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Archives: September 18, 2007

Soul Murder

Whose Guarding the Green Zone? Contractors defending the Military

Paul Craig Roberts: Conservatism Isn't What It Used to Be

Deadly missiles: not as sexy as Britney

Be careful, and talk to your friends in the military By Carol Wolman

Agent Orange Legacy: Through the Forest, a Clearer View of the Needs of a People

BOB HERBERT: G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks Begin

Calif. suit on car greenhouse gases dismissed - Reuters

The USACOE Can't Build Proper Levees in NOLA, but Will Try

Olbermann's Appendix, Now Dobbs' Tonsils

Coy Privette (Prostitution Charges) Resigns in Tonights Board Meeting

Abizaid: World could abide nuclear Iran

Security Took 'Turn for Worse' In Southern Iraq, Report Says

Democrats Tie Confirmation to Inquiries

Oil Rises to Record $81.18 on Expected Supply Drop, Rate Cut

Prosecutors: Tommy K's Five-Star Getaway was Government Biz

Blackwater Denies Wrongdoing in Iraq Shooting, Says Gunfire Was Defensive

Spy chief: China, Russia spying on US

U.S. officials object to Israel's treatment of Arab-Americans

Speculation flourishes over Israel's strike on Syria

Dole recalls bagged salads due to E. coli

Schwarzenegger says he will keep vetoing gay marriage bill

Student Tasered after asking Kerry questions

DAILY BRIEF: Congressmen Subpoenaed in Bribery Case

Mister, would you please help my pony?

Hey You

I've got a new bone!

New season of America's Next Top Model this Wednesday

The best theme song

Where's Midlodemocrat?

I'm actually feeling pretty good today! That relationship was really kicking my ass.

my new fat

Tell me about the worst condiment you have received.

What a day! I almost missed the turn to my house, oogling this really hot jogger.

OMG...Mary Hartmann and Bill Maher are siblings!11!1.

Post your favorite TOTO song

Help! Discovery Health channel is supposed to be previewing "The Truth About Food" today/tonight.

Surprise surprise. Kato Kaelin on Larry King!

Anyone here watch HGTV's Design Star?

Can't you see you're next? Yes, you're next! Yoou're so next!

When kids lie

dudes !!

Okay, dumb Firefox question.

Now the Ravens are accusing the Jets of cheating!

Have you ever been so embarassed to buy something that you shoplifted?

The *official* Redstone appreciation thread!

The Duggar Family is on TLC now.


Little Miss Muffett sat on a tuffet, rolling a J in the dark

Yes, we have no bananas

All the men at work hate me now

Since the Daily Show was a rerun; I watched Justice League Unlimited instead

its real simple

Kathy Griffin on now on Larry King Live

And jewelry makers in the house. I need advice.

Five separate threads now in GD re: Craig's stall as a tourist attraction!

What's the Lounge grooving to tonight?

Organic strawberries, 73% cacao chocolate, and chardonnay?

My new employer has RUINED one of the great new-guy jokes of all time!

get ready

Love Hurts - Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris

Favourite mislabelled limewire tunes?

Do you liek ice cream?

the Official Xema Sab Appreciation Thread

I post, therefore I am

Little faces for little places......(Kitty!!!!)

What are three new things you learned today?

A traumatic event from my childhood...

One more example of why you should never mix politics with the art of flirting

On-line Steven Colbert "On Notice" creator

The official Lounge Lizards appreciation thread

Uh ohes, fried chicken!!1

re; David Caruso. Can anybody tell me....

Are liberals smarter than conservatives? Science reports. Conservatives whine.

I never thought I would post this, but me before and after with a ....SWORD

Heres to Barry Manilow....

Barbara and Jenna teach Elmo a smoking and drinking game.

56K Ouch thread! More of my "Take Maestro's mind off of politics" hobby

So, who else here is/has been a journalist?

In honor of my 5000th post, let's have a picture thread

MmmmmmMMmmm Fish smoothie!!!

NEED A JOB? Congresswoman seeks staffer who can "cook a delicious bass"

If they could bottle the brain chemical cocktail that comes with an orgasm, would you buy it?

Post a complete non sequitur or the kitty gets it!

"Little Buddha"=Big Dissapointment

Powerful YouTube video: Are you anybody's favorite person? Who is your favorite person?

David Bowie, selling a CRUISE LINE?

If you were to adopt a child

Hawaii sunset pics (last ones, promise) :

ZOMG!!!!!!111!!1111!1 My posting privileges have been revoked!111!!!!!!!

AFSCME Looking To Win Health Insurance For Iowa Child Care (not state) Workers

Former UAW Official: UAW Workers Interests Must Be Defended In Auto Talks

UMWA president lays recent mining deaths at the feet of the Bush administration

politico: Labor-Bush wars intensify

LA Times: Unionized nurses flex their muscle

Kids Need Health Care

John Edwards - TWU Endorsement

October 16 & 17 - Stand Up Against Poverty

CNN Covers Sally Field Censorship

Exhibit 13

Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart at the Emmy's

John Edwards: Closing Remarks at SEIU Conference

Joe Biden at the Harkin Steak Fry

Tucker: Student Taser Incident (Alternate Video)

Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism

We.. Unofficial Trailer

We.. World's Poor

OJ's audio tape

Cheney Attacks Times Over MoveOn Ad

Craig Crawford: "Chimpy's speech caused Olbermann's appendix to blow up"

Cancer Society ads: Lack of insurance costing lives

Medicaid drug rule may hurt recipients

value voters debate online...oh dear god..scary

Y'all just missed an important post by babylonsister

Rep. David Scott D-Georgia is on C-Span live now

NYTimes to End Charges on Web Site

Are chinese Zombies Lurking On Your Computer?

Drift into war with Iran out of control, says UN

Sen. Reed’s Democratic Response Beats Bush Speech In Cable Ratings On Fox And CNN

They are ALL certifiable. (Repuke values debate)

More Americans Watched Dem Response Than Bush On Cable Nets

We are the United States - don't forget that -

NYTimesSelect ends at midnight Tuesday

lets take a look....private military corporations

Iraq contractor, an ex-colonel, sentenced for smuggling $50,000

They HATE the Betray Us ad--because it's what THEY do best, only better.

Petraeus a four star general

ACLU Files Amicus Brief in Support of Larry Craig.....

Kathy Griffin is on Larry King

If General Abizaid thinks world Okay/Iran Nukes...then Why Not? Wouldn't it be a Detterent in ME?

What is progress?

Blackwater's website : "Service Unavailable", but worked this morning

Bill O'Reilly is a frickin lunatic nutcase

So in 50 or 60 years will people say "it's the soup American", like how "soup nazi" type things?

Bush Announces New ACTING AG Pick

Question: If the US attacks Iran, What Effect Would That Have On Our Economy? Short/Long Term?

Do you like Keith's substitute?


Olbermann's Appendix, Now Dobbs' Tonsils

VA Suicide Prevention Hotline Flooded with Calls

Who's HC plan has the best chance at surviving?

Freeper madness! Over Greenspan, lol!

Nukes over Amerika (Are you ready for some Nuclear Football?)

What's with the Daily Show? It says live, but I know I say this same

Gore on Leno.

"An enfeebled President George W Bush" ducks fight over attorney general

Dole salads recalled for E. coli in U.S., Canada

" They use their machine guns like car horns"

For all you "Desperate Housewives" and Edwards fans

Coy Privette North Carolina Commissioner resigns (sex scandal)

Anyone watching K'Ville on FOX?

Orthodox Jew Tapped To Replace Gonzalez

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Men have many, many faults...Women have but two...

"They are among the invisible who have become part of the familiar landscape."

Are we 100% postive these two aren't related?

KO to be back Thursday Night, barring any setbacks of course.

Student Tasered after asking John Kerry questions

Taxation for healthcare

White House: US Anti-Drug Report Faults Venezuela, Burma = "Venezuela failed" to cooperate

Greenspan's Claim Breaks Down 30 Seconds After You Look At A Map (TPM)

Denver to roll out more 'homeless meters' | Denver's Road Home

Kucinich: Assessment Needed To Examine Blackwater’s Failures

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities'

Ewwww.. only three quarters wash hands after changing diaper.

John Gibson provides helpful advice: "Democrats Need to Take Stand Against Leftist Web Sites"

Why I think Bush nominated Michael Mukasey

Ohio at center of 2008 race again? -- Dee Dee Myers

NYTimes Op/Ed: "Senate Should Question Mukasey Closely About Troubling Aspects Of His Record"

The Daily Show is a RE-Run Tonight!?! Travel day from the Emmy Awards? Resting up?

2006 Peace Prize Winner Yunus Calls for Lifestyle Changes To Fight Global Warming

What if everyone stopped shopping from Sunday to Wednesday every week until the war ends?

Another Repuke pervert caught:John David R. Atchison

With Blackwater in the news, I recalled a 3 year old article from Rolling Stone

More Americans Watched Dem Response Than Bush On Thursday

MSNBC: Olbermann's home from the hospital

Forget Bush, It Is Cheney We Need To Worry About...

Pentagon's Counterintelligence and the anti-war movement

What do you think of the recruiting of Democratic candidates who have served in Iraq?

Can we talk about.......

Murtha told reporters: "There's a lot of anger out there [towards Democrats],"

John Kerry smacked John McCain down on MTP and has been leading the effort to end this war

When Silence is Betrayal

A Grammy next? With an Oscar and an Emmy, Al Gore says he's working on his singing....

There are at least FIVE people in the US government who can launch nuclear weapons!

100,000 marched. Where were the candidates?

A sobering reminder of what we are all fighting for

help for struggling law student

"Nebraska State Senator Sues God"

"If there are Republicans powerful enough to scotch the hiring of a well-known liberal dean...

Which presidential candidate has the most genuine interest and concern for socioeconomic inequality?

To Root Against Your Country - Art Hoppe 1971

To Root Against Your Own Country, 2007 edition

Rice apologises & Moves To Prevent US Security Firm From Expulsion of Iraq

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting - Can we assume he is a Repubican?

Health Care....What's Lacking Is Political Leadership!

The Presidential Prayer Team Wants to hear MY story!

This is beautiful!

Student tasered at Kerry speech

Applying pressure to stores in general to end this war. What weekday should people not buy products?

A Nation of "Haves" and "Have-Nots"?

Mike Malloy says the Missing nuke B-52 crew are all dead

Bill Maher on feminism, women, and the "feminization" of the United States

One of the best documentaries of the Viet Nam war is out. But you will probably never see it.

The new K-Ville show has ex-mercs from "Blackriver"

New Arizona Laws Making Undocumented Immigrants Consider Leaving

Any new directives on Project X?

We just might go down in a blaze of glory right now.

Unchecked and Unbalanced: A Constitution Day Look At the Flaccid Case Against Impeachment

BFEE's mercenaries: BLACKWATER

Joe Biden at the Harkin Steak Fry video

O.J. facing 30+ years in prison on 7 felony charges

USA Today: (New) Medicaid drug rule may hurt recipients

OJ knocking Bushco off the media headlines

New Osama Collection (animation) check this out!

O.K., here's an example of pure political pandering for you.

F**K Greenspan! Recession is COMING, it's NOT coming, "risk is up"....DECIDE or STFU, bee-yatch!

Neocon Hawks Go All-Out For Giuliani

Obama Rocks the House at SEIU

Which Health Plan Currently Being Sold by a Presidential Candidate has the Best Chance

John D.R. Atchison, Asst USAttny, pederast...

McCain's Michigan Chair Quits (AP)

Quick political conversation with a student- Talking politics with our fellow countrymen.

Obama Hits Wall Street

Don't underestimate how big an asset Bill is to Hillary.

All those against poor kids, vote ‘nay’

Do you think the candidate you support will win the primary?

NH Poll: Hillary well in front...beating Obama by 20, Edwards by 27...

Poll: Dems Back Clinton On Health Care

Reality for Dems, from the mouths of babes

Re: HRC's new universal health plan -- Why do people think

ACLU on Larry Craig: Gov't must show beyond doubt that "sex was to occur in public"

Dear Democrats

Brian Williams interviews Barack Obama (on Hillary, Wall Street, Iraq, MoveOn, etc.)


Would Obama Have Enough Time After Edwards Drops Out to Knock Out Clinton?

MoveOn vs. Rudy: Hillary Gets It Right, Elizabeth Edwards Gets It Wrong

Ralph Nader criticizes 'spineless, gutless' Democrats for not impeaching Bush

Is It Too Much To Ask?

Kerry: "we didn't have that evidence" of voter suppression to justify contesting the 2004 election

The neoconservatism strain of Democrats actively oppose "The Left".

Could this be Biden’s moment on Iraq?

Juan Cole: Right-Zionists try to Silence Walt at the University of Montana

A Constitution to “Chain the Dogs of War”

Today in iraq

White House urges Colombia trade vote after Peru

By Greg Palast: The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny

Sidney Blumenthal: The American politics of Iraqi war

FU Shamu, and the wave you rode in on

Why isn’t impeachment getting more traction?

NYT editorial, "Considering Mr. Mukasey": "Aspects of his record are troubling."

Ziff Davis: Muni WIFI Fading

The Nation: Blackwater Banned

MoveOn.Org Dissed on Fox & Friends

Toxic Chickens Home To Roost

AP- Should people be required to sign up? for Health INsurance?

Trpped in Iraq, Bush Targets Iran Next: Pat Buchanan

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: A Pro-Democracy Movement

Iraq Forever?

Spread of banking panic forces (UK)

Interview with Sunni coalition and the media mess (by Eric Boehlert)

Banking shares fall across Europe (BBC)

AlterNet: U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq's Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks

Buzzflash interview with Rachel Maddow:

Looking to the 2008 Election: Confusion, Anger, Hope

Amy Goodman: Tipping the Scales of Justice in Jena

Nobel Laureates, Sally Field, and Other Muzzled Peace Voices


Tasered for asking Kerry questions

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits

Fragging of officers in Nam---a way a resistance for soldiers.

Shanghai Braces for Typhoon Wipha

More action needed to curb threat of nuclear terrorism, UN watchdog warns

Russia is for Nuclear Power Free Zone in Near East

N. Australia Sea Levels Rising 8mm/Yr - Saltwater Intrusion Threatens Dozens Of Bird Species, Parks

As Wheat Futures Retreat To $8.75, Price Spike & Shortages Go Global - LA Times

China Has No Plans To Shut Down Factories During Olympics - Beijing Party Chief Dismisses Fears - FT

IEA Urges Asian Nations To Beef Up Strategic Oil Stockpiles - Bangkok Post

BC Pine Beetle Outbreak Affects 35K Square Miles; 40% Of Marketable Pines Destroyed

Wegener Scientists - "There Was Loose Ice Everywhere We Went" - Ice Thickness Cut In Half In 6 Years

Cost Of Coal From Richards Bay SA (World's Largest Coal Port) Up 19% In 1 Year

Australian Government Estimates 30% Drop In Wheat Crop - 11 Million Tons - Due To Drought - SMH

Climate Scientist Questions Consensus Process

Diesel Shortages Reported Throughout Corn Belt In Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska - Reuters

Algae Blooms, Fish Kills, Dead Zones - Another "Average" Summer For Chesapeake Bay System

Anybody tracking NYMEX today?

Former DOE Head Schlesinger - "We Are All Peakists Now" (Podcast)

A visit to Michigan's first Large scale Wind Farm (graphic heavy)

26 Killed In Attack On Kirkuk-Baiji Pipeline - Refinery For 50% Of Nation's Crude Expected To Close

Zero-energy home in Cambridge, Mass.

Thirty-Nine Days In The Arctic, Brought To You By The National Snow & Ice Data Center

I would like an opinion

Save the world: Ditch Kyoto

Nebraska state senator sues God

Musharraf to give up army post: Lawyer

Human rights groups accuse MoD of hypocrisy over cluster bombs

Home Foreclosures in U.S. Doubled Last Month to Record, Led by California

Ahmadinejad Expected To Address The UN

Sam Seder & Marc Maron on live

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Security Took 'Turn for Worse' In Southern Iraq, Report Says

13 lawmakers subpoenaed in bribery trial

China evacuates 1.6 million for typhoon

China building world's largest IT hub

Hoekstra, Knollenberg asked to testify in bribery trial

Indian embassy contracts US firm to outsource visa services

Adm. Fallon Presses Case Against Iran

Spy chief seeks more eavesdropping power

Iraq contradicts U.S. on Blackwater shootings

Health care spending highest in Northeast

Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site

Explosion kills British soldier in Afghanistan

Anti-war vet held in slaying

Shooting shines light on murky world of Iraq security

Failed Lender Makes Grab for Employee Funds (American Home Mortgage)

Colombia angered by US settlement with Chiquita Brands (Roundup)

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits village

Elder Bush Backs McCain War Push

State Department under Hill scrutiny

Russia and China 'spying on US'

Israel Accused of Bombing Syria Nuclear Facility

Survey Puts Iraqi War Dead Above One Million

Russia Says U.S. Attack on Iran Would Be Catastrophic

University helped exotic animal hunters

Choppers shoot to protect Iraq oil, power

Fed cuts interest rate to 4.75%

Iraqi ministers back Blackwater shutdown

Sen Craig returns to Washington

Isreal Accused of Bombing Syrian Nuclear Facitity

Views unchanged by Bush speech

I.B.M. to Offer Office Software Free in Challenge to Microsoft’s Line

Conservative sues pro-Bush group

California Secretary of State: Voting Machine 'Sleepovers' Violate State Law

Elderly in New Orleans find tough going

Iran, Egypt to Hold Talks on Restoring Relations

Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate in Effort to Fend Off Recession

Democrats Won't Temper Iraq Legislation

Charges against Marine in Haditha case dropped

Spector jury unable to reach verdict.

'Super typhoon' heads for China’s financial hub

Military: 3 U.S. soldiers killed in blast near their patrol in Diyala province

Bolton: U.S. Backs Israeli Preemption

Union Mulls American Air Offer Tying Raises To Co Performance

Report: Minnesota US Attorney (Palouse) Under Investigation

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian villa

New anti-AIDS drug unveiled

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 18

Clinton Sees Lessons in Past Failure

VA struggles with disability claim surge

Nobel Peace Prize could go to climate campaigner

Kerry Condemns Heckler Arrest

Crude Spills into Tigris After Iraq Bomb

Florida campus cops on leave after Taser incident

Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site

Top GOP contenders skipping African-American forum

U.S. college students fail civics test

Waxman: State Dept. Official Thwarted Probes

Chiquita's US court settlement over paramilitary payments sparks outrage in Colombia (AMERICAN deal)


U.S. bans diplomatic ground movements in Iraq outside protected Green Zone

DC and Utah lose bids for House seats

CREW Releases Third Annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report

'Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment'

Having not found a Korean translator

An dats when i new i wuz not favrite

Anything cool politics-wise going on in NYC this week and next?

Sleestaks in the Library!

Sad Post: don't know if it's appropriate, but

I am, therefore I post

good night, all

Does anyone have a LaserPod?

You're home alone, drunk and wanna dance - what tune??!?!

wow check out this bomb in Iraq!

Wow! Check out this gong in Iraq!

SICK of hearing about Simpson

I placed an ad on craigslist about 6 weeks ago

I just had to share this CUTE picture with you

I am sick, therefore I post

Yankees top Orioles, creep closer to Red Sox

The antifreeze murders- two husbands and an attempt on her own daughter

Flu season?

Does anyone know what the word "Adidados" means?

Old news, but the comments are worth the read

Okay this "in a box" thing is out of control-FASHION!

We're gonna need a bigger Starbucks.

Here's a preview of R.E.M.'s new album-and it sounds great

Less than a week until new Heroes -- check out this clip! (spoilerish?)

I saw a nifty chess game today...

I just got the ULTIMATE cover song...

Machete Fight Leads To Arrests

Chris Crocker now has more than 200,000 Myspace friends

It's days like today I'm so damn glad I can hide threads

Okay.. fashion designers (term used loosely) have gone too far this time

you know how GD has a topic to obsess over on a weekly basis?


At least I can brag that I kicked LSK's ass in Fantasy Football

I got tasered while breastfeeding a pitbull in the Olive Garden which caused it to


Ever think how you don't have to have formal education for certain types of work?

Hell yeah, Roller Derby!

Favorite Flame War topic

so last night I was tasered at Olive Garden and dropped my Circuit City receipt

If you were to adopt a cat,



With the grace of a rapidly tromping sow, I go...

Orangina et chou.

so, it's "Car Free DC Day" today

Just what the NFL needed...the Patriots with a chip on their shoulder.

hey ohiosmith, how many fingers am i holding up?

"Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra"

You Have... 0 Messages

Its A Beautiful Day

"Calm down." What's your response to someone who tells you that?

I decided to take the day off today

prepare for the zombies

Name A Single Rock Group and one of Its "CAUSE(S)"

I need a birthday sentiment......

I feel cute today....

'Anything you can do, I can do better' - lovely song, that one... So,

Is 12 years old too young to be a top fashion model?

I can't find my Hoodsie. It was last seen somewhere in LaGuardia on Sunday.

British Sea Power

River of Deceit

Cryin' about stuff:

Who touched my fucking hair?!?!

my new fat

Broken hearth post

I love how my printer lies and says it's almost out of ink

Jumpers- the apparel item. How do you feel about them?

GD is a mess,

I like this hog...

I was SO smart when I started writing...

John Kerry tasers breastfeeder at Olive Garden

"Breadsticks and Salad at Olive Garden"

I found it! A video in which EVERYONE is on blow!

I can't find my hoodie. It was last seen somewhere in LaGuardia on Sunday.

Forget Star Trek, it's Britney who is boosting Viacom these days!

George had the songwriting chops. John was just a guy with a rhyming dictionary.

Think you have what it takes to be an airline pilot?

I turned down a shift at work for the second time in six months

"Take two tablets one hour before autopsy"

Call Wendy's Restaurants HQ RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Need that Get a Brain Morans sign - quick please!!

Ali G interviews Posh and Beck

SC lolcat (too funny!)

Call your mother RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

Humpers - the people humping off bridges. How do you feel about them?

are these shoes really boring?

'Dead' Man Wakes Up Under Autopsy Knife


My car decided it wanted some of my money today

The True Nature of McDonald's

My wife just lost her job

This weekend I found out that Pacifist Patriot and I have something in common

LaraMN said I have the handwriting of a girl!

Call LynneSin Right F-IN Now And Ask About Her New House

Call billyskank right fucking now!!!!

Call me RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Here's my number

They're "Upscaling" the Strip Club where I work. Heh, heh.

What I learned in GD

Kathy Griffin last night on Larry Fucking King

New shoes!

I can't find my woody. It was last seen somewhere in LaGuardia on Sunday.

Are You Pro Taser Or Against

Anybody here realize Keith Olbermann had an emergency appendectomy on Friday night?

Do you think that it's rude to call congress right fucking now in a public bathroom?

Call _____________________ RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!1111!!! I"M SERIES!!!~``2!!!!

eBay Best Offers: Is offering 75% of the list price considered ok?

Is Taser Sex Safe?

DAMMIT!!! I found out yesterday I'm a bisexual!!!!

my boss just gave me some raspberries

Hmmm... Matcom AND Midlo are mysteriously absent from the Lounge...

Woo just pulled a "Costanza"


Damnit I made Lost-in-NJ a bisexual yesterday

MrScorpio's favorite bands are the Bay City Rollers, Color me Badd and Vanilla Ice

So has anyone started a thread on Circuit City asking for a Taser receipt yet?

What was the name of that show?

Letter I oughta send

Jumpers- the people leaping off bridges. How do you feel about them?

Call MrCoffee's mother RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

What can you bring carry on onto an airplane?

Is Kerry smoke now after the Florida University incedent?

Tell A complete Truth about another DU'r

Woohoo! I'm going to see Genesis tonight!

I've hidden so many threads in gd today

I'm going to get a massage tonight, ask me anything!!

I left my hose on all night

Mucho Karma needed!!!!

"It's funny the way most people love the dead. Once you're dead, you're made for life."

Ever seen these 2 guys in the same place at the same time?

Well, today I had to do it...

"We're welcoming the SLUT into the neighborhood,"

how do i recommend something for a duzy?

I had tacos for lunch.

Why didn't someone tell me "Weeds" is the best show ever?!

Professors of DU! I feel your pain!

dare I say it? Once more into the breach

For those of you who love DE tollbooths now you can watch them all day long

Okay. I need a budget DVD player

Someone please explain to me why anyone would vote for a dimwit who said this:

What the hell is nougat anyway?

How's your penmanship? Post your handwriting!

Is breastmilk considered vegan?

Sex pistols reuniting again

Anybody into comic books?

I know YOU are, but what am I?

Did you know that today is a holiday?

Good jazz fusion thread.

"My woody" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "my woody".

Is it a sell-out to record a song for a kid's animated movie?

I just ate a cop of yogurt with my finger.

Confessions of an absent-minded grudge holder

COCKROACHES: my stupid fucking building is having a cockroach infestation problem

For those who've moved away from home, how often do you see your parents?

have I been in GD too long? I thought I saw a user called taserguy

Did your parent(s) have "the look"?

This is my new bicycle helmet

Hey! There's leftover sandwiches from the meeting.

548 views - only 1 rec, and only 55 posts?

The lost art of adult disipline...

Whee, my replacement printer arrived!!

Does your strip club take completed green stamp booklets?

Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues

Happy 25th Birthday, Smiley Face!


Is Oral Sax Considered Vegan

Inch Worm

Lounge vibes request for my significant other.....

Where the hell's Oedi been?

Is oral sex considered vegan?

What's on tap at Tavernertavern: Moylans Moylander Double IPA

Is Oral Hatch Sex considered Vegan?

Do You Like Chocolate, Or Does It Give You Heartburn

Do you think that it's rude for someone to talk on a cell phone in a public bathroom?

Great! I have a new job with a raise in pay!

Is Oral Roberts sex considered vegan?

How to lower one's blood pressure:

World Without Tears - Lucinda Williams

I'm scared of my doctor choices - please help

Dunno why, but I can't get this song out of my head today...

World's Oldest Man Turns 112

I'm getting one for my wife.

Happy 68th Birthday, Fred Willard!

Lounge People Are So Different Then GD People

Who's this guy? I don't like his attitude

I've got to read 97 ppg. of history by tommorrow

Day Number 2: Home Sick.

What's happened to my Cusser?

Why Is Country Music So Annoying

Does anyone remember the SNL self-defense sketch


Vampire-like Dick Cheney stole the blood and heart of my dog last night!

What if a Mascot at Disneyland was having a REALLY BAD day?

Kerry and Tasered Student at Tenagra.

it's that time of day again..... what's for dinner?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/18/07 Bonus

Are all country music fans anti-intellectual?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/18/07

Custody Judge orders Spears to undergo twice-weekly testing for "controlled substances and alcohol"

DAMMIT!!!!! I found out yesterday that I need BIFOCALS!!!!!

What does Allah give female martyrs?

OJ now charged with kidnapping. Is he the second dumbest man in America?

Police Taser Man With Chicken in Car

Forget boobs! Have you ever seen a foot that offended you? Blech!

The local AIDS center is paying my rent this month

Nebraska state senator sues God

2 Soccermom Jehovah's Witnesses just came to my door.

Things you never ever want to hear your surgeon say?

I know when "Bones" is starting back up on TV. Does that make me middle aged?

recent additions to your vocabulary?

"YOU, alright! I learned it by watching YOU!"

Ahoy maties!! Don't forget... tomorrow is "National Talk Like a Pirate Day"!!! ARRRGHHHH!!

Why Do Men Love Football?

Is it just me... or are there WAY more assholes on here than ever before?

Someone tries to sell Belgium on eBay

The Lost art of child discipline...

which one? which dog should we look at?

What is your favorite Monty Python sketch?

If you could taser one of the following....

Nietzsche's Will to Power - Complete BS or does he have something there?

From MatcomNews files: Seattle trolley line has acronym: SLUT

Assholes we love to love

How many threads do you put on Ignore

Is murder OK?

lol..I just got my first Mormon missionaries

Baseball regular season coming to a close, is your team phoning it in?

In case you didn't know

Singsongy things you made up as a kid.

should publicly breastfeeding mothers be tasered?

Ever Write Something On DU You Regret

John Kerry tasered me because I wouldn't show my receipt

Broken heart post

Did you ALL wish Mrs Matcom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today?

Tell a complete lie about another DUer

Tell us what you'd buy if you had a dollar for every time you heard or read the word "taser" today.

I'm posting this from a MacBook in a store's showroom in Munich!

Sonya, a good friend to many, died last night. She was 44.

if congressional districts had names instead of numbers, what would yours be called?

Money Talks for U.S. Commandos

IED explosion


Ex-col. sentenced for smuggling cash from Iraq

New Iraq war report echoes previous analysis

Ospreys head to Iraq for combat deployment

Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine

This is what we're gonna face every frickking day unless the VA gets it shit together

"You send my husband away from his family for a year and then you can't even cover the cost

150 Iowa reservists begin training for Iraq

My Last Rites With Dave Cline

Interesting poll over at the Marine Corps Times

Labor cartoon for the week of September 17, 2007

IPALCO may face challenge over old retirement plan

DUU raises concerns about Starbucks idea

Federal board (NLRB) allows contact by company

ANG NEWSPAPERS VIOLATED FEDERAL LABOR LAW - National Labor Relations Board rules

Judge Says "No Way" to No-Match Letters

DU labor foum did it! Jay Corcoran's name added to AFL-CIO 9-11 Union Members Lost to Terrorism list

Union workers at GM anxious as talks go on

Left in San Fran: Update on SEIU Presidential Endorsement

Rolling On: A Summary of the Bay Area Starbucks Workers Union

Seafood company employees sue for overtime

Unions, Steel Giant Agree to Boost Job Safety for Workers

House: 9/11 Rescue Workers Deserve Health Care

Whirlpool to lay off 360 come November

New ITUC Worldwide Report Reveals Catalogue of Murder, Violence and Intimidation Against Trade Union

a special message from a very alive enemy....

O Blackwater!

'Iraq For Sale' bonus scene: Blackwater...

People and Power - al-Anbar progress? - 09 Sept 07 - Part 2 (Greg Palast camerman, Rick Rowley)

People and Power - al-Anbar progress? 09 Sept 07 - Part 1 ("Sheik" Abu Risha)

MSNBC’s Countdown 9/14/07

Not what you would expect in Massachusetts

Hillary Touts Commitment To Universal Health Care

Beach Impeach III

GOP Scandals 2007

Tom Tancredo Talks Waterboarding With Tucker

New Crush for Obama Girl: The Troops

a message on Iraq from Joe Biden

Radical Christians in Iraq

How To Avoid George Bush Syndrome

Hillary Clinton on 'Morning Joe' - Sept. 18

NSA Needed Warrants For Insurgents in Iraq

FISA Hearing - Nadler "We Must NOT Trust This Or ANY Administration To Police Itself"

University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum

FISA Hearing (today, 9/18)- Conyers' Opening

FOX's "balanced" analysis of the Petraeus hearings

John Edwards - SEIU: Do You Believe?

Bush on Blackwater USA ~ OMG!!

A song dedication for the Florida U. fascist cops: Motorhead - Just 'Cos You Got The Power

Fox news blasted by a gay kid on youtube. I love it. LOVE IT.

Forget boobs! Have you ever seen a foot that offended you? Blech!

Peter Beinart and Jonah Golderg Videos

B52 Nuke: Minot Air Force Base Airman DEAD . . .

So tell me, members of Congress,

Take A Poll From The Nation : Candidates & Iraq

When Your Vote Is Changed In Cyberspace Will Anyone Hear You Scream?

The World, according to Americans..

Global Warming for the dumbasses.

Anyone else think this oft repeated 'Tell me how this ends' crap hardly reflects well on Petraeus?

If DUers want to help Carlos Arredondo:

John Murtha, Ike Skelton, Duncan Hunter and others subpoenaed in Cunningham scandal

What The?!? France Says Prepare for War over Iran!?!? (CNN Sensationalism)

Leahy's focus is on getting certain information on Warrantless Wiretapping

The _only_ reason to vote for Hillary..

Is Iraq as a nation gone?

So this guy writes into my local paper today to deny global warming...

Does the media select our candidates or do the voters select the candidates?

Several Congressmen Of Both Parties-Subpoenaed in Cunningham Bribery Trial

Compare and Contrast.....

A visit to Michigan's first Large scale Wind Farm (graphic heavy)

"The House will be in Order." On C-span right now.

New York Times Ends Its Paid Subscription Service

Scary story: Uneasy Depositers Flood Key British Bank..

Any GIS analysts or experts in remote sensing at DU?

DU has some fabulously long, fun threads, and when you revisit them,

W Journ cspan: The price for the US for acting alone (military built up): Role of US military

May/December Couples Boost Human Lifespan

Hagel: "it’s dishonest, it’s hypocritical, it’s dangerous and irresponsible"

Is oneupmanship hardwired into humans, or mostly a cultural thing?

House in session. --morning speeches but no one there -so recessed.

Dude, no one was actually listening to you . . .

What happens to private contractors who kill Iraqis? Maybe nothing

Neb. state senator sues God in protest

13 members get subpoenas in Wilkes corruption trial-NONE-Will Comply With Subpoena

The president is trying to "secure the homeland on the cheap"

Join the phone campaign to get HR 676 enacted. Make some phone calls.

A couple of good LTTEs in my local paper

A company that the Americans cannot operate here without (Blackwater)

Police Question Armless Man In Neighbor's Death

I say we taser the bastards back

Using The White House Grading Curve

Constitution - who needs it?

A nutcase alleges cops are attacking him, and concern trolls on DU try to blame it on Kerry

Why would Alan Keyes want to run for President?

Whatever happened to Double Jeopardy--Vindictive Media

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

VP of Blackwater says they are 'a great company. It's a very patriotic American company.'


When did Kerry start carrying a taser?

Dems unhappy about concessions being made on children's health insurance

If we have the "best" military in the world

Bill O'Rielly changes his mind on terrorists;

CSPAN-2: Sen. Durbin talking about Blackwater. nt

Iraq to Review ALL Security Contractors

Breaking the Iraq stalemate

McClatchy: Local election officials fear paper-trail bill could bring chaos

Iraq to review ALL security firms-accountability finally?

What If Cheney Became President Today?

Grim outlook for poor countries in climate report

Ha. cspan---House Repugs Whinning that they have bee shut out of amendments and

U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq's Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks

More Gonzales fallout: Paulose under investigation by feds

Soliciting sex for dummies. Is it a crime?

Nobel Peace Prize Could Go to Climate Campaigner

Will the Kerry incident invoke Florida Omission laws?

The dark truth about John Kerry and the taser incident:

Man survives being bitten by live rattlesnake he put inside his mouth after few beers

On the Path to Attorney General, Olson Runs Into a Roadblock

Congrats, Jack! Cafferty's Book Goes Into Its Third Printing

How to have your opinion broadcast nationwide:

Stevens, Inouye top defense earmarks list at over $180M each; Byrd next at $166M

John Murtha: This Administration has again given the American people a false choice.

Senator Boxer guests on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- wearing someone else's pants

Do you think poll questions are unfairly posed in the Money$treamMedia?

This was so good I want to re-post it here!!

The truth about the taser incident:

Novak Hosts Rove at Secret Breakfast

DU has become the vehicle to smear Democrats.

Chalabi: "The US performance in Iraq is a failure"

Jeremy Scahill on Dem Now! today, talking 'Blackwater'

Lieberman supports Bush's AG nominee

One Good Thing About The Taser Incident

I just called the Univ. of Florida campus police

still up in the air - will Hayrunisa Gul wear the headscarf in the Palace?

Watch democracy in action, Florida-style. (at least somebody who understands what it is about)

CNN LIVE: Actual story about importance of washing your hands

Chavinajad -- Can he do wrong?

A question about Blackwater Security

TASER innovations website: good, clean electro-shock fun.

cpan 3 LOTS of protestors at conyers Survailence hearing. tune in if you can

Report: India to launch Israeli spy satellite in upcoming days

RCMP arrest US peace activist on Mystery charges at border

Northern Rock: Gordon Brown's big gamble

Canadian loonie ain't so loony: It's almost at par with the tired greenback.....

biggest for-profit prison opens in Fl.

June 2007 chimenfuhrer approval map

HillaryCare then and now: the differences between her '93 plan and her '07 plan.

Should Cindy Sheehan be tasered too?

Will the Bush Administration will arrange some Iraq political nightmares for their WH successors?

Hillary's support for her Health Care Plan vs mega donations from the Health Care Industry?

Taser Poll: who's to blame

First step toward universal health care? 70 democratic senators, 305 democratioc congresspeople

Nooses Hung From Jena, La. to College Park, Md.

NEW! Footage of the nutcase arrested at the Kerry event...AFTER leaving the event

Adam's Amendment--Fighting animal abuse

Sen. Craig's airport stall now a tourist stop

Kerry's "Dissent" speech

HA. Repugs having a crapola over "extending the vote" ha ha House on cspan

U.S. Attorney Paulose Dresses Down Employee Using Terms 'Fat,' 'Black,' 'Lazy,' 'Ass'

Kouchner Plays Down Iran 'War' Remarks

I have a question. Let's discuss a hypothtical.

Olbermann speaks to TV Newser: "In good shape," back Thursday, "great thanks"!

Now even a SALAD is bad for you.....

Taser fight-Who wins?

New "Move On" Ad Goes After Bush*

Dumbass right wing letter to the editor today

DOLE Recalled Bagged Lettuce


House Judiciary Committee Meeting on Warrentless Wiretapping

What's the Fed going to do today?

Tom Vilsack: No Child Left Behind Leaves All Children Behind

I.B.M. to Offer Office Software Free in Challenge to Microsoft’s Lin

Specter quietly boosts abstinence funding

ALL of the Republicans supoenaed in the Randi Duke Cunningham case say they WON'T comply

So are we officially a police state yet?

Rachel Maddow / democraticunderground

The Right to Dry: A Green Movement Is Roiling America

Airlines See most Profitable Quarter Since 2000

The New Hampshire Phone Scam

Crude spills into Tigris after Iraq bomb

At What Price, Safety?

Once Dem in Office we need to address privatization of military...

Freeper Claims Victory & Warns Of New Surprises For "Anti-American Left"

Rev. Moon’s Son Thrives in Gun Business

CIA Police and the Power of Arrest

Could an Iranian crisis redefine the 2008 Presidential race in a positive way?

US Attorney Under Investigation for Racist Remarks, Mishandling Classified Info

Chairman Waxman Writes to State Department IG on Political Interference

another dog dead from algal poisoning - N. Mex.

Do you believe bush will declare martial law

Wisconsin Prison Starts Hospice Program

Lawmaker sues God to prove that anyone can be sued

MoveOn ad hits back at Giuliani after his attack on their Betrayus ad

Thomas Barnett: The coming strike on Iran

Waxman to Investigate State Department IG for Interfering with On-going Investigations

What gives some DU posts legs?

VA Police Delete Photographs Taken by Muslim-American Journalism Student

US home foreclosures soaring.....

Anybody actually think BlackwaterUSA will leave Iraq willingly?

FISA Court Required Warrants For Spying on Iraqi Insurgents?

on a lighter note: George Bush getting emo

Don't look over here... next mash-up likely to be US & China - not Iran.

Did anybody else see Bush wants Universal Healthcare

BREAKING: no one tasered at Senator's appearance

Must Watch TPM video: Juan Cole Drops some Knowledge on Iraq

Have you ever been tasered? Have you ever tasered anyone?

Talahassee cops sent on leave for

Margaret Spellings speeching on cspan3. you gotta hear it (now)

Help with this bill. No More Lost Votes!

A classic example of American Dumbth

SF Chronicle Podcast: Interview With Al Gore and Joel Hyatt Regarding Current Tv

Cindy Sheehan: Smattering Of Pigeons

Manilow was afraid Elizabeth would have him tasered.

ROFL!!! Chimpy wants to sign up for duty in Iraq!! Alas, he's too old

The Fed will not lower interest rates today.

It still infuriates me, every time I think of Harriet Miers - who was proposed for a seat on

I hereby nominate Pat Leahy for the weekly Democrat with a Spine award.

Get GOP Sen. Stallurker Fascistpants to end Iraq War, even if not your rep

We've Lost Our HUMANITY...Students LAUGHED while he was Tasered

CBS poll: Chimpy's job approval @ 29% (unchanged)

Sam Seder & Marc Maron on live

Ladies & gents, Meet your new president

TPM Muckraker: New Military Numbers Contradict Petraeus on Surge's Progress


Kerry fought for his country -- and then is brazenly slandered as undeserving of his medals

STATE DEPT FRAUD INVESTIGATION Being Launched By House Committee

CNN: Only Pro-War Demonstrators Are ‘Troop Supporters’

Why people in audiences get boisterous..

Maybe the mods need to get tough?

This is so disturbing.......

Neither Congress Or News Media Understand "Bush Tribunals" Apply To US Citizens (Robert Parry)

CNN's Kiran Chetry, watching video of tasered student's pain: "Wow, was he a drama major?"

I need your input: to help my friend send pictures.

Elderly at highest risk for suicide

Excuse me, but what about the candidates' Iraq War position?

Rice tries to prevent expulsion of Blackwater employees

AP Picks Up On Student/Taser Story

Stanford Faculty Protest Rumsfeld Selection to Think Tank

Latest Pentagon Report Prooves - Petraeus Spun Fairy Tales (WAPO)

Was the whole industry of U.S. private mercenary companies created during the Bush Administration?

abc news saying Bush so upset over security Blackwater incident that he

Randi Rhodes - SHUT UP! Your are WRONG on the taser incident

I feel bad for John Kerry

Lorain Ohio Police Use Taser Gun To Subdue Autistic Teen

The Bell Curve, and why my Economics class is making me puke...

abc will Ask: Is this part of something Bigger?-after the break-the Kerry tasier incident. stay tune

Craig apologizes to GOPers. ROFL hilarious quote from Specter :)

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater is the official mercenary company of the US government

Tasers. Boobs. Blackwater. OJ. Iraq. Nuke plane. Mix and match

regarding Carlos - the incident a the march

today I'll stick it to M$--selling my 360 once and for all!

NYT: Schumer's praise for Muckasey shows Dems have little apetite for fight

This one world order thing has really gotten out of hand !

Bush is going to leave the mess in Iraq for someone else to clean up.

Mel Martinez - is he the senate's biggest idiot?

New e-coli recall of salad greens: Government did NOTHING after last outbreak

So sorry, didn't know there were so many other threads on this.

Hung Jury In Phil Spector Case

United For Peace and Justice: Iraq War Moratorium Begins Friday; Nationwide Protests Oct. 27

can we have more red herrings regarding the taser situation?

FISA--------Conyers House hearing. Tammy Balwin up (D)

Chavez to regulate private automobiles.

Couric described soldiers' war-zone deaths as "ironic

ElBaradei Accuses Democrats of Distorting Iran Nuclear Data

Fred Thompson has no chance

McClatchy: Iraq threatens action against U.S. security firm (might ask Crocker to get lost)

When did it become acceptable to ignore subpoenas? Does that apply to the riff-raff (us), too?

US Navy gets ok to torture whales again.

You think that rightwing nutcases aren't the REAL terrorists we need to worry about?

Have you been to The Wall

Don't hit the panic button (but do blame those pesky overpaid workers)

Craig: "Because I'm a serving United States Senator from Idaho." (LMAO)

Everyone's favorite misogynist, Bill Maher, coming up on CNN

The only way I would vote for HRC

What the PNHP has to say about Clinton's health care plan.

Bush asks Congress to back troop levels.

Have you ever been tasered?

If only "journalists" were as upset as the student was.

Tom Feeney 'Most Corrupt' in Congress for Third Successive Year! Attaboy Tom!

No mention of Federal Investigator/ sex sting on MSM?

The lasest in the security nonsense

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities' "All are now dead"

Tweety on the Taset gun and the student: Shuster reports

Cavuto: "Trust me, if we wanted just oil, we'd position all our troops around just oil facilities."

The Taser episode isn't noteworthy or new.

Heads up for the Kerry apologists

OK, the perv was a republican.... but maybe his ancestor was a democrat

Nobel Peace Prize Could Go to Climate Campaigner

So Why Don't They Have To Answer Subpoenas?

Kerry:"Fortunately, he's not going to come up here and swear me in as President"

Craig is back in DC voted NAY to DC representation

Newspapers in Iraq Trumpet Government Ban on Blackwater

The naysayers, Beyond ridiculous!

Bill Gates has amassed $50 Billion?

Amnesty Int'l: Human Rights Abuses Go Unpunished, Contractors Escape Accountability

I'm getting one for my wife.

G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks Begin

Fortune article re: Blackwater

National Identification - Please discuss

Why are there pro-Iraqi War conservatives protesting in this country?

Davis demands hearing on ad

Feds just dropped key interest rates basis points, new rates 4.75%

FYI: Autism the topic on Oprah Today.

This one got by me: Russia Plants Underwater Flag, Claims Arctic Seafloor

abc news---Greenland and the Meltdown now.

John Kerry...What in the Holy Fuck?

Let's declare that John Kerry is the President!

US will not attack Iran; Israel will. And maybe very soon.

Hey folks - I need a little DU love on a poll.

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Your Drive Time RW Idiocy of the Day!

Is the tasering of the student at the Kerry event the Kent State of this war?

I think DU needs to randomly reshuffle people's user names!

Damn, if DU is this toxic 14 months before the election, what do we have to look forward to...

jpgray's upper thoracic unveilment unified field theory

Survey Puts Iraqi War Dead Above One Million

A question for Kucinich supporters:

A Canadian's perspective on the tazer incident

At University of Iowa the debate of the term has been whether to arm campus security.

Medea Benjamin and Joe Conason on Hardball in the same segment?

Countdown - Blood for Oil

State Department suspends travel outside of Green Zone

To Avoid Return to Iraq, Soldier Arranged to Be Shot

Israel Bombs Syria???? Anybody else hear this?

OMG! The Hide Thread Button.

GOP Senator Warner "Reconsidering" Support For Webb Troop Bill

The kid wouldn't get tasered if he just asked simple questions

The clock has been placed under surveillance...Thanks ACLU

Dispatch from the Bizarro-world that is America: Minneapolis airport bathroom a tourist spot?

Cops who tasered student on administrative leave

fyi: Greenspan on TDS w/Jon Stewart / Susan Sarandon on Colbert

13 members of Congress subpoenaed by Brent Wilkes (Cunningham)

Our Soldiers Abusing Iraq's Children FOR KICKS

The clock has been placed under surveillance...Thanks ACLU

Why do some people who like a particular person then

Abu Al-Baghdadi?

Is anybody else bothered by this AARP ad?

Quit calling the Drama Queen a kid... he's a 21 year old man.

Does ANYONE have a link to Andrew (Kerry / taser) Meyer's website?

Man Sues For Being Called Too Disabled To Fly

Steny Hoyer Attacks His Democratic Base

Why hasn't the U.S. seized the assets of Ray L. Hunt?

Circumcision, Prostitution, Pornography, Tasering, Spanking, Restroom Hijinks

Hillary says we should have the same care as goverment gets..I agree with THAT.

WH Official Press Release - FISA Why it Must Be Made Permanent

Catapulting the Propaganda from the WH Lawn ---pix--->>>

Two articles every DUer should read about the press corps treatment of Gore in 2000

Statements from IAEA Director General regarding IRAN (Sept 17,2007)

Let's settle this. What would have been the proper response from Kerry at the incident?

Two More Teens Die From "Cheese" (heroine/Tylenol pm) Dallas

Elizabeth Edwards on Peter B. Collins Show--Listen Live!

Two UF police officers put on leave after taser incident

Reuters: Nobel Peace Prize could go to climate campaigner (Gore?)

Hillary Health Care webcast starts in 5 minutes

Jena 6--Update from NAACP--about protest on Sept. 20th

Should the US send troops to Darfur?

Do you instinctively distrust police officers?

Is There Too Much Binary Thinking At DU?

Tor node operator after run-in with German police: "I can't do this any more"

I was wrong...

Try to watch first segments of HARDBALL tonight! Matthews is all over

The words "nutcase" and "wacko" are discriminatory

I Just Got off the Phone With a Friend of Mine Who Thinks That We Dont Need Universal Healthcare

Here is Hillary's PDF of her health care plan, for those who wish to comb through it.

Boob jobs for military personnel.....?

All of the lawmakers said they do not intend to comply with the subpoenas. Hmmmf.

Apparently, there is no end to the bad news coming out of BushLand. It's almost

If John Stossel had a conscience he would be considering suicide right now.

Is it our collective failure as a society that violent gangs exist?

Need tips on dealing with crazy campus street preacher

State Dept. Watchdog: My ‘Foremost Mission Is To Support Bush Administration’ (Waxman Letter)

Blackwater's License Revoked = Neocon Nightmare

"How Hillary Won Over the Health-Care Industry"

So, you believed the media spin that Democrats would cave on timelines . . .

ARRRGH YE MATIES! It's the Rise of Piratarianism!!!!

Further confirmation of a Kerry Landslide: Reconciling the Final 5 Million Votes ( X )

Questions on the "Health Care" proposals.

I wonder how many lives were saved because of the Taser Gun.

Why do we get to have nukes in self defense, but others don't?

Guidebook to good citizenship during a Q&A session, based on a few DU posts

If Americans Knew...

Once again, it's TEDTalk Tuesday!

AP story on taser incident, student made sure he was filmed

Attorney General Mukasey & the Rule of Law - Reigning a Lawless Administration-Collins/Scoop

From Senator Leahy: Please sign the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act!

DOJ Dread Exposed-Destruction of AT&T-Potential Plaintiffs May Include EVERY American With A Phone

Tucker Carlson must lurk at DU!

Does anyone know what that obnoxious student asked of Kerry

Tis' the season for Repubs to announce they won't run for reelection in 2008...

This New York Liberal finds himself turned off by the Clinton Campaign, Senate office.

Smart ass gets tasered for resisting arrest, Black men get shot for being the same race as a suspect

Has Anyone Done The Math On The Effects Of Third Party Candidates? (Bloomberg? Nader?)

Would Kucinich stand by and watch a student get tasered for asking a question?


Are liberals smarter than conservatives? - Slate article claims study rigged

Greg Palast: Student Tasered For 'Armed Madhouse' Query To Kerry (WaPo's "mysterious yellow book")

The GMO Food Guide

Should other UF students have jumped in to help?

What Is The Proper Protocol When Arrested?

cnbc - freaking out over $81/barrel oil

Democrats Take Hardline Stance, Will Demand Withdrawal Timeline

TIMELINE: B52 incident / deaths / suspicious events.

A democratic president will be "Johnson"ized for the duration of the war

Math and Science: Are American Schools sabotaging student success?


Tuesday TOONS: Revisionist Greenspan

Another Taser thread after having Viewed the Clip on U Tube

Ya wanna read the dude's blog who got tasered at the Kerry event?

Randi Rhodes is a forceful voice and really knows her shit, BUT........

Saudi women lobby king for driving right

Who to call in the Senate for tomorrow's habeas corpus restoration vote

America's Addiction to Debt Finally Crashes the System


Benjamin Dictor is the man!

Dem Nebraska State Senator Sues God to Stop Terror Threats

It isn't too late Senator Kerry - ANSWER the question the poor kid who was tasered asked you

Tasered Student, Waiving Greg Palast Book, Asked Kerry About Conceding 2004 Presidential Election

Job Growth since 2003 Q4. Something changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 8 months.

Mitch McConnell is at 47% approval in Kentucky

It looks like Hillary is running away with it. If you don't like her policies


Call GOP contributor Wendy's restaurants at 614 764-3553 and demand a $10 minimum wage.

Senator Kerrys' statement on Florida Campus Incident

Some a-holes "tagged" the gleaming new high school where my wife teaches

ASTROTURF ALERT: It's time to DU this phone # 877-222-8001

PHOTOS: "Trust betrayed"

Georgia GOP Official Quits Job After Calling for 'Whiter' Downtown Augusta

Democratic Rep Accused of Anti-Semitism for Calling Pro-Israel Lobby "Powerful"

The Kerry/taser story sheds a light

The Betray Us Ad: The numbers are in

Why those of us who want Gore believe so strongly he should be the nominee.

Order 17: Killing With Impunity - America's Mercenaries in Iraq

Being forced to show receipts, being removed from events we're disrupting . . .

While the Senate dickers on Mukasey, a dangerous Acting AG assumes the helm at DOJ.

Dirty little DU secret: 99% of the "Kerry/taser" flamegasms aren't about Kerry or tasers

Kerry: "That's alright, let me answer his question."

"Randi shut up, Cindy shut up, Kucinich shut up,

To All The FREEPERS Here, Lurking, Disrupting, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (MORANS)!!1! THIS IS HUGH!11!1!

Kerry Condemns Heckler Arrest

Let's all cry bitter tears, weep and moan and rend our garments over some belligerent asshole

What happens if the economy is in the toilet in November, 2008?

Should teachers pack heat?

I found a site, ';

Who is Bunnatine Greehouse, and why will she be testifying in the Senate Friday?

Who's Health Care plan do you prefer?

Have We Had Too Many Christian Presidents?

Towards a Taxonomy of Political Trolls OR Filling a Neologism Vacuum.

Ok, moms & dads: Larry Craig and the restroom sex solicitation thing....

DUers: Read this RE: Kerry/Taser situation for some perspective...

Political protest as performance art.

For my 5,000th post ...

John Kerry IS Awesome

Kerry Speech Tasering: The point people are missing

Randi Rhodes rocks! "People applaud the tasering"

Biden will be guest speaker at annual NH dinner

Low Dollar Fundraisers

Undecided --- which one?

Why is Biden such an "unknown"?

Clinton, Obama lead straw poll conducted at Gregg County Fair (Hill wins by 3 votes!)

Democrats giddy over Obama visit

Does anybody else get fired up when they hear Scott Ritter talk about anti-war tactics and strategy?

Poll: Dems Back Clinton On Health Care

Hillary Coming up on MSNBC-Joe Scarborough

Hillary’s Live WebCast Tonight 8pm EST. Sign up and submit questions

Dammit People! DRIVE FASTER!

Dem Response = Higher ratings than Bush address......

Hey Hillary: Tax credits won't mean shit to the uninsured

Anbar: (interview) tribes united against US; defeating occupation is goal;

MoveOn attacking Ghouliani is a net positive for him, a badge of honor.

I can only draw a single conclusion when a politician resists being a witness in a criminal trial

Hil's tough two tests: She aces her health care exam...

State Senator Chambers To Court: Tell God To Chill Out (order God to stop making terroristic threats

Hillary's pandering, enabling position

Religion - Marcus Brigstocke, to funny to miss from U tube EU

Audio of General Clark on Stephanie Miller yesterday on endorsement, a new book, and Petraeus.

F. Thompson woos SC voters by campaigning for USC football losses

France warning of war with Iran

Matthews laughs up prospect of bombing Iran with McCain

Please consider the "Progressives Against Inevitability" Movement

Eric Alterman: The Presidential Pageant

Hospital says Romney 'misappropriated' its image

World's shortest limericks

John Edwards on Universal Health Care: "Six months to real change. Without compromise."

Retirements Give GOP Election Planners a Month of Troubles


I am getting the message that I should not vote for either Edwards or Kucinich because

Kentucky at War

John Nichols: A Constitution to "Chain the Dogs of War"

Can any Hillary supporters actually defend the Mark Rich pardon?

U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq's Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks (AlterNet)

John Nichols: Clinton's Prescription for Another Heath Care Reform Failure

Should we change our Electoral Vote system?

Power to the people

Democratic Daily: Hillary’s Healthcare Plan May Be the Ticket

Dear HRC, JE and BO supporters: Is there any menaingful differences in their health care plans?

Murtha Says Democrats Will Pick Up 40 to 50 Seats

Public Employees Federation endorses Clinton

Email from John Edwards campaign (mods - tell me if it's not okay to post the whole thing)

Edwards Camp Cranks Up Attack On "Corporate Insider" Hillary In New Email

What happened to the polls?

Why the effort to keep private insurers in the mix? It's like subsidizing buggy makers.

delete - dupe

Chris Dodd: The Fight to Restore Habeas Corpus

John Edwards wins SoCal Grassroots straw poll

Nat'l Spelling Bee Champ has photo taken with man who can't spell OR find his own ass with a funnel

Franklin Pierce University/WBZ poll in NH: Hillary - 36, Obama - 18, Edwards - 12, Richardson - 10

What She Learned . . .

New Hampshire Primary: Clinton 40% Obama 17% Edwards 14%

Just called Mel Martinez's office and told them he was an "idiot"

Immigration Again

Republicans Block Voting Machine Testing in Ohio

No wonder Wes Clark endorsed Hillary Clinton....

Don't let Rove Decide Again. A Koz post remembering 2004

John Nichols: Clinton’s Prescription for Another Heath Care Reform Failure


Some blatant irony as CNBC tries SO hard to be like Faux!

GOP's Dirty Tricks Begin

Kevin Drum on Clinton's Health Care Plan: "I think Hillary has outflanked (Obama.)

Thank you, Michael Moore! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. SICKOS for sale -- sHillary on home page

Anybody beside me think Larry Craig is going to get away with this?

"Mitt and Kerry Wish You a Great Pride Weekend! All citizens deserve equal rights"

Obama proposes middle-class tax cuts

Bush Wishes He Could Be Alongside Troops In Iraq But He Is Too Old

THIS explains everything!

Hoyer takes aim at Moran’s AIPAC comment

Maryland: Hillary 32%, Obama 18%, Edwards 10%...

ASTROTURF ALERT: It's time to DU this phone #877-222-8001!

Obama's rural fundraising strongest - Clinton second

3 Forbes Polls. confident, approachable and down to earth

Barack Obama: Experts Praise Barack Obama's Speech on the Economy

As Health Care Debate Heats Up, Industry Spends Big Bucks

$35 Billion Boost In Works for Kids' Health Care

This is hillarious, Tucker is in way over his head with Wes Clark. Watch

St Louis Today: Low prices aren't everything (guess who)

Sparse Schedule for Thompson on Campaign Trail

Sent Tucker an email on his criticism of Kerry for not doing anything


Go left TV: The "Genius" of George W. Bush

A reminder, the General Zinni clip.

How Does Hillary's New Health Care Plan Measure Up? HillaryCare 2.0

The Reviews are in "Promising Policy"....yada yada yada

Obama tax plan: $80 billion in cuts, five-minute filings

Clinton's health care=big pay day for HMOs & Insurance companies

Post-Oprah, Post-Hsu Clinton numbers: 47% (+2) Obama 25% (+1) in latest Gallup Poll

For overconfident Hillary supporters/Concerned Obama or Edwards supporters, remember Iowa '04

The MSM likes to pretend that Kucinich and Paul do not exist

Democratic Presidential Candidate Health Care Plans In A Nutshell

Dean Soars into Huge Lead in New Hampshire

Further confirmation of a Kerry Landslide: Reconciling the Final 5 Million Votes ( x )

Goddurn Is there anything on DU worth talking about but the Kerry taser incident?

Hillary has "goons" ejecting people at her rally!

Fred's looking pretty frikkin' SICK in HuffPo's front page photo...

The Problem with the Health Care Plans (a symptom of a greater problem).

PNHP is underwhelmed with Hillary Clinton's new plan

Senator Biden will be the guest speaker at the annual Coos Democrats Truman dinner in NH

Hillary, the Minnie Pearl of Democratic Politics, hosts a fundraiser for homeland security lobbyists

habeuas corpos restoration act: Find out how your senator is voting, and call:

Is the 2 party system dead in the US?

Obama Proposes Middle-Class Tax Relief Plan

The Reviews Are In: 'Promising Policy,' 'Very Sound,' 'A Huge Step Forward'

A note to all concerned about this country

Picture of all of the DNC organizers together for the first time...Cleveland.

Money to Investigate Bill = 70 mil, money to investigate Karl = 0

Campaign 2008....Most qualified Senators running ?

Anyone still believe Al Gore will jump in?

Clark: "It's part of paying back what I think I owe the country."

How long are you giving Al Gore?

Hypothetical Question - Al Gore or Hillary Clinton

"Al Gore is Running for President..."

Dean Regains Slight Iowa Lead in Neck and Neck Race With Gephardt

Help me respond to this: Governors and the presidency.

Kucinich on the Issues

Steny Hoyer says he is "mad at the base".

Let's Do Barbara Boxer Proud and take on FreeperVille Re: Petraeus