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PML-Q Member Blames India for Peshawar Blast That Killed Over 25

Fixing the "Main Street" housing crisis could have been easy.

Playing for Change

Boston Herald furthers false claim that United Auto Workers members have "$78-per-hour jobs"

HERO to ZERO HALL OF SHAME:::Bush heads the List...

Rapture Ready: Spouse/child abuse not an excuse for divorce, but God provides adultery as an "out"

AP: Early Focus of Obama's Pentagon May Not Change Dramatically From George W. Bush's

Potter: Most ‘horrific’ McCain stories never ran

Afghanistan: (British) Army starts negotiations in Helmand - Guardian UK

How the Sourhern Plains became the dust bowl

U.S. troops from Iraq to defend Kabul instead of wage Obama's al-Qaeda fight

Sad news. Civil Rights pioneer Odetta has passed on.

So I just noticed something about this * picture

McCain has told Pakistan that India could go in with airstrikes....(??!!??)

Caption this McCain Pic!

The other day someone posted 10 things you have to to believe

Somethng I haven't heard discussed about the Big 3 bailout

Malaysian man killed for hogging karaoke microphone

World leaders gather in bid to impose a ban on nuclear weapons

Morning Joe expands to radio (Mika too)

video: Obama explains pick in exclusive NBC interview ( Shinseki as VA secretary)

Atheists do not believe in anything!

It took 90 minutes for Daily News to 'steal' the Empire State Building

US telco calls on Cleric Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal to convert to AT&T long-distance service or die.

Have degree - and pink slip: Record number of unemployed college grads

Here is how foreign companies dump their cars into our market to kill our auto companies

Dixie Chicks Singer Sued For Defamation

look what the protesting workers did in June 2008

OJ rejected plea deal...wanted public apology

For those of you who missed "Recount" when it was shown on HBO

I am watching Amy Poehler on SNL WEU right now....

"In Jefferson’s Bible, Jesus was crucified, but did not rise."

Caption the Idiot In Chief

Bill O'Reilly: My Arizona Icecats' Honorary Captain for 2008-2009

Creepy to see DU using adverts of retinal/fingerprint scan ID's

Senators say path now clear to confirm bailout IG

Beer-stealing ex-cop spills mail

what is the mission in afghanistan? get osama? promote democracy? avenge 911?

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

ABC: Homeland Security in Primetime

Rich (NY Times) draws parallels between Team Obama....

Condi Rice on Rendition and Torture

I just watched "who killed the electric car?" I have a question

Was there something particularly subversive on Bill Moyers' Journal this week?

Obama's real number one enemy

Fundraising idea

North Carolina Town Votes to Support Same Sex Marriage Rights

More than 160 US, NATO vehicles burned in Pakistan

Military contractors have become islands of growth in a national job market that is underwater

Idled workers occupy Chicago factory

National Archives lets Internet users have easy access to WWII documents (xpost from Veterans)

Pakistani Militants Torch Western Forces Supply Trucks

Coffee and Washington Journal anyone?

Coffee and Washington Journal anyone?

Six gay couples seek validation of their unions

Cradle to grave, ALL "serve" in a war mongering nation!

The Bush Photo That Just About Sums It All Up

Want To Do Something Different This Christmas?


Montana Judge Endorses Right to Assisted Suicide

Robert Reich: Shall We Call it a Depression Now?

Hopefully the Downfall will

Global financial crisis an 'act of God'

will the media help whitewash the bu$h* legacy?

Republicans get together to figure out what went wrong

WHy do all GOP talking heads look alike on CSPIN?

Lawyers of Indicted Blackwater Guards Slam Government

shinseki pick gives the finger to bu$h* - cheney - al

Threatening Call Was Not Hoax: Sherry(Pakistan's Minister for Information)

C-Span is a fucking sewer

More evidence that Florida is bizarro world

Virgin Mary seen in brain scan, patient will sell on Ebay

will cheney be allowed to slink out of washington untouched by any hint of scandal or crime??

I just watch my last MTP.

Depression you say? CHEER UP! Try a 'mimosa' cocktail.

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

Good night, DU. I leave you with some photos...

Here's a twist - put bulls attacked by man

Officer that interviewed 8 yr old suspect had only been a detective for ONE day.

Berkeley to weigh war crime charges against 'torture memo' author Yoo

Tim Tebow and his fundie family

The Six-Year-Old Carpenter

can this ass-face Bill Kristol be prosecuted for something now?

Condi seems to be only good at one thing - she defends her lies by not shutting up

I LOVE watching the "media-types" sitting around whining

A few weeks ago I made the comment that The Day The

Ireland is having a HAZMAT problem - toxic pork

Police Shooting Sparks Riots in Greece

More Than 160 US, NATO Vehicles Burned in Pakistan

U.S. Plans a Shift to Focus Troops on Kabul Region

Sources: Blackwater guards to surrender Monday

P.E. Obama on meet the press this morning, coming up

Ok, what a duality.....

FYI - Kevin Phillips on CSPAN2 Today (Sunday) 11am cst

Cities and counties don't have money to plow the roads

Forrest J Ackerman, writer-editor who coined 'sci-fi,' dies at 92

Frank Rich: The Brightest Are Not Always the Best

My God, don't you just love an articulate President....

My God, don't you just love an articulate President....

Riots continue across Greece after teen killed by police

Our new best friend: Rupert MURDOCH (Michael WOLFF bio, interview with KURTZ)

Amid India-Pakistan Tensions, Bilateral Trade Plans Put on Hold

I skipped all the talking heads this morning and I feel really good

It's bigoted not bigotted and it's targeted not targetted.

Pakistan Military Taking Control

Mr. Buck's severed head recovered from suspect's home

Rethugs call for more tax cuts and "putting money in people's pockets"


Thirteen things we should tell our children about life, gods, and our origins

Interesting point that was made last night.?..Any thoughts.

Bush's new neighborhood: until 2000, blacks banned - unless they were servants

Twenty Practical Foreign Policy Changes for Obama's Administration

Crooks & Liars: "Repairing Bush's legacy: Lotsa luck with that"

Michelle Duggar Will Give Birth On TV

Michelle Duggar Will Give Birth On TV

"They just want us out, dead or alive" VIDEO (Afghanistan)

Will the Obama admin do something about NCLB/standardized testing?

Fareed Zakaria now...CNN - Mumbai attacks

DA Who Secured Dick Cheney Indictment Keeps Hope Alive -VIDEO

Imagine my shock when I opened my sunday paper

Taliban attacks and destroys convoy of 150 Nato trucks bound for US led troops

Kevin Phillips is doing a long live interview on Cspan now and its worthwhile

46 days left, Bush approval ratings climb

Obama Press Conference coming up on GEM$NBC

Just Saw Chrysler's Nardelli basically saying it wants the Gov. Funds to Continue Re-structuring

I just told the DCCC that they're not getting any more money from me until I see Congressional

Income of auto workers, US companies (union) vs non-US (non union)

RBS Secretly Charged 80% Interest on Loan

Those who have colas like soc sec have been screwed

contacting Leah Fried, spokesperson

McCain warns Pakistan of Indian air strikes

New White House visitor center is not right-wing enough for the Heritage Foundation

Political Joke

WaPo - Obama's Picks Are Too Brainy - We Need Some Community College Grads!

Loss of legal immunity will change landscape for contractors in Iraq

The consequences of gay marriage

The consequences of gay marriage

Anybody interested in forming a single payer fee for service advocacy group here at DU?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India....the domino effect, etc...NY Times, The Nation:

Too Much Rice is bad for your health.....


Legal Organization May Become Influential Beyond Its Dreams

How do we solve the problem of ...

Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns


So, I was grocery shopping at a chain store today, and all of the beef and pork

If you heat your home with oil...

Do you agree with Brzezinski's cost benefit analysis for destroying Afghanistan?

In whites-only neighborhood, residents worried Bush will make it a 'target'

CBS Sunday Morning: Can Pentagon's Stop-Loss Be Stopped?

Can anyone tell me who was on Meet the Press today? What was discussed ?

Chicago Factory Occupation Report on Kos.

Democracy should be the pimp and corporations and Wall St. the ho, not vice versa

Burrowing watch: Bush appointed 18 administation officials last Tuesday alone

Is there a recipie forum?

Chris Wallace: Company Man. Just Ask Cheney

How establishment hurts religion & society: A holiday reminder for non-separationists

Rove's Enemies List: "There were people who never accepted the legitimacy of George W. Bush"

I'm really enjoying this 3 hours with Kevin Phillips on C-Span Bookmooks. Bush Ranting

What are the fastest ways to inject money into the economy?

Auto Industry Bailout Should Have Some Money For Retraining Of Laid Off Workers

A family affair

BREAKING! *More than 160 US, NATO vehicles burned in Pakistan* (could choke supply route)

Some on the right are just figuring out what hit them and how he did it.

Sales scam taints the 'Teflon President'

John "Fat Bastard" Hagee goes off the deep end - even for him!

CNN interview with a senior intelligence chief of Pakistan.

CNN interview with a senior intelligence chief of Pakistan.

3 stylists for Palin earned $165,000...MORE purchases also revealed

Auto Bailout Done - Bush Pelosi Cut a Deal

Fords new CEO Alan Mulally made one good decision when he took over two years ago

SNL--Obama Plays It Cool(VIDEO)

"Trickle-Down" is DEAD. Long live the "Bubble-Up" economy!

Online Journalists/Bloggers Now Jailed More Often Than Any Other Media/Journalists

"A Guide for the Newly Poor" in the Los Angeles Times Business section...

People on a police forum talking about Obama.

"Dollar Bill" Jefferson (D-LA) Loses Re-Election

McDonald's girding for union fight

Rice tells Fox News: Overthrow of Saddam a great strategic achievement for Bush and the U.S.A.

When the Republicants start circulating the meme....

Queen Noor of Jordan: Hillary Clinton -- A Champion for Human Security

"Climate Change" is a better phrase than "Global warming".

Long Time Coming - Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Legacy

Two questions

Shelby denies personal agenda, warns of filibuster

India-Pakistan Joint Statement on Terrorism Issued Just Hours Before the Mumbai Attacks


Russia Asked To Give Up Nuclear Arms

Would you consider tariffs a consumer concession?

How can Pres. Obama keep his promise to 'maintain stability' in Iraq

What does the right wing really want for the USA?

67 years ago, pearl harbor was attacked

Creating a DU Job Board

It's Pearl Harbor Day, and I need to call my dad.

More Mayhem & Death At Wal-Mart

Mike Huckabee said the party needs to move away from the "mushy middle" and become more conservative

Former drug officer launches "Kop Busters" TV show...

I know this sounds awful, but am I the only one

(((THE))) event you have been waiting for will soon be here!

Kids ask for necessities instead of toys

Kids ask for necessities instead of toys

“Right Wing Christian Group Upset Over Jack Black’s “Rotund” Jesus

Being buzzed by the B2 Stealth Bomber

Don't Bailout General Motors!!!

Don't Bailout General Motors!!!

Obama spells end of blank cheques for Israel

Poor choices for NY Senator except for Maloney

EEGs show brain differences between poor and rich kids

Who does David Gregory remind you of?

Bush History-Republican Senator Slams ’stay the course’ Bush Policy 12/7

Given our balance of trade, tariffs are a no-brainer - unless you have foreign interests....

There is no debate as to Bush's legacy. It is cemented for all time:


and more unreported information, from Chicago factory workers

Reluctance to Help Detroit Reeks of Class Bias (WaPo)

What is this world coming to... cargo ship outruns pirates off Tanzania coast

Just watched recount - WOW!

if you don't own a house, what keeps you from buying one?

Rove planning to ‘name names’ of Bush haters in his new book

What about Shinseki as VA secretary?

A video tribute to the Chabad rabbi and wife murdered in Mumbai

My conscience is bothering me, tell me what you think I should

GLOBALL MORANS for week ending Sunday Dec. 7, 2008

How many here do raw food for their pets?


Yeah, the depression is going to suck. For YOU guys, LOL!

Top Ten Poorest Cities - Request for some assistance...

What does the term "innocent until proven guilty" mean to you?

Smirk: "Welcome to my hanging" (photos)

Smirk: "Welcome to my hanging" (photos)

Will Blackwater be the new Pinkerton Detective Agency?

Who are the great, enduring political thinkers of the baby boom generation?

28 Minutes, 16 Seconds and Still Holding: Tales of a Family Doc

28 Minutes, 16 Seconds and Still Holding: Tales of a Family Doc

Shock Doctrine: MIHOP or LIHOP, take your pick. Follow the money.

What's the longest time you've gone without food?

Ex-executive "Almost Homeless"

Bush's presidential portrait unveiled. Amazing likeness captures his dignity and intelligence!


Whose reports do you trust the most in this latest Indian / Pakistani / U.S. crisis?

Rove planning to ‘name names’ of Bush haters in his new book.

Rove planning to ‘name names’ of Bush haters in his new book.

Rove planning to ‘name names’ of Bush haters in his new book.

Cops Get Stung In Reverse Drug Bust!!! Boo-Ya!!!

The Country Needs Ten Thousand More Like Barry Cooper (Kop Busters)

Bush Holdover Robert Gates: A Kinder, Gentler Shock and Awe

Huge TX dogfighting ring broken up: NY Times

PE Obama says the workers at the Chicago plant

PE Obama says the workers at the Chicago plant

IBM Launches Microsoft-Free Linux PCs

If American car companies go under, will prices of Nissan and Toyota go up?

WTHeck is Blu-Ray?

Just the facts ma'am, nothing but the facts.

Newsweek... Re: Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy

Food Cooperative Raided & Searched In Ohio

My car was stolen, recovered, and I get hit with the bill

A Powerful Observation That Changed My Mind on Helping the Automakers.

OK - call me beyond cruel. It is the culling of the herd in terms of businesses

Should Domestic Violence Abusers Own Guns?

Pic of kitten w/ a soldier in one of our wars .

The Should-Be Most Hated Man in America

Cops Raid a House to Find Christmas Trees Under a Grow Light: Where’s the Probable Cause Now?

If you don't drive a hybrid, you suck.

Hoosiers snapping up guns, ammo

Are there any non-christian sponsor a child organizations?

Cops gone crazy-police seize reporter's camera at protest

Over the Past 14 Years 54,969 Indians Have Been Killed by Indian Militants

The Five Stages of Freeper Grief.

President-elect Obama is about to make his first major mistake.

"Said property shall be used and occupied by white persons only except..."

Workers’ Revolution in America: Approaching Zero Hour


Jesus wants you to take your clothes off. All of them. NOW.

reagan haters check here

Poll question

OMFG! My daughter is speaking out for moms!

Do you love one/some of your kids more than others?

I love liebfraumilch. Funny name. Great wine. nt

It's snowing!

Saw this in a catalog and thought of you-all here in the Lounge!

Karaoke is serious business.

This should be easy...

This is why I hate winter.

Watch iPod videos *anywhere* -this is amazing and a bit alarming

Oscar Predictions, Top Eight Catagories

Oops! Looks like I missed the symphony concert! Damn the luck! nt

Not only is my baby precious, but I also have a cool ass dog.

I went to Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, and a Tom Cruise movie marathon last night.

Guitar Hero- is it a kind of newfangled "follow the bouncing ball" video game?

The Valley... a beautiful song

I got a flu shot today

Teenage Mutant Ninja POODLE

Free to a good home

How do you feel about homemade gifts?

The SEC is overrated

now I just feel like an idiot....... but, wait!

Best pair of cops in Law and Order history

Ketchup Potato Chips Are Back!!!

I love you all

I usually post a 1974 version, so here is a 1972 version of one of my favorites.

Coldplay: ripoff artists?

I love you all this season...

I keep it cool.

And he goes down!

When did Neil Diamond nuke the fridge?

Oh, shit it's locked!

So I have moved on from Bill Withers to Otis Redding! Boy is he AWESOME! These Arms of Mine is

Bill Withers- Ain't No Sunshine

i just cried until i gave myself a headache.. over a football game.. yes, a football game

Duane Allman and Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

Real-time daylight map of the Earth

Surf's up in Yakutat.

Caliente como fuego!

Ah, the Chicopee summer of 1978

Dont vote Republican because they will get into a war/depression

Well, it's -2º out

I am too tired to post anything tonight...

A baby died last night in WA state-Republican/Conservative values

A baby died last night in WA state-Republican/Conservative values

Olympia WA state Christmas/Holiday display at the capital

The weather is cold here in mid-Mississippi! I must cook chili and beef stew this week. You cook for

I am sorry, but I have to do it. I am proud what can I say...

Is Norton Utilites the worst fucking program

Delete, wrong place.

The word of the day is HUITZTZITZIQUIH

Woo Woo...Every one should try it!

white chocolate blueberry === OMG!

I Wanna Be Your Number One Lowest Common Denominator

I am the Queen of the Gypsies --

Well, I tried to sleep, but I had that dream again...

I have a blog.

Love in a hollow tree.

The sea is reversed. S. S. Itari is mixed up and blind.

post a photo of something you remember from sniper school

It's been several months and that "mullet guy" is still trying to be Oasis.

ccharles000 appreciation thread

Also made Heron - looky look

PUI (and I've never done this before) Ask me ANYTHING

So what was "the Happening"

Krugman: US auto industry will probably disappear

Is it true that if you're not successful by the age of (X), you never will be?

In honor of a certain post in GD, I think the following should be made into a real exercise product:

Vodka and beer for breakfast.Who's with me?

So I saw "Firefly" in blu-ray format...

Please don't fuck up my streak

For Teh Lounge! Beatles Christmas Albums 1963-69 to download!

For Teh Lounge! Beatles Christmas Albums 1963-69 to download!

Every fucking stupid person in the world shopped at my store tonight.

I have a new addiction.

Is Penny Lane in your ears and in your eyes?

Good morning

Mcculley Culkin's career:

Good night, DU. I leave you with some photos...

I just popped a blister and drained the pus out

Famous Last Words.

Ravens. Redskins. Tonight.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday December 7

Who is the dude that Andy Samberg is performing with?

How long does it usually take for the d.t.'s to kick in?


bored at 7am Sunday morning (pic)

At what point are improvements in video quality (SD > HD, DVD > Blu-Ray) pointless to the naked eye?

If you find yourself constantly telling people they are Mac

Anyone else ever get the night terrors?

Treadmill question

SUNDAY ART: Hecate at Four

Most upsetting thing you learned on DU this year

Morris Alpert or Bertie Higgins?

Remember the days when Prince wore jeans with sections cut out of them?

I was just informed that DU has a forum for skeptics

Is there ANYTHING better than a bagel with breakfast whiskey on a Sunday morning?

damn, that stings!

As if Mrs. Venation needed any more stress . . .

The ULTIMATE cold, leftover, lip-smackin'est, tastiest food for breakfast

The ULTIMATE cold, leftover, lip-smackin'est, tastiest food for breakfast

Apartment dwellers: When you hear your neighbors loudly making the beast with two backs,

Levis Commercial

WTF? Monkey Nipple Frisbee?

Here's a twist - put bulls attacked by man

Mick, all 40lbs of him, just dragged a 10' tree branch out of the woods for me to throw

Alright, I need to put an end to an ugly rumor regarding my breakfast habits (dial up warning)

the beans are in the oven

NYT:Pregnant laid-off worker "rushed to the hospital, took a medication to induce labor so insurance

Hey you, Billy! Billy Mayes!

My grandpa was born 85 years ago today.

How to remove labels/stickers from Xmas present books

Jeez, you guys are keeping greatauntoftriplets busy today.

How often do you run your Ad Aware and Spy Block programs?

Time for some oatmeal with maple syrup (YUMYUMYUMYUM)

Retail booksellers: An urgent request, please give thought

Sam Seaborn groped a cardboard cutout of John Hoynes

Fucking Bitch.

Do we HAVE to refer to Hooker

Anyone know where I can sell clothes at?

Mick, all 40lbs of him, just dragged a 6' passed out Ron Wood for a show.

Why are you people posting on DU and not watching the greatest

What are you listening to right now?

former vegetarians- a question

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/7/08

It would appear I have upset some pro legalization people

Madrid, I'm not alright? Let's not hear it back now. ELECTRICITY!

A 97-year-old fruitcake!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

Developing: Redskins delayed in getting to tonight's Ravens game; stuck in a DC traffic circle

Planet of the Apes gift set

Beware of the addiction to iPod applications

Join me in an egg nog? (AKA 'hen milk')

Oasis thread (this one is SERIOUS) about Oasis vs. Julian Lennon


Help... There was this movie a couple of years ago set in Paris...

Oh, found a good tune on my Ipod by accident.

Most inconguous NFL coach?

Breaking News: Washington Redskins to change their offensive team name.

I'm conflicted about Vince, the Shamwow guy

This Librarian movie on TNT

A modest suggestion for the Obama family dog

It's Sunday morning and I'm smoking a turkey

Celebrities at their worst.

Picture thread - post the most unusual place you've ever seen


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/7/2008)

It's not Jesus in this old photo, it's a kid (Strange False Head Photo)

Just to let you know. Washington DC is a hellish city with an insane traffic grid.

Adrian Belew

I need good vibes to find my car keys.

I need a serious ASS KICKING.

I ate my supper LATE tonight. But portabella/gouda cheese hamburgers.

Windmill question

Anyone here have the Blackberry Storm?

I found a really good coping mechanism for dealing with my ongoing crises...

Anyone here like Nickel Creek?

Doing the right thing and feeling evil doing it...

Key Lime or Lemon Icebox pie???? Which do you prefer if either?

Alternative grading methods

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Two male cats in the house (twin brothers) who fight. What to do? (if anything)

The Eagles-Giants game may cause us to divorce *SPOILERS*

OK - Your opinion of the three greatest beers known to man

If you find yourself constantly telling people they are PC

Please Caption this photo.

Wine lovers! Post your favorite wine!

Would anyone like to read my Statement of Purpose?

Snow Dog!

Some sad father has passed away

Mai cat. I lold it. RAR.

The "highway of death" 1991....views of a reporter, General McCaffrey, and other military figures.

My four year old just shared a very keen insight

After 30-40 years, I've finally flipped (the toilet paper roll)


Why Boys Need Parents

End of a ranch icon, part 2

It's Sunday morning and I'm smoking a doobie

LA-04: Predictions Thread

Sebelius removes name from Cabinet consideration

Obama invites Americans to take a "Seat at the Table"

Quote of the Day!

PHOTOS Sporty Prez

" we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers."

PHOTO QUIZ - The Silhouettes: Name this man. (Warning: It's a toughie)

This is funny stuff

Who has seen the movie "W"? Is it worth renting when it becomes available?

MTP Transcript: Obama comments on Veterans plight "Breaking his Heart"

Point and click game featuring Bush's last days in office.

Rumsfeld nemesis Shinseki to be named VA secretary

OMG There is someone on Meet The Press talking in complete sentences!

damn icant belive obama kicks ass on meet the press

Obama Spells End of Blank Checks For Israel

"He is like Mandela; he has the same capacity for justice and healing."

Obama, Iraq, and the Victory Meme

The New Freeptoid Hit list: Malkin, Morissey, Medved, Horowitz

Watching Obama speak today, he is just so common sense and practical

Does anyone have the presidential results by congressional district yet?

As historic and momentous as the Inaugural is going to be....

Obama May Tap a Strong Progressive to Manage Our Wilderness

Wore my President Obama shirt at the eye doc today.

This Jan 20 I will be happy and celebrate. NOT like 2001 and 2005


Bush-self examination?

Once and for all: Dick Cheney is NOT Darth Vader!

Which former Democratic candidate seems the most likely to also be in Obama's White House?

Heads up-SNL tonight will have a skit with (the fake) Bill and Hillary Clinton

Poll: Did you feel like throwing up when you heard David Gregory's MTP monologue

Where has president darth cheney been lately? Scares me when he's not out open where we can see him.

Where has president darth cheney been lately? Scares me when he's not out open where we can see him.

We need to write CHANGE.GOV and ensure Obama keeps his promise about taxes of the wealthy

Does anyone else dislike Amy Holmes (from CNN) immensely?

Its NOT FAIR.....OBAMA and his Crew is Solving the GD Problems

The day Obama appoints a strong liberal progressive to his cabinet will be a great day!

Do you think a nation led by Barack Obama will be less prone to fear mongering?

Biden to limit role of vice president

Have any of you said, "I told you so..." about Bush to any of your friends and family?

My Gawd! These People are Bat-s$#t Crazy!!!!

Did we HAVE to do the auto loan while Lil' Dubbikins and the lame duck Congress were STILL there?

Shinseki's Farewell Address: WOW

PHOTOS The many faces of Barack Obama

PA-Sen: Matthews to Sign New Contract?

McCain/Lieberman threaten Pakistan with air strikes (!?)

Pros and Cons of Obama's interview today on MTP

Favreau steps in it again......this young man might want to check himself...

I absolutely LOVE the Shinseki pick for VA Chair

I don't mean to drag this Favreau issue on, but can we clear something up here?

President-Elect Obama's Inaugural Wardrobe

Always remember the motto of the International Food Preservation Society:

Bush Unveils His Presidential Portrait: "Welcome To My Hanging"

I love this headline: AP - Rumsfeld nemesis Shinseki to be named VA secretary

Thank God. Shuster to fill in on 1600 PA Ave (for now)

Doonesbury Shows Obama's Legs! (No icon yet)

Will Congress bust Obama's balls more than they did Bush's?

Windmill question.

Wow, Obama's popular vote total just over 69,000,000

About that "Obama Playing it Cool" Skit on SNL last night?

KRASKE: Obama-Clinton battle was a good thing for Democrats

Why the hell do we have Karl Rove's dancing partner as MTP moderator???

John Heilemann reported today that Obama first asked BIDEN if he wanted to be Sec. of State or if

John King or David Gregory?

Virulent Barack Obama opponents won't go away

PHOTOS Hanging on the Telephone

NYT editorial: The Deluder in Chief

We just lost in a D+28 district.(The Dem was a crook and that is why we lost)

How do you feel about your Senators?

Escalators? Nope. Plan to hoof it on Jan. 20

The Progressive Left and Obama; Two Interesting Columns for the Post and the Times.

If the Senate has to decide the Minnesota Senate Race, they should call a revote

MY opinion on "Gropegate"

Why do you think Obama was in favor of the Bush/Paulson BAILOUT SCAM??

Everyone please give props to Longhorn: Winner of the 2008 Electoral Vote prediction contest!

Found the Best Obama impersonator (videos)

I want my single payer fee for service health care system. I deserve it. How about you?

A very fine idea - "Oath of Ofice - use Constitution"

Reply from an Elector [on the natural born citizen brouhaha]


Do we HAVE to refer to Obama

A President who struggles with quitting smoking...just like I did!

A Proposal for a New Single Payer Fee For Service Issue Advocacy and Activism Forum

Sources: Blackwater guards to surrender Monday

CNN: Shinseki for Sec of Veterans Affairs

SHOCKER: Sebelius removes name from Cabinet consideration

Sales scam taints the 'Teflon President'

Berkeley to weigh war crime charges against 'torture memo' author Yoo

Dozens of NATO supply trucks torched in Pakistan

Forrest J Ackerman, writer-editor who coined 'sci-fi,' dies at 92

Bigger cars come back with area shoppers

Mr. Buck's severed head recovered from suspect's home

Greek police shooting sparks riot

CNN interview with a senior intelligence chief of Pakistan.

Israel presses Obama against Iran

Montana Judge Endorses Right to Assisted Suicide

Gang-rapists of girl, 14, are named

Zimbabwe 'set for cholera jump'

Costa Rican police uncover Malta-US African migrant route

AP IMPACT: How Freddie Mac halted regulatory drive

Scientists Back Brain Drugs for Helathy People

Obama: Economy to get worse before it improves

Iraqi relatives want death for Blackwater guards

Chemicals boss warns of exodus (allow us to pollute or we take our jobs elsewhere)

Melting ice may slow global warming

Chinese tour groups go house-hunting in U.S.

All Irish pork recalled in dioxin scare

William Jefferson (D-New Orleans) Defeated (AP Calls it - no link yet)

Rice takes responsibility for Iraq occupation woes

NBC names David Gregory host of 'Meet the Press'

Tribune (Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, et al.) Prepares for Bankruptcy Filing

Pakistan attack on 'war' supplies

Layoffs expected to decimate Wall Street ranks

Mass Executions - U.S. Involved - South Korea - Classified Documents Reveal

Zimbabwe: Kenya's Prime Minister Calls On African Leaders to Oust Mugabe

From hybrids to SUVs, unsold cars pile up

Chavez Says Venezuela Economy to Face Difficult Years

Cold Sore Virus Linked To Alzheimer's Disease: New Treatment, Or Even Vaccine Possible

Obama spells end of blank cheques for Israel

It's Official: Men really are the weaker sex

Women and International Solidarity: An Interview with Marcia Campos

CIA ‘lied’ over fatal attack on missionary plane

Change is Here: The Gay Marriage Issue

The Deluder in Chief

Obama: Bi-Partisan or Post-Partisan?

Rich: Brightest Are Not always The Best

The scapegoat of illegal immigration

Clinton builds loyalist empire

WP, pg1: Academic Elites Fill Obama's Roster

Stocking up on SPAM

An eroding mission at the EPA: 4 part series


Reluctance to Help Detroit Reeks of Class Bias (WaPo)

Obama administration should join move to ban cluster weapons!

Obama must abide by the law and punish the torturers

Triumph of Greed

Connecting the Dots on the Mumbai Attacks

Mike Huckabee: The Smiling Happy Face of Theocratic Fascism

Pat Boone’s Head Explodes

A victim of Wal-Mart's greed

Typing Without a Clue: NYT Op-Ed

An American Medical Student in Venezuela

Obama needs to remember immigration reform

Olmert condemns Jewish violence in Hebron as 'pogrom'

Chi Trib: Virulent Barack Obama opponents won't go away

Exploiting Mumbai's tragedy


MUST READ! Conservatives Are Always Wrong

Palestine's secret oasis

Obama's Brilliant Plan to Sell the GOP on Public Works Stimulus

Canada's Constitutional coup” and the corporate media

Let's End Drug Prohibition

Obama, the new Presidential Slumlord for America’s Rich

Gallup Poll: Venezuelans More Satisfied Than Other Latin Americans

The End Times, the New World order....God TV

A Tribute to Eliseo Medina

Beatles - Rain

Blessed: The Story Of KC's Secret Santa

Melamine in the US

SNL:Amy Poehler's Back

Another oldie but a goodie! KO pwns Katherine Harris!

Afghanistan, Frontline: Korengal

Should we torture them?

Noam Chomsky: Is Capitalism Making Life Better? (HAPPY B-DAY NOAM!)

George Bush's 'Deer in Headlights' Portrait Unveiled

Obama details economic stimulus plan - 07 Dec 08

Kop Busters Raid - Raw Footage [of TX cop drug bust]

Rumsfeld Nemesis Gen. Eric K. Shinseki to Be Named VA Secretary

Chris Wallace: Cheney thanked me for defending Bush's abuses of power

Wild Side News - very informative news recap on environmental news

TX Cops Get Busted

SNL: President COOL

The Week In Cartoons 12/06

CNN News Report, Live from 1991

Boondocks MLK speech

Yes We Can! New Music Video Barack Obama Wins Victory Celebration- President Obama Song- Landslide!

Ordered stop-loss payouts still undelivered

Gates: Military needs a better mix of skills

Family tries to soldier through the holidays

Blackwater guards ID’d as decorated vets

N.C. Guard unit returns from year in Africa

U. of Mich. giving Nike gear to vets, troops

Battalions may get more captains

Soldiers to be arraigned in detainee murder

DoD to expand military jobs for noncitizens

VA botches appointment scheduling, report says

Analysts: Fragging verdict proof system works

Paratrooper dies from gunshot wound in N.C.

Court: Japan has jurisdiction in custody case

Pardon sought for sgt. in murder of Iraqi

Vet serving time in assault on sleeping woman

Jones looks to help U.S. regain footing

Troops get new rules of engagement in pact

Soldier charged with murder plot

Spc. sentenced for fracturing skull of baby

S-3’s swan song: ISR over Iraq

Pentagon tests missile defense shield network

Aviation fuel leak discovered on carrier

Lt. j.g. at NCIS charged with rape

Former sailor charged in sham marriage

Navy: Hawaii to be based at Pearl Harbor

Cherry Point clubs await lawmakers’ approval

Party bus readies to roll from Lejeune

Pendleton robbery suspects face fed charges

S.D. Air Guard prepares to deploy

New search-and-rescue helo Rfp released

Medevac units fly in the thick of battle to retrieve casualties

USAREUR troops under 27 will get driver’s course

Fuel card deadline nears in Germany

Yellow dust storms spark concern in S. Korea

Baghdad police learning the ropes

First unit moves from Yongsan

Free bottled water flows in Naples

Shinseki to Be Named VA Secretary

Defense Tech: Aussie AF Wants 100 F-35s

Bush: War in Iraq on its way to being won

Two Arrested in Mumbai Investigation

Slain Soldier's Mother Robbed

Symposium Prepares Sailors for Change

(Military Times) Op-Ed: True Defender of Freedom

Ex-Interrogator: Torture Doesn't Work

UAV for Canada border delayed a 2nd time

National Archives lets Internet users have easy access to WWII documents

Diaper evidence OK for astronaut’s trial

Four Iraqis were allegedly killed to prevent release

Sailor who worked at Pentagon found dead

Administration's plans for Alaska stir interest

Is Maine kicking its sprawl habit?

Food costs unlikely to fall any time soon

Coast Guard gives conditional approval to Cape Wind

Dominion Virginia Power gets Green Light to Offer 'Green Power' to Customers

Carbon: The Biochar Solution

Chrysler's Trio of Electric Vehicles - Vile Gossip

Megathrust Earthquake Could Hit India At Anytime

question on cheap alternative to plug in hybrid

Wave-energy towers proposed off Block Island (RI)

Turbines could harness Mississippi River's power

GM: Volt Program Still Going Full Speed

Nuclear and ethanol least effective climate change solutions

Minnesota Makes Its Move

Country Default Risk Rises Across the Board (Credit Default Swaps for countries)

Nassim Taleb (author of the "The Black Swan") suggests Roubini is an optimist

Paying off on Credit Default Swaps is So Important

Lord knows, I've tried to gain some understanding of basic economics...

China Urges U.S. to Counter Crisis, Prepares for ‘Worst Case’

AIG Lobbied for India Nuke Deal (Really!)

seriously, what happens when millions upon millions of Americans

Today in labor history Dec 5 The "union of unions" was established

Today in labor history Dec 6, 361 coal miners die at Monongah, W.V. nation’s worst mining disaster

Today in labor history Dec 7, 1,600 protesters staged a national hunger march on Washington, D.C.


In Mexico, beyond gay and straight

What would you do if you end up with a choice

Ten basic truths of the fight for equal marriage rights for gay couples

Bolivia, Brazil to build international bridge

Bolivian state airline set for takeoff next year

Del Toro attends screening of 'Che' in Havana

Ecuador ordered to pay $1.6 bn to Chevron

Here's a DU thread I found, I expect most of you'll be interested in:

Sales scam taints the 'Teflon President'

"Missouri worries about OU's abiwity to go up the miwel."

Legendary Nights George Foreman VS Michael Moorer

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De la Hoya (full fight)

Tim Tebow and his fundie family

NCAA Wrestling dual meet attendance record broken

So much for a dual National Champion this year. AP poll >>

Warning Given on Use of 4 Popular Asthma Drugs, but Debate Remains

More on broccoli vs breast cancer, or rather more information

Some help with The Gold Ring

The Stars This Week: "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone" - December 8 - December 14, 2008

Your experiences with crystals?

The Energies for December 2008: The Expansion of Love and the Twin Flame Energies


Surf's Up in Yakutat.

Recent Court decisions regarding incorporation

Valuable photography lesson (or reminder) I learned yesterday:

Prescribed guns to be covered by Medicare?

Pressure Cooker Disaster

Source of edible rice paper in SoCal or mail order

Christmas is at MY house this year

Salsa recipie. ummmmmmm gooooooooodddddddd

Guacamole, coming up!

Mary And Jesus Sighted In Phoenix, AZ

An honest theological question

How dare you question my beliefs!

Thera volcano catastrophe dated to 1613 BCE

"Body Swapping" Becomes "Reality"

Study shows differences between brains of high-income children and low-income children.

Oldest Marijuana Stash Found

Atheists do not believe in anything!

Question: What are the 10 Big Science Stories of 2008?

9/11 news video archives appear to have been disappeared.

Video and eyewitness testimony...

Help... my SO bought a laptop, with it came several cd's including

So I had CTV news on in the background


Will Harper pull a sneak move, calling back Parliament when opposition is away?

Toronto Rally

Ignatieff, Rae say Dion must be replaced quickly