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The Nation: Order 17

The Bubble Economy

Goodness (vs.) the Antichrist George W. Bush and his army of evil

Hannity's "Investigation" of Falls Flat

How Iraq's war has turned friendship between families into sectarian hatred

Dennis Kicinich "The ALOHA Candidate" - a MUST read!

White supremacist backlash builds over Jena case

Independent UK: US criticised over climate forum

AP: NRG to Submit First New Nuke Application

White supremacist backlash builds over Jena case

Court Reinstates Terrorism Charges

CBS 2 To Expose Security Concerns At Nuclear Plant

FCC Proposes 'Fake News' Fine

Bomber Kills 16 at Iraqi Reconciliation Banquet

Man Beaten After Leaving Gay Bar In Northwest (D.C.)

Berlin Says US and France Guilty of Hypocrisy

Boeing Delivers First Growler

'No homosexuals in Iran': Ahmadinejad

Gregoire says she'll sue if White House limits children's health care

AP: NRG to Submit First New Nuke Application

U.S. Focus on Ahmadinejad Puzzles Iranians

Accchhh!! My dinner jarred...

I'm drunk off my ass - don't ask me anything

Jack Hanna gave a lecture/animal show at my university tonight.

I ordered a book a month ago and it hasn't arrived

DU seems crazier than usual today. Is it just me?

It all becomes trivial in the face of this, doesn't it?

What's Worse? Dry Rot or Wet Rot?

OMC, any more news?

Must. Have. Cocteau. Twins

Thanks DU Lounge...

Just another tragic WWII story

I'm home from VEGAS! Ask me anything!

Sugar Smack est mon petit chou!!

Well, kids...I'm outta here (for a while)

You really need to watch "The war" on PBS.

Nascar Rulez

I really really really really want one of these

NASCAR is the new TASER.

"Crank That" by Soulja Boy: Social experiment

Nascar Sux

I love human competitveness.

Halo 3 at midnight....

My dog pooped on the floor.

Anyone here suffer from Multiple Myeloma?

Monday Night Football is more important than

Just saw "The Big Bang Theory" Laughed my ass off!

Any Nirvana, Patti Smith, or Jem Cohen fans?

You know the song on the IPod commercial? 1-2-3-4 I likeit . Good Video Here >>

Lounge Challenge: Songs with George HW Bush in them.

I have tongue cramps! (Get yer mind outta the gutter!)

Anybody know anything about DXing?

Anyone playing Tiger Woods 08 on the PS3?

Lat's all support the UAW strike!


yay Theraflu severe cold formula.

I'm writing a test. Help me come up with questions.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Lounge.

How do flys know when I pick up the flyswatter?

My financial security is assured!

Why Are You Happy?

Okay...need some advice... please? ~~ -- *sigh*


Opinions on "Grindhouse" release on two separate DVDs?

Are eating contests politically incorrect?

NASCAR drivers are athletes man.

Important question about the 1960s Batman TV series and why it's not out on DVD

So. Anyone watching Journeyman?

Stupid high school shit for the win.

I just recieved this first of six boxes.

How do you like your eggs?

I spent all day helping some paperless travelers. Ask me anything.

I Miss The X-Files!

Check out my new avatar!!

9/24 Update On Stacey. She's Hanging In There And I'm Feeling Encouraged.

First grade homework: a rant

Has anyone here read Tom Wolfe's book "I Am Charlotte Simmons"?

I was just informed that Birder's World wants to use

So we go for this drive along the coast, and everything is going really well...

Teamsters Says FedEx To Pay $26-$23 Mln To Abandon Contractor Model In California

AirTran pilots spurn new contract

AUDIO: Feature: UAW strikes enter day two - a report from the Janesville, Wis. picket lines

News Video 9/15/2007. Chicago Teamsters reformers discussion

The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

Biden on the View

Tucker: David Shuster And Marsha Blackburn

Lou Dobbs:Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy Part 2 (h1b visas, outsourcing)

Lou Dobbs:Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy Part 1 (h1b visas, outsourcing)


Memo to Condi: Ahmadinejad & Iran did not cause 9/11. So why the objection

Keith to report on how Chimpy used the terra card (again) in order

Help Nye County (Nevada) Identify Young Child Victim

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Chicago Crime Cams Nab Beer Drinker As Reminder of Big Brother System

Were there Free-Speech Zones for Aminijad?

Ia America Mired in Minutiae? Mootness? and Redundency? Of course we are.

On the Lighter Side: First Politician?

Overall which is economically more efficient in the USA, government or private enterprise?

Every time I listen to neocons I get Deja' Moo.

Wanna bet that Kim Jong-il would have kicked Bolinger's ass all over the stage?

Suzy Kolber of Monday Night Football making excuses for FEMA.

now on CSPAN-2 (9:35pm ET) .. ahmadinejad - full pelly interview

Who can beat RUDE-Y and where.

If Gore DOESN'T run, do you think the Dem president would solicit his help

41 days in Iraq vs. insuring 10 million children.

Lockheed Martin Developing Maple Seed Flying Cameras

So, is Bushco threatening these people, or what?

Nat'l Lawyers Guild: Release Mychal Bell...drop all Jena 6 charges...investigate!

I noticed something about "The Worst Person in the World" today.

Can someone help.....

Foreign Service Admin Calls for Ouster

It all becomes trivial in the face of a situation like this, doesn't it?

IBM rescinds job offer to pro democracy activist.

Too many people are taking the bait on Ahmadinejad.

Here's an impertinent (and pertinent) question...

Why is it OK for Rush Limbaugh to call Hagel "Senator Betrayus"

IRI President addresses students at Colombia University New York

Minnesota: Dept of Transportation's BUILDING is falling down (really!)

it horrifying to me to listen to any member of the republick party

What SHAME that a TINPOT can articulate & defend BETTER THAN SHRUB!!1

Whatever you do, please do not call Iraq a 'war.'

what do you know-Marsha Blackburn hates children,too

Bush administration pushed states to lobby against California fuel rules

Ahmadinejad is a filthy murderous scumbag but Bush isn't good.

Bush Admin. urges Social Security fix

Bush Offering ‘Back-Channel’ Political Advice To Democratic Candidates: Stay In Iraq

The mechanics of election fraud.

Dear America: Diplomacy means not insulting world leaders

For Zandor: Is America a terrorist nation?

Now will the freepers and repugs use gay rights to attack Iran?

Iran - Eisenhower - Columbia University / U.S. foreign policy comes full circle.

Nuclear reactors to be built outside of Houston?

The Mayor of Jena praised the “efforts of pro-white” groups.

"Are you aware that... it is illegal for one country to invade another over its natural resources?"

No More Friedman Units in Iraq!

You want to hear an example of how ridiculous NCLB's high stakes testing has gotten?


I want to give you something in desperate times................

Has the right-wing hate & violence level in the U.S. been turned up a couple notches?

“We refuse to choose between Islamic fundamentalism and American imperialism.”

I guess some people think hangman's nooses are funny!

Caption this * pic

Why can't elected Democrats be more "on message"?

Fuck NASCAR and professional wrestling.

On that Ahmadinejad guy...A poll

Tenacious veteran protested Iraq war until the very end (Lt. Col Nick LaPenta-84)

I want "my" country back................

Why do I want to CRY watching a "comedy" show?

I have nothing to fear, other than the usuals

Why do I suspect the bush administration somehow has their hands in this study?

Hungary wants prostitutes to get a permit and pay taxes

The "Experiment" is dying

Something I learned tonight - from a beautiful moment in time, a lesson for progressives

Sanity draining conversations

Why do DUers who don't know a god-dam thing about NASCAR voice their opinions here?

How Can I Find Out How Many Soldiers From Marsha Blackburn's District Have Been Killed In Iraq?

When was the last time a New York Times ad killed somebody? Bravo David Shuster

Mayor of Jena praises efforts by white supremacist groups to organize counterdemonstrations

Chris Jordan art

Here's the text to Ahmadinejads speech! The part I find interesting is about the contracts!

Who's worse--Ahmadinejad or Bush?

I don't care if Americans boo Ahmedinajad or if Europeans boo Pissypants. Both deserve it.

What was this on Olbermann about Jane Harman

23% Approve of Petraeus Ad, 58% Disapprove

Poll on Congressperson website. The lady, David Schuster tore apart, shows surge is a failure

Get this.... I put up an ad for a temp contract Web design job LOCALLY....

Would someone tell me what is wrong with allowing people to NOT purchase health insurance

Can you import one of these Dutch guitars into the USA,

Lobbyist join Bush to threaten kids health care; Bush promises to veto S-CHIP

I'm troubled by the way that Bush is able to generate hate by Americans

Feel-good liberal rant of the day

Clothes shopping with Mrs. Kucinich

all of the akmididajad moveone brittany betray us et all is just white noise

Christopher Hitchens on why Gore might run

OK, I just got expanded cable. This is my first viewing of Olbermann.

Desegregation in 1957: 15-year-old Elizabeth Eckford, denied entrance to Little Rock Central High What Congressional Democrats Must Do This Week

Stars and Stripes: Less than half of military votes overseas counted

"Hillary detractors are just parroting RW talking points."

I am finally watching "The War"

So Ahmadinejad is bad. OK. Why you tellin' me now?

"A Feeling I'm Being Had"

You can't scare me, I'm sticking to the union!

National Antiwar March on Washington September 29

Who has caused the death of more human beings? Bush or Ahmedinejad?

Gun Owners show support for striking workers !

I'm sick and goddamned tired of the NASCAR-bashing around

Salute for my UAW Brothers & Sisters walking the line 2nite!


Xpost Spacey to star in HBO's 'Recount'


Soldiers dying from non-hostile, non-combat related injury or illness, no cause given

Cindy Sheehan: “Petty and Cruel Dictator”

Gore: Joint attack on climate change and poverty needed, Al Gore tells audience at UN

I am bigoted against intolerance,

Evangelicals Raise Poverty Issues -- Time For Liberals To Do The Same!

Two years after Rita, town still lives in trailers

It's unfortunate the disturbing Ahmadinejad love fest involving

Photos of Nazi leadership at Auschwitz

They NEED to portray Ahmadinejad as the Evil One

Can We Stop Calling America a Terrorist Nation?


Biden on The View

Go Left TV: News for September 24, 2007

FISA fix/mess: DNI McConnell Faces Senate Judiciary Committee Tomorow (Tuesday).

The King Memorial: Dreams at Odds

Turn on Keith

All military support Shrub NOT!

Is this poster cool or what?

Bush quietly advising Hillary and other candidates on Iraq war WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WashPo's Dan Balz in "The Trail": Can Clinton Be Stopped?

Obama's seemingly sound ground strategy

Obama, the UAW strike and his record on Jobs

Iowa a Must-Win State for Obama

Seeger Power: Now Showing in Selected Theaters

David Brooks (RW columnist) Makes the Case for Clinton and the DLC

Iowa True Blue - By former Iowa Democratic Party chair Gordon Fischer.

Has your opposition to Hillary brought you closer to your right-wing relatives and acquaintances?

Congress to Address Oversight for Security Contractors by Barack Obama

Fred, 9/22/07, looking more and more like "Grandpa" from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" every day...

deleted; previously posted

Obama gets boost in Iowa: Key endorsement from veteran Democratic operative

Clinton releases first radio ad; "Invisible" targets black voters in South Carolina

Presidential Prayer Team thanked me for joining their Web Site as "Freepy McFreeperson"

Obama Presses Bush on Blackwater

Odds Obama will beat Hilary for the nomination.

Obama stands ground on meeting with Ahmadinejad

What was the name of the last solider from your district who was killed in Iraq?Duhh uhh uhh uhh

All Dem. Senators voted YEA for the last Iraq funding in April

Fred Thompson to appear on People Magazine. Exclusive Picture Here.

Clinton Camp Expects Obama to Beat Them by Over $10 Million

At this late point, the calls to recruit Gore are disrespectful

Every minute that a candidate talks about his or her faith is a minute

Even Bush is calling Hillary the Democratic nominee.

Takes on Wednesday's Debate. What to expect, and the State of the Race (Objective Analysis)

Ghouliani party seeks $9.11 per person

Why is it ok to post from RW BS websites to attack Hillary?

Wasserman-Schultz helps Nelson lead the battle against the DNC.

Obama plans "40 Days of Faith and Family" in South Carolina

Columbia University Prez: This is one reason why the Muslim world hates the U.S.

1 of these 24 folks is our next president.

I despise both Ahmadinejad and Chavez

Clinton, Clark, Jackson, Others Honor Little Rock 9

Rather lawsuit is about the relationship between journalism and government, and how, why it changed

Obama's troops seek Nevada voters one at a time=Expect the unexpected.


The battle of Little Rock: civil rights struggle remembered (The Independent, London, England)

Naomi Klein Debates Alan Greenspan

Ahmadinejad and his Columbia University Visit – All Happened as it Should

Homeland Security Computers Hacked

Chilling Effects: Betraying Freedom Of The Press

IRI President addresses students at Colombia University (from an Islamic paper)_

Cenk Uygur: Ahmedinejad: The New Boogeyman

Military brains plot Pakistan's downfall

Blunders galore in US relations with the Sunni tribes

E.J. Dionne: Bush Goes Down with the SCHIP

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Makes Mockery of UN Declaration of Human Rights in NY Speech

'Hitler' does New York

Fabricated Fears About Hate Crime Legislation

A Fed panic and a massive bailout of American banks

War-Monger vs. The Porn King: Is Bill Kristol Respectable?

Alan Greenspan vs. Naomi Klein on Democracy Now!

Ed Koch: Bollinger Forgot to Stand Up for the U.S.

(Wa)Post to Reward Top Staffers—Let Them Eat Popcorn

The Octopus in the Cathedral of Salt

No Light at the End of the Tunnel! by Daniel Hopsicker

Cholera outbreak in Iraq spreading

Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy

The Nation: Heritage (Foundation) Goes Hollywood

The Nation: Bush's War Funding Safety Net

Kennedy ‘Got Us To The Moon,’ But ‘Bush’s Energy Policy Wouldn’t

Latinos Omitted From Ken Burns' 'War' - A Blessing in Disguise?

Independent UK: Fallout from global financial crisis will be long lasting, warns IMF

Does Globalization Bring War or Peace?

Not The Only Demon In Town; Ahmadinejad's critics are selective and self-serving...

FCC Fines Comcast $4,000 For Airing Fake News Reports

Laura Flanders: Is Jena America?

Robert Parry: Bush to World: Up Is Down

NYT's Bobo: Dem pols "detest the netroots' self-righteousness and bullying"

Next to Bush, Iranian President Doesn't Look So Bad

Dan Rather is right

Ghost Dance

A Canadian philosopher surveys some of the livelier flashpoints in America's battle over evolution.

"Security Company Death Squads Timeline" by Dirk Adriaensens and Sarah Meyer

Art colony considers tent city

crosspost: Bush administration pushed states to lobby against California fuel rules

BBC: Man causing climate change - poll

European fishing pirates hit Pacific: Greenpeace

The Mediterranean Photovoltaic Power Plant Revolution

Global Warming AND Global Dimming ?

How the White House Worked to Scuttle California’s Climate Law

Labor Charges Howard's Gvn. With Failure To Plan For Likely Climate Impacts- ABC AU

Kashmiri & Himalayan Glaciers Melting Rapidly; Nearly All Streamflows Down By More Than 60% - AFP

Some Churches Go Green: Others Worry Accepting Warming Theory Might Boost Belief In Evolution - SMH

Chief Of Australian Federal Police - Climate Change Is Biggest Risk To National Security - AFP

Up To Nine Tornadoes Hit Central & Southern England - Roofs Ripped Off, But No Casualties - Reuters

Across The Southern Oceans, Penguin Populations Collapsing - Sydney Morning Herald

New study for Severn energy plan (BBC) {tidal power}

Analysts watch, wince as Mexico's oil supply dwindles

Bush Admin Prepares to Shoot Endagered Wolves

Chinese Satellites Discover 42 "New" Glaciers On Tibet-Qinghai Plateau - Reuters

Hours After Addressing UN On Climate, Harper Announces Canada Will Join Target-Free Climate Plan

Exelon to Terminate Wackenhut Security Contract at Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant

I saw one of Jimmy Carter's White House solar panels last weekend

Declining Net Energy Exports - Short-Term Fall Or Long-Term Trend? Oil Drum./ASPO

NSIDC Scientists On Arctic Melt: "We're About 30 Yrs. Ahead Of Where The Models Say We Should Be"

Sen. Craig and prosecutor tell different stories about guilty plea

IRI President addresses students at Colombia University (from an Islamic paper)_

State Department Starts 'Dipnote' Blog

A power struggle over prisons (Unions in Calif & Arnold)

Pot lobbyists target conservatives in New York legalization drive

Court to Consider Lethal Injection

Up To 100,000 Canada Layoffs Seen From GM Strike

Wireless Systems Faulted in TJX Theft

High Court to Hear Voter ID Arguments

Lawsuit: Scholar Kept From US Over Views

Giuliani Party Seeks $9.11 Per Person

Democracy in retreat around the world

Iraqi president brands Iranian national arrest (by US forces) "illegal"

Bush quietly advising Hillary Clinton, top Democrats

Vick indicted by state grand jury in dogfighting case

Vick Indicted on State Charges

Consumer confidence hits 2-year low: Conf Board

Alleged Iranian 'Front' Represented by Mukasey Law Firm (AG Nominee)

Anti-Bush Protesters Arrested Near UN

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 25

Cholera Outbreak in Iraq Is Spreading

Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Health Care

BP's new chief warns of 'dreadful' third quarter

Alleged Iranian 'Front' Represented by Mukasey Law Firm

Congress Denounces Iran's Ahmadinejad

Bush Urges U.N. to Spread Freedom

Clear Channel Shareholders Approve Takeover Deal

Bank of America to lay off 2,500 in Illinois

GM strike impact felt across borders, talks resume

Supreme Court to decide photo ID voting law

Feds Allege Cunningham Conspirator Hid Docs Near Stash of "Embarrassing" Items

Iranians angered by treatment of leader

Romney Withholds Comment on Killings

Bush waves his veto pen (passed Senate -veto proof)

N. Korea accuses U.S. of helping Israel develop nuclear weapons

Iraq to end contractor 'immunity'

Democrats unveil stopgap spending bill to keep government running until mid-November

U.S. Flip-Flops on Caspian Gas

Duvalier must face justice, Haitian president says

Supreme Court to Hear Voter ID Case

Nicaraguan leader rails at U.S. hegemony

Terror Suspect in Oregon Plot Extradited

Calls for student editor to resign after 'F**k Bush' column

Council of Europe to vote on creationism next week

Burmese military imposes curfew

Muslim alliance derails UN's gay rights resolution

White House Drops Choice for CIA Lawyer

Economy Sends Off Warning Flares

Despite Fed cuts, mortgage rates rise

Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs is guilty on two counts of being an accomplice to raping a teen

Giuliani party seeks $9.11 per person

Cubans Walk Out During Bush UN Speech

Kuwait says would not take part in any Iran attack

Homes post steepest price drop in 16 years

Mukasey Security Detail Filed Complaint

Easley won't rehire ex-trooper

Sarkozy says letting Iran go nuclear could cause war

Moderates Issue Eight Principles To End Political In-fighting Over Iraq

Bolivia denies Chávez' role in 2003 uprising

Magna Carta to be auctioned in New York

Court to consider lethal injection

Ahmadinejad Launches Broadside Against US At United Nations

Consumers face record winter heating costs

Four teens charged with beating of black FIU student

Supreme Court Weighs In On Lethal Injection

White House upset over copy of Bush speech posted to U.N. website

Cheney heads to Utah for a private speech on Friday

shit this rock i want to be a starfuck

Six Mile Creek - some fall color for my Lounge friends

Today would have been Phil Hartman's 59th Birthday...

Jenny, Jenny.. Who Can I turn To?

Wolfman Jack, I miss him - Post Your Wolfman Memories...

Wolfman Jack, I miss him - Post Your Wolfman Memories...

There should be an animal rights forum.

Good Morning...I'm going to bed now...

"What am I, R2 Pac!?"

Want this rock? I cut to be a starfish.

~say goodbye~

Driver Training

Started College searching with my 18 yo son

~summer's over~

~summer's end~

One thought for you all before I go to bed!

This is why closests should have doors on them:

it's been a few weeks since a porn war erupted here

I apologize in advance for this post...

Are you frightened of what's in your fridge?

Goddammit -- somebody give me a hiccup remedy!!

Man, I hate mental issues.

~try to remember~

man, I hate rental issues....

Hey, that Iranian dude is really a cool cat...he's just misunderstood.

Man, I hate mental issues.

Man, I hate dental issues.

It is getting REALLY NASTY out there (GD)

Man, I hate supplemental issues.

There are no gays in Iran, repeat, there are no gays in Iran

How Do You Like Your Legs?

Man, I hate Rental issues

Zinc lozenges

Watching The War is making me depressed

Man, I hate lintel issues.

WOW....Just got back from GD and i'm afraid, very afraid............ask me anything

Man, I hate Lentil issues

Man, I hate K-Tel issues

Funny metaphors and other sentences from High School essays.

I spent all day helping cast asparagus. Ask me anything.

Did Barry Gibb ever play Lord Byron in a movie or miniseries?

Let's buy Ahmadinejad a tie

Am I a revolution dinner?

Tuesday Questions

Just tossed a bomb into GD

Help me out, oh Lounge...List things you would commonly see on a road trip with your family

African American boycott of LL Bean enters 80th year.

What's Your Favourite Bespoke Monosyllable?

suggestions on a wireless surround sound system? preferably with DVD attached

KC Kasem Appreciation Thread

I nominate Lirwin2 to be banned from DU for posting Carrot Top threads

KC Masterpiece Appreciation Thread

Why Dogs Bite People

I have little upholstery fabric and 2 yards of skill

"No Gays"! Donate here to the Toasters for Iran fund drive.

Bad Joke Of the Day

I have skin like upholstery fabric and a little skull

Ronnie Lane

Find your candidate.....


I did have a test today, that wasn't bullshit

I personally endorse IndianaJones!

How should I feel about this? Should I feel insulted?

I'm warning all of DU to never EVER EVER click on a thread posted by Parche

Thinly Veiled Snark

Does Parche think we're all stupid?

Am I an evolution denier?

Can someone please let Viggo Mortensen know I'm single again?

Gnarly Hands

puppy scare....

The Pink Envelope

I love NASCAR.

KC Jones Appreciation Thread

i'm in a really bad place

So I heard that the winner of that Stan Lee reality show on SciFi...

BREAKING: Chavez to nationalize Olive Gardens

Another candidate calculator

I just committed LynneSin

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to race in NASCAR in '08...

It is my patriotic duty as a god-fearing citizen of these United States to out Dolo Amber...


Yev Kasem appreciation thread

Anybody watch "Chuck" last night? Very funny!

So I come home after my first day of school to find my SO hammered

BREAKING: LynneSin to rationalize Olive Gardens

Is there any way to repair a small chip on my laptop screen without replacing the whole screen?

If anyone here can exorcise Elvis from singing "Suspicious Minds" in my head

KFC Appreciation Thread

Am I a gravity denier? I just don't see it.....

I am a hologram denier.

Okay - looks like no one else will - so I shall . . .

Any kind of green deodorant gives me a rash

Minivan drivers are athletes.

I'm Rich!!!!!

I Just Committed A LynneSin

I read Entertainment Weekly's interview with Sean Young yesterday.

District Fires FlVegan Fart Preacher


proctologist tomorrow . . . very scared

Where can we send flowers to Stacey?

What's for lunch?

DMV tomorrow...very scared

ventriloquist tomorrow...very scared

My new hobby is to make unsupported, negative, snap judgments on random things.

Stupid nostalgia?

archaeologist tomorrow...very scared

OMG my civil liberties were violated at the library today!!!

Someone is bullying your kid?

Meteorologist tomorrow....very scared

Britney, Paris and Lindsey: Role Models!

Tuesday September 25th, 2007 really bad George W. Bush dumbass quote of the day


first time tomorrow...very scared

Image: The Quarry Men

It is time for you to post your wet pics!

It's violin lesson day in the church building!

KC & the Sunshine Band appreciation thread

People are bastard-coated bastards with a bastard filling.

Oh Canada - Pictures from my trip to Montreal

If one of your MySpace friends sent out a bulletin claiming they supported Ron Paul and not

Man, they will let any moran on Jeopardy! these days

For the longest time, I thought Family Guy lyrics said "effin cry" but it doesn't!

Bush attempts to encourage the country (video spoof, non-YouTube)

Family guy Star Wars parody is up on Youtube

I am a denier denier, ask me anything.

What's the verdict on the new television season?

What Happened To Rita Cosby

So who else "got" the episode title for the Family Guy Star Wars spoof?

Blue-Ray vs. HD-DVD Which is Better?

_____________________ ...RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!1

Does anyone else get the impression that LBN has recently seen an invasion

Immunologist tomorrow- very scared

I'm going for a record

another post designed to make other people look stupid after pointless argument

Is anyone here on their local draft board?

I think my husband should cook supper tonight, don't y'all?

dentist tomorrow....very scared

Private School v/s Public School

Which was better? The Evil Dead 1, 2 or Army Of Darkness?

The MacArthur Foundation skipped me again!


What I found at the jiffy mart

Anyone else like H.P. Lovecraft's poetry?

Top ten reasons I like to go into GD

LionessPriyanka is Back!!!

I have been sitting at home as a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" lifeline all day

DR's baby is here

I think that really is Meg White in the sex tape

Any Boston area DUers here tonight?

Ethnopharmacologist tomorrow -- very scared.

Ok. My wife and I are trying to remember the ending of last seasons finale to Heroes.

Tuesday, September 25th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

On Tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye Ale

I just hope, that this year we don't have all the big breaks between shows.

~see you in september~

Can potential landlords ask that you "prove" to have 3 months rent in the bank?

I Am going to Call Out A DU'r : TUTTLE

How do 30 day prescriptions work in months with 31 days?

gynecologist tomorrow...very scared

"Didn't exactly set the world on fire, did ya, Jackie?"


KC MO Appreciation Thread

tell me why I go to GD anymore???

KC2 appreciation thread

For my 1000th post, i figured I'd do something unique and special for you all...

How do you think your children view you?

Last time you killed someone, how did you do it?

Folks, we have a SERIES NEW ISSUE in GD.

I have 2 yards of upholstery fabric and little skill

Anybody watch East Enders? Little bit of spoiler warning

I can't help it. I love Amy Winehouse

Anyone getting Halo 3 today?

What a shame that this pic popped up when I googled puppies!

Hi Friends!


Who is #1 in DU's Fantasy Football League???!!!

I'm going to call out a DUer: cali


Flying through Minneapolis airport tomorrow... so scared my foot is shaking

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Who do you want as your Primary Care Physician?


District Fires Vegan Art Teacher

Will all of Cheney's tools, please raise their hands?

9/25 Midday Update On Stacey... I'm Getting Anxious Again.

Oneighty--tomorrow marks one year since he left us

Oh, somebody save me from myself!!!!

I just got my Selective Service Form

any "House" fans? It's back tonight

Spoiler alert - I have a question about Heroes - feel free to add your own.

Chow's get around! Every mutt seems to be a chow mix!

which bus/train/commuter line do you take to get to work?

Movie characters that you were glad to see die.

It is time for you to post your pet pics!

How did you get your user name

Movie Characters You Were Glad To See Live

Who wants a hug?

Post a funny/odd music video.

KC Royals Appreciation Thread

Light a candle for Stacy...

Please Remove

I guess I'm "left out" again, I can't stand that show "Family Guy."

Most annoying character in a movie, play, radio show or comic strip

Oi, it's the new Bionic Woman promo! On NBC!

Sing, Sing, Sing

~so long farewell~

Please Help Rockit Win This Contest: Thanks Much~!

Remove Please

This is NOT an Ahmadinijad, Iran, or a Copycat Thread

Alleged baiting of insurgents under spotlight

Scientists: TBI from war worse than thought

Mids responding well to harassment program

Skirts no longer allowed in promotion photos

Mullen: Navy has met challenges

Has anybody here been stationed in Naples, Italy?

Garage closure leaves motorists in a jam

Carson soldiers tune up for Iraq return

Phila. janitors' union plans strike vote Thursday

Broadway Producer-Stagehand Union Talks May Result in Lockout

Security officers on strike in S.F.

Nurse walkout 'is a go'

New leaders at union-backed group target Wal-Mart on China product safety issues

Entergy's request to consolidate opposed by union

Smaller but savvier, labor draws '08 Democrats

LifePath votes for union

Panel to Consider Stronger Regulation of Utah Mines

Energized bakery union settles contract with Cub Foods

Teamsters won't cross picket lines to deliver parts, GM cars

Life as a Painter and Mother - Alive in Baghdad - Iraq

Ahmadinejad at Columbia Pt.2

Ahmadinejad at Columbia University Part 1 of 4

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Military Madness 2002-04-22

Colin Powell by the Strokeland Superband

Canada's New Artic Surveillance System

On the trail with Joe Biden

Ahmadinejad: "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals."

Iraq War Veteran Sounds Alarm on Backdoor Draft


Long Enough TV Ad (Richardson)

Columbia President Bollinger SLAMS Ahmadinejad

Iraq Diary - September 2007

John Edwards - Trust Your Heart

The Great American Giveaway (foreign governments purchasing US assets)

Kucinich on war profiteers and congress inability

KUCINICH-Strength through Peace

Olbermann: Rep's Charge Bush Admin Terrorized Congress (Bruce Fein)

Why Republicans Skip Minority Debates

Hillary laughs off Fox News's Chris Wallace

Dennis Kucinich on The Tonight Show 9/24/2007

Olbermann's coverage of Ahmadinejad in NYC

Olbermann: Harman reveals bogus Capitol threat got new spy powers approved

MSNBC's Schuster: Pro-War GOP Senators Refusing to be Interviewed about Iraq

ABC News Censors Dennis Kucinich

"Iran a state sponsor of terrorism" meme. What has Iran done

Police Find Swastika Cut Into Acres Of N.J. Cornfield

RECOUNT: HBO's New Film Re: 2000 STOLEN Election To Air In Heat Of 08 Campaign

AlterNet: The Federal War on Medical Marijuana Becomes a War on Children

Is Keith Olbermann the Next Edward R. Murrow?

Democrats question credibility, consistency of DNI McConnell

Second in Command of Department of Homeland Security resigns

Ross Perot is putting Magna Carta up for aucton

Meet Chad Blackburn--Republican Congressman Marsha Blackburns 26 year old--Able---son.

does anyone know how much was raised by moveon this week?

Forbidden Starbucks

"One of the few remaining neoconservatives"

cspan3, 9:30 AM Eastern time: Warrentless Domestic Surveillance, Leahy Senate Hearing:

Gore to Receive Sierra Club's Highest Award

Christian Right Infighting - Activists turn against Focus on the Family

Teamsters to stand with UAW - won't deliver vehicles

Long Strike Could Cost GM Billions

Can We Start Calling Iran a Terrorist Nation?


Global majority wants action on climate change

This explains why the official US tally of dead Iraqi citizens is so much lower than all the others:

Whenever I watch a documentary on World War II, I wonder if I'll see my dad

Freedom isn't on the march - an attempt at synthesis and a tough question

Rep. Paul Crowley, the longest-serving Democrat in the R.I. House of Representatives, has died

Mike Leavitt on WJournal now--SChip-boy he spewing the crapola!

An "Infantile Nation" and the push for war with Iran

Outsourcing Works So Well, India Is Exporting Jobs

a good myth vs. fact sheet on sChip

Tacky---Giuliani party seeks $9.11 per person

Zest in Budapest? Hungary issues entrepreneurial permits to prostitutes

Sign on the roadway in town - worst I've seen yet

How Dare You (Kinsley)

MSNBC's Shuster to GOP Rep: "When Was the Last Time a NY Times Ad Killed Anybody?"

Why can't GM just fire the striking workers?

Send a petition/thank you note to MSNBC for David Shuster..

U.S. moves in Iraq may push Iraqi and Iranian governments closer

Gates breaks with Bush Admin., doesn't know if invading Iraq was the right thing to do

The Minn DA opposes Larry "Wide Stance" Craig withdrawing his Guilty Plea

Brent Budowsky: Democrats Answer to Republican Resolution Regarding

Faux News and the Faux Hole

Most doctors get money, gifts from industry

I miss Bob Boudelang

David Vitter Earmarks $100,000 of Taxpayer Money for Anti-Evolution Group

Milo and Clodius, the Death of the Republic, and the Privatization of Everything

anyone watching MSNBC?did they have to go back 6 years to find * sounding semi-intelligible?

Code Pink pales by comparison to Peter Schumann and Bread &Puppet

FISA Hearing this morning in Senate Judiciary Comm.

Dems v. Repubs Head to Head in IOWA & N.M. John Edwards wins by largest margin...LINK

Picture this:

The only real sports are mountain climbing, bullfighting and automobile racing..

Critical Vote Today on Children's Health Insurance - Call the House switchboard!

Can anyone provide evidence that Ahmedinejad is responsible for any deaths at all?

Grassley: Bush Holding Kids' Health Hostage

Pasadena church cleared in IRS investigation Keeps tax-exempt status.

To Have Free Speech In A Democracy You Are Going To Be Offended By Some Speech --Guaranteed!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Official Thread # 1, Leahy Hearing, Warrentless Domestic Surveillance, cspan3:

Iran Releases American-Iranian Activist

Wolfman Jack, I miss him - Post Your Wolfman Memories...

Weaponized Salmonella Anyone?

Rudy Giuliani : A betrayal of trust

Corporations use OUR own money against us.

Meet G. Richard Wagoner CEO General Motors Corporation

Are eating contests politically incorrect?

It's getting hard...

91 yr old claims Police used excessive force

SNOW: Bush Known As "FLY HUNTER" In White House - Noise Drives Him Crazy

Obama is So Bad on Drug Policy, He Got Endorsed By Prison Guards

Bush to urge U.N. to spread freedom

What I want to know is out of millions of sperm how did that one dumb sob make it to the egg first

*Unsubstantiated Rumor* Was Mel Gibson killed in a plane crash last night?


Whatever happened to the "draining of the cesspool"?

In Defense of Animals protests Dolphin Slaughter September 25, Japanese Consulate

WWII Crash memorial without permanent home

"ABC is a pimple on the elephant's behind" Koppel on Rather- Squeezing Out Newsman was a ‘Travesty'

Police helicopter finds swastika cut into a Mercer County, NJ cornfield

Report: Bush giving Clinton, candidates advice on Iraq

Angela's eyes darted around the room, scanning nervously for her attacker

Stream for Chimpy at the UN?

What a huge relief!

MIT's non-bomber: mystery of the Play-Doh revealed!

The class of 2011 (annual Beloit list)

No more ‘Friedmans’ for Friedman

Watch Rolan Martin spank O'Reilly's dumb ass for his dumb ass comments

Bush Speech to UN Coming up....everyone covering it....

Lee Bollinger - Right or Wrong?

Don't like what a certain Progressive or Liberal lawmaker is saying or doing?

BUSH Nominee Masked FBI's Pre-9/11 Failures-Buried Info-Which Could Have Exposed 9/11 Plot

West Wing's Bradley Whitford Campaigns Against GOP Initiative

Kiefer Sutherland ("24") arrested on suspicion of DUI

US Soldier Killed In Iraq Day After Son Was Born

The Religious Right Hates America

Frat Boy in New York ---pix--->>.

Supreme Court to Hear Voter Identification Case

Exactly what sanctions against Iran are the House voting for now?

Sen. Candidate Novick Calls for Impeachment Investigation Of Bush Admin Wiretapping, Misuse Of Intel

New antiwar poems

Iraq ministry finishes draft law on contractors (Will the U.S. acknowledge Iraq's sovereignty?)

Iraq chidren are suffering more now than before the war. Has someome a link to this type of info?

Is the reason they roll the little twit out early in the day is to get him while he is

US has been actively supporting the pro-Iranian/pro-occupation Hakim clan for the past three years

Apparently expressing dislike of Ahmadinejad and his views around here


Ted Koppel gets it

Are you the worst enemy of the religious right?

Feds Allege Cunningham Conspirator Hid Docs Near Stash of "Embarrassing" Items

Abu Dhabi company buys PrimeWest Energy Trust for $5B

What IS citizenship anyway?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Was The Right Wing Against Gays Before It Was For It?

Kay Bailey .... is she REALLY as dumb as she sounds?

President Bush Advising Hillary Clinton on Iraq (wtf??)

So We Have 2 Dicktators Addressing The UN Today

Our very own dictator is in front of the UN....for those who prefer

Astonishing display of rationality by Republicon senator

St. Rudy busted trying to further exploit 9/11...

Which one is not like the others? Ahmadinejad, Bush, Chavez

Program to read faces at the airport???

Hundreds of tons of salmon killed by algal poisoning - Canada

The Nation: Senate Neocons Provoke Iran

Official Thread # 2, Leahy Hearing, Warrentless Domestic Surveillance, cspan3: Suzanne

Foot-tappin' horny Sen. Craig was advised to hire lawyer (says prosecutor)

Sturgis Ky, one year before Little Rock. Forgotten history of equal rights.

What's in that notebook, Georgie? A plan?

Is * delusional enough to think anyone cares what he says

*Breaking** Giuliani campaign to hold bake sale!

911iani's media center set up? (warning.. bad taste alert)

Bush: "Like a Windshield Cowboy"

Protesters at Columbia yelling, "Death to Ahmedinejad, the Hitler of Iran..."

Is a woman who beats her kids a terrorist?

Ahmedinejad transcript most of it except first page

The Truth? Bush has never been President, just a figurehead....

Bolivian President Evo Morales on The Daily Show tonight, John Grisham on Colbert.

Should we preserve corporate criminal liability?

Is Iran a terrorist nation?

Pentagon and Petraeus’ casualty data ‘differ significantly.’

Why isnt GM pushing for national health care?

All the GOP front runners will be no-shows at the Morgan State debate.

Do you suppose they let Imadinajacket come over here and stir

aside from the genociding, sLobodon miLosevic had some good ideas


"They are already trying to steal the White House"

If It Works For Afghanistan, Think What It Could Do For New Orleans

Dems will miss a golden opportunity if they don't paint every Repub as supporting Bush all these yrs

Curious about your, or any, newspaper's "red/blue" mix of columnists? Check out this interactive!

All of the anti/pro-Ahmedinijad visit-related threads.......

How The Fuck Can McConell Lobby For Telecoms-When BUSHCO Makes Sure-HE KNOWS NOTHING?

msnbc - ron paul taking callers questions

How Did Skinner Pick The Name "Skinner"? Where Did "Skinner" Come From?

hahaha...Shuster re hashing last night's Blackburn faux pas-now on MSNBC!!!

Froomkin's critical question: By politicizing the bureaucracy, what has Bush done to our government?

The House is voting on "National Life Insurance Day" now? WTF!

If They Can't Win, They'll CHEAT - Reject the Republican Power Grab in California!

Feds Allege Cunningham Conspirator Hid Docs Near Stash of "Embarrassing" Items

Hey DUers, why don't you run for public office?

How will losing Mexican oil imports affect us?

Hairy Flyshit on MSNBC

Just Because Someone Is Consistent In Their Views Doesn't Mean

Canada's Harper again portraying himself as Canada's and the world's saviour!

How the White House Worked to Scuttle California’s Climate Law

“nuclear ambiguity"

Abrams OUT as boss. Scarborough permanent in the A.M. KO is UP 75% in the ratings!!1

Candidate calculator

Duncan Hunter said he would move to cut off all funds for Columbia U.---per

The Ugly Side Of The GOP

Thousands at Stanford Protest Adding Rumsfeld to Hoover Institut

I Hate When People Start a Thread Just to Make One Little Point!

Iraq ready to sign oilfield deals before new law

Why does Liz Cheney think that Republicans deserve a president who will be a

Coulter X-wipes -

The Choice on Iraq (video)

EBay has been hacked?

School discipline tougher on African Americans

Breaking: ATC re-routes all airline traffic away from Memphis, Tennessee.

Charges in Religious Lawsuit Against Army Detailed

Who might be fence-sitting on Lieberman-Kyl? One of my senators IS Kyl

We are not defending Ahmadinejad's right to speak or what he said.

Democracy in retreat around the world

Lieberman-Kyl Amendment Seeks To Escalate Possibility Of Military Action Against Iran

Soccer is the most warlike, environmentally destructive sport around

Ahmedinejad on C-Span 2/Faux/CNN

WHO: Cholera in Iraq spreading (another death)

Rudy fundraiser asks for donations of $9.11

I just changed my avatar to Dennis Kucinich!

Turncoats in unexpected places

Time to start protesting the Blue Dogs--they're supposed to be LISTENING to us.

Iraq ministry finishes draft law on US contractors

Israel seeks exemption from atomic rules

Here's how we can minimize capital punishment, tasering, and other barbaric practices.

lol - wolf blitzer - F**k BUSH

Help the editor who wrote: "Taser This.... Fuck Bush!" editorial

Speaking of the Holocaust, why would Bush have asked such an odd question at Auschwitz?

Democratic Party Maintains Solid Image Advantage Over GOP

Polygamist sect leader's jury has signaled verdict in at 4:15 PM ET.

U.S. Military Fatalities Hit 3,800

Just because one has joined the lynch mob, it doesn't mean they support lynching.

Pot lobbyists target conservatives in New York legalization drive

New service eavesdrops on Internet calls

Reid: Lieberman-Kyl amendment being revised

President Ahmadinejad UN address will be on CNN shortly.

$330 for a one hour office visit...

Iranian pres. now on

Michael Vick indicted by state grand jury in dogfighting case

Reading material for the Ahmadinejad fans

What does the US Forest Service need tasers for?

bush does NOT need the Senate's assent to bomb Iran

Craig: "I Have Been Advised Not To Attend" Hearing To Overturn Guilty Plea

Do you have any "respect" for Ahmadinejad ?

Tuesday TOONS Part 1: Democracy on the march!

Bush's post-presidency speaking career

Penetrator Bomb Ready in 2008

Phonetic Notes For Bush's UN Speech Accidentally Released

Why would Israel seek exemption from atomic rules?

There's no reason to bash an Ahmadinejad fan.

Finance inquiry for Mexico's Fox (BBC)

Tuesday TOONS Part 2: Blackwater

"Leave the president alone, he works very hard for all of you and he deserves your graditude."

Oregon woman's lawsuit ruling another sour note for music industry (RIAA)

Gluttony: A Blood Lust For More War

State Dept Stonewalls Waxman on Iraq Corruption

Ahmadinejad, Good Germans , the candidate of your choice and one track minds....

What am I not getting about Ahmedinejad?

Are you at risk for an inflight blood clot? Do you know how to help prevent one?

Amadinajad answers to the Ayatollahs...get focused folks!

Hardball sounds good tonight re: UAW,corporate greed

Go fuck yourself, Jim Cramer!

Are self-selecting Prez candidates the way to go? . . . . . . .

Amadinajad answers to the Ayatollahs...get focused folks!

WH drops John Rizzo's nomination for CIA's top legal post

Report: GOP "Broke," Expecting To Lose More House Seats

Webb: Lieberman And Kyl’s Hawkish Iran Amendment Is ‘Cheney’s Fondest Pipe Dream’

It's beginning to look like Kyle-Lieberman is going to pass. .

why did * feel the need to address the UN?

i Would Rather Have Saddam Back, Then 3800 Of our Brave Soldiers dead

"Dear Mr. President"

I think I get why Ahmedinejad threads get so heated up and frustrating:

Jesus is...

Highest-ranking * official convicted in Abramoff lobbying scandal is behind bars

Defunding our children

Am I the only one that thinks Bush paid someone to do all his college work for him?

Near end of quarter, John Edwards is just 10k away from 4 Million on ActBlue!

State Dept Prohibits Officials From Discussing Blackwater & Iraqi Corruption

Rudy Flips (and Flops) for Gun Ownership!

Did David Schuster muck up last night? or is

Johnny Rotten on Bush, Cheney, drugs and Iraq

* passes another note to Condi - pics

It breaks my heart to watch John McCain these days.

Court of Appeals reverses $600 million Peabody Coal decision

How About we

Do you think this is true?

The Bubble Economy: The financial meltdown is the logical consequence of deregulation. .....

Lieberman's office just said more people are calling in support of the Iran

It's been nearly 10 years

Divining intent from an image.

John Conyers: Let's Hope This is a Better Week

I'm watchin' ESPN "The Vick Divide." Neal Boortz is part of a panel debating

The Nation: Anti-choice protesters are keeping a Planned Parenthood clinic closed in Illinois.

January 24, 2008

The myth of the "six deaths of Minot airmen" spreads to Iran....

Police in Iraq being killed is a sign of "improvement of the security situation"

TONIGHT on The Daily Show! Evo Morales, President of Bolivia!

When is the House vote on the SCHIP bill?

"Yung and Easily Freudened"

Okay, who is in favor of bombing Iran? Please speak only for yourself, btw.

Never mind his policies.

Rut-ro... Ralph might be back...

The Collegian is being Rathered and Dixie Chicked

PBS to Deliver Only Edited 'War' Feed on Weekends

Was there a Democratic Senate bill to censure some offensive RW hate speech that was filibustered?

CSPN 2 debating the war and going to war with Iran

Nancy Pelosi will be on Situation Room tonight, expressing all her "frustrations."

When words get in the way, Bush goes phonetic (Yahoo News)

SC Firefighter's for Giuliani subject of possible IRS investigation

ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran April 03, 2007

Would Hillary Clinton make a good choice for someone as the VP?

Hard Ball Tonight: Matthews says ...Americans don't know where Burma Is on Map

Rush: Shuster was "mean and cruel" to Marsha Blackburn.

Bed-wetter Nation

is the U.S. a terrorist nation?

Head Games

Homeland Stupidity: Security policies that place the public at risk

McClatchy: Competition heats up for world's fastest supercomputer

Inslee: Kennedy ‘Got Us To The Moon,’ But ‘Bush’s Energy Policy Wouldn’t Get Us To Cleveland’

Ahmadinejad is a biggoted fundie asshole. mrbush is a biggoted fundie asshole.

Caption *

I think that DUers are overoptimistic about their chances of winning in 2008

Are there any picture of the people that walk out of bush's UN speech?

Jim Cramer, you stupid fuck. You get THIS week's Missed Point Award

As Blackwater Comes Under Fire in Iraq, Locals Turn Up Heat to Stop Blackwater West

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is claiming a "letter of support" from Hillary Clinton. I sure hope he's lying.

Ahmedinejad = Porn

Compare how the reich wing treats their base and how the

FEC Complaint Alleges Rudy Got 'Soft Money' From NYT With Anti-MoveOn Ad

This morning at 8 am I got a real good look at the republicans plan

The Republicans know Hillary Clinton is a land mine waiting to be stepped on

Enough Bullshit: Ahmadinejad Doesn't Really Deny the Holocaust, and Doesn't Want To Nuke Israel

Cubans Walk Out In Protest During Bush's UN Speech

So umm, where is Sharpton on O'reilly ? He was all over Imus...

OT - Ebay hacked - user IDs and credit card numbers posted

Is this where we have come too,

The Republican debate (Fox) ..No podiums? just brown trashcans?

* prepares to address the UN - Caption this pic

I Had A VERY rough night last night and need some advice

George, Remember to Put EmPHASis on the Important WORDS ---pix--->>>

Dems v. Repubs Head to Head Virginia Victory Margin Edwards 34/Clinton 11/BO 8 LINK

What having your phone calls monitored for Ads will be like.

How about some honesty from the Cindy bashers?


Another update from OMC (for those who don't peruse the lounge) - more positive news

Do Freepers Or Other America-Haters Talk About You?

Frankly, I find Americans eminently more trainable than those @*!! Iraqis!

“I think Bill Clinton was the best Republican president we’ve had in a while.”

(Jena6) National Lawyers Guild Calls For Release Of Mychal Bell

Screw you Jim Cramer!

Kevin Spacey stars in HBO's "Recount" film about the 2000 Election

Howard Dean: They're already trying to steal the White House

I have never felt so utterly helpless in my life as I do now

Neo-Nazi Group Publishes Names/Addresses of Jena 6 Families

$9.11 for Rudy!!!

Wait wait: BBC ignores the Bush speech

Ahmadinejad doesn't outright deny the Holocaust the way the GOP doesn't just say n*gger

Joint attack on climate change and poverty needed, Al Gore tells audience at UN

Blue Cross: Miscarriage = Elective Abortion

Job security, retirement with dignity

Support for Kyl-Lieberman Equals Support for Al Qaeda

Iraq Oil Deal Raises Brows, Including Those of Kucinich

Weathering Ahmadinejad's Ideological Assault on New York

Nobody ever answers the hard questions..

White House prepares ‘phonetic guide’ for Bush.

Are you a Ahmadinejad fan?

I Just $hit My Pants.......Medical Cost

Oneighty left us a year ago tomorrow 9/26

So, why not debate about debating about what we debate?

Do you have terrorism insurance?

The Child Laptop Program

. Should DU have Cyber Awards once a year?

Let's buy Ahmedinijad a tie

Voter Fraud Guru up for Vote Tomorrow

Ahmadinejad - Why The Hate Matters

Bush is our EMPLOYEE

Was Iraq War II an irresponsible war financially and, strategically, a predictable

I'm gonna call out a DUer: babylonsister

An unprovoked attack on Iran is insane and should br prevented at any cost

Author: Bush Nominee Helped Mask FBI's Pre-9/11 Failures, Hid al Qaeda's Infiltration of US Intel

Take the Worldview Test to see how christian you are!

Is anyone else suddenly getting slammed with hundreds of spam/virus emails?

George W Bush: Viet Nam War Hero

Iranian Academics Ask 10 Questions To Columbia University President

This has got to be the most misleading headline I've ever seen

"I think you can buy yourself a free Iran now for $20 million"

PHOTO: Ahmadinejad is not Iran just like Bush is not America; don't make the same mistake twice

John Edwards to walk the picket line with UAW Strikers tomorrow!

Tuesday afternoon CAPTION TIME!

Online poll: Should Katrina homebuilding monies be diverted to expand the Port of Gulfport?

Can we finally call Ireland a "terrorist nation"??

Student's Peanut Allergy Leads To Ban Of Lunchtime Favorite

Ok, What are the monks doing that we haven't?

Fuck You, Jim Cramer

Al Gore quote:

CAFTA supporters in Costa Rica launch smear campaign against US Sen. Bernie Sanders

State to Blackwater: You Don't Say Nothin' to No One, See?

Contact Senators today about the Gulf Housing Recovery Act (S. 1668)

Human Rights Campaign statement on Ahmadinejad

Former Alaska legislator Pete Kott found guilty on 3 of 4 counts

Poll: Does ANYONE here want war with Iran? Seriously.

DLC's Ideas Primary: The Left views any talk of “democracy promotion” with growing suspicion."

Warren Jeffs found guilty of rape by accessory. 2 counts. Could

Al Gore To Receive Sierra Club's Highest Award

Is Bush Advising Hillary?

Why do corporate radio station companies...

Ever notice the Pubs are always talking moot shit? They never refer to the BIG PICTURE

The "M-Fer I want more iced tea" comment is really blowing up in O'Reilly's face. . .

Bush Bombs at the United Nations-No One Clapped-Not Even Our Allies (Larry Johnson)

People are sometimes jailed for Holocaust denial.

Is Hezbollah a terrorist group? Explain.

Ahmedinejad denies the Holocaust: so what?

The Democratic party needs to run campaign commercials in the 2008 elections using Southerners.

Great News For Chronic Pain Patients! Richard Paey Granted Full-Pardon and Clemency!

For those who feel some of us aren't sufficiently outraged over Ahmadinejad

Shrub's border wall gives Rio Grande River to Mexico, slashes through wildlife refuges & parks

Kerry: "Ahmadinejad...permitted the freedom...he denies to his own people, the right of free speech"

Randi Rhodes has been a bit of an a-hole

A TEDTalk Tuesday afternoon edition: Jane Goodall

Just how offensive do you find term "black" as opposed to "African-american"?

For the first time in my adult life I wonder if I will vote.

DU has 31,540,293 posts since Jan 2001 - anybody know what post # 1 said?

What Ahmadinejad is and what he isn't...

BREAKING: Kerry "not aware" of 2004 presidential campaign

Good Morning, Bidenites!

I posted another Biden video

They're back from lunch -- or at least there's a live picture of the Senate floor

Kennedy is speaking! But they're still doing "morning business".

Well good AFTERNOON, Bidenites. Here's the latest:

Sigh. Anybody know what's going on in the Senate? Or where to find it? nt

Okay. C-Span 2, even though it's billes as Labour Party Conference Speech.

Update: They're breaking at 3:30 to attend an art unveiling :0 - back at 5pm....nt

Article from The Hill

Look at gd-politics.

Kucinich doing well in the Daily Kos poll, vote for your candidate...

Bush Admin Prepares to Shoot Endagered Wolves

John Gibson On Jena Demonstrators: Black Devils Stalking Their Streets

Mr. Ahmadinejad, you're a snappy dresser...

My candidate just got 10,000% of the latest one-voter straw poll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was really dishonored? Patraeus or TIllman, Lynch and the others

Mike Leavitt, Bush's HHS Sec on CSpan - lying through his teeth about the health care crisis.

Outside Iowa, polls find Hillary maintaining large leads

Bush salutes America and the World

Union's non-choice is loss for Edwards, gain for Obama

McClatchy: Can broken primary system be fixed?

Clinton Camp Expects Obama to Best Them by Over $10 Million in Q3 Fundraising

Fabricated fears about hate crime legislation

Per Morning Joe, Bush said Obama is Intellectually Lazy; Can you

Conde Nast and the Clintons Question: MSNBC this a.m.

Senate Judiciary Committee... 9:30 AM, C-Span3

MSNBC breaking: "U.S. homes post steepest price drop in 16 years"

Obama's About to Do a Radio Interview on WNYC. (11:00 Eastern)

Our Democratic candidates, especially Clinton & Obama, are fantastic fundraisers.

cry wolf/no wolf? Money$treamMedia in a Non Sequitur 'TOON

"This all sounds rather fantastic—even more insidious than the enemies list days of the Nixon era."

We have the GOP on the rope in the House and what is our response?

Bush: We Can’t Spend $22 Billion On America Because We Need $200 Billion For Iraq War

An open letter to any and all of our news sources

Rasmussen Florida: Hillary increases lead over Obama...86% favorables - 67% for Obama...

I would love to see Gore become a surrogate for....

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown Endorses Clinton

Prosecutor in Larry Craig case: Craig didn't withdraw plea until after he was hurt by publicity

Former Philadelphia Congressman Reverend William H. Gray III Endorses Clinton

New Hampshire: Over 120 Granite State Nurses Endorse Hillary

Transitions - what exiting Presidents gave incoming Presidents

IN MY OPINION Charlotte still ignores its homeless

MoveOn's mudslinging??!!

Webb is on the Senate floor now expressing his concern about the Lieberman amendment.

Edwards Education Plan Reflects Serious Mission

Another reason why being Black and voting Republican is like being a chicken voting for KFC

If Thompson is not the nominee, Tennessee is in play...Hillary ahead of Guiliani and Romney...

" Moral hazard has thus been made immoral certainty;"

Giuliani fundraiser costs $9.11 per person

Dems are complicit.

The GOP is so stupidly blatant. No #$%^& way! Tell me there is no way this would fly.

Calculating the true coalition casualties in Iraq.

Former Congressman and United Negro College Fund Head Rev. Bill Gray endorses Hillary...

Biden-Brownback-Boxer agreement will be up for vote in the Senate 'shortly'.

GOP lacks cash to compete in key districts

Democratic Party Maintains Solid Image Advantage Over GOP (Dems better on economy and terrorism)

WP, E.J. Dionne, The Right Fight for Democrats: Children's health insurance

Just Wondering If Anybody Gives A SHIT About Any '08 Prez Candidate Besides ( )?

RSVP from Dennis and Sean Penn

RWers must be laughing their arses off

Former Tulsa Dog Catcher Ben Daredundat Endorses Clinton

Gregg on the senate floor - "people of homosexual persuasion"

Ensign steps forward on campaign disclosure bill

Reid and Schumers secret deal?

First Read: "You, Bill, and a Bowl of Chips"

Dennis' new book, "The Courage to Survive"

Survey USA Virginia: Dems strong...Hillary breaks 50% against all Repubs...

Reed's response to Bush rated higher on cable than the address...

One major difference between Liberals and Conservatives

Who do we need to fear the most in 2008?

Fighting the power of Iowa and New Hampshire?

Democrats to Push Bill to Protect Workers

Mukasey Security Detail Filed Complaint (AP)

Howard Fineman: "Has Barack Obama got it in him?" Interesting read.

Head's Up! Hackers!

Dodd's Automatic Enrollment HealthMart

Which is your preferred

Edwards Unveils Plan to Fight AIDS, HIV

John Edwards: Education Visionary?

Congress Denounces Iran's Ahmadinejad

Bush says Clinton will be Dem nominee

What's with Rudy and the mid-speech calls from his wife???

Likely NH Voters call Obama most likeable candidate

Miss Teen President

Democrats outraising Repubs in House & Senate

Former head of the United Negro College fund / Retired Rep. Gray endorses Clinton

Did Fox News win any Emmys???

Jim Cramer:The AUW union has to be busted

Edwards Suddenly Supporting Tort Reform?

Clinton as the Insiders' Shoo-in: "Expected, relatively meaningless for those not inclined"

India and Israel: Nuclear Non-Proliferation myopia and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Lets pretend that all things are EQUAL

I just received an email from Sen. Boxer to support the Biden-Brownback-Boxer Amendment

Amnesty International - Middle East

Edwards on the difference between his and Clinton's Health Plans

Letter from the RNC: "Democrats are hoping that our troops fail"

So - are we going to back Hillary when she wins the inevitable nomination?

Columbus Dispatch endorses untested hackable computer voting machines: Bob Fitrakis

Is this true? Nader preparing another run? Any confirmation?

Retired Air Force boss stumping for Obama

Supreme Court to rule on voter ID laws: "ruling could affect outcome in races in several states"

Newt will run if he can raise 30 MIL....RUN NEWT RUN!!!!

House Panel Debates Hip-Hop Lyrics (AP)


Forget your fellow posters and whether they want to bomb Iran

Do we understand that a campaign plan is nothing more than a promise to present congress with

Hillary Endorses Moonie Gathering

Nelson (D-FL) says he’s readying lawsuit to fight DNC

Union's non-choice is loss for Edwards, gain for Obama

French President Sarkozy warns war with Iran if

John Edwards said this in 2003, and it is one of the main reasons i support him.

How much do you love my latest "If Clinton gets the nomination, will you support her?" poll?

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at the Change to Win labor convention in Chicago

Must Read. David Brooks: "The Center Holds" or "More Humping for Hillary"

Copy of Bush "Remarks" to the UN General Assembly today:

Photo: Little Lord Pissypants pouts upon his wee throne at the United Nations

Duncun Hunter threatens Columbia U

Who can tell me the significant differences between the Clinton and Edwards health plans?

Likely New Hampshire Voters Call Clinton Most Electable Candidate

Hillary "above" going into the T.V. studio.....??

Reading the Founding Fathers in High School

NYT, Herbert,The Ugly Side of the GOP: "I'd like a million angry protesters marching on the RNC."

Kerry is speaking to the Senate now on C-Span 2 regardingi the BBB amentment. nt

Students for Obama make Daily Kos

Which one of these presidential candidates the most honest?

O'Reilly: CNN Has Now Entered The Dark Side With Media Matters

Photos: Barack Obama speaking at a rally this afternoon in Portland, Maine

Why aren't Hillary supporters bothered by her support of outsourcing? Why are they not bothered by

Note to liberal Hillary-bashers

Majority of Americans, 75% of Democrats Want Bill Clinton To Play Active Policy Role

The Rude Pundit: Ten Other Things That Surprise Bill O'Reilly About Black People

Poll question: 9-25-2007 DU 2008 straw poll 2

Do you think Kucinich makes campaign promises with the knowledge that he won't have to deliver them?

Do you have a favorable, unfavorable or mixed view of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela? Ad highly unpopular with the American people...including a majority of Liberals...

If Hillary is the best, most inevitable candidate for liberals

Why don't the Myanmar monks just "work within the system?"

Edwards offers specifics of his plans to fight AIDS

Iran and the "gay problem. (warning graphic intensive in both senses of the term.

OBAMA in 2004: "We pray to an awesome God in blue states and

Dennis Kucinich - The Mainstream Democrat

TONIGHT on The Daily Show! Evo Morales, President of Bolivia!

BIDEN supporters

from Huff Po: "Hillary Is Bush's Ticket to Posterity" (Andrew Sullivan)

Dennis Kucinich's Book: A Prayer for America

DailyKos: Why It's So Important that Hillary Be Defeated

How can Edwards supporters be for a candidate that pretends his Senate career never happened?

Alabama: Clinton stretches her lead in state

This 'progressive' fad is starting to really irk me

Bombing Iran will not likely kill Ahmadinejad, but it WILL kill....

The "Sensible Center"

I want a president who will tell the unvarnished truth...

I've made up my mind who I am voting for its Dennis Kucinich

9-25-2007 DU 2008 straw poll