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Don't bet on the credit soufflé rising

Bad News Puts Political Glare Onto Economy

Fundamentalism, politics and GWB

David Petraeus: General Surge

Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf on Al Gore and Internet: No other elected official, to our knowledge,

When did "environment" become synonymous with "global warming?"

How long has it been since the Arctic pole was free of ice?

IT industry to generate 4,00,000 new jobs (India)

Bin Laden says US should convert

Iraqi artist's lost works recovered in Miami Beach

Nas fires back at Bill O'Reilly

Police lose video evidence in sex case

Guatemalans prepare for likely violent vote

Inside Rep. Weller's Nicaragua land deal

Rumsfeld now fellow at Hoover Institution

New Fee for Those Getting Child Support

Councilman takes own life in sex abuse scandal

Owners of nursing home where patients drowned in Katrina flooding acquitted

Hagel won't seek re-election

Sen. Dodd wants to end Cuba embargo

Dad's neighbors in Cuba say he should raise Coral Gables girl

Bush Said Osama bin Laden Video Is a Reminder of 'Dangerous World'

Congress Passes Overhaul of Student Aid Programs

Alrighty .... it is 2 am ... bedtime for me

Here's a joke for all the Texans here

How can you tell I'm a awry?(lame copycat)

check out these kids playing "the lemon song"

this week has been pain and exhaustion week. thank you dearest insurance company

Lou Holtz cracks me up

the only two things in life that make it worth living

Man, y'all are just tripping tonight.


Are You a Real Libra?

A thought just struck me...

Ah, revenge is best as a dish served cold........

Fu ken A.

if that ain't country



When exactly are "all other things being equal"?

A Friday night discuss thread.... (gin)

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

A Friday night discuss thread.... (grin)

A Friday night discuss thread.... (glen)

We got the house!!!

Yer candydate sux

I always wished I had brown ...

I introduced my daughter to Pavarotti just a couple months ago.


Oh, birder lads...

Does George W Bush have Buddha nature?

How can you tell I'm not a pie?

Flea Circus

How can you tell I'm a guy?

one of my squids got a job and the other two are looking. ask me anything!

If stereotypes are meant to be broken, how about monotypes?

Mercy Flirts

How can you tell I'm not a guy?

So Rumsfeld is feeding the pResident (lame copycat of a lame copycat)

It's slower than the dem congress on pulling out of Iraq in here tonight

How can you tell I'm not a goy?

Okay, enough of the fires already.

Hi Eva did you get my PM?

Me and EVA just broke up !

Fisher & Paykel commercial: "Dish... Drawer.... Dish..... Drawer...."

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD, finally

So what's for (or what was) for dinner tonight?

Old pictures from Pakistan (bandwidth warning)

Sorry people that rushed to buy the IPhone, but I don't feel sorry for you.

Good Night Peoples!

Do it yourself Wanted posters - great for the photo-shop impaired

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Run! ! ! ! !

A very lonely turtle

So Rumsfeld is briefing the pResident...

Lobster Wars.

Calling it an early night

we ALL need someone

So I don't have Hep C after all,

British rocker Pete Doherty caught forcing cat to smoke crack

I always wished I had brown eyes

Name a story with an unnamed protagonist

I'm looking for songs about school. Know any?

Well if nobodys gonna start a Fu_ken picture thread i guess i better.


You're just a fucking bunch of slaves !!!

i'm gonna start a picture thread

Check out these photos I took/made today

My kitty is finite.

Took my cat Buddy to the vet today


Post a Youtube video that sez sumpthun 2 U as of late

One word song titles...

Funny movie suggestions, please

Seriously, though, I missed you guys a lot.

John Judge on Investigations to Impeachment

On Thin Ice

CNN: John Edwards - A Bold Counter-Terrorism Approach

The Shock Doctrine and the Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Read his lips, "No new taxes"

Most polar bears could be gone by 2050: report (Action link included)

Until all hope is gone, I'm gonna stand by my Democratic representatives.

Is China quietly dumping US Treasuries?

bu$h* certainly sounded drunk on KO right now...

This one scumbag, holds the majority of the people hostage to his perverted fantasies.

Right Wing Group Plans 9-15 Events in DC

Bush acting like George Allen is still a senator

I missed the Osama tape- which Dem candidate is he supporting?

You too can be a lady magnet...!!!

Why the hell does Keith Olbermann have the Propagandist Gerald Posner on

Ice, Ice Baby....

Oscar-Winner Duvall To Host Big-Bucks Fundraiser For Giuliani

APEC protesters confront police

Hey DU boomers+--were presidential campaigns always so image-based?

3760 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

When will the analyzed reports come out that this Osama is fake?

I would hate being the most hated man in the world.....


John Stossel is doing a report tonight on health care in Cuba

Negroponte to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan next week - Wonder if he is bringing death squads along?

Instead of leathal injection, why don't we give the option of a cup of pills?

Bike May Be Clue in BYU Student Search

Cluster Bombs Decried in Bill

Waco minister arrested for child porn says it was for research

Did you know Osama used to be a drunk and a hell-raiser before he found religion just like Bush?

Larry Johnson: The Bin Laden Video Nonsense

ABC/Disney does hit piece on NBC's To Catch a Predator

Subtropical Storm Gabrielle forms off of SE US coast.

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton-must begin the immediate redeployment of U.S. troops

Wuznt we wuz gonna start to withdraw in 2006, I thunk?

Let's not call it the Iraq War anymore. Let's call it Bush's War

what happened to the mine guy, bubba murray? i sure miss him

The UBL tape and how you should adress it

Crying and scared here. Bush says bin Laden tape a "reminder it's a dangerous world"

I have to wonder with the economy in the dumper...and the real estate boom bust

Bush finds it interesting that Bin Laden mentions Iraq in video

Responses to Osama (you tube)

Rahm Emanauel dissed Bill Maher? Or isn't available? nt

Froomkin: Bush Wins Again: Talk is about when to end the "surge," not when to end the war

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I just watched a 2 hour gala picnic ...

Identify Condoleeza's expressions

Bush "likely" to address nation on Iraq in prime time next week

Dateline: Demopolis ("City of the People")

"black dye is commendable for intimidating the enemy."...

Ian Masters Background Briefing good source for intelligent interviews

New Fellow at Hoover Institution: Donald Rumsfeld

Republicans Unite!

Let there be peace on Earth... Or I'll fucking kil ya'!

Anyone listening to Charlie Rose tonight, check in please.

Success in Iraq? Try Listening to the Troops

so bin laden wants to convert the USA to islam and ann coulter wants to....

To be a loyal Republican at this point in history is to be a war criminal

What if GWB was a Buddhist?

Children of Llullaillaco, sacrificed by the Incas 500 years ago.

Forest Service chief: Use trees to power cars

Dear Mr. Bin Laden & Mr. Bush...

Medical Examiner: Congressman Gillmor died in a fall down stairs

Ex-Enron Chief Skilling Seeks New Trial

I love you Keith

If Gore was President...9/11 most likey would NOT have Happened..

How does the OBL tape help Bush????

Will the Sept 15 antiwar protest do anything signifcant to end the Iraq war?

Caption this photo

Is this really Osama?

So Hagel is making an announcement next week?

Wow, talk about low standards!

I just survived my first serious Freeper internet encounter

Democrats shift, now dismiss claims of Iraq progress; Emanuel: report wins Pulitzer for fiction

World War 3 is right around the corner and what are we doing to stop it?

Bad News Puts Political Glare onto Economy: Could rival Iraq as top issue on political agenda

Durbin: Civilian employees working on Bush-Petraeus report were told, "We need a positive report."

Great picture for your desktop....

Go, Democrats!

OBL Tapes - How do they reach the news?

Barack Obama Stinks!

I hereby declare that the Republican Party should be dissolved.

Classic: Fred Thompson Reagan

Forget all the beard coloring and face study. Ask yourself and others one question.

bin Laden trimming his beard, dying it black he confirms the power of vanity...

Melting ice cap triggering earthquakes -- Will Prayers help???

NOAA Reports La NIÑA Is Developing

Bush says new video a reminder of failure.

Fla. City Official Resigns, Kills Self

PHOTO: "OK, guys? Guys? I want to thank you all for auditioning. #1242, 1252, 1253, 1264......

Katrina Nursing Home Owners Acquitted In Patients' Deaths

What's happening with Malloy and KLSD radio? I just heard

How Nazi-esque: Columbus Dispatch Cartoon Portrays Iranians as Cockroaches Leaving Sewer

I thought about something today when I dropped my little girl off at school

Polar Bears GONE by 2050 - An entire species!

Caption this series of pics of * with Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

My 102nd ltte printed today-"The health effects of war"

Holt Election Reform Bill in Meltdown...Again

Let's bomb the shit out of this place!!

***DUzy Awards for week ending September 7, 2007.***

What do you do when you are trapped in an abusive relationship? One where you have not the means?

Qur'an and commentary: Dyeing the hair black is FORBIDDEN

CIA Director Hayden Warns of New al-Qaida Attacks

Disgusting!!11 Heterosexual camera toilet sex!!!!

Real Time is on...who's in?

ROFL !!! - Have At It !!!

Afghan police lose ground previously won by Canadians

Rep. Paul Gillmore FELL to his death - not a heart attack

Mos Def is bananas!

One day the world is going to find out how many Iraqis have died in Bush's illegal war

Introducing the US backed Sunni Militia

This is powerful. Community bans Corporate 'Personhood'

Book TV Schedule: September 8th - 10th

A thing of beauty on my way into work yesterday ... a BMW with

Lest we forget what it was really all about.....

FredWatch: "Osama is more symbolism than anything else" = "I can't catch him and I won't even try"

Message for Gary Bauer.

Reason to impeach

An "interested" Bush uses "new" OBL tape to connect the 9/11 dots to Iraq. Anyone else smell a rat?

Gov. Richardson OPED: NCLB fails our schools

How many national security violations occurred with this incident?

Obama, Davis Boost new kind of Black College

NYT: "A Prosecutorial Brief Against Israel and Its Supporters"

Oprah's Touch

Don't Miss Moyers Tonight: FISA and Goldsmith

Barack on Broadway!

Osama Bin Laden missed one topic

Norman Hsu Arrested in Colorado.

What do you think of the new Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee slogan?

I may get a moment with Edwards, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Richardson, and or Dodd!

Brian X. Scott loses Iraq Contract Court Challenge

Is there anything any of the candidates you don't support can do to win your support?

How do we neutralize....

What candidate panders the most?

Alan Keyes may be weighing a Presidential Bid

Something for Edwards Supporters - Edwards on Terrorism today.

Senator Durbin No More Money Without Iraq Withdrawl Strategy

Bush is not my President

Richardson: Why We Should Exit Iraq Now

I saw Obama speak today, and I just want to say that he's

Were you really upset?

Clinton takes Social Security benefit cuts off the table; Obama puts them on.

Four More Top GOP (Hyporcrite) Outings Could be in the Offing

Edwards' final grade for terrorism plan: F.

Betray Us Report

Carl Levin and Terry McAuliffe made a deal about primaries in 2004.

Unions Press Clinton on Outsourcing of US Jobs

John Edwards--NOT necessarily the BEST choice, and certainly NOT the ONLY choice

Wes Clark scheduled to be on Meet the Press, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Bill Maher

GAIL COLLINS: Giuliani’s Ground Zero Legacy

BOB HERBERT: Escape From Las Vegas

Iran Agrees on Work Plan With IAEA

The War in Iraq Is "Soft and Mushy"


Hints of Progress, and Questions, in Iraq Data (written by Michael WMD Gordon from the NY Times)

Patrick Cockburn: David Petraeus: General Surge

Ray McGovern: Are Petraeus and Westmoreland Birds of a Feather?

Neocons Put on a Surge-Stravaganza

Bush, Iran and Israel's Hidden Hand (Nuclear Hypocrisy in the Middle East)

MoD details Iraq troop withdrawal

Rally for 9/11 bill to treat ailing first responders, residents


US bribe insurgents to fight Al-Qaeda

What if Al Gore had been President?

Bin Laden Expert: He's Winning

New Report Recommends Iraq Handover in 5 Years


The Last Redoubt

Iraq power-sharing still elusive despite surge

Persistence of Myths Could Alter Public Policy Approach (WaPo)

OMG! Look what's happening in Paraguay!

Wild Weather Creates Chances for Political Progress

Al Gore: The 2008 Election Wild Card

Air Force Times: A complete alternative-fuel fleet by 2011?

As Brazil's rain forest burns down, planet heats up

Portland's Green Convention Center

Looks like parts of the ice cap are maybe beginning to resolidify but parts are still going

Birch Trees To Edge Out Aspens In Warming World

An interesting link on the physics of the best climate change fighting machine in transportation., a harness and a simple tether, all you need to

Big Houses Are Not Green: America's McMansion Problem

The Imperative for Rapid Demonstration and Scale-UpOf Advanced Coal Gasification and Carbon Sequestr

Polish prime minister gambles on snap poll

Scandal and suicide on St. Pete City Council

Most polar bears could die out by 2050

Bush braces for policy fight over Iraq (will lay out his 'vision')

Bombing in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 12

Troop Buildup, Yielding Slight Gains, Fails to Meet U.S. Goals

(R) Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska To Retire

Troop Buildup, Yielding Slight Gains, Fails to Meet U.S. Goals

Bhutto-Musharraf (power sharing) deal collapses

Reps. Mary Bono, Connie Mack announce engagement

Chinese hackers plan cyber attack on US military: Report

Deadly bomb rocks Algerian base

Reid Urges Republicans to Divert War to Bin Laden From Iraq

Though FDA approved, microchip implants linked to animal cancer

Bush to address war-weary Americans on Iraq (TV speech)

Syrian VP: We'll Retaliate For Israeli Aggression

Turkey Quizzes Israel On Warplane Fuel Tanks

Arphid Watch: Arphid Cancer

Melting Ice Cap (Greenland) Triggering Earthquakes

Bush Plots Strategy to Sell Iraq Policy

F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Target Suspects

Arrests, police injured at APEC protests (photos)

Judge sued over ban on word 'rape'

Schoolgirl ordered to dig ditch as punishment (by Seventh Day Adventist School)

Brian De Palma wins Best Director award at Venice with 'Redacted'

GOP Hopes to Hold on to Florida's Cubans

Frustrated Makah rebels shoot, harpoon whale near Neah Bay

Rabbi wounded in stabbing in Frankfurt financial district

All we need is RUST!

Since I've Been Loving You

Writer told me to relay a message to the lounge.

Al long time ago I had a lady to love.....

Pretty life Jakalope

Pretty life Jakalope

good night, all

This is the end...............

Madam Butterfly - Malcolm Maclaren

Waving the W.A.N.D.!


Can you get an order for Ons, that's O-N-S Jr. Market

Once upon a time in the west...............

I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe......

Sade, dis-moi

Poll Question: Hope Floats

This is for someone I love

I find it kind of funny,and I find it kind of sad.........

You opened my your door, I couldn't believe my luck.......

Damn, I was trying to stay up tonight and get drunk, have some fun

I think I lost my mind... WHERE IS IT?

Before I forget to post this in the next band name thread,

On a Dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair...

Time keeps on slippin'-slippin'-slippin' into the future

The Ecstasy of gold

I swear,I left her by the river............

Mmmmmmmm coffee.

Christopher Cross Appreciation thread:

'Splain this to me, please?

Poetry only thread

3500, with this posting!

Girls on film - the Cool version

Who came up with the phrase "you're buttering me up"?

Replace the one-word title of a movie with two discordant terms not related to the title.

Do you know what my avatar symbol means?

I ran, I ran so FAAAAR away!

Pimp yo ride: fake sunroof

Under a blue moon I saw you...........

Here's to my three nephews - 25,l8 and 3 years old.

they keep secrets you know.

HELP! I Gotta Car Mechanical Issue

Sweeeeeeet Caroline!

What kind of special stuff don't you do/haven't you done for your SO?

Frenching Italian

I see Paris Hilton learned ALOT from her jail time...sues Hallmark over card

My work/school schedule is going to be a killer this fall

There's only one thing to do when you're up at 6:30am on a saturday

Has anyone successfully opted out of credit card solicitations?

California Peggy made the DUZY'S!!!!! TWICE

Doo-Bee-doo-Doobie Brothers!

I need a pev talk.

Anyone work as a consultant?

I'm looking for songs about spool. Know any?

What's worse?

I'm looking for songs about Spam. Know any?

Aerosmith, yeah or neigh?

What should I have for lunch?

*GASP* - Bums on DU's Front Page!

It smells like Autumn today

Something about the reporting of this story bugs me...what do you think?

Do The Freddie!

Finally got broadband and I am loving it!

thank you kind friend....Pic thread

I'm going to see Justin Timberlake tonight....

Dog Adopts Baby Squirrels (video)

What are you doing on 9/8/07 at 6:54 and, um, 32.1 seconds?

Hormonal mood swings? Yes, please.

I'm roasting beets

Facebook makes for wierdness.

Italian TV aired the funeral of Maestro Pavarotti, Live. Here's the feed

Happy birthday Patsy

Where the heck is Bullwinkle925? I'm waiting for her to post her "secret"!

Why is my iMac downloading everything into unusable "secure download" files?

Introducing our adopted furbaby...Lyra!! ((now with PICTURES!!!))

Damn you flvegan!!!

Should recommendations for the Greatest Page be knee-jerk responses?

Is GD still jerking off to Circuit City discussions?

Started a thread in GD

Interesting theory on strangelets and neutron star matter composition

Night' in white satin, never reachinging the end.

I want a law that requires ice cream trucks to SHUT OFF THE DAMNED MUSIC

(Dead) Snakes on a Plane

ok, so i finally did it

OK, I ain't votin' for Huckabee for anything, but...

What's for breakfast

Store employees replace boy's lost money

Both the new Common and Kanye albums are so good

College football fan humor

every day needs a few cute cat photos, right?

Gwen Stefani wants me all over her

Hey, I decided that I have the right to take a giant shit on the sidewalk in town.

Be on my side, I'll be on your side, baby!

Hey Wolverines,

my cornflakes get soggy on my chicken breading

Post something interesting that most DUers have probably never heard of... NOW!!!

So I wander over to DU Religion and Theology

It's the biggest pionus appreciation thread ever!!

I have nothing to do

Jeffery wants to be my friend!

I will be holding a tea party to protest the Iraq War next Saturday

Do you ever find notes that you have written that you don't know what they mean?

Take me drunk...

boring you lizards with MORE pix *dial-up warning*

I am strongly considering volunteering to teach ESL

Kids are amazing.

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet?

Someone drives up behind you going 50 miles over the speed limit

Oregon-39, Michigan-7

You're driving up behind someone going 20mph too slow.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

I was just given five old computers.

Anybody ever try Nutrisystem?

OK, I admit it. I like fantasy movies

three word thread

Saturday, September 8th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Let's talk about gender here. What makes you one sex or the other?

Let's play Quarters...

What do you want on your pizza?

can we call a do-over on today?

what is it with work emails ???

Does anybody know why firemen are called"Jakes" ?

If you love someone

Today's College Football Thread

Just a castaway, island lost at sea, yo!

labor day weekend pix *dial-up warning*

Husband's movie on Sci-Fi Channel tonight

I got Netflix. What movies should i watch?

Love any?

Percy Sledge & Buddy Guy pics from a few hours ago (Blues Fest)

Question: Would a democrat ogle another woman in a restaurant

I call on the beneficent cat ladies of DU (male or female!) for advice

teh chuckles

This is the ultimate kitty appreciation thread!!

Giant Sunflower 1, Maestro 0.

"little jug eared prick"

Okay, what's the latest on what I can and can't bring on an airplane these days?

I need a pep talk.

A kitty just adopted my family

The Fifty Worst Automobiles of All Time

Bees. In your. Head.

Life is too short to....................(Fill in the blank)

SNL's "Dick in a Box" skit is up for an Emmy

So I just listened to the new Springsteen album..."Magic"

jewelry show last week-end *dialup warning/pic heavy*

What was the LAST concert you ever went to?

The Price of War, Front and Center

'They're stalling me until I die'

POW group argues over whether vets’ data compromised

Drinking. Brawling. Hurting.

Today in labor history September 08

Appeals Court Sides With Union, TSA Airport Screener


John Bolton on Iraq (BBC's Jeremy Paxman turns up the heat on a neocon stooge)

The Surge in Baghdad

The Doors The End

Rudy Giuliani has made $60 million since 9/11

CODEPINK press conference with coalition of Peace groups

VERY POWERFUL - Body of War - Eddie Vedder and Tomas Young

Olbermann: Reality On The Ground In Iraq (Iraqi Judge)

What Bush Knew About WMDs

Bill Maher: Col. Larry Wilkerson - 'Nothing Has Really Changed in Iraq'

Biden walks a day in a school custodian's shoes

Emanuel on Iraq Report

Dennis Kucinich Just Back From Syria


John Edwards - A New Strategy Against Terrorism (9/7/07)

Fred Thompson -- Greedy. Lobbyist. Sellout

Rep. Jim McDermott - The President's Kick Ass War Assessment...

Why did President Bush go to Iraq?

Latest Dramatic Pics From Greenland Ice Fields

Osama bin Laden Audition Tape

Sydney: Bare Bottom Protest against Bush & War (APEC)


Leaked Video Clip Of bin Laden hits The Internet

Bill Maher 'New Rules' - Sep. 7, 2007

Introspective Dubya

Hoffa Denounces Bush's Illegal, Unsafe Mexican Truck Program

Will the Fossett family re-imburse or be asked to re-imburse for the search?

Something we should mention often about Petraeus

A Damaging Paper Chase In Voting (Washington Post)

Are we screwed? Just curious...

Posturing Against al-Qaeda Wannabes in Iraq, Bush Enlists Sunnis Aligned Against His Shiite Junta

Fred Thompson. Another Constitution hating fascist.

it is a reminder

Countrywide May Fire as Many as 12000 as Mortgage Demand Wanes

Osama bin Laden SCOLDS the Dems...? Who the fuck does

David Sedaris on French health care

Introducing ‘Ideology And Terror’ Expert Donald Rumsfeld

It has been over an hour since someone posted

Why would there be shock that a girl in Europe might have been killed by her mother

I wish I knew...

I Have A Levee Question:

Bush thanks his host country, only misses by 8000 miles!

You magnificent bastard.

Why was Hayden in uniform for the AQ threat speech?

Jailed for jaywalking

Ha...ha...ha; aren't there any lawyers in the Democratic Party? Any good ones?

osama denied role in 9*11 attacks

Schwartzenegger urges GOP to claim middle

TOON: "Republican Revisionist History"

Nicaraguan land deals raise questions for Weller

Was it worth selling our country out for a Chia Pet?

Our opponents in Iraq and their low tech solutions to . . .

Requium for America: Life in the Fast Lane...with a nod to "The Eagles"

Thompson dismisses threat from bin-Laden and company, then creates his own specters

Would Bill, could Bill Gates get behind this sort of technology and

My Lai movie to be reminder of war atrocities: Stone

Bin Laden video - watch Larry King Live

Who's to Blame for the Edsel? George Will says it's....

When Generals Lie

Oh yes sure it's geting better In Iraq (mature/violent)

Jack Goldsmith is on CSPAN now WATCH THIS

Dick Durbin says Iraq report bogus, falsified

U.S. Has Only Made Saddam Hussain a Hero and Martyr, Says Iraq War Critic

Giuliani: Illegal Immigration No Crime

Lieberman Rejects New Democratic Compromise on Iraq (Update1)

Seems not all was flowers in Australia (warning naked butts)

Victorian Euphemisms....

Generals speak out on Iraq in North Carolina

Get the fuck out. I miss a couple days and Will Pitt is back.

Prediction: Next week they will bring out the big dick.

As "Surge" Report Draws Near, Democrats Ready a Stance

Giuliani: Illegal Immigration No Crime (watch the freeps explode)

You want my compassion? F*CK you RW (Another Rant)

Bin Laden was dead-on about one thing in his speech.

FAIR Study: A Poverty of Coverage-Poor Mostly Missing From Network News, Research Finds

Saturday's Hell, Ray McGovern

How quick will enough dems give in so bush gets his way in Iraq?

CNN on Saturday mornings makes the Today Show seem like intellectual indulgence.

F-15s to Fly Over NY On Sept. 11 for Operation Noble Eagle

Phony Baloney Fred

Test-drive a Nissan, win a lead-laced mug

I told you Bin Laden was a Republican

McClatchy: Despite Iraq reports, troops' future is set

Democratic Retreat In Iraq?

The Art of Disruption

Store employees replace boy's lost money

Prayer to End Climate Change

When you don't like what a report concludes, classify it "secret" so you can spin what you want....

Warning: the chimp is headed back to OUR country.

Editor&Publisher: Not Exactly a Shock: Gordon of 'NYT' Offers Defense of 'Surge' Progress

World Bids Farewell To Luciano Pavarotti

What is the GD Record for most

So, Has Everyone Enjoyed their 2 Minutes Hate? Goldstein! Bin Laden! Grrrrr!


Duke Lacrosse and Civil Liberties: It's an Ill Wind That Blows No Good

controversial "Bodies" exhibit!

Bush Expected to Nominate Attorney General Next Week: Leading candidate is Ted Olson

Poem from Scott in Cincinnati on The Lionel Show about privatizing the war......

LOL!!!! Real Clear Politics "Civilian Deaths in Iraq Up, But They're Really Down"

Didn't Leahy Say There Would Be No Attorney General Confirmation Hearings

NYC cab strike

I was listening to NPR the other day.....

Call to Action-Impeach Billboard in Chico! not pots & pans, but it works for me!

the Columbus Dispatch is neo con

what a piece of work Ret. Gen. Jack Keane is

Republicans push and push and push until some larger force makes them stop.

CIA Director Hayden warns of attacks. What's wrong with this picture?

Uh-oh.. Laura's gonna be under general anesthesia.. .

F.B.I. Data Mining Went Beyond Targets

Schwarzenegger: GOP "Dying At The Box Office"

Dow Loses Another 250. Points to Worst Recession in 50 Years

Bush Braces for Policy Fight Over Iraq

Nebraska reservoir has algal poisoning

Most People Want Troops Out of Iraq: Global Poll

Text of Democrats' response to Bush radio address

Just enough is unfortunately too much.

extreme weather has Vietnam govt. working quickly to protect people

If you are going to kill yourself, why bother to resign? I will never

F-15s to "Fly Over" NYC for 911 Anniversary - Unbelievable

Release of data on Iraqi killings urged-Variations in Pentagon's numbers eyed

Funny how RW-nutz are blaming Democrats...

Arphid Watch: Arphid Cancer ******VeriChip ******

Richardson Best Explains the Facts on The Middle East Situation

Chinese hackers form US military cyber attack plans: report

Col. Wilkerson: Bush is "now hidden behind David Petraeus"

Despite an acquittal rate of 50%, Iraq's new prison population has tripled since February

GOP Blew it...had full control for 6 years and ya think they could get at least one thing right?

Brent Budowsky: A Bold Challenge for Hillary Clinton

If OBL is such a news junkie as CNN states, why doesn't he mention election fraud?

NYT: Sectarian Killings Are Down in Baghdad Because Neighborhoods Have Been Ethnically Cleansed

Sixth annual Fighting Bob Fest streaming live from WOJB

Bush's Paraguayan Land grab.

c-span fred thompson - live in iowa

UK drivers risk 2 years in prison for cellphone use.

is them sooners kicking ass or what

Is it possible for theists to not raise their children as theists?

Huckabee pardoned Keith Richards (yes that Keith Richards) when he was gov.

Was A Covert Attempt To Bomb Iran W/ Nuclear Weapons Foiled By A Military Leak?

Teen Claims Man Was Already Dead At Time Of Crash

Bombs kill 20 in Iraq, Bush to address Americans

Reality is "You can't have your bank, protect your home mortgage and Hedge Funds Too"

Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin Opposes New War Funding Without Troop Cuts

Tropical Storm Gabriel

FOUND! A Democrat with Spine!

Former Washington DC First Lady Dies

bin laden sounds like some DU posters --->

Question about Countdown W/Keith Olbermann - Would you make any changes to the show?

The backpedaling begins (expert looks at bin Laden tape)

Riding high: Amtrak chugs for record ridership

Idaho authorities confirm arrest warrant for Senator Larry Craig's daughter

"I'm the man of this house."

Edwards: Throw away Bush's 'failed' terrorism policies; 'reengage with the world'

Seeking advice... The week before... Should we vacate the belly of the Beast for 9/11/07?...

Souter considered resigning after Bush v. Gore, book says

Iraq's government has failed, but America's isn't doing so well either

There are issues other than the war that are important to me

No takers for Army bonus of $20,000 on Peninsula, recruiters say

"deleted message", "deleted subthread"

Bin Laden Tape Demystified. "Bush Last-Ditch Effot on Iraq Policy; Address to Nation"

Video: flight patterns


Iran Fined $2.65 Bln For '83 Attack On US Marines

Where to find reliable, most recent Katrina statistics?

The OBL Video, subs are blurry but there.

"The Bush War".

BREAKING: Top Al-Qaida Operatives Spotted in DC

The Need to Believe (from The Texas Observer by a man on his 90th birthday)

Caption this * pic

Court upholds firing of porn star cop. "His activities were simply vulgar and indecent." - Fernandez

NYT report on first bombing "against Shiites in Baghdad since last week"

The United States still works against terrorists by dropping bombs on them

Michael Moore takes parting shot at Bush in rockstar flick

Kids are amazing.

Dallas Oil Company Signs Deal With Kurds

NY Times Sunday: Surge A Failure

Your Chance of Being Kidnapped or Killed in Baghdad is 100%

Voices of Iraqis: more worries than hope

Rapper Nas on O'Reilly: "...his marketing plan is racism."

The 2008 Election will be about Circuit City

R.I.P. Bill O'Rights

The Fifty Worst Automobiles of All Time

CRS: Bush Administration Has Intensified False Reporting On Al Qaeda Since ‘Surge’ Began

I notice the bin Laden tape is not playing well in the media....

Did you notice throughout his speech Thompson HEAD BUTTS the air?

Two of my problems with Edwards, in a nutshell

Anti-Clinton bimbo crawls out of the sewer again...

Bush - Osama, can we agree that they at least serve each other's interests?

Sen. Hagel Bails Out

After reading THE TURNER DIARIES, I've come up with what may be my most controversial idea ever

Basra Is Looking Goooooooood!

More Bush supporter values---singer Sara Evans

I have a feeling there will be a huge shift from Hillary to Edwards in the last two days before Iowa

Bush Expected to Nominate Attorney General Next Week - WaPo

Pavarotti sings Nessun Dorma. Enjoy!

Josh Marshall: Who Disbanded the Iraqi Army?

Here's the case that needs to be made. Here's what needs to be done.

The Wizard of Whimsy...AMEN!

Let's fire up the Faux Outrage

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 9/8... Kicking or falling on?

Hagel is calling it quits - Dems want Bob Kerrey for seat...

Dodd Would End Cuba Embargo if Elected

FEMA hijacks Midwest broadcast signals with mistaken presidential alert

Let's just assume, for a moment, the Bin Laden video is authentic:

Aw, fuck...Alex the African grey is dead. :(

If '08 election looked like this...

Global Dimming: As if we didn't already have enough to worry about

Doesn't it strike you as odd....

For a more positive DU why not celebrate our anniversary date of joining DU.

Customers unintentionally racking up huge iPhone bills

December 16, 1773 -- Let's commemorate and observe it this year.

The world left the US behind

Fred Thompson's on C-Span...There were great Photo's posted by DU'ers of what

Melting Greenland Ice Cap Triggering Earthquakes

CNN: "Global warming: A natural cycle or human result?", complete with Richard Lindzen quotes

August KIA Iraq/Afghanistan

DoJ To FTC: "Opposed To Net Neutrality"

Bar-Exam Flunker Quits Suit Over Gay-Wed Question

Saudi Arabian money funds extremist madrasas...

Anybody Else Have That 'Calm Before The Storm' Feeling ???

The Federal Prosecutor: A Calling Betrayed

The Economist Magazine calls of the end to Belgium soverenty

What if there were 40,000,000 U.S. refugees?

Farewell Maestro

Overwhelmed? - * pics

So now Lindsey Graham is saying that we're kicking ass in Iraq?

Attention to anyone near the Outer Banks of North Carolina (About TS Gabby)

"Do Not Call" list expires Sept. 15, 2007

Two "must hear" radio interviews from "Fresh Air" this week with Jack Goldsmith and Charlie Savage!

They are still out it: 1200 protest women's clinic

Marty Lederman on Newseek article about Justice Dept. lawyer who defied WH

I wonder if Laura Bush will get her surgery medical claim denied.

MO Gov's Chief of Staff says any gathering of Latino workers "probably" includes illegal aliens

Dem Friend of Mine said today: "Dem Activists are greater threat to Dem Party than Republicans"

Another Republican politician accused of sexually abusing minors - Commits suicide.

Dems Hold All the Card on Iraq, So Why Are They Folding?

U.S. Turns Bin Laden into superman........

As a long time DUer, can I just say...

One of my son's best friends is dying

Did You Go To A Land Down Under ??? - Sydney Bush\Howard Protest (Pic Heavy)

bin Laden's fake video .... talks about democrats in congress.

The Republican Party is DOA

Bush, shrinks, and THE WEST WING. Is a doc treating Dubya?

What if people collectively stopped paying insurance?

Richardson Says Potential Senate Compromise on Iraq War Will "Allow the Bloodshed to Continue"

The Bill of Rights - A Public Service Announcement

The Dems were really stupid to cave in on the funding.

'Bring Your Bibles to Public Schools Week' approaching: "Tote 'em & quote 'em!"

EXCLUSIVE: Former Sen. Intel Chair Reports White House Misled About Wiretap Briefings

How Pickles Got the Stiff Neck ---pix--->>>

Backing Our Earth Against The Wall

Are the Bin Laden images manipulated? Here's a way to check!

Has Real Time With Bill Maher Jumped The Shark?

"Four More GOP Outings Could be in the Offing" - Pensito Review"

Released D.C. Protesters Say Police Used Intimidation Tactics

Well it looks like the Gray Lady....

When Generals Lie - Marty Kaplan

Will the Bushistas willingly step down on January 20, 2009?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson might not run again in '08 rumor. Anybody hear about this??

"atomic power plants kill people in large numbers"

Welcome back Senator Bob Kerrey!!!!

WaPo covers Iraq why Iraqis oppose Bush's oil law: it gives away the store to Big Oil

Chuck Hagel calling it quits

TOONS - TOONS - TOONS Get 'em while they're hot

How long would you like to live?

"How could anyone still have that sticker?"

Well, gang this is my 1,000th post

EXCLUSIVE: Former Sen. Intel Chair Reports White House Misled About Wiretap Briefings

Buzz Aldrin: Nowak Should Be Admired For Trip

Are the Bin Ladin tapes real? Who cares?

Oh GAG! John Gibson compares Osama tape to KO's special comment

Please help! email court for max sentence on woman who abused puppy

Why does the White House get the OBL videos first?

Coming next Friday...John Stossel disemboweles Michael Moore!

Seahawks Fans are you Pissed at Bush Supporting Hasslebeck and Strong?

Staying home in November or voting third party does nothing to fix -anything-

SiCKO: How corporate money kills the message, if not the messenger.

Scandal and suicide on St. Pete City Council

Numbers are cooked in report of deaths in Iraq - Figures don't lie but liars sure do figure

One more Circuit City thought. (I don't usually get into these things..but..)

Odd..Laura Bush has Surgery on "Pinched Nerve" today and Bush is in Hawaii?

I have a right wing christian thinking... (((boggle!!!)))

Jail for Justice song

Is bin Laden's video a fake or just not real.

Global credit is being "frozen" and thus the interbank lending system has come to a virtual halt

Privatization of public assets & The Trans-Texas Corridor TTC 35

Should everyone be required to carry ID at all times?

First Mexican Truck already rolling into US under new program

Woman Sues Judge for Banning Words (rape trial barred use of 'rape', 'sexual assault')

If you think the Circuit City threads are silly, don't read this

This is in progress. Pelosi's Fear of Flying.

Of These Democrats Which One Would You Like To See Quit The Race?

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Presidential Nominee

Petraeus "confirmed" to media in 2003 that they had found mobile bio-weapons labs in Iraq. He lied.

In 2002, Likely Attorney General Nominee Ted Olson Said It's Okay to Lie to US Public!

Have you all joined Zogby?

I am hearing little murmurs that Biden's plan for Iraq is going to happen

Another Justice official goes but for his own reasons (Oliphant -The Swamp / re: Keisler)

I have more friends than Barack Obama

Obama Jabs Hillary over health care

Obama criticizes Maureen Dowd over column

Major new primary opponent for Kucinich - Dean DePiero

It just confounds me that any sane person would still believe anything

For those of you who visit the rw sites, do posters there bash the repub candidates?

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning yesterday in Portland and San Francisco

Liberal Media my ass...

Photos: "Crocodile Mon-KEE" poses in his new Australian outback stockman's rain coat @ APEC

Obama: a fresh face or an old-school tactician?

Conservatives are really upset at Giuliani for saying illegal immigration is not a crime

Mitt's broken promise to Massachusetts' Log Cabin Republicans: "I'll keep my head low."

The "stinky" factor

If your candidate has already taken the neocons position on Iran

Clinton in Court.

NC: Edwards 30%, Clinton 28%, Obama 21%

Don't be fooled by HAgel

PA County's e-voting machines may not be ready in time for general election

Bush Radio: "One Sunni sheik told me 'We strongly support the democracy you have called for'..."

A.G. front runner Theodore B. Olson's Federal Campaign Contributions Report

"Voting Machine" Hagel calling it quits

Maine Repuke Rep. Cressey asked to resign for living and working in Massachusetts

Kucinich fighting for the people again..Privatization of public

Does Fred Thompson Remind You Of Goober?

Will we have any Gore or Clark options?

Lieberman Rejects New Democratic Compromise on Iraq

Cafferty: 'Kicking ass' in Iraq Video

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: GOP 'dying at the box office'

Have You Heard Of The Real News Network?

LOL- CSPAN Fred Thompson coverage

BlueHampshire's Dean Barker endorses Dodd

New Ads Blame GOP Senators for Continuing Bush’s War

Have you made up your mind on your primary election candidate?

Obama scores high on thermometer while Hillary leaves many cold

I don't know if this was posted or what happened to it but I will not be a hypocrite

BIG ELEPHANT -Vs- itsy bitsy teeny weeny lil elephant

NYT: Shadowy Money Trail of a Fugitive Fund-Raiser

Senator Hagel retiring. Hello Senator Kerrey! (Hello, VP candidate Hagel?)

Has Fux run the Bin Laden tape with a chiron identifying the

Obama's book, "O Audacity da Esperança" is on sale at the airport

OH GOD!!! not this guy again why does he bother

Amazing 2 Congresspeople commit adultery, one kicks his wife and kids out of the family home, and

If You Were Wiretapped, So Were Your Family & Friends

CNN commentator: Oprah -- why not go all out for Obama?

A Streetwise Politician Schooled Obama

Hillary Fundraiser: Part II

Must hear interview with Jack Goldsmith Re: his new book "The Terror Presidency"

Hillary's Ironic Use of the Word 'Unscrupulous'

Obama: The Mark of Inexperience...

Author Says Supply-Side Economics Con Job

Looks like Fred Thompson was right to skip the debate and go on Leno instead

Nebraska's Chuck Hagel is retiring - who's next to jump off the SS GOP?

NC Democrat's campaign shut down

Chris Dodd with Bobby Kennedy Jr. on Air America Today

I'm almost laughing my *ss off

Not enough votes?

Michigan moved ahead of New Hampshire, then called for DNC to punish NH

Edwards Rails Against Lobbyists...and Hillary (who he accuses of defending a lobbyist-driven system)

Censored: The top 10 big stories the U.S. news media missed in the past year

A Clinton/Thompson General Election. Who Wins?

"Ohio is very blue these days"

Just A Friendly Reminder.....We Need To Impeach This Evil SOB!

Hillary only Democratic candidate to show up at AARP convention...

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Santa Barbara, CA

What I don't like about John Edwards:

Obama in Portland: America is Back!

Contrasting events: Kucinich and Obama

Indicted lawmaker Jefferson disputes charges, venue

To All Those "I Can Never Vote For Hillary" Types

Obama draws 4,000 to speech, raises $200,000

Newsweek: Obama's campaign is peeling off former advisers to Bill Clinton

Why is Mary Bobo's engagement to Connie Mack not a sex scandal? She was married to Glenn Baxsey

" “Barack is very much human,” Mrs. Obama tells Glamour ... " “So let’s not deify him... "

Arabs think OBL Video is a fake too

States Swing For Clinton in Poll...Hillary RULES!!

Clinton Fatigue is real.