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Archives: October 13, 2008

Look what the fascist reTHUGS are sending out in Florida

Why does it have to be close for them to steal it?

Remember when Clinton was "a liar," "corrupt," and "narcissistic?"

When do Friday's Troopergate revelations start getting more traction.

McCain "whipping" Obama = racist comment

Fact Check: "He Lied" About Bill Ayers? (includes various McCain ties to Ayers)

On November 5th after Obama wins...

Sorry Dad, I'm voting for Obama...Christopher Buckley

Went to Grand Junction Colorado to volunteer for Obama this weekend. Amazing.

Anyone know where I can find more about the NPR report that most of McBush's ads have been negative

To those who hate and those who love...

I just heard Keith Obermann out because of strep throat

You have to see this. New RNC ad, "Guilt by Participation." Ohmigod, they are desperate.

Was there ever an explanation of why McCain left so quickly

James T. Harris (McCain WI plant) is now getting CNN airtime...

My mom and dad (aged 72 & 73) voted early (in Ohio) for Obama--I am proud

McCain vows to whip Obama's 'you know what'

This picture on CNN's web site warms my soul...

When was the last time children were regularly

Palin Makes Troopergate Assertions that Are Flatly False (ABC News)

I'm seeing a lot of Obama ads on TV in Massachusetts

Funny exchange about Obama releasing his college records (from another board)

Open letter to Mike Wooten (Palin's ex-brother-in-law)

Yay... our household voted today CA absentee - will drop off at County Clerk tomorrow

Obama/Biden PLUS one

McCain campaign and RNC just shot themselves in the foot with the "participation" ad.

The Difference- A Toon

Hey DU artistic types

Living proof that Thomas Muthee is a fraud: Mama Jane Njenga has been found.

12 newspapers endorse Obama today

Subject: Something to ponder

I hope that some enterprising soul at DU is keeping a journal...

How should our "forces" best be marshalled for the next three weeks

Obama will win... wait, no he'll lose... um... hang on... is he tied?

Freepers show true colors tonight: Obama captioned at a rally with a white woman.

You want to know how horrible Faux really is?

Please! Who has the photoshopped picture of baby Obama with Ayers?

Why doesn't McCain just go ahead and give his concession speech at the debate on Wednesday?

Videos: Scranton Speeches 10/12 (Jill, Bill, Hillary and Joe)

My extended family all voting Obama-Biden (state by state breakdown)

When do we boycott the RW advertisers/supporters?

According to Sludge tomorrow's Zogby is going to be back to Obama 48 McCain 44

You know that Fox is scraping the bottom of the barrel when

This is NOT a ballerina...

VIDEO 106 year old Nuns for Obama!

"Break the Back Of The Enemy" - Chilling Video from Wasilla

The new Republican theme

Dow futures went from about -200 to about +200 over the past 5 or 6 hours....

Obama now has a 94.1% chance of winning the election according to 538!

If you want to scare politically-interested people to death on Halloween.....

This is a recreation of what Obama will be doing to McCain on November 4th.

Obama goes door-to-door to drum up votes in Ohio

No President can be trusted with the economy while running for office

TWO things people don't care about (OK, three): Ayers, Troopergate, AIP

So tell me about Hannity calling for the invasion of forums like DU

Today's Polls: Sorry, Matt Drudge -- No Mac Comeback Yet (Nate Silver)

Grrrrrr. My SIL calls tonight to report that a friend went to a bar in Nokomis FL

Any other states have their Republican candidates listed as "prefers GOP" on the ballot?

Do you remember where you were in 2000 after Bush was "selected"? I knew then he would

Getting Obama elected is just the beginning

Bastards are stealing Obama signs here in Macomb County

Obviously the McCain campaign has a lot of oroblems, but here's my question:

No New Economic Policy Is Expected From McCain (NYT)

Biden To Return To New Hampshire - Rallies Monday in Rochester, Manchester

Ah, late night pizza!!

Public Polls vs Campaign's Internal Polls?

McCain & AZ Businessman Make PROFITABLE Land Deal-$250,000 Property Earns $18 Million In 2 Years

Ignore it. It's all over.

Who is going to address Palin's ties to the Alaska Independence Party? Since the corporate media

Obama Aides: Record Cash Haul in September (more than 66 million in August)!

Any tightening in the polls is probably occurring in the South and rural Midwest

COMIC RELIEF ::: Palin: I've been cleared of 'any hint of unethical activity'

Nice Newsweek Article On Obama - How He Might Govern; Consistent With Separate WaPo Article

Who is Barack Obama?

No link, but today, CNN'S "poll of polls" was 49%-41%, unchanged from yesterday.

I was asked to make this an OP yesterday. Why the GOP is unhinged.

One good thing came out of Bush's presidency

Why is the media suddenly pushing the "Bradley Effect" BS's

I hate it when people do that!!!

Simple Electoral Vote Math

Palin Spokeswoman, Alaska Lawmaker Face Off About ‘Troopergate’

Bill Clinton in Roanoke, VA dial up warning

In Friendly Region, Biden Cites McCain as Erratic (NYT)

No New Economic Policy Is Expected From McCain -- Graham got his signals crossed... (NYT)

some numbers from my volunteering today...

McCain: "The Economy Has Hurt Us A Little Bit," vows to "whip" Obama's "you-know-what"


Hey, I wanna call a DUer or two a troll, say "thanks for your concern"

If we have 60 Senate seats counting Lieberman, do we have to put

The man with the Obama 'monkey' - name revealed, or not?

Some of y'all are just serious downers, really.


Dumb question - did Palins BIL ever get fired?

Deluded Freeper lists 20 "reasons" why McCain will win

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

Did Obama raise too much money? Did he get it too fast?

Is McCain going to whip Obama's "you know what" Wednesday?

The Pollyana in me wants the Old McCain to show up at the debate and tell his peeps to chill out...

What makes you a Democrat?

I'm still a little nervous about Pennsylvania because...

Who wants to attend the PoliSci class....

3 solid Republicans can't decide how to vote! (thanks, Sarah!)

Mccain's latest smear ads: how are we countering these?

McCain has boxed himself in for the next debate

McCain/Palin ticket: 1st in history where Both Violated Ethics Standards

VOTE!!!!!!!! Forget the Optimism. The down ticket is equally important

**Debate coaches: 'Lost' McCain must up game**

Most major polls will have Obama within margin of error by election day.

Gas prices down. Didn't this happen just before the 06 elections?

ABC/WaPo Poll among RV: Obama 54(+5), McCain 41(-4)

Discontent Buffets the Nation; Bush Craters, Obama Benefits

I'm beggin' you sir..James T Harris...

Stuff Like this is SO NOT going to work anymore.

I'm worried Obama is going to lose it...

I'm just concerned about one thing...

Alaska's Family Feud (WP editorial)

Monkey Man still unidentified?

McCain seeks to reassure supporters in new speech

Obama rides a wave of bad economic news...

Clue #3,987 that Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot: "How dare they boo Piper!"

Palin contradicts McCain on North Korea:

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

You're shittin' me right? Who in the hell is so damn dumb that they wouldn't vote

McCain supporter criticizes her her opponents: "They don't have no grace"

So were Palin's SAT scores ever debunked or is she really that stupid?

Palin's AIP Address: No flag pin (or flag) in sight, just sayin'

a poll to DU...Please

One more time...

Can someone explain Alaskan politics to me?

You have to love this. With a few weeks to go. McCain and Palin have to spend days visiting

A funny story, from here in Super-Blue Davis, for all you Redstaters.

If we win Virginia and North Carolina

LA TIMES: Barack Obama surges past John McCain in fundraising race

Read this Drudge!

**GOP frets about McCain's strategy and prospects

Obama Camp's Travel Seems a Factor In Recent Leads in Battleground States

ABC/Washington Post Poll: Obama up by 10 (O53, M43)

McCain Struggles to Hold the South: WSJ

I gotta say it was a brilliant move on Obama's part to personally canvass neighborhoods today

Here it is ABC/WP poll: Obama up 10

Attention worriers: this will help- how simple winning is.

Does Sarah Palin remind you of Katherine Harris? Remember her?

Freak. Freak. Freak.

Ah a rare 12 post pizza -- usually takes atleast 20 nt

New ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama 53 McCain 43 - BUSH APPROVAL AT 23%

Sarah Palin is Mrs Carmody from Steven King's "The Mist"

McCain needs to stop terrorizing Americans with his lies about Obama.

"Sarah Palin is a C**t", t-shirt reads. Jake Tapper and Ben Smith pick up the story

McCain needs to end this nonsense

November 4th.....requested day off. No work for me that day!!

Another accusation about William Ayers. I was listening

What's with all the concern lately?

Chidren for Obama Rally Seattle Photos

*** You heard it here first! *** (Good news and bad news -- )

Study finds: Polls may UNDERESTIMATE Obama's support by 3 to 4 percent

Obama Is So Far Ahead That I Won't Bother To Vote

Halperin suggests McKlan will be pressing "RESET" on his broken campaign.

So McCain is going to whip Obama's you know what?

Really Odd Tidbits About The Next Debate (Other Than It Taking Place 5 Minutes From My House)

Someone link me the "chill the fuck out I got this" Obama picture - I love it!

So if Drudge is right, Rasmussen tomorrow will have Obama: 50, McCain 45.

Is there any truth behind the ACORN stories?


O noes! We're all doomed!

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

Dude, seriously, you have a 1/19 chance of winning the election

NYT: The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

who's got the audio of McCain sounding like The Penquin?

Zogby 48 O 44 M - the poll is crap though


Could Obama lose? Anything is possible. But he won't lose.

I had a bizarre experience today

I live in Jean Schmidt's district...Schmidt who attacked Murtha

OMG! My 88 year old mother is voting for Obama!

YAHOOO!!! I went to Jeff Merkley support event. Decemberists and

Obama Up by 10 Points as McCain Favorability Ratings Fall

Road to 270: Tennessee

How much do you want to bet...

North Dakota is back in play again (Obama 45, McCain 43)

Has anyone posted the Rolling Stone cover story on Mccain yet??

Huffington Post reports Obama raised record cash in September.

In Interview McSame CONNECTS Iraq War with 9-11 AGAIN I hope Obama gets him on this

I just got around to watching the second half of the townhall debate

Castro is NOT helping the Obama campaign..... his statement hurts

Dan Rooney Campaigns For Obama At Local Rallies

West Virginia union workers rally for Obama

Large image, dialup warning, etc etc etc: "Being John Maverick"

Report: McCain To Reverse Course, Will Refer To Americans As "My Enemies" In Final Debate

Dow Jones futures up 330 :)

I must admit, I'm CONCERNED...

WASHINGTON POST: Obama Up by 10 Points as McCain Favorability Ratings Fall

Keep it up, everyone, we're winning!

OMG, I Just Voted For McCain...

-- William Ayers email I got today--I found interesting--

The youth vote could be critical. I was just thinking this morning how to make sure they turn out.

This is AWESOME: having chugged a whole lot of Red Bull and Viagra...

**** McCain/Palin in Virgina *** CNN Live

McCain: Worst speech grand finale of all time

If Barack Obama is a terrorist then what does that make ALL of US?

Ed Shultz is getting ready to talk about abuse of power Palin and her Trooper Gate problem

North Carolina's Alliance for Retired Americans to Endorse Obama

Faux News just reported that Obama has a new economic plan to announce about 1:30pm

Analyzing the New McSame Doctrine

It's going to be ok, Obama's already beaten the "kitchen sink strategy" once this year

Fact-Checking the Ayers Allegations: So Wrong, It’s “Pants on Fire” Wrong (CQ Politics)

17 Newspapers Endorse Obama, 2 for McCain

"My friends, we've got them where we want them"

KRUGMAN: Has Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, saved the world financial system?

America's MSm Enemies: Who is The Worst?

So let me get this straight - the bold, new campaign altering move today is a new stump speech?

M$M wants a horse race? Ok. Here's the horse race analogy

Slam-Dunk moment in Wednesday night's upcoming debate

How Many New Voters This Time?

McCain: I'll create Free and Fair trade... That's an oxymoron... What an idiot.

60 in the Senate, T-shirt

How many irony meters does the McCain campaign owe you?

McBush and the Moose Hunter ARE inciting VIOLENCE!

"Tasergate"? - Palin Actually Thinks WE Are The Ones Who Are Stupid!!!

Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress

Paul Krugman for Secretary of the Treasury.

McCain regarding the economy/campaign: "in the last few days we’ve seen it come back up"

The Republican meme next year will be: "McCain was doing fine 'til the Dems screwed up the economy."

Elizabeth said, I spoke to Hannity this morning, on the View

Bradley Effect Poll:

MSNBC just Found a Sign at the McCain Rally: "Obama Bin Lyin"


Politico: Struggling McCain "hitting the panic button"

If Obama is a Terrorist then what does that make Joe Biden?

McCain doesn't want an exchange of views for voters to decide- He wants to whup Obama

Can I get a round of applause for McCain?....

Skinner, you'd better have the DU Servers reinforced with TITANIUM by November 4th...

So, I guess this was the McCain "FIGHT" speech, theme, new line of bullshit.

Where can I get info on events and rallies?

People are Shouting at the McCain rally again...Anybody hear what they are Saying?

This guy creeps me out

GWB got out of Vietnam, Cheney got out of Vietnam, McCain couldn't figure that out.

Old Joke remembered as McCain makes new promises

VIDEO: Biden Mocks Palin and Pledges to End Iraq War

Newt splains politics: Is THAT all McCain has to do?

With only three weeks left, our support should be pretty much unquestioning

Will McCain try to drop a "bombshell" on Obama Wednesday night?

Top 5 Senators I'd Love To See Replaced In November

Here's the latest talk radio meme

Want a good laugh the local McCain website.

Check out why the guy who started the "Obama is a Muslim" story isn't a lawyer

McCain scraps new policy plans, instead changes stump speech

Obama 45, McCain NORTH DAKOTA!

McCain just saluted macaca Allen.

Why McLame's new "Right Where I Want 'Em" meme won't work.

"Bradley Effect" - aka "How the GOP will explain stealing a close election"

Marist OH: Obama 49(+2), McCain 45(unchanged)....Marist PA: Obama 53(+4), McCain 41(-3)

Drill baby drill? Mine baby mine?

Where was John on 9-11?

If Barack Obama is a terrorist then what does that make the Clintons?

Joe Biden's dad sure has a lot of expressions

Sarah Palin is the intellectual equivalent of a skid mark in my underwear. n/t

Want health insurance?

Must See Movie- Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story

Ohio: Obama goes door-to-door; Palin runs through a Wal-Mart

"I'll Whip his you know what at the debate"

"New" Republican meme:

Is that little issue of Palin's "Abuse of Authority" just forgotten now?


Just sent the last planned donation to Obama....sort of sad!

Doesn't McCain usually Poll better over the weekends in the Tracking Polls?

Florida GOP hits 'panic button.' Offers free gas cards to McCain/Palin volunteers.

Which 5 Congresspersons Would You Like To See Replaced This Election

A different view of the Bradley Effect/

Told you So: North Dakota poll: Obama 45, McCain 43

Larry Flynt porn flick starring Sarah Palin. They were just discussing it on FOX.

The Sarah Silverman Effect ("The Great Schlep)- one example

Why McCain is getting this little mini bump....

McCain's new stump speech... 'We’ve got them just where we want them'

In defense of the non-troll concerned.

Community Gathering with Joe Biden, Rochester, NH, LIVE STREAM IS UP!!!!

Obama Camp Response To McKlan's "New Stump Speech" Gimmick

No decision on early voting (Lake County, Indiana)

Here comes the "America Loves an Underdog" strategy by McCain.

Wow....."whip" remark....imagine if.....


My friends, the new improved McCain stump speech (from Politico)

Affixing the blame for current crisis

Just Voted Absentee - Upstate NY - Obama / Biden - Of Course!

The commercial with Obama just talking about "Trickle Down" is his best yet.....

Live today 10/13

Am I missing something? Or am I thinking to much?

We Aren't Playing To Win Any More.

Dow up 404 points at 9:36 EST

Thinking Cap Time: OK, Biden's BEGGING for a nickname

McCain Declines To Condemn Virginia Republican's Comparison Of Obama And Osama

The Great Schlep is working

"Nevermind" -- McKlan Camp Has Nuthin' on the Economy


First Read: Obama expands his lead, now holds a more than 100-vote lead in NBC's electoral map

McCain: Can't decide!

Obama campaign expected to go on offense on issues of voter protection...

Cornerman Holy Joe Lieberman getting ready to throw in towel after failing to stop the bleeding....

I am SICK and TIRED of Old White Men Running This Country

MSG's Al Trautwig blasts the Phildelphia Flyers for having Sarah Palin drop the puck on opening nigh

I woke up this morning, and saw NORTH DAKOTA TURN BLUE?

Hillary has campagned more for Obama, then McCain has campaigned for himself.

Nancy Fluffernutter on MSNBC.. . (short version)

College Republicans rise early to see Palin speak

Battleground Polls show very healthy Obama advantage... +8

WSJ: McCain Plans Federal Health Cuts

Drudge headlines this morning (so pathetic & spineless)

t-shirt /bumper sticker suggestion

Here is AP not being demonstrably "in the bag". . It was notable enough

The "Oh fuck it, might as well vote for something different" vote

CNN: Ed Rollins -"Obama campaign marches forward toward likely victory."

An Interesting Take On The "Bradley Effect"

New DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll Obama 48 (-1) McCain 42 (+1)

I'll "Kick his you-know-what"!

Roger Stone, Republican strategist on CNN calling Obama "dangerous".

The vast chasm between the two candidates is making it harder and harder

Paul Krugman Wins The Nobel Prize For Economics

Mean, Mean Mean....(LOL)

Rasmussen: Obama 50%, McCain 45%

had a fun morning with 2 obama canvassers

Congratulations Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner for Economics

Don't Vote -- Obama is so far ahead, you don't need to bother. --- LISTEN TO THIS INSTEAD.

Palin to do a rally at Dover High, Dover, NH on Wednesday..

Updated info from Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund re Sarah Palin

Obama ahead by 2 in North Dakota!

Obama looking good in his Heisman pose---

Morning Joe.. watching - Ari Melber ('The Nation) is schooling

LOL what is wrong with this picture LEVI JOHNSTON has actually face the press more than Palin

Help Get Rid of Senator Norm Coleman, Top Bush Supporter

99 days and counting!

McCain's Pennsylvania problem

Next time McCain appears to be wondering aimlessly check for a laser light on the floor.

Lynda Carter To Caribou Barbie: You're No Wonder Woman

Meet Andy Martin - Originator of the vile "Obama is a Muslim" smear.

ROCK TO VOTE! Celebrities in a video for Obama!

On the "wish list" at a new local Obama office

"It's the economy stupid!"

The Note: McCain Seeks New New Start

What this campaign will become, in one perfect phrase:

It is NOT November 5th...

Obama, McCain in dead heat in ND, poll says

So who thinks Obama is going to whip what's his names A$$

Salman Rushdie : Sarah Palin is 'a joke'

A little happy for your Monday morning (--but let's not stop working!!--)

The Man Behind the Whispers about Obama

StuffinEnvelopes: No Candidate Has Ever Lost with Obama's Lead Over McCain

Lieberman campaigns in Ohio for McCain ("Obama will have his day but it's not at this election")

Freepers Are Dumber Than Dirt

You Know What Surprises Me About McCain's Strategy So Far?

mccainiac thug rick davis given red carpet treatment by MSNBC now

You know what would really be the end of Sarah Palin? If someone could

THE Meme we must snuff. And now...

Get ready for the 'comeback' narrative

It just hit me today how intense this election has been, how close we are to the end!

My Obama sign was stolen over the weekend and so was

CNN just told a HUGH!11! lie: This just in: Castro calls out America for it's racist behavior....

apparently, someone let the air out of my wife's tires due to her obama sticker

John McInsane Has Officially Jumped The Shark

BATTLEGROUND TRACKING POLL (R): Obama 51, McKlan 43. No change.

That sack of shit Scarborough and his feigned outrage

"Fire the Campaign" says Bill Kristol.


Ayers, ACORN, Race, Liberal outrage/hate, etc -- let's stay focused!

Mika won't even let Alxerod complete a thought without

It looks like Class Warfare...well, that is what it is..

GOP Worries About McCain's Strategy

McKlan to "RESET" campaign with speech. "My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them."

FOLKS we need to defend John Lewis because the MSM wants to act like his comments were as bad as. .

Invocation at McCain speech (my god's bigger than your god)

McCain says he's for a temporary cut in Capital Gains tax for investments??

McCains campaign discussed 30 economic proposals and chose....none of them.

Axelrod and Davis coming up on Morning Joe

Narritive from now till at least Wednesday: Comeback

You watching

What I would like to see Obama say to McCain at the debate

dKos/R2K 10/13: Obama 52 (-1) McCain 40 (even)

A 2.2% McCain lead is greater than a 13.8% Obama Lead

Obama To Deliver Major Economic Policy Speech Today - Rescue Plan for the Middle Class

Dead intern Joe said that John Lewis gave the most

I Am Starting To Get Worried That Obama Might Be Peaking Too Soon...

Political Campaign Signs Burned on St. Peters' (MO) Lawns

ABC News/WaPo Poll - Monday, Oct 13 - Obama 53, McCain 43

To those who won't vote for Obama b/c they say he's a Muslim

When you subscribe to abject failure, how do you defend it?

The Blind Ambition Ad is running constantly here in CO

Unbelievable: Seeing White House From a Cell in Hanoi


I Am Starting To Get Concerned That Every Day There Seems To Be Less To Be Concerned About

I'm so sick of dumb Palin "folks" who think she is so damn smart!

What the ????

Barack Obama Meets Mack Brown & The Texas Longhorns (11min Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video)

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

WM. KRISTOL: It’s time for John McCain to fire his campaign. He has nothing to lose.

They're not going to steal this election, Obama won't lose and there is no Bradley effect.

Who Will Be the First to Cry like a Baby the Night of Nov. 4th?

15 Newspapers Endorsed Obama on Sunday

For the last 1/2 Hour, CNN has discussed NOTHING but...

McCain-Palin schedules show worry about Southern states? Campaigning in 2 states GOP for 40 years

Worth reading - Barack Obama's Innovative War On Poverty

Mason/Dixon Poll of Nevada: Obama 47% (+6) McCain 45% (-2)

Anyone know where I can get the entire Scranton rally video

Bad News For McCain's Negative Approach

Dow back over 9000! The Obama plan, voiced by Gordon Brown this weekend, is going to work!

Any other teachers on here having trouble being neutral with McCainites

Biden Points to Obama's Steady Hands'

Pittsburgh Palin Fundraiser Becomes Big Obama Rally

Potential conflict of interest with Palin

New Marist polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania: Obama up by 4 in Ohio and 12 in PA among LIKELY voters

Contact MSNBC and demand to know why Harold Ford was ordered to be quiet on Morning Joe!

So is Palin okay with her 'future' son-in-law being a high school dropout?

Combined Daily Tracking Polls - not for the concerned

What is Rezco whispering to the FBI?

Dear Media: Where's the "knockout blow" meme this time...?

Whoever is in possession of the DU time-speeder-upper machine, please fast forward to Nov 5th. That

Whoever is in possession of the DU time-speeder-upper machine, please fast forward to Nov 5th. That

Obama Camp’s Response to McCain`s Speech

Why hasn't Hillary gone after Abuse Of Power Palin?

Charna LazarWoman on MSNBC LYING about Obama was associate of larry Johnson and EX NOC and is a PUMA

Venice California- McCain's Economic Policies

Sarah Palin debate flow chart

Doug Cunningham Talks With the AFL-CIO's Dan Duncan On The Effort For Obama In Virginia

Perspective: ABC/WaPo Polls from October 2004

Democracy Corps Poll- Obama 50, McCain 40, Nader 2, Barr 3, Paul 0

So this Florida woman on MSNBC sounds like a racist to me.

America is one fucked up and awesome place

Drudge just got PWNED by Gallup so he can't push "COMEBACK MCSAME"..bwahahaha

Biden: McCain would lurch from one bad idea to another as President

LAT: "Obama surges past McCain in fundraising race"

How exactly is McGrumpy gonna "whip his 'you know what' Wednesday night? - Just curious.

Chuck Todd moves WV from Likely McCain to Lean McCain - says somthing happening

McCain violated three rules devised by Atwater and Rove-

If you aren't watching Hillary Clinton in Horsham, PA

"Isn't THIS a great vice president of the United States?..."

Krugman Bashing has started in the form of Anonymous posts

Tina Fey on Sarah Palin: "If she wins the election I'm leaving Earth"

I think Obama, Biden and the Clintons are trying to lock down PA right now

McCain Deserves to be President?

NYT: History Suggests McCain Faces an Uphill Battle

Look, my friends, here's the real dope:

****Heads Up: Sen Clinton Now Live Campaings For Obama In Horsham, PA****

McCain is going to comeback from what exactly?

28 Votes: McCain's Record Against Veterans

Palin supporter Stapleton spinning troopergate on MSNBC.

I voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden today

Obama economic policy speech Ohio coming up soon

McCain-Palin Schedules Show Worry About Southern States - CNN Ticker

Did anyone here watch Hannity's America tonight?

Obama ran as a Fusion Candidate WTF is that?

Obama calls for 90-day moratorium on foreclosures

Sa-Rah Failin is joke in your town

Cry me a fucking river: Corsi ill after his visit to Kenya

John Kerry coming to Madison WI on Tuesday!

Obama: The $100 Million Man? - The Fix

Video: "Little Hussein" Obama Monkey at PA Palin Rally

Question about the polls: someone said yesterday that Obama loses pts over the weekend

How about: I'm a Communist, but I'm voting for McCain ,or

Envision President Barack Obama

One of the things I love most this year is that Democrats are sounding like Democrats again

lol, Drudge still quoting Gallup's poll as showing the race "narrowing".

October 13, 2008 - Obama - 346 McCain - 181 Tied - 11

MSNBC - Count the Pundit Parity Contest

Is Bush ever going to campaign for his buddy McCain?

As soon as he takes office, Obama should give a presentation

-- Debunking Rumors - Presidential Debate

Drudge has an "Obama, call me" picture of Obama kissing a white woman.

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaings In Rochester, Minnesota****

New ABC poll Obama 53 McRobot 43

Can someone explain the FEC Filings

Obama Canvasses Toldeo, OH today----TONS OF PICS!!

The Path Out of the Credit Crisis - Obama's Influence Or Foresight? Equity Share In Banks Idea

Be prepared for McBush to offer cool shiny things this week to get votes!

Obama Economic Plan (10-13-08 speech)

Remember, please, make sure to follow these rules before posting!!!!

Obama on BOOOing at events: " We don't need that..We need you to VOTE!"

Drudge's Race Baiting

LOL Joy Behar just called Sean Hannity a dangerous force on TV, Elisabeth takes offense and defends

It's A Sea Of Blue At Real Clear Politics' 'Latest Polls'

O.K. is it me or is this odd (Obama t-shirt)


** TODAY IS NOV. 5th **


The truth isn't in the poll numbers.

The truth isn't in the poll numbers.

The truth isn't in the poll numbers.

"Every time we meet with people, they say, 'We don't want our town to be like Wasilla.'"

There goes another irony meter: Palin says McCain will end "Abuses of Power"

McCain said he's got Obama right where he wants him. I didn't know that McCain

"A cold chill ran through my body" Cindy McCain on Obama

William Krystal is a Borg

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live To Give Major Economic Speech In Toledo, Ohio ****

Boo's at Obama rally today

In PA, Repub. Party STILL trying to get voters with political shirts turned away at polling places

Hugh McColl Jr., former chairman and CEO of Bank of America endoreses Obama

McCain and Pailin throw the kitchen sink

Cause for CONCERN

In the Obama years, we're going to have to learn to do without little luxuries.

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama - Please, DIGG

McCrypt On MSNBC Now

Not hearing the Ayers attacks today. Does this mean they only do it on Odd days?

*** Leatherface McCain in NC CNN Live ****

Ed Schultz suggested Obama meet with the "He's and Arab" lady

Pathetic fuckers.

McCain camp says McCain is in the tank for Obama.

Palin leads crowd to calling Obama (and Dems) "the bad guys"

the new & improved State of Misery, McCain style


McCain Economic Policy (10-13-08)

Road to 270: South Dakota

Look at their schedules over next two days Obama/Biden have 7 events in Ohio...

---"Who is Jill?"-- Joe Biden's wife---PICS--Just thought I'd point her out--

Tonight should be fun for Olbermann and Rachel!!!

Kristol: McSame Should Fire His Campaign

Cindy McCain's Attack On Obama's Record Offends Military Spouses

Please help- I need a link to a news source reporting Buffet endorsing Obama

A tale of two offices or it is grand to be a Democrat in NC these days.

Is this McCain day? All day long he is on the TV. I haven't seen

Good sites to send life long republican who is on the fence this time?

"GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous" by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey

McCain's Speech

another poll to DU (PBS on Palin)

another poll to DU (PBS on Palin)

Family, friends help Obamas juggle kids, campaign

PCIntern Effect: I claim to watch CNN, but actually watch MSNBC!

Hey John, you see that flash of light in the corner of your eye?

Sign of deperation?

I love Iowa. I really, really love Iowa.

Has there ever been a more horrible public speaker than McDumb

Geeks for Obama — Tech Stars' Website

These idiots on MSNBC are idiots.. The reason that Obama is saying a tax free

Favor: anyone have pics or video of Palin's face today at the rally?

CNN=All "Bradley Effect" All The Time...shameful...practically daring people to not vote for O based

Morning Call Tracking Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 51, McCain 38

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings For Obama In Manchester, NH****

Shout out if you agree that the Bradley Effect meme is racist towards white people.

Gallup - Obama 51(+1), McCain 41(-2)

This is so exciting! Who else here fulfilled kindegarten dream?

This is so exciting! Who else here fulfilled kindegarten dream?


Fuck you M$NBC - for constantly panning the camera all through this McKKKain rally.

McCain's "new" speech: Same old shit.

HOLY BAT CRAP!!!! Is that North Dakata - BLUE???!!!!

The Obama and Ayers that Chicago knows - RW drivel by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune

Democracy Corps Poll: Obama 50%, McScrewloose 40%

McCain and Palin's rhetoric: now both are household jokes.

(R)asmussen: Biden viewed more favorably than Palin

McCain ENCOURAGES booing during "policy speech" while Obama STOPS it during HIS.

Photoshopped my neighbor's McCain sign.


Bill Clinton: "[Bush] plowing an Uzi's worth of bullets into the McCain-Palin ticket"

FYI-ACORN being investigated here in Indiana (Lake County)

McCain in Trouble with Latinos

Something Troubling About The Polls

Did CNBC tank? Now combining forces with MSNBC?

If the world had an electoral college, Obama would win 8455 to 16

The reason Obama jumped ahead has only a little bit to do with the Dow... the real reason is:

This is a Defining Week for the Election

Biden: 'Abuse of power' is 'most serious' abuse

Palin Today Says McCain Will End "Abuses Of Power" -- Despite Report Saying She "Abused Her Power"

Nader, Barr Not Getting Traction

Todd Palin to campaign for McCain in northern Minnesota

Sarah Palin should not get "credit" for her daughter keeping her baby

My Friends...

Acorn pushes back, hugs McCain

Passed this car traveling down Interstate 93 today

Political Science Electoral Model Predicts Obama Landslide (O = 55.7%, M = 44.3%)

BWAHAHAHA!!! Yahoo composite poll: Obama 50%, 7.4% LEAD. I remember being afraid

Who is McCain's base?

The Legacy of the McCain Campaign in Alaska -- "Rogue"

Walt Monegan and the "Other" Ex-Commissioner

I am going to call 50 Missouri Voters a night until the election......

BWAHAHA: McCain campaign attacks Mr Neocon Bill Kristol.

I Need Some Information. While Canvassing This Week-end I Went To

SUSA: Obama Leads 51-43 in Missouri

The Truth is Not Partisan

Man who was shot in London was on Micheal Basin show

Want to know how a freeper feels today?

Will the election be enough of a landslide for there to be a clear victory on election night?

Virginia, Virginia, Virginia

There is no Bradley effect says a guy that was part of the 1982 campaign

Fox News' faux documentary sets new low

Palin's "Hockey Mom" photo op = perfect metaphor for the GOP

Does McCain have the stamina to go door-to-door like Obama did in Ohio?

Should US finance contraceptives to fight AIDS in Africa? McCain: I haven't thought about it.

The GOP strategy of "if we SAY the polls are tightening, maybe people will believe it"

If this guy was running McCain's campaign we'd be shaking in our boots right now.

Todd Palin, Creepy "First Stalker"

Please stop trying to read something into Clintons not campaigning with Obama!

Hmm, interesting - orchestrated attack by anti-choice extremists on YouTube??

Ok, Kids, this is what they're pulling out of their asses now

The stock market is about to close and the DJIA is up 900+ points

What's with Palin's kids and school? Are Bristol, Willow and Piper

I just thought of this term in another post - McCain't - but sho' 'nuff, someone already did:

what Palin's body language and voice tones tell us about her...honesty and sincerity...

Deja Vu? Is McCain Channeling Bob Dole?

SUSA New Jersey Poll: Obama 55(+2), McCrazy 40(-3)

Obama's Proposes A Temporary Suspension of Penalties For Withdrawals of Up To 15% From 401(k)

Obama is a Recession. McCain is a Depression

Black Widow Spiders, Poison, Ethics and Sarah Palin

McCain: "I'm old! I'm as old as history! So old I don't make mistakes!"

Palin Falsely Claimed Report Cleared Her of Legal Wrong-Doing

I do not give a flying FUCK about Wright, Ayers, Rezko, or any other "gotchas"

Anyone Can be Vp

McSybil is lurching from strategy to strategy

Morning Call Pennsylvania: Obama 51, McCain 38.. who says PA is a battleground?

Political phrases that have become inoperative: RED STATE

SUSA New York Poll: Obama 64(+7), McNut 31(-7)

I have a new (2nd) favorite website. It will be yours too

Have Biden or Obama ever commented anything on Palin?

Listening to CNN.. Quick McCain blip..he is back to the "experience" meme again

An overlooked debate moment

Obama hits 50% on RCP AVG- Highest support ever.

obama tax plan

McCain is on TV proposing the utter destruction of the world economy

Here's a pretty picture

Response to People Who Want to Discredit Obama

What I know today...Obama wins in:

OOH! Now I'm scared. McCain to unveil NEW stump speech

Conservatives: McCain alienating base on economy

Bill Clinton in Richmond last night and THIS is the front page of the local paper

Let's flood the Obama office in SW MO with contributions

Did McCain see this at his rally today?

John McCain’s own ACORN connection

You'll thank me for this in a few days...

According to SUSA: Among those who have already voted in Georgia Obama leads by six-points

Where most people heard of Obama.THE SPEECH

Rethugs cause recessions. Democrats fix them.

David Shuster has been covering Troopergate today.

McCain supporters - pic

McCain supporters - pic

McCain took the lead in early Sept because people thought Palin was "neat"....

Biden on Hardball at 5:00 pm ET today.

Carl-Bernstein - Does John McCain "pal around with terrorists?"

Carl-Bernstein - Does John McCain "pal around with terrorists?"

Well, there goes the Working Class Vote!

Hillary Clinton's play on Palin's "drill, baby, drill:" "Jobs, baby, jobs!"

Hillary Clinton's play on Palin's "drill, baby, drill:" "Jobs, baby, jobs!"

Hillary Clinton's play on Palin's "drill, baby, drill:" "Jobs, baby, jobs!"

Obama to propose penalty-free IRA and 401(k) withdrawals

Palin's "Christianity" at work in Alaska

Four new Survey USA polls: Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri

Sarah Palin's voice is in the tank for Obama

DUers at Sarah Palin Rally in Richmond VA

Roger Simon actually being nice to Obama.

We're always thinking there will be an Oct. Surprise, but has there ever

I just got polled: Voter Roll Call. Didn't say who sponsored it.

Chuckles excusing McCain's unfavorable numbers

tweety reporting abc/washington post poll obama up TEN POINTS

Is Mississippi a toss up? At least one EC site thinks so

My computer tech had to replace my speakers on moniter. I was playing Dixie Chicks when she came in

Is this the most fascinating election you've ever lived through?

McCain Camp Knocks Reporting on Racist Crowds- Raises Wright to Say They're Not Talking About Him

Holy shit, Batman! Dennis Hopper endorses Obama.

Skimming both, I see that FreeRepublic circa 2008 has something in common w/ DU c. 2004:

New Rethug meme -- as heard on NBC Today -- Obama is to blame

Hmmm. Gallup said just yesterday that "the race is, in fact, tightening."

Think Progress: Palin, Cited for "Abuse of Power," Says McCain Will End Such Practices In DC

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA today on the campaign trail in Toledo, Ohio

A community organizer comes to Washington. -- Volunteering for the Obama campaign.

McCain Adviser: "I have no comment on anything, to anybody,"

canvassing in Hoboken, NJ- a snapshot

Where is Jack Cafferty?

Swing state cookies for Obama!

Am I the only one who has noticed that Obama has taken the lead in North Dakota?

Joe Biden to speak in my hometown

Let's face it the debate on Wed night is McCain's last chance--what will he do

The tide is turning. Obama Presidency, Krugman Nobel Prize.

I think Obama should announce his September fundraising total Wednesday morning...

DAYMMMMMM gotta work but if in Wichita 10/16 check out the Bush Bus

San Francisco Chronicle: "Free Sarah Palin, Day 46: Five minute call with reporters, no follow-ups"

'Obama a Muslim' Rumor Author Exposed

Evolution? Hell, it would be nice to see a presidential candidate defend basic economic theory.

Matthews is gonna do the booing at the hockey puck thing next

McCain Campaign Tries Exploiting Iowa Floods for Votes

USA Today/Gallup Poll among RV: Obama 51(+5), McCain 44(-6)

Watch Biden Now!

Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama leads 51-38% among LVs in CO,MI,NH,NM,NV,FL,OH,PA,VA & WI

OMG: The Circus Comes To Town - Outside the McCain/Palin Rally

Barack Obama won the WH on March 18, 2008

Tweety just said about upcoming Biden interview: You're going to find this fascinating.

Question: What's the difference between The Polls and internal polls?

Just got back from the Biden rally in Manchester!

$800 Billion Pyramid ...featuring Sarah Palin and Colin Powell....

Have you guys considered this might be like 2006?

Interesting stuff from 538. For all of those concerned DUers...

RCP: Bradley era pollster Tarrance - Bradley Effect a "pernicious canard"

Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize. GOP accuses facts of having "librul bias."

Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize. GOP accuses facts of having "librul bias."

Hey, Brokejaw is on Hardball...

Just a suggestion, but you might want to watch Obama's State of the Union and Economic plan today

In Virginia voters' mail this weekend

Don't kid yourself. We are approaching a VERY dangerous time leading up to Election Day

I don't like the way those GA. polls look from SUSA

Oh Yeah, LOL !!! - One Research Group Finds The REVERSE Bradley Effect !!!

McCain, out of bogeymen, blasts Bush


Please help find old thread!

Gallup: 51 O, 41 M, Drudge Suiciding

Breaking: Barack Obama's ass being touched by a WHITE WOMAN!

John McCain embraced ACORN in 2006

Fox/Rasmussen Polls: FL - Obama+5,MO - Obama+3, VA - Obama+3, OH - Obama +2, NC - Tied

Talkingspointsmemo: A Dose of Reality on the ACORN hysteria

"You were one of the first"

"You were one of the first"

Shocking Sarah Palin Video

Billboard prompts racism allegations

Billboard prompts racism allegations

Interesting thread from 2004

80% of Registered youth could turnout on election day

McCain stole Hillary's playbook lol

Now McCain Campaign Says He Will Be Speaking About The Economy -- Tomorrow

Pictures from a McCain rally that need captioned.- When the hate got out of control

How did this place look at this time in 2004?

My father-in-law's craziest Repig declaration to date!

i offered a matching donation to Obama today.

Obama Statement on Financial Markets - Now's the Time for a Middle-Class Rescue Plan

What did McCain say about union votes?

What did McCain say about union votes?

Here's what's even better about today's Gallup

There are too many damned special interests ( I swear these are real)

Can anyone from Florida tell us if this Tim Mahoney mess down there could hurt Obama? Is Mahoney on

VIDEO: Mary Matalin defends psycho right wing crowd reactions of the McCain campaign to Obama

PA Gov Rendell just now on Road to WH. Outstanding!!

PA Gov Rendell just now on Road to WH. Outstanding!!

I just got done talking with this pretty Obama door knocker

McCain has to have his own music written for him because all of the good artists keep telling him


Just how dumb do they think we are?

Crikey. I just got canvassed by the good guys in OKLAHOMA CITY.

Any DUer out there have a treasure trove of all the misspelled signs?

Crist giving up on McCreep in Florida, which could go blue!

What would McBush have to do in order to win?

Wow realclearpolitics has FL TURNING BLUE!

ATTENTION HAND WRINGING WEENIES: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has suggested...

ATTENTION HAND WRINGING WEENIES: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has suggested...

Biden says some of what he has seen at McCain events is 'scary stuff.'

Pennsylvania - Swing State, Shming State. Paint It Blue Already.

Nate Silver Breaks Down Bradley Effect

Lol at David Gregory if McCain is ahead he's in a good position

How OVER will it be after Wednesday Night?

WHY is Obama's major speech not airing on CNN or MSNBC?

Smudge posts this pic on his home page:

Todd Palin, Creepy "First Stalker"

WHAT did we learn today, boys & girls? "Remarks" stop John "I'm A Fighter" McCain "in his tracks."

Palin Mistakes Fans for Protesters

this is a number I have not seen in polls ARAB AMERICANS

The Daily Widget, Mon 10/13 – O-380, M-158 – Colorado Soars; Nevada Weakens

Do you suppose Sarah Palin sells a lot ofs stuff on E-Bay?

Obama just nailed down the election with his economic speech. Excperts here:

Rasmussen Florida, Missouri,North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia!

PALIN GAFFE: Mistakes her own supporters as protesters

Survey USA MO. Obama up 8 pts This is getting insurmountable

Kind of a bit sick watching the Dow this morning

Kind of a bit sick watching the Dow this morning

"We've Got Them Just Where We Want Them"

RECOMMENDED - Jim Cramer Discussing Similarities Between Hoover, Bush and McCain

Election Day advice - this should go without saying, but...

I'm working in Birmingham, AL for the next week....

Alienating his base, McCain backpedals from his earlier "slave in every pot" position

McCain Adviser: McCain Likely To Confront Obama About Ayers At Debate

Politico: Sen. Brown: Make O'Reilly cry Nov. 4

Politico: Sen. Brown: Make O'Reilly cry Nov. 4

Beer drinkers for Obama

Amazingly, Wolf Blitzer is parroting McCain's talking points

Warning to the Republicans: Change your Attitude - Quick

I am struck by the similar peculiar way

National Enquirer Alleges Sarah Palin Affair With Brad Hanson

Frontline: The Choice 2008 - PBS Tuesday October, 14, 2008

*****ATTENTION!!! Obama Will Win and will Serve TWO TERMS*****

Pat Buchanan: McCain won on points.

A friend got a call from the McCain campaign

When will the networks call the race on Election Night?

Ooops, Levi didn't register in time to vote....

Obama's laughing...

Obama's laughing...

Bad news for McBush: 90% Believe U.S. on Wrong Track

One thing that will greatly help Obama in MO is that our Dem gov candidate is ahead by 22pts

RACIST billboard against Obama in Missouri!!!

22 days to go -- let's look at 22 days ago

Biden on Hardball...

Biden on Hardball...

McCain: A worse war criminal than I thought

Fact-Checking the Ayers Allegations: So Wrong, It’s “Pants on Fire” Wrong

The nations new Theme Song November 4 and beyond. A Change will do you good

"Socialism for me - NON E for you."

It's all a matter of face time, folks

Here is the inspiring hope of a fellow Dem on the day after the election...

My father-in-law

Note what states McCain/Palin are focusing on now -- VA, NC

OMFG: they just had a "PUMA" on 6abc here in Philly on Action News

Absolutely Dumbest Anti-Obama Post EVER!!!!

"You have been lied to."

The man behind the whispers about Obama

Do We Need a Dem Pres. and R Congress?

Breaking: Acorn Pushes Back, Hugs McCain (pic!)

Breaking: Acorn Pushes Back, Hugs McCain (pic!)

Four Pinocchios for Palin

Are you hoping McCain brings up Ayers Wednesday night?

538: McCain preparing "Reboot"?

Across the board. The ABC/WAPO Poll of RVs is devastating for McCain (+10)

Without even a hint of irony Palin went on the attack in VA today, claiming ...

McCain's "comeback" in the primaries is not in any way comparable to the general election

McCain's "comeback" in the primaries is not in any way comparable to the general election

The signature moments of this campaign:

Want a chuckle? The Barbershop...

The MSM and the GOP Are About to Learn the OBAMA EFFECT

Do you buy this? In Missouri, it's Obama up 51-43 percent

Joe Biden in my backyard (No-REALLY!).....

Rasmussen: Obama +5 in FL, +2 in OH, +3 in MO, +3 in VA, tied in NC

Hate Vs. Hope, the difference in pics ****dial up warning****

Half sister of Cindy McCain dies - In a friggin Nursing Home!

David Gregory calls Colorado a "dead heat" and shows a poll from 9/29-10/1!

David Gregory calls Colorado a "dead heat" and shows a poll from 9/29-10/1!

So Palin's abuse of power didn't even survive the weekend?

Obama up 33% in New York

I'm really tired of the Ohio Turd Blossom election specialists fucking around. Ohio can you clean

Baby Daddy drops out of school?

Re: Chuck Todd on Hardball - revealling new numbers on important crosstab points

Republican infighting: Kristol calls McCain's campaign "pathetic"

Lou Dobbs just endorsed Obama??

Sen. Kerry to campaign for Obama at UWO Tuesday

Where can we get Gallup's daily numbers?.. (instead of the rolling 3)

OBAMA is a class ACT!!!

This is fun: Go here and project your own electoral totals. I have Obama with 337.

Okay...I want to bitchslap this double-chinned sea hag blathering away on MSNBC right now!

Cenk: The Ugly Implications of McCain and Palin's Questions

McCain totally has this thing, people...

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

Anyone notice Palin's expression after she finished her VA speech a few minutes ago?

I am so bummed! I have to be in Columbus OH on election night!

Predictions for Wednesday night's debate.

At the moment I'm listening to John Gibson on Fox

LOL - McCain Camp: Media won't cover "inflammatory comments are made at" Obama rallies

And Now Republican Party Infighting Begins...

And Now Republican Party Infighting Begins...

NPR: Sarah Palin And Feminism's Rightward Path

It's CAPTION TIME! Nature Calls Edition (((PIC)))

Judging from his life, do you think McCain is an honorable man?

Judging from his life, do you think McCain is an honorable man?

No Jobs, and No Recourse Until November

Freepers suffering paranoid delusions over flags at Ohio Obama rally!

Dennis Hopper praying for Obama victory

HAHAHA!! There is an Obama sign in the AK governor mansion's yard!!

HAHAHA!! There is an Obama sign in the AK governor mansion's yard!!

Ok, I'll shut up.

Last chance to DOUBLE your Impact--Donation matching at

Schmidt: McCain 'within striking distance'

Latest trolling for concern: "Well, okay, we're winning -- but Obama will only have one term!"

Freeper Founder Gives Up On McCain; votes for...

Please don't tell my girlfriend, but . . .

Let's face it, folks...Obama is Bugs Bunny and McCain is Elmer Fudd.

McCain's slurs against Arabs was NOT his best moment, But Brokaw and Tweety think so!

Is Tweety trying to ride Obama's coat-tails to the Senate?

Obama not the only candidate associated with ACORN - the plot thickens

This is what we Southerners are up against:

Excuse me! So, the MSM is letting the Palin Abuse of Power Thing Slide??!!!

BBC report by Greg Palast - watch it, share it, get it OUT THERE!!!

What brand of Champagne will you have on ice Nov 4?

When is it time to give up on someone?

Um, why is no one talking about THIS


Coach Dean Smith endorses Barack Obama - e-mail here

Palin: We can't let 'leftist groups…steal this election'

I'm getting so sick of these idiots on TV saying that raising taxes on businesses who make over...

Who do you dislike most?--McCain or Palin

Just a note to people who think it is clever to be pessimistic: It's not.

Nail in the coffin? McCain headlining Acorn Event in 2006

Nail in the coffin? McCain headlining Acorn Event in 2006

"Obama/Biden 2008 - bye bye Haters" Duers Feeling Creative?

Christopher Hitchens endorses Obama

Tired: Leafletting. Wired: CD'ing

Senate Race polls ... Dole, Stevens, Franken, Warner ...

Please, slow down! It ain't over yet!

What will the "age of Obama" bring? My predictions.....

I think the IRS should go back to letting people deduct their credit card interest

Will alleged "fraudulent" ACORN voter registrations be the fulcrum for massive R "recount" efforts in close states next month?

BREAKING: Proof that Obama's been a left wing "Green" Shrill since he was 3:

"He sat there for 20 years listening to Wright"

It's over: McCain campaign attacks Bill Kristol

"Who is the real Obama?" = "He doesn't fit the stereotype we believe about blacks so he must be

TINA FEY - Fey Blamed For 'Ruining' Palin's Reputation

In KS .. Today I counted 41 Obama signs 0 ZERO NADA mcNasty signs and some repuke roberts and

Republican Mutiny Day One - The day the Sharks first caught the scent of blood

McCain throws his rabid "Palinite" base under the bus...calls them "nuts"

Acorn Manifesto

Acorn Manifesto

Obama scares me.

McCain Deja Vu - Hoover's Push For A Balance Budget In A Recession Helped Cause Great Depression

My daughter and her friends were verbally assaulted at a Palin rally

Obama 346 McCain 181 Ties 11, Senate Dem 59 GOP 41, House Dem 247 GOP 186 Ties 2

CNN give McCain a platform to callout Lewis

CNN give McCain a platform to callout Lewis

Howard Dean and his fucking 50 state strategy idea

Can we get a CONCERN FORUM.

Can we get a CONCERN FORUM.

Announcing the first-ever DU Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Chuck Todd is like a child closing his ears and yelling out loud because he does not want to see

Chuck Todd is like a child closing his ears and yelling out loud because he does not want to see

Chuck Todd is like a child closing his ears and yelling out loud because he does not want to see

Drudge Plays The Harold Ford Card: Obama Kissing A White Woman...

Drudge Plays The Harold Ford Card: Obama Kissing A White Woman...

Florida just flipped to leaning blue on RCP EV map

Florida just flipped to leaning blue on RCP EV map

HuffPo: Why Is Palin Such a Good Liar For God?


"brink of systemic meltdown",

I ran across this stat about paid time off by country......Depressing

I feel ill...

I feel ill...

GM, Ford, Chrysler Face Bankruptcy Risk on Crisis, S&P Says

This is what happens with backdoor tax hikes.

This is what happens with backdoor tax hikes.

Not to turn into Andy Rooney but WHY is SNL on Thursday now?

Not to turn into Andy Rooney but WHY is SNL on Thursday now?

OMG..BREAKING! Transcripts of Mayor Palin's city council meeting minutes unearthed!

OMG..BREAKING! Transcripts of Mayor Palin's city council meeting minutes unearthed!

People Who Live In Glass Häuser

Keith Olbermann has strep throat, and SNL is live THURSDAY night.

Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on Europe Bank Rescue Plan

Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on Europe Bank Rescue Plan

Nations across globe rolling out emergency bank measures

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

The People & Groups Behind the Smears...

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

McCain smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for about 25 years

IMF Warns Of Systemic Meltdown

Palin protest sign ideas.

Just when I thought Letterman was the biggest nail in McCane's coffin

Should you be able to vote the YEAR you turn 18 opposed to the day?

Double Digit Midget

The Bidens, Oprah, Dean, Plouffe at WLF last week. Sweet story by the Bidens.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

Why I can't take Tom Brokaw seriously

Andrew Sullivan Just Wrote The Most Brilliant Piece On Obama I Think I've Ever Read

I voted today! Big turnout west of Atlanta.

About Obama raising taxes on 50% of Small Business revenue

McCain had another new economic plan before he didn't

Predict the upsets in November

Predict the upsets in November

Christopher Hitchens endorses Barack Obama

‘Senate and House Republicans are going to get crushed’

Very cute sign outside the local veterinary clinic...

Very cute sign outside the local veterinary clinic...

Please debunk this: Obama's ties to wall Street CEO's...

A question about posting videos on my blog - giving credit?

I'm watchin Huckabees new Fox show.

California: Proposition 2: Arguing cruelly confined or contentedly caged hens

Um.Yeah...This picture really kinda says it all...

Um.Yeah...This picture really kinda says it all...

Anyone going to the NC state fair this week?

A Freeper's Rant on Amazon Seller Board and replies from Liberals (funny)

Post-Debate Video: McCain Flees, Obama Stays Forever

Check in if your voting for Obama and not against McCain

Age, sometimes a joy, but always a learning experience...

PBS, Masterpiece Theater has a drama about the surveillance society

The Republicans will not forgive and they will not forget. These people have NO future in the party.

The Republicans will not forgive and they will not forget. These people have NO future in the party.

Former Debaters here?

ACORN FACT CHECK: Debunking the right wing lies...

Wasserman-Schultz on CNN Today. Vid Posted???

I'm confused, can someone explain?

Would Obama stand even a remote chance in some of the "battleground" states if not for Howard Dean?

I can haz an "Indepent"?

I forwarded a smear email to the Obama campaign. In less than an hour I got a response.

Gotta love Woody Guthrie

Gotta love Woody Guthrie

Researchers in Italy uncover previously unknown 2nd copy of the Last Supper.

DU This Poll

Sarah Palin Factsheet - v3 (read & share)

I've heard that Bill Clinton also spoke today at the Obama rally

Police pour into Mosul to protect Christians from sectarian killings

99 Days to January 20th!

I struck out at getting votes for Obama.

I need a history lesson re: Hoover. I don't want to sound stupid

WaPo/Business Week - Bush Admin to Blame For Blocking State Efforts To Regulate Subprime Lenders

Bill Ayers Blog site

Where would they hide all the lobbyists?

A Few Facts that need to fall on Republican ears.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Bush Admin Hiring People to Deceive You - Bush History,10/13

Please, please, please stop the anti-gay advertising on DU

So, where did all the money go?

So according to freepers et al, the majority of REPUBLICANS in Alaska are "Obama supporters".

Feds propose consolidation of personal info in databases

PHOTO: Major props!!

Newspapers miss debt obligations, but sale or closure unlikely because that won't help lenders

looking for a study conservative/liberal brainwaves

In crisis, Myanmar (Burma) dissident sees hope

In crisis, Myanmar (Burma) dissident sees hope

The guy who bankrolled stealing the Sonics from Seattle..well he's had a very bad day on Wall Street

War with China?

Bill Maher threatened; show goes on - and letters sent to LA Times

Please visit my new website

Emails suggest Pfizer tried to suppress study on drug

Best albums of 2008 thus far

A Nation Held Hostage by Nitwits

The man behind the Muslim-Obama rumor wanted 'to exterminate Jew power'

would someone with broadband please look at a CNN web page for me? Fox-watching father just got my blood boiling. Told me the economic mess is all the Dems..

So shoot me....I'm concerned! (FDIC)

MarketWatch: This week may feature some pretty depressing U.S. economic data

Just listening to Diana Ross.

Todd Palin, the 'shadow governor'

Which will help our economy more, long-term?

Obama Gains in Iowa, Florida Give Him National Boost (Update2)

The grim repo: Record defaults expected in '08 (auto)

90 yr old Addie Polk: Ohio shooting puts face on foreclosure crisis

self delete

The Morning Line: The "Gotcha!" Cartoon

Freepers hero Andy Martin - the man behind the Obama smears

Any chance McCain retires if (when) he loses?...

Looks like the markets are happy with the partial nationalization

John McCain's Terrorist Connections

Just a heads up...Hillary Will Be On The Today Show this AM.

Peter Morici may pop a blood vessel on WJ this morning

Palin-ing! Talk like Sarah and change your life!

Did you ever use the term 'snow machine' before the Palins came on the scene?

ACORN Response to Senator McCain's Smear Ad

So how come GEORGE W. BUSh and the REPUBLICANS are allowing that "DOMESTIC TERRORIST"

I remember saying to a few people that Paul Krugman was a likely Nobel Laureate

GOP Battles the Spread of Democracy

What website is it that shows you donations made

Next Stop, Supreme Court: What Happens If Anti-Choice Ballot Initiatives pass

TOONS: Some cartoonists get it, some don't

On C-SPAN: Neel Kashkari, Interim Asst. Treasury Secretary

Krugman won the Nobel prize for Economics

4 words I never want to hear used in the same sentence again

McCain Campaign: From mud-slinging to rock-throwing

My Two Cents: On Racism and Terrorism

Study by Rand corp. says 300,000 vets affected by PTSD

So, I'll be working the phones for Obama today.

German Government Announces Rescue Deal for Banks

Sumner Redstone Forced To Sell Viacom, CBS Shares

Up 378

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - Bill Krystol is stark raving mad

The media's enduring pro-McCain double standard

Too many damn holidays

*** The Official Thank You Dubya thread ***

This ad came up with my email this morning

Sarah Palin Wins Nobel Prize in Physics...

I saw this on SNL years ago and have never forgotten it.

Tom Davis (R-VA) who's retiring this year, predicts repukes will lose

Universal Health Care is Constitutional

CNN says some woman got a loan from Jesus.

So, would Sec of Treasury or of Labor be beneath Krugman? He might think it too confining.

National Debt When Jimmy Carter

Levi Johnston breaks silence on marrying Bristol Palin, liking Obama and expecting a baby boy

Here hold my beer while I shoot this dog

John McCain Associates with Nazi loving radical - "Kill the sons of bitches."

Is John McLame accusing the Republicans who served with Ayers terrorists? I understand many of the

National Debt Clock draws worried glances, reactions (it's run out of digits)

U.S. Refuge for Singer Fleeing the Taliban

Email from my friend in the Secret Service

What a clear contrast ........

Secret Service Email, I received yesterday

Borrowed from Private Eye

"This election is about race"

ECONOMIC WARNING! Bush to make a live speech in minutes!

Barack Obama Under Fire For Playing T Ball During Vietnam

Repo Man: "Bush, we gonna miss you buddy!"

Hoo-boy, it's a whole day of Hot Topics

Oil was at the same price last year but gas is now 58 cents higher

McCain's facial twitches and getting lost onstage.

Why is some repuglicon saying “the democrat party”

Who is with me??

William Ayers Should Donate A Couple Grand To McCain

GM to close Janesville, Wis., plant in December

U.S. Extends $38 Billion In New Loans to AIG (on TOP OF original $85 Billion)

This newest bailout plan which purchases stocks

Goppers want us to forget about bush

Please take 5 minutes to check your movie ticket stubbs from this weekend - I think you were duped

McCain and Republicans just don't get it.

Wow! My friend had a message from the Daily Show this weekend.

Must See Movie- Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story

Biden, "How in the hell/heck are you supposed to solve global warming if you don't know what it is?"

Chavez's mismanagement of his oil-based economy.

A conspiracy? The plan?

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Bush Admin Hiring People to Deceive You - Bush History,10/13

A Request to the Those Advocating No on Prop. 8 from a California Mormon

Political speech is (supposed to be) completely sheltered by the First Amendment

Oy Veh! Is THIS the new and improved version of the "welfare mom"?

I've been watching the lead-up to market open on CNBC and

ACORN! Get Researching Who's Behind the Attacks!

Bill Gates Predicts `Fairly Significant' Recession, 9% Unemployment Rate

Anyone watching this "real" debate on CSPAN2 - the Canadiam PM debate

So with governments backing up banks...questions?

The parents who teach their kids this stuff are the sick ones

'Obama's a Muslim' rumor author exposed

Gordon Brown on light touch financial regulation

My wacko SIL taught her kids to say "Boo-bama"

Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee

Question: does anyone have knowledge of the Chelsea Clinton being ugly joke said by Mccain?

Woo hoo, the DOW broke 9000!

Biden to be on Tonight show on Thursday night, opposite McSame on Letterman

The 2nd whitest state will be one of the five states that go most overwhelmingly for Obama

Wolfowitz: We need more than 2500 nukes, because China may get 100

In recognition of Columbus Day...

There are enough houses for everybody to live in one. There is enough land to grow enough food.

McCain campaign commands you all to stop praying to "Hindu"

Whatever Happened with Tucker "bow tie" Carlson???

Whatever Happened with Tucker "bow tie" Carlson???

Did you "tap the equity in your home" between 2000-2008?

Germany pledges 500 billion Euros (671 in US dollars) in bail out

Obama is going to be at a rally in Toledo

Chris Hedges: America’s Political Cannibalism

Swap shop: Britons turn to bartering

Checking in with Krugman Chief Obsessoid Donald Luskin on Paul's Nobel

NBA to lay off about 80 amid economic slowdown, Stern says

"Not My Financial Crisis -- I've Got Literally Nothing to Lose" by Alexander Zaitchik

America's Latest Export: Empty Municipal Coffers

Where did Joe Biden get introduced as next Vice President of USA John McSame?

Oklahoma Is Sued Over Required Ultrasounds for Abortions

How Credit Default Swaps and massive over-leveraging have CRASHED our economy

Today In History: “Something In the Culture”

When will the Mainstream Media ever get it...Bush is not a leader, he is a liar.

If you think about it, Obama is white

Todd Palin is the Dick Cheney of Dumbasses

"Bullshit capitalism!!!"

Total saturation of political ads in Twin Cities market make for WTF! moment

Clean Coal PSA Spoof

Hartmann reading his Columbus piece on his show now

Obama to announce broad economic plan today.....

What is it about the name "Tucker?"

Interesting posts today pertaining to race. I have a question though.

Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress

I just read where McLame will be on the Letterman show Thursday night.

Offical countdown of GW's time left in office is 98 days

Could an Indian reservation secede?

Just curious about DUers' upbringings

Krugman's recognition proves the Nobel Committee has a liberal bias.

Last chance to DOUBLE your Impact--Donation matching at

Easy email list here to call for Palin impeachment


GA-Sen: Still Close

American Culture Derails Girl Math Whizzes, Study Finds

National Call-In Day to Drop Charges Against RNC Protestors

Does It Matter If Black Plus White Equals Black Or Multiracial?


McCain rally (MSNBC): One lie after another....

CNN: Chicago may get 'gay-friendly' high school

Question: When do the newly elected members of Congress and the Senate take office?

Any Duers hear about homeowners swapping houses till the market settles so

How are the financial decisions going with your family?

here's the article telling how UK illegally froze Iceland banks

Joe Lieberman. In a 59 Dem senate, what should be his role?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but "troopergate" has disappeared from the headlines.

Great speech by Obama in Toledo just now.

Dole campaign out of money

My bank's bankrate info is bad---can I get opinions?

McCain: "I know what FEAR is"; audience member, "It's Obama!"

Newbie requesting advice, pls, re: voter registration

What's up with West Plains, Missouri?

Republican Offenders

OMG! -- What New Nightmare Have they Wrought?

McCain campaign attacks Bill Kristol: ‘He’s bought into the Obama campaign’s party line.’

A timely reminder -Understanding the Contemporary Republican Party

National Call-In Day to Drop Charges Against RNC Protestors

McCain helped his lobbyist/fundraiser buy $7.2mn federal property for $250,000

"GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous" by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey

"Liberal Outrage" video - great for a good laugh

McCain Makes The Case Against Himself:luxury of studying up on the issues

McCain Makes The Case Against Himself:luxury of studying up on the issues

Next Presidential election willbe watershed mark in history & urgency of producing & distributing

Why is it every freaking freeper bases everything happening on what family or friends do?

Now that Oil is $85 per barrel.....

Blood in the Water in NC - Salon checks on Liddy Dole - I could hardly have had a lousier Senator !

Can you imagine if Obama had said the "ass" thing?

Prosecutors subpoena Mrs. Stevens' e-mails

Why does cable cover entire McCain/Palin rallies but just bits and pieces of Obama/Biden rallies?

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

I am buying stocks tommorrow...

Obama Bin Lyin' - Pic

The last lynching in America.

Lieberman defends Coleman from attacks

Berlusconi: "Bush could be a visiting professor."

US Government on Twitter

Boys’ night out: “The Politico guys,” Rove’s top disciple and how our press corps works

Lashing Out: McCain Flack Turns On Bill Kristol

My friend just bought a house in San Diego - a few data points

These Gold Buy Up commercials... What's up?

The Deciders

Please view and rec video (DU link inside)

Which senate candidate has the best chance of being our #60?

Spider Man is getting a sidekick...... COLBERT!!!

can someone imbed this video?

John McCain's drug trafficking friends

Calling All Candidates for Public Office! Stand for Voters! (Velvet Revolution)

Anyone else having trouble getting on DKos the last two days

8% believe America is headed in the right direction / Bush's approval reaches new lows

Ohio sheriff rekindles voter suppression fears

Dems don't need this type of scandal 3 weeks before an election

Corsi falls ill after Kenya caper

Thanks Hillary, destroying McCain/Palin's meme of "Drill, Baby, Drill" was good

So I'm at the Texas State Fair yesterday, in Dallas

Punched in the gut, figuratively, by a long time friend.

FYI refuting "5 million illegals hold bad mortgages"

Democrats Demand Answers in Wake of Greene County (OH) Voter Suppression Controversy

Should I invest everything in Google today?

Poll Update: McCain faces wide gap

NC-Sen: Hagan Leads by 5 in New Internal Poll

California Prop 8-Mormons lead the way in financing Yes

Shocking New Sarah Palin Video

Who really warned of the economic crisis?

Milton Friedman is dead, long live MIlton Freidman

I Love the Gays..

The Free Republic of Homophobia......

Factory orders are up........ not good news

All this talk about the Bradley Effect in the MSM

Boehner and GOP House have a wish list of gifts for the corporations and fat-cats.

Fed reserve press release unvealing unlimited borrowing. beyond screwed

Caption Mc*

My name is Joe Sykspak, and I'm an Obama supporter.

33% of voters will have voted by election day

Oregon: verify that you're registered to vote

HI-Please DU this poll

So a 3 month moratoreum on forclosures and a corp tax exemption for each merican hired!

Despite being drunk and hungry at 4:00 am, I boycotted McDonalds

Saw an EXTREMELY disturbing yard sign today.

What do K&R and n/t mean? i'm pretty new here

I don't want LGBT people getting married on my watch...

Video about McEconomist not knowing what to do/think or say

Imagine being one of McCain's kids from his first marriage and having Cindy as your step-mother?

Todd Palin, Creepy "First Stalker"

Holocaust survivors tell love story

Obama calls for 90-day moratorium on foreclosures

Bwwwwaaa ha ha ha ha Florida of course, Jim Piccillo, a "used to be" pug.

Federal judge orders 1,435 names restored to voter rolls in Michigan

Sarah Palin SINGS and DANCES with "The Wasilla Singers"! RARE FOOTAGE!

John "5 planes" McCain is a lie...


Lumpy says Barack is measuring the drapes. At least the won't be used for Michelle's apparel!

Will Palin name herself to Stevens seat when he gets convicted and finally resigns?

every now and then the sun breaks through the clouds

Headlines that make me spinners

Ralph Nader Takes On Wall Street, 3,000 Backers Demonstrate On Wall Street

Gay rights activists arrested at Florida college


Attention Holiday Shoppers: Consumers Grow Wary Of Gift Cards

No Lie. Britney and Palin side by side pics on Yahoo this a.m.

How much are you paying for gas per month?

Soylent Green IS PEOPLE? A photo-poll...

So what was the Gallup number for Obama today?

Tweety has an interview with Biden from yesterday

Bush can't be all bad. He's adopted a cute little baby tiger

I'm sorry, but............

Saw a Mccain TV (local) ad just now

Dallas Morning News: "Ms. Palin would be wise to quit trying to spin her way out of this mess."

What is this new thing on M$M tonight about Kennedy? I'm Asking. WTF? Good or Bad?

What doe we know about Neal Kashkari?

I just got this email...

Does Anyone Here Follow the Illuminate...

Europe Puts More On The Line For Banks Than US ($2.3 trillion)

Send some good thoughts this way - BIG fire off to the NE in

I am always suspicious when simple answers are offered for BIG PROBLEMS.

View Your States Bankruptcy History (clickable map)

Stock Market up and Gas Prices down means McCain gains in the polls. NT

Questions raised over McCain's NRA endorsement

Tina Fey's at Fault for Sarah Palin Slide -- Washington Times says

The word: Democracy

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Ohio GOP Plays Voter Fraud Card (Now that's funny!)

Attn: DUers who've seen "Religulous" (spoiler warning if you haven't seen it).....

I have the drapes.. who has the measuring tape????

Dino Rossi resists subpoena, says lawsuit political

Mayor ‘Lynn in financial collapse’ Lynn MA


I think the Lakeville, MN. woman was a plant to boost McCain's image issue

Dumb question: please help. I am now eligible for a 401k ...

Here he comes: Todd Palin to visit northern Minnesota

So, does this 940-point rebound prove that Socialism works?

Debate Coaches: ''Lost McCain Must Up His Game''

If I had to hear that damn phrase "My Friends" for four f'ing years,


Frank Schaeffer eviscerates McCain/Palin on Amy Goodman's show today.

Melamine it has been in the food chain for 15 years

Where's Dick Cheney?

DUers at Sarah Palin Rally

Caribou Barbie is scheduled to speak at my daughter's high school...

Mortgage fraudsters falling like flies across the country........

Why can't the Federal Government handle retirement accounts..

I'm writing a research paper on welfare reform, and I'm looking for

Should the voting age be lowered to 17?

Some folks think this election is exciting! To me it is about as

Obamas first words in office:

I just found out my article is now a main headline on OpEdnews

My 7 yr old..."But I wanted to be the first Black President!"

Go watch this video! (Please! & don't forget to recommend it - pretty please)

Restaurants May Change Menus, Hike Prices In 2009

Corporate CEO's should be horsewhipped...

"I loved property," he said, wistfully. I had property everywhere. Now I just want to survive."

People helping people

11October, 1943 In Memory USS Wahoo

Thoughts about bleeding to death

Guardian : McCain was not tortured, PoW guard claims

Coming to DC in a couple of weeks and may have some free time;

Take Your Southern Strategy And Shove It

PHOTO: Terrifying LA wildfire

When we criticize America...

Please help find old thread!

The ADL rebukes Sean Hannity over Andy Martin.

Are you aware of the fact that we are about to win OVER 60 SENATE SEATS?

9 Largest Banks will be partially nationalized tomorrow.

Message from Hopi Elders

Todd Snider's Peace Queer is due out tomorrow in CD

Naming Your Son "Barack" is as Scary as Naming him "Rhys"

No heavy philosophical questions today, taking off for the holiday

I have an eight year old son.

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel prize in Economics

How many votes does your state have?

I had a kinda close encounter with a McSame/Palin(comparison) supporter today.

It is now officially okay to Forget Poland

Unleaded gas for only $2.58/gallon in Waco, TX

Unleaded gas for only $2.58/gallon in Waco, TX

Announcing the first-ever DU Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Just got off the phone with my broker....

A Dose of Reality on the ACORN Hysteria

What if we all stopped paying our credit cards. Could we break those companies too?

Someone is trolling for suckers in the Stock Market today aren't they?

Fresno priest removed from post for speaking out against Prop 8

More Americans Vault Overseas to Search for Jobs

Are you ok with the USA becoming a bilingual state like Canada ?

Just got back from Sarah Palin rally in Richmond.

The slavemaster/rapist didnt discover shit. ( happy columbus day)

A small piece of Camelot is up for sale

A small piece of Camelot is up for sale

Theology on DU......

Mon dieu!: Crazy shite in Iceland.....

Unemployment insurance fund headed for insolvency

Obama lawn sign!!!!

Space ships landing tomorrow?? WTF?????

A Great Interview with the First Muslim Elected to the U.S. Congress

Dow Jones Industrials set to open significantly higher Monday, futures predict-worst of crisis over?

Why Mc Cain Wandered around during last debate....

Brad Friedman: 1.3 Million Reasons for the GOP's Fraudulent "Dixie-Chicking" of ACORN

Where has Jack Cafferty gone?

Palin tells "The" Hampton Roads: "It's mine, baby. mine. too!!!!!!11"

So when Obama wins, who becomes Senator from Illinois? Tammy Duckworth?

Why I Can't Stand Freepers (cowards)

Why I Can't Stand Freepers (cowards)

Dennis Hopper praying for Obama victory

Hey! This isn't fair! We little folks are bailing out the big banks


"Why I'd Be a Better VP than Sarah Palin" by Roseanne Cash (The Nation)

Man who was jailed for brown lawn is free, lawn work done by good samaritans.

Hanged for being a Christian in Iran

Surprise! Caps on Executive Pay in Bailout Bill Were Meaningless

On November 5th, the most hated man in the world by Republicans will NOT be Barack Obama

McCain was with Acorn before he was against them

FRANK SCHAEFFER gave me an exclusive interview to post at DU!

I'd like to hear your theories: why is it you suppose that Freepers can't spell???

Dennis Prager whining about Krugman

Was Columbus a True Christian??

Rahm, what a mess we now have in FL 16. Recruiting Republicans to run as Dems. Not a good idea.

When the hell is somebody going to be indicted for fucking up our country?

How Do You Heat?

The criminals in the criminal Bush/Cheney administration must be prosecuted by President Obama. Y/N

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist smacks down Rush Limbaugh

Our taxes should pay everyone's health care and not just gov.. employees - We deseve same benefits

Our taxes should pay everyone's health care and not just gov.. employees - We deseve same benefits

John Russell, Three Other Challengers Tell Tampa PBS Affiliate WEDU "Let Voters Decide!"

"If We Can Nationalize Banks, Why Not Healthcare?" says Nurses Organization

Is this song racist?

So I have been working at JCPenney for two weeks now.

The Madonna of Port Ligat.

Cowboys lose!

Image of McCain trying to calm down supporters

I'm in the mens room, doing what men do in the mens room, and out of the blue...

come see me in this galena, il pottery tour.


"St. Rosalia Interceding for Palermo" by Anthony Van Dyck

Would THIS work? Insteade of a TOUR, just flying to Barcelona and then

Your LEAST FAVORITE actor-turned-politician


Ok, cool it, ladies.

Hello, I am Sniffa's wife. I changed bodies.

Why can't they invent a moron proof digital camera?

I got you babe.


A true American

My lower lip is twitching

Rollerball is on ESPN classic right now

zOMG! I LOVE my new work space!! Weeeee!

The new AC/DC album Black Ice, coming Oct. 20th, another Wal-Mart exclusive

For three weeks, I'm making fifty cents a note playing the jaw harp.

Kitteh Music videos

Don't tutch the bunny ears

"Hey Self Defeater"- Mark Mulcahy

Mother's Cookies is no more

Babe, you know I miss Jill and Joe, and all my funky friends.

And now for you viewing pleasure, Cathead Theatre.


Great news for the Republican Party!

Most annoying currant songs

seriously... what can be worse than

Check out this FANTASTIC Big Bird (PBS) commercial (1:00)

Obama Would Be A 'Nice President' For Jolie's Kids

Hay bales

Anyone watch "Mad Men" tonight?

Anyone watch "Mad Men" tonight?

I just found out something hilarious

How soon after the presidential election, will gas prices go up?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday October 13

My one year old is stuck on stupid...

what is that thing that Frampton uses to make guitar sounds with his mouth and how can I get it?


Ugh. The fucking dog got sprayed by a fucking skunk. (ADVICE NEEDED!!)

Is Mr. Midlo OK?

I dreamed that Condoleeza Rice died.

Art? or sign of the Apocalypse?

Is there a real Tipitoe Louisiana?

A little morning excitement, CUJO crawled OUT of my ass WHILE I WAS RIPENING !!!

Just found out I still have 6+ Days vacation to use!

I went to Home Depot yesterday...

Is my cat a dog?

Is my dog a cat?

Holy Shite! NoLA really is under sea level...

Elitist lolcat.

Do I have a catdog??

Matt Casel needs to fuck off out of my Patriots!

Who's up and isn't working tomorrow?

Should I taunt a freeper with this image?

"The good Lord let me know in a dream Obama will win..."

BREAKING NEWS!! McCain promises to tutch the but in the next debate!!

3 weeks and I still have not gotten my Obama signs...

I'm mad. I'm really mad.

moon man vs. golfers

Happy birthday Paddington Bear!

I'm currently in the #2 spot on Reddit

Happy Indigenous People's Day DU


I am your designated eater in New Orleans. Tell me what to eat.

I think I have been adopted

I dreamed last week I was in the Twin Cities. I asked somebody which

I am really pissed that you stupid fuckers are specing this after it is done!!!


Great Cosmic Hoover Poll

Stay safe, San Fernando Valley folks.

The Sniffa/Bi-Baby version of Ikea directions

New Kitten..

How is it when people try to make things more efficient...

Are any of you kids familiar with David Suzuki?

Why you shouldn't let your cat sleep with you

He's coming home!!!!

I went to Home Depot yesterday and couldn't find anyone to help me


We got a new stove!

Please don't feed the trolls.

Photo: Rachael Ray @ NYC food festival. Don't try this at home, kids.

Parche is back, can Chuggo be far behind???

October 22nd - November 4th

Wait a minute...Obama is gonna rescue America with Steve Jobs? I'm missing something I think...

I went to Home Despot yesterday and couldn't find anyone to help me...

Post here and Parche will give you your superhero name.

Geez, I can't believe that it's been a year since Ava

I am outraged. Outraged!

Caption this Family Circus cartoon

A little morning excitement, a SPIDER crawled OUT of my Keyboard WHILE I WAS TYPING!!!

Cool Hand Luke coming on now on TCM

Have you ever turned down someone's Facebook friend request, then run into them later?

After graduating college and being unemployed for 3 months...

The PUMA Man!!!

It would be utterly wrong to draw more attention to the upcoming Palin-themed porn film.


What's it like on the other side, Parche?

Alabama residents, prepare for a giant spaceship tomorrow.

My Head Hurts I Have A Haddock

No wonder I can never make it through the Greatests Threads page...

I can't believe that little freak Parche is back, but Chuggo is still TSed

I can't wait for Quantum of Solace!

11October 1943 In Memory USS Wahoo

I found a whole bundle of firewood in a vacant carport this morning

I can't take this.

Best cartoon I've seen today

Wonderful nickname for our beloved Prime Minister I heard today.

I'm sorry, but --

Is my hamster in love with my cat?

Hey KitchenWitch Did The Twins Win The Superbowl Yet?

Firewood For Sale

So, did The Onion take over for the vacuum left by the demise of the Weekly World News?

Come, caption this picture.


Yay!! The heat is on! The heat is on!


Are you ready for some BASEBALL?!?!?!?!?

Why do the Santa Ana Winds always show up on garbage day?

Twenty Questions: Name the book I am burning.

I can't believe that little freak Parche is back, but zozosmom is still TSed

Quick - something help me find a word...

"Parche" is the word of the day. Replace any word in a thread title with "Parche"

MMM the Hubby is cooking dinner tonight!

Photo UPDATE: Double Hamburger Fatty Melt includes 3 BACON-STUFFED grilled cheese sandwiches as buns

We also got a new stove today -- our pellet stove was delivered!

Original Halloween costume ideas

So I'm writing a research paper on welfare reform, and I'm looking for

900-Pound Giant Squid Joins Cast Of 'The View'

Mr. Writer keeps poking his head where it don' belong...

Finally bought my winter coat... I have been wearing the same one since 2000

The Best Halloween Pumpkins

You know how all the talking heads on TV have an open laptop on the desk

The Menaced Assassin.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 10/13/2008)

So, vets, tell us about your last day in the armed forces

For Parche, a Welcome Back Thread!

So anyways...I'm growing a third boob....

Announcing the first-ever DU Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest!

After graduating college and being unemployed for 3 months...

Do silverfish sting? nt

I need ThomCat's house elves here . . . . . STAT! . . . .

BREAKING: Oprah's newest book club pick

BREAKING: Tony Romo out 4 weeks, Big Brown retires

sniffa, matcom, DS1, and other old DUers in Boston

Check in here if you didn't know Parche was missing lately ...

AS though i didnt have enough pressure deciding what to be for Halloween


Somebody stole my whole pile of firewood!

If Bruce Springsteen and Brian Wilson wrote a song together,

I'm back from the hospital


On the Homefront, cracks in the Republican facade.

WOW 20,000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Is Mr Midlo Doing>?

After tommorow, I will be gone........

I got a job offer

Are there any ramen noodle/soups that AREN'T bad for you?

Same questions again, for the day crowd.

Post Here And I Will Give You A Nickname

Hardcore music snobs: May I 'please' steer you toward a friend's blog?

Do we need a Dreams forum?

Worst "A-List" movie you've ever seen

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

For all of you mad tinfoil hatters: Mitch Benn, The Now Show, State of Emergency.

AIG knew of potential problems in valuing swaps: report

(Australian) Shares soar, dollar surges on rescue plans

Respondele a Obama

Duncan Hunter's earmarks benefit his son

Mexican official: Gunmen fire at U.S. consulate

Sudan arrests Darfur militia head

Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee

Hanged for being a Christian in Iran

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

Poll (ABC News/Washington Post survey) puts Obama out of reach, historically

Barack Obama Visits Texas Longhorns Football Team

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

McCain promises to "whip" Obama in final debate

More judges under investigation

Ex-Minn. legislator Allan Spear, gay pioneer, dies

GOP leader: Obama, bin Laden alike

Ousted safety commissioner: Palin image damaged

McCain camp offers mixed signals on economic plan

Obama to Speak on Economy, Unveil Middle Class `Rescue Plan'

Cambodia warns Thailand to stop trespassing

Racist Moron Palin Clowns Continue To Be Racist Moron Palin Clowns

Bill Clinton Introduces Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA

India's PM blames wave of violence on extremists

Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA

106 year old Nuns for Obama!

Obama Up 10 Points In New Poll (Washington Post-ABC)

Hey, hey they're Republicans.

Joe Biden on John McCain's Shifting Campaign 10/13/2008

Stephen Harper wants the U.S.A amassador in the Canadian Cabinet (video is in french)

McCain on Corporate Tax Cuts

McCain/Bush Eerily Similar To Hoover Re: Economic Crisis

Sexy Sarah

Joe Biden in Scranton, PA

Jill Biden Introduces Bill Clinton in Scranton PA

Struggling McCain debuts comeback speech

NBC News: Death of Albert Einstein (1955)

NBC News: Truman testifies to Congress and School Segregation Report (1955)

(UK) Bank nationalisation: How a bail-out became a buy-out

The Daily Left - October 13th, 2008

Be The Change

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Don't Fear the Reaper

McCain campaign attacks Bill Kristol: ‘He’s bought into the Obama campaign’s party line.’

Bush says addressing crisis, Italy says G8 to meet

"I Believe" - Students for Obama

Gayna's Story

Palin: McCain Will End Washington's Abuses of Power

Tucker Bounds and BOOM! Goes the dynamite

Pakistan Tribesmen Fight Taliban, Al Qaeda

McCain Flack: It's Obama Who's Out Of Touch

Is this what Bill Kristol wants McCain to do? Hysterical

Omaha for Obama

Kristol: Bush might bomb Iran if he thinks Obama will win

Obama: Is he a citizen?

NBC News: Labor Strike circa 1955

From 2004: (Nobel Prize Winner!!) Paul Krugman vs O'Reilly...

McCain wants to take Colorado`s water

Palin spins a LIE: Pleased to be "Cleared of any wrongdoing"

Parker Griffith add for Huntsville Alabama

A Mighty Wind from the Left

Pentagon divided over John McCain

Jay-Z Needs You to Vote for Barack on November 4

Researchers find easier way to make stem cells

Joe Biden on the true meaning of steady hands in the economy


Biden: Abuse of power is most serious abuse, Scranton, 10-12-08

Strategists: McCain must hammer on economy

ABC News: Republicans beat Democrats ... in softball game (1984)

1st steps on U.S. rescue plans outlined

World May Be Lucky to Escape With Worst Recession in 25 Years

Palin on the Record Lies about her Ethics Violation-Phone Interview

PBS is doing a poll on Sarah Palin

Axelrod vs Davis on Fixed Noise, plus a Bill Kristol blackout moment

L.A. County union members campaign for Obama over the phone (calling swing states)

Obama's Economic Rescue Plan for Middle Class: It's Spelled J-O-B-S!

Discontent Buffets the Nation; Bush Craters (23%), Obama Benefits (+10)

Sarah Palin Exposed, who is the REAL Sarah Palin?

Channel 13 chopper crash kills 2 in Montgomery County

Palin Supporter Brings (Obama) Monkey Doll (to Rally)

Mark Crispin Miller on upcoming elections/possible theft, terror attack

Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair?

Judge says Gitmo detainee Khalid Sheik Mohammed can use laptop

AK State Rep takes on Palin Truth Squad


US Department Of Labor's OSHA Launches National Initiative On Cranes And Derricks

Bill Kristol, idiot of the day

GOP Head Compares Obama to Bin Laden(and stands by them)

Kristol returns fire at McCain campaign

Do you buy this? In Missouri, it's Obama up 51-43 percent

US game designer blasts into space with DNA cargo

Supporter at McCain Rally Believes Obama is an Arab(Front View)

John Sidney McCain: The Story of a Middle Name

'J-O-B-S,' says Obama

Queen Esther - The Wasilla Prophecy (Max Blumenthal, Part 1)

PALINSPEAK: The Complete Collection, Sarah Palin Gibberish

National Enquirer Alleges Sarah Palin Affair With Brad Hanson

Bill Kristol has a tiff with McCain flack Tucker Bounds.

NYPD cops eyed in 100 East Coast robberies of cash, coke from dealers

GM-Chrysler talk faces big test when markets open today

DemRapidResponse: Stand Up

In Utah, McCain not necessarily a lock with military voters

Taliban leader killed by (UK) SAS was Pakistan officer

Hosed (Jim Slattery running for Senate in Kansas

Bill Kristol Rips McCain's "PATHETIC Campaign"

McCain On Anger In His Campaign And On Rep. John Lewis

How is Politics Like Pickup Basketball?

Newsmaker Sunday: Liberal Bias in the Media (circa 1984)

McCain's "He did it too!" Moment -- Claims Obama Rally Crowds Call Him Terrorist, Traitor

Barack Obama on his Economic Rescue Plan: Toledo, Ohio

Bush Administration Proposes Withdrawal of Rule Protecting Grand Canyon From Uranium Mining

Swiss find melamine in Thai, Sri Lankan biscuits

Even Republicans Are Questioning John McCain!---Young Turks

Republican leaders break ranks with McCain

In Virginia, McCain Struggles To Hold the South for GOP

Mom, Why Do You Want Me to Go to Iraq?

Republican Senator Cries, 'Why You Grabbin' Me?!'---Young Turks

Obama goes door-to-door in Ohio

Paulson calls a meeting of major U.S. banks

McCain ad saying Obama worked with a terrorist

Gallup Daily: Obama Ahead, 51% to 41%

Independents split evenly between Obama and McCain

Schieffer set to moderate last McCain-Obama debate

US likely to tighten H-1B visa program

Clinton's rejoinder: Jobs, baby, jobs

Obama - That One - by Mocean Worker

Barack Obama Likes Pie. (Hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves . . .)

McCain Won't Condemn Comparison Between Obama and Bin Laden

Palin Supporters say Fox News is Fair and Balanced on ACORN

Lieberman campaigns in Ohio for McCain

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize for economics

McCain's Worst Attack Ad Yet (Parody)

Palin mistakes fans for protesters at Va. rally

Iraqi Government Fuels 'War For Oil' Theories By Putting Reserves Up For Biggest Ever Sale

Is Wealth Redistribution a Bad Thing?

I personally know William "Bill" Ayers

Speaker 'to probe' Blair F1 claim

NBA To Cut 80 Jobs In Struggling Economy

The Early Word: McCain to Deliver Underdog Speech

The Early Word: McCain to Deliver Underdog Speech

Dow jumps over 700 as governments pledge bank aid

Obama calls for 90-day moratorium on foreclosures

Two Major Fires Burning in San Fernando valley Foothills

Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress

Pediatricians double vitamin D recommendations

Yet more hate from McCain/Palin supporters

Pelosi Calls for Investigation into Mahoney

Sen. John McCain talks to WSLS (and refuses to condemn remarks from Jeff Frederick, GOP Chair VA)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 13

Pastor at McCain Rally: God Must Ensure McCain Win

BBC Newsnight - The Theft of 2008 Election Part 1

Rev. Arnold Conrad at McCain Rally - Jesus versus Obama?

Behar ' The View ' : Palin is Cheney in a Dress ABC

Nailin Palin (TMZ)

Todd Palin Acted As Second Governor of Alaska

Judge: Mich. can't reject voters with bad address

GM to close Wyoming (MI) Stamping plant

Iran Cleric Who Favors U.S. Relations to Run for Presidency

Obama leads in ND

A message for those who choose to bash and attack gay people

McCain Declines To Condemn Obama-Osama Comparison

McCain Declines To Condemn Obama-Osama Comparison

DUers at Sarah Palin Rally in Richmond Va

Democrats call for massive econ stimulus plan

Democrats target voters who think race is an issue

Joe Biden: Attack Economic Problems

AIG to continue lobbying lawmakers despite bail-out

Bill Maher: Sarah Palin is a 'Category 5' Moron

WSJ: Secret Phone Conversation Exposes Corruption in the Bailout Plan!---Young Turks

Polls Show Obama May Benefit from the 'Breadly Effect'

The Human Valium... Barack Obama’s strategy of calm is provoking his rival into fatal errors

Young make 'great schlep' to persuade a sceptical generation to vote Obama

E. J. Dionne: Hoover vs. Roosevelt?

ACORN Response to Senator McCain's Smear Ad

No problems reported with ACORN's LI branch

The Whack Jobs Holding Out for Palin/McCain Ticket

Paul Krugman: Gordon Does Good

Palin Makes Troopergate Assertions that Are Flatly False

Election Matters: Thompson says no one is satisfied with McCain's campaign

David Horsey cartoon: "I thought WE did the jobs Americans don't want to do!"

McCain's Week Off To Rocky Start

Palin Woos Crowd at Columbus Day Rally

28 Votes: McCain's Record Against Veterans

Confused by Their Own Lies (about Cuba)

A Financial Meltdown -- A What To Do Guidebook (William Chirolas)

The Truth About ACORN's Voter Registration Drive

Debate 3- Obama should lead with something like this

CommonDreams: Is John McCain Still Trapped in Vietnam?

The Power of Political Pratfalls


World May Be Lucky to Get Worst Recession Since 1983 - if lucky

"GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous" by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey

What Right Wingers Mean When They Call Obama A "Socialist"

AlterNet: Not My Financial Crisis -- I've Got Literally Nothing to Lose

Under ‘No Child’ Law, Even Solid Schools Falter

The Whiney Apology for Lynching Picture on the Right Blogzome

Dems plan on win - likely to call Congress back after election

Our gratitude to French pioneers that ID'ed AIDS virus, recipients of Nobel Prize in Medicine

Royal Bank of Scotland under state control

Obama's Revenge: Whips Up Crazed Liberals

Roubini: To make the Wall Street rescue sustainable Main Street must be helped as well.

The Law Of The Jungle By Fidel Castro

Four Pinocchios for Palin

Iraqi Government Fuels 'War for Oil' Theories by Putting Reserves up for Biggest Ever Sale

1960's Radical William Ayers Gets the Last Laugh!

Is John McCain Still Trapped in Vietnam?

US Surrenders Power to Appoint World Bank President

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Nausea Express (James Kunstler)

"living within your means, saving and investing for the future, comes back into vogue,"

Rolling Stone: The Return of Rove. (RS hits Rove hard.)

"John McCain's campaign has already tacitly accepted the "landslide" scenario"

What Right Wingers Mean When They Call Obama A "Socialist"

WP, E.J. Dionne: The Rebirth of American Capitalism

Detroit Free Press four part series: "Why Things Changed" - The falling US standard of living

Tina Fey leaving Earth If Palin Wins

"If We Can Nationalize Banks, Why Not Healthcare?" says Largest Nurses Organization

The Rich, the Right, and the Facts by Paul Krugman

Doonsbury: "Man, life happens a LOT to that woman!"

Hitchens Endorses the Obama/Biden ticket

Group calls for changes in Alaska Guard

Designs for Army museum released

General: NATO not losing Afghan war

American soldier killed in southern Iraq

‘Preventable error,’ fog led to fatal helo crash, report says

Marines extending overseas tours get 5 more days of leave

Military financial specialists: Don’t give in to anxiety

Iraq’s Interior Ministry vows to stop corruption

Coast Guard aids effort to secure African coasts

Italian checkpoints are intended to impede mob violence

Three Soldiers Charged in Home Burglary

Justice Made for Beaten Jewish Trainee

John Russell Addresses Timber Pines. Where IS INCUMBENT CAREER POLITICIAN Brown-Waite? HIDING!!!!!

Our gratitude to French pioneers that ID'ed AIDS virus, recipients of Nobel Prize in Medicine

New ad fights back against Prop 8 lies - will you help it get on the air?

chrisTo-fascist anti-gay Catholic Cardinal smacks-down Judeo-Fascist anti-gay Brian Camenker

Prop 8 Supporters Smear First Grade Class for attending Teacher's Wedding

A friend who is in a nursing home in OK

A gay friendly school in Chicago

Mother Jones: gay marriage referenda actually helped Kerry in 2004

Sorry I haven't posted in GLBT lately y'all. I been up late making hurricanes

Should there be an official response from Skinner on Prop 8 ads?

"Fuel" movie premiere

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)... Opinions?

More birds equals less West Nile

Alien invaders hit the UK

Too complex to fail?

World 'to fail' on nature target - BBC

Race Starts With Little Fuel, and Goes Uphill From There

It Takes Green to Go Green

Send a message of protection to the Antarctic Whales - Sea Shepherd

Keep Our Streams Safe From Dirty Coal Mining

Illicit urban chicken movement growing in US

Female soldier prevents attack; 3 Palestinians nabbed

Olmert: Arabs discriminated against for years

Israel's Largest Two Parties Reach Coalition Deal

Israel expected to bomb Iran, French foreign minister says

Conspiracy theory faults Jews for Lehman Brothers' collapse

Rescue for the Few, Debt Slavery for the Many

Surfed Into This Summary of the Current Global Economic Crisis

WOW!, Those margin calls.

Rolling Stone: Gramm ushered in — with McCain's fervent support — a massive wave of deregulation

Why isn't the middle class too big to fail?

The Difference Between Want And Need In Florida

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 10/10/2008

Bail out way, way more than $700 Billion

The US is, in a general sense, bankrupt

Today in labor history Oct 13 Union activist Karen Silkwood killed in suspicious car crash 1974

Cool labor site for the week Tradeswomen Inc.

Labor 2008, T-shirt (lists ALL the AFL-CIO unions) on the 2008 Working Families Vote

Economic Report: In 15 Months $2 Trillion In U.S. Retirement Investments Is Gone

Should All Workers Have Pensions?

Union pickets Wal-Mart

Whistle-blower to be paid $30,000 by American Power

Milwaukee Labor Press : Thinking out loud: Why Obama's winning

AFL-CIO's Political Program Expands In Ohio

A push is on to elect backers of the Employee Free Choice Act

Colombia: Uribe decrees emergency powers in judicial strike

Brazil has superpower visions

Christian Science Monitor: End the US-Cuba embargo: It's a win-win

Investigation is being hampered by the fascist thug friends of certain US moral lepers,

Even if the Dodgers go down 3-0 it's okay Torres knows what to do to still win

Pacman has "vowed such an incident would not happen again"

The Red Sox cannot let the Rays stick around. They have too much spped

Rangers top prospect dies at 19.

NBA to lay off about 80 amid economic slowdown, Stern says

Curlin leans toward running

Tony Romo Out For Up To 4 weeks With Broken Pinky.

Hey Michigan football fans it's not that bad

Big Brown Retired - No Matchup with Curlin

Seve Ballesteros diagnosed with brain tumor

A post in the Health forum you all might be interested in:

St. John's Wort Relieves Symptoms Of Major Depression

Financial astro-update

I need some karma prayers regarding my job.

Scenic Drive to Durango, Colorado

It's over...

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Phoenix Gold Mine

Mesa Verde National Park

I found a really good basic recipe for falafel and wanted to share

Experiments with beef jerky - any ideas?

Anthony Bourdain roundtable show

Financial crisis will be 'devastating' to science

Long-Lost Comet Barnard 3 Cometh, Oct. 22.

Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee

Even Viruses Catch Viruses

Tumor Formation In Stem Cells Linked to Mitochondria

New machine prints sheets of light

C & B family "chat thread"

Gold Bug May Be Key To Alien Life

NYT, pg1: The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama; 2004 press release claimed Obama secret Muslim

Peter Dale Scott - Deep Events and the CIA's Global Drug Connection

WORLD NEWS TRUST: A Review of Jason Bermas's "Fabled Enemies" (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Jerks (anonymous) in Fort Bend county.

Denton Democrats come to the Debate watch party at MG's

What We Face

Channel 13 chopper crash kills 2 in Montgomery County

question about "no child left behind"

Waller County Agrees to Stop Vote Suppression Efforts

An Interview With Joan Mellen - Oct.4, 2008

E-mail question: i.e. Return mail.

need help with my hard drive!

How can I put this bug on my emails?


Dispatches from Canada's Secret Trials and Rendition-to-Torture Hearings

May says to vote NDP or Liberal in close ridings

Well, I'm voting for Hedy Fry

Senate campaign in Massachusetts.

My old home, Virginia Beach, has shamed itself today

Letter of the Day

Pioneer Press: Obama is Black: Does it matter?

Mary Kiffmeyer Promotes Rep. Mark Olson's Faith-Based Transportation Boondoggle

Menezes officer changed evidence

Mandelson in line for EU pay-out

Lords defeat 42 day detention plans

SE Wisconsin DUers - garage sale this weekend

I voted last week in Tosa

Beastie Boys, Crosby & Nash GOTV concert Nov 2nd

Senator John Kerry rally in Madison Tues Oct 14 3:30 on the square

Obama says vote early (link to video)

Busy weekend here in Coachella Valley

Prop 8 Update: Pepperdine Professor Peterson Responds to His Critics!

Hello, Californians! I was wondering, is Speaker Pelosi

another prop 8 rant, my twice divorced on his 3rd wife neighbor has a "yes on 8" sign

How eee-vill would it be to 'out' Prop 8 supporters to the local media?