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Archives: September 10, 2007

Gonzo Boogie -- As Easy As ABC

Media under fire for missing persons coverage. Uneven emphasis on attractive white girls criticized

Under siege: what the surge really means in Baghdad

The Myth of al-Qaeda in Iraq

PAUL KRUGMAN: Where’s My Trickle?

Body of missing blonde white girl found! (and in other news....)

Five Easy Pieces to Iran! a warning


The Strange Case of an Imprisoned Alabama Governor

I think I saw a ghost condor today!

Environmental Leaders React To APEC: "Meaningless" "Stunt" "Irrelevant" "Sideshow" - AFP

As UN Conference On Country Opens, 1/3 Of Spain Faces Desertification, "Africanization" Of Climate

Arctic Sea Ice Decline is a Call to Action on Greenhouse Gas Pollution

CSIRO DescribesThe Runaway Train Headed For Australia In This Age Of "Aspirational" Goals

USGS Report - All Alaska's Polar Bears Dead By 2060, But State Government Wants More Studies - ADN

Pine Bark Beetles - They're Not Just For Mountain States Anymore! Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With Murray-Darling Basin Facing Worst Water Conditions In 70 Years, Summer's Just Around The Corner

Drought Monitor - Week Of 4 September 2007

A Few Years Left For Medicine Bow Lodgepole Pines - USFS: "Take A Good Look Now"

Science Daily - Sulfur, Nitrogen Boost Effects Of Ocean Acification In Shallow Waters

University Of Bremen AMSR Update 8 September - Taymyr Spur Still Thinning

Pace Of Greenland Melt Stuns Scientists, Who Find Island's Climate Has Global Influence

Have No Fear, Lomborg's Here - With A New Book In Which He Tells Us Everything's Just Fine!

Congress may now be the best hope for stopping Bush’s Mexican truck plan in its tracks

Pope brands childless Europeans selfish

Clinton Challenged on Troop Pullout

Africa summit in jeopardy as Brown vows to boycott Mugabe

U.S. threatens Turkey over energy support to Iran

Makah tribal leaders publicly denounce accused whale hunters

Petraeus to argue against big Iraq troop cuts

Second-round runoff looms in Guatemala vote

Evangelicals Hesitant About Thompson

Sen. Craig seeks to withdraw guilty plea

Ex-Premier Sharif Lands in Pakistan

Chinese chicken chokes after testing the water

Mexico Sends 1st Long-Haul Trucks to US

Tavernertot is watching "Elmo in Grouchland"

Lounge!!! Popped my cherry!!! Posted in GD!!!!

Arctic Warbler + California Condor = Pure Goodness.

Bull-jumping enthusiasts! Share your advice and experiences!

Ice Station Zebra

Stupid shoe joke.

Has anyone ever told Tom Coughlin that his expressions hurt his team?

You ever read the Farmer's Almanac?

Lounge!!! Popped my corn!!! Posted GD!!!!

Has anyone told Tom Laughlin that his expressions hurt the enemy?

Orrex and Oregonian, I'm calling you both out!!!

When's the last time you ogled yourself?(lame copycat)

you make them strong ---

never mind

wow, is it just me or does Collinsworth seem to openly despise Olbermann?

What will you do when zombies take over the world?

Marty Robbins - standup guy or no?

What NFL teams are going to suck this season?

Do the schools in your area still have holiday parties?

Okay, quick question about iPods and iTunes:

R.E.M.'s "Finest Worksong" - With or Without horns?

Just out of curiosity - anyone going to watch Brittney on the VMAs tonight

Most Hardcore band? You can't get any harder than ROCKBITCH!

SOMEONE was on my computer Googling "astro gulide".

Hello there lounge... it's been a while.

Ever had a candle that smelled so good you seriously thought about taking a bite out of it?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/09/07)

Something for a late Sunday night.

Pajamas or gowns or other

Wild Polar Bear And A Husky At Play

I was just informed that Kid Rock Punched out Tommy Lee

Is it always wrong to generalize?

A paint can landed on my foot from a 5 foot drop

I freaking hate my brain today.

Re: Britney. Okay, she's not horrific, but how many MEN would go onstage wearing that little?

Who is here?

Talking Heads fans--What's the name of song with "I'm still waiting"

Straight Story 5, Black Widows - 0

My dog was chasing rabbits in her sleep, so I started throwing popcorn at her.

People? About the poem threads. I've opened up a vein here, folks.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/9/07

Led Zeppelin to unite for a one-time concert in London

I am supposed to be doing homework, but I just discovered something AMAZING.

When watching Star Wars do you start with Episode I or IV?

When's the last time you googled yourself?

In memoriam-- Walt Hopmans, poet. 1918-2007

Harry Potter in the Hood

Bird owners. Is your bird cage made in China? Our local news, WLEX

How much (if any) recess do the schools in your area have?

Very Interesting theory about Steve Fosset and the LOOSE NUKES

Hello DU chefs! I NEED some Tuna Noodle Casserole recipes

Dear customers,

My newest poem....for my creative writing class:

Most Boring State

Do you think Britnay is "embarassingly out of shape"?

I've noticed a disproportionate number of my friends have names ending in the letter N

O.K. HGTV Design Star fans. Who Wins?

Latest underpainting. Wonder if anybody can tell what it is.

Britney Spears' career has left the building (VMA Video)

In this thread, give useless advice to a Presidential candidate.

Name a movie set in your home state

Lara Logan - Iraqi Orphanage...

Ministry - Lieslieslies

Enter the Ranger

Mexico Sends 1st Long-Haul Trucks to US; Deliveries to New York and South Carolina...

Media Matters: Myths and falsehoods about progress in Iraq

Heads up! Pavarotti on 60 Minutes. n/t

Petreaus to soldiers: surge "has not worked out as we had hoped"

The Dems and "Yes"

This whole story is so sad.....

Welcome to Fleece University.

No! Not the polar bears too!


Spanish Dem Debate - Thoughts

Eat shit, Sean Hannity, you stupid fuck!

Iraq Inspires Surge of Protest Art

"Men are Retarded Humans."

Real elected leader of Pakistan returns. Prompts government crackdown by tinpot dictator Musharraf

Does Osama bin Laden live in a cave?

Progress In Anbar Initiated Four Months Before Bush’s Escalation

Bill Clinton on Larry King

Disgraced ex-firefighter says he was on secret missions

Why has the questionable nature of the latest Bin Laden tape been given no traction in the MSM?

Ideas for a Democratic agenda for all Americans?

Wash. Post uncritically quoted McCain accusing Dems of voting "against funding for our troops"

An unanswerable question for "stay the course" numbskulls:

Do you feel we will ever know the truth about the B-52 /missiles ?

A(nother) Call for Impeachment

Democrats Say They Will Keep Pressing for U.S. Iraq Withdrawal another post "flabbergasted" pointed out...

Storm Clouds Gather For US Economy As Job Growth Stalls

Patriot Act and Ragweed (rant)

Had a run-in at the in-laws tonight.

Why does "Bin Laden" sound like a liberal Democrat?

"I just did an experiment to refute global warming. I put a fire extinguisher in the oven..."

Meet the Iraqi Casualties

More separation of church and state -- Woohoo!

That Old Black Magic (interesting SFGate article)

Where will they detain/process everyone arrested on the 15th?

MoveOn stages actual ‘dog and pony show.

Tom Toles: This week's global warming forecast.

Can a US citizen buy a Business in Canada or do you have to be a Canadian citizen?

Editorial Daily Star (Lebanon): Iran Is Nothing Like The Image Presented In U.S. Narratives

Why hasn't Fossett been found?

The chart Petraeus won’t show.

Can't even do the Hokey-Pokey

Waverly DUI suspects free to go after $1000 donations to police

I figure that Saddam would have done our bidding had we paid him off

Bin Laden Branded 'Virtually Impotent' Bush Admin Taunting Bin Lauden

Shazam! Petraeus is going say he needs 6 months!

God Bless You Captain May!

I know this is a bit late and must have been brought up before .

Officer Accused Of Bragging Online About Using Taser Gun

I wonder how he is able to read

Huff Po: Dems Take On Petraeus

Do we know for sure Petraeus is going to tow the line for Bush?

Latest Earthquake Map September 9, 2007(GMT) - updated every 30 minutes

Salt Lake Tribune: FORCE mine owner Murray to TESTIFY on preventable mine tragedy

Petraeus to sit down with hard hitting journalist

Average credit scores

"Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq" Coming On Now HBO East

Walter Pincus: Commerce Seeks Adviser for Iraq Oil Interests

How about KO doing a 'best' person in the world?

LOL Freepers think it's fake too...

To Hold Bush Accountable for the Iraq War, the Democrats Should Listen to Richard Nixon

Yeah, I know this is ooga booga stuff, but...

Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain

Sunday night TOONS:Part 2 Bin Laden, the economy, election and farewell to LP

Sunday night TOONS:Part 1, The Iraq propaganda report and the Idiot

Telegraph: Amnesty film shows agony of US detention techniques

The GOP is abandoning Bush...many coming over to the DEM PARTY

OH..... MY GOD!!!

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., says he had hoped the Republican bathroom incident was behind us

Massive WALL STREET Put Options Signal Upcoming Terror Attack?

Bush's police suppress Sept. 15 "Impeach Bush" press conference

Cindy Sheehan embodies the liberal base

Langley jets grounded next week for safety review

Please explain to a Canadian why Hilary is considered unelectable.

Marine admits to fraud over Purple Heart car tag

Yep. If ONLY we could find a way of uniting Iraq, we'd leave...

Peace One Day

Top Admiral Who Said Attacking Iran 'Will Not Happen on my Watch,' Splits with * on Occupying Iraq

Bin Laden video stirs Arab world

Gitmo panels struggle to assess facts

Simultaneously ridiculous and horrifying--the pink Hello Kitty 9 mm handgun

'Confessions of An Economic Hitman' by John Perkins ...A great read!!!!

Am I crazy, or did Cheney just try to nuke Iran?

Who Found, Translated and Dispersed the new "bin Laden" video?

The Republican Party demand their new President(if elected) be just like W

Help! My Dad has "crossed over"!!! (and a brief rant about ongoing funding for the occupation)

Antiwar leaders stymied, frustrated (Politico)

Repeat of Bill Clinton on Larry King Live Now - CNN

Nothing against having a debate in Spanish

Democrats face off in forum on Spanish-language network Univision

Rasmussen: "Electability and Hillary Clinton"

Nice picture at

We need to work on getting rid of Senator Arlen Specter.

A chat room for Liberal Democrats to chat.

Thompson Links to Work for Libyans

The collapse of terrorism as a political expediency

What are you doing to help the Democratic presidential candidate you support?

Guess what, everybody! The man responsible for the mass murder of 2,974 Americans is "impotent!"

Oprah: "Nobody can stand in the way of destiny."

AP Presidential ACTION pic: "President Bush slightly loses his footing as he disembarks Marine One"

At what time is Petraeus scheduled to lie tomorrow?

Lots of political conversation going on here . . . . is it also happening with you in everyday life?

Bush strategist Matthew Dowd: "In the public's mind, the Iraq War was a mistake"

Bill Richardson should either get serious help or drop from the race

Obama table in Madison and Fighting Bob Fest: September 8 Edition

Dean blasts GOP candidates for skipping Univision's Spanish-language forum


Thr Univision Debate: What my parents and I thought.

At least someone out there has a strong enough constitution to face down the government's spying

DOMA of 1996

Give me a f**king BREAK! MSNBC: On again, off again Craig "seeks to withdraw guilty plea"

Florida's actions are going to harm the DNC strategy to fund the 50 states.

I like Richardson's qualifications as much as anyone

Why does Bush repeatedly have to make an ASS out of himself at every summit he goes to.

The Obama-Edwards Ticket

I firmly believe that a lot of women, especially those 50 and younger,

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Washington' s Serious Stars-Gaurdian UK

Information Clearinghouse- "Will the real OBL please stand up?"

Thomas Kean/Lee Hamilton: Are we safer today?

The amazing picture of little boy who survived the carnage of Iraq car bomb

The Pot Smokers Who the Government Says Don't Exist

Six years of what?

McClatchy: Civilian Deaths Steady through Surge; August Secret Official Toll Staggering 2,890

Ending the War in 2009 By Tom Hayden, PDA Advisory Board Member

Move over, Houdini: George W. Bush is in town

The Missing Measure of Our Outrage

Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas Bank to Be Established This Year

Gravel: The Real Lessons of 9/11 (HuffPo)

Rumsfeld: Afghanistan a 'Success'

McClatchy.... Security in Iraq still elusive

Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

B-52 Bomber Incident & Insider Trading – Was Someone Trying to Profit from a Nuclear Attack?

Are Nursing Shortages Causing Deaths?

What do Iraqis think about the surge? [new national Iraqi poll)

Hillary: "Liberal" or "Progressive"? By Carol Hamilton

Matt Taibbi: The GOP's '08 Candidates Can't Keep Dodging Iraq Much Longer

Billions over Baghdad

Let's Do Something Constitutional on Constitution Day By Joyce Appleby

AlterNet: The Battle for Iraq is About Oil and Democracy, Not Religion!

The Real Economic Danger

Commentary: Can't we do better than this?

The view from Baghdad: Mounting death toll which makes a mockery of US optimism

Where was Osama on September 11, 2001? by Michel Chossudovsky

The Age of Disaster Capitalism

WP editorial: Censorship of nonviolent speech at publicly-funded Bush events violates Constitution

Kurds Launch Secret War In Iran

The Very Model of a Modern Major Asshole


US backing for two-tier internet

Written by Dennis Kucinich Before John Edwards Spoke Out About It

Greens need to grasp the nettle: aren't there just too many people?

Check this out...: Errand sharing site

The Art of Mapping on the Run

OPEC makes teh funny.

Century-Old Shipwreck Found in Superior

APEC Summit A Political Bust For John Howard, Polls Show - "Stunning Flop" - Age

Toy Industry Requests Federal Testing Of Imported Goods At Companies' Expense - Time

Pemex reports pipeline explosion, suspects sabotage

Garden pees proponent backs practice

Food, oil, ethanol and climate chaos in China

Agri-Pulp Paper made of 45 percent agricultural waste

Six Explosions Hit PEMEX Oil & Natural Gas Pipelines Near Veracruz - Reuters

University of Illinois - Arctic Basin Sea Ice Anomaly Approaching 1.5 Million KM2

As Oil Production Collapses, How Long Can Mexico Survive As A Nation-State?

World likely to pass dangerous warming limits-study - Reuters

Our Smart Car is on its way (or so I'm told)

Sharif 'taken to Pakistan jail'

Gunmen free 10 Afghan deminers

Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

Bullet-proof helicopters play key border role

Langley jets grounded next week for safety review

Remains May Be of Kids Missing Since '04

Pentagon Plans to build base along Iran Border

Man stuck in wreck for a week

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (Kirkuk - 1 dead, 1 wounded)

Most Are Skeptical of Petraeus Report

Bin Laden video stirs Arab world

Craig says pressure from journalists led him to plead guilty

Chuck Hagel Not Seeking Reelection

Mexico dynamite truck explosion kills 34

Fed's Yellen Sees `Significant Downward Pressure' on Economy From Housing

(Iraq) PM says government has managed to save Iraq from civil strife

Nikkei plunges on economy fears

FBI looks into disgraced donor's business

Iraq comfortable with gradual U.S. troop withdrawal

Petraeus talks of troop withdrawal

Delay decision on Iraq cuts, Petraeus says

Pennsylvania takes steps to suspend CIA leak figure's (Libby) law license

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 10

Clinton to return $850,000 raised by Hsu

Men who buy sex could face prosecution

COLOMBIA: Death Threats for Tracing Paramilitary Expansion

White House: No 'cooking the books' with Petraeus

al-Qaida Promises 9/11 Hijacker Video

US surge has failed - Iraqi poll

Seven U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad accident

Pentagon planning base near Iraq-Iran border - report

Colombia V.P. Casts Doubt on Drug War

Rumsfeld Calls Afghanistan 'Big Succes'

Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick dies

Report: VA Distorts Record On Wait Times For Veterans Seeking Medical Care

Uribe's Failure to Win U.S. Congress Signals Loss of Trade Pact

Explosions hit Mexican Oil pipelines

Oscar-winner Jane Wyman dead at 93

Truck explodes in northern Mexico, killing 37, police say

Senator wants to expand spying authority

Bin Laden's black beard baffles U.S. intelligence

Romney's Campaign Offices Burglarized

Cindy Sheehan arrested at Petraeus hearing

Rev. Yearwood Attacked and Beat in Halls of Congress by Police

Check out GD, pictures of half naked Mormon men.

Wow, it's like a Latin American version of Lawrence Welk

Guess the song the lyric comes from

To you fans of the Aggles...

You know what happens if you teach Killer Whales music?

Amok Time

"Ohio"- Damien Jurado


Music thread - how about some 80's music? Toss out what ya got

Time for a different avater

I felt Presidential yesterday

Britney, Bin-Laden Comebacks Flop: Collaboration Rumored

Boy steps infront of a suction dart gun to save baby

The Serge....

Having just witnessed the Britney Spears disaster, may I just say

Finally, I found my King Crimson "Discipline" album


"It's BRITNEY, bitch!" Or, why derby really doesn't give a damn anymore

So there's apparently a new Aliens vs. Predator movie coming out...

Holy crap, it's pouring in Dallas!

The Mole Family........

Um.. right... (Google Ad screenshot)

Heaven (or Afterlife) all-star band - who is in yours

Outta here! Professional purgers' organizing tips

In honor of WillPitt's return - a great picture I have of Will with Cindy Sheehan

In honor of WillPitt's return--a picture of Cindy Sherman

Anyone have a invitation code

"Go Greek"--Headline of the Year

Spatula City never asks to see my receipt

RIP Jane Wyman: 1914-2007

"Sold American"- Kinky Friedman and Bob Dylan

If you need me today...

On days like today I'm so glad to have the 'hide thread' option

"Move your fat tukus, lady, or I'll flatten it for you!" ;:oO

Ah fuck.

Click here for a "Shakespeare Authorship Question" Smackdown.

Fun facts about East Virginia

Oh My God what an asshole.

it is 66 degrees outside

Fun Facts about Maryland

I love the guitar playing on Paul Simon's "Graceland" album --

question for teachers

Fun Facts About My Office

My phone needs to shut the hell up.

Anybody here ever write the LSAT?

Cocoa Beach, Florida. Can a space shuttle launch be viewed?

Do you think Burning Spear is in embarrassingly bad shape?

I am so livid right now!!!!

I want it all

Arnold Rimmer's first french kiss

So my work PC just had a Reagasm.

Oh no, Madeline L'Engle has died

This is for the Philadelphia Eagles fans...

A new trend in women's sports apparel?


Did you ever get up an hour early and not realize it?

Paris in jail-the music video

I am so limp biscuit

This is a terrible time to be menopausal...

Delaware tolls doubling in the near future..

Boy, do I feel stuiped...

I am so limpid.

I feel like a "dirty old man"...

I love winter!

I stole some wicked cool shit from Circuit City this weekend

do you ever look for "errors" in movies or TV?

Forget Britney comeback pics, how about some pics and setlist from Van Halen

Bills' Everett has `Very Small' Chance of Walking After Surgery

you know what sucks?

So, fellow Dune geeks...

do you feel compelled to reply to every sentence in a conversation

God, Britney Spears is so gross and fat! Why can't she look like these hotties?

Fun Facts About Ebola

Medicine blamed for more deaths and injuries.

Never mind.

My daughter is the same age as Britney Spears

Name a "just" war

As promised last week - My Frybread recipe

The Makah Whale debacle: where are you at?

Ack! I've been dumped! I hate men!

Anyone ever lease a vehicle?

"I'm putting you on Ignore" Write your own verse.

WHO DEY!!!???!!!

I just got done with a basket full of ironing that I put off doing for 3 months

I watched this...

Anyone work -- or formerly work -- for Starbucks?

Geeks: The Seven Wonders of the IT World

I used the restroom at WalMart this weekend

Appeals court says requirement to attend AA unconstitutional

Hugs For All Of Those That Gave Good Vibes

Coca Cola Light


I may be sparse around here for awhile

My SO just called a wrong number Babaloo

TONIGHT Canadian RADIO: the political prosecution of AL Gov. Don Siegelman = 8 PM Eastern

do you think they will ever have shows like "ow, my balls!"

I just made a transcendental appointment

Anyone listening to "Era Vulgaris"?........

I just made a dental appointment

All these "dirty old man" posts today.....

I just made a denial appointment

Burger That Made Officer Sick Sent To Crime Lab

Car buying tips?

Monday, September 10th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Calling all computer wiz's- Why would my computer date/time change

Listen to what happened to my friend, scary shit,....

Whatever happened to Big Red?

Automatic transmissions SUCK!

I DEFY you to have had a worse day than mine!

Tell me again: why am I such a JERK...

Fun facts about horror literature.

Anyone see the new Curb Your Enthusiasm last night?

DU Ladies: Ever have a bad experience on a date?

Kitchen garbage can-- where does yours live?

Who wants some Scotch?

I just made a mental appointment

Oversalted burger leads to charges

More pictures from Kiev, Ukraine *PIC HEAVY*

Even more pictures of Kiev, Ukraine - churches *PIC HEAVY*

When was the last time you ogled yourself?

Someone has hacked my DU account

Should the Lounge organize a fundraiser so LynneSin can see Led Zep in London?

Need some advice please (financial, travel?)

What could you NOT live without?

looking for a resource - i need to know the compressive strength of a 4x4 wood column

Doggie Heaven

I need a new avatar,

Meet Scorpio!!!!

God damn my fucking health!! Or lack thereof!!

Fun Facts about Delaware

What's up with the fucking Jets fans, anyhow?

Sweet Jeebus, he just picked a fight because I said I'd like to get myself

What's Your Perfect Sandwich? (Pictures Are Preferred)


Britney still looks hot.


If you could play RISK with any 5 people either living or dead - who would you pick

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/10/07

I've been invited to a House party that goes from December 10th to Jan 5th

Hover kitty

Today is my parents 63rd anniversary.....63 YEARS!!

Check out the new Iron Man trailer

What is your favorite month, and your least favorite month?

Who is your favorite fictional character in books?

The kudzu is in bloom in Carolina...

what are you famous for on DU?

Veterans' health care system fails Gretna Marine

(ME) Air Guard troops begin four-month deployment

(ME) Guard's engineer battalion realigned

National Guard (in Federal Status) and Reserved Mobilized as of September 5, 2007

184th makes last flight before mission change

Over a wall, into danger

Propaganda alert: VA Center Greets Returning Reservists With Open Arms

Squabble ties up bill on veteran suicides

Troop blogs show increasing criticism of war

AP: "Thousands of GIs Cope With Brain Damage"


Episode 32 USW POWERcast! (audio) gave presidential candidate John Edwards a major boost

Gary Indiana & Waukesha, Wisconsin Air Traffic Controllers vote for PATCO

USA Today: Democrats give unions new clout

Democrats line up support from labor + WHERE THEY STAND ON TRADE

Today in labor history: The Lattimer massacre

Labor flexes muscle as '08 race heats up

USA Today: Labor moves to bar welfare privatization

Earthquake Leaves Hundreds of Union Members Homeless. You Can Help

Bush Can’t Take Away Screeners’ Free Speech Rights—Drive for Workers’ Rights Alive and Well

AFL-CIO president says unfair trade practices causing U.S. to lose jobs

Groups Urge Limits on Popcorn Additive

Nurses union touts growth, 17,000 to 75,000 in ten years

Pro-con: Is the situation improving for U.S. workers? No

Unions help raise everyone's wages

Web Site Developed For NLRB Recognized as One of Five Best in the Federal Government


Learn From History

Won't Get Fooled Again!

Warmongering: Resisting the Drums of War

Crush On Giuliani Song... Funny...Have to Watch All The Way!

If Patraeus's mic problem seemed at all familiar to you...

Rep. Schakowsky on Iraq Reporting

Petraeus Report: Crisis in Confidence


Petraeus & Crocker Hearing: Lantos' Opening

(Part Seven) Bill Maher’s Real Time With Cornel West, Mos Def, Ralph Nader and Lawrence Wilkerson


(Part Five) Bill Maher’s Real Time With Cornel West, Mos Def, Ralph Nader and Lawrence Wilkerson



Patraeus microphone problem, protester arrests and other embarrassments


Petraeus a ToeTapper - new Giuliani ad (funny!)

Petraeus Says The Surge Was Working Before It Began

Rep. Doggett on Iraq Reporting

GOP to Dems: Renounce MoveOn ad

Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums Perfect Circle

Rev.Lennox Yearwood attacked, arrested, and hospitalized

I was just informed that Kid Rock Punched out Tommy Lee

Net Neutrality in Congress?

Steve Biko's legacy lives on (Helen Zille)

WaPo editorial: Don't Read This, Mr. President! Shooing away dissent

Congressional Democrats Spot a Backbone

Breaking: Commandos surrounad Nawaz Sharif on the plan at Islamabad airport

BYU Student's Body Found in Canyon

March 19, 2003 - read it again....

Abu and the chimp

July 10, 2004- bush on Marriage

Regarding the loose nukes - has this angle been discussed?

Breaking news: Ex-PM Sharif 'held in Pakistan'

Protest asks Apec spouses to withhold sex

Swaggering Through History

A scary Rudy quote.

Brain function of liberals, conservatives differs

Pentagon planning base near Iraq-Iran border: report

Google's Top Spot For Sale, Court Told

911 ECLIPSE! Solar Eclipse September 11, 2007

Wingnut, Nuttier and Nuttiest

Matt Dowd gets a smack down he deserves in a response to his post on HuffPo

"Love or leave it"

From Germany: the truest statement about war I have ever heard

The Iraq news blackout

Could a recession lie ahead? Watch the job market.

Unelectable Truth Tellers

"Yes to Four More Years in Iraq" -- California Republican Party

Someone is going to dig up the mass graves Bush created in Iraq some day

Eric Margolis: Damn it's Nam

The CIA Director's Cut: Bin Laden Tape II

The Iraq news blackout: how the press spent its summer vacation

Cold feet in a hot spot

Remember what day it is, as you stare slack-jawed at the OBL hyesteria...

Biden on MTP -- "Petraeus is telling the truth".

Dilbert nails it! (the election and the MIC)

Toles TOON on Shrub- Oh, Snap!

Americans scoff at Iraq progress report

New York Times: Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

A ‘Sunni awakening’ – and a recurring nightmare

The Nation: Googlebomb This! (The Five Stages of Republican Grief Online) Dog and Pony Show - today

Anti Gay Flunker Drops Case

I wonder if they bothered to wake GWB up tonight.

Craig Blames Press For Guilty Plea

Democrats reaction to Petraeus/Iraq report

Roll Call: Olson Seen as Frontrunner; Hatch Interested in becoming Attorney General

Tom Toles: No surprises from this administration.

The surge must go on, Petraeus to tell Congress

Former Reagan voter bids adieu to GOP, will vote Dem in next election

Americans Trust the Military to End War

Fred Thompson is sure to have this constituency in his pocket:

General Betrayus will argue that "The Serge" is working

The Nation: End of the World As We Know It?

Docs struggle with mysteries of TBI

Forcing Patraeus hand: Rather than trying to take his position apart,

Troop blogs show increasing criticism of war (xpost from Veterans)

Goldsmith: "More than two and less than 10" key Bush Admin opinions had to be withdrawn or redone

Singapore anime figurine protesters meet real police

Lieberman, by way of introduction, opens up the hearing on terror.

CSPAN fun open mike call in, starting with a virginian nutcase

Ugh. McCain and LIEberman pen an OpEd for the WSJ: Listening to Petraeus

Public wary of report on Iraq, poll shows-Record 60% seek date for pullout

Bush’s Vietnam analogy suggests that he has gone totally bananas

General Petraeus - it all comes down to you.

White House Warmongering Intensifies Today

In between Hill appearances Petraeus will appear on FOX News for an hour-long interview

Jack Cafferty will be a guest on Larry King tonight

Shouldn't major media and terror experts at least be suggesting the Osama video might be fake?

‘Petraeus Report: Crisis In Confidence.’

Re: Osama Bin Laden tape. Is it real?

Matt Stoller: Calling Out the "Pressure from the Antiwar Left" Narrative

IRS audit clears Dobson, Focus on Family

This is a terrible time to be menopausal...

diane rehm show - john dean 11 et

Bring 'em on! Exploding Mexican trucks to enter USA

Many in the media have been complicit in perpetuating the myth that "surge" is working

CIA Director Gen. HAYDEN of C-SPAN 3 on renditions right now LIVE

FOUND IT!!! This AM CNN reported 7 soldiers killed when a vehicle overturned...tis true.

another alqueada tape coming out. How strange that petraeus and the WH

Poll Highlights Disconnect Between U.S. Commanders, Iraqis

Pat Leahy up on CSPAN-2

LGF: Nuke Islam Chat

Forced Prison Labor in China

More and more avatars!


Bush vs Zombies (a good laugh)

Gray Whale Killed by Makah Whalers - Sea Shepherd coverage

Borowitz to good to miss today.

Prisons Purging Books on Faith From Libraries (by order of Justice Dept)

"There was no connection b/t 9/11 and Iraq...BUT

Stunning chart from McClatchy shows decrease in car bombs, but increase in IEDs

Rumsfeld asked if he sleeps okay: "I do. Always have."

Bush's Iraq puppet takes credit for averting civil war that Bush tried to incite

Meanwhile back in Iraq on Monday: 7 U.S. troops die in Iraq vehicle accident

Governor Purdue (GA) joins the Navy

Democrats need only utter three words..No Political Progress....end of story

Fredrick of Hollywood: Terrorist Lobbyist!

China Jails Internet Journalist

Chicago Tribune report: Inside the surge - 4 short videos that you all need to watch

Sting Charges Against Craig Harsher Than Some

Anybody else watch HBO's Alive Day Memories?

Iraqis believe Bush's "surge" is a failure

bush Radio Address-May 3, 2003 (mission is complete and major combat operations in Iraq have ended)

Will Petraeus be as predictable as the neocon republicans?

Will the government administrator

What can we expect from David Petraeus?

Bush's Anbar photo op changes nothing: Record 60% want to set timetable and stick to it

Let's see... Osama tape released right before the 2004 election...

Dont be conned by another FAKE OBL message

I don't understand "conservative" reshrublicans' sense of morality.

Sacred Cow recieves Humorous side "Shot": Onion

Brains of liberals, conservatives may work differently, study finds

Right Wing Think Tanks taking over "advise and consent" role of Senate

Ben Stein at it again...

Flashback - Nov 2006: Iraq PM "Iraqi Forces to Take Control in June 2007"

"an epidemic of brain-damaged soldiers"

Expect Hecklers @ Petreus Hearing: "Generals LIE, Soldiers DIE"

Will We See How Petraeus Defines "Sectarian Violence"?

36 tons of dead fish due to chemical spill

Wouldn't "No attacks since 9/11 because we invaded Iraq" be a logical fallacy?

McClatchy Blog: Day 1 - Gen. Petreaus on Capitol Hill

"In an atrocious piece of reporting fueled by a rigged poll question, the New York Times..."

Hilarious blooper on NPR confuses "surge" with "siege".

How an Arrogant America Robbed Iraq of Its Self-Respect

Apple sells one millionth iPhone

hey kids! time to srap on your favorite ear protection devices

Wouldn't it be something if Bush's general stood up and actually told the truth?

Woof Woof ..... Neigh Neigh .......

There's stupid, and there's mega stupid. This is the latter

Need Data on Troop Deaths

Are My Definitions For The Belligerents In Iraq Correct?

I've Got Petraeus By The Soul - protest pics

Before 04 election, we get a tape; before 07 "vote" (Congress on Iraq/ W Report PR blitz - new tape

Can anyone point me at some very blatant anti-Bush shirts?

Betrayus' first job in Iraq--training the Iraqi army

Were the Bin Laden film fakers trying to get caught?

"Disturbers" thrown out of Betrayus hearings

Petreaus testimony schedule

Murder-suicide here in Sheboygan.

Rumsfeld reveals memo showing of problematic items in attacking Iraq - such as not finding WMD's

China's use of forced labor in profit-making prisons

Hearing room reserved - Check, plenty of chairs - Check, microphone - DAMN!

*************PETREAUS REPORT ON C SPAN 3************

"Coalition" the numbers

O’Hanlon pushes Iraq line in right wing press tour

Reminder: 40 others were arrested in Craig bathroom sting

Do you know anyone who is trying to convince one of their kids into enlisting in the military?

"The hell you didn't, Duncan knows how to lead the fuck without you!"

These ridiculous 9/11 commercials ...

CIA Asset Tim Osmond...aka Osama Bin Laden

Anti-war activist Rabbi Lerner releases private call transcript

If we don't laugh, we'll cry

Nearly 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed in August?

"I'm sorry, General. You've run out of time"

Fuck the Repigs who cannot handle the truth that Move On ran!

9 American soldiers killed in Iraq (Baghdad)

How Do You Spell Strung Out?

********** Petreaus Hearing Thread 3 ***********************

TONIGHT Canadian NEWS RADIO: the political prosecution of AL Gov. Don Siegelman = 8 PM Eastern

Conyers blasts DoJ for ’selectively’ providing U.S. attorney docs.

Remember who blew up the Golden Mosque in Samarra Petraues just mentioned?

My fantasy of an honest moment in this Iraq report presentation

Jeff Gannon sighting: D.C. National Press Club run

"administration's use of Petraeus, should be understood as 'merely' political"

Breaking: Osama bin Laden's publicist announces a long term deal with Fox Networks.

Does this mean Bush can go after

Petreus Sets Pretext for Iran War >>

Remind me not to let these guys anywhere near the board at any gigs of mine.

Freepers threatening Lantos with violence

I will not listen to the words of a lying war-criminal with blood-soaked hands

Which Intel Agencies? (was Petraeus referencing)

Rumored AG Pick, Ted Olson of Bush vs. Gore, Likely to Get Opposition. Another CROOK??

STILL 33% believes Saddam had a hand in 9/11.

My Faith In The Honesty Of The Leadership Of Our Military Has Been Shattered

Pentagon provides information on various Al Qaeda #2's captured or killed over the past 8 months

Orlando Considers Controversial Night Panhandling Ban

Poll: 57% of Iraqis say they consider attacks on US soldiers acceptable

***** Petreaus Hearing Thread 2 *****

Iraqi Civilian Casualties: 2007 More Deadly Than 2006

Cue the Sheehan haters.

Larry Craig's Motion to Withdraw his Guilty Plea Now Online

Tonight on Countdown, beTreyUS before congress

Listening to Petraeus and Crocker makes me

Ghosts of 2000 haunting Supreme Court?

Will the Dems agree to July 08 end of surge?

Heard a freeper talking today, listen to why pollution is good for us:

How much more of this crap are we supposed to swallow?

Democrats Question General Petraeus' Credibility, Integrity

"Good" Soldiers follow orders....

Faux News: Petraeus Says Iranian Weapons Flow to Iraq; Appears Quds Force Has 'Pulled Out'

The Phony OBL Tape: One Facet of A Brilliant Mindgame on The Sanity of a Nation

"Much progress has been made in Iraq"-- Crocker

The Riddle of the Sphincter

Republicans Pile On Over MoveOn Ad

Petraeus: Iraqis are stepping up to the plate (by dying)....

So...Will Americans let themselves be Conned again by the Bush Administration.

Who is this sanctimonius SOB who's bloviating on CSPAN3?

Chris Bowers: Republican Ability To Blur On Iraq in 2008 Becoming More Likely

Don't forget! Jon Stewart is BACK TONIGHT!

About Hugo Chavez

I think that when a person who at some point in time I might have had some respect for because of

Jane Wyman Dead at 94

"Any sign of demonstrating will cause your removal"

This is why I laugh when I'm accused of 'hating America'...

Senate passes Feingold effort to look into mental health services for women vets

Obama, Davis Initiative to Fund Predominantly Black Institutions Passes Senate

So congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen whines about the MoveOn ad, yet compares Dems to Nazi sympathizers?

Pelosi on Reported Administration Plan to Leave All U.S. Forces in Iraq

Counter SurgeGate: Links to data on Iraqi War, from number of dead to Iraqi resources.

"Pre-surge level by summer of 2008" doesn't that still leave like 130,000 troops in Iraq?

general betrayus looks like he swallowed a frog

"Bush's Flawed Strategy in Iraq Has Failed to Make America More Secure Six Years After 9/11"

Wait A Minute - Why Aren't These Two Lieing Assholes Under Oath?

Petraeus' recommendation: withdraw the surge!

"betray us" has really struck a nerve

**This is how Iraq is being described if you're just tuning in** ---

Two words (and some others) for the Petraeus report....

What is so funny? - Petraeus pic

*************** Petreaus Hearing Thread 5 *****************

"Patriot Day" Bush proclamation

September 26, 2004 - David Petraeus already made up his mind on Iraq

Are The Petreaus Hearings Nothing More Than A Sequel To The Powell UN Testimony of 2002?

Interesting insight

Whoever scheduled this hearing the day before 9/11 fed right into the Mighty Wurlitzer.

Kerry on death of Paul Sullivan

Please DU Congressman Baird's office. He drank the kool-aid!

Which of the two do you find more important/disturbing/embarassing?

:57 past the hour -- Democrat Ackerman is making good points.

Amnesty Film Shows Agony of US Detention Techniques

If there's no civil war going on in Iraq as the administration claims....

********** Petreaus Hearing Thread 6 ************

When there are more foriegn fighters in Iraq then U.S. forces then what?

LOL - a freeper thinks Clinton, Obama & Edwards look mediocre next to Fred Thompson

Petreaus pays off bet to Crocker>>pic

David Howell Petraeus deserves to be mocked.

The wrong debate for the GOP

Are those of us who are able to now speaking with Democratic Party reps

Jimmy Carter on Democracy Now

********* Petreaus Hearing Thread 4 ****************

If you could yell out one sentence in the hearing room before you were arrested what would you say?

Man stuck in wreck for a week

Howard Fineman: The Surge and the Polls

9/11 Symbolism Murky Backdrop for Report on Iraq

What exactly are "ethno-sectarian deaths" ?

Surprising bad guy emerges from Iraq reports: it's all Iran's fault!

Petraeus, Crocker tout successes of troop surge

Project Censored: The Top 10 Big Stories The U.S. News Media Missed In The Past Year

What do you think of this brief comment by Merle Haggard?

Lieberman Urges Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi to Denounce Attack on General Petraeus

Does anyone know where I can see a clip of...

Soledad O'Brien Is Speaking At My School - Question Suggestions?

Is there anything really significant about tomorrow?

*********** Petreaus Hearing Thread 7 ****************

Larry Flynt live today on Marc Germain show (3:05 p.m. PT)


Petraeus Falsely Claims That Six Months Ago, ‘No One Would Have Forecast’ Anbar’s Success

"Progress is just starting to be made."

If your on go "Buzz" Eridani's great post on the bin Laden Tape

David Podvin – Puppet Master

Chris Weigant: Open Letter To Speaker Pelosi And Majority Leader Reid

Isn't the bottom line that Petraeus said he needs the surge to

Josh Marshall: It's Confirmed ...

So when does the vote come up for morons* 50 bil more for the war? nt

Wheres Osama Bin Laden ?

Veterans Only - What is the military's overall mission?

Who is on the Senate Foreign Relation's Committee?

U.S. farmers offer solace to war veterans

Auto insurance increases of 30% or more

Ryan Crocker

When is the next IW funding vote scheduled (this month)?

Finally, a flattering picture of Fred Thompson!

9 U.S. Soldiers Dead In Iraq

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon. 9/10 -- have a shot

I saw my first "Rudy '08" sticker today

Ok here is a suggestion

Well, tomorrow's the day.

CNN reports actress Jane Wyman has died.

Would we have even gotten a benchmark report today without our gains in 2006?

Matthew Yglesias: Hope: The New Plan

For those without C-Span3 - MSNBC is carrying Petraeus live:

"Hearts and minds....."

"I believe that we will be able to reduce our forces to the

Tom Foreman of CNN excoriates

How I long for the Pinocchio effect during this hearing..

Private anti-war phone call released --- Woolsey + Moran

Lets invade Mexico to stop illegal Immigration

Patraeus and Blood on The Streets of Iraq

This speaks volumes--but who's listening?

Heads Up on YOUR Privacy!

Iraqis See little to Applaud :reactions to Petraeus and Crocker

Here is what I have taken away from the Patraeus/Crocker testimony.

Check out R- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, getting scolded after Move On remarks

Five Years Later, and Bush Is STILL Trying To Sell Us His War


Pelosi On Petreaus Testimony: Continuing Failed Surge in Iraq... Is Unacceptable

LOL - You Won't Believe Monday's DOONESBURY!

So the Surge is Working and some Troops will be coming home


St. George Junior ---pix--->>>

MSNBC: New! Improved! Terror Tape of OBL released-breaking!

Not for nothing but...weren't we supposed to get some documents today???

3774 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

A wicked little thought for coming protests...

What if ...... and why ...... ?

Wow!! Tweety has two, TWO, Dems on discussing Petraeus

Republican (ri-PUHB-li-kuhn) Noun / Adjective:

Mayor bans bureaucrats’ use of ‘I don’t know,’ other can’t-do phrases

Would mr Skelton be any relation to Red Skelton by any chance

Kennedy on the passing of Paul Sullivan

You guys just don't get it! Even if Kucinich was chairing this hearing he would kick out protesters!

Did Petraeus and Crocker mention one of the most pressing problems in Iraq at all?

Another Bin laden video coming

*********** Petreaus Hearing Thread 8 ****************

We wouldn't be having this debate if the General had a normal name

If we committed to this "super surge" in Iraq - what if we really

Eli Pariser & Markos Moulitsas on Tweety

It seems like angry customers are more likely to yell at women who answer the phone

Did y'all expect anything else from the General today than what he gave?

It's Groundhog Day!

Dems will support the "Surge" for six more months.

Newsweek--The New Money Pit-- Defaulting on McMansions

'Man From Plains': Jimmy Carter Goes Big-Screen In Documentary

After watching the evening news report on the Betrayus liefest.....

The authentic message from Osama bin Laden

Re: Who's really responsible for the black-haired Bin Laden tape?

This Poll Needs A Lot Of Love, Give It All You've Got

Bush's Next Battlefront? Africa, of course.

Americans United Urges South Carolina School District To Discontinue Biased Bible Class

I'm outraged over Ike Skelton

Help me respond, i.e. Wash Times Iraq dead civilian decrease

McDonalds Employee Jailed..Too much salt on cop's burger!

Question Regarding Nukes Over America and Use of Nuclear Force Authorization.

Larry Johnson: Dave Petraeus and Iraq Kabuki

I just got home from work annoyed... the topic of conversation all day......

Petraeus claims he's not working in concert with this admin?

My Rep's response to Petraeus (Chris Murphy D-Connecticut)

I promise to support the Dem candidate, even if it's not Hillary Clinton.

And it's 1,2,3 What are we fightin' for?

I am in favor of the death penalty for certain acivities .......

Can you be charged with resisting arrest, if your not being charged for anything?

"He jests at scars that never felt the wound."

Attention Fla. Panhandle DUers: Karl Rove sighted in Seaside.

I wonder how many activists are being harassed.

How is Laura Bush Doing after her Emergency Surgery on Saturday?

What does it help to give a two-bit thug like bin Laden the huge media play they give him?

One More for Impeachment (= 19)

CNN doesn't even try to pretend to be objective in criticism of MoveOn's Ad

Meet Rove's replacement

A question for protestors.....

Here is a link to the Move On ad that was in the New York Times

The General's charts posted for review now

Does the Sesame toy characters enjoy popularity across status lines in AMerica?

Cindy Sheehan arrested at Petraeus hearing

An e-mail I just received from the RNC: the Democrat Party is attacking the troops-- again!

Senator Boxer Introduces Bill to Promote Bee Research (July 2)

Bills' Kevin Everett Has Two Vertebrae Removed; May Be Paralyzed

So John (somewhat) has his ass handed to him

Dave Lindorff: This Was No Accident: Nuclear Weapons Are Different

News: MoveOn's silly, distracting ad has RW up in arms; Petraeus says surge is working; more...

Bullet-proof helicopters play key border role

Who does Tom Lantos sound like?

Who was that that smacked down congresscreep ros-lestat?

Another of my weird thoughts

9/11 Families See Through Timing of the Petraeus Surge Testimony

Breaking the code: QRF "Quick Response Funds"

Customer Service Nightmare: Sprint

I don't think the day went too good for the general betreyus today

A couple questions about how military casualties are handled

Craig "state of intense anxiety" following his arrest - pleaded guilty.

Wow, guess I have spent the last 5 yrs against the war for nothing

Another Petraeus lie - FACT CHECK:


Is David Petraeus Our Generation's William Westmoreland?

Betray-us vs Petraeus

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Mexican Truckers - A question.

Local "environmentalist", taxpayer, scientist, right-wing nutjob worried about global warming...

I just received this from a truck-driving nephew.

Top 10 most significant events of the past 20 years

I'm confused, Petraeus just said "Saudi Arabia has the highest # of foreign fighters in Iraq"

Petraeus Betrayal on Iraq

Dictating Down to Americans from 9-11 to Iraq

Emanuel and the DCCC are breeding Blue Dogs

I stand with MoveOn!

Aw...all the Republican pundits say Dems overplayed their hand with Move On ad.

Kucinich-General Petraeus: Tosses a 4th Quarter Hail Mary Pass

Understanding terrorism as policy construct, oil, and why we are in Iraq.

New Orleans prostitute had a "four-month relationship" with Vitter -- and she's doing a press confer

sfexpat2000's Article Up Now At OpEdNews...

Olbermann: "Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society"

"I want to piss on you," said your boss. A criticism of trickle-down economics.

HEY, HEY, LBJ. HOW MANY KIDS DID YOU...oh wait, this will make us look silly....

Petraeus: US is not arming former insurgents

The MoveOn "Betrayus" ad was a stupid distraction

Congressman Dennis Kucinich To Oppose September 11 Resolution, Says It Is Incomplete

Mission Accomplished. New Photo.

Hillary supporters, why?

Robert Reich: The Real Economic Danger

It's not a matter of "breaking" the military

The "frozen" parts of the "bin Laden" video contain all of the contemporary references

Battle lines are being drawn

TOON: This Modern World - "The Invisible Hand Of The Free Market"

There's something happening here...AFL-CIO issues page

What is another name for the stuff that comes out of a horse's ass?

Jane Wyman dead at 93.

In an interview, Colin Powell says the surge cannot work.

Mr. Petraeus. It has been reported that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since the invasion

Coming To A Highway Near You - Truck Explodes In Mexico.....

Fast Tracking: Democrats pave path for Bush to pass more NAFTA expansions

General Betrayus is an evil puppet!

Put this on your charts, General.

A reminder for all those Republicans who are SHOCKED that anyone would doubt Gen. Petraeus...

Insane cop video - threatens citizen with false charges

Need help dissuading a 17 year-old from joining the Army

SHOUT-OUT to Code Pink at the Betrayus farce!!!!!!

****TAKEOVER***** Film of Homeless People Taking Housing!

Salty burger lands McDonald's employee in jail.

Lionel on vacation. Replacement is Wesley Clark, Jr.

Americans living beyond their means

A secret life of madness

Would you describe yourself as a "moveon" democrat?

OMG!! Rev.Lennox Yearwood attacked, arrested, and hospitalized

Biden needs help

You know how Al Gore is going to endorse someone before the primaries?

Paying respect: CNN's photo gallery of the 4,058 US & Coalition troops killed in Iraq as of 9/6/07

Gore to endorse some other candidate???

Presidential Library Bill Gathering Dust in Senate

Have you ever heard of Mike Duncan aka 'Mr. Inside' ?

On Sept. 12, The Great Presidential Mashup-The Democrats on Iraq.

LATimes: FBI Looks Into Disgraced Donor Hsu's Business

Stuart Rothenberg: In 2008 Election Cycle, How Bad Is Bad for Senate Republicans?

Obama scheduled to make Iraq Policy Speech in Clinton, Iowa, Wednesday.

Back to the Drawing Board for the United (Untied?) States

Do you agree with the following statement?

Will Dems Question Petraeus about WH PR office attached to his command?

Who would change America the most?

Iraq is just like Vietnam - cartoon

A psychiatrists view of Bush - true or false?

John Edwards Introduces Opportunity Agenda for Latino Americans

USA Today / Gallup: Clinton flat, Obama fades, Edwards Rises

Free Trade = Military spending

From right leaning Rasmussen-Fred is leading rudy in the lastest poll

Moveon Weighs Anti-War Primary Challenges

Clinton Campaign Contributor Faces Tax Woes

Obama scheduled to make Iraq policy speech in Iowa on Wednesday

"Surge Is Working" ADDENDUM: "Volunteers collect Baghdad's Nameless Dead"

I've analyzed all available data and come to the conclusion: Fred Thompson has no chance.

Fred Thompson linked to Libyan terrorists

Pentagon plans base along Iran border

Respectfully to Ike Skelton... enough of the prologue

Live on FOX R Duncan Hunter backing Gen Betrayus,,,pissed at the ads etc criticising the Gen and Re

What amazes me is how the common man doesn't see it

Obama's "New kind of politics" popular with corporate donors

In new Nielsons, Spanish-language Univision beats broadcast networks ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is a crack pot (Ranking Member)

Where's Gen. Petraeus backdrop? "Security While Transitioning" Did he really say that?

petreaus' version of "Wak-A-Mole" on CSPAN now

Rep Ike Skelton is one of them

Song: "Shock Me Dave Petraeus"

Richardson criticizes 'English only' Univision debate; was interrupted when he spoke Spanish

Petreaus Is Laying Out The Groundwork Today For * To Declare Victory.....

Bill Richardson Offers A Sane Foreign Policy

The moveon ad was effective for this reason:

Please go to the linked thread and kick and recommend

Hillary and Obama's Stance on Iran

Sydney Still Under Martial Law! Coming to a city near you.

TX Dems poll


Once Upon A Time In America

What we need: Official Women's Protestwear from Target

Quad-City Times: Obama Scheduled to Make Iraq Speech in Clinton, Iowa, on Wednesday

Don't fall for the Rethugs false outrage. The Bushies HAVE betrayed us,

Iraqis want us out of there country

POLL: Grandpa Thompson overtakes Ghouliani for lead in race for Repuke nomination (26/22)

US bribe insurgents to fight Al-Qaeda

Can someone please ask Petraeus how confident he is that it will not get WORSE if we stay!

OH SHIT Wexler on FIRE!!!!!

"Freddy Flame-Out" Thompson Provided Legal Counsel For Pan Am 103 Bombers

Fred Thompson gaffe today in very red state of SC--says bin Laden should be granted "due process."

Explosions Strike Mexican Gas Lines. There go gas prices.

Don't Stand Up to Petreaus, Stand Up to Bush!

Thought you'd like to see the cover of the Sept./Oct. 02138 Magazine:

To Hold Bush Accountable for the Iraq War, the Democrats Should Listen to Richard Nixon

An email to the editor of my small, local rag.

Hears my prediction on Iraq and it ain't good

NYT: Democrats Reach Out to Hispanic Voters

Petraeus's Presser For The Bush Admin: Did Anyone Ask Why Anyone Should Believe Him?

NYT: Audit Cites Overpaid Medicare Insurers

Right to work law should be eliminated

TPMCafe: Obama on Petraeus: Start Bringing Troops Home Right Now

Reuters: Petraeus could provide political cover for Republicans, dissuade them from abandoning Bush

People who don't protest the war, pointing fingers at those who do, suck!

TONIGHT Canadian RADIO: the political prosecution of AL Gov. Don Siegelman = 8 PM Eastern

Anyone else seen this phone transcript from conference call with

Why Do Talking Heads When Talking About Osama Bin Laden Make Reference.....

GA: Barack 2, Hillary 0; Bishop backs Obama

Who is this Wexler guy from Florida!! And where can I move

Dear John Edwards:

Young voters' flight from Republicans

1 reason i (sniffa) oppose hiLLary

Clobama's "Residual"/"Limited" force=50,000 troops in Iraq? Prez candidate suggests so

People who say global warming is made up are likely to back Thompson

The Gods MUST Be Crazy ...

Analysis: Hagel's decision a blow to GOP's Senate prospects

How do we repeal NAFTA and the China trade agreements?

Southern Indiana Democrats I would love to hear from you District 44

Obama: a fresh face or an old-school tactician?

Why Don't We Hear Our Candidates Talking About Rigged Elections?

Politico: Lieberman Denounces "General Betray Us?" Ad

On withdrawal answer, Obama cheered once; Edwards 2x; Clinton 2x; Kucinic 5x

Author under gag order assails producer, ABC for 'Path to 9/11'

Could it be that Hagel;

An Appeal From Ramsey Clark

Sen. Kerry called it right on Petraeus' report when Congress voted on funding in May

California Poll: Hillary 51%, Obama 27%, Edwards 14%...

Clinton's 'discipline' has her close to locking up the nomination

The ladies from Code Pink have more guts than that star studded prick

How Many DU'ers Enjoy the Ed Schultz Show???

Mario Cuomo warns certain candidates to offer specifics. Issueless campaigns may-no mandate

What if?

Why would anyone be supporting a candidate who supports outsourcing our jobs? And has no

John Edwards is going to help rebuild New Orleans

N.Y. Times, "The Strange Case of an Imprisoned Alabama Governor"

Code Pink Looked like absolute idiots today. If they conducted themselves with dignity and

John Kerry: Move On ad "over the top"