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US Hostages' Families Turn to Chavez

Michael Ledeen Lies During FOX News/White House Iran War Push

U.S. builds for future at Guantanamo (Reuters)

Wash. Post's Solomon blamed editor for deletion about GOP fundraiser

AEI to Roll Out “The Iranian Time Bomb” Sep 10

Larry Johnson: Staging Nukes for Iran?

There is no such thing as Oops with Nuclear Weapons

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction.

"Death Knell" for internal combustion engine?

crosspost from LBN: Al Gore readying new environmental book

Top 100 Alternative Energy Technologies- major technology breakthroughs of many types

House-Senate deal reached on college aid

China and climate change take stage at APEC

Former Judge, Prosecutor Sentenced

3,500 Workers Go on Strike at U. Minn.

Israel mulls Gaza power cuts over rocket attacks

Chemicals found at U.N. may be harmless solvent

Fox News Responds To Cheney Call For Iran Attack PR Blitz

Study: Iraqi security forces not ready

Jamaica winning party gains in election recount

Colombian Radio Journalist Murdered

Argentina shuts Shell refinery, citing pollution

Experts Doubt Drop In Violence in Iraq - Military Statistics Called Into Question

US Hostages' Families Turn to Chavez

Oprah throws house party to aid Obama bid

GOP hopefuls clash with Paul over Iraq

Embattled DePaul Prof Agrees to Resign

Iraq's New Danger: Armor-Piercing Grenades

A 'chilling' proposal for a universal DNA database

Fred Thompson announces bid for 2008 Presidency

Opera star Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71

Winner-take-all? Not necessarily (Calif. electoral vote initiative OK'd)

September's surprise: Prices at pump soar post-holiday

Al Gore readying new environmental book

two heads are not always better than one --


Cops in our town suck!!


In These Arms...

Holy Hannah.

I was bulletproof today

I intend to loose 10 pounds by Sept 30th

Here is an interesting place: Online Confessional

Rant: This is why I hate the for profit medical institution.

Has anyone else read Alan Campbell's "Scar Night"?

Darned nukes! Geez, I'd lose my head, too, if it weren't atrached!

Here's a bummer: Women tend to choose men based on books

Federer and Roddick who will win? (US Open Tennis)

Which are worse?

Is Barak Obama the George W. Bush - all hat, no cattle - of the Democratic Party?

"Rattle and Hum" by U2 is on VH1 Classic right now.

So, my son lost a tooth today...

Choice cuts at the Cannibal Restaurant

I just got back from attending my very first city council meeting

Chuckle from the in-box. Brazillians not included.

I just had beers with seemunkee and GodessofGuiness! Ask me anything!

I'm posting naked.

For those of you not above the occasional junk food ...

good night, all

Post your own three word rants

As we speak, my Navajo Fry Bread dough is proofing!

A new poem - Cat Asleep On The Rug

I've always liked this one...

Some pics I took when I was out trying to find my childhood...

Look at this groovy vinyl LP Ms. Darkstar just got home with!!

If you could go without doing one daily hygiene routine, which would it be and why?

I really really really don't like you

Greetings DU after quite a hiatus....

Top Chef is on on the East Coast!! *spoilers*

Coolest acoustic guitar I've ever seen

OMG....I can't believe this website is for real:

I just got an AllClad omelet pan for $20.

How do you like your grits?

Anyone else have a late night snacking addiction?

Airline sacrifices goats to appease sky god

So, how will you be spending World War III?

simple pleasures. post them here.

Tough Choices #1: A Who Wants To Be A Superhero Marathon vs. Dating a Baldwin Brother

Where were you 20 years ago and what were you doing?

I got a CAT HAT (more with the pets sorry :)

Luciano Pavarotti has died.

New Job = Blackberry

I had to retrieve JackMN from a boys' bathroom yesterday.

White Mountains on Labor Day (Picture Heavy Thread)

Help! My mouse is dying!

Saw "The departed"

I'm depressed

My best friend's brother suffered from a heat stroke today - prayers and good vibes needed

The College Textbook Ripoff is Worse Than Ever

I don't deal with ghosts very well

Worst modern comedy movie?

Cemetery faces new ordeal

Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Co.) releases files on union talks (Statehouse Republicans pounced on the docume

Jokester Mitt (Romney) better hope Fred (Thompson) doesn’t get last laugh

Ellison talks labor, politics The congressman spent Labor Day with Teamsters and senior citizens

Richardson, Biden court the Iowa Labor Council

Grocery Lessons - So Cal Retail clerks recover lost ground

Edwards Releases Plan to Improve Mine Safety

Clinton tried twisting labor arms on Labor Day

Teamsters reject 10-yr. city pact (goodbye 2016 Summer Olympics?)

Workers choose Steelworkers' union at Halton recycling

Keith Olbermann - The Craig Resignation?

Mattel Lead Recall

Reality Check

California Bans Mandatory Subdermal RFID Tagging

Keith Olbermann - Worst Person In The World

Judge calls for the DNA Database of every person in Britain

Underwhelming? Fred Thompson's first TV ad

Russian Strategic Bombers To Begin Patrols Sep. 6 - Air Force

I'm so worried...

NY Times: "Short On Labor, US Farms Shift To Mexico

Long overdue... Michelle Malkin: Worst Person In The World!

Katie Couric

I've been getting out of the "echo chamber" and boy, is it fun..

Reminder: President Clinton on Larry King tonight- 9 PM EST

21st Century Populist Declaration of Independence

Ad for Glenn Beck on Olbermann?

Compare titles: Dead Certain versus Triumph of the Will about Bush and Hitler respectively.

If a democrat did the things Craig did Ann would have used the F word!

Welcome Back Tim Johnson! NOW - Help Tim Keep his Seat in the Senate!

OK-What is it-Iraqi Police in charge,Or Iraqi police should be scrapped?

the backlash comes What is this sCIT?

I need help concerning the following:

Woohoo, I just got a letter in the mail from Al Gore! Anyone else?

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 2*********

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 1*********

You need a vacation, so I am declaring myself pResident. An open letter to George Bush

any new news on bush trying to invade iran.

Republican Larry Craig x Five! Check out CSPAN's news homepage ...

What could they be talking about?

Upset Over GAO’s Findings On Iraq, [Repub] Attacks Agencies’ Qualifications To Issue Report

Jezzus -- what is it, national death day?

The War Comes Home-Great site

I never realized what a piece of pure,unadulterated horseshit the Pentagon home page is.

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 3*********

It's official: Thompson's in.

I hated Bill Clinton

Audience boos Brownback’s proposal to ban gay marriage.

Keep our eyes on the ball.

UN launches web portal to help tackle global warming

I need a good resource for psyops,media manipulation,etc..

RIVERBEND's NEW POST - From Syria: "Leaving Home"

Fox News Responds To Cheney Call For Iran Attack PR Blitz

In article about release of "Path to 9/11" DVD, LA Times notes Dem criticism of film but not its own

WA Post: Craig's About-Face Worries GOP Colleagues

Good grief, after listening to the repub debate (if that's what you want to call it)

I'm Just A Jealous Guy

The Film "No End In Sight" BaresThe Monumental Incompetence and Arrogance of the Bushies

"Ex Gay Therapist" convicted of sexual assault on patient

Corrupt Chinese Official On Trial For Copyright Violations Plagiarizes Trial Apology

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 4*********

19% of Americans believe the world would be a better place if we ruled

What It Looks Like When Allies Throw Up their Hands...

ALERT: Obaba on Daily Show NOW! Rerun from a week ago...

The guys that made this video have been arrested for staging a "fake motorcade" in Sydney at APEC

Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

We get a "do over" as a society for this crap -

Analysts see the manoeuvres as efforts by a democratic coalition to "contain" rising Chinese power.

Can we be rescued?

Q: Why are veterans, active duty, and National Guard men and women opposed to the war in Iraq?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

...if he turned to her one night and said he had to run

stock/bond question

Opinion about the upcoming Iraq War movie "Redacted"

Help!!! John Locke. Daughter writing paper on impact of Locke on life, liberty and

I honestly can't believe what I just heard

CNN Quick poll

A Chance to Make Votes Count

Watching all those Army/Marines/Navy/Air Force commercials...

Winner of the Republican Debate: Fred Thompson. Loser: Mitt Romney.

What about Mexican truckers & nukes: tinfoil/speculation

I finally figured out who Tom Tancredo's voice sounds like:

Experts Doubt Drop in Violence in Iraq

Amazing video from Virgin Galactic. They just released photos of new space port in New Mexico

Nicaragua storm death toll rises (reports of bodies floating in water)

Allawi Uses Loophole to Keep Backers Secret

On Larry King...Bill Clinton put very well why Al Gore should run

"We're kicking ass,"

Why is Bush invading Iran? Simple. He's NOT. The very idea alters the debate.

GOP Debate: Paul Rebuked for Anti-War Stance, Brownback Booed For Anti-Gay Stance

Were there 5 nukes or 6? I've read both.

Military folks?: If the military wanted to decommission a cruise missile

Anybody besides me suffering noticeable gas mileage drop? Mileage has

What ????? AL-qaeda is in Germany, ?????

Can you feel the excitement?

Watching "The Mind of Manson" on MSNBC

A letter I am writing to a Conservative radio guy

The most important/best liberal/progressive book of all time?

I've figured it out....

So there's this bomb threat at the downtown Las Vegas bus terminal today....

Caption This Photo Of Tom Tancredo After Tonight's Debate

Run out of town - The truth behind the Basra "handover"

Nat'l Security Archive Sues Bush Over Loss Of Millions Of E-Mails

Paul Bremer: How I Didn’t Dismantle Iraq’s Army

Leaving Home: Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) flees to Syria...

destructive potential almost 10 times that of the Hiroshima bomb,

The great Pavarotti is dying

Thompson announces on Leno: GE AGAIN to be kingmaker by abusing control of public airwaves?

Luciano Pavarotti has died

Why is Jonathan Turley on KO claiming Craig plead guilty because he "panicked?"

Southwest Airlines Fashion Police Set No-Fly Zone

Greenwald laughs out loud over the sight of NRO's newest manly man commentator Mark Hemingway

It is weird in a way - the day Petraeus - (or betray us as I call him)

The more I read about the AWOL nukes story, the fishier it gets

heeeeeeere's freddie!

B-52s misplaced nukes, broken arrows and Iran


Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

Flash.. RNC There is a 2PM meeting in the large 2nd Floor Restroom, West Wing.....BE THERE

Audience boos Brownback’s proposal to ban gay marriage

Should Parents Be Prosecuted For Child Abuse If They Try To "Change" Their Kid's Sexual Orientation?

Bill Clinton on Larry King. is this a rerun? I see no discussion here.

The GOP is gonna take a HUGE hit soon

mentally ill or injured?

Scott Ritter is on my sh*t list....

Obama Tones Foreign Policy Muscle.

SC Poll: Hillary 26, Obama 16, Edwards 10, Gore 8...

I intend to loose 10 pounds by Sept 30th

Thinking Ahead: GWB is free to give speeches but no one asks....

The Magic Touch. Oprah's role in the Obama campaign.

I have a question about polling

idiots on parade. rep debate

McCain: Maybe we're up past Fred Thompson's bedtime; fellow candidates on Fred's skipping debate

Oprah's Couch for Obama only

I hope Genarlow Wilson is set free this month!

If you're watching the debate, have you started to repeat yourself while swearing at the TV?

Suspicions confirmed - Chimp and the first Mistress

True or False: If Hillary wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, she's the nominee

The Battle over SCHIP (New Eng Jour Med)

Larry Craig is a pervert who was arrested for peeping and disorderly conduct

What a scripted load of crap!

PHOTO: Fred Thompson's Al Qaeda strategy: Punch the everloving crap out of them, two fists at a time

Ron Paul Winning FOX News Viewer Poll

Is the DU so afraid of honest debate that they favor only Hillary suporters?

SO...POTENTIAL recess appointment A.G. Skeletor "personally assures" Hillary investigation

Why are all the threads about Hillary and Barack about their campaign events & polls..

Biden - live from Baghdad Thurs am -

"In Turmoil of ’68, Clinton Found a New Voice"


most improved GOP debater award goes to . . .

Edwards Evening News - "Stop Playing the Beltway Game" (9/5/07)

Larry Craig was a fierce critic of Bill Clinton, but he's "pulling" for Craig and his family

Obama event this Friday in San Fran!

what Jonathan Alter said on MSNBC this afternoon about Gore

Is there anyone who will leave the Democratic Party if Hillary is the nominee? Poll questions please

Would Hillary govern more to the left than it seems she would?

What do you think about diverting public school money towards private religious schools?

Got something rather amusing in the mail today...

I'm Coming Around to Biden

Email from Florida DEC chairs saying not to give to the DNC or candidates.

heeeeeeere's freddie!

How the West summoned up a nuclear nightmare in Pakistan

Independent UK: Bush running out of friends over Iraq

NYT editorial, "A Chance to Make Votes Count": Congressman Rush Holt's bill

Bush’s Deadly Certainties (worth reading this Review and passing around)

Fighting Someone Else’s War

The Missing Class: Portraits of the Near Poor in America

Carried Interest Issue Gathering Momentum in Congress

The kind of police sting I would be more comfortable with

AlterNet: Democratically Controlled Congress Stands on the Brink of Irrelevance on Iraq

Falling for the Spin By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff Writer

Baghdad Burning----Leaving Home... by Riverbend

Indian IT cos shine in Forbes list

Curious George in Australia tells..."we're kicking..."

U.S. is the only developed country that does not guarantee access to medical care as a right of citi

LA Times reported Bush's Iraq trip was "to see" progress with "own eyes," but didn't note he never l

Chinese Cyberattacks Cause Damage, Embarrassment

-- lies one man.

How economic crackpots devoured American politics (Jonathan Chait)

Local Papers Get Grim Details on 'Non-Combat' Deaths

Shoring Up the Middle Class

O'Reilly on "assassins who work for Media Matters and Move On" I think it is pox

Don't get me wrong: I have nothing personally against the poor...

Judge wants everyone in UK on DNA database

Iraq Surge a Well Documented Failure, Bush Attempts Clueless Spin Anyway

Are Happy Days Here Again for GOP? By Tony Blankley

Katrina, Without the Water

Supply Side Bait and Switch

U.S. Deports Parents of Dead Soldiers

Nancy Pelosi Should Listen to Karl Rove By Medea Benjamin

Leader of the free whirl breezes by

SIROTA: Which party is telling truth about Iraq? Answer may surprise you.

Why We're Losing the War on Terror

The Nation: Disinformation Society, Bush-style

Hillary: A Clear and Present Danger By Stephen Pizzo

Howard & Chimp Vow Climate Action, w/o Targets, Schedules As APEC Deadlocks On Non-Binding Statement

Britain's troubles going green - Utne Reader

BBC Newsnight Editor: "Not The Corporation's Job To Save The Planet" Re. Canceled Climate Show

Hu Tells Howard To Piss Up Rope - Climate Discussions Must Go Through UN - Der Spiegel

Hot Winds Cut Australian Wheat Crop By A Further 2 Million Tons - Reuters

Virus becomes new suspect in bee die-off

No More "Drought", Says Oz Water Chief - Just The Way Things Are From Here On Out

Update on Vermont's Nuclear Cooling Tower Collapse and Emergency Shut-down

Orangutans squeezed by biofuel boom

GAO Slams Bush Interior Department For Lack Of Climate Guidelines For Parks, Managers - SF Gate

Kuwaiti Heavy Oil Sales Suspended Due To "Laxity Of Officials", Kuwait Times Reporting

Lamps trap previously wasted IR radiation to increase efficiency

University of Bremen AMSR Update 5 September - Thinning Speeds Up In "Triangle"

EROEI Short #4: Bootstrap-EROEI

Growing Global Problem Of Wheat Production - Telegraph UK

Germany set to buy more coal from S.Africa

Days of cheap food are over, say suppliers as ingredient costs soar

How close is our food supply system to a catastrophic crisis?

Ask Senators to cosponsor S.1930, The Combat Illegal Logging Act

I'm looking for a storage container for iced tea to put in the refrigerator

Being Anti-Nuke does **NOT** Mean Pro-Coal.

GAO Criticizes Homeland Security

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti dead at 71

Bush talks 'good natured', Rudd says (Australia)

Australian comedians arrested for stunt at Bush hotel

Airline sacrifices goats to appease sky god

Christian Leader D. James Kennedy Dies

U.S. thins Gitmo camps; 16 Saudis released

Iraq says won't disband police despite U.S. report

Syria says Israel bombs territory as Israel silent

U.K., Norway Send Jets to Intercept Russian Aircraft

U.S. Marines ponder if "shoot first" justified

(WH Chief of Staff) Bolten: Iraq mission will continue after Bush term

Truce to end fighting in DR Congo

Fake motorcade tweaks Aussie security for Bush ("Osama" waved through two checkpoints)

US Justice Dept wary of NET NEUTRALITY proposals

FEC Won't Regulate Political Blogging

Sen. Craig likely to leave, aide says

11 N.J. Officials Arrested on Corruption

British MPs demand Iraq oil info (allegations British gov't involved in writing oil law)

Foreclosures Hit Record High With Ohio Leading Way

Mortgage woes push foreclosures to record high

Algeria bomb 'kills at least 10'

Transport Workers Union Endorses Edwards

Study: U.S. should lower profile in Iraq (Panel Senior Military and Police Officers)

Experts Doubt Drop In Violence in Iraq- Military Statistics Called Into Question

US senator tells Iraqis to sort out future or see US leave (Biden in Ramadi)

Ron Paul Supporters Claim They Were Shut Out of Straw Poll

Europeans cite Iraq war for rift with US

Iraq says won't disband police despite U.S. report


Craig Bungling Continues

Iraq to privatize electricity

Next 72 hours Bin Laden plans video for 9/11

Craig Aide Says He's Likely to Leave

Syria fires on Israeli war planes

TRENTON, N.J. — Eleven public officials from across New Jersey, including a mayor and two state...

Spokesman says Craig will resign

Iraq ex-PM says US held talks with banned Baathists

Iraq government near collapse, secret report says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 6

Virus blamed for collapse of American bee colonies

Iran: Israel Will Be Responsible For Escalation In Region

Advisers: Craig decided not to seek re-election before scandal broke

Missouri Picks One Contractor to Fix 800 Bridges

(Scottish) Court shown suicide bombing video

National City To Cut 1,300 Jobs

Group sues White House over email

Man Faces Littering Charge For Putting Up 'Impeach Bush' Sign

Poll: Clinton, Giuliani least religious

Chevron offers energy video game

Dems regroup to overhaul FISA

US strikes in Baghdad kill 14 sleeping civilians

US troops levels edge toward new record

Nippon Oil to buy Iran oil in yen

GOP senators hold 'spirited' discussion on Craig

Anti-War Democrats Say Baird Was Hoodwinked Into Reversing Iraq Stand

Bush call for action on global warming

UN warns of food price unrest

Apple's Jobs Sorry for iPhone Price Cut (Promises $100 Credit Early Buyers)

BREAKING: Vials of poison gas were COMMERCIAL SOLVENT (UN)

Thompson takes aim at Clinton

Haditha Marine regrets dead, but says force needed

Oil price 'threatens US economy'

11 charged over Chaser APEC stunt

Groups: al-Qaida Leader Plans New Video

Iraq withdrawals "off the table": Republicans

Hague (R of King County Council, Wash.) apologizes for behavior during DUI arrest

Miyoshi Umeki, 78, Actress Who Won an Oscar in '57, Dies

Virus implicated in bee decline

Rift on Iraq as Bush meets man tipped as next Australian PM

Syria says its defences opened fire on Israeli aircraft over Syrian airspace

German considers increased spying on Muslims

Craig supporters call for boycott of Minneapolis airport

American Girls' Suicide Rates Jump

NY taxi strike over 'spy in cab'

Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

Truckers protest trial plan to permit Mexican trucks in U.S.

For the love of GOD when will this cursed house have a decent relationship?!

Are tapered jeans and ugly shoes popular in your city?

A live one in GD:P.

I've been loving you too long

Glass 1/2 empty, glass 1/2 full: Pattie "Layla" Boyd pens an Eric 'n' George tell-all book

I'm kind of a jerk.

If you're 'feeling good' and have seen a lot of green, this is your tube link

I've found the most bizarre name in history

How many here have white coat syndrome?

"Drive Somewhere"- The Vulgar Boatmen

Gonna repost this because it is still funny to me :)

for all those who may have captured them: please do not repost pics...

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/06/07)

"Million Miles Away"- Adam Hood

Andrews Sisters shout out

This is not a paid endorsement

So who else here got fucked over by Steve Jobs?

Chupacabra found in Texas?

Man am I relieved

56 k modem Question

Pavarotti's dead?


"'Scuse Me while I kiss this guy"

Horrible dream about Larry David

Note to self:Need liquor

Anyone wants to warm me up?

WAH!!! I am Sick, Tired, Exhausted, Sad and Bored!!! Ask Me Anything

Shake a Tail Feather

What the hell does this mean:

Hi! Are there any lawyers in the house before I lose my cool?

Dumb Question of the Day

Who’s more physically revolting – McCain or Thompson?

Hey, what happened to that PITA roommate, Larry?

Another fine New Jersey tradition being observed...

Philly, New Jersey: The Vibe Tribe (my band) in Atlantic City this weekend!

Eeeek! Land leeches climb into your socks!

does exercise REALLLLLY make ya svelte?

My tribute to Pavarotti, IMO, his best non-opera song.

I just received a phone call from a little girl who is in my son's class.

TV's Marcia Brady writes book, and...possible make-out session with...

Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby.

I Am A Victim of ID Fraud

I am hungry- How bout some solyent green for lunch?

Immigrant employees at McDonalds

Grim Reaper - Widowmaker

DC on the 15th--making it happen on a budget

Way to go granny!

Where the heck has summer gone???? It's 48° F. at 8:54 a.m.!!!

Anyone else have a late night shagging addiction?

What are the best peace slogans you have seen/heard?

What are all these political threads doing in the Lounge???

sorry for the disappearing act...

I know about corn flaked covered chicken

Some bastard at Best Buy asked to see my receipt!

Thinking of starting a detox diet this weekend.

Did Povarotti ever cover any Led Zeppelin tunes?

Man, all this circuit city crap... you'd think this chick was the one working there

The best part of dropping Sophie off for her first day of Kindergarten...

Some Bastard at Northern Westchester Hospital asked to see my receipt

Thursday, September 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

KUDZU FRIED CHICKEN - RECIPE HERE (not kidding no receipt needed)

Am I crazy - I can't believe anyone who supports this idiot

Day 14 without a phone.....and it kicks ass

When I got my handsfree adapter at Staples, I had to show a receipt...

RIP Luciano. . .

A subnotebook or small laptop with long battery life? Any suggestions anyone?...


Placing kids for adoption through Craigslist. Bad idea?

Congratulations are in order to the new Ms. Lana Wachowski

My wife found one of my magazines last night

The Cure's North American tour postponed until 2008: anybody else taken by surprise?


does the 16gb iPod touch mean a

Forget the cats, we need a receipt picture thread!!1!!

How Many Du'er Have Seen Nekkid Pics of YOU?

Did anyone watch Star Trek: TNG on Spike today?

DRAT you people!!!11

LynneSin rocks!

Ya know who I like?

Cotton dress shirt + no a/c in the car= bad.

Apple refunding $100 to disgruntled iPhone early adopters.

Chef Mario Batali has been chopped from TV's Food Network

My daughter is doing her fall semester in Tanzania. Just wanted to share her first email from there

If LynneSin were REALLY sorry...she'd go to Circuit City, buy something

anyone read Savage Love this week? (adult language)

We need to take up a collection for the FReepers.

I had my bag searched in a men's bathroom while listening to Pavarotti

The Office, your favorite moments.

if you need to hypnotize someone,

Today is my negative first anniversary!

For those of you who are arguing about recipes...

My sister curled my Bush . . .

Here's and Idea for a new smilie...

Ever get 000-000-0000 on caller ID?

Good news!

All Right - All of YOU Damned Cat People . . .

I had to show Barry Bonds my receipt and this is what happened..

For those of you who are arguing about receipts..

Made in USA toddler and baby toys----The Vermont Country Store

"Chocolate Rain"

If I buy a copy of the Constitution at Barnes & Noble, do I have to show my receipt on the way out?

Yay! Posting on my new laptop!

Post a Random Menu

President Fred Thompson

Ok, here you go...sheeeezzzz

Somebody was trying to gain access to my computer.

If you purchased an iPhone in the last two weeks, READ THIS! You can get $200 back!

Caption *

It was my daughter's first day of school and I am exhausted.

Ditka vs a hurricane named Ditka...

What is/was the name of the reform school you went to?

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" fans, check in here!

Good Grief . . .

If you haven't got a fucking clue

What's with all the threads about receipts in here today?

My doctor's been dropped from my PPO

Cubbies lost today!

I feel as though a great weight has been lifted

What is/was the name of the reformed schoolgirl you went to?

"Flameless" candle?

Pauly Shore

Have you ever noticed how ill fitting the scrubs are on everyone on Scrubs?

Has anyone upgraded to MS Office 2007?


Do you plan to cash in your retirement?

How YOU doin'?

prepare that Fetzer valve with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads!

Forget the receipts, we need a cat picture thread!!1!!

I am ska'd out

Per UK Guardian: Nutrisystem is the fastest growing business in the US

Never mind

To all the people I've pissed-off today: Can we hug it out and sing Kum-ba-ya

Is it brunette day yet?

Today's earworm, courtesy of Hypnotoad...

North Shore

Admit it, we've all ridden around without things we were supposed to have in our vehicles . . .

Ellen Degeneres as you've never seen her

PSA - Hourlong conversations are best held somewhere other than right in the doorway

UHF - Your opinions?

Rick Ankiel update:

From now on, all my GD replies will consist of "So you think (insert mischaracterization)?"

I can't get enough of this song - "Question" by Moody Blues

Did that come out of you?

MAC makeup is Canadian?

Man found dead in WalMart parking lot

Do you think they'll find Steve Fossett alive?

Cats are cute, but

Do you find your poll choices influenced by the current poll results?

I wish the lounge was with me at dinner tonight.....

George Bush has taken care of my retirement.

Where's Parche?

Do you think they'll find Farrah Fawcett frowning?

Less than 48 hours until that ungodly, indulgent disgusting spectacle

You too can have one of the new Texas vanity plates!

Do you know who this person is?

Someone tell me this is just totally wrong and I should do it

Predict tomorrows GD flamefest!!!!!

hey guys, we need some good vibes regarding adopting our doggie

Married DUers - do you wear a wedding ring?

I eat a healthy, organic diet; exercise; get enough sleep; take my meds; avoid stressors

To all DUers born after 1 Jan 1950... What was the number one song on the day you were born?

The Best ironic/weird DU screenshots

Y'all ever get phone messages that say 'Please return this call to (number)'

Ode to the Stiletto Heel

I just spent the entire day lounging around in bed doing NOTHING!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/6/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/6/07 Bonus

I miss my GF

my sister curled my hair!

So I joined MySpace too

"Bush" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "bush".

With prescription allergy medications, I can live with a cat.

Bye Bye Elliot.

The greeter at Circuit City told me to have a nice day

new diagnosis

Need to Vent! Ignorance, Nudity, and Natalie Portman!

My governor sounds like Gomer Pyle.

I quit a job at Borders after 3 days because they searched you every day before you left the store.

Impossible Quiz 2

I think I'm going to lodge a complaint about this city bus driver

fsc and reprehensor-- The Adventure Begins!

The gin martini...okay...I'm sold...

A limerick for Senator Craig

It's the NFL 2007 Football Pool! Week One!!!!

What's your ringtone?

What is/was the name of the high school you went to?


Independent study says Iraqi security forces at least a year away (xpost from GD)

The killing of Jamie Dean

St. Louis Grocery workers vote to accept contract

Today in labor history September 06 killing 110 miners - 1869

SPECIAL REPORT: Truckers, Reps urge Senate to stop pilot program

Court interpreters strike for 22% pay raise

NY Taxi Strike Stretches Into Second Day

Iraq Veterans Against the War Speak Out

Chaser's War On Terror parodies Faux News.

Wolf Blitzer asks "Is the Surge Working?"

McConnell TV Ad: MP3 Players for Afghanis?

Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert

Ron Paul: "we’ve dug a hole for ourselves and we’ve dug a hole for our party"

Open Letter to Obama (with lyrics)

Stan Goff Explains Terrorism Iraq Afganistan

Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma

George Bush vs. Miss Teen South Carolina (02:25)

New Hampshire Debate, FOX NEWS LIED! (Ron Paul)

Hillary's 1,000,000th Supporters

Kim McFriendly Announces Candidacy for President

Does Mitt Romney Know What Civil Liberties Are?

Faux News Owners scared to death that people might wake up about religion

Bill Maher planning a documentary on the ridiculousness of religion

The Revionist History Channel-Dinosaur riders, the original NASCAR (00:34)

Aussie Comedy Troupe's Trojan Horse.

Fred Thompson delivers GOP talking points on Iraq/Iran to deafening silence.

The Real Rudy: Command Center

Quick & Dirty Analysis of the Bin Laden VIDEO

Ron Paul explains why staying in Iraq is madness, warmongers laugh at him

Chaser's War On Everything: the Aussie comedy troupe arrested for breaching APEC security.

Why does anyone who kisses Bush's ass in the case of Iraq...

The last days of John Howard?

APEC produces new national heroes

For: Luciano...

Modest proposal: send international peacekeepers to Iran that * would not dare Nuke.

Interesting blog in Pravda forum(of all places) about loss of Canada's sovereignty

Storm Warning An Investigative Series by John McQuaid

The Economics Of Greed by Jim Hightower

Foiled terror plots... Just curious?

Hey Kids! Let's write a Larry Craig comeback campaign ad!

Cheney Top Aid Says "We're One Bomb Away" From Our Goal

Bush Says "We're Kicking Ass" in Austrailia On The Tarmac

The Promise of Low Power FM-alternative to mainstream corporate-owned radio

Rep. Meed, Dem is the quest on cspan1 (talking of Iraq), Wash J.

The Iraq War is Political Plutonium The End Begins By STAN GOFF

You guys want to see video of Cop intimidation in Florida?

HORROR ALERT! Lieberman for Attorney General? (as heard on AirAmerica Radio)

NewsBusters and Jack Keane get NewsBusted

Bush’s Iraq swagger a distant memory

Marines Disciplined In Haditha Case

REPORT recommends Iraqi Police force be Disbanned and recasted. cspan

It's the "Bush Report" silly...Moonie Times whines about Dems undermining Petraeus' credibility

Hail to the chief: Bush lovers emerge in Sydney ( all 3 of them)

Surprise, surprise - We Are Being Lied To Again-The Myth Of al-Queda In Iraq

A sign that we in the west need more culture.

Lawyers Discuss Potential Duke Lacrosse Civil Rights Lawsuit

Iraqi Army Withdraws From Fallujah

Speed of Climate Change An Unseen Danger

THE ROVING EYE: "From al-Qaeda to al-Quds"

Racist GOPU C-Span Caller Tells Kendrick Meek He Wants To Divert Iraq War Money To Food Stamps...

John Nichols: As The Craig Turns


US has 14 "Boomers" each armed with 24 Trident II nuclear armed SLBMs in service

Think Again: Investigating an Outsourced War

Browse this website:

So ... will Fred Thompson ....

Independent study says Iraqi security forces at least a year away from operating independently

"Gay Sex Sting"

Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti

Ann Telnaes Photoshop "Dead Wrong"

cspan3, Report on Iraq Police and Army, House Committee:

Have ?ANY? of our soldiers been killed in Iraq recently???

Gene Lyons: Everybody loves a good sex scandal

New Bush Book to challenge Bill Clinton's "Giving"

Has CSPAN3 been hacked?

China sure doesn't waste time when a government official blows up his mistress

Looking for a book...War for Dummies

The Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) & how to get out of it

Dave Lindorff: Beware the Wounded Beast: Bush Has Lost the Iraq War

Top 10 stories media missed this year (not a LETTERMAN joke)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Madeleine Albright: “Our troops face death every day-the least Bush can do is face the truth"

Australian comedians arrested for stunt at Bush hotel (one dressed as Osama bin Laden)

Chimp and Condi go public with their "arrangement"..

Arctic Sea Ice collapsing - goes "Yikes"

Why Bush Can Get Away with Attacking Iran

RE: War with Iran. Don't let them get away with it again...

Material found at UN only a cleaning solvent

Massive U.S. ‘Footprint’ In Iraq Conveys ‘Permanence,’ ‘Opposite Impression Is Needed’

I'm for Fred Thompson 'cause his wife is the purdiest.

As Prostitutes Turn to Craigslist, Law Takes Notice

Who will Fast Freddy pick to balance out the Hollywood ticket?

Petraeus report likely to enliven U.S. campaign

No Golf for Condi

U.N. official says substance found at U.N. office in last week appears to be nontoxic solvent

Edwards: "Congress must tell the president something very simple: No timetable-No funding-No excuses

Politico: Democrats retreat on war end

Kathleen Willey: Clintons stole my manuscript

Who Would Pavarotti Bomb?

Syria fires on warplanes

Considering a war with Iran A discussion paper on WMD in the Middle East

Is it just me,or is the media blatantly silent about Ron Paul's performance last night.

Petraeus will say violence is down in Iraq because he's not counting the violence in Iraq

Hillary losing the early primaries may be our best hope for getting out of Iraq,

We might as well ask it - the media and Iran. How much will Murdoch,

Drudge on the radio is NO MORE, the rightwing talker on Sunday nights

PBS Conflicted Over Adult Language in Ken Burns' 'War'

Dean says CA electoral initiative is "just another Republican attempt to rig an election."

cspan 2 now. Senate hearing on Iraq (Police and Army)-Gen Jones # 1 Thread

The Dirty Secret of Campus Credit Cards

Bush accepts invitation to Beijing Olympics

Dems have plenty of ammunition against Petraeus

C-Span call-in segment is on Fred Thompson...

AP: Craig Will Resign As Planned

Police Officer Accused Of Leaving Police Dog In Hot Patrol Car, Killing It

Bush: "No Military Guy Is Gonna Tell A Civilian How To React."

American SiCKO Begins Union Organizing for Patients

WA POST: BUSH Tells Biographer: 'I Do Tears' = Is Bush Mentally Stable?

Parts of Sydney have effectively become a ghost town

Fox Affiliate Philly Apologizes Movie Promotion with Bullet Riddled Jacket

Bill Scher: When Bushes Care

what a nifty poster

Why Do Conservative/Republican Actors Turned Candidates Do Well In Politics?



Bush: ‘We’re kicking ass’ in Iraq

The grown ups are in charge. From Draper's new book on Bush re: humiliating Colin Powell.

Move over Iraq War, there's a new issue on the horizon.

Caption *

Damn, that's going to leave a mark! Jon Solz (Vote Vets) destroys Hannity and Bush flack Dan Senor.

Aussie comedy troupe rides 'Canadian' motorcade through APEC summit security

Remember this: "roll out the war drums in the week after Labor day?"

Fred Thompson strikes me as the most arrogant one of them all ...

Religion Briefs Coalition of nuns calls for impeaching Bush and Cheney

My LTE was printed today! ...."Madmen leading Us"

Lieberman Calls For Full Funding For Iran Democracy Promotion

National groups working for single payer health care--can anybody name some? nt

Rasmussen: Dems have opened an eighteen point lead

How long before Thompson's campaign implodes?

BBCs coverage of Pavarotti's death is

AFP: Bush's Iraq swagger a distant memory

Sen. McConnell : "We're seeing significant progress in Iraq"

"Obama Struts into Virgin Territory" WTF?

Defense Contractors and the Washington Revolving Door

tonight on Charlie Rose, Robert Draper Author of "Dead certain"

'Wash Post': Military 'Cherry-Picking' Facts to Prove Violence Down in Iraq

Another Ellis County Repub jumps on the Ron Paul Bandwagon

question about the cruise missile screw up

Uh oh. Rush's & Sean Hannity's heads are going to explode

Trinitite and Iran - the logic and rip-off of the human race. Read, please.

Direct Brain-to-Game Interface Worries Scientists-Wired 9/5/07

A Surge of Support for War in Republican Debate

Judge Rules Provisions of Patriot Act Unconstitutional

White House celebrates Rosh Hashanah a week early

Say what you will about Bob Barr

Iraq War Vets-or those who know-do soldiers routinely wear dosimeters?

Tom Toles: Everybody is starting to understand Bush's concept of "progress in Iraq"

National City laying off 1,300 to scale back mortgage business

Another Actor?

White House mum on comedy group’s security breach

Attachment to Israel Declining Among Young American Jews

U.S. Army: Baghdad aerial bombing targeted extremists (reports of 19 civilian casualties)

11 N.J. Officials Arrested on Corruption - ( be prepared to be outraged)

"In this world, a man, himself, is nothing"...

(Cross-post) Prediction-Seattle Seahawks are gonna choke this season

Like a festering ass pimple, the KKK rears it's ugly head in Virginia..

Kerry: GAO Report Shows White House Neglect of Climate Change Impact

Independent Commission on Security Forces in Iraq -- now on C-SPAN 3

Randi Rhodes is having a good time with Paul winning and Fox having a cow now on air america

Time to give away some bumper stickers

"Bush didn't give a fuck about the intelligence"

APE: Australia 2007 (Picture of an ape in Australia)

What would you do if you were Larry Craig?

Homes entering foreclosure at record (

How do independent supermarkets (IGA for example) survive...

Friend in the "heartland" just IM'd me -- his rightwing brother-in-law bailed on his wife & kids

I hate Bush

Right Wing Pushing Petraeus For President

Burglar puts name on wall at site of robbery... thus caught....

Mean Hillary won't allow Path to 9.11 on DVD! (???!)

The name brand toy recalls have me thinking about the dollar store toys

Has The Squadron Commander In the "Loose Nukes" Case Been Identified?

please critique my LTTE on libera media coverage of Norman Hsu vs Alan Fabian

Excellent Article Explains Bt Cotton Crisis in India

Obama Bill Calls for Disclosure of Bundlers in Campaigns, Greater Transparency in Fundraising

It ain't a party without Alan Keyes - Plans to participate in GOP primary and other events

Anyone remember Bush bragging about Ownership society

Puppy Poll: Woman Registers Dog To Vote - Plea Deal Gets $250 Fine

CNN: Craig decided not to seek re-election before scandal broke


Any insiders here know what Gore is up to.....?

This is what the Right Wing has become - True Christian Church of Christ

Did anyone see the Repuke Debate last night?

Another Talibangelical Leader Dies...D. James Kennedy

TOONS: The surge and those B-52 nukes

Inflation in the real world

Craig And Frederick Of Hollywood- Should Be A Good Tweety

Ron Paul Won the Post-Debate Faux-Poll....Did They "Disappear" That?

My Pet Legacy- New Fiore TOON

Iraq Oil Law

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 9/6 .. poor choice of words?

The greeter at Circuit City told me to have a nice day

Search your bag vs tap your phone....whats the difference?

Rogers, the blogger who exposes

Wouldn't want to be Domingo or The Other Guy right now.

Judge's verdict reveals comic's sad descent-Rosato Found Guilty Of Harassing Wife; Committed

Let's head to the beach!

Why is it, regarding the immigration debate,...


Video: Bill Maher on The Surge, Election '08

Who are all these Professors who have been bullied

The Myth That It Will Be Our Children and Grandchildren Who Have To Pay Off GWB's Debt

Maybe Arlen Specter can defend Larry Craig at his hearing if his conviction is tossed out

SurgeGate is less than a week away. Let's get our facts straight.

Has anyone read Dead Certain? Buy or do not buy?

Dear Johnny.....

THEY LIVE: A Review of Last Night's GOP Debate ---with pix--->>>

I'm so pi**ed at Congress over Medicare Part D, I could.......

The Iraq news BLACKOUT: How the press spent its summer vacation

My three favorite Bush videos (add yours)

Iraqis' views of Baghdad (don't quite square with the Repubs')

A corporation is not a police force

Barbara Ehrenreich: Welcome to Fleece U

Breaking just in time for Bush's 9/11

For the sake of all Canadians, I'm reposting this

Bush/WH sics an active US Gen (in Iraq) on Senator Warner:

Ron Paul comes in first in Maryland straw poll

so is it the law now that I have to have my license on me at all times?

Craig's three kids, from wife's previous marriage

Please sign petition

Mike Rogers is on Hardball

Michael O'Hanlon not a shred of credibility left

Saw my friend who is back from Iraq for a month this past weekend

About receipt checks...

Bolten: Bush Is "Not The Decider" But Petraeus Is The "Magic Judger"

John Nichols: The Patriot Act -- and the Senate's -- Constitution Problem

Who would you rather run against - Fred or Rudy?

BREAKING: Bin Laden reportedly to release video on 9/11

Colleagues welcome Senator Tim Johnson back with standing ovation

Colts or Saints?

Near Bar Fight - Ed Schultz vs. Koolaid Rightie - Newspaper Story

Report: Bin Laden To Address U.S. On 9/11

Like to have been there for that meeting

'Republicons Like Leaders/Dems Like To Hold Meetings'

"Judith Miller Finally Lands in the 'RIGHT' Place": Accepts job at conservative Manhattan Institute

Sham Motorcade Passes by APEC Security

Does Tweety and Lou share the same "dye day?"

Did someone at Barksdale try to warn that the Bush Administration is staging nukes for Iran?

Craig supporters call for boycott of MSP!

Is this cartoon obscene?

How pathetic is the Republican legacy...

you godda be kiddin me,

How could a corrupt/inefficient admin hope to create a...

D. James Kennedy

KO is getting close to Billo O' Reilly in the ratings

GAO: Homeland Security Dept. falls short

The weather is just great this time of year... In Tehran.

Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

Drop the fork - it's a potential terrorist threat to Bush

ANOTHER top aide to the Thompson campaign has left

O'Reilly out-does himself...

Dead Wrong by Cindy Sheehan

The "THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD" right on the front page of DU...LOL

Fred Thompson: Dead on Arrival

Telling "Republicans" apart from "Al Quaida" is hard because...

NY Daily News: "Iraq government near collapse, secret report says."

Tucker/Willie are so...cute together.

The Independent: Switzerland, Europe's Heart of Darkness?

Anybody have a list of the members of the Gen. James Jones Commission?

Bong Hits goes back to court


Dean: Gen. James Jones' Report Shows We Need to Change Course In Iraq

Favorite Fred Thompson Nickname

Send a Veteran to DC

Kool...earthquake map...updated every 30 min...

Stop Anti-Semitism on Google!

If you meet a police officer, do you have to show ID if they ask?

SA pupils burn 'witches' to death

Bushies claim Iraq violence down, but "Getting Shot in the Front of the Head Doesn't Count"

So why does Craig's daughter have a warrant out for her arrest?

China: Woman fired for talking back to her boss

From the "How stupid do you have to be?" files: Couple arrested for performing cosmetic surgeries..

Think about it....GOP is a Party of Blame Others, Denigration and BS

Chris Matthews Gay?

OK DUers: Prediction time. Will we attack Iran by the end of October?

At the school where I work I like to check the news on DU or

Please reply to this OP with your IDEAL headline - post NH primary

Rosen: The Beltway press, overwhelmed by the radicalism of Bush, Cheney and Rove, COLLAPSED

What in the name of god did Lou Dobbs do to his hair?

When it comes to immigration, some don't bother to hide racism

So, now that Fred "Reagan" Thompson has entered the race, will AL jump in?

US air strike in Baghdad kills 14 sleeping civilians

Remember the NH phone jamming caper? It's back.

Petraeus Will Disgrace Himself Just Like Powell Did

Not A Joke - I'm Surprised Joe Lieberman (sp - who cares?) Doesn't Run As A Republican

Next year I'm demanding a receipt for my vote.

Boca priest accused of soliciting sex in N.C. men's room

Joshua Holland: Does Dem-Controlled Congress Stand On Brink Of Irrelevance On Iraq?

Just because some of you do not wish to exercise your civil liberties...

Did anyone see the MSNBC Charles Manson program last night?

But now the American war with Iran they originally wanted is coming closer

Roses for Riverbend?

The Peace primary


U.S. Deports Parents of Dead Soldiers

New viral video being produced: Giuliani documentary by Robert Greenwald

when cops become therapists..

Al Gore's New Book, "The Path To Survival"

That Was Then

Police: mother of dead toddler was warned about leaving child

Gore/Edwards 2008---Yep...That's the Ticket

I got stopped and prosecuted for shoplifting when I was a teenager.

Former First Lady of Washington D.C. Effi Barry has died..

answer me this:

So, if you have to select an actor for president, who is your choice?

Hey, fundies--try explaining this! APOD presents quasar 12.7 billion years away

Lou Dobbs was SMOKIN Hot tonight

Cindy Sheehan endorses Dennis Kucinich for President!

Virus May Be Cause of US Honeybee Deaths

Interesting - Larry Craig could be exonerated due to the US Constitution

Which will happen first?

Congressman TomTancredo said waterboarding was NOT torture

you do the math-nearly half of the 697,000 Gulf War I Veterans are now ill -over 200,000

Has everybody seen Fred Thompson's blushing bride ?

Children don't belong on ATVs -- yet another victim

Pavarotti had some pipes on him

Linktv needs help.

According to MSNBC, we will be treated to the fat Osama.

Cops: Mom Warned About Leaving Kid in Car (No Charges Kid Died 100 Degrees)

One more professor bullied off of campus and denied tenure after being lauded by his colleagues

Where was Fred Thompson when they drafted my ass?

Have you ever forgetten that you had a child in your care?

did you know that NO vehicles are allowed in Fallujah?

Adam Kokesh, Tina Richards Arrested for Defying Poster Ban

Thursday Afternoon Intrigue from FDL (Gonzo, Fitz, Miller & the Holy Land Foundation)

Officer Arrested In Canine's Death

Mexican Trucks Roll Across the United States

FREDERICK of HOLLYWOOD® ! Sure hope THAT one sticks......

Does capitalism equal corpratism?


Hotel Workers Sue Eight Major Hotels for Stealing Their Tips

Concerned about goods made overseas? Check out (plus: DU mentioned in NYT)

"Sheehan Seeks a More Principled Politics" John Nichols (The Nation)

Are Door Bag Searches Legal? (From Crime Doctor dot com)

So... companies wanting to search your bag = UNACCEPTABLE.

Have any Du'ers read Scott Fitzgerald...beyond Highschool reading for " Great Gatsby?"

Tea time at the White House with the First Lady

Update - Cooling Tower Collapse and Emergency Shutdown at Vermont Nuclear Plant

OK-Osama--- I want you holding a current newspaper and an I-Phone to prove you're alive.

If You Liked the Past Half-Decade of Bush's Blundering Militarism . . .

Regarding yesterday's LOOSE NUKES story!!! Important update!

Dignitude, Dude! ---pix--->>>

Man Faces Littering Charge For Putting Up 'Impeach Bush' Sign

What if you get cancer?

"Circuit City Cuts 3,400 'Overpaid' Workers"

Dog Set On Fire; Owner Pleads Guilty (Graphic)

Why Has Osama Dyed His Beard?

Anyone Believe The Accidental Nuclear Missile Story?

Thompson / Clinton / 3rd Party & sit it out

The Surge was never really about Al Anbar, it was about Baghdad

The High Cost of Cheap money

Photos of something we all hope no one now living ever sees again

People who talk on cell phones while driving

Breaking on MSNBC - Craig now says he will resign

Found! Evidence Of Terrorists After the US Kills 14 in Baghdad!

DUers, Help! Comments and Research needed quickly for environmental law change

WA POST: Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D) Skeptical of Bi-Partisan 'Counterpunch' to War Policy

WA POST: Experts Doubt Drop In Violence in Iraq - Military Statistics Called Into Question

HOLY TERROR for Corrupt Duo: Abramoff, Scanlon and key former aides continue to talk

Bush Defends Iraq Buildup = Resident-in-Chief in OZ

Trolling Alaska's Republican Political Cesspool: "Today's Must Read" on TPM

Why do so many liberals/progressives take the side of corporations against a private citizen?

On poverty's front line; Poverty is spreading, new census figures show.

Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City

Bush biographer's family helped WWII Nazis

I recorded American Morning, but didn't see Biden's interview

What Biden is made of -

'08 Democrats Reuse, Recycle Rivals' Best Lines

Wanna have some fun! Jump in on the comments thread at SFGATE Re: repugs try to split our elec. vote

Republican Forecast: Cloudy

Nebraska Democrats to hold caucus in February

2008 Known Unknowns - Utne Reader

The Campaign has Just Begun

Union members

Fred Thompson...let's not forget

Anybody Else Notice That * Has Begun To Sound Like Rummy.....

Ohio Turning Blue For 2008: Dems win 11 of 12 matchups with Republican contenders

Pennsylvania: Hillary beating Guiliani by 9, big lead for Dem nomination...

At GOP debate, McCain says no to torture

'Democrats try to woo the GOP on Iraq Policy'-What's wrong with this title?

HUGE WTF moment today ...for my wife

REQUIRED READING: Everyone must buy this book...

Great blog about Bill Clinton's return

Ooh ooh ooh --Clinton.. ...Chinese.. .. donor

Transport Workers Union Endorses Edwards

Senate Armed Forces Hearing: Independent Security Assessment

AP: Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

LATimes: Democratic Donor Norman Hsu Skips Day in Court, Whereabouts Unknown

Citizens of the world, please hear us:

Quinnipiac poll: Dems surge in Ohio: Edwards and Clinton open nice lead vs. Giuliani


Soldier answers a new call to battle. Can you help?

You mark my words, those excuses for this administration

LOL... Durbin keeps referring to Petraeus Report as The Bush Report...

We were idiots -- all the Republican Men after Clinton re: Monica? Seeking Donations to Take Their Message Directly to Washington

Poll: Clinton tops all comers in Ohio (Quinnipiac)

Fmr Guliani SC Campaign chair pleas guilty

The Rude Pundit: Make Room For Fred Thompson's Saggy Jowls

Get Out of the Valley of Elah

Dennis Kuchinich is the candidate who comes closest

Study: Iraq's Police Force should be scrapped: "dysfunctional, corrupt, infiltrated by militias..."

Bumpersticker idea

Transport Workers Union Endorses Edwards

"I want to be viewed more as a mentor than a scolder.'"--says Bush.

The Repukes 'brilliant' plan for a boycott!!! LOL!!!

(cue the "Jaws" music) Remember, lurking ... waiting out there.....

Ooooh, this is getting GOOD. Jim Lehrer calls Petraeus "master decider," Josh Bolten CORRECTS him...

On bush's "We are Kicking Ass" comment.

Rasmussen Weekly: Hillary 43, Obama 24, Edwards 12...Hillary significantly higher fav rating...

Report blasts EPA cleanup at Ground Zero

Bill Nelson today will file a bill for regional primaries...but first he had to get your attention

Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

Sen. Johnson gets it now, but do you? (Letter to US Senate from Donna Smith, American SICKO)

"In the unlikely event Congress would object, Rice already has the anti-virus vaccine: "

New SC poll: Hillary - 26, Obama - 16 , Edwards - 10

MoveOn.Org: 'Democrats in Name Only'

The truth about Giuliani

Bush calls for action on global warming ..........Okay, quit laughing!

Like I said about those nukes...

Joe Klein great on the Republicans on Iraq last night: "Makes Me Wanta Holler!"

Freddie Thompson Wed His Ambition -- at 17

CO POLL: Obama fares better against Repubs than does Hillary, Obama campaign responds in memo

Another defection from the Thompson campaign--off to a great start

Is there any chance a Democrat can win Craig's Senate seat?

Is this country that stupid to pick two New Yorkers for the nomination JESUS!!!

S. Florida- Impeachment Rally 9/15 in Miami with David Swanson!

Georgia now requires photo ID to vote: State's voter ID law holds up in court

How does your candidate view? Executive Authority

Elizabeth Edwards on Rachel Maddow RIGHT NOW!! added link

Larry Craig: A Solution to his "Problem" and Ours?

I have a dumb question

Obama Campaign: Senior Obama advisers travel to Iowa for policy discussions

Lindsey Graham beams in some 'happy news' from another world at AEI forum

John Edwards Statement On Report That Congress May Cave On Iraq Withdrawal Date

Pre-War Intel: "The president had no interest in the intelligence," a CIA officer disclosed. "Bush d

This story and photo from the St. Pete Times, Democrats, will warm your heart...

What is a president supposed to look like?

Union busting: Mexican semis in the US

Is Fred Thompson On An Ego Trip And Does Running For President.....

Photos: Barack Obama speaks at a town-hall style meeting today in Las Vegas

Fortune Magazine: In words, Bill Clinton is no Al Gore

Virginia Senate: Is Tom Davis getting cold feet...looks like the prospect of facing Mark Warner...

From now on his name is Fred "S. & L." Thompson

Question: If Ron Paul runs as independent would he help or hurt Dem candidate?

Elizabeth Edwards supports AFSCME workers strike @ U of M

Hillary Clinton - The First-Rate Campaign Effort We Deserve

Gilmore (R-Ohio 5th) Dead!

Lutz on the Republican debate-McCain GOOD Rudy BAD!

Brownback rocks New Hampshire

Progressive Baptist women wary of Hillary Clinton's candidacy

North Carolina Poll: Clinton leads Edwards (PPP)

Letter To President George W. Bush From Senator Hillary Clinton

OH BOY!! hear we go again TERROR TERROR TERROR

What do you think the nickname "Hill Dog"?

North Carolina: Hillary 30%, Edwards 28%, Obama 21%...

Report: Dennis Kucinich's 6 day trip to the Middle East

Have any of you ever run for public office?

I finally discovered what it is about Edwards that makes him "Presidential" to me..

I am begining to wonder if the fundies are finally "getting it"

My e-mail was just posted on CNN's website (Cafferty File)

I can defeat any argument on any issue that any of you liberals make. It's easy!

Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives

for 15 yrs. Hillary in secret religious group

Raw Story: Bush DUMPS Skeletor from his short list of cronies to replace A.G. Fredo

Glamour: Michelle Obama, Your Next First Lady?

How did we ever get Medicare? Any DUers know of a definitive book on it?

McCain: More than coincidence that Iran hostages released on Reagan's 1st day

Bloomberg on 2008 race: Time to get real (is he talking about Gore?)

Obama Beats the Big Dog on Experience

“Hillary, just shut up.”

If you are vehemently NOT a Hillary supporter, and Al Gore endorses her, will that make you likely

Zogby: 51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11;>30% Immediate Impeachment

Democrats retreat on war's end

Bill Nelson today: "DNC penalties unacceptable, unacceptable, unacceptable"