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Archives: September 7, 2007

Bush's Pet Legacy--A Story for Childish Minds By Mark Fiore

Iraq government near collapse, secret report says

Bill Maher: Let Bush Be Reagan

Study: US should lower profile in Iraq By ANNE FLAHERTY / AP

Daily Reckoning: Chinese Condoms

Enough, God Help Us, Enough!


Phony Poverty Study Fools Lazy Journalists by Ted Rall

China Peoples Daily editorial: Beware of the changing US policies on Iran

WWIII or Jail -- Editorial Cartoon by Steve Bradenton

PAUL KRUGMAN: Time to Take a Stand

In Australia, Bush Welcomes Business Leaders To "OPEC" Summit Meeting - SMH

Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels by M. King Hubbert

Habitat for Inanity (Texas Observer re: border fence)

Eco Plastic Formed with Water (Hemp Resource)

Climate change challenging gardeners to plant smarter (AP/CNN)

Leader of the free whirl breezes by

Cappello Seeks Sanctions Against Teamsters

China: Woman fired for talking back to her boss

Judith Miller Finally Lands in the ‘Right’ Place (takes job at conservative Manhattan Institute)

One High-Pressure Phone Room

Teamsters continue battle against truck initiative

Iraq withdrawals "off the table": Republicans

Indian parliament paralysed over US nuclear de

Bin Laden Plans Video on 9/11

Accuracy of 9/11 Health Reports is Questioned

District's Former First Lady Effi Barry Dies

Senators Spar Over Meaning of Iraq Report (McCain & Clinton on Jones)

Britain tells US: We're winning Afghan battles but not the war

Ex-Pakistan PM tries to outwit Musharraf with multiple flights

Petraeus, Seeing Gains as Fragile, Is Wary of Cuts

Mexican Trucks Can Start U.S. Deliveries Today

Monks take officials hostage as Burma fuel protests escalate

New mortgage foreclosures set record

MSHA Proposes New Coal Mine Rescue Rules

Idaho lawmaker asks Craig to be clear

Doctors accuse US of 'unethical practices' at Guantanamo Bay

Bush Shows Gift Of Gaffe At APEC Summit

I haz a kitteh pic

Teenagers scare the living shit out me

Grace Lee Whitney

I can't believe no one has posted about Stone

hmmm this song speaks for itself.....

cool little 9 minute rockumentary on Blind Faith.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go STEPPENWOLF!

A Good Thing About Bush Starting World War III

Arggg! I think I screwed up an interview

TV shows - your unfulfilled plot wishes

Pavarotti, PBS, NYC...right now

Constructive Criticism...

yeah.... lost is in a mood, listening to her Ipod....

Larry Craig's own Private Idaho B-52's Parody ?

Cute kitty video

The Real Reason We Have Bad Days...

Idon't which I'm more excited about - 7 days until settlement or 40 days until....

Help! My spouse is lying!

They asked for my receipt at Circuit City and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Novak Djokovic is my new hero!

do you think online communities are reliable or trustworthy?

Top Chef fans, why didn't you tell me!

There is a baby bunny in our backyard

Pavarotti & Bono

My sister was scheduled for surgery on her elbow at 1pm.

These, Tom, are the Causeheads. They find a world-threatening issue & stick with it for about a week

Okay, enough wallowing - what were the BEST days of your life?

It's a miracle - my daughter is in bed and going to sleep before 7:30 PM

Larry Craig detained by Circuit City for not showing his receipt..

Baltimore tied with the Sox-----what the hell ?? Baltimore ????

For those of you worried about LynneSins earlier inflammatory TOLL thread...

I want last year's Drew Brees!

if you were being hit on the head right now, by choice, would you be

What song describes your life after you graduated High School?

"You get get to church" (THE OLD LANDMARK)

I can't get this goddamned song out of my head

Chef Gordon Ramsay burns testicle

trailer for "Control" the new Joy Division film

Tough Choices #2: Liver and Onions Vs. Head Cheese

Single DUers - would you wear a wedding ring?

After one year of surfing, and general indolence I got a job... Sigh..

Help out this quinquagenarian and tell me how to get a ringtone on my phone

(The Other) Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time

If you haven't been watching Mad Men on AMC....

What's the weather like in New England around Thanksgiving?

Can you tell how many people view you journal?

OMG OMG OMG I've been fucking vindicated!!!

I know many of you think you are suffering from deaths, wounds, etc. - but I'm REALLY suffering.

My letter of complaint to the Costco pharmacy

Anyone else watch "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" on Bravo tonight?

Passenger too sexy for Southwest Airlines?

What are your faves?

an honest society is a harsh society

WE GOT OURDOGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the worst day of your life?

if you were in hilton head right now,by choice, would you be

There's This Bunny Rabbit That Lives Under This Bush In My Front Yard

I wish to state that I fully agree with my sissie Lynne's earlier inflammatory thread

Dave's Insanity hot sauce fans, how hot are his other sauces?

Dating sucks....

Cemetery agrees to lift lockout, burials to resume

Smithfield workers force company to the table

Minnesota: University AFSCME strike shakes campus; Thousands rally in support

AFSCME Calls for Removal of Wayne County Circuit Court Chief Judge Kelly

10,000 RNs at Nine Catholic Healthcare West Hospitals Reach Agreement on New Master Pact

U.S. Senators Push Bush Mining Official To Implement New Safety Systems Sooner

Labor Takes a Seat in the Classroom, Educators are taking steps to bring union history into schools

AT&T Call Center Gives Boost To Birmingham Job Market (3,000 customer service jobs back to the USA!)

And Still I Rise

Doh! Arnold calls GOP "losers" but won?t "read or lead" on dirty tricks

2007 APEC The Chaser Prank George W Bush Hotel Report 2

Gen. Jones to House Armed Services Committee: 'Yes' We Can Begin To Leave Iraq

2007 APEC The Chaser Prank George W Bush Hotel Report 1

Olbermann: Surge Protectors ('Cherry-Picking' The Facts, 'This Is A Joke')

Olbermann: 'Wait & Switch' MUST-VIEW Timeline

Moonshine Elections - Part 1: The Hunt for Joe Bolton

Bill Maher on Hardball w/ Chris Matthews 9-4-07

V For Vendetta

Bush, “ass” and Iraq

Amputations, torture, brutal cruelty: the bloody reality behind the statistics

Residents are fleeing Samarra city in the face of fierce fighting between U.S. forces and resistance

Sen Edward Kennedy: Back to School

Victrola & the Duhst Bunnies “Duhmocracy” may make the heads of the blissfully unaware explode

so if they know a new video from boogieman is coming out...

Man found dead in WalMart parking lot

Big Oil in Iraq: "World Class Racketeering

Oil, gold prices jump Gold over 700 (Is INFLATION coming)

General James Jones calls for troops cuts in his report, but no deadline

Bill Maher: "Let Bush Be Reagan"

Waited in line for an iPhone? If so, Apple has a voucher for you.

Keith Olbermann doing his Ted Baxter voice for Billo

Most people 'want Iraq pull-out' (BBC)

The Myth of AQI (Al Qaeda Iraq) - Ex Stars and Stripes Reporter Exposes

Chris Smith (r) NJ blames "vandalism" on peace group.......

Aussies and Teamsters on my list of love tonight!

I saw the darndest thing yesterday at my kids' school.

Group Targets GOP With Anti-War Ads

I don't understand how another 9/11 appearance by Bin Laden helps the GOP

Prank Motorcade Gets Close to Bush Hotel

Larry Craig detained by Circuit City for not showing his receipt..

Circuit City again... Is detaining someone for violating a contract a legal act?

'Bin Laden' beats tight security to get near Bush hotel

The Iraq War Blame Game Escalates; Bremer-Bush Spat Latest Chapter in Back-Biting...

Ever get the feeling that you live in a different world than most DUers?

Black is the color of Bush's war. Why?

My Senator was prescient

Does anyone have the M peach Bush sticky?

Am I the only one on the planet who doesn't believe for one millisecond that

At my B/P specialist's office in Dallas today (and other observations):

Nobel Peace Prize winner to be announced Oct 12

Having Ron Paul's anti war message in every Republican debate must be causing damage to Republicans

An Open Letter to America: All Power to the People By Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.

A&E is right now showing a documentary about the toxic air in NYC after 9/11

KO on NFL: Worst person on football: KO

VIDEO X-Post: Moonshine Elections - Part 1: The Hunt for Joe Bolton

Just 39% Believe Iraq Report Will Honestly Present Petraeus Views; 35% Say It Will Not

Colbert in Vanity Fair

Report: Pentagon Plans For Three Day Blitz On Massive Air strikes Against 1,200 Targets in Iran

Reps Seek Answers from Bush Administration Following Resignation of 9/11 Health Task Force Chair

Senate hearings on Senate Arms Services committee- C-span now

NY Senators & Tri-State Reps. Request 9/11 Health Care Funding in President's Budget

So It Turns Out Sen. Larry Craig's Daughter Has A Warrant Out For Her Arrest....


Three Iraq Reports

Anyone else here wondering why the Dem's are not fighting back on Bush's bogus surge stats?

Politico cover story goes after Thompson.

Good God, watching Chas. Manson on MSNBC and he reminds me of...

Just watched local news reports on Mexican trucking

Missing woman found alive after two weeks

HA!HA!HA! White House Celebrates Rosh Hashana a Week Early!!

gw bush Does Ms South Carolina (such as...South Africa...)

China 'hacked' into Pentagon defence system

Give me liberty or give me death.

British officials respond to Bremer: "now appears to be trying to manipulate what actually happened"

$200 Million to protect Busholini & other Capitalist Pigs?

Recent posting from Riverbend, dated Sept 6, 2007

Rosie Pérez's latest documentary and the silence of history

Anything Is Possible: Like Actually Enjoying A Good Digital Read

Alter on KO:"The Democrats have been COWED" by the false numbers on Iraq

Just curious... Why can't "the most powerful country in the world" with

The Wrong Man From "Law And Order" Is Running For President

Charlie Rose devotes the show to Pavarotti...

sexy freddie...the great white hope

NYT: Seeing gains as fragile, Petraeus wary of cuts, wants heightened troop level into next year

The Democrats in Congress Have a Dilemma

Oh, geez, they've started: (Re Fred Thompson) "He's comfortable in his own

Bush's Sydney Trip to Embolden 7,000 to Protest Against Visit

GORE/OBAMA-McClatchy-2008 Dream Teams Speculation

Self delete

Steve Jobs open letter to iPhone buyers...he's giving $100 back.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Sen Craig changes mind again, announces run for Presidency ..

It's official the Whitehouse pick must be Fred Thompson

China plans to builds a new Container Port in Punta Colonet, Mexico

LOL!!! Olbermann declares HIMSELF to be the Worst Person In Football!

We're sorry Australia

Caption * Pic.

Our national embarrasment

How many insults does it take before DU figures it out?

What's your opinion of Michael Savage's mental health?

The invasion of Iraq was a BANDIT ACT an act of blatant state terrorism

I am DEMANDING a Democratic top level meeting to strategize about Iraq: Bill Clinton, Gore, Carter

The NAFTA Superhighway

If someone were to come into my house and I were to lock them in the basement that would be a tort?

Olberman reporting CIA outers! Live!

Circut City again Is detaining someone against their will without legal right to do so kidnapping?

DU Often angers me, confuses me, amazes me and just now totally warmed the cockles of my heart!

Update: The Broken Arrow story (Nukes over Amerika)

Thursday Night TOONS: Dead Wrong

Florida may be only state that allows drivers on the road without bodily injury liability coverage.

Urgent Message MUST SEE! from Ray McGovern

Judith Miller Finally Lands in the ‘Right’ Place (takes job at conservative Manhattan Institute)

Primer: How to protect your civil liberties at Circuit City.

From LBN -- Bush Shows Gift Of Gaffe At APEC Summit

DoJ Takes Stand Against Net Neutrality

Number ONE on google news Time for change's Journal

The Purpose of the Iraqi Insurgency

Here we go AGAIN!!! A priest accused of soliciting sex in N.C. men's room

I don't feel like reading all the Circuit City threads, but I am a little curious.

Police break up anti-war meeting in Washington

Latest report from IAEA on Iran

The Papers Please Circuit City - He's a millionaire people!

Nancy I would be squirming in my seat about now too baby.

Inadvertent Explosion:

Growing uninsured population reflects failure of political leaders

CBS Early Show Removes Anti-War Protesters from View in Kansas City

"Johnny Got His Gun"

Anyone ask L Paul BREMER III why he didn't disarm Iraqi Army?

Sen. Larry Craig's Daughter Also Runs Afoul of Law

Mel Gibson Makes Church In Own Image: Requires Women To Wear Veils And Skirts.

Antonia Juhasz said Pelosi REFUSES to discuss how Bush's Iraq oil law screws Iraqis

Terror Watch List Center: "watch list now contains more than 500,000 entries"

Dean described the 11 Commandments of the Democratic Party..

TPM: NH Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) Pushes for Phone Jamming Investigation

Some questions re: your experiences with pre-diabetes & diet. My doc is unhelpful

I just posted this In GD-P - Edwards agrees with Biden's plan for Iraq

Glad to see the new group.

WaPo shameless fluff piece: Jenna's suitor will replace Barney the dog as "the son Bush never had"

Obama Bill Calls for Disclosure of Bundlers in Campaigns, Greater Transparency in Fundraising

If George Bush Was A Cute Young Babe

Today's Political Ephiphany: I Would Vote for Paul if he ran against Clinton

Transit Workers On Edwards' Bus

Barack Obama picks up a string of SC endorsements

VIDEO X-Post: Moonshine Elections - Part 1: The Hunt for Joe Bolton

Barack Obama will be in Dubuque, Iowa on Sept.13th

New MoveOn poll about supporting primary challengers against DINOs

Nuclear missiles and air mattresses....

Killing her softly with his Song

Anyone watching David Halberstam on Cspan 3? Vietnam and the Presidency.

"It's fearlessness that the American people need right now, more than anything else."

Czech cabinet takes battle for radar base to countryside

Elizabeth Edwards adds star power to U of M strike (+ video)

New Report Finds Family Farmers And Ranchers Burdened By Medical Costs And Debts

USA Today: Transport workers back Edwards (snub to Hillary Rodham Clinton)

Hillraiser Arrested in Colorado

Bloomberg arouses speculation again: Says he's not running, but sounds like a candidate

What had the most influence on Bill Clinton's effectiveness as president and ability to win?

Judy Miller joins RW "Think" tank

Clinton Supporter Arrested in NJ Corruption Sting

Transportation Communications Union Endorses Clinton

Have you or anyone you know ever been polled in a Presidential poll?

Edwards agrees with the Biden/Gelb Plan for Iraq

Truthout - Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives

We Know

I have a serious question to DU'er females about Fred Thompson

obama stinks in the morning, says wife, lol

Absolutely awesome article on who is getting rich from the war:

How about this, rollin' by your window?

Iraq Strategy Shifts as Warring Factions Don't Unite

Bush, “ass” and Iraq

The Nation: Why We Must Leave Iraq


Exclusive! The Petraeus testimony in advance!

Gareth Porter : Iran spinning centrifuges - and half-truths

Hooked on War: Thomas Friedman's Deadly Addiction

Congress Pushes Back on H1-B Visas

George Packer: Planning for Defeat How should we withdraw from Iraq?

Top Iraqi Graft-buster: Maliki's Government Must Go

US Justice Department on Net Neutrality

In gold we trust

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed neocons can destroy the world

The Secret White House

Scott Ritter: Reporting from Baghdad

UK: New nuclear row as green groups pull out

Iran says has deal on nuclear plant but Russia denies - Reuters

Oregon coast awash with dead sharks

Statoil CEO Calls OECD Conventional Oil Peak As Early As 2010 - "No Safe Haven" For Industry

Scientists find clue in mystery of the vanishing bees (CNN)

National Hurricane Center - Special Tropical Disturbance Notice 08:45 EDT 9/7/07

Curbing ship emissions seen needing global rules - Reuters

Shell Argentina denies pollution charges - Reuters

University of Bremen AMSR Update - 6 September - Taymyr Spur shrinking, Svalbard ice front thinning

New nuclear row as green groups pull out (of British consultation)

Global demand lights fire under coal

OPEC May Reject Calls for More Supply With Oil at $76

Nuclear power's new age & two other nuclear articles in this week's Economist

Keystone Species Needs Your Help

Scientists fear ice caps melting faster than predicted

Most Polar Bears Could Be Gone By 2050

Transmission lines limit Colorado's renewable energy

Hotly Debated Non-Binding APEC Climate Statement Urges Voluntary Aspirational Goals On Emissions

Total human biomass is "puny"

More on the coal/nuclear/renewables dilemma

Israel Faulted in Deaths Of Civilians in Lebanon

Disgraced Dem Donor Arrested in Colorado

Substance found at United Nations not toxic, police say

U.S. boosting military aid in terrorism fight: study

Bin Laden 'to issue 9/11 video'

Bush offers North Korea chance for peace deal

Seoul defence chief to visit North

Monks vs military hike Myanmar tensions

Judge doesn't release (15 year-old high school) boy accused in bomb threat

Fred Thompson opens campaign in Iowa with wife

Dazed Bush Forgets What Country He's In, Which Summit He's At

Senate restores aid to Cuban opposition

Chemical Ali, Hashim, Tikriti to hang tomorrow – Saudi paper

Bush on Iraq: 'We're kicking ass'

Thompson hits ground running

U.S. Jobs Fall for First Time in Four Years

Judge Fines Iran $2.65 Billion For 1983 Beirut Bombing

'Crack tax' Struck Down by State Appeals Court (Tennessee)

Violent Crime Key Issue Ahead of Sunday's Election in Guatemala

Greenspan: Market Turmoil Is Similar To 1987 and 1998

Paraguay coup-plotter released from prison

Proposed Fuel Economy Measure Shows Dick Cheney's Heavy Hand

Globe-Trotting Lame-Duck President (More International Travel in '08)

6 Dogs Set on Fire: Police Suspect "Gang Initiation" (Atlanta Area)

Bush, Roh Have Testy Exchange at Summit

Shutting Down Big Downloaders-Comcast Cuts Internet Service to Bandwidth Hogs

Payrolls Drop for First Time in 4 Years

Bin Laden urges Americans to convert

Conservative group: Craig's bathroom arrest is effectively declaration of 'war on the West'

Countrywide Plans to Cut As Many as 12,000 Jobs

US auditor queries military Iraq casualty figures

Fugitive fundraiser Hsu captured in Colorado

Clashes over Bolivia constitution

Report blasts TSA air cargo security

Doolittle attacks critics as 'weasels'

Iran faces $2.65bn US bomb award

Iran Fined $2.65 Billion for Terrorism

Hurricane Felix death toll rises

Baghdad policeman: Who are they to tell us we are corrupt

Growing storm could threaten Carolinas

Officials: U.S. Eliminates Canine Rabies

Enron's Skilling Seeks New Trial

(Muslim) SU student questions VA security actions

Senate's Vote Revives Overseas Abortion Issue (53 Senators Back Overturning Band On Aid)

The Chaser recycle stunt with cardboard

U.S. Aug. nonfarm payrolls surprisingly weak, fall 4,000

Bush has bad day in Sydney Opera house

Summer was hot, but August was scorching (2nd Hottest Ever)

Rescuers find woman, 76, given up for dead

Mine clearers held in Afghanistan (and 2 NATO troops killed)

Most people 'want Iraq pull-out'

US sauce of protester's ire (First APEC arrest)

Kent drops charge against 'Impeach Bush' protester

IAEA Chief ElBaradei Seeks Stop to Iran `War Drums'

Millionaire U.S. Rep. (Sensenbrenner) wins lottery again

Wrinkle In Time author Madeleine L'Engle has died at the age of 89

Craig Family Values: Arrests, Warrants and Restraining Orders

7 Americans Killed in Iraq Attacks

Duke Players Seek Money, Reforms

BREAKING: Laura Bush to have surgery tomorrow (9/8)

Congressman calls for new U.S. tax code

U.S. scrutinizes bin Laden video

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 7

Rudy: Illegal immigration not a crime

Senate restores aid to Cuban opposition

Police Break Up Anti-War Meeting in Washington

Economists Fear Wave Of Evictions On Way In US

Bush's Failed Social Security Campaign Cost Taxpayers $2.8 Million

US backing for two-tier internet

Dems criticized in purported bin Laden video

You're an inspiration to us all

Now this protest I can get behind!

OMG OMG OMG I've been fucking syndicated!!!'s been another great night in the Lounge for me...

Am partying in Laughlin, NV all weekend! W00t!

Jesus vs. Jesus!

I just realized that I am like the Molly Shannon character in "Year of the Dog"

Picture thread -

How do you like my FIRST EVER poll?

Will somebody PLEEZE shoot me if...

I am so exhausted, but I can't sleep

The "Cruel Shoes"....

Joan Of Arc

Tell me a story- I can't sleep...

Ex-wife rears her lovely head.

Ever start to cry..

Anyone know the URL for the web archive?

Daily News: Cardinals' Rick Ankiel received year's supply of HGH in 2004

Donations to DU question

Good morning DU

Thank dog it's Friday -- bounce 'em if you got 'em

Friday, September 7. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Hey Crim Son

ODB still dead but the chips live on

RLS sucks....

Fifteen 12 packs of Mountain Dew a week

Early morning Star Trek:TOS reference in GD.

Friday, September 7. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Gnobody gnows where the gnome goes

any updates on the Kurovski/Wetzelbill campaign?

Come back, Stephanie Miller, all is forgiven.

Leader of Iranian government issues fatwa against author of The Nothing Book

OK, maybe I'm imagining it, but didn't "Top Job" used to be a big brand name?

OMG OMG OMG I have been vindictively fucked!!!

Bwahahahah!! "Camel Toads" ROFL!!

I'm watching The King and I

If you see any thread with no replies do you sometimes reply just so the OP

I'm too sexy for this plane

As if telemarketing as a job didn't already suck.


The nest is empty

Minneapolis police are aggressively clearing out the homeless shelters today

The Lioness Priyanka is in charge of searching DUers before they leave the lounge

I've decided "Whammer Jammer" by the J. Geils band is my new theme song

If you were a substitute teacher, who would you rather teach?

What brand of color contacts are best for dark eyes?

Weather forecasting by aches and pains

FSTDT seems to be broken.

Because I'm a masochist or something, I took JackMN to the DMV.

"Flight of the Conchords" is being renwed by HBO!! Brett, Jumaine, Murray and Mel are coming back!

I need interview vibes.

Best place to build integrated music website

Is Circuit City the new Oilve Garden?

Damn it, why does everything in America have to be dumbed-down for mass consumption?

Do you speak real Gibberish?

Just wanted to share...

"Time Is Tight"

OK, can someone give advice on planes/airlines?

little missing Maddie Mccann's mother questioned

Waiting on a cab for my probation appointment

Anyone like those sub-freezing ice cream bb's they sell at the mall?

My inlaws had a Gerbil living in their garden for years

Anyone shop at Garden Ridge recently?

Satellite tv experts?

I got yer damn receipt RIGHT HERE!

Have you ever had neighbors that were so difficult that you felt on edge

I'm too sexy to fly to Circuit City without a receipt

Any fans of Dub in the Lounge?

"I can't believe I read this at a so-called liberal/progressive site"

check the funny photo of bush from Wonkette

My ignore list is HUGH!!!!!11!!1ONE!

Please boycott Lester Guy

Venus v. Justine - The Smackdown

What are your thoughts on The Subaru Forrester?

i love, love LOVE tim gunn's new show --

Why do I loathe this human so?

Roosevelt was only 63 when he died.

BIN LADEN is a CIA Stooge

What is it about Friday afternoons that bring me into the Lounge?

Hey Little Sparta....mean kitty song

Have you ever thought about my responsibilities?

Friday Tipper Blogging

I wish 'No Name, No Number' would stop calling me.

O Meximelt

Anybody watching MAD Men on AMC?

Did you ever post in the Lounge, and nobody replied, and you thought,

Hubba hubba, I had no idea she was over 50!

I just used the riding lawn mower for the first time and.....

Anyone ever coach a Little League team?

Name a film or TV show with either "Circuit" or "City" in its title.

Okay DUers, I need a spanking! I was a bad boy!

I woke up panicked and sweaty last night.

Just returned from GD. Wanna see my receipt?

Man it's a hot one...

Oh frickin' UGH!

Rampage or Henderson?

This Circuit City wank reminded me to ask y'all about LCD tvs

RuPaul in a burkha just wouldn't be the same.

No Receipt? No problem - generate your own receipts here

if you were giving hilton head right now, by choice, would you be

Britney is BACK!!!!1!

I knew the Free Oreo Cookie cakes subject line was too good to be true. Why do I open junk mail?

I Wanna Kiss You All Over

Rational/Analyst/Conceptualist NTs for the win! (MBTI/Keirsey)

You do not have any entries in your inbox.

Boycott buying things...

yes i'm back, and anyone upset by that

Breaking: Derailment on the Get Fucked Express.

I saw this video years ago on Animal planet. A dog thinks the phones are her puppies!

It STILL makes me laugh.

Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!

BTW, that nude pic of Vanessa Hudgens is REAL.



One-time physical experiences with friends.... your thoughts?

Should I go to bed or should I post some more?


Dates that include sucking rock

I'm bored as shit right now, can someone recommend some movies

Good God, what are these people thinking?

Do you like the color?

It's Friday, you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do.....

Picture WARNING! Have you seen Christopher Hitchens naked? Wish I hadn't.

My pop got me this book for my birthday

I only post in the Lounge!

What kind of trouble should I get into this weekend? (Pic heavy)

It is fun to listen to old 80s songs on youtube

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

The AC just kicked on and I detected the scent of a dead rodent.

Is Lioness Priyanka the new kudzu?

I really ought to save, but that $300 green cheek conure was a doll.

The "Get Fucked Express" sounds pretty fun to me.

Are you a real Liberal?

what is todays GD madness?

Fuck it! Just boycott everything

To hell with Skinner

Start vs Participate

Shit. I just missed the Get Fucked Express

I'll be in Paris, France all next week. Any tips?

Please boycott Best Buy

Chili - beans or no beans?

My boss just gave all of us a copy of Larry Winget's "It's called work for a reason"

Happy Birthday Buddy

Friday, September 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I took that Real Age test that was displayed here just now.

Here's my frivolous question for a Friday afternoon...

Impatient kitty

Do you have a favorite poem/poet?

Check out--please--this Todd Rundgren vocal from 2005

Turtle Surprise

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/7/07

What kind of special stuff do you do/have you done for your SO?

anyone know what's up with the MBTA (red Line specificaLLy) today?

I'm buying some tumors today...


With apologies to's a(nother) dog pic thread.

MDC vs. Crucifucks

So's your face

Is an Alien Looking Over bush's Shoulder? (dialup warning)

Friday Questions and Picture Thread Combo


I haven't done this in a while--post your psychic impressions about BlueIris here:

Anybody using GPS with laptop?

I feel dirty...creepy....icky...

Percogesic is the best pain-killer this side of oxy

Back back bo back, banana fanna fo fack, me my mo mack,

Radio Lady Reviews: "3:10 to Yuma" (OPENS 9/7/07)

Investigation: Still No Answers for Vets in Fiduciary Fiasco

Lamar County (TX) man seeks $4 million from VA

THE WAR COMES HOME: There's help for soldiers who bring home baggage


(U.S. Sen. Tom) Coburn won't budge on veterans bill

Today in labor history September 07

540 trucks to participate

'Somebody's Baby'

Fred Thompson narrates Bush tribute video at 2004 Republican convention

Thom Hartmann - Founding Fathers and the Constitution

TV AD: Sen. Collins, should we start training our kids now?

U2 w/ Pavarotti: 'Miss Sarajevo' (Live in Modena)

Fred Thompson Tells Jim Cooper to Shut Up

Move On; Progress in Iraq?

Red State Update: Jackie is run off from ol' Fred Thompson's announcement

The coolest KO ever.

Dennis Kucinich and the Fight For Muny Light

Fact-Checking The Republican Debate

Exiled Iraqi Judge: "Iraq government so corrupt, the U.S. should no longer support it."

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: 'Fred Thompson's Sex Appeal' (Funny!)

Sept. 15 Rally/Protest Press Conference (Iraq Vet Adam Kokesh Arrested)

Are you guys serious?

Have You Ever Wondered if a Poll Was Posted by a Repub. Troll?


Fred Thompson on Hannity and Colmes--Ho Hum

The National Coalition of American Nuns Calls For Impeaching Bush & Cheney

i did`t know we were kicking ass? did you?

pre 9-11 events are almost completed

commercial on the travel channel

Fred Thompson Is Not Arthur Branch

Revenge Rape Of Stepson 'To Turn Him Gay'

'The World Needs Dick Cheney'..those 3 wacky protesters back again

North American Union hologram now on North Carolina Driver Licenses

I started watching the "Ghosts of Abu Gharib" early this morning,

The Republicans need one more presidential candidate -- Hannibal Lector.

Under the Stairs, a Potential Flight Hazard Exists

New Dan Rather Reports on Tuesday, Sep. 11: "Heroes At Home"

WJ: Does Osama make a difference

Hillary and "The Fellowship"

The new job has me up early. I make sure to check DU for the News before heading out.

Washington Journal host loses control of the 9/11 conversation.

Court bans Christian cross on private land in public park - Reuters

What To Bring To The Sept. 15 Die-In / Funeral

Grow Up.

Gen. Richard Myers Lying His Ass Off On CNN

Businessman who marketed bogus anthrax protection to postal workers is now running for mayor

Police to Name Missing British Girl's (Madeleine McCann) Parents Suspects, Spokesman and Friend Say

Thank goodness for the surge!

U.S. forces in Iraq should be reduced significantly

I'm feeling very, very paranoid

Cover your head, Sugar Tits!

7 Americans killed in Iraq attacks (four in Anbar)

Nothing about the new supposed bin Laden video?

Comcast cuts off internet service for high bandwidth users

Paul Krugman: Time to Take a Stand

I hate 9/11

Bush and South Korea's President Roh clash over formal declaration ending the Korean War

News Flash! Bush administration cracking down on overbilling

BushCo sweeps bad economy under the rug once again...August just the beginning

Mom & kids v. Two Trains -- Trains win.

Norman Soloman: Hooked On War - Thomas Friedman's Deadly Addiction

Economy Unexpectedly Lost 4,000 Jobs in August; Recession #s

Now we need a Circuit City forum?

Craig's lawyer: "Stick it out"

Editor&Publisher: Local Papers Get Grim Details on 'Non-Combat' Deaths

Addington: "We're Going To Push & Push Until Some LARGER FORCE Makes Us Stop"

Principal Beats 3 Year Old (and Newspaper Make Hilarious Typo)

The Shrinking Bush Bubble: There's another book on the way

After all the Bullshit - the surge WAS an escalation.

Must be some BIG stuff coming down today...

Bush has a very bad day at Sydney Opera House - He is one stupid MORON!!!

What happens at the fatal conjunction of Petraeus, 9/11, and bin Laden?

This feaked me out a little.

Chaser's APEC Stunts: Aussie Cahootery

OMG, I guess Bernanke's duct tape and plastic is failing..

FDL: Do The Dems Need an Intervention?

Comcast Cuts Internet Service to Bandwidth Hogs

Disinformation Society, Bush-style

Mediocre, eminently forgettable movie Broken Arrow on FOX Movie Channel this month

republicans angling for a 'symbolic reduction in troops -- 'a gesture'

Just out of curiosity

Do these phony Osama tapes remind anyone else of a cheesy Hollywood production?

Bush Down Under-"In fact, the President resembled more a comedian than a commander-in-chief."

Net Neutrality under attack by Justice Department!

MoveOn ponders taking on Democratic incumbents

What do you think General Petraeus will say about Iran?

A National Embarassment: Let's wait for Petreaus report

Can sand make you sick? Scientists say ... maybe

Bin Ladin strikes again

Bush's yellow streak showed through

Dow's opening down 140 points

Dazed Bush Forgets What Country He's In, Which Summit He's At

New interpreter needed for Amish housing code case

Some good news--U.S. free of canine rabies virus

1967-2007..Bush was right to bring up Viet Nam

Did Keith Olbermann say yesterday

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

America waking up....GREAT Wash Journal this AM....(Re: "Bin Laden")

Private Mercenary Armies: A Looming Threat to Freedom

Be Careful For Those Of U Who Use File-Sharing; Indictment Highlights File-Sharing Risks

Union, FAA collide on air safety

Latin American drug cartels have stretched tentacles much deeper into our lives than most believe

A little victory in the Cypress Mulch Front

Do folks really believe Russia and China would just sit on their hands...

Two more policeman die of 9/11 related lung cancer

British General: US State Department had post war plan, Rumsfeld gave control to Pentagon

Tagging in Iraq

Bush's statement that Iran is the leading state sponsor is plainly false.

So thompson is going to be the next reagan

How many times have YOU been asked to show your receipt after purchasing merchandise?

LOL- check out Amazon's "Customer's Images" for Draper book "Dead Certain"

Senate Hearing on GAO Iraq Report On Now.. C-Span 3. nt

What was in Schumer's speech to the troops that...

Shakeup after nuclear missiles flown across US by mistake

WSJ: Neoconservative Think Tanks Intensify Rhetorical Attacks on Iran

So did Romney kill his campaign by crapping out in the debate just as Fred announces?

"Free" trade with Panama to benefit tax-cheating corporations

This is a most definite case of news of the weird. Category: ewwww...

Police: Teller made up tale of drive-up robber

Lord I think the Mockingbirds are drunk this morning

"Mucho Better".. Is this new meteorological terminology?

A couple blog posts from a military forum on nuclear weapons handling

Millionaire U.S. Rep. Wins Lottery Again

Email from none other than big AL

"Bush, Roh Have Testy Exchange at Summit"

Breaking: White House has copy of bin Laden tape

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: "since when is the GAO qualified to evaluate a war?"

Am I just dreaming this bumpersticker, or does it really exist?

Judge Invalidates Patriot Act Provisions; FBI Is Told to Halt Warrantless Tactic

Israel to accept Darfur refugees

Call for Boycott of ADVERTISERS of media. US McGoverns Deserve Coverage!

The horror of cultural misogyny: Chinese woman's "needle ordeal"

U.S. trying to determine age of purported bin Laden tape (CNN)

'Secret terms' for Korea hostages - Its no secret to the Taleban. Just us

Democrats For Nixon

Food preservatives linked to hyperactivity - sodium benzoate -

69 percent of Americans agree that it is important for a president to have strong religious beliefs

The global economy is enjoying a 'golden period' - except in the US

Mexican Trucks Win Approval to Go Beyond U.S. Sept. 7 (Bloomberg)

The reason why Bush/Cheney are still in power....

Which of your rights are you willing to give up in order to keep retail prices low?

So, how long should it take for a soldier's family to get his headstone?

How much money is the US printing? Europe : another 42 billion euro

After "academic freedom" fails, David Horowitz tries a new tactic to take over Universities

They are getting ready to swift boat the Clintons via ABC's 9/11 DVD release. Now we will see

Spy Satellites Turned on the U.S.

Fri, Sept. 7, 10 am Pacific *** RADIO = "Black Box America" w/ Bev Harris & Alan Dechert

Do you personally believe the economic woes were manipulated by entities other than corporate ones?

Wow, "Controversies of Rudy Giuliani" is actually a Wiki entry, a lengthy one.

Why do RW'ers insist OBL is dead?

More pitbull news

Bin Laden seems to like to help the Bush and the Republicans

BP's answer to food-based ethanol --jatropha plant

A good Democrat (in a red state) has passed.

myths, flu and Republicans....

Who do you think will be the Republican nominee in 2008?

Gay Porn Blogger Denounces McHenry Disinformation Campaign

Fred the Joker (as in Batman villian)

Pleasantly drunk Goldwater Republican analyzes the GOP debate on Fox.

Are DUers becoming more like causeheads?

Do recent Bin Laden pic's have you convinced at all?

Yahoo headline: Patraeus eyes US troop reduction in Spring

MTV Networks to launch two dozen more sites (including entire video archives of 'The Daily Show')

Caption Fred Thompson

A Wall Street Trader Draws Some Subprime Lessons: Michael Lewis

Red Thompson without his t v writers is just a goofy fuck...

September 15th

When they stand before the world to justify the coming outrage

Our Internet Policy Is A Disgrace: Here's The Proof

About Tom Hartmann's "Brunch with Bernie"

Petraeus in letter to troops: "... we do have the ball and we are driving down the field."

Should I be wearing a tinfoil hat? Fallout Studies in Huntsville, Al

Stephen Biddle: 100,000 trooops, 20 years would still be a "long-shot gamble" of success

What to do?

Is Bush crazy enough to order the army and his mercenaries against Americans if we tried to impeach?

I think the "have lunch with the candidate" thing is a really great idea

Did you all know we have welfare queens in Houston?

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2007 (If you want indepth report on Mortage crisis)

Can you be arrested for not carrying ID?

at the big box stores they have these little thingys that they put on some products

My take on Iraq and our dems

Checkup list for Southwest Airlines: fuel, cola, burka?

Oregon coast awash with dead sharks

Osama bin Laden ARRESTED in Australia.

Challenging Corporate Power: Cal. Community Says Companies Are Not People; Bans Campaign Donations

Is it me or was Ronald Reagan most overrated politican in history

So if Iran is fined 2 billion for the 83 attack, why not Saudi Arabia for 9/11?

US confuses hair coloring infomercial as new Bin Laden terror tape

Cartoon of the day: 12 days since the last homophobic senator....

Supervisor: Cut Illegal Immigrant Healthcare (to fund additional sheriff's deputies)

The "leader" for the free world is a Dunce. Plain and Simple.

Nightmare on Main Street: More on Bush's Anti-Dissent Order

Cable Companies Shut Off High Volume Internet Users

Ah Shrub - clearly mis-repersanting our country once more

I have tickets to see Obama tomorrow in Santa Barbara

Report: Petraeus wants to maintain surge till spring---isn't that special!!!

Progression of bin Laden

Don't let them cook the books with SurgeGate. Let's gather the facts before Tuesday.

Bums for Bush ---pix--->>>

Bush At APEC Summit: This is Your Brain On Drugs: Any Questions?

Six Nuclear Missiles Found At Circuit City - Osama Checks the receipt!

8 U.S. Soldiers dead in Iraq .... "The surge is working"

Life imitates art: Condi and the Salt Vampire (seperated at birth? pics)

State set to track almost all students

Bush Charms Them at APEC ---pix--->>>

University of Illinois Agreement to share students/research with Blackwater Security

Sen Tom Harkin: The Joshua Omvig Suicide Prevention Act

Police: Sleeping Boyfriend Scalded With Water

"7 U.S. Troops Killed in 2 Iraq Attacks".. In Anbar Province! You know, the place where things have

Another Bin Laden Tape? What BS regrets the error.

Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson are on the Randi Rhodes show

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher

The evil liberal media is reporting the deaths of seven troops in Iraq

When you see all of the people who,,,

Dodd - I will introduce legislation to stop predatory lending

16 US Soldiers killed since Bush's "We're kicking ass!" remark

Jena incident highlights racism in U.S.

Police have to guard a small pro-* group at Sydney park- pics

Not only should Bush NOT be attending the Olympics..

Schumer And Clinton Announce Senate Approval Of $347.9 Million In Military Construction Funding

The far-sighted contemplation of Bill Clinton.

Biden Addresses Iraqi Leaders in Anbar Province

Senators Hear Clashing Views on Factory Farm Waste Rules

Phyllis Schlafly Rant Against Bush & North American Union! Who would have thought it!!!

Dear Presidential Candidates...

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Mexican Trucking Pilot Program

Shouldn't the GOP pay networks for airing the bin laden tapes?

"Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq" . . . a James Gandolfini production . . .

Bush has a serious brain defect

Its Friday ya Bastads!!!

Russian News: Bush Has Sydney In Stitches

"There are no bush supporting chickenhawks in fox holes"

Wingnuts In A Lather Because Democrats Are Accurately Describing Iraq Report As Work Of White House

2008 Republican Convention to be Held In: (Wait for it)

It's Stop Iran War Action Time

It looks like we got our reward for taking impeachment "off the table"

Is your dem rep supporting the $50 billion supplemental?

DJIA Down 250 -- The Market giveth and the Market taketh away --

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (re Court ruling on Patriot Act)

It's Official: Apple Is The New Microsoft

Al-Qaeda plotting fresh attacks on US aimed at sowing death & destruction on massive scale

The Betray US Report: I see Horse crap, so we should stay the Horse.

The Bush administration's history of blocked investigations


Bush's idiotic comments



Thomas Friedman: "Iraqis...hate each other more than they love their own kids."

We need to make preventing and curing sickle cell disease a national priority

Hagel to announce he's not running on Monday?

Bin Laden Offered Truce in 2006

In 2004 we were asking two questions:

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 9/7 -- it's like magic

DU/GD Has Jumped the Shark at Circuit City

Can you think of an invention that would make oil and corporations obsolete?

Experts ponder future of Iraq

Ben Nelson (D-NE) "I don't think the surge has worked"

For those who are skeptical about U.S. involvement in planning 9-11

from my sister, stating that we should let religions believe what they want:

Krugman: Who Is Worse The Lying Republicans Or The Enabling Democrats?

Who is that horrible Heidi person on Hardball?

Why are they helping Osama?

How many dead GIs are required to make Bush feel like a man?

What is it about a conspiracy

The Deceivers: Malice Aforethought in the Iraq War Crime

Petraeus: "It has not worked out as we had hoped."

Big Oil in Iraq: "World Class Racketeering"

Thompson: Osama Bin Laden Is ‘More Symbolism Than Anything Else’

Who's on Maher tonight?

School Teacher Dies Of Meningitis

They just said Madeleine's mother has been offered a plea deal??

Nuclear War: Is Fiction to Become Fact?

U.S. Senate Passes Boxer-Snowe Amendment Repealing the Global Gag Rule

It's not hard to turn back conservative smears—if you know how to anticipate them.

Caption Condi

Spin on U.S. troop fatalities in Iraq: "Without the Aug. 22 helicopter crash..."

Go Move On! You Tube Video Link to *'s Surge Lie ~

Kucinich is taking Tucker to school

Specifically, the legislation would eliminate this “abstinence-until-marriage” (AIDS Funding)

Since Barksdale AFB already has AGM 129 A Cruise Missiles

Back from do they know how to build cars & roads

"Creating Terror": The History of al Qaeda....

Thousands expected for anti-Bush protest

City Hosts Forum To Discuss Criminalization Of Khat

Gird yourself for the latest right-wing disinfo campaign: the DVD of the slanderous doc Path to 9/11

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours

How conservatives evaluate Iraq

The Fed: A Whole New Ballgame

Just for fun... Mean Jean busted for plagiarism

Western grasshoppers and Chinese ants

Legal aspects of door searches

The Nation: The Shock Doctrine (Naomi Klein's new book)

Osama has voted early. ....

Conservative group: Craig's bathroom arrest is effectively declaration of 'war on the West'

Rep. Doolittle (R) Calls GOP Critics 'Weasels' - ROFL!!!

Roman Catholic diocese of San Diego reaches settlement in sexual abuse cases

VIDEO !!! - Adam Kokesh, Tina Richards Arrested for Defying Poster Ban

Interesting article about hair and beard dyeing in muslim culture

I don't care what the hell that liar Petraeus has to say, this war needs to end now.

So another OBL tape came out. So what?

The US begins its 62nd year of occupation of the Korean Peninsula tomorrow

Stupid Tweety showing Bush with his horn at 9/11. Tweety still gets

Kucinich was just on Carlson's program

McCain Criticizes Iraqi Puppet Government

‘Frustration Over Iraq Could Lead to Dem Primary Challenges”

Lieberman, party of one, your straitjacket is ready!

Who even believes the USG actually has the expected "purported" Osama bin Laden tape?

Isn't there a simpler lesson to be learned from this Circuit City business?

What's with the yellow ties Bush has been wearing

Edwards "I have never taken a dime from Washington lobbyists,"

How Leahy tried, and failed, to downgrade aid to Israel

Still growing, spam is now 83% of all e-mail

Countrywide to Cut Up to 12,000 Jobs

Madeleine McCann's disappearance -- something to remember

I wonder now, what is Karl Rove doing these days

I thought this was funny . . . but then I have a warped sense of humor . . .

What's the difference between the rich and the poor?

Iraq Contractors: Raw Data From CENTCOM

Hey DU: The Nuclear Mistake may be just a Mistake.

Repug Candidate Thompson says: " Osama is more sybolism than anying else." REALLY?

MSNBC's Norah O'Donnel

So now there's an arbitrary and unwritten DRESS CODE for flying.

Michelle Obama: Barack is often "snore-y and stinky."

"Giuliani Documentary Being Released" ROBERT GREENWALD!!!

Businesses Are Not Something You Have a Personal Relationship With

Thompson: Bin Laden 'more symbolism than anything else'

Osama has voted early. ....

Democrats MUST stand with Labor! FIGHT STARBUCKS!

It does appear there has been some ability to

GOP Congressman's death ruled accidental....

Does anyone else remember raising an eyebrow at the new rhetoric after 9/11?

Madeleine L'Engle (Wrinkle in Time) memorial post link

The Patraeus Report is alot more critical than I expected

This poll needs some DU love...

Something is missing....?

Dennis Kucinich on Tucker from this afternoon: It's up at

the left was right

Richard Belzer: The Death of Conservatism

Wrinkle In Time author Madeleine L'Engle has died at the age of 89


Osama Slams Democrats, Bemoans Global Warming and Subprime Crisis

Newly launched WTC website - off topic but Wow!

Who leaves three toddlers alone in a hotel room?

Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope

NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise (Oct. 15-20)

little Maddie Mccann's parents questioned

In honor of Chris Matthews' Program tonight

NY Sun: Thompson Comes In With a Whimper

"We're Dealing with a Christian Taliban"

Love among elephants: Connie Mack and Mary Bono to wed...

Robert Reich and the Elimination of Corporate Criminal Liability

All things being equal, who would you prefer as president?

Oh sure. The US Gov would get the OBL video before its posted on Jihadi websites

So they expected over 100,000 new jobs, but instead lost 4,000.

At Duke, the Massacre of Innocence

Circuit City security busts drunken Lindsay Lohan for tapping foot in bathroom stall during dogfight

Stores checking your receipt- is it unreasonable?

Ok for those not paying attention DOW down 250 points

'Bad Day' For Bush

Lost Nuclear Warheads from a B-52 Now in Iran? July 30 / 31, 2005

Bush thanks "AUSTRIANS" for inviting him to "OPEC"

Bush "in rare form...confusing APEC with OPEC and transforming Australian troops into Austrians"

ahhahahahah Mesa cop reassigned for flipping off protesters.

Has Anyone Read The Transcript From The Osama Video?

Keith Olbermann Beats O' Reilly in 1st Half Hour Thursday!!!!!!!!!

I've made MY decision - the next time I need electronics, it's Circuit City for me

Polar Bear Population Seen Declining

NBC: Bin Laden criticizes Democrats for being unable to stop the war in Iraq

The other Surge: Rate of home loans entering repossession hits high, National delinquency rate 5.12%

== Just How Gay Is The GOP? = By Mark Morford

fuckhead vows to veto Foreign Operations Budget passed yesterday

braking news. Laura to have surgery to remove pinched nerve.


New Tape: Bin Laden asking why Dems haven't stopped the war !

Bin Laden Announces He Is Going To Release An "OSAMA UNPLUGGED" Album Next Week.

OMG! Guess who Just announced his Candidacy for President under the GOP:

OK, the 9/11 anniversary approaches and there just happens to be another Bin Laden tape.... has just updated their 07 database of Lobby Cash and Recipients. Follow the$$

If the Democrats back down, and write another blank

Here is why the real estate bubble is about to hit a shock wave...

Bill Moyers Friday Night on PBS discusses Mountaintop Removal and the New Proposed Law Changes

DNC Research: 50 plus recent Republican resignations, pleas, sentences and scandals.

Dem Congressional hopeful BARNSTORMS CA 04 to make it official!!

Most Polar Bears Could Be Gone by 2050

He could have atleast bought a new outfit for the special occasion

If we allow our party to become divided, no one faction will prevail

Stephanie Miller's fill in hosts are really bad.

Stars in the heavens twinkle a bit brighter tonite as they welcome home the brightest of them all

GOP front runner or Buffy villain? You decide.

Great News!

A symbol of the Bush's failure

Democrats mull ditching Iraq troop cut date

Childless deserve time off too!

"Ending the War in 2009" by Tom Hayden

Are you outraged by the level of outrage here at DU?

United for Peace - Oct. 27 marches against the war across the country

Isn't the "Circuit City" type threads the reason you come to DU?

Is Bin Laden real or just a tool of the necon Administration....?

Adam Kokesh Is In Jail Tonight: "Police Suppress Sept. 15 Anti-War Press Conference Across From WH"

caption this * APEC pic

So what do you dig the most about the New Osama?

One Flew East

Bush Justice Dept. sides with AT&T against net neutrality - what a surprise

X-Post ==== The Nation: Disinformation Society, Bush-style ==== Rec this UP

***1st weekly GOOD NEWS Roundup!***

Help! "Understanding Poverty" by Robert Rector...I don't UNDERSTAND!!

I'm going to say this once, the bin Laden tape is a fake.....

Remembering 2002

Nukes over Amerika (continued)

HBO Sunday: "Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq" (Oh, God - Check Out the PHOTOS At The Website)

Did anyone see the phony Canadian Motorcade in Australia?

CREW: Bush spokesperson said no GOPers with ethics scandals will run in 2008

Business 101 Cringley on Steve Jobs and iPhone pricing

All the Islamic militant Web sites SHUT DOWN. Any further info on this?

'Blood in car' - Maddie's mother is now a suspect

Too sexy to fly?

FULL STALL JUSTICE: Rep. Jerry Lewis Probe Rolls Backwards "prosecutor ... forced into retirement"

Alex the Grey Parrot has died

What's in the news today - so far!

Joe on MTP Sunday

TV Ad: Is it Time to Train our Kids Now? (for endless war)

Trying again... Have you ever been contacted by a pollster (Zogby, Rasmussen, etc.) and asked...

"When millions of people are dying of AIDS and malaria in Africa, it is hard to justify...

Do Not Pass Go.

Tyra Banks NOT Endorsing Obama, wants as many candidates on her show as possible

Obama voted against a 30 percent ceiling on charge card interest rates?

Alternet: Hillary Rolls On - Are The Netroots A Paper Tiger?

Wayne Slater: New Bush book portrays him as "consummate leader, cool, transcendent, in-charge"

For Thompson, goal is to don Reagan mantle (positions himself as "ideological, stylistic heir")

Rove's wildest and most successful scheme-take over the Democratic party.

There is a crazy man kicking my ass.

SC Primaries - Clinton expands lead...Thompson & Giuliani in dead heat

"So now I'm an October–November man," Bush had said that February,

The Bush Administration's attempt to put lipstick on a pig

Is the Chimp Mentally Ill, Stupid, or just plain Evil?

Puppet president performs poorly. Where is CHENEY,

LOL -- AP article on Chimpy's "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"

Former Denver Mayor Federico Pena, Clinton's Secretary of Energy, Transportation, to endorse Obama

Bush, Roh Have Testy Exchange at Summit

Edwards giving major policy speech

John Edwards: Throw away Bush's 'failed' terrorism policies; 'reengage with the world'

GOP game plan announced by Droopy Dawg

Can a DUer in the know explain how the Iowa Caucuses work? Or link to a good

The REAL Rudy: Command Center

The Rude Pundit: Bush at APEC, OPEC, Whatever

Democrats retreat on war end

How can we keep the "sectarian violence" numbers down?

Group of Nevada Educators support Clinton

Through the looking glass--imagining Supreme Court Justice Giuliani--follow me on this one--

7 Troops killed in 2 Iraq attacks. New Total: 3760 US Troops have died.

Taking it Back

Bush disses Webb, Warner

"Mean Jean" Schmidt caught plagiarizing in a newspaper. Cinci Enquirer:

Rasmussen: Clinton 45% (+2), Obama 23% (-1)

Spy Satellites Turned on the U.S.

Ohio looks ready to go Democratic

South welcomes US presidential hopeful's message of peace

Congratulations to DUer sampsonblk, whose post is featured on

Obama Can Talk His Way to Victory

Now That Recess Is Over Will The Dems Continue To Press *Co.....

Former Clinton Official Backs Obama

How Will Osama's New Tape Be Used By *Co.....

Pot, Kettle, Chimp: * chides Putin about "checks and balances" in democracy

CNN: The U.S. government is analyzing a videotape that appears to have Osama bin Laden on it.

Doctors accuse US of 'unethical practices' at Guantanamo Bay

Photo: GUESS what's on Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's mind as THE DECIDER speaks

Obama is the only guy who doesn't get razzed where I work.

I have never watched Oprah, though I know of her influence

Spanish-language Democratic presidential debate

Edwards Saddled with Toussaint Endorsement (NY Chapter Transit Workers Union)

Seelye's NYT highlighting of Michelle's comment STINKS of Gore-ization of a Dem candidate...

"Fred Thompson warns of al-Qaida threats" (might interrupt daily naps)

Gallup: Obama Scores High on "Thermometer", Clinton Leaves Many "Cold"

The War Party Unrepentant over the GOP's disastrous invasion of Iraq, Republican candidates are

Denver Ex Mayor, Pena, to co-chair Obama campaign

6/14/07: Chris Matthews celebrates the "Aqua Velva, older man sex appeal" of Fred Thompson

Kent drops charges of littering against man who had an Impeach Bush

L'Outsider. Foreign Press and Obama

Prediction: Bin Laden will be caught by the 2008 election so the rethugs can maintain the WH

Fox News staged the debate diner segments.

Tweety's show is becoming STUPIDER AND STUPIDER

Does this seem like a coincidence to anyone else?

On presidential candidates: where were you four years ago compared to today?

The Hill: Republicans "girding" to face the wrong their peril...

Bin Ladin directed his message at the American people

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (9-7-07)

bin Laden stated that there are no taxes under Islam

"Religion" and the Presidency

new blog for Hillary supporters

Why the heck don't the Dems. jump on the admin. for showing bin Laden's tapes?

War Plans for Iran: From Wes Clark

Tucker Carlson - a dweeb stuck in 1981 - Kucinich handled him

I'm sure Michelle Obama means well but........

How does it affect you that Oprah says to vote for B.Obama?

I need to point something out, and this is very important.

Kicinich (sp) really held his own with Tucker

Email from Chris Dodd - "We can stop a bad Iraq bill"

NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise (Oct.)

Alter: Dems are going to have--and deserve--real problems w/ base for not showing guts on Iraq

And the winner is: DSCC Bumper Sticker Contest

I'm curious how many others have not picked a primary candidate.

Former (or current) Dean supporters-- who are you currently supporting and why?

Former Denver Mayor and Former Clinton Official Federico Pena to Join Obama Campaign

In Private Letter, Howard Dean Pleads For Party Unity Over Primary Chaos

Court ruling against the Patriot Act is a victory for the Constitution

John Edwards: A New Strategy Against Terrorism (Major policy speech - 9/7/07)

"We Need Candidates Who Are Really Religious" by Joan Chittister, OSB

Democrats, "All Voters" Have Highest Confidence in Clinton’s Electability

John Edwards Proposing Anti-Terrorism Agency


Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll Endorses Clinton

John Edwards--not just the BEST choice, the ONLY choice

Tucker Carlson: John Edwards isn't getting the nomination because he has Pacific's

Kucinich: Bulletproof Monk

Hillary: "I’ve Been Waiting All My Life For This"