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Archives: December 19, 2008

John Gauger

Hamas: Israeli-Gaza Truce is Over

My Letter to Senator Richard Shelby (R - Alabama)

From Global Crisis to "Global Government"

I had fun with this !!!

Father To Daughter: Don't Marry DREW PETERSON

The Invasion of the Pajama-gram ads...

Even a substantial increase in government benefits can't seem to help this NY-based Welfare Queen...

So, if you were to kick a thread

Homosexuals: if you think you know why people are then

Did Joe Scarborough speak 21 times or more on the phone about Lori Klausitis?

Report: Gonzales And Rice Appear To Have Lied To Congress About Vetting Bush’s Pre-War Uranium Claim

"Unfair, unreasonable, and deceptive," but let's keep doing it until July 2010. Then you're TOAST.

Major Matthew Alexander: 'We Owe It To Our Troops To Protect Them - By Not Conducting Torture'

"On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real" (or How Average Americans were Fleeced!)

“You have a lot of wealthy people who made a lot of money on handshakes,”-Madoff

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation

You will know their names....I will make them famous

We interrupt the Warren Tsouris to bring two pieces of good news

In the not-too-distant future: The New York Times, July 4, 2009

British forces to begin rapid withdrawal from Iraq by May 31 - Here comes the flowers

New Bush Administration Rule Is An Assault On Women’s Health Care

German foreign minister denies helping US fight Iraq war

Wheel in the sky wows local residents

Iraq ministry says employees killed in US raid at facility belonging to the Iraqi Grain Board

KOs got a good program tonight

al-Maliki has rescinded the old "one AK-47 per household" rule

MarketWatch: Ten Clues that tell us a new Wall Street bubble is inflating

Marine sergeant acquitted in the killing of four Iraqi prisoners wants to rejoin Riverside police

Can cities save the planet?

Heads up: Lincoln's White House on at 9 p.m. EST on CSpan.

And isn't it ironic... don't you think

Tonga, most other coalition countries leaving Iraq

SEC looks into Madoff's niece, Shana Madoff, wife of former SEC attorney Eric Swanson

Think you have better aim than the shoe-thrower??

Clinton, Murray vow reversal of Bush abortion rule

The truth is the main roadblock to gay rights is:

DUI driver sues driver she hit

IRONY ALERT: New Obama pick would be Secretary of Navy he can't openly serve in.

Separated at birth? Rick Warren and Chuck Todd?


New U.S. intelligence report warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

Harvard's Holdren to be Obama's science adviser

In Minnesota, Six Inches of Confusion (Minn. Supreme Court decision)

U.S. balks at decriminalizing homosexuality

The O bots are coming, the O bots are coming.

Ahhhnuld determined to terminate California

Snow falls in Los Angeles.....Global Warming-denying Freepers go Apeshit

Military contractor in Iraq holds foreign workers in warehouses

Military contractor in Iraq holds foreign workers in warehouses

So it looks that bush was never planning on a "bridge loan", but to force bankrupcy

Minnesota Supreme Court ruling could help Coleman

I just wanted to say that I like Obama's labor secretary pick.

How many DU'ers have managed to Save and how many are Under Water with Nothing...and some Inbetween

Reps. Waxman, Dingell reach power-sharing accord

Speaking of logical fallacies, there are two that keep cropping up with more and more frequency.

M$NBC is having a great two hours on scams and Madoff was right at the top of hour one.

The Shoe Thrown Around The World

Regarding the "moral objection" for health care workers. A solution.

We think that people who'd name their child Adolf Hitler are capable of being parents...

The Quiet American

As twittered early this evening by Rachel Maddow:

Bigotry is Bigotry

almost 45 million "hits" at in the last couple of days....

Maybe we should separate church and state and not have invocations?

And yet, here in the real world...

Calif. Court: Would-be Good Samaritan can be sued

The thread at the top of the DU Home Page is a big Fuck You to gay and lesbian Americans

Why do you have more rights than I do?

WaPo: Obama's Inaugural Mistake

The term "managed bankruptcy" reminds me a lot of Bushco's Katrina

Do You Want To Play a Game? ... "Sock and Awe" Free Online Game pits players against President

It's getting ugly out there (and maybe some good news)

What a WONDERFUL headline. Look at the Huff Post front page

I believe in Gay Marriage

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

ESPN - live - Nebraska vs. Penn women's volleyball NCAA semifinal match is all tied 2-2

For Obama to heal the damage caused by the choice of Warren he needs to come out for equal rights

Letterman: "Joy to the world, George Bush is done!"

Please think about the power of language: Two online articles about a child with a foot in his head

Holy Shit.....there is some amazingly egotistical crap on DU re: Warren.

Stacy Taylor fired from 1700 AM San Diego

Gay Man for Navy Secretary?

From the who would have ever guess it file: Venezuela mulls abolishing term limits

I'm so sick of the apologist wimps here.

Picture Of The Day "Franken Victory Projected"!

Ill. Supreme Court: Pharmacists can go to court to object to dispensing 'morning-after' pill

Obama's Inaugural Mistake: "We pray we weren't misled"

I suggest that....

AP: Did Bernard Madoff act alone? Investors doubt it

Deep Throat died

What I'm suppose to like about Warren is he believes in GW

Anderson Cooper just now.

Do you support the rights of LGBT people to not be fired from their jobs for being LGBT?

Order your 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar Here

Bet you can't stop playing

Three pretty reliable constants: Air is a gas, water is a liquid and Glenn Beck is an idiot

Why can't the president be sworn in by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS...

Hannity (the Manatee) is such a sleaze ball - checkout this fake Obama pic toggling on his home page

Fundies have seriously become the bane of my existence.

Google Costs You

Are you afraid or are you a free man?

CNN reporting Al Franken has 89 vote lead with count completed

The voice of the Enterprise has been silenced....

MOYERS Tonight - Bringing democracy to Afghanistan....say what?

I'll say it here, publicaly

Day MINUS Thirty Two, into Obama's First Hundred Days,

Organized labor 'thrilled' with Obama's pick for labor secretary

The top 1% of the US population = about 3 million people (US pop = 300 mill).

"Breaking The Huddle" on HBO was very good

The Terminator wants to terminate Ca-lee-fourn-yah

Only on Faux: Scumbag Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio gets his own TV show

Skinner: Can you wipe the GD-Presidential Forum and make a GD-Warren Forum.

I don't think Mercedes

Keep them stupid and fired up!

Are we back to days of Mythical Robin Hood? Will the Peasants Revolt? "London Banker" has Views:

Wonderful? Sorry, George, It’s a Pitiful, Dreadful Life.

Drill, baby drill

Great call on WJ

It's official, "shoe" now = George Bush (funny story overheard this morning)

So really, what's bothering you?

Who's more discriminated against? Gays or Atheists?

ABC NEWS: Bush Administration to announce rescue plan for Chrysler/GM

Obama replaces Warren...!!

Would you pay more?


Bush on economy moves: I didn't want to be Herbert Hoover

To Avoid Paying $25M, Insurance Co. Claims Smoke Killing 3 in Fire Was "Pollution"

BTW- Perriello BEAT Goode. Virginia 5th. by 727 votes

Why does the r/w only focus on... homosexuality but not on ...adultery?

US balks at backing condemnation of anti-gay laws

Now here's a gift.............

The revolution is ON! Workers of the world, Unite!!

Why are the new credit card company reforms

'They tore my nails out. Then I was interrogated by MI5' (warning:picture)

High Value Domain Name Sales - Full List 10/18/08

Funny stuff about Franken!

I was going to post some thoughts & questions in GLBT but I got too afraid.

Blackwater Logs Via Atty: Guards Fired On At Nisour Sq.

If you do buy a new car make sure the dealer pays off your trade-in or you are fecked

FBI Encouraged Workers To Bill For Overtime Not Worked, Violating Federal Law

Blagojevich is using Republicon family-values strategery

"Dear Pastor Rick Warren: Should I pay off my debts or tithe?"

Obama and Warren: Keeping our priorities straight

Even if you'll take a kitten, never stop asking for the pony

Like the Wind, SC Jobs Gone (Thank you DeMint! Idiot)

If somehow Coleman wins this, I blame the dumbfuck who wrote in a vote for "Al Frankenstein"

UAW busting, Southern style

Are you expecting anything big out of the inaugural address? I'm hoping he will begin to move us

Are you expecting anything big out of the inaugural address? I'm hoping he will begin to move us

Earmark helps businesses, not troops

Muslim governments, Jewish philanthropists top Clinton foundation givers

Muslim governments, Jewish philanthropists top Clinton foundation givers

This loan deal is a UNION-BUSTING DEAL! It requires the D3 to "bring costs in line with..."

Term limit pledge drove Brownback's decision to bow out

Caroline Kennedy "Lopes" ??!! Needs a Walking Coach to Learn Charge into a Room.

Gov't Managers Balk At Obama Plan To Thin Their Ranks

The Madoff Economy - By PAUL KRUGMAN



AP: Minnesota Recount Will Drag Into Next Year

dear auto companies...tell bu$h* to shove it up his ass and wait for obama

What's the GOP to do now? (I know..."who cares" but...)

bu$h* will use auto bailout to secure rest of 350 billion

Props to FedEx: facing a loss in profits, they cut executive pay instead of laying off workers

Here's to you Mark Felt. This country needs more people like you.

United States the ONLY western nation against decriminalizing homosexuality

Rewarded With Cash, Cartier Watch, Tuition At Porsche Driving School

Pedestrian Bridge Collapses at Atlanta Botanical Garden Kills 1, Injures 15

Democracy South Korean parliament style- on US Free Trade pact (6 pictures)

Fierce Advocate - really? one more outraged Dem

Family values from Bush ally: Aznar 'may have fathered French minister's baby'

I read when the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" first came out

Christmas Wars Episode II: Attack of the Fundie Clowns

Waiting for the Pres. elect to respond to his Bushy Pentagon's Iraq plan - keeps troops there longer

Rice: Bush didn't ignore any 9/11 'warning,' because there was no 'when, where, how'

Is this us today?

Ripped my Obama bumper sticker off of my Vespa today. Came off easy due to the

AlterNet: Kids Learn that Killing Is Fun at the Army's Lethal New Theme Park

People still willing to torture

So, if Roe v. Wade is overturned what will the pseudo religious hucksters &...

Are we done poking fun at Sarah Palin yet?

Has everyone here bought their 2009 Sarah Palin calendar?

Recording Industry To Drop Mass File Sharing Suits

White House Lied About Iraqi Yellowcake Buy, But That’s Not the Biggest Scandal (Dave Lindorff)

arne duncan? Fuck That

Anyone here from Spokane. I just saw they got 24 inches of snow so far.

Tinfoil Hat time!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

NY Giants - Good at football, bad at finance

Nude Sarah Palin Artist Working On Naked Blagojevich Painting

Ruben Navarrette Jr: Liberal, pro-choice gay? I admire their passion. Respect Obama's Warren choice.

Palin "palls" around with drug dealers!

What I learned watching the canvass board judge ballots:

If you were the richest man (Warren Buffett) in the world, what kind of factory would you operate?

Franken Takes Lead!!!!

Insurance loophole claimed in fire deaths... Company says smoke that killed 3 was 'pollution'

Nationalize the Auto Industry

Jan-19: Minnesota Canvassing Board has resumed work (live blog)

Why do Republicans Hate the American Worker ?

HEADLINE: Gays shut out of Obama's cabinet

Wow, the outlet mall was deserted

Top Baby Names of 2008


Henry Paulson, King of the Welfare Queens

Some thoughts beyond the choice of Warren...

If the Bush Administration walks, THERE IS NO GOD!

National Guard troops told that the orange dust was just a mild irritant (carcinogen sodium dichrom

So Bush gave in on the auto money, but Paulson is now angling to spend the rest of the TARP funds

Photos, Palestinian protests: "Wanted for justice, the terrorist George Bush"

Call to Action!- Stop Vilsack's Confirmation as Secretary of Agriculture

I wonder if this pro-slavery author ever considered himself a "bigot" (WARNING: Racially offensive)

throw a shoe at bush game. Try it - it's fun!!!

Replace rick warren NOW Barack, before it's too late.

In honor of Obama, here's how I am planning to help America and YOU can too!

Introducing Faux's latest Neo-Nazi TV star: Sheriff Joe

NYT: Label Says Kosher; Ethics Suggest Otherwise (16-year-old girls forced to work 20-hour days)


It's 'aisle' not 'isle'. Just like in 'Aisle, Hitler'.

Didn't Deepthroat die two years ago?

Deep Throat is dead.

The US agrees with the Islamic Conference: GAYS SHOULD NOT HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.

Detroit Outsider: Perspective on the Chrysler/GM bridge loans

Detroit Outsider: Perspective on the Chrysler/GM bridge loans

Can anybody explain the purpose of this gizmo...

Three Fayetteville (NC) families are going to have a horrible holiday season

A Replacement for Bush

It is pleasing to watch the openness of the Minnesota recount

Sen. Stabenow Says thanks for auto loans but no thanks for contract-busting wage provisions

It's here. The house of cards is falling in slow motion......

Wall Street Exec’s Design Scheme To Steal Everything

CommonDreams: The Betrayal of The Commons

US military 'to defy' Iraqi pact (scamming Obama)

Looking to 2010, Senate Leader Reid Hopes to Avoid Daschle’s Fate

A Democratic Bowel movement: Dump Warren!

Doomsday detectives battle nuclear terrorism (MSNBC)

a New Man of the Year contest

McClatchy: Two other Iraqi journalists were briefly detained after the shoe thrower press conference

Al Franken now leads by 172 votes

Bernie Sanders on w/ Hartmann: Expect not much to get done again

Franken about to take triple-digit lead in Canvassing Board count

So, do you think Jim Bob Duggar will let his wife heal from #18 to mount and breed her for #19?

Try your luck with the Shoe Game!! How many times can you hit Dubya?

Franken up by 95 votes now

Do all Evangelicals hate gays or just the republican ones?

I find Obama's choice peculiar. Yet, I will hold back my criticism for now.

Those Republican Senators so concerned about overpaid US workers have a wonderful opportunity.....

Wouldn't it have been a great thing to see in Florida in 2000 what is happening today in Minnesota?

You know what I find telling? In any recount you can always count on the republican to fight to

Are there pro-Coleman votes that need to be counted?

My letter to Norm Coleman

Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble

The Rude Pundit: Tubby the Preacher Says That ...

Caption *

It's getting just too damn depressing

Time once again for the Republican's Christmas Prayer:

Rep. Diane Degette for Sen. Salazar's seat!- she's on Rachel right now

NPR Morning Addition report Friday at 5:45am, Colman up by only two (2) Votes over Franken!!!

Burger King releases meat-scented cologne

a question about the info posted here re: Franken leading in MN....

How would you compare Rick Warren's inclusion to a pastor that opposes interracial marriage?

I'm Going To Just Say It: Rick Warren Is Fat

What are the chances of Norm Coleman going quietly to "let the healing begin"?

Is it just me, or are Susan Molinari and Peter King looking more and more alike?

CNN has poll on whether to close Gitmo or not. It needs help

Should California be booted from the Union?

Bush Daughters: We're Ready for Dad to Return to Texas

To what end America?

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Michelle Duggar NOT pregnant

A lot of good perspectives over the last two days about why equality for LBGTs is important

MSNBC - "Angel" of foreclosure defense bedevils lenders

Thank God for Rick Warren

Thank God for Rick Warren

Report: Gonzales And Rice Appear To Have Lied To Congress About Vetting Bush’s Pre-War Uranium Claim

Rec if you think posts asking for rec's shouldn't be rec'd!!!

SCENE:Todd Palin sits at the head of the Christmas dinner table

i'll tell you when i'll be okay to let Warren have ANY public face time with Obama:

Inmate uses Xmas lights to escape from jail

AFP journalist @ shoe throwing press conf: Secret Service had noticed al-Zeidi acting suspiciously

Laura Bush: "Fifty million people are free from tyranny..because of my husband's policies"

Do you have insomnia? I did but I have found some things that help!

US military to defy Iraqi pact by declaring remaining troops are for 'support' rather than 'combat'

I wish Ron Kirk was in the US Senate but I am very pleased with him being

So apparenly two of my friends got mugged yesterday

Rick Warren refused to even MEET with gay families - and issued a press release to say so!

Dr. G, Medical Examiner: the Florida remains are those of Caylee Anthony

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Missouri lawmaker files bill making Dec. 25 'Christmas'

What is going on in Minnesota is what SHOULD have happened in Florida

Manifest subsidy - government subsidies on private companies

Courage Campaign challenges Rick Warren to a debate on prop 8

Question regarding the infamoush "red light cameras".

Bush's auto bailout requires worker wage concessions

The right is still strong ..... liberal talk station shut down in Columbus, OH

Franken's lead is now 266.

Franken's lead is now 266.

What is much worse than having Rick Warren speaking at the inauguration?

Listen to Blagojevich Presser Here:

A serious question about the bailout money. Who's really getting the money?

Blago Presser Coming Up....

***** Blagojevich Press Conference Live Thread *****

Levi Johnston's mother hit with drug charges

In Iran, angels are wrestlers. Makes sense if you think about it.

Media sees logs of Blackwater shooting, now thinks Blackwater is innocent

Throw shoes at bu$h...

Bristol Palin's Future Mother-In-Law Arrested On Drug Charges

Dog of the year (apologies to all dogs!)

Repost: The Real Violence of the Religious Right Against LGBT people

George W Bush is absolutely NOT the Worst. President. Ever.

George W Bush is absolutely NOT the Worst. President. Ever.

Hey, I've got an idea. Let's take a giant dump on President (elect) Obama

If you read only one Christmas story this year, make it this one, by an occasional DUer

Damn- Obama pick Ken Salazar almost as right-ist as Lieberman.

Rush Limbaugh Jokes About Mika Brzezinski's Mugging

And somewhere Elliot Spitzer is saying, "What, you mean I could have borrowed, stole, or found a

Paulson: Congress needs to release second $350B

New Report: White Vigilantes shot and killed blacks in Katrina (The Nation)

Didn't Ray LaHood do or say something really goofy about Iraq a few years ago?

"I move to reject the challenge and to designate the ballot for Franken"

Chuck Todd's "No-Cut" Contract with NBC named today as chief White House correspondent

NYT interactive: Clinton Foundation Donors Search

CarolineK voted in only half the elections held in NY since she registered to vote there...

Judge's daughter sues driver she ran into during crash when she was DUI

Why I stand with the LGBT community right now

CA Troops to Use Laser Dazzlers on Afghan Civilians, Could Be Breaking Int'l Treaties

MoveOn's Top Priorities for 2009

SNOW DAY!!! The office just closed.....Winter Blitzkrieg in Detroit right now!


Reposessed from the face of the Earth

Throw your own shoe at Bush

Foot found in newborn's brain

How funny would it be

DU needs a new avatar.

Tweety on the Bush legacy - Day 4

Franken up 249 votes and the canvassing board has adjourned

Dear LGBTs: You are not the only discriminated group in the world.

Bush's Counterterrorism Record: 0 for 1

Former * Aide Pleads Guilty To Bilking Government-Funded Group

Former * Aide Pleads Guilty To Bilking Government-Funded Group

Another Bush hit-and-run: Rule Shields Health Workers Who Withhold Care Based on Beliefs

Authorities confirm remains are Caylee Anthony's

Oh, NOW He (Lieberman) Has Questions

Parent forced their daughter into marriage.

One thing I have to give Bush credit for...

interesting how whenever there's a recount, the democrat does better.

Alaska troopers arrest mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend on drug charges

Whoops! Coleman Maneuver To Gain Votes Actually Costs Him A Few

Guess Who Wins?...Again... The Banks or The People?

Tweety will be discussing the Prick Warren business in a few minutes

how many ballots are left in the MN recount?

Cheney Throws Down Gauntlet, Defies Prosecution for War Crimes

Insurance Co. claims smoke from fire that killed three pollution- not fire related

Fucking sick pricks.

THE PETRAEUS CONSPIRACY - Bushcovite generals are making a power grab.

FRANKEN LEADS by 250 right now

Hey, you GLBT people!

BAPTIST PRESS: Yay! The selection of Warren proves we were right about them gays.

Q: What does Rick Warren have in common with Sarah Palin? A: They're both Dominionists!

As a GAY AMERICAN, I'm finished with the DEMOCRATS

Man offers daughter to shoe-hurler as bride

Obama picks Sen. Snowe ally for SBA

A bit of hope out of disastrous choices

If Obama Fails to Prosecute War Crimes, Is He A Criminal Too?

We Won't Back Down: Starbucks Manager Threatens Lawsuit and Criminal Complaint Against IWW

Prosecutor of bottom-swatting boys is arrested in alleged assault

You could say alot in 2 minutes

The "subprime mortgages" and ARM's are not dead.

Wildlife Experts Ponder Gender of Santa's Reindeer

Wildlife Experts Ponder Gender of Santa's Reindeer

Surge is workin' UPDATE: Leader of women's league of Kurdish Communist Party beheaded

How long before we catch Warren with a gay male prostitute with or w/o meth?

McCain is against help for the Big 3 but he is all for govt. subsidies for his wife's beer business

Duggar Family Welcomes Baby #18

GOP figure becomes 10th Alaskan guilty in Veco corruption probe

"I'm good enough, and smart enough and 'dog gone it' some people like me"


McClatchy: Will Bush officials face war crimes trials? Few expect it

Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work (VERY SARCASTIC AND TONGUE IN CHEEK)

Throw Both Your Shoes at Rick Warren

"Palin church burning - 'hate crime' virtually ignored?"

A liddle sumpin' fer da "you can't make this shit up" file:

Sen. Shelby (Jerk, AL) is BuzzFlash 'GOP Hypocrite of the Week'

Release from Barney Frank: 'I am very disappointed by Obama’s decision to honor Reverend Warren'

Prop 113

how can auto companies 'prove their viability' in three months?

Norquist pens letter to Bush regarding bailouts.»

Food Bank Friday! December 19, 2008!

The Decline and Fall of the Empire

Pawlenty's gonna "appoint" Coleman as MN senator

Ummm DU---- You might want to check this thread out to see how Al Franken is doing.....

In other news, the state of California is on the verge of bankruptcy

Bush: Employees of American Companies Must Get Paid Less than Employees of Foreign Companies!

Biden: U.S. Economy in Danger of 'Absolutely Tanking'

Warren: There are ABSOLUTELY NO FACTS to support that one is born gay. Gay akin to alcoholics.

Observations of a Reluctant Commuter

Arkansas woman gives birth to her 18th child

After three divorces, I think marriage as an institution sucks.

UAW to ask Obama to remove 'unfair' labor rules

This says it all! (Yes, another queer refusing to shut up about Warren.)

Lawsuit: 12-Year-Old Girl Assaulted By Police During Prostitution Raid On Wrong House

My preacher hates gays but just to be "inclusive" I fully support him, LOL

Robert Fisk reported from Baghdad as the missiles were falling in March 2003

Honk if you think the reason the Republicans fought against tax increases for

Can someone here help me out?

Bush's formal portrait unveiled. The one for the National Portrait Gallery.

Bush's formal portrait unveiled. The one for the National Portrait Gallery.

Paul Weyrich

Bush: I might not give a farewell address because I don’t want it to be too ‘emotional.’»

Most important news story of the week (ending December 19, 2008)

Watergate "Deep Throat" W. Mark Felt Dead...

Levi Johnston's mother hit with drug charges


Anyone keep a link to that thread regarding the movement of the universe?

Saddleback membership criteria: If you're gay, you cannot be a church member

The choice is Rick Warren is VERY important. (and wrong)

Jane Smiley: Joe Biden Asked Me For Money Today

When you think about it, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the ultimate pro-New Deal film

Why should there even BE an invocation?

White House Week On C Span

Drug violence puts Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on edge

New Web game .....Throw shoes at Bush!

First transgender hired on Capitol Hill

Serial Liar and Con-Man Given World Stage

Andrew Sullivan's got something to say about the Warren pick and Obama...

Would the Warren imbroglio sting as much if Prop. 8 had been defeated?

In a First, Gay Rights Are Pressed at the U.N.

transforming the world depends on facing into the polarization, even bringing it to a head

Call Me an Obama-maniac, but I'm Giving Him the Benefit of Every Doubt

Are you ready for guerilla warfare? Look who's got their guard up.

Change We Can Believe In

Police: Suspicious wife who demands to smell husband's genitals beaten

When they denied rights for GLBTs, I kept silent, because I was not GLBT...

Paulson doesn't want to wait for Obama. He wants the second half of the $700 billion NOW.

BREAKING: Prop. 8 sponsors seek to nullify 18,000 gay marriages

welcome to postpartisanship.

welcome to postpartisanship.

Congress just gave themselves a raise, they suck!

Do you have a problem with Clinton receiving $10 million from Saudi Arabia and serving as Sec of St?

some questions re: Arne Duncan and school reform

To celebrate Franken's momentum: Video of Al as Mick Jagger on Solid Gold in the 80s

To celebrate Franken's momentum: Video of Al as Mick Jagger on Solid Gold in the 80s

Obama is clearly a brilliant politician, I think the Warren pick was deliberate calculation.

I don't think DUers supporting the Warren choice are homophobes or those opposed are anti-Obama

As a Drug User

I have a cold

Anyone else leave a shot and a beer for Santa every Xmas Eve?

Does the thing in the Philips ad look like a domokun to anyone else?

How the hell does one get "honored by the Louvre" exactly?

Pierced 'Gothic Kittens' Marketed On Web

Midnight reg boosts coal plants

What do Dick Cheney, Britney Spears, and Bertrand Russell have in common?

straight up

OK - What's with all the posts that begin with "OK?"

Posting this because it's just awesomely cool.

What exactly does it mean when an alcoholic beverage has a dry finish?

Pierced "gothic" kittens marketed on Web

What's more relaxing than smoking a fistful of blunts?

1000 HP SUV... At least our friends in Dubai are thriving in the global slowdown...

The Invasion of the Pajama-gram ads...

Food Pantry Stew

Do you use cocaine? - THEN STAY OUT OF MY HOSPITAL

Butter, then beat it hard about 50 strokes

Note to self...

I wish I could learn to like coffee.

The beautiful thing about Obama choosing Warren

Did everyone have a nice Christmas?

HOLY SHIT!! Dan Snyder to rename the Washington Redskins. Finds it offensive...

Check out the perfect bid on the Price is Right

What's all this about GD:P in a huge furor over Warrant?

I just had my ass kicked by Kenny Wayne Shepherd playing Voodoo Chile

Damned if you do and Damned if you don't - there's just one thing I have to say about that...

I liked it better when it was cold

Why are "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night" presented

Good news! We got our bonuses this year!

Holy shit! Rick Warren just threw Michelle Duggar's 18th child at Bush!

Rick Astley to give inaugural invocation

A message to all you lurking freepers

Code words

Stupid, dumb Right To Lifers

I'm confused about a cartoon show...

I wish I could learn to hate coffee

has everyone here met my huggy-buggy?

The Sunflower.

When I tell you I can't get a tech out to you until Sunday, I am not setting you up for negotiations

HOLY SHIT!! Dee Snyder to rename Twisted Sister. Finds it offensive...

Actress dies during megachurch Nativity performance

Phantom of The Opera - Goth Metal Style.

French Bag Maker Ordered To Pay For Nude Pictures of French First Lady by French Court.

I get the feeling that a few temporary pizzas are going to be delivered eventually

Damn. Majel Barrett has died.

Question abount nosebleeds

Liz Shatner is HOT

That age old question, once again your opinions are needed!!

Are you shellfish if you don't want squids?

That age old question, once again your opinions are needed...

International Judges Pick Finalists In Classic Bad Hat Competition.

I got my college application filled out and submitted.

Any Alejandro Jodorowsky fans here?

Christina Aguilera's Son Will Want For Nothing.

Letterman’s Top 10 George Bush moments


David Lee Roth was the 5th Beatle! I have proof!

So Bristol Palin is about to become an unwed mother

Hacksaw Jim Duggan gives birth to 18th child!!

Simple Song of Freedom

$2 medical procedure?!

Skyline enthusiasts! Check this out

Calvin Klein to unveil "True Man" brand of cologne just before Christmas!

Katrina’s Hidden Race War: In Aftermath of Storm, White Vigilante Groups Shot 11

Happy Birthday Keith Richards! (65 and doesn't look a damn day over 90!!)

Someone turn off the Snow Machine! Arggghhhh!

Holy crap! I got another offer of admission!

Happy Birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal!

Good morning Lounge

Just so we're clear on this: Somewhere in Time is a fantastic album; and I want a

Invent a bowl game

Has anyone ever made a Duggar sweatshirt before?

"Rick Warren"

Did Obama actually win by 20 million votes? (TIA) - x

It's a blizzard

Does this ever happen to you?

A fat bonus means never having to say you're sorry: "Do They Know It's Christmas? (2008 CEO Remix)"


Caption this handsome devil

Operation "Make Rick Warren Eat His Words" IS ON!

best short joke ... what's yours?

Cook or Yeung: Choose one

What the GOP has brought to America's policital conversations.

What the GOP has brought to America's policital conversations.

Who else loves PJ Harvey?

My boss got me my Festivus present

I spent the day helping my 85 year old neighbor clean up her house for Christmas,

Firefox is being a pain in the ass today.

Yes or No?

I am FED EXing these F*cking cats who walk on my desk.

OMFG - life is a trap!!

Should I stay or should I go?

When he's right, he's right. Hitch on Warren: "We Can Do Better Than This Vulgar Huckster"

You are a pirate.

The saddest Christmas story about poverty that you will ever read.

Raise your hand if you GRAD-U-FREAKIN-ATED yesterday!

Is it possible to be misdiagnosed as gifted?

No such thing as Christmas or holiday spirit anymore

Desperate and cross-posting - seeking photoshop guru for help with xmas gift

Snow Update

where can I go where the sunshine doesn't all but disappear in the winter?

I wish I could learn to like MrCoffee.

These are the things I got for the 8 year old boy:

Mali wants to say something...

Phish fans: what's your favorite era of live shows?

Here comes the snow!

Cenk: Not Another Word on Gay Marriage Until They Execute an Adulterer

i'm feeling a bit cruddy today and can't decide if i should call in sick

Awww....Lemurs warming up.

Vegan repellant spray

"De-Fanging the Right" Obama and the Warren Move.

What do Northeasters do inside when these big snows come?

My favorite song as a kid

I am FED UP with these f*cking cats walking on my desk

Which unfunny "classic cartoon" from the funny pages are you absolutely SICK of?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/19/2008)

A Senator (I'm thinking so...) interviews Jerry Garcia

Forget about them other preachers.

JESUS CHRIST is this case of beer a fucking pain to carry! Shitting watermelons would be easier!

Has anyone ever made a doggy sweatshirt before?

All my threads are about penis

Am I the only one here who finds BK's "Whopper Virgin" ad campaign repugnant?

I Just Ran Across A Website Of One Of My Old Favorite Bar Bands - W/Downloads

For those who have divorced.....

So, I'm watching the "Out of Towners"

I oppose no-sex marriages...


Rick Wakeman is born again...maybe HE should be at the inauguration instead.

Are Poles in Poland polishing poles during polarizing political polls on Polar polecats?

I watched Blade Runner last night.

Dog Walker Shoots Armed Teen Robber, Police Say

Never EVER will I get sick of watching The Big Lebowski!

So my sister has the Super Bug staph thang goin' on now.

In this age of cell phones, there's still a lot to be said about landlines.

I saw Rick Warren nursing his baby at Olive Garden.

How fast should we drive on ice?

"Kick out the Jams" is my new ringtone. What's yours?

MN Senate count: The Worst Ballot Challenge Of All

We've got this paper drill at the office that I look for reasons to use.

smoke on the water....

"Tell Me Off - $1"

French Film fans, I need assistance

Festivus preview-the airing of grievances in full swing in GD and GD: P

My friend just gave me the coolest Christmas present.

so, I just made pumpkin, cranberry and lemon-poppy breads and now

Are Southern New Englanders ready for the big storm?

Apocalipstick is okay in my book

I met a man a couple days ago name Paul Potter, but when he said it,

*cry* *sob* *whine*

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday December 19

Happy Birthday! - Alyssa Milano

Nicest day of all of December and I had to spend it in a doctor's waiting room

How would you feel about a new forum: GDEO?

Kubrick's Masterpiece?

Birthday massages are the best!

Which Warren in this list do you like the most?

Best 80's Vampire Movie

Why do pups get so silly with cold weather or rain? Mine is acting totally brain damaged right now!

So I am here, slightyly buzzed and in a pissed of mood

After a 2 and a half year hiatus, my first semester back.......ALL A's

I oppose opposite-sex marriages...

Snow pics

I need advice

LOADS of snow here

I was published in a magazine...just saw it today. w00t!

These email scams keep getting better and better...

May I just say...

Ha, my mom just brought home a bouquet so big the dog is scared of it!

so excited for my new tats

I am going to relax this weekend

Lounge Vibes Please - Mom is in hospital...

Gross Question about my Dog, Nuts and Calories

I really hope you've been watching the MN senate recount..

Do you have insomnia? I did but I have found some things that help!

It's Friday...what's for dinnah, DU?

Sitting on the toilet vomiting into a bowl.

I can see snow from my house - PHOTO

WOO HOO!! I am getting a Nikon D40, can't wait to get it and start taking pics.

Al Tuna. n/t

math question

What are you listening to right now?

Pictures of Mali - she desperately needs a home - DFW

I am concerned about Mary Jane.

Chicagoans! An original MAGIKIST sign is right by my office!

Unlike my last trip, today's visit to Costco was serene

My sister has gotten snowed out of her 21st birthday

What have you learned today?

I saw the most RIDICULOUS sign coming home from work today

It's snowing about an inch an hour right now

Puppy pictures.

Best songs about dancing on their graves

Who wants cookies!

Heath Ledger appreciation thread.....he saved my life....

I graduate today

Poetry brothel-pay women to read you poetry $15 entry fee + $3-5 dollars per reading

Know What? A Pastor At A Party Is NOT A POLICY

Sjostygg - improve your vocabulary

***I GOT LAID...***

I think it's time to think about raising the gas tax 1$/gal

Most positively the worst shit you've ever heard in your life.

XPost from GD - Smell Yo Dick

So really, what's bothering you?

Who else has not so traditional Holiday traditions?

Arkansas mom Michelle Duggar gives birth to 18th child.

For the second time this year in Vancouver a homeless person has been burned alive...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge, EOTE has shown up every last one of you

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge, EOTE has shown up every last one of you

A former right-winger on why the left should never compromise its principles

Intelligent soldiers most likely to die in battle

Intelligent soldiers most likely to die in battle

Bush Challenges NASA to Put Man on Sun by End of Decade!

OMFG - life is a trip!!

You either believe being glbt is a choice or you don't

At what age did you "tie the knot" (for the first time?)

Is the internet going down? Undersea sub-cables have just broken...

German Xmas Market in Bavaria **pic heavy**

some utility people came over and spray-painted a bunch of lines on the lawn

"I have a natural tendency to have sex with every beautiful woman I see.

i went on a 30 minute rant last night in subway

DU rollcall of those of us demanding prosecution of Bush/Cheney administration criminals by the

Is "What kind of music do you like" a hard question sometimes?

When I hear a helicopter over head I think -

Florida Woman Says Former Church Plans to Make Her Sins Public

Bwuahaha! Palin's pregnant daughter's sperm donor's mother arrested for drugs!

Parents of toddlers: what's your preferred toddler-oriented cable channel?

18-Wheeler vs. Toyota Corolla. Guess who won?

I think DU is collectively shooting itself in the head right now.

I am concerned about Mary Beth.

Its time to do something productive with the Warren issues. . .we have over a month to organize

Will Al win the senate race?

Franken within 2 votes? 2 f'n votes!!!?

How about a ten dollar tax for trips of less than two miles?

So, Obama asked Warren to do this because Warren invited him to his church?

MSNBC just now said Colman leads by only two votes!

Obama missed the opportunity to show America that there are good LIBERAL people of faith out there

Coleman down to 21 on Intrade after double hit today

To all the GLBT people who are making so much effort to express their outrage over the Warren pick

Breaking AP/Politico: Coleman Leads Franken By Just Two Votes

Oh noes, Obama associates with people he disagrees with on some issues...

Help me with some Franken/Coleman math

Meanwhile, Franken is about to be projected Senate winner

If the Warren invite (with which I disagree) is a tacit acceptance of bigotry ...

Rob Boston of Americans United is talking now on Countdown. Anybody watching?

Most excellent comment at Huffington Post about Obama and Warren

Questions for those who still want to silence the critics

If Franken wins (as projected), we only have to get one Republican to get "60"

Catholic priest removes books about Obama from school library

Would anybody here be offended if James Earl Carter offered the invocation instead of Rick Warren?

The death of the Republican Party, IF you want it.

Obama chooses Adm. Blair as new head of national intelligence

Pearl Jam to Obama: Don’t change your tune on Web issues

Will the Warren pick cause some named appointee to backout. Now is the

In the midst of all this Warren hand wringing... In case you hadn't noticed Chrysler just shut down

Minnesota Supreme Court rejects Coleman's efforts to throw out absentee ballots...

With Due Respect Barack, you are not a Fierce Advocate for LGBT Rights.

What Is and Isn't a Strawman

HuffPo: The Political Growth and Power of Caroline Kennedy

Refresher Course: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary definition of the word "POLITICS"

If Obama really IS the Antichrist (cough cough)...

Jane Lubchenco Will Helm National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

"Obama's remarks about him not wanting a "girlie dog" makes me think.......

Why do voters get to vote on issues relating to Human Rights?

Police Get The Wrong House In Galveston, Allegedly Assault 12-Year-Old Girl

NO MARRIAGE FOR YOU ... but hey, here's a donut!

I love yall, but I'm leaving you for Lincoln.......

Do you think Obama saying he doesnt want a "girlie" dog means hes uncomfortable with gay people?

TX-Sen: Republican Michael Williams to run

Retired Admiral Dennis Blair to be Director of National Intelligence

Here's the gist of John Harwood's spiel on Countdown tonight.

The primary misconception causing emotions about the Warren invocation

January 20 Poll

How many here actually SUPPORT Barack Obama?

Well, we can stop talking about Warren.

Place your bets.

DU Talking Points - please rehearse for any media interaction

Breaking AP Story: Saudis and Blackwater amongst Clinton Foundation donors

I've been posting this for the last two days. Maybe NOW you'll believe me.

I think we can agree on one thing...

This day isn't complete until OPERATIONMINDCRIME chimes in...

And isn't it ironic... don't you think

Blagojevich or Warren "Scandal" - Which one did the Obama team not want to see on the news

Do You Want To Play a Game? ... "Sock and Awe" Free Online Game pits players against President

I'd rather get Rick rolled than read any more of this shit

Warren's appearance as political theater?


He was elected by the people - hopefully he will, in a meaningful way, answer to the people.

Labor Unions "Thrilled" with Obama's Choice for Secretary of Labor

WTF: Clinton Foundation took $10,000 from Blackwater??

As much as I can't stand the circular firing squad, I can understand why people are feeling how they

Rick Warren Praises Obama's "Courage" For Taking "Enormous Heat From His Base"

bush never admitted he fucked up. Not in 8 years!!!

Why I liked this place during the GE.

Why couldn't the inaugural have had a joint invocation representing our major faith traditions?

BREAKING: Picture of Warren at the Inauguration!

Rick Warren will have about as much influence on Obama's Presidency as Bill Ayers wil

George W. Bush the President who nuked Baghdad? New Orleans? Detroit? the economy? the Constitution?

Shoe thrower got "attitude adjustment" in Iraq jail...

Obama Team Takes Two Shapes

I know people who don't want gay marriage to be legal

Its time to knock it off! I live in MI. People in this state are out on the streets with 9.8% UE!

The Official Rick Warren "Prayer Contest" thread:

Rick Warren was on /The Tavis Smiley Show/ once in 2007 & once in 2008.

Barney Frank known homosexualist not happy with Obama per Huffington.

Confession time. I am in great need of an Intervention.

Rick Warren wants Ahmedinejad killed. But...what does that 5th commandment say?

More bad news: Obama picks NAFTA shill Ron Kirk as Trade Representative

Please K&R this thread if you're sick to death of all the K&R straw poll threads

One thing you can say...

Dueling statements-LA Gay & Lesbian Center vs Rick Warren

To be honest, if my kid was about to (forced into) marry into the Palin family - I'd do drugs too!

Is there anything anybody can do to SAVE THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY? apparently, Bush wants to leave no

I am FED UP with these f*cking rabid hyenas spraying and marking their territory on my keyboard

Sock and Awe - Bop bu$h on the head - warning this is addictive...

Rate your satisfaction with post-election Obama so far...

To LGBTs: I firmly believe Obama "has your back"

Thom Hartmann - Three Cups of Tea for Rick Warren

One of the Anti-Obama birth cetrificate sites seems to have died

CNN Breaking News: Mark Felt (aka "Deepthroat") is dead...

Rachel Maddow kicking ass now about Obama and Warren

Must I spell it out?

Joe-Bee to be on LKL on Monday!

CNN Breaking News: White House auto bail out plan said to be imminent

Oh no...not again! Triangulation....

Underplayed Story of the Day-Pentagon is working on how to shut down Guantanamo in anticipation of O

Here's something to really be upset about...

"Labor Leaders Hail Obama's Pick For Labor Secretary" and "HILDA SOLIS IS GREAT"

How dare Jesus invite the prostitute and tax collector to dinner!

Obama's popular vote total is now 69.5 million

Obama has perceived as an opportunity a truce offered by Warren

Bush History - Bush Fails in Plan to Put Protesting Military JAGs Under His Thumb - 12/19

Question re: Bush's announcement today. Whatever problems exist can Obama change what Bush did?

The truth about Obama!

George W. Bush - Emergency Medical Technician...

"Should GLBT people wait before they are granted their civil rights?"

Hannity suggested Time named Obama its Man of the Year because Biden hiring Carney (worked for TIME)

Will the Minnesota Senate race ever be over?

In case anyone is interested - Franken just pulled ahead

Bush Statement During His Legacy Tours

Franken Takes the Lead! +12 and Rising

Going beyond Warren--who is acceptable as an invocation choice?


Anything? Really?

Do you support equality for GLBT Americans?

The ONLY good I see coming from this Warren crap.....

Summers, Vilsack, Kirk: is Obama becoming the Manchurian Candidate against working Americans?

On not being evil

Show of hands--who is due to get pummeled by snow this weekend?


How about some word association? I'll start.... "polar"

How about Reverend Billy for the invocation?

O NOES! Not ANOTHER take on Obama-Warren-Gate!!!

I have a question for those DUers who occasionally lurk at Free Republic

Obama has been presented with a unique opportunity . . . will he take it? . . .

A month and a half after the election and (seemingly) most here oppose PE-Obama

Letter to Obama

Please feel free to vote on this

Obama's Inaugural Mistake (WaPo)

Blinding Us With Science

Do you think a few 'straight-bashing' stories in the press would change some people minds?

Do you trust Obama with regard to Supreme Court Justice picks?

Should we be concerned about Obama's Supreme Court nominations

I see a lot of people arguing that having Warren in the Inauguration helps win over Evangelicals...

Obama's Hiring Goal: Fill 325 Admin. Jobs By Inauguration

You people need to reach across the aisle, not walk down it.

Small lesson on addressing an interest groups concerns

well, my hands don't want to reach across the isle to touch hands with

Link to watch the MN Senate recount live

I want to attend the riot that will occur this weekend over the Warren speech.

Anyone want to guess what happened 10 years ago today?

Vilsack got Ag. Dept. farm subsidies - $42,782

Let's list all the great things pragmatism has done for Democratic ideals in the last 28 years.

Is using Religion a valid excuse for being bigoted?

Where are our priorities?

I don't think DUers supporting the Warren choice are homophobes or those opposed are anti-Obama

Warren is Obama's first major mistake....just admit it!

If we must be inclusive....

Giving Hate Speech a Platform (again) is NOT a "compromise", it's a TRAVESTY.

WTF is up with Levi Johnston's mom?!

Obama to select new head of Small Business Administration

So in the news today,

Imagine the storm....

Its been two days. The lines have been drawn. There seems to be

Homophobia Kills.

If Obama could toss Wright under the bus, why can't he un-invite Warren? nt

Specter's ethnic jokes lay an egg

Obama And Rick Warren: A Love Story

Donnie McClurkin or Rick Warren... What's the difference?

Is it hate speech to say that homosexuality is like incest and pedophilia?

Barack Obama hasn't served a day as President.

At the risk of being totally flamed re: Warren

Thank you Skinner!

There is more evidence that Warren is a hatemonger than there is Jeremiah Wright is. . .

So Much Anger

Obama to hold presser at 2:15 ET

Would you vote for a homophobe?

A question to those fighting in the trenches for Gay Civil Rights.....

Did any of those who are so worked up over Caroline Kennedy's "lack of experience" raise similar

Rudyard Kipling? Gimme a break, Blago!

Obama fills econ team, says business will revive

The Clean Coal Google Ad at the top of the home page is just offensive

Anyone watching the Canvas recount in MN....why is Franken's leads dropping a bit...

Obama is a genius!

Hillary, Barack, and Joe are against gay marriage. Are they homophobes?

Barack in his Berlin speech said "tear down the walls of humnity."

So who here wants to wager how quicly MN Congress inacts a change to their election process

The Southern Baptist Church sees choice of Warren as proof they're not bigots:

If Franken is ahead by 400 or so at the end of the challenges...

If Franken is ahead by 400 or so at the end of the challenges...

If Sarah Palin can be GOVERNOR, then god dammit Caroline can be a US Senator!

Interesting symbolism in the juxtaposition of Warren and Lowery

The man is simply going to say a prayer during the inauguration, and when it is done Obama will be p

Why is it that so many on DU feel it is acceptable for Human Rights to be "marginalized"

Republican Rep. Ray LaHood

Obama picks Alberto Gonzalez and Gale Norton supporter Ken Salazar to head Interior

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,870 from for "Rick Warren"

Rove channeling John Kerry?

Gov't Studies Say Progressives Were Right, Beltway Was Wrong

I am sad to see the level of discourse here, today and yesterday...

** MN Board now going to Blue File Ballots Franken leads 266

I now Wish We Had Voted For McCain. We'd All Be United Again.

The Warren pick is a genius move

NOW: President-elect Obama: We HOPE You Will CHANGE Your Mind

Republicans before Gays in the Obama administration.

Poll: Who Is the Worst President in US History?

Here's what's going to happen on Inauguration Day.

MTB: Can We Save the Planet and Rescue the Economy at the Same Time? (Van Jones, Gore & More)

N.O.W. asking Obama to change his mind about Rick Warren (from Common Dreams)

Obama isn't just retreading old Clinton appointees - he's retreading the strategy of triangulation.

Clinton confirmation process starts with distribution of the Obama/Bill Clinton agreement

This is an excellent reason to oppose Warren

Serious question: How many progressives have been named to Cabinet posts by Obama?

Obama doesn't give a shit about Gay folk

Blagojevich's Defiance Complicates Democratic Strategy

"I declare you legally wed"

If Caroline had endorsed Hillary, would you still be up for her being appointed as Senator of NY?

I still plan to be among the 3 .... 4 ..... 5 million others who will be on the National Mall Jan 20

Let us know if you have always been a Obama supporter and still are but think...

This is who should be doing the prayer at the inauguration

What Obama's shift from Jeremiah Wright to Rick Warren might mean

NYT calls for prosecutor to "consider criminal charges against top officials at the Pentagon"

Everybody, PLEASE SEE "MILK" over the holidays...

Changing Minds

When Obama makes a decision that really angers the righties, should he change it under pressure?

PFAW comes out against Warren

You know when it comes to the religious community, Obama is striking out..

Does an inauguration invocation (speech) equal any power in this administration?

Speak up in this thread if you support Obama's decision to have Warren do the invocation

I said this 16 years ago.. and I think I was right on this.. Bill Clinton

So Prop 4 was voted down by 52%, while Prop 8 was approved by 52%..


The straight Obama apologists really have no idea what it is like to be gay.

2 things I'm adding to my wish list for DU

"Obama apologist" is the new "troll"

Are people who oppose interracial marriage racist?

You know, in all the outrage over Warren I wonder how this would have played...

Columnist who called Obama a "bigot", jumping the shark on MSNBC

Please call the Lesbian and Gay band

If DU had existed in 1963, would there have threads with titles like

I certainly hope that Caroline Kennedy can become more proficient

The rules, as related to issues involving GLBT people...

And now it's time for my Rick Warren thread.

Aw shit, I spent more than I intended to on Christmas gifts this year.

Well, well, well the most qualified cabinet in history has room for zero gays

look, in 50 or 60 years you'll get your stinking rights....

A DU Love/Hate relationship in GD:P -

Hey (jingling keys loudly), look over here, Bristol is due Saturday - what should she name the baby?

How would you like it if we had a president someday who said, Fuck it...

Did you get the e-mail from David Plouffe.

Give em hell Blago. Fuck the herd. All they do is step in shit anyway!!!

CNN Wolf reporting Womens Groups not happy with Obama's cabinet

I am not a homophobe. I am not a bigot. I am not trash. I am not a fan nor a worshipper.

We never forgive, we never forget, we never compromise and we never learn a damn thing.

Everyone wants to know WHY we're all bickering here.

Should a publicly exclusional and discriminatory record like Warren's

Say that Warren agreed to a 2-hour interview. Pick with whom.

I think its time to blow up DU

Turn your back to Warren. If you're at the inauguration

DU has radicalized me on gay rights

My view on the Warren pick

Obama's Great Pick for Labor Secretary -- Ultra Progressive Hilda Solis

I'm not saying this ...

oy. what a mess DU is at this particular moment

"the vice president’s office and residence needs to be treated like crime scenes"

GDP This Week (December 15th - 19th)


Are Obama's "New" Politics Really New?

I don't think you understand something

It's fine to scream and vent here but

If Obama had invited a Catholic Bishop who was pro-life and everything else, would you feel the same

Obama botched this one, plain and simple

Mike Madden, Salon: "Obama knows. And he doesn't care."

What I'm reading in here: Pure Intolerance for the Other

msnbc to announce BRISTOL'S BABY...

Did any of your trashing O note that his labor secretary stated one of her goal is to fight for gay

If the Warren prayer gets 1 million evangelicals to think, "Oh, so he's not the anti-Christ" ...

jesus interviewed

Your marriage is not in danger and you know it!

Something to think about. Civil Rights were not granted that I'm aware of

N.O.W. among groups upset about Obama picking Warren for the invocation

Why Don't You Just Admit Gays Are the Most Expendable Group In Obama's Coalition?

Essay: I can't feel pity for Bush

Rick Warren: "Certain body parts are meant to fit together"

Rick Warren is a Southern Baptist. Saddleback is a Southern Baptist church.

Constructive things we can do about this Warren thing

Some DU polls are surprisingly informative

Some DU polls are surprisingly informative

WSJ op-ed: "The left gears up to prosecute Bush officials for protecting the country" (updated)

This was a Big Election about Big Things.


What were your thoughts when Billy Graham gave the invocation at the 1993 inauguration?


How is it everyone hates Rick Warren for his GLBT views and not for his anti-abortion views.

My Obama/Warren Rant. One Gay Man's Perspective.

I Love The Screwed-Up Logic Around Here

Kerry Calls on Incoming Administration to Reverse Bush's Discriminatory Health Care Edict

A homophobe at the inauguration, lousy choices for Agriculture and Education,

Rick Warren isn't an evil man

Warren praises Obama's 'courage'

Obama posts preview of Warren invocation on Youtube

DU Holiday Fundraiser Idea

On January 20, Sammy Davis Jr. kisses Archie Bunker again, before millions and millions.

Franken's lead dwindling...up 240 now...down from 285...

Did Obama actually win by 20 million votes? (TIA) - x

In the Year 2000, John Ashcroft Was Defeated in a Senate Race By a Dead Guy

Are people who oppose same sex marriage homophobes?

No F**king Compromise on Warren!!!!

Warren! Warren! Warren! - just another day on DU

Blago is NOT a "crook." In fact, he may very well be innocent.

Obama's Cabinet is a Centrist's dream

I don't know or care if Rick Warren is "evil".

Obama is a smart cookie

Bwahahaha, hahahahahahahahahah. Bristol Palin's future MiL arrested on Felony Drug charges.

Looks like Carville didn't get the Matthews for Senate Memo

I'm not a One Issue Voter (Re: Rick Warren)

Everyone just needs to get the hell over it already

Obama–Biden appointees (with cabinet census)

I'm gay, and I'm tired of the gay overreaction to Prop 8 and Rick Warren at the inauguration.

Why I love Vancouver, BC thread

We may disagree about Rick Warren. But we can all agree that feeding the hungry is a good thing.

K&R this thread if you think the mods ought to rename this forum GDW for General Discussion Warren..

Report: Gonzales And Rice Appear To Have Lied To Congress About Vetting Bush’s Pre-War Uranium Claim

Treasury Sued By Fox Business Network Over Rescue Plan Info

Alaska investigates racist e-mails (state employees--about Obama)

Gates orders development of plans to close Guantanamo

In Minnesota, Six Inches of Confusion (Minn. Supreme Court decision)

Pentagon staff writing plan to empty Guantánamo camps

Rule Protects Workers Who Deny Care That Violates Beliefs

Chinese firm cancels deal with Gottschalks

Jews of Yemen reportedly to be relocated in wake of deadly attack

Coleman's lead down to 2 votes in Minnesota

Parma GM parts plant lays off about 100 workers

Minnesota Supreme Court: Count rejected absentee ballots

Connecticut Democrats rap Lieberman over McCain nod

W. Mark Felt, Watergate Deep Throat, Dies

Impeachment drive slowed against Illinois governor

Judge orders CSIS to stop listening to calls between terror suspects and lawyers

Gay Man for Navy Secretary?

FBI leaders told workers in Iraq to bill nonwork hours

NKorea accuses South of trying to kill Kim Jong Il

Rice: Bush didn't ignore any 9/11 'warning,' because there was no 'when, where, how'

Secret Service Sanctioned in Race Bias Suit


Mark Felt, Watergate's `Deep Throat,' dies at 95

Sources: Intrepid Prez Touted for Navy Secretary (Bill White - openly gay man)

Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble

Auto Bailout Deal Reached

Paulson: Congress Needs to Release Second $350B

Rep.-elect Anh "Joseph" Cao tries to crack black caucus

Taleban targets troops' turkeys

Clinton Foundation reaches written agreement with Obama camp

Shoe-thrower’s apology will not affect trial

Mark Felt, who was Watergate's 'Deep Throat,' dies

BREAKING: Tape shows Rick Warren praising Israel-hating terror state Syria as a "moderate country" t

Bernie Buescher Named Colorado Secretary of State

Levi Johnston's Mom Busted in Undercover Drug Raid (Yes, that Levi)

French politicians fear youth violence along Greek pattern

Matthew Devlin, Lehman Broker, Charged With Insider Trading On Wife's Info

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk to be named to Obama Cabinet

Detroit Grand Prix is canceled for 2009

New York oil price slumps below $34 a barrel

Hamas declares Gaza truce with Israel is at an end

Police Get The Wrong House In Galveston, Allegedly Assault 12-Year-Old Girl

Protesters shake shoes at US Embassy in London

Blagojevich to Make Statement (Press Conference this afternoon)

Blago: I am not a crook

500 workers at The Seattle Times to take week unpaid

Foreigners gave millions to Clinton foundation

Drug smuggling takes off with flights

November jobless rates up in 37 states

Prosecutor of bottom-swatting boys is arrested in alleged assault

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 19

'Blond Angel of Death' Alfredo Astiz released

Wal-Mart Plans to Appeal Quebec Labour Board Ruling on Union

Global warming causing more tropical storms: NASA

FAA cutback plan sparks stormy reception from meteorologists (cut from air traffic control centers)

Website Goes Online to Find New U.S. Attorneys (Prosecutors for Alabama)

Governor (Schwarzenegger) rejects Democratic budget plan

Another Air Force nuclear unit fails inspection

Caroline Kennedy Hits Harlem

Franken pushes his lead over Coleman past 250

Obey: U.S. falling into 'massive, massive hole'

Bush: Hard keeping 'people's minds' on Iraq

Paulson Urges Release of Next $350 Billion From TARP

U.S. Not Ready For Cyber Attack, War Game Shows

Bernard Madoff $50 billion Ponzi scheme ignites outpouring of anti-Semitism online

India suffers massive internet disruption after undersea cables break

Coleman's Lead Dwindles to 2 Votes in Minnesota Senate Race

Megabucks Bail-Out For Car Giants

W. Mark Felt, Watergate Deep Throat, Dies

NASA's spending is under scrutiny; Obama transition team wants to know about money management

Blagojevich Says He'll Fight Until 'Last Breath'

Polaroid in bankruptcy protection

Jury reaches verdict in (former Bush admin official David) Safavian trial

Auto union asks Obama to reverse 'unfair' bailout terms

Al Franken takes lead in MN Senate race, +101 and growing

Bush says he shares blame for negative tone

DNA Tests Confirm Remains Are Caylee Anthony

Levi Johnson's mom busted on drug charges

Mass. investor saw inside Madoff scam

Taser stun gun kills California man

Greece protests: Economic hardship continues to fuel riots

Obama Team Assembling $850 Billion Stimulus

Bush on economy moves: I didn't want to be Herbert Hoover

Three near-invisible drawings discovered on back of Da Vinci masterpiece

Carville soliciting help for Media Matters

Fed's Yellen: Clarity key when rates near zero

Music Industry to Abandon Mass Suits

Landrieu, Snowe to make history in next Congress: First women to lead full Congressional committee

Cheney claims power to decide his public records

Priest removes Obama books from school

Prop. 8 sponsors seek to nullify 18K gay marriages

Bush shoe protester has been beaten, Iraqi judge says

Mugabe insists 'Zimbabwe is mine'

Ban on Smoking in Public fizzles out in Mi

Records show Caroline Kennedy failed to cast her vote many times since 1988

Arkansas mom Michelle Duggar gives birth to 18th child

Foreign Office advises Britons not to buy Israeli settlement properties

Twilight Zone / Non-Jews need not apply

Conscience behind bars - youths jailed for refusing to serve in the army

'Rumors of my demise were premature'

Poll: Kadima and Likud neck and neck

Hamas declares Gaza truce with Israel is at an end

Remove the blinkers and see the truth

My Expulsion from Israel

Fraud undermines West Bank land deals

Regulation really does have a role to play

In These Times: Operation Infinite Imperialism

Gareth Porter: U.S. Military Defiant on Key Terms of Iraqi Pact

Obama’s Exquisite Compromise on Rick Warren

The REAL Story Behind Rick Warren’s 'Water and Doughnuts'

Pet lovers protest cats on the menu in China

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) says on "Hardball" he'd personally torture people

Max Blumenthal: George Bush Thanks a Terrorist

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

How Wall Street execs turned air into gold -- Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press columnist

"Justice for Outlaws: The Bushies" by Suzy T. Kane (Taos Daily repost)

The Noose Tightens Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face legal jeopardy.

Obama's Inaugural Mistake

Kennedy, Warren, and the Democrats: How About Some Conflict Resolution?

Nouriel Roubini: The $700 Billion Bailout Isn’t Enough

Joe Biden Asked Me For Money Today

Greg Sargent on Glenn Greenwald: Are Obama's "New" Politics Really New?

The rise of the late baby boomers

To FAA: ''If we let this happen, people will die"

Does the Sinking Economy Spell the Doom of Big, Fat Weddings?

Glenn Greenwald: Demands for War Crimes Prosecutions Are Now Growing in The Mainstream

Frank Schaeffer: Obama Was Right To Pick Warren

Separated at birth?

George W. Bush caught off guard 9-11 Question

Firedoglake founder discusses Rick Warren on CNN

Pastor Rick Warren on Dateline NBC

Olbermann: Obama/Warren Backlash -12/18 (Part 2)

Johnny Cash: Singin' in Vietnam Talkin' Blues

Thom Hartmann - The Economy Is About To Collapse

Tis the season (fair share tax on the rich making $250,000 or more)

Sea Shepherd mini documentary - Supreme Master TV

Worst Person In the World: The All Fox News Edition

Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu - The Ultimate Fuel Technology

Condi Admits to 9/11 Failures

NBC's Ann Curry covers for Rick Warren AND lets an obvious lie pass when interviewing him

Greek Riots - A group of youths invaded Greek television ERT

The View Discuss Caroline Kennedy/ Rick Warren

Insult the Dead-gate

Harry Reid And The Wall Street Bailout Loophole

Blagojevich says he will not resign.

Ads for Obama shuts down

David Corn: I think he's reached out a little too far in this case

TYT: Bush Admits Mistake

Rob Boston on Countdown speaks powerfully against choice of Warren.

Olbermann: Obama/Warren Backlash -12/18 (Part 1)

In Katrina's wake, white neighborhood 'militia' murdered blacks

It is no secret that I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans

Duncan Hunter: Torture provided 'enormously valuable information that saved American lives'

Rick Warren says I'm promiscuous

TYT: Great Black Jack Analogy To Explain Financial Crisis

Bushed!: Ignoring warnings of 9/11 attack

I nominate THIS man to give the inaugural invocation

George Galloway vs. the US Senate: FULL AND UNCUT!

Dedicated to Rick Warren - Courtesy of Eric Schwartz...

TYT RANT: Rick Warren Can Stuff a Donut Up His ---

Nelson County eyes wind energy

Renewable future for the Bay State

Wind energy faces challenge of meeting production demands

St. Mary's Gov. Clears Path for Wind Energy Systems

Moving Wind Energy Far Offshore

The Future of Wind Power: Perspectives on Global Wind

NPS Alcatraz First Hybrid Ferryboat

Today, Dec. 19th is the day Bush is selling 160,000 acres of prime Utah

MCT's Seagen Tidal Energy System Reaches Full 1.2-MW Capacity

EDFEN Opens France's Largest Solar Power Plant (7 MW)

(Atlantic) Salmon’s survival at sea key in large river return (Maine)

Wind energy development means (lots of) jobs (and $) for Nebraskans

Vestas Receives 300-MW UK Offshore Order

Peak Oil Notes - Dec 18

ODAC Newsletter (from the Brits)

Fuel from used coffee grounds !

Press Release: First REpower 6M turbines assembled in Bremerhaven

Norbert Elias and System Collapse

Inventor's 'refrigeration system' for planet shows promise, but scientists are skeptical (me too)

NSIDC/Marc Serreze - Arctic Meltdown 20 Years Ahead Of Climate Models - 5C Warmer Over Melt Zones

Great Barrier Reef Experts Likening This Year's Summer To Record Bleaching Year Of 1998

University Of Calgary Study - Extinction Risks Higher Than Thought For Tropical Plants - AFP

S. Africa Rejects Rudd's Emissions "Low Bid" - Aus. Has Surrendered "Moral Leadership" On Climate

nvCJD Advisor Warns Of Up To 350 Additional Possible Deaths - Impact Wider Than Thought

European solar industry going strong, EU research shows

Sea Champion Picked for Ocean, Air Agency (NOAA)

Biomass opportunity out of future oil crisis?

US Tech Firms Team to Juice Up Electric Car Batteries

Could the Electric Grid Support Far More Wind and Solar?

Three Gorges Dam tested as water rises

Wind farm deal to boost CPS Energy’s renewable-energy profile

Nine Minnesota mayors ask congress to enact energy independence plan within Obama's first 100 days

(0.2%) Solar-propelled cargo ship launches from Japan

Oil Is Not the Climate Change Culprit — It's All About Coal

CSM - World's Oceans Turning Acidic (All together now!!) Faster Than Expected

Peak Uranium: What’s Going to Fuel All Those Nuclear Plants?

EPA Ruling Could Speed Up Approval of Coal Plants

More California Towns Face Bankruptcy

Great post from Naked Capitalism. Yves gets to the heart of the mess on Wall St.:

Wall Street Coup D’état

Mirabile Dictu! Fox News is Suing Treasury Department for Stonewalling Freedom of Information Act...

Brilliant: Credit Suisse To Pay Top Execs With Illiquid Mortgage Securities

Madoff Hosed Uncle Sam, Too: $17 Billion Going "Poof"

I have a question for the Forum; please tell me what you think (either way)

I was trained in economics by Keynesians

The auto workers can't get a break from the cable news channels. My theory!

Today in labor history Dec 19 An explosion in the Darr Mine kills 239 coal miners, over 3,000 in Dec

Congressman, faith and labor leaders urge release of 23 jailed workers held in the Fargo, N.D.

The Lame Duck's Latest Lame Attack On Labor As He Heads For The Door

Labor Is Thrilled With Obama's Labor Secretary Pick

Southern GOP Senators' Attack On UAW Could Drive Foreign Auto Wages Lower In U.S.

EPA takes action against Nevada Onion ($56,320 for charged misuse pesticides (no OSHA?)


THE FINE ART OF CLASS STRUGGLE - Teamster moving men reverse 10 years of givebacks at Sotheby’s

CHRYSLER’S CHRISTMAS LAYOFF - autoworkers at Warren Truck speak out

Kathie Lee Gifford, Sweatshop Goddess, Weighs in on Bush Bailout

Almost 900 Atlas, Polar Air Cargo Crewmembers Vote to Join Teamsters Union By a 2-1 Margin

Update: L.A. County's Jobless Rate Hits 8.9 Percent

China: Labour officials demand law criminalising bosses who close factories, flee without paying wor

Trade deals must protect workers, environment-Obama

NLRB holds off on certifying Smithfield union vote

Union Files Unfair Labor Practice Against Yakima Regional Hospital

Union activists' message doesn't register with fast-food workers (McDonalds yesterday)

JetBlue faces first union election

Colgan Air, Inc. Pilots Approve Union Bid

Labor Leader Day For Caroline Kennedy

Unions: Obama 'gays in military' moment?

Wow...I haven't been in GD: Presidential today as long as you guys have.

Most excellent comment at Huffington Post about Obama and Warren

Barney Frank: I am very disappointed by President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to honor Rick Warren

Question: what are your "sexual leanings"?

It's times like this when I really despise most of DU

Is anyone listening to gavin newsome?

Where is our anger?

January 20, 1961: KKK's Grand Wizard delivers Kennedy's inaugural invocation

I seriously need to go meditate

Obama's betrayal drives home what Harvey Milk said.

Inclusiveness my ass.

We can't depend on Obama or the Democratic Party, or a huge number of Democrats, to have our back.

Obama = Jesus. How dare the gays insult Jesus!

Obama's Inaugural Mistake (WaPo)

The Wyoming Project: A Modest Proposal

I find the comments that Obama is HELPING US by using Rick Warren even more horrific than the choice

I don't spend a lot of time in glbt, so could someone educate me?

Gay rights leader pulling out of the inauguration

Need your help for Operation "Make Rick Warren Eat His Words" (link inside) ...

What do you guys think of Michelangelo Signorile as a radio host?

A favor, please?

I'm here to say BE LOUDER!!!!

U.S. Government sides with Muslim nations: Keep homosexuality illegal

We all need to wait, while Obama hands an "olive branch" to the conservatives

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Needs To Get Over It!!!

Does anyone have any information on homosexuals and depression/suicide?

Stop your wild-eyed claims of homophobia existing on DU!!11!!

'People who don't like it, stop whining and MOVE, OK?'

Is it okay to beat your spouse as long as you tell them you love them?

The Lesbian and Gay Band of America

We need a throw a GLBT shoe at Obama online game.

I wish I could write like Plaid Adder

Is DU, for all practical purposes, an anti-gay site now?

Great toon about Warren.

"Diverse, noisy, and opinionated"

Gays are perverts

Hey guys, did you know that "calling out" is against DU rules?

3 Things you can do about Rick Warren

This is a true statement and I challenge you to deny it!

Sign HRC's Petition to Obama

The gay succession and the "false christian" succession we see with Obama/bush.

I think we should pelt the stage with shoes.

A puppy picture

Strange Thought Today about Resistance to Gay Marriage

Gays Shut Out of Obama's Cabinet

From a straight guy (re: Warren, Prop 8, et al)

For those trying to understand some of the anger in the LGBT community

Obama's Iconic poster's artist "Im very disappointed by Obama’s appointment of Rick Warren"

I think Warren should be booed at the inauguration

On behalf of the Democratic party, I apologize.

Obama's Rainbow Cabinet of Rivals to Be 100% Gay Free

This Won't Go Away As Much As Obama's Transition Staff May Hope.

You know i would understand picking Rick Warren if we had won on prop8

Listen up, bigots.

Our anger must be having an impact on the Obama team.

Honest question from a straight guy about an avatar.

Seriously. As an LGBT person, why should I remain a member of this party?

Have any of you contact the Obama camp to voice your anger/displeasure/disgust with Warren?

Cenk: Not Another Word on Gay Marriage Until They Execute an Adulterer

Wow! Over 300 DUers want us loudmouth queers to shut up!

Light up the Night for Equal Rights Rally tomorrow in NYC: Details Follow

My family and I will be protesting at Saddleback Church this Sunday.

I'm more pissed off at DU than Obama about Warren.

TYT RANT: Rick Warren Can Stuff a Donut Up His ---

Standing up for my marriage is not a tantrum.

The condescension of strait, white males.

Morales: Expel all US ambassadors until US lifts Cuba blockade

Red Sox Out Of Teixeira Sweepstakes

For Sale: Orange Bowl Tickets, $1 Each. Any Takers?

Holy shit. The latest RPI conference ratings has the Big Ten #1!

Can I see some pictures of my LGBT friends?

Cancer Study Explores Role of 2 Proteins

Question regarding Acupuncture or Chiropractic alternative care

Meh, bad day on the job at the doctor's office.

Still no smoking - I'm at 18 days now.

Lessons from An Emergency Room Nightmare

Has Obama issued any statement re Bush's new "right of conscience" rule?

My 2008 Election Dreams

Today, I was so electrically charged with great hope!

“ADL Disappointed In Supreme Court Decision On Gun Rights “ (June 26, 2008)

Stairway to diplomas


A bokeh for monsieur?

Sunset? well, close to it anyway....

Gays and Guns - Southern Voice article today

Foodista launches today

Kinda back a little and a question about mayonnaise

Pecan Pralines - the best! Prize-winners.

I have a gigantic boneless lamb roast in the fridge, but little experience cooking lamb...

Interview with Dr. William F. Vendley, secretary general, Religions for Peace

In the interests of getting myself TS'ed: Ask a Liberal Mormon

Science is limited

Ecstasy over G spot therapy

Sea Champion Picked for Ocean, Air Agency

Cost to sequence a genome may be down to $5000

Dear Meredith,...

Is it possible to prove the universe DOESN'T have consciousness?

Wow, This Is Pretty Nasty

God Or Science? A Belief In One Weakens Positive Feelings For The Other

I've simply modified my built in condo metal fireplace to produce more heat

Ask a Liberal Mormon. (With apologies to the admins and posters for my foolishness last thread )

I'm coming out.!

WP, pg1: Helping to Write History; Obama's 27-year-old chief speechwriter Jon Favreau

False Skeptics' Debate Flowchart

Valero to pay for auto repairs

GAG! RETCH! PUKE!--- "Our" Gov. 39%

After a historic vote, Amanda Jones dies at age 110

CBC: Judge orders CSIS to stop listening to calls between terror suspects and lawyers

This is pretty cool: John Kerry's effect on baseball on TV

Kerry mentioned in Boston Globe article on right whales

Some reflections as the year comes to an end

Four years in jail demanded for minister (Tessa Jowell's) husband

$240,400,000 loss in value for Journal Communications this quarter