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Archives: December 17, 2008

Actor Cuts Throat on Stage in Knife Mix-Up (he's ok)

Microsoft issuing "critical" emergency browser fix for IE on Wednesday

Anyone work with a Office Cheapskate?

Letter to Santa leads to Texas molestation charge

Consumer prices fall by largest amount in 61 years worth of records

As auto sales sink, Honda may cut earnings

A Band of Brothers With Camaraderie Forged on the Boards

Jackson, Jr. may have been working with feds to investigate gov.

GOP's War on Unions Already Underway

Wolf Blitzer talks with UAW President, Ron Gettelfinger about the auto bailout


Frank Gaffney is full of s**t that it is coming out of his ears.

Motor Trend: Ford F-150 is "Truck of The Year"

`We Are in a Panic': Desperation, Pain Show in E-Mails Over Madoff Scandal

KO: Bush never said the Taliban had been eliminated, even though he's on record saying it 4 times

Safavian defense rests without calling witnesses

You know what DUers - Cheney has just dared the world

Third of Hedge Funds Face `Wipe Out' After Returns Sink, IGS's Godden Says

Madoff’s Investors Needed a Blagojevich Moment

What is "lend america dot com" & why does Chris DODD allow them to use his name?

Whitaker: "We Can't Let Up" (questions related to Blagojevich)

Speaker for your club: “Face to Face with the Women of Iraq” - southern states

Christmas Wars Episode I: The Fundie Menace

Cheney, on whether he has regrets: "I’ll have a chance to reflect on that after I get out of here"

OMFG - GOP probes Holder’s role in Elian Gonzales case (and Whitewater and Lewinsky)

wondering, are there ANY american reporters in iraq?

Finally...evidence of my Election Night celebration!

Death in the extended family

Unions Second to Auto Execs in Bailout Blame Game

MarketWatch: Apple says 2009 Macworld Expo will be its last

Keith: "See, here's the thing. The president is just full of crap."

StarTribune: 171 Vote Projected Franken Lead!

If Republicans want to keep lowering "the wage" who will have any money

Shoes over the fence

"TPM:" ..... Madoff: 'I'm Very Close To Regulators -- In Fact, My Niece Just Married One'

See - here's the thing: The President is just full of crap !

Not doing Dick

Nero ---> Fiddling. Bush----->

Delete please. Dupe. nt

a zinger on .NET Rocks

Do you grow more liberal or conservative as you grow older?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Miffed" At Prez Bush, Gets White House Apology

Cuts trickling down at my auto supplier employer, thanks Shelby & Co.

Is any wrongdoing by Blagojevich being exagerated by prosecutors and the media?

Documentary "Grass" w/Woody Harrelson on Sundance Channel now (9:40 PM EST). eol

You can't give him the dignity of the office if he didn't earn it legitimately. Period.

DU The 50,000 Signatures Campaign for Muntataha Zaidi petition

Hamas to Not Renew Israel Truce

The vice president of the United States has admitted to war crimes

Mexico drug gangs 'top US threat'

Anybody else think that the neocon, yuppie-scum weasel L. Paul Bremer...

What is the difference between Bush and Blagojevich

Petition circulating to call for vote on banning affirmative action in Missouri

Sarasota commissioners scrap law banning spitting

James Frey to write 'third book of the Bible'

One guy tries to blow a plane up with a shoe bomb... another tries to assault the president.......

Pakistan, China to Boost Military Ties

Obama Cabinet Is Shy on Southerners, Republicans

Western Sahara: Controversy Over McDonald's Happy Meal Maps

Gordon Brown Ready to Defy Barack Obama Over Afghanistan Troop Surge

Henry "The Surge Is WORKING" Paulson: No more major financial institutions will fail during crisis

Ad for making $5,000 working from home.

Where did the Madoff money go?

Kerry Admits Drone Strikes Are Counter-Productive

Rapture Ready finds it "interesting" that Barak = blessing in arabic & a dream & Hussein and hmmm

Any Honest estimates on Unemployment should the Big 3 go down

Brit HUME's last Faux anchor day is Tue 12-23 & will spend retirement "praying"

Firefox tops list of 12 most vulnerable apps

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%

Glide Memorial Methodist Church ran out of food this morning. First time in 22 years.

At least Nixon had the good grace to resign...

‘Remove Your Shoes to Hear (His Excellency)George Bush’(For Real)

"You're better off being a gay male penguin in China than a gay male human in Arkansas."

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

THIS is a guest. THIS is NOT a guest... Any questions?

Paterson next SNL skit - a proposal

Someone should tell this idiot FReeper

Jesse Jackson Jr...Government Informant?

Phone-in Against Phony Charges on Dec. 16/17 : Arrested RNC 8 National Call-In Days of Action

. . . in the deathless days before she died

Does Rahm Emanuel = DLC?

Patriotic helmet needs to go, Newton Fire Chief says

Re: Madoff money, Ponzi schemes, and Wall Street collapse----

Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country - 60min video download

Rahm's calls on tape

"Liberated" Afghanistan on brink of famine, aid agency warns

It appears someone is busy trying to destroy evidence of a mass grave in occupied Afghanistan

wizbangBLUE needs DU comments re "Afghan Massacre--The Convoy of Death" film

US: Detainee dies in US custody in Iraq

Will Democrats wait for schools to implode too before they admit GOP ideas there are a failure?

Can anyone who works for Fox News really be considered "attractive?"

Iraqi group sues Rumsfeld for torture in federal courts in Virginia, Michigan and Maryland

When Hillary Clinton became a U.S. Senator,

If I was Barack Obama I would have one thing to say to the Naderite naysayers.

I saw a breathless CNN breaking news alert that Jesse Jackson Jr. was an "informant" for the Feds.

Matthew Yglesias: Bush Tries To White-Wash History; Portrays Himself As A Victim

Helen Thomas asked a question that is clearly still unanswered ......

Gordon Brown says Britain is not deserting Iraq

Radio Station Dumps Limbaugh

Goody Two Shoes still in jail?

EU Parliament votes to cap working week at 48 hours

Economically, things don't seem to be too bad here in Louisiana

Doesn't anyone not see what the hell is going on here!?

Cheney admits to torture on national teevee. He approved, authorized, supported it.

Obama admitted to using coke, but he won't legalize pot...

Forget Holiday Sales -- Struggling Retailers May Turn to Defense Contracts to Keep From Going Under

Mike Tyson

New RNC 'Leader"?... Ken Blackwell

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

The Great Unraveling - Tom Friedman

Thank Gawd It Passed: Dude, where's my $700 billion?

Amy Goodman: Workers Laid Off, Executives Paid Off, Bernard Madoff

Holder ... fight or wait to fight again?

Why is the GOP-controlled media obsessing over Caroline Kennedy?

Shelby: If the Big Three had only managed their business operations as well as the foreign companies

AIM's Self-Defeating Boycott, and a Boycott that we can ruin

AIM's Self-Defeating Boycott, and a Boycott that we can ruin

For Congressional Republicans, It CAN Get Worse

Bush: ‘I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System’

Matthew Yglesias: Bush Tries to White-Wash History; Portrays Himself as a Victim

NYPD Officer Indicted in YouTube Body-Check

Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like the War on Christmas

President Bush and the Flying Shoes: A Cautionary Tale

Two cabinet positions left, Dept of Labor and which other?

Does anyone know if Arne Duncan's kids attend public school in Chicago?

Pakistani Opposition Party to Start Blocking NATO Supplies to Afghanistan

Greta Van Susteren asks Palin about "one little controversy" in the wake of Wasilla church fire

Rice: No ‘American Money’ In Iraq Was Lost To Corruption»

1,000 apply for 50 fast-food jobs in Vegas

Western Digital to slash 2,500 jobs, cut executive pay

Iraq's Parliament Speaker Says He's Quitting Over Shoe-Tosser

SEC's Cox admits 'failures' over Madoff

PE Barack Obama named Time Magazine Person of the Year. Announced on The Today Show.

Dire financial situation for public transit in Boston

Jackson, Jr. an informant to Blago investigations

anyone listening to axelrod taking mourning joe down?

So why, with all this revision that the Administration is attempting, does no one

I think Cheney 'confessed' because he's dying

Has Morning Joe denounced Gingrich as a traitor yet re: Gingrich's recent statements

Two trains collide in Minnesota

== 12 things to throw at Bush = By Mark Morford

Classical music question - Mantovani

Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Miffed" At President Bush, Gets White House Apology

It's Official: Total Defeat for U.S. in Iraq

The pResident is "full of crap" said very matter of factly

DU’ers, don't hesitate to remind Republicans at appropriate moments,

Loss of jobs has a corollary loss of health insurance; silver lining - urgency for immediate reform

I paid $25 today

What kind of heat do you use?

Save our tax money: release all non-violent drug users from prisons.

Fugg you Shuster

GOP probes Holder role in Elian saga

Happy Holidays - A MUSICAL PARODY

Doesn't Patrick Fitzgerald have a duty to convene a Grand Jury over Cheney's torture admission?

Riddle Me This... (Warning --- Rant Alert)

GOPers To Bush: No Auto Bailout Without Approval From Congress

Obama Prepares To Reverse Bush-Era Rules On Abortion, Birth Control

surge update - Bomb Kills 18 Near Baghdad Police Station

Meet the competition and your future: Chinese who live in caves.

I've seen no concerted or obvious effort to help American homeowners in mortgage trouble

I am opposed to torture (except when I cheer for it).

Quick glance at a few time-covers ---I'm missing a bunch though

Santa gets parking ticket while delivering toys

Dollar in freefall...

Dollar in freefall...

The Florida high court is about to be filled with wingnuts

USAG Mukasey recuses self from Madoff financial probe...

NBC: Chaos in Iraq's parliament - Speaker resigns over whether 'beaten' journalist should be freed

Nationalism: what is it?

To those that don't remember Jack & Bobby: FU

I am ambivalent about the Salvation Army

Lack of Transparency + Greed = Economic Apocalypse

OPEC to cut 2 million barrels a day to increase income

Duck Duck Bush

pharma Barons making money off your preemie - the bastards!

SEC Chairman Says Agency Failed to Probe Madoff

Did anyone see these cool pictures of Barack in TIME magazine?

If you had to give up either sex or the Internet for two weeks, which would you choose?

If We Continue To Demand Prosecution Will We Get It?

Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat wife

white powder being sent everywhere - CBRN

State Dept. panel recommends dropping Blackwater as security in Iraq.

Report Finds Some Federal Judges Put Off Swearing In New Citizens

The Legacy Project Spins Iraq

Store Refuses to Make Birthday Cake for Adolf Hitler

Cheney re Saddam: "He had a long reputation and record of having started two wars"

To Politicians: I feel "Q" (of Star Trek) sums up my feelings on this whole "Shoe-Throwing" Stuff.

Child Poverty in America

Danny Glover reads Langston Hughes "Ballad of Roosevelt"

Bush Passes The Buck On Iraq Mistakes And Economic Failures: They’re Not My Fault»

Will Bush/Cheney ever get 15 years of hard labor?

Toyota scraps 2009 dealer meeting

White House apologizes to Elisabeth Hasselbeck over Christmas invitation

on occasion I recc. a 'must read'. the following is a must read

Yellow margarine illegal in Missouri

Special days for urban cowboys

More influence: Environmental/Energy team or Agricultural/Interior team?

so- the Sec Ed nominee is big on standardized testing, and the Sec Ag is a big GM crops proponent...

Gimme everything ya got on PNAC, their agenda, and their crimes...

Vilsack -- Cronyism I cannot believe in.

U.S. troops confront Iraqis rallying in favor of shoe-thrower

OPEC actually cutting 4.2 million barrels

Is Drew Peterson ENGAGED??

Bush's speech at the War College.

Why Toyota wants GM to be saved

The decision to torture individuals was made by Bush and Cheney before the CIA ever asked for legal

How History Will View Bush

Cross-post from the Alaska forum re the church fire and media coverage.

Where are the follow up questions to bush and Cheney?

Casting about for cabinet filler

Who do you think has run the country the last 8 years? Bush or Cheney?

State Dept. reccomends dropping Blackwater in Iraq!

Baby Jesus still missing.

A sign of the times

The Republican Party's formula to get back power... DO NOTHING DIFFERENT

Why do people question Caroline Kennedy's qualifications and not Al Franken's?

Does any Democrat have the courage to ask Holder if Water boarding is Torture?

MnIndy: "Faith-based Minnesota Teen Challenge cannot evade scrutiny"

Drunk George Tenet lashed out at Bush’s neocons...

I wonder if MSNBC realizes that people watch Morning Joe DESPITE Scarborough

My rightist friends are telling me that I'm an "ungratious winner".

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wednesday 12/17/08

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wednesday 12/17/08

Rep. Jerrold Nadler for SENATE! I want a FIGHTER!

Meanwhile back at the "War on Drugs" front:Girl Handing Out Cough Drops Accused Of Selling Drugs

Health board wants man out of bin

Bernie Madoff, who made off with billions of $$$, placed under house arrest

Vanity Fair: Tortured Reasoning...have any attacks on America been disrupted?


Breaking: Jennifer Gale found dead in Austin

Vanity Fair: Tortured Reasoning...have any attacks on America been disrupted?

Showing inauguration to my class....

Showing inauguration to my class....

Calif. Board To Votes To Halt $4B In Spending (affects nearly 2,000 infrastructure projects)

wasn't it sweet seeing smirk reach for and hold Candy's hand and then

Girl, 13, fatally struck by suspected drunken driver

Pepsi response to my complaint about their "suicide" themed ad

"Broke is The New Cool"

FDA says 2 "unapproved medical devices" meet criteria for torture.

Well, it appears to be catching on...

Oh, right. NOW the press is all outraged at lack of transparency.

Newly elected La. repuke seeks to join CBC. Only one thing: he's not black.

Please delete.

Why do most U.S. Senators start out in lower political offices? (Warning: a Caroline thread)

Madoff's Sons Used Outsiders To Manage Foundation Funds

Freedom Rider: Gay Rights and Black America

Vanity Fair Report: Officials say that, apart from being wrong, torture just doesn’t work

This new rush by BushInc to drop Blackwater's services in Iraq...smell like a coverup to you?

Colorado Doctor Finds Foot In Newborn's Brain

The Grandkids of Harriet Christian?

Horse Abandonment Spiking Nationwide, Particularly In Western States - USA Today

Obama Smoking Picture: Andrea Mitchell Investigates (VIDEO)

Protest banners hung at Acropolis

Will communes make a comeback?

A rant from a post that wound up locked before I could say this:

msnbc won't rest until they find a connection between blagovejich & obama

Zaidi Family Members and His Legal Representatives Have Not Been Permitted to Visit Him

Tame Deer Killed At Nature Preserve

Countries want peace in Somalia, but no major offer of troops

Store refuses to personalize birthday cake for 3 year old

Bush sez: CELEBRATE ME!!!111111!1

Fucking for Freedom

New York’s proposed ‘iTunes tax’

What happened to the Second Harvest Donation?

PHOTO: Anti-war protesters throw shoes at a prison uniform-clad "Bush-alike" outside the White House

Man steals hearse during funeral service

GM delays work on Volt, Cruze engine factory to save cash

Oh, man! Check out the "SINGING ROOFER", Don Ohman's CD made for Palin.

Randi Rhodes streams for free >>Link>>>

STEAL FIFTY BILLION and you get 'home detention'

Is it Caroline Kennedy or Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

Republican Attack On Auto Workers Union Is An Outrage by Ralph Nader & Robert Weissman

John Walsh and "America's Most Wanted"

Child Writes to Santa, Asks for Molestation to End

The Savage Weiner: Who killed JFK Jr? Hillary Clinton!

Eli Stone

Bush them! It's only fair.

Would you confess to a crime you didn't do if some thugs were holding your kids?

CNN: Children forced into cell-like school seclusion rooms

Oct. 8: Pastor Rick Warren announces support in favor of Proposition 8

Barry Lynn Would Have Been A GREAT Choice To Give The Inagural Invocation

Tenet, Drunk in Bandar's Pool: "The bastards are setting me up-I am not going to take the hit"

Microsoft faces new Xbox 360 reliability accusations

Where are the follow up questions to bush and Cheney? Re-post

I wish to put my hat in the ring for Transportation Secretary.

Least desirable cellmate

Things that make you go "What the Fuck" ........ Ray LaHood?????

Things that make you go "What the Fuck" ........ Ray LaHood?????

Here is a post that needs much more attention.

Ray LaHood - are you serious Obama?

Presidential Training Wheels - plus more headlines 12/17/08

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal

REPOST Bring canned food to the inaugural

Interesting discussion on BBC. Would you take a pay cut for the greater good?

As if I didn't already know what selfish pricks most Republicans are,

Day two of Tweety tearing Cheney a new one

List of all the things that Bush has kept us "safe" from

Today is the International Day to end Violence Against Sex Workers.

I may be a late comer--have you seen this? I'm putting my Bio 103 class onto this

Environmentalists Wary of Senator Salazar, Obama’s Interior Department Pick

30 percent of CT voters who voted for Lieberman want a do-over.

HRC responds to Rick Warren -

PFAW: 'Profoundly Disappointed' that Rick Warren Will Give Invocation

Coleman Camp Gets Roughed Up By State Supremes: TPM

Here I was, up to my ass in Alligators all day, and there is a New, Bright and Shiny Thing.

Insurance loophole claimed in fire deaths

Twenty miles to the west of Mike the Tiger's beautiful habitat

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore


Chicago Sun-Times reporter wants to know

Any Theories: Why are Bush and Paulson Stalling on saving the automakers?

if the government decides to FULLY reimburse Madoff's would you feel about it...?

IMO, the Reverend Horton Heat should do the Invocation at Obama's Inauguration

Fuck Drudge. This is a low blow even by Drudge standards.

Bernard Madoff scandal: the London connection

Breaking: Chrysler to idle all of its plants for a month

Giuliani to replace O’Reilly on the radio?

Rightwingers SUCK and have done nothing positive for humanity - EVER!

What do you think of Rick Warren doing the invocation?

Traitor Joe Faces His Lowest Approval Numbers Ever

Bush: There can be NO DEBATE that I kept America safe!

why there is an angel at the top of the christmas tree

12/8/08: Pastor Rick Warren tells Sean Hannity the US needs to "take out" Ahmadinejad.

Waaah! Obama talks to people who disagree with him! WAAAH!

New York hits iPod users with tax on downloads

This Modern World: 2008 Year In Review 'Goodbye To All That!'

"Gee, maybe Donnie McClurkin wasn't a fluke"

Public mood darkens on job fears: Reuters poll

LOL, this is amusing now

Environmentalists Wary of Obama’s Interior Pick (Ken Salazar)

It is about public exposure to attacks and being able to continue to campaign

Northcom Chief Vows to Address Worries About New Homeland Unit

Madoff Investors May Be Protected By Government

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why Frank Gaffney Needs to Be Kicked in the Taint

I only want Bush to answer one question

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg would make an excellent U.S. Senator.

No mistletoe or wine. Dinner bell ringing. You’re Doing Time. Police send Xmas cards to Criminals. - hit GeeDubya with a shoe! - 6171021 and counting . . .

Chrysler is shutting down all 30 of its manufacturing plants starting next week

Woman undergoes face transplant in Cleveland

As Iraq conflict drags on, neo-Nazis continue to infiltrate the military

Shoe protest goes global

Why does Santa make the kids cry?

So, California social services are on furlough from the 17th to the 2nd.

Thank you Illinois Supreme Court

Internet Exporer security risk

Unemployment is not an Abstract Concept

Time names Obama person of the year

Fukui in crisis mode, cuts Honda outlook

"If your name were Edward Moore instead of Edward Kennedy, your candidacy would be a joke."

Can someone with econ. experience tell me why printing money to replace assets that have decreased..

Hugo Chavez is the guest on FSTV's Speaking Freely series this evening (10-12 ET)

Horsey does it again. Too funny!

Judge Meets Shoe-Thrower in Jail, Possibly Too Badly Beaten to Appear

I am 100% a Fairness Doctrine

A life thrown into turmoil by $100 donation to Prop 10

FILTHY BETRAYAL - Bush Accused Troops Of WAR CRIMES Which HE Ordered Carried Out!

if you vehemently disagree with Slick Dick Warren

Chrysler to shut down all 30 plants...but ‘white collar workers’ will keep regular salaries.»

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008 by Robert Weissman

Helen Thomas really pisses me off.

NPR today- Hope for Homeowners Act hasn't refinanced a SINGLE mortgage- but I smell a mystery

Sock and Awe -- the web game sweeping America!

Ga. judge jails Muslim woman over head scarf

For Progressives: I know some of the picks aren't what we hoped for but, "McCain-Palin" Picks would

Possibly Bush's worst mistake: surrendering U.S. space independence to Russia

LOL!! David Horowitz thinks he "absolutely changed the paradigm of campus politics in America!"

"There was a tremendous feeling in Washington: just let it go. It’s old history."

Oregon bank bomber suspect called "very pro-American" by state GOP chair

Tweety is "excited" about discussing Jeb as our third Bush president

NY Gov. Patterson's Tax Plans Are A Stupid Idea and They Will Hurt Working Class NYers

Children forced into cell-like school seclusion rooms, 13 yr old hangs himself in one

'I was still holding my grandson's hand - the rest was gone'

George Tenet, drunk in Prince Bandar's pool, screams about "the Jews" setting him up

There is NO practical or logical reason to continue bush's wars.

It's a good thing Jerry Falwell is dead

I really wasn't terribly concerned,...but now, I am terrified.

Ray LaHood, Republican asshat for Secy of Trans & rightwing

OMG !!!! I just tried

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied

Energy pundit: "So, to be clear, I was wrong."

Meet my new Senator.

May I point out that Obama didn't pick Rick Warren . It was done by the

Include switching the US to the metric system in the stimulus package

What would be your weapon of choice?

What would be your weapon of choice?

Senate New Dem members give clue to Evan Bayh's new Senate Blue Dogs.

America, take note. People like this are your ENEMY.

Human Rights Campaign: Obama's invitation to Warren a GENUINE BLOW TO LGBT AMERICANS

Tom Vilsack for Ag Secy is a much bigger deal than Rick Warren for Inaug. Preacher.

Berlin's Poor Should Catch Rats, Says Politician

Dick Cheney's fantasy world - "GROSS MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS" - By Scott Ritter

I Feel A Lot Better Now

How about high speed roller coasters, totally electric

Diary of a Madoff Victim

Six Reasons Why Obama Appointing Vilsack, for USDA Head is a Terrible Idea


Deflation... it is here... and I DO HOPE it does not stay here for long

how can the thugs blame the UAW for the detroit bailout if ford needs no fed funds?

PALIN-APPOINTED commission recommends $25,000 raise for the governor.»

We need to reward Shop Rite for doing the right thing with the Hitler cake. And shun Wal-Mart

The director of the CIA in the pool of a Saudi prince, ranting drunkenly about neocons and Jews?

OMG: I Actually AGREE with Pat Buchanan on this...

How would you feel about high speed rail service

If ya can't bitch about political shit here, then where CAN you?

Teacher Appreciation:. PSA I Heard this Morning about Teachers.

Why did you stop being a K-12 teacher?

Dollars to Euro conversion?

So tell me again exactly when the Civil War ended

Twenty-one wiretaps on Rahm Emanuel - how many on Obama??

If "responsible" breeders didn't exist, where would dogs come from?

Muted Praise for 'Valkyrie' From German Critics

Are you seeing more homeless people? They seem to be everywhere

If Rick Warren gives the invocation, everyone in DC for the inauguration

RNC protester was Tasered 4 times, passed out from pain, and then arrested

How you sell Electric cars.

REC this if Rick Warren giving the inaugural invocation is WRONG

Billey Joe Johnson Jr story (Black MS prep student possibly murdered) on CNN now...

"It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die."

My rightist friends are telling me that I'm an "ungratious winner".

Isnt this a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act?

I really have to adopt a Repug. Is this not the sweetest face you've ever seen?

OMG, what's wrong?

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied.

Lets dance!

Rudolph, honey. If you are here, let me know and I will hide you.


The War In Common (some memories, and a wish)

In addition to my already crummy day....

Klonopin + Jägermeister = a good idea?

The Bush shoe incident: What are your thoughts on it?

The Season and the Accumulation of Crap...

I LOVE live tv.

I'm 40 years old and I just found out the truth about Santa Claus.

I'm 40 years old and I just found out the truth about Santa Claus.

Caption my nephew

I never realize how many people I know until I start doing Christmas cards

Give a DUer a .gif for Christmas

Give a DUer a .gif for Christmas

The dogs are so cute playing in the snow

I made a batch of chocolate peanut butter swirl cookies tonight.


960 hours of work for this vector illustration of a cruise ship. - NOT MY WORK!

Thunder on the mountain

Oh, de doo-da day

Quick update on my little stray kitty friend (thanks to all who responded w/'good thoughts' last

Peter Falk has Alzheimer's

I don't know, maybe it's a kind of "A Boy Named Sue" thing....

Kilt Opinon

The Saga of General Butt Naked. This guy broke the mold for 'batshit crazy naked Satanist warlords.'

Who is awake? Huh?

Is bold the right word?

How wrong would it be to perm my back hair?

Isn't it a pain when your...

Has anyone played 1000 Blank White Cards?

SPK wants me to tell you he's a SEX GOD.

When are you freaking prima donnas going to quit acting like...

Define: "Miss Thang".

Hello boss?

I think I have a swelling on the side of my neck....

Who is sitting at the bar and who is sitting in a booth?

translate please (spanish to english)

A game to share with all you DU insomniacs this morning.

"'The Universe,' brought to you in part by Jared."

Help me out here: An anatomy question (Yes, I have found a body part that is new to me)

Have you ever been so irrational that you do not want to sleep...

NFL player changes name to Stylez G. White (from "Teen Wolf")

There is a job I have a chance at getting, but it has been so difficult!

A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind - just for the holidays???

I wanna enter one of these competitions

what this thread needs ......

Nothing says BREAKFAST, quite like a frosted sugar cookie...

Burger King's flame-broiled perfume--"Flame"

A family photo...

You know what I think makes DU more enjoyable?

Is there someone or something that I can sacrifice

What would you like on your pizza?

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

Funniest LOLdog in a LONG TIME!

My neighbor gave me the key to his house while he went away on a business trip.

Have any of you managed to get past severe math phobia to get that one math

Who would you not touch with a 39 1/2 foot pole?

Beccera Turns Down Job of US Trade Representative

Open Mic Poetry Thread

Good Morning, Lounge!

I'm not sure what to think of indecisive people, Suggestions??...

You guys don't mind if I knock off work early right?

Super Awesome Shoe-er song!

Wow, the future looks awesome, we will have phones in our cars...

Remember when Khruschev pounded his shoe in the UN General Assembly?

Day 6 of the blackout in New Hampshire.

Define your music taste in 2 cases of beer, a Snap-On tool, a biscuit, and an ungulate

Anyone else here like Andrew Bird?

Much damage has been done between the election and upcoming inauguration.

Worst birthday ever = #31.

Let the Right One In.

What does a believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster yell during sex?

Five Myths about Christmas (#1 myth - Retailers have corrupted Christmas)

Twiiter: What the hell is it and are these messages by Hillary Clinton real?

Who wins a Kings of Leon fight?

Got me some cut copy on

PHOTOS Put your hands together......

a Far Side Christmas

Good and bad ideas for Secret Santas

"A Wish for Wings that Work: an Opus Christmas Story"-Bloom County Christmas special

"Please tell me you're joking"

Interesting Wikipedia page: Political positions of Caroline Kennedy

I like telling people a lot younger than me..."Don't take any wooden nickels"

Nothing quite says "Christmas" like a $100 pair of Samurai Underpants

Turn that frown...

'(I)sn't it great we can have a difference of opinions and you will still like my boobs?'

Extra 26 Min to spare? Animation Short

The Only Video Game I've Ever Played Is Space Wars

Who would you like to see fill the two remaining cabinet positions

You tell me.

Rachel was just successfully "talked down" for the first time since her show began!

What the hell is this?

How do you pamper yourself?

Santa gets parking ticket while delivering toys

Shop-Rite Grocery store refuses to make birthday cake for kid who's name is Adolph Hiltler

What does an Agnostic yell during sex?

LOL. "The Brokers With Hands on Their Faces" Blog:

BBC News: Shoe thrower 'beaten in custody' according to shoe thrower's brother

I don't really care whether they pick Caroline or not.

Inauguration Commemorative Transit Tickets

The NY Dems who want Hillary's seat should instead focus on SCHUMER'S seat

Our automatic coffee maker machine has now officially died.

Animal Xmas Song - OMG the mouths!!!!!!

Good Christmas tip for our newspaper delivery woman?

Most Beautiful Movie Theater , that you know of, or in your area, still open..and showing movies..

I am not sick, and am always home.

Isn't it frickin GREAT that we have someone who LOOKS presidential?

I am sick and I want to go home

Official *am Poll!!!

Beccera Turns Down Trade Rep Job.

Tomorrow is madinmaryland S.T.F.U. Day.

PHOTOS Pointing the way

another Caroline Kennedy question

If you could...

post your best holiday kitty recipes here!

I think I have an ear infection.

I'm having a motivational crisis

I am so hearbroken - once again Time Magazine skips me over for person of the year....

have you ever pushed anyone out of the way at the copier?

Obama needs to appoint Harry Reid as the Secretary of the Interior Toilets.

BIGGEST LOSER FINALE *spoiler alert*


Disgusting Commercial

polar tech socks: mmmmmmmm......

IA-Sen: Vilsack for Ag Sec'y

DU nomenclature poll

I'm not kiddin' ya man! Any closer, and that thing would have put ya in the hospital!

i think we've misjudged the whole shoe throwing incident

1/20/2009. 12:02 PM EST. President Obama signs a document.


Time for another edition of the Galactic Pot Healer Babel Fish Game.

Latin America asks Obama to lift Cuban embargo, show respect

WOW. I just got back from the Copier and this rude woman got really

It's a New Day! January 20th! I can't wait!

Harkin Hightly Recommended Vilsak to Obama for Ag Sec., and thought Obama wasn't listening

Caroline Kennedy speaks up ....

Sock and Awe!

It has been weeks since taterguy told me to STFU.

I'm going out to get an I.V. of whiskey, can I get you anything?

Awe Gawd! KO just reported on Sun-Times columnist's rumbling of Blago/Rahm tape count!

Is it unhygienic to use someone else's Ped Egg?

So I was in Oxford, UK last weekend with a friend of mine.

OMFG just shoot me now.

You know what? Regardless of the way that this Senate recount in Minnesota turns out,

So the party that gave us a * x2 and wants to hand us another * in a senate seat

I'm not sure that I've ever told you this about myself, but...

Post a band that you like that I might have actually heard of!

Obama should give the mods advance notice before making controversial decisions

Europe has a continental divide

So I was in Costco, and this crazy Bunco lady showed up

Sheesh! Some people!! I was in Costco this afternoon, trying to get my

Who the fuck is Elizabeth Alexander?

Quicksilver Messenger Service fans...Wolfgang's Vault just posted a killer "classic lineup" concert

stay away from GD:P today, kiddies, it's EXTRA hot now!

Becerra declines US Trade Rep position; Dan Tarullo, Harold Ford, Ron Kirk leading contenders

So I was in Costco this morning and a fight broke out by the Activia samples.

I dont understand daytime cable news.

This is how a GOOD day starts:

Has Anyone Been at WAL-MART During One of Their Early Morning Pep Meetings?

It's been weeks since Philboy made a post that annoyed me

Well it's here.. the greatest stocking stuffer of ALL time.... The Amazing SCREAMING Flying Monkeys

OMG, I got Vick's Vaporub in my eye.

The Rec-Wizard is back and so is the post-count fairy!

Bush History - NCIS:Bush Actions "ain't right". Also, Bush Leak Hypocrisy

I'm IMing Pawpicker. Ask me anything! Oh come on. Now he's on the phone

Wanna hear an awful noise?

Arena football to cancel their 2009 Football season. Rest of the country says "huh?"

So I'm sitting here quietly working in my cube...

Progressivism IS Pragmatism

Things I'm going to have fun saying to Republicans over the next 4 hopefully 8 years

Rick Warren? OK then, fuck you too, Mr. Obama.

I am done with my christmas shopping.

Iko! Iko! Jockamo fe na ne

Best all-purpose (not one song) Christmas song vocalist

David Schuster sounds like Kermit The Frog.

Planning the company holiday party, and I suspect the Ice Sculpture guy is suicidal...


I was looking at that ad

What should I do with my life?

Holy crap!! Santa Claus got TS'ed!!

"Dr." James Dobson to attend inagural

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/17/2008)

George W. Bush is the Veritable “Old-Shoe”

OMFG! I cna't believe I just saw that!

Pic For Caption Contest!

Well, I'm off to the emergency room.

If anyone needs any free legal advice

Just Curious About Something, . . . Was I Ever On Your Shit List?

JFK.......not the most "qualified" man to be President......indeed

A new course is identified

Do you respond differently to posters who have photos of themselves in their sigs?

Obama should release all information about Cheney's energy meetings

Baby Boy ripped from Adoptive parents and put into FOSTER CARE?

Question... Since Bush has now signed a time table to leave Iraq, are we by law stuck with it?

AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT...I responded to an old boyfriend who had been incessantly

Hey Joe YOU DUMB FUCK read the direct, exact quote you keep referring to

The folks in GD-P are an insult to progressives and liberals

My shy timid cat is sleeping on my feet for the first time since I got him


I just got an invite to something called a Bunco Party.

What did you have for lunch today?

OK-Gov, OK-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

President Bush's 2008 White House Christmas Video. How long can you stand to watch it?

When I was in 6th grade...

Please give me a pop.

Moron Joe Scartissue is welcome to visit Chicago anytime for a..

Can we eliminate the distress single flag avatar on January 20, 2009?

Are the Republicans Still a National Party?

Got any names for the Obamas' new dog?

Is it unhygienic to use someone else's nail clippers?

Another one for the ballet fans...Ballet Trocadero de Monte Carlo

Time Person Of The Year: Barack Obama

Make no mistake (re: Caroline Kennedy)...

I'm going to open a nail salon called "Hand Job."

Time Magazine's "Person of the Year"

Obama's List Doesn't Quite Match Emily's

If you're going to have kids, have them while you are young.

ThinkBlue1966 just got done taking the test to be a Census Worker next spring.

Blagojevich was bookie, says federal informant

Caption this dog (taken in Berkeley yesterday)

Did anyone catch Howard Dean on Morning Joe?

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal by Obama

Is it okay to use a laser pointer to f*ck with your cat's head?

Would you like to charge the entire amount to this card? YES NO

Over 30 years ago...

Not even a criminal background check but a credit check on two apps. today

Define your music taste in 5 albums

1. Cut a hole in a box.

Repukes are afraid of a clean up at Justice

Questions for anyone who played football in high school or junior high...

I love cat-sitting!

I was wrong.

Wanted: 10 more Motown classics

Report: Emanuel privately urged Blago to appoint Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett


Holder Leaves Out Blago Tie in Judiciary Questionnaire

Holder Leaves Out Blago Tie in Judiciary Questionnaire

Hey Scarborough.. Do you ever read anything in full context?

WHAT in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a goin' on here?

Wisconsin second-graders write letters to Obama - one student offers to help find bin Laden

You got to be SH*TTIN ME - Repukes plan to attack Holder on Elian Gonzalez??!!!

NEW RULES for when there is a change in President.....

I know we're not supposed to give Drudge attention, but his current home page has gone too far.

Quick question about Caroline K.'s possible appointment (non controversial)

How you earn a living: Was it your ambition, or did you kind of fall into it?

I just saw a commerical for a company that delivers pajamas to women.

Arne Duncan, Merit Pay, and Materialistic America

Crash Space At My Home For Inaugural

Celebrities on "Facebook?"

Name something new (or new to you) that you discovered in 2008

Ok, so eHarmony officially sucks ass...

Dana "Dick" Milbank: "Obama's Press Treatment Just Like Bush's"

My friend's car won't start - she's in Montana where it's been

Bare Your Sole To President Bush!


Seven Pounds....MUST SEE movie

What are you making of Christmas dinner?

Answer to everything...Modest Proposal..China, 51st State?..Well?

Who will be the first Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask Holder,

Just a thought ... let's have NO invocation. Let ALL the preachers stay home.

Gov Paterson Likely Will Name Caroline Kennedy to Replace Hillary Clinton as NY Senator

Who is this?

i see that when JFK gets trashed here

RuPaul as the Obamas.

Is the Salazar pick unconstitutional?

Some people thought Al Franken wasn't qualified

When Obama is officially the President, and his nominees are confirmed, the buck stops at him

What the media DIDN'T report about Decimal-gate

Most of us Democrats stood unified with George W Bush right after 911

Anyone here a fan of Anonymous 4?

Top General: Large Military Presence at Inauguration

I'm supremely pleased at the pro-science stance the Obama admin. is taking.

If you like seeing Freeper heads explode, you'll LOVE this thread....

Is it just me, or is there something wrong here?

You wanna talk about actual gaffes that actually fucking matter? How many here remember

Everyone ready for the Blago comeback?

I dislike political dynasties & I back Caroline Kennedy for Senate

How about this. We ENCOURAGE everyone to stand up and turn their BACKS when Warren speaks

Hudson Valley (New York) morning radio douchebags Cooper and Tobin discussed the birth certificate..

You know, we're still seriously pissed about Prop 8

NYT, pg1: As Privacy Ends for Caroline Kennedy, a Rough Path Awaits

Any Southerners in Obama's cabinet yet?

What does DUStrange yell during sex?

Texas University Rivalry Question: A&M and UT Austin?

Where did the money go?????

I cannot believe that HE is going to be on stage at the inauguration...

the DU gift exchange thread

My head explodes. Contessa and Savanna Saying that Obama Needs to Answer for Blago

The Freepers are saying that John Linder (R-GA) plans to challenge Obama's Electoral Count...

So that wench from The Hill says Obama and team could speak out now,

Marist Poll: 83% Approval Rating for Obama

Obama Considers GOP Congressman for Transportation

Ya know...Rick Warren. Fucking Rick Warren. Is this a freaking joke?

Rick Warren? You've got to be fucking kidding me

Vilsack and Salazar revealed - link.

It's completely predictable that Obama outrages extremists

Warren Kennedy Clinton Salazar Vilsack LaHood

OK. You've all convinced me. I will now reach out to Rick Warren

Once again...Name that 80's Tune!

MSM is furious because Obama is not telling them anything. Chuck Todd: Obama is Frustrating Media

Obama announces list of people participating in the Inauguration Ceremony

I'm for Caroline Kennedy as the next Senator from NY for no other reason but

Obama should ask Jeremiah Wright to pray at the inaugural, as well.

Help with Obama Administration designees ...

Well, I know what GD-P now stands for:

EVERYBODY has a seat at the table

RightWingWatch: Warren a version of Dobson. Abortion, stem cell, gay marriage "non-negotiable"

Magical thinking in regards to Obama and his cabinet picks

As a bisexual, Rick Warren's invocation doesn't make me outraged

More gruel? More gruel? ANY gruel??

The fact that GLBT people have to EXPLAIN why this so beyond the pale with Pastor Rick shows

"Hi, Pastor Rick here, ask me anything about the gay".

Demonstrating teh stupid, some DUers

Small Business Committee (Kerry) investigation shows Veterans Corporation abused taxpayer dollars

RawStory: Ex CIA chief Tenet drunkenly mocked Bush neocons, right-wing Israelis

I think Prez O should have someone from the financial community speak

Rick Warren endorses Prop 8 and " big deal"

Is the Gov of Colorado a democrat?

Barak, don't you have a position for Tom DeLay?

Freepers and DUers apparently equally apoplectic about Rick Warren doing invocation at inauguration.

This may not be the best time to mention that Obama is putting another Republican in his Cabinet...

Caroline Kennedy's Advisers

Why not Donnie McClurkin?

Justice Kennedy rejects 2 more challenges to Obama

Well, maybe if there are enough complaints Warren will get bumped.

Why is Rick Warren the "go-to pastor for major political events" for Democrats?

Why is Rick Warren the "go-to pastor for major political events" for Democrats?

This is good: Obama's Rick Warren pick irks liberals

"As your new President a big fuck you to California especially, here's Ricky!"

Will Rick Warren's role at the presidential inauguration affect the legal status of same-sex unions?

So is Obama anti-gay or not?

OK, a month and a half ago, give or take a few days, gay people lost equal rights in California...

Just because Obama has Rick Warren at his inauguration does not mean he agrees with him on anything

I will NOT have you ruin this for the rest of us.

Vilsack is bio/gen altered/ethanol guy and Schapiro is a wall street insider

Warren may be an olive branch to Evangelicals because Obama knows what's coming NEXT:

There is something you can do about Rick Warren, Donnie McClurkin, Etc.

If it were the Dalai Lama or the Pope giving a freaking prayer, many would not care...

When Rick Warren gets up to do his "thang" there should be a deafening

For those claiming it was the committees fault

Warren giving the invocation is a disappointment

I now am understanding Log Cabin Republicans. They are hated and they know it.

*** Watch as MN Electoral Board decides ballot by ballot --- Live****

Lest we forget Billy Graham.."Pastor to the Presidents"

I'm fucking sick of "reaching out", "bipartisanship", and all that other BS

It's easy for you not to be furious about Rick Warren - you think it doesn't affect anything

When cats attack. I need advice.

Before you get mad at Obama, re: Rick Warren/inaugural invocation

PHOTOS "You really don't shake kids' hands that much, you shake adult hands."

Imagine for a moment it is 1960 and Kennedy decides to have a chaplain of the KKK

What's your latest musical discovery?

A missed opportunity to speak with MORAL AUTHORITY, Obama

OMG!! Betty Currie answering phones at Obama headquarters!!

Cheney MUST be prosecuted (re: his admission of war crimes)

Everyone is going to have to "get over" something during the next 4 years,

Are there any gay-FRIENDLY political message boards on the Internet?

Is it possible for a 24-year-old female kitty to be the alpha to the boy kitties

Give a daughter of one of your greatest Presidents two years of your state's U S Senate...

Face it: If you wanted that Zinnist-Marxist Revolution it will not happen.

In Defense of Caroline Kennedy

Time Photos: From Emmett Till to Barack Obama

"Low Tide" for the Birth Certificate crowd...

"His (Obama's) Illinois liberalism won't line up with the people of Colorado's Western sensibility,"

The most overrated "Classic Rock" song is DEFINITELY...

Bush: I'm Open To Suggestions On What To Do After I'm Out

So then, how do you feel about Rick Warren being invited to give the inaugural invocation?

The Gays always have to "get over it" on DU

Live Streaming Video from the Minnesota Canvassing Board

Justice John Paul Stevens to swear in Biden

BC lawyer loses it, says "remove the usurper using all means necessary"

I Apologize if Im Making fun of Western Heritage...

VilSuck?? Seriously??

EXCELLENT Holiday Slide Show with audio--**Please Watch**!!

Americablog: Warren pick shows gays are not part of the inauguration party & now expendable

did you think you would live to see the day?

LaHood considered for Cabinet post

President-Elect Obama - Warren is a smooth-talking bigot with hateful views - Please stop this NOW!

Harley Shaiken the New Labor Secretary??

Sorry...Obama is doing exactly as he promised during the campaign...

Ken Salazar Has A Cool Bolo Tie And Hat

I think I have some Obama Cred on here and I'm fucking pissed

Strawman poll Warren is part of the Inauguration. Does that mean Obama is somehow THE ENEMY?

New Obama Avatar

Obama Inauguration: Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation (Press Release of Inaugration Program)

On a day we should all be celebrating, some of us will be reminded they're 2nd class citizens

Well, we got what we wished for.

Gay and disappointed in Obama? Get over it.

Over the last 50 years the Senate has had 3 Kennedys and 3 African-Americans.

Has Obama lost your vote in 2012?

Pastor Rick Warren: Gay marriage akin to incest, child rape and polygamy:

Just So's You Remember ...

Obama bashers get your free licks in now

Obama Invites Louis Farrakhan to light White House Menorah.

Facts: (1) Obama supports civil unions; (2) Rick Warren is the most popular pastor in the USA

What prominent pastor isn't anti-gay marriage?

Can anyone help me identify this book (on the primaries/Obama v Clinton, etc)?

Can anyone help me identify this book (on the primaries/Obama v Clinton, etc)?

BREAKING-Obama to name Mary Schapiro as SEC Chairwoman

Another bad pick: Salazar

Warren's view on gays is a symptom of a larger anti-intellectualism

"Who would you have wanted to give teh prayer???11" - - - How about Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy

I apologize and I reverse my position on Warren speaking at the inauguration

Huffpo: Caroline Kennedy Turning Tide Of Skeptics

Everyone is bitching about Rick Warren but he has to share the day with Lesbian and Gay Band Assoc.

5 Presidents Worse Than George W Bush

I have an idea: How about we get rid of these fucking invocations!

Brenda, the GoH is on her way here to clean up this pigsty.

PSA: It was apparently moran day in Costco today.

we got a dog from the animal shelter today!

Holy crap!! I got HATE MAIL!!!!

Are you dead to Midlo?

Santa Claus died of natural causes

If capitalism keeps declining after January 20th, what do YOU think Obama should do in response?

Caroline Kennedy / Arne Duncan 2016??

Word of the day is "DuStrange" - use it to modify a thread title.

I really like Tuesdays, normally.

My new Prius ... Little Greenie!

Obama appoints two more DLCers to his cabinet

So who would you want to do the prayer @ the inauguration?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday December 17

DU maddiejoan has died.......:(

Are you surprised Obama did not select Chuck Hagel for a position?

OH OH OH OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOO Terry McAuliffe has started fundraising

Lieberman Faces Lowest Approval Numbers Ever

Anyone Got The Google Phone? How Is It?

Well, I'm off to the morgue...

Essential reading for pet owners: MSNBC's "Avoid holiday hazards for your pet"

For those who celebrate Christmas:

Help come up with a nickname for the Iraqi journalist

BREAKING: Lena Horne NOT dead!

Samurai Underpants Sheaths Your Katana in Awesome

Gallup tracking: Obama confidence numbers still way up, 67%.

Please allow this unapologetic unashamed Christian to say why pickng Warren is WRONG

Elian Gonzalez is back???? A classic from Peggy Noonan as a bonus.

No "Change" at USDA as Obama Picks Monsanto Shill Vilsack for Ag Secretary

Who Will Win? Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. Cthulhu!

PHOTOS From Time Magazine - Obama: The College Years

Source: Ill. gov nixed job for Jackson Jr.'s wife

Chávez insists on integration mechanisms for Unasur

Indian Businesses Push for Security

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal

Three fallen soldiers return to a hero's welcome

Scientists find hole in Earth's magnetic field

SEC Chairman Says Agency Failed to Probe Madoff

Bush peppered Wilkins with queries on (Canadian) constitutional crisis

Taking a swipe at Bush: Zaidi-inspired shoe game on Internet

A camp for kids coping with war wounds of a parent

For the First Time in U.S., Extensive Face Transplant Is Performed

Iraqi police: Baghdad bombs kill 6, wound 41

Southern Africa launches urgent aid for Zimbabwe

Microsoft Scrambles To Fix Flaw

Honda slashes forecast again, Nissan cuts output

5 Presidents Worse Than George W Bush

White House apologizes to Elisabeth Hasselbeck over Christmas invitation

OPEC likely to OK 2 million barrel oil output cut

Army's new manual warns of 'persistent conflict'

Michigan lawmakers discuss differences on smoking ban

Rice: U.S. Under Bush Embraced U.N. More Than Ever

Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Patch For IE

Death toll in Baghdad twin blasts rises to 25

Downturn Hits Vacation Enclave of New York Elite ('Palpable Fear in Hamptons')

At meeting in Brazil, Washington is scorned

Detroit Free Press and News redirect staff, resources to digital delivery of news

Gondola tower collapses at Whistler resort trapping skiers

Senator's (Coleman) lawyer denies corruption allegations

Declining oil prices threaten Iraqi stability

OPEC agrees to record cut of two million oil barrels: Saudi minister

Insurer: Victims of Houston office fire died from 'pollution'

SEC chairman says agency failed to probe Madoff

California Congressman Turns Down Trade Post

Bush administration eases railroad route safety rule

Jackson Jr. went to authorities about Illinois governor

Businessman indicted in $62M Ponzi scheme

Ontario premier to banks: no more tax cuts, do your bit for the economy

Mercosur expresses solidarity with U.S.-spurned Bolivia

Parents of 'American Taliban' ask Bush to free him

U.S. deserter faces deportation Christmas Eve

Ga. judge jails Muslim woman over head scarf

Obama named TIME’s 2008 Person of the Year

NASA reports 2008 is ninth warmest year since 1880

(AG) Mukasey recuses himself from $50 billion (Madoff) fraud probe

Bush to leave plans in case of crisis when Obama moves in

Illinois Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Blago's fitness

US says Iraq fails to tackle corrupt high officials

Shoe-Thrower Appears In Court

Motorola freezes pension plans

Breaking News: Vilsack will be ag secretary

AbitibiBowater may take legal action over N.L. expropriation of assets

Rival cobblers claim credit for shoes hurled at Bush

Bush Schedules Lunch for Obama, Ex-Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton

US 'to drop Blackwater in Iraq'

Welfare Rolls See First Climb in Years

House Arrest for Madoff in $7 Million Apartment

Salazar's confirmation hearings could turn into slugfest over oil shale

Coleman Camp Gets Roughed Up By State Supremes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 17

Archeologists unearth ancient city in Peru

Columbo Star Hit By Alzheimer's

Second GOP senator (Brownback) to announce retirement

Bush says 'no debate' about his keeping US safe

U.S. Wants Contractor to Monitor Mercs in A'stan

(SC) Justice Kennedy rejects 2 more challenges to Obama

Obama considers $1 trillion plan to jolt economy

LaHood asked to be Transportation Sec

Britons vent scorn at U.S. after 24 days in N.C. jails

Iraqi official says he's quitting over shoe-tosser

Governor's lawyer sparks fireworks at hearing

Obama urged to end Cuba embargo

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%, or $14 Million (paid $6 billion in 2007)

Anti-war activists throw shoes outside White House

Ga. judge jails Muslim woman over head scarf

BREAKING NEWS: All Chrysler Plants To Be Idled Dec. 19 - Jan. 19

In Appearance Upstate, Caroline Kennedy Says Little

Shoe thrower Muntazer al-Zaidi's brother Dhargham says he is too injured to face court

UK troops to leave Iraq 'by July'

Abandoned horses are on the rise

3 TGI Friday's restaurants close without notice

Rick Warren to give inaugural invocation

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied (ShopRite says no-Walmart says yes)

Flint Volt engine plant on hold as GM saves its cash

PCHR: Israeli Authorities Deny Entry of UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine

Opinion: Israeli blockade of Gaza amounts to occupation

Poll: Most Israelis oppose leaving West Bank for Arab world's recognition

Rocket fire raises concern over Gaza truce

What Obama Doesn't Know

Goldman-Sachs Sees "Good Times!"....Tax Rate Drops to 1%, or $14 Million

Cheney Does Express One Regret: 'We Should’ve Invaded Imelda Marcos'

Why aren't we dancing in the streets? We just liberated ourselves from an American Dictatorship!

Bush Tries to White-Wash History; Portrays Himself as a Victim

Truthdig: What Future for the Ink-Stained Wretch?

Dude, where's my $700 billion?

Greg Palast: Obama Slam-Duncans Education

Bush Cites Janis Joplin in Shrugging Off 'Shoe Incident'

Another blow to reputation of SEC _ International Tribune lowdown on the Bush ADM. SEC

Media blissfully unaware of how bad lastest Rate Cut news really is.

David Horsey cartoon: At a remote terrorist training camp....

Poll: Obama family puppy should come from shelter

NYT, pg1: Obama Pledge Stirs Hope in Early Education

Coal Mines, Casinos, and Cocaine -The wild mess that awaits Ken Salazar

Arrest energizes pundits (Gene Lyons)

Deepak Chopra: George W. Bush Has Been Throwing Shoes at Us

Joe Conason: The Matter of Caroline's Qualifications

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Given a 'Seinfeld Sentence'

Obama's education secretary a cheerleader for failed GOP education ''reforms''

Reform Visa Program

Glenn Greenwald: Prostitution v. War Crimes: The Real Moral Offense

Garrison Keillor: "Do not flush while seated on toilet"

Hartmann: Alexander Hamilton’s Advice To The Obama Administration

When Neocons Ruled Washington

India asks US for more work visas

Lou Dobbs uses Wingnut Front group to attack SEIU and Obama

John Kerry in India

Harlan County Fishpond - the consequences of mountaintop mining.

Cheney Brags About Torture

Michelle Obama: On Barack

George W. Bush Shoe Attack Barack Obama Thoughts

BBC: Shoe Reporter's Brother Says He's Been Severely Injured

Anti War Carols

TYT: Cenk's Take On 'The Shoes'

AP: Madoff Scandal Forcing Foundations to Close

Tom Tomorrow: A Very Sparky Christmas

Chris Matthews and David Corn smack around Bush Iraq War shill Frank Gaffney

Melissa Etheridge vs. Elisabeth Hasselback

Bush Shoe Thrower Speaks!! (Pure Bullshit!)

Naomi Wolf: The Air America Interview

The GOP's Tax Holiday Hoax

Seal Hunt - the desperation of Newfoundland fishermen

Jellyfish invasion

Alan Colmes Tells Coulter She IS a Hate Crime

Cheney Waiting To Be Arrested For War Crimes

Olbermann: "See, Here's the Thing. The President is Just Full of..."

Countdown: Cheney Admits 'Most Certainly Unambiguously a War Crime' (w/ Jonathan Turley)

If someone commits a crime and everyone's around to see it and does nothing, is it still a crime?

Bush On Economy And Iraq: Don't Blame Me!

Green Technology Product You Attach to Your Tailpipe and Filter CO2!

Take a look at this version of the event-Shoe Throwing-Different Angle Of Pummeling & Smirking Bush

Juan Williams: Iraqi Protesters Are ‘Ingrate[s]’ Who Should Appreciate U.S. Invasion

W: I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system (1:02)

Countdown: Letterman on Shoe - 'Too Bad Bush Didn't React that Fast...'

F**K The Fed

TYT: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Finally Disagrees With George Bush?

The Shoe Stops With Bush

TYT: Did The Obama Cabinet Pick Push For Gay High School?

Code Pink Does "Shoe-In" at White House Rally

Hasselbeck - The Rights Of Minorities Should Be Voted On

This is Rick Warren

Rachel Maddow on Conan O'Brien/ Nov. 21, 2008

Army rolls out revised training doctrine

Huachuca soldier dies after road march

Bliss soldier who escaped custody arrested

Judge sequesters jury in Dix plot trial

2nd ex-Ranger sentenced for bank robbery

Pentagon readies 3 anti-IED UAVs

Disability claims lawsuit begins against VA

Thwarted Iraqi bomber blows himself up

Iraq vet gunman held at Los Angeles hospital

(Army Times) Backtalk: Military groups most deserving of government ‘bailout’

Wal-Mart donates $500K to military charities

U.S. worried about need for warrants in Iraq

Sailors blast wear rules for blue cammies

Somali pirates seize 2 vessels in Gulf of Aden

Naval Academy asks for diversity push

UFC fight raises $4M for brain injury research

Former Marine sentenced for sex with minor

Beaufort lance corporal found dead

Pentagon: Russian ships near Cuba are no threat

Marine recruiter arraigned in rape case

Panel: Navy will need oil for decades

F.E. Warren missile wing fails nuke inspection

F-22s to temporarily deploy to 2 Pacific bases

Ariz. lawmakers lobby to base F-35 at Luke

Attempt to burn jettisoned fuel at lake fails

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Holidays offer chance to reflect on religion-military balance

10 female detainees given to Iraq

Dollar’s fall means more cash in paycheck

Report: $904 billion spent on wars so far

Italian police ask Navy for records to 6 Naples homes

Man who taught at Kubasaki High is indicted in Ky.

Drill addresses hot-button issue

Marine Unit Leading Afghan Troop Boost

Guard Responds to Winter Storm

Navy Ship Arrives in Panama

AAFES halts sale of fuel coupons in Germany

Army cuts back on re-enlistment bonuses

Former Sailor Charged in Oregon Bombing

U.N. OKs land, air attacks on Somali pirates

Citing safety, Marine bulletin declares ‘Party Bus’ off limits

(Army Times) Editorial: Shinseki as VA secretary

Energy officials show "strong" belief in renewables

New Technologies Show Promise for High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Arctic ice volume lowest ever as globe warms: U.N. - Reuters

Taronga's eagle ready for take off

The Good Life Doesn't Have to Cost Us the Planet

Grand Canyon breeding ground for condors

Changes 'amplify Arctic warming' - BBC

Driven: Shai Agassi's Audacious Plan to Put Electric Cars on the Road

Schindler's List

Transcript: Obama News Conference Announcing Environment and Energy Team - December 15

Salford team hails spluttering thin film solar breakthrough: … hopefully lower the cost of thin film

Wind turbines could be "disguised" as giant flowers

on msnbc just now saying that blackwater is being dropped for security in Iraq

WMO - Total Arctic Ice Volume Lowest Ever Recorded In 2008 - Reuters

PEMEX Taking Bids For 500 Wells In Chicontepec Region, Famous For Tough Geology & Low Pressure

SAS Solar Farm Goes Live (NC)

Dolphins save Palawan fisherman

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Approves 5-MW Solar Project

U. S. Carolina Study Shows Heat Biggest Natural Fatality Risk For Americans , Thunderstorms #2

Signet Solar to Build 65 MW (per year)Thin Film Manufacturing Plant (NM)

Warming Likely Boon To Corn Earworm, Borer, Other Crop Pests - Reuters

Wind power in line for $1.38b grid boost (Alberta)

Cedar Ridge wind farm begins generating power (WI)

Wyoming in transition to greener energy

Power line from Canada is proposed

Seas will rise faster than (previously) predicted, say scientists

USGS - Sea Level Rise "Will Substantially Exceed" UN & IPCC Projections Before 2100 - Business Green

Japan Leads The Way With No-Waste Lifestyle

Solar Hybrids Soak Up the Sun

UA Fairbanks Survey - Methane @ 200X Background Levels In Arctic Seawater As Hydrates Begin Release

Solar home owners oppose wind farm

Sucking carbon out of the air: Are plans to take carbon dioxide out of the air just a pipe dream, or

First Solar Reaches Grid-Parity Milestone, Says Report: … solar costs less than coal …

Federal Reserve - ZIRP press release Dec 16th 2008

Negative Yields on Some Money Market Funds

Shoplifting up during holidays, hard times

Budweiser loses right to Bud name

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/16/08

USA Today helps with disinformation re the Credit Catastrophe - ignores PHIL GRAMM

Calpers To Report Losses of 103% on its Residential Investments

Chrysler Shuts Down All Factories

Question about an IRA - cash out or hold on?

TPM week long discussion of Depression Economics

Auto suppliers fear White House bailout ignores them

Trepidation About Quantitative Easing

On Trying to Inflate Four Truck Tires with a Turkey Baster

The End of Retirement?

WSJ blog: Up to 42% of jobs potentially offshoreable

European car sales slumped 27% in November

Bail Out the Auto Industry? Why Not Take Over Their Health Care Instead?

Inspiring displays of international solidarity at workers’ conference in Tijuana

Auto Worker Vs Banker - two failed - who makes more an hour

Lots of Losers in the ‘Madoff Game’

Mukasey Recuses Himself From Madoff Investigation

The World's Biggest Sleazebag.. calls Madoff a Sleazebag!!!

Wal-Mart & capitalism to blame

Average Autoworkers Aren’t the Problem

An open letter from Michigan auto workers to The South

This Is My Grandfather, the AutoWorker

James Frey to write 'third book of the Bible'

American gay rights advocate dies in Scotland

RuPaul as Barack and Michelle Obama

I was watching the repeat of "The Daily Show" with Mike Huckabee as a guest.


Looks like it's McClurkin round 2 here on DU

Two Mormons just showed up at my door.

Focus on the Fish

To paraphrase a chant from MILK:

Where's the fucking post where Skinner said GLBT would be supported

I feel used.

Can someone tell me what proportion of people are gay?

Life's "building blocks" scattered throughout the Milky Way, so . . .

Please please please know that not all of DU supports Obama on Warren

Rick Warren will be giving the opening prayer at Obama's inauguration

I think this Rick Warren selection is a sign of bad things to come from Obama.

Why we should be pissed -- and afraid -- at Rick Warren giving Obama's Inaugural Prayer

Since Jan 2004, I've never put anyone on ignore until today - now I

Is anybody really surprised about Rick Warren?

I am sad to see the "Get Over It" attitude here on DU RE: Rick Warren...

'Wicked' composer won't withhold work from LDS groups over Prop 8

Friends. I have some sad news.

Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld - Cuba

translate please (spanish to english)

"The leftwing will not rule Colombia"

agreement on creation of South American Defense Council

Mercosur expresses solidarity with U.S.-spurned Bolivia

Latin American leaders back Cuba, hope for changes in US ties

100+ Experts Question Human Rights Watch's Venezuela Report

FYI. Marquette(23) is playing Tennessee(18) tonight.

Mike Tyson

Holyfield, 46, Will Soon Fight for His Fifth Title

The 5 Worst Officiating Calls of 2008

Pro Bowl Rosters:

Happy Birthday, LisaM

2 weeks and 2 days of no smoking

Study changes thinking on how HIV spreads

Top 10 Medical Breakthrough

"The 'Make Your Life Easier' Miracles" - Karen Bishop - December 16, 2008

Landmark Forum

The Stars This Week: "Have A Plan-B in Place" - December 15 - December 21, 2008

Thinking of getting a new tarot deck- anyone here have Druidcraft?

My husband just got laid off

Dolphins and whales save Palawan fisherman

Broke is the new cool....

A request of this wonderful group....

Losing it...., seriously, WTF...?

Seeking some psychic insight on my son's health

Any reading suggestions?

Citizens to Nickels: Hands Off Our Guns

If anyone is interested in a Canon Rebel

Morro Dunes - San Simeon St Beach, 12/17/08

Posting from Cambria, CA, 12/16/08

Nevada Sunset

Morro Dunes, 12/17/08

Two Basists

Why photographers save or should

Simple Basic German Potato Salad

Now I love her even more!

Soaring, Cryptography and Nuclear Weapons - by Martin Hellman

Spinning water droplets behave like black holes

Drillers break into magma chamber

Mekong a 'treasure trove' of 1,000 newly discovered species (CNN)

Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer

Short-armed raptor found in Argentina

Why it's not as simple as God vs the multiverse

Ancient Magma 'Superpiles' May Have Shaped The Continents

If programming languages were religions

Drillers break into Magma Chamber

Mercury or Bust: - Chasing Down the Galaxy's Fastest Planet

"The best basketball-playing Cabinet in American history"

Inaugural Ceremony participants, program announced

It's Arne Duncan.

Arne Duncan, Merit Pay, and Materialistic America

School Teachers (K-12) Inauguration Info/Nickelodeon

George W. Bush's notorious inability to act, shows that 9/11 was HIS failure.

Fratto: ‘No One Could Have Anticipated’ Terrorists Flying Planes Into Buildings Before 9/11»

Career Army officer sues Rumsfeld, Cheney, saying no evacuation order given on 9/11

A Very Depressing Thing about DU.

X-Posted: Gratitude to Teachers

State Senate District 17 runoff results

30 percent more McLennan County residents getting food stamps

Cornyn wants Abbott to replace KBH

Austinite activist and candidate Jennifer Gale has passed away.

A bilingual version of West Side Story gives the Sharks their due

ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence

Video of JK in India

Poznan press coverage of Sen. Kerry from last week

Boston Herald OpEd b y Sen. Kerry, 12/15/08

Small Biz Comm releases report on Veterans Corp (ah, might want to read about this.)

XPOST: Another example of the honesty of British politicians and the gentle nature of our police ...

You can't rule the world with Old Etonians says Davis

What is a loss?

MigrationWatch is twisting the truth