, Dixiecrat & Rethug

Did Oprah make Obama-mania with her billions of dollars? Who is fueling this Political Hulk?

anyone watching Mrs. Barack Obama on CSpin? FAN effin TASTIC!

My Husband Plagiarizes me ever time we ARGUE

I now find myself apologizing to my friends for sending them here.

I hope this contest runs right down to the wire....

How many people were at Obama's rally in Ohio today?

Obama's sister? Is she half sister?

"Add-on" superdelegates: Another bonus for Obama

You want to know what Obama offers? Look at his ground game.

Hillary camp: Red state Pledged Delegates are second class!!!

The poll you haven't been able to take for two weeks!

"Why Women Need to Learn History's Election Power Lesson" Gloria Feldt

AP reporting JE is leaning towareds HRC

Do we, or don't we, have a rule about right wing sources?

Video of Michelle talking about Pride

Tom And Jerry Endorse Hillary

Plagiarism is illegal. BORROWING, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable.

Do you believe presidential candidates pay people to post on DU?

I just checked the front page of GDP

Could this be a sign of Obama's real position on health care reform?

Why did Obama spend so much money on his Florida "non-campaign"?

Did anyone else see what happened on MSNBC at about 3:30?

Clinton Co-Chair: Red-State Delegates "Second Class"

There is no intellectual property on the web or copyrights for the unadulterated truth in speeches.

I've lost the battle.

Hardball with a Faux News type graphic...

By any means necessary . Do the ends justify the means?

GD:P :Sidebar: Greenday

Post 1 in last 3 days. Hillary is shameful. AND helpful

Eh...let's all just go to a bar somewhere and get shitfaced.

Let's cut the crap

New Wisconsin Poll: Obama 53% Hillary 40%

Has anyone else seen this video? (Clinton and Peter Paul)

Obama and Hillary: comparison of senate records

Less "new" to Obama than Meets the Eye

Attn: Edwards supporters... Clinton's SC attack on Edwards.

GE Clinton loses PA, OR & ties WA Obama wins CO & NV

Obama VP: Round 1

Focus on beating McCain...

Hillary says Billy is just a "hard dog to keep on the porch"

"You Can Appreciate Hillary's Enormous Frustration - She's Like a Scolding Parent"

I'm an academic who's dealt with plagiarism many times.

Obama is a plagiarist is right from Karl Rove's playbook.

Obama's advantage in urban Wisconsin, census data analysis with map

What's the deal with

Obama Ohio campaign literature focuses on NAFTA

Was Hillary authorized to use the Chimp's words to get us into Iraq, or did she plagiarize?

Latest Wisconsin poll data

Obama VP: Round 2

Texas Papers Endorse Obama – 5 majors

Texans "having a hard time choosing between two attractive options"



Clinton or Obama .... this is what it's all about.

What if Obama loses his media darling status re plagiarism?

If Hillary loses OH and/or TX , is it over?

If Hillary loses OH and/or TX , is it over?

Obama, Clinton, and Undecided Supporters - Would you prefer Al Gore to be the nominee? TRY 2

Yikes: My Bush Loving TX Dem Congressman Endorsed Obama Today !

3 more troops were killed as a result of Hillary Clinton's complicity

Clinton campaign does not accept Deval Patrick's explanation as valid

Hillary's MI co-chair: Red-state voters are "second-class" citizens.

Hillaryhacks have nothing, resort to drumming up false Plagiarism charges

Obama on 12-21-07 and the plagiarism 'issue'.....

Obama Admits Plagiarism in Press Conference!

There are no Paid Obama staffers on DU

Misogynist smear from Michelle Obama...

First Hawaii Poll CD #1 Obama 58%- Clinton 26%, CD #2 Obama 55% - Clinton 23%

This is dedicated to ALL democrats here at DU:

Bill Clinton spars with anti-abortion protestor @ Ohio event

Geez, listening to Randi Rhodes makes me want to give up!

If all Obama changes is "attitudes" then That's Good Enough for me

Hillary CLEARLY best to lead nation: by Steve Schlesinger 2/17 The Capital Times-LINK

How much more of this shit does DU have to endure?

Over 1/2 Million MORE Democrats Voted in Florida Than Took Part in all the Dem Caucuses Combined

Obama Cult Indoctrination (Hawaii Style - BIG PICS)

Things that made me proud of - in this country - in my adult life

Clinton leads among gay super delegates

Interesting Conversation with My Republican Brother-In-Law re Obama v McCain

What is Obama going to change?

It's not just the PLAGIARISM Dummy.....

It's a little bit more than plagiarism

Ben and Jerry Endorse Barack Obama for President

It needs to be said: Thinking we can get an agenda passed with a 50%+1 presidency is moronic

"Hillary4uandme" Most. Brilliant. Campaign. Video. Ever.

Experience Counts!!!! I have proof!!

**GOOD NEWS: Hillary Madison, WI Rally is a go for Monday: Chelsea to be in WI-Hillary folk news**

** PRIMARY EVE IN WI: Hillary folks: today's events: Chelsea & Hill at Madison rally tonight

Politico picks up Michelle Obama gaffe

Hillary more progressive than Obama, according to analysis of sponsored bills


Do you really think that Hillary Clinton's health care plan is better just because of mandates?

Michelle Obama makes a boo-boo

Obama didn't just borrow a line or two.

Clinton:"Middle class is the backbone of America. It's time to take care of the middle class again."

Let us not buy into repuke talking points, please.

"I’m stealing this line from my buddy (Massachusetts Gov.) Deval Patrick"

This plagiarism debate in regard to politics is kind of ridiculous

Did these two infiltrate DU?

For those who have never worked on a campaign, and don't know how speeches are written

"there will plenty of time to establish the positions of Barack Obama when he is nominated"

"Shadows and Tall Trees"

So if a comedian steals a joke and uses it . . .

Whose War Prayer? Clinton's or Obama's?

Is Deval Patrick supporting Hillary? If not then, perhaps she should STFU

Center for Responsive Politics Rebuts MyDD's Dishonest Obama Smear

Sorry for Saying' So, But ...

Obama compares himself to Dr. King, Thomas Jefferson, and FDR.

OMG!! Thomas Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence!!!!

How would Hillary make up her deficit against McPain in purple and some blue states?

Be Still My Heart, Hillary...she's giving a bang up Enviro Speech /C-Span...

Help Hillary With The "Slogan Of The Day"

Okay, you're giving a speech about "just words"

Why I fully support Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States

Your grammar lesson for the day: The definition of GHOSTWRITER

Plagiarism: Wait a second....

DEAD HEAT AMONG DEMS IN TEXAS - Reaction to Clinton going Negative???

Info about anti-UN rhetoric, please

When "K&R" Doesn't Seem Quite Enough...

Breaking CNN Texas Poll: C: 50, O: 48, DEAD HEAT!

Verizon Business Pulls Down American Flag of War Veteran

When we leave Iraq...

If the final two nominees were two white Christian men, like, Kerry and Edwards, this forum

Pakistan vote filled with fear of violence, rigging

Today had a ... GREAT MOMENT IN PUNDITRY moment

This Modern World: The Adventures of Captain Blowhard and Bombastic Lad!

In praise of strong and wise women

Keaton 5, McCain

Armed America

Let's not call it the Department of Defense. Because it isn't.

Cali Wildfire Victims Ask: Where's FEMA?

Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.

police state NYC

Organized Labor Still an Important Political Player

Democracy, transparency and human rights are terms often used as jokes.

Democracy, transparency and human rights are terms often used as jokes.

Time for me to baptize the next president: President Pissy McNASTY

He helped the homeless animals of Katrina, and today he won the Daytona 500.

So, did Al Franken win his primary? Is he the Democratic candidate for Senate in MN?

Kent State Massacre, May 4, 1970

Lawmakers plan hearings on poultry industry after newspaper probe

Peter Werbe will discuss his recent week in Cuba on tonight's program

If you kill enough of 'em and starve the rest into submission....

Help me find good political cartoons about the Mexican-American war 1840's

Kosovo, Wesley Clark, US 2008 elections

BREAKING - Nancy Reagan hospitalized

In 2006 Q4, refi's, home-equity loans etc. accounted for 17% of Californians' disposable income

For McCain, a Choice on a Role for Bush

San Bernardino and Riverside counties...lost jobs in 2007... first time since records kept

The "plagiarism" debate in regard to politics is kind of ridiculous.


Local news: Nancy Reagan fell, is in the hospital. That's about all

Feds Charge Three Suspected White Supremacists for Tennessee Mosque Bombing

Should the execs of the company that abused and slaughtered downer cattle be prosecuted?

"The Party of Ideas?" Sure thing!

32 tornadoes Alabama/Georgia? How you doing down there?

32 tornadoes Alabama/Georgia? How you doing down there?

If we reclaim Congress and the executive branch, will the Dems declassify Siebel Edmonds testimony?

Already encountering Republican arguments re the general election

Deadliest week of the war

Kucinich's primary is in 2 weeks and he needs our prayers

Incurious Bush Not Known for Being a Tourist


AfriCom-- more of the Bush legacy?

Has John McCain “sold his soul”?

Anatomy of a smear

Realtors cast aside careers in effort to make ends meet

A Plan to Offer 50 Sites on Politics in 50 States (

Hillary leads in votes by Democrats.

Smear Merchant Update: Out: Plagiarsm, In: Michele Obama Hates America

Anyone seen "The Hunting Party"?

I don't buy the idea that Washington is broken....

Just a tidbit that everyone needs to know...

Age of anti-gun/anti-RKBA DU'ers here.

UNICEF appeals for $37 million to save vulnerable Iraqi children

Okay, let's say as kids, Bush and Bin Laden played board games together.

Is it possible to win an "unjust" or an "immoral" war?

The Change Candidate Needs to Change His Tone Towards Women

The SEC is a joke. The USDA is a joke. The FDA is a joke. The Labor Department is a joke

February 15, 2003

A boom in bankruptcies: "I've never seen so many people care so little about losing their homes."

Poor report by Scott Pelley on "60 Minutes" about Trasylol

'Dodgy dossier' was 'wrong', its author says

The British Government nationalizes Northern Rock.

Attention partisans!

This Modern World: The Adventures of Captain Blowhard and Bombastic Lad!

Reminder: Hillary Clinton voted AGAINST banning cluster bombing of civilian areas.

Phillip Roth: 'Bush Is Too Horrendous to Be Forgotten'

I'm heartless!!

Bring Back Protectionism

Oswald-Ruby transcripts found

Voting Ends in Pakistan, 14 Killed in Violence

John Conyers is on ....XM 169 talking about the FISA bill.....

St. Mary's Acad. says woman cannot ref boys game.

Probe sought on Iraq vehicles-Other projects delayed MRAPs

Chris Mathews - "That Chowder-Head"

At dinner tonight, I pissed off my budniss partner by saying Bush is a successful president.

Obama losing Democratic vote nationally (as well as the white and Latino vote)

We understand, everyone was happier during the Clinton years

Bush Ignores the Law Against Using Evidence Obtained from Torture in Gitmo Trials

That toxic threat in Leadville Colorado

From an Edwards supporter who's moved on, who cares who JE endorses?

DU Females and GLBT who Sympathize....Shouldn't THIS be an ISSUE?

One historian's view on our "Christian Nation"

Some Homeless Squat in Foreclosed Houses

135 dead in two suicide bombings in Afghanistan past two days.

Hey George - its your administration NOT your government

The Hearts are Gone.

WJ Guest Johnathan Allen

Turnout Low as Violence and Confusion Mar Pakistan Vote

Zogby poll questions on affordable housing...

Whaling trial could begin soon - Makah Tribe - Washington

Crucial Week for Impeachment: Honk to Impeach!

Breaking: Nancy Reagan hospitalized

A Rotten Way To Pick A President

"I have no fear for the future. Posterity will do me justice. " Quote

Polling by phone about investigating Cheney - did we get the money?

War without end - it's the American way

if capital is free to move across borders, labor must be as well.

143 million pound of beef recalled --- The average weight of a cow is 1150 pounds...

FEB 5 (note date) - Calif Dept of Education alerted school districts not to use beef

The Edwards Primary

Regarding C-Span's year-long honoring of Lincoln...

Economist George: We need more war and fewer houses.

Bwhahaha! NYT: Lieberman's official portrait sits in closet at CT DNC headquarters

cnn - refinery explosion in texas

TELEGRAPH: Basket case Britain must rebuild its credibility

former president bu$h endorses mcCain

MarketWatch: (Finance Guru) Schultz still sees an apocalypse

Falling satellite revives concerns over proliferation of 'space junk'

Newsweek: McGovern Considered Cronkite For Veep

IRAQ: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares

Right Now: Cliff Schecter of BraveNewFilms at on John McCain...

A Drug On The Market 14 Years, Killed Aprox. 1,000 Per Month. You Do The Math

Today’s Headlines 2/18/08

The Hot New Thing Nationwide: Foreclosure Bus Tours!

I just spit my brocholi and cheddar soup!

FT: White House insists recession unlikely (LMAOROTFLWTFLOLkillmenow)

"Once a person stays in the military for a large number of years...

McConnell Slips: Spy Law is For Telecoms' Benefit

FOIA Document Shows Improper FBI Access to Entire Domain's Email

Hey I've got to go post somewhere else SOME of the time: suggestions?

Shrubya impresses a 28 percenter with his lawnmowing skills...

The increasing encirclement of Iran

Issues for the fall campaign.. some are "losers"..some are "winners"

Go see the animated (political) movie "Persepolis" if you can.

Jesus On-Line

USDA: Most recalled beef has probably been eaten

Shouldn't this photo be on every campaign ad the Dems run?

Post on potential rise in guest workers needs a kick!

It has been 2 hours, 54 minutes and 56.85 seconds (more or less) since FISA ceased to exist

Delay Of Report Blamed On Politics-Document Suggests Public Health Risks Near Great Lakes

Isn't FISA Enough?

Ex-Con Televangelist Jim Bakker Returns to TV With a New Real Estate Scheme

Veterans. Just in case you forgot, or didn't know, there is a forum for you.

From Foreclosure Signs to Auto Repo Lots

"Conspiracy Theorists", The MSN, and The Papers Found in the Dallas DA's Office

Will bush's Residency Be A Re-Written History Like Reagan's?

Russia, China Back Serbia Over Kosovo

Bush Dismisses Iraq Recession: The War Has ‘Nothing To Do With The Economy’

The self-righteousness of some gun-grabbers never ceases to amaze me...

is there any msm coverage of bush's africa trip?

A Sign of What's to Come....

Caption this pic of *

Al Gore , people are still talking about

A Personal Note from Dennis Kucinich


Diana murdered, Al Fayed claims

Survey USA: Obama leads McCain in WI by 10; Clinton loses to McCain by 7

"Dave" Cheney has died...

Oooh, a manual on what to do if your Government sucks

CNN: Chocolate's bittersweet economy

Ex-Con Televangelist Jim Bakker Returns to TV With a New Real Estate Scheme

Sign of a faltering economy? Feds to close economic indicator site

Do you make more than $35k a year but have no health insurance?

U.S. Court Shuts Down Whistleblower Site

Tape caught Pakistani official (attorney general) saying vote will be rigged

The mass murderer in Illinois last week, the media said he'd gone off his meds.

IRAQI OIL- "Big Oil's big dreams are close to coming true ..."

UCSB Students Against War SHUTS DOWN Collaborative Biotechnology Military Research Conference

The Secret Downing Street Dossier Released (LINK)

Haditha: What Massacre? On the Media gets it wrong.

If Anyone Wants A Change of Listening To Either Randi or Ed

Political Outcome of a Hillary Nomination

A friend of mine here at work. Her mom saw Big Dawg in Tyler

Why in the hell don't people in D.U. quit bashing

Plame regarding Powell's speech before the UN: "I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing"

deleted - wrong forum

Joe Biden on CNN soon (in Pakistan observing elections)

"George Bush was not elected President of the United States to be King of the United States."

Listen Andy Pettitte

Congratulations DU on reaching 115,000 members!

OK,this is the mentality we will be battling against for President

After last night, I don't think I can eat meat anymore...

FBI screwed up, spied on entire email network

Got this in an e-mail - didn't take long for this to get out - am sure someone has the photo!!!

Why Was the Illinois Shooter Allowed to Buy a Gun?

Media Reporter – Internet Researcher

Where is Skinner when you need him? He needs to turn D.U.

Bush regarding Iraq: "I firmly believe that the mission will yield peace"

now the question, how does 143 MILLION POUNDS of possibly contaminated meat go unoticed?

Leslie Angeline Meets With John Conyers on Impeachment, Continues Fast

Mom: Police Told Daughter To Stop Calling Before Murder-Suicide

Attention Republicans: New Changes to Election Prodecures

Michelle Obama speaking now on CSpan.

Ann Curry does disgusting puff piece with george and laura.

BLOWBACK is a BITCH! We are about to witness some more.

Happy Presidents Day

Primary School children taught Philosophy

Innovative autism drug: Oxygen!

WHAT HOLLYWOOD TYPES??? - I want to know where the propaganda comes from...

Who was the idiot in Congress who decided that baseball and steroid use should be top priority?

McClatchy: Low unemployment rate hides rise in longterm jobless

File this under WTF? Church Forgives Youth Pastor for Slaying

Should you be worried if a hedge fund manager you have never met has an interest in seeing you dead?

You know what would be an interesting DU experiment? An "anti kick".

Support legislation that will crack down on the power of pollsters and polls

torches and pitchforks

I regret not supporting Howard Dean in 2004

DA Officially Unveiled 15 Boxes of JFK Assassination Documents and Items--NYT

A shake a wink and a nod and a CAPTION

Rediscovered photos from Lincoln's second inauguration

Who Feels We Should Start a Civil Suit AGainst Bush and Cheney

For a fee, some blogs boost firms

I just don't understand why this woman should get this much money.

Dave Lindorff: The Bush Administration Takes Us for Idiots

Viral Marketing

Howard Zinn: Election Madness

“There Will Be Blood”: An Awesome, Timely, (Political?), and Perplexing Film. **SPOILERS**

US Atty Christopher Christie, NJ, to face ‘grilling’ over Ashcroft cronyism

Consequences of GM crop contamination 'are set to worsen'

Musharraf May Face Impeachment After Pakistan Vote

African women show US president Bush the respect he deserves

Vomit Alert:; Lanny Davis On Tucker

NC Democratic Senate primary - Hagan sides with Telcos on immunity

Why Shutting Down Wikileaks Will Backfire

Regulators Hope To Make Wall Street Pay For Its Role In Subprime-Mortgage Bust

Bush decreases funds for AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria

Caption this * pic...

McCain Embraces Third Bush Term: ‘I’d Be Honored To Be Anywhere With Him’

Caption this McCain pic

Sources: Navy to shoot down failed satellite Thursday

So is Bin Laden dead or not?

Heather Mills wins big judgment from Sir Paul

Deval Patrick Told Obama To Use His Language, Gave The Text To His Speechwriters, Plagiarism NOT!

The Bush/Cheney Administration Takes Us for Idiots

US court attacks web freedom; enjoins out of existence

A Must See For Obama Lovers Only!

My child gave his 5.00 dollars Sunday allowance to a homeless person

Nancy Regan is in hospital. Flame away, but I like her spunk

The Dumbing Down

Any other rabbit ear folk out there? Anyone get tv reception via an antenna?

Universal Healthcare INSURANCE

AP Scoop: 'Gross Mismanagement' Killed Marines

JFK murder transcript most likely fake--Guardian Unlimited, UK

How many flip-flops has McCain made?Help me list them for my next LTTE

He's revved up..and ready to go. ...get outta his way..

Bush’s IRS Wants to Make Your Tax Returns Public

McCain to seniors, vets: tough luck

Speculation on a McCain cabinet

Who here thinks wife, Cindy McCain looks just like Mommy McCain?

TALKERS Magazine 2008 Heavy Hundred

Obama Plagiarism story all over morning news shows!!!!!!

The door to Iraq's oil opens

When the Post-Mortem is written on the 2008 primary campaign

Still Praying for America

Tenet gets job at secretive N.Y. bank

Here we go again: Serbia recalls ambassador from US

I'm not sure how important Edwards's endorsement is

Generals warn of 'geriatric Air Force', show them more money! ($20B/yr should do it)

Liberal Tough Guy is NOT an oxymoron - Post pictures of your favorite Liberal Tough Guys or Gals

Meet Mel Sembler: A top BFEE money manager

Dear friends at the DU, two months of my life soon to be online

At first I didn't believe the stories about the Infragard

the 8 hour work day

My letter on the right to privacy- first draft

Florida proposes teaching evolution as fact; Fundies go bat-crap crazy.....

McCain=More of the Same

My Depression era parents raised two kids very well, incurred no debt and left us real money.

Biden, Bond Seek Probe of Vehicle Delay (This is unconscionable!)

Missouri bill would reclassify morning-after pill, protect pharmacies

Opinion of NAFTA(1-10 scale)

The Death Spiral of the Middle Class in America


What caused you to join DU?

BARACK OBAMA destroying the democratic party

Covering up Mad Cow while we sit around doing nothing

This Obama plagiarism thing seems to have legs....

Build a dome-home in one day.. cost about $41K..USD...(ADDED PICS)

Trying To Understand What Has Happened To Us

Any other gays not bothered much by the McClurkin controversy?

Recession Looms: What Will You Keep Buying That You Shouldn't?

"This is very strange"

How Does A Country As Rich As Ours Go Broke?

New website...interesting name

When We Torture: The Dept for Taking Down America's Worldwide Reputation (NYT Kristof)

OBAMA CAMPAIGN FIRES BACK! Releases list and video of Hillary using Obama's words in her speeches

Which should Hillary have "school marmed" harder? Perjury or plagiarizing?

Global recession, decline of environment, mounting population are deeply intertwined

Bush Appointed Judge Resigns After Cross Dressing DUI Arrest

The Draft starts Feb 19th at the University of Minnesota !!!!!

Just In Time For RNC Convention, St. Paul Police Orders Tasers For Every Officer

Getting sick of DUers crapping on the Clintons ...

Stage V of Clinton's Campaign Losing Matrix

Oops! Obama did it again!

If Clinton is attempting to call Obama out on general election financing SHE IS SCARED TO DEATH

Let the People Decide the Nominee? Obama is up 703,830 Democratic Votes in the Popular vote Total

Latest Poll (ARG) shows Clinton Landslide among WI Dems. Did I miss something

Former Clinton Speechwriter Weighs In On Plagiarism-Gate

Will The Clinton's Pull A Lieberman?

Hillary's Miscalculation: "It'll be over by Feb. 5th"

Y'all just go ahead and keep posting right-wing shit about the Clintons' marriage.

Oldest Hispanic Group within the Texas Democratic Party Endorses Barack Obama

"... Mrs. Clinton decided... not to acknowledge my help.": Hillary's ghostwriter

Make Chelsea’s mom president

Camp Clinton: Red state delegates are "second class"

**BREAKING*- Clinton apologizes for her IWR vote , admits it was a mistake

Hillary Clinton - Desperate Final Attempts to Smear Barack Obama and Stave off Defeat

Clintons' Phony Plagiarism Attack - Distraction From Defecting Delegates

"It Takes a Village" was ghostwritten for Hillary Clinton by Barbara Feinman

Clinton Campaign Worried About Texas

You just can't trust Hillary on NAFTA - Letters to Editor OH Newspaper

NYT: Superdelegates breaking to Obama. Hillary leads by only 47 now. She lead by 105 last month.

HILLARY CLINTON destroying the democratic party

DU's Paul Thompson updates 9/11 timeline with latest info from FBI.

The Official Suspicious Absinthe Thread.

Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel

Senator Edwards KNOWS that Governor Deval Patrick ENDORSED Obama: The "plagiarized speech" meme...

post songs that are complete opposites.

My Republican Friend Who Owns A Gun & Her Opinion On Purchasing & Owning A Firearm

If you had to pick to join one group, which would it be?

I love these retirement ad commercials

Timothy appreciation thread (by Bouys)

Would you spend $7900-31,000 on a cat?

Charles Wright Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band - Express Yourself

Here's one for MrScorpio

Now I KNOW you had a good reason for waking me up

"New Amsterdam" coming to TV soon


Why I am an Obama supporter now

Only 22% in Florida poll think that evolution alone should be taught in science classes.

Sheesh. I need to take a break. I come to a progressive site,

Any Hillary apologists want to explain her involvement with the anti-populist DLC?

If you dont agree with me, you're a sexist bastard!

The Sex Grahams featuring Billy Pistol.

Most shopping cart handles are contaminated with bodily fluids

Damn - searching my VHS archives; I lost my "Get Smart" (FOX, 1995) tape.

Senator Clinton has destroyed goodwill with her supporters, superdelegates: Obama defections?

The Official Suspicious Abstinence Thread

I am sooooo embarrassed right now!! (How embarrassed is the toad?)

What would be a good date for a "Humanity Day"?

"...On the night of September 30th, 1965 a low ranking soldier...

OMG. I need to take a break from iPhoto...

Captain Sacto died.

The Plagarism Charge Is Stupid But Not "Haitian Man-Tits" Level Stupid. Clinton's Next Accusation


how 'bout this Bush photo (in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

I just watched Goldfinger while making scones, mushroom chowder, and roasted pork chops

Thank You to Whomever Gave Me a Heart......

I baked 4 loaves of pumpkin bread this afternoon. Then made

Hulk Hogan may be hosting a show dug up from its coffin, but look at Crush!!

Identify this picture first and win... um, nothing!

What's a good ringtone now?

Hearts are gone

(TOON) Steve Bell: At Home With The American People

Only 106 minutes until I can post my next GDP thread

Why am I enjoying this Knight Rider continuation movie-cum-pilot?


Knight Rider without David Hasselhoff

Atheist Sees Image of Big Bang in Piece of Toast

Cootie Queen or Lint Licker?

Photo taken from Bush motorcade in Tanzania: Obama 08!

Okay everybody, watch closely!

Rock of Love 2 on VH1

John Red Corn is smooth...

Parental situation part deux, or why I can't "GTFO".

Hey! Look At My Kid!

I am almost drunk. On Jagermeister.

Who Is "Elizabeth"

I'm working graveyards this weekend.

Here's to Life!

Help with a website name.

Dear DU: Please observe the eBay BOYCOTT Feb 18-25th


How do you roast a chicken?

A song for the other side.....

The official abstinence of suspicion thread

The Official Absence of Suspicion Thread

Alright. I have only 14 posts until 13k...

Sex? What's the point?

Just wait until he talks about 'the ambient room'!

Pie anyone? Sallymander, want some pie??

Concentration camps in America: The consequences of 40 years of fear


I am going to go on the record & say that YES- Cheating IS OKAY!!!

I'm starting to realize how hated I am.

The Destruction of Philosophy

The Destruction of Philosophy

Re: Virgin Olive Oil...How do they know?

I'm starting to realize how fated I am.


struggling with my confidence at work

I'm starting to realize how mutated I am...

This is your brain on RW news...

I'm printing several hundred copies of photos of my late brother. Ask me anything

my picture with Obama

I'm starting to realize how I dated a man.

This is one of those passed-around parables that can be cheesy...but I really liked it. Hope you do.

Damn, only one more day before early voting starts, this will be a busy primary.

I'm starting to realize how dated I am.

So another Sunday night will segue into Monday morning.

I'm starting to realize how fellated I wish I was

I chopped onion and fresh cilantro tonight...

why is it when you skin your knee that everything else hurts?

Sauté Our Troops!

I'm starting to realize how fellated I am.

I think I figured out how to get a bath even when I rent out 1/2 my house

So the new knight rider movie - how'd ya rate it?

Who's going to watch the HBO documentary about my Great Uncle Joe Louis this coming weekend?

Okay, Fess up... Who sent me a Valentine heart?


I'm starting to realize how underrated I am.

So who else is sick?

I have to find a new place to hide the cat toys.

An I love Jonny Cash and John Denver appreciation thread!

The hearts are all gone

Orange Alert - TERROR ALERT

These guys are my heroes! (warning sacreligeous)

Best Tupac song.

Who else has read any of China Mieville's books?

Guess it's going to be Blu Ray. Want an HD BLADE RUNNER set?

So it's nuts to cable TV for my family.

Skunk vs Squirrel

Thank you all for your b-day wishes to me

pileated wood pecker....

"Hail to the Chief" is a horrible piece of music.

Cold war tech buffs help me out here...

Stop the Morans!

have you ever thought someone was a freeper because they agreed with you too much?

fashion don't: Bush commemorative wear

Hey, what happened to the ads?

Mrs R heard this morning that her mother died. And given that her mother lived in South Africa,

Ok - renting sucks hawg bawls

Has anybody seen "Elizabeth, The golden Age"?

We need a stronger term that "global warming"

We need a stronger term that "global warming"

Man, is my father insane or what?

I confess: I am a killer

Play misty for me - The first time ever I saw your face

Today is a day off in Canada. Family day is what it's called.

Happy Louis Riel Day!

The relentless pursuit of perfection...

Because you're an idiot, I'm voting for the other one.

I think I'll go out and stimulate the economy for a little while today


The thing about judgments

My dad is in the hospital again.

I'm starting to realize how I yam what I yam what I yam

So, I did the dinner with the sister of the girl I dated.... awesome

Need input from Chicago area DUers re: reputable ebay or

Plagarism so self-reflexively ironic, it will cause YOUR HEAD TO EXPLODE

I'm cooking what I think will be the most amazing chicken... ever

Jesus On-Line

I want to thank all for the kind words regarding my adopting Jet, it was a difficult decision that

It's still February...

This is too funny.

Having A Rough Day?

Is it a wrenching, traumatic experience for you to change to a new purse?

Pennsylvania bill: Allow doctors to deny treatment, medicine on religious grounds

Awww damn - the world has lost a fine cardiologist and all-around good guy

What's The Longest, Thickest, Meatiest

Oh, brother

"Cry-Baby" - new John Waters musical with music by Adam Schlesinger and lyrics by David Javerbaum!

Ever feel older than the sands of Egypt?

GD: P post of the day

EBay alternatives

DU Villians and Heros

A car that is also a sub.

Is it a wrenching, traumatic experience for you to change to a new verse?

I've a 300 per cent increase in pimples

Is it a wrenching, traumatic experience for you to change to a new hearse?

Have you seen the movie, "Deja'vu" with Denzel Washington?

Is there a way to turn off your profile?

Anyone here watch Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant?

Signs I've been in the Lounge too long.

Note to vendors.

Speaking of issues with one's parents...

OK, this thread is for the "Wheaties." Horror stories welcome.

Could NOT Resist

Plagiarism -- This HAD to be posted

kitten thread

A friend of mine here at work. Her mom saw Big Dawg in Tyler

All hell has broken loose in GD:P

This kitty named Georgia was lost in the NY subway for 25 days :o (precious stories linked herein)

That ad on the home page for - in big block letters.

OK, this thread is for the "Cheatees." Horror stories welcome.

Wanna Be Able to straighten out your Republican friends, family & coworkers on Money Issues?!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/18/08

Need advice: ever moved to another country with a pest?

People Who Dont Cover Their Mouth When They Cough/Sneeze

My Hearts are missing!!!!!

repost of a 1978 DU Lounge poll

Is There A Full Moon Today

So my mom calls me to wish me a happy birthday,

Ways you are now spending your time when you hit your 3-post daily limit in GD-P

Someone gave me a heart!!!!

When it comes to exercises in severe masochism...

50% of the time I don't understand fucking shit on DU. 25% of the time I don't give a shit

Apparently, the word for today is plagiarize

So I went watch shopping today

musical suggestions wanted

You've seen kitties and about some Chinchilla pics for a Monday afternoon?

"I'll be in my bunk"

What bong really baked you back in your youth?

Have you ever called yourself a dingbat

So, do I get a new washer or call a repairman?

Word Nazi help needed

I am Death Dealer -- Destroyer of Worlds

7 out of 10 Kittens in Texas prefer Obama

What's the worst experience you've ever had at a restaurant?

Eddie Izzard fans--there must be some around here.

Authors: Have you ever self-published?

My Son, The Snore Master (cute toddler video link within!)

Happy Birthday, SarahBelle!

Who Got Off Today

People, people, people - please get the spelling right!

Good vibes urgently needed

William Wordsworth: The World Is Too Much with Us

Serious post for once. Please help. NYC hotels?

My candidate is perfect and yours sucks. Wanna fight?

What's to do in Salem on a Monday night?

My niece is on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE today.

Is it normal to feel intense anxiety in these circumstances?

Why does Curious George sometimes live in the city, and sometimes in the country?

Who has today off?

Thank You to whomever gave me a Valentine Heart . . .

Favorite movie or TV show depicting a real US president?

Former waitresses: worst dining experience you've provided?

"He wisked off her shoes and panties in one movement, wild like an enraged shark"

Simon is sitting on my lap. A purring machine.

Emails and PMs are severely limited.

Phone phobics of any degree---check in here!

Note to self: Never EVER watch Jerry Springer during breakfast...

this post needs a new title

I have never eaten a______________!

My self-cleaning oven frightens me! Can you help me get over it?

What songs really take you back to your youth?

Lisa Whelchel could not act. At all. Why not call her "Lisa Welcher"?

A Vote For Clinton Is A Vote To Continue Outsourcing US Jobs - Obama: END OUTSOURCE TAX INCENTIVE!!


What do you know about renters rights? (help)

I need a hug

Gregory Peck or Cary Grant?

Quick wrap-up of GD:P

Is cow shit one or two words?

Zornhau brought me Cognacstängeli....

And The Winner Is...Blu Ray...Toshiba Abandons HD DVD

A few words from Mark Twain

"La Vie en Rose"... Brilliant, brilliant.


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/18/2008)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/18/2008)

Anyone help with a Windows networking question?

Talk about Real Estate "Froth" - Check Out Dubai!!! (PICS)

Ode to Heather the toon of Day tripper

Happy 40th birthday, Molly Ringwald!

George Carlin hates me.

Amy Winehouse's incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil ODs on heroin, survives

A word of advice to those suffering from the cold or flu...

Pro Bono Work

Does ANYBODY in The Lounge (or DU elsewhere) LOVE their job? Check in here.

If GDP and the Lounge were geographical locations, where would they be?

My daughter needs a bulletproof vest

Damn those Girl Scouts and their cookies too!

"Oh Canada"

Well shit...

Uh-oh. It's the most dangerous time of the year ... the THIN MINTS are here!

Lone Star Project's Texas Delegate Calculator


Ever spend a weekend with your parents and wonder how the hell you came from their genes?


Need some vibes for "Lucy" again- she opened up her spaying stitches last night.

What 's your phobia?

Dennis Kucinich vs. Joe Klein

Let's hear it for beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Need advice: ever moved to another country with a pet?

Any cheap conversions of abandoned chain restaurants near you?

Most depressing song from seventies

I figured out how to calm the flames in GD:P.

What Is Your Horosope Sign?

NAMNESIA ... (Tet 40 Years Later & Iraq Today)

"Lindsay Lohan poses nude as Marilyn Monroe"...not much I can add to that headline, folks.


** I Dedicate My 8000th post to Love **

Ebay auction: $3,000,000 for the "World's Greatest Music Collection"

At Least 80 Are Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing

Cali Wildfire Victims Ask: Where's FEMA?

For McCain, a Choice on a Role for Bush

Dispute over guns threatens Senate vote

Defense in AIM activist murder case seeks evidence

Dodgy Dossier' Was 'Wrong', Its Author Says

Ranks of Nuclear Experts Dwindle

Document Suggests Public Health Risks Near Great Lakes

Weather Slows Dems on Wisconsin Trail

Britain releases secret file from before Iraq war

Three killed in Baghdad mortar barrage (near airport and green zone)

Two Iraqi Ex-officials Face Trial Over Sunni Killings -AFP

The door to Iraq's oil opens

Delay Of Report Is Blamed On Politics-Document Suggests Public Health Risks Near Great Lakes

Al Qaeda sows fear after sunset in Iraq's north

UN holds emergency talks on Kosovo

AP Scoop: 'Gross Mismanagement' Killed Marines

Musharraf May Face Impeachment After Pakistan Vote

Diana murdered, Al Fayed claims

JFK murder transcript most likely fake

Dozens die in new Afghan bombing (Monday)

Early WMD dossier draft released

In Washington State Vote, Relevance Is an Issue

Biden, Bond seek probe of vehicle delay

CENTCOM commander diverted from Baghdad because of mortar attack

US slowdown presents opportunities for India, China: Official

Clinton courts labor vote in Wausau

New Zealand hosts meeting on cluster bombs

Admiral: Al Qaeda in Iraq 'killing off' former allies

Bad signs for Musharraf in early Pakistan vote count

Pakistani vote flawed if Musharraf's party wins: US Senator (Biden)

Man arrested with training grenades

Kosovo Is Recognized by U.S., France and Britain

Harvard Web site hacked, database on file-sharing site

(Economic) Hard times heighten long-felt unease

Former President Bush endorses McCain

Nancy Reagan Hospitalized after Falling in Her Home

Illegal emigres defy the image (Fastest growing source? India)

Iran guards predict Israel demise

BREAKING: Explosiion rocks west Texas refinery

Iraq oil law stalled, no end to impasse in sight

Secrecy bill for state anti-terror agency has some crying foul

Aging Air Force wants big bucks fix

Whistle blower site taken offline

Texas poll shows dead heat among Dems

New Jersey civil union law draws criticism (failed to end discrimination)

Sources: Navy likely to attempt shoot down of failed satellite Thursday

Obama Bought His Home With No Rezko `Discount,' Seller Affirms

Low unemployment rate masks strained labor market

Serbia to bid farewell to over $200 bln of real estate in Kosovo

Chavez Won't Halt U.S. Oil Sales

Busharraf ? Pakistani leader has more in common with Bu**sh** than we thought

Gaurdian UK-Brown should listen to the military and quit Iraq now

The star-spangled delusion-Asia Times Online

The Trauma of a Forgotten War- Der Spiegel

Hall of Fame Grandstanding- Gaurdian UK

U.K. government to nationalize Northern Rock

Thoughts on Corporate America

Defending the 4th Amendment - Andrew Napolitano

Domestic threats called a greater danger to US

The Nation: The Kristol Whose Crystal Ball Never Works

The Happy Danes Are Attacked by Grumpy John McCain

It's Up To The Superdelegates To Prove Democrats Believe In Democracy

Sea Shepherd Requests a Warrant from the Australian Govt for Japanese Whalers

Crusade of Surge and Siege: Part One of Three (Manuel Valenzuela)

Socialism for Big Business

Washington's Wisdom on Factions

Washington's Birthday Editorial: Celebrating America's father

Study Finds Outsourcing Delivers ROI, But Not Innovation

Creeping intrusions against our privacy rights are an assault on the Constitution

Hillary Clinton - Desperate Final Attempts to Smear Barack Obama and Stave off Defeat

Gloom dominates tight Oscar documentary race

Update From '60 Minutes': Even Danish Cartoonists Are Less Stressed Than Americans

Obama represents women's best hope

Barack Obama - a John Kennedy for our times

Forget the Kool-Aid: Obama's Support is Real

DA Officially Unveiled 15 Boxes of JFK Assassination Documents and Items--NYT

WP The Trail: The Courtship of John Edwards

The True Reason for Bush’s Popularity in Africa

Chavez Calls on Venezuela to Defend Its Oil Sovereignty

The political swill of Hillary/Bill on Capital Hill

Fact Sheet: Arbitration between ExxonMobil and Venezuela

Hillary plagiarizes ROVIAN-race-baiting attack

Huckabee's 'Hail Mary': Promises to Replace Bureaucracy With The Twelve Apostles

John Nichols: Obama Meets Edwards, Pledges Party Remake

When ‘Identity Politics’ Is Rational

Robert Parry: How Far Are the Clintons Willing to Go?

What's Wrong with Staying Single?

Poverty Is Poison - Krugman

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 325

Is America Still Number One?

Obama Half Sister - Maya Soetoro-NG...Talk on Maui 2/16/2008

For Barack: "This Will Be Our Year"

May 4, 1970 Kent State Shootings

Hillary's Miscalculations

'People Are For Kucinich' Ohio Re-Election Ad

Wounded And Waiting Part Two

Those were the days

How do people like Bush get enough votes to win elections in our country?

Iraqi law requiring waiting period for suicide vest

Clinton Bought Bush’s War Talk, Obama Didn’t

Freaky shit - and not that far removed from reality

Zembla (Dutch TV) Building 7 Demolition Expert

Hillary's "fired up ready to go " copyright Barack 2008

Hillary`s Campaign Steals Barack Obama Line

Patrick 06': "hope and change", ending "politics as usual"

Cops Behaving Badly

The Onion: Candidates Compete For Vital Idgit Vote

CNN: Obama-mania Backlash

Deval Patrick's "Just Words" speech from 10/15/06

Huckabee Compares Running For President To Waterboarding

Story of stuff

Like a Rock (Barack)

"Superdelegate" by Roy Zimmerman

The Saturday Today Show 2/16/08

Profiles Of A Fake Democracy

Stop-loss Congress

What is Hillary Clinton Hiding?

Just Words. Just not Obama's.

Bob McIlvane on Italian TV

Unbelievable video of a man speaking at the Florida evolution hearings.

Fainting At Obama Rallies

"Concentration camps in America: The consequences of 40 years of fear" by William John Cox

Voting for Hillary: "This One's for the Girls"

Iran Says God Protects Nuclear Program

Document Suggests Public Health Risks Near Great Lakes

To build nukes, Customer Choice must be eliminated.

Bahrain to join the nuclear (power) club

Pellet Stove Prospects: Will Supply Meet Demand? (Mother Earth News)

Kunstler's novel "World Made by Hand" is now available

Britain Runs out of Pasta as Costs Soar (drum wheat sold for biofuel)

Judicial Rebukes on Clean Air

The Problem of Growth

Senate Climate Bill Gets Out Of Committee: Expect No Further Action In 2008 - SF Chronicle

Winemakers From Around The World Huddle In Barcelona To Discuss Climate Impacts, Tactics - AFP

With Fingers Crossed, Michigan Beekeepers Look To 2008 Season

With Fingers Crossed, Michigan Beekeepers Look To 2008 Season

Warming, More Acidic Oceans Threaten Pteropods - Basis Of Marine Food Chain - The Australian

Study Finds Bulk Of Southern Ocean Rise Due To Thermal Expansion - Reuters

In 2007, All But One Of Iceland's Glaciers Retreated, Some By 100 Meters - Iceland Review

British Prime Minister wants oil prices to come down -- threatens to hold breath

Solar cell directly splits water for hydrogen

Research shows Southern Ocean wind currents weakening

After Four Years Of Hype From The Chimp, FutureGen Gone - No Successor In Sight - WP

Sharks disappearing as fin chopping rises - Reuters

Study finds human medicines altering marine biology

German Scientists Warn Of Rapid Major Changes In Arctic Ocean Circulation - DPA

5 Jewelers, Including Tiffany, Boycott Gold Coming From

Energy Industry Insiders - At Least 10 Million Tons Coal Gone From Export Market For Next 2 Months

Greening US likely to create huge carbon market

Chicago to turn off lights for one hour

Chavez: No Plans to Cut US Oil Exports

Croc Warning In Queensland City After 2X Monthly Rain Falls In One Day, Flooding Streets - AFP

Hybrid Escalade? You Gotta Be Kidding

Trade Paper Warns Britons To Expect Higher Prices For Pasta, Shortages - Scotsman

just came across this website

Force boost pushes budget request to record

Campa wants senior petty officers to step up

Laying the foundation for success

Marine reservists bring maturity to latest deployment

Growing number of airmen extending tours overseas

Upgrades set for Navy facilities on Guam

When winter strikes in northern Japan, Misawa crews have work cut out for them

Mirrors used to treat amputees’ pain


Red Horse’s 2-year transition to Guam finally completed

Thousands to make accelerated staff sergeant

Broken Health Care System Costs Employers and Employees

Attacking Global Warming Could Rebuild Manufacturing

ARAMARK workers take complaints before Houston City Council

Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company

Today in labor history February 18

Working part time 8 hours a day, $9.74/hour, no benefits. Is this legal?

Chrysler tech center workers may have lost jobs to H-1B contractors, union claims

Huge Guest worker increase in the works 2/17/08

A scab not even worth picking

CAUTION: Reading or posting in this forum can get you fired!

Obama numbers rise as candidate endorsed by service union (in the midst of an organizing drive)

Locked out Griffin Pipe employees to receive benefits

More than 200 museum workers to strike over pay

Writers strike coverage was hazardous duty

Possible Strike for 600 Honolulu Advertiser Employees

Nigerian varsity strike over colleagues sacked 14 yrs ago

8 ‘ex-communist assassins’ charged for labor leader’s slaying (7 years ago)

Lack Of Immigrant Reform Program Could Deepen Farm Labor Shortage Woes

“Made in China,” meet Labor Crunch

Battling the ‘right to work’ scam (Michigan)

The DRAFT starts in Minnesota on Feb 19th




Subprime Mortgage Litigation Outpacing S&L Crisis

Is Washington Undermining Democracy in Bolivia?

Paulson’s Wild Ride on the Hindenburg: “The Worst is Just Beginning”

What do you call recycled astro turf?

FACT SHEET- Arbitration between ExxonMobil and Venezuela

Venezuela Denounce 4th Generation War

Iran: Cancerous Israel to be destroyed by radiation

Hamas’s TV Bunny: Jews, Not Carrots

One hour video; Economic Risk for two income families

How the EU helps Israel to strangle Gaza

Qassam hits new area; residents 'unprepared’

Egypt: No Gaza border deal without consent of Israel, PA

Hamas Runs For Cover

Gracias a la Vida!

"Shocking" rate of malnutrition in donor-dependent Gaza

Sources: Israel deploys Patriot missiles fearing Hezbollah strike

Non-borrowed reserves of financial institutions

Very cool YouTube video of Hillary at HRC meeting & banquet

2 Guys and a Chick Set Off Loudoun Library Dispute

Teargas Fired Into Anti-Gay Crowd (Scary people)

Prosecuting the Gay Teen's Murderer

Indiana Anti-Gay Amendment Dies

PCHR & Al-Mezan Call for Investigating the Explosion in El-Bureij Refugee Camp

Suggestions Lincoln, Buchanan Gay Roils Historians

Anyone ever stayed at a gay, clothing optional campground?

Organized Crime Control Of Gay Bars

Israel's hilltop youth settling in

Gym boots gay man for advertising himself

Hey - just like the good old days -- go vote for Joe!

Biden Helps Monitor Pakistani Election (NPR this morning)

Biden will be on CNN in a little while ( it's now 1:13pm EST)

Found this while googling Biden - and posted in GD. It's INFURIATING!

Obama plagiarism flap -

Latest on Biden from Freeperville....Good one, and he's right.

I just put my first person ever on ignore.

google Biden.

Semi-Emergency Vibes - furnace making oily smell, repairman on way tru icy icy roads

More on David Icke and a couple questions

You would think I would know better than to buy a computer during a Mercury RX

Part rant, part request for guidance!

Mercury goes Direct on February 18 at 9:57pm EST. (Shadow period until March 10.)

What is the real deal with Gratitude?

Strange signs in Texas sky .

Does anyone else feel that their membership in the Democratic party may not survive this GE?

Boxing: February 22 - 23, 2008

Stem cell hope for bone fractures (BBC)

Brain drug target discovery in MS (BBC)

The Health Benefits of Australia's Apology. What's Stopping Americans?

Post snow shovelling comfort food.

Just out of the oven...

Proofing baskets??


Pastoral buildings, lush grounds and landscape....

Good wall paper

More BORING skiing in the Alps photos

Crabs at the beach!

Any tips on self-portraits besides a better camera or a prettier face?

Flax meal in baking

The War Against Tolerance, by Chris Hedges

Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness

School Shootings The Result Of Crisis Of Masculinity, Gun Culture, Professor Argues

'Hundreds of worlds' in Milky Way (BBC)

Religious and Non-Religious: Favorite piece (if you have one) or religious music?

"Barack Obama's Gun-Related Votes", sure it's GOA with its bias but it's also a preview of what lies

Police and gun control

Armed America

The self-righteousness of some gun-grabbers never ceases to amaze me...

911 Victim's Father Paints Picture of US/CIA Criminal Enterprise on Spanish TV

Barrie Zwicker on TVO - February 13th, 2008

The Charisma Mandate: Charisma, or "cult of personality," in our history

Europe favours Obama but Britons like Clinton

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 02/18/08

The Obama Mystery: Tougher scrutiny needed now that he's the front-runner

AP asks Democrats: What Clinton Must Do to Win

Kucinich And Sean Penn Are Pro-Ringworm

That Clinton Competence

WP, pg1: Clinton's Ties To Texas Run Long and Deep

Obama jabs Clinton left and right at Wisconsin Dems Dinner

Clinton reliance on super delegates questioned by Schumer, Rangel

A challenge to progressives, lefties, grass roots activists, accountability advocates, and liberals

Dem Pollster Gives Obama Double-Digit Lead In Wisconsin Primary

Ben and Jerry Endorse Barack Obama for President

Obama Continues To Hold Significant Lead Over Hillary In Gallup Poll

McCain Previews General Election Strategy: Dems Were Wrong About Iraq

Poll: Hillary, Obama In Dead Heat In Texas

Want to Attend the CNN Democratic Debate in Austin?

Lone Star Project's Primary Delegate Calculator

House Democrats who supported Craddick fighting for jobs

Four injuries in Texas refinery blast: mayor (Big Spring)

Dallas Morning News looking for healthcare stories

Dallas voters could decide Democratic presidential nominee

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Endorses Sam Houston and Justice Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court!

Damn! Craig Watkins and the Kennedy trove made the NY Times

Texas' Mexican American Democrats endorse Obama

Burnt Orange Report: Obama headed to Texas

Senator Ted Kennedy to Campaign in Texas Obama

Interesting Harris County voter registration stat...

Keep Austin Blue Debate Watching Party, Thursday, February 21

the DRAFT starts Feb 19th at the University of Minnesota

Mac Hammond trying to fly below radar of charlatan pastor scandals

1080i vs 1080p as a computer monitor

All of a sudden, I have no icons on my desktop, just the words. I can

"Getting through these dark times"

I just signed up for a volunteer meeting next Sat. in Carrboro!

Obama Posts at Kos and Carpetbagger Report

Interesting voter registration stat for Harris County, TX

"Leaked Obama Ohio Internal Polling Numbers"

Just watched Obama at Youngstown on CNN. Anybody have any info or pics

Small task for Obama group - Hillary's speeches have long sounded similar to Kerry's

Canadian convoy hit; 37 Afghan civilians dead

Suicide bomb exacts huge toll at Kandahar dogfight

Taking Play Seriously

People who make under $50,000 support Clinton while

No jail time for Chad Castagana

Some KOEB assistance please

Anyone else watching BBCA?

I Saw 'There Will Be Blood' Tonight

Obama in WI

Another DUer who wishes to remain anonymous (but

Dean on Superdelegates

Pundit Police Watch News Talkers 24 / 7

Is Ann Coulter a Man? If true why is she/he anti-gay?