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Archives: September 13, 2007

CNN host Glenn Beck attacks CNN and all media for not supporting our troops

Soldiers Who Signed Anti-War Op-ed Piece Die In Iraq

As the Iraqis Stand Down, We’ll Stand Up


Langley planes to be grounded-Air Force has ordered

Libertarian: "A Republican who owns a bong." (TRex at FDL on "Jane Galt")

Obama Claims to Be Anti-War

Humberto Update - 9/12 21:00 CDT Max Sustained Near 50, 998 Mb Some Strengthening Before Landfall


Democratic 2008 contenders bicker over Iraq pullout

U.S. To Receive 'Painful Lesson' In Event Of Attack - Iran

Jon Stewart to host 2008 Oscars

(4,000) Hormel workers ratify union contract (5 states)

Japanese Premier Quits After Scandals, Dispute Over Support For US Forces In Afghanistan

Clinton picks up fourth labor endorsement (National Association of Letter Carriers)

Obama Offers Most Extensive Plan Yet for Winding Down War

Key Democrats Vow to Block Bush Nominee [Ted Olson for AG]

US Suffers Decline In Power And Prestige, Survey Reveals

Attack on Iran Coincides with Presidential Election

ICE: Tab to remove illegal residents would approach $100 billion

Bandits in police uniforms steal US$550,000 from armored truck in east Baghdad

Al-Qaida has revived, spread and is capable of a spectacular

President Petraeus? Iraqi official recalls the day US general revealed ambition

Kucinich: Obama's 'newfound' Iraq strategy is 'too little, too late'

Meatpackers Union Sues Over Plant Raids

Bonuses Up To $150K Offered To Vets

4 decontaminated after stream pipe ruptures in Boston

Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing

Iran Linked to Iraq Rocket Attack

Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge

Second major earthquake, a 7.5, hits Indonesia

Senate Republicans Wary of Olson Choice

Video: When Fire Fighters Are Bored

anyone here visited Amsterdam recently?

So... I am seeing that the shit hit the fan here earlier

How is ToOhioLiberal doing?

I will adopt a fourth kitty, but only....

Need help quickly.....

"Laura Brannigan is one of God's gifts to man"......

Could it be magic?

Sex Change Pics

Sep 11 1978

How is Mrs. Grumpy doing?

New TOP CHEF tonight? Anyone going to watch?

Happy doggie or used like a doormat? (pic)

large storm in the gulf

I miss having a (relatively) flame-free lounge.

Humor for the midweek

Katrina Flood Video...You guys are going to want to see this...

Oh Lounge, I have a present for you

New Annie Lennox video

What shouldn't I see in California?

What should I see in California?

Today's fun fact: Wishbone Ash has had 18 "former members."

Any other fans of "The Closer"?

Need help settling a scientific trivia question

The kitten's new obsession:

have you checked your voice mail lately?

Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries


David Ortiz is the most clutch hitter I have ever seen.

OK, now I'm armed and dangerous...finally figured out Photobucket

Digital Photography: Blue Eyes Green Nose


Yay! The I Love Lucy Harpo Marx episode!

we had a radon mitigation system, NOISY.. shouldn't they just have sealed the basement floor

Best looking potential "First Lady"

Wow. Colors.

A man is falling in love with a woman he is dating. He believes she doesn't feel the same way yet.

Change the present...which recording artist can do us a favor by taking a long dirt nap?

Liberals Fleeing to Canada

Has anyone out there ever had a broken elbow?

So I was having a great day lazing around when some sissy jackoff calls me to arrest another jackoff

So I was pouring paint in the gutter and some weenie got me arrested.

Me and Old Crusoe are smacking down a Freeper in GD! Come watch!

Cool website to test and calibrate your monitor!

I'm in love

Got through another 9/11

Post your favorite YouTube music video

Found an ad on Craigslist that intrigues me - should I be worried?

Great news about my folks!

All I said was, "If you don't do what mommy says, when you go to disneyland...

Top Chef Spoiler Thread!!!

Anybody know anything about the modeling business?

New Rabrrrrrr Biography Movie title revealed

Anyone else remember this bizarre commercial promoting coffee back in the 80's?

Need some budget travel tips..........

John Candy.

Beethoven was killed by his own doctor.

Favorite YouTube obscure dance or music video?

*tap* *tap*

"Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now." Props to Kathy Griffin!

Anyone here see a 2001 sci fi flick called Donnie Darko?

How many musical albums do you illegally download per month?

The Christian Science Monitor: Don't unite the two Koreas on the backs of cheap labor

Paper Mill Settles Lockout-Tagout Fatality Case after Years of Appeals

Learning the lessons of the Cygnus strike (A strike victory by 100 immigrant workers)

Picketing, Hyperbole and the National Labor Relations Board

Four Transport Workers Union of America AFL-CIO bus drivers filed a suit in 2005, lawsuit settled

Augusta school bus drivers unionize (AFSCME)

Nurses want say on care ; Group is rebuffed by U Missouri negotiators.

Teamsters President James Hoffa Hails Senate Vote On Mexican Trucks

Olbermann - Bush, this is YOUR War so go fight it...

Lori Perdue of Code Pink on being abducted by Police...

Keith Olbermann: Worst Person In The World (9/12/07)

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: 'Still Stupid on Iraq'

War of Man-Neil Young

(fwiw) Petraeus/Crocker presser (Nat'l Press Club) replay on C-SPAN.

Independent UK: First the credit crunch... now the spending squeeze

Sex Change Pics

Trying to donate and am having issues becasue I don't use paypal anymore

You know - Cindy is going to run against Pelosi - like David

Have you ever HAD to stay at a job to keep your insurance?

On rant......

Rendition - New Witherspoon/Gylenhall/Streep movie

Citizens offer new take on news (BBC)

Any nurses here?

anyone seen this? Iran Linked to Iraq Rocket Attack : ABC News

Russia Builds 'the dad of all bombs'

Dejavu all over again?

What time is dipshits speech tomorrow night Central Standard time???

Hannity has on Tommy Franks for "Fair & Balanced" Iraq news

***Child mortality 'at record low'*** (BBC)

From The Hill: “We can’t have a hearing until we get some of the information we subpoenaed,”

If anyone out there has BBC or BBC America

Dow's Friday 250 point plunge on job data reaction suggests we're in a recession

Anybody listening to Clout on AAR? I podcast Malloy, so I'm streaming

Is it time to change the name of the September 11 forum to Conspiracy Corner?

Video response to Osama

Pawns, puppets and the real culprits

Jena 6 - busses from North Carolina to Louisiana Sept 19th

U.S. Officials Exclude Car Bombs in Touting Drop in Iraq Violence

Russia tests superstrength bomb, military says

This week's episode of "The Chaser's War On Everything" (APEC motorcade) is online

Polygamist prophet is now a criminal defendant (CNN)

Two democrats running in Northern California could use a little help.

Here we are in September, we have THE report, now what? Please DU here:

Gunmen in Police Uniforms Steal $550,000

Wash. Post Headline: "9/11 Linked To Iraq, In Politics if Not in Fact"

Big Casino Operator (Sands Hotel) Funding Freedom's Watch 's Pro-War Ads!

Craig Hails Progress in Iraq

A quick note to our rightwing lurker moles: You wanna walk the walk, you rightwing wankers?

ROFLMAO!!!! Laura Ingraham said that Britney Spears is a terrorism recruiting tool!

Another One For the Memory Hole -- the Military Solution in Iraq (Meyer cartoon)

So this is how they do it - methodology of the Right Wing Noise Machine?

Don't believe the surge hype

If you build it they (Moderates) will come....

Former US Marine pleads not guilty to shooting captives in Fallujah, Iraq

Where the FUCK is Stormin' Norman when we need him?

Peace Fresno Demonstration Held at Rep. Costa’s Office

Flashback: Greenspan Says Adjustable Rate Mortgages Might Be Better Deal...

Boehner: Troop deaths in Iraq are ‘a small price.’

I'm back - but I've still HAD IT!

Women may need different heart treatments

What Is the Real Iraqi Body Count?

"...very proud of the person he perceives himself to be..." - Jon Stewart

Command wide Air Force Stand Down on Friday September 14

Someone please debunk this (Re. Sep 14)

Sidney Blumenthal: How Bush Is Trying To Save Face In Iraq

Beethoven was killed by his own doctor.

I still have 3 bumper stickers to give out

Ex-Oil Exec Says He Paid Alaska Lawmaker

Those College Republicans are at it again

The ONLY WAY for the Republicans to REALLY to become DEMOCRATS and join the FUN

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in

Think the government cares one bit about your health? "No increased precautions after E. coli scare"

Maybe we shouldn't eat our greens. Our government didn't follow through again!

Giuliani reminds me of Sean Hannity

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Al-Qaida has revived, spread and is capable of a spectacular

Why Republicans should HATE George Bush

From the freeper on my veterans' board -- this is a GOOD one!!

I think Republicans just lost the Whitehouse

Alleged D.C. Madam Wants to Subpoena ABC's Ross, Senator Leahy: Charges political prosecution

What's Behind OPEC's Production Hike?

The next President of the United States (R) and his first Official Act

What if things are actually getting better in Iraq? Is that a bad thing?

If it was Mo Rocca on Olbermann (was Michael Mustow)

2008 Democratic National Convention TV pool coverage to be provided by ... FOX NEWS

Senator Dodd's statment criticizing Senators Clinton and Obama for stepping backwards on Iraq

When is Petraeus going to end the war?

Where is the rage?

Youssif and family arrive in U.S.: 'Am I in heaven?'

2 small pics: It's pure coincidence, but I find it weird...

General Petraeus? He has ambitions

GORE TO BE ON BALLOT: Bay State Democrats will draft Gore == Collecting Signatures

Damn! Dodd sounding like a damn President on K.O. tonight!

Read Between the Lines of Those 28 Missing Pages

The nuke-laden B-52s last week: I have every reason to believe I saw them.

Conservative hit! UC Irvine dumps liberal Constitutional scholar Chemerinsky as law school dean

Can we Guess the GOP Ratio regarding Embarrassment/Shame that they voted for Bush not once but 2x

Colin Powell: " You can surge all of the American troops you want, but they can’t stop this."

Petraeus LIED to the Congress! Straight-up LIED!!! (what will the Dems do?)

Everyone said the reason the Dems were elected last fall

Secrecy, mystery, continue to shroud Sep 11 attacks

Police Find Man's Body, Guillotine In Wooded Area

Kucinich: Osama Should Not Be Assassinated

06/26/07 Chicago: Presidential Emergency Codes instead of Test Codes

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Petraeus’ Dog and Pony Show (Crooks and

Bush's Intelligence Czar admits he uttered untruths to the US Senate

What Iraq's checkpoints are like

Attention. Attention, please. Yes, you, the 1 in 3 that thinks Saddam was behind 9/11.

No Photo-Ops for Bush Today - Must Be Too Busy Practicing His SPEEEEECH ---pix--->>>

Helen Thomas confronts Tony Snow about all the Iraqi people Bush is killing

My Two Cents Campaign to Get Gore to Run

U.S. War resisters in Canada need our help

on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. the missing $ 9B in Cash

Why would the anti-war protesters protest the Democrats?

" Republicans Forget to Run Presidential Candidate for 2008 "

Why NOT run a Democrat against Pelosi?

MUST SEE VIDEO! The Shock Doctrine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music to post by

If you love John Cornyn

Money as Debt - How the Central Banks create "money" (Google video - 47 min. long)

Ten Things That I Find More Offensive Than "Suck it, Jesus"

War, Boom, Bust: The Recession Cometh.

We are stagnant! And I'm not just talking about the economy.

Rev Yearwood talks about police brutality against him on Monday

Fallon: Petraeus is "an ass-kissing little chickenshit" and added, "I hate people like that."

Emmy Awards on E! Channel cave to Religion Police

Go help Calteacherguy Now :)

Biden said his son will be deployed to Iraq

I just 'unsubscribed' to Obama's newsletter...

Chris Dodd is going to do something I wanted Biden to do.

Just wanted to check in

Philadelphia looking for 10,000 volunteers to "combat" violence

WTF? =

Chris Dodd sounded really good on KO

The plan is obvious: Leave Iraq and the ensuing chaos for the next President.

Adm Fallon don't like Petraeus

Obama's New Iraq War Offensive

Clinton, Obama, At War Over War's End: Iraq is dominant issue in contest for Democratic nomination

National Security and Military Leaders Praise Obama's Iraq Plan

MIchael Isikoff thinks McConnell's lie was an error...not a lie

But once Peaches Petraeus, as he was known growing up in Cornwall-on-Hudson, takes the girdle off, t

Do you see Obama more favorably after listening to his Iraq speech and his warning to Bush?

"Republicans, men & independents" give Junior an 8 point bump to 30% approval on handling of Iraq

Economic Report: Health Insurance Costs Soar 78 Percent Since 2001

My Two Cents Campaign to Get Gore to Run

Fallon Derides Petraeus as an Ass Kissing Little Chickenshit

I heard Barbara Boxer on Randi Rodes today----she sounded rather down

Obama Not Peaked!!!

"...White House will be adorned by a downright moron." "Check please!"

Obama Adviser Worries Israel Supporters [and Alan Dershowitz]

Because YOU were the one who kept on digging.

Democratic House Officials Attack of Anti War Candidates

Take a moment and donate to Code Pink if you can

"If he ran I'd vote for Al Gore."

Mark Warner to Announce Senate Run

Email from Biden today

Republicans' favorite Democrat: Obama (WSJ/NBC poll)

Edwards calls for immediate withdrawal, slams Obama

GAIL COLLINS: Sleepwalking in September

ROGER COHEN: The Ottoman Swede

We were over-optimistic about regeneration, Blair adviser says- Gaurdian UK

Why Iraq is Getting Worse

Marie Cocco: Just Ask the Iraqis

AlterNet: The Ignored Issue That Can Get Progressives Elected

As our civil liberties dissappear, where are the Democrats? Nat Hentoff - V V

NYT editorial: The Next Attorney General

The unstoppable war

The Nation: Onward, Secular Soldiers

Will the President's old gang meet up at Rancho Crawford?

Cracking Down on Corporate Abuses Abroad

U.S. general: Iran-linked rocket used in attack

After Petraeus: Congress Bedazzled, The People Betrayed

Advance Peek: Bush's Address to the Nation

The Myth of the Balanced Court

Oh, what the hell, let's just stay forever [Iraq]

U.S.-IRAQ: Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge

Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives By Matt Renner

Rumsfeld Redeploys to Right-Wing Think Tank

Iraq report gives McCain a boost--"No Surrender" tour

Wanted: Unruly Activists

Military Shifting Donations To Democrats

The Nation: Beware the Lame Duck

Note to Democrats: Weakness on War Dooms Party

Time: A Serious Blow in Anbar

Osama bin Laden is Either Dead or He is Not Cooperating Anymore

We need to hear from Admiral William Fallon on Capitol Hill ASAP.

Is Fear Going to Work for Bush Again?

Ellen Goodman: From Fear to Farce

Are You on the Government's 'No Fly' List?


Wall Street Funds China Police’s Surveillance Companies

Wanted: Unruly Activists

Seagull Republicans

Brent Budowsky: 62 Democratic Senators

You Are Being Lied To, There Is No War On Terror

US public shrinks from war's reality-Asia Times Online.

That Love May Find You

Jeremy Scahill: Testimony of The Tortured

CREW to DOE: Investigate why "NCLB" funds are being spent on Neil Bush


Vermont Legal Victory over Auto Pollution

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Approves Revised Solar Program

Wind developers visit, announce public hearing date (Maine)

Leaving No Child, or Adult, Inside - Utne Reader

Alarm about greenhouse gas emissions slows drive across U.S. to build plants

San Luis solar plant throws switch (CO)

IEA sounds 'wake-up call' on energy savings

As commutes begin earlier, new daily routines emerge

Beware the new world energy order

E. coli conservatism: five month update

Exxon seeks deal on Venezuela oil - BBC

How the EU saves, and kills, the lynx (BBC)

Activists say they sank Norwegian whaling ship - Reuters

Global warming could mean more heart problems, doctors warn

League Of Conservation Voters rates the candidates

EPA's Pace of Superfund Cleanups Slows - AP

Wasted catches hit Europe's cod (BBC)

Many of Earth's "vital signs" in bad shape: report - Reuters

Humberto shuts 3 US refineries, oil jumps - Reuters

Report: Cutbacks threaten climate study - AP

Tuvalu About To Disappear Into The Ocean

Gas Costs Spark High-Speed Rail Interest

Giant battery to store wind power planned - Reuters

AEP To Deploy Additional Large-Scale Batteries on Distribution Grid

New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production (CO)

Kucinich: Osama Should Not Be Assassinated

Report: US to attack Iran in 8-10 months

US plane hit by gunfire on resupply flight in Mali

Latinos Face Foreclosure

Suggestive Carl's Jr. TV ad causes stir

Perry goes on attack against Democrats

Canada offers compensation for Agent Orange victims

Police: Bomb kills sheik working with US (in Anbar province)

Petraeus Returns to War That Is Now His Own (p. AO1, WPost)

Negroponte backs crisis-hit Gen Musharraf

EDS Offers 11% of Work Force Early Retirement

Iraq Qaeda says has video on "missing" U.S. airman

Talking to al Qaeda? Don't rule it out, some say

Bomb kills Sunni sheikh who met Bush and took on al-Qaeda

Bush hopes to buy time for Iraq strategy

U.S. foes cast aside politics to buy grains

Senate Intelligence Panel Seeks CIA Nominee's Withdrawal

Oil futures mark first-ever close above $80 a barrel

Italians asked to boycott pasta

Taliban readies Ramadan offensive

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 13

Hutchison moves to block toll plan (Good act by a Republican)

In Speech Tonight, Bush Will Lay Out Long-Term Plan To Stay In Iraq

Bush Approves Gradual Troop Cuts in Iraq

Quick-forming Humberto breaks records

Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq (NYT Ed Mora)

Grassley (R-Ia) favors Johanns (R-Ne) for Senate (Hagel's seat)

U.S. failed to boost produce inspections

Murder of US ally thrusts Anbar back to Iraq frontline

Pentagon censors 9/11 suspect's tape

Bush agrees to reduce U.S. troops in Iraq: official

Weekly jobless claims tally up again

NY Times criticized for ad attacking Petraeus

U.S. Troops Detain Iraqi Commander (Battalion Commander)

Korea may be Bush's model for Iraq, officials say

Edwards Buys Ad to Rebut Bush on Iraq

Week of Antiwar Events to Start with a 'Die-In'

Manhunt on after 4 Miami-area police officers shot, one fatally

Graft inquiry condemns World Bank

Microsoft Outsources Its Back Office, Boosts Dividend

UN adopts treaty on native rights

FEC resolves seven cases

Greenspan: I didn't grasp subprime threat

Al-Jazeera man 'close to death' at Guantanamo Bay

(Ex-bishop) Fernando Lugo Announces Candidacy in Paraguay

Police: Bomb kills sheik working with US (leader of the Anbar Salvation Council)

Threatened species Red List shows escalating 'global extinction crisis'

Obama: Dems lack votes for timetable

Suicide bomber kills 20 Pak(istan) elite officers

Fired teacher honking for justice

$94 billion to remove illegals from U.S.

Giuliani: Clinton smeared Petraeus

U.S. Develops 14-Ton Super Bomb, Bigger Than Russian Vacuum Bomb

Democrats Push Toward Middle On Iraq Policy

Euro nears 1.40 dollars in record-breaking run

Less meat, less heat -- fewer steaks may save planet

13 US governors urge Congress to increase H1-B visa limit

Slavery In The Suburbs

Costa Rica minister suspended amid probe into alleged fund abuse [CAFTA campaign]

I saw the Indigo Girls last night.

I just made someone happy

The Clangers and the Machine

its real simple

I saw the Transparent Girls last night.

Tell us the name of your web-based e-mail provider

Hardee's "Flat Buns" hot teacher commercial

To what Lounge Group or Groups do you belong?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/13/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/13/07 Bonus

Surreal video

Wow. The old After Dark screensavers still work great in XP x64.

Chatroom you can use now.

What Do You Want To Apologize About?

It's official: Led Zeppelin to reunited on November 26th, 2007

Hey! HEADS UP!!!

Imagining Argentina

Travis has been a bad man. See Craiglist link inside

Battle of the college mascots

Sunrise in Mathews Va.

I found the best hobby listing in someone's profile

Finally watched Heroes, now on to Grey's Anatomy Season 3

Suburban stupidity

Guess Who Just Received an Original RISING PHOENIX Painting?

Okay, my heart is broken...and to think I was holding out for

Dont ever buy a house with a septic tank...


my legs are crawling so badly....

I'm getting my hair cut!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Homemade spinach lasagna for lunch

Anyone ever get busy with MY PET GOAT?

So I asked for the raise

Iraq Joke Of The Day

Anybody ever read MY PET GOAT?

Is your refrigerator running?

Tell your white friends...

MY PET GOAT is an anagram of MY GOP TEAT

"It's always sunny in Philadelphia" starts TONIGHT-2 shows

Man, a coworker hooked me up for lunch!!


why do nigerians want to buy my stuff on craigslist?

Anyone ever eaten MY PET GOAT?

Hey LynneSin, did you get in the Led Zepp lottery?


thinking of trying something different w/ my roasted chicken

Serious question: Anyone know if you're allowed to sell human organs on craigslist?

Please post a warning if you're going to post the Carrot Top photo

aaaaaa AAAaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAA!

Hey skygazer - I'm posting a carrot top picture

Need a hobby? How about -- Klingon Karaoke

I can't get registered for the Led Zeppelin tickets

Need a laugh? (or a gross-out) Click here!

Our month of fasting begins today

awww... Randi, it's not THAT hot!!

Anagram of Joe Lieberman: "I'm Joe, Enabler"

Music to listen to while scuba diving...

How many other DUer's do you know by name (screenname)?

Random Questions

I would like to announce that I am no longer replying to posts in my Carrot Top thread

My daughter ended up in the hospital tonight

Pick your mock outrage event of the day?

Oh baby, that felt gooood!

My SO made the most beautiful omelet and I can't eat eggs

Need help with a DU function

I joined in a pro-choice counter-protest on campus today

Pull it! My crap-dammer hosed out...

Long Duck Dong

A giant beet is found at the Evanston Farmer's market

Whats For Lunch

No matter what the questions is..........

give me reaosns not to take steroids

Just escaped GD/P ... need oxygen ... or alcohol

Who is the singer and what is she singing in that i-pod commercial?

Help with jet lag?

For Lelapin


My House In Delaware I Need To Sell..Any Buyers

Any Math majors out there? (I need help with a rhyme.)

Hey lioness! Want to go out?

Dammit! My nose hair puller crapped out!!!!

Why do I keep thinking it's Friday? It's not Friday!

Oh Fedex Truck, Oh Fedex Truck

I started piano lessons today.

How much will Led Zeppelin tickets re-sell for?

How do you like your dribble of creamy goodness?

Kanye leading 50 cent.

"It's a Wonderful World" shadow puppets- you should see this

If you had a hailstorm today, was the hail made in China?

No matter what the question is...

I am NEUROTIC! The Neurotic HypnoToad! Ask me anything!

Nickelback has spent 2 YEARS in the Top 20 and sold over 6 million copies of their CD

The Official Carrot Top Olive Garden Admiration Thread

Heads up San Diegans - another KLSD Save our Station rally

GRAPHIC WARNING. You... do... not... want... to... see... this!

Any Meth majors out there? (I need help with a rhyme.)

Need help with a Dude Function.

GREAT - will cost over $2000 to repair car

SU-35 (Russian jet) extreme maneuvering- You HAVE to watch.

Have you ever read Shakespeare in the original Klingon?

I find your lack of faith...disturbing

There's nothing like

Is Everyone From Earth Full Of It?

Land I need to buy but seller is playing games rant. Opinions?

Paper I wrote for grad school

How Fox News can be more credible

Video: How To Tell If Your Ass Is Too Small

Quack quack. (56k warning)

cold meds + fever


Tavernertodler told us that he poured water on his lamp yesterday night

Hollywood thief steals dress worn over 700 times by Carol Channing in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

I got CARDEX today!

should I go out for a drink?

Police find man's body and quillotine in wooded area.....

God I hate that jerk IndianaJones. No flames please.

1.4 million dolllars .... for a car

Any drum majors out there? (I need help with marching in time)

Teh Evil Poll!

10 Reasons Why I love El Lay

Yay! Now 16.

Was Andy Kaufman a genius or just annoying?

What are some good mystery writers with a splash of

In less than 24 hours I will officially be a new home owner

So I broke my foot right before leaving for a funeral today

Ever notice... everyone's an expert

Gotta live one in GD.....

This is a cute story.... monkey falls in love with Pigeon

Fried,Scrambled Eggs Or Omelete

Thursday, September 13th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

You wouldn't steal a baby!

What the hell is THIS?? hose-puller crapped out

I'm really struggling with my hatred of Texans...Anyone else?

Slight moral dilemma - Would YOU kill this spider?

Native Kansans living in Texas who lived in Pennsylvania for 5 years in between...

Any English majors out there? (I need help with a rhyme.)

Texas Loungers...How Full Of It Are We?

My sister quit her job in a huff so now she's unemployed

Need help with a bodily function

I got CARDED today!

The Moderators WILL Delete this...

Any Jewish people out there? (I need help with Yom Kippur), seriously

You ever wake up after a night of drinking...

I Have A Feeling Something Sinister Is Going To Happen Tomorrow 14Sep

So I asked for the date

Hartford/New Britain area DUers - Rep. Chris Murphy to be in Unionville (Farmington) on Saturday

Wal-Mart is replacing it's old slogan. Suggest new Slogans for Walmart

Name a movie you'd rather not watch on an airplane flight.

Russell Stover, you disappoint me.

Is this common? A blatant lie, what kind of a human being lies like this?

Some creep just stole my kid's bike

Interference patterns and standing waves in dense material

Yikes - I have a totally kid and husband free night tomorrow night!

I'm so upset with Top Chef ***spoilers***

I know what "I" did last summer

Does this happen to other women: You reject a man, He demands an explanation

Gross food your parents prepared when you were younger

Senator: Proposed LCS cut likely to stand

Special Forces, Iraqis net 80 al-Qaida suspects

U.S. to free 80 prisoners a day for Ramadan

Ever hear of 'The Universal Curmudgeon'?

Spouse Calls: Voices of experience

Marines offered promotion points for re-enlisting

A Place to call Home

Pentagon faces cash crunch in October

Mark Warner (VA) Campaign Announcement - "Join our effort"

Facts about the war, the surge, Bush's speech tonight

Bush Foreign Policy Explained...

George W Bush Battles Jesus Christ...

Bin laden - immortal technique,mos def,eminem

Keith Olbermann's Interview w/ Sen. Chris Dodd

Cancer-Cure & Fuel -Radio Frequency Machine (John Kanzius)

Olbermann: Fact-Checking The General (Soldiers' NYT Op/Ed)

Video response to Osama

Joe Lieberman & Ann Coulter at Sean Hannity's "Freedom" Concert

"A Small Price"

Iraq Occupation; Effect & Cause Of An Imperal Policy

more comparisons between iraq and vietnam than most would like to admit or remember.

Petraeus got angry WH call during testimony after "don't know" answer

Hardball: General Petraeus or Betray-Us (Reaction to the MoveOn Ad)

Memorial for Iraq War Dead During Heritage Foundation Forum

Leave General Petraeus Alone!!!

Naomi Klein: On TheREALnews Pt.1

So we're in Yellowstone today

My heartfelt apology

Human Rights Watch report on Sex Offender Laws

Two Big Skeletons in Petraeus’ Closet

Spy vs Spy.

What Should Be Said

All of us "Underdogs" have to start fighting for people who support our own interests!

American Lifespan Increases by Three Years!

Thread Death: Is It Just Me, or...

St. Rudy vs the Iraqi Squeegee Men

Hsu Sent Suicide Note Before Disappearance

"Where is the rage?" asks Iraq War veteran

Two Soldiers Who Wrote NYT Op-Ed Die in Iraq

More False Optimism on Iraq

House, Senate, administration battle over volunteer program that aids Katrina victims

What do you think is more valuable in a Dem nominee

Is a bipartisan war policy possible?

The hurricane conveyor belt..they are lining up..batten down the hatches

Deaths of Soldiers 'Brings It Home' For 'NYT' Editorial Page Editor

Wanted: Unruly Activists

Transcript: Reuters interviews Rupert Murdoch ("I'm not talking to Reuters")

Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing

The CFR controls American media

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sherrod Brown Pledge

The New Osama Collection- by Fiore

Restoring honesty, trust and confidence in American politics

Another "fair and balanced" headline from CNN:

Humberto is now officially a Hurricane

Petraeus' Subordinate: Yes, We Are Arming Sunnis

Debra Palfrey case, are we paying attention? Let's connect dots..

Bill Maher - New Rule: Republicans trolling around for bathroon sex ...

"Pamper yourself," said Tony Snow to Robin Roberts re her cancer treatments on GMA today.

Hurricane Humberto Slams Ashore in Texas

Let me be (carefully) honest


Imagining Argentina

A 16 Point Plan for Restoring America

LOL! DC Madame wants to subpoena Senator Leahy


Does the Air Force ever try to stop the unauthorized use of their name/logo on t-shirts, etc?

Senate panel demands withdrawal of CIA nominee

Josh Marshall: Oil Buddies

Everything old is new again.

Mike Luckovich of the AJC is on vacation, and some reader toons are posted

Sunni Sheikh who met with Bush killed

Thursday TOONS: "Victory" at last?

Moderate Repubs Who Oppose Bush & His Policies --It is Time To Step Forward To The Microphone....

Bomb Kills Sunni Sheik Working With U.S. in Iraq - Surge? resurge? supersize the surge? Cancel?

Focus On The Family Lays Off 30

Any update on Ann Coulter's felony voter fraud case?

LETTER: Democrats don't believe in responsibility

Get ready for an especially gloaty speech tonight

Thousands Turn Out For Immigrant Rights Protest Against Social Security "No Match" Letters

"Anyone who tells you that a greater symphony exists than the breath in your body is lying."

Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing

The Democrats won't cut funding because they know the day they do so...

AP: Bush hopes to buy time for Iraq strategy (What Iraq strategy?!)

Why Are We Hearing About A White Plane Over The White House On 911 Six ......

If Romney were a president, he would keep the war going, get more people killed, cost us trillions

Cheney To Visit MacDill Friday (September 14)

I have been holding out deciding on a candidate

Some Al Qaeda Questions for Petraeus: who supports them more: Saudi or Syria & Iran?

Songs for change

GOP has become the "deadbeat-daddy" party

In case you don't go to the video forum-pls check out AN APPEAL TO AL GORE:

Triple Hitter Tonight: Olberman/Countdown at 8 EST, Bush at 9 EST, Edwards at 9:15 EST on MSNBC

Dem. Now! Reverend Yearwood on to explain what happened to him:

Is NBC trying to pre-empt Bush on Iran?

Kent Hovind (creationist felon) is exploiting DMCA to silence critics on Youtube.

DOJ pulls religious texts from prison library and Christian Right finally sees danger of Bush

"Protect America Act" NOT responsible for identifying German terrorists...

Dedicated to Iraq War supporters everywhere (with apologies to Jonny Lang)

Dollar hits new low against the Euro

Brent Budowsky: 62 Democratic Senators

Women the 3rd Decade

Bush's speechafying tonight--isn't it really just a "I'll be asking congress for 80 bazillion $$$"?

As Bush Prepares for 'Surge' Address Tonight: Here Is What He Promised in January Speech

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 9/13... sinking slower?

Forbes: "Thursday's weekly US jobless claims report was all silver lining and no cloud over Wall St"

Russian Currency Reserves Advance to $417.1 Billion [world's third biggest reserves]

ATimes: "Anti-Iran hype reaches fever pitch"

"Christian Defense Coalition" to lay thousands of red-stained gloves, AGAINST leaving Iraq

President Petraeus?

Congressional Candidate Raises Call for Impeachment

Toxic chemicals blamed for the disappearance of Arctic boys

A Poet Speaks

sooo.there's been only 3 hits re: Boener's "small price" remark?

To the troops in Iraq, being left behind...

Is this t-shirt illegal?

Re Bush's Speech: the troops were coming out anyway.

After 6 1/2 YEARS...Bushies TRAINING WHEELS are STILL ON...still learning how not to fall...How

Doctor tells Youssif: We'll make you a lot better

"Fox analyst: Germany's actions leave us 'no choice' but to bomb Iran" LINK

"Must see" - from the Freeway Blogger!

Pentagon censors 9/11 suspect's tape

IAEA Director says Iran had agreed on a work plan to address all outstanding issues

GE/Rupert Murdoch Poll...........US war dissatisfaction eases

What would you do if Al Gore is on your Primary ballot?

So, they killed the US friendly Sheik in Anbar.

the difference between Organic and Genetically Engineered sugar beets

UPDATED: The disgraced ABC "consultant" and the push for war in Iran

Poll Finds Majority Want to Bring Our Troops Home from Iraq in 6 Months

Tony Baloney Blankley opened his mouth

Images of vet who lost legs, burning towers, Petraeus testifying full uniform: Networks switching

Car Makers Must Reduce Greenhouse Gas Pollution

The Real Iraq

MoveOn and Code Pink - more power to you and thank you

Drinking game - Every time Bush uses a straw man argument tonight,take a swig.

So, live NUKES were mistakenly flown around the US last week? Say it isn't so, i'm getting paranoid

Question for Reid and Pelosi -

Chloe runs for Ms Horrorfest - my character that has been running for Pres on Youtube

Has Gen. Petreus ever been in combat? The kind in which you're getting shot at?

Talk Me Down,Please

REPUBLICANS: 9/11 Was EVEN A SMALLER Price than the what we are paying in Iraq

A Prayer for Fair Weather on the 15th

NY Times criticized for ad attacking top US general (Reuters)

Robot maker builds artificial boy

The Limp Handshake of Death (Iraqi Leader Survives Only 10 Days After Posing w/ Bush) ---pix--->>>

Week of Antiwar Events To Start With a ‘Die-In’-Protesters Advocate Civil Disobedience

Bait and Switch: Bush will NOT nominate Ted Olsen

Deception from the Conservative Movement - Group signs pro-war letter and it's front does too

Yes, Iraq is going so well, but watch out for people who try to tell you otherwise

Sattar Abu Risha

At Least 9,651Iraqi Civilians Killed Since February

Vitter wastes his sperm! And, him a Catholic too.

A good resource on Humvee rollovers-from 2006

30% approval of Bush's handling of Iraq is weak no matter how much it's 'jumped'

British Chancellor of the Exchequer today says Brits must tighten up!

Massachusetts Draft Gore Press Release:

Washington Post Actually Assists First Draft Of History: Week of War Protests Begins W/ 'Die-In'

Final details for march and meetup -- please respond if you'll be there and meeting us

The Myth of AQI (al-quida in Iraq)

Support HR 2015 - end GLBT workplace discrimination

Is tonight's speech by Bush an explanation of the Cheney Foreign Policy??

Report: VA Distorts Record on Wait Times

When will Republicans begin to distance themselves from the war

Waxman to rexamine the Abramoff lobbying scandal in coming weeks

Consumer Product Safety Commission Has ONE Employee Testing Defective Toys

Iraq Veterans Against the War -Tune in to Larry King Live on CNN

The FOLLY of Attacking Iran: Fox News Analyst reveals "ideal" campaign which would be disasterous

CNN has a poll asking if you will watch the chimp's speech.

Why Mexican and Canadian CARS on US roads?

Heads Up...CNN reporting Senator Jack Reed will follow Bush's speech tonight.

* plans on bringing 5,700 troops home by end of 07-there's our bone!

Only two days left and Gonzo still can't get a break

AFL-CIO action item, H-1B Visas

Why is telling the truth "ENRAGES THE REPUBLICANS?

Poll: Lamont would handily defeat Lieberman in rematch

Hypothetical Situation: US goes to war with Iran, Iran declares war on Iraq

Justice Off the Tracks in Alabama

O’Hanlon: ‘I Could Easily See Myself Changing Camps’ On Iraq ‘In The Next Six To Nine Months’

Governor: GOP is on its way to irrelevance here (CA)

"The Shock Doctrine: A Short Film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein"

I am so tired of trying to figure this all out and stay informed

Manna from Heaven.....

Please proof/critique my latest LTTE (Letter to the Editor)

Have any Democratcs denounced the MoveOn ad? Lieberman

I propose a new acronym when referring to Gen. Betrayus:

Collaborate and Die

I just ran into Jay Inslee on my lunch break!

Did anyone else just hear Chuck Hagel call Meredith Viera(sp?)

Grand Canyon Named Most Beautiful

Pentagon releases censored tape of 9/11 suspect

The FINE PRINT on Bush's "Improved" poll numbers...a 5.2% MOE.

Spineless Dems Block CIA Nominee

The Gavel: What Slogan Will We Hear Tonight?

The song by the dead kennedy's comes to mind...

Are You on the Government's 'No Fly' List?

White House cautions on 30,000-troop redeployment figure (dumbing down expectations?)

Sheriff Bans Jerry Springer TV Show in Jail -- Stabbings Rates Lower

John Kerry: Boehner's "Small Price"

Cafferty: "It seems the Democrats are the greatest thing the Republicans have going for them...."

Dennis Kucinich in a Cabinet position?

Are you going to watch Bush lie to us again on TV tonight?

Texas DUers is there any serious damage from Cat 1 Humberto

Fed can't stop recession

It's Mayor Nine Eleveniani HOUSE PARTY time!!!

Macao & Vegas Gambling Empire Big Shot Funds Ads to Attack Dems!

Tell Senator Coburn that You Won't Stand for Genetic Discrimination!

62 Democratic senators

Why Mexican and Canadian trucks on US roads?

Will $80 a barrel oil make its way into the speech tonight?

Why are we afraid to call the Republicans on their shit, both constantly and on the smallest thing?

Mysterious Disgusting Blobs Strike North & Central Texas Lakes (interesting!)

Petraeus expressed long-term interest in running for the US presidency

Do you think it is insensitive or racist to force young black men to salute...

Obama surrenders to Bush

BREAKING: Bush's Speech Leaked!

ok this makes sense, countrywide gets credit to support its' bad credit problem

It happens again - misidentifying Republican as Democrat

Are we going to celebrate every time a soldier comes home?

WOW!! Military shifting donations to Democrats

Asking for info re: BushCo & AARP

Week of Antiwar Events To Start With a ‘Die-In’

Bush To Adopt Warner Drawdown Proposal — Is He ‘Hurting The Cause Of Freedom?’

Questions Arise About Nat'l Museum Of the American Indian Choice

The 10 second Shakespearian tragedy, or

Billo Caught Lying AGAIN on "Radio Factor"

Martin Luther Norquist

White House To Roll Out Cheney In P.R. Surge (desperate times)

Edwards buys TV time to rebut Bush

Whatever happened to World Orgasm Day?

Must-Read Rolling Stone Article on Iraq Waste of $$$$$$$

Fearless News...

Boehner is Bush’s new BFF

Juan Cole: All Pressure off Reform in Baghdad after Crocker/Petraeus Report

Help me update my 1000th post-can we name all the crimes the Bush Administration has committed

Sheboygan judge lets serial pervert off the hook...

Why declare permanent military stay in Iraq now? Why today?

No wonder his businesses failed

Permanent Presence in Iraq

My Prediction: First words of Bush speech:>>

How many times will Bush evoke 9/11 tonight?

Maybe the Dem Pres Candidates should come out with a unified position on the war.

Impeachment and the silent thoughts that go with it.

B-52s and Bush’s War Plans

I can't bring myself to watch that fool tonight.

John Edwards will address the nation tonight.......

How many feel we will be in Iraq for a long time to come ?

Why is Bush's kid brother getting federal bucks?

I'm glad it's Tony Snow's last day

Heads up San Diegans! Another KLSD Save Our Station rally!

When will liberals stop being ashamed of what they stand for?

Is it my imagination or is MSNBC off on an anti-Fred rip??


Marsha Marsha Marsha .... you silly fucking loon

Beware Lying Ass TV Car Ads: They Are Citing FALSE MPG ESTIMATES!!

Iraq tribal leader offers US talks

Statement of House Majority Whip James Clyburn on Boehner's "small price" remark

"Pro-Bush Group Airs New War Ads" Ari Fleischer's "Freedom Watch" ad coming soon!

Caption please....(Hook 'em Horns!)

I was struck by Hillary laughing at such a serious question (Maher's Question)

Greenspan Concedes Mortgage Dilemma

General "Betray-us" Petraeus

Guantanamo detainee near death

I want to make this plea -

Dean, Kerry, and Van Hollen: Boehner must apologize.

L'shanah Tovah to all here at DU

"Mark my words, little bitty imaginary Karl Rove...I will have the last laugh!"

The republican EXCUSE party

Gonzales Where is the conviction of Perjury to Congress???

Amy Goodman interviews Rev. Yearwood about capitol police pile-on

An open letter to the apolitical and uninvolved

Why I don't agree with the Nukes going to Iran story.

The Moderators WILL Delete this...

Is repetition of the phrase "Al Que ada in Iraq" bothering anyone?

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel: Americans "getting fatter and dumber"

During *'s "prime time" moment tonight... guess what I'm going to be doing...

Watchdog asks: Why is Bush's kid brother getting federal bucks?

So where are all the contempt charges?

CNN says that Bush is really teed off about the ad.

Was Betrayus' command center in Iraq bombed on the day he

Tweety is pissed with this moron Egland

This chump on Tweety's show is getting his ass chewed out!

The little shit right winger on Hardball just said our 'strategic interest' in Iraq is OIL.

The purge is on

How the CIA Broke the 9/11 Attacks Mastermind

The local paper just called me to comment after *'s speech...

Classic (old) Jon Stewart

Uh Oh: FAUX News Affiliate Now Says North Korea is Arming SYRIA With Nukes >>

A Tribute to the Courage of Sgt. Omar Mora (one of the soldiers who spoke out against the war)

Are you embarrassed by some of the views expressed by fellow DUers?

ER Kiosks Let Patients Check In Unassisted

Abu Risha murdered

Dumb question about "Generals"

I know EXACTLY what to do to shut-up the chickenhawks

Sheik head of the "Anbar Awakening" killed.

You Know - The Department of Defense Still Has A Budget

I'm afraid! Dennis Kucinich is WAY better than what the country deserves right now

Complete this; "If there was no oil under Iraq, _______ "

Why Boehner's "Small Price" Troop Deaths Comment Matters

Resolved: That "CANADIAN-AND-MEXICAN" be linked in all border-issue threads!!1

Petraeus Returns to War That Is Now His Own (p. AO1, WPost)

Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak?

Tuvalu About To Disappear Into The Ocean

Theme music for tonight's BushCo sales job.

In Speech Tonight, Bush Will Lay Out Long-Term Plan To Stay In Iraq

URGENT ALERT! John Edwards to address nation tonight

Senator Jack Reed to Give Democratic Response to President’s Address on Iraq

Fewer Than a Third of Americans Know Supreme Court Rulings can't be appealed

"There is no Anbar model."

****URGENT CALL TO ACTION**** Call Congress and express your outrage about Boehner's remarks

Tony Blankley is a bald faced liar

Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War, will respond to Bushs Speech on Larry King @ 9 PM

Doesn't anyone get it? We invaded Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11

Bush has announced he is going to push for a permanent military base

In Speech Tonight, Bush Will Lay Out Long-Term Plan To Stay In Iraq

What word or phrase will be used the most in bush's TV address tonight?

a bush chimp photo I hadn't seen before:

I Believe Most Conspiracy theories

To live without fear

Anybody have a "bush war on terra" drinking bingo card for tonight

Remember the Democrats Who Were Scared To Death To Filibuster When We Were The Minority?


My haircutter never votes

* announces extension of national emergency act

Petraeus is "fair game" (Thats all Dem's need to say)

One piece of good news for you all to enjoy with me.

Anybody want to send this out in a mass e-mail?

An Open Letter to God:

Lieberman for U.S. Attorney General...ew...and

6-Year-Old Girl Found Hanged in Texas

Postcard from Chestnut Lodge

U.S.- IRAQ: Adm. Fallon Derided Petraeus, "an ass-kissing little chickenshit"...

I talked to a hero yesterday.

Hey, Where is KPETE?!?! Not a post in 5 Days and I'm worried.

Are you listening to Randi? If we cut off funding, Shrub will leave the

Hold that 99 cents you were going to blow on iTunes! New Orleans Musician's Relief Fund downloads...

You know you've made it at DU when ________ responds to one of your posts.

Sen. Hart, Gen. Gard, Gen. Johns Call for Iraq Withdrawal

Medea and Code Pink take the mic at The Heritage Foundation

Free Speech: How Bush avoids dissent.

Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq

Since Bush was inaugurated, 17 hurricanes were bad enough to have their names retired

Meeting Busholini is deadly.

Mr Gore - by the end of October you need to get in.

George may have painted us into a VERY dangerous corner

Boehner made an outrageously vile comment, where are the Democrats?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Serious question about the September 15th March

Caption 'Bush in Rehearsal' ---pix--->>>

It was a DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY which cut off funding for Bush's Mexican trucks program

"An Ass-Kissing, Little Chickensh*t" --- PROOF

Who is most culpable for the tragedy in Iraq?

Air Force will not be executive agency for drones

Giuliani accuses Hillary Clinton of "character assassination" of General Petraeus

Dems Demand Boehner Apologize For "Small Price" Troop Deaths Remark

Why $5 million is the new $1 million, rich say $1 million just isn't what it used to be

Media Matters' Report on newspaper columnists

Hey! I just found another site that has a LOT of video from The Daily Show!

New Springsteen Lyrics for a War song, "Last to Die."

Monday's Ad Only Beginning for MoveOn

OK, I just went to and read the ad about

Explain the right wing mind to me.

No George, You know what is REALLY Despicable?!?!

What's going on?

If they stole a nuke....

Big Scandal Brewing about ABC Consultant Ramping War w/Iran & Fake Interviews...

Rawstory: Military Aircraft Was Doomsday Plane.

Scariest thing I've ever heard...on BBC radio news today.....seriously:

Bush knew Iraq had no WMD, but lied to Congress, and it's in print

Some "Christian teens of MySpace" have a funny view of morality:

So much for the pig farm! Need for folksy pretense past, Dallas abuzz where Bush will build

Video. Code Pink at the Heritage Foundation today! Must see.

What I did in school today (abortion counter-protest) (dialup warning)

Bush plans to announce Bin Laden's wet dream comes true tonight! American Imperialism of Moslim land

He may be your President, but we think he's a criminal.

The Crumbling Pillars of American Conservatism and What Remains of them

"As the piece was still being written, another of its authors was shot in the head."

FAIR reiterates: Congress doesn't need to overcome veto or filibuster to end war

Cranky Skies: Fliers Behave Badly Again

Oh, It's Go Time!!!

Veganism's new martyr...

Think with me here: Ever post an intelligent or fact based response to a thread only to have the ...

Biden: Pollution thread

Bucky posted a thread

I posted another thread

WH P-R blitz coming to mil. bases and talk shows.

Vermont Legal Victory over Auto Pollution

PLEASE everyone - call again Congress TODAY to reject the Petraeus/Bush plan

More and Better Democrats Equals Less Bush Dog Power

Iran and Terrorism

Jon Stewart points out that the emperor and his general are in cahoots.

George W bush 9/13/07 "Gonna make the case for the war again"

MEME: President to give aid & comfort to the enemy tonight w/timetable for 30,000-troop withdrawal

The annual 911 circle jerk has ended, time to do what you said you would do

Forecast of 2008 Senate Elections

NYT: Obama's proposal most detailed yet for Democratic presidential candidate

From the NY Daily News: Why America's Mayor will not be the GOP's candidate

The Rude Pundit: The Terri Schiavo War in Iraq

Do These 12 Republicans Want At Least 10 More Years In Iraq?

My how times have changed

Have any of the candidates distanced themselves from the moveon ad?

Battling the Bully Pulpit

"Sen. Obama worked on some of the deepest issues we had and was successful in a bipartisan way."

Two Questions About Iraq

Enough About Iraq -- Let's Talk About Me

"The American Tragedy of Our Troops Held Hostage"

Sunni leader from Junior's Sept 3rd handshake photo op killed in bomb attack

Bush Jumps In Poll 8 Points - Most Shrug Off Subprime Mess

With Warner in, Virginia becomes a battleground state

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Flaming Liberal

Buy T shirts to help civilian war victims here. Also get involved in this great organization

Former Giuliani aide flips to Team Clinton groups and Pres. Candidate support.

AP - Edwards buys 2 minute ad to rebut Bush speech on Iraq

Invitation for Mr. George Bush: Let's Talk

LEAVE BUSH ALONE!!! Calling all DU creative/multimedia types!!!

Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing

NJ misses judge's deadline for electronic voting machines

POLL: Kucinich within striking distance of Ghouliani (34 / 46) and Grandpa Fred (36 / 42)

Healthcare groups sponsor presidential forums

John Edwards to Address the Nation on Iraq (tonight on MSNBC)

Hillary's support most solid in first three states...Obama's very soft

Former Giuliani Campaign Manger to back Hillary because Rudy abandoned Progressive Views.

The Other Iraq Surge :: Study shows military families shifting support to Democrats

LA Times Poll: Clinton Appeals To Anti-War Democrats

Another Political Purity Pledge

Hsu left suicide note before fleeing court appearance

Six Degrees of Undermining the Troops

Bush's speech tonight - In Your Face!

Today: Biden for President announces Key Iowa endorsement

Letter I received from Sen. Mel Martinez (R) FL on broadband deployment

The Political Purity Brigade Oath

President Petraeus? Iraqi official recalls the day US general revealed ambition

MashUp: Charlie Rose Asks Biden About College Costs

George Will Body-Slams Fred Thompson!

Son of Wisconsin governor, Gus Doyle, endorses Barack Obama

Who Killed John O'Neill? (911, conspiracy, Oneill, Loose Change)

Isn't it nice that the president is listening to Petreaus?

Open message to Iraqis

CentCom Chief Fallon: Petraeus Is ‘An Ass-Kissing, Little Chickenshit,’ ‘I Hate People Like That’

Ex-ABC Newsman Put Byline On Bogus Obama Article

Some on the left are already attacking Mark Warner...

Still no MSM coverage on Boehner's "small price to pay" gaffe

Republicans are now "The Dead-Beat Daddy Party"

Daily Kos: Dodd and Obama, two approaches (by kos)

David Sirota: The Lessons of Today's Stunning Lieberman Poll

Ugly Inside...Uglier Outside...

MUSIC VIDEO: SOS By Eliza Jane....'It's Us Against Big Money And They Are Sweeping Us Under The Rug

Iraq forever. The president will cut the forces by

Damn It quit being such wimps!

Democratic strategy

Sheik & Ice Cream - What the H could they have in common - Just ask the State Dept. Rep in Anbar!!!!

Tony Snow on the concept of "people dying every day" in Iraq: "So it's a consequence, Ed..."

Polling Flashback: Dean has pulled away from other candidates!

Bush Prime Time Iraq Speech Number Eight!

GWB will propose a Long Term Engagement (Compactt)

the Anbar Salvation Council is publicly pointing the finger at the Maliki for death of Abu Risha

Rachel Maddow just read a report that Petraeus(sp) wants to run for

Stan the Stupid Virus teaches tap dance to Republican...

democracy, not decorum.

CNN Larry King Tonight Obama and Edwards

California Legislators Endorse Obama []

Boston Globe: Obama getting most donations from uniformed service members

Wanted: Unruly Activists / crosspost

The Moderators WILL Delete this...

When I hear Glenn Beck's voice I feel like I need a shower.

John Edwards To Address Nation After Numbnuts:

It's official!! Mark Warner is running for the U.S. Senate. Check out his website:

NYT: Obama Offers Most Extensive Plan Yet for Winding Down War

We should ALL pretend to support Hillary...

I may be new here....

The Coming Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Maher Asks Clinton: Why Should Americans Vote For Someone Who Can Be Fooled By George Bush?

League of Conservation voters ratings and profiles

Rasmussen: Kucinich doing much better than expected against Republicans

The RW knows that the country agrees with liberal policies and

Dear DU Obama supporters

Boehner's "Small Price" - by John Kerry

Dear DU Hillary supporters:

Counter-terrorism blog endorses Edwards plan


No Center, No Centrists

Biden: Pollution More Deadly Than Terrorists

Are Americans that stupid or am I just worrying for nothing?

6 reasons why 2008 is not 2004

LA Times: Professor's contract rescinded--Too Liberal

MEMORY HOLE - 8/20/02 -- WES CLARK'S interview foreshadowing an IRAQ Invasion by the US and Britain

Doublechecking Edwards' math (on Obama's withdrawal plan)

Hillary Supporters, are you Prawns of the DLC?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary extending her lead over republican candidates in GE matchups

Can somebody remind me why I am not supposed to like Hillary?

ATTN Miami Herald: Here is what a "womanizer" looks like-Sen. David Vitter!

"A heartbreakingly true framing of Bush’s strategy"

Chris Dodd Supporters Group

Interesting Comparison between Clinton and Bush in the Harper's Index...

Is Bill Nelson going to take the DNC all the way to the Supreme Court?

Rasmussen daily poll in graph form