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Archives: September 2, 2007

IoS campaign: Honour our troops


Released: footage from inside the twin towers 'tomb'

Big, strong, ugly: the great APEC wall rises

Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy


Greenpeace spell out PM's 'real' coal agenda

Rocky: U.S. nuke work afflicted 36,500 Americans

Anyone fancy a wager on the breakdown of the ice sheet before melting stops?

Retired British Army Chief Says U.S. Iraq Policy "Intellectually Bankrupt"

Fresh UK attack on US Iraq policy

Mine Search Over, Utah Towns Try to Cope

Bhutto Plans Return (to Pakistan), With or Without Deal

19 freed South Koreans arrive home

Fresh UK attack on US Iraq policy

Most Dems Vow To Skip Early Primaries

Another Ayatollah aide is killed in Basra

UK troops poised to quit Basra

GOP rivals decry Iowa ruling

DHL officials accused of hindering union efforts

Democrats to Avoid Fla., Mich. (Four Early-Primary States Get Candidates to Sign Pledge)

Republican event organizer quits, citing `lies'

Search is over (Utah mine)

Washington, Baghdad silent on Iraq border conflict

Norwegian Whaler Sunk

Huge police presence subdues Nazi rally (in front of the Mexican Consulate Omaha)

Felix reaches hurricane status, expected to intensify

Afghans: Seoul Paid Hostage Ransom After Reported Taliban Rapes

U.S. at risk of recession from housing

Listen and sing along with me :)

Not so much

Apparently,Billy Bob Thornton likes his booze.

Working in Baltimore

I'm calling out Midlodemocrat!!!

Portishead Strangers


urgent question

The Power of Photoshop


Hail Hail Rock and Roll is on Ovation TV

do you remember "the might heroes?"

Another Saturday night........

Sonic Youth - Disappearer

I've been gone for a week. What have I missed?

So The Fighting Irish get slugged and the Wolverines get muzzled...

Why is Delaware so proud of it's trolls?

Any Du'ers (or lurking FReepers) in the Bay Area should go check out the Red Oak Victory

I've found a baseball announcer even more irritating than the Faux fux

Mad Max,Beyond Thunderdome is on.

Whoaoaoaoa! BoSox rookie pitcher gets a no-hitter.

Will we ever see a horror movie without teenagers/college kids?

Roadhouse is on spike!

I need help . . .

I discovered a wonderful artist at our peace rally today

Why do parties and concerts get really good right at the very end?

Tonight's Saturday Night Videos Features Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai - You Give Me Something

Jamiroquai - corner of the earth

In honor of the GOP, put your ass on a stick!

There is lighting and thunder storm outside.

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Best song by The Cars?

Pure goodness from YouTube: Johnny Cash + Muppets

Ever try to shoo away a bug on your screen with your mouse pointer?

I did Friday night videos yesterday. Who's up for Saturday Night Videos?

What odd collectables do you collect?

I believe my husband has finally gone off the deep end

Okay so the Indians are the hottest team in the American League

It's days like this when I lose faith in the Lounge

Name uncool music you sing along to while alone in the car

Just finished Accepted...

"What the hell are ya doin with that lawn mower blade?"

Should Boojatta be creating polls that elicit odd and amusing comments?

Uh-Oh. I think I just tuned my son into a vegetarian

Tennessee player Xavier Mitchell hurt on field.

I'm leaving DU!

I am watching "City Confidential" on A&E.

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

First Assignment for my Creative Writing Class...

Teh challenge: name all the national parks/monuments you have been to!

Ethical question

Is there anybody out there?

In honor of the Minnesota State Fair, put a food on a stick!

Except for the Cheesecake, why would anyone go to the Cheesecake Factory?

Silly gif thread?

Samuel Gompers, 1850-1924: 'The Grand Old Man of Labor'

Labor and Iraq

SEIU members united in helping all working families

Labor Day Message from AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Two Guys on Health Care and Iraq

New Rules+ Mike Gravel

New Rules Bill Maher August 31th

California Congressman Duncan Hunter wins Texas' first GOP straw poll

Diplaced Iraqis around the world

"Republicans dig deep into the excuse vault"

Hundreds Displaced in Northern Iraq

Paul Craig Roberts: "The War Criminal in the Living Room"

A couple of questions about U.S. / Panamanian relations

Question??? who does the secret service answer to???

Hullooooo, Freeperville

Run the pro-NAFTA and pro-free-trade people off of DU

Army's $20K bonus attracting recruits

1982 ABC News Report on YOUTUBE: Larry Craig denies sex with male pages

You know who can just go screw himself?

"War-on-Terror-allay" Pak.'s army rolls over for Taliban

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?

Iran Bombs Northern Iraq

For a somewhat different perspective on Craig

Wow, Mark GARRAGOS sounded more like a Dem spokesman, while CARVILLE just sat there

Bush doesn't want to hear about Iran's cooperation with the IAEA.

The Pathetic Words: Too Late With regard to foreign policy, every politician in Washington is Craig

Of course I can stay hard! Harder than ever! Iran! That's the answer! Iran...oh...oh, yes..

We Should Thank Craig For Bringing It To Our Attention That

Post Labor Day Product Rollout: War with Iran

Iraq Rape Movie 'Redacted' Stuns Venice

Where are the threads about the new JFKennedy evidence? Can't find them.

Russia to set up manned lunar base

Hurricane Felix

Mark Gerragos Totally Gets It

So-Explain to me why Guiliani,McCain,and Romney would skip the Texas straw poll

Caption Congressman Duncan Hunter after he won the straw poll in Texas - pic

Officially apologizing for being an insensitive jerk.

Ollie N.: The French government is allied with (the Bush) administration on the threat posed by Iran

Caption this Sarkozy/Blair Photo

Claire McCaskill on Sen. Craig's mensroom escapade

Does anyone else remember when we lived in the

Ex-Reagan Aide Calls Bush a Mass Murderer

Post Labor Day Product Rollout: War with Iran

South Korea Paid $24m For Hostages, Says Taliban

The Irony of Senator Craig...

The Burning Man event is being shown live on Current TV

Faux News How low can they go???

This is...spooky in a way :)

I'm outa here for a while.

Do we need a Constitutional disaster plan?

Sunday's Telegraph UK: Will President Bush Bomb Iran?

Pentagon Three-Day Blitz Plan For Iran

Senator Craig hires attorneys who represent Michael Vick, Major League Baseball

Sunday Talk Shows

Last Reminder... Don't Forget To Wear A Flower In Your Hair !!!

Tell me I'm wrong.....AFL-CIO supports false ID and illegal immigration

Capitalism does not equal freedom


Asoka, Kucinich, and the rejection of war. Peace is the way!

Probability of Attacking Iran:

'Free the Jena 6' Tees Banned at School

does anyone know where you can find Senate speeches from the 60s?

Robert Fisk: Strange goings-on here in Lebanon

got blackwater info?

Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert PERVERT!

there will be no real opposition to a Bush Administration attack on Iran.

Hey...maybe all the "Iran Strike" talk will provoke Iran into cutting their own throats...

Heritage Foundation "conclusions" of its war game against Iran passed onto Bush

The War Criminal in the Living Room - Executive Rampage

$600 million

This is my 10,000th post.

U-M frat boys yell racial slurs at cops and get busted for alcohol violations.

DOJ Seeks to Recover From Gonzales' Tenure: "one of the worst attorneys general in history"

What About Those Missing E-Mails, Anyway?

"The world is full of great criminals with enormous power, . . .

From Kos: "We Are Going To Hit Iran, Bigtime"

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Rewatching today's context it makes even MORE sense

Wanna Watch A Mindblowing Video Online Tonight? This is a must see!

Tell me this is NOT happening in TN to a good congressman like Steve Cohen.

I am sick of this crap. It is time to focus on the real issues

Murdered gay Republicans.

The Republican Suspects

Fundraising: Oprah's Obama Blowout

Is the Clinton campaign a true juggernaut -- or is that just what she wants everyone to believe?

I Love a Challenge

I ran into a guy the other day who said that New Orleans should be left

The Real Enemy

eyewitness report of pathetic GOP booth at state fair

Question for any Democratic Party "big wigs" who might read this board

Question for Edwards supporters only...

question for kucinich supporters onLy

Obama will be rewarded for his open talk on Bad US policy

GOP Faces Growing Peril In 2008 Races: Senate Prospects Dimming

In "equal time" decision, NBC will not air Thompson "Law & Order" episodes; TNT won't alter schedule

Obama: He's from Kansas, and he's good at "faith-based rhetoric"

Insourcing-a second segment of middle class jobs attacked...

MTP Tomorrow: Carville, Matalin, Shrum, and Murphy

Which candidate would, as prez, do the best job of herding the cats?

Obama Gets a Powerful Endorsement

Hillary Clinton cannot win the Presidency.

Where does your candidate stand?

The subconscious reason for all these early primaries..... I have an idea as to why

Compared to when he ran for President in 2004, What do you think of Wes Clark Now?

Obama Leads with Corporate Crowd

Question for Gore Supporters

Another Disaster Waiting for Democrats?

Why Dennis Kucinich is more electable than John Edwards

Rudd urges peaceful APEC protests

Put into play the genius of impeachment

Another rabbit pops out of the Iraqi hat

The War In Iraq is an Unqualified Success

Gates Marginalized By White House, Not Informed Of New $50 Billion Iraq Funding Request

Bathroom Stalls or White House Halls


Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran By Sarah Baxter

Are Americans Too Lazy?

Gonzales's successor will face daunting challenges at a scandal-plagued agency

Tragic PTSD article; Iraq and Afghanistan vet

Petraeus Attempts To Manipulate Australian Election With False Claims About Iraq


Neocon Strategy: The Military Solution Against Iran is The Final Solution

Number of hunters falls, worrying some

Are We ‘Good Germans’? By Ed Ciaccio

Iraq war film stuns Venice festival

The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy by Robert Shetterly

"We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime"

Cross post: All of our energy and environmental problems are solved.

CORRECTED: China says one-child policy helps protect climate

Lest you have any doubts: recent energy consumption trends

Bangladesh: No Gas for Eight Proposed Large & Medium Power Plants

Iran Claims Progress on Uranium Enrichment

Cuba Aids Nicaragua with Eye Center

After Moving Ceremony, No. 9 Virginia Tech Win 17-7 Win Over East Carolina

John Edwards to visit Pittsburgh, gain USW endorsement

Al-Sadr calls for 'fair' investigation (of Karbala clashes)

As Craig feels heat, Vitter stays cool

Ultra-Right Gaining Ground in Bulgaria

Civilian Death Toll Falls in Baghdad but Rises Across Iraq

Will inflation slay the Chinese dragon?

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Iraq PM Complains About US Critics

Janitors’ union (10,000) inks tentative contract

63 Arrested in Copenhagen Clashes

California Assembly Passes Iraq Ballot Measure

Afghan Police Are Set Back as Taliban Adapt

Battle lines drawn for Bush, Congress on Iraq

GOP touts swift action on Craig

Maliki says his govt stopped civil war

Sleaze-hit Republicans will recover: White House ["vigorously promote an ethics agenda" '

Lebanese army takes full control of refugee camp, kills 32 militants

Iran 'reaches key nuclear goal'

George Clooney Honoured By French Government

British troops leave Basra [Palace ] in Iraq

Strong words for America, stern warnings for Mexico

Edwards says doctor visits mandatory under his health care plan

Harliner takes over Revolutionary Guard

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity MV

Very good time lapse movie done for a magazine contest.

Jamiroquai - High Times

Jamiroquai - Stillness In Time

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

Jamiroquai - Blow Your Mind

Sombody post some Oasis

Hootie and the blowfish, let her cry

George Michael, Outside

Jamiroquai - Supersonic

Blondie- Atomic

Jamiroquai - Black Capricorn Day

Jamiroquai - King For A Day

Jamiroquai - Alright

oh, put my first person on "ignore"

A Hard Day's Night

Jamiroquai - Runaway

Jamiroquai - SEVEN DAYS IN SUNNY JUNE (Alternative Version)

Greensleeves Loreena McKennitt


Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

John Stossel gets bitchslapped

What do I do...

South Central Rain -REM

Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

Damn, Idiocracy was funny as shit.

I watched "The Sound of Music" last night, and as the Nazis were

"Embrace your inner freak" nt

bloop bloop...

For MrScorpio! Can You Dig It?

Senator Craig has big hands

It's All Gone - Chris Rea

Send in the clowns Judy Collins

Hootie and the blowfish, Only Wanna Be With You (With Keith Olbermann)

Hot Dog Acid Trip

Help - name a site where I can check prices for which neighborhood homes sold

non-political idiot of the month

Clay Bucholz Appreciation Thread!

@ the OU ballgame last night...

Happy Birthday to me!

Requesting some scary stories for telling around the campfire tonight.

Any NYC DU Lounge Lizards wanna grab a beer in Billyburg this afternoon?

Computer help needed: Browser won't show images or formatting properly.


I'm terrified right now.

Cute joke.

Led Zeppelin reuniting at 02

Harrison, Starr, McCartney and Lennon

As I sit here this Sunday morn I was reminded that Falwell is dead, and I smiled a little smile.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/1/07

Which is the BEST! ben & Jerry's?

The reason I hate Drag Queens..............

Guess I'm a grouch

Wisp of a Woman Is a Wiz at Wing Eating

Was this guy cool or what?

Just finished reading Vonnegut's "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater".

DS1 just told me he knows nothing about the Illuminati's influence on Proust's use of conjuctives

Does anyone else love Golden Corral?

Midlodemocrat just told me she knows nothing about pre-Columbian stonemasonry!

Midlodemocrat just told me she doesn't know nuthin' about birthin' babies....

early 70s era jesus freaks seem much more palatable than the current flavor of christians

I just told Midlodemocrat I don't know nothin' 'bout 'nothin'.

greatauntoftriplets just told me that the triplets, do not, in fact, exist.

Rabrrrrrr just told me he knows nothing about quantum physics.

if you're going to GD be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

The triplets just told me that greatauntof does not, in fact, exist.

DS1 just told me he doesn't know anything about molecular gastronomy.

DS1 just told me he doesn't know anything about molecular biology.

anyone having trouble signing in to MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger?

Gogol Bordello....

So has the moving van arrived yet at Lloyd Carr's house?

Speaking of barbeques.

Has the partying at Appalachian State subsided yet?

I had the strangest dream last night . . .

the brain store

Michigan Web Cam

new painting

As the Irish say of St. Patrick's day, so say I of "Labor Day Weekend Motorcyclists"

Last week, my dad told me he dreamt of Pres. Clinton.

Ah, sport fans and schadenfreude

Both of my cats are playing with a mouse...

Badger badger badger badger badger badger...

Any DU Bostonians ever been to a Dropkick Murphy's St Paddy's day show?

Need an expert on historical house styles to weigh in

Rob Zombie shatters 3-day holiday weekend box office record with "Halloween" remake: $26.5 million

The Ass Family's Car Decal

yay! My partner and I are adopting a rescue dog!

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick

Clinton for president!

May I tell you about this wedding I officiated today?

What is your favorite podcast?

Lounge Vibes request for my father and stepmother.

I'm having boneless fried chicken breast for dinner, how about you

WAVY GRAVY! One of the best people on the planet!

Once Upon a Time in the West - Ennio Morricone's haunting music.

What would make you say or think "thats sooo hetero"?

Need some of those positive DU vibes right now

Do you ever have nightmares about Jason?

Are there too many threads here about the App State / Michigan game?

Anything is possible: App State beat Michigan

If you eat something too hot, how do you get rid of the burning in your mouth?

Today was my productive day of the weekend

I think we may need a Picture thread :o) (anniversary thread) (dialup warning)

How many of you live in a city with a "Memorial" highway? Who is it named for?

Did you run for office in grade school or high school??

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/2/07

Movies that should have been on MST3K

I am loving this string of triple digit temps with dewpoints in the mid to high 60s

Don't know much about history, Don't know much biology

Alright, I'm wanting to do a total clean up of my PC this weekend. What do you suggest?

PSA: Time to Order Your Chick Tracts for Halloween!

I do have at least one good thing to say about football:

"In Memory Of..." (with birth & death dates) on rear car this a Texas thing?

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant -- What a collaboration!!!!!!

What a nice rejection I got last night.......................

Stephen King's The Mist

Moody Blues...Ride My Seesaw (1970)

Going to the ballgame...ask me anything!

End all debate immediately in this thread - call every poster a Nazi.

I totally abhor buffets!'s frickin' HOT! And also, today SUCKS.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/2/07 Bonus

Going out to eat. To a nice restaurant. AND I'm taking my kids.

Testing, testing...

Dethklok is the best, heaviest, most brutally epic band in the universe, ever.

Rabrrrrr just told me that r does not, in fact, exist.

Complete takedown on Kenny G from my man Pat Metheny.

A video of Ohio State and Penn State fans watching the Michigan/App State game yesterday

Skinner just told me that DU does not, in fact, exist.

I survived my first "official" earthquake in California this morning.

Ever eat the worm?

XemaSab just called me a Nazi!


Holy Crap! My Friends Hit the Lottery!

Beautiful women photographed on film over the years -- see if you can name them all.

Today in labor history September 02

Unions Look for a Winner When Endorsing

Service union raises workers' pay, hopes

Today's working family cartoon- Rush Limbaugh

(Ca.) Workers win major court ruling

Unions work to lure Hispanics, Major challenge for labor in Athens

Immigrant Union Membership Grew 30 Percent in Last Decade

Union draws crowd (Mill employees are being terminated by Smurfit-Stone and must reapply)

Unions Seize on 'Kid Nation' Controversy

BBC makes a mistake. Twice.

Ben Affleck On Real Time With Bill Maher

Bush's Katrina sidekick says levees sabotaged

George Bush State of the Union Speech Remix

Why Should Aaron Vote Democratic in 2008?

Happy Labor Day From President Bush

Ron Paul supporters turned away at Texas Straw Poll!

The War On Democracy by John Pilger

The Inherent Depressiveness of Republicans

republikkan values: Practically a scandal a week

Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA - on BookTV/c-span2 now


IAEA rejects US unfounded allegations against Iran: Saeedi...

Felix now a category 2 hurricane.

I love it when GOP members ask stupid questions

New Orleans two years after by Greg Palast "“They wanted them poor niggers out of there"

Maliki's afraid U.S. criticism will make 'terrorists' think his regime can't defend themselves

Iraq's Endless "False Hopes"

Angela McClown Republican Katherine Harris type taking calls on CSPAN.

My Sunday Morning Revelation: Vitter and the shitter...

Time Mag Slams Media For Edwards Coverage; Says Reporters Are Making A Dumb Argument

Note to Bush: Stay the FUCK home!

Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy

By the numbers

Are we not allowed now to post Greg Palast Articles Anymore?:

blah blah blah

photo of the week-he Campus Antiwar Network marches in Kennebunkport, ME.

Will President Bush bomb Iran? - UK Telegraph

Do you think Congress got the message during recess?

Increase in ammunition prices hits local police, sportsmen

Just Another WTF Week in Bushland - Ed Naha

Condi and Bush Admin basically plan to make summit fail that is set for November

GOP likes it both ways.

"Indian Country"- Beyond The "Green Zone" In Iraq

today's the day. The March to War is on.

The Price of Progress

Democrats boycott Florida race

Report faults trainers in soldier's death during Texas exercise

U.S. Troops Given Misleading, Inaccurate Bios Of Democratic Lawmakers Visiting Iraq

"End The War. For Fluffy's Sake."

The Queen, Bush after 9.11 - same mistake, same reasons

US securing Zionists interests in the name of Christianity.

Local Family Mourns Loss of Marine Killed in Iraq

Shell-Dow in $2bn Iraq plant expansion talks

Sens. Pat Leahy and Specter coming up on Fox News Sunday

Gay G.O.P.ers!! Steroids in Wrestling!!! What's the world coming to?

Dean tells Muslims: Run for political office

Justice Dept. Probing Whether Gonzales Lied

Best of the Late-Night Laughs

Whats the deal with this thug Putin? Does he ever come up for election in democratic Russia?

Watching Easy Rider on AMC. George's freedom speech is so timely...

Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun 9/2 Job's not finished until the paperwork is done

Are you a citizen or a consumer?

Retaliating against a right-wing coworker.

Leahy brought up the issue of Vitter not being asked to resign. Also that a Democrat

Is George Bush Restarting Latin America's 'Dirty Wars'?

Fake Hispanic Ruben NAVARRETTE gets another fix of Shrub-ass-kissing & blasting Vietnam generation

DNC Rules

How much is $3,000,000,000 a week?

The REAL reason for the coming attack on Iran!

Why do gay men chose the GOP and not the Democrats?

Harvard's endowment hits $34.9 billion

I know this is petty, but who the heck dressed Schumer this morning?

NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY is the subject of discussion on Cspan1 now.

Fred Thompson

Court clears Navy to use sonar deemed risky to whales

Arthur Silbur responds to Ray McGovern's "Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?" post:

World Clock

Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

Caught On Tape GOP Advocates Letting Homes Burn In Montana

Lindsey Graham Oracle? Graham Prophecies Iraq Will Have Political Reconciliation In 3 Weeks.

The Rip-off in Iraq: You Will Not Believe How Low the War Profiteers Have Gone

Obama Supporters: Why do you support Obama?

Office of Special Plans succeeded in setting the United States on the path to all-out war with Iran.

Sheeee's back! Mary Matlin on Meet the Press shilling for Fred. Makes my blood run cold.

dead fish in N. Carolina due to pressure-washing chemicals

Did Debaathification create insurgents?

so our military pilots get to be the next murderers. . . .

Are Dem voters intellectually and emotionally smarter than Republican voters?

Feds to restrict volunteers at disasters

I'm concerned about Hurricane Felix....(Just recently upgraded to a strong Cat 3)

Jeb has landed - at Lehman Brothers

Children in the Vietnam War

HITCHENS looks shaved, bathed, & sober!!1 Live on Book-tv, 3 hours In Depth

As "surge" surges on, monthly civilian death toll refuses to go down

Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories? (MSNBC POLL)

WTF: Felix now moving WNW

Second British general bashes US strategy in Iraq (but they overlook one thing...

Iran strike: That would be illegal, wouldn't it?

With the Rove family, father is not like son = MORE GOP HYPOCRISY ?

The pullout from Basra has begun

Venezuela Converts Jail into University

GOP Sen. Arlen Specter Says Sen. Larry Craig Should Fight Restroom Case

Whatever happened to that big civil war in Iraq everyone was talking about?

Self Modeling Robots. Watch the vid.

Chavez frees Colombian plotters

ThinkProgress is now banned from the U.S. military network in Baghdad.

Let us view Iraq as the Sioux Nation and Iran as the Cheyenne.

Police supported by US-led coalition troops claim killing 120 suspected Talebans

GOP convention goer's will pass by Craig's bathroom at Mpls Airport as

Make Sure Pharmacies Supply Plan B!

Iraq trial revives bitter memories of "U.S. betrayal"

Just Had An Earthquake In CA

the local paper prints my ltte on the same day that they print Joe Barton's column

Here's a scary thought....

Iraqi civilian deaths up, Bush urges patience

Multicultural Resource calendar for Sept 2007

for someone familiar with the bible

Let's Have A Black/Gay Discussion

Do We Have The Courage To Stop War With Iran? (By Ray McGovern)

Please do yourself a favor and watch "The Universe" marathon today on History Channel..

Hague calls for Iraq inquiry

Empire Rising, a satirical history part VI

What the heck is this whole early Democratic primary controversy about?

Pushing Iran towards Bankruptcy.

US forces in Iraq kill eight suspected militants

Hey, it is Labor Day Weekend, let's polka

another example of Repub arrogance... congressman leaves threat on voicemail...

What an interesting week it has been. I was away and had only

Can you buy a greener conscience?

Bridge inspectors hide behind terrorism concerns

I was looking to see if Tom Delay was on the Sunday Talk Shows-look what I found...

MN Against Bush wins coveted Algae Award

Mr. Smith Goes To The Bathroom

Over 1/4 th of the attorneys in the DOJ who are responsible for

Quite a good idea here....(Harnessing the power of jet streams for energy)

Things Bill didn't do

A great post from a reader at Lawyers Guns and Money on the Craig arrest.

Front-loaded Primaries & 3 Strong Contenders Could Lead to a 'Brokered Democratic Convention'

Here's a simple poll: Does the Executive branch have too much power?

Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead

Owners of McMansions Defaulting effects of housing bust are beginning to ripple

Sen Saxby Chambliss of GA to assume Craig's duties

Holy Crap! My Friends Hit the Lottery!

Battle lines drawn for Bush, Congress on Iraq

U.S.: North Korea agrees to shut down nuke programs (CNN)

Anyone know where Frank Rich has been?

Ray LaHood (R-Compromised?) Going out at the "top of my game." he sez on Q&A w/Brian Lamb.

Truth-O-Meter for the candidates....

Bush's lunacy on Iran

Anna Nicole Smith book claims Birkhead & Stern were lovers; cut deal on baby, estate

Conservative Physicist Didn't Like My Article Here on DSCVR (Al Gore's Triana)

Bush Seeks Legal Immunity for Telecoms

One short question: Why is it they can't figure out the food is bad before selling it?

French troops 'raped girls during Rwanda genocide'

Travails of the Super-Rich: "their dogs following in a second private jet."

Caption * getting ready for a bike ride - pics

Is it enough?

"British generals critical of the Iraq war should spell out precisely what went wrong, how and when"

Sibel Edmonds is being talked about on KPFT now

Some interesting tidbits about Freddie Thompson in the Newsweek article!

New bipolar disorder treatments tested

Excerpts of General Petraeus' Report Leaked!!!

Anyone watching Ghouliani on C-span?

this story just posted on yahoo news-"Iran running 3000 centrifuges"

US May Invoke "State Secrets" To Stop Banking Suit

Internal Review By WH Concluded That Gonzo Was An Obstacle (Newsweek)

Hurricane Felix now a Cat 4

Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth

"Your Waiter Today Will Be a Computer"

This is fucking revolting.

In Memoriam this week

What Happened to Riverbend of Baghdad Burning? I looked through

Naval Officer: "We Are Going to Hit Iran. Big Time."

I don't know what to make of this,

Fox "news" hits a NEW LOW! On their show "Redeye" yucking it up about a suicide at "Burning man!"

What was Craig doing in Minneapolis and who paid for his plane ticket?

White House sees new backing from Congress over Iraq - - - What???

Pics from the Peace Rally Fort Worth: (cross-post from Texas forum)

Combat deaths in Iraq decline; reasons aren't clear (Actually it's very clear

Craig vs. Vitter - redux

Mary Matalin loses her mojo and her pen on MTP

We're going to see "No End In Sight" tonight, movie about Iraq. Time well spent?

Oaxaca Declines To Be Governed

Uh-Oh...bush proclaims September: National Preparedness Month, 2007

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Scott Ritter on C-Span2. Should be good.

"The Sixties are over," some yelled. "Cut down the trees."

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Where Did The Myth Of GOP Fiscal Responsibility Come From?"

Can you imagine how the wives of closeted homosexual men must feel?

BUSH: “I’ll bet I’ve shed more tears than you can count as president.”

Al and Tipper Gore in their element...

Anyone taps their foot at my kid, you're getting your nuts kicked or your...

Progress Report: A partial list of Benedict Arnold Democrats and their 2008 primary challengers

VA stops releasing data on cancer in vets to researchers

In 2004, John Warner, promised Americans a full investigation into Abu Ghraib torture. Didn't happen

bush has the legal authority to attack Iran.

Wow: Hurricane Felix now Cat 4

Who is more likely to quote "the red words"?

Bush's 'central goal' for his occupation: Fix it so the prez candidates want to 'stay longer'

US AMBASSADOR: looting allowed in Iraq to downsize & privatize government

Under what legal authority does Bush have right to launch ;preemptive attack on Iran?

I noticed some people have began calling the Iraqis "The Enemy"

GOP Rep Leaves Threatening Messages On Couple's Home Phone After Letter To Local Paper

How to fight back against Fox News.

Ted Nugent's column is back

MONITOR: (1) Sen. Larry Craig's very bad week; (2) CIA and drug trade

I am supposed to respect these people's opinions?

I find this to be - well...Interesting (what bush left in the dust for the month of June)

No End in Sight - (about Iraq) - Winner @ Sundance 2007 MUST SEE

You can do something about health care now

The Key Piece Of Evidence Used To Implicate Libya In Bombing Is A Probable Fake

We're going to take out seven countries in five years

Post your favorite photos of Ronald Reagan

Finally, my pics from Kennebunkport. Pic heavy!



God is a Republican & Conservative

Here is one reason so many gays find the "what about the children" nonsense so annoying

It seems nobody cares much anymore, but today's number is 3,739

Patrick Buchanan: Phase III of Bush's War

Gay jokes and "that's so gay".

I'm edgy this weekend...

"Clearly, whatever Mr. Craig’s intentions, the police entrapped him."

Bush interviews for a book??????????

Congressman: 'Fake Photos Helped Lead U.S. to Invade Iraq'

LA TIMES: Blight, Squatters moves in after foreclosures

Do heat waves last longer than they used to (in your area)?

Mom defends reaction to Iraqi passengers

Verses of Suffering: Human Rights Lawyers Bring Poems of Guantanamo Prisoners to Light

The Decider Lies About Who Disbanded Iraq's Military

Would you join a general strike on 9/11 and stay out of work or school and/or fill the streets?

There will be NO attack on Iran unless we notice all personnel being evacuated from the Green Zone

Controlling feral Cats in Oz.

It's been two days since this conversation and I am still in shock

The War In Iraq is an Unqualified Success

60 mins doing segment on Haditha now

Sand castle destroyed at Kittery Trading Post Maine - It was for kids with terminal illness

SWANSON After Downing Street: Secret to Forcing Compliance With Subpoenas

Coalition of nuns calls for impeaching Bush and Cheney

Rape isn't terrorism.

A Request for Information: Regarding Torture, Rendition, etc.

Election Fraud & More To Come: Karl Rove & The Gov. Siegelman Set-Up

Is the weakness of today's Democrats comparable to the weakness of the Weimar Republic?

Does anyone beside my mother and me believe that

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Leaked Red Cross report sets up Bush team for international war-crimes trial

FISA and the ACLU: U.S. opposes release of court rulings on wiretaps

Has the time for Global Demilitarization arrived?

Are the people fighting NATO in Afghanistan "Terrorists"?

"The President’s surge has failed and there is no end in sight for the war in Iraq."

RIP Louis Greenblott

Connecticut Man building 50,000+ square foot mansion

TOON: OPUS Censored Again! Only Salon Runs Uncensored Version, WaPo Not At All...

I wonder if I might get a little help from my friends about who has predicted war with Iran

This will make you smile

Does anyone know if Mark Warner is going to run for Senate?

Iowa Sen. Steve Warnstadt, D-Sioux City, has endorsed Obama

Do Republican values create child molesters? (Long GOP rap sheet here!)

Do Republican values create child molesters? (Long GOP rap sheet here!)

Send Hagee To Hell: Don't Let Bush Bomb Iran! (With YouTube Video)

US-Iranian academic freed after making TV 'confession'

NYT editorial: The Primary Problem

What if the U. S. attacks Iran and then

NYT Interactive, Hurtling Toward a Nomination: Click-on crucial dates that will determine nominees

Summers with Hillary

7 Questions as the Race for the White House Accelerates

Al and Tipper Gore in their element...

Democrats don't have the guts to END the war

Warnstadt endorses Obama

How Fred Thompson Avoids A Debate, But Appears on Fox News Channel Anyhow

Hamilton Co OHIO Dem HQ Burglarized-Data Stolen

Anyone listening to Hillary and Big Dog in NH on C-SPAN?

Anyone who would thwart the Democratic nominee over the FL and MI flap...

Giuliani Leads Hillary by Three Points in U.S.

Is it a Big J Jihad or a little j jihad or a CIA-jihad?

Lindsay Graham and the Air Force Reserve

Republicans: Cheating on spouse with a prostitute is OK!

NYT: As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy ("Iraq is a stain she can't remove")

A devastating quote from the 1960s

will this be "dubyas" legacy

Unless im mistaken i believe that the supreme court

Fred Thompson's image tarnished by Watergate

My email to Senator Levin

Richardson proposes forgiving college loans in exchange for national service.

"This is pandering," {Americans United Executive Director Barry W.} Lynn concluded.

Wall Street watches for more Fed clues

NYT: Rules on Hiring Illegal Workers Are Delayed

Here is Idaho's new Senator. So much for any improvement

SB840 in California is important for the entire country

The Iraq parliament has been on vacation for 33 days now..


Maybe A Little Black Humor For Your Holiday Weekend? (From Down Under)

Edwards: "...No more secret prisons, no more illegal spying on the American people..."

Clinton builds lead 4 months out.. woo-hoo!

ACLU gets kids (ages 1-17) out of Texas detention center

R Congressman Leaves Threatening Message for Couple Who Wrote Critical LTTE

Should we have a National Primary Day?

Larry Craig and the GOP's 19th Nervous Breakdown

Released: footage from inside the twin towers 'tomb'

Major Political Reform: An Election Every Day

Tim Hasselbeck...cut by the Giants, loves GWB and the war, ultra chickenhawk. Now will he enlist?

I'm not religious, but I'm sick and tired of the ANTI-FAITH BULLSHIT on DU

Did John Edwards really say these things...

What is wrong with the american people?

The World According to Americans - Very Funny Pic

More Candidates to Skip Rogue Dem States

Whats wrong with Pelosi?

Highlights from Biden's appearance on Face the Nation

General Election question: How does all the Dems skipping FL and MI impact our chances. . .

Florida Dem who pushed for early primary just "unendorsed" Obama.