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Archives: September 12, 2007

The Financial Paradoxes of Globalization

Tomgram: The Petraeus Moment

The Petraeus hearings may go down as the most fraudulent road tour since Milli Vanilli.

A new book by an ex-administration official will shed more unflattering light on the White House, es

Denying the Truth: Petraeus, Iraq, and Our Pontius Pilate Press

John Nichols: Honoring 9-11 By Objecting To Its Exploitation

MAUREEN DOWD: Peaches Tightens the Girdle

creating the illusion of a masculine mystique?

Is the U.S. Responsible for a Million Iraqi Deaths?

Did George W. Bush Write This?

Ethanol distillery joins Chicago Climate Exchange

Has your Rep co-sponsored the Clean Water Restoration Act?

Say No to expansion of "mountaintop removal" mining

Scientist burns water

Brainy parrot Alex dies at 31

Stevens Mentioned in FBI Video

China-Venezuela Join in Oil Investments

Arctic Sea Ice Cover At Record Low

The 'proxy war': UK troops are sent to Iranian border

New Orleans Retains a Black Majority

Democrats Struggle to Regain Offensive

GOP centrists get boost

Memorials to Allende and Pinochet mark Chile coup anniversary

Health care premiums rise 6.1 percent

Philippines' Estrada gets life

Official: Japan Prime Minister to Resign

Poll: Bin Laden tops Musharraf in Pakistan

Soldiers wish politicians would embed with them

OPEC Agrees to Boost Crude Oil Output

Stocks surge on hopes for a rate cut

Prostitute Says She Had Sex With Vitter

China bans lead paint in US toy exports

Guantanamo Detainees Tell of Abuses

U.S.: Saudis Still Filling Al Qaeda's Coffers

Bush nears decision on Gonzales replacement: aides

Senate Votes to Ban Mexican Trucks By a 74-24 Vote

Wheat rises to a record $9 a bushel.

'Star Tribune' Outsourcing Display Ad Production To India

Iraq is ratings drag for Katie Couric

No Terror Charges for Chiquita Execs

Details Emerge in W.Va. Torture Case

Why is the *Do not* send me a bumpersticker in bold?

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Official "Grocery Store With Mom" Music Thread

Condom comes with Cream of Mushroom Soup

i pLayed ass-grabby on the train today

you act like you were just born tonight

Do not want!

Ever feed a mint to a horse?

Freudian Slip?

Omg, I'm getting hate email from someone whose addy is "hate"!

"9.42? This is an outrage!"

Is there a Kryptonite for Mighty Mouse? What made him weak?????

I want to see an episode of House in which they solve the disease with first guess

I'm so effing bored - even this site isn't helping . . .

Matthew Sheppard, my goodness that's difficult to take in...

FUCKING SHIT!!! Look at this crazy fucking fish!!!

Finally: Clinical help for ear worms.

When did the music change?

if you have been lookin' from here to singapore

6 Years Later, in memory...

I had a Yogi Berra moment.

Posted this in GD but it's lead ballooning.

Boy, I can sure think of times to use the assicons!

i want to go to elysium

If anyone has read Richard Bach's book "One"; check this out!

if only --

one thing i need you should know

good night, all

For my 6000th post, some more pictures of me and kagehime...

I just put a bunch of old comic books in the freezer. Ask me anything.

How do you teach a dog to Speak?

"Exercise unleashes a bounce bras can't handle" <--- actual headline

Oi! You've got to see what Donald Rumsfeld can do with his hands!

what should i be addicted to?

Britney cries, parties and loses underwear after "come-back"

Your favorite quotes on peace and love?

Is this a sea monster?

A Lounge Vibe request for my father and stepmother and siblings.

the IHOP poLL to end aLL IHOP theories

Rate these movies if you've seen them

You are about to be executed tomorrow. What will be your last meal?

Exercise unleashes a bounce bras can't handle

So we're in Yellowstone today

Lovely, the faint yet distinct odor of skunk

Who's ignore list am I on?

Britney's career can't have tanked completely...

any butterfly/moth experts out here? help me identify this bizarre caterpillar.

I just spent $500 we don't have. Ask me anything.

Boys killing cockroaches cause home to burn down

Is Everyone From Texas Full Of It?

I'm really struggling with my hatred of Republicans...Anyone else?

Futurama: Yea or Nay?

What is a Yankee and New England Proverbs:

Help: Name a movie that'd be the antithesis to SEX AND THE CITY

you know what she did?

Gerald McEntee: September 11, 2001. We Remember. (Huffingtonpost)

Petraeus: "I Don't Know" If My Iraq Policy Makes America Safer

Bob Dylan - The Times they are A-changin' -1965

Bayh (D-INO) gives Petraeus a do-over on the safety question


Better Way

Olbermann: Health of 9/11 Heroes (6 Years Later)

Olbermann: Joe Lieberman - Worst Person In The World

Olbermann, Sep. 11, 2007: No Truth, No Consequences (Where are They Now?)

The Surge

Henry Rollins Teeing Off - Defenders of Free Speech (IFC)

Jim Moran (D-VA): 'The Surge Is Not Working'

Senator Joe Biden Plays Hardball Sept. 11, 2007

Olbermann: Giuliani 'Running for President on the Back of My Dead Son'

Keith doing a kick ass show tonight: "Where are they now?"

Keith at ground zero for broadcast

A Cartoon Oldie-But-Goody; "Things We'd Like To See"

Looking for a laugh? This does it for 4,5 million people, and me repeatedly

NY Times: "Blocking Mexican Trucks."

Something that's always baffled me .

Does Anyone Actually Have Verification That Rev. Yearwood Broke His Ankle? Is It Just Made Up?

Pictures that 'some people' would rather you forgot:

Would Dubai or the UAE benefit in any way from an attack on Iran?

Stevens Mentioned in FBI Video

A California Democrat says no to corporate footsy on health insurance reform

Why do the Dems even need to bring the spending authorization to a vote?

I wonder what Mrs. Vitter is going to say about this

Boats on Hudson Pay Tribute

Is Brokaw drunk on KO?

Senator Clinton has one month to make good on her promised IWR deauthorization

Media bias: It's as simple as this,

New information about the Cuban girl in the custody suit

I do NOT believe anything this fake administration tells us about Bin Laden or anything else

Fuck you bushitler and your 30K reduction by next spring. Who are they?

Boxer, Inhofe duke it out over CAFO waste

Good Job, Keith!!! Just ripped Joementum TO SHREDS

Can ANY Connecticut DUers tell me what the feeling there is about Leiberman NOW?

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman

USA and North Korea game. 2 vs 2 at 90 minutes.

Keith made the connection that most of us have always believed existed!!

What do you make of the following businesses?

Why I was blown away 9/11/01

'Right With God' But Not Churchgoer Says Thompson

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I swear..why the f*ck do they have that grimacing slit eyed idiot-buchanan

College Football Fans Get Into Fight. NICE!!

Cool! Find your candidate - nonpartisan!

when * says 30K reduction by spring he's referring to additional # of Iraqi's he'll have KILLED nt

Vitter's #2 Wendy coming up on Dan Abrams

Thank you Keith Olbermann for your words tonight, this 9/11

Prostitute says she had sex with Vitter 2-3 times a week

Is Petraeus Lying? (Is Bush an Idiot?)

"Re-understanding": Thom Hartmann Connects Some Dots on 9-11 Betrayus Day

Republican Spokeswoman says Dems 'think troops are a bunch of illiterate, toothless rapists'

Guantanamo Detainees Tell of Abuses

George Bush has true street credibility!

9/11, not only a day of terror, but a day of equality.

Gen. David Petraeus deserves an apology - from my local paper

Mr. President, America is under attack

"... but I've seen things here I'm just astounded exist in America."

Latest Amazon Tags for 'Dead Certain"

No matter how bleak things look I will always remember you

"Wide angle"---PBS now: women and the Taliban (looks good)

New Anti-War Documentary on PBS's show P.O.V. tonight! "The Camden 28" (On Now in some places)

My take on the 9/11 anniversary

General Petraeus or Jeff Spicoli ?

There was NO DEBATE on Iraq. Petreaus report then bu$h* speech outlining ongoing war.

keeps coming to mind as this complex war goes on and on....Bush NEVER KNEW...

oh, god Norm Coleman referred to 'the light at the end of the tunnel'..Westmoreland..

Great Op-Ed by Anna Quindlen: "American Forgetting"

The 'proxy war': UK troops are sent to Iranian border

SALON Glenn Greenwald: Brit Hume and the Bush administration take propaganda to a new level = VIDEO

It seems like Bush gets his war at the surge level for another six months

Top official: without Iraqi oil, we hit the wall in 2015

If everyone you disagree with

"Capitalist" is just a kinder word for "Gangster"

(TOON) Steve Bell on Petraeus

John W. Dean: "Broken Government" I never thought that the GOP posed a threat to the well-being ....

My immediate reaction after I seen the news of planes slamming the WTC back in '01

Anyone watching the "as it happens" on MSNBC?

Department of the Blindingly Obvious (re Guantanamo)

Transcript: Hagel's and Biden's questioning of Crocker and Petraeus

"Never Forget" vs "Always Remember"

Great News!! Kevin Everett is moving his arms and legs. "Will walk out of hospital".

Music Industry Betting On 'Ringle' Format

Thank you, Rev. Yearwood. Thank you, Code Pink. Thank you, Ray McGovern. Thank you, Adam Kokesh.

stupid question

Latest polls say voters trust Dems more on Iraq

As Bush and Cheney and their wives walked onto the White Hourse lawn this morning...

Phil Donahue now on CBC radio

Jodi Foster is the guest on The Daily Show tonight!

Has your Rep co-sponsored the Clean Water Restoration Act?

>> My god! It's a wormhole!!! <<

Nancy Pelosi's Tough Talk Statement on Petraeus Report

Last week and Memorial Day week are the two least-watched CBS evening newscasts since at least 1987

Say No to expansion of "mountaintop removal" mining

Bill Clinton vs * on Terrorisim

Why can't more Democrats in Congress be as brave as Malalai Joya?

I've HAD IT . . .


So, how’s about we make our very own “bin Laden” video?

Almanac says 2008 will be warmest year in a century

More evidence of the average American brain trust...

San Antonio soldier killed in Iraq had a rough childhood

"So, General, I guess you CAN'T prosecute the war after all?" -- Questions I DIDN'T hear asked today

How Many Here On DU Were Bush Supporters on 9/11

I watched a presser that Pelosi and Reid had today concerning the Petraeus propaganda...

Castration Lets Rapist Avoid Life Sentence

Buh Bye Senator Stevens

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Huffington Post: Paging Americans - Where The Hell Are You?

two little boys I can't get out of my mind tonight.

Caption this

This Is Gonna Get Tougher And Tougher... Soon...

Neanderthal Oklahoma University fan violently attacks UT fan

Please DU this poll

Yangtze River Dolphin sighted - thought to be extinct

No boom today. Four days to go.

I love Craig Ferguson.

Charlie Rose, anyone? Biden and Lindsay asshole Graham? nt

Colin Powell: Terrorists are not greatest threat to nation

Check out this crap

Why don't they listen to us

Great "No Truth, No Consequences" from KO tonight! nt

Raul Martinez launches tirade over Clinton fundraising flap

Joe Lieberman makes Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World. See why...

Interactive candidate issues comparisons -- plus wedding pictures! Check it out....

The next Dem debate is Thursday: Yahoo/Huff Post/Slate Web-based Presidential "Mash-Up"

Mediamatters thinks Richard Cohen is a progresive. Do you agree?

Caption the Pic - 2 women and their hands

US drawdown likely to be long, slow crawl to Kuwait

If I could actually have any less respect for the MSM

Waxman to Probe Clinton files

Where are the magic "moderate" Republicans we were told would rescue us from the war come September?

Anyone Else Think That Biden's Iraq Plan Is The Only One That Will Work?

NYT: Clinton Sees Fear Realized in Trouble With Donor

Ohio Democratic Straw Poll

Kucinich to have 3 hours with Ed Schultz--blog your questions now!

McCain: I was right about Iraq strategy (AP)

You can post your questions for Dennis Kucinich -- Ed Schultz Wed. Sept 12 -- three hours

Remember Harriet Meyers CONTEMPT of CONGRESS?

Clinton leads all GOP'ers in VA (Rasmussen poll)

Democrats think Hillary is most electable

I'm Watching - As It Happened - On MSNBC - Today Show Telecast Of 9/11/01.....

I hung my Kucinich 2008 sign on a huge, noble oak in my front yard.

New Anti-War Documentary on PBS's show P.O.V. tonight! "The Camden 28" (On Now in some places)!

The forgotten terrorist attack on American soil post 9/11

California Health Plan in Peril

Clinton votes with the Democratic majority as often as Obama does, despite empty labels and hype

How could GWB show is face today...

Kucinich on 9/11---an inspiring letter to his supporters

I know that I haven't been a member of DU long enough to "Rant"..

what will it take to make Lieberman switch sides?

Is Anyone watching the History Channel "The day the Towers fell"

Ralph Nader

As Casualties Climb, So Do Doubts (In Manhattan, Kansas)

Fidel Castro Says U.S. Fooled World Over 9/11

Voter Purging: A Legal Way for Republicans to Swing Elections?

Democrats Attack Bush on Iraq

Craigslist: The Newest Target in the War on Prostitution


LTTE: ‘On Gonzalez resignation’

LAT editorial: We will pay for next 11 months in Iraq with hundreds of lives, 10 billion dollars

Indians to protest Green Card delay

Email from Rob Kall: Petraeus, the Military and the Iraq War

Last Chance Saloon: Will the Democrats Stand Up to George Bush's Ridiculous Offer?

Recession Time! The Housing Bubble Bursts the Economy

"That really pisses me off down there, those assholes"

Framing the War on Terror - Gallup

Snapshots of the Apocalypse

Robert Scheer: The General Lies

Pelosi's Gavel Proves to Wield Little Power to End Conflict in Iraq


A War Casualty: The Truth

"The Surge is working." - I guess it all depends on how you define "working" (a great short read.)

Is It Normal To Let Your Kids Get Eaten By a Bear?

"J'accuse" -- Gary Hart -- excellent

Business Week: Fear and Loathing at the Airport

Thom Hartmann: The Problem With a “War” Strategy

David Petraeus has admitted David Petraeus doesn't matter. Will anyone believe him?

It seems likely that the Bush Administration has settled on its pick for a new Attorney General.

Hillary's Dirty Money

Etan Thomas and Dave Zirin: Racism, Hatred and Southern Justice are Alive and Well in Jena, LA

Dennis Kucinich on Ed Schultz Show today 12 ET-3 ET

Soup Kitchen U.S.A. Obama could win southern states.

History will see us all as Bush's "Good Germans." Most of the world does already.

Jimmy Carter: Undermining peace

India building nuclear sub, says top scientist

Gorillas head race to extinction - BBC

The Return of the Doomsday Machine?

Oil above $78 as OPEC fails to calm market - Reuters

Engineer says Thailand needs nuclear-powered electricity plants

UN nuclear chief walks out on EU speech on Iran

Japanese consumers feel the pinch of biofuel demand

Wheat Rises to Record $9 a Bushel on Global Crop Concerns

EU Automakers Reject 2012 Deadline For 120 Grams C/Kilometer - Want 3 More Years - AFP

World Conservation Union - Globally, More Than 16,300 Species Threatened With Extinction - ENN

As World Warms, Newly Virulent Chikungunya Virus Spreads To Europe - 100+ Cases Confirmed In Italy

From The "Oh, That's Nice" File - "Sense Of Urgency Greater Over Climate Deal" - Reuters

Italy's Environment Ministry Estimates Current Annual Climate Change Damage = 50 Billion Euros - AFP

Oz Ag. Minister - Situation In Bush "Rapidly Deteriorating" - W/O Big Rains, "Unprecedented" Crisis

Does Our Planet Have Too Many People?

Don't Count On Canada's Farms To Prosper As Warming Speeds Up, Author Warns - G&M

Renewed DR Congo fighting threatens rare gorillas

Global warming impact like "nuclear war": report - Reuters

Tropical Storm Humberto, Tropical Depression #8 Both Upgraded By National Hurricane Center

Oil hits record [$79.29] on big inventory drop

Breaking news: New historic SH sea ice maximum and NH sea ice minimum

Federal Judge rules in favor of states to set car emission standards (Environmental Defense)

Oil Approaching $80 - $79.66 at NYMEX welcome page

21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle

7,000 Iraqis Sickened By Cholera - Epidemic May Reach Baghdad Within Weeks - NYT

Giuliani's support is soft in key states

Russia unveils the 'father of all bombs'


UM, Univisión still trying for GOP debate

Euro strikes record high 1.3879 dollars

Giant Wave Impact in Orissa, India

Tsunami has been observed in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Details emerge in W. Va. torture case

Woman says she had sex with Sen. Vitter

US general's plan means 10 more years of war: Democrats

Senate votes to block Mexican trucks test

Bin Laden, Brought to You by . . .

Senate War Votes Hinge on GOP Class of 2002

Putin dissolves government ahead of elections

'08 hopefuls net millions from piggy banks

Iraq pullout ballot vetoed

Disney violates Chinese labour laws: report

Kerrey (D-Ne) promises decision shortly

Baghdad Combat Hospital Busy Again

Amish give update on shooting survivors, donations

Fathers Of Soldiers Killed In Iraq Hail Sons for Speaking Out in 'NYT' Op-Ed

Anti-Thompson Site Connects to Romney Camp

Schwarzenegger rejects California vote on Iraq war

Scientists fear rare dolphin now extinct (new study on Baiji)

Economy will hover near recession, forecast says

Report: Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria

Bush ripped on heroin trade

Petraeus Says Iran Wants Iraqi 'Hezbollah' Force

Charges dropped against US Marine in Iraq killing

Major Ebola outbreak in DR Congo

Wal-Mart plans to roll out new ad campaign

Obama Claims Interview in French Magazine Faked

U.S. seeks pact with Shiite militia

In Iraq, Little Pressure for Reforms

Internet Users Join Search for Steve Fossett

Horizon cancels 113 flights to inspect planes

Researcher: Bin Laden's beard is real, the video is not

Crude futures touch $80 for first time on Nymex

Police Crackdown On Men Cruising For Sex

Senate Democrats reject Petraeus' plan

Senate Panel Cuts Funding For European Missile Defense Plans

September War Protests Won’t Include Many Democratic Lawmakers

Bush to Address Nation on Iraq

Waxman to probe Clinton files

U.S. looks to sanctions on Iran's Quds force

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 12

Powerful quake strikes Indonesia

I'll leave within three years if elected, says Howard

Rice: Stabilizing Iraq 'long process'

Government never improved produce inspections after E. coli outbreak

Federal Judge Rules States Can Regulate Tailpipe Emissions

Two of Seven Soldiers Who Wrote 'NYT' Op-Ed Die in Iraq

Top N.J. Court Reverses Abortion Ruling

Democrat Reid: Iraq Plan Unacceptable

Putin dissolves Russian government

Baghdad residents protest at wall

(Larry) Craig hails progress in Iraq

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Stands Alone Opposed to Sept. 11 Commemoration Resolution

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Iraq Pullout Vote

Dollar at record low against euro

Youssif and family arrive in U.S.: 'Am I in heaven?' (Burned Iraqi Boy)

Life expectancy of Americans climbs to 78 years

Mark Warner Expected to Confirm Senate Run

Citizens offer new take on news

Tropical storm forms off Texas, Louisiana

BREAKING NEWS: Six Logan residents won't face federal hate crime charges

MI5 and MI6 to be sued for first time over torture

Mortgage Lender's Bankruptcy May Threaten Thousands of Homeowners (American Home Mortgage)

Don't work, have sex, Governor says

U.S. dollar losing luster as reserve currency

'Worst Polluted Places' list unveiled

Colombia blasts US Democrats on aid

Bay State Democrats try to draft Gore

Mark Warner to Run for Senate Seat

6-Year-Old Girl Found Hanged in Texas

Most think founders wanted Christian USA

Cuba provided info that saved Ronald Reagan from assassination in 1984: Castro

No Democratic Censure For MoveOn Ad

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? Better run, better take cover...

My mom just went off on me for signing my real name

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/12/07)

Miss Teen South Carolina (with subtitles)

Night night, people

I can't sleep.

This story is making me woozy

Anyone else watch "Tell Me You Love me"?

Why Don't We Da Do It In The Road?

LBN: Clinton Blasts Obama For Slamming Edwards Jab

Everett diagnosis takes positive turn

they make such a cute quartet

Midnight Poetry Thread: Originals only!

Are the Patriots Super Bowl wins tainted? Should Tom Brady...

What did they put in this kid's bottle?

"King And Caroline/Motor Away"- Guided By Voices

Why Does Democracy Have to Start at 6.00 am? Cant it start around 9 ish?

Wednesday....... September 12th. William Shatner's...Thought...... .. For The Day:

Can someone give me the skinny on seeing a show at a House of Blues venue?

Theories on Britney Spears and Tom Waits

Theories on Madeline Kahn, post them here!

I passed the MOE's BAR!!1!!

If Any Polish DUers Could Help Me Out With Something

I played a video game on Monday and my thumbs are still numb

theories on madeline mccann, post them here!

today is the perfect day to play hookie

Upgrade to MS-DOS 5! It's cool! It's hip!

Minnesota. Criminies.

Just gimme some truth

Is Greg Brady the new Barry Williams?

Always get a second opinion.... a little funny

Favorite lines from "Just One of the Guys"

Britney Spears may be many things...


The case for drinking

don't hate me because I'm beautiful....

Once again, DU's resident Hurricane Observer fails to warn us

Laws but I'm gassy.

If Ted Bundy were gay, would the gay community embrace him?

Another Young Republican is born

Bumper stickers spotted this morning

DU has a NEW Hurricane Observer who will provide us with the warnings!!

There is a road that meets the road that goes to my house

Happy Ramadan, Happy Rosh Hashanah.

Jon Stewart to return as Oscar Host

30K troops to return next summer...

Who is going to DC from NYC this saturday for the march?

If Greg or Tom Brady were gay, would the gay community embrace them?

Ronald Reagan's stinking zombie corpse

Chris Crocker's plea

It's 1 AM, I'm pissed at GD, and I want to go for a walk.

a wrong number just offered me a mortgage

Ebay question

Hip Hop/Rap Fans....

Ex-`Top Chef' contestant is attacked

They thought it was Ronald Reagan's zombie corpse, but it was only...

Oprah dumped Stedman??? AND is paying him $300M??

Please, someone cause the apocalypse, before it's too late!

Minnesota mugger/toe-sucker arrested. Mug shot included (spray warning)

Is Mike Brady the new James Bond?

Nails done, new shoes, new dress. Anyone know a good wedding I could attend?

Here's one for the "Isn't that creepy" file

It still startles me

I'm lonely, and tired, and I miss my friend.

The neighbor's barking dog is making me crazy!

that's it... I can control the urge no longer

What is your favorite moth, and your least favorite moth?

If Larry Craig were gay, would the gay community embrace him?

I went to Hades today for breakfast.

NoelMN is telling people I'm pregnant.

Tropical Storm Humberto.

Alright, alright -- what the heck is a "Tricky Tray"?

I'm trapped in my freakin' bedroom, heh, heh.

Got my blood pressure checked - cost me $135 - That is ridiculous!!

A serious comment about something I learned a short time ago -

Mozilla in Windows question...

Terrence Howard (Hustle and Flow, Crash, The Brave One) won't date

I saw Bjork last night. One of the most spectacular concerts I've seen!

My poor little car!!!!

Five questions about colors

I had a dream last night

I need the name for a garment.

I have this stuck in my head,

Master Procrastinator


I'm starting a chex thread

I'm starting a sax thread

I miss the milestone posts..

I'm starting a fox thread

Confession time - whats the most embarrassing thing

I'm starting a fax thread

Posting through Iphoney

mac people: How do I block an address in mail?

I'm starting a Sox thread

I have this stuck in my head.

I bought a scale that supposedly measures IQ.

The Dems suck because they wont stand up to Clinton breaking into my house

Remember that show "The Equalizer" from the 80's? You can watch it in HD...

Colonel Angus

Howdy from Oregon. I'm spending a few days here with my mom.

Fall brings back good memories for me.

Jim Rome interviews Jim/Chris Everett..


Dudes, I need your expert haircut advice.


I haven't been here for a while; can anyone tell me how Mrs Grumpy is doing?

I passed the FUBAR ask me anything


University of Michigan receives ZERO votes in the latest Division 1

I haven't ranted about student loans for at least fifteen minutes, so here goes

We're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you.

I'm starting a pox thread

Wahoo - today is my birthday - tell me about your gifts

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

I'm starting a lox thread

iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed

*yawn* It must be time for bed.

OK. My uncle is an idiot...

There is a hot guy named Lukas that is posted in here sometimes

Get that fucking "Seekingmillionare" shit off the damn webpage

Who wants to see a monkey and a bulldog?!?!

I went to Hardees today for breakfast

Without the backstory..... what's the funniest thing yo've said on a date.

Where's the "SUCK IT JESUS" thread??

I bought a scale that supposedly measures body fat and water.

Okay, the backup is done, but I am putting off doing the format and reload

hell freezes over! i got my entire deposit back from my last landlord!

With all this talk about Code Pink, I've decided to start a CP thread.

Who's the squarest square you can think of?

Beware of men whose hair is sleek with liquid nard.

Church Deacon, OU Fan Tears Scrotum Of UT Fan In Bar Fight

This is good for bears, but is it good for people to report on their neighbors?

Du we du the DUzy Awards anymroe?


If hard work should be rewarded (G-rated thread)

A serious question about something I learned a short time ago - no flames please

Good morning America, how are ya?

Speaking of flames: Man torches then shoots himself in bizarre Basalt case

Locking Threads?

Ai Chihuahua! Dog Adopts 4 Baby Squirrels

FOX NEWS needs a new slogan!

I passed the MO BAR!!!!

If you are upset with Rethug NFL fans and players, but still love the game

Wear what you feel like on the plane, I could use the laughs.

OMFG! Cutest puppy ever... it's a "BUG"!!

You suck. No flames please.

I miss not having assholes in the Lounge.

Old magazine ads (dialup warning)

My fingernails keep growing.

BBC invites you to vote: Will the Nov 26th Led Zeppelin reunion show "recapture their former glory?"

Ritual de lo Habitual - Jane's Addiction

Maggie Gyllenhaal Breast Feeding

Good grief! What are the rules for bicyclists at 3-way intersections?

What's for Dinner, DU?

Later, Later...

'Stay home and make love', eh?

10 "hottest" job markets in the U.S.

Bad, wicked, naughty Zoot needs a spanking!

Rank.... THE BRADYS!

Well, whaddaya know - Fort Worth FINALLY called for a job interview

I've got a thread up in GD....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/12/07 Bonus

I'm trapped in the jury duty room! What can I say to get dismissed???

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/12/07

VIDEO: John Cage's "4'33"" as performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Two questions on long airline flights

Crap! I just put myself on ignore....!!!

Ahhhhh, it's morning in America. A morning that Reagan is dead for.

My heartfelt apology

Say we were having a virtual shower for LostinVa and Haruka

What a weird day I'm having...

I need cute - post your cutest puppy or kitty pix here!

I just got someone arrested and feel terrible, even if he's a jerk.

I just saved more than I spent at the grocery store! Ask me anything.

Image: Mother And Child

When's the last time you've been to a library?

What mode of transportation inspires the best songs?

I scheduled my son for tours of two SoCal Colleges today!

I'm starting a sex thread

Billyskank says that in the good old days

Wednesday, September 12th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Master Baiter

Is Tom Brady the new Barry Bonds??

Happy Birthday to me,

invest in beach front property in nicaragua ---

Post up some good Country & Western youtubes

I am SO Cool, How COOL are you?

Most interesting thing you've ever done in your WHOLE life?

Best "warm-up" bands you have ever seen?

New amputee rehab center to open at Reed

Bearing burns of war

Vietnam flashback

At camp, military kids bear scars of their own

McCaffrey: the Army needs 800,000 soldiers

Sniper wrote last wishes on paper plates, box

New Initiatives Raise Hopes for Army to Reach Recruiting Goals

Dennis Kucinich speech to the VFP

Veteran Protests War (audio at link)

Six years of terror (xpost from GD)

Today in labor history September 12


Working ENDA: Labor Speaks Out to Silence Discrimination E action

Candidate Franken shows his support ON THE PICKET LINE for campus strikers (photo too)

Proposal for U. Wisconsin faculty union draws fierce REPUBLICAN criticism

Need advice ASAP. Injured worker being threatened with being fired.

'Canadians' Breach Bush Lockdown at APEC Summit in Sydney

Visa's Saints Ad Deceptive

Dodd: A Call for Clarity (no more blank checks)

Is the war in Iraq making us safer? Petraeus: "I Don't Know."


Gen. Wm. Westmoreland speaks of Pax Americana in 1991

Town Crier: Hear The Call To Impeach

IRAQ HEARINGS: Sen. Boxer Questions Gen. Petraeus

Olbermann on 911 and Iraq

Boehner Attacks

An Appeal To Al Gore

US Troops in Iraq talk about Halliburton & KBR...

photo of 9/11 hijackers passport that survived crash of flight 93

Senate votes to block Mexican trucks test

I was asked this earlier. What do you think the Dems will do/how will

If Hillary's the nominee, how does Nader fare?

Watching MSMBC on footage on 9/11


Remember the "Insane cop video" from yesterday? Followup

Great CNN feature on mountaintop removal

Dennis Kucinich on Ed Schultz for three hours Wednesday 9/12


Hilary Clinton Beats All Pugs- Puts A Can Of Whoopass on Frederick of Hollywood

For Iraqis, General’s Report Offers Bitter Truth

NooB misses thread, asks latecomers where they were 091101?

Iraq and Vietnam: A Simple Equation

Would these people lie to us ?

Mister Republican may get more TV exposure

Watch Tweety & Joe Biden from Hardball last night...

Fox News -- American Pravda

What Was The "White Plane" That Circled The White House On 9/11

Both Leahy and Sanders Against Funding the War


Led Zeppelin To Confirm Reunion

Briton to sue intelligence services over torture at Guantanamo

Anyone have a link to a blog with pictures of hundreds or thousands of Iraqi children killed? n/t

US military headquarters in Iraq attacked

Three articles on Lindsey Graham's joke, "weasel" ACLU lawyers, and the Cheney Project

Mich. Lawmaker Wants to Arm Educators

jeff gannon being interviewed on "The Young Turks" now

A Survey of Baghdad Neighborhoods

Kucinich on Ed Schultz today

== Welcome home, have some gunfire = By Mark Morford


After defending Petraeus, Gergen admitted, "I have a personal relationship with him ... I'm biased"

An open letter to Jeffrey Immelt CEO of General Electric.

Petreaus-------Gamed Again

A song for Rich Lowry

Patrick Leahy: The next attorney general should unite, not divide

Iran ready to repel enemy attack - commander

Go, Al, Go (Al Franken, that is)

Policing Speech (in Ft. Worth)

Untangling the latest GOP gay scandal

Bush pulling troops out of Iraq...for possible use in Iran?

Would it be inappropriate to take a poll asking "How many of our Troops do you think are rapists?"

General "Betrayus" is what some of his own troops call(ed) him..

Senate War Votes Hinge on GOP Class of 2002

Schwarzenegger vetoes Iraq pullout vote

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Elizabeth Edwards coming up on Rachael Ray (10 a.m. EST)

UPDATE: Officer who threatened false charges has been suspended.

Japanese Prime Minister steps down and liberals are taking over zipper protection.

Who is ?

Powerful Indonesian earthquake up to 8.0

Cancer Risk of Mobile Phone Use Cannot Be Ruled Out.

David Limbaugh: Reclaiming the high ground on Iraq ~~ A GOP spat over who created it

Democrats turn to lower-profile projects to combat global warming

Another high profile tenure case

Reminder To Republicans: YOU Lost the War!

The wages of Canadian truck drivers driving into the US doesn't matter in it's effect

republican candiates a nutshell

Thompson exposure and meltdown occurring now ... LINK

A seven year loan on a 3 year old used car

Tom Tomorrow nails it: The difference between Dems and Repugs

Could the use of nuclear weapons be construed as a war crime?

Joe Lieberman

Two of the seven NY Times Op-Ed Soldiers have Died in Iraq (via DailyKos)

After two days, no answer to 'how this ends'

Before bushie nominates Olsen for AG today

What all has Bush done in office you ask...

Tony Snow regarding Bin Laden: "the war against terror is not the war against one guy."

Whenever I call my Congressman and my Senators.....

Craig Crawford: With Iraq Policy Intact, Bush Free to Target Iran

Yesterday's "Pickles" strip. Is this what we have to do to get "Them" to acknowledge mistakes?

Why The Anti-War Dems Will Retreat

Britney Spears may be many things...

Larry Craig: Petraeus Does Not Blow

FEMA refuses to pay Miss. county almost $12 M for Katrina work

SOS by Eliza Jane == PLUS Clint Curtis' testimony re FLIP THE VOTE

Iraqis rally today against wall dividing Sunnis and Shiites - 'The Wall is US Terrorism'

I saw a "give war a chance" sticker on a Buick today

Osama, Musharraf, and * --Tom Toles.

Senator on Senate Fl now--saying little being debated about how war impacts the troops/family.

The Senate, and I'm assuming the House, are off until Monday...

Why is in inappropriate to discuss how DU looks at American Troops?

A Very "Tacky" Punishment for Dallas Daycare Toddler >> VIDEO

Sunni Tribal Leader: "The problems of Anbar were not solved by the government or the Americans"

Is Any Sentient Democrat Not Happy Hillary Clinton Is Pimp Slapping Frederick90027?

That's IT, I'm Moving Outta DFW in 2009: Bush May Buy Property in Highland Park Dallas >

Petraeus is funding Sunni militias.

I don't belong to any organized political party

So I guess we are not allowed to discuss the behavior of the troops in Iraq

C-Span 1 hearing on now regarding toy safety

Academy to Invite Jon Stewart Back as Oscar Host

Jon Stewart does it again

HBO's 'Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq' now available to watch online:

Petraeus has a history. He's hardly objective. Moveon is right.

Petraeus isn't a liar; when he says he hasn't sat down and spent any time...

Today is Tony Snow's last televised briefing

LIve Stream of Kucinich on Ed Schultz Show Now!

There's a lot wrong with THIS picture.

The Democrats and Ted Olsen

Revolt at the Pentagon?....

Does Pelosi sound unhappy to you?

We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot

Efficiency vs. Diversity

Pile-on time: Name EVERYTHING the Repukes have to apologize for!

Voter Purging: A Legal Way for Republicans to Swing Elections?

Hatch dissing Move on On Senate Fl right now.

Which Republican candidate created a website smearing Fred Thompson?

DU THIS POLL re: Is Our Country Safer >>

WH media blitz links 9/11, Iraq; Bush official: People don't understand Sunnis, Shias, KNOW Al Qaeda

Iraq Moratorium

ALERT: Scott Horton interview on "Politics and the Department of Justice" SEPT 12.

Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

What I got out of the Petraeus report:

You don't have to commit genocide to be a war criminal!

"Wait till September" from The Democratic Party

DU policy needs re-visiting

What would you want the father of a jobless Iraqi kid who wanted to kill Americans to say to him?

Jon Stewart to host 2008 Academy Awards

Ah ... a blast from the past. Subprime freepers...

Rice: "we're at the beginning of...what the president called...a generational challenge"

How far are they willing to go?

McClatchy: After two days, no answer to 'how this ends'

US Soldier regarding current situation in Iraq: "It is a much more scary out there"

5 things Petraeus should be asked about: polls of Iraqi opinion of occupation, Bush's oil theft law

What is congress prepared to do to save homeowners from being evicted and banks from

Six years of terror

emptywheel: Invite Admiral Fallon to Tell Us if We're Safer

Are there any public opinion surveys out yet about the Petraeus

Man & Woman, and more than 30 animals found shot to death on Florida farm..

Does killing innocent Iraqis make you a war criminal?

"Al-Qaida is in America and they are our government." - A surprising "Sound Off" in my local paper.

Were all the "throw ALL the bums out" activists taught a lesson with Lieberman last year?

Simple Is As Simple Does ---pix--->>>

"Killer Bees' Descend on New Orleans" Be careful NOLA DUers!!

Ray McGovern on "The Guy James Show" today

Is anyone watching CNN's Barbara Starr pushing war with Iran while interviewing Petreaus?

Elect Liberal radio

Obama: "We've had enough.....And I am here to say that we have to begin to end this war now"

This morning I am sick at heart.

Appropriate statements about the Troops

Dennis Kucinich coming up on Ed Schultz at top of the hour!

Making a killing out of war - The ghouls who profit from death

Scientists Use the "Dark Web" to Snag Extremists and Terrorists Online

Fathers of soldiers killed in Iraq hailed their sons for speaking out

WH getting grief for flubbing the date of Rosh Hashanah greeting

If you would call Rush Limbaugh's advertisers to get them to stop advertising on his show

***** LIVE NOW = Scott Horton interview = More Charges of Politics at the BUSH DoJ *****

Today: Oil over $80.00 a barrel. Mission Accomplished!

To Pres. Bush re: Tomorrows speech

Iraq for Sale - the War profiteers - documentary by Robert Greenwald, now on

I stand with MoveOn. This sums it up better than a 1000 words!

Chinese web filtering 'erratic' (BBC)

Barbara Boxer on Randi Rhodes right now.


Do y'all ever wonder what GHW Bush must really think about his son's

IRAN WAR ALL BUT IMMINENT: UK Troops are Sent to Iranian Border

Petraeus:"committing U.S. units to counterinsurgencies appears to be a very problematic proposition"

Hedz Up -- Kucinich is kicking butt now on Ed Schultz (12:20)

Anyone save the story of the US dropping hundred dollar bills and Bush's photo over Afghanistan?

If you lost your job today

Kathleen Willey: Clintons stole my manuscript (LOL)

David Schippers: Clinton gang broke into my house, too

Those who are jumping the Bush bandwagon will always be fools in my eyes.

Republican Candidates: Dare to be Stupid!

Russian PM resigns, encourages Putin to dissolve

Ok check in time. What GOP contributors have you called lately and demanded they help end this war?

Bush to propose troop cut?? He's AWESOME!

In Iraq, Little Pressure for Reforms

Leading Senators and Congressmen are right now under great pressure from hedge funds to

Handwriting on the wall...

NC School bans US Flag (among others)

Bush in 2006: "If we yield Iraq to men like bin Laden, our enemies will be emboldened"

US Seeks Pact With Sadr's Militia

Please name an 06 Senate candidate who ran as specifically anti war

Report: U.S. global influence waning due to failures in Iraq

Black & White & Red All Over -- Op-Ed Pages Dominated by Right

No End in Sight - Documentary Movie Iraq Fiasco - See This Movie

Petraeus: "we are not arming the tribes...already well-enough armed"

Petraeus = Westmoreland or why do we keep falling for this shit?

Iraq poll September 2007: In graphics

It all makes sense now. About a year ago, I came home and saw that two

What has Wes Clark said about Petraeus's testimony? I am googling unsuccesfully...

Reid: Iraq Drawdown Plan Unacceptable

24 hours later ..... Your assessment of the General Dave Dog and Pony Show's success

Hey! One of the Young Turks is a movie host on TCM!

'Valley of Elah' looks great!

Bush actually said "We're kicking ass in Iraq"?

Wednesday TOONS : Wishing for a return to a more liberal past....

"You Will Survive Doomsday" and NukeFix Software

Attn: Southwest Airlines

Hawaii soldier killed in Iraq was 8 days from return

The Russian air force has tested a giant fuel-air bomb which the military says is the biggest

I hope this site can help fellow consumers

PLS Consider Making a Donation in Memory of Sgt Omar Mora & Staff Sgt Yance Gray:

Chicago Man Sues After Prostitution Arrest

Our battle with CBS continues

Woo Hoo!! Just on local news, Mark Warner to run for Senate

What Petraeus Said About Progress in Iraq Three Years Ago

Bush / Petraeus joke...


How low can our presstitutes go?

CNN "Situation Room Watchers"...does Blitzer talk about anything else but threats from Iran/Terror

Be-tray-us! I've just seen Hearings from Be-tray-us...the follow up was weak

Why is the Iraq war NOT illegal?

GOP Leader Boehner: If We Defeat Al Qaeda, "We" Will Have Paid "A Small Price" In Iraq

At least twice recently I heard RW propagandist make the claim ....

I think there is a turning point here.

Tony Snow is giving his final Press Briefing now. CNN

"Person of Interest" released. Crime, such as it is? Waiting for wife to feed baby.

Instead of going home, British troops headed to Iranian border: Report

You think our airport security is weird? We can't carry liquids and

Mother wants explanation for son's Iraq death (NYT OP-ED Author)

"Bush ... plays into al-Quesda's hands" Robert Parry

***ACTION ALERT ***Stop Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

Patrick Buchanan to run for Virginia Senate?

Was Valerie Plame Really "Outed"?

I have a Constitutional amendment to propose:

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed 9/12 - Everybody Apologize

Tell Congress that their time is up -- find a new course for Iraq!! Please sign!!

Researcher: Bin Laden's beard is real, the video is not

Poll: Franken closes in on Coleman (now within 5 points)

PBS News Hour grilling Patreaus and Crocker... now!

Employees starting to pay for poor health

"I heart capitalism"

If one of the main Architects of the Arkansas Project becomes AG--- I might give up.

From Barbara Boxer: Gen. Petraeus, take off the rose-colored glasses!

WTF - Faux News Is the Video Pool Provider for Dems '08 Convention!

Is Southwest Airlines Going to Far...........

Rachel Maddow is reading the OP ed NYT's from the deceased soldiers

Rude Pundit: Osama Spins His Eyes Again

Oh for the love of all that's rational. The Dems will NOT confirm Olsen

Waiter Fired After Leaving Shift To Save Carjacking Victim

The great Iran War product roll-out has begun!

Silvestre Reyes: McConnell Lied When He Claimed New FISA Law Stopped Terrorist Attack

Did firefighters in your community wear "FDNY" tee-shirts yesterday?

Wow!!! Bush is bringing 30,000 troops home.


Larry Flynt, Ex-Prostitute Deliver More Accusations Against Vitter

Ding: My "Scary Scenario" for Coming Iran War (B-52, Stand Down, Attack, Iran Blamed)

Two of Seven Soldiers Who Wrote ‘NYT’ Op-Ed Die in Iraq

Israel Proposes National Service To Stem Tide of Draft Dodgers

So, is there really a nuke missing?

This really tries my opposition to capital punishment: 6 year old hung after being sexually abused

Kucinich on the Ed Schultz show streaming starting at 6 pm eastern

I had no idea the Shia and Sunni split initially stemmed from political differences

Hey! There are some great deals at the Conservative Book Club

CBS Defends Katie Couric’s Iraq ‘Puff Pieces’: Bloggers Are ‘Not Intelligent’

Pelosi: President’s Policy is a Path to 10 More Years of War in Iraq

This could be a scoop. Carlyle Group buys Verizon's HI phone co.

Tucker Carlson is a rude fuck.

Oh my. "an xxx-kissing little chickenshxt"?

I haven't heard any discussion of the national debt today

If I call the Brewsters and Burtons trailer trash am I going to be flamed for insulting white trash

Threatened Species Red List Shows Escalating 'Global Extinction Crisis'

One of my Brother's friends was killed in Iraq last weekend...

MSNBC online poll: 552,794 votes --> 89% support impeaching Bush

Chain Reaction

Kucinich on Ed Schultz's show... Links for Later Broadcasts

Document details Volz’s cooperation in Abramoff case == Volz Was the Better Snitch

Another Tip On Possible Fossett Sighting

(FAIR founder) Jeff Cohen: Hillary Rolls On - Are Netroots a Paper Tiger?

Scott Horton: The DOJ ‘Voter Fraud’ FRAUD Marches On *** The G.O.P./DOJ plan = fewer voters

I still find it amazing how people here will call in like droves to complain about ABC's Path to 911

I consider moveon a paper tiger.

Way to Go AssHat !!! Record High and Record Low on your Watch !!

Union Chic: Is the Labor Movement experiencing a much deserved revival?

Details Emerge in 'Horrific' Torture Case (Some really sick folks, here)

Don't blink now - this is a pissing contest for the soul of our

Have the Clintons broken into YOUR house?

Tropical Depression #8

Today was Tony Snow's Last Day of Lying to the American Public.

Democrats reject general's Iraq plan

Unless Gore Announces...Kucinich is.....

No fucking way, black woman gets kidnapped, tortured, is almost killed...

John Soltz ...... let's talk about this very impressive young man.

To our Jewish and Muslim DUers

Question about student loan debt

The 9-11 question rarely heard: What would YOU have done to prevent a 9-11 event?

Simple message ... Congressional Dems to Bu$h - NO TIMETABLE, NO $$

Listening to Kucinich on the Ed Shultz show

TAKE ACTION! Demand An Attorney General Who Can Say *NO* To President Bush

Bottle Makes Dirty Water Drinkable

Air Force orders September 14 Stand Down!

Is it a breach of ethics for a prostitute to name her clients?

Why the Rethugs hate the Move On Ad

Moving, powerful blog entry about the Muslim conference speakers...Dean, Cegelis and Kaptur.

man of texas declares " I'll never shop at Wal-Mart again"

Something weird...

Tell Congress that their time is up -- find a new course for Iraq

Per Thom Hartmann: Senate just raised debt limit to 10 trillion dollars!

Forget this nonsense about moveon apologizing to BetrayUs

Terrorists will never attack Switzerland

great article from Rolling Stone- THE GREAT IRAQ SWINDLE - will make you very angry

Republicans Accept 1000+ More American Deaths in Iraq

Billions over Baghdad

CentCom Chief Fallon: Petraeus Is ‘An Ass-Kissing, Little Chickensh*t,’ ‘I Hate People Like That’

Bill Moyers: LICENSE TO SPY w/ Rep. Mickey Edwards and ACLU's Anthony Romero = WATCH

Tweety Going Off On Administration

Why is Hillary leading? The Democratic base supports her

Was I imagining it? Petraeus/Crocker Iran response. .

Romney: If Obama were president he would pull troops out of Iraq, and give Bin Laden a safe haven

Crops are less nutritious because of how we grow them New study

I dedicate this *1000th* post to my brother, SGT RYAN FERRELL, who is currently in Iraq.

What are the funniest blogs you read? --->>>

The lost boys of Utah and suicide bombers, is there a connection?

Waxman agrees to investigate Clinton White House.

FOX News talking points for NC shirt/flag flap (a calculated guess)

Ike Skelton needs to GO

"Laura Ingrahm is one of gods gifts to man"......

Gen. David Petraeus is a war criminal

**Important information on heart attacks in women**

So Canadians are allowed to drive their trucks anywhere in America but not Mexicans

What would John Wayne do?

3 Dead in Army Chopper Crash in Ala.

Would yall please go vote here? Thanks!

Newly hired dean of UC Irvine Law School fired for liberal political views

Breaking- HUGE Environmental Win in Federal Court.

Has anyone seen this TV AD ?

The Altered States of America

Brent Budowsky (The Hill): 62 Democratic senators

Taking Bets: Spring of 2008 Petreaus will decide he needs the 30,000 extra troops - they stay.

Our democrats are doing a good job.

What The Hell Is This Stand-Down Taking Place On Sept. 14?

The bush mafia motherfuckers just took out a hit

Iran: "If Americans do make such a mistake, it will be the last nail on the coffin of neo-cons"

Lanny Davis Memo to MoveOn.Org - Just Crap

Wow! I want this car - new, little car from Toyota.

Curious knuckledragger insult: "You must be gay."

According to Jack Cafferty, the direction of Iraq is in Pelosi's hands.

The Draft with being gay the only deferment

If Hillary is our nominee, do you think she can win the General Election?

Breaking!Two of Soldiers who Criticised War in NYT OP ED appear to have Died!

Sens. Murkowski & Stevens (Rs-AK) Get Nods In Two Alaska Trials = Corruption and Lavish Spending

Florida again. Man serves 6 months minus one day for one curse word.

Sen. Harry Reid: "Ted Olson Will Not Be Confirmed"

CREW: Watchdog asks: Why is Bush's kid brother, NEIL BUSH, getting federal $$$$$$ for COWs?

LISTEN: John Dean on NPR. "Broken Government" == Republicans have destroyed USG

Olivet professor comes under fire for book - Supports the “godless” theory of evolution

CREW Requests Department of Ed. Audit of NCLB Funds Spent on Neil Bush's Ignite! Learning Products

Hardball clip on YouTube is getting positive comments...

Okay - what do you think: Biden/Webb. Educate me. nt

I've decided to ignore the bashers for the most part

I love Chicago

The Larry Craig Chronicles part 362

I have an idea to resolve the Primary Schedule issue

For what it's worth: Obama wins

Thoughts on Rev Yearwood Attack

Breaking! Putin dissolves government in major shakeup

SWFL man running for President

"Santorum, that's Latin for 'asshole'"

Falwell's Son Urges Conservative Pastors To Get Out the Vote

NYT writer conducts her own poll: Iraqis liked Petraeus report. (Based on a sample of 20 Iraqis)

Kremlin Extends Grip on Oil- CSM

Obama Outlines Troop Pullout Plan: "Not in six months or one year -- now."

Boehner makes surprise trip to Iraq (left last night??)

ABC's News The Note: Obama, McCain Move to Own Iraq--From Different Directions

Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-KS) comments on Gen Petraeus, Echos Sen Feingold's views.

Washington Post: Selling the Iraq & 9/11 link

Politico's Mike Allen: Henry Waxman to Probe Clinton Files

Is It My Imagination Or Is MSM Finally Getting It..........

FWIW, presidential straw poll in SW Ohio

Housing to push economy to edge of recession, "growth in other areas should aid a recovery"

From 9-11-07 Statesville Record and Landmark

CNN Poll internals...some interesting numbers

TPM: In Speech Today, Obama Will Slam D.C. Pundits And Pols For Supporting Invasion

The Rude Pundit: Osama Spins His Eyes Again

9/11: a hatefest for wingnuts

Univision's Dem debate draws more viewers, YOUNGER viewers, than English-language network debates

Thompson Says He's No Churchgoer, Won't Tout Religion on Stump

Go, Tommy Lee, go!

Exclusive Speech Excerpt: Obama Warns Bush Over Iran War (Huffington Post)

Dems need to ask on the record in front of Cameras

The Republicans want to officially censure MoveOn???

Build with John in New Orleans !

"Bush nearing Choice to Lead justice Dept"

New ABC/WaPo poll: Not much change for the Dems but Rudy in trouble.

"Please Help Me I'm Falling" Wondering if any on DUers are...

Two of the Seven NYT Op-Ed Soldiers Have Died in Iraq

On Heels of 9/11, Clinton Fundraiser Raises Eyebrows

R.I. Lawmaker Defects From GOP

National Association of Letter Carriers endorses Hillary...300,000 members

"Wait till September" From the Democratic Party...

Anyone know where we can watch or stream Obama's speech? I found one - here it is:

Kucinich...'this is a fake debate about the Iraq War' nt

Admin/Congress believe US owes Iraqis

Quinnipiac Florida: Hillary most electable Democrat...

Bill Maxey *is* running again

Debt-Laden Homeowners Save the Credit Card Before the House

Is Romney done now that Thompson is in the race and pratically leading in the GOP polls?

John Edwards Within MOE of Obama in Rasmussen's Daily Tracking poll

Did MoveOn's ad motiviate Petraeus to stay closer to the facts?

I swear I heard Bush say sometime within the last two weeks that:

Here is a link to watch or listen to Obama's speech Live:

Fred Thompson drops out??

I notice I'm not hearing from those RW'rs who used to send me the

McClatchy: Petraeus kicks war issue into 2008 politics

What happened to Tom Delay's trial????

Photos: Barack Obama delivering a policy speech on Iraq today in Clinton, Iowa

In Iraq, Boehner draws link to 9/11

Hilary Clinton Beats All Pugs- Puts A Can Of Whoopass on Frederick of Hollywood Launches Powerful Petraeus "I DON'T KNOW" Web Ad

Mark Warner to run for Senate

Sen. Vitter caught on the party circuit....

First to Weigh in, and Taking it Seriously - Adam Nagourney - NYT

Putin, W's power hungry twin. No wonder he liked what he saw

Chicago Sun Times - He's all talk

Troop Withdrawal PLANS???

Obama says he would withdraw from Iraq by end-2008

Vote for Hillary or get off of DU?

Please DU here, do you approve of asshole's plan to take out 30K troops?

On Heels of 9/11, Clinton Fundraiser Raises Eyebrows

Chart proves Petraeus lied about U.S. deaths in Iraq, per icasualties

Sept. 11 Commemoration Resolution question?

Obama's Listening Tour for Women's Issues

People who are against Hillary as the nominee might get a small consolation prize

Pat Buchanan to run for Senate from Virginia?...almost too good to be true...

The list of 5 for Attorney General

Did Obama gaffe on the "Why did you schedule this on 9/11" question?

Huffingtonpost: Obama Warns Bush Over Iran War

No Home Field Advantage for Romney in Massachusetts

Hillary to Bush: "Stop Lying Mr. President"

Code Pink - Rodeo Clowns of the Left

Vt. politicians to endorse Sen. Obama for president

Giuliani calls 'disgusting,' slams Clinton

If someone with a Conservative/Far Right bent wanted to run an ad criticizing Edwards on healthcare

Believer Or Not; Osama bin Laden and Evangelicals, not much difference

I think I may vote for Biden now.

Zbig on Obama

Woolsey Calls For Primaries Against Dems

A request to Centrists and Hilary supporters to listen to DK today

In the astonishly remote likelihood that Kucinich *doesn't* clinch the nomination

Progressives party it up in Wisconsin, celebrating "old-fashioned" liberalism

Well-Known Independent Candidate Joins Oregon Senate Race

DKos: Warner and Shaheen will BOTH run for Senate

Bob Novak predicts Dems to gain 5 - 8 seats in the Senate next year!

In Georgia, Clinton Leads Obama by 9

Dear DUers - I've got another one up in OpEdNews!

do you think it's ever acceptabLe to insuLt a dem?

Kucinich gets all 3 hours of Ed Schultz's radio show today (Noon Eastern Time). Live blogging here:

Major gaffe: Clueless John Boehner says Iraq "small price to pay" if we're "able to stop Al Qaeda"

Barack Obama: Show Your Support for Ending This War. The Time to End This War is Now.

I am Losing All Interest in Politics.

Nicely composed AP photo: Yet another "Bush Is God" halo with a soupçon of Evil Dick

This makes me want to give up! .........Purge of voter rolls could swing 2008 election

MoveOn: "Our ad on General Patraeus"

Movin' On Up: Hillary Pulling Away...

Gore and Lieberman: Moving in Opposite Directions

9/12 - Edwards Statement: "Enough is Enough"

The "My Two Cents" Campaign to get Gore to run, Action Alert

If you managed to Catch Ed Schultz's Interview with Dennis Kucinich...What did ya' Think?

Is there any chance whatsoever of you voting for Nader in 2008?

ABC Shelves Path to 9/11 DVD - Yay!

Newly hired dean of UC Irvine Law School fired for liberal political views

Clinton breaks pledge to early primary states . . .

An open letter to lurking Freeps/Republicans, and all at DU.

A sickening prediction from an anonymous ally on the right.

Tell your black friends about John Edwards

Thank you Code Pink for doing damage to Democratic candidates in GOP Districts!