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Archives: September 28, 2007

Nir Rosen: No Going Back-Little relief in sight for millions of displaced Iraqis

Soldier Tells Of Shooting Unarmed Iraqi

A 19 Year-Old Kucinich Volunteer Responds to Democratic Candidates in "FANTASYLAND"

Generals opposing Iraq war break with military tradition

TIME: Burma's Agony

How the 'gang of four' lost Iraq

Lawyer Admits Destroying Church Porn Evidence

Terrorism Index - Foreign Policy magazine

Krugman: Hired Gun Fetish

Time to Rename the Department of Defense to the Department of Offense!

Democratic presidential candidates: US troops could stay in Iraq until 2013

Cliff Schecter: Couric Admits Feeling NBC Pressure On Iraq Coverage

Buyer's Remorse: Their Purchase, Our Regret / David Michael Green

America’s New Religion, Part II / James Howard Kunstler

Climate Change Peril Insurers See: Risk perceived by insurance industry may alter political balance

Chris Floyd: Ninth Circle: The Widening Gyre of Iraq's Death Spiral

Australian Foreign Minister Outlines Dire Climate Future, Embraces Non-binding "Aspirational" Goals

US Insists It Supports UN Efforts On Climate - And Condi Says We'll "Expand Our Leadership"

Road To Nowhere - Bush's Latest Global Warming Stall - Huff Post

UK Major Retailers Will Ban Incandescents After 2011 - But It's Voluntary, Of Course . . .

Algae Spike Discovered In Canada's Most Northern Lake - Likely Linked To Warming Climate - AFP

NHC - Hurricane Lorenzo Approaching Veracruz In GOM - Top Sust. 75 993 Mb Moving W. 6 mph

John Howard Plays Down Climate/Drought Link As Study Shows High Fire Risk Days Up 300% By 2050 - AFP

ChimpCo Touting Success Of Measures It Opposed - Tougher CAFE, Higher Renewable, Appliance Standards

Chronic Wasting Disease Still Spreading In Deer - Endemic In 14 States

Ethiopian PM On Climate At Clinton Meeting - "We Are Being Punished Because Of What You Did"

Clinton Global Initiative webcasts

Pat Michaels Steps Down As VA State Climatologist - Hid Links To Utility Company Funding

Clinton on Kyoto: "It's a very good thing to fail in the right cause."

Soaring Grain Prices Empty Australian Feedlots, Bring Beef Price Spike - Reuters

World Carryover Wheat Stockpiles At Lowest Levels Since 1977 - 1978 - The Australian

This is where all those things that wash down rivers to the sea end up.. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Today's Boo-Hoo Award: Saudi Oil Minister Says Climate Policies "Unfairly Tax" Oil - Dow Jones

Shijiazhuang, China - Economic Growth @ 11%+ In 2006 - As Two-Thirds Of City Groundwater Now Gone

IPY Researchers Stunned By Canadian Arctic Heatwave As Landscape Literally Melts Before Their Eyes

U.S. insists it supports U.N. on climate

Congress OKs Bill to Keep Gov't Running

Morality police patrol Ramadon

800 nurses (2 states) on verge of striking

Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000

Report Assails F.D.A. Oversight of Clinical Trials

John Edwards says he'll accept public financing

House Oversight Committee Report: Blackwater 'impeded' probe into contractor deaths

Sunnis may stop work with U.S. in Diyala

Granholm, GOP stand firm; budget talks continue

ExxonMobil, Murphy to sue Canada over oil rule

Bush appeals to China to pressure Myanmar

GOP hopefuls assailed for debate no-show

New Details Emerge on Blackwater Role in Shooting

For Craig and Others, a Caucus on the Potomac

State Dept. Tallies 56 Shootings Involving Blackwater on Diplomatic Guard Duty

Bush on travel woes: ‘We've got a problem’

Jena 6 Defendant Released on Bail

Corning Inc. moving factory to Mexico

Judge: Use of Troops' Names Protected

Court win for Cuban dad in custody case

Study: Alcohol Boosts Breast Cancer Risk

Yarn Harlot

Man, look at these boobs.

Anyone else watching gladiator movies?

no, you don't get the whole sidewalk

anyone know how to import napster songs onto iTunes?

Why the hell did Bruce Campbell never become a big star?

Halo and Monty Python!

Why do men and women think that I am sexy in the buff?

Smallville is back. Supergirl is well,super.

Did you know that every day Mexican gays sneak into this country and unplug our brain-dead ladies?

Absolute Flame Thread

Hmmmm, the GD has been quiet lately...

dobbsian financial control methods

I have a VERY important announcement

BOB IS . . .

Having a bad day? Wish someone ill will?

Congratulation lounge! We've unleashed the evil spirit of Carrot Top to the world!

Okay I found this what do I win. (Olive Garden wins breastfeeding award)

WARNING! CarrotTop pictures inside!

You know it's fucking insulting that they sub-titled eveything the owner said in Kitchen Nightmares

Annie Lennox "Songs of Mass Destruction" - listen here

New TSA and DHS Terrorism Warning

More people should listen to White Zombie, dammit!

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain,now you decided to show me the same

How drunk are you RIGHT NOW?

Oooh! Earl and the Office season premiers tonight!

Mad World

Do you know what stadium this is?

Okay, who sings that infectious song on the IPod Commercial...

NBC bringing back "Knight Rider"


Any DUers subscribe to Foreign Policy magazine or have comments

Question about David Tennant

blood pressure

Mets losing again...someone talk me off the ledge!!!!

Anybody care to explain this to me?


Bruce Springsteen on TODAY SHOW Tommorow!

I have solved the Carrot Top mystery. No, I'm dead serious.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/27/07

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Russian River Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA

9/27 Stacey Update. Bad Day Today. (Except Lindsey Lohan's Father Visited Her Today)

Pachelbel Bedtime: this is a hilarious little ditty. Check it out.

Somebody set the wayback machine to April 14, 2003

List A Useful Website That Would Actually Help Someone Out

You know you're a hiker when:

Anyone else watching CSI?

I am interviewing for a job that requires top secret clearance - anyone here know much about it?

We got the house!

Help me, Obi Wan.

Relationship/Dating Advice for an Insecure, Inexperienced 22-year old?

Who is watching The Office?

Remind me not to let the room-mates drink from the box of wine again

For serious drinking, what's your beverage of choice?

Ugly Betty... Who else is crying ????

To the nasty old hag in the Target parking lot....

I can't elaborate much but a simple request if you will DU?

Union Members Know What’s at Stake When They Vote (a new AFL-CIO political writer, in his debut post

Take Action to Protest Murder of Guatemalan Union Leader

Firefighters Outraged At Rudy Giuliani $9.11 Fundraiser

Abuses in the fields sometimes ignored

The Detroit News: GM narrows competitive gap

House Passes Bill to Compel OSHA to Issue Standards for Popcorn Additive

USA Today: For Shanker, education was a labor union of love

Former UAW Officials, UAW Dissident Group Urge A “No” Vote on GM Deal

Labor Problems Still Unresolved on Two Year Anniversary of US Airways Merger

Nurse (1,000) strike begins

800 nurses (2 states) on verge of striking

Mitt Romney's Hypocrisy on Iran Investments

Mitt Romney's Hypocrisy on Iran Investments

Rep. Pallone on Rush Limbaugh's "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Angelina Jolie and UN Leaders Give Education Press Conf

Welcome to Ruweishid - Iraq - Alive in Baghdad

Obama at Washington Square Park Rally, NYC, 09-27-07 (PART 1 of 3)

Cheney on Invading Iraq - 9/14/1992

Newt Gingrich: Sabotage Iran's Natural Gas Infrastructure

John Edwards CNN interview - Announces public financing

CNN War with Iran - Sy Hersh in Cairo Busts Bush

Rep. Schakowsky on Rush Limbaugh's "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Bill Clinton on KO Tonight

Should we have a missing and exploited children/adult forum?

High loonie hurting BC pot industry

Has Anybody Seen PhilosoRaptor?

Yale endowment returns 28% in 2006 fiscal year

The Dems could easily put a timeline on troop withdrawal tomorrow without a vote

Bush goes phonetic to avoid tongue slips (pronounciation guide popped up on screen)

''Last night, I watched the debate and Congressman Kucinich said he would end the war in three month

Where are all of the faux-outraged "He gassed his own people!" GOP pundits on Burma?

Does The Spanish Transcript Indicate Bush Lied To The UN Security Council?

Senate passes SCHIP - 67 - 29.

the falafel-gay FATWA!!1!!

When do we get to hear from Bill Fallon?

Your childrens, your childrens, your childrens

VIDEO 2006 = Bush on Military Contractors in Iraq =President has no clue

8 pm (CT)---PBS , Repuglican Debate

John Edwards Wins Over Audience At First MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue

Alan Greenspan Tells America That the Iraq War was About Oil...America Yawns

Ha ha!! Billo is pleading with Jessie Jackson to condemn CNN.

DU was on Syrian nukes story 2 wks ago. Reposting for media/those who missed it.

Duck and cover, folks, O'Reilly's coming for us!

Absolute Flame Thread

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Is Larry Craig Sticking Around for Immunity from Subpoena?

So is Rush "They're Phony Soldiers" Limbaugh still on Armed Forces Radio?

One lawmaker, many votes.

bubba C on Keith. now.

O'Reilly: "If I could strangle these people ... I would

Moderator's opening "joke" about Dan Ranther fell rather flat-PBS now Repug Debate

Limbaugh makes a despicable comment about real soldiers and the wingnuts go

Know your Wingnut a-holes: Glenn BECK hosting Gloria ESTEFAN!!1

I Saw Gary Tuchman(CNN) Covering The Warren Jeffs Story The Other Day.........

Michigan Gov. Threatens Partial State Gov't Shutdown

Gore, Tutu and Karsai on stage at Clinton's Global thing

New Details Emerge on Blackwater Role in Shooting

Official Debate Thread- Tavis Smiley All American Presidential Forum (GOP Debate)

John Bruhns: My thoughts on Rush...LIMBAUGH IS A DISGRACE

Morality police patrol Ramadon

Would Joe Lieberman have a place in Hillary's cabinet, if elected?

Who is your favorite TV newscaster/commentator?

Clinton's Global Initiative seems to have been completely hidden in the media

I think Dan Abrams may have found the dumbest yakker on the radio tonight

Limbaugh still on taxpayer-funded American Forces Network

from Amory Lovins. "Imagine a world..."

Why is DU running Michelle Malkin ads?

John Gibson: The real journalists at NBC and CNN need to stand up.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who got me a star!

I want to thank everybody who sent me good vibes this past year

I'm taking a well-deserved break from DU for the weekend.

This Woman Deserves To Be Given A Job In *Co......

lol Jon Stewert doing segment from Sylvia's in Harlem

"Don't let these sons a bitches testify for 30 seconds"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

WA POST: Gingrich's Solutions = "Gingrich sounded like a presidential candidate"

On CNN.....Anderson Cooper's "keeping them honest" is a JOKE!

MUST SEE: Link to opening credits for the film, The Kingdom.

Senate passes bill to prevent government shutdown

Reply from Sen. Murray (WA) re Lieberman/Kyl Aye vote

Revealed: Sen. Jim Bunning Put Secret Hold On Presidential Records Amendment

Morgan Stanley Pays $12.5 Million Over Its False Claims about 9/11 Attacks

Consumption of All Types Of Alcohol Increase Breast Cancer Risk

thank you, Rush Limbaugh

December 30, 2002: Iraq War Could Cost Between $50-$60 Billion Dollars - Bush Administration


After tonights Countdown, I think Sen Webb would be a great VP for Gore!

"Betty and Veronica " ...... and Tweety ..... how much did he pay a writer for that line?

Turkish PM on Charlie Rose tonight -- Any Armenians out there?

White House: No cover-up of Bush's flub

CNN just aired a new MoveOn ad targeting McConnell:

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Alabama's Watergate?

Have you ever been audited?

RESEARCHERS ATTENTION: Crowd Sourcing of Earmarks? =

U.S. Senate has just passed the Matthew Shepard Act!

Conservative Democrats versus liberal Republicans

Americans imagine that there is still recourse

The Abu Ghraib story was no secret in the media-How The Story Got Out

Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war: report

Based on what I read at DU, I'm glad I don't have daughters.

Conason: The war president "at peace" with himself


Craig Back In The Senate: Votes Against Bill To Protect Homosexuals


IF your first choice were eliminated today, WHO would be your SECOND CHOICE for Dem Nomination?

Would someone care to explain to me... (re: breast-feeding med test mom)

Another update from OMC - and a pic from the hospital (please kick his thread)

Polls are flawed with the advent of caller id and cell phone useage as sole telephone service

A Spell from San Francisco: Impeach. Reason. Treason

Would the FBI sit idle while a crime was being committed?

This so Called Phony Soldier Takes It To Rush Limbaugh - Good ltr to Limbaugh


I never thought I would say this, but I will NOT vote for Hillary in the

I need help from DUers that have had car wrecks about auto insurance.

Leave IRAQ by 2013? Leave earlier? How about an intelligent discussion, policy, NOT candidates.

Demand that Rush Limbaugh be taken off the Armed Forces Radio Network, IMMEDIATELY

Flu shots? I am getting flyers in the mail advertising cheap flu shots everywhere. :tinfoilhat:

Okay, so exactly how much supplemental funding has Bush requested

Raw Story: 'Half-naked' gay leathermen prompt Catholic beer boycott

Rise of the Have-Nots: "The world the New Deal built has been destroyed..."

Zero Tolerance for Zero tolerance.

Al Gore's climate change film 'is propaganda'

Some reading for confused, misunderstood bullies

Teach-In on Impeachment

Rochester, NY stands to lose 50% of our education funding to Republican 'creative accounting'

AP: Report Says Veterans' Care Woes Remain

Biden Sets the Hill Record Straight on Safety Standard

For anybody claiming the "surge" is working, here's the bottom line

General Clark -- taking on Rush for the phrase "phony soldiers"

Why wont anyone educate us on their candidates so we can make informed decisions?

In support of Edwards: He admits he voted 'for the Iraq war.'

Edwards has only commited to public financing in the General if the Republican nom. does too.

Statement by Rep. Jan Schakowsky on Limbaugh

Massive NY crowd for Obama

CNN Breaking: Children's Health Bill passed by veto-proof margin in Senate.

The debate organizers hate Joe Biden!

Humor from CNN: Lather, Rise, Repeat. A Commentary on last 20 years

OH BOY the rethugs are in trouble now Allen Keyes is BACK

$600K aimed at Clinton-for political attacks

If Edwards drops out, where do you think his support will go?

Thoughts on Edwards' Public Financing Move (Jonathan Singer at mydd is not happy)

Two words come to mind after seeing tonight's GOP debate:

"Bush To WAPO: I'm Truman, You're ... Eating Out Of My Hand...


The Gore narrative: Why he must run

Huckabee making sense on crime!!

I don't put much credit in the claim that Hillary Clinton knows how

Iowa is still a dog fight according to this NEW poll

Our Next President should primarily be a:

New Democratic Primary Poll of Illinois.

MSNBC's Morning Headlines Show's coverage of last night's debate

Got to meet my future Senator Mark Warner (dial up warning)...

Watch Obama mesmerize Hillary's turf here

Did Hillary Jinx The Chicago Cubs - Looks Like They Lost Three In A Row.....

Elephants Take A Hike…Over A Cliff? :: David Yepsen (Des Moines Register blog)

Illinois Secy State Jesse White On "Clean Elections"

Cindy Sheehan seeking star power in campaign

Glenn Greenwald: Douglas Schoen and Hillary's Sleazy Pollsters

Tim Russert is a right-wing water-carrying sack of shit...

Bill Clinton tells Olbermann he 'loved' Hillary's 'he's not standing here' moment

NYT: Obama Distances Himself from Clinton, on Her Turf (Great Read)

If Hillary had never been married to Bill would you still consider her "best qualified"?

News People That Have Been Ostracized During The Last 6 Or So Years.....

Unprecedented Crowd of 25,000 Receive Obama in NY

Why the Gentle Jesus can Bite my Ass and how He Pissed me off...

Iowans affected by lender linked to Edwards (Des Moines Register)

Why Did Edwards Do This? Pros and Cons: Trippi speaks about public financing

Obama team insists he still can catch Clinton; Axelrod: "on the schedule that we need to be on"

PICS: Obama at Washington Square Park Rally, NYC, 09-27-07 (***BROADBAND ALERT***)

ATTENTION--Election commissioners & poll workers! Write-in voting

Your Wish List:: Who would you love to see run for Prez?

I am Glad Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and I Support Her

What I don't get - Debate reply to Russert's Troop removal question..

Newt Gingrich: Will he run?

"Edwards latest to DECLINE public funds for presidential campaign"- 2/05/07 USA Today Headline reads

McGovern Set to Endorse Clinton: "Never forgot" her work on his 1972 White House bid

AP Analysis: Dodges Undercut Clinton Image

Michelle Malkin Really, Really Hates You For Reading This!

Edwards on Social Security...does he plan to change the way

EDWARDS:Would you give a dime a day to change our country?

Seniors Lose 40% of Buying Power Since 2000

Setting the record straight: Kucinich said NO on a $3/gal gas tax

Another good one from Nick Anderson

Chickenhawks, Chickenshits, Cowardly Candidates and a Craven Congress, Aint That America?

Sarkozy, the new Blair


India’s outsourcing boom to continue: TCS CEO (Tata)

Galloway commentary: The evil that men do

Buyer's Remorse: Their Purchase, Our Regret

The Bollinger/Ahmadinejad farce

The greening of Bush

Where have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi spent their 30 pieces of silver?

NYT editorial, Runaway (Spending) Train: Rummy misunderestimated war cost by $750 billion

Mike Ferner: Funding the War Is Killing the Troops

Seneca on the Crimes of War

McCain airs harrowing ad;

The Socialists are Coming! NY Times

Global Initiative: Bill Clinton's bid to save the world

Juan Cole: Bush-Aznar Transcript: The War Crime of the Century, continued

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid- link to interview with Naomi Wolf

Democrats unite to slam Limbaugh for "phony soldiers" smear; GOP silent

Capital Versus Labor: The Pullman Strike Showdown

Al Hunt: Interview With Bill Clinton

Eugene Robinson: Wanted: Democratic Straight Talk on Iraq

Springsteen: Last 6 years "heartbreaking, enraging" ("In Love With Pop, Uneasy With the World")

It's kind of hard to tell Iran, US presidents...

Kucinich, unhappy with coverage, shuts out Plain Deal(R)


Molly Ivins Was Right: Bush Is the ‘Dead Chicken’ Wired Around the Neck of GOP Voters

Coleen Rowley: Is Spineless Better Than Evil?

New [citizen] Test Asks: What Does ‘American’ Mean?

Saddam Could Have Been Removed Without Iraq War By Rob Kall

Certain Americans

Niebuhr wrapped that traditional notion of sin in a new intellectual package and sold it successfull

The Broken Window

Robert Parry: Hillary Prods Bush to Go After Iran

Today's GOP: Party of Drama Queens. Everything's a national tragedy, or hadn't you noticed?

John Dean; The Impact of Authoritarian Conservatism On American Government: Part Three...

David Sirota: Tyranny Of The Tiny Minority

The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror": A Masterpiece of Propaganda

Wanted: Foreign tech workers

Mike Gravel: Democrats Were Charged To End A War, Not Start One

Wellington wind farm 'will be envy of world' (NZ)

PG&E to Become Nation's Biggest Solar Utility

Using Steam to Store Solar Energy Efficiently

Inspector Finds Broad Failures in (Interior Department’s) Oil Program

Chimpy's Excellent Climate Adventure - He's Devoting A Whole TEN MINUTES To His Big Speech - AFP

"Woody Harrelson Calls for Green Activism"

Got $100 to burn? Here are your energy options

EU sticks to disputed airline emissions plan

"Live Earth Concert Special" -- TONIGHT!

oops please delete!

Bush "Isolated" At Climate Talks - US "Needs To Go Back To Drawing Board" - Reuters Canada

Orkney tidal power plans unveiled (BBC)

James Hansen: World 'Hitting A Tipping Point We Have Been Warning About For The Last Few Years"

Senior Goddard Scientist: Arctic Sea Ice Trend "Appears Now To Be In An Accelerated Mode" - AFP

A new blog devoted to the "net oil export" problem

Kohl's Activates Largest Rooftop Solar Rollout in U.S. History

Australian Farmers "Prepare For The Worst" - Crops Failing As Spring Begins

'Arrest order' for Interpol head

Bush under pressure at climate change conference

US Army Sniper Not Guilty of Murder

The greening of Bush

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) slams U.S. Senate plan to divide Iraq

U.S. Supreme Court Spares Texas Killer: Another lethal injection case

Military: Army personnel violated Pentagon directive by attending McCain event

Internet access cut off in Burma

Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki 'copies Saddam Hussein' (claims Allawi)

Thompson unaware of death penalty cases

Nassau top cop: Department 'misled' in raids (TOP COP SLAMS THE FEDS)

New stalls for Craig's airport restroom

U.S. report faults FDA oversight of drug trials

Iraqi Police, Witnesses: 10 Civilians Killed in US Raid in Baghdad

US Federal Regulators Close NetBank (largest US bank to fail since early 1990s)

AND SO IT BEGINS Regulators Shut Online Bank NetBank

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 28

Iran sanctions decision delayed

Flooded Togo's urgent aid appeal

Frenchman is named new IMF chief

Ex-Nazi spies had dubious benefit for US - report

Canada defends US presence at climate talks

Man Sought in Nevada Sex Tape Case

The last moments of photographer gunned down by Burmese troops as nine die

US Interceptors In Europe Fast Enough To Hit Russian ICBMs: Researcher

Japan inquiry into reporter death

Gulf Coast towns closing trailer parks

China rejects beetle-infested soybean imports from U.S.

Some contractors over-react in Iraq: U.S. general

Bush seeks new image on global warming

12-year old to give Dems' weekly radio address

Key Guantanamo Detainees to Get Access to Lawyers: Report

Iranian invite to Bush(Ahmadinejad: Bush can speak at a university if he should ever travel to Iran)

Neighbor Charged in Hanging of Girl, 6

Group May Become Conservative Version of MoveOn

BREAKING: Shooting & Hostage Situation at California HS...still in progress

GOP senators offer new stance on Iraq (end to U.S. combat in Iraq after Bush leaves office)

Myanmar breaks up rallies, cuts Internet

Man Sought in Nevada Sex Tape Case

Gingrich takes step toward '08 run

UAW Wins Job Security Guarantees in Deal

UK fears Burma toll 'far higher'

U.S. expert condemns Simon Wiesenthal Center's claims of Nazi loot in Irish museum

Bush Signs Sweeping Student Loan Bill Into Law, Adding an Asterisk

U.S. Soldier Acquitted of Murder in Iraq (Convicted of Planting Evidence)

Huge rally against Georgia leader (BBC)

Regulators Shut Online Bank NetBank

Dems Rip Limbaugh's 'Phony Troops' Comment

Commodities Head for Biggest Monthly Increase in 32 Years ("Skyrocketing")

Rangoon: Army Mutiny Reported


Giuliani cites Bible on personal life

New Citizenship Test To Begin Next Fall: Revisions Focus on Democratic Values

US Congressman owned home with another man, took DC tax deduction while voting in NC

Kucinich 'seriously thinking' about forcing vote on Cheney impeachment

Kucinich, unhappy with coverage, shuts out Plain Dealer

BREAKING: GOP's CA Electoral College Initiative/Scam Dead, Says LA Times

Record budget surplus for Canada

Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby

Georgia in Political Turmoil after Opppostion Leader's Arrest

tired... sleepy...

"Some win streaks go to 10, well this one goes up to 11."

Tovah's vet visit

3 am and I'm up and raring to go but there's no where to go

Why do I keep crushing on lesbian musicians?

Do Clowns Delight the Living Shit Out of You?

Image: The Only Way Americans learn Geography

Is it just me ?

Post quotes all together and see what happens.

I need a kick in the bee-hind

Leaving a Job and Taking a New One - Problem.

What the fuck was up with fashion in the 70s?

Day 3

This steak still has marks where the jockey was hitting it.

Siberian women gives birth to 17 pound baby!!!

Ever see a post from a poster you can't stand that you actually AGREE with?

I'm up at freaking 6:00. Drinking coffee. Checking the news.

Just for your information:VAN HALEN KICKED ASS OPENING NIGHT.

Please read this.


Taser for women

Dan Abrams: Keith Olbermann part duh


"Flight of the Living Dead" or "Snakes on a Plane"

How do you fry sausage in an iron skillet?

I Make My Pet Monkey Play Video Games All Day

Flying Spaghetti Monster: The Game.

It's Friday, ye bastids

Squeaky hardwood floors

Yay! I'm running in an election!

Sputnik's 50th anniversary on October 4.

Tom Cruise building a bunker to protect family from alien attack.

iPod music question

Aliens ask Tom Cruise to stop acting in movies. "And chill out a bit. Dude."

If you checked into one of GD's current "check in here" threads, then check in here!

Tom Cruise defended us from aliens at the Battle of Bunker Hill

OMG... I can't stop crying

Archie Bunker claiming Tom Cruise is a byproduct of an alien family

redqueen can be incredibly pretty and fitter

You're in a strange city. You have a choice of two sets of evening plans. Pick one.

I'm bored with all our old flame wars - what's some new ones we can start

I just found an interesting reference to myself on google...

More pitbull violence

We have the power, DU. Let's impeach whatever -we- can! It's irrelevant social movement time!

Bono not that big, apparently

Can't seem to get back into my work tasks since coming back from lunch

Have you ever been an extra in a movie?

Fantastically stupid cell phone question


Your onion please...

I have this friend . . .

Your onion please...

Did anyone watch "My name is Earl" last night?

i am introducing lisa to my step aunts and step cousins today

I'm ordering this for my new pup

My puppy, of all things, just went through a false pregnancy.

I'm 0-3 and now Rudi Johnson isnt playing

Hey let's ditch class...

I hate when I dream that someone dies!

Names of Freeper Flame Wars

Star Trek XI

I told my son to shape up or ship out

so, on the office last night, (I guess this is where I'm supposed to say "spoiler alert"),

Bruce Campbell appreciation thread

New Flame War

Time again for Post here and I'll give you a smilie

Day 5, still not smoking.


Why is it that no *local* stores sell sheets for a sofa bed?

Ok I just wasted an hour at work playing space invaders

I just watched three Star Trek movies! Ask me anything!

I Like Smart Girls

regarding women:

Duers, who support Superheroes, check in here!

If your spouse's friend hits on you, what is the best strategy?


At Least I Know the DU Lounge People Love Me

Time again for Post here and I'll give you a simile.

Halloween costume suggestions

Have you ever noticed that fucks tend to happen in clusters? Warning: Possible sex thread

What the fuck? The country is going to hell, and our senators hold hearings on hiphop lyrics & an ad

I have a concert tonight but what I would rather do is go home and sleep for 15 hours

Just informed my job I'll be leaving them in a week

tell a joke...

I got one of those fishing emails today.

I'm not not not not not not not not . . .

A gentle reminder for the men in the lounge

Never piss off a ho who knows pac-man.

This guy is having a blast!

Good thing it wasn't Walmart...they'd still have you in the back room!

There Can Be Only One

WARNING--Guys, I am going to ruin your evenings.

It is hailing.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Tom Cruise is building a $10M bunker under his Telluride estate to protect against aliens

Beware of Fandango!

Attention JVS: Don't let winos box your roommates again

Why do I see Ads for...

Remind me not to let Shannon Boxx drink wine again

I love my life.

"Cri-Cri" World's Smallest Twin Engine Airplane.

Liz Taylor -- 9th husband??

9/28 AM Update On Stacey. Things Getting Worse. (Oops, Posted In GD First Time)


On Tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Moylan's Imperial IPA

Babe Ciarlo

Have you ever noticed that weddings tend to happen in clusters? Warning: Possible sexism

Question about The Who's Tommy. So what if the kid won't squeal, what did they do with the corpse..

How does religion hinder someone you know?

The local fine beer, wine and cigar shop plays Sean Hannity on it's PA system

According to Jeopardy, Myanmar does not officially use the metric system.

Hello, Jean-Luc. I'm an Admiral, and you're not.

I'm sorry, "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin is a damn well crafted pop song

Someone on DU needs a Date thread

GD GD GD GD GD GD GD! ! ! ! ! ! !

Have you ever used "Google Scholar"?

See you guys Monday...

Why do I even freaking care?

Captain Picard removed his Starfleet uniform to become Prof X. Now he wants to ditch the wheelchair

Foodies! Look what boardgame we just ordered!!

Great news about injured Buffalor Bills player Everett!!!!

I can be incredibly petty and bitter, apparently.

Never piss off a guy who owns a backhoe

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Should I Plan on Moving to New Jersey?

I just scored HUGE!!!11 today at the thrift store

"The ideal woman (PERSON) is not a visual image,

Your opinion please...

Almost 3 years since my fusion surgery...

Any other females without pierced ears?

You know, you just can never get tired of breakfast at tiffany's

9/28 AM Update On Stacey. Things Getting Worse.

I got 18 pages of my book done today. 3,327 words.

Support the Rabid

Why are some morans always looking for a fight?

Set off all the alarms at all three stores I went to today

The Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould and Me...

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Hey Lounge, go light a candle for OMC and Stacey

The Bar Is Open...........Butt

Woman sues Christ for suffering.

Since it's Star Trek theme night... what's your favorite ST series?

1GB 20 years ago and 1GB Now.

A fun little interview with Heather Perkins in today's Portland Tribune

Okay, 'fess up: who here has been harboring a secret crush on me this whole time?

Curious, how familiar are DUers with one another?

Ear piercing question....

what do you collect? what is your most unusual collection

Madonna tops Rock Hall nominees list

Ok, I'm not even gonna ask how this lil cutie takes a dump

Is Delaware Really A Nice State?

Wow. For the first time in 30 years I woke up and could see clearly.

Madonna, the Beastie Boys, John Mellencamp and Leonard Cohen. What do they have in common?

Corporations/businesses that have NO REDEEMING VALUE?

9/28 PM Stacey Update: Everyone Please Help Me Pray For A Miracle.

Bipolar disorder and living with it

Need a nice book for an older lady - no curse words

You just know some young shitbag fuckwit hipster with hair on his chin is gonna remake Citizen Kane

My kitty might be very ill right now

Name The Airline Logo's

How to pay a bill when you're pissed off.

What is Your Favorite Local or not so Local Tavern? DIAL UP WARNING!!!!!

Spoiler Alert! spoil a movie for me,so i don't have to watch it.

I'll Be seeing you... (dialup warning to the extreme)

Soldier trial resumes in Italian agent death

Officials to decide regs for running suits

Geren Says Army Funding Crunch Coming

Gates Expects to Approve Army Expansion

Weapons Sent to Iraq Poorly Tracked

Employer-Paid TRICARE Plans to End

Army Ask for Congressional Support

Navy to Unveil New Maritime Strategy

Air Force Warns Lockheed on Rising Costs

Commander Addresses Needed Upgrades

AFRICOM nominee stresses patience

Army hopes to speed end-strength growth

Security up at Landstuhl after ‘unspecified incident’

1 in 4 Gulf War veterans still has serious illness, panel hears

Activists want change in military divorce law

Reserve part of NECC could grow, admiral says

CG boss calls for forward bases in the Arctic

Yes to Terrorists, No to ROTC?

I live in the question I ask is pertinent

Olbermann: NSA Media Seminars ('Here, Media! Good, Media!')

Cindy Lee Berryhill - When Did Jesus Become a Republican

Elizabeth Edwards on meeting the challenges of life-Part II

Elizabeth Edwards on meeting the challenges of life-Part I

Video Clip: Big Bucks, Big Pharma Documentary

TPMtv 9/26 Democratic Debate Highlight Reel

Olbermann: Jim Webb on Spanish Transcript

Olbermann: O'Reilly to Media - 'I'm Coming After You'

Red State Update:The Jena 6

Obama New York City Rally draws 50,000 ppl, he slams Clinton

On the ground in Yangon - 28 Sep 07

A Message from Elizabeth Edwards

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | For the Fallen | PBS (on tonight)

Footage of the Japanese Photographer being killed in Burma

Rush Limbaugh and The Phony Soldiers

Bill Clinton: MoveOn ad condemnation classic bait and switch

THE Moment in the Democratic Debate

Michael Moore on Oprah - Part 6 of 6

Michael Moore on Oprah - Part 1 of 6

Pres. Bill Clinton on Keith Olbermann Show Ad on Rush Limbaugh

Oil in Burma Fueling Oppression

Congressional panel says contractor deployed unprepared guards in Iraq

Did US spies let bin Laden slip through their grasp again?

Congressional scandal figures ...and the yachts they live on

Colorado College Editor Faces Hearing Next Week Over Editorial

The Liberal Drinking Game

Geez, an Infomercial with Alberto Gonzales on Court TV...

Woman Found Alive in Car After 8 Days

Turkey, Iraq Sign Counterterrorism Pact

Hooley Resolution Calls on Bush Administration to Cooperate with Congressional Investigations

Is it just me or are the fundies REALLY scarred of Obama?

Remember how some were outraged over Mike Starks visit to Bill O'Reilly's house?

Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war

Letter to my Senator (Cornyn)

Debunking The Neocons' Iran War Measure

The reichwingers fall from the trees like the nuts they are. Feel free to DU this poll.

Joe Conason: How to Deal with Iran

Vichy Dems: A True or False Nickname?

Now this is a riot

USAToday: Bill Clinton 'Loved' His Wife's 'He's Not Standing Here' Moment

I can't elaborate much but a simple request if you will DU?

Why Even Sunny Days Can Ground Airplanes

Errors Behind Warheads' Flight Unfold - (more smoke & mirrors?)

BONO: "You do not have to become a monster to defeat a monster. Your America’s better than that."

Addicted to Blackwater-New Study From Brookings Institution

US air raid kills women and children: Iraqi officials

Google Defends the DoubleClick Deal

== The great American hypocrisy tour = By Mark Morford

We have spent 455 billion dollars on Iraq.

Senate Extends Protections to Gays, Lesbians in Hate Crimes Act - Craig voted against it

From the Snake Pit: Burmese Government Version of the Story

New bumper sticker; W's latest gaffe

Feds Say Cop Planned Murder Of Fellow Officer

Ok, then I guess most candidates must implicitly be for a draft

McClatchy: U.S. border with Canada vulnerable to terrorists

Are food prices affecting you: WJ this morning n/t

Bruuuuuuuuuuuucccc ccccccceeeeeeeee!

The US is having trouble getting Afghans to kill other Afghans real well

Did US spies let bin Laden slip through their grasp again?

Tony Fratto shits himself

"Let's boycott the Olympics in China, which is the best friend of the generals

We have more mercenaries than American soldiers in Iraq

Guardian: Internet access cut off in Burma

Freeper announces what we all know they really want

State Dept. official calls Kurd oil deal with Hunt Oil bad idea

When the followers and the apologists have allowed facist leaders of the world's major religions

George Bush will fund the killing of children, but not to cure them

Doolittle, six aides hit with grand jury subpoenas

U.S. to Allow Key Gitmo Detainees to Request Lawyers

Ahmadinejad Cements Ties With Venezuela President Chavez, Declares 'No One Can Defeat Us'

Bush: "We foresee occupying those wells very quickly'

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New Rule: Stop Saying Iraq is Another Vietnam, it's Another Enron

Bruce Just Smacked down the Administration!

Jeremy Scahill: Will Blackwater Be Kicked Out of Iraq After Recent Bloodbath?

Should federal hate-crimes law be expanded to include protections based on sexual orientation, gende

c-span wj - lara logan speech at emmy awards

Which Democratic Candidate do you see as the next JFK?

Woman missing 8 days found alive in her crashed SUV (

Man Raped Daughter, Dogs And Horse

About 100 days to Iowa. Have you contributed to a candidate for President Yet.

Best Bush Speech ... EVER.

Hypothetical Gore- Kucinich Primary

Paul Rieckhoff: Walter Reed Not Fixed

Blackwater Makes Excuses for Killing Civilians

Chicago Tribune blog: Democrats retaliate with Rush talk

Washington Times headline today: Gay Protection tacked to Defense

Rice Orders Team to Iraq on Blackwater

Regis show is pairing activist Sally FIELD with wingnut Pat SAJAK

Bush, signing $20B student aid bill, suggests it must be paid for with offsets in other programs

DUers who have been made to sacrifice their lives and livelihoods for Bush's militarism check in

O'LOOFAH-ologist sez he's berserk, jumped-the-shark, psycho-prob, tumorous

If you threw a party and conservatives showed up how would you know

Early Union Organizers, the Suffragettes, Civil Rights Protestors, and Feminists Did Not Wait...

Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000

Pelosi Press Conference on cspan3 now

Doolittle to fight subpoenas

THREE TIMES More Blacks and Latinos in Prison Than In College Housing

ABCNews obtains timeline of FISA request for surveillance of Iraqi Insurgent

Rush Limbaugh should be removed from Armed Forces Radio

Dalai Lama to receive Congressional Gold Medal

my gawd. a Repug wacko wants all Iranians in this country locked up--yes!

"Support Our Troops...." Repuke style!

Pro-Democracy means Anti-Fascism


Wow. That's enlightening. Katie Couric did her homework with the think tanks in DC

George McGovern endorsing Hillary Clinton on 10/6 in Iowa City, Iowa

What the hell's been going on?

How long has bin Laden been free after 9/11? This long >>>>>>>

This is day number 1,654 of Bush's Iraq War - US was involved in WW II for 1245 days

Happy second anniversary Indictment of Tom Delay.

Newsweek: Def Sec Gates has carefully quashed moves by hard-liners to launch operations inside Iran

Calif. Prison System and Harvard

US Congressman owned home with another man, took DC tax deduction while voting in NC

The Story Behind New Film 'In the Valley of Elah'

...then laughed and told the trooper to finish the job as the dying man convulsed on the ground...

Independent political analyst: "“the marketability of the Republican brand has reached its lowest.."

As we go through the day today just remember the real reasons for the war on terror, Iraqistan

What exactly is a democrat

Pelosi schedules vote on GOP-backed Iraq measure

More Health Care Professionals Involved In Design, Structuring of Torture Than in Providing Care...

Email spammers are getting dumber.

Klamath River in N. Oregon has algal poisoning

Will D.U. implode if Senator Clinton is the nominee? - Thoughts on a glass half-full

This is where cheney is speaking today.

Boy, Bush Is Gonna Look Like a Real DOOFUS When He Vetoes S-CHIP & Will Lose Base.

Sally Field: Emmy Speech Bleep 'Surreal'

Is Kucinich in trouble in his primary race for his Congressional seat?

BE AFRAID! Alabama city reopening fallout shelters

Sally Field comments on being censored during the Emmy awards

George Bush must condemn Rush Limbaugh

Warner on Senate Fl now-still harping that Pres has final say over how to manage

State Dept. IG Retaliates Against Whistleblowers, Threatens ‘Their Jobs And Careers’

What, if anything, should the US do regarding Burma/Myanmar?

Henderson school display spurs racial tensions

Invisible cat in the sky....

Wartime Contracting Commission (Finally) Created

WH updates transcript again, changes it back to "Childrens do learn"

No president would have been better

F***k Off Dana Perino

President OJ

the axis of preppie nicknames: Cookie, Buzzy and Dusty

Women - there is an article of interest at Asia Times today

WSJ GM contract will allow automaker to buyout 24,000 - hire lower paid workers.

GOP: call for an end to U.S. combat in Iraq, but wait until President Bush is out of office

The thing that perplexed me this week.

Should Dems pledge withdrawal from Iraq by 2013? Question on cspan1

Another fun read from Arthur Silber

Limbaugh shared cigars and beverages for a couple hours with Bush last month

WP's Eugene Robinson calls 'em out by name: "Wanted: Democratic Straight Talk on Iraq"

Calif. Bans Widely Used Home Ozone Air Purifiers

Bloggers in Burma keep world informed during military crackdown

Fantastic News!! Breaking. We've again killed the top al-Qaida leader in Iraq.

Is Dana Perina naturally vacant, or does she practice?

Blackwater blamed for deaths of TV news reporter, 3 guards for Iraq Govt TV network

There is 'Culture of Death" in this country. Rep. Bobby Rush (D) Hearing on Hip Hop now

If you are really torn about voting for the Dem nominee (no haters, please), check in here:

George McGovern Set to Endorse Clinton

MUST WATCH! Melissa Etheridge performances! Incredible protest music!

Someone over at AP has a hilarious sense of humor.

Krudlow just had me ROFLMFAO on MSNBC just now..

Did you read the Assault on Reason by Al Gore

Maliki rejects support for provision in Iraq's Constitution

80% of Iraqi insurgents are foreign????????

State Dept. IG Retaliates Against Whistblowers, Threatens ‘Their Jobs And Careers’

I'm Baaaacccckkkkk!

Boner says HE has the votes to sustain Bush veto and says Bush WILL veto.

PLEASE EXPLAIN : How could the dem candidates say pullout by 2013?

Good on ya,,,Rudy!!!!

Are the ex-troops who are now contracted by Blackwater brave and good?

DNI's Timeline Confirms Bureaucratic Wrangling Delayed Surveillance of Iraqi Kidnappers

a reporter on Wash. Journal this a.m. was defending O'Riley

I was just on with Randi!

U.S. Congress agrees to raise national debt limit

Military Reports It Has Killed A Senior Leader of Al Qaeda In Iraq, But Was He Killed A Year Ago?

Wow, the loyalty oaths are starting early this cycle

Could a state pass a law banning the operations of Blackwater

"People should not vote for any Republican, because they're dangerous, dishonest, and self serving"

An experiment, if you please..

If Gore endorses Hillary, I would expect these boards to explode

Report: Iran Less Than 10 Years Away From 2016


The terrorist double standard rises again (Far Right vs. Everyone else)

State Shutdown Threatened in Michigan

I am an American Refusenik

AP: Justice Dept. Asked to Enter Jena Case

Rudy stopped doing comb over because of 9/11....

Fallout from Craig's Airport Arrest-Adds Inches To Stall Dividers

POLL: Are you going to vote for the Dem nominee if it's someone you don't like?

Navy Calls MySpace Kids "Alien Life Force"

DUers that Support.... Check in!

Rudy kept getting married and laid more because of 9/11

"This Administration has done more for the environment"

Question: what was the name of the liberal Denver talk show host who was shot dead by the KKK

There's A Link For Fred Thompson On The Lobby Page

Military Reports It Has Killed A Senior Leader of Al Qaeda In Iraq, But Was He Killed A Year Ago

And now, today's Junk Science Moment

Senate Joins With House in Quietly Voting Another $9 Billion for Occupation of Iraq

Bush to Pelosi: "I like people who don’t give up"

Suspects Arraigned In Pop Can Smuggling Ring

Self Delete...wrong forum

Genocide the right word for treatment of Native Americans

If a blowhard smears the troops in a forest…

I hope that after the election

can anyone pull up right now?

Book excerpt: Faith provides comfort on tough policy decisions, says Bush (the comforter-in-chief )

Presidential candidate you didn't even know about

Is GD relevant anymore?

Hannity wins a prize....

My nutty theory about Denver's 2008 Convention (Gore)

OMG, Rush has already broken the Cornyn's amendment ! Rush has

PHOTO: Empty sandals.

Kurds paying Iraqi Arabs to leave Kirkuk

Of the Three Network News anchors who is the best?

Here's a "spaketh" for you. Hillary will not win the nomination.

Giuliani: I Answered My Wife's Phone Call Because Of 9/11

David Shuster: Exonerated? Was the soldier from Blackburn's district after all?

Flood AFRTS with your messages to remove Limbaugh from tax-payer funded radio

What would Giuliani be without 9/11?

On the ground in Yangon - 28 Sep 07

OK, How are we going to do this thing -- I mean get Al to run?

Judge Removes Lawyers Because Of Their Support For The Jena 6

Mystery man and Electoral College rules

Perfect example of Republicans supporting Bush at the troops' expense (and lives)

Isn't this basically the premise of "The Mouse That Roared"?

Congress examines hip-hop language

Limbaugh is subject to oversight because he is on armed forces radio, and thereby

Portrait of a Man Who Does Not Love His Children ---pix--->>>

Dear MoveOn member: They're shooting monks in Burma.

Does anyone know about the satellite coverage of Burma?

Couric: ‘Not My Job’ To Critically Report On Iraq, ‘Unless Something Is Really Egregious’

CBS Evening News - if you only want to know about egregious

Glenn Greenwald: The Susan Estrich Complex (the "self-hating...obedient tool")

If we leave Iraq should we keep an embassy there?

Bush wants to take Fox to court over language

Report: Blackwater Skimped on Security Before Fallujah Ambush

Michigan Legislators introduce a Resolution for the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act

The best part of the O'Reilly debacle is watching him kiss Jesse and Al's asses

Sympathy for the Devil

DUers That Support Our Brave Firefighters Check In

Senate Democratic Leaders Demands Apology For Limbaugh’s ‘Outrageous,’ ‘Unconscionable’ Remarks

Democrats Recruit a 12-Year-Old to Combat Bush on Kids' Health

Hillary Clinton's idea: $5000 to newborn babies

An entire NOLA neighborhood may be facing the wrecking ball

Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki Rejects U.S. Congressional Proposal to Divide His Country

Rangoon: ‘army mutiny’ reported-Troops REFUSE To Fire On Crowds

Nevada child rape tape - new pics of perp

Bush head-butts visiting U-Minn heavyweight wrestler

What happened to that small debate with Kucinich, Edwards and Hillary promised by MSNBC?

Raw Story: Kucinich 'seriously thinking' about forcing vote on Cheney impeachment

Which video has dem cand. saying 'war in iraq until 2013'? Thanks.

Lack of health insurance---->Overcrowded prisons?

I keep seeing posts about the democrats as if they're in the third person.

An Iraq War Veteran Reflects on The Sept. 15 D.C. March

Blackwater, Oil and the Colonial Enterprise

Satellites confirm reports of Myanmar violence

Caltrans Secret 'Pet Cemetery' Found

How important is capturing Osama Bin Laden?

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

Good Lord I'd love to see this......

Can you tell me what we saw?

Why can't we deduct ALL healthcare expenses?

Come sit and talk for a moment. I need some ideas and help. Some people are newly homeless.


Iranian dissident pressed charges against Ahmadinejad for torture

CNBC's Jim Cramer At It Again: "DO NOT BUY A HOME NOW!" Realtors & Associations PISSED.

Iran Denies Opposition Group's Nuclear Allegations...

That they were used now was a sure sign that this was terror bombing pure and simple

Are the Dems playing politics with Iraq?

How vitally important is it to decide today whether or not you are going to vote for the Democratic

Sen. Stevens (R-AK) Seeks $84 Million Experimental Ferry

6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lakes (Fla., Ariz., Texas)

Naomi Wolfe & More Tonight as Brad Friedman Guest Hosts on San Francisco's Green 960am

Bill Clinton: "got every single person that was involved in'' the Trade Center bombing

To those of you who say "If X is the nominee, I won't vote"...


Howard Dean: Limbaugh's Comments "Show Just How Far He'll Go To Defend Bush's Failed Policy"

Germany is supporting armed separatists in Western Iran.


The God - o - Meter

"In the same week the Democrats give up on Iraq, they start to sabre rattle for Iran"

"Take me out to the Opera" tonight at AT&T Park

"Clinton Edges Obama in Black Caucus"

Who is paying attention to DU - other than DUers?

Bush's chickenshit response to Limbaugh delivered by Perino

Will Bush's Legacy be "How could this have happened?"

"blatant disregard for patients in the name of greed may be common..."

Rudy answers call at NRA speech. Let's see what he blames it on, and how long it takes him to do it

Anyone else not wired into the MSM? At all.

Anti-War Protesters Greet Cheney Outside Las Vegas Fundraiser

John Dean: "Unitary Executive...Merely Another Term For Authoritarian Presidency"

Rush is going down with the ship...Refuses To Appologize....

Future Headline: Second coming of Clinton takes oath of office

9/28 AM Update On Stacey. Things Getting Worse.

Bristol-Myers to pay $515m fine (BBC)

Tucker is wondering where 2 billion a year for baby bonds will come from.

Satellite Images Catch Human-Rights Violations = Myanmar violence

In the same hour that Tweety has on Cuomo and goes hammer and tong against the hawkish Dems ........

Saw a clip of Pelosi & Reid –sitting down signing the S-Chip bill which

George Martin - A Journey For 9/11

Taking computers to rural India (BBC)

"Democrats Recruit a 12-Year-Old to Combat Bush on Kids' Health"

VoteVets responds to Limbaugh

Bush Outlines Proposal on Climate Change

AGRA's 'green revolution' biotechnology thrust is wrong headed

I'm doing it again. I marched on Sept 15th, I'm leavin NJ this afternoon, for the saturday marchDC

Blackwater probe expands to 5 deadly incidents

If you won't vote for Clinton if she's the nominee

A whopping 9% of Turks have a favorable view of the United States!!

Israel ranks the US candidates

Right starts pushing back against Limbaugh’s ‘phony soldiers’ flap

So we're killing them all with HIV infected condoms...unless we have a drunk archbishop here...

Jenna Bush says she is serving her country in other ways besides enlisting in the military

DU'ers...from different Time Matthews Tonight..Mario Cuomo

McCain Slams Rush, Demands He Apologize And Retract "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Lehrer News Hr doing segment on Kids health ins. Pelosi on now PBS

"New Stalls for Craig's Airport Restroom"

Tom Joyner Calls Out Missing GOP Candidates At Debate (VIDEO)

I don't think the Democrats will lose in 2008

Twelve-year-old to do response to * on health insurance issue

Do you like the proposed plan to give every baby born in the U.S. $5,000?

VOICE OF AMERICA: US Military in Iraq Reports Success Against Terrorists

New nuke pills on order for Carolinas

"Ed Schultz & Colmes represent the liberal viewpoint": Response to my Rush letter

Security Council Delays Vote on Iran Sanctions

Oy! 6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes!!!

Romney, McCain and Guiliani skipped Tavis Smiley's Debate Last night

Dang! My bank just failed today!

While working on my book

Right-Wing New York Sun Declares: ‘Attack On Iran Said To Be Imminent’

An Iraq war veteran reflects on the Sept. 15 march

State Dept. Tallies 56 Shootings Involving Blackwater on Diplomatic Guard Duty

I'm sure NYers know about this, but this story is new to me...Guiliani:

International narcotics agenda behind Myanmar instability

Musharraf Wins a Round in Court = Musharraf can run for another five-year term

Why do you effing iced tea drinkers always take Limbaugh and O'Reilly out of context?

6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes

1991: Bill Clinton had 3% support in September polls

There's one thing that would help our democracy above all others:

Clinton Floats Baby Bonds = $5000 would help children be able to afford college

DUer that support our brave Buddhist monks and nuns: Check in!!

Ahmadinedjad is not my cup of tea; but then again, no other Middle Eastern leader is.

The Myth of AQI

Specialized teams to train for possible WMD attacks 'on the homeland'

Who would do a better job than Pelosi

Poll question: Do you like the proposed plan to TAX every baby born in the U.S. $5,000?

Yeah, yeah, Limbaugh's a colossal prick, whatever...

Should the election threads go to GD:Politics or another forum?

So Joe Wilson is endorsing Hillary?

Want to vote for your favorite candidate right now?(except Gore)

Scathing letter from Tehran to Mr Bollinger

Let's discuss lowering the drinking age to 18

Did Lou Dobbs have a nervous breakdown?

Is there a difference between "Support the Troops" and Thanking the Troops?

What profession is more intrinsically worthy of praise?

I saw a strange license plate today.

UPDATE: Scumbag sex abuser is being sought! They think they know who it is!

To the feminists and those interested...

Did the DLC and Hillary give "order" to Reid/Pelosi to Cut Loose the Dem Activists?


Canadian Dollar Now Worth More Than The US Dollar

Possible Republican Boycott of MSNBC

Northern Irish, South Africa Leaders in Secret Peace Discussion with Iraqi Parties (Tom Hayden)

OMG: Mario Cuomo On Hardball

I must reluctantly come to the defense of Bill O'Reilly.

Mario Cuomo coming up on Hairballz

Waxman Writes State IG: "Extremely Serious Matter" - Reports Of Threats For Cooperation w/ Committee

Happy Birthday Janeane Garofalo!!!

Access to Web Appears Cut in Myanmar

ATTENTION: If you want troops out of Iraq before 2013...

When Anthropologists Become Counter-Insurgents Endorses Rick Noriega for Senate (Cornyn's seat)

The little girl, Madison--something in her eyes (photo).

"Breakfast of Champions or Chumps?" (poem)

Spreading the word...: A DU Project

Wicked! I May Register Republican During the Cal Primaries and Vote for Ron Paul to Upset the GOP


What do you think these Iraqi kids are going to want to be when they grow up?

Google Earth reveals Swastika-shaped Naval building on Coronado Island

Why does Rush Limbaugh want our candidates to commit to an immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

Help me pick a candidate to give money to ($1500 thru DU)

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Appellate judges ask trial court to decide on Siegelman release

Chris Floyd: Lost in the Roar: War Alarms Drowned by Beltway Bloodlust

Who needs to be defeated most in '08? The GOP or the Democrats?

URGENT: Army is currently entering almost all the monastries in Yangon now and shooting the people.


Udall to introduce ‘Rush’ resolution on Monday.

Will Sen. Ted Stevens resign and do time? Today's news. Is AK AG covering for Rs?

Semi-Living proof, GWB first pResident with brain located in @sshole!

Send a Happy Birthday to Stephanie Miller

I find the language of reverence that swaddles the military distressing

What is the one thing that Merkel has as leverage to gain Bush's support for a German UNSC seat?

DUers that feel the best way to support our brave troops is to get them home ASAP: Check in!!

Wanted: Theories on why centrists attack the left more than they do the right

"I generally oppose the death penalty .... but ... "

Why Are People Saying That Kucinich Wants A Massive Gasoline Tax Increase?

Republican Leadership SUCKs....They are infected with MEism and as a result..they are SelfCentered

Americans for Exit - A New MoveOn Ad Project - "Show Yourself!"

"I would vote for Gore if...

China's degrading environment should serve as a warning to the US

Joni Mitchell "Shines"!

Rush Limbaugh And Dittoheads Try Unsuccessfully To Spin His Anti-Troop Comment (advertiser list )

Breaking...Bruce performing on Today

Giuliani: I Answered My Wife's Call During Speech Because Of 9/11

John Edwards just hit a two run home run.

Donate to John Edwards and Public Financing will DOUBLE your donation for the first $250! -End of Q3

Will Blackwater Become The Police of the United States? 'Blackwater Eyes Domestic Contracts in U.S.'

Listened to the first hour of Limbaugh's show today

What I find really amusing about the 2013 statement is...

Just What We Need! A Candidate Who Will "bring strong spiritual values into the White House"!

Error: You've already recommended that thread.

Hillary and Al on Getting Out of Iraq

Gary Hart warns Iran to beware Cheney framing Iran as provocation for U.S. attack

"The gang who can't shoot straight"....

DUers That Support the Brave Men and Women of Our Military, Check In!!!

Light a virtual candle for Stacy and OMC

Will all Phoney Servicemembers check in here please

Lessons from Burma: Why the Religious Right Wants to Replace Spiritualism w/ Patriotism

Should Fire and Rescue check a person's legal status before providing

2 women jump from St. Pete bridge; only one survives

Former Spy says "I sold my life to Big Brother"

Springsteen's Political Public Service Announcement On The Today Show

Anyone here at Du who either votes for anyone other than a Dem or not at all....

Smoking Bans

Giuliani's father did 1 1/2 years for Armed Robbery, Uncle and Cousin in Mafia Also, Cover-up

Planes used for rendition linked to drug trafficking

Here are the advantages of having *any* Democrat as President

Transgendered - Thrown under the bus.....

***DUzy Awards for week ending September 28, 2007.***

"A Feeling I'm Being Had" from The Dilbert Blog

Do me a favor and post here if you're voting for the Dem nominee no matter who it is.

Post Here If You Are NOT Voting For The Dem nominee if you dont like them

There's really no crime that will change my mind about being anti-death penalty.

Dems who won't for the nominee (if its not their prefered) are no different than Nader voters

Cocaine plane that crashed in Mexico this week linked to the Government?

Have any of you seen this video of

Biden picks up his 10th endorsement in Iowa-

Need Kicks!!

Just wanted to say Hello


Newt to GOP: Pledge $30 million before Oct. 21st and I'll compete for the nomination

Does being a vocal supporter of the least likely to succeed give moral cover to avoiding

They Can't Get Enough of Obama In Greenwood, S.C.

"Clinton's Blessing is her curse"

A little treasure form Senator Trent Lott circa 1999....

Kerrey (D-Ne) says Senate decision likely coming soon

Alan Keyes just said that he supports the death penalty out of respect

Quad City Times says they misquoted Mrs. Obama.

NYT: Obama Distances Himself From Clinton, on Her Turf

WSJ praises "hawkish" Hillary, condemns "dovish Dems" for voting against Kyl/Lieberman Amendment

GOP hopefuls assailed for debate absence

Clinton leads Giuliani 47%-39% (Fox poll)

Edwards.. running 3rd....Hardest working candidate scores well on MTV political forum.

The biggest concern on health care is not being addressed

Sometimes a Veto Threat . . . Is Just A Veto Threat

Four Empty Podiums

Obama is expecting boost from youth in Iowa, but history raises doubts

If the NRA or AIPAC was hosting the GOP debate in Baltimore would the four front runners have come

Bill Clinton 'loved' his wife's 'he's not standing here' moment

From Jim Morin Miami Herald hilarious cartoon.."I wanna be first" "you're a puny state" "crybaby"

Iraq Will Have to Wait.

Democrats Try to Distract Anti-war Voters

Ask every GOPper who says war in Iraq protects us this ?

The Company Obama keeps...

OK, tell me why this Edwards flip-flop is being celebrated?

Rules Committee Democrats Reject Amendment to Provide SCHIP to Legal Immigrant Children

Help needed finding a link

The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror"

Clinton / Gore feud?

The Rude Pundit: Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat, Part 89

Oregon - Edwards beats all three Repubs by larger margins than Dem rivals

Wouldn't People Just Pit Their Shants If Kucinich Won?

What does it mean when a candidate accepts public financing?

Clinton solidifying a lead across many fronts

Another Debate Review: Clinton strikes sound bite gold, Edwards tops.

Nonverbal Cues May Speak Louder Than Words: A look at the Dems' debate body language

Democrats consider Bush nominee

Are you familiar with the Rosenberg Case? You should be,

Clinton Haters Outpace Obama Backers on Facebook

GOP silent re: Limbaugh

The American Refusenik Movement

Interesting words from Joe Biden....

When the No. 1 thread is about impeaching the (D) House Speaker...

I learned this month ad= endless coverage, so this weekend I'll see Rush plastered everywhere right?

Obama hires Lobbyist

Eugene Robinson: Wanted: Democratic Straight Talk on Iraq

"He said he liked people who don't give up," Pelosi said

Bill Clinton's bid to save the world

Heads up-Obama will be on CNN coming up.

Another National poll.

Hillary should be where she is in the polls because she is at the top of the

CNN: Sen. Joe Biden has something to gloat about

My decision to vote for Dennis in my primary didn't last long

Sen. Ray Miller endorsed Clinton for president

From Wes Clark: Rush Limbaugh: Am I a Phony Soldier?

Sen. Levin (D-MI) Announces Plans to Negotiate With GOP on Iraq

Some photos from a debate party for Hillary


Do you think Hillary is too Mean to be elected?

Audio of Rep. Kucinich on Ed Schultz Show Proposing Forcing Impeachment to House Floor

New Stalls For Craig's Bathroom

2 Clintons, 2 Stories -- But Just 1 To See Print

I missed this one ..... Geraldine Ferraro Endorses Clinton

My Son Has Read All Of Those Left Behind Books! Does He Know All About This?

Young (R-AK) Coconut Road (FL) Supporters Aren't Giving Up $10 Million

Huckabee knocks Bush foreign policy

WP's The Trail: Is Obama Really Trailing Clinton?

Ohio House Special Election Draws Full Lineup of Candidates

If you missed the first part of Hardball...

Not happy with Hillary? Here's how to vote early, with your wallet.

Photos: Bush @ Climate meeting doing that "I'm completely full of crap" pursed lip thing he does

Photo: AP ignores Spell Check, shows that Margaret Bush is a master at "product placement"

Obama Vies for Black Vote While Waging `Deracialized Campaign'

GOP concerned attacks against a woman could backfire, but Stop Her Now has $600,000 to target HRC

Jon Robin Baitz of Huff Po: My Growing Appreciation Of Hillary Clinton

"My Name Is Rachel Corrie" is too hot for New York theaters.

Is the Edwards campaign giving up? Joe Trippi in 2003...

Why so many Republicans are "for" the increase in health care funding for children...

Clinton: $5,000 for Every U.S. Baby

Anyone noticing "Chimp in chiefs eyes" these days? Certainly looking...

Photos: Barack Obama today at Howard University Convocation and the Congressional Black Caucus

Papa McCain told Kerry in 2004 to stop talking up Vietnam now he's trying to use it

I had sent a memo to the Armed Forces Radio (AFR) and this is their reply:

Former Democratic Mayor Cuomo.... Wish we had more like him on our side! n/t

Know why Rudy took that cell phone call from his wife?

John Soltz on Hardball now!

Obama Distances Himself From Clinton, on Her Turf

If this doesn't prove we are in Iraq forever I don't know what will

Biden gets a present in Iowa

I'm A Clarkie Who Is Undecided. I'm Waitin' For Somebody To Help Me Decide. Is That Somebody You?

Tucker(fucker)Carlson: Why doesn't Edwards JUST drop out and support Obama

Fundraising cooling off for both Obama and Clinton

Republican Lawmakers' Solidarity With Bush Starting to Show Cracks

Could this be connected to the b-52 nuke run?

Kucinich 'seriously thinking' about forcing vote on Cheney impeachment

Jenna Bush interview tonite...

The company Hilary keeps (Article from The Nation)

What about the Kyl-Lieberman ammendment AS PASSED was objectionable?

Sen. Obama says blacks need a seat at the table in global warming debate

Hasn't Edwards been saying that Congress should get us out of Iraq

Why Alfre Woodard is a Woman for Obama, "a yellow dog dem who's tired of the yellow dog."

Mario Cuomo on HARDBALL now bashing the Senators who voted for Kyl-Lieberman.

The Reverse Hillary Bashing Effect

Pelosi admits China PNTR hurt workers, but goes silent on new NAFTAs

Edwards supporters, can anyone answer the question here...

Who cares about death rates when our political system is running so smoothly?

Certain Americans...

Kucinich refuses to endorse the Democratic Speaker in her race against an Independent...

Why did the fact that Hillary disagreed with her own stance on torture get almost no coverage?

Obama Favors Changes in Drug Sentencing

The September Sellout

Kucinich has a mind of his own, is that a crime against the party?

John Edwards: 'Pretty Soon' All Young African-American Men Will Be Dead or in Prison

From TIME: Obama Nomination Out Of Reach?

So where were Giuliani, Thompson, McCain and Romney last night?

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (9-28-07)

Hillary the Uniter...

Rasmussen: Updated favorability ratings

Why Hillary is ahead in the Polls.

North Carolina: Hillary with 19 point lead over Edwards and Obama...

I've noticed a surge of interest in Joe Biden

"STOP HILLARY NOW" billboard, and why I think Hillary can't win in the South.

Is a Democratic Senator going to sponsor an amendment condemning Rush Limbaugh's comments?

Biden campaign: Announces 10th Iowa legislative endorsement

Reid, Sen. Dem Leaders Circulate letter to Clear Channel re Rush L comment.