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A Recommendation To All

Here's why folks in Wisconsin don't use trampolines

Are human beings an evolutionary mistake?

Most likely Romney excuse. (humor)

Hey, who hearted?

I'd like to thank the person who gave me my DU Heart.

Looking for good DC Nursing Programs

Jericho Season 2 starts in 7 minutes, but I've only seen up to #18 of season 1!

I have the vapors

This board used to be a refuge for me...........

St. Joseph's Indian School

Actor from Everest College Commercial?

Roger Clemens

Ever hear of the dating service called Great Expectations?

Whats For Lunch

Lounge Poll - who will hit McCain first - Obama or Hillary?

Soft core porn for JVS - dial up, get the real internet

so did Clemens spill the goods so we can Impeach the Yankees?

Any tips/suggestions/comments for a valentine's day sonnet

How old is too old?


"Dude, you can't give wine in a box to chicks."

Wow, the mods are really on their game in GDP...

SQUEEEEE - Reese Witherspoon is rolling around on my basement floor...

*BE* somebody!!!

I have the flu

SQUEEEEE - Reese is rolling around on my arm...

Umm...ermm...hmmmm!! Uhhhhh, well, um hmmmm! Um...OK then!!!!

Obama stole my pupy, then sold it to Hillary and she fed it to Edwards

Is it ok to make the giant nose sucking sound

I feel invisible today.

I am altering 23 show choir dresses because the teacher is a dumbass.

Anti American Idol Thread

Damn this is a good album...

This is the only way Black Sabbath could have been better

Not to repeat the question, but:

Questions Thread

Wal-Mart Give Woman Brain Damage; Refuses to Pay Bills

An American Idol thread

I got 20 hearts to give out. Tell me why you should get one!

Just when I think no one can make a great pure pop song anymore,

Need an opinion on a coat

In support of DUer, ask your video rental store to carry Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

This year is getting worse at every turn!

Police: Crack Found in Man's Buttocks

wow... I got eight!!!!!

I love Thom Hartmann!

Lawrence Welk with a "modern spiritual."

Four hearts-thank you all.

Dutch department store Web site

How's the coffee this morning?

Hello, you cannot jump the curb and take my reserved parking spot

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod...Elvis Costello to open for The Police!

Blast from the past...

Wow, Roger Clemens Is Coming Across Like An Idiot

And it's UNO!!

Whats with all the Naked Pictures? What did i miss?

I don't give a damn about my good reputation!!!!

Did a certain thing disappear from a certain place regarding a certain someone?

Anybody here familiar with 65daysofstatic?

Any fans of Roald Dahl's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" book?

Dear Secret Admirers, Thank you so much!


Clinton agrees to debate at CSU

Is the Clinton Campaign in Crisis Mode Now?

I am a bad person

Play all your vegetables or no dessert!

Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag

Am I a bad person....

Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman secretly wed.

It's old news...but I wrote a review of that movie Cloverfield

Are We Still At Defcon 1?

A hearty thanks

Hmm. I wonder how many hearts I would get if I promised nekkid yoga pictures....

Thank goodness this thingie is working today!!

Thank you, kind secret admirers...

Are pretzels good (or bad) for cats?

Which version of "Blade Runner" do you prefer, and why?

How much would you pay for Haruka's Towel?

Heather Mills, that pathetic fucking ugly "human" being, has fired her whole legal team.

Thank you for my 3rd valentine!

Thank you for my 3rd valentine!

Advice To Ponder

Anybody else find the Pedigree commercials especially moving last night

Are DU hearts like the US ecomony?

Comedian Katt Williams handed out $29,000 at a comedy show....

I want to thank that special someone for my heart.

Just a reminder: Four wheel drive does not help on ICE, morans!!

Looking for Scriptwriting software for a Mac

Good Morning Lounge!

It's pouring rain here

Serious question for pay check aficionados

Quick question

Beagles Up! Beagle wins Best in Show at Westminster


Thank you to my secret admirers who donated hearts in my name.

Classical music?

BBC News: Danish Muhammad cartoon reprinted

Why is the media stating that McCain has a mathematical lock on the GOP nomination?

Who Made this Newbie Blush with happiness over getting a Heart?

1969. trof takes nuptial vows. Postage stamp - $.06.

I just posted in GD:P, pray for me!

You guys are stinkin' awesome, you know that?

Who gave me a heart?

THANK YOU new Secret Admirer!

If you give me 10 hearts, the retrolounge comes off.

I literally flunked a smell test.

it's icky outside


I hate the people I work for.

I would like to welcome my "Ex," Mitznc, to DU

**Wednesday SNOWday check-in**


In the face of ongoing Democratic collaboration with Repukes, why not secession?

Hillary should have fired Mark Penn for consistently being wrong

I just saw a UFO!

A great song for my snow day...

Grammy-winning veteran crack addict Natalie Cole: Winehouse Grammy win "sends bad message"

Who needs some warm cockles?

LostinVA, I have a very important favor to ask of you.

I got called in for Jury duty.

Why kids don't respect cops

I had to curse a worker out last night - and I feel good about it !

I Hate When It Snows And The Plows Thunder Through Every Ten Minutes.

Check out the cute desk I got for my daughter's room!

My BF showed me this, and it pissed me off

I'm trying to think of songs

The Canadian government has stopped printing money and has started using pine cones as legal tender,

How can some people LIE so blatantly and think you are dumb enough to believe?

I'm truly moved by these hearts...

The Promised Nekkid Photo of Me . . .

Skinner has 40 hearts right now. When will he post his nekkid pic?

Intelligent Design.

Obama's surge extends down the Potomac (Update: Obama ahead no matter how you slice it -- MI and FL)

Bake and Aim!

In case you missed it: the list of Democrats who voted for immunity

No seriously: 204!!!!!!

Warrantless Wiretap is a Great Big Blackmail Scam: Why Do We Tolerate It?

YAY! 'Ignore' and 'Hide thread' are back! YAY!

Why Is Clinton Losing? THE WAR. THE WAR. THE WAR.

Holy shit! I just noticed someone gave ME a heart!

You know who you are!

Shit. The ice is coming down really hard.

Thank you for my hearts

Dammit, I hate Level 2 - I wanna search for something

I just made the best Chili I have ever eaten

What item(s) found by distant future archeologists would most likely give a false idea of us now?


Who here has "downsized" a gun?

I have a lot of respect for you (another TSS Rant)

This IS a bodily function thread.

I've given up on my career, and

How do you add pictures to your posts?

If people get me hearts...I will NOT put up naked photos of myself.

"I Must Not Fear."

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy are you feeling tonight?

Found out my boss was suspended...pending termination

Redneck Love Poem

Are you afraid to face the republican ticket... You're gonna laugh... Or Barf!

Happy 199th birthday to Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

Wednesday TOONS : 4000 Hearts Broken

Colorado DUers! Meet up Friday night at Olive Garden

I need to get rid of two hearts

My puppy's feet smell like shrimp in a nice wine sauce, and Greek salad with warm bread.

2 hearts and a star! I'm stunned...

A possible solution to recovering our country

Torture always comes home-"Techniques of this war are likely to show up in a neighborhood near you"

"Meet My Evil Twin"...Madame Tussaud's Wax Susan Lucci! I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Shock horror for would-be copper thief

If Haruka's Towel were put on Ebay, would you bid on it?

Repost time: "I Am ---- Tonight"

I didn't wish my boss a happy birthday today.

Clinton Schminton Obama Pajama...Here's the news that REALLY rocks!

I just drove 100 miles in about 2 1/2 hours. Ask me anything.

Archbishop takes centre stage (Speaks mind, gets condemned)

The Writer's Strike is OVER!!!!

Members may post no more than three threads in the GD: Primaries forum in any 24 hour period.

Rule Two — No member of the faculty is to mal-treat the Abos in any way

I'm 40 yrs old and one class away from finishing my master's. Ask me anything

GLBT DUers: So how are y'all feeling right now? Check in.

I am drinking a ice cold Mexican coke.


Proof I am addicted to DU and the internet.

There will be NO nekkid pictures of me

Oh my, Gene Rayburn said a naughty!!

"You Can Not Petition The Lawd with Prayer!"- Jim Morrison

For PELOSI FANS!!! How did I miss this...she is HOT

I wouldn't want to be within throwing distance of Midlo tonight

I am not promising nekkid pics if I get more hearts.

For everyone we miss tonight....


My son left 2.5 hours ago

It's the oxymoron thread!!!

Ok, so I don't have a Valentine... but tonight

Everybody HOLD IT, right there!

i can move beyond the third grade now.

People are beginning to lose it over in GD:P

Okay, the suspense is killing me! How did I get three hearts?

Being New to the Lounge Doesn't Mean I just hatched out of a rotten egg

Because this is the season....

Hmm. I wonder how many hearts I would get if I promised nekkid Yoda pictures....

I'm planning to travel the Trans-Siberian RR this summer. Who here has done it,

Is our children learning?

My brief tenure as the temporary, fill in, interim, part time, only one left who can be the ...

All your hearts are belong to us

BB9 is ON right NOW

I just drove 62 miles in 5 1/2 hours. Ask me anything

So now Obama supporters have sacrificed John Edwards at the altar of St. Obama

WTH? How did my dry skin lotion give me a rash???

Do any of the loungers play pedal steel guitar?

Thanks to my secret admirer!

Klinger's Wedding To Radar

Web Radio

Geez, I didn't realize the Lounge was Nekkid Photo Underground tonight.

If Barack Obama wins the nomination will you vote for him?

I'm cruisin', yeah I'm cruisin', don't even try to slow me down

Ya know, I could miss 30 minutes or even 30 days in

my son is pretending to be a cat.

Would everyone who has a thread going

Patty Hearst wins Best of Breed!

intelligent design

The promised nekkid photo of me!

I promise to keep my clothes on if you give me hearts

LynneSin, you still gonna be my valentine?

The Middle Is Falling Out of the Economy

I got a new flame suit. Let me try it on for ya.... :)

Oh dear. Ice storm warning for us tonight

Rent Vs. Buy: Myths That Ruined the Housing Market

Bush orders sanctions against Syrian officials

Clinton goes negative on Obama

US Political Prisoner/Former Gov Don Siegelman's Birthday is Feb 24. PLS SEND A CARD!

Sexercise Good For Your Health

Post some excellent concierge footage

Dedicated to Cal Peggy Love!

I have been in GD P all day and I still have all my hair on.

So I bought this collectible set...

So I bought this collectible set...

To Congress: You Suck

Olde tymey Duers...




"I don't have a relationship with a man, so I decided to have a relationship with my hair."

Dumb question

Senator Obama's Victory Speech in Madison, WI

Flu shots ... bah ... humbug

Tornaders! Thunderstorms and lightning balls!

Too crowded in heaven - A Joke

Yeah, well, so what. So it took me until now to buy a Britta water filter pitcher.

I think terrya must be lost...

Parche forgot to call the posse

The BIG lie

A reminder...Florida introduced, sponsored, and voted for the primary 115 to 1.

Removal of woman referee by religious school has some crying foul

Three arrested in Berkeley protests over Marines..

Why SHOULDN'T Roger Clemens lie?

Builders: "We Won't Bribe Congress Anymore Unless they Pass Laws to Keep Housing Prices High"

Who do you think will make a fine Veep,

My mother is a racist and she's voting for Obama.

John Pilger on Afghanistan: "The 'good war' is a bad war"

John Pilger on Afghanistan: "The 'good war' is a bad war"

MSNBC calls VA. for Obama

Obama Wins Virginia!

Hypothetical Question about the Convention's nomination process:

MSNBC EXIT POLL: Obama wins 48% of white votes in VA

Something to consider: Obama continuosly blows out Hillary, but Huckabee is giving McCain fits

Anybody know if our pals Young Turks/Brave New Films will be covering

Foxnews: VA victory for Obama is "lopsided".

What happens if Huckabee wins big tonight? Does the GOP leadership get nasty with him?

Tweety is asking some of the dumbest questions tonight and talking ....

Is VA the only state that has been called this far? Thanks.

There's a 'perfect storm' brewing. We won't be able to ride it out by hiding.

The Strategy Is Working

Did y'all just want to spot us the red states?

WOW "substantial" win for Obama in VA!

Virginia exit polls show Huckabee MIGHT, MIGHT, pull an upset

"Basically, Everyone Voted For Obama." (analysis of Virginia)

Obama supporters...lets not get too cocky

CNN: Obama wins Virginia

with less than 1% reporting should any network be calling Va. already?

Has anyone started to hear the N word used about Obama

link to VA results - anyone have MD or DC?

The one smear Repugs will NOT be able to use against Obama

Maryland polls staying open longer.


Obama is winning in western VA as well, big lead with no City Obama stronghold vote in

Richmond has not reported yet

Oh, my.

extra 90 minutes to vote in MD

Congratulations to Obama on his win in Virginia!

Barack Rocks the Catholic Vote in VA. (Voting extended in MD to 9:30)

Virginia is a purple state

Since these states don't count. I am sending in another $100 to Obama so he can run the table.

No Gloating here....I honestly think it is over if Obama gets 60% in Virginia

Olbermann on MSNBC: Maryland Voting Extended Until 9:30 ET

Clinton's Base

Barack wins another state that Clinton doesn't have a chance in

Hillary: Virginia doesn't count.

Is PA more Red than VA? Which state do you think white men are more unlikely to go for Obama?

One thing to the Bigdog / Hilldog's credit, they always BEST the right wing

What I don't get .... Obama converts

Virginia might be a big swing state this year. Who's the better candidate for it?

Huck holding strong with 11 percent reporting 49 to 43

My Lincoln's day tribute to Obama

According to exit polls, Obama won 59 % of the Democrats, and a majority of women

VA update: 38% in: 64% Obama 35% Clinton

Virginia Called for Obama on FNC

In an effort to bring us all together

Clinton supporter here saying Congrats Ahead of time!!!!!!!!

Imagine In My Head Of What I Think The 2008 General Election Will Look Like

Raising Kaine: Exit Polls

Are Obama's parents still alive?

MD Polls to stay open until 9.30

No exit polls in D.C.

NO EXIT POLLS for Washington DC...

DC: Obama projected winner!

Obama got 48% of the white vote. But he can't get the white vote, eh?

Sen. Hillary Clinton, so far, is the only confirmed candidate for Tavis Smiley's event in NOLA

Sorry, stupid question to follow: I thought there was no voting in DC

Here is a completely crazy idea: Offer Huckabee Secretary of Agriculture or Transportation

66% of Independents and 75% of Republicans voting in Dem Primary went for Obama

These latest states aren't important

No votes in, no exit polls....yet MSNBC calls DC for Obama?

FOX News Channel Projects : Mike Gravel Wins Virginia

Well, I just want to announce, to anybody who cares

McPain seems to be pulling away from Huckster, first 3K ahead, now 6K 20 minutes later

Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager Resigns

No call for Maryland yet?

So what's the spin now on what Obama can win?

If Ohio And Texas Are Hillary's Firewall States...

Politico's Cilizza: HRC's deputy campaign director resigns

Obama's accomplishments in his 11 years in elective office

So much for the "Obama can only win caucuses" meme.

Dupt post: please delete

Hillary's # 2 person is now out of her campaign?

Thread # 23 - Hillary's Deputy Campaign Mgr resigns

Should McCain give Sally Field Oscar speech. "You don't like me." "You really don't like me."

I have had it. I can’t take it anymore. NBC is too bias in all its forms.

33% in and Obama as more votes by himself then the entire GOP Field in Virginia

Obama VA: liberal - 58%, very liberal - 62%, somewhat liberal - 56%, moderate - 65%

It's a joke the way these networks are trying to fit the results in Md. and Va. to other states

Obama wins voters over 60!

Waiting for the point spread in the Potomac Primary

Obama wins less than $50K income voters

CNN: Virginia exit polls show support for Obama ran wide, pulled support from virtually all sectors

It's simple: Obama's base is getting broader and larger

John Glenn endorses Sen. Hillary Clinton

I said this about a week ago: HILLARY IS FINISHED! Time to get ready for McCain...

Tim Russert just said polls staying open 1 1/2 hours late in MD can help Hillary

Obama wins female voters and Hispanics and Seniors


Rats!! Race turning against Huck in VA.

Slightly off-topic post... MSNBC... I STILL love David Gregory!

Republicans for Obama?

MSNBC calling VA for McCain.

32% in VA. 238,000 DEM Votes... 131,000 Repub Votes!!!

Speaking of Toupees...No one's hair is worse than...

Worst. Toupee. Ever. on MSNBC right now

Clinton's Deputy Campaign Manager Steps Aside

MSNBC reports that 30% of those voting in the VA Dem primary were either Independent or Republican!

MSNBC: Obama wins voters making under $50,000, 59-40.

Another Hip Momma for Obama, new sticker...

Obama votes > all Republican votes in VA (McCain, Huck, Paul) combined!

Breaking on MSNBC: Deputy Manager to Clinton campaign resigns.

To the person that gave me a star.....

Obama's a Mac, Clinton's a PC

Finally Obama is ahead in Delegates count on CNN

Hillary Didn't Speak Yet, Did She? Is She Waiting Until Just Before The Maryland Results Come In?

Is Clinton's Texas/Ohio strategy going to be the next Giuliani Florida?

CNN calls Obama frontrunner!

Obama's Management Skills are second to none.

If 8 yrs of W couldn't bring about the end of the world, I think we can take our chances with Obama

John McCain Wins's official

Are blue state Democrats any different than red state Democrats?

CNN enough already with that stupid Video showing Obama pointing to Osama

Are The Results In Yet From New Mexico?..........

Race, rethugs killed Hillary in Virginia. She lost blacks 88-12 and lost the GOP vote 71-25

The obviously, glaring flaw in the "not a blue state so it doesn't matter" horse shit.

With Obama's win in VA, does Tim Kaine become the frontrunner for VP?

Exit Polls: Independent voters break for Obama and against McCain

With Obama kicking ass, Bush starts talking about nooses.

I am trying really hard to feel confident with Obama being nominated

CLinton on MSNBC now

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/12/08 - Clinton down 2 (44), Obama up 1 (42)

Is Hillary not going to concede VA and DC? She's going negative in Texas right now

Most impressive Obama numbers: Won Latinos and won people who make < $50K!

Pelosi says she could back Obama

Chelsea in LaCrosse WI today, Bill on Thurs, Health care ads running statewide-GO HILLARY

Idiots , stupid childish idiots

Could Hillary at LEAST be the VP?

The same people that complain that Obama is winning red states are banking on winning Texas!? WTF!?

10 minutes to Maryland closing...

One hour later.....still waiting for any votes from DC

Here it comes.....Clap Clap Point Point, Clap Clap Point Point!!!

Obama wins Virginia, DC; Exit Polls Expect Big Maryland Win

Who is up on RNC rules? What happens to Romney's delegates?

Huckster's surprise comeback - what's the upside or downside for Dems?

Tonight Obama won latinos, seniors, women, and the working class: all of Hillary's "strongholds"

Hillary is speaking at 8:40pm

MSNBC pundit asked which would be the most effective for republicans in the GE:

It's you know where your DC votes are?

Hillary is campaigning tonight in a state she has no intention of campaigning in in the Fall (Texas)

Stop equating Independents with Republicans. Many are very liberal Dems.

It all a MOOT POINT ---- I say give it to McCain. Why shouldn't he clean up it up!!!!!!

Totally neutral ???: Does the MSM breaking down of voters by race & sex make race & sex issues?

Clinton is giving a very good speech at the moment.

The Obama campaign is really effecient... check this out!!!

Well, after careful thought, I've decided that win or lose, we need to nominate Obama.....

Obama doing very well with terriers...

Clinton as the fiery orator doesn't work for me

* FLASH * Obama wins Maryland (per CNN)

CNN projects Obama will win Maryland

Obama has plenty of substance. he puts it on his website rather than his stump speech.

MSNBC CNN, Fox all call Maryland as big win for Obama

Wow, you hearing Begala on CNN?

Another Sweep by "signifigant margin" to quote Keith O

Obama wins Maryland!!! CNN

All those limousine and Starbucks liberals in Virginia weighed in..

Obama 8 Wins in Last 8 Contests!

damn same as VA (Obama takes 59% of women)

Prescient Picture of McCain

damn same as VA (Obama takes 59% of women)

Obama Speech/Rally coming up soon on MSNBC, CNN

If Obama continues winning 90% of blacks and 50% of whites, Hillary CANNOT win.

Barack wins another state we don't have a shot at.

"Obama's celebrity appeal sometimes overwhelms Mrs. Clinton's experience argument"

Breaking: Fox: Hannity and the other guy call Obama officially the frontrunner

I have empathy for Hillary

Roger Clemens' "blue dress?"

Obama splits the white votes and wins the Hispanic vote in MD

Obama wins white men in Maryland

Anyone know what's causing the hold up in DC votes?

OBAMA wins Maryland by a significant margin according to MSNBC

Obama wins support of 59% of Women in Maryland!

Obama win 51% of seniors in Maryland! nt

Obama carrying seniors. So much for the idea that Pennsylvania would save HRC.

Youtube is not anyone's friend - post unintentionally hilarious candidate gaffes here!

I can't read the math any other way: Obama won the nomination, and Clinton lost.

I must say. No matter who wins on our side. This has been a lot fun and exciting as hell.

Libertarian for Obama.

Now I know both sides are doing this but I think it's a bit ridiculous...

Clinton won her last primary on February 5th

"Obama's celebrity appeal sometimes overwhelms Mrs. Clinton's experience argument."

"A new chapter in American history!" -O

I feel sorry for David Shuster...

OH NOOOOO!!! Mike Henry resigned??? NOT HENRY!!!!

Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan...

Pat Buchanan just mentioned something about a Flag Pin on MSNBC?

Kweisi Mfume, on MSNBC, said "Oback Barama." And then, a minute later, referred to him as

Old-school Democratic Party politics makes a come-back

How much of tonights margin for Barack came from momentum?

I'm looking at the Maryland exit polls

Candidate who will "change the ways of Washington" winning 75% of the vote in DC

Obama sweeps every single demographic group in DC except one

Could Barbara Boxer ever run for president?

Well it looks like Obama won a BLUE, PRIMARY state

Check out the front page of CNN. It's got a HIDEOUS picture of McCain.

I do not give a flying fugg

FLASHBACK: Mike Henry (now resigned) authored leaked memo proposing Hillary skip Iowa

VA, Obama won the Latino vote 55% to 45%

Obama is a great speaker.

Fired up Obama supporters? Then you need to check in.

Can we finally put the "Bradley effect" to rest with Obama?

Call me a doofus, but how has CNN called MD for Obama...

CNN Website: Obama 33% in MD; Clinton 50% But yet they call MD for Obama????

Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager Out

My motto for Hillary: Hillary Clinton, she works for me! nt

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell...what an arrogant racist f**king a**hole. F**king SWINE.

Wow. MSNBC goes to McCains speech "in progress" waiting until Obama is done...

Shot game: How long would it take to get smashed everytime McCain says "My Friends"

Primary nightmare: In idle moments I sometimes think of Larry Flynt

Obama officially in the lead. More total delegates, more pledged delegates

Here comes Obama on MSNBC now

Oh my, listening to McCain speak is like taking a sedative...

John Nichols: Clinton Loses Virginia, Maryland, DC as February Slide Continues

I...Drink...Your...Milkshake ..... I Drink It Up!!!!

It looks and sounds like McCain is speaking to a group of twenty people

My Friends

Better Speaker? McCain or Dole?

Yes, We Can!

Obama just gave a really great speech. Also smacked McCain, while being nice about it.

I'm glad they switched to McCain's speech because I need to go to sleep

Obama on CNN and MSBC. Fox has McLame.

I noticed Hillary is not giving a concession speech

How many people are in the same room as McCain as he says his tired old speech?

Am I wrong: The Last time we were at Level 2 here, was during the Alito Confirmation....

Anyone see the wide angle view of Obama's speech?

It all a MOOT POINT ---- I say give it to McCain. Why shouldn't he clean up it up!!

Obama Supporters! Lets take this to DENVER! DON'T STOP NOW!

HEADS UP: Obama Rally in Madison, WI. LIVE NOW!

Texas and Ohio ain't gonna cut it for Hillary - she needs to drop out now.

JESUS TWEETY - Comb your hair!

Wow! Obama is on FIRE against McCain!

Obama gave an awesome speech in Madison WI tonight

Will they finish counting the NM votes prior to the convention?

Makes me feel like dancing.......... Gobama!

Hillary is going to concede

delete or lock

CNN keeps flashing Osama instead of Obama....

LOL. McLame boring the hell out of an audience after Obama sets the night on fire.

Obama Sweeps Potomac Primaries

Hillary worries me because she seems to win in only very blue states

McCain: "I'm fired up and ready to go."

I'm more interested in watching the crowd AFTER Obama's speech...

"Watching John McCain, quite a contrast after watching Senator Obama" said Anderson Cooper.

Anyone notice the stark contrast between the Hillary and Obama speeches?

I hope the Mods ate their WHEATIES this morning

Obama: VA 63% (95% reporting) and DC 76% (89% reporting)

KO: The rule is, if you have to, always speak BEFORE Barack Obama

Obama is a great speaker.

"With 92% reporting in Virginia, Obama is now 102,000 votes ahead of all Republicans combined."

Forget about electability, Kucinich could have beaten McCain

Dang that is a tight shot of McCain. WTF. Where is the crowd?


McCain thinks the president of Germany is Putin? Look at this....

Obama in Madison was AMAZING!!!

I found a major example of the cult of personality

In Maryland white Catholics, union members, and white males went for Obama

A feeling of HOPE is returning and you'll never guess who gave it to me...

Somebody tell McCain I'm NOT his friend!

The new GD-P -- pretty good! Two thumbs up!

Will they finish counting the 17,000 NM votes left prior to the convention?

Hillary Bloodletting Continues: Two More Staffers Out

Olbermann: Rule, always speak BEFORE Barack Obama

Remember Obama people, Karma can hurt.

Comparing Policy, Clinton & Obama

MSNBC Obama 62, Clinton 37. McCain 49, Huck 44.

OH HELL NO! McCain just said he was "fired up and ready to go."

"IF you have to speak, do it before Barak Obama, not after him"

The Post-Potomic ''Is It Over?'' Poll

I am trying really hard to feel confident if Obama should win the nomination.

MD 4h Cong District Donna Edwards leads Al Wynn

Top wingnut explains why Republicans root for Obama

Edwards got over 4500 votes in Virginia !

If the delegates of Florida and Michigan are sat or the superdelegates change the vote...

"Mr. Obama, I am a long time watcher, first time listener..."

I Think Obama Won 9 of 11 Congressional Districts In Virginia Tonight

Let's keep this in perspective. Hillary is still very much within striking distance.

CBS Delegate Count: Obama 1223, Hillary 1161. Net gain of 50 for Obama tonight so far.

Obama net gain of 23+ delegates in VA

If we didn't "surrender" in Vietnam

Are white women sexist?

This is the moment when the campaign took a turn for many folks.

Hillary is making a colossal mistake skipping Wisconsin.

Sam Seder covered this on Sunday... McCain gives the rightwing an excuse for losing..


McCain is fired up and ready go. Meet at Denny's.

its not FAIR!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Obama won way big and their are 777 donations the second day of the DU drive.. This is exciting!

Obama: "Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom."

Keith Olbermann is like Tweety's Nanny.

"My Grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line"???

The candidates on DC voting rights (including one surprise)

Obama supporters: Now is NOT the time to get over-confident. Hillary's not done yet.

Thank you, Obama supporters

Have the results from Super Tuesday forward changed your view

Are the Wisconsin and Ohio primaries open to independents?

Obama expands base of voters...

Wisconsin: Keep an eye on the crossover vote

Not That It Matters Anymore; But If Edwards Could Have Beat McCain The Polls Wouldn't Tell Us Anyway

This is a former DC resident's rant about the DC GOP primary

I'm suddenly in the mood for wine. must be all of the

Is that Jamal Simmons on CNN?

Polls for upcoming states

NY Hispanics question Clinton aide exit

Obama sweeps Potomac primaries

CNN has pledged delegates as: Obama 1078/Clinton 969

Can we Dems beat this man in the General Election?

ATTN: Clinton supporters... I still love you...

Cleaning up my own mess. I apologize.

My fear is that Obama is our generation's JFK

Favorite Obama speech during primary season?

No Concession Speech from HRC?

Once again Obama and his team have me asking "HOW DE DO DAT?!"

For once, something Pat Buchanan said made me laugh...

New Wisconsin Poll - Obama: 45, Clinton: 41

Is campaigning on DU really going to help your candidate?

15 out of Obama's 24 wins have been by margins of 20-plus points

Obama-"Our dreams will not be deferred"

Has anyone ever polled states where the primaries are over...

Obama is bashing the hell out of McCain. He's talking like a nominee.

I wonder if Hillary is making the mistake that some Super Bowl teams make

Obama supporters. It ain't over!!! On to Wisconsin. Get to the phones!!!

Wisconsin, Texas, and Ohio folks.... seriously, what's the word on the street?

Whatever happened to New Mexico?

Fineman: Hillary can only win by using Super Delegates

I think Hillary Clinton was busy losing in MD, VA, and DC while she was speaking in Texas tonight..

I think Hillary Clinton gave a powerful speech in Texas tonight

Comparing Policy, Clinton & Obama

Obama supporter in Clinton speech background..

Chuck Todd: Obama has the most popular votes (even if you include MI and FL)

Clinton wins and puts her economic recovery plan in place...

Maryland -- at last

Obama gave his best speech EVER tonight!

"Sharpton: Because I'm neutral, I will speak out and work against the seating of MI and FL delegates


Superdelegate Dilemma: Hillary wins OH, TX, PA by 10 pts or more and still is behind in delegates

SENATOR OBAMA vs warmonger mccain. huge win for democrats

What theHandpuppet said. WHAT ABOUT NEW MEXICO?

Hillary Behaves Like a Sore Loser for the Second Time in a Row

Virginia white men - Obama: 56, Hillary: 43; white women - Hillary: 54, Obama: 45

why does not list Hawai'i? did I miss something?

Obama supporters! Make a victory party donation!

Rasmussen: Obama 44%, McCain 40%, 16% undecided

Edwards will endorse Hillary or not endorse

Idiots , stupid childish idiots

McAncient. or McSame? What do you think?

Obama supporters, let's not get too excited by Obama winning the women vote tonight

Dreams for everyone. Except equal rights for gays.

If The Worst That Comes Out Of This Primary

All Hillary has to do is win Texas and Ohio and she's back in the game with the big MO

Hillary on CSPAN, speaking in El Paso--NOW

El Paso is back woods military city that would fill the Sunbowl for a Blackoak Arkansas reunion

Obama: thank you John Edwards.

About the message of hope.... Just wondering...

Buchanan virtually crowning Obama victorious in Nov.

Rudy's campaign manager praises Hillary's wait for Ohio and Texas strategy ...

What's taking the D.C. Returns so Long?

Right Now - Clinton Rally - Little Hispanic Boy with Sombrero and Mariachi Outfit

I know this is trivial, but how much taller than McCain is Obama?

Chuck Todd: Obama already has 100+ pledged delegate lead

VA, DE, MD, the entire Bible Belt...Obama is motoring in OVERDRIVE!!

Obama will win WI and HI on 2/19. With a sweep today the primary is over.

I think WEEE should call superdelegates

Can anyone explain Bonus Delegates to me

"Over the edge" Joe Lieberman moves closer to attending Republican National Convention

I have huge doubts about Obama

Is this a big story that people are missing...right in front of us?

Anyone have a fairly non-biased pledged delegate count including tonight??

The really psychotic Obama attackers are laying low tonite?

Will we know how the Super Delegates will vote in advance of the final roll call?

Hillary has never won more pledged delegates on any single day of voting.


Happy BDay Lincoln! Let's celebrate with a money bomb!

Tweety: I got a fervor in my leg listening to Barack Obama's speech

McCain is the weakest rival the Democrats have ever faced. Obama will crush him

John King: if either candidate wins 55/45 in every state the rest of the way no one will get to 2k

If Hillary loses Wisconsin by more than 10 points, she should step aside.

I think -- and I know this will be unpopular -- Obama won the nomination tonight.

Kerry won primaries by increasing margins back in 2004.

A campaign contribution proposal

Something I have never seen:

Count me as another Edwardian for OBAMA...

duplicate deleted n/t

Somebody Pinch Me

Some of you REALLY think HRC's superdelegates will stay loyal 'til the convention?

Why do so many people hate HIllary?

MSNBC's Fineman: Clinton aides admit it's nearly impossible to win via pledged delegates now

Will the msm finally do some honest journalism on Obama now?

Is Obama the greatest orator who's ever held elective office?

Wisconsin Poll: Obama 50; Hillary 39

"white men can jump"

Al Wynn has been defeated!!!

Obama supporters, do you really want to see your man go up against the likes of John McCain???

Obama has no events scheduled for tomorrow

We need something to stop Obama momentum. When is the Rezko trial starting?

I can almost sort of see a justification to get FL delegates seated, but MI? No way!

Meanwhile, looking ahead to the Convention

The media's favorite won in both parties. Congrats

So if Hillary loses by only 30 votes or so, she can win by super-delagates?

Hillary is a terrible speaker

Only 19 states left?

Ohio will decide the primary & therefore the presidency

Anybody know what the popular vote count is?

Dem superdelegate Elanor Holmes Norton just told Steve Colbert

Edwards didn't meet with Obama yesterday???

My dad picked cotton with a hand called "Manchild"

I am guessing based on Obama's speech in Madison that Wisconsin is not going to count

People are supporting McCain because they HAVE to. People are supporting Obama & HRC... screenshot:

Introducing Maya Soetoro-Ng: Obama's Sister

McCain has many flaws. No need to distort his "100 years in Iraq" quote

Weeee're OFF to see The Cousin, the Wonderful Cousin of OZ....

Be honest. How many of you are merely choosing the lesser-known of two evils?

InTrade: Obama 72.6, Clinton 26.2

With the exit polls showing Obama taking over Clinton's turf, she is in big trouble

Giuliani strategy same as Hillary's ?

Can we stop saying that Giuliani skipped states? It's not true

Can Obama connect with Latinos?

Palermo Blog: "...something that is swelling up from the grassroots..."

What would DU have looked like in 1960, 1968, or 1972?

Florida and Michigan Primaries cannot be allowed to count at this point!

Wisconsin GE Poll: McCain 48 Clinton 43, Obama 45 McCain 44

Gen. Wesley Clark as VP?

Welp, looks like my sub-40% prediction is coming true for Hillary in the Potomac Primary

Texas Pollster: Obama closing gap only 10 point gap 1/31

Exit poll: Obama wins white voters in VA 52-47, Latinos 54-46

It's the Courts, Stupid!

Can someone help a n00b out? Why do we do primaries as we do?

Are we watching HISTORY being made?

Anybody see the side-by-side shot of Obama/McCain's post-win rallies on MSNBC?

Did Hillary mention her losses tonight while down in TX?

The Look on the Faces of the "Pundits" at MSNBC Tonight Was Priceless...

Obama wins all age groups in Maryland

Hehe, I tried to post Barack true christian belief on freeperville

Clinton and the Courts

At this point, how do you feel about the Dem primaries?

Clinton's Turf Invaded: Obama Wins Women, Working Class, White Males - HuffPo

Yawn McCain. or McAncient. or McSame. or McBush?

Anybody know whats going on with the Vote Abroad?

Just a question

Some people keep saying the Electoral Map doesn't favor Obama...

75%, 64%,

I'm sorry but it has to be said: On Ignoring States

Marc Ambinder email

McCain vs Obama......The electoral map is not favorable to Obama.

Clinton to hold rally at OSU [OHIO} Thursday-he “Solutions for America” event,

Anyone heard of AlamObamans

It's over. Look at the math. It's time for Clinton to step aside.

Has anybody considered that it might be in our interest to NOT have a candidate yet?

Obama/Edwards 2008?

BOTH BOTH BOTH obama and HRC missed the Fisa vote. BOTH

Hillary needs to suspend her campaign

Interesting Demographic Analysis of the Race Going Forward

I need to offer an apology for an Obama post today.

Strictly 4 My Nerdz: The Electoral College Calculator

Karl Rove debuts on Fox News

Ok Seriously WTF was Hillary thinking today?

It's sad that one of these candidates must lose.

Why is winning big blue states more important than winning red states?

The GOP has organized their base to vote Obama

I'm going to guess that Clinton needs 15% delegate wins in TX, OH and PA

Texas democratic voters.

Hillary Clinton to be in Milwaukee, WI, Saturday

Blacks and Crabs in the Bucket Syndrome... Julian Bond and the NAACP

If you repeatedly post that Obama is going to get creamed by McCain in the GE...

Texas, here we come! Game on...

Why were there no Exit Polls conducted in DC?

Honest question. if you're a Hillary supporter

Can't we let the voters decide?

They ran out of Democratic ballots in my county yesterday.

I'm starting to dread the words "Super Delegate"...

Want to see something very disturbing?

On the TV scenes of McCain speeches, most of those people behind him seem constipated.

Clinton Won Every County!!!

Clinton, Obama: Why Not Both?

EITHER Clinton or Obama CAN and WILL win in the general election

It's Time To Mend What's Broken

Obama Supporters... It's time to celebrate... Tip Your Cups...

Obama's Renewing American Leadership and the PNAC papers

One big reason why Edwards should endorse Obama

Barak Obama just ceded any moral claim he had to the presidency

Can I Have My Change Back: Arab-Americans and Obama's False Hope

Time: Excerpts from Obama's Economic Policy Speech today @ Janesville General Motors Assembly Plant

Hispanic leaders caution Clinton

Tweety Gets A Woody For Obama HA HA HA

PRIMARY TURNOUT - what was it like where you voted?

Hillary and Guiliani have made similar mistakes

Sorry Dupe: Virginia: Clinton 345,018; McCain 242,578; Obama 619,036

DC results coming in at 49%

MSNBC Is Discussing Missing The Story - The Electorate In This.....

Hill needs to pull at least 60% in upcoming contests...

I want Barack Obama LIVING in Cleveland, Austin, and San Antonio!

Why vote Obama in the fall?

Why McCain? Can anyone explain his immense popularity?

I really dig the "magic" election board that John King uses on CNN

Yes Virginia there is reason to be quite worried

I sense a landslide for Obama in November and I hope and pray

Chicago Trib: Obama gains with women voters-Appeal widens in wins in Virginia, Maryland, D.C.

Creepy Moment of the Primary Coverage: Tweety Gets a Tingle

Obama won 21 states + DC ... Hillary won 10 states.

Exit polls: Obama stealing Clinton's base

I think it is over and it is time for all of us to unite around our candidate.

I believe Obama has the nomination

Debunked: Puerto Rico primary/caucus is NOT Winner-Take-All

Did you all see all the Democrats who voted today?

There are two more debates coming up


Whoa - Donna Edwards (MD-04) won big - 60%-35%

My prediction for the rest of February and the first of March.

Obama is like butter ......

Not only are we going to Wisconsin, Obama people...

Post Potomac Presidential Poll

Challenger Donna Edwards Wins Stunning Victory (60%-35%) Over Long-Time Incumbent Albert Wynn!

We need to contact our Super Delegates ASAP and get them to pledge loyalty to the people!

Wow. We're getting primary advertisements here in South Texas!

Obama is liked by the Japanese too :)

OMG... did anyone just hear what Pat Buchanan said about Matthews?!

If Obama and his supporters have a problem with Super Delegates deciding the nominee then...

How much does Hillary need to win TX & OH by to stay in contention?

Should Hillary cry again?

Puerto Rico is a Proportional Split of Pledged Delegates

Good article on Michigan primary/delegate situation

Winning the Edwards Vote

The Patriot Corporation of America Act -- Obama co-sponsor--reward for keeping American jobs

Why all the acrimony? The candidates aren't all that different

Clinton first candidate of Fascist-Democratic Party

How many Obama supporters also voted for Bush or Reagan?

Obama's opinion on the troop withdrawal "pause":

So Clinton and Obama want us to be united?

How I think/hope the rest of the primary season will go

What NAFTA and shipping jobs overseas does...

The next President of the United States...

I don't dislike Hillary Clinton, but I would love to stop seeing McAuliffe, Penn...

For the 2012 nominating season.....

Does anyone know what the pleged delegate count is right now?

One Year Ago Today, What Was DU Talking About? Let's Find Out

With a Surge in Momentum, Obama Makes His Case: Party should coalesce around him

"What, aren't two Cabinet posts enough?" - Bill to Bill Richardson; Super Delegates not Superfans

Our family divisions and choices. Yours?

Huff Po: Obama (Finally) Putting Attack on NAFTA Front & Center?

Independent voters break for Obama and against McCain

So did last nights states "not count" to Hillary? Or did they not get the memo?

Obama Is Bruce Springsteen circa 1975

I Sick Of The Mediawhores Padding Clinton's Numbers By Including Superdelegates

If Obama and McCain start going at eachother like they know each other's the competition

Super Delegates on Colbert

****Rasmussen: First Time Obama Lead (46%-41%)****

Time out for Trivia....what's the longest a US state has gone "Red" in the GE?

It's the "We" in "Yes We Can" that inspires me

Chelsea in WI today, Bill on Thurs, Hillary on Saturday, Health care ads running statewide

Hillary Sinks in Potomac - WaPo

Why Wisconsin worries me....

Dunkin' Expands Menu, Replaces Ovens

Fox News affiliate, MSNBC News, just compared Hillary to Bush

"Experience?" Here were some more experienced women who never got the chance.

Did you know that the Repubs. set the primary date in FL?

New Mexico Results Update: One Week Later

I WANT to be WRONG, but I also wonder what DU will be like next year if I'm not.

One more reason voters are going for Obama...

Is Hillary going to concede VA and DC? Right now she's only going negative in Texas.

All Hat, No Cattle....

Hillary vs. Obama on Higher Education

Edwards Weighs Clinton Endorsement

I Love Hillary, voted for Hillary, but with all the advantages she had,

Isn't the Denver convention basically one giant caucus?

Poor Patti Solis. I Guess No One Ever Told Her About the Hidden Grave Yard of Clinton Loyalists.

So is Clinton spinning that she is the underdog or is she telling the truth?

Houston Key to unlocking Texas win.

Hillary's campaign needs to have some "frank discussions" this evening

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Barack Obama 46%(+4), Hillary Clinton 41%(-3)

Governor of Puerto Rico to Endorse Barack Obama

Hillary's perception problem

Clinton: Still no congratulations for Obama

Obama did show up for FISA vote. Here's the link.

What is the Best Speech that You have Seen Obama give?

John Glenn endorsed HC yesterday.

WP, pg1: Shifting Loyalties; Cracks in Clinton Coalition May Mark a Turning Point

NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN and NYTimes Delegate Totals.

Let's hear it for the Huckster!


The Senate is shackled by the power of fear and the threat of terrorism

Potomac primaries make it clear that open primaries favor Obama

Hillary's Brand takes a hit when she denounces "Activists who Vote in Caucuses."

A confession

Hillary's Fla + MI totals = Barack's VA + MD + DC total

Obamanos! ........ from Texans for Obama!

Clinton "Grasping At Straws"

Almost time for Hillary to Pack it In

But Which Democrat Can Win It All in November

DLC defeat scorecard

I'm now convinced that remaining Hillary supporters suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Clinton Ex-Campaign Manager Backs Obama (superdelegate)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have a nominee three weeks from today.

Stop Peeing in my Kool Aid!

Wow! Look at Virginia.

Why isn't Obama described as Bi-Racial?

Hillary Goes Negative in Wisconsin about Obama and the Debates

Obama/Edwards 2008?

Deep in the Political Heart of Texas

Clinton Intends to Stand Her Ground in Wisconsin's Primary

(Bill) Clinton ex-campaign manager backs Obama

Link to see what western MD is doing ..... real time results Frostburg, MD

Let's do a thought experiment (or, are you smarter than Mark Penn?)

Is it true that Super Delegates are not required to make their vote public?

I am hoping for an Obama / Kerry ticket!!!

News Orgs: Obama Winning All Delegate Counts

Feingold: My Hope Is with The House

Obama and Edwards for One America

The Likely Color Map Of How This 2008 Primary Went

Hillary yelling in El Paso MSNBC NOW

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon (targets kids)

The Maverick Myth (McCain)

Obama v. the McCain-Bush Republicans

"The Motivation" for John Edwards in His Campaign For President... Wade Edwards Said It Well!

Clinton camp sending out propaganda against Obama from American Thinker blog

Do We Really Want Another Black President After The Events Of Deep Impact?

DARPA continues military AI air-traffic project

Can Obama beat John McCain?

Obama supporters. It is ALL uphill from here to Denver.

Advisors: Hillary must force Obama into poor debate performance, go negative, encourage media attack

Wow, Huckabee kicking the crap outta McCain in VA... 64 - 30. n/t

Hillary's Communications Director

I'm for a candidate who seeks to unite the american people (not parties) around their shared goals

Obama has two new events scheduled in Wisconsin (2/15)

The Meaning of Obama's Momentum

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46 (+4), Hillary 41(-3), Obama's first lead ever in Ras poll.

I declare today to be Ignore List Amnesty Day (for myself)

Clinton Still Has Confidence Of More Superdeligates Than Obama – Survey

This is Officially the U2 Primaries

FISA Dilemma

Hillary Clinton 2008 = Jesse Jackson 1984/1988

If I were advising Hillary....?

Anyone else wishing Edwards would get back in the race?

Feed the Pig....

Clinton: Still no congratulations for Obama

Will the media show Obama's teleprompter?

will GD:P destroy the Democratic Party?

Deputy Dumps Man out of Wheelchair to Check Disability

Huckabee LEADING in VA Primary

Can someone tell me why Obama didn't show up to vote against the FISA Bill?

So, who did Edwards end up endorsing?

Go Huckabee

Watching the Inexorable Trainwreck of the Democratic Primary

Why is Edwards still holding back on endorsing HRC or Obama?

Puerto Rico Governor to endorse Obama

The Patterns of Dynamics

2000 was a coup

So, this little freak with Anderson Cooper has 13,000 times the voting power of me

"Let's agree that there will be no losers" - Nancy Pelosi on the race for the Democratic nomination.

Hey, Here's a Fantastic Blog for Everything Wisconsin Primary. Bookmark this Site!

Presidential Preference Poll

Press says Obama voted on FISA - roll call begs to differ

Someone gave me a star! (Plus, DU musings)

It's time for this Party to unite behind our candidate.

Huffpo: Battle-Tested

Burnt Orange Report (Texas) Endorses Obama

I'm way behind, but I finally found my heart!

Some Kind Person gave me Heart

DU needs a discussion group titled: "I Don't Know What the F*** I'm Talking About"...

Obama unveils economic plan at GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin

Obama supporters : "Matthews Feels A Thrill Running Up His Leg"

Thank you to the DUers who gave me hearts.

One word that could singlehandedly help Obama win Ohio: NAFTA

I also want to say thank you.

Clinton agrees to NBC debate

CNN's map shows Fairfax County not reported yet

It really bugs me when people conflate the accomplishments of both Clintons into one candidate....

Thanks for the hearts!

They say that cops have a difficult job-

How many Congressional assholes will ask Clemens for his autograph?

Has Hillary Clinton congratulated Barack Obama on yesterday's primary race yet?

Clinton says she can hear Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards telling her: "You keep going!"

Thank you to the caring person who gave me a heart...

Take a look at the Republican COUNTY numbers for Virginia...

Two words why both sides will support the nominee this fall.......

How Barack Obama Can Win Texas

The Roman Empire had 2 great leaders, the US has had 4 so far...

Where does Obama stand on privatizing Social Security?

Time to Run Against Existing Democrats

I don't think Edwards will endorse Clinton.

Do You Think The "MSM" Will Continue To Support Obama Like They Are Now,

Why does Obama only get good press?

Somebody gave me a heart! Whoever you are, thank you!

Clinton Campaign: Having trouble paying rent?

Why Gen. Wesley K. Clark is bar none the best candidate for Obama's VP slot.

Dear John: Do the Right Thing!

The Last Candidate Standing Is Usually The One Who Runs The Best Campaign

The speech I would make, if I were in her shoes right now.

Need free airtime? Hillary Clinton invited to participate in "Dancing With the Stars"

C'mon, we all know who should bow out gracefully at this point...

Why on EARTH is the congress investigating steroids and not...


Even if Obama or Hillary win ALL of the remaining states

"Is it true that he {Obama} refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance?"

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Obama 45, Clinton 44.

Russia forgives Iraq debt

Breaking: Hillary Campaign Agrees To NBC Debate

Okay who thought this was a good idea? (not bashing just asking)

When will Hillary Clinton drop out of the race?

Thank you for my two Valentines, my friends

Pelosi's focus

NYT does not include caucus results in current delegates total, Obama supporters call it cheating.

thank you to my 3 secret admirers, much love EOM

Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Helen Elizabeth Clark, Tarja Halonen

Sitting here with a cold, I've got my coffee, my tissues....and some hope.


U.K pirates could have Internet access stopped

Feds charge 3 with firebombing of mosque in Tennessee.

Would Duers Vote for a Candidates Who Says...

Iran suggests formation of new Middle Eastern Parliament

It's going to be Obama/Edwards.

If Clinton doesn't Win Ohio, is it over?

Cinci Enq: OHIO GOP Roots for Hillary

I understand the fervor of getting behind a candidate...

Inside Information: Bishop at St. Mary's University not happy about Clinton rally.

New 2009 Iraq war request coming soon: Pentagon

MSNBC’s David Shuster: Defender of Clinton Family Honor?

GOP media guy says Obama is "new product:" people might be too timid to try

As Sally Field said

Why is it so hard to accept that Obama may be a great leader?

Fear And Hoping On The Campaign Trail: '08

Why women Hate Hillary

According to CNN's New Delegate Count: Obama 1,253 Clinton 1,211

Let me point out one lesson we all can learn from the "heated exchanges"...

"He's running as a white guy now, but just you wait and see..."

Why doesn't Obama and/or Hillary make a speech along the lines of....

Senator Chris Dodd's complete 2 1/2 hour speech from last night

If neither candidate has a super-majority at convention time, all bets are off.

Wow-Obama building solid popular vote margin

Video: Baltimore's Finest Takes Down A Skateboarder

This heart stuff is about like being groped in the dark or on a subway

wow! A big thanks for the hearts!

Thanks for the hearts secret admirer(s). nt

Article: "Obama and Progressive Change"

"Janesville workers like what they hear" (Wisconsin-Obama)

Laura Flanders on with Tavis Smiley tonight

What Was The Clinton's "Jump The Shark" Moment?

McCain FINALLY breaks 50% in Virginia...

Obama: NAFTA, Iraq killed our economy

Child malnutrition rates in Iraq have risen from 19% before the invasion in 2003, to 28% now

I can no longer remain silent.The time has come to piss everybody off.

Former-Bill Clinton Campaign Manager to Endorse Obama

Obama will go to the convention with more states won, more pledged delegates, and more popular votes

A Republican primary in D.C.? ......

A few thoughts about hearts


lol! Newsmax is talking up Ron Paul (!)

John McCain's Yes We Can Video

What The Hell Is Up With New Mexico? Why Aren't The Votes Counted Yet?

Just a quick weather report in Maryland

This "Superdelegate Controversy" Was Created By Clinton & The Media. STOP Buying A Bogus Scenario

a "perfect storm" brewing...

Obama campaign has used the Republican Strategy to Beat Clinton

When can we expect the Hillary "surge"?

My first post goes to....

Obama Town Hall in Waukesha, WI, already started LINK

It seems to me that the Hillary supporters have nothing left positive to say here.

The New York Times cheats on delegate totals to help Hillary

Where's Waldo - Republican edition...

Be A Part Of The Obama Millions

In my heart of hearts, I feel that Barack Obama should now give up and CONCEDE

Pat Buchanan advising Hillary...

Why Hillary Will Lose

this is why obama is winning.

After so many snarky comments comparing Obama to Bush, I think I'm entitled to this...

Hillary For You and Me

Ending the Debate on Money: Obama gets 99% of his campaign funds from INDIVIDUALS

John Edwards on Hillary Clinton and Corporate Democrats

Lookie here! Obama leading Hillary is latest Rasmussen poll!

The ghost of elections future?

Refuting the latest Obamite swiftboating of Edwards just like the good ole days!

Let's see where we stand today: Who do you want to win the Democratic nomination for President?

Lets pick McDeath a Theme Song

Hillary who?? Obama targeting McCain, more then happy to debate him.

MoveOn Promoted to "Institution" by Washington Post

Independent UK: Exposed: The long, cruel road to the slaughterhouse

What happens if there is a McCain/Rice ticket ....

Edwards To Endorse Bloomberg!

What the hell happened to Hillary Clinton


How is this asshole a Supreme Court Justice? Astonishing...

Are most of the liberal talking heads leaning toward Obama?

Discovery Channel discovers fascist censorship

You Know Why Obama Supporters Can Take the Heat Don't You?

Question for those who survived the last Primary War

Explain please - Obama and Richard M. Daley

New Wisconsin poll Obama 50% Clinton 39%

Yes We Can

Do you remember the days of duct tape, plastic wrap, color-coded

Politico: Obama camapgin states it is next to impossible for HRC to win

Hearts! Thank you! I'm doin' the happy dance! :o) n/t

"Winning the primaries isn't a good indication of who can win the general election."

I'm Changing My Support to a New Candidate

"Why Hillary Will Lose" By Dick Morris

Rendell Backpedals on M$M

McCain's good match up poll numbers are disturbing

Can Obama inspire a revolution of no more career politicians?

Howard Dean says: "It's still early, and there are plenty of voters who still haven't weighed in."

John Edwards is the best candidate for the Democratic Nomination. nt

The Obama Q& A in Wisconsin

Trader Joe creates Chinese no-go zone

To whoever gave me the heart

White House: Corporations that helped in wiretapping are "patriotic"

There is One thing we can Look Forward to Stopping no matter who wins the Election:

*wiggle dance* Thanks for the hearts!

Please, all of you touting McCain as the next president:

Obama to speak on MSNBC shortly!

This is going better than planned!

The Nation: Shame On Elaine Chao


Everything you say is right wing talking points

Fellow Great Lakes-ians, had enough winter yet?

Okay going to get THIS out of the way

Obama mania will have to win the hard way

When I watch a John McCain speech I feel like _________

Evan Wolfson: Today is Freedom to Marry Day - Just Don't Say "Gay Marriage"!

The Life Line Over the Cliff.

Edwards Supporters: Get ready, because the attacks are coming...

Incumbent WAYNE GILCHRIST (R-MD 1) is LOSING his primary...

Why do we need an army?

No, John McCain, I'm not your "friend"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bye Bye Constitution!! Grrr

I hate when tools like this get on TDS

What are the "donation bar boxing gloves" for ?

Clinton Attack Machine Going AWOL?

Mark Penn Blames it on the Weather

How SMALL is the crowd ast the McCain Rally?

What do you consider the most SIGNIFICANT experience Hillary has had on foreign policy

People Who Should be Disqualified from Serving on Juries

Breaking: Frist on Obama speech

SD Union Trib: San Diego Median Home Price Down almost $90K from 2005 Peak

Clinton Supporters....join me if you can

Remember Dan "Potatoe" Quayle being "a heartbeat away from the Presidency"?

Obama alone won more votes in all 3 contests last night than McCain, Huckabee, and the rest Combined

Something On Which Both Sides Can Agree

Obama Supporters Stuck on NAFTA issue?? READ!

New Hampshire: Obama 49% McCain 36%; Clinton 43% McCain 41%

Clinton Finance Chair "We Didn't Put Any Resources In Small States"- Must Read, In Depth Article

I support John Edwards in the Democratic Primary. nt

Oh Dear Lord

Claim: Barack Obama has been endorsed for President of the U.S. by the Klu Klux Klan

*Sign of the apocalypse* Obama won Poquoson Va.

Michael Savage' Failed "Bid" For The 2008 Election

Intrade has Obama at 51.1 to win the Presidency.

Experience matters? The experience of past presidents prior to being elected

Progressive Dem Beats Right-Wing Pelosi-backed Dem Wynn !!!

To those who have been to a rally

Obama town hall in Wisconsin now Live on CNN!

When a Sports Guy Knows More than the WSJ

Barack Obama Voted Against Regular Citizens in Class Action Lawsuits - Clinton Voted For Us

Hey Barack and Hillary - Do you want my Vote?

Peasants At The Gates

The Polaroid Instant Camera is Now a Thing of the Past

I am in Ohio and I got my Absentee ballot today........

Meanwhile, the Republican Nominee KEEPS LOSING STATE PRIMARIES

Has anyone noticed with Edwards gone health care isn't even discussed anymore?

someones gave me hearts, so in return


Anyone here see McCains, after primary victory speech, last night where he was taking shots at BO?

Who's this: inspirational and transformational without being confrontational?

Memo to Obama Fans: Clinton's presidency was not a failure.

Glossary of Election Terms

The Symptoms of DU-Electile Dysfunction..*caught early, it CAN be cured

Lookin' Good for Jesus cosmetic line pulled from Singapore store

Al Wynn is going down! MD-4

something is not right

Obama won more votes in all 3 contests last night than Clinton and McCain COMBINED.

McCain must be stopped -- Clinton should step down

Bottom Line - Can Hillary Still Win This?

I cannot believe the stupidity and sour grapes on this forum

Dennis prager say that Obama is a naive...

David Swanson: Rep. Lofgren Writes To Conyers About Impeachment (TEXT OF LETTER)

Watching CNN and saw Senator John Warner helping John McCain up to the stage.

Anyone want to explain to me why neither Clinton nor Obama voted on the FISA bill?

Conservatives do not HATE McCain....

Mark Halperin : John Edwards Thinks Barack Obama Is "Kind Of A Pussy"

Today is a good day to be an Obama supporter.

For those wonderful people who gave me a heart:

Hillary is still trying to milk/pimp Shuster scandal

Clinton Booed At Her Own Rally (Ouch)

Leaving Delegates on the Table: Why Clinton Might Lose

I think Obama is a better Orator than MLK...

Calif. Pastor Investigated For Endorsing Huckabee

To my fellow Hillary supporters. Should we let them have it?

As someone who was NOT an Edwards supporter, I give John Credit; He let you choose your candidate!

Alas, i think we have now or soon will be a nation of one political party.

Which racial slur could be posted about Obama that would get lots of rec's?

Rep. Lofgren Writes to Conyers About Impeachment

More desperation from Mark Penn and Hillary's campaign

POLL: Obama 46, McCain 40 ... vs. ... Hillary 42, McCain 46

Many thanks to the person who sent me the heart.

What if this goes on until the summer?

Obama says....

So this week is Freedom to Marry week, right in the middle of Black History Month.

I just noticed someone gave me a heart :-)

I just realized something today...

A DAILY SHOW -Jon is just destroying the Huck


Al Gore's most recent Current TV video

I suggest a cease fire toward Hillary supporters at this point.

Latest Zogby - Obama trounces both GOPers, Clinton loses to McCain, barely edges out the Huckster

thank you to ... whoever gave me this second valentine heart ...

Guardian UK: Smoke, mirrors and American justice

New smear campaign against Obama!

Let The Voters Decide! Sign The Petition.................

How many of you didn't vote for Kerry in 2004?

My parents taught me that we are the party of Peace.

Blacks voting for Obama....

Texas: What Firewall? A roughly even split of TX delegates is all but certain.

DC: Obama 76% - Clinton 24%, 89% reporting!

Dear Joe Lieberman: Fine. Go to the RNC Convention- but stay out of the bathrooms.

Has the torch been passed? I am getting hopeful here..

Science debate 2008 update

Clinton: "Maybe he'd prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions."

Can McCain Calm The Economic Markets The Way He Calmed The Baghdad Markets?

For those who were wondering -- yes, Hillary repaid herself the loan

Huckabee is officially done... he just hasn't bowed out yet. He is wasting his supporters' money

Primary history and lore question:

Hey Clinton supporters...I'm an Obama supporter and all I have to say is.

Leaning Obama... but willing to acknowlede the misogyny

RWingnut Producer Joel Surnow leaves TV Show 24

Jos. C. Wilson: "Battle-tested" - We need a gladiator like HC, not a transcendentalist like BO

Obama proposes $210 billion for new jobs

So some fool named Halperin thinks "pussy " = weak. I guess he didn't get the memo...

McCain robocall just now: 'best qualified to be c-i-c in the war against radical Islam'

THERE SHOULD BE BLOOD: Liberal Democrats Left Out in the Cold

"Big Clinton Fund-Raisers May Run Their Own Ads"

The worst is over for Hillary, now it's time for the comeback!

Even if Edwards ends up endorsing Clinton I will continue to think highly of him

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/13/08 - Clinton down 3 (41), Obama up 4 (46) - Obama leads

Uno wins and becomes the very first.....

Big Clinton Fund-Raisers May Run Their Own Ads

Hillary supporters it ain't even close to being over!......

Obama/Edwards 2008?

Why is it so hard to accept that Hillary may be a great leader?

Count me as another Edwardian for Hillary

There are some of us who can't afford to live on "hope"

John McCain funded by Soros since 2001

What DU will look like on the day of the last primary

Who would be good running mates for Obama and McCain?

A picture.

I'm hoping for Hillary to win, but I can't imagine a "good" way for that to happen.

There were Eight votes yesterday on FISA, see the list below...

No outrage over the Senate granting retro telecom immunity?

Why Hillary Is Losing

KiKi McLean ...on Tucker...Hillary's New Spokesperson ...GOOD!

clinton my go "527" on Obama...

Tornado watch for South Florida

Levin and Nelson: No Revotes

WP: Rep. Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD 1st) loses primary

Obama Fact => He has not won yet!!

KiKi McLean is a Great New Spokesperson for Hillary! Kudo's to Her...BUT...

Australia officially apologizes to its Aboriginal community

Donna Edwards beats Al Wynn in MD-4 Primaries

Senate OKs new rules on eavesdropping

Suggest a nickname for McCain:

Bush Administration Tries to "Cleanse" Evidence Obtained Through Torture

Government Suppresses Major Public Health Report

In which month do you think we'll have a final, single, certain candidate selected?

Check out the Tampa cop who dumped a quadriplegic out of his wheelchair

Thank You Skinner!

Go Edwards! nt

Courting Disaster: Honaker Nomination An Insult To The Constitution

Primary or Caucus which do you think is more democratic?

Dear DNC, I will not vote for a nominee if he or she...

facinating body language on Morning Joe this morning

The Atlantic: Inside the Clinton Shake-up (looks like Hillary valued loyalty over competence)

House Vote on Contempt (Bolten, Miers) Expected Thursday

Obama almost 3 to 1 on DU!!!

Bush Budget Indirectly Targets Social Security by Closing Offices

Ok. I Think I Have An Admission To Make. I'm Pretty Sure I'm Starting To Get Excited About Obama.

C&L Video: On O’Reilly Factor, Bernie Goldberg slams "dangerous" Olbermann for "special comments"

US Air Force Academy Used "Former Terrorists" to Proselytize Fundamentalist Christianity to Cadets


Apologies to the DU Admins: Another Fund Drive? Where did the money go? (Answer: Programmer Chow)

Bama, Bama, Mobama... Slama, Slama, YoMama, O... Bama...

Obama is like butter ......

Amy Goodman: Lessons of the Chesapeake Sweep

Should Florida and Michigan hold a Spring caucus?

Oops: White House spokesliar admits telecoms spied

Congress Brings Baseball to the Hill

Not agreeing to debate number 2,395,013,309,394,103,994 is an act of cowardice!

American Voters are always Duped

The military’s initial press release claimed that Terrazas and 15 civilians were killed by the bomb

I Thought Folks Would Want To See This RE:FISA

Japan Says It Has `Had Enough' of Misconduct by US Military

Senator Obama: "If Lovin You Is Wrooong, I Don't Wanna Be Right ... "

This election is not about continuing the war between the Clintons

Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare, Part II: Debunking the Free Marketeers

Blame NAFTA on the Clintons

"Mishap last year in which a B-52 bomber unknowingly carried 6 nuclear warheads across the country"

Iraqi refugees too scared to return home despite propaganda push

Our population (U.S.) to hit 438 million by 2050?!?!

Official Statement Concerning Political Candidates - Archbishop José H. Gomez

Our society can indeed change. It has and it will.

NJ Supreme Court Puts Automotive Passengers in the Hot Seat

Crucifixion: Our Dying Constitution

I wonder how much mileage the Pro-Hillary people like Bartcop will get out of this cartoon?

Read this article and tell me you don't believe this is a cult

I am happy to replace them one member at a time! Especially when we can do this!

As a Hillary supporter, I have to say that Obama might win.

Rule by fear or rule by law?

E-mail from John Kerry about Obama's victory last night

LTTE: Editorial was wrong about talk show host

MSNBC Spokesperson: Shuster Will Not Be Fired And Will Return To Network

Barow Wow Wow presents 2 music videos for Obama

and that's all I got to CAPTION about that

Joe Wilson: Hillary Clinton is Battle Tested

Memo to John McCain: There is no "R" in "Washington"

Caption this...

We're being had by the * admin; fraud crackdown is a joke, doesn't apply to work overseas

This *this* you give me to CAPTION? oy vey!

Clinton supporters: You are NOT helping your candidate when you bring up race

40+ Retired Flag and General Officers Urge Senate Support for Ending Torture

Can someone tell me why Hillary didn't show up to vote against the FISA Bill?

How can Obama be progressive yet so beloved by rethugs?

I don't have a penis. Nor youth. What I have is a lot of friends - staunch democrats

Why Hillary Is Losing

Sending hot crab. cold wine, and tons of ALOHA to those who sent the Hearts...Love Ya

3 Men Face Federal Charges In Burning Of Mosque

Our votes WERE COUNTED on the touch screen machine!!!!

"Is it true that Obama refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance?"

The MOST successfull dumbfuck lameduck in the history of the world

I know this will break your heart: Giuliani deep in debt from campaign

"Serpent Head" Carville: If Hillary Loses Either Texas Or Ohio, "This Thing Is Done"

Howard Dean must be smiling...It seems like we might have made Virginia light blue

Limbo for U.S. women reporting Iraq assaults

I Ask Almost All of You To Accept My Apology For Some of Yesterday's Comments

Bloomberg: U.S. Retail Sales Probably Fell in January for a Second Month

Well...Baseball steroid use is back in Congress and so is...

while waiting for my 10 months old grandchild ...

Six may be executed at Guantanamo....and soon.

Hillary's new viral video (must see) reaching out to young adults

What are the latest polls for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas?

In Baltimore, Obama is 'the talk of the town'

No public tickets to be available for Clinton/Obama debate . Austin, TX

Evacuation from DC metro would be impossible in an emergency

For anyone who thinks that Obama has this thing all but wrapped up

Chicago Trib: Kraft Foods hikes coffee prices

Pressure's on Mass. (undemocratic) superdelegates

DowJones MarketWatch: "The bubble cycle has replaced the business cycle."

Hillary Clinton is moving on. Big time.

Isn't Anyone Concerned About Congressional Elections This Year?

Remember when Hillary told voters she didn't need their vote?

Heilemann: Hillary's Bleak Outlook

Asia Times: RE Stimulus - America is "Like a drunk in a bar ordering another round "

Now that it's essentially over, I've cleared my "ignore" list

Peace Is War, Up Is Down, and Torture is LEGAL

the modern day democratic party

Edwards senior advisor Jonathan Prince: "You can’t make a judgment until Ohio and Texas"

Has your internet seemed sluggish lately. Got Comcast?

Biggest waste of taxpayers money going on now in congress.

Bush is speaking on FISA (CNNi/CNN)

Ethics probe of Craig seems stalled - Baseball hearing going full bore ahead

Can Buffet alleviate mortgage crisis?

Today’s Headlines 2/13/08

Handy Guide to who voted for FISA-Dodd/Feingold Amendment and who was a no-show

Grandpa Maverick gambling with the truth....Abramoff money.

McCain/Dole? McCain/DeLay?

Hypothetical: IF a DUer was to run 4 DC, could WE pull it off grass roots style?

O Happy Day, Amurika! Today we vote for torture!

Obama is Our JFK. this is wonderful

Another authoritarian in action! REPREHENSIBLE

Following Orders

Just in time for the 2008 election cycle: Chimpy presents the "Gitmo Nuremberg Trials"

I Confess: It Broke My Heart to See Bill Clinton in His "Diminished Role" Now At Hillary's Side.

Syringes = Blue Dress

My small tribute to the late great John Stewart

KArl Rove in my town Sunday - what should I ask him?

Edwards Staffers for Obama

Unfortunately Obama has a HUGE problem in Texas

Congress focusing on IMPORTANT stuff..

Best line in the history of congressional hearings:

Looks like we're headed for a Beagle Market

Some information the media hasn't mentioned about what recent exit polls don't show

Stimulous checks only an advance??

"The destruction of the grand design of our Constitution may settle on yesterday-February 12, 2008"

Thank you my 2 Valentine admirers

Rumsfeld Wins A Noble Prize

Americans have no more choice in who is President--I mean who

CREDO ACTION: "Tell the House: Stand Up for the Rule of Law"

The fight between the Methodist Church and the Bush library isn't over.

Australia offers apology for treatment of Aborigines.

"To err is human but to really screw up it takes the Berkeley City Council"

Do We Really Want Change (From The Clinton Years)?

Hillary Clinton Makes First of Three Rio Grande Valley Stops

Country going down the tubes, but we've got the steroid hearings

If This Goes To The Floor At The Convention

The Media Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton

Edwards considering endorsing Hillary

Conclusion: If neither candidate drops out, we are DEADLOCKED

A "mass on Roger Clemon's Buttocks" is the focus now of Waxman hearings..

Thank You, U.S. Senate! "The King can do no Wrong'; Wire Tapping is Fantastic!

You might be a Right Wing Republican IF

Yep. Another Damned Heart Op.

"Keep your eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole, son."

RCP Average= Obama and Clinton TIED!!!! FIRE IT UP!!!

E-mails from the Christian right, or the alternate title, What we're up against

Accidently posted in GD: I am breaking my boycott for one thread and one reason

You thought the Freepers Hate our Candidates? Take a Look at what these fools have to say bout Obama

If the "Super Delegates" override Obamas win.....I will consider

Why HRC soldiers on ... and I'll contribute again

Hillary up 10 points in TX - IVR Poll 1/30-31

Limbaugh: I'm McCain's Greatest Asset (Limbaugh is truly losing his mind!)

Why can't we just be honest?

TPM: Kiss of Death? Rudy's campaign manager praises Hillary's wait for Ohio and Texas strategy ...

Edwards Weighs Clinton Endorsement

WOW. The thread limit works great!

Who else heard John McCain's victory speech last night?

Ronald Reagan: The ULTIMATE "Soft on Terror" President

FISA warentless wiretapping question

Here Is An Apparent Contradiction That I Have Never Understood

Hedging my bets -- I'll be bummed if Edwards endorses Clinton but will understand

What's the political punchline of the Sibel Edmonds disclosures?

McCain appeals to House for help uniting GOP?!?

thanks so much, mystery heart, for a couple more hearts! :)

'Australia's apology to Aborigines'.

BUSHITTING! Someones lying but who, live, on C-span3.

Barack Obama in Madison and My PHOTOS!!!! Take a Look!

Impeach All Of Congress....NOW

President Fuckwit berating the Senate to pass his Protect The Criminals bill

Hillary Needs to take Barack down! Now!

Gallup - Feb. 10-12

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen"

Osama Bin Laden...

Hillary has unveiled her Secret Weapon: EL NINO!

Why I Refuse to Call Obama the Nominee

Misogyny lives on.

I want to give a shout out to Bob Casey Jr - the new democratic senator from Pennsylvania

CNN: Clemens' atty asked for public hearings to clear his name

Obama And Free Trade: Is He Getting Better?

Obama has raised more money from corporations than Giuliani, Romney, and McCain

The Answer

The United States of the Telecoms?

"The black arts of propaganda" - How the spooks took over the news (Guardian)

Is there such a thing as "soft on terror" ? Does that concept even make sense at all?

Why Congressional Democrats may be justified in giving Telecoms immunity

Happy 50th Birthday to the Peace Symbol!!

Is the Ohio election corruption squad still around?

It Is Now In The Hands Of The House, Dont Let Us Down

Encounter with Rove inspires Sheryl Crow’s new album

Looking for someone who is familiar with Public Records searches.

Hillary Clinton Speaks to Crowd 12,000 Strong in El Paso (VIDEO)

Is the right wing taking advantage of the Jews?

March 4th includes Vermont and Rhode Island

Why is the People's Court on every news channel?

can someone explain to me WHY congress is investigating steriod

Why I'm thinking the repub ticket might be McCain-Romney

I don't care about the problems of baseball and Roger Clemens

Men's Health: The 20 Worst Foods in America

Cuomo to Sue UnitedHealth, Probe Reimbursement Policy

Would Duers Vote for a Candidates Who Says...

FISA = Conyers to White House: We Need to Know More about Wiretapping

The 20 worst Valentine's gifts--- By Mark Morford

If Clemens skates...

Who Shall Run Against Them?

The Feds are trying to shut down San Francisco's tasty nugs.


so, what percentage of americans are racists - your opinions please

When Women Rule (NYT)

Dunkin' Expands Menu, Replaces Ovens

OMG!! I'm new and I have two secret admirers!!

PEEPS On Earth - pic

Colorado poll: Obama BEATS McCain by 7; Hillary LOSES to McCain by 14

Bush calls telecom execs traitors

European newspapers reprint 'offensive' Muhammad cartoon:

Is this a fair headline?

Media Matters: More Myths And Falsehoods About Global Warming

Edwards is the biggest Twinkie ever...


Sirota: Smart Move -- Obama Goes Populist In the Home Stretch

Newbies: you want to know what DU Alert Level 3 and 4 looks like?

Senators Ask: Are "Waterboard AUTHORIZERS Criminals?"

Will McCain be a One Issue Candidate?

John McCain *tries* to attract the youth vote

Just the sight of Dan Burton makes me want to .......

Spielberg Exits as Olympics Adviser

I used to think that when future humans dug up remains of our civilization

So M$M can show live hearings when it suits them

Why did the DNC penalize Florida and Michigan, but not NH, Iowa, and SC?

Standing up to do WHAT?!

Gary Hart re Obama, agent of transformation

So who here has actually pulled a lever to vote?

Larry Johnson dives into pool, hits head on bottom, swims to surface, acts like insane hate monger.

Nicole Kidman will play Valerie Plame in upcoming Warner Brothers movie

When and if those $600 checks go out, even if you're planning on paying bills with it,

At some point, everybody is going to have to put their swords down here.

Oh Jesus, conservatives still using the Saddam/WMD argument

Why Hillary is my humble opinion

Please - Call Your Representative and Senators - no matter who they are

97% Of Ambassadors Polled Say Bolton Undermined UN Reform

What should a name mean-What should a political party mean-What weight should a label have?

I admit it. I still fear a HRC presidency

BIDEN Opening Statement at Hearing on the President's Foreign Affairs Budget

Who voted, who missed the vote and the problem with Obama supporters

Washington Independent: Credit Crisis Only Begins With Mortgages

Democratic list of SHAME. Immunity for the Telecoms

Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers and Gives Immunity to Telecoms

Be a Part of The Hillary 1000!

Can anyone tell me what business Waxman and the fed gov't have holding hearings

You know, if we win this one there will be a landslide that will remove Bush from office

Caption this * pic...

How about a Non Partisan Clinton and Obama appreciation thread!

What is being learned tonight: Obama Is Not Seen As A Democrat

Condi Rice re: US presence in Iraq: "I would never call them occupiers"

Dubya's Fiscal Swan Song

Challenge for Clinton supporters to commit to Obama if Clinton does not do well on 3/5/08?

Thanks Secret Admirers for my hearts. I've been so down the last two weeks, I think I've

The Fairness Doctrine ( a primer for the youngsters who never experienced it)

Video: Bill Gates last full day at Microsoft

Thanks for my hearts!

Obama's Best Speech Yet

House vote results on FISA in 3...2...1...

How in hell does Bush have the power to continue to command the Congress?


I'm not mad at the Democrats

(edited)And now...for something completely different ( a rapturist Freeper supports Obama)

Yahoo exploring alliance with News Corp.

Obama Should Pick A Woman As His Veep

ACLU: State Secrets Privilege Dangerously Overbroad

Democracy Now! interview with Donna Edwards, who ousted DLCer Al Wynn

HEADS UP! FISA in HouseReps on C-Span w/Conyers now!..

Expect WAY more traffic in here from now on, GD...

Ezra Klein: More Loan Stories

FISA is to Bush as the Oval Office Tapes were to Richard Nixon

NEW BUSH COINS (Change For The Better)

Would you be happier if you just gave up on politics?

Howard Dean via E-mail: "How Things Look From Where I Stand" (Discusses McCain)

Breaking: Henry Waxman announces hearing to examine baseball's "infield fly rule."

updated link: House Rejects Spy Bill Extension, Setting Stage for Adoption of Telco Amnesty and Wide

So this week is is Freedom to Marry week, right in the middle of Black History Month.

Edwards Skeptical of Obama

AlterNet: Government Suppresses Major Public Health Report

They are backed into a corner now on FISA.expect some very big security distractions the next 3 wks

Breaking news!!! Waxman Live on MSNBC!! Lawmakers Upset at Roger Clemens Testimony!!!!!!

Join us on March 1st for a Democratic “Party” with the infamous Stephanie Miller, as we welcome

Two great web sites for free on line video documentaries.

It is beyond bleak for Clinton to catch up on pledged delegates

Five students win terror appeal- very important decision

Is anyone else getting tired of MoveOn telling you how to vote?

Will Hillary Destroy the Democratic Party?

Strong leaders would say "WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF!"

Rep. Nadler: Savage ‘Has No Shame and No Decency'

Bob Dylan recognizes President Gore!

A Vote for McLame is A Vote for Terrorist

Obama says I'm "Hungry for (his) leadership."

I wish there was a way to figure out who gave you a heart.

I have a question re: the MSMedia-orgy over Pettite, Clemens, and Steroids in DC...

Should we unite with them?

Capital News Poll Of The Day: Do You Think Congress Should Investigate Drug Use By Pro Athletes?

Caption Condi

Hillary didn't campaign in Florida? Some Disagree

House Rejects 21-Day Extension of FISA in 191-229 Vote

* signs Economic Stimulus Act (praising it as "a booster shot") - pics

How come the Washington Post supported Joe Lieberman but not Al Wynn?

There IS a way around the 3-Post Limit, you know...

A Message From The American Corporate Plutocracy


The Real Reason Congressional Democrats are Wimping Out on Iraq

Bush tries to slam door on open government - removes oversight from National Archives to the DOJ

i heard kit bond(R-asshole) admit that we've used 'extra ordinary rendition' on over 3 dozen

THREE GUYS Water Tortured is Distracting From How Many Other Crimes Against Humanity?

Rachel just said something great:

TPM: Senate Set to Pass Bill Banning Waterboarding (GOP Protecting McCain From Difficult Vote)

Why doesn't Obama concede?

for all you Tucker Carlson fans out there....

Someone gave me a heart !

Amnesty Day for Bush and lawbreaking telecoms

Militant War Supporter tries to attack Code Pink women

Glossary of Election Terms

Christian Right's Emerging Deadly Worldview: Kill Muslims to Purify the Earth

A reality check for the fools who pretend that Blacks vote for Obama simply because he's black:

C'mon people, it's no contest.

Wouldn't It Be Nice if Just This One Night Keith Would Skip The Polls and Talk Policy?

Attention Please! (A Mr. Fish Rant)

The far right is totally out of power. What a victory!

Breaking......Pelosi issues contempt citations for Rice, Miers and Bolten

What just happened in the house on FISA?

Wingnuts hound William & Mary Pres from job, angered over his taking the First Amendment seriously

Can anyone remind me why we voted in 2006

From Congressman Robert Wexler

Did anyone else know that Pelosi has a Democratic opponent?

I need some good thoughts and well wishes to go out to a wonderful lady, please..

Waxman is a self-centered prick conducting a show hearing for attention.

Iraqi Dog Finds Marine After Miracle Trek

So tell me,..WHAT issues does Obama plan on changing or compromising?

***V8 MOMENT*** figured out how to get IMPEACHMENT Hearings

In 2006 Clinton Refused to Debate Her Opponent >>>

According to Conservapedia, "Ecology" is a German word

Abused Dog Tracks Marine who cared for him 70 Miles across Desert

FISA UPDATE!!!!! House stands up to Bush pressure for quick wiretap bill

Beware of Billionaires Bearing Gifts (Colleges relying increasingly on rich donors)

Senate Votes to Prohibit CIA From Using Waterboarding

Barbara Boxer wants donations

It Seemed Like The Clemens Hearing Was Breaking Down Along Party Lines

This is about Bush going to jail, not Telecom Executives

Sean Penn to Appear Sunday at Kucinich Fundraiser

Hillary should concede n/t

Ya know, I just don't freaking care anymore

I am breaking my boycott for one thread and one reason only:

Chris Deliso: Deep State Coup Averted in Turkey

Bush lays a Guantanamo Trap! . . . Dems will get caught.

As The Election Spectacle Goes On The Nation Takes Another Turn Towards Fascism

Maverick Fails The Test: McCain Votes Against Waterboarding Ban

List your one, two or three (or however many) favorite Congressional Democrats.

Kerry coming to Wisconsin to campaign for Obama

Official announcement.


The Hunt for the Japanese Whale Poachers Resumes - Sea Shepherd

brent budowsky on Joe Wilson's attack on Obama re: Iraq

"At the end of the day ..."

Bush Administration Hides More Data, Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators

Do You Remember What GD:P Was Like During The '68 Primaries?

Pelosi ready to move on contempt charges:

ZOMG!!! I just signed up to be a precinct chair!

New National Poll on Impeachment Possible

Daily Show or Colbert Report?

New Mark Penn spin: The weather has an Obama bias.

Lake Mead Could Dry Up by 2021 (water for Vegas, L.A., San Diego...)

Halperin apologizes for putting "Pussy" in John Edwards' mouth.

Level 2 alert!

Halperin apologizes for putting "Pussy" in John Edwards' mouth.

Can someone please explain why Congress is holding hearings on BASEBALL?!

I miss my mom today. Do YOU? (a DU rant)

Folks, do yourselves a favor and read about NAFTA.

If FISA passes I think that means its the Citizens Vs. Government. n/t

Advice to HRC: Stop with the being surrounded by youth - it makes you

90 to 10 black vote is the cause of big margins in the latest primaries

Dem Sen. Bill Nelson on Floor of Senate Speaking of Halliburton Rape Case

If I met any of you on the street, even those I have been sorely temped to put on ignore…

The Tactical Genius that is Barack...or how Obama won the nomination

A plea to those who post answers to automotive problems.

Who wants a break from Campaign 08?

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Hot Lip's Lines!

I would like to thank the two people who gave me VD...

I can't keep track anymore. We need a forum for being sold out...

I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen

Key Clinton Backer Guilty in Sibel Edmonds Case

I love having four wheel drive! You can go like hell, even on ICE!

Jay Leno's EcoJet

A hearts picture thread for my hearts

VP CHENEY has testified: BUSH and Telecoms ARE GUILTY of the spying! AMAZING

Time once again to play

ATTENTION! GDP is on a semi-permanent 3-post curfew!

McCain's running mate?

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Frank Burns Lines!

dupe, please delete n/t

I want to bribe my secret admirer out of hiding...

Thanks for hearts. You people are very sweet.

Anybody know how to get a street name straight with the post office?

"We got spirit; yes we DO! We got spirit; how 'bout YOU?!"

Can we have a 3 threads per day limit in the Lounge, too?

Tom Dowd, the god, behind the gods-

Question for poetry enthusiasts

Hola DU!!

Thanks for my heart...

Ever hear of the spating service called Great Expectorations?

Oh noes! The avatars are missing!

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Hawkeye Lines!

Happy 75th Birthday, Kim Novak!

Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition)

I don't post in GD: P so I have 3 posts for sale today.

I think i should change my name to SallyManuscript

To continue ThomCat's theme, I did not get picked for the jury.

A plea to those who post for answers to automotive problems

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on CMT Crossroads

Crow adopts kitten

Let's try a game: DU Leapfrog

Is it just me, or are mashups going downhill?

I need some vegetarian crockpot recipes

Hey, somebody donated in my name.

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Band Of Brothers Lines!

Anyone have any industrial size and strength wipes?

Fastest Jury Duty experience ever.

So I'm taking offers

(small rant) Sally and I are watching the local news...

I fucking hate my job sometimes

Unbelievable locked thread!

I just discovered Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Big heavy work boots?

Time, once again, to play: FavoriteBrady Bunch Variety Hour Lines

Where are you RIGHT NOW?

My kitty is not here tonight

Mark Wahlberg needs to get the Funky Bunch back together

I am convinced it is not General Discussion: Primaries, it is General Discussion: Pooflingers

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Hello Larry Lines!

Obama lies about Clinton again.

On the Jukebox at Tavernertavern: Carole King's Tapestry

Is it pathetic that I have my favorite competitors on "Ninja Warrior?"

Gary Coleman's new wife reveals: "He lets his anger conquer him, throws things in my direction"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/13/2008)

FUCKING GODDAMNED CAT! Fucking PISSED on me this shitty morning!

Happy Birthday RetroLounge!!

Post your dog pics since Westminster is going on

Post your dog pics since Westminster is going on

This is NOT the face of a woman in her early 20's!

"Teen-Age Sex Club" -- comic book goodness from 1951

Dean: "The voters have to speak first before people like me get involved "

"You smell better than feet" - candy heart sayings from children


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/13/08 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/13/08

Should I get over this?

Is this payola?

Is there a rationale for this prejudice against atheists?

Obama has fooled his supporters by mischaracterizing the debate on the IWR.

Any cat owners with cat allergies here? Advise please....

So today some guy was flirting with me...

Relapse. Jeebus!

So, what is everyone listening to nowadays?

GD:P is out of their damn minds again.

Magic Rat posted this in GDP, and it's too awesome to deprive the Lounge, so here you go

Time, once again, to play Favorite 'WKRP in Cincinnati' lines

Am I the only one who did not like Gone with the Wind?

I have to face it, I'm really warped...

How dumb is too dumb?

Online Dater Is Worst Person In World

I Have To Tell You All Something I Discovered About The Civil War


Amusing Ourselves to Death

I was just called a Freeper in GD:P!

Hey all you brilliant car-knowledgable types! My car--at times--loses power

McCain Camp Touts Ollie North Endorsement

Gooooooooood Morning DU! The revolution!

Some Questions

It . Is . All . A . Fucking . Sham

What's the farthest you've ever gone on a first date?

TOON: Bush, FISA, Wire Tap ------->

First 'Howl' recording found in Oregon

Americans Selling Homes Find Prices So Low Mortgage Exceeds Current Values

Man Takes Stand In Canada: Beckley Native Questions Sale of Half of Company to US Arms Maker

Time, once again, to play: Favorite Hip Hop Lines!

She Needs You. Please.

I don't give a damn about my bad reputation!!!!

PDX Bumper Sticker of the Day: I GAVE UP DRINKING, SMOKING AND SEX...

Rep. John Conyers Introduces Contempt Resolution, Call for Lawsuit against White House

Gamers: Spore release date announced!

Obama says....

I Love You, but You Love Meat

sinner or bad

I'll tell you exactly how mods would have dealt with GDP back in my day...

LETHAL Pot Burgers !

Battlestar Galactica (new one) fans: WHO IS THE 5TH CYLON??

George Bush is "Not a Lincoln, But a Fraud"

Senators Whitehouse, Durbin Call for Waterboarding Investigation


So what's the damage on matcom's house so far?

Bush Administration is "Treating the Constitution as a Doormat" = Scott Horton.

I'll tell you exactly what happened to Hillary Clinton...

What is Your Midlo Name?

25th Wedding Anniversary

Voters get early start at polls today ("Potomac primary")

Arizona Seeing Signs of Flight by Immigrants

NBC News: Obama projected to beat Clinton in Virginia

Sean Penn to Appear Sunday at Kucinich Fundraiser

Iraqi Threatens to Disband Parliament

Md. polls to remain open until 9:30 p.m.

Lake Mead Could Dry Up by 2021 (water for Vegas, L.A., San Diego...)

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Extends Maryland Voting 90 Minutes to 9:30 p.m. ET Due to Bad Weather

Obama Wins D.C. Primary, NBC Projects


Ex-Fla. Official Facing Fed Porn Charges

McCain Projected as Winner in Virginia GOP Race

Clinton deputy campaign manager departs

Man says he killed wife to end her suffering

(Iraqi) Journalist abducted on Sunday found dead

Striking writers vote to go back to work

Guard, Reserves Hit Hardest By Vet Suicide

Polar Ice Pack Loss May Break 2007 Record

Mortgage Insurer MGIC Lost Almost $1.5B in 4Q As Claims Rise, Looks for More Capital

In Baltimore, Obama is 'the talk of the town'

'Count Me Out' - Spielberg Quits Olympics

Striking writers vote to go back to work

Five students win terror appeal

Panel Cites Drop in U.S. Attention to Nuclear Arsenal

Bolivia declares flood emergency

Bush warns Congress on wiretaps

Campaign Correspondence Suggests Giuliani’s Committee Is in a Financial Hole

Rebels sought in E Timor attacks

Berkeley City Council moderates anti-Marine position

US Compares 9/11 Trials to Nuremberg

Rice, Gates: Iraq accord won't bind next president

Sadrists say CBS journalists to be freed

Consumer Confidence at Lowest Level Since 9/11 Attacks

(U.S.) Mall owner turns focus to Brazil

Waxman won’t request earmarks this year

Iraqi CBS interpreter freed in Basra

Obama Sweeps in Maryland, Va., D.C.

Mukasey visits Iraq, talks to officials

Fraud crackdown comes with a loophole (overseas work exempt)

House eyeing war funding bill

Payback: Car Bomb Kills Elusive 'Fox' Terror Boss

BREAKING: Police Suspended For Wheelchair Dumping

Pressure's on Mass. (undemocratic) superdelegates

Bill Clinton campaign chief backs Obama

Police hunt armed gang after 'spectacular' art heist

Five students win terror appeal

Over half of tigers lost in 5 years: census

Hospital boss 'supplied mentally ill bombers' (director of Baghdad psychiatric hospital arrested)

Hezbollah commander on U.S. 'most wanted' list killed

Colombia trade deal dead this year, US unions say

FEMA to Use Trailers After Tornadoes

Argentina/Venezuela agree to exchange beef-flour for oil

Rumsfeld Wins a Noble Prize

NYPD Warns of Chlorine Terror Risk.

Steven Spielberg Pulls Out of Beijing Olympics Because of Darfur

Did (9/11)terrorists cause the housing mess?

Calif. pastor says IRS is investigating his Huckabee endorsement

Iran Puts Uranium Gas in Centrifuges

Yahoo reportedly in talks with News Corp

France, Brazil Forge Military Pact

US: No permanent bases anywhere in the world (Dana Perino: Gitmo doesn't count)

Proposal to report contract abuse would not apply to overseas work

Defeat a "real possibility" in Afghanistan: Ashdown

Democrats seek to narrow secrets law

Bush imposes new sanctions on Syria

Utah legislator apologizes for slur

Democratic Voters Dwarf Republicans in ‘Potomac Primary’

General (Taguba) Says Abu Ghraib Scandal Will Resonate ‘For Years to Come’

(Iraq) Diyala police ask U.S. troops’ help in battle with U.S.-backed militias

(PA Gov) Rendell: Some whites 'not ready' for Obama

Bush presses House on surveillance bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 13

US store chain cuts sales of food from China:Trader Joes

Blue Cross stops controversial letter

Browns' Brady Quinn allegedly involved in anti-gay confrontation in Columbus

WTO rules against China for first time

The man who says he's JFK's son

Edwards defeats Wynn (MD 4)

U.S. Lawmakers Defy Bush on Wiretap Bill (House Rejects 21-Day Extension of FISA 191-229)

Executions may be carried out at Gitmo

Possible suspect arrested in Tinley Park (Lane Bryant) shootings

Sarkozy `Free Fall' Jeopardizes Effort to Revamp French Economy

Food stamp fraud sting targets 27

Comcast Defends Role As Internet Traffic Cop

Georgia opposition leader dies suddenly in Britain

Two confess to roles in Bhutto killing

Rice 'Falsely Testified' Today on Pre-War WMD Intel, Says Wexler

Exxon Gets $242 Million by Delaying Venezuela Notice (Update1)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Slips on Ice, Breaks Shoulder

Tax Rebate Checks in the Mail by Spring

Senate Votes to Ban Waterboarding

On Cusp of Senate Telecom Immunity Passage, White House Admits Phone Companies Spied

Exxon Mobil cut off from Venezuela's oil

Depression risk might force U.S. to buy assets (no longer talking Recession? Now it's "Depression")

Removal of woman referee by religious school has some crying foul

Florida Police Dump Quadriplegic Man From His Wheelchair

Conyers Introduces Contempt Resolution, Call for Lawsuit against White House

Cuomo to Sue UnitedHealth, Probe Reimbursement Policy (Update7)

Matthew Rothschild: Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business

Unanswered questions

The Shock Doctrine in Iraq!

The Clintons' Terror Pardons

Stores Use Sonic Devices to Chase Kids

Cloned or Conventional, Meat is Unsafe

This zeal for intervention is imperialism in new clothes

Hillary: 'Obama Has Built-in Advantage in States That Vote'

Obama Surpasses Clinton in Numbers of Pledged Delegates With Weekend Sweep

My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

Exxon will Never Again Steal from Venezuela Says Chavez

Death of Reform, Birth of Reform: Clinton Democrats Face the Obama Future

Police and Tasers: Hooked on Shock

Rule by fear or rule by law? By Lewis Seiler & Dan Hamburg

United States is not a signatory to United Nations Human Rights and Torture Convention!

How America Can Be a Superpower the World Respects

Nonprofit Journalism on the Rise

Following Orders By Mark A. Goldman

Exclusive: Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Asked to 'Spy' on Cubans, Venezuelans

We Need a Constitutional Democratic Party

Deputy dumps quadriplegic out of wheelchair

Tale of Dead Texas Dog Bites Mayor Who Told It

12 in running for Peterson's (gopig) U.S. House seat(PA)

Limbo for U.S. Women Reporting Iraq Assaults

The FBI Deputizes Business

Republican fundraiser cheats thousands in flight-school pyramid scheme

Robert Scheer: Aboard the Condoleezza Rice

Aboard the Condoleezza Rice

"More evidence of Pre-9/11 Inside Trading: Follow the Money? God forbid.

Tehran Warns US Forces against Chasing Suspects into Iran

Rupert Cornwell: Torture, terror and a trial system that is tainted

Iraq Shows That Preserving American Power Sometimes Requires Restraining It

How the spooks took over the news

The Real Cost Of Defeat In Forgettistan - Swan Song for NATO By Mike Whitney

Militarism, hypocrisy, and the Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton speaks to students in San Diego

The right to 35 mobiles (phones)

Rumsfeld Wins a Noble Prize

Behind Obama's Wave of Victories: The More They Know Him…..

Excellent Analysis of Vice Presidental Candidates by Larry Sabato

My Letter to Hillary Clinton

Danation: Straight poop on the Straight Talk Express

Army tests recruiting plan in Cleveland: $40,000 bonus

Did (9/11)terrorists cause the housing mess?

Internet Bill a Blow to the Gatekeepers

Matthews: Obama Speech Caused 'Thrill Going Up My Leg'

Britain: Arrested, caged and DNA tested - for using MP3

Chavez Denounces Colombian Paramilitary Activity in Venezuela

We didn't stop that war, but may have stopped the next

NAFTA: Corporate Globalization: Standing at the End of the Road

Keith Olbermann Special Comment Regarding FISA

Barack Obama 3 for 3 in 'Potomac Primary' - 2/12/08

TU-95 (NATO reporting name:Bear)

Dress Blues

McCain: If You Want to Leave Iraq, You Don't Understand War

PEAK OIL: Introduction and Sexy Hot Dancing, oily cassandra

Why we must defeat the reptillian corporacratic Bush clone Mike Turner in Ohio's 3rd District

Clinton Speech 'Potomac Primary' Night - El Paso TX 2/12/08

Hillary will not give a straight answer about the Cleveland debate

Obama Victory Speech 'Potomac Primary' Night - Madison WI 2/12/08

Hillary Let Us Down Once Again

Gimme some truth!

February belongs to the Dreamers

Hillary vs. Obama II

TPM TV: Potomac Post-Game - 2/13/08

Barack Obama: Potomac Primary Night

Clinton: "Paint The White House Black"

Bill Hicks- Gays in the Military

Bill Hicks: What is the point to Life

Ashcroft's Respect For Civil Liberties

Praise Marty Moose!

Why is Obama Winning So Many States??

Hillary For You and Me

Richard Dawkins owns Liberty University students

Obama in Baltimore...

Lapdogs of the Corporate Press


Pelosi on House Floor: We've Lost Champion of Human Rights (Lantos)

Waxman Angers Clemens' Lawyer

Police dump quadriplegic from wheelchair

I'm On The Table (Shirley Golub is Running Against Pelosi!)

Conyers on FISA and Bush - 2/13/08

NYT accuses Barack Obama of exaggerating his drug use

What do the candidates think should be done with GITMO?

Jesse Jackson called everything about Iraq War exactly correct before it started

Barack Obama "Yes We Can" Mashup

Cellphone camera catches altercation between Baltimore cop, skateboarder

Wexler Confronts Condi on Iraq War Lies

Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) on his Obama-White Voters Comment

MUST READ! Where Is All The Oil Money Going?

Bill Maher- Dan Savage in South Carolina

Russian bomber jets swoop over US Aircraft

Venice's 'war' on bottled water (BBC)

Sandia, Stirling Energy Systems set new world record for solar-to-grid conversion efficiency

House Democrats Unveil Energy Tax Package

Guardian UK: True scale of C02 emissions from shipping revealed

You're already in hell

Understanding the Global Warming Disinformation Campaign

An energy-storage technology survey at Oil Drum:

Gas to be 3.40 per gallon this spring says U.S.Dept.of Energy

The Politics of Biofuels: Government policies often have unintended consequences

First New Jersey Solar Project Completed Under SREC Only Pilot Program

2nd UPDATE: House Democrats Unveil Energy Tax Package (CNN)

Proposal calls for cleaner power, more efficiency

Nation's First Solar Billboard

Eco-villages Prove to Be Sustainable

China Spurs Coal-Price Surge

Jewelers say they won't buy Pebble prospect's "dirty gold"

Winter Storms Improve Arizona's Water Outlook

Ontario reactor overhaul $300M over budget

Iran Puts Uranium Gas in Centrifuges

Tugs tend LNG tanker as repairs made off Cape Cod

Venezuela Halts Oil Sales to Exxon Mobil

Renew Iowa: Abundance Ecovillage

Global warming gets less debate than future of oil

Microfibre–nanowire hybrid structure for energy scavenging

Aramco chief: Calls for alternatives hurt -- the world weeps in sympathy

Five-seat concept car runs on air (BBC)

In 2007...Cumulative Global Production of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Systems Was 12,400 Megawatts

Is private money ready to go nuclear?

Emissions from photovoltaic life cycles

Carbon Capture Strategy Could Lead to Emission-Free Cars

Nuclear fusion is coming, says noted VC

Solar Power Advances Keep Coming in 2008

Energy Bill - watch this space...

Senior official: 2008 crucial to surge success

Generals grilled on Minot nuclear mishap

237 nuke handling deficiencies cited since 2001

Study: Reservist vets commit most suicides

IG: Retirement home problems exaggerated

Navy lifts tuition ban for departing sailors

Earthquake shakes Gitmo, no damage to base

LCS delays could send UAVs to other ships

Prowler crashes off Guam; crew of 4 rescued

Reserve RPs eligible for $20K bonus

Ex-lawmaker, son sentenced in Navy fraud

Feds: Impact of Hawaii sonar less than Calif.

Berkeley panel ponders anti-Marines stand

Son of candidate was on plane forced to land

Corps beats January recruiting goal by 11%

Protests spread in Japan over alleged rape

Accused faker pleads guilty

CNO: Russian bomber incident ‘not provocative’

Article 32 ends for O-6 charged with rape

Wish list says USAF needs $18.75 billion more

Deployment to end Alaska air ambulance service

Murder trial for ex-Cannon airman goes to jury

DoD still expects tanker contract this month

Dover tech sergeant faces child porn charges

Reserve pilots who stay on can get $100,000

Murtha: Congress may add more F-22s

Toledo council offers apology to Marines

City of Berkeley, Marine Corps facing off

Students learning 21st century skills through network

Rape allegations against Marine staff sergeant spark Okinawa protests

Admiral: Incidents at sea not yet a trend

Kuwait military hospital moving into building

Army asked to release RAND report on war

As violence in Fallujah tapers off, U.S. troops find themselves risking their own safety

Troops hear message of strength at national prayer breakfast

Once accused of sexual assault, soldier now alleged victim, he tells hearing

Senior enlisted MPs encouraged to train to become CID agents

52nd Fighter Wing modifies runway at Spangdahlem to reduce optical illusion

When 1,000 Marines move onto USS Essex, ‘it’s three times the work and twice the mouths to feed'

Soldier gets 30 days for stabbing roommate

The Surge, One Year Later

Mayor-elect supports plan for realignment in Iwakuni

Berkeley Rethinks Marine Snub

Military Seeks 4,000 mph Aircraft

Defence Tech: Blowin' Your Mind

Putin: Russia may Aim Nukes at Ukraine

The Bush Plan: Every Veteran Left Behind

Servicemembers find it’s easy to get sick round the USS Essex

‘Blue Watch’ advisory issued for yellow dust

Gates slips on ice, fractures shoulder

As colonel, Sen. Graham goes back to Iraq

Berkeley Mayor To Marines: 'Don't Expect An Apology'

US Navy vet loses out on pension thanks to DHS

Court hears lawsuit on program allowing Mexican trucks into U.S.

UNITE-HERE Organizes Cintas In Canada, gains on Walmart

GM Offers To Buy Out Another Piece of The American Dream

Members may post no more than three threads in the GD: Primaries forum in any 24 hour period.

Members may post no more than three threads in the GD: Primaries forum in any 24 hour period.




Syria 'bomb kills militant chief'

Aliyah is no longer main focus of Jewish Agency

UNRWA gets under way with plan to rebuild Nahr al-Bared

Hamas issues glossy magazine in Gaza praising its military wing, rocket attacks on Israel

PMO denies Israeli role in Imad Mughniyah's death

Hamas Must Stand Down

France to help Brazil build fighter planes and submarines

Jewish Agency envoy arrested over fraudulent conversions (Indigenous Venezuelans paid to emigrate)

Venezuelan grow bitter over abductions (Colombian FARC)

VENEZUELA: Anti-Semitism or Anti-Imperialism?

EU regulator raids Intel offices (BBC)

Insurers of Foreclosed Homes Brace For Arson Epidemic

Mortgage Crisis Spreads Past Subprime Loans

Speculators May Have Sped Up Housing Downturn

Totally Spent by Robert Reich

Auction-Bond Failures Roil Munis, Pushing Rates Up; NY/NJ Port Authority Pays 20% on Debt

The Mother of All Rip-offs

Amos Oz warns 'catastrophe' of Gaza invasion

Bush tax cut e-mail

A great book dedication (this has been posted before)

A few words of wisdom...

Brothers, Sisters, I am truly, truly sorry.

Prominent charity gives money to ex-gay ministry

Biden got 50 votes in VA! Go get 'em, Joe!!

Matthews talks about Biden today :)

Biden's Opening Statement at Hearing on Foreign Affairs Budget

Yesterday - Tuesday between 11:30 - 12:00 pm CST

WOO HOO!! 1,000!

Question about Feb. 14

Volunteer needed to coordinate the March prayer, light & healing request thread

Billy Gillespie: One and Done?

Shaq Winded After First Suns Practice

Goodell & Specter To Meet Today

"I have never taken steroids" - Roger Clemens

One of the big stories about this weekends DAYTONA 500

Clemens hearing on CSPAN3

Sports Trivia Involving Politics

Quotes from the Clemens/McNamee hearing >>

Howwwwll! Uno the Beagle is Best in Show!

Pettitte talked with Clemens about using HGH 10 years ago

New Jersey Nets - Dallas Mavericks To Make Blockbuster Trade Today (Jason Kidd)

Miami has won a world series, an NBA championship and a National college football championship

NCAA cites Indiana men's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson

A couple of job links ..

Speaking of apnea and CPAP

Democrats threaten to hold Bush official in contempt over Sanofi drug probe

Scientists trace fake anti-malaria pills to dealer in southern China

Blood test detects ovarian cancer early

Don't forget about Poland, or how the previous thread that

Cuomo to Sue UnitedHealth, Probe Reimbursement Policy

Here's a health and fitness related book I worked on - "English version"

Cure hope over diabetes therapy (BBC)

I made a nice tasty crockpot full of meatballs and.......mush

Need vegetarian crockpot recipes

Maggie's eye

I thought you all should know--Ruhlman has committed an act of (coffee) heresy.

Birds on the water's edge.

WOOOHOOOO! Guess what I got . . . I'll give you a hint

Religion Joins Custody Cases, to Judges’ Unease

Can someone explain this to me?

Lord's Prayer review ordered


Video: History of Religion

Hubble Telescope Spies Ancient Galaxy (AOL)

US Compares 9/11 Trials to Nuremberg

More evidence of Pre-9/11 Inside Trading: Follow the Money? God forbid by Jim Hogue

Searching For Truth In Wayne

Bush Freudian Slip in Fox News interview (LIHOP)

Preliminary Findings: LA County Acting Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Gives His Side of the Story

Judge hears arguments over profits from voter-list sales

House committee rejects 2006 touch-screen vote challenge

Anyone involved with screwing over FL & MI Should Quit-Elec Reform-Fraud & Related News Wed-2/13/08

Primaries: Once again serious vote/exit poll discrepancies listed by state

1 week to Early Voting

George Lakoff on the primary

Just returned from a Texas Democratic Women candidate's forum in Dallas tonight...

Ok, gang, I got my primary postcard out.

They're talking about the Texas primary system on the Diane Rehm show today.

Obama Precint Captains in Texas

Houston area DUers--Precinct/Delegate training!

The Longview News-Journal Endorses Houston and Yanez

OK this is very lazy of me, but can anyone tell me if Obama is coming to Houston?

Court strikes down Texas ban on sex toys

John Kerry's SUV Hybrid For Sale.

It started with JK in 2004

media player classic

Mozilla rich text?


It's a Potomac sweep!!!

Obama is liked by the Japanese too :)

Dumbest Thread Ever

Email Florida Dems

Obama up in GE Colorado Poll, Clinton down big

Ohio Obama people -- what can your PA neighbors to the east do to help?

JK sent out this email on behalf of Barack Obama to his entire list today

GDP is in such a state right now, thought I'd sit here for a while...

I feel so happy tonight!

Obama Precint Captains for Texas

Latest Obama stance on war?

Do you guys realize Hillary never congratulated Obama last night?

"More evidence of Pre-9/11 Inside Trading: Follow the Money? God forbid.

Handiness Is Next to Godliness

KOEB 2/12/2008 Potomac Primary Watch

"Shuster will not be fired....."

Spring is on its way!!!!! Pitchers and catchers

Things have been jumping in the Clubhouse while I've been out sick!

Great post? Or Greatest Post EVER???

Is Michael Moore a Sicko?

I just discovered "Weeds"

Is KSAC off the air?

Attention fox valley DUers: Obama at UWO friday 2pm

Congressman Kind wants end to super-delegate system

What the hell is wrong with Herb Kohl?!?

Kohler wants a freeway interchange for its golf course--you will NOT believe this

And on the sixth day...

Anticipating Valentine's Day: Love and Chemicals

Have all of you been following the fun across the pond over the Archbishop of Canterbury's comments

UPI: Scientists consider Darwin's contribution

How do you feel about agostics/agnosticism

Mika Brzezinski asked if McCain is"the perfect candidate"without disclosing that her brother advises

Is KSAC in Sacramento dropping progressive radio?

Instead of Men Behaving Badly, MSNBC Strains for a Polite Primary Night

Dear Winter: