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Obama is the best choice for change

McCain campaign must be desperate

So.. McCain... a la Joe Namath... is "guaranteeing victory".... Well....

So.. McCain... a la Joe Namath... is "guaranteeing victory".... Well....

The Financial Times endorses Barack Obama: "Obama is the better choice"

Things you can do on Sunday in Texas:

If McCain knows what's good for him, he'll lose:

Senate minority leader and the Presidential vote in Kentucky

--Early Voting Lines--Turnout 43,000 so far--Report on Palm Beach County, FL ---

Why Barack Obama Will be a Great President, by Christine Pelosi

John McCain's Closing Argument = Sarah Palin Was a Shitty VP Pick.

John McCain's Closing Argument = Sarah Palin Was a Shitty VP Pick.

Zogby's Dartboard (for Monday): Obama 50 (+1), McCrypt 45 (+1)

Barney Frank Opposes Obama's Plan To Increase Number of Troops

36% of Arkansas knows somebody who won't vote for Obama because of race...

VIDEO: Lindsey Graham on "This Week"...McCain sees many qualities in Palin that he sees in himself

Just watched a Barack ad where he is in a classroom. Is this a new ad?

I need help looking for the video of the child at a

Kindergarteners weigh in

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Endorses Barack Obama

HAH! Attendence at McFake's gathering (per fire dept): 2,000 people


Arizona turns pink on

No matter the outcome on Nov. 4, we aren't going to be rid

Who is your fantasy cabinet team?

the next FLOTUS will be on Leno tomorrow night

A little update from Intrade.

Obama Newspaper Endorsements (UPDATE #2)

The lower McCain stoops against Obama, the lower his poll numbers will go.

Obama coming to Harrisonburg & Norfolk Va, Pittsburgh and Chester PA (west of Phila. off I-95)

Zogby poll to be released tonight will have Obama up 50-45 (+1 for both).

Zogby poll to be released tonight will have Obama up 50-45 (+1 for both).

The Yeldarb Effect - again

**C-SPAN: Obama Campaign Event in Denver, CO 8:30 PM EST**

New Low-GOP uses Mohammed Atta's drivers license in anti Obama ad saying

A map of Newspaper endorsements for Presidential Race 2008 for your viewing

Tinklenberg ahead in 2 new polls

Today, I saw a campaign sign that said "Sarah!" with McCain-Palin in small letters underneath.

I'm cool - I just voted for Obama

Phonebanked from DE into Pittsburgh and Western PA area this weekend.

While watching McCain proclam he's going to win, I am reminded of a certain celebrity:

Most fucked-up Repuke campaign sign ever...

Over 100 Thousand is almost a fifth of the population

simple, rhetorical question: wtf do national polls have to do with the next 8 days?

Palin "returned about a third" of the $150K clothes..."they were the wrong size, or not her taste"

This picture makes me so happy

Wohoo!! I just voted!!

Obama, McCain Face Most Pressure Since FDR to Speed Transition

An observation for those who might be fretting about tightening polls...

Pre-emptive Presidential Pardons

The need for early voting when living in a state that doesn't matter.

Will PIckens endorse Obama?

Has Wiki entry on rumored Obama Treas Sec Lawrence Summers been freeped?

Obama, McCain Face Most Pressure Since FDR to Speed Transition

Obama: "Wealthiest Americans were doing better under Clinton because EVERYBODY was doing well"

Will Obama name any cabinet positions before election? Any rumors? Is it common?

A Visual Guide To The 2008 Presidential Tickets

McCain v. Palin

October Surprise? Bush's New War???

What is the time for Obama's 30 minute special

Republicans form circular firing squad: McCain aides accuse Palin of "going rogue"

John McCain's Economic Plan: Laissez-Failure

Who's running the 30 mins Obama special this wednesday?

Absentee Ballot Voting More Environmentally Friendly than In Person Voting.

does anyone have a "6 Month" bump picture of Scara Palin?

my 75 year old white stepmother from Alabama cast her first vote(texas) in her life today for Obama

My dad still embarasses and depresses me.

Early voting, Dallas county, M-Sat: 212,778

How cool is this?

Vota Obama for this girl

Are we seeing an impact of increasing ignorance/devaluing education in the US?

McCain's Poor showing is due to his COMPLEXITY while the American Peeps want SIMPLICITY

Notice that MCCain is no longer running for Prez -- Palin is?

In a recent interview with Mccain I heard him say

Sarah Palin returning to Indiana on Wednesday, Jeffersonville

YouTube Palin supporters on crack

Is Obama pure leadership material or what?

Was that supposed to be a Sarah Palin double standing next to McCain

Awesome bumper sticker I just saw:

YouTube Palin supporters on crack

"In these areas where you have never been not proud to be an American!"

If you want something to be concerned about...

The Easy Low Tech Way For McCain To Suppress Voter Turnout and Win

Fuck individual polls like Zogby. The poll of polls has a sample of dozens of polls

Fuck individual polls like Zogby. The poll of polls has a sample of dozens of polls


Here's what we're up against, folks. We have lots of work ahead of us.

Funny as hell: Kids talking about Obama and McCain

Fantabulous Proof on the Ground! What is Cooking.....

funny mccain video:McCain vs. Madonna: Gray Ambition

NEWSWEEK: Why McCain Won ?


With Obama drawing crowds of 45,000 in NM and 100,000 in CO with McCain only drawing

"Sassy" Hasselbeck: Criticism Of Palin's Clothing Expenditures Is "Deliberately Sexist" (VIDEO)

McCain Forgets his own Secretary of State Endorsements (video):

Score: Denver: 100,000, Fort Collins: 50,000 (OBAMA) Cedar Falls: 2,000, Zanesville: 5,000 (McCAIN)


Funniest quote from Joy Behar of The View

Monday: Zogby dropping O's lead from 5.4 (today) to 4.8 (Mon)

We are going to win. And win BIG.

We need to cheer for the Tampa Bay Rays -- here's why

Energy Emergency in Rural Alaska - more Palin hijinx

150 GRAND for Palin's wardrobe??????

Before I go to bed: as of today, Nate Silver gives McCain a 3.3% chance of victory.

The Repukes THINK they are winning

Saw a great bumper sticker today

Cool discussion with a soon to be American today

I think I'm confused...I thought this was a forum for Barack Obama.

Indiana Supreme Court Won't Stop Early Voting!!!!

ESPN piece on Barack's brother-in-law: Craig Robinson (Michelle's brother)

Obama through the eyes of my 11-year-old

Great Reader Comment on CNN

Great Reader Comment on CNN

People must be feeling optimistic tonight

People must be feeling optimistic tonight

THE Best ad I have seen this year.....

Barack's schedule next week-where can we find it? You've told me before

Just keep envisioning a...

Instant Democracy - The Bachmann/Tinklenberg contest is MUCH bigger

I FEEL it! There is something happening! Something is in the air!

Time is standing STILL

Time is standing STILL

With Obama drawing crowds of 45,000 in NM and 100,000 in CO with McCain only drawing

"What's the word? Tinklenberg!" Bachmann= K. Harris: 'Like bookends on an eight-year nightmare'

What "Liberal Elite Media"?

What "Liberal Elite Media"?

david moore author of "the opinion makers" on pollster manipulations on c-span2. n/t

McClatchy news service propaganda: "Is Barack Obama a real American or a Harvard elitist?"

Matt Damon Gets Out the Vote in Florida with 9 days left

How did the Palins build their wealth?

Future Republicans to be taught 911 phone standards. Scottsdale past mayor to teach.

I'm a single-issue voter.

Drop in gas prices October Surprise?

Macky's Camp in Dumps...more bad news...victory 11/4 more elusive than ever

What'll be Your Drink of Choice Election Night

Freepers bragging about PA being "redneck" and "too racist" for Obama to win


So here's the map I'm looking at

Need DU help! I have a McCain/Palin lawn sign.

NEW MEME FOR YOU! A divided government is BAD for economy

I hope you don't mind a Canadian chiming in about your election, I have been excited since

This is a great video!

Obama wins pumpkin election by a landslide!

Bush called Tax cuts "Hard working Americans keeping their own money", but McCain calls tax cuts,

Does anyone else feel it's destiny that Barack Obama becomes president?

Obama is IN MY FACE!

Obama is IN MY FACE!

Obama connecting with Asian-American voters


Hey, Could We Start A Thread Where We Post Pics Of Our Ballots (votes)?

Obama: if we can spend $10 billion a month in Iraq, we can spend some money to rebuild America.

Chill out, Obama's going to win, here's why

Voter Suppression Wiki

Voter Suppression Wiki

Wash Post: Poll Gives Obama 8-Point Va. Lead -- 52-44

PA tracking poll: Obama 53, McCain 40 (McCain down a point from yesterday).

Eight more days to go!!!

I've come to a realization about Republican versus Democratic people. There's a projection

I've checked that I'm registered, but doesn't everyone with a drivers license

My tax cut is NOT welfare!

Why would they steal the Presidency if

The Repug party is getting so limited in it's view - so sad

The Repug party is getting so limited in it's view - so sad

Bush's stupid, brutish ways have made the U.S. more hated than ever

Zogby: Obama is in DANGER ZONE!!!

Poll: 7 of 10 say candidates' race not a factor in their vote (From CNN.COM)

Zogby telephone polls: Obama leads in 6 of 8 battleground states!! FL, MO, NV, NC, OH & VA

Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Oh come on. That's a terrible analogy.

Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Oh come on. That's a terrible analogy.

John Stewart on the McCain Campaign

The Nikkei Just Hit A 26 Year Low

Interesting observation in my area that is heavy duty Repubs,

What is your hope for the new national paradigm?

My cousins in Pennsylvania are all voting Obama-Biden.

Will Obama Pardon Dubya?

The Florida tally so far

Wanna know why all the attacks on Obama haven't stuck?

Barack Obama has done NOTHING...

McCain: Vote for Me and I’ll Create an International Crisis

How may Veterans living under a bridge will get to vote?

CNN: Some Voters "Purged" From Voter Rolls" (Georgia, Of Course):

Mika Is Awful

delete--OK, I guess I wasn't paying as close attention to the Series as I thought.

I took some first time voters to the polls today

Bagdad John......

Here's an idea!

Here's an idea!

Here's an idea!

Here's an idea!

The War Criminals Expand on Two Fronts

CNN: Some voters 'purged' from voter rolls

DUPE. Please delete.

Time for McCain to attack — or, rather, finally to make his case.

The failed seance of Huey Long

Florida Dems see longterm gain in Obama Army

Don't Know If This Has Been Posted, But Anchorage Daily News Endorses OBAMA!

Note to John: Democrats are the true Mavericks. We don't vote in lockstep like the gop. We don't

Note to John: Democrats are the true Mavericks. We don't vote in lockstep like the gop. We don't

A couple debunks of the pathetic Meet the Press interview today with McCain and Brokaw

RNC new tv ads called "Lapse In Judgement" aimed at Obama

ZOGBY POLLS: Obama + 7 in VA, +5 in OH, +4 in NV, +2 in MO, +4 in NC, tied in FL

who's got the link for McNasty's FEC filings?

Oh noes!!!! Please tell me yardsigns can't vote!!!

Helping in Del Ray, Florida

The Republicans don't believe their own attacks nor are they interested in the truth

US Kills 8 in Syria---Why?

Non Sequitur takes on Fake news - Murdoch ROFL

McCain and friend -- separated at birth?

McCain and friend -- separated at birth?

Obama Wages `Uphill Battle' to Wrest West Virginia From McCain

Obama Wages `Uphill Battle' to Wrest West Virginia From McCain

Drudge LIES again

KOS/R2K POLL: Obama 50 (-1), McCrypt 42 (+2)

Mr. FRANKEN: Our ads are about Norm Coleman's record, so they're negative.

New McCain Ad

anyone have the link....

Barack Hussein Obama wins, and he will, what will you do? I WILL

Under normal circumstances one should pick and chose, but at this point in time...

Obama's closing: Back to 'new politics' - excerpt from his speech today

Choose One: What Do You Watch For Morning TV During The General Election?



Palin Pity-Party on 'Morning Joe'-- BYOB

Good Morning DU .... Georgia, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri ....

VA POLL: Obama 52, McCrypt 44

Okay-who needs a laugh this morning?

Looking for the "One Day More" video

A GREAT pic of McC & Palin in her new clothes!

I predict the headline news story next Tuesday:

DIAGEO/HOTLINE polls stays the same Obama 50 McCain 42

New McCain Scandal!

Huffington...Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama

OMG, How pathetic is this...?

Brokaw calling for coalition government if Obama wins

Ad in Ohio linking Obama to NIXON

Smear ads by apparent 527s all over TV in NoVA yesterday and today

You know what I've started doing when these Repubs start spouting?

Can someone post the link to the video where McCain is on O'Rielly saying that he campaigned for...

Besides Iraq...if Obama could just do one thing (in the first year)...

Why The Republican Party Is Over

WaPo- The Anatomy of a Win: Obama's 8-Point Va. Lead

Exclusive Interview-Gov. Sarah Palin talks with Sean Hannity about final leg of presidential race


DKOS/R2000 POLL: Obama 50, McCain 42, +8% lead for Obama

Rogue elephants tend not to end up well

DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll remains the same. Obama 50 McCain 42

"Devastating new DNC ad" The Nation:

We should all be feeling really good this week!

Obama gives closing pitch to voters

Obama gives closing pitch to voters

(Your morning " WTF?") AOL homepage this morning: "Experts Say McCain Can Win"

something to remember next year: repubs hate to govern, but love to sabotage

A simple question from the GLBT community.

My MIL and FIL, lifelong republicans are voting for....

My MIL and FIL, lifelong republicans are voting for....

A risk of voter PARALYSIS: how we talk about voter suppression, flipping, provisional ballots, etc

A risk of voter PARALYSIS: how we talk about voter suppression, flipping, provisional ballots, etc

A risk of voter PARALYSIS: how we talk about voter suppression, flipping, provisional ballots, etc

Grampy is angry. . .it may be me, but when you stand in front of flags and a blue backdrop. . .

One thing Obama seems incapable of...

CNNtv, Mccain speaking in unannounced presser in Clev., Ohio. Re: Economic Policy

CNNtv, Mccain speaking in unannounced presser in Clev., Ohio. Re: Economic Policy

Would voting early make Election Day exit polls lopsided for McCain?

Mcain is a liar. This needs to get to main stream media.

Are your nerves starting to kick in?

Are your nerves starting to kick in?

What about rehabilitating Republicans once we get in power?

Nevada phones ringing with phony voter information


Will Obama Legalize It

Damnit SNL - I'm really pissed at you!!!

amarillo, texas. very red. i do not feel like i am living in red, first time ever.

Biden in NC at 10. Anyone have a video link or know a channel covering it?

Mika needs to listen to this youtube clip. Brokaw played a portion of it on MTP yesterday

Mika needs to listen to this youtube clip. Brokaw played a portion of it on MTP yesterday

I have a big smile on my face this morning

Missouri ripe for voting snags

McC's trotting out the same old economic drivel

"Each according to his abilities" is biblical in origin..heads up

Memo to McCain/Palin: We pay the second lowest effective corporate income tax rate in the world.

GWU/Battleground poll unchanged (Obama by 3%)


Duplicate sorry folks!

Who will your age group vote for?

Note: McC is a moniker seen on bumper stickers PROMOTING McCain

Note: McC is a moniker seen on bumper stickers PROMOTING McCain

Red Rover, Red Rover send.........

Red Rover, Red Rover send.........

As I listen to Palin's VA rally this morning...

Does anyone actually COUNT the time given to each Candidate on Cable News ?

Everyone should listen to the entire interview on Chicago Public Radio from 2001.

Looking for a picture: Obama basketball shot

sorry, dupe

This website sums up everything about Sarah Palin

Are there protesters at Frau Palins hate fest this morning?

Barf! McCain trying to look presidential on the stage..right now on MSNBC..

Bush and his reverse Midas touch... everything he touches turns to feces!

McShams Deceptive $5000.00 Medical Tax Credit....THIS IS CRAP

Doesn't mccain have an adopted daughter that is black?

Tito the Builder!?!

Fox News Now Saying McCain Will HAve Statemetnton 2001 "Redistribution of Wealth" interview

** Heads Up! : Joe the Man (Biden) Live from Greenville, NC!! **

LOL did they have rehearsals before today's Palin rally?

I have a plan...

I've helped talk 3 Texas Republicans into voting for-

Please Delete

SurveyUSA Missouri Poll: Obama 48, McCain 48

Has anyone actually listened to the Obama interview linked to on Sludge?

McCain continues Failed Bush Logic on Taxes & Economy

A Third of US Voters Will Have Cast Their Ballot Before November 4

Utah Presidential Donations

Utah Presidential Donations

Mika calls Biden testy, because he didn't take shit from that wingnut

Heads up! Biden on CNN..but MSNBC is not covering...asswipes!

How Fast Does Change Happen?

A Bali Endorsement for Barack Obama

LOLz! A little snark on the CNN Ticker!

did someone just yell bullshit at palin rally?

Financial Times Endorses Obama

MSNBC Electoral Map: Obama leads McCain 286-163


Could McCain lose his home state?

New Chant at Failin' rally" "Use Your Brain, Vote McCain" Lmao...

CNN has had a solid half hour of mcINSANE and Failin on straight.

Interactive Electoral College Map

VA POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 40

McCain agenda this week. (prediction)

With eight days left, an angry John McCain is still trying to deal with the economic crisis

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Greenville, NC****

Sludge posting "Bombshell" doctored up tape from 2001 of Obama

Barack OBollywood.

Barack OBollywood.

McCain and Palin WIll Live in Infamy: Destruction of the Republican Party

David Corn: From the Rats Fleeing the (McCain) Sinking Ship Department

McCain to Attack Obama for Public Radio Comments from 2001(McPOW is Following Drudge! LOL!)

Looks like the MSM has started their Closing Arguments for McPalin

Why are North Carolina polling officials using the butterfly ballot? Do you smell Fish?

Did anyone else almost puke watching and listening to Palin next to the Hard Hat Guy on CNN ? n/t

The last thing I want to hear Obama say this week: "I guarantee we will win."

The Nixon-Obama Debates by Jonathan Chait

The Nixon-Obama Debates by Jonathan Chait video: Man behind Obama rumor flip-flops

There is no "National Election"!

Dreams - Lyrics (Van Halen) - inspirational for the election

TNR: The Nixon-Obama Debates - Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy. Oh, wait-- actually, you are.

This is such bullshit. Twit Palin gets covered for almost 20 min. on CNN and they give Biden about 2

Cook Political Report updates 12 States - 10 in favor of Obama

Looks like CNN is now in McCain/Palin 24/7 campaign coverage from now until the election. I have

forgive my whining, but how the hell can the polls be so close?????

Marist Poll: Obama beats McCain 56%-39% in New Jersey

MSNBC Cook with Schuster: Life is not fair, McCain will lose

I'm just relieved there hasn't been an actual October surprise so far


Yes. We. Can! Watch this clip right freakin' NOW!

I think the PBS poll is a concerted effort to undermine support for Public Broadcasting

Will exit polls be less controversial next Tuesday than they were four years ago? Early voting

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MSNBC as usual completely ignoring Biden

Undecided voters are infinitely cynical AND infinitely gullible

Programming note: Michelle Obama on "The Tonight Show"

What did Palin mean when she said that electing Obama and the

FYI - Peter Hart will have a focus group on Cspan at 8:00 pm tonight - "Persuadable Voters" in Ohio

FYI - Peter Hart will have a focus group on Cspan at 8:00 pm tonight - "Persuadable Voters" in Ohio

What is this? McPalin morning on MSNBC? This is disgusting.

FUCK Drudge, and in reference to those who post what Drudge says......

Barack the Wealth Spreader? LOL is that really a bad thing. . .

McCain: There's no money for you, people!

Andrew Sullivan: Is Palin A "Christian Nationalist"?

Andrew Sullivan: Is Palin A "Christian Nationalist"?


Marist Poll: Obama leads 65-29 in New York

Most states shifting more heavily to Obama this week

McCain Camp: "If we’re still within the margin of error (in polling), we’re going to win"

Anyone know if we'll be able to live stream Obama's Wednesday address?

Palin does her third interview with Sean Hannity...does she realize she is running in the GE?

"None of the states Kerry won are even competitive. Obama will sweep them all."

Dupe- delete

Obama supporter reporting on early voting in Florida.....funny.

Lately, McShame's speeches come across like the guy on the Twilight Zone episode

If we win IA (up 11.8), VA (up 7.7), NH (up 8.7) and PA (up 11.2) it is over for McLame

The GOP's "Nah Nah Nah Can't Hear You!" Argument - David Sirota

---Monmouth, paging monmouth--Joe in Jupiter, FL. Wednesday---

The Dawning Of Hope

I'm making this promise to all Republicans I meet.

Video: Joe Biden in Greenville, NC 10/27

Nothing But Frowns and Devastation on Morning Joe

Will anyone ever hire Steve Schmidt to run a campaign again?

RCP Avg: Obama leads OH 6%, CO 6.5%, VA 7.2%, NC 1.5%, MO 1%, IN .3%

Scranton Bishop comes to Election Forum unexpectedly, says only his own letter matters in voting

Obama's Ahead in The GOP's Own Internal Poll Of FLORIDA!

Faith of the Heart...some apropos lyrics on the eve of the election..

Faith of the Heart...some apropos lyrics on the eve of the election..

Interesting Question.

Eight Days Out: Obama Rallies Drawing Record Crowds

American Flags on our campaign signs -- No more battered spouse syndrome

American Flags on our campaign signs -- No more battered spouse syndrome

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 50% McCain 42% and for the first time...

8 Days Out: Prediction Time: 353-185 That's my story and I'm stickin' to it..

Early Voting 10,633,402 and counting significant Democratic advantage

These next 8 days

Grassroot-y signs I've noticed around my town for Obama:

Surprising narrative on MSNBC today-Obama doing VERY well-EV map EXPANDING

I'm using my first post to tell you all why we donate, volunteer, and fight...

Nevada voters play crucial role: "the empowering of a changing demographic"

Here's my scoop for the day:

DU this Indiana newspaper poll-

Legislative Incoherence

*****MUST READ*****Nate Silvers article on Bradley Effect or Elephant Effect

1993: McCain's plan to slash the military

Sarah Palin v. Nicole Wallace/Steve Schmidt - Are the Careers of Schmidt and Wallace Finished?

Did Palin REALLY just say: "I am Jo-Mama"

Obama Campaign Responds To "Redistribution" Comments From 2001

My neighbor witnessed a man destroying a large Obama sign

Long by Obama’s Side, Axelrod Fills a Role That Exceeds His Title: "friend, adviser, confidante"

I just don't see how McCain can win this election.

"It's always fun having Tucker on..."

Strategy in 2011...

GYWO Toon-"Have you seen those videos..." LOL!

GYWO Toon-"Have you seen those videos..." LOL!

Do Republicans really think they are helping themselves by suggesting Obama is like this guy?

Do Republicans really think they are helping themselves by suggesting Obama is like this guy?

Florida - Early Voting Report - still huge lines! GOP says early voting cost too much money !!



Sorry Everybody! The days after the election.

Obama has cut into evangelical support for Republicans by 22%

self delete-double thread(Elisabeth Hasselbech)

Obamanomics=free mkt wealth spreading

"Boy, this election's got me confused, Joe!"

NC Obama 48 - McCain 45 Hagan 49 - Dole 42 Beverly/Perdue tied at 43!

Salon: Why Obama has to stay above 50 percent

There Could Have Been No Better GOP Ticket Than McCain/Palin

Senior McCain adviser tells CNN: "Those were not the remarks we sent to her plane this morning"

SurveyUSA Virginia Poll: Obama 52%, McCain 43%


Will this election put an end to the GOP war against "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?

Sabato: After ruling out earlier, now says Democrats have a good shot at Senate "Magic 60"

Thom Hartman -who's listenening?

Oh My God..this is so good

Arizona turns pink!

future for Palin: cable news???

Chimpy & Crazy-eyes moving to Dallas (Highland Park area)?

WHERE are the pics of Psycho Sarah campaigning in her CONSIGNMENT CLOTHES??

Howard Kurtz just answered my question re rally coverage...

What time is Obama's new speech today?

This left-hander business.......

This left-hander business.......

Four new polls of VA today, Obama +7. +8, +9, +11, above 50% in all

Can someone please explain internal polling to me? I keep reading about internal

McCain's Electoral College disadvantage should lead to an early night Nov 4

How many gimmicks has the McCain campaign pulled just in the last two months?

I Hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Palin interview on Telemundo tonight.

DRUDGE pushes a yawn-inducing, audio-only NPR clip from Obama in 2001 as "game changing news"

Go here and admire the blue:red ratio

Palin would work with Israel's 'Jewish agency'

Is the Democratic Party finally coming together again?

Anyone receive the e-mail spam saying how Palin is qualified because of the Alaska National Guard?

AhmadiNejad changes his message, now warns of wiping "Jewish Agency" off the map!

See MSNBC interviewing racist PA Republicans? C*ntessa: "Who will you vote for?"

Chicago Public Radio: Walked into work today to find my Obama radio program on Drudge."

Nutty Canvassing tails... (venting for the volenteers)

McCain stated today that the Bush policy on the economy is....

Did McCain's guarantee yesterday include any "money back" perks or swag?

Obama is now responsible for the Jennifer Hudson Tragedy!! Unreal!

help me dispute this...

Hagel: Palin is the ‘thinnest-résumé candidate for Vice-President in the history of America.’»

New "McCain bumber sticker" incident - car owner says windshield broken because of it

8 Years of Bush Turmoil End Jan 20: "I'll be dead before they finally figure out my administration"

I though Obama was suppose to be speaking at 12:30?

The only thing better than this Young Turks video...

Uh, Hasselbeck nobody is talking about Palin's "wardrobe"

Does anyone have a link to animated gif of the McCain sticking his tongue out after the 3rd debate?

McPalin camp: Sarah's medical records to be released *sometime* this week

They don't get it do they? This is about Obama, always has been.

How funny is this... McCain's MTP interview yesterday with Brokaw was in Waterloo, Iowa

I felt like I was being tortured, forced to listen to Palin.

Gallup - Interesting Article Today On Historical Election Upsets - McCain's Chances

Cokie Roberts: why did they report it (the $150K)?

Obama lead in Indiana and reports of very heavy turnout in early voting!!

IA POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 41

Poll perspective: *NO* tracking poll, by ANYBODY, has had McCain ahead since 9/25

Marist Polls of Iowa and New Hampshire

Faux pas on Cleveland Fox affiliate.

Biden to Palin: ‘That’s Nothing, Earth Is Flat!’

Univision Interactive: Obama Trounces McCain among Hispanics 78-22% : Results State by State

Obama: "WE'LL Fix America."; McGrumpy: "I'LL Do This or That."

Those Who Haven't Voted Yet: A Key to Some Surprising New Blue States!

1,016,275 voted in FIRST WEEK of Early Voting in Florida..... Thats 1 Million!

Do you think McCain will create a drama during the concession or prolong it as much as possible ?

"If anything, Obama's position today is slightly better than it was in early October" (

Obama=first non-rich candidate!

TPM: What is it about Alaskan politicians?

Obama's closing argument

How important is it for the country to come together after the elections..


I am sick of

My husband makes me sick!!

Virginia holds keys to White House

HELP! I am trapped in a room full of REPUBLICANS!!

McCain has been spending time in Iowa and Pennsylvania??!

What GOP ticket WOULD be beating us right now?

Regarding the various photos of Sen. Obama that are going around

Over/under before how long CNN stops covering the Obama rally

Palin AGAIN on MSNBC, now she is in Fredricksburg

New Gallup dailies: +10 RV, +10 LV1, +5 LV2

Palin Camp defends Palin going off script: she is "not good at process questions"

So If McCain Can't Even Control Rogue Palin - How's He Supposed To Deal With......

"It may look dark tonight, but if I hold on to hope, tomorrow will be brighter." -- Barack Obama

McCain Camp doesn't have enough volunteers - have to hire "mercenaries for ground war"

McCain Aides: "Her lack of fundamental understanding of some key issues was dramatic."

That's our president

That's our president


Survey: Where is Obama/Biden on Your State's Ballot?

*** Heads Up: Barack Obama Live in Canton, OH ***

DOD Panel: Next President to 'Likely' to Face Crisis in First 270 Days

Looks like Sarah's throwing McCain under the bus.

MSNBC prediction gives Obama 286 Electoral votes. I don't know if this is

Overhead some Repukes from GA having a conversation about Obama:

How the hell does Hannity get away with the "hit" pieces he does on Obama?

8 days.

The composer has put the finishing touches on his masterwork


WSJ: Political Wisdom: Will Undecided Voters Abandon Obama?

Like John McCain, racism is still alive.

POLL: On Election Night...

Milbank: Are Obama followers real Americans?

Rasmussen POLL: Obama 51, McCain 46 - Obama 5% lead

Junior Johnson (NASCAR) has endorsed Obama


Restridibuting Wealth

How Late to Stay Up?

Response for this weekends parties - Congressional Approval

Article from "Inside Defense" shows that Biden knows what he's talking about.

Dear Red States, (Here's the back-up plan -- just in case)

Where the road ends for John McCain

Another Republican rejects McCain (ouch)

I really think he picked Palin because she's Barbie-doll

Biden Teaches Political History - "They said Thomas Jefferson wasn’t a real Christian..."

Biden Teaches Political History - "They said Thomas Jefferson wasn’t a real Christian..."

If your Obama sign is stolen, check with the local campaign ofc. Signs may be free now.

Faux has McCain's speech on now if you need a nap

Pentagon panel - Biden was right..

MSNBC - Liddy On the Dole is speaking via phone now.

Reading Obama's Canton speech makes me VERY excited for Wednesday night...

Yes, Obama will probably win. But will he have a mandate?

“We Hunt, Fish, Drink Beer and Support Barack Obama”

I've got a suggestion for theme music for McCain and Palin rallies...

Hey folks, do you know the rest of the Ashley Todd saga? (Ashley--the Prequel)

Obama's speech vs. McCain's speech=Apples and oranges!

Obama's speech vs. McCain's speech=Apples and oranges!


I voted for Obama today!!!

I know the secret service agents are to remain neutral and not have an opinion, but..


McCain's about to step in it again!

"In this American Story, Each of Us Has a Role to Play"

"Let's Keep them in Their Homes!"

Well when you can not win on issues (NRTPac Wright ad)

Why McCain WON'T: For those of you freaking out about this Newsweek article...

McCain unwittingly hires Obama supporters as mercenaries

McCain unwittingly hires Obama supporters as mercenaries

Regardless of who leads now, assume Obama loses everywhere he is not polling 50% or above

Money Quote: "We don't need bigger government or smaller government. We need a better government"

Gettin awful yelly at McCain's rally right now.

Florida Follies by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Tens of thousands of voters wrongly removed in Colorado? and other states?

And the answer is : a disagreement, a Hendrix guitar lick, and John McCain. What's the question?

Is Junior Johnson now a socialist in freepville?

Where does he get the ENERGY??? He is on FIRE!!!

Yes, Virginia, You Are Obama's Firewall (Nate @

Count three more votes for Obama!

Rokita: Acorn linked to voter irregularities

Rokita: Acorn linked to voter irregularities

Part III: It was a darker and stormier night than had ever been

The National Polls DO NOT Matter/Electoral college math is nearly impossible for Mccain

PPP Poll of NC - Obama still has a 49-48 lead

McCain. Yeesh. Does he have to do the Mr. Roper during every applause break?

** Heads Up: Joe Biden Live in Greensboro, NC!! **

Obama: "Don't think for a moment that power concedes."

Did McCain steal "the Biden's" stand up and fight call? I swear I heard Biden using that

That, my friends, is the closer... (TRANSCRIPT ENCLOSED)

Don't forget it is the 'McCain-Bush Twins' who put our country into trillions in debt

Look at this situation. We have two republican candidates who define themselves as outside their

Public Policy Polling (PPP) North Carolina: Obama: 49% McCain: 48% (leads early voting 63-36)

Obama's Campaign Thinks Big In Final Week

Question: Who the in their right mind listens to Robo Calls?

McCain's left cheek and angry pants

"We Know the World and We Support Obama": 334 Foreign Service employees, including 66 Ambassadors

question: what happens if mccain has a stroke or something before 11/4?

Rick Sanchez about to look into who pushed the B girl story

Is anyone tracking the amount of campaign coverage?


The Time For Obama To Fight Election Theft Is NOW During Early Voting

CNN: Sanchez to talk about Ashley Todd (B Girl)

This is the third time I've been to Freeperland to find out their reaction to a poll...

My experience today voting.

Palin to Israeli Ambassador Meridor: "We look forward to ... working with your Jewish agency"

Laugh Break... new updates at PalinAsPresident!

McCain Home-State Offices Remain Empty While Polls Tighten; Obama Offices Bustling

Sarah Palin put her clothing at issue

Just for a little levity: Cabbage Patch Obama and Biden!!

James Dobson time travels to 2012 and lies, bitches and whines as much as he does in 2008

"She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else."

MN-06: Pardon Me, Michele?

McCain sounding more like Lionel Barrymore everyday

McCain sounding more like Lionel Barrymore everyday

Video: Joe Biden in Greensboro, NC 10/27

Ohio early voting heavily Democratic - link

McCain trying to run away from Bush

Any idea how big the crowd was in Ohio?

A lead is a lead

FIVE myths about the Election and Stock Market

Republicans new strategy... Oprah?

Holy Crap Lookit the Map!

Tired of Freepers stealing your Obama signs? I've got a brand new design guaranteed to stop them.

Bruce Springsteen on Junior Johnson

An amateurish photoshop.....Johnpetto and Palinocchio

An amateurish photoshop.....Johnpetto and Palinocchio

McCain has starting hiring Obama volunteers...

I suspect Obama is going to blow away Bush's record of the most votes a presidential candidate

DUers need help researching this URL

Barack's speech today made my mom cry!

The Dow during Obama's speech, and then during McCain's...

Remember Plouffe said Obama's internals looked great even when his lead was 1-2 points

Remember Patty Wetterling? She ran against Michele Bachmann in MN 6th district four years ago.

The Lyin', the Witch, and the Wardrobe - An Alaskan Tale

Hispanics could put Obama over the top

Pardon my ignorance: Who's Junior Johnson? Why is his Obama Endorsement important?

Jewish agency?

Obama leads McCain by 12 points in Colorado according to Rocky Mountain News Poll!

Hey DU'ers: Tired of Freepers Stealing Your Obama Signs? I've got a design guaranteed to stop them.

Wow...what is Burr on?!

Palin in Leesburg: Obama is 'wealth-spreader', a Facebook parody - and a new McCain camp low...

Note from A. Warhol to S. Palin - "Your 15 minutes are almost up"!

Two New Polls Show Obama Pulling Away (in Virginia)

Empty seats at McCain rally today-

Texas Early Vote Totals -- Wow!

PA TRACKING POLL: Obama 53, McCrypt 40

The Charlotte Observer enthusiastically endorses Barack Obama for president

Fellating McCain/Palin

Senator Obama shares a laugh with 13-month-old Gracie - pics


McCain just sent me a 4 page begging letter.

Charlie Cook - on MSNBC now- "No sign of narrowing"

If you want to "take no prisoners", be prepared to be disappointed by an Obama administration

McCain is an Ass Hat

'Obama Wins!,' newspaper declares

Stevens Guilty!!

Financial Times endorses Obama

Breaking: Palin to release her medical records this week...unsure

Ted TUBES Stevens GUILTY ***bwahahahahaha

McCain Camp Hate Rips Apart Families

Suffolk Poll FL: Obama 49 McCain 44

Obama's EV lead in perspective: It's almost to the point where ALL he needs are his "strong" states!

OMGallup: O 52% (+1), McC 42% (no change). Ten point lead again!

Just released today - Monday! SUSA VA Poll (10/25-10/26), Obama 52, McCain 43 - 9 point Obama lead

Freeper alludes to violence if Obama wins.

With Obama the obvious winner, what will Bush/Cheney do to hold on to the seat of power?

Off-topic: Does anyone else love Zero the Polar Bear?

DOW closes down 203 points

Isn't it kind of STRANGE that McCain's wife is standing behind him at every rally?

When it rains, it pours...

Dear, Senator Stevens,

Recommend if you think this is an innovative way for donating to the Obama Campaign!

Anyone else here smell a pizza cooking? I am definitely spying "Concern Troll"

Norah O'Donnell is beating up the head of the Republican party Mike Duncan

Our FRiends are in a tizzy again about the IBD tracking poll...

Did McCain just get punk'd or is the Ashley Todd effect contagious?

Breaking Republicans want to start prison reform legislation now

Breaking Stevens Guiilty seven Counts

Bad news for McCain: Slew of economic reports on tap this week

How can the Republicans possibly hope to win Stevens' senate seat?

Amb. Peter Bridges: We Know The World And We Support Obama

ATF foils skin-head mass-casualty terror plot against Obama

Skinheads busted by ATF for Assassination plot?

Might as well give up folks...the Internals look bad...

Judges are terrorists? McCain seems to think so

It was very stupid of Sarah Palin to revert to wearing "her own clothes."

WUSSUP 2008 - one of the BEST Obama ads I've seen yet.

hannity has the whining meter pegged this afternoon

McCain GUARANTEES win in interview

'Obama Wins,' newspaper declares (CNN)

ted stevens guilty - 18 minutes later - skin head plot broken up

ted stevens guilty - 18 minutes later - skin head plot broken up

I have a great idea for an SNL skit if Obama wins

Breaking news for Sarah Palin!


Busy news days will keep Drudge's "Obama wants to redistribute wealth" lie off the front pages

Socialism! Palin's $$ distribution to each Alaskan.

Someone stole my brand-new Obama-Biden sign.

Skinheads Plot???

Whispers in Connecticut. What to do with LIEBERMAN?

Hey Nora, Shuster, & MSNBC: Here Are Some "Faceless Donors" For Ya !

17,500 will be jam-packed into the Igloo to see Obama in Pittsburgh today

so depressed

Frame the skinhead plot the way it should be framed

US Navy bigwigs go grassroots for Obama (Former Navy Secty and Vice Admiral)

AP Updated News: McCain dials back Minn. ad buys in final week

Just for fun: RAS Poll of California Obama: 61% McCain: 34%

Has anyone else heard this new "watermelon" phrase?

Has anyone else heard this new "watermelon" phrase?

Apparently, Sara Palin palls around with convicted criminals n/t

RNC Chairman all hostile with Nora

In 1987, I was 21 years old. Joe Biden was my first choice for the Democratic presidential nom.

Yahoo story: "Is Barack Obama a real American or a Harvard elitist?"


Safe or Sorry

McCain campaign has slyly changed its Slogan .. and stole a word too ...

Eight Days: The promissory note comes due!

This Ted Stevens things is a trap set by KKKarl!

Does anyone want to get slimy and dirty and go over to freeper land

The full 2001 Obama et al. interview that Drude is trying to smear Obama with

Ted Stevens is Guilty on ALL COUNTS of Making False Statements

My continuation of the 2008 visual election guide

Next we'll hear the RNC paid $1500

Stevens Verdict In! So How Long Until . . .

I think Drudge got a talking to from the McCain camp

FACT CHECK: McCain Persists in Exaggerations

Ted Stevens' conviction - A Rovian trap!

Ted Stevens' conviction - A Rovian trap!

Obama is in danger!

OoooWeee! GumbObama! Obama Zydeco!

I'm having a great day today. Will Scott Rasmussen ruin it at 6PM?

The October Surprise Has Arrived

A Victory for Obama would be a a victory for ....; A victory for McCain?

Re-Elect Ted Stevens ..... Hellooooooooo Senator Palin!

Some choice Freeper reactions to the assassination plot story...

Ron Christy is a MOTHERFUCKING UNCLE TOM. . .the Nazi's/Skinheads target Obama as well as 102 Black

McCain Campaign Falsely Claims Obama Described Court's Failure to Redistribute Wealth As "Tragedy"

HAHAHA!!! Reason number 598,682 to LOVE Austin, TX:

Palin just felt a great change in the Force ---and Dreads the same will happen to her...

The Plot Against Obama Is a Strategy....

The Plot Against Obama Is a Strategy....

McCain can kiss several more days of precious news cycle goodbye...

Remember the Terrorists Who Got Prosecuted for Planning to Blow Up The Sears Tower?

Obama opens up 5 point lead in Florida (49-44).

Freeper Reaction to Steven's conviction

My favorite freeper post of the day

Sarah Palin effigy hung in Halloween display

Ed Rollins has thrown in the towel

Liberal vs. Conservative "community organizers"

VIDEO Cuddly Animals for Obama!

This has turned into the "Ted Stevens forum" WTF

I voted for Barack Obama today in MT

Today's been a good day.

"Pallin' around with a convicted felon

I wonder if this murder/assassination plot was real.

ABC/WAPO Poll: Obama 52(unchanged), McCain 45(unchanged)

Pittsburgh: Waiting for Obama at The Igloo


Electoral Vote Question: Now McCain needs PA to win, but...

Just got a look at McCain's internals.... they're really awful

ATF THE SKINHEADS just got busted for targeting Obama and about 100 African Americans

Republicans hire mercenaries for ground war against Barack Obama

Help needed with letter re abortion/dobson/obama question

Please help me, Obama Rally Tomorrow, for those who have been...

Palin Forces Local Reporter To Submit Topics For Interview ‘Ahead Of Time’ For Pre-Clearance

I googled it first. I looked it up on Snopes and FightTheSmears. Still need help please.

I googled it first. I looked it up on Snopes and FightTheSmears. Still need help please.

Photos - I had to miss this rally

Time again to play "Which major network will label Ted Stevens a Democrat" game

Bachmann update: Trailing in the polls

Amb. Richard C. Holbrooke: Why the Nation and the World Needs Barack Obama

OK. Come clean. Which one of you DU'ers are over at freeperville posting this. LOL

Youtube Video: MLK, Jr's Last Prophetic Speech

RNC paid $900 for a spray-on tan for Sarah -- but she's returning it

Assassination plot targeting Obama disrupted

McCain having a breakdown onstage MSNBC - cannot get the insults towards Obama

SUSA Oregon Poll: Obama 57 (unchanged), McCain 38 (-2)....Merkley Leads Smith by 7

This is all just ****ing unbelievable (Obama = Holocaust)

Obama camp response to ATF arrests: no comment

I'm so looking forward to McCain/Palin message regarding Ted Stevens guilty verdict.

Ted Stevens GUILTY!!!!!! aahahhahahahahaha (see inside for his reaction)

Obama, McCain Amassing Thousands Of Lawyers To Monitor Polls

So have McCain and Palin condemned this neo-Nazi plot yet?

As much as I would love to pin this entire "skinhead" plot to McCain's tail...

TINFOIL HAT PHOTO: Take a look at the "advisor" standing behind Grampy today in Cleveland.

American Synchronicity

"We need pogroms" another Freudian slip by McNuts?

Skinhead plot seems to be underwhelming, similar to other "terror" announcements.

Mitt Romney aides behind Palin "Diva" trash-talk

Anti-Defamation League condemns Pro-McCain Republicans for 'trivializing' the Holocaust

Anti-Defamation League condemns Pro-McCain Republicans for 'trivializing' the Holocaust

Live Feed- KDKA Barack Obama in Pittsburgh (Mellon Arena)

MY election night plan. do the polls look good today?

Media Matters On 2001 Obama Interview - Once Again RW Pushes The Opposite Of What Obama Says

I voted for Obama yesterday!

OMFG: US Mint To Issue Sarah Palin Commemorative Coin

Dan Rooney introducing O in Pittsburgh

Markets flat today..... that's acceptable

Need DU help! I have a McCain/Palin lawn sign.

LOL Barbara West response to Obama/Biden criticism by having a "tough" interview with McCain. . .

WAPO: Corruption Conviction of Sen. Stevens Enhances Democrats' Prospects

Heather Wilson Compares RNC's $150,000 Shopping Spree to Obama's 'Ties' and Biden's Hair Transplants

One Way to solve your Lawn signs thefts

Just found out mclame will be in my town Thursday, need signage!

Picture: Obama Would Make For A Great Mob Boss.

St. Pete Times: List of Unverified Florida Voters Grows to over 12,000

Florida Early Voting Update: Democrats Pull Ahead

The Reinvention of Sarah Palin - Asheville, NC Rally

The Reinvention of Sarah Palin - Asheville, NC Rally

Republicans did *not* need this right now.

Yeldarb LIVES! Obama outperformed polls in primaries ...

Youtube Video:Robert F. Kennedy, April 5th, 1968 on the mindless menace of violence in America

How is the Republican Party keeping Republicans interested in the Election?

Have you never gone to these sites

ATF Breaks Up Nazi Assasination Attempt At Obama

So will Obama campaign in Arizona this week?

Breaking: Skinhead kill Obama and kill 100 African Americans foiled..

Arizona now only "barely GOP" at Electoral!

McCain's "Blood and Soil" speech today was delivered to a half-empty auditorium.

The Epidemic of Violence - besides the threat to Barack Obama today we saw:

New Rasmussen Poll: Obama up 4 in OH 49 - 45%

McCain Gains on Obama in Poll...

Does anyone have a link to an old youtube video where Obama talks as though he is announcing

If you use half your brain, you're voting McCain.....

Politico: The Wright Ad Arrives

palin ran a 527 group FOR ted stevens.....

Feds disrupt Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

Who will pardon Stevens, Bush or Cheney? My bet is on Cheney.

Did anyone hear Nancy Pfluffernutter walk off a radio show? Warren Ballentine?

Rasmussen Florida poll: Obama leads 51-47.

FOX/Rasmussen Swing State Polling - October 26, 2008

White Tuxedos and Top Hats for assassins... can this campaign get any weirder?

Who had a closer association?

Obama Making Pitch For Sports Fan Demographic

Great way to 'recycle' junk mail:

Heh, my horoscope today. I think it should apply to all of us in the next eight days

Barack On Afghanistan War: A Welcome Shift?

Any links to Obama live in Pittsburgh?

McCain In 1998 Asks -"Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?"

Michael O'Hanlon, war cheerleader, to vote for Obama

GOP would welcome Lieberman

Status Graphs for Obama’s Seventeen Swing States – Updated 10/26

One possible reason why some polls tightened this weekend

Bush, Then & Now

Do orange jumpsuits come with Hulk logos?...

Get yer red hot "Palin' Around With Ted Stevens" pictures here:

Help? Washington hotels for the inauguration?

PA Poll (Temple Univ): Obama 50, McDipshit 41

Wear All white tuxedos? Kill 14 black people and 88 people overall?

Freeper Irony Alert Regarding Senator Stevens Conviction

Confirmed: Ashley Todd a paid CRNC organizer


New Gallup poll shows 75% of U.S. Jews plan to vote Obama

Is this a good enough reason to boycott

Jamie Foxx For Obama: "We Need A Cool President"

Has Fox News "Mistakenly" Identified Ted Stevens As A Democrat, Yet?

Antidotes to Complacency: Four Reasons to Keep Acting

OMG! A woman at work just told me she won't vote for Obama because...

McCain Rally on right now, he's a stammering and they're a yellin!

** Attention All Young DU Members **

Christian Group Launches Pro-Obama Ads

Possible clues about Obama's 30 minute infomercial ...

Poll: Will Stevens win next Tuesday anyway?

Sarah Palin Hearts Newly Convicted Felon Ted Stevens

Real American Fetuses for McCain-Palin

to divert talk of her wardrobe, Palin will adopt the Minnie Pearl look

GOP talking head on CNN re Obama speech: "It's all just words."

Tenn. GOP Chair draws parallel comparison of Obama murder plot to a Palin effigy halloween display

This is hilarious!!! Of course I want the "redistribution of wealth"..

Can Palin Pardon Stevens?

Poll: McCain Slipping in Arizona

How well would you guess CNN will do this year in presenting up-to-date election results

"The real question is, how can we be better off four years from now…and who will get us there?”

Can anyone post video of McCain talking today???

Farewell, A Fond Farewell, to our Friends the Republicans.

What's wrong with this screenshot from Drudge?

This song says it all for me

Obama & McCain -- An Allegorical Tale

Liberal and proud.

A Mockery Of The Freedom Of The Press

McCain just lied and said the 2001 interview was from "today"

Sen. John McCain..... The Lastion Bastion of American Hatred !

Wing nuts argue McCain could win California. Wait until you see why.

Here's the video of McCain fumbling at his rally today - "The redistributor..."

Racist skinhead leader of sleazy group that targeted Obama found...

BREAKING: NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Virginia Gov.

Anyone in the media that pretends to be a journalist or reporter that does what happened to Biden...

** Heads Up: Barack Obama Live in Pittsburgh, PA **

** Heads Up: Barack Obama Live in Pittsburgh, PA **

The Obama Assassination Plot: "White Tuxedos and Top Hats"?

Obama big speech is on now. And MSNBC is playing ANOTHER PALIN rally. Unreal

ted stevens can still be elected to the united states senate

I don't think McCain has a prayer. But if he WAS *somehow* able to pull it out...

The mainstream media is obsessed with McCain

For All The Worrying & Yelling, 95% Of The Votes Are Firmed Up At This Point

Too much good news to ignore. Read the following and enjoy.

Mitch McConnell should be our biggest target in the Senate

The Strength of Obama's Protection: Defense Against Irish Nutbags

The Three Ashleys

Palin...a diva? What happened to Joe Six Pack??? LMAO

McCain is winning Arizona by two points. Two whole percentage points!

Serious question: Does the MSM factor early voting into their projections on election day?

A qualified, self-respecting VP candidate would have not allowed herself to be "handled" like Palin.

Use this thread to post all the praise and paling around Palin has done with convict Sen Stevens

I can tell you firsthand that Obama's security detail is hard to penetrate

Palin: Stevens verdict ‘shines a light on the corrupting influence of the big oil service company.’»

Can Rethug's now stop the Chicago politician snickering

Election Night Dinner? What's Your Special Menu?

Obama wins with 277 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls!

A guy held up a McCain sign at the World Series game in Philly last night

BREAKING: ATF: Plot by skinheads to kill Obama is foiled; Two Neo-Nazis held in Tennessee

ted stevens got his wish - he wanted the trial over before the election

Is Howard Dean on Rachel Maddow's show tonight?

Grampy McBush: "That’s pure baloney. A couple of mavericks aren’t going to agree on everything."

Isn't giving all the banks $750 Billion "redistribution of wealth"?

"McCain Palin if you're OK by Trig you're OK by me"...HUH? WTF?

The Fox/Rasmussen state polls were made yesterday, when McCain was supposedly getting a bounce

The Fox/Rasmussen state polls were made yesterday, when McCain was supposedly getting a bounce

Mark Fiore's "Get Out the Vote" Animation--Pass It Around!

Grant Park, Nov. 4th and DUers

McCain's Push for Land Swap Aided Keating Associate(Years After Keating 5)

Hang in there DU !... Hang in there !

** Video: Barack Obama in Canton, OH 10/27 + free pie recipie **

it's one of the fracture points, the powers that are used to maintain their Machiavellian hold

McCain: Obama and his team attacked Joe the Plumber

So if Ted Stevens Resigns, Will Sarah Palin Appoint Herself to Fill

Why wasn't John McCain, tried and Convicted???

Chuck Todd: Take Obama and Give the Points !

How long until Faux puts up a graphic that identifies Ted Stevens as a Democrat?

The Odd Thing About - No Mention Of McCain, Just Palin!

Barack Obama is coming here fot a GOTV event, nice but by Wed. PM when the event starts


The Tip of the Iceberg

Why Is McCain Opposed to Middle Class Tax Cuts?

SHIT! Where is Carly Fiorina during this economic crisis???

TNT is totally "in the tank" for Obama

Palin around with criminals

VERY scary- skinhead plot against Obama (and others)

Lou Dobbs just now:"coming up, Biden's fiesty reply to reporter who kicked his you know what". lol

Why doesn't anyone mention that Palin's 'defeat' of the corrupt party in AK,

DRUDGE headline on November 5th.........

Phony board of elections flier tells Virginia Democrats to vote on November 5

Republicans hire mercenaries for ground war against Barack Obama

DU this poll at PBS re: Palin's qualifications

The Sinfulness of Faith-Based Economics

I am going to ask an obvious question: Why do so many here expect a Stevens victory?

"The all too common alliance of Fox News, the Drudge Report and John McCain"

McBush and the GOP has the DOW close to the 7,000 level. Todays loss so far is 200 points

October 27, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

Best Friends-

NC Repug Robo Call: "We're Calling to invite you to a Victory Party!"

Pittsburgh Council Member Wants Apology In Political Attack Case

Are you a swing voter? Find out here.

Drudge's attempt to push the 2001 interview = EPIC FAIL

PHOTOS Ah jeez, some more Barack & Kids pics!

I've Been Away All Day... Anything Much Happen?

Palin: All about Eve.

Pentagon Panel: Biden Was Right, Prep for 'Crisis'

New Wisconsin Flyer Preys on Fear of Black Power

Nice Obama reaction at lunch today

Too funny---Sarah Palin is a MILF.

Daughter of slave votes for Obama: 109-year-old Bastrop woman casts her vote by mail.

New Hampshire Poll (Univ of NH): Obama 55(+1), McCain 39(unchanged)...Shaheen up 11.


Media Matters: Drudge, Fox News on-screen text flat wrong about Obama's comments on Supreme Court

Ted Stevens found guilty in corruption case (updated)

Just made my own calculations: Gramps has to win ALL of the following states to win:

OMG! GOP now running McCain ads in Montana!

How hard will Obama fight if the election is stolen?

How hard will Obama fight if the election is stolen?

How hard will Obama fight if the election is stolen?

Is it wrong to make fun of McCain's health?

Remember when the "race card" was first played in this election.

My sister just said the Obamas will paint the White House BLACK!

Waited nearly two hours but finally voted today

Please help Jim Martin win a seat in the Senate (Georgia)

Every 10 mins Dole is running an Ad on Local Television...wonder how much $ she has kicked in now?

CNN: "Palin's off-script comments irk McCain aides"...Palin aide: "She had to defend herself"

Lieberman: I've Talked To Doctors, McCain "Will Live To 85 At Least"

Please HELP - where was that topic that said "If McCain loses Virginia it's over"???

anti-Obama mailings are getting ugly here in Indiana....

McCain's Closing Argument: "I am an American and I want to Fight"

I see the announcement of the Skinhead Plot as a way to suppress the African American vote

What will you do if McCain is declared president on Nov. 5?

1 hour 10 min wait Early Voting - Northern VIRGINIA (reason required)

Obama's "Closing Argument" is OUTSTANDING

YAY!!! My hero Howard Dean is on MSNBC

Democratic Underground Obama 08 Fundraising Page

Mock Election results from former DeLay Land (the kids are alright)

I Think The "Skinhead Plot" News Was Timed To Blunt The Stevens Conviction

Man Shoots McCain Sign Thief

Sometimes I wonder who's running McCain's campaign.

McCain-Palin Halloween Costume Ideas/Suggestions??

Dept. of Burying The Lede - McCain podium-pounding rally in Kettering, Ohio was Half-Full!

Why Obama Staffers Are Secretly Worried, from the Daily Beast

AARP Radio's Exclusive Interview With Barack Obama (good interview today; link included)

On my analysis, we can get the 60 Senate seats (Filibuster-proof Senate) IF

Obama's Really Really Bad Internal Numbers

McCain freudian slip today: "That's what change means for the Obama Administration"

Should I Take Down my Obama Sign?

*** EV Prediction Poll 10/27/08 ***


Georgia's SOS website lets you know if someone voted yet or not

Obama in Canton, Ohio: "One Week"

Almost... There

Almost... There

Claims of "voter suppression" in Florida do not ring true

Loving the front of - check this out!

Barbara West on the O'Looney Tunes Factor Tonight: O'Leilly Gives Softball Sympathetic Interview

Drudge trying to hype up a 2001 Obama interview

CQ Politics Has Obama At 311 Electoral Votes As Of Today !!!

Florida - pic

Palin in the white house...funny, disturbing website.

If Freepers start trouble after Obama wins,

10/27 - 8 Days to Go - A look at the polls, what's affecting them, and how they can change

Is anyone else getting nervous about the 30 minute special on Wednesday?

Assassination of Obama?! WTF?!

Did Junior Johnson just deliver the remaining NC undecideds to Obama?

The Daily Widget, Mon 10/27 – O-383, M-155 – Undecideds Up As McCain Drops; Arizona?

Hey George W. Bush, you crack fiend. WE'RE THE DECIDERS

Lord! Did anyone hear McCain flubbing his "redistribution" argument just now on MSNBC?

McCain-Palin in an altered world

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum predicts McCain loss and GOP meltdown

Lakeland Ledger interview with Jill Biden...she tells of their first date. Nice.

I flled out my absentee ballot tonight -- and voted for Obama!!!

Need something to calm you down? My new Obama video.. lots of cute Obama with kids pics!

KKK for Palin (Her Visit to Asheville)

PHOTOS Today's Inspirational Pics (Oct 27)

DL Hughley's Comedy show is on CNN right now

Stay Classy, Tennessee GOP

Why Arizona is leaning away from McCain

Just sent an email to Amazon - against their listing of OBAMA mask under "terrorist"

Freeper thread: "do you feel the fear?"

Indiana phone bank workers walk out on sleazy McCain script!

Toon for the day -- lovingly tendered by yours truly

A Thank You to Mario Savio

"We look forward to ... working with your Jewish agency." PALIN!

RNC Goes Up In Montana

The grooviest., most awesome Salsa OBAMA music video w/ Jose Conde....

Ras poll of ARIZONA: McCain 51% (-8) Obama 46% (+8)

Dozens (40) Walk-Out McCain Robo-Call Center In Disgust!!!

What could that $700 Billion have done for America? (Pic)

Holy Moonshine Runners Batman!!! Junior Johnson's message for Obama

DU we have our work cut out for us

New Rasmussen polls OH Obama up 4, MO Obama up 1, CO Obama up 4, VA Obama up 4, FL Obama up 4!

Six Republicans up for re-election who voted against SCHIP

Squeezing the Wealth

Attention all DU'ers who are lifelong NY Rangers or Boston Red Sox fans...& those of you who aren't

Sarah Palin may be guilty of the same type of graft as Ted Stevens.

Pittsburgh-Dan Rooney (Steelers chairman) adds to the team roster

Smear e-mail I got today - not yet debunked

Dozens Of Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest Rather Than Read McCain Script Attacking Obama

Who does First Dude remind you of?

WTF is going on on MSNBC...they say BREAKING NEWS



BREAKING - AP RADIO NEWS: Three Judge Fed Appeals Court blocks Georgia's Voter ID Law

Not a Red America, no, not even a Blue America, but a.....

You judge by the pictures. Was Sarah in Asheville NC a well vetted idea?

Arizona is going pink, Holy Mole!

Obama campaign flusters Fox

"Be 'inclusive' to Republicans. Don't scare them off."

MSNBC: "Obama crosses 270"...Obama leads McCain 286-163, up from his 264-163 advantage a week ago

GRAPHIC: Who is redistributing wealth?

"Sarah Palin Deserves Our Respect"- WTF?

The 2008 elections' worst person in the world poll 3 of 3

Anchorage Daily News: Palin blessing echoed extreme strategy

The 2008 elections' worst person in the world poll 2 of 3

John Kyl, epic bullshit spewer

The 2008 elections' worst person in the world poll 1 of 3

I just watched TBone on 60 Minutes. He makes McCain look .......

Middle Class Arrives on Los Angeles' Skid Row

Too Many Guns

LOL! Fuckabee hucks up on Fox

Racism and November 4th

Fox is turning into CBN, with Huckabee

David Horsey's Bailout

He just endorsed Obama

McCain Comment From 2000 ...

Should BushCheney abdicate on 5 Nov ?

Financial Times: US public pension funds face big losses

Racist freeper mindset: Screenshot from their assassination plot article:

Racist freeper mindset: Screenshot from their assassination plot article:

McCain Med Alert!


Something very strange just happened to Mccain just now.

LARGEST ever drop in gas

Geezer & Ga-ga Desperate for Attention to Flagging Campaign

AP: Wall Street workers leaving NYC for fresh start

Visiting Republican houses on Halloween

Sarah Vowell on Book TV now

Oh, damn! "Economic News, sponsored by FloMax" (60 Minutes)

Question - Can someone from Dayton OH please tell me why John Boehner is going to win again?

Um... Didn't Palin "spread the (oil) wealth around" to Alaskans?

Um... Didn't Palin "spread the (oil) wealth around" to Alaskans?

Don't forget to personalize your gloating this Guy Fawkes season.

That 'Yes we can' at the Phillies game

A student who told his principal that he could steal private employee info now is facing felonies.

Abromowitz -The Plumber Can't Fix the Leaks: Joe the slacker

Republicans are being pushed to the periphery


Hey Boss, you want I should break his kneecaps?

Where are those hi-tech jobs?

Jerks vote republican.

Why I can't vote for JOHN McCain

You must CHOOSE! If the presidential election were held today

Nasdaq Has Suspended Exchange Delisting Rules

Your Electoral Prediction

Mounting Layoffs: Why They're Different This Time

McCain's Irresponsible Syria Response

A GOPer who believes his own agi-prop is like a dope dealer high on his own product

U.S. Army warns of Twittering terrorists

I'm most offended that Ashley Todd had to blame a black man

I saw this music video and I had tears falling down my cheeks.

Scarlett, the cat that saved kittens from 1996 Brooklyn fire, dies

If your election lasts for more than two years

If your election lasts for more than two years

A quick note about the MSM and polls

Put on your tinfoil hats...McCain wins;

If Palin were liberal, smart, and her voice wasn't grating, would you find her attractive?

Link between personality and political affiliation?? Fascinating...

The one thing I realy Hate about Christmas.

willie nelson live streaming

Ukraine Gets $16.5 Billion Loan From IMF; Hungary Next in Line

Oops. Nevermind.

My Sister-in-Law the Anti-Bush Wican Suspected Tweaker Republican Thief for McCain

Dog risks life to save kittens

Damn! That was fast!

Florida Secretary of State Browning says long lines "a sign of healthy democracy"

Dog risks life for kittens

Palin's Anti-Abortion Vigilante Pals

OK Let's Hear About Your Strange Kid's Toys You Had In The 60's-70's

OMFG - Condi wants to be president of an NFL team

Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown

I really just wanna stand on their necks

Some voters 'purged' from voter rolls (atlanta, Georgia)

Some voters 'purged' from voter rolls (atlanta, Georgia)

Markets to shut down?

Discovery of odd anthrax cells led to the feds to Ivins...

fla tv (orlando) channel 6 rshows palin tallk but nothing on our candidates

Challenge voters on "typos"; with only days to correct them before the election

I'll Say It Again And Keep Saying It: Hannity and Limbaugh Should Be Prosecuted

What is the best way to debunk the Socialism Nonsense?

Devastating New Ad Hits McCain on Bush Economics

Pittsburg Steelers for Obama---You all already knew that, right?

Ok anything new and exciting today?

A study in human behavior at the grocery store, yet another.

Teaching FreepTards to read

McCain GUARANTEES victory ?!!! ...on Meet the Press

McCain GUARANTEES victory ?!!! ...on Meet the Press

Congressional Hearings on Dangers of Cell Phones

So if you're in or around eastern Washington

Palin effigy hung by the neck from a noose in West Hollywood (so wrong)

BREAKING - Sarah Palin's Statement on Ted Steven's Guilty Verdict:

This is just so sick and heartbreaking; I'm disgusted and sad


The Asian stock market tanked on Monday

A few Asian markets are open - 10:30 - Nikkei +0.4%, Hang Seng -1.76%

FACT CHECK: McCain persists in exaggerations

FACT CHECK: McCain persists in exaggerations

What kind of McRove "October Surprise"

A few pics from Denver

Stocks Set to Drop Again in Monday Opening

If Obama wins will you wear your Obama gear after the election



Um, when did showing Cindy McCain in a bathrobe in a hotel room become a GOOD IDEA??

Obama sign thefts


Ok so I am on a layover in Salt lake city... the question is should I wear my Obama shirt ..

Palin wardrobe controversy heightens - Todd is a cheapo!

Barack Obama has done NOTHING....

This Year’s Butterfly Ballot

This Year’s Butterfly Ballot

Thank you, whoever posted

For all you folks who have to close one eye to read this


For those of who think we should give GOP & McCain/Palin a pass for the assassination plot:

For God Sayeth ...... Luke 4:5, 6, and 7

Colo. couple get marijuana with order of tacos

What songs will your election night soundtrack consist of?

Homeland Security plans for new airline passenger screening system

In McCain/Palin's world, Bill Ayers is a terrorist, but Eric Rudolph is not.

In McCain/Palin's world, Bill Ayers is a terrorist, but Eric Rudolph is not.

New Rim Job screed. Don't click if you can't handle crazy.

Obama In Pittsburgh today!!

Man Finds Racial Slur Printed On Receipt

"I saw what a meeting should be"

I want to see their faces after they realise their sadistic fantasies will go unfulfilled.

Buying dollars.... a good deal!

A simple solution for people who have a problem w/ Joe S

the United States of Uhhhmerica

"Agreeably Disagreeing"

"goodness gracious" he said as he took the stage

Does anyone think the Syrian raid was legit?

Please DU this AR poll as to who you would vote for it the election were today:

Hey, Freepers and Bushbots! Aren't you glad now that the US

I remember when they slammed Gore for shirts...

Here's why Alter is WRONG and why he knows better

Outraged Parents of Children Featured in Latest Yes on 8 TV Ad: Take Commercial Off Air Now

Yanno, sometimes the bottom line is just very simple: "crappy candidate"

Obama, McCain Face Most Pressure Since FDR to Speed Transition

I never realized how foul and racist YouTube comments are allowed to get

Florida gay-marriage ban just short of passing

Why use Special Ops in Syria?: Was it a botched kidnapping attempt?

? How many "uncommitted" voters out there compared to last couple of presidential races?

Senator McCain, "Country First" Really?...

This gang doesn't get the outrage they deserve

Some Inspiration For A Monday...

Michael Moore: No More Socialism for the Rich!

109 yr old daughter of slaves votes for Obama...

Obama today - what time?

Wouldn't MSNBC do better if they got rid of Joe Scarborough?

Evil Wall Street Exports Boomed With `Fools' Born to Buy Debt

We MUST shrink the neocons, till we can drown them in the bathtub!!

the kerfluffler about Palin's $150k wardrobe

Dow futures down 289.95. 7,000 here we come. :(

What percentage of the country do you feel are Palin/Limbaugh/Hannity types?

Tensions rise as Palin polarises nation and party

So..."Caribou Barbie" is now wearing clothes from her local "Consignment Shop" and Jewelry from

Airline Traffic, Cargo Face `Alarming Drop': Chart of the Day

Does O'LOOFAH watch 60 Minutes? Commodity Futures Modernization Act of2000(no debate Rethug congress

Now Mika's calling it "Marxism."

George Bush, are you through yet?

Please, please do me a favor!

At a Palin rally in Colorado (video)

I can't think of an election where the president has voted a week before the regular voting day

Here is the transparency Paulson was talking about in the bailout plan...

Hong Kong stock index crumbles 12.7 % -- 'Nothing but Pain'

Self Delete

What are your memories of economic misery?

Internet service providers need to be regulated to prevent bandwidth gouging...

last week of campaign white house style....

BBC: Australia probes Afghan killings (up to 20 deported asylum seekers killed by Taliban)

NOV. 7: Obama's Loss Traced To YOU (Customize This Video For Your Friends!)

Governing from the Center? Dangers of One-Party Rule?

Is this the October Surprise?

McLame talking live with his economic advisors by his side .....

Now is the time to collate and collect data on all those Bush supporting pundits

Palin's Man/Dinosaur Footprints Thing

Palin's Man/Dinosaur Footprints Thing

Setting the Army Standard (for Jerry Springer)

An interesting thing from the early voting tracker

How well do the people in your immediate circles comprehend the depth of the economic mess?

McCain - too little too late?

Why does Sarah Palin call Barney Frank "Uncle Barney Frank"??

Fox and Friends has spent all morning on the West/Biden interview an nothing on Todd

Chicago Police Find Body of 7-Year old Boy -- Possibly Jennifer Hudson's Nephew

So why isn't Joe the plumber on stage with Gramps

Has Obama's "army" of lawyer's

McLame getting free air time again

Body found in SUV, unknown if it is Hundson's nephew

Indiana polling:

Looks like Obama is helping with prejudice

Palin Just Said Joe Mama

Bush To Meet with President of Paraguay at White House

Great reader comments in Ben Smith's Politico blog about Barbara West's Biden interview:

Child Killed In Dallas Police Officer Accident

I am looking for some good current discussions about the demise of "conservatism"

Amazon lists Obama Halloween mask as a ‘terrorist costume.’

It's Whiney Bounds

Drudge unplugged: How his campaign influence has collapsed

Why is diesel fuel $.80 more per gal than gas?

Encourage younger folks to stay in line to vote......many left the line at NC early vote Sun

Tell those fools to take it down.

Who is begining to feel the 'Butterflies' in his or her tummy?

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Oh I can not stand listening to palin!

Today, I gave Dan Zanes a CD filled with MP3's of Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, and other stuff.

Stranger in a strange land. Living in a red state.

Families of the Victims Tortured by Chicago Detectives Rejoice at First Arrest

Why is law enforcement preparing for an Obama Lose?

"Sorry I got Caught" = The Republican Party's Motto

Bush Official Sentenced in Abramoff Scandal - Bush History,10/26

My song from now until November 4th

Catholic Church to spend 100,000 Euros on Pope's Brother's birthday...

What happened to the big NYT article that was supposed

What happened to the big NYT article that was supposed

McPalin: We're competitive in Virginia. WaPo: Nuht Uh!

"and possibly the largest financial crisis of its kind in human history."

Is hanging a political figure in effigy no longer allowed?

Syria Slams Deadly Village Raid As US 'War Crime'

Push to negotiate with the Taliban will begin Monday

Is there a progressive web portal?

And now for something completely different . . .

Bosnia and Herzegovina we share your freedom!!!

cd there be an indep site like snopes that keeps track, %-wise, of

I know I'll get killed. but when is the time that Barack bought...

Thank goodness there are less like my brother...

Creepy Mitch McConnell's weird recorder incident.

Did something just happen?

McCain Campaign told reporters explosive version of Ashley Todd hoax

A plea from Doug Tudor to help him defeat Opie Putnam in FL 12.

When is Obamas 30 min speech on tv?


May The Farce Be With You !!! (The Value Of Satire In Modern-Day Politics)

Stevens Jury Has To Start Over Again...

Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) Times Leader endorses Obama, so publisher writes a column saying they're wrong

OBAMA C-SPAN 2 - Canton Ohio 12:30pm - starting soon

Off topic: Why does Seattle produce some of the best coffee?

Bailout money being used to boost bonuses

So it is okay for McCain to accept and put into place socialistic programs because

Climb on the Peace Train!

Ok - it's 12:36 pm. Obama is scheduled for campaign in


Sometimes Obama sign thieves get caught...

BEWARE: Chocolate Coins from China this Halloween.

Things are clearly bad for McCain, Arizona is "barely Republican"

Email today from the Ashwin Madia Campaign: Million Dollar Attack

Joseph Galloway: Republicans Summon Ugly Old Ghosts

Artist to create massive Obama portrait near Barcelona beach

CAPTION the Long Good-Bye...

GOP decline - less people says they republican now....

Since Obama's gonna win anyway I really don't feel like standing in line to vote

Rollins: Palin most Popular Republican

Are you thinking of going back to get another degree?

OMG....this knuckledragger on with Thom Hartmann is a good argument for birth control.

Asia Times: Monetary despotism

The Quest for Sustainable Living

Peggy Noonan's wingnut remorse?

Is CINDY and THE FIRST DUDE...Unable to Go.....

The Rude Pundit: John McCain Wants Us to Forget the Present

So what makes people vote against their interests?

Microsoft Ad Campaign Crashing Nation's Televisions

The Republican Dictionary - Election Edition

10 reasons to vote for obama.....

Let's say, hypothetically, Ashley Todd told the truth.

the meat Barons will hate this article - ranches will disappear

Ok I admit it. I'm prejudiced.

FBI: Hate crime down in 2007 but anti-gay crime up

Obama offers support to Jennifer Hudson

Lieberman's Overlords Most Displeased

Since when does FUX air Obama's speeches live?

They Call It Stormy Monday.........thursday’s awful sad.

Greatest "redistribution of wealth" in history when CEO's plundered the all the corporate wealth

Sarah Palin sez: "Women's health clinic bombers are not terrorists!"

David Sirota: Conservatives Pretend Election Isn't Referendum On Conservatism

Former Bush State Department Official: Of Course We Should Talk to Our Enemies

Really great (serious) simple psychological explanation for why some are liberals or


LIVE Obama ('Closing Argument') Rally in Canton, Ohio **ON NOW** C-Span2

The official Sarah Palin campaign song

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, DU!!!

Motivating people to pay their income taxes.

"use your brain vote McCain"

Financial Times: US public pension funds face big losses

Dimming down: How the brainpower of today's 14-year-olds has slipped 'radically'

I may be a little slow...

Is U.S.'s CIA helping Georgians make counterfeit rubles?

Which will be first? 11/4 or crime scene tape and chalk outlines at .......

Marxism: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

W goes to see W

Why They Hate Obama: Miscegenation and Other Nightmares of the Racist Political Imagination

Dear Red States:

Okay, maybe I'm being paranoid...

DUers will need anti-nausea pills to stomach Steve Forbes article in the November 2008 issue

DUers will need anti-nausea pills to stomach Steve Forbes article in the November 2008 issue

Does the US border strike on Syria

I cant seem to fill out a job application without getting totally depressed!

We need to make some plans and have some organization

They apparently found the body of the 7 year old Hudson boy.

My LTTE published over the weekend

That's it, I'm voting for Paris Hilton

Palin's off-script comments irk McCain aides

Watch out for "Macaroni" posts

Speaking of Alaska...POLAR BEAR ATTACK! (warning, graphic pics!)

Crunch Time in South Dakota: Help elect progressive pro-choice Native American women to the state le

The Hedge Fund Melt: Another Reason Wealth Needs Spreading

Syria says US invasion and killing of civilians is a 'terrorist' act

DU Prediction Thread

Can We Save The World Economy? A Conversation with Soros, Roubini and Sachs

So the question needs to be asked. Do you support Gridlock?

I know this might sound stupid, so forgive me for asking...

What if.....

Ok. So what's up with the "Democrats want to steal our 401Ks" nonsense?

Another court win for our side... this time in Georgia

Deutsche Bank Derivatives Loss May Top $400 Million

The Fiddle and the Drum = Joni Mitchell is Psychic

"I for one welcome our hopey/changey overlords."

I may have committed a teensy bit of electoral fraud

I believe gas prices are going down because the DEMOCRATS closed

" ..... frum mie oon cunsighnmint shop in Ainkridge, Uhlayaska"

More felons learning -- to their surprise -- that they can vote

A super rt wnger flipped out in my HYVee-over Obama T-shirt here in KC

Dow ticker went from +86 to +211 during Obama's speech... then down to +63 during McCain's

Quick question from you geniuses.

"Within months we'll create millions of new jobs in ths country."

LIVE video chat w/reporters from the DFP who uncovered the text message scandal of Kwame Kilpatrick

The closer we're getting to this election, the greater explodes Fox's state of apoplexia

Responding to the Hate

CNN's horse face Bash uncritically repeated McCain's mischaracterization of Obama's tax plan

Economy, not Cuba, at heart of 3 congressional races

Bye fancy: Palin shuns costly wardrobe

Possible Breaking News later today - Verdict in Stephens Trial Could Be today

Will People Watch the 'Sarah Palin Show'? - Hot Talk is Next Oprah

20 years ago today George Bush I visited Tacoma, Washington

Anyone see McCain start hopping up and down like Yosemite Sam when he began talking about war today?

Funny McCain* Graphic from Pundit Kitchen


GAWD wants you to vote McCain-Palin!

I just voted for OBAMA!

How many 'Stevens is guilty threads" will be posted today?

Senator Begich, where would you like your office to be?

James Dobson Reminds Us What's Really Important (Rhymes With May Garriage)

How long before Dubya pardons Ted Stevens?

oil line bursts in ALASKA and teddy boy stevens senator from ALAKSA found really really guilty


Ashley Todd didn't think it was "such a big deal"


How many "Stevens is guilty" threads will we have today?

Mel Gibson's Holy Family Catholic Church full of riches

Robert Parry: Bush's Looming Defeat in Iraq

Ted Stevens Apprication thread.

Ugh -- Hong Kong down 15%

I was actually able to change my dad's mind!

So? Any word on Ted Stevens verdict yet?

I bet Ted Stevens wishes he could disappear into that "Series of Tubes" right now.....

The Palin clothing "issue."

FYI: Campell Brown on The Daily Show tonight.

FYI: Campell Brown on The Daily Show tonight.

Felons can't vote in most states, but they CAN serve in Congress

OMG The Check Out Girls Response today....2 storys

RNC paid $900 for a spray-on tan for "just like you hockey mom" Sarah Palin, too.

Possible Breaking News later today - Verdict in Stevens Trial Could Be today

What does George W. Bush and Senator Ted Stevens have in common?

I chatted with Mark Begich back in August..

Stevens GUILTY on ALL counts

The 9 scariest words in the Republick dictionary...


My response to a Republican.

FOX Breaking News: Senator Ted Stevens Acquitted Of All 7 Charges

Maria Bartiromo/Gasparino of CNBC: Blaming Obama for Stock Market Rout

On a Mission From God: Examining Sarah Palin’s ties to the Christian Right

CNN: Verdict is IN in the Ted Stevens case

It finally happened: A documentary about New Orleans, in English, with *subtitles*!

I don't like it when their side does it. And I sure don't like it when "our" side does it.

"Blaze Diem" asks DUers for name change suggestions:

My family and I hope to apply for US Citizenship on Nov 5th!

Caption John the *

Marine Corp snipers guard marathon.

The Dirtbag Duo......Which state has cursed the Senate with the worst pair of scumbags?

My Victory Over Fox News

Sorry but I am not falling for this "off script" baloney about Palin

On the road to 60 in the Senate - Was Stevens all ready counted?

Raise your hand if you feel anxious and wish ELECTION DAY was TOMORROW!

Sarah Palin to wear her own clothes...

Skinhead assassination/mass murder plot - More details found

Cauvto just said a Skin head plot in Arkansas to kill Obama was broken up

Final Week Strategy

On my way off DU, please enlighten me why posts are ever locked

WTF?? Miss "U.S. Americans" Teen SC stumping for McCain???

Creepy: Anti-science types...

Regarding Alaska's Senate Woes

A REAL Democrat on TV??? GASP.

GOP fundraiser in NH let people shoot machine guns

Monday heartwarmer: MarketWatch comments on Stevens verdict

Question: If Stevens (now found guilty) resigns today...

...they did the monster mash...

I have just seen the most obnoxious anti-Obama commercial yet

and off the cliff it goes...

I beg your pardon? ....... The list of perps looking for a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from * grows

Has anybody discussed Ted Stevens' guilty verdict with

how long before fauxnews tries to pass stevens off as a democrat?

Ted Stevens: this is not a frog march.

What's going to happen with Biden's Senate seat?

So That's Why Stevens Wanted His Trial Expedited: To Be Convicted In Time For Shrub To Pardon Him

Eeek! Our RW friends have spit out the Kool-Aid

ATF stops skinhead plot to assassinate Obama and commit mass murder

With Stevens slated to be fitted for new pinstripes, who will be in the Senate to represent Stupid?

OMG! OR-Sen: New Poll...we're up by 7!!!!

I made "Greatest", but it was a gimme.

Parents of children featured in latest 'Yes on 8' ad demand ad be taken off the air.

Looks like Jennifer Hudson's nephew was found dead.

UPDATE: David Shuster on MSNBC: ATF has disrupted a terrorist assassination plot targeting Obama...

Ashley Todd, PA Racist Hoax "Victim," Was Paid Organizer for College Republican National Committee,

A sad milestone was passed this week in Iraq

Attacked by a McCain Supporter!


ATF Arrests Arkansas, Tennessee Men in Plot to Kill Obama

Charlie Cook to Chris Matthews: I believe there is a greater chance you would openly ............

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, does nothing while GOP staffers physically assault Democratic trackers

As clock ticks, U.S. letting thousands of Iraqi prisoners go

I am so PROUD watching Barack Obama in Pittsburgh!

Please, I've been off the air. WHAT ASSASINATION PLOT? Please, I'm dying here.

Foreclosure Epidemics-West Nile Virus Tracks Housing Crisis

The skinhead plot that could have been

These two whackadoodles are just the first wave ......

received this "socialist" website just now from repuke

For your viewing pleasure...

Those two skinheads are not a whole lot different than the stupid .......

Someone yells out "he' a n*gger" at Sarah Palin rally, youtube clip

In honor of Ted Stevens: "A Series of Tubes"

Is Bush trying to create an international incident to influence the election by sending

McCain Economic Advisor: Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant

A Little Insight about FL early voting polls

County commissioner caught on tape stealing campaign signs

Interesting request from the DoD. Do you have robot insurance?

Breaking: Stevens wouldn't have been convicted if Obama had agreed to townhall debates.

Next person to start a thread on the assassination plot gets posting privileges revoked

Sarah Palin, can you tell us if these skinheads meet your definition of domestic terrorists?

Fox News anchor screaming at Obama spokesman right now!

Now that India has joined the "space race" ...

Baseball's Millionaires at Series Watch Score, Tape as Stock Market Swoons

Electoral Map - Bwahahahaha!!

Electoral Map - Bwahahahaha!!

They make a cute couple, no?

So what's the new name of the airport in Anchorage, AK?

Sarah Palin has been palling around with convicted felons!!!!

I'm going to sleep soon --- when I wake up

Does Steven's conviction spell a loss for his Senate race?

Todays Lesson: neo-Nazis Skinheads Are McCain Supporters...

FBI says body found is that of Hudson's nephew, 7

Norman Solomon: Needed for This Election: A Great Rejection

Been working all day, first log in since this morning

the neo cons bribed Iran and Iran took it - who knew

DU this poll: Halfway down the page, in the center.

Can Sen. Stevens Still Serve Despite Conviction? NPR

Next week, Joe the Plumber gets flushed and Joe Six Pack drinks bottled water. n/t

OMG! Tweety!

"The White Supremacist Community"

Poor John Quixote. The guy just can't catch a break

MSNBC: Child's body found in white suburban on W side of Chicago..:-(

Freepers are scary

Couric's CBS lede: "Senator Ted Stevens is a convicted felon."

Does Stevens Still Get Paid? CQ’s Q-and-A on Senator’s Corruption Conviction

Barack still ahead by 1 in early voting in AZ!

Help please! Looking for Byrd's 2002 speech where he protested

What we have here is a good old fashioned OCTOBER SURPRISE


The Ted Stevens convictions sound great, but....

Can Ted Stevens vote for himself? Not anymore.

CBS Sunday Morning: Why The French Can Afford To Get Sick


I love Darrell Hammonds Clinton impression

Hardball's leading story ATF skinhead plot and Ted STevens

a side by side comparison of Obama and McCain's health care

Comix Book Nerds find a fatal flaw in Obama's speech today.

Letter from 2012 from focus on the family...

Letter from 2012 from focus on the family...

I have a couple questions about these electronic voting machines. (legal and technical)

If the DCCC calls to hit you up for money, ask them what they're doing for

"It's as if someone brought in a case of beer!"

Stevens has no choice but to withdraw from the election

Huffington Post doubles Drudge Report in unique viewership in September.

RNC Spends Twice as Much on Makeup for McCain than Palin - $8,672.55 vs $4,716.49

FBI: Hate crimes against gays rise while other crimes fall

George Bush, Sara Palin, Ronald Reagan, and Jesse Ventura

Have you seen this Megyn Kelly on Fox interview with Bill Burton?

Bwahahahaha! From the mouths of babes...

Bwahahahaha! From the mouths of babes...

Senator Stevens will fight this unjust verdict with all his energy...

Tinklenberg 2016..

Need info on a "Bill Gates /" scam

Tinklenberg 2016..

Anyone have a link to Obama's rally schedule this last week?

8-Year old boy accidentally shoots self in head with Uzi at gun show

Bushie's Justice broke the Neo-Nazi story at the same time as Steven's conviction

Sarah Palin throws Ted Stevens under the Moose

Is Heather Wilson the best the repubs can do?

Any comment from the Alaska Governor

Has anybody else seen this?

Ted Stevens - A legal question

Stevens: He wins the election. Bush pardons him. He serves in the Senate.

Can republicans feel remorse?

Palin's own "fight the smears" website

To:Blue In AK: Can Palin appoint Steven's replacement? n/t

Stevens to wife: "It's not over yet." (CNN)

As an Atheist, I can't Pray For Her. But My Heart Goes Out To Ms. Hudson And What She Must Be Feelin

Dept. of Defense Building Evacuated in Denver

Michael Moore: No More Socialism for the Rich!

Drudge hasn't changed his header to show the Stevens Guilty verdict

BREAKING (CNN) - GA: 50,000 voters purged in early Oct

We can safely assume that if it were men who got pregnant instead of women...

Ain't No Time to Hate

Remember this and tell all your family members and friends the same - Voting is on the FOURTH

Nicole Wallace just said...

Imagine This You Right Wing Dumbass!

will fox news somehow become marginalized in the future?

Ted Stevens ~~A Bridge to the Poky~~

Prison, it's not like a big building, it's more like a series of cubes.

Should this site remain Democratic UNDERGROUND after 11-4?

KO is gonna have commentary on Palin's sidekick the TWIT

Vote Vets shoots holes in Saxby Chambliss' campaign.. Almost literally..

Have not seen this posted yet. - eight year old accidentally kills self with uzi.

Even in the Hippy Stronghold of Eugene, Oregon, fake ballot boxes spring up.

This is an email I'm sending out today. Hope it goes viral.

This is an email I'm sending out today. Hope it goes viral.

Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate (dupe but see this!!!)

The US Kidnapped Two Men in That Syrian Attack!

Realistically, will Bush pardon Stevens?

SOMEONE's gonna have to practice their Survivalist skills

My sincere condolences to Jennifer Hudson and family

Ok..what heck is Messianic Judaism.

im sure you guys seen this,but if not

Today's been a great day, but ...

I Guess Adult Supervision Just Ain't What It Used To Be...

Why do doctors' office need to know my Social Security Number?

How many Sunday papers did not run Wiley's "Non Sequitur" as shown on his website?

The new leader in drop your teen in Nebraska is....

Indiana call center workers walk off job rather than read McShame dribble

They are FINALLY trying to connect Obama to

I am only 40. I have never known anything like this.

DCCC Pushing Anti-Choice Activists

Why does the Administration insist on staging attacks on Syria and Pakistan

MSNBC and Keith are advertising heavily for his piece tonight on Elizabeth Hasselditz

Delaware Real Estate Agent To Avoid

WTF - I cannot believe what I am seeing...

Had a talk this morning with a co-worker who's a republican

If nuclear power is so safe, why can't they get an insuror to cover them?

Good Advice And Commentary From Mark Crispin Miller

Arizona, McCain's Home State is "Barely Leaning Republican"???

I'm curious DUers...

The GOP has made LIBERALs a bad word...its time the term CONSERVATIVEs becomes worse

With Stevens found guilty, can Palin appoint his replacement?

What happened to Dick Cheney?

Learn about neo-fascist code symbols

So, convicted cannot vote, but convicted felons can be elected to the US Senate?

A little analysis about the "eliminating our 401Ks" hysteria

Link to article on Rupert Murdoch - A little change of pace from the election...

Asheville zombies protest Sarah Palin rally

Bee swarm kills 3 dogs, injures woman in Florida

Holycow, I just discovered something! (Self-indulgent post)


Rest in peace, Bessie Mae.

Rest in peace, Bessie Mae.

Heads up ! Mac and Linux users - Codeweavers Lame Duck Challenge

The battle of the nooses: George vs Sarah

Fundies: Group supporting "false philosophy of separation of church/state" going after preacher

When will gas prices start to rise again

So, was it the Juror who had a death in the family who was holding up the verdict?

Retracing Nazi Book Theft

McCain Video/Comment From 2000 ... UH OH!

Exiting Bizarro World

My 13yo son's standup comedy act has Obama debating McCraps. VIDEO

Why are women's reproductive rights always a bargaining chip?

Why should I care about "Illegal Mexican immigrants takin' American jobs"?

The three most expensive races in the US.

The three most expensive races in the US.

The Great Pumpkin

8-year-old shoots self in head, dies, after gun show gives him an Uzi to play with

A photojournalist's compilation of fantastic shots of Obama on the campaign

Rachael Maddow podcast now full episode

Will the Fairness Doctine be a top priority of the upcoming Democratic Congress?

Why would someone ever want to assasinate Obama? Here's why:

Spreading the wealth' is nothing new to U.S.

If this one has already been posted, let me know and I will gladly

Tell the Mormon Church to stop! Sign this today (about Prop 8) Todays the last day to sign

Foreclosure Relief Now: "This potentially catastrophic oversight must be corrected"

Did Ashley Todd act alone? Maybe not.

My cousin, playing the world's smallest harmonica

As the University Turns

Hero dog risks life to save kittens from fire

anyone watching these Darwin Award Candidates on the Discovery Channel now?

Advice about my dying goatee

Decision 2008: A Visual Aide

no clue where to put this--advice on dyeing a goatee?

Oh, wow, the Duggars are on TV again

I am moving upstairs to my Grandparent's flat

SO !!!!! WHAT ABOUT THEM .................. GIANTS??????????????

Hrm....I made Linguine Carbonara at 2am...I wonder

Anybody Remember The "Grow-Up Skipper" Doll?

Pumpkin cake!

Dog risks life to save kittens

Stupid Forum Question: How to K&R?

London 1895: Oscar Wilde & James McNeill Whistler discuss John McCain's campaign.

What? No thread for the Phillies game?

Just an old story to pass the time...

Who wants one?

What fucking TIME is it?


I have 25 songs to download on itunes from last Christrmas


Wow, some Japanese woman just had a lucky escape (news of the weird)

i met a du'er last weekend. hedda_foil's brother.

( ^_^)/ やぁ! = Japanese Smileys!!

Dogs risk life coming with me to the store...

Good Night DU...

A. Robins, The Banana Man...

Man, pills DON'T make crazy go away they just supress it

Acclaimed author Tony Hillerman dies at 83

Anybody here ever on Romper Room? Cause I was!!

The Byrds - Eight Miles High

Can I get some plant ID help?

Sunday Night Fiddle Thread

Good Morning DU - mmmmm this great or what?

They should rename adult swim "Stoned Central"

ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! living out of coolers

Wish me luck ~ I'm startin a new depression.

I just watched Pumpkin Karver on Sci-Fi ...

I was looking for a video on youtube and got hit with porn...

Air America ads that stick in your head forever

I don't find Sarah Silvermann attractive at all

hubby has this like.......'appreciation' for Cassandra Petersen *as* Elvira...

Is "Fox and Friends" always this bad?

zombies try to find Sarah's Brain

zombies try to find Sarah's Brain

Sunday Night Riddle Thread

Check out this odd juxtupositioning of posts

Can I mix Dramamine and DiHydrogen Monoxide


should I call?

What's so special about the cheesemakers?

It's 2008, and yet society still uses the term "minorities"

It's 2008, and yet society still uses the term "minorities"

French Fries are so depressing

Is Dramamine safe to try

Voting by mail sucks


Somethin' Else...

Is Dynamite safe to try

OK Let's Hear About Your Strange Kids You Had In The 60's-70's

So much love for the '80s music this past week....

think he'll call?

I smell butterscotch.....

the FUNNIEST LOLcat ever...Promise!

the FUNNIEST LOLcat ever...Promise!

My husband just delivered

I think I'm developing an allergy to nuts.

it is that time of the year again!!

I think I am going crazy!

I bought Kozy Shack PUMPKIN PUDDING at the store -- OMFG

Variant Battlestar Title Found?

Left or Right

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday October 27

My keoad drops leters.

You have to read this..

You have to read this..

The one thing I realy Hate about Christmas.

Van Halen - Amsterdam

I want to get the stock market in a headlock and choke it to death.

Unfortunately the most effective cockroach repellent in my apt is toxic

I think I'm developing an allergy to wingnuts.

I've decided what to hand out Friday night.

Life is so Hard sometimes

25 cents for a semester's worth of AWESOMENESS!

Duran, Yes or No

I just don't understand this world sometimes.

A cabbie picks up a Nun.....

self delete

your boobs will hang low........

Durian, Yes or No

LaraMN can control the weather in Bedford.

Looking for relaxing environmental (nature) sound clips/tracks...

What is it about Gay Men's Choruses?

Ahhh strongbad, you sure know techno

Tool Piano Cover

Hell with the election...Edwyn Collins' old band is getting back together!

I just spent twenty minutes waiting outside for JackMN's bus,

Duran Duran, Yes or No

Apparently The Flaming Lips made a movie.

So, my son's friend got a job!!!!

Hot sliced pizza in GD!

Obscene tourists sites - you've been there - we want to

Ted Stevens GUILTY!

FOX Breaking News: Senator Ted Stevens Acquitted Of All 7 Charges

"Blaze Diem" asks DUers for name change suggestions:

Whats the largest number of messages you've posted without getting a single reply?

TAMPA BAY RAYS.........discuss

Just noticed I still have a star

Sorry, but I cannot stand tats...Why'd you get yours?

Don't you hate it when...

Sorry, but I cannot stand hats.... Why'd you get yours?

GD was full so I thought I'd start a Ted Stevens thread here: Guilty on all 7 counts.

BRR! Its feeling a bit like Minnesota here right now!

Is anyone else dreaming about voting?

Take a nap! Relax! Eat something delicious and fattening!

Lounge Mad-Libs....




Why is this song playing in my head right now? (safe link)

A friend just e-mailed. He's going to Chicago on the 4th, wants me to go with.

The smell in farts help control blood pressure (I shit you not!)

An update on Robyn66. Surgery today went well.

Quick Answer? How many people (on average) work on an oil rig at any given time?

ABC News: understatement of the day...

Okay, so I procrastinated... and tomorrow's the last day to send in my absentee ballot thingy

I hit the re-sale shops today. Here's my take:

Jennifer Hudson's nephew...

heh, what are the odds

Would you be angry at your friend if you were me?


Who should be the next subject of a billyskank portrait?

This just in: Advance pics of Midlo's Halloween Costume!

"Let's Spend the Night Together" - Stones' or Bowie's?


Is there really a baseball team called Tampa Bay?

Okay, where's the UW Huskies fans? Ty Willingham is staying on through the season? You're joking!

I got a fresh sack of corn nuts!

Video of Saturday night's "Ghouls Gone Wild" parade in OKC--

My dog is very sick....

Whats Your Favorite Halloween Candy

I Love WGN Channel 9

I really wish sick cats wouldn't go off and hide!

i'm in college and working on my undergrad degree --i've never had an economics class

OMG - I almost just posted in GD:P!

So, for supper next Tuesday night, what'll it be?

You all can suck my Baudrillard.

If you have big balls you need a pick-up truck

DUer Berni_McCoy has coined a new word: FREEPACOLYPSE

jewish du'ers, a question about funeral traditions

If Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ, surely it's not reflected in the Rapture Index Number

It just started raining in Philly.

Having a rough day.

Scarlett, the cat that saved kittens from 1996 Brooklyn fire, dies

Anyone Else Watch Gunsmoke?

Morgan Freeman is in a lot of movies.

Ugh, this is the last day with my roomie

Just got a new computer and DU is freakin' HUGE!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/27/08

Sorry, but I cannot stand tits...Why'd you get yours?

Frankie in his winter coat . . .

Anybody else here not drink coffee?

Random Emotional Outpouring: I missed DU and am happy to be back here

Being "just friends" with someone you're strongly attracted to

I need a Tasty recipe for Red & Black Bean Chili

Seriously, was there ever a better political band than fIREHOSE

"Bravo" is rerunning episodes of West Wing.

LOL... you guys will love this!

DuStrange's Math Problem of the Day.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/27/2008)

Do we know who Hulk Hogan is voting for?

New favorite Freepism: "The economy is in taters!"

You are away at camp, it's across a lake from the scene of a famous multiple murder...

Post here and I'll reply with a random image from my photobucket

Do You Believe In Miracles?

If you had unlimited resources, what offbeat and kooky things would you do?

Why can't people just mind their own freaking business? :grr:

I had it again, that same dream. I was taking four college courses

Dropkick Murphys - Worker's Song (with lyrics)

my daughter is married and in Paris

It's a dark and rainy night, you are in a creepy old house, some of your friends are missing...

This is precisely why I hate working in my office in the afternoon - the goddamn sun.

Sorry, but I cannot stand cats.... Why'd you get yours?

Anyone here "True Blood" fans - I'm hooked

My Gramma died tonight.

OK Let's Hear About Your Strange Kid's Toys You Had In The 60's-70's

We haven't had a post your pet's picture thread for some time.

Today is my 47th birthday

Greatest Cover Album

Obscure tourists sites - you've been there - we haven't

Ted Stevens Poetry Thread

Ashley Todd's attacker strikes again — this time at a NASCAR race

So, I have 2 projects to start tomorrow...I have to build a make-shift

Artist to create massive Obama portrait near Barcelona beach

McCain banks on close vote as party starts the inquest

Georgia official dies in blast

Fed expected to lead round of rate cuts

Security firms join fight against Somali pirates

US helicopter raid on Syria kills eight

Job Losses Buffet U.S. Early, Compounding the Downturn

Job Losses Buffet U.S. Early, Compounding the Downturn

UCA shooting -- one dead

Kurdish PM predicts U.S. troops will remain in Iraq until 2020

NATO general: Negative Afghan headlines overblown

Report Finds Iraq Water Treatment Project to Be Late, Faulty and Over Budget

Financial Times Endorses Obama

Gun sales thriving in uncertain times

Boys dies in shooting at gun club

Niger guilty in landmark slavery case

Pope: governments must work for proper integration of immigrants

Boy, 8, accidentally shoots self at gun show

Poll Gives Obama 8-Point Va. Lead(Wash Post 52-44)

India's Mahindra says no interest in GM's Hummer

Extended war tours likely to continue (despite pledges "stop loss" policy continues)

GOP: Obama would be 'a weak president'

McCain’s free- trade mantra woos Indian firms

300 Ohio Workers To Lose Jobs Nov. 17 (DMAX)

300 Ohio Workers To Lose Jobs Nov. 17 (DMAX)

5 Deaths Prompt Heart Pump Recall

Palin campaigns in Virginia, meets Israeli ambassador

Reuters Evacuates NYC Newsroom in Powder Scare

Palin and Hasselbeck blast 'ridiculous' wardrobe story (McCain Camp didn't authorize remarks)

Panel blocks Georgia voter checks

Hispanics could put Obama over the top

Alaska Sen. Stevens Guilty

Ted Stevens found guilty on all counts

'Possible verdict' in (Ted) Stevens' corruption trial

Pipeline bursts at Prudhoe; CORROSION: External source suspected in violent rupture.

Jennifer Hudson Offers $100000 for Missing Nephew's Return

Jury finds Stevens guilty on corruption charges

'Obama Wins,' newspaper declares (CNN)

ATF disrupts Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama (MSNBC)

Costa Rican legislators push for legalization of morning-after pill

Obama wishes 'a joyous Diwali' (to all Indian-Americans)

Fox News: ATF Says Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Obama, Kill 102 Black People Disrupted

Assassination plot targeting Obama disrupted

Boy Accidentally Kills Himself With Uzi

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum predicts McCain loss and GOP meltdown

String of polls shows uphill climb for McCain (CNN)

Republicans hire mercenaries for ground war against Barack Obama

Republicans fire consultant over e-mail to Pa. Jews

Party Lawyers Ready to Keep an Eye on the Polls

ATF foils plot to assassinate Obama

Gallup Daily: Race Stable With Obama Leading

Stevens Deliberations to Start Anew With Alternate Juror

Gas prices drop record amount

GOP would welcome Lieberman

U.S. helicopter shot down in Afghanistan

Police searching for Jennifer Hudson's nephew find a boy's body in white SUV

Neo Nazi Plot to aassinate Obama

Voters face long lines in Indiana, Florida

UN Joins Battle with Congo Rebels

W. Virginia Gives E-Voting VP an Award While Machines Malfunction

Nikkei slides 6 percent (Monday) as yen advances, banks slide

Meltdown Retirement Blow Is Softer for Lawmakers

Obama to deliver 'closing argument' Monday (CNN)

Poll: Geography, gender, race split presidential vote John McCain, Barack Obama (in NC)

Economy overshadows all for heartland voters

Diplomats keen for an Obama victory

Palin reserved in reaction to Stevens' verdict

Texas Officials Say FEMA 'Insensitive' After Ike

Author Tony Hillerman dead

FBI: Hate Crime Down in 2007, But Anti-Gay Crime Up

Iran condemns U.S. raid into Syria

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 27

Judge defines enemy combatant status for detainees

MSNBC: ATF Says it Has Disrupted Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Obama

Kremlin critic (and Chess legend Garry) Kasparov backs Obama

Fordham award to Justice Breyer angers Catholic leader, sparks new fight over abortion rights

Smithfield, union avoid trial with settlement

Obama Things Can Get Better

North Korea demands end to propaganda leaflets

Judge: (Washington gubernatorial candidate) Rossi to give deposition before election

"Seven guilty verdicts for Sen. Ted Stevens"

Troops say chemicals and medical waste burned at Balad are making them sick, but officials deny risk

Stevens: 'I am innocent'

Lieberman Promises Voters McCain "Will Live To 85 At Least"

Will The Election Be Stolen Again? | Bill Maher | 10/24/08

Playing To Joe The Plumber | Bill Maher | Oct. 24, 2008

DL Hughley attends a Palin Rally

Obama's Wisdom - Clearly Evident in 2002

McCain "guarantees" victory

Phony flier says Virginians vote on different days

OH GRANDPA ! The John McCain Campaign | Bill Maher

NAACP lawsuit alleges Virginia scrimped on preparations for huge election turnout

The Joes: Joe the Plumber and now Joe the PITCHER

FACT CHECK: McCain persists in exaggerations

Obama Has Done NOTHING..except

This is beyond despicable!

McCain mocks nuclear safety: 'Blah blah blah'

MTP October 26, 2008: McCain, Taxes and Socialism

McCain's Revisionist History On Bush And Iraq after today's MTP-jedreport

Laffer and Dowd: Professional BS Artists | Maher 10/24/08

Sen. Kyl Says Bush Doesn't Run The Economy

Naomi Wolf on the Stephanie Miller Show-Part 2


Wal-Mart cutting US store openings further listing had Barack Obama Halloween mask under 'terrorist'

The Daily Left - October 27th, 2008

Panel blocks Georgia voter checks

Yes on 8 Ad: Truth

Know Your Rights in PA

McCain Admits Sharing 'Common Philosophy' With Bush

DSCC2008: Clear Choice = Al Franken

US forces invade Syria, kill children

Scott McClellan Endorses Barack Obama

Halloween Palin (hanging by a noose) Prop Sparks Controversy In WeHo

Bailout Has 70 BILLION in Executive Bonuses

Naomi Wolf on the Stephanie Miller Show-Part 1

Roger Wicker - voting against you.

Take Election Day Off

McCain Struggles to Remember Sec. of State Endorsements

"Back Door Draft" through 2009

John McCain: Oh Grandpa...

US Syria Invasion "Big Embarassment for Syria" ???

TPMtv: Sunday Roundup: = Palin Flailin'

NBC Factchecks False NYT Story About Inaugural Address

TYT: Fox News Will Attack Obama for Four Straight Years

Whale Wars promo - Sea Shepherd on Animal Planet Nov 7

BBC: US Syria invasion, helicopters, troops. Iraqis ill-informed

Obama - Denver Rally 10/26

John McCain: Maverick Socialist

maxkeiser; pt.2 'rigged markets' foretold criminals on Wall Street a year ago

Barack Obama Returns to Denver

Elizabeth Dole - the absentee Senator of North Carolina

50,000 Voters Purged from the Voter Rolls in Georgia

Early Vote in New Mexico

MnIndy video: 6th District reaction to Bachmann on Hardball

McCain's List of Health Problems - Hilarious...

Parents Demand Prop 8 ad Taken Down

Footage of GOP assulting camera-man

Mudcat Saunders for Obama

Jewish-Americans for Obama

Congressman Wolf's Goons Attack

maxkeiser; pt.1 'rigged markets' foretold criminals on Wall Street a year ago


Tim Kaine on Barack as a Father and Leader

Inside McCain's Florida Campaign = Toilet Plunger Mania

Sarah Palin Vlog #20: Sarah does Berlin!

WNYC: Naomi Klein on the Global Financial Crisis

Sen. Ted Stevens Guilty - the scene in the courtroom

Radio host envisions Obama murdering his grandmother

July 7, 2008: I have great respect for the Senator, and he needs to be heard across America

Cuddly Animals for Obama!

How Much Time - Mug Shot

Des Moines TV station had to submit interview topics in advance for Palin (00:18)

Republican Senator Ted Stevens Found GUILTY on All Counts !

Michelle Bachmann: A Clear Choice

Sarah Palin Pals Around with Corrupt Convicted Ted Stevens

A.B. & Tucker on campaign blunders

Zach Braff @ DU for Obama Early Voting

Ted Stevens: "Prison Is A Series Of Bars"

TYT: Is McCain's Campaign A Glimpse On How He'd Govern?

Ugly Betty Cast Says No on 8

White House Press Secretary Refuses To Talk About Syria

AP: Syria condemns US invasion, civilian murders

Hannity says 'Liberal' 6 times in 57 seconds

Local Voices for Obama...Columbus, Ohio. Beautiful ad.

Wow, the difference between this rally and a Palin rally.

The Mourning After

Megyn Kelly vs. Bill Burton on Fox News coverage

N-Word Shouted at Palin Rally

Barack Obama Song

You can vote however you like

An Obama Win Means War with the Right. Be Prepared!

Today in Ohio: Obama's POWERFUL "Closing Argument: One Week"

Syria blasts US 'terrorist aggression'

Theft of our Obama sign

Larry King - McClellan, Holt, Larson, and Hitchens discuss Palin's attack on science.

The Last Republican Standing part 6

That One by Jim Herrmann

Palin Explains Why Abortion Clinic Bombers Aren't Terrorists

"The Last Republican" - Part 5: The Community Organizer

Obama McCain Rally

Joplin man featured in Obama ad by Truth and Hope being attacked locally.

I Hope.

Mr. Blackwell Returns From the Beyond, to ‘Dress Down’ Palin

Fearing Electoral Blowout, GOP Employs Cheney to Preach 'Checks and Balances'

Bill Gates creating new company

EU Lets Gazprom into Distrib Network

Voter Intimidation in Indiana

Russia, Iran, Qatar Agree on Gas OPEC

World Remembers 25th Anniversary of U.S. Invasion of Grenada

(Presidential) Pardon Me?

"Hey Sarah Palin, there are real American heroes..."

Quacking Like a Duck

Socialist John McCain on taxes: "...wealthy people can afford more..."

Richard N. Haass: The World That Awaits

U.S. jobs lose appeal for intl. students

Joe Conason: On Iraq, McCain doesn't have a clue

Afghanistan the Un-winnable: What America’s Allies are Saying

NYT, pg1, lead story: End of Battle Centers on Turf Bush Carried; "increasingly dire" for GOP

What’s the Matter With Kansas? A GOP Petty Thief

Christian Exodus asks "Is Sarah Palin an Alaskan Secessionist in Disguise?"

"Follow the M3 money to hell" by Jerry Mazza (10-27-2008 Online Journal)

Norman Solomon: Needed for This Election: A Great Rejection

The Moment Obama Grabbed 100,000 Coloradoans

Second-Guessing the Vice-Presidential Pick

LET’S GET SOCIAL: Americans Prefer to Hang Separately

CQ's Q-and-A on Senator's Corruption Conviction

Easthampton Burning? (James Kunstler)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: World Food Day: Global Crises’ Double Standards (Ramzy Baroud)

David Frum says it is over but for the shouting - some of this

Credit Default Swaps-The Bet That Blew Up Wall St ( Important 60 Minutes Video)

Palin drags down Republican ticket

Coleman, DFLers assail anti-Franken 'comic book'

Anchorage Daily News: Palin not helping on 'troopergate'

Ex-Radical Talks of Education and Justice, Not Obama

Poll says Palin a bigger drag than Bush on GOP ticket

Chris Hedges: Populism Arising—but Will It Be the Killer Kind?

Lack of miracles puzzles theologians

What Do Immigration and Religion Have To Do With The Price Of Meat? Everything!

Hendrik Hertzberg: Like, Socialism

Home Grown Terrorists Arrested in Assassination Plot Aimed at Obama

Obama and Sports Fans

TYT: Fmr Top Weapons Inspector in Iraq Reveals the Lies (Blames R's, Complicit Dems)

California's First Lady backs gay marriage

Catholics to celebrate their queer saints

Look who's back.

Double Standard on banning! I want Haruka back GODDAMNIT!

Dear Stupid Queers

What's the point of complaining about homophobia here on DU?

Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy'

Israeli poll bounce shows Livni leading Netanyahu

Israeli ambassador to US meets Palin

Settlers vandalise West Bank cemetery

The children of Gaza: Weaned on fear and trauma

FBI: Hate crimes down -- hate crimes against gays and lesbians are up

*stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

Check this out - sometimes even Republicans do the right thing

A Line in the Sand for Same-Sex Marriage Foes

"DU DOES NOT permit homophobic bigotry and DOES NOT welcome members who oppose equal rights for all"

Climate Campaigners Were on Terrorist List

Peak Oil Review - Oct 27

Changing the Dream

Northern California wetlands are getting back to natural

Corn plastic sounds great, but it's tough to recycle and may foul systems

Caveran of Crystal Giants

Arctic is melting even in winter

Controversial ivory sale to open (BBC)

“Scientists seek to make energy as plants do”

Hedge Fund Industry in Trouble: Survival Of the Fittest

Economic Crisis Around The Globe Continues

September New Home Sales: Lowest September Since 1981

delete wrong forum

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 10/24/2008

History of Chinese Trade and Money

Currency Crisis Meltdown in Europe, Japan, Australia

Europe on the brink of currency crisis meltdown

British creditors seizing homes over $1,500 credit card debts

Can We Save The World Economy? A Conversation with Soros, Roubini and Sachs

'60 Minutes' scoops M$M. Reports that Credit Default Swaps legalized by Commod Futures Modernization

Foreclosure Relief Now: "This potentially catastrophic oversight must be corrected"

But enough about the stock market. Talk to me about the job market.

Today in labor history Oct 27 National Negro Labor Council is formed in Cincinnati

How They Treat Their Helpers in the USA

Wal-Mart has perfected the art of union-busting, researcher says

Walmart Workers Reportedly Being "Kicked" and "Slapped"

JOHN MAXWELL on HAITI: "Racism and Poverty"

BRAZIL: Former Student Radical in Runoff for Mayor of Rio

CHAVEZ Says Security Concerns Will Keep Him From Summit

Costa Rican legislators push for legalization of morning-after pill

On San Juan Hill, US Glory Meant Cuban Humiliation

Question from another website: How was Chavez originally able to get his message out?

Phils can close this out tomorrow night

Hey Philly Fans

The Phillies will not go down as one of the, shall we say,

Cboy can't catch a break. San Francisco 49ers interested in Condoleezza Rice.

So What's Your Take On The Singletary Eruption?

World rod caught carp record broken

Bolivia's Morales gains ground with leftist reforms

Beta-blockers not best for high blood pressure

Scientists develop cancer fighting tomato

Ladies: go braless and avoid breast cancer :)

Osteoporosis drugs and irregular heartbeat

LAST (not latest, LAST) Energy Alert

"Your Last Energy Alert" - Karen Bishop - October 26, 2008

Weekly Healing Project #11b | Oct 26-Nov 1 | Acclimating to a Higher Octave aka The Shift part ii

power lines

As if you haven't had enough contests already...

Jonny Hayseed

Interesting discussion here.

"Shock, sadness spread over senseless shooting"

Gun sales thriving in uncertain times

Boy, 8, shot to death in Mass. gun show accident

Weird and odd Cakes

New Pro-Obama Ad Debuts on Christian Radio

Meat choice dilemma...

If someone harms another person....

Nearby Star Hosts Three-Ring Circus

Google Trends, "9/11 truth" keyword search volume

That's it - you've convinced me.

Altering the Food Supply: Reason Enough to Hang Our World Leaders

If you've already voted...

Daughter of slave votes for Obama (Bastrop)

Monitor Election Problems Nationwide with

in Tarrant County - in my opinion there will be long lines on NOV 4th and here is why....

e-mail problem

Vote for me for Senator because I make your schools safe???

dup thread, pics needed

Mothers Hide Your Children! Bruce Campbell Is Coming!

OT: Stevens

What Might Have Been

I think this is the right link to hear today's debate live

I have this '7 DAYS to a FRESH START' sign from the 2004...

In Memory Of Paul Wellstone Says Franken In The Lead:

John Ensign (R-NV) on Norm Coleman vs. Al Franken race.

Michele Bachmann's tangled web

Strib continues odd endorsements: Walz in Frist CD; Kline in 2nd

I hate the Oshkosh Northwestern.

What time do the polls open?

Some Asshole Stole All The Obama/Kagen Signs In My Town