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Young superdelegates stay cool toward Obama

****Official Founder's Day Gala on CSPAN Thread #2****

Call me an idealist or naive, but ...

Hillary adver, better tomorrow, link...

Democrats are Truly Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Obama strategy of not writing off caucus states has been brilliant

Thank you Mods.......

Republicans are HOPING and PRAYING we go with Hillary.

If heaven forbid.......we Dems lose the GE.......what are your plans...

That was a great "I Have A Dream" speech

Senior Clinton adviser Harold Ickes: "Hillary’s going to nail down this nomination" in June

9 to 5? REALLY?

Is this real or some kind of misquoted hit piece??

I dream a dream of days gone by

Campaign stirs echoes of 2004

Ralph Nader was on this cruise hosted by /The Nation/ and people didn't like him there.

Superdelegates - Don't be swayed by the will of the people, Support the person you think is best

Let me get this straight. When Hillary leaves WI, she "knows she's going to lose" and "doesn't care

Let me get this straight. When Hillary leaves WI, she "knows she's going to lose" and "doesn't care

I'll use one of my posts in here tonight for a comment.

Hillary and Obama about to speak in WI at a Dem. Dinner on C-Span

Clinton renews call for debate with Obama

For Clinton supporters, a warm and (very) fuzzy pic.

"Overwhelming grassroots turnout" for Obama at Austin headquarters

I love David Axelrod.

has anyone put this pic up for captioning yet?

According to CSPAN just now Obama is going to Hawaii tomorrow.

Clinton adviser: The race will be over in June

Hillary vows to fight for workers at Lordstown

The sky is falling and its YOUR fault.

****Official Founder's Day Gala on CSPAN Thread****

Tell me and all here in GD:P why do you like your candidate. (read the rules first)

Up soon on C-Span:, Hillary and Obama...

I haven't been happier in a long, long time, thanks to H. Clinton and B. Obama

So what happened to Edwards' big endorsement today?

Let's take a look at JOHN MCCAIN'S positions and proposals.

Let's take a look at JOHN MCCAIN'S positions and proposals.

C-Span -> Wisconsin Democratic Party Dinner in Milwaukee

Ohio: Clinton 51% Obama 37%

what is race baiting? why is any remark about Obama race baiting?

Will Oprah campaign for Hillary if she is the nominee?

If a D is on the Ticket in November, that D will Win. Period.

Oh how I wish there were a liberal running for the Democratic nomination

If Clinton were to Lose Ohio or Texas, do you think she will drop out?

We need a new candidate to bring the party together.

Some of you people are really remarkable.

Razzle Dazzle 'em! (last post)

Nominating contests should be paid for by the government

Is Florida trying to pull a fast one?

The bright side of a continuing competitive nomination race

Barack Obama is a jew.

Wow, Kosovo is independent

Rhode Island primary - can anyone help me/us out?

Hillary Clinton says Thank You

Mystery: NY Results Say Obama Got Zero Votes In 80 Districts

Is Hillary questioning Barack's experience and knowledge on the issues because he is Black?

Is Hillary questioning Barack's experience and knowledge on the issues because he is Black?

Ok, who left the door unlocked?

"I vote Obama over McCain and McCain over Hillary"

A cheer for the beset Mods!

Obama "if you want health care you can get it under my plan, any other statement is false"

Critical thinking.... something that I think that we should all "think about"

What experience does Hillary have?

Obama store always out of stock on the cool stuff..

Obama store always out of stock on the cool stuff..

Are you ready to defend what you believe in?

FYI - CSPAN is rebroadcasting Wisconsin Founders Day Gala speeches

ABC punked Obama supporters and NOT ONE will admit I bet

Old Clinton Ties and Voters’ Sway Tug at Delegates: 300 undecided Superdelegates are critical

I have a question.

OBAMA: We don't need somebody who can play the game better, we need somebody who can put an end. . .

Pay to the "Super Delegates"?

Glad to know the grown ups are paying attention ... Gore and Edwards

Penn's latest comment, let's discuss how much of an idiot this man is

Obama is "The Great Adapter"

Obama's Cousin is Raila Odinga of the ODM ???

The great equalizer to seating Florida and Michigan and to superdelegates?: Proportional rep

The great equalizer to seating Florida and Michigan and to superdelegates?: Proportional rep

Obama Adding Detail to His Oratory

Obama is giving one hell of a good speech in Wisconsin. He's laying ...

Obama is giving one hell of a good speech in Wisconsin. He's laying ...

" Republican Gerrymandering Favors Obama In Texas "

" Republican Gerrymandering Favors Obama In Texas "

If Hillary cares so much about disenfrachisement, why does she dismiss middle America?

What do we do if we lose this year?

Obama sounds good, but words aren't enough

Good McCain Video

It feels really great to be excited about a candidate again!

please delete.

I thought Hillary gave a great speech tonight. Obama followed her at WI Founders Day event:

Obama and the Confederate Flag: what's his stance?

Hey all you Obama Folks wanting to contest NY

McCain sure says 'Fuck' alot... AP/MSNBC Hothead article:

Texas Superdelegates and who they are voting for.

Texas Superdelegates and who they are voting for.

Rum and Coke make this site much more bearable,

"This lady knows how to lead"

Why I support Obama

Wow, Obama tongiht: "I will not hesistate to strike those who would do us harm."

Wisconsin Clinton & Obama repeat

Wisconsin Clinton & Obama repeat

Here is another look at the "so-called" Rezko link that so many Clinton supporters refer to

Are you generally happy with Clinton or Obama as our possible candidates for President?

Are you generally happy with Clinton or Obama as our possible candidates for President?

Are you generally happy with Clinton or Obama as our possible candidates for President?

Letter in TIME (not mine) about voting for Clinton

If McCain (who is old) suddenly had to abandon the race due to health issues, what would happen?

So here's an anti-Obama/Pro-Clinton argument I'm tired of hearing about.

So here's an anti-Obama/Pro-Clinton argument I'm tired of hearing about.

Clinton leads in race for Pa. superdelegates

Mccain is a potty mouth.

My issues with Hillary Clinton are:

Look's kinda' ominous at first, but it's the bicycle at the back end that made me laugh.

Burac Oboma eats babies

jews against obama

If Clinton Takes the Nomination, We'll Lose in 2008....

I would like to make some observations

Just Words.

Primary Colors

The reasons I will never support Barack Obama:

If Clinton or Obama and McCain get the nod we will

Thank you for my 2nd heart.

New "Thank You Kucinich" Video, Help Spread It Around To Keep Him In Congress

Homework on Obama--Zbigniew Brzezinski

Counterpunch/BlackAgenda: Obama is Bush Lite, not Black. Not even an Oreo. Just Clear Plastic Phony.

Why should we trust Hillary to run a good campaign and win

On C-Span tonight, 6:30. 1984 interview of DNC Chairman Clarles Manatt.

So it appears Hillary's giving up on Wisconsin. What's going to be her reason it doesn't count?

NY Times on "The Cult of Personality"

The GOP and Google!

Why don't the Republicans have "Super Delegates"?

Obama Vows To 'Do What's Right' (FLIP/FLOP) (FLIP/FLOP)

Obama Vows To 'Do What's Right' (FLIP/FLOP) (FLIP/FLOP)

Welcome to Wisconsin Hillary!! Too bad you waited so long to decide to show up.

Superdelegate supporting-Clinton: "former president has screwed this thing up for her big-time"

Barack Obama and the Use of Force Against Iran

Clinton: "I am prepared to go the distance"

Obama robbed of votes in New York

The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama, by Frank Rich

Bills sponsored by Candidates - Be an informed voter!

This week I will go to my first meeting as a new member of my county's

Obama's 10-point Master Plan on how to unite the country & heal our ailing economy:

More valuable from Howard Dean

Times (UK): "Right slams Obama as 'shady Chicago socialist'"

Al Hunt On MTP "Axelrod and company have run circles around The Clinton campaign"

On words and inspiration

Campaign role ups pressure on Chelsea Clinton to talk to media

Just Words.

Verbatim Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm doing McCain the biggest favor . . .'

Verbatim Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm doing McCain the biggest favor . . .'

Ohio Discussing Sexism and Racism in the Primaries

Is Obama the New William Jennings Bryan?

Why I hate Hillary Clinton (satire)

THE FL and MI SoLution

Hillary Clinton and the weapons industry


CNN live now. Topic: The Media giving Obama a free ride and have hurt Hillary's campaign.

Cause He's got High Hopes, He's got High Hopes...

Sleazeball Shumer Shilling for Clinton on MTP

Hey, everybody! This morning on "This Week" McCain offered his plan to save the economy!

A free media ride for Obama? Let's put the shoe on the other foot

Clinton Recalls Hunting With Her Father As A Youth - Reuters

Cynicism is a sorry kind of Wisdom

Sebelius to Clinton: Stop Discounting the Votes of Red State Democrats

Clinton camp: Race will last until June

Clinton camp: Race will last until June

I will be glad when this is over.

Hillary wants the....

we need trust from abroad to invest again in the USA

A message to Chelsea Clinton and her family

Things to Think About Regarding Obama vs. McCain

Harold Ickes voted to strip delegates from FL and MI

Al Franken (DFL) within MOE on Coleman (R, Inc.) in MN (KTSP Poll)

"Don't tell me words don't matter"

"Senator Obama has, in fact, never had a serious Republican challenger."

Obama will never win

HillHaters speading yet another anti-Clinton smear email

Welcome to the party

The idiocy of the self defense argument

The idiocy of the self defense argument

When they swift Boat Obama,

Anyone wonder why there are at least six threads suddenly about...

I think that Obama has a teflon coat, and I think that is a good thing.

Obama's change will be systemic and effective in part because of the pedaling of misconceptions

By staying in until June, Hillary keeps Bloomberg out and covers Obama from the swiftboaters. She is

If Hillary wins the nomination by getting FL/MI delegates, and a

Let's divide the country into Clinton USA and Obama USA.

McCain Got Loan by Pledging To Seek Federal Funds

The Republican nominee, Senator McMetamusil.

one question. for both the obama and clinton camps.

Honolulu Advertiser: Democrats need Barack Obama's vision, leadership

The CBCs Rex Murphy on Obama

Senator Clinton has, in fact, never had a serious Republican challenger.

ACK! On his website. Obama ringtones for your cellphone! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headline in Wisconsin this morning: CLINTON LEAVES WISCONSIN EARLY

The Texas Democratic Party expects its Clinton-Obama cliffhanger to shatter its modern-day record

Sunday News Show Lineup-2/17/08

Are these things breeding?

Republicans plan Obama attacks for fall-RezKo and more

Anyone remember 1992

I just caught a glimpse of the fever I have been looking for.


The battle for the soul of this nation will be fought at this spot

Who has the best ads in Texas and Ohio?

PA: Obama 49% McCain 39%; McCain 44% Clinton 42%, OR: McCain 45% Clinton 42%; Obama 49% McCain 40%

Some numbers.

Obama's persuasive influence over voters concerns me.

How is it that Obama is supposed to represent hope and positivity

OMG, I miss the Capital Gang...

3 more newspaper endorsements for Obama: Honolulu Advertiser, Fort Worth Star Telegram, CC Caller...

Hillary giving up on Wisconsin

lanny davis - asshole extraordinaire

lanny davis - asshole extraordinaire

Why are DU's Obama Supporters allowed to call other members racists?

What happens with MI uncommitted delegates if they are seated?

Here is Williams Ayers Blog (The guy Larry Johnson noted regarding Obama)

How can such an intelligent, inspirational, and charismatic candidate ...

FL. caucus, primary, allow, not allow doesn't matter

I keep seeing posts from the Obama/Clinton camps

Why are DU's Hillary Supporters allowed to call other members sexist?

Ari Emanuel: I don't trust my brother

And you thought folks on DU were mean?!

The Donna Edwards Effect?

Dear fellow Obama supporters

24 Hour Challenge

Where is Obama today?

Hillary Rodham Clinton's FANTASTIC speech delivered 5 September 1995, Beijing, China

McCain is batshit crazy

Left-Wing Rag Shepherd Express endorses Obama

Michelle Obama to Appear in Madison on Monday at the Overture Center

If you haven't done so, Please read Redstone's thread on this page

If you haven't done so, Please read Redstone's thread on this page

Don't insult my intelligence: Re: posts comparing Hillary and Obama's legislative work

Now that Hillary is LOSING, Witness the Spectacle of Obama Bashing at DU.

Hillary Superdelegate: Bill screwed this up for her "big time"/should be sent out of the country

Hillary supporters: Anyone else notice the degrading swipes Obama takes at Hillary's intelligence?

Rethugs believe they can "trounce" Obama. Hillary defined but rethugs can "teach" folks about Obama

Please heed Blue-Jay's cries re CatWoman's thread regarding Redstone's thread.

Rio Grande Valley Elected Officials Endorse Hillary

A campaign rally tip if your state hasn't voted yet....

Why should Clinton supporters vote for Obama when

I knew I'd seen Obama somewhere before

OpEd in my paper this morning: Obamamania: virtue or vice?

More Obama Endorsements!

Howard Wolfson is holding a 1PM press conference call about fundraising "pledge" he claims Obama is

I will be most happy to have been proven wrong...

Regardless of who is the Democratic candidate

It was inevitable that the pendulum would swing wide...


Ohhhh, she doesn't just want to give us hope; she wants progress.

Charles Barkley on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer Endorses Barack Obama

What is the difference between the Obama and Clinton healthcare plans?

Clinton, Obama Supporters Say Fight May Hurt Party (Bloomberg News)

Baltimore SUN piece on the nomination race so far:

I watched the Wisconsin dinner last night

National Review front cover...praying for a HRC win in the Dem Primary

Obama supporters sleep late on Sundays

Thread comparing the opposition to something we all despise...

I propose a 1 year moratorium on the word "meme."

YouTube Link of another "Spell Caster" Candidate: RFK

New Clinton economic message has echoes of Edwards

Clinton superdelegate: Bill "has screwed this thing up for her big-time...I am angry"

Obama follows JFK advice - Secrecy is repugnant in a free society - Please read:

My brother and his wife, and her mother are switching parties

It's Really Hard to Distinguish Obama supporters from Republicans

Its really hard to distinguish Hillary Clinton supporters from Ann Coulter

Obama repeat on CSPAN now.

FDR was a "divisive" and "polarizing" figure

Join Michelle Obama at a 'Stand for Change' Rally in Madison on Monday 2/18

Sen. Ring (D-FL) sponsored effort to move FL primary date up: "I have absolutely no regrets."

Join Michelle Obama at a 'Stand for Change' Rally in Madison on Monday 2/18

Join Michelle Obama at a 'Stand for Change' Rally in Madison on Monday 2/18

If Edwards backs Obama, how many of the Clinton supporters with Edwards avatars/photos will change

Some voters say sexism less offensive than racism

Response/Rebuttal to "Seven Reasons for Turning Away From Obama"

Mixed Message? Clinton Issues Wisc. Challenge, Says She's Leaving Early

I NEVER thought I would see the day that democrats would

"The First _______ President"

Better a Pant Suit than 2 pending Law Suits

Obama Meets With Edwards in North Carolina

Florida and Michigan is a NON issue made into an issue by the Clinton campaign...

Hillary does well with Establishment Voters

Larry Sinclair v. Barack Obama

Remember, John Edwards took his name off the ballot in Michigan as well...

Remember, John Edwards took his name off the ballot in Michigan as well...

Vermonters....Obama Adviser Anthony Lake in Putney: February 20th

Could this be a sign of Clinton/Edwards

This says it better than I can.......MI and FL ...count them now!

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

Obama met with Edwards today

MI and FL are going to rip us apart! We need to step back a moment.

Will you continue to support the Democratic Party if....

Obama visits Edwards

Do-Or-die Hillary Turns Bully As Obama Starts To Pull Away - TimesOnline UK

Do-Or-die Hillary Turns Bully As Obama Starts To Pull Away - TimesOnline UK

Mere emotional allegiance and extreme candidate partisanship

Right Now: Replay of Katrina vanden Heuvel interview at on SuperDelegates....

Should either Obama or Hillary be "taping messages for the State Department?"

Post-convention, I think the vast majority of Michigan/Florida voters won't give a damn.

Obama Folks - Hillary Clinton Folks...Lets talk about Democrats

OK, Wolfson, this one's for you- Where are Hillary's tax returns?

WTF? ARG has Obama winning Texas and Clinton winning Wisconsin?

NBC: Hillary to gain only 35 delegates if she wins OH and TX by 14%

I'd Wager Even A Career Proctologist Would Come Here & Declare He's Never Seen So Many Assholes. n/t


McCain Nickname Thread

Hillary Clinton campaign 'under the weather'

There is nothing wrong with "hating" a candidate, and there is nothing wrong with GDP either

National Review Cover - "Please Nominate This Couple"

The next 10 days we will see a lot of chaos in the world and probably push the campaign off the M$M.

Mr. Obama's Waffle: Backing away from commitment to pursue public financing for fall campaign

The Huckabees & Clintons Are Out of Gas, But I Have an Exit That Works For Both Couples.

Some of the Many reasons that Hillary is Unsupportable!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/17/08 - Clinton up 1 (44), Obama unchanged (47)

Is this statement sexist?

If you haven't done so, please read CatWoman's thread regarding Redstone's thread.

American Research Group

How many people are going to be tired of being preached at after

Remaining 2008 Primary Schedule:

Barack Movement and Amy Winehouse

It is not against the rules to seat the MI and FL delegates

Barack Wants it Both Ways

Clinton aiding McCain in attacks on Obama - Betrayal of the democratic party gets worse!

Feb 16 Interview: General Wes Clark on why he's supporting Hillary Clinton

More Hope and less Nope -- Moving beyond The Politics of Nope

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina broke DNC rules but were not sanctioned.

The Clinton Team's Long View

IF HRC loses the nom., which cabinet position do you think is right for her?

Larry C. Johnson: Obama supporters, how will he defuse Rezko, Ayers & Khaladi?

Hillary Clinton’s voice filled with emotion today . . .


If Clinton Wins Because Her Crew Forces MI & FL Votes To Count...

Why has Obama continued to fund the Iraq War? Why did he duck the Iran vote?

Perchance to Dream

Hillary supporters - where are you tonite?

Clinton Supporters Wanted: I have hearts to give away!

It's Time for Obama to Begin Planning His Exit and to Endorse Hillary Clinton.

Suggest a DAY OFF! I am going skiing

HRC is as ready for day one as Rumsfield was for the Iraq war

Barack's realistic policy on Iraq.

Rasmussen polls in PA and Oregon: Obama leads McPain by 9-10%, Hillary trails in both

A joke for all my Democratic Compatriots.

On Face The Nation; Wolfson and Axelrod were debating

The Times of London is reporting Al Gore to broker convention deal

Not even Solomon could figure out a solution to this FL - MI dilemma.

Asking any candidate to bow out is undemocratic

It is amazing how stupid we are supposed to be.

Latest From Mark Penn

Clairvoyance? Chelsea learns Lying from the best.

Finding Their Faith

The idle sabre-rattling of the Naderites and other splinterists that you hear today means nothing.

The best reason yet not to vote for Hillary

How come we hain't seen hide nor hair of Huckabee's heirs?

Do you believe ANYBODY on our ticket will be better than McCain?

I saw HRC today - I was, frankly, shocked by how gorgeous she is in person.

Hillary Started The Iraq War!!!!

Barack Obama & Oratory. A word from Bob Dylan.

Hey Hillary folks: RE-scheduled events for MONDAY-& Chelsea to come back to WI:-)

Reminder for Edwards supporters.

Gee, Ted, you talk about "Checking off Pink Boxes" for Health Care Insurance in the Senate..


Possible cause for concern for Clinton? El Paso (heavily Hispanic) poll: C 33%, O: 32, Und: 35

Possible cause for concern for Clinton? El Paso (heavily Hispanic) poll: C 33%, O: 32, Und: 35

Update: Delegate Switching, Net Gain +10 for Obama

Doug Wilder warns of "chaos" at Democratic Convention...

Freedom Watch And It's Quater Billion Dollar Budget Against Obama Or Clinton In The GE

WOW. Bill Clinton spars with Obama supporter

WP: WINNING UGLY - Play the Race Card At Your Own Peril

Need some info on Obama and gun control

Larry Johnson has finally attempted to give"proof" to his

For the radical fundies who are ushering in the Second Coming...

Why was Hillary on the ballot in Michigan?

Camp Obama: Volunteers urged to avoid talking about policy, focus on how they "came" to Mr. Obama.

Clinton needs to point out the strange alliance of Obama and the right-wing

Obama/Edwards Meeting in NC - my impressions:

I've heard it all now. Clinton siding with McCain on Obama Public Financing for the GE

I've heard it all now. Clinton siding with McCain on Obama Public Financing for the GE

Will FL/MI Dem voters show in force in Nov. if they are not represented at the convention?

Hillary Clinton wants to be a "tough president" -- Obama wants to make "politics cool again"

Will McCain underestimate Barack Obama like Hillary Clinton did?


Talk is cheap, indeed.... (Bill Clinton $40,000,000 speaking fees)

Lawrence Lessigs Extraordinary Video Presentation on Why One Should Support Obama and not HRC

Democrats should change the rules for 2012 and have winner take all primaries

So Who WILL The Clintons Support If It's Between Obama And McCain?

Michigan Delegates May Get Seats

Why so many of us are embracing Barack Obama.

Why so many of us are embracing Barack Obama.

Winning by default.

OK kids I'm off to an Obama organizational meeting in Ohio!

Will Kerry and Kennedy feel constrained to cast their super

Strange bedfellows: Obama Dems and Conservative GOP

Remember that Obama voted to EXPAND NAFTA

Remember that Obama voted to EXPAND NAFTA

Stand there and Bleed-

A modest proposal regarding Michigan and Florida

Ben Smith/Politico talks about Obama online supporters

It's Time for the Clintons to Begin Planning Their Exit and to Endorse Barack Obama.

Newsweek Cover: Barack's Rock

It's Time for Obama and Clinton to Begin Planning Their Exits and to Endorse Al Gore.

Watching Hillary try to morph herself into an inspirational speaker is painful

If you are still undecided about who you're supporting for the Dem nominee, please check in here!

If Obama takes the nomination, we'll lose in 2008

Jeremy Ring (D-FL) said "relevance is more important than "partying" in Denver.

Authorization for the use of Military Force Against Iraq 2002 (aka the IWR)

Whose fault was it that Obama's name wasn't on the Michigan delegate list?

The new limits in GD-P are?

How I See The Electoral Maps Looking If Obama Or Clinton Are The Nominee's

Critical Reasons Why Women Need to Vote for Hillary Clinton

FReepers call to register as Democrats to do voting fraud

Bill Blames Obama for Ouster of Candidates

Regarding Florida And Michigan: The GrantCart (DUer) Solution...What Say You ???

Could a NON-POLITICAL PERSON be a good President???

New Sport at DU: Shoot the Democratic Party in the Foot Before the General Election:"Democrat's War"

Very cool YouTube video of Hillary at HRC meeting & banquet

Time Mag: Female Hormones in the White House

Hillary is the REAL uniter.

Please, take a deep breath and step away from that keyboard...

[Incoming Mortar from the Media]: No, He Can't Because Yes, They Will ...

Obama/Dodd '08

Obama flirts with plagiarism? "Just words." Decide for yourself.

Heads Up, DU: I'll be appearing on Progressive Blend Radio tonight...

Are there any groups preparing to protest the convention yet?

Horse racing fans

Ripples in Time

Hope in a time of hardship-Clinton responds to family's mortgage plight

Best Troll Post Ever ----- Freep Speak?

Social Networking: Risks vs. Rewards - Interesting insight

79 YR-OLD (former life-long "R") wants to protest before he dies.

Bush proposes hiking Medicare drug premiums

Britain powerless in face of Saudi threats, court told | World news | The Guardian

* and Mc* to campaign n matching flight suits

Ward Connerly

Suicide Bombs Kill at Least 50 in Pakistan

How to Get a Ticket to the CNN Debate in Austin

Is Amy Poehler a misogynist?

So, 3 generations of women in a hotel lobby all in different geo-graphic regions:

Dems see beginnings of deal on surveillance bill

Medical insurers Aetna, Cigna agree to pay for online doctor visits

Happy Birthday Debi!!

Thank You Secret Admirers, From the Bottom of My Hearts!

Iraq: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares

*9PM* CSPAN2 - "Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West" by Benazir Bhutto

I dream a dream of days gone by

Weekly Standard: McCain's a loose cannon on economics, too.

Should governors gain authority over all U.S. military forces in their states?

Banks To Ask Government To Take Bad Loan Risk: Report

Study: Delayed delivery of trucks led to Marine deaths

What is up with 12 yr olds needing cell phones? Are they really that

running for office is sort of like being waterboarded

Judge To FBI-Persecuted Professor In 9/11 Hysteria Case: I Gave "Most Lenient Sentence I Could Give"

Secret draft of Iraq war dossier to be revealed

Anybody besides me all excited for midnight to arrive so that

"Yea, Though I Walk Thru The Valley Of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil..."

Militia in 2nd Iraqi province ends cooperation with U.S.

Barack Obama's Appalling Position On IRAQ

OBAMA CHALLENGE: THE 100 / 100 CAMPAIGN!! We are the CHANGE we've been WAITING for!

I finally got the chance to watch Sophie Sholl The Final Days

Wheat Soars to Record as U.S. Stockpiles Head for 60-Year Low

Yahoo News Headline: Clinton again alls on Obama to debate

New, improved C-SPAN -- all sports, all the time! ('TOON)

New, improved C-SPAN -- all sports, all the time! ('TOON)

The Valentine Hearts

How to indict Karl Rove

How to indict Karl Rove

Spinning the news gets personal -- Non Sequitur 'TOON

Sexism and politics...

Setting the record straight is now considered "calling out"

To whoever gave me the hearts

Teddy row teacher heads to China

Send Toilet Paper Contributions Via:

Pinnacle armor CEO says Dragon skin from army test surfaces on Ebay untested

Pinnacle armor CEO says Dragon skin from army test surfaces on Ebay untested

Al-Qaida is comin'!

Police in Nevada Hunt a Serial Rapist

This forum has become tedious, boring, pathetic, and worst of all, irrelevant.

Police Find Slain Daughter in Boiler

How can a group of otherwise APPARENTLY intelligent people

Self-Extinguishing Cigarettes? I Feel So Much Safer Now That I'm Surrounded By Them In Illinois

well, terrorists, obviously waiting for the treasonous Demonrat bastards in congress

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of February 17th 2008 - New Zealand

Russia says US spy satellite plan 'a cover'

Obama Feb 12 Rally Kicks Out Proterters – Thread from Madison Site

George "Night Of The Living Dead" Romero on his "Land of the Dead" as Bush administration parable Kansas blow up yet? No FISA to protect them.

"Leaders worry educators ‘teach to the test’" Well, DUH! What choice do we have?

Say it ain't so: Google goes to the dark side

I saw on BBC a while ago that Bush is calling for free

This bully should not be a cop.

Kosovo begins independence move

Suicide Bomber Kills 80 in Afghanistan

CIA's ambitious post-9/11 spy plan crumbles

So great to see a true journalist and Patriot - Daniel Schorr, on CSPAN2 -

2 Guys and a Chick Set Off Loudoun Library Dispute

I listened to McCain and Hukabee and they both courted

She cheated on me

Quotes from a revolutionary

Are Americans too medicated to take back their country?

Watching the Senate Rot in Slow Motion

Dallas Morning News ("Opinion" Section) Touches Sibel Edmonds' Story

Does anyone have the Sunday talk show lineup?

OP/ED: Down, But Not Out. . . Could Nader Be the Comeback Kid of the 2008 Election?

Campaign of torture and murder being conducted by U.S.-trained government police forces

Man charged with assault in dispute over beer

Informed Americans--these people are allowed to vote?!?!?!?!

Message to the Party: You Broke It, You Fix It and/or Be Careful of What you Wish For.

Here are the "police" Bush gave to the Iraqis

Patty Culhane (MSNBC) Telcos "had to cooperate" with

NY Daily News: Foreclosures in Jamaica Queens ... making ghost town

Padilla Brings Torture to Trial: Can a DOJ lawyer be held accountable for advocating the inhumane?

So, where are we with the asinine (oops, my opinion is showing) rebate/"stimulus" package?

David Sirota: The Permanent Will

How Will We Be Treated After The 2008 Election?

I don't remember Tweety saying "Screw you!", to Bush when his thugs leaned on him. Do you?

Howard Kurtz: We now learn David Shuster suspended for two weeks.

CNN: T.J. Dumber than a Rock!

'Deadliest' attack in Afghanistan: Eighty dead

Does anyone remember an amazing video (poem)from a few years ago here on DU...

Did anybody else just catch that contentious exchange on Face the Nation

ACLU press release: Anti-War Protestors Victorious in Free Speech Suit

New Bill To Allow Police Misconduct Be Hidden From Public

Bush: Keep abstinence in AIDS program

The Chicken Doves by MATT TAIBBI

Zoe Lofgren, Closet Impeacher

Why Gore lost the 2000 election: one word

Best U.S. factory jobs in rising jeopardy

This is what worries me about Florida's drive to teach religion in schools

I have just watched "Letters From Iwo" on AMC, and while I am

Game On with Iran! Heaven Help Us All

New Mexico Developer Tax Breaks Take Greed to New Level

New Mexico Developer Tax Breaks Take Greed to New Level

CIA's Ambitious Post-9/11 Spy Plan - CRUMBLES!!! (LAT)

I love Charles Barkley

I just can't believe someone sent me this email! I am SO mad right now

For Sale: Saddams yacht. Steal at $35 million -It'd cost more than $146 million to build one like it

Slaughtering Whales in the Name of Science?

I thought people who have been patients in mental health facilities can't purchase guns?

"liberals can never make up their mind."

This has got to be the weirdest LTTE I've ever read...

House ‘Walkout’ Spurs GOP to Highest Ratings Ever


...feeling recession's chill: U.S. service sector shrank for the first time in five years

Student borrowers latest to feel credit crunch

NEWSDAY: Long Island... newly poor seek assistance

more oil spilled - gulf of mex. by Texas

If Only Saddam Had Injected HGH

Editorial help polishing LTTE re FISA please.

Dems should declare victory in Iraq!

Worker abuse documented -- yet again -- in the South's poultry industry

"The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero, " Moodys threat

Playing games in yahoo games

Whoa! Dallas County DA's office finds cache of JFK memorabilia

Freepers once again demonstrate their kinship with Islamists.

Death of 'gentle giant' comes at fateful time for Civil Rights veterans

Crooks & Liars video: "Bill Kristol Can’t Understand Why Democrats Don’t Trust Bush On FISA"

New Video of Skateboard Baltimore Cop

I'm new

The Recession and the Freedom to Organize

PANIC IN THE STREETS: US Wakes Up Without Protect America Act!!!

PANIC IN THE STREETS: US Wakes Up Without Protect America Act!!!

Should/could DU send a few roses to "Miep Gies, who hid Anne Frank, just turned 99 years old"

Error Gave F.B.I. Unauthorized Access to E-Mail

Michelle Obama on the cover of the new issue of Newsweek!

Michelle Obama on the cover of the new issue of Newsweek!

Northern Rock to Be Nationalized

Two native leaders sentenced to jail for blocking uranium exploration

Have any of you noticed just how

Somehow This Factoid Seems Profound - I Just Don't Know Why

What do you think of Republicans, in general?

U.S.-based Blackwater Training Taiwanese

Naomi Wolf/Shahid Buttar: Musharraf’s Playbook is the Same as the Bush Administration’s

Miep Gies, who hid Anne Frank, just turned 99 years old

Educate me, where have the Democrats been on Siebel Edmonds?

Senator Jack Reed Dispels GOP FISA Lies

St. Paul police dept. seeks 230 additional Tasers

Thought for the day:

Rep. Leonard Boswell Backs Impeachment

There are too many polls in America. Polls need to be reduced.

Interesting show on the History Channel: The States

Army Blocks Public Access to Digital Library

Idiot sighting in America

Hey DUers, if you are poor you might qualify for foreign aid from Bangladesh.

Are there too many polls in America?

Harris Poll: Worst. pResident. Ever...

Hey Skinner: How about selling posting rights on GD-P?

Pakistan goes to polls today

The idiocy of the self defense argument

Homeless man dies after beating, suspect arrested

How to indict Karl Rove

States' DoJs tried to stop subprime predatory lending but Feds removed consumer protection laws.

VOTE MACHINE - How Republicans hacked the Justice Department (Scott Horton)

calculate the cost of war to your community..

Glenn Greenwald: The Fun and Excitement of Civilization Wars (fought from afar)

Our Beloved President is *ahem* speaking now.

Idea for president --- the people have a right to a voice

Who's watching the Daytona 500? Race fans, check in!

Who's watching the Daytona 500? Race fans, check in!

John Q is on TBS right now.

I wish there was a way to turn off the GD-P threads from "Latest'

Credit card public service announcement.

40 years ago. Tet.

Michael Vick doesn't appear to be involved in suicide bomb that kills 80 at dog fight

Beef Recall With LINK

Why universal(nationalized) health care should be a libertarian/conservative issue.

Hearts or DU funds raised RU a freeper if U don't have many hearts?

Hazelwood officer fined $18,000 for arresting firefighter

Santa (Bush) goes to Africa.

Tanzanian President Kikwete: "Let the new U.S. President be as good a friend of Africa as Bush"

Kitten found after 25 days in NYC subway

Does anybody have info on this Sanders amendment? Thanks.

My scary thought for the day....

We need more of these poles

President says Congress makes country less safe

Why is it not illegal for politicians to lie?

Original Lyrics


Utah Legislature Bill Would Seal Police Misconduct Records

Voters vow retaliation after council approved Wal-Mart project

House caves to Left Wing Bloggers-White House Press Sec.

Since misogyny has become quite the topic...

FNS: Kristol Can’t Understand Why Democrats Don’t Trust Bush On FISA

KTLA (poll) Should Congress renew the government eavesdropping law?

This photo (Bush) is just BEGGING for a caption: - - - - - - - - - - - - >

Neocons are just a bunch of drama queens

Iraqi guards leave posts near Baghdad

No, just because you have had/ or have a mental illness does not mean you can't own a gun.

OK, so Little Boots and his war toys wants to play Star Wars

Ocean ‘dead zones’ may be permanent

These flowers are good for the environment -- and people

DU Addiction - The Warning Signs

Affordable health care for everyone? How about affordable food and fuel for everyone?

How many here play bridge?

California GOP in turmoil

Breaking: They have released the name of another mass shooter...(a rant)

TIME: Death at the Army's Hands

Bride Dies During First Dance

Hit this poll. Bush ranked in top ten "best" presidents?

April 2001 - Lenders Fend Off Subprime Laws

Susan Jacoby (Again) on our Nation of Dunces....

a FAVOR please... please help me today

We're not Citizens, we're Consumers

The Baby Boomer Karma Dream.

Rumors Swirl About Two Republican Retirements In Arizona

A sane approach to street racing

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,

Can you support the troops if you don't support the war?

If you think Obama is progressive ...

If you think Obama is progressive ...

OK, Nance. You asked for this.

Octafish alert: Exclusive: Dallas County DA's office finds cache of JFK memorabilia

"It's not our fault! It's not our fault!"

What is your favorite issue?

on ABC, seven dead soldiers' names released. Do we even care anymore?

What's Worth TWICE as Much as the US Stock Market? Introducing "Credit Default Swaps"

Breaking- Dallas Morning News prints Phil Giraldi's Sibel Edmonds commentary

LIVE Media Alert **** Greenwald **** Horton **** Protect American Act and Bush Spying

Derogatory comments about other nations and cultures

The truth about Tom Lantos isn't too pretty.....

Most people in the snake-handling, tent-revival crowd will certainly get on board with McCain

Workers broke ground for the construction of the Pentagon on 9.11.1941

Cuba wants Gitmo back - denounces torture prison

Researchers: Damage Threat From U.S. Extremists May Be Greater Than From Foreign Terrorists

The Secret Downing Street "Dossier" to be released Monday (Feb 18)

Bush on Obama: "Seems like there was a lot of excitement for me."

watch out! new dirty words = Old Guard Feminists

143 MILLION pounds of frozen beef recalled from So. Cal. slaughterhouse (largest recall ever)

Albino Moose In Michigan

Is Wikileaks down?

A story about the shootings at Northern Illinois University on the local news.

I just got the best news! I am the object of unmitigated hatred.

Free Wiretap Ringtone!

For my 10,000th Post: Please join me DU

Credit Card Companies including Capital One raising interest up to 28%

Tornadoes in the South again

Prudent homebuyers are getting hit 3 times.

The Subprime Primer

My son's happy update.

TIME: Postcard: Marfa (TX)

Bad Times At Best Buy ("Americans can no longer tap their homes for excess cash to buy toys")

Four dollar milk.

1 Mexican Vs. Extremely Angry Minutemen - US

DU's Son ..... A poem

It Is Slowly Sinking In That Political Activity Is Meaningless

Thank You Dennis..Video

“Don’t be fooled by this talk about speeches versus solutions,”

FISA LTTE as sent.

If you’re an ugly woman, you’re probably a progressive as well

RATE YOUR FEAR FACTOR ....somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning.....

I encountered a sad, tragic victim of Bush's America this evening.

Criminals are so freakin' STUPID!

I Think I'm In Trouble

You're in trouble

"Do you make WHOOPEE when you are bored?"

I got three hearts this Valentine's Day

Space Settlement Art

MAD tv on a Saturday night.... I n Living Color come join me

Thank you.

Why would anybody PUI?

So thinking I was buying a "knock off" of Silly Putty

Thank you for the heart whoever you are

WTF was I watching before HDTV?

I encourage anyone who wants to help DU out, make a raid into GDP and dilute the stupidity

The End of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat

so its Mel Gibson Rah Rah day here in the LINJ house

Thanks so kindly for the beautiful heart, whoever you are!

~~~ February Photo Contest Final Round Now Up in GD ~~~

Secret high-tech control center targets citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, bombs them.

I love Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

Anyone order any pharmaceuticals over the net?

My computer keeps rebooting about once an hour.

Is This Mike On?


I have the best wife ever - BDay party at DFH pub

So what is Bush really doing in Tanzania?

I just saw Hillary and Obama on the same night - Ask Me Anything!

.... If you could have one meal start to end what would it be?

I've stopped combing my hair! Have you?

The Official Saturday Night Posting In The Lounge While Nekkid Thread!

The REAL Cloverfield Monster Exposed (Warning Graphic Photo)

How long

Alka-Seltzer in Space!

I have a real problem. I can't whistle.

I don't know how long the hearts thing is going to last here

My life fades the vision dims.

My "oak" key is fcked p.

My "Gingko" key is fcked p

Does anyone else here live on a float?

I've stopped coloring inside the lines! Have you?

Can men ever really UNDERSTAND women? I mean, REALLY understand them.

Wow, I forgot how much I liked Boston (the band).

I am SO PROUD of my 14 year old tonight!

Has anyone here seen MAD tv or SNL tonight, and if so, were either worth watching.

If Clark Kent put on Iron Man's armor, would he be STRONGER, or would it just be overkill?


I've been a butthole...

Photo Destination of the Week - New Zealand

It's a Birthday Doubleheader

Well I tracked down a non-backwards compatibility crippled PS3

The darker the coffee, the higher the caffeine content?

Ben Folds - Still Fighting It

A post for Heidi and anyone else who likes R & B

If "There Will Be Blood" Doesn't Win Best Picture I'm Leaving

David Letterman's "Top Ten Signs You Had A Bad Valentine's Day"

"Masturbation"? Whats the point?

Help me get 3 posts to 1000 ! :)

Dear Neighborhood Cat, please stop spraying the sliding glass door to my office. Thanks, A.V.

More problems with the homestead

I learned something funny about my house today

An old friend of mine is crazy

Great non-network TV shows you love!

The time: every Friday evening. The place: the DU lounge.

So when does matcom come back and discover we went through his house like Sherman through Georgia?


the whole frickin' world is coupled up

hope y'all had a great Lupercalia

OMG. It's "Vitametavegimin!" 11:30 EST on TV Land.

Should Voters Have To Pass A Test & Get A License To Vote?

What is ZIM Corporation?

Gawd, I Need Detox...

Does anyone else here live on about?

My "yew" key is fcked p.

They are our overlords

the eventful life of a little dog named 'Jet'.

Your Sunday lolcat

I fucking hate my father.

With all the BabyBoomer comments flying around GD:P, I should probably


Why does this video remind me of GDP?

Alright, then what's your FAVORITE piece of classic fiction?

Does anyone else here live on a boat?

Todays Fun Wikipedia Search: Fappers (not what you think, quite interesting imo)

I'm a bit of an opera geek

Anyone seen the movie "Persepolis" yet?

Back From MEXICO! (F*CK it's cold here)

IT'S ALL steelemagnolia's fault!!!!

Can anyone help me out please?

a little mechanic humor to brighten up our day. Enjoy, folks!

Okay own up

With the Oscars coming up next weekend, What's the best movie you've seen this year

A very serious, grown-up warning to the Rules and Credentials Committee members: Federal crimes...

CNN : HRC making major changes in Campaign Tactics - no longer hosting large rallies

Love me or Hate me... I made the greatest page in GD-P

So I heard Midlo was so Pissed today she sucked down an entire box of wine in 5 seconds

Dinner for tonight: all invited just rsvp here in the next hour

the phrase of the day is "self-pollution"

My Humidifier Sounds Like It Is Playing Banjo Music

AHHHHH!!!!! Save me

Anyone else smell socks in GDP?

How many Massachusetts state-level pols/Clinton backers received $$$ from State Street Bank?

From a tax standpoint, what is the definition of a job interview?

So I Was Sitting In A Little Country Diner Last Night...

The Archives?

OMG Huckabee Compares His Campaign Sleep Deprivation To Being WATERBOARDED!!!!!!

I don't believe it! I totally cannot believe it!

"near clean sweep of major Texas newspapers endorsing Obama" ... today the Houston Chronicle!

Just waking up after my epic Birthday pub crawl in the East Village...


Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Am I making too making too much out of this , or was he trying to smell me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/17/08

My favorite inappropriate child's book

There's no need for you to cheat on me...

when is it appropriate to move beyond victimhood?

Dave Chapelle fans?

CLINTON BETRAYING the Democratic Party - Siding up with McCain and the republicans!!!

Everytime I watch Scarface I feel like I'm wasting my life

Will my new sig offend anyone?

Hey Jude - What was it really about?

What a crappy day ahead

Thanks for the other heart, whoever gave it

Wow, I'm watchin' a movie with Jon Stewart as a science teacher

anybody else hooked on "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" blog


If actions are stronger than words, why is the pen mightier than the sword?

Is the new Indiana Jones movie still scheduled for release May 22, 2008?

I'm listening to rain outside and the trains go by...

Do you wish the temperature was 294.111K where you are right now?

It's back! Bigger than ever! With laser beams and cloaking devices!!

aahhhhhh.... feel good things

Happy Birthday Barenakedlady

My 6 year old daughter has a better social life than I do.

I just have to say I'm shocked at the amount of Hearts I have

What is your favorite plague? And, why? (pic heavy)

How Dare Hillary Supporters Shame Us into Supporting Her?

will * & Mc* wear matching flight suits on the campaign trail?

I'm going to clean my house!

I've had an odd day. Things with wheels broke

Parking Garage damaged my car - and are charging me for their damage! Advice...

Al Pacino rumored to be the villain in Bond 22

Pavlick vs. Taylor II

Ugh! People out in public...................

Suggestion for a DU bumper sticker:

If you had to choose one movie that you thought best represented liberal values, what would it be?

Would you spend $140,000 on a car?

Why must John Barleycorn Die? Is it because He's a Stranger to Himself?

ROFLCon is going to be held at Harvard University

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain...

I really need a shoulder to Rant on... and some advice...

I am tired

I loved Michael Clayton, but not Syriana.

Who's watching the Daytona 500? Race fans, check in!

Anyone ever been north of the Arctic Circle?

Tim Horton's rocks!

Surrender? What's the point?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good value on a digital camera?

Heidi Klum says she wants to help Britney Spears ("She can live with us for a couple of months")

Hungry Eyes

The Official Suspicious Absence Thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/17/2008)

Everytime I watch Lawrence of Arabia I feel like I'm wasting my life

What’s happening to Hillary’s campaign?

Whatcha listening to Lounge?

The primary process



Happy Birthday, MissHoneychurch!

Happy Birthday miss_american_pie :o)

If anyone is in the market for a new PC... here's a FANTASTIC deal

I'm making peanut butter cookies. My place smells wonderful! What you are listening to?

I Never Saw Free To Be You And Me

The idiocy of the self defense argument

Punishment Of Luxury - The Message

Now your moment of AAAWWWW from Mexico

Am I making too much out of this, or was he trying to tell me

OMG! I cannot believe I am posting this. I mean, me? ME?!

She cheated on me

OK, It's rant time. Today's topic: College kids these days...

The 18 hour migraine has finally eased

my kitteh likes dryers....>>>>check out his excursion into our dryer

A Few Pics Of Mexico (more to come later)

My Hearts Went to Animal Lovers

111 posts to 40,000--- ask me anything

Is cheating on a partner ever okay?

Hillary mailer accuses Obama of "demagoquery," Kennedy responds and a fact check on SCHIP

It's spooky quiet in here.

I'm xerophobic - stories like this on Yahoo!'s main page keep me up at night

Instead of "Nice post, Hilter", Why Not, "Nice post, President al-Bashir"

What's the best book you've read that was written in the last 25 years

Up soon on C-Span:, Hillary and Obama...

Buy Less but Pay Lots More, and Get a Misleading Rise in Sales

Iraqis Blame U.S. for Deaths of 8 Backing American Effort

Teddy row teacher heads to China

City (Boulder) Considers Bush Impeachment Vote

Health Officials Keeping Eye On Drug-Resistant Flu Strain

Feds Nip State Efforts to Slash Mercury

Serbs in for long-haul fight against Kosovo state

Canada sends ex-SS guard to Italy

Obama Robbed in NYC

Iran-backed groups using secret arms stores: U.S.

Kurds impose limits on where Arabs can live in Iraq's north

Ranks of Nuclear Experts Dwindle: U.S. scientific groups' warning

Deal between key Iraq Shiite figures collapses (Mehdi Army and SIIC)

Suspect arrested in therapist attack

Egypt arrests 40 Muslim Brothers ahead of vote

St. Paul police dept. seeks 230 additional Tasers

Philip Giraldi: What FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds found in translation


Suicide bomber kills 80 at Afghan dogfight

Kosovo Declares Independence From Serbia

Impeachment Protestors Give Democrats An Earful

Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

Picture of Barack Obama and John Edwards Meeting 2/17/08

Iran opens first oil exchange

UK Crisis Bank Northern Rock To Be Nationalized

McCain says no new taxes

Some home security systems networks will shut down Monday

CIA's ambitious post-9/11 spy plan crumbles: Front companies shut down

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Navy chief convicted for child sex gets honorable discharge

Trial in military massacre of Colombian police unit nears finale

Feds want trailer park shut down

Caucus turnout worries isle Dems (Hawaii)

US spy satellite plan 'a cover'

Bush calls for fair Zimbabwe poll

Report: Suicide attack kills 80 in Afghan south

'Dodgy dossier' was 'wrong', its author says

Ickes argues for seating delegates

Bush signs $700 million humanitarian pact in Tanzania

Old JFK documents may stir controversy

US admits it fired on anti-Qaeda fighters in Iraq

USDA recalls 143 million pounds of beef

Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama of Breaking Word

Kosovo declares independence

'I'd Like to See a Lot of People in the Administration Indicted' (Errol Morris interview)

Secret draft of Iraq war dossier to be revealed

Politics without transcendence is the world.

These catch-all terror laws are killing off British justice

With Expiration of Spying Act, Bush Reminds Nation of 'Midnite Ravings Time'

'Before Americans choose a president

As Crawford fades, a secret is exposed: "This was a Democratic town before Bush came here."

Rich: The Grand Old White Party Slithers Into History

Is Washington Undermining Democracy in Bolivia?

Burying Indonesia’s Millions: The Legacy of Suharto

Merchants of Misery: Debt collection is one of the UK's fastest-growing industries

Henry Paulsen's Wild Ride on the Hindenberg: "The Worst is Just Beginning"

Prosecutors blast Wilkes, seek 25-year prison term

Army Blocks Public Access to Digital Library

By Killing Satellite, US Would Send Ominous Message

Shellshock and Redemption

And Now Obama?

The Valentine’s Day Torture Trifecta by Scott Horton

Mystery of the toxic satellite

No buyer's remorse. SVP. Clinton want's another debate. Yes.

Open Letter to Obama

So the War Isn't Gonna Be an Issue, eh?

We Must Get Out Of The Middle East No Matter What, CIA Vet Says

Congress Ponders Change In Bankruptcy Law

Do-or-die Hillary turns bully as Obama starts to pull away

Scott Ritter: If Only Saddam Had Injected HGH

Maureen Dowd: Captive to History’s Caprice

The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero, 7 World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan

An Open Letter to Barack (or Hillary): Just Say NO, To Public Financing!

Frank Rich: The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama

Philip Giraldi: What FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds found in translation

Citizen Power


George Told A Dirty Lie

"Twisting Health Language for Torture" by Jason Leopold (2-16-2008 consortiumnews)

Why Republicans Will Lose in 2008

Iraq Haditha Massacre Shocking Story of Marines Killing Iraq

Mike Gravel and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Rep. Steve Cohen on Miers & Bolton Contempt of Congress Vote = 2008.02.14

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 3 (with pic of DU flowers!)

By Brave New Films: NO, YOU CAN'T -- NO SE PUEDE.

Ed Markey Speaks Out Against Nuclear Subsidies

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 2

Rep. Nadler Questioning Steven G. Bradbury, DoJ OLC Head. Torture “American Style”

Viewpoint with James Zogby 2/14/08 - Helen Thomas Part 4

International Day in Support Of Victims of Torture Press Conference

Albert Howard Petition Appeal N.H. Ballot Law Commission

CNN: Military Donations: Paul First, Obama Second

Insignificant States

"Soldier" Brags of Torture, Rape & Murder

Senator Kennedy in Youngstown, Ohio

John McCain-McBush - Another Neocon Psycho

Helen Thomas Drills Scott McClellan on Bush's Illegal Surveillance.

Hillary Clinton Wants Super Delegates To Decide Winner

George Galloway on Chimpy's war mongering

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack's Sister-Where Biography Does Matter

Obama: 'Just Words'? - - "Don't tell me words don't matter!"

Satan Rules

Deval Patrick "Just Words" from 2006

Edwards tribute. "Stand For You" Mellencamp

America's 50 Greenest Cities (Popular Science)

Silicon Valley Starts to Turn Its Face to the Sun (NYT)

U.S. work force continues to move to green-collar jobs

As Nuclear Waste Languishes, Expense to U.S. Rises

Jeopardy: used coffee grounds, peanut shells, etc...

I've never seen such BS about Global Warming and the economy.

Joint basing means big changes at Fort Lewis

Army report: Keep Stryker brigade in Hawaii

8-year-old Fla. boy finds live WWII grenade

Astronaut not scared of satellite shoot-down

Slain Fort Polk soldier ID’d

Army study: Schofield brigade should stay

Soldier surprises stepdaughter at school

Hearings planned on impact of sonar training

Sailor indicted of molesting girl on flight

Hearing ends for 4 Marines in gang rape case

Blue Angels to recruit Marine mechanics

Reserves take on extra airlift job in Europe

U.S. closes in on militants in Salman Pak

Commander: Demand for MRAPs being met

Sailors’ feedback prompts change in Navy’s tuition assistance policy

Marine goes under the knife to give brother another lease on life

Naples trash crisis cited as families are urged to recycle

Navy, CG May Test UAV From Cutter

Walter Reed's Warrior Clinic Officialy Opens

Bacteria Research Could Protect Airmen

Militia in 2nd Iraqi province ends cooperation with U.S.

Soldier’s request prompts Vt. moose bill

A day for Vietnam Vets

Navy overhauls foreign language bonus program

Bush: Nation in More Danger of Attack

Any 05H20's (Morse intercept) out there? Next month I am having

North Carolina who was recently sued by Mexico for labor rights violations is at it again, coercing

New avatar no questions now: Obama & Labor

Arizona (right to work for less state) sees increase in union membership

Today in labor history February 17

Slaves, Sharecroppers, Now Immigrants

Workers cartoon: New green policy

UPS Freight Workers in S. California Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

Three stories of OSHA encounters

Library Union in Jackson County, OR, Gains LSSI’s Agreement To Negotiate Contract


Buy Less but Pay Lots More, and Get a Misleading Rise in Sales

S&P downgrades ACA Financial to non-investment grade "CCC" rating

Fed Eunuchs Reveal True Selves in Technicolor

Digby uses trade mission to attack US

Probe underway into attempt to kill Paraguayan president

Gaza Palestinians march against Danish Muhammad cartoons

OAS refuses to exclude Venezuela

Rally against ExxonMobil in London

Obama again and again and again

400 Eritreans arrive at UN offices in Tel Aviv, seek refugee status

In praise of Barack

In praise of Barack

For Israel, Gaza Offers a Range of Risky Choices

"Award for tolerance" hides story of discrimination

Life under military rule

Third of settlements built on land seized for 'security purposes'

"I feel as if I were living in South Africa" (Arab-Israeli report)

A third of settlements on land taken for 'security purposes'

Huge Guest worker increase in the works 2/17/08

UN humanitarian chief visits Sderot, condemns Qassam rocket fire

Can someone summarize for me the relative risks/benefits of investing in gold?

Life under military rule

U.S. spy chief: Hezbollah may be behind Mughniyah killing

Canadian loses battle for 'Jerusalem, Israel' passport

London students call for divestment from Israel

NJ State Commission: Civil Unions Fail Gay Couples

Hi guys! That's it - just sayin' hi if anybody's here. WAVE. nt

The Stars This Week - "Serve Yourself as Well as Others" - February 18 - February 24, 2008

Clairvoyance on the Iraq War

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (February 17): 3 Major Tournaments Begin

Anyone Watch The Slam Dunk Contest?

I'm sitting in a suite near the finish line at Daytona today....

Notre Dame-Baylor @New Orleans Superdome 2012

can we get some love for Barnesly?

need advice: occupational exposure to toxic chemicals, Vietnam era

Spinal injury regeneration hope (BBC)

Boost for Off Label Drug Use

question about half and half

OK... I got the Kim Chee

Awesome cookies!

~~~ February Contest Final Round Now Up in GD ~~~

over time

Spring peeking through!

Southern Baptists Seek To Diversify With Bl... Bla... Blacks

Have you ever had an auto-focus lens just jam on you?

Gecko begs bug for honey.

What we know about the Illinois shooting

Will concealed-carry in public places become a cause on campus?

Dispute over guns threatens Senate vote

Okay, not a big fan of the gun thing here, but still a serious question:

Obama supports "individual right" to keep and bear arms?

Thanks secret admirer(s)

Poll: Real Planes or Video Fakery?

WP editorial: Mr. Obama's Waffle; Commitment to public financing suddenly looks soft

TV Wars: Obama Still Has Big Advertising Edge

WP, pg1: Lima, Ohio; Ohio Town's Democrats See 'Hope' Differently

Obama-Clinton: Would you rather fight or switch?

Dennis Kucinich's new TV ads

WP, pg1: Blacks in Congress Torn Over Candidates: Some Weighing a Shift From Clinton to Obama

GOP candidate Albert Howard files recount appeal with NH Ballot Law Commission - "We are thankful to

NYTimes: 0-bama at as Many as 80 'Heavily Black' New York City Precincts

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 02/17/08

Touch screens innocent, but already convicted

44 years and they're STILL finding stuff?

What are you guys doing to GOTV?

The Victoria Advocate Endorses Both Sam Houston and Justice Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court!

Can any of you veterans help this greenhorn with the rules re: caucuses for 3/4?

Obama Precinct Captain Training

Steve Bush endorsed for District 6.

Interesting Race in Waco

Barack Obama in San Antonio on Tuesday, February 19

Barack Obama in Houston on Tuesday, February 19

OT: Article on Lenders Fighting Subprime Laws, 2001

What are the chances Sen Kerry will post updates at kos while he's in Pakistan

Candidate Ray McMurrey's LTE

My laptop won't shut down.

Question about Windows Mail on Vista.

Is my PC infested?

If anyone is in the market for a new PC... here's a FANTASTIC deal

Newsweek Article on Michelle

Obama's "relationship" with William Ayers

Best. Speech. Ever.

I went to Obama Precinct Captain Training today in Galveston, TX

Obama supporters VP preference poll

CanWest: Elections Canada to investigate anti-Kyoto group

Obama now faces the terror test

Link found between high-stakes testing and dropout rates


Borat is One of The Greats

Just back from the Founder's Day Gala

Hillary Clinton is inspiring—AND practical.

How bad are the roads today?

Another 7-10 inches!?

What's the word on the street in Wisconsin?

Pat Condell rocks

Earths Greatest Lawsuit