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It's dark.

Show of hands!!!!


You fucking village idiots need to get over the Delaware Kudzu thingie

Which of the following is a way TB can NOT be transmitted?

Awful people transiting to awesome, please check in!

Aw people, please check in:

Help me! I posted in GD:P

Ech. I think GDP is worse than 2004.

update on TV issue, if you own or are thinking of buying a Sony LCD-- DON'T!!

Occasionally, I can find traces of humor in GD: P

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Pizza Port Hop-15 and Shark Bite Red Ale

Which movie extravaganza would you rather be dragged at gunpoint to see?

Does LynneSin Like TollHouse Cookies?

You fucking village idiots need to let me into your PhD program thingie

My faith in America's youth has been restored!


Another US troop killed today, 38 this month up from 15 in dec. Peace to his family.

Do I need help, or is this a hit job on a democratic 14 year old girl

What do you think of hate speech laws?

Just heard Whitehouse on the Senate floor advocating

August 6th, 2009, McCain to pardon shrub on that little point that

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan...

KKKarl Rove has joined...wait for it...

On the board of Wally World

Team Obama needs to go "bi"

Conyers to Mukasey: Why Ban Muckraker?

Tainted cheese warning in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan

IN: Digital-download tax legislation gaining momentum

I cannot believe how hard the Congress is trying to send me money


I still sing it to this day...

Remember Iraq? "It's not a government - it's a MOB governing only the Green Zone!1"


Olympic games in China: officials confirm six workers’ deaths


Senate Needs to Extend Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps in Stimulus Package

************Debate Topic #1***************

7 Years of Bush: The Walls Came Tumbling Down



Private fee-for-service plans slammed at Senate hearing

A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution

On KO: Homeless vets are calling out Bill O'Loofalafel. Fox snooze tells them


Keith's Special Comment on FISA tonight

Chimp was in my town today - I saw protestors and tons of cop cars..

Let's kill all the overweight people!

Debate break...KO special comment TELCOS

self delete

I love Keith Olbermann

Don't ever buy an Oregon Scientific product.

If you've ever thought for a second, even for just one moment, that supply-side economics worked...

I have been listening to Hillary and Obama

This is not a debate..this is a damn love fest!

"It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, it will take another Clinton to clean up

Hillary just said No Permenent Bases! nt

boy its funny how they both are falling all over themselves to give EDWARDS praise

Remeber the 12 billion dollars that shipped to Iraq on pallets then was quickly lost

California Election Integrity Assessment for Feb 5 and beyond

Do you think O just apologized to H for the that handshake thing,

We're going to win!

Iraq through the eyes of soldiers - dialup warning.

The soft under-belly of Hillary - Iraq

Dan Abrams reports that Porky Pig is about to join Fox News as political commentator

Good for Obama not "biting" on the illegal immigrant question.

The DEMOCRATIC Debate and I have to hear Candy Fucking Crowley??????

"Universal Healthcare" to me means - Single-Payer, Medicare For All

White man kills woman because she is black

Ok. I am The Human Grin right now.

In 1998 we tried to destroy WMD in Iraq. Turns out we did.

Corporate vs. Corporate lawsuits...

Where is TWEETY tonight?

Caption: * sniffing the ethanol

That so called debate was was not a was Kumbayya!

cnn 50% for Obama 36% for HC

How come I knew that the vote for the war was BS and a Senator did not?

Oh, So All Of a Sudden "the time has come" Today To Admit There's a Problem

A few Good Men - the movie I thought of with abu Grab - and current admin

Your Vote Will Be Thoughtful, But Will It Be Counted?

I think I figured out republican strategy

NEW MUSIC VID: Sally Anthony's "So Long" a reflection on the last 7 disastrous years...

One of the Ads I'm seeing is saying

Oh great. The president is here to tie up traffic once again

just checked foxnews to see what they were saying

Americans need to DEMAND that their health care system does NOT INCLUDE PROFIT

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

American Spy Satellite Down in Peru

Keeping Halliburton safe

a friend just sent me an important message

Bush: "Al Qaeda knows the surge is working."

A short essay on the financial crisis courtesy of ... The Money Party!

Stock market decline, housing crisis, unemployment, all the fault of the Dems.

Internet failure hits two continents

Is it just me or is anyone else surprised at how attractive Chelsey Clinton turned out to be?

Stealing Kidneys for the rich - this is disgraceful

Ann Coulter - I'll vote for Hillary over McCain (headline on Drudge)

Olbermann's Special Comment video

Rich Trumka Interview on Bloomberg: Snippet Aired, Full Segment Tonight

The Official HRC HQ/Event Lie Down Protest T-Shirt

The 200,000-member Transportation Workers Union will move from Edwards to Obama tomorrow

Hillary demands Bill be included in tonight's debate...

Who Is Going To Win Tonight's Debate

Obama supporters (pic)

CNN discussing "debate chivalry"

Transportation Workers Union Moves From Edwards To Obama

Photos: Supporters of Barack Obama gather at the Kodak Center in LA

I've already voted, but if I had to vote today, I'd be torn--even tho Obama and I share a faith

Rwinger radio assclowns tearing McCain apart, gotta love it. **warning horrible pic**

Obama '08 .......... 565 Videos for your viewing pleasure..........

Marc Ambinder: Going to Hollywood. The Debate. Security is tight as a tick.

AP: With Edwards out, Calif. healthcare workers union backs Obama

ATTENTION NJ ABSENTEE VOTERS: N.J. Judge gives Absentee voters Do-over

Four Mo Edwards backers switch to Obama

Obama's new campaign angle, just in ....FOUR MORE YEARS!

When is 32 Million dollars better than 132 Million dollars?

Prediction: Edwards Endorses Based on Tonight's Debate

Which is the more threatening potential GOP nominee?

John Edwards at North Caroliona-Boston College game

United Healthcare Workers to Endorse Obama

PAPA McCain is a hypocrite hear's why

MSNBC - Conservatives ripping each other to shreds in their hatred of McCain.

In less than 15 minutes Obama and Clinton will debate

With Edwards Not Debating Tonight I Plan To Watch.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times endorses Clinton

Kibitz to Obama Supporters: LET the HRC Campaign Grow Comfortable with the Wal*Mart Counterattack

Mandates have turned out to be dismal failures in every state they have been tried


I just got an interesting phone call from the Obama campaign.

US: what after Edwards for working americans?

The following is one of the dumbest e-mails I have EVER received. Look

On the board of Wally World


Gravel's alternative debate is on...

This is the first time that we will see a woman and an african american

Hillary or McCain at the Super Bowl?


Hillary's brown suit does not look good on her

Wolfie: "A woman and an African-American"

Kodak Theater: American Idol Finale Site (Fitting)

Aw, isn't that sweet! Obama pulled Hillary's chair for her.


Which candidate will be mocked without mercy in the GE?

Just got finished Phonebanking for Obama

So Obama is rude to Hillary because he has mommy issues?

Who needs the F'n Oscars, we got the Dem debate!!1!


A conservative review of Clinton & Obama 2007 votes shows Obama a bit "more liberal"

Obama opens by recognizing Edwards.... Hillary opens with no reference to Edwards...

Ok ok I am now officially bored.

Obama is left handed...

Obama doesn't have to dilute his principles for "bipartisanship."

LA reporter is love childof Wolfie? You be the judge.

The networks have a definite lean toward Obama this week


He's already started! He did not say he would like her "during"

Obama Campaign Gets Key Ad Space on Jupiter, Venus, Moon Story

God I wish Kucinich was there right now

Clinton is running against the GOP, Barack is running against Clinton

Hillary or Obama? I'm still undecided

My daughter? "Who should I vote for"

What kind of debate do you want to see Barack & Hillary engage in tonight?

It seems that Clinton's campaign ads have hit here in NJ

Obama the most liberal because he missed 1/3 of the votes that they used as backgrond data

Barack, if you think you can unite this country, all I gotta say is

Today is the first day I heard Obama talk about "THE FORGOTTEN AMERICA"

Are You Noticing What Hillary Is Doing In This Debate?

Clinton is copying Edwards, writing while Obama talks ...

Asian American voters urged to vote for Clinton and to defeat Obama (California)

NYC-based Transport Workers Union and CA-based United Healthcare Workers back Obama

Hillary's going to accuse Obama of being too liberal, after accusing him of being a Reagan stooge

On "Losing America"

A regular love fest so far

We need a pool

Broward County Voters Give 110% in Florida Primary!

Yep..Obama gives first congrats to a rethug..loves his Ahnold

Pay careful attention to criticism against Hillary here..and you will notice the following

She is strong tonight!!!!!

Put them in a cage and let them scrap it out

Sanjay Gupta (CNN's GOP shill) is going to give HIS 2c on health care AGAIN (remember last time)

Subsidies for Health Care Tax Credits

Vote at

"Just look at us, and you can see it's not more of the same."

Did you hear Obama's contempt when he sneered "secratary"

O: "I don't think the Republicans will be in a strong position to talk about fiscal responsibility."

"15 MILLION uninsured". Obama is already compromising and he hasn't even been sworn in

I have to think the two of them decided beforehand not to attack each other

Hillary's Immigration reform amounted to increasing H1-B visas for her Corp buddies

Obama is not good at all when challenged on his words


OK. you guys got me. I will not respond to any of this total bullshit.

Clinton is having a conversation with the audience, Obama is giving an academic lecture

Hillary is really waving her hands around



It's All My Fault That Edwards Is Out

Obama's "No scapegoating of immigrants" answer gave me chills!

Obama on Clintons Senate experience: no reaction on CCN viewers ( 50% red line)

Hillary had an "African American Man" come up a talk to her about Jobs!!1

on the debate: both are doing great and i will be proud of either in the WH

I thought Obama supports giving driver license to illegal immigrants

Obama gives better speeches than debate responses

Hillary is talking down to the audience. Obama talks like he respects their intelligence.

LOL! Politico asks a conservative "America's CEO" question ...

Both of Obama and Clinton rock!

I think we can all agree on Mitt Romney

This debate isn't the same without Edwards

Is it just me, or does it look like Obama is losing his hair?

Jeez, I Hope This Debate Picks Up

Anyone else like both

Why is Obama scowling?


Pierce Brosnan? How does he get in?

Romney: McCain Used Nixon-Like Tactic

Hillary uses the "Trajectory" description ... can't think of her own adjectives

Hillary SLAMS it out of the park

30 years of a Bush or Clinton on the ticket.

Watching the debate with my 3-yo daughter.

Picture of Obama's GREAT smile in one of today's front pages

Well, It's Obvious The Crowd Is Behind Hillary

I love this realtime response thing on CNN streaming!

Ok, I hate to say it.. think its going to be Clinton.. She's mopping the

"It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush.....

Do we have an "historic moment" yet?

I am remembering Tracy Flick - Election right now ...

Hillary's Electronic Medical Records -> Offshored Medical Records

Why is Hillary Clinton making odd faces?

Damn KO rocked toinight

You know what? Our candidates are ready.

Our next President is going to be a chick or a black dude.

When I first found DU 5 years ago, there were only a few assholes here.

How is it possible to watch these two candidates on stage together...

? why does Obama....

Is there a generation gap between our two candidates?

Clinton Rocked on the immigration issue :-)

I have been listening to Hillary and Obama

It's really nice to have a debate that focuses on

Elizabeth B. Moynihan backs Obama over Clinton

Jeff Goldblum!!

I'm loving this debate: Obama and Clinton are uniting against the right wing rather than attacking

"This country is not a business, it's a trust"

Hillary looked more presidential tonite than any candidate this season in any debate

Hillary is weak on the Iraq issue

"It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush, it will take another Clinton to clean up

Hillary just said No Permenent Bases! nt

boy its funny how they both are falling all over themselves to give EDWARDS praise


Michelle Robinson Obama on C-Span Radio

I'm not impressed with Clinton's answer on the UN inspectors - Iraq

NO Permanent Bases!

Clinton / Obama, why not?

And Clinton strikes out on a softball

The American people won the debate tonight

Hillary's research on military force was calling Hagel (R) and WH (rove) to get ensurances they

Isaiah Washington, notorious homophobe, at the debate.

Obama turning the corner; Hillary flailing on IWR.

The Best of DU GD:P Obama Criticisms

Hillary is losing the debate on the IWR issue,

Ok so I like Wolf Blitzer now

remember the teacher in Peanuts? Wah-wah, wah-wah, wah-wah on Iraq

Wolf gave Hillary an opportunity to admit the war vote was a mistake....

Its the Turqouise

Judge Me By My Own Merit = It Takes A Clinton To Clean Up After A Bush

Hillary on Iraq is a pretzel!

Hillary's research on military force was calling Hagel (R) and WH (rove) to get assurances

Did Hillary really say "All candidates start from the same place, no advantages."

Bush's 2003 tax cuts. Who voted yes? Who voted no?

Wolfie ... so you were naive? HOOOT!! (Is that your excuse?)

I think all her good work in this debate is going down the drain RE: Iraq

boy its funny how they both are falling all over themselves to give EDWARDS praise

Question about spouses...

FLASH: Karl Rove will join FOXNEWS as contributor; likely used throughout Super Tuesday coverage.


Obama just won the debate on the Iraq issue

Who the hell is this Politico bitch?

Clinton and Obama are both electable

Hillary presidential? WTF was that? Her IWR waffling is AWFUL.

This is not a debate..this is a damn love fest!

The CLEAR WINNER of Tonights Debate

I'd be totally O.K. with an Obama/Clinton ticket.

The clip that will be shown over and over the next few days....

My ears my ears, if he says cuntry one more time,.......

The spin will all be about the IWR....

Hillary's bullshit answers on IRAQ are infuriating!!!

Best line of the night: "It is important to be right from day one."


Only question that Obama hit 90 % of CNN viewers was Clinton/Obama ticket

wolf blitzer

That was a good debate

I'm so proud of the US tonight. A black man and the spouse of a 2-term POTUS! Wow!

The Swiftboating of Hillary has begun and it's so incredibly offensive

LOL. No Snubs Tonight

Nobody won this debate.

Small advantage to Obama because Hillary mangled Iraq

Hah! Wolfie getting boo's for his bias..

Hillary Clinton voted for the IWR and will not apologize it for it

Which candidate makes the most ugly/repulsive/whatever faces during debates?

With Hillary's numbers tanking, she's in deep trouble. She needed to CLEARLY win the debate

Obama on Iraq, won the debate

Obama wins going into 2nd break. Hillary won going into first break

How many celebs are there, Art Vandaley, Jeff Goldbum, Isiah Washington, Hill Harper

Who won? WE ALL WON!!

Do you think O just apologized to H for the that handshake thing,

Did anyone else just see Wolfie give Hillary the eye? He looked like he'd like

They look so cute together

An IMPORTANT question about the debate tonight:

Obama Kicks Hillary's Ass On Iraq

The scene outside The Kodak Theater during the debates from KNBC TV 4 LA

What a Wonderful Kodak Monent !!!


KO Should have a Debate Recap at 10PM ET

On balance, a fantastic debate

That was the BEST DEBATE I've ever seen.....

better pundits on MSNBC

This was the BEST debate yet.

If you are poor, you don't get to watch this debate

The soft under-belly of Hillary - Iraq

Did you know Rasmussen is a right-wing hack?

Are you willing to fight McCain/Huckabee 08?

tonight the Democrats won

WOW- what a great showing from our 2 remaining candidates.

Did they just say what I think they said?

Hillary blew it on Iraq

If Obama wants to win

Breaking NJ poll: Clinton 49%, Obama 37%

Hillary came of as warm and knowledgable and Wolfs assualt was a boost!

The Big Loser, tonight?

My take on the debate (if you care)


"I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mentality that got us here in the 1st place"

Will it matter who won the debate come November (or Sunday)?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/31/08 - Clinton up 1 (42), Obama up 3 (35)

My personal rant: We need another Friggin' way to handle politics

30 people in the CNN viewer panel, 1/3 hispanic..Thats why the Hillary responses were more positive?

What about the Asian vote?

Did you all watch the Fascism fest last night?

What a Love fest

Obama set the wonderful tone of the debate with his opening statement.

Hillary Needs Obama On The Ticket WAY MORE Than Obama Needs Hillary

Obama was bad at the start but he is finishing up strong


Hillary didn't get the chance to become the victim and earn sympathy points today

That was the best debate I've seen for the Primaries

How long before we stop loving each other again

Obama left his notepad on the table

The Hollywood crowd is very pro-Clinton, but Barack is stealing this debate.


To Heck With The Cynics --Dem's LETS MAKE HISTORY

Tonight was truly a magic moment. I don't want to see either one of them lose

Diagnosis: Single Payer Healthcare Blockage Found

After the debates, I feel good

Who won the debate?

You all should see the Yahoo main page! The media are trying to spin this one!

Hillary for Secretary of Health & Human services


Obama WHOOPED Hillary on Iraq. It was beautiful.

Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton vs. McCain/Huckabee

Watching our debate tonight after the PUKEs last night was like PLEASANTVILLE

Big Loser tonight: McCain McCan McCain

Ralph Nader accused my dad of "political bigotry" today!!

So Who Won

McCamy Taylor's thread on the greatest page is right on. WE MUST FIGHT MEDIA and their SPONSORS

HRC: Electronic medical records save 80 BILLION a year = 80 % of the cost of universal health care

I didn't get my steel cage match but DEMOCRATS got a week of free advertising against the PUKES

Yep...THAT, Is What I'm Afraid Of... Hillary, Cleaning Up After Bush !!!

Bill Bennett is the perfect storm of an unapologetic racist and sexist.

Who won the debate?

What happened to Obama's mother?

Check Out Michelle Obama on CSPAN right now

Edwards voted yes on IWR and so did Hillary, but Bush didn't follow it!

30 people in the CNN viewer panel, 1/3 hispanic..Thats why the Hillary responses were more positive?

Dem Dabate? Was it "Joe & Mika" or oldie "Regis & Kathi Lee?

Be honest. Who just had tears come to their eyes at the close of that debate?

"I was friends with Hillary before this campaign. I'll be friends with Hillary after the campaign"

The Dream Ticket

Am I the only person here who would ENJOY voting for EITHER candidate?

Did Iraq tip debate to Obama?

Why does Hillary keep putting Penn on TV (MSNBC now)

Hillary looked warm and gracious, undecided voters will like her. Wolf Blister LOST!

Time Magazine Debate Report Cards: Obama A- , Clinton A -

Guys, KO is going All out with a Post Debate Special right now. Much better than CNN

Will you vote for the Democratic ticket if Hillary is on it with Obama?

Obama speaks in empty platitudes.

Viva Obama! Viva Clinton! What a great debate!

Osama Bin Laden Captured!

audience 'exit poll:' Hillary 60% Obama 40%

Olbermann & Co providing post debate analysis

What's with Mark Penn's flop sweat?

Halperin scores the debate a draw - Barack and Hillary earn grades of A-

Hillary and I have one thing in common, we both know Wolf Blitzer is and SSA

Sleazy Mark Penn Will be on KO after the NExt Break

The Library That "Coercive Diplomacy" Built: Shaking Down Secret Donors

Well gang, our love-in is over. What was it, about an hour?

Obama's winning the CNN poll that we can all vote in ...

Would you like to see a debate with Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney & Huckabee in it?


What happened with the Real time audience and Iraq

Obama: Fix the economy. Clinton: Blame the immigrant

Obama on slasher movie ads running during prime time shows

"Watching Chelsea, I now get it that Bill has been taken to an undisclosed location" TPM On Debate

Just remember the fundmental human condition is to be loved...

Memo to Clinton campaign

More interesting Rezco news

**Official Self-Parody Thread**: Imitate Your Own Sides Most Ardent Supporters!

Louisiana Speaker Pro Tempore Karen Carter Peterson To Endorse Obama

HD TV Question: Is this the new Nixon-Kennedy change?

Did anyone hear Dick suck toe Morris say he's heard GORE is going to endorse Obama ?


Someone's got to get video of the Dream Ticket question up on YouTube...

Let's face it, unless a candidate has a really major blunder, debates don't mean much.

Debate Reaction: Focus Group of Independents Says Obama Wins

United Healthcare Workers To Endorse Obama?

"I'll be ready from Day One..."

TPM: Quick Sum Up (on the debate)

Am I right in thinking this was the first debate that the questions were booed?

RealClearPolitics: Civil debate, Clinton won

Edwards was in Chapel Hill tonight

This is the first night in months we've had some solidarity here....

Finally, a debate that focused on policies.....

Looking at it objectively, Hillary would save herself trouble by just coming clean on her IWR vote

Hmmmm... Waiting for Gore - The Atlantic

Do Edwards and Kerry say the outcome of the IWR fiasco was their fault OR BUSH'S?

Did Obama pull her chair out for her? He's such a gentleman

I Sympathize with Hillary on Her Concealed College Thesis

Spin it all you want ......

Reuters: "Clinton says she'll clean up after Bush dynasty"

What does n/t in subject mean ?

Freeper: I will vote for Obama if McCain is the candidate

That so called debate was was not a was Kumbayya!

People are voting on the Economy, its the No 1 issue

Clinton got her plug for the National TV Town Hall, very clever

You know who lost big tonight?

At the end didnt he just walk away from her again, without shaking hands? I missed the

A key piece of Obama's experience

Obama Won (Andrew Sullivan's Debate Analysis)

New Republic: " Who Won? The Democrats Did"

How come I knew that the vote for the war was BS and a Senator did not?

Would you vote for the IWR if opposing it would give PUKES a supermajority in the Senate

Transport Workers Union Endorses Obama

Nancy Reagan To Back McCain

A Little Late? Media Freezes Out Threat To Corporate Owners... John Edwards!

How come I knew allowing an ex-gay bigot panderer to perform for votes was hurtful to many people...

Bookmark this, it may not happen again: Tonight I Like & Respect Hillary Clinton !

Mexican American Political Association: Si Se Puede With Obama!

Hillary voted for the Bush tax cuts

Former Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus Endorses Barack Obama

Back from debate party with some observations

Obama and Clinton supporters should both be proud of our candidates

A Gentleman ---pix--->>>

Obama can HAMMER McCain on "100 more years" in a GE. Hillary can't b/c she VOTED for it.

McCain, Giuliani headed to Tonight Show

Clinton it is ... unless Gore jumps in or Edwards re-enters

CNN: Panel of undecideds broke for Hillary overall

We lucked out tonight. We have two terrific candidates who have respect for each other.

"Obama has rare capacity to get us out of partisan death spiral": Rep. Earl Pomeroy Backs Obama

Obama hit the goal of 250,000 donors in the month of January

Okay Hillary Supporters, Forget her vote on the IWR. Obama said NO PERMANENT BASES IN IRAQ!

Why does IWR matter again all of a sudden?

Clinton supporters, my condolences. . .

Hillary is more likely to choose Obama than vice versa

"Barack Obama inspires me. He gives me hope. He appeals to the best in us": Rep Eshoo for Obama

"Saddam was a meglomaniac. He didn't want to compete with bin Laden for attention."

Am I missing something or were they both awesome?

I want to like Hillary, but one thing that is stopping me from doing so

Another untruth, Hillary. The inspectors were already in there.

Hillary Clinton: Let's Put Bloggers Inside Government Agencies

Obama March 2, 2007: My plan allows for a limted number of troops to remain in Iraq

I'm wondering what my fellow Edwards supporters thought...

Why the fuck is she plugging her Hallmark crap?

Who won the debate?

I want to like Nader, but one thing that is stopping me from doing so

cnn 50% for Obama 36% for HC

MSNBC spent the past 10 minutes talking ONLY about the IWR question....

then it's's Obama

Goal of uniting Americans may be a bad idea or just impossible.

If tonight was a draw, who does that help?

Hillary not apologizing.

"I apologize for the IWR" is like Gore saying "I apologize for not winning my home state"

Are all the negative Hillary posts out of desperation?

Not trying to be mean, but I think that Hillary talks too much in her answers.....

CNN DEBATE: Real time audience response, Clinton 60%, Obama 40%

Hillary Clinton: Let's Put Bloggers Inside Government Agencies

"I have to agree with everything Barack just said"

Obama on integrity

"IWR was the right vote under a NORMAL president but not under this shithead" is the best position

WNYC: "NYC Hispanics Overwhelmingly Back Sen. Clinton"

Hillary Screwed up the Biggest Vote she has had in the Senate. I'm Sorry That I CANNOT forget.


Anne Coulter prefers Hillary over McCain...

SMU is not Bob Jones University

Any new Obama converts after tonight? If so, come in and say GOBAMA!

Senator Obama, I have a problem with my children watching....

How did Edwards supporters find Barack Obama's opening statement on John and Elizabeth?

Bringing up of the IWR vote again is not good for Hillary Clinton

I dun't know about you? but I think both HRC and Obama did great!

I loved Obama's anti-scapegoating remarks on immigration tonight

Obama's Iraq speech 2002

Barack is a good speaker--but I would walk through flame for Michelle.

Obama is afraid of no one. Now or in the GE. I like that.

It's time to make wild, overreaching, generalized statements we can't back up with fact.

Don't Get Me Wrong: I Like RFKJ, But His Endorsement Has Self-Interested...

Iraq war resolution: 77 Senators voted FOR - 23 AGAINST ***29 Democrats FOR - 21 AGAINST**

Whatever else we can say, this much is true: progressives CAN'T back HRC in the primary

It's the economy stupid, whether DU likes it or not Iraq isn't the big issue

And the winner of tonight's debate is:

65% of US Citizens are now against the war.Those that initially supported the war admit

Holy shit, Willard Romney contributed 18 million of his own $$$ to his campaign, 2x what he raised

Clinton: "I want to be held accountable." Can we hold you accountable for the War vote?

Nice debate is over. How about more news on Rezco

Regardless of Hillary’s chances in the GE, it’s not fair to compare her vote with Obama’s

John Nichols: Obama-Clinton? Clinton-Obama?

Anyone have the Obama Mama photo?

Interesting point by Josh Marshall

If a person trusted Bush in 2003, how good can her judgment possibly be?

I think we just won the national election. This wasn't just a sound bite debate.

An Obama supporters vile Hillary email smear

WOW. Rachel Maddow rips Hillary's explanation on Iraq...said she cried when Hillary voted for War.

Candy Crowley on CNN: Hill a beer candidate, Obama a wine candidate

I want to have sex with Hillary Clinton more than I want to vote for her...

How did tonights debate impact your support?

who has the media picked for president - no need to go to the voting booth


Where's Bill ? Did anyone see him tonight? n/t

nice try Wolfie..."Mrs Clinton you have only been in the Senate a few years longer than Obama....

Did Hillary hint at an "out" for keeping troops in Iraq?

I feel more optimistic after tonight's debate...

I supported Edwards. I was undecided. After the debate tonight, I support Obama!

Obama kept voting to fund the war. How does that let him off the hook?

Interest rates are going down... and Hillary wants to freeze them for 5 years? WTF?

Did Edwards dropping out of the race help make this debate much more civil?

California Senator Leland Yee Endorses Obama

Obama on scapegoating imigrants

Obama has Coattails.

"I've never been more inspired by a political campaign in my adult life, and that includes my own"

It's a GREAT NIGHT to be a Democrat! Congrats to BOTH candidates! For the fist time, I BELIEVE!

Why is it so hard for Hillary Clinton to admit that she was wrong on Iraq?

At least Edwards was man enough to say he was sorry for his Iraq vote

One thing we agree on, Wolf is a scumbag


Single Payer Healthcare- Immediate withdrawal of all US troops and...

McCain will be TOASTED!!! by this story when the republicans get wind of it

I liked Obama tonight. If he will renounce McClurkin and live up to his claims

Maybe it's wrong of me

DU 08 Presidential Preference Poll (01-31)

Obama gets 6 more superdelegates today

Where in the new Dem administration would you place AL GORE if he were willing?

Do We Now Have Democratic Candidates Who Are Best Able to Defeat the Republican Nominee?

Anyone think Axelrod looks like Rezko?

Is it possible some sort of deal has been brokered?, hear me out.


(01/30) Clinton leads Obama 57% /33 % in Massachusetts - 39 % lead by women - leads on all issues

Hillary Clinton Prevaricates on Iraq

It's been a long hard road. It's almost over now.

I think Obama showed he was a fighter tonight

The nomination's simply come down to this: Hillary supported Bush's war of choice; Obama opposed it

The country is not a business, it's a trust. We already had a CEO running it like a business

CNN's People Meter run by SMU Southern Methodist Univ. Dallas TX (right wing BMW crowd)

CNN undecided voters rate Hillary winner

I've never seen a democrat so eager to debate tax/spend issues with republicans.

Hillary: I voted for the war before I voted against it

(PLUS option for "Either") Will you vote for the Democratic ticket if Hillary is on it with Obama?

CNN: Pundits react to the debate

I don't know what kind of shit some of you people are smoking, but...

The Demoratic Ticket ........

"Obama's strongest moments may have been toward the end when the debate shifted to Iraq."

There isn't really much Obama can say about Clinton on Iraq except for her IWR vote

It's a disgrace that only FIVE states had any real say in our nominating process.

ok does anyone know what "thing" Hillary Clinton did around 10/31/06?

Did Hillary's non-apology for IWR just give the nomination to Obama?

The IWR VOTE IS THE PAST. What do we do now?

Could I borrow a towel? I want to wipe that BEMUSED smile off Hillary's face.

This is how Obama fights the GOP, not having mandates because of political concerns.

In our caucuses next Tuesday I have the option of caucusing "uncommitted"

I miss John Edwards

Hillary keeps mischaracterizing the Iraq War Resolution. Here it is:

Hillary just delivered the most BS line of any debate

Obama/Clinton 2008!

Have You Downloaded the HRC Healthcare Plan?

Is it possible for people to put aside the IWR issue

Occam Bandage's honest analysis.

Obama on Republicans

You know who should moderate the next debate? John Edwards

O! Holy Night! "I believe in coercive diplomacy." SOUND BITE OF THE NITE!!!

***The OFFICIAL Wolf Blitzer Can Suck it Out of My Ass Thread***

WTF? Hillary wants to work with fair minded republicans to fix this immigration mess?

CLINTON, KERRY, and EDWARDS voted responsibly and like statesmen on the IWR.

Biggest PLUS for Obama: Open the doors on Senate and Congressional NEGOTIATIONS

Anybody else missing Edwards or Kooch on stage tonite?

Why Hilliary DID NOT contradict Obama tonight on Iraq

If Hillary wins she is going to offer Obama the VP spot, the only question is whether he accepts it

IWR = Hillary's downfall

Obama-Clinton 08 or Clinton-Obama 08! Who's with me?

New email just received from Progressive Democrats of America

Clinton Supporters, please explain to me why she won't admit the IWR vote was a mistake?

Full text of Barack Obama's 2002 Speech Against the Iraq War

Since the arrival of the first inspectors in Iraq on 27 November 2002

Rachael Madow is pissed at Hillary for her Iraq bullshit

Obama rated most liberal senator in '07: Will this hurt him in the GE?

There is something in the air tonight... an unstoppable "dream team" in the making?

Guantanamo Detainee Lawyers Endorse Obama!!

Hillary is not going to lose on Iraq

I hope someone tells Obama where NYS is..

Hillary's eMed Records Plan Endangers Military Family Vote: CHSC II

Wow...Rachel Maddow just said she was personally insulted by Hillary's Defense RE:IWR

Was Laura Bush a Director at Halliburton While Bush Was Governor of TX?

Just how 'thick' are DUers? the IWR thing

Ooohhhh fuuuuck: Obama just DOMINATED the Iraq question...

Are We Seriously Going to Nominate Someone who STILL can't Say She Made a Bad Decision?

Stunning article about Edwards leaving the race.

The McClurkin issue

Ok I really liked H.Clinton tonight but why...

???About Carville. Since he did that favor for WH in 2004, what do you think he

What a country we live in bans references to "Juan McCain" amid protests from commenters

Hey ... dumbfuck anti single payer politicians ..........

What happened to Kennedy's MEDICARE FOR ALL bill?


Chuck Todd on Olberman says a Hillary candidacy is a gift to McCain

please disregard my typing tonight

The university degrees that may add nothing to lifetime’s salary

A note to Elizabeth Edwards

On the subject of smoking in public places

I got a response....

The audience at the debate made it look like the Oscars

Anti-McCain Campaign Ad ideas

BUBBLE BUST: "The Pools of Riverside County"

"Death & Taxes" -- a graphical representation. . .

I'm looking for a Samantha Bee clip...

US diplomats sometimes go off-message

Female Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 53, Wound 94 In Baghdad

So,I was listening to Michael Savage yesterday-he hates McCain more than Hillery...

mc cain, although he experienced torture, supports the torturer in chief.

Megalomaniac bigdog ATTACKS Liberal HERO Ted Kennedy

Aragon's Lawyers Claim Charges are DOJ's Dem Attacks

"consensus-seeking, moderate-centrist governor in Texas evolved into a highly polarizing president "

Arlen Specter (R) wants to reopen spying investigation!

== Study says many studies suck = By Mark Morford

US Invasion And Occupation Killed One Million In Iraq

A painting fit for a president

Crooks & Liars Video & Transcript: KO Special Comment: FISA and Telecom Immunity

BREAKING:ExxonMobil posts biggest quarterly, annual profit in American history. No details yet, eom

Just staying alive counts as a victory in a war of attrition

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP

Trickle down economics at it's finest

Has the time past for the media's use of "female suicide bomber"?

At least 64 dead in Baghdad market bombs

Juan Cole at Blowback From The GOP's Holy War

An ode to Rudi -- couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

Why shouldn't we have a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket?

Is it possible that things will go past feb 5'th?

It doesn't matter how well you do in a debate. It's how the PRESS says you did in the debate

"My friends, I'm going to get Osama Bin Laden. I'll get him."

*taptap* Pardon me.

Is there really any surprise that ANY politician has had his/her hands dirty with shady deals?

Come on! Can we have an end to the Obama/Clinton bickering...

For the record. About the debate

Do you think America is ready for Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama?

One on One at Los Angeles Debate, Democrats Set Aim at G.O.P.

The debate proved conclusively that

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary... All That Spinning Has Me Dizzy.....

After tonight

My Uneducated Prediction: John Edwards Will Endorse Obama Tomorrow

LA Times: An Edwards union eyes Obama

The perfect position for President Gore....

"likable" and "national security" are the GE hurdles to clear. We kill them on the economy/health

If Obama looses, what happends toTeddy Kennedy's legacy ?

The best thing about tonight's debate....

McCain leads Clinton by 8; Obama by 6.

Paul Krugman: The Edwards Effect

Caption this picture (from today's debate)

****Hillary Clinton On Government Transparency****I want to put everything on the Internet****

Hillary Clinton is part of a Capitol Hill Bible study group with Brownback, et al

At the L.A. Debate: A Hollywood ending, a producer's dream -- on the ticket together?


Please participate in my little pseudo-scientific poll on tonight's debate.

If Hillary is the Nominee, does Obama's run make Harold Ford Jr. inevitable as VP

It's obviously too late for this argument but I was thinking that the Reason Edwards

I think Obama won some points with Latinos tonight

Hillary Clinton(2003) Fighting for transparency in government decisions

OMG!! Ann Coulter just endorsed Hillary over McCain

If Bush hadn't invaded Iraq...

Obama is exactly who McCain War Hero doesn't want to face

Here's an excellent article about an extraordinary voter registration drive led by Obama in 1992.

A lesson for DU?

Marc Ambinder: "I'll give Obama the edge"

We have moved into a post-Iraq political environment for the General Election

Would you be happy with an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket?

Quack. Quack quack, quack. Quack!

I have heard it all now. Ann Coulter said that she would vote for Hillary

John F. Kennedy and his Civil Rights Act of 1964

Luntz Focus Group: Obama wins overwhelmingly

Now is the time that we put aside our differences and...

Are we witnessing the destruction of the Republic party?

CNN Planning An Ohio Debate

Ann Coulter says she will vote for Hillary over McCain!

Hillary Quotes on Support of Iraq War

Time grades the debate a TIE: Both Hillary and Obama get an A-

As an aside to the debate; Is this going to be a McCain/Guiliani ticket?

BBC article about campaigning on social networking sites

Which Candidate Would Be the More Effective Advocate for LGBT Rights...

The Three Myths of the US Election Campaign

Clinton Buys Entire Hour on Hallmark Channel

Am I the only one that finds Hillary's Nightline appearence yest. and tonight's debate

Who is Caroline Kennedy?

Bush is the criminal ... not either of our candidates --

Hillary Clinton or Dick Cheney for prez?

Why might John Edwards be waiting till after Super Tuesday to endorse?

"Hillary Clinton solves all of McCain's Problems"

The Reverse Snub!

Obama on Iran(March 2, 2007) We should take no option, including military action, off the table


Let's call Obama on his baloney

Is today's debate on the web yet?

O.K., This Doesn't Need To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt...

Does anybody remember during one of the pig debates when Romney was talking about health care...

MA Newspaper Salem News Endorses Barack Obama

Move Over YouTube, Here Comes YouBama

Del. Ward Armstrong, D-Collinsville, announced Thursday that he is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama

Out of curiosity how many of you have a loved one serving in Iraq or maybe you did.

my current dream team if Obama Wins

anyone have a video link to the CA-Dem debate from last night

Take your pick Clinton around for 16 years or Obama for 16 years

Something interesting on the BBC Website

Sen. Moynihan's Widow Endorses Obama

Gotta admit.. the past 6 days have been a lot of fun for Obama supporters....

Does anyone know why General Electric is so anti-Clinton.

Clinton-Obama ticket would heal, resurrect ideals, ethics

Hillary's Triangulation

It would appear that Barack and Hillary are acting as fellow dems. Maybe we should follow their lead

Megalomaniac bigdog ATTACKS Liberal HERO Ted Kennedy

The polls in the next few days will be interesting

The thing that worries me about Obama

LTTE:Brian Burgess, Pelican Rapids, Letter: Our nation needs Ron Paul revolution

John McCain: American Hero.

Shillery and Oslama do you really think that's our only choice?

So was Obama sincere in 2004 or is he sincere now?

Clinton smears Obama on Iraq - Again

Mother Jones: Obama NOT Most Liberal, Still Best Pick.

CA Newspaper Times-Standard Endorses Obama

CA Dem Debate a discussion at last and not a food fight

Why Hillary should *not* apologize for her IWR vote.

Please tell me how this is a change from the past....

Clinton, Kerry, Dodd and Edwards all voted for the IWR and all have since run for president.

Democratic Progressive Populism --- R.I.P. or not?

Anyone think Edwards will make an endorsement today?

I'm ready to declare that I will definitely vote for the nominee, Clinton or Obama.

Why was OBAMA the only person in the hall frowning when Clinton said she'd clean up the Bush mess

Obama: "I Want To End Mindset That Got Us Into War In The First Place"

It wasn't the liberals, but the corporate media that rejected Edwards

Neither John nor Dennis would want you to write them in in November

"We encourage Massachusetts Democrats to cast their votes for Barack Obama"

Edwards has left the field and now I have to choose. I am going with...

They put on a good show last night...

Where can I find online audio of last night's debate?

WP columnist Eugene Robinson said the electric moment of this debate for him was...

I hope the race stays close

AP: "Clinton holds edge among key Hispanics"

Wolf Blitzer was terrible last night.

Coulter Would Campaign for Clinton over McCain

What is change??

Anyone who thinks that:

"I believe in coersive diplomacy" HRC

Gallup shows Obama rising

Daily Star (NY) endorses Obama - represents the best hope to give America a badly needed fresh start

Times (UK): "Obama bagman is sent to jail over $3.5m payment by British tycoon"

Matt Lauer just fessed up to MSM's double standard, re: Obama and Clinton

DEBUNKED: Hillary explanation for why she voted against the 2002 Levin Amendment

Candy "Creepycrawlie" throws Hillary a bone.

Coercive Diplomacy...

Healthcare Union Switches from Edwards to Obama

Sure Would Hate To Be A Freeper Today :)

Rasmussen Poll: Obama up 10% in New Jersey; Hillary up 4%

"The Iraq war reemerged Thursday as a dividing line between the two major Democrats remaining" (LAT)

The Year of the Youth Vote

Ron Paul is going to treat her like she's from Maine

Chicago Sun-Times: Why Obama gets our vote

Obama Managed To Damage Hillary On Iraq Without Seeming Mean- No Small Feat

Damn Proud To Be A Democrat

Authorizing A War is NOT The Same As Funding It

Hillary nailed it: I see our country as a trust, not a business.

Who else besides Kerry and Edwards (who were both running campaigns)

Am I the only one here thinking Obama may be considering Claire McCaskell for VP slot?

A Hew Hope

Zoom In: Screeching Record Skipping, the Needle Stuck in the Groove...

Why shouldn't we have a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket?

Times (UK): "Hillary had the better of the night"

non-americans purchasing campaign gear...any problems with that?

It will be a Hillary and McCain battle....

Former President Clinton Shows Calmer Face in Campaign

The Levin Resolution would not have subordinated U.S. policy on Iraq to the UN

OK. Let's change the debate a little. Who has the best plan

Did Hillary throw undocumented workers under the bus?

Hillary's old school for Obama!

Latinos come out for Obama

Thank you, Hillary and Barack, for putting the Party first

Clinton Holds Edge Among Key Hispanics

CNN's Undecideds "People Meter": Clinton stronger in debate; Obama better on Iraq

Hillary fans: What could she do to defend voting for the Iraq War Resolution with McCain?

"It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush"

Obama's alma mater wants a visit

Rasmussen tracking poll for Friday: Clinton leading by 6%

would a Hillary and Obama ticket be unbeatable? or vice versa?

It is interesting to read the F.R. comments about Ann Coulter's endorsement of Hillary

Not so fast about the newMA Survey USA poll

Is The Media/"Establishment" Now Picking Our VP Candidate?

"Opportunities missed" the new pro-Obama media spin.

It may take a clinton to clean up after a bush , BUT....

Take it from an old guy, who can easily support any Democrat who can win the primary..........

Natalie Holloway killer arrested


What does Hillary plan to do about Poverty in the U.S.?

IWR- Was opposing Bush enough? Was that Congress' only responsibility?

anyone else noticing a gradual improvement in the tone around here?

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Obama

More right wing radio rage about McCain, "He's Candidate of La Raza"

Flashback: Chuck Todd predicts Bush's approval would go up to 50% by July 4, 2007

HEADS UP: Obama press conference at 11:00 ET.

Hillary outraises Obama in fourth quarter of 2007

CA Newspaper Tahoe Daily Tribune Endorses Obama

Obama sweeps OU student vote in mock election

Chuck Todd on Olberman says a Hillary candidacy is a gift to McCain

Who's campaign is carbon nuetral? Or is that just too 2007?

Kucinich recommends Obama & Clinton

I've chatted with a few people last night/this morning who are for the first time closely following

How Judi killed off Rudy Giuliani: "Enough political baggage to fill a Louis Vuitton trunk"

So if you don't believe there was media bias against Edwards, check this out

Clinton Co-Chair Took Checks From Rezko

I just gotta say: I could live with either one of them as President

Rasmussen Daily Tracking: Clinton +1, Obama +2 but

"It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush"

TIME's Debate Report Card: Hillary, A-, Barack, A-

Hillary's Lead Shrinks in New Jersey!!!

Poll: Al Franken Ahead In Minnesota Senate Race

Huckabee: "The beauty of this country: someone who disrupts a meeting won't be taken out & shot"

Edwards goes down swinging

Obama campagined equating FUNDING with IRAQ WAR SUPPORT. Once elected, FUNDED WAR.


Hillary looked likable. It will pull in undecideds

NARAL Pro-Choice America endorses.........

Am I the only one who believes that the GOP has a black, and a woman candidate waiting in

Can you believe the pro-Obama stuff coming out from this CNN

Union That Endorsed Edwards Will Back Obama

Admin - is it possible to have an Official Endorsement Thread

Will John Edwards Endorse a candidate before Super Tuesday?

How on earth can anyone call Hillary Clinton a progressive?

NY Magazine: "The Evita Factor: Hillary Clinton's Popularity With Hispanics"

Is American Ready to put a "First Man" in the White House?

The Atlantic: Waiting for Gore

Whats Clinton & Obama's views on the Missile Defence Shield ?

Obam is running a very smart campaign

Obama supporters...Let's create something together! NOW!!

Will we now hear Joe Scarborough praising the wisdom and insight of members?

Barack get's MoveOn NOD!

Rasmussen daily graph for 2/1/08 - Clinton up 1 (43), Obama up 3 (37)

Guess Who's Voting For Hillary....Ann Coulter!!!! Watch here...

I love you Barack Obama, but...

My Apology...

My Cat Endorses Obama! just slapped Hillary Clinton in the face AFTER SHE supported their Petraeus ad!

Connecticut poll (SUSA): Barack Obama now leading Hillary Clinton

New York poll (SUSA); Clinton 54%, Obama 38%

The clear difference between Clinton and Obama is how they negotiate with our adversaries vote totals Obama 197,444 (70.4%) Clinton 83,084 (29.6%)

Just out: In New Jersey, Clinton 51%, Obama 39% (SUSA)

After yesterday's Debate at the home of American Idol, the Kodak

MoveOn endorses Obama

What will constitute "victory" on Super Tuesday?

How MoveOn Calculated the Vote

Seattle Mayor Nickels endorses Obama for president

What is Obama's press confrence about?

Have the Democrats done one good campaign commercial since LBJ's daisy in 1964?

A speech I would love to hear Obama give

I'm warming up to Candidate Clinton more and more...

Obama flip-flops to pander to Hispanics

Stop analyzing who Edwards' support went to in every poll

If elected, Hillary could inherit much worse situation than did Bill...

Clinton "did her due diligence on Iraq?" Why didn't she bother to read the NIE?

I missed the debate last night - is there a video online ???

The LEVIN Amendment

Illinois folks and New York folks:


When Hillary Says "I hope" (As in, "I hope" to Get the Troops out of Iraq)...

"Local officials from Dutchess County (NY) came out Thursday to endorse Barack Obama"

AP: "Navajo president endorses Hillary Clinton"

Many Americans want Paper ballots counted in Public - Election Reform Now, please.

Bill Clinton on slowing economy, global warming: Internet misinformation, fueled by Drudge


The "Nays"

Atlantic: "Gore and Obama speak regularly, every two weeks or so"

Native American Times Endorses Barack Obama

The biggest knockout punch in the debate tonight was by Hillary....

So, what did you think about the moderators for tonight's Dem debate?

Shelby Steele--thoughts on Obama, an interesting conversation with Bill Moyers

Thank you, DUers, for voting 2 to 1 for DOUBLE NADER OVERDRIVE!

Perspective on the IWR

Latest Gallup National Poll: Obama gains 12 points in one week now only 4 points behind

Full Text of Obama's war votes....

Mittens has already spent 40 mill of his own money

Ha ! It's out ! McCain almost left the Repuke Party

The Statesman (Stony Brook University) Endorses Barack Obama

We could do much worse than . . .

CNN is re-running the entire debate on TV

If anyone hit a home run, Hillary OWNED the immigration question

Money for advertising prior to Super Tuesday

Congratulate me, please! I accurately predicted the exact outcome of last night's debate!

Former Eco-Terrorist Organized Enviromental Film Festival [Nader thread]

Other than one speech in Chicago, what did Obama do to try and stop the war??


Rep Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Endorses Barack Obama

Move.Org will endorse Obama

***Clinton Family Comedy: My Buddy Bill - on Comedy Central Feb 7th***

Is anybody already starting to mourn over having one of our two great candidates "lose" on Tuesday?

It's about the war

Clinton has made no inroads in Obama's Illinois support but he has

EDWARDS FRIENDS: Closing Time (You Don't Have to Go Home, but You Can't Stay Here)

Time to move on from the Intra Party Partisanship.

Thom Hartmann did his weekly presidential poll

A helpful chart for Super Tuesday

WP, Eugene Robinson: The Electability Thing

Hillary double digit lead in New Jersey!!!!

We need new polls in Minnesota and Missouri!

>>>So in your opinion, who won the debate last night?>>>>

Please help me find this thread?

A thousand words please

State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, officially endorsed U.S. Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday.

Huckabee goes after Willard, mentions the march with MLK that wasn't.

Who will the GOP run in 2012? McCain is a fall guy and they will wait in the wings for Reagan 2

Rep Jim Oberstar (D-MN) endorses Barack Obama

Gallup National Daily Tracking Poll Clinton 44 (+1), Obama 41 (+2), MOE +/- 3%

Sorry Folks, I just don’t get what the fuzz is all about! Really!!!

I voted in the survey, they made my wish come true!!!

The Reviews Are In: Hillary 'Eminently Likeable,' 'Really Impressive,' 'Presidential'

Nearly $1 BILLION dollars spent EACH DAY in Iraq...tell me again why IWR isn't an issue?

Do you think healthcare is a shared responsibility of society similar to education?

Has MSNBC reached a new low on primary coverage?

Minnesota Senate: Franken 43%, Coleman 40%

MSNBC announces SEIU California has endorsed Obama

Video: Ann Coulter prefers Hillary to McCain...

NPR's Talk of the Nation "Science Friday" talking about Electronic Voting NOW!

America , the country of emotional ditto heads

GREAT McCain on Iraq poster:

Anybody know the latest superdelegate totals? Obama's been picking up a lot of endorsements lately.

How to tell if our candidates are lying....

Obama surges to within six of Hillary in her backyard

List of Superdelegates who HAVE NOT endorsed yet

... about that first commandment

why some hillary supporters all of sudden hate racheal maddow now?

MoveOn Edorses Obama!

Trouble in the Rangel Family: Alma Rangel Endorses Obama

Is McCain still vulnerable on the Keating Five scandal?

Yale Daily News endorses Obama

CT Rep. Rosa DeLauro To Endorse Obama Tomorrow!

LA-Times - "Super delegates may sink the Democrats" Only Solution is Dream Team

Have fun fighting over who's candidate represents the second coming, cuz NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE

The Move-On "votes" - where's the votes for Edwards, Kucinich, and Richardson?

Is there a caucus going on today for the Repubs in Maine?

Why I believe Edwards is going to Endorse Obama: Obama's Plan to End Poverty

There is loyalty and then there's Loyalty

Congressman Earl Blumenauer endorses Obama

Why John McCain Should Scare The Crap Out of Democrats....

Obama Says He's More Electable Than Clinton

When a primary is this close--and it WILL be close, in terms of delegates...

Survey USA poll of Alabama post Edwards (2-1-08) - Obama - Hillary - tied at 47%

Union That Endorsed Edwards Will Back Obama

Yo, Money, I turned on CNN last night and there was this black guy

Is the "Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee" legit?

Sure hope sharks are conservative Republicans

McCain/Giuliani on Leno

Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) endorses Obama

Assemblymember Dave Jones (D-Sacramento) Endorses Obama

Anyone notice theat both candidates entered stage right

Why is Obama reluctant to mandate health insurance for all?

The "snub" effect on the debate

A Nation of Immigrants: Part 2

What did Barack whisper in Hillary's ear last night?

2 more congressional endorsements for Obama today (Oberstar, Blumenauer)

POLL: Hillary 47 (-2), Obama 37 (+8)

Joe Conason: Will the press get over its love for McCain? Straight-talking maverick now typical pol

Free Gift to the GOP: Teddy Kennedy, Grateful Dead, endorse Obama.

I'm going to opt out of Social Security. Want my money now.

Caption this debate pic

MoveOn and SEIU Endorse Obama

Seattle Mayor Nickels endorses Obama for president

Experts: Without Mandate, No Universal Health Care

The First 100 Days: Obama/Edwards and the Year of the Ox

"more than 85 health care experts released a letter debunking Senator Clinton’s critique of Obama’s"

Tenn. Presidential Poll, Clinton 59, Obama 36

"There's something about him..." "I can't put my finger on it." "Something's off...

MO POLL: Hillary 48, Obama 44

MoveOn is supposed to fight against Repubs, Not tear apart the Dem Party.

Mr. Obama, due to your recent statements on elect ability, It is CLEAR you will never get my vote.

Grateful Dead announce, like a concert, man. For, like Obama. Guess the set list here:

Does getting your mansion financed by a slum lord negate previous community organizing?

Regarding Poverty (I'm kinda pissed off.)

Survey USA poll of Missouri post Edwards (2-1-08) - Obama 44%, Hillary 48%

Hillary & McCain on FOX NEWS SUNDAY


Survey USA poll of Connecticut Obama: 48% Clinton 44%

(CAPTION) I guess the candidates ARE getting along better.

Barack Obama campaigns in Albuquerque, NM on CNN now!

Edwards Wants To Remain On R.I. Ballot

Clinton: United States government is a trust

Survey USA poll of NY: HRC: 54% Obama: 38%

Obama receives endorsement of over 80 newspapers

CNN: Richardson likely to endorse Clinton

NJ Poll: Clinton 44 Obama 38

Alabama Times-Journal endorses Hillary Clinton.

"The mailer is wrong and misleading." - Peter Harbage, former Edwards health care adviser

I wonder how much flop sweat is on Mark Penn's upper lip this afternoon

War Opponents Dispute Clinton's Account Of Levin Amendment

Any DUers unsubscribing from papers, orgs and elected officials' e-mail lists who endorse Hillary?

Clinton holds edge among key Hispanics-(Obama tries to play the Ricky Martin card)

FOX NEWS Poll: Clinton 47% - Obama 37 % Clinton UP - 10%

8.3 million people watched the debate last night - most ever

About newspaper endorsements

Why Moveon picked Obama

Obama said that he would “fine parents” in order to enforce the mandate in his health plan.

To those who compare Obama with RFK...

The beautiful thing I didn't hear at the debate last night.

Obama picks up key Edwards supporter

McCain pulled a Newt!!!!

Hillary Outraises Obama In Fourth Quarter Of 2007

What the hell? (Barack Obama -> Ron Paul?)

McCain must Swallow the Evangelical Pill at the Convention: Who Gets on the Ticket?

Rosa DeLauro to endorse Obama

Barack: Our nation is at war; our planet is in peril. Families all across the country are struggling

"A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq"

A Nation of Immigrants

Clinton surrogates: Obama's mailers = Nazi's marching in IL?!?

MoveOn skews poll to deny uncommitted a voice

Gary Hart campaigns for Obama

Kerry and Kennedy's endorsement of Obama have made

I'm not a Hillary (political) fan, but I gotta believe she scored some points ...

Did Biden, Dodd or Richardson endorse anyone? (nt)

WHAAAAAA.... I'm Quitting

CNN Dem Debate Most Watched in Cable History: 8,300,000 million viewers

Dr. Gupta on CNN compairing/contrasting health care plans

The Debate vs. Lost

What did you think of Obama helping Clinton in and out of her chair at last night's debate?

Representative Jim Oberstar Endorses Obama For President

Should Gore endorse -- or supplant Bill Clinton as party's titular head, above the fray?

I know, I know...another "which repub do you want to face in Nov" poll. Sorry....

The Denver Post endorses Clinton. "Democratic nominee: Clinton is better prepared"

I thought Bush was the king of morons until I saw Romney

I've just been invited to Hillary's townhall meeting this Monday!!!

Edward's delegates status

THAT Woman...

Progressive Democrat Steve Novick's First National TV Interview - And Fox News Loves Him

Illinois Primary: Obama up 60-24 over HRC

Obama rising: Tennessee edition

Hillary Clinton Gives Exclusive Interview to Logo

There's Still 2 Kennedy Endorsements Up For Grabs!

Do not let Edwards message get lost in the fight to the finish.

Barack Obama and the / Betray-Us thing:

Hillary supporter compares Obama's healthcare mailer to Nazis marching through Skokie,Ill.

Hillary Clinton's good enough for 'Out of Iraq Caucus' members Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters

14,000 physicians, medical students and health professionals supports universal health care

I don't have kids and could use the extra income, can I opt out of public school funding?

Anybody watching Obama Rally on He just picked up an endorsement. What was it?

Where are Obama and Hillary today?

Congressional Black Caucus Split Evenly Between Backers of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama

Quick vote

An example of a calculating political mind (re: HRC)

What happens when the Repugs start planting the "Bill is still Cheating" crap this fall?

If community organizer Obama can add 150,000 new voters to the City of Chicago

Obama for America Rally This Morning in LA with Senator Ted Kennedy

I think I may not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton...

NYT on MoveOn Endorsement

Obama said he will decriminalize marijuana. Will Hillary follow suit?

Will Gore Endorse?

Gallup: Hillary's National Lead Down To Three Points


A comparative demographic I'd like to see between Clinton and Obama voters

Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll indicates Edwards support goes to Obama

L.A. Times endorsement: Barack Obama for Democratic nominee

Ann Coulter is the Britney Spears of Politics

Dem Race Splitting Some Couples in Two

CNN is reporting that Ann Coulter would vote for Hillary

Mandates without subsidies on the front end

MoveOn stabs Clinton in the back, endorses Obama despite his snub on the Petraeus ad vote.

To Clinton and Obama supporters: What will you do if your

Aonther CA Newspaper The Oakland Tribune Endorses Obama

Obama overwhelming Clinton in fundraising and T.V. advertising.

Obama supporters: I'm getting nervous

3,000,000 MoveOn Members did NOT vote for Obama

SURVEY USA ALABAMA TIED UP 47-47, Hillary gets 65% of white vote, Obama 28%

Move On's undemocratic endorsement - complete crock

Oprah’s Back - - Might appear Sunday in LA, with Michelle

Is there any newspaper in California that has endorsed Clinton?

Hillary voted against the Anti-MoveOn res in Senate..What was Obamas vote again?

Is Obama the kind of guy you'd like to smoke a joint with?

Just for fun: How old is the oldest presidential sticker on your car?

NEW POLL: Clinton and Obama in dead heat in Alabama

Would you rather have a Strong President and a Strong Senator or a Dream Team ticket?

Observations on the Edwards passion

LA Times Endorses Obama

If Clinton is the nominee, would it be a problem if she chose a female VP?

McCain’s Critics on Right Look Again

It’s Official: Alma Rangel Backs Obama

Question ......

If DU Were Going To Officially Endorse A Candidate, Who Should It Be? endorsement - no surprise there.

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics has been much more accurate than Gallup or Rasmussen, has Hillary up by 10

LA Times: Barack Obama for Democratic nominee SpiderMan gave $4600 to Hillary and $2300 to Obama...

Obama Objects to Being Labeled the "Most Liberal Senator"

Obama: If my supporters don't get an ice cream cone, they'll knock yours in the dirt


Obama: We Must Preserve Our TOTAL COMMITMENT to Our Unique Defence Relationship with Israel

So Topps came out with baseball cards with President candidates on it.. (PIC HEAVY!)

How many MoveOn members here are "opting out" over MO endorsement?

Iraq Resolution - I case you forgot...All the "Ayes" (D) in the Senate and House

Maddy..breaking the rules and calling out members doesn't help your candidate

More attended Obama rally in Denver than VOTED in the 2004 caucus...

Survey USA Polls most likely underestimating Hillary's lead and not sampling enough women


Readers: Obama best choice

Way too much is made of Hillary's Iraq War vote ... and I can tell you why ...

A New Batch Of Polls For Super Tuesday States

KennedyGuy: You do your candidate no favors.

A message to all Hillary Clinton supporters on this board

hillary ...

8.3 million tuned into last night's debate.

Former U.S. senator Dennis DeConcini endorses Obama

Hey LoZoccolo! You too...

The truth comes out about Obama Kennedy endorsement

The CLEAR Winner of Last Night's Debate Was...

I didn't watch the debate last night because I had to work, but...

GDP today is like a junior high classroom after the substitute teacher goes awol.

The problem with focusing on delegates rather than popular vote...

How many in here are being paid to spread bullshit and divide and conquer?

From the L.A. TIMES Obama Endorsement:

Kansas Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson today endorsed Barack Obama for president

Republican NH Primary Candidate Demands SoS Count Unvoted Ballots; Says Diebold Probs in 21 Towns...

Something to remember about the primary states that follow Tuesday

There's A Difference Between Attacking A Candidate And Attacking Their Supporters

Isn't this a great picture..........

How long did it take the Obamafanatics to co-ordinate their attack on me today?

Um, what's going on guys?

WTF is going on, people??!!??

Edwards and Clinton talk about "people" in their speeches, Obama talks abstractions


When you go to unsubscribe to MOVE ON email alerts you get a page asking WHY

For my 20,000th post, I offer this:

Obama fundraiser's (Rezco) trial delayed

I'm Going to Call out a DUer who I truly Despise...Ignored, you SUCK!

David Frum Said on Tucker that though Obama and Clinton may hate each other, their supporters dont

True or false, Paul Revere had 16 children?

Any new Arizona polls?

Giuliani breaks the record: $49M for 1 delegate


Why is Ocean allowed to call people names?

"Old School" Conservative voted Kerry in '04, now supports Obama

MODS! Jesus! Just start randomly deleting stuff

Y'all are gonna play nice again once we get a nominee right?

Now it is Clear

Hillary only 11 behind Obama in Illinois

Why do certain supporters turn this into the "DU Lounge" when topics don't go their way?

What a sexist world we live in! Kennedy, Move-On, LA Times

So I Was Just Listening To Hannity

HNMNF-You need to STFU because you Dont help Obama at all! Go AWAY!!

McCain is the conservative's Lieberman and he's their nominee.

The Bible says that we should not take revenge

We Actually Can Overcome

How I Feel Watching DUers Attack Eachother

Which Of Your Rival's DU Supporters Do You Respect?

Those who hope California will be decided soley based on absentee ballots - you'll be dissappointed

Navajo president endorses Clinton for president

Someone fill me in.

The MSM has stopped promoting Obama over Clinton. Obnoxious supporters probably behind it

Would someone please unplug Wolf Blitzer'z smackdown machine...

On snap. "you always get more leg-room when a campaign is going under."

The Contrast is Startling!

Obama on Bill Richardson endorsement

When the LA Times uses the word "aspiration" in their endorsement

Choose a woman to be president:

L A County Supervisor Gloria Molina Endorses Hillary Clinton (significant indicator of Richardson)

I am not too proud to admit when I am wrong.

At first glance I was thinking the MoveOn endorsement for Barack would be disastrous for Hillary

Clinton or Obama: Which Would Direct the Justice Department to Investigate the Bush/Cheney Crimes?

I wish I knew how to quit you Move On

At This Point in the Story, Palpatine Reveals That the Death Star Is Fully Operational

"It May Take A Clinton To Clean Up After A Bush BUT IT TAKES AN OBAMA TO BREAK THE CYCLE!

Obama Continues to Gain In Texas (big swing)

Obama: neo-conservatism with a human face: The Audacity of Fraud: How Barack Obama Is Losing My Vote

Oh no..Bill out there attacking again

A reminder to Clinton supporters about an issue they wish would just go away

Gallup: Hillary's National Lead Down To Three Points

We should bring back the repeat offender auto-ban...

Is anybody else still undecided?

Lets say Obama is leading Hillary by a couple hundred delegates going into the convention

Who's Getting the Big Superdelegates?

There were NO UN inspectors in Iraq when Congress voted on the IWR

Clinton and Obama supporters - on IWR

Hillary's Own Assertion That She Was LBJ & Obama was MLK Does Make Some Sense After All.

Do they REALLY believe it? or, Supporters and Fanatics in GD/P

Obama to Speak in Delaware SUNDAY!

LA Times Endorses Obama

Richardson to watch Super Bowl with Bill Clinton, possible endorsement Monday?

Clinton co-chair took checks from Rezko

BREAKING: Obama Takes the Lead in Connecticut!

Guns & Butter

Do you think that the MSM will suddenly "find" the Clinton Library donors lists...

Think about where this country was when Bill Clinton took office.

I am confused?

I don't really care but endorsement of Obama was for a reason

The Choice - By Christopher Hayes, The Nation

I believe this explains Hillary Clinton's IWR vote --->>>

If the legacy claiming by Obama and Clinton devolves into an JFK vs RFK competition

Mark Penn really is over-rated, Axelrod is owning him, how to defeat Obama, and other thoughts

To the GD/P Mods:

Thoughts and reactions on Obama's bold new energy proposal

Alma Rangel Endorses Barack Obama

Is Hillary's smugness an issue? I think so.

Compare & Contrast...Hillary & Obama Iraq related votes...

To those who could "never vote for someone who voted for the IWR"

Everyone thought Saddam was a threat and had WMD

New Hillary TV AD: Bobby Kennedy Jr. describes how Hillary has inherited his father's legacy

The Edwards Effect by Krugman. Edwards lost. His ideas triumphed

Moynihan Backed Clinton; His Widow Backs Obama

How Green Is Your Candidate?


Clinton: I Didn’t Think I Was Voting For The War

Do You Believe in Magic?

Deplorable Thread (let me die!)

New Obama Art from "Obey Giant" !!

I just threw away my Dead albums, quit MoveOn, e-mailed Kennedy, torn up my Toni Morrison books...

Obama On Iraq War Vote, 2006

Obama says his voters won't support Hill is she gets nomination

Los Angeles Times Endorses Obama

The Nation endorses Barack Obama

Independents & Republicans who voted for Obama might not vote for Hillary.

With Edwards out, is it true MCCAIN is now the only candidate relying on Campaign Finance System?

MSNBC: California SEIU, 600,000 strong, just voted to endorse Barack Obama!

Show of Hands, Who was Drawn to Politics by the George McGovern 1972 Campaign?

We Got a Fresh Start Last Night. Let's Not Blow It

Obama's Negative Mail: Harry and Louise redux, attack on UHC

Yup, Hillary's Transparent All Right


Obama supporters: Don't get suckered into the "Dream Ticket with Obama as Veep" meme.

Undecided Voters break 60-40 for Hillary after watching debate

Record number of voters on rolls in Tuscaloosa County

Hillary has been fighting for government transparency longer then Obama has been in the Senate

In the 90's, the economy....

Super Tuesday Delegate math: A Primer

Obama admitted that he does not "KNOW" what he would have done regarding the IWR vote...

Who is Caroline Kennedy?

Obama Sets New Online Record ($28 of the $32 million raised last month came over the Internet)

"I told you so" will taste like ashes to me.

Hillary does not deserve your vote if you ever opposed this illegal war and occupation!!!

IWR doesn't matter. You heard me.

Pulitzer Winner Joan Vennochi (Boston Globe) on McCain's Spoiled Message: State Street Bank

The last person I ever thought would endorse Hillary Clinton

Y'all keep on with the fighting. I'm just gonna enjoy this bit of history for a little while...

Obama supporters: Do you know where he'll be on Monday in Boston?

from DailyKos: "The Dead," to play San Fran for Obama!

EDWARDS FRIENDS: wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' for Obama/Edwards? Come on in.

Carville and Matalin on MTP again Sunday. Carvillean quotes from the past.

It's not the IWR vote, it's the reason Hillary gives for the vote and her statements on Iraq

How will or would you vote on Super Tuesday? Has your vote changed?

You want issues? William Greider -- What really was behind Clintonian economics

With Presidential Final Four in place, speculation moves to the Veepstakes

Hillary Clinton and Her Vote for the IWR

I never thought that I would see the day that certain factions on DU would be DEFENDING the IWR

Here is why I do not want Hillary Clinton to get the nomination and become President

I will support Hillary Clinton for President

Help me send a message.....For Edwards supporters.

Teresa Heinz Kerry: On Obama and the oft-ignored issue of environmental justice

Are You Undecided, and Reading GDP for Facts to Help You Make up Your Mind?

Caption This

How Much Would a Single-Payer System Cost?

Hrugman on Obama's health care BS: The mandate muddle

I just quit Move On


Which Title Is Unclear to the Average Wellesley/Yale-Educated Reader?

How is 'we ain't bin attacked in 7 yrs' a bragging point?

Friend just noted the Rebate was just about the price of a Wal-Mart flatscreen,

High comedy from dolt Michael Reagan re: Straight Tawkin' Express.

The word of the day is FUCK!! (All Three). Replace a word in a sentence with...

2 mentally retarded female bombers strike Baghdad pet market

C is for Cookie.

The DrRingtones ad featuring Benazir Bhutto is a little odd to me.

I think I have found a distant cousin.

(Don) Young's (R-AK) Legal Fees Mount

What do you need to be protected from?

To Celebrate The Brilliance of Last Night's Debate


What do you do when the dishwasher stops working?

I would really like to apologize to the lounge...

Good citizens, history, and intellect; or the declawing of the citizenry

Breast Cancer Killing U.S. Women Unable to Afford Health Care

John McCain as Dr Strangelove. A new short from Brave New Films (Robert Greenwald)

SHOCKING, completely unexpected turn of events: "Karl Rove to join Fox News Channel…"

1-31-07 Never Forget


Slate Sand And Gravel Endorses Mike Gravel For President

I talk too much.

Ground Hog Day

The Wire - who's watching it?

I switched from the debates to TV5 (France)...

Difference between liberal & repub? They'd torture us if they could.

Bush's War: It's a Preventative War - Not a Pre-emptive one. nt

Bush's War: It's a Preventative War - Not a Pre-emptive one. nt

Two questions poll.

Killing of glamour model-bodyguard stuns Moscow

Attention: I've put the entire lounge on ignore.

Exxon Mobil posts $40.6 billion annual profit--Oil giant breaks record for largest annual profit

Which TV show would you rather watch (of your own accord)?

Natalie Holloway killer arrested

Corporations doing great, the little guy not so much

At least 68 dead in Baghdad market bombs

Anybody watching Bush on CNBC right now?

Is it big enough? Will it satisfy? Wish it was bigger?

Iron Pyrite (2008 Edition)

Funniest serious illness I've ever had: Pac Man Fever!

New Game: guess the state based on its anagram. I'll start: LEWD AREA

Baby shocks socialists, 10-year-old works.

Obama WINS move-on endorsement 70.4% to 29.6% for Hillary

Dipwad is on live on CNBC...

Dominici Under Senate Investigation (Over Fired US Attorneys)

Trains, Bloggers Are Threats in US Drill

surge update - Dozens Killed in Worst Baghdad Attack in Months

We have been warned. Problems May Stall Super Tuesday Results

Our media does not allow us to have heros and provides cover for villains

Obama presser will be on MSNBC

What is the drug cocktail that leads to

Does coffee reduce appetite?

They wanna have a war to keep us on our knees.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!!

Et Tu, New York Times? Where Were They When Musharraf Sacked the Judges?

Fun reading regarding Rethug candidates

Philip Morris loses again

Name two dissidents that were of your denomination. Mine: Zoltan Chlebm and Vladimir Czsyngy

Why are 2 day old threads about Edwards dropping out being archived?

Awful people, please check in!

AARGH!!! There's a monkey screeching on my teevee!

Were all the "reviewers" of the debate ALL CONSERVATIVE..

Does anyone have any pictures of celebrities...

Court backs school on gay topics in class.

America Betrayed: Will Progressives Take The Fall? (Framing)

WP pulls plug on wide-screen TV Super Bowl parties.

The Wall and 9/11

Guess this means that soon Yahoo pages will only work with Microsoft's browser

Have you ever been told you have a distinctive voice?

War spending games

What do you do when the dishwasher stops working? (sexist joke alert)

A HypnoDedication to anyone who's had it rough in the datin' industry


My students reacted poorly to my Grammer lesson today,

Olbermann: Bush push for telco immunity 'textbook example of fascism'

Just great, the worst president ever is in K.C. today. Just go away asshole.

Goodbye Microsoft? Goodbye Windows? Zonbu!

That "There Will Be Blood" ad freaks me out.

Testimony of a US ex-marine

Ok ok I am now officially bored.

what's the best service to register a domain with?

What's for dinner tonight?

Just finished watching "When the Levees Broke"... highly recommended

Can you give me any more POWER!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Alabama U.S. Attorney Targets Another Dem...?

What would be the best way to torture the truth out of g.w. bush?


Such a concerted effort to demonize "trial lawyers" - I wonder why?

What the fuck?



Five minutes until LOST!!!

Who else is in for that night?


It's COLD.....


My new celb sighting ....

Why did the RNC send out a press release

Sarah Jessica Parker developing new 'Runway'-like artists show

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: "Venezuela is basically democratic"

Hidden Rate Swap Fees by JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley Hit Pennsylvania Schools


Number 22 it is

Since when did W even care about terrorism?

what's with defcon 2 tonight?

I got motion sickness from Half Life

I think I just got Duped (again) by another "deceptive business practice," Check this out.

Having a Good Ol-fashioned Arabian Dust Storm the next few days...

An Open Letter/Constructive Suggestion (I Hope) to the Admins

Come vote in my little poll on the debate.

WHY is Herr Decider still allowed to make signing statements?


The media has been telling us what to think for years. Let's make this the last time THEY choose....

For your eating pleasure...the canned cheeseburger!

FRIDAY Talk of the Nation ON NOW = States Grapple with Electronic Voting Technology

"Body language in debate". This is how bad it has become: an airhead host

Is there something called Windfall Profits Tax and would Profits

How do I put someone on ignore??? Quick...before I strangle somebody!!!

I had a free lunch at a brand new restaurant today!

Report: Spears' Hospital Escort Cost Police $25K

Juan Cole: On Islamophobia among the GOP candidates

Who am I ???

Is there a FUCKING pill I can take

McCain On Leno: 'By Golly' We're 'Winning' In Iraq; A Few Hours Later...

Report: Karl Rove To Join Fox News Channel

I'll make you a deal. I'll support photo-ID to prevent "fraud"

for anyone worried about McCain being the nominee:

Wow....I have not seen Chelsea Clinton for a long time and....

How many right-wingers would slit their wrists if Hillary were elected President?

Non Sequitur on Huckabee

Just in case the tough birds kick yours out (photos)

I've tried to understand

Caption this * pic

Is anyone else's life ruled by post-it notes?

I feel weird. Drained. Like I've lost two of my six cylinders.

Man's sheep banned from village

The Surge: Keeping Track of the Numbers

Congratulations Exxon! $3 billion in quaterly profits! How'd you do it?


'Do we have to stand here?' - * pic

New LOL Kitties

Here is one of the corporate dems running against Dennis

Hilton pleads guilty, gets life in prison.

Someone who embodied why I am a Democrat died today, Marilyn Praisner

Over five minutes, and nobody wrote anything

Mitt Romney to campaign at a Ford Dealership today

What gives **them** the right to eject people bodily?

Help me decide what to do

One of my cats is a freak (pic included)

WHAAAAAA.... I'm Quitting

Bush, Lord, Lunatic AND Liar, counts the ways America is stronger because of him

Over 5 million dead in Congo, 1500 daily

Who is up?

Just got a new iMac - need help

Hey there Lounge!


Raise your hand (digitally) if you hate Wolf Blitzer

Gerry Patrick Hemming dies - Anti-Castro spook, Interpen founder...

Fraud at the Republican Congressional Committee?!?

What is a Patriot?

Oh fuck, I way overslept for work

Is DU running slow this morning or is it only on my end

OK. Seriously.

Vinyl Frontier: Left-for-Dead Music Is Resurrected for the Digital Age

Your opinion on Peruvian surfing cats?

Bush's 2009 Budget Will Top $3 Trillion

my new roommate is social and it kinda weirds me out

What is the dumbest thing you could possibly say...

Should I go post this smiley in GD-P?

I Believe In.....(finish the sentence. I'll begin)

Keep things under control, okay

Please forgive my evil twin if he posted some harsh remarks...

Well I just lost a lifelong friendship.

BREAKING:Punxsutawney Phil holed up in Smicksburg Econolodge with hookers and an 8-ball


O’Reilly Snubs Homeless Vets, After Promising To Take Care Of Them

Brazil accuses Amazon scientists (& NGOs) of theft

Maurice Ravel endorses Mike Gravel for president

So this is the Woman that Rush called a "Perpetual Dog"

FISA deal in Senate: Amendments: 51 votes needed to strip telecom immunity / Gov't as defendant

Nude Models on strike (VIDEO)

We don't have to hate eachother, we really don't.

Rudy sets a record.... but not a good one... $50 million for a single delegate

My interview with Mike Papantonio

I'm moving up in the world

1st time in 10 years, Norway gets extreme weather

My WTF moment for the day - Shia Labeouf dressed up for the night.

Favorite Groundhog

Specter Wants Explanation from NFL & Cheatriots

Today's word is "Asshole"

In the U.S. south, is Canadian a new racial slur?

Pizza for breakfast, anyone?

Hospital Food

This'll get you going this morning.........

Bush Afghanistan Policy Raked at Hearing

Bush: "There are certainly some troubling signs that the economy is weakening"

Question about Star Trek's "Enterprise" groundhog...

WHOOO-HOOOO she got the job!!! she got the job!!!!

Shhhhh !!!! Genius at Work....

Were toll house cookies invented in Delaware?

Question about Star Trek's plasma conduits...

*New* Counting Crows Album!!!

sunscreen kills coral reefs

Any news on RubberDucky's rescued

The story of my lucky fife...

The 32% - Reuploaded for YouTube

Rudy breaks a record

The Royal Greasing of the Poles

Make A Child Smile February Kids

Berkeley gives Marines the boot

Is there any use for orange peels?

I'm starting to fart like hell from "burritos"

Am I the only person whose typos are often valid words?

Anyone have $4000 or a few hugs to spare?

Clean Flix Founder Arrested for Porn, Underage Sex

"Please see reply #76", huh? No, I don't think I will !

The story of my fucking life...

My school would not cancel classes if an asteroid were headed for it.

My god they're treating this Hannah Montana movie like Christ coming to the masses on 3D screens

Microsoft + Yahoo! = Ugly babies

Podcast Interview: Corporate Biotech - Poisoning Our Babies?

DNC pledge to support the nominee

Heartwarming Super Bowl Coke commercial with Bill Frist and James Carville

RIP Ben McMillan (Gruntruck)

Legally blind, 92-year-old nails hole-in-1

Anyone know anything about the musician Vinx?

Staff at Woolworths baffled by fuss over the little girl’s bed called Lolita

Check Out FUNDRACE 2008 The Huffington post


My local coffee bar had a man dressed as a Geisha playing Toto's greatest hits at 7 am. on a key-

Say the general election was between John McCain and Joe Lieberman


What philosophy do you follow?

Asian Carpentry Shitbrick Hovel - all appearing in one thread


Woot! Al Franken leading Norm Coleman in Minnesota!! (from

Ugh. Yuck. Why do the long boring meetings always have to be Friday afternoon?!

Sick kitty! Need advice!!!

While I am avidly anti-Republican I believe if a Democratic President

great radio story about Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in anniversary

help me out here... what the fuck is this smiley supposed to be doing?

Post your Feburary 1st 2009 predictions right here!

Has anyone ever had a dog with a pinched nerve before?

Veteran eyes House seat held by Terry (R-Ne)

Fox News BREAKING: Amanda Bynes loves her new puppy, so she's been "picking up all the poo"

46 years old, 11 states and soon-to-be my 25th address

Ann Coulter dropped from CPAC

Stunning ..... Latest Polls show major movement

David Cross was right!

Is "M$M" singular or plural?

I wonder what cellphone plan Captain Kirk was on?

Finnish Patient Gets New Jaw From Own Stem Cells


Corp. Media is mounting an Orchestrated Effort to Paint McCain as "Moderate" - DON'T LET IT STAND!

Any thoughts on "Breaking Bad?"

Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon? Very funny video.

CNN ... ass hats --- the most disgusting name in news ... still streaming only to paid OS computers

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/1/2008)

Rip roaring ice/wind storm here!

I think America is FINALLY fed up with 8 yrs. of repub bullshit.

Ava loves facebook statuses

New Game!

Attending protests/Rallies - good or bad idea?

Well, we are so screwed. I am so depressed. I hope the "anyone" crowd knows

'I'm a Neanderthal man... you're a Neanderthal girl...'

Boy, did I make a mistake

Top Ten Things Overheard At Dick Cheney's Birthday Party

FISA Fight: Dems didn't cave!

Hillary Clinton's Scrapbook

Question about the transporter beam on Star Trek.

Freeper to me: "Hundreds died on 9/11, it was up to us to bring those who killed them to justice"

Uh-oh!! Delaware has been dissed in GD/P

Some peoples sneezes really annoy me.

Tofu tossing fucknugget. I learn so much on this site.

How much have you paid for a wedding photographer?

I'm Starting To Get Burnt From Soap

Middle Class? Low Class? NO class?

Tap Dancing around the health care issue.


I work with 150 people on my floor, and I really wish these 2 losers would quit crying about sneezes

I work with 150 people on my floor, and this one guy is always whining

I Just Sneezed On My 150 Co-Workers

40 years ago today "An Indelible Image of War"

I'm going to invent steak-fried chicken

Elusive Cinema: Films you've long wanted to see, but can't find anywhere

Should James Lipton host the debates?

Game: Class Struggle USA

(@) (@) (@)

Unhealthy enemas put tourists in hospital

I've been offered a free Mercedes, but I don't think I want to take it

Obama coming to Wilmington on Sunday - go ahead, make your best toll joke

Share you classic Chimp moments

Let's have a meetup and beat the snot out of each other!

When you stop and really think our PISS FUCKING POOR healthcare delivery system, how can you NOT....

Pain I have only read about

I think we need a lounge fundraiser to buy lint rollers for the Midlo family's visit to flvegan's.

Great political cartoon....skewering Bill O

I'm starting to feel like Burt from "Soap"

Are we there yet

Kitten who was trapped in a suitcase that travelled cross country is now up for adoptions (w/ pics)

I Just Peed On My 150 Co-Workers

Do you think America will ever resort to this? And if they do, what'll you do about it? IS for sale!!!

Do animal rights people ever play Whac-A-Mole?

Growing a beard, Day 45

When did computers start coming with "trial only " software???

Baby Pics...*****Dial-up Warning...*****

McCain Is To Conservatives As Lieberman Is To Liberals?

Sunrise. Damnright, Oklahoma. Discuss

Name two presidents that were of your denomination. Mine : LBJ and Ronald Reagan

Best HEPA filter for a 10x12 foot room?

Some notes on painting one's home

I think I'm in love with a schnootski

The only way to change this country's direction

Thirty Nine Point Five Billion Dollars

Bar CLOSED Today

Have you ever had either of your parents drop the "H-bomb"?

Emperor Palpatine issues ban on intentional flatulence

Oh no! That mega-prat, George Lucas, has changed his Star Wars Empire Strikes Back movie again!

The Natsi of the Natsi is "Natsi." Natsi any Natsi in a Natsi Natsi with "Natsi."

OMG! I just saw the fundie bumpersticker to end all fundie bumperstickers.

Um.. yeah tell you what

OK I am not calling out Moderators

Obama/Hillary joke (dirty & corny warning)

I'm up before noon because I got to bed at a decent hour! Ask me anything!

I'm Fucking Matt Damon

Who needs universal healthcare when you have Blue Cross Blue Shield?

CNN: Italy's Nude models on strike

St. Ronald? I don't think so...LA Times sorts out GOP misconceptions about Reagan.


Have you ever heard either of your parents do the "F-bomb"?

We are being trained to compare ourselves to & compete with CHINA AND INDIA

where is that post today about smokers?

Question about filing income taxes.....

Vinyl Frontier: Left-for-Dead Music Is Resurrected for the Digital Age

I know this is a hot button issue on here, but this one breaks my heart.

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Delaware LynneSin/Parche Bar thingie


The Word of the Day is "Natsi." Replace any word in a subject line with "Natsi."

If you don't have a bacon tree in you kitchen, you should.

So we're a bunch of rude DUers who will post bad jokes about GDP typos

Someone IS gonna post or pm the inside joke about Natsi

If you don't have an aloe plant in your kitchen, you should!

Are Natsis elect able?

WTF is a Natsis, anyways?

Snow Day! Everything around Chicago is closed. Woot!

how about a Bush Countdown Clock on DU?

When people hurt you and/or makes you cry, please remember...

Filthy dirtbag Islamic terrorists used downs syndrome patients for suicide bombings

Exxon Mobil Sets Record (in Profits) Again

Time to play - What is in the bag? - * pics

Speaking of baby pics, did FedUpWithIt All have her baby, yet?

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

You know what? GD:P isn't that bad.

hey, why aren't repubs yelling Chappaquidick yet?

ABC: BUSHCO's NSA "Spying Apparatus VULNERABLE To Manipulation By The Terrorists Themselves"

Hate to ask - Reason John Edwards stopped his campaign?

Question about Star Trek's "Enterprise" intercom...

Who else is picking on the Patriots on Sunday?

FAUX reported Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) gave $10 mil to Scientology!

My ankle hurts :(


Daniel Larusso was sort of an asshole

this weekend i don't get to have any frick'n fun!

I'll do it tomorrow

Trunk Monkey -- great commercials for a car dealership

Strange Wilderness shark stupid it's funny or

My mac won't connect to the internet

So I'm taking myself on a date tomorrow night...

Heading out to work. It's FRIDAY! So, until later ... FEAST ON THIS!1

I feel like I just won an auction on EBay. puerco-bellies is selling me his bracelet.

How would Lee Mercer Jr. have done at the debate, but for the M$M blackout of his campaign?

Iraq: 1917

Facebook group: 'I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who dislike George Bush!'

Anyone else out there like Sigur Rós?

Hey, GoPsUx...

Heaven and Earth: You post at DU way too much!

Omaha, Root of All Evil?

Anybody remember this commercial from The Reagan Era?

If you don't have a pot plant in your spare room, you should!

Jesus Christ went to Prison Today

ASCII Art Appreciation Poll


Riot just broke out in GDP

How does it feel to be one of the tomorrow people?

PHOTO: Civil Marriage is a Civil Right

There have been four "one-date" women in my life.

I left one abusive relationship...

DU Has Made Me Agnostic, and I Pity God If He/She/It Exists

Kucinich's opponent raises big bucks real fast.

THIS is one of the best blog posts about my profession I have EVER read.

I want a butterfly tattoo, but

How To Rig An Election (Interview With Former Top GOP Operative)

a brave Afghan man

Greatest Horror Film of all time

If Brattleboro, VT passes the bill to arrest Bush and Cheney, let's have a DU Retreat Weekend there!

Here's why it sucks to still have a W'04 sticker on your car....

Well, Today I had my Middle Age rite of passage....

Budget Hits $3 Trillion As Debt Marks Bush Legacy

Dads & Sons & Body Image

Thank you for not asking me not to smoke

Caption St. Ronnie

Someone at work sent me an email today saying I did someting unethical.

Picture from Romney campaign rally today

It's fun to stay at the...

Princess Leia was acting as part of the rebel alliance after all

Mentally disabled women used in Bagdad bombing,just reported on CNN.

The Most Dumbest Ever Quiz Answers

When I was ten years old, a man attempted suicide by fire in the front seat of my mother’s car...

When I was ten years old, a man attempted suicide by fire in the front seat of my mother’s car...

so we had a super bowl party at work today

I fell in love with Clinton after tonights debate

Middle school issues ban on intentional flatulence

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Today's No-Shit! Headline: Parenting lessons don't stop toddler tantrums

Post something that inspires you to exercise.

So, I'm reading Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and I come across this paragraph:

Am getting a new tattoo tonight if the stupid ice storm stops

I've finished, printed and submitted my taxes tonight. Time for cheap but good wine.

Oh Blech indeed.

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout - Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!

What are you thinking when you face the reflection?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/1/08

TheRealNews: "Would a Democratic President pull out of Iraq?"

Congress Members Call for Hearings on Signing Statement

Have you ever heard either of your parents drop the "F-bomb"?

My trip to the doctor today

When Nader admited he accepted money from the GOP, were you happy or upset?

Why would you slackers go to Parche's bar - mine is clearly superior and

I just wandered into a DU neighborhood I haven't been in before. There is a pie fight going on!

Crime of the Century: Time for Congress to Act

Moms & Daughters & Body Image

I know many of you don't like Sarah Silverman, but this cracks me up:

Ever find a picture of yourself...

Margaret Thatcher told navy to raid Swedish coast

Congratulations Writer!!! (No she isn't preggers)

What is goin on? Third undersea Internet cable cut in Mideast

Frozen Grand Central

News item about el pretzeldente's visit to KC today

Let impeachment process begin-"The War on Terrorism" is a facade.

PARCHE! Open the bar already! They are locking down all signs of nipples!

Anyone who thinks gas prices are not high enough

Who was the best Batman?

"Now that I have it, what do I do with it?" (Dog pic)

The reason I dislike Ralph Nader...

If you could have any car, and global warming/gas was not an issue

Is America A Fascist Nation?

Game: Guess the assassinated person based on an anagram of their name.

Oh Lord, no! Somebody found more awful album covers...

I need good thoughts!

Is anyone else tired of TV shows that have background songs

Cute kitteh picture

Any graphic designers or other folks who do work for friends and family? I need help!

The DLC -- super-tryants or toothless mutts? Make the case.

The COOLEST THING EVER! (huge prank!)

OK, Redqueen called me ugly, and Debi just said I was an onion in a cup.

Why should I vote in November?

Rachel Maddow and Jodi Foster PISS ME OFF (A Rant)

RetroLounge Appreciation Thread :-)

Please light a candle, pray, chant or whatever you do for this little guy.

Luke Skywalker is sort of an asshole

Guaah!! Monumental waste of time.

Brattlboro Reformer to wingnuts: some little pipsqueak town in Vermont dares to call your president

Conyers Staffer Says They Choose to Let Bush Keep Breaking Laws

Should my friend piss on Cheney's grave?

Those of you who are in a fledgling or now stable relationship...

Montel Williams Loses Job after Defending Troops on Fox News

For cats and the people they own.

Scientists Study How HIV Hides In Body

The New World Order: "A technologically advanced form of medieval society"

In the Navy!

Senator Biden on President's Signing Statement on Permanent Bases in Iraq

So . . .


Telecommunications cables into Iran/ME severed...

Today’s Headlines 2/1/08

Do you think that this guy will be elected Pretzeldent in 2012 or 2016 ?

Do you have a "maid"?

Baby Name Poll

Should GD-P be renamed because of how everybody acts there? If so, renamed to what?

Are We All Germans, Now?

NCLB reality TV idea......put supporters of NCLB in a school for a year.

And for the record, no, I'm not, but, still I wonder.

Just got a new iMac - need help

We Need a Nonviolent Revolution: Resist in March

Plot lines and devices used by every sitcom ever.

Tonight's Lullaby - An unusual find

What kind of child were/are you? Meek? Rebellious? Full-on hellion?

The HARSH reality of what we have become. Dems are Hybrids?

I Have Been Rocked To My Core By An Obscure Reading

DUzy Awards for this week will appear next Friday

Dems Capitulate on FISA-George Bush gets everything he ever hoped for.

Quit, or Get Fired?

Two telecom cables in the Mediterranean are cut

Iraqi policewomen once again armed

Clinton Co-Chair Took Checks From Rezko

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags

U.S. casualties rise in Iraq after falling for 4 months

Margaret Thatcher told navy to raid Swedish coast

Times Reporter Subpoenaed Over Source for Book

Dems’ House and Senate committees post superior 2007 numbers

FBI: Egyptian Students Had Fireworks, Not Bombs

Romney: McCain Used Nixon-Like Tactic

Trying to tap into home equity? We'll see (Lines of Credit Shut Down)

McDermott pays damages to Boehner in 1996 phone-tape case

Decline in Snowpack Is Blamed On Warming

WHO Reports some Tamiflu-Resistant Flu in U.S.

Hundreds of Professors Hold Green 'Teach-In'

Blasts kill at least 64 in bustling Baghdad markets

U.S. Casualties Increase in Iraq (Deadly Action Moves Beyond Baghdad Area)

U.S. employers slashed payrolls in January

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP

Iraq War Returns as Prime Debate Issue

Obama, Clinton Strike Genial Debate Tone

British coup plotter faces torture after 'secret' extradition

UN chief calls on Kenya rivals to stop violence (almost 1,000 killed and some 300,000 displaced)

5 Pakistani troops killed in attack

Bill says "9/11 was not an inside job"

UN Says More Than 5M Will Lose Jobs

Zimbabwe deports Mann to E Guinea

Payrolls drop for 1st time since 2003

Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion

IED leaves U.S. casualties in Babel-Police

Villaraigosa got $10,500 from indicted Obama contributor

Pentagon Report: No More 'Death Rays'

Argentine activists take torture center

U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Sheds 17,000 Jobs

Media offers flooding in for Hicks

Gunmen fire near Mauritania (Israeli) embassy

Pakistani minister says unable to confirm al-Qaida commander's killing

Young Baptists are Going Green: Environment is their new priority

US general: Sadr likely to extend Iraq ceasefire

McCain’s Critics on Right Look Again

Nun Gets a Year in Prison for abusing 2 boys in 1960s

Progressive Democrat Steve Novick's First National TV Interview - And Fox News Loves Him

Collar-bomb defendant listed as own lawyer; competency questioned

Karl Rove to join Fox News Channel

Suicide Bomber Kills Afghan Official

Memories of Columbia crew live on

Qaeda controls town in wake of U.S. troops withdrawal

U.S. officials won't enforce new border ID rules

Pentagon brass split on troop cuts

Envoy: US troops to be in Iraq into '09 (can't make any promises if a Dem is the next Pres)

Spy warned of Habib torture (Gitmo)

Wall Street Journal: Budge Hits $3 Trillion as Debt Marks Bush Legacy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 1

Romney memo says media ‘ready to anoint’ McCain

(Joe) Lieberman Says He'll Sit Out State Primary Tuesday

Pakistan test-fires N-capable Ghauri amid political turmoil

Domestic Spying Program Could Aid Terrorists, Experts Say

Court won't reconsider Guantanamo ruling(setback for Bush Admin)

McCain Needed Life Insurance To Get Loan

Gore: Christians should be stewards of Earth

Mexican farmers protest NAFTA

Pentagon rejects report, says ready for WMD attack

Prominent Georgians killed in Mount Airy plane crash

Bush: 'Serious Signs' Economy is Weakening

BREAKING NEWS: Poland says it has tentatively agreed to host U.S. missile defense system

House GOP Group May Be Fraud Victim

Germany rejects US troop request for southern Afghanistan

Designer layoffs set at Chrysler

U.S. Payrolls Fell 17,000 in January (negative job creation)

Pakistan air strike bodies buried, Qaeda death not confirmed: army

USAF Wants A Blank Check For Defense

Exxon Mobil Posts Record Profits

Big News - To Work For Obama

Microsoft offers $44.6 billion for Yahoo

Bill would make it illegal to feed the obese

New cable cut compounds net woes

Iraqi VP Refuses to Ratify Baathist Reconciliation Law

LA Times Endorses Obama

U.S. Senator Wants to Revoke Funding From City of Berkeley, Calif., for Vote to Boot Marines

Rights group: Venezuela is basically democratic

Twin Bombings Kill 43 in Baghdad

Bill Clinton’s Real Mischief in Kazakhstan — Borat!


Kurds’ Power Wanes as Arab Anger Rises

From Slavery to Mass Incarceration, the Role of Prisons in American Society

2008's Ten Worst Places to be Black

We Must All Do Our Part To Preserve This Climate Of Fear

Afghan MP: My country is using Islamic law to erode the rights of women

Reagan Legacy pt. 2 The real Reagan Memorial Highway: Central America to your town.

Bellwether State Fervently Seeks Choice Who Can Win in the Fall

Super Bowl To Feature Ad for 'Prez Lite'

Young Baptists are Going Green: Environment is their new priority

Three Nights in Philly (Joe Bageant)

American Economy faces the Grim Repo

Denver Post endorses Romney, Clinton

Bush budget would pour money into defense

Blowback from the GOP's holy war

Naomi Klein: Disowned by the Ownership Society

It's Our Time!

Should Bush be penalized for his crimes?

Jarvis Tyner: Black History and Democracy

Hillary on 35 years of experience

Countdown: Post-Debate Special 1/31/08 (w/ Rachel Maddow)

The Reverse Snub!

Less Jobs And More War: John McCain is Dr. Strangelove

NYT book review: The Oedipal relationship behind "The Bush Tragedy"

Obama Wins Debate, according to focus group of independent voters

A kid doing a funny scene of Bush on Global Warming

Hillary Clinton TV ad: "Freefall"

Hillary: We already have a CEO President & look what we got

Parsing Obama's latest attack on Hillary

SOTU Spoof; Bush Song & Dance

I Heard Something (original song and anti-war video)

McCain can't refute Police Officer who Wants to End Drug War

There is a way to save the rainforests

CA Voters: Are you Declined To State?

Obama: Immigrants Are Being Scape Goated

Can't Pay Your Mortgage? Trash Your House and Leave.

Hillary: "It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush"

Olbermann: Special Comment - 1/31/08 (FISA and Telecoms)

New Bush Coins

An Endorsement Clinton Might Not Want: Ann Coulter

Pell Grants For Poor Kids VS. Tax Cuts For The Rich

The Canidates as Batman characters

Der Fuehrer's Face - Walt Disney 1942 - High Quality

Rachel Maddow *Hillary clearly trying to use race to divide*

FOX Denies Entrance to Veterans

Reagan's best speech: as a DEMOCRAT

Fired up, ready to go

Rachel Maddow *Personally Offended!* by Hillary Clinton on Iraq

CNN presents: Hillary v Obama (1/31/08) - watch the whole debate online!

The Evolution of Evil

Are the vampire elites a symptom of a slob species?

The Edwards Effect (by Paul Krugman)

MASSPIRG makes itself useful: update the MA "bottle bill"

January 2008 Hottest Ever Recorded In Australia - Sydney Morning Herald

FAO Estimates Loss Of 20% Of Total Global Mangrove Areas Since 1980 - AFP

Big guns primed for $8bn Indian oil hunt

Environment Kernow

Energy Descent Pathways

China urges practical action to slow climate change

More Hot Air

Davos: Rethinking The Food Chain


First Daffodils Bloomed In London's Kew Gardens On 1/16/08 - 1 Week Earlier Than 2007 Record

Legislators will hear from oil expert

Energy Independence

Shell's 'obscene' £13.9billion profit is biggest ever by British company

IEA refutes 'peak oil', points to lack of investment -- begs world to clap harder

Uranium prices -- major changes

NPR Science Friday was just talking about solar energy and net metering

Addicted To Oil

Oil industry subsidies

From ecowarrior to nuclear champion

De Boer: "No Clear Sense Of Direction" At Chimp Climate Show - DOE Hack "Touched" By "Mood" Of Meet

Looking for a recommendation: best cheap electric vehicle?

GM plans to build 'tens of thousands' of Chevy Volt plug-ins, official says (production in 2010)

14 African Nations Facing Meningitis Outbreak - 124 Dead In January In Burkina Faso Alone - AFP

I've never liked the consumer herd, so self-denial was made for me -

Bat Dieoff Underway In Northeastern States - Ring Of Fungus Forms Around Animals' Noses

Coal prices could double again

Climate could devastate crops

PRC Scientists Project Yellow River Flow In 2008 At 60% Of Historic Average - AFP

Official: Predator missile kills al-Qaida leader

Ex-Ranger found guilty of retiree ax murder

West Point cadet charged in rape

Sgt. charged in Iraqi’s death released

DOA drinking bills make a point for lawmakers

Bush warns against hasty withdrawal in Iraq

VA’s mileage reimbursement rate jumps

Pay raise, benefits changes become law

Nassau ESG to deploy — without its Marines

Navy breaks record with railgun test-shot

SEAL killed in live-fire training

Former Marine is first to fly the JSF

Plea deal rejected in crash that killed Marine

Marine boost may not keep Canada in fight

Man convicted in 1983 rape-slaying of AF vet

JTAC trainer offers 360-degree views

350 N.Y. Air Guardsmen headed to Iraq

Former Delta officer’s book to shed light on Tora Bora

U.S. wants to hunt foreign fighters in Iraq

Berkeley facilitates protests against Marines

FBI: Men caught near Navy base had fireworks

Upshaw Dares NFL Owners to Opt Out of Contract, Says Union Read for Anything

What did it take to get discussions between the Writer’s Guild and the Producers Moving Again?

21st Century U.S. Slavery: Immigrant Farm Workers

At the University of California, Low Pay for Workers, Big Bucks for CEOs

Hillary Clinton Supports Nurses’ Efforts to Organize Without Harassment (no MSM coverage)

Seventeen Senators Back IRS Union's Opposition To Private Tax Collectors

National Labor Relations Board — who?

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Today in labor history February 01

Labor quote for the week

Unions lament Edwards' departure from presidential race

Airline Executives' Rich Bonuses Rile Pilots Union

Another first as our Labor Forum continues to grow!

The way to bring down Wal-Mart

Anyone know about Aquasana (water filters)? Is their reputation real or just advertising?


Today is the first day I heard Obama talk about "THE FORGOTTEN AMERICA"

Obama speaks in empty platitudes.

Bookmark this, it may not happen again: Tonight I Like & Respect Hillary Clinton !

The IWR VOTE IS THE PAST. What do we do now?

"IWR was the right vote under a NORMAL president but not under this shithead" is the best position

Hillary: I voted for the war before I voted against it

Hillary not apologizing.

Just how 'thick' are DUers? the IWR thing

Arab town plans big celebration for Israel's 60th Independence Day

Hamas frees Fayyad advisor detained in Gaza over a month ago

Jewish group to build 200 new housing units in East Jerusalem

IWR doesn't matter. You heard me.

All power to Hamas ...

Mashaal: Shalit being treated with kid gloves

Egypt thwarts Hamas plan to attack Israeli tourists in Sinai

British Jewish group sparks new outrage with condemnation of Gaza blockade

The People in Gaza Challenge Sham Peace Process

Who won the debate? VOTE FOR HILLARY!

Bloggers try to counter anti-Israel media bias with bad news on other states

The Rafah Quartet

New reality, old dilemma

Defending Israel to the “End Times”

6 gunmen shoot at Israeli embassy in Mauritania

For Peru's Indians, Lawsuit Against Big Oil Reflects a New Era

PERU: Logging Firm Accused of Using Workers’ Identities for Tax Fraud

ECUADOR: Correa Warns of "Threats and Dangers"

FARC Negotiator Get's Colombia's Maximum - from US Judge

AP: "Navajo president endorses Hillary Clinton"

Doctor Housing Bubble 02/01/08

Municipal Bonds Are the New Junk

It's the Housing Market Deflation

Greenspan defends subprime role to Swedish bankers

Asia Times - A failure of central banking

$100 Billion and Counting: How Wall Street Blew Itself up

WSJ ad today: Anybody seen our gold?

Aggregate Reserves of Monetary institutions

jan 31 debate comments:


Don't you just love those "bold progressive positions on the issues" Obama makes

Did Hillary's non-apology for IWR just give the nomination to Obama?

FYI: LOGO will air an exclusive interview w/ Sen. Clinton tonight at 10:25

Am I out at work?

Sorry to be pessimistic here.

Got the phone call from my Doc....


The last person I ever thought would endorse Hillary Clinton

I posted Joe's statement on Bush's signing statement...

Biden fundraising data

Is every one (anyone?) going to watch the debate? I'm looking forward to it. nt

Is Gaza getting the message?

Two Clinton Videos from the Debate

she got the JOB!!!!!!

I was donated a STAR today. Thank You to the unknown doner . I Can Now Post..

Let's send some healing

Does anyone own the book Horoscopes Of The US States and Cities?

OK, I'm sorry but am I the only one who finds Obama scary?

The Universe gave me and my friend a free lunch today!

Nolle's February Astro-forecast

New topic: What do you think about the Internet outage in the ME and Asia today?

Chris Berman Goes Crazy

Tennessee retires Todd Helton's No. 3 in baseball

Carl Says: Giants by 23 (Video Link)

XLII things to expect on Super Bowl Sunday

Blind golfer, 92, scores hole-in-one

TRACK: UA Appeals NCAA's Punishment For Track Team

Jack Rabbit Chess Report: Nakamura comes from behind to win Gibralter

Boxing: Friday, Feb 1

Is Tom Brady, like, the best looking quarterback EVER?

Senator Specter wants to know why the NFL destroyed evidence related to spying by the Patriots

Saints and Chargers to play regular season game in London next season

WP Columnist Michael Wilbon suffered a heart attack..

Anyone here into onomastics? I came across the neatest website yesterday.

February 2008 Prayer, Light, and Healing Requests

Music...what songs speak to you?

Conveyor-belt cardiology puts profits first

Mutant Flu Virus Is Found That Resists Popular Drug

Potential new treatment for blood malignacies/blood cancers

Whose original healthcare reform plan was centered on the following?

developers, bankers, etc. shoveling $$$ to Kucinich opponent

More men suffer from inherited iron overload: study

Study says many studies suck

Cranberries might help prevent urinary infections in women

Nurse practitioners make their case

"There's something about him..." "I can't put my finger on it." "Something's off...

How long does it take to heat a full crock pot?

I'm searching for someone beef chuck short ribs in the oven, but I

Looking for survivalist mode suggestions

I can't stand it

A beautiful UU meditation

Creationism v Evolution: The Real Miracle

Well-Known Miami Pastor Arrested For Grand Theft- Took Funds From MLK Project

Credible allegations of abuse. Priest defrocked, Salesians sued in unrelated sexual molestation case

Heads-up on the Sony A100...check out Circuit City!

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF WINTER

We Like Da Moon

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF WINTER

Dark Fluid: Dark Matter And Dark Energy May Be Two Faces Of Same Coin

Researchers Create Gold Aluminum, Black Platinum, Blue Silver Using Tabletop Laser

All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor who lived 10,000 years ago near the Black Se

Major gaps in military readiness at home - and how it relates to your Second Amendment rights

Are Republicans Losing Panhandle Grip?

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Ok guys, here are some patterns that deserve attention

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 2/01/2008

My brother in law sent me an email

The Nashville Tennesseen endorses paper ballots -- says we need them this November!!

(Bill) Clinton Fires Back at 9/11 Hecklers Marked as:

Why people like Clinton become gatekeepers....

Sunday Times: New book says Thatcher ordered false-flag "Soviet" raids on Swedish coast in 1980s

Goodhair endorses McCain.

Texans come to terms with shrinking prez field

this is why I read the big boards.

Teresa's email

Boston Herald: Kerry plan would fund mortgage refinancing

Staples Names Kerry Small Business Champ

Resolution for Impeacement to take to Caucus

How Terri Bonoff convinced me to vote for her

Enviros should support Nelson-Pallmeyer for Senate

ipod help please? All of a sudden my nano screen says Disk Mode

Advice on a network, or, I'm an idiot ...

Iraq War Quotes

Good luck on Super Tuesday everyone!

Obama won the debate tonight. He was AWESOME!!


Good post re WHICH superdelegates are coming out for which candidate

Teresa Heinz Kerry sent out this email to John Kerry's environmental mailing list today

Obama supporters: help me out on this dkos diary. It seems, um, "manufactured" endorses Obama

John Kerry sent this email out to his California mailing list today

Hello Obama group!

Questions, questions, questions

US Votes

Harper Muzzles Government Scientists

Dept Ed Ignores Own IG Report on Student Loans


Can any teachers tell me about the "Reading First" Program that Bush was blathering about today?

KOEB 1/31/08 Super-Duper Special Comment Double Keith Night

Bush call for Grants to Finance Private Schooling

Pssst! KOEBer's, take a look at this.

My mom's not doing very well

To analyze California Feb 5 results, you will need these tools:

Who's going to see Hillary in SJ tomorrow (Friday)? Want to meet up?

Sobering article on re water crisis

Nuñez's spending is questioned

Should patients be able to top up their NHS treatment?

Nun Gets a Year in Prison for abusing 2 boys in 1960s

Gard gives Kagen run for money

Anybody got a message for the Pope? I'm in his backyard.

"What's the harm?"