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Archives: September 29, 2007

Everything wrong with the world, summed up in one screenshot.

Senate passes children's health insurance

WP editorial: Democrats Right on Torture

Overcoming a Veto and Helping Children

Special report: Russert happens!

Limbaugh selectively edited "phony soldiers" clip, claimed it was "the entire transcript"

Klein Alleges U.S. Used 'Shock' Tactics to Privatize Public Sector

The Death of the Democratic and Republican Parties

Chinese Gasoline Imports Hit 10-Year High In August - Economic Times

NIC - Week of 9/28 - Chukchi Sea 100% Ice-Free; E. Siberian Sea 100% Ice-Free

European Coal Prices Nearly Double Since Q1 2007 - From $65 To Record $102/Ton - Reuters

Karen may turn toward U.S. East Coast, depression forms - Reuters

From UN Climate Meet - w/o Rapid Policy Shift, 50% Of All Species Gone As Early As 35 Yrs. From Now

Best E/E thread ever... from the Lounge.

British Govt being sued over Al Gore's movie in schools

Kenneth Heebner (Fund Manager) Calls Ghawar Decline On CNBC - Video At The Oil Drum

The Australian - After 13 Major International Climate Meetings, The Earth Is Out Of Time

In Challenging Energy Market, Chevron Responds - With 2.5 Minute TV Commercial - WP

Europeans angry after Bush climate speech 'charade'

Total Oil Can't Leave Myanmar - To Do So Would Cause Even Greater Hardship, You See . . .

Fuel Shortages Across S. China As Oil Companies Square Off With Central Gvn. Over Subsidies

John Howard Says Drought Due To "Climate Shift", Not "Climate Change" - Blames Environmentalists

Toyota fuel-cell car covers 350 miles on one tank - Reuters

UC fined $3 million for lab breach

FDA Workers Beat Bid to Outsource Work

Radical Syrian cleric 'shot dead'

Texas Planning New Execution Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Congressman: State Dept. official threatened investigators

Giuliani fundraiser gave big bucks to state ballot measure (Calif. electoral votes)

Europeans angry after Bush climate speech 'charade'

Racism may affect infant mortality rates

Girl assaulted on tape found safe, Nevada authorities say

Stranger Posted Bond for One of 'Jena 6'

Dems criticize Limbaugh's comments

Rwanda joins international push for a global moratorium on executions

6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes

Justice Thomas Lashes Out in Memoir: Book Attacks Liberals, Media, Breaks Near-Silence on Anita Hill

I have no time to discuss this logically with you...

Recovering thinkers join the Republican party

Just oral sex? That line never works.

So, General Petreaus

who do you think has an easier go of it in general?

You know, you just can never get tired of "salo (120 giornate di sodoma)"

Anyone watch Moonlight?

Anybody remember "My Girl Bill" by Jim Stafford?

Bills' Kevin Everett voluntarily moves arms, legs!

Who wants to see my lovely walnuts?

One day, snotty uncontrollable unleashed children will get themselves injured.

DU Lounge PSA: Wine and Supplements

Music thread for OMC, Stacey, and all the rest ill or downtrodden this evening.

Wild underwater, fin-assisted swimming compettion (youtube)


You know what's really odd?


Go Orioles !!!!! (I'm a Sox fan). God,what a night !

Best reason yet to stop serving airline food

Is cockfighting really a sport?

Laptop users, do you use wi-fi on your system?

YAY I am finally replacing the dead radio in my car! Found a

My day has been sorely lacking the requisite quantity of hijinks.

Self Delete.

This is the best Fran I've ever had!

Dear peaceful protestors in Burma,

If you bought a membership to a massage parlor, and noticed the price sign,

Fuck you, Fuck me...Fuck it for always, cause that's the way it should be.

Some raving lunatic wouldn't let me pass her in the parking lot at Target last night.

my day has been filled with the fucktastic fuckulence of fuckolosical fuckitude

Okay... so I had a bit to drink...


Rev_acts, where the hell have you been?

glengarry glen ross


Indy grunge racket noise

The Bar Is Open...........Buttt

Sox win! Yanks lose! Sox clinch AL East! Phils win! Mets lose! Phils up by 1!

um, lounge, we NEED to talk about your flair, mmkay?

We are "snuggling in" tonight. It's cold, windy, and pouring rain out there.

are gnats like proxies?

Fond Du Lac man stealing toilet paper...

DU. has me so pissed tonight

Woman Drives for Half Mile With Her Husband On The Hood

I was Conceived 50 Years ago this Week!

are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?

Leno: "They're making 'Brokeback Mountain' a musical"

The Design Personality Test

Red Sox are American League East Champions!!!!

I just happened to glance out the window a few minutes ago... I'm QUITE DRUNK right now...

Folks who have been to Rocky Horror...

I was screwed over by my OWN DAD today

Balloon Jesus

Are 2 times 5 and 11 plus 3 even?

Under the sea

Fuck you

Hmm...Cubs and Red Sox clinch division title on same day...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/28/07

Letterbox or Pan-And-Scan?

Favorite song by The Cars

Thanks to those of you who sent my family some good vibes this week . . .

Are there any other Neil Hamburger fans here?

Who was your favorite Star Trek captain?

Depressing controversial global warming post........ with bikini pictures

Quiz Time! How well do you know your rock bands' names?

In case you didn't know: The Cubs won the pennant

Wow Peter Finch and I share a birthday

You know what I really like about the edit function?

Fuck me

Most annoying Star Trek character...

Post your favorite Star Trek actress picture.... sexy picture thread

THE KINGDOM looks friggin awesome

A DU Karmic Wave for Stacey starting at 8pm Pacific!

My Husband, Life long Dem, Just Announced he is thinking of Voting

Is bullfighting really a sport?

Fish, and plankton. And sea greens, and protein from the sea.

When Boojatta's polls are unsuccessful, the cause is usually...

Radio Lady Previews: "Camelot" with Lou Diamond Phillips in Portland, OR

'NOW' on PBS - "Veterans of PTSD" - on tonight (8 PM est)

Michigan Union Members Kick Off Fight Against Attacks on Workers (right to work law)

Time short for Bush's tattered trade agenda

AFL-CIO Pushes Universal Health Care as Top Priority in '08 Election

Japanese journalist shot dead trying to show the truth In Burma

Is Keith Olberman Mentally Ill?

Springsteen Slams War & Bush Policies on Today Show

Keith Olberman interviews Elizabeth Edwards on Public Financing, Cancer, Attacking Clinton, and John

Water: A World Commodity?

Mario Cuomo On HardBall

'NOW' - PBS - "Veterans of PTSD" - Check your local listings

At this moment, is there peace in Lebanon or apartheid in Lebanon?

Trial resumes of US soldier who killed Italian agent in Iraq

U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,800 Friday, according to count by The Associated Press

Clinton on Keith talked about micro loans by us through web site KIva

Bain and Chinese Company to Acquire 3Com

The Democratic response to Chucklenut's weekly radio address

I don't want to make nice any more.

If Joe Lieberman were the democratic nominee

Republicans new political cover plan for Iraq would hang our troops out until after Bush leaves

Is this true? Is this what it's like in New Orleans these days?

FDIC Shuts Down NetBank Due to Defaults

Anyone here seen the "secret" NAFTA Super Highway?

How do you plan to pay your share of US Debt? NOW near $30,000 per citizen!

Want to complain about McCain using troops to campaign?

Justice Thomas writes about Anita Hill in his new book

Bill Moyers Jour now doing show on Health care ("the bottom line")

Are 2 times 5 and 11 plus 3 even?

Technically, this could go in LBN, but I figure its more fun to post here.

Dr. Phil interviews parents of beaten boy of Jena 6 (with Al Sharpton) today & Monday!

Delete Dupe

Bill Moyers Journal, September 28, 2007

"Phoney soldiers" - (a few cartoons)

So, did any of you Listen to Mario Cuomo on Tweety after many DU'ers Alerted?

Mysterious Secret Military Op in Skies Above Plano, TX? (probably an explanation but haven't heard)

Rush on Wikipedia - no section on controversies? Nothing on latest episode.

San Hugo has *no* problem whatsoever with Holocaust-denier!!1

N.C. man charged with 'coughing' assault

Does anyone have a video clip for previous MSNBC/NBC lead in to Republican debates?

Huntsville, Alabama Plans Bomb Shelters For 300,000 Citizens

Rep John Hall on Rush and Iraq

MSNBC: The Luckiest Network On Television

Read Your Own DHS Travel Dossier

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Towns Rethink Laws Against Illegal Immigrants

The Monks Are Cut Off, and Burmese Clashes Ebb

Clarence Thomas writes million-dollar autobiography, denounces "left-wing zealots"

300 m.p.g. car to go on sale

The bravest man I ever met is a "phony soldier" according to Rush.

Calming down or merely shutting up news?

Bush to VETO money to HELP kids/families get health care - WHERE IS THE OUTCRY?!?

Freepers Furious That Dobson is "Arrogant" (calls Fred T not xtian enuff)

'Charade' Europeans angry after Bush climate speech

In your opinion, should the Democratic Party be a liberal or left-wing party?

WHy are they showing the face / identity of this poor little girl


Krugman -- "Hired Gun Fetish"

Friendly reminder. NO VOTES HAVE BEEN CAST YET

Mario Cuomo on Hardball Video

Furious. It is not a "sex" tape, it is a "rape" tape.

Anyone compare the pics? Is Stiles the same guy in the Nevada Rape Video?

So HRC Doesn't Float Your Boat - Which -R Will You Be Voting For?

Saddam Hussein signalled that he was willing to go into exile as long as he could take $US1 billion

Marcel Marceau spoke once (on War)

Has anybody seen the Movie NEXT with Nicholaus Cage

Madison has been found!

La Cucaracha Comic Hushed In Houston

North Korea may be dropped from terrorism list, U.S. hints - Next stop, Most Favored Nation status

Pentagon Gives Blackwater New Contract

Just breathe - dedicated to us all here

Exactly what is the difference between a suspect and a person of interest?

Jenna Bush's goal is to "embolden children all over third world countries...

Self-Proclaimed White Supremacists Hand Out Literature at Local High School

Religion "killing" Tory

Bolivia President Morales: Down with capitalism; move the U.N.; give Iran a chance

Rudy the cowboy, anyone?

US Beach erosion forces officials to search for alternatives to sand

Attack on Iran Said To Be Imminent.

Cheney plans assault on US Treasury...

Update: Boyfriend cleared in Hannah Mack hanging (TX 6 year old)

Cowboys want Bush to take off his boots...Permanently!

Kucinich 'seriously thinking' about forcing vote on Cheney impeachment

Re-play of the African American Media Images on C-Span

So Al Gore has to declare by November 2nd. What will he do?

Two-thirds of ''Millennials'' Are Less Likely To Join The Military

Hey, would this make a nice avatar?

Great Mr. Fish cartoon!

CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: Bradley Whitford states his case on YouTube

Holy cats! Dubai to buy stake in NASDAQ

"We want to tell (Americans) that we are not Qaeda, we are Iraqi resistance ... all we want is...

But "I STILL Haven't FOUND...What I'm lookin' FOR! I Still Haven't Found!

Friday news dump: Mukasey security detail cost $10,000 a *day* for over seven years!

HOW can Bush attack Iran?

A shout out to fellow Democrats, re: Health Care

OMC Update: "Everyone Please Help Me Pray For A Miracle"

Sen. Larry "John Boy" Craig Will Remain in Senate Until Judge Rules

Who controls the newsmedia and WHY do you think they wanted that control?

'Real Time' w/Bill Maher welcomes...

I am a leftist. Liberals fear me more than they fear the right wing.

Have You Stopped or Curtailed Discretionary Spending?

Ellsberg Calls for Actions to Prevent War with Iran

Peru trade deal out of committee 18 to 3....looks like it is set for passage.

Does the flaming icon next to the OP mean there's someone posting? A new

What do you want to ask Biden?

2 Clintons, 2 stories, but, Just 1 to See Print


Clinton for Iran war...check it out. This is disgusting.

self delete for obvious reasons

My take-off of an old WWII song. How do you like it?

Cute story about how Bill and Hillary first met

Bush tells Pelosi he "likes people who don't give up" & children's health program veto is "certain"

What is with the hostility?


SLICK! Senate links hate crimes to defense bill...

Edwards Aide Seeks to Reassure Backers (AP)

Hillary - did you forget to give Biden credit for using his savings plan for kids?

John Edwards: "Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself"

Democrats are practical....

British Govt being sued over Al Gore's movie in schools

Bill Clinton Says He Was More Experienced Than Obama (Update1)

Dean Calls on Rudy Giuliani to Fully Disclose Involvement in Calif

Obama "quite hopeless" in reciting "RNC cant" on Social Security.

I am proud of my results on the Political Compass

An Obama Eye View of New York

It's amazing that the ruling caste of the mega wealthy are so against

Any one else disappointed in the treatment of Gavel and Kucinich in debates?

Alcee Hastings, Bill Nelson to file suit next week. Activist DiMaio says join his suit.

For those who missed it...Gravel bringing up the L/K amendment on Tuesday's debate.

Obama rolls out Civil Rights Platform

A few questions about impeachment..

Black Caucus Welcomes Hillary

Bush, Clinton, Bush.....Clinton???

The United States just can't take another 4 years of partisan fighting

A Totally UNOFFICIAL Democratic Response

Edwards probably doesn't have a chance

Could fans of Edwards and Obama check in for a poll?

Bill Clinton Says He Was More Experienced Than Obama

I don't support any candidate but I must say the notion that

Where's the outcry against Gravel's stiffing of the credit card companies?

Hillary, why give every newborn $5,000? (To the parents, of course)

Thank you mods. n/t

Green energy meets jobs (the headline does not say it all)

Congressman: State Dept. official threatened investigators (Blackwater)

Ahmadinejad walks away with a win

For leftist leaders, NYC is world's soapbox

Town Is Shaken After Prosecutor’s Arrest in a Child-Sex Sting

John Dean: From Nixon to Bush to Giuliani

Bill Maher: Stop Saying Iraq Is Another Vietnam; It's Another Enron

A Trend Grows in Policing

Cities try to shut FEMA trailer parks

A novelist investigates the killing of a beloved Guatemalan bishop.

WP,pg1, Ricks: For Democrat, Options in Iraq Could Be Few: Hopefuls Unlikely To Effect Rapid Change


Black Mark: Blackwater Investigation / Slate / Michael Weiss

SEYMOUR HERSH-'The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing'

WP: Democrats' Chances to Alter Iraq Strategy Dwindling

Our View -- Thumbs down to outsourced wars (Makato Free Press MN)

America's Hitler, Bush's Vietnam & the Media-An Interview With Seymour Hersh

YES "A Coup has Occurred" & "The Answer is Blow'in in the Wind"

Now Read The Truth: Lieberman-Kyl DEFANGED Because of YOU By thepen

Weary G.I.’s in Iraq Are Ready for a Rest, but Are Hardly at Ease

List of leading proponents for waging war on Iran thread

Freedom from Fear - Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

The man behind the Myanmar madness: General Than Shwe, 74

Will Durst: Free Speech ain't Free... Oh, Wait a Minute -Yeah, it IS.


Jenna's Story: A New Author Steps Forth

Laura Washington enters the "Oh-No-You-Didn't Zone"

We're losing in Afghanistan too-country looks a lot like it did on Sept. 10, 2001.

Navy to alter barracks shaped like swastika / AP

Religion as a force for good: As Burmese rebellion shows, often faithful inspired to do great things

Wounded veterans, their families suffer economically

..........But the White House hopes the outrage will once again blow over.

Fed Up With Cowardice and Duplicity

America Used To Be Really Goddamn Awesome

Impeachment needed to empty presidential toolbox

Thanks a million, Ayn Rand, for setting the greedy free / Naomi Klein

Biofuel trial flight set for 747 - BBC

Bush plans to expand nuclear plants called unrealistic by FPL CEO

Judge to review Idaho nuke info

Judge sides with watchdog group in LANL case

New nuke pills on order for region

Oak Ridge security firm unveils latest weapon

S. Texas county fights uranium mine proposal

Congressmen contest NRC's safety standards

NYPD's planned "ring of steel"

50 years later, many victims of Japan's worst eco-disaster still struggle for redress

Reactor museum plan is scrapped (world's first civilian nuke plant - towers get demolished today)

Little-known Indian tribe spotted in Peru's Amazon

Filling The Bush Gap - Time

Evangelical Split Widens Over Environmental Issues & Global Warming - WSJ

Japan's Minamata Disease still lingers

Climate Change: Filling the Bush Gap

Carter receives Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award

Bush Climate Meet Attendees Describe "Deeply Cynical" Approach - Treas. Sec. Paulson Breaking Ranks?

Worm poop a success -- CNN

Sen. Craig's fall may benefit salmon

New Stalls For Craig's Bathroom

For leftist leaders, NYC is world's soapbox

Taliban suicide blast in Kabul kills 30

Bomb on Afghan army bus kills at least 27

Ben Stevens speaks out on corruption probe

State Dept. Agents Say Jobs Were Threatened

U.S. confirms Baghdad air strike

White House Says Mukasey Would Skip Giuliani Issues

Political stardom profitable for Obama

Edwards’s Embrace of Public Money May Be Limited: Could reject for general election

Topps vastly expands ground beef recall amid E. coli worries

American Bar Association Legal Aid Offer for Detainees Is Retracted: Challenge to government

Bush Signs Spending Bill, Jabs at Dems

Outsiders Aim To Frame Political

Satellites capture evidence of Burma crackdown

UN envoy in Burma seeks end to killings

CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: Bradley Whitford states his case on YouTube

Karzai offers Taliban government office

FDA Officials: Cold Meds Not for Kids

Japan Lodges Protest With Myanmar

Climate Change: Filling the Bush Gap

New Group Boasts Big War Chest and Rising Voice

Lawyers vow to oust Musharraf in court battle

Iraqi VP Says His Country Will Not Be Used As Base To Attack Iran Or Syria

As Prices Soar, U.S. Food Aid Buys Less

Prosecutors Lay Out Case Against Rep. William Jefferson (D., La.)

Hope Wanes Among Protesters in Myanmar

Firms Seek Access to Myanmar Oil Fields

12 tourists wounded in first-ever Maldives blast

Spokesman: Gingrich won’t run for president

Union concessions to GM deeper than initially thought

US military 'regrets' civilian deaths in Iraq

12-Year-Old Asks Bush To Sign Children's Health Bill

Bulk of US anti-terror grants go to Jewish organizations

Report: Countrywide CEO Cashed Out(Before Crash)

Aging inmates clogging nation's prisons

Over 40 arrests in Nev. immigration raid

Wounded vets also suffer financial woes [the economic casualties]

21.7 million pounds of meat recalled

Iran labels CIA 'terrorist organization'

Iraqi leader says U.S. Senate plan would be castastrophe

Mother had no idea daughter was assaulted

Dallas man sentenced to four years in dog's death

Have you ever written a letter to the future? I'm QUIET DRUNK right now...

If I Posted What I Am Really Thinking, You Would All Hate Me

I just met Elizabeth Edwards!

What? No 'prayer circle'? Not enough faith? What?

Know any spider bite remedies?

Nighthawks #69 (dial-up warning)

A treat for liberal fantasy fans (hopefully)

Worst episode of 'All in the Family'?

Dear Abby, my room mate is beginning to smell. What shall I do?

Favorite taste? EDITED, was experiment to see if could change poll choices. Cool.

Robot Bartender

'The central heating broke down. I had to light the oven and hold my pussy in front of it.'

world so cold......

Hahahaahahahahaha at Mariano Riviera.

A new drink to order: Bill O'Reilly's Mother-Effen Iced Tea

Anyone going to Borders tomorrow?

Favorite flavor combined with chocolate

I am really bored

Speaking of dreams with wierd imagery..

I am at the Apple Store in Fashion Valley -- Ask me anything.....

Everything a mom says in 24 hours, sung to William Tell Overture in 2 minutes 55 seconds

I just received a very troubling PM. I could use some advice

Wisconsin or Michigan State?

Does anybody recognize this woman? (pic)

Freeper Madness: "Bush is a Quadruped!!!"

Wanna a quick giggle?

What the hell?? I'm suddenly covered in hives

What Style Of Dancing Was In When Your Went To High School/Prom?

Who's going to win the Yankees-Angels ALCS?

Japanese produce see-through tree frogs.

The 2007 AL East Champs!

You know you're making an impression when the head of the entire network....

I've lost my mojo

Wow, it's been fifty years.

I'm Outta Here: this is fun but I am off to work on a Habitat project

New pictures of my pussy. (post your pussy pictures here.)

It must be a slow news day

The spinach I bought, produce of USA, was in a plastic wrap container...

Wow. Ziggy Marley and I share a birthday.

So I walked/jogged 5 miles to deposit $60 and spend $200

Wow! Ziggy Marley and I shared a fattie!

Ptah at the controls - 1955 {dial-up warning}

I met Elizabeth Edwards last night...and I have videos!

Ever hear of the term ....

Tonya Harding / Divine Brown publicist, alleged Cruise extortionist found dead: apparent suicide

If you think you have a messed up personal life, read about Naveen Andrews

Thank you, Jessica

Rolling Stone: Van Halen Kicks Off Reunion Tour, Charlotte NC, 9/28/07 (dial-up caveat: pic-heavy)

I'd like to introduce you to a Canadian tradition

Talk to me.

Jenna Bush Promotes Safe Sex...

Life imitates art. You know that brouhaha over Bill O'Reilly?

Is Bewilderment Really A Nice State?

Am I unusual for a DU member

Kiefer Sutherland charged w/DUI . Post your prediction of how the interrogation goes.

i'm taking vicodin 7.5's. don't bother to ask me anything.

What does HTML mean?

Hockey season starts soon!

I'd like to apologize for bringing all the fire ants.


Have you ever succesfully used super glue a second time from the same container?

There has never been a hero like Ace Rimmer.

Go ahead, lecture me. I'm due.

Does anyone know how to turn in an AWOL marine?

I'm watching Teen Titans

Great email I received: Recovering thinkers join the Republicans.

Is it possible to have weird spasms for no reason?

Why do birds fly in front of cars?

I haven't done one single useful or important thing all day.

What's we're all saying about people from your town.

U.S. goalie Hope Solo gets the boot at Womens World Cup

I admit it- I never watched Twin Peaks when it was on

Any Meerkat Manor fans watching tonight? (SPOILER)

Only 2 RECS???

There has never been a hero like Ace Hunter.

AP video: Bear Rescued from Underneath Bridge

Almost makes me want to drink Bud Lite. (video)

If you're American when you enter the bathroom, and American when you exit the bathroom, what are

I was in a perfectly good mood until I checked in there

car @ Home Depot w/magnetic sign: IMPEACH BUSH on the door

Happy Anniversary Stacey and OMC!!!

Attention Computer Aficionados: How do I set up my PC for wireless internet?

Oh...I think I finally found an avatar that represents something I like!

7 November 2008 - Bond is out for revenge.

Galactic smuggler Han Solo gets the ice at Vader's Summer Camp

Why can't California drivers get in a lane on the freeway and stay in it?

Do you have a personality disorder? Check it out!!

Techie problem, I need your help.

Giada De Laurentiis...Nice Carrots!

Someone's swiping toilet paper - County executive vows to crack case

The Beatles


I slept with one of the bandages off last night

Do you ever just see someone's face or username and smile

Sorry, gotta gloat

Yet another reason why I like men:

Martin Sheen on A Pairie Home Companion - right now!

Tongue piercing almost killed a young woman

Today's College Football Thread

Mmmmm, pie.

This guy's ripping off George Thorogood

Another quiz: Dating profile!

Post a clip from a movie that changed your life

Ikea said the box weighed 82 pounds

I cannot believe I am starting a Cat Picture Thread...

Harry dog is 15 years old this weekend!

What is the single most beautiful sight you've ever seen?

I share a birthday with John Cleese

I bought me new shoes

Do your cats like human food?

Radio Lady Discusses: Need YOUR help with new name of my audio show!

some thoughts on my Habitat Experience today

Is winning a division really winning "the pennant?"

Birding while communting

I'm going to the Bruce Springsteen concert!

Radio Lady Discusses: Elderly 82-year-old woman marries 24-year-old man in Argentina.

which singer has the most distinct voice?

Are both 2 times 7, and 16 plus 8 even?

Saturday, September 29th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Roadrunner e-mails blocked by the Army

Specialized teams to train for possible WMD attacks

Senate OKs vets’ suicide prevention bill

Navy to alter barracks shaped like swastika

Just a matter of time

General Pace Sends Farewell Message

Another day in Paradise

China's Military Nearly Impenetrable

Kids now are ‘alien force’ to Navy

WAR - What Is It Good For

Marine Corps League official faces charges


Bangladesh: 100 hurt as garment workers clash with police

Former Nova Southeastern University Janitor Elirose Pierre-Louis, who was sacked due to organizing e

AFL-CIO Transportation Unions Focus on Stopping Outsourcing At USPS

Governor Patrick signs historic Majority Authorization Bill at Massachusetts AFL-CIO Convention

More Troops for Iraq?

John Wayne on Patriotism

Monks Praying, Soldiers Shooting, in Burma

Liechtenstein Successfully Tests Teeny Tiny Nuclear Bomb

Governor Patrick signs Majority Authorization

The U.S. Border Moat.

Ghost War on Terror.

Breasts Not Bombs Protest - SF Federal Bldg. July 23, 2007

Olbermann: O'Reilly's "Color Bind" defending racist remarks

Rudy's Next $9.11

Moment of Change: The Power is with YOU

Ken Burns on Bill Maher 9-28-07 Part Two

Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of a Smear

Once upon a time there was a monk who sat himself on fire...

Rudy enjoys prostate exams because of 9/11

question for the lawyers out there . . .

It's PRIMARY season. If we don't like the direction of the Democratic Leadership...

United States said to be reluctant to send help to Burma

McClatchy: U.S. agrees to delay on new Iranian sanctions

I just wonder how damn many people are gonna vote for Hillary because

So, Democrats vote overwhelmingly to approve more money for Iraq

Michael Moore and Oprah Ask Audience: Why Should US Health Care Be for Profit?

Iraq wants security deal with U.S.

Governor GOODHAIR moving to posh rental estate pending renovations of weak-governor-mansion

"Ya didn't have to love me like you did, but you did; and I thank you"

Amid uproar, Blackwater stops land deal

In case you missed's You Tube link to Mario Cuomo interviiew on Hardball last night!

Chinese Execute Millions of Recalled Toys..

Twelve year old Boy to give Democrats weekly radio address

Anyone in favor of a DU Crime Forum? Some of the posts in GD about

Is this Bush's idea of success:

Captive's Wife Confronts Iranian at UN

OR 28th Poll Dems v. Repubs Head to Head JE 36/BO 23/HRC 22 ....

Democrats snub Republican Iraq pullout timeline

Ethanol for dummies. Can someone please explain the basics to me?

The hypocrisy thickens, FOX attacks "honor and integrity of our war generals"

Why we invaded Iraq

The essential difference between a politician and a leader

Imaginary Presidential Race: Bill Clinton vs. Hillary Clinton

LA TIMES: Riot police clash with Musharraf foes

Murray, Clinton, and Slaughter Introduce Bill to Inform Women About the Availability of Emergency Co

Is Hillary just playing to the center when in reality she is much more liberal?

EEOC sues Reno car dealer for religious harassment

50 West high school Students Tossed from year's first dance for "Freak Dancing"

E-MAIL From: "ActForChange by Working Assets" Tell Congress: Fix Wiretapping Law

Accurate data on Iraqi and American deaths, etc.

The Furor Over an Anorexia Ad

Alaska Lawmakers Want Info on Veco Ties From Big Oil

Europeans angry after Bush climate speech 'charade'

Edwards may scale back pledge on public cash

Iran parliament labels US army, CIA as terrorist groups

Grocery prices reflect the tip of the hyperinflation iceberg that is rushing at us

LA TIMES: Myanmar tries to cut Internet, cell access

Weekend TOONS You get what you pay for

How Bush Sacrificed Troop For Spy Powers

Great picture.....

A Freeper's "Wet Dream" Page ..... Warning Spew Alert

Taliban Suicide Blast in Kabul Kills 30 = Possible Taliban Peace Talks ??

James Connaughton opened his mouth and lied about things nuclear

Bush Jabs at Democrats on Spending Bills = "biggest tax increase in American history"

Saudi Insurgents in Iraq

BREAKING NEWS: Giuliani fundraiser was mystery CA Electoral Vote initiative backer

Edwards with comfortable leads over Thompson and Giuliani

Iran: CIA, U.S. Army ‘terrorist organizations’

WA POST: Veto Is Certain, Bush Tells Pelosi = children's health program

Official "Votes with Party" Scores, 110th Congress

"The Freeze Private Contractors in Iraq Act"

Blackwater Down = asking the ancient question of “Who guards the guardians?”

a 'Listen Up' for the women of Nev.

The Bush-Aznar Conversation "What emerges is a president full of swagger "

Graeme Frost, 12, will deliver the Democratic response to President Bush’s radio address today


12-year-old Graeme Frost gets under Boehner's skin, exposes hypocrisy

FBI chief orders internal probe = "interfered with midterm congressional elections"

what's up with Clarence?

Here are a few modest proposals that would fix most of our problems

Remember: If you don't vote for the Federalist or Whig candidate...

We know why Thomas has been anti-liberal in decisions

Fl., Nassau Co. Comm. declared a state of emergency - red tide

Kucinich Shuts Out Plain Dealer

For Craig and Others, a Caucus on the Potomac (Larry Craig's home away from home)

Bush threatened the same nations in conversation w/ Aznar that NSA spied on in UN

Imaginary Presidential Race: John Edwards vs. Elizabeth Edwards

Ban Sought on Cold Medicine for Very Young

Counterterrorism Analyst Raises Doubts About Alleged Death Of Top Al Qaeda Leader

Boehner: Using Children For Political Messaging Is ‘Beyond The Pale,’ Unless I Do It

Sen. Craig's fall may benefit salmon

Drugs on crashed plane belonged to Mexico's biggest dealer

Ben (Son of Ted) Stevens breaks his silence

Pottersville: "A Period Of Consequences" (Blackwater)

PRESTO!!! False AP Reporting Makes Limbaugh's Bogus Pushback Sound Perfectly Reasonable

No way to run a sewer commission . . .


DUCK AND RUN!!! Report: Pro-War GOP Senators Refusing To Be Interviewed About Iraq On National T-V

Gingrich rules out run for president

Army sniper kills two Iraqis-gets a whopping 5 months in prison

Why I unabashedly want the Democrats to crush the rethuglicans in '08

Ohio federal judge strikes down Net-censorship law

"Leading Indicators Point Down for GOP" The warmonger party is FINISHED!

Wounded vets also economic casualties

Webb and Kerry looking for a few good soldiers to run for Congress

BURMA MORE OR LESS NEEDS HELP...Problem is, US President George Bush...

So, feminists, what do you think masculinity is?

Glenn Greenwald: Fox News' attack on the honor and integrity of our war generals

Runaway (Spending) Train

What's the lamest 9/11 excuse you've heard?

Tonya Harding / Divine Brown publicist, alleged Cruise extortionist found dead: apparent suicide

SEYMOUR HERSH: "The President Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing"

"Wounded Vets Also Suffer Financial Woes" This is just heartbreaking!!

Obama Adds Reducing Mandatory Drug Sentences To Presidential Platform

I Pray the Iraqi Resistance

Has there been any press coverage of the IAEA being exactly right on Iraq's program?

Senate Democratic Leaders To Call On Clear Channel To Renounce Limbaugh's Attack On Our Troops


"Another blow to the Patriot Act"

Defense stocks hit new highs

armyofdude: The Real Deal (a 'phony' soldier's opinion)

Laura Takes "Global Health", W. Takes "Domestic Profits", SCHIP Stands Alone

Juan Cole: Possible Blackmail-Shredding Of Evidence & The War Crime of the Century

Why I am here

UK fears Burma toll 'far higher'

Wilkes trial to begin Wednesday

Next time someone uses "Iraq" and "Progress" in the same sentence, say "SHUT UP!" and show them this

NPR: Reflections on the Sen. Larry Craig Case By Scott Simon

TIME: V-22 Osprey: A Flying Shame

CNN is losing credibility. The National Enquirer comes up with better stories then this.

Long time no post--Hip Replacement then Fire destroyed home

Sympathy for the Devil redux

Who has the most realistic chance of winning the General Election?

TPM: McCain: Constitution establishes a ‘Christian nation’

Hissyspit's "What a bunch of idiots" locked?? . . .

Rep. Young (R-AK) Coconut Rd. Supporters Aren't Giving Up $10 M FL Earmark

I'd like to thank whoever gave me a star

Blackwater Review to Focus on Five Fatal Cases

Baby Boomers: Why do so many lack real computer skills?

I refuse to endorse or vote for

Roberts, a loyal Bushie, went to the Senate floor this week and, point by


Will YOU support Dems no matter what they do?

In Burma, activists call for a general strike (Newsweek)

McCain , Rommey speak out on Rush:

I pray and work for peace and understanding.

Where is Abbie Hoffman when you need a little humor?

Anti-Iran hawks win partial victory

The US base that could spark Iran conflict

New SUPER rich group forms...and they ain't Democrat friendly...

"Democracy is Coming to the USA" - sung by the Burns Sisters

5 Witnesses Insist Iraqis Didn't Fire On Guards

The Independent frontpage on the Burmese Junta's crackdown

Ken Burns on Real Time.....

Domestic Terrorism........

Wayne Allyn Root - a Libertarian for President?!?!?

A massive wrench thrown in Putin's works

The President's threat to veto the SChip Bill -WJ

I understand the appeal of 3rd parties.

Blackwater claims the report criticizing them is one sided and I wholeheartedly agree

Girl (the victim) in Taped Sex Assault Found (she's safe)

Look what they said in the debate. No comment offered by me, just post the quotes

Wow Peter Finch and I share a birthday

US regrets if civilians killed in Baghdad raid

Europeans angry after Bush climate speech 'charade'

AIPAC is Driving US Towards War With IRAN! (Betting on Hillary to Win!)

Blackwater is being investigated by the State Department?

Mitt Romney's communist connection

John Dean: From Nixon to Bush to Giuliani

So, ah, how's that "I don't care, as long as they're a Democrat" thing working out?

Counterterrorism Analyst Raises Doubts About Alleged Death Of Top Al Qaeda Leader

Elected or Appointed Judges? Which method do you think best?

Robert Gates...a "master of the obvious"

How long could we have provided healthcare for every American

Neighbor Charged in Hanging of Girl, 6 (Texas case)

And the Democrats are against this war???

The person who holds the power in a negotiation...

OMC and Stacey's anniversary today; please offer your thoughts in the Lounge:

And where does (In-)Justice Clarence Thomas go to give a 90 minute interview?

NY TIMES: For Craig and Others, a Caucus on the Potomac

NSA memo authorized spying on the UN to see what they think about Iraq

State Department's IG Howard Krongard - What should be done?

GIULIANI's Top Fundraiser - SOLE Backer Of California Electoral Vote Initiative

Warren student's racial comments directed at blacks

Is it time to dump the old people? Reflections on what Cramer said.

US Army Stops Arrest of Blackwater Killers By Iraqi Police

Top 100 Ways Global Warming Will Change Your Life

Troops Take Back Control in Myanmar

Do prisoners still take it out on inmates who are convicted of pedophilia?

I'm assuming you've all seen this ...

"Look Mr. Bush, I'm combing my hair"

Thomas says liberal elites and activist groups desecrated his life.

Want a laugh? Read this:

Post 4000: I quit

Dems Could Do Far More To End Iraq War - Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris

John Anderson promotes Instant Runoff Voting

Tongue piercing almost killed a young woman

Topless anti-war protest near White House - Photos


Is the White House race Dems to lose in 2008?

How big is the DU tent?

The Horror This President Has Created - Wounded vets also suffer financial woes

Iraqi civilians deaths part of war on terror: US military

Some thoughts from Robert Parry on how "MOVE ON" could use that money Angry Dems Sent them!

When will Democrats (DLC) Learn?

Michael Dyson on Real Time and cutting off funding for the Iraq War

How Important Is Individual Freedom To You?

How does a member delete their account....?

Mmmmm, pie.

Legal Aid Offer for Gitmo Detainees Is Retracted

Iraqi sacred site to be rebuilt (BBC)

Iraqi mud is like whipped cream compared to the Iranian quagmire

White supremacists used severed hand to brag about slayings in Hingham, court documents allege

Where are we going to be a couple of years from now?

"The world cannot fail the people of Burma again"

Democratic Leaders Call On Clear Channel To Denounce Limbaugh

21.7 million pounds of beef recalled

New Obama line of attack on Clinton

Man In Cruise Extortion Plot Found Dead

Jon Stewart to anchor Ted Koppel: You make me want to do better

CAPTION: But YOU still love me, dontcha little fella??

The Supreme Court Will Decide If Lethal Injection Violates The Eighth Amendment

Anyone have experience with Penny Stocks?

Sen. Craig's Fall May Benefit Salmon

Bags forbidden in school; what do you do with tampons?

What if there were a campaign to demand that Congress forgo its healthcare package

What will it take to pressure the Republicans to end the war in Iraq?

Chinese buy into conspiracy theory.

When they push, you have to push back x2 as hard...

John McCain: BIGOT. McCain: No Muslim president, U.S. better with Christian one

Conscription, DLC Style?

Bush Revealed that Saddam Agreed to Terms

Troops May Not Have Enough Kevlar But Thanks To DuPont We Got Some Great Tires From Goodyear

Dance with me: Rep. Hall introducing legislation to condemn Rush Limbaugh

Ol' Stan and Giulianis' prostate exam...

Rudy skips minority debate to fundraise with Bo Derek

6 die from brain eating amoeba

We could've bought Saddam off for ONE LOUSY BILLION??

Should the people of any country have the absolute right to resist invasion by another country?

Catholics initiate call to GI's to refuse

Gore is running, not for's for...

As Crocker and Petraeus testified before Congress, Blackwater guards shot 43 people, 16 have died

I am not a gun expert so plez help.

Book TV Schedule: September 29th - October 1st

Microsoft Says Excel 2007 Produces Math Errors (Information Week)

PETA Billboard Targets Gore

Propaganda: How the Media Molds Your Mind.

Maybe people are starting to see Hilary for what she is, especially on Iraq

Remember "Bye-bye plane" and the baby benadryl dust-up?

how do families make it (financially)

A New Kind of Neocon?

By Far the Worst Performance and Demagoguery at Last Wednesday’s Democratic Debates

I Heart Gore

New Deep-Pocketed Conservative Group Has Sights Set On Iran

AT&T Silences Criticism in New Terms of Service

Will we be forced to swallow our convictions and vote for a pro-war Democratic candidate in '08?

Duke (finally) apologizes to Lacrosse players for throwing them to the wolves

List of leading proponents for waging war on Iran thread

If I put someone (and you ALL know to whom I refer) on my Buddy List

OT You guys if you haven't seen this, I recommend it. Thought provoking and

I am proud of you Biden supporters

8 Candidates File To Replace Recalled Blackwater Supporters (CA)

OMC and Stacey's anniversary today, please offer your thoughts in the Lounge:

Kucinich: 'Stunning admission' by Clinton, Obama, Edwards is tantamount to permanent occupation

Newsweek Iowa Poll: Competition in the Cornfields

Here are a few truths. I'm sure I'll get flamed.

Paul Newman- Truth To Power

Now Read The Truth: Lieberman-Kyl DEFANGED Because of YOU

I've come to the conclusion that the most important thing to look for

Obama Favors Changes in Drug Sentencing

Magical Michelle Obama Hijacks the Straight Talk Express

Clinton's political blessing is her political curse

Obama suffers from high expectations, Clinton benefits from low ones

Edwards’s Embrace of Public Money May Be Limited

Dodd criticizes Dem opponents in Iowa

Clinton edges Obama in Black Caucus endorsements

Obama: Candidacy a sign of racial progress

Why are Bush and the Military using women and children as Human Shields?

Dodd questions Clinton's electability

How Activists OFTEN Miss the Boat

Consequences of the veto of SCHIP by Bush and their enablers in the House...

Does an-Qoulter epitomize the moral rot and decay in America?

In the Crowd at Obamania (NYT Video)

White House photo of smirky Junior & carefree Pickles at last night's Book Festival Gala

Running mate for Senator Clinton.

Obama Seeks Votes Amid Fervor at Howard U.: Draws Enthusiasm of Black Students but Few Volunteers

John Edwards on reducing Inner-city Violence - IN CONTEXT EDITION

CAS freshman: "Barack Obama is the most gangster politician to ever come to Washington..."

Jenna & Secret Service

Outsiders Aim To Frame Political

About this $5,000 per kid Hillary proposal.....

Candidates get chatty on TV: Talk show constituencies

Iran labels CIA 'terrorist organization'

Iraq Wiretap Delay Not Quite as Presented

Does anyone have a link to Representatives' votes on the S-Chip bill?

Bush's voluntary targets for emissions fail to win support

Raw Story: Schlock jock "Mancow" Muller "refuses to make fun of any religion except Islam"

Kucinich, unhappy with coverage, shuts out Plain Dealer

Clinton Edges Obama in Black Caucus

Iowa: Obama has "slight edge" in 3-way split with Hillary & Edwards, while GOP has Mitt Fever

AP bestows two new titles on the Boy King: "The Jabber" and "The Lambaster." Pick your favorite!

Bill Maher: "Hillary mentions drugs 14 times in her healthcare plan --

Why does Sen. Clinton even WANT to be President?

Bill O'Reilly: 'I want to murder people who tell the truth'.

Is Obama Really Trailing Clinton?

Obama has a message for you

Obama Quotes Clinton (Bill) on His Experience

Rudy is a poser. Pass it on.

In national poll, John Edwards 50% destroys Rudy Giuliani 41% and Thompson (49% to 39%)

New Group Boasts Big War Chest and Rising Voice

Fred Thompson angers state Hispanics (Florida)

My message to those who have a problem with the Clinton "dynasty"

Rudy's new autobiography skips the first 10 yrs. of his life! First sentence:

Leading indicators point down for GOP

Political stardom profitable for Obama

Never Trust Anybody Over 49

Democrats the Party of 'Normal Americans'

Edwards trails Clinton in NC

What you need to know about Juan Williams

On Obama...I've watched the debates and listened to some speeches

The Hillary Hater's "Adrian" Problem

No more defeatism, no more political self-loathing:Democrats MUST be fighting progressives!

Front-runner last in specifics

War on terror exposed as a fraud, chapter and verse. Great article.

Aw shoot...We won't have Newt to kick around. He says "No" to White House Bid

Newt says NO to running for President blames McCain/Fingold on not raising money

I've just changed my avatar.

I guess Iran just made hillary's recent vote look pretty foolish

John Dean: President Rudy would "go even farther than Cheney and Bush in their worst moments"

Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows (Clinton Marathon continues, with the Big Doggie)

Single Payer Healthcare - Help Me Out, Here...


Rudy thinks he has 50/50 chance to win California

Novak: Senator Mel Martinez to step down as RNC Chair after prez nominee named

Poll shows Obama ahead in Iowa among "likely Democratic caucus-goers"

Lets put aside our petty differences. unite behind hillary

Make your case for YOUR candidate here (and help your fellow DUers)

A lot of calenders have changed. When is your state primary?

This is nice......

Hillary more liberal then Howard Dean and Al Gore?

I'm reconsidering my support of Clinton in light of her recent ludicrous idea

Hillary Hostility Growing

Florida Dems pick Kendall Coffey to challenge the DNC..."Echoes of 2000"

"JOE BIDEN, the grown-up in the race"

Dem Debate topic - Teaching 2nd Graders about gay issues..

The administration of George W. Bush/Richard B. Cheney is fascist-yes or no.