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Archives: December 23, 2008

IndyMac Regulator Let It Backdate Capital to Skirt Penalty, Watchdog Says

Bloomberg headline: "Saving Capitalism No Sure Thing as Statism Undermines Worldwide Economies"

What the hell is going on with all these credit report TV commericials?

Something for everyone driving home for Christmas.

Pigs shouldn't wear tinfoil hats

You know, The bush administration is the only one I can remember that has to say...

Toyota Republicans Should Cut Their Own Pay

Toyota Republicans Should Cut Their Own Pay

Finally, Bush creates jobs!

Unisys to lay off 1,300 in cost-cutting move

Issa moving to create house Republican investigative unit

Bolton on humanitarian intervention: ‘Do it with your own sons and daughters, not with mine.’

KOs Favorite people 2008

The Vilsack vacuum: Who will challenge Grassley?

WTF? Richard Helms was Ambassador to Iran after he was DCI?

Griefer - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

America's Greediest: The 2008 Too Much Top Ten


For those who are freezing.......

Asa Hutchinson: 10 Years Later, No Impeachment Regrets

Russia Ups Tariffs on Imported Cars to Stave off Crisis

Fry's exec arrested in alleged $65 million fraud scheme to pay off Vegas debts

Any Visiting Evangelical Relatives Over Holidays that you Convinced to Vote Kerry '08, Please Read

Old friend may cease to be; girl wants to save this tree

Keith is presenting an award winning show tonight.,,,,

NY Times admits to fake letter

Worthy Endeavors

Check out how the president of Japan Airlines lives and works!

Seriously, wouldn't Hamid Karzai look better with a mullet?

Help soldiers bring their pups home from Iraq...

Happy Christmas, a Merry Yule, and Winter Solstice all...this one's for you.

Bush’s former deputy attorney general Jim Comey: ‘Eric Holder should be confirmed.’

Fundies desperately trying to stoke the flames of the "War on Christmas"

American Experience The Crash of 1929 On NOW PBS ....n/t

Still no unemployment benefits...


I wasn't bombarded by gratingly annoying Christmas songs until this week

About a bumper sticker I saw at the airport today:

A reading from The Book of Bankruptcy. Churches Turn to Chapter 11

Only 23% ??? WTF?

U.S. Dept. of Justice ignored months-long effort to protect GOP 'IT guru'

COIN is POLICE, not MILITARY, security

Think about the Republicans when you look through these great pictures

Damn: I hope these scum are found and put away for life

What will be the "official" reason for the plane crash?

US Drone Attack Kills 7 in South Waziristan

Motel's choice of flag upsetting to some (After election replaced US flag with Confederate one)

Who would you rather have as your mother in law?--Endora or Phyllis

OK - I was pulled for giving my reaction to another post - I am out of here.

Center-Right Hype vs. Center-Left Data

Pranksters print spoof NY Times

Media Matters readers pick Cokie Roberts' "foreign, exotic" Hawaii comments as Most Inane Punditry

Take a break from the plane crashes, the Warren mess and economy for a few secs.

Take a break from the plane crashes, the Warren mess and economy for a few secs.

Marriage is for queers!

Gay Marriage Is Inevitable For Economic Reasons

Not that it matters, but the Bears - Packers game is on.

During the presidential campaign what one thing stuck out as being really funny?

Increased shoplifting is another sign of bad times

Mike Rogers just did a great job on Hardball

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I'm really upset, and not sure if I want to discuss this (Michael Connell)

"Canada is like a nice family living above a biker bar" - Robin Williams on with Leno

Ed Gillespie Takes Turn At Bush Legacy Building

Automaker question: Why don't Ford and GM merge?

Banks REFUSE To Disclose Where Bailout Money Goes

Here's what I posted at Christmas in 2006. Economic Question that now is answered.

Constitutional scholars: Is there a precedent for pardoning the Vice-President?

I was going through some old columns I wrote back in the 1990's ...

Black lawmakers irked by Obama's cabinet

Huffington Post: White House Email Trail Grows Cold With Death Of Bush IT Expert

Barney Frank is a jerk

Was Jimmy Piersall "mentally ill or was he just called to the beat of a 'different drummer'?

Coleman camp projects win, if court helps

'Sex chip' being developed by scientists

Mike Malloy's seasonal favorite, "Oh, Holy Nightmare" is available in an animated version

Bush wrote to families of dead troops . . . “So what?”

It's Official: We're Just A Few Years From Peak Oil

Pakistani Jets Scramble as India Hardens Tone

The year of 2008 in pictures (Warning lots of graphic)

I saw a billboard today: WAR IS OVER

Tim DeChristopher is my hero

It's that time of the year again...what is your least favorite Christmas Song?

Unreported slaughter in the aftermath of Katrina

the counter on my page went up by 4

Analyst: Franken, Coleman May Battle Into February

Rick Warren's Dream - His Own Nation-Building - Untold Consequences: Rick Warren's AIDS Activism

Bush v. Gore Set to Outlast Its Beneficiary


Madoff Victims May Have to Return 6 Years of Profits, Principal

Mayor releases 10 dogs into forest due to bad conditions at shelter, gets fined

MarketWatch: U.S. jobs ax only getting sharper

MarketWatch: You'll need this 'Noah's Ark' survival kit to stay afloat in 2009

I confess: I sent Mike Malloy Oh Holy Nightmare....

Paul Krugman's horror story

Urbanization: 95% Of The World's Population Lives On 10% Of The Land

For those with a "White Xmas"............

Paul Krugman: We're in for a Year of 'Economic Hell'

Older DUers; Did Kennedy's cabinet choices draw a lot of flack?

Alex Jones Hints At Human RFIDs; photos from Infowars

I'm heading out on Christmas Day, with my RV, to Oregon.

WJ: This morning's question: What do you think about Rick Warren

Mugabe Prepares to Take Over Mines, Isolation Deepens

Lovely Pix of President Elect Obama and Family

Amy Goodman: Rove's IT Guru Warned of Sabotage Before Fatal Plane Crash; Was Set to Testify

NYC Homeless Reaches Highest Levels In 25 Years

NYC Homeless Reaches Highest Levels In 25 Years

Conservative (Male) Writer: Wives: When He Wants Sex, Give It to Him

Coup Being Attempted In Guinea - Assembly Chief

(Zimbabwe) State Claims it Has Arrested Western Spies(Human Rights Doctors)

Pakistan Claims Ajmal(Lone Terrorist Captured) Doesn't Exist in Official Records

Afghan president laments coalition use of `thugs`

Those annoying little tooths

I would just like to say a few things here.....

2000 GOP recount guru, Ben Ginsberg, advises Coleman

Americans are a bunch of Libertarian idiots. Pat Buchanan????

There is a union-bashing business professor on NPR needing a swift kick in the nuts.

Office Thrift Supervision Regulator Was also Involved in The Keating Debacle

Junkie: Democrats Started Economic Crisis To Help Elect Obama

Dallas prepares for Bush to move in

Rensselaer council rejects prayer box at City Hall

In Budget Crises, States Reluctantly Halt Road Projects

Who is this Tammy Bruce witch?

Rick Warren's action on his website made me think of this:

Duggar baby name generator (for Linux -- you don't even have to install or compile anything!)

Real Estate Developer Bailout?

Excerpts from a Dog' s Diary...

It's Festivus Damn it. Get into the spirit. What's wrong with you people?

This OP is not going to be popular

Any word on the nuptials between Bristol and Nutsack?

Countdown hit it out of the park with the 2008 recap

Breaking: Bush Receives MRI to diagnose pain in shoulder; U.S. soon to be relieved of pain in ass

Local man in twofer - LTTEs in Columbus Dispatch *and* NY Times (same day)

I have a science question.

Gates asks Bush's political appointees at Pentagon to stay until replaced - yes, it's unusual

The Republican Search for Self Better Find Something Quickly

Obama team to disclose contacts with governor at 4:30 PM EST

U.S. military to fund Afghan militias to get them to fight the Taliban

Happy #*!!@# Holidays from Dick Cheney

Child porn sting snags ex-Clinton aide

Anybody see the water main break/water rescues on MSNBC?

Rice Received $316K In Jewels From Arab Leaders

Economic Crisis Hits State Court Systems

New York Times' TV Critic: More Sex Please

Any old port in a storm?

I just heard that Marx's DAS CAPITAL in Manga form is flying off the shelves

I'd like to share this email from my Black Friend (TM)

Save ink with free "ecofont"

I swear



Microsoft again extends Windows XP drop-dead date (Computerworld)

The Rude Pundit: Quotes That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Huff Blonde Hair Dye

Obama will become President 4 weeks from right NOW

Santa seeks bailout - Hearings on CSPAN

Yeshiva U. Adds a Lesson on Madoff

Its black

Save ink with free "ecofont"

Bush signs pension relief bill into law

WSJ: Michigan Governor Fights for Big 3 -- and Her Future

South Africa Should Cut Off Zimbabwe Electricity: Australian Ex-PM

A Conversation With The Office Kool Aide Man

Too sick to work? Need health care? Take a number

Bush getting a divorce?

Donald Rumsfeld purchased property where Frederick Douglass was beaten and tortured

Bush's Book Rejection Letters

Bush's Book Rejection Letters

It's more radical to support this system than to call for peaceful revolution.

Dupe delete

"I never felt poor in my life."

SC lawmakers slam gov for shunning federal cash

Rep. Conyers: Tell Obama - Single-Payer Health Care Is The Answer

Kansas broadcaster rejects profits from Obama ads because of pro-choice stand

It's going to be a tough week for Duzy Awards

Controversial Rev. Rick Warren to Speak at King Memorial Service

Workplace update

Board rejects Coleman's request that it review rulings on 16 ballots

Fox News Finds Typo, Blames Liberal Conspiracy

White House: Expect more pardons from Bush.»

Public Ports Call for Share of the Stimulus Package

FOX NEWS CHRSTMAS EVE: An Evening With Rick Warren

G. Gordon Liddy and "buying" gold.

Rick Warren -- Out of the Closet!

Ex-State Department officer sentenced in passport breach case ( probation)

Campbell's Offers No Concessions to AFA

DHS to collect biometric data from green card holders

Some gay supporters can be their own worst enemys.

who was a more successful civil rights leader?

Joe Scarborough said this morning: $1.6 billion in bonuses to execs

Is anyone else watching Letterman with Dustin Hoffman?

There's more than meets the eye in the Madoff scheme

Stampede for 'Bush Shoe' Creates 100 New Jobs

Letter from Michelle Obama

Coleman Contemplates Losing: I'll Do Something Else

The mail floods in about story of homeless women w/ daughter with cancer (there is a twist 2 story)

Congressman: Cintas Settlement 'Despicable' -settlement essentially a “pardon” granted by bush admin

(New Video) Merry Christmas from Rick Warren! You're all hateful, evil, and not even Christian!

Legitimacy Dwindles - James H. Kunsler

Moron Joe's Oreilly moment.

Happy Holidays ~~ Let's share Holiday pictures of our Pets!

Word press, I decided to bring back the blog

Psychic Rids Money Of Demons, Steals $65K

TEDTalk Tuesday: Spelunking for Life on Mars

Post-Partisan Depression (plus more headlines) 12/23/08

Barack Obama's Vacation

Fund manager tied to Madoff

Connell not mentioned anywhere, but a man setting his house on fire makes news everywhere

A Message from Melissa Etheridge

Two-year-old boy fatally shoots himself in Smith Township home

Madoff Investor Dies After $1.4 Billion Lost


Propose a gracious toast that starts with the words: "Despite our many disagreements...."

Chinese seek to pull cats from the menu

Bush pardons 19, commutes 1 prison term

"Investigators: Pilots Aborted Takeoff" (shades of US Air 5050?)

Police say Alliance man initially unsure how crack got into his underwear

Never Mind

Woopsie, people washing away due to crumbling infrastructure.

But then, of course we already knew this

Cheney Relying on Gonzales’ Retroactive - FALSE NARRATIVE - Notes For His Get Out Of Jail Card

Cheney Relying on Gonzales’ Retroactive - FALSE NARRATIVE - Notes For His Get Out Of Jail Card

Lower-paid teachers often paired with poorest kids

U.S. CEOs Could Learn From Their Asian Counterparts

American Express is getting some of the Bailout money!

Rick Warren attacked by Manigator

Rick Warren attacked by Manigator

Bush pardons two Ohioans -- cocaine dealer and embezzler


Avatars with bigots are now neato on DU!!

Energy industry braces for Obama

Dear media Ankle Biters

Anyone remember the uproar over the imaginary $30,000 ring Obama bought his wife?

Nude pics in cell phone lost at a McDonald's find their way online - couple sues

I'm tired of Raw Story, BradBlog, etc, making the left look like asses to drum up traffic (Connell)

New credit card rules get OK - ban unfair late fees, interest hikes on certain balances

U.S. Housing Prices Collapse at Near-Depression Pace After Purchases Slide

Now here is a good idea: Cedar Point donates $5,700 in found change to soup kitchen

Coleman: "Life Goes On... I'm Sure I'll Do Something Else" If I Lose

"Barack Obama" the new song by Michael Franti available as a Free Download on his site

Another Limousine Welfare Queen.......

Texas CPS releases FLDS report, claims 12 girls married underage, nearly 2/3 families had abuse/negl

US Troops Accuse Iraq War Contractor In Toxic Exposure (KBR-lung cancer)

David Swanson: Help Stop Bush Pardons

For what its worth, the story was the multiple white water car rescues ......

California Propositions Create A Perfect Storm

Recalling Cold War days of innovation and UFOs (Hmmmm...)

Madoff Fund Operator Who Had $1.4 Billion Invested Found Dead in Suicide

Where do I apply?

Brought to Heel: The Grim Realities Behind Bush's Humiliation in Baghdad

State of America's Children Deteriorating According to New Children's Defense Fund Report

Judge Orders the Release of Five More GTMO Detainees Held Without Charges

Florida Supreme Court just abandoned nursing home residents...

Obama Team Releases Blago Report-Obama, Jarret & Rahm-ALL Talked To Feds - "NO SORT OF CORRUPT DEAL"

Untold Consequences: Rick Warren's AIDS Activism

Do you think that anyone has ever benifited financially from watching CNBC?

It's tough out there (Dollar Store in Waxahachie, TX is robbed at gunpoit).

"He cared who replaced him but was smart enough to stay off the phone about it."

Did I just hear Brad Blakeman blame Enron on

24/7WallStreet: The layoffingest companies

Obama chooses Lincoln's Bible for inauguration

Cheney is spitting in our face and loving it..

Hey kids...Happy Holidays!

Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern: Deterring Torture Through the Law

Do credit card companies have two levels of service? One for long time customers and one for new?

"Goodbye, George!"

And if you think you got a square deal on your imported junk

PETA threatened with legal action for on-line game (Hurl snowballs at Sarah Palin!)

25 year low for shopping in chicago

Palin reveals biggest mistake

Guantanamo lawyer says Gates may have committed perjury

Police's top drunken driving enforcer charged with OVI

500 million gallons of coal-ash sludge are seeping along the I-40 Knoxville-Nashville corridor

Crazy George's Pardons and Commutations Clearance Sale: All Repug Crooks Must Go!

America is falling apart at the seams......

Rick Warren to be main speaker at Ebenezer on King Day

Guy buys gift cards at Wal-Mart and hands them out in store. Result? Wal-Mart throws him out.

Mike Connell and Proposition 8 (Anti-Choice Zealots and their efforts on Elections)

Rachel Maddow is becoming a force to be reckoned with

$3.25 will buy you a tall soy latte, but no 401(k) match.....

Poll To DU!!!

Can Rove prove he wasn't involved in Connell's death? Shouldnt he

Dems Won't Investigate Bush Crimes-MEANWHILE-Repubs ALREADY Preparing To Investigate Obama Admin

Today is December 23rd : HAPPY FESTIVUS !

Tragic news from up north

Which Bush/Cheney administration criminal do you want PROSECUTED most?

This Modern World 2008 year in review: Part 2, The end of an error. By Tom Tomorrow seems Michelle Malkin has given her readers their marching orders..

Lesson for the day: Don't use a blowtorch to try to melt snow off your house

Saddleback Church Site Not Taking Down Gay Condemnations After All

Obama Ring spoiler. At least it was Michelle's gift and not the kids' gift.

MSNBC has spent the last two hours on a water main break...

Say it ain't so, Bruce!!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy......................

Research Thread...Mike Connell and his aircraft...

Need a laugh? AEI says Bush's legacy may end up 'Better Than You Think'

What will the Smilin' Bigot do AFTER he is allowed to say a prayer at Obama's inaugural?

Former Clinton official to be named deputy secretary of State

Cheney's "ever-escalating game of chicken between the executive branch and the rest of the world"

After careful consideration, I came to a definite conclusion re: Warren.

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Fed'l Investigat

AIDS data may end county health's condom ban

Pressure mounts for Microsoft to deliver with Windows 7

Can't wait for that new Palin baby's arrival.....

My experience with the Error and Tyranny of Percentages

Which of the Smilin' Bigot's strange beliefs is the most offensive?

Can't we all just get along?

2010 Ford Fusion/ Mercury Milan hybrids coming out this

Clinton Moves To Expand Role Of State Dept Into Economic Affairs

Dark Days Ahead: Why Republicans Need Xmas Vacation

Do we need to redefine "Civil Rights"?

This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both,

Am I just kidding myself? Am I just living out a long good bye?

What do you want for Christmas

It's not about Proposition Hate or Bubbatollah Rick.

Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Day: Bristol's Baby to be Born on Christmas Day

After contributing to Feeding America, how about making a Kiva loan?

IRS: Fry's exec stole $65M to pay gambling debts

My friends have been rescued - water main break in Maryland

Rick Warren vows to never change

CBS Website reporting on Rove's IT guy death in plane crash

ACLU is a victim in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme ... serious shortfalls.

what is your favorite relgious Christmas carol?

Woman linked to Ohio corruption probe found dead in home

Chinese Navy Scheduled to KICK SOMALIAN PIRATE ASS

VIDEO: Raw Eye-Witness Footage of Burning Wreckage at Connell Crash

The Most Dangerous Man on TV, Larry Kudlow

Are banks and regulators forcing us into a depression

Thoughts on Political Strategy and Obama's Transition.

Michigan and Rhode Island only states to lose population

The Biggest Government Bailout Of All

Is religion always a choice?

Holiday Howard Dean Appreciation Thread

Let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.

Sad day in Columbus, OH today

A special holiday message from Dennis Kucinich

Churches Struggle To Avoid Bankruptcy And Foreclosure

Ohio TV station: Was Connell crash an accident or murder?

Franken Maintains 48-Vote Lead

Where the hell do I buy an "old people sweater"?

Okay, lounge, listen up. I am a liar. A big fat liar. Now hear this very carefully:

2 killed, 1 hurt in Dallas-area road shootings (Life imitates TV?)

WHOO HOO! I am the Fantasy Football Man!

Connell crash likely the result of deteriorating weather, visibility

Hey everybody! Looks like I missed an interesting day here!

Back in the early 60s, most Hollywood comedies ended in "madcap" pie fight scenes

In the spirit of the season, a Christmas dance

***No, THIS is how you ghost kick!***

When you eat an ordinary-sized Brady Brunch, how many meals are you eating?

My office had a holiday work space decorating contest. I decorated in a Festivus Theme.


Which would you prefer?

No no no no no! WHY!!!!!? Why oh why can't Mickey Mouse hang himself by his big floppy ear?!

Sooooo... looks like JerseyGirlDem and PeaceNikki are gonna make the beast with two... uh...

Nobody has said "JFK"

Ring a ding

Anybody need 3 feet of snow?

It's -2 in Milwaukee and our heat stopped working...ask me anything!

I wish I still had that truck.

In 2005 the DLC changed the goal in Iraq to Middle Eastern Democracy.

Mcctatas has asked me to tutch her but, should I do it?

What should I drink?

Is 'hipster' one of those words like 'gay'

Ok, mind you I've been out sick with the flu but what the hell is a silent kick

Jalama Beach Dec 13-14th photo-thread Ghost Kick if you like any of these

The new Jeff Beck album is SO GOOD he should have billed himself as Jeff FUCKING Beck.

Who would you rather have as your mother in law?--Endora or Phyllis

"Jib Jab" looks at 2008...

Notice how all of today's cop shows no crime is actually prevented?

Ladies: Have you ever had artificial snails?

Bears/Packers playing right now

Happy Holidays, Charlie Brown style! Guaranteed giggle.

I may live to regret this but.. What's a "ghost kick"?

I need some ideas for stocking stuffers for my University age son and it can't be condoms as

I will leave DU on January 20

Snoop visits Martha Stewart and makes mashed potatoes

Not that it matters, but the Bears - Packers game is on.

Space Ghost this, if you don't know how to ghost kick!

For my 19,000th post what do you want for Christmas?

My life is ruined..

I will leave DU on December 22

Do you agree with Dorothy that "there's no place like home, there's no place like home?"

An unofficial Fuck the South thread

I decided to put out a version of O Holy Night, what do you think?

Merry Christmas.

The Princess Bride will be on Bravo at 7pm Central time.

All I do is work

Ladies: Have you ever had artificial nails?

Breaking - European English

Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

I was going through some old columns I wrote back in the 1990's ...

So, I Just Finished My Christmas Shopping Tonight...

can't sleep -- i've finished my coco and took a Unisom --

Is all this stupid shit done yet?

How many of you play around in Second Life?


A LOL grill?

Christmas Trees

If I could just touch people and make them high, how soon will I be declared a Sched. 1 Narcotic?

As long as We the People are spending billions to bail out Wall Street...

Someone really doesn't like Delaware

So I am checking Craigslist and come across this in the free stuff

3 Easy Pre-Christmas Questions

have you ever been 'tagged'?

Christmas card for the Lounge.

Does anybody else here like "Monarch Of the Glen"?

hmmm.. apparently i've pissed one of my friends off

PMS + finding you got a certified letter from the IRS =

Can't stay away from the Google Street View of my vacation hotel.

I'm giving all my peeps a home made cold fusion generator for christmas. What should I do next year?

I never realized I made the first comment on the "Don't Tutch the Butt" thread

Things that shouldn't be

Oh my

Overly emphasized commercial voice-overs...

OMG!!!! I just watched Mamma Mia the Movie and I LOVED IT

Has "jumping the shark" jumped the shark?

Shark jumps itself and commits suicide

Is there a Santa Claus? - a physicist view

Happy Holidays everyone

Good morning Lounge

Where's the RetroLounge Love? Post a...

Speaking of CSI:Miami - Blood from mosquito traps Finnish suspect

I'm working from home today. Stupid car won't move.

Pasty white guys slideshow!

Obama in Hawaii

Who performed the theme song for "Friends"? Was it The Clash? I think it was The Clash.

If Silent/Ghost Kicks were suddenly public (ie - we'd see who did them) Would you be....

OK! FOund my new career!

My preparer put the wrong social security # on my tax return

Cake Wrecks - OH OH OH cakes!

Fuck. I got caught with Pat.

I'm going up to my sanctuary, my bed that has my warm wife in it; the wife

Kitten picture of the day for Monday December 22

Ever snorted alcohol?

DU Drunks: Let's hypothetically design the most efficient bar

Congrats to Denver Donkeys winners of the 2008 DU Fantasy Football Superbowl

DU Greeks: Let's hypothetically design the wildest possible toga party

“Cadillac Records.” Have you seen it?

I just shoveled for an hour, ask me anything.

Anyone know how I can trial an Adobe PDF creator ?

Earl Warren is, or is he not, a DOMINIONIST?

OOOOOHHH white hot pokers behind my cheeks and eyes.

"Cadillac Escalade." Have you seen one?

Major meth bust -- on Republican Street!!

Pete Wentz: Ashlee Breast Milk Tastes "Soury" And "Weird"

I just caught the kitten using my laptop again.

Think Your Landlord is Bad -- Check This Out!

His Car Is Still Stuck!

UPDATE: They found my brother!!

Judging by the look on my Doctor's face the Chinese medical examination....

Yay!! Almost done!

Washer/dryer recommendations?

To all my friends here- No matter how you celebrate or do not

Isn't it awesome when a Tuesday feels like a Friday?

CSI Miami plots are ridiculous!

Happy holidays & a friendly PSA from me:

Does anyone sell their plasma?

You know what? When someone's pissed enough that you can tell right away that they're pissed,

3 of my latest obsessions, help if you can

Does anybody know where I can get a Neodymium magnet

Duggar baby name generator (for Linux -- you don't even have to install or compile anything!)

Stephen King Characters VS Bible Characters: WHO WINS?

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Here's to Your Retirement George

Funniest GDP comment of the day

Decisions decisions... Princess Bride or The Right Stuff?

So here is one of the blankets I made for Christmas present

Man melting snow with blowtorch ignites home

So here's some fat for thought (And fuel as well)

Do you hate corpop? Time to help out...

squid sex

My neighbors gave a even bigger party outdoors (pic)

Throwing fireworks into bonfires at night

Silent running is the lamest, cheesiest Mike and the Mechanics song

here the most important question i need answered right NOW!!1!! from obama

Religious Video telling about how Christ's Story can be found in many other/older Religious traditio

Johnny Cash, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters...greatest end-of-career albums by musical legends

I am now officially on a waiting list for a car that may never be built...

I am now officially on a waiting list for a bar that may never be built...

OMG! Video of priest flipping out.

Merry Christmas, Everyone

Wishing all of you

I bought $2 worth of twinkly little Chinese lights at Big Lots.

for the first time in my entire life, Christmas has not fucked with my head

I'm in the mood for a tiffin

What would you do if you found Guilani in bed with Karl Rove in your wedding sheets?

Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition

Help ! I don't know how to phrase something in English.

Toast to a Fraud Victim: Back to Work at 71 (Leonard Cohen)

Christmas Time is Here Song

Translation help (spanish to english)

Happy Humanlight!

The Pope is a moron.

Busted water pipe somewhere under the trailer.

Why do people still believe in flying squirrels?

I'm in the mood for Tiffin

This is funny, I like this:

Those annoying little truths

CONFESS!!! Would you eat the flesh of a dead love one if it meant your survival?

Just in case you were wondering...

CONFESS!!! Would you eat the flesh of a dead hated one if it meant their lack of survival?

I got the Internship I wanted!!

Someone please explain to me the point of Papa Murphy's Pizza?

Someone please explain to me the point of Papa John's Pizza?

Okay, we get it. Recommending still works.

I give you: The Snail Kite. He likes escargot. A lot.

Ticket Giving Traffic Cameras; For or Against?

Should this posters parents have called the cops to teach their son a lesson?

Happy Hollandaise

It should be illegal to charge more for food at amusement parks, airports, etc.

HA HA - Look who I just caught! NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS!

Apparantly someone is bored.

Lincoln was gay ?

Midlo must've had a matinee Bunco Brawl to attend today, because she hasn't been here spaming us

Any other renters here having trouble getting the rent in on time?

Need some famous Lounge advice about after a auto accident.

Why do people still believe in flying carpets?

Keith Olberman in legos

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/23/2008)

I have a new favourite tune for ironing

Teixeira to the Yankees

Merry Christmas from Me and Tom Lehrer

Do you use your powers for good or evil?

Grade. Dow I god a Chrissbuzz code.

Ever feel like you've lost touch with your roots?

Fuck expiration dates!

The plus side is, Amy Winehouse has gained weight and no longer

How many of you play Second Life?

Is anyone making New Years resolutions?

Ghost Kicker suspects

I have a new niece!

Party's over: I think ghost kicking no longer works

Kitten Picture of the day for Tuesday December 23

Has Ghost Kicking Jumped the Shark?

I HATE it when I run out of Protonix

Happy Holidays From I Can Has Cheezburger!

Snowzilla returns from the Dead! ~ You have to see what happened in Anchorage, Alaska last night!

Excellent Movies that you know you can never watch again.

I'm getting a beard for Christmas

Don't know what I was thinking

Are you old enough

A special Christmas song, written by a special DUer

How petty do you think I am???????????

I am about to embark on an epic journey.

Pic thread? Anyone?

A Freeper is taking a walk...

DU Geeks: Let's hypothetically design the most efficient car

Happy Festivus, Lounge! Let the Airing of the Grievances begin!!!!!

I saw a group of Marines at Best Buy today. God, they're hot.

Reservations made for Minnesota DU Holiday Gathering

Update on My Mom's Surgery.

Man melting snow with blowtorch ignites home

What kind of twisted individual microwaves fish in the company break/lunch room?

What kind of twisted individual microwaves fish in the company break/lunch room?

Why do people still believe in flying saucers?

They may have taken impeachment off the table, but at least they made a spot for homophobia.

What Are You Having For Christmas Dinner & Christmas Eve dinner?

Fuck. I got caught with pot.

What we have learned today..

Political all-star lineup to chair Obama’s inauguration

Barney and Rick say drink eggnog and dance!

Dueling Veeps..Joe-Bee slaps down Dick-Cee on TV...

YABO= Yet Another Bail Out... Commercial Real Estate wants us to bail them out too..

Sales boom for shoemaker who made footware hurled at Bush

What's one more Warren thread, anyway?

Wanna party with Obama on Jan. 20? Better bring some Benjamins

We cannot cure a past injustice with another injustice - Alan Keyes on affirmative action.

Rick Warren to speak at King memorial

So a private talk between Obama and Warren--- who influences who in the talk?

My choice for sermon of the week

Now I'm depressed for real.

Can the "Recommend Thread" button in GDP Survive the Week?

The only spiritual leader I would really want at Obama's inauguration is... discussion blogs are 'weird' by design! I like DU

Humor break!

Townhall says Hawaii is NOT part of the US.

Land of the Free!

wanna support gay rights? are you a member of facebook?

Saw 'Milk' today, great movie and has a news clip of Anita Bryant saying.....

Melissa Etheridge's HuffPro Article: The Choice Is Ours Now

Obama starts off today with a workout - At Semper Fi Center (Nice Story)

Bush and Obama have one thing in common: physical fitness...

Do Obama's topless pics make up for Rick Warren's inaugural invocation?

Melissa Etheridge provides cover for Rev. Warren

BREAKING: Rick Warren to perform invocation at Obama inauguration topless..

VP Biden on Larry King this evening

I trust Joe Biden (an update to our ongoing solidarity STONEWALL thread)

Treet makers outraged at Obama's apparant endorsement of Spam

I have a stunning contrarian thought! I must share it!

The Choice Is Ours Now (Melissa Etheridge on Rick Warren)

A liberal Christian's perspective on the Warren thing

How long till the Southern Baptist Convention kicks Rev. Rick out for saying he loves gays?

Buddhist Eskimo Civil War Reenactors Upset with Obama's Cabinet

Is Obama Telling the Truth About His Opposition to Same Sex Marriage?

Remember Let it Sink?

Does this scare you?

Borowitz: Markets Crash on Pictures of Obama Losing Shirt

OMG! There is actually a website..ROFL!

Is my view of the most Constutituional way to achieve marriage equality completely looney?

My take on

Huge water main break traps drivers near D.C.

A must read perspective from Melissa Etheridge: on Rick Warren, equality, common ground, and change.

Question: Am I the ONLY person that didnt know that Warren was an extreme Flame Throwing Bigot?

I love how Sasha wears peace t-shirts

Important: does Obama have man boobs?

With this Warren Fiasco, I'm starting to wonder what I actually am.

The question is: Can people of good will disagree?

Since we can all agree.....

Moving The Goalposts (prepare yourself for Obama Fatigue)

I can't wait.

One for the "Too bad" file...what would life be like if...

Looks like Franken may have won...leads by 48 after all challenges...

Is W the best president since Bill Clinton, or the worst in history?

House 2010: Most Vulnerable Dems

Biden: This economic recovery package will not become a Christmas tree

Is criticism of homophobic beliefs anti-religious bigotry?

OMG! Video of priest flipping out.

Congress should release the other $350 billion in TARP money...for Obama

Presidents without their pants on slide show:

Is anyone else watching Countdown right now?

White House Family Values: Where Are the Boys?

Kennedy Declines to Make Financial Disclosure

Presidents without their shirt on slide show:

Barack Obama has added you as a friend on Facebook

here the most important question i need answered right NOW!!1!! from obama

For Now, Obama Proves to Be Elusive Target for G.O.P.

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Federal

Protect Elections, Prosecute Rove

Looks like Coleman may see the handwriting on the wall...

Last week's news.

Is race an issue in GLBT America?

28 Days: "I'm So Excited!"

You can never have too many limerick threads--please contribute!

Moving beyond discussion

MSM trying to smear Jarret; Andrea Mitchell: This report by Obama's team is Self-serving.

MSM: "There's nothing incriminating in the report. Therefore, Obama has something to hide"

Obama swearing on the Lincoln bible is an affront to redneck "states rights" proponents everywhere

Obama announces more National Security Appointments

You know how Warren likes to brag that his church welcomed gay families on Father's Day?

Hopes Run High In Middle East For Obama

James Warren: Obama Tried to Influence Blago and stayed away from him because he is Political Poison

RCohen: Warren On? Party off.

Paparazzo snaps shirtless Obama


Breaking: Maddof investor Commits Suicide in NYC

Is there an official schedule available yet for Inauguration Day?

Do you talk the talk?

is homophobia an issue with some liberal

Geraldine Ferraro: "Caroline Kennedy not ready and not qualified"

What Would You Send Warren For Festivous?

Obama's cabinet diversity

What if an incoming President wanted to use the Jefferson Bible for his inauguration?

Merry Christmas from Sarah Palin & Family

"Ask not what your country can do for you"

Warren removes anti-gay language from website

How about all DUers chip in to buy a box of straws for Chuck

"Obama's picks suggest a deep desire for acceptance by the existing power structure"

Should the President (any president) be a moral leader?

Should the President (any president) be a moral leader?

Obama is Evangelophobic

Bush History - Spending Your Tax Money to Distort Researcher's Findings - 12/23

Apparently, Democrats and liberals are going to have to go back to the drawing board

Breaking: California AG asks court to overturn same sex marriage ban

Obama posts Blago contact report .pdf - And, text included here ...

Dennis Kucinich's Message of Christmas

The Bidens add second dog -- a rescue -- to the family

Questions I have about SPAM...

What qualifies one to serve in the House or Senate?

Just please explain it.

Pat Robertson says...

Soldier in Hawaii Requests Game with Obama Team

OMG, this is the next president of the United States!

Any DU'rs Hear From your Sen/HR about Inaq Tickets Yet

Report: Cheney Admits Crucial Role In Valerie Plame Leak

Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.

Obama Girls to Adopt Bill Clinton

Has there been civil discourse on controversial issues on DU?

E.J. Dionne supports Obama's invitation to Rick Warren

MSNBC just a moment ago: Rev. Joseph Lowrey (UMC), who is giving benediction at inaguration says....

So who wants Arnold to be president now?? $47 Billion in the hole and CA almost broke!

So Warren pick means Obama is a homophobe but Lowrey (and Nancy Sutley) picks

Obama Photos Trigger Web Delirium

Michelle Obama Holiday Message

Oh Noes!!! I'm freezin!! It's dropped down to 46 degrees here in Orlando FL...

Did Biden get an eye lift? (Meow)

It's official: Readers pick Cokie Roberts' "foreign, exotic" Hawaii comments as Most Inane

I Am Having An Inauguration Party, Are You?

Joe Biden- prophet or loose cannon? was he thinking about times like these?

BREAKING NEWS: Obama will take the oath of office using the same Bible...

We are approaching the 40th Anniversary of A Historic Moment in Human History.

Is Rick Warren, or is he not, a DOMINIONIST??

I'm against the fairness doctorine on strategic grounds

The only openly lesbian member of Congress named honorary co-chairwoman for Obama's inauguration

It's simple. We should all be rooting hard for Obama

My people had it worse than yours!

CNN says it's not just gays who are upset w Obama..women's groups are are too.

Why can't people like Warren, you know bible thumping Christians, leave other people alone

Obama picked Warren. It was a good move.

Rec If You Dont Know Everything and Aren't Perfect

I support gay marriage, I'm offended by Warren at the Inaugural BUT these comparisons to RACE are BS

Albany Times Union: Wanted for rape, ex-Congressional candidate [(R)] dead in Cohoes

FBI Shifts from Terror to Madoff, Subprime Probes ('Greatest Threat is to Financial System')

Sir Bernard Crick, Political Theorist, Dies at 79

Are US officials guilty of war crimes?

Guantánamo prisoner's lawyers accuse US defence secretary

Poll: Public OK with auto bailout, but no more aid

MPR cancels 'Weekend America'

NY Times published fake letter from Paris mayor

Ex-Actor Acquitted of Officer's Murder (Bronx Tale actor)

Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Fed'l Investigat

Guantánamo prisoner's lawyers accuse US defence secretary

White House on NY Times: 'Gross negligence' (response to Page One lead story on mortgage meltdown)

European nations consider taking Guantanamo detainees

Arms Dealer Hearing Delayed Again

AP study finds $1.6 billion went to bailed-out bank execs

Man melting snow with blowtorch ignites home

For Now, Obama Proves to Be Elusive Target for G.O.P.

Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.

Prosecutors Ask Blagojevich Impeachment Panel to Limit Inquiry

Dupe! Sorry. n/t

In Guatemala, a steep, rutted road to peace (US supported war on leftists)

GUINEA: Coup Underway, Ministers held in Military Base

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks With Attention on Bailout Debate, Treasury Made Change to Tax Policy

Regulator in IndyMac case gets reassigned

Iraq Shoe-Thrower to Go on Trial Amid New Torture Claims

Naming '08 Minn. Senate winner will take until '09 (Franken ahead by 47)

Toyota Weighs a Leadership Change

Rick Warren to be main speaker at Ebenezer on King Day

Bush commutes one sentence, pardons 19

European Countries May Take Detainees-Under Bush, Nations Refused to Resettle Guantanamo Prisoners

Exclusive: Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak prosecutor and FBI

Israeli archaeologists unearth Byzantine gold hoard in Jerusalem parking lot

Army to honor soldiers enslaved by Nazis

Guinea's Dictator Lansana Conte Has Died

Clinton Writes Off $13.1 Mil Campaign Loan

As Economy Dips, Arrests for Shoplifting Soar

Russia accuses foreign nationals in Georgia war

BREAKING: Water main break traps at least 18 cars in Bethesda, MD

Ex-Bill Clinton aides to join State Dept.

Obama Team Releases Report on Blagojevich Contacts

Leftist Funes Stays Ahead in El Salvador

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 23

BREAKING: Ford plant roof collapses due to snow

Fly ash flood covers acres

Head of Fund Invested in Madoff Said to Commit Suicide

Blind, Yet Seeing: The Brain’s Subconscious Visual Sense

Blind, Yet Seeing: The Brain’s Subconscious Visual Sense

Bush clears way for Costa Rica to join CAFTA

US economy shrinks as IMF warns of Great Depression

Army halts use of new battlefield first aid item

L.L. Bean: Layoffs possible in new year

American Express to receive $3.39bn from US govt

Cerberus to suspend withdrawals from fund-CNBC

Police to get training after head-scarf wearer's arrest

300 people angry over pyramid scheme burn buildings, injure 5 in Colombia; 6 detained

Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren to speak at King memorial

Madoff Victims May Have to Return 6 Years of Profits, Principal

Putin: no more cheap gas

Texas report: Abuse widespread in polygamist sect

Obama to take oath on Abe Lincoln's Bible

Major Israeli settlement 'unlawful'

Gaza: The Untold Story (Ramzy Baroud)

Fewer attacks, more hatred

The Woman Greenspan, Rubin & Summers Silenced

Sound Analysis Came Too Late For Bush & Co.

Eugene Robinson: The Price of Their Security

Right wing dem/pug puppets of the elites "cartoonize" liberals as irrational extremists..

Democracy Now interview with Mark Crispin Miller regarding Rove's IT Guru Michael Connell

In Budget Crises, States Reluctantly Halt Road Projects

Experts Conclude Bush is Responsible for the 'Bubble Bubble'

Irregularity Uncovered at IndyMac - regulator allowed the bank to backdate a capital infusion

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Roy Blount Jr.

NYT editorial: Price of Lax Gun Laws

As Economy Dips, Arrests for Shoplifting Soar

E.J. Dionne: A Gamble for Obama . . And a Risk for Rick Warren, Too

"We can bomb the bejesus out of them all over North Vietnam" A treasure trove of Henry Kissinger

Mr. Obama’s Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Conservative of the Year: Sarah Palin

Are US officials guilty of war crimes?

Maybe it’s Jelly But it Feels Like Jam

GOP Allocates $84 Million to Investigate Clinton Finances: Starr Top Choice to Lead Probe

There's No Place Like Home for The Holidays, Until There is No Home

What We Can Learn from Social Struggle in South America

Warren On? Party Off. (Richard Cohen, WaPo, 12-23-08)

The World According to Cheney

Two Artists United by Devotion to Women

Bob Herbert: A Race to the Bottom

E. J. Dionne: Warren Is Worth the Headache

“Certainly There’s Uncertainty:” Norm Coleman


Cops are breaking shops in greek riots 2008

James Risen on Bush Power Abuses

Do They Know It's Christmas?

Paul Krugman - 2nd Great Depression is Here!

KO's Favorite People of 2008 - Barack Obama (Pt. 2)

Huckabee: Its ridiculous for people to be upset at Rick Warren

KO's Favorite People of 2008- David Letterman

KO's Favorite People of 2008 - Barack Obama (Pt. 1)

George Bush Shoe Throwing: A Poem by Dr. Rafey Habib

Sea Shepherd Pokemon - Captain Watson and Bindi Irwin against the Whaling Ship

Hillary and Obama in high school musical 3

Rachel Maddow discusses Dick Cheney with Barton Gellman

Rachel Maddow : BailOut Blues

Will Ferrell Takes George Bush Impersonation To Broadway

Obama's Stimulus Plan

Inhofe's Global Warming Denial On MSNBC

Happy Holidays & Changes for the New Year

WPXI News: A look at the Korean War (1985)

TYT: Bank Executives Recieve $1.6 BILLION In Bonuses

Robert H. Jackson's Opening Statement, Nuremberg, November 21, 1945

Rove tries to claim Biden is power hungry (moreso than Darth)

WPXI News: Racial tension in Philadelphia (1985)

Palin Named Conservative of the Year

KO's Favorite People Of 2008 - Ben Affleck

Michelle Bachman Worst Person Year In Review

Pope Angers Gay Groups: Defending Humanity Against Homosexuality As Important As Saving Rainforest

Bill O'Reilly To Be Replaced By Fred Thompson???

ABC News: CIA plane down in El Salvador (1984)

Red State Update: Gays Still Hate Obama, Rick Warren

Bail Out! Jim Cramer Kicks Wall Street Butt!

Here's to Your Retirement George

ABC News: More information on CIA drug experiments on Americans (1977)

TYT: Dick Cheney Says The Powers Of The President Are UNLIMITED

Larry King Live: Joe Biden on Rick Warren Controversy

Geren to remain until successor confirmed

Nearly 4,400 to advance to E-5 through E-9

DoD: 82nd CAB heading to Afghanistan

Want to re-up for bigger bonuses? Do it now

Board: Guardsmen were not overexposed to toxin

4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe

Report: $40 billion needed to expand Army

Bragg soldiers back from Iraq by Christmas

Ala. Army Guard unit leaves for Iraq

Iraqi parliament leaves troop issue unsettled

Karzai presses Mullen on Afghan strategy

Mo. Guardsmen complain about discrimination

Jackson offers holiday teleconferencing

General: Big changes in store for Knox

Marine charged with attacking wife with hammer

Marine killed in combat in Anbar province

Guilty verdict for sailor in murder case

Obama hits Marine gym at Kaneohe Bay

NYT call for Navy cutbacks sparks online buzz

Submarine Boise returning to Norfolk

Winds delay move of carrier George H.W. Bush

HuffPo Shames TeamSarah

Feds oppose ex-sailor request for new trial

Panel convicts, sentences airman at Academy

Kehler: NSI failures part of solution

More supersonic airspace opposed for Nevada

Airmen return to Offutt

New Tyndall housing a cost-efficient upgrade

5 found guilty of conspiracy in Dix terror plot

Last S-3 squadron arrives home

Town braces for change as Guard unit readies for tour

Esso customers overcharged at pump

Military limits details on alleged Iranian meddling in Iraq

Naples may cut back on shuttle service

Suspected U.S. missiles kill 8 in Pakistan

Telecom chief pleads not guilty to bribery

Second stray bullet found in community near Camp Hansen

Afghanistan training unit has new leadership

In court, sergeant apologizes for his ‘shameful conduct’

European briefs: GI dies of noncombat related illness

Pacific briefs: Sasebo sailor held for alleged hit-and-run

82nd Airborne Tapped for Afghan Surge

Iraqis to Try Suing US Troops

Cole Suspect has January Court Date

IA Sailors Deploy During the Holidays

Air Guardsmen Assigned to Missile Fields

Family Readiness a Combat Multiplier

Divers Claim Lusitania Carried Arms

Study Ties High IQ to High KIA Rate

40 Years ago today, Pueblo Crew Released by the North Koreans

Are enlisted airmen next to pilot UAVs?

Navy orders 8 new subs for $14B

Award-winning programs support Kohl’s green mission (

Biochar Offered as Climate Change Reduction Tool

Biochar Offered as Climate Change Reduction Tool

Renewable or green? A showdown in Florida

Putin says 'cheap gas era' ending - BBC

Peak oil review - Dec 22

Obama's Green Economy

New Alberta Transmission to Connect 2,700 MW of Wind Power

48-hour notebook battery (BAT) ... by September 2009? POPSCI trading on developing tech

Flood of sludge breaks TVA dike: Collapse poses risk of toxic ash

50,000 Watts of Hate: Santa vs. global-warming deniers

Ruling may cut local refineries' use of flares: Environmentalists claim a victory for clean air.

Water: Cities' Cash Cow - At the core of the issues is that 'water flows toward the money'

More than 100 million Americans breathe sooty air (so… that's 1 in 3 right?)

Aussie Mining Sector Doubles Energy Use 1001 - 2006; Annual Energy/Unit Output Increase = 3.7%

Suit challenges Bush mining rule changes (mountaintop removal coal mining)

MALARIA: Signs of Drug Resistance Rattle Experts, Trigger Bold Plan

Colorado Tightens Reins on Energy Extraction

Shad Kill Underway In Clinch River Downstream From TVA Dam Failure

BLM Auction Saboteur - "Ethically, I have to take that chance" - UT's Biggest Defense Atty Helping

CAP report: Where's the (coal) money? (They're advertising "clean coal," but not doing much else.)

PV Costs Set to Plunge for 2009/10

Massive Coal Ash Spill in Tennessee puts the lie to Clean Coal

Quinnipiac University adds silent wind power

(Municipal) Wind turbine OK'd in Pittsfield (Maine)

300-MW Community-Owned Wind Farm Planned for Iowa

Kittery (Maine municipal) wind turbine pays dividends

Salt Lake County pitches sweeping solar initiative (Utah)

I'm looking for resources about alternative energy/the green movement

Solar power company reaches "grid parity" with dirty coal

Hmm ... some local small businesses are turning to solar PV ... even lunar (?!) PV ...

The Ecological Conscience - essay by Thomas Merton 1968

Pemex Oil Production Drops 6.5% on Cantarell Field (Cantarell down 33%)

Let's talk about clean coal

First Solar Completes 10MW Thin Film Solar Power Project (Nevada)

A Japanese Town That Kicked the Oil Habit: …clean energy generated 161% of Kuzumaki's electricity…

What does Gaia want

Activist faces prison protecting wild lands

An Energy Solution in the (Compressed) Air?

Storing the Breeze: New (NaS) Battery Might Make Wind Power More Reliable

Chinese-Made Drywall May Emit Sulfuric Acid, Destroy Cooling, Water Systems - Mfg. With Coal Waste

Failure Of TVA Dam Covers TN Neighborhood In 2.6 Million Y3 Of Ash Slurry

Landmark Energy Storage Tariff for Frequency Regulation Approved for Midwest ISO Power Grid

41 MPG! All-New Ford Fusion Hybrid Is Now America's Most Fuel-Efficient Mid-Size Car

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/22/08

Police Squash Violent Hamburg Protest

Taxpayers paying for sponsorships on sports teams, stadiums and college bowl games

Didja know the economy depends on the rich staying rich? Says so, right here.

A Permanent Solution to the Global Banking Crises!

U.S. Economy: Housing Prices Collapse at Near-Depression Pace

Ford Fusion hybrid 41 mpg city, better than Camry hybrid by 8 mpg

UK..Blackwater type "private cops" break down doors of DEBTORS!

Start talking about 'hostages,' 'theft,' and 'looting' - Raid the SEC

"Thanks, but no thanks" to Conservative Economics

Bernanke And The Perpetuating Credit Card Swindle

More Pay is the Only Way

Madoff scandal hits Aspen

Question for the forum...

Paul Krugmanp: Bad anti-stimulus arguments

10 Worst Real Estate Markets for 2009

Consumer Demand For Nearly Everything Plunges


James Galbraith says Milton Friedman’s ideology has run its course .. “Divorced from Reality.”

do we just start over?

Greek Student Revolts and Brutal Capital Accumulation

Bon Jovi... "You were born to be my baby"

Greek Protest: "Burn baby burn".......


Teachers Protest At School Board VP's Home

Please vote in my DU poll (link inside) ...

Can I request a favor of you all - I am looking for the post about the changes on the Saddleback

WTF, WTF....straight cool people flaming in here? WTF is going on?

First they ignore you

You Know What?

Killed for being gay (from the New York forum a few weeks ago)


Bagels or Lox? Which do you prefer?


Which Politician Do You Find Most Dreamy?

How the Obama Presidency will be

What's wrong with being a radical, with being an extremist?

I almost made the biggest mistake in my life.

The Top 8 Gay Videos of 2008 (including Keith Olbermann)

Time to say least for a while

How many GLBT forum threads have been locked in the last 3 days?

Not much point any more

Warren is Firing Back.

I'm sorry but I can't let it go. I've been obsessing about it for the last few days.

A dedication on my way to bed

All I need to know

New DU poll that needs your votes (link inside) ...

Rick Warren pulls anti-gay language from his Web site

Rick Warren pulls anti-gay language from his Web site

How many GLBT DU members have left in the last 24 hours? nt

I've just about had it with this shit.

Here is my one little bit of advice to all my GLBT brothers and sisters who are upset with DU

I think that we've made some good points.

I would like to thank all the folks who come to the GLBT board to tell us to get over it...

I was feeling gay last week....

For whatever its worth...

Saddleback church NOT taking down gay condemnations after all

Rick Warren teaming up with Reader's Digest to form multi-platform network

Does this seem like a thinly veiled counter attack?

A good Christmas all... 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' (Ryuichi Sakamoto)

A message to all of us. Be prepared to see people say they are "ex-gay" during the Obama

Now, Melissa Etheridge posts her views about Rick Warren.

Keep a lid on the gays.

Oh looky ... Ricky's trolling West Hollywood.


My avatar I was using of Rick Warren was meant as subtle satire

New Warren video: transcription

Posts are being deleted faster than than they are being produced!!!!

Apropos of nothing, of course...

I can do a magic trick, watch...

Will this thread stand?

LOLocks, anyone?

LOLricks, anyone?

Comparing Lockes

Hang In There, Guys

GLBT DUers PM me your email addys

DU does not allow dissent and honesty

Clean up on aisle H8

Define "GAY" for me please

Someone posted this link on the UCC Forums. I thought you'd find it interesting.

ATTENTION Atlanta-area DUers: the Smilin' Bigot will be speak on MLK Day!

Pat Robertson "Remarkably Pleased" With Obama, Gives Bush C-

I stand with you in this struggle, not because I support your cause, but because it is our struggle.

Coming to DU is physically making me ill so goodbye (for now at least)

As some wonderful person here said, You don't need to thank us at all. You don't owe your

In new video, Rick Warren accuses gays of "hateful attacks," "hate speech," "Christ-ophobia,"

Can anyone spare a few bucks?

Warren On? Party Off.

A GLBT group on DU?

AP: Lesbian's brutal gang rape investigated in Calif.

~~~~OK, uncle!!!1 He's so DREAMY!!

Rick Warren to be main speaker at Ebenezer on King Day

Another dumb post, but I'm so sad people here are leaving

this place is starting to look like the gungeon

We have MANY straight allies on this board. THANK YOU ALL.

I'm getting weary of straight people trying to set the parameters

Unfuckingbelievable. These Bastards Never Quit

I believe Obama will be a great force for GLBT rights.

I am really sorry that there are those here that want GLBTs to play the gay version

Have to hand it to Obama - he said he wanted to start a dialogue

It's not Obama I'm mad at; it's way too many of you


Newsflash scary gay people: reaching out to bigots will help you gain marriage

hey guys, educate me please?

France backs Brazil UN ambition

FARC admits attacking medical mission but said it was a mistake

In Guatemala, a steep, rutted road to peace

Evo Morales and Prensa Latina for free trade, who would've thought it??

300 people angry over pyramid scheme burn buildings, injure 5 in Colombia; 6 detained

Mission Accomplished: How Bolivia Defeated Illiteracy

What We Can Learn from Social Struggle in South America

In just months, Cuba back from storms

Posted without comment.

Yanks to land Teixeira?

Is being a dumbass a requirement to host a sports radio show?

The Lions will close the schedule at Green Bay, where they haven't won since 1991

Winter daydream: Giants Vs. Patriots Super*Bowl re-match

NYTimes: Pennington Takes His Place in the Sun

Robbed by rare virus, boy gets his voice back

Raising premiums, cutting benefits, and exiting unprofitable counties...

FDA Warns About Weight Loss Products

At House Party on Health Care (at the behest of Obama), the Diagnosis Is It’s Broken

If music be the food of love ... then it also lowers cholesterol

I stumbled across this website while looking for dream interpretations

The Stars This Week: "Earn Your End-of -the-Year Karma Points!" - December 22 - December 28, 2008

Spread this around, please.

"The Final Phases Before the New" - Karen Bishop - December 22, 2008

My life is falling apart and I need some help/advice.

December 2008 Prayer, Light, and Healing Requests - part 2

“Court orders gun libel suit back to state“ Mayor Michael Bloomberg loses to Bob Barr

The right person died.

What We Should All Be Able to Agree Upon

Price of Lax Gun Laws

Is your lens scratched?

We had some crazy ice formations last week. (Is "pic heavy" the default assumption here?)

Has anyone tasted maple viniagrette?

Refrigerator pickles

How to bake a ham?

Music to cook by

Aaaarggh! I need an Aebleskiver pan...

The NYT says church attendence is up. It's wrong.

Do You Believe?

FAS Releases Survey Results on the Attitudes of Scientists Toward Law Enforcement

I have a science question.

I'm looking for resources about alternative energy/the green movement

A Highly Evolved Propensity for Deceit

At a Sleek Bioenergy Lab, a Lens on a Cabinet Pick - Steven Chu

Ride the Subways. All will be well...

Sand of Christ WTF?

How to you make choc chip cookies and not gorge oneself on the batter?

911 commission report as audio: ~23hr [librivox]

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

Census: U. S. citizens, not immigrants, lead Texas growth

Re: Government Guarantees for Lenders who Provide Student Loans

I am using Open Office, not IE Office. I have been doing dozens of screen prints

The Movie Quarantine (USA)

Grace Nearing's 10 Books Not to Read Before You Die

Harper Index: Parliamentary democracy disdained under new rules

Weakened Harper plays to party

Vancouver Sun: Canadian cheese should be made from Canadian milk

Tammy Baldwin named Honorary Co-Chair of the inauguration.

Thy Three Stooges Better Damn Well Lose Their Jobs After This Mess (Packers 2008 Season)