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Archives: December 22, 2008

Viewpoint: Employers put legal obstacles in path of workers’ union efforts

Where to post? I want to write something about immigration

Where to post? I want to write something about immigration

Mayor Defends Nativity Scene

Wesley Clark: "Democrats and military can get along. Here's how."

Detroit labor activists meet Republic’s workers (the sit in union)

Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one.

Do you expect of others?

Giving Back to Rick Warren

Is Walmart's "Made in China" the modern version of slavery?

I have changed my tagline, it is now: Ich bin ein homosexueller

Web exclusive: Cops shop to rescue Christmas

Minn. Islamic group wants investigation into fast-food toys

Remember that 401(k) match we promised you when we axed the pension plan? .....HA HA HA HA

MarketWatch: Sticking to Your Vows......On the Poorer Part

Obama's Basketball-Playing Cabinet Has Everyone Wanting In On The Game

Thomas Jefferson... some quotes to think about...

RIAA Agrees to Stop Suing Individuals & Work With ISPs

Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'

Disillusionment hurts.

Bumble Bee crabmeat comes from China

Scam of the Century now starting on CNBC, starring Madoff

Moisture rules (for DUers who shiver in the north part of the country)

Talk about a scary picture!

"What the UAW Made"...

FBI Agents Shifted From Terror Work to Madoff, Subprime Probes

I am both a tolerant and an intolerant person. That is precisely what makes me a progressive!

It's Always been legal

It's colder than Lynn Cheney's heart in southeast Michigan right now.....A temp of 1 degree.....

New gun law goes into effect

caption (Fred Thompson, NYT)

To ALL DU posters...........

Freepers vs: Darwin Theory

Sen Bob Corker..Tennessee

Sen Bob Corker..Tennessee


Rice says Obama likely to follow Bush on foreign policy (Is she trippin'?)

The reason for the season... MACY's

Guardian UK: 95-year-old philanthropist loses $550m in Madoff fraud

A VERY interesting post about the media and its lack of integrity...

DailyKos brilliance - Sure, if you'll also tie CEO pay to that in Europe and Japan

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, bread jumps to $800 million a loaf

2.6 Degrees in Ohio ... hints as on how to keep warm by Robert Service

Speed Camera "Pimping" Game

Holder Responds to the Citizens Petition For a Special Prosecutor

For anyone who disagrees with Rick Warren...

Here's a great online film about the 2004 election in Ohio

Did anyone catch the 60 Minutes segment about TSA?

Rick Warren and Rush Limbosevic's brief career as a "football analyst"

whoa! micheal connell said he was worried his plane was being tampered with!

Child support fee under fire (thank you Clinton and Gillibrand)

Have you applied for a TV converter Box coupon?

Obama confesses, "I'm not that good..."

Places in the Heart


For Conservative Radio, It’s a New Dawn, Too

Anyone care for a doughnut?

Man Pleads Guilty to Throwing Wife Off Balcony

Articles not reported in the USA about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Frank Rich: Who Wants To Kick A Millionaire

Auto Destruct by Jonathan Cohn - A Noble Failure (Good article on the auto industry)

i need to be educated on many issues, including gay marriage...

pat AND tucker.....

After eight years of the most partisan administration

The Bushites won't be happy until America has it's own Bhopal.

2008 Christmas sales are 10-20% higher than 2007


Christmas shut-down in Silicon Valley

Frank Rich: Who Wants to Kick a Millionaire?

Bush Creates Jobs (Sort Of)

Budget cuts in NY, California....

In booming Gulf, some Arab women find freedom in the skies

This Appointment Looks Promising

Generous European Welfare State? Maybe not so much...& "the left" is doing the dirty work...

Just finished watching a screener of "Gran Torino" and was terribly dissapointed.

Is EVIL something you ARE or something you DO?

MTP transcript - Condi filibusters and Gregory counters with hardhitting "mmms" and "ok".

Suspected US Missile strike in Pakistan kills 8

Why should be important to Govt. that citizens attend church?

Goddamn Greenspan's advice on the goddamn mess he goddamn well created

American soldier in Iraq thinks NY GOV Paterson is his "commander-in-chief".

Scroll down to "'Swimming to the Other Side' -- 2001." It's worth a listen.

SEC eagles are on the case: National Lampoon busted

Fairfield Greenwich Group: A firm built on ties to Madoff

It's comin' on Christmas...

Show-throwing Iraqi’s apology was tortured out of him: brother

$750 billion dollars (the bailout) just dropped off the radar. Banks say they can't track it.

The extent of modern Slavery -- Disgusting article

Bad Pun alert

Does it seem like the movie Mama Mia is being advertised everywhere on the TeeVee?

Decisions Today To Build New Nuclear Bomb Plants

Paying kids to go to school?

Madoff still a registered licensed dealer????? WTF????

Dick Cheney: A Seriously SICK, DEMENTED MUTHERFUCKER (What Else Is New?)

Toon on Warren

Wow, Japan's economy is getting *clobbered*

Can we agree on this? We've made progress in expanding GLBT rights

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Freebase Fruitcake

Question: Why don't we get our leaders to pork the marriage amendment with a "no divorce clause"?

Tobin (GOP election day "phone jammer") attorneys claim vindictive prosecution

If we can breed salmon, we can propagate ELECTRIC EELS...forget windmills, coal

Tell Obama: Single Payer Is The Answer

Nouriel Roubini on BBC radio about the financial crisis.

Happy Hanukkah, DU.

John P advisor to the President Elect...Climate Change Expert...LINK

Michigan city bans being annoying in public

another US Embassy gets white powdered

How strict are drunk driving laws in your state?

Do you know CPR or ACLS?

Bush's parting gift to Israel - 51st Statehood

The Seven Deadly Deficits: What The Bush Years Really Cost Us

AP study finds $1.6B went to bailed-out bank execs

Help me watch out for my neighbors

Joseph Stiglitz: The Seven Deadly Deficits: What the Bush Years Really Cost Us

After a great deal of research, here is my list of preachers who are godly instead of dollarly

After a great deal of research, here is my list of preachers who are godly instead of dollarly

Toyota Forecasts Its First Operating Loss in 71 Years

Pardons are what you get when you don't Impeach

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret

Giants vs. Panthers?

Why is Dick Cheney everywhere right now? Anyone know?

Westwood One Signs Fred Thompson

Employees at Alabama Honda SUV plant now worried about their jobs

NYT, pg1, lead story: More Companies Are Cutting Labor Costs Without Layoffs

How would you start a petition?(Bank bailout)

Fundraiser-'Individual D'- seeks immunity in Blagojevich probe

Madoff's Money Trail Leads to Washington

GMO crops in Iraq

Cartoon that seems very appropriate in re Warren controversy

Tom Delay's Wife Subpoenaed (Popcorn, Anyone?)

Madoff's Money Trail Leads to Washington

Check out all of these unexpected deaths of people involved with elections

In CA, welfare faces big hit as demand for services soars

I think we should throw shoes

does anybody have the Bu$h shoe parody of him behind the chicken wire at a bar, its from the scene

What kind of "community service" is Toyota going to have their laid off workers doing?

An article from July 15th and the Book, The Dark Side (Spying and Democrats)


The president will now conduct..........

Analysis: Census data shows 8 states could lose House seats

Hartmann had Cliff Arnebeck on today talking about Connell...

Alaska government migrates to the north

Cut spending on the Military !

Sean Hannity suing Atlanta developers

U.S. Refuses to Sign Measure On Decriminalization for Gays

Cheney says top congressional Democrats complicit in spying

There's still time to help!

Are we here (on this planet) to help each other or to compete/control each other?

Toyota projects first operating loss since 1941

Bigots should NOT be given a national honor and a podium, even if they could feed every starving kid

The Consequences of Marijuana Prohibition

Who cares what Democrats stand for?

Obama's big, BIG bus (plus more headlines) 12/22/08

The yellowcake story was simply NEVER a justification for war.

“Outnumbered, but not outgunned” what Obama needs more of in Afghanistan if he is to win.

History Of Rove Threats Against Mr. And Mrs. Michael Connell

Is anyone else sick of "24" being used to justify torture?

Palin Family Controversy – Mother of Daughter’s Boyfriend Arrested for Oxycontin

idiot son's dad miffed, and you won't believe why

Last Ever! Annual Bush Administration Calendar - 2008

Steelers - Yes We Can!

Remember Don Siegelman this holiday season. Card and/or contribution

Germany mulls taking in Guantanamo inmates

I would like to bend my screen door in half with my bare hands....

Report: After Eight Years Of Promoting Bush, AEI Purges Prominent Neoconservatives From Its Ranks»

Sarah Palin's extended family

Some green stuff to chew on ........ (about cars and energy and ..... )

The Nation: Why The Corporate Media Ducked The Real Story Of Those Flying Shoes

'Drill, baby, drill' process has begun.

DemocracyNow Covered the Michael Connell Airplane Crash Story this morning...

California: Is anyone working on a primary challenge to Cheney co-conspirator Rep.Jane Harman?

The first christmas, if it were held today....

Tell Obama: Single Payer is the Answer

Geren won't serve as Army Secretary under Obama

So did Bristol Palin have her baby? Read that it was due Dec. 20.

Buy a Calendar of Hot Pin-Up Model Sarah Palin

Who's trying to kill Evo Morales?

Soooo, no baby yet from Sarah Palin's daughter?

Hey, did'ja know W has written personal letters to every family of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq?

Republicans In Panic Over Possible Franken Win

Dick Cheney is still a liar

Word for today- sanctuary

How many DUers are being watched?

Automatic replay in spelling bee -

Tuscaloosa judges uphold $35M Family Dollar ruling

Lieberman Campaign Manager to be DHS Spokesbot

"Only one plane crash at a time please". . . . . Corporate Media

Civil rights activist James Bevel dies at age 72

AP Surveys Banks: (Still) Not Disclosing What They Did with Bailout Cash

IIRC, Choicepoint VP who purged Florida voters in 2000 died in plane crash, didn't he?

"Is Gay Marriage the Wrong Issue?"

How Does Santa Stack Up as a Leader?

Special Elections For Senate Seats

Solidarity actions in US for Greek uprising

Tell Obama: Single Payer Is The Answer

Iraqis hope to sue U.S. troops under new accord

Joe Biden will be on Larry King's show for the full hour tonight - reality check time

Coincidence? Both Bush Admin and Chinese Government Condemn NYT?

Posing As A Bidder, Utah Student Disrupts Government Auction of 150,000 Acres Of Wilderness For Oil

Ok, any guesses on how long it takes before someone RPG's these bastards?

6 years ago today we lost Joe Strummer

Fred Thompson Continues ‘Media-oric’ Rise

Does anyone know anything about the Lewin Group?

Nouriel Roubini: His 2009 Outlook and Comments On The Culprits of the Economic Crisis

What if Warren publicly recants his bigotry before the inauguration?

Addicts paid to practice contraception

The Skeleton in W.'s Closet: An excerpt from Family of Secrets

Anchorage stops collecting recycled glass

Jim Cramer is going ballistic on Tweety

Economic storm reaches judicial systems.

Bullets don’t have ‘adviser’ stenciled on some and ‘combat unit’ on another

Time magazine's "Person of the Year" (cover) ..

Get rich quick mentality wrong for poverty fight

Total market value of American Community Newspapers (86 newspapers): $30,710

The Bill Nobody Noticed: National DNA Databank

Massacre at Sand Creek...Will Humanity ever Change.?

Utility bills trouble customers - rates increase, CEO pay jumps from 2.7 to 3.27 Million a year

Southern Baptist Decline and God's Bottom Line

Southern Baptist Decline and God's Bottom Line

Hannity's Soldiers Go to War Against Biden's Working Families Task Force

According to the erudite tv sage Michelle Bernard, "100's of millions of people in the

Local woman accused of killing her unborn child

Video: Will Ferrell as Bush..."I'm leavin' the White House to tear Dallas a new party hole"

OMFG!! It's snowing in Massachusetts -- in December!

If you have a click to spare, would you consider digging or rating my Warren OP

Hairdressers want chance to style new First Lady

Boston Globe: The year 2008 in photographs

Dick Cheney’s Everyone-Said-We-Could-Do-It Dodge

The Rich Among The Rich. There is a wide gap .. the Hyper Rich

Gather 'round kiddies, for the Freeper Letter of the Day,

Plain Dealer plays it safe in Michael Connell article

Stop it. Stop trying to redefine marriage. Just stop it right now.

Bail Out the Economy? More Pay is the Only Way

**Breaking** Kennedy withdraws her name from U.S. Senate consideration

Tin foil on. Check ......... now .... let's talk Vince Foster .........

They are taking away Ohio's Progressive radio station, again! I will miss Stephanie Miller mostly!

Nothing brings joy to the right and the pragmatic centrists more than the lamentations of liberals..

Hoops With The Prez? Call Rahm.

Democratic panties (LOL)

What is it about New England?

Caterpillar Cuts From The Top

Techno Geek Help Needed! Anyone Know About Laser Guided Bombs?

Palin's biggest campaign regret: Not enough media interviews (not the Onion)

Mr Fish Toon......

When is this stupid, fucking loser....

Former agent Coleen Rowley seeking FBI data on RNC policing

Keep your fingers crossed. I just spoke to a bank today about a first time buyer loan

Commercial Real Estate Developers To Paulson: Bail Us Out!

The Answer is....Fred Thompson!

Connell sabotage fears reported by Cleveland TV news

Connell sabotage fears reported by Cleveland TV news

Connell sabotage fears reported by Cleveland TV news

Flying J files Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Travel centers will remain open

Instead of believing Dick Cheney, I'd rather hope this is true

Sock it to the Holidays!

Has Bristol given birth yet?

Just heard on CNN, the mother of "the Alaskan Redneck" and grandmother of Bristol's baby..

Automakers screwed by their own greed, along with their customers.

Expect a lot of Labrador Retrievers to be up for adoption in about six months. Marley.

DU reaction to the Warren contaversy shows how far we have to go

Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever (CNN)

Happy Hanukkah

Manga collector faces 20 year prison sentence for "obscene" manga.

Golf, spam musubi, passion orange soda, and BO

Greyhound: Criminals

4 sought in gang rape of lesbian

The Purloined Constitution


Have we passed the event horizon?

Anyone remember the WTO Seattle riot/protest?

Anyone remember the WTO Seattle riot/protest?

Calif Atty General Jerry Brown challenges constitutionality of Prop. 8

My right wing brother says the end times are here!

General George S. Patton was Assassinated?

YOWSAS! New Hampshire To Suspend Jury Trials! Reason: They Can't Afford Them!

Larisa Alexandrovna: This Is An Interesting Development...

The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With the Lamb

Verdict Reached in Trial of the Fort Dix Six - Guilty...

Delphi, New UAW hires make less (inflation-adjusted) than before the 30's Detroit sit-down strikes

Banks Not Telling Where Bailout Went

How Obama's reaching across the aisle was used to further anti-gay legislation

Today ~ Saddleback Church stripped website of "anti-gay" language...

a Depression like 1929? nope. More like 1873...

a Depression like 1929? nope. More like 1873...

Westwood One Brings Fred Thompson to Radio in March 2009

Anyone up for a little Marriage Ceremony 101? ;-)

Will India Strike Pakistan Within the Next Couple of Months?

Albany Times Union: Wanted for rape, ex-Congressional candidate [(R)] dead in Cohoes

Two years ago, 122 levees ID'ed as unsafe, unreliable-only 45 have been fixed

Cheney says top congressional Democrats complicit in spying

Rick Warren and Prop 8

Brother:Torture drove shoe-hurler to apologize

MUST read LTTE in my local paper about Gay Marriage. An excellent one to share!

Rick Warren pulls anti-gay language from his Web site

temperature differences in rooms

Revolution - If Criminals like Cheney and Rove are not brought to justice...

What do "fundamentalist" and "evangelical" mean to you?

That's it. I've officially had enough of football.

can i stay at your house tonight?

Is evolutionary selection pressure creating family breakdown?

Has Obama ever written or spoken about how he feels about Hawaii?

I dropped out of ski school.

Buffalo Bills defeat Denver 30-23.

people talk a lot of shit about texas

There are 12 Bolsheviks in my house seeking workers for the revolution

If I could run over ONE pedestrian and get away with it to prove a point, I would

In 21 minutes my doorbell will ring.

There Are 12 Cookies In My House to Go With an 18 Year-Old Scotch

A whole new car company strategy idea .....

There are 12 Bohemians in my house seeking a Lounge like atmosphere...

There are 12 Chechens in my house seeking a Russian lieutenant

I sent some Christmas cards. None of the recipients sent any back.

I just discovered something hilarious!

I'm savvy and hip and cool because I talk on my cell phone while driving.

Joel Pett's retrospective of the bush years. This cartoon took up the full

Any HP-35 RPN calculator fans out there? Here is a free, working version (online)!

Time to revisit 1988 and Bin Laden plane crash in Texas. BCCI-Harken-GWBush

There are 12 Hobbesians in my house trying to get me to sign a contract

O's and Ripken fans, game 2130 is on now on MASN

Democratics in DC must not distance from "the left", their base, their constituents.

What did you guys do to GDP while i was gone???

There are 12 18yo's in my house for a porno exchange.

Anybody else stranded or travel plans foiled by weather?

Guest_461938 is kicking my ass in online pool

So I bought Tabula Rasa, they're closing it down

Ok, maybe this Flu thingie wasn't so bad - I'm already 10lbs lighter

ok I now have FIVE dogs curled together on the couch

Cheney lying?: We Asked If We Needed Approval For Wiretapping, Congress Told Us ‘Absolutely Not’.

Kahlua & Coffee at the ready

Hey, I'm having trouble locating my car. Can you help me find it?

So I just finished watching "Who Killed The Electric Car"

Wiil I die if I eat the entire 9x13 inch pan of lemon squares?

Asking for thoughts on this Christmas stuff with my family

"Evil Cannot Be Reasoned With, It Can Only Be Defeated"

How important is it to have a poker-face while playing poker?

"Anymore bacon, Daise?"

I hope it is true that bad things happen in threes.

I just finished watching "Who Killed the Electric Car."

Michael Jackson seriously ill

Last night I had five dogs trying for a spot on my lap.

Windchill Advisory: single digit temps and 40-50 mph winds will bring a windchill of -15F overnight.

cats are evil

This Is How I Feel

Must read! The Pentagon is muscling in everywhere. "We no longer have a civilian-led government."

It Was All That I Could Do To Keep From Cryin'

This picture makes me feel good because my ass is not that fat!!

With The Economy in Shambles... CONgress Gets a raise

Where Bikers Stare at Cowboys Who Are Laughing At The Hippies Who Are Praying They'll Get Out Of

Should they ever make a musical from assorted Smiths songs?

I just made 150 Christmas cookies - ask me anything!

chicken train...running all day

Babylon 5 fans. I just found some awesome on youtube

Hey...St. Louis hip-hop act The FuFops...have y'all heard of 'em?

How long do dirty dishes remain dirty in your house?

That was an awesome game. Southern Miss beats Troy in OT

Damn, It's nice to be back in Arizona!

It seems like things just don't want to go right, lately.

Al-Zeidi's Brother Finally Sees Him, Reports a Missing Tooth, Cigarette Burns on His Face

More pics of my tiny sweet new kitten!

WOOHOO!!! Four episodes of Sgt. Bilko on Retro Night!

"Neoconservatism in a New Era" by Nick Rogers (12-22-08 Right Web)

"Neoconservatism in a New Era" by Nick Rogers (12-22-08 Right Web)

Redneck Mother!!!!! PAGING NICOLE!!!!!

Will the Wolf Survive?

add this to the list of bush nicknames...

I want to have Tim Curry's baby.

I've canceled winter. In about 8 hours, it will be warm and sunny until the end of time.

What will happen to the US economy in 2009?

Please tell me this broad isn't as stupid as she looks

Which is better? Pearl Harbor (2001) or Midway (1976)

The country is moving to accepting gay marriage - Newsweek has a pro-gay marriage cover story

'Die Hard' - best Christmas movie ever?

Strange 1930s German Art.........bizarre ---comments are funny

I posted a "poll" in GD about CPR/ACLS

Bush shoe thrower proves great advertisement for shoe company

ever had a dog that LOVES cold?

I am literally snowed in today.

I just sent in my application to Pratt Institute

My head just asploded

What's The Matter With Rick Warren? (from "The Nation")


Holly's Kitchen in West Carrollton, Ohio

Let's go to Denmark

Some People Are Just Stupid.

Ever accidentally found yourself on youtube? I just did...

Cat Yoga

I got involved in a road traffic accident tonight.

Love is in the air

Don't call me numbnuts just because I bike to work when it's 21 degrees outside

Minus 317 wind chill in my town right now.

More Christmas market pictures (dialup warning)

Stir The Pot

Free advice: while drunk and singing on Rock Band, beware of friends taking video.

Roomba Cat!

My take on GD:P

Screw you snow.

I saw this on Olbermann's show, a 25 pound potato!

So how many people with dirt on Bush have ended up dead?

I am in awe of firefighters. And deeply appreciate them.

The only thing I have in the house to lighten my coffee is leftover eggnog from a party.

What do you want to come back as if you're reincarnated?

What is the past tense of ding?

Is the phrase 'shrugged his shoulders' redundant?

Sock it to the Holidays!

Photo: Burger King receipt for a Whopper with Cheese and FIFTEEN SLICES of bacon (burger pix too)

How deep is your snow?

DUer Symarip creates new sit-com for NBC.

Damnit, i finally figure out what the perfect car is only to learn it is not imported anymore...

Do you like bacon?

My Beef Today (12/22/08): Buying Old Homes and Not Fully Fixing them Up

Dog question

you know, it kinda pisses me off

I feel so sorry for the dog in this video

Tempertature check in

WPA 2.1: Obama-Biden's New Deal


had the flu yesterday and today...god I thought I was dying

Well, I woke up this morning

NO! Not the Bore Worms!

Waay too cold

Happy Hanukkah !!!!

Lottery tickets from supervisor

Dogs are cooler than cats.

This just plain old mean! Poor Kitty!

None of my friends want to go see 'Valkyrie'

today is NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY FOR HR676 -- single-payer (Medicare for All)

An Internet Oddity That Bothers Me

Any Newton Faulkner fans here?

How would you respond to the MOST obnoxious christmas card ever?

Cripes. My street is a friggin crime scene.

Okay, I'm not a kid person...

Gah. I rarely remember my dreams, but I just had a disturbing one that I remembered.

It's friggin DEAD here at 5:30 am my time.

Favorite TRADITIONAL christmas movie


Ah, the wonderfulness of folk music in 1986...

What should I get you for Xmas?

I just have to share this page I just stumbled

"WKRP" just isn't the same with the music cut out--

So, just what is the difference between a civil union and a marriage?

I get to work from home today because my basement office is too

Can anybody recommend some good iPod games?

Fan the Flames

Why is Midlo sending a PM to everyone on the board but me?

My PM to Midlo

PM stands for Public Message

Is anyone else having to work Christmas eve?

Midlo is TOTALLY getting OLD and losing her hearing...

Either share with the whole class

I didn't get a PM

The Day The Earth Stood Still. Very good movie IMHO for the earth friendly.

Recommendations for MP3 player?

Recommendations for MP3 player?

Good female a capella songs?

How the mighty have fallen - Shannen Doherty starred in a Sci-Fi movie

Midlo hates me.

Michael Connel was a Republican Operative

So did anyone watch the Ravens/Cowboys game this weekend?

Sorta Holiday Miracle

Home made Christmas card

I am so bummed. No shashlik, no pirogies, no golubtsi for Christmas Eve dinner.

So, I went to the airport the other - I love what they've done with it

Why the hell do things go wrong around the holidays?

That AT&T commercial with T-REX the monster scaring the kids still makes me laugh

Good morning Lounge

LOL The shoemaker can't keep up with sales for model 271 brogues!

You will be happy to know that according to the Social Security

You people are very boring today if you think anything *I* would PM is

How many songs = how much memory on an MP3 player?

You think non-Catholics are mad at the Pope? Just wait a few months.

My PM to CreekDog

Outdoor smoking ban under consideration in San Luis Obispo

Okay, okay, okay. The 'PM's in question are regarding

Death Race was remade recently? I just saw an ad for the DVD of it. Did it play theaters?

Anyone up for a little Marriage 101?

Anyone up for a little Marriage 101?

I'm gone for 5 minutes, and come back to find Midlo broke the lounge!

LynneSin!!! Stop yer caterwauling and check your PM!!!!!

Tribute to Joe Strummer by Dave Lordan

The phrase of the day is "Rick Warren". Modify any thread title to include the phrase "Rick Warren".

The biggest Ponzi scheme of them all (hint, it's not Madoff's).

Today is my other DU Birthday, tell me what you didn't get me.

Oh god. I just found out everyone I knew in high school is networking on facebook.

Requesting a cessation of use of The Lounge for inside jokery, and a LOLCAT

68 Degrees, and I just got back from teh beach!!

As Economy Falters, More People Giving Up Pets

As Economy Falters, More People Giving Up Pets

Snowprints... frikkin' nifty. :)

Midlo just sent me the sweetest PM!!!!

Are you hot?

Was Cynthia McKinney Onto Something? "Katrina's Hidden Race War."

A simple fact to keep in mind: Being nice to Republicans and expecting them to be nice back .......

Days like today is why I love the lounge.

I can hardly believe it's only been a year since the United Nations abolished religious holidays...

For 2008, have you been naughty or nice?

If you don't know how to Ghost Kick, PM Midlo a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

There's an icicle hanging from my roof

Change we could believe in?

I'm in a weird situation. Suggestions welcome and much appreciated!

CHENEY Rats On His Democratic Co-Conspirators

Hey Ava! Stop kicking your old threads!

The rec fairy and the ghost kickers are back. It's a good day in the Lounge.

A Mod in Top Form

After a long day in GDP, I can NOT get this song outta my head

Florida county rounds up all 15 of the escaped Patas monkeys, one found dead.

Kick, if you're a Rockette!

Cold enough for you?

SOteric!!! Put the spoonula down and check your PM!!!!!

Paging that freeper Oktoberain. Check your PM, please.

Okay, in all seriousness.

Kick this if you don't know how to kick box!

ok.. whoever the ghost kickers are.. you suck

Good females singing a capella songs?

Ghost kick this thread if you know how to do it

Tonight I polished off (most of) my xmas wrapping

whats worse?

"This guy's rear" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "this guy's rear".

DUStrange. You've got some 'splainin to do.

What the hell? I've been gone all day and everyone else has Mildo's PMS except me!

Somebody needs to get Midlo back on the Franzia and off of the Speed

Steelers - Yes We Can!

flvegan!!!! Pull your nose away from the window and check your PM!!!!!!!!

post a google picture of somewhere you once lived:

This thread is for you...

for those who are curious.. here's how you "ghost kick"

Somebody send me a PM

Sniffa is bored.

Did I break the lounge?

Someone better PM me

Midlo - stop being cliquish and send me a PM!!!!!

LESS THAN zero is a great film.

LIGHTEN UP ! : The Punk Poet and the Knight

Holophonics, pretty cool...hear sound all around your head...

LESS THAN HERO is a great episode of FUTURAMA

How's this for a total lack of class? On Saturday we had a few friends and neighbors over for wine,

The Hollow Men

Best Price on best show in ages... "Flight of the Conchords"

In many ways, ghost kicking is like stuffing a bra.

Kick this, if you don't know how to ghost kick!

%77481 %7748 ^^7748881 ^^rr77411^

Rick Warren ate my balls

Does Midlo have a job?

MOM! Sniffa's makin' stuff up again!

Anyone here use Adobe After Effects?

Poor Tom...(gross indignity)

I did it. I made an adoption to keep my girl company.

Somebody explain how to Fuck-Ghost RIGHT KICKING NOW!!!!

And now, an internet SALUTE! to Mike Wilson!!

The thread to talk shit about Midlo since she just put us all on ignore

SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!!!!!! What is going on in here?

Rick Warren ate my baby

When you eat an ordinary-sized brunch, how many meals are you eating?

I just want to say I appreciate so many of you.

I need some help dealing w/ my boss..........

hEYhEY, get a grip on yourself

My Ten Xmas wishes

Who do I have to sleep with around here for the GK secret?

Just one question.

Monday, December 22nd. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Burl Ives

My Step-father is significantly older than my mother...

Sign on a Biohazard Lab: The staph wishes you a Merry Christmas! n/t

Mr. Midlo is an idjit.

A Christmas story...That never happened.

Will ghost kicking screw up the master database?

am i the only one who doesn't celebrate xmas?

Instead of a prayer, what would you rather hear at the inaugural?

Somebody explain how to Ghost-Kick RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

Dolphins vs Jets

Jesus Dress Up Christmas Edition

Bad news from up north

My Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

New suggested title for The DU Lounge:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/22/2008)

Monday, December 22nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Janeway is offering you and your partner a space on Voyager

Okay, lounge, listen up. This is a prime example of disrespect that I won't tolerate.

From Disneyland Paris, the Pizza Burger (a cheeseburger with actual MINI PIZZAS for buns)...PHOTOS!

Four NEW podcasts! Grab 'em while they're HOT!

Movies with a terrific ensemble cast:

Idea for a New Iranian Sitcom: Six's Company

Question 12: Finish this sentence: I'm Rick James, _____!

Somebody send me a BM.

God Damn! It's COLD in here! Can I put my feet in your armpits?

6 years ago today we lost Joe Strummer

6 years ago today we lost Joe Strummer

** cries ** why is Midlo PMing everyone but me

Good present for my daughter to get my wife?

We rescued this dog...we may wind up strangling it

I'm heading out on Christmas Day, with my RV, to Oregon.

I woke up this morning wanting a little camper or a camper van.

Words to live by...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Clam Chowder

Trying to come down with a head cold, and the roof of my mouth is itching...

Name a celeb that deserves to get Donner Partied in the western blizzard

Name a celeb that deserves to get Donner Partied in the western blizzard

Guys, worst four words in the English language? poll


"He's not gonna say 'fuck stick' in front of the he?!"

"He's not gonna say 'fuck stick' in front of the he?!"

Ghost Kick this, if you don't know how to ghost kick!

My german shepherd

Pure fun!

*** Here is how you "ghost-kick" ***

Silent-kicking is the lamest, cheesiest messageboard gimmick ever

That Toyota Tundra commercial voice guy needs punching

Obama's loyalty gap growing -- Howard Dean gets screwed over

Homeopathic 'Healing' - Why do people still believe this crap?

What do you suppose happened to this guy's rear?

What the hell? I've been gone all day and everyone else has Mildo PMs except me!

Where's Mildo?

Is there anything cool and fun that CAN'T be douched up by lamers?

My SO's phone

An Update On My Cat...

Seattle Snowpocolypse! Day Three!

Is it OK for progressives/liberals to advocate trashing the Constitution?

All hail the man who invented the Subaru

A New Way to Pay Actors and Actresses

I love you Omaha Steve!

I need a new mantra....

Post a picture from the Star Trek episode that best resembles GDP.


I failed cheerleading school.

Protest flares up on Facebook over breast-feeding photos

The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized

Thank you Mods!!!

I'm not a one issue voter either, to be completely honest about it...

A timely parable for DU

What's illuminating is how this episode has caused the masks to slip on so many here

Michelle and Barack's Two Gorgeous Helpers..Yvonne and Valerie....

Any photos from the protest at Warren's 'church' today??


Would anybody like to know

Why was Obama against Prop 8?

Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead prayer dismays Hollywood liberals

I guess on the bright side, President-elect Obama is standing his ground on the Warren deal....

The Official DU Transition Team Blago Press Release Watch Pool Thread Thingy

Warren Hate. Here's the elephant in room:

Has any president-elect been more scrutinized in history than Obama??


Nice to know that Bill Kristol loves the Warren pick (and has time to bash gay activists)

WSJ: Obama Sets Fast Pace for Transition

Are you for Gay Marriage?

whatever you do

Lets all come together on one thing. Warren is a slimy piece of shit!

I haven't commented on the Warren debacle yet.....

Cheney's Out of Angles and Biden's Full of Them

[Sarah Palin] Levi Johnston's mother arrested on drug charges

The time has come to write up articles of impeachment...

ENOUGH of this insanity! DO YOU, or DO YOU NOT support President Obama?

Which Baptist minister would have stirred more controversy? Rev. Jesse Jackson or Pastor Rick Warren

Morning Joe: Caroline Kennedy = Sarah Palin

Check in here with your favorite memory of working to get Obama elected.

I hate to say this but I think it's time to bring it back up again:

While it may seem quiet in Washington, the Bush administration has been busy attacking

Is there any topic which does not benefit from a robust, extensive national dialog?

I feel compelled to post something condescending and hurtful

Asked To Name Highest Moment In Office, Cheney Comes Up With '9/11'

Kennedy Makes Last Push for National Health Care

So if either Malia or Sasha grow up to be a lesbian, will Obama attend the wedding?

Does anybody remember Donny McClurkin?

Is the Bush administration and Animal Farm mirror images?

Common Clinton supporters give us more Ayers/Wright guilt by association tactics...

Rick Warren is gay

Does Obama have an openly gay person on his cabinet?

So what's next? Obama is gay?


In the spirit of Obama's invite to Warren, perhaps we shouldn't oppose Pope Pius XII canonization

You rocked this weekend! Now today it's National Call (and kick, pls!) Day for single-payer!

Sad news from up north...

MWM ISO MWM for economic stimulus opposition

As a politician, is it more acceptable to....

So, everyone had this much outrage in 1997 correct?

My thoughts on Gay Marriage. We out smart them.

Obamas Cabinet violates Normal Span of Control Limitations....

A view of what the Invocation selection means from the Other Side....

Today in Bush History: Bush's Dropping Military Support, Enduring Big-Pharma Support, 12/22

Yesterday marked 30 days left of bush. Celebratory song: The World is a Circle

Obama would have voted for Prop8

Less that one month

29 days left of bush. commemorative song: Springtime For Hitler

What's more important than Rick Warren?

Reality, Reason, and Sanity...long over due: Obama appoints, Chu, Holdren, and Lubchenco


The real change we can believe in!

The real change we can believe in!

Why a prayer at all? Why not have someone read from the "Charters of Freedom?"

Rick Warren is Handsome

When Obama becomes the president he will be the BIGGEST gay advocate ever!

We Call on You Lord: Leaked Rick Warren Invocation -Must Read - (spoof)


what we have to do in the coming months is educate Obama about gay marriage . . .

The hunting of the president resumes

The night George W. Bush mocked "Peace on Earth Good Will to Men."

Maybe the Gay Community should start protesting Red Lobsters around the country?

In reference to Gay Rights Issues and the recent passing of Prop 8

About that Birth certificate???

Howard Dean, a Victim of His Own Success?

Barack, we hardly knew ye.

I for one am very happy Barack is on vacation right now

More Than 200 Tuskegee Airmen Accept Inauguration Invite

For Christian DU'ers

Is congress getting another raise?

These talking heads don't have much to talk about so they make up crap. And direct it to Obama.

I'm still looking forward to an Obama administration.

I'm going to watch the inaugural.

Obamaz Warren Pickle.

Something to think about. Many of us are PISSED at Obama re: Warren but draw the line. . .

Alec Baldwin: The Inauguration Cannot Come Quickly Enough

I Hope that Cheney gets Tried as a War Criminal

Obama transition sees eye-popping 300,000 resumes

Do you want to know what I resent?

We need to nip this one in the bud, right now, bigoted beliefs should not be respected...

AK-Sen: Palin Beats Murkowski in Hypothetical Primary Matchup

Candid: Some on left have same philosophy of gov't as Bush Co.

Now the fucking POPE has his say.

My usually reasonable friend is convinced that Obama is actually an Arab

WH accuses NYT of "gross negligence" for article blaming Bush for mortgage crisis

Warren to be keynote speaker at MLK commemorative service on the day before inauguration.»

Anyone here play World of Warcraft? New Presidential Expansion Pack is out!

Joe Biden feels sorry for President Bush

Did anyone read the rest of the Warren interview?

Obama shoulda taken the vacation before all these decisions were made...

Guys, do you realize we've won 4/5 of the last presidential elections

is this the current portrait of du?

As a member of the gay and lesbian community please allow me to apologize...


Hate to piss in the pool here...

The ONLY good thing to come out of this Warren pick

Krugman said - he was "in communications" with the incoming administration on the economy.

FDR Didn't Govern from 'the Center' -- Neither Should Obama

Obama's got a 6-pack!!

Caroline Kennedy supports gay marriage

Franken down by 188 votes.

Watch Freepers Go From "Patriots" To Blatant Traitors In A Single Thread

Is it true that Rick Warren's church won't let women....

Everyone should be aware of Rick Warren's PEACE Plan & his Protege's in Africa!

The president eats spam!!!

Barney Frank is suffering from "POST PARTISAN DEPRESSION"

Whoa! Anybody watching Mike Rogers on Hardball?

Black lawmakers irked by Obama’s diverse Cabinet

There's something really sad about a competition over what group

Obama receives rousing welcome in Hawaii

Random thought: Can we reach out to the other side and not reach out to "bigots"?

Melissa Etheridge's wife: "Big Rick's (Pastor Warren) Yamaka"

So I have to say it....

I owe the DU LGBT community an apology.

Having given it a fair amount of thought, what Obama SHOULD do at this point

700+ billion to Wall Street, and Obama wants to cut funding to an agency that

The MSM is Not Happy: Obama Exposing them for the Whores That They Are

Please let Obama and the transition team know how you feel about Warren

Limbaughs Ridiculous Recession Statement Begs for Fairness Doctrine

Merry Hatemas MuthaF@cker(s)

Obama Planning to Scrap Shuttle Replacement, Says NASA

Some women are disappointed that Obama only appointed five women to his cabinet

To those who are "surprised" at Obama's cabinet picks and actions since the election...

What if civil unions did provide the exact same rights and privileges as standard marriages?

It's been absolutely irresponsible for the progessive media not to report on Reverend Lowery

If You're OK With Rick Warren In Inauguration Lineup Why Not Call & Thank These Assholes?

he is dead to me now

What's illuminating is how this episode has caused the masks to slip on so many here

WTF is up with the creepy faceless figure in Dumbya's official portrait?

The Elections are over folks. It's time for Politics.

President Barack Obama

Obama's Hawaiian Holiday: Spam Sushi, Golf, Offers To Buy Beer For Reporter

So just what does an Inaugural Invocation look like?

Rice says Obama likely to follow Bush on foreign policy

Those annoying little truths

Why doesn't Obama pick Rev. Wright instead?

Chavez says mall to be expropriated in Venezuela

How many atheists are in Obama cabinet ?

For those who don't like Presidential "Fan" Threads......a message for you:

I don't think Blacks and Whites should get married!!

Cheney must be worried or trying to salvage his and Bush's reputation

Obama starts morning with gym workout

Obama To Release Blago Report This Week

Labor activists demonstrate at Wal-Mart (where a worker was killed on Black Friday by the crowd)

Labor activists demonstrate at Wal-Mart (where a worker was killed on Black Friday by the crowd)

Bush E-Mails May Be Secret A Bit Longer

Japan Exports Plunge Record 27% as Recession Deepens (Update1)

At Iraqi border outpost, signs of improving ties with Iran

Bosnia lacks cash to purge killer mines

Drug crackdown has little effect on money laundering

In booming Gulf, some Arab women find freedom in the skies

For Conservative Radio, It’s a New Dawn, Too

A Reeling City(Columbia, SC) Is a Snapshot of Economic Woes

Obama signals major shift in US trade policy

Obama signals major shift in US trade policy

China Cuts Key Rates for Fifth Time in Three Months (Update2)

(New Hampshire Supreme) Court rejects GOP voter list claim against Dems

Bush assailant kick-starts sales for shoemaker

Brazil citrus industry threatened by disease

Gaza near to collapse as Israel tightens grip, says bank

Suspected U.S. drones kill 7 in Pakistan - agents

Westwood One Brings Fred Thompson to Radio in March 2009

Secret Tapes Helped Build Blagojevich Graft Cases; Hospital CEO Reported Shakedown, Wore Wire

Activists Say They Found Japanese Whaling Fleet

Rice: Obama to follow Bush foreign policy

Nine men decapitated in southern Mexico: police

Sorry, dupe. n/t

Archbishop of Canterbury warns recession Britain must learn lessons from Nazi Germany

AP IMPACT: Wall Street still flying corporate jets

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 22

Saudi court rejects plea to annul 8-year-old girl's marriage to 58-year-old man

Catholic leader sought Mormon help on Prop 8

Analyst: Game over for GM stockholders

UPDATE on 8 yr. old Uzi death: Police chief pleads not guilty in boy's Uzi death

Data show drop in SEC criminal case referrals

RIGHTS: Mercenaries At Large in Colombia

Gettelfinger: UAW not included in negotiations with Bush

Caterpillar announces pay cuts, buyouts

GM Closes Ohio Plant, Cuts 1,080 Workers

Inauguration Day Crowd Estimate Reduced by Half

Reports: Russian military to get more than 70 nuclear missiles over 3 years

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret

Arabs lavish jewels on Secretary of State Rice ($300,000 worth)

Fort Dix five guilty of conspiracy to kill soldiers

Cheney: 33 detainees suffered 'enhanced interrogation'

Bolivia official reports plot to kill president

Commercial Loan Defaults May Triple as Rental Income Declines

Mortgage re-defaults up; no sign of slowing

GOP consultant killed in plane crash was warned of sabotage: report

Toyota braced for historic loss

"To Kill a Mockingbird" director Robert Mulligan dies at 83

Nearly 30 Percent of San Diego Mortgages Underwater

NY Times published fake letter from Paris mayor

Pope likens "saving" gays to saving the rainforest

EXCLUSIVE: OH Election Fraud Attorney Reacts to the Death of Mike Connell

Bush's parting gift to Israel - 51st Statehood

Hamas threatens suicide attacks in Israel

Hamas says open to new truce in Gaza

Inaugural Wishes for the F.E.C.

Drug crackdown has little effect on money laundering

Christmas in Baghdad, Shamelessness on Fox News Sunday

Food Stamps for US, Let World Eat Cake

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Legitimacy Dwindles (James Kunstler)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Cluster Bomb Treaty and the World’s Unfinished Business (Ramzy Baroud)

I'll be thrilled to see you go, Dick Cheney

Fareed Zakaria: Now the Real Test for Obama; "from charismatic authority to legal authority"

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Un-Asked Question (Hal Cohen)

NYT: The Disciples of Hatred, in Their Own Words and Images

Democrats Try to Lower Expectations: "Recovery will not be immediate."

"California is shaping up to be the new Texas, the alpha state...."

Newsweek: Is Gay Outrage Over Rick Warren Justified

Rick Warren is an insulting choice

Jonathan Alter: The Clintons

Holy Moses! Madoff Even Ripped Off Moses!

Why does the NY Times keep referring to Rush Limbaugh as an "Entertainer"?

Check out all these unexpected deaths of people involved with elections


NYT editorial: A New Respect for Science

"Neoconservatism in a New Era" by Nick Rogers (12-22-2008 Right Web)

Hey Reagan Democrats: Now Do You Get It?

The DU shooting itself in the foot.

Cheney describes Clinton's record on terrorism as huge success.

Sarah Palin On Her Daughter's Baby's Father's Mother Being Arrested

Melissa Etheridge wants us to reach out to Rick Warren

TYT: Shocking Statistics Show Bush is a Failure on Terrorism

Drill Virginia Drill

Rick Warren Double Talks When Caught - Saddleback Flashback

WABC News: The Death of Nelson Rockerfeller (1979)

Our Love Is Not a Victory March -K.D. Lang Spirit of the Season

Gergen: Bush Punted Automotive Problem to Obama. Rollins: Bush is Going to be Hoover

Throw A Shoe At George W. Bush. Come on! You know you want you!

Mark Crispin Miller on Spoonamore Testimony and Mike Connell who Died in the Plane Crash..

Does Caroline Kennedy Deserve the NY Seat?

Bush's "So What?" To Lies

Cheney: 9/11 was my highest moment

Christian extremists disrupt a Hindu payer at the senate

Sea Shepherd engages the Japanese Whaling Fleet

TYT: Cenk & RJ Break Down Rick Warren's NBC Interview

max keiser: US Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme like Madoff

Young Turks: B. Palin's Mother-In-Law Busted For Drugs---Will Jesus Save Her?!

Expect Cheney to be pardoned by bush for War Crimes

NEW TV-19 Coverage: Connell Cancelled 2 Flights on Sabotage Suspicion

(70,000 Views At HuffPo) Not Another Word on Gay Marriage Until They Execute an Adulterer

George Bush Shoe Throw Parody-Nike Commercial

An hour with Robert Fisk from Berkeley..Conversations with History

TYT Talks To Adam Sandler(!) & Other Actors From Bedtime Stories WRT Politics

Hans Blix: "Cheney threatened to discredit me."

A Paean to Barack Obama. The Twelve Days of Choosing Obama's Top Team

NCO training overhaul

Town fights fears as guardsmen deploy again

2.5 tons of marijuana found in Afghan school

Soldier in surprise wedding at gymnastics meet

Odierno: Decisions on Iraq to be made in spring

Fort Dix jurors expect to finish Monday

Guardsman adjusting to civilian life

Autopsy: Pregnant Bragg spc. was strangled

Guard unit gets order for Africa

Army finishes neutralizing sarin containers

3 Pa. Guard members face trial in sex assault

Growler grounded by left engine fire

Army: No link found among slaying suspects

China to send 3 ships to fight Somali pirates

Strict NWU rules may be revised after rollout

First residents move into Pacific Beacon BEQ

Keel authentication ceremony held for ship

Cold case heats up

Extension incentives offered for fiscal 2009

Marine pleads guilty to unauthorized absence

Marines activating new recon unit at Lejeune

Combat skills training readies troops for tours in war zones

Screening hot line, Web site can help with holiday blues

New Tower Inn construction to begin in March at Grafenwöhr

NG General Accused of Discrimination

Iran Takes Russian Air Defense System

U.S. troops, Iraqis fail to nab al-Qaida suspect in raid on farm

Defense Tech: The Sunday Paper

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Missing the Story Again

Karzai Lists Demands for US Troop Conduct

More Soldiers Now Eligible for TSGLI

Corps to court-martial E-9 charged with DUI

A Hooter-rific holiday treat

Some troops in Iraq get OK for beer during Super Bowl

Bush carrier to be unfinished during party

Power From the People: Power from stationary bikes to light up Times Square New Year's sign

Pima solar project a first step en route to renewable energy (AZ)

New Jersey's Only Solar Manufacturing Plant Shuts For Christmas Season, Lays Off Workers.

Forest Plan in Brazil Bears the Traces of an Activist’s Vision

More California farms operating on solar power

Fair Food Foundation - Targeting Inner-City Nutrition - Crushed By Madoff Fraud Before Even Opening

Grassroots to Hold Obama to Clean Energy Promises: 67 Groups in 28 States

Biomass fuels to the rescue? (FL)

Columbia Earth Institute - Abrupt Climate Shifts May Be Speedier Than Previously Thought - ENN

Sopogy (of Hawaii) Inks 50MW Solar-Thermal Project in Spain

Virgin rainforest targeted for oil drilling - (what?.... land use changes due to oil exploration?!)

Arctic Greening Linked To Retreating Sea Ice

Warmer oceans would fuel more thunderstorms

General Fusion -- acoustic compression waves in molten lead

SunTech to design, install 66 MW on-grid solar PV demon project in Yunnan (China)

Shuster is tearing Inhofe an new a$$hole on climate change at the 6:15 mark nt.

Obama team primed to push climate change agenda

National Research Council - Time Running Out On Gulf Dead Zone - Concerted Action Needed Now - NOTP

Third new solar plant (250 MW) proposed for SLO County (California)

Winterize your home - how much do air leaks cost?

U.S. Declares 6 Penguin Species Threatened (no Antarctic species)

The Hardest Lesson

Roubini interview with Financial Times on Outlook for 2009

Wage Deflation Underway .... produces a nasty spiral

Sen. Menendez urges banks to adopt new credit card standards now

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret - AP

Nouriel Roubini

Problems emerge in Dubai financing LOL

Nouriel Roubini: His 2009 Outlook and Comments On The Culprits of the Economic Crisis

Toyota braced for historic loss - OBVIOUSLY, this is entirely the fault of the management - it's NOT

An amateur doomer walks his dog

Chill wind blows on LA’s waterfront

Let's Encourage Banks to Dump Bad Assets

Globalization is DEAD!

NYT: To Strike or Not to Strike: What Would Tom Hanks Do?

Why the Union Won at Smithfield

Caroline Kennedy seeks support for Senate bid from labor leaders

West Virginia AFL-CIO, others launch campaign to protect jobs

US: United Farm Workers denounce Bush Administration change to H2A agricultural guest worker program

Unions pose difficult political test for Obama

CWA Broadband Policy Called Key Element to Economic Stimulus

Goldman Sachs Sued Over MBS Deals (a pension fund administered by NECA-IBEW)

Author Kim Bobo: Wage Theft Is Widespread In U.S. - Workers' Centers Fighting It

NYT: More Firms Cut Labor Costs Without Layoffs


Today in labor history Dec 22, 250 "anarchists," "communists," and "labor agitators" were deported

BCTGM-Alliance for Retired Americans

Napolitano signs order that's a victory for union

Folks, we are now being called "Obama crucifiers."

Schadenfreude...on January 19, 2009, a middle-aged male prostitute

What will be the excuse when they can't pass ENDA or any other gay rights legislation?

Obama defends his choice of Rick Warren (video)

Another look at the Warren mess from a Texas schoolteacher

A new perspective: My neighbor's friend's daughter's lover's nephew

Some deep thoughts about homosexuality

I give up,'s not simply fighting homophobia, it's battling their religion...


The STONEWALL thread was locked because it was deemed a threat to national security

"Must suck to be be used like that, but reality sucks"

A tiny bit of good news in all the Warren furor....

Some of my best friends are (fill-in the blank)

Who will be the next GLBT celebrity trotted out by the Warren justifiers?

What the hell, y'all.

Rick Warren believes in world peace -- I kid you not

How Do You Kick a topic?

"Fun" Facts about Saddleback Church.

My respect and likening for Ellen DeGeneres grows every day

'The homo-crazy crowd'

I'd like to buy everyone a round of drinks....

Now women are being tossed under the bus in defense of Warren

I have stayed of this fight for most part...

Nuclear GAYS! Ruining everything

Good post by Pacifist Patriot about marriage in GD

I wanna change my DU name

Are we pizza? Or are we rainforests?

What it cost Obama...

I would like to ask my GLBT friends a favor.

That Weird Hug from Rick Warren

Alright breeders. You asked for it - THIS MEANS WAR!!!

So Stonewall was a "threat to national security"

"Nuclear gays"

Pope likens "saving" gays to saving the rainforest

Yay! Inaugural inclusion!

"Attracting same-sex couples can be good for business, communities and the high-tech economy." (UI)

I would like you all to read this. It is meant very sincerely.

Saddleback Protest photos - Dialup Warning

How many of you LBGT DU'ers & Allies are on Facebook?

I would like to bend my screen door in half with my bare hands....

What are we? (Take Two)

An Analysis: What The Juan Cole, Etheridge, Warren Story Means to Gays.

Let's make ourselves feel good: Name a favorite DU "straight ally"

You guys need to see what

Happy Channukah to our GLBTQ Community and Friends!


Tammy Baldwin named honorary inaugural co-chair

A new perspective: Melissa Etheridge's wife writes about Rick Warren on her blog.

Venezuela helps Iran transport nuclear material

Attacks rise as Venezuelan term-limit vote looms

Brazil remembers slain activist

Bolivia official reports plot to kill president

Hope for Colombia's lost children

Meeting Cuba's youngest politician

Thank you Seattle Seahawks!

Dolphins/Jets game moved to 4:15pm Next Sunday

I'm ba-a-ack!

A personal "reaching across the aisle" story, if I may

Whole lotta transits goin' on. Any advice on working with their energies?

I beg your pardon!

Can you pump up your chocolate with intention?

New Matthew message dated December 21, 2008

Heads Up: New UFO Show On Natl Geographic Channel Mon. Night

Some news from Liz Greene's Astro.Com (Astrodienst)

Pick a number (Attempt at a Compromise on Registration)

“Judge upholds Chicago's handgun ban” Obama says what works in Cheyenne may not work in Chicago.

Baby it's cold outside!

more Asheville fireworks

More beauty in work:

Maestro, Back at Ya

I am curious.


today's mental block


Eat like a president. Eat Spam Musubi!

Cooks' Illustrated Heresy: Full-Bodied Tomato Sauce in 2-3 Hours

lord help me, but I love those potato wedges at truckstops and convenience stores

Paul Pantone

Saturn's Enceladus


Flexible bridge bounces back after quake test

King Tut's Daddy Identified...

The Future of Man--How Will Evolution Change Humans?

Scientists worried by huge holes in the Earth’s magnetic shield

Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected

Stellarium - Free Online Planetarium

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free Just a $42m shipping charge, sir

Mmmmm....Spicy Chewy Molasses Cookies

Here is where I do agree with the Christian Right Wing on Gay Marriage

I dislike the old testamant but enjoy the teachings of Christ

At last! A place where I belong..........the Obama bashing at GD-P is getting ridiculous.

Just wondering what the opinions were here on Lampson and Bell

Vtunnel proxy filter no longer works for me at my job.

Filmakers Log

Attenborough 'stable' after fall

Harper appoints a separatist to the senate.

A National Post columnist, to the Senate (Nicole Eaton)

Senator Leo Housakos, from the CBC archives

Mike DUFFY? They gave MIKE DUFFY a senate seat?

Jon Favreau and JK

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Building the new Congress: How requests get processed

Beware those Christmas baubles