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Archives: December 24, 2008

Madoff investor commits suicide

Bob Herbert: "A Race To The Bottom."

Bank of America and the Contrywide mess, we will see a lot more loans called in by BOA.

McCain's Biggest Mistake

McCain's Biggest Mistake

For lawyer, helping GIs walk away is life's mission

Mr. Fish on Blago

Neoconservatism in a New Era

Wal-Mart Will Pay Up to $640 Million in Settlement (Update3)

Pat Robertson "Remarkably Pleased" With Obama, Gives Bush C-

Boston Globe: "Rick Warren loves gays, and more"

Your comedy moment for the evening. Kudlow Koke head asks felllow talking head about

Doing the Hokey Pokey 'could be a religious hate crime

Bush gets down to hell and everybody that he ever hurt or harmed in any way gets a chance to punish

Why Do People Cling To Failed Conservatism ?

Rights Groups Demand CIA Turn Over 49 Cables Relating to Use of Waterboarding

Guardian UK: Seasonal forgiveness has a limit. Bush and his cronies must face a reckoning

Letter from Sakharov Prize laureate Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Reclaim Democracy!: Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among TV Military Analysts

Letter on Malloy. Road Checks in San Diego? Anyone from that

What do you think of the $4700.00 pay increase for Congress ??

Brit "Fred Munster" Hume Signs Off As Special Report Anchor With Video Message From Bush And Cheney

LA Times: Disclosure Failure

Pope Ratz.....he can't keep his big medieval mouth shut

Happy Holidays everyone! and please read this:

Paparazzi shots of Obama "apparently in full view of Secret Service"

My bank is and has always been ...... solvent. No TARP money.

Seinfeld fans: Quirky Festivus holiday gains followers

Are any of Bush's pardons people we should be up in arms about?

strib: Not so 'outrageous' to us

From the Franken Campaign (no, not news, just hoiday wishes)

If you can't laugh at this, then what?

Palm Beach consignment shops see influx of goods as rich tighten belts

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Michael Connell in '99: "Im loyal to my friends and Im loyal to the Bush family"

Tavalon said

Just a general reminder as usual, exercise is good for you

It's Christmas Eve - eve! Happy holidays to everyone, and

Is Rick Warren Outing His Tolerant Self of Just Bluffing?

Whatever Happened To Checking To See If A Story Was Already Posted At DU?

Are you smarter than a 9-year-old Indian girl? (No, you're not)

Man melting snow with blowtorch ignites home

MA Dugger had her 18th baby...

Had the Democratic Response Been Unified, Would Warren Have Been Canned?

This will warm your heart, woman's rescue

Experts identify gene variants linked to lung cancer

RFK Jr. More Qualified Than Caroline for Senate Seat?

Save Famlies Support Love

Why did Cheney confess on television?? Warning, Vomit Inducing....


Gay rights advocate to give inaugural benediction

Many U.S. "COMBAT" Troops In Iraq To Be Reclassified As "TRAINERS" And "ADVISERS"

Is this any way to treat a wild elephant?

Fuck this, I hardly ever post. Holy crap jesus sandwich, lately, you people are FREAKING me OUT!

Rachel Maddow is knocking out of the Park tonight with Warren

Even Freepers aren't fans of Rick Warren!

There's No Place Like Home for The Holidays, Until There is No Home

Affidavit details Sherry Johnston drug bust (drug sales while Palin ran for VP)

AlterNet: A $50 Billion Con Job Rocks Wall Street

Guardian UK: Seasonal forgiveness has a limit. Bush and his cronies must face a reckoning

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Identify the freeper on these threads.

It's Workers' Rights That Should Take Center Stage in Obama Administration

Mom is home from the hospital and some notes

Hope Amid the Gloom

WJ this morning - surprise, surprise

2nd Great Depression can make you rich as BANK COLLAPSE is just weeks away, says expert

The Right Wing's Latest Argument Against Public Health Care -- We'd Like It Too Much

GM to auction off parts of car collection

Starbucks Loses Round in Battle Over Union

Mr Fish: Santa calling the President

Stevef Fainaru's discussion on WJ re his

Condi: Humiliation and lack of respect between US & Arab world did not start, will not end with Bush

Our Bank may not survive, but hey...

Number of pets, strays rising at Valley shelters

Agriprocessors Raid Shatters Dreams in Guatemalan Village

BlogActive's Mike Rogers on with Nancy Skinner (

Speedy Christmas!!

Ralph Nader should have been car czar by Seth Tane

Ralph Nader should have been car czar by Seth Tane

Does everyone remember the Feeding America fundraiser?

If you want to talk about Rick Warren on the air,

Empty Chairs at Holiday Tables (xpost from Veterans)

Arlen or Tweety?

Bush pardons man who helped Israel during wartime

Cheney’s Legacy of Deception - By Robert Scheer

Gonna be a strange christmas for us this year

For a warm and Happy Holiday....

Here's a new holiday tradition - dress like Jesus!

Woke up to five fresh inches of snow, this morning.

Signaling that a 'residual force' will stay longer in Iraq has encouraged foot-dragging

The economic development trap

Retails sales down - Shoplifting way up

WSJ: The Wal-Mart Labor Settlement: A Preemptive Strike Against Unionization?

The choice should have been about reaching out to diverse beliefs, not bigots

Answers May Be Coming Soon In Siegelman Case

About Time! Feds turning their focus to fraud.

Rich man Poor man, an analogy for you

The Best Economic Stimulus Plan: Universal Healthcare

Should Warren Jeffs speak instead?

Dear Boss, I am unable to make it to work today...

Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel Is So Full....

Touch may counter Alzheimer's (VIDEO)

If you had money to spend this season, what would you buy?

Great Will Rogers quote that I'd never heard before and that expains much about our world..

What if the media just made shit up to try to stimulate the economy?

DUMBASS American Car Companies Advertising on Right Wing Hate Radio

Why not RAISE A SHOE to Rick Warren at the inauguration as a protest to his views?

Ben Smith has some splaining to do

I'm late to the show--please help--now doing my research on Rick Warren.

Merry Christmas. It is the time to enjoy and put all the bickering aside

Boxer demands Mukasey force EPA to withdraw ‘blatantly illegal’ memo ignoring carbon emissions.»

Christmas eve TOONS: part 2- Bush and X-mas, the gifts that keep on giving

This is a nice story of how far we have come, in some areas.

Christmas eve TOONS: part 3- A certain preacher...and the rest

Any Ebaying MS Cashbackers here on DU

UAW Vows to Fight Salary Concessions

How We Can Live with Less and Still Feel Rich

Koledy! Polish Christmas Carols!

USA: Vice President seeks to justify torture, secret detention and Guantánamo

Obama interviewed by US Attorney's office on Dec 18th...

A short history of the "bailouts"...

If you think you hate Christians now

Office of Women Proposed at Cabinet Level

What is your favorite online radio station? (not Christmas music)

Thousands visit shrine to inexplicable angel manifested in the snow

Memories of Christmas Past: Bush Daddy's Christmas Eve Pardons.


I have a question about cable TV, and channels above/below 99.

Activists sue to ban voting touch screens

Extraordinary rendition – A legitimate tactic in the War on Christmas?

Let's just tell Cheney that Warren was involved in the 2004 OH vote count


Pay equity and unions

With good cheer

I'll always remember 2008 as the year capitalism failed and was rejected.

Obama taps 2 Conn. men - Lieberman’s former campaign manager, Dodd aide

Blago Katrina Blago Iraq Blago PlameGate Blago Torture Blago Wiretaps .............

Norwalk mother appeals to court for funeral aid

Let's try one day without mentioning Rick Warren

Don't let this die! VIDEO: Raw Eye-Witness Footage of Burning Wreckage at Connell Crash

Every charity that got money from Rick Warren should give it back.

Every charity that got money from Rick Warren should give it back.

Alaskans lacking in sense of humor

There are some games where cheering for the other side feels better than winning.

Woman: I Was Fired For Saying 'Merry Christmas'-Company Wanted Customers Greeted W/ 'Happy Holidays'

Best Cheney Nickname?


A few laughs on the economy... :)

Just a brief message. Some perspective from my view, if you will..

Just a brief message. Some perspective from my view, if you will..

New Job Report out

Any news on Dan Browns next novel, "The Solomon Key." I was worried that

Mystery man gives out gift cards at Target

Where's Bristol Palin's baby?

Senate Could Reject Illinois Appointment, Minnesota Victor

Duncan wrong education choice by Kevin Kamashiro

There is an easy solution to the social problems we are currently facing: The ERA

Did we lose while winning? Or did we actually win?

Scientists eager for stem cell policy change

There is only one good reason to go Christmas shopping at the Mall of America

If Warren backed a movement seeking to Nullify YOUR marriage.....

Angry wife jailed after biting husband's you-know-what

FauxRage over Obama's Blago inquiry

The Fat Cat...

What do you like best about Christmas

The Holidays are Here & We're Still at War

Tell me I'm Wrong

State Democrats can't bring themselves to formally punish Joe Lieberman

David Swanson on Air America now with Nicole Sandler.

Somebody stole Baby Jesus...

New information about Monsanto and GMO crops

12 times the sociopathic fucking leech has had Christmas at Camp David.

Severe Oil Dips

Resistance to Kennedy Grows Among Democrats (NYT, 12/23)

Heavy Ice Conditions Hinder Sea Shepherd Pursuit of Whalers

So is anybody covering the Connell 'accident' in the MSM yet?

Is the Bush interview on CNN a repeat

Is anyone watching Crowley interview Bush on CNN?

Madoff's niece married to SEC lawyer who examined Madoff's brokerage twice

Happy Holidays to everyone at DU. May you be blessed with

Michael Franti and SPEARHEAD: The Obama Song!

Merry Christmas. I got everything I wanted!!! How did you do?

Obama Tribute to Toots

Well this is what has emerged with one of our Right Wing families locally

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Says No More Bailout Money for Bush

Meet Isaac Toussie

deleted - duplicate post

Just a reminder: A whole shitload of people will kill themselves tonight

Victims of pardoned mortgage fraudster 'thank' Bush for 'worst Christmas present' ever

Victims of pardoned mortgage fraudster 'thank' Bush for 'worst Christmas present' ever

"It's the most wonderful time for a beer"

ABC's "The Note" Embarrasses Itself on Behalf of Beltway Journalism


This just made my day. Sorry, this is the entire article...

In case I miss any of you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Close friend of Connell dismisses foul play talk

Close friend of Connell dismisses foul play talk

Jailed child molesters keep state jobs

Happy holidays to all of you

Found this on Bartcop - it was emailed to me earlier this week

Bush signs off on second quarter proposal by Castle - new quarters coming

Xmas 2008

a quick look at the other automakers' woes

Another bankruptcy costs 500 jobs in this small town.

Have a peaceful Christmas, DU. I love you all.

Loaned, sold, gone - and doomed

Loaned, sold, gone - and doomed

We're all Bob Cratchits (plus more headlines) 12/24/08

Pastor says 'God will punish Rick Warren'

Where was Sen. Bob Corker when Toxic Waste was running over Tenn.?

"If you lost your job in a layoff, you must have done something wrong"

NY "Psyops" Times publishes a FAKE LETTER slamming Caroline Kennedy -- and it's still up!!

"Born is the king of Israel"

La Brea Bakery founder(noted LA restaurant) lost entire nest egg & kid's educ fund in Madoff scandal

Did Bush really unpardon the pardon??

More guns found at Plexico Burress home in NJ

'Fear of Always Being Poor and Struggling'

Blagojevich to Face Reduced Charges

Lonely man jumps into polar bear's cage

VP-Elect Biden, Jill Biden Feed Delaware Homeless

10 Balls.

Candy Crowley asking Boosh about the ungrateful Iraqis!!

Where have you been for the last eight years. A letter to my two Demo Senators.

Say hello to Sen. Franken (D-MN): Minnesota Court Denies Coleman's "Double-Counting" Lawsuit

Toyota May Cut U.S. Payroll as Unsold Autos Pile Up - Reconsidering its lifetime employment policy

Mega-orgy in Tel Aviv cancelled due to public pressure.......

Rubberneckers should get tickets

Rubberneckers should get tickets

Stamford teens arrested for robbing man with barbecue forks

Stamford teens arrested for robbing man with barbecue forks

2009: Year of the Filibuster

WTF? Bush reconsidering the presidential pardon

In the spirit of festivus, here's all the ways DUers have dissapointed me in the last year....

Santa Claus is coming to town!! (He's in Brasov, Romania right now!!)

New Law Protects Retirement Savings for Lesbian and Gay Couples

Amy Goodman Interviews Professor Milller over "Plane Crash" know the one.....

Are you gay ?

Well, Central Ohio. Another Air America affiliate officially bites it.

Tests Show 2 (Military-Type Automatic) Weapons Used Against Greek Police Bus

Yule Logs on youtube!

There is only one way to eliminate the growing wealth disparity in America

Thoughts on Global Warming Debate

Holy Moley! It's the Duggars on TLC all day!


Gently ...

Why Rhode Island?

A question for gay DUers about terminology.

Dominionism's wedge into Africa.

Remember Darlene Love and Letterman?! Whoo hoo, she's on

Madoff fund manager dead

Christmas eve TOONS: part 1- Markets

The Coming Capitalist Consensus

George Bush Is No George Bailey!

Blame It On Gay Marriage

What is it with this place and this either / or bullshit?

Republicans Should NEVER be in Charge of the Government

Soldiers in Afganistan have no mail or packages for Christmas.

The wit and wisdom of Henry Ford

It doesn't matter which one you celebrate ...

Hope Endures

OMG Happy Jesus from FOX!

Previously rescued dog rescues woman who had been buried for 3 days in snow

CNN breaking news has Santa over Ethiopia

I see this picture of Caroline and I still think of the little girl...

More in middle class using payday lenders

According to this MIT analysis, manufacturing labor cost = 6.5% of new car cost. Corp overhead 7%.

Thank you Dennis Kucinich-for everything you've done and attempted so far...

Room at the inn: Hyatt in downtown Dallas welcomes the homeless

How many of you are going to a religious service this holiday?

Dennis Prager to all women: If you're not in the mood, too bad

Palin threatens to sue Peta for online game

The economy gets visible, hands-on action from Mr. Obama, but not the military

The economy gets visible, hands-on action from Mr. Obama, but not the military

Sorry Caroline, Move Over, Nadler Wants The Seat

So, Bristol Palin has a baby girl...

Bush Revokes One of His Pardons! Has this ever happened before?

Do you shop @ Walmart or Sams Club?

UN votes on the right to food, 180 for, 1 against. Who was against? The United States

Blocking Obama's health plan is the key to GOP survival.

Whatever Happened To Checking To See If A Story Was Already Posted At DU?

Unemployment Filings Reach 26-Year High

Democratic leaders too dismissive of "secular" and "liberal". Too much emphasis on religion.

Michael Connell’s Death Brings to Mind the Strange Death of Raymond Lemme

What is Rick Warren's "purpose?"

Bush and Cheney are sociopaths or so says a retired cop on Thom Hartmann.

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

23/6 nails it: Rick Warren is the Sarah Palin of the Obama administration

Love her, respect her immensely, but now we must walk it like we talk it...

The very happiest of Holidays and the very merriest of Christmas is wished to all on DU.

Some upcoming action in GDP

CBS: KBR knowingly exposed troops to toxic dust

Has Ghost Riding Jumped the Shark?

Grab a plate..."Slow Cooker Chipotle-Lime Chicken Thighs w/ Jamaican Rice and Peas"

What the hell? I've been gone all day and everyone else has Mildew PMS except me!

The phrase of the day is "road-kill take-out". Modify any thread to include "road-kill take-out".

has anyone tried the extreme buffalo wing pringles???

Bush gets down to hell and everybody that he ever hurt or harmed in any way gets a chance to punish

If you have kids - a MUST WATCH VIDEO

I'd like to be on "America's Team". Suggest ways I might accomplish this.

My mom just got a letter from DiFi

And now, for my 1,000 post:

(Ex-)Star Wars fans are the most evil in all of geekdom

I'd like to be "America's Pastor". Suggest ways I might accomplish this.

Congratulations are in order for Bi_Baby.

So I just ran into Olympia Snowe in the parking lot behind the store.

Dude - we're all gonna die

Another one bites the dust....

Western Civilization as we know it is over.

I suspect using this in my sig line would make me pretty unpopular around here

I'm getting a bard for Christmas....

My BFF just called, she wants to move back in town!

Rude Ranch a haven for animals down on their luck (big awwww factor)

I just heard one of those stupid, fake "Santa clause" news reports

I just heard one of those stupid, fake "Santa clause" news reports

There was a swift water rescue in my county today....

What we need is a Democratic Underground Underground forum

Did the great wall actually WORK to keep Mongols out of China?

What do you think of the Obama ornament?

I'm getting a broad for Christmas

The Curious Case of Benjamin Britten.

***The Official I WANT A FUCKING BURRITO Thread***

ACK! I suddenly have to purchase Xmas Dinner! HALP!

Merry Whiskey!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Braddock

I don't think watching "Last House on the Left" tonight helped with my holiday spirit.

I need a lover who won't drive me crazy...

Keith Richards is 65!

Post a favorite Christmas tune or two.

GD/GDP has gone lounge on us

Anyone else pleasantly snockered?

I made it to work !!!

If there is a dyslexic DUer whose real name is Butch Tutt, he has probably gone insane by now. n/t

Merry Xmas

Ghost kick this thread

I'm drinking the wine I bought the ex bf for Christmas, from one of


Who wants a GOOD laugh!? EDITED: WRONG LINK!


...And the Kitchen Sink (So Far) on Mike Connell’s Tragic Last Flight

I want to be alone on Christmas

Let's play "spot teh irony"

Anyone else going to be home alone on Xmas?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Never EVER have an expiration date.

They should have called it " The Curious Case of Benjamin 'Don't Tutch the' Button"

i can't believe it is christmas eve

I just started a thread in GD about Christmas Lights contributing to global warming

In case you missed's another entertainingly crazy flameout from GD:P.

I will be a legal adult in 365 days.

Santa is coming! Santa is Coming! I am so excited! n/t

Testing how close I could get...

Vegetarian Du'ers can you answer a question for me?

never mind, found it :)

Loretta Lynn rocks.

WHEEEE I can breath through my nose. YEAH!!! no more talking like this.

Stop the AIG execs before they waste your money!

I'm trying to call Kagehime. Why won't she answer her damn phone?

I'm spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica

I ordered 150,000,000 year old reptile dung to give my son for Christmas and it hasn't come yet.

Japanese Unit 731, anyone familiar w/ it? PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE (Warning: Do NOT read if squeamish!)

Speaking of cats, which picture is more psychosis-inducing?

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine...

I'll bet YOUR mom never posed for a photo like this one.

I got a dirty look the other night for telling my daughter about iBoobs for iPhone

Just a reminder that once upon a time Elton John was an amazing musician


So, and for a serious, down-to-Earth discussion,

Showering with the cat...

We're supposed to get freezing rain tonight.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Ask me anything......I've just come home from the pub........

Lookie what my 17 year old daughter gave me for Christmas...COACH...I wanted one

I see your "Favre" and raise you a "Wednesday."

P U! Spinning tire odor.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday december 24

Christmas thoughts and a wish for everybody.

Where did I put my Mario Lanza Xmas tape?

Christmas LOL cat...

I'm dreaming of a Muddy Christmas...

A Christmas Message (with apologies to Billy Bob Thornton)

My gift to DU: Baby Got Book - I like Big Bibles

My boss just tried to play hardball with me about working christmas day

Who's observing festivus?

Are MTV's Days of Being The Vanguard of Youth Culture Over?

There's a musican/friend on MySpace who actually thinks I'm Bob Dylan

So the candy bars just went up 15 cents in the vending there no end to this madness?

Dog question; Is it cruel or acceptable to pet your dog in "that spot"?

OMG - I had The Christmas Spirit!!

Canadian Lynx Fur Coat

What is your favorite online radio station? (not Christmas music)

Cute stop-motion video set to Cat Power's song 'Half of You'

DVD Player Problems

Wow, for all of our mocking of the idea, Dad's Palm tree is holding up well

*1: Cut a hole in a box *2: Put your junk in that box

Thom Hartmann confused me

I saw some kids getting caught with mom's pot

Am I the only person who ever saw this movie?

I just caught my pot with some kid!

Have you seen my pot?

A challenge for the Lounge?

I can't upload a custom avatar.


Let us pause and reflect on the true meaning of DU.

I got a dirty look the other night for telling my daughter about Baby Jesus.

A brief holiday rant

Feline Navidad

Is it true that people in Wisconsin don't know what cornbread is and eat raw hamburger?

OMG - I have The Christmas Spirit!!

So is Midlo making her traditional egg nog out of bathtub gin and ice cubes yet?

This is what Snickers thinks of my new Nikon D40

Figgy Pudding

Why does "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" advocate extortion?

Is it silly to take Tums and drink a soda?

Greatest Rock n Roll Duet

Nollaig Shona Duit!

Nollaig Shona Duit!

i've just returned from hell

!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !! MEAT !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!

!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !! MEAT !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/24/2008)

iBoobs for iPhone

Does anybody watch the show "Time Warp" on discovery?

Nothing says "holidays" like "Bush Administration on trial"!! (videos)

Need help in choosing from my last minute shopping list ( Dial up warning)

Christmas can be so painful

Thirsty Lego's

Shit. I got caught with poet.

Dammit...I wanted to fuck around with that troll some more!!!

Gaitas from Asturias!

It's snowing so hard only one chanel is coming in and it's showing serendipity

Name this body part.

OK, hereya go. Merry Christmas everybody!

Let's hear it for the mods!

Just for fun...astonishing cat & mouse armor.

Alec Baldwin and Elaine Stritch Wish You all a Merry Christmas

Santa is, as of right now, in Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey!

Few View Pirated Copies Of the movie "Australia"

***** A Christmas message to everyone in The Lounge *****

Some of these Christmas songs weird me out

I'm going to see Valkyrie tomorrow

Power of marketing and group diss'ing

When you barbecue, do you use a fork or tongs?

Performing monkeys attack trainer in China (pic)

I am being encased in a white tomb

I've got a reason to be Happy, Happy!

Now this picture of Obama I like!

Billiards question

I believe I have recreated the "People Gotta Eat" Killer Pecans

To the Celts of the British Isles, behold your roots

The Obama song: SPEARHEAD!

Dr. Who meets Star Trek

I just realized something. The most expensive gift I gave this season was to an animal shelter.

Stupid FedEx (and to a lesser extent, Apple).

The problem with sleeping with James Bond is that so many of his girlfriends end up dead

Yellow Dogs versus Blue Dogs

Should I join Sam's Club?

Here's a new holiday tradition - dress like Jesus!

Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveler!

Okay, we've finished deep frying the sauerkraut balls

Not feeling very merry

I am t3ch &0d W00T!!!!!

The Satan-Tracker. That can't be for real, can it?

I've realized I can only kill insects and fish

Site that streams TV channels??

PSA: If you ever get a package from LeftyMom

My mom caught me with her pot

Everyone, buy a package of Archway cookies if you can...

Merry Christmas from Dean, Ernie, and Elaine

Just in time for Xmas....

I should complain more.

Have yourself a sub-tropical little Christmas.

DROID / BOT poll! R2D2, C3PO, Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy, or the android from Cherry 2000?

Fuck, I hate Christmas.

some thoughts

Those clever Canadians...

I have a question about cable TV, and channels above/below 99.

Another supermarket oddity: "Hey, would you like to see the manager's special meat?"

Dangerous as hell, its still the coolest plane ever invented

Seattle Snowpocalypse - The Story Continues (Pictures)

pups doing "Weeweechu"!

I caught my kid with pot.

Christmas music for prog rock enthusiasts:

Oh Baby, you're so cute!

Crosspost from GD: Youtube Yule Logs!

The Santa-Tracker. That can't be for real, can it?

So I bought my kid some pot

I need your vibes tonight...

I left the house, so my life partner and daughter could wrap my presents

CONFESS!! Who among us buys Christmas gifts for their pet(s)?

I watched Maher's Religulous on Christmas Eve. Does that mean I'm going to hell?

Stories From the Road: I Used to Be an Atheist

Christmas Eve/Day w/ Radio Enigma

Christmas Music Suggustions

10 questions for Christmas Eve

How come we say "Be seeing you" and not "See being you" or "Ye being sou" or even "Seabeeing you"?

Merry Christmas all you lovely people

I'm going dirtbike riding for Christmas. Anybody else doing something "non traditional"?

My 4-year-old nephew just called me from the US: "Santa's bringing me an exit sign!

We have a new cat . . . god help me.

Not like I wasn't already having a bad day

Should I grant our Christmouse a stay of execution?

Merry Christmas, DUers...

I just had my first taste of Mead

Sorry. I was bored. shit from my Photobucket from the last 4 years. (A pisser of a dial up warning)

Post your favorite holiday songs

After 22 Years in Wisconsin, I've finally bought one!

How a Beverly Hills doctor powered his SUV using his patients' liposuction fat.

Imagine waking up after sleeping like this

TBS's annual "A Christmas Story" marathon starts tonight at 8pm! **TRIVIA**

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

Bravo's Top Chef

WII Supply Sux

WARNING: This Thread Includes Central Bankers, Limbaugh, The Poor, Adam Sandler & The Bible

Christmas Eve pic thread!

Not a Freeperism but just as good.

Why? Bronksi Beat. Gotta love the lyrics.

Rick Warren -- Out of the Closet!

Republicans Struggling To Figure Out How To Criticize Obama

TO: All gay, lesbian, transgendered people who voted for Obama, if you......

This is my vow to you, fellow DUers

It seems quite calm tonight..... has the storm passed on DU?

Our President is a serial Clergy collector.

Frost/Nixon in Theaters on Christmas Day...

Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.

This is why he picked Warren, and why Warren is doing the MLK speech

It wasn't just Bush's policies, but also his governing style that were disasterous.

BREAKING: Arnold Schwartzenegger to write down $47B of Hillary's debt by adopting another dog..

Anyone else offended by the obnoxious commercials for luxury Lexus and Mercedes at Christmas time?

New Re-Apportionment Study: NY to Lose Only One Seat

My final thoughts on the Warren thing


Bush won 4 years ago with 768 votes and called it a "mandate"...Obama wins by 40,000,000


Need some research help

Are you a racist/homophobe/bigot? Take a test and find out!

When your very rights are being trampled , do the noble thing....

Sludge readers prefer topless Poot-Poot to topless Obama.

Rick Warren is an insulting choice

As a straight white man, I don't know your struggles, but I'm going to tell you how...

Yes, they're alive: right-wing candidates emerge as radio hosts

more whiny: George Wallace on integration...or the oppressed majority on all the Warren threads?


Warren’s church removes anti-gay statements from website.»

Obama's bad judgment on Warren--Boston Globe

Defenders (aka revisionists) of the Bush Legacy

Check out CQ's 2008 Voting Scores

Bush History - Good to Know: A Bush Appointee Fights Satan's Plans at the FDA - 12/24

Republican IT Specialist Dies in Plane Crash

Barack Obama Stimulus Package

My prediction: After January, Obama is going to end "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and

27 days left: "Jambalaya!"

OBAMA TEAM BETTER LEARN FROM BUSH/CHENEY: Media management and "tough love"

Let Damon Weaver interview President-elect Barack Obama!

Happy Holidays GDP..

Ron Christie: President Bush Leaves a great legacy; he kept America safe and did it legally!!!

Hire this guy to fix the economy! (Obama in a Bottle)

Chuck Todd + 200 lbs = Rick Warren = Jerry Falwell with a beard

Did You Go To New York City To Do Your Christmas Shopping?

Obama frustrates Republicans' desire to criticize

What issues and policy changes should be on Obama's back burner (the B list)?

Why are cabinet posts rewarding for senators/governors?

To all DUers: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

I would like to applaud the civilized dialog here in GD:P

A rant on tonight's NBC nightly news segment: Chuckie Todd was saying

News "analysis" of Obama/Blago inquiry finds "closed loop" quality. Guess what "news?"

I'm still glad that I voted for Obama

Nothing says "holidays" like "Bush Administration on trial"!! (videos)

Thom Hartmann has Melissa Etheridge on right now

A right wing spin on the election - complete with map!

28th Amendment: Double Down on the 14th

CO-Sen: Hickenlooper Interested in Salazar's Seat

for everyone missing someone this christmas

Warren: Great Move or Stupid Blunder?

rick warren is the dreamiest!

Warren is a brilliant pick by Obama. Just look at all the air time and discussion

Reagan was the greatest president in history?!

For this Christmas season, I proclaim...

Dear Consumer..

Bush withdraws 1 of 19 pardons he issued Tuesday

Tea and crumpets, anyone? As Rome is burning . . .

So why do we need an invocation and benediction at the inauguration?

"Someone unwilling to repent their homosexual lifestyle will not be accepted at Saddleback church"

When you can't defeat your enemies....

Until he is officially declared the winner Franken is still just a good comedian.

Tamron Hall

Pandering is courage? One-sided debate is dialogue? Honoring those who divide us will bring unity?'s "Yes We Can" is WSJ's Best Political Hip Hop of 2008

Al Franken is up to 95 on Intrade

IMAGE: Thomas Jefferson on difference between Bush & Obama

IMAGE: Thomas Jefferson on difference between Bush & Obama

IMAGE: Thomas Jefferson on difference between Bush & Obama

Fran-KEN! Fran-KEN! Fran-KEN! Fran-KEN!

Caroline Kennedy Favorability at 46%, unfavorable 17% (Quinnipiac)

What happens after Jan. 20 if Obama doesn't reverse his decision on Warren?

STILL with the Rick Warren stuff? Really?

Harvey Firestien wants to spoils this for the rest of us!!!

Civil Rights hero John Lewis on GLBT discrimination

Look at what OBAMA has done to our Economy!

We're drowning in a shallow pool.

PROP 8 CHALLENGE UPDATE: From today's L.A. Times

"Bush will Save Us from Obama!!" - The latest "birther" rant

Merry Christmas guys!!! :-D

Harvey Fierstein: "I sacrificed my friend on the altar of popularity."

Obama basks in political honeymoon: poll

My advice to Caroline Kennedy: Stay away from those Democratic vipers in New York...for now

Nadler Wants In!

HEADS UP: Rachel Maddow has more bigoted video of Rick Warren

It's Christmas

When you voted for Obama, were you hoping for him to be more progressive or more corporate?

Tuskegee Airmen will be sitting on the stage next to members of Congress when Obama takes office

After the New Year, the shit is really going to hit the fan

Schuster Speculation: Rahm Emanuel Wanted Jarret in the Senate to Get Her out of the Way

Never, EVER, reach out to bigots! They NEVER change. Right? No? Maybe?

When Warren speaks, it will be before Obama is sworn in.. it is almost

DU has become so wedded to the "Us/Them" mode of thinking that there is nothing else.

***** A Christmas message from a Veteran to EVERYONE on DU *****

Will your next car purchase be from one of the "Big Three?"

Results 1 - 10 of about 4,640 from for "Rick Warren". (0.15 seconds)

They ain't heavy, They are our Brothers and Sisters

Perhaps this is a good thing for the Gay community?

A Rick Warren Thread

Today's topic on Black Talk Radio: Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

Poll: 82% Like How Obama Is Handling Transition

Pat Robertson "Remarkably Pleased" With Obama, Gives Bush C-

Pope Says Planet Needs to be Saved from Gays and Transsexuals

Parking employees allege discrimination

FOX News shows extreme bias in reporting Blagojevich report

ACLU Sues Laguna Beach for Giving Homeless the Boot

Obama frustrates Republicans' desire to criticize

Police: Dallas Shooting Suspect Is Ex-Utah Trooper (Highway shooter)

Kohler Co. roof collapses; no injuries reported

Wal-Mart to Settle 63 Lawsuits Over Wages

Obama Attends Memorial for His Grandmother, 'Toot'

Minn. high court extends recount deadline

Colombia Spies on Fellowship of Reconciliation and Other Human Rights Groups

Government: Initial jobless claims spiked 30,000 to 586,000 last week.

Proposal would let unwed partners adopt (in Utah)

Obama holiday radio address remembers troops, unemployed (full text)

Toyota's global sales marks worst drop in 8 years

Rancher from South Texas receives pardon from Bush

Anonymous donor contributes $1 million to apartment fire victims

RIM sues Motorola for blocking hiring of workers: report

Hot Cocoa Recall (Melamine)

Congress to crack down on bailout recipients

Fed grants GMAC authority to seek bailout funds

CNN Poll: Obama transition draws approval of 4 in 5 Americans

President Bush pardons Brooklyn home scammer

Washington prison doctor quits over death penalty

Federal agencies examining deadly Lake Township plane crash (Mike Connell, Rove's IT Guy)

Shirtless images of Obama cause stir online

Gay-rights leaders' enthusiasm for Obama subsides

Breaking: MN Supreme Court smacks down Coleman

Oil dips below $37 on bad US news

Chertoff Praises Bush Cyber-security Efforts

SEC chairman proud of his response to crisis

Ukraine faces gas cutoff over $2.1 billion debt

Iran's president to deliver Christmas message on British TV

Census Data Suggest More Power for South in Congress

Science Groups Protest CNN's Cuts; Entire science team cut

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 24

Last major VHS supplier ejects from tape biz

Fla. Medicare fraud debate focuses on patients

Post-Prop 8, public opinion on same-sex marriage unchanged

Mumbai attack: US backs Indian proof of Pak hand

2 Hamas militants killed in Gaza blast

UK NGOs use Christmas to attack Israel

Soldier recorded firing gunshots in Hebron

Militants barrage Israel with mortars, rockets

Assad: Hizbullah is not my problem

Bush Forgives Man Convicted for 1948 Aid to Israel

The Best Minds of Kissinger's Generation, Starving Hysterical Naked

Obama’s Science Team: Reshaping Our Long-Term Future (Gergen/CNN)

Republican Regulator Encouraged IndyMac to Lie

Scott Ritter: The Road Out of Iraq Begins In Vietnam

Gene Lyons on Choosing a White House dog

Bernie Madoff (actually pronounced made-off) -- True American Folk Hero (John Kelley)

All Right, But Just This Once.”

Hard Times, a Helping Hand

The purpose-driven bigot

"GM is us" : Great Article

WP op-ed, Governor Jon Corzine: Only a Bold Stimulus

Another Government Boner: Treasury Gives Bailout to Sperm Banks

A New Era of Hope for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Running an Icy Gauntlet for the Whales - Sea Shepherd

Seasonal Forgiveness Has a Limit. Bush and His Cronies Must Face a Reckoning

A Japanese Town That Kicked the Oil Habit

Maria Cuomo Cole: Investing in Humanity this Holiday Season

The Washington double standard -- Ron Dzwonkowski, DFP editorial page editor

Christmas on planet pope

Garrison Keillor: Christmas without translation

Peter Beinart: What Obamanomics Owes to Reaganomics

FOX News shows extreme bias in reporting Blagojevich report

The Right Wing's Latest Argument Against Public Health Care -- We'd Like It Too Much

Why Al Franken should NOT be riding private planes

The Latest Right Wing Whine is About a Topless Obama

Biden: Blagojevich Report Will Be Clean

Cedar Ridge elementary students work to prepare 60,000 meals for Children Against Hunger

Evelyn De Rothschild Warning Masses

PageOneQ's Mike Rogers on Hardball

Deck The Halls - Jib Jab

Barack Obama/Star Wars Holiday Special!

A Very Blagojevich Christmas

AP: Tina Fey Named AP Entertainer of the Year

Countdown: Bushed! 2008 Set Record for U.S. Fatalities in Afghanistan

"All-Star Jailhouse Rock"

AP: Kids Abused at Poygamist Group's Ranch (New Details)

Gloria Steinem Interview 1987 on the openmind part 2 of 3

Gloria Steinem Interview 1987 on the openmind part 3 of 3

TheRealNews: It's time to ban TV ads in elections

The Real News: Demanding the prosecution of Bush/Cheney is about the future

Where's MY Bailout?

Rachel Maddow: Water Mains, Dams, Bridges - Will Repubs Block Intrastructure Projects?

From Open Left: An Environmental 9/11 in Tennessee

Sarah McLachlan's Silent Night ASPCA ad

Lucky Strike: The Story of how YouTube Changed the Face of Politics

A California Carol about Arnold. from the Courage Campaign

Gloria Steinem Interview 1987 on the openmind part 1 of 3

Rachel Maddow: The TARP Rip-Off

What Does Christmas Mean To You?


Santa Assassinated

Cheech & Chong - Santa Clause and His Old Lady

The Media Morons' War on Christmas

Rick Warren, Rachel Maddow, Barack Obama

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Michael Connell DEAD! -First on the scene- Video Key Witness in Ohio Vote Fraud

Rachel Maddow: Recipe for Hot Toddy

Security Cameras: They're watching you

TYT: Rep. Carolyn Maloney Comes On To Discuss The New Credit Card Bill

12/24/08 President-elect Obama's Weekly Address

Rachel Maddow & Katha Pollitt Take Rick Warren to Woodshed

Young Turks: Limbaugh Logic Blames Dems for Economic Mess

99 Balloons (for baby Eliot)

A Very Cheney Christmas!!!

Pavarotti Domingo Carreras Happy Christmas

Carry On -- why do the good die young?

"Give Me Liberty" Naomi Wolf Speaks at Bluestockings Bookstore

Sock It To The Holidays!

Rahm's 21 Conversations That Never Happened

Santa's helpers disable naughty cameras in Tempe

JibJab - 2008 Year In Review

TPM's Sleaziest Campaign Videos Of 2008 -- The Golden Duke Awards.

GI returns to see once-stricken daughter walk

Soldier accused of desertion is caught

Maryland sues Army over pollution at Fort Meade

Some troops get free Internet access Dec. 25

ROTC recruits paid to command new languages

Richardson soldier dies in crash with semi

Uncertain role in 2009 for Blackwater in Iraq

Army halts use of new anti-blood loss product

Iraq OKs non-U.S. troops until mid-2009

Despite uproar, officials say all well at WTU

(Army Times) Editorial: No more bulk for MRAPs

(Army Times) Editorial: Fix this insurance mess

There's an interesting mailbag at the Army Times today

Report cites low health risk from burn pits

DoD: Firm supplied weak titanium for aircraft

Submarine Boise arrives home for holidays

Bush lauds troops in holiday radio address

Blue Angels to return to Beaufort after crash

Commandant makes 2nd trip to Pakistan

2 Marine reservists die in Indiana crash

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Haunted by memories, troops don’t always fully return

Acupuncture to be used on bases, battlefield

Air Force appeal of JAG ruling denied

(Marine Corps Times) Opinion: Hate messages should be banned on base

Academy airman to serve time for violations

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Cuts could hurt economy

Personnel experts to visit bases in southeast

New satellite system launch delayed by 6 years

Supply convoys through Afghanistan battle terrain, rough weather and

DOD honors Aviano base for anti-terror security measures

Ketamine inquiry expands to include 4 U.S. soldiers

Pilot disciplined for German violation

Security clearance process improving, GAO report says

Pacific briefs: 2nd ID soldier found dead in barracks

US Hits NATO Over Afghan Drug Stance

Defense Tech: Commando Surge for The Stan

S. Korea Says No Troops for Afghan War

Man Wants Memorial to All Vets

EOD Academy Helps Army Mission

Sather Airmen Destroy Weapons Cache

Brazil Eyes Nuke-powered Sub

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Empty Chairs at Holiday Tables

Church plans for mass mailing on abortion bill are ill-advised

***Bush's last night in office!*** High-def version of the comedy/music video.

Sierra Club against proposed SC nuclear reactors

Robert Redford's Reprieve For Utah!

New cost overrun for Finnish nuclear plant: Areva

ExxonMobil slammed for Everett spill

First U.S. offshore wind farm project moves forward (Cape Wind) - Reuters

Technology Wrap-up: The Most-read Technology Stories of 2008

California State Parks Adopt Electric Vehicles and Electric Motorbikes

Solar power comes to REI outdoor stores

Solar firms seek land (Las Vegas, NV)

Analyst warns of 'solar market (revenue) eclipse' in 2009

There's no such thing as clean coal

Merry Cephalopodmas!

A Christmas Wish from a Child

Wells Fargo Finances More Than $3 Billion in Environmental Projects

Fox News launches Green Website

PRC approves solar incentives for NM business

Australian Minister Foreign Affairs - possible legal charges if Japan continues Whaling in Sanctuary

PSC slams plan to pay for nuclear power plants (Georgia)

Japan to bring back solar power subsidy for homes

The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer.

I don't see that support for the accusation has been established.

The end of growth is here.

A Hedge Fund Manager's Christmas Card

No funds for court systems

Madoff Investor Dies After $1.4 Billion Lost (suicide)

Santa Won’t be Coming to Your Town

There's one necessary element to the recovery Obama isn't talking about: Nationalization

The Cerberus Mysteries Deepen

The Left was right about the economy

If Gaza falls...

Today in labor history Dec 23 President Harding issued a "Christmas amnesty," freeing Eugene V. Debs

Today in labor history Dec 24, 72 copper miners’ children die in panic caused by company stooge

Lend a hand to locked-out Progress Casting workers

Sign Of The Times: Food Stamp Use Soars (while unemployment is running out in some states)

Mobility Agenda Report: Community Benefits Agreements Are Improving Low-Wage Jobs

If GM Were Canadian It Would Have Made $22 Billion More Over Last Decade (cost of US health care)

Newspaper Guild Local Named to Creditor Committee in Tribune Bankruptcy Filing

Did Barack Obama Just Appoint an Underqualified Political Hack & Privatizer to be Secretary of Educa

A Divided Hollywood Actors’ Union Regroups Before Voting on Strike

Union Hands Out Leaflets at McDonald’s Restaurants

Frontier Airlines, pilots reach tentative deal

Unions sue Schwarzenegger over mandatory days off

Grand Junction bus drivers launch (Teamsters) union bid

Department of Labor sues Brentwood company (failing to fulfill its fiduciary duties 401k)

Al Meyerhoff dies at 61; labor lawyer handled landmark sweatshop lawsuit

LABOR: Undocumented Workers Sue Construction Firm

Union, Chrysler may be big losers in bailout plan

Waxman's non-union Toyota

I just got a PM from a straight poster calling me a "cancer on DU".

Gay activists meet with Obama team

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I'm taking a break for a bit...

Another one bites the dust...

I am calling you all out right now!!! Listen up!!!

To My Friends Here, Happy Holidays

Rick Warren is an insulting choice

Warren On? Party Off.

The good thing about this

Controversial Rev. Rick Warren to Speak at King Memorial Service in Atlanta

I'm going to the city for the Holiday

The Indigo Girls would never have met with Rick Warren

The democrats called me tonight to ask for money.

"Please don't divorce..." Courage Campaign community photo project

The nature of sacrifice

I love you guys and will miss you over the next few days

Protesting Rick Warren in Atlanta 1/19

Would this work to get attention?

So, hey. I'm kinda new here

Fierstein calls Obama a coward

Happy Holidays everyone, please vote in my new DU poll (link inside) ...

Christmas on planet pope

Happy Holidays/Merry Xmas, etc to all my GLBT peeps and Allies!!

Many suffered from anti-gay violence in 2008

For Anyone At Any Artistic Level..... With An Interest Of Course.....

Why Warren's "AIDS work" is PR bullshit and actually harmful.

Question about rainbow symbol

How to keep the hearts of bigots warm in winter

I have been reading in this forum more than usual in the last few days

Jerry Brown Reverses Course on Gay Marriage

Just curious...are there any GLBT moderators of the GLBT forum?

Unifying Is Not Enough: Rick Warren and the Inauguration

What kind of disease on DU are you?

Serious question: what do you think Melissa Etheridge thinks of Warren's latest video?

Rick Warren's "Acts of Mercy Foundation"

Spain gives $33 million for Cuba's hurricane recover efforts


Guyana opens bridge that connects it to Venezuela

December 24, 2008: Venezuela and Cuba, 1960-2008

Interview with Hector Aristizabal

Colombia Spies on Fellowship of Reconciliation and Other Human Rights Groups


Sure, the economy's bad...........but you don't know the half of it..........

AP panel selects Alabama's Saban as coach of year

Brady Quinn Just Learned That Outside Of ND, He's Not That Big Of A Deal!

Nothing says Christmas Eve more than Hawaii-ND.

New Federal Rule Permits Withholding of Medical Treatments, Information

Acupuncture to be used on bases, battlefield

New medication for heart disease....

I cannot believe I am still not smoking.

NDE Update: White Light Meditation & Kundalini - pretty long

We've had a lousy day

Article in The Nation: "Katrina's Hidden Race War

American guns and the war next door

Help! Where can brass 50 caliber BMG spent shell...

Gun Poll

A flower to chase away the cold.

A photo I won't use in the Street Scenes contest - but do you find it interesting?

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Canon G10?

'Twas the night before Christmas........

Pickle relish (a recommendation)

Best holiday wishes to everyone

May your goose be perfectly cooked

How to properly cool beer

And then there were three (fishes)


Has anyone here hand built their own telescope?

American Libraries link -- access to historical science writings

A little late, but some cool gifts for science-lovers

I posted this soup recipe

Target: Patton

IBC completes $216M sale of stock

Hey guys, need a little help with a laptop/fan question.

Happy Holidays to the Computer Group


Whatever you're celebrating

Some hopeful news from my area for the homeless. Hope it goes viral.

CP: Law expert says Mike Duffy’s Senate appointment `unconstitutional’

Canadian political turmoil over, Harper secure, U.S. ambassador says

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hannukah/ Season's Greetings to all!