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Have You Ever Smoked Catnip?

Cross-post from GD: Beauty pageant says, "No Wiccans Allowed."

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me”

LOL LOL warning lolcatz

Which DU'r Just Asked Me If I Had A Big Caucus?

Which DU'r Just Asked Me If I Had A Big Cactus?

Is it safe to go back into GD-P yet?

Watching Antique Roadshow thinking about the 18th century farm bell that

If I were to post about Israel apologizing to the Beatles...

Which DU'r Just Asked Me If I Had A Big Coccyx?

Drinking liquids with fruit

Protection for her

I win the "profound" response award this evening

OK, the SOTU speech has started, so I'm officially the fuck out of here for the night.

¡ʇɐɥʇ ʇınb ¿uʍop ǝpısdn noʎ ǝɹɐ 

I just Registered at Qtrax. Free ...25 million songs..I love it!

SOTU or Tommy Boy?

I'm standing and applauding as well . . .

Well? Which is it?

After which Bushism do we go to level 93?

god my hate for this motherfucker is intense

Please, let it land on my garage

Special Nothing Left To Lose SOTU. Will Bush turn into Kodos or Kang?

It's 'Over Rice' night at the Green Meanie's. What's sup, loungerz?

OMG! CNN reporting that Obama spit in Hillary Clinton's face.

Y'know, I tried to keep an open mind on DU.

I find this to be exceedingly satisfying!

Weirdness. Just massive weirdness two and a half weeks ago.

I'm watching the SOTU

I'm grading papers online...first go...not sure what I think

Help! I'm desperate! I want to make pancakes but have no milk

OK Lounge, fill me in, What is this Gorn thing between Parche and lost-in-nj?

Amy Winehouse’s husband sends a letter to his dad, from prison, about Amy's $1000 per day coke habit

I've just renamed my television set "The One-Way Bullshit Box"

Have you ever poked snot?

Can't get Smiths Albums on ITunes?

CNN Reports That Obama Just Boiled the Flesh from Hillary's Bones


i am really missing jed bartlet right now

How long after making a HUGH decision

"I'm not an addict."

Now THAT was some mighty fine speechifyin'.

Classic Jim Rome

Chewing gum while singing is the equivalent of having one hand tied behind your back.

I'm listening to the Cocteau Twins and reading Economics...

sustained winds 25-35 MPH, gusts up to 55 MPH

I posted snark in GD-P.


Who will NOT be watching the SOTU tonight?

I figured out what's wrong with chicken pot pies...

Okay, someone tell me what I missed.

Sugarfree jam? Big mistake

A public service to anyone browsing GD:Primaries

Some strange things from my childhood...

Hi. I'm CB and I was foolish enough to go into GD-Primaries.

I dropped this in GD-P...anyone want to join in the fun?

Goodnight Lounge

Jeezus, Hasselbeck- he's a baby, not a portable headrest.

I have no one on my ignore list and I never hide threads

This day....

I've hit a 102.5 fever! YAAAAYYYYY!

Mr. Monk refuses to shake Senator's hand...

Tour de Pennslyvania

What did you have for dinner tonight?

I have forgotten the face of my father

Now THIS is the cat's ass!

Skin Problemas

Anyone read Cosmo????

I am posting this on DU.


Heads up fellow GTAs

Young people, how can we baby-boomers

GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! someone get this Daft Punk song out of my head!!!!

Kitties keeping warm -Awwwwwwww

The teenager that I took in a little over a year ago, who stormed out the night before Thanksgiving-

Do you ever imagine the people on here as their avatars?

How Will America Spend Their $600

12 hours to go. i can barely wait.

So What Bands Do You Hate?!!!!!11111

Lounge vibes? Root canal at 8AM tomorrow...

Anyone want to shake my hand?

Tweety on and will devote his time to the Kennedy endorsement...

New England Patriots,6----Iraq,1

Who's Responsible? New Hampshire Chain of Custody Sham

My mother: voted for Ford, Regan, Regan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush and Bush......

So Far I Not seeing any of them I SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH buttons

No need to watch. Here are key excerpts from tonight's SOTU speech (no kidding)

Why is Good Bad? My Question to the media

How to make watching the State of the Union fun

In HONOR of tonights SOTU Address I give you a CLASSIC!


Bush: ‘Life’s pretty comfortable inside the bubble.’

This is hilarious. Iraq is going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

My Plans During The SOTU

Will all the networks be airing the SOTU? Thanks. (Dare I watch?) nt

Beauty Queen Rejected as Pageant Judge - for being Wiccan

This is mean and petty and probably unpatriotic, but

Why the hell is the SOTU 1 1/2 hours long ???? I mean, if he tells the truth...

Disillusioned Freeper previews SOTU (buyer's remorse sets in HARD)

It really irks me that MSNBC commentators keep

AP coverage of FISA? ZILCH

A Huge Victory

I have never watched a Bush SOTU

NEWS FLASH...Indiana Marriage Discrimination (HELP!)

Along The Way Take Time To Smell The Roses

Things sure have changed... (previous presidential candidates)

OK, I am beginning to like Obama..(and not 'cause of Kennedy)

SOTU drinking games

Who attends the SOTU? Is it mandatory attendance? In theory, should

Media matters (lower case m): Did anyone ever see a CSX railroad ad before BushCo?

Please don't play any drinking games tonight, even with water.

What is the first order of business for the next President?

The state of the union under Bush: A Summation

State of the Union -- Advance copy

DU cults of personality

Prepped and ready to go!

Showing SOTU arrivals on CNN. Clinton came in with Biden

So what's up with that very red outfit that

Has anyone seen Rachel Maddow lately?

Fuck your SOTU address, Asshole!

Today's retarded fundie message

Self-delete - accidental dupe

Which Cabinet member is staying away this year?

I am NOT watching the SOTU, Bush can just STFU

History will record you the worst ever, Norman.

History will record you the worst ever, Norman.

This just in: Bush will state that "The state of the union is strong".. On CNN..

How sweet ..... Chis Shays kisses the Monkey on his cheek

"Radical Islamic Extremism": the major threat to the US says McCain

OFFICIAL Cynical and Angry SOTU Thread!!!

State of the Union Drinking Game


Well there they are America, the whole sorry lot we call leadership

Filibustering Works! Now Can We Filibuster Iraq $?

Wow! Another "one side claps and the other moons him" SOTU.

I think I am going to be sick:Presidency of George W. Bush — the first 48 months

Whoa! Camera angles! 1/2 the room STONE COLD SILENT!!!

G W BUSH The Murdering WarMonger President

Will someone PLEASE smack that arrogant smirk off his face!

what a self-serving pompus arrogant arse

OOOOH he is tough with the veto. He spends are money soooo wisely.

Off to a movie

Which Justice and cabinet official is missing?

What is this partisan bullspit

Drunkard, err......Bush is getting all the applause from the Pseudo-Fascists

oh my gawd--do you see Hillary's face when Bush was talking health care? I laughed so hard.

Sweet Words "his last State of the Union Address"

NCLB is a load of CRAP

All hail Chimpy's LAST SOTU... never again!!!

The SOTU Address is quite simple to understand. Every single sentence translates to "F*CK YOU".

"purveyors of false populism in our hemisphere" WTF?

Personally, I don't believe there is any legitimate reason for USSCJ to be present at SOTU address

C-Span shots are GREAT!!! Showing plenty of disgusted audience members

False Populism -Just to ok a shot at Chavez

It's official: Tweety is the most out of touch talking head in the business.

What irony - he is pushing science in the SOTU, but censors all disparate views!

Poor Speaker Pelosi must be very tempted to use that gavel in unconventional ways.

It's official: G. W. Bush is not only the worst President in U. S. history, but also the dumbest

Young Men Stuck in Adolescent-Adult Limbo

MSNBC: The Decider is now "The Chider"

POTUS Not Drunk.....Stoned More Like It...


Biden Should Have Given The Response

"Hispanish students????"


Check out this crazy link between JFK and Senator Obama....

Do you guys think Cheney is going to make it through this!? He looks BAAAAD....

The Great Uniter

Pet Peeve: Elected politicians are not "LEADERS".

Well that's it. The people of the US dont want amnesty, n entire congress stands up n cheers amnesty

I think I am going to be sick:Presidency of George W. Bush — the first 48 months

"Epidemic of Junk Medical Lawsuits?"

I say he's just phoning it in.

hahaha!!!!!! I'm watching chimpy's fear speech...


He thunk the congress. He's delusional.

Increasing Forces in Afghanistan - Good, but No New Wars! nt

He just called War - Peace. nt

Bring Them Home! nt

What will you be doing instead of watching Chimpy tonight?

AAugh.. we will let your doctors and you make your health care decisions..

"Evil Men Who Despise Liberty And Freedom"

Bush is leaving the country

OK, he's slurring his speech, isn't he?


=======OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD # 3 =============

why is he rushing so fast?

Couple of SOTU cartoons

Poor pugs, feeling so needy to stand for this liar, this usurper of Freedoms & Liberties...

It's about now that I wish we did things a bit more like the brits.

Bringing them Home! nt

Permanent Bases??? nt

Aink-stayn fangers, shellubrayshun of Liburry! Theshe imujshesh've insparred ush!

Isn't this last year's SOTU? And the year before?


Yep, we got ourselves quite a p'liticle party here. Quite a party - with all

Is Anyone Else Ready To Fight These Bastards?

More Killing. nt

Sweet, busy Mods...

OK, so who's giving our response?

Holy Land!?? WTF?

5 US Soldiers were just Killed in Northern Iraq

There is an almost total disconnect with reality with over half the room.

My God, I forgot how much I had hated him. Oh my God, I had forgotten.

Permanent Bases. nt

Did He Just Use The Same Enriching Uranium Line?!?!


Uh-Oh! Iran's gonna nuke us!

Nancy is reading something behind his back!

He said Nucular! Time for Tequila!

I Just Can't Believe That There Are People That Clap For This Idiot....

Stop killing Innocent Iraqis and their children. nt

This isn't a SOTU speech, it's a damn scolding...

HL Mencken hit the nail right on the head.


Yeepie to Wiretaps!!!!!!!!

No New Wars! Stop the Killing. nt

Kooba -and Zimbah-way!

No Nukes! nt

Which buzzword is stupider? "De-Baathification" or "Islamofascist"?

Love your Mother - Earth! : - )

Shit! I ran out of needles!

=================OFFICIAL SOTU # 4 =====================

I would watch the SOTU, but I'm sorry, he's not relevant anymore.

Make promises to feed the hungry........

Clap for more WAR!!!!!!!!!!

Break out the Champagne: Bush's Last SOTU is like him, almost finished. n/t

Telling God what to do once again.

Who honors our military veterans more? (a) George W. Bush, or (b) Cindy Sheehan

Why the hell do the cameras only show the Repig side of congress every time there is applause?

About goddamn time he shut the hell up! nt

11 months 24 days 8 hours 58 minutes 58 seconds


Good Job George! Thanks! nt

Remember, guys--this is the LAST time he and Dick will be in that room.

Disturbing video about HR 1955

The general conclusion of this speech will be

How come Comedy Central doesn't do their SOTU show anymore?

Join The LIVE (Progressive) Chat & Coverage Of The SOTU at BraveNewFilms.Org

I double dog DARE someone to go over and read what they are saying on..

The NSA Wiretapping Issue

It's over! Will he just pass away silently now?


Congerse... Amerkins... nucular... DAMN, I HATE THIS STUPID ASSHOLE!!

I was saving this clip for Bush's last day in office, but it seems more apropos right now...

Each of Bush's State of the Union Addresses: Our one-way trip to disaster

What say you now, Lindsay Graham?

Nancy has been crying. She looks like warmed turf.

The secret is out Condosleeza spends her time making her own clothes now

Way to Go, Chris! nt

The President and Foreign Policy

dem. response sibelius (sp?) on (NPR at least)

Aw... on NBC, Mittens disappointed that the Dems didn't stand on important issues!

SCHIP!!! nt

WHAAHHH! Clap for me dammit!

My son was given as homework to listen to the SOTU

Love your Moher - Earth : - )

I've spent almost my whole 30s under POS Bush Rule.

Stop the Killing! nt

More mush from the wimp

No New WARs !! nt

Stop Bombing Iraq! nt

$900-an-ounce price sets off 2nd gold rush

Take Care of the Children. nt

I don't think I've watched a single Bush speech since 9/11

CNN WH Correspondent Ed Lindley: "The White House set low expectations for this speech..."

Help save the world. Go IN the damn restaurant!

Let's start with SCHIP! Let's get to Work! nt

New American Majority! Yay!!! nt

You little idiot asswipe bushitler.

Tweety's crush is there to flirt!

WTF! Who is this beggar?

Cool Education Benefits for Military Service. nt

It's not rocket science > Take care of the Children. Stop the Killing. nt

Congresslizards, since you're all in one room, can I ask you a question?

Let's all take a vow. Let's never let them glorify G.W. Bush as they have Reagan, Nixon, etc...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. SNORE>>>

Yes!!! nt

c-span taking calls now

I wonder if Cindy Sheenan will react to Bush's SOTU

=================OFFICIAL SOTU # 5 =====================

My response to the SOTU:

Anyone watching the call-in on C-Span?

Obama Response To Bush's State Of The Union

Bush pretty much said there are going to be Permanent Bases in Iraq. nt

Obama says they're going to fight in the Senate? When?

Interesting SOTU nugget about the economy in the ag sector...

"Join us, Mr. President"? "Let's work together"? Do the Democrats LIKE losing?

Wait... Did he just say that we need to stop sending Ag aid and start buying commodities

Krugman - Lessons of 1992...

Guess who Faux has on first? Mittens!

E-MAIL from CREDO Action: Rare Victory on Wiretapping and Immunity

State of the Union Reactions

Did McCain seem a little high or somethig tonight, because it was his stump speech. nt

Who Here Thinks This May Not *Necessarily* Be Bush's Last SOTU?

Why isn't my ignore working? nt

Just read the Democratic Response from Gov. Sebelius. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

David Brooks. ......Why is he on my TV?

Anybody know where I can find the text of the SOTU Speech??

Nancy Pelosi not only looks washed out she looks beaten and depressed

The State of Disunion

After tonite's SOTU speech I'm killing myself. Goning to eat popcorn from 2000

Oh boy. Trent Franks on CSPAN 2. Scarrrry dude. Loves the president.

My Congress is sickening applauding this criminal.

What's the deal with Condi she looks

Here's what Fuckface SHOULD have said tonight in his SOTU speech:

Stop Bombing Iraq! No New Wars! Stop f-ing with Iran! nt

Has ANYbody sucked MORE than Shrub-dubya-Shrub?!1 n/t

where is osama bin laden?

Absolute proof the STFU Speech didn't mean diddly squat to anybody .......

Developer linked to Obama arrested

Schadenfreude, thy name is

Biden's face! PRICELESS!

The Swearing-Out of George W Bush


Bush Declares Friday....National Day Of Fear...

Best SOTU comment of the night

State of the Union Address Seals Bush's Legacy of Failure on Global Warming and Energy

A "BEST of. . . unfinished symphonies" per Keith. .

A NEW WAR????? he's planning a new war for a new generation? thas

okay, he can pronounce Cuba KOO-BAH but he

I searched the 'Greatest' page for a great summation of the SOTU...

Kent Conrad - THANK YOU.

Thanks Kathleen Sebelius! That was a Beautiful speech!! nt

"They did nothing to deserve the name 'Americans.'"

Now I see why Landrieu voted with rethugs 4 immunity 4 telcoms - he

Pelosi Looks Like Crap........

The first of the lasts

A pat on the back for all DUers who phoned & faxed their Senators today

It's not rocket science > Take care of the Children. Stop the Killing. nt

Tonight's STFU Speech: A Wider State of Fail (apologies to Procol Harum)

Question of Timing on Bush’s Push on Earmarks

Senators say White House plans to eliminate special FOIA office

Everybody can post an OP and not give a clue (n/t)

Wang Chung: Everybody n/t tonight

As if you needed another reason to hate insurance companies:

The bigger Bush's lie the harder he laughed tonight.

Repubs stand and clap for bush, Dems don't.

Calling all farmers!! Did you hear what Bush said?

Feinstein on SOTU speech

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The SOTU Edition!

didja see bush put his hands all over barney franks tonight? gay lib rules nt

Speaker Nancy and Reed choose the rebuttal speaker

What's Nancy reading?

Just want to reiterate: REAL TEXANS do not talk like Bush.

God Damn, I Hate That Son-of-a-Bitch.

McCain is so.... white (er, melanine challenged)

"A noun and a verb and 9/11"

"Seven years have passed since I met you in this rest-room"???

"How much of the damage that Bush foreign policy has done is irreversible?"

Think Progress' TRUE State Of The Union (Excellent Point-By-Point Fact Check on SOTU Address)

Yay! Biden!! nt

His vote of no confidence - gold at $927.70 highest ever and still going up

KS Governor's Son Creates Prison Themed Board Game, Don't Drop the Soap

Anyone else unable to watch the SOTU?

After tonights speech, shall we start guessing what programs he will be cutting

Senator Kerry's response to the State of the Union

True or False? NPR is like Pravda squared

Joe Biden Gave THE REAL Democratic Response

**** Official DEM Reply Thread ****

Why is the Dem. response to SOTU by a boring unknown Governor?

If AT&T and Verizon don't get immunity by Friday, the terrorists win and we made the Baby Jesus cry

McCain doesn't look well

Senator Byrd's response to the State of the Union

Okay, that's it. He called Social Security an "entitlement program." I've been paying into SS for

GOP Bid To Block Amendments On Surveillance Bill Fails

Please DU my 123rd ltte regarding Wolfowitz

Meanwhile, in the real world

2008 Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels

Who was your first presidential vote for?

Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle up, there is much more coming.'

Buchanan: McCain win would mean war with Iran...

They certainly kill a lot of people don't they.

Bring Them Home! No Permanent American Bases in Iraq. nt

John Dean: "The Dwindling Republican Business Base, It's the Economy Stupid"

Perfect example of why the Dems always get their asses kicked = the SOTU response!

In 1972 a philosophy professor put a .45 automatic Colt to my head and said ..

SOTU speech, run through free translation and back:

I am so fuc*ing sick of the consumer being blamed for the recession!

OMG. I agree with Bush on one thing.

What the HELL is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

Negroponte Confirms Use of Waterboarding

Hillary bounce in the polls because of S.C./Today's endorsements?

What's A More Powerful Team?

Why Kennedy's Endorsement Matters

Obama did offer an amendment to make health care a right. He then revised it under lobbyist pressure

Edwards Supporters: Grown-up, Wise Words from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. about Activism/Idealism

Serious Question and not baiting, OK?

Another upside to the Kennedy Endoresement today

Wash Post blog: Clinton, Obama Make Quick Trip Back to Senate Floor

WOW! Exclusive video of Bill Clinton behind the scenes of the Hillary campaign

Breaking News:GeorgeBush endorses Hillary Clinton!WTH?

If I could caucus in Colorado (my home state) I would be going for Edwards.

BREAKING -- Ron & Patti Reagan endorse Obama!

Obama Breaks the Mold of Democratic Party Reformists

Brattleboro residents to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney

Post your candidate's stances on the issues here

I don't want or need a spiritual type leader for president. I want a political animal

Silence, for now, from Al Gore.

Edwards eyes a brokered convention

Breaking: Rupert Murdoch endorses Hillary

I'm RootingFor Romney Tomorrow Night

SO who is going to watcht the STFU tonight?

Why does EVERYTHING have to be a fucking WAR???

You can sign up to make calls from home for both Clinton and Obama?

But Who's Running Stronger in ...

Olbermann reporting HRC running double digits ahead Obama n Fl

Obama Flashback: Ted Kennedy Is Old and Needs a Spine

I just realized what the problem between Hillary and Barack is.

Obama Counters Muslim Slurs Head On & Hypocrite DU'ers Trash Him For It?

Who Should I Vote For in Freddie Stubb's Poll?

If Clinton is the nominee I'm going to miss all the GOP talking points inserting Ted Kennedy.

Sour Grapes (Kennedy and Kerry)

OK, I am beginning to like Obama..(and not 'cause of Kennedy)

I looked for the link and can't find it, but I'm going to post it anyway. RE: Obama....


That anti-Obama email that is circulating in people's emails?

CA Poll: Hillary and McCain with large leads (Hillary +17, McCain +13)

Love it or hate it...

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/28/08 - Clinton down 1 (39), Obama unchanged (31), Edwards unchanged (17

I don't trust Hillary.

Bobby Kennedy Stands By His Woman

Can We All Come Together TOnight and say a Collective Fuck You To GWB!! Join me!

Wolcott on Ghouliani, the Huckster, and "strategies" in the primaries

My under-30 Obama friends, a visualization exercise

CNN reported that Obama turned away

Who the heck is the NOW person from NYS who wrote this stuff?

Why Sebelius might not be a VP contender...

Christopher Hitchens: No Surprise The Clintons Are Playing The Race Card

Obama and the Kennedy's


What's with the fucking smerk on Bush's face??

Enough with the republican talking points, people...

Falafel O'reilly on how Obama can knock Clinton out of the race

A republican friend of mine just emailed me -

From Wes Clark: "Calling all veterans"

Obama Anti-war voice muted in Senate.Didn’t make a floor speech on the war until one year in office

We've heard reports of people switching from R to D....

Snopes on Hillary. I was poking around my Favorites and found .


Obama's 'Present' votes defended by Ill. lawmakers

Dear Obama and Clinton: First one to do a *bullshit* cough gets my vote.

That Hillary Clinton ain't nothin' but a Wal-Mart lawyer!

"I'm proud to be standing up at this prodrum tonight"?

See if you agree with me

Boy, you'd hardly know there is a, SOTU speech tonight

I think Im gonna place a call into the office of NY NOW to express my disgust in their Teddy Comment

Edwards still riding high from debate at 17% in Rasmussen national polling

What Do You Think Is The Underlying Reason For The Animosity On This Forum?

In the essence of fairness, I bring this to your attention

OK, I am beginning to like Obama..(and not 'cause of Kennedy)

SUSA Oklahoma: Clinton 44%, Edwards 27%, Obama 19%

What kind of gullible fool takes George w. Bush "at his word" ?

AP: Toni Morrison endorses OBAMA!

CNN: Clinton campaign advisers: Bill Clinton 'needs to stop'

What are YOUR DU primary tactics?


Tom Hayden: It's a movement, and it's not just the Kennedys

Rudy Giuliani hints at dropping out

Caroline Kennedy & Claire McCaskell report they support Obama because

All the GOP candidates keep mentioning Reagan. Well, Reagan raised taxes...A LOT!!

SUSA California Poll: Clinton 49% (-1); Obama 38% (+3); Edwards 9% (-1)

I got something to say.

HRC Senate approval rate: 82 % Black, 52 % White, 60 % Hispanic, 33 % Rep, 78 % Dem, 44 % Indep


If They Stand Up And Clap For This Idiot And His Ramblings

Hillary's Biggest Asset? - UK Guardian

So if Condi is the VP for the Reps, does this hurt us?

No New Wars! nt

Stop the Killing! nt

Why the FUCK do people believe and spout out any stupid bullshit handed down from the MSM???

G'Night George... Now Just Go The Fuck Away...

I hope watching this shithead for the past 1/2 hour reminds us all

Why do African American voters think that Obama can do more for them than Edwards or Clinton

Colorado: Obama 34, Clinton 32, Edwards 17

Maybe I'm naive, but I like ALL of the top three...


Huffington's Hillary Hatred: EnuffPo!

Obama Response To Bush's State Of The Union

Kucinich's former national campaign manager Vin Gopal today announced that he is endorsing Obama

Want to see a little bit of REAL sexism

It's time.

If Obama is giving anser to SOTU speech it shows exactly what I

Lou Dobbs Poll: 50% say Kennedy endorsement will have no effect on their choice for president.

Did Barack Obama fart while Hillary was thinking about him?


Did Jay Leno just make this up regarding Dennis Kucinich?

Whoa...NOW's Response to Sen. Kennedy's Endorsement : "We respect Sen. Kennedy's endorsement "

Two Presidents Are Worse Than One

OMG Obama shook bush's hand.

Did you see Pelosi with that grin plastered on her face for the first 15 minutes, without stop?

No Nukes! nt

No one will come out the winner...

Craig Crawford (on Countdown) just hit the nail on the head: Kennedys vs. Clintons.

Hillary leading absentee voters in California 53%-30%, about 50% of votes expected to be absentee

***ALERT***"They still haven't shaken hands. Neither has greeted the other." (some pics)

Ted Kennedy is pretty important to most of us here on DU, but what about for the rest of the US

Love your Mother - Earth! : - )

We have just witnessed the STOU from a failed presidency. nt

The audacity of HandWater....

How will Tweety use Chimpys SOTU speech to bash Hillary?

CaPtIoN CoMpEtItIoN: The Handshake Scandal Edition

Hillary Clinton: "I was honored to run in South Carolina... and it was very close...."

Did he say at one point that we should INCREASE the amount of aid given to "faith-based"

###### ----- Clinton up 37 in the the last Massachusetts polling. -------#######

HRC, Obama going to be on CNN, MSNBC soon.

Obama Running Mate?

Craig Crawford thinks Bill Clinton's Comment was race free, and A-Okay!

John Edwards is coming to MY CITY!!!!

"Imagine if next year, the entire nation had a president they could believe in."

Yes!! Yay! Kathleen! nt

Hooray for the New American Majority! Let's get to Work on SCHIP! nt

Barack Obama on CNN right now

Jesse Jackson and the race card

Obama on CNN right now.

Why Lorna Switched from Clinton to Obama( Chicago NOW President )

Obama on MSNBC Right now n/t.

ok, clinton supporters, which is it? Use Bill's record as a plus....?

Two new state polls suggest gender gap hurting Obama, Edwards

I am not an Obama supporter (I prefer Edwards) But..

Barack Obama's response to the State of the Union.

One of Obama's subliminal messages is that if you vote for Clinton you're voting against hope

Here you go....

Did Governor Sebelius Give Americans a Good View of the Bullpen of Dem Talent?

Duplicate, self delete!

Hand shake gate summed up.

What I find most disturbing about HRC's candidacy

Man...If We Could Just Harness The Tenaciousness Of Certain Hillary Supporters...

why would Hillary cancel on CNN at the last moment?

Obama was actually being a gentleman by allowing Hillary and Ted to speak in private

Obama and Clinton are competing for the nomination


GD-P. Are you watching the MSNBC drunken brawl? Among the speculatorium combatants?

hmmmmm...DU or American Gladiators.... Gladiators!!(this handshake comedy is boring)

Funny primary handshake videos!!

Hillary Cancels on CNN

Keep Bashing Bill to Retain a Republican Presidency (Huffpo)

If Obama wins the primary...I honestly believe he will be chewed up and spit

So Obama would rather have had an exit plan for Iraq.

Great photo:

Ted Kennedy isn't old and spineless like Obama said, he's all class. Smiled and shook HRC's hand.

Amazing isn't it?

I always thought Obama's southern accent unneccessary, but check

Edwards Evening News Roundup: Economics Today - Now w/ Edwards SOTU Response

What effect will HandShakeGate have on Obama's campaign?

That's it. Jon Stewart for President

Senator Obama on Foxnews after commercial

C-Span Caller - "Obama is Considering Sebelius as VP"

Edwards didn't shake anybody's hand!

Caption this one.

Photo of Obama turning away from someone else ! (lady with black hair, back, left)

So if its a brokered convention, do we select Gore?

Do You Really Give a Shit about HandshakeGate? Be Honest.

I'm guessing that when the dust clears, Obama will say something like so:

Given the extent to which elections/candidates are managed, handled, and manipulated

So is this handshake going to become like the Reagan comments here for a couple of days?

It is actually Hillary who impolitely dissed Obama.

Why is Hillary being so rude right here? Is she treating Obama like her husband after the affair?


AP report makes it clear: it was Hillary who clearly disrespected Obama by reaching across Obama

So much for Obama the 'diplomat'

Photo, Obama giving cold sholder to whoever was on his right

NY Times played down the handshake-gate - didn't place blame

Yeah, you're sure gonna change some minds with this one (handshake)

Vote Edwards - He shook my wife's hand and mine twice.

Fuck the Handshake!- Give me Healthcare!

Obama waits for Hillary to shake his hand patiently while she "filibusters".

Obama turned away while Mrs. Clinton shook the hand of the elder statesman first out of respect

Photo: Obama stands, refuses to shake anymore hands!

Dems missed a chance to show the country Mark Warner

The State Of Our Union.........

How many posts are we going to have on a stupid handshake????????

O-Bots are nervous Obama's rudeness will be talked about

Obama acted like the second wife, turning away from Mrs. Clinton. Ugly!

Obama is Satan

Obama's sweet, sweet victory

Does anyone know why Hillary and Biden were at the SOTU together.

Obama gives Hillary the cold, no handshaking (pictures)

Drudge Report cover story - State of Their Union- nicly put

I think some have an exaggerated idea of what's at stake in the DU primary debate

Attention Bidenites - if any of you are around -

Some of Hillary's "classy" moments

I Just Got Off The Phone With A "Friends Of Hillary" Representative

Kennedy endorsement, Handshake-gate GOBAMA! thread! Come in and say

The Most Qualified Man to Be President is on MSNBC.

So apparently the photographer who took the pic saw Clinton put out her hand to Obama

Hillary rudely ignores Obama at SOTU, so he moves on... Evidence:

NY NOW Press Release: Obama abuses all women by not shaking her hand...

Watch Obama on SOTU (10 min msnbc video)

"The president and Clinton did not shake hands."

Wow 20 fucking posts about a picture, or about a non-handshake?

If you guys want to get stupid, lets get stupid

Caption this...

DU's Hillary operatives are pushing another non-story HARD; they're desperate.

Here you see Hillary reaching across a row just to disregard Obama.

Obama critical of Hillary being part of Wal-Mart in the 80's.. his wife linked to Wal-mart today.

Hillary refuses to shake Obama's hand!

"I know. I know that he's ready to be President on DAY ONE"


A video link to Obama's response to the SOTU


Is the handshake non-story the biggest DU pushed fabrication ever?

Obama-Hillary, Kool Aid, MSM setting the conversation

Typical exposure time of a decent digital camera, indoor lighting: 1/60th of a second

Hillary is SO RUDE!

Thank God John Edwards isn't in the Senate anymore...


Survey USA-California narrows

Obama is happy to shake B*sh's hand, but won't shake Hillarys' ?


Diplomacy, manners, and expecting our next POTUS to be a 'grown up'

Do you think that Obama/Hillary Snubgate is a stupid topic on which to obsess?

None of our 2008 Dems comes close to being comparable to JFK, although 1 is more so than the rest

After much thought and introspection...

For those who say Edwards supporters have to fear who "might win" if he stays in...

Will someone PM me when all of the "Handshake" threads are off the front page of GDP? Thanks...

MSNBC Just covered "Obama turns away"

Is the "handshake snub" payback for months of the "Mistress Hillary" act?

BTW, Hillary is advertising (TV) in MO, listening now

So, tell us how you really feel, Barack.

The public reaction to Gov Sebelius will be very interesting as compared to DU.

Back Away from the Conversation

Edwards nails the SOTU charade

What evidence is there that Edwards supporters would flock to Obama if Edwards dropped out?

Video - Obama's Response to Bush's State of Union

After much thought, I'm going to bake a cake for Hillary and her supporters

The handshake story is going to be huge in the M$M!

now I HAVE T"HE VIDEO RIGHT HERE and hillary is the one who was rude: LOOK

Hillary on the State of the Union

This Is Who The Clintons Are

After much thought and introspection, I've decided to send money in support of Hillary Clinton

I really was expecting more from Sebelius.

"Handshake Snubgate" DEBUNKED : Ted reached out to Hillary after Barack had turned away.

What was St. Obama's position on the Patriot Act in 2001?

Hillary ignores Obama and passes him by

FauxNews Reporting....more Obama/Clinton spat going on! HUGE!!

Secret conversation overheard at SOTU address...

Barack to Hillary: I Don't Drink With You:

What's funny is, I used to like Obama 'til he attacked Sen. Kennedy. Now Kennedy supports him.

I have just decided to support Clinton

I have just decided to support Obama...

Running mate choices if Obama wins the nomination

So, instead of discussing Bush's false claim on Iran's "nukular" program, we're talking handshakes?

Keith Olberman

AP CHRONOLOGY: Ted reaches over, Mrs. Clinton smiles and shakes hand, MEANWHILE Obama turns his back

Edwards IS the Anti-Bush

AP: Obama slammed for turning back, refusing to share energy ball with HRC

Did you know that FIVE US soldiers died today in Iraq?

Ever gotten a new girlfriend, only to have her ex show up on your first date?

Obama: I am not comfortable with any comparison to JFK

Pretend you're a Michigan voter for a minute... (Poll 3 of 3)

Oh for fuck's sake, this handshake bullshit is absurd.

My Mind is made up... Caroline Kennedy was the tipping factor

I think the Rezko story is a lot of hot air

FINAL SURVEY USA FLORIDA POLL (1/27-1/28) Hillary has 24 point lead, gets 80% of hispanic vote

Photo: Obama avoiding shaking the hands of bald men at the SOTU

AP PHOTOS of Obama refusing to shake Mrs. Clinton's hand

Obama refuses to shake Hillary's hand, deprives her of The BAM. "Give me some of that," she cried.

I promised to take a closer look at Obama's statements and record

Pretend you're a Michigan voter for a minute... (Poll 1 of 3)

Pretend you're a Michigan voter for a minute... (Poll 2 of 3)


Fineman just called Obama "the conquering hero, the young prince"

AP reporting on the Obama handshake snub - w/ PICTURES

AP: Corrects handshake story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AP: "Obama turned away"

Will the media give Obama a pass on his snub of Hillary?

Hillary or Barak? Who should I voter for tomorrow?


I Just Voted for Barack Obama!

AP Picture of Obama turning back on Sen. Hillary Clinton

American Nurses Association Endorses Clinton

Breaking News-Hillary refused to shake Obama's hand at the debates for months

The video and media are in: HILLARY IGNORED OBAMA.

Edwards: THE Voice of the forgotten Middle Class | Obama: This isn't about rich vs poor

Chris Shays kissed Bush at SOTU

Will Bill Be Miffed When "Clinton Handshake" on Google Images Is No Longer Kennedy and Him ...

Did Barack Obama Refuse To Shake Hillary's Hand?

Something to ponder for those cheering the Kennedy endorsement

The Candidates' Milkshake Poll.

On which significant bills have Obama and Hillary disagreed?



My mother: voted for Ford, Regan, Regan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush and Bush......

Obama: "Sometimes you have to trim your sails"- Dismissively labeled Wellstone as merely a “gadfly”

Christopher Hitchers, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan, Joe Scaraborough...etc.

Hillary cancels appearance on CNN at the last minute

After watching the shameful SOTU, it's hard for me to want to reach across the aisle!

Smug Alert

Hillary: "Eliminate Due Process For Illegals Who Commit Crimes Here"

Okay, Democrats....all form in a circle...raise your rifle...

In one of his widely-publicized missteps, Williams refused to shake hands with Ann Richards

UK Guardian: Ted Kennedy's graciousness subtle f-you to Clinton.

Hillary sent Bill to beg for Kerry and Kennedy's endorsements, but now that she didn't get either,

Women's group slams Kennedy for 'betrayal'

Maybe part of the Obama support is a desire

Obama's sad victory-a MUST read

I just got back from an Edwards rally. He was AWESOME!!

Look at the angle of Hillary's body vs. the angle of her head.

Ohmigod, I totally saw Barack and Hillary kissing after the SOTU.

The Official "I don't give a damn about the handshake thing" Thread.

A Caucus RESOLUTION -- Please adapt to your location, and speak up for it!

Need proof that Obama isn't a "uniter"? Look at DU

Fucking unbelieveable....

You stay classy, Obama

Edwards Response to bu$h SOTU

ATTN: EDWARDS SUPPORTERS! New Grassroots Fund Drive—Wednesday, January 30th!

I miss my Mom...

best. post. ever

Now more than ever what we need for GD-P is the following:

Flashback: Detroit 1979 - Rock Radio station WWWW Kicks Much ASSS!

I feel like crap. I'm going to bed.

Ok kids, I'm headed to bed....

Join us over in GD:P. We've gone medieval!

My response to the State of The Union

Loungers, I feel like shit!

Looks like we have a REC button puncher on the job tonite.

Well I'm glad I slept through the SOTU

Kewek Kitteh

I have to get up in four hours. I'm not the least bit sleepy.

I wanna date or some other dried fruit.

Monday mid-afternoon: 43°F. Early Wednesday morning: -18°F

I wanna date an actress.

These Days

Mother accused of microwaving daughter was 'drunk'

hide me!

Where had Hillarys Hands Been?

Anyone else watching Close Encounters (west coast) on ACM? :)

matcom nor Will Pitt nor LynneSin EVER SHOOK MY HAND

Detroit Radio station lovers - Check this out

This is the only message board I've seen that stays active all night.

Serengeti Air Conditioning

Would someone please shake my hand?

67 deg RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!111

Did Hillary Not Wash Her Hands?

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward!

Whew! That was close!


Alternative Super Bowl-BATTLE OF THE BANDS

Remember the Yahoo message boards?

Cirque de Sol Lemur

Personalities need a good home....

Groundhog Day

For the Love of Marmalade!

I propose a DU Sanity forum

Where are all the college threads?

How many in here went out in public....

Is it just me, or did * seem to have a chip on his shoulder during the SOTU?

From the mouths of babes. A lesson in evolution

I am using a computer

So I totally missed the SOTU speech last night - can anyone sum it up in 100 words or less?

In Praise of Milhousey Supporters: World's Oldest Babies

Picture of Drew barrymore and Billy Zoom

Weather for SW Missouri

Why can't I remove any of the "Big 6" when I Customize My Forums?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/28/08

Obama shakes hands with his best friend!

I'm going into work late today.

bi-baby's Cocteau Twins thread is getting me all excited about baseball.

Check in and I will either shake your hand, or snub you so DU will have new sandals.

I just devoured a pound of top round beef so rare, touching it made it bleed. Ask me anything.

I propose a DU Santorum

Silversun Pickups--A new band that I actually like!

Quick! Gimme a Lounge Shower....

I wanna date an actor.

Please post your BEST crackpot chicken recipe here!

I've been over in GD-P hiding "handshake" threads

Help me decide what to have for lunch..... please

I'm gonna post this and I don't give a f*ck who is offended by this comment!!

Post your handshake post here

Ok, if they made a movie about your sex life - what actor would play your parts?

Happy 90th Birthday, John Forsythe!

Any idea just how long marijuana stays in your system?

My wife said she was going to get a "special outfit" for Valentine's Day

New Government Health Warning:

I'm gonna post this and I don't give a fuck who is offended by this comment!!

What is Elton John's "Levon" all about?

There's a mod in GD with a real sense of humor!

Go to Intercourse


So I totally missed the STFU speech last night - can anyone sum it up in 100 words or less?

The Jesse Helms School of Government at Liberty University

4 8 15 16 23 42 .... 2 days to go

You got a problem with THIS?

Speaking of scuba gear, is this abusive?

"F**k-ing stop the camera right now, because I'm going to f**king kick your ass, dog"

The school system is closed for Election Day. I have four young boys in my house.

Happy 68th Birthday, Katherine Ross!

Cartoon Network sucks big time nowadays.

Craig Ferguson Passes Citizenship Test

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! 50mph gusts in northwest Arkansas right now!

Ever heard the term "domin" for being high?

Ok, if they made a movie about your life - what actor of the opposite sex would play your part?

High Alcohol Corn liquor

29 years ago today

"it is what it is"

Free the HALO 81!!!!

Holy Crap!! We have a Winter Storm Warning for tomorrow!

Tuesdays Questions of the day

OMFG!! Check out what I just bought for $1.78!!!

Happy Birthday Oprah Winfrey

Please post your BEST crock of shit recipe here!

Last night at dinner BabyMidlo asked if it is true that for everytime

UGH! I have to go to a meeting

OMFG!! Check out what I just bought for $.11!!!

UGH! I have to go to a beating

Your Bollywood Video of the Day: Superman Meets Spidergirl

is it post-lunch naptime yet?

Go to Hell

You can't even have a discussion in GD anymore...

is it post-lunch napalm yet?

Wow I'm exhausted...what a day at skool...

Air Canada Co-Pilot removed from plane

Chivalry isn't dead. (clean joke)

Fly naked on nudist holiday flight

LOL... just misheard a promo on MSNBC

I'm getting to be old & cranky - I got frustrated with somebody's accent

I wanna date a tractor

People who whistle to themselves in public bug the shit out of me.

Is the \n all in our threads with disease?

New Jersey vies to become the most expensive toll state in the nation..

Deleted-Wrong Area

I propose a DU Sanitarium

Guess who I met today?

Whats For Lunch

The economy is so bad... I saw this under a bridge.

Ok, if they made a movie about your life - what actor of the same sex would play your part?

Tomorrow's my birthday!

Do I have any chance of winning this?

Cats Or Dogs

What is the diagnosis and/or appropriate medication for GD-P?

Poll Question: Aye-Aye or Echidna?

Alzheimer's is the saddest damned thing in the world.

CNN: Hillary SPEAKS!--"My Handshake...

I have spent the last two hours surfing porn at work.....

I think I pulled something after a massive heebie-jeebie

I wouldn't mind trolls as much if I could take a free shot at them

Anyone want a few-month-old unused Freeper sockpuppet?

I got one of my threads locked!

German nudists to start holidays early... by stripping off on the plane


The next person in my office who says "it is what it is" is getting catapulted

After Seeing This.... I Feel A Little Like Bill Frist The Cat Killer...

It is raining like crazy!! Who made God cry?

There was just some kind of mild explode-y noise coming from the church kitchen.

Well, Loungers... I'm officially running for a local office!

Well at least the wind is dying down.

Where Is redqueen?

What do you want to do? Six Degrees? Ask MrScorpio? Who Am I?

George Segal was a pretty man back in the 60's

I am bleeping mad at a hospital here where I live! My mother's life was at stake!

Tell me about your caffeine withdrawal

Can anyone nominate a DU'zy?

Just dropping by to say hello and share some Hawaii pics!

Ok, if someone wrote and sang a song about your life, who would be singing it?

Ever tried to make a late night drunken reconnection with you past?

So What Bands Do You Like!!!!!11111

You want to talk cold, my friends?

I am going over to GD to post something, I will return.

I thought I was finally caught up - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

High Fructose Corn Syrup...

This Post is NOT a locked thread from another forum.

Flame wars in GD are giving me a contact high, man

Tomorrow Is Dick Cheney's Birthday

STOP THE PRESSES: New Celebrity endorsement for Rudy Giuliani

Today's Moment 'o' ZEN: David Lee Roth tackles "Runnin' With The Devil," A Capella. A HAAAAA, YEAH!

I just got covered in imploded "Obama Witch" helvetica birthday Cheney ooze,

How Lazy Mole-Rats Serve Their Queen

I got called an "Obama Guy" in GD-P. Ask me whatever the fuck you want!

At what temperature is your thermostat set?

HOT sex

I Just Got A $40 Starbucks Gift Card

What is the better grill, gas or charcoal?

Hate me or Love me

Somebody save me!

Note to self, never tell Parche when and where I am taking a trip

River of Love

My nephew has a doctor appt. today

Hey Oedi - is this a good deal?

Gee, I can get wireless, homephone, local, long distance, hi speed internet, advanced tv (all three)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/29/2008)


Should We Charge A Toll For Every GD Post?

those idiots on GD-P



why is my 'puter

Anybody seen the documentary film "Helvetica?"

I see that the recommend fairy is once again loose in the Lounge.

I just got covered in ouzo

DON'T make me go to Reno!!!!!!!

Last portrait of my father

Well I am totally screwn - RE bust size and diabetes.

Get Smart Trailer

VIDEO: When Gandolfinis attack: Former Tony Soprano grabs annyoyng fan by the FACE! Fuggedaboudit!

Whoever Jonathan King was, he should be hanged for "OOKA-SHAKA"-ing "Hooked on a Feeling."

Check in and I will either shake your hand, or snub you so DU will have new scandals.

I wanna date a factor.

I can't get anything done

My fellow Edwards supporters, RE: Convention

REAL Boobies:

Are KitchenWitch, texanwitch and redwitch related?

Could I have some of those trusty "lounge vibes", please?

I got some last night, aw yes

I got excellent health news today

The local news just ran a teaser about a link between breast size and diabetes, should I watch?

I think I'm gonna go home and maybe Beelzebub something

unFREAKINGbelieveable...just unFREAKINGbelieveable

I think I'm gonna go home and maybe BeDazzle something

You know, I wouldn't mind tolls as much if they came with free shots of Jagermeister or Wild Turkey.

Skinner - the master of the understatement!

Lee Mercer snubbed everybody at the State of The Union

A Heartfelt Thanks to the DU Lounge

More Mango, Please.

. . ! . .

Baby boomers really aren't evil, y'all.

Please post your BEST crackpot chicken recipe here!

Love me or hate me


OK, Lounge Lizards, it is -25 with wind chill - 37 here. Post something warm

If you don't like Marijuana - then don't use it.

Which Twins Jersey should I get next?

The Mets are gonna whip your asses this year, part II

After 6890 posts, I've made an ignore list!

GD: P is going to implode tonight. When the Florida returns are in...

What's the hardest drug you've ever done?

Hey kids! I'm baaaaack!!!


And you thought * faced a tough crowd last night.

Would you pay $100 for this purse? If you were shopping for a purse around that amount anyway?

Demotivational Posters (dial up warning)

What distinctive voice would recognize immediately in a song?

Best Stand Up Comedian

AAAWWW DAMMIT!!!! I missed my 15000 post.

Yay, a twofer over in GD: gun control and use of the word "vagina" all in one thread!

I just got covered in ooze

What is your favorite part of a letter?

After many evaluations, my niece was finally diagnosed with Autism

Most fearful upcoming movie remake or adaptation:

People who sing to themselves in public bug the shit out of me.

Post a picture that makes you immediately think GD:Primaries

I love old movies

Ok, if they made a movie about your life - what actor would you like to have sex with?

Charlie Rose tonight: Live coverage of SOTU with an interesting cast (Raddatz, Fallows, Weisberg...)

Specter and FISA, something to keep in mind until it is over

God. WHAT A F***TARD! State of the Union?

What would happen if they gave a SOTU and no Democrats...

Video: Highlights of DU Primary Season Unity

I'm tired of the good cop bad cop routine.

Biden's take on the STOU (as alwaysl, he tells it like it is!)

Someone, somewhere, has just registered on DU and has begun to scan

Evan Thomas' summation of SOTU: "Surge is working ... not too bad ... good bye."

Well, it was fun "knowing" some of the folks here while it lasted.

Pat Buchanan doesn't understand the white man's plight

I felt SAFE,...before George W Bush. At least, I felt some sense of safety.

I heart Joe Biden...

The sad fact is that Bush pulled a Humpty Dumpty on America...

Did anyone see Pelosi flipping * the bird?

So... if

I think "Stimulus Package" is a nasty double entendre

Poor Baby

Rachel Maddow is ripping these pundits bigtime on MSNBC

Patriots/Giants Unity: Dr. Condi Rice Couldn't Find WMDs, She Can't Find Roids...

I missed the broadcast of the SOTU and am watching the rebroadcast

Heres a nice moment with Bush and Obama

Christopher Shays Gone Wild - The SOTU Kiss

RE: "I'm a Bush Republican" buttons

NYPD Seeks an Air Monitor Crackdown for New Yorkers

What Median Home Prices Would Look Like If the Bubble Never Happened

working on a new toon - need a little input

AG Mukasey Blocking Gonzales Investigation According to LATimes

SOTU By The Numbers (For those who couldn't bear to watch)

Woo Hoo. Barney Frank is on Washington Journal right now

If the Clintons never existed, where would we be?

Headline on this morning's paper: "Bush: AQ on the run in Iraq"

Missile Strike in Northwestern Pakistan Kills 12 Militants; No Word on Whose

Masterbating in public: Bush and the earmarks

American Liberty Teetering on Edge of Abyss-by Paul Craig Roberts

Oklahoma House speaker resigns post

NAR Whore to Denver Post-"subprime-mortgage crisis... is a thing of the past" - LMAO!!!

The Surge In Iraq and the Tax Rebate

Charlie Crist would be perfect for one of those Rogaine commercials..

Bush Orders NSA To Snoop On U.S.

A modest proposal. The next president can start the tradition of having the report on the state of

Polls say people say the economy is the most important issue. HOW DARE THEY!!!

John Nichols: The Sorry State of a Lame-Duck's Legacy

WAHOPO: Capitalism's Enemies Within

Our one-way trip to disaster

Bush challenges Congress on the economy

Pioneering Blackwater Protestors Given Secret Trial & Criminal Conviction

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way

The economic stimulus package of . . . . . 1929

Did you see Bush rub another bald head last night?

FDL: FISA today

Music to Listen Too: Ulrich Schnauss

(Greenpeace Campaign) Why shoot whales with a harpoon.....

Blackwater Protesters Get Jail Time-While The Real Killers Remain Free

So now Joe Scarborough wants to move past the wars of the '90s

Anyone Notice How Much Bigger Condi's Butt Has Got In 7 Years?

"If I Had a Rocket Launcher" (by Bruce Cockburn) re: Suharto

Ol' Lame Drunk giggles at his failures during a victory lap.

delete - dupe

I didn't hear the entire STFU Address; did Chimpy mention Bin Laden at all?

Foreclosures up 75% in 2007

Beck: "to be consistent,"Clinton should give Obama"5 percentage points"because of affirmative action

Caption these!

OT: How should we proceed to prevent bloodshed in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Greater Use of State Secrets Privilege Spurs Concern

Don't Get Your Jock in a Bunch about the New Pole Tax

Warning - Whiney Republicans on the Senate Floor now

How the democratic party can help republican Latinos that are fed up with hate messages?

Debit Cards were planned for the Economic Stimulus Package

Telecom immunity

"Iraq did 911". Wrong. "Iraq/Hussein ties to al Qaeda." Wrong.

I just experienced a moment of JOY realizing Bush will never give another STU Address.

Australia Announces Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

unFREAKINGbelieveable...just unFREAKINGbelieveable

Showdown in Blackwater's Backyard

Amy Goodman: "The media act as a megaphone for those in power...."

"The People Who Created This War Need To Be Thinking Of Families Of 18 Yr Olds Who Are Dying"

My Letter to the Secretary of State

Watch the entire endorsement and Obama's speech again .......

200,000 Chinese stranded at railway station in Guangzhou..

self delete

Bill's late Bill's late! Cut away

Odd observation, Hillary at the address

Step aside - WIDE STANCE is up!

Just heard from MSNBC, minor problems with voting machines

Fighting Georgetown Cocktail Partyism

please caption

Afghan Women Protest American Kidnapping

our money just built another military base in Afghanistan

When someone complains about too many threads on (insert topic) by starting another thread....

Intetional ambiguity?

FEMA "Covered Up" Cancer Risk in its Toxic Katrina Trailers

Bushes little Tax joke rant

Progress report please. I've been out of it for a while.

FED FOCUS-Weak growth,miscues may put Bernanke's job at risk

Maya Angelou endorses Clinton?

Poll: Hey you lazy pot users? How much pot do you actually use?

Great new anti-Repug website:

Tonight, we will know who our adversary is.

did tweety completely lose his mind last night? I was listening to KO--and tweety

A Question About Recession

Care to comment? "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

Juan Cole: One last Argument with Bush

Today’s Headlines

Tragic: Picture of Kenyan boy with arrow in head (fortunately alive and well)

People different from you: Super Bowl extravagance

most of Greece shut down due to fierce winds- snow,etc.

the young turks

I was getting all bummed out by DU this a.m., but just remembered...

Dear DUers - please consider my SOTU thread:

Bush's State of Disunion - Congress Democrats must standup & lead no matter the cost Robert Wexler

The Rude Pundit: The State of the Union is "Oh, Fuck, Am I Still Here?"

despite polls Rudy insists he will win ..

Gag Alert! Lieberman is on MSNBC stumping for McCain right now.

Damn, Jesse Helms is still alive

Those Crazy GOPers! Romney Calls McCain "LIBERAL"

New US-imposed Iraqi flag hated by Iraqi people. Again.

Is there another right wing talking point amongst us?

SOTU: 936, 937, 938, 939, 940, 941, 942...

Why are the Bush 2002 tax cuts to expire in 2009?

Nancy Pelosi sure seemed to have a good time yucking it

Online services cater to our speeded-up lives

Freeperisms of the day, courtesy of the "President's Private Army"

The onion and Dante team up to make a special place

Kucinich Postpones Bush Impeachment Effort, Giving Conyers A Shot

Caption Dick & George ---pix--->>>

More on McCain and Alito

Bush's State of the Union speech in a nutshell: A Presidency running on empty

Super Bowl and the Stock Market?

Smirk of the Union

Bush issues signing statement on permanent bases

Smirk of the Union

ON GEMSNBC a few minutes ago

US Completes Military Base On Afghanistan/Pakistan Border

Yesterday, the best President of my Lifetime gave a speech....

The lingering stench of "either or"..

Gut-wrenching example of why equal marriage is so critical

Did you catch Mary Lyon's "The Last Yawn" on GD-P?

Maybe Democrats SHOULD cut taxes after all. Here's my plan:

For the first time since 2001 I find myself giving up on the national nightly news

The Dollar Store has fun with current events:

Justice Dept. accused of blocking Gonzales probe

this sums up exactly how i feel right now...

MSNBC: "Senate hinting it might throw MONKEY WRENCH into works"

What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?

At what point did you turn off the SOTU ?

The Washington Post, Surge to Nowhere

Much media footage of HC emphatically applauding the escalation/surge would hurt her campaign

glitch in federal Congressional Email system?

Key words used in *'s speechafying

I'd Like To Hear Her Legal Basis

A look at the Network Security Risks of the so called "Protect America Act"

Pelosi to Senate: Don't you mess with my stimulus bill!

The Course of Empire, a series of paintings by Thomas Cole.

States: Federal authority to call up National Guard for Iraq has expired

The Last Chimariko.

Do you realize that if you first voted in 1976, this year's election will the first time

Pakistani Taliban grows bolder, taking fight to Afghanistan Frontier

The Fight for Bush's Legacy-By Robert Parry

Union Leader calls Hillary a LIAR and that she is!

FBI probes 14 firms in subprime crackdown

Man struggles to return from the dead

U.S. diplomat in Pakistan May Have Been Murdered(Not Suicide) ,on Eve of Returning.

Not Ohio AGAIN

Good news... It appears the rebate won't have to be paid back... if John Shoen is correct that is

So now that moron* is officially a "lame duck" does this mean that...

What do you think George Walker Bush was referencing in the SOTU-"army of compassion"?

Seeds of ignorance: Safety concerns about GMOs

John Nichols: Swamped in Florida: Another New Yorker's Nightmare

What is Joe Lieberman the champion of?

Conyers, Nadler Invite Ken Blackwell for Hearing on Voter Suppression

Is there ANYTHING that king george doesn't

Bush Issues Signing Statement on Defense Act, Waiving Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases

Congrats to Shell

Sorry but I really cannot get past her eyes..

FAUX Noise is in for a very rough 2008; we can only hope!

Lieberman Should be Given the Boot

Neocon Zalmay Khalilzad Running for Karzai's Seat Afghanistan?

Fox News 2004: Bush ties his policies to record home ownership

Rep. Ron Lewis, R, KY, drops out at last minute! (Incumb)

Since becoming addicted to the DU ,

John Conyers:The State of Our Union

Dark Knight Director Remembers Heath Ledger

Did you know it was your JOB to be a good consumer?

The Future of Exit Polling = Election Defense Radio, Tues. Jan. 29

Bush just gave himself the line-item-veto.

Phelps to protest at slain Marine's funeral

It's ENTIRELY possible to turn away, without it being a "snub"

"They're coming to kill us, and by the way, here's six hundred dollars."


msnbc- KO and tweety on

U.S. passport fees set to rise

House Passes 15-Day Extension to Surveillance Bill

A very curious statement Bush made in the SOTU address last night

The “threatening” incident was as phony as the mobile biological weapons vans in the Iraqi desert

Hidden Victims Of Mortgage Crisis: Pets Abandoned By Their Owners

Has anyone seen left-wing emails full of lies?

Chris Matthews....

'Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy' A Doc Film By John Pilger

Chimera bullshit! The utter stupidity of the Homo Americanus Politicus

Is there any reason a state AG can't indict Bush/Cheney/et al?

a refresher on the "joys" of NCLB for those who need on....

Bush Issues Signing Statement On Defense Act, Waiving Ban On Permanent Bases In Iraq

I Hate To Say It But Huckabee Is The Only One Who Has Got This "Rebate" Right

Fox News

Boehner comment on stimulus package

Judy looks.....preoccupied

Ahhh... It's a BEAUTIFUL Day. Know Why?

bu$h* Says Faith Helped Him Beat Drinking

This country saddens me, I had two different vets ask me for food money today

Happiness Sucks- Why joy is bad for you.

What came first-anthrax or mobile chemical weapons labs?

My conclusion on Impeachment

I'm 27 years old, the only president I've really experienced is Bush

I like DU and am not going anywhere...

Pentecostal Preacher Pledges Holy War Against GOP Senator

SOTU photo: Junior smirks, Nancy grins, Evil Dick channels Montgomery Burns ("EX-cellent...")

TEDTalk Tuesday: the Fractal Villages of Africa

Al Gore's Current Media Going Public

Worst SOTU ever?

How many people are aware of the attempted coup in the u.s. during the great depression?

Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont is telling it like it is on the Senate Floor

ART: "Keep on talkin', Michelle Malkin"

Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace

Help DUers re Pell Grants

20 Bucks

The Beginning of the End

Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction ..!!!!WTF!!!

I was wondering why Feinstein?

I'm going to be offline for several weeks after my surgery

Not just FEMA - the CDC suppresses toxic warning to hurricane victims

Soldiers-Feel Betrayed-Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum

Boom of condo crash loudest in Miami (how mortgage fraud helped create the bubble)

Rep. Conyers: Impeachment Is Not Off the Table

State of the Union Came With a Signing Statement

Pelosi and Reid have failed America-They could have become living American patriots.

Chimpy interrupts a phone call at the SOTU.

RANT: I can't believe they can't figure out why homes are not selling!

CONFIRMED: Over 1 Million Iraqi Citizens-KILLED-Violently By Bush Admin

Hey, my Senator Webb put out a report card. What did your senator do?

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial, Criminal Conviction


The Democrat Seeking Trent Lott's Seat

At the edge of Bush's HUGE bubble, I yelled at a cop to arrest the son of a bitch.

NYTimes graphic of words in Bush's SOTU addresses over time

Wonder why they don't just cancel 2007 taxes and refund everyone everything they've paid in

One of Key SOTU Lies Was a Rerun

Local school district goes on strike...anti-teacher idiots with no clue coming out of the woodwork.

In Defense Of Alternative Media (AKA, There *Are* Unique Problems With The MSM)

Conyers: "Impeachment NOT off the table"

I stopped clubbing people with a baseball bat ...

History Channel openly characterizes anthrax attacks as the work of the US government

thread for dennis

"The View" Co-host Sherri Shepherd Has Never Voted

Who throws a baby out of a car - good fugging grief!!

Has No Child Left Behind accomplished anything of merit for the country?

Former American CIA agent David Dastych supports Sibel Edmonds nuclear proliferation claims!

Democratic Senators whom you like today... will be voting... in favor of telecom amnesty

Dear President Bush...

Anonymous, not so anonymous, "raids" anti-Gay Scientology in Orlando.

ACLU: House Hearing a Step Towards Progress on State Secrets Privilege

Cannabis bigger cancer risk than cigarettes: study

A Sibel Edmonds Timeline - ''We Can't Afford to Let Them Spill the Beans''

The "MSM?" I mean, come on, what is this?

When you have two 'celebrity' candidates running ...

Popebama's been snubbing Hillary all day...

Handshake or not, you will vote for our candidate. If gays get told to vote on the big picture

Don't fall for this scam!! It pays for the MSM to feed the Obama/Clinton

I need to know: did Jesse Jackson ever fail to shake someone's hand?

Obama is a Stateman, Hillary is a Statewoman

Hillary and Obama didn't shake...

Here's why I'm leaving GD: P until Fat Tuesday, and why I encourage you to do the same.

Latest Report on Obama Snub!

When will Ignore thread come back? Had enough with handshakes.

We need a new forum: GD:HS to discuss handshaking

Washington Times: Obama and Hillary at SOTU (and other color)

Unity as a Symbol

Hillary had her nails done and Obama had a kitten in his hand. Therefore no handshake.

Dr. Seuss weighs in on the handshake

How, HOW I ask you could a dark sallow attorney from New York City fail?

Do you all think it's acceptable behaviour for someone at DU to verbally mock a transexual?

If you felt someone had been lying about you, would you want to shake their hand?

Who among us would refuse to shake hands

Thank you Hillary, thank you Obama

Handy Guide to Handshaking while Running for President

Obama simply hasn't learned the

Two interesting items from Jon Stewart

A liar responsible for the death of innocents spoke tonight & handshakes get the attention?

Msnbc reporting on the handshake now!

THIS is what denying a handshake looks like

candidate switching based on spite

I wonder If AMA Will Endorse Hillary?

***BREAKING NEWS**** Bin Laden Determines US is Weak based on Obama's lack of Handshake

John Edwards Ignores A Reporter + Hillary Clinton's real (rude) self

Handshake Kabuki and Haikus

Obama's official response on handshakegate....

The two threads that started the avalanche....

AP: Indicted Obama Fundraiser's Bond Revoked

Anybody watch Pat Buchannan Shill for Hillary on MSNBC?

Hillary? You don't got it. You are so NOT your husband.

Just a small suggestion...

Edwards is the Adult


Hillary's Bug Eyes give her away

You handshake people make me want to puke

Half of the people here are backing a loser.

Reading these threads tonight is the best fucking entertainment...

Shame, shame, SHAME on some of you! A 'snubbed handshake' is NOT as important as

it is a joke, you all know this right?


Ted Kennedy: JOhn Edwards has been a powerful advocate for Economic and Social Justice.

Damn Craig Crawford is an ass and Pat Buchanan is Hillarys biggest fan

JFK helps Obamas dad come to US. Obama makes Obama jr. Kennedy endorses Obama.

NATIONAL SECURITY GAP: SUSA CA poll shows Clinton leading Obama on "terrorism" 65% - 18%.

Florida Hillary Fans - Don't forget to vote next week!

This hand

Video: Highlights of DU Primary Season Unity

Overlooked was Chris Dodd glaring at Joe Biden.

A Handy Guide to Hand Shake Puns.

When all your hopes and dreams for winning hinges on a handshake,

"Soooooo. I guess your boyfriend is happy about Obama, huh?" (Edwards people,listen up)

Well, my local news just LED with the Obama snubs Clinton story

My sister-in-law died tonight - we found out around 10.

Clinton Gives the Surge a Standing Ovation, while Obama remains in his Seat.

Breaking news about the Obama handshake

My best friend, The World Famous Lois, says this is the best Dem. primary

Obama should have known better than to turn his back

Bush and Obama have one thing in common....

I'm sure Hillary has a reasonable explanation to cheer 'The Surge'.

Nobody refused to shake anybody's hand

SurveyUSA California Poll: Obama closing gap

"Unity" is an empty slogan, or woefully naive

Got an old anti-Clinton email, now added to and recycled for this campaign

Maybe I'll be there to shake your hand....

Wow! NYT on the chill on Capitol Hill

Last year Hillary snubbed Obama when she heard he was running against her

Clinton supporters are bragging about the new support

matcom nor Will Pitt nor LynneSin EVER SHOOK MY HAND

A sad state of affairs as politics divides along racial, gender, economic and class lines

Did Obama learn manners from those college RePUKES who used to snub Clinton handshake at graduation?

"You say you want a devolution, Well ya know"....

True or false: Primaries are won and lost by the posts on DU

***BREAKING NEWS**** America ready for an African American president

Ok things have gotten out of hand...


Ye be no gallant knight, Barack. Know ye not that when a lady proffereth her hand, ye shall kyss it?

Obama on Health Care

Gitmo Lawers Urge Support for Obama

Wow, this makes me proud to support Edwards. Obama and Clinton people now fighting over handshakes.

Who's gonna vote in Florida tomorrow?

It's official, DU has jumped the shark.

You Hillary people are hilarious posting the handshake picture

Don't BREAK the CHAIN! Vote for Hillary. 10 yrs good luck.

An unexpected benefit of Handshake Gate: Or Juniors Big Night Out

Some Back-Story On The Ted Kennedy Endorsement...

As president, Obama has said he would meet with the U.S.'s enemies without precondition.

Will Al Gore endorse a candidate?

Guess what I heard?

Kennedys for Clinton

Interesting comment on Florida GOP race tonight

Let me get this straight...

Hillary shakes hands with Rupert Murdoch. Her standards for handshakes are low.

I just want to win the general election

Obama Didn't Mind Shaking Shrubs Hand

Ted decided to endorse after Iowa--here's the link

How long before the spinners follow their Rovian leaders' tactics and

Crickets chirping on handshake at CNN, NYTimes, FoxNews

State of the Union Democratic Respondant, Gov. Sebelius, Plans to Endorse Obama

I don't recall Dean and Clark being so uncivil toward one another in 2004.

Primary voter-registration fuck-uppery. Or "Can I do this?"

Okay - about the handshake that DID take place --

The "Itchy & Scratchy" Primary Campaign

How many deaths did the non-handshake cause?

Rep. Grijalva switches to Obama from Edwards

Why Forcing Obama to behave like an attention-seeking, back-slapping politician

Maybe Hillary requires preconditions for her handshakes

Hey Donald Trump Doesn't Shake Hands Either...

CNN--Hillary: "My handshake...

Zogby Poll: Georgia U.S. Senate Race Could Be Toss Up

Rezco's iraqi billionaire moneyman, read Auchi's background, its bad

Edwards spent several million dollars to help poor, underprivileged kids

Why is this a story JESUS!!!!!!

Do you truly think Obama would be caught up in back and forth if it was him and Edwards....

What's next for Rudy if he DOES drop out of the race?

Hillary refuses to shake Obama's hand when he announces potential run for president>>>

Unions are busy locally but not all for 1 candidate

Obama is the only democrat who's not afraid to say the word PROGRESSIVE

CNN: State of the Union: Awkward moment

Hillary and Biden at the SOTU ----Photo--->>

RFK family supports Hillary

A murder of crows, A battery of barracudas, A kettle of vultures

Welcome to Handshake-gate, the scandal that never was. (Truth inside)

Richardson's Choice

MSM Winning! We The People Lose Again!

Craig Crawford Called the Kennedys

Craig Crawford says what many have always felt - Ted Kennedy helped usher in the Reagan era

Hillary words on Bush StateOfTheUnion Surge

Rezko story getting some traction...

Wine track vs Beer track Democrats and the Obama campaign

Here's a 4th thread to tell us what Craig Crawford said, so we don't have to watch him on TV!

Whoa, Craig Crawford totally trashed the Kennedys on Morning Joe

Hillary gives Obama the stink-finger!

Hey Edwards supporters! Where does your candidate stand on the issues.

Florida primaries - good voting everyone - and a cartoon for the day:

Edwards supporter here, but even I am getting Obama Fever

What should Obama have done?

Obama snubs Hillary at SOTU

*******Want to see some DUMB Shit? Check it out!*********

only on GD-P is turning away when no hand is outstretched in friendship a crime

Behaving badly-Add Clintons' campaign tactics to a dubious list

Someone asked...Who is Taylor Marsh

Remembering Rove, where did that overhead photo of the "snub" come from?

I Was Thinking About That Much-Rumored Sex Scandal

Earlier Clinton greets Kennedy in Senate, feigns a surprised hello for snub shot a few hours later

So I guess we can expect 7 more days of Obama-bashing here on DU in the run-up to Super Tuesday.


Let there be no doubt:

Women Leaders Applaud Hillary’s Candidacy for President as ‘Historic,’ ‘Inspirational’

Where are the endorsements for Edwards? Is our entire PARTY dead?

If dreams came true. Talk about not wanting to wake up!


A conservative's assessment of McCain, Romney and their chances to unite the party.

Keep Bashing Bill.........

Brilliant! Bush gave his last SOTU speech and the lead is Obama/Kennedy

Hillary=Class. She does not get Ted's endorsement, not the end of the world

Which is more rude

Which slimy Repug will win Florida?

Memory Lane: Who's the Bigger Hawk, George or Hillary?

The Hill: Bush shook hands with Obama, called him "buddy"

Just got done watching all the morning shows.....

If Gore Endorses Obama, how many Hillary supporters here

Start thinking for YOURSELF people. Quit focusing on who endorses who.

Official "Thank YOU Craig Crawford" thread..

Proof that Popebama is a uniter.....

You know what turns me off to candidates...

Senator Obama preaches "unity", but I believe he means unity on HIS terms only

Silence, For Now, From Al Gore

Is this a primary or a Robert Altman movie?


The Last Yawn (Mary Lyon)

Yes, Bill needs to fade into the background for now, but the media wants it both ways with him

What's Going On Within The Repub Power Structure...

It would be so much better if everyone were to point out the positives of their candidate

What's Going On Within The Democratic Party Power Structure?

E. J. Dionne: Hobbled By Hubby

John Kerry is on Stephanie Miller right now

Obama Campaign's David Axelrod on Morning Joe: No Snub Intended

Is 2008 The First Year This Party Has Not Had A Single Candidate With Military Experience?

Who's Snubbing Who?

I'm getting endorsement spammed by people I've never even heard of..

Today's Mitt-ism, on "global warming"

Edwards: Post your positives about him here. No slamming of others.

Is Ted Kennedy

Obama: Post your positives about him here. No slamming of others.

In your heart you know he's right

The polls have been open in Florida for a couple of hours. I call it for....

Nothing like wantiong to be POTUS and refusing to talk to people!!! Hillary is in trouble folks

CNN: State of the Union - awkward moment

NYT: High Enthusiasm Propels Democrats

Obama at the SOTU ---pix--->>>

The Hill: "Edwards eyes Brokered Convention"

Rep. Grijalva (D-AZ) Switches to Obama from Edwards op ed - The Kennedy Mystique

i am trying to find a post made a couple of days back (maybe on the weekend) where someone posted

Thank you, Skinner....

OMG, now Romney is going after McCain for when McCain thought about being Kerry's VP running mate

"Obama also maneuvered himself to shake Bush's hand."

My DH, Mr. Elena, is very, very impressed with the Kennedy's endorsement...

John Kerry on Stephanie Miller!

Richard Holbrooke - US Afghan poppy drive "spectacularly unsuccessful".

Obama is undefeated in contested primaries (3-0-1)

Marc Ambinder: From "Florida for Hillary, not affiliated with Hillary Clinton for President"

I still heart Hillary. Bill should either go home or go be an ambassador to Elsewhere.

Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away

The Lesson From Last Night (re: Courtesygate)

Let the People decide > Edwards or Un-Committed ALL of the way. nt

WTF? Mika just said they have been receiving e-mails from the Clinton camp re: the snub

Tons of Hillary signs appearing in Atlanta over the last few days.

Rep. Grijalva switches to Obama from Edwards

Thousands of Hillary signs in NY!!!

Obama's reponse to the SOTU

What if Hillary had done the same thing to Obama that he did to her @ the SOTU

Do The Florida Results Mean Anything To You?

Voted for Hillary today (maybe it will even count).

So Obama is eager to shake Bush's hand but not Hillary's

I remember Richardson defending Hillary Clinton during a debate,

Local radio talkshow wingnut's predictions for November

Well, I guess that you can count on the media and GDP to focus on important things

Politico: The Snub is the image of the day

MSNBC reporting voting problems in .......

Are people here ACTUALLY comparing Obama to *?

So what did folks think about Kathleen Sebelius's speech last night?

New Poll Shows Americans Are Sweet for Hillary Clinton (Valentines Day)

Gitmo Detainee Lawyers endorse Obama: We need a President who will restore the rule of law

Will Obama supporters trot out Billo's body language expert to defend Obama's snub?

USA Today: "Mr. Unity turns his back on opponent and then shakes the the hand of the divider"

Lawyers for Gitmo detainees endorse Obama

Days of Our Candidates: The Primary Soap Opera.

How Lazy Mole-Rats Serve Their Queen...

Since Hillary broke her pledge to the DNC, can her Super Delegates break their pledge to her?

Comment (s) about Obama's response to the SOTU

Delegates: Obama 63 -- Clinton 48

Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: Does a McCain Radio Ad Gaybait?

The goper Florida primary is today.

I wonder if the media will ask Obama if he has retained a lawyer for the Rezko thingy?

"(U.S. Rep David) Price proposes primary reforms" --5 states should vote every week... LINK

Craig Crawford: Most painfully obviously Hill Shill ever

Please state 1 reason, in 1 sentence, to vote for your candidate...

Is there video of the "snub"

How many "hand shake" threads have you hidden this morning?

What will Morning Joe & the rest of the MSM do once Obama gets the Democratic nod, if he does?


The clouds are finally breaking up,

Cuban Americans cynical over anti-Castro rhetoric (used by campaigns)

Obama will deliver speech in the hometown of his grandparents in El Dorado, KS, then on to Missouri

Morning Joe agrees Obama did the right thing when he snubbed Hillary

Florida voting - all fucked up again

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Endorsing Clinton

First two lawn signs in the neighborhood

Mr Unity Turns His Back on Opponent and Then Shakes the Hand of The Divider

Anyone remember Reagan's "surprise" handshake to Carter at the 1980 debate?

One Day There Will Be A Policial Scandal Involving A Gate

I have a hard time being friendly to people I'm mad at....Don't you?

The enGorsemen Reconsidered: Will Gore Endorse?

Rasmussen -HRC-41% Obama 32% Edwards 18%RCP AVG INC


The official "Good-bye Rudy Ghoulani" thread...because tonight...

NY Poll from 1/21: Hillary 43-39 Obama in NYC.

So, why aren't we "counting the votes" to "keep them honest" in South Carolina?

Power Through Delegates May Be Edwards Strategy

No, No, NOW

Who remains on your list of "major endorsements" that have not endorsed yet?

Obama's book retitled: The audacity of rudeness and arrogance

Does the Clinton campaign headquarters pay attention to suggestions

Mika Brzezinski - "Im Undecided"

Chicago Tribune: "At SOTU, Obama's Clinton snub was the news"

Clinton: Post your positives about her here. No slamming of others.

Maxine Waters Endorses Hillary Clinton...Some Of The Denizens Of DU Diss Maxine Waters

Breaking: You guys are a trip

The Official Popebama-Hillary Love/Hate Album...

Survey USA: Obama gaining ground in California

One week ago- a handshake

Please read this Thread....Pretty Please!

Democratic 'super-delegates' their role in the primary - The CAN change candidates

So what will happen at Thursdays debate?

Hillary's snub to NH

The flame game: We still win!

Richardson: "Obama could have just thrown me under the bus"

Enough of this handshake stuff folks

Clinton counts on Super Tuesday Latino vote; Obama seeks breakthrough

Ben Jones: Worst. surrogate. ever.

If GDP is a microcosm of the country, who the hell would want to be president?

RCP NY Polls(17-26jan): Clinton + 22,9%, + 28%, +26 %, +21 %, +21%, +16%, +25%

Mumia Abu-Jamal on the primaries

Hillary fans, a question.

Have any of the top 3 said Iran war is ridicules?

Editor & Publisher: "Obama Snubs Hillary?"

Cant we all get along..

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST....enough already, OK?

I just voted for John Edwards.

If Obama is immature enough to snub Clinton at the SOTU

Obama capped a day that began with hope..with a rude gesture

Obama wins backing of Kansas governor

The Washington Elite Are Anti-Hillary; Obama Is Their Candidate

Which stupid topic, had or will have the most threads started in its honor?

WTF, have we forgotten what DU is all about?

A disturbing pattern for Obama?

Here Ted! Hey! Shake my hand so it doesn't look all shitty that I don't deserve your endorsement!

Morning Joe: VIDEO of Obama campaign response to snub controversy

I prefer to dwell on photos like this one for now, if you don't mind...

KOS: Fraud in South Carolina!

I can't STAND Willard 'Mittens' ROMNEY!

Dismissing people who watch "The View," "Tyra," "Oprah," etc. isn't smart

The latest Obama Portrait....

Barack- Hilary fight

I think Edwards is going to do a lot better then people think he will in Florida. n/t

The Only Fair Thing To Do With Regard To Florida and Michigan

Is Edwards really being ignored?

So was Hilliary more offended by the snub or the bj?

Yup Hillary never shakes Obama's hand since he started to run

Early Show's Smith Bizarrely Hints At Obama Assassination

Ah, Evan Bayh on MSNBC speaking for Hillary--one of Al From's "candidates"--Clinton Vilsack, Warner,

Do You Ever Dream About The Candidates?

Amidst all the stupidity, a little thought

Can we expect a Michael Dukakis endorsement of Obama soon?

Can you blame the Hillary camp for being so desperate?

Day 2 of Hillary not apologizing for her rude snub and damage-control Ted handshake.

Who would you rather have sex with? Obama or Hillary?

Why are these racist/sexist images allowed on DU as representations of Dems (updated):

Day one of the greatest political scandal to rock America:

Edwards or Un-Committed ALL of the Way!!! nt

Just When You Think The Arguments Here Can't Get Any More Ridiculous

Hey are we still flipping our lids over a handshake?

Just talked to one of my Republican friends who may vote Dem

A small blog I found that captures it all for me

If there's one thing I admire about Hillary, it's her authenticity.

Is anybody going to the

Edwards will be in three key Super Tuesday states today


We have exactly 47 too many threads about the "handshake."

How do "legal immigrants" feel about drivers licenses for "illegals?"

You know what I did instead of watching the SOTU?

Strange juxtaposition of ads here on DU:

Snub happened last night and I'm already over it

--- Jim Webb (VA) and Kathleen Sebelius (KS) ---

Trippi - $73,000 short of the record. One day to go!

Question: What time do the polls close in Florida?

Feeling Tantrummy during the Primaries? GO TO HELL!

Why "it" really matters

Leadership In Action

Handshakegate: Obama Says McCaskill asked him a Question, and McCaskill backs this up. End of Story

Enjoy the snub hype! It will not be long before it blows up in Hillary's face

Follow up on the View thread, Whoopi lies about Handshake debacle

Has anyone else heard this rumour? Obama denies SOTU snub

ATTN Clinton supporters: Check in here to apologize.

Liebermann (Joemomentom) was just on MSNBC saying Mittens was a flip-flopper.

Smith to Kennedy: 'Agents of Change End Up Being Targets, As You Well Know'

My Florida voting experience was totally a

Obama's NEW FISA Statement

Hilarious: "Opposing Directions"

Maya Angelou endorses Clinton?

Maya Angelou endorses Clinton?

My kids support Obama because he gives them hope

Fascinating, how rude!

Just voted in Florida (Tampa)

FYI northern and central Californians: Edwards to speak in San Jose on Fri., Feb 1st!!

I am betting that Richardson endorses's why..

Hey Edwards supporters - If you want to promote tomorrow's fundraiser for vets, here's some info

Photos: Barack Obama on the plane enroute to Wichita, Kansas

Hey!! Hillary and Barack supporters!

Not so nice being on the other end of a media smear job now is it Obama fans.

Grijalva Switches To Obama From Edwards

If elected, will Obama/Hillary pursue Bush* and Co. or.....

As an early boomer who lived through the JFK and RFK times

Global Warming and Mass Campaigning

WE are the hypocrites~

How would the USA be diffrent if Obama gets elected Vs. Clinton?

Cape Cod Times --->>>EnDoRsEs

NY Sun: Barack Obama within 4 points of HRC in NYC.

Will there be a lawsuit in Florida?

How would the USA be different if Edwards gets elected vs obama?

Obama vs. Clinton, and now Toni Morrison vs. Maya Angelou

I'm having lunch with Al Gore this Thursday...

Betrayed Clinton Appointee Has Good Advice for HRC Handshakers

I love you Maxine Waters

Harlem - Backing up Bill Clinton

Exit poll trends NH-NV-SC: Hillary improving % of Blacks, Obama declining percentage of Whiites-will

Bill Clinton Cleveland college rally today 4pm,live stream link,

ELECTABILITY: Why is Hillary Clinton going to win the state of Florida today?

Obligatory handshake post:: Did Hillary try to shake hands with Obama?

One point about the photographer

I just Do Not Understand the Double Talk from the Clinton Campaign RE: Florida

How long after he loses Florida will Rudy FINALLY drop out?

Lets talk education. How do we "fix" our schools?

One of my best friends thinks Obama & Hillary are going to run together in the general election

please somebody post a picture of Obama pledging the flag?.....

Question: Is it REALLY good that Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama?

So I missed the SOTU/STFU address, was Darth breathing hard again?

Even if there is video conclusively showing Obama intentionally snub Clinton, I say SO FUCKING WHAT?

How much does Hillary have to win FL by in order to claim "victory" (even a hollow one)?

"not affiliated with Hillary Clinton for President"

And the winner is TARC! With the very first post on "handshakegate"

MSNBC: "Obama's apparent snub of Clinton in the Senate chamber wasn't missed by many"

Possible hint at an Obama VP choice?

Which Was the Bigger Snub? HRC to South Carolina Supporters, or the Handshake Moment?

Leading candidate pictured with the devil

ELECTABILITY: What is the demographic make up of the US Senate?

Which of the repugs front runners scare you the most and why?

Evan Bayh touts Endorsement of Maxine Waters, then dismisses Kennedy's saying that they dont matter.

Chicago Tribune headline: Obama snubs Clinton

Clinton to announce major endorsement...

Watching Barbara Boxer on MSNBC...I want an Obama/Boxer ticket

The best solution for Florida and Michigan

Sebelius endorses Obama

Hillary supports the surge? This I did not know.

Superdelegate Rep. Raul Grijalva (Ariz) switches from Edwards to Obama


A bunch of Silicon Valley tech geeks endorse Barack Obama

Lets talk.. How are we going to fix the economy..

The gods of nature prefer Obama

Of all the endorsements Obama has received...this one resonates the loudest!

I think Richardson would be a fine VP...but a lousy VP candidate.

CBS: "Apparent snub of Clinton by Obama"

Some of you don't seem to get that "Snub" moments are exactly how people decide to vote

WP, E.J. Dionne: Hillary Hobbled by Hubby

Edwards' "Groundhog Day"

This is why Kennedy's endorsement will help Obama big time.

need help from any DU'ers in atlanta or nearby--

Video of Hillary snubbing Obama

So now that Keith Olbermann just endorsed the "Obama at fault"

Only Hillary Can Reunite Republican Party

The best thing that could happen in Florida...

E&P: Big Dog got more coverage than any Republican running for President.

Sebelius and family endorse Obama.

Why the hell would anyone want to run for President!!??!

Barack Obama, Camelot's New Knight: The Shining Armor of JFK's Legacy

How bad of an idea was it to skip Florida

OBAMA STOU response to Bush

My take on the "handshake/snub" epic catastrophe.

What is the Hillary Campaign officially Calling there Event tonight in FL?

Kennedy: No Clinton Slight Intended (AP)

John Kerry: “Bottom line: Florida has no delegates.”

Jon Stewart RIPPED Bill Clinton re: Obama's win in S.C. on "A Daily Show"!

The John Edwards Campaign for President is over Courteousy of David Bonior

Gray Davis Took Bundled Campaign $$$ from State Street Bank

ANIMATION: Romney laser visions McCain

Is Claire McCaskill being considered for Obama's VP?

Would Obama consider a republican VP?

A TEN-YEAR OLD interviews the Dem and Repub candidates

To Edwards supporters - please stop saying that he's the ONLY one of the three who can beat McCain!

A dilemma for Carter?

I think we should be respectful of all endorsements.

Wow Democrats praising the CA recall. What's next, high fives for the 2000 Florida theft?

Is the GOP nominee going to be Romney?

NY NOW raises eyebrows with talk of ‘ultimate betrayal’

Democracy Now! Katherine Newman interview today:

Caroline Kennedy to Speak at Obama Rally in AZ

I have to give it to Obama - he always looks rested.

Can anyone tell me if the Clinton supporters were making a big

Obama cancels Saturday visit to Salt Lake in deference to Hinckley funeral

In Honor of the End for Rudy , Lets make a list of the greatest Campaign blunders of all time!

Hillary and Florida

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: John Edwards - You Work for Him, He'll Work for You

Clinton Plans Rally After Unsanctioned Fla. Primary: Below-the-radar effort acknowledged

NOW-NYS' press release attacked Howard Dean and Kucinich in addition to Kennedy

The Swiftboat Factor

ORLANDO voters told THERE IS NO DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY! Refused ballots.

Maxine Waters speaking now on MSNBC

Out of Solidarity with the muzzled voters of FL, I will not comment on tonight's results.

CNN: Maxine Waters endorses Hillary Clinton

Edwards Supporters: Which states do you think John will win on Super Tuesday?

"Dean Scream."

I can't believe how worried all of Obama's supporters are over one little snub of Hillary

I can't believe how some people...

I can't believe it's not butter!

Kennedys for Clinton "The loftiest poetry will not solve our issues"

I voted....(Florida)

Three More BIG Endorsements for Obama

Nevermind - DUPE - see Ava's post HERE.

Did Hillary's campaign ever quietly negotiate enfranching votes with her rivals?

When did it become racist to mention political history when talkin'

Attn: JOHN EDWARDS San Diego supporters: Join us on the 5 freeway overpass

Pelosi "mesmerized" by Kennedy / Obama endorsement event.

Obama Raises More Than $4 million Online Over the Weekend

Marcia Pappas is an embarrassment to the woman's movement.

I wonder if Sen. McCaskill will come forward and clear this "snubbing" issue up

I voted today.

Quotes to make you think:

Technical question: How do you attach a yarmuka to Giulliani's bald head?

E-mail from Ted Kennedy: Moments like this don't come often.

NYT: Camelot ’08 Overshadows Bush Speech

i am a white female for obama. i reject NOW

The Delegates Vote For the Ultimate Winner

CBS Anchor Hints At Obama Assassination During Kennedy Interview

Stomach turns: Tweety was pushing Kindasleezy for rep VP yesterday . Oh how qualified she is! nt

Could Hillary be bought off with an offer of Majority Leader?

Washington elite lead Clinton backlash: D.C. elite, in fact, never liked Bill

If You Live In A Super Tuesday Primary State - Who Do You Think Will Win YOUR State?

VIDEO: Maxine Waters endorses Clinton, scolds media for pushing issue of race

Obama has my vote if he wants it. There's just one condition

2003: Bill Clinton asks for a third term

Lurking persons with intact dignity:

obama's wife and walmart:

Chris Bowers: Hillary Literally Applauds Troop Escalation

CNN Barack Obama: "FL Beauty Contest"

Caption this superhero

Big picture here people...

The Last Thing I'll Say About The Idiocy That Is Handshakathon 2008

When Republicans try to steal the GE, which candidate will fight most ferociously for legitimacy?

Primary Day In FLORIDA!!! Are you not waiting for results with feverish anticipation?

Gallup Daily tracking: Mccain surging/Obama chipping away at HRC's lead

If all you're going to do is kill the messenger, please don't read this...

Candidates Behaving Badly-

My 'berry went off...from Nancy Hogan

Hillary supporters actually make me pity Hillary.

Gray Davis And Maxine Waters Endorse Hillary Clinton----Some Denizens Of DU Take A Dump A Them users react to Kennedy backing Obama

I can't believe how nasty some Obama supporters are against Edwards.

Marcia Pappas of NY NOW on MSNBC

Should Hillary shake Linda Tripp's hand? How about Lucianne Goldberg's?

How beautiful would it be...

We lost one potentiallty great candidate with a social gaffe in 04...

If Obama was winning FL the MSM would say "Important because it may count in the end"

Do we have a form of "Political Asperger's syndrome", we have no ability to read social clues.

Lieberman touts McCain’s chances against Dems

Anyone want to talk issues?

Obama Campaign: No Snub Intended (Hillary's surrogates distraction from disgusting)

Does anyone still think a Clinton/Obama ticket is possible?

Oh, Boy! Super Tuesday in one week!

Power Through Delegates May Be Edwards Strategy

Photos: Barack Obama today at Butler County Community College in El Dorado, Kansas

Hey Barack! Want my support? Give THIS speech.

Florida voting machines, Palm Beach County --Demo

Is Obama snubbing Hillary his "Dean scream" moment?

Bill Clinton visits Conde Nast -- to see Anna Wintour?

Granny Bee - Bubbleheads

Much media footage of HC emphatically applauding the escalation/surge would hurt her campaign

Check out the NY Times article on Hillary's campaign office in Bayonne, NJ

A kitten died in heaven last night when Obama "snubbed" Hillary

Re:Florida And Michigan

Clinton Claps, Obama Refrains, When Bush Says Al Qaeda "On The Run" In Iraq

Former PA Treasurer Catherine Baker Knoll Endorses Clinton: Took Bundled $$$ from State Street Bank

Just got back from the polling place.

EDWARDS SUPPORTERS!!! Huddle up for Heath: The Patriot

Howard Dean: Florida' Jan 29th Primary must be a non-binding Beauty Contest

Blue Jersey to NJ Delegates: Pledge to uphold DNC rules

Press release: Evangelical Leader in Florida Today to Talk to Pastors about Primary

Obamas Negative Mail Falseley Attack Hillary - Obama swiftboating and lying

Remember it's not just FL delegates Hillary says she will work to seat, it's MI where she was only

Breaking **** Holy Crap! Fire Consuming Everything In Its Path

Rolling Stone: "Kerry Hits Hillary for Florida Flip-Flop"

Who snubbed whom? Is THIS what everyone is so upset about?

Let them vote over there (Iraq) so they can't vote over here FL

Candy Crawley is spitting nails that Clinton is respecting Florida voters

RASMUSSEN daily tracking: Clinton 41% (+2) Obama 32% (+1) Edwards 18% (+1)

"It's about delegates, not voters." Preach it, O-man

Obama: and Ray-gun-Nothing worse than an ungracious winner..

Does Florida Count?

Ed big ass ...

Fact Check: Hillary Clinton on NAFTA - would be boon to economy, flip-flopped for election

When did we all become so petty and dumb?

A change of heart by Obama who once indicated he would "do what's right by Florida voters."

Obama's Ground Game Advantage

Obama, like Hillary cheat and lier , doing 'fundraiser in Florid'...

Just SHOOT Me. DU'ers now discussing a Brokered Convention as only way for Gore to be POTUS

Many Democrats just don't know who to vote for.


Democratic Scorecard: Clinton 232 delegates, Obama 158 and Edwards 62

Kerry: Illegitimate Florida

Florida exit polls-Too close to call-Mccain up 34-32

Here's a nice Obama/Richardson story:

How much does Hillary have to win Florida by to claim victory?

Obama inspires change:

So who is this "Obahmer" dude that Kennedy is endorsing?

Breaking News:Rep. Maxine Waters Endorses Hillary Clinton

Delegate Totals: Does Our Vote Count?

Some demographic only exit polls from Florida

Caroline Kennedy: "I knew John Kennedy, John Kennedy was my father and you Barack Obama

For Obama supporters: Has your candidate advocated universal single payer health care?

A change of heart by Obama who once indicated he would "do what's right by Florida voters."

John Feehery - Feehery Group - on Bloomberg TV: FLGOP Rooting for Hillary?

My Repub neighbor says she's voting Dem for the first time ever...

What time do the polls close in the Panhandle tonight?

Super Tuesday Question: How many delegates does each state have? And what are the poll numbers?

Obamites: Has Obama "inspired" you to "change" your habit of voting Democrat if HRC is nominated?

I voted

Expose Obama as the lying hypocrite he is - list of documented false attacks on Hillary

Has there ever been a discussion here...

Clinton is making sure Florida is not damaged in November for Democrats no matter WHO wins on D side

The ONE thing Ive learned from GD:P lately

Edwards campaign is spending $1.2 million a month. "Hope" that he will go broke are false hopes

I think we should all take some advice from Jim Clyburn and just "chill" about Florida

Bloomberg for president petition ad shows a whopping 5,000 votes

CAPTION MITT: (really weird photo from satiricalpolitical)

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton/Obama couldn't get any closer in Connecticut

Romney: 59 delegates. McCain: 41. Huckabee: 26. Are you ready for some fucking FOOTBALL?

Just in case you didn't know by now, you- PERSONALLY- suck.

Intrade: 60% chance of McCain winning FL, 40% chance of Romney winning FL

Does Obama connect with working people and senior citizens?

Area voters in Florida Primary are reporting problems at polls

delete - dupe

It's ENTIRELY possible to turn away, without it being a "snub"

Obama flip-flopping on Cuba: 2004 supporting normalization - December 2007 against normalization

Touch Screen Malfunction Palm Beach, FL--Rush L has trouble

So Where Is Hillary Partying Tonite........

I could easily support Clinton, Obama or Edwards in a general election

Cape Cod Times backs Clinton (Massachusets paper)

"He's the only one who can win!" - one of my professors

So let me get this straight those who hold the 4 state pledge sacred.

Hardball (10 min video) - The Battle For Florida - Fair play for Clinton ?

Obama's goofy snub of Hillary was most likely suggested by his mentor and hero, Joe Lieberman

John Edwards' New York strategy to bag delegates

Question: Suppose Hillary loses in the non-election

Howard Wolfson is sexist!

Do You KnowThyNeighbor?

From the Florida Democratic Party: "Democratic Primary Does Matter"

What time do the Florida polls close?

Caption Ted and Barry

Hillary stood and clapped on the surge comment to applaud our troops

Get Calling For Barack (spanish speakers too)

Huffington Post: Obama has 20 (!!!) endorsements from CA. newspapers - Edwards and Clinton 1 each

I threw up a little in my mouth when I gazed upon Faux Snooze's "Florida" graphic. YOUR turn.

Laura Flanders: If Obama's SC win was a "black" thing, it's strange how it's going down in Butte.

Hillary Clinton's second rude snub of Obama.

MSNBC (Sat. 1/26) projecting Obama win in SC... with 0% of the vote and 0% reporting"

BREAKING: Obama and Clinton tied in CT

John Kerry must think Obama is not doing well in Florida ....

FL EXIT POLLS: Voters say economy is most important issue, dwarfing the war and terrorism.

Sorry but I really cannot get past her eyes..

Hey Obamites, Get Your Candidate To Talk About Class...He'll be a lock to win then!

So Has Hillary Spoke Of The SOTU Handshake Mess..

Gender-baiting, here and NOW

For Edwards supporters: Has your candidate advocated universal single payer health care?

CNN: Why Florida is a sideshow for Democrats

NYTimes Politics Blog: Florida’s Democratic Delegate Mess

You people make me laugh (some of you).

HandshakeGate. Was there a Snub?

This Charge of "Racism" against The Clintons????

Union Leader calls Hillary a LIAR and that she is!

In the end, I voted with my heart, for Edwards, Why don't I feel better?

segment coming up on "B.Obama's house"--nbc evening news after commercial

So......what actually would happen at a brokered convention?

Hillary Ally Drops Mailer In Florida -- Despite Candidates' Pledge Against Campaigning

Exit polls say McCain wins he gonna be our opponent?

Caroline Kennedy: "I called Chelsea."

**BREAKING** Gray Davis, Former Calif Governor endorses Hillary!

Obama has 9 absent Sentate Votes on National Security Issues, Clinton has only 1

“Senator Obama’s Violation of the Early State Pledge.” Florida


New Caroline Kennedy Ad - WOW!

One thing you have to remember about Bill Clinton when it comes to race...

The Clintons are outdoing themselves as the biggest whiners pretending to be victims

Camp Clinton Has Some Kennedys, Too

Pssst, fellow Obama supporters, can I have a moment of your time?

Obama campaign running ads in ALL Feb. 5 states except Illinois, has dominant ground-game advantage.

You think there's acrimony between Hillary and Barack? Just wait

Save the Democratic Party From Another Clinton Debacle

AP: Sen. Clinton made the first move -she crossed the aisle to greet Obama and Kennedy--

For Clinton supporters: Has your candidate advocated universal single payer health care?

Kerry coming up on Olberman/MSNBC coverage of FL primaries.

Obama Memo to Press: Florida Doesn't Count

Keith Olberman -"Many Florida Democrats Think They Have A Primary But They Don't"

Here is the proven Hillary rudeness in her first rude snub.

Photographic evidence that Hillary might be using a secret earpiece to get prompts from Bill.


Hillary Clinton also snubbed Joe Biden - a pattern of behavior is now established.

Obama denies snubbing Clinton ~ MSNBC Video

The 1980 Democratic Primary

Caroline Kennedy does Very Powerful Ad for Obama

DU another Presidential poll

So Obama is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney's?

Side by side summary of Dem candidates health care plans

John Edwards' anger makes sense, By Walter Williams

The only way FL's delegates won't be seated is if Obama choses not to seat them...

Edwards charts new 'path' to Dem nomination (*state-by-state details*)

John Edwards Is Just SUCH A LOSER! (Mouthy Bawstonians Take Special Note)

Why are the people who brought us Bush pushing Obama? Obama supporters - please answer me

Obama on Kenyan Radio

This endorsement means something to me: Lawyers for Gitmo detainees endorse Obama

Hillary Clinton: CHEAT and a LIAR. Signed a Pledge NOT to campaign in Florida.

I shook Obama's hand in El Dorado, Kansas today.

Some of you don't seem to think much of FL dems

Seriously - has there been a bigger 'Crash & Burn' candidate than Rudy Giuliani?

10 Reasons to Vote for Edwards

The hatred toward one another here on DU is astounding

Mark Penn's Tsunami Tuesday Map/Electoral College Map Bonanza

Obama's backturning snub exposed to millions of women as

Bird's-Eye Photo Of Same Instant Hillary/Kennedy Shook Hands. Obama WAS turning to talk to Claire

I'm so sick of Clinton vs. Obama. Praying for an Edwards Super Tuesday Surprise!

Damn! I Picked the Best Candidate: Barack Obama! And I Feel Great!

The reason for the Obama snub of Hillary

I really really really really really don't like John Edwards

Hillary Clinton: She is NOT a CHEAT, nor is she a LIAR. She broke no rules in Florida

Bill Clinton the Albatross

They Say John Edwards is "Too Angry"

So let's say that my daughter's soccer team....

Cynthia McKinney - a woman for president

Obama is no JFK....

What's Happened to John Edwards

Obama ....series of 4 pictures

I am very disappointed in the progressive community...We have learned nothing

"Homelandlied" - Abgefuckt von der Sumpf-Ratte

Who destroyed the WTC? nt

TOONS: I Loves Me Some Oliphant... Bush, JUST GO AWAY ALREADY

American Builder’s Failures in Iraq Widespread; $365M, 8 Of 11 Orders Terminated/Incomplete

Who do I want to win tonight: Mittens or McCain?

Who do I want to win tonight: Mittens or McCain?

Home ownership in record plunge

What does the H in Jesus H. Christ stand for?

Please post your BEST crockpot chicken recipe here!

Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection

A Huge Victory

Getting a US visa set to be easier (India)

IBM Workers Launch Petition To Stop Pay Cuts

Bush Urges Perseverance on Economy

Belt-tightening among wealthy shoppers could choke blue-collar households

SOA 11 Sentenced to Federal Prison

KS Governor's Son Creates Prison Themed Board Game, Don't Drop the Soap

Dems, economy upstage Bush's speech

10 hurt in attack on US patrol in Mosul: police

Calif. Health Initiative on Deathbed

Jesse Jackson: Not Upset by Clinton Remarks

Congress unlikely to buy Bush proposals

Helicopters swoop to save Kenya refugees

Mexico issues warrant for missing Marine

Bush challenges Congress on the economy

No chitchat between Clinton and Obama

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

Senate confirms former N.D. Gov. Ed Schafer as secretary of agriculture

Schafer becomes agriculture sec'y amid farm bill fight

Opposition lawmaker killed in Kenya

SocGen in disarray as judges throw out fraud charge against trader

Nonprofit behind vets memorial under fire(Disabled Veterans Life Memorial Foundation)

Consumers Lose Confidence In January

Why lovers of Israel should vote for McCain (according to Lieberman

Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle up, there is much more coming.'

Home Foreclosures Were 79% Higher Last Year

Mike Wallace Recovering From Heart Bypass

Ban pushed on human-animal hybrids

Parsons, a U.S. builder, faulted in array of Iraq projects

ES&S acquires company that makes voting machines for disabled

Murder Of Colombia Trade Union Leader Condemned

House extends eavesdropping law

Star witness has drug problem, defense says (Rezko)

Acquitted terror defendant can't speak publicly about trial

Dick Cheney's Special Souvenir

Mukasey text doesn't include torture(hearing today before Sen Judiciary Comm)

Jonesboro(school) shooter convicted on gun charge

Canada warns of Afghan withdrawal

Kucinich: "I Will Give Judiciary Committee an Opportunity to Proceed Before Introducing Articles"

Police find bodies, heads of 19 slain Iraqis

Poll: McCain Springs Ahead in California (Increase Comes Primarily from Liberals, Moderates)

US funds madrassas in Afghanistan

Bush signs order to curb earmarks

Bush may veto spy measure extension: spokesman

Anti-abortion slogan OK'd on Arizona license plates

Rep. Waters endorses Clinton

Lawmakers Fault FEMA on Trailers

Man admits plot to behead UK Muslim soldier

Florida Primary voters reporting problems at polls

Counsel: Mukasey blocking inquiry(accused of hampering probe of department's politicization)

Al-Qaeda 'On The Run,' Bush Tells Americans

Hovering Drones Rushed to Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 29

ACLU Sues Over Paper Ballots in Ohio

FBI Wades Into Subprime Mortgage Mess

Australia Announces Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

House passes stimulus package

NOW-NY slams Kennedy

Layoffs coming, and in large numbers, survey finds

Home Ownership In Record Plunge

Bush: Faith Helped Me Overcome "Addiction"

Yahoo to Lay Off 1,000 Workers

Strike-beleaguered CBS picking up CTV made-in-Canada drama

Wal-Mart chops prices in bid to lure shoppers: Has benefited from shoppers trading down

ABC defends show against outcry by pediatricians

For F.D.A., a Major Backlog Overseas

Drummond's Colombia rights trial begins in Alabama

RIGHTS-PERU: Death Squad Member Implicates Fujimori

Brattleboro Town Officials Harassed Over Bush-Cheney Arrest Petition

Margaret Truman Daniel, daughter of a president, dies at 83

Limbaugh compared Bill Clinton to segregationist "Bull" Connor

Political "dynasties" have NOTHING to do with real world, national needs.

Reid a big fan of Reagan the speechmaker

Question of Timing on Bush’s Push on Earmarks

The dollar’s reserve currency role is drawing to an end

One Bush Left Behind by Greg Palast

The More Americans Demand Change, The More The State Of The Union Address Stays The Same

The US economy, Pravda style (critical of WPost)

Bill Clinton's Ex-Speechwriter Grades Bush's Lackluster Final SOTU

Does Violating International Law Make Us Safer?

The State of the Union

Dear Soldiers: Your Government Lied to You By Aaron Glantz

What’s the State of the Union? Well, Gleeful, if You’re a Democrat

A Message From Obscuria

Robert Borosage: A President in Denial

Hillary Counterpunches With Her Own ‘Legacy’ Endorsements: Julie and Tricia Nixon!

Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction

Suharto, the Model Killer, and His Friends in High Places By John Pilger

Bush ignores Afghan school violence

Canada halts Afghan prisoner exchange

Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial

American Liberty Teetering on Edge of Abyss (PC Roberts)

Rolling Stone: The Fear the government manufacturing ghosts?

Who owns the world?

RFK family supports Hillary

Fox News is in for a very rough 2008

Bush & Cheney Could Be Arrested in VT (And Some Other States)!

Who's Responsible? New Hampshire Chain of Custody Sham

Coverage of Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama

The murdering of the Kucinich campaign

The Sputtering But Still Dangerous CheneyBush Juggernaut

The Gulag Comes to America: The Don Siegelman Case

How To Deal With Prison Violence?

Sibel Edmonds: No Voice - No Title

Missouri Officials for Obama

Teddy and Caroline sit down with Gibby Giblet Gibson

Cenk makes fun of Bush comparing himself to Lincoln

Sam Webb interview: Democracy and the 2008 elections

You can't support Obama AND McCain: It's time for newspapers to stop endorsing candidates

Ask Hillary: Is She Tested & Ready?

Chris Shays (R-CT) and Bush at SOTU address

How would Chris Matthews sound if he talked to men the way he talks to women?

NYT editorial: State of the Union; "years of promises unkept and blunders of historic proportion"

The State of the Union by Anthony B. Jeffries

The Healthcare Solution: California OneCare (R1)

True State Of the Economy & Democratic Solution

Senator Ted Kennedy's speech endorsing Obama

Mitt Romney's Ridiculous Attempt To Appeal To African Americans In Florida

Obamas State of the Union Response

Rush Limbaugh & Ronald Reagan

Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs

McCain as Military Imbecile

It's Her Party and She'll Do What She Wants To

Brooks, NYT OpEd: Kennedy Mystique (has Brooks lost his mind??) Whoa..

BIDEN's response to Bush's SOTU on MSNBC

Forget 'Cloverfield,' Bush 'State of Union' Causes Permanent Nausea

The Handshake That Destroyed Our Democracy?

Hillary's SC Concession Speech; The Media Wanted a Scream-Here it Is

John Edwards - You Work for Him, He'll Work for You

Caroline Kennedy's speech endorsing Obama

Swiftkids for Truth Ad against Edwards- FUNNY!!

FISA Bill in 30 Seconds, by Russ Feingold

Bangladesh's majestic dolphins at risk - BBC

(Kathmandu) Diesel, kerosene crunch worsens

(South Africa) All power plants under capacity (mines closed for 4th day)

Who here has a fireplace insert? how do you like it?


Company official confirms ID nuclear plant plans scuttled

"Unprecedented" Salmon population collapse in California

No wonder your an UNHAPPY CAMPER

Combatives training inspires Air Force

Soldiers charged in cocaine theft plot

Roadside bomb kills 5 soldiers in Mosul

Benning protesters sentenced up to 90 days

Bush signs revised defense authorization bill

Huachuca soldier found dead in barracks

Ex-KBR worker pleads guilty to fuel theft

Soldier dies after possible friendly fire

Better GI Bill urged to help bolster economy

(Bangladesh) Priority to the fertilizer plants, instead of the power plants: asked to Petrobangla

Sentence upheld in soldier-on-soldier killing

Benning’s old Infantry Museum to close

Plane problem delays Bragg unit deployment

NATO chief wants more UAVs in Afghan skies

Iowa Guard unit to deploy to Egypt

Soldier dies in Iraq of non-combat injuries

Midshipman dies in motorcycle accident

First ship visits Hong Kong since carrier snub

Bush inks ban on sales of surplus F-14 parts

Connecticut arriving at new homeport today

Navy resumes sonar training

Corps fights shortage of captains

Pendleton Marine found dead identified

Witness: Spec-ops company lacked support

22nd MEU members due home in next few days

Hodges hands over command of Lejeune

2nd MAW members due home Monday night

Corporal faces trial in death of lance cpl.

Wounded Marine invited to State of the Union

Reservist takes over in Kirkuk — from son

Air Force increases focus on cyberoperations

Calendar features EOD airman from Patrick

Brit commands U.S. Predator squadron

Grounded 6 months, C-130 cleared for takeoff

Air Force to destroy abandoned bunker

Deputy SecDef: No more Raptors needed

Congress unlikely to buy Bush proposals

Army investigating deaths of ‘several’ detainees in Iraq

Airborne soldier killed; Army looking into possible friendly fire

Patrol Base Haswah has down-home feel

Message to U.S.-NATO community in Bacoli about water delayed

20-year-old Marine accused of beating taxi driver

Kadena asked to boil water after line break

Camp Lester corpsman gets two years for Percocet scam

Stars and Stripes present: Military gambling overseas

Pacific briefs: Air Force officer pleads not guilty in rape case

Few troops would spend proposed tax rebate

Bush to OK military pay raise

Some Americans would miss gambling

Who gets what, and how much?

Interesting mailbag at Stripes today:

Pakistani Taliban Grows Bolder

Lauterbach Suspect Hunted by Interpol

AFRICOM staff to grow to 1,300 as it takes over military activities

Balad Hospital Blanketed by Blankets

Bush Address Touts Progress in Iraq

Djiboutians: Anti-Terrorism Tactics

Surviving Difficult Times

Bush to seek $70 bn in partial 2009 war funding - State of the Military 2008

'Straight talk' from Senator McCain: More wars to come

VA Links Poor Care to 19 Deaths in Ill.

Eric Lee: I'd like a large latte, a muffin and a union card, please & other info

Israeli Restaurant Workers Strike for Union Rights at Coffee Bean

Congressional Hearing Addresses New Jersey Laundry Worker Deaths

UNITE HERE Statement in Response to Recent Deaths at North East Linen (December 5, 2007)

Hurt on the job: My 6 weeks of pain by Omaha Steve

Getting a US visa set to be easier (India)

Obama did offer an amendment to make health care a right. He then revised it under lobbyist pressure

Obama Anti-war voice muted in Senate.Didn’t make a floor speech on the war until one year in office

Obama all about starry-eyed hope, Hillary realistic solutions

Caroline Kennedy & Claire McCaskell report they support Obama because

This Is Not the Politics of the Past

rude posts

So now that Keith Olbermann just endorsed the "Obama at fault"

AP Picture of Obama turning back on Sen. Hillary Clinton

Hillary shakes hands with Rupert Murdoch. Her standards for handshakes are low.

AP: Sen. Clinton made the first move -she crossed the aisle to greet Obama and Kennedy--

Why Forcing Obama to behave like an attention-seeking, back-slapping politician

Fucking unbelieveable....

Crickets chirping on handshake at CNN, NYTimes, FoxNews

Mr Unity Turns His Back on Opponent and Then Shakes the Hand of The Divider

Obama has 9 absent Sentate Votes on National Security Issues, Clinton has only 1

A disturbing pattern for Obama?

Obama's backturning snub exposed to millions of women as

ATTN Clinton supporters: Check in here to apologize.

pity pity

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Endorsing Clinton

Not so nice being on the other end of a media smear job now is it

CNN Barack Obama: "FL Beauty Contest"

What is going on in this group?

Clinton does NOT clap for the surge: Lie DEBUNKED

Obama holds press conference in FL after Hyde Park fundraiser, VIOLATING pledge

Obama hints he'll seat delegates at Tampa fundraiser

VIDEO: Maxine Waters endorses Clinton, scolds media for pushing issue of race



Where am I?

Israel bars aid convoy to Gaza

International Law and Gaza: The Assault on Israel's Right to Self-Defense

Israel cuts electricity and food supplies to Gaza- Amnesty International

Israel's "Relief": Fuel Cuts of Up to 81%; New Electricity Cuts Beginning February 7

Egypt To Israel: You Made Gaza Problem

Report: Egypt starts to rebuild Gaza border fences

Russian, Egyptian FMs urge for normalization on Gaza-Egypt border

Smashed border fence costs Gaza's smugglers

Is it amnesia or Amnesty?

Israeli court indicts radical Islamic leader on charges of racism, incitement to violence

Disgruntled Bedouins fire at Gazans

Security Council Drops Effort For Gaza Statement -AFP

Methodists back call for ending 'siege'

Israel bars aid convoy to Gaza

‘Barring Electoral Fraud, the Opposition Will Triumph’ in Paraguay

Venezuela Imports 30 Percent of Foodstuff from Colombia

Uruguay declassifies secrets on agents

Brazil Seeks to Build Nuclear Submarine

Sister of American missing in Chile for 23 years vows to continue search

Drummond's Colombia rights trial begins in Alabama

Murder Of Colombia Trade Union Leader Condemned

Argentina summons former Pdvsa official in suitcase scandal

New oil reserves found in Argentina

Peru death squad 'celebrated hit'

VENEZUELA, NICARAGUA Propose Joint Lat Am Military Force

Human Rights Atrocities Still go Unpunished in Colombia

Davos, Debt & Systemic Failure When West Meets East

SocGen under pressure as rogue trader released

Dollar falls as traders anticipate rate cut

Grim news for state budgets

Countrywide Financial Posts Loss

Let's face it folks ... If you don't count energy and food costs ...

Another rate cut would aid home owners

Six Years Later, Andersen Partners Settle Enron Charges

The Real Recession Problem: Consumers Are at the End of Their Ropes

Are state/county/city retirements going to be safe in the future?

How will you spend your stimulus?


Az Gov: Abstinence-Only Ed A Failure

Md Gay Marriage Foes Vow To Scuttle Bill

Giant Pension Plans To Fight For LGBT Worker Rights

Measure Would Bar Gay Pride In Jerusalem

Transsexual Seeks GOP Nomination For Minnesota Legislature

Good morning.

Transphobia on DU

My students' GSA met today for the first time

This is why I love Joe Biden...cross post from GD

Is anyone here?

Biden Coming Up...

Anybody watching the SOTU tonight?


Gateley - Joeisoneofus - here you go

To my friends at the GLBT forum

What a great bunch of

Wow. What a FANTASTIC interview!


At this happy moment for we Bidenites, I'll go off topic

Tell me you are here- anyone - Biden coming up on msnbc!!!!

Spotted with HRC:

OK, I'm heading out to vote!! And Biden's still on the ballot!!

Another one sorry about Biden dropping out of the race

Care to respond?

Ok!! Here's my voting story...

Off topic-

America doesn't need an "historical presidency" right now

If anyone sees the Biden clip on YouTube, let me know

Do You Think...

Nice pic of Joe at the SOTU

Ernest Borgnine and Tony Curtis Homophic Slurs on Brokeback Mountain

I went looking for one of my best friends from HS, and look what I found!

Update on my bankruptcy: It's not looking good.

light the candles, roll out the prayer rugs, and get the incense smoking

Weird sleep patterns...

Something(s) are in my home that only the cats can see or sense.......

A Season for Nonviolence- 64 days practice beginning Jan 30

So, I threw caution to the wind today and returned to the world of famous blogging.

Native Legend Stories

Eff the voters. If the Pats win we got a parade

Barbaro to be buried at Churchill Downs

Father and Son(s) to reach the Super Bowl

Peyton Manning

SIX New York Giantes Players Have Come Down With The Flu

SOTU - What is with the angry looks on the Presidents advisors?

Joe Cimperman Fudges Numbers in Race Against Kucinich

Countdown to asshattery

Can a woman’s period save her life years later?

Anybody used an Electrolux DLX (Magic Mill) mixer? Been...

Get your thin pizza crust right here!

What I did with a $25 dollar Fresh Market gift certificate.

404 - syntax not read - A Poem by Captain Paul Watson

China's unmanned helicopter takes flight

Amateur astronomers are photographing the spy satellite that is coming down

Dramatic Wind Action Detailed On Mars

Hyperfast Star proven to be from outside our Galaxy

Asteroid to make close approach

Cells' internal clocks revealed

BBC Radio 5 presenter threatened with a gun when testing safety of Britain's streets

Buzzflash Interview with Uncounted's David Earnhardt

NY:DRE Vendor Demands Court Restraining Order

ORLANDO voters told THERE IS NO DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY! Refused ballots.

Some problems crop up in Florida vote (so far minor) - Raw Story

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 01/29/08

KOS Claims SILENCE over SC Primary (Vast differences in polls) but he's WRONG!

Vote machine transparency elusive as ever- Fred Grimm, Miami Herald

"'First in the Nation' New Hampshire, Worst in the Nation Chain of Custody..."

NY: Why push electronic voting machines? Follow the money trail

Conyers, Nadler Invite Ken Blackwell for Hearing on Voter Suppression

Has kos ever apologized for shutting down the discussion of OH 2004?

A Proposal: Banning all mention of either Saddam-did-9/11 or no-planes theories

Victor Gold, Bush associate and speechwriter, drops the 9/11 ball

Former ATCer speaks out

I will not be available to do the ERD news next Monday, 2/4/08

Van de Putte says Bush ignores needs of Hispanic citizens in U.S.

Kyle Janek pulls the chain

Quincy Patriot LEdger interview with Sen. Kerry 1/28/08

JK coming up on Ed Schultz

Kerry's response to the SOTU

A nice LTTE thanking JK and a couple other MA pols

JK on Stephanie Miller RIGHT NOW

JK coming up on MSNBC now

Terrific interview with JK on WBUR this morning

Conyers, Nadler Invite Ken Blackwell for Hearing on Voter Suppression

Things are becoming really startling

Romney is going after McCain by associating him with Senator Kerry. What a slime ball.

Kerry about the Florida issue.

Downloading camcorder tape into iMac

I wanted to post these pics in response to the 'handshake pic"

John Kerry sent this email from Ted Kennedy to his entire list today

I was forwarded another Obama smear e-mail today.

DailyKos diary to rec and comment!

Bookmark this diary: 10 myths Debunked about Rezko

Harper Index: Buckler, Sandra - Former lobbyist is one of Harper's top advisors

Afghan police 'killed by US forces'

Risk of restarting nuclear reactor too high: Keen

Hi Canadians! Soliciting your opinions:

Curious whether or not anyone in this forum is acquainted

CONFIRMED: DFA voting has been extended

KOEB 1/28/08 State of Keith's Union Edition

I just got back up to my hotel room -- why did it look like Pelosi


It is Keith at 3pm with no tie, shirt

Bush to visit Torrance tomorrow

Edwards to speak in San Jose this Friday, Feb 1st! Woohoo!

CALIFORNIANS!!! Help! How are you voting on the Gaming Props 94, 95, 96, 97?

"Argumentum ad Boogeyman"

How do you cope with unsolicited x-tian chain letters?

The Four Horsemen video - Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, Hitchens

Why aren't there more outspoken female atheists?

How did this post slip out of sight ?

Fox News is in for a very rough 2008

Get ready for more anti-vax woo: Thanks ABC! GRRR.....

Warning: Extremely tired poster asking a possibly stupid question...

Bells??? I didn't hear any bells!

Have you come across this site: Health woo AND Fundie woo rolled into one