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Archives: September 4, 2007

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Why He Opposes the Nussle Appointment as OMB Director

"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Countdown to Midnight in Persia"


Report: Corruption Is 'Norm' Within Iraqi Government

White House: Why Gonzales Bailed / NEWSWEEK

Secret deal for roadmap to peace bears stamp of Ulster

9/11 Lawsuits Will Get Their Day in Court

Cut and Run: Bush heralds cut in troops as British forces head for exit

Don't Allow Invertebrate Dems In Congress to Insult You. They CAN Stop the War By Rob Kall


National Ice Center Updates - Week Of August 27 - 31 2007

Honda limits greenest cars to certain states...

China, Other Nations To Reject US-Aussie APEC Climate "Plan" - Bush, Howard "Lack Credibility" - AFP

Indonesia Proposes Climate Group Consisting Of Rainforest Nations - AFP

Howard's Big APEC Moment May Not Produce Nonbinding Climate Goals Or Even Statement On Climate Plan

"No Sign Of Recovery" For St. Lawrence River Beluga - 25% Of Males Have Cancer

Save The Planet, Pope Urges

"Green" Electronics Vendors At IFA Show Find Consumers' Top Priority - Bigger Screen, Sharper Colors

Burma's Wildlife & Forest Resources "Being Raped" By Chinese Demand For Traditional "Medicines"

Australia Urges Voluntary Emissions Goals, Highlights "Energy Intensity" - Houston Chronicle

World Association Of Zoos & Aquariums Declares 2008 The Year Of The Frog - Reuters

University Of Bremen AMSR Update 2 September - Ice-Free Line Pushing 85N Across E. Basin

The Eleventh Hour - a MUST SEE movie documentary

Livestock Researchers Warn Of "Meltdown" As Hardy, Rare Breeds Die Out In Africa, 3rd World

Dutch Build Towering Wind Turbines Out at Sea

Chavez says he could govern until 2027

Colombian military: Key rebel and drug trafficker killed

New Zealand finance company woes continue: eighth collapses

GDP growth not reaching paychecks

Spirit of Che rises again as region is swept along on a pink tide

Pattern Cited in Killings of Civilians by U.S.

Signing Up Sunnis With 'Insurgent' on Their Résumés

Bomb blasts kill at least 15 in Pakistan

Envoy’s Letters Counter Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army (Bremer strikes back)

"Five Heroes" From Cuba Await Their Fate

Russian Bombers Launch Missiles Over Arctic


The beagle wants to go for a walk.


Grills (the decorative oral device): Dumb or stupid?

Hey! Where's NewWaveChick1981?! n/t

first, i screwed up my ankle

A 900-foot long banana?

Hey! Where's Joe Fields?! n/t

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone - Tip #1 - You have got to be fast

Rob Thomas fans!!!

It's Anthony Bourdain time, kids!

Gotta Go!

Here's how much of a loser I am...

Can I get a Hell Yea!

STILL no invitation to Dannielynn's birthday party, 5 days away.

C is for candlestick, I hit you in the knee.

I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot


What's with having rabies?

ARGH! Venetian Blinds!

I'm being wiped out by Sarah BRIGHTMAN n/t

Why the f*** am I watching this?

Does your cat regularly switch their "comfort area"?

what awful things do women do to themselves?

A new family has moved in above me. There WILL be trouble.

Ever had to drop kick ninjas who were invading the shaolin temple?

My MIL just sprang for a new oven and Microwave....

Why must food be so tasty?

Can I post embedded YouTube vids in other places, like GD,

San Diego Padres, marching as to war

good night, all

Paris Hilton

no wonder we are in trouble in this country

new pics of our cat and dogs (I haz ur couch and am stealing ur nap)

Ever had to drop kick someone out of your life out of self defense?

It's late and there's nobody around. This is a perfect time to say, quietly

Anyone else have school in the morning?

Video of the 50 States

Here's a question

Anyone else laboring on Labor Day?

A Question for the Technologically Minded Among Us

What's your personal flashback trigger?

Verizon DSL -- I Don't Think So!

I'm Rula Lenska

What I did this weekend (feel free to post your art!)

Anyone else watching The Universe marathon on History Channel?

Looking for some insight on a possibly abusive relationship.

So I was walking to my friends' place this afternoon...

shout out for the mountaineers!!!

Hey!! Where's Xipe Totec? nt

M is for migraine, I've had off and on since yesterday...

You know that nauseating "Pray for Peace" pic? Here's what's really going on. . .

Britethorn's Dilemma

Wolf Blitzer disputes GOP Rep. Boustany on Iraq progress

How We Got George Bush

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

Had A Dream- Roger Hodgson of Supertramp

John Edwards Receives Steelworker Union Endorsement!

Americans Pushing To Stop Ahmadinejad's Iraq Visit

SF Bay Area Book event --- Tikkun and Cody's presents......

Iraq insurgent group names minister

Verizon DSL -- I Don't Think So!

I LOVE my right-wing paper-ltte"Time to Impeach"

Neocon Strategy: The Military Solution Against Iran is The Final Solution

GOP Rep Leaves Threatening Messages On Couple's Home Phone After Letter To Local Paper

Lobbying in U.S., Indian Firms Present an American Face -they've hired former * official as lobbyist

WSJ: In Iraq, Bush adopts, renames Democrats' ideas

A way with words... I just had to share...

Any doubts I had are gone after this 1 hour vid: Improbable Collapse

YOUTUBE: Cheney in 1994 said invading Iraq would lead to a "quagmire"

"I'll Give Some Speeches, Just to Replenish the Ol' Coffins."

Impeach Cheney & Bush - Call Nancy Pelosi at ........

Pope urges young to care for planet

I chuckle everytime I think of this.

Wow: Upset in the Jamaican elections

Is DU in the dumper?

Lawyers Challenge Rice, Hadley Subpoenas

Raygun On GW

Labor Day in Vermont: Iraq, Impeachment, Labor

I've done your Christmas shopping for you - no need to thank me

Confronting the CEO Pay Gap

Electronic voting machines not ready for '08

Would you let a 10 and 13 year old drive an ATV?

Minnesota is for millionaires? ( I heard that Virgina was for Lovers)

The American People voted for Republicans in to keep the war going.

Holy shit, I just had a weird dream about Alberto Gonzales

Pattern Cited in Killings of Civilians by U.S.

Deleting and reposting. .

Why hasn't residential architecture changed appreciably in the last hundreds of years?

revealed...the secret reason why bush went to iraq


How do you sell factory farming? With dollar bills and nose plugs

'Who wants to shake my hand?' - * pics

I just saw the documentary No End in Sight

(Australian) Poll says Bush 'is worst US president'

Can anybody hip to youth slang help me out?

NYTimes: Envoy’s (Bremer) Letters Counter Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army

Give Me DU In The Dumper...

"the Lord told me (the Iraq war) was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy,"

'A Billion Dollars spent on War is a Billion Dollars down a rat hole' by formercia

An invitation

Olbermann's Countdown Trounced O' Reilly Thursday

Many Trainees Are Complicit With 'Enemy Targets' - Won't come to Americans Aid

Jack Cafferty's New Book Rips the Chimpster a New One

Chico California Beautifies Highways: Do Try This at Home

I am happy to inform that Sanskrit is a DEAD language! DEAD!

If We Didn't Have Term Limits

Storm-Worm Adds millions of computers to botnet.

Exactly what happens when the gutted middle class American golden goose gives up the ghost?


On this labor day, I'd like to clear up a common misconception wrt "right to work" laws.

U.S. Media Ignores Estimate of 1 Million Iraqi Deaths

Dana Perino Poses with the Troops >>>--pix-->>>

Richardson Supporters: Why Bill?


How Fair Is THIS Stunt ??? - Please Provide Your Own Caption

Until we kick the oil addiction, Oil Wars are inevitable...Global Warming is inevitable...

DU is not in the dumper!

Democratic Underground, in a nutshell

How did Dukakis get the nomination over Gore in '88?

I made the front page of several local papers! Anti-war rally in a deep red county

Video: Chocolates To Make Your Skin Crawl

"Microsofte 811" - Making the World Safe for Voting Machine Vedors "Scoop"/Collins

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

There Is "A Very Good Chance That Former VP AL GORE Will Make A bid"-Quote By: U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney

Hi to all in the Biden group.


Labor Day is No Holiday for Presidential Candidates

Heads Up: Obama's On CSPAN now!

Restoring the Promise of the American Dream (Carlyle Group)

Bill Clinton's most challenging campaign speech: Explaining why his wife should be President

MyDD Todd Beeton: Obama "reactionary AND stuck in reverse..."

A tip of the hat to those Chicago labor martyrs who gave us an 8 hr day&May Day that we honor today

U.S. Rep. Abercrombie to "Salute to Labor" crowd: Obama is what this country needs.

Hillary seen as most sympathetic to Outsourcing

Obama's speech is on Cspan right now.

Edwards Evening News: Fed Up! Fired Up! (Labor Day Edition)

Hillary hit piece in NY Times online: "Clinton’s Altered Iowa Speech"

You know that awful "Pray for Peace" pic? Here's what's really going on. . .

Match wits with future History. Vote, then keep this thread.

I suddenly support Edwards. Here's why.

Calling out the records of the Bush Dog Democrats...and wow am I in the mood for that this week.

Just Home From Holiday Weekend. What Did I Hear George Stephanopoulos Say About Wes Clark??

Should we ask Bill Clinton to arbitrate a compromise on Florida and Michigan?

Number of working family renters paying more than 1/2 their income on housing doubles.

I was just watching C-Span......and saw Hillary, and figured out what's "wrong" with Barack Obama!

Do you resent having to wear a seatbelt?

Richardson: Keeping Iowa First is God's Will (Very Bizarre)

Harsh justice where U.S. relies on Iraq tribes

WP, pg1: Weighing the "Surge": Results "tenuous, temporary, even illusory"

Mitt Romney, Basking In the Momentum / WaPo

In Fifth District race, concerns shift from Iraq

Chris Hedges: The Next Quagmire (Iran)

Many Iraqi Army Trainees Are Complicit With 'Enemy Targets'

Salon : The Ballad of Ramos and Compeau

Troop buildup fails to reconcile Iraq

Nunez (CA-Dem) thinks those that want Single Payer, Universal Health Care are RADICALS

Question of the day: how big a price will we pay if we bomb Iran?

Iraq's war of the warlords

'India is the best in legal offshoring'

What Bush doesn't want you to know about Iran's Nukes by Calum Coburn


Bathroom stall humor column without malice?

Garry South: Rove's dirty tricks "a campaign-type political apparatus at the taxpayers’ expense"

Researcher Purposefully Posts 100 Government E-Mail Addresses And Passwords

LAT: "Surge" fails: "at best, a holding pattern dependent on US troops to keep the lid on violence"

One reporter’s crusade against official motorcades

How Gonzales Destroyed the American Dream

DOJ Seeks to Recover from Gonzales's Tenure

Fuzzy Bush math

Bush still stickin’ it to the Wiccans?

Bill Kristol calls Sept. 15 anti-war plans "Grotesque," wonders if WE have "sense of decency"

The Non Americans

Carts Before Horses Impeachment inquiry first By Bruce Fein

Gay Blogger about to expose 30 more closet gays, all from GOP

Bush on Retirement: "I'll Give Some Speeches, Just to Replenish the Ol' Coffers."

Persistence of Myths Could Alter Public Policy Approach / WaPo

Additional gasoline for private cars:Iran Ministry

quite a twist on the local is best argument-article in OBSERVER

Journal entry, June 12, 2019

Australia Will Press APEC Nations To Agree To Climate Goals To Cut Emissions. Voluntarily. Someday

EU climate flight plans 'deluded' - BBC

England's dying Sherwood Forest needs money - Reuters

NSIDC Update 9/4/07 - Arctic Ice Coverage 900K KM2 Below Record: August Time Series Shows Collapse

Unsustainable Vanity - Utne Reader

China plans $265 billion renewables spending - Reuters

Congo's rare mountain gorillas caught in fighting - Reuters

Ecochallenge: living off of a dumpster

Iran's Ahmadinejad has 'proof' US won't attack

Latin America's Surprising New Eco-Warriors

Photos from the Solar Bus tour of festivals this summer

Brazil Will Attend DC Climate Meeting, But "US Does Not Represent Any New Path"

Greenland Ice Cap Melt map

Accidentally caught a great documentary on tallgrass prairie

"By all rights, this would make internal combustion engines unnecessary.''

Big Coal Fingerprints All Over Change In Strickland's Energy Plan

U.S. says North Korea remains on terrorism list

Denmark arrests 'bomb' suspects

Troop buildup fails to reconcile Iraq

Court Denies Emergency Motion to Stop NAFTA Trucks Program

'Chemical Ali' sentence confirmed

Protests mark Bush arrival in Australia

U.S. says five Britons kidnapped in Iraq still alive

Pentagon says it acts as quickly as it can to meet needs

U.S. troop buildup felt in Iraq hotspots

Bush due in Sydney for APEC amid anti-war protests

Construction in the U.S. Declines Most Since January

APEC: pro-Bush group granted permit

Fuzzy Bush math

World aviation record holder Steve Fossett missing

Iraq MP: U.S. oil law pressure no help

Will President Bush bomb Iran?

NovaStar Plans More Job Cuts, Cancels Convertible-Stock Sale

Lobbying in U.S., Indian Firms Present an American Face

9,000 acres bought to patch up public lands

Fears about subprime collapse becomes reality as U.K. banks increase borrowing costs

Venezuela at odds with asylum granted to union leader

Iraqi insurgent coalition vows to increase suicide attacks in holy Ramadan month

Fed urges loan holders to avoid defaults

'Poll win' for Jamaica opposition

Jenne to resign, plead guilty to criminal charges (Broward Co, FL Sheriff)

Felix, a monster Cat 5 storm, makes landfall

Coming months key to U.S. troop levels in Iraq: general

DOJ Seeks to Recover from Gonzales's Tenure

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 4

U.S. Senate confirms Jim Nussle as budget chief

German engineer found guilty in South Africa nuclear smuggling ring

NovaStar (KC, MO Lender) survival at risk as First American cuts jobs

Book Says Souter Mulled Resignation after Bush v. Gore

Little-Noticed 9/11 Lawsuits Will Get Their Day in Court

Granholm approves the bill for early primaries

Congress tackles student loans as new abuses cited

U.S. Shifts Iraq Focus (similar to Biden's "soft partition" approach)

First American Cutting 1,300 Jobs

Pump price highest in month: government

Congress report says violence stays high in Iraq

World Record Holder Fossett Missing

Rafsanjani picked to head Iran's powerful assembly

Advisers tell Bush to stand pat on Iraq

Try Bush For War Crimes, Urges US Combat Veteran

Charges Reduced in 'Jena 6' Attack

High School Student to McCain: You're No Leader

Craig a No-Show As Senate Reconvenes

GAO: Iraq hasn't met 11 of 18 benchmarks

Home-cooked microwave popcorn may have damaged lungs

D.C. Appeals to Supreme Court on Gun Law

Doolittle Aides Subpoenaed in Probe

Harsh justice where U.S. relies on Iraq tribes (summary executions)

Democrats don't agree on key issues

Scientology faces criminal charges

Larry Craig's Children Speak Out (Say He Was 'a Victim of Circumstance')

California Bans Mandatory Subdermal RFID Tagging

Starbucks to source coffee from China

Mattel To Announce 3rd China Toy Recall

Fox News Unveils Latest Prime Time News Program.

Woohoo... the Brian Jonestown Massacre is coming next weekend!

A butterfly has taken nighttime refuge in my house!

David, Is That You Again?

Tell me about the Jersey shore

Man, some folks are just lame

The Landlord - so damned wrong....


Joke: Iraq Tour (Bitter Honesty)

What unheard of conditions are you inflicted with (ie: Larry Craig has a 'wide stance')


Jack Chick proves George W. Bush is NOT the Antichrist

Get teh poopcorns

Hendrix: accept no substitutes.

Photographic advice wanted...

Parents - when did your kids start losing their baby teeth?

Hey - nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Movie Posters Featuring Stars Posing With Guns

W00t! 'Married... With Children' is back!

The Ford Edzel is 50 years old today

Does a vehicle's invoice reflect the destination charge?

how about a Live Earth Youtube thread?

A shout-out to ThomCat...

Being a rock star can kill you!

On the first day of my summer vacation, I woke up

I am looking out my back window and I see THREE SoCal Edison trucks

I ordered the 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Anybody know their way around Mae West?

I am (not) master of my domain!

I just cut into the raisin bread

Anybody know their way around Kanye West?

Any DUers want to play Mornington Crescent?

90 degrees and humid in September, and I got the best hummer of my life on Saturday!!

Question about formatting in a thesis

I want to go home and hide in bed.

I want to be so naughty right now but I won't

Attention all Rapturists: The Rapture Index is down by 2 this week

I think Craig Ferguson should replace David Letterman.

Do you guys still know me???

Have any of you used a 'Total Gym'? If so, did you like it?

Before you head over to GD, let me summarize ALL the discussion:

It's only been a month since my son moved back with me

Cripes, has the Tonight Show gone downhill...

"Readin' dem Bodybuilding Magazines will turn ya QUEER, ya know that?"

Any suggestions for decent computer speakers?

Ten days til settlement and I'm already going out of my mind

Attention all naturists: The rupture index is down by 2 this week

Anyone up for a steaming cup of hot justice?

when is mentioning your ignore list not passive-aggression?

Rollin' with (bob) Saget - ROFL this is damn funny, good for a Tuesday laugh

Lost My Dad

I believe our local weather people couldn't forecast their way out

Looking for the "Fox News Throughout History" Thread

Computer Geeks - help needed with equipment

Hey "Mad Men" fans! (and why aren't you one?)


Prescription Medication Gripe

DannieLynn, LarrynHoward, the ghost of Anna Nicole.

Does anyone here know anything about the Golden Key Honor Society?

Did you guys have a good weekend? What did you do?

Has anybody else seen "License to Wed?"

... And now for something completely different:

Tesla: Sucks, Meh, or Rocks?

I've got a small blister in my mouth

Old fashioned turntables are cool


Sublime feat. The Pharcyde - Summer Time

One of my favorite faces

And now ladies and gentlemen, a special Christmas treat: The mellow sounds of Frank Zappa

FUNNY Video: Parents Of Miss Teen South Carolina

Have you noticed a lot of people riding bicycles without helmets?

So apparently the mods did some housecleaning over the long weekend.

Do you agree with Edwards MANDATORY expensive haircuts???

The head pat. The leg grab. What is going on?

1st day back to the grind...School, that is.

I want to have your babies

My daughter started Kindergarten today...

will sleaster (the mccain slayer) has a myspace page!

The catchiest tune of all time

Would you accept a used mattress?

What does this symbol mean?

We are the goon squad and we're coming to town... Beep, Beep

Would you accept a used mistress?

Enlighten me on the Paula Zahn affair saga

Pics from our camping w/e in Big Sur

Post here if you use a cobra snake for a neck tie

Is this a scam?

Beautiful, I just want you to know.. You're my favorite girl

Cake - I Will Survive

Saw "Mr Bean's Holiday" over the weekend *SPOILER (slight)*

Anyone remember The Lathe of Heaven?

Wow... kids these days...

The phrase for today is "...? FUCK YEAH!" Modify a thread to include "...? FUCK YEAH!"

I overslept on NoelMN's first day of school.

Why, oh, why, did I clear my "ignore"?

hello old friends! I need you folks with a sense of humor to help me out!

billyskank told me to channel my energy into something productive

Hey There, Delilah - psycho version (and original for contrast)

Have you noticed a lot of frogs riding bicycles playing guitars?

everyone here is crabby today

Think good thoughts for me today!

loverboy, Sucks, Meh, Rocks, Other

I am sorry but bands with two drummers...

Am I the only one a bit creeped out by the "Why Mommy is a Democrat" ad?

Tonight there is a family

who is number one in your life?

Got in a kayak over the weekend for the first time and took some pics

I got an email from the "IRS" today.

I need a new printer for my computer. I have an iMac G5 and I am

Supper...dinner..... what are you having for your evening meal?

Wednesday, 9/5 Columbia meetup...Time change

My Burning Man 2007 pictures

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/4/07

Freakonomics co-author on his alma mater's stunning win over Michigan

So, my dog got a credit card application today.

Cool? Not Cool? Post your own.

Seinfeld fans: can you pinpoint your LEAST favorite episode?

Best songs ABOUT having a party...

Damn robber baron, capitalist pig!!

Sally Brown: A rant

Prog Rock fans check-in!!!

I like Keira Knightley and all, but what about this dress?

Tiburon Art Festival slideshow

Some formal pictures from China

Well, the fool said "yes"

When can I go home???

Sally Foster: A rant.

My co-worker talks to me like I'm dirt

Problems with Landlord

Anyone know where my sig line's from?

Any DUer's brew your own beer?

R.I.P Caesar, 1991-2007

It's September, and the Cubbies are in first place!

Fred Thompson Announcing His Presidency on the Tonight Show and the Movie "Idiocracy"

Pics: post what's at the very bottom of your photobucket, or whatever, account

Agoraphobia can save you some $$$ on car insurance!

Where is that tall, blonde, beautiful, cool drink of water...

1 hour since Rabrrrrr posted a rant and I still couldn't give a flying fuck.

2 days since APP State beat Michigan and I still couldn't give a flying fuck.

When is Sweeney Todd coming out?

A nekkid toad, and a baby eagle whose parents were stupid

Here's a stunner: Men tend to choose women based on looks

Okay, has officially blown my mind.

Which browser?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/4/07 Bonus

What are some foods you cannot stop eating once you have a bite?

How Time Flies: the 20th Anniversary Edition of Robocop is Out

My marriage is in jeopardy

If I host a dinner party for DUers,

Comments by Charlie Clements, Pres. & CEO of the UUSC at the August 25 rally

cross-post from GD-why do you think the VA has stopped...

Today in labor history September 04

Unions garner public approval, 59 percent approved 29 percent disapproved

Edwards gets fresh union backing, as president he would oppose strikebreakers

Making the Iraq surge work: You quit counting the dead

The surge in Iraq is not working-returning service personnel

Bring Them Back Home - Blue Scholars

Original Piece - Stop the madness

Two Years Ago Today: 'Go F*ck Yourself, Mr. Cheney'

George Will races Bill Kristol towards irrelevance

John Edwards - Introduced by Steve Skvara at USW UMWA (9/3/07)

Bush on the Disbanding of the Iraqi Army

Fred Thompson tied to Larry Craig - Rudy gay ad

Looking for some insight on a possibly abusive relationship.

Chris Hedges - The Next Quagmire...

Listen children to a story written long ago (warning, graphic images)

I am sorry but bands with two drummers...


I Don't See Much Hope

How Many More?

Study Predicts More Severe U.S. Storms (Great. Just What We Need!)

the supreme falwell irony

Listen Up Returning Congress - This Is What You Must Do

Alan Fabian (Romney guy. .AND others) invisible on Corpomedia

APEC rally ushers in Bush arrival

Troop buildup fails to reconcile Iraq

Harsh justice where U.S. relies on Iraq tribes

Leaked Report: Chinese Military Hacked Into Pentagon's Computer Network For More Than A week

Now, what does this do? 'New' Iraq executes Saddam and cohorts, then drops charges against them

WJournal talking of upcoming Congressioanal topics now:

bu$h* lies : Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army

11 Days From Now There Will Be An Antiwar March On Washington - anybody gonna show up?

Back from vacation, Congress to renew debate on Iraq

Pastor charged with several sex assaults

Both of my Senators refuse to go to Iraq

c-span - wj discussing US embassy in iraq

Barney Frank is on CSpan 1 now

McCain vows to fight for Bush's war plan

Post - posting to a now locked thread......

David Swanson: Iran and WWIII

Okay, So War with Iran-From Josh Marshall (TPM)


The Most Feared Man on Capitol Hill? For Gay Blogger, Craig's Resignation Is Just Latest on His List

so... what do you have to do to get on DU's blogroll?

Jena 6 – UPDATE – students can’t wear shirts

Fuzzy Bush math

Bremer's Discloses Letters To NYT Which Debunk Bush on Iraq Army Dissolution

The Dora Market: U.S. military creates a Potemkin village

Thanks Gay Community

In Chertoff's record, shades of politics

Gore. Isn't. Running.

Got the GW Blues

War crimes unreported & ACLU

Tom Tancredo - (RRR) says Washington should end recovery aid to the Gulf Region

Congress returns, ready for confrontation

and the New York Times said...

Did Anyone Else Think Last Night's PBS "American Empire" Program was Pure Propaganda?

"They See Him In Movies...They Have A Strong Sense Of His Character"

In the US, class war still means just one thing: the rich attacking the poor

Assclown in Chief says he'll have a "fantastic Freedom Institute" to spread democracy

'L.A. Times' Defies KBR, Publishes Probe on Deaths of Truckers

"Dead Certain" Bush's autobio released today-has a 5 -star rating so far-

So a U.S. military helicopter was dispatched to rescue...

"Seven Years In Hell"

Helen Thomas answers my electronic mail. She agrees with me. Can you at least make a phone call?

Awwwwww...Chimpy cries a lot...

QUESTION: Are you prepared to no longer give your vote to the Democratic party?

Slate is excerpting "Dead Certain" this week - Part One

Another story about those "put" options

Bush to Iraqi leaders: "not accept to lose or to leave the country"

US Population Is More Liberal Than At Any Time In A Generation...

PHOTO: Bush's new 'fantastic freedom center'

Man swims at North Pole

Bush speech writers new phrase: "we don't want to hear their (terrorist) footsteps back home"

Hearing on GAO Iraq Report today at 2:00 pm in SFRC

Two Years Ago Today: "Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney"

I found the Video of Thom Hartmann's live broadcast on CSPAN last week.

Legal Memos Were "Advance Pardons" for Lawbreaking (TPM)

Les, From World "Nut" Daily", is back...

our new $37 mil, 670 meter bridge between Afghanistan and Tajikistan opened

Chinese military 'hacked into Pentagon' (maybe)

International Day of the Disappeared--on now-the Naming of the disappeared

How did we go from Craig in the Crapper to DU in the Dumper?

Jeff Gannon calls out the Angry Gay Left as “vicious and conflicted hypocrites”

Leona's brother snubs $12M dog

non-profit vs. not-for-profit - what's the difference?

George W. Bush arrives for APEC

FOX and Friends has Bill Kristol on with the post-Labor Day drive to Iran

'Next spring' in the new September (begin troop downdraw)

Good advice

Things are heating up on the Amazon comments to the reviews of Dead Certain (Bush Bio):

What'd I miss since August 11th?

bill clinton on letterman tonight

Republican Senate Agenda Mitch McConnell , R-KY 1:45 PM EDT

GAO's report on Iraq's progress on benchmarks

If Congress does not have the will to end the war; then what strings should they attach to the $$$?

This is where some of the 35% Bush supporters live (yes, Maryland!!!!!)

I have a new toy.."Tags" on

Listening to Diane Rehm show - I am very, very frustrated....

Senate For. Relations Committee, John Kerry on GEO REport on Iraq: 2pm ET see here

Las Vegas has become 'old hat' 'yesterday's news'

Iraq: Too Bad To Leave, Too Good To Leave?

NASCAR reaching out?

Gravel Supporters: Why Mike?

Tiburon Art Festival slideshow

GIs thought killings were within rules when they killed local Iraqi citizens

LA Times: Surge Has Failed

People are STILL doing this? Must be some Bush Devotees....

Hillary Clinton: Midas touch at work

U.S. budget worse than subprime loans.

Passport delays easing? Got mine today.

Ooops, now research says low bad cholesterol increases cancer risk

We, as a nation, can finally relax- Rita Cosby is back

Advance Copy: GAO Report Paints Dire Picture Of Situation In Iraq

For Years now, the need to impeach B*sh has been obvious...

Bush is asked would service members' concerns affect his decision about troop levels

More Brilliance from Bernie

Photo calling for Caption. Pic.

Gore breaks silence on media coverage of 2000 election

New law protects 'good faith' reports of terrorist activity


Do you agree with Edwards MANDATORY expensive haircuts???

A guy named Steve Fossett is missing somewhere in Nevada


listening to advisors

Keith's Special Comment tonight

caption this * pic...

The "WELL DUH!!!!!" statement for today, courtesy of Chris Matthews:

Thread #1 New GEO report on Iraq now cspan3, Kerry, Sen. Foreign Rel. Comm.

nude Sydney protest for George Bush

Send In The Clown ---pix--->>>

Newsflash: Repukes starting to get smart

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 9/4 Welcome to Fantasy Cabinet

It is only a small step from mandatory urine tests to mandatory checkups..

Larry Craig question

Liberals defend terrorists

Bush: "Isn't this Iraq stuff FUN?!?!"

Okay, I kinda dig Hillary's foreign policy ideas. But I haven't heard much of her domestic ideas.

Fred Thompson campaign to run “I’m in” ad all day Thursday on Fox News

The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy

Will President Bush bomb Iran?

Toilet Paper: As Precious As Gold

All Those In Favor Of HR811 - THE LAST, BEST CHANCE TO PROTECT 2008.... Stand Up And Be Counted!

What should be Congress' top priority for the rest of the year? Poll on cspan1

New idea for a bumpersticker.

I wasn't at the March 07 protest . . . did this actually happen?

Richard Gere And Charlize Theron Slam Bush At Venice Festival

several dozen anti-war protesters were escorted by police from the spectators

Whatever happened with the proposed 'Beer, Wine & Spirits' group?

Do you really believe Edwards is going to force you to get medical care?

Bush, PM ice-sculptures to melt - protest to highlight failure to ratify Kyoto Protocol

Bill Maher coming up on Hardball !!!!!

Senate applauding Sen. Ted Kennedy-casted 15,000 votes (byrd over 18,000 comes

What does the Media do right?

Bush can't recall why Iraqi Army disbanded" (actual title - LA Times)

"Dead Certain".. a Silhouette Romance novel

I have beaten you to the punch. It's the unofficial Jerry Lewis poll.

Where Do I Go To E-Mail Keith Olbermann?

Sorry Senators...I am Not Impressed by the....

Tonight on Countdown

Justice Souter nearly resigned in wake of Bush v. Gore; distraught at times weeping

It's Not The Tongue, It's The Torture !! (Impeach Now)

Christian Legal Group Represents Missouri in Abortion Case

Little Paul Bremer fights back....

Afraid to alienate New Hampshire?

"Of course the people don't want war."

Brett McGurk - Tony Snowjobs clone

This is the hand

two questions about bush's 'surprise' visit to Iraq

'Bush winked at Pak nuke proliferation'

Another Book About Fuckhead. Says He "Hit The Roof" Re Rove/Plame

Pollution from factory farms up for review in EPW panel

Why do YOU think the VA has stopped reporting cancer cases in key facilities?

CLG's M. Rec. on Fox's John Gibson radio show -debating the surge!

Another sign the economy is GREAT! Have you checked Craigslist lately?

Fuzzy Bush math (re: Feds budget deficit 2007)

Which browser?

FYI, President Johnson signed the bill authorizing use of the Metric system back in '66

Advisers tell Bush to stand pat on Iraq

HEY LADY! Alert..."Lewis Takes Foot Out of Mouth, Issues Statement"

Advisers tell Bush to stand pat on Iraq (stay the course)

freedoms watch - why do they want us still in iraq - who is making money?

Russia Draws 'Red Line' On Kosovo, US Missile Defence

DU this freeper YouTube video (Jackie Mason defending Gonzales & Craig, attacking Dems)

Give this guy some love....emailed Bush over 15,000 times

Michael Ware on Bush's visit to Iraq

Miami: We've come a long way, baby ! Man hits baby because wife cut her own hair!

Caption this pic

Leahy says no hearings on AG until

check out this guy draper who wrote the bu$h* book ---Hardball

Washington outting Blogger says 'few more to come'

"I've got God's shoulder to cry on. And I cry a lot." ---pix-->>>

Gen. Petraeus to give his "views" on Iraq to Congress on 9/11

Hey, everyone. So I decided to take a vacation to the Catskills

How To Piss You SIS-in-Law Off in 60 Seconds or LESS!!

Introducing: TEDTalk Tuesdays

Lawsuit demands US reveal civilian deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan

You photoshoppers have been pretty lax around here

Service to Cheney is like serving in Iraq (Another idiot Republican)

Gallup Poll: 73% of Democrats Value Change Over Experience

"I'll give some speeches, to replenish the ol' coffers," says Bush

Warning Graphic Link ......

Cross-Eyed Cristi getting his ass kicked on Hardball

Terrorists kill 4,000 Americans, injure over 36,000

How many of you have visited the doctor in the past year?

Al Gore Items: Emmys, Nobels & NH Draft

You know - since Britan has pulled away from the south in

Subprime Woes Reach Outsourcers

Bill Clinton was fabulous on the Oprah Show

Bush's remarks in the new book about "replenishing the ol' coffers" are NOT playing well.


My 2nd anniversary and thoughts on gay marriage

Former US President Jimmy Carter calls for 'balanced' Middle East debate

How Popular Movements Can Confront Corporate Power and Win

Hey everybody! It's Caption Time!

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?

Specter: "Larry Craig Should Fight Bathroom Arrest"

Arab League turns down Syrian request for Iraqi refugee assistance

On the reality in Iraq versus all the spin about progress being pushed by the Bushies

A taste of tonight's Keith Olbermann Special Comment

# 2 Thread: Sen committee on GAO RE-port. Kerry is Chair

The "We're about to bomb Iran" rumor. -- And the reaction if it happens.

Wes Clark Got 2 Steps Ahead of the Netroots

Air America gone from Memphis

One last hope of staying

Families without electricity because landlords didn't pay bills. Florida again.

They gave us a distraction and we fell for it

The Fight for Victory Tour starring Melanie Morgan starts now!!

THIS is who we deal with. Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward tells crowd that Saddam attacked us

Jeffrey Toobin book: Distraught Justice Souter nearly resigned over Bush v. Gore

Why Pelosi is afraid to impeach.

The median income for full-time American workers has fallen for the third year in a row

Bush: "I wouldn't be president if I kept drinking. You get sloppy, can't make decisions, it clouds

Tweety was great tonight. I know. It won't last. But it's great while it does.

Im heading to the roundtable discussion with Obama....

School uniforms could track students

Mrs. Ashcroft - STUCK HER TONGUE OUT - At Gonzales & Card As They Walked Out Of The Room (NYT)

Are we creating a Culture of Disappointment at DU?

Congress returns, ready for confrontation

My letter to Nancy Pelosi

Springer's TRUTH is UCS Finalist

with all the incendiary news about Khalil Gibran middle school,i thought i'd post

Rove advised Bush against picking Cheney as VP: report...

Why believe Gen. Petraeus? I don't

"The U.S. Government does not want to recognize them, the European Union wants to keep quiet on it,"

DNC: White House Blatantly Edits GAO Report on Iraq

White House scrubs site in attempt to make office 'exempt'

Go back to Africa

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

What is it with the eagle-flag murals....?

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Vick

Gore breaks silence on media coverage of 2000 election RAW STORY/Vanity Fair

Dodd Supporters: Why Chris?

Vanity Fair: The Media - Going After Gore

Whoopi just lost me as a fan.

Can anyone give me a good reason why the US has not converted to the Metric System?

Rape: it IS terrorism, it IS condoned by society, and it DOES matter as much as any other issue.

Proof of Democracy's weakness - It is possible to elect as President 'a not very smart person' ...

will sleaster (the mccain slayer) has a myspace page!

Al Gore Interview/02138mag/Harvard 100

Check out this ad in the Guardian!!!!

"Bush Has An Increasingly Tenuous Hold On The Real World"


McCain to high-schooler: "Thanks for the question, you little jerk"

AP: Charges Reduced in 'Jena 6' Attack

Bush Restricts Travel Rights of More Than 100,000

END THE WAR: Sept. 15 - Mass March in Washington DC!

PRE-MEDITATED WAR CRIMES: NO Problema. Legal Memos Were "Advance Pardons" for Lawbreaking

right off the Edwards website

Call your reps!

McHenry’s office admits tie to murder/suicide shooter

Gore likely to endorse before primaries

TPM = Goldsmith: David Addington (Cheney Lawyer/Chief of Staff) Is a Frothing Lunatic

Getting our figures straight before SURGEGATE!

Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead Written by Chris Floyd

Jerry Lewis uses anti-gay slur during labor day telethon.

John Kerry: "We cannot continue to ask Americans to die for a policy that won't work"

Democrats are supporting Bush? The record shows otherwise. "Bush Success Rating at Historic Low"

MSNBC Breaking: Aviator/Adventurer Steve Fossett missing...

Air America seems to be off the air in Memphis

Craig's Children Say He Was 'a Victim of Circumstance'

All Those Opposed To HR811 - THE VOTER CON ACT.... Stand Up And Be Counted!

Did you know this about Fred Thompson...

Patent No. 7,033,406 - Read About it Now, It will Soon Vanish I am Sure

Al Gore Confirms VP Is Part of Executive Branch

Fundie wackos reach a new low.

The Crassness of the American President ---pix--->>>

Unofficial DU Straw Poll--Who Do You Love?

Bush Administration restricting travel rights of outspoken US citizens

Are You an Organ Donor ?

(TOON) Steve Bell: Coalition of the Surreal

Can we please stop the nasty anti-doctor posts here?

Is my "DOCTOR" really a Doctor?

Dick Cheney's top aide: "We're one bomb away" from our goal"

Bankruptcy: Picture = Thousand Words

Help Save the Polar Bear

DemocracyNow! The Privatization of New Orleans

Biden Supporters: Why Joe?

keep this kicked - for Joe!

Listen up:

Why Biden?

Black Women for Obama Joins Movement for Change

In the Age of Terror, Isn't Busting Toe-Tappers an Insane Use of Our Law Enforcement Resources?

Within GOP, stumping fails to impress

Australia makes Bush feel at home. They agree that he's the worst President ever.

Former Guiliani election chair for SC Ravenel pleas guilty

War with Iran: what would be the point?

Independent website concludes that Giuliani exaggerates crime-fighting record

WaPo Editorial: Bundlers Behaving Badly: ALL Bundles should be disclosed

For Democrats, Primary Field Gives Confidence: Dems enthusiastic about choices, confident of victory

Sick of corporate corruption?

The political machine vs. the grass roots: Clinton and Obama in California

I Just Caught The Last Half Hour of "All The President's Men" On Cable.....

We win! We win! We win!

Rolling Blackouts in California

"The eagle that flies alone gets shot"

Sour Americans hungry for change as election approaches

Wolf Blitzer shows a little spine: "In terms of dead people," the surge isn't working

WP: Barack Obama, Drawing the Big Crowds (For those of you who think Obama has lost his mojo...)

POLL: Democrats Express Decided Preference for Change Over Experience

This Modern World: What's with liberals' obsession with Larry Craig's personal life?

MSNBC showed an Ad that stated that Hillary and Obama are "unelectable" and that only John Edwards

Barack Obama Proposes Ethics Reform Plan Today in NH

John Edwards - Introduced by Steve Skvara at USW UMWA (9/3/07)

When Gonzo leaves in 2 weeks-How will he find his car?

It took over three years for Congress to help stop the Vietnam War

The Rude Pundit - Advice to Democrats: You Wanna End the War? Destroy David Vitter First

How many films about the Iraq war?


Tonight On Countdown: Keith's Special Comment

Democrats Express Decided Preference for Change Over Experience

Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army

Caption this photo of the grinning Chimp-In-Chief meeting with Iraqi tribal leaders...

Bush mulls life after presidency (BBC News)

War and the "New World Order"

How will Addington seek vengeance against Goldsmith for

Calif. ballot proposal's GOP ties

Romney concedes Iraq is "a mess"

Reported: FOX News to assist White House PR campaign for war with Iran

blair as peace envoy to mid east??????????

Edwards hater John Solomon is at it again

Levy: Electronic voting machines not ready for '08

Anybody watching this Busheep get slapped around on Hardball?

*'s 'book' on Amazon has 47 tags associated with they are in popularity order (LOL)

Crooks & Liars: "Mitch McConnell Press Conference: Al-Qaeda Baby!"

Why We Oppose the Indo-U.S. Military Ties (Chomsky / Monthly Review)

Helen Thomas replies to my electronic mail and agrees with me. Can you at least make a phone call?

Candidates out in force in Iowa

Let's run down the key GOP talking points against universal/single payer healthcare shall we?

Your Labor Day cheat sheet to the candidates' stories

Two must read articles about theocrats in government.

Letter From A DU Type Of Congressman -

Gore breaks silence on media coverage of 2000 election

Hillary's Obama-Lite campaign continues with "Let's do Lunch" appeal

Hillary's not being original again. copy copy.

The Republicans and right-wing aren't the real problem.

Clinton campaign attacks the Edwards through Fox News

Heads up-Special Comment tonight by Olbermann

Other Than Kucinich - Have Other Dem Candidates Taken A Stand On The Potential of * Attacking Iran?.

Bush in Iraq to finalize Iran invasion plans?

Obama Announces Plan to Restore Trust in Government

Lee Terry (R-Ne) hospitalized with kidney stones

Howard Stern, yes Howard Stern calls out GOP hypocrisy on Craig, Vitters and Stevens

Hillary only got two union endorsements this Labor Day week - still quite a race! :-)

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Waukee, Iowa

Since Fox News will assist in marketing Bush's new war with Iran...

Think the Democrats never stand up to Bush? The numbers say otherwise.

Where is the Democratic Party outrage against the Mexican trucking "invasion"?

Fox News HITS Elizabeth: "how can you not admire a woman in her position who isn't perfectly thin"

Michigan officially leapfrogs New Hampshire, for now (Granholm says state's new primary date final)

I think you all need to realize that Larry Craig did NOT cheat on his wife

Former Vice President Al Gore set to endorse...

Protesters in Sydney Photos - Biggest Sec.Op. in Australian Hist.

Only Kucinich Supporters

Gore will probably endorse one of the candidates. Not Hillary.

Who is the most electable of the top three democratic candidates?

Send your good wishes to Biden as he leaves for Iraq tonite

Anti-War Democrat Bashers: Please answer the following

You Will "Lose Your Freedom" Under Democrats' "Socialized Medicine"

In the Mood for a Little Shopping? (Link Edited for your shopping ease and pleasure!)

Secret Trade Deal: Bush/Dem Pact designed to let big business evade US taxes

Which candidate would sweep the most Congressional candidates into office with them?