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Thank you for the star whomever you are.

Obama Baby Boom!

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Maliki now supports new U.S. troop deal, close aide says

Woooohooooo!!!! Begich Now Up 1061!!

WIRED: Secret Directed-Energy Tech Protecting the President?

Thanks for the star, you crazy kids!!!!

Thanks for the star, you crazy kids!!!!

President-elect Barack Obama offered Sen. Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State

8 minutes to launch

Bush picks bailout watchdog

Two women I have grown to really admire ......

Two women I have grown to really admire ......

Please, please tell me who you are...

US Rep Elijah Cummings tells it like it is.....

Did anyone see Fineman on Tweety on Wed. 11/12/08

shuttlle launch now! t -2m

Fidelity to Cut 1,700 Jobs in First Quarter After Firing 1,300 Last Week

Bloomberg News Service: GM Collapse Would Cost U.S. Taxpayers Up to $200 Billion, More Than Rescue

Shuttle Launch In Less Then 9 Minutes

How exactly do you give someone a star? Go through the donation process, and do they ask you

Winners vs losers...

Anybody heard a rumor Todd Palin's shooting a silk underwear commercial set on his fishing boat?

If you are watching countdown

My weekly shameless plug: CARTOONS this week on THE IDIOT BOX!

Defend Equality poster by Shepard Fairey

Did you just see the Space Shuttle launch? How'd you like to fly it on your computer?

The thing about Lieberman is, it isn't just about his behavior during this election.

The thing about Lieberman is, it isn't just about his behavior during this election.

Poverty, Pension Fears Drive Japanese Senior Citizens to Shoplift, Pick Pockets

Obama weighs Clinton, Richardson as sec. of state

This guy has the craziest hair

thank u

Space Launches in less than 15 minutes if everything goes right. Here is the link:

How Obama Can Save The Auto Industry

So Newt is on O'Liely, his solution

America's Last Days

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

looking for a link

Thanks mods.

Well, poop.

Looking for an animated video

Bush, stubborn ideologue "free market, free market" cowboy jackass 'til the end.....

How do credit unions fare with the bail out?

2009 Obama Agenda, Thoughts On Congress, Real Politik and You

IRS question

I want to contact my Washington State Senators Murray and Cantwell re: LIEberman

Call to Action: Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to Uphold the Constitution!

Call to Action: Urge Governor Schwarzenegger to Uphold the Constitution!

I don't want a Black in Obama's Senate Seat...

An update on my Dad for all the wonderful DU'ers who wished him well.

Pressure on Obama to Restore the Rule of Law

Secretary of State musings ........

OK, The Daily Show with O'Reilly is being rerun now. I thought it was disgusting.

What the hell is wrong with people?

The LATEST latest update on Begich/Stevens

Rachel is discussing Jonestown Massacre

my mum's best childhood friend Beryl was killed at age 12 in an air raid

Bill O'Reilly jumps the shark, then swallows it: Gay marriage will lead to unrestricted abortion?

When rush limpdick was for saddam...

Will bu$h, cheney, Or Any Of Their co-criminals Ever Be Held Accountable,

Remember when the Iraqis tried to stop fighting and have elections and Bush wouldn't let them?

Real Time With Bill Maher - Season Finale

Real Time...what did the heckler just say?

ok i know this is seriously off topic but...

How Much Money Did bu$h STEAL For himself?

Father Roy (this atheist's hero) may be excommunicated.

Bridge Design Flaws May Not Be as Rare As Thought

Bridge Design Flaws May Not Be as Rare As Thought

They admit that they expected the Couric interview to be easy

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

A party with no room for Russ Feingold or Bernie Sanders is a party with no prospects for a majority

GOP Death Spiral Intensifies...Vitter and Foley reminds America of

Letterman: President-Elect Barack Obama and President-Inept George W. Bush.

McLaughlin Group on here, very interesting.

The White House's G20 Summit kick-off dinner featured $500 wine, smoked quail, rack of lamb...

The White House's G20 Summit kick-off dinner featured $500 wine, smoked quail, rack of lamb...

Is letting GM & Ford go bankrupt a plan to undermine unions and pension responsibility?

Sean Hannity is a drug user

401k question on company stock and dividends

VA: All veterans with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) eligible for benefits

I want a black person to replace Obama in his senate seat

G20 Summit -- Charlie Rose n/t

Anyone have good info on why the Maryland Hands Free bill failed?

HELP! Does anybody know anything about estate law?

If Liebershits keeps his committee, they might as well

Can someone PLEASE tell me what that heckler yelled at Bill Maher today?

Douche of the Day?

remember: 14 million U.S. jobs are tied to the auto industry.

Now I know what Rush Limbaugh's voice reminds me of: Jim Jones.

Substance abuse sucks.......

"Joe Fudgepacker"

Trooper Wooten Reassigned After Receiving Threats

Tomorrow (Saturday) D-day for hedge fund managers YIKES

African American Baptists Endorse Employee Free Choice (3 million members)

Male Enhancement

The DLC in 2006: "We need more, not fewer, people with Joe Lieberman's character in the Dem Party"

The DLC in 2006: "We need more, not fewer, people with Joe Lieberman's character in the Dem Party"

Just received this e-mail forwarded to me

Larry King/CNN quick vote...Is gay marriage a civil rights issue?

FDIC may bailout Sharper Image, Bennigans and Gymboree...

Bill Richardson for Sec. of State

Am I the only one who has noticed the return of "coke jaw"?


"Land of the free?" "Home of the brave?" I don't think so.

Can we dispense with this mythology built up around the DLC, please?

McCain just got "SMACKED" at 4:09 am.

Courage Campaign: Pledge to repeal Prop 8

The World Celebrates

THREE MORE CONTRIBUTIONS ! ... and McCain takes a Wild Ride !

Try a Savings Christmas this year instead of a spending one.

Now you KNOW the neo-clowns are desperate

Help defeat Saxby Chambliss!!!

Off topic: Any 'God Is an Astronaut' Fans out there?

Wow someone smacked Gramps for me

BREAKING! Obama has already met with brutal murderous terrorist leader!

WTF??? WJ this morning - the global financial summit

What can we DU to help Paul Minor?

15-year-old boy arrested for counterfeit controlled substance


Poverty, Pension Fears Drive Japanese Senior Citizens to Shoplift, Pick Pockets

911 dispatcher fired for hanging up on caller

Dallas ISD faulted for using fake Social Security numbers

Environmentalists Win Big EPA Ruling

UC Berkeley Report Details Shattered Lives of Released Guantánamo Detainees

Leveraging your charitable gift.

SPLC Wins $2.5 Million Verdict Against Imperial Klans of America

surge update - Several die in Iraq car bomb blast

What Can The Front Pages Of 600 Newspapers Make?

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Busted?

Opinions wanted please.....

CounterPunch: R.I.P.: the Financial Experts, 1929-2008

anyone make out what the heckler yelled to Bill Maher on tonights show?

Republicans for decades have been calling us Democrats, "Communists".....

I want to point one thing out about those opposing gay marriage so vehemently:

Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage

Teen charged with hitting man in head with baseball bat

Targeted L.A. restaurant donates to group challenging Prop. 8

First no-star person to post here gets a donation from me.

Folk Singer Odetta hospitalized

MarketWatch: Sun Microsystems to eliminate up to 6,000 jobs

Ladies and Gentlemen - our President Elect's weekly broadcast

Excellent! NAACP and others File Suit Against Prop 8!

4th century AD joke book has ancestor of infamous Dead Parrot sketch

cool beans

Don't forget that Obama is a very good poker player...

This holiday season so many more are starving and hungry, even in our country

Blackwater caught smuggling assault rifles and silencers into Iraq

ACLU - Records related to the government's use of people's cell phones as tracking devices.

ACLU - Records related to the government's use of people's cell phones as tracking devices.

16 year old sailing around the world

AlterNet: Our Economy May Be in a Death Spiral -- Will Washington Stop the Bleeding?

Liberal Invasion! They're coming!

GOP Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss (what the hell kind of name is that??)


cartogram of military spending, 2002:

I think we will see many retailers go bankrupt in January & February.

What’s Blackwater Doing in Alaska?

Does anyone have a link to ALL of CNN, MSNBC, or anyone else's election night coverage?

Stephen Moore (Club for Growth) says Rush Limbaugh is now "the most important Republican" (VIDEO)

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

And the UN is bad....right?

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

States want their own federal financial bailout

Domestic violence abusers could get gun rights

Proof That America Is A Center-Right Country

Why not just declare all credit default swaps that were essentially Bets by outside 3rd parties null

Photo: "I got away with it. For eight years. ALL of it, Abby! ALL of it!"

Robber Threatens to Complain to Bank Manager after finding no cash to steal

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Charlize Theron to become UN peace envoy

Obama's plans for probing Bush torture

Hill Democrats Wait for Obama Stance on Interrogation Standards

Last Call: TACOMA WA NO H8 Rally and VIGIL

Is it a federal offense to send an email impersonating an FBI agent?

Is it a federal offense to send an email impersonating an FBI agent?

Watch this video. Now.

Let's face it, the Republicans have become the party of Ned Flanders and Cletus Spuckler.

If anyone here would like to help protest NO ON 8 - NO ON HATE tomorrow (AND IT WILL BE BIGGGGGGG)

Reminder: Nationwide Protests Of Prop 8 TODAY !!!

May I have this CAPTION? Since you have all the money YOU lead

The Self-Inflicted Crisis, Paulson the Bungler

the clean coal ad on DU

I'm not sure why I'm the one doing this but I'll throw it out there. Hillary for Attorney General?

what 11 prezs did in 1st 110 days - interesting!

Bush Ignores Intel Officers Pleas to Prioritize Nation's Security over Karl Rove - Bush History, 11/

Obama's pick for Secretary of State: Clinton, Kerry, Richardson, or ?

Obama's pick for Secretary of State: Clinton, Kerry, Richardson, or ?

Six ways the GOP can recover and start ruining the world again

The 'Leaner' in Chief is the only one that can't stand straight G-20

Credit Card Rate hikes

There's a DU regular (classic pic) on the Huff Post front page.

There's a DU regular (classic pic) on the Huff Post front page.

Disgruntled Silicon Valley engineer kills three people at former workplace

NTSB: Design flaw led to Minnesota bridge collapse

Need some advice...

Check out the Clown Car

Please read: Tight Times Even Tighter for Charities

No on 8 protesters check in!

Poll re: the duck

The myth of civil unions being acceptable to opponents of marriage equality

RE: hillary, kerry, etc..for SOS:

Freepers celebrate McCarthy's birthday.

Thank you so much, whoever you are. n/t

Why do you think Hitler went after the trade unionists?

Standoff at Mo. clinic ends with two dead

Thank you to the wonderful person who donated a star for me.

Thank you to the wonderful person who donated a star for me.

Al Franken v. Norm Coleman issue: If someone didn't sign absentee ballot envelope...

$1.83 for Regular - Kinda Blows the Gas Price Control theory...

Lame fugg is on TV with a summit update

sorry dupe

Video shows what happens when a candidate for public office tries to use wedge issue ...

Retailers brace for blue holiday season as sales decline

JoethePlumber dosnt want to cash in! (This is funny!)

HA! Interesting tidbit.

the way the bailout money SHOULD have been used

Don't forget those attacked and arrested during the RNC

My family decided to try something different this holiday

Economic Summit or Vegas Stage Show?

Angela looks a bit nervous

Joe the Plumber: "You know I will get behind something solid, but not fluff. I won't cash in."

Leave Barack Alone!

Finance Types - Why are Bush/Paulson opposing the FDIC plan to renegotiate mortgages?

Finance Types - Why are Bush/Paulson opposing the FDIC plan to renegotiate mortgages?

Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes

Wow, I guess they do listen !

“Daily Show” Mocks the Story That Fear of President-Elect Obama Driving Assault Weapon & Gun sales

oil companies should bail auto makers

Toyota rethinks plans for U.S.-built Prius as profits sag

Bush can do alot in 2 months:

Uh-Oh, duck & cover: Bush warns of Terror attack during transition + Huge US Terror Drills this week

Organizing a 'team of rivals' for Obama's cabinet sounds wrongheaded

Those California fires - dozens of mobile homes burning now

Anti-Prop 8 Demonstration in Albuquerque, New Mexico

AIG to Pay $503M To Top Workers-Move Comes on Heels Of Revised Bailout

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Wheels for Obama, et al.

Hope I can ask this. I'm looking for a survivalist site that isn't full of right wing nuts

Diane Sawyer's new interview raises the bar for serious journalists, establishes new standard

In case you missed it these Hispanic union members went for Obama photos

CSpan is showing a repeat of the future of the

We never knew!

Begich increases lead - rollover of election numbers

Is there a Committee that deals with the Enviroment?

Question Regarding 42 Million W/Out Health Care

I think surrounding herself with the Obama team will help Hilary

I think surrounding herself with the Obama team will help Hilary

man on the beach report

Howard Dean's Future

Top federal prosecutor in Seattle overrules Border Patrol in small scale pot busts

The year so far ...

Given that Bill Richardson was called a "traitor"

Three of the safest bets to avoid unemployment

Who is the bigger GOP tool:

Question about the Democratic Senate majority:

FBFO: Fist Bumpers For Obama

Laid-off Silicon Valley worker kills three: police

Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 has to go during this administration

election spurns hundreds of race threats, crimes

Civil Rights Pioneer, Leader Rev. Woods Dies

Iraqis Believe Americans Bombing Them to Promote SOFA

Sylmar Blaze: Oakridge Mobile Home Park declared "Crime Scene."

Insurers pull cover from GM and Ford suppliers

What is going to happen to GD:P?

I have a question about sexual assault - warning- this is fucked up

World leaders dine in style as they discuss financial crisis

Bloomberg LP v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

I believe .....

Franken: "What to do we want? Patience. When do we want it? Now."

Prop 8 Protest in KC - pictures

Jill Biden .... i think I am going to like her

A few weeks ago, we had a major shortage of oil on the market...

Can somebody tell me - is being rude and in your face kind of in right now?

How do you deal with the "Obama is the Antichrist" meme?

Frank Schubert, Mastermind Behind Prop 8 False Ads, Has a Gay Sister

I really wanted to post the Denver No on H8 march pics, but

Stephan Colbert ROAST (for spinabifida foundation)

A delightful Sat PM selection of Freeperisms...

Bottom line...Kerry wants it, Richardson wants it.

Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda fires are going to test the insurance companies

Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda fires are going to test the insurance companies

$1.79 a gallon! Or -The People vs. BIG OIL!

One Laptop Per Child

Is Obama playing Clinton on the Secretary of State job?

This is the Beginning of the End ....

How about we do an end run around Lieberman and just go get two more Senators elsewhere?

Should people who donated to Prop 8 be publicly exposed and humiliated?

Prop 8 protest pics DC We Have Seen The LOLCats And They Are Us

Elsa Prince Mother of Erik of Blackwater Infamy Gave $450,000 in Support of Prop 8

Being an Atheist.. I don't care for terms like "Don't believe in God? or...

Why is bush* spending $10 billion/month in Iraq?

Yo, You Blessin’ Me? You Must Be Blessin’ Me Cause I’m The Only One Here!

Media Needs to Shine a light on the ugliness of hate in all of its manifestations

Lets not get hung-up on the figure 60 senators..

Prop 8 might be a "good thing" after all...

Where does imperilism, exploitation, capitalism begin ...???

Seventh sneaker-clad foot found in British Columbia (types and sizes of shoes in article)

HaHa Why McCain Lost! (pictorial - dialup warning) ENJOY!! & Please Post Your Political Pics Here...

Why an auto bailout is not worth it.

As I look back over everything Lieberman said, I realize he needs to GO!

The official "Verizon Wireless is Evil" Thread.

Ashton Kutchar says Oil Companies should be the ones to bail out the auto makers

12:55 AM news conference to announce fire evacuations..Sylmar CA

Prop 8 Protest/GLBT Rights Rally--Asheville,NC

Jim DeMint: McCain lost because he wasn't enough of a right-wing fundie whackjob....

Southern Poverty Law Center Wins $2.5 Million Verdict Against Imperial Klans of America

*** DUzy Awards for week ending November 14, 2008 ***

*** DUzy Awards for week ending November 14, 2008 ***

Georgia priest faces excommunication (supports women priests)

A big, giant hug for DUers and everyone else in Southern California.....Stay safe.

HELP! Anahiem Hills Fire: Pets in danger

So when does 3rd ID 1st BCT head to California to "aid in the assistance for natural disasters"?

BEST RickRoll EVAH !!!

People joining KKK by the thousands not due to racism?

People joining KKK by the thousands not due to racism?

Election Irregularities Surfacing Re: California's Proposition 8!

"Please don't bring your teenager to Nebraska," 34 dropped off so far.

If You Didn't See New Rules - 11/07/08 Please Watch It


Inspired by Boston Legal the other night.... (Dylan/Obama montage)

Eliot Spitzer Calls Out The Half-Assed "Solutions" & Insists On REAL Reform

A client of mine came up with an index to measure just how blue the new reps are...

Next For Cheney: A Trip To The Hague?

Have You Had A Confrontation with An Obama Hater?

I've been a Democrat all of my life

CNN just reported 25% of all homes

Second "Life" affair ends in divorce

REPEAT AFTER ME ..... It is Mr. Obama ...... NOT Obama

A question about Jonestown....

How to show symbolic support for the GLBT community

global minimum wages

Bush Administration Insists on Indefinite Detention of 15 Innocent Uyghurs


How Many Hot Dogs Can You Eat

The old saying that Power Corrupts sure seems very

At Long Last, george w bush IS My President...

Anti-Prop 8 Demonstration in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Perennial loser (and always hilarious) Alan Keyes joins the Obama Birth Certificate Justice League

Perennial loser (and always hilarious) Alan Keyes joins the Obama Birth Certificate Justice League

Election Spurs 'Hundreds' of Race Threats, Crimes

Please help my town’s animal shelter by voting for it to win a grant!

Has anyone used the magic jack? (Phone service through your computer) Free 30-day trial ends today.

DU Prop Hate protest threads!

Veterans Occupy National Archives

I hate to say this but I'm calling BS on Debbie Stabenow.

Our Economy May Be in a Death Spiral

Justice Unbound: A Rant In Four Parts

Where, specifically, have Americans benefited from the space shuttle missions in the past 20 years?

Pictures from today's Prop. 8 protest in NYC.

Big Three Bankruptcy == Destruction of the UAW in the auto industry

2009 Obama Agenda, Thoughts On Congress, Real Politik and You

A great gift idea, especially this year: A *givft" card whose proceeds go 100% to charity.

A 2 AM Walter Reed Hospital Visit leaves Obama in Tears...Taken in the middle of the night as in

I just lost my job - a cautionary tale.


No to Prop H8 Houston pics!

No to Prop H8 Houston pics!

I just received this e-mail purportedly from

Meet Sen. Norm Slimy (R-MN), the Ted Stevens of the Midwest

Joe Lieberman: The Progressive Who Lost His Way

Joe Lieberman: The Progressive Who Lost His Way

Atheist Billboards To Debut During Holidays

Killing it softly - Social Security........

Killing it softly - Social Security........

Prop 8 protest pics (lots of pics)

Prop 8 protest pics (lots of pics)

Retirement, 401Ks and the Stock Market

Bobby Sent Me a Human Ear in the Mail

Bob Kerrey, Democrat, says Obama faces threat from liberals.

If bin Laden is Captured During the Obama Administration...

Advice for the President-elect

Hey Guys

Night launch! HEADS UP: Shuttle Endeavour about to launch any minute now for STS126 to ISS

Dem Gov. of NY, David Paterson, would appoint the replacement of Hillary IF she was Sec. of State.

Minn. board may act on voided absentee ballots

I Got A Big Itch For Begich!!

Some new AK Senate results coming in - Begich +1,061 now

Shuttle is bringing machine to turn pee into drinking water to International Space Station..

Two weeks after the inauguration of President-Elect Obama, will go down, as a site

Tweety just repeated the 30 ballots in a car lie.

Begich lead increases over Ted Stevens in race for Senate to 1,061 votes!!!!!

OOPS: NASA Ground Team Screws Up Live on NASA TV!

HEADS UP: Shuttle has resumed countdown to launch under T-9 at this point

What?!? I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this in my blood red county! A liberal among us?

Obama's grandfather remembered (Nice Background on Obama's Grandfather )

So why do you think my LBN about Hillary post was moved?

What ever happened to Toot's funeral?

Emil Jones will probably get Obama's Senate Seat

What Did Tweety Say About Franken?

UK Couple Divorces over Second Life On-Line virtual cheating..

Andrea Mitchell if full of it.

What Was It That Liberman Said About Obama?

Cenk: The Center-Right Myth (Do You Agree Or Disagree That This Is A Center Right Country?)

Huffington Post is reporting that Obama has offered Hillary the SOS job

Last chance: T-1 minute shuttle launch NOW!!

Durbin has private lunch with Obama

Hey Billy Burnett. try doing some research B4 spouting McCain talking points

Lord Help Us, and more importantly, the SS - we've all thought of this, and numerous posters

ABC's spin on the senate race in Alaska

Potential Palin Rival: "Let Her Be The Sacrificial Lamb For 2012"

AUTO BAIL OUT ...A 2 Fer...Offer big bucks to Manufacturors who make cars with 35 MPG and with 50MPG

So when someone other than Hillary becomes SOS

Obama Warned of ‘Spectacular’ al-Qaeda Attack During Transition

Lieberman: 'Obama has no credentials in my mind'

A Prayer

Pres Barack Obama's Close Friend & Former Congressman Lane Evans Video Must See

Whoever is the New SOS, Listen Up, No More Rwanda or Darfur

What Was It That Lieberman Said About Obama?

Latest count from the Alaska senate race. Begich up by 1,022!

Attention Obama Primary Supporters

If you were in charge of designing a 4 year high school English curriculum

OK, Dammit!!! Who released the Kraaken????

Is Anyone Else Still Exhausted From The Last Eight Years?

Who is responsible for the horrible state of our nation's schools?

****Breaking****Clinton denies S.O.S.

How sick are you of....

How Obama won Ohio CBS 54-44 women and 52-46 men

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

If we want Lieberman out of the way, we need to write our Congressmen and inundate them

Why not Robert Reich for Treasury?

Follow the Blue Brick Road to 2012... and Beyond

The gordian knot of economic recover efforts.

Did anyone see Bush with a glass, toasting with other world leaders?

So here's a hypothetical to chew on........

Barack Obama gives campaign staffers extra cash, BlackBerrys, laptops

ever since Obama sent someone flying away with his jab last night

The vetting process is a non starter, no one with a political future

OK-I think it was "leaked" that Obama offered Hillary the job of S.o.S. IF she wants it so she can

Anyone watching Ileana Ros Lehtinen sputtering on Real Time?

2 questions re: Barack's dream team

Ala Gov Don Seigelman's Fed Prosecutor Needs To Go To Jail...

A request for common sense and civility in thread titles

Hillary vs 'Judas'.... Who will be Secretary of State?!?

whoever the Obama Administration cool with it

the senate majority is too slim for obama to be cherry picking it for cabinet positions

Obama talked about the idea of a cabinet of rivals many times, and always said he was gonna appoint

This is why I think Tweety's annoying...

If you could only have one of these things which would it be?

Breaking: Obama phones Harriet Meyers about the SoS position

Bruce Springsteen denies rumor that he could be the new Secretary of State!

Wasn't the BAILOUT the ultimate in Trickle Down Economics?

You lib'ruls take a look at that Big Red Map!!!!

Relevant LBJ quote

LOL. I may have to take a break from here. The speculation is at DefCon5

What are the odds of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research?

Tell me about your local organizer.

The Obama News Mosaic

CA-04: Don't Look Now...

Hillary Clinton After Action Report: OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT

Huffpo reporting Obama OFFERED the SOS position to Clinton on Thurs.

don't let the Big 3 fail - but -

Obama 60 Minutes Interview: Describes Moment Of Victory (VIDEO)

DU, your sense of humor is sorely lacking

OK... I'll be back on U.S. soil by tomorrow at sunset...Has Obama fixed everything yet?

Excerpt from 60 Minutes interview...funny stuff

So is Feingold invited to join the Obama Admin..

Why wouldn't Clinton be a good Attorney General?

bush pilot training for new model!

Ned Lamont for Federal Communications Chairman !

I know people get upset for discussing this, but this is just priceless...


Re: Lieberman... It's The Moderates, Stupid !!!

Is Hillary really a good idea as SOS?

Thus Far, I'm enjoying the hella out of the Post Election maneuvering.....

A step further - COMPLETELY hypothetical - what if Hillary becomes SOS, & McCain Sec of Defense?

Obama security 2 different articles

Is Tina Fey on SNL tonight?

So I got inspired to create my first Youtube video :)

"Given that Keyes is involved, this starts to move this issue away from the kook fringe (somewhat)."

President Obama owes me.

Georgia DUers- What kind of chance does Jim Martin have?

Breaking!!1! Bono in discussions with Transition Team!!!1!!

To my Repub "friends"

Michelle Malkin On Liberal "Hate Speech" - Oh, The Irony!

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: The morning Americans Woke Up

There is only one reason I can think of to make Hillary SoS...

You guys can root for Kerry, Hillary or Richardson for SecofState...

Listen up, dickweed.

"Don't go away mad, Karl, just go away."

How about Hillary as Ambasador to the Vatican?

What Can We Do To Get Dem Senators to Vote Lieberman Out?

Thank God For Hillary Clinton

What is Lindsey Graham up to? First he praises Rahm and now Hillary

Fundamentalist Christians were owed cabinet positions by bush.

Stevens falls further back in Alaska Senate count (uncounted votes come from Begich strongholds)

Do we know the presidential outcome in Missouri yet? n/t

Bush announces MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH @ G20 Summit: "We had a good -- good, frank discussion last night"

Obama names veteran congressional aide to staff

A Cabinet Post for Hillary May Mean A Senate Seat for RFK Jr.

Absent Obama still a presence in the capital

G 20 Econ Summit??? Very Important??? Global Economies Threatened? Where was OBAMA??

G 20 Econ Summit??? Very Important??? Global Economies Threatened? Where was OBAMA??

Bush and Maliki about to sign a deal to lock us in Iraq for 3 more years!!

This was actually supposed to have been seen on the day before Election Day

Sarah Palin Poolside? You Betcha!

BTW, on Tuesday all the networks will finally call Missouri for McCain.

So if the Obama administration decides to offer another stimulus package...

For eight years, this country has been managed by a combination of

And the hate goes on.

NYT: Will Obama Script Include Clinton?

Obama Delivers First Democratic Video Address: "Now it's the weekly Radio Address in name only."

What the world thinks.

In light of the Alaskan Senate race

In light of the Alaskan Senate race

DU Challenge! Pick the best cabinet using NO SENATORS.

Does anyone know if CBS, NBC (MSNBC) or CNN will sell their election night coverage?

Repealing Bush's unconstitutional legislation

Okay DU; 57, 58, 59, or 60?

What would Obama (and Hillary) gain by not denying the rumors?

Hello everybody (update on Sorry Everybody site from 2004)

No, We Can't? The Center-Right Nation Con

My tinfoil hat says


James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover were terrible presidents followed by AWESOME presidents...

Laura On Giving Michelle A W.H. Tour: "I Showed Her Closets, All The Things Women Are Interested In"

I have opposed Senator Clinton on many issues including

Husband's foreign deals may pose issue for Clinton

Begich lead over Stevens grows

A beautiful picture!

Employers Offer Workers Fewer Health Care Plans; "a financially daunting...high annual deductible"

Do you all think President Obama will retain Patrick J. Fitzgerald?

NYT, Gail Collins: Hillary for Secretary?

The President

White guys worry not enough diversity in Obama Cabinet.

Damn! Someone please tell me that it was just a dream.

Damn! Someone please tell me that it was just a dream.

2 in the pink, 1 in the stink: George W. Bush does "The Shocker"

Single-Payer Healthcare Alliance Forms in Washington, D.C.

Yes You Can - Subscribe to Obama's Weekly Address on YouTube

IL Sen. Dick Durbin says race not key for Obama Senate seat vacancy

I think President Obama can pick whoever the fuck he wants for SOS.

Bill Richardson talks Sec. of State with Obama

Lindsay Lohan thrilled about the first "colored" president.

McCain/GOP used their ammo ass into a self bombing thing

"Given the demographic trends, the GOP is unlikely to win any future presidential elections...."

Students suspended for Obama remarks

My cabinet

NYT - If You Were President (an interactive feature)

Why is Hilary being considered for SoS again? Just wondering

A Clue About The Identity Of The Next CIA Director?

Reminder: Nationwide Protests Of Prop 8 TODAY !!!

Reminder: Nationwide Protests Of Prop 8 TODAY !!!

Why Are Missourians Still Waiting for Election Results? Obama could still win MO

Obama Taps Emmett Beliveau to Run Inauguration Committee

Clinton, Richardson AND Kerry are all STILL under consideration for SoS

Honestly, I kinda wish Obama would appoint Ken Salazar to something...

"Obliterate Iran"

NOBODY "deserves" or is "owed" a cabinet spot. Period!

Our Next Secretary of State Needs To Hit The Ground Running. Things Are So Mangled Up

Let's play insta-expert, DU! This week's edition--cabinet appointments!

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

Barack Obama's letter to the people of Illinois

How about Holbrooke for Secretary of State

Clinton band back together: "the great good fortune of a Party with a usable past"

Clinton band back together: "the great good fortune of a Party with a usable past"

Clinton in Cabinet Would Likely Please Base

I'm boiling angry! The Washington Post ombudsman needs to hear from our side.

CNN releases pic of Obama's cabinet...WOW!

What Are the Odds of Election Reform? And What Reforms Would You Like to See?

OneThing Palin And Obama Have In Common

How I think the Cabinet will shape out...

Rahm Emanuel Roasts Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

Richardson vs. Clinton...who is better suited to SOS

Richardson vs. Clinton...who is better suited to SOS

During dinner, Marta said this about the future "W" Presidential Library

POLL: Would you like Hillary to be Secretary of State?

POLL: Would you like Hillary to be Secretary of State?

Repugs claimed only 10% of Ala. voted blue. Here is why that is a baldfaced lie.

Who is most qualified to be Secretary of State?

Please Read – Study Recruitment Information!

“Obama Not First U.S. President of African Ancestry” by Alton H. Maddox Jr., founder of the Center

You Will Cry If You Have Any Tears Left--Video of Barack & Evans

The neocons at DU

Will Obama put McCain in charge of hunting down Bin Laden Monday?

If Begich can extend his lead by about 600 more votes...

Free Obama desktop photo for your use (1680x1050-slight bandwidth warning)

Coach Craig Robinson Already Has a Crucial Victory To Celebrate: Election of Brother-in-Law Obama

I think Kucinich should be Drug Czar

See where these Hillary SoS rumors are heading

Obama's grandmother 'Toot' eulogized

Billy Jack vs. Chuck Norris

Black, schmack

Italians are in love -- with Obama

Kucinich for The Department Of Peace.

spotted a Palin 2012 yard sign today

If We Let GM, Ford , And Chrysler Fail?

Does Anybody Know The Difference Between Wages

---I need some humor today, anyone got anything funny to share??--

Focus on the Family updates its "War on Christmas" evildoers list.

First Lady--> Senator --> Secretary of State --> Governor --> President

Seating Chart Announced for President Obama's Inaugural

What is the status of your state now?

Some of us weren't crazy about Hillary Clinton BEFORE the primaries.

Some of us weren't crazy about Hillary Clinton BEFORE the primaries.

Yikes, I thought the post-election group hug would last four years!

There should be absolutely no question that Bill Richardson is the most qualified candidate for SoS

I hope Obama's administration shuts out FOX News until it becomes a real news station

Gays have earned a cabinet spot

Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes - AP

The best choices for the cabinet are Platypuses??? ...

Is the lobbyist issue overblown?

Jesus fucking Christ. Cabinet positions are NOT a reward.

Who would be the best Secretary of State?

Please DU This PBS Poll, "Is Sarah Palin Qualified to Be Secretary of State"

East Coasters may see shuttle launch tonight (in about an hr.)

What Happens Now When A Mormon Missionary Comes To The Door

70's Rock n Roll!

Matcom Is DTM

Well, I am home watching tv, about to eat a chili pie and drink a Mexican coke.

I'm going to be without DU and TV until next Wednesday! What will I do?

Best Bond Henchman

I'm running to the corner store for some more beer. Anyone need anything?

Please, tell me whether these commercials are awesome or totally cringe-worthy.

Salon has an essay on the psychology of lolcats...

Bond. JAMES Bond.

I am suddenly having a hard time writing Hominy

I am suddenly having an awful time with writing homonyms.

Surprise for Trek fans if you see "Quantum of Solace"

Question about Google Chrome

A question for the lounge: When you tire of one side does the other serve you best?

"Found Footage Festival" fans check in!

Met a worrisome "suitor" two weeks ago. Need advice.

Yay! Internets! Yippie! What did I miss?

Well that's it, my daughter is going to a dance and she's wearing a dress.

I'm home from the hospital, y'all...

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

shit. my indesign just blew up.

James Bond gadgets are on the History Channel right now...

ok i know this is seriously off topic but...

Does this ever end? I was just sitting here thinking, "I feel so crappy,

I'll keep this short and simple and use small words so it sinks in.

What did I ever do to you, fucko? WTF......


Best Bond Villain

The meme that Obama 'OWES' Kerry and should be 'given' SoS is meant to DEMEAN Kerry and many

A song by a Trouble Man: Marvin Gaye

Are you as sick of this guy as we are of

To whoever gave me a star...

I'm watching "The Wizard of Oz" with WMUette. Her reactions are priceless!

Did George Bush Fart on the World Stage?

Artie Lange is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight

Is that thunder I hear?

What's the difference between "I love you and no matter how long we're apart,

Dedicate a youtube video to a Douche

Christmas time is coming near... You know what that means....


Gin, the dancing dog

See this Switch? how do I REMOVE it?

Wine is gone. Time for LaBatts in the CAN...

Attention fellow Sondheimites and Sweeney lovers who've never seen Caribou in action!

It is INCONCEIVABLE how scared of him they are.

Back during the days when CNN was worth watching...


Friday night DICK thread.


I vote for this as the most hilariously bizarre and incoherent game ending ever.

Hey! Step In The Name Of Love!

Post a pic of you with a famous person

Congratulations to Quiz Winners

Friday night "does this look like a hemmoroid to you or what" thread.

Longtime Waxman aide and House Oversight investigator Named to Obama's Staff

single malt is good.


My father in law can kiss my ass! Do not bring your ass over if you are sick you dumb FUCK!


One of my girlfriends just called and wants to go to a disgraceful club

One of my friends just called and wants to go to a disgraceful club

Male Enhancement


I feel sick.

Damn! Toilet paper is out!

I thought I was going to be Joanne Woodward to his Paul Newman

Push back, push back the night.

Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages -

Is Kenny Chesney Gay?

I don't hang here much during the nights!

Friday night DUCK thread

Between the A and the T

Before and after. Thread will probably sink, but that's OK, I'm proud of it...

Sarah Palin as a dog

KBR's Convenient Contract

*Tired Peg*

All right guys and gals, the night life was fun but gotta go tend to my baby!!

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but for those who saw my previous thread about the little boy starving..

Oh YAY! Another fire in the Santiago Canyon

A thoughtful piece on Salon about . . . . LOLcats.

So this lady at works wants to die... yet she screams and moans

This is for DUer Engi...

Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?

Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?

Attention baseball fans: Does Pujols deserve NL MVP even though Cardinals didn't make the playoffs?

so my dear orange tabby has hypertrophic congestive heart failure

Watch out! - 899 donations, and McSame is about to be punched in the jowls!

You kiddies wanna hear what us cadavers used to bang heads to?


Hey, I don't complain too much...

My husband left me

How much wood

Dude, where's my tongue?

The DUzy Whore Thread!

Mario Kart on the Wii is freakin' fun!

My early contribution to the War on Christmas "Santa Christ is Coming to Town"

My early contribution to the War on Christmas "Santa Christ is Coming to Town"

I see the ghost of Eric Emerson. I see Pluto. I see Mars!!!

I just realized something that is upsetting me.

Let’s examine the luck of the scrounge.

I implore everyone awake to spam the fuck out of the lounge...



Sia - Distractions

Adrian Sherwood & Raiz


We found out earlier this evening that my husband's been laid off

It's 10:20am. And it's also like the middle of the night.

How do you Do the Duzy's?

Goddammit (struggling with singlehood)

So who looked ahead to find out what's at the 1000 mark? (no spoilers in this post)

It's grey, raining and miserable outside. I'm going to GDP to post Hillary's becoming Catholic.

I accidentally taught my son that a moose says "Hey, Rocky!"

How many guns do you own?

OH, GOOD GRIEF, WHERE IS EVERYBODY??(elevens)?!!?!?!?!

Whenever I hear a small plane fly over, I think of my dad.

Imagine my surprise seeing my alma mater on the front page of

I have resorted to the old beer that is behind the cottage cheese.

Who makes a good, affordable GPS

Dog Lovers: Need Some Advice (Cushings Disease)

What have you been listening to today?

Jesus Christ I'm getting fat. n/t

I have no saltines. Dammit! Ya can't eat soup without saltines! nt

A box of wine will ease the pain and love will see you through

Tippi Hedren. Large Hadron Collider.

Back from a journey in the Wilderness....

If you have an iPhone 3G, what is your typical monthly bill? (NT)

Ladies Only: What's with the carbo load desire

Ladies Only: What's with the carbo load desire

The local paper really screwed up the editing of my opinion piece

Any Traveling Wilbury's fans?

So here was my week: 1. My best friend was laid off

Need help! Random info request...

Night Launch!!

Best Bond theme song

Today I drank Blind Salamander Beer. It was pretty good.

Pert Fans check in!

Anyone else here sick? I have been sick for over a week!

Come!! Rejoice with me!!!!

Best Reasons Why Hillary For Sec. of State

Any experience with the Dell Mini or the HP 1000?

I finally saw Walk The Line and I have to say, it was AMAZING

Do I smoke too much?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/15/2008)

The poll that Harmonicon can't post

Wildfires - We have two in Orange County

It's the Schlitz!

The conservative movement is nearly finished

WTF is up with vacuum cleaners these days?

WTF is up with whitefros and big sideburns?

WTF is up with hair dryers these days??

North Carolina 86 Penn 71

WTF is up with james brown

Goddammit. More car break-ins in the parking lot.

I startled a sleeping laughing hyena that had crawled into...

Puppies are awake and playing! (puppy cam)

Your Favorite Finger

Yucky, there's a shitload of Toronto Maple Leafs fans in Vancouver tonight

We've got a live one:

I want so much to hold my granddaughters....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/15/08

Anyone wanna fill me in on Jewish funerals?

what you got back home little sister to play your fuzzy warbles on

Gosh! It looks like someone is going to hit poor Mister Bush!

The Critters Flu/Pneumonia Crisis, Day Five: I just feel like crap.

who the fuck are YOU to call BS on anything?

Is there anything better than an 80s music video?

There ain't much to do in Riyadh

Please help my town’s animal shelter by voting for it to win a grant!

kitten picture of the day for Saturday November 15

Best song in The Wizard of Oz

Are there hypoallergenic cats?

Womens Groups worry Will men dominate Obama administration?

Terp Fans check in!

Sorry about that.

Have you ever been arrested?

anybody want to come home to my house and lift weights, maybe wrestle?

I can't post polls, but this is a poll:

Shoot me now, but I have to show ANOTHER pic of my Bella baby!

Today's College Football Thread

I has a Wii.

Gospel of Obama

WTF is up with vacuum cleaners these days?

A poll with your morning toast: Eat the heels of your loaf of bread or no?

DU Nighthawks #73

Post pics that you'll regret posting when you sober up

Update about Mrs. V. in Tennessee

War, Inc.

Who will prevail at the UFC tomorrow night: Randy Couture or Brock Lesnar?

Neato! Crazy text message from my Ex's pissed off Ex-GF:

My daughter is so cool

My daughter is so cool

Do you have pets that are related to each other?

I'm stepping out to go to the head shop - anybody need anything?

My review: "Quantum of Solace"

ZOMG I can't get enough of PUPPY CAM!!

Don't want Hillary as Sec. of State.

Has anyone ever traveld to Argentina?

Wow, the first cold front of the season and I have fire going in my wood burning stove.

EnJoy this cuteness! Almost as cute as The Puppy Bowl!

The Dutch Rudder

After watching MSNBC all night, I have one thing to say...

My 39 year old brother in law passed away of a heart attack today.

what am I gonna do?

Has anyone here any taken (Irish) Gaelic classes?

I need some cat advise...

Picture thread, since I just took a new one :)

thanksgiving with my in-laws is approaching.

Books you read obsessively as a child

Attention fellow Sondheimites and Sweeney lovers who've never seen Cariou in action!

Best R.E.M. song ever?

Friday Night PIC THREAD

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, born 1959, under consideration for SCOTUS

New Alaska Numbers: Begich is up by 1,061

Officials: Obama Offered Clinton Secretary Of State

Obama weighs Clinton, Richardson as sec. of state

Governors assail failed campaign

McCain aide cites 'failure of management'

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Dunwoody becomes first female four-star general

“Daily Show” Mocks the Story That Fear of President-Elect Obama Driving Assault Weapon & Gun sales

Alan Keyes sues to obtain Obama citizenship proof

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

New Alaska Numbers: Begich is up by 1,061

FL Election Integrity Advocate, Candidate Arrested...

Indictment Looms In Blackwater Shooting

US appeals court to hear 1964 Klan killings case

Valerie Jarrett Named Obama Senior Adviser

Democrats scale back stimulus bill

Army manipulated general's photo (Dunwoody)

Gusset plates, deck weight contributed to 35W bridge disaster, NTSB told

Obama urges Congress to move on economic plan (radio address)

Louisiana Briefs: Initial hearings held for Klan slaying suspects

Some Texans still living in Tents after Ike

Ted Stevens may face ouster from GOP Senate caucus

Small-scale pot busts snared in Border Patrol (inland) stops

Sadr Threatens Attacks on U.S. Troops if Accord Passes

Sylmar fire destroys 600 mobile homes; LAPD declares crime scene

U.S. helicopter down in Mosul, two dead

Iraq's Cabinet to vote on security pact with US

Two Bodies, One Stuffed in Pot, Found in Mexican City

Bush hails summit as success, sees more work ahead

GM Collapse Would Cost U.S. Taxpayers Up to $200 Billion, More Than Rescue

FAA starts amnesty plan for D/FW tower errors

Threatening Obama Ad Called a 'Glitch'

Stevens Falls Further Behind in Alaska Senate Race (1,022)

Huge dogfighting ring broken up in Harris Co., DA says

NYTimes: Obama transition tangled in ties to lobbying

Celtics PR director says White House dog bit her

New trade deal by 'end of year'

Laid-Off Man Shoots Three Co-Workers at Office (Silicon Valley)

Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes

Exclusive: Gregory Craig to be White House counsel

A new low for lobster

Jury awards $2.5 million judgment against KKK

Pfizer US job cuts help Indian techies

Feds: Black Man Posed As White Racist In Threats

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

Net Neutrality Advocates In Charge Of Obama Team Review of FCC

Canada mulls joint auto bailout with US

UAW leader says no more concessions from workers

Tech sector may lose 180,000 jobs (U.S.)

Religious Right Weighs Next Political Steps

UBS Is Closing Down Accounts

2 Staten Island Men Charged With Election Night Hate Crime

Sylmar Wildfire Burns Homes, Jumps 210 Freeway (San Fernando Valley on fire -- again)

Unity march planned in response to cross-burning incident in Hardwick Township (NJ)

President-Elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden Announce Key White House Staff

Wooten reassigned after troopers receive threats (Troopergate)

S.C. diocese critical of Greenville priest's Obama comments

Sarah Palin’s failure set to reap her $7m book deal

Spam Turns Serious and Hormel Turns Out More

Bush: Don't disturb capitalism

Minnesota starts the recount process

Wild horse advocates decry BLM euthanasia proposal

Experts See Security Risks in Downturn

Friday Talking Points (55) -- "Bretton Woods II"? Not Quite.

Robert Fisk: Obama Has to Pay for Eight Years of Bush's Delusions

`Chump' Kashkari Takes a Beating From Congressmen on AIG, TARP, Christmas

NYT - Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage

Breaking: Hillary to Call Obama to Accept Sec. of State — at 3 AM!

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Busted? Six Guards May Be Charged in Iraq Massacre

Bush cheers “free enterprise” as US capitalism goes bust

Declining social conditions of students and youth in the US

Tough love for Obama (Advice to the 44th President and His Party)

GOP Governors Apply for TARP

Nouriel Roubini : 20 Reasons Why the U.S. Consumer is Capitulating, thus Triggering the Worst U.S.

"Mirabile Dictu! Congress is Mad at Paulson for Lying!" Yves Smith (Naked Capitalism)

Bob Herbert: ‘Drop Dead’ Is Not an Option

No country for the burnt Bushes


"National Security Agency Releases History of Cold War Intelligence Activities" (11-14-2008 National

Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage

Bush to World Leaders: 'Tear Down Your MALLS'

Bush Administration: Dismiss RFID 'Mark of the Beast' Lawsuit

Barack Obama and the 'Boldness' Question THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter

Bob Cesca / What Doesn't Kill The Far-Right Only Makes Them Crazier

Dick Cavett: The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla

NYT editorial: Saving Detroit From Itself

Howard Dean, Wings of Justice Honoree

Who's Afraid of a Filibuster? by Joe Conason

Obama's Fascinating Interview with Cathleen Falsani (on His Religious Beliefs)

Some Thomson jobs in Rochester headed overseas (India & the Philippines)

Rolling Stone: The New Trough by Naomi Klein

God is Palin's Doorman by Meg White

Even More GOP Whackjobiness — Should We Encourage This?

American Conservative Magazine Admits "Bush a Disaster"

Dead Parrot sketch is 1,600 years old By Stephen Adams

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Busted?

Advice and dissent: Obama reaches out to ex-rivals

What’s Blackwater Doing in Alaska?

Single-Payer Healthcare Alliance Forms in Washington, D.C.

Flash! Progressives know full well DLC "centrism" is a code word for elitist right wing dems.

Dave Lindorff: Barack's First Big Mistake on the Job: Rescuing Joe Lieberman

NATIONAL PROTEST Against Prop 8 - Nov 15

Committee On Un-American Activities Documentary

It’s going to be an interesting 4 years…

The Rachel Maddow Show: Gossipy Old Party interview with Arianna Huffington

Senator Hillary Clinton Speaks at UFW convention 8/24/08

"Taxpayer's $$ not go into failing banks" Kashkari Kucinich

Elijah Cummings calls Neil Kashkari a "chump"

Greenpeace Voyage to Amchitka to stop hydrogen bomb testing 1971

Rachel Maddow on the Lieberman situation and calls him out to appear on her show.

dupe delete

Five Minute Election Wrap-Up!

Larry Flynt - Jessica Lynch And The Media

Bill Maher Monologue Nov 14, 2008 Election Day in A Minute

TYT: 'Right Wing Curmudgeon' New Deputy Editor In Chief Of The WSJ

Nationwide Gay Rights Rallies Spurred by Prop 8 Marriage Ban

Palin Urges GOP Governors to Keep Dems Honest. Oh, you betcha, yah.

The Weekend Economists---Live! November 14-16, 2008

Bill Maher: New Rules - 11/14/08

Michelle Obama-That Moment Of Victory

TYT: A Cure For Aids Discovered?

Kucinich to Neel Kashkari...Who do you work for?

Farewell To Douchbags

Ashton Kutcher's View of Prop 8 on Bill Maher's Show

Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect

TYT: GA Republican calls Obama a Marxist

Bill Maher 20081114 Obama World

The Case Against Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

Sarah Palin's Latest Press Conference Did Not Go So Well

Report: Tighten reins on war-zone contractors

Group: Protect military’s nonbelievers

Online town hall to discuss wounded care

Trial ending for ex-troop accused in slaying

Sill plans warehouse location off sacred land

Indictment drafted in Blackwater shooting

Sonar ruling lifts key training restrictions

Hearing ends in detainee abuse case

The Rachel Maddow Show: Obama Drama

Housing opens for single enlisted sailors

MAGTF in Afghanistan gets new command

Col. firing linked to accountability push

Congress to hold hearing on F-22 parts plans

Air Force base to detonate unstable dynamite

Look for Air Force logo this NASCAR season

Heading home? Be careful what you pack

Turkey Day a bit pricier this year

As dollar climbs, Europe COLA will drop

A former flier is God's co-pilot: WWII veteran has devoted post-war life to spreading gospel

Graves replaces removed 2nd ID brigade commander

Police: GI who fell from balcony not alone

Airman sentenced in missing funds case

Soldier sentenced to six months after alleging rape

Officials release ID of dead airman

EOD airmen explode 1,300-pound pumpkin

Ex-Soldier Feels 'No Need to Testify'

Feds Condemn Blackwater Guards

JSF breaks sound barrier for first time

Acid Keeps Afghan Girls Out of Class

Rebel Forces Capture US Spy Plane

Readers react to complaints from atheists

Troops Execute Treacherous Militants

CT Vet Amputees Need Funds for a Special Bus

AF finds Problems at Montana Nuke Base

What doesn't Kill the Far-Right Only Makes Them Crazier!

Larry Flynt Is a Bottom Feeder

Diamond Mogul Meets a Star-Studded Controversy

German kids, activists destroy anti-Nazi exhibit

Love, tolerance go hand in hand at Israeli schools

(Amnesty Int'l) Israeli army blocks deliveries to Gaza

Chronic malnutrition in Gaza blamed on Israel

Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies?

You Say You Want a (Green) Revolution

AlterNet: Finding the Best, Local Food Near You Just Got Easier

Photovoltaic raw materials prices to shrink in 2009, iSuppli says

Town buys five "Smart Cars" (Stratford, CT)

Wild horse thread in lbn

Your trash is no longer worth very much cash

China shows big growth in solar power

Dreadful EROI numbers for new oil exploration and production

Renewable Energy To Pass Gas by 2012 (IEA)


Paulson the Bungler

G-20 summit: More like London 1933 than Bretton Woods 1944

My Son: Global Economic Problem Solver Extraordinaire

Bailout Money Used to Pay off Gamblers in Credit Defaults


Economic depression possible, says George Soros

Peter Schiff Was Right (Debates Laffer, Ben Stein, et al.)


President Bush and the Federal Reserve Board refused

Don't miss this fascinating look at the Great Depression.

Republicans willing to have a depression - they can cruise through it. Won't give Detroit help with

There is a commentator on C-Span Washington Journal now

I'm proud of our new principal

Great at spelling, suck at me with this quote:

And the DUzy Goes to One of Our Own: Jamastiene!

Spam Turns Serious and Hormel Turns Out More

US debt hits 100% of GDP! Way to go America!

MoveOn: Overturn Prop 8

Great songs for Saturday

YAWN....yet another Prop 8 letter from the Mor(m)ons .. they're feeling the heat!

Human Rights Campaign Releases List of Businesses and Organizations That Supported Proposition 8

here's the problem: there is no reasoning with the truly irrational...

NYT: Mormons Tipped Scale in Ban on Gay Marriage

Happy Protesting My Dears!

Anyone watching Larry King Live?

My Str8 Uncle and his Girlfriend are attending a rally!

You know how fundies are always calling natural disasters "God's punishment"...

Greensboro NC Prop H8 Protest - link to pix

Matthew - Chapter 25

LA Times: Protests to be a key test for Proposition 8 opponents

Finally, a Non-Prop 8 Thread: Picked up the newly published "Essential Dykes to Watch Out For"

CALL in GAY DAY - December 10, 2008 (keep this kicked)

Some protest pics, please add your own

collapse of obscure Baltic Dry Index the really scary, key indicator (London Banker: 11/14/08)

Prop 8 protest pics from all over - from the Join the Impact

Election Irregularities Surfacing Re: California's Proposition 8

UP engineers, conductors hit by economy (40 percent laid off)

Sun plans to cut 6,000 more jobs

UFCW And Teamster Workers On Strike At New York Liquor Distributor

Las Vegas Paramedics Are On The Verge Of A Walkout

New Bush Rules Narrow Family Leave for Workers

JetBlue pilots file to organize airline's first union

Worker, 16, falls to his death at Gwinnett Place Mall “no safety equipment in sight”

OSHA Scores Poorly With Scientist Group (along with EPA, Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Saddened by the Passing of Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, a Great Leader

Farm worker families put at risk while Governor Schwarzenegger's bureaucrats ignore the situation

Stop Bush Admin. From Gutting Farm Worker Protections

Photo: UFW Obama Blue at convention

Crime threatens Chavez vote in Venezuela slums

Venezuela says may soon detain opposition governor

Castro says new president won't bring change to US

This weekend's tailgaters check in! Where are ya??

Even though this was published in 2006 it is still pertinent for Mexican candy in the Holiday Season

The Mummy Makers

A great article on living in the moment

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/15/08

A moment of silence.

Volunteer needed to coordinate the December prayer, light & healing request thread

Is anybody a fan of "Ghost Whisperer"?

Role of Illuminati in current financial crisis?

the road to work this morning

Question: Is the right to bear certain firearms, by state or city, protected by the 14th amendment?

"No Guns" signs are an invitation for mass shootings - MSM is catching on

Soup Hall of Fame - my nominee

Georgia priest faces excommunication (supports women priests)

Thanks for the AirBake pans tip

Woman Chased Out Of Church Due To Politics

recommendation requested for a decent telescope

Clairvoyant? I don't think so...

Cross-post: No to Prop H8 Houston Pics

Cross-posted from DU General Discussion re: Great idea for *Givft* giving this year!

spam drops by 2/3... wont last.. Great Story..>>Links>>

Real News: Media giant (Canwest) tries to muzzle parody

FYI - free download on 'Strange Overtones', from the new Byrne/Eno collaboration.


Okay, I usually like Gail Collins, but...

Is everyone clear on what the stakes are here?

Taking a break for a while

JK birthday

The sound of a failing hard drive

Bit of light relief

World Trade Collapsing