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Archives: September 24, 2007

Krugman: Politics in Black and White

50 Years Since Little Rock Integration: Observance this week will feature President Clinton

Marvin Kitman: Even Though The Nightly News Still Stinks… Olbermann Rules!

Iraq Oil Deal Gets Everybody's Attention

Pop Quiz!

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 307

UAW, GM make progress toward reaching a tentative deal

Iraqi PM fears violations of sovereignty

Post-9/11 Cases Draw Criticism for Nominee

U.N. Chief's Dealings With U.S. Draw Fire

US says Iran smuggling missiles to Iraq

Transcript: Ahmadinejad Interview, Part 1

Graft in Contracts Spread From Kuwait Base

tatement by Eli Pariser, Political Action Executive Director, Resolving the NYT

Pope to make climate action a moral obligation

Contractor Faulted in DHS Data Breach

Military Is 'Baiting' Insurgents In Iraq (Snipers using Items as Bait)

Iraq Oil Deal Gets Everybody's Attention (Hunt Oil)

Iraqi militia leader's death shatters truce

Clinton: I Won't Fund Iraq War Without Withdrawal

Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of 'stampeding' to war with Iran

The Old Train of Melbourne

Colbert is on the Simpsons

Oh, man - great Simpsons opener tonight! LOL!

Mmmmmm, roasted cherry tomatoes

I hate open houses!!!

I'm gonna be on the radio tomorrow

Okay, why didn't they poke fun at the 'Guido shoots first' bit in the DVD release?

Juliette Lewis can be the boss of me any time she wants.

How come the Family Guy episode lacks the FOX logo on the corner, and lack of

A vitally important poll of great impotence: What flavor medication?

Don't forget - tonight's Family Guy is "Family Guy Star Wars", and it's FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!

Ever get lost in the woods?

Have you ever been so mad, so enraged

Anyone been to the Poconos?

Ghost video

I just cleaned the old receipts out of my wallet... ask me anything

Did anyone see the last couple minutes of "The Simpsons?"

Are you a geek? Do you dislike homophobic Republican incumbents?

Ten years ago, I weighed 50 pounds less than I do now

Do you think I can be committed...

Am I the only one who's forum level DU looks whack

Nothing like some Black Eyed Peas on a Sunday Night

I'm PISSED! They EDITED the Family Guy episode!!

Can I get some huggage?

Now THAT was one gross movie

:-( :-( :-(

Will Family Guy make hour-long parodies of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?

Once upon a time there was a man named Max.

whoever you are, from the bottom of my heart...I Thank You for my DU door star

Anyone see wildhorses around lately?

Anyone in California want a small gray and white kitty?

"My Father's Glory" and "My Mother's Castle" (two great films)

So I went to see an up and coming comedian the other day

It's 11:00 here, and I am cooking some sun-dried tomato raviolis....

Because I'm dumb like that.

I Think I'll Go Over to GD and Post This Snappy Thread:

Is that really Rush's voice on Family Guy?

Anyone had Ben & Jerry's Vermont Python

Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys Thread

STBE returned from a trip to the Ukraine and to Germany. I have odd feelings.

I saw something funny on my way to work today.

I am getting up at 4:45 am tomorrow to swim

I've discovered why Iggy Pop has been stuck in my head for days!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/23/07 Bonus

How many magazines do you subscribe to?


Most beautiful cats, here on DU!

Okay I feel bad with all the serious stuff that people are dealing with

Fuck this shit, I wanna be a rockstar.

Anyone watching/taping Ken Burns' "The War?"

Recommend a DVD you've watched recently

'Tell Me You Love Me' - that new show on HBO. What does anyone think of it?

Today in labor history September 22

Today's working family cartoon-mine safety

Today in labor history September 23

Starbucks: More Charges of Union-Busting (2 states)

NLRB ruling needed before bus drivers' unionizing vote counted

Broadway producers threaten lockout

UMinn Workers Suspend Strike, Weigh Deal

Security workers strike in san francisco- seiu local 24/7, JOIN THE SECURITY WORKERS

1,200 More AT&T Mobility Workers Organize in Florida

Federal court can hear 9-11 workers complaints

Go Left TV: Homeland Security Crack Down!

Six years later, Jay Corcoran's first AFL-CIO moment of silence

Teamsters Urge FCC to Protect Diversity in Media Ownership Rules

Labor complaint issued against casino

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee: It Is Time to Pass ENDA

Father Finds Son Dead in Vat of Sulfuric Acid at California Circuit Board Factory

Pink Floyd - Us And Them

Joan Baez - With God on Our Side (Live 1966)

Garofalo to O'Reilly: "Kiss my Fat Ass" Real Time 9/21/07

this week felt like a giant early 90s

Independent frontpage on the protests in Burma

A Challenge to the U.S. Senate: If the troops must forego R and R, so should you.

Reinvigorated SDS Finds Support In Lancaster Pennsylvania

for the night crew - you really outta check out this short amazing video

Turning The Other Cheek Sounds Very Bleak

It should be noted ...

Colleges and universities are politicized like all other institutions-True or False?

Ken Burns "WWII" starting NOW on many PBS Stations in the South...

Statement by, Resolving the New York Times Ad Rate Issue

Rising Seas Likely To Flood U.S. History

Wa Po: Make Fun Of Faith? Sure. Jesus? Uh, No.

Exclusive: Petraeus' Sectarian Death Count Methodology

I was just watching "power of 10" with Drew Carey on the teevee.

Analysis: Bush Unwelcome on the Trail

"Respectable" Rethugs (I'm cracking up here)

Gen. David Petraeus Better Known, Better Liked After Last Week

Republicans united against Clinton

Brzezinski: U.S. seems to be on course for Iran war

Politico reporting that Bayh will Endorse Clinton

The Oregonian: Town Hall Crowd Calls For Bush Impeachment

Why does Bush HATE AMERICA??? The results of his decisions/actions /management confirms this

"when you wish a guy dead, and it turns out to be your best friend..."

"Just the Facts".......

Why are these people so afraid?

Edwards Statement to Honor OneWebDay

List of women presidents around the world

Candidate Calculator

Are you a geek? Do you dislike homophobic Republican incumbents?

US says Iran smuggling missiles to Iraq

DMX's Dogs: Buried Bodies Had Serious Wounds

Author Douglas Rushkoff on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

One more question about the B-52/stolen nukes issue...

You were great on Real Time! Too bad smart people like you who tell the truth can't get elected

Help! Need backup on data re: the Evangelical Christian takeover of the military.

When the CIA Got It Right (Ignatius / WaPo)

It seems to me that "60 Minutes" has taken a turn to the right.

Just one simple question

Fox just said Clinton voted against condeming the MoveOn ad, but they

The Chimperor is Planning to Pardon Himself for War Crimes

Please understand , Ahmadinejad is to Iran as Bush is to the US

Gonzo Redux? Mukasey Tells Right-Wing Activists He Backs

Cheney reportedly wants war with Iran

Bush Declares: Hillary will win Nomination; White House calls Obama 'Lazy'. Warning from Drudge

Massive Surveillance Keeps Track of Travel, Even the Size Bed you Sleep in.

Good german phenomena where does it come from?

Latest NASA Arctic Ice Photos

How come Congress has never given D.C. the right to vote?

Why does the National Football League hate America?

TMZ trashes and belittles my friend Janeane Garofalo with cutesy dumb video

In honor of MoveOn's ----> B R E A K T H R O U G H

Ken Burns' film on WW II is brilliant

Can any DUer confirm a report that Newsweek magazine reported Sunday that VP Dick Cheney

Bush to ask for 195 Billion more for his wars

Snipers Describe Classified Program To Lure Iraqis With 'Bait' And Kill Them

Bush tells Ahmadinejad:

Best. Newspaper. Editorial. EVAH!! "Taser this... FUCK BUSH"...

Every Picture Tells a Story. Stop and Think Before You Vote. (dial-up warning)

There goes my life....

This Modern World: "The Comedic Genius Of Alan Greenspan"

Organization Tries To Change Law So That Child Molesters Get Life In Prison Or The Death Penalty

What is your family's WWII story?

For those watching THE WAR by Ken Burns

Who saw Ken Burns ' The War ' ? It shows the Common goal and reason we

Mike Huckabee: I want my gun when I want it!

Is your loved one's name in the National WWII Memorial Registry?

Sickening story: Private investors purchasing nursing homes, making millions, patients are suffering

6-Year-Old Autistic Student Criminally Charged After Alleged Assault

Ever wonder why no republican received an anthrax letter in 2001?

Search and seizure

A great article about Biden

USA Today: AFL-CIO plans $200 million mobilization for 2008 election cycle

Power of 10: Questions pertaining to Iraq War and Bush

Seeing Newt on C-Span Twice in three days...How will Hillary vs. Newt Go?

Independent Voters Tilt Towards Democrats

Go Left Tv: Best of the Left News September 23rd

Cross post from GD with a big thank you to Rateyes.

Democratic infighting might kill gun records bill

We are all Fools

Clinton MAY concider Signing Obama's Campaign Finance Legislation

Do you think the Bush administration is spoiling for war with Iran?

Well, I thought I could make it... I thought I could watch The War....

Clinton: I won't fund Iraq war without withdrawal plan

White House official calls Obama "lazy;" is he shuckin' and jivin', too?

Do you think that the soldier, the vocal ones who support the war...

Would reptiles and amphibians leave the Republican Party if Newt doesn't run?

Twenty-two Democratic clowns joined a Republican circus

Paul Krugman, Politics in Black and White: "Southern white exceptionalism is about race"

Indiana Sen. Bayh to endorse Clinton

"Rare feat": Senator Clinton appears on all five major talk shows in one Sunday morning

We lost Gore. We lost Kerry. Are we gonna let

Why did Bush say Hillary will be the nominee?

Hillary's remedy is political genius

Adrian Hamilton: The eerie familiarity of these preparations for war

Peter Galbraith: Iraq Sets the Stage for Possible U.S. War with Iran


How Iraq won its 'freedom'

Tomgram: Bush's Free World and Welcome to It

The year of unmitigated gloom

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bush, the Bomb and Iran

Larry Craig’s Great Adventure: Suddenly, He’s a Civil Libertarian - NY Times

A picture of health? (British medical personnel react to "Sicko")

Why Does Everyone Bow Down to the Health Insurance Industry?

Why Ahmadinejad Loves New York

Clinton campaign kills negative story

Christian Right Still Neoconned

Podhoretz Granted Secret Access To Lobby Bush On ‘The Case For Bombing Iran’

No End in Sight? Hell No!

Congress Betray Us

NYT admits MoveOn ad rate was an error

George W. Bush's Thug Nation

Rolling Stone: Make-Believe Reagan (devastating Fred Thompson piece)

Calling Al Gore: Catastrophic Warming Now Unavoidable

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

Australia's PM goes green, opponents see red - Reuters

Kicking Your Head to Get Rid of a Headache: Palm Oil and the Imminent Extinction of the Orangutan

History Channel "Mega Disasters : Glacier Meltdown" Tuesday

Bush Will Skip Today's UN Climate Talks, But Will Drop In For Dinner Tonight - NYT

Johnny-Come-Lately Howard Announces Renewable Energy Target - 15% By 2020 - CNN/Thompson

Australian Drought May Cut Wine Production For 2008 In Half - Reuters

Survey Shows FT 500 Firms Acting, Paying Attention On Climate, S&P 500 Lagging Behind - AFP

Cantarell Collapsing - Down 25% In Past 18 Months, May Hit 600Kb/d By 2013

University Of Illinois - Arctic Basin Anomaly Graph Brushing Bottom Of Chart

US wants nuclear key to emissions

Bush Summit On Emissions Described As "Climate Kindergarten" - US News

Amazonian forest 'more resilient' (BBC)

Solar power co-ops. And other random thoughts.

Michigan legislator introduces cutting edge energy bill

District energy from the Willamette

At Current Rate Of Acidification, Oceans By 2050 Will Qualify As Wastewater Under EPA Standards

Florescent Light Bulb Joke

Treaty may restart polar bear hunts in Russia: WWF - Reuters

Wal-Mart to look at suppliers' energy efficiency

More pupils eat what neighboring farms grow (Maine)

Interesting north south sea ice asymmetry developing

Climate change spurs industry restructuring: suvey

"Yes, The Internet Saves Energy"

China Expanding Coal-Bed Methane Developments With Foreign Partners - Reuters

Lava Beds National Monument to become Dark Sky Preserve

Fire at Israel's Only Crematorium Sparks Emotional Battle

Venezuela to Expand Petrochemicals Production, Chavez Says

Two Italians freed in Afghan raid

Diaz-Balart to probe D.C. assault charges (against D. Rep. Bob Filner)

NYT admits MoveOn ad rate was an error

Two Spanish soldiers killed in Afghan attack

Iran shuts border with Iraqi Kurds

AT&T suspends parental controls after uncovering 911 issues

Iranian activists oppose military attack on Iran -- dissident

Cheney mulled luring Iran into war with Israel: report

Several local NGOs close down in Mosul (violence against aid workers)

Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid

Scientists: Brain injuries from war worse than thought

Reporter of Al-Baghdadia TV murdered in Baghdad

Suicide bomber kills police chief in Iraq city

Scientists: Brain injuries from war worse than thought

Iran closes border with northern Iraq

Rumsfeld position raises ire at Stanford

Bush wields vetoes to block Democrats

Talk of war is 'propaganda': Iranian leader

Pasadena church wants apology from IRS

Congressmen Call For Investigation On Government Cyberattacks

Is this Bill Clinton's fault?

Rising crime trend confirmed

Scathing opening before Ahmedinejad's speech

House Subpoenas Mining Accident Papers

Mass grave found near Baghdad

Israel's Supreme Court Orders Jewish National Fund to Find Way to Sell Land to Arabs

Republicans embrace Guantanamo lockup

NY Jail Union Says It Will Endorse Obama

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 24

Legislatures May Act on Columbia

Burmese military threatens monks

Homeland Security deputy secretary resigns

Bush rips Congress on the budget

DEA Announces Wide-Ranging Steroid Busts

Prosecutor: (Larry) Craig is 'politicking'

Company Will Monitor Phone Calls to Tailor Ads

Ahmadinejad hailed in Middle East

Judge: LA Jail Floor Sleeping 'Cruel'

Bush Says Clinton Will Be Dem Nominee

President predicts GOP will keep control of White House after 'tough race' in 2008

Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to bomb Iran

Bush administration pushed states to lobby against California fuel rules

Ahmadinejad defends Iran's rights record

U.S. Snipers Allegedly `Baited' Iraqis

More than 100,000 protest in Myanmar (joining Monks. )

Bills target rising college textbook prices

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,798

The Donald: Time for Bush to go into 'hiding'

Iranian leader 'petty, cruel dictator,' school president says

Laura Bush to travel to Middle East in October

UAW strikes GM

Bush administration urges Social Security cuts

A little Ella Fitzgerald for you all.

Kodos the Executioner

One unexpected consequence of supporting Hillary...

When it rains, it pours. *sigh*

"I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow all of my Life"

Air purifier question...

"I was wearing, like, a hot pink Rocawear sweatsuit, just dancing with my crown!"

I'll have you people know that i have been posting in gd for the last few weeks

As we speak, the Colorado Rockies are only 1.5 games out of the wildcard

I think i am stalking Indiana Jones: Ask me Anything!

Train-wrecks..........a favorite hobby of mine........dialup warning

Donovan McNabb says...

Train-watching..........a favorite hobby of mine........dialup warning

I am on sickleave today and tomorrow

Alternate Universe News! Fighting the War - With Terror!

My kids' school is a piece of crap!

If you knew someone was dishonest would you tell your friend...

I have not seen Al Broker (?sp) for a long time-but just saw him-looks like he

On the mend but, YOW, burns hurt...

Someone last night told me...

Seriously, I leave DU for a couple of days and you idiots all start to slack off....

What is the craziest job you ever had... AND....

Barry Bonds' Baseball

Greatest NFL quarterback EVAH!

Bad joke Monday

Why the hell isn't Grossman benched?

I miss the 90s.

Where Is newyawker99?

Chicago and East (and West) Coasters

Training bras..........a favorite hobby of mine..........dial-up warning.

why the hell does everyone have to stop at the doors right near my desk

Good vs. Well

Hey, if they can do these to plastic dolls, can people do the same to real babies?

Parallel Universes do exist...

In tribute to Marcel Marceau.

Does anyone have any book on Beauty/Make-Up that they like?

Wiley Coyote lives in NH!

Do you have a memory box?

In honor of Marcel Marceau, post your favorite quotes from him

What is the point of all What is the point threads?

Why oh why couldn't the Vikings have drafted Jay Cutler when they had the chance

British Speeder Is Clocked at 172 Mph

Gah! Sometimes I just want to toss in the towel.

Anyone read or reading the new James Patterson "You've Been Warned"?

What is the point of Hypnotoad?

What is the point of LynneSin?

What is the point of Cinemax?

What is the point of Climax?

Okay, who else turned off The War to watch Family Guy?

HOUSE airs new season opener TOMORROW!

anybody hear of a stomach flu going round with severe gas and cramps, i am sitting up with my wife..

What's the point??

Who Pointed At Hypnotoads Climax?

Stop me

This has to be a dream job for someone: Off-Centered Brewer/Distiller


Yikes - I have been asked to coordinate a monthly school newsletter

AAAAAAA! Ok, I learned a little lesson in GD today...

Is the lounge quite today or have i hidden/ignored too many threads/people

Help - I need a very funny birthday card for an old friend. Any suggestions?

Getting laid off, company is closing

The worst part of September are all the damned

Little people are are living in my minivan.

BTW - I love my new home - who wants to have a DU gathering in Delaware??!!

Our trees are starting to turn color

You know what I hate? When people leave their shopping cart in the middle of the supermarket aisle

Sonya Thomas Appreciation

What is the point of Klymaxx?

Image: Free Speech For All

Joke Of The Day

I'm having a very difficult time sitting on the truth any longer

Just got my brand spanking new passport in all its patriotic glory

You know ONE of the things I hate?

".....we destroy the gov't...we destroy more problems on the way...

Yay! People are starting to pick up the free stuff on my driveway!

I'm having a very difficult time sitting on my butt any longer.

Bucky is starting to scare the hell out of me


I just got this email..... might not be SFW

What is the point of Maryland?

I Just Picked Up Some Free Stuff On Someones Driveway

The day I discovered that a hide-a-bed is not useful for hiding-a-affair was pretty harsh...

I am SO tired! Jeebus!

I've decided to write a book about my experiences on-line

Hey - we were promised more pictures!

Ummmm. A little help?

Center, People. Cen-ter!!!

Does anyone have experience with dyslexia or possibly related language issues?

Well, the stupid burns are infected now

What is this guy listening to on his radio sunglasses?

Talk me out of quitting my job

Damn, check out this comic by Bill Day

I'm catching a cold

Britney Spears' ex-bodyguard on coke, meth, glass pipes, weird baby voices and constant nudity

I think a hyena would make a good watchdog.

I'm feeling about a pic of your favorite spicy foods?

Ok, this made me laugh....

I've always wanted to be a great artist and a Dee-Jay



Hyphens perish as English marches on

I think this book...


SIgh, anyone else having one of them days where you miss them?

I Ran

Did Katie Couric(NBC) call Iran the ENEMY??

Back Seat Sex Causes Accident

HDTV: What's better? Projection TV or Big Screen?

Things that go bump in the night.

What Is The Point Of Squares?

What is the sexiest accent in the French language?

Judge makes 'Green Eggs and Ham' ruling

10 Top Reasons Not To Eat With Pigs

A nurse walks into a bank...

Okey dokey then, how does this look?

10 Top Reasons Not To Eat. Pigs!!!!! (lame copycat)

I’d rather be a fool than be heartless

My niece is having a baby!

Monday, September 24th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

New movie from "Shaun of the Dead" guys is "a road movie about two British geeks in America"

Anybody else think the head honcho of Iran is good looking?

Must. Have. Cocktail. NOW!!1!!

Heroes tonight!

Must have a Cockatiel . . . NOW!

Baby Tigers And Baby Urangutans Become The Best Of Friends

I hate having to compromise my beliefs to survive

What's for dinner at your place?

My oven door exploded Saturday night! -- WTH? - (4 pics) Ever heard of this?

TMZ: "Guess which one of these actresses was not born a biological woman"

CASH CAB: The best show ever?

OK this is hysterical

What is the point of circles?

would anyone care if i canceled DU on myspace?

Why don't you read Tom Tomorrow?

I have a feeling that people in GD/GDP do not like me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/24/07

To brighten your day: what happens when Hallmark writers have a bad day!

Sometimes....My family makes me want to scream!!


Querelle Is Back!

Rock this shit, I want to be a fuckstar.

What's the sexiest accent in the English language?

By popular demand--sexiest REGIONAL accent?

Naptime for the Lounge

Imagine you are Diane Sawyer - what questions would you ask Jenna Bush in an interview

Would some submarine warfare experts chime in on the Ken Burns flick?

If you walk around with a Bluetooth cellular phone earpiece ALL the time...

Ahmedinajad stops at times square olive garden orders fried chicken.

Which education goes best with pizza?

The gas station I went to had monitors over the pumps to show what's upcoming on television

Have you ever had days like this?

Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.

How much electricity does your body produce?

Have you ever thought about the intersection of the "real" world

Offer me suggestions for time-killing.

Best Buy: Consumers baffled by HDTV

Radio Lady: My heart may be stolen by another man... Michael Gates Gill

DU's Greatest Hits

Former Iraq commander Sanchez calls out pols

Navy tries different tact to get OLF site

Support grows for standing up an unconventional warfare command

How will they all fit on Guam?

Repeat war tours take toll on home front

Calling all Vets,,,Question?? is this the week that we can now

my 106th ltte-re:Webb-Hagel and my hypocrite senator

McCain uses active duty troops for his campaign!

Store loses money, soldiers lose store

1st AD Band ready for march to Iraq

Teamsters Urge FCC to Protect Diversity in Media Ownership Rules

Today in labor history September 24

Deadline looms in GM union talks

Wage wars, Workers — from truckers to stockbrokers — are winning overtime lawsuits

Workers Joining AFL-CIO Unions at Highest Rate in Two Generations

Workers' rights desperately need protection in the United States (from 2003)

Un-American: Employers’ Dirty Tricks at the Workplace

AFL-CIO official opens labor push for Beshear (for Gov of Kentucky)

Unionbusting Confidential

The Massive Scope Of The AFL-CIO's Political Program, almost all of this -- goes to help Democrats

2 years after labor split, Change to Win reflects

At Wal-Mart, Clinton didn't upset any carts (remaining silent as Wal-Mart pursued anti-union strateg

O.T. Isn’t as Simple as Telling Time

Colombia orders arrests in slaying of unionists

"IM BEING REPRESSED" Funny & Serious

Zbigniew Brzezinski; Kissinger on Late Edition PT. 1

"Electable": Senator Clinton on "Meet the Press"

Moment of Change: Better Public Education

Found! Giuliani's previous staged phone call from his wife

Burma's Secret War

Take a stand on Iraq

Real Time with Bill Maher - Sep 21 2007

CNN: 'Taser This F*** BUSH' (David McSwane)

A Discussion About Isarel On Real Time With Bill Maher and Janeane Garofalo

No More Dirty Tricks!

Declare This An Emergency

The Choice on Iraq (Ad by Gov Richardson and bloggers from Open Left and Firedoglake)

2008 new media tactics? National Presidential Caucus?

Help Democrats take back most conservative district in NC

No more blown up bodies

Ahmadinejad says Iran, U.S. not headed for war (Reuters)

SiCKO Available on DVD Nov. 6th, 2007 - according to

Serious Question about Airport Security?

Camp helps kids grieve for a parent killed in war

Peru : Meteorite, Or A Crashed US Spy Satellite? Infowars

Even Joey the Scar thinks Rudy's move was creepy...

Armchair Psychologists: What does it say about someone

Real Time was excellent tihs week.

U.N. revs up over global warming

"Celebration of blind justice? Or is it simply an admission of absurdity?"

Bush Wields Vetoes to Block Democrats

McClatchy: Bush's prep-school buddy sticks by him in Washington

I finally saw "Bobby". Not too late for Al?

Here's a chuckle - Bush to focus on reviving Mideast talks

What are the best sources for the Rather situation?

Is Fox News just a media network or a political party of its own?

List of helicopter pilots killed in Viet Nam: Army, USAF, Navy, USMC (2197)

Beverage Control Head Faces DUI Charge (Ky)

Graft in U.S. Army Contracts Spread-75 Criminal Investigations, Suicides

Run, Newtie, run!

Dupe. Oop!

Iraq says no Blackwater move until after inquiry (Reuters)

This Modern World -The comedic genius of Alan Greenspan.

CNN QuickVote: Do you think the Bush administration is spoiling for war with Iran?

Michigan legislator introduces cutting edge energy bill

You know what I hate? When people leave their shopping cart in the middle of the supermarket aisle

Ahmadinejad Underestimates Our Ability To MISINTERPRET Him

Yet another church official caught abusing a youth in his care

CNN asked Newt about Iraninan Prez......'he imprisons gays'

How to stream Ahmadinejad speech/Q&A at Columbia U?

Poll: More Republicans Than Democrats Approve Of Congress

How To Identify An Insurgent-BAIT & SHOOT HIM-Pentagon's New Classified Program Revealed

Conservatives blocking Ahmadinejad from getting to Ground Zero.

Bush on cspan1--Live (budget)---lots of blaming Dem congress

Cheney thinks he is more like “the flavor of the month”

Play AdLibs W/ Larisa Alexandrovna!: "State Propaganda Front Sends Press Releases Out..."

3 cups of tea

Prez Dumbo's saber-rattling elevates Ahmadinejad throughout Middle East

Naming a new broom

Amazing! Internet debate attracts over 1M viewers (mashup w/HuffPo, Slate, Yahoo)

Vitter wants to give your tax bucks to zealots so they can pimp creationism in Public Schools

Ahmadinejad,-cspan2 nat. press club at 1:15 ET but I can not see Columbia

Silence falls on Marcel Marceau, master of the mime

cspan - bush starts speech early

Larisa Alexandrovna: Fair And Balanced Death Threats

Former Labour MP Tony Benn visited Saddam before the invasion - tried to stop the war

Pentagon Can't Find Major Named in Suit (sued over 'mandatory christianity')

Ad Exec Who Lost It All Happier Working At Starbucks

Why does Bush hate children so much? It's obvious by his recent

If XM can broacast the POTUS channel free and commercial free for 18 mos., why can't

Am I the only one that watches the bushitler* to get my adrenaline to flowing

Bring them home - no "redeployment", no bases in Iraq - bring them all HOME

Anyone? Is There Anyway to Helpt Afghan Women? Any Organization?

While he's lecturing us about DOMESTIC spending, Bush’s occupation will cost us $720 million TODAY

Closing Guantanamo lockup looks increasingly unlikely

Mukasey signals support for torture.

Precedents for Clinton's interviews on all five channels = also called the full Ginsburg

Editor Of College paper That Ran "F*** Bush" Editorial Says He'd Run It Again

John Edwards On CSPAN Now speaking at Health Care 2008 Forum...

Cspan repeating Biden amendment speech from Friday - just noticed it

Denis Kucinich is NOT being left off the major polls.

Report: NRA audience called for female protester to be Tased

Johnson&Johnson, a fortune, a love child, the NJ Supremes and the definition of the word "spouse"

Due to the fact not enough of us are in any one state as to change the outcome in the primaries

MSNBC discussion re Ahmedinejad

Breaking...CNBC is showing footage of pickets outside select GM plants

If the UAW endorses it, will that have any impact on 'the debate'?

WW ll Question

And let this be the first shot in their war;

Rejecting Candidates, Not The Party, and an Open Debate

Monday morning angry ramblings

"A war based on lies."

Homeland Security Democrats Call for Cyber Attacks Investigation

Anybody watch "The War"?

I thought the best part of the interview with President Ahmadinejad was :

On MSNBC, even the defender of Ahmadinejad is still beating the war drum

The Real Reasons for the Ahmadinejad Protest

Ahmadinejad's Speech at Columbia University Is as American as Apple Pie

I have not seen Al Broker (?sp) for a long time-but just saw him-looks like he

Edwards to discuss Healthcare on C-SPAN 11:03 EST

Millions up for grabs in Scaife divorce fight

Discovered the "Sacred Cow" here at my Right Wing Work Place

I haven't followed the Blackwater stuff much - but please tell me this is a f***ing joke

Ahmadinejad Hailed In Middle East

Dilbert re: Shrub's "leadership": "I won't give you a single thing that you want"!!1

Arguments against impeachment don't stand up

Greenspan said on MTP that paying off the national debt was a bad idea

The Rude Pundit on Giuliani - "Rudy Giuliani Knows More Than You"

Orwell, eat your heart out: "The Peace and Stability Industry"

CNN poll about Iranian president speaking at Columbia now 50/50

Thom Hartman now talking of Ahmadinejad/Iran

Why does Ghouliani want wife #3 to phone him during speeches?

Greenspan: Because Of Oil, Saddam Was ‘Far More Important To Get Out Than Bin Laden’

Just so you know if Ahmadinejad resigns or otherwise becomes "incapacitated" the Repugs are fecked

Read some e-mails from the military and their families to MoveOn:

DK on Leno tonite!

A question about the Ahmadinejad outrage, why is Columbia controversial. . .

Why isn't The Press Club being censured for allowing Ahmadinejad to speak?

Jeff Gannon is "pleased so far" over the "rather brisk" sales of his new book

Lawmakers Now Looking To Penalize Columbia University Financially For Allowing Ahmadinejad To Speak

The California Plan to stop bad doctors from practicing medicine

Men are smartest and dumbest, say scientists

Senate Source: McConnell 'Inaccurate' on Iraq Kidnapping Surveillance

Run, Al, Run-If Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize, will he run for president? (Christopher Hitchens?)

Ahmadinejad -- N.Y. front page headline *EVIL*

Ahmadinejad on C-SPAN2 now 12:17 EST

Greenspan: Because Of Oil, Saddam Was ‘Far More Important To Get Out Than Bin Laden’

Hagel: "The Republican Party Has Won Two Elections On..Fear And Terrorism..[It's] Going To Try Again

We need a leader exchange program!

If Bill Clinton were still President, he could debate Ahmadinejad into oblivion ... not Bush

How stupid are these CNN anchors?

Columbia University Dean Would Welcome Hitler

c-span2 taking calls on press club speech

Okay, I apologize.

Remember when we had presidents who just followed the law instead of whining about activist judges?

Homeland Security deputy Jackson RESIGNS (financial reasons?)

Boxer Mike Tyson Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession, DUI Charges

You can't spell Tehran without T-E-H-R-A.

Congressional Leaders Call for Minority Media Ownership Task Force

I think the University of Tehran should invite Bush to speak there

Splash and Poop.

* talks about Congress' Overspending - pics

Warmongering idiotic toons


(Blackwater) Video Available For The Senate Hearings On Contractors In Iraq

Wonder if Ahmadinejad will mention the million or so Iraqi men, women and children Bush had killed?

What is your opinion about joining a union? Are you a union member?

A message for our times from Hunter S. Thompson

Free speech 101

A question for DU: "Is there anything you admire about G.W. Bush?"

Robert Byrd talking of Iraq on Senate fl now. cspan2

Chairman Waxman Discovers White House Role in Lobbying Against California Vehicle Standards

This presidential fundraising period ends SUNDAY, September 30! **DONATE HERE**

Maher's New Rules for Sept 14th

Iranmania on TV giving cover to the REAL Debate at The UN in NY

Exclusive: Israel did NOT hit Syria nuke site (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Examiner in Boot Camp Death Still Has Job

My mother has a picture of me standing next to George Gekas, former US Republican senator

U.S. hiring Hessians

Funny Press Release from the New Orleans DA's Office

What Did Y'all Think Of The Ahmadinejad Interview On 60 Minutes?

Today's Secret Word is:

An Open Letter to Al Franken: Why Did You Support the Iraq War?

Anyone who believes corporations are more efficient than government...

Breaking: Leader who supports "state sponsored terror" to visit U.S.A.

CNN Poll needs DUing right now! Should Iranian President be allowed to

" The dollar continues to edge closer to the cliff."

Activist Silenced for Fear of Surveillance

Is this art? and if so, should you be able to wear it anywhere?

Bush: We Can’t Spend $22 Billion On America Because We Need $200 Billion For Iraq War

Unbridled Rightwing Hate

Senator Evan Bayh to endorse Senator Clinton today

Quick get the sanitizer!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is what you get when you allow religions to control governments

I think we need to round up the whole bush*/cheney* criminal crew

Subtle Racism Harasses Brain

Obama condemns Iran's "sponsorship of terrorism" and pursuit of nuclear weapons

WaPo: Bush Lauds Hillary Clinton

Think Little Boots would visit Tehran?

I wonder if this is what it's like for other countries when Bush goes on tour there?

In one word, American Foreign policy under Bush

(Bloviating) Thompson Blasts Columbia - says if he were prez he ban Ahmadinejad from 'Murka.

Bomber strikes Shiite-Sunni meeting, kills 15 including police chief

What Do You Think Is Happening To Dick Cheney's Pacemaker As This Guy Is Speaking ???

Bill Clinton on MArtha Stewart show this wednesday.

Tune into Randi Rhodes. Guest talking of how Warner dissed Webb last week.

Correcting the record: Obey, Hoyer respond to * criticisms on appropriations bill this a.m.:

Mystery surrounds deaths of Minot airmen

Ahmadinejad should be asked to speak more often

Democrats Answer to Republican Resolution Regarding (Brent Budowsky)

Hear Eli Pariser talk with the MoveOn community about yesterday's U.S. Senate Vote

Zero gays in Iran?! Then why does the GOP want to bomb them?

We must invade Iran to liberate the gay Iranians!

Fundamentalist, theocrat, Holocaust denier, supporter of execution for gays, antiSemite...

The tropics are on steriods...or maybe warm water, not sure.

Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia speaks volumes about really the greatness of America

Barbara Ehrenreich: Healthcare Surrender Monkeys

Alan Greenspan is blathering windbag. How do assholes like him get to where they do?

Is the term "Good German" applicable to DUers? To how many?

I think Alan Dershowitz is a flaming douche bag.

Alaska + Texas

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Support of Stop Iran Now Rally

A pic just screaming for a PhotoShop

Top White House Economic Adviser Involved in Patenting Strategies to Avoid Taxes

Boxer speaking on Senate floor

Sen. Mike Gravel : "Let Ahmadinejad Go to Ground Zero"

Why do I have this bad feeling that Hillary is just not electible?

Wow - the event at Columbia with Ahmadinejad is going to be quite something...

Even Though The Nightly News Still Stinks… Olbermann Rules!

"WTF is wrong with you people?!"

****Ahmadinejad at Columbia THREAD 2****

U.S. endorsed Iranian plans to build massive nuclear energy industry

Democracy Now! debate: Alan Greenspan vs. Naomi Klein on the Iraq War, Bush's Tax Cuts...

Future Bush relative gets taxpayer-funded trip to China

But, those are "scholarship" pageants, right? Not beauty contests...

The Ahmadinejad Hypocrisy

Brent Budowsky: Answer to the MoveOn Resolution

Inviting Ahmadinajad to Columbia was beyond stupid

Reid, Pelosi Call on Bush to Support Mandatory Limits on Greenhouse Gases

Did Ahmadinejad.Comparing Being Gay To Narco-Trafficking?

OMG !!! - "Your Security Is Our Business"

CBS’s Propaganda Ambush in Tehran - the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Interview

So Why Do We Hate Iran

Congrats to smalll, winner of the latest Hillary Clinton Cave-In Pool

Here come the "Hit" knew it was only a matter...

All our candidates are great! Agree or Disagree?

So What's The Real Game Here?

Prosecutor: Deny the defendant's motion (Larry Craig)

DeMint whinning on Senate FL.

What would you ask Ahmadinejad if you could ask him one question?

Expert: Prosecution Just Cost of Biz For Iraq Security Contractors

City Councilman in Roseland Indiana experiences police brutality

Science education and... pizza?

Is Ahmadinejad the Castro of Democratic Underground?

US, Sudan, China, Iran and Zimbabwe have what in common?

Quote Of The Day

A factoid stuck in my brain from, "The War"...

I found an interesting poll I wanted to share

The Important Point Is That This Is A Country Where He Can Speak

Why are we...

Teaching My Children To See God...

Russia-shaped luxury island to be built in Black Sea

Credit Crisis the Fault of Home Buyers?

There are no Homosexuals in Orlando, Florida!

Is the reason the turdblossom and crew were so confident shortly after the '06 elections

MSNBC Covers Thousands Protesting Ahmadinejad...THOUSANDS!

Whatever happened to the rumor...

Bush wants to cut Social security benefits

My Workplace Exchange Over Ahmadinejad US Visit

Biden statement on United Auto Workers strike

Lest we forget Karen Hughes!!! and Stan was there

Is There Any Way We Could Support The Rock Mountain Collegian (F--- Bush !) ???

China Whining about Dalai Lama visits to Germany and soon Canada

Tu Quoque, or, Let Us Exercise More Reason Than The Freepers

phone # for company that wants to spy on your phone calls for advertising purposes

HRC refuses to commit to full troop Iraq pull-out by end of first term.

I must have been dreaming.....

Tweety just slammed Rudi for getting calls from Judi during speeches

Dilbert: politics in a nutshell (TOON)

Do you think Bollinger's attack was warranted

Sweet Jesu on a unicycle, CNN has Hillary running against Rudy already.

Top 5% income: $89,000 in Canada, $165,000 in USA

Why does the media persist in referring to "Communist China" and not

Will Bush be more reviled when he leaves office?

Gonzo Looking For Private Lawyer-Likely To Be Probed By TX Bar For Ethics Violations

North Korea assists Syria with nuclear technology

Tweety just bashed the president of Columbia, and his panel agrees that

Bush should have sent Larry Craig to welcome Ahmedinejad to America

Did anyone see the rude interview by Scott Pelley on CBS 60 Minutes?

Random thoughts on Limbaugh and the "Democrat" party.

Iranian President visits Venezuela this week

my 106th ltte-calling out my senator on the webb-hagel amendment

Chavez Rails at Teenage Breast Implants Gift Fad

China freezes prices to stop inflation

Fats Domino tribute CD for Tipitina's Foundation

Iran shuts border with northern Iraq

U.S. consumers cutting back on restaurants-survey

Thom Hartmann: Columbia University Shows True American Values

Harold Ford spoke in Little Rock today

This NYT reversal is really upsetting me.

From a "Good German" (a rant and a heartfelt thanks to all DUers)

Condi: "What we need to do is, we need to get a change in Iranian behavior"

Should all Republican gays be "outed?"

Spelling police, listen up! Thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on

Shuster just skewered Marsha Blackburn .. but good. She knew how many

Are Hillary supporters really just closet republicans?

Stop the Lieberman-Kyl Declaration of War on Iran.

Please tell your Baptist friends "Allah" does not mean "the Devil."

Just a few words to every one of you admirers of Hillary, Inc.

Leahy adds amendment to Defense bill to repeal law making it easier to declare Martial Law


Please Thank David Shuster!!!

Gov Richardson teams w/ Open Left and Firedoglake Bloggers for troop withdrawal ad

UAW Goes on STRIKE...if Not Settled...then Chrysler/Ford will Go Out!

To the element amongst us which has embraced the idea that the enemy of our enemy is our friend...

Kurds derail train in Turkey

This is getting insane.

Jim Lehrer doing good segment on monks marching with 100,000 joining in.

Sam Seder Fans:

LOL! - White House Calls Obama Intellectually Lazy!!!

Norman Pearlstine (Editor of Time) is speaking at my school

We wouldn't accept statements like this about any other group of people

Germs Taken to Space Come Back Deadlier

Was ISrael's bombing of Syrian targets perfectly legal and acceptable?

No Homosexuals In Iran: They Don't Have That Phenomenon There

Huh - Looky At That - What's Good For General Motors REALLY IS Good For The U.S.!

Best Buddies?

If Hillary gets the nod, where will the bashers go?

Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide: New York ( x )

Rice sees no U.S.-Iran talks on Iraq soon

In Handwritten Letter, Craig Thanked Bathroom Sting Prosecutor for Cooperation

Dubya call Obama intellectually lazy...

Judge: No Appeal on Enron Ruling

Talking Points on Kyl-Lieberman Amendment

World's Greatest Market: China or U.S.?

Images from Myanmar protest

Forget Papers Please, it's Blood, Saliva and Breath please.

Al Gore Wants Quarterly Summits of Global Leaders On Climate Change

A quick question about the last primary season on DU

Turn on C-Span 2 - It;s Iran day, being presented by Lieberman

Who complains the most about people 'bashing' their candidate?

The New Guilded Age: the $14,000 dessert

Waxman: White House should reject DoT lobbying effort

Bill Richardson Jim Lehrer News Hr right now

"Ahmadinejad wanted to lay wreath for hijackers, not victims"

since its Iran day, how about an Iran picture thread

Okay...I will bite...I am a "rich" democrat

Reality immitating art? Is Obama trying to be "Captain United"?

'$100 laptop' to sell to public (BBC)

OK, so the Chimp is scared of horses, but maybe with good reason.

Obama's Fuzzy Math (UPDATED)

Did you know that auto workers' health care plans adds a whole $1,000 to the sticker price?

Rice’s Waning Influence: Networks Reject Secretary Of State As Sunday Show Guest

God Bless Our Troops

Bye Bye Tucker Bye Bye..

"Dirtying up" the "Good German"

Diane Sawyer interviews Jenna Bush this Friday

I've just been told I must submit to the MMR vaccine before

Florida Alert: Tampa Bay to remove "Devil" from pro baseball team's name

Congressional Approval up! (Among Republicans)

The battle between the DNC and Florida Democrats. Good, bad, or stupid?

In Light Of Ahmadinejad 's Remarks Have You Ever Met A Gay Iranian?

No Iran war, says US admiral

Podhoretz Granted Secret Access To Lobby Bush On ‘The Case For Bombing Iran’

David Shuster hammers Repub on MoveOn ad (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

What was the cold war about?

David Shuster is DECIMATING Marsha Blackburn on .... tada ... the Carlson boy's show.

Iran's president: I don't deny Holocaust

Backers launch petition drive to get GORE on Michigan ballot

Paedophiles' brains 'different' (BBC)

SNAP! Tucker's Fill-In (David Shuster) Slams Republican Congresswoman!

Could someone help me settle this

So, who does Ahmadinajad sound more like so far--a tolerant, peace-loving liberal?

Town Hall Crowd Calls for Bush Impeachment


Boy! I have to say, never in my life have I seen a protest so well covered by the MSM.

Pravda readers: Peruvian meteor mystery solved. In reality-land.

Do you write like a terrorist? Big Brother is watching what you write on the internet!

Blackwater's 'Drug War' Bonanza - Village Voice

Slowpoke TOON: Petraeusly Correct

You know what? I like your candidate.

British medical professionals see "Sicko"

B*sh to skip all UN meetings on Global Warming Monday; will attend dinner!

Curses, Foiled Again: College Paper Punished For Anti-Bush Expletive

How PR Sells Wars To The Gullible US Public

Welcome to the 2 minutes HATE.

Bollinger was just plain wrong.

DU-Please write a line or two praising my friend's column in our red paper

To the Democratic leadership:

We need to rationally discuss foreign influence on our policy

Cheney comits treason by secretly encoraging an Israeli strike on Iran: Newsweek

U.S. Focus on Ahmadinejad Puzzles Iranians

Ahmadinejad: “Israel is not a nation”

Simple Error My Ass-Why Were Nukes Taken To JUMP-OFF Base For Middle East Ops?-Larry Johnson

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Support Our Troops! Don't let Them Have Playboy!

The dog that did not bark in the night..

Is the UAW suicidal?

Naomi Klein, Alan Greenspan

When did the people of the United States become terrified cowards?

Holy shit....what's happening on Tucker is GREAT!

NYT apologizes for Moveon ad - fascist Senate resolution accomplishes mission.

july 1988 - US shoots downs iranian airliner killing 290 people

The UAW, facing massive concessions, went on strike this afternoon

I just gotta ask this: Do you personally know a RICH Democrat?

NASCAR Drivers: 59 % Republican, 0 % Democratic

About Ahmedinajad's appearances:

Could Shepard Smith be the illigitimate son of Rupert Murdoch ?

No More French Wine; Top 100 Effects of Global Warming

A case against mandatory life imprisonment or the death penalty for sex offenders


You're not supporting a war with Iran if you dislike Ahmadinejad. nt.

The Shah of Iran addresses women's issue in 1973.

Hillary Clinton Has A 95% Americans For Democratic Action Rating

Fuck Ahmadinejad.

Glen Greenwald: Columbia to be punished for hosting the new Hitler enemy

When the authoritarians came for the dopers, I remained silent; I was not a doper.

Speech by UAW Head GM UNION on Why they are Striking!

One more try on the B-52/nuke warheads story... looking to resolve one key issue

Teen Girls Report Abusive Boyfriends Try To Get Them Pregnant

NY Dem Assembly speaker wants the state to "punish" Columbia.

Defusing the Iran hoopla: It's worth noting Ahmadenijad has little real power

Our Democratic Leaders Are Not Weak, Are Not Cowards. They Are Dishonest.

Freeper's Meet with Bush and Desecrate the Flag... Defying "Flag Amendment!"

"The Good German Syndrome" and "Jewish Influence"

15 of the 19...

"Barbara will go crazy!!" . . . the Bush's Maine pool caretaker speaks out

Yes, he's a Holocaust Denier- And that's according to Juan Cole

How was the new Ken Burns WWII documentary?

Anonymous & the Primaries

Progressive Sen. Boxer shills for neocon wet dream, dividing Iraq against Iraqis will

It’s not a credit problem stupid; It’s the result of OUTSOURCING.

Juan Cole: "Let Slip the Dogs of War and Demonize Ahmadinejad"....

Ten Things Congress Did Instead of Getting Us the Hell Out of Iraq

Ok it's silly test question time

19,000 Katrina Homes to be Gobbled Up in Buyout ("land grab")

It Is The Death of History..........Artifacts and Archeological Sites...gone to Private Investors.

It's High Time we had a Diabetes Group here (with a bonus video)

The Strangeness of Ken Burns' Latino/Hispanic WWII stories

In 2002 when Khatami was president of Iran, not Ahmadinejad...

Burma is on the Brink of Revolution

Did anyone else

So I just turned on the View because Biden is going to be on

Anybody want to take a stab at it?

Hey Pirhana -- From your lips to Biden's ear! Just received an e-mail

Omg - gossip time

Israel asks US for euros rather than dollars. OMG

The Democratic Party in the News:

Rudy's "game plan I would have for America if I was America's president"

We march past their mansions on St PAtricks day to remind that

Clues to How Obama Would Play His Hand as President can be Found in Poker Style

Iowa Head to Head Matchups.

If Gore isn't endorsing Obama

Have you ever heard so much right-wing love for Columbia?

Earth to Rethugs: Reagan's reign ended 18 years ago.

David Swanson's bash of Hillary in email - well writtin as always - but I disagree a bit

In Illinois, Obama dealt with lobbyists: But as candidate, he faults Clinton for ties

ABC's The Note: Obama camp boasting of some 75,000 new donors this quarter saying there is a big endorsement announcement coming today

Hotline speculation on the Obama announcement

Are any of the Democratic candidates going to point out that Rudy lied on Larry King?

Hears some sobering news we should keep an eye on

I've got Edwards on tv on one set, Biden on another. Watched Hillary

Rasmussen: Obama has gained a bit of ground and now earns the vote from 28% Dem primary voters

Reminder that Kucinich is on the "Tonight Show" tonight, Tony Snow on Thursday

What's the next "liberal" entity to be villified as top story? MoveOn, Columbia U....

Economist: Numbers Add up to Democratic Victory in '08

The Party of Details

Clues About Obama Found In His Poker Game

WaPO: Hillary Hitting All the Sunday Talk Shows Has Perfected the Art of the Filibuster

It doesn't matter if Hillary was first or if Obama was first...

How to hide American casualties in Iraq


Morning Joe

Run Al, Run... (From the Slate)

Every Day I Become More And More Convinced That The Repugs Fear A Dem Candidate......

Last Week It Was The MoveOn Ad - This Week Amadinajad's Visit.....

Media Matters: OHIO OP-ED PAGES DOMINATED BY RIGHT (Unprecedented Study)

Does anyone seriously believe Gingrich could get elected as a Green?

Of the money, by the money, for the money

US arrest of Iranian official brought rare signs of unhappiness from the Kurds

Interesting facts about Blackwater USA

Gordon Fischer endorsed Tom Vilsack...and Vilsack's campaign failed

From "Evangelical President:"Breaking vow, Bush predicts Hil will be Dem nominee, R's will beat her"

So Now That The Threat Of Hurricane Season Is Almost Over The Oil Companies....

U.S. using "bait" and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items

Bollinger is really asking

Surely all those GIs didn't die for GW Bush's fascism in America

Juan Cole writing in Salon: Turning Ahmadinejad Into Public Enemy No. 1

What will your candidate do about Blackwater?

Where's Waldo?

100,000 member International Union of Bricklayers Endorses Clinton

In 1992, Clinton got 3% of the votes in the Iowa Caucus and 25% in New Hampshire

Wow to think had the fascists been successful in blocking this speech. . .

Cartoon in todays paper (sorry no pic), 1 student has a newspaper with a headline,"Students Fail

Welcome to the "Forgotten Americans Coalition."

Iowa is a must-win state for Obama...

Bush administration urges Social Security cuts

Official thread. C-Span scheduled to broadcast Ahmadinejad's speech at 1:30PM EST.

I think every GOP candidate and the White House, should take a strong stance against HOMOPHOBIA. . .

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an okay sorta guy and Hillary Clinton is Satan Incarnate

AP Photo: "It's good to be King, Stretch." 483 days left in Bush's Reign 'o' Terra.

Top neocon urged Bush to bomb Iran during private White House meeting

Tweety's Brother taking campaign money from convicted GOP felon

Gallup: Hillary as Dominant Among Democratic Union Members as Non-Members

No spin after the first online debate; viewers pick Obama as their favorite

The thing about Ahmadinejad's treatment is, he's not a good guy, but it's a double standard

Clinton Campaign Kills Negative Story

Biden: I totally support the UAW right to strike

Mickey Mouse-ABC Goes to DC and Walks "The Path to 9/11" for Perpetual Copyright and Cable Access

Ralph Nader's War

John Edwards wins DailyKos Straw Poll - 39% to Obama's 21% and Clinton's 11%

Not accepting funds by lobbyists doesn't matter according to Hillary

Hitting All the Sunday Talk Shows, Clinton Says a Lot but Reveals Little

Election night, 2004. Bush family calls a press conference, says nothing.

Newt considers White house run?

Hillary punked Russert, Blitzer, Stephanopolous et al yesterday...

Advantage Clinton in Florida Primary Flap

Obama - Intellectually Lazy.....

Is Elizabeth Edwards Helping John's campaign or

The Rude Pundit:Rudy Giuliani Knows More Than You

Harold Ford Jr. thinking of running for Governor

Don't forget the debate Wed.

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Support of Stop Iran Now Rally

Sunday Show Reviews: Hillary 'In terrific form,' 'Presidential,' 'Gutsy'

Stan was with Karen Hughes...

Author John Grisham adds star power to Hillary Clinton fundraiser

"We the Senators of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union in Iraq, do Superimpose

Wisdom from an Arizona Congressman

Democrats are like a dog laying next to a rolled up newspaper.

MYDD: NH voters are not too excited about Hillary

Durbin, Obama want the VA Head to explain deaths at Illinois VA Hospital

Blast from the past thread from 2004 - Blackwater Pinochet Apple Pie

Jane Smiley, HuffPo: "Would Bush allow the same sorts of confrontations Ahmadinejad has?"

Bricklayers Back Clinton for President

Obama starting to Close gap with Clinton.

Clinton campaign kills negative story

Who is REALLY your ideal candidate? (Issue by issue poll)

David Shuster RIPPED Marsha Blackburn on "Tucker" this evening!

Ahmadinajad on MSNBC "We don't have homosexuals in Iran"

Save the homosexual comment I think Ahmandinajad has made much

More Courage: Bush or Ahmadinejad?

Obama likely doing better in polls than projected

***Important Update on Michigan Draft Gore Ballot Petition Drive*****

Gore endorsing Clobama today.....

Obama on Iranian President at Columbia today.

Obama wants 500,000 donors by September 30th

I support another candidate, but I'm warming up to Clinton.

Last possible date for Al Gore's entry to race?

The Intelligence of the Democratic Field

Florida group hypes "Florida Dems vs. the DNC". Glad Richardson cancelled.

how often is your Presidential primary candidate nominated?

Speaker turns to centrists

MoveOn To Pay NYT $77,000 More For Ad! Question? Didn't Rudy

Does anyone else agree that we need to abolish the Senate?

NBC's First Read: More on Former Iowa Party Chair Gordon Fischer's endorsement of Obama

4,098 soldiers, 80K Iraqi civilians dead. Thank you, Code Pink,

Hillary Clinton Pens Spanish-Language Intro to Siempre Mujer Magazine’s Second-Annual

What do you get when you mix a member of the Bush 30% club with too much free time and Web access?

Hillary Blasts Ahmadinejad Visit

Ahmadinejad's visit and words; Whom does it affect?

Obama edges out Clinton in Yahoo's Democratic Candidate Mashup

Great Senator Bayh. will endorse hillary clinton

Can I ask a very serious question? Why is there a primary if Hillary is the nominee already

Paging Al Gore: The Planet Earth is Calling!

Bush punks entire Dem party...again

Is Edwards "the Most Electable"?

I have a theory that might explain Hillary's huge lead....

Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide: New York ( x )

Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6

If the RW found another Bill Clinton GF, would that hurt Hillary?

Do we really want an "I don't know" nominee?

Sunday Shows Reviews Are In: Hillary 'In Terrific Form,' 'Presidential,' 'Gutsy'

And HR 676 (Medicare for All) gets four (count 'em four) NEW co-sponsors. That makes 82!

Last week, not in the news.

Manifestation of why Hillary is ahead...

Once we have a nominee, are we going to be able to get behind that candidate?

If your candidate isn't nominated and Hillary becomes the nominee, what will you do?

Obama table in Madison: September 22 Edition

Latest official Pentagon Report says Move-On Ad ‘Bang On Target’.

URGENT Phone Action: Lieberman Trying to SNEAK Iran War Declaration Through The Senate

Hagel: The GOP "has won two elections on fear and terrorism. It's going to try again."

Blackwater Shooting Caught on Video Tape, Charges Filed

Depressing. New book claims Kerry lied about throwing his medals back!