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Archives: September 20, 2007

Refugees in their own land: 2m Iraqis forced to flee their homes

Armed Guards in Iraq Occupy a Legal Limbo


Public's views on Iraq war barely budge

Blumenthal: Bush's stairway to paradise

Missouri's first wind farm dedicated

Officials seek companies' data on impacts of climate change (Maine)

Texas, Mexico link electric grids

Bringing Remote Renewable Energy to Market

Oil will hit $100 but probably not in 2007: Pickens - Reuters

Sickness blamed on moth spray (CA)

Gregoire approves 65 wind turbines for Kittitas

Organic Foods' Unexpected Extras

California wants new homes off grid

Can the U.S. Live Without Blackwater?

Colombian rebels agree to meet Chavez in Venezuela: senator

Deputies subdue autistic boy with Taser

Cuba Embargo Issue Goes to the U.N.


Cops Taser and Kill Woman in Wheelchair

US Guard chief: Billions more needed for equipment

Mulford meets Saran on nuclear deal

Paulson: U.S. to Hit Debt Limit Oct. 1

Maliki blasts Blackwater security firm for other incidents

(Defense Secretary Robert ) Gates: 'I Don't Know' If Iraq War Worth It

US State Department Investigator Target of Congressional Probe

Buddhist monk rally steps up pressure on Burma's junta

VECO Man Says He Worked on Stevens, Young Fundraisers

Senate blocks Democrats' bid to give U.S. troops more time at home

2 Mo. men charged with rap video threat

Protesters to Converge on Louisiana Town

Church to be billed for immigrant rally

Gillermann implores U.S. to prevent Ahmadinejad visit to UN

Controversial Osprey aircraft deployed to Iraq (the VTOL - Vertical TakeOff and Landing one)

In reversal, (San Diego mayor) Sanders (R) supports gay-marriage resolution

On Tap At Tavernertavern: Stone Ruination Imperial IPA

i eat zuppe and minestrone

Does anyone know if Continental pilots have any family perks?

the delfonics - i gave to you

Okay, I'm done with GD. (yes, this is the 514th time I said that this year.)

Civics is fun

DS1 is a Trojan-Face

Fresh scallops...check. Butter...check.

Important grammar question

Matcom wears "Magnums"...

Isn't Trojan the dumbest name for a condom company possible?


ha ha

I just got off of the phone with California Peggy...

Anyone have a lifesaver or parachute for the Red Sox?

My son wants to post a message about space

Does anybody know what heating oil is running per gallon right now?

Preparing to build an ark in NE Florida... Any one wanting to participate, we start

1.5 games....

Good night, D.U...I had no idea how hard Amaretto sours could hit a person


OK. This is the coolest "sport" EVER.

Help with wireless setup needed

Carrot Top

Anyone watch Last comic standing?

As long as Katie's happy, that's all that matters

I have created a monster

pythagoreans vs. zoroastrians - who do you think is right?

A keyboard for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

WOW I just discovered something amazing about the TV show The Office!

Oh my Oscar De La Hoya like you have never seen him before

Anyone Here See the Original Cast of Rent on Broadway?

I have lived in California just a little over a year now, and palm trees still crack me up!

Name a group that you don't mind having been missing in action

I just tasered John Kerry for breastfeeding in public. Also, he hates children!

Who is ignoeing me?

Self edit.

My earworm tonight is Mindless Self Indulgence doing Tornado.

when was the 'moment' you KNEW that this Democratic Congress didn't give a * . . .

I had to call for an ambulance tonight...

Argh my daughter's classmate has called 3 times tonight about homework.

Ok somebody explain to me the "Circuit City" referrances

Solitarity. Touche, Mr. Colbert.

My life in picture form...

Neatniks of DU, Unite!

Get your free therapy here for Gilligan's obscene thread.

Goofy Midnight Poetry Thread

I saw a Mitt Romney bumper sticker today

Which one of these people got too much damn publicity?

When was the moment that you KNEW you had to take a dump from your asshole before you went crazy?

Venezuelans to be required to wear their underwear on the outside.

Sharks with friggin TASER beams on their heads!!!

Carrot Eater!

Whenever I see "k and r" I think of

Authorarians versus Librarians on DU

Beatniks of DU, unite!

Kelsey Grammer's new sitcom "Back To You" fails to bring the funny.

Dear Lounge: Do me a favor. SWARM! SWARM! SWARM!

Ed Asner just pwned Colbert!

Anyone buying the new James Blunt cd?


True or False

Create your own Bob Dylan musical message

I had a friendly conversation with a Cop in the Coffee Bean today

Thoughts on the prejudice against people who live at home (Helium)

Whatever happened to Funky Winkerbean?

Timeo Danaos et donna ferentes.

I just was in GD and it was scary - someone sing to me and make it better


Request for good vibes

the antinomianism on DU is getting way out of hand

They were just playing this song at the bar, where my roommate dragged me to...

Ok...What the hell is a PEV?

Why do people suck so much?

Hilarious sexual politics at the wedding

I just watched CSI:NY completely jump the shark.

Who can't wait for the "Sex and the City" movie?

A modest proposal: A pic thread from camera phones only...

Ladies who have been/are pregnant... when did you first feel symptoms?

I just made Miso Soup - ask me anything!

Another stupid criminal here in Sheboygan...

Advice Please on 'The Sex Talk' with a twelve year old

Did ye talk like a Pie-rat t'day?

Carrot Cake!

All Summer long the Red Sox nation has been pretty cocky

Union Members Mobilized in Support of Nondiscrimination Bill

Workers Move One Step Closer to RESPECT

ANSWER march Demonstrators Clash!!

JFK On The Press

Moment of Change: Reason for Running

Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism

Cafferty: Bush Tries to Grant Himself Immunity for War Crimes (from an old broadcast)


Senate Unanimously Approves Clinton Amendment to Help Prevent Nuclear Terrorism

Feinstein plans RE: Legislation to Ensure that Retailers Are Compliant with Combat Meth Act

If the American people really wanted to end the Iraq occcupation...

Statement of Russ Feingold On Republicans Blocking the Restoration of Habeas Corpus

Happy 60th birthday US National Security community

Ohio hospital offers unused drugs to poor patients

Are the Dems going to mount a PR campaign pointing out the many Roadblock Republican Filibusters?

Lincoln, Pryor, and Snyder Announce $450,000 Grant to Fight Meth in Little Rock

It's Time. Looking For Others To Subsidize My Diaspora

American filmmakers hope to bring impact of Iraq war home

Chris Floyd: Bombs, Babes and Baksheesh: Civilization in Action

Statement of Sen Clinton on Potential Visit of Iranian Pres Mahmoud Ahmadine to Ground Zero

62 years ago - or more - our forefathers fought a great fight -

So, when polls say Americans have a low approval of it the Dems they're pissed at?

The Rude Pudit gets it. The UF Tasering and the Right to Be an Asshole

If they can disrupt the port to the south - they can effectively take

I just googled

Andrew Meyers Is a Blow Hard.

Wow, I can't believe how GOOD this new Laura Ingraham book "Power To The People" is...

Since the Republicans use the filibuster so freely, how did minimum wage increase pass?

well, Bush et al/Rupugs in Congress won 2 major rounds today!! I do not

Standing on One Principle, Voting on Another (John Warner, R-Betrayus)

The 6:30 network news led with OJ tonight. I watched the end of

Can someone knowledgeable about Filibuster/Cloture blahblah answer a question?

September American death rates in Al Anbar Province are 13 times higher than the rest of Iraq

I'm sick of OJ!!!!

Murray Announces Senate Passage of Breakthrough Mental Health Parity Legislation

Interesting and entertaining vid on Gravel releasing the Pentagon Papers...

From The Mind Of Malkin... (On Sally Field)

Whatever happened to that resolution that Cornyn was trying to pass about the

Joementum and habeas corpus (voted "yeah bedore the elections)

I do NOT care about labels - dem or repug - what does that

Caffert y & Crowley talk about 3rd Parties yet don't mention...

David Bowie donates $10,000 to Jena 6

NY Times: Madison Square Garden Ring Out For Count After 82 Years

RNC Chair/ Senator Mel Martinez: Passing Troop-Rest Bill Would "Demean The Troops"

PAC Gives $300K to AL Gov. Riley, After Getting $50 Million State Contract

Wow! The Nation is hosting a video I did for some Kentucky friends

Heartbreaking scene from Iraq

The surge is WORKING -- and you'll never guess what the wacky right is using as "PROOF"!

I will never post another word about OJ, but I just saw this while looking

Benny tells Rice to Pack Sand

Rudy: " I'm one of the 4 or 5 best known Americans!"

Once I said things - after he folded, about Kerry I regret -

Filyaw kidnaps 14-yr old girl, keeps her in a bunker

er... "Man arrested for drug possession is rehab director"...

Bill Clinton on Tomorrow's Daily Show

Wes Clark on Daily Show Tonight

State Dept. ‘Discounts’ Iraqi Report, Clings To Blackwater Line Of ‘Defensive Fire’

Jim Webb's 'sufficient rotation time' bill only got 56 votes. Therefore it failed.

I cannot recall a repubican slate of candidates as repulsive as this one

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

About that stock surge--

What Paul Krugman hates about political coverage.

Self delete.

Head banger! The Public Ain't Buying -- but Petraeus-Bush work magic, buy time INSIDE THE BELTWAY

"Ag Secretary Expected to Run for Senate" Mike Johanns running for Hagel's seat...

Argentina protests mark anniversary of disappearance of Dirty War trial witness

Lieberman Testifies for more Rational, Inclusive Presidential Primary System....

Clarence Page; Bush's painful flip-flops on Vietnam, Iraq

U.S. Patriot Act poisoning the groves of (Canadian) academe

Jimmy Carter's War Against the Jews

It appears we could pick Hagel - 50-50 over old Joe

The Stinky Apple On Our Nose

Kerry Statement on Today's Republican Filibuster of Habeas Corpus Rights for Detainees

About those bombs that were flown from ND to LA

I feel sorry for David Schuster

Things to Know about Acting Attorney General Keisler (appt made w/o anyone's knowledge):

The next significant attack will be in the south. They will try and

LATE NEWS: Whitehouse fires groundskeeper!

Gerchik Recalls His Spanish Civil War Days

Court: School wrong to punish students who wore black armbands to protest dress code

Is there a chance that part of Mexico or Canada etc. could ever become part of the US?

Is liberal a dirty word?

Raise hell for Molly

Is it ok to send a person to prison based on trumped up evidence

Jimmy Carter and a man of peace

Circuit City and Olive Garden?

Lieberman does it again

I used to think I knew right from wrong - I thought so -

Yeah, shit happens. -- So do Republicans.

Bill O'Rielly ...I HATE to say this but at least he didn't open with OJ OJ OJ tonight..

Sales tax in Chicago could rise to 11%

Anyone going to Syracuse, NY on 9/29?

Iran's leader can't visit ground zero

Does anyone have info on the 'permament bases' in Iraq?

University of Florida Cops Poll (Barney Fife or something more ominous?)

In Bush's America: Torture is alive and well and habeas corpus is still dead!

is is ok to free a guilty person because they destroyed the evidence ..

HOLY Crap !!! -

I wonder - who would you vote for - Hagel as an R or Lieberman

Biden Issues Statement After Senate Fails to Restore Habeas Corpus Rights of Detainees

Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL) to retire?

Progress! SENATE REPUBLICANS block Iraq bill

Bush admin doesn't want to capture Bin Laden

How important are early primates to the 08 campaign?

Will the dollar completely collapse?

"Citizen Gore"

The most restrictive class rules, evar!

How Enthusiastic of a Democrat Are You?

Southwest Airlines announces new boarding procedure, the "children are safe"

Thoughts on Tasering from an X cop

Are you a member of the "Democratic Base"?

Show your support for Jena 6 and wear all black on 9/20/07!

A sign of the Bush times - abandoned pets

"Health Insurance"

How was the special Cafferty File show on CNN?

Habeas corpus cloture vote hall of shame

Naomi Wolf is on Colbert Report! "America Is headed toward a fascist state."

O'Reilly just said,

"Vote the Bastards Out" Opposed restoring habeas corpus - All Republicans!!! - "Dirty F'ing Hippie

JFK... On Liberalism...

This may be the best way to stop the war mongering bastards!

How much does a vote cost these days?

I love it! Dan Rather sues CBS for $70 million dollars!

Lets Talk Chavez and Venezuela

Kerry Warns NFL to Help Retired Players or Face Congressional Action

Rather Charges CBS Wanted to ‘Curry Favor’ with WH: Lawsuit proceeds would promote independent press

How did we get to this point in this country?

I just watched an excellent CBC (Canadian) News piece about the US foreclosure mess....

Alaska governor: Sen. Stevens’s son should quit RNC = bribery & corruption

New mom denied breast-feeding time during doctor test

New Forum Suggestion: "Living Green"

Kucinich: AARP Health Care Forum Has a $4 Billion Conflict of Interest

I wish Colbert would shut up

Pandemic Flu - pardon my skepticism

Medea Benjamin: Hillary Clinton "goons" removed me for wearing shirt saying "Troops Home Now."

I just heard horrible news

Wesley Clark and Jon Stewart were talking about 'rules of engagement' that

Do you fear the future?

Saudis Signal They're Ready To Dump Their Dollars

sitting around, watching the Cubs, I just realized:




Be sure to "recommend" any new threads on Biden

Never mind -- it was the same CBS piece mentioned previously. nt

I received a notice from the Board of Elections here in Johnston County, NC

New thread - Biden statement on Habeas Corpus - he rocks.

How important are the early primaries if a candidate has the money

"Turning the corner" again, "success on the ground" again, and Dems don't have 60 votes again.

Democrats Gearing Up for Delagate Fight

Will Hillary's failure and ineffectiveness as a Senator hurt her campaign?

Hey, Dodd squad, the Bidenites already have their roll call, so now its your turn!

Will John Edwards' failure and ineffectiveness as a Senator hurt his campaign?

Soccer and Security Moms Unite: "That’s what happens when a president has a 30% approval rating..."

I just saw one of my e-mails on the crawl on The Cafferty File special

Ditka never prouder than on Capitol Hill

Bid ‘borders on irresponsible: Sen. Conrad to Mike Johanns (R-wants to be NE)

So what was Biden doing voting for McCain's bill?!

Rudy Ghouliani, your humongous EGO is showing -- again!

Poll: Many Americans Don't Know Biden

CBC’s event for Clinton prompts grumbles

Help please .... anybody have the vote from Jim Webb's bill?

Richardson: US Troops Add to Iraq Unrest

Dobson Says He Won't Support Thompson ("He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent 'want to.'")

Election 2008: Thompson's Slow Start

Any candidate who does not provide security for IT and office operations deserves to lose.

Counsel To President Kennedy, Ted Sorenson, to campaign in NH tomorrow for Obama

Whitehouse FIRES groundskeeper!

Cloture roll call for the detainee rights amendment

Republicans set to break record for most filibusters in a term

Warner's bait 'n switch: Warner/McCain tag team Sen. Webb's troop amendment.

Edwards and Lobbyists hypocrisy:

They are Stupid.

More Bundler Problems for Clinton

Hillary: "...the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges..."

Did Wes Clark sink Hillary tonight?

Experts Praise Obama's Middle Class Tax FairnessPlan

Democrats fight GOP scheme to steal votes in CA

Paul Krugman: What I Hate About Political Coverage

Obama's Jena 6 Response Crafted by Jackson's son

Mayor leaves Clinton Camp

Trippi comments on Hillary's Lobbyist Fundraiser

C&L: The Assault On Free Speech - A woman was removed from Clinton rally for wearing a

Elizabeth Edwards Bashes Hillary Clinton's Health Plan

Blackwater, paid by the US government, in no-bid contracts remains largely beyond public scrutiny

Hillary Clinton vs. Joe Biden

Who's got the best health care plan of our top 3: Obama, Clinton or Edwards?

Dennis Kucinich on corporate power

Falling Down or Falling Apart...John Edwards director NH Campaign Resigns...

Question for everybody that isn't voting for Dennis Kucinich

The President's Last Stand - Nat Hentoff - V V

AlterNet: Ask the Candidates: Will They Cut a Bloated 20th-Century Military Budget?

Make em talk


A World Occupied by Profit: An Interview with Naomi Klein

Top Military Recruitment Lies

Cheer up - Garrison Keillor

NYT/Dowd: Alan (Not Atlas) Shrugged

Rep. Phil Hare: Free trade must be fair trade (courageous article)

'Miami Herald' Latest Newspaper to Call for Iraq Exit: "Note to the White House..."

Editor&Publisher: China: Going For The Gold In Press Tyranny

An Honorable Exit from Iraq

Marie Cocco: Privatizing Murder

AlterNet: Google Wants to Track Your Medical History -- And Your Genome

If socialized medicine is good enough for Congress, it's good enough for ME.

Hannity And All White Panel Complain: Whites Held To Higher Standards Than Blacks

Hillary Learned the Wrong Lesson from 1994 Health Care Fiasco

The Nation: An Iraqi "Eliot Ness" Out in the Cold

One writer actually 'gets' what's happening about the MoveOn ads.

Iraq: The Reality Beyond Perceptions

Greenwald on Ledeen (& others ): "The art of neoconservative innuendo"

Democrats Should Attack Bush, Not MoveOn

Labour tries to block new BAE inquiry:Request from US investigators is ignored

Warner "Standing on One Principle, Voting on Another"; Webb says White House "turned up the heat"

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright

French warmongering aids Iran's cause

Oil and Betrayal in Iraq, By George Lakoff

Miami Herald: Student's shocking exit becomes talk of Web

Rachel Maddow: Three Things You Should Shut Up About: The Lazy Politician's Guide......

Ask Rockridge: The Meaning of Socialized Medicine

A Conservative's Garden of False Narratives: Who are you calling a moonbat, anyway?

Taser puts a laser on UF (The Gainesville Sun)

Facing the Yuck Factor - Utne Reader

States Reap Rewards of Clean Energy Standards

Tim Flannery - 6 Yrs Later, IPCC Projections Of 1.4 - 5.8C Temperature Increase Far Too Conservative

Have you got green fatigue? (Independent)

20-Year NASA/Goddard Study Show Antarctic Ice Melting Farther Inland & At Higher Altitudes

Soaring Food And Fuel Prices Put The Bite On Struggling Afghans

300% Rise In Animal Feed Costs Forces Thousands Of Jordanians To Dump Livestock Into Buyer's Market

Living On The Edge - OPEC's Spare Capacity, Global Demand And What NYMEX Believes - Energy Bulletin

Kyodo News - Higher Temperatures Could Cut Japan's Rice Yields By Up To 40% - Japan Times

Biomass Fuels Worsening Hungarian Drought, According To Professor - Reuters

NHC - "Environment Becoming Favorable" For Strenghtening As Low-Pressure System Hits Eastern GOM

The Right to Dry: A Green Movement Is Roiling America (clothesline liberation)

9/20 16:00 EDT National Hurricane Center - Atlantic Special Tropical Disturbance Statement

Oil Touches $84.10; 27.5% Of GOM Oil Output, 16.7% Of Gas Already Shut In By Projected TS Jerry

Report: China to increase solar water heater coverage by 50% by 2010

World Energy Council Projects World Oil Peak In 10 - 20 Years (Podcast)

Solon to build 44 MW solar power plant in Spain

Air pollution triggers blood clots: study

The American response to GW as part of the new reality

How this 12 x 2 inch miracle tube could halve heating bills

List Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil & Gas Facilities Disrupted By Low-Pressure System - Reuters

Power prices set to surge

Nature - Strong Evidence That Large-Scale Methane Release Powered Rapid Warming 55 MYA (PETM) - AFP

Japan nuclear body can't say when damaged plant to restart

Workers Move One Step Closer to RESPECT

Public's views on Iraq war barely budge

New mom denied breast-feeding time during doctor test

Over 100 monks stage protest march in Myanmar

More delays in shift to Iraqi control (reports the Pentagon)

Liberal Democrat proposes cutting corporate taxes

Lebanon mourns slain MP, blames Syria

Dry Cleaning Shop to Close ($67M lawsuit case)

Paulson warns Congress about debt ceiling (wants to raise it to almost $10 Trillion)

Bin Laden to release another message

Bush Cabinet Secretary to Jump Ship in Effort to Fill Hagel Seat

Bush to hold news conference Thursday (open with Kids Health Ins)

U.S. Says Iran Officer Seized in Iraq

Zimbabwe passes 2008 election law

Whichita Chamber Hints at Speaker (Rumsfeld Canceled - Too Many People Objected)

Sharpton: Congress Should Grill Jena DA

On climate change, US vies to come in from the cold

NSA to defend against hackers

Bin Laden urges Pakistanis to revolt

Iran Releases Iranian-American Academic

US says Blackwater still under contract in Iraq

Bush cites ‘unsettling times’ in housing market

Rwandan genocide suspect arrested

President's Plan for 'Korea-like' Presence in Iraq will Cost Trillions

US trade chief urges Congress to ratify pact with Colombia

Bush Says Democrats Risking Kids’ Health

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 20

Dodd Chides Clinton's Health Care Policy

Bush sidesteps criticizing Iraq shooting

Giuliani associates himself with Churchill

Retailers may have worst holiday in five years, NRF says

Colombia wants $25M Chiquita fine (US court ordered fine)

Glitch renders 'virtual fence' unworkable

India bans faked report channel

"Oil-rich Gulf goes on buying spree"

Ahmadinejad Will Speak At Columbia Forum

La. given less than its fair share, report says

FBI Tapes Stevens Calls As Part of Sting

U.S. forces seize Iranian officer in Iraq

Sherriff: Prosecutor tried jail suicide.

Tennessee bans lethal injection

Loonie hits parity (Cdn$ = US$)

Bush says 'Iraq's Mandelas' all killed by Hussein

Embassy Builder Linked to Kickbacks

Bush Meets the Press: Hits MoveOn Ad, Says Saddam Killed 'Mandelas'

U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read

Mortgage woes 'exceed forecasts'

Senate Blocks Anti-War Bill

Eavesdrop debate Will Cost U.S. Lives: Spy Chief

Giuliani Adviser Under Fire for Comments

Landis Guilty Of Doping, Loses Tour Title

Columbia University Says It Cancelled Ahmadinejad's Appearance

Climate change worse than feared: Australian expert

The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract

Islamic Nations Secure IAEA Vote Against Israel

Dollar falls to lifetime low versus euro

Senate Votes to Condemn MoveOn PAC commercial

Arctic seabed 'belongs to Russia'

Brazil offering Venezuela's Chavez use of its territory for Colombia mediation effort

Iceland phasing out fossil fuels for clean energy

U.S. military cemetery running out of space

O.C. Mother Released From Jail, All Charges Dropped

McCain campaign is 'done for,' insider says

Elizabeth Edwards Says Clinton Copies John Edwards' Health Plan

CBO: Bush Plans For Iraq Will Cost Trillions

Anyone else had ankle arthroscopy?

Change of position

Tip: if you're going to ship $30,000 worth of marijuana...

Just back from GD. Am I the only person who's never been tased?

I bathed a cat this morning

"Spinning Round"- Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

I just posted a political comment on DU and got called for TWAT! Ask me anything!

I don't know how to say this, except to say it...

I just posted a political comment on DU and got called a TWUNT! Ask me anything!

Mods: Pushed to the Left is killing kittens and puppies!

When are we having another California meetup?

I'm going down in a blaze of glory

Check Yo Self

SKippy is having a GREAT DAY!

The "ignore" list is for the gutless. And that's all I'm saying.

I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag - Can anyone relate?

more bounce to the ounce

Christ, I've had this damned cold since Friday!!!

What is the going rate for babysitters these days?

They seek him here, they seek him there

Why don't people like Carrot Top?

I just created a blog!

Well I saw Steve Vai in Concert last., Jaw. Dropping. and funny too!

Could I get some of the famous Lounge vibes please??

I love being female.

Free Dave Matthews Band concert on your campus...sign up.


The Shorthand List

Scented candles. I love them, but now they're making so many that smell like food!

Need advice: Should I sell my house & rent or Fix up a moneypit

Lynnesin! Weeds!

Hey all you Survivor fans

Halo 3..


When time and/or money is short and you don't want to eat out of a box

The difference between a girl football fan and a guy football fan

Anybody Miss Me?

I love females who love being female.

I love being human

I love being a gender dysphoric

I love being a hermaphrodite.

I love being a carbon-based life form.

Am I bad for this?

What's to do in Biloxi, MS?

Anyone ever notice how sensitive and easily scared bullies are?

Don't _____ me bro! (Fill in the blank game).



I just had ice scream cake for my birthday!!!!

Too funny! Another Voyager episode makes reference to the great golfing of Geidi Prime!

I just posted on the GD --- What was I thinking?

I am looking for the slideshow of the Pro war Morans!

I'm going back.

I'm moving on

The Joshua Tree 20 years later

I love being

I Bought My Wii At Fry's And I Showed The Receipt!

When 24 "Jumps the Shark" Jack Bauer doesn't need water skis. *spoilers*

I love

It's actually -gasp- kinda chilly here in the Bay Area!

MoveOn ad tasers OJ in court house restroom!!!!

Musical questions that need not be answered.

Who here has a Wii?

Ick ick ick ick!

Think all the comedy is in the Lounge?

Anyone here had a laparoscopy and/or a hysteroscopy?

Have you made out a will?

What's the difference between GD and the lounge forum?

Can you be forced to work w/out pay if you are salary?

Take Home Chef - Would you take him home?

This place slays me

Definition of paranoia

Yikes - Garth Kemp just talked about "moistening up the lower atmosphere"


OUCH, I need some healing vibes

Describe Ohiosmith In one word

TOP CHEF fans check in ****spoilers***

I came within a couple of millimeters of a grease stain on the road this morning...

AppGuy original joke: What's cracked, right and spread all over?

If you HAAAAADD to date one of these men, who would you choose?

have you been to the highest point in any states?

Have you made out with Will?

I'm craving sweets

Who here has a wee wee?

Question about possible job offer involving travel

Hey, Check out the mature quail.

I came within a couple of milimeters of turning this crazy woman into a grease stain this morning...


Sincerely sorry my DU name is all CAPS

Oh no! Rachel Ray divorce disaster!

Name something you've done that defies the odds.

can I take a nap?

"Sex" is the word for today. Modify a thread to include "sex".

Show's on tonite!

You know it's a slow news day when your local news opens with a story on

I guess that lawyer is happy now that the dry cleaners had to sell their store. All for lost pants!!

Move On There Is Nothing To Taser Here At Olive Garden Anymore

SUBMIT!!! tasered the Senate!!! tasered the Senate!!!

When was the last time you Tasered someone?

In the time of Chimpanzees, I was a monkey!

Uh-ohs. I have a "dirty mouth with lots of bad words in it!"

PinkFlight On Air New Zealand

allright Lounge, make your voices heard

I just got my TV guide in the mail and included with it

Name something you do to propitiate the gods

I was in my doctors office this morning and they had Focus on Family

Describe "Pepsi or Coke" in one word.

Keith Olbermann will be back with a special comment

GD is in freak mode.

"Ohiosmith" is the word for today. Modify a thread to include "Ohiosmith".

Beer and Wii session at my house tonight!! Who's coming?

As long as you love me

If you could ban any current ad (on TV, radio, or in print), which would you choose?

This afternoon's ear worm: Gel by Collective Soul.

Thursday, September 20th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Someone stole my hand cart!!

Wedding Dresses: How much did you spend on yours? or how much do you plan to spend?

Who wants to hear some Loverboy?

Does anyone know where I can find...

Some moran thought he could save a seat at Starbucks by putting a laptop bag down

Whoever thought they'd leave me in charge of a tailgate party was insane....

Can You Ladies/Guys Share Your Stories Of How You Proposed/Were Proposed By, Your SO's?

I love being male

Seeing Queens of The Stone Age next friday.........

*(*)(!#&!&*!#[email protected]*$!!!!!!

WTF is Xema Sab?

I love being a homo sapiens.

For all you cat lovers, here's a new fridge magnet:

Pepsi, or Coke, Or Heineken

Goddamn - I hate automated calls - a rant by KitchenWitch

Beer and pee session at my house tonight!! Who's coming?

This CL job ad...

Contestant's defense for being voted off "The Weakest Link"...

The Only Andrew Meyer Video You Need To See Is Right Here!

I love Catholic girls. . .

datasuspect monitor update

TV Ads about Erectile Dysfunction - If you wrote the ad, what would it be like?

Had a bowl of ice cream for dinner tonight. Recommend it highly.

Sean Penn's new movie "Into The Wild " sounds interesting. Veder on the Soundtrack

psst...someone turns two on Sunday.

My prediction: The Lounge Challenge thread will pass Kudzu

51 more posts to 30K.

the Lounge senate vote on h.r.12345

Lydon (J. Rotten} brands Sting 'dead carcass'

Stupid wall cloud; there's no sunlight to get a good exposure.

Rabrrrrr Hates Catholics -

From MatcomNews Austin Bureau: "Pranksters Toss Python At Drive-Through Worker"

Anyone else watch Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on Fox last night?

What song's in your head?

"The Shawshank Redemption" - what balm for the soul in these troubled times!

Eye color poll!

So if you were going to bribe a schoolchild to give you a username/password for the WiFi

The guy with the cork off in this ad. *snort*

Its Time To Have Beverages

Fuckin' Catholic jackass - "Pray the rosary to end abortion", but kids not belted in.

$1 Canadian = $1 U.S.

How do I set Adobe Acrobat as the default reader for PDFs?

Ooh! A new comedian to add to my list of good comedians: Sean Cullen!

Who else decorates for Halloween?

You're going tailgating...You have no grill...What do you make for food?

If a Parisian jumps off a bridge...

Describe yourself in one word.

Pepsi or Coke?

DU Southerners: What, exactly, is a Mint Julep?

My life in picture form part 2:

Hey all you late 60's/Summer of Love Hippies!

A favor please... Would someone post the link to the Asperger "eyes" test thread or site?

What exactly was Luke's plan for rescuing Han Solo?

'Bout time I went to bed.

And the traditional Florida September monsoons have JUST begun.

If you HAAAAADD to date one of these women, who would you choose?

Sean Penn Rocks!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/20/07

If you HAAADDDD to date one of these men, who would it be?

Annybody else want to watch Beowulf?

DU Ladies: Anybody used Planned Parenthood?

Pie or cake?

Some jackoff tried to move my laptop bag and occupy my seat at Starbucks.

"Make us s'mores for an hour, or we'll kill you." MN criminals SUCK.

I'm goin' to CABO!

morning radio was rock-n-roll. after lunch it was country. hip-hop in the evening.

Weird things your pet(s) do? Pic Included Dial Up Warning

I have made a pumpkin cake. Mock me if you must, but I don't care.

I came within a couple of millimeters of becoming a grease stain on the road this morning...

WTF is Xanthan Gum?

Lounge challenge: post an innocuous comment in this thread, but then respond like you're in GD

tat healed....winning the phoenix rising

Describe sex in one word.

How many European countries are represented in the lounge?

If you HAD to date one of these monsters, who would it be?

A full tank of gas and a reserve tank, one plane, one fire hydrant, and gravity.

Take the civics quiz

My husband's getting a new tattoo today.

A serious question for the lounge...

have you ever cheated on a SO?

I am making Spaghetti tonight...Someone needed to start this thread

What's the most disappointing landmark you have visited?

It's illegal for a cat to fight with a dog

Ask Congress to pass The Whitehouse-Sessions Prostitution Reduction Act!

Call grows for unconventional warfare command

DoD: Army erred by tossing Yee reprimands

DoD planning 5 regional teams under AFRICOM

Rules unclear for wounded troops back on duty

Report: VA still not doing enough on ID theft

Master sgt. faces child exploitation charge

Army to enforce 2 a.m. curfew in Baumholder

Two decades of decay

Kadena accused of making practice bombing runs

Defense wants to fix ex-astronaut’s image

Your tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at work

Former Navy SDV pilot needs a buddy to help me with my PTSD claim

Campbell testing soldiers’ brains before tours

Bus drivers vote in Rochester, but NLRB seals ballots

PRESS RELEASE: AFSCME to Protest Proposed Privatization of Wayne County Friend of Court

(Norwalk, CT) Teachers union sues school board

Machinists union, space alliance to resume talks

Janitors Sweep in more than $1 million in a suit against UPS and other major corporations

BOOK : States Of The Unions - How Labor Can Strengthen the Middle Class,

Today in labor history

Killings of trade unionists up by 25% & more from Eric Lee

Wake Up Wal Mart China report & Ad

Rolling On: A Summary of the Bay Area Starbucks Workers Union

Backbone Campaign greets returning Congress

Olbermann: The Blackwater Probe


Senate Needs To Move On To YouTube (1/07) For Promoting Petraeus Betrayus

FOX Attacks Goddamn Sally Field

John Edwards - Real Change for America (9/16/07 @ the Harkin Steak Fry)

== Orenthal, Larry and George ==

Moment of Change: Best Union President

Hardball: Joe Conason and Medea Benjamin

Rep. Watson on the Costs in Iraq

Wal-Mart and China: Too Cozy for Comfort

President Kennedy - "(The US) will never start a war."

Dodd on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Cafferty: Top 10 Dubious Congress Acheivements (also, Bush Legacy)

It's Not a Small Price in Iraq (Tell your Rep to condemn John Boehner's loathsome remark)

Canadian election debate: Education

Reasons to Impeach Now!/David Swanson

This is not about anymore.

Kucinich in House: I've Said For 5 Years This War Is About Oil

NY Rep. Peter King: "Too many mosques in the country"

Chucklenutz: "Saddam killed Nelson Mandela!"

You know I am just an FDR democrat - I am that.

Scientists in first global study of 'poison' gas in the atmosphere

Veco Paid Employee For Stevens Renovations And Fundraisers

Anti war song - just realized

Netanyahu confirms IAF carried out raid in Syria

No photo number "8" in my round three list

Bush / Big Pharma conspiracy? White House to oppose open disclosure of clinical drug trials

NY Times: Israel informed U.S. before Syria raid

Holy shit, I met Mitt Romney today

Okay here is a crazy , even insane question. Does anyone know about an "exchange program" for drugs

There's more to the Jena 6 story

Israel Declares Gaza 'Enemy Entity'

A long time ago - feels like to me - I wrote this book -

Iran and Syria work together developing deadly WMDs to wipe out USA

Two, one, two, three, four

We go to Sen. Coleman's house and say Bring the Troops Home Now!

Bank of England governor under pressure

Checkbook Imperialism (Robert Scheer)

Iraqi Gov't suffering from Lack of Leadership and Competance..Bush Trained, They had learned from a

New rule

Seriously, folks... Tasers and O.J.?

Mexicans pour into Canada from U.S (fleeing Florida crackdown on illegals)

Does Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke really think he can bail-out

"Six monkeys upside down in an airplane flying backwards???"....

Biden, Obama, Cantwell - Where were you for the 2934 vote?

Statement from MoveOn: Senate ignores war, goes after MoveOn.

Senator Feinstein is a useless COWARD and a DISGRACE

Where's our resolution against FOX News, Ann Coulter, and those RW Katrina emails I get every day?

U.S. Attorney Caught in Sex Sting Tries Suicide - What's up with Florida & all these cases?

How not to get your ass kicked by the police

Little La. Town Gears Up for Big Protest (Jena)

Must see... Video of Last Night' Colbert Report..The Word ..Solitarity

Iraqis want us out

The GOP is pleased.

George Bush is a useless COWARD and a DISGRACE...

A hypothetical question for everyone

List of Dems Voting with Repugs to Condemn Move On Ad.....

here's the roll call vote on the Senate re: 9/20/07

House moves to expand terrorism insurance program

dear republicons. please embrace your leaders criminal war, screw our soldiers

Have you noticed? Leading up to the march on DC on 9/15,

We're betting the farm on Iraq...and we're losing....

Palast-Re: Tasered Student: “Maybe I’ll go down and cover the trial”

Canadian Dollar was essentialy at par with USD...

Morning Cuppa Moral Lessons

Senate Ethics Committee probe of Sen. Domenici is intensifying.

Bush schedules White House announcement about Johanns

Alan Greenspan: The Fraud

CNN now: video of Jena marchers - WOW

c-span wj 9:30am edt - blackwater

"Dear MasterCard Holder":

Dry Cleaners' Victory in Pants Lawsuit Still Comes With a Loss

Thompson considers drilling the Everglades

71.1 Percent

A call for the disbarment of Jena Prosecutors and an extensive review of their past convictions

House Finance Committee Hearing on Migitating Mortgage Foreclosure

John Nichols: Habeas Corpus and a Senate Race in Maine

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hope over doom & gloom and fear, fear, fear

A small flicker of hope in MSNBC's coverage of yesterday's votes.

C-SPAN WJ: Jeremy Scahill...Blackwater

Blackwater's 'Drug War' Bonanza

CNN didn't get the message to wear Black

Blackwater "has a client who will support them no matter what they do" (WAPO)

David Bowie donates 10G's to the Jena 6 defense fund!

I never want to hear Sen. Voinovich talk about "Supporting the Troops" again.

Bush To Announce That Agriculture Secretary Will Resign

Giuliani, "not subtle", associates himself with Churchill in the UK

Robots turn off senior citizens in aging Japan

How Wall Street is pouring money into the Chinese government's surveillance of its citizens....

Hillary: "You Can Tell When Repubs Are Getting Restless-VPs Motorcade Pulls In & DarthVader Emerges"

Anyone ever been on a World Gospel Outreach mission in Honduras?

Who Knew? Susan Collins Sure Didn't

Autistic Teen Tasered in Calif.

Bush's Stairway To Paradise & How His Sheep Kiss His Ass (Sidney Blumenthal)

here you go - a couple of new food-related "lifestyles" - Freegans and Meagans

Giuliani: ‘I’m probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world,’

U.S.-hired guards operate in a legal limbo in Iraq

John Warner, you've fooled me for the last time..

Property claims from wildfire started by Air National Guard exceed $200 million

Just a minute please, I'm filling out a check right now.

An Effective Ad Might Be....

Americans Put Obesity on par With Smoking in Terms of Harmful Effects

*bush Press Conference @ 10:45 AM eastern...

The Pied Piper of Crawford (Digby: McConnell is known an outright liar)

What Are Your Best Corporate Media Rapport Breakers?

Sober predictions and wild guesses please.

Iranian citizens were killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11

Letter from Conyers- White House in Contempt

On Hardball last night: "Is Hillary corrupt?"

Rate cut alone may not fix economy

McClatchy: U.S.-funded broadcasters in S. Korea bombard North

Ghoul-iani proposes expanding NATO, adding Israel & Japan


Jeffrey Toobin on NPR's Fresh Air Discusses bu$h V GORE and the SCOTUS. Great Interview!

* announces news conference. Caption this photo.

AWE, poor Dr. Dobson doesn't seem to have a Pub candidate to support!

damm. nbc cut off the S-chip follow up from Secretary (carried bush not not

Bush Calls for Expansion of Spy Law


’08 Dems push immigration - The Hill

Turning Jena around.. the free market way..

John Conyers is cool, sent me this update...

RW'ers violently protest Pro-Immigrant Church, same Church gets billed by city for security

Bush says Dems more concerned about offending a Left (move on) than

CBS, NBC carry Bush's Thursday press conference live, but ABC passes

John Conyers: White House in Contempt

Eddie Haskell sues SAG over royalties

Iraqi Civilian: Blackwater fired first shots... to disperse traffic jam

MSNBC Live...Bush Speaking. What a F***cking liar!!

Why don't the Dems let the Reps just filibuster away?

McClatchy: Maliki blasts Blackwater firm for other incidents

Stumble much? bush presser

He's Listening to His Earpiece!

Anonymous senator puts hold on bill unsealing presidential papers

Riverside County CA Board Of Supervisors To Sequoia Voting Systems: "Not Another Dime"

The secret lobbying campaign your phone company doesn't want you to know about (Newsweek)

Ahmadinejad says he'll visit Ground Zero despite the objections

Senator Nelson from Florida, I've got to say...

Which hack asked that question about

Does anyone recall the Senate debating to condemn the Swiftboat ads?

Blackwater VP is also Romney advisor

That Last Question Total Set Up

this is a dupe...sorry


Larisa Alexandrovna: Playing Politics With Our National Tragedy, Again...

Bush Presser: "Blackwater Is Under Rules of Engagement." Oh Yeah? Whose?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on OJ, Hillarycare, Tucker Carlson ("a poor kid from St. George's Prep in RI")

No wonder 29 % of America loves him

Senator Hillary Clinton on Ed Schultz Radio Show today.

Telecoms lobbying secretly to wipe out law suits for spying

What about this Al Za-whatever guy?

Soldiers dying in Iraq to assure MoveOn.Org's ability of free speech.

Cornyn is proof that everything is bigger in Texas......

I don't expect Democrats to vote for this.

Let us all get out our checkbooks and credit cards....MoveOn.Org

Wondering how many democrats will vote to smear ?

Bush Claims He "Got A B In Econ 101"

Bush Disses Condi Rice: "I'm a C Student, Condi is a Ph.D, Who's The Assistant?"

Since when is the senate in the opinion making business?

Delusional bu$h optimistic about economy despite credit crunch and housing woes

Thanks Kendall, Miami Dems

Tom Hayden: Prelude to a Police State in Iraq

NEW TAPE = DUBAI (Reuters): Osama Bin Laden vows revenge against Musharraf

Top Military Recruitment Lies

It is not the words "betray-us" that

CBO: Bush Plans For Iraq Will Cost Trillions

My mom needs some help with a Medicare questionnaire she received in the mail.

Netanyahu under fire for Syria strike comments

Bush gives himself an ‘A’ on tax policy

U.S. Military Cemetery Running Out Of Space

John Bolton: " Once upon a time, we knew how to do clandestine regime change."

"Moreover, if citizens of a country express their opinions and feelings....

MConnell is making a complete ass of himself

Paul Krugman: What I Hate About Political Coverage

Osama Bin Laden Threatens Musharraf With Video Message

What is this useless crap with debating the Moveon ad?

Chairman Waxman AGAIN Requests Documents on Iraq Reconstruction

The Whitehouse transcript of the Press Conference is up

"homes, crops, granaries, livestock and poultry" destroyed in Benin

Legislation to Give Armed Forces Personnel the Same Due-Process Appeal Rights as Civilians

Feingold on Fire on the Senate floor

Conservatives change very slowly....

"I was disappointed that not more leaders in The "Democrat" party spoke out strongly about that kind

Dubai purchase of major stake in NASDAQ deserves examination, says sen. Melendez

JOHN CORNYN knows what the troops really want isn't more down time, but a denunciation of a web site

House Democrats Hold Record Number of Votes in First Session

Newt: I need $30 million before I can run for President

NEWS FLASH -- The world is made up of fuckors and fuckees.

Tim Russert on Bush Presser: "No Comment" on Sept. 6 Israeli Strike on Syria Will Go Around World"

IRAN did not attack us on 9/11 !!!

HEADS UP!!! The Cornyn and BOXER resolutions debate NOW on Senate floor!

If you don't want to donate to MoveOn, just drop them a positive note.

These people have BETRAYED US.

Protest in support of Kucinich at Davenport Debate TONIGHT!

KO will be back tonight with a Special Comment on Bush's Press

Senator Craig is a useless COWARD and a DISGRACE

Did The Democrats Who Voted for the Moveon Bill Actually Fucking READ it?

Hey Senators--it is ok to condemn whom?

Meet Condoleezza Rice's lesbian lover Randy Bean..?

The Cornyn amendment was unnecessary, the Republicans are hypocrites, and all Democrats

"Tree" (poem)

An Amendment To the MoveOn Resolution

Tracy city council (CA) Keeps Prayer Policy will continue raising money for dems

Truthdig: An Obituary for the Free Press

Liebermann voted AYE for Boxer amendment!

"bend them back to our will" the Maj. Gen. said

Where's the amendment to condemn Bush for lying about WMDs?

We're SAVED! Chertoff has Mr. T on the job...

duplicate: please delete

Hit and run posters on DU.

I just saw MoveOn's ad"George Bush:Betrayal of Trust"-maybe Cornyn's resolution

Webb/Hagel amendment defeat

Bill O'Reilly losing Radio Show?

UF Police report: Officer Mallo gives false information

You gotta love the Kucinich's

John Timoney: America's worst cop

Fiction by Cory Doctorow: 'Scroogled' (Google partners with Homeland Security)

Pravda is reporting the Peruvian "meteor" may have been a KH-13 spy satellite

Wheelchair-bound woman dies after being tased by cops

Bush Bashes Dems Over "Disgusting" MoveOn Ad

Anyone see CNN - Kyra Phillips at the Civil Rights March?

McCain blasts Columbia for letting Ahmadinejad speak

Dup. thread--Sorry

Senator Leahy: I'm not backing down on Habeas Corpus

Times are a changin'

Did anyone see this one

If you were an editor of a major newspaper,

Veterans project said to contain false Medal of Honor stories

Who will sponsor a resolution to censure the troops who call their general BetrayUs?

Sen. Kennedy: Stop The Hate: Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act

"Startling" comments from WP's Thomas Ricks: U.S. May Still Be at War in Iraq 15 Years from Now

If you had a son or daughter or spouse serving in Iraq, would you be willing to bring them home...

If anyone, anyone at all, stats another Dem bashing move.on thread, IGNORE

Why is it that 10 yr stay in Iraq is always trotted out as some kind of 'requirement' ?

It`s the freaking wingnuts` circus, stupid

The Republicks will keep this war going until after the primaries, then

Heads up Naomi Klein is on Thom Hartmann

"Traitor" to speak publicly in Vermont

The Problem with the health insurance industry is that there is no free market for it.

Please unfreep this poll on universal health care

This Month's Vanity Fair Is A Keeper-Great Article On Gore

"MY" Dream Team...

Senator Boxer coming up next on Ed Schultz Radio.

No more bipartisanship. No more triangulation. No more caving.

Democrats fear more than they

Canada's population is only 30 million..... yet, our dollar is worth the same as yours!


I propose DU takes up a collection and sends each and every US Senator a copy of the

I'm going insane and I'm taking you all with me...

Dear KO, We don't give a f#@! about OJ, PLS don't have your top stories focus on BS when

Bush: ad on Petraeus 'disgusting'

Rumsfeld speech nixed after ‘too many people objected.’

Lindsey Graham is lying right on C-Span 2. He said Al Queada was

Interesting list. Senators NOT VOTING on the Cornyn amendment:

A Call to Arms

Republican Susan Collins just said she would vote to Override bu$h* veto on S-CHIP

Why do GOP Senators hate the troops so much? They blocked the

MoveOn ad tasers OJ in court house restroom!!!!

So the senate condemns Move on but 1994 Limbaugh was made an "Honorary member of the House"

Brent Budowsky: Oprah for president

Bush just now: "I've been fiscally responsible with the People's money"

Canadian Dollar just passed USD...

BREAKING: Landis Stripped of 2006 Tour de France title

1 euro=$1.40 U.S. ..... Ouch!

Censor -noun

WaPo 'Fact Checker' What a crock of S#$T!!!

Shit like this just makes me want fucking GIVE UP.

Heads up--Senate voting on Feingold-Reid to withdraw troops in 90 days.

Growing Up Gonzo: Excerpts From the Oral History of Hunter S. Thompson

What the...

Check out IWT (Independent World Television)

Urban Dictionary Word of The Day: conswervative...

The Senate Democrats are fucking useless. Absolutely fucking useless.

Pretty good Fiore up today ~ "Cheney in Cheif"

Senate Amendment 2934 tramples on the 1st Amendment!!! WTF is happening???

as our economy spirals into destruction,we are again distracted by bullshit.

"Thank you for the privilege of serving today." How Josh Bolton greets Bush each day.

Hey Skinner. I just got a free bumper sticker in the mail!

The only solution is to get more people informed and angry about it.

#@$^^@$$#@ Oil Co's and Traders!

WHO confirms 1st cholera case in Baghdad

When does the "Swiftboating"...

How DARE you want to limit THIS Constitutional Right? NOT just at Moveon ad but ALL of us!

Durbin: legal status for immigrants "would help resolve “a very serious recruitment crisis” "

Senator Kerry and 24 Democrats vote against Republican hypocrisy on MoveOn

Official Feingold-Reid discussion (Thread #1)

The Shock Doctrine! (taser videos)

Dear Congressional Democrats:

Dumb question -- did Kerry ever answer the taser kid?

TEXANS! Call John Cornyn's Office

>>>DO THIS TODAY! Help Save The Earth from Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Environmental Destruction

Mom Cleared in Dead Fetuses Case May Sue

Bush: Condi is smarter, but ‘look at who’s the president.’

An Oldie But A Goodie (distracton for the day)


Malkin's insight on Sally Fields

Power to the People: Dennis, Anyone?

Gamestop stores allowing military recruiters in stores for launch of Halo 3

Prosecutor Caught In Sting Tries To Hang Himself

John Conyers..... "White House in Contempt"

Late night political jokes for Dems

Olbermann the New Ed Murrow? (The Nation)

Jena Trumps name-calling

Should we take action re: constant filibusters?

Now It's In Our Face-We Can No Longer Be In Denial-Us Invaded Iraq For The Oil

CNN - Jena is the perfect integrated town

I found "MoveOn" in here. Thanks TahitiNut.

Pentagon delays security handover in Iraq

will the debate be on CNN tonight?

The single most serious problem with any government..

If you want to know WHY the Republicans are successful, look no further than the moveon vote

Free Speech

Thank you for your concern.

Hey, Larry! ---pix--->>>

"Hasselbeck Tried to Keep Cool With Rosie"

KO will have a special comment tonight!

I do NOT understand. It is US.

Oil nears $84 a barrel

So what does condemned mean?


Democrats show unity for habeas corpus, for the Webb amendment, and what are DUers posting about?

Watch this video and sign the open letter to TV networks!

Bush the corporate CEO president recorded a $1.3 TRILLION loss last year for the country

Army mulls replacement of Tomb of the Unknowns

Paul Weyrich: Republicans Could Lose Six Seats in US Senate in 2008

Not one more dime for the DSCC...

President Petraeus? Iraqi official recalls the day US general revealed ambition

My, doesn't the 110th Senate seem cowardly today...

How many DUers have lived in a totalitarian, theocratic, or facist nation excepting

Why don't we bring up that the Reps don't support the troops by not giving them time off, etc.

Why are DUers debating what kind of "person" Andrew Meyers is?

MoveOn.Org Is Awesome

Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who,

Senate Blocks Anti-War Bill = "cut off money for combat"

Tenns hangs black mannequin. A message to Blacks?

You don't win by giving ground...

Most Americans are not like those on DU...

Why we can't wait

Tune in David Schuster hosting Tuckers show tonight..lets get him rated high!

tweety's new love - laura ingraham

anyone watching these thug idiots on hardball?

Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide: Oregon ( x )

The new conservative label: Values Voter The U.S. Senate just told you to sit down and be quiet.

Senate repudiates MoveOn ad

Lord Have Mercy: Will The Dems Ever Get It?: The Dems Who Voted Against Move-On

I guess y'all have never experienced (instance of suffering X)

David Shuster will host Tucker today: Special guest

McConnell: That's Right, Openness Kills Americans

How's It Going, Fellas? ---pix--->>>

Anticipating a showdown with Democrats that could Force Government Offices to close.

Matt Damon is my favorite actor.

Obama Skips Jon Cornyn's Condemning Vote

Kucinich: Privatization of Iraqi Oil—Spoils of War to Bush Ally?

Senators Who Forced Debate On MoveOn Ad Earlier Complained Of ‘Wasting Time On Empty Resolutions’

To Obama, Clinton, Edwards, et al:

No Genocide against Native Americans in past!

To the DU community: I have been asked to prove I am not a troll & that I am really anti-war

Letter to Constituents from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Iraq Policy

An Audience with the Dauphin ---pix--->>>

Tennessee bans lethal injection (CNN)

David Shuster is absolutely worthless tonight!

This is a complete waste of time. I'm going to call Diane Feinstein's office.

"It's pretty ugly right now for the dollar."

How does a fire in Asbury Park, NJ, qualify as national breaking news?

President’s Promise to Veto Children’s Health Bill is The Height of Hypocrisy

Okay, I have to admit I'm very envious of now!

A round of applause to the Democrats who voted against this piece of crap amendment

The Chemical That Must Not Be Named

Topeka Paper Covers Father's Quest To Find Out Why Son Died in Iraq

Feingold-Reid - $100 contest

An oldie from 2005: Hu Jintao out to conquer Mexico

Did Everyone Catch King IDIOT Insulting Richard Wolffe Today?

Chairman Conyers Announces Forum, Hearings on “Jena Six”

And now I am an authoritarian Republican

Dan Rather Appears on "Larry King Live" Thursday, 9ET

WaPo gets it right: Senate rETHUGS responsible for blocking longer leaves for soldiers

The difference between liberals and conservatives -- as people

Eli from is on with David Shuster NOW! MSNBC!

Senator Cornyn's Military Service

The media needs to get the story right: A Republican minority is subverting the will of the majority

From TIME: How Dare You MoveOn feels the new P.C. - umbrage

Republican Filibusters: How hard is it for reporters to make it clear exactly who's obstructing?

Powerful ad by Americans United for Change: It's Not a Small Price in Iraq

GOP Senator Puts Secret Hold On Bill Restoring Public Access To Presidential Records

Outrage DU jour

I had occasion to walk past the Clinton08 offices on N Fairfax Drive in Fairfax VA this morning ....

All MoveOn needs to say now is the following:

All I care about is that the Democrats continue to push for bills like Webb's measure

I don't know about you, but I care 100% more about the Webb bill than the Cornyn dog-and-pony show

Pelosi: ‘President Should Support Bipartisan SCHIP Legislation For 10 Million Reasons

More proof "the surge is working"...CIA is afraid to go outside without trigger-happy Blackwater

(VIDEO) Guardian Unlimited: Watch Steve Bell come up with his TOONS

Beating an unconscious person SHOULD carry the same penalty as attempted murder

NY Rep. (and Guiliani adviser) Peter King: Too Many Mosques in America

Skinner, thank you for this fantastic forum! (And of course thanks to Earl & Elad, too)

Is there a debate tonight on PBS?

You idiots. (UPDATED)


Senator Craig returns to Washington to do the People's business. (pic).

The next GOP victory can only comes if they divide and conquer. YOU can help

What I find truly "disgusting"

Couldn't restrain myself, had to send off a little note to Cornyn

MELTDOWN '07: Diebold Touch-Screens Flipping in Memphis Mayoral Election

Had a treadmill stresser today--FAUX Snooze in the waiting room.

Harman: Conservatives Falsely Hyped Terror Threat Against U.S. Capitol To Pass FISA Expansion

We're running out of ways to make them listen. How about this...

Nebraska State Senator Sues God (AP)

Kerry: "They say they will take as long as it takes...they will take as long as they

Blackwater Accused of Engineering Prison Break

Federal grand jury issues subpoena for Buckham (DeLay's chief of staff) payroll records

Israel admits bombing Syria (Reuters)

Thank you Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow for not endorsing the silly MoveOn bill.....

What the f*ck...they need 60 votes to pass anything???!!!

Momentum in Congress for the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007 has begun

It's All About Them.

Dems need to keep the faith - and momentum

my column on last Saturday's anti-war march


Let's all wave goodbye to Freddy....Dr. James Dobson: Fred Thompson 'Not a Christian'

Rep. Pete Stark: "I commend MoveOn for their ad and for speaking truth to power"

That woman on Hardball just now was either lying or doesn't

Sen. Cornyn: Ads don't kill our troops. Lack of rest and training does.

I feel it's wrong to speak ill of a decorated general

The curtain has been pulled back: this is your Democratic party

Second day in a row, Repugs in the House oppose the recording of the Journal

Undocumented Immigrants getting dumped in Canada by the US

Rice tells nuke watchdog to butt out of Iran diplomacy (did SHE say diplomacy?)

(Republican) Lee Greenwood* cancels concert honoring vets

Senator Leahy is a useless COWARD and a DISGRACE

My second post at the DU or something, back in 2004

McClatchy: U.S. calls meeting to prepare new sanctions against Iran

FBI tapes Stevens calls as part of sting


CNN just reported there's a storm who's path is headed for NOLA

Request for Context: What precedents are there for the Moveon vote?

The Upcoming Frontloaded Primaries: For the Leaders or the People?

Vice President Wesley Clark for President Hillary Clinton?

Answer me THIS, please?

Should we start planning a HUGE party for Bush's last day in office?

In light of the latest betrayal by "our" pols in DC, I ask the people here who

Earnhardt Finally Unveils New Nazi Number and Nazi Sponsor

Democratic Candidates Debate on PBS at 8PM ET

*Unqualified rant warning* - the next Democratic POTUS in '09 will be a 1 term President.

TPM Muck: Blackwater Accused of Engineering Prison Break

Could "Clinton/Clark 08" Win

CNN: no official count on the number of protesters in Jena. I wonder why?

Skinner, PLEASE don't descend from the mount or anything on our behalf.

Contempt of Congress - It's About Time!

"I like your brother better than I like you"

Did Petraeus wear medals he did not earn?

Sen. Gordon Smith (R- OR) endorses Levin-Reed!!!'s next ad: "You're Welcome!"

I refuse to condemn those Democrats who voted for Cornyn's resolution


okay talk me off the ledge...

Senator Kerry kicking Republican butt on the Senate floor

Hey FOX NEWS what is "snigger" is that what we Black people do?

The Moveon condemnation will backfire......

For the love of a daughter:Repub. Mayor Jerry Sanders supporting gay marriage

Corporate Media Finds Student Tasing "Funny"

Look what the Department of Homeland Security is doing now

Senate to condemn MoveOn?

Are you a proud member of MoveOn? I am!

Freepers and the rest of the wrong wing of the web feel the Moveon vote is no big deal


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the "Betray Us" Caucus of the Democratic Party

why do I feel like the Repugs are still in control?

"Congress shall make no law..abridging the Freedom of Speech or of the Press" resolution thread #2

GOP Senator Puts Secret Hold On Bill Restoring Public Access To Presidential Records

Sad Day....When almost half the Democrats in the Senate Condemn Free Speech of other Democrats

THIS is what we get?

And So It Begins: AP- "U.S. says it has arrested Iranian officer for providing aid to Iraq"

Republicans filibuster three bills yesterday.

I'm getting tired of police abuse stories

Since I wrote this in a very angry state of mind, I would like a

New Forum Proposal: Civil Liberties when You're an Asshole

We are busy in MN, and the RNC isn't until next year

Between the Lines, Jena Six

Olbermann back on tonight with a special comment about Bush's MoveOn comment

Bush inartfully suggests Saddam killed Mandela.

HOW did the MoveOn bill make it to the floor?

A helping hand for anyone that needs a civil lawyer but can't afford one...

Sheriff: U.S. prosecutor in child sex sting attempts suicide

I'm thinking...if you don't want dissent, you're in the WRONG place...

What is wrong with this caption?

AARP to Kucinich: Drop Dead

yeas 72 nays 25 FUCK IT

John Nichols: Bush Loses It With MoveOn

Instead of protesting Democrats, can we focus on these folks instead?

The Nation: To save CBS, and the news, hand it to a new Murrow: Keith Olbermann

To DU List #1....MoveOn

"George W. Bush's Thug Nation" Roberet Parry

Greg Palast Offers Job to Tasered Journalism Student

It's the triumphant return of KEITH OLBERMANN this evening! Unofficial Countdown thread

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times

Senators Durbin and Boxer call Cronyn on his hypocritical BS!

Move On fighting back. Good for them.

I need help with this letter to Mary Landrieu!

Dubai to Buy Large Stake in Nasdaq - Expected To Become Largest Single Investor

Gainseville Sun: "So who is Andrew Meyer?" (He could be a DUer!)

I am a member of MOVE ON. ORG and I have been condemned

Tweety wiped the floor with Laura Ingraham

BUSH: "Mandela Is Dead Because Saddam Killed All The Mandelas"

Election 2008 is quickly approaching- WHO will stop them from stealing it again?

We better move on .....

Survivor Recalls Blackwater Shootings

John D.R. Atchison Rethug Prosecutor held in child sex sting fails in suicide attempt

Politicians Pressing our Troops Forward in Iraq


How many of us think we will live to see the end of the BushPutinist State in Amerika?

Can someone explain to me how Clinton's health plan will help the poor?

Without Hillary's Support, The War Might Never Have Happened


Dan Rather's Complaint Shows CBS Collaborated With Bushco In Abu Ghraib Torture Scandal

DU we have any protesters in Jena today?

Kucinich: New Study Shows 1.2 Million Iraqi Civilians Died In War

CNN Breaking: FBI secretly recorded Sen. Ted Stevens in fraud probe

Does Laura Ingraham remind anyone else of Ann Coulter?

Do you give the middle finger to people with Ron Paul Bumper Stickers?

Elizabeth Kucinich

I'm genuinely sorry if this offends my intelligent friends in the southern states...

AP: FBI tapped Sen. Stevens calls! Cue Fat Lady to sing "The Frog March"

What credit card?

Suggestions for a new Senate Majority leader -- in place of Harry Reid

Denver Hwy Police checkpoints asks drivers for blood, saliva

MSNBC says Rather.....

A huge victory for MoveOn, and for all of us in this struggle.

RIP Nelson Mandela. . .I had no idea he had left us.

OKAY DU..It's ACTION TIME! Go sign the petition!! Here's the link:

The Jena 6 case background below -does it justify an aggravated battery charge?

We've really fallen down the fucking rabbit hole, haven't we?

FASCISM: Connect two current threads from kpete and The Vinyl Ripper

Kerry introduces Families First Immigration Enforcement Act

Begala: "Democrats Should Attack Bush, Not MoveOn-Mr. Bush is a coward and a bully"

The repubs fired up the wrong base over the Move-On ad.

Apparent confirmation Petraeus' Bronze Star Medal with 'V' device fraudulently earned

So what happens now with Blackwater leaving?

Newsweek: WH secretly lobbying to get all private warrant-less surveillance lawsuits wiped out

DUers at times remind me of the guy who takes shit from the boss all day, but only yells at his wife started by advocating the censure of Bill Clinton

The Following Senate Democrats are DEAD TO ME!!!

Kerry in Florida: "The so-called war on terror is a public relations agenda"

101st Chairborne Division soldier sidelined by injury

Dean Baker: Stop Blaming The Baby Boomers

Debunking "The Myth of 60 Votes and Fillibuster"...what our Dems Could Do.....but don't

Our government is at war with us. Today we watched the Senate declare

One of my coworkers seriously does not accept evolution.


I am a Democrat and I SUPPORT the rebuke of Ahmadinejad

How on earth with the Supreme Court at stake can ANY Democrat think about

Fuck the Republickers. I just donated $29.47 to

Skinner, I think we have a problem, and I think we need to hear from you.

DU women, in here. We need to talk a bit about rights and perceptions.

I havent seen anything posted on this yet...

Jonathon Kozol explains why he is fasting:

The War on Science Gets Scarier

I posted this on GD and it appears no one took notice.

Go Biden - Go Biden :)

If anyone is around - Biden is going to give a speech today on the Senate floor

MSNBC: Obama leads in money raised among Americans living overseas

Locking Topics

The Congressional Progressive Caucus - do you think they best represent DU values?

Ask the Candidates: Will they Cut a Bloated 20th-Century Miltary Budget?

Johanns will resign as agriculture secretary, run for Senate (announcement by President Bush)

Let’s make Obama the next president

Rightwing Nutjobs already "Gore-ing" General Clark's appearance on Daily Show

Edwards Divests Money From Lawyer

The Government and Meningitis

NPR story this morning.

I do not give a damn about the outcome of the Democratic primary.

Senator Clinton: Bill and I Are Different: He's "bigger-than-life," "a force of nature"

Possible Primary Challenges Haunt Democrats Struggling With Iraq Policy

Will Empress Hillary jail all Christian Scientists?

Kucinich blasts AARP and public television

Here is a video of John Edwards...tell me what you think.

Chimpy's Press Conference

A profile on Dennis Kucinich...

Easy win if Al Gore decides to jump in, here is the platform:

Edwards Campaign Statement On Clinton's Homeland Security Fundraiser

The Truth About Hillary: Now In Your Local Dollar Store

WP, pg1: Past Clouds Candidates' Donor Lists: Clinton's Hsu not the only controversial "bundler"

Opposition update: It was reported on MSNBC

* Was Half Right When Asked If He Was An Asset Or Liability To Repug Pres Contenders.......

Johanns Resigns as Agriculture Secretary (running for Hagel's seat)

Anybody noticing with the debate on the Boxer amendment...

I don' need no stinkin' insurance!

Juan Cole's sober take on the Democrats' predicament in Iraq

Bush Press conference

Dem freshmen dig in for battle against party leadership (trade agreements)

"My Government"?.........

Eric Alterman explains the corporate media treatment of Edwards

Perhaps this is why Congress' approval at record low. Senate tied in knots by R's filibusters.

GOP's Cornyn To Introduce Senate Resolution Criticizing MoveOn Ad

Bush does the maths. Audio link...

BIG test for Congress on new wiretap bill before February.

I need some help understanding the low Congress approval.

Why an Iowa Vote for Edwards would be the “Vote Heard Around the World” and Musings

Here is a Hillary Clinton video. Tell me what you think:)

Chertoff announces Mr. T on the job!...

Valerie Plame Wilson public appearance(s)

Edwards Unveils Declaration Of Independence For Older Americans

The Rude Pundit: Live Vodka-Blogging the President's New Conference

AARP's Conflict of Interest (Kucinich Not Off the Hook for Tactical Campaign Errors in my Mind)

Wide Stance (Sung to the tune of Slow Hand)

About the protester denied admission to a Clinton rally

Senate now debating the Feingold/Reid amendment to end the war in Iraq.

Why all the love for a possible hate crime?

Does MoveOn have a slander case against the U.S. Congress?

WaPo Dobbs; 'Fact Checker' a total crock of S#$T!

Half of American voters favor gov. guaranteed universal healthcare, but 43% say better run privately

It Is A Slap In The Face To The American People That Both Vitter And Craig....

Edwards Statement On The Civil Rights Rally In Jena, Louisiana

Democratic Presidential Strategy Survey (from the DCCC)

Oops! There go the Evangelicals! Dobson: Fred "has no passion, no zeal, no apparent 'want to'..."

Former General To Stump For Obama In S.C.

Barack Obama's new health care ad, entitled, "Mother."

Politico: Iowa's Chuck Grassley Blasts Bush on SCHIP Veto Threat

GOP Platform for 2008: Taxes...Taxes...Taxes

I really pi$$ed off the repug uncle the other day. Haven't heard from him since.

Pray for Poverty

Condemning Moveon Important Order of Business for GOP

VoteVets targets Domenici. If St. Pete retires, what are chances of Dem pick-up?

Bush speaks about Jena

Does He Have the Magic Touch?

Top Dem Recruit Puts Heat on GOP House Veteran in Suburban Detroit Battleground

How Are All The Clarkies Here Doing These Days?

One question only: WTF are dems going to until Nov. 08 in a state of present paralysis?

Feingold/Reid Amendment to end the war in Iraq was just withdrawn due to

Charley Rose lets Mike Gravel talk.

Gingrich: Would Run for President If Supporters Pledge $30M

An Iraqi "Eliot Ness" Out in the Cold; "No U.S. government agency has provided him any help to date"

Republicans Pass Non-Binding Resolution Against MoveOn getting 72 votes &

Conflict of interest?

You've heard this a million times before, but HuffPo just laid out a TRUE "L.M.F.A.O." headline...

Thanks Senator Betrayus

Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide: Oregon ( X )

Senate Democrats are a bunch of COWARDS!

I just fired off my another useless email to my rep, Rep. Lynch, Ma

What makes the Edwards Health Care plan stand out

I called the offices of both my senators, Feinstein and Boxer - a tiny step in the right direction...

Jerusalem outraged by Netanyahu's admission of Israeli strike on Syria

Updated Amazon "Customer Tags" for "Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush"

Democrats 2008: Hillary 34%, Obama 20%

Does anyone have a list on how the senators voted on the Bill To Censure MoveOn.Org?

Barak Obama cowardly ducks vote

Iran Leader Denied on WTC Wreath Request

For those of you "upset" by the MoveON vote, why aren'y you upset about this? Kos did a better job

URGENT RAPID RESPONSE: Tell Voinovich to Support Feingold-Reid and Levin-Reed Amendments!

First Read: Obama Explains His Non-Vote

Perhaps my ignorance is showing, but how did this "Stop being mean to Betrayus!!!" thing...

Lieberman is on CSpan2 now. I've never heard him before. Now I understand

"That was a sorry deal."

So the Senators who voted to condemn Move On don't believe in DEMOCRACY

Email from John Conyers - White House In Contempt

Bill Press: The Democrats that voted for this are WIMPS

Why is the republic party calling the shots?

AP video: God Responds to Nebraska Lawsuit

“NEW” Preamble to the US Constitution

You want political courage. Read this article. Watch this video.

Open Left will have a list of the Dems who voted to condemn Move On.

What would a real General say about today's Senate resolution...

Obama's falling way behind Clinton in the polls. What should he do?

Don't forget Big Dawg on TDS tonight...Can't wait.. n/t

President says Johanns(R-Ne) would be great senator

Gallup: more Republicans approve of Congress's performance than do Democrats

Chat with Dennis online Tonight! (7:30 PM EST)

Ms. Clinton is my last pick among our candidates....

Did Hillary Clinton Demonstrate Political Courage By Voting Against Cesuring The Move On Ad ?

Nevadans weigh in on Obama's proposed tax plan

Ethics Flap Creates Whiff of Trouble for Alaska Rep. Young — and Dems Follow Scent

Hillary's health plan will lead many businesses to dump their plans for the government plan

So the Iranian president is not allowed to visit the Towers memorial site...

Our Senators have just slapped us in the face!

COOKIE OR BADGE OF COURAGE? What did those voting "correctly" on the Move-On Resolution earn?

Unhappy Dems?? Take a look at Gordon Smith.

Did Obama and Biden Demonstrate Poliical Courgage By Not Voting On The Bill To Censure MoveOn.Org

Well, Obama deciding not to vote on this MoveOn resolution

John Edwards: working-class values and a closely held faith

"It's easier to trash than it is to defend this war."

Democrats Throw Their Base Under the Bus; Cave to Wing-Nuts on MoveOn Resolution

Was the ad effective?

Voting for or against DUMB Shit - Why those who didn't vote were the smartest

For a site called "Democraic Underground" some never bash the GOP and spend the

Petraeus out of step with US top brass!

New OBL mix tape: Speaker who "sounds like bin Laden" pissed off at "infidel Pervez"

Bush Obsessed with "Betray Us" MoveOn Ad

Kucinich on health care: It’s a right, and this nation has a moral and social responsibility to ...

When are the Dems going to quit falling for "Republican Foreplay"...

Corpse's Point of View

Obama sits out tonite's debate

Friends of Meyer say he's extremely political (The Gainesville Sun)

What Hillary Has Learned from '93

Democrats Panic In The Heartland

Giuliani, Romney Shifts Fail to Allay Gun Owners' Suspicions

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debates

Clinton: I'm not what you think

Annoying disruptive heckler gets rewarded by members of the British Labour Party

Gore is Watching!....the failures of Congress ( Restoring Habeus, etc.) and...

Should we force filibusters?

Has anyone heard anything about Kerry possibly coming in to Presidential Race?


The Democratic Yes votes to condemn MoveOn's right to free speech.

Cornyn's Senate Resolution Condemning MoveOn Passes Overwhelmingly, with Lots of Dems

***IMPORTANT UPDATE: Note from John Conyers re: White House in Contempt ****

Move On hitting back.

Does anyone know what Hillary's priorities would be if she was elected (in terms of order)?

quote from ray-gun

Is this still the DEMOCRATIC Underground?

A re-post on DLC infiltration - sorta relevant after today's sellout on MoveOn

Anyone see Laura Ingraham on Hardball just now? Holy hell

Why didn't the Minority Dems get a resolution passed about the Swiftboats?

President Edwards

Clinton showed leadership today, where was Obama?

If the Iowa vote tally is: 1) Edwards 2) Clinton 3) Obama, is Obama's campaign effectively over?

DNC Condemns Rep. King (top Giuliani adviser) for saying there are too many Mosques in the U.S.