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Archives: February 14, 2008

Ukraine will refuse NATO bases

christian school bans female referees in kansas

FISA Bill in the House has been DELAYED

House GOP rep. calls a procedural vote during Statuary Hall service for the late Tom Lantos

This Valentine's Day, be sure to avoid these highly unpleasant gifts

Empathy Domination and the bully

Join the Army and receive a downpayment to buy a house (new recruiting technique)

Chomsky joins 9/11 "Jersey" widows in calling for release of 9/11 documents

President's Budget Slashes Homeless Funding

Heck, even a John Bircher is now asking for Sibel Edmonds to be heard!

Who didn't see the satellite shootdown coming?

Rep. Wexler On Today's Contempt Of Congress Vote "We Must Never Cede The Rights Of Congress"

Mao Offered (10 million) Women to U.S.

Witness to grace - an offering for all those who work to make the world better

The David Shuster Lesson (Mary Lyon)

MSNBC:Happy Holidays from MSNBC Prison Documentaries!

Bravo Senator Boxer And Rep Wexler For Slamming Rice

One of 'em lied

Democrats who voted with them put New World Order & PNAC ahead of the U.S. Constitution

Waterboarding is ALREADY illegal.

Question about JFK and the Catholic vote?


Happy Valentines Day DU

I think laid-back, live-and-let-live Hawaii would be a good place for Chelsea to find her...

Dennis Miller to be cancelled again?

"Weeping Boehner can't complete job; gladhanding group pull-out follows."

Wrengate: A Chronicle of Gene Nichol's Resignation

Binge eating advice?

Democrats blow it on FISA legislation. Will they ever start acting like the majority party?

I was assaulted by Cuban right-wingers and it's all on video

Pentagon pushes for more contractor immunity in Iraq

Bush Admin Hides More Data, Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators

network news: any mention of the Contempt issue?

Caption this picture with Reagan

Would a DUer PLEASE write a book about the Bush Crime Family!!??

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Saudi's prepare to execute a woman for witchcraft

I just put us over the top!

David Schuster back on MSNBC Feb 22

United for Peace and Justice anyone?

Alright, WTF is going on? The media covered the Omaha mall shooting all the time...

Political photos analysis - BAGnewsNotes

What Conyers Told the Rules Committee Re Contempt

RNC: Valentine's Day Cards (really)

Pelosi Accuses Bush Of 'Fearmongering' In Wiretapping Fight

Ohio Woman Strip Searched by Police Left Naked for Hours in Cell

Democrats Ready for Revenge on Drug Companies

US Ground Forces: More Money Needed

Olbermann -- FISA Special Comment tonight. He posted a preview at Kos:

Japan's Okinawa demands US rein in troops after alleged rape

Larry Craig Senate Valentines


Hillary gets New Mexico - check breaking news-just announced

One Dem voted NO on contempt resolution.

I Ask Again: Why Won't DU Admins Take A Stand on FISA and Create A Stickie Thread?

We need a National Rail system...

On a lighter note... LET'S HEAR IT for STEWART and COLBERT for weathering the strike with aplomb...

Notice something about Kate O'Beirne?

stanford students take it to the streets in protest

U.S. Officials Say Broken Satellite Will Be Shot Down (NYTimes)

A quote sent by a Republican, and my reply.

Dear God! I think we just won. The people of our nation will see this abandonment for what it is

Thanks for My Heart, Secret Admirer

If President Insane....

On NBC Nightly News has anyone else noticed on the Roger Clemmons

anyone seen these race-baiting tv ads?

gratzi for my Valentine's Day heart...

I heard on the Randi Rhodes show today....

Thumbuddy luvths me!!!

18 People shot on Northern Illinios University Campus (Dekalb)..

Hallmark Meat Packing shut down - cruelty to dairy cows - Humane Society

Uneducated are treated like animals

C is for see you a lot later, honey...the f***ing highway is covered with cookies...

I think the Republicans have made so many mistakes today they can't recover

When it rains, it pours. Shooting at N. Illinois University

god damn you barack obama.

Are there any videos of Repubs walking out of Congress today?

Specter:“I found a lot of questions unanswerable because of the tapes and notes had been destroyed.”

Does Crazy Old Coot McCain wear his pantz ......

If Clemens is not indicted, it proves that Bonds indictment was racially motivated.

Tom Lantos

Their day of reckoning is drawing near. (Scott Horton)

Vying for the 1000th donation to punch McCain

Dem Aide: GOP Claims about Lantos Fracas "Preposterous"

Looking toward the General Election ..... does Mittens' endorsement ......

A locking message everyone needs to read and heed:

Hillary to be in WI for 4 days—“ups pressure for Wisconsin debate with Obama”

Now that's ironic

My First Post - I Thought that as you got

34 more donors! We are THAT close to punch McCain

Steven Kagen leading a Health care discussion in the House

If You Have A Democratic Congress Person Call Them and Thank Them

Fucking drama queens .......... feh .......

US Acts to Avert Defense tactic expected in Al Qaeda Trial

The hardest part of recruiting new police cadets .......

House Cites 2 Bush Aides for Contempt

Gunman on Northern Illinois University campus?

Nuclear experts kidnapped in Pakistan

Gov. Spitzer to give Congress warning about impact of bond crisis

For Tom Lantos - I will focus on the lessons of your life.

The most important question I'll NEVER get to ask.

Romney speaks at announcement...

McNamee's Lawyer Predicts Bush Family Friend Clemens Pardon

Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'

WEXLER is on with Randi NOW. nt

T he United States of Exxon Mobile Corp takes action against Chavez

Obama's Run...

Reagan, Helms, Dole Supporter for Obama!!!

Why is George Bush so concerned with this FISA bill?

Why is George Bush so concerned with this FISA bill?

Who has bought gold here?

Here's a John McCain/George Bush valentine for you...

DU THIS: Pelosi is Running Out the Clock on FISA

A detailed chronology of FISA:

"There was music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air..."

Chimp to veto senate ban on waterboarding...

Randi is saying the R's walked out of the house due to the FISA bill -


Never Forget

Is it just me or is the DU running on slow today?

The Dream Ticket!

Mike Luckovich should be named as DU's personal cartoonist. Enjoy:

men and women of the world

Edmonds, Plame, Brewster Jennings. The whole sickening mess.

Edmonds, Plame, Brewster Jennings. The whole sickening mess.

To be a Republican, you need to

Breaking News: Nancy on GEM$NBC from press conference

Once again, the city that's "not ready" to host a presidential debate hosts a major event.

Perception is reality.

Should Coastal States Start Building Desalination Plants to Supply Inland States With Water?

Check in here if Clinton-era "prosperity" left you in the cold.

Rep. Diaz-Balart to Pelosi "You stole our victimhood!" or Tom Lantos is in heaven crying

Divide and Conquer.

SPEAK UP! A NY benefit concert for peace in Iraq and justice at home.

Lets Move George Jr,Laura and Barbara Bush into a FEMA

"They flounced out of the meeting in a snit".

WaPo, NYTimes, CNN - not a mention of the repukes walking out of chamber

if you missed this mornings House fireworks, Randi is going to play it

Mental health, or I wish I had a smart subject line, but I don't

Bush Will VETO Ban On Torture

A Valentine for George W Bush from cartoonist Paul Combs

Bolton and Miers are IN CONTEMPT!!!

First it was the Bees - Now it's the Bats. Why Are Thousands of Bats Dying in NY?

If he's too chicken to debate the mean ol' lady, will he have the guts to debate the mean ol' man?

Iirc, the telecoms can get immunity by going through the FISA court.

Bushco's - "TORTUE MEMO" - Based On Statute Governing Health Care Benefits!

43 more donations...

What I learned today. That to be a Republican you must have a

A good reason why the Democratic Party should do investigations of the Bush Administration

I'm turning on Randi now

AP: House holds Bush confidants in contempt

CNN's Hillary Shills - Jessica Yellen and Candy Crawley

next year with dems in full majorities can we impeach scalia?


the thuglicons are absolute obstructionists......their way or the highway

McCain just called Huckleberry's bluff..

Mrs. McCain's condo

PELOSI: "The Pres has nothing to offer (the American people) BUT fear.”

Anybody else notice that the Private Message flash warning isn't functioning?

Repukes are cutting and running

Have you guys seen Hillary's new campaign video?

McClatchy: How to get your tax-rebate cash from Uncle Sam

i suggest the democratic congress get a lot of business done while the whining thugs walk out

If walkout of Republicans is so powerful, what would happen if we ALL stayed home one day?

Do You Remember The Outrage When The Republicans Shut Down Government

yESTERDAY was my 26th anniversary, toDAY is Valentines Day, and

boehner pulls political stunt while calling representative government a political stunt

I wish Democrats would make Republicans go on record saying subpoenas need not be adhered to.

Boner accusing Dems of pulling a "political stunt"! Boy! Talk

Here comes the rate cut train again, open wide!!!

REUTERS: Banks to ask government to take bad loan risk: report (!!!!)

Gee, I just tuned in on C-span.....

I haven't felt so proud since Nov. 8, 2006!

Call the vote Louise

Pentagon to shoot down broken spy satellite

They're sure pulling out all the stops to protect Bush, aren't they?

Holy Saint Valentine's Day Massacre !!

Shouldn't we be flooding the House's phones with calls of encouragement to the Dems?

House GOPers Seek to Delay Contempt Vote

There is 1 Democrat voting against the Contempt Citation - who is it?

Hillary Clinton "has the only health care plan that covers every American."

BUSHCO's "State Secrets Privilege" Mutates Into Torpedo Against Accountability & Constitution (LAT)

Pelosi news conference on now

Author of Lancet Report Defends Legitimacy of High Iraqi Casualty Count






Does anyone know how specific Senators voted on waterboarding? Specifically Clinton and Obama? nt

john boehner...kiss my ass--the thugs walk out of congress...lock the door

Can somebody fill me in on what just happened?

The Real Reason the Senate Passed the FISA Immunity Bill (it isn't blackmail)

PHOTOS: If Scalia was present for torture he approves of...

The DU fund drive is almost completed!

VIDEO: God delivered me from homosexuality!

Ok so the repubes walk out and have a cameras waiting for them--all pre meditated.

Do you remember Bush's never-mentioned disappearing act on 9/11?

In honor of the hearts I got (thanks!), I just donated to DU and gave two hearts...

Republicans abandoning the House

I hope Dems in Congress see how Rethugs rally

Clintons kept the Party alive to serve them, and in the process, the Party grew weaker

Sheriff apologizes to man dumped from wheelchair

USA Today: Repo lots overflow with reclaimed cars

the InfraGard card, - poisonous - "shoot to kill"

More leaks in the dam that is trying to hold back Lake Obama

Aboard the Condoleezza Rice

Caption this * pic

"...the tools I just ascribed, has been very affective..."

Did anyone catch Steny Hoyer's wink to * during the Stimulus Bill signing ceremony?

US intel links Iran with nuke bomb bid

Refinance question:


Why do we keep paying 3 Senators their salary when they just campaign endlessly for years and don't

**FYI - IRS Info about REBATES

Bush: "At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country"

Marcy Wheeler Thinks That Conyers Is Getting Cranky...

I performed a good deed last night...and got the police called on me!

How many times did Bush tell us the U.S. doesn't torture? He lied.

"Clinton aides and donors say the candidate herself never expected Obama to be so competitive"

Lincoln Chafee endorses Obama

Georgians: Take your school to the grave

What did the Clintons do for the LGBT community during the 8 years they were in office?

Pelosi: "I don't think it was ever intended that SDs would overturn the...decision of the Am people"

Why Joe Wilson can go screw himself.

Erica Jong: "Unfortunately the Hillary-Haters are in charge."

My fear capacity has maxed out...

Isn't It Interesting How Afraid The Hawks Are Of The Draft?

***** Official Rep. Tom Lantos Memorial Thread *****

"More Wars" McCain. Has a long history, doesn't he?


Happy Birthday, Arizona.! She's 96 today and joined the Union on February 14, 1912

**** The official Iraqi civilian/US military memorial thread***

Why people love/hate Hillary - because she reminds you of you.

Kurds no longer like President Bush

What do you plan on doing with your Stimulus Package?

GD Primary posting Auction. Ebay style.

Obama On LGBT Issues

I jsut want to SCREAM!!!! Just saw the Katrina trailer shit on TV.

Madison, WI Capital Times endorsment of Barack Obama

What's the big deal about Obama opposing the war from beginning?

Cereal {grain} prices hit poor countries (BBC)

Inside Bernie Ward's online chats

Somalia is 'the forgotten crisis' (BBC)

You Know What The Republican Party's Activities Boil Down To? Resisting Arrest.


A challenge to a young House representative:

Kansas school won't let female ref call boys' game

MUST-VIEW: Frontline - Feb. 19 "Rules of Engagement: What Really Happened in Haditha?"

Should the delegates from Florida and Michigan be seated?

It's not all about peace and war and pain and shitting upon each other

John Nirenberg's "21 Social Studies Lessons From The Bush/Cheney Administration"

I approached my state legislator with a bleeding heart recommendation.

Clinton & Obama Supporters: Pls Refute This if You Can

Clinton campaign will do ANYTHING to win- Clinton to voters: "F#(k you!"

If giving me $600.00 is gonna stimulate the economy

How do you think everyone who voted for Hillary in the states she lost feel now

Will The House Conferees Show They Have Balls On FISA?

BREAKING: Senate Admonishes Larry Craig

WOW. I don't believe what my REPUBLICAN aunt just said.

Tax Pro's and Accountants

Talk IS Cheap, Sen. Clinton; Actions DO Speak Louder Than Words --->>>

Are you a regular viewer of C-Span?

Is this a true account?

Uh Oh....I wonder if Donnie McClurkin is going to donate

Which choice would you make ?

do you remember the second round of photos from abu ghraib...?

Latest Senators to cross the aisle on Waterboarding

ESPN radio and Clemens this morning was great

Virginia's Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?!

The only way this is going to work is if first we take Manhattan

Why "family values" conservatives are dumbasses.

New Poll (Quinnipiac) shows Clinton with strong (55-34) lead over Obama in Ohio

Today’s Headlines 2/14/08

Obama: the honeymoon may just be over

My wife’s Republican boss said something interesting.

Initial program of my new group: Democratic Resistance: Whaddya think?

For your Republican friends

I like Hillary just fine. And I think she'd probably win in a close race

Why "small government" conservatives are dumbasses.

SF Chron: Despite Housing Bust, California home prices still unaffordable

What Is Pelosi's Position On The FISA Conference

Rudy Giuliani to hit the lecture circuit again - check out the promotional email sent (a hoot!!)

On recent police brutality

Gately wins a Valentines Heart

Gately wins a Valentines Heart

I did my Mitt Romney Memorial Massachusetts taxes yesterday.

Day ?.. How many days IS it until they tell you you flunked your mammogram?

WaPo: Hardbrawl (Howie hearts Tweety)

The Rude Pundit: This Year's Kerry

What's Going On?

Inside the Clinton staff?

Bush Foreclosure Moratorium Not Nearly Enough

If any Congressman believes that Bush broke the law....?

Just got back from the first Obama Organizational Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio

When We Torture

I'm puzzled by the weak slate of Republican candidates

Morton Kondrake - Obama is "Most Liberal" member of the Senate

I just heard on TMZ that Jennifer Lopez gets an entire hospital wing to deliver her baby

If Obama's such a weak candidate, how did he overcome Clinton's massive lead?

Hillary Clinton and Wisconsin Primary- Check in for Hillary Supporters please:

Nevada Ras Poll: Obama 50% McCain 38%, McCain 49% Clinton 40%

THREE Important Reasons Why Clinton Should NOT Be The Nominee

No matter who we choose...

Article reveals Clinton campaign's plan to steal the democratic nomination even if they lose it

It was only in the Pre-Obama world that red states were out of reach

The McCain-Hillary vodka drinking contest

OMG! Baseball players used steroids and Football teams stole signals. Congress to the rescue!

Happy Valentines Day

Clinton leads handily among gay super delegates

Jeezum Pete! How is Carville married to that witch?!?

Financial Times: Debt crisis spreads to US municipalities

Washington Journal Soon To Take Calls On FISA

To the Clinton camp: Stop the fake outrage over debates.

Detroit News: Michigan Student loan plan halted

Did You Know

UK Telegraph: US credit crisis escalates as defaults spread

Brits need police permission before using LOLCAT within half a mile of Parliament. SRSLY.

Bill Clinton: Caucus goers don't need a president

"Where have all the "Flowers Gone...Long Time Passing?" Hillary Supporters?

New Mexico Democratic Caucus Recount Results in more Questions than Answers

The Kiss Of Death for Hillary

Where's Mika?

Hillary Clintons Wisconson Ad.... Speaks Truth Obama is afraid to debate!

I'm tired of the ragging on the superdelegates.

Major Obama endorsement coming at 11 a.m. EST

Major Obama endorsement coming at 11 a.m. EST

Suppose the Iranian government arrested & beat Katie Couric (NYT)

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Is It Real or Is It Parody?

Someone explain to me why there should not be a re-vote in FL and MI

Real ID Act a real intrusion on rights, privacy

India facing smoking death crisis (BBC)

EU dubs US air plans unacceptable

Clinton leading by 21 in Ohio, 16 in Pennsyvlania, Cross tabs reveal big weakness for Obama

Clinton Ex-Campaign Manager Backs Obama -Super Delegate

Hillary needs to win 68% of popular vote to take the lead on March 4th

Regardless of how the rumors of her being a Lesbian got started,

While a baseball player testified before a Congressional Committee

Clinton's bouncing back!

Clinton's bouncing back!

Matthews: "I felt this thrill going up my leg."

Primary elections are NOT private functions........


Obama Wins Endorsement of Food Workers Union and May Add Service Employees

Kansas Democratic Celebration - LOOK at this lineup

My McCain nick name

Rudy Giuliani just donated to DU!!!

How to win an election (rant)

Obama wants to keep NCLB. In his field of dreams, this is an Obama nightmare for our children.

Hillary's campaign has been in the repair shop and is it back on the track?

What would it take?

Musharraf Warns: Don't Agitate After Pakistan Poll

Which Party will be more divided come November 2008?

Misdirection and Leadership

I will not vote for any Remocrat. Obama is the head of the new Remocrat Party!

What I said today about "Superdelegates;" do you agree?

Punishment poll

Electoral College...

Waterboarding for Domestic Law Enforcement

Why Obama shouldn't jump into debate waters with both feet.

yes, i'm going to waste one of my three posts to say this,

Clinton's Edge Slips With Whites, Women

Will party insiders overturn your vote?

Superdelegates get campaign cash

I LOVE it that Hillary and her supporters are saying Obama is scared to debate her

I'm looking for that website with the electoral map that you can click on each state

CNBC is concertedly attacking Obama's economic plans right now.

Obama Pledges To Protect Workers In Economic And Trade Policies

Over what issue(s) would you feel betrayed?

If Hillary loses Texas, IT'S OVER

NYT THURSDAY: Clinton's advisers acknowledged it would be difficult to catch up in race....

Superdelegates get campaign cash

I know why Huckabee, while having less delegates than Romney, didn't quit, while Romney did:

Thank You Moderators for the Thread Limit!!

GodTube: Obama, Clinton supported by more Christians than McCain

MSNBC Propaganda Report 2-12: The Hillary Turnaround

If Hillary isn't the nominee.....

Battle Tested (Op-Ed by Joe Wilson)

BW: Is Obama good for business? Despite liberal positions, Illinois senator seen willing to listen

I've just created an Avatar for those who support both candidates, you are free to use it as yours

Obama vs. McCain reminds me a lot of Santos vs. Vinick in the last season of The West Wing

Ed Rendell did not race-bait so stop saying that

Where was the Democratic Party infrastructure in 1980, 1980, and 1988?

Clintons' InfoUSA Ties Scrutinized (Hillary sells supporter info)

Reid, Clinton, Obama = a Preview of Fall Campaign Ads

I'm an Obama supporter and If Clinton is the nominee I will support and vote for her

Heard Obama's speech today. Here's my money, my clothes

Getting off of the fence

This may be very controversial but.............

Why is Hillary letting Obama win a few states here and there? Fox News' Banderas calls Obama a "Halfrican"

Manager waterboards employee to motivate

A John Edwards Endorsement: The canary in the mine shaft?

Clinton or Obama? Why I am so torn.

Is it time for a woman to lead? Yes. Is it time for a black person to lead? Yes.

Lapel flag pin...

Unintended consequences - an Obama Presidency due to Republican sex scandel

Universal Healthcare: A fundamental human right?

I found it... the white whale of politics... a Liberty university liberal!

Sheesh! All this fighting and we all know the beer test will resolve it

When Hillary concedes she should apologize for her War Vote.

Clinton leads among gay super delegates

If Obama raises the FICA tax will he increase the cap on the amount of social security

$13 Million, 135,000+ donors in Feburary for Hillary

Anyone seen this Obama / Hillary video?

"I'll have what she's having"

Obama supporters, I do not care what they say, this is not over! no where near being over... GOTV

Tacky, cultlike, etc...

should the Social Security FICA tax be raised over 97k per year?

The Daily Show: "Americans are only voting for the chance to vote for a Black President"

Obama is the 2nd Coming of Christ

How Can I check to see if Barack will be visiting my town in Texas

“Professor Obama’s Political Plagiarism”

We are a team.

After the endorsement of the Governor of Puerto Rico, Obama will win over there.

Do We Really Want Another Black President After The Events Of Deep Impact?

Gupta Gupta Gupta! Its Gupta Time! Brought to you by.. The Clintons



Obama=Good. Hillary=Good. McCain=Very Bad. Is this so hard?

Obama overtakes Clinton in both Gallup polls

Arrogant Clinton Campaign: Your state isn't significant

Clinton campaign rents out its donor list to marketing firm


Here's how I see it: If Obama wins,

McCain's disdain for Obama is real (and mutual)

When is Obama going to be in TX?

Did Clinton win her last Primary on February 5th?

Hillary is running for President of the Selected States.

Today, it has become clear the Clinton Campaign is not only inept, but stupid.

FBI Mole logs Obama visits to Rezko ("Tony who?")

leno just called him barack Osama

Florida Primaries - 466,000 no-votes = Invalid

I say to those who claim Hillary is not divisive: Turn on your Tv

WHY is it considered a good campaign strategy to use racial smears?

The race between Obama and Clinton is about Purity vs. Corruption

I love how Steve Colbert always makes fun of the republicans!

Well this explains partly how people are choosing Obama over Clinton-Emotions in Voting...

Dick Morris on OReilly asserting that Texas Repubs are going to vote for Obama

Signs of trouble for Hillary Clinton nationwide

I have a crush on Obama, but my heart belongs to.....

The United States of America

the next debate

John Glenn endorses Hillary Clinton (GREAT PICTURE)

With all the attention on who/if Edwards will endorse,

Thanks for my heart & the welcome!!!

Why Hillary Should not "Give Up" and we should not give up on her!

Why in the world

ACLU: State Secrets Privilege Dangerously Overbroad

Sculpture of Obama as Jesus, campaign not a fan ‘of art that offends religious sensibilities’

McKinnon Lays Down His Sword... McCain Adviser Says Attacking Obama Will Backfire

McCain gets catty, snarky & pissy while discussing "anointed" Obama

Just getting in one of my obligatory posts

Terry McCauliffe (sp?) looked like hell on Morning Joe

Oh... my...

Open Left introduces the Superdelegate Transparency Project.

Novak: Repubs in Deep Trouble.

Shout out to Obama people who met in Columbus, Ohio tonight!

10 threads on the Joe Wilson themes concerning Obama and Iraq

McCain Camp Touts Ollie North Endorsement

The (senatorial) presidential candidates on torture.

The New Approach to the Negative

An Interesting Conversation with a McCain Advisor

Bill Clinton Campaign Chair Goes for Obama By Katharine Q. Seelye

Chuck Todd says the Clinton campaign is hoping the NET a total of 15 out of March 4th!

Obama gets unlikely boost from Japanese town that shares name with presidential hopeful

I heard on NPR today that Superdelegates' votes are public...

Clinton camp reimburses; landlord to donate check to Obama campaign

She DID congratulate Obama

Penn yelling at Grunwald: "Your ad doesn't work, the execution is all wrong"

Both Barack and Hillary are inconsistent on their MI/FL and superdelegate positions

‘Yeah, she’s got a temper. But we decided to keep her anyway!’ ”

Obama wins Florida, Michigan

Latino Lawmakers Upset Over Clinton Camp Shake-Up

I just made another contribution to help elect the next President

Obama economic plan

The Dividing Line: Why Obama over Hillary

Obama supporters: In which state is he the strongest - OH, TX or PA?

Passion Runs High for Democrats by Gene Lyons

I went to an Obama campaign organizational meeting in NH last spring

Post #2 of the day, I wonder if I can keep up with this

Obama call for volunteers in Columbus, OH a total flop

"Primaries show a blue-leaning Virginia": newspaper article today

Feed the Meter! 25¢ Hillary Money Bomb!

why Grandpa (McCain) should NOT drive the car (USA):

If there was no early voting, do you think this would have been over weeks ago?

Clinton says you don't need need help and help is on the way....

Obama Criticism - you need to read this:I don't know if ANY of

Right-wing begins lying about Obama

General Clark now speaking on Diane Rehm (NPR) show (WAMU - DC)

Real story.

McCain Votes Against Waterboarding Ban.

Can someone explain 'Institutionalize Campaigning'

Barack Obama Nikes? Sorry, this goes too far

Is Obama's wave about to crest?

Sick baby traveling to Honolulu for Medical Attention dies after being held up by immigration

Edwards aide Jonathan Prince dining with Howard Wolfson

L.A. County: 'Impossible' to count 100k votes!


Obama leads Clinton by far on the issue of ELECTION Reform--Does this matter to you?

Kerry had a 6% lead over Bush in March 2004

Will Billary sabotage Obama

Looking forward to the GE: RNC "Valentines."

Regarding the Disgusting Filth Posted about Barack Obama on DU Today

racism/sexism in cartoons about Obama/Clinton

I am for Obama but think Hillary is an awesome woman and absolutely qualified.

OMG Obama!

Obama on Edwards: 'I Want Him Involved and Partnering With Me"

There is bad blood between McCain and Obama??

My Grandmother told me last night

"Yoohoo, uneducated whites in Texas don't want Obama because he's black! Finally some good news!"

Clinton is not campaigning in small cities like Janesville, Racine or cities like Madison, Wisconsin

Here's the important part of the Rasmussen national poll ... link

Clinton still sounds like she has $ problems to me...

The Clintons Blood Money for a Uranium Deal With A Dictator in Kazakhastan

Is this where we are headed?

Ohio Democratic Chairman is NOW on MSNBC!

If Hillary was to win WI by 2% (her margin of victory in NH)...

RASMUSSEN National Poll: Obama Takes Double Digit Lead: Obama 49% to Clinton 37% - O has 5%+ w/women

New Poll (Quinnipiac) shows Clinton with strong (55-34) lead over Obama in Ohio

The polls in Ohio and Texas mean little right now.

Clinton Supporters Poll - If Obama is the nominee, how will you vote in November?

question: If Clinton were winning in a landslide, would we be seeing all this racebaiting?

Voters Hell in Arizona: A Pollworker's Story by MCM (To Arizona voters & Ron Paul supporters)

from obamicans to remocrats. 20 years of divide and conquer

Preemptive attacks on McCain. When he was Obama's age, he was part of the Keating Five.

Why is Chelsea Clinton campaigning in Hawaii?

Hillary ran the primaries like a general election (e.g. winner take all)

Polls that should make Hillary supporters frown

Heard something interesting on CNN radio yesterday

Poor, Poor, Poor Clinton(s)

Valentine Lyrics for America

I shouldn't be doing this

Fact Check: Barack's and Hillary's legislative records

A Flawed Feminist Test

Cant get any closer than this

So if Hillary doesnt win Ohio by 15 points it will be a lose? - Your getting set up!

"Electoral College" Results So Far: Obama - 179, Clinton - 156

Fox News Radio's Tom Sullivan aired "side-by-side comparison" of speeches by Hitler and Obama

I have a question....

If Hillary wins the nomination, should she allow McCain to set the debate schedule?

Sen. Clinton's Robstown, TX rally - pics (dial-up warning)

Rasmussen Wisconsin poll Obama 47, Clinton 43

new Quinnipiac: Clinton has double-digit leads in Ohio, Penn.

Deep in the heart of Texas Obama can win the Presidency!

Mark Penn is currently lobbying for Exelon (Paid $230,000 last week)

Where is John Edwards?

Yes Hillary, there are NEW Scandals out there for the GOP to mine.

Clinton aide is backing Obama - Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign chairman

Michael Ventura: "It's in the interest of the media to pretend that John McCain has a chance..."

Hillary just fine with disenfranchising voters

Where the bleep was the Democratic Infrastructure in 2000 and 2004?

NWSEO Union Endorses Obama

Should campaigning candidates be missing votes while on the trail?

Donation Gloves - do they reflect anything?

Sometimes my feelings against Hillary make me feel weird

Hillary Clinton Is My Choice–part 1–Why I Support Sen. Clinton

NYT: Clinton advisers prepared to take a number of incendiary steps to build up her delegate count

Republicans for Hillary

They said she was inevitable

Landlord - late check from Clinton campaign donated Obama campaign

Hillary and Obama nearly identical in Ohio, PA and Florida in general election

Texas House Democratic leader endorses Obama

Here goes post #2... If you GDP'ers can tear yourselves away for just a sec

On Parallel Earth....

We must not have any more debates

Undeclared superdelegates: "Chickens come home to roost" hurting Clinton

Regardless of how the rumors of his being a Muslim got started,

McCain trying to knock out Obama so he can face Clinton

President Bush sold a fairytale to congress (IWR),

Democrats = Charlie Brown, Republicans = Lucy

Have any of you heard THIS reasoning behind "I can't support X"?

VILLAGE-ON-VILLAGE JOURNALISM! Howard Kurtz shows the world how The Village profiles its own:

Former Clinton Superdelegate Switches to Support Barack Obama for President

Young Democrats are people too

Just watched former Pres. Clinton in WI talking about Hillary's accomplishments

If Hillary gets the nomination after some backroom deal

Republicans Walk Out Of House

A Young Girl, A Rare Disease, & The Compassion Of Strangers: Hillary & Bill

Clinton Campaign Now Officially Delusional. They Think Superdelegates Will Give Them The Nomination

Look Out! Barrack is having a Bimbo eruption and the Bimbo is a GUY!!

Breaking: Romney to endorse McCain


Superdelegate Switch

Edwards to Endorse Obama!!!!!

Polls that should make Hillary supporters smile

For all you folks who want to vote McCain JUST TO SHOW THE DEMOCRATS

OMG I'm like TOTALLY gonna waste one of my 3 posts!

Sheldon Whitehouse who beat Chafee has already endorsed Sen. Clinton

What has Obama done as a politician, a leader which makes him so much better for President than

How is the latest Ohio poll good news for Hillary?

Just remember Hillary supporters.... Hillary needs to go over 56%

Looks like McCain might get the Swiftboat treatment himself

Quinnipiac Poll indicates Obama surging since previous December '07 Ohio poll

Reality Check for the "who can win southern states in the GE" debates.

To both Clinton and Obama supporters....

Why do Obama followers keep bringing up the specter of 1968?

3253 minus mich & fl ..divided by 2..+ 1 should be the total...not 2025

Obama supporters: your thoughts

It is time to "define" McCain

New ARG National Poll Obama 47, Clinton 45 (Obama up 20 pts in a month)

Man owed $500 by Clinton Camp finally gets it; Donates it to Obama because he's ticked


Bush, al-Malikiis and Betrayus are about to

Constitutional Scholar (Jonathan Turley) Slams Hillary For Fleeing From FISA Fight.

Why do you post in this form (General Discussion: Primaries)?

Our entire primary has virtually ignored issues

Obama Camp's Memo on Clintons' Politicizing Race

What happens to the south for us if we nominate and/or elect Obama?

Where to Buy Fair Trade Chocolate (for Valentine's Day)

Does anyone have any recent poll numbers for the next few primaries?

Obama says what swing voters need to hear


Ann Coulter Claims Credit for Hillary's Fall, Says Barack "President Hussein"Obama Will Probably Win

Obama gets Texas-sized endorsement

Hillbot Rally! Can We Do it???

Note this....

David Wilhelm, Bill's Coattail &

Clinton Superdelegates Echoing "Screw Democracy" Message

How Quinnipiac Frames Questions On Their Polls (who is paying for them, anyway?)

Without change there will be no solutions.

If supers had to follow state popular vote: Obama leads 294 - 230

It's the Ultimate Kodak Moment. Obama & Clinton on the Ticket Together. I know I'm Not Alone

Clintonian smears... the real TRUTH about Obama's SS plan.

Edwards, Richardson got most S. Texas donations

Winning at any cost is noting poll results that show a majority of a voting bloc are homophobes...

Clintonian smears... the real TRUTH about Obama's SS plan.

I miss John Kerry. John Kerry Appreciation thread.

New Mexico Goes to ... (Screen Capture Needed)

McCain Adviser Won't Fight Obama

McCain can't even get the talking points right.

Obama ends with a marginal lead in pledged delegates, Hillary leads the popular vote, where should

Signs of trouble for Obama in Ohio and Texas - white voters with no college degree not liking Obama

Romney to endorse McCain

"No substance"...Clinton portrays herself as a fighter, Obama as someone who makes a lot of speeches

A situation in which Superdelegate votes could be critical

What happens if 1 candidate ends up winning pledged delegates while the other wins the popular vote?

Romney just threw his Delegates to McCain.

Clinton leading Obama in Ohio, Pennsylvania: poll

I am Kenya and I am Kansas

"Is it too late for Hillary -- Time"

What Was the Basis of Obama's Failed 2000 Primary Challenge Against Congressman Bobby Rush?

Just had a scary encounter with my boss in re: Obama

Romney throws his hat in the ring for 2012.

Hillary Peeps! Dairy State Wants You!

Clinton ahead of Obama +21 points in Ohio, +18 points in Pennsylvania

Yes We Can or How Dare You?

Unstoppable Obama (this is definately worth a read!)

Why Barack’s Mojo With the Gays Can’t Match Hillary’s

NYTimes: Clinton prepared to take "incindiary" steps (Fla. & Mich) to build up delegate count

Our Lexus/Limousine Liberals for Obama. Who will be told they are idiots next?

Obama coming to Eau Claire, WI - Saturday at 11 AM!!!!!

A heart....for me?

McCain aiding Clinton?

NYT: Hillary's campaign has not yet opened offices in Texas.

This New Mexico guy is just going on and on, eh?

As I watch the endless "eating our own" , steroid, FISA and other

Thank you, to whoever gave me a heart!

Grassroots Movement to Seat Florida and Michigan

Bill Clinton will be in Madison on Thursday afternoon

Email I just received: So you want to work for the Clintons

Why is this New Mexico Dem party official stalling?

More proof the Republicans are afraid of running vs Obama and want to run vs. Clinton

The problem with "details" - A Tale of Two Presidents.

I just saw my first Hillary pin

So who do you think should be the VP for each party?

Is Hillary Clinton a Blue Dog Democrat?

Its over. I'm calling it for Obama, his lead in pledged delegates will be tuff to beat

Rasmussen Ohio Poll Clinton 51, Obama 37

Possible BIG Labor Endorsement: SEIU Set to Endorse Barack Obama, UCFW too

Is Tweety delusional? He says that all Presidents know how to TALK.

Breaking NEW MEXICO FINAL: HRC 73,105 BHO 71,396

John Warner (r-thank god he's leaving) has he finally gone round the bend???

"More Wars" McCain votes against torture ban

Government opens investigation into GM SUV fires

"Unstoppable Obama"

Obama is being set up? I HOPE NOT!!!

For those advocating that the Superdelegates reflect the voters choice...

Obama and his plan to raise FICA taxes = rethug policy

I just got a fundraising e-mail from Cindy Sheehans campaign.

I am very touched...thanks so much for the heart!!!!!!!

Obama is our Jimmy Carter....

Stephanie Miller: "I will not vote for HRC"

Cops Who Ate Pot Burger Unhappy with Cooks' Sentences

different versions of Senate leadership on FISA


If our nominee wins by a superdelegate landslide, I'll still work hard for our nominee. Will you?

It’s Obama: Do the Math!


One of the greatest speakers and motivator in history

Union Members Played Big Role in Potomac Primaries

One reason why Obama is doing better than Clinton

MSNBC's Brokered Democratic Convention Strategy Continues: "Can Hillary Beat Obama?"

''People see themselves in him ... because he contains multitudes.''

Florida Dems have been disenfranchised, through no fault of their own

Hillary says: "Words are cheap.."

I think I finally clued into why Congress is so interested in Steriod use in baseball....

question regarding federal student loans...does anyone here know what the

As a former Edwards supporter, I think I will be ticked off if he endorses Clinton.

Possible running mates for Obama: Dick Gephardt or Bill Bradley? or Howard Dean?

Colombia trade deal dead this year, U.S. unions say

Joe Wilson has failed to make a credible argument in his regurgitated opinion re:obama/Iraq

If Al Qaeda is fighting us because they hate our freedoms, then they're winning the war.

Where is Obama's web page on gay rights issues?

Bush asked to use Olympics to push for media freedom

What do we want from a Democratic President?

Clinton Challenges Special Interests

Which Dem Candidate Will Draw the most Independents, Undecideds and Unaffiliated Voters?

Hegel rolls over in his grave while Hillary triangulates on NAFTA...

Clinton vs. Obama: Listen To the Crowd Noise

Hillary 49% Obama 48 % in NM...heavily populated by hispanic voters. Congrats HRC and WTG Barack!

Get ready to dump your Yahoo email accounts: Look who they're looking to ally with.....

My big fear

Text: Defense of Marriage Act

How to Count L.A. County's 'Double Bubble' Fiasco Ballots Accurately and Immediately

To Hillary's supporters on DU: Tell me what her positive message is

Heads UP: McCain about to be knocked out by DU donors

MaddezMom is locking threads of posts that she doesnt agree with? Its come down to this now in DU!

When the fundraising boxiing gloves finally hit McCain will his photo

Mark Penn: States won by Obama not significant...

"If We Arm the Terrorists, Who Detains Us?

Poll: Top priority of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform?

KOs showing Bush's Vote or die

Mike and the Mad Dog endorses Blue America’s Jim Himes

I love how McCain turns to the scowl when the graphic punches his lights out

My Theory Behind the "Debate me Everywhere!" Tactic

Did you see McCain today?

The Obama Name Game

CNN calls New Mexico for Hillary!

OBAMA......Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your wife

Heads Up, New Mex about to release the final tally

Zogby poll: Obama far more electable

REDO: My first thread was a dupe and I can't waste my posts-Roland Martin on Tavis v. Obama

Kristol: Bush's Iraq will be vindicated, economy's been pretty good, Alito and Roberts are excellent

Clinton comes out swinging in Ohio

A candidate anagram contest

US: No permanent bases anywhere in the world

Anyone get the Hillary Clinton we have a dream email

David Schuster back on MSNBC Feb 22

Food Workers Union Backs Obama

The reason I donated to DU

Hillary supports NCLB !!!

This is a thread for people standing on the sidelines.

What about a Midwestern ticket?

Restoring Democracy in 2008

If you were being tortured how quickly would you make stuff up to get the torture to end?

Keep Hillary in The Race....We know the bad stuff about Clintons...but

26 Degrees of 'The Bush Administration', in epic prose

KO and Jonathan Turley.....

DU this poll

I bet anything Obama is meeting with Edwards today!

Unvetted: InfoUSA, Vin Gupta, and the long, long list

So we can't buy Canadian drugs 'cause they are not up to standards. Or just a double standard?

Interesting! Since Edwards Suspended His Campaign, Attacks on Both Obama & Clinton HAVE INTENSIFIED


The problem with Obama is that he has no substance, no specific proposals.

Obama's Sister: His Success Rooted in Hawaii

Question about the Virginia primaries

McCain rallies House GOP members

Bank Of Wal-Mart Would Be Permanently Banned Under Senate Bill

Joe Wilson Questions Obama War Credentials: Endorses Clinton

Just a reminder: Electorally Dems are not restricted to the Gore/Kerry

Fmr Sen Sam Nunn and fmr SecDef William Cohen on with Charlie Rose tonight

I just saw my first presidential campaign commercial

If the Democrats run as Economic Populists, the rest will take care of itself

The gist of the Bill of Rights and parts of the Constitution

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/14/08 - Clinton down 4 (37), Obama up 3 (49)

Is there any way to get a primary/caucus voter breakdown by affiliation?

I Ask Again, Where's the FISA Stickie Thread? Why Won't DU/Admins Take a Stand?

Let the super-delegates know how you feel:

Obama "You know I got this Hillary"

In honor of my new Bernie Sanders icon -- The Bernster is similar to Obama in an important way

Yikes. Sludge says Rasmussen National Poll at 11am shows DOUBLE DIGIT

Writers Strike Over - 100 Days

I'd don't care if the base lines were made out cocaine

i love America

Heartfelt thanks...

Michelle Obama Takes to the Trail...In Ohio TOMORROW!

This site lists the skinny on the Superdelegates - If you wanna be in the know

Can anyone tell me how to send a heart if...

It's not the Clinton Fatique.

I've tried to resist, but......Thank You for the Hearts.

Why the hell is there a term The working poor ?

The true progressive in the race: Hillary Clinton on LGBT support.

My Republican father voted for Obama

Ohio: Obama Lands His A-Team

Which candidate, if elected, will fully investigate the previous administration?

Polish soldiers accused of unlawfully mortaring Afghan village to remain in custody

Senate panel to Sen. Craig: You discredited the chamber (CNN)

Under torture or the threat of torture or the threat of their families being tortured

George Carlin, Why I don't vote. (video)

Independent UK: Democracy has become a devalued concept



CBC's 'The National' leads tonight with ...

Does anyone know whatever happened to McCain's first wife???

Wow, I never knew I had a "secret admirer" muchless more than one! :)

I'm so excited. I got two more hearts!

2006 CLINTON DONORS: Hillary sold yr name to InfoUSA for mere $80k, in return for Clinton Library $$

"Some people may think words are change. But you and I know better. Words are cheap."

Ah... The '68 Convention...

Meet the Superdelegates: How the Governors Break Down

Tavis vs. OBama? Where is the Unity?

One of my local hospitals is closing..are you seeing this?

Zogby Polls are WRONG and here's why....folks and Clinton will win

Hillary fires back against obama video

Whoever gave me a heart, I want you to know I really, really

Condi Rice: "I did not at any time make a statement that I knew to be false"

Vive la laïcité! (Sarko's doomed 'positive secularism')


Why Do We Need A Strong Defense?

It's very odd that he can be sitting there without representation, or seeing a judge for 30 days

Sheesh! All this fighting and we all know the beer test will resolve it

McCain Votes Against Waterboarding Ban

Hillary Clinton Is Evil!!! I have proof with sources and links!

My Republican brothers are giving me an interesting bit of insight into the GOP plan.

My husband wanted me to make him a new T-shirt....What do you think?

Chicago Tribune: Blue-collar vote tough for Obama

Can Obama win California & Massachusetts over McCain in the GE?

Humor ALERT: a MUST watch spoof of Hillary's debate ad.

I welcome more scrutiny on BOTH Candidates on the Issues! This is going to be good!

Popular Vote Totals For Every Elected American President (rather interesting)

Is McClurkin a non-issue?

In Response to the Senates admonishment of Craig, please post what really "discredits" the chamber.

I have no idea who gave me the hearts, but I want you to

How To Defeat McDubya. It's Your War,

The Republican cross-over phenomenon in the Virginia Democratic primary

In 5 minutes, we get The Daily Show back, with writers.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

While Scalia was displaying his barbarism, the British Chief Justice

Caption *

2004 primary exit poll data shows better than expected black turnout in Ohio and Texas

"don’t eat food that’s incapable of rotting. If (it) can’t rot eventually, there’s something wrong."

Has Hillary said she would decriminalize pot?

Obama rejects invitation to State of the Black Union in New Orleans...

Burrowowl is extremely amazed that I

Obama supporters cant name one accomplishment?

Edwards would accept VP or AG posts but may opt to become the Gore of poverty

U.S. extends sanctions against Syria, says it subverts Iraq efforts

Harry Reid must go

Bush expands sanctions on Syria

New WI Obama Ad answers Hillary's

I feel so dumb. I donated to DU but didn't see where I could also give my primary vote on the punch

How The War In Iraq Is Changing The American Soldier

Rice 'Falsely Testified' Today on Pre-War WMD Intel, Says Wexler

The Coultergeist is back

From instigator to victim. It was a Dem who introduced the early primary bill in Florida.

Teacher Fired For Gun In Truck

How many in MI and FL abstained from voting b/c they thought it wouldn't count?

Ok, ok, who has had it? They once again surrendered on the FISA

Telecom immunity isn't about national security; it's all about protecting Bush

Constitutional scholar (Turley) pans Clinton for fleeing from FISA fight


Larry Johnson's latest vile hit diary on Obama gets slammed by every Frontpager on DailyKos.

How could anyone actually believe that "we" should or could "win" in Iraq or Afghanistan?

"I Heart Huckabee" for a John McCain caption...

I've been busy this morning (actually making a little money! woo hoo! I can pay half my rent!)

I didn't misremember how to read my Political Palantir: Gauley Dam, whitewaters ahead

ACTION: Petition to US House to stand firm behind the RESTORE Act (FISA)

Someone gave me *another* heart!

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In

Trickle Down Economics, 2008-Style (Depression risk might force U.S. to buy assets - Reuters)

***POST 2000*** Humboldt Dems Call For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots

Who would give ME a star?

Dear DU

How's this for a rule? No links to GDP threads here in the Lounge

OMG!!! Dreier just compared the POS Diaz-Bilard to Lantos

PERINO: "U.S. soldiers - are too immature to be trusted"

Hey temeah..I found a picture of me being naughty on the computer in the buff:

I need some vegetarian crackpot ideas

whoever you are, thanks for the heart!


Shooting at Northern Illinois University?? Anyone know anything?

Republicans walk out on contempt vote. Rather than be part of “partisan fishing expedition”

The city plows actually plowed out my walk way and drive way today

Will Bu*h and Cheney order another terrorist attack against the US

Contact Info for the POS (R) Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart that called the procedural vote during Lantos

Why is it racist when Latinos vote for Hillary... but not when AA vote for Obama?

2008 shows the silliness of old-school feminism

I like dogs better than cats

Perino: Justice Department will not ask the United States Attorney to follow through on the contempt

Now see? See how EASY that was?

Food pr0n (Italian pasta tonight)

Finally! MEN being objectified on "Deal or No Deal"!

I am SO glad that Fred Thompson is OFF Law & Order!

House finds White House officials in contempt of Congress

Ahhh! The unbounded optimism of the Left: "Even people who are pure evil..."

Negroponte: Those Torture Tapes Just Slipped My Mind

I clicked on DS1's "don't click this at work" link.

Pigeon gives monkey new lease on life. (warning, cute pic)

Is this RetroLounge's birthday -- February 13? No wonder I feel a connection.

BREAKING NEWS: Officials say U.S. plans to shoot down broken spy satellite expected to hit Earth

A joke

So Who Wants To Flirt With Me?

My thanks and love to all on DU - and especially to those who've given me hearts :-)

I need to do a THANK YOU FOR MY HEARTS thread......

REYES Letter to BUSH: If We Are Vulnerable-It Will Be Because Of YOUR Administration's Incompetence

Melt a beer bottle in a microwave!

I Want To Give A Shout Out To DU'er BlooInBloo, And Post This Firefox Thing For You All

Finally Recognized Who the Old French Man Was In The Movie, "Munich"

Oscar Trivia Time: What Other Recent Oscar Nominated Film Did The Preacher, Eli Sunday, from...

so should I email or call

How do I delete a personal avatar to replace with another

Things you may not know about your cell phone.

And the Award For Best Actor Goes To:

Who else is sick?

I lost my star!

The OTHER big reason why we won't get Single Payer Healthcare anytime soon:

Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948

I got a star!

This is NOT the face of a woman in her mid 30's!

People living in Poverty strike back

I'm leaving for Cancun tomorrow morning, everybody. I'll see you when I get back.

I will be working in the Republican Primary and giving the money to Planned Parenthood.

play the Double Bill game....

New Project Runway tonight!

The "Best In Show" breed at the Westminster Dog show this year...

I got a Valentine heart...wait for it...

What Was Your Favorite 70's Song?

Well, I got no hearts from you guys, but it's OK, cuz...

Can someone fill me in on this TS stuff?


I really want to go to sleep.

Does Dan Abrams (MSNBC) remind anyone else of Miss Piggy?

Thanks to whomever gave me my heart

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons VIDEO

You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill

Infarction, WTF!?!

House In Chaos After Republicans Force Vote During Lantos Memorial

Movie in developement...

Any fans of "Firefly" here?

Amway Arena?

Quick someone get us off 911 donations!

Hoover power for California?

Heavens to Betsy - Jane Fonda Uses Vulgar Slang on 'Today'

Forget the campaign already -- it's time to build our platform: our NEW DEAL

If you were an all-powerful diety what would be on your list of deadly sins?

Ok DU men (in honor of Chris Matthews) Who is Your MAN CRUSH?

Atheist sees image of Big Bang in Piece of Toast

Hey everbody... I got a heart on...

Democrats Vote for Contempt, Republicans Leave the Room

How did I miss this? Street Fighter II fans check this out....

Bill Durston, A True Progressive for Ca District 3

Jack McCoy is an RFK Lovin', peace spoutin', hippie dreamin' liberal.

Oh no, Guliani has taken over the DU Q1 fund drive!

Remind me to get a flu shot next year.

Who's been to Burning Man?

Before I go home and go to bed...

This may be the longest I've ever gone without eating a THING...

Why is it necessary for Gatorade to be "Fierce" ??

"Comin' Home Baby"- Mel Torme

Georgia schools stop serving beef - mad cow problem

Cat pulls a fast one on firefighters (funny kitty story, I think...)

Would this be funny?


and remember HAPPY LUPERCALIA tomorrow!

Lousy Day

Picture/Secret Message thread

Valentines Day is a scam...

"Booty was belligerent and uncooperative" after DUI arrest, "went ballistic," so out came the tasers

A thought occured to me whilst standing in the queue

Who do you believe? Roger Clemens or McNamee?

Bellichick's been illegal since 2000.

** Hillary Clinton Appreciation Thread **

I don't know whether to drive or skate to work today!

self deleted

Scary parallels! Corporations, Hitler...Bush Agenda

There once was a redhead revolution

When the Repugs walked out of congress, the dems should have voted

A blast from the past for this Valentine's Day

What Is Your Favorite Computer Game?

Juvenile elephant named Thong Dee pregnant

I bought some underwear today...

Thank you for your kindness, secret Valentine.

To all sick DUers on V-Day!...Aaaa-choooo!

(((((Happy Valentine's Day)))))

Project Runway **** spoilers ***

Doesn't it suck to find out you're not as popular as you thought you were?

Just finished Valerie Plame Wilson's "Fair Game"-what's your most recent read?

At the Heart Ball this past weekend, they raffled off an awesome prize!

Taking bets right now: Think the Navy will ACTUALLY be able to shoot down that satellite?

Awwww. My husband is so sweet.

To my fellow wheezers -- how are you adjusting to the new-style asthma inhalers?

Dark Chocolate is good for you, care to have some, It can lower your blood pressure

Do we have an ethical right to terraform Delaware?


This is interesting...

I am sure you always wanted to know what Bad Breath looks like


FISA + Contempt (recap) = Egg on Bush's face?


CONFESS!!! Valentine's Day special - who here had Mono? How did you get it

to all my DU sweethearts, past, present and future. and you know who you are...

I am filled w/ so much joy today I can hardly contain it

Happy Heart-On Day!

Heartbeat: David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto **Video and Lyrics** for you Lounge Lizzzards

I would have paid money to see this . . .

The wisdom of Yogi Berra

Best Hitchcock movie

I'm so proud I could just burst!

Bill Nelson voted FOR telecom immunity, but he was really AGAINST it.

FOR ALL DUer's on Valentine's Day

(Dedicated to the Bday Boy) When is an iPod like a teddy bear?

Happy Valentine

Another heart!

Elizabeth Edwards: 10 months later, the undisputed winner

"Well, when I said I loved you.."

Anyone else's dog hate the vacuum?

I have 5 hearts left to give - who should I give them to?

Hardly been here five minutes and got a heart!

I was on a really crowded bus this morning,

Scarlett Johansson's Tom Waits tribute album due in May (nixes Courtney Love role)

Anyone want to step up?

Which one of you bat-sards gave me the friggin' heart? huh? HUH?

I need a beat-off, different, even lewd love poem for this weekend

The Ruling Financial Class

Aaaand now youtube critiques of Bach performances

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Anti-Val Day

Britney's "Manager" wants Arnold to intervene, but won't provide her "confidential" phone number

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/14/2008)

I was born under, and live under, desert skies


Some drunk did an "I Love You" thread in GD:P

Who was that DUer that congratulated DUers on reaching a landmark number of posts?

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Happy 95th Birthday to Jimmy Hoffa!

Have you ever read something that made you want to murder someone?

Did the matcoms get my generous gift of the entire Home Interiors decorating line?

Does Valentine's Day annoy anybody else?



Have you ever seen a dik dik?

I received the sweetest Valentine's Day poem this morning from a dear friend.

my boss just gave me a bag of dark chocolate covered macadamias

Meetings to plan meetings to plan a meeting....

Jane Fonda Drops the C-Bomb on The Today Show.

I just heard on TMZ that Jennifer Lopez gets an entire hospital wing to deliver her baby

Do you and your spouse have separate bedrooms?

Steak and Blowjob Day is only a month away!

Should I put an end to this?


Happy SAINT Valentine's Day

Check out the local news here in Vancouver

Am I the only one who thinks that "stimulus package" sounds naughty?

I am scared of rabbits


anything you say can and will be used against you


Who is worse a republican, or a stinking blue dog democrat? nt

secret admirers are creepy

Happy Valentines day - here is my valentines day card for the lounge

A different sort of visual quiz for baseball fans...

Has anyone whose had DISH satellite service

Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Speech To America: Lincoln Devastates the Cons and Leads the Way!

Limerick time! There once was a man named beauregard...

Are you friends with any of your exes.

"I'm *not* a dude"

Happy Valentine's Day, lizards. Go here for my gift to all of you:

Help keep science free from political interference:

Valentines -puppy and friend

someone gave me a heart...many thanks to you!!

How do you feel about online dating?

Thanks to those who gave me hearts!

Just discovered: Secret footage of my career as a soccer player....

Least favorite types of ad on internet sites

Merci to my Secret Admirer

Government for beginners: The POTUS is the POTUS

I'm a sleeping satellite

A visual quiz for pocketball fans


I sent someone a Valentine PM but I think they've been off the computer all day.

I am almost 26... and I found two little white (or gray) hairs in my beard...

The cat puts plastic Safeway bags in the litter box

Damn your country and its quarters

Do you ever notice something?

Woman deposits methamphetamines at her bank.

My kitty is home now.

Well if this don't fuck all! I may need eye surgery and I have no health insurance.

No, we can't!

It’s called “school teacher underperforms lesson plan.” And it’s a felony" (Scott Horton)

Weird cat behavior- cat "cleans up" around the dogs food bowl.

Mass and inertia.

This One Goes Out


Senate terms up in January 2009

A Valentine Bribe

Meeting in ten minutes, just outside the cubicle of Jack'sSmirkingRevenge

Mississippi contemplating TOLL ROADS

Congrats to Dark Tirade - winning my unicorn naming contest

Happy Valentine's Day

More signs of the impending Apocalypse

My son told me he's depressed because today reminds him he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Wow, it's been awhile since our last George Harrison appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

Was Danny Kaye a good likeness for Hans Christian Anderson?

'LOST' promotion is out of control -why was "Sawyer" on the Grammys?

Pic thread

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Molly Hatchet appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Pink Floyd appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

Looking good for JESUS

It looks like Hillary and Obama are going to hit McCain in unison...

A dozen roses for Oedi on Valentine's Day!

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Barry Bonds appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

Will DU Ever Have Another "Change Your Screen Name" Period Again?

Possibly the greatest Valentines Day Gift I've ever received

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Slim Whitman appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

I Like Cats Better Then Dogs

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Roger Waters appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

Which was the better episode of 'All in the Family'?

ruh roh - Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Dear Winter...

GM offers buyouts to 74,000 - its entire U.S. hourly workforce

My 14th February 14th with my buzzcutted partner, Patrick the Pink Princess

Many thanks to whoever gave me a Valentine heart.

I am about to o.d. on Smarties!

Ruh Roh.

Thank you, heart donor!

Happy Valentine's Day to my LEAST Favorite Du'ers.

For a brief moment, I thought that I had come up with the answer to the world's energy problems

Wow, it's been awhile since our last Muddy Waters appreciation thread - let's start a new one!!!

For all you lonely hearts (like me)

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) Writes Conyers = "Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment"

I'm looking for a commercial from the Westmister Dog Show...

Happy Thursday!

OH BOY! I'm getting some tonight!!!

Another day at the office

What's the closest you've ever come on a first date?

man, I just ate some pop art. really really bad move. I feel awful. nt

Does Valentine's Day make anyone else sad, or is it just me?

Indiana Jones IV trailer

Still dead after all these years

The good employee

Turley: Dem leadership blocking torture investigat'n to avoid triggering impeachment investigat'n

Will You Be My Valentine?

What happens if the "Hillary" and "Obama" gloves hit McCain at the same time?

Is It Ok For A Guy To Get A Valentine From Another Guy

up to 18 shot at Northern Illinois University

DUers: Please respect the EBAY BOYCOTT!!!

ok...ooooookaaaaaay. If a woman says she going to email me, and it's 3 months later...

What Is Your LynneSin Name?

So....I'm staying in school for another year...

Just a reminder: Half price chocolate tomorrow!!!

Britney Spears and paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib secretly married in Mexico on January 9th

This is the second time this week that I can't get into my photobucket account

Evil corporations, Hand Up Your Arse Dept.

so, the phone rang at 3:30 this morning.

This would scare me , let alone any kid I brought to see it

I'm smiling : )

man, I just ate a poptart. really really bad move. I feel awful. nt

Jamie Lynn Spears asks boy for sex at party: "It's cool, I'm pregnant, I can't get pregnant again!"

A visual quiz for baseball fans — now with the ANSWER!

I want to learn how to play....

Hey DUers I'm watching Eli Manning being interviewed at a cricket

Are you in love this Valentine's Day?

Lisa had a dozen roses and lilly's delivered to my work today

Bush** in BBC interview: America occupies moral high ground after Abu Ghraib.

Just heard from two parishioners who were at NIU this afternoon.

AP Exclusive: Black Lawmakers Rethink Their Support for Clinton in Her Race Against Obama

AP Exclusive: Black Lawmakers Rethink Their Support for Clinton in Her Race Against Obama

Openly Gay Oxnard Junior High Student Declared Brain Dead After Being Shot at School Tuesday

Terra Hits John McCain




RetroLounge, here is a smiley for you!

Happy Valentines Day My Favorite Female DU'rs

Valentine's Day Questions

Don 't puke..this is a real story: 'Help children masturbate' says Swiss book

Quaint technology thread!

4 more to go!!!!!

Ack! Another place where I get no love

Thank you to all of you who sent their words, well wishes, and condolences

Can anyone recommend an organic rodent repellent?

Two stone fat cat put on strict diet after getting wedged in his flap

Convince me I should continue to support a woman's right to choose.

I'm not stupid.

Anyone good at identifying animal tracks?

What did RetroLounge get for his birthday???

You know those little plastic bags of buttons and string

Edwards is pimping the DCCC. WTF?

I love Berkshire Hathaway for the amount of work they put into their web site

Need NYC Restaurant Recs

5 hearts? Holy cow!

I like cats better than dogs...

Happy Valentine's Day

Ex-Homecoming Queen Beats Sister With Fake Leg In Trailer

I love cats and I am allergic to them - is there any hope?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Break, 2/14/08

Willing to Die for Impeachment, 87-year-old NH Rep. to Join CodePink Fast

Jane Fonda American Culture and the "C" word.

"Sup fag."

My son asked if he could watch an "On Demand" show earlier...

Is this cool? I need an objective opinion on my latest photoshop

Favorite terms for "touching yourself"?

Favorite terms for "touching yourself"?

Who wants to see KitchenWitch receive her "stimulus package?"

Definition of numbnuts: Some idiot who rides his bicycle to work when it's below freezing outside

~~~ February Photo Contest Prelims Now Up in GD ~~~

What's for dinner, y'all?

In the spirit of GD-P: Guess what, you LOSERS; a Beagle won the Westminster Dog Show.

What's your favorite candy bar?

Speaking of "Lost"...

Guilty pleasure...foods

What would your dream job be?

Gay Movie Thread


Hey KitchenWitch! I've got your stimulus package right here!

Cats are picky eaters.

Indigenous Rights #3: Treaties

Party time!

OMG OMG OMG OMG -- teaser trailer for new Indiana Jones movie released:

Obama's current rhetoric on trade doesn't match his record

Need good lounge vibes for "Lucy", she is being spayed today.

911 puts woman on hold and she dies in fire!

Of Crime and Indifference = "ten indictments of Democratic political figures"

Anyone want to join the my One Heart only club.

FISA for Dummies

Justice Dept. Official Continues Administration's Waterboarding PR Offensive

I want to quit my job and join Mythbusters

C-SPAN: Bolton & Meiers Contempt Vote

Do we have an ethical right to terraform Uranus?

So... I heard back about the job I applied for...

Okay. It's the ridiculous, completely improbable crush thread!

Official Love Song Thread

I saw a DU bumper sticker today!

I need an off-beat, different, even lewd love poem for this weekend

It's popular, but I have absolutely no interest in__ (fill in the blank)


I've only just returned from a long hiatus and someone donated me a heart. Ask me anything!

Method Cleaning Products

West Virginia contemplating ROLLED TOADS

55 hours awake, followed by 5 asleep: don't ask me a damn thing.

Do we have an ethical right to terraform Mars?

This stayed up for over a month downtown.

A silent thread for DUer's for which IMPEACHMENT and the rule of law are non-negotiable

Follow me. I'll be the one to tuck you in at night. My secret wedding songs for if Patrick and I ...

PA Ground game -- Team Hillary vs Camp Obama

Radio Lady Reviews: "Definitely, Maybe" (OPENS Thursday, February 14, 2008 -- Valentine's Day)

Breaking News: Gunman Reported Shooting on Northern Illinois Campus

Iran sanctions draft to be revised -Britain

Menino: "Beantown truly is Greentown"

Moscow Set for Kosovo Replay

Senate Banking Committee votes to restrict ILC licenses (Walmart, GM)

Clinton's Edge Slips With Whites, Women

Judge dismisses suit over San Jose company's alleged CIA torture flights

US Unionists Alarmed by Colombia Woes

(UK) 9/11 case pilot can claim damages

Clinton Agrees To Debate Obama In Cleveland

Lawyers' solicitation enrages Georgia town

Thousands of New Prisoners Overwhelm Iraqi System

Syria: Not safe enough for Iraqi refugees to return - UNHCR chief

Rallies held for Hariri, Mughniyah

Now police are told they can use Taser guns on children (UK)

Mexico faulted on human rights:New York group says government is failing to halt or prevent abuses

New majority loses nerve on net neutrality

Lockheed wins 10-year FBI biometric contract

US military accused of harboring fundamentalism

Colombia finds stash in militia boss's cell

Senate Votes to Ban Waterboarding

Afghanistan: Pneumonia spreads as winter deaths top 800

Attorney fights gag order in Oral Roberts Univ. case

Fed will act as needed to combat risks: Bernanke

McCain Adviser Won't Fight Obama

Ahmadinejad to make visit to Iraq

Rice Attacks ‘Reprehensible’ Putin Warnings

Magnitude 6.7 - SOUTHERN GREECE

Don’t agitate after Pak poll, warns Musharraf (warning to opposition parties)

Feds admit mistakenly jailing citizens as illegal immigrants

Senior benefit costs rise 24% since 2000

U.S. Official Charged With Espionage, Won't Return To Bolivia

Skin Disease Strikes Iraqi Children

Bush to send top envoy to Kenya

AP: Romney To Endorse McCain

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Israel

Ethics panel says Craig acted improperly

Sales staff misleading consumers about TV switch, study says

Eviction can come suddenly for renters in U.S.

Gunman reported shooting on Illinois campus

Serbia And Russia Step Up Kosovo Warnings

Exxon, Shell: Iraq oil law needed for deal

FEMA to continue trailer distribution

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 14

McCain's Marine son returns from Iraq

DeFazio Endorses Cheney Investigation

Police Kill Iraq Vet In Jersey During Alleged Stabbing (his stepfather)

Despite Clinton Pleas, Saudis Let Terrorist Go

US intel links Iran with nuke bomb bid

Feb 14, 5:24 PM EST-Clinton Wins N.M. Caucus Vote

Former GOP Senator (Lincoln Chaffee) to Endorse Obama

A Third Party Alternative To McCain? (Evangelicals Revisit Idea Of Supporting Minor Party)

Africa bright spot in Bush foreign policy legacy

Pleas for condemned Saudi 'witch'

McNamee's lawyer predicts Clemens pardon

Pelosi not backing down on FISA

Prosecutors call Calif. shooting a hate crime

CDC Confirms Health Risks to Occupants of Trailers

Venezuela says Conoco compensation talks progress

House Contempt Order against Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolten PASSES

Republicans boycott House vote

Jesus cosmetic row in Singapore

Tiger attack survivors seek records of S.J. cops who arrested them

Justice Official: Waterboarding Is Now Illegal

Rendell offers his defense on Obama race remark

US 'to shoot down spy satellite'

Chinese Factory Linked to Drug Under Inquiry in U.S. (350 ill, 4 dead)

Controversial law puts some new mothers in jail

Texas Ban On Sex Toy Sales Overturned

Debt crisis spreads to US municipalities (you ain't seen nothin' yet - this one is really bad)

White House to veto Senate ban on waterboarding

Ocean dead zones off Oregon coast "not normal," scientists find

Cindy Sheehan in Egypt for Islamists

Will Clinton Money Bosses Break Campaign Finance Laws?

Real ID Act a Real Intrusion On Rights, Privacy

US lobbying firm expands its India practice

The Democrats' Undemocratic System

Unhinged: Six Of Last Seven Columns By Maureen Dowd And Frank Rich Bashed Hillary

Kristof: When We Torture

Meet John McCain: Mr. Big Stick in Latin America

Outsourcing to India : The USA is disnterested but the UK is interested

There's no surge in freedom for Iraqi women in Basra

USAToday on security vs. privacy: Bush uses scare tactics to railroad flawed spying act

Choosing to let patients with superbug infections die rather than phage them?

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart :To Republicans: Conservatism Has Failed. Deal With It

Another day, another indicted Republican.

On the Sorry State of General Motors

John Nichols: Obamanomics: Barack Talks Tough on Trade

Obama’s Lead in Delegates Shifts Focus of Campaign

Republican indicted for aiding terrorists, imagine that!

Michelle Obama Takes to the Trail

Amber Waves of Grain

NYT editorial: "If Congress fails to enforce its own subpoenas, would be ceding its subpoena power."

Congress Authorizes Invasion of Roger Clemens, Based on Needles of Ass Injection

The new breed of candidate's spouse (BBC)

David Sirota: Clinton Superdelegates Echoing "Screw Democracy" Message

"Business spies for FBI eyes" (InfraGard) by Jerry Mazza 2-14-2008

Workplace phenomenon: Suddenly, Everyone Hanging Out at the Water Cooler Is a Political Expert

Obama a Hit in Japanese Town

(Olympic) Games organizers respond to Spielberg

Obama Erodes Clinton’s Core Vote as Democrat Deadlock is Broken

Iran to launch oil and gas exchange on Feb. 27

Infragard - First in a Series by Virginia Simson (FBI Deputizes Bidiness)

Amy Goodman: Lessons of the Chesapeake Sweep

A Valentine’s Day Tribute: The Things They Do for Love

U.S.Resembling A 'Third-World Country' (Bloomberg)

Diana inquest: MI6 'plotted tunnel murder'

Answer To Lanny Davis and Hillary Clinton Calling for Fixing the Nomination

Sheriff's Candidate (R-Duh) Facing Child Porn Charges

The Morning After by Noam Scheiber

Bush’s Last Push for Torture


L.A. County may close most of its clinics (pay private centers to...)

Cal Thomas: "Something to learn from the Hitler accord"

About Those Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich . . .By The Editorial Board NYT

House Holds Bush Confidants in Contempt; Republican Members Walk Out

Poison Toys or Total Recall?

What’s Waiting for Obama

Daily Kos Takes Kucinich foe to task. Cimperman a corporate Democrat.

Candidate Donna F. Edwards on Retroactive Immunity FISA

The Dream Ticket Duet - Hillary & Obama

Election 2008 Dictionary Volume 1

Americans of latin american descent's song for Barack


New Hillary Clinton Ad: Giving Voice to Our Soldiers

Potomac Primary Recap via Comedy Central

Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) Debate to Extend Protect America Act - FISA

Olbermann: Grand Old Problem (w/ E.J. Dionne) - 2/13/08

McCain vs. Obama

Olbermann 2/13/08: Bush - Vote or Die (w/ Jonathan Turley)

TPMtv: '08 Roundup: Episode #12 (RE: Super Delegates)

McCain's Valentine To The Republican Base

Olbermann: Worst Persons 2/13/08 - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Bono Sings 'All You Need Is Love' at Lantos Memorial

Forced to leave Rep. Tom Lantos' funeral

McCain hearts Bush in new Democratic ad

Who Would Kirk Vote For?

Nancy Pelosi - Contempt for Miers and Bolten

Thailand Is Banning Sex For Valentine's Day!

Wexler Calls for Contempt of Congress on House Floor ('Not Since Watergate...')

Music Video Election 2008 Dictionary Volume 2

John Bohner's yap before walking off the House floor.

The most inappropriate laugh ever.

Ike's worst fears realized - SAIC and the MIC takeover of government

Mashup: Hillary Clinton's Crying Game

House In Chaos After Republicans Force Vote During Lantos Memorial

AFL-CIO President Sweeney Delivers UN Summit On Climate Risk Address

Surplus Solar Bill Introduced in California

Going green for cost of a phone call

Real Logic Announces Agreement with Wind Turbine and Hyrdogen (sic) Energy Company

Is it Getting Too Warm for Penguins? (

City Council Promotes Use of Residential Solar Energy

Man killed himself over wind farm plans opposition

Biofuel toon, from the wednesday toon post:

Rains Finally Easing Austrlia's Big Dry, But Murray-Darling Basin Still In Drought - Reuters

BushCo Misses Second, Self-Imposed Deadline For Polar Bear Protection

(UK) Nuclear clean-up costs placed at £73bn ($145 billion US)

Matt Simmons Interview - Empty Holes & Black Swans

U.S. power plant costs up 130 pct since 2000

House to take up energy tax package after break

Japanese Scientists Find "Alarming" Levels Of Permafrost Melt In Siberia - Asahi

French Doctors Duplicate "Super Size Me" Diet, Find High Levels Of Liver-Damaging Enzymes

US Misses 2nd Deadline on Bear Protections; Critics Blame Oil Deal

80% Of Oil Industry's Workforce Will Reach Retirement Age Within 10 Years - CNN

Ontario town opposes solar panel park - NIMFY

Prince equates climate fight to war

I just tried to find studies on the environmental impact of wind turbine manufacturing.

Where to Buy Fair Trade Chocolate (for Valentine's Day)

Monterey-Salinas Transit to produce own fuel from mustard seed

In Pursuit of a Carbon-Free Economy

Dry-winter forecasts miss mark

Clinton Wisconsin ad: "Debate"

Report faults mental health care for Drum GIs

Gates back on the job after arm fracture

Vets pan treatment of jailed GI with PTSD

Recruiters try offering home down payments

Veterans groups rally for better GI Bill

Army, activists at odds over training area

Peake: Guard, Reserve vets need more outreach

Marines bring the band to Africa

Editorial: Tricare woes demand action from Congress

Backtalk: What a Democratic president could mean for the military

Backtalk: A million boots on the ground

Prosthetic offers realistic feeling, grip

Life sentence in killing of Army vet cab driver

SEAL killed in parachute training

Jury picked for ex-sailor’s terror trial

Coast Guard suspends search for Vinson worker

Cabbie sues jailed ex-sailor over broken nose

Backtalk: United front

Harrier crashes near Lejeune, pilot ejects

Twentynine Palms death under investigation

Accused Marine may be held another 20 days

Berkeley softens stance on Marines

AWOL airman wanted for allegedly shooting at wife, child

Family says glacier remains are airman’s

Combat action earns you more VA benefits, too

Debate over more F-22s must be settled by fall

Debate intensifies over replacement for F-15

Backtalk: Larger F-22 Raptor force is right idea, but hard to sell

Poverty, political infighting plague Wasit

U.S-Iraqi partnership helps breed security

Millions allocated to fund Pacific projects

U.S. releases 300 detainees in Iraq

Women complain of lack of response from KBR to sexual assault reports

AAFES admits summer gas pricing error

U.S. diverts Cameroon aid to Chad refugees

U.S. forces getting set for events in Kosovo

Soldier found not guilty in Itaewon stabbing

Yokota heating system suffers ‘catastropic failure’

Marine major gets six months, dismissal for kickbacks

Land Warrior Needs Work, Soldiers Say

Virtual Fence on Border to Get Approval

The Science of Acoustic Research

AF General Promises to Buy 380 F-22s

AFAS Offers New Falcon Loan Program

Fog limits visibility across bases in U.K.

AF Conducts Nuclear Policy Review

Commentary: It's time to do right by the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. holding Baghdad hospital official in bombings

Soldier gets 179-day sentence, reduction in rank for beating

Rape allegation prompts stand-down in Japan

Arizona Nurses Rally at Capitol for Patient Safety - Thursday 2-14-08

WP: GAO and Its New Union Reach Agreement on Raises

YRC Teamsters OK five-year deal (50,000 workers)

Montreal Cintas Workers Become First in Company History to Form a Union

Volvo Trucks no closer to ending strike

NYT: Settlement Gives Past Wages to Clothing Retailer’s Workers

AFL-CIO Delegation to Colombia: ‘No Trade Deal Until Murders, Union-Busting Stop’ & video

Steelworkers to grill Sen. Carl Levin on trade

Throwaway workers

Steering clear of products tainted by child labor

Labor and the environment

Attendants at Delta request vote to join labor union (after 80 years)

USA Today: Bulk up labor laws so private sector can catch up on benefits

Newspaper Series Uncovers Exploitation of Immigrant Workers at Poultry Plants

States lead push for paid sick days

Quick Settlement of Mexican Wal-Mart Worker Strike is Suspicious (politically controlled union)

Today in labor history February 14

Cool labor site for the week of February 11, 2008

Tell Appalachian State To Respect Workers' Rights And Adopt the DSP! E action

Teamsters, New Era Reach Contract Deal After Dispute at Alabama Plant (NAACP approved)

UAW, Magna reach deal to save jobs at Syracuse auto parts plant

Apologists for imported cars and the downfall of the Domestic Auto industry

Jeff In Milwaukee


Death of Hezbollah kingpin: A war awaits

Mexico faulted on human rights:New York group says government is failing to halt or prevent abuses

Colombia finds stash in militia boss's cell

An End Foreseen by Uri Avnery

Venezuela Congress urges World Bank court pullout

Venezuela says Conoco compensation talks progress

Private-equity firms buys Clear Channel

Teacher Retirement System assets fall by $7.2 billion in two months

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

Tax Pro's and Accountants

OBAMA: Latin America Remarks Reaffirm Bush Policies

Trouble in River City......with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "D"

Meet John McCain: Mr. Big Stick in Latin America

Hezbollah Leader Declares 'Open War' On Israel

Are there any latinos or latinas that have a friend or relative working

Church Split Over Gay Bishop Invites Gays To Attend

Poway school again wins free speech decision over anti-gay T-shirt

Broward County Votes to Protect Transgenders

TN Rep. Campfield wants gay references banned in schools

Lawyer: Ban on gay sex is still on books (Kansas)

Surfing through the morning programs is really sad.

OMG I got a heart!

Student, Possibly Gay, Brain Dead After Classmate Shooting

Partner and I celebrate our 31st anniversary today

Gloria Jean's Coffee

lotta bad news from Pakistan:

Time to define McCain

Biden's going to Pakistan

A fun way to visualize healing, maybe?

Did someone here send me a heart?

Self-delete. (Darn!)

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!

Need a star? Please pm me and I'll ask our

you guys. . .Light to the University of Illinois.

Paranormal State

Sending the highest light to Washington D.C. and all involved in government

Kenechi Udeze diagnosed with leukemia

Goodell told Specter: Patriots cheated since 2000

NOOOOOO. I don't want Kidd to come to the West....

Boxing: February !5-16, 2008

Interesting theory on the radio about Indiana mens b-ball NCAA violations

Goodell: Destroying Spygate tapes was 'right thing to do'

"humble bees and blossom on the trees and me"

Hundreds arrested in demonstrations in Panama

Single payer Healthcare planning in British Columbia

Study: Fast-food harms liver, but boosts good cholesterol

Legislation would crack down on insurers

Aggressive diabetes treatment affirmed in new study

Does Preventive Care Save Money? Health Economics and the Presidential Candidates

US store chain Trader Joe's barring some Chinese imports

FDA never inspected Chinese plant making Baxter's heparin

Do you believe that Rx drugs should be directly advertised to the lay public?

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all the cooks!

Anybody ever been to a King Arthur Flours class?

Think Spring

its all the same place

my wonderful daughter

a couple of things...

Polaroid fans ponder a filmless future (AP/CNN) {mfg to end}

Happy Valentine's Day

Sunset image pointers from CNN

~~~ February Contest Prelims Now Up in GD ~~~

I need some help

Okay, scone experts needed.

Robot glider harvests ocean heat (BBC)

Polaroid fans ponder a filmless future (AP/CNN) {mfg to end} Xpost

The Sun Also Sets

Bizarre New Dinosaurs Found in Sahara

Left-wing Catholics need to do something about EWTN (the 24 hour Catholic cable channel).

Space Station Crew Can Access Gun

“Help Pass the Ammunition Accountability Act” another gun-grabber attempt to destroy RKBA

Hillary: A Taste of Texas, and Memories of 1972

Michelle Obama Takes to the Trail

Clinton begins regrouping; must fix message and strategy

Potomac Primary: Winners and Losers

it's not just idle conspiracy theory any more

"Effective campaigner" Chelsea will campaign in Hawaii

Breaking on MSNBC: NJ super delegate switching from Clinton to Obama.

Who are Obama's inner circle of backers?

WSJ, pg1: Clinton Team Seeks to Calm Turmoil

MoveOn Jumps Into Battle Over Super-Delegates

WP,pg1: Obama's Economic Plan Is A Pitch to the Working Class

Column: New Hampshire resident responds to voting column

X-Post: Humboldt Dems Call For Hand-Counting Paper Ballots


Looks Like Pennsylvania Has a New "Diebold Girl"

If Hillary is such a "corporate shill" then why does the RW hate her so?

So I was invited to help test the voting machines today

Play: Clinton knocks on Texas doors

Know anyone that went to the Clinton rally in Robstown? If they want pics

I approached my state legislator with a bleeding heart recommendation.

Quite a turnout for Clinton in Corpus Christi area

Who Will Take Texas??

Dallas County Young Democrats endorse Jordan, Houston and Yanez for Texas Supreme Court

That Gene Kelly sure is somethin'

who gets to vote in the Primary?

Thanks for the Valentines!

For those of you who've gotten the call from Bob

So I was invited to help test the voting machines today

Democrat bucks party on proving citizenship to vote

I love you, You're perfect, Now Change

TDP now has link up for debate seat drawing

Okay, this has to be said: KerryVision totally rocks!! Lots of great recent videos to check out:

Is it time to take the Kerry for President stickers off our cars?

Happy V.D., y'all!

Groups sue to allow outside spending on House Speaker election

Bachmann hiding behind the telephone instead of meeting her constituents

Any information on Senate Race?

Well, if Klobuchar voted against including immunity for Telcom companies in the FISA bill...

Up yer clacker!

Tax credits for businesses recycling old computer equipment?

Word wants to be Excel?

Erasing Vista's physical drive

Actually killing a virus- my secrets revealed

Vista users - any problems with freezing lately?

Larry Johnson's latest vile (frankly, racist) diary on Kos slammed by every frontpager on DailyKos

If we find a good Obama article or story AND we are past our 3 post limit, should

Obama district organizers, care to pass along some wisdom?

In the attempt to start an Obama picture thread...

Happy V.D., y'all!

RW religious radio is having a field day here in WI.

Latest Clinton Negative Ad

Town Hall Meeting pics from today!

Sudden increase in posting rate in this forum?

Folks, we can turn this forum into a GDP2 hellhole, or we can use it for civil political discussion.

Privacy watchdog red flags secret RCMP databanks

U.S. on offensive to secure energy supplies

Business coalition opposes harsh copyright reform

National Post: Tories caught in ignoble moment

Schreiber told accountant Airbus cash was for Mulroney but 'lied all the time'

KOEB Meeting: 02/13/08 -- The Rocket Crashes to Earth Edition

Can I get some KOEB lurve for this post?

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Olbermann -- FISA Special Comment tonight. He posted a preview at Kos:

Picture of my mom to share with you:

New Indiana Jones Trailer released

Help! I need a really, really bad picture of Dan Lungren!

Posted in GD for Bill Durston-

Anyone else heard about this-California Voters First Initiative

Simon Heffalump in the Torygraph: "I say you fellows, we can't be wasting culture on the oiks "....

Wisconsin women for Obama- sign on for an ad in the WI State Journal

Huckabee is speaking Right now on MSNBC in Madison

Attention HIllary supporters in Wisconsin...did any of you listen to Ed

Chippewa Valley DUers - Obama in Eau Claire Saturday

Obama in Wausau on Friday?

NoGodBlog - To Vote or Not to Vote?

Billboard: Why Do Atheists Hate America?

What happens when Religious Leaders Lose Their Faith?