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Eugene Robinson: United By Hate



What Fuels the Al Qaeda Army?

"I cannot be bought or bossed."

Fox News To Air One-Hour Petraeus Special On Saturday Night

Is Star Simpson's "fake bomb" just an art jacket?

Iranophobia hits Ground Zero

Conservative radio talk show host rushes into topics with his mind in limbo..can you guess his name?

Foreign Policy Magazine - ''Think Again: Drugs''

Stanford campus in uproar over fellowship for Rumsfeld

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater: Hired Guns, Above the Law

Sanders-Boxer TKO: New WRI report compares climate bills

Philanthropist brings safe water, hope to women around the world

Another Soldier Known for Writings On War Dies in Iraq (Freeper's Son)

Amazing outpouring (Letter from MoveOn)

House, Senate Agree on Child Health Expansion

U.S. to patrol Manitoba border with drone aircraft

Bush May Bypass UN With Tough Sanctions Against Iran

9-Month Iraq Timetable Is Voted Down by Senate

CBS 2 Reporter Files Complaint After Scuffle

Cholera Spreads To Iraq's Southernmost City

Windsor (Ontario) braces for refugee tide (Mexicans fleeing USA)

Zambia's Mwanawasa Threatens Summit Boycott If Mugabe Excluded

US bars attorneys' access to detainees

Dollar claws at the greenback

Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Smuggling

Russian Bear Bombers Fly Along Alaskan, Canadian Coastline

Rule Limits Emergency Care for Immigrants (No Chemotherapy)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Grrrrrrr! &*%$#!

Still In Love With You



Anyone go see "Into the Wild" today?

the datasuspect business model

I confess, my man crush:

the datasuspect service delivery method

Hey, Everybody!

This just might be

Success! Experiments in Rieslings part 2.


Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas?!

Post Bush's Greatest Brain Farts

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu . . .

Favorite One Life To Live Character?

I'm in Cedar Rapids eating some kick ass Kung Pao Chicken

I am supposed to be out dancing right now.

What I learned today: The smell of Chinese food...

The secret life of Arabia

Abe Vigoda still lives

If you woke up with a marsupial pouch and you HAD to carry a Joey in it,

The Look Of Love

Well, well, well.... JackMN snuck out of the damn house.

If you are wondering why I have disappeared... starting next Tuesday

Image: Be Afraid

Sly and the Famliy Stone appreciation thread...

Lou Reed & John Cale - early version of "Nobody But You"

Iggy Pop: genius or madman...does it matter?

Green Grass and High Tides Forever

I wanted to post either poetry or fractals.

? for san diego du'ers

I got one of "THOSE" emails today and thought the Lounge may appreciate it

Well...this Dewars on the rocks is tasting mighty fine right now...

Good night lounge

dang! Jim Carrey is getting old.

I have had the hiccups for the past 15 minutes

Project for the OLD American Century needs help

Excuse me while I belch, I had a full plate of my made from scratch

Psycho and The Birds

What kind of boobies do you like?

Chaplin or Keaton*

The Hollies - Bus Stop

GD is fun!!!!

In 14 days I get my life back. Please wish me well.

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" about to take on a whole new meaning

"Yum" factor. Ready.....GO!

Do you remember?

Describe the contents of your computer desk

Seduction or Forplay songs

Well, whaddya's raining!

My Wife May Be Dying Right Now, And There's Nothing I Can Do About It.

Post up anti-war YouTube music videos.

my 105th ltte-failure of VA to report cancer rates

Wage Wars Workers—from truck drivers to stockbrokers—are winning huge overtime lawsuits

Baghdad Hospital Children's Ward - Alive in Baghdad - Iraq

C.H.A.N.G.E Confronts Alan Greenspan

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 2

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house. part 3

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 4

Obama at the SEIU Forum part1

Code Pink at 9/15/07 DC Protest

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 5

Hey Joe: State Senator Joe Seng on Joe Biden at AARP Forum

Biden Breaks Loose in Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton For President: Resistance Is Futile

Embassy Builder Linked to Kickbacks to KBR Employee

McClatchy: Blackwater incident referred to Iraqi magistrate

NYT: "Americans waiting for Congress, under Democratic control, to show leadership on...Iraq"

Ken Burns New PBS Documentary - Are you Watching it?

Head of firm paid to track Iraq spending investigated

If it wasnt Petreus ad, it would have been something else. This drama was custom fit, made to

Hypothetical issue to consider should we win in 2008: The Budget

Hah! Olberman reporting on pissypant's fear of horses.

Chris Floyd: Machine Tools: Another Terror War Triumph for the Texas Twerp

Project for the OLD American Century needs help

They were going to attack any criticism of Petraeus and turn it into a smear on the military--

Happy Yom Kippur. I just donated $18.00 to MoveOn.Org

If somebody here is still one of those old school traders

What is with all of the "UFCW Exposed" anti-union ads that run every single night during Countdown?

my 105th ltte-on the lack of reporting cancer rates in the VA

Tornado watch for Gulf Coasters (TD Ten)

Russia FM: US Shield Is to Spy on Russia

Anti-war activist shares views on Iraq, joins protest

Bush 'knew nothing' on Hunt-Iraq oil deal

Watched 40 minutes of cable sNews, heard "patreus" 894 times

Reminder: Janeane Garofalo on Real Time tonight on HBO/11pm edt n/t

NO! Bush met with the Phillies today

Recall what Poppy Bush said in the 80's

CBS: Rather Decries Corporate Control Of News

Did anyone hear the climate change scientist on NPR today? Terri Gross

Is anyone else bothered that practically every nightly news broadcast

Domestic Abuse Up Close: Man Beats Wife --horrific video of abuse

Are there some people you'd like to have sterilized?

Bill Moyer's Journal - Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring ON NOW

What do you think is inside Fort Knox?

I agree with Michael Scheuer

"We can't improve ourselves" - Alan Greenspan

Real Time/Maher thread, where is one? Please and thank you. nt

The NYSE was supposed to lose 50% of its value today.

President Truman and the Banning letter with sons purple heart.

Israel Warned U.S. About Syria-N. Korea connection

"Bill O'Reilly Can Kiss My Fat Ass!"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

High school students arrested at Grassley office

I found this great site for History lovers at a DU link up.

Some Revolutionaries March; Afrobeat Dances (WaPo)

Who is the archetypal Republican. What is the Platonic ideal of a Republican?

Scott Pelley Interviews Iran's Leader

The U.S. Senate just told you to sit down and be quiet.

How Bush Became the New Saddam, Say hello to the new boss, same as the old

In what ways will the Rs repackage Fear and Greed for the 2008 elections?

Sparta be damned. THIS IS DU!!!

Students breathe new life into a remnant of the 60s: SDS rises at APSU

'God' Gets an Attorney in Lawsuit

I wonder what Blackwater knows about all that missing cash ?

Sean Penn on Charlie Rose. I like him. Oops! And Eddie Vedder. (sp?)

We're being watched everywhere.

You know I'll share this - a long time ago my dad ran an oil

Fox News Gives Petreaus a One-Hour Bl*w-j*b

The headlines are wrong. It was NOT a "FAKE BOMB."

Dear Administrators, might you consider expanding upon the language in Forum Rule #2?

Al Qeada Torture Manual - WARNING GRAPHIC

How do you comment on a post such as this.....

War Costing $720 Million Each Day, Group Says

good golly Miss Molly --- 20/20 is now the "George Bush is the man" show.

How George Bush became the new Saddam

Magnificant Pictures of the Spanish Civil war at the NY times.

Anonymous Republican senator puts hold on bill unsealing presidential papers

FBI taped senator's phone calls in Alaska probe

pedophile prosecutor sought 'young girls,' online profiles reveal

Shrub only likes SHORT world leaders. Vicente FOX sez Shrub is scared of horsies!!1

The U.S. occupation of Iraq or "checkbook imperialism"

Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Smuggling

What Fuels the Al Qaeda Army?

self delete

Media's sycophancy toward Petraeus "depressingly similar" to that toward Powell in 2003

At work today i was smacked in the face

Just showed this mag cover on Bill Maher

Have I said today how much I hate these people???

I give you one outright prediction.

Cenk Uygur of TYT on the MoveOn Ad and WaPo’s “Fact-Checking” Bill Maher?

Iranophobia hits Ground Zero

Heads Up for Monday: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Charlie Rose

Condemn This. An Open Letter to the US Senate.

I realize this is a scary notion but,...STOP carrying the water for a whole nation.

Neat bag I purchased from Publix today

OK... We'll Be Watching... 'Reid's Inner Circle Shifts Strategy On Iraq'

The Calm Before The Storm

Le premier pleure du beffroi lunaire

I just want to say - as I give up - I was looking for one number in

My (temporary) farewell to DU..

Oh Dammit !!! - The Freepers Caught Us Again !!! (re: MoveOn Donations)

I'd like to take a second from the craziness of GD to ask folks to send good vibes to OMC's wife

Do you know who was the frontrunner at this point in the 04 election cycle?

I've come to the frightful conclusion...

When Is The Senate Going To Censure Rush Limbaugh

11 percent approval rating for Congress. ELEVEN PERCENT.

Bush plans to cut school buses for disabled children

Should MoveOn start running Impeachment ads? How much would you contribute?

Book TV Schedule: September 22nd - 24th

Senate's condemnation of private citizens for criticizing their government is "chilling"

Limit 10 posts per day

On the Lighter Side: Crisis on the Canadian border.

More on the international crisis Bush is creating: Palestinian refugees from Iraq arrive in Brazil

DOJ appeal reopens battle over Jefferson raid

Hey Joe: State Senator Joe Seng on Joe Biden at AARP Forum

Abstinence Sex Ed Funding Expires Sept. 30 -- not in CHIP compromise bill

Democrats Outpacing Republicans in Building 2008 Congressional Warchests

The mills of the gods grind slowly

Obama and Biden to Appear Next Week on "The View"

Wash. Post's Weisman: "How about Obama blowing up the Sears Tower! ... (Just kidding, folks.)"

Larry Craig: Now Changes Planes in Denver

Occupation Weekly Scorecard

Eugene Robinson could not stop laughing at Bush just now

To the 29%ers: The Bible specifically says you should not watch Fox News. Deuteronomy 8:3

An article about a Ralph Nader appearance at DePauw University, 1970.

That's it...I'm leaving...

"54% think Petraeus's plan for removing troops is the right pace, or even too quick."

My goodness what an idiot this guy is

The fact that a bill that was designed to support our troops failed this week really burns my butt.

That's All Folks

Bush to Hillary Clinton: I'm Truman, You're Ike

Fox news to Air Petraus Special on Saturday night. I kid you not.

Biden appeals to Senate on Iraq

3 leading Democratic pres. candidates outraised 3 leading GOP pres. candidates

39% say they will definitely vote AGAINST Edwards.

Word association, Republicans: liar, cheat, sleazebag, douche-

Is Move-On the boggie man for this party?

Pew: Voter impressions of candidates - Word associations

Watching Bill Maher tonight, I realized why we can't get any traction on Bush...

We don't need 60, just 41 to stave off a filibuster. Edited.

I Donated $25.00 to

As you are rushing to close to quarter

What historical form of corruption and crime does this administration seem to resemble?

Five Dems Agree: "No" To Single Payer System Kucinich Takes Them All On

He should run for Illinios Governor and get out of the senate I have a feeling...

The Friday DUmp - The Week in Headlines

If Hillary loses the primary, what should she do next?

If Obama loses the primary, what should he do next?

Ads Don't Kill People, Wars Do

CBO: Bush Plans For Iraq Will Cost Trillions

Procreate or die!

BAROUD: Relevant Questions about September 11

Far Right Sells Iraq War to "Values Voters"

In 2008, Bush v. Gore Redux?

The Military Draft: A Moral Abomination

Fallout follows expletive in CSU's Collegian editorial

A Republican's Garden of False Narratives (Who are you calling a moonbat, anyway?)

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Deaths By Clive Boustred

Les Roberts and Gilbert Burnham: Ignorance of Iraqi death toll no longer an option

Forget The Color Purple: Oprah's All About the Green


Political Polls. Seabirds of Revolution?

Why Don't We Ban Blackwater and other Mercenary Outfits Here? By Dave Lindorff

The Story We Needed Ken Burns to Tell

Australia:Gore talks up Kyoto

cross post from Energy efficient forum, how do you do Green at your house?

Deal reached on cutting ozone-damaging emissions - Reuters

China observes 'Car Free Day' with the usual gridlock - AFP

U.S. officials ask Turkey to seek energy alternatives - Reuters

Canada's greenhouse gas plan rapped by govt panel - Reuters

Nuclear energy to be key in low-carbon energy policy: Brussels - AFP

U.S. Gov't Collects Data on Americans Overseas

In 2008, Bush v. Gore Redux?

George Bush the Texan is 'scared of horses'

Blog gets Hastings editor fired

U.N. climate chief urges U.S. action (Bush has his own Meet up on Thrus)

Iraqi cholera outbreak spreads to Baghdad

Feds probe Blackwater weapons shipments

Two million displaced inside Iraq since US invasion: report

Rendell Says Bush Child-Health Veto Would Be `Unacceptable'

North Korean Official Meets Syrian Delegation

Maliki says Iraq secure for expanded U.N. role

Iraqi president urges release of Iranian detainee

Rising seas likely to flood U.S. history

Merck's experimental AIDS vaccine fails

Rising tensions as Rice, al-Maliki meet

South Africans protest abuse of farm worker

Suu Kyi ‘backs’ defiant monks

Bush: Kids' health care will get vetoed

US security firms warned of Iraq risks months ago

Rising tensions as Rice, al-Maliki meet

Iraqi official says video shows Blackwater guards firing on civilians

Collecting of Details on Travelers Documented

Iraq expands Blackwater investigation

Eleven Iraqis arrested over killing of tribal chief

GAO: War-torn gear puts readiness at risk

It's time to redial Do Not Call registry (Set to expire)

25,000 textile workers protest poor wages in Bangladesh

Lawyer: Fake bomb charge an overreaction

'Bewitched ' actress Alice Ghostley dies at 81

Iran warns West against attack

Stanford campus in uproar over fellowship for Rumsfeld

U.S. family seeks political asylum in Finland

Maclean's Cover Featuring Bush as Saddam Causing Flap in U.S.

Televangelist Rex Humbard Dies at 88

Pastor opposing airport's sinks for Muslims

Rice Says Paris Agrees on Pressing the Iranians

tipsy, post here for your '0' word reply, *better yet* thread jack this thread...


G'night,DU...Here's some music before you go to sleep...

What the hell happened to a Friday night pic thread???

it is all swag's doing = band of gypsys - who knows (the filmore east) 1970...

Late night heart attacks!!!!

Nuthin' makes sense anymore...

My 20,000th post was a YouTube link to Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun"

Late Night Snacks... Love 'em -- what is your favorite?

Three Versions of "Magnolia"

I dreamed that SOteric mailed me a boardgame as a gift.

I found a caption but it needed a better picture

Crappiest superheros ever

Internet commenter business meeting -- LOL

The souvenir my son brought back from Washington, DC

Interpret a dream for me.

And it's one more beer and I dont hear you anymore

Shoplifting Seagull video.

It's dark and gloomy and rainy out

anyone really surprised at this shit?

iMac questions for the frequent users

Why do racehorses with injured legs have to be put to sleep?

Star Trek fans (esp.first gen fans).

Judge: 'This egg will rot, I kid you not'

My dentist said I have a small mouth..

Aunt Esmeralda has passed away.

I'm canning a bushel of tomatoes


So I must have recieved a textbook from the future!!!!

Who had a blowout on the freeway today?

Time after time those fanatical minds...

I just saw the trailer for "The Golden Compass" and now I want to read those books!

Skinner, I think I have a hemorrhoid, and I think we need to hear from you. (Your version here!-->:)

It is 8pm and I am having my first cup of tea of the day!

i ate all of my "Fun Size" butterfinger

The nicest words in the English language...

So, this bird walks into a store . . . . . .

I'm going to bed for a nap. Please hold my calls.

Silent Poets Destroy our World.... Let the Poets Speak!

Actress Alice Ghostley dies at 81

I know this isn't the most convincing picture, but what the heck...

Should we go to Solstice on the equinox?

Every teenager should be forced to watch the documentary Reefer Madness

dang! DU is dead today, what is with these people who have LIVES?????

New Evidence of Civilization on Mars in Past Comes Out...

1st annual Lollapaloofah and Falafel Festival....

It is 2013, HypnoToad is Pregnant, now what?

in the interest of giving equal time --- post here if you

Screw me

Analog, digital and HDTV

The Joy of Painting...

Bemuse me

Duck eggs over easy

Denude me.

Excuse Me

Papoose Me

Extrude me

Miracle Whip My Ass!

Tar and feather me

If there isn't a time in my life where I wouldn't want to take a hit more...

I miss being on DU.

Amuse me

It is 2013, Jenna Bush is President, now what?

After watching Season 1 of Heros on DVD I've decided to leave Mr. Debi

Dumbed Down Droopy

rammer jammer yella hammer!

Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise...

Fucking Earworm

Barry Bonds will not return to Giants next season. Hope he ends up....

Well, cover me with honey and send in the puppies... MICHIGAN WINS!!!!

Best gin?

Note to self: NEVER, EVER get busy on the TV again.

One of the best music sites, IMO

Spartans beat ND for 6th straight time at South Bend (record); U-M apparently godlike again

Set tasers to taser

OMG, check out this pic of the kitten!!

Damn Comcast to hell.

WOOHOO - Chequers is home!!

Shrub as a sexual aid (yeah, it's a 'WTF?' moment)

Mr. LIW and I are supposed to go to Octoberfest tonight at our favorite brew pub.

Emmylou Harris is a wonderful person (Country singer).

Limping into the Lounge. I just got called a "fascist" on GD!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/22/07 Bonus

College Football and Tailgating Thread

Just Figured Out I Thought I Was Being Considerate

Note to self: NEVER, EVER buy anything off TV again.

what dietary supplements do you take , and why?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/22/07

The cutest chef on the Food Network

Confuse me

Defuse Me

Clooney fans: A motorcycle crash question

Goose me!

"It never rains in Southern California"... my ass!

"I Believe In You"- Talk Talk

OK, the Old Spice commercial were a woman asks her BF which one of her friends he'd sleep with....

If you have a fairly large yard,

So if you believe Star Trek, we're going to be able to zip around time in the future

It's going to be one of those days.

Who likes Muse?

I need a new mouse for my computer. What king should I get?

"Create a Drama" Issue of the Day

Man Arrested: Found Naked In His Truck - Dog In Backseat 'Visibly Shaken With Tail Between Legs'

Scary High School Photo thread

This is what I deal with a million times a day

What are my fellow geezers listening to today?

Oh God What Am I Going To Do. I Love Her So Much.

Has anybody else seen "In the Valley of Elah" yet?

I'm feeling about a pic thread?

Huge Book Purchase... Are you Jealous?

Please! Help me "name the baby"... need a DU screen name for my husband...

Tell me about your favorite make up: brand and type etc

Do or die

4 in Army bid-rigging case agree to jail

Senate passes National Guard Empowerment Act

Navy, General Dynamics to discuss LCS next week

Fil: Iraqis needed to secure gains

CBO: Lengthy presence in Iraq will be costly

Tears in Baghdad

How Private Derek Hess resisted the Iraq War

Protesters shut down US port over conditions and labour violations

GM - UAW Close to Retiree Health Care Deal

AFL-CIO Executive Council Elects Holt-Baker, Approves Political Mobilization Plans

Would it be bad PR if a company admitted in court that an employee was let go for refusing to lie?


Anthem- Leonard Cohen

War is over (if we want it)

Drugs - Bill Hicks, Revelations

Peaceful Countries (revised)


Moment of Change: John Edwards on Teachers

Tweety slams Laura ("Whore-a") Ingraham, regarding Greenspan's "war about oil" comment

Matthews: Hillary Clinton pimping lobbyists

Debating F.I.S.A. Kills Americans!!!

Bill Maher - New Rules (9/21/07)

Cenk Uygur of TYT on the MoveOn Ad and WaPo’s “Fact-Checking”

Chaplin or Keaton*

Russia bolsters ties with Iran-Asia Times Online

UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against Circut City bag inspection protestor

Remember December 12, 2000

Freedom of Speech.... Use it or Loose it.....

Burn's series starts this weekend -watch it. "The War"

Queen: "We are the champions"

Why Net Neutrality is important...

You get this one right - US army - you have so screwed up.

On queue, Southwest adjusts boarding policy

Down the Election Rabbit Hole and Back Again

Why Protesters Are Playing Ping-Pong in Your Parking Space

You guys have a good weekend.

Play: "The Impeachment of George W. Bush" ?

Bootmaker to Bush and Fox Jailed in US

Missive from Liz Cattaneo

3795 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Ruthless Rules for Enviros

Are Shi'ites trending secular?

Bush may bypass UN with tough sanctions against Iran

Blackwater Resumes Guarding U.S. Envoys in Iraq

Six Held In West Virginia Torture Horror

Forgive me, but I truly don't understand this...

NAACP representative ---just back from Jena is on cspan

Missive from James Carville

John Grisham: "administration is built around "bad people with evil intent"

U.S. veteran offers solution to Iraq war on eBay

Local paper says Iraq amendment defeat is a defeat for's a defeat for mankind

Raising Progressive Offspring

Repukes labeled (D) by Faux Newz- help

Cocaine Kudlow talking about the joys of irresponsible Republican rigged capitalism.

I coined a new Sniglet: Slabory.

Actress Alice Ghostley Dies at 81

China has us by the you know what sus.

TOON: Saturday's Non Sequitur

Sometimes there are just no words to describe the inhumane way PEOPLE are treated

And so the money shifts parties to preserve the status quo...

Had Kennedy not been assassinated


U.S. State Dept. hires team to post on Arabic message boards w/pro-American messages

There is no solution to the Iraq problem.

DHS keeping track of carry-on reading material

More evidence of Florida Republicans putting profit before human needs

Are news photographers enjoying themselves lately?

Cspan 2 - natural family manifesto

We the undersigned.... petition to replace U.S. with U.N., as published

What the HELL is this about?

Ode to Injustice -- Rubin "Hurricane" Carter ~~ By Dylan

If you have a fairly large yard,

Iran, Israel clash at IAEA conference

$500,000:Amount the war in Iraq costs per minute,

Bush may (GASP) ask for more money for Iraq!

Loving the fetus yet hating the child

Governor Rendell Calls on Bush to Stop Playing Partisan Politics As Usual

Twist in Eviction Fight: Charity as Landlord

"Star Simpson / Bomb Scare" and The War of Art.

Saturday TOONS: Mr. Fish has a question for you

Feds target Blackwater in weapons probe (AP) Smuggling guns into Iraq.

Today's Ring of Fire, on AA radio

God Bless Al Sharpton.

This Modern World

Sony OnLine Entertainment has shown more compassion for Katrina survivors than Bush has

Dan Rather: Victim of r/w conspiracy?

Did the girl with the fake bomb say it was a bomb?

Mandela still alive, despite embarrassing Bush remark

Judge: 'This egg will rot, I kid you not'

France Races to Oust Illegal Immigrants

Oh, that Jena Six

Governor Urges Stevens to Break His Silence

Texas and Louisiana: Get ready

US Spying Effort More Extensive Than Previously Known-What You Read-Who You Know-Where You Go (WAPO)

Creationist Explanation for Dinosaur Extinction!

Iraq aims to end security contractors' immunity... story

Official Culture in America: Natural State of Psychopathy?

Electronic voting results for 2008 released early!

Bush wants to pad the billions he secured for Iraq while bashing Democrats for focusing on America

The Wall Street Journal’s kinder, gentler Jeb (The pig needs a different shade of lipstick.)

Video Interview of Iraqi Lawyer Gunned Down By BLACKWATER!

Does Gravel vs. Stevens 2008 make any sense?

Cholera spreads to Iraq's south (Basra)

Silent Poets Destroy our World.... Let the Poets Speak!

Help me make a list of things Congress should waste time in condemning...

Dan Rather - how can we help?

Why Cheney Likes Mukasey for A.G.

Skinner can't darn his own socks. It's hopeless.

When is enough? When do you call it quits?


Credit Crisis Could be just begining....

Who Else Sees This Coming Regarding China

Support the troops, but screw the leadership

Can meat products go in compost?

Why won't Congress condemn Ann Coulter for calling Edwards a "faggot"?

We lie, you buy it: Fox is doing a one hour special on Petraeus tonight

And Once Again... Family Values My Ass !!!

The new British empire? UK plans to annex south Atlantic (The Guardian)

Is it possible that the likes of Blackwater have f-ed up Military missions in Iraq?

Jenna Jameson visits the capital.

Iranian Envoy: "Iraq is an occupied country and the occupation brought terrorism into Iraq."

The latest shooting of Iraqis by Blackwater is not the first! It's time for accountability.

NRA stunt backfiring on Mayor Nine Eleveniani: "That was just weird!"

A must-see! From on global warming...

Fed Decision Equivalent of Bush saying "I am losing in Iraq and I need to win a war somewhere

"They could have capped her" - CNN Anchorman RE: Tasering

Romney, Advised By Blackwater’s Vice Chairman

He got one, he got one;

***Caution*** Standing near Rudy Guiliani can be harmful to your eyes.

Bootmaker to Bush and Fox jailed in US

For all those wanting to make a scene and ask a bunch of questions

Tensions bubbling between U.S and Iran

Mortgage Data Leaked Over File Network

Who cares? The only correct response to the "Betrayus" flap is Obama's...

Another Gauntlet Is Thrown... 'Bush To Seek Nearly $200 Billion More For Wars'

"Israeli air strike on Syria shrouded in secrecy" -- good roundup from Canada

Iraq: Blackwater guards fired unprovoked

Telecom Companies Secretly Lobby for Retroactive Immunity

Greg Palast Offers Job to Tasered Journalism Student.

Hitting the nail squarely on it's head

Is anyone else watching "Frisky Dingo?"

My refrigerator repairman was Black......

John Fogerty "Don't You Wish It Was True"

Norway: - Drug addicts and gays will burn in hell, says demonstrator - and gets hell

Progress in Iraq> The Independent: Iraqi cholera outbreak spreads to Baghdad

Tom Harkin on AA's '7 days in America ' now

TPM: San Diego's GOP mayor flips on gay marriage... after his daughter comes out

Impeachment and Our Right to Privacy

1, 2, 3, 4 - Who Are We Fighting For?

DOD civilians can get promoted faster if they DEPLOY

Du also needs to laugh

PortrayUS wouldn't make a pimple on Smedley Butler's ass!! Critique.....

So how will the right wing / military industry complex steal the 2008 election?

McClatchy: Cyberspace — the final frontier in the war on terror

Jane's says Aleppo blast killed 'dozens' of Iranian arms experts

For first time, Iran directly confronts Israel on alleged nuclear arms

September 25 (Tuesday): Protest while Bush speaks at the UN!

Oprah's Obamma Endorsement a Wash, Say Voters

AP: 'Christian Right Looks to Rebound'

Surest Way to End War: Support an Iraqi Referendum on Withdrawal

DU needs some "serenity now"

What caused "The Great Slump"

News from Venus

NSA to defend against hackers-Privacy fears raised as spy agency turns to systems protection

Stars and Stripes LTTE: Political progress in Iraq?

Journalist Pushed Down A Flight Of Stairs-After Rep Weller Announces His Retirement

US vs. MSM, Congress-critters, Senat-hores and Reich-Wing pundits

I am a faithful Christian and it pains me to say this (I'm not being flip)

Contempt of Congess: What's Next?

Let's Make An Oil Deal: A Bush family friend may be undermining Iraqi peace.

Black suv's, lights flashing, blackwater type guards in the back car

Great Shades of Satan! DHS Sponsors Martial Law Exercise For Kids

I have a GREAT idea for a DU fundraiser

Suu Kyi lends support as thousands march in Burmese capital

The WAR starting on PBS (CT)-----A film by Ken Burns

WWII has become just a battle we won in a war we lost to global fascism -

why does the US Forest Service need 700 tasers? that's 700

rePukes will pay in 2008 for bush's vetoing of SCHIP

Evil assholes abusing elephants (video)

Caption This !!!

Pennsylvania Rep. Harold James is gathering support in that state's legislature,

I Finally Heard A Dixie Chicks Song On The Radio Today

A Prank or Hate Speech

Does your job require you to lie?

A Republican Prayer

"Tyson finished his drink and lit another cigarette. At length he said softly,...

Accused Texas Police Chief Is Fired

Fake bomb at Logan/ nooses on pickup at Jena: compare and contrast

Iran attacks Canada's human rights record

Please fill me in. What did DUers ask Skinner and the other admins to do?

Newark Triple Murders -- Another Laramie in 2007?

Craven Fools

Part 2 of John Dean's study on the Authoritarians.

Spare me the bullshit please, you want to protect life and families? Here is your chance - step up

Bob Herbert: In 2008, Bush V. Gore Redux?

Freeper request we " Pray Harder, Olbermann's Not Dead Yet"

Has the environment created by Bush, his party and

What happened in Jena goes on every day, all over the country.

Bush Betting on Clinton Win

They are keeping records of your travel in their data base

The real story of Baghdad's Bloody Sunday (The Independent)

ADM William Fallon: Iran supplying Taliban

One of the greatest movies ever is on tonight

Far Right Sells Iraq War to “Values Voters”

A Shocking Idea - Nerves Might Run on Sound

Sharia Law

** Rudy's "Surprise" Cell Phone Call From Judi -- It's Happened Before

O'Reilly amazed by civility in Harlem restaurant

Kerry on the Iraq debate: "There is a complete disconnect in what is being talked about here."

Neo-Nazi Group Publishes Addresses and Phone Numbers of Jena Six Families

150 Days since Condoleeza was subpeonaed/ has yet to appear

wanna know how much I HATE bush and his cronies???


The spread of global capitalism is the best thing that ever happened. cspan1

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps


Feds Limit Emergency Care For Undocumented Immigrants

Saw John Dean last night

Paper Refuses to Run Anti-Bush Ad (mission accomplished)

Meet murderous Iraq-profiteer and parvenu, Blackwater CEO: ERIK PRINCE

It's going to be quite interesting here on DU in about 340 days.....

Gen. Lynch: Iraq is "a winnable mission" if the the media would only cooperate.

MoveOn is within about $7000 of its 1.5 MILLION goal since the Betrayus "scandal"

My Conversion

80% of op ed columnists in the Tampa Tribune are conservatives.

No end in sight for defense budget bill

Put down your poison pens. OMC needs us all right now.

George Clooney Hurt in Motorcycle Crash

No Immunity for Phone Companies!

Fundamental lifestyle changes to soften the blow of the encroaching crisis

Are you on the verge on bankruptcy?

Rising seas likely to flood U.S. history

I found out why Kucinich is so far down in the polls.

GOP/BUSH is a CANCER on America...

The War in Olney, Maryland

Al Gore to address UN this Monday, and my effort in that regard

Dan Rather's Magnum Opus

Skinner and EarlG caught on video. DU'ers marching @ DC

RE: Jena 6: the elephant in the room.

Feds probe Blackwater links to arms smuggling

What would you do if your kid brought this home from school?

Blackwater enlarging to sea and air - imagine starting your own military

They are not "contractors" they are mercenaries. Yes mercenaries are

UNBELIEVABLE! 'Abuses in Private Security and Reconstruction Contracting in Iraq Hearing'

I've been unable to find anything from today's Senate session -- what have I

I agrees with the "man on the right" of CNN Situation Room


White House hopefuls woo US gun lobby

Some hope maybe? Congressional Iraq Strategy...

New Method Found To Power The Entire US Without Oil

Former Bradley Coach Dick Versace Announces Run For Congress -- Democrat

Democrats have more cash than Re-thugs for Congressional races

Sharing in the Sacrifice?

Blog Comments Become Fodder For Attack Ads

WP, pg1: Blog Comments Become Fodder For Attack Ads: New Way to Go Negative

An honest question about sex and race.

Fox News To Air Petraeus Special

American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear attack on Iran thwarted

Clashes displace 150 Sunni Arab families in W Baghdad

Iraqis offered new life in Brazil

Next Step for 9/11 Justice

Former NBA coach announces Congress run

Justice Thomas offers his story ---richly compensated book hits the stores

Cowgirl's morning line--Post Labor Day edition

Liberal Oasis Radio Show (Bill Scher)

Would Lieberman-Kyl Resolution Give Bush and Cheney Cover for Bombing Iran?

One 72-square-foot sign called Houlihan a “whore.”

The dangers of foreign aid.

Fred Thompson's communications director attempts to brand him as "a foot soldier in the revolution"

Democrats: Party of detail so far in '08

Commentary: Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy (a great read)

Firefighters making money push for Dodd

A defense of Giuliani

Will the Hsu, Wyatt and other fundraising scandals associated with Hillary

Up or down vote! Up or down vote! Why won't the Republicans give us an up or down vote!

So do these cover the negative media stereotypes of our candidates?

Hillary Clinton and union members - GALLUP

Democrats: Party of Detail So Far in '08

The electoral map as of now

Can we stop with the "Your candidate will energize the Republicans to vote" posts?

Romney's boys serving their country

How would you feel if your local Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Mitt Romney "event?"

Photos: Barack Obama speaking at a townhall meeting today in Osceola, Iowa

New Figures Reveal Aggressive GOP Obstructionist Strategy by Sam Stein

David Plouffe: The Path To Obama's Nomination

Who Would Be Our Strongest Candidate Against The GOPU?

Why is GOP candidates' refusal to debate in minority issues forums reported only by Olbermann?

Hillary Clinton holds a convincing lead among Democratic presidential candidates

Sunday News Shows - - All Hillary...All the Time

Attention!!! Lieberman-Kyle Amendment on Iran attached to Defense Auth Bill

Edwards Announces Bold Education Agenda To Restore The Promise Of America's Schools

Education and Schools Are a Focus for Edwards

What is more important in a candidate: Electability or His/Her Plans for America?

In honor of MoveOn's ----> B R E A K T H R O U G H

Sen. Obama takes a walk

"Taser this ... F*** Bush."

10 Fast and Easy Steps from Freedom to Fascism

Hillary has led every democratic presidential poll for over 4 years

Results Of Ohio Elections Poll Released

Why isn't Speaker Pelosi getting things done on the Energy Bill?

Gore #1, Kucinich #2, .....?#3 (possibly an Independent)

What happens on DU once the primaries are over?

Not a single Democratic leader said it was ok to use the words "betray us"

ABC: Obama Floats Social Security Tax Hike