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The problem with the contemporary environmental movement

Your 10 favorite films.

I'm going on book tour! (eeeeee!)

I got an email from a girl I dated 39 years ago

Top Obama adviser is lobbyist for Pfizer, Carlyle Group, Monsanto and NRA and....

Its official: I can't take the cold

My mom passed away on Saturday.

E-Harmony refused me service!!

Nine Easy Steps

ALERT: Obama and Clinton on tonight's 60 Minutes

Oh, forget it!

Obama approaching 60% in ME, Hillary approaching 30s.

This is a historic race

Ohio's Largest Paper Endorses Obama

Congrats Senator Obama-Since Feb 5 you have won in all corners of the nation

Not all Clinton supporters are the same, not all Obama supporters are the same

Dobule post-delete

Kinshasha 1974

So, has Ralph Nader decided to run or not?

Any good place to watch the Maine numbers come in?

Obama wins yet another state and Hillary predictably does something to steal the news cycle.

Does the status quo include offshoring?

Another Brokered Convention question (sorry)

To The Gracious And Classy Clinton\Edwards Supporters, Thank You For Your Kind Words...

February 12: Barack Obama Rally in Madison, WI

TPM: "Greater Than 50% Chance" He'll Endorse (Edwards)

Pledge to donate your "economic stimulus check" to the Democratic candidates

Katie is making it sound like Bill will influence Hillary if she's elected.

Serious Posts ONLY, no flame-baiting!

Why Continual Losing Doesn't Help the Clinton Campaign

Hillary's Campaign Manager Quits

O Mario, Mario. Why didn't you get on that plane?

Did Clinton win her last state in this contest on February 5th?

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tiara.

WHERE are you seeing Hillary/Obama/McCain ads?

NYT, pg1: Neck and Neck, Democrats Woo Superdelegates; "Boiler rooms" pursue likely targets

Clinton Supporter here Congrats on a great couple of days Obama folks!

Gov Gregoire: "I share that vision of hope & congratulate Senator Obama on his victory"

Semi-Bold Prediction Time.

The next post that overgeneralizes about "Obama supporters" or vice versa like they are all the same

Obama supporters: don't complain about bad media coverage vs. McCain

Online cajoling the new currency (campaigning)

Obama is doing extremely well on 60 Minutes.

"Michigan Dems back in running"

Once we take back the White House, can we still legitmately call ourselves an "Underground"???

Clinton replaces campaign manager, makes private visit to North Carolina to seek Edwards endorsement

Obama's site shuts down due to traffic!

Obama Campaign Memo: RE: Upset in Maine Caps Off Weekend Sweep

Maine: Obama gets 15 delegates and Hillary gets 9 delegates.

This Clinton supporter would like to give a heart to an Obama supporter.

Clinton Now and Then: "You know, for me, politics isn't a game." Vs. "Now the fun part begins"

OBAMA wins the most states, votes and elected delegates. BUT

Just In - Hillary Campaign leaks she will "Cry like a baby" on Monday

NPR host thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

Hillary's campaign manager steps down?

Obama never mentions the right-wing attacks

HEADS UP: Obama rally in Virginia Beach. LIVE NOW, on

It looks like proportional representation will keep Hillary from falling too far behind.

Obama is showing real power

Obama Officially wins M A I N E - 59% - 41%

Skinner, time to place the limit AND ban newbies from GD:P

May I interrupt to say ....... "Fuck You" ....... "Fuck You" ...... Thank You

Poor Hill!

Looks like another Clinton make over is coming AGAIN

I admit it. I'm for Obama because he plays great music at his

Whats up with Gore why isn't he endorseing anyone at this point?

What is the tipping point for Obama supporters re: superdelegates?

Hillary on 60 minutes

With all of the crap being allowed, why should I contribute this fund drive?

Eyes on the Prize, people...

I have a Serious and Wonky question

Edwards In Secret Endorsement Talks With Obama And Clinton

CNN: Hillary still leads Obama in overall delegate count: 1,148 - 1,121

Hillary can't possibly win against the GOP! Go with Obama!

Next Up for the Democrats: Civil War

CBS: Obama holds lead 1,134 delegates to 1,131 incl supers

Self-delete, one step ahead of the Mods, but...

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio): "March 4 Decisions"

Has Larry Flynt found a chink in Obama's DU hardened armor?

Doesn't This Say it All about CNN?

Now the Obama signs come out?? leave it to cali to be stupid..

DLC - Eat it! It's no Hillary Coronation this year!

Why is CNN the only major news website to still not show that Obama won Maine???

The Common Enemy

I don't think it's fair you can't know who gave you a heart.

THAT is HILLARY hitting McCAIN down --WHOW (she has her boxer gloves on-fund drive

How many times did your candidate fart today?

Just for fun: who is Obama's base?

Let's repeat this, again. Obama wins caucuses and Southern primaries

Superdelegates will consider Democratic voter totals, primary vs caucus, and electability

Ya Know, This Whole Heart Thing Looks REALLLLLLLLY Strange In GDP.

Obama supporters. Don't get complacent!!! It ain't over by a long shot!

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Do not make this race about gender or race

Motivate Your Candidate

Hillary Obama math thread: pledged O=1000/C=922

State count (via kos)

Anyone have a link to Hillary's Maine concession speech?

Reminder to West Coasters -- Obama and HRC will be on 60 minutes tonight.

You Wanna Know why Obama wins the Youth Vote? Because he is Actively Courting our Votes

A Meeting With Edwards and a Canceled Event

"Despite confusion, Nebraska Democrats say caucuses a huge success"

I heard a new one tonight "The Change Express" - Obama Virginia rally on live CNN!

Oopsie Daisy...... My life as an FBI mole..... Uh oh!!!!!

My idea of the Clinton Machine:

"In 2004, a total of 17,000 showed up at the caucuses (Maine)

The republicans want to finish off what they started with the Clintons

So...Why did Obama's last couple of wins not really count?

WaPo: In Virginia, A Longtime Republican Votes For Change

CBS: Obama Takes Delegate Lead, Even Counting Uncommitted Supers Delegates

What This Primary Resembles

Republicans are in a funny position, regarding Obama

Bill Clinton called me today

A poll of two - my neighbor and I.

Some Info about a group voting for Obama yesterday in Nebraska..

Did We the American People Vote to have Super Delegates in 1980

can Barack beat McCain? Why or Why not.


Colin Powell endorsement most valuable. Edwards, Gore, Giuliani next most valuable

I've noticed in recent stump speeches, Obama has started going

Doesn't McCain look young in this picture?

Shouldn't we be pulling together?

Obama won the Utah *primary* 57%-39% ...

In all seriousness if there's a brokered convention I say that we just flip a coin

Obama Rally on c-span

Can we talk about the percentage of the white vote Obama got in IA, KS, NE, ID, ND and Maine?

top 3 things about Obama, Hillary, and GD:P.

When did we surrender to the republicans on Whitewater?

Clinton falls below 40% in Maine Caucus results with 99% reporting

We've been inflitrated!


Right about now - we should be arguing that Obama should have the lead..

Where is Obama meeting with Edwards tomorrow?

Skip the spin: Obama really is the front runner at this point...

Too much energy being wasted

My caucus experience

Don't Blame Me...

Primary calendar and Scratch-pad fun

Joe Trippi, former Edwards advisor: "It's hard to see a win for Clinton into March ..."

Message from Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe...

Grammy******spoiler alert********* for west coast.

Barack supporters (and I am one): Be gracious...Gloating is...

How Will It All End? - Salon

Huckabee Says 'Weird Things' Going On as Party Stops Counting Votes at 87%

Obama On The Move


Reality check: Caucuses ARE undemocratic, but they benefit Clinton

RCP now has Obama +3 in delegates

Obama is now inevitable--unsinkable!

Someone break it to Momma, the country is going Obama !

I'm Going to See Chelsea Clinton Tomorrow. If I get to ask her a question, what should I ask?

Hillary Clinton's campaign plunged into crisis

Is the GOP making Obama supporters vote for him through some kind of mind control?

Seriously, does Hillary C have a death wish with her new campaign manager?

to people who have already participated in a caucus or primary...

Will Obama's grammy cause Al Gore to jealously endorse HRC?

All Aboard the HRC Titanic

If Clinton loses Texas and Ohio, she should step aside for the sake of Party unity.

Who do you predict will be the next President

"I'm not talking about blind optimism here..."

Who's this Mario character people keep talking about?

I Love Barack Obama

Obama we have to be so hateful when we win???

Good analysis of Feb. 19 Wisconsin primary ... link

Hillary Clinton to be in Milwaukee WI, Feb 16—come to the rally.

Are the Caucuses and the Convention Broken?

I hope the Washington Huck vs. McCain thing goes on for days...

"Would you rather win FL, CA, MA, PA, OH or IA, ME, LA, SC, UT" get the idea

Wow. This place has lost its dad-gummed mind!

Hillary's campaign has hit an iceberg, and her surrogates are trying to keep it afloat

Instead of squabbling, kids, how about you do something about this:

YouTube: 2/9/08 Fox News Channel's Banderas calls Obama a "Halfrican">>

Hillary has the machine behind her in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania - she will win all 3

Thank you, Maine voters. Clinton going DOWN

Attn John Edwards keep your endorsement to yourself

Obama Camp Sends 'Urgent Request' to Louisiana SoS as Voters Find Party Registration Switched. Again

Rasmussen and Intrade prediction markets

Funding the war is much worse than voting for it

Here's the Time Magazine analysis of the race.

If John Edwards endorsed Hillary Clinton, how would it affect you?

Tuesday ain't going to be any prettier for Hillary

What is there for Democrats to think about? Why are they even having this conversation?

So..... what's the verdict about how many threads one may start?


DU fund drive: do donations move a particular candidate's glove?

'Why Obama came to my stag do'

The Mind of an LDS Family - and Electibility

I am so tired of this mantra that Obama is not winning anywhere it counts.

I'm not gonna gloat, but Hillary supporters were unrelenting on DU for a whole year prior to Iowa

The same reason why Obama supporters can disagree with Krugman

Many folks associate Obama with Dean's 50 state strategy. Why?

When The Dems Excluded Michigan & Florida From The Primary Delegate Count Did They.........

First they came for Bill Clinton and I said nothing.Then they came for Wesley Clark. Then Joe Wilson

Barack Obama's Presidential To-Do List

I remember weeks ago, people saying it was as bad here as Primary 2004

Michelle Obama will be on Larry King Live on Monday.

Josh Marshall says "WTF?" (Washington pug primary result was Fixed)

No matter how this thing shakes out in the end

what is up with the boxing match? why did obama suddenly catch up?

Mr. Fish

Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Democrats back Clinton

Barack Obama spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., preaches last sermon

"We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics..."

My prediction for the upcoming weeks.

Ease up, Dr. Krugman

When Women Rule By Nicholas D. Kristof NYT

How many people do you have on your ignore list?

Huckabee Campaign Challenges Results of Washington Caucuses (Gets hung up on, too!)

Do you like both Hillary and Obama?

Why does Hillary think she can win Ohio and Texas?

Candidate X Has a Nominal Delegate Lead, Candidate Y Leads Popular Vote, Which Way Do Superdelegates

Calling all Obama/Clinton supporters. Follow your leaders lead!

Krugman: Hate Springs Eternal

Obama won 4 states and a grammy this weekend. Beat out Bill Clinton.

Just me, or Did DU go Crazy tonight and have its own Mini-Implosion

Obama supporters, how many dashboard points have you earned?

My Father the Superdelegate and Why There's Nothing to Fear

Who will John Edwards endorse: Obama or Hillary? Predictions here.

Virginia is Obama Country!

The Manager or the Visionary?

Don't call millions of Dems and Independents a "Cult" and then expect to get their vote in November.

One reason why I feel confident the super-delegates will not pick against the will over the people.

Thank you, to whoever gave me an anomynous valentine.

Thank you, to whoever gave me an anomynous valentine.

Thank you, to whoever gave me an anomynous valentine.

Thank you, to whoever gave me an anomynous valentine.


Rove on Fox News right now: says he gave $$ to McCain

Huckabee 'Not Ready to Concede', Challenging 'Dubious' WA State GOP Caucus; LA Primary Even Closer!

Old W.A.S.P.'s never die... and

Raising Kane: A day of hope and excitement in Alexandria

Raising Kane: A day of hope and excitement in Alexandria

delete - dupe

delete (dupe)

delete DUPE

Why The Cynics Call It a Cult ====>

Of three hearts. . .

Governor Strickland to go all out for Hillary in Ohio

Hey Guys, Don't Click the Submit Button Twice (tempting as it is)

Disenfranchising Hillary's Base: The Undemocratic Caucus

Draft Jim Webb for VP

Thank you, to whoever gave me an anomynous valentine.

Is Krugman calling any charismatic leader cultish? Many of the

No We Can't- this says it almost all.

Let's win them over with love. Every negative Obama thread send them a heart...

Maryland & Viriginia poised to go solid for Obama ((much polling data)

Former deputy assistant sec. of the Treasury under Clinton already called out Krugman

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for my first heart ever!

Hey if caucuses are so Democratic, let's use it in the GE

C-SPAN Repuglified callers just gave me the creeps about lying about Obama

Fired up...Pissed off, Ready to go.

Obama Ties Clinton to Past - "starts off with 47 percent of the country against her"

The Australian: "Obama is part politician, part cult"

Hillary is a strong, intelligent, visionary ready to lead our country on day 1!!!


Is it me or Is Love in the air?

A Caribbean take on Obama

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for my first heart ever!

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for my first heart ever!

News Orgs: Obama Ahead Of Hillary In Pledged Delegates, Catching Her In Super-Delegates

The DLC--the average voter, I dare say, the "average" activist, these days, doesnt care what it is,

On Iraq, McCain and Obama Have Impossible Dreams

Are HRC people EVER gonna stop saying that Obama's wins don't count?

Potamac Primaries look to be a solid win for Obama

Is Senator Clinton following the Rudy Giuliani "far away firewall" strategy?

About the supposed MO Comment: "If you can't run your own house you can't run the WH"

DNC rules should count re no delegates for MI & FL, but rules shouldn't count for superdelegates?

The Power of Shared Vision

campaigning as usual has to go: rant

Is it possible for BO and HRC to go into convention in a tie with the pledged state delegates?

This has been on Hillary Clinton's blog for over a week now...

Do DUers fight the same when they have Meet-ups?

Who wants me to give them a Valentine...

Wisconsin Democrats check in here!

I both think Obama is the best candidate AND his movement resembles a cult of personality

Pick a tagline for Hilly: Because a new campaign manager needs a new slogan

Hillary planting questions again?

How To Make Love To A Superdelegate

OBAMA, CLINTON FREE THREAD! The VP should come from the West.

MoJo Blog: Can Clinton Wait Until Texas and Ohio?

Do we need CAUCUSES?

C-SPAN Repuglified callers just gave me the creeps about lying about Obama

My analysis of the current delegate counts

A vote for McCain is a vote for a 3rd Bush term; wants Iraq war to last 100 years;

Jewish voters only - Hillary or Obama?

A must-see McCain-worst-nightmare video!

Wow, Obama even wins a Grammy award for Spoken Word book !?

Once upon a time, it paid to be cryptic if you opposed the ruling dynasty (if you valued your head)

VA and MD allowing teenagers 17 years old to vote in primary

why are obama supporters cultists but clinton supporters are not?

Not donating to DU until Obama '08 is on top

Hillary Clinton crosses fingers, shakes up her campaign

Hillary : A Winner Where It Counts ?

LA TIMES:If McCain is nominee, Bush will help campaign

Ron Paul's true colors: "No third party run. I am a Republican"

Oh man, at the Obama rally in Virginia right now.

Great Article about the role of superdelegates

What's wrong with D.U. today?

John Edwards Endorsement Talks Underway

I think these super delegates will vote for whoever the hell they want to vote for at the convention

Barack Obama rallies today in College Park and Baltimore, Maryland

Chelsea Clinton to appear in Madison on Monday, February 11 [4 stops in WI/2 days]

You know...Obama has won just as many primaries as HRC

How does Texas's Primary/Caucus work?

Hillary Clinton crosses fingers, shakes up her campaign

Wow. 10x more voters participated in Maine's dem caucuses than

The Obama memo about racically insensitive Clinton comments

To Hillary supporters blaming caucuses and "intimidation"...

I just donated to Obama for the first time and they make me agree to the following before doing so

Hillary said she did not want anything to do with MSNBC

Clinton campaign looks dysfunctional...

Some warming thoughts for a damn cold day in New England...

oxy-rush, ANN-thrax et al and their sudden support of Hillary

How do the candidates stand on the issue of statehood for D.C.?

LCV (League of Conservation Voters) names its first 3 "Dirty Dozens"

Caucuses are cool!

MUST READ!!!!! - NPR's Juan Williams thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

All you Texan Hillary folks

Edwards pulls an Al Gore - Endorses NO ONE

Will Edwards endorse Hillary Clinton the day before the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. primaries?

My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

Why Clinton isn't a Leader

Rules are Rules - and I'll respect them

Chelsea Clinton to make 4 Wisconsin stops in next 2 days

I got a heart! Thank you to the kind person who gave it.

2-11-08 SUSA Poll of Virginia O: 60% - C 38%

Openleft: Penn/Schumer twisting superdelegates arms hard/demanding FL/MI be counted

AP: Obama Basks in Crowds, Momentum

HEADS UP! Obama Rally at a Packed House in the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland LINK

CBS: 1,134 to 1,131 Oh-Bama leads (w/SDs factored in) !!!!

I'm going to ask my Magic 8-Ball about the election

1988 Jackson won AL, DE, DC, GA, LA, MI, MS, SC, VA, VT, PR and the caucus portion of TX and AK

Did you watch all of 60 Minutes last night?

Right-wing talk radio and CPAC continue their "We don't like McCain" game. They're lying. Here's why

The RACIST, Bill Clinton:

Edwards/Obama meeting RESCHEDULED, not CANCELED

Edwards flashback: Only those who believe in Santa Claus would see Hillary as the change candidate

Why I cannot Fathom John Edwards Endorsing Hillary Clinton

New AP/IPSOS poll Obama leads Clinton 46 -41

So which candidate will make an appearance in Annapolis tonight?

A Prediction or Bookmark this: John Edwards will endorse

It's possible Obama contacted Edwards and asked if they could meet after Tuesday.

I don't have a heart

Rhetoric and talking shit contribute to this environment re: Obama supporters gloating

Caucuses are no way to choose a candidate

Did Hillary's campaign use the money raised since Feb. 5 to repay the Jan. $5 million loan:

Dear Clinton supporters: Hang in there, keep fighting hard for your candidate.

"Owning" negative characterizations is an "outsider" thing, not well suited to a majority mind-set

Gen election: Clinton could pick off AK, TN, OH, FL. Obama would probably lose PA, NV, NM, CO

Something interesting about Edwards right now

Paul Krugman: "Hate springs eternal"

Look at this map.....McCain has won and turned all our blue states RED

Obama supporters: Superdelegates must follow the will of the people

I Have Decided To Vote For Senator Clinton In The Wisconsin Primary

My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

If supporters like their candidate, they are a cult. You shouldn't like your candidate.

John Edwards endorsement news

OK-Senator Clinton's post Feb 5 record is going to be catastrophic

Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX) endorses Obama

I suspect that Edwards will endorse Clinton as well

Do you get the impression all of the candidates are exhausted?

Obama rocks Maryland.

If HRC wins only one of the primaries on March 4th, say Ohio...

Here's the electablity issue that Hillary supporters overlook ...

Dream tickets: post yours here! Clinton/Obama? Obama/Clinton? Clinton/Clark? Obama/Webb?

Clinton Pollster, McSleazy, says Polls Dont Matter.

Superdelegates play key role; Hillary Rodham Clinton leads...

Two new polls show Obama beating McCain, while Hillary is tied/losing

Obama people, start emailing the superdelegates in your state.

I don't want a wartime President! I want a President who will get

McCain Plays Nice With Huckabee

A while back I stopped using "ObamaNation" and today I'm removing the Kool Aid GoBama Guy.

Why Barack Obama is the better candidate.

An Open Letter to Katie Couric and Jeff Fager

I popped off on Sparkly this morning

"National popular vote" is an inane concept in a primary race

There Are NO Elect-ability Issues! Watch & Learn!

Awww... the RNC wants its members to send out Obama and Hillary valentines

ABC News: Obama-Edwards meeting has been rescheduled

Florida and Michigan - the real impact/breakdown

Krugman: The (Republican) press played the race card, not the Clintons

Barack Barack: “Barack The Magnificent,”

What's wrong with the caucuses?

Version of "Yes, We Can" video featuring McCain's spoken Words......

Get YOUR candidate a vote in the Va. primary tomorrow-Tell me who to vote for

Should voters personally lobby SuperDelegates?

In the past, you've roasted the youth for not being involved. Now they are and you call them stupid

So much comes down to TX and OH...

How To Make Love To A Superdelegate

How Obama became a Flip-Flopper

If HRC wins only one of the primaries on March 4th, say Ohio...

Will Obama's big wins, and lead in delegate count draw more supers?

The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations

Tammy Baldwin, Lawton call for Obama to join Clinton in debate--WI primary, GO TAMMY

Obama vs. McCain would not be JFK vs. Nixon

Why won't the boychild debate...she gets TV time that was

ABC News: Obama campaign confirms Edwards meeting rescheduled

Thank the goddess that all three contests tomorrow are primaries

"Clinton Campaign in Utter Disarray"

Clinton As A Manager

Bobby Cutts on CNN

Md. Jewish lawmakers sign on for Obama

I vote tomorrow, and I still don't know who to vote for!!

I'm running out of candidates.

"Clinton Campaign in Utter Disarray" (dailykos)

Seattle Times: Obama Has Much Yet To Prove

Hillary Pollster Mark Penn: Obama More Likely To Suffer Fate Of John Kerry Or Al Gore

Just heard a little bit of the 700 Club.

HRC raised $115M but didn't have enough for field staff in Minnesota?

"Senate States: Advantage Obama" (dkos - poblano)

Why Hillary cannot run on Experience against McCain--If she did, we would lose!

CNN is now calling tomorrow "The Potomac Primaries"

Forget JFK, think Lincoln

MSNBC...Obama on his way to North Carolina to meet with Edwards

Buyer's remorse in primaries (united parties versus divided parties)

MSNBC...Obama on his way to North Caroling to meet with Edwards

Health care plans - Obama and either/both cover illegal immigrants?

Does your "disposition" change, like me?

Robocall Report (Chesapeake Primary)

A possible solution to Fl/MI with some info supplied by dbackjohn

Super delegate Issue needs to go to the Supreme Court

Who do you WANT McCain to pick? / Who do you think he WILL pick?

Hillary Supporters... You must forgive us for getting it wrong.

Brown University poll of RI: Obama gaining ground

I'll say it again: if Hillary cannot break 40% in any contest on Tuesday, she NEEDS to step aside.

Do the British really have Obama by the short hairs? To be published Feb 15th.

Super Tuesday turnout: 6% in caucuses. 29% in primaries

The desperation to call the race after a few meaningless caucuses and predicted primaries is due to

An idea for how to seat MI and FL delegates...

is McCain the Manchurian Candidate?

Apparently, we only want to attract a certain kind of Republican or Independent voter.

GOP will tear down Obama on...

AP’s latest tally, Clinton has 1,135 total delegates and Obama has 1,106

Herbie Hancock: "Yes we can!"

Did Obama win Maine on momentum?

GOP will tear down Obama on...

Hillary's flippant attitude towards non-blue states just shows why she's so divisive

GOP will tear down Obama on...

GOP will tear down Obama on...

New York Times analysis of the California primary vote

Anybody else having problems on here today?

Death of Reform, Birth of Reform: Clinton Democrats Face the Obama Future (Tom Hayden )

If you don't think the "Thread Limit" will be enough, please check in here.

What difference?

When Self-Interest Isn’t Everything

Did William Jefferson Clinton Participate in Caucuses? Did Al Gore? Did John Kerry?

Barbara Walters Tells Hillary: "Drop It Already" (Shuster)

It's A Crapshoot, But Expert Predicts Hillary Win:

is McCain the Manchurian Candidate?

Is it time to discard delegates/superdelegates and the Electoral College?

Upcoming Primaries and Caucuses - Advantage Obama

Should the 3rd Party candidates be allowed in the Dem v. Repub debates?

When is a Delegate Not a Delegate?

Obama's $4000 student grant to college students. More BS

Just a thought about a third party (under the radar) entering the GE.

My dear candidatimaniacs .......

Pure speculation: Who do you think will be the first woman president?

New RI Poll: Clinton 36% - Obama 28%

Hillary Clinton Is Down But Not Out

Edwards Supporters....If he endorses Hillary, will you be happy?

Just a thought about a third party (under the radar) entering the GE.

Anyone else irritated by the media's sudden interest in Edward's endorsement?

Obama's Coattails! - - - Senate States: Advantage Obama

Action item for Obama supporters/ Courage Campaign/ (double bubble trouble):

Barack Obama hits McCain hard: "Yes We Can, McCain edition"

Next Up For The Democrats: Civil War (Frank Rich)

Young voters courted in Wisconsin; Obama urged to debate -need to clarify that it

Just when I thought the 'cult' nonsense was done with...

I'm really surprised that Hillary would say us caucus goers don't represent the electorate

Racism, Misogyny, and Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

More re: Obama/Edwards meeting: "It will be rescheduled. We're gonna make it happen."

Obama's Coattails! - - - Senate States: Advantage Obama

JEB endorses McCain

$100 price drop on iPhones and iPods coming in the next two months

Obama's Coattails! - - - Senate States: Advantage Obama

Interesting for Obama supporters -> see

Bush: "Senator Clinton understands the klieg lights"

John McCain's own name misspelled on a graphic on his websites main page.

Why do 83% of black voters vote for Kerry?

Tom Sullivan

Breaking...Spamming anti dem candidate crap in GD:P doesn't change anyones mind

Reminder: Hillary's chief strategist is the CEO of the firm that protects Blackwater.

Delegate count from Obama's campaign - Obama: 1031, Hillary: 944

Pre Potomac Primary Poll

An idea for how to seat MI and FL delegates...

New Gallup Poll: Obama takes the lead, 47-44. First ever lead for Obama in the poll.

Obama Joins the Clintons, for a Sitting - at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Any details on what Obama has spent on salaries and how he spent it?

"Little Indian" the largest circulated Indian Magazine in USA endorses Obama!

Obama supporters, your candidates does seem to be winning so why

When you get a PhD in Economics and manage to stay employed at the NYTimes...then you can complain

Read it free online! "The Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President.."

What if Obama blamed his losses on the large female population?

Another reason why Obama will probably have a good day in Maryland tomorrow

Pseudo-psychopathic screaming motherf----r on Tweety:

If anyone doubts that Hillary is the establishment candidate, just read Krugman's article,

Hillary's Mississippi problem ... link

"Clinton Campaign in Utter Disarray" dkos

I am worn down....(but I'm not dead yet)

Do you really think Obama or Clinton will lose to McCain?

Hillary deflects her losses over the weekend, saying that she lost because of the large black vote

If you are a VWDNM, what will you do on Nov. 4, 2008?

What is Randi reading from? A very astute analysis of the primary race/ethnic issues included. nt

Could we please add a new emoticon ...

Kerry leant money to his campaign too

The Perfect Storm, or After Bush, How Could the Dems Screw This Up?

If Obama was white, he would have sewn this up already.

What's in it for ***me****

The Australian: Obama's first coming (Marrying inspiration and cult with political grunt)

Edwards now has to endorse someone -- Or deliberatly not endorse anyone

Edwards should get the best settlement he can in the most specific terms for his endorsement

God Rest Tom Lantos

To Be A Republican You Need To Believe:

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today at Mayorga Coffee Factory and the University of Maryland

Clinton Asks Allies' Help - Balt Sun

Obama's Coattails! - - - Senate States: Advantage Obama

Does Edwards *have* to endorse?

McCain vs. Clinton vs. Obama - SFGate

Sources: Gore won't endorse

GALLUP TRACKING POLL: Hillary 46 (-2) , Obama 44 (+1)

My Potomac Primaries Prediction - It's all about the underdog

Edwards "genuinely torn"

Thank you, Sen. Kennedy.

Huckabee surging in Virginia. 21 point swing in the past 72 hours

Obama supporters protest Bill Clinton appearance in Virginia.

Is Obama really the "peace candidate" vs Hillary the "war candidate"?

Obama's general elections strategy

Why can't Lanny Davis just smack Tucker? Tucker is an idiot.

For everyone who ripped me a new one for saying the "c" word...

I hope Michelle Obama stays in the background and not lose

Civil War At The NY Times?

Is the Obama phenomenon like the Paul Hackett craze?

Super D gets breakfast with Chelsea

Cut to the Bottom Line - Name the WORST, most DANGEROUS association to have for any Dem?

Randi Rhodes is a pro-Obama hack

2-11-08 SUSA Poll of Maryland O: 55% - C: 32%

Wow, Chelsea Clinton is quite something

For 2012, what changes would you make to the primary system?

I am Sorry Hillary but these states do matter

It's just not right...

Doug Wilder just again tried to put race in the campaign by

Why Obama Will Steamroll McCain In November (Video)

21-Year-Old Wisconsin Super Delegate (Jason Rae) Gets Personal Breakfast With Chelsea

Clinton Woos Small Groups, Obama Rallies Crowds Before Primary

Hillary Clinton will win the Nomination

MY tuesday predictions: here they are

Breaking: Obama speechwriter and Fox vicepresident are brothers

Gore won't endorse Clinton or B.O

I would have read the article about the "Chicken Doves," but I thought it was a recipe

If thing get trull nutted up afterthe primaries are over and Gore/Dean others

New Maryland poll: Obama 55%, Clinton 32%.

What happens if?

wrong forum.

Gore won't endorse any time during the primary season

If Barack was a woman and Hillary a man this wouldn't be close

WTF was Mc Cain talking about???

How many *pledged* delegates up for grabs tomorrow?

I honestly think it is time for Edwards and Gore to speak out

GOP will tear down Obama on...

"Mr Obama is more of an instinctive free-trader than Mrs Clinton" and has "neoclassical" advisers

Obama and Hillary will debate Thursday, 2/21, in Texas on CNN

The Chances That Some DUer's Personal Opinion Post Will Change Your Mind On Who To Vote For ???

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Apparently... David Schuster Was In Madison, WI !!!

Has Anyone Else Noticed That Obama just keeps winning state after state after state after state?

Seriously: why is it obvious that O should do well in caucus states and H in primaries?

Has Obama got labor endorsements to roll out for Pennsylvania and Ohio?

Financial Times (UK) Article on Clinton/Obama

why does this idiot post EVERYTHING concerning Clinton JESUS!!!!!

Sooooo, how's your GDP experience today?

Randi Rhodes Slams Hillary & MSNBC over Shuster!

Sooooo, how's your GDP experience today?

WA GOP Chair, Esser the Suppressor: 'To win the election, we have to keep as many of these loudmouth

Breaking: Obama fathered two black children.


Obama 2008 Office Opens in Houston

Obama supporters: You may want to call your Super Delegates!

The Administration must be pleased! 500 donations in 24 hours?

Perspective about Ohio and Texas

Someone tell Randi that FL tried to hurt DNC was their call to move up.

The hatred the right wing has for Clinton is more revealing than Obama's recent popularity.

HEADS UP: Michelle Obama on Larry King Live Tonight

The Edwards Primary (The Nation)

Edwards supporters - would an endorsement from our guy influence your current preference?

NBC: Edwards impressed by Hillary's detailed proposals to deal with poverty

Obama Will Win Nomination

What's the Deal With Paul Krugman?

Obama Has Much Yet to Prove, amid the poetry and promise ...

I have a feeling Hillary is done for :(

Death and taxes: a visual guide to where your federal tax money goes

John McCain Yes We Can Music Video

Maybe we need a round file option to go along with recommend

All States Count - They just don't count the same.

Bill Clinton Asks for a Second Chance

Breaking: Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX) Endorses Obama

FYI: Michelle Obama on Larry King Live tonight ~

Edwards endorsement meetings: Is 'who went first' telling?

To Hillary supporters - keep your eye on the prize

NPR host thinks GOP 'agenda' is to help Obama win Dem nom

"Clinton Rules". Take heed, Obama supporters. You could be next.

A Little Hypothetical Question for Hillary Clinton

Check in if you are a PROUD supporter of the 50-state strategy!

18,000 people showed up in Virginia Beach yesterday to see Obama

AP: Overflow crowd hears Chelsea Clinton pitch for her mother (Madison WI)

There is a reason why Obama does so well in Red States

"not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" Dr. MLK Jr.

Do endorsements matter?

Hillary Clinton actually is part of a secretive cult (no joke).

MSNBC: Bush has a lot more respect for Hillary than Obama; is more comfortable with her as President

Sen. Clinton is a class act.

Just so tired......worn out....Campaign has gotten to me...

Sources: Gore won't endorse

On Obama: "I certainly don't know what he believes in-"

NEWSWEEK: "Obama's Pesky 'Muslim' Problem"

Calling on DUers with 2 X chromosomes, start roaring

In 88 after winning Mich he led in elected delegates and was the frontrunner - winning 11 contests

Watch this powerful Obama ad about his mother and health care.

Who's winning Swing States? (The States that Matter: 2004 Edition)

Obama, an idealist but not a realist?

Super Delegates

Meet Maggie Williams, Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Manager

What is Edwards thinking? I just don't get it.

The Dirty Untold Story of what happens at a Caucus

Obama: consensus and 'win'win' solutions Clinton: straight to the product

Al Gore possibly saved the planet earth. Bill Clinton had the wisdom to select him for VP

Frank Rich explains why Clinton's Town Hall on Hallmark May Have Been a Bust (Scathing)

Another lie posted on DU about Hillary. She never said she lost because black vote in NE or ME.

Is Clinton Campaign Stirring Up Maryland Jews Against Obama?

Krugman went there: "The Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality"

The supposition that Hilary Clinton is running a bad campaign has entered the popular culture.

Every County But One! - Letter to Washington State Super-Dels

I miss Edwards.

Raise your hand if you've never had a message deleted in GD: P

There is much they(GOP/RNC/527's) can use against Obambi

Hillary Pollster Mark Penn: Obama More Likely To Suffer Fate Of John Kerry Or Al Gore

Since Obama supporters refer to Bill and Hillary as "Billary"...

Clintons' Ohio Firewall Part II.

Ask not, whether that stuff could be true. Ask, instead, who would want you to wonder?

What a program today on Diane Rehm! You must hear Laton McCartney

Why Hillary Scares Me - Sen. Mike Gravel

Prediction: Edwards will endorse Clinton or no one at all

Is the Clinton team pimping the David Shuster/MSNBC "pimp" issue?

HIllary to Sue Obama for Copyright Infringement

MSNBC: Obama's Meeting with Edwards is Off

HP: My Brother the Superdelegate and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President

Here is what a conservative christian had to say about Obama

Is anyone in charge of the GOP these days? Or is it going throgh Conservative Anarchy?

Vote for the Nominee

Three endorsements of Obama by Edwards

Please call MSNBC/GE and tell them to bring back Shuster

Dog Check!

2007: Obama worked on behalf of Pharma and Chemical lobbies.

****BREAKING! CBS NEWS: Obama takes lead in overall delegate count, INCLUDING Supers*****

to all those women who think that I as a woman MUST vote for HRC....

SCREW YOU, secret admirer!!!!

"The states that matter" by Kos

Network issues today (Monday 2/11)

Democratic Primaries Threatened by Outbreak of Democracy-"An absolute cluster-f***"

Clinton Dismisses Weekend Losses - From CNN

Will you support the Democratic Nominee?

This Obama supporter wants to give a heart to a Clinton supporter

If Senator Clinton had apologized for her vote on the IWR, do you think she would be easily winning?

WA state caucuses a sham -- first person account

Listening to Ed Schultz being bombarded by people defending Shuster's suspension

WOW Randi Roades taking Clinton to task on wanting Shuster fired

Krugman has a good read for Obama supporters (and they won't like it)

Why HRC won't win Ohio

Lounge Campers in the NC Area

Quakes In Hillaryland, Part II, some of the "inside story" from Ambinder

Your Favorite Candidate Sucks

My looney bun is fine, Benny Lava!

Obama will do to the Dem party what Bush did to the rethugs

Nothing esoteric, just a plain old look at the facts and a question

Why can't I copy to my external HD from my iMac?

Question for those of you in Georgia

Brown-Waite Refuses To Apologize For Referring To Puerto Ricans And Guamanians As ‘Foreign Citizens’


it's the defense budget, stupid.

If Edwards endorses Clinton....(from an Edwards supporter)

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh heart me

Lenders Pinch Borrowing On Lines Of Credit; Homeowners Told Crisis Leaves Them Little Or No Equity

Thank you

Great article on John McCain ...

Apparently James Brown won the Maine caucus

Just donated to DU for the first time.

Thank you so much for the valentines

Thank you to my Valentine

The Brits say something GOOD about us!

Did anyone catch Ann 'filthy animal" Coulte on C-SPAN taking questions from zombie followers

The kind of guy you can have a beer with , jesus , idiots

Guardian UK: Bush orders clampdown on flights to US; EU officials call it "blackmail"

Wow.... Thanks

Somebody Gave Me a Heart

Hitler's 'lost fleet' of U-boats found in the Black Sea

Someone has made my day. I didn't expect to get a Valentine

Ne. Dems hope to build on momentum from caucus (we beat Kansas with fewer members)

Is this your typical Obama supporter? (video)

The Differences in Gender -- Sealed With a Kiss

Should we have a special "Thank You for the Valentine Heart" Forum?

So here's my heart...

Weehawken resident enlists at age 36, awaits return to duty

Just watched 60 minutes story on Hillary and it there was nothing new

G7 issues global economy warning (BBC)

What are you going to do with your Valentine hearts?

Tina TURNER *always* looks good - LIKE blm *and* CatWoman!1 n/t

Refugees flee from Darfur to Chad (BBC)

Santa Rosa: Trash-Truck Supervisor Bought Million-Dollar Home

No DUzy's this week? nt

Six Degrees Could Change the World ---on now on National Geographic Channel

Starting a new group: Democratic Resistance!

Is DU really buggy right now, or just me? ON EDIT: FIXED!

Please give SPECIFICS on Obama's Current Position Regarding WITHDRAWAL of ALL US Troops from Iraq

Japan MPs moot halt to executions (BBC) {Japan has a death penalty?}

SONOMA: Borrowers routinely exaggerated their incomes to afford homes at peak of boom

Thank you secret admirer! I'm a heap of blush.

This Modern World: Vote For Ugg '08 - GOP Candidate Will Smash Enemies w/ Big Rocks!

Obama's first coming

Before you go to bed tonight

Sign posted at our local laundromat in Arkansas

As Lenders Tighten Standards, Wachovia Dives in Deeper with more Exotic Loans

What happened to the post about McCain being swiftboated?

Thanks for hearting me!

Former Navy Airman Describes 'Water Torture' In Washington Post

Durbin Calls for Inspector General Investigation of Torture Memos

My L-Dotter sister sez....

What is a "'solid' conservative"?

Barack Up To Pennsylvania Avenue! ===>

Apollo Alliance, EI2025 Team Up for Energy Independence, Clean Economy

Who do we bash after Bush?

The Nation: The Conscious Classroom

What other insectoid politicians are out there?

what is up with the boxing match? why did obama suddenly catch up?

please stop posting Grammy spoilers =some of us on the west coast are just watching them now.

WOW! It's NICE to not have to look at bush*s ugly mug during a fund drive!

Secret Admirer

The Onion: 20 pop-cultural obsessions even geekier than Monty Python

The National Geographic special

Fire ravages 14th Century South Korea landmark

California Gets Hit With Massive UFO Sighting

'Jaws' actor Scheider dies at 75

States Consider Plan To Choose President Through Popular Vote

Alternet: What Dems Need To Know About John McCain

Radio Lady: What kind of a gut reaction do you get when you look at this? (ILLUSTRATION)

Maine doesn't count.

How Karl Rove and Torture Influenced the 9/11 Report

Damn, I only have two hearts

Gates:US may halt Iraq troop reductions

Why it's hard for many people to see Senator Hillary Clinton as a

megamansion prices being forced down is hurting my little house too.

"How do you get a bunch of ornery, irascible, opinionated..."

NYT: Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

A brilliant realistic look at Obama, for the starry-eyed among us.

i think i may just change my name to Fennel Flower. I think that is what someone

This site is slower than Hillary's fundraising!

Welcome to the Surveillance Society - "Disappearing Bodies."

"Surge" in War Crimes?

Do we have more or less members than FreeRepublic right now?

BBC News: Regulators raid chocolate firms

Cripes! Read This Lunatic's Post on Aljazeera English's Site!

Guess how long it took before someone was an asshole to me here..

A Caribbean take on Obama

An open letter to the young would-be scientists of the USA

Prosecutor to Review Official Handling of C.I.A. Tapes

thank you to my anonymous valentine heart donor !!!!

Richard Armitage: Pre-9/11 Powell pushed for Iraq sanctions - some in admin feared it would work

Posting Thread Limits

Thank you for the Valentine heart, my dear secret admirer! nt

Thank you to my secret Valentines!

Why do 85% of black voters vote for Obama?

If the world needs any evidence as to why we can't trust Republicans to count votes honestly,

C-SPAN - Rep Tom Lantos (D-Ca) has died

Mission Accomplished (Tom Toles)

I have nothing against REAL conservatives

OK, I may be slow, but I get it. You've had your fun.

Senator Tester fights for gun rights

The media lock down on the Don Siegelman story must be broken.

I wonder what this is about?

oxy-rush, ANN-thrax et al and their sudden support of Hillary

Osama Who? "U.S. may seek death penalty for 9/11 suspects", including the "suspected mastermind"...

Chris Hedges: The War Against Tolerance

Some lovely tshirts/buttons/posters from CPAC

So what's up with the boxing glove race at the top of the page?

John McCain - The "Maverick"

Thank you to whomever gave me a heart.

Caption this Sec. Def. Gates pic...

Somebody please tell me this is a joke.

Super Delegates

John McCain and William Kristol

* presents Sandra Day O'Connor with The Lincoln Medal (Warning) pics

President Idiot

gary bauer to endorse john mccain

Huckleberry voters noticing that Faux is (gasp) NOT "fair & balanced"!!

how nice, I got a heart from someone. thank you

Seymour Hersch on Bush's legacy.........

Would the person who gave me a heart please reply...

Heads up: Larissa Alexandrovna (DU's Lala Rawa) to be on Thom Hartman today

Don Siegelman discussion on Thom Hartmann

I had a heart attack this morning

To whom it may concern: Thanks for my heart.

Mitchell Johnson (Jonesboro shooter at age 13) re-arrested in NW Arkansas.

Is the tiff between Hannity/Limbaugh/Coulter and McCain Genuine or a Ruse?

LCV (League of Conservation Voters) names its first 3 "Dirty Dozens"

AIDS dissidents?

Write us a book of insructions or signs...

thanks so much mystery heart giver-I'm surprised & delighted!

Let's all at DU give Sibel Edmonds a DU valentine!

Racist KKK wannaber Felix Allen endorses Grandpa Johnny...

I recently had a visit from my lucky son who emigrated to Australia

A sincere thanks to President Bush

To my secret DU admirer: thank you so much for the heart!


Texans get their back up over the neo con's super highway

Ray McGovern: Waterboarding for God

Bond Insurance Turns Toxic for Cities, Hospitals as Muni Debt Costs Soar

Other than the revulsion factor, is dogmeat nutritious?

Happy Dick Cheney Day!

Thank you to the mystery person for my Valentines Heart! :) nt

personal story about iraq and soldiers mental readyness.

CNN failed to vet that law professor they just had on

Chavez warns ExxonMobil and the neo cons - will shut the oil spigot

Is DU running slow for you today?

Appreciation Thread for SaveAmerica

Someone really Loves ME!! I Got a Valentine Heart to Proove It.

BUSHCO Has - GAGGED And THREATENED - Telcoms With Prosecution

Pentagon seeks death penalty for guy they tortured into confessing

What I think Limpball, Coulter, Shammity, et al are up to with McCain..

Hey Louisiana - rush limbaugh loves your new Governor

Should a verdict obtained by torture exclude capital punishment?

Should customs search travelers' laptops?

the latest episode in "really stupid things people are saying"

John Edwards seeking re-election

In honor of Dick Cheney Day:


Call to a Moratorium

Ugh.. CNN & MSNBC showing non-stop coverage of some trial...

94,000 Humans Don't Count

Contras might cause a terrorist insurgency in Nicaragua again

She Was Only Fourteen


Thank you for the kind soul who gave me a heart.........

Bobby Cutts on CNN

Lakoff: What Counts as an "Issue" In the Clinton-Obama Race?

Does Anyone Listen to the Young Turks?

Just another number.

Apparently, the Fat Lady sculpts in wax?????

This primary in my traditionally Repug county 7,484 Repugs voted, compared to 11,283 Democrats

Practicing my cutting and pasting: Bush's Buddy Prince Bandar

Chimpy's 09 budget is ‘As Good As It Gets For Defense Contractors’

Another DU flashback - One September morning

hmm, my staunchly REPUBLICAN brother is changing to Libertarian. What an odd little party:

Corporate Globalization: Standing at the End of the Road

NY State Union Of Faculty Passes Very Strong Resolution In Support Of FBI-Persecuted Prof. Kurtz

The Social Conservatives Bill of Rights

What is the name of Mitt Romney's haircut?

Wow! Someone gave me a Heart. Thank you! nt


surge update - Car Bombing Outside Market in Iraq Kills 23

EVERY f'n channel?? It's "The Bobby Cutts Show"

No you can't. (very funny video parody--McCain)

McCain-Obama Parody: Like Hope, But Different

Thanks for my heart, friend.. Namaste!

Thanks for the heart, whomever gave it to me! n/t

Constitution Party Might Field A Fairly Big Name Candidate

Woman, 70, arrested & fined for failing to water lawn

I posted the calypso tribute to Barack Obama

Success in Iraq!

The Madness of John McCain

Heartfelt thanks

oops wrong forum

the hearts are back!-- thanks for the valentine!

Now here's some CBS spin.."Top GOP Strategist"...

Calif. Rep. Tom Lantos Dies

Thank you for the beautiful little heart!

The Naked lead the blind

Obama To Stop For A Burger On His Way To Visit Edwards (AP)

I just realized that I gave half my hearts to obama supporters and half to HRC supporters

self delete...

A 72 year old man (say, McCain) has a 3.5% chance of dying over the year...

US Military releases diary of "al-Qaeda in Iraq leader" discoverd last November

"Surge" in Iraq may have amounted to be little more than a spark

Did Anybody Else happen To Hear Pat Buchanan This Morning?

My Condolences to the family of Rep. Tom Lantos

Back to work on Monday. Thank god for Insurance ...I did NOT claim it work comp

Do we have an estimated time on when site will be working normally?

Is this a NEW amendment being argued for the FISA bill on the floor now?

Why we're in Iraq.

62 seconds that changed everything

seems to be official - DU is now a for profit site maximizing its income

War without glory (written by a Vet)

Thank you to whomever sent my heart. Here are...

I'm so thrilled someone gave me a heart

U S to seek death penalties against GTMO detainees????

McCain's campaign logo looks strangely similar to another logo...

Thanks for the heart!

So I turned off the GD-Primaries forum

How can anyone not love an anonymous Valentine?

What the Freepers who think McCain won't win are up to....

What is the limit for hearts?

OMFG!1!!1! You JUST MUST see the new adbots..they are spooky as HELL!!1!

Naomi Klein: Police and Tasers: Hooked on Shock

John McCain Hypocrite

Anybody who would vote Republican is a fucking idiot

UhOh Jeb endorses McCain

Some Monday TOONS

Diebold Admits Overstating '07 Election Revenue by 300%; Announces 5% Workforce Layoff as Feds

Bride dies during first dance as husband and wife

I'm supporting Clinton, best candidate for President!

BREAKING: Leahy to support Dodd filibuster!

US may pause Iraq troop pull-out (BBC)

Two CBS Journalists Missing in Basra

Diebold Admits Overstating '07 Election Revenue by 300%; Announces 5% Workforce Layoff as Feds

Question: Why is Hillary's boxing glove so far ahead of Obama's?

housing prices are still artificially high

Diebold Admits Overstating '07 Election Revenue by 300%; Announces 5% Workforce Layoff as Feds

Has anyone heard from babylonsister?

BREAKING: Leahy to support Dodd filibuster!


Lieberman may attend GOP convention

DU Hinkiness? Do we need to go to Defcon 2?

Oh, just some magic to share

We Can't Fight Terrorism By Sexually Terrorizing Women and Girls: Two Military Rapes Revealed

Why is the Hillary boxing glove ahead of the Obama glove?

CNN Covers Sibel Edmonds Story - In Turkey!

*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... Ayeshahaqqiqa! ***

Network issues today (Monday 2/11)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Encouraging Siegelman Update... (60 Minutes Execs Screen Report)

It must be Spring, because the RW Chain Letters are Blooming!

Rachel Maddow makes the "Cable News Hotties" article in the Wash Post!

McMansion Era at an End? "Home builders size up the market and downsize"

Post here if you'd be happy with either of our frontrunners winning the nomination

35-hour workweek

I got a heart but it's only because I paid Skinner to give it to me!

Is Levin arguing FOR immunity on FISA? (on the Senate Floor Now). nt

I'd like to thank the two members who gave me hearts...

The incredibly credible...Karl Rove. Sunday morning talker extraordinaire.

Why are we punching on John McCain? He's so frail.

Coppock suspended for anti-Semitic remark

My Dad's McCain slogan.....

Thought I might be able to vote for one of them, but upon reflection,

What's the best gas mileage your current car can do?


oooo its hearts time :)

In honor of the DU hearts returning:

Brilliant analogy - government as a car

I had a heart attack this morning

Will someone tell me when a "What's for dinner?" thread starts?

I'm Number 2!

The 50 Hottest Women in Sports...

All right, I give up--why TWO boxing gloves

Habeas Case Quietly Heads to Supreme Court

To our administrators--re: Spellcheck

HOLY SHIT!!! Look what I found!! Secret training video for GDP posters!


I want a heart.. or I'll go butt nekkid!

Thank You Secret Admirer For the Gift of Your Heart!

**** Official "Thanks for the hearts!!" Thread ****

Regarding the "Chelsea/Pimping" comment.

BREAKING: Actor Roy Scheider Dies at Age 75..

Thank you for the heart

ooooo...Love you, whoever you are!

*cough* *sputter* *hack* MMjr is sparkin' with a girl at the Piggly Wiggly.

muchas gracias to the wonderful person who hearted me!

Whichever one of you gave me a heart, thank you!

Kucinich: "The Incident Did Not Happen"

Tonight's Simpsons ROCKS tonight.

Thanks for the hearts

Fooooood Fightttt! (for professionals only)

Once again I am going to miss my (self-imposed) deadline

Jason Bonham VS. Zak Starkey

who is this idiot flailing around on wires at the Grammys?

US warns of 'implosion' of Nato alliance in Afghanistan (Independent)

Who gave me a damn heart? I've been nothing but an ass lately?

The Grammy stage looks like Kate Bush threw up

I got hearts! Thank you!

Whoops--I hearted!

People with more hearts than me

Hey, Skinner and the guys done good with the duel boxing gloves!

Who held last year's most heart award?

Did I get tombstoned?

They're right about exercise. I've felt really good today.

Why on earth would someone spend money to register the domain names

Can you feel the LOVE lounge?!

Ten cents a post for posting on liberal message boards?

Anyone else watching the Grammy's?

How Elwood P. Dowd met Harvey, the 6 ft. Pooka.

Thank you for my hearts!


Who gave me a heart?

So I'm transferring some music to my new laptop and....

U.S. to Seek Execution for 6 in Gauntanamo

*** Monday TOONs: Talk Radio & McCain, Plus 2008 Swamp Rat ***

So Who's Gonna Knock McCain Out?

We just got back from picking up the kittehs.

I just got the news that I won my election as Democratic precinct chair!

I just gave out three hearts, and NO I'm NOT telling who to.

OK, what the fuck is up with me?!?!

Tina Turner will be 70 years old next November

Has The DU gotten really buggy for anyone else?

We Can't Fight Terrorism By Sexually Terrorizing Women and Girls: Two Military Rapes Revealed



Damnit that's it!!! The Sky is Falling!


dang...Tina Turner looks good for her age

"If you want to walk with angels, be ready to get high."

Extreme Makeover Home edition

Wow! Thanks secret admirer!

Troll alert.

Thanks for the valentine heart!

My secret admirerer is more country than me!

Someone gave me a don't know how much that means

Which one of you sons of bitches gave me a heart?

OMG i just used LOLcat language in the Gardening forum

My wife says that I shoudn't waterboard our 2 1/2 year old

"Advantage: Obama"

"Perhaps we should exchange monosyllabic expressions of arrogance in person" -- Stewart G. Griffin

Whoever gave me the heart...


Atonement Wins the BAFTA for Best Pic

donation graph count?

Anybody else think that....

Corruption in a U.S. Attorney’s Office

Black=Catholic, Female=Hispanic, Elderly=Gay, Atheist=???

Since I have to fast for at least 12 hours......

The Bucket List (No SPoilers)

Two dogs and one skunk

Boomer marketing: phones and MP3 players with larger TEXT

Giving names to assholes---Should you use human names or not?

This is a totally irrelevant, unnnecessary, and useless thread

Ohio Officials at Odds Over Paper Ballot Before March 4th Primary

Has DU ever done a closet-cleaning sale/swap?

If you could really do this, would you?

Predict the November matchup!

Mike Huckabee breaks Commandment #10...

So I bought a pair of little 2 pound weights

Posted in GD

POSTAGE up to 42 cents as of May 12th

Nat King Cole fans? Wanted to share ...

M goint to hear TWO things NOW: 1) Brightman and 2) (I'll get back to you) n/t

To my secret valentine

Quick Cooking Advice Needed

Many thanks to my secret admirer!!

It's primary season on Democratic Underground, and you know what that means!!

Today’s Headlines 2/11/08

Would you cheat on your spouse if you knew you would never get caught?

hugs and kisses to my secret admirer!!!

I been under stress due to family problems since Thursday, I sure could use some hugs.

Who is Molly Cyrus? Who Is Hanna Montana? And Why Should I Care?

Is it wrong that I can't see Morris Day and the Time without

Thank you Secret Admirer for my heart. I'm honestly touched.

Can I give XBoxWarrior some valentine hearts?

I just ate about 8 Anna's Cookies - ask me anything!

FYI Tomorrow is the 11th, which means it'll be time for the monthly Spinal Tap Quotation Day


Does tjdee still post here?

"Danny Boy"- The Larks

I'm so liberal.... *joke thread*

Fuck man, I'd need $1000 to buy hearts for the idiots I love here.

One for Ms. Peggy: "Tadpoles and Baseball"

I just bought a blue Nintendo DS Lite...

Hey Supernova, How Windy Is it?

Oh crap

Oh, dammit, jeez, I'm flattered and all, I really am, but these "hearts" kind of drive me nuts

gasp, TINA!!!!

Upgrading my internet connection. Recommendations?

Are you "Classically Trained" on the joystick? Where is it most important to bring your A Game?

Man, this is a killer week in my graduate program

You KNOW you're dealing with a troll, when they hear the word "Moran"...

6 beautiful Kitties keeping me warm.

Giving names to animals---Should you use human names or not?

How in the hell do I remove page numbers in Word?

Is my laptop overheating or does it need a new motherboard?

Well frak, I forgot all about the Grammys, anyone know if the White Stripes played?

Stick-thin women or curvy women: tell us what kind of male physically appeals to you?

OK DUers this is the Bush playbook for the 2008 elections

I am impatient. My kittehs have taken up residence under the couch in the family room


**OFFICIAL Who wants a Lover? THREAD**

**OFFICIAL Who wants a Liver? THREAD**

I just remembered a joke, this is for all those who gave me a heart:

I had two hearts to give away before I even donated.

Barack Obama wins a Grammy

I was elected yesterday!! Ask me anything?

I know how to make the Iraq 'War' drastically less expensive.

Why is McCain bald?

**OFFICIAL Is Amy Winehouse gonna make a fool out of herself Thread**

Alright.. which three of you assholes gave me a heart?

If I had a million dollars...

and I also thank my mysterious heart benefactor

and I also thank my mysterious heart benefactor

Stupid smoke detector on TV ad scared the CRAP out of our cats


Shit comes in threes


Weird movies. Husband rented "The Ten"

Well, that was entertaining... First time I watched the Grammy's...

Have you ever spent a Sunday on DU, then look up at your clock and go...

Just got home from the hospital--kidney stone on the move.

A Troubling Analogy: Why Do Some Support Nixon Dirty Tricksters Over Democrat Hillary Clinton?

Monday Morning Inspirational Song

So if you give someone your number and they don't call you

This is almost enough to make me want another baby

Coat Check...

Maryland & Viriginia poised to go solid for Obama ((much polling data)

Certified Check...

***The Official My Cup Runneth over with Hearts Thread***


To the people who gave me valentines hearts...

I have a feeling that the Holy Bug Buster - Elad - didn't obey the sign this morning.

a little pixie dust and good thoughts, please?

Shouldn't Someone Tell Brett Michaels That The 80's Hair Metal Era Is Over?

I'm thinking of doing something that I said I'd never do

DU seems to be back to normal speed

in the event of a bank closure

The Richmond Virginia Area Is Preparing For Another Destructive Bunko Night - Commonwealth News

OK men of DU

The Daily Earwig: Sing a Song of Sixpence

The paomnnehil pweor of the hmuan mnid.

CATFIGHT!! Paris and Li-LO

Thank you the hearts

I hate Texas

Bob Dylan's Delilah.

Who else has trouble with DU

'Diet' Foods Weight Gain Puzzle

What's the top speed your current car can do?

Favorite shorthaired Foo Fighter

My Secret Shame

Matchgame: DU is sooo slow.......

What are your favorite non-physical qualities you appreciate in the gender of your choice?

Double double boil and triple posts?


Someone gave me a heart!

thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer!

The Richmond Virginia Area Is Preparing For Another Destructive Bunko Night - Commonwealth News

"New Urinal Puck Monday" is just the pick-me-up I needed this week


Brad Paisley-Ticks

Alright, so we just get home from our gay bar after some 3 pitchers & 3 rounds of...

Thank you for the heart!

I had a heart attack this morning

aw, Roy Scheider has died.

Stones get film festival rolling

Herbie Hancock/ Joni appreciation thread!

Hockey player gets his neck slashed by skate.

Hey ronnykmarshall! When are you going to host a DU gathering at your pretty new house?

Bye Bye Life

who wants to have a "valentines day sucks" party?

Coming on Aug. 30, 2008: The Chesapeake Toll Booth Battle!

Okay. 'Fess up. I know it was you.

Frozen people at Grand Central--You've got to see this video!

Hillary Clinton Supporters - Words of Inspiration from Maya Angelou

Hearts! I love to give them, and I love to get them!

My left ear is plugged with Dax. This happens every three years or so.

Natalie (Cole): Amy (Winehouse)shouldn't have won

I got a heart

Keely Smith and Kid Rock....

Name 7 blogs you read daily.

What are "stickily lies"? Seriesly.

Help me get motivated today. Sigh.


Help with math problem -- and please keep your answer simple . . .

WOOHOO!!!!! Robert Plant (with Allison Kraus) win a Grammy

Al Franken's Rival Isn't Laughing

My dogs are getting their exercise this minute!

How The Clintons SOLD OUT OHIO: New Developments-Anthrax, Radioactive Waste, & Post Katrina Waste

Just listened to Amy Winehouse for the first time

Alicia Keys may just be the best female vocalist out there right now.

Know What? I Would Give Up Alllllllll Of My Hearts....

My left ear is plugged with facts. This happens every four years or so.

*GRAMMY THREAD" With Spoilers in here so left-coasters can avoid them.

Need help. I think my nose has an infection. No, not a sinus

Barbie USB Drive (I *must* have one of these!!!)

Tina TURNER *always* looks good - LIKE blm *and* CatWoman!1 n/t

Boy did I screw up royally

Nitwit issues today (Monday 2/11)

If you were my lungs would you crawl through my throat and smack me in the face?

Thank you, someone!

Thanks to those who saved me from my heartless self!

Wrongest. Photograph. EVAH.

Obama's Economic advisers

It doesn't feel like Monday if I don't feel like crap!

What does it mean when I dream about being abandoned along the NJ Turnpike

I just wanted to thank my "Secret Admirer" for my heart.

You all should see how dashing my son looks all dressed up for work

This Always Puts Tears In My Eyes

HELP! Where do I find a blog archive?

Partner called - just got out of interview

Paris Hilton's latest movie

2 days 21 hours or less

Please... no more hearts!

Question for old-timers

I need a day off from work so bad, I am actually looking forward to Jury Duty Wednesday.

Fights, slashed tires and more: Agencies enlist members of Crips & Bloods to snap Britney photos

I just watched the Tom Cruise Scientology video...

Whoever gave me the heart- thank you!

Most Boring Lounge Topic Ever...

Just when you think every bonehead idea has been made into a website you'll find this....

EEEEEEEEE!!!! Someone gave me a heart!

Posthumous Hearts

EEEEEEEEE!!!! Someone gave me a heart!

Did they absolutely have to make the office coffee club a Secret Society?

dupe. whoopsie!

Has anyone seen Hubert Flottz?


Between a rock and a hard place



Can somebody remind me how to change siggy/avatar? I did it once and

many thanks for the valentine heart

Thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer!

My left ear is plugged with wax. This happens every three years or so.

Thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer!

Thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer!

Is Cappadocia real?

My wife SarahBelle and I are tied with 4 hearts apiece.

Many thanks for the hearts-

Deep Capture: The CEO of Speaks out !!!


Is DU wicked slow for you right now?

oopsie ~ dupe/delete

Shaving videos - because you missed it the first time

This Always Puts Tears In My Eyes

Shaving videos - because you missed it the first time

why the A**hole is boss

Do you listen to DVD commentaries?

Some joker is ranting in his cubicle

I just donated...

English language succumbs to Symbiotic Ephemeralization

Donation question

Brian May is an Astrophysicist !

Does a thread ever got locked without the mods posting a reply to it?

Brian May is an Astrophysicist !

Why do I keep falling for the crazy ones?

self delete!

Can I just crawl under my desk like George Costanza?

Obama To Stop For A Burger On His Way To Visit Edwards (AP)

Question for old-timers

Well, my back is a lot better...guess I have to go to work tomorrow

How to: Barracade your House during a Zombie Uprising

When I Post

Paul Krugman is fast becoming a hack

Holy moly...

If someone with a disabled profile gets tombstoned

Thanks to the donors of the two hearts. I got all weepy.

**OFFICIAL DU Reading/Watching/Listening list**

The definition of Frustration

The definition of Frustration

I feel loved

February 11, 2008 will forever be known as "Dupeday"

FINALLY one was willing to step forward and ask THE question

WOW! Almost half way to the 1000 mark

Brian May is an Astrophysicist !

My parents are being kind of stupid.

Duck and Cover


Thanks for the hearts!!

Will the sweeties who gave me hearts please PM me?

The first review I've seen for "Jumper" (I swear I am NOT making this up.)

Check this bike out!!

MY earworm for today now becomes YOURS: "Bob Marley & The Wailers - Could You Be Loved" (YouTube)

February 11, 2008 will forever be known as "Dupeday"

Every little girl wants one of these, a Hello Kitty AK-47.

My wife and I were watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" ...

Menopause question (trying to do the right thing!!)

According to that upcoming movie 10,000 BC....

Here's my major problem with (some) DUers.

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: Jolly Pumpkin La Roja Sour Ale

I Have A Heart On

What Is A Parche?

I Have A Heart On

This post surrenders to terrorists.

I have a secret admirer.

I have a secret admirer.

Tonight on Tap at Tavernertavern: Jolly Pumpkin La Roja Sour Ale

Why Is DU So Slow Today?

Need some help with feral kitties.

O. J. Simpson's Former Agent to Publish Book: How I Helped O. J. Get Away With Murder

Cat check thread made me sad

Things one learns watching CBS Sunday Morning

heart me or the kitten dies....

Feeling Jefferson Airplane...

Weirdness. My Grandma died on Saturday.

Background music question for homeless dogs...

'Post message' can eat my shorts!

I am going to miss George W. Bush...

i am a BOTOX QUEEN!!!!!

deviled eggs

What's the name of that song that goes Bum da da da bum da da da?

Thank you to my mystery heart giver person. I really appreciate it.

HOLY CRAP! I just finished the NY Times crossword,,,NO MISTAKES!

dear Pittsburghers

DU Lounge Power Lesbian Couple, AWAYYYYY!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/11/2008)

***** FISA on the Senate Floor ***** LIVE Feinstein speaking

There is no heat in my office today.

I"m home! and well!

Obama Down 30 Points, And In Deep Trouble

Masterpiece: Pride And Prejudice starts tonight on PBS.

Lobby 4 my luv

Wedding Invitation Question:

F*ck Valentine's Day,

Will George HW's funeral be as much of a media frenzy and lie machine as Reagan's was?

Network issues today (Monday 2/11)

$100 price drop on iPhones and iPods coming in the next two months

If we give a heart to one of the Admins, do they know who did it?

Some of us just don't get it. Makes it hard to slam people like Michael Richards

Why does everyone hate teenagers?

Oh, this is teh awesome...

The Richmond Virginia Area Is Preparing For Another Destructive Bunko Night - Commonwealth News

New Smilies that I wanna see in here...(lottsa grafix)

Thank you Secret Admirer !!!!

Apparently, I am one half of the DU Lounge Power Lesbian Couple

SF Chronicle re: KBR concentration camps, martial law & BushCo's ENDGAME

If I ask why Hillary is so far ahead of Obama in the Fund Drive graphic...

Admit to liking a comic or comedian against your better judgment

What does YOUR family call a fried egg cracked into toast?

Exxon wins again!



I was helping my kid with a powerpoint slide presentation on simple machines...

KITTY PIX: Poor quality cellphone photos of the boikatz

Lounge vibes urgently needed: missing kitten.

damn, i've been hypersenstive lately

Oklahoma law targeting illegal workers had some unforeseen results

U.S. Border Agents Seizing Laptops, Phones and Copying Info

I don't care what anyone says - I hate the valentines donation time

dumped the week before valentines day

Now I learn that "capicola" is pronounced "gabagoul".

Shaving videos - because you missed it the first time

The Male Privilege Checklist

God hates Jesus

The White Privilege Checklist

For those who wonder 'When the fuck will this rapture happen?" - I have an answer...

OMG! You can heart yourself!!

So umm which 5 of you love me?

So if you give someone your cucumber and they don't fall for you

Do we have any Star Trek Generation fans at the Du

So...I went into GD with a radical propostion:


Today is the 11th, which means: Spinal Tap Quotation Day!

Who's lived in an intentional community?

I feel like posting a pic of me

Seeing Chelsea through the conservative mind:

Commit film heresy here




**UNOFFICIAL who wants a HEART thread**

The walkway outside of my cubicle is NOT A FUCKING CONFERENCE ROOM

Citizen or illegal? Children of two worlds

LBN: exContras warn of NEW Nicaraguan war. Still glad IranContra matters were deep-sixed?


Valentine's Day etiquette question for females...

Hey Skinner: Can't we just have an "un-recommend?"

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" or "Did BUSH Bungle the Overthrow of Hugo Chavez?"

Bush Justice Department Goes After Another Democratic Lawyer

Obama HQ has Che Guevara and Cuban flag on the wall

Somebody gave me their heart.

What about, We List Songs That have Heart in them, I will start

LISTEN NOW to a fascinating interview, with a believer in the paranormal, alien abduction,

Veterans volunteer in search for missing Marine

US says captured papers reveal Qaeda in Iraq weakened

Ramos-Horta shot

Australia kept in the dark on Afghanistan plans: Fitzgibbon

2 arrested in 1972 Argentine massacre

Huckabee won't concede (WA) state; GOP resuming delegate count

Row erupts over Berkeley's anti-Marine stance

US commerce secretary urges investment in Iraq

Afghan Governor Survives Bomb Attack

East Timor Leader in Critical Condition

Are Young Evangelicals Skewing More Liberal?

East Timor president shot at home

More than 50 Killed in Iraq

Gates: Iraq Drawdown May Be Delayed

US may ask death for 9-11 suspects

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

Gasoline prices fall to $2.94 a gallon (it was $1.46 when * took office)

Iraqi govt faces collapse over budget row-speaker

Rep. Tom Lantos dies

Car bomb, gas link blast cut power to north Iraq

Hillary Clinton crosses fingers, shakes up her campaign

Rep. Tom Lantos has died

Car Bombings Kill 6 Near Shiite Offices (Baghdad)

Va. Man, Three Others Arrested, Charged With Espionage

A Defense Department analyst and two Chinese nationals were accused of selling military secrets

FBI raid ongoing in Chinese spy case

McCain Plays Nice With Huckabee

Actor Roy Scheider dead @ 75

U.S. to seek death penalty for 6 Gitmo detainees

Media barred from covering Rove speech at prep school

Whites to be minority in US by 2050: study

Huckabee Picks Up Endorsement From Former Romney Supporter Paul Weyrich

Ex-Washington Post Reporter (John Solomon) to Lead a Rival (Moonie's Wash Times)

Obama narrowly leads McCain in AP poll

68-Vehicle Crash Kills 1, Injures Dozens

Gates: Iraq Drawdown May Be Delayed

Arctic sea floor mapping data bolsters U.S. claims (to oil)

Iran to Launch Two More Rockets Into Space, Ahmadinejad Says

U.S.-led Sunni militias turn guns on Iraqi police

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 11

EU Condemns Japanese Whaling

China exempts 49 countries from 374 debts

Roy Scheider, Actor in ‘Jaws,’ Dies at 75

Six Major Banks to Unveil Plan to Halt Foreclosures

Six Major Banks to Unveil Plan to Halt Foreclosures

South Korean Gate Destroyed in Fire

Fed's Rate Cuts Bring No Relief For Consumers' Credit Card Bills

British (CBS news) journalist, interpreter kidnapped in Basra

Clinton has lead with party insiders

(Blair) Government 'breached duty' on Iraq

Clinton Says Campaign Needed More Help

Clinton Says Campaign Needed More Help

Obama rejects 'pause' of Iraq troop drawdown

Kucinich, foes to debate today

Car bomb, gas link blast cut power to north Iraq (quarter of Iraq's ~27 million people)

U.S. presence in Iraq is destabilising - Mubarak

New College of California Is on Deathbed

Pentagon charges Sept. 11 suspects

Tenn. School Shooting Stemmed From Fight

Researchers discover dinky flying dinosaur fossil in China

Ex-Marine (Iraq War Veteran) Vanishes After Combat 'Flashback'

Soldier, After Bipolar Treatment and Suicide Attempts, Sent Back to War Zone

Bush acknowledges economic uncertainty

U.S. Marine accused of raping teen in Okinawa

Some ex-Contras warn of a new Nicaragua war

Tom Lantos has passed away

Many Obstacles to Digital TV Reception, Study Says

Cheney trying to block video taped depositions in the Denver/Secret Service case

Up to 100K Los Angeles voters likely won't have ballots counted

Maine caucus shatters turnout record

IRAQ: Leishmaniasis affecting children in south

In 2020, 1 in 7 People in U.S. May Be Foreign-Born

Edwards, Obama meeting canceled

Senators resist filling oil reserve

U.S. Said to Seek Execution for 6 in Sept. 11 Case (Gitmo Inmates)

Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers

Chavez warns Venezuela may seize Parmalat and Nestle plants

Bill Clinton Dismisses His Grammy Loss to Obama

Guardian UK: Richer but less happy, we are now a pill-popping people

Iraq is Ready

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Fed's Rate Cuts Bring No Relief For Consumers' Credit Card Bills

Are Young Evangelicals Skewing More Liberal?

I Think that I Shall Never See

War by the rules

The Chicken Doves ...Elected to end the war, Democrats have surrendered to Bush on Iraq and betrayed

Army Faulted For Failing to Plan for the Leak of the Rand Study

Our view on presidential nominating process: Caucuses are no way to choose a candidate (USA Today)

Texas' arcane delegate system suddenly comes into play

Hillary Denies Giving Bill the Authority To Attack Barack

Walter Shapiro at How Will It All End? Obama Surge? Or Clinton Comeback? All Bets Are Off

Masked protesters target Scientology's 'tactics'

Own to Rent: Yes We Can!

The machine gun of capitalism

Krugman: No to "Clinton rules"

N.J. superdelegate for Clinton now undecided

Huckabee at Falwell's Church:Ten Commandments better than law

The Story of Stuff - a look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 324

Barack Obama Wins a Grammy - 2/10/08

Larry Craig is completely heterosexual

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 1 - 2/9/08

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 2 - 2/9/08

Barack Obama Victory Speech, Pt. 3 - 2/9/08

CNN: Barack Obama Clean Sweep - 2/9/08

1964 Daisy Ad. (Bill Moyers was responsible for it.)

VOC Mentaliteit recut (history lesson on Fascism, English with Dutch subtitles) Warning: Graphic!

The Gaza Strip Pt. 1/7

September 11th........the CIA... Murder.....Chile......1973

CNN: Marine In-City Training Ceased by Toledo Mayor

Al Gore Rhythm

Rachel Maddow on Countdown discusses Bush, McCain, etc.

The GOP base rejects the presumptive nominee this weekend

"Thanks for the question. you little jerk"

Rachel Maddow discusses similarities in Obama, W, campaign styles

Meet Our Competition: Still Worried About Dem Elect-ability?

CNN: Tennessee Mosque Set on Fire - 2/9/08

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: State of the Race

Eight years ago Rove said McCain could not unite the party.

YES WE CAN - Music Video Barack Obama

Obama Answers: 'Why Should I Vote for You?'

Garrison Keillor Presidential skit - Obama, The Clintons, McCain

Muppet Primaries

Hillary Clinton Interview Preps (60 minutes interview shown on 2/10 )

The Folly of Attacking Iran: Lessons from History

Huckabee's Holy Friends

McCain: Like hope, only different

"Trooper" Canadian election rock video

Barack Obama on 60 Minutes - 2/10/08

Rachel Maddow on an Obama McCain match up

A Plea to Republicans

For A Better Tomorrow Music Video Obama

Alternative energy resources step on the gas

"Thunder Horse adds to BP woes"

Deforestation May Make Humans More Vulnerable To Infection

Just felt another minor earthquake on the CA/AZ- Baja CA border.

Concentrating Solar Power: Biofriendly Technology of the Future?

The Many Biofriendly Advantages of Geothermal Power Generation

Moser Baer Plans 600 MW Thin Film PV Capacity (India)

Renewable Energy Firms Compete for Talent in a Tight Market

Venezuela moves bank accounts after Exxon embargo

PG&E Makes Deal with Raser for 100mpg (plug-in) Hybrids (Calif.)

Generation Green taking on parents to help them save the planet

America's Green Policy Vacuum

Cost of a New Car >= Cost of home sized solar power system

Ascent Solar to Establish Thin Film (PV) Plant in Colorado (300 new jobs)

wtmusic's Electric Car Project / Chapter 4

Has Earth entered a new epoch? .... when humans became the predominant force over the environment.

Chinese reach new low in animal abuse

Biofuel demand leading to human rights abuses, report claims

Sniper convicted of killing unarmed Iraqi

Seized documents: Al-Qaida in Iraq weakened

Commanders welcome calm in Fallujah

Destroyer extension part of 313-ship plan

Fort Drum soldier fatally shot by police

EOD killed in Iraq

$9.3B request comes with tales of aging fleet

Ex-SEAL indicted on 5 weapons counts

Long a skipper’s perk, the gig is going away

Police arrest Marine accused in rape of 14-year-old girl

Toledo mayor defends decision to boot Marines

Former Marine missing in Florida

Amos nominated for assistant commandant

McChord, Fort Lewis work on merger details

Report: Special combat-related pay underused

Minot reports $370M impact on local economy

Baumholder-based MPs log thousands of miles on Iraq’s dangerous highways

New rules at Fort Lewis mandate daily PT

Evangelism in the Air Force

Getting ticks off pets, out of homes is a year-round chore

Academy cadets can climb into cockpit again

Gates: NATO’s very survival is at stake

Today in labor history February 11

Gaza's factions take their fight into the school playgrounds

Rare meeting between settlers, Palestinians held in Hebron

U.S. pushes Israel to accept proposed Egypt border deal

Sderot as Stalingrad, Hamas as blind Samson

Barack Obama for Prime Minister of Israel

Jewish-owned home torched in northern Druze town of Peki'in

Hamas leaders go into hiding as Israel plans targeted killings

Ramon: Agreement of principles, not full peace deal, likely in 2008

Found this on Al Jazeera about Exxon's latest shenanigens in Venezuela


HAITI: "Mud Cookie Economics in Haiti" by Kevin Pina

Barak: Israel won't be deterred from taking any action against Qassams

AIG Auditors Question Firm's Valuation of Risky Debt

Toll Daughter Cancels $2.5 Million Condo With Builder

Homeowners Join Tax Club to Ease Burden

Don't Blame Subprimes

Will states need a second stimulus package?

Bank of America, Chevron to Join Dow Industrials

I know someone here knows this

Posters to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

GLBT rally tonight in Annapolis, MD?


Okay, my CURRENT fantasy:

FISA on Senate Floor NOW -- Dodd is up. I missed Feinstein (she sucks),

Post in GD...

Thanks for the heart...

there are some particularly kind and generous folk in this forum. thanks ;-)

And ANOTHER good post in GD! UFOs.

Thanks soo much to the lovely people who

thank you, secret admirer

I thank someone for my hearts

Heart-felt thanks

Much gratitude for the heart to my generous benefactor....

Thank you, loves, for my sweet hearts!

I got a heart! I got a heart!

Christ on a cracker--heads up--2012 thread in the Lounge


Fast-finger Louie/Louise

Thank you all so much for the prayers, light, and peaceful vibes

Quick check-in re: the general state of the nation. Any blips?

Just getting into astrology, I have some questions.

Do you think some people are just determined to be miserable?

quick astrology re: The Candidates

The UK should be embarrassed

From the wtf department: Montreal's O'Byrne, Kostopoulos arrested in alleged purse stealing incident

Beagle strives to become Numero Uno at Westminster

US-England. Wembley. June 8.

Urgent request for light/vibes. One of our kittens, Mordechai, is missing.

Where's The Pro Bowl Love At Here?

Richard Zednik (Florida Panthers) cut in neck by stable condition

Miami Has The Worst NFL, NBA, and Possibly MLB Team

Law seal reports although elder abuse is alleged

Smoky bar triggered fatal asthma attack

Cake baking question

Anybody cooking a romantic dinner for valentine's day?

Heart-felt thanks for the heart

Some sweet someone gave me a heart!!!!

Got some free time tonight, went over to GDP. Predictably inane.

My "Water's Edge" runners up:


If a chicken lived her whole life in a cage, can her meat be considered kosher? Should it be?

Muslims medical students refuse to obey hygiene rules

Conservative Rabbis to Vote on Resolution Criticizing Pope’s Revision of Prayer

One problem I have with organized religion is they often have the idea that people are inherently

The bias against atheists as bad as any prejudice

Deforestation May Make Humans More Vulnerable To Infection

San Diego County Sheriff's Department used deadly force 0 times in 2007

Are people who defend themselves with a firearm more likely to hurt others?

Interesting Brief by Law Enforcement Training Associations

The Madness of John McCain

Alternative scenario

You are invited to debunk this...

Any thoughts on why these 6 particular Gitmo detainees are being

Josh Marshall/TPM: A Little Weird (re: Washington GOP Race)

"GOP is going to try to get as "CLOSE AS WE CAN - to 100 percent" of the vote counted.

GOP Prosecutor takes OH SOS Brunner to Court Over Paper Ballots

2008 Election Will Be Stolen in PA! A Plea from A Resident of the "Silent State"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 02/11/08

Louisiana SoS as Voters Find Party Registration Switched

Galveston County Obama meetup

TX-32 Dem. Primary: DMN endorses Roberson

Tollways may or may not be money machine

The Progressive Voters League of Dallas endorses Sam Houston and Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court

Obama agrees to debate in Austin

I just got my dog vaccinated

Mark Penn can go Dick Cheney himself!!!

A "Hi" from another tall guy to the Kerry group

The Return of "Committee Hearings" postings. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Great news! Another Obama endorsement.

Using the computer as a land line telephone

When I click on an attachment that requires a browser to open, it opens with netscape. I would

I have a couple of problems I'd be very grateful if anybody could help me with.

Is my laptop overheating or does it need a new motherboard?

Obama Wins a Grammy for Audio Version of "The Audacity of Hope"

"Obama takes caucuses by storm" - Portland Press Herald (Maine)

Joe Trippi, former Edwards advisor: "It's hard to see a win for Clinton into March ..."

ask dfa to endorse barack obama.

Paul Krugman At It Again

Meme of the week!

I think we're on the right track!! Look at Bush's comments on Obama:

JK sent this GOTV email on Obama's behalf to his Potomac Primary state lists today

Maybe it's a matter of being more positive in GDP

Mark Halperin: "Sixteen Underappreciated Advantages Obama Has Over Clinton"

PARTNERS IN CRIME: The Clintons, the Bushes, and BCCI

McCain yes we can video

Heartwarming interview of Michelle Obama

18,000 strong "Stand for Change" in Virginia Beach

To attend or skip?

Canadian election rock video, just to get you in the mood

Globe and Mail: Harper's capital gains promise fades from view

Mulroney 'never worked for Thyssen'

Cons resort to name calling

U.S. bill specifies state higher ed spending

I'm (almost) back!

Thanks to whoever just gave me a heart

My mom passed away on Saturday.

the more things change...

Herbie Hancock rides on the 'River' (CNN) {AOY Grammy nom'n}

My tribute to Garth Brooks

Blue State coming to DVD

That Tina Turner! WOW!!! You go, Girl!

Will someone please explain Amy Winehouse to me?

Row erupts over Berkeley's anti-Marine stance

Mark Green: Bush is Coming to See me....but.....

WI presidential primaries past

How Hard Is It To Become A Delegate To The National Convention?

New primary poll

State constitutions that still discriminate against atheists

Are Heathens more lovable?