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Archives: December 10, 2008

Calling All Cars: Trouble at Chuck E. Cheese's, Again

The mouse hits 40-year milestone (BBC)

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I'm substantially older than a computer mouse

Ethics committee expands Rangel probe

Mommie..what's a "Mother-Bleeper"?...

Advantage Rent a Car seeks Chapter 11 protection

Ah Teddy.........

Ford in talks to sell Volvo to China's Changan

Condiland: A scary alternate universe

At DoD, Gates Works on Transition to Himself

Man 'sorry' for hitting dog (killed with a golf club)

(Oh, Great) Bush Warns Pakistan as He Defends Military Strategy

Preliminary thoughts on Caroline and the Senate...

Blagojevich scandal will test Obama....... I have one word for this

Ugh.....Another repugnant Georgia Republican opens his mouth.....

For a good time, call Wanda.

In Louisiana we'd have just called Blagojevich ambitious

This Guy Is The MOST Terrified Man In America Tonight

Guardian UK: What's black and white and red all over? Newspaper balance sheets.

Somebody needs to write The Gay Bible.

10 Reasons to Support the U.S. Auto Industry

Whistle-Blowers in Chinese City Sent to Mental Hospital

Ya know what....

Sparky & Misty of Rapture Ready are fearful that they commented on Obama not being American...

Liberal Oasis was right in 2004....they said Howard Dean should be our SAKAL.

Pakistan says 300 foreign militants operating in two tribal regions

McClatchy: Pentagon ignored danger of roadside bombs, report finds

Breaking: Deal reached in principle on $15B auto bailout

Du'rs 50 and over. What do you watch on TV and can you identify with it?

Starz is showing Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains,

Biden and Axelrod at the Chicago Bulls NY Knicks game in Chicago

Does this whole Blago incident kill off Chicago's Olympic chances for 2016?


Test drive: Zap's new electric car

Ugh. RNC: Obama's statement on Blagojevich 'insufficient'

Blago screws Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago

Please DU this poll re Blagojevich

Our Picks for Holiday Gift-Giving

Classic Chevy, Wyoming Michigan closes it's doors 50 employees out of work.

Adolescents, Failed by U.S. Health Care, Go to Emergency Rooms

Obama's ties to the Blago corruption ........

Big Bang Theory: Chuck Lorre Productions, #231 Message 'gay marriage'

Workers win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing that confuses me about the Blagojevich situation

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

If Blogo was looking for money, why not sell the senate seat to a Republican?

"Hilarious Science Experiments" (How dumbed-down we've become!)

Wingnuts: "An apparent Muslim, Obama could use the Koran when he is sworn into office.[5]"

Charlie Rose looks good. Current events so far, RE: Blog gov. nt

I miss the top 10 every week

Some here don't get it.

Musicians don’t want tunes used for torture

In China, OPEC's nightmare comes true

In China, OPEC's nightmare comes true

MSM and euphemisms for swear words

Jon Stewart rocked and rolled against Huckabee tonight. What a

Here's a link to the full complaint against Blagojevich:

Earth Hour 2009 - March 28th

Whistling past the graveyard .......

Who is behind the "lawsuit abuse" commercials?

Quote from President-elect Obama: “Yeah, I don’t do cowering.”

Things are going to get interesting in Canada. Ignatieff poised to replace Dion

so- how would you have liked to be blago coming home to the wife this evening...?


Anything stopping Blago from appointing himself Senator now?

NY-13: Fossella Sentenced to 5 Days in Slammer, Plots Comeback

Reuters: Pakistani PM confirms arrest of 2 Lashkar suspects

Have you noticed the right-wingers to stop whining about "not being in power" ?

Blagojevich called Obama mother****er

Interest rate on US T-bills turns negative

World's greatest automaker denies crisis; cuts workforce

In politics, you first campaign to your base (Primary), then the center (Election), then,

Dennis Kucinich pwned Daniel Mudd

Anyone watch our newest member---Go Left TV?

It's time to play Name That Goon! Rod Blagojevich vs. Tony Soprano

Guardian UK: What's black and white and red all over? Newspaper balance sheets.

The White Nationalist Behind Bill O'Reilly's War on Christmas

(Video): Wesley Clark vs. rove At Buffalo

If The FBI can Wiretap a Governor, Why not the VP?

American Family Association OUTRAGED!: Newsweek chooses Teh Gay over Teh Bible

CEO compensation up 7.5% in 2007

O.J. goes to prison, CEOs beg and mope, Hummers as STDs. Where are we?

Obama campaign worker severely beaten for wearing Obama t-shirt.

DU Deserves a Stern Lecture

Question for DUers: What would have been the main story

Indian car sales post biggest fall in eight years - 18% drop

Long-Standing Conflict Ends As Israel Returns Lawn Mower To Palestine

6 Afghan police killed in mistaken US strike

What could Bush do between now and Jan 20th that would piss you off the most?

Output sinks across Europe, car factories hit

Infrastructure projects "shovel ready" means "the campaign contributor has been selected"

WHY would a special election in Ill. cost $50 million????

Quote of the day: Retired intelligence chief Thomas Fingar on Bush

Blago killed no one..idiot yes, fool yes, killer no..the real scandal is Bush/Cheney.

We are adopting a family in need for Christmas...

Sometimes you have fun in the playground of life at least until the bullies arrive.

The Repukes are out this morning

My prediction Brago/Rezko/Obama connection

the Siegelman/Alabama dichotomy on Democratic Underground

Robert L. Borosage: Post Partisan Progressives

wish me luck.... job interview next week

I've been eternally banned from Sean Hannity's Board - here's why (verbatim)...

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore

Is this a little to late??? FBI Investigating Coleman, Paper Reports

Larry Craig Loses

Phone Tapping Fun!!

How Low Will They GO? Auto Worker Wages

Some random thoughts and observations for a Wednesday morning...

Pakistan's Lashkar Arrests Met With Indian Mistrust

Capitalist Fools "GREEDOMICS"-Scheme Kick Started Under Reagan-By Joseph E. Stiglitz (Vanity Fair)

free online concert by Aztec Two-Step . . .

Holy blankety bleep blank blank bleeping blanky blank, were Mika and Schmo trying to connect Obama

why am I getting unsolicited magazines in the mail?

Whitewaterloo the pubbie shit talkers taste blood in the water...

Amazing! Campaign financing is not part of the "pay to play" discussion at all.

Governor Blagojevich, resign...chicago tribune

Lets all give hugs to our fellow Illinois DUers.

My co-workers are surprised to see me so animated about the Blago scandal

Any news on the Al Franken recount?

Anyone else have an abusive supervisor?

Democrats outnumber Republicans in NH for the first time EVER

NATO Explores Alternatives to Khyber Pass, No Good Options

GOP SCANDAL: House Probe of FCC Finds "Egregious Abuses of Power"

Hard times for CEO's ROFL

Is your state corrupt?

Julian Bond changes mind, decides to seek new term as NAACP board chairman

blagojevich plans to return to work today

December 10 is International Human Rights Day and a strike has been called

Babylon's history swept away in US army sandbags

Bush History-Bad Regulator+Good Regulator+Bad Regulator=2008 Mkt Crash(GOPer: Bush to Blame)-12/10

I'm on the MN Star-Tribune website: I've looked at 55 ballots.

TDS oh great Huckabee

Man who brought down Blagojevich is high-profile scalper

Toyota began laying off US workers back in June and its continuing

4 CEO's agree: Poor people did not cause the current economic crisis.

How Richard Holbrooke Lied His Way into a War

Norm Coleman under investigation by FBI in a case very similar to that of Blagojevich

Clip of Blagojevich on the Daily Show in 2006... Watch and enjoy his cluelessnes...

Reality Check needed: Republicans spent decades fighting against raising

Happy Birthday Rod Blagovich! 52 years old today!

Breaking!! on CNN

Pakistan Questions Terror Suspects, (PAK and India) Air Forces on High Alert (Flying With Live Ammo)

Stuart Taylor Jr.'s Crusade for Torturers

It's time for Obama to name his FBI Chief and the CIA Director...

Zimbabwe Cholera Toll Nears 800, Up 200 in One Day

Shelby lied when he said the foreign car makers in his state were doing fine

In 2007, GM chief Rick Wagoner made $15.7M or $7,500 an hour. Not including Fringe Benefits.

Following Blagojevich Arrest, Obama Senate Seat Put On eBay

Money-Market Fund Yields May Fall to Less Than Zero, Crane Says

Stiglitz: Capitalist Fools. Why isn't this man on the Obama Team?

Who monitors the tape recorders ??

Thank you Mr. Bush - Germany to Face Worst Recession in Its History

4 days of inaugural events feature day of service

OK. The Christmas decorations are up! Next.

Kentucky Detention Center Officers Sentenced for Civil Rights Violations in Teenager Rape Case

Rep. Louise Slaughter of Rochester might be a good replacement for Hillary in the Senate.

Rep. Louise Slaughter of Rochester might be a good replacement for Hillary in the Senate.

What do the Senate oppostion to the Car Loan have in common?

Wow, Jon Stewart just manhandled Huckabee and the anti-gay marriage goons

Oprah Winfrey is just about the biggest drama queen going

KOs section on Bush's legacy versus the Talking points

Chapel Hill Town Council votes to endorse same sex civil marriage

DRAFT FITZGERALD for Illinois Governor.

No End in Sight in Minnesota Senate Recount

Expect a small hiring spree at the beginning of February

Great Lakes Compact Takes Effect (keeping their water)

Are any of Blago's defenders from Illinois?

What is Coleman's beef with most of the Franken votes? There is no irregularity

WHEN IS AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM TERMINALLY ILL ? (full article - revised 101208)

Financial Times Calls For A World Government

It's Time to Thank our Moderators

Watchdogs: Treasury Falling Flat On Internal Controls For Bailout

Report: FBI investigating Coleman in donor scandal.»

Obama calls for resignation of Blogo.

Dole, Hayes, wealthy but defeated, exit with their pensions

FBI reviewing allegations involving Norm Coleman ally, source says

Is it just me, or are we under a severe troll and disruptor....

It's time to play Name That Goon! Rod Blagojevich vs. Tony Soprano

Palin's office receives powder-filled envelope

Why do all message boards Devolve?

Blago calls Obama "motherf---er"

Note to self- If you ever must fill a vacant Senate seat as Governor, do NOT auction it off

Chicago's handgun ban has no apparent effect on rising crime wave

The Illinois legislature should do to Blago what the US legislature should have done to Bush.

Remember whitewater? how many billions of dollars do you suppose

Mika said "the press was terrible covering Bush at the beginning of the war." Contradicted Joe.

Congress Repubs: "We're very concerned about taxpayer dollars"

One thing I'd like to put out there RE: Blago


Kids on the bus calling each other "Obama" and "McCain"

link to blagojevich complaint.

Ford Says It Doesn't Need Bailout

Kennedy Set To Press No Child Left Behind Reforms

School Daze

IMHO, "restructuring" is the GOP code word for union busting.

Next Week's RW Talking Point - Obama Pushed For The Prosecution of Blago

How do we conince the peole who are getting fucked that they're getting fucked?

What if some big company bought GM? Such as Toyota? Or maybe

$15 Billion to U.S Autoworkers & Manufacturing = 30 Days of Spending in Bush's War in Iraq.

The Rude Pundit: When Stupid Politicians Go Corrupt, They Will Call It "Getting a Blagojevich"

Given the results of the recent election, do you think that Governors have a strong moral,

Nate @538- Senate Might Not Have Authority to Reject Blago Appointment

A Crazy Little Thing Called Gov

George W. Bush's Top Ten Lesser Achievements

Will D.C.'s strings steer or strangle auto industry? -- Brian Dickerson, DFP columnist

Regarding JJJr ..... can we not jump to conclusions?

The Big 3 -vs- Preston Tucker

Consequences of Gay Marriage (funny)

A Newspaper Article Where Obama

There's a brand new blue dress in waiting...

For some, the pendulum is in slow motion

Wanted: A Miracle of Compression

SCATHING: "Bush-Rice: A Legacy of Lies and Delusion"

What in the world is a Deputy Governor? MSNBC just reported that

Jesse Jackson, Jr is 'Senate Candidate #5!'

Reid: Blagojevich Must Go, Must Not Make Appointment

Chicago to host 30th Annual Governmental Ethics Conference

How many support buying products from companies using slave/sweat shop labor?

SENATE SEAT FOR SALE. Call Blag the Self-Impaler at 1-800-ScrewUS.

I believe one can be a liberal and a capitalist

Why do we allow insurance companies to rip us off so?

Pakistan 'Ready For War' With India After Mumbai

Patrick Fitzgerald did us one hell of a favor by moving on Blago when he did

Hans Blix recalls Wolfowitz pressing him:"don't you believe there are weapons of mass destruction?"

Illinois Governor Blagojevich reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Anyone watching C-SPAN now?

Rice Disputes That America’s Image Has Been ‘Tarnished’ By Torture: ‘I’m Going To Have To Object’»

GM Edges Toyota in Global Sales in 2007

Idea for the NEW economy: Urinal decals with Senator Richard Shelby's likeness

After reading about Blago's exploits, I wish someone had investigated Jeb's "pay for play" in FL

States beg and borrow to help pay jobless benefits

States beg and borrow to help pay jobless benefits

Wonder why Rove was never wire-tapped???

The snowplows just went down my street...

Blogo? Blogo? Is this some blog site with nothing on it?


BLUE Hampshire! For first time in history, registered Democrats outnumber Republicans!

If there is an upside to the oncoming economic train wreck, it would lie in a

Oversight Board Raises Questions About Treasury Financial Bailout

Anyone else concerned that Blagojevich seems to be convicted BY the police?

The Blagojevich story crowded out the story on the Siegelman appellate arguments.

computer advice pls

The MSM has a lot of nerve bitching about political corruption!

Obama fills first environment post, sources say. Nancy Sutley is first member of GLBTcommunity to

Bailout vs. Blackwater

Jesse Jackson Jr. Press Conference coming up on GEM$NBC

Blagojevich on The Daily Show in 2006....hysterical.

Compuware CEO reminds Senator of Alabama's aid to foreign automakers

Master Sgt. Anthony Davis

Well, it's sucks

Before dismissing something as a "pet issue" can we consider why that issue may be important?

JJJ Presser starting on MSNBC now

Can one of you experts please do this for me? Fitz's News Conference!

"Blaming the workers" -- Jack Lessenberry, Metro Times

Senators Cite Security, Oppose Inauguration Week Bar Hours

A virtual Political crime wave.

Obama again denies discussing Senate successor with Blagojevich.»

Case vs. FBI head, ex-AG gets high court review

Why do the Repubicmotherfuckers want Chapter 11?

Steven Chu to be Obama's Energy Sec.

does anyone else think that mayor Daley looked sorta ashen and subdued in interviews yesterday..?

Apropos the US Auto Industry Bailout: Why are Americans getting their knickers in knots...

Of course, Chicago has corrupt politics because it doesn't have enough Anglo-Saxons

So I have kind of decided that Blago must have some kind of drug and or alcohol problem

Those who want to blame others for Blago, Spitzer, Jefferson, Kilpatrick, etc.

State AG May Force Blagojevich's Hand

Interrogators played Christina Aguilera, Sesame Street, and ‘Barney’ torture detainees.»

Obama website 'Open for Questions'

Eureka: Citi's super secret plan to save money: No more lollipops

Will strike and riots bring Greek government down?

Is it possible that Blagojevich is mentally ill?

Ana Marie Cox nailed it - on Rachel's show - about Fitzgerald

EPA drops rule making it easier for power plants to upgrade without pollution controls

Daily Show Video, December 9, 2008: Rod Blagojevich Is a Jagoff

Siegelman story knocked off the media radar by Blagojevich coverage.

Franken Camp Ratchets Up Pressure On Vote-Counters

Obama Appoints First High-Level Gay Official For Environmental Council

Look folks, corruption is corruption is corruption

Toyota Sees World Sales Drop Second Straight Year, Nikkei Says

Betting the House

Is it time to end the US punishment of Cuba? If it is then let us send Pres. Elect Obama a message.

Congressional Bailout Overseer: We Don't Even Have Office Space

Intel Chair Reyes (TX-16) To Obama: Keep Bush Intel Chiefs

Blagojevich reminds me of Eric Bischoff...

Federal deficit on pace to reach record $1T

US Special Forces mistakenly kill 6 Afghan police

Bad news for Don Siegelman.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Tense (Pakistan) Citizens Fear War is Imminent

Before Blago there was Henry Hyde.

Wow Pat VS. Harold battle of the "minds?"

Chicago Tribune is a Reichwing rag - working to turn Ill. red

I think I know why Richardson ended up where he did and I'm pleased by it

What Fitzgerald Is Hiding in His Blagojevich Complaint?

Official Report: U.S. and Allies Torture Kids in Iraq

See this?

"Wizard of ID" goes political. Or, after Johnny HART, reads (part of ) DU

The Sky is Falling on Newspapers. Sorry, Dad.

What is Liberalism

Has Rod Blagojevich checked into rehab and found Jesus yet?

After his presser, I continue to have faith in JJJr

Greedy Pig #2 John Thain presses for a Ten Million dollar bonus (Merril Lynch)

Top Taliban Commander Killed Near Kabul

I swear to god people are complete idiots! WTF?

Sweepers... dialup warning.

Bush Awards Presidential Citizen Medal To Watergate Crook Chuck Colson»

What is Blago charged with: selling a Senate seat or TALKING about selling a Senate seat?

AlterNet: Gun Crazy: Firearms Proponents Want a World Where College Kids Carry Concealed Weapons

Who Is Steven Chu? A Nobel Physicist Who Believes In Bold Energy Transformation»

Fauxbamas: The Search for a Good Obama Mimic

Bill Ayers and Tweety interview was compelling and revealing

No Child Left Behind...My Ass!

If someone, one week ago, had asked you to

Senate Candidate 5 is Jesse Jackson Jr.

(POLL) Should Blagovich Resign?

"Activist judges" "frivolous lawsuits"

In Chicago, Political Celebrations Give Way to Shame

What was the Most Inane Punditry of the 2008 presidential campaign?

Best way to save/raise governmental funds for necessary projects.

If Karl Rove got arrested tomorrow, would the media spend as

Is it just me or does Governor Blagojevich look like he could be Barney and Betty Rubble's son?

What happed to Blitzer's whiskers?

Found in Mailbox -from my Repube Roofer- who's truck (REALLY) sports an old anti Daschle sticker

Found in Mailbox -from my Repube Roofer- who's truck (REALLY) sports an old anti Daschle sticker

I hope it's okay to say this: Not everyone who is against the auto company Band-Aid "Hates

GPS Jesus: Technology protecting holiday displays

* received a "Foot in Mouth" lifetime achievement award

TWO Fights Back Against Anti-Gay Lie Campaign With Hard-Hitting Full Page Ad In Salt Lake

Top Ten Magazine Covers of 2008 (photos)

Update on my mother and her house fire (12/10).

Please, DU, add your best wishes and prayers for Dong Yun Yoon,

Obama saves puppies from puppy mill!

Joe the Plumber ‘angry’ McCain backed bailout ("I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him")

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...


Boycott McDonald', they boycott real meat after all...

Role of Alleged CIA Asset in Mumbai Attacks Being Downplayed(CIA Links to Attacks)

May 6, 1999, Senator Dorgan predicts the future:

"Chance" , a dog who was beaten and hung, and is recovering..

MSNBC Breaking- Obama calls for Blago resignation...

Education as Social Engineering...

Will the cigarette companies get Congress to outlaw costly displays next?

Pastor Rick Warren Backs Assassination Of Foreign Leaders

$73 an Hour: Adding It Up

Iran's Rafsanjani says Obama mimicking Bush

So now Harry Reid wants to get tough about something.

"Ugly...damn ugly" Center For Public Integrity-New Site Listing "128 FAILURES OF THE BUSH ADMIN"

Glenn Beck & "Joe" the "Plumber" are concerned about Hillary holding two offices at once.

Have you ever been in a situation where you work your ass of for

I was called for jury duty

So Jay Leno is basically going to do "The Tonight Show" five nights per week in prime time

That SOB is trying to change the law to prevent

AP-"wildly irresponsible"

Republicans seize chance to destroy Auto Workers Union

any advice for surviving fundy in-law trip?

$2300 to repair two cracked teeth! The dental business is organized crime, dammit!

Snow predicted in Northern Mississippi Tonight

It's only bleeding America

Women and the wage gap, what you can do to help.

What the hell happened?

Republicans will fight a "Big-3" deal because they need their two-tier strategy to continue

Unemployed DUers: Jobs, lots of them.

Tom Tomorrow-The Invisible Hand LOL

Pay to Play Republicans

Does anyone have a list of Republicans that been in trouble

For those who think Blagojevich's complaint is politically motivated, some questions:

Please help me identify my facebook "political view"

32 graves found at reform school

I understand now...GOP planned to destroy middle class...

Cardinal: Madonna rouses ‘impure thoughts’

The real message behind the arrest of Blagojevich

An old article by Canada's new Liberal leader..

Wow - another induction in the MORAN FReeper hall of fame - - -

Joel Pett on the fall of the newspapers

" immediately cutting UAW wages to those at foreign automakers' plants"

Senator David Vitter (R-Dogpatch) says auto bailout is "ass-backwards."

The Best Schools Produce the Dumbest Individuals...

Stewart Grills Huckabee On Gay Marriage: ‘At What Age Did You Choose Not To Be Gay?’»

Dead elephants

Obama's Team should possibly reconsider not considering Ramstad

Patrick Fitzgerald is a Republican "stooge"??

I love DU

Who is more corrupt, Governor Blagojevich or Senator Shelby?

Do you believe Jesse Jackson, Jr. offered to buy Obama's seat in the Senate?

NJ Commission: Civil Unions 'encourage unequal treatment of same-sex couples and their children'

Blegojevich separated at birth with...

EDITED - Citibank wants 36.99%?? I about LMAO

Black Hole AIG Needs Another $10 Billion

Cenk: Blagojevich Proves Obama is Clean

The Clintons didnt cause the economic meltdown

Why are some abilities considered differently from others?

I would like to know if anyone has actually read the 75 pages of blather

Woman critically injured in sword attack

Toyota sales down 33.9% in November - UAW's fault?

A graph showing how bad 2008 has been

Dead Flowers in a Terrorist 's Garden.

Left-lane slowpokes drive you crazy?

Fair warning: Do not let Jeb Bush slip off the radar. Ever.

Chase offers $400,000 in Chicago factory sit-in

Miz t. will never eat at the Bass Pro Shop again.

Woman finds nearly $100,000, gives it back at Cracker Barrel.

The war on the Holidays

OK, well, I WOULD call in gay

Hey, I felt that!

Always remember: Life isn't fair. And until then,

Aww! My brother and his niece!

I can't call in gay to school tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Darling - is there anything better?

Love don't live here anymore

To those of you who would, if we were in a relationship, cheat on me,

someone left the cake out in the rain

It must be in the fates that I am to NOT talk to anyone on the phone...

What did you people do to this cat?

Joe Cocker (my acquired taste)

where in the hell is Darth_Kitten?

Looks like passing my Pathology final is going to be another squeaker...

Has anyone noticed that both Parche and turtleandsue have been missing

Love the music Phil Collins did for Tarzan

If there were no more3.5" High-Density Floppy Disks, what would change?

Who wants to flame me? For anything? I'll start

I was in the bathroom at a gas station, and this freakin' guy named phil lights a cig

My dad has type II diabetes

If there were no more KG, what would change?

Hey Fitz,Investigate This! DOJ Helps Texas GOP Gov. Cover Up Pedophiles At Youth Facility

Dave Barry Caption Contest Results....

Number of Blagojevich called Obama mother****er threads that will be JUST RIGHT.

I want PIZZA really really BAD!

this is great: John Lennon interviewed by a 14 year old

In honor of the Bush depression:

Hey gang, we bought a new car!


Onion: Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore

AP: Union vote begins Wednesday at huge NC pork plant (Smithfield)

Reindeer hairs are everywhere (not a christmas carol)

Calling in GAY...... did I miss something????

what, don't you people have a direct feed into my brain?

Can I call in Bi to work?

I have a huge straight crush on Emma Watson.

Start a thread about my friend selling his underwear and guess what kind of ads show up?

I'll be back here as soon as I can.

Just when I thought K's project was done.

Someone must have really hated Boston Legal.

Man 'sorry' for hitting dog (killed with a golf club)

Need the Help of DUers Around Here...

is jeff ok?i havent seen duzys this week

Local Man Leads Fight Against Gas Station Smoking Ban

Fuck you Santa and your Holly Jolly burned out goddamn mother fucking lame-ass lights.

O.J. Simpson accomplices who testified get probation

Should I call in gay tomorrow from a bathroom stall in an airport?

Kidnapped, Tortured, Raped, Her Children Taken Away (and killed?) Our CIA??

If you don't like Country Music then don't click on the link in this thread.

It is so windy here that my sweat jacket, pants and shirt dried on the line in less then 15 minutes

confirmed: it was a set up

Should I call my daughter in gay to school tomorrow?

Dude's, I feel totally fucked up right now.

Overwhelmed ...

Let's name some words that strike us automatically.

Do the pants still stay on?

Suppose you are having a beer with God

We humans are not the only ones annoyed by coughing - Checkout this Kitty...

Jeebus, I'm sure glad humans don't birth litters. This poor mama pup is wearing me out!

This photo isn't photoshopped

I hear it's National Talk With a Fake British Accent day.


I Love Love & Hate Hate (but I'm not sure how to feel about indecision) Next???...

Lisa Kudrow's Nintendo DS Commercial. Like or No Like?

Lisa Kudrow's Nintendo DS Commercial. Like or No Like?

My "boss" (he's more of a mentor) was really sad when I told him

I have a serious question about Ozzy's Iron Man song

whats wrong with kids under 1 and over 92?

Awesome lock/ts on a troll

Cake or Death: Axl Rose vs Brett Michaels

If there were no more republicans, what would change?

PHOTO: Snow on the palmettos.

wish me luck.... job interview next week

From one of my favorite blogs...

So, whatever happened to Mario Von Peebles?

If everyone calls in gay tomorrow, what would that be called?

If everyone called in lesbian tomorrow what would that be called?

I miss the weekly Top Ten

Good morning Lounge

"You killed my dog, mister!"

Help! My computer keeps logging out of DU without me doing anything.

My best friend just came over to show me her boobs.

I did not hit you...

Glen Davis Cries after Garnett Yells At Him

There's a cute British guy here today.

Hail in central Tx

If I could afford any car (and the insurance)...

My best friend came over to show me his new haircut.

My best friend just came over to show me his new shirt.

Philboy just came over to show me his new original post.

A zillion channels and not one interesting thing on to watch.

My best friend just came over to show me her jugs.

Something for you... But only if you want to see it

Wednesday Morning Questions

For all those white folks who missed disco ....

Are there any DU'ers whose jugs creep you out?

I have a bit of a crush on Ana Marie Cox

I just heard that Christmas Shoes song for the first time

You know, DU lounge lizards are pleasantly weird even when

My best friend just came over to show me her hoobs.

I feel like posting

Compulsory Schooling Website...

My best friend just came over to show me his boobs.

Bleep bleep blankety blank blank

Nothing like a little Christmas drama to raise the ol' stress levels...

Why is Grandma in a suitcase?

Beavers are destroying Polland! Must protest!

Which of these people should just suck it up and live in a single-family house?

Anybody know where I can buy devil horns in bulk?

I just yelled at my lesbian coworker!!!

I have a paper thief in my yard.

I could spend the rest of my life in the weather outside right now. Sigh.

Playing for change:Song around the world

Today's cooking math trivia challenge

How old were you when you figured out Gov Blagojevich and Stephen King were the same person?

Today's award for style in threadlocking

Midlo called in "gay" to work today, and by "gay" I really mean.......

It was one year ago today......

Facebook etiquette: Is this a good sign?

Anyone here ever try a Mystic Pizza?

Who's trying the hardest to make a ratings grab?

BREAKING NEWS: Redskins coach Jim Zorn to be replaced by Star Trek lizard monster Gorn.

Redskins fans-which was more SHOCKING

Ugh. All nighter + Work until 9:00 PM = Extremely unpleasant day for me.

I'm getting INAUGURAL TICKETS! But hotels are just so expensive

Dear God!! It's only fucking WEDNESDAY????

Seriously, where is turtlensue?

Dance your cares away...

How many puppies can you count?

Define 'The Holiday Spirit'

Any home/car cell phone repeater experience?

I have spent practically the whole day on 4 pages of text.

Ok, so I picked a drag name

Best light source to examine a natural gas leak in a pipe in your basement?

Shit shit fuckity fuck fuck

What are the share/bookmark icons?

Hockey player injured in snow blower accident (OUCH!)

What is your biggest fear?

Question for HR folks & interview gurus

Do your co-workers have meetings in front of your desk?

Please help me get a squirrel!

oh, i'm not being sarcastic!

Are there any DU'ers whose handles creep you out?

Paula Abdul says the Fox network and "American Idol" producers knew Paula Goodspeed had stalked her,

My awesome stereo system (be jealous)

Broccoli Kitten LOVES Broccoli! (Broccoli Kitten Demands His Nom Nom)

Please kick and Rec this post

The snowplows just went down my street...

How come it's sometimes impossible to tell if a rock group is Scottish, Irish, etc.,

Anyone here aged enough to tell me about "Zoot Suiters"

PSA: Pine-scented Yankee Candle + Fabric Softener + Spearmint=

Can this chicken story be true?

would someone remind Ms Uly that today's my birthday?

The owner of this car must really, really like birds

Burger King Ketchup and Fries Flavored Potato Snacks

It is a beautiful day here in L.A., I can see the ocean from my cube if I stand up

"Ever get the feeling that you're going to be quoted?" -- Famous person who is often quoted

Will someone help me with a sweater size?

I just found four cartons of cigarettes in my neighbors trash!

Holiday Eating Tips

What's your home audio/video setup? (Pictures, please!)

If there were no more zombies, what would change?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday December 10

Teacher tells class that Santa Fe isn't real....

Teacher tells class that Smegma isn't real.

Veggie Burgers. Has anybody made them? Mine tonight were edible

Teacher tells class that Satan isn't real.

If you were at the flee market and saw a tarot reader there...

Teacher tells class that Santa isn't real!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/10/2008)

So I'm going to be in NYC for a week, starting tomorrow...

I fricking love "Carpet Crawlers" by Genesis!!! Who is with me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/10/08

Name songs we like both the original AND the remakes.


So... Yanni shaved.

Where's the Gap in your knowledge

Favorite Gender-Bending role.

Teacher tells class the way to San Jose

NOW what do i do?

Pet peeve about craigslist

As an evil crime lord, my henchmen will be screened better than movies' portrayal.

Just threw away four CARTONS of cigarettes

What would be a good Xmas present for a 3 year old girl?

Cancel The Academy Awards - the results are in.

Ever do something really stupid and embarrassing?

Never take your dishwasher for granted!!

Who wins the fight? GD'S Blago or The Lounge's Chuggo?

This one couldn't wait for Sunday LOLcats

Teacher tells class that San Francisco isn't real....

*RICKLES*..on the Daily Show tonight!!!

Have I "seen the Obama buns?" Really, old man?

What can I put in the lawn to play a joke on the gardener?

PUPPIES! Live stream of mama dog about to give birth!

It's snowing in Houston.

Ice storm coming for NH tonight and tomorrow but I'm ready...

Name a person who can be instantly identified by either their first or last name

Do you ever desire Viagra?

Favorite comfort food?

So a guy at work showed me his new tattoos on Monday...

Update...I believe in Miracles

Any House fans here?

What do you think - Should I Say Something to my Co-worker or not?

#1 grin-like-an-idiot song of all time?

Let's name some words that strike us as automatically funny...

Where's billyskank?

Match Game Story: "After the high school football game, a douchebag of emos _____ ironically."

PHOTO: Well, I think it's safe to assume that the Neiman-Marcus spigot has been turned off....

Parry: We ALL Failed Gary Webb. And his warning to American progressive community.

Computer question regarding a Screen Saver photo...

I need some dog advice.

Woohoo, another semester done! College students, how did you do?

What are some of the biggest bullshit lines you hear from people?

I just accepted a partnership offer in a restaurant

Contesting Traffic Ticket question

I'm sorry I don't care what the other guys did or are doing when it comes to corruption


Please DU This PBS Poll, "Is Rod Blagojevich Qualified to Be A US Senator?"

Know what's therapeutic?

Who do you love? (pics)

"no reference of the President-Elect discussing this with the governor IN THE COMPLAINT"

The media is trying there best to link Obama to the Illinois Governor's scandle

The media is trying there best to link Obama to the Illinois Governor's scandle

choose your w(h)ine

choose your w(h)ine

Favorite Google shortcut

I think it would be great fun to bug the salt shaker during lunch tomorrow is back to its old self

The MOST Terrified Man In America Tonight

Blago for President 2016


Du'rs 50 and over. What do you watch on TV and can you identify with it?

AC 360 - He asks, "Did what Balgojevich do Change your View of Obama?

Jessie Jackson Jr. has nothing to do with this Blago thing

Senate choice #5 will probably come out sooner of later in Blago scandal

Senate choice #5 will probably come out sooner of later in Blago scandal

So I guess the Obama honeymoon is finally over, eh? :(

Obama and Blagojevich "have never been especially close" and refused to take part in pay to play

When will word processors update to recognize "Obama?"

McCaskill boosts political stock (talk of her as DNC Chair)

Things are going to get interesting in Canada. Ignatieff poised to replace Dion

MO-Sen, CO-Sen: Salazar Solid, Bond Shaky

Why is this Executive Order even needed?

Why is this Executive Order even needed?

A lament for reading...

Is it true Obama can grow the USSC from 9 to 11? And it's legal?

Obama's statement on Republic Windows: perspective, please?

Obama speaks out in first newspaper interview (re: Blagojevich and more)

Pretty good analysis of Obama and Blago by Ben Smith on Politico.

Obama is a Marxist. Obama is a corporate war-mongerer

NYT: Obama’s Intervention Indirectly Led to Case (Great Story For Obama!)

PHOTOS Obama....let him rain

That One Morning Show Is On A Fucking Mission Today

"They're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them."

Just now on Keith: Obama says he "cannot comment on an ongoing investigation."

Obama’s Intervention for Ethics Bill Indirectly Led to Case Against Governor

May I see your handwriting, please?

Dear Mr. Blagojevich - please do us all a favor and RESIGN NOW!!!

excuse me but do you realize that andrew cuomo is

Blago Senate Seat Sale: Emil Jones or Luis Gutierrez weren't candidate #5 it seems....

Forget "Casting Asparagus"

When you lie down with dogs you get fleas..Joe the Plumber appalled with McCain

Fun facts to make you hate BlagoSandwich (D-UMBASS) even more

Folks need to take a stand- one way or the other- on political corruption, once and for all.


What is going on with the Minnesota senate race?


My guess is that like me, you supported a DLC candidate this fall

What's next?

As a citizen of Wisconsin, may I humbly apologize for Joe McCarthy

Peter King on MSNBC right now saying he's interested in NY Senate run

Sen. Reid downplays change in VP role for Biden....Reid is such an idiot

Sources Say Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is 'Senate Candidate #5'

Spitzer conspiracy theorist

Limpballs is Afraid Obama is Going to Try For 4 Terms

Carol Browner to be named new energy czar

Liz Sidoti from the AP continues to shit on Obama and Democrats

Transition: Obama to name environmental figure

Transition: Obama to name environmental figure

obama under fire from republicans for not bribing blagojevich

I'm so glad you DUers weren't around to judge Joe Biden's qualifications to run for US Senate in '72

If You Arent Watching The Daily Show, Watch the Repeat...Jon's Challenging Huck on Gay Marriage.

Senate Candidate No. 5- what next?

Pat Fitzgerald is like the two Elliots rolled into one,

C.C. Sabathia to accept Yankees 7 years, 161 million dollar offer!


Is NY Gov Paterson going to auction Hillarys seat too? LOL...

BREAKING: Obama calls on Blagojevich to resign

I hope Blagojevich appoints himself, resigns and then it will be up to the Senate to decide if he

Roy Cooper already up 4 points on Richard Burr in NC

*****JJJ is candidate #5

G.W. Bush Presidential Library


Carol Browner to take White House Energy and Environment Job

MSNBC anchor vs. Mark Sanford

Daley won't say whether Blagojevich should resign

"he plans to be sworn in like every other president, using his full name: Barack Hussein Obama"

I really like "Morning Joe". It's such a fun show to watch.

In defense of Illinois

Is anyone watching the Committee hearing on CSPAN with the Deputy Secretary for Treasury?

Daily tracking polls: So far, no hit to Obama popularity from Blago crap

a social experiment gone wrong

About Bob Greenlee and Deputy Gov's in Illinois

OK. The Christmas decorations are up! Next.

Candidate #4 - Dep. Gov Greenlee, has resigned. However, Media has no idea why!

Jesse Jackson, Jr: Candidate # 5 BREAKING NEWS

Obama Going To Mideast In January To Push Peace Deal

Exclusively from RNC's website: Buy your W. Tribute Calender!

No proof JJJ, Rahm, or Obama did anything wrong.

No proof JJJ, Rahm, or Obama did anything wrong.

Louisiana the most corrupt state in the nation

NBC news is now confirming that Jesse Jackson JR is Candidate 5

I believe you could prosecute almost any of our elected officials if you gave them enough scrutiny.

Dem Party Begged Eleanor Roosevelt to run for NYSenate in 1948

Watch CNN...they are talking about the possibility jjj had to do with the INVESTIGATION

Caroline Kennedy Causing Anger and Fear in Freeperland

Candidate 4 is not Bob Greenlee its Louanner Peters, another Deputy Governor

I'm not sure why folks are disappointed in Jesse Jr. when even though he is ID'ed as #5. . .

2010: Schlossberg v. King

2010: Schlossberg v. King

Is it me, or does Blagojevich have the worst toupée ever?

Agree or Disagree?

A Seat at the Table

How do we know Obama isn't one of the Candidates on the Candidate x number list?

OH MY; Slaughtered Turkey in Palin Video sold on Ebay for 225 dollars

So the American People are being Set up by the media again.

KY-Sen: Bunning Plans to Run for Re-election

LOL - Freepers FedEx'ing Electoral College members regarding Obama's eligibility to become Prez

Obama: We've Got 'Unique Opportunity' To 'Reboot' US Image In Muslim World

Obamas And Bidens To Join Day Of Nat'l Service On Jan. 19

Jesse Jackson Jr. to hold news conference @ 4:15 Eastern

Homemade Pimms? (xpost from UK forum)


Hey Media reading this, did you forget that Obama was called MOTHERFUCKER by the GOV?

Legal Times: Obama Transition Team Pushing for Secret Bush Admin Legal Memos

Someone remind me why Camille Paglia is relevant?

Obama Drug Czar Pick Tied to Abusive Christian Rehab

The Repubs are probably thanking God (or Satan) for Blago

When is the corporate MSM gonna STFU on questioning if the Blago scandal will hurt Obama?

We need to have Obama's back on this Blago thing, and Democratic surrogates need to be out in force

So Blago's slimy repulsive ass gets a pass

Watchdog group: Depth of Bush failures surprised even us

Is there any truth to this?

JJJ's Lawyer is Coming off like a Smug Jackass

Great site to share with your friends who are concerned about Obama on gun rights.

Eric Cantor: JJJ's Conference Opens up More Questions about him.

Isikoff on Tweety: Is JJJ saying the Truth and who is His Emissary to Blago?

Just STFU, or not.

Obama to Hold Presser on Health Care Thursday



Obama hopes to reboot US image among Muslims

Patrick Fitzgerald For AG

SECOND WARNING: on Jan. 20, you'll need to cover yourself with a tarp.

In politics, you first campaign to your base (Primary), then the center (Election), then,

Who does Blagojevich think he is?

Politico: "Obama has reversed pledges to immediately repeal tax cuts for the wealthy" (debunked)

just a reminder about fitzgerald and his appointment to chicago

"Senate Candidate #4" = Deputy Governor A = Bob Greenlee??

Michelle Bernard on Tweety-the-Asshole: "I like split government."

Blagojevich's appearance on The Daily Show, Feb 2006

I'm not down with Jesse Jackson Jr. being harmed by this corrupt sack of sh!t.

Hartmann: Blago pageant is first shot in 8 years of GOP/media terrorizing Obama

Jindal Says "no" to 2012 Presidential Run

Rumoured Energy Secretary Nobel Physicist, Global Warming Activist

Blagojevich's Fundraising Shakedowns Detailed (John Wyma is Individual A)

WTF? My nimrod brother-in-law: Blago, Wright, Rezko, Ayers all Michelle Obama's Fault!!!

Y'know... an Illinois special election really should be unconstitutional

Short of tar-and-feathering them, what's the best way to get rid of the DLC?

The Other Senate Vacancy: Who Will Replace Hillary?

more history to be made on jan 8th

Rasmussen: 77% of self identified liberals approve of what Obama is doing

Getting Younger by the Moment (A great article...

Every politician is guilty of the following Federal crime, potentially

Rumsfeld's arrogant words in 2003 on the looting of Iraq..."Stuff happens"

Rep. Jackson: 'I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics'

Rear Guard Action Bush has CUT and the last months our Nation is being

NC-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Specter finds his courage back .... to delay Holden's hearings.

I really worry about the Zogby Poll tonight with all of this Blago stuff.

I want to POLITELY point something out Re: Obama, Axelrod and Blagojevich

New survey: 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Obama's economic team!

Need advice on sewing machines. I want to buy one for my wife

After Spitzer , Siegelman, Scooter Libby, OJ (wtf you say?) and now Blagojevich

The Repugs May Feel Orgamsic Right Now, But Blago Was Premature Ejaculation

Specter calls for delay in Holder hearings

My mother died 34 years ago today.

After 5 years of being under investigation, why no complaints on BLAGOJEVICH till now?

George Bush's "Pay for Play" Legacy

LOVE Chu and Browner, don't know much about Lisa Jackson...

Do The Republicans Have A New Whitewater Scandal To Chew On?

What do the Clintons have on Obama?

What a Sham - Blago as the Martyr for the corruption of Washington - Masturbatory Self Righteousness

Vote in this MSNBC poll; connection between Obama to Blagojevich?

Rasmussen: Currently, 93% of liberals approve of what Obama is doing. Up from Nov Poll Numbers!

Palast: Obama's "Way-to-Go, Brownie!" Moment?

so Now Obama has to prove his Innocence? The Media is full of Motherfuckers!

Breaking: Steven Chu selected as Energy Secretary

Who Should be Car Czar?

Caroline Kennedy Has What It Takes

Fuck you Joe Scarborough. You're a Fuckin Scumbag.

So who is Candidate #4?

Tuskegee Airmen Invited to Obama Inauguration

Jesse Jackson Jr sure does lack his dad's charisma

PPP NY Senate Poll: Caroline Kennedy 41%, Andrew Cuomo 23%

Didn't I hear Fitzgerald say QUOTE: there's no involvement with the President-elect

Caroline Kennedy's father was taken from her due to his service to this country.....

A lament for writing

Oprah Winfrey is just about the biggest drama queen going

My Son, The Okkervil River Enthusiast. (Video link within.)

I served in the Blagojevich administration from 2004-2007, here is my reaction to the arrest

"Change" = post-partisanship = reaching across the aisle = GOOD

Remarks made after September 11, 2001, by our "media experts" at the time.


What is your favorite Holiday Cookie?

What exactly did Blags do wrong?

Qualifications to be a US Senator as defined by the Constitution

Obama Appoints First High-Level Gay Official

My choice for Car Czar

Laura Bush's eerie psychic powers

What was Durbin thinking, calling for a special election?

Protest planned Thursday at St. Paul Wal-Mart (mistreatment of workers and the tragic death)

GM to offer credit union customers better loan rates


Am I banned yet? (again)

Courage award for carer, aged 7

Out by June: UK plans Iraq withdrawal

Barack Obama plans to reach out to Muslim world

First $350 Billion Of Bailout Fund Almost Gone

Congressmen push for anti-enforced disappearance bill (Philippines)

HR Group Applauds Corporal Punishment Decision (Bahamas)

UNHCR meeting seeks solutions to end long-term exile of millions of refugees

Hong Kong reports bird flu outbreak

Torture widespread, routine in Tibet, report says

Australia plans new torture legislation

Obama’s Intervention Indirectly Led to Case

Obama’s Effort on Ethics Bill Had Role in Governor’s Fall

Deal struck on forests in climate talks

Clashes break out at Athens' main court complex

Wetter and wilder: the signs of warming everywhere

Nobel Laureate Urges Obama to Act on Mideast

Brazil protesters say 9,000 have disappeared in 2 years (Chavez ally)

David Vitter, making decisions on our future..

Blagojevich Accused Of Pressuring Chicago Tribune To Fire Editorialists (phone call excerpt)

U.S.-led forces kill 7 Afghans in friendly fire

Obama calls for Illinois governor to resign

Little hope for Chile's highway hero dog

FBI reviewing allegations involving Norm Coleman ally, source says

Iraq reporter jailed for homosexuality story freed

Deputy governor Greenlee resigns

Joe 'The Plumber' 'appalled' with McCain

Deputy governor Greenlee resigns

Senate Dems ask Blago to quit

(Chief Intel) Official: Iraq war was both intel, policy failure

Mumbai Terror Group Trained American Jihadists

Judge delays last terror trial of Bush administration (next Gitmo trial scheduled after Bush leaves)

Report: Marines slow to get protective vehicles into Iraq

CFOs (Survey): Recession to last another year

La. Gov. Jindal: 2012 presidential bid unlikely

Deal reached for auto loans; GOP senators vow to oppose plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 10

NPR Announces Cuts To Staff, Programs

U.S. stalls signing U.N. rights statement

Obama vows to end global warming 'denial' after Gore talks

Pentagon 'dragging its feet' on injured vets

Fifth of world's corals already dead, say experts

(UK) Fresh calls for Iraq war inquiry

GM retiree launches anti-Shelby Web site

Supreme Court to decide Ashcroft, Mueller immunity

Court Weighs 'Extraordinary Rendition' Case

Ex-loan officer gets federal prison sentence in mortgage scam

Jackson Jr.: 'I did nothing wrong'

Dollar Tree Agrees to Pay Previously Denied Benefits in Hate Crime Death

$73 an Hour: Adding It Up

FDA advisers weigh risks of asthma drugs

Russia warns West not to meddle in ex-Soviet Union

Obama: Gov. Blagojevich should resign

Auto rescue bill in peril, opposed by GOP senators

Man who lost family when jet hit house: I don't blame pilot

BREAKING NEWS: President-elect Obama to name physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary

Breaking News: U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Is 'Senate Candidate No. 5,' Law Enforcement Sources Tell

Office Depot to Close 112 Stores, Cut 2,200 Jobs (Update3)

Angry Ford dealer in SC blasts imports in ads

Russia, Argentina tout world without US domination

New data: High-fructose corn syrup no worse than sugar

Nobel Peace winner urges Obama to focus on Mideast

Iran to send relief ship to Gaza

Feiglin: Israel should pay Palestinians to quit West Bank

UN General Assembly chief tries to block Israeli envoy's address

selfdeleted - too important for the heartless brainwashed IP ghetto

Report: Israeli envoy to UK accuses church service of being anti-Semitic

Hawkish Candidates Top Israel's Likud Party Election List

Yossi Sarid / Feiglin, his cronies are fascists by any definition

Barak approves transfer of NIS 100 million to Gaza banks

Local official: We'll block rightists' entry to Arab town 'physically'

Out by June: UK plans Iraq withdrawal

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore

Guardian UK: Nearly a billion people worldwide are starving, UN agency warns

Government Is Back

A Bitter Spitzer Now Claims His 'Rod' Got a Raw Deal

Conservatives to the Rescue

Burger King's greasy campaign By Derrick Z. Jackson (Boston Globe)

Legal Scholars Outraged by Talk of Blanket Pardons

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 10 Dec, 1948)

Breaking the Law: Bush Officials Feel the Heat (Wallechinsky / HuffPo)

Guest column: Follow spirit and letter of human-rights declaration (Des Moines Register

Press conference by High Commissioner for Human Rights

Holocaust Survivor Still Fights For Human Rights

Majority of citizens in 25 nations oppose torture on moral grounds

Human rights violations in our own backyard (CA)

Human Rights Defender in Egypt: Ahmed Seif El-Islam (AI)

Arrest another chapter in corrupt Ill. history

Zombies R U.S.

Ed Asner: The Shministim

Jimmy Carter: Obama's Human Rights Opportunity

Canada's black gold oil rush

Bush: No regrets, many mistakes

Roll Over, Abe Lincoln

Foreign tax policies put U.S. cars at disadvantage

We Don't Feel Safer

The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008

Big risks for Obama in Blago scandal

HUD sued over Katrina fund diversion

Sarah Palin Advises Blagojevich to Sell Obama's Senate Seat on eBay

Obama and Gore meet: "He wouldn't burn that much carbon flying to Chicago just to talk."

If Gov. Rod Blagojevich deserves impeachment, so did Pres. Bush

DoJ left Fitzgerald alone in Blago probe

Israel's Gaza blockade a massive violation of international humanitarian law.

Babylon's History Swept Away in US Army Sandbags

Joe Conason: A Ruinous Bias Against Helping Detroit

The Monster Factory

Obama's Intervention Indirectly Led to Case (NYT)

Blago vs. Bush: who abused press more?

US executions, death sentences on decline: report

Romney PAC Supports Romney, GOP Candidates? Not So Much

Robert Parry: We All Failed Gary Webb

John McCain’s Friend Joe Stabs Him in the Back

Angry Laid-off Workers Occupy Factory in Chicago

Broccoli Kitten LOVES Broccoli!

Patriot Act or Due Process? Patriot Act prevent terrorist? No or Yes

AP: Union Says Chicago Factory Sit-In Not Yet Over

Who Doesn't Call

World at a Crossroads

Howard Dean Jokes About Being Passed Over For Rahm

Rachel Maddow Enhanced History Re-Enactment Event Rod Blagojevich Scandal

David Shuster: Katrina van den Heuvel - 'Hildebrand is on Wrong Page, He Didn't Need to Say That'

President-Elect Obama Calls for Resignation of Governor Blagojevich & Special Election

TPMTV: After Torture, Part II.

Iraq War Veteran Interview by Naomi Wolf - PART I

Iraq War Veteran Interview by Naomi Wolf - PART II

WeAreChange Confronts Douglas Feith on War Crimes and Sibel Edmonds

How masturbation damages the body - Example #2

Rachel Maddow: Obama Inauguration Plans for D.C. Mall

The Elephant In The Room

The Joe Biden Commemorative Plate

Bush Tells Appointees to Resign

TYT: Cenk On Bush's New 'Whites Only' Neighborhood

TPM to David Vitter...don't lecture me about auto bailouts.

President Obama - Gold in them Hills

Olbermann: Keith Debunks WH Talking Points Memo on Bush Legacy

Laura Bush on the "Whites Only" Neighborhood

Red State Update: Obama Still Smokes

Rep. Jackson: 'I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics'

Dr. Steven Chu at the National Energy Summit- Obama's Pick for the Dept. of Energy

The real Bush History as told by Keith Olbermann

Joe Biden, our new Vice President Elect

Joe The Plumber Flushes McCain

TYT: Should Rod Blagojevich Be Impeached?

Laser Fusion Energy is coming

AIDS and the Right to Health: John Kerry to PHR, Dec. 8, 2008

New Video from Franken Camp: "My Vote"

Intel official: Iraq was intel, policy failure

Arlington adds space for cremated remains

Riley halfway complete with construction boom

Musicians protest use of songs on detainees

Sgt. still in Army after Iraq murder acquittal

NATO: Pakistan attacks will not affect supplies

Gov’t rests in Fort Dix terror plot case

Report suggests radical personnel changes

(Army Times) Editorial: Smart to stay with Gates

(Army Times) Backtalk: Taking the first step

Explosion may endanger SEAL mini-sub program

Expert: Navy doesn’t need war on piracy

Petraeus: 20K troops for Afghan war from U.S.

Rep. seeks F/A-18 records following crash

Va. senators raise concerns over carrier

Cruise ship will evacuate to avoid pirates

(Navy Times) Editorial: Ease NWU restriction

(Navy Times) Backtalk: Report vindicates Gulf War veterans

22nd MEU to hold urban exercise in Va.

(Marine Corps Times) Editorial: M4 partnership needed

A fight for survival

AETC looks at beefing up basic with combatives

Judge awards $8.6M in Scott malpractice case

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Crunch time

Probe: Marine Corps officials abandoned urgent 2005 request for MRAPs

17th Air Force takes on Africa airlift mission

For troops and the military system trying to help them, traumatic brain injury is new territory

Navy exceeds ’08 enlistment goal

Water tests find elevated lead at Edelweiss

Internet provider uncertainty still affects S. Korea

New ATV MRAPs Wanted for Afghan War

Afghan Police Die by US Friendly Fire

Fort Carson Crime Study Due for Release

At West Point, Bush Defends War Policy

Bush greets Marines — with kisses

Schwartz: 12 books to make you a better airman

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: F-22 Raptor debate is a disservice to taxpayers and troops

Mechanics Question Safety of RC-135s

Father Fears Son Exposed to Asbestos

Admiral-turned-school boss gets boot in L.A.

THE 2009 DU PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP CALENDARS ARE HERE! ... Check out these amazing photos by DU members!

Ocean Currents May Bring Italy More Tidal Energy

Ford Promises 30% Better Mileage Using Ethanol Injection

The latest from shopping network (QVC): solar power (NC)

Efficiency records claimed for solar devices

Maine researcher tests new (offshore) wind turbine design

UN suspends leading carbon-offset firm: Emissions trading rocked as Norwegian company … in limbo

Ozone hole weakens oceanic carbon sink

$28 billion in wave energy projects proposed (CA, HI, MA, NJ, NY & RI)

Gore 'rules out' environment job with Obama

Rich nations must plan for floods, heat and drought now, warns panel

Q-Cells cuts profit forecast as drive for renewable energy loses power

Jacobson's claims re Ethanol mainly from Searchinger's "study" debunked by Wang,recognized authority

Luminant avoids lawsuit over new Texas coal plant - Reuters

Climate change: 'Don't Leave it to the World Bank'

AlterNet: Van Jones: One of the Most Visionary Progressive Leaders

Cane toad cocktail to protect NT animals

Want bailout money, Detroit? Then stop opposing California's emissions standards

(Endangered) Species battles back on Penobscot (shortnose sturgeon, Maine)

Tri Town Precision Plastics to Harness the Power of the Sun (CT)

Dominion & Shell Complete 264-MW Mount Storm Wind Project (WV)

Poznan: After a meltdown, resolution on deforestation

BP, HP, Shell sign letter supporting emissions cuts: "The recession shouldn’t be used as an excuse…"

Industry paper on PHEVs

From the "No shit, Sherlock" file: Energy crunch may offset recovery, experts predict

Help me understand "clean coal"

U.S. Seeks to Expand Nevada Nuclear Waste Site

Help Stop The Giveaway of America's Redrock Wilderness To Gas And Oil Industry

Failing water scheme leaves Beijing high and dry

Earth Hour 2009 - March 28th

India quakes over China's water plan

Kevin Rudd faces Al Gore's heat on climate

Windmill with retractable funnel

Press the panic button: It's much worse than we thought. An emergency review of climate change…

2 New Reports Indicate China’s Water and Soil May Be Too Far Gone to Support a Growing Economy

Shark fin soup alters an ecosystem (CNN)

Nuclear renaissance meets reality at UN climate talks

GM to spend $750M on the Volt

Hopes for (TVA) nuclear power get a jolt from high prices

Here's a thought: let's sell the military range-extended electric vehicles.

Solar panel glut expected in 2009 (50% price drop by 2012)

Wetter and wilder: the signs of warming everywhere

US faces deep problems, OECD says (BBC)

Money for nothing, and your chicks for free...

Man’s Testicle Reveals Image of GM CEO

Japan sinks deeper into recession (BBC) {"worse than expected" is our new watchword}

Card Check

U.S. dollar rally may stall at the start of 2009

Power Point: Buffett bets on mattresses

Gary Shilling: Deflation Descends Upon The U.S.

GM Edges Toyota in Global Sales in 2007 (x-post from GD)

Crash or Slow Burn?

BIS warns of collapse in global lending

Global trade is shrinking, fast

Auto bailout could trigger credit swaps settlement



Phil Gramm 7/10/08

Asian taxi drivers are SMART!

Office Depot Closing 112 stores, cutting 2,200 jobs

Fortune;8 really, really scary predictions- Must Read

Q Ratio Signals ‘Horrific’ Market Bottom, CLSA Says

Goldman Recommends Credit Default Swaps Against NJ, CA, WI, FL, OH, MI, Others


December Is Already A Bleak Month For Mass Layoffs

Economic Report: New Year Will Bring More Brisk Job Losses

Hornick, Iowa man dies in construction accident in Lincoln, Ne. (OSHA safety procedures ignored)

USW Calls for Major Economic Recovery Program for Main Street

Putting Labor on D.C.’s Map

Don’t Let Them Destroy Our Union

JC Penney Drops Oak Harbor Freight Lines as Shipper (Move Is Response To Labor Rights Violations)

Northwest Flight Attendants Reiterate Date of Hire Seniority Integration

SEIU: No Reason To Believe Any Union Wrongdoing In Blagojevich Case

100,000 Wal-Mart workers in Minnesota win $54 million settlement (wage & hour)

GE employees search for new options

The Chicago Workers’ Sit-In: A Lesson in Dignity

video - U.S. Labor history in 25 minutes

Ben Stein: Bail Out Detroit – Now

Queerty reviews Newsweek review of Bible.

NYT "Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists" I agree

HRC is a joke

Commission says New Jersey should allow gay marriage

Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists

Shunning businesses is one thing; intimidation crosses the line.

Yes, Our Pet Issues are Clearly Not Civil Rights Issues

In my shoes what would you do (specifically addressed to glbt folk and strong allies)

Thanks, mods, for that removal.

Latest Newsweek: Many gay activists disappointed in HRC

Kern: send queers to the camps

Raul Castro defiant of US embargo on eve of summit

Paramilitary Resurgence Wreaks Terror

Russia, Argentina tout world without US domination

Venezuela: who killed Aragua unionists?

Colombia: survivors remember "Massacre of the Bananeras"

Brazil protesters say 9,000 have disappeared in 2 years (Chavez ally)

So Obama thinks I'm not a sensible person.

Cowher in line to coach the Redskins??

Yanks get Sabathia!

Who do you think wins The Heisman Trophy this Saturday?

Governments 'must include human rights in health policy'

ROUGH non-smoking day today!

Daily nuts may help boost health (BBC)

A fun and creative site: My Inner World

"Our New Roles and the New Children" - Karen Bishop - December 9, 2008

The Journey To Meet Your Spirit Guides

Something on critical mass transformations and why the fit hits the shan just before things improve

The Invitation

World Peace Mandala photo essay

The calendars have arrived in the DU Store!

Man uses AK-47 clone for home defense...

Great site to share with your friends who are concerned about Obama on gun rights.

Gov. Blagojevich attacked your Constitutional rights "for the children"

NOV/DEC Contest Winners!

Chicago's handgun ban has no apparent effect on rising crime wave

Hey Empress, I cooked a flat iron steak tonight

Help! How does this sound?

Lamb & Barley Stew

Bishops calls on (NZ) Govt to sign human rights declaration

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

How do you decide between Good and Evil?

Black hole found in Milky Way (BBC)

Yet again we see DU does not reflect the greater population in theology

Lightning Storm and a Volcano Mixed it up at night-photos

The clear future of electronics

UFO issue of Skeptical Inquirer

At Riverside convention Episcopalians say no to ban on gay bishops

Opinions on frozen squid please.

Minoan Catastrophe dated to 1613 BCE

The extra edge: More students are searching for Adderall

The Best Schools Produce the Dumbest Individuals...

Dazed and Confused...


No Child Left Behind...My Ass!

Question about Vista.

is It possible to run 2 HD's 1 with xp the other with vista, rather than dual boot

The Nostalgia Chick on Hocus Pocus

"The Mentalist" Tops Nielsen Ratings, First For Freshman Series Since "Desperate Housewives"

So When Will The

Ignatieff comes out swinging.

Some wonderful videos to look at from a Town Hall meeting by the Physicians for Human Rights

A diary up about Gary Webb and CIA drug trafficking. Worth checking out.

Roll Call: Kerry likely to have significant influence as Foreign Relations chair

A mistake John Kerry made in 2006.

Anyone try to make homemade Pimms?

German ridicule for UK policies

Windmills in Kaukauna