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Archives: September 14, 2007

Canada votes 'no' as UN native rights declaration passes

Rahm Emanuel: Supplementing Social Security


Democrats breathe new life into troop reduction strategy: Senator Webb's plan

NYT editorial on Bush's speech: No Exit, No Strategy: "a military commitment that has no end"

“In the Valley of Elah": "Iraq has damaged this country in ways we have only begun to grasp."

An Article on Dennis' Appearance on the Ed Schultz Show

Bill O'Reilly & Tony Snow Team Up Against Moveon

John Nichols: The Ambitious Delusions of George Bush and David Petraeus

Howard Kurtz said Fox News is "entitled" to be a Bush "cheerleader" and "misinform our society"

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Surge, and Then a Stab

German GWOT Misfire

India Facing "Serious Damage" To Agricultural Output - Up To 40% Loss By 22nd Century - IPS

Fish Surviving Ocean Dead Zones Face Substantial Reproductive Problems - Royal Society Proceedings

Sci Am - Carbon Isotope Markers Confirm Higher CO2 Levels = Warmer Oceans

It's Ba-ack! Ozone Hole Reforms, But May Not Hit Last Year's Record Size - ANTARA News

Mediterranean Future - Salty, Stagnant - Water Temps Up 3.6 Degrees Above Averages @ 300 Feet

Chrysler Announces New Unit To Work On Developing . . . (Wait For It!!) . . . .

UNL Drought Monitor - Week Of 11 September

Stark Warning From Red List & IUCN - "Life On Earth Is Disappearing Fast" - Independent

Gazprom Deputy Chairman - Russia Will Control Armenian Link In Iran-Russia Pipeline

BP Shrinking GOM Operations: Will Concentrate On Thunder Horse, Atlantis - Marketwatch

Architectural Non-Profit Releases Sea-Level Flood Maps Of US Cities Through Google Earth

Little Chance Of Comprehensive Energy Conservation Bill Emerging This Fall - NYT

NCDC: Climate of 2007 - August in Historical Perspective

Duke Power CEO: Carbon Capture at least 10 years away

Oil Closes Above $80 For First Time On Record - AP/Yahoo

Traders Doubt OPEC's Ability To Raise Output, Cut Prices - Marketwatch

Indian Government Caps Natural Gas Prices 34% Below Global Benchmark - Bloomberg

Tropical Storm Ingrid forms in Atlantic - Reuters

Labor Board Charges Verizon With Unfair Labor Practices

UAW Singles Out GM, Rallies For Possible Strike

EU Tries To Fend Off Unilateral US Laws On Iran

U.S. Army Awards Iraq Security Work To British Firm

Bush: Iraq 'fighting for its survival'

VECO executive says he bribed Ben Stevens, son of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens

FACTBOX-Reaction from 2008 W.House hopefuls to Bush speech

Edwards Tackles Katrina Flap (sets up charitable org for subprime investments)

White House report shows little progress

GOP hopefuls say Bush on point

Statisticians boost effort to block children's health-insurance expansion

Testimony: Sen. Stevens' Son Took Bribes

Thompson gives no opinion on Schiavo

N.J.'s Corzine to Defy New Health-Care Rules

US says talk of strike against Iran is nonsense

Dollar's Retreat Raises Fear Of Collapse

MD County To Offer Health Care To All


Has anyone seen Agent Hunt recently?

NoelMN's homework is STUPID!

Pizza Hut says I can pick up my order in 20 minutes

Perfect song......

Police find Giuliani in man's body in wooded area.....

Anybody here tried Alli

this seems a little odd Parche...

Cripes, I shoulda stayed out of GD...

Joy was just a thing that he was raised on...

Peace, Dude. Chengdu, China

Here's a great name of a law firm (well it was)

Chris Mathews calls * on 36 nations

RIP, Hughie Thomasson

Best Law Firm Name Change Ever! (Somewhat Salacious)

FINALLY!!!!! I am registered for Led Zeppelin tickets

Here is some good news from GD of all places...

Any one seen "Death at a Funeral?"

...And The Patriots Punishment Is....................

I don't understand

Sometimes over the last 6 years of hell...

For those who didn't watch, a summary of *'s speech:

Police find man's body and Giulliani in wooded area.....

What are you doing instead of watching President Dip?

You ever see a working dog and wonder....

Take off the tinfoil hats and let the blood flow back into your brains...

I Have A Feeling My Job is going to be Boring Tomorrow 14Sep

Pete Rose is banned for cheating and Bill Bellicek is slapped on the wrist

IF "freedom" is not free, then

Post your Mug,a youtube link and a pretty bug


I'm having LUST issues...

I was at store today and the workers were putting out Christmas items

Cyndi Lauper LIVE!!

Dog show on Animal Planet right now...

I just watched a program on PBS about big cats...

Quick Favor To Ask - Please Vote!

I've lost my voice!

Department of Motor Vehicles

I need help finding the right video. I have a repuke girlfriend who is just begging

I'm pretty, I'm pretty, I'm a baaaad man!

For you Food Network / Mario Batali fans ...

I am but a simple caveman, not familiar with your words, what is this 'GD' of which speak?

why do transvestites always hit on me?

Broken back. Broken femur. Two broken ankles. A loved one was hit by a sleepy driver.

Have you seen that girl crying her head off over Britney Spears?

Recommendations Please

who here has had Dr. Dre buy them a drink at The Viper Room, in LA...

I'm really struggling with my hatred for the human race....Anybody else?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott Heron

My pic of Elvis Costello tonight in NC.

Do you ever just say, "to hell with it, I need a beer" and

I don't think anyone in GD likes me any more.

Best. Film. Intro. Ever.

I. Will. Not. Watch. This. Pestiferous. Bucket. Of. Swill.

What the hell is up with the heat lamps in hotel room bathrooms?

Kalaupapa (pics):

God I hate that jerk Han Solo. No flames please.

BBC America fans... favorite shows?

People who hate certain bugs: Which ones?

What are you reading?

Minority women still dying in Iraq Here is #108

Disabled NYC 9/11 Ironworker Out To Protect Future First Responders

Teamsters, Twinkies And Labor Unrest, company wants 25% pay cut from half of the workforce

Case for universal care

Auto town braces for concessions

After Membership Survey, Letter Carriers Endorse Clinton

I heard Linda Chavez Thompson will be retiring soon

John Edwards New Ad Excerpt (Response to Chimpy's War-mongering Speech)

Eve of Destruction - Iraq

Network - Mad as hell

Olbermann: The Real Reality on the Ground

Jimi Hendrix RARE 67-03-07 Belgium - Hey Joe Tienerklanken

Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun - Isle of Wight, 1970

Cindy Sheehan at Fighting Bob Fest (9/8/07) Parts 1 of 5

Cindy Sheehan at Fighting Bob Fest (9/8/07) Parts 2 of 5

Official Democratic Response: Sen. Jack Reed

Cindy Sheehan at Fighting Bob Fest (9/8/07) Parts 3 of 5

Cindy Sheehan at Fighting Bob Fest (9/8/07) Parts 4 of 5

Cindy Sheehan at Fighting Bob Fest (9/8/07) Parts 5 of 5

John Edwards on Larry King: No Timeline, No Funding. No Excuses.

Olbermann w/ Rachel Maddow, Sen. Joe Biden Response: 'It's's bizarre'

John Edwards' Address to the Nation

Presidential Address- Return On Success

CNN's Michael Ware Deconstructs Bush Speech 9/13/07

Olbermann/Matthews: Bush's Speech Claims "open him up to ridicule."

Exerpt from Reed's response to *

Sometimes people end up in crosshairs that shouldn't be there.

The TOTALLY HEARTLESS exploitation of human beings stuns me.

How long will it take for Adm. Fallon to be fired, demoted, die of a heart attack...etc?

Didn't MALAKI say we could leave anytime? Now Shrub's saying Iraq asked for long-term stay!!1 n/t

21 States that demand breast cancer victims to go to specific clinics

Chimpy poisoned the air waves yet?

Can't watch Olbermann.....Can I get a quick overview of tonights opener

Dems mandate was to end war and impeach, correct?

LTTE: Just as McCain was shut off from world while POW, he's shut off from the human tragedy of Iraq

JACK!!!! "THEY" WANT TO RULE THE WORLD,...including you!!!

HERE'S some "fun" for ya: Just got this in my inbox

Boehner's "small price to pay" remark re our troops ironic

God will bless the United States - we saved the world once -

Leave General Petraeus alone!

On the wake of Bush's speech

Insidious framing alert : "Al Quaeda Iraq"

Hope everyone had their Tivos and recorders tuned to CNN today...

Jena 6 -- busses from Virginia to Louisiana


Who was the worst?

When does the puke speak tonight...I want to know when to look for Edwards

Microsoft caught doing stealth updates

You know this fight can really lead to the gates of hell -

US Air Force Stand Down - Dead Congressman - Tinfoil Hats(?)

Jena 6 -- bus from Tenn to Jena, Louisiana for march

Where's the Rice woman?

John Stossel takes on Michael Moore

Jena 6 - bus from South Carolina to Jena, LA

FYI - Al Anbar Province (Population 1.2 million) ... Iraq (Population 27.5 million)

let me know when its over...

ready to drown in bullshit?

'An enduring relationship' beyond my (Bush) presidency.

Time to Bring Back Lessons on PNAC. It looks like the war drums are beating

POLL: Are you going to watch Bush speak tonight?

your 15 minutes are up ASSWIPE


How can you call an occupied country an ally?

What they do - ask the kids -

Blah blah blah Al Qaeda blah blah blah progress blah blah blah liberal media blah blah blah blah

Tweety is highlighting his "circular reasoning"

whow, PBS jim lehrer is carring Bush speech!

=== Herr Decider's "Return on Success" Speech Thread on DU ===

I'm ferklempt. Tweety just summed this whole clusterfuck up marvelously

Tweety on KO, i'm almost convinced he's over his man crush on Bush

DU Drinking Game...

Hey you George W. Bush, Murderous Dumbshit Goddamned Motherfucker, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

QUICK call the FCC

********New bush speech night thread, Reed response***************


Mr. Bush, it's been reported that 600,000+ Iraqi citizens have been killed. Where are the bodies?

I'm Going To Watch Bush Tonight Because I think He's Going To Slit His Own Throat

Sen. Warner and Repugs got their bone tonight. All is well.

O: "nothing like making a bad self fullfilling prophecy work for you"

Why don't they just put Buchanan out to pasture?

Chicago Fox outlet carrying Sheppard Smith, not Jack Reed.

Who is this used car salesman on my TV?

Popular Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner jumps into Virginia Senate race

BIDEN ON OLBERMANN in reference to Boehner's "price" of Iraq comment:

Leave Iraq to Bush's imaginary 36 nations

Keep this in mind with the permanent bases in Iraq. It is a shell game.

Better to WALK AWAY than

Biden on with Tweety and KO, and he is mad

Where is the Edwards response? I'm watching MSNBC at 8:30 and there is no

Oh Gawd, Huckabee

Bush is out of his craptastic mind.

Mike Wallace speaks out against the Iraq war on a prerecorded program on CSPAN 3.

Forget Huckabee, Reid is on NPR and not just Reid

It was all I could do not to drive off the road when I heard this story

If Americans cannot see that they are being sold out by the Republicans

Thats it for me, Bush just used a dead soldier to prop up his war.

"Extremists...are seeking to topple Iraq’s government, dominate the region..."

"Listening to George Bush talk about toppling governments in Iraq is like listening

Fox Noise crawler: "Forces of Freedom are Winning...MoveOn is losing..."

A Grammy, an Oscar, maybe a Nobel, maybe now also an Emmy! Al Gore's cleaning up!

Three misleading graphs needed

Craig Keeps Mum on Return to Washington


I was watching abc and did not see the Edwards ad. Was it aired anywhere?

Iran *could* gain nukular...extremists *could* take over...dangers *could* reach our cities...

Biden's kickin' ass and taking names on MSNBC! He spent time with the sheikh that was blown

"The lack of appreciation from my friends on the other about the progress in Iraq" Says McCain.

Huckabee...shades of Richard Nixon with that 10 o clock shadow...and what a huge brown nose !

Walking Dead McCain on Larry King

I thought there was an alien looking in the window pane to the right of his head...

"That last part of his speech was designed for the terminally dumbassed"

Victory In Iraq!

Yay! Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

good lord he is pathetic...

Bark Obama?

Jim Webb on NPR

Call Clinton and Obama and tell them to STOP THE WAR now!

Where's Edwards?

The only way to continue this course is to get more troops

Can we impeach NOW?

The million-dollar question mention of WMDs or Mushroom clouds over US cities or uranium from Niger

"Return on Success" == "Stand Down as they Stand Up"

the president just told america to FUCK OFF

* is starting to remind me of what I read about Hitler in 1945.

Question of the century: Who are the 36 countries?

Call Nancy Pelosi

Huckabee looks like a hobo

The General As Salesman

Is it right to blame Democrats -in general- for all these Congressional failures?

I know why Bush won't end the war

At some point -reality does set in.

Giuliani re: Petraeus : "Right *now* his life is in danger...on the line...protecting America"

God Bless the United States - we have paid so many dues.


Craig's Seat is Least of GOP Worries

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) is KICKING ASS on Hannity/Colmes!!

I keep hearing: "Bush agrees to reduce troops"

West Virginia versus Maryland on ESPN

Bush Is Bombing WORSE Than Britney!!! --->>>

OK--- who snarfed the minute they showed Dubya's face---

Maybe 63 years ago - we stopped cold a dark age -

The 'pig fuckers' at the Fox Networks carried Bush's address but did not carry the Democratic

Huckalunger is up

~~If Freedom *ISN'T* free- it isn't Freedom-

Busted Boehner

So are Dems going to bring Falon in to testify soon if ever?

To those Republicans who refuse to stop Bush's assault on the world:

Independent UK: An assassination that blows apart Bush's hopes of pacifying Iraq

I Hope The American's Love Their Children Too...

Do you know anyone who voted for President Petraeus?

Michael Ware is on Anderson Cooper

When does the funding end?

A "Theological War'?

WHY does everybody BUT the Democratic Congress get it?

I still can't forgive Chris Matthews for voting for * in 2000

Paging Iraq Veterans Against the War- Los Angeles area.

And Once Again... The Song Of September...

Edwards went right at the Bush myth that 9/11 and Iraq were connected....

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Tonight Bush kissed off Iraq, our military, our country, his presidency, and his party.

So if we cut spending on the war, is Bush nuts enough to keep the troops there?

Chimpy and his late Sunni ally (pic)

Bush did not mention WMDs in his speech.

CNN Poll

Call Sean Hannity's advertisers.

I think maybe Gore might run independent in the end.

(I didn't watch *) Rewind 24 hours. ESPN talking about the NY Yankees/Red Sox race.

Do I (we) want to post Dubya Shrub's speech in the political videos forum?

I Think George Will Just Murdered Fred Thompson in His Political Cradle.

"George" is not the problem. His puppet masters are. Let's get that straight.

It is going to be hard for Repubs to Defend Bush On This One ....

If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear...

Iraqis cannot miss the significance of the Abu Risha assassination in Anbar

A Look at Bush's Assertions About Iraq: AP fact-checks the speech

Tonight's speech and where we as a nation will go

ABC News: CIA changed the appearance of KSM when captured for propaganda value

John Edwards' campaign theme: "Tomorrow Begins Today" - GWB tonight: "Tomorrow Starts Today"

$1 USD = 1.0334 CAD (1 USD = 1.0334 CAD) Holy Crap! (Btw, CAD = Canadian Dollar)

Floridians, some info on the tax bill that the GOP wants on the ballot.

Connect The Dots...

Is he begging to get fired/impeached? Is that why it's not happening?

The George W. Bush Address to the Nation that Should Have Been

Two animals -- one with a heart -- one with two hearts. Who would you love?

I really think this is how it works and there's not much we can do about it

And yet, impeachment is STILL off the table

Contact these Sean Hannity advertisers and say you won't buy their products until the Iraq war ends.

Mr Gore -

"No End in Sight"

WP: In speech, Bush contradicted recent government reports -- and himself

Jon Stewart! DeMint, Inhofe, and Liebermann!! Snarf! nt

Bush stated he needs an exit strategy.

Tweety/Keith just called chimpy out on the "36 countries' lie

Will bush's speech change American opinion?

couldn't do it turned it after 2 minutes

Why did John Edward's campaign have to pay for the Dem response to shrub?

If you were mad at me for taking Biden to task on Sunday, take heart...

It's Clear. The Democrats Have One Path Out of Iraq.

"You Democrats are missing the point....You don't negotiate with a terrorist.....

Edwards is coming up now!

Alaska and Hawaii were two of the 36 coalition nations referred to by Bush.

We need to end this shit... Period

Embattled exec fingers GOP Senator Ted Stevens' son in bribery trial

Salon: Bush's "Drawdown" had to happen no matter what. Never enough troops to sustain any surge.

Hurricane and disaster relief

Glen Beck says we call the Troops baby killer

Busholini confirmed "No Exit Strategy". There never was one.

Is anyone else having trouble with large parts of the Internet? Is there a mega-cyber attack...

San Francisco to offer health care to every uninsured adult....


NH Union Leader: Shaheen WILL run for Senate!!

Bush destroyed the leader of the free world.

Diapered man charged with stalking teen

New WH Report Contradicts Bush’s Claim That Troop Drawdown Is Result Of ‘Success’ In Iraq

I wonder: Did Hurricane Humberto prove Bill Proenza to be correct about aging weather satellite?

Edwards: End this war now!

Tom Joyner to Juanita Bynum: "Are you telling your flock to vote for Obama?"

Bushitler going to Berchtesgaden for the weekend.

So how many Republicans do we need to end this thing?

Kerry: Bush Iraq Policy Still Wrong After All These Years

The Lessons of Today's Stunning New Lieberman Poll

Bush made me drunk, how about you?

I. Am. On. Drugs. ---pix--->>>

Can we name Bush's '36 nations?'

this is nuts! WAPO: Among Top Officials, 'Surge' Has Sparked Dissent, Infighting

********Live Thread- bush speech***************

Iraq Weekly Status Report (Coalition numbers included) August 2007

How is it possible - BUSH bragging about how many he kills. IMPEACH this Barbarian!

I have never seen Chris Matthews look or speak the way he did tonight. Ever since

Jack Reed (D) RI did well

One Question:

I fell asleep and dreamed that the chimp came on tv and said

HURRY--fact check...36 nations with troops on the ground in Iraq?

John Edwards here:

Dayum... Biden with the focus of a laser... did I just tune into an alternate universe ?

The "Enduring Relationship" is no surprise - DU knew all along that we're never leaving Iraq --->>>

"Cry havoc" - *bush's speech translated

General Potemkin

Edwards: "Congress must answer to the American people."

Are any prescription drugs vegan?

I'm sending a donation to John Edwards right now. Who's with me?

IMPEACH 1280 x 800 pixel deskpicture from Benton County War Protest

This is touching. Nice to see a company show such real class.

George, you ignorant FUCK....

Wow, Tweety is PIssed

Michael Moore to be on 20/20 with Stossel to discuss Cndn health care needs to know this.

Jena 6 -- busses from Dallas, TX to Louisiana

The disgraced ABC consultant and the push for war in Iran - Alexis Debat

It's good to be here.

This war started when I was in 7th grade

Dean: President's Speech Offers War Without End

Biden on Keith

Positive Biden thread on GD about comments on KO -- needs votes. nt

It's a darn good day to be a Democrat.

Biden message pre-Bush speech.

Focus on the Family will lay off 30, move 15 more to new jobs

MSNBC has pushed Edwards' response to Bush on Iraq back to 9:53PM for unknown reason

Hsu Suicide Note Blames Obama for Scandal.

Here is an interesting site on Darfur. Don't forget the events this weekend.

108th female death in IRAQ plus others

Dept of Advance

GOP Desperate to Find Silver Lining in Health Care Polls

Lamont would win in a rematch for the Senate

Tweety apologizing up one side and down the other to build up Petraeus on Keith O.

South Carolina Winthrop Univ. Poll : 89% disapprove of Bush Handling of War: Give edge to Obama

Beautiful "deer in the headlights" shot of Junior on MSNBC front page, caption "Mixed Message"

"Return on Success" = "Stuck on Failure"...

So Right Said Fred, (TN-Buffoon) is now being called the "Law and Order"

Who the fuck elected that moron? Oh wait, we didn't.....twice....n/t

Is that an electric shaver in the background during Reed's rebuttal?

Anyone think the "surge" was meant to help B*sh.

Doesn't Larry King look like an extra for the Guys and Dolls

How Many Times Has Pat Buchanan Been To Iraq?......

History Should Label This Speech "The Fuck You America! Who Is Gonna Stop Me" Speech

Clinton picks up first Arizona Endorsements and more from Maryland

Where is the Edwards two minute commercial?

What SaveElmer didn't mention about the latest Fox News/Opinions Dynamics Poll

Keith O Just said 'you have to watch the commericals, because there will be

View Edwards Responding to Bush Here

I'm confused. Who issues vetoes now? Petraeus or the Mencken Moron? nt

One Has To Really Wonder About Those People In This Country.....

Think Bush Looks Pathetic? Think Again.

Adam Kokesh is on CNN right now!

Politico: Pelosi, Obama, Feingold and Van Hollen to Hail Enactment of Lobbying Reform

What Katzenkavelier didn't mention about the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll...

So...suppose things actually start getting better in Iraq in the months ahead.

What hasn't been said about the Fox News/Dynamics Poll (Is this better?)

GOP talking points: Hillary SMEARED General Petraeus

Obama losing debate over "Who can bring needed change"...

Wesley Clark on Leslie's show?

"Why Obama makes a lot of sense to me, a lot of sense" by Arthur Z. Schwartz

Florida: Biden pulls ahead of Edwards...Hillary still way in front

HuffPo: "A year from now he will finally have pulled himself out of Iraq and back to Crawford."

The late Hunter Thompson and the dead John McCain.

CNN Ticker - Gravel to Maher

Is there any provision in the Constitution for a President to be declared insane?

My Daughter has to make a report on Shrubs Speech Can anyone tell me who are the 36 nations?

WP, E.J. Dionne: Painting the Suburbs Blue

Hillarious Summary of the Senate Questioning Petraeus by Dana Milbank

OH SHIT!! ok Hillary you said your the only one who can standup to the republicans

Are there any polls that were taken after Bush's speech? What did people think? Anyone know?

Bush knew Iraq had no WMD, but lied to Congress, and it's in print

NY Committeeman, Art Schwartz, writes op-ed about why he is endorsing Obama

I am impressed with Edwards' "Paid Ad" idea to respond to Bush,

So analysis earlier said * was aiming this speech at 11 (R) senators

I think Joe Biden will make an excellent Secretary of State...

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell's support of Bush's war in Iraq has inspired a bluegrass revolution

What about the benchmarks?

Did Bush Discuss Permanent Bases?

I just shook US Senator Joe Biden's hand!!!

Rachel Maddow did very well on MSNBC

Another reason the Edwards commercial was smart....

NY Times: voters from Iowa and NH are smarter than voters from other states

IMHO, if Gore doesn't get in the race, Edwards just

Whitaker, Biden have sons serving with U.S. military

Why Hillary will Lose the Primary

Obama: Oprah interested in campaigning in South Carolina

Knowing that they were lied to, is it fair to condemn Dems for voting for the IWR?

The Absolute Delusion of the Boy King Coward

The Strange Case of Norman Hsu............

SC Poll: Obama 35.4, Clinton 30.7 among black voters (Winthrop University)

True or False: A Presidential candidate who voted for the IWR is unfit for the Presidency.

Bill Maher Asks Edwards if he will ask people to give up C-O-W-S for the environment.

Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not.

My dream ticket: OBAMA/BIDEN (in that order). With them as a team, we'd get:

Oh! What a Lovely War on Terror - it's the number the arms dealers love

Tomgram: Tony Karon on Growing Dissent among American Jews

Clashing catastrophes

Conservatives dominate op-ed pages - AP


Massachusetts: A state of self-indulgence?

A nation listened with folded arms

Week of Antiwar Events To Start With a ‘Die-In’

War of words over Korean peace treaty

Robert Parry: Bush's War Without End

Conservatives dominate op-ed pages - AP

Why the Bush Regime is an Orwellian Threat


Obama's Foreign Policy: A Detailed & Lengthy Analysis

Naomi Klein: America's Deadly Shock Doctrine in Iraq

GQ's 16 page interview with Rumsfeld.

AlterNet: Bush Won't Let Go of His Failed Iraq Project

Needy students given food for weekend-US Schools Backpack Program

A Journey into the Redneck State of Mind


WP FACT CHECK: The President Asserted Progress on Security and Political Issues. Recent Reports Were

The Least Bad Plan (The Washington Post is against withdrawing any pre-surge troops)

Note to Democrats: Weakness on War Dooms Party

More than 1,000,000 Iraqis murdered ORB - Opinion Business Research:

'Lifestyle' diseases hit India's IT workers

Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy commentary: Bush still refuses to admit he was wrong

Cracking Down on Corporate Abuses Abroad

The Myth of the Balanced Court

In the Wake of Petraeus

From BlogSpot's "GET RID OF THE DLC": Being in the Position to Do Nothing

Fox only broadcast network that did not air Democratic response to Bush speech

NPR: Wounded Soldier's Care Tangled in System (Family Faces Financial Ruin)

Excerpt from Naomi Klein's controversial new book, "The Shock Doctrine,"

David Sirota: The Lesson Of The DMV

Resistance in the Ranks

Mr Bush, your sheikh is dead

Open Letter to the New Generation of Military Officers by Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman

When the Rich Make Too Much: Is it Time for a Maximum Wage?

Vt. Yankee reports on collapse in tower

No Drilling in Baca National Wildlife Refuge!

Despite Multimillion Dollar Sea Wall, Most Alaskan Villagers Flee Storm's Impact - ADN

Paraguay Struggling To Respond To Worst Forest Fires On Record -250K Acres Burned So Far - Reuters

Blue-Green Algae Outbreaks Polluting SW China's Lakes Getting Worse - Xinhua

Goldman Sachs - Asian Coal Costs May Rise By 22% In 2008 - Bloomberg

Comic Relief - Deutsche Bank Predicted Oil @ $24/bbl By 2010

Houston Chronicle Editorial - Explosive Growth Of Humberto Delivers A Warning

Harvest Shortfalls Have Analysts Watching C. Asia For Unrest Over Food Prices, Shortages

Question about Whitehouse solar panel removal

Bluewater Wind says it will build 150-turbine farm (Delaware)

Chrysler creates electric vehicle division

Lawrenceville figures to save money with biodiesel (Georgia)

Norhwest passage open end to end

Safeway Unveils its First Solar-Powered Grocery Store

Rates Of Black Lung Double Since 1997, Federal Statistics Reveal

Clean coal to qualify for Kyoto carbon offsets - Reuters

Safeway installing solar panels to save money, energy

Norway's Oil Output Falls 7.3% In August From Previous Month - Bloomberg

Top 10 most polluted sites.

USDA - US 2007/08 Carryover Wheat Stocks Lowest Since 1973/74 ; World Carryover Lowest In 30 Years

Large Areas Of Arctic Sea Ice Only 1 Meter Thick - 50% Thinning Since 2001 - Wegener Institute

Worldwatch - Window To Stop Catastrophic Warming Closing Rapidly- ENN

Wave Of Bad News - Pollution, Mine Deaths, Unsafe Food & Toys - Overwhelms Chinese Official Media

Bush Science Advisor - Earth May Become "Unliveable" W/O GHG Cuts, But Targets Would Be "Arbitrary"

White House report shows little progress

Mexico's Senate: No Paying for Ads

Georgia to cut Iraq force from 2,000 to 300

Japan’s first lunar explorer in space

Truck bomb kills 10 in northern Iraq

White House: Iraq lags on benchmarks

Female Airman Won't Face Court-Martial

Obama, Paul net most military workers' donations

U.S.-Allied Sheik's Followers Vow Revenge

Breaking News : OJ in troube again. Investigated for Robbery.

Iran president to attend UN General Assembly in New York

Bhutto announces Pakistan return

Bush buys more time to make mark in Iraq

Bush preserves big troop level in Iraq

Pakistan allows Bhutto back but warns of prosecution

(Mark) Foley Unlikely to Be Prosecuted; Lewd Internet Messages Too Old

China to reduce death penalty use

Bush aide says warming man-made

Senator puts block on Wild Sky bill

Four arrested for helping suspected cop killer

Northern Rock customers queue for cash as crisis hits high street (run on UK bank)

Egeland urges negotiation, also with terrorists

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 14

California black caucus supports Obama

Soaring gold price forces US Mint to pull sales of American Gold Eagles from website.

Ex-ABC consultant (Debat) was intern, not official, says French Defense Ministry

O.J. Simpson named suspect in Vegas incident

Troops may not shrink to pre-surge level

Shaheen joins NH Senate race

Libya lures defence and aerospace investment

Sen. Nelson's son gets probation for run-in

4 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq bombing

Elizabeth Edwards criticizes ad

Fifth quake hits Indonesia in three days

Cheney: U.S. 'getting things right in Iraq'

Thompson Visits Little Havana

Opec blames oil price surge on weaker US dollar

Iran's Khamenei says Bush is war criminal comparable to Hitler

British, Norwegian jets intercept Russian planes in NATO-patrolled air space

Washington ‘misled’ Blair over plans for postwar Iraq

Gonzales leaves attorney general's post

CIA Bans Water-Boarding in Terror Interrogations

Gingrich: Republicans need 'clean break' from Bush

Michigan GOP Activist Gets 5 Years For Sex Assault

Surprise slowdown in US retail sales

Snacks Take Big Bite Out of DOJ Budget

Pelosi: Despite White House Report Showing Little Progress, Bush is Committed to 10 More Yrs of War

BREAKING NEWS: Ameritrade customer data stolen (all of the company's 3.6 million accounts)

Secretary of State, who keeps private life shrouded, co-owns home with female filmmaker

Miami Police Officer's Killer Shot Dead

FBI wants law targeting hats, sunglasses in banks

Northern Rock Customers Crowd Branches, Withdraw Cash (London, England)

U.S. Official: Syria May Be Trying To Obtain Nuclear Equipment

Two in Colombia Charged in Killing (2 politicians charged, one dead journalist)

Court overturns conviction in Jena beating case

Vatican reiterates that it considers removal of feeding tubes immoral

At 150 storeys, Burj Dubai towers above all the others


The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/13/07)


N. Ferance Patterson and The Standing Wave rock !!1!

"I Was Drunk"- Alejandro Escovedo

Late Night at the Movies: Post a movie scene time

suggestions needed for ailing elderly auntie

Post your cool animated movie intros here

I know this is going to sound crazy but...

What's worse? A heretic or a blasphemer?

Heck, it's really late at night. Let's all post NEKKID! god: Stuart Bloopers!!


I'm getting a complex.


Think I may have hit a few nerves yesterday...

Saje's Birthday

Jus chillin'

Not that there is anything phallic about it or anything

List your favorite movie(s) and favorite quote(s) from the movie.

All the world's a stage...

Interesting story about DUBAI!

Lounge: From this moment , you're on Double Secret Probation!

Which is the more hackneyed political cliché?

I just got a new computer, what should I go do on the 'nets'

The Cure 2008 North American Tour rescheduled tour dates (now with added shows)!!!

What is the ABSOLUTE CUTEST THING you've seen in recent memory?

Are you "management material"?

Need dating advice

I got it! I got it! I GOT IT!!!!!

Why are you awake?

Okay, unlike yesterday, TODAY is Friday!

Why does The Onion hate freedom?

Budweiser - Breakfast of Champions!

Chatroom warning after web death

Calling all Panda fans.. enjoy

My Fellow Viet Vet, Kerry Bats lead-off against The Boner,himself !

This sucks.

Colbert's 1-888-OOPS-JEW actually works

Oh yeah. Did I mention that it SNOWED today?

I THOUGHT I signed up for a class titled "Rhetorical Criticism,"

Am I a Bad Person ?

Well, I have another house showing today. If you have any tired old vibes you aren't using


To our DU nurses:

Any small biz or home biz people that accept credit cards


I'll send you all a postcard from Gitmo . . .

Who else thinks the NE Patriots Cheated?

Comcast is a Futurama Tease!

I just ordered some camisoles from American Apparel. Ask me anything!

I'm in bed with another man.

I like cake

The Bar Is Open................But

I was hoping that I was pregnant but I found out from my doctor that I am not ...

Ten Funniest Motion Picture Association of America Film Ratings Reasons


So I asked for the fate

What's the general mood at DU?

Got a tryout for a "support the troops" job tomorrow

Man killed when machine gun discharges at gun show

Kia Sedona? I am still going round and round on this subject...

Transcript of President's Call of Support to Embattled Family Values Warrior Senator Larry Craig

Today, I just shouldn't have gotten up, plain and simple...

Big lottery winner feels very unlucky.

are you lonely? alone on a friday night? well, women!! i have found the solution !!

I just came back from a 2 margarita lunch

i need a shower. i was just in gd and i feel dirty.

Big S&M game at my house tonight

Big chase game at my house tonight.

Anybody see the fireball over New Mexico last night?

Big pool game at my house tonight.

Cool science news: Salt water as fuel? Pa. man hopes so

Big game at my house tonight.

Dumb question: If I buy Microsoft Office will I be able to use it on multiple PCs?

I just ordered this shirt. I think it's neat.

Big B&D game at my house tonight

A question for everyone who's ever gotten married

Should I drive to Malibu?

Ving Rhames at my house tonight.

I have a friend with Devic's Disease. Ever heard of this?

Nurse Diesel or Nurse Ratched ?

Big mind game at my house tonight.

You need a life saving operation, time is ticking, who do you want holding the knife?

I just realized--it's my anniversary!

So Bush "redefined victory" last night?

Friday corny joke thread!

Today's Trivia Question...

Well Im off to take baby bunnypants to da beach!!!!

Ever try and clean the house and..

Big drama game at my house tonight

Absolutely nothing going on at my house tonight

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. 12-8-07.

OJ is in the news again.....

Thomcat is a hoochie mamma tease!!!!

How big a lottery jackpot would it take to make you "set" for life?

Breakfast Cereal Ad YouTube Thread

My school is commemorating "Constitution Day". I am completely stressed out!

Asking Lounge Friends for help again...

Anybody else see "The Brave One" yet. Jodie Foster fans check in!

Count Chocula.

My book's for sale on

God I Love Hand Solo Flames Please

Gerard Butler, Kristen Scott Thomas, Ewan McGregor, and

Anybody ever thought about disaster movie aftermaths?

We take this moment for our previously scheduled "Mahnamahna" break:

I am SO close to 1000 posts, I can smell it!

Big Strip Poker Game At My House Tonight

One of my neighbor's dog passed away last night, she is 83 years old so this will be her last dog..

Post only good advice

Big dame at my house tonight

How high can you score at Tempest?

Funny typos?

Find the sleeping kitty!

I'm so frustrated I could cry. While at the neighbor's waiting for the showing to be over

My meeting with "the Bobs" got moved up to 11

Another great T-Shirt in the French Quarter

Mean steals car to turn himself in

59 year old linebacker to play Saturdy for Sul Ross

Having an affair? Now you've got an alibi

Whatcha' doin' this weekend?

Trying to figure out the meaning of a squirrel encounter this morning

Blame it on Mame.

Best. shirt. EVAH.

WTF's Halle Berry

On tonight's menu: Sake, red wine, xanax and vicodin

WVU's Dingle Berry

A MUST See Photo To Start The Weekend

Breathing exercises for "relaxation" -- They completely stress me out!

Hurricanes ALWAYS "slam" and "roar". We need new verbs.

sometimes I really love Seth Green

After a tough day...

Blame it on Minnesota

PARCHE, DAMMIT!!! Warn somebody first, man!

Expensive but REALLY good!

I unequivocally LOVE this song. Beautiful, twisty, sexy as hell.

omg , what kind of flu is going around? pls tell me it's a 24 hour bug.

So many great movies opening this weekend. Here in LA, especially

It's a GIRL!!!

Who watched Big Brother (the show, not the pretzeldent) last night? Anyone?

The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME

Beerfest. Jay Chandrasekhar. What did you think?

Ahhhh! I ordered pizza for dinner, I've got some hard lemonade,

Good thoughts and prayers for a VERY sick student.....

How come "Name Deleted" has 0 posts?

See you guys later.

Classic one-liners from the original Hollywood Squares

It started out as a sniffle and wee sore throat. Now it feels as though

Here's two NICE photos to start the weekend.

Male Enhancement: Is It Worth A Try?

Ripple effect of banning bathroom sex in MN is beginning. Man ejaculates on sleeping passenger

I just found out today that Winger had a platinum record.

O.J. Simpson named suspect in Vegas incident

Pay A DU'r To Give You A Compliment

GAAAAAAAH - it is humid here again!


so I asked for a chart


MUST - CALM - DOWN - help me, please!

Freaky panic attack in class today....yikes.

sometimes I really love Soylent Green

How come none of you told me Will Pitt was back?

Friday, September 14th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

It is Friday afternoon (or early evening for EDT folks). Time to bounce!

Post your favorite quote about animals

Our Boss Just Bought Us Chinese Food For Lunch

Post something you have always wanted to yell out in a crowd

help me out - best jazz guitartist of the 50's - 60s'

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/14/07

Tonight's Brew: North Coast 10th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin

Obligatory gig post: I'm playing at Harrah's Atlantic City this Saturday, Sept. 15. (8-11:45 PM)

NFL week two predictions - for the heck of it!!!!

Describe your neighbors

What is "must see TV" in your house?

Princess Diana tried to steal Marc Maron from me!

Any experience here with the Invisible Fence?

Your favorite Batman composition

Big D&D game at my house tonight

Favorite Captain

Post only bad advice

Have you ever seen someone so attractive, it made you swoon?

Kick Ass! Friday classes cancelled because of power outage!

How many animals do you live with?

Inappropriate things to say at a baby's christening...

Photoshop boredom: Dark Cannikin (extreme dial-up warning!)

Your favorite Beethoven composition

Do you think the 5-Sigma rule is too harsh for paranormal proof?

My doggie is growling at a horse on TV. Do your pets ever respond to animals on the television?

Think my babies can make it as "internet sensations"? (picture)

DU men: have you ever rejected a woman's advances?

Talk Like a Pirate Day is Wednesday, September 19th. Are YOU ready?

Pay a Compliment to a Du'er!

Hopes sag for Cyber Command at Offutt

3 more deaths that will not be recorded

1,000 Marines now dead in two wars

Problem at VA is leadership, lawmakers agree

Spin, doctored

Army: Soldiers’ vehicle went off overpass (Mora & Gray announcement)

Chairman Enlists 150 Recruits at NASCAR’s Pennsylvania 500

West Virginia Company Lightens Load for Aviation Unit

Iraqi Air Force Soars to New Heights in Recent Months

Beauty queen set to join unit in Iraq

Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq

Analysis: Combat role not shrinking with force

Navy only PX that sells gas from Venezuela

Iraq Veterans Against the War says the troop surge is a failure

Is the United States Military a Terrorist Organization?

Today in labor history September 14

Interviewing Voters About The War w/Judy Feder

Sen. Jack Reed Responds to President Bush's Address on Iraq

Dark side of the moon (1-5)

Biden before Bsh's speech

Senator Chuck Hagel Has a Question...


IVAW Member Geoff Millard on CNN


New MoveOn Ad : "Betrayal of Trust"

Obama Will Keep Troops In Iraq

Dennis Kucinich Faces Reality

IRAQ HEARINGS: Sen. Clinton Questions Gen. Petraeus...

CNN on the 9-11 mystery plane


It's Gonzo's Last Day. Let's wish him

The real danger is not teleprompter reading Bush, but rather CHENEY.....

McClatchy: Bush asks nation for patience

Iraq: the "real" good news

what was that sword thing on the Colbert Report referencing?

'Health & Family Safety' teevee reporter arrested for DUI with child endangerment

Oh blah-dee, oh blah-da, life goes oooon, on, la-la how the life goes on...

dupe self delete

I guess a year ago - a little more - they orderd our kids to pick up

AP Fact-Checks Bush Iraq Speech

Republican leader gets 5 years....

lyrical empowerment of crushing cultural realism

The Dems should go back to hitting this administration of how we ended up in Iraq in the first place

Michael Ware: "To claim your loved ones, you have to risk your life."

I. Will. Not. Watch. This. Pestiferous. Bucket. Of. Swill.

Portland news: Who cares about Shrub, it was about Snowball and Bucky!

Other than Cheney and Condi, who's left?

Ok, I'm volunteering for a mod position next time around. This is not happening again.

UC Irvine aborts hiring Chemerinsky as law school dean

Do you still believe in war -- at all -- ????

The very useful use of "are being" in Bush*'s speech

Since they seem to have lost theirs somehow, I would like to send the Democratic majority a spine.

Now the soldiers themselves are to "blame" if they don't get to come home

Official: Walter Reed not completely at fault

Reaching out to the Silent

Iraqi Envoy Sees Long-Term U.S. Presence

This may be the most freeped thread I've ever seen.

The Next Battlefield: Africa

Ike Offers Not to Run for President:

Think I may have hit a few nerves yesterday...

OK, so what did Faux do tonight? I watched KO and a bit of CNN, and they

New WH Report Contradicts Bush’s Claim That Troop Drawdown Is Result Of ‘Success’ In Iraq

Can Someone Please Name The Thirty Six Nations That Are Part Of The Coalition Of The Willing In Iraq

Boehner's "Small Price"

Wash J. Are you ready for 'Enduring Relationship" with Iraq?

Worst. Ad: Ever: "Belsen was a gas"

Foreign casualties in Iraq

Saje's Birthday

Permanent occupation doesn't require 130,000 troops

‘dead-enders', ‘in the last throes’, ‘stuff happens’, ‘turned a corner', ‘Mission accomplished’

E. J. Dionne: Painting the Suburbs Blue

Bush said al Qaeda 12 times. General Petraeus 8 times. Surge 6 times. Victory was mentioned Ø times

(DU this please) The GOP in Houston courts Hispanics while bashing immigrants.

I am so thankful things are going well in Anbar

In reality staying in Iraq until Bush* is out of office is just to save Republican face

There will be NO "reconciliation" for Iraqis

Weller makes Jefferson look like a choir boy but you never hear about him

Isn't Today Air Force Stand Down Day ???

Was Bush drunk last night?

The Spin Is On... On my AOL Front Page. Bush Orders Troop Cuts...

Northern Rock hits a rock in UK

Iran Leader: Bush Will Be Tried (AP)

How Low Can the Price of a House Leader’s Memoir Go?

Reyes Delivers Spanish Language Response to President’s Address on Iraq

Censored ....Top 7 Censored Stories

Take 2: Rep. Reyes Delivers Spanish Language Response to President’s Address on Iraq

Majority Leader Hoyer Responds to President’s Speech

CSPAN caller praises DU as an excellent source of news

Jena 6 -- UPDATE -- Schools to close on September 20th

US health insurance costs rise nearly twice as fast as pay: survey

I watched Bush's speech on Univision last night and I don't speak

The most blatant lie last night--"al-qaeda in Iraq"

outraged and depressed- need some happy talk.

Consumer Confidence Tumbles in Sept. (from 89.3% to 71.1%)

Bush: "We've Failed"

Helen Thomas on panal discussion now cspan1

Iraqi Kurds demand oil minister's resignation

Faux Friends in the morning. Blonde bimbo says it was Harry Reid who gave Dem. response

Congress came back from a month off, and apparently clebrated by

Poll: Civilian death toll in Iraq may top 1 million

It's the media, stupid

Saddam vs NeoCons

Will the Commander-in-Chimp get a boost with his speech last night?

New White House report on Iraq shows progress on only ONE benchmark of 18 -- WTF is THIS?

October 10th....

Trying to figure out the meaning of a squirrel encounter this morning

So I flip flopped: I was for funding the troops, now I am against it...

I have never said the word impeach

CNN quick vote:re bush's "plan"

Do Dems. health care plans include dental?

CNN helps catapult the propaganda, inserts picture of soldier next to Bush..

Tony Blankley just shot down by caller from NC on the Diane Rehm Show!

WH summer "surge" strategy: Less Bush more Petraeus

Bush and Cheney speeching in MI and FL (one other state) today---Military base for

'End the War- Vote Democratic in '08" - ('08 slogans wanted)

Who would you most like to see removed from their office

N.J.'s Corzine to Defy New Health-Care Rules (we found a spine!)

WH releases Iraq Benchmark Assessment Report

Huffpo: "Papers Pan B*sh Speech"

Mika Brzezinski calls out a right winger in her one hour anchor slot on MSNBC

Everything you need to know about the CA. election rigging attempt by the Re-thugs

The Army of One..and another and another

Air force stand down?

Are you supporting the dems in Congress who AREN'T Enablers?

Bank of America raises ATM fees to $3

All in all, it's been a pretty predictable week

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The King has Spoken!

In the history of the world - we are the greatest people that

Chickenhawk Hannity’s Phony-Baloney Hanctimony Over Petraeus MoveOn Ad

NYT rebuke NYPost's charge that received a "family discount"

In Bizarre Break With Tradition, Washington Post Practices a Little Journalism

Attacks on Independent Courts Are Attacks on America

Hey apparently some in government still believe

(CBS) Bob Shiefer: Bush appears to have kept most reluctant Repubs on his side re: Iraq

The U.S. never pulled out of the Black Hills did they?

Cheney: "The war on terror does not have to be endless"

It makes me sick when Bush uses some dead soldiers family as his reason for continuing war

Guardian: Man-made chemicals blamed as many more girls than boys are born in Arctic

Jim Webb up shortly on Schultz

***Breaking*** Jean Shaheen is in NH Senate race: Buh bye John Sununu

The reasons I did not watch Bush's speech

Kurtz: Fox News is ‘entitled’ to ‘misinform our society.’ (disses KO)

What if next July becomes like this September?

== Iraq, deep in your bones = By Mark Morford

Report from Michael last night about civilian casualties.

Laura Flanders sitting in for Hartman on AA going great.

Media Misrepresent Dems' Options on Iraq War-Confusing 'Can't' and 'Won't'

Jim Webb on Ed Schultz now

Bye bye, Buttercheeks.

Criminality from the ground up on 9/11/2007

Break in nukes flying over US mystery....

If the Iraqis didn't want to meet our benchmarks

Warner in Virginia, Shaheen in New Hampshire: Is Bob Kerrey NEXT ???

John Kerry on Ed Schultz right now

Foley likely won't be prosecuted, amid failure by media to report...

Reid: After Almost 5 Years, Latest Bush Proposal Represents the Same Failed Stay The Course Strategy

“I'm in agreement with just about everything the president said”

9 cows drop dead from drinking algal poisoned recreational water

Bush extends National Emergency Act

Amid a web of suspicion, an agent's career is ruined

Defying Bush And Cheney, White House Science Adviser Acknowledges Man-Made Warming Is A Fact

Republican frontrunners duck debate at Morgan state college

Could we control illegal immigrants by implanting a tracking chip in their heads?

Media Matters: The Conservative Advantage in Syndicated Op-Ed Columns

Inhofe Praises Bush’s Iraq Plan As ‘Wise,’ Earlier Blasted Same Proposal By Warner As ‘Irresponsibl

I found it! The Scriptural passage that guides the modern GOP

Retired military DUer: "If I was active duty, I'd never vote Dem again if they cut off our funding."

Funny CNN Story...

Does anyone know what Jeanne Shaheen's position on the war is?

Navy junior intel officers can get $40K for re-upping

Rudy Ghouliani Slams Move On. Org And Hilliary

Laura Flanders subbing for Thom Hartman today. n/m

'we must remove the conditions that inspire such blind, prideful hatred''''''

Iraq oil law NOT theft for big oil says Bushie Khalilzad, former big oil consultant

Does any country really have a right to exist?

And the reason Pelosi refuses to pull the purse on the Iraq war is what? the 08 elections?

Soldiers with Picket Signs

What is the doomsday plane?

Do you think that ...

Tony Snow's horribly bad last day on CNN (must read transcript)

Dean Renews Call on Boehner to Apologize for "Small Price" Remark

Are Plaintiffs Attorneys Becoming Targets?

Constitutional Hardball: Can the Democrats deliver the necessary chin music?

"Mystery Blogger" WHERE ARE YOU? .... hmmmmmm silence

Now that democrats have agreed to inherit the war,

Gonzales Ready to Leave the Stage, September 14, 2007

The Daily Show: How Nucking Futs Is Holy Joe Lieberman?

The Big Lie

We're losing in Afghanistan too

Iceland pulling out of Iraq .......... it's one lone soldier... a media rep

Bush Admin Tamps Down Right-Wing Desire For Mass Deportation Of Undocumented Immigrants

Clinton, Pelosi, Greenspan, Bloomberg, Gates, Annan Also Say Interviews 'Fakes'

(This is pretty blatant) Fox ignores Reed’s response to Bush.

Freedom Buddies: The 36 Members of the Coalition of the Willing

Most Amazing Lies: White House Cites 'Satisfactory Progress' on Iraq Goals

What's really going on...

Bush Headed from WH to Quantico Within the Hour

Biskupic Says He’ll Testify Under Oath in Thompson Affair, defying DOJ

"Cherry picking" is the new "wake up call" nt

Is MSNBC beginning to go after Republicans like Faux goes after Democrats?

A DUer caught it last night: Fox only broadcast network that did not air Democratic response to *

D'oh! the police spokesperson gives OJ's lawyer a major opening...

Troops May Not Shrink to Pre-Surge Level (AP)

Pets killed for food in Zimbabwe

William Rodriguez on C-Span right now.

Why Is Bush's Kid Brother Neil Getting Federal Funding?

Phallic? You tell me

Gingrich: Republicans need "clean break" from Bush

Al Gore heads Emmy red carpet

Article on the Fair Tax, Fred Thompson, and Scientology

Pelosi: Despite wh Report Showing Little Progress, * is Committed to 10 More Years of War in Iraq

Priests, and now nuns?

North Korea-Syria nuclear ties: déjà vu all over again?

I called into CSPAN and spoke to David martin and Brian Lamb today and mentioned DU.

Congress' reaction to Bush speech

Our Attorney General resigns in shame.... Farewell Ceremony...C-SPAN LIVE

CNN's new Chinese Meal

Next Tuesday they're bringing deadeye to Kansas City

Rice and Bean - A Natural Combo - (Condi Rice w/female filmmaker)

Kucinich ahead in this poll:

ANOTHER $50,000,000,000.00 for this war? HELL NO!!!

Then: Bush:Colin:Dick. Now: Rice :Bean: Coit(us)

Snow On Long-Term Military Occupation: ‘Yeah, The Iraqis Want That’

The only way to stop the war is to do this:

NYT: No amount of smoke can obscure the truth: Bush's war is and alway has been a failure

been listening to Gonzo's going away gig on cspan1--muchy, icky, i will

Tiger Woods: birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle on holes 4-9 ...

Newsworthy? Condi Co-owns home with woman.

what a Dick

Jack Chick Tracts...

Froomkin: It Came From Planet Bush

Serial killer on trial: Moscow's grandmaster of murder

Not just a typing lesson

I am trying to find a GD thread that ran a while back, it had images that changed the world

British bank hit by credit problems, clients withdraw savings

Tonight's line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

Check out this angry Cheney pic

UN General Assembly backs indigenous peoples' rights

McClatchy: Bush still refuses to admit he was wrong

How is this for an alternative universe sequence of events in Iraq?

Eric Alterman: The Presidential Pageant

Now that Bush Removed All Doubt About His Plans Last Night, What Will Democrats Do? (Give it a Shot)

The end of oil -- CNN Money

I don't want to pay another cent in taxes to this Bloodmonkey!

Local Massachusetts Military Families Want Troops Home Now

Have you guys heard what Sen. Coburn (R) OK, has done?

Al Queda in Iraq: Bush finally gets his wish.

I'm sure a good joke is in here somewhere............

self delete see link

Chaser's APEC motorcade: Highest ratings ever for Aussie comedy

Dr. Justin Frank on B*sh- Petraeus relationship:

Mr Bush, your sheikh is dead

"...President's Chatter, with it's brainlessness and brazeness, drives many to distraction."

Cholera cases spreading in Iraq

Troops May Not Even Shrink to Pre-Surge Level

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 9/14 - legacy

Has the right wing media been talking about Admiral Fallon's comments about Petreaus?

New MoveOn Ad...

Bush admits to being out-smarted by the enemy in Iraq

Are you aware of any anti-war groups who protest at soldier's funerals?

Israel attacked Syria?!? I sure didn't see this on the American MSM....

Simple question. Did General David Petraeus, betray the American people with his assessment of Iraq?

Iowa AG digs into farm giant Monsanto after soybean suit settled

Hey, L. Coyote & other Deep Modem watchers...

"Salazar assails MoveOn over Petraeus attack ad"

Does anyone else besides me find Randi Rhodes talking along to "Bounce your Boobies" annoying?

War, Occupation, or Police Action?

Remember Tucker Carlson claiming he beat up a gay man is a restroom?

bush has a new poodle

Bill Richardson: You KNOW something's wrong...

How come none of you told me Will Pitt was back?

...The president was angered by the advertisement questioning General Petraeus.

Do you believe for one second that Thompson doesn't recall any details about the Schiavo case

Alberto Gonzales, has left the building.

Active Duty Soldiers to hold Anti-War Demonstration in Syracuse, NY (Sept 29)

"Biden: Bush Administration 'Phonies'" Read the RNC reply to Biden's comments.

Does Fair Trade mean only countries with similar standards of living can trade with each other?

MI State Rep. (R-Naturally) Wants To Punish Cities That Ban Racial Profiling

abc doing a Fact check on Bush speech-using bush's own WH report===evening

Analysis: Spotlight harsh on Thompson

"MoveOn rates"

Anger Management therapee assaults fellow bus passengers with ...

"Borking Mr. Olson"

Did ABC News Investigative Reporter Brian Ross Pass Along Info From Disgraced Reporter Debat?

Bill Richardson on Bill Belichick and George Bush

Deceptive or Delusional? Bush's appalling Iraq speech.

Anyone know who's behind this Mormon calendar?

Link: "Colbert Report: Klingons and Republicans Debate "Honor"

Snacks take big bite out of DOJ budget

Tweety hates Nazis!!!

Abu Ghraib vs. torture by Pinochet and other CIA assisted Dictators

I looked up "ass kissing little chickenshit" in the encyclopedia, and look what I found:

Photo-op - * has lunch at the Marines Corps Base in Quantico, Va. - pics

An open letter to Rush Limbaugh:

In Light Of That Bilge Last Night, I Thought I'd Post This:

Question #2:

Let's talk about the "brave" Petraeus....

Move On ad...?

David Petraeus: A Whiter Shade of Powell

Tweety starts naming the so called 36 countries

Patience? They want us to have patience? Hell no.

Things i heard from Mitt Romney today.

Glenn Blech!

Curse of * Pics

How can Obama ever be President if black voters in many states continue to be disenfranchised.

Just a reminder because some of them are now criticizing/relying on Democrats

Just recieved Repuke survey mailing

My opinion: pull out all punches to this administration,, impeachment, hearings, legis

USDA Finds Organic Dairy Perpetrating Fraud- No Fines; No Cert Loss

Jena 6 Update!!!!!!!!!

David Shuster eviscerated Bush's speech with facts.

Rudy "I would have gone to Vietnam" Ghouliani has an ad, too bad!

Full transcript: Ahmadinejad interview from last nite on BBC

Bob Perry...A One Man 527

Mark Warner confirms Senate run

Breaking News : OJ in troube again. Investigated for Robbery.

Shaheen to run for Senate

Where is Philosoraptor these days?

Waterboarding: so let me get this straight..

Barbara Lee: Exit Plan for Bush Comes at the Expense of Our Troops

Will we bomb Iran?

Per last speech...Bush is seen as STROKING AMERICA...there he goes again ..Stroking...

Who was that asshole on Tweety, spitting and sputtering at Eli

If you weren't drafted into the service - THANK MIKE GRAVEL!

A Town In Turmoil - (Newsweek - good summary of the Jena 6 )

Thompson's illness is slow, serious

Central Kings students wear pink to send bullies a message

There is an air of giddiness on The Today Show...

Glenn Greenwald: The Endless, Meaningless Blather From The Washington Establishment

Florida Repuke tries to kill no fault for State Farm

How Stupid Does Bush Think We Are? Answer: Very

Accused killer used vodka, sob story to lure 62 victims

I just donated $$$ to

Madeleine McCann 'died from overdose'

More on the Bin Laden tape: Digital analysis proves heavy editing.

Consumers Could face higher toy prices

BushCo using Minn. bridge collapse to privatize infrastructure work?

Caption *

MoveOn ... MoveOn ... MoveOnnnnnnnn

Take an outrage break: Have a laugh. Rep Chris Shays is blackmailing the House puke leadership

How Long Can Dick Last? ---pix--->>>

I lost my appeal to LIRC

Clark: "It's not the surge."

Senator Stevens Took Bribes (Another repuke bites the dust)

DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, September 15

I support the troops!!!

Gates Raises Prospect of More Troop Cuts to 100,000 by Dec. '08

O. J. Simpson Questioned in Casino Break-In

Jill Simpson to Capitol Hill Today (AL Gov Siegelman DOJ prosecutors case)

4 more dead US troops today

****Friday Good News Roundup*******

Has anybody seen Dick or Condi?

This Just In: Fred Thompson is dumber than a bag of doorknobs...

Elizabeth Edwards criticizes ad

Ok Democrats, time to shut down the government.

Bush giving 'The Satan Sign' on 9/11 anniversary.

Bush is insane. The Democrats are enablers. The media are complicit. What the hell do we do now?

Realistically, there is only one way to end the war.

Bush's Enduring Militarism in Iraq

George's Coalition .. Who they are and what they do

I Support Al Gore In His Three Year Plan For Our Planet

Hey, say that DU is a bunch of Rich, White, 65+, Empty Nesters! WTF?

Krugman: The Smart (Read: OIL) Money KNOWS the Surge has failed

Here's Condi's BFF ---pix--->>>

Let's Be Honest, It is Not About Funding the Troops, It is About Funding the Warprofiteers....

Ain't this the truth

Has anyone heard if * has had a bounce from his stupid speech last night?

Krugman: Bush backer banks on Iraq's failure...

Off-duty cop killed after Gatling gun discharges at a gun club exhibition

*Breaking* Oil Exec: Workers Remodeled Stevens Home

I just got a call from the DCCC.....

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Calls on Colleagues to Force a Fully Funded Safe and Orderly Withdrawal of U.S.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bush Troop Announcement = Fake Withdrawal

DU mention in weekly paper (for our Duzy abilities!)

DU bicyclists: the Bush Administration hates you (this is INSANE!)

I'm a trucker and I listen to a cb radio occasionally

It's a given that you cant pick your family, my brother asked me to watch a movie

Are you a former Republican?

Kucinich needs money to combat attacks & continue his message

Junior steals Iraq strategy from the Jews

The twisted logic of centrists on Iraq

Clark: "It's time to withdraw."

Yes. I blame Waxman, Conyers & Leahy.

Dollars Retreat Raises Fears of Collapse - Intl Herald - Where's the political dialog

MARCH ON WASH. DC Sept 15. High NOON at the White House. Don't be square

No charges filed yet for Makah Whalers who Killed Gray Whale

Gitmo commanders accuse lawyers of smuggling underwear into prison

Dad said something to me once -

Symbolman's Psychedelic Weeds Journey - Peace as Politics?

Josh Marshall: 36 Nations

One more time-for the weekend, everyone for the Impeachment of Richard Cheney (for a start) check-in

Why are Republicans so successful at making their bizarre/idiotic ideas seem popular and mainstream?

Secretary of State, who keeps private life shrouded, co-owns home with female filmmaker

DNC: Dean Renews Call for Boehner to Apologize for 'Small Price' Remark

Minuteman group plans to hold convention in Kansas City

Audio: Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich on Ed Schultz

The Reason Cheney/Bush Outed Valerie Plame Wilson?

Kucinich is right on healthcare

Where is the War Czar?

Good for Brian Lamb. A caller was reprimanding him for talking

The Different Species of Right-Wing Mind

Remember Ashleigh Banfield... Amazing speech that got her fired from MSNBC

I am pissed off...Can someone point me background info on this?

BCCI figure AQ Khan back in news. US sez Syria trying to get nukes

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

**Stroke Identification**

Edwards calls Congressional Democrats Cowards, but He Cut-and-Ran from the Senate to be President

CNN: White Plane over White House the morning of 9/11 was military "doomsday plane"

Do DUers understand the electorate at large? Do they want to?

Okay all you Biden DUers - I have a request

A little tip while navigating the threads

I posted Joe's new video in the video forum -

If you've contributed through the ActBlue page on DU, I need your guidance.

CLINTON OUTPACES all rivals on presidential qualifications.

this morning in every paper and

Iraq's my thing and I'm not giving in.

Edwards ad

WisPolitics: Rep. Hintz, Gus Doyle, Madison alder endorse Obama at student rally

Helen Miller endorses Barack Obama

Of the Democratic players available for President ...

Are People Being Fooled?

Behind the Anbar Myth

A site for FREE Obama bumper stickers

It is time

Thank you, George W. Bush

Obama gets key black support

To The Poster of the World Leader Photo! Warning!

AP Poll: GOP Presidential Race Fluid

Lanny Davis, The Democratic Appeaser and typical Centrist

Iraq Pullout Will Be A Catastrophe - Why Don't Dems Realize That?

Shaheen to Challenge Sununu (Senate Race in NH)

Biden Aids Local Democrats and Many Return the Favor

League of Conservation Voters gives Obama highest ranking of all candidates

The RepubliKlan Party: The Party of fear and failure

LOL The modified Petraeus progress Chart! I get a Pony!

White House: Iraq failing half US benchmarks (BBC)

So, the Congress has been back from it's August recess

Obama Adviser Worries Israel Supporters

Whats with Rudys eyes?

Grandpa Fred Criticizes Federal Intervention In Schiavo Case - ticks off Fundie Right

Ethics Ground Rules About to Change for Senators

"It's the oil, stupid"

GOP Insiders: Hillary Strongest Candidate

Gay-Moderate Warner Seeks Va. Senate Seat

What did you guys think of Reed's rebuttal?

Rasmussen: Clinton - 46 Rudy - 45, Clinton - 48 Thompson - 43

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Rudy Ghouliani Slams Move On Org And Hilliary

Amazing numbers - Obama among Democrats: 62% favorable, 30% unfavorable

OR-SEN: On Iraq, John Edwards is Right: No Timetables, No Funding

Foley likely won't be prosecuted, amid failure by media to report on email soliciting male page

I heard Mr. GinormousHead Russert say on Today this morning that


Does perception = reality?

It's time to take it to the streets,

Biden as Secretary of State?

Finally saw 'Sicko'

Senator Biden on Iowa Radio

Some GOPers are stupid. Check this 'pro-life' voter out

NY Daily News exposes bogus NY Post story about NY Times/Moveon

Clinton has more support than Obama, Edwards, and Richardson combined.

Bush's numbers going up - Fox this morning has him at 37%

My top 3 are Obama, Clinton and Edwards BUT I DON'T WANT THEM AS A TICKET

If The Surge Is Working - Wouldn't One Want To Keep The Troops There......

The Blurring Strategy And Pretenders To The New Democratic Majority

The War Party: Democrats Lie to Prolong Iraq; Reporters Go Along

I wish Bush had stuck to blowing up frogs

I missed Bush's speech. I just can't watch any more.

Bush; Destroyer Of Reputations

The Magic Touch...Magic Johnson holding fundraiser for Hillary...

Edwards Has the Highest Score for Most Favorables in Rasmuessen Reports

Rudy must not have any important issues to discuss

Oil Exec: Workers Remodeled Stevens Home (AP)

You need a life saving operation, time is ticking, who do you want holding the knife?

UPI-Zogby Poll: U.S. candidates and Iraq

5 Myths About Terrorism

Where do I look to find out viewer ratings for that fiasco last night??? eom

Biden Slams Boehner Remark As "Unconscionable"

Gore going to the Emmy Awards!! He's probably gonna announce for the WH!!!!!!

Poll: Civilian death toll in Iraq may top 1 million

Why bashing Democratic candidates is a bad idea

Four Iowa lawmakers to back Obama

An assassination that blows apart Bush's hopes of pacifying Iraq

Please Delete This Thread

The perfect answer for Rudy's hit piece ad.

A.J. Rossmiller: Obama gets it, version 2.0

Four Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

Voter Roll Purges Ordered for 2008 by DoJ in 10 Key States...

The New Way Backwards in Iraq

Giuliani: "Listen’ To Me On Iraq, Even Though I Quit The Iraq Study Group To Get Rich"

(CNN) Michelle Obama: "It's not about whose turn it is."

Just in: JENA 6 conviction thrown out

Did I miss something??? Re: Rudy's ad against Hillary

Bill Richardson:Patriots face stiffer penalties for spying than Bush/Cheney

Bush Finally Signs Lobby-Ethics Reform Bill

G(h)ouliani's Attack Ad

Is becoming the BOOGYMAN of the democratic party?

Stormy weather ahead for Hillary in Iowa?

Alterman: Each election's narrative is determined by a few pundits, reinforced by others

Reuters photo: Alfred E. Neuman shares a snack with soldiers at Quantico

Serious Question: Are polls crap or not?

Do You Approve Of Democrats Using Right Wing Republican Talking Points To Attack Other Democrats

Petraeus was a godsend; local Sunni tribal sheikhs could hardly believe their luck.....

Although I despise Maureen Dowd, she did have a good description of

Romney Attacks Dem Foes' Foreign Policy Experience

Bill Bilichick fined more than Scooter Libby

Husker Harvesters prefer Fred Thompson, Barak Obama

The VP Race and our slim Senate majority

Raising Kaine: Chalk Up Another Democratic Senate Pickup?

Meanwhile, today in Iraq, four American soldiers dead

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (9-14-07)

Clinton Blasts Obama For Slamming Edwards Jab

Admiral William Fallon vs General Petraeus

Obama consistently includes nonbelievers in discussion of faith and politics

Oooo, so close. If I could buy a vowel(an 'a,' anyone?) then 'PETRAEUS' is an anagram for:

Kucinich is right on healthcare

Democrats have no plan to get out of Iraq. Not True! Two presidential candidates have plans that .

Hillary rolls along

Kucinich needs money to combat attacks & continue his message

OMFG!! Look what I found . . .

Q&A with Samantha Power, Obama's Foreign Policy Advisor

Nebraskans pick Barack Obama and Freddy Krueger Thompson in Straw Poll

Does the Rudy vs. Hillary battle help or hurt her?

At this point, what are the chances that John Edwards wins the Dem Nomination?

IF Hillary got the nomination (just 'IF')... who would be her running mate?

CA Voters - Sen. Feinstein Conflict of Interest?

Join the Hillary Clinton Cave-In Pool

GOPers. In A Corner. With A Heap Of Twisted Knickers.

This Sunday, Senator Joe Biden will appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Elizabeth Edwards praises, but criticizes "General Betray Us" comment.

Michelle Obama needs to think about what she is preaching.

Hate to say it that Rudy ad against Hillary is DEVASTATING

Our party is falling into the syndrome of misleading words, using partial truth or propaganda. .

Impeachment is the only viable opinion to stop these madmen

MRS EDWARDS steps up. rips