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Archives: December 18, 2008

Who Will Win? Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. Cthulhu!

KeyBank: Stop Using Taxpayer Bailout Money to Finance Oak Harbor's Workers Rights Violations!

Suit over Utah oil and gas leases likely to land on Salazar's desk

Suit over Utah oil and gas leases likely to land on Salazar's desk

Illinois sings an old Christmas tune with new words --

Take Action Now: McDonald's Tomorrow at Noon

You owe me so much I no longer need you.

Cheney Beckons Obama to the Dark Side

Of course his ducking reflexes were good

Rick Warren future headline ....

"There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos"

Bush and Cheney and cohorts will try to sell their legacy...

Ah fuckit .... Coleman should lose just for having that bad haircut and for being such a ...........

I favor the auto loan for the sake of union workers and the little guys. But, geeze, GMAC ..........

Latest projection shows Franken winning by 275!

Pakistan Taliban Insurgents Release Video of Five Beheaded ’Spies’

When does the Franken/Coleman recount end?

You'd think Warren got a Cabinet position around here!

he does NOT get credit for keeping us safe 9/11 happened on HIS WATCH

It has been Eight Long Years ...... and that phoney fucking ........

Employment in La... Page 1 of 20

Former detainee: Gitmo is the ‘worst place in the world'

Muslim’s scarf leads to arrest at courthouse

Salazar pick indicates big change for Interior Department

Rick Warren awards George W. Bush P.E.A.C.E medal.

Rick Warren logic - No leadership roles for women over men but buy his wife's curriculum 4 ur church

SCLC Veteran Lowery to Offer Prayer at Inaugural

The other way to save Detroit.

Seriously has any other President behaved like Bush after

Seriously has any other President behaved like Bush after

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!......Sarkozy?

"How Many Shoes Would a Lame Duck Duck if a Lame Duck Could Duck Shoes?"

This Can't Really Be the Economy...

Rachel is . . .

I don't condone violence.

Ga. judge jails Muslim woman over head scarf

President Bush and the Flying Shoes: A Cautionary Tale

What's the most offensive thing about Rick Warren ...

The Polar Caps are Not Melting

the meaning of "inaugurate":

All of a sudden, KKKarl is a big fan of dissent

So .... tell me why, specifically, this guy is hunky dory with you.

Regrets? - Cheney: "Oh, not a lot-I'll have a chance to reflect on that after I get out of here"

Why I'm hopeful about the Franken Recount

My doctor thinks I have a brain tumor, but I can't afford an MRI. Anyway, here's a speech I wrote.

My disappointment: Ron KIRK is passed over for Rethug LaHOOD. I'll get over it. Do I have a choice?

Law #2: Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies.

You're all right, let's just do what Bush did and cater to our base.

Someone PLEASE start a BUSH LEGACY site

Help me out here. This afternoon there was a link to a website

one of the worst things about the Rick Warren deal

It SHOULD MATTER, that Congress invited RW!

Matthews, Hitchens Lead Stirring Fight Against Pro-Torture Views of Michael Smerconish

Shoemakers lay claim to thrown shoes

Should people have the right to organize boycotts of businesses?

Help our soldiers in battle keep their pets

In Case You Missed This... 'Foreign Auto Makers Won Billions in Government Subsidies'

Did anyone notice that Obama is having Rev. Lowry (pro gay marriage) do the benediction?

Levin and Indictments... they are now talking about it

The Billionaire's Black Sheep - Nicole Buffett

Message about LGBT folks on DU that I am hearing

Message about LGBT folks on DU that I am hearing

if a six could be a nine, i don't mind.

Did you see Hall & Oates on Stewart? "He's Gone..He's Gone" Tribute to Alan Colmes, Fox?

Shoe -Denfreude

Shoe -Denfreude

Poll: Voters divided over senate pick (NY)

Firms, labor unions on collision course

Why not see that Obama is gathering formerly disparate groups in unity at his Inauguration?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

DUers, how long before the pitchforks and torches come out?

Ray LaHood by the numbers (it ain't pretty)

Fratto: ‘No One Could Have Anticipated’ Terrorists Flying Planes Into Buildings Before 9/11»

Before bipartisanship becomes the norm, I have something to say to the repuke party

The Attorney General is Corrupt, Madoff Employs His Son and The SEC is corrupt as well

Media Matters for America: MSNBC's shoddy "obsessive and misleading" Blago coverage

A question for investment gurus: Is this good or bad?

I am 100% Against a Fairness Doctrine

Snow on the way to the Great Lakes area tomorrow evening onward.

"We love you, Victor"

Did they really do this on Letterman (West Coast spoiler warning)?

Does Obama actually have an ideology or is he all over the place as the mood

Sweden introduces rules to boost employment (6.2% unemployment = more immigration!"

35 Iraq Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry

Uh, wasn't it CONGRESS that picked Warren?

Taliban has a permanent presence in almost three-quarters of Afghanistan and is closing in on Kabul

"Stand by Me" around the world

"It never rains in southern...California..."

Lot's of FU's going around tonight ... Fuck's the word these days

How come Cheney's visit to the CIA is always left out of the intelligence talks?

Pursuit of criminals in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a war

Show some love for another DU thread (link inside) ...

"...but white collar workers will still keep their regular salaries"

How much you want to bet Ms. Palin saw this email and found it funny?

Lying sack of shit Robert Gates still lying on PBS's Charlie Rose

The One, Single Acceptable Reason for Warren - For Me.

Senate Report Links Bush to Detainee Homicides; Media Yawns

So what happens if Rick Warren becomes more open minded after hanging around with Obama?

Motorola freezes pension plan, cuts other benefits

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, Wal-Mart shill? (She may vote against EFCA)

Did'ya ever notice? (channeling Andy Rooney)

Giving the Invocation/Benediction is not a cabinet post.

I pray to nasdaq that many of you here will be re-incarnated as a minority

Happy Holidays DUers

Neil Irvin On Washington Journal

Is this a phase, or is this "it" for the whole term?

The song and dance that they do just makes me sick...

Sean Hannity: Media Matters' 2008 Misinformer of the Year

David Sirota: Did America Get Punk'd on the Bailout?

Open Letter to Obama

Blame the unions

Zimbabwe Cholera Death Toll Rises to 1,111, UN Says

The portrait project

An Example on How the media slants news for Bush..MSNBC.for example

Pakistan Denies Militant Under Arrest(After Confirming Same Militant Under Arrest 9 Days Ago)

Coal reserves vastly less than thought

Fix the economy with carrots and sticks.

Need to get around blocking software?

Four Generals Among 35 Arrested in 'Coup' Plot, by Maliki's Force

Rick Warren at the Inauguration is like having David Duke being the keynote

The Torture Report...nytimes

Question About State of Emergency Funds

Iraqi Journalist's Shoes 'Destroyed' After Bush Attack

Legacy buildin'...Bush's FOUR violations of the same law that sent Martha Stewart to prison

I am saddened, heartbroken, and crying over the loss of (former) long-time DUer maddiejoan

The shoe-flap has emboldened Iran...

The great AG Mukasey recuses himself from the Madoff

Illegal Aliens: Discuss

Administration dallies while auto industry sweats it out

"And Now For My Next Magic Trick, Watch Me Pull A Rabbit ..

Isn't Warren the same guy that chaired that debate?? or whatever that event was?

The big surge lie, or Iraq is imploding.

Petraeus proposes withdrawal timetable. Tough choice for Obama

some perspective

Just as Afghanistan bankrupted the USSR, the same is happening to the US

Aretha Franklin to sing at Obama inauguration

Hopes Dim for Settling Minnesota Senate Race by Friday

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines questioned legality of torture decision...


How come Bernie Kerik's case has not reached the courts

The truth about Jamaicans and snow - fall down funny

"Shoe Thrower Apologizes"

To progressive Christians on this board, I urge you to watch this video:

Where it all went wrong...

New credit card protections don't take effect until JULY 2010

Blagojevich strikes back

Cheney Defends Torture: It ‘Would Have Been Unethical Or Immoral’ For Us Not To Torture»

Tumor in Colorado newborn's brain contained foot

Dupe - please delete...

The Nation: A Bigot, Anti-Choice Pastor Picked for Obama's Inauguration

Porsche sales fall 9.7% as crisis crimps demand

Comments regarding the Rick Warren pick overwhelmingly positive at CNN site. Weigh in here

I have a lot of patience but, I have given up on Morning Joe...

Hey, a surge in Afghanistan AND homophobia too!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!!

Test Warren To SEE If He Really Speaks For The Lord...

Cheney Defends Torture: It ‘Would Have Been Unethical Or Immoral’ For Us Not To Torture

Obama: The College Years in Photos

Are you offended when someone wishes you the generic "happy holidays?" Newspaper poll

i suck

Lieberman Panned In Poll, Admonished By State Democrats

Adolf Hitler, 3 yrs and his Parents. I am Just Speechless

Is Obama 'reaching out' to evangelicals, or is he kissing their asses?

It's an open and shut case, Rick Warren is an open bigot.

So...AIG employees get 'retention pay' while auto plants close down for a month

A layman's search for the weakest link

Senator Carl Levin about to break news on Rachel

So, do you think there will be stimilus check for individuals next year?

Cheney: Bush will be popular in 30 years.»

Will Obama surpass Bush's TOTAL in press conferences before he is inaugurated?

PHOTO: Let's play that old Sesame Street game, "One of these things is not like the other"

bu$h* is considering his 'successor' in the auto bailout

2fer: Sorry SPECTER. and PALIN's 87 boxes of unopened mail, 200 interview requests

Joe Scar started his lauding of Bush*... I watch this program because

Is Rod Blagojevich guilty as charged?

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Torture, Detention, and Morality

Kids Asking Santa For Food, Not Toys (Heartbreaking)

this is a rant about Wash. Journal

Can I suggest the following protest? It ain't much, but if you're in the DC area....

Kerry And Casey Want Blackwater Out Of Iraq

Bush jams traffice yet again

Has the Obama team made a statement on the Warren contraversy?

Pastor Rick Warren: Gay marriage akin to incest, child rape and polygamy:

"the upcoming depression could be greater than the Great Depression."

Can someone remind me: what is the limit for gifting the mail carrier?

UN says 33 countries in need of food aid

Shoe-Thrower Still Hidden Away


House passed credit card reform in September- Sen Dodd does nothing

How To Stop Being The "Radical Left"

Treasury says New York firm is a front for Iranian bank

US Troops Reportedly Open Fire On Fallujah Students at Shoe Rally

NYPD cop facing prison time for citizen abuse exposed on Youtube

Delete, dupe (nt)

This Franken First Person Video Piece On Absentee Ballots Is A Winner ... LINK

Hey!!! DU,, where did all the hate come from??

I'm trying to think of Warren this way..

Fed unleashes greatest bubble of all: John Kemp

Just a quote to ponder on the Warren Issue...

Vilsack’s Nomination Have Some Wondering: Agribusiness as Usual?

Can the mailman torture drug-dealers on his route?

Damn sam, its keeping me busy ignoring threads these last few days

Damn sam, its keeping me busy ignoring threads these last few days

Hope & Change mean nothing.

A Mail Carrier brings gifts to a home on Christmas Eve.

What if Obama picked Farrakhan instead of Warren?

Iraq Bans Security Contractor (Blackwater)

Busting up the middle class via the UAW

"We're choking off their financing, disrupting operations, we've killed or captured hundreds..."

Bush signed his long-threatened rule that allows health care providers to pick and choose

Blago impeachment hearings live.

I keep saying I will wait for the first hundred days to really decide

Thanks to the shoe thrower...Bush may not be able to speak at some events in the USA

I bet Bush doesn't help "the big three"...

Poet Elizabeth Alexander to read at Obama's inauguration

The Denouement of Howard Dean? -- Washington Post

I wonder if Obama or his people predicted the Warren firestorm?

No conflict of interest here, just move along, go on, nothing to see here.....

I'm pissed that Rev. Wright wasn't asked to give the invocation

If programming languages were religions

I think we need a special High Dudgeon forum

I think we need a special High Dudgeon forum

How would a bridge loan save the big three?

You wanna talk 'Dynasty'? Yeah? I got your Dynasty right here!

Planner Of Rwandan Massacres Convicted Of Genocide

For a bunch of bright people we sure are slow learners...

Bad Budget News from WA State

Is it appropriate for a male boss to give a gift to a female subordinate

Do you ever hesitate or jumble your words when asked about corruption?

Mika Brzezinski Mugged In Washington

Pro-Gay Marriage Rev Lowery To Deliver Benediction at Obama’s Inaugural

Progressives pressure Congress to pass stimulus

Women's Health Groups Slam Bush's New 'Right Of Conscience' Rule

Minn Recount: Brett Favre Beats Lizard People-Coleman gets Vote Franken loses Vote

Who says we should want to share a "big tent" with wingnuts?

Is it possible that death is stalking Rick Warren?

Take a look at who replaced Virgil Goode (R - Lunatic)

The 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' doesn't stop Al Franken from getting a vote.

US Soldiers Fire 'Above' Students Protesting For Shoe-Thrower, Injuring One

Time to start working on building the Democratic Coalition for 2010

Gates Backs Obama’s Promise To Close Guantanamo: It Will Be A ‘High Priority’»

Earth to Great Lakes States--Chimp hates you and your Union Jobs.

*Shakes head*

Shoe thrower, al-Zaidi/al-Zeidi UPDATE (articles, links...)

Shoe thrower, al-Zaidi/al-Zeidi UPDATE (articles, links...)

UPDATE: Longworth House Office buiding evacuated - steam valve at fault

Obama should have asked Michael Beckwith to do the invocation

hey.. randi Rhodes, Hartman etc are streamed by 1480 KPHX >>LINK>>

When Rick Warren tumbles from grace, it will be because:

I just lost one of my oldest friends.

So, Pres. elect Obama's 'new' generals have completed an Iraq withdrawal plan

The "correct" answer: no religious ceremony within the inauguration.

By DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS: Auto industry ties economy together

Rick Warren received a letter of GRATITUDE from James Dobson for his anti-gay efforts

I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

Are you religious?

Gay Band to March in Inauguration Parade (First Time Ever)

I just have to get this off my chest - is this hypocrisy at DU?

Please K&R this thread if you're sick of being asked to K&R threads

Another great reason that Warren should not have gotten the nod

A sign of the state of the economy...

Famous and Infamous Moments in Shoe History

I just have one question. Why can't America throw the conservative fundies under the bus?

'Race' - a poem by the woman chosen to read at the inaugural

Yo Obama, America doesn't want to forgive war criminals and bigots

An "orderly bankruptcy" Wall Street gets filet mignon, main street gets road kill -

AG's son Marc L. Mukasey of Bracewell & Giuliani defending Madoff partner

Wouldn't oversight of the bailout be a good way to create jobs?

What would happen to GM stocks if GM declared bankruptcy?

If I post a pic of a squirrel with a Santa hat and Xmas light nuts, will people Recommend my post?

Chuck Todd has just been appointed chief White House correspondent for NBC News.

Barack Obama is a VERY intelligent man -- I'm going to trust him for now.

Do not caption this picture

Another deadly, bungling raid by the U.S. military in Afghanistan

**On CNN shortly - Billey Joe Johnson's father and mother to be interviewed**

We've got over a foot of SNOW in Henderson (Las Vegas)!!!

Our taxes at work....again: Congress is giving itself a raise

Are companies required to report the number/percentage of employees who are U.S. citizens?

Blagojevich Arrest Grabs Public Attention

YAY!1 Ron KIRK to got *some*thing in the Administration -- U.S. Trade Representative

So What If Rick Warren Gives The Invocation?

Maliki's Mass Arrests: Thwarted Coup or Power Grab?

As everyone knows, I´m a firece advocate for African Americans,

Obama sure has a lot of "Jesus pals." However, they're

Florida's Crazies are at it again.

"Cheney to Emanuel: Control your VP" - (Vice Pres if the USA, but still the king of irony)

An "orderly bankruptcy" Wall Street gets filet mignon, main street gets road kill -

What's the Matter With Rick Warren? "picking Warren is a slap in the face to progressive ministers"

There is also to be a Benediction at the inaugural...

MSNBC Slideshow: "The Shoe Throw Heard Round The World"

Blago drama for Obama - Headlines 12/18/08

Save the snark. This question is intended to be serious: Is Ken Lay Really Dead?

Fuck you Donald Trump (on the phone with Blitzer)

New SEC chief gave Bernard Madoff's son a job

Kathy Fuld's secret shopping sprees

The problem with pandering to homophobes

Rec if you got wrecked and got in a wreck driving an old wreck on the way to the rec center

So if a racist minister delivered the inagural invocation

"Speak up at Sen. Daschle's house parties" - Physicians For National Health Care

Now that we won't have Bush/Cheny to kick around

Did any of your friends vote for Prop 8?

July, 2010? WTF!!?

Dems: New Credit Card Regs Are No Substitute for Legislation

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- The eCONomy game

I don't understand why it is so important

Does anyone know how extacy is packaged?

Post from a right wing site...RE: Warren.

Bush, re: Auto companies' bankruptcy: Doesn't want to leave a mess for Obama!

Hilda Solis will be Labor Secretary. She's the past chair of the CPC

President-Elect Obama's Animal Welfare Team - HSUS

Gay-hating xtian psycho picked to speak at fascist country's inauguration?

Can anybody translate from CopSpeak to English (the news conference on MSNBC now re: Caylee Anthony)

Exxon Mobil Slapped With $6.1 Million Fine

It hasn't happened yet, but what is the message for tax-paying citizens ...

I am betting that Madoff (with $50B) guy with the mink ankle bracelet NEVER serves one day in jail

bu$h* Weighs ‘Orderly’ Bankruptcy for Automakers - orderly union busting imo

How has the Warren debacle affected your expectations for Obama's presidency?

Tweety day three - Torture and the Bush administration

Charities to give to over the holidays? (And other times too, of course!)

Shoe Shoe Iraqi Coup!

Bush Considering 'Orderly' Auto Bankruptcy

In the Franken/Coleman recount they just allowed a vote

Conservative Leader Paul Weyrich Dies

Bill Ayers Whitewashes History: The Weathermen Were Not Just A Bunch Of Idealistic Young People

Anybody who refers to him as "Don Rumsfeld" belongs in jail with him

Increase in theft at work?

Do we stand with the 14th Amendment or not? What is an invocation anyway?

Re: Rick Warren: Why Not?

Swell. Now we're going to bomb Somalia.

Describing idiot son in one word...

Franken behind by only 16 votes Sweeeet !

Franken behind by only 16 votes Sweeeet !


When are we gonna see FRANKEN LEADING??? I am tired of "GAINING, Catching Up...."

(not flame bait, looking for data) Has Obama ever changed his mind as a result of public pressure?

Those not watching, we are seeing history in MN

Leaked Obama Transcript Explains Rick Warren Decision

this is a riot: "Newspaper Corrections of the year"

MN-Sen: Difference now down to 100

Pentagon staff writing plan to empty prison camps

StarTribune is projecting a Franken win by 89 votes

China says lending to US will not go on forever

Can Someone Put A Camera On COLEMAN When FRANKEN TAKES THE LEAD????

wasn't it somehow agreed that no one is going to buy a car from a bankrupt car manufacturer?

This is good: George W. Bush's "Nightmare Before Christmas"

Ironically, Obama has chosen a closeted homosexual/homophobe to give the invocation

lynndie england should be released from prison...she was following orders

New York Times demands: Prosecute Cheney, Gonzalez, Addington, etc. Doubts Obama will come through

Majel Roddenberry Dies Of Leukemia At Age 76


Raise your hand if...

Want to have some fun? Throw a shoe at Dimson!

Fox News: Recommends tipping to give Xmas bonuses.

"I have, you know, quite a lot to learn..."

I had a thought, if they held a dinner after the shoe toss, and if

Yes, Obama picked THIS Rick Warren.

George W. Bush Library

Is It Just Me, Or Is The MN Recount Process Like TheMostTransparentThingEVER ?

Five Historical Parallels to the Iraqi Shoe Thrower

Bush isn't working on a plan to help auto workers - He's 'making up his mind'.

Reasons People Post and Don't Look at the Responses

Here's how I think the Auto bailout will go

Question: Why do those of us who are "straight" feel the need to say that when we defend GLBT

at Saddleback "Church" women must be overseen by men

I am seeing an incredible increase in cash vs credit card sales.

This calmed me down. Hope it does for you. too.

MN Senate Recount: Now It's Al Franken's To Lose

We will not have another depression, but our economy will change as it never has before

If your doctor doesn't like gay people, he/she no longer has to treat you

Coleman Lead down to 47 in Minn recount

An interesting look into the world of boozin' & cruisin'.

Obama's Hawk

Obama's Hawk

What is your favorite example of a Freeper being a Freeper?

Question for DUers particularly economists

At least some good news today: Paul Weyrich died.

The "Republicans are for it, so it must be bad" phenomenon

Court refuses to hear BC sex workers' case

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" film remake not worth watching

bush: "I didn't compromise my soul to be a popular guy"

Defrocked pastor promoting documentary about own gay sex scandal

Hartmann: Choice of Rick Warren may open Warren's supporters' minds & hearts to Obama

What Would You Do?

Franken is gaining ground fast today.

Enough with the carols!

Enough with the carols!

New SEC chief gave Bernard Madoff's son a job

Insurance loophole claimed in fire deaths: Company says smoke that killed 3 was 'pollution'

Everybody: GO! AL! GO!!!

Breaking: Bush is considering an "orderly bankruptcy" for automakers

How did you overcome worrying about what others think of your opinions, even

‘Incompetent’ is the top word that Americans associate with President Bush.

‘Incompetent’ is the top word that Americans associate with President Bush.

Should inauguration attendees turn their backs when Rick Warren speaks at the inauguration?

Would you support the waterboarding of bush & cheney to extract information?

Guess what? Get shipped to Iraq and Afganistan, and then when you try to come back:

Now right-wingers are 'gunning' for Holder because he supported the Brady Bill...

First of all, management at GM and Chrysler would not cry if the union was busted...

Global warming - they really are like . . .

Can the manufacturing sector of the US economy return?

(Breaking Rumor): Rep. Hilda Solis (CA-32) to be Secretary of Labor

Anybody remember that Jesus guy .... he started a megachurch, too.

Obama is a fierce advocate for LGBT Americans....

Should Obama do something to reach out to progressives at inauguration?

Time after time after time, "the extreme left" has been proven correct and the "pragmatic centrists"

Please feel free to complain today to this person:

Rick Warren didn't try to stop Bush from TORTURING because he "doesn't deal with policy issues"

What are you doing here?

What do you think about Patterson's Obesity tax?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- Of senators, changeovers and X-mas...

The Official "If-not-Rick-Warren-then-who?" Poll!

How long would it take for you to confess to doing 9-11 under torture?

Seeing red after a call from Citigroup Mortgage

if anyone says they think homosexuality is a "choice", ask them this

Site feature suggestion

Site feature suggestion

Tony Perkins (hideous fundie tool) says the following

Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

The Bush Regime Has Declared War on Hope and Change and the American Worker

please DU my 182nd ltte on the refugee situation in iraq

If not Rick Warren, then who? Post your suggestions here.

Random thoughts on Rick Warren.

Kerry: US must win hearts, too, in Afghanistan - Kerry should know better

More Shenanigans From Pinellas County DEC Thurmanites! When ARE Rules RULES?

"Where are the racists, Mr. Obama?"

Thanks to DU for helping Sugar Bear get the surgery she needs!

Franken Gaining fast today

Liberal base, gays, outraged at rick warren invocation

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- If the Shoe flies...

Obama: No More Of The "we only have one president at a time" B.S.

How much effort does it take to kick and recommend a thread?

I took a break from my website files to read the news on du...

OBAMA: "I am a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian americans"


"Only soldiers understand how the terrors of war and the horrors of the battlefield affect the soul"

Does anybody have any idea where all the money went?

If you met bush at a party would you be polite or would you call him a monster?

The final word on all those inane threads regarding the same inane topic:

Am I the only one secretly hoping NY picks Michael Moore as their next senator?

Fort Worth "CHRISTIAN" Day Care..Uses spanking as potty training tool. Shut Them Down...

GPS chips in Firearms; the time is now

EVERY Credit Card...

I kind of miss being called a faggot.

Known Unknowns: Unconventional "Strategic Shocks" in Defense Strategy Development

Vote for the most annoying Christmas commercial.

What I would like

5 Answers..(You write the questions)

If we had a parliamentary system with coalition government...

A big fire truck is riding around our mobile home park, sirens blaring, with SANTA!

Sorry, can't talk right now...

So apparently has enough people signed up already.

Yanks now going after Manny Ramirez

Woman accused of trying to sell 'gothic kittens'

Obama invites rock star to sing at inaugural

Match Game Story: "Rick Warren is a giant pile of shit who should be shut up*. ____ him."

"What happens in GDP, stays in GDP"

We have a Winter Storm Warning for tomorrow afternoon thru noon Friday.

And in other news, Heart found in stall at car wash

How to deal with the Religious Right

Teacher says Every time someone drops the F Bomb an Angel Loses her Virginity.

Orval + Big Swell + DFH 90

Lay offs today at work...@ medical clinics in Austin Tx.

Grateful Dead 10-20-74 cures all ills

The ice storm that kicked our butts

My 6 year old daughter got in the van today and said, "What the 'H'?".

Have you ever coughed so much and so hard that your bile ducts flew out of your ears?

Trevor Linden is making me cry

A picture, not of me as a child, but something much more important.

Chuggo to perform at Obama inauguration

Do you normally give yourself a barbed wire enema after your evening meal?

My new favorite picture of me and my little activist

Midlo's Bunco Brigade to play at the inauguration

I'm looking for a vacuum...a Dyson.

Why does a company have the right to demand your SSN on an application?

I'm going to miss Chuck and the Pieman

I've had this song stuck in my head for like six months.

I love licking Santa's Pole.

Guys are frickin stupid

DU wine drinkers/experts I need your help

anyone else remember the new era?

Miss dose of Effexor + Read HP Lovecraft= Seriously weird dreams

Stormtrooper Christmas

Lou Reed=Good, John Lennon=Good

What commercial was the song "Tangerine" used in?

Please help keep me here at DU! Donate by posting here!

What do you think of my voice?

it unhygienic to use someone else's used urinary catheter?

Dusty Foggo is not outside tonight

What would you rather watch?

Skim Milk + Gummi Bears = Pure Genius

The most underrated "Classic Rock" song is DEFINITELY...

Jerry Oconnell as Rod Blagojovic

Excuse the noise. The beagle is snoring. nt

"I Believe In Father Christmas"- Greg Lake

Google Money Tree = Scam = Why does DU let them advertise?!

Good night, and have a wonderful holiday.

This page explains to me why always ran into free roaming, sweet natured huskies in the street...

Good to see WW XXV has started here at DU.

It's 2:20 a.m. and I JUST FINISHED my last paper for the semester...

Do you normally drink wine with your evening meal?

Wow, it is foggy in Houston, driving home was fun.

Click Survey..Where did YOU click?

News of the weird, Tumor in Colorado newborn's brain contained foot

What's the big deal about this David Beckham guy?

Sign says STOP buddy

Quick! How do you put people on "ignore" on Facebook


Lost In The Dustup Over Rick Warren Giving The Inaugural Invocation

Slingin' Sammy Baugh has died.

Do you support the rights of LGBT citizens of the United States to be legally married?

Town de-ices the road using garlic salt

The Nation "Party Cannibals" the Democratic agenda was hijacked.

Anyone seen Midlo this morning?

A Christmas lolcat:

Okay. Liberal Veteran 0, Snow 1

I don't get myspace or facebook

My tire is flat.

Today Show allows guest to push old urban legend.

Actor Karl Malden and wife Mona Greenberg celebrate their 70th anniversary today:

I just can't get warm!

Good morning Lounge

This is my post number 666. I call it the AntiPost. See it now.

i suck

I guess Warren Beatty is speaking Jan. 20, and BOY are people pissed.

An UN-PC joke to start your day :)

People seem to have forgotten that Obama's a politician.

Pics from the fall Renaissance Festival (pic heavy)


Is anyone else flabbergasted by these ads for Amish made electric heaters?

Paging Parche -- Retired Space Shuttles up for grabs

Happy Birthday Keef!

Now THIS is what I call a water fountain

I wonder how a proselytizing Xian would act if, when they're trying

It's fricking COLD!

Mail marked "Not at this address" --what does the P.O. do with them?

damn you, lounge!

Does Obama think he can execute a "capitulation disguised as compromise" platform w/o us noticing?

Narcissa's Next Victim: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Relationship On the Rocks

A Mail Carrier brings gifts to a home on Christmas Eve.

Is Nickelback a country & western band?

I started a flamewar that started the whole world screaming . . .

Waste less ink by... using a font with holes? Well, that's original.

Man, I love the Lounge. GDP is getting just way too insane for me. Almost as bad as it was during

Tumor in Colorado newborn's brain contained foot

throw shoes at the blivet

Revising ‘Sex’ for the 21st Century

Latin Speaking DU'ers: Help - does 'Solvo Reputo' mean Freethinker?

Jesus is the reason for

Mmmm.... butter poached tilapia with sauteed mushrooms, lime brussel sprouts, and a salad

At first, you might wonder how I did this. Probably not, though.

It's Thursday, by big music day

Gerry Mulligan appreciation thread.

I've gotten a bunch of "Adobe Photoshop Stonehenge Edition" spam the last two days

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

I get up, I get down

I was sent home from work due to snow. What should I do with my day?

OK, I now have, so far today, eaten 3 of those gigantic pears from Harry & David

I Am D. Jones

I have "What I Got" by Sublime stuck in my head.

Telemarketers calling me on cell phones may get their calls answered...

Anybody want to adopt a cat for Christmas? (Dallas area)

We Are Probably Going To Have A White Christmas

Now that I'm drug free, I can become alcohol dependant.

I'm still groggy from general synaesthesia


Big boots found: Check.

Sock and Awe!!

Police: Suspicious wife who demands to smell husband's genitals beaten

So I wonder how bunco night went...

Electric Wizard = World's Heaviest Band?

Happy Monkey, everybody!

If you had a Warning Label what would it read?

I'm still groggy from general anesthesia

The Sun (U.K.) claims that Eddie Murphy will play The Riddler in the next Batman film

Please K&R this thread if you're sick of being asked to K&R threads

I feel so badly for my Professor...Lost both of her parents in a month

Please keep my Yanni boy in your thoughts

Why do so many people like "Gilligan's Island?"

Movie lineup for "Mystery Science Theater 3000 XIV" DVD (2/3/09) announced

Anyone have a Freeagent Go?

Are there any no-bake cookies that don't taste/feel/look like congealed vomit?

I just want to apologize to my sissy

Why don't subject lines containing quotation marks show up in My Recent Posts?

I'm bringing my "Rick Rage" right here into The Lounge

Brokedown palace is on - should get me prepped for this move to China

Thank Qat I don't have to go into work!

Are you shellfish if you don't want squids?

Anyone else notice the film "Stick It"

FYI--It's "cojones," not "cajones." Spread the word. nt

Playwright David Mamet gets off his best line ever -- and it isn't in one of his plays

Someone call Harry Stamper & the Gang - Armageddon could happen in April 13th 2036

Does anyone know how extacy is packaged?

Rec if you got wrecked and got in a wreck driving an old wreck on the way to the rec center

One man, two shoes, and a very very small measure of justice

Look at the cute horse!

Look at the cute horse!

About "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg.

Can I get some Avatar help, Lounge?

There are approximately 17,348 versions of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The ONE post in General Discussion worth reading today:

lol...a 're-imagined' Willy Wonka movie trailer

Ye gods, I hate the "Reply All" feature.

Do you have a problem with an SO / potential SO having lots of friends of the opposite sex?

Drew Carey= worst gameshow host ever

LeftyMom has clogged up my series of tubes!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, there was not even a dusting of snow. Now.

So what kind of music do you want me to YouTube today?

Tomorrow's my birfday!! Guess what I got?

Wow! Today is "I can't believe that person is still alive" day!

The phrase of the day is "hideous fundie tool". Modify any thread to contain "hideous fundie tool".

Saturday-Las Vegas bowl (BYU vs. Arizona)-national anthem...HASSELHOFF!!!

College students who wrote a paper (ANY paper) this term: just for fun

Christmas Tree getting eaten by cat

Once again I ask: "Scary ghost stories" at Christmas?

Aside from being a way to screw you out of another fifteen bucks more quickly...

I'm looking for a sphere...a Dyson.

To those who've grown up bilingual: history of Alzheimer's in your family?

Can you order groceries online?

OK David Gilmour's first Solo....

Favorite DU/DEW/DUE/DOO?

OMG! Our new communications center guy....

Wheat Thin Garlic & Herb Low Fat Crackers - they're fricking 'Cracker Crack'

It's bloody foggy outside tonight.

Favorite obscure joke in a video game?

Keanu Reeves, not finished violating Sci Fi, plans Cowboy Bebop movie.

Ahhhhhhhh......the Lounge.

What on God's good earth are no-bake cookies?

uh... all my bookmarks have been deleted. I use Firefox. Anyone know why? n/t

Kitten Picture of the day for Thursday December 18

What's your favorite "no-Bake" xmas cookie?

Post a post from another messageboard

I have a question about AOL mail

Do you cry?

But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/18/2008)

Good stuff on TV this Christmas in the UK

Hip Flask or Bota Bag?

The Night Listener with Robin Williams and Toni Collette. Have you seen it?

Take part of a current lounge thread title and make it into a name for a rock band.

Christmas Market Frankfurt *PIC HEAVY*

There'll be no Christmas for one family this year. (good vibes needed)

What are y'all doing up so late? Me, I'm grinding my meat.

Is Democratic Underground LGBT friendly?

What's the last film you've seen?

So, Give Me An Honest Opinion Of This...

How do I keep my humidifier from becoming musty smelling?

Dick Cheney; Saddam Hussein; George W. bUsh. What difference?

Read it and weep: romantic-comedies are ruining our society

If you had a band, what would you call it?

How the hell does my bottled drinking water have an expiration date?

Univ of Kansas thinks it owns the name "Kansas"?!

VIDEO: "We support Prop 8, and if you believe what the Bible says, you need to support Prop 8!"

Here's an excellent book for your late holiday shopping

Obama named TIME Man of Year, but check out Drudge's chosen photo > > >

Openly Gay Man Backed For Obama Naval Secretary

For your holiday pleasure: Calvin's snowmen!

Focus on the Family - Reaching out

I'd Love It If Moyers Would Give The Invocation

Gay Bashers, get your free licks in now!

What horrid shit did you drink behind the brick utility building at your 7th grade dances?

Need help about a sweet, gentle kitteh abandoned by his humans/Dallas-Ft Worth

Penis-Americans, Sound Off!

Hiya...from Houston...

i decided to go roller skating tonight... now i'm going to see a orthopedic specialist tomorrow

Since this is the issue of the day: Why do you think Obama asked Warren to deliver the invocation?

Just so we are also all clear it shouldn't be just "the gays" that are angry

Maybe Rummy can get named abassador to France or Germany or

Lets not forget, Rick Warren and Saddleback manipulated Obama's words and used it to target AAs

Burger King’s new Flame body spray offers an eau de meat for men

Have you ever coughed so much and so hard that your abdominal muscles HURT like crazy?

Obama Owes Me A T-Shirt.........


Democrats can't win without the "Left"

would it hurt to at least pretend to have sympathy for 2nd class citizens?

Joseph Lowry to Deliver Benediction

Paste the contents of your clipboard here

Initial interview at 1:00 today...please wish me luck!

Rick Warren, Obama Invocation Choice, Causing First Real Rift With Progressives

Quick question (that has nothing to do with Rick Warren, Blagojevich, or Caroline Kennedy!)

I take a break from politics and suddenly find out that Rick Warren

Tiny request for some Lounge vibes.

OK - Best Horror Movies from the 1980's

For those furious about Warren, here's what you can do

Ok this is insane

The "I Love Barack but this Rick Warren thing is crap" Thread

FLASHBACK: Graham's inaugural role opposed

When Obama includes the LGBT community in his inaugural address

Got snow?

Can we at least keep the "reaching across the aisle" thing out of the Inaugural concert lineups?

three dozen threads about Rick Warren

Mike Malloy going off on Prick Warren now

Meh. McSame probably would've included Jeremiah Wright at HIS inaugrual

Does the inclusion of Rick Warren means we must accept the Nazis marching through Skokie?

The choice of Warren is offensive...but so has been some of the reaction on DU

Ladies: Where to shop for larger-size stylish business clothing?

Are you selfish if you don't want kids?

When you legitimize someone with a high honor, are you not

A Repost....Can you try to understand

Lahood has not been in favor of high speed rail

What's that guy smoking?

Is anyone thinking of not going to D.C. for the inauguration because of Warren?

CNN's Aaron Cooper about to weigh in on the Rick Warren fiasco! nt

I hope thousands of people attending the Inaugural turn their backs to Warren

Gay Activists Decry Pastor’s Role in Swearing-In - NYT

Rick Warren, Obama Invocation Choice, Causing First Real Rift With Progressives - HuffPo

Not supporting same sex marriage = homophobic. Um, Mr. President-Elect...

Reaching out my ass!

The Great thing is that this may push Rick Warren off the Pedestal that the MSM put him on!

"Liberal Group Hammers Decision For Rick Warren To Deliver Obama's Inaugural Invocation"

Pics: What the World Needs Now, is Love, Sweet Love ((((huggies))))

delete dupe

Can we talk about Yo-Yo Ma?

I'd wager that 95% of those outraged about Rick Warren can't name an acceptable alternate.

Congress forced JFK to invite Robert Frost.

Rick Warren gave Bush a FUCKING PEACE PRIZE

The bottom of my shoes to Bush. (After I step in some dog doo)

On Pres Elect Obama: do we get mad as hell and protest, or give him the benefit of doubt?

Two People Want to Get Married, What's the Problem?

Rick Warren is replacing Biden in '12.

Is anyone, like me, starting to largely avoid political sites until Inauguration time?

I support the President-Elect and I am glad people are criticizing him over Warren

I Disagree with Obama Choosing Rick Warren, but I'm Sorry that I Can't Get Worked up over a PRayer.

If Obama wanted reporters to get off the Blagojevich wagon,

One more reason to support Hillary for the State Dept:

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

Sucking up to this anti women's civil rights, anti gay rights, conservative Rick Warren.

As Lousy As Obama's Choice of Rick Warren Was, Threads Here Rationalizing & Excusing It Are Worse.

PSA: When dining in Guangdong, China, skip the soup course (unless you're a cat-hater)!

Who was that evangelical leftie

i was at work...where did the caroline kerfluffle go?

While Obama can't uninvite Warren, I'll cross my fingers he'll choose to minimize his role

EGADS! "Focus on the Family" invited to the Nat. Day of Service?!!

Contact the Obama team and urge them to select Mary Beth Maxwell as Sec. of Labor

All this talk of overtures and olive branches for the right-wing...

Godwin's Law

Rick Warren will be the ONLY person speaking at Obama's Inauguration

What we have learned today

Better Choice for the Traditional Invocation at the Inauguration

I miss Reverend Wright

What exactly is the problem with Rick Warren?

I'm so sick of all this faux outrage from the PUMA's

So if David Duke were invited to give a speech at the inauguration....

If Obama invited Ronald Reagan to speak at his inaugaration I would want to know why also seeing...

Is Rush's Tom Sawyer about Obama? Kinda wierd. Has anyone else noticed the connection?

Lots of people worked hard for Obama in the CA primary, and then worked hard on No on Prop 8 in CA.

If you disagree with Obama's choice of Warren, write him at

Imagine Rev Wright giving the invocation:: He ends with every bit as much fervor as his famous clip:

Um, guys? Not that it matters or anything, but Warren was invited by Congress.

an offer for obama as a replacement for warren

cinnamon rolls and coffee

OMG, I agree with Pat Buchanan on the auto bailout. GREAT quote from him.



Which is greater on DU: threads celebrating Obama's presidency or threads critical of his choices?

Some very poignant and potent comments made on CNN today on Anderson Cooper 360 about Rick Warren

The irony is that last year, when Warren invited all the Presidential candidates

Don't forget in addition to Warren, Obama has chosen Joseph Lowery to give the benediction...

to the gd/p glbt community

Sure, we could tell everyone else in the country to go away, their opinion's not wanted.

Obama plans Guantanamo deadline

Krugman Talks Economy & Financial Crisis On TYT (Video). Also, A Must-Read Article By Stiglitz.

If you knew Obama was going to have Rick Warren at his inauguration, would you have voted for him?

Why should God have anything to do with a president's invocation?

One of the many reasons I voted for Obama is because he's not a homophobe....

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Shoe Of Damocles

DUers on FACEBOOK voice your opposition to Warren by joining this group:

"Obama and Warren are reportedly close -- Obama praised Warren in "Audacity of Hope"

Can we impeach Obama yet?

Caroline Kennedy's husband is an interesting guy

"Progressives", "Freepers" very similar in some respects.

So whatever happened to religious tolerance on here?

This Rick Warren Flap Is Getting a Lot Of Play


'Meraka Under Attack-Buck Turgidson on the 2008 election

In regards to the invocation/ benediction ... It seems like a symbol

Well, I guess we found something to bring the majority of Primary Warriors together

Elevating those that divide our people isn't what we need now

Can I get some DU warmth, good wishes, prayers, spells, etc? Hurting badly,

If Warren's selection is meaningless and not a big deal, then so is Joseph Lowery's selection

Russel Crowe is Bill Clinton in new biopic

Will Gov. Blago Dump All Over Obama When He Finally Begins To Talk.....

Oh I Get It...There Wasn't Anyone Else As, Or Better, Qualified

Obama to Unveil More Economic Picks Thursday

From the Obama campaign on inauguration ceremony...and Warren...

To contact Obama transition team about Rick Warren:

As the straight people have a good fucking laugh at our expense again, it will be fun

I beg your pardon. He never promised you a rose garden.


Bush History-NeoCon: WMD Findings were Irrelevent All Along to War Decision? - 12/18

It will probably be late March before any major appointments are confirmed by the Senate. Some

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal

Gustavo Arellano: Gay Marriage, Rick Warren, and Chinigchinich

Betrayal of public education

Barack Obama will not be regressive on GLBT rights

Do You Approve Of The Choice Of Rick Warren To Give The Invocation At The Inauguration

So when can we expect the announcement of a Klansman speaker on Inaug Day?

I think Obama has set a very low thresh hold on expecting resignation from other Democratic

Minnesota DUers: Check out the Minnesota Forum to RSVP for our holiday gathering website deleting anti-Warren threads

I disagree w/ Warren delivering the Inauguration prayer, but Obama's policies as president matter mo

Americablog's Aravosis: "The (Warren) decision was made by Obama himself, I'm told."

Ok, Now that CKS Headlines from DU are Gone, it is Rick Warren 24/7

This could be a very looooooong 4 years...

Support for the LGBT Community by Barack Obama

Can we get back to talking about the important stuff, like the puppy?

Vote now on about Warren invitation!

where is the best place to send emails to Obama about Rick Warren?

Take action on Warren

Mods, thank you very, very much

Warren "will get a very high-profile role on Jan. 20, but have no meaningful influence...on Jan. 21"

Gay leaders furious with Obama

U.S. Senator proposing an investigation of Bush administration officials?

K&R this thread if you have an opinion on this controversy

Why Obama isn't reaching out to progressives

Tolerance can be taught, and we will have many teaching opportunities very soon.

Gays and lesbians voted overwhelmingly for Obama

Rick Warren Could Have Been An Appropriate Choice

So why are you endorsing bigotry, you with your Paul Wellstone avatars?

Why Would Obama "Owe" Progressives? What Promises Did He Make?

OMG Obama I can't belive you

Aren't all pastors and preachers anti anythng progressive?

Video: Obama comments on Warren choice (Dec 18)

Law #22: Use the surrender tactic: Transform weakness into power.

The fact that Obama said something doesn't mean it's a good idea

My view on the Warren thing.

"The best thing you can do is keep your VP under control."

Obama said that he would be "[their] President too".

Pelosi concerned about Obama triangulating her

Funny Of The Day....

All this negativity - let's hear it for Joseph E. Lowery - the man doing the benediction

"Pro-Lifers Rip Rick Warren on Obama Invocation"

Would DU have supported FDR's re-election in 1936?

Why do we need all this public religiosity at the inauguration

Caption this photo

Holy carp, people: SYMBOLS ARE IMPORTANT.

Contessa Brewer (M$NBC News Bunny) On Rick Warren

Separation of Church and State-

Rick Warren & Joseph Lowery - Playing both ends against the middle

Could it be that the only reason the Obama camp wanted Rick Warren

Alaska Racist Emails Against Obama On State Accounts Probed

Rick Warren invocation:

Were you surprised at the choice of Warren?

BREAKING: Rep. Hilda Solis chosen as labor secretary

If Obama does not support gay rights should he lose the votes of the gay community in 2012?

Possible Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis supports "Employee Free Choice Act."

Jonathan Alter had a good point on MSNBC about Warren

Someone should tell Obama the campaign is over. HE WON

A new themesong for GD/GDP

I think you people bashing Obama need to think about a few things.

The Resurrection of President George W. Bush as Presided Over by Pastor Rick Warren

You know what's funny? Warren does not even respect Lowery.

Sometimes, you have to fight, you can't always concede your position

Clinton took a donation from Blackwater?

Biden in Mad Magazine

How dare the Inaugeral Committee infer that Warren is an advocate for "social justice" !

Huffington Post has "Obama's Talking Points On Rick Warren"

Huffington Post has "Obama's Talking Points On Rick Warren"

Damn. This whole fiasco is Jeremiah Wright v. 2.0

christianity defined

Question for Obama's most loyal supporters.

Obama to pick Ron Kirk as U.S. trade chief

Sources: John Holdren to be Nominated as Obama's Science Adviser

Kennedy not the clear favorite for Senate seat, poll says

I'm sick of hearing "It's only a two minute prayer"

Why Warren's Selection Is A(nother) Wake Up Call

Why the free pass for Hillary Clinton, who banded together with the "man-on-dog" guy?

Looking under the veneer on Rick Warren's choice for the invocation at the Obama inauguration

We go through this every damn time... please get the gay thing straight! (No pun intended.)

Minnesota Recount: Franken Starting To Make Big Gains On Challenged Ballots

Tea and Cake or Death?!!!?!!111

Obama is a homophobe! Oh, the horror! Gay man tapped for Sec. of the Navy? Maybe?

***Day 3 of Minnesota Canvassing Board US Senate Ballot Examination - Live Video Here!***

Legitimizing Homophobia Sucks. Period. I'm surprised it's debatable here.

Please K&R this thread if you're sick of being asked to K&R threads

Warren is an ignoramus. On MSNBC saying for 5,000 years marriage has been defined as

AP: Hilda Solis will be Obama's Labor pick

Prediction on Franken/Coleman outcome

I'm not in a constant state of self-righteous indignation. Can I cut it as a Progessive?

Everyone, just STOP!

Warren interview on youtube.

Will Obama let colleges keep treating most faculty like Walmart workers?

"I am going to be blunt. "

My turn to complain. Ron Kirk? Seriously?



Richard Clarke for CIA Director.

Why do you think the Saudis, Dubai and Blackwater contributed to Clinton's org??

Admiral Dennis C. Blair to be named new director of national intelligence, per m$nbc...

An experiment for DU'ers. Take a piece of paper and draw

Specter shows questionable taste (tells ethnic jokes)

JFK should have had an Anti-Interracial Marriage minister say his prayer!!!

Will the Clinton Donor List Jeopardize HRC's Confirmation?

My Thoughts on Obama's End Game

You know, looking at DU today, I'm reminded of LBJ...

Warren opposed to abortion rights, gay rights, stem-cell research, and euthanasia.

Culture Wars, Evangelicals, and Political Power

Breaking: Dennis Blair picked for Intelligence Czar

God Damn It I am so pissed off...

So do you think Caroline said "hey MF-er I want some more iced tea" at Sylvia's today?

The amount of bitching about Obama on here is stunning today.

Question: Do you feel Obama has gotten the message that Warren MIGHT have been to far a reach?

I expect anyone who runs as a Democrat to pick Democrats

Please let me know which topics are important enough to discuss here....... weighs in on Warren

Spoke to my active duty lesbian sister last night...

And you thought you were electing a progressive?

Even if that fascist Rush Limbaugh gave Obama's invocation, wingnuts will still not like Obama

I just saw the hottest picture of Pres. Obama taken at Occidental college in the 80s.


Since when does wanting equal rights make me an extremist?

Human Rights Campaign letter to Obama on choice of Warren.

Barack Obama: TIME's Person of the Year for 2008

Ann Curry: With Warren Invocation, Obama Reaching Across The Aisle

One of the best discussions on the choice of Warren for the invocation: David Shuster

A question to those discussing Caroline Kennedy and the NY Senate seat.

I Really Hope Obama Listens to the Earful We Have Sent Him

FYI, Wolf Blitzter of CNN to talk about the "outrage" over the pick of Warren

What the hell, Obama.

The Audacity of Hope, the SuperCliff Notes Version

Randi Rhodes leading off with a Warren/Prop H8 rant

Should we give Obama an ear full or an earful?

Here is the Baucus/Harkin health care outline

War criminal Condi Rice: I absolutely am so proud that we liberated Iraq.

Does this remind you of anything? Grrrrrrrr

*** Franken/Coleman *** Ballot challenge countdown. Down to Seventy Fucking Nine and dropping

DU is the Universal Headquarters for The Stupid today

Raw Story: Bush shoe-thrower 'too injured' to appear in court, brother says

If it had been John McCain's inauguration and he had Rick Warren deliver his invocation...

I just want two things from the Obama administration

Did Charlie Rangel hint in this interview that it won't be Caroline?

Here is a picture I've been waiting a long time to see...

Good evening, GD:P. What's the beef today?

If Warren stands, how do you propose folks protest (or not) during an otherwise amazing day?

Let's focus on the real outrage: Bush's pardons

Kerry on Afghanistan: simply surging the force won't solve problems in the nation.

How the right sees this Warren issue-

Here's what I would like/hope Obama was saying to Rick Warren.

My wife thinks Warren was picked to deliver a message of tolerance.

Found out today I got tickets to the inauguration!!!

Well, with the Ricker pissing everyone off, should Obama tell the gay people he brought on board to

Obama is not even President yet!

I am outraged at the outrage about my outrage regarding outrageous things...

I'm sorry. I apologize for last night.

Just so I'm clear, when was the person giving the Inaugural Invocation granted....

Has Palin's kid given birth yet?

I ♥ Obama.

Okay, I'll say it. Bill Ayers past crimes were way worse than anything Warren has done.

VA-05: Perriello Wins

OR-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Minnesota Canvassing Board breaks for the night Coleman + 5 now discussing important issues

Millions of people are unemployed and/or at risk of losing their homes.

All of you okay with homophobia, sexism and anti-semitism should really be elsewhere

Metro to Charge Rush-Hour Fares on Inauguration Day

What is the difference between a senior and junior senator.

I got Bi-Baby her xmas present today

Does Obama Support the LGBT Community? You Decide:

Wow! Apparently my nephew is actually having problems

Who pooped under the Christmas tree?

At this point, I am praying that inviting Rick Warren is like the 2nd Oprah/James Frey Interview

If I post a pic of a squirrel with a Santa hat and Xmas light nuts, will people Recommend my post?

Am I the only one who is seriously conflicted about Warren?

Obama can sit down with Iran but not with Rick Warren?

Obama's Talking Points On Rick Warren (updated)

Obama is having a few too many "Sister Souljah Moments

So, today we mock people for being upset?

Rick Warren Says I'm Going To Burn In Hell Because I'm Jewish

Having Warren front and center is a political master stroke by Obama

The "underground" mentality, and the inability to get out of the pattern of indignation

Don't fall in love with politicians........

Why is anyone shocked or surprised? Doesn't anyone remember Donnie McClurkin?

What kind of first lady will Michelle Obama be?

Obama Will Be a Good President But the Warren Invocation is Still Wrong.

"We gave thousands of dollars-- despite the tough economy. Please return our donations immediately."

Who's writing Obama's inauguration speech?

The Importance of Symbolism: Obama picks Warren for WHAT?

Rick Warren compares abortion to the Holocaust, attacks mainline churches and gay rights

In light of the holiday season and the resurgance of "Recommend this thread if you think" posts...

Are you, or do you know a statue molester?

Caroline Kennedy: I'll Run in 2010 No Matter What

I got your PICTURE THREAD RIGHT HERE! (pic heavy of course!)

Post here if you want to be on my buddy list (I am so lazy I never got around to making one!)

"Civil Rights are non-negotiable."

Morning Joe: Mike B. Mugged this Morning on the way to the Studio!

Please Give Obama the benefit of the doubt on his choice of Warren.

Who delivers gifts to baby sharks?

DU Charity Drive: DUer brooklynite has made a $7500 challenge grant! **KICK AND REC THIS POST**

If YOU can compromise on gay rights, why can't Obama?

'Scuse Me: While We're All Bickering About Rick Warren, Daschle Is Drafting Health Care Legislation

No common ground to bigots!

I don't hate Rick Warren. I don't think Obama is now a terrible person.

Rick Warren invocation and your stance on gay issues.

Rick Warren invocation and your personal sexuality. me one rev. who could give the invocation that is pro choice and pro gay marriage...

Winning Battles or Winning Wars, will Warren provide cover for repealing DOMA?

Is Homophobia just as immoral as bigotries against people based on Race, Ethnicity or Sex?


We Will No Longer Be Denied!

Compromising away our souls, piece by piece

You know what? I'm really proud to be a DUer these last couple of days

Obama ran as a centerist...nuff said

He only advocated against the marriage of blacks & whites, no big deal, right?

Strawman! Strawman! Get your Strawman here!

Is this transition ever going to stop being about dissing Obama's own supporters?

Selecting Warren allowed Obama to avoid having to select among all the black preachers calling him

Obama is going to be a great President:

I Want an Explanation of Why Proposition 8 Passed

For those that have been attacking Obama over Rick Warren

I don't give a flying rat's ass what Warren thinks, does, or says...

Saudis, Indians among Clinton foundation donors (updated)

Caroline Kennedy: Thank God some NY elected officials are speaking out against her appointment.

Bill Clinton invited Maya Angelou. Barack Obama invites Rick Warren.

Let people grieve and vent

Rick Warren has led a charmed existence to date.

Some On DU Think Bigots Should Be Shunned Or Treated In Kind-

A 1000 Rick Warrens Can Speak If Rep. Hilda Solis Can RUN Labor

DU is not a pillar of tolerance.

I don't know why we have to have some fucking religionist handing out incantations at the

Rick Warren to give rousing anti-Gay invocation.

I am gay and I'm not upset about Rick Warren. (Warning: Long and Rambling. Apologies in advance.)

Chuck Todd keeps saying that Obama hasn't appointed any gay people to his cabinet. He's wrong.

As an atheist, I'm offended that there even *IS* an invocation or benediction....

As an atheist, I'm offended that there even *IS* an invocation or benediction....

Why didn't the 7+ gays on Obama's transition team speak out

Is it true that Howard Dean has no prospects in the new administration????? I don't want to

For what it is worth, Obama's full comment today about Warren

DU Charity Drive: DUer brooklynite has made a $7500 challenge grant! **KICK AND REC THIS POST**

Let's congratulate Obama for choosing pro gay rights supporter Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery!

Please K&R this thread if your sick to death of all the whining about anything Obama does.

What did so many of you DUers think Obama meant when he said

self delete - wrong forum

The more I hear both sides complain, the more I like Obama's choice of Rick Warren

The more I hear both sides complain, the more I like Obama's choice of Rick Warren

Rod Blagojevich ready to tell his side of Barack Obama’s 'seat for sale' story

Chrysler shuts down all production

Feds seek to freeze Blago campaign fund, sources say

Occupation of General Confederation of Workers in Greece by free workers

Rwanda genocide 'kingpin' jailed

Republican LaHood Likely Obama’s Transportation Pick

We've got over a foot of SNOW in Henderson (Las Vegas)!!!

Prospects Fade for Quick Ouster of Blagojevich

Blagojevich strikes back

U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Index Falls 0.4% as Outlook Deteriorates

Feds seek to freeze Blago campaign fund, sources say

Mary Schapiro is Barack Obama's choice to head the Securities and Exchange Commission,

Hopes Dim for Settling Minnesota Senate Race by Friday

Jobless claims fall - remain high

S. Korean politicians brawl over U.S. trade pact,

Jaguar in line for taxpayer bail-out - UK

I'll close down Guantanamo in two years, says Obama (Torture okay for two years more)

HRC Slams Inclusion of Antigay Reverend Rick Warren in Obama Inauguration

Sky (TV) moves towards 3D broadcasts

Iowa city uses (donated) garlic salt to melt snow and ice- (9 tons)

Bush considering "orderly" auto bankruptcy

Feds raid SoCal offices of Ensign Group Inc.

"...Be assured, this is only the beginning"

Ex-Administrative Judge Loses Appeal in $54M Lost Pants Suit

Pakistanis Protest US Supply Line Into Afghanistan

Land deal returns slice of Klamath tribal homeland

Obama picks Vilsack, Salazar for Cabinet

Mika Brzezinski Mugged In Washington

Omaha native may be prospective Labor nominee (would be the first openly gay cabinet secretary)

Man fatally shoots suspected robber in Terrell park(Concealed Carry)

Oil tumbles below $40 for first time since 2004

[UK] Government confirms Jaguar talks

Military probe: Gitmo guard admitted to abuse

Groups sue to stop Utah oil and gas drilling

Iraqi shoe-thrower 'apologises'

Father offers daughter to shoe-thrower

Palin won't accept raise

Iraqi official: Leader of women's group killed (decapitated)

Jones-Kelley quits, two others departing, over Joe the Plumber searches

Illinois court rejects attempt to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Rec if you think Obama should rescind the Warren invitation.

Cheney to Emanuel: Control your VP

Ancient Mass Graves of Soldiers, Babies Found in Italy

New Rule Protects Health-Care Workers' 'Right of Conscience'

GM Is Likely to File for Bankruptcy, Report Says

Blagojevich attorney: Wiretaps were illegal

Nobel prize probe launched

Military to ratchet up security for Obama inauguration

Bush: "I didn't compromise my soul to be a popular guy."

Alaska Investigates Racist E-mails About Obama on State Accounts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 18

Credit Suisse to Use Illiquid Assets to Pay (executive) Bonuses

Gay activists furious with Obama

Audit: FBI agents billed $45k apiece for Iraq OT

Obama Video: I disagree with Rick Warren, Invite does not mean shift on gay rights

Iraq arrests 50 over coup plot: security official

Majel Roddenberry, 'First Lady of Star Trek,' dies

Conservative icon Paul Weyrich dies

Russia to give Lebanon fighter planes

URGENT - Bush considering 'orderly' auto bankruptcy

Matt Coker: The Purpose Driven Knife in the Back of Obama's Gay Supporters

Scientists seek ways to ward off killer asteroids

Oil Falls Below $38 - OPEC Cut Ignored

Not an isolated incident

Egyptian intellectuals pay price for curiosity

West Bank land deal leads to California

Hamas: Israeli-Gaza Truce is Over

Telling it as it is

Abbas says he'll call Palestinian vote `very soon'

Time to end the settlement project

WP, pg1: Friends Say Kennedy Has Long Wanted Public Role; Private Figure Moves Toward Spotlight

Poetry returns to Inauguration of President; "Words matter...carry meaning...carry power...."

Forget Bernard Madoff, E*Trade Baby Charged in Even Bigger Scandal

Rod Blagojevich ready to tell his side of Barack Obama’s 'seat for sale' story

The United States: A Country Without Mercy

Person of the Year 2008-Why History Can't Wait

NYT Takes A Stand "The Torture Report"

A Bigot, Anti-Choice Pastor Picked for Obama's Inauguration

Rick Warren, Obama Invocation Choice, Causing First Real Rift With Progressives

On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real

Tumult in Iraqi Parliament Over Shoe

MARK LEIBOVICH: Between Obama and the Press

Waiting for Obama: Power Vacuum in a Time of Crisis

Sam on Blago: Where's the Evidence?

Religious Abuse in the ’War on Terror’

Castro offers dissident exchange for 'Cuban 5' Five have been imprisoned in the U.S. since 2001 espi

Scorched Earth

Flying footwear a virtual shoo-in at Montreal protest in support of Iraqi reporter

Busting Bernie Madoff: One Man's 10 Year Crusade

London Banker: “The market has failed, and officialdom is perpetuating that failure. By Mike Whitney

Inside Account of Activism in Greece

Still Lying, Still Allowed To Lie

Lessons from an Emergency Room Nightmare

Wipro warns of H1-B visa cuts

IT Jobs Will Be Hot With Obama In The White House

Monsato's War on Seed Cleaners!

The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff By Chris Hedges

Let there be peace on Earth...

The Blade Install Video - Engineer explains how product works.

AP: Shoe-Throwing Chaos Continues in Iraq

Olbermann on Revisionism-gate: The president is just full of crap

{Rachel Maddow} Ms. Information: Goldman Sachs

Cafferty: Who Will History Be kindest To Bush or Cheney?

Blagojevich's List Of Corruption

Obama on Rick Warren: We Can Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Gays: The Final Frontier

Gates Calls For Closing Of Guantanamo Bay

CNN's Debate on Pastor Rick Warren Pick for Obama Inauguration

New Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Supports Employee Free Choice Act of 2007

Blagojevich: Can't Wait to Tell My Side

KO - Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler Campbell?

Dana Perino: Bush will not allow a disorderly collapse of the failing US auto companies

Michelle Malkin: I think there's also an alternate view, which is you treat these people like trolls

TYT: Cenk RIPS Dick Cheney (After He Admits To Use Of Torture)

Congress Gets a Raise

Rachel Maddow: Sen. Levin - As Far As I'm Concerned, Cheney Admitted Torture

State Democrats meet to decide Joe Lieberman's future

TYT: Proof Republicans Are Full Of Crap On The Auto Bailout

Scientists find hole in Earth's Magnetic field

Bush admits that he "didn't do a very good job" of changing the tone in Washington

Bataan Death March survivor belatedly awarded Bronze Star, Purple Heart

Army to meet goal, but it’s not enough

Cuts ahead for Enhanced SRB, BEAR programs

Major combat ops to return in training

Petraeus gives outlook on Iraq, Afghanistan

Jackson preps for departure of 10,000 soldiers

Neb. lawmaker challenges Army noose inquiry

Judge rejects bid to force faster VA payments

Wife of spc. pleads not guilty in fatal fire

Kerry: Dump Blackwater

Man charged with bribing Army officials

Deserters face deportation from Canada

Aerial hunt for drug smugglers is a tough task

Couple gets 5 years for bilking Pentagon

Anti-piracy force thwarts attack on ship

Britain to pull troops from Iraq by May 31

Lejeune Marines linked to hotel robberies

Rebuilding Afghanistan one well at a time

Hill AFB looking at fuel cleanup options

Airmen continue Redux rejection

Combat ship Freedom sets Navy’s course

Simulated training urged for new wars

Germans hold 4th man in anti-U.S. terror plot

South Koreans probe alleged GI drug use

Iraq Arrests Dozens in Overthrow Plot

Beaufort Hornets Face Inspection Again

Czechs Train for Afghan War in Israel

(Military times) Op-Ed: America's Defense Meltdown

Feds: Dubious packages sent to Guard, Reserve

Former Marine sentenced for sex with minor

GIs, Spouse Held in Planned Bank Heist

Unmanned carrier bomber jet unveiled

Auditor: Errors in foreign language pay amounts

Report: Navy has billions in surplus

Houston Will Turn Hurricane Ike Debris Into Charcoal (Biochar)

BlackLight Power signs first commercial license agreement

Environmentalists file 11th-hour lawsuit to block proposed lease sales in Utah

Peabody drops plan for coal-fueled plant

Reid: Why wait for tax breaks? ("eight-year credit in one year")

SCE Gets CPUC Approval for 245-MW Solar Thermal Plans

Enel North America about to complete two geothermal plants (64 MW) in Nevada

Actor sidelined for extreme mercury toxicity (sushi?)

Infrastructure In Canada Threatened By Climate Change

City of Burbank to Premier World's First Plug-In Fuel Cell Transit Bus

China Mass Producing It’s First (plug-in) Hybrid Automobile (with Warren Buffett)

Crude oil closed at $36 a barrel today

'Gold rush' on to harness, deliver wind power (Maine)

Homo economicus, homo ecologicus

Wave of Frozen Salaries, Frozen Pension Contributions on the Way

Bernard Madoff on Market Regulation

Not a Good Sign: Cerberus Reopens Talks to Merge Chrysler With GM

Madoff Exposes Double Standard for Ponzi Schemes

An "orderly bankruptcy" Wall Street gets filet mignon, main street gets road kill -

Bonuses: Best explanation I have seen of what caused the crisis

In Madoff We Trust

GM puts brakes on Mich. factory that will build Volt engine as it tries to preserve cash

Didn't atleast one person look at a statement from Madoff and say this can't be right.

Teamsters Oak Harbor Freight Strike Defending Pensions & Health Care Is In 12th Week

Aetna Cuts 1,000 Jobs

Today in labor history Dec 17 First woman to lecture professionally in the United States

Today in labor history Dec 18, 100's were arrested and sent to jail and several were executed


Chrysler Shutting Down for One Month

Traitor Sen. Blanche Lincoln: I May Vote Against Employee Free Choice Act

Workers Laid Off, Execs Paid Off by Amy Goodman

Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

Labor wins two historic battles

Capitalism Short Circuits Our Moral Hard-Wiring

Before it gets deleted...

Rick Warren, Obama Invocation Choice, Causing First Real Rift With Progressives

Rick Warren compares abortion to the Holocaust, attacks mainline churches and gay rights

I'm going to repost my daywithoutagay speech here because it got spirited away to "health"

I need a help, gang

Has Anyone Else...


"It's just a prayer" -- ARRRGGGHHHHHHH

'There's more on earth than just gays and lesbians, you know!'

Did you know I'm only against Warren because I'm a Hillary supporter bashing Obama?

Would you consider this PM threatening?

BWHAHAHAHA! Rick Warren is a moderate

Contest: Come up with a GLBT version of the term "Uncle Tom"

Self delete.

Slang terminology or jokes about GLBT are no longer acceptable.

Stephanie Miller was ripping Rev Warren a new one today.

This NYTs column could use some love in the comments section, fyi:

My first sermon of 2009 is entitled "Why I Chose to Be a Heterosexual."

Apparently "teh gays" need to go back to their "PUMA-mobiles"

Obama's first big mistake

Things go through the mind....

Things go through the mind....

Gays, "give it a rest, plese"

Guess what? Donnie Mcclurkin and Rick Warren are all Hillary's fault

Ten lies the anti-gay marriage people tell -- and how to respond

How can there be compromise on basic human equality?

My concern about Warren: Increased violence against us.

Lettus review ... Rev Prick at the Inauguration

I know this is petty, but it bothers me.

I'm not going to defend Obama anymore.

"Never mind the Big Tent...."

Reality check: Life isn't fair

Dear PE Obama, I have a suggestion for a replacement for Warren

Toon: Fired up by MILK

I am (grudgingly) beginnng to respect the Log Cabin Republicans.

How hard would it be to rescind 'no-fault' divorce?

Pink Triangulation

Grand Apology to Those Here Who Saw This Betrayal Coming.

Oh dear, Rachel Maddow needs to get over it too!!

Did The Obama Cabinet Pick Push For Gay High School & Is It A Good Idea?

I just want you to know I'll never stop fighting alongside you for your rights

I can't take it much longer

I dont think people who are not oppressed understand a very basic thing about us:

Does anyone know of a charity we can donate to in MaddieJoan's memory?

Castro offers dissident exchange for 'Cuban 5' Five have been imprisoned in the U.S. since 2001 esp

EU to send observation mission for Bolivian constitutional referendum

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Wife Found Dead (Murder Suicide)

NASCAR to begin testing for performance-enhance drugs next season..

Sammy Baugh - a true NFL legend - dies at 94...

(Chris) Paul sets steals record, Hornets beat Spurs

Favre over Pennington in the Pro Bowl--- What a fucking joke.

My doctor thinks I have a brain tumor, but I can't afford an MRI. Anyway, here's a speech I wrote.

So now big Pharma buys the Nobel Prize???

I just saw the first commercial for a stevia based sweetener

witchcraft through horoscopes?

Need a Spiritual take on this Invocation by Rick Warren..

Why doesn't the ACLU fight for the rights of gun owners????

"L.A. council tightens gun, ammunition laws" and of course criminals will obey the new law.

Ocean photos from the air

Tupperware Lighting System

Random shots without flash...

Some of what I have shot this fall (mostly ducks)

Easy-as-Pie Pizza Contest - Win $

Need a Sugar Cookie recipe, please.

What if I bake a piece of tofu in white wine for my vegetarian?

question 'bout pecan pralines

Another pressure cooker experience. This one much better.

Which edition of Joy of Cooking do you prefer

Pakistan's Sufis Preach Faith and Ecstasy

It’s a Narnia Christmas

Rubik's Cube: Specializing in Problems That Only Seem Impossible to Solve

Richard Cizik forced out (National Association of Evangelicals)

From Wikipedia: Criticism of Warren's "Purpose Driven Life."

Most Distant Water In The Universe Found

2012 - Could be a real problem for satellites and an influx of solar particles

Build your own supercomputer from PS3's

Sexual Harassment in Education

Settlement for 13 searched at San Antonio bar

Former Dallas Mayor Obama’s Choice for Trade Representative

Man fatally shoots suspected robber in Terrell park(Concealed Carry)

Central Texans/Austinites *** help needed***

Kitteh needs a home - D-FW area.

Former Dallas Mayor Kirk expected to be named to trade rep position in Obama Cabinet

If Programming Languages were Religions.

Sam Bottoms, brother of Timothy dies in LA

McGuinty to big banks: 'No'

Ice blamed for Whistler tower collapse

Kerry speaking from Afghanistan

Kerry, Casey Urge State Department to Drop Blackwater

Inc. mag. blogger says Kerry will be missed as Chairman of the Small Biz Committee

So, is there going to be a February election then?

Gordo the junkie///

Union leader faces questions over deal on rented flat

Bizarre story - Murder for hire plot in Shawano