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A Quote From Malcolm X

Have you ever fondled an inanimate object?

Back on Our Feet

SEIU trying to organize bank workers.

Norm MacDonalds' brother explains Canada's politcal crisis

The Freepers love my mother's house burning down.

Dean Baker: A Financial Sector Small Enough to Drown in a Bathtub

Is CNN biased against unions?

Tomato Workers Win Agreement with Subway

Top 10,000 Conservative Idiots....

Blackwater Security Guards Charged With Manslaughter

EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson: There’s ‘not a clean-cut division’ between religion and science.»

Another 70-year-old in India has IVF baby

An hysterically funny article on Governor Grifter

*Even Steve Wynn Is Losing Money at the Casinos*... "The Donald," too!

I wonder what the Chimp's smirk and facial expression will be Jan. 20th

Have they cleaned up the mess in aisle 3?

Newt Gingrich: Only some gays are fascists....

"Report: Obama's transition team said Favreau apologized, Hillary accepted, the issue is over."

huge sums of $$$$ wasted on infrastructure projects: NY Times:

Story time with Senator Shelby

Bush's New Neighborhood Barred Non-Whites Until 2000

Trial begins for cops accused of beating gay man

Remembering John Lennon today: October 9, 1940 - December 8,1980

Nuclear weapons decision awaits Obama

Someday Exxon will come to the Government for assistance

Blackwater Employees Charged With Manslaughter

Rachel Maddow interviewed Ron Howard on his "Nixon & Frost" film

Hey, DU same-sexers quick question....

Independent UK: The great credit card scandal

Republic strikers to meet again tomorrow.

Hey Horowitz, whether you're human or not

Children At Risk

In honor of the Chicago strike...

Dog Beating Hearing Tuesday (accused of beating his dog to death)

Rachel's giving the Chicago workers great coverage

Rachel's giving the Chicago workers great coverage

Gov. David Paterson- "Once you go black, you don't go back."

USA Steel production down 43.8% from same week

New study raises concerns on the safety of Taser stun guns

Why is M$M showing the Five Blackwater Mercenaries in their military uniforms?

Fellow Bank of America customers.....anyone considering dropping them because of the Chicago events?

Fellow Bank of America customers.....anyone considering dropping them because of the Chicago events?

I think we should make signs and hang them in windows of vacant repoed homes that say

Anybody else having problems with Google today?

Anybody else having problems with Google today?

Auto turmoil casts cloud over factory jobs

Artists and designers here? We need a graphic to tape up at BoA branches

Scary-cool stuff ...... Claytronics

Cigarettes to be sold 'under the counter'

RW radio is pathetic. Just a snippet of todays nutbags. Boortz wants OJ's throat slit he is sick

Gay marriage goes before Iowa Supreme Court

UAW seeks GM board seat

About the new WPA, what about some SOCIAL projects?

Continental to test-fly plane using bio-diesel fuel

White House cool on car bail-out (BBC)

Havin' a Heapin' Helpin' of Hope

Bill Ayers Whitewashes History, Again

Wow, nature is something, just had a tornado or near tornado pass us

Joel & Victoria Osteen on Larry King now...

Joel & Victoria Osteen on Larry King now...

This will be interesting to watch. Vancouver's mayor is taking "emergency action" with homelessness

GM should move on Carlos Ghosn for CEO tomorrow. I think that could push the auto loans through

Rachel just said our tax dollars are paying for the Rose Bowl.

Boston Legal reminder for the east coasters

Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest

Public transport use surges despite falling gas prices.

Can one purchase individual tobacco cigarettes yet?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anyone else tired of the title "czar"?

Is any one keeping track of these? "Woman claims to see Virgin Mary in MRI"

Bush: Bible, evolution not at odds

Want to watch a wingnut's head explode? All it takes is five words....

"Boston Legal" is saying Good Bye, in a two hour finale

So, what happens to personal debt in a hyperinflationary economy?

"Don't move or we'll shoot."

A long December

Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest

I didn't know the US attorney that refuses to quit ......prosecuted Tommy Chong

(WaPo)The 10 Silliest Videos We Wasted Time Watching This Year

Punishment For Blowing Bubbles in Milk at Disabled Day Center Kills 7 Year Old Girl

The End of the United Auto Workers union

How many of you have decided not to exchange

US: Blackwater used grenades on unarmed Iraqis

SSD increase for 2009 is 5.8%. I'm not sure if that is good news or bad news.

The Birth Certificate Conspiracy is getting really entertaining

Ford is no longer asking for help?

Who's at fault for harsh antiterror tactics?

Barack Obama's support for strikers and auto workers can be a springboard for FDR-type reforms

Today in labor history Dec 9 bars from membership “parasites,” including stockbrokers & lawyers

Schumer OK with Caroline as Senator

Hey that Pat Boone dude says I'm no different than a terrorist in Mumbai.

Mormons censor BYU art project, because it was kind of gay

FDR was the last cigarette smoking pres., Eisenhower rolled his own.

Why We Need Sleep Even More Than We Think

'Family Guy' stirs controversy with 'Laura Bush killed a guy' catch phrase

Nanny State Politics: Fran Drescher Wants to Replace Hillary

Injurys/disabilities from roadside bombs are ruled non-combat related

christmas in catalonia...! (now with working photo)

Quote-O'-The-Day: Understatement edition

to shut up some fools on another board can someone give me a link to Obama's voice verification

Bank of America's Greed Sparked the Eye-Opening Worker's Strike in Chicago

B of A and Republic Windows and Doors Chronology

I am a small business owner, that is small with a little "s." Most

Rep. Fossella (R-NY) Gets 5 Days For Drunk Driving

God, Atheism and Buses

Is there a way to hide threads to a sub-forum from showing in Latest Discussions?

Halliburton Is Evil

WJ regulars did you just hear that lady

Olympia Snowe to Head a Cabinet-Level SBA?

I can't get that poor family out of my head

know your adversary ... as they try to ramp up the fear

"Honor and Dignity"??

Bush: Bible 'probably not' literally true

Coleman Camp Still Denying There Are Missing Ballots

Bush History-Cheney Deludes Cheney,Bush Deludes Public,Scientists Fight Bush Deluding Us on Science

This Modern World: Attack of the invisible hand of the free market!

Why is the price of oil so low? And how long do you think it will last?

Don Young's (R-another AK crook) campaign funds pay for more attorney bills

Chicago Parking Meters Privatized- Rates Will Quadruple

Is the Lt. Gov of Ill. a Democrat as well? How does the line of

Let's all share one good word for departing President George W. Bush.

Drones to Patrol Part of Border With Canada

Drones to Patrol Part of Border With Canada

Can you believe these angry idiots?

Deputies: Gun Drawn Over 'Go Gators' Cheer

Fanny and Freddie hearings on how - Waxman

Fanny and Freddie hearings on how - Waxman

Hey peeps, how 'bout a jobs forum?

What time is our PE Obama's press conference this morning?

Blagojevich is a symbol of Obama's Democratic Party and what we should expect from him...

A simple question to jar my memory

A simple question to jar my memory

Rec this thread if you agree it's time to end the practice of Presidential pardons.

*BREAKING* CNN Blagojevich

Man badly beaten in Shreveport, LA for wearing Obama t-shirt

Biden to be barred......

So have the rich men run away with all the money that could be used to employ people? And we're

Here is my Blagojevich thread.

If you're opposed to casual sex, don't get a job as a porn star.

Blagojevich was HOLDING AN AUCTION for Obama's seat!

The TV-less transition?

Tribune Company Papers apparently need "bailout" too - file Chap 11.

Seven Figure Deal Struck On Bush Coloring Book

Chrysler should NOT GET A PENNY of our money.

Davis fired up over proposed limits on wood-burning in homes

The bailout has it backward for auto workers

I wonder if any of the news networks will "accidentally" label Blagojevich as an "(R)"?

Did Rahm Tip Fitzgerald?

Krugman misquoted on disappearance of auto industry.

There is one sector of the US economy which is thriving

The IL Governor is a dirty crook, there is no conspiracy.

The Smoking Gun on the Illinois Governor's arrest

Blagojevich indictment-Obama Wouldn't Play Ball

The Rude Pundit: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Fucks with the Gitmo "Court"

Obama, the FBI and Blagovitch

2-page memo to Bush staff offers guidelines for discussing "honor and the dignity" of his tenure

Is today the luckiest day for Don Siegelman? Will his political

IMO one of the most critical problems facing America has not even been mentioned.

Turkey slaughtered in Palin's presence fetches $225 in auction

Anyone knowledgeable about Masonite siding lawsuit?

Sen. Craig loses appeal in airport sex sting case

Eugene Robinson: Sweeping Blackwater Under the Rug

Oooh. In addition to selling Obama's seat, Blago threatened to pull state funding for a

Rock Stars At Their Parents' Houses

Rock Stars At Their Parents' Houses

They're already trying to link Obama to this Blagojevich

WH coaching staff on how to sum up idiot son's record

Reid Says Senate Will Act First on Auto Bailout as Republicans Criticize Draft Plan

ROFLMAO!! Mayor Daley says "unaware until this morning"

Another 14,000 job cuts

"If Pawlenty is a rising star in the Republican Party, the GOP's future is painfully bleak"

NRA gearing up to fight incoming administration

Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks Out On "Change" In Our Society

The big three automakers and 9/11.....

Since some of you apparently need an education about HDTV, a few comparisons. (Dial up warning.)

9-11 Detainees Hold Off on Guilty Pleas

Illinois Prediction...

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Numbers Racket - Why the economy is worse than we know

How long before the wingnuts try to tie Obama to Blagojevich?

Under 18 and live in England - NO SILVERWARE FOR YOU!

Yeah but who'd accept it?

Kudos to Obama.

SwampRat watchout for those tornadoes

Fitz has made it clear why this came out now.

Fitz has made it clear why this came out now.

MSNBC: So how did Jay Leno help with the Blagojevich investigation?

Iraq Interrogator On Daily Show: I Never Saw Torture Work

Feds Charge Blagojevich Tried To Sell Obama's Senate Seat

Will Fitzgerald stay on after Obama takes office?

I Made a Grocery Clerk's Day Today

The new 'homeland security' show.....barf.

So did any possible Senate candidate agree to

Fitzgerald gets a real indictment

delete dupe

Can we please stop using the word "centrist"

So is the unemployment rate twice what is being reported?

Senator Larry Craig loses appeal in airport sex sting case

OK, one day he threatens Bank of America (deservedly), next day he is arrested.

The world will look much different ten years from now

Be careful out there

The next time you have a three day holiday weekend

Lt. Gov. Quinn of Illinois is on my TV right now asking Blago to step aside

Today's arrest of Blagojevich makes you...

Today's arrest of Blagojevich makes you...

S.F. faces $575.6 million budget deficit

India May Be Allowed to InterrogateTerror Suspects, Says Pakistan(Could lead to Civil War)

The federal court system has a 95% plus conviction rate

Conspiracy or Coincidence? Blagojevich arrest

with the level of political devisiveness

TEDTalk Tuesday: On the Future of Cars

People like Blagojevich are a disgrace to the Democratic Party

Stray kitten headed home from Nebraska -- to Maryland

Tuesday TOONS part 3: OJ

"Not ready for duty, Sir!" - Defense Dept. took NO action to mitigate IED threat

Gee, it's not like the governor went to the site of the strikers to look good.

Josh Marshall: This is NOT Siegelman redux

Andrea Tantaros Wrecks Herself On Hannity And Colmes

PZ Myers on Billo's War on Christmas

Is Blogojevich looking forward to 70 virgins in paradise???

If convicted, can we put Gov. Rod Blagojevich in a cell with Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham?

Blagojevich corruption scandal expands to Lego copyright infringement charges.

Investors Buy $32 Billion In Treasury Bills For No Yield

Do you think they were trying to set up Barack Obama ??

Would this holiday gift be over the top?

Video of GWB from prison! Must see!!!!!!!

I can't believe these people are really this fucking stupid.


Should Obama fire the US attorney who won't quit at the change of administrations?

Republic Windows owner linked to Iowa plant purchase

The Auto Plan Appears to be Intended to Break the Unions and End Pensions

Have you ever heard of David Carruthers?

Is a bailout for Vegas casinos next?»



It's perfectly legal for Blagojevich to appoint a senator from jail, you know...

So much for the save the homeowner strategy...lets try it again and again and again...

Governor Siegelman was in court today.

per CNBC - Blago just made bail for $4500

Ha! I love these "Rovean conspiracy" out to get Blagojevich threads!

On Sen. Craig appeal story - MANHUNTERS ad appears! LOL

Obama's Illniois Senate seat ends up on E-Bay.

"The Rapture and it's effect on the Economy, WOW!!! " The article title

Laura feels our economic pain. 21 receptions this month...


Blagojevich Indictment - pdf

To all of you who gave their thoughts on my "conscience"

Is there any evidence that Blagojevich was a worker's rights supporter before yesterday?

Stay classy, Corporate America

Why was Blogojevich arrested. Poll

Nora is tearing Shelby a new one

Tuesday TOONS part 4- Bailouts, war and the rest

So now with the Ill gov in jail-- is there a chance that the Sen seat could

Eight years of "Clinton Hatred." The same assault on Obama has started.

Can someone explain how Blago got to be governor of Illinois?

Can someone explain how Blago got to be governor of Illinois?


What we learned on DU today: Rahmrove framed Blago as Ayers's genetically fat banker

Man dies during arrest in Minneapolis-Taser caused medical problems

Arthur Blessitt | As the World Turns

Liberals voice concerns about Obama

Democrats urge special election to succeed Obama

Obama Senate seat listed on eBay

Newt's 15 minutes ended. Why is he still here?

Bush tells West Point his legacy includes "I transformed the military"

When does David Shuster start

Exxon Valdez Spill Payments Reach Claimants

Feds raid pharmacies of Blagojevich fund-raiser tied to probe... (phone taps bear lots of fruit)

So who made offers to Blagojevich for the seat?

At least now Fitzgerald's hero status can drop a bit here, as we see from which party

Guns for Gifts..Trade your guns for Gift certificates for Ralphs & Target

Computer mouse turns 40

Bush: Bible 'probably not' literally true...ahem.

Indiana Bans Smiling, Glasses in Photo IDs

Today's Non sequitur cartoon: Governing from the middle

Blackwater guards "Utah" strategy is squashed...

ACLU: Reporters’ Phone Records Tracked by CIA in May 2006

I love my new Christian Overlords

Check out this unbiased headline from

Just quit smoking. Need some help.

So, What Are The Freepers Muttering About Now?

OK DU, show us how smart you really are, you want Rick Wagoner's head

Blago's prosecutor

You know what? I'm a native New Yorker, well not Native native, but I'd kind of like to be Senator

Anybody notcie the events in Greece? Bad Cops, Riots, etc...

Siegelman Lawyers Want Conviction Overturned

The penitentiary at Terre Haute is creating a 'Governor's Cell Block.'

The penitentiary at Terre Haute is creating a 'Governor's Cell Block.'

I remember how the Justice Dept. hit Clinton with investigations at the beginning of his term

Proof our country is totally screwed.

Something Earl Long knew well and is relevent today.

For those looking for more "Blago News" than the "Media Spin" check out:

Bush: "we offered Saddam Hussein a final chance to peacefully resolve the issue."

Hey Canadians!!! The Daily Show is ripping on your Government (and The Queen) again!!!

WSJ: Oversight Panel To Question Whether Bailout Is 'Giveaway' -results out tomorrow

Illinois DUers: What do you think of Blagojevich?

So Minnesota Have You Elected A U S Senator Yet???

It's Official: Illinois Legislature Pushing Blago Aside, Will Pass Bill For Special Election

OMFG - Ron Christie just said that Bush's approach to the

Blagojevich: Victim of illegal wiretapping?


I always thought it was so cool that Klinger married Radar.

Worth Reading: Paul Krugman's "The Return of Depression Economics."

Breaking! B Of A - has just announced that they will extend a line of credit to the Republic

Obama's Seat could now fall to the Republicans

A Mob Role and a Cuban Coup Plot Explain JFK's Assassination (Buzzflash)

What is the best way to get George W. Bush out of office early?

Yeah, but ........

not good---illinois may have a special election for the senate seat

Obama, with Al Gore, says Repowering America gives us an ...

Can we just admit that fat is an inherited, metabolic issue? (Re: Oprah)

Sabotage at Gitmo (NeoCons "Laying Traps & Bombs To Obstruct Obama") - By Scott Horton

ChicagoTrib: Governor's arrest: Cars race up, footsteps, a phone rings

Can we just admit that some of you folks just hate fat people?

Cancer Set To Be World's Top Killer - Rising Tobacco Use A Factor

Open Government Advocates Push for Rulemaking Reform (dump * procedures)

Gates moving to replace top political appointees at the Pentagon underneath him

Ney, Ryan, Cunningham, Stevens, Abramoff, Craig- to name a few.

Zell used employee retirement accounts to buy the Chicago Tribune and load it down with $12B debt

Apparently from what I just read they arrested the Governor with kid gloves..

So Ted Stevens accepts money but a Gov. of Illinois is carted off to jail for talking about it?

Blagoevich's arrest was NOTHING like Siegelman's

Patrick Fitzgerald: Justice Department Briefing on Blagojevich Investigation

SIT-IN WIN! B of A extends credit to company to settle workers claims!

Look Back - On 11/21, Obama Ally - Dick Durbin Announces That Patrick Fitzgerald Should Stay...

Assume your phone call is being taped

Uh Oh Wait til the Freeps see this: And now for a world government

DUers please help me out here

There is a silver-lining to Blago's getting busted...

Governors should *not* be allowed to fill vacant senate seats

Saudi cleric and women's rights activist clash

Trigger-happy cowboys have finally had their day

For Nanotechnology, Religion In U.S. Dictates A Wary View

Bank of America offers to resolve worker sit-in - Will make loan to company so it can pay workers

Joe the Plumber lashes out: McCain ‘appalled me,’ ‘I wanted to get off the bus.’»

Attorney: Blagojevich has no plans of resigning.

Official corrupt politician thread... let's put all these guys in the same cell block at Danville..

With Blago indicted, who will replace Obama in the Senate?

I bet this Lou Dobbs asshat can't wait to get on the air "you know Blagojevich is not

"...Blagojevich was a "madman" and "insane.""

You don't have to defend anything on DU.

Forced electroshock is happening in America...

The White House and YOUR house - message from David Plouffe - GET INVOLVED in YOUR government!

INQUIRER confirms Apple Macbook Pros have Nvidia bad bump material

Has the fake ranch been sold yet?

Attack of the Invisible Hand of the Free Market..

Wow, how about this shit in Greece? No one says "Fuck da po-lice" like the Greeks!

Shoppers Take Note; Retailer Desperation

Am I the only one? Last summer I requested the coupon for the digital

How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

If you ever became a politician, would you avoid the greed that gets them in trouble?

Blagojevich: ‘I Want to Make Money’

At the community college where I work, we've just heard that 40 positions will

Is there such a thing as a Non-Innocent Victim?

Echo Valley Hope - Linking Farms & People who want to farm

Gov. Crist and entourage traveled in style across Europe as businesses and taxpayers footed the bill

Female Firsts in North Carolina

Chorus of Illinois Elected Officials Call for Governor's Resignation

I have a question - granted, the Gov. of Illinois did a very bad thing, but why....

Want to hear good pot horror story? Don't check my bags, Mr Customs man...

i was never aware of the enormous tragedy in stephen colbert's childhood....

The big 3, workers and the government

Patrick Fitzgerald up on m$nbc, explaining what's goin' on in Chicago. nt

Tuesday TOONS part 1: Who's Santa going to lay off next?

Thanks to DUers for their healing wishes.

UE, United Electrical, an independent, members-run union, led the Republic Windows occupation.

So can Gov. Blogo, Sluggo, whatever pardon hisself????

I am VERY tired of the MSM giving all the deep-southerners a union-bashing forum

does anyone have a good quality photo of th pResident's new Painting..? i want to admire the insult

GM's Bob Lutz talks with DFP's Tom Walsh, rips Wagoner critics, says change has been ongoing

Gov. Blagojevich looks like one of the villains from Diamonds Are Forever

Yesterday Gov. Rod Blagojevich Attacked Bank of America, Today the Bush DOJ Makes Him Disappear

Sen Richard Shelby sucks....

People Have the most personal conversations on their cell phones.

People Have the most personal conversations on their cell phones.

Mark Phelan, DFP columnist: Wagoner's Mr. Nice Guy style could cost him -- but it shouldn't

Will Afghanistan be Obama's Tragic Folly?

So what's the going rate for a Senate appointment?

Bill Ayers Whitewashes History, Again

Oh for chrissake that new seatbelt law for bicycles, motorcycles & boats is the dumbest idea ever

I just got an email scam from the "First Third Bank"


Was Gov. Rod Blagojevich's arrest politically motivated, or did he just fuck up?

Was Gov. Rod Blagojevich's arrest politically motivated, or did he just fuck up?

Reverend Wright is a blowhard and an idiot.

I didn't appreciate the value of a dollar when I was using credit cards for everything

CA Diebold Failure, Lost Ballots Reveals Federal E-Vote Scam

Rahm Brought Down Blagojevich! Team Obama Wouldn't Play Ball

Budget “Mishap”: Thousands of Wild Horses to be Slaughtered

Fix the fake free trade deals or continue the destruction of the US economy.

A proposal: replace a departing Senator in a special election

Breaking News: Feds take Gov. Blagojevich into custody

"We're going to have some casualties"

"Favreau's Sexist Photo Is No Laughing Matter" (DeeDee Myers)

I get tired of people who think all it means to be liberal is:

And good.

Quit smoking, starting to have urges again.

Up in smoke: Boston considers ban of smoking bars

Re: Blagejovich, what's the BFD? I mean really. Who is surprised?

Mom's Parting Gift ...

I can't remember a president standing up for striking workers like the Pres. elect did

Michelle Obama blocked U. of Chicago hospital plan to test New Vaccine on Chicago Black Girls!

If you bring up Bank of America, you're a sucker.

Congress Delivers Stunning Blow To Auto Workers And Organized Labor

Little-known little protein packs punch in cancer fight

Even top Florida schools may fail NCLB standards.

Which is a better way to grade students?

Brothers beaten after attackers thought they were gay

So 8 years of Raygun, 4 of Poppy, 8 dlc'er, and 8 of dubya -THEY ALL LET TERRORISTS LIVE IN THE USA?

I Hope the People and Legislature Of Illinois Will Have More Patience Than the People of NY

Joe the "plumber"... John made him feel all "dirty"

Rahm Source: Story That He Tipped Off Feds To Blago Is False

ABC cancelled yet another outstanding show!


Explain Why Appointing Caroline Kennedy isn't Nepotism

Can someone tell the dogs to stop with the pooping?

Does anyone here shop at Lord & Taylor?

Are you sending Festivus cards this year?

A sad sign of the times during this holiday season...

Charlie Brown Christmas 8PM ABC tonight!!!

Construction/contractor question - flooring. Laminate over a concrete slab - I got a problem.

Christmas is all about getting drunk and stoned with the ones you love

I have a question about JVS. If I were driving a car with a JVS in it and the windows...

Ho Ho Fucking Ho!

Quick question: Does any know how to remove tar and feathers from exposed skin areas? Thanks. n/t

A map using the true names of North America (1000x780 pixels image)

Oh, the things you see (aka, Idiot Behind the Wheel of the Day)

Best big hit single that became a TV theme song

Former Classics IV singer ("Spooky," "Stormy," "Traces of Love") Dennis Yost dies at 65

I think I may have found the most disturbing image on the entire Internet

I'm so fifty fucking years old.

You know how your local state can save money ever summer? It's simple:

Jello turkey and other horrors

I was all ready to go to bed, but I forgot

What's for supper?

Some guy threw a fit today because I blew up his gas station

Yesterday I bought something that I know will make Rev. Wright jealous...

UPS sucks

Leno or Letterman?




BEST 1970s song about a couple of rats...actual vermin...throwin' it down, gettin' it ON

Woe. Boyfriend is tired of waiting for me to divorce so I told him

Whoa. Girlfriend is tired of waiting for me to divorce so I told her

Hey loungers. The St. Jude commercials with Jennifer Aniston

What does "Smoking O.P.s" mean?

"I love Sunday Morning"


Tomorrow I go visit the Food Stamps people

Did she just say pussy magnet?

The best part of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is...

Does anyone remember the rubber ducky nativity set thread of the other day?

My farts smell like the chili I had tonight.

Diet Soda cat...

What is your states population growth rate?

Thirty dollars for a four foot tall Christmas tree...

Home winemaking for those without much cash, welcome to the world of Pruno

GIVE ME A JOB IN NYC.//let's bitch about being unemployed & on the verge of homelessness.

Wasabi Flavored Gumballs broadcasts some viking locker room extra ...look at your peril

My boys do not like tights!

If any of you haven't voted yet...

Tonight: last evah episode of "Boston Legal"

I just bought tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra

Illinois--you're lucky you've got Barack Obama to brag about.

Some guy threw a fit today because I was smoking a cig while passing gas.

my cat's got a bunch of black specks on her, is it fleas???

I just heard the coolest pop Xmas Song on the radio by "The Waitresses"

I saw a shocking thing on TV last night.

Anyone know someone in NYC looking for a place to live?

Fire right across the road from my house

I just learned the guy responsible for the video link in the article passed away.

TRIVIA--Who said 'cha-CHING' in the Rally's Burger ad back in the early 90's?

I am aware of all Internet Traditions.

How long should one wait after a breakup to start dating again?

My driveway is covered in yellow cornmeal.

Do you read a thread completely before responding?

Why does some poo float

Feel Free to go Through my Drawers

This is your last chance to reduce your credit card rate....(phone calls)?

Do you wash your back?


Did you get your computer a card today?

Prof. Douchebag has been very pleasant lately.

Good Morning DU!.... It's another day above-ground...

If you drive dark blue Nissan sedan, don't play Eric Clapton for a while.

Good morning Lounge

I hope Midlodemocrat likes the gift I got her for Xmas

I hope Midlodemocrat likes the gift I got her for Xmas

So last night we really thought we might have to flee a fire

So last night we really thought we might have to flee a fire

They don't write 'em like that anymore

I get sick of my fellow liberals sometimes. It's times like this that I appreciate the Lounge.

The Hills are Alive


any fans of Chris Dane Owens here?

Some guy threw a fit today because I threw a lit match into a load of dynamite.

Wunder Boner

Is turtlensue stuck in a traffic circle? Where is she?


Black Light Tattoos

does anyone know about settling credit card accounts for someone's estate?

My son has a very special birthday coming up

Believe it or not, you've all endured 20,000 of my posts as of now.

note to self-- don't read dead pet threads at work....

Selling the Wars...two articles from 2002. CNN admits to it. Bob Simon article also.

Where do the Jonas Brothers record their music?

Hello from Western MA!

Good stuff I got at the food pantry.

After About 10 Years, Wakame WILL Get Moldy.

Oh, Shit!

Canadians are almost Americans.

If SUV drivers are selfish freeper shitbags, are Prius drivers sanctimonious prissy uptight nags?

Beware of the Doghouse!

Nagging wife, sausage help man win lottery

Inappropriate use of smileys

Don't forget to enter the 'Milk' contest

They arrested my governor!

Who here regularly medicates, what kind of medication do you practice, and does it "work" for you??

Canadians ARE Americans

Study shows dogs (and other animals) have a sense of fairness

Eating cookie dough

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas! 92 today!

Chinese girl gets 'kiss of deaf'

What on earth is Biomechanical Hannity doing he.....SCRATCHING HIS BALLS?

Misheard lyrics to Christmas songs

I Know How You Feel About All This Christmas Business, Getting Depressed And All That

Do you haunt or have you ever been haunted?

Baby Jesus Live-Blogs the nativity.

hard choices on huff post

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve, and that you are not too hung over today!!

10 minutes after you left the Spice Girls broke in and had sex with everyone

Okay, I can afford to get one of these this week.

Then there were three...

DU pet lovers: please sign this petition (Animals Allowed)

Unhappy kids with Santa

I Don't Like Mondays.

I'm as hard as a rock.

BREAKING NEWS - Some crazy guy in GD is giving away his package!

Is it just me, or does the title of O'Reilly's new memoir just sound really, really wrong?

I can't go for that


I'm boiling ham hocks, ask me anything

... an hour left until my class starts. And halfway through one of the two things I need to do...

As the holiday approaches, I hope all of you remember why we celebrate

Why are comment boards under news stories (or you tube videos) filled with nothing but right wingers

Cake or Death: Puppies vs. Kittens

Men's Underwear Repair Kit

Conan O'Brien or Dave Letterman?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/9/2008)

Diaper loading..

My 30th High School reunion is next year

Do you taunt or have you ever been taunted?

Can I pout and moan for a minute?

How often do you use DU slang in rl?

And now I made Stag...

BREAKING NEWS: Blago to be replaced by Chuggo. Details at 11.

I know I'm addicted to DU because I try very hard to let My DU dwindle to no posts

Tonight for dinner I'll be attempting Martha Stewart's "Provencal Chicken with Vegetables"...

Who else is ready for a nap?

Vets fix feline's face after 'cat'-astrophe

My albatross has black specks all over her - are they anvils?

I always thought it was so cool that Klinger married Radar.

My dog, Zeke, has passed away

I Can't Stop Crying...

Dexys Midnight Runners. Brilliant?

You HAVE to give me a Christmas present, it says so in the Bible!

i got a bunch of hatemail today

Sorry to break your hearts, but I didn't engage in cutting tonight.

Harrison Ford: Cornerstone of the cinematic cultural universe?

i came across what could be the best song ever

Canadians that are almost Americans

one of my little sisters just started crying about me going to college

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/9/08

Post your favorite shoplifting techniques here.

Get ready to watch Bill O'Reilly's head explode: Math shows Franken win to be a near certainty

Favorite "acquired taste" voiced singer

I just saw two vehicles engulfed in flames.

Tapping.... an Emotional Freedom Technique

Does this tune have any potential to replace Rickroll?

Favorite Christmas Songs?

you'd think I'd learn to keep my fucking mouth shut, right? but, no.

Caption this!

O Holy Night sang by Martina McBride is so beautiful.

If there were no more women, what would change?

Where's Parche?

Where's Parche?

Looking for words to Northern Exposure song about the Snake

The Official Kenny Rogers: Real American Hero Poll!

Do you hunt or have you ever hunted?

So The Other Shoe Dropped Today

I'm incensed... maybe nothing, but this is bothering me... customer invoice includes tract

How to verify a check is real?

Kitten Picture of the day for Tuesday December 9

I just started shopping online. Where to buy pants?

This dog has some serious gross gag inducing gas

Who here regularly meditates, what kind of meditation do you practice, and does it "work" for you??

So my friend tried to sell his used underwear at our garage sale

Was there a Christmas present that you wanted but never got?


Does JAWS deserve to be lumped with STAR WARS?

If the lid to the pot starts making a ticking noise

Straight male actors rebuke gay kissing scenes

On what side of your (main) car is your fuel cap?

Skyrockets in flight

In that song about smoking cigarettes and watching captain kangaroo...

If there were no more teenagers, what would change?

I'm calling in gay tomorrow. But I have a problem.

If there were no more men, what would change?

Douchebag gets knocked the fuck out.

James Carville on CNN commenting on the grope-gate outrage

I'm thinking about groping a cardboard cutout figure.

People missing the obvious on Caroline Kennedy taking the NY Senate Seat...

Post your 'Farewell Bush' photos here - this one's a Dutch football fan :-)

PHOTOS Reflections........

Al Sharpton is on Hannity fighting with him about the continuous MSM comments on Rev Wright

I'm this much closer to attending the inauguration!!

does anyone remember Wild Salmon?

Hey lurking Freepers

So, Where Is The Franken Recount At?

Why putting the heat on US auto makers and the workers?

Calling All Cars: Trouble at Chuck E. Cheese's, Again

LOL!!! SCOTUS didn't rule on Obama because they didn't want to hurt the moral of the country!!

I am SICK of this Obama birth certificiate shit. He is an American Citizen

Obama demonstrated his progressive spirit by supporting the U.E., the Ultimate progressive Union:

Is the MSM's depiction of you, as a liberal, correct?

On ABC Nightline they did a story about gas prices.

Good Signs for Labor: Obama's Great Choice for Sec'y of Labor: The Nation

Huff Post: Attacks On Hildebrand Aren't Progressive But Politics As Awful

Favreau's Sexist Photo Is No Laughing Matter (Dee Dee Myers)

TX-Sen: John Sharp Will Run For Hutchison's Seat

CO-04, ID-01: Musgrave and Sali Considering Rematches

For anyone who doesn't think change is here, check this out

Do you ever cringe when you see two DUers you like a lot at each other's throats?

Dumb Twit Cynthia McFadden on ABC News trying to make Bush appear human

A convincing and solid case for Obama's eligibility for the presidency, for all right-wingers.

Do you think blind faith in any politician is a good thing?

Oh for chrissake that new seatbelt law for bicycles, motorcycles & boats is the dumbest idea ever

The Most Uninteresting Person to Occupy the Whitehouse in my Lifetime

OH BABY: "Noon: Ceremony begins..inaugural address..lunch..departure of President Bush..parade."

Boosh official legacy talking point: He only allowed ONE worst attack ever on American soil.

Obama's Military Bridge Builder

We did win, didn't we?

Obama to meet with Al Gore Tuesday to discuss possible role in administration

Boredom results in Archive Digging......

The Associated Press is trying to start some MESS between Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton

flash back: David Gregory Mouthed Off to a Waitress, Got Scolded by Tim Russert

You know what's gonna be kind of wierd and cool next year

PHOTOS Born in the USA........(thanks to Clio the Leo for the idea!)

I caught myself leering at a cereal box tonight, and was very tempted to caress it. Is that wrong?

I voted for Rod Blagojevich

Obama backers look for ways to carry out the call for change

Latest news: Barbie to sue for SH- Claims Cardboard cutout sets precedent!

If Blagojevich resigns (which he should do), does the Lt. Governor take over?

Maybe Durbin will come to

Poll: 79% approve of way Obama is handling transition

OMFG! Blagojevich Was Considering Appointing HIMSELF!!!!

Blagojevich is scum. Throw the book at him.

The Mothership Is Landing At the White House!

Say Blago attempts to make the appointment anyway...

Rod R. Blagojevich look at his legislative record awful.

You just know the breathless pundits will be screaming questions to PE Obama...

Anybody think Blaggo will now appoint himself to the Senate?


NationalJournal: Please Resign, Bush Tells Political Appointees

House cleaning is a good thing.. off you go blagojevich

Hey GRod, tell Senator Clay Davis hello for me.

Hey GRod, tell Senator Clay Davis hello for me.

Blago on PEBO 'they're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. {Expletive} them.'

Blago about Obama: "F**k him"

So the RW was *so* upset about Oprah not having Palin on. Now Palin won't go on Oprah

Blago "like George W. Bush but not as bright"

Blago wanted to appoint himself to Senate - so HE COULD RUN FOR PREZ IN 2016!

Investigation of Blagojevich expanded to include his selection of Obama's successor (update 4)

so,... where's the blagojevch smoking gun?

I don't have a source but I overheard a coworker read about how Blago's predecessor was a Dem too

Blago Is Repeatedly Quoted In Complaint Cursing Out Obama For Not Offering Anything In Return

OMG Blagojevich was considering a presidential run in 2016!

I will be sad if Candidate # 5 is Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Obama transition team may have known about investigation; maybe even helped Prosecutors?

Can we assume Obama will be retaining Patrick Fitzgerald?

2008 is going to have an extra second. What are you going to do with it?

Et Tu Arianna?

Shocking: GOP jumps to tie Obama to Blagojevich

Not important but what is up with Blago's hair? Its very....strange. Just an observation.

President-to-be Obama is doing everything right

TPM muckraker: "Is Jesse Jackson Jr. Candidate 5?"

So I'm watching Tweety's banner assert "liberals angry at Obama's center-right cabinet,"

Is Art Turner Candidate 5?

Most important bit from Pat Fitzgerald's statement:

I fucking HATE Eharmony commercials

Could somebody please explain WTF is going on (eg. Blago)

Merry Fitzmas: Gov Blago can still name Obama replacement

IL Governor just arrested. Who appoints Obama's seat now?

Regarding 2016

So WHO is 'Senate Candidate 5' Referred To in the Blagojevich Investigation?

The Blago Indictment : Fun with Candidate Two (Marc Ambinder)

Rahmbo (to Blagojevich): "To anybody thinking about crossing me"

In a New Tux, Obama Seeks the Proper Inaugural Tone

Fitz: "I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever"

Fitz: "I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever"

a silver lining in the blaggo charges?

Durbin calls for special election to replace Obama in Senate

a silver lining in the chuggo blarges?

Well...There Goes The Blagojevich In 2012/2016 Presidential Campaign Concession Business!

If it were "Carl Kennedy" who was being considered...

"Gen. Hayden and the claimed irrelevance of presidential appointments" (Glenn Greenwald)

“They’re not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them.”

Fitzgerald: "The complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever"

A huge, dark reality check for DU: Obama MUST be pursued on this.

Do you think that Obama should make a statement re: Blago?

Okay, we've seen Blago and Leno - WHERE'S Al and Barack??

Paragraph 101 of Blagojevich Criminal Complaint - Conference Call 5 Parties....

The more I read about this Blagojevich arrest the more I think Obama's team is behind this

According to HuffPo, Chicago media is reporting that Rahm was the one who blew the whistle on Blago

Today, the "blogosphere" has become the "blago-sphere"

Did B of A have the Gov arrested? That should be part of the investigation. What role

Edward and Caroline Kennedy Share Tight Family Tie; He "works phones" for Senate seat for her

PE Obama's Senate Seat for Sale...

Gov. BlagoSandwich (D-umbass) meet Patrick Fitzgerald and Rahm Emanuel.

Shuddup? For realz? How embarrassing for the Gov. This is like a farcical SNL skit!

Pat Fitzgerald insinuates that Illinois is the most corrupt state in America

Pat Fitzgerald insinuates that Illinois is the most corrupt state in America

Bidding has ended for this item.

11/12/08 Blast from the Past - Valerie Jarrett Not interested in replacing Obama in U.S. Senate

11/12/08 Blast from the Past - Valerie Jarrett Not interested in replacing Obama in U.S. Senate

Several hours ago I was listening to BBC Radio 2, and the host

Frankie the feline exposed as the cat burglar

Is SNL a repeat on Saturday?

FiveThirtyEight: "The Blagojevich Fallout"

Jeffrey Toobin on Obama and the Blagojevich mess

The unaired Rev. Wright ad from the McCain campaign

Illinois Gov Blagojevich can still appoint Obama's replacement

A Great Couple Months for Illinois Democrats!

A question about a question

Blagojevich is Toast! However, Those Who Had No Choice But To Deal With Him Are In Jeopardy...

Refresh my memory: Has Greta Van Susteren always been a firebreather GOP right-wing lunatic?

BREAKING: Pat Quinn Calls on Blagojevich To Step Aside

Doonesbury Obama-symbol prediction thread -- get your bet on the record

NY-Sen: King is "Preparing a Run"

Blago calls Obama a "Motherfu%ker"

Is "global governance" on PE Obama's agenda ?

Woo Hoo!! It's FITZMAS again!

Blago: IT'S A TRAP!!

Food for thought: Jesse Jackson Jr. met with Blagojevich for 90 minutes yesterday

GOP Turns To Howard Dean For Salvation (Too Bad the Rahm Dems Won't)

Meet the Press will be what I won't be watching Sundays

Now Keep Your Dirty Hands Off Our Election.

IL-Sen: Durbin Calls for Special Election

Obama honeymoon continues, poll shows - 79% approval rating

Should liberals be disappointed in Obama so far? Angry? Absurd. They should be thrilled

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Obama riding in, Bush quacking out

Barack Obama and team = modern day Elliott Ness and team

Where Do You Park 10,000 Charter Buses?

Rahm Source: Story That He Tipped Off Feds To Blago Is False

"A Senate seat is a 'f***ing valuable thing"

Obama's Broadband Roadmap

Hillary is Cutout to be One of the Best SoS's Ever.

Robin Williams on Obama, Bush.

How worried should we be about the 2010 census?

Question for IL DUers: Will Blagojevich Roll Over, and If So, On Who?

This proposed special election, is it going to be just Democrats?

Here is the full complaint : US versus ROD R. BLAGOJEVICH, and JOHN HARRIS

Do you want to see the Obama Administration succeed?

Heard from an AZ group that Raul Grijalva might be passed over for the Interior

Blagojevich yesterday: "I don't care if you tape me privately or publicly."

Blagojevich yesterday: "I don't care if you tape me privately or publicly."

News Orgs: The Left Is Upset With Obama -- Even Though It Isn't

Joe the Plumber lashes out: McCain ‘appalled me,’ ‘I wanted to get off the bus.’


Obama Will Pardon Bush


Obama on climate change: "This is a matter of urgency and of national security"

MSNBC Savanna Guthrie: Obama wants to get away from Blago, but he has history of working with him

Alleged: Blago Hoped To Shake Down Warren Buffett!

I may have found a Mormon connection to the "Obama is not a citizen" cult

This dude looks photoshopped, but apparently that's really him

This dude looks photoshopped, but apparently that's really him

Obama Birth Certificate Kooks in Court

Does everyone besides me have New Year's Eve plans already?

BREAKING ON CNN: BofA to extend Credit to Republic Window & Doors Co. - Workers' WIN!

Being Michelle Obama

No one needs to sit down or shut up re: Obama, I just want your knees to stop jerking. . .

Blagojevich's Fall is a blow to Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Senate Ambitions

Obama had NO CONTACT with Blagojevich and was NOT AWARE of the situation:

Obama had NO CONTACT with Blagojevich and was NOT AWARE of the situation:

Obama just said, with Al Gore at his side, that we have...

Battle of the Van Nuys Banquet Halls!

U of I PoliScientist, Dick Simpson: "Obama is not related to the corruption pattern in Chicago"

OMG! THE NANNY (Fran Dresher) wants Clinton's NY Senate seat!

On sitting down and shutting up,

PA Dems Size Up Chris Matthews For 2010 Senate Run

Wisdom from my 13 year old daughter...

Some guy threw a fit today because I was smoking a cig while pumping gas.

Bush sending Negroponte to Pakistan/India re Mumbai. Obama sending Kerry.

Flag flown upside down over economic mess

Study Says Half-Dose Flu Shots OK For Some

US gun company Constitution Arms says its guns for elderly will be subsidised

Transition at the State Department: A Tour and Dinner

(GOPer) Fossella Is Sentenced to Five Days in Jail

U.S. Losing Cyberspace Security Battle

Supreme Court: Va. Must Enforce Gay Visitation Rights

Merrill CEO drops $10M bonus bid

Tribune Co. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Charest wins 3rd mandate in Quebec

Internal Warnings Sounded on Loans At Fannie, Freddie

Malaria Vaccine Effective in Latest Trials

Cleveland council votes to enact domestic partner registry

Sununu's mission: 'Save the state' (R-NH)

Census shows midsized suburbs reeling from Michigan crisis

Source: Feds take Gov. Blagojevich into custody

UAW seeking GM board seat -union official

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is in federal custody on corruption charges.

Sony Slashing 8,000 Jobs

Reports: Illinois Gov. taken into custody

Economy claims 'conservative MoveOn'

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taken into federal custody

Tyco adds to U.S. tide of job cuts

Citing bailout, union wants to organize bank workers (SEIU)

Bernanke Invocation of ‘War Powers’ Undermines Fed Bank Chiefs

US tightens L1 visa norms

Report: U.S. economy needs more money, health care fix

Greek Police Battle Protesters in 4th Day of Unrest (Update1)

Study details the power of negative racial stereotypes

Turkey in Palin video auctioned on eBay ($225 donated to Dept. of Veteran Affairs)

(Louisiana) Man says he was beaten for wearing Obama shirt

WHO: Cancer Set To Be World's Top Killer

Attorneys conclude Iowa Supreme Court arguments in gay marriage case


In a New Tux, Obama Seeks the Proper Tone

5 Guantanamo detainees withdraw offer to confess

Sen Richard Shelby sucks....

US faces deep problems, OECD says

Clinton Names Donors to Global Initiative Meeting

Secretive Space Vehicle Tested at Private Texas Site

Convoy attacks trigger race to open new Afghan supply lines

Treasury Bills Trade at Negative Rates as Haven Demand Surges (3 month T-bills)

Poll: Obama enjoys strong public support as President-elect

Yahoo To Lay Off More Than 1,000 Workers

Vietnamese brothel 'kept women in cages'

France: (576) Graves of Muslim War Veterans Defaced

Blagojevich Calls Obama a mother****er

Ruffalo's brother dies in LA a week after shooting

American Greetings cuts 175 jobs here, up to 100 more companywide

Study: U.S. students improve in math, science

Labour gaining on Tories, poll shows

Bush defends his national security policy (defends the "Bush Doctrine")

NBC Expected to Give 10 P.M. (every weeknight) Show to Leno

Economy bad all over - even before current crisis

Federal judges hear arguments in Don Siegelman, Richard Scrushy corruption conviction appeal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 9

BREAKING NEWS: Minn. court rejects Sen. Larry Craig's request to withdraw guilty plea in sex sting

House Probe of FCC Finds "Egregious Abuses of Power"

Wal-Mart to pay up to $54 million to settle wage suit

Pulitzers to Recognize Original Online Reporting

Virtual world for Muslims debuts

NYC Eatery Charges 3 Percent For Food You Waste

Former "Nanny" Star Fran Drescher Wants To Take Hillary Rodham's Senatorial Job

A Tip from Rahm? (Got Gov. Rod Blagojevich)

Human bones found in Argentine detention center; 10,000 fragments confirming torture deaths

L-3 pays $4M to settle Iraq over-billing case

Investors buy $32 billion in Treasury bills for no yield (4-week T-bills)

Pakistan won't hand suspects to India

(Pentagon) Report: IED Threat Known Before War

Police Taser Diabetic Man

Jet crashes into home; mother, grandmother, child killed

Babylon's history swept away in US army sandbags

Bank of America Offers Loans to Republic for Workers

Source: Feds take Gov. Blagojevich into custody

Obama statement on Blagojevich

India releases names, details on Mumbai gunmen

FOUR lucky DUers will each win a "MILK" movie prize pack! From the new movie starring Sean Penn!

Shameless GOP Attacks Shinseki, Again!

Attacks in Mumbai Could Force Execs in U.S. to Rethink Outsourcing Plans

LAT: Blowback: Why we're mad at the Mormon church

President Obama: Go for It

AFP Boat docks in Gaza to defy Israel blockade

Spying on Jews challenges Israel's secret service

Harold Meyerson: The Worst CEO (Sam Zell)

Support Bush Petition? Another Scam to Fleece Stupid Repubs

Long-Standing Conflict Ends As Israel Returns Lawn Mower To Palestine

NBC's "One-Man Military-Industrial-Media Complex"

What 'yes' means

Freedom’s Watch, Partisan Windbag Group, Goes Bankrupt

Anarchists Against the Wall awarded German human rights prize

Scalia, Thomas, WingNutDaily: Is There a Difference?

Obama and the liberals

GOP Turns To Howard Dean For Salvation

Democracy Now: Rights Group: Israel’s West Bank System Like Apartheid

Obama the Brilliant Supply Side Economist

Carter, in Lebanon, says ready to meet with Hezbollah officials

Activists aim to break Gaza siege for fourth time

Blagojevich arrest shakes up Obama succession

Governor Rod Peddles the Commemorative 'Obama Senate Seat'

A Hopeful Beginning for Malaria Vaccines (New Eng Jour Med)

Havoc in cities across Greece as protesters talk of 'social revolution'

Trying to Tie Obama's Hands on Gitmo

E.J. Dionne: Obama's Military Bridge Builder, General Shinseki

Joe the Plumber: McCain 'appalled me'

President Alien; "Ladies and gentlemen, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back in business."

Larry Craig, Serial Loser

James K. Galbraith: Stimulus Is For Suckers

Iraq: The beginning of the end. Can we ever repay Iraqis what we owe them?

W's Massive Delusions

State wipes smiles off driver's license

Tel Aviv elementary school: No Arabs allowed

The Moral Imperative to Change "The System"

Outsourcing Foes 'Less Than Thrilled' With Obama

Hollow Men - The Interrogation

Great Anti-War Song From Street Dogs: Final Transmission

John Lennon

Russia Wins India Nuclear Contract after U.S. Cancels Trip

President Barack Obama........Good Times

Pelosi: Vote on $15 Billion Auto Bailout Coming

Red State Update With Lisa Ann (Sneak Peek)

Schakowsky on Blagojevich being taken into custody

Saudi Oil Kingpin: "If there are alternatives, be my guest!"

Did Rahm help tip off the investigation of Blagojevich?

Obama's Coal Energy Challenge - BBC News

Illinois Governor in Federal Custody (Press Conference)

I bombed Korea every night

'No Child' left out of Bush legacy

Obama's Comments on "Gov. Gone Wild" & Meeting with Al Gore

Illinois Gov. Complained Obama Wouldn't Play Ball

Supreme Court Won't Hear Obama Citizenship Challenge

Was Jay Leno Indicted Today?

Blagojevich Comments On His Arrest

How the troops REALLY feel about Bush

TYT: Cenk On KBR Being Sued For Poisoning Troops

Dempsey takes command of TRADOC

Composites key to lighter, more mobile vehicles

Anthropologists debate ethics of aiding troops

$1,500 in gifts stolen from Toys for Tots

Soldier pleads not guilty in detainee death

Feds: Blackwater opened fire on unarmed Iraqis

Street named for GI in iconic Iraq war photo

UFC fight to raise TBI research money

Groundbreaking marks huge expansion at Bragg

9/11 suspects ask to make confessions

Hearing to be held on Va. election suit

Taliban vows response to troop increase

Contradictions from suspect in Fort Dix case

Conway: Marines will shift to Afghanistan

Marines faulted for delaying MRAP request

Training new officers lags behind enlisted pace

EU to launch anti-piracy mission

Some reservists can extend deployment

CSAR-X contract award delayed

First women at Air Force Academy honored

December extra selections are coming Thursday

S.D. Air Guard unit activated

Group proposes Air Force One museum in N.C.

Iron Brigade adjusting to numerous changes

Medevac units fly in thick of battle

Civilians see more cash in Germany

Military police on Okinawa warn against drunken driving

NEX employee jailed in Italy

Search continues for man who dragged a police officer with van

Commander: A ‘surge’ isn’t the answer in Afghanistan

Germany-based airman to serve 30-day sentence after assault

Camp Foster Marine guilty in taxi theft

Program Helps Send Vets to Wall Street

Sailors Underway for Maiden Voyage

DoDBuzz: Taliban Threaten Kabul

Blackwater shootings case moved to D.C.

NFL team honors poolee, sparks controversy

F/A-18 crash kills 3 in San Diego

Marine Corps Takes Language Leap

7 Bragg soldiers charged in death of private

AF may use contractors for refueling missions

Gates Replacing Bush's DoD Appointees

I have a question about military honors at a funeral.

EU wants end to old-style bulbs (BBC)

The Clean Energy Project

2008 will be coolest year of the decade

Peak oil review - Dec 8

Missing From the ‘Green Jobs’ List

Guardian UK: Scientist: oil giants face (climate-related) lawsuits

UN suspends leading carbon-offset firm

Climate talks to fail without tough CO2 goals: U.N. - Reuters

Your leading supplier of nuclear lung ventilation products.

Poor countries 'need carbon cuts'

Guardian UK: Too Late? Why Scientists Say We Should Expect the Worst

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/08/08

Baltic Dry Index .... again....

This is a CAR REVIEW???

Oracles of Doom: They always knew the economy would collapse. What do they think will happen next?

Prices of farm commodities are down about 50% or more since June-July - Gosh, I wonder why?

X posted: Paul Krugman's excellent Revision of "The Return of Depression Economics"

Mouse Print: exposing the downsizing of all of our products

Here is a great, plain-English explanation for the economic clusterf*ck


Mass. companies settle with OSHA in worker’s death

OSHA fines crane owner $7,500 after investigating summer accident ( 6 alleged safety violations)

OSHA cites, fines Pitt U $5,250 for lab monkey bite

Companies agree to pay fines in connection with highway worker's death

More Than a Hundred Economists, Labor Leaders to Call for Nearly $1 Trillion Boost to the Economy

1946 general labor strike re-enacted as street theater in Oakland

NPR: Labor Unions Losing Their Way?

Cradle of UFW movement earns national honor

Union sounds alarm after foreign workers fired

Tribute to Eliseo Medina is now back online

December 2008 BCTGM REPORT

CWA: Investment in Jobs is Best Economic Stimulus

Meltdown 101: How are jobless benefits funded?

Final update: Anheuser-Busch InBev makes biggest cuts yet (1,400 more)

USW and UAW Locals Look to Save Automotive Supply Jobs in Midwest

Job losses could hit 3 million soon, index indicates

Majority union members oppose bailout

Obama education pick sparks conflict

A third of Americans worried about jobs: survey

Teamsters Will Fight Proposed Rule Weakening Regulation of Toxic Chemicals

Congress Delivers Stunning Blow To Auto Workers And Organized Labor

Today in labor history Dec 9 bars from membership “parasites,” including stockbrokers & lawyers


'Pink Christmas' with 2 Josephs to cater to gays

Win One Of Four "Milk" Movie Prize Packs

Was DOMA just struck down by the US Supreme Court?

Newsweek Cover Story (Dec. 15th issue): The Religious Case for Gay Marriage

I love it!

NY Democrats: The deal: no gay marriage and they stay Democrats.

Singer Pat Boone Compares Proposition 8 Protests To Mumbai Terrorists Attacks

Oklahoma City Mayor, Pastor Team Up to Purge Libraries, Detain Gays in Ex-Gay Re-Education Camps

Granma's Review of "Che"

Deportations to storm-crippled Haiti resume

Bolivia: Thousands take part in the march from Caracollo for new CPE and count on Evo’s participatio

Murders of leaders of organizations of Colombian displaced people

Human bones found in Argentine detention center; 10,000 fragments confirming torture deaths

Opening Address by Raul Castro at Cuba-CARICOM Summit

Caribbean presses Obama on Cuba

The Detroit Lions remaining schedule

Christmas special: Celtics Vs. Lakers

How many chances does Kevin McHale get exactly?

Vitamin B1 could reverse early-stage kidney disease in diabetes patients

What to Do When the Patient Says, ‘Please Don’t Tell Mom’

Scorpios Get More Asthma, but Astrology Isn’t to Blame

The Doctor Is Out (re: Medicare and new patients)

Don't let the muggles get you down! Or trying to keep the good vibes flowing around doubters.......

All right, dears. Lildreamer's attempt at life; take #1432:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/9/08

A general "howdy," a question, a fun little widget for Opera, and some other stuff.

I feel as though someone is supposed to hear this. (Can't think of a better title.)

Gulls and Rainbows

In YOUR OPINION, should the mentally challenged be allowed to own firearms?

ACLU hypocrisy continues with 2008 Poem to Friends and Family

Oh, yum!

An update...

Gifts for Winos/Foodies -- Please help

Should religious views be respected more than political views?

Whole wheat semolina bread I made yesterday came out great!

'Jesus was born in June', astronomers claim

So I'm an atheist in a Muslim country, and a guy with a bloody axe comes up to me...

Science journal mistakenly uses flyer for Macau brothel to illustrate report on China

Primal, Acute and Easily Duped: Our Sense of Touch

Astronomer on the Set of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

I love my new Christian Overlords

Good thing this didn't head our way.

Our son's field trip

Re: 911 Censorship or "Disapproval." (a bit rambling)

NIST Finally Admits Freefall of WTC7

Sharp, White eye Hutchison seat

Speaking of OpenOffice ... PSA

Question about changing text size on an HP Mini.

I have someone who has created an imposter email account for me

I honestly thought Denny and Alan were going to kiss on that balcony....

Skinheads tried to disrupt Liberal-NDP rally in Moncton: RCMP

Bob Rae dropping out now.

Harper reaches out to Ignatieff

Criticism of the coalition: "unelected" prime minister


Question, When does Kerry goes to Poland or has he already gone?

Sensenbrenner,Saleh Kamel, Osama bin Laden and what do